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V 1 bane. L2.mvNlD2,y-Slot' n,-q29fwKpM' ,XbOO4Qgv X Xe My , Vfp'S.gfA X dawg x WW Vdfblipf Qjxlvpz Ofzxxfyx Q9 02 We UV B if W foggy WW W7Mbw ?""'f-Q..,MNbk Q-Q41 A V A 4 x 'mile B: Q , wie Mila W if? W A fluff KJPZLOJ 4, ,fx-6 ' ' f Q f 4-fCL.13.! w0 Cfi.f'7N-f - Z'Q"L'MWff- " ' fl If , A 1 w-J. Q, if 31+ pf,0fA2f42f. 55' Eg P QISJA JE ypf QA Wfpygr Ape 5640? SV!!! 4' Q V, A by N ' ax ' JB . 0 Qfgjfy D xjb W- A! FLVAJOVSO-' On- MM -fcwnfuff A Q5-jyxtyx dlffag 61,445 WA! ovQ6'rZf 17, K N L Pj, My yy 7,0525 1-4EEAf7' f'7AfV!fQf,gl,,- gyda Ujpx mb YJ, px fave A ,L-mf IVAYMAQ gifjf M 2205 M bww MWWWW jj z ov 4 W En W fy W diff MQW mgwmwf PM L J ' ,Wd you pjfjfjf if ik S 9 WJUWQIYWW Sig YW Q51 Xi QW 3993 W 1 ? i 3 ff Qi . QQ ,il 'MP W- 2 :QT-N In ,ii A 'QL -Q? x - . M ' X D' Wy, 512, f1:.,, J mfs, fi 'ff ffl- "fl Q,-5' ' 5 -"Ffa-:L 516 7f6P mf 6'IOWE5?,V -I S7144 f -x ' - X J 40 ' '4 w 4 we 1 i . ,hifi ,, Qu, f - gr U A if f .A Q.,- i , 4 A i J V Q V v'-A y L i iz i N J l f If fi? 5 f I F J il e , 1 I , ,Y A i, ' x JW i, le v JIM' N19 bk MMM l CUJEM1 ,i W JXXQUNL Juli' JWINX xmqff? dy YWLLJ QJQJU 55.2 l o , i i we i W i , evil Ml shield Foothill High Tustin, California nineteen hundred and seventy ,X 1 "expression is the root of an souls." 1 unknown i 3 xl? Mfdw "expression of , as man X s .- COFDGS from his desire to lr create. unknown tx 'Q 4 "O wad some power the giftie gie us to see ourseI's as ithers see us" robert burns O PLACIDLY AMID THE NOISE SL HAST E, 86 REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE. AS FAR AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly SL clearlyg and listen to others, even the dull SL ignorant: they too have their story. gg Avoid loud SL aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain 8c bitter, for always there will be greater SL lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. gy Keep interested in your own career, however humble, it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is: many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. gg Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical abou't loveg for in the face of all aridity BL disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. gg Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue Sc loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. gy You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees 86 the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether,or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is un- folding as it should. 5. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors 85 aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. is With all its sham, drudgery 8L broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. gg gg FOUND IN OLD SAINT PAUL'S CHURCH, BALTIMORE DATED X692 5 qi ! ra. Ni 3? sei 5. Y Q F' f fn 4, silo-1 ,ra Q-E ,ff i, Nz-X f K . -'P X x activities.. athletics .. academics advertising Q5 ,Y All "play is no waste s e N il f :fi ' 3 6' of ti me ' ' Q I when you are ' ' . g J 'M' 33 YCU are - - - " there is no pretense" 1Q , A f 4: H A, ,A A y W ee' . 1 menslght , , 4 s N pins Y vm ff" . L"3? LQ' df: y5""7 s ' fx-Y R av Ml l .0 Ts U .ff 9. .4' X lx 3 3 v activities a.s.b. cabinet The A.S.B. Cabinet this year has endeavored to place the role of the student in the position we feel it rightly belongs. That is, in the position of a body of students qualified to help determine its own des- tiny. We have made no great leapsg however we do believe that our relation to the administration, both school and district, has laid a solid ground-work for future student leaders. We leave you with a plea to continue this work. MM Mr. Webb Steve Oroza Cathy Chamber Merry Flank Bill Boyd ,?u :.,, 1, Stuart Rose Mark Strickland Renee Weinberg -..,MKm ""'- 4. ' ,',vZ.w- 'f ax' N'-N -f aa, ,aw J k B' C d H h Rick Haugen HC FIQQS OI'1f3 O GUST X f ,QQ .mmwwmwt if 1 student court This year the Student Court has begun to breach the gap between students and the disciplinary branch of this administration. The Student Court has strived to initiate a system where students may be judged by peers. In most cases this has proved to be an effective method of handling such major problems as littering, smoking, and dress code violations. The major problem blocking complete success seems to be a deep resentment against the Student Court, harbored by offenders. The Court is comprised of nine justices and a Chief Justice, two justices from each grade with four from the Senior Class. The justices this year were Matt Cohen, Dean McCormick, Joe Chambers, Jim Votaw, Mimi Kadin, Bryan Spofford, Jim Hicks, and Arthur Levine. fabove Picturej The justices owe part of the success of the Student Court to the con- scientious work of several students who served as student court represen- tatives, by referring students to the court. The future of the Student Court is uncertain, but the basic ground- work has been established. 101' Jim Votaw, Chief Justice Nr T . YQ 5 Pri Mr. Webb Mark Stanley 5 homeroom representatives The purpose of the Homeroom Represen- tatives is to relate the problems of the class he represents to the A.S.B. Cabinet. In this manner the feelings of the Student Body at large are made known and are not left to die out or to emerge as a national hostility. The representatives this year have made the way for a greater voice in Student Government. It is hoped that they will continue to do so. Terry Arnold, Kathy Ball, Kathy Bean, Ginger Beeman, Larry Behkedah, Mark Benton, Laurie Berrier, Julie Boggess, Kathy Bradley, Steph Bryant, Suzie Bush, Joe Chamber, Chris Chandler, Cathy Cook, Claudia Cray, Debbie Cush- man, Sue Cutting, Doug Dale, Joan Dale, Linda DiFraia, David Edgar, DeeDee Elis, Todd Feavwe, John Fletcher, Sheri Ford, Kathy Fletcher, John Freeman, Robert Fulton, Helen Gavin, Chris Grahman, Alan Hata, Dave Haul, Peggy Haynes, Suzanne Helton, Susan Hooc, Bob Hoyt, Diane Jacks, Dave Klotze, Jon Knowles, Jon Koukal, Bobbi Lousher, Robyn Liebman, Matt Marschall, Ron May, Diane Mergill, Dottie Miller, Suzzy Moodle, Larry Morehead, Steve Oroza, Pat Osborne, David Pinkerton, David Primrose, Carrie Randolph, Merry Rank, Jim Saad, Bill Shanbrom, Viena Sharma, Jana Slane, Bob Speicher, Bob Spofford, Mark Stanley, Jon Stephens, Roberta Stilles, Tom Stroble, Gary VanCamp, Chris Wills, Barbara Van de Berde, Mike VanDordrecht, Larry Wailde, Mary Winchester, Mary Worman, Betty Jo Wylie f' Hz' A f' yearbook staff Editors ............ . . .Sandy Peterson, Joe Walter Activities Editor ,... ............... S allee Tucker Activities Section. . . . . .Fran Goldie, Ftuth Donohugh, Janet Owen, Laura Hastings Athletics Editor .,.. ......,........ S haron Marcus Athletics Section .... .... J im Astor, Stan Doddridge, John Fletcher Academics Editors ......... Lisa Roberts, Nanci Mueller Academics Section ....... Kathy Ball, Anita Hagenbuch, Steve Lohr, Chris Barnum, Sue Cutting Copy Editor ......................... Ruth Donohugh Photographers .... Linda Louise Perryman, John Himes, Karl Christ, Peter Bueche, Chip Ristuben, Bob Zlnk Cover ....,... ,................... .,..... K i rk Ryder Advisor .... .... M r. Korich L . , f 6 lx . V 3+ IIE , , 4 David Brant, Clark Moffat, Dan Weiss, Nanette Papp 12 'gh 7 ifz Carla Robbie, Jeff Befach, Chris Day, Chris Cullen Wendy Walker, Carolyn Jensen, Gretchen Beck , 3 f 4 f, Z Top to Bottom, Mr. Korich, Stuart Rose Marina Pitts, Kevis Bean Siaft' Editor-in-Chief ............. Stuart Rose Assistant Editor ........ Sandy Peferson A serious attempt was made by the Knight Life to become a spokes- man of student opinion within the boundaries set up by the Administration and the A.S.B. Cabinet. The Knight Life fulfilled its goal of becoming a paper by students for students. Organizational improvements played a key role in the rise of the Knight Life. The most obvious benefit from these improvements being the greater frequency of publication. The publishing of the Knight Life was made possible by the conscien- tious efforts of Mr. Korich's Journalism ll class. However, in the end the printing of a school newspaper becomes the responsibility of a handful of journalism students. Many thanks must be given to Sandy Peterson, asst. editor-in-chiefg Dan Weiss, news editorg Marina Pitts, feature editorg Wendy Walker, editorial editor, Chris Day, sports editorg Carolyn Jensen, Advertis- ing rnanagerg and Mr. Korich, advisor, guiding force and well of invaluable knowledge and experience, who spent extra time and effort to insure the success of the paper. The Knight Life staff hopes that through exemplary performance, and the organization of such groups as the Inter-School Journalism Board, a monthly council meeting between representatives of the school newspapers of the three high schools in the TUHS District there will be a firm future for journalism at Foothill High School. I ,f A , . fi.: , ff f ' Lf-fffl "dd PM-42.?' , ,mu LQAM-I elseif if P t"'Q'L2f' f J ' "7 - "P - 476441 f Cir-f7',zCz?64 4' ef pulpit' fr ,WLM .lv'Q04w:.w WLC' T L M vt ' J, . . MQ all 1 I 4 , 4 LL, .gy 'jf ffltgdyvvyylagj Vuelffljtrff, 'fhliif 'Y gf 43'7'L News Editor ....... David Brandt Feature Editor ...... Marina Pitts Editorial Editor ....... Dan Weiss Sports Editor ......... Chris Day Exchange Editor.Sandy Peterson Photography ...... Peter Bueche, Karl Christ, John Himes if 1.f',f Art ...........,. Linda Perryman Advertising ...... Carolyn Jensen Writers and Reporters. .Gretchen Beck, Nanette Papp, Carla Rob- bie, David Brandt, Clark Moffat, Kevin Bean, Chris Cullen, Jeff Bejach Advisor ..... .... M r. Korich Q-'S w. Q'f qc' fl FWTKQYN R , ffxf 1 w ' f 1' as K Ji Q' yy, xx 5 4' 'A 5 C' 14 1 R F5 my Foothlll chorus Irne does a Irttle can can for the students " . , . Hail our colors black and gold" I Linda and Syd were Renee's "right hand men." -'- 1 W 1 ' 7' M ' Jlol ' lloll 'rg llo o 7 kno 4.49 I .. 1 .,,f ,:, af if W' ' 5.5 l 'W' 'Knights, yeah, are stronger than dirt. . . " "ooh - ahh we got the spirit" pep comes on strong!! Cyndi's "on top of it all." foothill mascot and 1 v. cheerleaders J.V. cheerleaders ffrom left to rightl Barbara Helton Karen Mueller Sue Martin Each new year of school brings on a new atmos- phere of student involvement and participation. This year, my last year at Foothill, l have witnessed more students showing a pride for their school than in any of my previous three years. It is through the spirit of the individuals involved with the betterment of our school that has made this year at Foothill High the best. Foothill is Tops! You, the students have proved it! Respectfully, Renee Weinberg Pep Commissioner varsity cheer and songleaders Varsity Cheerleaders Tina Summerl Nandy Shanahan Sharon Marcus Robyn Liebman Wendy Walker Carolyn Jensen varsity songleadersz Terri Erwin Cyndi Plath Lezlie Sherrei Dottie Miller Marilyn Mengos Laurie Strobel 25 foothiII's annual knight's homecoming feast and joust WW! N I J 1 y 1. 2' mf Y .1 'f'. : K wif d5 ISQ W u,n l A --Q.: Hg Sv All ann Lulu: nga -n-3.1 fy ..1'5 F93 Vi m 4 A il ga. 5 knights of the singing sword" Wendy Walker, Dave Klotzche, Kathy Rabun, Scott Daniels Laurie Strobel Paul Page Nancy Mueller Derek Duesler Ruth Donohugh, Ray Gall As Mister Steve Oroza, A.S.B. President, accompanied Miss Heidi Meyer, 1969 Homecoming Queen, with flower boy Master Philip Timson and crown bearer Janelle Redman, the 1969 Homecoming Week came to a climax with the crowning of Miss Laurie Strobel as Homecoming Queen. Miss Strobel, with escort, Mister Paul Page, circled the track, returning to her court of Princess Ruth Donohugh, Princess Wendy Walker, Princess Kathy Fiabun and Princess Nancy Mueller to enjoy the evenings festivities. E Q E h 2 I in A Princess Kathy Rabun Princess Ruth Donohugh Princess Wendy Walker Princess Nancy Mueller 30 .QV ta Q rf' ---N... r . Y' M K ,. ! 'TAT . 'gi-WW A tr'-.asf it L, N .., 4 f I I , 4' Q, A fy. I , K. , 'A , K Z T K f 4 y, . A, ' T fn V ul 1 q . ' Q , l 1 l if X, a t 1 f tl -5 , .s f Q t , fy 5. " If r ' ' X, f V ,Y 9' ' ' ' 9' J' Xl W A, 7 , , I A t 'Q' l ,V , g V f' 1 r uk xv . ,I QC' ' ,,, , . , 1 .W Q, 'g . A , if, K ' ,Al J" 'M fl? ,A-J' my - , Q, J at Q' 1 I at A l 2 it , " 1 . , 1 -y 2 - - ,- - W I - kk If 'U I f .U XB' with it K J ' Jr t 1, at L ,A ' - .V ' l fi, ' . ' X s 2 5 K A " gk Q gl 47 V: 5 , b f'vA K V , , V :, ii 3 X I 1 . , o ' Z ' . Q ' l Eh .J "ef l - L I ll-r front rowl standing-captain Anita Hagenbuch, Pat Little, Kim Palchikoff, Melanie Nichols, Kathy Rabun, Sharon Rice, Ann Garmon, Carla Robbie, Nancy lpson, Kathy Varian, Susan Flower, captain Gail Karon 2nd row Debbie Grobman, Lori Nelson, Roberta Morgan, Nancy Colbert, Francie Hart, Vicki Paterno, Cheryl Jessup, Margaret Brown, Lynn Hunt, Laurie White, Wendy Illo 3rd Pam Garside, Diane Bentley, Jill Jones, Wendy Jones, Wendy Thorburn, Debbie Dlerkes, Gail Seibert, Jill Stubbs, Peggy Neal, Melanie Sherrel, Danelle Dorsch, Claudia Breslow, Terri Miller, Laurel Donohugh, Cathy Diedrich '-r 4' ,M drill team . . . "active, rewarding with spirit that inspires." Under the guidance of Miss Yetter, the drill team had a most active and rewarding year. They performed in six foot- ball halftime shows, of which two were C.l.F. games. High- lights from their shows include a tribute to the moon land- ing, songs of war, and a novelty Cowboy and Indian show. The drill team also participated in three parades, including the televised Huntington Park Parade. Climaxing their sea- son, they performed the halftime of the televised Foothill- Tustin Basketball game. But drill team is not just performing in a football game or a parade, it is a spirit. It is a spirit which inspires the surrounding crowd during an assembly, promoting the school's attitude. lt 'is a spirit which encourages the team during their hard fought battles. lt is a spirit of pride, know- ing that the performance was their best. It is a spirit which will always remain in the heart of every Foothill drill teamer. V ' fr' .1 r , ,G,,' if " H ' f W Q, ff' ' 5, ,,..---' mugs! q I Q . 6 I Q x vs, lx gp Q N v W f r vt ,,. -r Q Banner Carriers ileft to rightl front row Joyce Lu, Debbie Chytrus, Pat Hume, Roberta Richardson, Debbie Knox, Jan Miller, Cathie Craig, Cristy ' Degraffenreid, Cathy Coyl row 2-Debbie Corlett, Cheryl Harville, Sheila Meier, Linda Casselman, Michelle Tunnelle, Mary Hansen, Kim Thomas, Sarah Southworth, Barbara Spwey, Rochelle Bowe l banner carriers and majorettes l add sparkle to drill team . .. Banner carriers is a new division of the Drill Team this year. Twenty girls participated and had all the privileges of Drill Team. Participating in each football halftime, marching in parades, gath- -L l ering for dinners, and putting on one basketball halftime constituted ,F the year. v Banner Carriers consists of twenty girls. Ten of these are ban- ner carriers and ten are letter carriers. It is the hope of these girls that this will continue to be a part of drill team of which Foothill will be proud. Majorettes: De Anne Williams Wendy Wotipka 34 I .4 gyxs.. .,,,y', t' "' an . Q.. ,, Vit.. M '- if . q. ,K K ,, N My I. l - y t v.. ' . K W , t .I 3 . 5 . , J . 3 ' 'rr it or ' si, 'wifvffg i 'W V? b Debbie Rapport and her horse are "stronger than dirt" "andthe band marched on . " This year The Marching Band has been very active. They excelled in performing half-time shows at all the FHS football games. The band also participated in the Tustin Tiller Day Parade, the Santa Ana Centennial Day Parade, and in the Huntington Park Christmas Parade, which was televised live on TV that night. The band has also performed concerts at Christmas and in the Spring as well as participating in the Broadway Review. Also this year, the band had a giant fund-raising project by performing at McDonald's Drive-ln. g x . - " 'jtf x J " ' IIIIBB :':' s 'BM 5 1 Q "Tiller Day Parade" K""' -N' fi fi i ..marching band members fnot necessarily in orderl Scott Accongio Janet Cross Dorothy Acker Mark Day Dwain Adler Kennet Degraffenreid Linda Anderson Kathleen Elliott Linda Barley Randall Franke Lawrenence Body Frank Fredericksen Ellen Bracy Suzanne Giese Steven Broe Don Glefke Charles Burks Scott Gudmunsen James Buster Brooks Harrington Carmen Conte Terry Hart Walter Corrigan Mary Heath Deborah Heinly John Hollon Brian Wadell Andrew Weiss Eleanor Wiener Ron Yann Rod Youngman Greg Gonzales Judy McGuire John Trueblood Ernest Giese Holly Holub ' "4 Gail Karon David Kent Christina King Louis Knobbe Gregory Leffler William Lewis Patricia Little Mark Lund Evan Massaro Katharine Miller John Millsaps Kevin Monahan William Monsanto John Murray Jack Onyett Deanne Williams Michal Palchak Robert Palchak Mark Peterson Mike Pickford David Pitman Kent Prigmore Darryl Rapp Lance Ricey Marilyn Sample Diane Schmidt John Schafer Eric Smith Evelyn Soule Jan Tennent Melissa Trotter Jonathan Tschirgi Michael Ventura Joel Vincent Jonathan Vogel lv. 'W' af A " ...ling an r-ir., ' L Zig, R K I':.!': Tv vs., 36 .fs "music from the soul of things" The Football Concert Bank and Pep Band made an op- portunity for many musical activities throughout the year. The Concert Band performed for the Christmas Concert, the Broad- way Review, and the Annual Spring Concert. The Pep Band pro- vided music for all the Pep Rallies, as well as away football games and all home Basketball games. Concert Band: S. Accongio, D. Acker, D. Adler, L. Anderson, L. Brody, E Bracy, S. Broe, C. Burkes, J. Buster, C. Conte, W. Corrigan, J. Cross, M. Day K. Degraffenreid, K. Elliott, R. Franke, F. Frederickson, S. Giese, D. Glefke G. Gonzales, S. Gundmundsen, B. Harrington, T. Hart, M. Heath, D. Heinly J. Hollon, H. Holub, G. Karon. D. Kent, C. King, L. Knobbe, G. Leffler, B. Lewis, P. Little, M. Lund, E. Massaro, K. Miller, J. Millsaps, K. Monahan, B Monsanto, J. Onyett, M. Palchak, M. Peterson, M. Pickford, D. Pitman, K Prignore, D. Rapp, L. Ricey, M. Sample, D. Schmidt, J. Schafer, E. Smith E. Soule, J. Tennant, M. Trotter, J. Tschirgi, M. Ventura, J. Vincent, J. Vogel B. Waddell, A. Wiss, E. Wienor, D. Williams, G. Winget, R. Yann, J. McGuinn J. Triesbloood, Pep Band: D. Alder, S. Broe, C. Burkes, J. Buster, W. Corrigan, M. Day, K, Elliott, F. Frederickson, S. Gunderdsen, T. Hart, M. Heath, T. Hollon, D. Kent B. Lewis, M. Lund, J. Onyett, M. Pickford. K. Prigmore, D. Rapp, L. Ricey, M. Sample, D. Schmidt, E. Smith, E. Soule, M. Ventura, B. Wadell, A. Weiss, J. Truesblood. txxm , wxx E M I 1 First Row- Ron Gunnell, Rhonda Gunnell, Natalie Duquette, Karen Kirkpatrick, Sharon Mueller, Kathy Varian, Nancy Ipson, Don LeSuer. Second Row- John Cushman, Nancy Arnold, Jean Seymour, Leslie Sherrell, Kebbie Dierkes, Nancy Englund, Wendy Thorburn, Lyle Rapp. Third Row- Janell Price, Jim Hicks, Chris Ching, Jim Botaw, Wendy Jones, Grant Sargent, Dawn Dirksen. Fourth Row-- Peter Brown, Janette Trotter, Lewis Cann, Carel Veenhuyzen, Ron May, Lisa Howard, Steve Hachey. madrigals This is a highly competitive group. Audi- tions are held in the spring and the prime requirement is that the student can read, for the music is usually quite hard. Like con- cert choir, they perform at the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert and Broadway Re- view. Most of the soloists for the Broadway Review are taken out of Madrigals. They also do a great deal of performing in the county on a large scale. concert choir This is a select group of boys and girls who audition every year in April. The prerequisites include good tone quality, feeling for rhythm and some reading ability. In the spring, this group usually performs at private functions inthe greater Tustin area. l ,ls f i 1. ,-Q. tg. . it is . if-5. ,,,, l 3 2 , First Row- Cathy Coyle, Susan Spofford, Melanie Robbins, Kathy Bradley, Jan Jens, Kim Palchikotf, Vicki Herrera. Second Row- Marilin Miller, Valerie Fleasoner, Debbie Brian, Rochelle Bowe, Ann Garmon, Diane Jack, Vicki Paterno. Third Ftow- Sue Newlon, Judy lvanson, Dale ' ' - S B'II Hill, Susan Kennell, Judy Pope, Joan Pearsol, Cindi Lund. Fourth Flow John Cushman, Brad amways, I i Glefke, Bruce Firestone, Greg Poulen. Smith, Dave Hammond, Don u ,ann-, if ' S ' F Q 4 :W 'E Qjgx Q? 51xtgX,x? it are .A 'is F ' 1 A A-xi l Y tt JE .X ix. M . X QSKA 3.x R X X W is . si ,EQ up ll i ! 