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 - Class of 1973

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f.,.,.T.7f.v51-f -r.,-55,,.:..w?m,:m ,v.,f7,nm1, .W7-5r,,.,m . ...W .1.4..1Fwgy3Vfy,-7.-yr,-aff,V-wp-54, V,V,-- ..-Y W, , . , 7 ..-k .,.,x,,-H.,,, 751 Vvb- AAV. - 5 -, 1 . CM , was mwah RMMQ X www mwQXNM, . QM l hmmm ' '-5QfXQ,X QANXL xy - MQ QA?-'lkk - ff 5vxQyw Q91 S3 mmm? W XSQ X , ,-41" f' A X gt f 5 N X ,X Y I ' Dsmmf ,X I rlrl' Q ' .li mi ,, 'iii q Y, R V ! yif'-. gb. 'fafgf X ' JT 'CTU Ni " QCMQ ff? 102 Weak Muff MQ f6QWi95'Q5gUUQf 241 mob +OQMw:ff l 5Cm Qj+lmQ?Jw2 f'w, ,X M, f j , g WX W I 4?, i!Z?q 0-nrvv-. - g . X., Zd,,Iff,g Y G I k ff s , xx ,Q , A xg 'x ' XXX QA-A-I GAL GWNL M f'X I X, lit, , ' 1521.551 - xg,i --B...-W .S K+, XN , ,,,. Y , MNAI: 4' VACIIV., "" NND-was-:XA 019- Q-L xfvx. 5u-AJR cg cock maui 0-I-JM XML- ? , -Z 1 QQJ1 5, . ef L 1 , '57Q?4T1Fffa-ffl 4 -1: ,, 1 xx, X D fx gy X' my m 6 J J Q41 1 A' R A XS ' .M'Q . Qi M5 Ag w . Jw wzwf V V sf KW in Y ff QW gage , bil AW K VJ! V W W 50402414 Q! 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La Contessa ......... . Royal Tustin Cleaners . . . Tustin Bookshop . . . Winn's Music . . . . 145- 161- 144 160 279 286 'F st, C vi' XL x C NJN S .1 Mi? C' X f-J id TQ so .X XG' 151 XJ 1 -X 1' -55 xJ XX N X X X ' 5 ,l QX XJ Wx K-5 1 X Tix 1 N -W' - has N sf' P J x K xx F5 C Q, as X X, ., I J ' 5 .- x - f X 'Pxx ' X N xxxl TN rw if ' 1 x ' SEX-3 X1 -. we Yilhxvr 5 xx XX 1 'v x T J X :ff :EK J X 2 Lg A kxg 'xx K vw 1 A lid 5-Q N X Q fs 4 f X5 X 2 7 P 1.1 XXKHJ -A X ,XJ ! 5 -19 " 1 ' RJ Ff gi, ififfga iz slr? if ff if if at ' Q3 ri ' S 3 Q0 -X xX f"N fl .NJ 4 J m fp fl . x x XJ X, XJ X X WY W X XJ 'Q I X X. X v 3 . Ee IW IW has been 4 tapestry Of riefz and royal hue, A ne ver-ending vision Of tlze ever-changing vie av. we 5 -Zz, F , 0-n-1....,. lb'- ' Q-Q 'nw- livin...- wg I-wg, iff, , Y V . , N 9, 'W 5 ,. K ' 3fTeJ:,4wv'. , ,W .v,' - . I , ' fy ' as "PV We sf'-5 If I 'K'f1L'f V ' 'ir Vffs V X WL 5' ' ve: 41. J: g Q, W of twig 45,15 r ff A'VL 557, '. H' ' f A . 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A ,Lv ,M wg-53: :Q L 1... ,-.g,,e'Q ,V-QW-gfgi 1 in .- ,tggko ifgfs?-, ' ,Q ir, ,- 'git 1 kg' - .,,, -Y X. ,- ',.-1 w W 1 ' n fn .V 'N' 'Q Wi,-1, , b A f vi ' " ,1i."'5:" '- Q ffm: .. 2 if ., is 'Q TQ-f -.?:l 11355 si ss.- 'llguh S. A wondrous woven nzngie In bits Milne ondgold A topestry to feel ond see Impossible lo lzold -Carole King , - ', W , 4, a,,, :Wy.,,H r 1, . Qwepzsw :f F ' in ' mmf 9., :lui A 12 tk ur: The cutest and most unusual gifts come from Erma's Gift Box, 600 E. lst St., Tustin, 832-0200. LWK rolors are woven in unchanging patterns. . . ,,,,,,..':'.g.----' X03-f"'J tl A . I if n,tnnt .....-Q-t ' IIVQ Q gl Y . mn . Y'X4j A EA CQ? M , VX t X X 1 rad 'ir :si ' , t Q 'f f . y '-V . 3 i 1,1 , A, I ! vip ' it .,'. Em! 'sf-qu, -rgvyib gf A 1 . . , X k ,A dW!"'1' 1 '- f, ,!f 4 ' 'f',' Am J - ff .. -.. , - , 3 M cu, .Q 33. L x .X f ' 1 "1'9! i ' .nn xx' nu' - 'Q N Nfl. 1- - T- w Q '- fl ' - L ..,1 i ,xkqxiyfifif ' , I , 0 P-,.v 4 mir, i 4.51.-, . - , N -rf 6 ' -t .V f N . X Q ,L rv - . A li- aw, 'I -X hh' . 'Airy' . .f. 'I' 7 " 4-I 4 f f . LEX, ,-Sf: x-. fa-fig Q QQ T f .-9 X 'Q N, s . 18: - Xf wal. 1 1, - Q "F, f -- ' , xx .- .Cyl ,pf Ji, xg ' 2, "V, ' , '22-.L J il , Qfif SEQ., 13, 1 Up 1 .1 V 'gf , , X, , . XXV ,.x A ,,:, .,A .. .,,-xy x- Xl- n,sN+ 1. at , ,Q,V' zjxxi , ',x-Akita' b:?Af',L,4:i ' uf, f- ,.., Q.. .Jn 'Q I Hs. X Q2Q 1 'WX 'lf f: .a AfQ vm . ' R, Al, ., fig .'vf1k4.,1 ,, 5 Q-tiger majgglg rn ., , x ' X :Q-:.' 'Q 1 X Q 7 ' ' R ' ' N- if--.w' ' ' ,ff-"W V3.1 Q f Bu' ,W -W ss. M 'Mfg N r 7? lwue--1 ' L., I , r ' ?4 s,....,...TMsZkA'.4 N yn-1' - I A I .." 6 A ..., .. , ' ' ' I, +- .h pq . xg, N4 my w Q Q 4 . 3 "2.I::,jsr- .N , ' -gf' 1 ,, w- ' ' . 1' ei .,-ug , is 0-LX ' G. V . , ..?f,,3NA Wa 0 gx,,-,,-... ,WW Qi. .1 3' A V4 X ,,l A no NDT ENTER Exn UNLV X . 'Lf ' iii 'f' i 1 .,,, ff: .xxx -x LMI P' Y, el , f' , , f V, ,- sv: -Q if a 5 s if N 'gym F N P ww me vm, mfk 4 QC'-vc 01 snt yin-KS pq e pqffmg Frbfi We-wt hgh o ,.,WA0w3 J 'thc pokd lWsdom breeds unto ztsef of GQNKNVCY Suniff 1 f. wa Pedknp' rm foe K sfeq Uctfli f R K QM sg Q bqqxfxful wiv - 2.1 cv'W"9j f bb' 34" mssnun wuTHoRlz ED usens OF HlS-FAClLITY wsu. BE, osEcuTEDsuNDER sec. az L OF THE PENALCOD Lonenness speaks unto loneliness ghd' so W' -5 If I ' HQ 1 way, A 1 was 43 S... Be the girl o tomorrow today' It happens at """"--..,M-1 florence Smale 5 SllldlO of Charm and Nlodclmg 2380 N Tustm Qanta Ana, Dreams are armed Illf0 hopes. . . Q g if 1' 5 if ' 'TS-s'- U ' 1. Qi r-f"""sk '-w.,f as ' If 4 9 Wiz, ,., iv 'W 'Y . , ff' , '19 as ik a Q if f' Q . - ' B '-E5 3 5 ,Q ,X .Jg 5 1 25' ' b 91 3 I Ai M , O . I f .. . .fa-ll X X.: J ff 4 vu-...,,,.Q-'-saw-S ki 'K' . wggtww w J we-ran!-f . 5 x 4, I E., wi' ,A S H W' A ' EW UUHTB... And fzapes into rmhtzks.. . ur For all that glitters, set in silver and gold try Crest Jewelers, 1108 Irvine, Tustin 838 604-0. As reaHt1es themselves blend into all M the themes and patterns M lk Sf? Tlasllf Q, 49 wwf? wi' ' -0-- Qyvf ft 17 jk we 7 A . if, ""' .-H" . .o""'u wmv 60 95, 1 tx' rv' fav' ll 'W W 62 14" W , . v' A ' f' Vvwwx 'li 91" gi 0 . In ,.,v" ff ' , , I A M 'vw , . J . . A ' 99" 1 " .N '34 .L-5 f 6' M' , S ' k . Nxt 5- . h ,xv , ,A-5 ..,,r " , D WX Wyse evening Cdrallng L PW Smdeposif ,lp-f, ...W , Attloltles te ' Q i s Life is fall of internal dramas, instantaneous and sensational, played to an audience of one. -Anthony Powell 'O a 5 9 W, i -v A--1--'V' .5-11 9,4 ' iq, Shield IQ 7 3 Cfhe following are excerpts from Yearbook Class- room Reports respectfully submitted by the Editor to the Advisonj Good morning H.M.K. God loves you. The three Southern gossips are laughing at Lesley. Miss Paul is unduly persecuted. We weep for her. Kruiser Koppenal is Kruising . . . why not? Athletics' is goo gooing at Jay. Discussion about smoking habits between H.M.K. and the Belles. They shouldn't complain - it keeps up a market for their daddies' tobacco crops. Green tree pins are very popular this fall. Miss Lindauer is sultry today. H.M.K. is painfully teaching students how to play yearbook. Monster Armond is a critic. Terry is bustling about like large grey squirrel. H.M.K. is ill. The kingdom mourns . . . 8:06 a.m. - jay Palchikoff has just broken free, and is trotting about the school somewhere. National Guard has been called out to find him. H.M.K. talking to Terence, giving last minute instructions . . . X 'tal-QU! I Athletics Ed.: ,lay Palchikoff Photography Ed.: Terry Nolan. Activities Ed.: Charlotte Smith. Academics Ed.: Sue White. Activities Section: Denise Lindsay, Charlotte Smith, Suzi Horwitz, Debbie Leung, Avilee Bean. Not shown W Donna Chunick. Ed.-In-Chief: Lesley Paul. Academics Section: Fred Krepps, Sue White, Lisa Lush, Mitzi Bradley. vi ' . qi . Q-.v"'P .f f 1, i A I If rl Li, 2 Athletics Section: Jill Watson, Debbie Garside, Martha Barry, ,lay Palchi- koff, Linda Cutting, John Menig. Photographers: Mark Ar- mond, CraigHampton, Rick Himes, Jim Jentges, Doug Kensrue, Scot Len- gel, Terry Nolan, Don Quayle, Craig Riemer, Bill Southworth. Advertising: Darryl Kop- penal, Bonnie Lindauer, John Hollon. Yearbook Advisor: Mr. Korich. 75: 'E ur: Sports Section lr: Features Section nextpage: ul: Editorial Section ll: Editor in ChiefA cr: News Section I Kai ll! LW Editor in Chief: Alice Short. News Editor: Sally Sayres. Staff: Janice McFaddin, David Halterlein, Janetfensen, Fred Krepps. Editorial Editor: Debbie Carson. Staff: Lynnie Creenebaum, Tom McCarthy, fill Sharf Features Editor: Linda Lovret. Staff: Doug Heath, Kathy Sherman, gal Robin Waltzer. ' Sports Editor: Alec Robbie. Staff: Jenny Roper, Lew Stowers, 'Q Bruce Todd, Peter Turcinovic, Bob Wienberg. 8. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the Knight Lifefor . X theirfine work and dedication throughout the year. ,Z ,M . ,M wig. I .. ASB. ahinet This year the 1.5.3. Cabinet tried to lay down as rnany guidelines as possible for the eubinets lo eome. This was also a year for ehanges and a time for new ideas to be enaeted. Many of these new ideas eame about with a new sehool board in mind. The Cabinet tried to get involved with as many ar-tiuities as possible that would benefit most, if not all of the student body. Some of the groups that benefited were the band, both girlsland boys,, and the entire student body, through ne llf classes. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with sur-h fine people as the 1972-73f1.S.H. Cabinet. Than k You, Gerry Silver ,il .S. lf. President l 1BllVfT Ml' MBI' RS Billlook linda futtmg Craig Eadie, Diane Evans, Mark llastings, Riek Jaeobs lim MeLormuk Terry Nolan Jar k Owen lesley Paul Dana .Srhwartz lelr sts Sfregola Gerry Silver Steve Shaw, Alice Short, Brooks White, Dave Williams. 5 .. , s.. ., ,- in-A., -ag - 5 ri N . . f, l' ,,e h, -ffiifr C 6' IUUIKS t s is . J -i ii' """' l f, it l ,? ,1, C i H 'L,, ' , V A 1 ,g . ' wr: 2 ff Q 5, 6'- -QV 'Y 'Z , - 1 X I I Cal. State Fullerton gymnast displays strength on rings. Coleman Blurnfield introduces his next number. Chris Howard sings 'gBitter Badv at tenth annual Folk Festival. Mr. Webb, Activities Coordinator, introduces the next act. 4',,gBu'ig ? ur fiwvw ul: Paul Floodnwn, Pete Falacio, and Steve Anderson KFHS graduate! entertain with 'gLove the One You're With., cl: Foothill's top gymnast, Mike Miller fthird from right! performs with CSF team. ll: Performers draw laughs at Mime Assembly. lr: Pianist Mr. Blumfield fascinates students with Moussorgskyis "Pictures at an Exhibition. v 'wvvw it I ,H -361 E3 Sn- L-C S lfrivlzrls I'll lII'1'e"l' lfbrgffl. , Pep Sqzmrz' Egmliz es 141616276 Support o-Q Q 'I'I1ix -vvur llzv l972-T3 P471 Squad nmrlv I1 N0l'IOIlS ullwmpl In PIIIIIIIIZI' Ihr' xuplmrl flu' ullzlvlif-.w. l'.'1'I'l',Y Ivan: vrljn-wfzl rw-ogrziliml in SUIIII' ll'l!,V. flllll II10 girls r1IIf-lzrlffd nmrv v1'r'r1I.w Ilmlz vrvr Illifrlffk 'I'I1ix program look Ihr' major par! of vuvlz fuirliw linw. during 111111IIfII'l'Xf'I100I. Ilusl SIIHIPIIIX :Io :ml rvnlizr' Ihr' lrrlrlf and lilm' III1'lII1'0lI. Im! il udrlx up In ulm11I ,W'lf0l1II'0I1 lmurs u lrvvlf. Ihr- .vqurnl Ilzix .YI'IIl'. pf-rlmpx nmrr' Ilmn nnvv 0II1r'r. SI10Il'l'lllI ll'IIIl.lll,fIIl'.YS In zrorlr Iogvllwr and lrlllf Ilzingx nul: 1lf'r'ixim1.v 1l'e"l'I' nmrlr' as a group. I nm zfvrv. wry luwkhv In luuvv lwvll ulnlr' In work ufilll lllis SIIIIIIII. I lnurlrf PIrQ'I1II'I'II lx f'xlw1'Ifl1 Ily. I,r'.wlv-v P11111 I'wp IIUIIIIIIISSIUIIPI' ul: Ivll lvrzder llvlmrnlz Rugvrx lwuls II10 c-rouwl. vr: I'vp Squad and Pvp lflu I1 afI1'i.wr Urs. Sparrow Il: 1Iu.w'11I Dvfzlniv 'I'ir'l11'nr1r Ir: P011 LYON!IIIISSIIIIIPI' Imslvlx' Paul .Ax-I. K G z ii k....zn4..sQ .. In if I fy . - ' ..,. Y wg.. ,-Km, ,f ' I 1T'i'P' jr' 41,5 , ,ist 2 fix lyk KMA, ,. I gr , js? 4' ' ' IgI'III'l' rlisplrzhvs xpiril and f'l1HlllXilISlII. Ivy mul Kflf!'lI 1-lzvvr. . . onnzp-m1l1 1411-14 .wl1il'iI.' N f"rmlllill,s urvll lovvll "r110lsif'-loot girl 11iSIl, I :ls lXvlIi!.Q'lllS In lrivlory. llzzrlv xnzilvs aflvr ll lfoollzill rir-trn',v. Sl1l'l'fS,10ll'S spiril ul Tustin SI10Il'lllIIl'l1. ,Maw , 'nf'-ef"V -W ,L , I :M W' 'VKK if 77, K 1' A 'gg .Q H ?giE:',,j If Y " . f., 9 T341 " 5142 , . f fi-5 'EM - .,,' ' .X 422, Q, , 'f . x . ' I' . 3-'I-'3 ', s, fgv ' . N fJ1Q5: f . ,V J r ." ' 2 X f .. . '1 , V' "'F?f5f"' V A .Q X ' Y.. ' . x -W , .O 71- if I W ,R V' Mrsify Sorzgleaders X uh l f at Foxy Roxy flashes a smile. Suzy is delighted as Foothill nears victory. Cheryl shows style in halftime routine des- pite Foothillls leary 36-32 lead. Taffy honors a Foothill touchdown. '6We won by this much over Orange, ll says Denise. Katie hits the deck as the Knights whornp Mission Viejo. :G X V P , . frm lip ,- .KEN F Y Cheerleaders MW 1 I an. 5 ,Q 41 x fl M ' 1. , 'Wi v ,, 1 v-f ,f I f ' 1 .. Q x .. a- - . rjvvn ,Sqn K , 414 mf xiefv' J f' V 'K 'if . e" 'Fil tg.. 'tl .H eew K ,Q er- - 'Q , J' QQ, 1 f. Q, A A K M . fx 7 Q ' ' V' 1-ol' -8-J 4 - K . - f lu I 1 z ,Q , - -- A F 3 F. ,,.i,- C' es i . Q U ul: "Gonna win by golly, gonna winlu ur: Marjorie shows pride as Foothill tramples an opponent. cl: Deeka and fcrj Jillyell, "Go Foothill, fight Foothill, do it, do it, alrightfv rg. Q 932 We . ul: Johnny Cool rrmkes the scene. cl: Oh boys, the wet head is dead. ll: just like mom used to make Nextpage: ul: Let me entertain you. cl: Call me any time. T' Q. . If A - '53 u--,e M' Y 9 gk 1 """' - .s V I ' t I 3 4. -k. N --VA V2 M3735 1 1 fi . A Q ,Q L . v ,w t f ' ' Sig' N2 -fe Q .Q U , b fb J ,T 5" . it W Q A I i I , J' K v. . V, .43 E. 53 's i l it 'mhh K'h, , , - L ,LAV L'1,' ' ,,.' ,, A infix' Q 'MSQXQ kwa-g .J I if .' X M91 5 Kms Fg5,f,3K4 l if x -. 5, S ,wil K , in su K'-v 'U A gif 2 . asdxi X Q I 14 ,, sk g , F '24 X33 , 4,3 y :FTE ' F f 3 W :xv S ffmmX 5 gf , 4 F xJ,?..x , at-S +3 X 1 . 346 - .W X - Q A. 'f ff F Xu . 5 4' s w 4, ? lp S? - v fs, Ns 'J fi .L 4 . Q . Q, i img., x .' J K S 36 sw a Bk ff- T W ef t 'rf r 'S E5 A A 2 Q ,ff t is i 1 Pep Web Enjoyment Foothill's Tenth Annual Pep Week and FAKHFAJ was again a success. The week began with the sophomores and 6'Election ,72,,, high- lighted by the crowning of Miss Patriotic. The freshmen were spooks andgoblins with their theme of "Spirits of ,76.', The "Hawaiian Touristsu junior dayfeatured "Don Ho"with "Tiny Bubblesf, and the week ended with the "Surfin' 60,sH seniors being entertained by a lunchtime per- formance by the "Beach Boys. H Ani tiwsisei -:K K- ul: Uncle Russ eats the piel cl: Seniors rrwke the scene at FAKHFAJ. l: 'SCO Co, Get 'em Get 'em, Fight Team Fight!" ur: Lisa Halderman: the wet look. NEMEWHIS Spark FHK H F14 f in 'W . W we f . Enjoymentfllarkf Pep Wal The 1972 Friday Homecoming activities were the most encouraging Foothill has seen in a long time. Many new competitions were added, and old ones were viewed with fresh enthusiasm and excitement. For the first time this year, the pool was used as a site for class competitions. The inner-tube race proved to be a great deal offun, and the sweatshirt race was perhaps more frustrating, but equally hilarious. On the handball courts the hot dog, pickle, bagel, and sucker salesmen were doing a great business. Impossible as it may seem, there was an even larger variety offoodstuffs than last year. One could gorge himseh' on his favorite treat while taking in the sights. These had now moved down onto the field, where the fun continued with the faculty egg-toss, the girls,and boys! tug-o-wars, and the auctioning off of pies to be thrown at helpless teachers and administrators. History was made when the chariot race was held, as two of the vehicles had female drivers. The last event was the competition yell, won by the Juniors, who also earned the most pep points for the week. All was climaxed by the football game against Mission Viejo, ending in a tie, and the crowning of Miss Mari Richards as Homecoming queen. The traditional dance, this year with a Hawaiian theme, culminated this year,s activities. ul: Senior surfers show spirit in competition yell. cl: Sophomores struggle for victory. ll: HI am invincible, I am womanlu u: Rob Strachan, Mary Donol1,ue:l,isa Spvifvlivr, Dan Vogclzangg .lay Palchikoff, Queen Mari Rir'harfls: Ryder, Steve Shaw: Cecilia Reilly, Mark Dicrkes. ll: 1971 Queen, Lois Holderman, osc-orted by f1SliPresiflmit, Gerry Silver. lr: Queen Mari Richards prornenadfrs after hor Coronation. 'SS A1343 1,4 V QWJEYQ ' I 1, A nf .1 , , Q, ,, Af 4, , PM . Q fr gk? f A ,V Q ' ry A ' K. f. 4, F22 If W A, 220' I J :R N ' - " "'-'LQG' A D , . 6 , ,,. .. fe, X5 Rx! 1 A ,., bw , A , L,., L g fy - ' X 1 x ' QLFEX 11,4 RI RICHA4 R DS f:2g!5j.:i1, QW. 1 Q95 X f 'Y ,,1.,,g, .J-.K . .' ,NN . K H. .e .-:, ' . , N 'Ll . . 1 .,r.. Prirzcess Cecilia Reillv Princess Lisa S eifvher ,f P VW .-:npr Princess Tafjzv Ryder Princess Mary Donohue Drill Damprooes 'WN 120.1!,' For .several years, the Foothill Drill Team has held the reputation of being an outstanding drill team. The 1972-73 Drill Team was challenged with living up to this reputation, and they succeeded. Under the direction of Miss Yetter and Mrs. Glasgow they performed in one basketball and five football halftime shows. Their hard work was rewarded with winning a first place in the Tustin Parade, Sweepstakes in the Camarillo Band Review, and Sweepstakes in the Chaffey Band Review, in which they earned an outstanding 95.8 points out of 100. Aside from the hard work each individualput into the Drill Team this year, they hada lot offun times with pot-luck dinners and a Christmas party at Balboa Island. With all they have accomplished, every member of the Drill Team agrees that none of it could have been possible without their pride, spirit, and unity. .X 1 UI' : Captain Debbie Jordan and Co- captain Debbie Heinly. : Advisor Miss Yetter and managers Jenny Hueter and Joan Brewer. : Assistant advisor Mrs. Glasgoe. : Banner and Letter fm 22. rf carriers. . The 1972-73 Drill Team. Q ni' o 7' """""c' " ""' T 7 .fs ' . I ,EY New it W - . K 'XM -Y .... M .-ff , . .N 3 7 I-U ,' T z s e Q . r 1. - I V Q ' Q 32 . if ight if -Q ,Vg 7 5 .L Q -g .. Q j Q 4 y i PM arf 1: 3 'E T .4 i ...sq R .... as A F X ,X . A if TL I 7 r 4 Q 4 k . . by -Q A g gggg: gl .i:, I E- V M kgxqkh K I .,x, J S 1 N E by --rt I "Finals 9 4' i . 9 , o Q AQ A i jf 3 . ' . 3 p 2 4 l Q ' 4 5 iv Y TE , 2 im P -. tl 6 is L hs is Q J gg Y' bf M yd ik A l fs' "T z - 1' I T M .yt X ' ll x ' ' V ' 'fa 'yi , I a ' 1 ' 7 x , , . W il' 15. 4 s , ' , , I .f'g,,,e Q' 3 JW' Q " Q ,. l!,' . 5? 4 . "2 . s 9 c 3 5 ' T f 1 . N . -"" .- s ., V .1--: 7 y s silr , 7 " ., as l. 7 s 9' G' T s 4 ul: Majorettes Deanne Williams and Donna Johnson. ard? cl: Drill Team performs to Hfoy to the World. " ll: Banner and Letter girls keep in step in early morning practice. ur: ,llarelzing Hand and llajoretles entertain al lllllflillllk , L, 4-I: . . . and the heal goes on. ' fllarrl1ingBafal Pfins Yrapfzies. Foothill's Marching liand, under the direction of Mr. Waibel, had another outstanding year. Tlzey brought home trophies in three out offour parades, two of which were the largest Band Rl'l'lf'Il'5 in California. The drum nwjor, Darryl Rapp in the Camarillo lfand Review. 11 long with the drill team, the band pu! on five different half-time shows. They played at elemen- tary sz-hools around lhe f-ountv. pep rallys. and various fund raising ar-tivilies. sueh as the annual pancake breakfast. The Foothill llIlIl'l'lliIlKLfHl1IIli r-ontinues lo bring honor to the sr-hool. ul lhe Tltlffhlftg Band perfevts award cl Band Dzrvrlar Ur Wazbel cr Drum Major Darrs I Rapp C' A 5 1 Q ap 'Z' A W . W AK . -.,., ,h ,g KXQN . .. , M .ma M rf. - - , I ' 4511,-at a :.1,, M ,..,. W. v A ifw- i . new Freshmen Demihated Bands S tri ve er E xeellenee Six individual bands this year included nearly two hundred students at Foothill. They participated in several competitions, and the Marching Banc placed second, third, and fourth in parades. The Bands included Beginning Band, Stage Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band. The Concert Band performer in the Christmas and Spring Concerts, while the Stage Band attended such events as the Broadway Review, Tustin Unified Art Festival, and the Cost: Mesa Shopping Mall. The Symphonic Band also attended several events, and all bands participated in the Foothill Band Day at McDonalds, May 12 According to George Waibel, the band Director, the department is about seventy percentfreshmen, so that next year the band will have experienci to help them. Mr. Waibel adds, 6'As long as we can receive support from the A.S.B., we will be able to represent Foothill High at the level of excellence that all other areas ofthe school have achieved. H il, if Hin SYMPHONIC BAND: Front Row: J. Purcell, B. Podell, L. Anderson. Second Row: M. Palchak, C. Darlington, E. Weiner, S. Bauerschmidt, I. Tanaka, B. Johnson, K. Ross, M. Berger. Third Row: D. Strich, R. Woebken, L. Barley, S. McCalla, H. Hollander, R. Green, L. Knobbe, J. Chesavage, C. Beatty, M. Schoonmaker, R. Chesley, H. Paulson, D. Chalmers, M. Tyler, M. Langner. Fourth Row: M. McDonald, D. Persinger, L. Pickford, K. Hamilton, T. Carmagno, S. Gausewitz, 42 X W. Corrigan, I. Onyett, L. Herrington, T. Ewald, J. Anderson, C. Sawicz, R Gilbert, D. Palchak, P. Seitzinger, D. Rapp, M. Russell. Fifth Row: S. Pagte M. Peterson, K. Gilson, M. Palchak, A. Weiss, D. Kent, C. Lewis, .l. Gallan Sixth Row: C. Cooper, R. Burk, E. Erikson, S. Elliot, B. Edens, J. Hollon, T Duensing, T. Freres, C. Brown, D. Boggess. Not shown: R. Ostrow. CONCERT BAND: Front Row: K. Yout, K. Christian, K. Hueter, J. Lewis, L. Ornis, D. Cerich, R. Anderson, I. Morse, M. Eicher, M. Bell, L. Herington, Rogers, L. Lundquist, S. Carse, B. Schminke. Second Row: D. Rehak, B. J. Castell. Fifth Row: R. Burns, R. White, D. Hiles, K. Morgan, L. Jones, Cossaboom, L. Baker. Third Row: T. Cramlet, E. Connor, S. Holmberg, S. French, S. Paliska, R. Conlee. Sixth Row: D. Klaus, C. Arnold, M. Engle, C. D. Nelson, J. LaMain, D. Debush, T. Bebout, M. Morioka, M. Nielson, C. Bush. Beck, R. Hall, C. Proctor, P. Stewart, I. Lewis. Not shown: J. Wadell, M. Tutor, Fourth Row: J. Barstow, C. Watson, B. Jeffers, E. Halverson, C. Eliason, C. M. Rodman, J. Brennan. , , if ' Q Band Director, Mr. Waibel STAGE BAND: Front Row: M. Kachuck, B. Stedman. Second Row: D. Brown, M. Tyler, T. Labue, R. Braverman, D. Pitman. Third Row: J. Koeppen, K. Combs, P. Seitzinger, J. Onyctt. Fourth Row: P. Castell, R. Landes, D. Kent, G. Seitziner, D. Thurburn, D. Adler, J. Mossler, D. Halderman. Fifth Row: T. Parker, T. Hart, T. Duensing. Not shown: R. Ostrow. 