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9, 9 v 4 N N ,Q N Ao 0 Y 'fx V 1 I 5 ffm hm V -if r A, f QL ,J rw, vw Q R D 1 3" 1 EA 'MT' 'Lu "V 'AI f , J -ii ' f . 'ZJQG if . X xy, Q. ,J ,V 'wx AX, . , 4 A AJLUL up , 5 V - P 7 ' QM x YY 3,9 if RQ WM 47 L51"9M X Mfwrf' . ,. NED Vf3KgJ.,yJ .QF T542 ,X Via? of: ,ix Ev ,f?'fQ5k , J X'-N kxps fx' : , J EJ 'Q AK? QNX 'kj AJ fxhxdf 1' Q1 XR -X1 fx SJ N TL rj jig U S Tix Qkjyv' Q Y XS 5 ' aw N if X J? , 9 X xx if ' S 3 xi: , Y l wSf 1N X J Qin' ' .X Y I , 2 L K. BQ if W xy X ,g 5-JSJX Qj f NT " XA s X -N NM JJ F' C7 W 7' I t X. 4. VM 1 J N W My dp A 'Q PM 993 T X XJ I, - , W, vifgfl' X Q Q W3 L, aff Q S152 E E kg w.a'ifQf,,1f?fg N XA 90 55, 0 E V MB VD NF-X XX? Qfrfx is3QvQ5f iw fi , A My f X, , ,Ap af, fffw ,DJ MGH MW' '14 LJ :lf Q I-if M -Aff 11.195 ,yppvxjggy I 1 N V igl, If fir az i- I 'J P aW'W 5'i LX-Huff-J 'ffJf? 1 if '42 E C if N- I. P,-' QV A, K ff , H2 'ina gl '14 buff -vc! My i'M,.L. YN A x Q qw? I, 'A' NW? wb I w ,L , xx X1 MJ! f W 6 M, 'Va' Y V V Vrf Aka, ' , Q , ,XL " , .Cie N 5-A -N - N ,. A . ,L m QL N' f v 40 AU! Us-. - fz' G 'Mid P 0 Vepq CAV X Wqgb MA me A Qdpuxefj un tfjf, K Uylwfdx 0 K PX, 0' BO I f , 56' 133 dw? OW5 J. 000' ua bee X VC WH 'rw Jax Clow Jr DW K I Q -dx l Qu ap 'VPN nl 45006 0' a box ' ' 9 f t z ' W1 nwfffc 'J 5499 5 green Wwe be , 4 Xf kb WN X K? -6 XOMQU 6g 0 596669 6 531-f'k fvlmnl x x ,K su I ahead. 'ffm w1nmn3?T1f1 w,2,,,,y,?j.5,,,m!,i 'Sw N K-QL we' WRT M 'M '+f"1Qf W QU 1 ' x KJV IUUK X K Awe? Q! 9 Q5 im-Ouahiqq XV A X V ,i3g55.SQf 5?l1foPf' N 'kgzwbw Q W JJ rm X ' E: x JN T . xp dj fffjwff :W0L,fQ64q CZLNU jf' if 5' f U , if if WWW QWLJQ 9 ,QLIWM f ' J' M4137 5 L Aiiffiflflijg, A jig MU' ff,-1 . ,,, A! WI. UU M N jfgwldlg M 'lfyf ffggyffiti W D . ,,'LA"SK i 4 u I ' X xl ffg lpyx QC! QJX W XX filly, X if -'X if C45 -lk QKQVMDCJ' 'JN N X QQ ww awww W 143 Q Jvw A HN JY "M X , ff 1,77 L 1 ,X 7 .Ly f X-9 U59 50 OEF Q Q Q5 gf? QW XXI F ,f ,gy fy N W v . X M 1 ff? .19 , x RQ 1, .L x-is . A .,, 1, N X . + : -7 X . X fj J J' Y 'f N - . Wx' 54 'Qi' 5 X 0'- ,j.x X: X 7 -X 5 uf Q , , . F Q.. xe I f "" .5 Q 5 . J J . ll' gf- 'L . 'sf 4 .3 N. - ex vi, z 3.,. - f 1 . -- -7 x X U SK 'f ,N N 3 4 X - . f K, ' . Q, xi I x f 1 gf, TM 5 Q .y LB s., sv , A N :' 'ff 4 , if . An, 1, x' 9 B M y 1 Rf ,fps f ff S' IRQ- 4,X,1 ily? J xi .5 "M x, 'f -Q gf r . if ' if Q4 , K ,jf JJ 5, L, ' J A N 3 .71 , ,Q I A-1' f-C xl 5' f P' :lj A ' Q 'Q' X. l , ' iff - K HX 1, .x ," 5 f J an if 9 f 'MU -1 N, dx A AJ ' N f.., A . 1, ' V -u f, f Rn 94 ik , 'ti XJ sf X5- H. fx U ' 3 J -. K , J' 1 6 .g, M 7' 1 Q' 'Q P. -' L , , .Vt X, X f X N, X 4 ,f.1.,b.. ...-----Bw,-4 M-I -M---'H 7' ' ,J ,,.......,-.-.. ,.,. ,..--, . v f ' 3 A Q I s K Apr, ,f,,,..,.,.M,, ww X 4' K- H W ,V 1, .T A W-, .. -., - - , A, ..., , . .. , , I i 4 5 I A W l,LWh W, k,.....,..- W- ' ' , ,1 ' , - g M1 W if if, J, , . X , 4 - , . ..M.,,.,,,..., , 9 4 -1? N 1 N01 f r Q H ' "1987' FOOQML HIGH SCH OL 500 MCCLOUD DRI SACRA ENTO, CALIFORN VOLUME 21 'EQUI' l ' - - X ' fi 3 - i' Q? 5 gs A .Y Y W- Y ,,,.g If li erm 4? 3 'u 7 gi E X. X f fy ' I 3 . x' Q!-ff. in . WW! ..,,.-.W Q, , gfif i K T v 1 5 N, 9171. , 'QUEEN kiffgx Q 8 wx -vw 1 , xWY J' N 4 f zu .Q .5 V .X 'ff ,. K ?.?fCZ?'fgf15 3' ' A , , 1fff2f 19 v fi? if Q 1 5' vi 1,552 .F 'X , 1 ' 2' Y .1 ig, V, 3 'L , ' bf. A g 5. - ,Q ,f -if it , ,LAL it 'QQ y Y sl V , fl iff-3 f'-. ' A Aa ful K 3, . ' 113 S fp i 1 f Tl, W I Vx ' 1 ' '. aft? ' ':f?'i? ! ,s 'Q Hx g 1 I t i ,iz ,LEM J ' . ' Bye Bye Summer - School's In Session s the sun-filled days of summer began to drift away, it came time to return once again to school. All too soon, that dreaded morning of registration had arrived. Seniors and juniors impa- tiently waited to enter the arena, only to be faced with the frustration that registration always brings. Some left satisfied with their finalschedule, oth' ers left disappointed, and still others departed with no schedule at alll Ev- erything eventually worked out, though, and all students had some type of schedule by the time that first day rolled around. Wandering weari- ly from class to class, friendships were renewed and summer vacation A stories were shared. It didn 't take long for the Mustangs to adapt to the rigorous school schedule that was all too familiar. Freshmen, however, were faced for the first time with the reality of high school, which they eventually became accustomed to. The sophomores returned, relieved to have finished their freshman year and move up to a new status. Juniors came back to school faced with diffi- cult classes, but with anticipation for their nearing senior year. Returning for the last time, seniors were ex- cited, happy, sad, and confused all at the same timel Each student had some reason to celebrate the return to school for the 1987 year. 7 '94 3 4 BACK TO SCHOOL swf 7 '-TL. fs, fb ,539 a fri? ,QV 'b -cg- ! wthvn i 4, , Y. in . .gg . f I fy A x ' Q 3,4 1 ,,. ,A f I if gf 3 x'x tsl 3 ' 1 4: . Q D v ' , p.. o "-Q, 4 3 'isp , .3 1 -ni 1 1' ' 4.451 .Q ' 3112, '- 33, 2' ,, 4 I V sg - L ' '7 313 A f" :fps Qin Orange and Black Attack omething very black, orange, enthusiastic, and uncontrolla- bly contagious overtook the Foothill campus this year. It was. of course, the mighty Mustang spirit. Stu- dents became more involved'by pdrticipating in morale-boosting activities such as rallies, dress-up days, games and dances. Spo?ting the orange and black look, the Mustangs toio their spirit to th Rowdiness and exgt ment usually gave wa respectable and somewhat sane craziness. S ior spirit was at its 1987, and most evi nt through their contin- ual domination of t irit stick. Egch class, however, conigibuted to he unifiedhspirit that everyone was hooke n throughout the school"yegr. Cheering, ye in , nd stomping their way to victory, stficknts, any certain class, butfor the entire school, cele r ed their one-of-afkmd Mustang splrit. ' n spirited class of 1987. 4 . . , 7 X L XX .f ' c. 1. The mighty class of 1987 explodes with enthusiasm after winning the spirit stick at the first rally, 2. Brett McBay "psychs himself up for the big game by attending the rally 3 Sophomores show what it's all about: s-p 1 r 1 t 4. Senior Charlene Hennigan instructs fresh man Jennifer Addison on the proper rally gear. 5. A shower of confetti falls over the gr,.,. - -my Swv-'Gi' -17: ,f , M ymf, Meiwa , ' WV- in 1 -. f g QQ -, -is ' , 9 ., gg mm Ar-:Q A W! Q -, wrwi' J if In 771,23 fwgfw eng V. K... , if' , if ' 1 'E' , ,Nag if 1 I ls 'ga ' i V r PH Q7 W Y fc Fv. ff,g, vm , F -nd.. , , H' ' rf," k Q' 1 1 v 0:2- S. inf? YQ' RQ FRIENDS -I Friendships to Last a Lifetime Ithough high school is an institution for learning, it is also a place wh , eJasting friendships a 5 found. Friends that are made during the four years at Foothill will have a lasting impression on our lives. When school signs to be just too much to hq,pajLg,,.friends provide the neces- sary Riersion .gsease the tensions. Lunch- time, between cigfges, and after school are times for doing siecial things together and making euerlastingjinemories. Through the good and the badgtimes it is those special friends that will alwqiiys be there. When the high school ywjs ardfouer and all must part to go their separate digys, the zfbratable memories of those special friendships that were formed will always remain. -nfs 4 Qgiw' 1. Trina Ogden and Cindy Lively laugh at a sunshine during lunchtime. friends joke. 2. Kendra Morris. Bryan An drews. John Mendiola. and Sabrina Phillips relax for a few minutes at the end of lunch 3 Joey Souuignier loans Robby Jones notes to prepare for a test. 4. Chris Sain and Curtis LaBay strike a pose for the Equi photographer 5. Laura Morford and Lisa Rowan bask in the 'W QI T , ' , , A I N L ' l A 9' -NA. H 45? , " 1, K H , , h Q Q 5.5553 fiifi V E X ' i ,, -f,.. - . , ,. . 9 'Tix I J N34 7 .4 7,11 6 - 16,4 .7 ,ex ' 1 Q sq ff-'h,,.4l .' - f fgy.,, M. 4 ui N' .G ' if u ' ? 'iv fx . wr 4 , .Wx g12 l . Cgelgebraie ' 8 7 l' l v ilu Slgle Galore Fashionable Muslangs Give New Meaning lo Chic the trend set in previous years, the Mus- all boundaries in the fashion scene. the past were mixed with current styles some bizarre combinations, No one style ve dominance. Some chose the casual look, consisting must. Popular Gotcha, Town their way into the some girls opted for comeback. French more elaborate fashions, Accessories bracelets, handbags, hats, and watches were a names including Guess, Forenza, Bugle Boy, Local Motion, and even Reebok made of fashion conscious students. Although punk hairstyles, longer hair also made a tails and the use of the banana comb were popular. For the guyslihort hair was in. Variations included flat tops, long bleached bangs, patterns shaved on the head, and some- times even different colored streaks. Use of hair products such as mousses, gels, glazes, hairsprays, and color washes helped to create the styles for both girls and guys. 1987 proved to be a year of celebratable fashion trends. A . maflw. V9 -cz 14 2 Y 1 'r 5 1. Tara Zelinsky stands out in the crowd wearing her patterned sweater with matching scarf. 2. Aaron Sage looks great with his layered hairstyle. 3. Tim Thompson and R entertain Tim Moore and Jody James during lunch. aymond Osburn iii .v he N? 1 1 2 J 93 1. Heather Newcomb and Joey Souuignier scan ouer some notes during lunch. 2. Fixing her hair. Dorene Austin strolls down the hall on her way to class. FASHIONS A ,1 5 I ' ' V ' ' 'K ' " " V ' ' W ' 1 U '3 ' 7-f f' ' ' W' '-f'L,Qg.Ll F1159fk1'ff'+'l'Q?7X-fm-W if '17 LV: W C'MmGf -'fl 'TG ' H0332Bidi'i?2Q'E5S4?E?'v3?4H55 ?,E,5'f+-T JV' Vi YA..- 1 :,,,.f 4 ,ff- ,,,,.,....4w-w1""""M+ .t,,,N..- ,ww- W F 31 if , ,.,,.,,..,,.,..,h,,,, N... Mm q.,,,-,L-".'.-w ,,!, W ..,Y ,,.. L,,,,,,,,MmM,,Q-542.4-.-MMM W, .,VVY, W,.,.,..,.K,F , .,m,fL-Nw, 'wfqr X- 1 4 - -A ,M vw ww"--,vm-fmv' vw-v 'Z pw 1 Q ,X L, ,f ,, , ,. ,, N , , QAwmqmfmwnmv:-w1:,nfwwgmmmngwvmfwmfi: ' .47 .ff , . mmwmmmMMWWMMMMN-Wm:AwwwM..H M I 'gig ,J '.-.v0kT V, 'V .V swwQwwwwuwMHMMOmMUv4mmvm uH:fv1w-QM -1-ummww-wvwmz-mm,...u,..,,. wnqwwwmwwmwmm c F Q f , .- . ., 11. ., .1 , 4:5 N. 5 4 ctivities not only gave students a chance to show s e R Q kwf MM! I Q 3 wg ' .. Mm X Q fx' if if.1'x- A gy B 1 " 1 " I t l if QA B ,X mm IJ ' xt' I L Qt I X? if ff' fy 1 155 . ' , f Y I 345'- x... K A 2 ' A fs K . 1,,M ' EE i A 'S , A . :M K' y is f 'K A I V' Vbqv A 5""Q la... 4 ,V , x it , ' J N "SJ .1 ' I, '2?'6:Lf1'ffk, -.1 '4 .13 in , sf' ' K A ' i,"JfJ:'efi?f5"'?' i f t their school spirit, but also gave them a welcome break from the school regimen. The Mustangs partici- pated in the yearls several rallies, assemblies, dances and games. Special activities included Homecoming, Powder Puff Football, and lunchtime competitions and games. :qs amawmifnz .xp asia mm W...:..:L:-ziu.41- im.1z.:. 3... g.:1mfmvmmfmwnM5m, Nmv,mg.L.m3,vw,1,,,,,, L . it m.u,i.. W3 W ,M WM M X i ,ru,,mi,,, ,W T ,pd , W, my A 4, -, 493,333 5 , Mgiggagf 'Jr ,L Sf. s ,1,ft A we ' It fi rags: ,W W.,-.Amt 3 we. . :eggs 2 Y ii' 'Nil 52511-igsfl 'X A, Q, ' Y 1 -MLA". 2 1. The juniors breathe rnore freely knowing that their float is near completion. 2. Ryan Streeper and Shannon Lynch work diligently on the junior float. 3. Hoping to win the first place trophy. Gretchen Lowell and Shannon Lynch add some final details 4. Driving up for Lhejudging is the sophomore float. "Snoopy " 5. The jubilant seniors stand proud by their creation. 6. Wearing his sunglasses. 'Durnbou tries to impress the judges 7. Maggie Flack. Stephanie Wright. and Cecilia Luna put some final pornps on their float 8. Mike Gallagher adds one final touch to the beautifully conf structed seniorfloat. 9, Confident ofa win, the sophomores' "Snoopy" kicks back. 20 HOMECOMING FLOATS ra iii, ies? ig. ' ,L ,W 2"-'h.. -.wx . ,ny V ., ff 5,ffgf5g,es-. gg. wt . ,, if W, we -,tw ,gs ,Q mi tggfri 'sf fx. , 1 as . f sf:-'L ,tht vii'-up n 5 Q, it-, 5t.'..t,gg: 'cr swf fl sf, V , ,nfs .Q ,wr ry an.: lg, ' 1- . - . 995. -rw' 'ifzzf w .ww 'Ki u. gf . , ,N -' 4 ' k if new r Ll 'w 5 ws., - M iigfiyf' -ff. in-rr 'VW' 2 ,:. ... 1' r.w2'it c L .. -+1 yi t,v,:gg: , : 'f fx 5:-vig: " 4 W 'T .. ' W fa'f',I'Ngt2,.. ftQ,f'-H 51 Yg giw- - y m,.. 'im ,5i.e:. Z ..,.,W,,. -, - 3 + . in it--111 ,. fifffe " " f fi . ' ,,', is .. 1. ,ig K t .5 Q A 4 .1 Q M 3 ,f Qi it i'i1?2 -if . , gps Q QF ,. v ,W FS, if 4' h . ., 'i,:,,5f - if 'Aim .VU 7 5- . K 1 v 4 ,K 6 Amazing Animators The 1986 homecoming floats were created around the theme HThe Wonderful World of Animationfl The seniors constructed the WaltDis- ney character 'iDumbo," the juniors built i'The Jetsons, " the sophomores made 'iSnoopy," and the freshmen were unable to complete a float for the competition. Those Mustangs who were able to complete a float were very creative in their choice of materials. They used pomps, wire, wood, Spray paint, card board, ana' most of all plenty of spirit, The final judging was made by a combination of local merchants ana' junior high school teachers. The seniors' four years of experience was apparent as they won first prize in the float com- petition. ,.,. 8 A 9 l HOMECOMING FLOATS 21 HOur team is really determined to win and I feel we're strong enough to do it." Liz Pulos HI think the juniors are under- estimating the seniors." Holly Ulrey :jk xy ' 'A S .f,,"l4 it , iitiaze ". X IW vi ., r' i si,, ag , 1 1. Front row: Coaches K. Broadbent. D. Krueger. 2nd row: D. Cruz. T. Buchanan. M. Cooper. K. Williamson. T Baldizan. M. Ste- fani. D Nelson. K. Newell. Buck row: E Elliott. L. Rice. V. Bricker. C. Cagle. K. Williams. E. Pulos. S. Daw. B. Ohlson. S. Phillips. 2. Tonya Lewis and Allison Stoutejurnp for "the high 5" between plays. 3. The juniors crowd around their coach to devise a new strategy for moving the ball. 4. The juniors ana' seniors go nose to nose in a hard fought contest. 5. Dennis Todd gives support from the sidelines. 6. The action gets furious as a pass play is broken up. 7. Cheerleaders: J. Downing. F. Harris. R Soik. M. Prosser. B. Grewell: Front row: C. Crooms. A. Stoute: 2nd row: C. Hennigan. J. Sims. B. Varner. D. Beeken. M. McCormick. A. Stark: Back row: N. Melson. S. Thompson. T. Lewis. S. McElroy. S. Bell. M. Sicotte. C. Brown. H. Ulrey. 8. Cheerleaders. Robert Soik and Sparky Harris. concentrate on the action on the field. 9. Bridgette Varner moves down the field with Tonya Lewis leading the way. 10. Ms. Mills gives constructive criticism to Veronica Bricker. 22 JUNIOR-SENIOR POWDFR PUFF 2 SL Seniors Dominate U V5 9 I IU Powder Puff From the start of the game, when the seniors drove 55 yards and scored on Holly Ulrey's 12-yard touchdown pass from Tonya Lewis, it was obvious there was going to be a junior massacre. Although putting forth a lot of effort. the juniors were having trouble moving the ball. Three of junior quarterback Elaine Elliott's passes were intercepted by the op- posing seniors, By half-time the sen- iors had rolled up a score of 20-0 and never looked back. As the second half began, the sen- iors kicked off to the juniors who could not move the ball. The dooms- day defense of the seniors forced the juniors to punt in three plays. Tonya Lewis. Holly Ulrey, and Cathy Brown turned in outstanding offensive per- formances for the seniors. By the end of the game. the seniors' offense had racked up 25 points while the de- fense held thejuniors scoreless to the end. 23 1. Students dash madly back and forth with their balloons in the "Balloon Blow Up and Pop" contest, 2. Jason Walker. John Down' ing. and Don Lozo get wrapped up in their work." 3, Jason Wharton, Jason Edwards. Greg Scrwner. Jason Vernon. Wayne Ben- nett. and Robby Jones haue the right stuff. 4. During the lunch time activities. Joe Ramirez gets friendly with an orange. 5, Anna Pozdyn appears to be Henropturedu during Home- coming actiuities, 6 T.J. Barr does a mock interview with Michelle Murray. 7. Selling flow- ers during Homecoming week. Tricia King. Gretchen Lowell. and Natalie Taylor have a friendly argument ouer who is going to become the Homecoming queen. 8 Steve Kinsey sets up the marquee for upcoming euents. 9. Jeff Marks and Shane Medina entertain spectators during their lunch break, 10, Lyndale Hullum and Derek l.aDay show off their talent at the Homecoming assembly. 2 4 24 HOMECOMING ASSEMBLY AND WEEK ff! 5 . ,- l i. H. JA? g Ag if sy - W J 'N K if 2 E 1- X51 9 A 1 V125 .dll , 64" L . . J -5,4 . 