15. I 3 x S 4 ' 21 X i it Q l i if I , ' li t 1 i 1 Q 5 I l J IE mixed chorus freshman chorus rf..-. sf eff -AfL ' .ffl V A e ff! A , iA ,I we L st . , i. - F Q sv 9 .2 . fi- --.x . , . l 'as , 5 if 53 Km i X , I, . . ... . 5 . R 5 S 1 i 3 N.. I -2 Y S 'tx L. Cadamagnq, B. Correll, B. Crothers, S. Evandan, K. Farris, M. Acton, D. Adams, L. Barrett, B. Behn, B. Bode, K. Burke, L. Capara, K. Carse L. Gillerstron, S. Golian, N. Green, M. Hart, T. Horowitz, D. C. Christiansen, D. Costello, C. Cray, S. Cruze, P. Davenport, B. Duberly, T. Du- Karvanwytewe, D. Lester, D. Leung, C. Newman, L. Orth, G. quette, D. Elliott, K. Ewald, K. Farmer, M. Frederick, B. Freelond, D. Goodwin Osborne, A. Page, L. Paul, C. Rusk, J. Sample, S. Schmidt, K. Gray, M. Hansen, R. Hartwell, K. Hodges, L. Huddleston, M. Jackson, P. Los- B, Sears, P. Seeley, K. Sinclair, V. Smith, P. Straws, B. Thomp- ledben, S. McCabe, B. McCarthy, S. Miller, P. Moses, L. Olson, P. O'Toole, D kins, D. Watking, J. Riley, K. Keith, J. Sharf, B. Porter. Perkins, H. Perlson, W. Plumbo, C. Post, E. Potter, G. Poulen, L. Rapp, S. Rickles S. Ross, B. Spriggs, J. Sutton, L. Swidelson, M. Weber, J.J. Whitacre, G. LaShelle advanced girls glee : 75? ...........,, .. .... ,......, ' eg W.. 1 i .My 5 ' wi l ..,f1ei'., W., 3 ' ..., ,..,-,...,,..2! it ,, D. Acker, K. Anderson, M. Ashtuyani, A. Barker, L. Barrett, K. Behrens, B. Bickford, L. Casselman, C. Culver, J. Dietrick, A. Forkey, M. Grimes, K. Haley, R. Harding, N. Harris, P. Hines, S. Jones, S. Kennel, C. Lafayette, J. Levey, P. Loren, E. Martin, L. Martin, J. Mason, J. Meisenbadk, C. Might, P. Perrin, P. Premeau, S. Seymour, M. Slaught, B. Sparling, K. St. Leger, K. Tomas, A. Titensor, L. Twight, B. Varian, K. Vaughn, T. Deitz, C. Kamanski, D. Hackey, K. Schultz, B. Carpenter, K. Rose, S. Rohrs, L. Krugger, L. Parker, C. Hutchinsen, C. Pederson. L. Wente, D. McDuffee, K. Peck, M. Weiner. AO Mr. Doyle sings "She's My Love" broadway review With bright costumes, and boundless energy the seventh an- nual Broadway Fteview was presented in Walker Gymnasium March 13 and 14. Mr. Edward Doyle, the director, followed his traditional formula and presented a wide variety of both solo and choral se- lections. The scenery and props were supplied by the Art Depart- ment. Chris Swenson did an outstanding rendition of 'lAs Long As He Needs Me" from "Oliver", Pon May excelled in his interpreta- tion of 'LA Time For Us" from 'Pomeo and Juliet." and Jim Votaw changed the pace with a popular arrangement of 'Goin' Out of My l-lead." Dawn Dirksen certainly would have been chosen by Zieg- field Follies for her song Ml Can't Give You Anything But Love? Janelle Price provided one of the funniest comic songs with her version of l'l'd Rather Be Blue". Mr. Doyle's 'lShe's My Love" was sung with great emotion and feeling. Other solo numbers were performed by Lyle Rapp, Jean Seymour, Bruce Firestone and Lisa Howard. The duets included "Simple Folk" with Sue Newlon and Peter Brown. as well as "lt's a Nuisance" with Dale Hill and Don Glefke. Bryon Cahn, Peter Brown and Carel Veenhuyzen brought a great deal of laughter with their satire on pollution. The highpoint of the evening was, however. the annual faculty number where Mr. Webb, Mr. McWilliams, Mr. Wiseman, Mr. Marzilli and Mr. Kennedy paraded around the stage to the calls of "Chloe", Madrigals kept up their outstanding reputation in their two well choreographed and well staged numbers t'June is Busting Out All Over" and "Tradition". The perfect culmination of an exciting eve- ning arrived when the strains of "Aquarius" filled the auditorium. Fiddler on , ,Y -- Q i -. .S 54 if EXW. ,Q he ig "I , Q 5 I l is ' K E 1 bt i . ,i,. A gg i m " v ii ' Ll kr' ,Q 5 ,,:i -wx: ' :.5'f,,,2fif5 55: E J.. ,. .,. . i ..,. W W Xi. , 'sw -Ls F ff ,f 1 2 ,S .1148 ,f ? z 5 4 4 la i m V 0 A rv fr, , mb -Q , ff. ,E Q Q x W Qi 4 X H' 1 and the Finale wr 89 an Q. .,g- f 'F gm km . 3 1 Advisor-Mrs. Weightman girls' league What was the purpose of those girls running around Foothill High's campus in black and gold checked jumpers and black beany hats? Who were they? Whether many students knew it or not they were the busiest girls around. These girls were known as the Girls' League Cabinet. Girls' League has become the hardest working club on campus. The first activity of the year was the annual Meet n' Eat which helped the freshman girls to feel welcome and promote friendship among the girls. At FAKHFAJ, Girls' League sold Chipper Nuts. With the workdays every Saturday after the Meet n' Eat, the cabinet was relieved to know the Christmas Formal "Candy Cane Caper" came at last. The highlight of the night came when Blair Bryant and Linda Perryman were crowned King and Queen. Two weeks before Val- entine's Day, Girls' League took orders for carna- tions which were delivered on Friday the 13th of February. The Cabinet added "Crimson and Clover" a dance featuring the "Moods" The dance was filled with an atmosphere of gaiety and romance even without the stuffed Snowmen and candy cane stubs. The year came to a dra- matic close when the new officers were elected for the year 1970-1971. Anne Hail, Nancy Meyer, Laurie Franke, Gwen Kreps, Sue Berring, Marg Brown Sally Barnum, Wendy lllo up! and away! Up! Up! and Away! The Girls' League annual Meet N' Eat began with all the big and little sisters parading into Walker Gymnasium. First in the line of events was a welcome speech given by Gwen Kreps. The Cabinet members were introduced: Gwen Kreps as President, Wendy Illo as Vice President, Laurie Franke as Secre- tary, Treasurer as Marg Brown, Publicity was Sally Barnum, Nancy Meyer is Friendship Chairman, Anne Hall is Sopho- more Representative and Sue Berring was Freshman Representative. After a Burlesque Act the girls stuffed their faces with any and everything edible, while lis- tening to the vibrations of the t'Sound Shop." aF"'g"' YY' ,X ,,, Q 45 if X 1 ' t X ' I sf 1 ,g f Qi' 'KX ix' f Y "candy cane caper" This Christmas, the Knights and Ladies celebrated at- tending the "Candy Cane Caper" at Golden West College. Overall, the traditional festivities were an overwhelming suc- cess. The Don Beats repeated their appearance as music- makers for the Yuletide season. Santa Claus danced his way through the crowd spread- ing cheer among the party goers. The symbolic snowman was the center of attention as swirling couples saluted his presence. Craig Grimm, co-captain of the football team escorted the Christmas Queen and placed the Candy striped crown upon her head of golden tresses. Blair Bryant, after receiv- ing an affectionate kiss from Gwen Krepps, co-ordinator of the dance, reigned over the dance and his court of prin- cesses, Renee Weinberg, Janet Owen, Jamie Scholnick, Laura Hastings, Sally Dorsett and princes, Scott Eckerle, Paul Page, Scott Daniels, Derek Duesler and Kirk Rider. 47 clubs "beneficial yet social" The clubs on Foothill's campus play a bene- ficial yet social role for the student body. This year has been a unique year in the formation of new clubs. Yet, the established clubs had an important, active year also. Harlequins presented an excellent play, "The Mouse That Ftoaredj' to an audience that perhaps did not possess the capabilities that the actors did. lt was a successful production. Accomplishing a lot this year was the Key Club who rejuvenated the backdrop to the Quad stage with a new coat of paint for productions to come. The mosaic on the gym is also a result of the Key Club's effort under Kirk Ryder and Pat Osborne's directions. C.S.F., California Scholarship Federation, enjoyed a field trip to Palm Springs Tramway. The trip was filled with snowballs, hikes, and good company. The Art Club also enjoyed a lot of outings. They made sand castles at the beach, went to see "Alice's Res- taurant," and arranged to see the Van Gogh exhibit. Records for spirit were completely toppled by the Pep Club this year. Under Renee Weinberg's leadership, the Pep Club helped send our football team to CIF and continued their spirit throughout the year. Varsity Club's members played an active part in the fun-filled Donkey Basketball gameg they made a profit on the fun. A.F.S., American Field Service, also made a profit on their Sees candy sale drive to earn money for another foreign student next year. This year we enjoyed having our Brazilian friend, Lucia Crispim, be a part of our yearg we sent Janette Trotter to South Africa and Diane Bentley to Aus- tralia. llii mc f, o s The Delta Sigma Club proved to be a great thing for teachers. The members devoted their time unselfishly to be helpful to the teachers at Foothill. Foothill students should be grateful to another club, the Biology Club, for the terrariums full of little creatures in the library. The animals have kept many a student from falling asleep. The new Horticulture Club helped Foothill by beautifying the grounds. They built a magnificent fountain on the senior lawn under the guidance of their advisor, lVlr. Wiseman. Other new clubs on campus were the surfing Club which met at Newport Beach, and initiated this year was a unique club, Philos- opher Kings. Heinousl Another club, the Philosophs, joined the realms of intellectual pursuit. The folk concert this year was put on by our Folk Club under the authority of "Big" Jim Votaw. The Folk Club performed well at senior breakfasts, and a time when they were appreciated, after finals. An addition to the Folk Club was the original Busby Boys who rendered old favorites at various times throughout the year. Adding foreign flavor were the language clubs on campus. The French Club held a beef and fondue party with their advisor, Mrs. Landoe, and an old teacher, Mrs. Alderson. They went to see the movie "Z" as another activity. The Spanish Club experimented with Spanish culinary and enjoyed their creations. The Creative Writing Club presented their annual magazine filled with original inventive material. Winning awards for their in- ventive material was the Forensics Club. They performed a Reader's Theatre and traveled to Palos Verdes and Arizona to compete in speech tournaments from which they brought home many awards. The industrial arts clubs had a prosperous year. The Radio Club installed a teletype system, a weather satellite tracking sys- tem, and worked on a computer. The Home Economics Club par- ticipated in a Christmas Cookie exchange and served to give girls experience in arts of the home. The Future Teachers Club too pro- vided students a chance to prepare for a future career. They par- ticipated in a taping project in which they put textbooks on tape for handicapped students. They took part in a conference at USC and a field trip to Arroyo school. Homecoming activities were arranged by the I.C.C., Inter-Club council, and according to lVlr. Webb, Director of Activities, "the spirit of cooperation they displayed made the whole year tremen- dously successful." Nj nr - 7 'A y "'r , pr f. X N -"T T V,-Z' F31 'YI -f " r- 'Y"3--L- M .. , jj N W ' ' ,.,i ig. alt 'S Af.: i in ff -'sri E ill f v U I. B xQ .x ,..: A 'WWW -1.---Q. us w-xmvai Members: fBack Rowl Diane Douglas, Christy Usatenko, Laurie Schuth, Gail Karon, Gwen Kreps, Renee Weinberg, Sally Dorsett, Lisa Speicher, Susi O'Neil iMiddle Rowl Kirk Ryder, Jon Weber, Rick Paxsman, Bill Boyd, Derek Duesler, Dave Hammond, Mitch Weinberg, Brian Spofford, Mark Davis, Mr. Robbins iBottom Rowl Mike Sfregda, Jim Barlow, Blair Bryant, Rick Kail, Craig Carrol, Steve Aston, Clifford Post, Dave Pinkerton inter-club council The lnter-Club Council is the collection of all club presidents and class presidents in a united body. its purpose is to provide communication be- tween the A.S.B. Cabinet and the many clubs. Their main activity of the year is Foothills F.A.K.H.F.A.J., in which they provide the backbone for the days events and dance. The l.C.C. will always be a necessary link in student government at Foothill. 50 Ji:-Q15,,,4ji,gxv'M3av'4,w' .fa NT. 4551. -1 1213 california scholarship federati OH OFFICERS - President .......... ..... B ryan Spoffard Vice-President ..... ..... J ohn Stevens Secretary ...,... ..... T oni Duquette Treasurer ..... . . . Sally Barnum Historian .. ,.... Advisor... Laurie Franke lVlr. Coulter 51 varsity club President ....... ... Rick Haugen Vice-President .... ..... B ill Boyd Secretary ....... ... Bill Socha Treasurer ........ ........ T im Reilly Sergeant at Arms . . . ........... Ray Gall Activities ......... . . . Mike Van Dordrecht Members . . . lTopl Steve Furness, Jim Cushman, Bill Boyd lSecondJ Rick Haugen, Chris Wills, Jim Astor, Bruce Nene- dal, Bob Speicher, Tim Reilly, Robert Vining flfronti Tom Nitta, Doug Mitton, Mike Van Dordrecht, Conrad Hohner, Bill Socha, Randy Smith, Dave Klotzche, Steve Paterson, Doug Rothrock, Richard Alderman, Jim Votaw lBottoml Craig Grimm, Bob Blacklidge lNot Shownl John Frady, Ray Gall, John Hlmes, Larry Morehead, Barry Osborne, Rocky Schacht, Bill Shambrom it f are V kg, , Raith A 4 it 54" lTopi Paul Weinberg. Steve Furness. David Primrose, Rick Kail. Bill Socha, Tim Randall,-Mitch Weinberg, Steve Martin lMiddl.eJ Rick Paxman Dean McCormick. John Stephens, Bruce Nenedal. Paul Page, Steve Paterson, Randy Smith, Mark Stanley, Tim Underwood, Chip Ristuben lBot- toml Stuart Rose, Peter Cleary, Blair Bryant, Mike Reilly, Brian Kenhausen, Rick Rodewald, David Martin, Matt Marshall, Derek Duesler. Not Shown: J. Bird, S. Yamaguchi. R. Thiele, S. White, B. Rodewald, B. Wadell. T. Falbo. P. Osborne. K. Ris- tuben. J. Anderson. G. Ball, D. Howard. J. Wheeler. B. Boyd, R. Schulte. R. Gall. B. Osborne. J. Votaw. K. Sueden key club President ...... .. Derek Duesler Vice-President . . . . . Pat Osborne Secretary .... . . Paul Page Treasurer ........ . . . Ray Gall Sergeant at Arms ,. ,.. Bill Boyd Advisors ....... .... M r. Ward Mr. Hummell Mr. Severson 53 Lx l american field service When I found out in my chem class on December 9, 1968 that l had been matched up with a family in Cape Town, South Africa, l really had no idea what to expect. South Africa is about as far from California as it is pos- sible to go, and because of that, people here tend to be either uninformed or misinformed about the country. Through A.F.S. and my wonderful South African family Dr. and IVlrs. Rex Wilson and Patrick, Rory, Sass and Seamus, I feel that I have gained a better understanding of South Africa in particular and Africa in general, and a far-away land far-outi place and its people have cap- tured a very soft spot in my heart. Janette Trotter Hello, I am Lucia Crispim from Goiania-Goias, Brazil. I am really glad to be here sharing with you this year at Foothill. Many things have made this year great for me. The students, the teachers, the activities, and spirit have made it memorable. l'd like to tell you also, how great it is to be living with the Tschirgi family which feels like my own. Maybe a year seems a long time, but this one is going so fast that l'd like to make it longer. I have learned a lot, not only about the United States, but also about me. l'll never forget this wonderful ex- perience that you offered me. Muito Obrigado Lucia Crispim lBack Flowl Cindy Post. Stephanie Bryant. Krik Ryder. Janette Trotter, Richard Maddox. Ada Contraras. Kathy Craig. Lila Feigakolmann fMiddle Ftowl Bucky Craig. Fran Hart. Sandy Seely, Mimi Kadin, Molly Kadin, Judy Tchirgi, Lisa Lander, Vicki Paterno, fFront Howl Melissa Trotter Debbie Gerding, Lucia Crispium. Kim Palchikoff. "walk together, talk together all ye people of the earth and then,and only then, shall ye have peace." The American Field Service is the only world-wide or- ganization here on Foothill Campus. lt is an opportunity for the school to expand its relationships with other countries of the world and to be a home for a foreign student for a year. The purpose of the club is to provide friendship and a help- ing hand to our foreign friend. This year at Foothill we are also hosting more foreign exchange students through the t'Youth for Understanding" Program. They are Jun Guevarra ftopl, Sylvia Rubiao Cleftj, and Sabina Schroder frightl. The program provides for more students to learn our way of life and provide Foothill with more culture from neighboring countries from around the world. - AN Y I, ,psf -K - : -, T ff'-gigz 21 L""L' aff' 1 ? Q fx we 4,,, I , 41 new X we 953 folk club President ...... ...... J im Votaw Vice-President .. . . .. Mark Strickland Secretary ....., . . . Dawn Dirkson Treasurer .. ... Rob Anderson f 'XM 'r drds i r s s s ix i 'sv d drsr K? Aim M 1-Q. ktki K K f'r-A r s r ,r, , is e r' f .law A kki. tiff "ff rnf' f'mw rwfiggf' -31:12 I 5 .'. X O .f !'Xf':':q X 0" ' 4' Q f-15 fleft to rightj Jim Votaw, Brian Spoffard. Dawn Dirksen, Mark Strickland, Rob Anderson 'YW .f L.. Ric' 5255 ,QQW 'S-1 I ', .gif . -N .-. qu.-Ara ' ,AE 'cgif 1 I 9 1 ir' I , 3 surfing club Offisurfers-President ......, .. Derek Duesler Vice-President .,. .. Tim Randall Secretary ..... ..... J ack Briggs Treasurer .. . . Matt Marschall Club Rep .,....,......... Mark Strickland Members-lStandingl Matt Marschall, Richard Keyser, Derek Duesler, Mike Bennet, John Czach, Jan Tennant, Larry Pauling, Mark Strick- land, Drake Duesler, Mike Cochrane lBottomJ Rick Lake, Bill Corollo, Rick Rodewald, Tim Randall, Keith Rialson, Steve Cauness, Jack Briggs, Scott Wolfenden, Bill Rodewald ,4- 'QT in ai J, fu.. lu gp! harlequins Hin the early spring Harlequins Club put on the play The Mouse that Roared which was a huge success. Later in the season they presented the play Flowers for Algernon which also proved to be very popular." Officers, President ....,., .l... S teve Aston Vice-president ,. ... Judy Tschirgy Secretary i..... .. Kathy Phelon Treasurer .....,,.,..... A.. Lisa McKee Corresponding-Secretary .. ... Judy Wily Members: lTopi Lori Nelson, Janelle Price, Deddie Mehrtens, Jill lvlatichok, Roberta Morgan Clvliddleb Jill Fisher, Penny Moses, Susan Kasparian, Carl Turlve, Judy Tschirgi, Steve Aston. Sandy Seely. Deborah Rog- ers, Lisa Tusk, Darla Denardo. Shelley Wolfe lBottomJ Laurie Jeffs. Elaine Bradley, Laurie Briggs, Bobbi Por- ter. Andrea Nozick. Terry Hunt if x" 3 I ze W 1 s . X ' ,f F Y 'Y' J W "the pIay's the thing . . .' Shakespeare Q ff? fi . P 2 -T--Q 353' art club Officers: President .......,, ..... L ori Schuth Vice-President .,.,.. ,AA.A.... S ally Ilio me Secretary-Treasurer ...... Mary Beth Murrill Advisors ,.,.i. Mrs. Wright and Miss Bomar 'L i at 46' rr r gi f 2 if e Wa' Ei ,s,,g1z,"-,ref ,aw 4 + . 'Ti . ' -rw i.,t .iiit Q '---,,,....-ai , ...ti -is W gi itii iii , ii ' yr . my riff , . W5 , kvg. , ,WA , , 9? at aauwmwfi. 