8' 1 sf 1 llllllfll IIN ln' R1u':.I. Cross, l,. Carmagno, C. Bartlett I Huber D 5 Peck D lpson Bottom Row 7 IJUQUGIIP L Firestone A Forlwy l Rapp I Ilzrrmm Y Il1l'l1lll.ll. Rf-vd,J.Pvarsol, J. Ortiz, D llautwn D T Uuvn ll Ilart I Num H Vllfldll Not Shown E Smxth I' Boehelm P P T Justzs B Ulaml I Surftan, K. sllervngs, T. Waxton. MidzlleRnw S Gerrard 5 Cohan S llrlton ll Krieg l' Otter UFLHIOUIC Trmz ll'0sfol1 111-mnzlprllzies llad- riguls in lllvir ,IIf'l1f.0f'l7ll1lll'f' of "'I'hf- Ifroatirm Hal tlz 12 Christmas Cam-vrt. Madrigals vntortain ufolksv at Lvisurv World. MIXED CHORUS: Top Row: B. Southwood, B. Perlof D. Kassebausm. M. B. ny? .fx . . D S L i ' f '. V if s 5 J lfeg li? .- - - , , - 55 .-r Albright. R. Culver. D. lylueger. 1. Duquvtte, V. l.'lll'l0. Row -1: lf. Newman. I Garrett, P. Cillerstrom, K. Wyat,.l. Tuvell. Row 2: C. Leinberger, .V. Fujimoto, C. Stein. S. Pederson. S. lf-derson. K. luxsi. Bottom Row: D. Sanzpieri, T. WL. Carrie, S. Arnold, B. Varian, L. Robinson, D. Wilcox. Row 3: D. Younkin, Martin. D. Kewanwytewa. C. Thompson, S. .f" 1 cker, S. lflliot. T. l 2 is ,I 1 MIXED CHORUS: Top Row: J. Cloutier, R. Holderman, K. Arritt, E. 0,Neill, W. Cargiulo. Row 2: M. Murray, P. Keller, S. Johnson, L. Fretwell, L. Fay, S. Ewald. R. Harding. Row 3: S. Kuykendahl, M. Crimes, S. Oden, .B. Le Seuer, D. McKinney, L. Buhler. Row 4: L. Haverson, L. Kail, L. Cohen, S. Filley, f ll 7 . D. Capazzoli, A. Auerbach, K. Anderson. Row 5: S. Arnold, D. liuige, P. Hadley, D. Reilly, L. Lynch, L. Canerwss. Bering. Row 6: I. Sewell, fl. Page, A. Sweeney, B. Henry. L. Paulen, N. Low. 1 l .et .Es Clzerzises Present Conrerts, eoiezw Under the guidance of llr. Doyle, the five ehoruses fFl'9Slll7lllll Chorus, Mixed Chorus, .rldvanced Cirl,s Clee, Conf-er! Choir, and the Madrigalsj have had a very satisfying year. ln December they put on the Christmas Convert, in llareh, the annual Broadway Review. and finally they presented the I973 Spring Concert. lI11'0lUI'I7l0l1l was at an all time high, and 1074 looks very promising. J f X vs SL ig!!! K C . ' 1 lean K V ,, N F - S? s e. 'Y i 5 S j ' t i v R .gt A 4 - 5 A D . ld. X ' 1 Q , U 2 I A I 5 i- .. ,. w . ' 9:5 f ,gt -. - '3' : ' ll Q' , ' U' Y K 1 ' Z .iff 6 rw , 1 E 1 E 'K f .. .,, H lkk :,, I -K MQ , w I .xi . H iell ill " , A or ' X :A , , K S D g l I .. Al A K ,ww K 1 . M. - E 1 7. 1. . , - rrz r CONCERT CHOIR: Top Row: D. Ne-wall, C. Anderson, B. Perlof, E. Smith, S Fgge, H. Weber. D. Bolle. Row 2: P. Brooks, M. Greylak. C. flnderson. D. Gales. lf. Gomez. l,. Wayne. B. Bragdon. Hou' 3: K. julian. J. Lawson, K Henderson, fl. Cudmunsen. K. Sneden, K. Brown. J. Sample. How 11: .l. Strickland, C. Honey, K. Wilson, H. Sandau. I.. Belinn. P. Kirkpatrick D. fllareus, K. Kyzer. Bottom Row: S. Freeze. I.. Cillerstrom. V. Smitl K. Page. C. J. llieks. C. Rusk. .l. Steinmetz, D. Perkins. V Q ERESlI,1I,1.YC1IORUS: Row I: C. Cameron, D. Oden, D. Loren, F. Sentesy, L. Paige. Bottom Row: H. Dubowo, I,. Black, K. . Holder, D. Turner, Forrht, K. Haley. Row 2: M. Costello, L. Anderson, L. Plesset, J. Weed. Not Shown: K. Curtis, R. Johnson, ox, J. Secoy, M. Sprague, M. Faw, M. Boeheim, L. Tucker, P. J. Lightner, S. Paterno, L. Shulman, C. Smith, K. Burns, S. Basnrab. Qilsdorf Row 3: B. Wray, J. Elder, N. Lovett, B. Wright, .l. Pajares, s-.H an 35 .6 Q i -O5 Q Wilcox, P. Kvllvr, C. Bocharim, P. .lar'kxon. Row 2: J. Lambvrt D. Nvwlon rmon. Row 3: T. Baberky, B. .U0Cosh. ll. ,Ylll7f'y. D. .-luping. D. Coombs 1NCED GIRLS CLEC: Row 1: S. Primreau, QW. Moore, K. Crven, C. Hurns, Cordon, J. lmxtvr. R. Dunker, R. Harsh, C. Koopman. P. ,PfllT'lf'llU, D: Ir H. Sheflin, N. Cox. Row 4: H. Bynum, lf. Koll, P. sllfrCale, ll. Benton , V. Reynolds, K. Kunzkv, C. Cook. lfotlom Row: P. .'lllIlt'fSOIl. D. Wlweler, .llcPhersol1. C. Camaralo, C. Connor, K. Harmon, D. llyorl. ? .X -v ,Am- A. 1 in Y 1 ' tx. oi. ke. .,,L ,Vgx We ,sf H, . 'V r Ja. egg-'Y A N T 'T' ' 'Y Broadway Review Marks 10111 Year The Broadway Review markedits tenth anniversary this year, with a superb show. Better rehearsed than any other, it moved along smoothly, from the opening number to the finale. All six choruses and the Stage Band performed, with the Madrigals' HTevya,s Dream" the finest of all group numbers. The addition this year of commercials between acts gave the audience some good laughs. Soloists this year were Ann Forkey, Ellen Potter, Suzanne Helton, Sandi Colian, Karen Meengs, Darryl Rapp, Dale Justus, Mary Hart, Sam Peek, Sherry Bartlett, and Mr. Doyle. Probably the most profes- sional number was a Bacharach-David duet performed by Joan Pearsol and Lisa Caramagno. Lisa Belinn and Sam Peek also presented a duet. S i . y t .g-fwyvg 4 A W Z ",. it g it V 'I 'J 5' lilf fk,i'1r"kQ'5 ,five uf IL- i ur: Freshmen went "Singing In The Rain." cr: The relief of intermission brought to you by Madrigals. ll: A Grecian Urn? lr: National would have been proud of our girls. ul ur cl Songn. Stage Band. : Madrigals getting a hair cut? : Suzanne wonders, "Will He Like Me?,, : Advanced Cirl's Clee performed "The Munchkin : From "South Rampart Streetn came the Foothill lr: A fine deliverance of "Dueling Banjosv by John Corzine and ,lim Koeppen. gs ' H vm H l ' 'lf 1 W 5 all , 'Q 2 4 5 M' S-.1 i as ' if F' i 'X 50 ul: ur. cl. cr. lr: Lisa Caramagno and Joan Pearsol sang a medley of Burt BacharachfHal songs. Sherry Bartlett filled the air with "The Sound of Music. N Reminiscing were Lisa Belinn and Sam Peek in "I Remember It Wellf, Mixed Chorus also went 'Strolling Through The Park. " Foothillls music department salutes America in the finale with "You're A Grand Old Flag." Once again the Broadway Review proved to be a real "Cabare.t. " "I Do Not Know A Day,,,from Two by Two, was sung by Mr. Doyle. "Everyday is Ladies Day" with Dale Justus. In "Hernand0's Hide-away" were the Madrigals. -QS 'Q ? 3 . g is 59 W . ,,,, . if 1 if gf., - K ktq. F ,M iqgff A gr 1,, s rf iss m-sfmiw-2e4f l e - A- t "W if E, ,,.... zone NNE? GIRL S LEAGUE OFFICERS: Diane Evans, Holly Holub, Ann Page, Dana Stanley, Nancy Brennon, Joni Moses, Duane Vodrey, Debbie Pepal, .lulie Cloutier. Girls League Wrls le fave ve Hetlzill Emales This year the Girl,s League, involving every girl in the school, had one of the most successful years ever. Led by Diane Evans, President, and Holly Holub, Vice President, the Cabinetplanned and executed a variety of activities, both fun and beneficial. A new office was added, that of Community Service, to contact charities in need. The addition of the Board, consisting of reps from each class, also made a dQ'ference in communication. The Cirlls League developed a large treasury and used the money in a number of ways: to pay half the cost ofa curtain for the gym, to buy an air conditioner for the Student Store, to aid in the cost of the Knight Life, and to sponsor students in the March of Dimes Walkathon. It was a year of hard work, one that really paid off W WN GlRL'S LEAGUE HONORARY BOARD: Judy Elder, Pam Stuart, Julie Thorpe, Darlene Evans, Suzi Horwitz, Joan Mossman, Beth Woods. Not shown: Kathy Rusk, Wynn Davenport, Susy Lindsay, Martha Barry. 'L mv' we 1 ., L ... Y ,gg X311 ClRL'S LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES: Becky Schulz, Debbie Carside, Ann Olson, Sally Sayres, Julie Duran, Maureen Day, Chris Funk, Amy Opfell, Michelle Crimes, Patti McFarland. Xu Q i 1 ,er Tu? 3 Girls League Expandsg ll: Gosh, Bruce, you're so irresistable! ul: You really shouldnlt have . . . are Events Sponsored 1972-73 marked the most successful year ever for the Foothill Cirlls League. Through hard work and planning they presented a variety of activities and services to the student body. The year began with the traditional Meet ln Eat, and a new type of assembly - the Tahitian dancers. Next came the 1972 Christmas formal, "Knights In White Satin." The proceeds from this dance gave the Cirl,s League the largest treasury of any group in the school. 1n February, carnation sales added color to Valentine's Day, and Bruce Todd was named HMA lrresistable. 3, The Sadie Hawkins Dance and a spring fashion show completed the year's activities. Girl's League used its funds for air conditioning in the Student Store, and a curtain in the gym for dance and other presentations. For these efforts and for the great activities they sponsored, the 1972-73 officers are to be commended. ! S eff llxlf 'am 'Ni .wxgl 'tfilff x',,, "' .".4.',sI' 4 lr' "f.':Vf'.. . . 'x l 2 L12 2 f 54 is f q - 'i Ji X, . S 1 GEYX ski lk! X-1 ily iii ixz. V Q37 L Aix For me? Couples have a Swingin, time at'Sadie Hawkins. Je ff A 'fl A T ,f Qc' I W 3 it ip Q3 ka1l1,i.g2k'a"gQf iq t s - xml ,gi 5X 5.3-iff rxlgyl ' U ' yli' i 7 J ilgfiB'Lb' jieilg g 'QE 1, viii" .'!J"4'.'g PWIIMWS, C 21610 Cro zoned at Formal '6Knights in White Satinf, the l972 Christmas formal, happened December 18, at the Saddleback Inn. The band, Anonymous, filled the room with good vibrations, and a record number of couples danced, sipped punch, or enjoyed the scene. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Queen Deanne Williams and King ,lose Cueto. They reigned until midnight, when the Knights and Ladies dispersed. 4? 'Gig rio n 4 Q ,rgn labs !i!!.TA.'i5 ani, up ur: To sing, hear, and play every- thing from Bach to rock, visit Winnas Music Store and Studio, 540 E. lst St., Tustin, 544-5350. I s 4 ur: Foothill's spirit is boosted by ' the Rowdy Club includingfrom left:f Steve Cortz, Paul Hoes- terey, ,lim McCormick, Scot Lengel, and Larry Zechter. lr: Pep Commissioner andPep Club President Lesley Paul gives V directions to Pep Club members. MW' iiss T K .rki 5' .kyi EJ Q. is A, g iw -- g ..,,,. W?"f:f:,, ' 4 1 5 CCW rsr e L- jg 5' ' " C CC C t s Zpy N C L g M mlyyi yyEE,, CC C,CCC ,CClCC C "tt ' it CCCi H ffC f zffif i-" if ---" I " -'-C Mn-...,., Pep Club Pluus Future The black and gold banners around campus, ripped down unmercifully by some students instilling spirit in others, were the masterpieces of the 1973 Pe Club These s P - artists met once a week during fall, to paint such signs as "Co Big Black and Gold,', "Execute El Mof' and "Terrorize the Tillers." They also held two fund-raising drives, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Next year's Pep Club will, for the first time, be separated from the Pep Squad, and will thus be free to expand its activities. In this way it is hoped more students will become involved in promoting spirit at F.H.S. 60 Q. ri , . A L: e" llfxll Qf 77 v Lf 'I' Pepsters hold run-through signs to arouse spirit during football game. Pep Club Officers: President, Lesley Paul. Secretary, Holly Holzwarth. Treasurer, Kathy Sneeden. 3 ul: AFS Club Advisor, Mrs. Woodroffe cc: AFS Officer: President, Kim julian 62 B 'N . l 1 1 0 A 4 ar 'M' A .Si 3 N sg W . . , J- .Fm ,mj""'s , Q My rdpfziwx f 5.1 " , p 15 i E -... si WB .E AFS Gives Opportunities, Experieiiie This year the American Field Service made it possible for two students to come to Foothill, and for Bill Yedor to travel to Sweden. Lisa Huber, our visitor from near Vienna, Austria has been here since August. She feels one year in a foreign country is very rewarding, because besides learning of that eountry, you also learn about yourself The world seems much smaller to her now that she has friends in all continents. laia Laviano comes from Venice, Italy, and feels some of the greatest experiences she ls had are herfriendships with other exchange students, and the feelings and ideas they have shared together. Foothill ,s dl FS Club has helped the program ,s success enormously, and they plan to continue this support in the future. F 5 .2 5' ---...-: Ll. "Prev, P' f4': QV' Q A ul, ur: ll, lf: SPANISH CLUB: President - M. Mitchelg Vice President A H. Poulseng Secretary - L. Ciampicollog Treasurer - A. Nozickg Advisors - Mrs. Fleischer, Mr. Bradley. HOME EC CLUB: President f M. Duffyg Vice President - K. Cordong Secretary A P. Hickmang Treasurer - C. Chytrausg K. Freresg Advisor - Mrs. Conception, Miss fahnig. icii 'iv fr few, ur, ul: ll: CHESS CLUB: President - Rick Lloydg Vice President - Mike Tunnellg Secretary - Bob Thomasg Advisor - Mr. Hardy. BICYCLE CLUB: President - Evan Massarog Vice President - Linda Cuttingg Coodwillflrnbassador No. I - Mark Sloaneg Goodwill Ambassador No. 2 - John Hengisg Advisor - Miss Terry. rv 1 '92 QS i , , 1 f I is T BIOLOGY CLUB: President - Darlene Thomasg Vice President - Randy Vogelg Secretary - Katie Wilsong Treasurer - Mary Donohueg Advisor - Mr. Feher. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB: President - Marc Bergerg Vice President - Randy Weberg Secretary A Ron Hatag Treasurer - Ron Hatag Advisor f Mr. Ward. MA TH CLUB: President - Dave Nishballg Vice President - Mark Lundg Secretary f Jody Kriemang Treasurer f Steve Brannong Activities - Mark Schlesingerg Abacus Chair Person - Debbie Carsong Advisor - Mrs. Driscoll. A6 ,,, ,S l!.A,:ffsIIli'lH.t?,g 4, . ' IW '20 'kr .1 1 Jrfwamf 'fr Mn tfliili nw . 0 , , r Eff , s P Y 3 i 2 A 5 f... N ul, ur, cr, ll: CSF: President - Andy Opfellg Vice President - Randy Vogelg Secretary - Judy Carlsong Treasurer - Craig Reimerg Advisor - Mr. Oster. CFPOW'S: President - Susan Evanderg Advisor - Mr. Frogue. CHRISTIAN CL UB: President - Rob Riselyg Advisor - Mr. Schroeder. ,,.,aM'9- 0 ,,, f-. t ..,x Q, FRENCH CLUB: President - Beth Amestoy Advisor - Miss Landoe. GERMAN CLUB: President - Dwain Adler, Advisor - Mrs. We ber. UT. sq -. -ffm HEALTH CLUB: President - Doug Caltg Vice President f Betty Weiderrnang Secretary - Judy Carlsong Treasurer -Anand Desaig Advisor - Mrs. Osborne. QC' ,N u 351 0" 0..g.Q 0 0 5 'o:,': Q 0 V viii psf cf ffl.:-Qin s s , . WWW, , 1. ,,..., ,.,.,,.,,. ,.,, ,,,,,. .-w,...,i.. ,wi-,-....-f,h.v W... ,.fV,....... vvvv-:Qin-Vw 4 . V -W.,..Y,.,W -.-...- 'X -can . , ' I 3 " ' 55121 r ,,.K,,', 75, fl 4,5 . VK: H . ul, cl: cr, ll: GYMNASTICS CLUB: President - Mike Millerg Secretary - Donna Aldermang Advisor - Mr. Vosburg. WISE CL UB: President - Lisa Belinng Vice President Karen Meengsg Advisor - Ms. Terry. if. tif ! ,I 'Q 'I ,fit K 1' Qpg, i 9 fig' ,Q Y R .8 Q 72 ul: ART CLUB: President - Mary Messinag Vice President - Gretel Moehleg Secretary f Dan Goodwing Treasurer - Mary Wileyg Advisor - Judy Weightman. ll: CRI'f.f'l TIVE WRITING CLUB: President f fill Sharfg Advisor A Larry B0 wen. 5 gmt. f , H -in A ' A Q MLS ar'-V s 1'-1: f eeil are if Adv 1-'v ff? 5 if is ,Qi ir- P' I si Q- 'Ps ' K . K pggpmnws gi ul: ll: 'C VARSITY CLUB: President - Steve Shawg Vice President - Jose Cuetog Secretary - Andy Katnikg Treasurer - Jay Palehikoffg Advisor - Mr. Sedoo. KEY CLUB: President 5 Terry Hunt: Vice President - Rob Cibbsg Secretary f Sam Camaratag Treasurer f Dan Vogel- zangg Key Club Sweetheart f Diane Vodreyg Advisors - Mr. Ward, Mr. Severson. SKI CLUB: President - ,Iim McC0rmackg Vice President - Lora Moong Secretary f Donna Crissinger. SAILING CLUB: President -Jeff Hubelig Vice President A Val Boothq Secretary - Vicky Clark. i 1 X' ,S Q L I g f Ex X gsm B Cine your clothes a smooth treatment at Royal -1 Tustin Cleaners, 17331 17th, Tustin, 838-2591. .Hifi V' 151A Tlzespians "Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more human world . . . ." -A ndre Mauro is To all the people who contributed their time and work, we would like togive our appreciation and con- gratulations for a success- ful year. For a set just right for that big night, visit La Contessa Coiffures, 13430 Newport, Tustin, 8258-7859. The-spians Officers: l-r: Bob Brewer, Lisa Robinson, Dale Justus, Diane Loewe, Peter Co he n. C 804 As, Y P x Q,-Ji' , , ,x , 1"-32355 fig? 5 lx ' we 90 Q9 Row 1: Lynne Conti, Brad Chase, Don Brannon, Mitch Rosen. Row 2: Carol Waters, Bill Warhurst, Lora Moon, Craig England, Jeff Galt, Joel Patterson, Peter Cohen, Mike Cray, Terri Horwitz, Dave McKennett, Curt Post. Row 3: Bennett Waxman, Steve Paliska, Greg Mathews, Chuck Post, Loren Perry, Bob Templin. Speech Dam Foothill's Speech Team had a busy year, traveling to tournaments at Loyola, Claremont, UCLA, and San Diego. Our novice debate team took sweepstakes at the full novice tournament, and five people qualified for the state tournaments. For the first time we had a qualjier for the National Tournament in Pennsylvania. This is Joel Patterson, a sophomore. Although Mark Schlesinger, Dave Nishball, and Craig England are graduating, several underclassmen will remain to continue this high performance. Tom Moore Paul Satkin Marcel Daniels David Green, Jeff Drucker, Robert George Szwolop Charles Valle Row 2 Sandy Sampieri, Craig England, David Mark Schlesinger Steve Adler Bill Warhurst Pam Sherman, John Price, Carol Row 3 Car Ka lor Stac Craun Bill Davis, Tom Hansen, Clint Scott, Bruce Tim Bonner Rick Cadmus Marc: VonAldenbruck. AMN 77 AW. 1. "'- f f 43 I-xv" L i s K U"'Whl,A ff 1 imp, N ' ,-5' ., lines! -.,,.. -fr- -v . -M, R .af 4 -: .JA ,P - , .451 Q Pmfliml Cofzslrzzrtiofz 5 I x- x ,L rf V .. , Liv" - , lff Horticulture C ah Beaalfies Foothill This year, in an effort to beautnfy the Foothill campus, the Horticulture Club re- landscaped the planter areas on campus and refunhished the pond. Mr. Wiseman, the advisor, leaves us with this message: "Have you looked at the grove lately? Our "plant-in" was a success and is growing every day. We have plans to turn the grove into a park. This happening would be more :pt to take place if we at Foothill took more pride in the campus and kept it cleanll' From the traveler to the gourmet, therels something for everyone at Tustin Bookstore and Stationers, 1100 Irvine Blvd., Tustin, 838-3080. Horticulture Officers: President - Annette Kirin. Vice President- Nancy Saben. Treasurer - Paul Woock. Activities Advisor - Rene Dunker. 32 i ' ' Wg . ,. I -fs-O' - - 3 Q Qi 3. lj Y ICC Provides Link Between ASB, Clubs Participation is the key to an enjoyable education at Foothill. The campus offers many organizations of diversified interests, and provides for the formation of new ones for any student who takes the initiative. The ICC is the open line of communication between the clubs and the Associated Student Body government. This year the ICC and ASB Cabinet combined for another successful Homecoming week. Individual clubs also participated in community services and on- campus improvements. But most important is the groundwork for a future, more powerful and effective ICC which has been laid. Steve Shaw, ICC President ' -isl- ..j'Q., ' -.3-.X ,inf if' , A wx ei 5,43 we 1' A 'N wanna-me ,. .f Q, , x' ' . " Qu Y 4' vt. -.. if ' -5 V.-no ' A. A 'F Wild' ,f ,m,Lk if 5. Ailzlelies fc A 5' N-QA"-'T 9' I 'ig wf . . Q s N 5, 1:15 Gan' fx' . Tffrg-,2!,' r K ' ,,. v .1 c ., , gn .fp ,- -P0 aff . A ,d, -, "'.:wg:F f-w.""" ' ' if' .3-, Q' J' .,.. la I 1 f V r.nL 7, if 1,4 fg'f,," Mx -..-.uf 1.,,Jf'ur eff? 1' L72 Q. Y' 'ti Max I Y ,-G .g A MA' fx., iz l i e' ", pp,,a, a "" C em f ., .W a ,I k , ' , , " ," , " 'X ff"f 'f7?2 "X' , QL ppep "' . A e , ppep a Q 6 ' . w f , e g - + e e aeeee e 1 e Q m 1' . W 1 p A I K , r , , U W , fi ,-f,-, L, gl-ii ffggi.-K .-W gg ,Q , 1. y 2 ,K ,A,. , ,jfgqigg ' "H" A Q xv .rm - 1 A Q 'M W 'A' ','WV.' ,frff,e- I V' -A ' V I W ,r-fefvvllll-HHN ., - L+ 1-+2"'2-A -fw- ' X ,, Vx? A A lv V 'fo-. ,, , ,se f M , IQAV A ,- ,V in Lla VALAV V ,V K , , ,,,,,,, e , 1 T QM ll i Happy are those who dream dreams Am! are willing ta pay tlze priee :X J ta make tfzem eame true. X - Uaeaa zem ilk-I K QQO E I MXN! M Q QUMPV 'f - ' L Y V E aim X QU 'SMX QNX 9 Q Qxlym ' Epi DJ 5 . - W 1 Nix, X ' WN VX QV Gwvhv' X MJ fixixlfx v QQ' V QQNR XJ E XD XWQK NJ fb 'B , X Xb XQ9' X FNQLKT' y M Qwvwvg Q N w X xv ik wi' 30 xy sv M , X L me My XO? QQ ,A xv ws' D wvbwlwx xi Nm, X 4,,. - ' LW QR! f - 7 170016411 F' T YQ f MF ,ef I Nl ee T ,Al S W f W , W N. . , LWWW W KJ WW .44 ll: Tim Bradley, Knight ofthe Week, University lr: Mike Lubinski, co-Knight ofthe Week, San 5 - cl: Alan Korn, Knight of the Week, Kennedy cc: Andy Katnik, Knight of the Week, Katella, co-Knight, San Clemente cr: Sophomore QB McGaffigan barks out signals. Q WOM. We fi ..,,qk,,,, ., .. fi ,V -:W e t -'Q J . .,,-awww.. Nw- 4 It 1 -4-f.,L,frf hw N I ., rw. . n V 1, an two, ,gun yur!