1 6 I. . . M " 'L 531 tffifk' 'E iff lyk' Q Spirit Worth Spirit week and the Homecoming assembly once again provided an ex- citing diversion for all of Foothills students. Each day of the week, dur- ing lunch. a different activity oc- curred to amuse and arouse the spirit of students for the Homecoming game against Encina. Each day the student body was encouraged to dress up as a different cartoon char- acter. Monday, "Mickey Mouse Day." a donut eating contest was held. Unfortunally this activity was held only during first lunch because some unworthy soulls hunger got out of hand and took all the donuts, Tuesday the "Balloon Blow Up and Pop" contest was held. Some spirited students dressed green in Gumby style. The "Orange Passfpreviously called the i'Potato Pass," was held on Wednesday. Several blue faces were seen during the day imitating the lovable Smurfs. And finally the "Toi- let Paper Wrap" was held on game day. In order to encourage fans to ii- H scum ni . if POWP",-fi . . il. .. ft .-- .... E Cf .... C f. MQ.. if Celebrating 9 come out to the game, students were asked to dress in the schools colors. Once again the seniors won a major- ity of the Homecoming competitions. At the Homecoming assembly on Wednesday night. several students had the opportunity to showcase their talents. Jason Wharton, Jason Edwards, Greg Scrivner, Jason Ver- non, Wayne Bennett, and Robby Jones, as the HOutrightous Broth- ers," sang their version of HYou7ve Lost That Loving Feeling." This was followed by Morgan Bray and Tony Velasquez doing a rap that turned, more or less, into an inaudible head- banger concert. Derek LaDay per- formed with Lyndale Hullum singing 'iHome" from the t'Wizard of Oz." Then the night ended with Jamie Lane performing 'Aln the Ghetto, " an old Elvis tune. Most students felt that the Home- coming activities were a huge suc- cess, thanks to a job well done by the student council. 1 1, Trying to gain time for a pass by scrambling out of the pocket is quarterback. Jason Ed- wards. 2. Freshmen hope to gain upperclass- men recognition by whooping it up at the rally. 3. The juniors get rowdy as they show off their masks, balloons. and noisernakers, 4. Ed Vaughn and John Mendiola get into the swing of things as they warm up for the spirit compe- tition, 5. Directing his blockers and gaining yards all the same. Dwayne Owens stampedes down the field, 6. Matt Colby and Jason Whar- ton conjure up images of Mardi Gras as they go wild at the Homecoming rally. 7 Tina Reyn- olds. Curtis LaBay. and Rob Wamsley stir up enthusiasm as they wait for the spirit competi' tion to begin 8 Jubilanl Mustangs get carried away by the spirit, 9 Celebrating their win. senior Greg Scriuner does the Ucowbell boo- gie."1U. The seniors spirit soars after winning the spirit stick 11 Sophomores glue it their best shot. w wg ,gy V -.f - 'rrf- -6 H f t . QL X 5 A R I .up I X D qi Q Q1 L .- s 1 tt' 'Y 'R Q!,s..i, L x x W 4 i Q ,Q K 5 i ' xxx 'L t 3 S23 1 k 4 me ' X 5 26 HOMECOMING GAME AND RALLY M 'Nc SF ,Q-ff wigw f ssay s Aax. A "" A A 8 553 A mlLL sg 10 9 Sensational Spirit As in the past, and at other rallies, the Mustangs flaunted their awesome spirit during the 1986 Homecoming rally. Each class. even the freshmen. participated in the cheerleader- picked competitions, with hopes of becoming the victor. Again. as in the past, the dominating seniors proved to the rest who was the best by taking possession ofthe much wanted spirit. Even though everyone didn 't emerge victorious at the rally. spirits werent dampened and overall school spirit was carried over to the Homecoming game, Throughout the game, the Mus' tangs stampeded over the Enciria Apaches leaving their hoofmarks and a score of 51-7 behind them. Jason Edwards, the Mustangs talented sen- ior quarterback. said, "The whole team played a good game. We want' ed to impress everyone because it was a league-opener and we were extremely psyched up due to the fact that it was Homecoming." The Mus- tangs enthusiasm rvbbed off on the JV. team as they, too. defeated the Apaches 46-13. HOMECOMING GAME AND RALLY 27 Sv 'I 4, . ,X A 4 W' W 'i .ids 5- gif 1 A if vm A W, ' 1 - H w 5: ma 1,4 MM,- Abi V . if'-vi? -Q if -555 fy 1. Q"'Tfl f ,. A, 1 . 5, . 1. .up .O ' 1 :Pr ..,. ..,.,'1 'l.,. . ,. 'D 'o of '. up ., 1 va. -" m... '53 - :LZ ,:,, 1fj3:f::: ' ,,, ,5r:L"' ,, ,, , tki:?E:TLfft, 5 , aw C ,Q fi 'gy ,xr 1 I ,:,, ...ggi- ,V as :Ps 'nn r' sa 4 1' :- f' uhm nu: ' nn S' sq-a , uanf-N, - tru ' nas. ' lnsn.r',.-In ' .. 1: :runner Q a .,"Q 1 luxurnsnv- 5' 4' -:-' aujpwufv' " - if f , 'q- , , cfxnfib. W' 'A W nal .'.1:,1 "n.:g:::mnuwf tn ,ff 'Q . 1 H, L+" ,ft l g 'Q a-Q",,, az. ,, ,va ku, 11 1' of ani ,n 'nun' oiuuH.12,, n 4' v. Levy: 'Q' , 1 ng L 4 ' Hia: -sr K 11 xg 'Q an " 'Q ue' an A " n 1 an 5 5 'U H!! I ' I Y x X iguwl T I 9 It's The Spirit That Counts The IntieRami spirit week and assembly proved to be very entertaining to the student body. The week got off to a thrilling start with many activities designed for the student body 's enjoyment. Tuesday. the chin-potato-pass occupied some of the students during their lunch and students were encouraged to dress up as their favorite farm animal. On Wednesday a ring toss activity took place and farm foods were the highlight of this day 's dress. Thursday, competitors plunged into Hostess chocolate cream pies for the ever popular pie-eating contest. Students had the option to escape from their normal dress habits, and get geared up in cowboy and Indian duds. Finally, Friday was the traditional black and orange day. All of the classes worked hard trying to obtain the spirit stick for the week, but in the end, the dedicated senior class gained control, as usual. Thursday night of that same week, the students eager to show their talent. had an opportunity to perform in front of a spirited audience consisting of fellow students and parents. At the beginning of the assembly the royalty was introduced. This was followed by talented performers like Antoinette Jack' son, Cora Hullum, and Felica Marsh singing "Now or Never" as a threesome, Kim Clark sang i'The Greatest Love ofAll. " Carla Nemeth's edifying version of i'Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and 'iI.a Isla Bonita" was well received. This was followed by Derek I.aDay and Kim Clark, as they sang i'Somewhere Out There". Diane Beeken and Bridgette Verner worked hard to synchronize a dance routine to i'Conrol". Renae Schafer sang her heart out to "Back On My Feet". Other acts included the Critical Three doing their own rap, and Cora Hullum 's enlightning performance of "All at Once". Finally Vince Martini. Jim Burreson. and Lane Elliott's band had students on their feet while performing various songs from popular groups. INTI-RAMI SPIRIT WEEK AND ASSEMBLY 31 gi ,8 . Spirit lnti-Rami is always marked with great enthusiasm and the crowd was wildly enthusiastic in both the game and rally. The rally, held after school, con- sisted of mainly a relay race. The race was won by the seniors and the seniors again defeated the under- classmen in spirit competition. The spirit ofthe rally carried over to the game that night. Against the 7 Shines 9 Eagles, the Mustangs played a com- mendable game. The Eagles and the Mustangs were neck and neck throughout the game. In the end, Foothill emerged victorious, 77-70. This victory boosted the Mustangs to a second place standing in CVC play. Overall, the Inti-Rami game and rally were quite successful and enter- taining for everyone. Congratula- tions to all. INTI-RAM! GAME AND RALLY 33 'fwsi ,xiwi Q- Q M-: Ax 34 INTI-RAM1 DANCE AND ROYALTY are as 'www ,an af? . I 5 in, wiv 'f!L?': 1 1 sk jim WM fri' ws MGH 3 93? X 7 gf Mustangs Kick Up Their Heels at Western I-Ioedown The sky was clear. and the moon was full on Friday the thirteenth. a perfect setting for lnti-Rami '87. The western dance was held in the cafete- ria, which was beautifully decorated by student council members. Foothill students arrived in casual western wear. A few couples dressed alike, and competed in the best dressed couple contest. The lucky winning couples received a fresh free stalk of celery. At 11300 P.lVl. the ravishing royalty was announced. Eric Vernon was the freshman princeg Bobby Chen sophomore prince: Jason Wharton junior prince: John Down- ing, Derek LaDay seniorprincesg and Jack Killman was king. The music was done by those de- lightfully daring D,J, 's David Krueger, Brett Cabannis, and Jack Killman. As usual, Kee Coleman was there to capture the moments in liv- ing color if the students wanted pic- tures. The setting for the photos was hay bails. balloons. sparkling stars, and of course, a full moon. lntieRami '87 was a huge success, and for all of those who attended, a memorable occasion. 1 Derek LaDay, Jack Killman. and Susan Bar- rett waitfor royalty to be announced. 2. Leslie Shaw. and Kim Williamson are proud to escort the sophomore prince Bobby Chen and the junior prince Jason Wharton. 3. A couple shares a slow dance during lnti-Rami, 4. Foot- hill students are pleased with the lnli-Rami roy- alty. 5. Freshman prince Eric Vernon and his lovely escort pose for a photo 6. Leslie Shaw and Bobby Chen take a break from dancing to be announced as sophomore royalty. 7. Sen- ior prince Derek LaDay and his lovely escort Charlene Hennigan. smile pretty for an Equi photographer. S Jack Killrnan shows off his tanned chest while Derek LaDay and Susan Barrett stare in awe, 9 Jason Wharton and Kim Williamson dance together during the Inti- Rarni royalty dance INTI-RAM! DANCE AND ROYALTY 35 .ii :E ZA. 1. Jenny Hamilton and Daryl Ganas take notes as other Equi staffers look over layouts. 2. During their stay at U C Santa Cruz Julie Tichauer and Deniece Vargas cautiously back out the window as Maureen McPherson shoots the inuader with her deadly squirt-gun, 3. Jackie Soik looks through old yearbooks for an idea. 4. Shani Roberts goes lo the storeroorn to check out the name ofa student in last years yearbook, 5, The staff watches as a HerffJanes artist creates some ideas for the cover. 6. The '87 Equi staff: Robyn Granados. Maureen McPherson. Nicole Francik. Jackie Soik. Kirsten Williams. Shani Roberts. Todd Holmes. Ann Nunn. Deniece Vargas. Julie Tichauer. Anne Colby, Daryl Ganas. Charley Ku. Scott Hasel' wood. and Christa IVlcCollough. 7. Ann Nunn draws an idea for a two page layout on a "rough- ing it" sheet. 8. Todd Holmes files new photos for the yearbook, 9, Christa lVlCCollough looks to Dene iece Vargas for help. 10. Anne Colby gets a crop- per from the storeroom, 36 EQUI Apffl fr' ,im .49 it .-vii 1- K 1.:" E QL,-' 'V .fi zu 6 ft2r '-1-QR Ansar, an Equl le-kwel 9. Struggling to meet deadlines and endless hours of writing and cropping are expected in a yearbook class, and the '87 Equi staff proved to be no different. The well-balanced group of writers, designers. artists. and a pho- tographer lCharley Kul, helped to make the yearbook a tremendous success. Editors Deniece Vargas and Maureen McPherson guided the class, which consisted of twelve rooke ies and four veterans. with hopes for an outstanding book, Deniece Var- gas. a three-year veteran and senior editor said. "I was surprised how well we worked together as a staff even though. at the beginning of the year, only four of us knew what we were doing. The twelve rookies proved to be great assets to the staff and I was impressed by their abilities. It was a great honor to be the editor: I think after three years I had waited long enough." Last summer Denice Vargas, Mau- reen McPherson, and Julie Tichauer had the opportunity to travel to the University of Santa Cruz to attend Yearbook West. a yearbook camp for seven days, Tricks of the trade were passed on among students from ten different states. The '87 Equi staff decided to cele- brate the year with a theme of, what else, 'iCelebrate. " The color section consisted of balloons, confetti, and fabulous color worth celebrating. We'd like to thank Mr. Stoneking for his invaluable advice and words of wisdom. .. EQ!!! 31. .. iff B3 . w 5 "We haue a hard working staff this year, lam proud to be the editor." - Shari Haskell i'My students are great peo- ple, awesome writers. and per- ceptive judges of personality." - Mr. Milton 1. Jason Wharton finalizes the copy written by Susan Barrett and Lindale Hullurn. 2 Mr. Mil, ton lends a helping hand to young writers Heidi Ireland and Susan Barrett. 3. The nosey staff listens to the latest "Bench Talk. " 4. Back row: Wayne Bennett. Greg Scriuner. Jason Ver- non. Robby Jones. Deniece Vargas. Jason Ea'- wards Middle row' Jason Wharton. Melissa Miller. Susan Barrett. Heide Ireland. Derek LaDay. Front row: Judy Murray. Renee Friend. Michelle Letellier. and Shari Haskell. 5. Mr. Milton assists Shari Haskell in setting a page 7 Shari Haskell puts the finishing touch' es on a story. 7. Deniece Vargas hunts for a word in a Thesaurus. 8. The sports writers pose for a shot. 38 HOOFBEA TS rw.. 'gn 211 vs .15 Y.. ww 4 L 4 B915 . . Hoora 6 M- What A Paper 8 What A Paper As in past years. the Hoofbeats staff, under the supervision of Mr. Milton, produced one of the most outstanding high school newspaper around. The dedicated writers worked diligently to bring in the most interesting and news worthy stories to be found on Foothills campus. Be- sides the hardships of putting a news- paper together. the staff also had to deal with the agony of rising before the sun. This was due to the fact that the journalism class was held during zero period. which began at 6:50 A.lVI. Hoofbeats editor Shari Haskell did an outstandingjob ofmaking sure that the stories were well written and that the class generally ran smoothly. Working as sports editors. Wayne Bennett and Jason Wharton enjoyed writing about the ups and downs of Foothills sports teams in action. Thanks to the Hoofbeats staff our lives at Foothill were a little more en- tertaining and intriguing with an out- standing paper. HOOFBEA TS 39 1. Diane Beeken shows her Mustang pride. 2. Song Leaders: Stephanie Bell, Susan Barrett. Lorie Witherspoon. Bridgette Varner. Karen Naungayan. and Tiffany Moscow. 3. Bridgette Varner heads home after a rally. 5. Susan Bar' rett finishes her routine with a flourish. 7. Moni' que Sicotte lets her spirit risel Varsity Cheer- leaders: Diane Beeken. Jodi Sims. Deanna Cruz, Monique Sicotte. Nancy Melson, and Bobbi Petree, 1 "L SEQ Q i 3 ' Y . ' 'V rl 'K ."'f f J'-- A Tm C' .D N Z. tkggw, , 'Wx' I W., I ' - ' .w t 'il 9'7iLff V A .f7',1Pf' - 3 : 1.1, J . M 5 5. A number of spirit leaders pose during the garne. 6 Mascots. Allison Reynolds and Tricia Prock, Freshmen Cheerleaders: Mae Opena. Jennifer Nuhfer. Correine Weichec. Jenny Chanco and Rosanna Ramirez, Deanna Cruz does a marvelous routine during a football game. 11. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Carrie Emerson, Sharmame McClain. Heather Carl' son, and Tina Titus, 12 Bridgette Varner and Stephanie Bell pose for the camera 40 SPIRIT Leripeies 4 .- f'+ H .. 4 . If r " ,t 351 ti er' . L,,L fl fix t Mustang Spirit Leaders Excel Through long hours of practice. hard work. and dedication, the spirit leaders gave Foothill something to be proud of, Much time and devotion was spent preparing for pep rallies. competitions, and athletic activities. Each routine was carefully worked out and practiced before it was per- formed before numerous spectators. The song and cheer leaders brought the crowd alive during the events with their spirit and energy. Their enthusiasm flowed into the crowd, making the rallies and games much more exciting. With their exceptional efforts, the spirit leaders expressed the true meaning of pride and spirit at Foot- hill. . SPIRIT LEADERS 41 't l ur Serzzor year was fllled wlth hopes asplratzons dreams spirit homework semorxtls and cz degree Of uncertamty about the future ahead. But as we took a giant step into the future, we looked back on the past with many treasured memories. JK -87- 87-87 - T ' i x , Y W., Jennifer Adamczak Stephen Adams 'The best of Gwen Agee "lt's.time for us to go Julia Alcocer "To: MJ. and GA., Michelle' Allen ' times have-:n'I ended here, they're on with otherthings, we will haue Io Red. White. Blue Forever. Thanks y fast beginning, Good luck class of take whatever We brings. Thanks Mom andDad. To DS., Stay cool ' !87!" I for all the memories, Love Ya!" with my car!" f N f -if isis L , fg li mf ' 'x ., J Gila Alvarez "Moen, not only dial Brandy Amee ' N. Jeff Anclcer "Thanks Foothill, Duane Anderson "Well never Julie Anderson "Thanks hflafn anal graduate. but Fm legal, moi" i ' tlfleseipastjour years have been lhe atop we 'll never quit cause we-'re Steve for all your support and carg ' - V - , best1,As we go our separate ways, Metallica. Long live Cliff Burton!" ing. I loue you." , , N ' let us never forget the memories. ' V ' ' ' Good luck Class of f87," ' ' ' N uw X lg' 5? -- Y , I X ' N L Tracy Andersoh -V Richard Andres "I have na rival. Frank Asltin , K -is ' No man can be nay equal, Take me ' - . I L N . , - V I V K to the future of yoizrlwarld. Queen: Cathy Bmum and Chefyl Cox try to 'lloak inconspicilaus as an Equi L and Specmlfnends Thanks photogfapher passes 159, 3 1 V Q ll l 1 1 Q V I I , n U ur -nu 'n X144 CLASS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN l ll is . y x 'greg.Aud7ss,:"Mn..F.qQ5:qhdl.Mr55 ""!V llhllichqelAyersi'fI'arhnot'afraid.affll!! k'!'1 Q . ' 1Sreeg.,Thpn1c.,Qou'faf blI.oflyouf 1 fC3l'Y!071'0lQ,'Vf5Yf!ll1BbQ seen yesterlf ' f' It I ' N ' help! 