5 it ,jg it rg ft W0 m it r nn' ws -, 'Wx 'UA ig W xg, I T it 5 , 2 Y "rw, i J tfwifi' i iiggaiisff ' A ' 1 fn iv' 4 tt, Creative writing Advisor-Mrs. Kruger Members-Cleft backj Mat Thuney, Richard Whithah fleft frohtb Debbie Beck. Nancy Haris iMiddIei Scott Tyler iRightJ Kathy Bradley. Anita Hagehbuch, Lois Smith aaa, HLFtlVL if 9 Members: tTopi Bob Thiele, Rick Dedrick, Steve Yama- guchi, John Stphens, Ray Yuenger, tBottomJ Sabina Schroeder, Bill Lewis, Frank Frederickson, Jill Paxman, Francie Hart. Cathy Olson, Debbie Gerding, Cindy Post, Laurie Kibbee. Chris Schendel, tNot Shownl Bar- bara Elgig, Pam Parkinson, Kris Hansen. Micki Schmitt, Bill Craig. Mark Davis, President .,...., .... M ary Davis Vice President . . . Robert Theile Secretary .,... Chris Schendel Treasurer . . Chris Schendel Activities . . , ,... Bill Craig President ..... . . Rick Paxman Vice-President .. .. Toni Duquette C I Treasurer ..., ... Blair Bryant Activities ... . .. Paula Baker Publicity . . .... Steve Sweet german club Members: Steve Brose, Rebecca Champion, Sandi Carpenter, Sheri Cooper, Debbie Corlett, Cathy Diedrich, Natalie Duquette Cindy Easton Yashin Frost. Francine Harris, Martha Hartmann, Jan,Ress, Jessica Hueter, Laurie Jeffs, Mimi Kadin, Jill Matichak, Elke Meir Jeff Newland Cathy Olson, Anna Paul, Jill Raxman, Linda Profot, Roberta Richardson, Robin Risonberg, Lynette Shaw, Vicki Shaw, Jane Smisek Frances Hart, Judy Kreiman, Steve Patterson, Dotty lpson, My 5. 'L I ,.,,-v"" , spanish Club President .....,.. Peter Cleary Vice President .,. Peter Bueohe Secretary .... Valerie Fteasoner Treasurer ..,. Laurei Donohugh forensics President ,.,. Vice-President Secretary .,.. Treasurer .... Secretary .... Debate Captain .. .... Dave Hammond Kathy Langenbeok . . ,....., Doris Sauter . . . Steve Brannon ,.. ... Gergia Beeman ... Dave Moore horticulture club Advisor-Mr. Wiseman Members-Stan White, Kim Titensor, Denis Pope, Sally Barnum Q' x ss ' ' sigma ,qua i 5353! L s N 9522 tr Eine eiuiii riee t - biology club t President .... , ....... Rick Kail e e Vice-President ,. .. Mitch Weinberg B iiii Secretary ..., . . Robin Wilson Treasurer ... ... Bret Holter W it on-. 2. if A .gg , +-f,w.... - ax: t. V vis' - -M 1. A -f , . g-.iff fx, f Members-fback rowl Jim Aron. Sue Cutting. Steve Browe. Robin Wilson, Lisa Lander. Carolyn Flinshaw, Diane McDuffy, lMiddIei Bret Holter, Mitch Weinberg lFrontJ Tim Gaskins. Rick Kail. Paul Weinberg 'X v Utx 'i..... Q Qg W '21 ii? , -1-- fi-'Q S l l i l l i 5 1 1 e 1 l ANT if amateur radio club President .......... ...... M ike Weil Vice-President ....... .... P eter Strfan Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... D an Podell Advisor ...................... G. B. Ward Back Row: Allan Alavdkin, Dan Podell, G. B. Ward, John Ford, Steve Hardgrove, Ken Ballenger, iFrontJ Boris Leuck, Martin O'BIack, Barry Klein, David Hiles, Steve Broe, ...t as. E W if CBackl Kerrie Byrne, Vicki Bryan, Janet Sutton, Cas Panos, iMiddleJ Chris Chandler, Laurie Hendrix, Debbie Custovich, Kathy Ford, Karen Linbille, Susie Beesmeyer, Patti Champion, lFrontJ Lynn St. Lawerence, Marsha Carl, Jill Rose, tFloorJ Kathy Noe, Sue Carrell, Cathy Craig. g , , chess cmb President- Jon Weber Vice-President- Mike Henderson Secretary-Treasurer- Mike Szkaradek Members-Mitch Phil- l ips, Jim Gittleson, Mark Baker, Gordon Brown, Ken Van de Vrede, Bill Lewis, Frank Freder- icksen 66 homeeccmb President ...... Vice-President . . . Secretary ......... . . Treasurer .......... Publicity Chairman ... Kerrie Byrne Janet Sutton Karla Hoestry . Cass Panos . Vicki Bryan K! Members: Diane Brown, Patti Champion, Cathy Coxen, Diana Duff, Nancy Englund, Susan Ewald, Cass Panos, Anna Paul, Jill Rose, Ellen Rosen- berg, Allyn Snyder, Elizabeth Taylor, Allison Moore, Cindy Ealon, Kim Lane, Nancy lpson, Peggy Fried, Debbie Gerding, Denise Bigelow, Walter Corrigan, Sue Cutting, Hannah Daley, Lynn Green, Kathy Holl, Terry Holl, Cindy Post, Carol Darlington future teachers of america Future Teachers of America has been involved in various activities this year. They taped history books for the educationally handicapped. The group observed modern methods of teaching at Arroyo School. Some of the members attended the F.T.A. annual conference at U.S.C. As a group they feel they have gained much in their understanding of teaching. President ...... BevFreed Vice-President ...... . . Christy Usatenko Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman . .. .. Susan Kasparian . . .... Eileen Easton Publicity Chairman . . . . . Suzan Ross 1 , , fn fl, J, ,J ?AfjfJ,L ET 8 imll"il' 'W F Mawf,f.l f 1 M, 'I . delta sigma President- Diane Douglas Vice-President- Veena Sharma Members-Cathy Olson, Eliza- beth Taylor, Caryn Linville, Sally Rohrs, Sheila Zwlrn, Julie Sinit- zin, Kathi Coxon, Diane Brown, Cindy Eaton, Ellen Buacy, Roger Rahaeuser, Frank Fredericksen DO AA ., W, rf x ny - ' , I - 14, l' Tit Z ,,,, 1 1411 " ff , . V , v li K .4 iff: ,, 1' llfi' P ,' z ...fadf lt T it C. 1 7' 1 oceanography club President ...... . . Mitch Weinberg Vice-President . . . ..... Tim Butler Treasurer ...... . . , Doug Schwartz Secretary . . . . . Mary Beth Murrill Advisor ........................ Mr. Cook Members-Linda Clark, Boris Lueck, Sarah Newall, Rita Brown, John Schade, Martin O'Black, Jim Gittelson, Mark Benton, Bill Wodiske, Rex Cantrell, Rick Kail, Stephie Bryant, Terry Arnold, Tom Usatenko, Rod Matthews F 96 E 'Mr- s'J . E lt , Jl T , Q " -W'f'fg tl 5 , J S3 I K , YK lf t X get W It decca club Members-Holly Amyx, Dori Anderson, Kemp Baker, Rob- ert Black, Georgia Blake, l,inda Campbell, Nancy Ca- ples, Mark Conzelman, Mi- cheal Crouse, Raymond Dean- gelo, Steve Duquette, Jim Estes, Chris Johnson, Randy Johnson, Cindy Jones, Nancy Lahr, Scott Landwehr, Janis Lemieux, Karen Merrill, Gary Morrell, Shirley Weber, Brian Witbracht, Jerry Woods, Bill Wright Advisor-M r. Sours Mark Davis Steve Oroza Peter Cleary Bryan Spofiord Ray Yuenger Stuart Rose "my sportsmen friends, alert and keen, have roamed this wide world through, but nutria, they've never seen an animal like you." james jackson montague fix xmp . . -RA .:- . " Jn'- ,,.. .X Q ff, fQ5.m,. '9'T"'7:?'??' :Zac ff v ,af 7' sig , ,. ,qw 5.4.4 - ,En if, 1.3 Q. . QQ? ,QQ 4 f wg: 1 ,fl . um' L ' A ,Q rw ff A 'fiff 1 Lwgg W wffiivfia A 3 agngbjxzlwi 14 ,.:?W1Tl'flifj:?4 'JH fire"-gf ll ,M ff 2511511 ffgyrgbmj-it ww 1'NY'f?W-gluangifjgkff' l f ,X, Q 1 wit, 72 If you think you are beaten, you are If you think you dare not, you don't lf you like to win. but think you oan't. lt's almost a cinch you won't. if you think you'Il lose, you're Iostg For out in the world we find Success begins with a fellows will: lt's all in the state of mind. lf you think you are outclassed. you are You've got to think high to rise. You've got to be sure of yourself Before you can win a prize. Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster rnang But sooner or later the man who wins ls the man who thinks he can. at , in-si ltr , Q. . 5 lg QW 4' l Jackson in the end zone. Knight ofthe Week Knight of the Week LA 5 Bill Shaflbfom-S A- V3H9Y Bob 5150345599-San Clememe Blacklidge passing on a crucial third down. Shanbrom crushes EI Modena quarterback. Astor leads the charge against the Villa Park line. 'd"?Q"A'? vi SN "4!'?'il"' 3' pu, an fo Wi '- K 1, - I,- 5157 lb' W if 1, www. . Z Coach Osborne flashes a double coverage sign. Knight of the Week ,fa f ,aae ti? , . . 13 aff in Mitten in pursuit. .' U ga... A r, Fletcher goes for 10. John Fletcher-Mission Viejo The blitz is on as eight men prepare to crunch the Villa Park line. 'rw 4 ..,, ,, N ' . 1 lt ,. xml k 7' . ' 4"" r M , ' r -f .10-Q fa 39' f W .rt 'wwe -S 'Y W' -" if , S A an hi ,Av 9 ., N'-A --awk: Speicher blocks a Villa Park attempt. 1 I, I . , , Knight of the Week Bob Speicher Laguna Beach-Tustin li. ' It A 3 els Speicher breaks through for six more, Knight ofthe Week, Jackson flies in for six B M: QQ, K Q x , , P ' Q 3513 + K K 4 - K H M . ,.f+ Mike Jackson-Villa Park s-'av' Wm 5 PM J a 9-,......--'mall in gt X -, tatte at I., Knight of the Week Rick Haugen-L Votaw powers past the line. owell Coach Snyder demonstrates a block. iL.i-5'-' Ps. I Q . i -. X V M. . ' , N R. 1 V ' Y l I x ,J ' rm' ,, I' , 'L 1- i wfffw ? ft - Mxa. . Haugen blocking potential tackler. 'N . .. s h QM-.Q -.4 Knight of the Week Jim Votaw-Orange ,W M ' i , ' V f' V:,,,. f, g. 5 i 1 5? i 5 if i of iill i i i A' it i 1- 1 'H' HK N7 A zz K D or D Eg nfs, N , f , H1 fr M ' ' ta- wwf- ,ff : it 3' ' 'I '- fi r f' + "f-i'l','n rf-, ' +"'W5 if 3 ff '14 . ' iq: Knight of the Week f riiiitt -4- wma W W l r l W i ,.- M ' Manila gi Mike boots another one for 40 yards against Neff. Mike Van Dordrecht-Bonita Doug Rothrock kicking his way to a CIF record. . HRQJFV, . Knight of the Week Knight of the Week Doug Rothrock-Tustin Doug Mitten-Neff santa ana valley ..... ...2 lowell... .. ...28 ' ' 55 FUISSIOFI ..... laguna beach.. . . .42 villa park .... ...21 san Clemente.. . . .31 el modena.. tustin . .. orange... neff ....... rolling hills bonita. .. D is aff., ,,,: - , -, , K ' ' qw. Xie .. 4-1 ' - " " "fm ' , . .1 gi: .. le . 'f ' 0.1:-. " eww at,an- till - ,it M mljiki . ' lf x X. 4 -f-- tl.i it . 40" at V asbfj e K eeee tlllf Mitten crunches Rolling Hills quarterback ..31- 7 ..35- 6 ..38-12 ..l2- 7 ...23- 6 ..2O-46 i i N . sssyy in sss a g . gf' I' Q 4 my , 4 sfi 5, r as sk I-Q K 'amgx A 5 WM . .. . A .N N ,,,,, -xv-1, - .9 Gary picks up yardage against Rolling Hills. nags clutch pass Knight of the Week Knight of the Week Craig Grimm-El Modena Gary Jackson-Rolling Hills rf V sv: , Q, . s 3 N ., . -- ' .mst lil - i. - is I ,f - , , fn -fa , ,. ,,,,, , .. . 5 -7,, I ,. ..-,, 1 Touchdown-Blacklidge! llsllllli. r X I 79 Jr'-.+z'.e ' f L 'ff " I A P A I ii, F1-f'1 - ....., V Q Q --A. ., I ,A M y , Q .A .1 , r i ng 1 5'Eirff r Q " 74 s Zigi' 4-it U' ' M- 5 , mx--"X Q - A - 2? SQ . A ' ,t X- trail! K A s ' ,, V ft wats?-, 2 mf Y Y is Q S JI A Q.. -og, as ,Q L K-xr YQ Q? 155 -DQ ati!! K t.. . will Bottom row: Greg Flint, Bob Kazanjy, Randy McKinnon, Blair Bryant, Mike Israel, Doug Mitten Second row: Dean Miller, John McGuire, Gary Roberts, Kevin Harding, Jim Martin Third row: Greg Lindstrom, Mike Szkaradek, Jim Cushman, Rocky Schacht, Doug Rothrock, Randy Smith Fourth row: Wheeler Birdwell, Rick Haugen, Jim Votaw, Bob Speicher, Bruce Nenadal black 8. gold machine roars to no. 1 in county FoothiIl's varsity football team enjoyed their greatest season ever in 1969. They compiled an amaz- ing 11-1 ledger, including 11 in a row, the best in the school's history. Before the football wars commenced Foothill was listed as a co-favorite with Orange and Villa Park for the league title. Before the season reached the halfway point it was apparent that the final regular season game between the Foothill and Orange elevens would be a showdown for the Crestview cham- pionship. When the dust settled the Knights had their second league title in three years by virtue of their 38-12 clincher and the Panthers had to evacuate by ambulance. Foothill placed eight members on the Register's all-league team in reward for their relentless and successful march to the title. Selected on the first offensive team were end Craig Grimm, tackle Bruce Nenadal, guard Doug Roth- rock, quarterback Bob Blacklidge, and halfback Bob Speicher. Heading the defensive squad were end Bill Shanbrom, linebacker Speicher, and halfbacks Jim Vo- taw and John Fletcher. Head coach Ed Bain was named the Crestview League Coach of the Year, duplicating the honor he received in 1967 when the Knights also won the league championship. Despite these credentials, the experts were not awed by the Foothill machine going into the CIF play- offs. However, before they were eliminated in the semi-finals by Bonita they earned the respect of every- body. Their convincing victories over Rolling Hills and Neff, the second and seventh rated teams in the 3A division, proved the Knights' argument with an exclamation point. 80 FW? is .xl . 'f at 2 in f "QW f aw' Q0 is 3' N--9' uk? 'P' ff " ldv Bottom rovv: Conrad l-lohener. Gary Jackson. Tom Nitta. Roger Shanley. Mark McCandless. Steve Carpenter Second row: Pete Woodfill. Rick Kaiser. Jim McKinnon. Jim Crowther. Wayne Templin. Mike Van Dordrecht Peter Bueche Third row: Mike Jackson Carmen Conte, Mike Cecchini. David Primrose Fourth row: Bob Blacklidge, Craig Grimm, Bob Hoyt, Mike McCray1 John Fletcher. Bill Shanbrom Jim Astor, Bill Socha 3 . l Coach Redman. Head Coach Bain. Coach Snyder. Coach Osborne .. . -- t it . 5 .,.f-,..W., ,,,,,,.,-mi ' ,WEWMWW i Y t Q. 2' --f,-fwM.,...,..,,,,,,..,... ., N .. .........c.,..,,T C -gamma-Q . .. C . .,,,,,,WEm,m, 'l-- ...,... W., .... ,,.,,,,m, -,.,...,f .... , Q-,-.w...,. ......31....,,.W,.N..... ,,. . r 8l 'N-you-V+-1-.mlw Little scrambles for more yardage. bee's finish third Although hampered for over half the season by injuries, Foothill's Bees' succeeded in compiling a respectable 7-2 record. Even with Most Valuable Lineman and Co-Captain, John Spurzem, out for five games, and three other starters out for four games, the Bees placed third in the Crestview League. Sharing honors with John was Most Valuable Back Tom Steffy, surely a valuable addition to next year's Varsity team. ln addition to their fine season, the Bee's put together a true team effort to defeat arch-rival, Tustin, 14-0. Bottom row-Mike Falbo, Glen Bradley, Tom Steffy, Mark Sloan, Rick Jacobs, Rich Cohen, Buss Little, John Zisch, Dave Williams. Second row- Rich Tiritilli, Joe Taylor, Rick Lemieux, Andy Opfell, Keith Speed, Nate Good, Dave Bunch, Alan Korn. Third row-Jim Jentges, Curt Tiffany, Bruce Kinosian, Pat Egan, Ted Luen, Steve Clark, Paul Schact, Bob Courtney. Fourth row-Brian aLhr, Terry Noland, Jack Owen, Brad Samways, Tom Wilkins, John Spurzem, Bob Gail, Kevin Smith. Not shown Chris Day. Coaches Zeich and McWilliams. Front Row-Marvin McCabe, Mike Champion, John Wilson, John Menig, Bill Yedor, Dave Kanno, Mike Sfregola, Clay Rossman, John Nahigan. Marc Keeler, Dave Maizland, John Capozzoli. 2nd Row-Jeff Anderson, Bob Moen, Phil Christ, Mo Weir, Scott Helton, Mike Ross, Bill Duberley, Jeff Johnsrud, Dan Rabun, Joe Chambers, Brad Chilcote, Randy Swift, John Hohener, Andy Katnik, Marc Dierkes. 3rd Row-Mike Palchak, Bob Perryman, Harold Scott, Kevin Monohan, Ed Laird, Stephen Reilly, Brad Meinert, Marc McKinley, Bob Bader, Craig Eadie, John Gullon, Dave Szkradek, Ken Day. 4th Row-Coach Tratar, Brian Fujimoto, Marc Bennett, Don Brown, Robbie Gibbs, John Bridston, Jim Sardo, Kim Heinle, Brian Woelford, Joe Cueto, Bruce Todd, Jeff Gormin, Coach Wagner, Mark Thorpe. Not Shown-Managers Doug Heath and Bob Templin. Not shown-Mike Bejach. cees tie league leading , orange 6-6 The Cees ended their season on a high note this year by tying the league leading, Orange Panthers 6-6. This brought their league record to 2-4-1. Kim Heinle quarterbacked the Knights through the season often times throwing to ends Mike Champion and Dave Szkradek. When the Knights' running game was instigated, they went to their running backs Scott Helton, Bob Moen, and Robby Gibbs, who often made substantial gains behind the aggressive blocking of linemen Mike Sferegola, Andy Katnik, Jim Sardo, Sfelmeft Fiei"Y-leading interceptor and Jeff Gormin. The defensive unit of the Knights was led by linemen Mike Sfregola, Andy Katnik, and by Stephen Reilly. Defense seemed to be a big factor in a couple of games. In the Tustin game, a punt was blocked by Mark Dierkes and grabbed by Mike Sfregola, who ran 45 yards for a TD. Another big defensive gem was made in the Orange Game as the Panther quarterback went to the air, and the endzone, for a sure Panther touchdown. Fate saw it differently as Stephen Reilly intercepted the pass and galloped 105 yards, endzone to endzone, to tie the score at 6-6. Most valuable player awards, for the mini-Knights went to Andy Katnik, for lineman of the year, and Bob Moen for the back of the year. Leading ground gainers were Scott Helton and Bob Moen. Scott Helton also scored the most points. Stephen Reilly had the most interceptions on the year and also, along with Robby Gibbs, most yards on punt returns. Greatest yardage on kickoff returns was by Andy Katnik and Bob Moen. Even though the mini-Knights did not smash all league competition, they kept a strong desire to win, and despite some injuries to several key players, they kept fighting for daylight. Due mainly to the never ending yelling of coach Trat- tar saying, "Stick 'em boys, stick 'em." 84 nur-vgurvm-vw'-""' -1 1 pr Coaches Tratar and Wagner il 2 4 puqquun-w--U 11 ,f-'V' 46 f. I 86 .V win, A W W 7, , ,, rv. V - - 'WW ,,, ' Q ar . ,, 1.5, , ,,, ,, i vii: Bob Bonebrake 1111 tosses the ball to a teammate. Coach DeLong discusses strategy with players. if I0 , 'f f - gatagw ta - wwf- ' 5"-W"fi-, it ,, Q ' Lfzmi' 3, . .,,.w:' - ' f v flaw.. W Y M 'Q , ' ,z fa,jx",,1..,.j, l - , 4 5 ,.'V rn xx " I . qu M... K ,M,,f,s, -Q-1... , .J U -F A lt " t ta 'F r ,W 4, gkydw LV J f ' . WW6 W ref: , , , " , ft-ff' 3. '-2. , -3... .fi,..,..165'r"I 1-vt M "M Opposing goalie blocks a Foothill attempt. Goalie awaits a Foothill shot. F 4 'f l. . llt ' 1 . .,,, W at .l W 'L , " gt". , V. Qjfi a. V.: Z +1 X F My ...... 4 tl'l i af l -- S? fr 'ef 'F .... lttlltta fff:g?'?' . K QVVV T WH VV,. . ,,,... H .. i. ,,,. .,a,Q3f.g i ll ' llt.. 1 ltllll lll'. or lssll F it 5 ' 'A" 'V'U- I , f "W 'L "'L7 " ff z Mm'-ln W U ,,,, I '- 1: ,- A , c M w . wr , A-ff' W . ' - fv W' We f K K fu 'iff ' 1 " 'Y ,if l,,' I ' - ' . 'K Foothill man drives past opponent to set up score. .. ., , W K 'l,L ifffik ' r at r S Bottom Row-Chris Wills, Foster Johnson, Kai Palchikoff, Steve Weber. Bob Cutting, Top Flow-Dave Sodaro, Steve Furniss, Dave Hanson, Larry Pauling, Bill Smith, Doug Moon, Ward Krause. varsity water polo-runners-up in league competition This year's water polo team was paced by Crestview League co-player of the year Chris Wills. Chris was also named Knight of the Year and given an honorable mention in CIF and the high school All-American lists. He was the teams leading scorer. The Knights compiled an 11-8 record playing many outstanding high school water polo teams, making them runners up in the league. Other outstanding players on the squad were Bob Cutting- goalie, Steve Furniss-forward, Bill Smith-guard, Dave Hansen- wing, and Steve Weber-guard. With four of the seven starting players returning, next years prospects look extremely bright for the tank men who will be sched- uling some of the top water polo teams in CIF. Sophomores Dave Sodaro and Bill Smith will add great depth and experience to next years squad. ,1 - Bottom Row-Mike Stasney, Scott Huntsman, Kevin Shaw, Bill Geyer. Top Row-Perry Se- cor, Matt Cohen, Mike Hastings, Mark Green, Dave Gibbs. strong cee team places second in league Foothill's small but mighty Cee water polo team dropped one league contest to place second in the league. Their strong team spirit led by player of the year Rod Stracken netted them an overall record of 5-1 in league play. The team, though small, has produced fine people for next year's Bee team, as well as this year's swimming team. The team was led by Freshman Rod Stracken, Randy Vogel, Bob Bone-brake, Kim Palchikoff, and sophomores Tommy Blanton and Rich Blethen. va- wmsifweww was 1.--we ,. - H fm .ts fi ,., , ,, - -f:' Qeffffu bees gain experience This year the Bee team, though placing fourth in the league, proved to be true competitors to their opponents in league play. This season Mike Hastings was voted by the team as the most outstand- ing Bee player. While the teams high scorer was Perry Seccor, with Mike and Perry working together they completed most of the teams scoring plays. The most exciting game was against Los Ami- gos when the mighty Bees crushed their opponents 19-12 for a Knights victory. ,J is 'G 9 A ' r Qtr 1 if .5 ' ar SW I ,AA ' X ' Y gp ,. A 4 I l 'W-'T sv' ' Wyi-F:-5:"'V 'Uri' wA'3a522E2iK!4'2Siif' -1 A fx . f tick: ' ..., . IK " ' f ', -la -ztazes-7-,ewfza ease 2l?1,1Jg.w.sgf:pt,' -V , ft f, . 