-vi-. ,L "' f A wwe it -- ' , .V .f Nh Q 15' f , Q21 W KN QR ,HL nlent, Mis artttne, end K nights to Ram- ine Season The Foothill Knights this year did a goodjob of thrilling, baffling, and completely overwhelming their fans. The two pre-season games against University and Kennedy showed our team a likely contender for the league championship. A victory over El Modena added to our hopes, but with the bitter defeat by Tustin came a turn of the tide. The season was agood one as far as the fans were concerned - they were never quite sure what to expect, and on the whole our Knights proved themselves very able players. Seven of the senior boys did an exceptional job. Andy Katnik, a very steady performer, made two of the all-league teams and showed excellent leadership. Jose Cueto, one of the most improved players, made one of the all-league teams and proved to be a great inspiration to our Knights. Mike Lubinski contributed a great deal this year, as did Sam Peek, who has aided our varsity team for three years. Dave Szkaradek made one of the all-league teams, and Chip Hackett played very well for Foothill. Dave Williams, handicapped by a bad knee for most of the season, was an asset to the team whenever he was able to play. Of all the games this season, the victory over El Modena was probably the most satisfying for our Knights. At that time the Vanguards were the top team in our league. Coach Snyderfeels Foothill didagreatjob this year, and says the ,73 season looks good too, as there are some strong Sophomores who will be moving up to Varsity, and some greatjuniors who are already there. 1 Iss cr: Knight of the Week Sam Peek f Tustin. El llodena. , lr: Sain "The Han" g pranr-es doufnfield. 1 5, . 1,1 . -Nqr. Q 'L L I A fr, ' .. , .A s-es f a is-1 'Ml s ,M is is 0" 5' " ' Q ' . --f ' ' " ' 'V "- -- , Y -1-'fc www M - - Q ' " ' ..,. 1' I A L. ' ' ' - """F ..-' A ' I - " ' :N Y 1 2 as wa . ' 55 ., Wwvwvm- Q Q Q xo 55188 1407965 62,' 681 78 '74, vy X y lQi5?fgETKx'iZl93l'E1 7 55 lgA'N22x"6k M77 i sam 82MgMQ MSO" 34 A a .wee azwgx v ft iw , ., N, .J X sz, , x X A. nf' J, ...Mit S ,, .L an my ws if W '-,-x N QW I-SAS?-sexi: -R i.,-,,1,r V ----'vm -. ,tv Bottom Row lr Dave Price Keith Pipes Steve Brannon PhzIChr1st Al Korn Dave Wllllarns Dave Szkardek Steve Shaw, ,lack Uwen Stephen The Boy Reilly Sam The Man Peek Middle Row Coach Curtis Steve Katnik John Hoyt George Malhsteadt Cary Rodman Andrew Katmk Bob McGuire John Hengeeh Mark bray Don Beno Rhobby Hackett Dave Berger, Don Brown Timmy Bradley Coach Campbell Back Row Coach Rosmmo Paul McCa :gan Make Waldrm Mike Lubinskz Boby Courtney, Chipper Hackett George Cezsendor er Dan Burke Dave Sutherland ,lose Cueto Steve Goetz Ed Mooney Jim Sardo Coach Snyder. Knight of the Knight of the Mission Viejo Knight ofthe Villa Park ur McCaffigan handv off to Bradley PNN lin- - 1 . -,T Froslz-S 0,012 Battle t03ra' The Frosh-Soph football team had another successfulyear. Boasting 156 points total to their league opponents' 39, the team placed 2nd in scoring defenses and 3rd in scoring offenses, bringing them to a tie for third place in league play. One of the highlights of the season was the game against San Clemente, in which the team piled up 56 points. Some of the outstanding backs who may play are Bill Floyd, John Hasselbalch, Bill Tripp, Kelly Combs, and John Hoyt. Some of the best linemen were tackle Greg Roberts, center Mike knapp, guard Lindsay Hubby, defensive safety Greg Bennett, tackle ,I im Healy, nose guard Marty Healy, and tackle Dave Kimberly. Under the guidance of Coach Zeich, Foothill has developed one of the greatest Frosh-Soph teams in its history. Top, l-r: Coach Zeich, L. Carter, J. Astor, L. Mengos, I. Sayres, B. Coll, J. Haley, S. James, P. Stillwell, D. Mangano, D. Kimberly, T. lfarr. Center, l-r: D. Eck, A. Bolander, K. Combs, B. Shade, D. Phillips, S. Craig, J. Carson, M. Healy, R. Holderman, D. Brannon, S. Laird, M. Prescott, J. Hasselbalch, Coach Heil. Bottom, l-r: T. Bremer, M. Jones, I. Hoyt, T. Haigh, C. Roberts, C. Krause, M. Knapp, I.. Hubby, I. Mossler, B. Floyd, B. Tripp, C. Bennett. ul: Come on, let,s go out there you all' lr: A nd I was going to play gov today Fresh aol' to Future The Frosh Mini-Knights had a respectable season this year, with three wins, three losses, and a tie. At the beginning of the season, the team looked to El Modena as their toughest opponents, but they flattened the Vanguards, 20-0. Mission Viejo turned out to be the best team, and defeated our Knights, 10-0. In fact, the Diablos, league champions, were undefeated and unscored upon all season. Foothill had several excellent players who will help strengthen our future teams. Best line- men were Chris Irwin, Rick Frey, Bob Spurzem, Dean Kassebaum and big Tom Hansen. The outstanding backs were Joe Duffy, Jeff Van Harte, and Steve and Greg Speicher, the Rootsie- Toot Twins. The Frosh continued this year under the very kind and able leadership ofcoaches Mike Wertman and Taylor Wagner. Mr. Wertman was happy with the team's performance, and sees for several of them greatfutures in FHS football. - Q .K , -asf' IJ? F ,t - A J ., ,.. ,. ' 1 ylffl' . N' - ' h 4. A sl ,z ' ',,5.,i'l9B'bws .V , z-A . MN K -fs, 631, ' f ff' s as my Q' A E T use X ..- ww., p A 'Q A ' 'iieiliiw ul: Hey guys, I dropped my contact lenses. cl: Brown and gold, brown and gold? 'Ox First Row: Mike Eberle, Tim Bonner, Norm Katnik, John Casey, Mike Small, Paul Noble, Scott Rempor. Second Row: Bruce Ramsayer, Mike Heil, Dave Elrod, Steve Speicher, Jeff Bennett, Bob Spurzem, Ted Filey, lim Cassidy, Rick Robbins, Chuck Bauer, Bob Houlihan, Andy Lacy, Alan Shofjf Third Row: Steve McHale, .loe Duffy, Jeff McKee, Mark Helsing, Tom Lu, Jim McCone, Scott Attenborough, John Horwitz, Jerry Phillips, -.if ia- Mike Brannon, Jeff Kreuger, Andy Stidger, Jeff Cillman, Kirby Motsinger, Dave Green. Fourth Row: Zack Anderson, Chip Brown, Greg Speicher, Dean Kassebaum, Rick Fry, Paul Terry, Bruce Kelly, Dwight Magnusson, Marty Lauber, Tracy Pyeatt, Jeff Van Harte, Tom Hansen, Mike Lull, Greg Ford, Doug Cross, Kurt Rathjen, Dave Shanbrom, Augie Opfell, Dave Bartik, Bob Shultz, .lack Langhausen, Chris Irwin, Mike Medici, Jeff Woody. Wler P010 'v L ur: Water Polo packs 'em in. ll: Honvbral-ce lTl!lli7l?S a pass. ul: You did Il,'lllll?? vr: ljllllfll lh'I,0ng vrzz-ozzragvs twzm. ll' " L 5 I low you THIS n1uf'l1.',' -w - -v 'IN ...A- :sry 'll ,, .f'i'5'frbQvn:1: ur: Team rallies to dump Millikan. .M , f ra:a.w'w ,g,,,: xw" . . "5 , M QW'-'Q .TE-Q W as . ,ww ,aa ev S ' , 'ta J 'I' vm ,, 4 Q f.7'!'?' , L . if 41 :- Q-b,.x,,. - , of' ,,.- 92 Q' w'L-'iff WJ- W"k. i. 41, ' , . we-4, Tun? ' 4' at MQW fy f 4.- 4 W Mmm 7' , Afeiwq z w ZA L, ,-'45, -4,1 fm MWA? M 010 Knights Dena' Cf IF Playojg "The 1972 water polo team faced one of the toughest schedules of all the teams in CIF this year . . . and they played great games against everyone. " Thus said Coach DeLong of this yearls Aqudknights. The Knights' season record was I3-11. Their finest victory was over Garden Grove, with a score of 8-3. Runners up in the Estancia Tournament, the team was paced by Rod Strachan, all-American water polo phzyer, and a co-captain of the team. Rod was voted Knight ofthe Year by his team- mates. jaybird Palchikofji also a co-captain, was voted most valuable player in the Estancia Tourney, and Eric Smith was most valuable goalie. Bob Bonebrake was also one ofthe great seniors on the team. DeLong summed up the year and the team by saying, "The 1972 water polo team had more spirit than any other at Foothill, and were a very close- knit team. They worked exceptionally well together. Igot a great pleasure from being able to coach that particular group ofguys. 'l M,-"""u.w v VARSITY WA TER POLO: Sitting: R. Cherney, R. Strachan, R. Vogel, I.. Johnson, K. Wills, P. Spurzem, H. Bunge, I. 1Palchikoff, J. Secor. Hanging: D. Quayle, T. Travis, C. Bayles, E. Smith, B. Furniss, B. Bonebrake. ,s-.. S. . ,ws -Er-ls. een.,-. 4 -N-. H.. U A 'Q , ., . ',r-In -"' sf, - r i ...V " ' .. to "'a'o ' -. qv - w - W - . ,Q fm,-. - ,pf 'Q N if K gg My A ggxg T I ' ul: Manager Mcffurdy piles ,em high. . my fKs3 Fate Killer Schedule Under the guidance of Coach Hummell and the outstanding leadership of team captain Marcel Daniels, the junior varsity water polo team had a fairly good season. They competed against some of the top teams in Southern California. Although they didn at win as much as they had hopedfor, they gaineda lot of experience and learned a lot from the top competitors. One of the things that helped our Knights this season were the many outstanding players, such as Marcel Daniels, team captain and Most Valuable Player. Foothill owes much to Coach Hummell, and to all of our dedicated players. if I 'ss .-.t "' .a 4 3' s .f , ,., .5 , --1:93 Q. 'N . me--.. sf ..:-ef "' f ,, A fe A .avg . Mn? ' 1 A a ' 4 'lr - gi - , P 'ass n e w i w ,.-11 .A W . .A .f 1 " 5, t 4 e N . . w i -if , 1- ' . 5 .1 +A. , is 1, f -me ' on '9 . - .. T' ". 4. , ps , v 5 1 ,Q Av .. P f 5- F. L ' 4 xi 1 'P T L 1 wb lL Q I .I hug-..-A J. V. WATER POLO: Row I: A. DeBore, M. Secor, M. Daniels, J. Satoff S. Pagtor, J. McCormick. Row 2: M. Block, G. Proctor S. Tanaka, I. Harmond, W. Oswald, D. Zastrow, T. Seymore. .If 'M 1 P V W s ALA... fs ,xt , lj, ,l N lgfibh lex Q- "YK sill. Q If lfbtwg,,f' ik fl, X y . 3,3 3 , ' rg l at VN v MJ.-' wiki.- -AYA ill l'tg..ij,i, 'g,v,, l L, l Q, C, 'jx NJ' N HI xevqw 4 CML-- -I-foam. .va :Le get L.-d:'l '55 X -f- UC 'fre-T X fiimlvl' if P-L., .W M li W ,,,. 1 ' pf vi- V xi gf I W 4 N U' X 'N X BL, +4 Lli' alll, JD f. 52 if Y LEA I L. x, .i A ,ll v E rx'-H ' Salon Palazsts Shaw Strength Foothillls Frosh-Soph water polo team had an outstanding season against the top teams in Southern California. The team's winlloss record was not quite as high as expected, but they did well anyway. The team gained a great deal of experience by playing against top competition. Under the leadership of Team Captain Rusty Crawford and Coach Hummell, the frosh-soph team had a very satisfying season. The frosh-soph team has many players that should go on to be star varsity players. One of these is Rusty Crawford, team captain and Most Valuable Player. . 2? .ftt g in cr: "Look what Palmolive has ' done for my hands."' FROSH-SOPH WA TER POLO: Row 1: J. Drucker, D. Duran, D. Chase, H. Sipe, B. Gavin, R. Crawford, T. Bierbaum. Row 2: 1 R. Cosselin, B. Chalmers, M. Nielson, I. Palmer, T. Davis, B. Kaplan, J. Rose, D. Cerich. L 9 5 Harriers Best Ever Long Beach Invitational Champs - Orange County Invitational Champs f League Co- Champs - CIF Finalists - Undefeated in duel meet competition f Five runners on the all-county team . . . Needless to add, the 1972 Cross Country contingent was the best and most successful one ever at Foothill. Led by Seniors Larry Cerich and Bruce Todd, and underclassmen Dave Fristoe, Matt Bell, Greg Cerich, Scot Lengel, Todd Page, Perry Vermillyea, Cordon Thrupp and Mark Spilsbury, the Knights afoot rolled past opponent after opponent while being acclaimed the number one team in Orange County. The momentum the Knights gained early in the season carried them all the way to the CIF finals at Mount SAC, where, behind the second place finisher, Knight of the Year, Larry Cerich, they finished sixth in a tie in all of CIF. Next year most of the team is returning, so paced by Matt Bell, Scot Lengel, Perry Vermillyea, Greg Cerich, and a host of other runners, another excellent campaign can be expected. ?krf'7XI5 F gf N' 'VARSITYY Row I: S. Lengel, 'P. Vermillyea, I1 Page, C. Cerich, M. Bell. Row 2: L. Cerich, B. Todd R. Himes, C. Thrupp, D. Fristoe. F13 - e ir X 1 U s I 4' I I 23 ' 'f 1, 2 'Wil x ' ' W. I F lzfffcfgs, ,AUQ I v Itjmw Fam smpjm I' 'T-fel , t """UlHdlQ . A, , , i Q.:5f:' f D, ll i - f'3+ff2-22:4 f ' , , 'LCV -f Qffrwi "Af ,f i ' " ' A M ',"'Vr, yi IR. VARSITY: Row 1: C. Cerich, D. Toleffsen, T. Alderman, K. Hobbs. Row 2: T. I -Ai, Page, R. Himes, M. Bejack, P. Spilsbury. Row 3: S. Lengel, H. Lachmare. If injuries hadn't set in, the 1972 ,IV cross country team couldpro bably have won league this year. As it was, they were forced to settle for third, much to the dislike ofstandouts Rick Himes, Mike Farrar, Todd Page and the remainder of the squad. Theflfs proved their strength when healthy, by winning the Long Beach Invitational, while placing second at the West- minster Invitational, and generally steamrolling their opponents. Next year most of the JVs will return, many to run for the varsity team. If this year was any indication, the future looks bright for Foothill cross country. ,Q ,tw 1 Row I: B. Waxman, J. Duquette, M. Carretson, P. Djokovich, 7. Lomakin, R. Houghton. Row 2: S. Adler, P. Spilsbury, T. Alderman, M. licher, K. Wiley, D. Kamanski. Row 3: D. Starkey, B. Schulz, I. Tuvell, M. Smith, F. Craig, 1. Kimmich. ii ,eg 'B ... in-if , mmers Keep Pure Keeping in step with the varsity and ,IV squads, the froshfsoph team also ran away with the Long Beach Invitational championship. Then, the best crop of freshmen ever went on to finish fourth in league behind the efforts of Tim Alderman, Mark Spilsbury, and Steve Adler. Chances are they would have placed higher, had the top runners Greg Cerich and Todd Page not been moved up to support the fVand varsity teams. It's difficult to predict how well the froshfsophs will do next year, but with a nucleus of strong freshmen runners returning, they can 't be too far off the pace. i .f .r '1- x, , ,J-'fix 1- M ,, , , fl QA Basketball I V. ,X , AT? ,L -44,1 .J -43 if rx S+ ' I, 'rx .a J J 1 J I 49 X ,N d,,,- ' If W' R Y ,-f' tk. G. , . N, D 5 9 A ' 0 ll N .4 h -- ,. 5 . 4 Q' 1 H A 4 g ,Q . 7, Q , . , My x M 5 ,, V , ,+V Q K ' M1 f 1 .I J - f .IW , -Z e .fi J K N W,- g loo 1 +vi- f kg, J A6 f' -h h' Lv: "55- lf ,. xfuwng 40 A -EGR I 2 L gp, ' F, . x 2 Fr wi ' 'C -Mu, A 1, if' 7 ,mf I '22-4 If w l ,Q S4 , R. E 1' 1,, 14 r 4 bq 3,84 b .le LQ n W l Q , B 5.4 4 2 Q x Y X it' , I ll: "Elgin 3' Rowenhorsl fires. lc: Lou powers it up. uc: Knights draw capacity crowd. T lAW K .Q-""" N W W gs 3 .. U s.- A 5 'if' .. as -' f i- A ..,,.,,,, Q Us M, 1 W , J' e .-'M I N P llbllll l'iHll'l.5 i QQ 1 i 5 3 .-is Q rii K, W ,551 -R' 4,,,,,,'Hs - -Q W.- 7' -Ax Q 5 'Weis .x... is 1 1 Vw 1 i 1? .. '53 .tum .. 'HC' -....,.. .wb K Stan Hansen, Bill Weingart, Tom McCarthy, Kevin Murphy, Rob Pinkerton, Dave Rowenhorst, John Klinglehofer, John Capozzoli, Harold Scott Gerry Perkel, Lou Schildmeyer, Bucky Day, Andy Upfell. Cage rs Mt Sixl, eague PWM After a horrendous pre-season, which saw the varsity basketball squad fall to the depths of a I-9 record, Dave Rowenhorst and Stan Hansen led the injury plagued team back to three league victories in the first four games and a surprising overall record of 6-8, in the rugged Crestview League. Rowenhorst and Hansen finished two-three in the Crestview League scoring race, Rowenhorst averaging a shade under 20 points per game and Stan shooting at an 18pointslper game clip. Dave was helped along by a 40 point scoring explosion against Villa Park, while Stan's game in game out consistency held the team together. Coach Hummel characterized Stan's play, calling him "the best pure shooter live ever had at Foothill, " while labeling Dave "a complete basketball player. l' Considering the team suffered over a dozen disabling injuries and illnesses over the course of the season, it was quite a feat that Andy Opfell, Commander-in-Chief of the infamous "Andys Army, "played without injury for the entire season. A.O. 's rebounding and intimidating defense helped the team eke out victories over such teams as El Modena, and Mission Viejo, along with spoiling 0range,s C.l.F. hopes with a stunning upset over the powerful Panthers in the season finale. The remainder of the starting lineup, Bill Weingart and Kevin Murphy, as well as top subs, Gerald Perkel, John Capozzoli, and Bucky Day gave the team scoring and rebounding balance. With players like Weingart, Day, John Klinglehoffer, Rob Pinkerton, and Lu Shildmeyer returning, next year's team should shape up into a strong league contender. I3-ill f kv Basketball Q cr: Huson goes up for another one 6 S ll: Weber puts in two. ' H - o , b ,F A L it C ' I it C C 5- AK .I I- i " " Q ' wg. ' of ,fl . ,K" ' e t ff? +-ff H if aost be l as i . 'J "' f' ,'f..f"'s""1T' M7 'Rv F Y.. 44.-L' -' "' ---9' bf ' ' 3' Q' ' iff S'-'L' Q-. H 'Q S - ,xx ' Q Lrr' f Q --X , -,...- I 5-1,7 pe N :'....""--- t V .L 2 Q ,1..z7- ig, . . A Q l'T"'r, . f t s 1 --A ,D ' P sz.-1. , - .""" , V . . . - 'J fl Row I: Pete Spilsbury, Eric Weber, Tim Fearer, Mike Gray, Scott Huson, Ken Chapan, Coach .Southern. Row 2: John 5 ,' 5.5. - Fchultz, Rich Wodiski, Jeff Wanlas, Mark Acuna, Dan McCrew, lim Mengos. - S VV VVKVV .L M x e - ff Slzaatzag ebeaaakagl ,. L1 Q 9 o si 1, ' U,-, '- , 1 -I . , , X N E E . ,.:k it i 7 jfs D 2aa' la Leagae Behind the sharpshooting of Jim Mengos and Lindsay Quackenbush and the strong rebounding ofScott Huson, the 1973 Junior Varsity Basketball squad racked up nine victories while -suffering but five defeats, and locked up second place behind San Clemente in the Crestview League. With Huson, Quackenbush, and Mike Cray holding up the front line and Mengos, Rich Wodiski, and John Schultz rotating as guards, the team developed character and a will to win, which resulted in the best record ofall the Foothill basketball teams this year. Pete Spilsbury, Eric Weber, Tim Fearer, Ken Chapman, Jeff Wanlas, Mark Acuna, and Dan McGrew rounded out the J. V. team. If these players continue to perform the way they did for the J. V. squad this year, next yearls varsity picture looks bright indeed. 5 vklaad ends Balanrediyeph Squad Balance was the key to this yearls froshfsoph basketball team, which won five league games, lost nine, and finished fifth in the Crestview League. Seven players could have been considered ustartersv, with Jeff Ecklund, top rebounder and player with most minutes played being named most valuable player. Coach Wilkenson calledfeff a atop flight playerv and one who expended 'gtremendous effort, even in practicef' One game he pulled down 25 boards and his consistent defense was a great help. Matt Rodgers, Kelly Combs, and Craig Morris all started at guard, with Rodgers leading the team in scoring, boasting a I0 point average and Morris close behind, averaging 9 per game. john Fredrick, John Sayers, and Jeff Ecklund played forward, while Dave Flynn startedat center. Another forward contributing many minutes played was Bob Steel. The remainder of the team consisted of center, Pat Garrett, forwards Timo .Lu, and Phil Stillwell, and guards Ed Castro, Doug Amo, and Jack Bowen. The highlight of the season was when Morris and Rodgers scored 24 and l7points respectively, as the team upset first-place and undefeated Tustin, 61-56. fag ,qi Cc. 'Hifi' Top: Kelly Combs, Craig Morris, Doug Amo, Timo Lu. Middle: Pat Carritt, john Sayres, Jeff Ecklund, Dave Flynn. Bottom: lack Bowen, John Fredricks, Steve Poliska. IO6 Top Jim Needle Kurt Matkln Dave Garrett lon Anzel Tom Hanson Coach Poston. Bottom: Bob Hullahan, lim Forkey, Brian Catnik, Middle Chris Dunk Greg Spelcher Kevin Wurzer Augie Op ell lim Pinkerton. Los,-.J tml, Hrkey -L eil Eeslzmen Sli ina' Egvtil kvfs 9- 5 27262, Plate F ifeislz Equaling the LV. team for the best basketball ref-ord at Foothill in 1973. this yearls freshman team also finished league play in second plane, with a 9-5 record. Center Chris Dunk had the seasonls single-game high offensively, scoring 27 points against San Clemente, as he averaged nine rebounds per contest over the entire season. lim Forkey. a hot-handed guard, was not far offllunkfs high game, amassing 26 points in two different games. Dave Garrett sparked an outstanding defensive unit, while forward Kurt Malkin, and alternating guards, ,lim Pinkerton, Steve Caird, and Jim Needles rounded out the top players on the team. With all these players being only freshmen, many good things can be expected to come from them, before they graduate from Foothill in l976. IOT Wrestling .. , ". an fs '57, , ,V ' ' H , I , I ul: Andrew Katnik 4 February Knight of the Month ur: Rick Watson - Most Improved Wrestler cl: Rick Watson declared winner again cr: Al Korn shakes before pinning another victim. lr: Though unapparent here, our Knights go on to crush Villa Park. lv A ,f 1, ' Qin-iliqm, F 6.1" In :" ' xg. N6 V 'ff 7' . Q O 5 4 'f ' ai 'il iv, :E1?'5, le n 1 .Q WT ' if 9' V X U ' xx 'qi' X x-IW? , - ,-1.3 f in "" S pi 'twi- vi I . t . Q, 'ur X - gb 'APN -407' .-. ' M. , . -.-. .,,.-.. ,,3nH61' my mm Wang WQWQ' 'J' we :.6ffl"i"fE z is . 'kai ,, .fi n "" N+fMdn?1W1:sX:s,Ls-, ,. ' a' - ff. we .. . ' .A Hee, i .., A Wy M, f An-qv 'r'-'fm' V- n W i, .vmsiqg , ' K v i R.: A Owen Van Skike f J.ll Most Valuable . " L , "" K "" ' K - L Wrestler , J p Al Korn f January Knight of the Q3 Month, Knight ofthe Year L :ll E UndefeatedJeffMillimanafterpinning i -' Q ik Mission , Eil if '.,, uc' Rod Youngman - December Knight '5' ofthe Month,Marlf lVlcNultyMem0rial Award K Q. E K it NX " ' A ei, :Wwe- .f 2 9 K mglzt Wesflers ParedBy Kam Riding the wake of the superlative effort turned in by undefeated untied senior, Al Korn, the 1973 varsity wrestling team finished the season with a 4-3 league record, good enough for a third place tie in the Crestview League. Korn, 15-0 during the regular season while wrestling at 178 lbs., won every award in sight including Knight of the Year, Knight of the Month Uanuaryl, fastest pin trophy f17 seconds! at a tournament and most valuable wrestler at another tournament, while pinning all but one opponent andfinishingfhfth at C.1.F. Leading the team at league finals, Andrew Katnik, Knight of the Month IFebruaryl reversed the decisions of three wrestlers who had previously beaten him in dual meet competition, to win the 193 lb. class and advance to C.1.F. Korn, also finishing first at league finals, Mark Cay I2ndj, Rod Youngman f2ndj, Wayne Garner I2ndI, and Doug McAulay f3rdj also all qualified for C.l.F. competition. Rod Youngman, a four-year varsity letterman was named Knight of the Month for December, and also the recipient of the Mark McNulty Memorial Award. Rick Watson, wrestling in the 98 lb. class, finished third in league and was voted the most improved wrestler on the squad. Clint Scott, jim Wheelan, Gerry Silver, Mike Knobbe, Steve Sparling, Larry Hoover, and heavyweights foe Terenti and Owen Van Skike rounded out the 1973 varsity wrestling contingent. Losing ten of the fifteen lettermen to the outside world through graduation, coaches Wiseman and Marzilli will have to depend heavily on this year's froshfsoph andj. V. standouts to fill in the gaps next year. Row 1, I-r: Larry Hoover, Mark Cay, Clint Scott, Mike Knobbe, Wayne Garner Rick Watson Row 2 Rod Youngman lim Wheelan Gerry Silver, Doug McCauley, Alan Korn, Andy Katnik, foe Terenti. .6 if 1- jvc,-,':.."""