'YQ MfkeQ.fwe'made it!"! ' N 1 in ,day'and'Vl3!0ue'tadqyi,iThankyou' ' ' ' f- Vi 'V 1' yr rr it 5 " ', fx Eaothillgfor the many fineimernagfl if by im' ff 1 ' Bdrrelttl ullieyryallll letisfad be ' V 'ShaiiegBeck. by V in flgeekeki ifflyferriories are Jifgmz.3ddin,Y'QL.ilge!frhai4iks Early. Alli, 1, 5 K ' f X I . F! fmecinte-tb 'belveptgfghru the times 1 iqfiq Aripfffsf igaphifig meta zalkrf . it i it we 'ue .laughed .cmd wept. lfoqtljlill X jriendslund' mybne loud are wligti l -'my' memories 'arg-if offfk V fr, Q, 3 How do you picture yourself at our twenty year reunion? Robert Soik "Driving my 2007 red Ferrari with Cheryl Tieg's daughterf' Jacqie Mahoney HA retired billionaire for my discovery of how to talk with dolphins." Joey Souuignier '4l'll be living on the beach with money in my hand, staring at the sea, staring at the sand." Heather Newcomb Hlndependently wealthy and President of Greenpeace." Deniece Vargas "Editor of Voguefl Susan Barrett mfhirty-eight years old louchll, rich and successful, with Robert Soik chauffering my red Ferrari." ffl' Eeintker thepoirlfbf N V' il fyziaieihezpffomms frigndsw-fThF9 the-feium..r.ers Qqrlylf' 1 aiy. j yycr lf A y 1 - e . i y :fk"'Beatles.,4P.S."Thanks Mani Q. j f-37. i5sg.apfm.ieiiiBe11l fmilheildance oth V i fl il 1 llll' i ll X N .L QQ Randal Black, iifeiberyachoreographer. Tlfhanks I LL. everyone' for ,ther memo-ries. if 1 ' 1 L w ' nmprfS..MQm.4aundpa4.jfte.. m 3 t - 'llt iell if iliy ' SQl'liOTS ' do lff3l4A55ft 95 i451j . gg gpg.. - -- 1 131: in i annual- l in-nn: ' ' - Micliael,BlcickweIl 4 yrs, aarsityin! ' V N Cheryl-Blair door checkers. 2 yrs. varsity stair " ' ' ' 'ti-gaping, 1 yr. all-lunch basketball, f ' ' ' A jZyrs,-all-lunchfootball, 4 yrs. varsi- ty' track f A A V - Melanie Braila "As my senibr year names to an end I remember the hard weekdays, wild weekends, and the games I'ue learned ta-- playin 4 -I 1 A 4..- will f gg -vh- Morgan Bray "Remember Wood- stock! " '5s4c9'c.9' ' i David Blau, "Thanks ,Mom ,and Dad and all of my friends for flue - cozgrage. Triaia Elscn lProi:k1Q 1'll always remember you. Olimy God' Lack out junior college!" Michael Brennan "Afier 12 years of working and waiting, were final- ly to the end! '87 Forevenlu K Greg Bristow Cathy Brown 'Life gods by fasnif' Curr Erownirlg "Let's go bonfib you donft stoprand look once in iz H1111 wdlllf' N I , while you might miss it. Thanks q lol family and friends." ,'Dan Bowen 'Vellcomhen til Scart Bradlayjllfx. Norgelln I , ' ' - ,gi i -in f m...,, y , V i'5zifg'iQ , ' L ,L -pigs ., w .,f,. -Q W " , 'sl A lr 1 giagiiw-"f" ' it .R Y :twig 4 Y h if Q. ., 4. - V .'-:",, H' clk - 1 -I Q K 'A ' if-, -fzafeis g :dn ,, .15 , 4:6 v .wx 9,1 , ,- .,,. an r '. H , ,L-P,-5, , -,g a '55, ,.s5fgJirJ'pfii" '9nf,fI "iv.,vg1'f, -. , 3- X1 5515.0 EJ.. 4.56 4 ,0 li .rgkilkh V xx . N X ??,,Qi?,'4g Mike Blqal-:well fakes part in lunchtime afftiuiiiels. V! W! N ' ' Seniors ' , - 46 CLASS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN f -87-87-87 0 Kevin Buchanan. ,anew eb Tina Burke "The class of 187 were lliarnes Burreson W'Thargks, Wade, In Shelly ButIer"'Those ,aeaple wha' ' Brett-Cabaniss 'Sofas will revolt, the best, Thanks far all the hehx Mom and Dad. I 'love you! Hey, ChrLsty youre 11ext!!!l' Artists Cheryl LaMaster and Raahel Ligon create worke for their art class. u and all my friends, Takecare '87." tell you not to take chances. they some will obey, who artainsperfec- ,ure all Missing out on what lU'e's tion and who's to sayf' , about, " - Metallica ' Mama Call "Thank you for every- Jim Campbell Susan Cansimbe 'Hold fast to 'thing Lori, I will always lnue you. '! , N dreams -- Forywhen dreams go -- - Playboys -- 1 Lye is a barren field - Frozen with snow, Thanks Mom and Dad," 175595 ' . w r " 'W N Kama Carpenter Cassanda Carter "To my family, lflindy Catrer "Ta my lndicmh Handy Ches 'The Horsemen ride' lalin Chhen "Never get tired of tryl A ' my friend Anfela. and ESPECIAL- friend, thanks for helping me cm. and they ride with siyler RC, A ing and never think it is impossible LY ta Thomas - thanx for every- through. Houe ya for il, See I am and K.O.': L ' to conquer your mistakesfl thing!!! love you alU" free as cz bird nowff' - Lynard L K K Skyrrard 1- nn an un ' 1 . -I klluil 'fill I -li H , -,, --9 N N I 'U ' F' "f""" ' V CLASS OF EIGHT?-SEVEN 47 l 7 7 -QT' H 7 8 7 , 8 7 , 8 7 7 7 7-7 7277 1.f, h'f-7, 7 7 7 7777 7 7 7 -7 7 77, 77 7 l X, . 7. 7 77 Q ' 1735717 'km' 4 7 gif in A MQ 7 7 f777 7:-:N7 ,Kg - 7 , 7 -M 77 7 2 1 '7"' . 7 !-" iw 77 7 M? 77117 7 5721, 5 , 1 77 7 . pi 11 L I WELLVQV77.77, AA i 7 7 7 1 77,7 A ' 2 essay +7117 7 7- - '77 QIUN77 A 5 A' ,' 2 :'7 7 7 fhiw ' 'g f 77 777727 N77 ' X777 4 Hi 7 7 y Q 7 llbesf ookduff 7 7i7fiiti?3 7fffiiiJYSSi?e?l9?:lW5tf1P Fi, 'F7Q4Q3lj g7mvblf7ff17?5G??1sff7 WF'-'F7 fiilllmlfig' V Q,'e2mw7j1D'2' Giffffiff?i'SChFffil1'f 7 ' g 1 , 7' 7 zsvppassd tv deevefy day? Thdffkil I5 sn1f1fk7i'f7fh271542f1r? bf'lifSx3vi1 iiilqd 12771727252M12Hr771fef27l7vQu1fb1777-wf7?fs7l77g7l77f:here77f71me,77iBesfgwfsheslwhei'NV 7 P71377 777 77 if 7777 17 1'1727117DS,70757107C7sa1M7s777eB:77-7:3vve7faHsrevef7aQ1af1cfqe7rbqnnewf 717773'73'fJ,7jffQ5!fQ7i'-'ffl 173' ,'N" '7" with77hldsS,'S7.VI4fQQe Zlg1?'if7'7f 1 7'7 ' " ' ' 7'kN I 7RML,R.NQ.7And7vfgwrsg,7zhqni:s77Q7famfa7:7i1fkf7,qp42fQ14gg7ifsf,7ragffaj7T7jy 92715-Qf.'i1'f?5'if" 7 'f7il5f7j77f77U7p'i7p7.iw 7h7" if 2 7 7, 7 7 7 7 l7'7l44C?Yf1?'T1',7 P 777:777277ajgf7fjii'iff7H77 7 How do you picture yourself at our 7 5 twenty year reunion? 7 77, 7 7,7 Laura Lane "Owner of the Corona Bottling l Co." 3 7fN Diane Beeken "Taste-tester for Laura 7' 777 ff 7 Y K77. 7177- 7 77 77 77 LGV16. H my istirnetasayQQ2il1d1'.il?olJerf ffqaglenk santlljelieuel 7 lf! 'fbQe'qrftd77iirneV't,6. rqllwgrii-4"Aldl'7 77ybuife!75aying47tl1ese 7jhinQsg'7 Vjustf 77 ' 'V 757 77 . .. . . 7 N7'N fb5iriin.7Thaii?fFM0h?l'0r1dDali-77Wv+'"f7vdhft.be7ffUE45lzi1i7lworldtfmuld uS?7i'77 ' N Desiree Stockton Public relations manager Dmmg bqwidf., 7777!77?7:7777.71,777N !7v7 77 3577777 f 7'1m7bewwJIjust73q,5hk77 wH5fi5.WeLNY7,- if 7 for I-UUVU I-Une-H f- T1fi7717ifl3fl3l'fJ5 'f', 71'i71ilf7fl'eQll'23l7Qf3737iWSl?'?f-744ligffllfll rrW7f ? 7 '7'- l if 771- 77 77 7177: Jeni Hamilton 'living next door to Julie Ti- If M 7 7 l 3 Cl"1GU6f.,, K L 2 Julie Tichauer A'l.iving next door to Jeni 7 7 Hamilton." '77 ' ' 7 I7 Shari Haskell "President of Mazda, and au- H 7 ,7.7 7 7 7 thor of 101 ways to Kill a Skater." Greg Scrivner "Stock investor for Saturday 7 77 17f"lf'7 l Schools of America." 7 77 7 7 M 7 7 H 7 as l W7ilf+Sf7fSfb'ffif'?C3Qad7i+ib?fFIQSSOI i 7mf1fff1ffPef'JPs2v7'Q7'Nsi7lff'hfif77fLs4f 7l7i iC7C-- E251 BMfD75E7ii7iB7N39lC15371ifE 7717Q57QfUg.:Mya-gqggbqllifeiierq 1fre5h.1"7,- 77-7' 7lk7'7, RgmelnpepjI7e13'flynckfliqupdf QTf5HSh?'l'?5ff5735l 'b'F1ll" ?ll'5'f7f'f " is H' V 7d'?F'fCQfi'fil'lPS"?fffT3l1 -lsll iff' 'Bissffi "f7l7 ll Y l 'l" 77N 7"7. 7: "-.- i' F '- M711-77' l "'L ' " li- lift' V' In ll ' lk7l' l l 7 V 7 A? "QQ: X -,.. A M f Hedther N6WCDPSb and DenfeQQ Vargfzlwbeqf dazzling afahqlthddijljfxbf -, g N 1 'Bhannon Dekrfzllk, I N I L ' Jason Qempbey, J 5, ' . .John Dickefsph N K V VKelIy Dopph 'The Hqfsemfgn Efbsefn ".fXffi227ficg1iis-'gredt!" g' , N - ' J,-xoniund ihey,jfidgi,witH style! ' ' f j N , , , V' anQt1R.C.,Th0fifCS'M0muY1dDdd.'!''uf X ' f. X ' " ' ' ' X L ' -Ifflqrk Davis 4 yrs: buriity indoor ,Renee Uahp-"',ThdnIg5 fpreberydng mheckers, Zvyrs. zbdzifty ollllunch ,who has helbedfrna, To the class bf 'HaSkefbuIL'2"yrs.f uarsity Q11-Iunch!! '87, 'Sfapwdy't61Heau6nf'Q+ Led' fqprba!IQ'2yr1sQ varsity track .',, J Zeppiin ' ' N! ' ' . ' f :John DpQ:rQing!"iKsep 'ideals high!! N N N "Pqtffgia1DpyIe I bpd'Iife!rpQIlyi4IEl the greanesftreaf N! V, N , , f I g sgre'ofIifE' f-'Mriryfmllfove ybigx N V F ' , N ' Mdrh!QTiiahks,to!aH I Iqdeff N ' Seniors ' f CIQASS GE EIWITY-SEVEN 49 ij Victor Dumlao 1 ' 1? 11,143 ' ' - 1 1 g i fi ' ' ' 1 1 i ziftf esa , 1 . : ,. U I if 'gif 1913555 J? u asia. K' A 'Va I 1 - as QA fl' ' 1 ' l 1 , 1 4. Q, . ' .W , x. it John Eastham HA farewell is nec- asamjy begforeyoil can meet again. Ana' mebtingagain, after moments or lyfetimei, is certain for ' those who are friends ' ' -4 Richard Bach 'Robbie Eacles "Thanks far the ,Jason Edwards '4'IfShoi'arraganqe fiiefnories Foolhilli Thanks Mom 11,- 'ff it's canfidenhgf' 9- Nick and-Dad," ' ' ' , Rhodes ' 2 ' ' 1 ' 1 - 11 ?EE7iZ5?2i?Ef.:EEE?7 fi ' 1. '3 ,eiifffztztzntnf 5"i:'21a'?Q'? -f ' anssvifzfas, 333 4' 1f,f3s:s1as'af5S Lane Elliot ' George Estel "Don't -tiy to milk a1 .Greg Ewig goat! ' ' , I ,,,.. 1,- QQ?" Keri Egan 1 "Fil neaef' fclfgai :Sui rope, my dreahi. bah-fb' mia, 1 Emil special memoiies ,that q:iIl,!aat!fbri l lever. Thanks Mum imdanqfn 'rag and Craigf I iagiely-au allfii ' V ' . Chris Feltus Football 3 yrs, Varsity, All League, All Metro Beth Fentori fTa my best friend Ali Catgx I wish, you laik far yi-:ur ,senior year! Also, 1 ,thank my bhbzhef Scott for always being there." N K' u L ,V ' Steue Fernandez l'Get out 'of the Michelle Ferry "Thank you Mom, .Kevin Fish l'Jenhifer I love you, cur now' ' and Dad, I aouldnlhuue made-it Gina I loved yau.'MelLssa and Nia ' withouryou. Thanks Sieve. Taka cole youlre sweet, Mom and Dad care, class of '87, N youfre awesome, Rick you bother , .ma A . ' A Watching lunchtime acziuiiiei are Debra Young and Michelle Latellier. - Seniors - - - - - ' ni n ' K ni :ii , V 50 CLASS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN --1-- 87-87-87 Ray Forney Denise Fraijo "Life'silruest hoppi-V ness is found in the friendships we made along the way. Webe made a lot. I love you'Mom. Thanks class of '87." Michael Gallagher "All the wisdom Raphael Gamer "Thanks for eu- oj the universe cannot match the erything Mom. Thanks for being alert willingness to dodge a blow. such a good friend Becky' - Frank Herbert Whipping Star. Capt, Zug, psst. Yoww!" . -,, hvq , ,, . 255532 33 K 1 Y W E5 ' ' L' 'fn -is I' l , W3 -52 , . it Laura Freeman "We don! need ' your, uniforms, we have no dis guise. For divided we stand. to- gether we will rise. Mariliion. Many thanks to Craig," Jason Gill ,..-up 919+ ii Renee Friend "To accomplish Daniel Gaffney ' great things, you must not only ani, but also dream: not only plan, but' also believe." Cindy Carter and Porn Weber compare schedules at registration. is I 0 W f :UHF :mai .f 8 Ruby Gilleland Jennifer Goff "We cannot act as N . Wynn Gonsalues Darrin Goodsell Q Floyd Green , we wish, we must actos we can. Thank you Mom and Dad and friends. Ii's been a great year." A l ll I -ul into CLASS OF EIGHTYHSEVEN 51 Kathy Green 1 X nw Greer 1 , ' - 87 - 87 - 87f Kevin Gregory' "E1qgrybod9'5got Q Bili Greugell "There are a lot! of opinionS,"but nobndgfs gof the un- A n people and Ucbrripaniesw I should K V ' ' srrier. And ther 'yriu ateffbr Ltharik for getting me here,:. ' brgakfastg well, it'Il only give you? there? mir enbughroom. Thqnks, , camper." 4 Cinderkaflq , A , j'or,eueryfhing,Kelliff: N " gf,m.,z:r,?- Le W - 1 L , H , :Qf??2fi57:E52iffi 5? ' ' 5 1 X ' yr ' -2f5::f529?i2i???f' Ar -3 ff 9 'tifiiiiti 'A ' of "'L lf? E653 X srirssifiizzszf f ff wvsesaezsz H 1 , f , 2 H ' f H "??iiZf?E?. A .KELEEEQEEE , ' V 'iiiiiffii , if'7tZ?1!7 ' V ' pl, .fiiff 'f'," 539' T ' 4"' f' K r f ,. r r t A ri, my gr f I b "'V-,mir ' Hrwzm farirara Hqhd :'LiifQ is Ifkg urace., LEricrHunSbn''iDei1nfDufy!riow for Sl1anr1Qn'Hdrbst 'iilfet the gaad r Nridid rHaddadxffrhranrrfwau Yrbcfnhe rzlfld Jhrietfgf rare' the best, you bradghyrhe ftlfirbugh thi: easyhsl Lifeif ds fhqhqrd pcrihsrfh: jzve, greawfedegh, ,Mamffff v ' .Gary Hurt kfC'!ass'qf uri? fgllyblf 'youleither Eghfflo- 'win or you thefut11re.,.P.S.THEmksMfjr:7'f , limes roll!"-' , , X 1 L I. MchiI!in'5?281ihru, '9o v22P1a1ip1begg11wQ'L 'LUSH ,Thdnks'Morn and'Dad!, A ' ' ' V ' V ,"' Tha11ks7Mbmfahd-Dqdlffxjx ' Hey' Kristi 'Donft -fdrget the bag ' ' ' bdy. fr r r r success -- tosbe able to spend your Tim, Greg, Michelle, Grandmki, life in your own way." ' Sas. Janeen -- ihariks for eueryf ' ' ' , thing. Fm glqd IQ he back." - Herzdibangersjor the Horrzeqoming Asserribiy N - Vere Mprgan-Bray and Tony Veiasquez. ' ' Nqmzzff r-.r-, si... ,.--- 'www 'rf m 1 Si1ariHaikeII'i'There-is only one Kevin l-laskirw "Mbna Lind Dad, Sparky B.Harri5 vihkary the Beatsf arc72fBl3r?zpirifQ Thanx M, M, Pfaybdgs-fl up 1 tunnis ,V' -V Lori Haynes Marvin Haynes Gary Heikura "A nd then one day, Charlene!-lennigan you findg ten years have got behind you. No one told you wherito run, You missed the sfarting gun, " -- P.F. 7 i i Mike Hodges 4 yrs.. advance ine Karen Herzog "Life is like a race, Tracy, Hicks "All we haue left are N door checkers, 3'yrs,-varsity dartsQ ihere will always be a challenge no the memories and no one can ever matter where youga, G and K rac' , take them away. " f N 3 yrs. ski clubQ Zhyrs. underwdter Lyndale Hullum and Derek LaDay perform "Home" from 'the Wiz at the Homecoming Assembly. VFR 'ln Michelle Hoffmah "Assurance is Yvonne Hollingsworth 'Uaodluck two-thirds of success. Possession is to the man in my life f- my baby nineftenths of the law, We possessf brother. Kneck 'em,dead, Brian!" .ihg team forever. I did it." . ' - basket weaving. 1 yr. imck ' assurance. Luck in ihefuiure '87," 2 ' N O l CLASS OF EIGHT?-SEVEN 53 . ,.nX A +4 ,wg--i Pam Jacobs fills out a registration card in the infamous arena. Adriane Johnson "Sport, it's about time. Nat fancy. just fresh!" Kim Johnson Robby Jones "Never underesti-. rnate zl-ie power of wishful thinking to filter what the eyes see and what' the ears hear. " M Frank Herbert., Jasspreei Kaur "Knowledge comes. but wisdom lingers. so a wiseiperson will make more oppor- tunities than he finds. May luck be at your side. Loue ya'l87." 87-87-87 ' .Jennifer luery 'fl love you all, hut 'Pamela Jacobs "Don't regret the ' . Jeff James I've go: to gof' f- Kiymaxx " . 'if Q14 x1 - ' spa H i rs: fy , 4 ' 45 r " V1 ,,, , ek Y Jai? c- . A f?j4?, 212 5 Michelle Johnson "Time passes too quickly, things happen safast. and now its time to say goodbye. Thanks Mom and Gwen. To CE. .someday yaufll discover reality." things youlue done, only the things .L you haven? T. W.. N..S.,,ancl KW. ' Can we please stop at Woodridge? W' Love ya CL." L ' Sheryl Johnson "This is not the ' end. lt's not ever the beginning of therend. but. perhaps ifs the end of the beginning. Love Ya '87". tw- ,pm , Q 4 i mf' l g. ' ' " A-isis ' . - is ' f3E55iT?2Q . i5i?'f??i?i1 l i, , Qjf ffti HPR ' 4.-N, Q Jack Killman 'lYou don? know - Kim Killman "Says it will be heav- whul you can do untilxyou get up as . high as you can go. " enly to be set free . . , and l think it will l1e."-- The Frog Prince 1 Theresa Johnson "Good luck, 'SZ T.M,.K.J.,D.L..D.S.H. and SQ Thanks! Love You." ::mrf::z2Q"'4" l I gn. ' ' 2555333 .1 - if' QE? 'lik 'xi ' 35:55 ' Z' fi- A 12229 . ' Qi. . ':::::f i - 1- 'ff ' zzgagzgx if fl- as ... r 49' f if . . W . f -ff g Debra Knutson "Believe in the magic of your dreams. Honored Queen I.O.J.D., number 159. Sac- ramento. May 16, to December 5, l986,'j 1 an n W u-nu CLASS, OF EIGHTY-SEVEN 55 87 -87 - 87 S ? vb" ' 4 ' " F rl f K A . 'L ' .y -wF'1'.- :Y54 " " f f " -' ' . lg ,, ' . , 1 'iw - .3 ig t--- ' i?32'ff 'ii Y - fi . Q .YW ,N ff f . , ' 04.5 4 'B' wg. 'WJ-43175 "jx J may - Aifwfa ' ay gc if 'Iv jf' i ' - ' ei.. ' S M- 'V Brett ffbbuniss Jflids-1l1igh vin- tfvelsky during iunch., I QDerek LaDc1y' "Ghent me thk 56- Sheila Laiwtz ' N2 reniigj to aqcept thelhings I cannog V , V , L 1 ,change Vcoixrage, to chuhge the ' A ' nhingg I .cari, ahd wisdom to knoiv- ' I ' 'yths 'cf9'fererzce." n V f N N Q- :vw sg... N ' A 'f.Stei1e'Ldnknc-ir ' Dendthea Lerma A 'Johh Kokkbnefz 'fWe were born to Hue :1ni:l'tI1en'tcb die, and we'ue gqt f ' to dp it .ezlcine 'v-L .each in hisuown K wf1y.VGoqdV1uck '87." ' H A !Cl1eryi,LaMdQSfer MichQ!Ie1'Let3I!iar 'fWe' Must 1iue5 to 1 , :Hghz dig! nbgqtiuqe, ryiifvtox cqufryrhe - in dej'euti'7g--4- Howard Jbnes un" use-.