43, 5 r , . Y' Bottom Row-Steve Pohle, Jay Palchikoff, Rod Strachan, Randy Vogel, Bob Bonebrake, Eric Smith. Top Row-Bryan Wolfe, Tom Streeter, Bill Southworth, Kevin Keyzer, Tom Blanton, Don Quayle, Rick Blethen. Co-captain Patterson out sprints Orange Opponent. Co-captain Vining after race. Wilson and Reilly kick down the final stretch. Varsity squad warms up before crucial meet. .... .,,, ,,,.mmwm6 my A., l , ....... A . ..... y , , t Top Freshmen, John Murray and Larry Gerich lead the race. . M. Alderman finished strong at Orange County invitational. cross country uasltdissmgf Phil Zahnie most valuable JV, races on to victory ' harriers-runwild Foothill harriers starting the year off winning a quad- rangular meet against Irvine League Champions Santa Ana Valley, Saddleback, and Santa Ana High, raced strong in dual meet competition. Rounding out the top varsity positions were Ken Rob- bins, Richard Alderman, Brad Fowler, Tim Reilly, Robert Vining, Joe Wilson, and Steve Patterson, who was chosen "Knight of the Year." The Varsity Team, though laden with early-season in- juries, still managed to finish the year with a seven win, three loss record. A few season highlights were when Tim Reilly placed at National Posted Times with a record board time, and when Steve Patterson made All-County. Led by "Most Valuable JV" Phil Zahnie, "Most lm- proved" Bill Lewis, Rudy Vega, and Mark McLaughlin, the Junior Varsity won their division at the Orange County Invitational, and finished the season with a fine eight win, two loss record. Frosh-Soph Team finished with a seven win, three loss record. Outstanding individuals were Mike Vega who was chosen "Most Valuable Frosh-Soph", John Murray, Larry Gerich. The Freshman Team also won their division at Orange County Invitational, and finished second at the Coach Whitaker discusses race strategy. National Posted TUTIGS. I asb- Bottom row-Tom Messina, Mike Vega, Steve Champion, Steve Van Meter, Tim Reilly, Steve Patterson, Richard Alderman, Dan Murray, Rudy Vega, Craig Whaley. Second row-Mel Melilli, Randy Jeffs, Don Ross, Tod Fearer, Steve Garich, John Murray, Pat Coxon, Steve Melilli, Brad Bode, Ken Robbins, Joe Wilson, Robert Vining, Brad Fowler, Andy Melilli, Phil Zahnie, Keith Sneden, Bill Lewis, Mar McLaughlin, Steve Desotell, Al Melilli, Stan McCurdy, Mike Flanagan. 'X' V V. W A V . ' in - V , , I ' - , V ,,,,, M VV W I .. :VK , I V. 5, ., V 'w In M ,ji 4 xt Yli ff,u,"' fr., "' '- ' W-W' , Y H it M ,MA , 2' ' 1 ' N. V . ,.., ,, ,M J . , V Q 'Z ' r F ,515 - V ,i , , -. Q 92 it I Wi A ,,.. , ,, ?' 1 if Phleider getting set to shoot. Page snatches one against Laguna. WW .4 fi'-V ' ian L .. of ff tstat www . I ,2- Eckerle fights for rebound. Grimm and Boyd battle for position. t f in WMWMM, Magi:-:wa nmwnmno lr K , kg ' Q .. .,.,,t, frrfwaif , i .1 i 93 35 V, as Ks J Z4 QNX' '11 xx 1 Another two for Foothill against Orange. Haugen makes it difficult for Laguna. J "swift, sharp, the body conditions to expand room for the mind" anon. YN- se t 'f f . 1 ,.-wwf' A A . ' .f. ef5 '?5if L 5 3 if High scoring Boyd in typical form. Peterson and Eckerle battle Laguna for possession. two 9- . us. V ."' . . if eggs iiiilii is Claus waits for the right moment. Schultz takes if HWHYA varsity basketball returns to C. l. F. This year the Knights registered a superb 21-6 overall record, equalling the best won-loss record in Foothill's his- tory, set the previous year. ln pre-season play, the Knights grabbed the Valencia Tournament title and the consolation championships in the Orange and Santiago invitationals. With Bill Boyd, Steve Peterson, and Craig Grimm anchoring the boards, the Knights opened league play as the team to beat, and on their home court they did not disappoint anyone. Their record in Walker gymnasium was an unblemished 7-O. But 3 losses in the snakepits of San Clemente, Orange, and Villa Park denied Foothill their chance to successfully defend the Crestview crown. The Knights finished with an 11-3 mark, second only to Villa Park's 12-2. Their second place ranking in the rugged Crestview League earned them a CIF playoff berth. Behind Boyd's 19 points and a defense that forced numerous turnovers, the Knights smothered La lVlirada in route to a 54-51 first round triumph. ln the second round, the Santiago Cavaliers surged in front at the start, but they had to withstand a furious fourth quarter Foothill rally to eliminate the Knights, 58-44. Knight of the Year Bill Boyd was named to The Registers all-Orange County first team at the season's end, com- plimenting an earlier honor naming him among the top 100 high schoolers in the nation.- Songleader Margaret Brown Grimm charges down the court. rrttl Q.. 96 ' X X Q xv? w 1 A'q Q - I. 14 - M.: CUB' .P-xjj-A. fi y I . ff? ,gg L,,,kN X , :Q ' 3' 43 3 3 aa 1 3 i 5 ' as Vs A ..12z..2 .i ' 3 QA - , Y . S 1 l ' F D X. Q L ', X X 'ff , . . rf I M - - P i! . W, Q 44 E Q M - f . 3 -W 4, I glee? Sl. K as k ,f U- ., XB ? zfxef K 'i ' L Q .-. X- ,gy X a If ' ,W gf 95 X iv 'ii 2? Q K ', x , , QQ Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill Foothill B in Boyd Boyd goes up for "two" 1969-70 season record 54 Foothill 50 Foothill 58 Foothill 54 Foothill 64 Foothill 69 Foothill 49 Foothill 71 Foothill 59 Foothill 59 Foothill 63 Foothill 47 Foothill 47 Foothill 50 Claus gets set to pass Peterson's jump shot good for two -Nw, -t--. - Ksfw Ms Schultz and Grimm battle for rebound in Tustin game. X A Y gymn- a t ' s Aft , A' ' Q ' ' 1. ' , nl 4 ' ..-v 1 t V-tau , ' - gr I ' v-V ..,Lt.- "i- t 'fx . .' WW ff ' 5 V 5 I b , ,Y v, , I L 7 , I Q . ,Q Hi 1 I s V Xa 's, ig, we. , . T ,, , F N - f 331 fr M .- Q - V - V xv V ,V 4 ' 'ff' ' ' Q A 0 Q" It 5 A V! x Q X31 h rf? f V Rick Haugen voted team captain. , o... AK. elilivf 9' ' ,.W, ...M Grimm shoots for two Q ,,,,,,. ...,.. , ,,,, V W-A ..,M"" , ,t,t V points against Orange. Schultz shows form and scores "two" against Tustin. A i N ' MW"""sf ' .si 3 Van Camp adds another point on a free throw against Orange. Knights come up for the rebound. Felton goes for an easy two. Coach Robbins names plans for second half. i i Williams outjumps Mission opponent. S X SSSSSS If x K 14 X X N LL tt it f , it tk , xv PX Y Bottom row: Tom Steffy, Pete McCool, Pete Cooper, Pat Murphy, Don Owen. Top row: Bill Nelson, Steve Desitel, Jim West, Steve Felton, Cirt Van Camp, Bob Williams, Coach Robbins. j.v.'s looking up to next year Coach Dick Robbins' JV team got off to a slow start this season, but came on strong to finish with a 7-7 league record. In pre-season action, the JV's captured a second place trophy in the Santiago Holiday Tourna- ment. Despite the fifth place league finish, the JC cagers played extremely well, and all losses were by very few points. This year's squad had many fine prospects for coming Varsity seasons. Among these were Bob Wil- liams, Tom Steffy, Don Owen, Bill Neilson, Jim West, Dennis Murphy, and Steve Felton, but all players had great spirit and confidence in the team. Under Mr. Rob- bins' fine coaching, next year's JV team should place - 1st. Steffy getting set to pass as San Clemente looks on. Murphy passes to set up for 2. Owen tips it to 3 KVUQN- -or 2. Neill U x 1 lOl Si ' .. f v f Russ capitalizes on foul. Little' Laffy Buster Cohen getting ready to break. Bottom row: Mike Stastny, Rich Cohen, Pete Bower, Tom Davderdale, Dave Kanno. Middle row: Coach Sny- der, Gus Alagna, Bill Carollo, Dave Netztosia, Glen Bradley, Top row: Sam Peek, Pat Egan, Greg Pence, Russ , ,.. rrrr . t,rr r,rr . . Little outjumps opponent. u i i ..-M ,.,.,...a--s., bee's prove a will to win Coach Snyder's Bee Basketball team proved time and time again that they had the desire to win. Despite several key players having to "retire" for various rea- sons, they fought to win. Losing two starters is usually bad news, but our bees lost two fine players after their first en- counter with Tustin. They regrouped and came back the next game to beat El Modena 35-30. Another "comeback" win came after a memorable game with Mis- sion Viejo. Our bees came back to rip Laguna 49-32.' The team ended the season on a win- ning note, howeverg as they beat Orange 58-57 in a thriller, with four Goothill play- ers fouling out of the aggressive game. The nucleus of the bee team was com- prised of guards, Rich Cojen and Bill Carollo, center Russ Little, and forwards, Pat Egan and Greg Pence. Sam Peek, Pete Bower, Dave Kanno, and Glan Brad- ley.also contributed heavily. Little led in both scoring and rebounding. He aver- aged 8 rebounds and nearly 13 points a game. Cohen led in assists. Although the bees did not take the league, they proved that they wanted to win. Hey, Var- sity, look who's coming. Bottom row: Dave Price, Mike Anderson, Dan Rabun, Bob Moen. Second row: Steve Reilly, Gerald Perkel, John Caphozoli, Joe Chambers, Ron Munds. Third row: Andy Catnik, Phil Christ, Harold Schot, Randy Scholnick, Lester Littleman. Fourth row: Steve Shaw, Doug Carter, John Colan, Jay Beesemyer. Coach Poston and team talking it over. cee's top honors 12-2 record The Foothill High Cee Basketball team took top honors in the Crestview League this year by compiling a 12-2 record in league play. This is the second straight year that the mini-Knights have won the league. This years team worked well together, with a team revolving around center Har- old Scott, forwards Jay Beesemeyer and John Cullen, and guards Mike Anderson and Bob Moen. Harold Scott and John Cullen led the team in rebounding, while Bob Moen and Harold Scott led it in scor- ing. Frequent subs were, Tom Strobel, Doug Carter, Ron Munds, Scott Thomas, and Stephen Reilly. Their play also helped tremendously. Perhaps this years "biggest" win for the mini-Knights came when they beat Mission Viejo 56-48, on Mission's home Moen in a fast break. ..W.m.,.......,.......,,.,,,,, N, Vnyimhxvkqukrr 1" it court. Mission, at that time, was the only team that had defeated our cees in league play. lne cees pulled to an early 18-6 lead after the first quarter. They never looked back. Scott and Moen led the scoring with 15 points apiece. Our cees later lost to Orange, making their league record 12-2. ironically they only lost their first and last games. Con- gratulations Coach Poston, for a job well done! ..: , 'i ,K ,-W T qw l-tv 'X sl 4 I "Fatboy" McKinnon gets set to manhandle opponent. go face them and fight them be savage again . . hamlin garland G "Sweetheart" Mayerhoffer works his way out of a tough position. Joe Taylor wrestles opponent to his back for a pin. 5 f 5:5 Q , r, 3 t I Top row: Rich Martin, Joe Terenti, Jim Hatter, Gary Vitolo, Joe Colubo, Joe Taylor, Fred Mayrhofer. Middle Row: Bob Rahauser, Doug Ma- Caulley, Dale Craddock, Mark Day, Cliff Jarmie, Randy McKinnon, Kirk Mills. Bottom row: Wayne Garner, Ron Youngman, Richard Myers, Jack McDaniels, Mo Weir, Dan Murry, Bill Yetter, Robert Philips. Qr ""'F'I K ' Coaches Wiseman and Bain look on with great emotion. wrestling team: getting better all the time The FHS Wrestling squad finished up its' 1970 season look- ing forward to next year, when the future promises to be brighter. Varsity grappler Randy McKinnon took third in league, while Fred Mayrhofer captured fourth place. Cliff Jarmie and Mark Day were unable to wrestle due to injuries. The team, struggling against handicaps from the start, has improved consistantly and is expected to be a strong contender within the next two years. With almost the entire squad return- ing next season, and Mr. Wiseman taking over the supervising reins handed down by Coach Bain, the team promises to be, in Coach Wisemans words, "tough in the years to come." Team Captains Randy McKinnon and Fred Mayrhofer have been the mainstays of this years squad, along with Cliff Jarmie, who has come through with some clutch victories throughout the season. With an important escalation in the Wrestling program, FHS wrestling fans may look forward to a contending squad in the future. ,sww Undefeated Cliff Jarmie fights hard for a win. 22,,11 t J,,k 1. i g Amy Q.-mvmaww Q is ,tw . ,Quai K A, in A k ,qw ,A .V V ' r .. ,, in d ' X P' 'Rb ' , ' .R t + -X A ' t s A ' f ' f' Gary Jackson heads to first on a single. Foothill Knights in the dugout. f fi 'fit Bob Speicher at bat. iO6 Co-Captain Conrad Hohener throwing for the third out. Bob Blacklidge executing fast bali. mnnwvw-an-...H f X' Co-Captain, third baseman, Mike Van Dordrecht. returning starters-impressive With an impressive list of returning starters, headed by All County pitcher Bob Blacklidge 4.353 ave.J, leading hitter and All League second baseman, Conrad Hohener 4.400 ave.l and All League shortstop Gary Jackson 1.272 ave.l, the '1970 Knights should be in excellent position to contend with Mission and El Modena for the title in the tough Crestview League. This years ball club is loaded with good hitters and ex- ceptional speed. In early season competition, a powerful offense has been the key. Third baseman, Mike VanDor- drecht, catcher Doug Adams, and second baseman Hohener, Blacklidge heads the mound corps, and if Bob Hoyt can come through with a few victories, the Knights should be tough to handle. Consistent defense seems to be the only problem that must be overcome. Top Row: Wheeler Birdwell, Bob Busbee, Bob Hoyt, Mike Maes, Bob Blacklidge. Middle Flow: Rocky Schact, Dennis Bader, Doug Adams, Mike Van Dordrecht, Mike Szkaradek, Rob Tuvell. Bottom Row: Bill Bus- bee, Conrad Hohener, Doug Mitten, Gary Jackson, Dennis Clause. 5 l Catcher Doug Adams waits for the pitch 1 ,Lf cl!!! 31-,gsacw LUJ5 fy,-'wa :fs-ff-ff' 2 'wif i . XV V ..... " . .s .. .ti fc. . . Ah I X .Ai 408 . D . ' XX V ,X dl-rsyvfsv K A ki, rw it .W W' fr" at wwf, ..- r-- , s-- .....F-te---N S 2' ft 'R h miie . . . P P S 55 . A ,I fi f' tb r g - A . - -l ill J X 'iii . , ' his 1 t df' ,av J g 5 if A 'A S ik - ' li '-" r 3 .1'-,,- I pw S .w g .J l 1 ,L . , .. ws t . ,-wr .... A,.,q . V r,,,Zf' -1 -, , fs L M, M ,. ., kg - , 3 -we-vs 4,3 . ,L V X A N -f . , , , ,-. A , , s ,tg,.:,1 s , . . , r f fi' fr 3 s."ftf:'5- ef ., .1 tgPQP,, Q S J P S EA 'P S' I- ' Top Row: Steve Dezotell, Wheeler Birdwell, Gary Van'Camp, Ray Schultz, John Van Dordrecht, Kenneth McCabe, Huss Little, Peter Cooper, Deano Miller, Coach Tratar. Bottom Row: tmgrj Jim Evans, Steve Burress, Mike Champion, Bubbles Jesch, Ftenus Schacht, Mike Falbo, Stan White, junior varsity rips up the field: returners strengthen next years squad. Strengthened by a solid frosh-soph team, along with several outstanding frosh prospects, the Junior Varsity baseball team looked forward to a highly successful campaign in 1970. Pitching was the strong suit of this year's team. In early season ball games, Russ Little and Mike Champion pitched well. Heavy hitting catcher John VanDordrecht, backed by Paul Schact, strengthened a solid infield led by Captain Mike Falbo at short- stop, and Ken McCabe at third base. Sophomore Pete Cooper patroled in the out- field. Coach Trater stated that in early season competition the major problem was con- sistent hitting. lf this problem is solved, by next year the Junior Varsity should be at the top, challenging defending champion Tustin for the title. f t A., ns he K v 31 K .Eggs f ' f NS,-' f , .. 5 s 3" ia , NW' , '11 2- I xv.. Q Nh . I ., N 1, . .. .t - 1. WRW5' it 5?-V K 'le K A ,,,, I' we . W '--- iff : 4' . . -2. ,g,:Jl.i.,.w. A A A A ff. A sy ,,lg.. --fue. , j -. A .ss if -V, " .-rv., K . x . ,A ,. . H Q I Q59-N.: :4wf', lfQ,ffa'L'Lf- ...V ' 'L ' if ' :T ,". i 'V xt. I -v , , M V ,W....,, 4- 1- Q... 1 - dsx 1 ,K 3 X ' If -A '13 ,, 1 ' 394, 4 y t 1 - W . AF , i K J A , - V1 .W A Y , .V M ,V , , ,j,gg 4- L4f:,..v 4 ,iw P -Q, ' 'C' ' ' . I Coach Marzilli A frosh-soph team gained t valuable experience 3 According to Coach Marzilli, the 1970 Frosh-Soph base- if ball team was very young and inexperienced. The line-up was bolstered by only one returning letterman. The infield consisted of first baseman Ernie Albright, second baseman Bob Moen, shortstop Mark Dierkes, third baseman Pat McDonald, and catcher Jim Sardo. Coach i "' ' Q' Marzilli stated that the Moen-Dierkes combination was the g..? ig i one to watch. Backing the infield was a very fine all fresh- e ' - Q he ' man outfield. In left was Dave Szkaradek, in center John l R , Q Bridston, and in right Rudy Rita. John Nahigan headed the . yyg ., pitching staff. ..., " Coach Marzilli felt that the experience gained by the t A ' Frosh-Soph squad was invaluable in preparing for next years 'ii lrrrf .f season, which could be a cham ionshi effort. Top Row: Coach Marzelli, Mike Oroza, Ernie Albright, Jim Sardo, Steve Clark, Gus Alagna, Wayne Melanson, Dave Szkaradek, Bob John- son. Middle Row: Pat McDonald, Stu Malmgrem, Harry Scott, Bill Geyer, Ed Laird, Bob Moen, John Tate. Bottom Row: John Bridston, Bill Hanses, Dan Vogelyang, Mark Dierkes, Rudy Rita, John Nahigan, John Hohener. W I, xp it 1-1 V1 vig! .l l 27 I.. X "I""A"" , ,,, "'5"'r-Wm' ft fp. Bottom row: Bob Weinberg, Scott Helton, Mike Sfregola, Brian Brown, Skip Smith. Second row: Tom Zurn, Brad Aris, Bruce Bjornson, Gary Gilman, Dean McCormick, Paul Weinberg, Keith Sndden. Third row: Coach McWilliams, Doug Wilson, Scott Daniels, Bill Shanbrom, Eric Price, Larry Bishop, John Stephens, Greg Wanlas. Not shown Tim Underwood. W, ., .. tennis 'X Doubles-Bishop and Wanlas start match. Weinberg following through. Zurn sends off a serve. X H ,g,A , V , Q fe. W 1 3 5, 3 Price practicing backhand. Doubles-Gilman and Stephane in a return. WW 5 I, . JE,fm.H'!G f 6 tfh' r"r nf ' 'ff---ffl S .f 2. 2 , W f 1 gh V t , , in ,,-,lA,.-.y ML ff Ziff ti j 'Q it 'I Qt ff. ,Cf.j2 K JF' 15??5"U bfi f+.'59'f ' lit .gg W- :Y ' r pt V v 'E T 2 l ,,,, ' ' V .ggggggf 4 V. 0:4 ,I J if 31.3. - ,L Qi, hifi, I I ,VVWA Y W- 19? t 1 f - t .1 2 5 r :4?f,',r ,,, A . A A. V 1- ' 1 ', 5 k,..'Ql'1Qqgt , J. in Www 3 Yi,. . , ,.,., , mf.-so J,,., 5 Q 'ir'-4.-Q .. 4- ,,. , is , L 'V. st.. nr' Doug Wilson ' "' rf' . f H - ws., W....W,,,,i...,..,,,,,,,,, , HM Scott Daniels executing fine forehand. . :T mf.. 'H tennis-strong contenders This year a new face has taken up the challenge to organize a winning team in the annals of Foothill Tennis. The players refer to as "The Tartar" but you'll recognize him as Coach McWilliams. Having lost 7 out of his 8 varsity starters from last year, has filled his positions with young but strong players. "With the ability and desire to work hard," said Coach McWil- liams, "we're strong contenders inthe league." Shanbrom in good backhand form. Q., ff M M-.ggffx Bruce Biomson McCormick finishing off match. lll Q . W J Dan Rabun taps it in. golf Stuart Hose lines it up. Cafmen Come winds UP- Bill Greschner and Stuart Rose perfect their putting ,I . L , I a I l Z Dave Williams takes a practice shot. golf team tees off The Golf Team scored three quick wins, and showed why there is hope for the first League championship in four years over perennial powers San Clemente and El Modena. The Knights crushed Katella in a pre-season match and slipped by Mission Viejo and Villa Park. At press time their record stood at 2-0 in league, and 3-0 overall. The team was led by seniors Stuart Bose and Bill Greschner, returnees from last years' league contenders, who are anchored in the no. 1 and no. 2 spots, respec- tively. Seven other players give the Knights the overall depth necessary for a strong team. Senior Carmen Conte and junior Jeff Brown played consistantly in the three and four positions, while senior Mike Reilly and sophomores Chris Jordan, Dan Rabun, and Dave Wil- son competed as fifth man, or higher, when called upon. 7 From left to right: Randy Scholnidk Dave Williams, Dan Rabun, Carmen Conte, Bill Greschner, Stuart Rose, Jeff Brown, Mike Rielly, Chris Jordan. Not shown: Coach Kor- ich Chris Jordan makes a careful swing. 4 -Mlm., . 