-r MnS,lfl,l'e 0zvers VsY53ra' Owen Van Skike, senior heavyweight wrestled down to J. V. most of this year, and all he did was earn the most valuable wrestler award, while devastating the league with a 7-0 record. His performance, along with the efforts offose Cueto K6-U, JeffMilliman K2-01, Mike Lubinski K5-21, Doug Younkin K5-0-U, Tom Bremmer I4-lj, John Harwood K4-lj, Scott Booth K4-lj, and Scott Craig I2-02 highlighted the 5-I-I season, which saw the J. V. team grab third place in the Crestview League. Phil Naud, who was 2-0 while briefly wrestling J. V., led the froshf soph squad to two victories in its onlythree matches. Andy Lacy and Joe Hammer also contributed greatly to the wins and are expected, along with Naud and a host of other fine freshmen and sophomore wrestlers, to add strength to future varsity and J. V. teams. Row 1 lr Steve Sparlmg Tim Farter Matt Wagner Dave Bartick Doug Younkin, John Harwood, Philip Naud. Row 2: Owen Van Skzke Paul Seitzmger Jose Cueto Mike lubmskl Chris Erwin Stott Booth Scott Dolittle, Tom Bremer. G Baseball N N if i f i '4 5 k m.:,, f Ms - X 5 L , k.V: I Qs , 1 ffl A I i r i I, 5 F i a " ,i if , Q, . uwliwmf .fy ul: bl: br: No, you can ,t have my ball! ml: Dierkes rounds second and heads home. mr:Bridston, safe at first Whoops, I missed! Nahigan uses scare tactics. 1 iff Q: Z .. , ll.. m .A L WVIA .-, ',,, f 1,1 K K " A Ol ' my A eff! f, QQ fl?-5 '?5?YfiE52,fT,if3k!5 "3 ,Ii f , 1 ff., .iff .Ig 5 1 5 :- . , s'L, 15 M 1. , 341, Q41-t - ' ' ,z fd 1 eff? L j 54 5.1 W' ' 'LL' i?'f"f".?lf ,f ' iw' 2,g1,Q 1 lab- 1 Q A ' aww -- A Aw .,,' .,. A .w-Ju x xg , ' . sA" s N 2f!rff""h3'V T'v:w--il-wi-"W-6349 u 42 .WWNQ , A 'M' "7 M' A 'ff-f . ig L , , 'Wm'-iff. , .f.,4fgzgZ , am... . ff - ' ij, L ' g ' ' -J ,, . '-, 'z 3' h I 3. A .11-eu--:M-... . i 7 1 . H 4, Q v 4cc , i 113 . 1, . . -3,9 - 1g t f t' f . A ,K at ' ti W, 1 ,Mft A A x ., 1 '- " ' riff t ' 'Q ' fi - 1 'gg' , 2 Avi, HBO! A I I L ,fi 7 Y g I rw f A 'WW 4? 2 .ee 1 r W ' il f-Us jg 4 'B W 7 'Q 7 fit 4' P? f xi 1 1 ' ri W .Z --"" 11',,.-3' 5.- 2 fc' W-Av Row I: Rob Hackett, Daw' Price, ,lohn Nalzigan, ,Uark Dierkr-s, ,leff Evans, Shaw, Jose Cueto, John Bridston. Row 3: Couch Sedoo, foe Ducey, Gregg Rudy Rita, .lohn Hohenf-r. Row 2: .Hike lfharnpion, Rub Steel, Steve , Adams, Stuart Malrngren, Kevin Murphy, Rod Boxberger, Alec Robbie. 1 ,ky 5 5 V N . A ., . f,,7c,f,, xxx . v iq " W-L? ,sm ff, ,A t, riff H, ft ja f f A.-.e f , ,, , - ,amy ZW' , . r 'mt K' 'M' 17 A' 4' . f' rf' f 3 -vm -K L.: ,,,,,:m?5iE H 4 lv f l .V A . N , T 1 1 K 1 ra-u:,bff , 'ff1Uv'fE1 ' f t 1 . 5342, ' f,kr fy ",, V, f 5. ,ff:,,f: 41,353-4 f 'hy . ' K. .wt V ,, N i 'Zn-.. Champion ends , g, Title Scramble A ss, 1 ,H "Mike Champion is one of the most sought-after players in the county, by both colleges and pros. H Q ,ff Coach Sedoo of the Foothill Varsity Baseball team made this statement about one of his finest , ' -V - M iw s. players. Mike, a senior, has pitched a no-hitter, and V AV milfs 3 lg M if it ' is batting almost .400. He certainly has a fu ture in if ','-e'tis 1 iiti do elii T' s base ball ahead of him. it it T The Varsity team isn't doing badly itself Their e M5 K I, ,K record to date is 3-1 league, and 10-4 overall. Their Ii L ,V Qggl i T "F iii W "i-- 3 ' K most memorable game to date was a victory over t-sJi ' W it if San Clemente, via a 4-3 come back. VM A.. 1 -' Outstanding men are Champion, Bridston, VEYV V M . o Dierkes, and Adams, who is a great hitting short glil Z' is stop. The whole pitching staff is doing a great job, ,J W X R, j i with Boxberger's and Nahigan's talents added. All gyig .,,.., S ' in all our team is strong, but they still have the A V T T' A ..,..iQ to Sedoo, Villa Park is "the team to beat," and it s major part of the season to go through. According 'T L y y 3 will probably take at least an 11-3 record to win t Iz, ZIE H , me league. We wish them the very best luck. M, ,,.. L M . F T 4- 5 5 - .rj c. - ' - ' ,,,,,.,. .,,... g . . , ,H -- . .fi--M1 v ' X ity- if f . V ' .J AA., .linac -V ,. 1. ' ' 1.1, -s llfr Eff Row I: Rob Steel, Tom Ramstead, Murray Willis, Dave Morton, Scott Rowan, Bue, Steve Cortz, Mark Reidlinger, Bill Tutton, John Schultz, CeoffHueter, Dave Bowen, Dave Phillips. Row 2: Scott "Water Buffalo"Huson, Tom Lo- Danny Danskin, Coach Bauer. Not shown: Kelly Combs, hn Hovelsrud. Batters Vs Strang: Pitching, De ease Btg Keys Foothillfs JV Baseball team this year matched Varsity with a 3-I league record at press time. Led by Scott Huson, top pitcher, who has thrown a no hitter and a three hitter so far, the team Hshould be among the top finishers as long as pitching and defense hold out. H Coach Bauer, author of this state- ment, said outstanding players were Scott Rowen, outfielder, Kelly Coombs, shortstop, and Tom ltollue, second baseman. Steve Cort: and Robert Steele were also a valuable asset. Coach Bauer summed up the JV,s chances this way: "This team is not blessed with an over abundance of talent, but through hard work and desire this is going to be a very difficult team to beatf' ,. . - . "' . V by :V VS ' 1 I 'af' 2' .i . -- -" w . . -3... ' -- x' wnel miff-2 .32 2 -1 . M : gm -, ng if. . .- - A . ,- 1- , .Mew , M Q 'V .1 ts...-. k.... V V, H 4 ..s:....,,,.. .s--f?fte ',,-s...,..,,.,... ,,,,, ., M.. cccc MN. ,W X ggi, '- ' 5 --'f'x,v '.' Y .,:v1:1wuyif.l, - 1-'1 Y .. W- - "7 ,- sy., L, .....t.. "f" - V. W - H 1'-as ,, .. . 1- .new-.J .,,, I A k,', x 0 ,,k.. N., , ., . . , .V -f ' . K W b,,., Q 5, , , . ., -4 ., ,. Lk, by, f,,:.g:,s, hsggak -E, .,.,, 1. - - f M, : W A: x A f X is-...M r ig - Q- ' . Q -" if-v,i.3w, W ma, K-35 ,5-Q'-wtxQ,., -if-tv, .999 1-" . - tw. ' ., as-gweefeif ,psig ' . sgffg--51 ffm' sf- ' , ,,gr"':ifia?f?'fo 1 ' 'Q' ,-time-1.4 -' E, 1 -x., - .-'J' '- we 'off' k5""2"j3XS-'dino sf ' 'saw-r It l . V , Q- .,m,,,- ' n .- -.Q , :VM .-, .'k.T' ' . r t- ..1 , .e 1 ' ' . . f--. .W 3' ,...-- . fs. f I -.f,.w-- riff.. ' Hui, , - , ',.gAne,j ,Jax Q I 2. x. N -, K --N . - , , .ri 'W-' 'cf-f 14.53--'ea'-1,--T 52' -iff-QT9u5'f:':.s1.v-u:a.t1s , Ff05!7fS 010125 Sa172rEary League Sethatls Foothill's Mini-Knights will have an uphill battle from here if they expect to win league. Their record is 2-3, and Coach Kritzer admits that they must win QOZ of their remaining games to become champs. The Frosh-Soph are led by Timo Lu, who does agreat job of pitching, and Mike Knapp, Tommy Lu, and Steve Speicher, all getting timely hits and playing sound defense. The rest of the team is very good too, and according to the coach, "Coaching is a whole day if you like ulcers and grey hair. " Think about it. -,Mm-mmm W n... K . K N ff e -1-QQQQR: H 2'-QM' -44' N Q1 M'-' f""'.""?.1'. 3S'1'5-,M Q. M T3,,, .:, af .mf 'Row I: Sam Jack, Mike Heil, Tommy Lu, Bart Ryder, Bill Floyd, John Timo Lu, Greg Speicher, Eddie Castro. Row 3: Coach Kritzer, Mike Knapp, fhonotte. Row 2: Jay Hooran, Jim Davey, Tom Gibbons, Scott Craig, John Fredricks, Steve Speicher, Larry Mengos, Rick Fry, Dave Angelini. in l Ennis ur: Mark Thorpe uses backhand to score winning point. lr: Grace practices perfection in forehand. ul: Weinburg serves to Mission Viejo opponent. ur: Knight racketeer, Glen Morton aces Tustin. ll: Morton is pleased as he scores again. I' 1 ' J wx M .0323 W, . ,X 4' snsxzhb umm nf - page ' . ' f ,, - ' lt ' s 4' Q . . 3 1. Q dn? f-,-.I , t ,, dp 'Q , ,hiv fav' ' A " .tg V6 'I if " 'Q' ' 0 Y r 2 .lf :fx -Q' fs' - ' 3 -."' f ' -fr -- --4, of 'I 0 ' , MIHQ, 1.,f"'. , . . V51 111 4-.5 :fs - s Q- . 6 f-r .. , 2 iv 0' ,-I sr 'v xi ,ww ia' ' 'Jil . " is . . ' I! 1 lf? 111' i' 'u ' 1 YA 11,15 I f i I I I ' fl 'Ill ' , ..-'ff' H11 4. 4 by ' u ' 48 rx 4' P - "fl 4 '4 , Y 1 xx , , .vu A, ll l ' 'THQ Q X ' of . K '-B .wr X . . u.. A V. U, xf wa.. -U X i ,U ext: 1 sin , ff '.. ff .u-. H 11- ' HX: - .iff 'lair , , y . .!.vfvX :.'i A 1 f:'v' 2:5 lvzugzzpi: . Vfff' 'qv . "p'u's"n Qvfk ' . M i 5-.':-'-wt.-skits!-qt-'-if' ff L 4.Qg4':ng.'."g1' Af. 1 up 1 'Vx 5? 1 -v ' nw ' +17 'F . .. i Au'-ifu ' ' f , N -' - . nf, eff. M an on ,vo A V ' , : Wh? ' " ' , A v,, Tc o -. A . W - 1 lf- ' L , 1 , lj . , ., s nf, . Q , .Q , J , L if .gl in-, v . . ,p p '.' ' I h . ' 7 ., . H ' - 4 it ', A , ,L , sf . e .1 X NH,-,x x Qkgq' X ' . ' , 1 ' .flu Q - - ' - 1 . 'V "VXA," fa: . - , ' M - s QA - M '- H " ' Qi , 7' xx. r,'.".'u J,yKX,XnA hh.: 'I -- fm , 9 ... y .. far, 1' -Q T3- -'L f "f ' 7 f:.'.','iQe- ,MV H:?5,,,, ,V .', ' ,V tr V , VV I 4',v...,s,x.K'f LAUIM Q .f F, f, v -Afwxy KAI V,-l x- .-,fw, s,:g If .-.o,-.,' ,' iW5'u5"iif'v9" eooo o e - Hr' ' 5? Y' af Weriy, V TM., ,, ,, I ,,.U,f.. ,H x'-w'm,3,,. , V x 5 , -Nw n -Xf .Qu .r fr- qa?'5Qrg- -1 f'3'3ff3w?tg9'f :gf 'W , we ., .--,st 3, 5 K 'I 1 1,1 :lf fn r f A gf g "'ig5v.:isFQ35 "" ' . . .Sy.1r47f- ". .21 ' ' ' 'I 1 1.1 'fs' ' "W . ""-7-'f3'.','f':'.5-'J- ji-ff gi,,f:'Qaf'f'?' wg? ffl - 4' 5 H ' Q, ff," v' ' f f' ' N, 3 A - .. -....,.., nn 'Q' .A+- sf" x f A , I VARSITY TENNIS: Row I: R. Miller, C. Crace, C. Morton. C. Harrison. Row 2: C. Dunk, M. Thorpe, D. Lind, B. Weinburg, Coach Zeich. Varsity Neiman Untleknletlf-Q "Both teams ought to win league championships and if the Varsity Team plays to its potential, they should do well in C.I.F. H Thus said Coach Zeieh of the 1973 Varsity Tennis Team. With a season record so far of 6-0, the season looks good, and the coach feels the team will remain undefeated. The Knights, toughest match was against Mission Viejo, who was tied with Foothill for first place in the league. They dumped the Diablos 25-3, maintaining their undefeated record. Every player is undefeated so far, showing outstanding skills, and next year the team will have a good nucleus as only two seniors are leaving. mtsev' rx .-,.. , .,, ,W NV, A N Q .K -Q 5 b"""""f4-.. , I f e V i 1.3. B t ...iv .k u-' 1, gt .,,' A . D", , fx. ,ic l . . .F 'nib' V. .if Q. ul 1,-sf . 1 . iv ' V, '. .1 z i g , fe . ..p . M X V is ,L Jn., X. , -.'-w-WM 0 va . fy' If ' .1 tt ii gn ,J . I ' Q , -. k . Q 1 f pf T . -w '-e r .aprt-fgf' Q It Wyre 1 X N V gf" JS," .. . ., ln 'W L.. Xp. "M" 4' V ! vp . . s . 5 "Tri" 'Q"!f".'l ' ' ' 'QB . .1. M.. ' - 2'.',' ,R.A.,.Q'.,.gx. QQ' -, 4 ...QW .1 if , t gtg V K . 4 ls., .9 .v . I X it.-f"'f't1 I Viituf Q If' j' .. ' ' Qasgz me-, V iSef,:i- .1 Q' . 1 'ftiffih ' -its K9 r . ' V , . , ' ffm' Off, K .,.,. x t . e' . . - Q e' Q so : -5.-- U - . 1 is t - A ,-..... U.. ., . ' "i2'4f.. . - , -----.-..- Q , ,puff ' x 'R 3 I ..,.. ...W ey ,,--,......4 : if-fs-...c f - .4 K rs A Y - f - X 'I W' fi -,gleafrsg atm xi 1 Li 'Q' .' nt' , ,ish 51, 3 Liz? W,wu,',4,. V, Q.. i,. AV ' "'o--SN m .-sf' nm... .,,W .-.H - N.,,mwN..S.-gx vxxm A gig! W to be remarkably skilled. ships for the pastfour or five years. " that total. JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS: Row 1: P. Cately, T. Filley, B. Tripp, S. Morton. Row 2: R. Plows, M. Shendell, D. Saltz, D. Shambrom. R . E x.5!5f 4 ,p cv Yi N- x x 'R E 1 ft 7-'?'5i555? ,. .,' we an 'ZQIQE 'A ' .9694-'QS L' Q V094 K 00003 , , o Vote., t ogy! P ' Nn. . . wgvfsffwa . F .4'5f"vf-91 '33333 'affffiz '4f?'o0- 95 ng 5' for 9. N by Q y .-D fa ,ff Y asv' 'lisi.TWe-' l -f f K6 Laotpr Sixrlz Simi In T irle Foothillls J.V. racketmen led an undefeated season to date? with a record of 6-0. Very few .sets had been lost, and all players were proving The season ahead looked good, but a championship depended heavily on the outcome of the meet against Mission Viejo. Coach Zeieh speaks of our ,I.V.'s proudly: u,I.V.,s are always tough. We ,ve won champion- If all goes as predicted, we ,ll have another victorious year to add to Dave Salt: returns tough serve. Bob displays hack- hand style. l2l - .- .H W 6 i f ll e ' L A ul: Keeping hzs head down, John Cullen chips up stoney. , i -I ' ' . . fl ' ur: Number one man, Scott Helton whacks booming drwe. ll: Ed Laird follows through on drzve. ' 1, 'ffl ' ' , .uf 153' ' " V, 'Vg , f A fl' ij iii: '::" I f- f" " '- wviff ' ' ff' -,'n , A , V . f1jyI"1?',,.agj, , f 'L ' li? V T A' X WL" 7, -W. 1, M km,."f kj N , ff, ' l ff g'l.QrQ-wg, 5595 ' "1 VV Q ":' L ' if' A e ,Mg , Lengthy putt finds the mark .... barely Senior, Randy Scholnick readies to putt. Cullen blasts out of treacherous bunker. Gander Haigh lines up chip. 4 af VARSITY: Paul McGaffigan, Pat Patterson, Bruce Hoefel, Scott Helton, lim Norris, Mo Weir, John Cullen, Randy Scholnick, Cundy Haigh, Dave Weir, Jim Anderson, Coach Mc Williams. JeffAnderson tees Off Haigh watches drive S0l1l'. Hurlers Drop Tivo, Stillllz GL F Rare Even after a I5 stroke loss to powerhouse Mission and a stunning three stroke upset at the clubs of meager Katella, the varsity golf team still had an excellent shot at going to C.I.F. as a team, at press time. Coach McWilliam,s 1973 squad, trying to follow up last year's league championship and C.I.F. runners-up contingent, boasted a 6-2 record hah' way through the season, and even though the league title hopes were fading, C.I.F. still loomed as a definite possi- bility for the team, and a likelihood for some of the top individuals. fthe top two teams from the Crestview league qualify for C.l.F.l. Scott Helton and Mo Weir, alternating numbers one and two men, were the two most outstanding players early in the season,, each averaging in the seventies. Helton had the low round of the year, checking in at even par, 72. John Cullen, Gerald Perkel, and very much improved golfer, Paul McGaffigan held down the next three spots, with Gundy Haigh andjim Anderson also seeing action in varsity matches. Foothill's junior varsity goU team was undefeated at press time K6-01, and from the looks of things, appeared to be well on their way to running away with the league championship. Bucky Day, Jeff VanHarte, Rick' Culver, ,lon Aron, and Sam Ainslie were the top performers, all averaging in the low eighties. With the entire J. V. sq'uad and three varsity golfers returning, the outlook for next year's team appears to be very encouraging indeed. A X ul: Dave Weir slaps longfairway wood. ur: Laird puts another drive on the line. cl: Weir avoids water, then hits to green. f , . JUNIOR VARSITY: Bucky Day, George Mahlstead, Jeff VanHurte, Brian Katnik, ,lon Aron, Rick Culver, Matt Hahn, Dave Pflueger, Sam Ainslie, Richard Denzer. I ' v zwimmifz , . ik L! 1, -il.-:ff V H 1 If 3 5 3 1 4 . .Vu x Afy 4 lggv H'-f4fMs?3 ' . :E M .- ' .0 lc: Strachan leads line-up. -n CU! a34a'!Ki-P iifd' lvl 'Q,f Q 5 .MGE f"- W'k'a',1 Qafvl' gif' L my a 2 ix ,Ms ul: Furniss takes off ur: Spurzem chats with team mate I as --u-4 M . Mwiv ?W.,L ,, 'Q iv H' ,,,, ,W ,M ,, gi sm' 'ff' Y, V ,Iyar f ,, ,, I ,jjgnjy-,gj1g.' ,, W ' Q ,V W mmm VM wfkmk-,gf xi ,W f , . , I , K A , ,. 1 . -gggzwnr 'W - " M, . M . . V , , V M.. is My af MW, M .LN au, s ,. , s L W ,s,K,,,W M s W 'WT f' 1 ' ,- -,:w:, . . ' ' M ' ff -, "W ' " f ' ' I- -V , ff V M Mg,-rgf, AW N ,W 'Bl a,2'j,,2Q?m ww, M H M,14,W Q M -L v ,,,, yfn- A rf-f'n,,p,, ' W 'M M ' fff"' ' ' M' ' A ' A ' 'Ji'-9' - , 'Ml' ' 4" ' J, ' ,, Q, s " L fm ,fm I, 'f ' , '-1, 'sf' . . - ,W V1 M.:-1, f,1 ,A ,.. - ' . v'a,",J, ,F 4 A f , ,- of 1 4-:, ., V W I I A , -ni- as W Q , 1 , A 'KA qw. , I , ., 13-K -Hyks 5 .. ,gd A,,5,,,+wy gh .451 . -.5 gg, 4,2 4i'iE3g5wg':.s,1':, , X 5-'f'7".f5'5'fl 4 "iw-',fin,'f":L ' 559 wi ' 4' ' ' ' K W,-N1 " ' i'. fs- f' 'i.:jiu1'w - N2 - . ,'f,1" ,' , '- . swf' :.-,- ' 1+ ' . TJ- ?g:if5"jA" ' A: XL. ' ' lr 'T '. sf, f -'gr 4 ' ,m,A W WA gvu , VV 5 I' K My W kr A , I M an , . , 0 Q , my . ' 4 fm 'ma-,,,,,,,, ,f 4 gag, V 4 s ' ,up f, H ,N 1 . ,,4g,.v f ,I , f '-Q' if V M' X 4-?s775f?:--1--ws:,z,,f'--cG,,,.,1,-xml--2 . 'fl-1-"S ' A '-'-' fjfa-y.-' '15 z' g ' " ' ' L' T' ditty' 'IJ' f v 5' -,F 'if " W -Q-T?J,,,,"'W W- , V V '-P?" .... ,dw '55Q ,.,, A V .,m,'5' - 4 " .j5,,.,.fAa.Z ,- ,,,, mf. -A -f fflfg. f.:4,b H, M, , ' Q ' ,A 4' f ,f"' ,f--im ., 1 ,I ',.,, ' ,QA A V, ' N f A 1 1 " -4 . ' , . ' .vi . K ' ' 'f 'L ' W' "' , ' "' ..f"'L'l7i 'ffm--QBMM' S? '--ff 'MA A-1' I ' , - W'-v , , 2, ,N-AW: fa" , ,W-,i,".M H ' ' V .MJ Y' -' ' . " ' N ' V ' W ' ai. 3"-"5 7.31 ff - , asv 1 . an .rn "" - a s 11+ H 41-1 F' , 927 Alix ff ,- M , N ,WM f H ' ' 'f' . 'W' Q ' bfjf' ivy- ,QELQQ ,, My WHA I ' iw 4 V ,N , ,,,, ., . , I Y ,. . ., 7 I , , L,,, ,A,.,..,, ww ' M, nw-""f -' M, -,gf 1,1 - s -V 4 n, . . A W 1 if 1 g, ss- , , , ,ar-A - X, --W J- ..... .rf -W N A--.., wi 195 ya. ur: Jay heads for home. ll: DeLong instructs Johnson. cr: Mark Hastings displays winning form. V M' . Agua -Knights Strata hr Thirdollrai ln' CIF Crown With only one BIG meet standing between our heavily favored , Vinn- varsity swim team and its third straight C.l.l". championship, it's records and winning streaks, which span the last .seven years. Three straight Orange County and Anaheim lnvitationals championshipse 7 straight Crestview League championships tFoothill,s varsity swim team has never lost a Crestview duel meet since the league's inception in 1967.2-35 consecutive duel meet victories-3 .straight undefeated seasonsfetc. This year All-Americans, Rod Strachan, Bruce Furniss, Peter Spurzem, Larry Johnson, Ken Wills, and possible All-Americans, Randy Vogel, and Eric Smith, with strong help from diver, Mark Hastings led the Aquaknights to a sensational season, and barring total disaster, their third consecutive C.I.F. crown. Exciting clutch victories were notched against mighty Long Beach Wilson and talented Sunny Hills, as well as a very convincing win gained at the C.I.F. relays, outscoring over 150 schools in the process. Specifically, Peter Spurzem, Rod Strachan, Bruce Furniss, and Ken Wills teamed up in the 435100 freestyle relay against Wilson to set an all-time C.I.F. record 3:15.5. Bob Bonebrake, John Saathofjf Jay Palchihoff, Don Quayle, Bill Bunge, andlllarcel Daniels also all contributed depth and talent to an already awesome attack. And there seems to be no letting up in sight as Coach DeLong can expect four returning All-Americans to lay the groundwork for another great season ...., f lnd who hnows, maybe even C.l.F. championship number four? VARSITY: Row 1: Randy Vogel, John Saathoff Rod Strachan, Jay Palchikofji Bob Bonebruke, Ken Wills. Row 2: Larry Johnson, Don Quayle, Bruce Furniss, Eric Smith, Peter Spurzem, Bill Bunge. , W. . I J time for each to look in retrospect over the teamls long list of fl D Snatlwf Daniels Lead Vs John Saathoff and Marcel Daniels provided the power and speed necessaryfor the Junior Varsity swim team this year, Saathoff qualifying for varsity C.I.F. and Daniels improving by leaps and bounds into a fine varsity prospect for next year. ln fact, calling these two swimmers junior varsity is almost ludicrous, as each lettered varsity would be top swimmers on most other varsity teams in C.I.F. These two, with the help of bacldstroker, John Secor, Rob Cherney, Steve Tanaka, and Drew Zastrow brought the J. V. 's a respectable third place finish in the Crestview League, while also scoring victories over various non-league teams. If these swimmers continue to improve the way they have this year, they, along with outstanding froshfsophs should provide enough talent to insure another awesome varsity contingent next year. Coach DeLong, Manager Kevin McCurdy JV: John Saathoffk, Steve Tanaka, Rob Churney, Drew Zastrow, John Secor"', Marcel Danielsak. fl'-earned varsity letterj que , N.. Opponent oops! 'A E'0slzfSopl1s Grab Sammi' This year's FroshfSoph swimming squadplaced second to powerful Mission Viejo in the Crestview league, while stars Bill Bunge, Warren Oswald, Mark Secor, and Tucker Bierbaum led the team to an excellent overall record. Bunge went to FroshfSoph C.l.F. as an individual, and the remaining three, along with Jeff Harmon, Tom Seymour, and Bunge comprises our two C.l.F. relay teams. Rusty Crawford, Andy DeBoer, Jeff Drucker, Paul Terry, Kurt Rathjen, Dave Duran, Don Chase, Dave Cerich, Bill Davis, Bruce Chalmers, jeff Rose, and Chuck Scott fCaptain Buzz! rounded out the FroshfSoph team this year, and their talents added to the strokers above, should give the J. V. and Varsity teams much needed depth in the years to come. FROSHISOPH: Row I: Chuck Scott, Jeff Drucker, Rusty Crawford, Andy DeBoer, Tucker Bierbaum. Row 2: Kurt Rathjen, Dave Duran, Don Chase, Paul Terry, Dave Cerich, Tom Seymour. Row 3: Bill Davis, Jeff Rose, Bmce Chalmers, Warren Oswald, Mark Secor, Jeff Harmon. 