- Daizid Kuehner 'Goodbye Fooi' V I 'Dduid Lnbay A ,hilly heilo Wolf Street!" Laura Lane "Success doesrft come to thosewho ugait -- and ii doesn 't wait for hnyone to comks to it, Thanks for all the grearxmemo-' ries." - if ' ' Duane Leihan, k'TlQe :times -ahh! faces have faded into tiieishadows of yesterday, but just knowing the L zguerjtsfhappeqxed xiS'xBf'!GQgh 'thy bring happiness." -1, Quasar N ' V' Mutt Leuaniu ' 1 ' Roland Lfzwis -',kL X . un V 1 65 fcfQAss OF EIGHTY-SEVEN 1 The Senior class watches as the other minor classes try zo compete. Good luck! W-. I Tonya Lows "GE he brings good Rachel Ligon "Sometimes I dream Tim Livingston things to Me: Thanks HU and The Cure. Thanks Mom TA. for being there." 7-1 MVS" ' P' f zfil l- ,' ' . ,Q E' iw :f gif . o ae, ' Q Angelo Lloyd "Mom, l hope you're watching and I hope youfre proud. Audrey, thanks for being MBF. Dad thanks for putting up with me, I loue you , . . 'A Brad Long "Dont smell the flow- ers, theyre on evil drug to rnalce you lose your mindi Dorf! dream of ojomen, jcause the-:y'll only bring poo down. " Steve Lloyd "Never say goodbye. holding on we gotta try. Holding on to never say goodbye - See you real soon '87." ' Don Lozo Michele Mdguire 'The journey of Jacqueline Mahoney MOM great' Christopher Malo "If you have U L a thousand miles begins with a sin- est glory consists not in never foil- question, I hauexrm answer: gluing gle step, Sheryl, I love you and ingf but in rising every time we up is not in my frame: of refer- lhonk you, Best wishes Class of fallf' - Oliver Goldsmith encefl '87," ' A C - ' Seniors ' CLASS OF ElGHTYf-SEVEN 57 1 u u-annual!! 1 I 1 ?'!llQ :ng Tina Marquee "Yau can reach any gaal if you work very hard and have help from those who are dear Monique Sicotie, Sherry Courtney. and Chelle Carpenter wait patiently for their registration number to be calledj N O you Michelle Masterton "To all of my friends - we finally made it? A special thanks to Ungie for being there throughout my high school years." sorrows. laughing away fears, So easily hidden are silent tears. Thanx only 2 SM., family, and friends Still loving you, DP, 5 Vince Martini ' l Y W ,-w.1,,W V, Qi " fi I ,gffiiilfng Fil' I - . I L I n if Kimberly Maust l'Drinking away Diana Maxwell Joe McCallisler 'Glenn McCarthy "I finally made ir!" l , 1 X Marni McClendon Melissa McCormick "The best part Sandy McElroy "lt has been the , Sharla McElroy Jodi McLeod A'Ly'e l'iasn't passed of school is friends and welve best two years at Foothill. Thanks me by. it just hasn't discovered me made alot. Thanks Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad and friends. Party -X yet! Thank you Dan, I love you! and friends. Party Crew forever!" Crew forever!" ' Seniors - - ... 58 CLASS OF EIGHTYVSEVEN .87. 8 .1 . , -I W. gm T 1 eazsszez Jizzf' gi? , W N w V 1 Magi, , "' ,.x 6 Ya, I? fs Qi ,nw- ix f", :nal uni may N Homecoming 'Princess Shari Thompson and escort Eiehard Meras Tricia Prock f'Eddie 5 thank you. Mqtt Prosser "Remember,days QI ' Dave Q I have learned ihat I still , skippin' school, racing,,f:qrs,' and I N-Io-L you! Oh my God! 4- Just being cool." N ' , I ' ' rnascotzing aroundff , ' N - ' N ' ' ' , .-, David Payan "I will dlwriys rememw ber ray yeqrs at Fczothiii. Good luck glass of '87, Bernember Norse. jmen, there can only be one: PRINCE OF THE UNIVERSE! 'Marlene Payne LQ, Lizabeth Pet: "God forbid I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses. " - unknown - PYR- 'x . V Jim Pitiiflo 3 Stdnley Powell Heather Pri!! "Lie is like Cl bank hcgount, You get back, only what yourpqi into iz. Lone yqu Monig Dac1',!Mila,,D.S:, and thexwhole gums. , V , X -f ' 1 i Z'ff?::'4??L Y,Lf5ffffi4??f5 ' ' Q Q 1 ' X , Ken Quigley "Class of '87, ' remem- ber 4-'whenyou gaze at the euene rng sky and yorfre reaching out y with yaurelmind. you might see the Nnqriorfs eye -1Dpn'l hide . . , lt's youll" -- QueensRgche , ' Y eff s Tom Reiner' "You carft catch me in your '72 Duster. Thanx T.W., ,T,SA. and 'especially you, MW." Mike Restiuo - - - ' Seniors - r CLASS OFEIGHTY-SEVEN! his in -n nu- :nn u nu nu In -lui I I :inn-R q-susan np- 'ia I - 3 , p J. ' .A L i. KV H. . 3. Qfigx' , W . 6523, -4 1 z W 3 z 31 I 'hi 1 'N Alliscin Reynolds 'ilndeperldence E5-still important for as llhough we 'urealize2it'S to make the stupid mis'- lake of letting go, lknow what I rneanlf' -- Depeche Mode l 'nn mf-, ,Anthony Reynolds ."It's finally . Lisa Rich ouer! Itis been fun, thanks to the Checksand the Playboys." :,if.:1mm::gae-f ,. um. .., af! 'Funk -X WN X Eric X' X John Rizzardo "There must be a beginning to anygreat matienlbut ' ' ' the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the :rue gloryff - Sir Francis Drake . Brian Sarrels "See you laler Foot' Renae Schafer "Gut there's a for- .Eric Scherr "I owe it all to you hill, ifs time to get 'ill'. Thanks tune waiting to be had -- ybu think Mom. Thanks for your support. To Derek and Eric for being great I 'll let it go - Youre Mad! I know the class of ,87, were Cl-IILLlN'," friends. ' ' 171 succeed, l'm of a new breedlu Armikof Scott "Anthony Stoner. . Greg Scriuner "Where is the weapl thanks for helping me through this on with which Ienfarce your bond- ysar. Also thanks ta my parents age? Yau give it to me every time for putting up with me for 17 yrs. " you open your niouihf' -+R Frank Herberr, Whipping Star V Wolf Seniors fake a leisurely break during lunch, nm L Lori Seiko A of life come nat when you grab for I them. but when you reach our to them. Thanks fro all my friends," Muffin Seamons "The best things ' Seniors - . . .. .. 62 CLASS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN uln -alumna uuluuxuunlnu nun- -nuns-:Nur l87-87-87 ',k. M' Herb Smith laughs after being rejected by a third teacher. Dale Sheets "You don 'I get this far by aocident, ifs all a matter of style. Thqnks to my family, df: Boys, and JA, lfreshnessj, and good luck '87." Timothy Shirk "The soul is a ueiled light, neglect it and it will die, fuel it with the oil of love and it will burn an immortal flame. " 3'3h35?lil23 M3331 " ?Z?::fr:fpA1. '.::a::q:E?E?"fif2- 435332 . S - ...W ..,.., .. V, 'ff' e, 3- 7. ff ffl ' fi ff?Qgs,f' f l We l- ,X SN ' I- l l KA' Ii 2 - , .:'l"' 'I 3- ef x qw is ' g 'fi " '-J ,z ".,L, ' n" '-4: S 2 fi UW Katy Shorz ' Monique Sicotte Jodi Sims "Thanks for all the greaz David Skillin "Ya Greatly :sr- 493 Trac1Sloyton "Thanks for all your Gina Smith "But seek ye jinstihe love and support Mom and Jerry. kingdom of God and His Hgh' Here s to the future Bob, I love ya teousneas cmdoll these things shall Herb Smith "We made it R. Ches! Good luck R, Laney! 'lfhunksfasv ter Bunny 0- BAWK BAWK! The limes. Thank youlMnrn and Wen- die." Shawn Smith l'Smitfy says: Thank you Janeen! you made it all worth it!" Robert Soik Dave' Where gre my keys?" be added unto you." M Matthew world we lille in and life infgenerw 6:33 V N all" -M Depeche Mode 1 CLASS OF EIGHTYASEVEN 63 87'87-87 f'1i-fr' 'vm-W . M2122-'fk2i?Yffff Q, X, .SH E 1. M. I J . , V", . I ' f 43 ,,rfvg4,,2::::::::t-. .211 " "1 W-:rt -E ggiEg?:fV . -- 4 -X n Ggggl,-kffi, , A ,f FL - if' .. .::'t1:!' e ' wp... N- 1 'U . f 4,'?6'2:z:g3:3. wazsssggz: QEE az: ww: 1liI3?lf'f???i?Ei2:, 53533222 '4ff3f52?E2?iS?f. f'f .l1Q,ffif.?f.,,fl ' ' , 1 ' 'lil-55-35 2 H I ,, g m! !! 1 if - . is 39 4x m f J.. . ' ' 4 1 -Joey Souuignier-,"You gan? have 3 Angela Stark X Rod Steimer anything unless youxlet it go." -- , Sheldon B. Kopp . Nancy Steinecker 'Thunlgor Pam, Tracy. Shari, andespecfally Kellie, jar making my jour years at Foote hill so much fun, and Jodi, dan '1' he , too late for gradualion. " -- Steins gm ,.,. LVLVL L,.,,A ,,.. .A,. . T ew Wiilri W A ""W' ' a ' ,f .,,. .E r ' ' A' 'Y' nfzgggf ' rmgg we ' Shannon Stenlzel "Look aamexll made iii' See M 'and'Fi' Thanks SR." ' . , ' ' -jf Q Sonja Stevens "Neuzrjudge by the Desiree Stockton "lj you live for 'color of the skin before you know fodayl you'll make it tomorrow. what Iles wiihin. Live each day to its A Thanks for staying on my side Unf ' ' , N ' ' ., 1 , , , S ' M 1 ' I ' V ' l . fullest Cuz me end is nearly ple Scout, emor us angs enjoy a re CIXITIQ moment dllflflg unch Joanne Story "Hold fast to your ' dreams - for if dreams die W- lie is a brokenrwlngecl bird - that -cannot fly. Thanks Mom, l loue ,,, L5 ff',w -- is ,Q Allison Stoote 'h'Morn. l know l've 'Anthony Supplee ulthas been fun: U Rick Svensek "Mom, Dad. Fran' qausedyoutmuble,butbethankful Thanks Mom and Dad, l love I 'm not a double, l'm the lust one, you. " Mom. I love you lots, your baby kie, Dawn Wareham, Melissa Blair. thankg, l will love you forever Kee vin, Nicole, and Tracy, '6 7 Ca- Jim Tarrell y ryou. daughzerf' maro. Liue and love and laugh 2 Life. Had fun Canada? , at , ln V K 64 CLASS OF .EIGHTY-SEVEN , l l l 1 l l lr r l "' ' ' 5' i l it , A, f f' W. ' , i - i l l i lf one Q Qff' you could change ,anythihgo about M M your senior year, what would it be? ll Dole 'Foylor , , I N Carlon Thom1clsorY'fMom,'thdrilis I ll,Shklri Tliompeon fciilureil X' , for your help.,l Napprepiqteit. ,Yoo mcryserue qsya rung in' the ladder ,mean the world to ir1e.!Thdnks of successff X N' ,V ' 1 cIassaf'87,,bestwisl1estoyouallf' -' - , N ' 'Lotte Tliriglje ilTooluy's' happiest nioimentsxlizill 'Be torr1orroLu's clean Julie Tichzzuer Ali lll6l'hOf1QlS of' -Aron Tohiassifllile better to lnum' time wereharzdg that I tould hold, - out than tojade dtuay -4 Kurgan, ' I- estjmemoriesf' Q ,' ' 1 ' ,I , ' ' I 'd keep :hem warm so tlzey"d neu, Remembef, Conquistaclor, there' er grow cold. ThcmlyS,Mike-and can ,onlybe one." .feng LB-lj!-F-Y-WvE'E1lMG!!'l , i g , Rial: Topper ?'fEd6l1loflue, ja cellof' awareness, imperfect and inoomy plete. goin-:tic blehdS'uhith,L1ncertoin ends. on a fortune huntfthafs too forftoo fleet Rush: ' -' -W , ' av, I , ,, -N 1, ' V, 'NThaFzk5'MomiS,M.jgoool,luqkwith, ,N ' ' ' ' fm',my'b?orher,l-Bfball M5125 fur' T14 . l if , ioii Q nd r.A.,GoQd 1uc1e.5.e. and oo., lege' yd'B,B,'g,,yoo7reIspSecio1, 'ix 5 f Ynqlwxu I U, 11: X M Keoirz Gregory, 'Change my, graoleslto of 5.0LH N 'N I ' ! N SporkylHorris Nlgese work, more parties, and more time to spend with special peo-P pier, i l i l , l Shari Thompson "I would have ,opeo corn- pus, I lwould,malce,some adjustments con- cerning the activities at this school, andlll would have ,q ueryl good lookiog boyfriend' whodrives a PorScl1e,oncl he could come and take me to Hawaii ond we'd live happily ever ofterg"' i l l i Diane Beeken "Beating Son Juon!!!!!'l l ll , ' , Lieayfoibnserid V' , 'I 1 Hollyifb.lIre5j,:3f'HavlelfLkn ' '87f, l"! lbooldies,'Greg Auciiss aod' Mike Wofford pose for the camera ' Seniors - i i llogrissjoF5EioiiiTxisEveNLl 65, 'i V in i 1 l hr lliuxllsu Q nl I-1 'vw Angelic Ures "Well Mom, at least one ofus made ix! Thanks KR, for everything. l won't forget you! Also C.C,, even though you're sad! HA!" Shannon VanAr1sdalen 'il close my eyes and think of home, Cliff! it funny how it is, you never mms it 'til if's gone away -- Maiden. Thanx Mom, Mash, and Skip." Q' 4 '- x, WIT" C .NM , . - FM.. 1 - . ala n W'95fiii2EE. , I fi' P ' QQ f 'L 04 :fm vw , ,. " f 1 ? ' Q , , , ,, , -f-. L- 1 ,x,L Wes VanArtsdaIen :'Wheneuer you dreamr you 're holding' the key that opens the door zo set yourself free - DIG, Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help." Judi Vanwagenen "As the end Deniece Vargas "The firmest Bridgette Varner "Une singular reaches a new beginning, I see the friendships have been formed in sensation every step we take!" '- path ahead: I know where l am mutual adversity, as iron is most A Chorus Line going. Love ya KM, MB., F.S., and Mom and Dadf' strongly welded by the fiercest fire. Thank you Heather. 9175 aim Eddie Vaughn "Some people say .Gabriel Vega "Thanks Mom cmd Anthony Velasquee "Oh well. o that ihere is more to life than just Dad, I couldnt haue made it with- to Harvard, C-ya!" parties. Thegfre wrong. " out youll' 3 Qs 'le Q.. We wg nx James Vanderuort "RJD -- Well know forthe first time if we 're evil or divine, were the las! in line. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa." UQOX Plia Vang P Q . 1 K. ,1 '-'W X A x 4 Q ff Jeret Morse waits for his buddies after fall registration. 'Seniors-n 4 - - - - 66 CLASS OF EIGHTY-SEVEN 1 Seniof,cgurise1ar,iItglrffftltfiiiren jEqg31Jg"j 5 pi ,,,,,. Providing Inspiration Four years of high school can be a trying experience, and suffering through it without guidance would be like weaving a rope of sand. Fortunately, the Class of 1987 had two outstanding advisors and a remarkable counselor to help them along the way, Mrs. Stammerjohan and Mr. G. Johnson were the class advisors who organized Powder Puff football teams all four years, supervised at the Senior Ball, and helped with graduation activities. Mr. Popp went through four years of sometimes screaming students with mixed up schedules and unorganized plans for the future. He assisted in scheduling of classes, making sure that everyone had enough credits to get out of this place, provided college information, and just seemed to have an endless supply of encouragement to give when necessary. He made sure that everyone took all of the required courses, and got us out of those ones that were unbearable. Now it's time for the Class of 1987 to move on, but not without giving thanks to those who certainly deserve it. Mrs. Stammerjohan, Mr. Johnson, and expecially Mr. Popp, THANK YOU!! We would be on the five-year plan without you! A ky 2 U il 342-4, 42, . P' 'ghd ' . W. . 5 M it r . , 'N nw Y R K J. lv' ' 'nm i .sg .V fm-Jrff? -. f MQ V Q fl.1Mvsrgf1dHwf11MfSfi.JHdwSisffnsflshsfl tt ,st,f,,.gLt iw- e.svi.i ,mp ti f1,.,f,.'1i1it-Jef , i 1,1f,. ,Q - .L fi? if 'mjf.fa?1!1. -e+1f.lf:-i- et-'jf' , ,f-jtiQ . . . . , f' ' . -2.Vw,-1f'f.w ts, V-H, 1- Q4 i - +s'f,if1-L1tg'i',,i,Y.w i,.g.t, 1 f 1 1 it ' I ' Qwqlmflwi--.5 i . ...J" :j11f',,: i, fp, + wg-.Q-35 ,sjlsfit 'itil Ii its t fix . M12 tw,-rt in-E 111 I -'-' 1331-':4.w ...gil 'fr :fiat iQ 'tt ity. 4.-i eff " '- ..e. ,,,,. ,i., .,f.v.,t, as at we J U AdVISOfS 5 l I L. i-53.-7:-,f,9i, fi, s ff" t.f.-.tyriiff-5, E 'Q mf! 11' sit-:ii 5.-1 3134.5 . l H , f l l ,Y . ,+ Gin- Q1 '-zilij-All,g'i1i?',,fi'fs' his ' i ei,1,,dY4J43.P.L7 ififffZi1'2EQ1Tff'3"w L -'iljiiww , .. 'K iiisligf :fri-xi 1-3 ,T i f 1 gms .gig f gs.n5w-14,1 u.f.g.:.t 0 ,'r-.sffsiwf 'F -41.11,-1., .fi fa- f 1 , i 1 ' fv 1' wf K 1'-x f . 1' -X L --,-Vw - ' FA, ,AAVYY 1 K ., V:,g, H 3, ,, 5 5 , 15 , ,- V ., -, - ' , :VI,"g:g,..mgukffgj,-Gg'i Wagg- 'I Xb AMA if N Q WF fi' Fig , 1 ,A ,. .,L.V, . kb ' Q V 4 Q H x fp-Til! 2 x 4 " Y - :lf I 2 N 3 x L 1 if if AJ ., ,, . . i . ..,, , ., ..,n,, , .,,,,.., ,.,, . E , ,,,a ,,, M 2 l Q ' u MW it s he Freshmen begin their high school years looking to the future with hope. Sophornores reach with new strength to be the very best they can be. The Juniors work harder than ever, inspired by the coming year. They all work together to form the spirited, knowledge- able, and united group of underclassmen. tw -ri ' than an .L in 51.7. new "Rf 2 .'Y :U I WWW 3:15 n f i s e i " ' . if l Y V 5 51,1 g , fe "ng, ll l Pk .nf-J V. ,Q Z 552, . ,.. ., ,, , . , . V lg 333 V f ' ' i i.-i- it, M5-.QM ,,,.. s .'.' Q, .. Q 'L S Jr 5553 5. . "'?"""'x 55' QQSHM 6 QQ? 4 QS QD .Q 5 32- K W' 31 577 9 if QW? QQWQMQFGQ x i7 3 80 81 W IM Y fl J Alford-Bennett Habitats iii i-w:ff.-:1it,s1 ,ff ffpfyf- -- H ' e, .. i- fi Rememtengftbeiiainiesfilisenditevfieiiiatifsiiisee:tat " ischosaf ,, known as kinde icubljyihgiflesfifffeiriernber 'ever so CUf?flEfll9 ifefieifkfffe Clean and tidy threw their p1154+515igiiglqmrhiirieiigygsWeirgtijaetiygfiopgggaiiisngpiagfg baby! We no They were not bright and were dirty, stinky, andzijjtltridfyellowishlbrownishfgreeiggy,Most people kept their lockers nice and neat. Theirxbooks werefalwaysltput in order from the tallest to the shortest. you seelany loose homework that was three months old lying around. But there were still some land not only boys anymorel whose lockers looked like the town dump. Some euen smelled like it, Unlike the juniors, the freshmen had to share their lockers. This was good because the freshmen needed their locker partner to give them a boost so they could reach their lockers. No matter how much we hated them, they were ours. Tammie Baldizan Michael Ballard Anthony Bamsey F35-c L C' E Tricia Barnes O Jeff Barnhart John Bartholomew awe it 0. if s ww , - - 5' Colleen Bell Carla Bennett Wayne Bennett 1. Shannon Lynch. Gretchen Lowell, and Natalie Taylor listen as Tricia Barnes tells of her thrilling weekend adven- ture. 2. Stephanie Daw enjoys her cool, refreshing straw- ! , Carol Alford Dwayne Anderson Tony Anderson Bryan Andrews Kevin Andrews Michelle Arts James Audiss Dennis Aukerman Dorene Austin Michelle Ayala 5 Daniel Bailey Kim Baker berry whip during lunch, . 