3, "V" s L AL' S L j A xvxis 1 tv M A , ' Steve Pohle rockets his tense body into the water. J t swi mming Mark Green taking a Sunday swim. .A V, . Yuan ' - two-2 ff. V' A-awww, W mrs 'll' nw- f - W , .. X V L' ' ,..,,,w5 M ., .W . + f . - Qi. V ...... ' 5 it tt., " N 'rg. , .h ti ., Q 2'W""' p 21- , -N., , ,Q f its -.,3k,+.,y V Nw. Mtf,,,3v,:l, , Q H 53' fgth-,A 1 V K V 1 ' awe, COOL... "' 'P f i V 7 - Coach Delong timing his swimmers. Dave Sodaro glances at photographer then swims on to a first place. Steve Weber shows good form in the breaststroke. 'wmv' f wfvf,ggqw'f -fs ,,, -' ' ' Wa' is or ' f is ,., i Us .I'.':,wQ right ,W .ff .,f wvi 4. ,,, - W---une-ww Eg ., . . ny., M -, 5,-if 1- gm. " ,. -3 8.61 A. -xl , N, wftf-, s' K f -'W if gas,-f4a'g,it, numb kAg,,.k 1 'A hx' tssrrrs Qgiimiifsfl' ' . 1- Bill Miller leading his opponents in the breaststroke H ,, ,, v inf' img, W 411 1 me M4w...,.,,., WMP., d 3Qf4.wW 4' Q mr ,aiuw-' qw qw WMM' M ' :C 1'- ' 'W MQW if MW' N.-... pi' f W ,II , Nldlbw' Y' 'W Mike Hastings takes position A Perfect form Splashdown! 9' . --ge --4- 1 .'-.f Vfi. f::1gssl . - . - . R 'H ggi? .gg so ..,,.. ,. . Top Row: Mark Green Bob Cutting, Bill Miller, Coach DeLong, Bill Smith, Doug Moon, Dave Pinkerton, Bottom Row: Steve Weber, Chris Wills, Rod Strachen, Randy Vogel, Kai Palchicoff, Mike Hastings, Dave Sodaro. -k x is P -Mfivse , f, 1.2 - A .A t-A - -W S . . S' . .s , hx B . .V .Q M i g cg-HQ , A , x tt.. Sfht' N S. . gl ,t.V ku Y: SQ 'lt Perry Secor initiates his turn for home. varsity wins fourth league title in a row Paced by two-time High School All-American Steve Furniss the Foothill Varsity Swimming team continues as one of the area's strongest aquatic forces. With two fine Freshman swimmers in Rod Strachan and Randy Vogel, plus Sophomore sensations Bill Smith and Dave Sodaro, our fu- ture is indeed bright. The record for the year was 10 wins and 2 losses. The losses were to C.l.F. Champion Corona del Mar and Sunny Hills. Steve Furniss was the outstanding swimmer in C.l.F. and won the 200 yard Individual Medley and the 400 yard freestyle to become the first swimmer ever to win 2 events as a freshman and sophomore and two asia junior in C.l.F. history. The tankmen downed Palos Verde for their first dual meet loss in two years. The success of this team can be attributed to dedication and hard work. 55"7L Mt. S A .J . 4 R" a. 'Q A . Eve' :Eg , ., cya V- , X 3 N L, 1, if T . . Q E , sh f' T 2 ' , CM .... - fl: it . ,,,...,, , ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,, W L F' vt -1 i" . --rr frrt- A+-. . ,,, ,,,,, , f , .,, . "t1 fr, N712 Varsity Relay Team-Dave Sodaro, Bill Smith, Chris Wills, Steve- Furniss. llo Bill Miller flaps his arms for take-off. ix Top Ftow: Tommy Blanton, Steve Pohle, Kevin Keyser, Don Quayle. Bottom Row: Eric Smith. Bob Bonebrake, Bill Southworth, Jay Palchicoff. W 5 x --, fum Ji fl ' 4 Q . T- t 'FN . r , 1 7' gg , W , - ,,...f-Q gin- A, i. . --LQ. .. ag QS: 1 .21 E' Q1 C gf ik K S. A T - 3 1 K gk , sf ,r 7 X X25 ' , . . ., 'rf ' 12" 1 - 1 "N S ., .gt ' ff' T Qt,-. A. 4 My Y ". QN-:-' ' Wf.,-" Q ' Y TZ t' K Nifin r y n ' Y' A ' i K, t. fhgi-Kf,,rt 55' f 2?3Q5ti4 ' ' ' t. if r ' , .awmaf W Ng, if xx yf. "',:s-,Q 7, ., ,g f-1-.Q-.'3,,'1f-:Q X, T'j,1-1-s""K"""' Chris Wills posing for photographer. bees work hard for ...Q their achievements Among the hardest working and most spirited teams in the sports program this year was the Bee swimming team. After a long and hard training program at the beginning of the year the Bees were really "ready to do a job" as Coach De- Long would say. And indeed they did come through with a highly successful season, highlighted by some very fine performances. At the head of these per- formances were the medly relay team made up of Mark Green, Mike Hastings, Perry Secor, and Steve Weber. These four qualified for CIF and missed the fi- nals by three tenths of a second. Coach DeLong expects a lot from these boys next year. "andthe cees roll on" Our Cees are tough and could give any team a great meet. They placed 4th at the C.l.F. Relays and to date have compiled an un- defeated season in dual meet competition. With Rod Strachan and Randy Vogel able to swim Cees when needed, our little guys are very strong. Tom Blan- ton, Bob Bonebrake, Rich Ble- then, Jay Palchikoff,-Bill South- worth and Steve Pohle were oth- ers who added to the success of our Cee Swim Team. 1-" Top to Bottom: Mike Hastings, Foster Johnston, Perry Secor, Scott Huntsman, Kevin Shaw. -5 qw Mike Jackson hits the tape in the 440. M K, -, f ,, Y nw. A, U fg... E' ' Al Mel .MQ B I 1' Q wwf, . . M, ,V 1. . I , V ,V-, ,N l 1-it 7 .aff ,, W 1- . .- Iiii and Kevin Donovan run hard in the 440. Teammates rest after their events. wg fr: WWE M S' - 5, ., i . .tt f .-f s-le " fi " ...- .,,. 1 , 1,5 eq,- Tim Reilly leads the 880. ,ttt I , . .5 Y . H' ,tk - 'ggi 0 V iw iw , mimi! 3 Yaf ,149 .mY- .. i fi. W W, ,, .,,-.,,., .,,,,. Txiiin-w-:aim t .. ,.,,.,:,..f.w - unnu-ul-1-"'-" YW? 70 ,K., .U I A .-map 11--. X-'-xX-f fs--QX H W-5""" y t -M ,pg , 1 ,.,...,L11ffQ.,,t ,,.L . Larry Egbert starts strong i B 100 Smith heads for finish line in 180 LH. o n f I at ro a d R b V g t d t th t Steve Patterson out kicks Laguna's miler. I he moves, thinly clothed he leans forward as he runs with lightly closed fists and arms partially raised . . . Whitman ll9 'LM--xi " ,F 1:4-' ,W Head Coach Jerrv Whitaker I S' fi af ye uf? varsity track vlllfi-rdf' , A veev L:-1 . L A -Q, -f he ' 'A 'wmv K - .. ,ir ,S v MF ff ,..,L 4 . .G-,A .qw , , Ak S , I . .5 , K'A,,..-'ti Sl :J ggvflk S+:-if-v,,5,,QK-,lgml l' I- A A Richard Keyser's winning style. . 57 1 g - n .L dj ie I f. f , li,-.J , my .VM g..,.b . Mi, K . ,ff S7 . 'TIF .Iver v"'xtAq,,i?-A Qifil. ,L ' g.1-ggi 5 ' "--:'.:H,-we .wig e , -ei ' Doug Fiothrock prepares to vault. Fiothrock goes over the bar. 61' f -ofa , 5' If Bob Williams flops over 5 feet, 10 inches. Front Row: imgrj Robert Himes, Cmgrj Keith Yount, Kevin Donovan, Doug Rothrock, Randy Smith, Jim Votaw, Mark McCandless. Second Row: Al Melilli, John Cushman, Andy Melilli, Rich Alderman, Keith Delorenzo, Jim Cushman, Robert Vining, Steve Patterson, Tim Reilly. Third Row: Mike Cecchini, John Mackey, Bob Williams, Fred Mayrhoffer, Joe Wilson, Mike Jackson, Bruce Boegeman, Mike Flanagan, Jim McKennon. Fourth Row: fmgrj Stan McCurdy, Richard Keyser, Brad Bode, Ken Robbins, Tom Lachmar, R.U. Ready, Brad Fowler, Chris Cullen, Peter Wood- fill, Greg Lindstrom, Gary Roberts, John McGuire. Votaw hands-off to Jackson in the 440-relay. varsity track excels in league Starting the year off by annihilating Western High by 78-40, and destroying Irvine League power, Santa Ana Valley, by 72-55, Foothill Var- sity tracksters raced in league competition. At present, co-captain Mike Jackson, has gone a fantastic 10.0 in the 100 for a new school record, 50.6 in the 440, and runs anchor leg in the 440-relay. Jim Votaw, clocking a 23.1 in the 220, also runs the 100 and fills the third posi- tion on the 440-relay. Foothill's other fine Var- sity sprinters are Keith Delorenzo and Bruce Boegoman in the 100, Rich Alderman and Kevin Donovan handling the 440, and mile-relay. The distance events are well covered by the "Fearsome Threesome", Tim Reilly, co-captain Robert Vining, and Steve Patterson. Reilly, clock- ing 2:03.3, is the top man in the 880, aided by 5 I ...Mfg , .af Andy Melilli, and also runs anchor leg in the m'le're'aY- Vining, timed ln 4335-9, 'S Pushing the Tim Reilly hits the tape in the mile-relay. school record in the mile, and Patterson is low- ering his present school record two-mile, of 9:46.7, every meet. Randy Smith, heading the hurdles and pole vault, aids in the 440-relay, and Doug Rothrock vaults and leads the high jump. Mark McCand- less, presently jumping 19'6" in the long jump, is expected to jump much farther. Heading the weights are Richard Keyser, who has thrown 50 feet plus, and Jim McKennon in the shot put, and John Fletcher and Tom Lach- mar in the discus. Q "' 2 it t gif jf Larry Egbert wins Bee 100. effort pays off strong and winning The Bee track team exhibited a strong and winning ef- fort this season. In the distance events Andy Melilli ran the 1320 in 3.23.3. Sprinter Larry Egbert excelled in the 220 with a time of 24.1 and the 100 yard dash in 10.6. Bob Williams did very well in the high jump, bounding to a height of 5'10". Williams was also strong in the low hurdles, running it in a time of 13.7 and the high hurdles in 16.5. In field events John Spurzem is top man in the shot-put and discus events, Sophomore Rob Gall vaulted to a height of 10'6". Jeff Heath and Glenn Bradly dominated the long jump, Heath making 18'8" and Bradly close behind jumping 18'6". Heath was also a contender in the high jump, making his best jump at 5'8". .NAM 'NG I Q rf ul 1 Q ' . N Coach Wiseman timing for the distance. Top Row: Jim Jentges, Larry Egbert, John Spurzem, Mark Sloan, Terry Nolan, Todd Fearer, Dave Richards, Dave Benid Tom Landerdale Middle Row: Bill Lewis, Glen Bradley, Rod Mathews, Scott Pfleiderer, Nate Good, John Cushman, Jack Owen. Bottom Row Pat Coxon Bob Gall, Sam Peek, Jeff Heath, Rudy Vega, Phil Zahnie, Bob Courtney. Top Row: Jon Menig, Don Brown, Randy Swift, Stephan Reilly, Bob Thomas, Steve Van Meter, Bruce Todd, Mel Melilli, Randydeffs, Chris Pruett. Middle Row: Jeff Anderson, John Murry,'Jeff Kasparian, Don Ross, Bill Carollo, Dave Anderson, Larry Gerich, Steve Melilli, Mike Bega, Tom Messina, Tom Wilkens. Bottom row: Tom Tilson, Allen Korn, John Gullon, Bill Yedor, Randy lrwin, Dan Murray, Mike Palchak, Dave Mayland, Rob Gibbs. ...-5, SW' 1, A -4 ak, ,,,.vX t M N, f t tttt if?" A-ar 'T Q-at -X t 1' is - " ' 'X we my .,:"""Wf"'ii""'g'Lr.:-Q'-A . -- .. 2 i ' ' :Ly .......... q ls , 6 ." I ,1 K',.J ri Z. " , ...ti . -as Q J -. :TJ I., 1. ,, ...W . A Robert Gibbs to Terry Hatter in Cee-440 relay. Robert Gibbs in the long jump. Bruce Todd and Steve Melilli place 1-2 in Cee 660. records are made to be broken Foothill's Cee track team, made up of almost all Fresh- men, did a fine job, as they had already set new records in pre-season meets. Sam Peek now holds the frosh high hurdle record, and also does the low hurdles clocking 14.7. Tying the frosh record in the 100 yard dash, Tom Tilson also excelled in the long jump, jumping a fine 18 feet. Terry Hatter ran the low hurdles in 14.6, and took on the 100 yard dash in 11.0. Distance runner, Larry Gerich, covered the 1320 clocked in 3:27.7. The Cee team also excelled in field events, headed off with pole vaulter Bill Carollo, and Allen Korn. Carollo clear- ing 10 feet, and Korn with 9'6". ln the long jump, Rob Gibbs did a fine job, springing 18'6". Records are made to be broken, and the young Cees earned many titles and records this season. he M .W .L AWA, ,,pw.,, 1-.l1,4f41e"1.4"l.Z mr- .a we A , , mtg. a..A ,. ,ig ,xx NN, s rw. , ,vs . . 3 O 1 '-fu' ,gy 5. .V ' aw ' ,n fx " Aff' 55" , N,.. YJ, W, . ,A W J' 4" -,rf 8 fqma. 1 m R 5 i xu . X ,J I 3 ' 9 , 5 ,R ' 0" 'M' ,., . M ' 'X A Q wg , ,, A . "H A 1 - my ' ' W H .Z . .W . .ef Q. .5 4,6 . vw gk- ,L L fun N, we, 5 0 - V, W .7 - iv ,, 5. ., V- H., W NV .. . 4- , in , . 1, ,. , - Q -. .- f- ,A ...f ,, 5g, ,,- f - Q , fi I ,,, A A Q. ,Q , , A, ,N . Q W , My - . x Q -. fe A s L Q ' ,f U - r I 4,f- w f at 1 1 v' . 5 ' ' tp js. f S A af , + . . . . , O A X Q . w ,i . 1. . Q, Q. 1 . . . N , . . A , A ax fd... , ,- n ,t,.gm'D" :ff 'A 4' 4 4 cf 7- :.,, ' F' 5' g .'-146 1 N 1 - - ,, if 'H . 'HQVYS ' . Q f 1, 'rg-W 4 A f' . "' . U , ' A M3 . K 'Y +' 1 f 4 f .ok .rf v 1 mi" 5, QQ! sf of 4' " - 'U - ' X ' H ff f , K 5 'X 'V F " V' A12 ' f al 'W 'V sh ' , am " v V ' ' an ' K H 'ff' Q ,, .. ' Q '- ,Egfr W Q1 - Q 1. W , M - A , 2, , , ' , A. , V , 1' N, W , S ,, ,..', H, Hs , .,,,,, .Hb L.,, s .7 1 vb I . .. tr fa' A , .1-, 4 Officers- Robin Harding, Sally Dorsett, Toni Duguette, Jeanne Graham, Terry Managers- Bottom Flow: Tina Summerl, Denise Wright Jan Miller, pam Henderson. Zaret, Kathy Varian, Chris Graham. Middle Row: Pat Shine fn? Jill Stubbs, Marilyn Miller. Top Row: Katie Miller, Gretchen Beck foothill's girls' athletic association The past year must rank among the most successful and memor- able that the members of Foot- hill's G.A.A. has ever experienced. Those involved in all aspects of the organization-basketball, hoc- key, volleyball, softball, tennis, badminton, modern dance, arch- ery, swimming, officiating and synchronized swimming-have put in many hours of concentrated ef- fort to make Foothill's G.A.A. suc- cessful in its athletic endeavors and recreational purposes. Miss Yetter Miss Shargitz Mrs. Glasgow Miss Kelley Miss Herring Miss Powell ,' N '6'tf sv r ,gm . -----4.-.......-......, Q OVS Bottom row: fl to rl Tina Summerl, Dottie Miller, Robyn Liebman, Syd Mayrhoffer ,Jaime Scholnick, Gwen Kreps, Nandy Shanahan, Sharon Mar- cus, Carolyn Jensen, Nanci Mueller, Wendy Walker, Debbie Collins. Second row: Janeen Graham, Denise Wright, Jan Zaret, Janet Owen, Pat Little, Gail Karon, Anna Paul, Diane Douglas, Third row: Carolyn Cunningham, Chris Graham, Denise Monahan, Cathy Chambers, Ruth Dono- hugh, Debbie Rapport, Mimi Kadin, Molly Kadin, Paula Baker, Sabina Schorder, Lycia Adams. Fourth row: Kathy Ball, Linda Perryman, Lynette Shaw, Laura Hastings, Mary Clumeck, Nancy Showalter, Anita Hagenbuch, Sally Dorsett. Bottom row: T. Perrin, L. Olson, L. Donohugh, L. Franke, V. Fteasoner, T. Miller, C. Schendel, M. Brown, S. Cutting, M. Miller. Second row: B. Freeland, D. Freedman, S. Lebeau, P. Parkinson, A. Garman, S. Barnum, N. Mossman, C. Craig, C. Lund. Third row: Ft. Sanders, P. Hume, L. Weinberg, M. Falbo, V. Paterno, K. Hodges. Fourth row: 0 14k Q , ' A . S- V 6 8 ., - , cl 7. O ,A . R I juniors f . ,gan X -.s il J , . Q i sophomores g Bottom row: L. Dunbar, L. Huddleston, M. Weber, K. Poirier, L. Cleary, B. Boobar, J. Lu, G. Whiz, O. Golly. Second row: M. Jackson, P. Adler, D. Mehrtens, B. Sparling, J. Cross, M. McKennett, K. Thomas L. Casselman S. Zwirn L. Brewer C Randolph Third row' D Grobman S Ad ams,'C. Hutchinson, S. Beatty, K. Adams, D. Frady, L. Nelsoh, A. Zandstraf K. Schultz, E. LoBoe Gumm, Meier P: Davergoort, Mills K. Gllsdorf. Fourth row: J. Paxman, J. McGuinn, F. Tanner, C. Mengos, S. Huson, L. Mitchell, J. Price, D. Preston, C.'Kamanski, R. Little, Fifth row: C. Ward, M. Mims, P. Henderson, L. Holderman, L. White, B. Osborn, H. Klotzsche, C. Smyth, B, Carpenter. Bottom Row- C. Peterson, C. Cutting, M. Stillwell, M. Duffy, K. Miller, C. Reilly, S. O'Neal, K. Zeigler, H. Gavin, T. Duquette, A. Page, L. Paul, D. Williams, A. Forkey, H. Whitney, ,K. Blair. Middle Row- T. Ryder, Ft. Reasoner, M. Hart, B. Varian, D. Rogers, Averbach, L. Holthaus, S. Joe, S.. Leibman, K. Bird, E. Weinor S. Bering, K, Frohardt, C. Sfregola, L. Legano. Top Row- Miss Herring, J. Arls, D. Evans, S. Sayres, C. Cun- ningham, D. Kewanwytewa, L. Cooper, D. Heinly, L. Lusk, S. Evander, M. Winchester, L. Barley, K. Gorke, D. Perkins, Fl. Harding, Ellen Bracy, J. Pearsol, L. Caramango. '91 .-.Aww in . my f.h.s. g.a.a. does outstanding job in sportsdays This has been a year of new and exciting activites for all's. One of G.A.A.'s newest and biggest ef- forts was started when Foothill initiated its first synchronized swim show. Modern dance broadened its scope by presenting a workshop for all those interested in learning what Modern dance is all about. ln March, advisors and members alike turned their interests from athletics to a week-end of fun and snow in ldyllwild. And all of these original activities were recorded on film by Miss Herring to be shown and enjoyed at G.A.A.'s final acti- vity, the banquet has always served to culminate the entire range of activities and this year's is bound to be the best. As in past years, Foothills' female athletes have done an outstanding job at all sports days whether it be for team sports or individual sports: the Knights were consistently victorious. The All-Star teams in basketball, volleyball, and soft- ball have all done excellent jobs in those invitational tournaments in which they participated, but, more importantly they had a great time and represented Foot- hill well. Foothill's girls organized their own tournament in the form of the Third Annual Foothill!Tustin Invitational Swim meet held for the second year in our pool. And how can G.A.A. afford to participate in these activities? Through the proceeds from the now infamous G.A.A. Sucker Sale . Mention, too, must be given to the ef- forts made by all members of the G.S.A. Board-preparation for Sportsdays, Sixth period inter-class tournament, and attend- ing all those Board meetings-often miss- ing dinner at home just for a meeting. That's Dedication! l Q E 5 E is ii A' 5 5 lst row M. Munchkin, J.,Graham, T. Duquette, C. Averbach, M. Poiier, S. Schroeder, L. , Dunbar, J. Price. 2nd row D. Wright, S. Dorsett, M. Mims, T. Duquette, G. Beck, K. Ball, l L. Perryman. l tennm badminton lst row K. Poirier, B. Carpenter, T. Tyler, C. Breslow, M. Weber, A. Averbach, C. Graham, M. Poirier, J. Zaret, T. Duquette. 2nd row K. Adams, C. Robbie, D. Wright, J. Graham, J. Stubbs, S. Dorsett, A. Paul I 5 . Z f I ,, , . 'af-wtf. " r archery Bottom row: Gail Osborne, Renee Fteasoner, Taffy Ryder, Linda Cutting, Carol Petterson, Robin Wilson, Sara Newall, Second row: Laura Giampiccolo, Susan Evander, Janet Martin, Donna Matics, Erin McCalla, Joyce Aris, Third row: Judy Carlson, Gail Bayless, Kathy Ford, Ellen Bracy, Kathy Bird, Joll Stubbs, Sandy, Grun, Fourth row: Evelyn Soule, Stephanie Bonner, Pam Garside, Cindy Lund, Diane Mar- .ff cus, Marilyn Miller. 'W apr. . 1 ' y. Q we . K' 0 S .. ff 6., F' it t .K J, l ' ' - f. V ,- ' S so A . - .K Q S 2 , ll l T Q 1 .. Q, .. , .iE. , . xt . I . if ff 1 X' . ' 4 - ' . .J Q. y ' g, 5 .Q ' ' Z1., t. Q 1 fb i' .Z ""' . ' ' 's xl! L J f .LY 1 l sg' If f: it i t , ' 5 S l . k 52? ef K kt . 1 if if 1 X K l x, Q f L K . I , . X l X" L v' , ' X - V,' ' , 1 A affix :Q si. Y f "L ,xt 'S - synchronize Bottom row: Cindi Lund, Terra Tyler, Kathy Miller, Cheryl Jessup, Roberta Morgan. Second row: Alison Bains, Pam Huson, Pat Shine, Holly Hollub, Leslie Lucus, Kathy Newbrander, Sandy Seely, Lori Nelson. Third row: Michelle May, Chris Alvey, Sherri Elliott, Kevis Bean, Sherry Delahay, Jeri Dietrick, Carol Darl- mation, Suzanne Giese. swimming swim team Top Row: Laura Hastings, Kevis Bean, Diane Marcus, Luann Huddleston, Ann Baltz. Bottom Bow: Pat Little, Tina Summerl, Ann Hall, Pat Shine. Pam Huson, Lori Nelson, Cathy Myers, Stacy Huson. modern dance Bottom row: Stacy Huson, Sue Cutting, Laurie Frankie, Second row: Judy Carlson, Evenlyn Soule, Terra Tyler. Third row: Chris Johnson, Kathy Varian, Jessica Hueter. l29 "the more we study the more we discover our ignorance Shelley j PUCPY r o v I ,n. U QQ ,Q s,. ,bi f-44.4 GN? 14515 ,- JN, ' K 'j Vi' Al:-. 