1 y ' is ,YV ' Mb, ,kg l 5 U . ' 25: ivl 3 i A S V 1 3 4, 4. , 'kt' f x if T. Dual Barstow flops up and over. Lu Shildmayer long jumps 21 feef. Reilly puts away panthcrs in 100 yard dash. Ills Hughs to Waldron in the 440 relay. Mt?--fl.. .. fs pk 'H -c -I' 4 4 v X - ass - K 5. 3, 64 K ,.f, 0 iv J' ., D4 lt' in 1 .......u-new small. 3'--V ,FX 'T'+2ffg,I. Lift Q , K ,, - ' J - ,, mf-f, v ,A . w f f : - . pf - 116Lkgf, gk, ,T,,?gi25'fIA. gf f -v- we 1,gQg,5- ' . x V x , xx . I' w I n 4.x5,x: mixx'-. N. . xkqmex sy . ,XX XLR XX 'AXQXF r . . M -wx .- M.--s . ,Q S xnxx ,fl s xx,-xx N, XRXTXIXXQ-,x-.K 41 .1 e X-we-X -X x, x. ,QA A -K X, N-X K., XXX nw,-, . M "' "- Q, Nxxw xxx -.x MVK .NNQX ff' "x kk, 'Q S' XLXX-XX 'xfmx xx x. K Xxxx. yxgb., , wixxix QNN44-,5-f X -.W-xbxs I . . .5 ,YQ . . . ov fi. J.. ,-'nr 'Zs.f,-:PSM H :"-:.-m- ' we w,,,.,.......71:-34 ,gu,,,.....-fe.. 'V p,we,.eWLm,,-,W.L..,,,W,,,,,e,.- M . Me. ,- .-A' ffm-f""" N Xi I A- V,...f- , - 1 '- Mwst' M N .J f. -4.-- 'f'?3 M Q- .MQ ' S' t, ,. u: Runners take their marks. V. l: Pipes and Pyeatt lead hurd- lers out of blocks. TX xx fMer-WWW'-fee-Q'-+1 A x it 2 ' gui. ... VARSITY: Row 1: Mike Bejack, Bob Courtney, Pete Spilsbury, Al Bruce Todd Row 3 John Klingelho er John Tuvell Lindsay Korn, Dave Williams, Andy Katnik, Scott Lengel, Stephan Reilly Mike Waldren, Don Benno. Row 2: Larry Gerich, Jeff Kimmich Peter Turcinouic, Dave Tollefsen, Lu Shildmeyer, Zane Anderson Bill Weingart, Cordon Thrupp, Keith Pipes, Clifflfughs, Bill Yeadorj 9 1 Wrsify Park Sha 2015 S 60.9011 Lean' Foothill's Varsity Track team pulled what looks now very much like a league eharnpiouship. ,-It press time lhe rec-ord was 3-0, with zz great vietory over our leading eontender, llission Viejo. Top men on the team in sprinls and hurdles were Reilly, Hughes, Bene, Pinkerton, Hearth and Postliill, while our finest distance runners were Fristoe, Hell and Cerieh. In shot put and diseus. Kamik and .'lleCuire excelled, and in pole vault, Korn, Yedor. and Loc-lzrnar were our best. lllglljItl7lII0l'S Cray, Weingart, lxrinznzieh. and long and triple jumpers Tuvell, Klinglehojer. and Quaekenhush were top sc-orers too. The season looks lJPf'AN'g00!lft'lHI1 here. and mans' exeellent men are returning next year. ,S Q 0' ul: Don Beano hands baton lo anehornian Stephan Reilly. rr: junior, Roh Pinkerton runs away urith the hurdles. ll: lfill Yeador illustrates the :ner-hanies of a pole vault: speed, strength, and 1-oorrlination. lr: Long jumper, john Klinglelzofer, soars towards the pit. 135 - .fs .........-.--- Q .. . ",- ul: Cray destroys bar, but T A g wins high jump- I 'ZK' ' " mm'k ' 1 lg , Q tm E3 nv V 1 all A H 5 xv ,w s his s 1 . 31? eff ,S QE J Q5 ,i sl? we-Q 1 W z EH N- , Vfilgggglifg, -x .. .. 1- .,, ..., s k A i 1 . Q + ur: Bill Tripp tries not 'to ki ElA . iJ,. ,A as he opposes Orange to H T 5 1 .i1, V ., h urdlers' fr r . . if 1" F ,W lr: Keith Pipes runs away to T ' X' M big hurdle victory. in L.. 6.1 'Kr-7 5 Qs, Row 1: R. Watson, R. McDaniel, C. Wessinger, J. Duquette, E. B. Craig, T. Paige, M. Scrivens, B. Waxman. Raw 3: S. French, T. Herman, F. Borgeman, M. Carretson, P. Djokevich. Row 2: D. Pyeatt, D. Beuke, 0. Vanskike, R. Himes, K. Hobbs, D. Kamanski, Tolefson, C. Crissinger, H. Brown, R. Lomukin, R. Marshack, S. Adler, D. Southerland, I. Yelland, G. Cerich. f Ks Shaw art! Writ, ine ,drlzeioemmt With a league record at press time of 2-1, our JV track team is offering good experience to future Varsity tracksters. Severalexcellent athletes performed on the team: in sprints, Zane Anderson, Mike Waldron, and Peter Turcinovic, from Yugoslavia. Keith Pipes led our JV hurdlers, with Todd Page, Mike Farrar, and Rick Himes top distance men. In shot and discus our finest Knight was Dan Beucke, in pole vault Paul Wilner, and long and triple jumps, Dave Tollefsen. The whole team did a greatjob. in 2' 1 In 5. - ,Wu -:Ht His 4 Fresh-S0p!2Fi hi PWM 2-1 ecard The Frosh-Soph, with a record of 2-I at press time, were led by Tripp and Tornay in sprints and hurdles, and Eicher, Spilsbury and Gerich in distance. Best shot and discus boys were Wheeler, Roberts and Healy. The jumpers lending their talents to these young Knights were Pinkerton, Tuvell, and Schulz. All in all it,s a young team, and many of the freshmen will return next spring to continue the Frosh-Soph's fine record. 5 Q 2- 'A E . w l any , , M. .W ul: Peter Turcinovic grabs 220 Q 3 against Orange. cr: Mark Spilsbury runs field s ragged. .f , S 8. NL al T .adm T, My . ,V V, 1 ,gf ,, ,Usd-L.. ,,., ,N ,. . J5'f"1.f: -'Lf :,'?f?:1.'gel--7'-.Ci .. 1-5 Row 1: J. Duquette, R. Watson, B. Schultz, R. Gales, B. Armond, I. Bowen, B. Houlihan, B. Wheeler, E. Herman. Row 2: M. Spilsbury, R. Brown, J. Ceisendorfer, J. Schultz, D. Fox, C. Irwin, L. Eldridge, T. Alderman, J. Cassidy, C. Roberts, D. Wessinger. Row 3: S. French, D. Kamanski, M. Eicher, C. Irby, Z. Anderson, D. Starky, T. Paige, M. Scrivens, B. Craig, M. Healy, S. Adler, S. Tornay, J. Yelland, T. Pyeatt, C. Minor. G.Al.A. Q""'Nw.., 200 Athletes Yale Par! In GA . Two hundred of Foothill's most coordinated girls were involved this year in GAA. The Cirlls Athletic Association offered twelve sports this year: Volley- ball, hockey, basketball, softball, tennis, badminton, archery, gymnastics, track and field, synchronized swimming, modern dance, and swim team. The volley- ball, basketball and .softball teams included Varsity and JV, and next year hockey will expand to include this too. The CPE departmentis to be commended for encouraging and involving our ladies in these events. Officers: Treasurer, T. Christian. Vice President, Robin Harding. President, K. Bird. Secretary, April Auerbach. Managers: N. Arpin, D. Newland, H. Gavin, K. Miller, D. Degraffenreid B. Brose, D. Perkins, S. Meyerhofer, L. Moon, I. Heuter. V- no f VT -My n A ' i , F. . .QR if"""'mn.,,,,,, .rxqqffg Q X , r ZW' 1' w l il 's 4 "lvl, w . fX , v ff il x t l ' N 1 , E ,fi lil Q 1 vw -N, 'vi ' v 5 Q ' we rf, r 1551 33925 in 3' is 'Wi W Qwciifgmfgmqiwgxak a .456 f-H9575 we .ag ,1 lim? aww 3' mf 'f sb NEW' lin- ,E x.s,,,5,-2' in Q -we if ,N W' TFNNIS Rowl I Thorpe L Pzedlmger,P Lmdsay,A Opfell L Faetwell H Holzwarth E Plows, R Harding A Auerbach, C Cramblet Row 2: M Wzley C Turb0n,M Von Aldenbreck K Grace, T Strauss,,l SharjQ S Bermg, D. Perkms Row 3 I Harwood N Klllebrew, K Fxeldsted M Mann, D Wrllzams, T Duquette, R Jones y +I! 'V ff- Si HJ Q W ' 'H' 2 e hf"v G rf we f Q 'L fl? K :sa Woodward, Miss Powell, Mase Brusherl, Mme Yetter Mrs Glasgow, Mus Kelley 7-...,,,,,, MODERN DANCE: Row l:l. Chunick, P. Cordner, B. Schuh, T. Knoll, S. Puterno, M. Murrel, V. Saunders, S. Bright. Row 2: I.. Moskiewiez, S. Craun, B. Wray, T. Quayle, S. Detlark. Row 3: K. Culley, ff. Sfregola. Madera Dame Pals 012, 'IME Almzg Saagv Ninety girls participated in this yearfs modern dance eon- cert, '4Lifefs a Long Songff Iiecauxe of the theme, a large turn-out is anticipated, as the show really promises to be interesting. This year, unlike others, there is a director for each dance. f1er'ording to director, .Wiss Irene Powell, 'SWQ are striving to 1-reate a danee eoneert which will be entertaining for the whole audience. N fl curtain to he used as haf-kdrop is currently under con- struction with the help of the Cirlls League, Home Economics, shop classes, and Mr. Dwight .WcCrar:ken. The curtain will allow the concert to be performed on the gym floor, providing more room for the dances and aiding in the quality of the show. .14 F1 -+1 225. V Wa?- www, We sun.. . 1 .pls fr . IQ. ria' V' sl ir X Me - s, 'X The arms do itl .g ,.,. ..::k LV: BASKETBALL? Y. Fiege-Kollman, S. Sloan, D. Goetten, C. Burns, T. Ququette, J. Matthews, R. Rocco, C. Robbins. Varsity: A. Thrupp, C. Quackenbush, R. Harding, S. Bering, D. Perkins, B. Brose, T. Christian, A. Auerbach. Not pictured: H. Gavin. MODERNDANCE: Row 1: S. Watkins, L. Carrie,J. Lewis, L. Halverson, L. Buhler, D. Tichenor, D. Siwolop, D. Kirk, M. Blaustein, S. Tompkins, S. Slode, S. Profet, B. Amestoy. Row 2: J. Loer, D. Sampiere, C. Christ, K. Callardo, L. Martin, S. Golian, D. Tronbull, M. Messina, I. Tappan. Row 3: C. Evans, D. Benun, V. Clark, D. Thomas, C. Thomas, D. Rogets, C. Rusk, L. Belinn, R. Comerford. Row 4: N. Law, S. Dutcher, D. Morrell, K. Kaufman, A. Beaver, M. Hawley, S. DeHark, .L Holub, V. Garside. 'f-M GAA. Basketball Dams Ualslaadia The Varsity and JV basketball teams this year boasted records of 3-1 and 4-0 respectively. To date they have played only four games, but the season is not yet over. Foothill belongs to the South Coast League, so competes against Tustin, Mission, Edison, Marina, and Laguna Beach. Top players on Varsity included Robin Harding, Debbie Perkins, and Ann Thrupp. JV greats were Cheryl Burns, Stacey Sloan, and Janice Matthews. Coach Karen Yetter feels unext year holds promise for a goodyear. There are a number ofgoodjuniors and sophomores who will come into their own nextyear. if IH Row 1, 1-r: K. Culley, J. Jennings, P. Stewart, S. Saroff, C. Waddell, B. Maxson, I. Duran, C. Sawyers, L. Stanton, S. Kahkonen, L. Scott, K. Green. Row 2: E. Watson, C. Newbrander, C. Reed, K. Ross, L. Wilson, M. Fein, K. Lane, K. Ryan, S. Harkleroad, K. Lull, L. Sliffl Row 3: I. Brewer, N. Arpin, K. Sneeden, V. Kail, S. Reiner, S. Bartlett, E. Kordes, N. Seat, A. Norris, L. SlUf, K. Sharf J. Roberts, D. Evans. Row 4: C. Burns, T. Radillo, K. Claus, S. Mayrhofer, M. McFarland, P. Ducey, M. Davis, K. Strachen, D. Lane, R. SummerL mnzg, , a VV .. ,V , 5 Q.i1WfM'WMf i'Q1Q., .. . ,M 4.12 ry . f ,L 112' W..-N A -... A ...L .. ,,.,...L.,.,,,,,,,,, --f---W-M f Q. .,w 1-f Q x M E -new 'hw l' W I ' li at 'Y xt Q J W-ww' . S I T I 1 Emi: .- .sf I M .si s is .4 2 ' if 5 . '. 'o AL' - 1 '-ia-' -X fa-- 5, rx lg! ' , t A N i .Q .. 5. F.. ' 'fry 5 ' ."' i x x s '. ' g . .. f- H4 - if A e iv , K , " N3 , V " 3, ,. f M G, f F V S gg ,. g H 4 K If ' K . h ,V . K 77 I "'3fx"5 W: ...K -,. ,.. '-R. . 4- iSj1lz6lzrwzizezz'S2wim Dum f "My Favorite Things,', the 1973 Synchronized Swim Show, was the completion of many hours of hard practice for the fvty girls involved. Each .. fe girl was in a minimum of three numbers: solo, duet, trio, or novelty group number, according r to ability. . The student directors this year assisting Miss Shirley Kelly were Nanette Arpin and Robin Summerl. Miss Kelly explains the success of the show by this statement: "There is a high level of interest and enthusiasm among the girls. This is a very good group. " 1 4 ur: Syncro Managers: N. Arpin, R. Summerl, Miss Kelly. L Z V41 4 if M- '1 ' .. . , M- ., . , . , . 4 ..,....4g.. i,,L4,. ,.,.,,.M...,,.. . ,,, , , . ,WU O V 4 " f :.,. ., ' .1 . V ,......,.,,.....,. ...,,.,, , , 'wQ1...t.L... ...W .. .N A ,, . ., ' .....,., , ,m ,,. wg.- , Am N V I 4-4-'Awe-av-ap.-..........s, ,W , . ' f. N.. . W ,,mm...ww.W.....,M...,,. ..,., .....,... ,.,,t..t......., SWIM TEAM: Row I: S. Whitaker, Miss Brushert, C. Lull, K. Duntly, C. Tancredi, N. Boyles, G. Bayliss, J. Heuter, S. Kakohnen, L. Stanton, L. Saathofj. Row 2: K. Strachen, M. Davis, S. faniga, K. Miller, R. Summerl, S. Shoemaker, B. Evans, S. Sloan, K. Kunzke. Not pictured: K. Heuter, T. Reed, C. Reed, J. Watson, A. Senechal, A. Stockland, J. Harwood., ., fi 5-jf . W 'MA A --1 ..,.. - '- Qffffff' ' .M K , . wwf 1.155 . . -kk' :V Vrk- jA VV., ,ff . 8 ,W ,U ,Aw h k A cr: Girls take time off to play. .K ' H A A . , , - -- -..,.Z'--1 ,, Q: 1 X- - .J N A I L.. Q N,-V ,Af ...X LLi5c3f5""'--wpwii A Af :rv--..:,rM ' ... ' ' , .. Q, ,,., .,,' ' iw: ,.-n1ae9M""'5'z'w . ' .-.' .s ,. 'ff-fd. 'ILL s... fm , ' f Q ,lv-, -?,'?'1'?5"i:..zfiTf -"Ju .. 1 Nl... 62 5 gi f 1. l,! . Q , Q E lk r Q or ,. . , ' , A ' o f 'LL' 1 'A NAI! A . . Q.-A ,, . X -.iieli,liQ'i3gz - 7- ' GYMNASTICS: Row I: A. Bean, T. Rainey, P. Anderson, C. Christensen, L. Winter, V. Booth, S. Patterson. Row 2: K. Christian, C. Bonebrake, L. Robinson, D. Alderman, C. Andrus. A '.S::.... Y 4.-4, - sa... -mn.. "fs SE ARCHER Y: Row 1: L. Rogers, C. Love, H. Holzwarth, R. Holderman. Row 2: P. Carett, K. Miller, K. Yamaguchi, J. Moses. Row 3: C. Wih, J. Lamb, T. Lombardo, R. Summerol, B. Litchfield, K. Bird. Row 4: J. Coyl, J. Ochoa, K. Christian. l TRACKTEAM: K. Morgan, E. Edson, S. Farrar, I. Rogers, C. Villeneuve B. Degraffenreid, M. Forgy, S. Mayhofer, D. Degraffenreid, T. Christian, L. Carroll, D. Brennan, B. Bowen, P. McNumee. L W V -.., . Geronimo!! Wm...--pf Students - ,L4, Q is J .. ,,vI"' H ,vm Theres h smell seehidee! spot e little fmrther dozen the reed Where my mimi hes time to fefmider am! my thoughts ere heetly sawed. -Avilee Bemi 6-' KC"?4f'1f""1h3Q"' HQ XXXL 3 4 'IIS V X, Be thefm studef1tMLW. . . Ihr lessons, though hard- earned Areprirelessamnymguj 14 146 an an 'Lili-3' WQSMEQ .r"" wr'-0' Ami lot the host ho for yourfriomi I he must huow the ehhjyour tuio, lot him huow its fhod ulso. Er what is yourjiioiuf thot you shouhfsoeh him with hours to hill? Sooh him ulwuys with hours to live. K ohlil Gihruu 1 Q-wiv' . Fla! ' Q' I X ml S Q X , , 5 - Mr f A, W K www- ,gl ,J L... wig' 1- 'Q F 7 ' I V lf ai? f Q ,. .Q , I 15 be uhm' in onelv 1921, Lv to Have 01101 lzafdin -Kalzkl Gzlmn 148 w,..o,..,...4-.m,, 1: 4 N-...........J 4v"'N-sono-an J 'mr-v-A... ... .. ,,,,,, by 5 E. . w-mf-M-Y-e mL,: There are those who mhh, and without hne wledge orhrethought revealh truth nvhzkh they themselves ab 1101 umhfrswtd -Khhhl Gzhmh i if Wig wi 'N-an, g V., ' K, k . And what is it to warh with low B is to tharge all things yozthshioh with a hrmth qfyoztr own spirit. -Khhhf Gihrhh .ffm -Au. 4 I . .I 3 K I ---.Q C..- i M man eaa reveal to you aught but that wfuelz already lies ia the dawning dyaar own aavareness. -Kalzhl Gibran 'X .I 1, if , f fl?-' -W '76 iw . Q 1, f 4, FY" ii 5. . In S K '- ' 5, WN 4 Uurpailz is the breaking qfthe shell that enfhsesyour understanhng -Kalllil Gibran L- ,, Between the heaven Andlzell M L W, Are Httle moments Free hom strff. -Anonymous 159 4 55 t ' 1 If 38 1 s ff Life is never so bad at its worst that it is impossible to liveg it is never so good at its best that it is easy to live. - Selected by ,lo Petty Afoodemies . M a M. i 4 "Pdf jus: outside my wisdom ore words that would oizswer everything. Joao Wolsh Aizglzmd Seniors x , -4. I " . , . , 2 i :- 3 1 .wi s , X Mark Abraham Julie Acton Dwain Adler i Loretta Alcantar Janet Allen Karen Allen Scott Allison JeffAnderson Joanna Anderson John Anderson Karen Anderson L A Linda Anderson Richard Anderson Mark Armond April Auerbach Lorie Bacon Robert Bader Lizanne Ball Chris Barber W Linda Barley Leslie Barnum Becky Basarab Charles Bayles Gail Bayliss . A Ian Bayliss Joe Bayzerman Mike Bejach Qc! AX B 5 , Larry Bekkedahl Virginia Benefield Marc Bennett Esther Bergman QQ' Susan Bering Kathy Bird - -v-wg.5w---H -- Lisa Bjorklund Karen Blair Dorian Blantin Bennett Blaustein Board Lawrence Body Frank Boeheim Lester Bogian E Robert Bone brake Linda Boone Bruce Borchardt 5 166 O Mary Bower Ellen Bracy Mitzi Bradley B 4 Steven Brannon Dave Bransky Nancy Brennan Phil Brennan Robert Brewer -', John Bridston A Steven Broe Robert Brokaw Cordon Brooks Chris Brown Devin Bryant Laurie Bucher .4 . I Anita Burns Cheryl Burns "Y B tg, K W x i Samuel Carnarata .lohn Capozzoli Donald Brown Kathryn Brown Debbie Butler Lisa Caramagno Judith Carlson David Carrell Deborah Carson 5 . , 1, X Jim Casteel Linda Cavness Donna Chalker Michael Champion Claudia Chapin Bradley Chilcote Rick Childers Q-All Philip Christ Donna Chunick 5 V K ff K 3 ...,,, ,rr jig! .. A e iii e I nk . ls i l 2 Jay Clapper Debi Clawson Paul Cleeland Nancy Cleveland Dave Cohen Karin Cohen Bruce Cohn Susan Colbert Candy Colombo Regina Comerford Lori Conti ferry Cook E t . .M Pawl Corrigan Robert Courtney Lori Cooper John Craig Cathleen Crockett 'fi TN Barbara Crothers James Crowther Kr- F' Laurel Crum ,V Y Jose Cueto John Cullen Catherine Culver 'X e Cindy Cunningham C Q i Teri Cunningham ,lean Curran Linda Cutting Thecla Dake Bob Dale Carol Darlington Tim Davey 1 f ii i iq 2 a John Davis David De Gennaro Sandra Deharak Dave Dekramer 13 .DD Mark Dierkes William Dietz William Doddridge Mary Donoghue Denise Drewitz 'bf' 1:-'Y Bill Duberley Darcelle Duff Michelle Duffy Teresa Duquette Craig Eadie Ross Einboden Jeff Elliott Sherri Elliott Craig England . V' ' I Sheri Erickson I Cole Ericson Randy Erwin Ron Ettlin 4 Susan Evander Diane Evans ,I eff Evans Gail Eyer Karen Farris Laurie Fay Todd F earer Timothy F errero Susan F illey Lois Firestone Richard F ischbeck .H Y Y John Flatley Adrienne Ford Thomas Ford Ann Forkey Y Gregg Foster Randal Franke i Marc Fredrick Tim Freeman Susan F reese .Hi 5 Q.. ..' Nw 'Q Q. Leigh Fretwell Peggy Fried 5 Kathy Frohardt Brian Fujimoto , s Scott Furman Wayne Garner Helen Gavin 'N emi' Mark Gay George Geisendorfer Laurence Gerich Lyn Gerry 5 Laura Giampiccolo Robert Gibbs Q 'Eg 45 L Q 'KWHH Q' .::. . Q.: - cg 'f a H 1, . R ,C . ZL. .N if Eff Il -,,.',,.5 , K .498-4' Q: rf, gn.- swigg f ' 1 H, i Laurel Cillerstrom Robert Cillham Abby Coffstein , Stephanie Goings Jaime Coldenfield Q Mm wish Q'-aux Alexandra Colian Linette Cordon Karen Gorke ,R r Jeff Garmin Judy Garmin Tim Cossett Rita Gray I G Melinda Greenbaum Carol Greenwood Michelle Grimes 1 'E Mike Gross Ken Grubbs Teri Gulino John Gallon Edward Gutierrez :iii ,ri G Terry Haake Kris Haberkorn James Hackett Nils Haeggs trom Karen Hamilton ' 1 4 Stanford Hansen Robin Harding Q i Lisa Halderman Chris Hamaker Jim Hamer Chris Hanson Kevin Harding Susan Hardy Debby Harmon ' I gr " 4 E, , i x , A if 1' e H we M , - 1 V V V - - i k LA 'P L t " err" fill Harris Mary Hart Terry Hart Anne Hayden M ,V Mari Hayden James Heath Debbie Heinly .1 Suzanne Helton William Helton lv- Cathy Henderson John Hengesh . Betty Henry Ed Hews Mary Ann Hild Q Paul Hilsabeck john Hohener John Hollon Lisa Holter Holly Holub H H l Terrianne Horwitz Mark Howard Marilyn Hubeli w I N., , . Elisabeth Huber Jennifer Hueter Terry Hunt Dotty Ipson Carry Jackson Sue Jackson Rick Jacobs Cale Jeffers Jim Jentges Donna Johnson Sue Johnson Debbie Jordon Kevin Jordon Teresa Jossi Dale Justus iieiri ' K . Q ' L ,. N 1. ii l K Hari, gap Q f , s H li l' ' C'i-lgiiiiifffffifsfg 5 , ii .: A ,3Z'f13I,31-': gj fggc. E in g 4 'f,gQ2g1g5g'3?f5f?g5sfin 4 'Jr , Nm. - " L','i,fg1JQ 1553: 21 ' ff'f'ii. ir.gwiliwsiffffifssfff . U.. . -1..-g4S1vf:..,1.,3 if iilllzfiffi1?f?f'flfl5fffi2i iii Jeff Kanarek Deedee Kanno jeff Kasparian Janice Kassebaum Andrew Katnilc -61. x 1'-"' Ft' Leslie Katnik Judy Keith Patty Keller David Kent Darlene Kewanwytewa Lynda Koppenaal iw. Joowon Kim Scott Kirkwood Q 0 Peggy Kloogh Kimberly Kluth Louis Knobbe Jim Koeppen Alan Korn Richard Krane Jody Kreiman Kevin Kyzer Lennore Lagano Edward Laird Kim Lane Gregg La Shelle Maria Lavino N Jackie Lehman i 2 . e 5 Joe Lemke Beth Lester Sandra Leue Debbie Leung 185 I86 Sheri Liebman Ted Lewin Diane Lillibridge Jane Lewis Bonnie Lindauer Lorraine Long Linda Lovret Mike Lewis Q"' Denise Lindsay Rick Lloyd Nancy Low l Michael Lubinski Karen Lueck Mark Lund Lisa Lusk Camille Lynch Patti Mac Farlane IF , A a John Mac Laren David Maizland Stuart Malmgren Kathy Mann Diane Marcus Robert Marks Pamela Marsden Lorraine Marshall Janet Martin Laura Martin Evan Massaro Jim Matella Donna Matics Michele May Doug McA ulay Marvin McCabe Erin McCalla Don McGrath Peggy McKee Mark McKinley 49- Tom McCarthy Kathy McCone ,lack McDaniel Rick McGraw Larry McKeehan X . Ellen McManus Steve McNamee Valerie McPherson 9 90 l Giselle Meier Brad Meinert Melvin Melilli Steven Melilli ,lon Menig Mary Messina Mike Miles Katie Miller Michael Miller Sheree Miller JeffMilliman Ronald Mills Mary Mitchel Mary Mitchell Robert Mitchell William Monsanto Cathy Moiehead Chris Mottola Dawn Moynagh Jan Murphy X., Murphy John Murray Martha Murray John Nahigan Charles Nance David Nelson Nancy Nelson Omar Newland Cynthia Newman David Nishball Terry Nolan Calvin Nolasco Val N00rdl1 James Norris Jeff Novak Andrea Nozick Starla Oden Brad Oland Suzy O'Neal Jack Onyett Andrew Opfell Lisbeth Orth Gail Osborne JUCIC Owen Kim Owen Ann Page Michael Palchak Jeannie Palmer Sandy Patterson Pamela Peck Samuel Peek Jay Palchikoff Lesley Paul Joan Pearsol M ilagros Pere yra 1-I I 'l Gerald Perkel Debbie Perkins Robert Perryman Y Mark Peterson Jeff Pfarr David Pitman Roberta Plesset Becky Pond Greg Porter Ellen Potter Alison Powell Dave Price Pamela Primeau Don Quayle Debbie Proctor 'gfffWi???:12f.fsf.. - H- , -?1u1if2-551 .5 ' if I X .fr X 4 X X Z L, Ifllrix Pruelt I larry! Rapp Renee Reasoner - Loraine Profita Christine Quackenbush Linda Ray Stephanie Reaves Cheryl Reed Cecilia Reilly Stephen Reilly Marijane Richards its Casey Rest Rudy Reta Vicki Reynolds Craig Riemer Jeannie Riley J0hn Robertson Rhonda Robins 98 Deborah Rogers Sharon Rosen Robin Rosenberg Bruce Ross Mike Ross Clayton Rossrnan Carol Rowley F ' ya Cathy Rusk Lisa Ryan Taffy Ryder Judi Sample Em 1 Donn Sant i N Sally Sayres Mark Schlesinger i Harold Scott Jim Sardo Alan Sargeant Stephanie Saroff David Schellinger Lucia Schnebelt Judi Schoeffler W Donna Seaman Q. James Seat Laura Secoy Carol Secretan Peggy Seeley Jim Seitz Greg Seitzinger Paul Seitzinger Judith Sewell Celeste Sfregola Ross Shafer Stanley Shanfield Nancy Shapiro jill Sharf Stephen Shaw AW Kathy Sherman Debbie Shinoda l Alice Short Peter Showalter ran A A.',, TIE . A S111 -Q S Mike Shutt Gerald Silver Kandy Sinclair Nanci Slane 5 Mark Sloan Daye Smisek Charlotte Smith Dov if ".b ' - 'A if - . 