84 - JUNIORS ' f 1 ,X N'- Benson-Clemons Z inf X ,,..A A V, William Benson 9 V! Mark Bigelow K - Horace Blackman O KRD" Melissa Blair I Kyle Bond Gina Bonner Steven Boraas Tina Boyter Adam Bradley Robert Bradley Q ir Christian Brandon Veronica Bricker Kent Broadbent Robbin Brockley " Kim Brushia . ,,,- ' Melissa Burrell Sean Burris X l' nw fb h , , Q.. R i C ristlne Brown Q3. N if, K David Bussey Cindy Cagle O Matt Calvert Rebecca Cansimbe Jan Carlson 0 Pamela Carnero Michelle Casey Lisa Castillo -ga-.. Y Brett Catanzaro . ' Robert Centers Michelle Chaffee Rachel Chaney Lisa Charles 137 'R Juniors on F reshmeidlgl t t'Fhey,n2Q5 iQeQQfeljrf?S!1f1ffef5fGQQIQQSEfa M tftleifsafffiieviifiiilafflgf " - JUNIORS ' 85 Colby-Garcia Matt Colby Dawn Common Jonathan Connelly Stephen Connelly Kimberly Cook Shane Cook Toy Cook MaryLou Cooper Cheryl Del.ange Stephanie Dino .Deandra Dibene Otleff Doll Eric Eccles Susan Edmundson Stephen Edwards Jim Egly 1. Bill Rankin, Kent Broadbent. Charles Puthey. and Dave McDonald discuss the previous nights channel 6 television production, 2, Billy Oehlert and Michael McMannis don lt seem to believe Scott Reed's tall tale. JL4hiOrS ion- llfili' loagyas you dorffilactflike one around mef C K R 86 - JUNIORS ' S., mm , for P, ,. P i K KK KK R Eff l K ' , 'F' K A : . K igiagxgm K K KK W5 A l. I K J" " ., kart t 5 tv , . ., Va 5 'V ggi ,sr if sf' F fr' , K 'X ,, . N s fAK I""'ir' l - K . l 1 , egg., - U Sammy Corbit g MK K ' K ,M K Michelle Costa - A Y v 'L ' 0 Bradley Coy ifwyi bl i A K K Christy Crawford ' K " f I E5 --1 Deanna Cruz Robert Curtis I Darrell Cutchlow Anne Cuthbert fs . .fC E ff' X 1 . is .,,., I W N ' X , ' -- ".r 1 W E tisr at " ,ge NJ- 1: 3 - . Y" Stephanie Daw 1' -r Gregory Dean 3 , - ' K 'Q' ' Laura de Juan A ifgx I Carl Dekart ' " ,L . . 'i 5 K ,Q-, is " Kg' - J 1 X V 5 ff 4, " rw " ,. K :iii ffm fi 'KKK K KK ' z 5 ' U Q ln" ' J . ,. .ii in r E - M K K - t .ix , Q K .iff fs x f fm f s kirts' Y ii. .Xwhlxfi if fr Xt, ,gg Elaine Elliott , Bill Esparza Rebecca Evans Rick Fabrizio C . Gary Flippen Nicole Fransick Jerry Friesner . Darrell Ganas K. Athena Garcia Leslie Garcia V i . . x N . L, Garcia-Heiman -.tktlmidik Lillian Garcia . Alyssa Gibson -4 G S V Jimmy Gingrich ' K John Goetsch O X Q. Tracy Goines 5 Ben Gonzales 0 8 L . K A N .W fl- Tami Gonzales Jeannie Gorman Debra Gowen in x "' 3 ,, 1. V x i 'we r Ralph Grajeda 4- Robyn Granados A V, 1 G: I Todd Greene wr . f ,Z,5ffA iii, 4. G icii QlfQfQ.f Blackman I woulahlfjknow my lunch for me, V Kirsten Williams 2 ' 3 Andromeda Gregg Yvette Guthrie gas-W- Catherine Hall . cz., 11, Jara Harpham Jason Harris O M Scott Haselwood 6 ,,,.---as """"P kgs? 9 A L Dan Hayden MH :xi - 5 ' I Tammy Hayes X 2 ' gg-I as " Douglas Headington it V gg, QL- ' John Heath ' . ' L, h 5.1 x' , ' 'M Kevin Heath J ' ggi 'L , RN Michael Hecox l Y' ' 1 R7 Aww 5, I ' Gregory Heffron L ki "G I X' Michelle Heiman 1 ' ' n r i J. 1 ' JUNIORS ' 87 ' N ii lx li i i, , i, mg ii ,W V4 :.,ii.i,.x WCWWQ .W i if A M3 at ,ww il mf X.. .ie X iw i X x J Hendricks-Kinsey , ,gm , ThfS1fP2G?,t3?Iitwirrif?2?U5Uf'2aafid5i'5?4fi2lf.'efiFC?f5thf1f91r3?S1?lenfS were no 'OHef?i?'f-iiiffiffrflfeftiie fhitsewefrssmpus. Thfsiswiiiriffet7PIf1fisiiicffff42fiQ3id2:finsbf'iz1eisf1wd1fSi1sefsi1ffffsvQ Mon the otheirh hind, roasesfl , lille: reason fl5f51lfUlfFf5f592? mfnfsffa- tors were upset bwMS?ff?iwviiliiitsQweiiihfdfRif4s,,She1fHHuetzS5airsl 1 idfferfhg, and some were formed designated parking areas?for'1thosei,students'who Cdrkigiggjtwafschool. These parking areas werefektremely congestedi'and-wegefoffeh inadequately protect- ed, There was not foriparkinjfy and many students com- plained about this incdfluenience. It is impossible to please everybody, but as time goes by the problems which occurred will be solved in an amicable way. Nicole Hovey Christopher Howard K 1 v Linda Howard K :nk 4 N., -fp is Brian Howes , in , ,. '2- Tomasita Hunt ,QQ . 1 U s Heidi Ireland ' 5 James Jaggers ' f H' Leissa Jahn - "i. f R v Tl: , M 4 ,nv K 5 , 2 5 Ea, Jennifer Jensen Andrellia Johnson Christopher Johnson Suzette Jones , Q12 I 'V O William Jones f 3 f! Kristine Kaestner Wayne Kaestner Tim Kelsey Amber Kempker za Y, We If he gs Q 1. 31" ' Steve Kinsey k 88 ' JUNIORS 0 Nancy Hendricks John Hennecke Stephani Henry 5 Eddie Hernandez Regina Hernandez Q Chris Hickle JaJuan Hill David Hinnenkamp Danny Hinnenkamp Daria Honschke Julie Hoover Q James Hopkins 5' Q if Via wigs' all 3,114+ r S X? -f A H -Lt . 5 wt 'iffy , .ilu sfei b. I 2. M '- 'sg 2 s .SE 1:-Q I 'Vim wiv 1 , f t N Y H Qi s as 'E X ze, , A35 f King-McMannis Brett McBay Tara McClement Robert McClendon Kathy McConnell Lori McCoy Christa McCollough 9 David McDonaldQ Peggy McElroy James McMahon Michael McMannis Tricia King Michael Kisko Kindra Kitchen K Andre Klyrniuk Frederick Krensler David Krueger Darren Laiwa l 2' K. , Q James Lane Randy Laney Christine Lang Brian Larson Annette Lavinder Michelle Lee Cynthia Lively Tamara Lock Eric Locke Shannon Loe Arvem Lofton Sandra Loftus Manuel Lopez . Gretchen Lowell N Shannon Lynch . 1 . at mm 4 W 2 X '01, Julie Mackey Eric Maldonado Joh n Ma l ia ft'Tqx lqfimqgjrhgmjiiiiitceeloigefthem. i i ' JUNIORS ' 89 A McPherson-Neues "If you were the Principal for one day, what would you 7 I X ,,4! . - wei. 1 A'.L eewee ,'e,'o ,A' 1 we.ww 2. P illQfzwfvei ' TQ "'ww,. w'Qe :sf-5 S- Class 4, Close 1 5. I would give moreiifnoneyiforlthereolesoorts lsoccerl. - Dauid X Medcalf , V Chris Moline James Moore Kelly Moore Timothy Moore Kendra Morris , 1' rn. K . Keith Morrison - O Larry Motley Daniel Murphy :.' -4 4' Leslie Murphy K Linda Muzinich if Qk qsonwf , Ji qEQf",:5if iff- 551' D.:--wk L, L- Tami Nye K D K ' Ann Nunn Q ,lf ' ' 4 Tri Nguyen K VV V, Lx Kelley Newell sy ', - ,th E as " . Robert Neues F s f ' 7 1 is I r is K ll is Maureen McPherson Melanie McShane David Medcalf Debora Meek George Mencarelli Jessica Meyer Monette Milami Bret Miller Jim Missildine David Mitchell Steve Michell Jason Moe 1. Charley Ku helps Kirsten Williams and Robyn Granados with their history assignments. 2 Kindra Kitchen admires the crowd during her lunch break. 90 ' JUNIORS 0 Nelson-Price Lisa Nelson Dawn Nelson Carla Nernethf Karen Naungayan Robert Nagy 1 ! X 5 4 E 8 5 fs l t fglgvfit 4 at William Oehlerl les - "f, "" Katrina Ogden gk 1 Brenda Ohlson 'T r ' ' Eric Olsem 1 f +. ? Roland Ortiz i il i 5 in Raymond Osburn Dwayne Owens ' 'Wendy Parkso ' P Cynthia Parsons Clifford Paul Michelle Pauer Lynn Pearson Joseph Peck 'P Bradley Penrose - 5 'r ' 3915? Allissa Peterson ' "X Y Alicia Peterson Lee Peterson Bobbi Petree I Chau Pham Linda Phenneger Sabrina Phillips it X 'SFX We Kiamethia Pierce Debbie Pinto Jackie Piper P f Angela Platt v V Lisa Pompillo lx ? W . Y fu I L I A Sandy Poppert V, ' Anna Pozdyn Q ,Q A .. f 1 -u K X Ni .t-. . James ltri Midori Price fbi! in iii,,, xg. - 4- i iiot ' JUNIORS 0 91 Pulos-Shirk Elizabeth Pulos A K .Charles Putney Margo Radden .Bill Rankin f CL ' .cv X. Scott Reed 5' Sheri Reed Karin Reinolds Darien Reynolds X Stacey Robinson Donna Rock Tim Rodriquez Todd Roe Laura Romero Patrick Rousey ei Lisa Rowand Mario Ruggiero 1. Tamara Locke enjoys the convenience of the campus telephone, 2, Sabrina Philipps. James Jag- gers, and Kendra Morris are happy to be reunited Chris Sain Alison Sanchez at registration after a long summer vacation. Q John Schanzenbach Jamie Scott Theodore Sessions imgluniors looms? R P D Sh H 5 Q73 I Wy oug ac eton ,,,l,V Catherine Shaw 5 55' Paul Shelley Q Greg Shelton ig?gjQ,gi5g5ig515 fbfihgfrfgigiizjfggg to David smfk 92 - JUNIORS ' HFXQPW if' .,-H . w-N -,:' Q-A . f- s N 1 N N D ,. . .,,.1, if.: Qi Ji it Kristi Reynolds Lena Rice O Troy Rice l Phillip Ridley Anthony Riney Heather Ritter Maurico Roberts Michelle Roberts Shani Roberts Michael Robin Vanity Robinson Greg Robinson ff at an ix Mi 9 i .Y aw. wmv,-p-.. 354, 1 1 V 1 Q ii Z .,..,N . I . "' as s Y A' w i L i , N -',,"'?' ,., I i a :fs Qs? a,..a S ,mg R9- vi-gn XY. .x Wm. , . 46 ,u it pm -un. ag. K ,Kr-.V fr 4, fa,- K 2,5-fx X. le Shores-Tuttle Sw Q f -- uc , st", 5- ' t ,QUT saw it .- Hg Q "- as Greg Shores Amber Sisko Ondria Small Anthony Smith Derrick Smith Tamera Snyder Jackie Soik Michelle Stefani Shannon Stephans Leonard Steward Erin Strong John Sullivan Taraliness Takes Its Toll There was a time when everyone had togetfugzggearly toigggtow school. Now the timexhasrieorne foriusltolv there were 4al'3fi5flF4'?35FtU55'studentsAuihofcoufd 'nqf haridfe, this seemingly si m ple taste! Fort 'S Lsfiehi ,ylitdrnework caused a 'reiilfess ontiheir alarm clock becgmiseil iiieyrsrcauidkfirbear we get leaf offbed:lThey1decidect-.ta sleep some more 1 anti? realisedQthaftsalioolffhdd1,alreacIyw'begun. They men afmbedgemsiof bea,jgbf,liaressef1'nnd 1'tJSh?dQQff. taschool. Once they lffnoed sehdolglthey TQHT toilolassfidiidllydllgedlrightylifieand sat down as if' nothgrzgjhadx happelned, Somvefteachefsx.didrftl sat? ,anythingg they just markedilihenatafdyg -Other'teaohersijyelledgdhd screamed and sent the studei1ttO'the office for an admitltow year at Foothill, the administration devised a new system to cut down on tardi- ness. ln this system a studentfcouxidkhaae tardies, after that it was automatic detention,iThe new tardy system that was developed has turned into a great success, at least, as far as the administration is concerned. Ryan Streeper Gina Swankie Natalie Taylor Thomas Taylor Heather Templeton Jennifer Thomas ..-J Daniel Thompson Kelly Tienken Tammy Torres. Myles Tsusaki Jamie Tucker Amy Turner Q David Turner I Charles Tuttle Q ,gt , J fy. g,. 1P55222s:e?5 JN v JUNIORS ' 93 JUNIQRSI Uland-Zenone Jil 5' A .1 5 5, X aff- .re .f H , .X,. .,,, . ,,.,, , , X ,.,.,.,, e f 1 Now" vw, deegiiififtheirl lheartsrtheirx' rolofi ' remain here. ,, Towardisifthe endtgome will cry, but as the mintakes-.-gr6liilieloser,"ieaiflhlilaill give their final good- bye to Foothill foli A V Gary Whitaker ljgiyff k"' Y- Lghisgsg Julie Whitman Q ' , Le i Q " ' Q Elsa Wfgie g g . it H get 3 if 1 ' Kirsten Williams "Q ,J QQ g 5 K , , ' Kimberly Williamsan - 4, ' no Keith Wilson - t 'yii i . P Randy Wilson i t EE? ' QQ - l Lisa Winnett M ., f All A is L K if' ,gf H Jeffrey Woolsey Ling Yim W T Mark Young is C Heather Zenone J 94 ' JUNIORS ' Are Kyle Bond and Andre Klyrniuk girl watching? Mary Uland George Vallas Q Michael Vaughn Lucy Vo Jennifer Vogel Zhiuaga Vollmer 0 Daniel waiiey Tina Walters Jackie Walton Edward Weathers Gale Webb Jason Wharton Junior Class """"1:.a-:M-i?ll"'!l Kim Williamson and Melanie McShane greatly appre- ciated the support given by the junior class. Officers "This year has been the best for student involvement and class spirit," remarks Ju- nior class representative. Shan- non Lynch, Hand next year we're gonna blow away all of the underclassmenlw They organized fundraisers, which included a car wash, Back to School Dance, bake sale. flower sale, and other such money-making events. With the money taken in, the student council planned an en- chanting Junior Prom at the Sunset Whitney Country Club. The representatives helped make this year a fantastic one for the entire Junior class. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS .,...,-Q ,., ..,,, ,,., 2 95 96 ' SOPH OM ORES Adams-Bosworth Sophomores Come Of Age When sophomores begin to plan their class schedule, a top choice is a :lass called California State Requirement, QQFPTMQHQI-'hhY2fBQf1F9d to as CSR. Although this semester, the driverlledvedlietiiedffientithe ff??POfififif li'l 2 Q ffhefierehomofe Class- This'3?5ii3?f?5'55iidfiberiedaefifiefiflA3211659339fever?ilfllljfvfiihff ffafffc rules this class, stude ifgigstfeemygietegiiifiargggigamauffifafipefk sheets 151553, my one extensively isheetfdue' ' ill? V ts' la re alsotfsuibggetedfitqty,gQfgf1't5L+nsy2ithzitigsnfipggisgiAipnafytigqggigeggwhen you make aQglmfstdket:umi1e i,ai. dfggifsgi li li aiiii ,if ,eot g,,2:i1 'iiiae T QQ liiif . Mil, . M, Ai film,-,, Aboutmf?iwU9ithfQwsh,t1heidfiU2f?dL1CQfi??f121it5l'fif?n11f?fJiflie some luekyl tgetitofitalfei gulf 'theliiflriver training course offered byfifheffGrahtA'a'oii1f This course is de- signed to teach students how to maneuveiiaryehicle on the road. The three stages that are coueredtthrough 'thefouriweek course are traffic simulators, obstacle course, and onithe road training. Students who pass this class are well on their way to becoming good drivers. 'S l -41-'isa S 1 Ronald Arts 4 L? Sigurd Asp Jennifer Ausmus f Q Michael Ausmus O Danny Aznoe I iff Q Ed Banas i N 5 V V'-,ggi U Kristina Barnhart ff Janina Barrick i 1 2- 3'1" ' 1 , .Tray Barsten A ' limb ' . Michael Bashline . J, L q .1 C Melinda Belcher K K 5 W i' Lisa Belliveau f 1. . M J X. ,Q Kenneth Benedict " Steve Bichel :S N ,il Tr Xi A I Andy Black ' ' i "Q W . K i- I ,N - . Lee Anna Blair X 8 lrss Q lfjfiifi y isru i ' Q' f . T 5' Q William Biaifei ' A ff, it hi ' 0 Scott Bloom xg, " W O Blain Boden 'Ki' N vm , a 3 51.22 Q . Elizabeth Baden ia: V A X . Bonnie Boggs N X W at Steven Bosworth f ij -A ' ' XX, QQ 1. XT sz ri' ,L Stacey Johnson and Anne Colby paint signs for the Homecoming Rally. Tiffany Adams Coco Akens . Marc Allen Mary Allen Yvette Alllette Diana Alvarado Arthur Amistoso Dayna Anderson .Carri Anzures VXY:-VKi3IG5'f" 'fsfsftegs-sg e?5.35g 'S Q E ri W ,ggi . . A 5 .fy ., W.- TM :- fia '3' - 'Mwst' if 'ln xt swofzvr viflfl vlsmws AWAY W Bothun-Chhen Jodi Mehl tells Krista Thomas, Maggie Flack, and Sharrnaine McClain her exciting weekend Deann Bothun Melissa Bowers Kristine Boyajian Loro Boyter Anthony Brache Janean Bradley 5 We 'mmm P vt i it wi M, Q... -rad WM! rfi f 3: Qvwwzx. 4 101 ew iss- r " H!- !! 5 S J. Q Nrg -x Q' 'x X' 1 v -A it 1- 5, . X, Angell-:J Carter Daued Casey Joe Castillo Cheryl Castro Mark Champio Frank Chargulaf Cuong Chau Robert Chen Q Cherie Chenwo Moem Chhen 4- 'R if i ,, 5 , vm as . X? If i . vb. NAS is 'S M Q it 1 - -vw .. ,b is-'Af Dennie Breed 9 Shannon Brewer ' Shawn Brewer Wayne Bright Billy Brockley ' Jennifer Browitt . Charles Brown Chuck Brown O Stacey Brown Vanessa Brown Mia Browning Tracy Buchanan Suanne Buggy l Brian Buick Q Sonya Bunch Jeremy Burgess 0 Marshall Burrightf Christina Butner Penny Cagle Q Donovan Campana Bradley Campbell Zachary Carden 5 Shonell Campbell Heather Carlson I fi - will if 1519? O l' 3' lr .:,3'gQlx,f, ei' 'VT' 'FEW?l?9?iVll?i5Flll?5ilFl?f999l?'5:' 'U -faioqyqlmg Mqiiyfrlmiow V ggi 1- ,,, ' SOPHOMORES ' 97 Cherniss-Edwards Charley Ku studies hard. ,'-'-- , .11 1- A a 1. I, 'mm , ,fi 4x"aJ"a fi' Nicole Clark Daueen Clayton Oflude Cline Michael Colbourn Q Anne Colby Bonnie Coleman Tonya Conley I Patrick Conard in Stephen Cook 'L ' I Carl Corsi If Raymond Cortez U Heather Cosmo 5 Michael Cossey 1 , Q Donna Costa Jamie Craig Q K .David Cabbage C fi- Y5. , . Brian Caddy . Earl Cudworth Mary Cuthbert ' Reginald Danoldson 0 Mike DeFrance I Michael DeGroot Jason Dempsey Leah Deno Soplggifrjioifes: oh i 339Pl?Q'T'?f?5i i it We dYbHHihFQf?2UmSQfbL1rwe are me mqmlier one Qeffigi Eaqzhi!1',hqsrepef ,Cfirigfgl V, i' N "TheYSQ1QJl1Ql'lflf7ltBf dfegreat this year, " S ShIGfll'lOTlYLi2UUllEV 98 ' SOPHOMORES ' f x' uf -ff f3.,,...-ff -Vx Z . Keith De Vissor Qclason Diffon Dale Disney . Marc Dixon Sheila Dodson .. Brian Douglas Michael Drewes Matthew Duncan . Garry Eccles Stephanie Edwards I Christian Cherniss Q George Christie Kurt Chunn . Neil Churchill Q Bradley Clark Derrick Clark :Wa H t. NA., fx 5 , -we '- .4 1 1 if ' s. .au M 4 wr-J . . .Ui ,WVQLQ fxuxgfgw 1 wwf lam kc-mm. af.-nv' fW?f3:i?7:i i if. .. teer is "-Q. fest r','i- Q , , -if 4 'K Egan-Hawk Tae Egan Jeff Ellis Carrie Emerson Heather English Jason Eshlernan Jason Ezzell Julia Farias 9 Michael Fenton Greg Ferrell C x lr- Q . new - .. . SOPHOMORES Jeremy Burgess and Debra Mitchell smile pretty for an Equi photographer. Tina Fink . Stephanie Fitzgerald Maggie Flack! Jennifer Fletcher Billie Flud Corey Fore 0 Lynann Friesner Tim Frost ' Karen Fullerton Laura Gaea Kenneth Gandy 0 Athena Garcia Kirn Garcia Joshua Gardner 0 David George Ronnie Glenn O Justin Gonsalues Teresa Goss I Anthony Gouuea O Dana Goyen Miri Graham Jason Grauen Marshall Green ' Steven Grewell I Richard Guerriero Daniel Hagen O James Hall Cathaleen Hansen Jeffery Hansen U M leewan Harlow An Harris Karna Hawk , v 99 Hazeltine-Johnson Andrea Knight and Heather English take time out for a picture on their way to lunch. ' Adrian Hinson Michelle Hodge 9 Shad Hodge Nicole Hoehn Jeff Holmes Tara Holmes . Dan Holt '- Teresa Hoover Jamie Hope 9 Sam Hopson Deborah Howes Cora Hullum Shawn Hutton Aaron Hun! . Traci Hyatt David lmpson Poranee Inplang 6 James Irish Sharise Jackson Jeffrey Jacobson Andrea James ' Aaron Johnson Maurice Johnson 0 Rendell Johnson Q 5 , . , L i. 7 ff' fa-jp if .f V ' .h jx f. :L , T- F. I A ' . 