1 -.L ., 'V ...m7i-f'1- Rib-.L 1 1 academics ' on D"51Df..' ww-L 6KmI Jwmmwa JCE Mm gram w-0.0 'U1k2:vil:1o.51LQ,4wwu.l44-fi? ffm- wav w'a-frulua ' sxmbm JCDJUH-"Cz: '+A WMM .a,a.c,ao:t:lw1. LLO-'QA'-5 39-MLON ' KDWRFLQLJLELZJ 2VM4Wf82blQQP ag, .L M we 'ik-ix'4QrS msn ,Lk v A N Q -s :iw v .gf ,. M , fr' ff' HJ' ,W mn Y ff4 ' NW if 'Lu A lr' 8 l 7' 4, V4 ,arf 'G f 1 L, in f 5, pg, 'iff iw' ww 'A ae FQ 2' ii -ed ww F E ,Q , Q. 111 Q L LLL1 L:L E Z V Y f'-'F , if bf W has klw 4' WM is ,K-' -'ul -Qtgww gg: 1g X W. J we - Senior class council, l. to r., Mike VanDordrecht, President Blair Bryant, Joe Profita, Laura Hastings, below, Craig Whaley, and Mike Israel 5.3, K 3 , --X. I To the Seniors: Thanks for being a unique and involved class. While many hard hours were spent in trying to determine what would be to your best advantage, I can say in all honesty that the challenge you provided has been a really reward- ing experience. l hope that your new plans include time to return and say hello. WMM 1f f Martha Collison Jeff Olesen me .YV L, X QM5"s6..i Iycia adams ff' dori anderson terry acker martie acton diana adams doug adams richard alderman steve allbritain robert anderson nancy arnold ' janeen aron jim aron jim astor lee aubel dennis bader be X robert banner Kemp baker pauia baker 415' kathy ball chris barnum linda barrett EGF' X QYTZ27 alexis barta linda bartholomew susie beesemyer jeff bejach ' Q , anita bell ellen benefield nancy bennett roger bentley laurie berrier bob bice denise bigelow bob black bob blacklidge georgia blake bruce boegeman carl boode eric boode jim boyd elaine bradley if Eff? john bradley bob bramhall linda bransky debra brassey kathy brennan ken brewer mike brewer jack briggs diane brown mark brown , b r rrr or r nancy brown neal brown peter brown vicki bryan blair bryant steve buckles charles burns todd butler kerrie byrne M linda campbell lewis cann fred cannon bill cantrell :R L- 'FNQ-'-,3 'NN' T nancy caples cathy chambers patty champion Kris chandler jill Childers Chris Ching jim Christ tom clark karen Clarke lance Cleary C l 'hr' w fd' peter Cleary mary Clumeck nancy Colbert debby Collins a 'A suzanne Collier oliver Colteryahn Carmen Conte mark conzelman sheri cooper bill cooper law-Q ?s' debby corlett Kathi coxon wes craddock ' N Qzfek 'tra' bill craig jim Crawford claudia Cray lucia crispim murray terri crum A carolyn cuningham debbie cruze chris cuilen tim culley jim Cushman bob cutting hannah daley :'l -r mark davis scott daniels kathy davis ,K , ..,.V ,W A I . ray de angelo pat delaney keith de Iorenzo debbie dierkes richard dietz stan doddridge tom doherty ruth donohuqh sally dorsett diane douglas brad drake debby drumm derek duesler 44 wwf" diana duff natalie duquette MW steve duquette vicki dyer scott eckerle bruce edens sarah eldridge janis elliott kathy elliott dale ellis gary emerson nancy englund jim estes dana ettlin pat evans tony falbo terri fatino ik, i ..:f,. Exif kz.. K steve finlan bruce firestone debbie firth john fletcher 14 susan flower rick ford scott ford ellen fox john frady marilyn fratto frank fredericksen greg frederking pat freres linda frost bob fulton ray gall ' tim gaskins steve gausewitz Suzanne giese jennifer gill marilyn gill gary gillman steven gilson 1"'h-9 'M iim glauser don glefke mimi goffstein debbie goodwin doug gordon jan gortz w""'L?' carol gourlay chris graham jeannine graham belinda green pat green bill greschner craig grimm K 14 philip grimm jay gronemeyer judy gross isauro guevarra susie gunderman .A ron gunnell ronda gunnell steve hachey anita hagenbuch ben hall diane halus scott hamer dave hammond mike hartman laura hastings jim hatter rick haugen nanette haumann chris hawkins mary heath pat henry john himes cindy hofferbert conrad hohener terri holl ar-" bret holter don hows dean howard lisa howard melinda hudson jessica hueter dana nuff lynn hunt pam huson todd huss nancy ipson michael israel chris jackson gary jackson Wx? mike jackson Iaurie jeffs carolyn jensen carl johnson chris johnson don johnson patti johnson l randy johnson foster johnston cindy jones bob jones steve justus mimi kadin mollie kadin rick kai! gary kareta greg Keeler 1'-M' MN WIS? margaret kemeny Iaurie kibbee chris king john klein david klotzsche steve knisley kristy knox synde koukal ward krause gwen kreps bili krupp krena kruppe nanCY 'ahf Sheila laib david lampert richard lander louise landis scott landwehr lars larsen melinda IGSKG joan leasman cindy le fevre CLASS FLIFIT: Craig Whaley, Sydney Mavrhofer i 1 K I ' , , Y L Y f Y E Y I i Li J ii 3 L....L.. -il--1... Jn---..-.1 si. 1 1 ,i.....,....L L I MOST TALENTED: Jim Votaw, Lisa Howarrd 7'-K L W" . are s e .., .46 . 'J wi 3 1-49 t 'engulf' V5 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Stewart Rose, Ruth Donohugh BEST LOOKING HAIR: Greg Frederking, Pam Streeter 3 MOST ATTRACTlVE: Derek Duesler. Melinda Wente BEST DRESSED: Peter Cleary, Melinda Leake in .N V, X ,Y V XJ if QI, J rf Lf f V la I L lil... .,,,.. bers , I ' ,I CUTEST DIMPLES: Blair Bryant, Chris Jackson .Z Q54 un,-S t Q ' , At- ,,w"'! l .e'j.." ' SENIOR SWEETHEABTS: Scott Daniels, Kathy Rabun SEXIEST SMILE: Bill Wright, Janet Sutton. DONE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL: Kirk Ryder, Cathy Cham- C MOST FFIECKLES: Rod Banner, Debbie COIIinS 43' EAOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Don LeSuer, Renee Wein- erg ,fu MOST ATHLETIC: Craig Grimm, Sally Dorset MOST ALLUFIING EYES: Billy Shanbrom, Connie Martin MOST INTELLIGENT: Carel Veenhuyzen, Mollv Kadin J ,J ,,,, .5 1 4 J-Alan'-gg T I 2 L 'vwlollnmumq vp: fa it MOST TAl KATIVE: Bill Socha, Nancy Meyer MOST UNINHIBITEDI Steve R 2'-x.?.!1,. rreere Q img r" QW QVE. ,W T K 4 e i LV -N Ka-saws I .Y Q BEST PHYSIQUE-FIGURE: John Fletcher, Laurie Jeff amsave r. Merry Ran k --v-......,,n-...W W... 1 l TEACHERS PEST: Larry Moorehead, Linda Perryman T' -fx x,., I e, - ,A I I i V l l best looking hair an alluring eye lwould it be without make up?J an un-alluring but steadily gazing eye belonging to most intelligent beauty mark lpart of the total allure of most attractivel dimples lthose cute little facial indentationsb sexiest smile the red rose lone of the ploys of the class flirty the class letter ldenoting exceptional school spiritl teacher's pest most freckles best figure X 2 fred lemake janls lemieux debbie lester don Ie sueur 'film bill lewis robyn Iiebman carol lillibrldge M9 robert lindauer tim lindgren pat little sharon Iosleben bobbi louscher marjorie low elizabeth Iueck jim Iundquist my 4 john m-HCKGY janet maier Qruwfmgy, scott manning sharon marcus matt marschall Cgnnie martin bf, QW, QW' sydney mayrhofer bob merillat nancy meyer mike makltka ruth mildner dottle miller sandy miller Kirk mills ,pu-up ff' 5 steve mitchel doug mitten barbara moberly denise monahan alison moore Q'--v Iarrv moorehead melinda morgan "Eff" -55' gary morrell nanci mueller marchelle murray chris mc cabe mike mc cluskey linda mc cone steve mc donald maureen mc kown carl mc coy colleen mc mike mC hale lisa mC Kee , ,Va X! X mark mc Iaughlin paul mc mullin ed nance bruce nenadal 'Y'-fe, - susan newland susan newlon tom nittg pete nobile vaughn nybakken ,..,T' judy nyman linda o'donnell cathi olson steve oroza barry Osborne pat osborne diki ostroski bob ostrow janet owen paul page robyn parker steve patterson anna paul rick paxman bill pearsol linda perryman ,2- X v 1 ,fr ,sew- mitch peterson sandy peterson tom pevehouse kathy Phelan david pickens butch Dittard j0n pitts marina pitts cynde plath cliff post charles potter eric price linda profet joe profita susan quilty kathy rabun lee ramlo michael ramstead tim randall merry rank Iyle rapp debbie rapport sf 'M' mike reilly rina reta chip ristuben Ken robbins melanie robbins Stuart YOSG doug rothrock silvia rubiao ff' tom ruff risa ruffner julie rupe kirk ryder elaine Sanchez grant Sargent doris Sauter robert Schater ff ,' , 5 1 H bart schalansky debby Schmidt jamie scholnick Mi VW Sabine Schroder cassie Schulte Steve Schulze joyce Schwendemann debbie scott kethy seeley dennis shallenberger 53 is 7 - fx bill shanbrom lynette shew beatriz serio jean Seymore nandy shanahan roger shanley veena Sharma vicky snaw frankie sheflin 11--"" candy Sherman randy Sherman lezlie sherrel judy Shimizu nancy Showalter julie sinitzin aulfl Synder randy smith bill socha jirn soderberg barney sokol bob speicher bryan spofford 'C""'7 In-" dixie spriggs mark stanley Ieslie steward alayne stoops 2 sandy stratmeyer pam streeter mark Strickland laurie Strobel tina Summer! tom sutherland janet sutton glen swedelson steve sweet mike szkaradek marilyn tatum cindy taylor elizabeth taylor susan taylor ' Q r jim terenti wendy thorburn reed thorne 41' matt thuney tom triman janette trotter AJ J I , t , paul trueblood sally tucker hugh tyler 'N i 1 , be .QV Fl 'fl fx 1 tim underwood ken vandevrede , fm I mike van dorcrecht larry varela valerie vaughan carel veenhuvzen mike ventura pat vermeulen julie vevoda 5 rob vining sherry vogel jim votaw dave walker mark walker wendy walker joe Waller Curt warner Iuanrle Weaver jon weber shirley weber steve weber gayle Weinberg mitch weinberg s melinda wente renee' Weinberg dan weis 1 Craig Whalf-PY richard whitnah denise whitney don wiener greg williams ,sk- ,ft-,VX debbie wilson doug wilson it ' brian witbracht debbie witt 'WE' 1:. 1 E judy wiley chris wills joe wilson brad wolfenden scott wolfenden ierrv woods bill wright denise wright 5404 Q57 betty jo wylie keith yount ray yuenger marvin yust Q.-D if if pat yust jan zaret bob zink chris zito National Merit Finalists L R, Frank Fredericksen, Peter Brown, Janette Trotter, Mark Davis Ray Yuenger Carel Veenhuyzen Ml Daughters of the American Revolution Award: Renee Weinberg Right: Gemco Scholarship Award, Conrad Hohener senior awards ,P-'ww i-of i "" Bank of America Award Winners: Back Plow L-B, Diane Douglas is Artsg Betty Jo Wylie, Home Economics, Jeanine Graham, Foreign Languages, Judy Wiley, Business, Mollie Kadin, Mathematics, Linda Perryman, Art, Front Row L-B, Lyle Flapp, Fine Arts, Bob Ostrow, Trade 8. industrial Arts, Peter Cleary, Social Science, Not shown, Bruce Edens, Mary Heath, ' n d Wiener, Wes Craddock Debra Witt, Susan Taylor, Do al L, ,wi at Los Angeles Times Scholarship Finalist: Carel Veenhuyzen Orange County Decathlon Winners: L-Fl, Marilyn Tatum, Varsity Division, Ruth Donohugh, Scholastic Division 2 National Merit Letters of Commendation: Back Bow L-R, Teresa Acker, Diane Douglas, Steve Finlan, Linda McCone, Mollie Kadin, Sandy Peterson Front Row l.-Fl, Sue Taylor, Mimi Kadin, Merry Bank. Bryan Spofford, Not shown. Carl Boode, Bruce Edens 5 1 'P' ,JT X is L V .N Q Y --JYN at W N 3,-fin-rf Q 1 ff ', .C ,QP 5. 15 Q il ag. X xx ' 7,75 J 4' . Q Q ,Q u O s-did N fl ,.,,,,g3V.s,i, A 6 ,w 3 if 4' 4 K. .svw "' ,f VX ii. Mafia, xl-. x sth , Q! , wan 1 3 . x 1 ,wax Q-w!s,"3Qmx Mu fx A an fq' ,X I G.. xg XX ,nw-.xx ' X v Q33 11 V AE 1' gl "SV .. . .gif-"" ' 1--.x-3313 , K fa if-14" .. , 4--w'ff2'1 X ' wf:S'i'l1"5f . K f H' W d,,.Y,.,gxs la r,m'xxwt'f' i -5 .W-.fag 5, X xg 4 P--.-1' "fm a-v'-Q.-12:32 T ffm-sifxxfvf W w-xawmv Ugg- . V. 1 -YVWQQ if 45 f ti Eg Q X15 N U xl I , .6 1 ,V wi? 'XL ..---fm' A- uw. it ik 1 XLKX H Risi- 15339 xi ' ,nw XVI 3' HI Sf SEQ v I M sg V iw Q xi? WX- ! XXYSVT i Vgwi '- A nn .x ...-,,.f,,y, f ,..- ,,,.,-',,,,,,,f ,,,-,,,, 1, W--,,v-"',-f L' 33 -W: -x 1. iii li-O Y, QR ES. .-v-'--,.N ',,,,,,....--"" n x'sgg V 2325? ,, 1 : 'b, ,,-: X H QS. f ' A 5 V gf 1 iffiffi, '31 1.,' . ' , :Hu h T A saw If Y is x f, 'Wim VV V 'i- A A . '- 4. AN' Q W .- ,L ,,...-4 ,MQ -,Q 5 RL Nu 8' an .1 N442 Q elgifq-R -'Q W J J 3 W.-Q-Nagy, ,ix :sm ig ,wwf .1V,,,,,,,, WMWM 'lb M 3 N 4 .w v 'W' --1:-4 ...M W kim -4 GT' ' 'QV u.z"-"wi " , W lLi .f ! l, ig l. W 'V , ' A "'35",' , A 9: fr ,,.,4, A I Q, vm -M . . ' :Q iff., ' ' 4' ' B, 7 K mi., f U '-ws 5 5?'5Qf' W I fr... "N 45. ,gA .... , f . v,,,' .fwt'+'f Y N win M? A 4 , ,,,W, V 1 Q I 2 Q I r ' . Q waz , var.: mzwzq K - 5,555 'IG v-65 ja, ,Mi 1 its xf' Y xff la 4 vb il X, 1+ ...r . 5 ll V -iv ,ht 'E , V- 29 Ks 1 --43, I ,.-Q 1,. -"" hw , 95- Qs eff 5 'CS' iihrji na Simi f 5 , 35' KM 1 yy K, M? " JSF 5 ,EQ A if '-F9 9 if yjlxig A 7 ey, w. w SZ, WW' fe 43' dw wfm Y 9 MMM! 3 HN sh K 5-QI mf Jaffe g R? A4 3 Q5 Mg? mg Lg' 1 NFS-2 W su in .ww 3 iw 7: Q93 sk if mm wewe ww' qw ww K1 W if 25 dai wiiiwzizgi 3? 5 vig' 'pg !wf.,,f-Le 4:-Qi if www ,gy J em 'rf X' Ea meenieff-awe fee me :emi W c Q 9 X f elf fslwhliiwmnnfw Q ee had Jefeep III me daym my Ck vw mm iedg The teacher who 'weiww In the 'shadow of We femme ameng H eiieyyere QW-ISS wet Us vue om but ie? sf M Q M TH ami has ieymgmdk if he is indeed wise he does: ne? bad you enier me 3'-C of his wisdom, but rather leads you to The threehoid of 3 own mmd The aeironomer may speak To you of his understant of space but he cannot gave you me understarsdurg me fnuezcuan may smg to you: of the rhythm whzc 51 is En ai! space but he rdnnei Gave you the ear which drreetsfhe rhyihm northe V,OimCE3H'18f,4GC-h09S!Vlt, , U 3 eQ e . y i yAIfud he whoyEe y4e rsed in the science of nufmbersean-teyil of thefegione 'ef Q-Weight, abd fTlGVZiSClfl5f,' but he 'Gyannoet 'een'dAL1ct you fmither. e V f W I For the yisioh of one man iende not its w'inQstoe1no1 man. A A y e f Add even ee each 'One wofiyou .fiends alone' in Gods, KTEQJJZGQQE, 53 muet each Qrxe of you be alone m knew edge ef G-sed and m1husun,derstandmg of ineeyarth. M- W- " , 'Q Q 1 ' '-wk' , ' ,. N bk V im J Q- , . -, Q- -sf Q 1- w 1 ' A-A f 1 3 - fm V fx wr 1 165 1 fm. ,f 51355, +..:3t. vis L, w., nkiffififulf. Y Q ,, W' 1, ,. A - fy ' -5 M , -'- ' N3 H ' - by 37 ,.f. ' WL .4 -Q IAF A. H V K , , -4,7 nf 1 .a K .1 - Q. K K Q-,J -.' .. , .M mf?" 'E T132 'z' - L rg 'muff' mm gf - 'fl rg ' - f' M w v -- , w ' ' wx ' Q- a H -m? r . JJ ,, X "ff4,53,iA2- mix? -.""l-, -:am-Y-91" - 5,32-T M ,L va. Mai' -vw gem 5 la :He 5 1:39 E l ,-r' 4 'fi FH ' i fl, 1 Q J L ' f H-. 1 Q gi' F - awe, ww . f, i. :Q - ps. .. wee. --Q . W -egfii ex f.. 111. .Q:,.Hf'sw aa'-mfr' ff:-' 4. :K - Le: ww. ' 1 .J , -f my 3 HP? - .Q Q, v gg-gi' A ,'iQ'-jfffiiiiiibii'-TT"ff-i,Q ' L34 Nimf, J: Ak , ,J A1 Egg, g ,r. -W, 1 X, . Y , A I 1 I Y. it 5 -,,, .-,. rm K - in . Q I, . Q-V n .,- Q ie 4,4 n 1 .W , ' f My , -1 ii ? 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E' ar -WW" ' O90 0 o 4 ' O Q:,::'0' 'O ' 'iin h'0, auf? 0 W 'u'uo ' 0 a'eo fo .4 ."' juniors D ' A ,Q 1i top l-r, Peggy Neale, President, Marilyn Maizland, Laurel Donahue, bottom I-r, Steve Furniss, Bob Toler, Stan White lt has been a pleasure working with the class of 1971 for the third year. Our class spirit has reached an all time high. I have observed positive changes in the attitudes and motivations of many individuals in the class. What will the members of the class of 1971 contribute to the future? This is impossible to answer at this time, but l feel that each individual will be prepared to make a unique contribution and that his education at Foothill will have given him the best possible preparation to do this. Dorothy Denno MJ if fiC,4frwfz,4l sr . F Y? A QS r1.5 . A S , Q K ah' A T . 'Blige - A ring. ' K " C. Alvev fa. . if if C , -A . F A. Q Q H. Amyx I ' Qi, it wa if I an Q me I , . K .2,,-ig, fc Y A X. A , .S 4,-3, 1 , Q . .hb ,. . D. Anderson ' - W' Fil? 'SP .2 if gg 4- K 4 G. Anderson . ,M it 3: . Q s-, 1 31 .5 Qi? A. Baltg D. Barber A. Barker S. Barnum J. Barstow D. Barth D. Barton Q, x,.. ' 3 d K- BHYIISS D. Beck G. Beck G. Beeman B. Behn R. Beight J. Bejach I A. An rus X 'A ' c. Archibald 'rail :, A vi . A-. A Q 1:4 f L. . M W 55 . fi H' 'z . . , A F A L Qlmigii - 5 A- f- ' . I - :LL 5 4 E 49, I. A,....wl S sf. . ...l M. Ashfevam is .A a . 'A tif' . A ' -Mg S. Aston x l in i7 is Q ' ' cw .QV if 4. .. .sw L. Q f K I E. ' .I . nf, . 'K M .sth I All , F . F- ' F' " ,sk ' 9" b ' L I 5 nf . C- Averbach A L A ' . . .. . 'X' kk. A. Axelrod V SX , G' si N Mi -31 ss -y 4, L T1 4 A ' gf -0 5 . as -1 L D. Babecky ' 'if " at ' . F, .,g,.,,x G. eau . ' Jcf "S he R . 1 ti- , , K- . . . , B. Bekkedahl M. Bennett D. Bentley J. Bermingham J. Bird W. Birdwell L. Bishop D. Blackford Fl. Bode P. Boggess L. Bonebrake B. Boyd B. Boyle K. Boyles J. Bradley K. Bradley M. Branch K. Bratton C. Breslow D. Brian D. Brigham . jg 5 s. Brokaw 'J 5 , -- A it R l S Brooks ' mfr 'J LQ C Brower ' ' fi V., 1,3-1, W ,A D Brown i' i 'A A X W' D Brown ' "'J C i J. Brown N... L ,.... - C. F pq h M. Brown X ,H Q A A R S Eruscili -1.552 1 V . - ' 1 l S, I Uec e i EQ '-.- .1 ' V , D Bunch ' ' 'F' .. V K Burke L xi' ' X iiii A lirs " ..i W L D Bm lr i ' , A F .hk . a ' ,y . 5 it S. Burns - fi V it S. Burris - . ...- 3 .1 ' 5 w s- . u on A l A T ' P Call A L' E -. . I q ll . B Calvert ' K. Cameron if I xflk I' ig K l l L. Campbell ASN Q29 ll ,w N- at if QW Hu ' S. Carpenter D Casselman T. Chambers 14:1 s i nn -rf ,. 4, , . ,,... ,, f Al .sm L 1 . -,fn iq . y J gs, . f 5 f ' gf- D 1 A ,Q 4 we X is H .X .W S . six .f 3 Y as is N A AQ X WJ xii X K X X M . an N X Sk -pc X . J. Colombo A. Contreras , I x . ,r Q .. fa . 1 L K Al WJ' ' Z: u A . N Y 1 I 'D .. .ti kg Z . A W' . Ex 41 V , -. -- kk .. .f rl A r Q' C i 94? ' X L.. b l 3 L fa f ,, . n. - r 's 3 is R '35 'if' 'LQ' :fs-4 . . Y ., V , fx L' ' A ...R R.. f J Q f 5 f , I' I NW.. 5 ,D . .L Q iv .. 1 , ff Q ik tr- ' Nxt Q A C. Christiansen L. Christianson E. Chunick D. Chytraus C. Clark L. Clark M. Clark D. Claus R, Coble M. Cochrane C. Cook D. Cook S. Cooper B. Cope C. Corey C. Correll H. Corrigan C. Cox V. Craib C. Craig V. Crandall B. Crawford R. Crawford D. Crothers B. Crowl K. Crowther D. Crum N. Cueto J. Cushman S. Cutting J. Czech G. Dabney . -., I ,Q if 'S '-7' s N- is M7 ra w-.L if 4 .."""'- . Wa .. A, X I 1 - 4' L S TSW., A ., 1 . ,, . i .. ? iv Vbi' K ' b . ' ' ,. 4. L , ' 'V fl " 1 'K' .5 in A Nr' Q , J C fs ' J' x iii ry r r o . . X a :Yi Lf? , rv-L . "Z if 471 W, S. Delahay D. Denardo M. Davis C. Day J. DeCIue C. Degraffenreid R. Dehrick G. Dennis J. Densrnore S. Dezotell C. Diedrich L, DiFraia D. Dirksen M. Dixon D. Doherty L. Donohugh K. Donovon D. Dorsch K. Doyle L. Drewitz S. Dubowe K. Duckett T. Duquette E. Eastin S. Eberlei S. Eckhardt B. Ecklend L. Egan L. Egbert S. Ehrsam S. Elliot C. Ellis B. Elzig M. Emanuel T. Erwin if , sf? l . :F F ' " x .55 - . A x i L it .... G G Q'-:- N J . " E G ..... t .Q mmm, K , K . L '.-, I ,t .omg .f . ,, . -2 . P A ,J 5 .553 G H :KQ ' I fi P ' 3 . 4 Q wi X 'J' it Q ' 1 G G X S . ,... gg ' F 5 s K-.,. X' . , tr J. Evans S. Ewald L. Farish M. Falbo D. Fatino D. Fay J. Felman S. Felton L. -'f 1 .V.V Q xx Q9 f - -5 Q ' N -fe lie -4' W I 'H .,, .. an '-.-f " " A 1' 'fa ' f f' 6 '54 ki.. 1 ' 'iiiiii lm: fist. . E M. Firestone J. Fisher S. Fitzgerald M. Flanagan F. Fleisman G. Flint L. Flock T. Fortuna S. Foster B. Fowler P. Fox P. Fox C. Frank L. Franke B. Freeland D. Friedman L. Frbhlin S. Furniss S. Gallagher M. Garcia D. Garell B. Gargulio Fried Garibay 3 is . 'TQ L, 1. I n' P QQ - f See r S , , Y s rl V 4. 5 ' , wg ss M Q .h. . P S-'fi' :V F7-l 353 - Qi' K . Q.-ve 'ca af. an -s .P X -L , .,.... , , "hi -fl:- G A. Garmon G. Garrotto P. Gavin P. Garside B. Gay D. Gerding J. Glovin G. Goldtho S. Graham TP J. K Gay Geurkink F. Goldie C S Graham Green as I :I . J. -'W ' if K Ja if ' K ,QQ 5' I . '5 . -..SL . 3 K KT K ' 5:3 iq - 'ie ' 13 . .. . ' . 'K K 1 : 2 Q Yxjgfjfsf is K.. . K 6. 1 v . X .. . J , "' we 'hs Q ' - Q. xf fx Q Grimes Grobman Grow Gudmundsen Guenett KGulk0 Hanna Hansen Hansen Hansen Hanson Hanson Hardin Hardy Harmah Harris Harris Hasselbalch Haynes Heath J. Hefner i .4 K ,, K ,ml J if Ruff .L .H 'f' -. . I 1 ,,- . lg i ,8 nz A . f X I A l ..-- K l ' in 4 Q , Q' J ,,. 4. l K QA 5 K 'iv' . 'i' . 'X ,Q KK L fix ' 1 S Q K 8- YJ . T :UT ,Mw- an L ' - I '14 .. A 4. K Q 1..- Q si- Q RY . if f K 1 ss L - i- Y K QKKK-uv KK K. I 4 -15- P K X, 3. ,P .EZ Lx . lb fd . K 1 H 'JIT K 1 my Q . K. .Keith K . ggi : n . EA .,... ,,H. . . . . K x i - L, . f 1 H .,. . V Y 4 E X 5 4 . I 1 . , 'KKK 5-1 ' I HA" ,,, 1 K , . SV . KK""'f3xl "rY J it 'K f 'Q . E lk I t L 'STM' jg . E. -,.f, 1 K- A L XL . K gi J KL., . . 'r,'1 "" J L' w . It-ax if I VV M K , . Q . Heise B. Helland Helton "a, .w 4 . ' ' Q Vg h Henley J. Heppert Hewetf "' X 49 Hibbs .Hicks Hiett . , H it S v J ' 'Q Hill .Hilsabeck Himes Hodges K' Hoefener D' Howe' D Howard s Howard B Hoyt F HuddlestonK Huff Holder J' Holderman G Holthaus P. Hume G. Hunter S. Huntsman D. Hurley W. lllo P. lsford L. Israel D. Ivan J. lvanson M. Jeffries .. x . K QM .f 5 Y 'i . :+L , f , D ,fx. ff. fi-W K 1 ,I I M J f nv' 353 I 1 'kg' :Q - ...Tl Q 5. 1 'K 4- '-. -. , . .3 KKKK K . . 4 y:h,V C ,TX .i ll' .f'K I. 38 -"" g '4!'