1. k eg- id Smith Eric Smith Vanise Smith John Soderberg George South worth Steven Speer Lisa Speicher Christinia Spilsbury Maureen St. Charles Debbie Stalman Kim Stedman Jackie Steel Dave Stefan Linda Steward Don Stewart 'W SR- 'lyk Mary Stillwell Wendy Stoetzel Rod Strachan Donna Strauss Tom S tree ter 8 Doug Strif-klin Mitch Swatez Carol Yamrredi R0 b Te mplin David Szkaradek Rick Tanaka Jillana Tappan Mary ,Ieane Tatsuno 'Ka Yu Joseph Terenti Darlene Thomas Mark Thorpe Curt Tiffany Gary Tilden Barbara Tompkins Cheryl Travis Todd Travis h by AL- Yzgv Peter Turcinovic Debbie Turnbull Joe Vallee Richard Vanderpool Milan Trebotich Michael Tunnell "-3 Stephen Van Meter Owen Van Skike 1 Barbara Varian I on Vogel Randy Vogel John Vostmyer 9 1 I' Judy Wagner Jenndfer Ware William Warhurst John Vogelzang Becky Votaw Robin Waltzer Deborah Watkins 1 i Gregg Way Robert Weinberg Howard Weinthal Mo Weir Andrew Weiss Renee Wessel Jim Wheelan l Sue White Helen Whitney Eleanor Wiener David Williams 2 Deanne Williams Doug Wilson Lynn Wilson Michael Wilson Mary Winchester Karin Winsor Carole Woeh'el Andrea Woh'e Lesley Wohfe Beth Woods Lorrie Wootan Robert Wullenwaber Chris Wyart Mark Wyland Dann Yablonka Bill Yedor Katie Yo tka Rod Youngman Karen Zeigler Jim Zink 9 Senior Polls Senior Rowdy: Kevin jordan and Carol Tancredi 'a Nicest Looking Hair: Dan Vogelzang and Cecilia Reilly I Most talented: Rick Tanaka and Mary Hart Teachefs Pest: Bob Weinberg and Karen Hamilton Best Personality: Dave Williams and Helen Gavin Most Talkative: Jose Cueto and Donna Chalker .I .f' Class Flirt: Steve Shaw and Kathy Brown Most Apathctic: Dave Rowenhorst and Devin Bryant I ME Best FigurelPhysique: Jay Palchikoff and Stephanie Coings K' I 53' 'Ni in has 's .v Z-1 I f 1 2 rd., ,Ne,, M K Q on C A J ,..-.- .....-p-1-H r 'W ,f ,K A ' f ., wt 41. QL 'N Funniest: Jeff Evans and Lisa Speiclwr ,, ff V Q, '- f -,,,. m y , ff t 1 -t iii - t 6, xi. ' ' I -1-f ' ,QQ 1'-A H ' f t ' ' Q . it s fra '. -XTX e . x., ' r , A f 2 ,. J t K ' " ,gf J 1 , f 4 J., b' 1 ' 3.35 ,I , .93 4 ' fs ,V A il , I f :Q Most Alluring Eyes: Mark Dierkes and Donna ffhunick Best Dressed: Tom McCarthy and Sue White v 2 My Most Likely to be Thrown in fail: John Flatley and Betty Henry 7 L A 1 Senior Sweethearts: Dave Stefan and Debbie Carson if I - 4 1 w..,! 212 fegfffi Mgt, Most Sama-Vic: Rick JUf'0b-9 and Alice Short Most Likely to Succeed: Terry Nolan and Lesley Paul Wfsv Y '52, 1'f4.'7 x 1 2? Sexiest Smile: Kevin Murphy and Lizanne Ball A Wglj' ,po 4... f, .. , N ,, w Most Naive: George Ceisendorfer and Michelle Duffy J 1 ...............,--.-'........,..-.-v- ,,,...,.......-..- ...,...-.- .....,--f ei, 'om' dn ,C u.m.c,,.,,,W N gill g W, 3, C in S C r fgi,.i , new it 1 ' f X , KKLAV x A A L-.- Most Intelligent: Mark Schlesinger and Jody Kreiman 5 S : . ........,..-..-...-...- l""" Most Uninhibited: John Craig and Linda Cutting Senior Strangers: John Capozzoli and Vanise Smith All-A merican Senior: Phil Christ and Taffy Ryder 1 ' X nf ,R MT A ,U LW ,Z V I Q xxx Q S . .- 1 - .44-ffig , X in Q S x 6 Most School Spirit: Donn Sant and Renee Reasoner Senior Loudmouth: Sam Peek and Suzanne Helton fnot shownj Most Athletic: Andy Katnik and Robin Harding ul. uc: Cirl,s State: Judy Carlson 2 ' Orange County Decathlon: Senior Awards if Nw' 'K , X.. QU 1 xv SQ?" ' 'Qt 17 3,41 ' ' wal 5 Q WW D.A.R.: Lesley Paul ' fl 4 Q Q? new Honors Division: Mark Schlesinger, Judy Carlson. Schoklstic Division: Steve Brannon, Helen Gavin. V y fe, V ,V N ,V .t se - sms - . . . .',' +V A V -1" gp .VV,r5' 'rf -f -' 2 VT 1 ' ,sw Varsity Division: Randy ,, V V ' V -..Wi -V 4 . 1 ,ff Q- V V 'fffkyw ' , , ' " -A 'T sql' . -fwsfftg 41 L VQ,5yVfV V0g6l,1CH7'II1L0lll3fl. 7 C C A Ni I 1 c 'L' 'N -' f 4 Ai BANK OFAMERICA CERTIFICATE WINNERS: Mary Messina, Artq Bennett Home Economics: Ricky Tanaka, Trades and Industry. Plaque Winners: Darryl Blaustein, Dramag David Kent, Music: Randall Franke, Englishqfody Kreiman, Rapp, Fine Arts: Mark Schlesinger, Liberal Arts: David Nishball, Science Foreign Languages: Omar Newland, Social Studies, Mark Lund, Laboratory and Mathematics: Mary Mitchel, Vocational Arts. Science: Chris Seat, Mathematicsg Stephanie Reaves, Business: Lori Conti, I4 ,ez-ki l ! "ff -A riff, 55 ff , . 31414517 NATIONAL MERIT LETTERS OF COMMENDATION: Marc Gerry, Mary Hart, Dorothy Ipson, Mark Lund, Evan Massaro, Bennett, E-S'll18f Bergman, Lawrence Body, Frank Boeheim, Ellen Michael Miller, Lesley Paul, David Pitman, Lucia Schnebelt, Peggy Bracy, Steven Broe, Robert Dale, Todd Fearer, Randal Franke, Lyn Seeley, Steve Shaw, Mike Shutt. N NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: Linda Anderson, David Beyerle, Steve Brannon, Deborah Carson, Jody Kreiman, David Nishball, Andrea Nozick, lack Owen, Craig Riemer, Mark Schlesinger, William Warhurst. 215 'Nx S V ,gk, , 4' Nix J VA'V M ,S !J 2 4 'W X . .40-gig Q' llfl -11 CN 3 x..r ffm 12 left to right: President, Mark Hastings, Paul Hoesterey, Steve Tanaka, Karen Ericksen, Sheryl McLaughlin, Anand Desai. xx 'XQFL Wy I I E P V ' f fx - fa fx' "Qi, L "Cl 2. xjc:. LLU1fQ 1, 'NUM LM 'X 565 K' X A ,NWI xkxk gil. K X161 kv 1 W M5 New 'KW f ' ,. Q g,HN-L L Nd MN LQ -lg 5 LL-J X15 v vi r ,KA 'K N9X. b ci ,kg l7LU ,L ,l,P Kfzg, Q MNBMX W DRC-L M 239, cl: Advisor, Mr. Marzilli X K, uc: Advisor, Miss Barry W 1 3 fb., -1 . S V C fa' P. Accongio M. Acuna C. Adams D. Alderman D. Alexander S. Alexander T. Allen B. Amestoy C. Anderson H. Anderson J. Anderson R. Anderson Z. Anderson C. Andrus 3' - K , -- v ..,, .., , V K' . lx x at ' 1 E . t W' B 2 e 2 3 A K3 . 5 If , in k ,f -..kv 1. A. Armstrong M. Armstrong G. Arnold N. Arpin K. Arrington K. Arritt V. Aston B. Astor T. Baden H. Baldini S. Ball D. Ballard T. Barber T. Barber D. Barnett C. Baron M. Barry S. Bartlett C. Baschar K. Battles R. Beard A. Beaver K. Bebout M. Bechtol L. Bellinn 1. Bell C. Bennett S. Bennett D. Beno D. Beran C. Berg D. Berger D. Bergman D. Beucke C. Biener M. Blaustein M. Block B. Boegeman A. Boger 'M sq 1 all , X- -, l I. Boggess C. Bonde C. Boney S. Booth K. Borchardt D. Boyles P. Bozarth M. Brack C. Bracy Bradley l P. Bradley T. Bradley I. Brewer T. Brigham S. Bright B. Brose J. Brown D. Buck H. Buckley M. Buckley C. Bunch B. Bunting 3 D. Burge R. Burk L. Burton V. Bush H. Buswell S. Butler D. Cadmus L. Camarata D. Cameron Q B. Campbell . W 4 iff Mr' fly? - fl l ' " a ,,,, 2 ii .,. ' ' L . iler a , 1 . f"- .. . J- Cantfell -- ir' 1' f ' . I ' -:Y D- Capozwlf iirrilnel 1 V. ,. if B l "l f 3 ,, . B ZZ . K I f T .,.. al if 2 ' C iii I B ' is .i ,. ' 9' ' xbael S. Carollo S. Carse T. Carter K. Casey D. Cauanaugh D. Chalmers C. Cham5erlin 1 S. Chase B. Chase R. Cherney H. Childers C. Choumas T. Christian K. Clapper N T. Clarke D. Clawson J. Clayton J. Cleary I. Cloutier P. Cochran L. Cohen l 221 , ,MV'if MW i Mi , ' s XTIK 2- , j it ' Qi C if - r X J : , 'g .1 vi u it :W A it ' A 5' 3 'z X 4 fu-1., I R. , X 1 l , .1 R wg W, , 'fi f .i ,5 I , ' Q if' ' ,. fu x Q ' :U . 33 H in is X5 L. . , is Vfi fi "Ei '- 4 -E Q Q ff' . Q H rwifgiz. .W . ,E iw f ffi W at is 4 Q x v X. - ' '1h, ,Y '40 0.1 l .aa sf - wi 'wg -...V ., 3? i. . C. Currey K. Curtis S. Dahms M. Daniels D. Danskin W. Davenport f. Davey P. Davis R. Debrick L. Degennaro D. Degraffenreid R. Deharak L. Dennis A. Desai L. Diedrich M. Dierkes C. Dietrick U M. Distefano R. Doherty C. Donaldson li .V ii' . iizhff i if A foi- - . I M 52. 'P 5- , . I A , - 5 C .xl - 14 if , ' . S R s Ig.. t , i t . ,Q JH, 1 Q V . . 1 , , rv L , y g"4,,'A I' , ,,, 4 L SM as C. Collins J. Comerford E. Conlee R. Conti J. Cook B. Cook K. Cooper C. Corbin D. Cornett C. Cramblet V. Crandall D. Crockett I. Crone D. Crowl A . R' 'M ' S A .......v-'X J. . Q . N I ... - A wk' - Q, J fkf R Q. QT' 52? ,fa 1 ' fa . " K ' . . M. Donohugh P. Dorsett D. Douglas I. Douglas S. Downsworth T. Drake D. Dreibelbis D. Dreibelbis J. Ducey S. Duckett B. Duggleby S. Duhamel R. Dunker S. Dutcher B. Dynan D. Edgar T. Ediss L. Eilts S. Elko ,, in , 52515, ip ji? Q W -1. Ve L 7 i: . 1 X A,11,,,,. :fkfx 'fir lf' f , , A J ' 3 . Jiri K. Eriksen E. Erikson P. Ervin C. Esser B. Ettlin C. Ewald L. Falbo M. Farrar S. Fazekas L. Fibich D. Fitzgerald 1. Florance S. Flores J. Flouer K. Foster L. Francian T. Freres D. Fristoe 5 . lf.. E ,- V 'E L ' .. ' , N L' ' Q m T4 w sl., " I 1. , ,pd . xi. . K 1, s , ., --.-....', H we Q!-, ' ' -l'-Qljffji 4 . ' LY 5 ' ' I eu N. Fujimoto VM. Gall H. Galt 1. Galt C. Gargiulo C. Garner D. Garretson D. Garside P. Gately P. Gavin G. Gazely B. Germano H S. Gerrard M. Gillman S. Godejahn P. Gorham M. Graham C. Green fs., gpg., K. Getten E. Gilsdorf M. Goffstein S. Gortz S. Graham J. Green ZX L M. fic u Ma. fi C. Gilbertson D. Gittelson N. Goodwin G. Grace Gray R. Green M. Gilio B. Glauser G. Gordon C. Graham M. Gray B. Green M. Creytak D. Grissinger B. Crondin N. Groot M. Culko P. Cunderman R. Hackett P. Hadley C. Haigh D. Halterlein L. Halverson J. Hamer C. Hamilton Hammer , ., 1 'fx C. Hampton L. Hansen B. Hardgroue T. Hardy L. Harrington C. Harrison C. Hartwell J. Harwood M. Hastings K. Hauser M. Hawley T. Hetheringtonll. Hewes P. Hickman C. Hicks P. Hicks K. Hickson C. HeldebrandtD. Hildebrant J. Hilsabeck R. Himes K. Hobbs S. Hodges P. Hoesterey l , x ' 1 .5 ' SA- . . . sk i is 5 x Q . R. Holderman I. Hollander M. Holter M. Holub H. Holzearth M. Horner S. Horwitz G. Hotte D. Houck C. Houlihan J. Hoversrud C. Hueter A. Hummer M. Humphreys S. Huson L. Hussey M. Jack L. Johnson P. Jones R. Jones L. Kail V. Kail D. Kaiser D. Jacobs J. Jensen R. Jones M. Jordan M. Kanarek A. Katnik L. Jimenez K. Johnson W. Jordan K. Julian S. Katnik K. Kaufman if C. Keeler M. Keeler M. Keene D. Kerisrue R. Kent K. Kevorkian S. Keyser N. Kierstyn K. King K. King A. Kirin D. Kirk R Kirkpatrick K Kirkwood A. Klein J. Klingelhofer M. Knobbe K. Knox K. Kochanski D. Koppenaal B. Korbelik E. Kordes R. Kosmides M. Krieg T. Krogman M. Kuder P. Kunzlce S. Kuykendall K. Kyzer B. Lachmar M. Lake M. Lander B. Landes C. Langenbeck 225 "Q 'C 'C wi 1.3. x AHQIAIA M. Menzie S. Mergell R. Messinger R. Miller R. Miller T. Mitchell C. Mitten C. Moehle C. Monson L. Moon E. Mooney L. Moore A. Moote M. Morgan T. Morgan D. Murrell D. Morton C. Morton B. Moses J. Moses I. Mossman S. Murphy T. Muse C. Neal S. Neal A , f. New 7 J 'iii' x R f 1 nf A ff . - .if 1 . .N . 5, ...f--gr: ,. wmvvf Ak K .Q . X D. Newall N"'l'f T N l wh ff S- 1 ", D' Newland . 4 -W4 ,- is 1 R. Nice D. Nicholson C. Noe E. Nunez B. Nyman M Orrine R. Oberly R. Ogle J. Oland A. Olson J. Openshaw A. Ornelas J. Ortiz I. Osborn R. Ostrow M. O,Sullivan K. O,Toole V. O,Toole T. Owen K. Page M. Palchak H. Palmer R. Pang J. Patterson A. Paxman D. Persinger J. Peterson 227 .22 R. Prescott C. Proctor S. Profet D. Pyeatt L. Quackenbush D. Quinn . L A T., Radillo L 72 Ramstead . I E. Rawitch D. Reilly I.. Reiner M. Reynolds S. Rialson F. Richardson D. Ricketts M. Riedlinger R. Risley J. Ristenpart N. Ristubcn C. ,Rivet sf P. Pettigrew L. Pfan' C. Pfleiderer M. Phillips D. Pickering R. Pinkerton D. Pipal K. Pipes E. Plows B. Podell C. Post 1. Posthill L. Poucen ...D 'iff ,. 4 time am gi K 5 ian ' 5 :i x .. ..-ti ii' U A is D . ... 5 5 5 v .f ,s i 9.x -2 A 1 I ' W X Q ' 8 -I ' .gk .. fs: ft-.ff :Q S ' X ir LW, S 'W , 5 - QL' fl v in ' - R ia- .45 1' 1 V 1 ' i .rw ' H' - v h JT- , xg v ? 5 r D N .Q 3 gi . K vs v Q ifmf ixx , K VSQQ in .M . ,f ...Q Q. in 'I K. H M K WM I 5 , . FM- .4 niin ' ' A 1 nfl .. ,. .fy aim fy ' n .ii hi K. Roach A. Robbie L. Robbins L. Robertson C. Robins A. Rodii C. Rodman D. Rose M. Rose D. Rowbothum S. Rowen E. Russell D. Ryan C. Ryan 1. Saathoff E. Sambsarma B. Sandau E. Satkin S. Sawyers M. Schade Rc: M. Schiffelbein L. Schildmeyer D. Schindler D. Schlanert L. Schmid B. Schminke P. Schneider K. Schoeffler B. Schulz I. Schulte I. Schultz E. Schumacher M. Schuth J. Schwartz C. Scott L. Scott K. Scrivens N. Seat J. Secor B. Shade D. Sharma S. Sharpe L. Sharpley K Shear B. Sheflin T. Sheflin H. Sherman S. Shine L. Shoemaker A. Shofner E. Siegel J. Sipe D. Slane D. Smith L. Sorenson S. Sparling R. Spriggs D. Stanley C. Steen D. Steffey L. Stowers A. Strader I O. Siwolop L. Smith J. Spikerman B. Stedman I. Steinmetz .L Strickland S. Slade K. Sneden P. Spilsbury R. Steel D. Stolien S. Strickler D. Sutherland K. Swanson A. Sweeney D. Swenson M. Talley P. Tallon S. Tanaka T. Tardif T. Taylor C. Thomas L. Thomas M. Thompson C. Thomson D. Thorburn I 113 C. Thrupp D. Tichenor D. Tier T. Tierney N. Todd D. Tollefsen D. Tolley K. Tomb S. Tompkins D. Trousdale B. Tucker K. Tucker S. Turner B. Tutton M. Tyler K. VanCamp J. Van Kleek D. VanWagner J. Varella K. Vawter E. Vega P. Vermilyea D. Vodrey M. Wagner 230 M. Waldron N. Walker C. Wallis C. Ward J. Watson R. Webber D. Weir N 1 A. , 21- . L. Walker T. Wallace I. Wanlass D. Warnus M. Waxman B. Weingart C. Wells 12 ri S. Wente L. West T. Weston S. Whatley B. Wheeler I. Whiting M. Wiley W. Williams M. Willis P. Willner K. Wills D. Wilson G. Wilson K. Wilson A. Wil tberger 1. Winchester R. Wodisk P. Woock S. Woody C. Wray M. Wright M. Yamaguchi D. Yuenger M. Zastrow L. Zechter J. Zilger M. Wells Back Row: L. Anzel, S. Mepes, C. Holter. Front Row: S. Feign, L. Caples, D. Bowen. Pictures Not Available C. Ashlock D. Beresford S. Broadbrent S. Brokaw L. Cadwell R. Gentry B. Holmwed C. King A. Kinsey C. Koopman L. Markley J. McAtter D. Melchiorre R. Morgan C. Mosier D. Nielsen E. 0'C0nnor J. 0,Donnel P. Patterson S. Pedersen D. Pfeifer M. Pribble D. Randall J. Sinclair D. Scherer K Stockstill K. Terry L. Thomas F. Salas 25512 Soplzomores P . fmgiik -lpn' " P' 4 CLASS ADVISOR: Mrs. Paterno A 4 X212 Y p-4 I ..,, LN. 4uo.a . lg, 3 'Nw- SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL: Brooks White, Presidentg Shelli faniga, Fred Krepps, Anne Caxscdy, Sue Buckely, Toni Lombardo. ,4 WrJ"""' ,--sq, 'Wo- nny K WW TNQ X 1 W 2 9 Y J ' 4 S. Acker F. Barta N. Bayles S. Bekkedahl D. Bender B. Bentan T. Beirbaum D. Bode ,va- S. Ainslie T. Alderman J. Allen M. Allen P. Anderson D. Amo C. Anderson R. Anderson S. Anderson W J. Bass S. Bauerschmidt T. Baunhoefener A. Bean I. Bear M. Beery J. Belding J. Bell M. Bell f. Bender C. Bennett P. Bently ' D. Benun M. Berger L. Bermingham T. Blanchard S. Blatter T. Board C. Boeheim K. Boger D. Boggess C. Andrus B. Armond J. Aron K. Ashlock 1. Astor D. Auping T. Baden C. Baldini K. Ballard T. Arrington A. Ash C. Bonebrake R. A verbach T. Babecky IC Booth R. Barker J. Barstow B. Bopf J. Bowen . R. Boxberger J. Boyd L. Boyer D. Brannon R. Braverman T. Bremer J. Brennan D. Brewer J. Briley P. Brooks C. Brown I. Broun M. Brugman S. Bucher L. Buchwald S. Buckley L. Buhler J. Bulleit B. Bunge E. Bunting K. Burns R. Burns D. Bush B. Byoum R. Cadmus P. Camarata L. Carrie V. Carter E. Castro D. Chandler .l. Cage S. Callawey D. Calvert G. Canfield D. Caprara C. Carpenter A. Carroll L. Carroll I. Carson K. Cashman E. Caskey A. Cassedy K. Pecchini J. Cernek D. Chaban K. Chapin I. Chapton J. Chesavage C. Camarata D. Carr L. Carter P. Casteel B. Chalmers R. Chesley J. Choumas ,Q R C. Christ C. Christensen K. Chytraus J. Clark V1 Clark K. Claus S. Cleary I. Cleveland P. Cohen S. Cohn B. Coll K. Combs E. Conner L. Connet L. Conti D. Coombs B. Craig S. Craig R. Crawford S. Crawford B. Cruickshank I.Cruickshank R. Dale S. Corrigan N. Cox K. Coyl N. Crawmer C. Crockett S. Crosby S. Daly J. Davey M. Davis B. Day D. Deangelo A. De Boer J. Delile D. Dennison C. Detillion 0. DeTroye I. Dietz W. Ditter F. Donoghue S. Doolittle D. Dostmyer I. Dorsch K. Douglas S. Drake R Ducey T. Duensing K. Duggleby T. Eastin D. Eck 1. Ecklund B. Edens 7 C. Edwards S. Egge M. Eicher L. Eldridge C. Ellhson M. Emerson S. Engel E. Erikson D. Evand G. Evans T. Ewald T. Exter C. Fawcett L. Fazekas S. F errero Y. Fiege-kollmann J. Fischbeck 1. Fjeldsted S. Fletcher B. Florman I B. Floyd XD. Flynn N. Fox K. Frohart C. F ujimoto C.,Funk K. Gallardo R Garrett ll Garside H. Fraser J. F redericksen I. Fredrick S. French R. Funk B. FUTRLTS D. Gales J. Gallant D. Gausewitz G. Gazeley S. Gebhart S. Gentile if W., 2 uf . , D. Gerich S. Getten T. Gibbons R. Gilbert N. Gill A. Gittelson D. Goetten J. Goldenfield I. Goldstein D. Goldthorpe E. Gomez D. Goodwin n 237 2 x K. Gordon I. Gorham D. Goss R. Gosselin J. Cossett I. Cossett K. Grace W. Graham B. Cranner D. Green C. Green K. Green J. Creenebaum D. Creinke J. Crimes D. Grobman C. Cross C. Gross J. Crubbs M. Cudmendsen L. Cunderman J. Hadley J. Haley P. Hall S. Hansen D. Hanson K. Harmon P. Harris T. Haeggstrom M. Hawn T. Haigh J. Hasselbach E. Halverson K. Hamilton J. Hamner D. Helms L. Hardy P. Hardy J. Harman B. Hill T. .Hart I. Hartman K. Haruille L. Hoefener K. Haussler S. Hayden B. Hefmer C. Heileson 1. Henderson R. Hendrickson I. Hendri-x P. Hewlett C. Hill S. Hobby R. Hocking M. Hodges w 2 ' - ,,...,.,, HIV, .,,,, s A 4. R. Hoesterey L. Hoggatt R. Holderman R. Holl J. Holland H. Hollander G. Holmes J. Holter J. Holub L. Hoover J. Horan M. Hotte 'Z' D. Howard J. Hoyt R. Hubbard L. Hubby J. Hudgins M. Hudgins M. Hudson C. Huff P. Huffman L. Isreal P. Jackson B. Jacobson R. Jacobs S. James S. Janiga B. Jeffers B. Jeffs L. Jenks R. Kllllps D. Kimberly B. Kaplan M. Kehoe N. Killebrew R. Killingbeck J. Jensen P. Jessup R. Jimenez J. Kinnley D. King A. Kinsey J. Kinosian C. Klien B. Johnson L. Jones M. Jones R. Jones C. Jossi F. Just M. Kachuck C. Knmanski C. Kammerman 239 L. Kloogh M. Knapp N. Knobbe S. Knott T. Kochanski D. Koeppen E. Koll C. Krause F. Krepps K. Kunzke J. La Clair J. Lamain J. Lamb J. Lambert D. Lane N. Lanier M. Larnard P. Larnard C. Lauterbach R. Lauterbach L. Laubacher C. Lawrence 1. Lester I. Lewis D. Lingen f. Loer NY Aft T. Lombardo D. Lothers M. Love C. Lowe T. Lu D. Lubinski J. Lucas L. Lundquist R. Lynch M. Mackin A. MacPherson C. Mahlstedt D. Mangano M. Manning B. Marcus V. Marestaing T. Marsh K. Marshall T. Martens I. Martin K. Martin L. Martin T. Martin L. Maskiewicz S. Mason K. McCray B. McAulay C. McCain B. McCosh M. McDonald P. McHale J. McFaddin M. McFarland P. Mccafflgan P. McKinley D. McKinney B. McKinnon R. Means S. Meengs L. Meisenbach L. Mengos T. Menig B. Messinger D. Miles B. Miller M. Mitchell L. Moe D. Moore I. Moore M. Moore f- M. Morgan R. Morgan C. Morris S. Moses M. Moote J. Morgan I K. Murphey D. Muret I L. Murray S. Murray B. Musicant S. Newland D. Newton M. Neilson L. Nishball S. Noble P. Norris B. Northup M. Nunez N. O'Conner L. Oleaen A. Opfell C. Ornes W. Oswald T. Page S. Pagter C. Paige D. Palchak A. Peltzer S. Paliska I. Palmer D. Patterson I. Patterson S. Patterson L. Paul D. Pearson G. Proctor L. Radford T. Rainey S. Ramlo K. Ramsey T. Rasband S. Rauen C. Rausch T. Reh D. Rehak S. Reiner L. Reinglass J. Reynolds C. Rickbeil L. Rickles J. Rivet P. Robbins C. Roberts S. Robertson L. Robinson I E. Pereyra K Pereyru S. Perry R. Peterson T. Pfurr D. Pflueger D. Phillips L. Phillips M. Phillips R. Pitts L. Picford C. Post 1 PL Poulsen C. Powell M. Prescott J. Price L. Price S. Primeau N l F F M. Rodaman N. Rodriquez M. Rogers R. Rogers , M. Rogers W I. Rohrs J. Roper J. Rose K. Ross M. Russell w N B. Rutan Q C. Ryder D. Saltz D. Sampieri R. Sandau K. Sanderson C. Sardo 242 V l , ' 9 ,ir D. Sargeant S. Saroff P. Satkin V. Saunders B. Sauage C. Sawicz J. Sayres D. Schellinger M. Schendel J. Scherer E. Schlesinger A. Schlines R. Schneider M. Schoon- B. Schuh M. Scrivens S. Seaman M. Secor W. Sellin T. Seymour maker K. Sivak C. Slaght . . . S. Sloan K. Simmons B. Simpson IL Szpe J Smith J. Smith M. Smith S M. Scam s """'? sq B. Shade M. Shanahan 5 A C. Shannon .l- Slwfp A WWW' S. Shaw P. Shiley L. Shimizu M. Shinoda S. Shoemaker S. Silvestri R. Sorenson L. Spilsbury P. Spurzem I. St.lawrence D. Shanley D. Starkey J. Stastney R. Steel M. Stefan B. Stenglein S. Stephenson B. Stilley P. Stillwell I. Stocker ,l. Stockland K. Stovall K. Strachan T. Strauss f. Streeter P. Strickland D. Stricklin R. Summerl K. Swanson S. Swatez B. Sweetzer B. Tatum T. Teske L. Thaete S. Thompson A. Thrupp D. Tichenor B. Titmarsh J. Tolley .Z f , zz ff u-1-su-1 F 4 M. Tracy , , A. Trickett K B. Tripp B. Tripp M. Trizinsky S. Turbow B. Turner T. Turrini M- TUt0l' J. Tuvell L. Ueland K. Vail S. Valencia K. Van Meter I. Van Skike L. Van Wagner I L. Virgilio B. Vogelzang A. Varela J. Vogler M. Van ,l. Waddell E. Warhurst C. Wasz S. Watkins G. Watson Alderbruck R. Watson W. Watson B. Waxman L. Wayne E. Weber M. Weber R. Weber B. Wedemann D. Wells M. Wening 244 p S. Werner K. Wessinger C. West D. West K. West D. Wheelan B. Wheeler D. Wheelock S Whitaker B White R. White B. Whitney D. Wilcox S. Wilcox K. Wiley M. Williams R. Willner L. Winter B Wmtern M Woods helmer A. Woodward H. Wright M. Wright I. Wurzer D. Wyart I. Yelland S. Yellowhorse S. York A Zall D Zsciernzg 'Ho an L to R: Brady Black, Mike Lasker. Back Row: Jeff Mosler, Lance Lagano, Mark Wening. Sophomore Pictures Not Available Cook, Candice Ross, Karen Gosselin, Rock Santiago, Jeanine Peters, Janet Sarajin, Debbie Richmond, Reed Tefefs Ridulfd Titmarsh, Allison Vostmeyer, David Witt, Liz Woodward, Arthur 246 Freshmen FRESHMAN COUNCIL: President, Dana Schwartz, Kelly Hendrix, Karen McCloskey,'Melissa Murrell, Sue Paterno, Kathy Sfregola. L I T X-Y I -,,.,...