100 . e SOPHOMORES K Shannon Hazeltine ' Cindy Hebert gChristy Helm Dauid Herman Tammy Herman ' Brian Herold . Beth Herzog ' Lori Hester 0 James Hicks 'Andrew Hinkle r Matthew Hinkle Troy Hinkle rngltvg L f w-wa, Us A ,J , .. :Se , N A Lil . ' 12:3 : Q g . D sw xq',.o. A A . . Q U. 'A X 5 i 1, 4 dr: xi xl' 'Xi X , ,fs ..., s , in-S ms ni P . gps .tt-Te ff 'ggw ' 1' hz 3, i-1 KS F E , f S 4 'Q . I .A . ,M Q Q 1 or ' X .gg .Q X . 3' X ' - it 'P . i 'gf K X ' A Johnson-Locke Stacey Johnson 0 Barbara Jones Benjamin Jones Q Charley Jones ' Nadya Jones James Joseph :.f???L ' lf"?5?4'f ff-wx' . ..,, ' A if wr , , -A ir Q, . "'-if L . X .. 1 ,,ia hiatt, Q TS if.. R331 K' ,. , .".,,,.. ,. .i , .M xx -a 0 he .- 5 . , , WR, "W .V gy -rx Enthusiastic sophomores appear confident of a victory. lm. ,X ks rsrg 3 -3 P ' .J 1 W -we V :, .sz . :pf 4 . ,U Roxanne Lawrence Charles Lee if Rodney Lee O Andrew Lehr Monique Lemaire Anthony Leuesque Carolyn Lewis . Jeff Liddiard Alisa Lippi Jeffrey Locke Q Michael Jouini Michael Juriclch Kim Kaestner Heidi Keller George Kellison Pam Kendall Scott King Mary Kinman Kellee Kirksey Russell Kitts Fred Klensch . Kris Klima Andrea Knight Charley Ku . Curtis LaBay 0 Karen Larsen 9 William Larson , Jeremy Lautt Bradley Lauin Cynthia Lawer l SQQi29mQre-,en J i AjeefiafifgkikiiiaifmeedIyalfieqiize rim ffiiflgf-ffgfk sqpnqiiiofeiirlasr rear Jedi. 1 1 lg 'ff V' "Nexff yeofltirlfill lfiea better 'year for juniorsfnliefygaue Llrnpscinr - SOPHOMORES ' Bobby Jurgensen I Ann Marie Justman Vernon Kesweder O Gregory Kalafa 5 SOPH Lopez-Nichols Joseph Lopez Cecilia Luna ' Erick Lutz 0 Jennifer Mahoney ' Shane Major 0 Michelle Mallory Eugene Marques Shawn Mason Jamie Mask Joe Mathis Tabitha Matzek 'Jeff Mayberry Sharmaine McClain David McClarin Angela McCollough 0 Kyle McCormick Tami McCracken 5 Sommes McGregor Megan McGuire 0- Greg McKay . Monique McKinley Samantha McNeeley A David McNulty Jennifer McVicker Steven Meade Jayme Megahan Jodi Mehl 'Cynthia Melton Robert Meres Jason Meyers Michelle Mills O Rachel Mills Dee Anne Minor O Debra Mitchell 9 Ricky Montoya Charlotte Moore Natalie Morgan Sherri Morgan Charles Morris Vanessa Morris Sophdmerei tcm J XY 1 3 Xfgsgygiorgl, A , 1 f'Seni6rs are awesome! They ger zo do anything they didnt." lg- Jim' Beller ' "They f faeiietzeethut 'Ythey rule, every, thing." John Seamons X, tb' wma JJMEH 102 ' SOPHOMORES ' -1 me I s lr N ' ' ' A Q N wi.. QNX x A N 5... Jessica Mosher 0 Aaron Moxley . Daniel Murphy Michelle Murray O John Myers Nolana Mymka Kirstie Nelson Robert Newman Angeline Nichols O Brent Nichols rr 523: Nichols-Roberson ie 2 ,gsi Y gy? 259' gm! -iii K .f-'r efs ,A ,.,: 1 , J i Q. 'Niro w: H N it K ks 'K X fm l -- Annette Roedell takes a break down at the snack bar. Suzanne Nieman Becky Niemeyer ' Jennifer Nisterchuk Q 'N 5 131 X , Jaw Q sr . 23g Jess Nixon f e in ll Y Roy Northern . Dion Nunez . Pam Nye I Michelle Ogden O ,gf " if iz? -s 1:55 li ' fff' , - f - N. - , 2:51-'x S' -ix W C ,i 546 Cynthia Melton has a hard time deciding what to buy. ,, me Kim O'gorrnan Alex Ortega Gregory Ortiz . Dauid Oswald 9 Patti Palomar Deuorn Parker Lara Parks Heather Payne D Holly Peck O Christy Pedges Joseph Perez Melody Perkins.. Valerie Peterson Becky Phelps Mike Potter Brandy Price Jeff Primrose. Melissa Pulsipher Nicole Purcell - Denise Quigley Q Carol Quinn . Franklin Ramos l Dawn Reed Chuck Renuille Q Teana Reynolds Q James Richards Micah Richardson Rachel Roberson . ' SOPH OM ORES ' 103 104 ' SOPHOMORES - SOPHOM Roberts-Shipley Michelle Murray, Roxanne Lawrence. and Marla Bracy watch lunchtime activities during homecoming. Q Christopher Roberts 'Tim Robertson Q Pamela Robinson Aaron Rodriquez Tamara Rodriguez Annette Roedell Joseph Rogers Jennifer Rorneyn Kathleen Rooney 13+ K We X3 A 1 i SJ .- .yi . 'A J feywliftll X K f ioi cl -.,, 1, V ,f wi" 31, L 'K ,f x f-4, 551 - J miiiig X , he Sandra Ropac rL'l'il!fl,gL2E' Carlos Rosado :J Thomas Rosaues kk W Suzanne Rouiller H il " .1 flip Michelle Rousey , - . Carolyn Ruiz , i t .Aaron Sage Mark Saldiuar Donna Saluesen Dauinder Sandhu n ' . ,- . Jerome Saulsbury Q , 'stacy sheffief do 5- X aj? 3' ls 6 K 5' ,, . 1 fs-. ,TQ t y, V ' Rudy Schuster QR Shad Schutte A '- cd 1 b.Aaron Scott K .David Scott 'iit . ei 3 S F Kerri Scroggins QJohn Seamons Q Michelle Sears R 3' 4573 Y 'Xe . Toni Seymour O Leslie Shaw ,. , Rhonda Shipley 'fit' 5 1 if-' K i t 2 nr t .1 ',riiEi',3YEf52a?'L51 '. '-izgrf,2S,:.gfv-Qsgw Jay Ezzel, David Scott, and Eric Stowe hang out at the lockers after school. 'W 5 fi Nil' a ,Lu ' 1 ia. Q Q r' X 2 Simpson-Van Antwerp ' az 5 .. , at -iff? isss . ,Sgt 9? 'S 'N S 3 'G H -r-we "bf" 4 , 'O Paul Turner Kirk Uhl Robin Uhl William Uland Mik Uman Kevin Urnbright . Joni Valdez Luke Valdez Mark Van Antwerp' Renee Van Antwerp. Georgi Simpson Pritpal Singh Earl Smith Frances Smith Frank Smith. Scott Smith Shawn Smith Gary Snow Jennifer Snyder Jayson Spear James Speckman. William Springer Dawn Stege Jack Steirner Dwain Steward . Eric Stowe Q Ed Strain James Strange Michelle Strange I Michael Strunk 0 gli11,5.tii.fke9 Q ' Jeremy Sullivan . Andrew Summers . Ronald Sutton Q Scott Sylkei Sotheauong Tanf Shawn Taylor - . Lao Thao Q Krista Thomas O Pamela Thompson l A ' Steven Thompson M Pi Joshua Thuss Q :ff 4 1 Michelle Tinkle . . Tina Titus Q it , Dennis Todd U Alexandra Tookey wa. - Ricardo Torres Q . f . ' Tonya Trau fs , Donald Triano wager K: 9 Julie Tucker , i 'Zig T , Eff?-Swwe ' SOPHOMORES ' 105 106 e Van Denberg- Yu Maggie Burreson and Toni Seymour joke about failing drivers training, S O Rob Wamsley Craig Ward Emma Ward . Eric Waynes Cinali Weathers QEric Weber OJeff Weeks Brian Wehe Michelle Wenizel Trina Wertz Jessica Wharton Kathy Wheeler Floyd Whinery Grant Whinery Greg Whitaker Kimberly Whitfield Yulanda Whittle .Billy Wickham .Tank Wilbur Mike Williams Richard Williams Ann Williamson Q Trista Willock James Wilson SOPHOMORES ' ' mis t , yt 5 y i fb 'Jeff Thorpe .John Wilson Julie Wilson Kindra Wilson .Maggie Winton Wendy Wishart .ff 1' : ll Ingrid Van Denberg Lisa Vandenput Felis Varm David Velarde 'chad Vial 5 .Dan Walley . Christopher Walter Frank Walters x., ,,... Vw- , , Ng mf A i sf 15' 'K 61" ai 4-'Q Q Samuel Wood Michael Wright .Stephanie Wright Ronald Yaukurn Richard Yu r-sf J- t."4.:f f iff was it . ., , ., ' " ' ,. M- , ,f A . if- ,at fgsggwu 4 N i W l . T 0 . ai. ,. .-x. r.. - At. i ' HF? is 44 -Q 43 I Q 4:53 'Y X 5 f is J X Q if! ' ' K , zxflsi V 1 ,, , Xen m. nf gp. ' ,-x W. . ,, k t N 1 .. w--1 R 'Q M 1 5 K r- 1 1 . its f:jp5,.N: ,Hfyg Legg ',ef' .fd 12523 ' Slacking Sophomores Shape Up The sophomore student council had a slow start during the fall semester. Because of a lack of participation from the sophomore class, there was only one member, Tara Holmes. By the time spring se- mester came around the soph- omores had full membership, Student council members completed many projects that benefited the sophomore class. They held bingo nights, bake sales, and car washes to raise money for thier class. One of the successful events was the bake sale, which raised ouer sixty dollars. Even though the sophomores had a sluggish start, they finished off the year with great success. 1. Fall student council: Janean Brad- ley. Jodi Mehl. and Tara Holmes Presi' dent. 2. Tara Holmes. Jodi Mehl. Mag- gie Flack. and Janean Bradley look at bids. 3. Rendell Johnson and Eric Zir- bel look over plans for spirit week. 4. Spring student council: Rendell John- son. Maggie Flack Pres.. Jodi Mehl. Tara Holmes. not pictured Angela McCollough. 4 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 107 Actenga-Brache Aelena Actenga Caroline Adams .Jason Adams aaaf a a a a X"VA,,. if Axda , . Yi, Q-if Mark Adams Q . The FKQSQMGQV bf'128655715lpere,'Qriafdifferent thaneanyfyhther fresh' Jemfe, Addison X y' men uagartainifofu3htitftQ,expect Mindy Alexander ' from ifiigfhfsCliCioli'iife.f'ifiiefreiflereffavanffithringjdaboutflihighiisighool that were Lvhcli aged to these . changesbrowvea' to befijuxsiratingatftimes. they had to leaveitheiriefliliiish approach a- ndorefiadulffworld, Although many sucaeededg iflilEifC.ltl1g2Yif'if7lL!iCt13S'i the ones that gave nfreshmenfffjaixbaqfgdhhiej,W ii, A , XA N 4e,:', 3, V Xyxw i,jfi,!xi X'kV' some Alvarez Everyone '-coulcliSyhapathize'with the plight ofthe freshmen class . Robert Anderson We 've all been th?-zreand we've suffered thexconsequences, This year's Wfiimm Andrade freshmen could be relieved nowlthat their sophomore year is soon 7 approaching and that a newikmd 'unsuspecting frosh class is coming. Deanna Andrews 134 Martin Arellano Shellean Audiss ,Wx 6 by Craig Aukerman Skyler Baldock Bill Banos Bilee Banks Jimmy Barnes . Stephanie Barnes Melanie Barnett Dina Baser Brian Balson Erica Bautista ' Kimberley Benavidez Michelle Bentley - Jennifer Biester Susan Billings Shelly Blair Kenneth Blaitel Kristy Bloom Paul Boggs Terri Bomar Sheri Basorth Renier Botha Christopher Bowman Alina Brache K x, r ' .N 108 ' FRESHIVIEN 0 wif- 'if F 425 5 c B Q ' 1 Q' .. - 3. s i' at f if s ,,, .,,, N' Freshmen friends discuss up and coming events Brackin-Clark Q W H '-f,. ,. f.-zz -,xg wg:-Q tx 5 L 1 - f4'l' Jeremy Cash Donald Centers Jenny Chanco Shawn Chaney Cindy Chapman John Chapman Scott Chapman Jennifer Chase Moneca Cicogni Donald Clark ' FRESHMEN Freshmen enjoy their lunchtime break, Shunn Brown Tina Brown Keisha Bruner Corey Bryant Kristy Bulloch Darrell Burgett Drue Burkhalter Julie Bussard Fay Cay Shawn Conga Mike Cansimbe Andrew Carlson Wayne Carr Chris Carpenter Jean CarrierQ A lla n Case F X Fmt ffHevl'tdbni'i hafffeffiffme We'll,ibEjQtHere you aresonledayl ' 109 FRESHMENZ Clark-Fischer Freshmen girls enjoy a stroll down the halls during lunch. Virginia Crafton Brad Crawford David Crawford Laurie Croft Michelle Cruz Janice Curry Mike Daniel - Francine Delange William Demaree Denise Dick Dave Dickenson Sal Dimarca Tony Dimarca Nicole Ducharme Thanh Hang Duong Scott Durham Pres,-hmereifefsiif 'iei Sorqe,frgshmgn,xnqghz ltqgbe aware lfhgt 2123? hfbfiiehifyfinbr nfhefsfee feb' tlaifiieifihiev 13592-ZS fi1ifSv1fi1fffi'e SG'1ie,ieSl mfffmf2rs1'frf2f'1efife i1QHfGfS1iLir , Hass isp 'next year we ' wiiiibaberfefi i h L 1 r f 110 - FRESHMEN ' 515.1-M wk ik - ,.. K Kenneth Dustin Shannon Ewing Arlen Estrern Anthony Elkins Jason Edwards Sara Eastham Leigh Ann Faulkner .Andrea Fayette Victoria Felt Michael Fischer Q , G '35 1, Q .. 3 F r V Jennifer Clark Ryan Clement Dan Cole Katie Collins Arianca Combs John Conway April Cook Don Cooney Melissa Cottingharn l .HAR 'sv' ps... rx , , air QQ x x A E ! Fl A iiiii i A i I l 1 ' N 1 H M. , K A if L' , W K W r I x .T . if 'F' 3 L fl, s LXX K Q, . 1357 k15fgf?'?f f " ' 1:-' 1 1' - 1, if . X fe X . - . .., v. un. 1'-s:g:: --f.gaff-- 1, Qg3:g.,,i3g,? f as- 'Q as ik' 'fri 'S ,K i M, F itzgerald-Hamilton if f . 4 ' if 2 ,,: gp., ' 1. fn Kenneth Fitzgerald Misty Flack Elena Flora Allan Fo Daniel Fogal Steven Forgan Dawn Franke Tyron Frazier Richard Freemon 3 fm , A 5 ' ' 6 if' ,:3f'1'd3Y:i-l9f5l,2 z?W5'?zqLi,s,?t1 1. paeiivf.'t:g,:i.f,, -i , . X, 1 4, ii'.L'ww-ii, 'vyrfi syn f N ,Legg 'ggw.N,i,g'z.fiQ51g. J A inf buffhsVitSi?9P?if??QfQ?!1i'WSff?Sf?3iiQ?t4'cfiisifP5UU1.ff?39SlW'if5??llr??sQQSQin file rallies all shoaldjoiijgtogethetiiinadfChe2l?'f9tfQtheit3tclassQf1QgfQbeeiQsgenAt and void . But whaitiggiivsfi from that no-maiigilandlof acting like they belong' at the rallies. Al this is a change for the better. The freshmen finally small bit of courage it takes to have a fvgiiietinfthis 'school ,',1a themselves be known. Congrats. baby stcfngsfl 'X T1 X V A Paula Frost Raymond Fry Mathew Gaftunik Darrell Gawthorpe Dina Gill Michael Goedert Jason Goldman Angie Gomez K 1 xx X r 'F Q, V TY Q 34 W , . ' iier if Freshmen discuss the latest gossip. 5- ,f l H'f11'5E?'55iftffil W Jason Gonsaluas my 4 Q' Mathew Graham Stephanie Grajeda Eric Gravitt George Gray Beverly Greathoase ' ' Allen Gregory V i 1 Karole Gresham 1 SE 5,12 W ,. . t A is -1: -:. gi ' 7 Kelly Grijalva Q' ' . VTE i t Stephanie Gunkel A X ' Ben Gurley I , X Farid Haddad , ' Suzette Haddix M 1 Jack Hall Jason Hall Wayne Hall Robert Harnby Davina Hamilton l ' FRESHMEN - 111 1 Haro-Jones 5 f"35l!i??f'??'f95f?fl1fT'e'W?5?f'??'?lV?ff?FiflSt95Fwfiiilli5ti'5SfC?ff'9iff50lKfU9i.OUef i HWShouldeffi2ff?fi1l1QifieviQHSiHQPefQlf1ffSmGafThereiSfhefearQfibefng W WSh6dfiillfwfffv?fftiitfifiiifiiffritifflffeifiibrilliS5592?b3a?hiiffvEf6if51i3ii5Sibfffffesf attack, J while theiffiiiiiiiffifctawiiffQaHtS2ekiilfmiFfh2efr1gnefaiuicffidiflizk A C l p h o mo res with is Q ' Howard Haynes l ' ' K S Kim Hennecke M Sandy Henry ... .,, Shauna Henry l L lan Hernandez H it 'I 4 Veronica Hernandez "1 yy K :Q ,sit u ii Ayanna Hinson 1. ' Kaluan Hone A A Duane Harrigan Frankie Hubbard Lisa Huckaby Craig Hull James Hunt Derek Ira Scott Irish 0 Gregory Jaggers i v 'tx -ia Jodi James Michelle Jeffers .Kemberylynn Jenkins Dallas Jensons David Jensen 'mania "i ' , me L. - V t Justin Jensen Amanda Jinks Pamela Johnson Scott Johnson Raymond Jones , R 112 ' FRESHMEN - as Q 15 - K Angela Hara Brian Harp Amy Harris Timothy Harris Darble Hatfield Alicia Hatton Anthony Haurilla Mark Haurilla Eugene Hawks 5: big:-:sv Qi N 135 -5..'.-11 -if-i e H' ii Caryn Sanders pose for a picture 'Q Arie Joseph Joseph-Mann SX N ii - Yarah Judal Jessica Julliusson "Gif '35 Eric Jurgensen Tracy Ketcherside Somkhit Khouhanrnany Hong Kim David Kimes Thomas King .Q X , B Ji ,bi K. Leslie Lynch Steve Lynch Connie Mangnum Darold Mann This is a routine sight for the freshrnen's transportation home. s... Chris Lopez Trino Lopez Bryan Lutz Michelle Lutz Laurri Lynch Adam Kisko Sharon Koritta Jason Labane Paula Lacy Robbie Laird Daniel Lamasrer Christopher Lambritte Pearl Lankford f In Alexander Lazard Sidney Legalsi Brian Leggett ' Danny Littau Debra Lively Thomas Livingston Yenny Locsin Amie Logefeil Q Ffesiiffzrenfwfieiiii 50PlTi?l7?f3F55fr? SoiiiifsfiwriL9i4i9i?Cff?'?f?fr"iFfti7Sl3'ffi0 ,aliasfigiiiyiiiffigfiqft,aefiuvQn,it:s1 isaishgmefehfafeiilifevarigieyiniaejas Us -rrfgsgfnepfitirnep,tiowfmix dBgwiif5'uS- I thiHk3rsiii5?i0?55iQ?5f4F?f'f'?5i??illii?i?fUfe inaniQihegspsamilji L W Sophoriibfesfthink theyfrei pretty cool but they like onlpyqne step up from freshmen, L ' FRESHMEN 0 113 Moreno-Mullins r an .W I f , K Stephanie Gunkel and Tarni Weist head for the cafeteria to eat lunch. G Pat McCook Wendy McGraw Donald McKillop Moses McKinnis Ty McClain 'lan McBay Cyndi McNinimy Neisha Meade Derek Mialkousky 1 if -r -f Christopher Middleton rv? .1 ..,, .i owing Miller T J 5 Jonathan Miller Raena Mills Txxfi Christina Miramontes K' A ff, Chris Mitchell Harold Moe ll jfi W , iseisiifsm 1 " K i thejjuiriiorgf treat' the freshmen gesjsecft, 1 he juniors bade thewlzfesi fQ6li?ir1g guy? idMmwmV,,f'l yi The juniors will make greatseniors. 114 ' FRESHMEN ' s ' W f-FEL? . ., ,B .. 0 Jana Mojzis Richard Montoya Kylie Moore Jason Moredock Scott Morgan Dion Morris Latonia Morrison Nina Morse Joel Moss Branden Mullins 1. Jason Moreno Christopher Marler Ramona Marquezs Tiffany Marsh Chanelle Martina ,Christopher Martinez Beckie Moyer Shannon McClure Lisa McConkey Nt.N,-i -.Y K. , L DJ, : iii' , SN?-g'iF img W fig: Ji? Viflgg f if QT 23owgfE f, yi eg E'-M 2 5, i Q fb fit ,wdfeww rw X ,, t Se Q he C . QQ tw Q SU EH. if 'NF' V' X 1 yi A iy4'b e ,i ' We wW ?M7Q '92 i 12 Wv. Myers-Pollock Amy Meyers Christine Nanez Jennifer Nardine Rory Nelson Ryan Nelson Lisa Neuarez 6, Amelia Neues 3 Shanna Newcomb Christopher Nichols g 5 Wg, 1,1 ' - , 'A 4 N hqy... I FRESHMEN Freshmen cheerleaders do their thing. Jennifer Nisperos Kristine Nordin 0 Jennifer Nuhfer Aaron Nygren Kevin O'Cannor0 Mae Opena Jaime Olson Scott Olson Reginald Owens n Michael Parnell Charles Pearson Jeff Pennel Jennifer Perdue Janie Pereira Shelly Perkins Tiffany Perkins Carrie Peterson Stephanie Petersen Khai Pharn Andrew Phaw Angela Phillips Nadine Phillips Jennifer Pickens Vicki Pinola Melody Pollock Tanda Polock f 115 116 1 Porter-Sanders fi J The Frosh football team make their move. Wanda Ranin Jason Rawls Steve Ray Heather Ray Teresa Reiner Brian Remer Cindy Renwanz Charlie Richardson Kathryn Rideoat Leah Ridley Rosina Rizzardo Kristopher Robinson Rickey Robinson . Terrell Robinson Tracy Road ' Charles Rogers Elizabeth Rogers ' Leonard Rogers Richard Romines Toby Ross Tania Roybal Eric Rushing Robin Ryan Kao Saechao Tammy Saelao Caryn Sanders . 