.:', Ky, K v 'X' 1 N 1 5 0' Q '. K K 1 'X ' if . H "v i , . S K A e 'Kia 'rr" ' fi. J. Jens M. Jesbh C. Jessup C. Johnson G. Johnson L. Johnson B. Jones J. Jones J. Jones S. Kasparian B. Kazanjy D. Keating Ft. Keeler R. Keller M. Kelly S. Kelly S. Kennel S. Kennel ,- was K , P. Kil C. King S. Kinley B. Kirin K. Kirkpatrick K. Koefelda J. Koll E. Kollwit 3: Q L it Q K X A 1? ,.kL X ,N 1 S? 1 'aw . il ."A 3'S' it . . E i i i , LQQQ' gm, ii i , J ' .,. ' . Si -W or S S . .X- Q ..., . I E ag N J f ri K ix i t J' M 1 mii A : . . ' .A . . -. , f . A .5-f. S so xi? L .. . x e, I p ' iv e . ili ' . A ..,- f L A I iii is kk A A 1 . K. Langenbeck L. LaReau L. Larsen C. Lawrence L. Leeds K. Leffler G. Lindstrom R. Lewis Ft. Licata C. Lidsky S. Lindgren A. Lindsay L. Lehman C. Linville 1055 ' ,Q A, j"" -1 "i ' 1 - 1 . ' -59, . .. x -1 . li .sax XA . 5 A N ,kkb . -f x K K K K of " 1 - ' .5 -.. ' 'ii .'-- x o' G. Kurowski of M y i f D. Kuykendall 'E NQKVS ix. ge. ' I , A L A A L :l.1-2:15, Q i ...L X s ' 4 .A , , , I I "1 B A 5 . f N ...r.s .S . K 4 3 Q' 3 T Lachman M A KW .L r A 'if 1-. - A C. Lafayette "'i i i. as A is 4 A 5 : S L K A,v,M1 f'f!"'rMx .N y , Q ' s. Lohr D. Lowe L. Lucas c. Lund L. Mack M. Maes D. Mageue M. Maizland P. Mann A. Marcus R. Martens G. Martin S. Martin S. Martin S. Martin J. Mason T. Mason Fi. Matics B. May M. McCandless B. McCarty A , A h K H Q , ' P. McCool ., ,,- I ' , G Q, ii J' D. McCormick . ' Q ' 31 A . ."1 .. f 1 f ' W.McCurdy ' ' 7 A Y 11 I T 5 I ' D McDuffee J 'W A 'fe . . rw P L. McDuffee 'N A ,g K J- .- r'rif ' h , A ' . 5 2 . , h C. Mclntyre zl, H . ,P R. McKinnon iii., iff' f 5 ,j L. McNamee ,. K ,Q V. Q S. McRay . ' A . gi G. McVey . -' r 3 . ' S. Meier i 3 , M "3 P. Meinert f .. fi J. Meisenbach A. Meliili A. Meliili M. Mengos R. Meredith D. Mergell S. Milbrath D. Miller J. Miller . H M. Miller ,N ' L. Milliman A ll! J. Mills .ss in Q35 L 4"s. .1 3 I x nf E? .QS-f ' ' " 'O . 2 A I . , - -1L, L r I X - J ., W . wt, V . A .. . A , f .. A ,. . i., . . '-" K P . A ' P S J A. Mintzer C. Moffat S. Moodie D. Moon D. Moore M. Morioka D. Morse P. Moses N. Mossman K. Mueller S. Mueller V, Muller D, Murray P. Neale L. Neff M. Nielson M. Northup J. Olson L. Olson L. Olson ir- -1 'mil .3 A ' ,gs - W. ln. f K3 tv B... -s at s. 1 Y + t , . A. Opfell D. Orthen K. Ostermiller P. O'Toole T. O'Toole D. Owen Paeth D. K. Palchikoff P399 N. N. Parkinson My H V. Paterno C. Pathe L. Pauling C. Payne ..,s i i . 2 5 . ,W xlll. 5 , .... .. .... . .... ,..., -.-W , .... , -... m...-..-,D .- ii -0 cf ,rf A' Y ' 1.-f F. AY :K First row J. Gray, C. Swenson, J. Nelson, D. Patterson, B. Bickford. Second row C. Alvey, L. Terlizzi, D. Trebotich, B. Burrows. AL: F I .V.g W A V ' V' - in L "'- -N " -v i S V ' . -an . Q H ' ii. i ' . it- ix it 4 .A . K .fw .N T .yi 1 5 ii . . 3: .... .Q Kg V-Q gi ' Q P - ,Q S Q es ssi P... P "" . . wg Q, 1 r if , - f ' I he A L he .if If G' V .kkg krk. . N ,, w K kk K w . V Q K I n , U -P 1 P . S . . . - , is wrt. it' ' - P i i S . X J W - N . n f. 4 I 1 . X we , . D' - K - ,J 5 13. S . A T. Perrin S. Peter B. Peterson S. Pfleiderer D. Pinkerton P. Pitcl D. Podell M. Poirier D. Pope C. Post D. Potter G. Poulen M. Power Ft. Powers M. Preston J. Prigmore D. Primeau D. Primrose R. Ftahaeuser R. Ptahaeuser V. Fteasoner , . ei HH ,fa .V f P t Qgm.. -Q Q 'HHSQ Q l f lgliig . J . shew? LL.L fvgw 4. ec 'I ' 'W' 'M 1 , R ,f 65 r . MN L. Schmitt B. Schrellhoter R. Schultz L. Schuth R. Schwartz S. Seitz S. Serafin Sevenson n i 4. itk Q S1 'iff' .ggg if if Y f ' I Q.. tgw, Svgg if it... Qi ., ,, 'HQ' l i f 'A z Av . z 1, if l A Q fx I Rego Rese Rhodes Rice Richards Richards Richardson T. Reilly H Riley Rimsha Ringer Robbie Rodewald ROSE 4 , S5 .1 3 . , QVY H 0fe'J B. Shade J. Shafer S. Shannon P. Sharma M. Sherrel D. Shiley M. Shimizu P. Shine D. Shinoda B. Showalter A. Slabodkin J. Slane J. Smisen K. Smith L. Smith L. Smith S. Smith T. Smith K. Sneden R. Sodaro S. Southworth K. Speed B. Spivey S. Spofford M. Tucker , ' A - -- . L. St. Lawrence . " x V . Z L. Spohr X, R x -L - Ei "5 " " ' " .1 ' f . 'Yi-L i P Stanton Y 'L P S J. . ' if- f it ' Osteen sims: ' w',..- 1 . 1 Ayg M: S ygg V P- Stefan 4 ' R N, , X . J. Stephens A L Y ' ' 'ia . fm 'A" ' ' G K. Stephenson X . Q S 1 - N V . . L. Stewart - ' -A Q 1 1 6 ' L. Stowers S' . ' Q . . . fe. ' ' . L J-SUHUSS f :LI i - Q ' -P . 'Q D. Strickland Y ' S' 4 -, I f.' .5 P ' j .. T. Strickler ' .. W ' . . L:,.. . .Q " J . J. Stubbs , ting A. mwfgf , ' i AA - .. V G. Sullivan I . W.Templin , P g L T W of M.Terlizzi L- f 'ttt Q , 'fm S Q- " S f ' M. Thacker 5 Hg A ,K Q n .,gf,-ig R.Thiele 1 . Y' ' . . -P ' K'T'l0mpS0f1 'Q 14, Llr' it K. Titensor , .Sf .- I-N as :vw P' ' A"" "Q 'Tl S' nl i L . h H ' X ' 'K 1 X A I , n- 'N ' v1 .f S' "' ri- L ' ' .5 " ' ' S31 .- 'J' N A T in , . ' - . Y mit' 4 . X -. . f f P. Ventre V. Vining D. Vitsky S 'mf' . ' Q, -if ts. , , 1 .. ":- 'C' " 1 , . if 1 - A - . ... :nj J' ' ...J , 6 'H ' '-- ' b I ' S i L. bf . -Q. K :N -" . I VLk,' ak E SX tr. it " 'Y - ir? g- X 1 L , A. Walsh M. Walters L. Weinberg P. Weinberg S. Willbern B. Williams S. Waechter M. Weiler Ft. Wilcox G. Wanlas W. Wark B. Watkins J. West T. Weyler S. White ' J I-W A 3 A W ii . in I at W ' Q- Lay I 9 u . ' '.,L ' ' 41'-J? - . is. S K ' K :.k ..... j 'Q A , f , I 9 7 T ei . it . - ss 1 it - ' 'f' 5 is . s f A . G - A ,... ' I A S ' , 'ii N ' J I E. Wills G. Wilson S. Wlison S. Wolfe J. Wootan C. Worman W. Wotipka D. Wright S. Yamaguchi S. Yates S. Yencer P. Zahnie .Tompkins .Toole D, Tota S .Towners S .Triman .Tyler P . VanWagner K. .Travis K. M. Trotter J. L. Tujague M . Uken Varian Ft. Trider Tschirgi Tunnell T. Usatenko Vega 'H sophomores -..etyms N , M is :rfb ..x. it lik I if 'B Q" 12 r FYJ 2 Arr J, K is. ,ai fd .' I 'W 2125: 1,4-1 32:1 f ,r 1, ,'c,,, Sophomore Class Officersg I-r Top, Diane Grobman, President David Kanno, Mike Sfregola, Bitsy Osborne, Laurie White, Cindy Weaver Your sophomore year has proven to be one of change. You were no longer the scared freshmen who had not reached the maturity of upperclassmen. Now you face two of the most exciting years of your life. May I wish you the best of luck in these years and in the future. Richard A. Robbins 5 bf , 1 Lg it -,sv . mi? , YJ xg' O . 1 .X r "QMS-e. .. ..... 3, u.R..gZ r . .js va H 'Uni i uv' .AN ls if . ,K 2 A XA. ww 5 1: awjt' .Q Y My 4? exam -Q1-su Q' '31 Nu' t Wk 1 vs eff .. .. ,. K -. ,z s 'UE 'Rs E E 7? n .,,.N 53 . -rf' vw 1. 1 . . A , , ... , NW., 1 MU L5 ,fit K V K . ili , Q gh Ji . 5 1 4, . fu r. gt, ' f m. .h'k -2 as ' B' ' J-.. -- .. . uh' I '. " X -1 '- 1 -1 Maw Q . 'x J :L QT., . - A 1' 5' D. Acker K. Adams S. Adams P. Adler G. Alagna E. Albright R. Allison S. Allman A. Amyx J. Anderson G. Anderson M. Anderson C. Archibald B . Aris T. Arnold R. Ason G. Atherton L. Axelrod M. Bachtelle T. Bak M. Baker R. Barajas C. Barrerd B. Barta 4 , il- . . . wr xt . f st' Q W5 ..., 1 . S ell' L , . . A... - ll! . . 4 rlr s . . el . S .R-I I fx' SIE' i 0 ? K iq , I K . .,,.. 4 ,Ar . A I A A 4, Q V. .. K. Bates L. Battles K. Bean S. Beatty J. Beesmyer K. Behrens - K. Belinn C. Bell M. Benton W. Beresford B. Berkhausen G. Biener B. Bjornson T. Blanton R. Blethen 'l Front Row V. Brown, L. Lucas, E. Rosenberg, C. Usatanko, L. Steingiein. Second Row R. Bogdanlch, D. Faccou, D. Furnam, S. Ewald, P. Des Campo, J. Doherty. T. Blyzka f B. Bode T . A J. Boggess . f 4 A K. Bollinger C Q 5 A A S A R. Boobar 1 7 3 W J J J l - 1. '3 " 5, ' . 'i h J. Bourget iii. "' -s-- T f . N . ,Jr . ' Q Fx. Bowe - X- A 4 lx- . -'J Z . Q .,...a G. Bradley S ,MJ . ,telr . llsss ' f . ' .Q D' Want - "' " qs A X A A ' xf.?9ljQCfa S. Brennan fm... xx ' A ' ' " ' L. Brewer 1 'R 5 , B. Brown A At' A , ,' G. Brown G . - . in , A .. I , R. Brown . " " s , if " Ye 3. grown 'P . 3-f s. ' bf- ' ar Q", - rvanf . .... :5 A K. Brynd lfb' ,,,, . . .. - A at A .,,,.hhV ,3-fLf3.4'N5 4'- Q J. Buster L lll A X . ' T.Butler Q h "K' A ' G. Cadwell "' at -- 4 -gh, . C. Calvert l J ' J. Cannan . 'P - A . T .,, . A A R. Cantrell 5 ff "li r ' r Q' V' ' A. B. Carpenter f A -- t -wr. h Qi B. Carollo -J-3' X . ,git 2 , K. Carse X 71 ' 3 .V ' D. Carter -. ls W rl ' A . ... ..Q ? .K A K ' s' i 5 4- . ff W., 'tw ' ' " Q" D s..i 'V . D i. 1 42' :Sf f'I F f'::'f' L s ' l g l ' D 1 P q . , . A . .yo us, . - .X . 'ii i .... ' v . D 5 ,J X 1 K - wx kxkkv .ME . mf 1,1 kk Q : . 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J.. :ai ,J wi KX J , 4 V .. ,t A r 'V Ji 5 My x .1 .3 K Q wr M. Day J. Dean K. Degraffenreid P. Densmore J. DesJardins S, De Traye ?'5 J. J. T. V. D J. D L. C D. G. P. G E. S D D. K K S. M Dibble Deitrich Deitz Dinnel Dizney Doherty Duesler Dunbar Eaton Edahr Ediss Egan Eilts Eimboden Eldridge Elliot Ellis Emerson Erwin Estes Everton N4 , 1 3 P L ,Z I . .- "-. , . M. Falbo M. Farmer L. Feign V. Fesler D. Fielding L. Fischer si! -.., X. F5 .-5. 5 .. . R9 gl L. Fletcher S. Foley , -.. me l L X if ... if . ' Ti. ...f x :xii W . . -an J. FOI'd if: cl ,V 4 L J . ve J J L' .x-- Fl. Foreman R, Qi Q. P 1 ,SQ... ,Q - 'T K , ,fi ',,M: Fmlm -F it Teas v an S K K R. Gall H. Geisendorfer K. Geb B. Geyer C. Gibson E. Giese K. Gill , gm jk C. GiIsborfJ. Gittelson J. Goldthorpe J. Goldthorp N. Good S. Gordon C. Gould "i C. Foster Q lllr t gif. M. Fox i w a s 5 .. . . 4 G J . ..".,. , . . M x K , 5' 1 f Q .0 X ' 'X' ' -S l gm' F 4 1 8 if ' . D- Ffady I R fl 'S ' 3 31-T.. L. Federklmg Af. . 'SZ it YV.: gs V, Ly xg? R, Q ' S' . . -. ' Q55-' X A. 1 X J ,AN ' S, 'fab 5 , h :L 7 h an 4 4. A J. Freeman x A ,Qi Qgf M. Freres 'fi g 4 Q, ,J .gk ' 1 " A "' A .Q ii as it nr :Q , . I-ww -F v 4 iii., 'hw' I -.Q " B. Frost F TL' k A F J X1 1, M' 91 - Y. Frost ' "' i g . ., . K 1 I.: M X .Q nfl, 0 .x' " . 53' X W - f Qfwkxxm- :YE all Sl H f D- Graham J- GVSY M. Green B. Green D. Grobman J. Gronemeyer R Gron N 2. Sudmundsen V. Gulko G. Gullon S. Gumm D. Gustovich L. Haag D. Hachey . aley A. Hall Fred Hamann D. Hamner M. Hansen S. Hardgrove D. Hardin Hag. .K - f ' B. Harrington '- s - gp Q ' A F. Hart V N' 5 4. M. Hartman kt. F i'r ir" r"" M., . L G. HarveY L .. S J g ' C. Harville ' ' l' ' K 4 J . M. Hastings g F it K . . 2 M F P. Haugen , . P. Haynes K ' . 6 '- K. Heinle ,Q F XA if ' s L s. Heise - rr-. 1 ' .-- M. Henderson 'Z L T g . . P. Henderson ' G ii N . ' ' 'A " g . P. Henrietta , v J AQ. , A J. Higgins Q- Q ' gg L T F W n. Hill , A , - a ' ' " i NSF: P. Hines 4 J .A .,,. . 5 , yg . ' N. Hitt ' ". 1 ' g QQ s... t . . -1 W. H029 " . bf E' .ill-1,4-'Y' Q ' 'giff K: for ' "mi 'MOP fa, I M . . Z-X ya an L fi ii' K. Hoesterey L. Holderman K I . Hoe S. Holowin S. Hood ie? I -J? 5? Q Q.. B. Horner D. Horton R. Hows L. Huddleslon D. Hull A. Hum M. Hurd S. Huson C. Hutchinson S. lllo M. lnman D. Jack M. Jackes K. Jackson M. Jackson B. Jackson A. Jacobs B. Jacobs C. Jarmie B. Jeffs s 'Vg , S :Q ggi 'PG XN gg N. ,xl V .sss all df ll J. ., kgs? 5 ss I ' . L l ... K 4. A .A A ' .Sze Qavss . A , . in M Lim. , b Nqqk im J. Jewell D. Johnson J. Johnston B. Johnson J. Johnsrud D. Jones S. Jones W. Jones C. Jordan B. Just A. Kallel C. Kamanski K. Kanallahan D. Kanno J . f A j' ' 8 K. . , F' -. ,M . . .9 "vu-s , - . los - A Q as r sf A l fe rag., I if in x ff -, M. Karl J. Katnik M. Keeler J. Kemeny A. Klllebrew B. Kinosian B. Klein H. Klotzsche J. Knowles D. Knox L. Krueger G. Leeds K. Kruppe R. Lake L. Lander K. Langhauser T. Lauderdale Q D. Leinberger A. Levine R. Lemieux J. Liljenquist J. Levy V. Licata C. Lewis C. Lippett R. Litchfield F. Lombardo R. Little P. Loren R. Little P. Losleben E. Lobue S. Louscher I Hmm.. K it . ,, X ,-,- . .,,. .. ' J Razr R.R. 'RR "sa: . . f" R. .5 1 5 RQ? Tw t RN TM Q' 5 J. Lu B. Lueck G. Malcolmson R. Mancini C. Lucio D. Marshall , .V , R it , , 42 , 5 R i .. . Nw i .RR ,,... VL J rrr. ' R R if " A ..,. . RR R -N4 if R 1, R , V., R ' 1mo R we ,ReRtt. L. Rt s. Hwew RR U ' J J RR O f- 'Qt r 'ii' N 'iif M i.'. ' - :: - - If .": 5 IQ, ::' E. .-:-:' li5" :55 I..i Vykk .. . , it . PM ,L K r.. . ' .gf .. . A .fy Rx " A ' E 1 Q AR ' ' ' Z 5 :R ll' 2 5 I LT' ' AR : I' it - f 2 . .. X' ' i R 5 ..,,, "b . ' ' R Rf . 1. A a iii ' ' 'vmiffg lx R . R Q all K5 M7 vw .3251 if E I .gm . -,.. 'J' it le- RR.-Rs . R R t t J .4 R . Rf . J . - Si? . K K V' '- RR AQ fe kklh A Zi' C ' h .. M' ii' A' .ti M V' 'J " L , ' ' - I 3, -A t,,g . K ,A L , ff R R eill r "' . R .. l'el RR . . -R ' ' 1 ii R E. J ' l Qq- 5 2 R-9 . R 3 t . 'R J- R. or fR is Q .ec tms wss iu s ff sQef e '.... R P ' I 'RRR R i.iii l R i . J R . M . ' MR . ' . R 1 R R RR., R. i R R R . R . . RR RR.. RR . kk . R R ... . S--R J R ' ' rl"R it P . , s . RRR 5 ' J J ' R . Q J V 5 D. Martin L. Martin ...R ..:- Q KR RRRR ff Q, .t, f!,. M. Martin P. Mason '57 is . .a. . R it R . R. Mathews J. Matichak C ' 'N G. Mathers D. Matics s. McCabe N. McClure H. McCormack s. McCoy M. McCray P. McDonald K. McGofio J. rvlcouinn Q-,QA"at'j1"lrd '5 'mxffn T. McHale D. McHatten R. Mclntyre M. McKennettJ. McKennon L. McMullen D. Mehrtens E. Mier ' av a ' y W. Melanson S. Menaker C. Mengos W. Merriman T. Messina G. Metz K. Meyers J. Miesel F. Mayrhofer K. McCabe . Ml 41 o. Milbralh lsr .,'. .1 2 ii 1 3 J 4 B. Miles Q-. -A D I J . Q " J.Miller 5 i . P if gf i errs ' mr Jlmilef J J if W . . ii 1 ., as -s P.Mi"S l.fFfii F-Q 2 i . 5 1 X .Q i .if Psi J- Millsaps J J f U ' N Q eeee it M' Mims ' - 1 ' ' jf! . . T. Mitchel ., N 3 . . ' ,5 , .Q - .,,g.,. , L. Mitchell I . ' 'S f :' 1 S Q 1 1 k hk K K. Moe F .. ,1.- Q. 1 - .2 . Moen Ma. ' f e . 'E J - . D. Moffat x . X N - J . o A jg ' h - ,L Fi. Morehead iw. . P rrrs Sis P . ' 'ms '35 'if m f - . R. Morgan We ,' ., 3' L Q J L- Morris i. -r 7 ' h M b. b X- 5 ' B. Morton J 57 'X K' . . 'N J A ' M. Mueller . U . A ,oy 1 1 5 ' 'T P. Mull WL ' J J 1 - -P .... I ' ' is 2 X Z' ' Fl- Munds . N i .. 4 r Y Q 'z'- fl - 33 i 'gg 3 .4 fx X ,xi .1-ef .gawk HW D. Munt L. Nelson J. Newland C. Noe R. O'DonneII D. Osborn J ii . J if .ig X ,. , X 1- L, in .hai X g, K . . . e ooro o r -L :" .re if 1 P - A P iw- NS A , 'gi . ,,,. X.AAA f gag? k 4' . 5 VX M. Murill S. Newall M. Ney R. Nunez D. Olesen F. Osen J. Myers K. Newbrander M. Nichols M. O'Block M. Oroza J. Owen NJ . hx .. 4 5 Q K 1 il-, . I ..,.. I G. Pickens T. Pond J. Price 'S wi f fi-'V .A-""' .J-"I J fx I l V ,Q Q-f ...i GJLL W X yi 'fi' . 1 K ', qv S'-Q S fr . ff. 'year Xa Fe.. P "W Y -QW-if 1 mfs 1 K '35 -' .2 9 ., i px I Q 4 J as f-. Q, . I gl 3 'QQ A ae.. ' N 7 . M. Paine ' Qefjrl .. - ' 13 ' P f K. Palchikoff A me 9 X" 4 Q Y .. C. Panos N' 'l J M . K. Parker ' V Q ri.. ' S. Parker J. Paxman C. Pedersen M. Pickford S. Pipal N. Pipgin V. Preusker J. pe,-mer J. Pope T. Parauski K. Poirier D. Fiabun M- phillips F. Primeau J. Querfurth D. Preston J. Ramirez V. ,. C J. B L. C K G F. Palchak Palmer Parker Parker Pauck Peck Pence Perlof 6 5' it .,.,' .QR-f' . 'T' ' iw 1 ..,S , " Y A. Rooke B. Samways K. Schult M. Seregola M. Siegfried K . f" . . All ""', T - S . zkkb raw A S S. . 'S 'P Rnandau 1+ A f ' 1 PSX si ,.' il. ' S S S-A 1 .t ' c. Randolf 2 P' 'k S .S S S .,.f ' . S S S iv 1 Si K f fi ' K. ,,.., S . .'k- SS ' 1 Q 1 . K kkkk I 5 L . 'L, N . K ' E. Ra en S "' H S 'E xb- 'Sq 'J S 5 K' mf I gk Ist., cle I ' K , - . S S - if 4 it " si.: ,L I 5 S .S E26 L. Ricey S. Rickles G. Robbins G. Roberts R. Rodewald S. Rohrs Q h " K P. Roseland E. Rosenberg S. Ross D. Rossier R. Sadd L. Sachar - :'g.' , S S S C. Rotkovish . . J- M. Rauen at MM. .J , it . . X . , 1 Qfv in M' 1 A' V' M- RHVSCH '1..'i ' B Q ' J.Rawitch S xiii, 'fix . gif irr K I 1 ' , ,A gfi k C I . ' ff X fl' , A A . ' . ' st M S ' P J . S A 'Fx A - ..,, , T .73 'i '. . .S 1 P S32 .513 ' 1.32: .5 ,LS ' S D. Read S 1 . - S A h S K SA W tv., - 43 M. Reinglass ., . 'W f" 1' A. , H y i ' K i, 4 ' ,,, X y sz. S jk " fix . S- I S YK W K S n. al, . '51 C. Reynolds e ' h S ,X ix' ,a -ff. 1,g,j K. Rialson S S ' -1-' .L S SS . SK J. Schade P. Schffelliein P. Schidts M. Schmidt D. Schmidt G. Schmidt D. Schwartz N. Schwartz R. Schuh S. Scott S. Seely S. Seymour C. Sharp G. Sharpley K. Shaw K. Shear R. Sherman G. Siebert S L , ' " D. Sinclair 1 M Slaght t . 1 S Q ' . X' R. Smith . 'S " y S. Smith ' t , S S+ s. Smith K S-,Q . 5 S 1 - B. Smith X , 'S C . .c KM 3 C. gmolkch . , 'N' C. myt , , ,A . , "" D. Sodaro Q, " 5 , B. Sommerhauser 27" D. Sommerville . B. Sparling . ' . :'i' ff' S 1 'S '.'Q .. t S A ' . .A G. Spikerman . S -S t ' S S . 3. P B- SPHQQS .JA Z . .Vk H . ,.: . , K In VV X : ,. N ,,. K K . J' Spurzem . . .i Q f ... , ky , X . A D Stagner '95 h m we re' S , , K. Stanley , B Q ... , S . M Stast 13312. .'S,S ' ' ' .. at ' - ry ttt tx S P 'S KV S S T. sceffy e. f tt.. ii . .. at it gt L.StenQleir1 : . S ' . S , . ". S S C Stephenson S K 1 S ,5f,y , S Laci M Stewart Q SS HQ. ' I SS 4 R Stilley W V . : . 5 ii P E 5 R. Strock LLL ,,.:l- S' " . .A ,., 1 F, Q A Q! 4 . x kk il , I .nga :" i 135' . A55 ne . v as g gi r '1 T f l T i ,zkk K ik ' :E V it .. - V A: ir I -- f ,. W 1 .1 K W W W 5 'qk ji Q L . lb l '25 4 1 V L 1- , if A ' ' il l A L. i :T-2 l'. Strobel I. Thaete . ' : .. I . .i M5 f ii 5. .., Y' fi: 1. Q, s E 3 , X li " x 'B 5 ' L. Swedelson T. Sweetser F.Tanner Fl.Tappan H.Taylor K. Thomas L. Thomas S. Thomas M. Thompson S. Thompson M. Thornton S. Timothy A. Titensor ls! A ' E B. Trousdale 1' Q' J. Trueblood A K? S. Tucker S. Turnbull 9,3 Slifiill 6 N N L. Twight N. Ueland x 'L --I 1. f V - 'V W 'Z G. Van Camp B. Vande Vrede J. Van Dordrecht D. Van Schoten R. Varner . D. Vaughan. l, C. Thaete G. Toth L. Terlizzi T. Thacker C. Thacker Q i Q ' ii iff . " 3 ,E 'W L Q 'I , xi ii of if W , jg,g11,.3if., f- . Wi- ' ...' f-.. ' - V' . -.:1::-:-.. -. ' .. . 5 T -.s ...i..2jMl:.-'.f -f fi - S l ju in EK Q . E m L 1 ' x - - S' - , nn' . ' ' . ., . :iii ' e .". Q ' , . S T- H I ' Qwkfl ' R 'Ag B. Wodiske M. Wood T B .Woods .Woolford S. Wurzer R. Yann K. Yust' A. Zandstra D. Wylie B. Yedor M. Zuck T. Zurn S. Zwirm C. Zeigler J. Zisch r-worse. '- zzz" -1 Ny, -.. - f . -1 , 11 GQ- V his Tw? 'WS -Ks? P 5: K -. E., 5 S - MD! A 5' i 1' . T 4. .11 1 'wwe l Q . 5! Ha mm T rl A .KIE NR C. Ward B. Vasatka P. Vodrey J. Vevoda M. Vega B. Wadell G. Walker D. Weaver C. Weaver P. Webber M. Weber S. Weil C. West L. West J. Whitacre L. White T. Wilkinson D. Williams B. Willnes L, Wilson R. Wilson 7 freshmen 1 The class of '73 has already established itself as a positive part of the Foothill tradition of high academic, athletic, and social skills. Although they stand out well as a group, they also, without a doubt, are a group of individuals, and it is in this capacity that I will be working the closest with them. As their counselor for the next four years, l will endeavor to help each one obtain a realistic view of himself and how he can become a successful personality in what- ever area of life he finally chooses. Paul Whitelock Q, , use msxiztksigs Freshman Class Officers: top l-r, Susie O'Neal, Lisa Speicher, Jim Barnes, Helen Gavin, Robin Harding, President Judy Halper l c M. Abraham J . S. Accongio A i?""""- J. Acton A I "P . D. Adlor K ' i ' J. Allon W' K. Allon ' . 'Fi D. Allman r r C. Alvey . 's A C. Anderson - A 5M""i Q as., -Sf J. Anderson , - f . J. Anderson " - X K. Anderson . -.:, 'L ....- . .,g, ' D ' N L. Anderson ' " M R. Anderson . ' h M 5 J. Aris f 'L - aa., 1-+11 A W M. Arnais ' Sv -.. - L Q.- ' M. Assadurian - """ ' ' . A. Averbach 1 V ' A A K qv fifgfr. ,. 4 B. Bador A. Bains h 1 D. Baisloy .,- - -. , X ,,, - L. Ball if f L 'QS 'Tv f . A ' "cf L. Barloy ' r 3' A ' J. Barlow - A .Ala we .. rs Q- ss, .. A. Barnes L. Barnum B. Basarab G. Bayliss D. Bayliss M. Bejach L. Bekkedahl D. Bemies V. Benefield M. Bennett E. Bergman S. Bering D. Beyer R. Bickford K. Bird Q R.-0' K. Blair D. Blant B. Blaustein V. Board B. Body B. Bonebrake S. Bonner M. Bower B. Boyce B. Boyd E. Bracy S. Brannon D. Bransky P. Brennan N. Brennan J. Breslow R. Brewer J. Bridston L. Briggs S. Brokaw C. Brown D. Brown K. Brown D. Bryant K. Bryant L. Bucher A. Burns C. Burns B. Burns D. Butler , ..... ...sq rw. r 63 is avi? to-:N af Q Q id... Q fi X ww' gag-K ve, I 1 -W IVA J.. g, ,J . x if rr E s ' E S, K, is b . 