--a K-0.4-'qw ia 'T I li FRESHMAN ADVISORS: Mr. Wertman, Miss Chambers, Mrs. Satterlee, Mrs. Springer nr , S ,.: ,mx-A A ""'f'I -:Q T. Ables S. Alder R. Albright C. Alexander L. Alpert D. Anderson J. Anderson J. Anderson K. Anderson L. Anderson J. Anzel A. Arcolio S. Arnold C. Arritt S. Aston S. Attenborough J. Aubeli L. Baker R. Battles T. Bebout D. Bennett D. Bird G. Auping S. Barley C. Baur R. Bechtol J. Bennett 0. Bjorklund J. Austin D. Bartick V. Bautumn C. Beck S. Bennis L. Black D. Baia S. Basarab C. Beatty T. Benner R. Biller F. Blair 69 -'--.....,,,,, I. Blyzka S. Roelofs T. Boyle S. Board T. Bonner M. Braly F. Boegeman B. Bowen M. Brannon M. Boheim D. Boyd D. Brennan D. Buckley H. Buddrus R. Burk L. Burns J. Burton T. Buckley L. Bunch M. Burke N. Burns C. Bush C. Cameron K. Cashner N. Canham I. Cassidy T. Caramagno S. Cavness J. Casey D. Chaconas L. Bricker P. Brown R. Bright K. Bruce C. Brown K. Bruns C. Brown C. Buchwald .V P. Brown S. Buck D. Chase S. Christian E. Chilcote S. Christian I. Cleeland D. Cohen C. Colombo C. Conner C. Cooper L. Cooper 1. Corzine J. Chonette C. Chung B. Cochran L. Cohen R. Conlee W. Cook K. Cooper R. Corson B. Cossaboom K. Christian .l. Chunick .ml ,M 5 x.- M. Costelloe J. Coyl S. Crawshaw V. Cueto C. Culver K. Curtis D. Danner L. Davey E. Day R. DeLaCruz D. Cross K. Culley C. Currey S. Dabney N. Davenport B. Davis M. Day f. Dean J. Debrick R. Degraffenreid S. Dennis R. Denzer M. Descamps M. Dierkes L. Dixon P. Djokovich R. Doherty S. Doolittle .l. Droney f. Drucker B. Dubowe f. Duffy C. Duhamel C. Dunk K. Duntley J. Duquette C. Covey A. Craib L. Cox T. Cramblet R. Cox S. Craun L. Coxon A. Crawford D. Duran D. Dutcher C. Eaton C. Edson J. Duran M. Dyan M. Eberle 1. Elder -f-an-:nun-vw. K 1 ... ." V .fl . -J L. Elias W. Elrod M. Engel T. Ervin K. Esslinger L-D in K. Elliott C. Engel K. Eriksen C. Erwin K. Ettlin B. Evans T. Ewald M. Faw W. Feign N. Evans S. Farrar M. Fawcett M. Fein D. Fox R. Frey R. Gales M. Garretson B. Gavin P. Gerarge B. Gilbert R. Francian M. Friedmann P. Gardner D. Garrett J.Geisendorfer G. Gerich P. Gillerstrom K. Freres K. Galax M. Gargiulor P. Garrett F. Gentile P. Gerrard J. Gillman sv. T. Filley C. Finley S. Fisher B. Fi tzgerald K. Heldsted E. Flower K. Floyd S. F ocht G. Ford M. Forgy .l. Forkey T. Foster P. Gilsdorf M. Gionet S. Coldthorpe K. Gorham S. Coudreault K. Cilson f. Coetten J. Cordon R. Corke M. Countanis D. Green T. Greubel A. Cudmendsen M. Hackett D. Halderman P. Green C. Crissinger M. GudmendsenM. HaeggstromK. Haley 1 L. Hamilton S. Harkleroad L. Haskins J. Heinly I. Hammer J. Hard R. Hata M. Helsing T. Hansen M. Harris C.. Hawley K. Hendrix R. Hanson T. Hart M. Healy K. Hepp S. Harding J. Harwood M. Heil D. Hiles M V .. 4. n K .- 'A . , ' , gg 1 ju Q la ii K. Hilsabeck P. Holder M. Holdberg L. Horner G. Hobbs M. Holl D. Holter J. Horwitz I. Hoffman S. Holmberg W. Hoover D. Hotchkiss 1 .5 0 'ef' .- ll T Q- Q.. 'wi' wl R A X if Q Q 'i wg-EH Q lf sis S. Houck M. Houghton B. Howard K. Hueter L. lnkley C. Irby S. lack E. Houghtaling R. Houlihan C. Howard A. Illo B. Inman A. Isford M. Jacobs M1 w-.fd me gf- """"'-' Hfjji, L. Kaul C. Kirkwood Y B. Kelly D. Klaus R S. Kelly L. Klotzsche l xl S. Kemper T. Knoll M. Kennedy J. Kreiman K. Kimmich C. Kringas WR. James A. Jones K. Karl 1. Jennings J. fulian M. Kasparian D. lentges S. Kahkonen D. Kassebaum K. K ' B. K t 'ls E. Johnson ammezr a nl R. Johnson R. Kantorik N. Katnik 1.'4f .ex fit l N J. Krueger J. Lacy D. Lake K. Landes J. Langhauser R. Larner K. Larson M. Lauber M. Lee D. Lehman Y C. Leinberger B. Lemieux B. Lesueur f. Letson C. Lewis J. Lightner J. Livenquist C. Lindsay P. Lindsay B. Litchfield S. Lloyd D. Lomakin D. Loren N. Lovett T. Lu K. Ludlow 1 fiiilixg C. Luu C. MaClachlan T. Manning J. Martin B. Mason S. McHale M' LUN S. Maddox R. Marshack M. Martin K. Matkin M. McKendry M' Lynch D. Magnusson R. Marshall R. Maseeh B. Mauldin S. McCalla K. M'Closkey M. Mann D. Martin K. Maskiewicz B. Maxon D. MaCone F X , I. McCone M. McDonnell P. McNamee R. McDaniel D. McCrew D. Mears L. McDonald J. McKee M. Medici M. McDonald S. MeLaughlin H. Meggison 1 - - N. Monson E. Moore K. Morgan M. Morzoka S. Morton C. Mooney T. Moore P. Morgan J. Morse T. Moses X11 ud-A R. Mehornay C. Miller I 6 L. Menaker K. Miller R. Meredith S. Miller R. Miesel R. Mintzer L. Millard M. Monroe lea! K. Noon D. Oden P. 0'Donnell P. Olesen A. Opfell I. Ouiedo I. Pajares A. Norris I. 0'Donnell S. Ogle P. 0'Neil S. Origllh L. Paige P. Parker J. Mossler C. Murphy K. Motsinger M. Murrell K. Munt P. Naud R. Murphy D. Neal J. Needham E. Nicholls M. Needle L. Nielson D. Nelson Y. Nishiguchi C. Newbrander P. Noble D. Pickering L. Plesset S. Poirier A. Powell M. Price C. Profet T. Pyeatt M. Quinn J. Pinkerton R. Plows A. Posthill B. Preston N. Proescholt I. Purcell T. Quayle K. Raab B. Ramseyer M. Ray C. Raylor T. Reed H Reid D. Reilly J. Reilly R. Reta D. Richardson L. Reidlinger IL Riley R. Risley R. Robbins J. Roberts S. Roberts R. Rocco S. Rodgers L. Rodman T. Parker J. Perkins , S. Paterno C. Perry R. Patterson K. Peters D. Pelton D. Pflueger I. Perkins J. Phillips 3 l ix S. Roelofs ,I.,Rogers V. Rogers K. Rowe S. Roelofs L. Rogers I. Rosenberg K. Ryan 256 K. Ryan B. Ryder R. Salah D. Sanders M. Sardo KA M. Ryan L. Saathoff S. Sampieri J. Santiago C. Sawyers B. Schlanert A. Schoff B. SchuhmacherB. Schulz J. Schmid S. Schreiner S. Schulz D. Schwartz I ,S mfr J. Shanbrow D. Sheflin 1. Showalter A. Siegal A. Singleton C. Siwolop J. Sommerville 4 f. Shannon P. Sherman T. Shugart D. Sinclair T. Singleton M. Slaby R. Southworth f. Sharf J. Shiley L. Shulman , T. Sinclair D. Sipe M. Small J. Speer C. Scott E. Scott I. Secoy D. Seitz J. Seljan IL Seaman F. Sentesy K. Sfregola R. Shafer 1. Shagena J. Shagena C. Shambeck 25 5 C. Speicher I. Spielman M. Sprague R. Stalman K. Steffey 'K S. Speicher M. Spilsbury R. Spurzem T. Stanton B. Stenglein S. Swindle I. Tanaka J. Tanner A. Tardif C. Tatham E. Taylor K. Titmarsh T. Travis P. Terry T. Titterud S. Trebotich D. Thaete R. Tomas L. Tucker M. Thomas S. Tompkins C. Turbow J. Thorpe S. Tornay D. Turner L. Stenmark P. Stewart A. Stockland R. Stoney D. Strzch J. Stewart A. Stidger B. Stolier S. Strange J. Sutton D. lhifusa I. Van Rossem C. C. Valle C. Vanderwerff A. I. Van Harte L. Vandruff .l. xiii' Vanfleet R. Vega Varela L. Vermilyea Varian C. Villeneuve C. Vodrey R. Votam C. WaddelLs J. Wadell M Wagner vi C. Wheelock M. Williams L. Wilson R. Woebken D. Wright S. White T. Wills S. Wilson B. Woods K. Wurzer C. Wickey B. Wilson 1. With J. Woody D. Yates B. William L. Wilson C. Witt E. Wray P. Yerick Walsh K. Wayt C. Wessinger Wark C. Weber S. West Warren J. Weed W. West Watson S. Weers R. Weston Wayne D. Weinberg 'A. Whalen bl: S. Craun, P. QiLsdorf, G. Yates, D. Irwin, R. Culver, I. Hubeli tl: D. Lawerence, K. Rathjen, I. Langstrom, S. Cauness, S. Laird, Z. Anderson LMI' ,Mf- J. Young D. Younk K. Yount K. Zeigler D. Zwirn Freshman Pictures Not Available Charisse Bacon Cary Kaylor Sara Mann Kathryn Melchrorre Noralyn Newton Edward 0'Neil Steve Ryan Richard Taylor Glenn Tucker Jenny Wootan Rebecca Wright Kent Brokay Matthew Langer i Y -an .. 'FQ' ww., 1 '-pn Family Q4 fl uf' '15 I' -5 3-T: Q 1 Y 'i A'-17 Afdminisfmiion Superintendent, I. Schumaker Asst. Superintendents, R. Matthew, L. Ingall R. Bartholomew D. Boranian C. Briner P, Calhoun E. Carraway -W-My MW.,--... M ,,Z,. ,.. . n f 1'+msv...wuk.2H,,w.,.gx, W... I A 'ki I Q ,Y . ,.vw,,,,.- ...Q .,,.,g: - ' - 'f - .,,, 9 2,-f . . W . VK , : ., 3 ' 'W , W ...fwwm ,, 1, . . , . ' . L ' t . I Q , Q f f z , ,S . www..-. ...N-M., ' , - h, ' 4 ww...-,.,, M, W ggi- I. ., ' g. 4 rf"-.: .3 i . -- , .. ,--v ap lf F V V 1 4 .. V 5 . : K "X"A'w"'mbn.-...,.,,,, P .. . ir I ' L, K f ,R , 17' w- W m' 5 at Y, w ,Q - , '-'M'-1 Q-W.........,. N ga I 3 ov I qw gt A r 9' 4 1 is f 1 XXXXX mm' K' '. .,.. Q.. M X ...N 42 is if ff , 25 . N. W. Frick D. Holub D. McCracken K, Webb ' H' f - fag... L. 'E F . E 5 1 ' ii 'V . .bl A I xi -. ,V Tim I ' Y I 1 F., I I 2 Counselors l Hwy ll: gvrei n. W xl QCA' .gm f-004's- 'I Z S., 5 31 gg K Eel M. Collison D. Denno ,js J. Olesen P Whltelock h M m'm" mx.L . mf B. Sillesen J. Sours 3 i .. 5 0 V.. ..- , -6+-rx J. Coulter Q, "ax ,Q uw Ng QAK A qi s. . 3 8 ri N. 1. - 'Y' 5 .""2'2A JZ- ' 2: I 'BE L. Dean M. Ford V. Osborne Student Ser vires fy 1 'bi I in B. Risvold A "' :' , . K I . , . . K Q j ,.', J A . , A VA yi. 1 7. f3w1 42 r gr C, I 2 f 1 5 1 it?" ' 1 5 English L. Bonar L. Bowen A. Bullo 2 1 L. Minne M. 0,Brien 4 'V' ol 4 Q J. Veeh N. Waterman .ml E. Christ J. Kerns M. McCagh C. Sparrow C. Waters F. Woodroffe X X if ar... L,,, . ,. J. Eimers D. Horowitz M. Johnson C. Korich li L. McSparren J. Tilgner M. Wertmun Math , ,, , 1 - ri- 'fp dz' 'iff -Q hz. E qw? 1 f , 1 36 1 Q, l A. Kanyuck S. Chen B. Clarke A w i W. Hardy K. Jaco bs ,,.-4' A. Marzilli W. Oster ,-mf' . ..., .,,.., .. 5:51551 iqf3:ef..,wf'1-f x. ' "'k .1 9 I . f I I, .r W. Rapp R. Robbins W. Dris Southe x I A Zeich Sciefzre 4 M,,,..- ,Ii R. Kennedy R. Nichols J. Pfitzner C. Wiseman ' :X luv! D. Cook ,2n,, ,, ',., W I 45kV f" 3 A K N Caspar . X, fx- as ' ,T , 6 . 1 , X is H - fl ' ,S f W, X C mat x 1' L. Barry L. Bath E. Crummy C. Curtis Sofia! S6i6H66 W. Easton S. F rogue C. Kritzer C. Poston J. Severson E. Springer F J. Terry T. Wagner W. Ward ze i 5? 4 3. e 5 Foreign L mzgzmge 'warrsesarr ' X e f Q we A. Black C. Bradley M. Fleischer L. Horvath J. Landoe R. Paterno M. Weber NJ W y...MM.,...,....1,,,,,,.Mm.w..,,uWm.NfmwM., xv' 'L fl uThe teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness. If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. U y - Kahlil Gibran , V fii?-H ,wt . I f ag: . if f fy In ' w . 9, f , ' nfl 4 .'f4Z2.i.'7!'," ' i ' -. tj'- ,Fwfff I Z 'ik , ' A . five - Mg A y ,, . k , fi? h . 11 3 W . ...ln ffl" 4 f 'sw' T E ff Q T25 K.: 11 3 W K Z "mv-m.,,n 1 . x 1 K x i Q: . 1 5f.i?f?fl,fk K , 5.- x 15w'5'?fHAL' I , nu , gm. -Q an 11 if 1 i 1.: Q 4 AY KX 1 ' ,539 . 1-A .,i5Tgg,jI,, , f -W I 4: , A K V , - . , 1 Vi.-M fafx-k'.:m m. kb .- ' t 7 XX, . 'Z' 'i an ff f vii H3 it 5 fn , 5.4 Business X X .43 , ,,.. ,, , A ,W a XJ. Chambers gas? "ln-1-.- R. Hicks J. Jentges A. Satterlee D. 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Frey f '1-yum Q , Vs 'N q,,. Ma 1 S J 5 . 5 C. Eliason M. Bayer MM!l'N Q' rb k . .-F:-,E . .. X.. , M ' 2 if 'N ' iwvw.-.N--..-H-'..,.w:-My 4 w ,, . MM.. W , z M M" R0dEfzgifzeers ... .-A-K K. :L,, - P. Gamez M. Lowe B. Sammetinger M. Swain F. Ward A k,,. HJ . f. -A 5 K .' . :iii 2 L,,.' , - J gi , L I . E. Batten M Cathcart G. Doerr in-Q ff' 5. .JJ E. Edwards , 'WN A. Magna E. Ochoa H. Roe R. Teter , 6: ii is 5 x e .F A' .rp ...--0-""""""4' S fllaifztefmfzre 279 Abraham, Mark Scuba fcertificatej Speech 1 Driver's Training Acton, julie Adler, Dwain Vegas trip with band 1969 fr.-Sr. Prom 1972 Graduation 1973 Alcanter, Loretta Moving here in my senior year Alone Again INaturally1 Allen, janet Drill team for three years Sue E., Bob C., Rex C., Karen Y. Squirt gun fight Allessi, Charles Allison, Scott Planted seed wonderpoob Blues: clear water astral weeks Tolouse Lautrec's hair revolution Anderson, jeff Sixth period civics Key Club My freshman year Anderson, john Being in Marching Band Being in Pep Band at games Anderson, Karen The P.E. F roggies Surfin ' Sixties Roans Anderson, Linda Chemistry Eand N113 Making tea at midnight Transcendental Numerology Anderson, Richard Leaving Foothill High FAKHFA1 Ditch day fall of themj Angelini, Debbie Armond, Mark B. W. least 'til death Cold tacos Friends and enemies Averbach, April GA A Volleyball and Tennis team Broadway Review Bader, Bob Playing baseball in tenth grade Finding friends Badham, Ray Ball, Lizanne Meeting good ole Tony Formal with Mr. Primo Civics football bets Barber, Chris Barley, Linda My friends Marching and Concert Bands Lry Bus Barnum, Leslie Drill team for three years CSF "The Mouse that Roaredn Basarab, Becky Poco, smoke-stack lightning Broadway Review My junior year Bayles, Charles Varsity Waterpolo Godls watching Bayliss, Gail Scott Furman Winning sweepstakes in drill team Working in 0.R. at hospital Bayliss, Ian Gymnastic Assembly fr.-Sr. Prom 1972 June 14th Bayzerman, J oe Writing my own notes Eating one Lays Potato Chip Getting sent home to shave Baze, Phil My ditch days Bejach, Mike Track and Cross Country Key Club' Knight Life Benefield, Virginia Bennett, Marc Crummy's Economic class 1969 FHS-Bonita Football game Foothill cafeteria Bering, Susan Advanced Comp term paper Volleyball team Football games Bird, Kathy Drill team GAA Pie thrown at Rob Bjorklund, Lisa The surfer Active member of CNO 47th St. in the spring Blair, Karen T.P. at Strickland's October 20, 1971 Pepster camp 1972-1973 Blantin, Dorian David Brian Williams Blaustein, Bennett Fighting the Administration Fighting the School Board Fighting the Revolution Board, Vicki Body, Blair IV Tennis Championship Team High and low honor rolls Q2-Sting a good teacher Eff. Boeheim, Frank Physics E class Summer School Civics Bogan, Tom Senior Recognition Day Senior ditch day Last day of school this year Bonebrake, Bob Freshman swimming CIF swimming 1972 Christmas Formal Boone, Linda Going to the Jr.-Sr. Prom Having T.A. sixth period Going to the games Borchardt, Bruce Football Parking lot Feast and loust Bower, Mary Harold - 2-10- 1 Fishing and the Zoo Summer of 1 971 Bradley, Mitzi Broadway Review Shield staff Shorthand parties Brannon, Steve Inspector General Foothill Fabulous Forensic Follies Transcendental Numerology Bransky, Dave Christmas Formal 1970 Sociology Volleyball Brennan, Nancy Girls' League Sewing contest 1972 Brennan, Philip Brewer, Bob Weekends Vacations Summer Bridston, john Broe, Steve Bagel Cruiser's Club Reno Speech Tourney Enlightened by the Glumpies Brokaw, Robert Brooks, Gordon Madrigals Track Team Brown, Chris Brown, Don JOCITAG Football season Brown, Kathryn Bryant, Devin Bucher, Laurie Karen getting married Snow Camp 1971 Teaching kids in Mexico Burns, Cheryl Drill team Christmas Formal Syncronized Swimming Butler, Debbie Sharp Point Plans English II ' The Avicary Ripper Butler, Peggy Cappozzoli, john Varsity Basketball JV Basketball The best parties Caramagno, Lisa CSF Christian Club Madrigals Carlson, Judy Girls' State Representative Orange County Academic Decathlon Nixon Campaigng Pfitzner's T.A. Carrell, David Spencer III Truckin' my blues away Annihilating freshman fBombardmentj 1971-1972 drafting class Carson, Debbie Freshman football season 1969 My first Appleford class Being a slave at FAKHFAJ Casteel, Jim B Football Marching Band Christmas Formal Cavness, Linda Holidays Assem blies Parties Chalker, Donna Champion, Mike Thrifty, near escape The Brotherhood Donkey weed killer Chilcote, Brad Childers, Rick Homecoming 1971 Christmas Vacation 1972 Graduation 1973 Christ, Phil - Varsity Football - Sr. Sports Chem parties - Triumvirate George Carlin Chunick, Donna MV Football game W freshman year Volleyball in P.E. Larry Clapper, jay JOCITAC Auto Club Bike Club Cleeland, Paul Coming to Foothill Vacations from Foothill Leaving Foothill Cohen, David Colombo, Candy Frog sisters Roan's - Sandy, ,loan and Erin Worms at Open House Co merford, Regina Conti, Lori Benecolcon marmitrasht Broadway Review FAKHFA1 Cook, jerry Coming in Bombardment Leaving Cooper, Lori Christmas vacation Easter vacation Summer vacation Corrigan, Wally Raising my rating Consuming my maximum Breaking my old record Courtney, Bob Mr. Minne s American Lit Class Summer 1973 Craig, jobn Red Hill realty van Stephen's All Nighter number one Renobs, Goats, R.H. Crockett, Catbleen Looking at Ted 95 on an Appleford test Life member of CSF Cro tbers, Barbara Broadway Review Making chorus records Waiting for graduation Crowtber, Jim Four weeks of hell-week A year with G.B. Ward Two years with Mr. Patterson Crum, Laurel Met a wonderful boy Got engaged And now 1,m getting married Cueto, jose Varsity Football King of Christmas Formal Biology Cullen, Jobn Varsity Golf- two years JV Basketball as a sophomore Baseball, and Waterpolo Culver, Catby Breaking my jaw in 1971 Learning how to drive Summer of 1972 Cunningham, Cindy Rusty, Bi l, Tom, Larry Junior Yearbook party Graduating Cunningbam, Teri Grad Night 1971 Football games 1969 and 1970 Parties Curran, Jean Cutting, Linda Ginger Snap and 4 cookies Active member of GNO ASB Cabinet member Dake, Tbecla Piano concert Gymnastic performance Christmas Formal Dale, Bob The 5:30 AM loggersflaunt The B.D. - B. W. Handball Champ team Transcendental Numerology Darlington, Carol Band Christmas Formal 1972 Sadie Hawkins 1972 My midnight rambler Davey, Tim Spinners Mr. Wagner Davis, jobn October 1972, 56th street Bruin Head Utah New Years 1973 Degennaro, David Debarek, Sandy Modern Dance Award Seminar Clothing with ,lahnig DeKramer, Dave Last day of school Feast and Ioust 1972 Bombardment Dierkes, Mark Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs 1973 1971 Football season Christmas vacation 1972 Dietz, Bill Varsity Club Varsity Football Donkey Basketball Doddridge, Bill Donogbue, Mary Homecoming 1972 Varsity Cheerleader Drill Team Drewitz, Denise Sophomore Christmas Formal Freshman - Dances Sr. Graduation and night Duberley, Bill 1971-1972 Homecoming Senior recognition 1972-1973 Duff Darci Corn, frogs and peas Gordong October of 1970 San Clemente Duffy, Micbelle Caught with Avocadoes S.C., D.E. T.P. at Striclcland's M.S., LT., M.D., Drill Team Duquette, Terri Madrigals GAA Broadway Review Eadie, Craig August 26, 1972 Licky Tea - Cup Pepperoni Pizza and Onion Dip Elliott, jeff Elliott, Sherrie Marching Band Symphonic Band Chorus-Broadway Review Englund, Craig Debate Team Speech Team CSF Erickson, Sberi Skiing Anticipating graduation Teacher's aide Ericson, Cole Football games Boys, Foods The NBA Basketball shoes Erwin, Randy Skiing in Aspen, Christmas 1972 Parties at Canyon Lake Parties at the Kirkwoods Evander, Sue CFPOW Club President An unforgettable Drill Team! My friends and sharing Evans, Diane A night with S. W. T.P. at Stricklands JV Swim Team Evans, Jeff Tuscan Room fStephan Reillyj Avocados Close friends Eyer, Gail New Years 1973 English 11, Badminton French Contest: Ed, Zane, Brad Fay, Laurie Going with Paul Cleeland Being in mixed chorus Grad night Fearer, Todd Transcendental Numerology G.B. Ward's flux fluid Massarols term paper for seminar Ferrero, Timotby F illey, Sue Frogs, Peas, and Corn October 31,1970 Redhill School and tennis team Firestone, Lois Concert Choir Madrigals Broadway Review Fiscbbeck, Ricb 1 met Patti Graduation at last fr.-Sr. Prom Flatley, John The Ranch Reality Nothing Nothing Fleming, Marie Ford, Adrienne Broadway Review Eating cafeteria food Waitingfor the end of the year Ford, Tom Girls Summer Graduation Forkey, Ann Madrigals Broadway Review solo 1973 Unrequitted Love Foster, Gregg Franke, Randy Transcendental Numerology Go Navy Fredrick, Marc I V Basketball Only one trip to Uncle Dan ,s Offce in four years Freeman, Timotby Freese, Sue Terry 's Sociology Class Broadway Review Concert Choir Fretwell, Leigb Tennis Team jr.-Sr. Prom Last day of school Fried, Peggy Drill Team 1972-1973 CSF 1969-1973 FTA Club 1969-1971 Frobardt, Katby Drill Team Friends Roberto Fujimoto, Brian Smoke-Drink and merriment Opening my hall locker Suspension for parking in the red Furman, Scott First day of school Field science - summer 1971 Graduation Garner, Wayne Gavin, Helen Active member of NBRAPC Seymour, Noah, Summer 1971 See ya later, Del Taco! Gay, Mark Gebbart, Ann Geisendorfer, George My first Football game Being elected as a celebrity Trig Gerich, Larry Christmas Formal 1 972 CIF Track and Cross Country A girl Giampiccolo, Laura Band Freshman English 1 with Glasgow Mrs. Dean and the Student Store Gibbs, Robby Band C Football February 6, 1971 Bec Gillerstro m, Laurel Broadway Review My Junior year Driver Training with Mr. Marzilli Gillham, Robert Goffstein, Abby Homecoming Week Earth Week Student elections weeks Goings, Stephanie Grad night 1971 Sophomore year in general Christmas Formal 1972 Goldenfield, Jaime One of D.R. 