3 . 23? fi y . 135 i:"'i5'u g1lf7 1'e" ' Q 3 Y' y .45 l ' is 'W i rs , i5'T..1 is fi? 'W .xsa- K Q 'ij ii t 5' . FRESHMEN ' David Porter 'Amy Post Kevin Potter Mila Prill Jeff Pruitt Robert Quinn Rosanna Ramirez Tony Ramos '. Tom Randall im.. .sm 4' QF ,. . f. mfr: 6 , fa. , I K ll, T if-:iw we ' ' 'X wks-'. . X by x 1' i"s Y -nn +1-:vi Q rw.. M . v-ff gem i ss i T xiii-:fp..i5i r5"f K V '52 . fy' ' - U afggf. , 3' . -1' R R M X 1 mr. L 11 . :Q X .iv as 4 H? 31 x iv YE. . f,, Eg ' fi. 92 Siamese ,ig me ' ' lu , .,,. 3' iff' N .n X I - .55 ' 'wi' s - T E! ,. 2 V QA! a "' 1- Freshmen entertain themselves during a rally L Scriuner- Vanderuort .Eric Scriuner C Robert Seamons Erica Sessions David Silva Karen Singh Danielle Slater f 'KQV David Slaton Amanda Smith Heather Smith T X zo 6 we 'Y , 'ig- ,. H SF in Maia , riziggli if Enrique Thompson Michelle Thompson Terry Thompson David Thurman Randy Todd Kennth Turner Michael Turner Jennifer Uyeda Jennifer Van Matre Troy Vanderuort ' FRESHMEN Frosh cheerleaders practice their routines. 0 Roshelle Smith Sabra Smith Timothy Smith Michelle Snelling Brett Spaid Karen Steen James Story Tony Strain Patrick Strong Brenda Sturm Chris Summers Nathan Swazo Glen Swett Staci Taylor Yang Thao A lei' more jree 'lrerelfthtftiglfielheyi always fake it Gwvvl Tenghefefhere are superf'I"hauent seen nicer teaqherrsince the third Brian Templeton - 11 7 L 1- Vang-Zulkoski 'hr il I i ,mee K s., . M ri .gas-., P in 1 X 'Quake E K xr T M is Q ,I X ,Zu Shanna Newcomb and Krisann Broabent arriue at school as the bell ring. Lisa Webb Michael Webb Rachel Weber Tammy Weist Corey Welsh Thomas Welsh Bart Whittle Correine Wiechec Tara Wiese if -::'-L Tarnrny Wigle H 'K A Anita Wilhelm rv M . Cliff Williams . ' Stacey Williams Stephen Williams "--' , Randy Wilson Mark Wisrnan ' i , v ,yy sf , s J' e . f. X. X .tk Z x , QW ff u- ff Y wi f Q l aim- ill It as if ...,,. A 9 X gg? ? .. , ,, me as 'tu M i X K , X X f W 'X EQV515 X it ' brass sfbuia be ici, fine year. 118 ' FRESHMEN - Renee Woods Megan Wright Cliff Yerrnan Tara Zelinsky Eric Zirbel Christine Zulkoski May Va Vang Edward Vann Tony Vasquez Vernon Eric Mary Ann Walters Jared Warren Paula Warren Derrick Wasson Tan Wathara ,aah ...,...,., 'K A 39 X r , 8 I 6 L- 1 tckvdg y 5 . :wg 9' ,NI , ac, ' lf , A Semester student Council: President Dina Baser fShowin in picture at rightl: Representa- Eric Zirbel, Caryn Sanders, Leslie Lynch, and Jennifer Perdue. C7 if iifiw-2 ,. I iw 1. Jennifer Uyeda shows her school spirit at a class meeting. 2. Spring Semester Student Council President Jennifer Uyeda. Representa- tiues Dina Baser. Caryn Sanders. Leslie Lynch, and Eric Zirbel. Class Officers x Spring Semester President. Jennifer Uyeda, and Dina Baser. Fall Semester President. were both happy with the year's accomplishments. Freshman class officers The freshman class got off to a pretty shakey start at the beginning of the year when they did not haue a float for Homecoming. After that, the class got through the remain- der ofthe year pretty well, con- sidering the fact that they were indeed freshmen. The young Mustangs had many fun- draisersg a candy-gram sale, a bake sale, a pizza sale, and bingo nights. They had hopes of raising sufficientfunds for an outstanding Junior Prom, President Jennifer Uyeda said 'By the time were Juniors, we're going to have it all to, gether. We're going to be the best class Foothill will ever hauel" FRESHIVIAN CLASS OFFICERS 119 92 QQ, is Yoi ........s SEPTEMBER JZ 1 I ' , E1 f . ' ' .S ' , , ' " ' ' ffdefustfdlfd . ' 1 -al 1w'1f--5:39-1 xiii?1.5-.Kf'i?if.1i-Vi:ff-'iii.--fi I - --,W:.k,,,v'i, in K 'ink t K' k.. .. Y' . 2 V hir '41 b 1 Q K, Q! 1-Aww W , Q 6 .R R V 6 .- . L 1 a sv 5 r 1 ' 4? 'B sf H "' " Q' -li Q Q. 4, ga Q ,wk N, ,YJ "J'Q'y4 IN MQ' w X " 3 S 1 ,L . Q? W 1-fi" 2? T1 X 'wh "5 ff Q . if xg mn J ik RI 9 y tl LL ,565 KH N hw B N"'Lqw YYJ n gif'-W 1 'Jr ' as - V - ' A i ' gifp giqg a.. ri N. . . 5' ' ' 13. Q A ' bf?-1 4, , ' Lx w f J F' L ' f 41, .3 JM L. an 2 . 'bi X f + ' N H 41 1, w ear' 1 f N. six M52 Wl1at's hot . . . 9, V 3:0 L fx? GDP 3 C00 PM-,1 . l , M-O9 LVVW ,. Shy . . JHGQ ,1,. . v.z,g6g.G'. Favorite .fb VV V. Vkk: 1 6, V, ?i x.igf!f,.. ' . 5Q.11.. cQsby..shOw. n 2. Dogg Of our Liues A . 3. Mzghightfng 4. vi- ras a ff Fff3'446-2 - . ..1:.zrgt "' , W V My :negfa ' ns- ' . , ifb ?ii.:5.. ? QW Q.. Ku ms! M G 4' ' I H VII os " rob V' f Q m .ff F2 51' W V ' '. if ' 65552 2 ' 5. Q ' 2. n j' ontr irs .. -!' ff, 3. bs ges , Q ,, 4. I ratio f-Mom' ,..- V . H I f 1525 f'?l"" Z 122 STUDENT POLLS 4' QM Q O K. Least Favorite Song 1. Touch Me 2. You Be Illin' 3. Like A Virgin 4. Sledgehammer What's Cold . -by i W.. K K , I N. f. ' -' c- 17f',1-.:.,m.-1- 1-nf:--nw: -X - "" Q L ' 'A 'A 'L' ' it L C. . H L L I .ml Sh ."e I Qoo',. tg. e iff. ef.,o4 my ...A .---f L we I1e421SmGl1tWQnidet2i .35 , Ein-.Vi.ALM,, 1 Th A V A Q.. xii? ,1 ,V,,. , Q ree ml W :m ai K' 5133 '33 A ' .2g.ff.f'.,Qfi'13,fx 'I' 71 ' - '.e- goward The V5 A L I -E1 PEM .ji5fQ5f'2fg1, . ee Wees igggfva tfif- ag. ' V LVVV ,A -5I.fff.6ha.' Vi ..,' L L 'M W L ww 1. Run DMC 2. Motley Crue 3. Duran Duran 4. Bon Jovi O. Least Favorite Group 1 L - IN THE NEWS ',1N THE NEWS - IN THE NEW5 - IN THE Lili!-VS - IN THEYLEWS - IN THE NEWS. - IN THE NEWS - IN THE NEWS - IN Nwyrtxr - --Y 5'?fw" N555 K Q IN THE NEWS IN THE NEWS IN THE NEWS IN THE NEWS IN THE NE USTAGE TERRUR 7 'W ' 8 l "And That's The Way It Was" 1986-1987 events surprised, deplored, and enlightened people around the world. On July 5, after an intense makeover, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled for her 100th birthday to onlookers world wide. In addition to the millions of people who witnessed this historical event, thousands of sea going vessals flocked to the bay to observe a specatular 28 minute firework display. Corazon Aquino was celebrating on her own because of her victory in the race for presidency in the Philippines against Ferdinand Marcos. However, fans of Marcos made life un- pleasant for many Filipinos with devastating riots long after the election ended. Prince Andrew of Wales took Sarah Ferguson 's hand in marriage in yet another flamboyant royal wedding in Westminster Abby. The serious AIDS crisis contin- ues to haunt people world wide. This fatal disease threatens to touch the lives of countless millions in years to corne. Innocent people such as Rock Hudson and the loved Liberace have already become victims of this devastating illness. In yet another crisis. President Reagan's involvement in the arms dealings with Iran shocked people across the nation. Aviation history was made once again as a specially built aircraft made a flight around the world in just over nine days, nonstop. And finally, for those dedicated sports fans, the World Series featured the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. Celebrations were at handfor the Mets after they defeated Boston in the 7th game in the series. Also in the ever popular Super Bowl the New York Giants thundered over the Washington Redskins with a 39-20 victory. Furthermore, America 's yachting team, the Stars and Stripes. regained the Americas Cup. IN THE NEWS 125 C 'r Friends From Faraway Foothill has enjoyed a variety of cultures shared with this years fore eign exchange students. Laura Detluan, our visitor from Spain, took advantage of the many different activities that Foothill had to offer. She was a member of the Spanish club, Biology club. and CSF. Laura made many new friends during the past year. Her only complaint was that 'iAmerican guys aren 't as cute as the guys in Spain," Lotte Thrige was a senior from Denmark. She came to Foothill through the exchange program. Youth for Understanding. Lotte was thrilled at the prospect of com- ing to America and planned to visit San Francisco and the East Coast before returning to her home coun- try. Foothills Norwegian friend, Eirik 3 Dosen, established a well-known reputation on our campus, His 'isenior best" smile stole the hearts of many of Foothills young ladies while his athletic ability earned the respect of Foothills men, Eirik was especially talented in soccer, his fa- vorite sport. Mariza Montung came to us from Djakarta, Indonesia. Mariza en- joyed swimming, tennis, and bad, minton. She participated in two of Foothills foreign language clubs, French and Spanish. When asked what was one difference between California and Indonesia. she re- plied that Californians are much more candid, Much to Foothills disappoint- ment, Leif Humes, also from Nor- way, was unable to finish off the year at Foothill and there was no picture available. . . t xx, . 1., A A X 'E ,. 54 sr ,K , .K ,XY ,Q . K-2 . V 1.x I ...e-v"""" i HIGH gjrss. 7, i965 - 128 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS H I Home GF TH MU5TANl 'T'-'f'f""f5-li'''RLQLHLE25,-E:?lm:1','iiH1H1:FIE-,QiS72:Jf:iisJf2hw7R-314.165H5zI1,g",b,i,ifjzgyffggj,1,,ggl,J ,g,yw, '14 ,Q M,-,,,, --,3 L- I, V1 5 , , ,- R , ,. , , ,Y , - KL , - H - K , -, ,. K, , v ,L MJ Ted Sessions. a junior here at Foothill is very talented in music. track, and academics, Ted has been running since he was in the fifth grade. When he was eleven years old he won third place in a marathon. running in the sixteen and under category. At the present time, Ted's day is occupied with band. Last sum- mer he attended drum major camp in Loomis. Next year he will be Foot- hill's drum major. Ted plays the clari- net. snare drum, and is now studying O People the piano. Aside from music and run- ning, he has a grade point average of 3.9. After high school. he would like to attend the naval academy and be- come a pilot. After his piloting re- quirements are up. he would like a career in engineering. lf Ted does not go to a military academy, he wish- es to attend lVl.l.T. and major in physics. Ted's philosophy is. "Dont compare yourself with others. Just be the best that you can be." -lv-nv --f-x................, wr. .,.. nf Melody Perkins, a fifteen year old sophomore, is an outstanding balleri- na. She has been in ballet since she was six years old. December of '86 marked the fifth year that she has participated in the Nutcracker. She has portrayed such characters as the soldier, Chinese dancer. Spanish dancer. flower. and snow. During the summer of 1986, Melody was picked to attend the San Francisco Ballet School for eight weeks. She recently received a dancing scholarship from Great American First Savings. After high school she would like to dance with one of the more prominent dance companies such as the School of American Ballet, located in New York. and the Royal Ballet in Lon- don. When asked what she thinks about her dancing. she replied, Ml feel as if l have more confidence when l'm performing. lfeel like peo- ple like what they see." One of our outstanding leaders at Foothill is Stacey Johnson. She is 15 years old and a sophomore. Stacey is the treasurer of the VICA club here at Foothill. She has been involved in VICA since the eighth grade. She just applied for the Hugh O'Brien Schol- arship which would give her the op- portunity to be the sophomore repre- sentative from Northern California at the Hugh O'Brien Youth Seminar held in April of '87. Stacey is now preparing to run for state officer VICA. This past year she was part a team of eight people who won gold medal at a VICA for parliamentary procedure. says that being in VICA has helpe her to be able to speak publicly. i also has given her the opportunity t meet new people. 'S lege. He wants to attend U.O.P.. an IV League school, or the Air Force Academy. If he attends the Air Force Academy, he will become a pilot, but otherwise, his future plans are to teach and coach. When asked how he thought high school sports could be improved, he replied, HMore faculty and student support is needed. If the 4 s Q, 5. faculty isn't supportive, why should the students be?" All of his life, Jason Edwards, now a senior, has been involved in sports. At the mere age of four he started baseball. Then, two years later he got involved with soccer. In the fourth grade he began basketball, and in ninth grade, started playing football, which has become his favorite sport. Jason receives eight or nine letters a week on the average from various prestigious colleges seeking to recruit him. He is considering the University of Pacific, U.C. Davis, West Point, and the Air Force Academy. He wishes to study law and become an F.B.I. agent. Fourteen year old Tom King is a very talented musician who has already com- posed two songs. He is a freshman this year at Foothill High School. He started his musi- cal career in the sixth grade playing the piano. The next year he learned to play the baritone, alto, and tenor saxophone, and also the drums. Then, in the eighth grade, Tom learned to play the guitar. He has become very versatile with all of these in- struments ana' would like to learn to play other instruments. Presently, Tom belongs to a singing group along with two other boys. The group performs regularly at their church fthe Neighborhood Bible Churchl. At the age of thirteen, Torn had the oppor- tunity to open for Petra at Great America with his group. Toms future goals are to attend Bethany Bible College in Santa Cruz, ana' after that he would like to be- come a contemporary Christian singer. songwriter, musician, etc. JOHN RIZZARDO When John Rizzardo graduates from high school, he plans to attend U.C. Davis or Cal Poly and major in Aero- nautical Engineering. His main interests have been in math and science. As a 4.0 student throughout high school, he has been an active member in CSF serving as Vice Presi- dent and in the Biology Club. He has also participated in soccer and badminton, John owes all of this to his family and friends for encouraging him to reach his goals. Number 1 Student MELISSA MILLER Upon graduation, Melissa Miller plans to attend FIDM, Longbeach or University of Santa Barbara. Her major is Fashion Designing and in the future she hopes to work in a large clothing industry. Throughout high school Melissa has been an active member in the Biology Club, CSF and in Friday Night Live. She has also volunteered her services to Young Life and FOTC youth groups. Melissa 's determina- tion. hard work, and dedication helped her achieve her goals. Number 2 Student JACK KILLMAN Jack Killman plans on attending U.C. Davis upon gradu- ation. His major, Aeronautical Engineering, was influenced by his interests in math and science. Throughout high school, Jack has participated in various activities such as soccer and track. He has also been Student Body Presi- dent. and an active member in CSF. His voluntary services were appreciated in tutoring, serving on the CAP commit- tee, helping with Academic Decathalon and with the Mock Trial. Future plans for Jack consist of joining the military and becoming a pilot. Number 3 Student 132 TOP TEN TOP TEN After completing four long. strenuous years. the top ten academic students were finally acknowledged for their out- standing efforts throughout high school. The majority of these students have been involved with CSF. journalism. stu- dent leadership. WCA. and athletics, ln order to become one of the candi- dates for top ten, the students have had to rearrange schedules. maintain excel- lent grade point averages, plan for col- lege. and get ideas for a major, Some of the students have received scholarships for which they can attend the top univer- sities and have been given priority for entrance into colleges of their choice. As a result of their endeavors these top ten achievers have limitless opportunities open to them. Top ten students: 1. Robert O'Gorman 2. Martin Seamons 3. Steve Lenkner 4. Sheryl Johnson 5, Joey Souvignier 6. llin Chhen 7, Kevin Gregory , ,,,,,,,, , Intellects At Heart Some of Foothills brightest stu- dents participated in the 1986-'87 Knowledge Bowl and Academic Def cathlon, The team for the Knowledge Bowl was made up offive seniors and one junior, The Knowledge Bowl is based on an old television program, the College Bowl. Six top students from each high school compete for scholarships. Team members were quizzed in English. math, social stud- ies, science, current events, and a newer topic, fine arts, In the Academic Decathlon, seven students competed from twenty-six different schools. There were ten dif- ferent academic areas covered. The subjects were math, science, social science, language and literature, speech, economics, and the fine arts, An essay, an interview and a super quiz were also required. Both groups proved to be outstanding in all cate- gories. 