3 - N 'v ,x "g in - ,,,, -xv gf--v Sy ., Nk,k .. 'L ,,kg Q il o f ig .NK , , D . .T 5 j .var L 1 if I., . . Q Z is fi M 'Yu-1 . , A ,A . ur .s K -. s T N ' T 4. A, 4 3 . b . . N 3 . '. , , - 'l 's k" 5ri " '5 K' , . t -, .. K , h . .K . A . D. Carson L. Case T. Cantrell J. Capozzah L. Caramagnod. Carlson D. Carrell J. Casteel G. Castro L. Cavness D. Chalkes J. Chambers M. Champion S. Champion R P D D. Clawson N. Cleveland K S C J. Cook .Childers .Christ .Chwick J. Clapper S. Clark .Cohen .Colbert . Colombo M. Connet' L. Cont M. Coonrod L. Cooper S. Correll P. Corrigan W. Corrigan D. Costello R .Courtney D.Craddock C. Crockett B. Crothers L. Crum J.Cueto Si li T T V "' Sw gas tt if if - ytlil' Q3 rf. ,. r u i .M -ff Q? K - wh .kk,,k V AAAV 1 ' ,as Da e C. Darlington J. Cullen M. Cullinan C. Cunningham T. Cunningham L. Cutting R. I J. Davis K. Day D. DeGennavo S. Deharak D. DeKramer M. Dierkes W. Dodridge M. Donohue D. Drewitz B. Duberley D. Duff M. Duffy T. Duquette C. Eadie Eglinton Einboden Elliott T. J. Elliott Eliason Englund Ettlin Erwin Evans Evander Eyer Farr Farris Fay Fearer Filley Finn Firestone Fisher Flatley '33 'Nr "ul li tr: K K . . if T Lf 0 'iflfgff yi vw is-f 5 Q, . gg - .gg , ,E xv' A X e- JN - k ,Q K W ' 'Q L ..g J i V.. :ls it . Kwai . . QF l .A +L., ,. - SV. . QAM! - .if ri 'K -vw N 3 . ,- Q un -f Q ,:' .e.S?,f, 'Sas ,.- Mfiv sg -A. " v-- F 5 A I- ,a i ..--f . Guy .5 , ..,: A ut ,L 2 .f r , WW 3... ,t 3 , , .... L for y , A. Liz.. 9 - .., . Ii new' -Th2 1. I ,, Qs hx., fe Q' .f fm.. ia! 181 A . in 'si F 71 4 . .X Foley Ford Ford T. Ford Forkey Frank Fran ke Freese Fredrick P. Fried Frohardt Fujimato S. Furman Garner Garrin Gay Gebhart Geisendorfer L. Gerieh L Gerry , ,,,, , rx U F, , fr.r...x x , K . . A 1 F F L G 5 11. " , 1 P Wy? lb , .fa . H . i U N h w. - , ? ft. , K Q . Q ,W . . 1 ro'a f , f F ,rm 5 ee 1 - . . 5.L,,,,. 1 , V .,,j: ...Q ... , ,Qi Y , '31 , 4 . , Q 'E gy . Q.. , F. L g 'F -1 ,il in K if2 "" " E ba PM S: 58" S i f . ik, 'ff F 8- '31 F ' - YJ' - " ' - L 4' . Q Q W L - ooo L. - ea . Iz- - ' . . J' - i 'mi 'fl wi? . K v -',' r rre G ' 'Q Q R. Gibbs L. Gillerstrom R. Gillham M. Gladle D, Glorun A, Goffstein S. Goings H. Gold S. Golian G. Gonzales K. Gorke J, Girrk J, Garmin J. Gormin T. Gasset M. Gould L. Giampiccolo R. Gray R, Gray S, Green C. Greenwood M. Grimes M. Grass K. Grubbs Fl. Guerrero T, Guliarr J, Gullon E. Gutierrez W 1 .. .. "' 43 ra., 'E M Ti W QF Q we , Haake Haberkoin Haeggestrom . Hofter Hall . Halpern J. Hamer Hamilton Hanson Hanson L. Hardesty B Hardin Harding Hardy aww 'sv QP Q .w J. Harris M. Hart . r 'bn b T. Hart D. Hartman ', '- A. Hata T. Hatter ,M . ' ' ' r my Z M. Hayden D. Heath . , bb 5, R V ' '- 1:-v' ' ' k r . .W J J ,Sis kk:k'- k . K Y. r rf' is A ix- .Q 5 J. Koeppen 'ff' . ' rr ' L. Koppenaal I ' rg .... . T . A. Korn x x ii M if i ' D. Heinly S. Helton S. Helton C. Henderson B. Henry G. Hewett A. Hicks P. Hilsabeck J. Hohner , J. Hollon L. Holter L. Holthaus S. Kosmiden H. Holub D. Horkey D, Hormer W. Kramer T. Howitz M. Hubeli J. Hueter R- Kfane J. Kriman . . K. Kyzer . G. Laduke J J. Kasparian '?'J7 J.Kassebaum A Katnick T L. Katnick M A A J. Keith L. Lagano ' J:T"J ' ""' ' U E. Laird K. Lane Q ' P. Keller If . B. Kemp uf? Q R D.Kent 4 - D. Kewanwytewa , L' Kmg G. Lefler J. Lehman J. Lemke J. S. Kirkwood M. Kitchen P. Kloogh A K Kluth L. Knobne ll C. Hughes T. Hunt D. lpson ' Jacobs J. Jentges .M G. Jackson H ' k 'TI-" -' his .fr ' ' A r S. Johnson L., ' - C. Jones "2 . Jordan . D . ' A K. Jordan D - . Justus P fr: . , fi x ii N. Katuck s C J. Kanarek 2: D. Kanno ' -Y . H ,, or Q 'S 'jg f-ff, X a r 4 .f . 'fa' f Q N ..,s e - J 1 lnzzgi- tw ' -km it 6172 ! 'K . 'I , X' x ' aw T -M I-5 O T sh 5 K 4 ' Lentz Vkk. i .. B B. Lester N H D . Leung T. Lewin -' C. Lewis ' S. Liebman D. Lmibridge B. Lindauer N D. Lindsay f 'F L. Littleman , V r R. Lloyd i T ,BL ' . L. Lovret ' L. ".h , - N. Low M. Lowther M. Lubinski K. Lueck i l l i Q, ...Q ..-.,. -N g .. . Q i L We y yl . i .- -.-...-,-.. -., L 2 Q W? M, Lund L,Lusk First row T. Freeman, O. Newland, M. Schlesinger. Second row B. Borchart, S. D. McAuley M. McCabe Poell, M. Shutt, D. Williams. E. McCaIla C. McCluskey K. Mann D. Marcus J. Martin E. Massaru D. Matics M. May G. 'Meier B. Meinert M. Melilli S. Melilli J. Menig J. Mernll M. Messina B. Michael M. Miles K. Miller S. Miller T. Miller J. Milliman M. Mitchell M. Mitchell K. Monahan B. Monsanto C. Morehead K McCone J. J. McDaniel D. B McKeehan M. . McManus S. .McPherson V. P. McFarlane L. D Maizland S. McDonald McGrath McKinley McNamee McVey MacKay Malgren s - jg P' D- Moynaeh ' R Q Q . is Q QQ 3- J. Murphy 3 , Q L. . P J P as ' Q Q J. Murray A " f P f P ' '- 'W ' r r 5. wx '-'P H. Myers , f jg ,gg,.5 X r ' f gg., --' jg, . J.Nahigan QQ""' . - "' N Q Q Q ' D' C. Nance Q 3-K A :X E. Neeloh QL ' 1 QQ ' R Q' . t f ,H f. s N. Nelson ' Q C. Newman I Q QQ . . Q . ', Q Q . D. Nishball 1 1 - W' 1 ' . . . J. Q. N. NObile Q J K - Q ink I Q... ... Qt ip' , M Q T. Nolan .A Q . ' . -M 1 C. Nolasco Q A Q 'P Q K ' -. , 'Q' J- Novak A QQ A qqu, P ' . A Q M -I ,. A. Nozick Q .. .. Q . S. O,Nea, , N ,QQ QM 'f' s N . 'E J. Onyett Z . 5 Z , Q Q . Nkk in Qi in F ... Q ' .7 -Hi fat QV if A. r Q. , wi . . Smal .. Q- . Q M - J. W, Q if L., Q G. Osborne . i W L nn ' 's.ff 1 P J r' J- Owen ' Q. P .. f o - ' A. Page L 'Z' J g . . .. Q ' - H sa .il E L- , if A Le. f . P - Y W, ' if" ri .M A 1 A g " 'x G '- 5 3 'P t . Ai t is A R Q "3 'GPL Q? . ,gw K ' X . M gg. Q . g ' ixwib . -sg A I Q P 4 v A Q wax r xx R . Q- 'Q W pq, :. Q Q . K . se, " I". ' .YL -i t K Q A on Q .Q Q W Q 1 " ' EX .1 if. r " it if. rrnn L K A1 J 'K -Q ,L+ A if . .Q :V Q QQ R as P' , r.,. Y . f . . . 5 A' .. ,... G I A Y In , X . Q . , ' r. A ' s ' :Y . . - V . r s A I . kzgs, Q i . 'K ' I ' ilk - J," fi Q if Q Q in Q in M. Palchak J. Palchikoff J. Palmer ' ju 'fr' S. Patterson L. Paul J. Pearsol M P Q P.Peck s. Peek Mpereyra 3 H, - 1. G. Perkel D. Perkins B. Perryman C. Peterson M. Peterson J. Pfair - - . B. Pond B. Porter G. Porter E. Potter A. Powell R' pmhps D' Pnman R' Plesset D. Price M. Prigmore P. Primeau D. Proctor L. Profita C. Pruett C. Ouackenbush R. Rapport P. Ratkovich D. Rausch P . A A .Q - 'gen o ' ' ' . s Q5 R Q 1- - - - . F R 5 .r , r . Q. is j r ssss . R' ,if f . ! Y .. fax af 4 .ff Q, W Q 'F K 'J in ."' r M " ...J , P' 4' " t sv'N A . X p- D. Rowenhorst R. Reasoner S. Reaves S. Reilly R. Reta M. Richards J. Riley L. Rivet C. Roail S. Rosen O .Rielly C. Rest K. Richards C. Riemer L. Riper G. Robertshaw D. Rodgers R. Rosenberg 215 6 L,L W . SN F .I ' n Q.. ...W 1?l1'fiff 'iff-if 1 - 19, wi? Ah - ,. -. my . .." aw fs1Q.'t., H '- . sf: - W -at . lx J . .r. i. Q f A . L:L, Q ' Q . . Q j s...... L' ' in : ax! A, M. J K Q Q 4 sit' Ross Ross Rossman Rowley Royce Rusk Ryan Ryder Ryder Sabin J. Sample J. Sardo Sargeant Sayres Schacht Schmidt Schnebelt Schoeffler Scholnick . Schusterman H. Scott C. Sfregola D. Shinoda D. Smisek D. Seaman B. Sears C. Secretan C. Shade J. Schafer S. Shanfield A. Short P. Showalter G. Silver C. Smith D. Smith J. Smith . Seeley J. Seitz B. Seltz . Shaw K. Sherman J. Shields .Sinclair N. Slane M. Sloan J. Soderberg E. Soule G. Southworth S. Speer L. Speicher M. St Charles D. Statman D. Stefan L. Steward D. Stewart M. Stillwell D. Strauss T. Streeter D. Stricklin M. Swatez R. Swift D. Szkaradeil R. Tanaka i,jM5. s. . K k.f5g5fTi3ff' ' . ,rf s n L sm 4 . 1, .1 . . 3, ' aw- w sl. ... - I 5 5:-155-zgssstssiff .':' - . A,-: . . -Y :ggi - . n - .. .. " .v-' N Q Q tw wr' 'ef Q., fJ..:: jg . I -5 rw kt , . ' 4 A V, , H -H . . K . k,' -. QV Vkrw .Qs Q I gif 2 - .Q t . 'QF . Q. . 'Q 5 , ' N . D . I H 'rn ' I l: Emu: , 'S A V , C. Tancredi J.Tappan V ,Q . 1 .V ,K M.T'atsuna B.Templir1 ' f ' Lhk ' X ,,,. B T' J. Terenti D. Thomas ' . Z ' 'r t R. Thomas M. Thorpe 9 'P K K . , .X 1 A Wolfe Fi . ,. 'N X -s ... H T L. Wolfo L.Wootan T. Tilson R. Tiritilli B. Todd B. Tompkins C. Travis T. Travis M. TrebOiiCl'1 J. Tschirai D Tucker M. Tunnell D. Turnbull J. Vallee M. Vance S. VanMeter B. Varian J. Vincent J. Vogel D. Vogelzang R Wuuenwabec C Wyart D Yablonka H. S. D. D. E. D J. White R. S. White Whitney Wilhelmi Williams Williams Wilner .Wilson Wilson M. Winchester K. Winsor G. Winget D. Witte C. Woelfel B. Wolf B Yedor Yotka Youngman Ziegler Vostmyer Votaw Wagner Waltzer T. Ward Warhurst Wainer Watkins Way Weinberg Weinberg Weinthal Weir Weiss Wente 19' F . 4- 1 4 wwe 42352 s xggf' 4' Q 36: f 'X 3155 .,-.19 33.7 O3 6513 652 x9 6609 6632 'E qadufi ---cw n xxx-air-' W, ,g, as wma ,MN ig. Q 512 'Ji vw' -mu Yarsw aw - 1 Q .gp museum--R. nm- S X we i 'E A f w Q, 1 " .. P2 ,, f ' ...,. A ...., X Board top I-r, Mr. Chester Briner. Mr. Howard, L. Sellick, bottom l-r, Mrs. June Smith, Mr. Paul Calhoun, Mr. Robert Bartholomew Mr. Carl R. Shaner-Asst. Superintendent, Business administrative board .f"",w Mr. William B. Zogg--Superintendent Mr. Jay lngall-Asst. Superintendent Instruction Joseph Meier-Asst. Principal Instruction foothill administration Dan Holub-Asst. Principal Students Dwight McCracken if 7 .rr 7 9, I William Frick-Principal Let us dedicate ourselves not only to the task of developing our own potential, but to becoming part of something greater than ourselves. Let us, through in- volvement, put our shoulder to the wheel of progress- that of developing into the fiber that upholds the objec- tives and ideals of our great and free society. X 4 1' ' f vii, 7115 KHXQ William R. Frick Kendell Webb-Director of Student Activities A . I , 1 - 1-4, l J , ' James Coulter . ,f Q. Marilyn Reardon ff k . .. 2 .0 l " A ' 1 ' to T nfs" X v Q 1 l . Y, fs. Clark Poston Wendell Ward . if , ,J X4 I eee j ffl : R n5'l.Qff751 'aa W . K Q, ' xi' .i12-3+ sf .- 5 5 -si J be if Kendall Webb John Severson Janet Terry Wwmmrwfr, W if Qi X' Y K 'S SE Taylor Wagner ' Larry Batl? '53 A James Utt + My 4 F !5 153 9 Z' J '55 WU :f1f"l.. ffef, A Steven Frogue social sclence William Rina Paterno 9 f bfi, r Mary Lee Fleischer language Madeline Weber Linda Horvath 1-' 4' 6 5 1 i Jurine Landoe moe Black f Afigl, X,k,.,j A John Hogan Sheri Brodrick Angela Bullo Charles Bradley Ken Tratar Russell Kennedy Donn Cook Nicolas Gaspar Joe Pfitzer Robert Azen Douglas Wood l Nr Robert Nichols SCiGI1CG AP' Claude Wiseman 1 "refs 'V ',f. f rf ' W' 1' f - 21-Q k- r 'tr ag 3 ! Peter Feher Robert Patterson Robert Zeich Wallace Hardy XV-aw, , 'Q lille-i.,. William Snyder ...Q-""gL as fe Kerwin Jacobs 5 Wllllam Oster Shu y l Gerald Whitaker Albert Marzilli fguy - - f K . i gay , , Wendy Driscoll Howard Adams math W., , . . L. W +.,. 1 mare - f ,- if ,,. . .wifwgf 2 ' - ' - - 91' .:.u1' 4 1 5 'E ' i J' f uf, . l ,,., , . .. .. ' -w 3 , ,gr f - ,vi , f J ,a . K' ' K . LEA A Gerald Redman l l 229 O fix Jacqeline Reedy Dave Horowitz Julie Tilgner Lani Bonar ,J 4' i4S'1'f fi english Pam Nichols Nancy Waterman Maui Carol Westling Judy Weightman George Korich if ,W John Veeh Arlen Appleford Joyce Kerns ...nd Wx Hether Woodroffe Electra Christ fifbww gwsswfzsew Larry Mlnne Ellen Kruger Jane Fox John Fleming .5 Edward Doyle Sondra Wright 'K ,. Shirley Pecoraro S twin- e he fav ' , e i r ,-...M fi ne a rts ML' Q Patricia Bomar efiigiel -f iii, r , .rQ,fr iiii A - -gr' g , i' ,..-3+ r l r 'ai 4 U N 'a -A uf, F' v Zi Q r' x N 3 K ,A ,N s 'Ni K H1 ws if Q' A- X Q y 4 N James Jantges Judith Chambers David Wiley busi ness D' . . i A .-, i-,Q-ffm. 1- -..,.,1-1 sw--ii.. . 55, J .Q , -. ik S Angela Satterlee Robert Hicks John Sauers Joseph Williams Alffed Kirsch technical education Lowell Schroeder G. Branan Ward Karen Jahnig l 1 1 l Travis McWilliams Lula Concepcion girls' physical education Karen Yetter Irene Powell F'-u i Jerre Lynn Glasgow Shirley Kelly n Margaret Schargitz ,i1- -1i'i M-Lzi-, boys' physical education Robert Osborne Hummel' Tom DeLong S Lorraine Gow E yu- Ann Bernice Risvold Helen Chiacos Peggy Layman ',A1 F -. 'r 'n' sborn - c oo N Francis Minnett secretaries and librarians Bette Timson Uv o Doris F ey 239 240 snack bar I-r, Joanne Mills, Melba Fergson, Bea Crouse, Genevieve Eliason g g :gg M T, 7 xl ,l ff. l .Xi as 21 rg ,, L cafeteria staff, I-r, Helen Jarrell, Margret Frey, Jean McCay, Clara Veeh, Beth Sammetinger, Phyllis Gamez, Connie Freeland. rw , , N-Q-cff,1q.L,gi,L,? ! J custodians, I-r, first row, Bill Francis, Paul Amberg, Sam Marchant, second row, Dave John- son, Frank Tissing, Ralph Teterg not shown, Tony Magno, Pete Vaughan, Jerry Kuns. ,Sax W, T be maintenance and food engineers QM E in Q4 -J 3 V K 4 -Quill ww I WW 'T K if uf'-:vm Zigi K S' W i my N? MMF' APP .T - If '- ., ...saskks . N . I 24 I 244 i W -8:15-NF - kg- at lx N Fix H21 RVN W. 5 i of every noble work the silent part is best, of all expression that which can not be expressed. ir is , , 4 n i the oodfish lays ten thousand eggs, the homely hen lays one. the codfish never caokles to tell you what she's done. and so we scorn the codfish, while the humble hen we prize, which only goes to show you 24 that it pays to advertise." unknown 6 advertising 48 CONGRATULATIONS FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS TUSTIN HEIGHTS SPORTING GOODS 1096 E. Fourth St. phone Tustin, Calit. 838-2064 SIZZLING BROILER STEAK HOUSE 17391 17th St. Tustin, California 92680 838-1264 I YOUNG LIFE at Foothill High Dedicated to establishing creative relationships among high school people. Learning adventure through unique summertime resorts, club meet- ings, weekend skiing, and thinking mark the year-round program. QD 7amn Swamp and Stadoaew 838-04ll l092 lRVlNE BOULEVARD 838-3080 TUSTIN, CALlFORNlA 92680 'I I' CONGRATULATIONS FROM William Parks, D.D.S. Walter Israel, D.D.S. Karl K. Nishimura, D.D.S. Kenneth W. Ristuben, D.D.S William W. Foote, Jr., D.D.S. F. R. McKinnon, D.D.S. Donald E. Mast, D.D.S. Kenji Ozaki, D.D.S. T. Cuyler Johnson, D.D.S. L... - I .. Separate Shades Lamp Repairing WALKER'S MARKET grange CountyQsSMost om ete Foo tore p LEE'S LAMPS 1722 North Tustin Avenue Lamps - Wall DBCOF Santa Ana, California El COITWMIOI Real Tustigl Cacllllornia 547-4119 544-2231 4 CHARLES EDWARDS 838-0303 H82 4th Street Tustin, California Bob Hanna - Manager 525-6333 694-2215 2433 E. Chapman 73 Fashion Square Fullerton, Calit. La Habra, Calif. Best of Luck to All of You from All of Us APPLIANCE AND SERVICE co. AC I E l l MAGNAVOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Maytag, Genie Garage Door Openers, Kitchen Aid, Dishwashers, Admiral Refrigerators, Carpets, and Custom Furniture Sales 84 Service Phone lst and Newport Larwin Square 838-4637 'Qi BACI? STREET B aminine attiu CK STREET 3: FULLERTO E79-B88 :Im N. Hn a. on, c-m. ORANGE 541-U41 3:97 rewn I. our-p, cu- . ,,, Nswponr sz suvuqa I-I 825 Purim I wrt SUCH' 'I' IC rut 'l' E E t 1 CUTIVE SouthB I 235 4 'K . U . A I-II . F2 s fb QILI S 35. Ex: ess 10 1 2 2 Q 1 I 9. 1 C 2 4 . G 5 0 1 Shoes - Clofhes - Jewelry - Gifts + -1' T 642 E. Firsi' ST. frzffgilu Phone 544-3601 + Tusflrw, Calif. Larwin Square THE BEST IN CLEANING "FlT FOR' A KING" SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WEN Eluztin Qilvanrrz Boo 17331 E. 17TH STREET TUSTIN. c:AI.iE. l I 1 l ,K 'E X For All Occasions I , Flowers by Wire ck' 'Q Gift Items W7 1 'Q 0 0 J m+,..... HIIIVIBW Flowers I wyyfo ug- -1., 1808 No. Tusiin Ave. Just No. of 17111 Santa Ana, Calif. 92701 I fu JERRY AND BETTE KLEIN . STEVE AND MARY Owners r MARGARETIS e3e.259I Bus. Dial 543-0294 and K1 3-3128 Res. Dial 544-5578 " '-'- Q I - N - A I IN TUSTIN - SANTA ANA ' I i f MENS sum' ,RIM l t I, U, JUNIORS s. JR. PETITES XEQUARE Q6 SADDLEBACK SQUARE n I wmsv. O 'L 3419 E, CHAPMAN lvy,ConIinenIaI8.ConvenrionalSIyIes U7 m lProspect at Chopmunl Also Gifts8ITIIx Rentals W 'f D ORANGE, CALIFORNIA CUSTOM HILORING - ll1ERl1'l01lS E REWEAVING oh , - 35 YEARS - MASTER TAILOR Q E -' M' ' Housgagsogflrilxg lpo 6 Bankamericard - Master Charge 4,4 PHONE: 17141 633-2764 I, as 838-0980 "M '- IIIAWI l E. 'Ist Hn kwin Square,1stGNewporU J I- I Bill ToIh's LEMON HEIGHTS DRUG I l l3O22 lxlewporl Ave' 17361 17TI-I STREET TlTjll2f7gggl:- 544-6904 TUSTIN. CALIFORNIA - I Congratulations From HAHN'S HILLVIEW I V' ' ' "" ' ' TESSCS QMS weargjg ?T,,M Q.. HARDWARE beachwea W was Y' acc , , 092123 essom, ,yr-1 or SH-es es 1 o . 1. S 'ff misses sizes ief G'l6 i7l7 N. Old Tustin Ave. " ll " Santa Ano XXLQQESMKWJAM Larwin Sqdore - Tustin, Calif. ' IPP" Phone 544-5724 . l ...I BEST WISHES FROM G. D. Saul, M.D. Donald L. Donohugh, M.D. Willard J. Wing, M.D. Philip J. Martin, M.D. Edgar B. Stewart, M.D. Edward A. Taub, M.D. Robert E. Ball, M.D. Richard Sellman, M.D. Gerald Podolak, M.D. Walter T. Flaherty, M.D. Joan N. Bach, M.D. Lawrence R. Brownlee, M.D. f v" ypljly J Nx.Q J, R, Mgrdenl M.D. Music Instruments - Lessons - Repairs Robert R. Spurzem, M.D. Eugene J. Litwer, M.D. V, wlNNss MUSIC Colin P. Hubbard, M.D. X9 Robert Dreibelbis, M.D. ' 544-5350 I I "Everything forthe 540 E. ist Street I ' Musician" Tustin, Calif. 92680 iii! 11 C, I 0WEN'S SERVICE 2217 E 17th Sf Sanfa Ana Calif 542 3259 Premium MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS 2130 N Tustin Ave Santa Ana Calif 542 1074 for beffer information KYOTO NURSERY 1091 Old Irvine Blvd Tusfin Calif 4 Cliff Hagenbuch Broker W 19 I Westminster Insurance Agency 9195 Q an: wssmmsrsn Ave. - suns 2 ,955 wssmmsrsn, cAuronNiA ozeas From The Desk Of Area Coda 714 - Phone: 893-2720 or 530-0238 Failed in business ...... Defeated for legislature . Again failed in business . Elected to legislature Sweetheart died ....... Had nervous breakdown Defeated for speaker . . . Defeated for Elector . . . Defeated for Congress . . Elected to Congress .... Defeated for Congress . . Defeated for Senate .... Defeated for Vice-Preside Defeated for Senate .... ELECTED PRESIDENT .... nt He never admitted defeat. His name, A. Linco 31 32 33 34 35 36 38 40 43 46 48 55 56 58 60 ln. YEARBOOK STAFF The Yearbook Staff Gives a Heartfelt Thanks THE to J7!6w-isfwwa Photographers of Orange for all their Congratulates Foothill's help in the production of the i970 SHIELD ' Home Accessories U I Grf ' SPORTSWEAR. SHOES, IEWELRY, PFRFUME 0 nusuo I fs o Originol Art X I, V 7 F b f Erma's E x 4' , 0 FASHIONS FROM HAWAII ls . v , 1105 East 4Ih Street Box RW! Tustin, California sizsao 608 E. First Sfreef T 1' , C if ' QQZQQ 8362102350 rnnne 838-1563 zinii cnusriiucnon, nic. guafin azcfage Fifa' 'iq GENERAL CONTRACTORS I I REAL E51-A1-E INVESTMENT THE STORE WITH SEWING EXPERIENCE ggi! FABRICS I 1 -X NOTIONS ' PATTERNS WILLIAM W. ZINK, JR. PRESIDENT l7461IRVINE BLVD., SUITE C TUSTIN CALIFORNIA PHONE: B38 7010 714 - 541-6303 2136 N. TUSTIN AVE. BETWEEN 17TH AND SANTA CLARA SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA ,..ScIIcrs Shoes an X '--wr L THE F iF ABBIRWGCIQ 434 B Camino Real.-Tudin S44-MTI ig,-lb, L1 C 'S,,,,1- In N XLMI R 1 2PfqMiAnnlnY-nibm IN- ' , - I, I N IM 'F HILLVIEW BOWL Bowling Lones Coffee Shop RCA Quolsor Moforolo TUSTIN TV Soles 81 Service 544-4270 2202 E. 17th ST. Sonic: Ano Dennis Ammons 399 El Cornino Reol Corner of I7Th 84 Tusiin Phone 547-7025 owner Tusfin, Colif. ave cm ig? Sxfgwffkg E-ZFS fy N W 'xi Hfw b ag Ki Vo' www W?DNQfAM,xs xr'-' Sb Nw Dffuzggs XCNDQ5'-Ribs., D ' ei ov-'l op! Www ya 99' My XQSWRCQU- , X Q5 49 NN 6,5 Wm PLL U,5.f'yNbxN"XP ,ANU 4,05 ff 65 G0 vv Qwfdwwywv QXUDGNNA W JL W W Wx W w My W9 gygwfm ?"qPX X5-Qxomwg ' 5? fave f Wiki, fi 'XWESXX CL EQQLMMJ fb www JN ML EOL MH-H'-L21 fi 'Svfmzm U' M5 Agni' ww- www" CJ1'l1f15u IfCl'9'14M X A-Q05 611011 mmf ww km. W? 5 MM' ,, U v H' fduf-L 5'-0 mama' Hmm 0"f'm"5fi 6aw09'f"J""'7 -., t.,h .nk t ,

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Foothill High School - Shield Yearbook (Tustin, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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