's Dames When 1 killed my knee Graduating Golian, Sandy Being in Broadway Review Being in Folk Concert Being in Pep Assembly Gordon, Linette Dressing in P.E. for ten minutes Waiting in the smashed cafe line Sitting through Civics and Econ Gorke, Karen Gormin, Jeff Garmin, Judy Modern dance Surfin' Sixties The Buzzby Boys Gray, Rita Ginger Snap and the Cookies Football Secretary Good Camp fun Greenebaurn, Lynnie Locker broken at Christmas Getting an F in Spanish Locker fixed about Easter Greenwood, Carol Never attending ANY Formals Learning how to drive Enjoying people and parties Grimes, Michelle CAA Girls' League Senior Rep. Broadway Reviews Gross, Michael Grubbs, Ken Guerrero, Ray Throwing oranges at lunchtime Forging notes for school Gullon, John Gutierrez, Eddie Getting in Ditching a lot Getting Out Haake, Terry Last day of Freshman year Last day ofschool Graduating Haberkorn, Kris Meeting Steve Summer of1971 Good "Camping"fun Hackett, James Haeggstro m, Nils First day here in ninth grade All the days here 9-12 Last day here in twelfth grade Halderman, Lisa The prime biological question Bob and imitation of diesel truck Ginger Snap and Four Cookies Hamaker, Chris Snack Lunch P. E. Hamer, Jim 1971 Sadie Hawkin,s Dance 1970 FAKHFAJ Poco Concert Hamilton, Karen Spring ditches to beach Meeting Dave Brown Freshman Christmas Formal Hansen, Stan Kidnapped Picnics Chem Parties Hanson, Chris "Paso" commercials The Big Banana Bo-Diddleys Harding, Kevin Varsity Football as Fresh man Ditching School Graduation Harding, Robin Sophomore suspension Varsity Volleyball team Slitting frogs in biology Hardy, Susan Active member of GNO Meeting new people Playing beach ball volleyball Harmon, Debby Broadway Review Pep Club CROP Harris, Jill Art 1 Jr.-Sr. Prom Graduating Il hopej Hart, Mary S.G., P. Y., L.H., M.M., RJ. Broadway Reviewg T.N., B.C. Modern Dance Hartman, Dan Powder skiing at Alta Getting a buzz at Alta Powder skiing at Alta Hart, Terry Green, Pickle, Whop, Brute, Blue, News, Hippies, Manny 's, Mac, Band, Chicks . . . Hayden, Mari Galen and parties Snealcing to Senior Grove Ditching assemblies to Bruce s Heath, Doug Baseball Knight Life CSF trip to UCLA Heinly, Debbie Freshman Eng 1 with Glasgow Band and Drill Team Student Store and Mrs. Dean Helton, Suzanne BanffSchool ofFine Arts 1972 Meeting lay Olson 1 972 .lune Mountain 1971 Helton, Scott CIF and State Golffinals Powder - Brian head Utah, Xmas 1972 Sophomore Chicks 1973 Henderson, Cathy Broadway Review 1970-1973 Christmas Formal 1972 Valentine 's Day 1973 Hengesh, John Independent Study - Mr. Wiseman Third and Sixth Bombardment Bicycle Club officer Henry, Betty Greg's Van Woodstock and M-A-S-H Broadway Review Hews, Edward Hild, Mary Ann Christmas Vacation 1972 Volleyball Honor Roll Hilsabeck, Paul 10 to 12foot waves at 56th St. Hot and glassy days Parties Hohener, John Wrestling,s Mythology Class My White Truck Brotherhood- Varsity Baseball Hollon, John FHS Band 1969-1973 minus one W time George Waibel's 4th period lunch club JOCITA G 1 970-1973 lVice-Presidentl Holter, Lisa World Salvation Maranatha - The Lord Cometh Holub, Holly Active member of GNO Christmas Formal 1972 Muddy fields fDrill Teaml Horowitz, Terri Broadway Review - all years 1 970-1971 Elections Football and Basketball season Howard, Mark Hubeli, Marilyn Four years ofjirst period P.E. Homecoming game vs. Orange 1 School's Out!! Huber, Lisa AFS Day German Club Christmas Concert Hueter, Jennifer Swim, Swim, Swim Thank-you Mrs. Glasgow Goodbye Foothill Hughes, Clifford B Football B Track Varsity Track Hunt, Terry Ir.-Sr. Years Counting the days til summer! Key Club Jackson, Garry First day my freshman year Jackson, Sue Malt Shop and Gary Gary and Casey Jacobs, Rick My White Hat Activities Commissioner and KJ CSF Jeffers, Gale Amateur Radio Club Sec. 1971 Amateur Radio Club Pres. 1972 T.A. for Korich Jentges, Jim B and Varsity Track B and Varsity Football Johnson, Donna Majorette Honor Roll Made some pals Johnson, Sue Grad Night Folk Concert Broadway Review Jordan, Debbie Drill Team Captain CSF Medical Explorers 9 Jordan, Kevin Great Friends Getting kicks The Sunliner Justus, Dale L.1.B. The Crucible D.R.K.'s Biology Class Jossi, Teri The Broadway Review CROP Driver's Training Kanarek, Jeff Mime theater Concerts - Quad and Gym Kanno, DeeDee Homecoming week Feast and Joust Kasparian, Jeff Mr. Minne for a teacher Thrills and Spills of Driverls Ed After school handball gang Kassebaum, Jan The two "R's" Junior Yearbook Party Finally made it! Katnik, Andrew R. Varsity Football, Wrestling, Beating Elmo in Football First in League Wrestling Keitb, Judy Lost in the World Salvation in Jesus Eternal life and my Rexy Keller, Patty Bobby Trash can fires Getting out Kent, David Katnik, Leslie Meeting Don Kempa Jr.-Sr. Prom Graduating Track Kewanwytewa, Darlene Participating in activities Chorus IBroadway Reviewj Annual Yearbook Kim, Joo Kindness from friends Dancing party Music Club Kirkwood, Scott Kloogb, Peggy Ditching and boys Freshman P.E. Graduation Knobbe, Louis First football game First parade Graduation Koep en Jim 1971 Fglk Concert Poco Concert and Graduation Koppenaal, Linda Summer of 1970 Summer of 1 971 Summer of 1 972 Korn, Alan Being a bunny rabbit Buzzed Sue Kosmides, Steve Krane, Rick Coming here Being told to get a haircut Getting a B average as a senior Kreiman, Jody Chemistry E and French Four Making tea at midnight Transcendental Numerology Kyzer, Kevin Laduke, Gerry Summer of 1970 Summer of 1971 Summer of 1972 Lagano, Lenore My ten day suspension Field Hockey Trophy Seventh period P.E. Laird, Edward Freshmen and Soph Football playing Junior and Sr. Football watching Playing on the golf team Lane, Kim Junior year Syncro Skiing - skippingfor it Langner, Mark Linda First band trophy for 1972 LaSbelle, Gregg Lawn driving Big Bear Nahigan at the school dance Lasker, Stew Lunch The Parking lot Laviano, Laia Mr. Ward Mrs. Paterno and her French 4 class My friend Lyn Gerry Lester, Betb December 4, 1972 The tape company Lorrie, Bonnie, and Suzanne Leung, Debbie Picking on Coach Steve Loving number 25 Unauthorized field trips Lewin, Ted Summer of 1 970 Summer of 1 971 Summer of 1 972 Lewis, Jane My trip to Isreal Playing the Tympanies Good parties Lewis, Mike Liebman, Sheri Having good friends Being a cheerleader Christmas Formal 1971-1972 Lillibridge, Diane Drama Club Lindsay, Denise Pepster Isongleading campj Drill Teamerjlor two years CNO fDel Tacol Lloyd, Rick President of the Chess Club Bowling Club Captain of the Chess Team Long, Lorry Active member of GNO Francais That's the Long and Short of it. Lovret, Linda Knight Life and AFS Hillbilly 's-Decorating at 3am Good times with Chris Low, Nancy Born again in 1971 Witnessing to Mr. Kritzer FHS Maranatha Concert in 1972 Lubinski, Mike Lullo, Lenise Lund, Mark Being top science student Finals P.E. water puddle fights Lusk, Lisa Portraying the Dormouse fmuchlyj J and KWH 1nc. fPart time onlyl Becoming a proficient clockwatcher Lyncb, Camille Cruising to Pizza Man AFS Da 1973 .Y Making new friends MacFarlane, Patti Suspension as a Sophomore GAA Varsity Volleyball Meeting Rich Maclaren, Jobn MalmIgren, Stuart Baseba Mountains Gymnastics Cal Fullerton Mann, Katlgy Summer of 19 0-Woodstock Poor smoked-out Piz Times with Greg's Van Marcus, Diane Broadway Review 1972-1973 Walking to school Dumb classes Marks, Robert Sue Getten and Co. Karen and Sue Marsden, Pam When 1 accepted Jesus Prayer meetings with brethren Saturdays at the House Martin, Janet Pres. ofJ and KWH Inc. Isatisfyingl K'SAOSlVP's and going out lunch Benecolconmarmitrasht Martin, Laura Broadway Review The mouse that roared Spring concert Massaro, Evan FAKHFAJ Junior Triangle 1972-1973 High School madness Matics, Donna The Lighthouse in Geometry Blowing up Pj7tzner's Chem Lab May, Micbele GAA Tennis McA ulay, Doug Susan Rhonda Debbie McCabe, Marv Freshman Football Basketball games Getting suspended McCalla, Erin Drill Team 1972-1973 W.H.J. and D. Anticipating Graduation McCarthy, Tom A.S.,s T. V. Room Being a part of "Hummell's Gang" Writing for the Knight Life McCone, Kathryn McDaniel, Jack The moon landings 1969,s Football season God giving me sunshine McGrath, Don Sue "57", Mike, Tim Handball McGraw, Ricky McKeeban, Larry McKinley, Mark McManus, Ellen McNamee, Steve McPherson, Valerie Modern Dance Summer of 1971 Meier, Giselle Modern Dance 1972 Tull, Leon, Moody Blues CS, VL, Mannys 283 Meinert, jim Summer of 1971 Summer of 1972 Summer of 1 973 Melilli, Melvin Cross Country and Track Two years of Patterson Graduation in .lune Menig, jon Shield Sports section Recognition Day grease up "The Bug" Messina, Mary The Duebee Sisters Pickle selling Miles, Mike CIF Championship Football season First day of my Freshman year Last day of my senior year Miller, Katie Songleading Camp Homecoming week Drill team Miller, Mike Field Science 1 971 Summer of 1972 Last day of every school year Miller, Sheree Milliman, jeff The girls The girLs The girls Mills, Ron Third in Surf Contest Ranch truckin' Getting tu bed Mitchel, Mary E. Football vs. Orange 1971 Benecolconmarmitrasht Giampiccolo Associates Mitchell, Bob Mr. Pfitzner Football Team Manager Getting on Honor RolLs Monsanto, Bill FAKHFAI .lr.-Sr. Prom 1972 Foothill Marching Band Moore, Joe Riots Genesis Meeting A.C. Moreau, Gary Nothing Nothing Nothing Mo ttola, Chris Crazy Karen W. W. Ward ,s Psychology Class My tonsils operation Moynagh, Dawn Fifth period P.E. The game we sang Xmas Carols at German Club ' Murphy, Janice G.L.C. Friends BBQ Corn Chips Murphy, Kevin Coming to Foothill Being in Foothill Leaving Foothill Murphy, Mike Murray, john FAKHFAI New York piano concerts Learning about people Mussack, Lonny Meet'n people Ditchin' school to go skiing Graduating Murray, Martha Surfin ' Sixties Feast and Joust 1972 Graduating Nahigan, john Dimes The Brotherhood Brew Nance, Charles Nelson, David Nelson, Nancy Grad night 1971 First day ofSophomore year Last day of senior year Newland, Omar Appearing in Ten Nights Barroom Reno Speech Tourney Foothill Speech Team Newman, Cynthia Graduation Football games Meeting people Nishhall, David F oothill's Fantastic Follies Seminar - "Cascades of Cacas" Transcendental Numerology Nolan, Terr SC: JL, MM, MPT CK, MS, TC, MM, FP. Abortion, Draft, Temper, Russ "Hard-Headed Woman" Nolasco, Calvin Going to the office for first time Ditching school for the first time Writing my own notes for first time Noorda, Val Madge and froggies Abnormal people Recognition days and Graduation Norris, Jim Novak, jeff Nowak, Greg Nozick, Andrea Spanish Club Re-election of the President The Crummy listener Oden, S tarla Denise Oland, Brad CIF Playoffs in Football CIF Playoffs in Basketball Recognition days O'Neal, Suzy Pepster 4:30 in the morning Active member of NBRAPC Onyett, jack President ofIOCITAG 1969-1973 Waibel's 4th period lunch brigade President ofE.C. Fan Club Opfell, Andy Orange- fight at the end of jr. year Introduced in first basketball game Introduced in last basketball game Ortb, Lisbeth Young life Active member of GNO Friends Osborne, Gail Weekends My sophomore year The good ole ditchin' days! Owen, jack Cabinet and KJ AS and AK Gaius Fais Mingeus Owen, Kim The people Donkey basketball Graduation Page, Ann GirLs' League secretary 1972-1 973 1 found Tim Christmas Formal Palchak, Mike Palchikoff jay Water Polo and Swimming Yearbook People Tacos 1 971 Paul, Lesley Head Pepster Fright Knights Skooch Club Pearsol, joan Mr. Bauer Mr. Marzilli Mr. Wiseman Peck, Pam Gary, P, L, N, D Salton Sea, River Gordon's V. W. Peek, Sam Driving in quad and getting caught Playing Football every year Perkel, Gerald Playing Varsity Basketball Playing Varsity Golf Perkins, Debbie GAA Young life Concert choir Perryman, Bob Handball Fresh man Football Getting Buzzed Peterson, Mark Jungle Ball in P.E. Boy 's Foods Las Vegas with Mr. Slayton Pfarr, Jeff Christmas Formal 1971 Attending Athletic events Competing in Track Pitman, David Pond, Becky Call the Plumber 21st Slimey creatures CROP Samie Sweat Meat Porter, Greg Breaking my leg swinging on flag 275 foot burn out in parking lot Being only low rider in school EVER Potter, Ellen June 18, 1970 Madrigals .1une13,1973 GOODBYE!!! Powell, Allison Active member of NBRADC 4:30 in the morning B.B.A. Price, Dave Scoring first TD against Uni Starting first Vars Football game Meeting Sue Freese Prigmore, Mike Primeau, Pam Being in the Broadway Review Homecoming Week All the Football games Proctor, Debbie Honor Roll Skiing Volleyball Pro fita, Loraine Going to South America Maranatha Concert in 1973 Helping kids in Mexico Quackenbush, Christine Drill Team 1972-1973 GAA Patterson is classes Quayle, Don Swimming and Water Polo Motorcycles Grad Night Rapp, Darryl B ofA Mr. Doyle Camarillo Parade New Years Eve 1972-1973 Ray, Linda Going with Pat March 3, 1973 Grad night Reasoner, Renee Chemistry Parties "1 don't think . . ." August 20, 1972 Reaves, Stephanie Knowing .lesus Christ My friends meeting Christ Wearing unpaired shoes Reed, Cheryl European Concert Tour School Plays Moving to Calyfornia Reilbf, Cecilia Homecoming Princess Sam Reilly, Stephen The Tuscan Room incident Lawn driving and trash canning Avocado selling on 1 7th street Rest, Casey Getting in trouble constantly Football games Hasseling my teachers Reta, Rudy Feast and .loust 1972 1973 Christmas Formal Visiting Tl Reynolds, Vicki Grad Night 1971 Speech Team IVarsityj Going to Europe in summer of 1972 Richards, Marijane Homecoming Queen Never getting caught Learning to ski Riemer, Craig San Clemente The Plot The first time ever 1. . . Rivet, Lynette Robertson, John Robins, Rhonda My mom coming to pick up the car And I wasn't there No Senior privileges Rogers, Deborah Laguna Beach Young Life Drisco1l's 5th period Algebra Ross, Bruce Homecoming Christmas Formal Jr.-Sr. Prom Ross, Mike Rossman, Clay Surfin, land not taking Janice MJ Walker's Market fGeorge1 Meeting People Rowenhorst, Dave Basketball Parties Sleeping in class Rowley, Carol My ,lunior year in Africa Spirit FHS had when 1 was a frosh No senior privileges Rusk, Cathy Girls' League tryouts, elections, second best AFS Ryan, Lisa My first time My second time My third time Ryder, Taffy August 25, 1970 Chemistry parties "Let,s play pooll' Sample, Judi Suspended for smoking Greg Poulen 's Van Hayden's House Sant, Donn Basketball Volleyball Sardo, Jim Football trash can fires Graduating Sargeant, Alan Football CIF Playoffs Bombardment on rainy days Graduation Sarofji Stephanie My best friend Sharing with each other Picnics Sayres, Sally Night at S W Knight Life staff Active member of GNQ Schellinger, David Schlesinger, Mark Making tea at midnight Orange Co. Academic Decathlon Transcendental Numerology Schnebelt, Lucia Late to Mr. Oster's class Laurie Bucher as lab partner LG's locker room operettas Schoeffler, Judi Scholnick, Randy Writing for the Toilet Paper National Lampoon in class Writing for the index Scott, Harold Senior Sports Simba, Summer 1971, Sixer "1 donlt think it's very . . .,' Seaman, Donna Drill Team AFS My friends Seat, Jim Trip to Hong Kong OC Career Convention Rep Motorcycle Accident Secoy, Laura Sam Peek in Madrigals Mr. Minne's red pen Acting in school plays Seeley, Peggy Walking to school Skiing at Mammoth Mind-bending teachers Seitz, Brian Worked for Drama First Hell'.s Angel in FHS Gallimaufry staff Seitzinger, Greg Seitzinger, Paul Skiing at Mammoth Wrestling Playing in the band Sewell, Judith S fregola, Celeste Ginger and the Four Snaps ASB Cabinetg "Funky Nassau" Shafer, Ross Poco Concert Signal 30:1une 13, 1973 Shanfield, Stan Speech Team Concerts and friends Shapiro, Nancy Sharf J ill Gallimaufry Benecolconmarmitrasht Senior Ditch Semester Shaw, Steve Most injured Senior Sports Chem Partiesg TRI UM VIRA TE Groovin' at last Sherman, Kathy Beingpushed in the pond Going to England Knight Life writer Short, Alice Knight Life Editor Esq. JO, GKP and the Golden Jet Basketball, Lorry and Alcohol Showalter, Peter No more school Last days ofschool Christmas and Easter vacations Shutt, Mike Surfin' with the Cool Breezers Silver, Gerry ASB President Getting in trouble - getting out Thrifty - a narrow escape Sinclair, Kandy Varsity Basketball and Dave After game parties Slane, Nanci FAKHFAJ and Senior Munches My cooking classes Sloan, Mark Sunset lnterlude Dawn Smisek, Dave Going to Tic-Toc on lunch looking for a girl Smith, Carlotte Active member of GNO Shield Staff Life member of CSF Smith, Vanise Active member of GNO Broadway Review all years Synchrog Scuba Queen Smith, Dave Saluting theflag 720 times The logic boards in Physics Smith, Eric Varsity Waterpolo and swimming Broadway Review T0's party Soderberg, John Broadway Review Beautful GirLs Waiting 3 years for no privileges Southworth, Bill Meeting Sandy Having the accident with Sandy ? with Sandy Speer, Steve Oil burnouts on Dodge Being a senior Speicher, Lisa Neff-October 10, 1 970 4:30 in the morning The jqrst time ever 1. . . St. Charles, Maureen Football games Homecoming 1973 Graduation Stalman, Debbie Synchronized Swim Team Mr. Pat,s Science class "Kemal" Kritzer's Popcorn flicks Stedman, Kim Steel, jackie Fainting in class Falling in Love Stefan, Dave April 23, 1970 .lune 29, 1971 November 12, 1972 OOC Steward, Linda Pam, Peggy, Darcy, Sandy 1 moved three times "1 met boo boo 's " Steward, Don Getting my first buzz No senior privileges Stillwell, Mary Tennis Team Junior Year Bruised neck Cruising in my Vega Stone, Dwight Strachan, Rod All American swimming and W. Polo CSF every semester Team Capt Swimming and W. Polo Streeter, Tom Handball Bombardment The month oflune S tricklin, Doug Wrestling Honor Role Meeting Krista Swatez, Mitch Writing poetry in senior grove Speech and making a speech of free verse and short story. Szkaradek, Dave Tanaka, Rick MVP-C Football Schroeder 's drafting class Key Club Tancredi, Carol Tappan, jill Tatsuno, Maryjeane Temsplin, Rob ASU peech contest Tustin to West White House jog Sierra backpacking Terentz, J oe First sportos banquet Homecoming day Last day of school Thomas, Darlene Field Science 1971 Dancing in Modern Dance Concert Painting backdrops for homecoming Thorpe, Mark Tilden, Gary Donna Kries Mom and Cherry Pie Foothill High School Tiley, Valerie Spring Fling 1970 Music Assemblies Fullerton Gymnastics Todd, Bruce Capt. Buzz and the OE 800's Brother Brew the Shower Stealer Back row American Lit Tomkins, Bobbi Summer of 1972 Patterson's Biology class Formals and Proms Travis, Todd The day I met Iane The day 1 met Jesus The day I became a senior Trebotich, Milan Tunnell, Mike Fourth period Bombardment Chemistry with substitutes Biology Club and Field Science T urcinovic, Peter Piano concert assembly Basketball games Track meets Turnbull, Debbie Tommy 1972 Jethro Tull Howie 's 45th January and February parties Vallee, j oe My first suspension from school Friday Vanderpool, Richard J V Track Team Heritage High Drop Out Meet Mary Stillwell Van Meter, Steve Van Skike, Owen Varian, Barbara Drill Team Choral Accompamlst Madrigals Vogel, jon Senior Privileges Senior Index Vogel, Randy Vogelzang, Dan "Bogie" Christmas 1972 in Hawaii Easter 1972 Day and night at river Key Club party .Iune 1972 Vostmyer, john Votaw, Becky Living in Lake Arrowhead My trips My friends Wagner, Judie Making High Honor roll Knowing the wonderful FHS teachers Not failing any classes Waltzer, Robin Ed, Zane, Jerry Knight Life staff My trip back East Warhurst, Bill First novice debate Redlands University Summer 1971 November 20, 1971 Watkins, Debbie My buddies Drill team AFS Way, Gregg Football games Christmas Formal Fright Night Weinberg, Bob FK the DI Hot Corner and Alice Not turning in my senior index Wein thal, Howard Seeing Mr. Crummy almost cry Getting out of 0ster's class Getting out of Sparrow's class Weir, Mo .Iunior Homecoming 1971 1 972 Spring Sporto Awards Senior Homecoming 1972 Weiss, Andy .IOCITAG VP Foothill Band Board Junior Triangle 1972-1973 Wessel, Renee Graduation Fasting Disecting things in Biology Wheelan, jim Varsity Wrestling Senior Recognition Day Feast and .Ioust White, Sue Active member of GNO 1 970-1 971 Elections Yearbook staff Wiener, Eleanor Wilhelmi, Scott Williams, Dave Athletics Commissioner Varsity Football and Track YBHIS ' Williams, Deanne Christmas Formal Queen Twirler for four years Five period day Wilson, Doug Wilson, Lynn Wilson, Mike Winsor, Karin AFS Host sister to Viky Graduation Woelfel, Carole Wolfe, Andrea Wolfe, Lesley Woods, Beth My surprise birthday party Satterlee's Shorthand Parties NMMI Wootan, Lorrie Sadie Hawkins with Becky Mom Sardo, Dad Ettlin "My friend Celarious' Wullenwaber, Rob "Iron claw!" Taiwan, Varsity Cross-Country Football games and skiing Wyland, Mark My first time Week long parties My next time Wyart, Chris Trips to the counseling office 1 969-1970 Football season The girls Yedor, Bill AFS Sweden Capt. Track Team The Triumvirate Youngman, Rod Four years Varsity Wrestling Wrestling league finalist Captain, C1Ffina1i1st Zeigler, Karen 4:30 in the morning learning to score baseball Active member of NBRAPC Zink, J im fights with ,lanice McFaddin Lunchtime trips to tic-toc Iune 13, 1973 . ssyts ., " 1 ' ies -l1 of Q 2--. .. 3 V , , as s ' -H ei' 'iff .Milk e M ' ' v 4, ,J in 1 .4 x 5' ' f -1 QNX ff ,Q 4. i , Y ,' uv- s y A 1 , Q,,:y"!l 5 -R45-, A n 5 Q. 'U' 1,,: Q 'P fi l -jr .1 I s , i A -s .-'t : v I N f ' 9 W fr W4 I 'ff' ' L. K 9' F , I9 K-,E , , ....A sh L 1 4 ? , , t ' 4'1.. f 5 ""---H----.-... T 'vq?""' , 5 ,VN ., -r-ww--...g, 5 ' " a "wr V -- E f f - - W' N i ' 1 "M" QW' WWW 4 .K K, ,f r il , f i ff ' ' Q - B3 , Y -, , I "" .. 1, 1. . i ' X V' .,. 1 'W' W' K -'-.Q - . ,. .' ' W , 3, J.:-f 354' Q, -if f -I ,' ' . 'f" 1bi7l3" ' .-Ea: M f , Q' -f -fr o' " ?7'5:s5s-'Z .i1f'l2, ' ' flu" -...... 'Ex Wont yon stop and remember me? -A,, ,,,, , , l , -.L Seasons tltange with the seenery, Waving Time in a tapestry. . . -Pan! Simon Eli. M53 EE iw 2532 ii 323 Comp 1, ,W - 5 f3f??f?5,22' 5353? 255531-s.s,, 55,4 ??i?,i?sg . - 2 ggfgiiifg fisizl S . ago?

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