134 KNOWLEDGE BOWL AND ACADEMIC DECATHLON ,Y 3, +Q:'A rua Q no 5 Il, ki uk af fl' i V' 2 ' .Q .L W 1 V if-I 1 ' 14 . g 1 Q! 1 I 9 H521 lllil ,,Wf,t,3,:..,.- Q-squash: 'Al f 1lI ' rap::::.5,vsg:rLy'z5G:Yfi!F!35?i?cZ!K , wif W 1221 Guess Who? ' 'Q 'f , -2 il 5..- i 1' 4 ' ww. mf' 1 f 1 Q in 1 sa, ACROSS 1 V ,n , ,, --xaf:,:::i-.----5,-asa:-:sam-5:21-Peas.-2:1-ewes?-1 M-'-:1-r ' 1 1 1 11 RA Lf h M1 M- U ,. .-.-.-. 4 1 1 fciilmwiflmilllllifzeiw-ilHl?SH'4f2+H5 611 161 1 - E:5" E5'.E 35.-H'-72-'-'-'I' ' '-'-' :-:-"3-"5-:-:' :-c . E3-55rZ:1"Ff35f"': Hl,a:aE.,,,,.lm-smilifglfcffp-2-wirlqvflaf-faarfif 1 i W, ,L M , - ..r.l.5'3-Cf. . ,T-Igf. - 'I-II-3-'Zvi U-.,.g. H.-.' --v Sv:-: 2-':-: 181 191 551':W'illlliE7'lgiEil:f:15""'i 1 msssilmmmmmmmlmlwiill "' 'G :l3E5:f:'-'QGEQ5 Efz,-7!S"-'C' as ' :- .:-:-'-' ' Q . ., .. f - - - . l A' Angwgrg gn NQX1 Dagg 1111 1151 - ,,,.' , w ' - 1 A.4 .A 1 "'f ' 21.. 1 ' . ., .L 5 , Q' il :g Q 1 ,,lb Q A, ' -"' ' ' 2 . " ', 'a ging ,K -1 1 5 Q A , 9 3 f , . ' ',. A ' AB 1151 1201 C251 1281 1141 H 3.1 u- .': ,- - .. Z AK., W V ,LEW f, Q, - ,. up , .5 5 4 A 5 1 ' -1 ,t V V L 3 9: v ,M , Q 6 5 511 Tum- 1231 z E ' Q 1 - qw., ' S' W f wa. av-w"" s f, 1 ,..i"kfT, ' 1?f21if1 135 5 Q I if 1 , V 1171 Y , 4 'Ag ., . , "' , S . ' 1 Q ,, ' ., 1 .Y-gg' ' .. V 'f 1 I-291 1301 1201 C211 1 ., w. 1241 ,ef Y an 1. . , M 35 v A X' 'X t au, fefvmw V1 A, DOWN 9-ff as 543' ' 9 K X :V 1" 4 nf, 4' W N , 'sn , , 3' N X ...W " N Jw 9 B Nu s 4.- 121 ' 131 A 'va K th-4 VV' 141 1 151 1 f lf? I J 1 K' , M. in 'V8'1',v 4 , 'V 571 1 1101 "'f1 1 " f 1' , f gx gi, . ' g:, , , 5. wg , -. few ,Ag Q'1 1 1 5121 11311 H131 3 4 A y fif h , 1, "" mf. f a ' ff vi' ,Q A www 4 1181 1 C191 f " 'Jf' 'A'z2f i Q Q f . ., : 1251 1271 A Answers. HHHEKHW Q EQEWEQEQHW dH5NQENE H KQEWEME ESHESEEEQHJBHMW 8553 0 H W w w W W www QJQ mmwliwvwmmvgmggm ENHQBEEHWRENEHEEWKHN HHHKEQHBWHQHMMHEQMKH LHDEEWZHQWHWHWWQRHH S MHwHmmmHmEwHmHmK16 QHKEHEQWQJQLQMHSQHSQ WEWNWE YMEEEHJWAMWE HEMEwQwQxHkQKD6QEQ ,, W Qwwwamuauaunun H3EHZHXQ?HH2KJ?mgQEH sgnu3mBj1EEmguM1gggQ IWEHHW?W3EWdE1EEHHR? HHHDEELSEMHVQQHEKQQW HEHEEHHKHHHKHMHEEHEH -H - .E E my.-. 5 .UU .... Ill 4.... 'fnwmwl ,..... W v... -M. ,W , W,-.N !iEEMEmEWmEHHEEiE.AN ........ ..: .....,..... 4 ..... .+....,.. I lm: I I an -I w .1:' 'QF' l,.wf"f "f"'f.' I QEEHIEEWEEHBHHDHQEEE Eg,:4lmwwim'mI5iM i. f1m'f Q ..,... ii lf .A,..., LimQlh xx 'U Egg l gg, I .plH, p U uEfHJMMml .... QIQIII I :w.:. -f ia M v -fv I f no on I 'fs me 4 '44 1 1' wx :sea my 1 l Throughout the year, and every year, sports provide an entertaining diversion from the demanding teachers and the laborious hours of homework. This year includ- ed successful seasons for nearly every sport, especially the varsity football tearn's 9-O CVC title. The devoted fans also contributed greatly to this prosperous year. '94 ..-ist, I' J. V. Football Struggles The J.V. football team had a long and hard season. The Mustangs start- ed off the season with several non- league losses. In league games, the team had a record of one win and five losses. The team was well i'The team struggled, but l hope what we learned this year will help us next year at the varsity levelfl - Brian Buick equipped with fine athletes. but had a hard time putting together the chem- istry to have a successful team. The team's offensive attack was led by a strong running game and headed by tough players, such as, Chad Veial, Charles Lee, Curtis LaBay, Marcel McClain, and quarterback Brian Buick. Gary Hicks took over the duties as head coach this year. Overall, the team ended its season with a 2-7 re- cord. was lb Ykvsaz' " 5 51 A aw- iz Msn. Q 'G .V y ix 3 ip E S . W -iv , . il' 1 - .f - ' A Q M 8. .3 I K ,. it,-,,,, 1 my , " A is - V1 . 'N 4 4. ij. D, 1 , Q 2' 5 4 I Ati' q ...ix -3-A .1 ff " 3 i ,.i J . . I Q." J . xmrff i .N - R V, .4 '- V, ,Q-, y I . 'x y ip. ,g get , kk WM . ' 1,3 gn ' 4, A : S 'X qui ' Q" ' i x ,I ,LJ " 'X n n s- nv-,L . V . . -I' h V .xt , A ,f M Wi 'Q ,V . N ' ' "'1g,'v.,. ' W ' , A ' fm . 121 B- 5. L lil' 4 .'.Q"" ..', MZ- s '- L ' Z bl ,- '. 1 1 A-3. gg -5 QQ , K .avi dnb. i W. -- I. gt ,. , . ff Q -'T'1:-3' rf' f, . . v , ll . mf 3 ' 'Wm ' Qs L f WT Al it is it V . L xv? 1-3 if 12573. . i -' W- li . ' 54 -r P' . 2 1. Brian Buick looks to throw down field. 2, Front row: J. Saulsbury. B. Buick. M. McClain. C. Lee, S. Majors. M. Degroot, Znd: S. Wood. S. Grewell. D. Krammer. C. Vial, R. Wamsley. B. Chen, 3rd: E. Weber. J. Hicke. K. Pebley. E. Wickham, J. Adams. C. Ku, A, Sumner. D. Scott. 4th: J, Sullivan, B. Baden, C. Fore. C. Renville, F. Klensch. Back: Coach Brill. R, Schusther. G. McKay. S. Bosworth. E. Stowe. 142 J.V. FOOTBALL J. Irish. K. Gandy, Coach Hicks. 3. Bobby Chen looks over the line before hiking the ball, 4. Chad Vial runs for a first dawn. 5. Brian Buick hands the ball off to Chad Vial. 6. Marcel McClain runs through traffic. 7. Charles Lee looks for an opening. 8. Coach Hicks gives a pep talk during halftime, 9, The Mustangs kick off after a touchdown, ' 15... 'H " ' l f- .W i Maj. - v Q .Wifi f ,.. ,, ,L L, U V W "1HlNw.,.l. LW ' 2 QI' Vw- - ' V., i- f, m .ru ne ll ' zY"'P J.V. FOOTBALL 143 ., x. - .9 4, ' 4, 'twswlb v- MH., r 'Fr --.-qw. Jhvww' .MMU 4..,,'wy my A 144 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL i.i1-ffl dock, J. Edwards, L, Edwards. G, Jaggers Second row: T. Vandervort, H. Kim, D. Le masters. R. Botha. T. Bagley. M. Havrilla, R Hambey, C. Yearrnan, J. Labane. K. Blattel First row: T. Lacey, M. Wisman, D. Dickenson L. Rogers, D. Porter, C. Marler, T. Frazier, M. Graham, J. Hunt. E. Scrivner. Sitting: l. Faris, l McBay. B. Mullins. N. Swazo, A. Lazaro, B Locsin. T, Thompson. Ponies Off and Trotting The '86-'87 frosh football season was a good one, but could have been terrific. They ended the season with four wins and three losses. After a slow start, losing two of the first three games, they showed great character by coming back and winning three of their lastfour games. "This team was only beaten once. The other two losses can be attributed to coaching errors," said Coach Soto. At the awards ceremony on December 1, the following players received awards: the leading ground gainer and voted most valuable player was Alex Lazaro, the best quarterback choice was between Chris Lopez and Jason Moredockg the outstanding lineman award went to Greg Jaggers, also outstanding on the line was Ja- son Edwardsg outstanding on de- fense was Captain Eric Scriuner, along with James Hunt, and Scott Irish, most inspirational was Renier Botha. 1. Determined Mustangs struggle for first down yardage. 2. The offensive line holds back their opponenets. 3. Jason Moredock hands off the ball to Mark Wisman, while Alex Lax- aro blocks. 4, FoothilIs's offensive line. 5. Eric Scrivner, Alex Lazaro, Mark Wisman, and Benny Locsin cheer on the Mustangs. 6. Hong Kim slips out of the grasp of his opponent. 7, Eric Scrivner out leaps the defender. 8. Hong Kim sprints down the field to score for the Stangs. 9. Top row: R. Haynes, C. Nicholes, J. Call, Coach D. Soto, Coach E, Soto, Coach J. Jimenez, P. Boggs. B. Leggett, C. Lopez. Third row: D. Horrigan. S, Irish, C. Middleton, K. Dustin, C. Martinez, R, Owens, J. More- FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 145 Alive and u 6, ,f 1 Y Kicking For the varsity soccer team, the 1986 season looked almost promis- ing. During pre-season, the team traveled to Eureka in September to compete in a tournament. The Mighty Mustangs defeated three oth- er high schools to advance to the championship game against Eureka in which they were defeated. The Mustangs carried into their season an air of confidence - maybe too much confidence. During midseason, the team then traveled to Dixon to par- ticipate in another tournament, and were defeated after their third game. The remainder of the season went reasonably well for the Mustangs. The team wrapped things up by tying their last two games, setting them in third place for the second year in a row, just missing out on the Tourna- ment of Champions. As close as they were to the T.O.C., the returning var- sity players should be able to get it together next season. i i n A E 5 Q: sary , -ni, far, if'-iiiafa H ' :A 1 ' - ' ' . ,". - if r y . gy V t I KK .EJ - ig so ' . f .. in 'gl W it 'ff 5 rg R K . ,Q Q . V' get' ,gg A g ,yi it X .I I ii ' w v r' " ' I .. 1. in Q 8 A T . 'Eff If 1 . g se, Ag g my Q E 'Q K A . V .f ' " I ggl. 5 -f ,. Q' L 'V ,H A we 'Q . . ' ' K N '- " i S 2' ' A i .ir A, ' 'l i.,. 4 L .JS R A ""l, Qig..kqfr ,,ih 'QQf.3iL52Zl-ft.:i5s'zin 6 2 1 Victor Dunfilao chips the ball up to the mid- fielder. 2. Back row: Coach Don Wharton. John Downing. David Medcalf. Tom Taylor. Jack Killrnan. Life Humes. Robby Jones. Ja- son Wharton. Matt Colby. Erik Dosen, Edward Hernandez, Coach Ted Nasca. Middle row: Scott Haselwood, Shawn Smith. Wayne Ben- nett, Dan Gaffney, Victor Durnlao, Thomas Torres. Doug Headington. Danny Murphy. Front row Goalkeepers: Danny Bowen. Daryl Ganas, Jason Vernon. 3. Goalkeeper Jason 146 VARSITY SOCCER Vernon reaches over an Eagle to save the play. 4. Racing for the possession of the ball is Wayne Bennett. 5. Robby Jones dribbles the ball into position to set up a shot. 6. With hopes of setting up a goal. Dave Medcalf tries to regain possession of the ball. 7. Shawn Smith and Dan Gaffney keep an E.C. opponentfrom taking control of the ball. 8. Scott Haselwood heads a difficult to reach ball. 9. Dan Gaffney collides with the opposition while heading the ball. Zigi., . M '7 3s. - 1 .,f' . -'e 4 " w L ' A -. 'A -- ww 1 ' y., . 1.-:'vr4g:f , . I ' '95 f ww-' Q-2-'f, L ,unffg M-.1 ' " ' 2 4 mf w 30' ' wh' ,V ,,,,,..f X A-ik Lili: ,, J.V. - 431m CVC The second year of the J. V. soccer program turned out to be quite suc- cessful. Under the coaching of Grant Denny and Danny Morton, the team played their way to third place in the competitive CVC league. Team member'Mark Saldivar said, "Our team was aggressive, and we never gave up until the end." The only problems the team seemed to have were it's lack of team coopera- tion and skilled players. The team also received no financial support from the school, which tended to pose a problem. Overall, the J. V. soc- cer team had a good season, but many of the players were anxious to begin another season and improve their third place ranking. 1. Tony Elkins races furiously to retrieve the ball. 2. Running frorn an opponent, Tony El' kins races for a goal. 3. Mike Drews prepares for a long kick to a waiting player. 4. Caught up in a little bit of confusion. Sean Klausner man- ages to get the ball away from the opposition, 5. Sean Klausner carefully guards a member of the opposing team. 6. Richie Torres blocks a goal with a powerful kick. 7. Front row: R, Torres. Middle row: K. DeVisser. M. Can- simbe, K. Saecho, I. Hernandz. M. Saldivar, R. Quinn. R. Johnson, T. Frost. Back row: M. Allen, M. Drews. A, Sage, E, Zirbel. T. Elkins, M, Williams. S. Bichel, E. Vernon. 149 R X 4 zxagggi s I 'zeakia-Qeaaaeffzi:mae-e,z:zsze22',z:Qssfg24? -1 ,, r 5 .nmn-Lgrz,ffm-:qvf:::.Q, Q. .:4,,..,.,, 1:1555 14:.1:zf:3q:::5 .w:g:::g3sya1 ,w:fj:ejR3E,EW bf-1 'mf 'M-,1..,mg, Nm 1.M,.,...M,,.a.,, 152 J.V. VOLLEYBALL K i N W 1 f 1 SKC . ,A 'WH m , 3?'ZKiia.f-iiflff J V's Finish Strong The men 'sjvnior varsity basketball team had a roller coaster season. Al- though there were ups and downs, the team ended with an overall re- cord of 10-14. Early in the season, the Stangs advanced to the cham- pionship game in the Jack Scott Tournament. The team played with great intensity, but lost in the closing minutes of the game by a margin of i'The JV team played hard and with great intensity. They showed vast improvement in the second half of the season. " Coach Tim lnderbitzen two points. Under the prestigious coaching of head Coach Tim lnder- bitzen and assistant Coach Manning the team learned how to play solid man to man defense, The young Stang's play greatly improved toward the end of the season. Each player gained valuable experience and a great deal of knowledge which will be needed for next year's varsity squad. 1 Derek Smith leaps high to shoot ajump shot 2 Top row S McGregor M Vial R Lee M Hmkle J Irish J Meyers M Drews D Smith A Hinkle B Chen M Williams Front row F Ramos Coach Manning M McClain 3 Bob by Chen dribbles up court while looking for an open man, 4. James Irish penetrates the El Camino defense for a lay-up, 5. Sornrnes McGregor speeds past an Eagle defender, 6. Mike Drews receives a pass from a fellow Mus' tang. 7. Players clear for a free throw attempt by Derek Smith. 'Sommes McGregor shoots for two, 156 .. 1 elim 5 W W, :dw Qmknm' wa: A x , I ' f- mg.. . , .,..fv . 1, " - ., A M Y 1. 'Y 211EE'i,1fb wir:-ea' -i'f 'K ' 35511, sl 55,-555,39 , f " En M... M K ff W i 3 N 1' 'vw' I A l H6 60 1 9+-12-f Sv 5 lu-auf' 33 Sw Q f- if-" ra .M , ' ' ' H , mug? i ,J di N. ,-N ,Q 39 4 u 1, it ' , W -gig: 21, , f ' f.1wv'2'gf1 K Q A 5' . 5' 4 1 X K f L , waeaegw , qui., 4, W wlll. Q U' ' if . I I Vx? ' six T my 1 ' Q 3 W I , .. g . 'V - -'Q' -ff'-121 fmb ' H , 1 :Q Fabuloous Foothill Five F launts Flame The girl's J. V. Basketball team consisted of merely five players, making it difficult for them consider- ing the fact that they had no backup players. Each player did an excellent job of covering their positions. Jessi- ca Wharton played an excellent de- fense while Marla Gibson acted as the dominant force in the center. Shan- non Ewing proved to be the best re- bounder, scoring an average of 14 points per game while Jennifer Sny, der scored an average of more than 10 points per game. Jennifer Ro- meyn, who recently arrived from Minnesota, also helped the team tre- mendously. Coach Steel commented that she had a nice shooting touch, Apparently, lack of players was not an obstacle in their march to vic- tory. for the team enjoyed a winning season. The highlight of their season was their victory over El Dorado end- ing with a score of 39-38. Coach Steel stated, "The JV team played with a lot of art, challenged all the first place teams and deserved their opportunity to be in contention." 4 1. Marla Gibson gets tangled up in arms as she tries to pass off 2. Jennifer Romeyn prepares to receive a pass from Jessica Wharton, 3. Jessica Wharton looks for a sleal from an El Dorado Cougar 4. J. Snyder. J Wharton. M Gibson. S Ewing, J Romeyn. Front. Coach Steel, 5 Jennifer Snyder wonders how she is going to make a basket with all these people in her way 6 Shannon Ewing looks for an open teanlrnate 7 Jennifer Rorneyn races down the court to set up a play X Jennifer Snyder stops abruptly to put up a shot. 9. Jennifer Ronieyn tries a cross court pass. 162 3 Y' 1 13 203 uw ww' A X 5' if' ' Haw., fn. YM-I-40' -JW, 1. Jeff Bain sees his destiny eye to eye. 2, Rendell Johnsons opponent is down for the count. 3. Eric Locke plans an escape. 4. Jeff Bain executes an outstanding wrestling maneuver. 5. Danny Holt tries to rnake a corneback. 6 Kathy Brown makes history as Foothills first female wrestler. 7. Cal Hone prepares to pin his opponent. 8, Back row: Coach Santee. M, Barright. E. Crocker. G, Shelton, D. Wasson. M. Duncan. F. Klensch. S. Asp. A, Breed. A. Black. Coach Heckel. Middle row: S. McEl- roy. M. McCook. K, Hone, P, Porter, T, Supplee, E. Locke. B. Spaid, M. McCormick, T. McCook. R. Jones, Front row: R. Johnson, D. Holt, C. Brown. R. Seamons, J. Hall. 9. Rendell Johnsons opponent is starting to have regrets about this match. 10. The Mustang wrestlers giue each other encourage- ment before the big match. -ff-gh., f t rw. if! WRESTLING 165 Badminton Swings for Glory This year's badminton team showed off an abundance of new tal- ent. With few returning players, the team was composed of mostly new faces. Kevin Gregory, a returning senior, shared his opinion about the team. A'We haue a lot of new talent out this year and they appear to be promising. Due to their inexperience, however, the season ahead looks challenging." The season was chal- lenging for the young team. however, their enthusiasm and unlimited ener- gy helped them to gain the skills needed for a successful season. Most players showed a strong determina- tion to win, Matt Prosser used the phrase A'Can 't lose" whenever spirits were low. The teams number one player was Sophomore Mark Salui- dar. 1. Regina Hernandez scrambles to make a dif' ficult shot. 2. While warming up. Mark Saluidar hits a few practice shots. 3. Mike Fenton posi' tions himself as he waits for a high lob. 4. Michelle Hoffman scissors the birdie over the net. 5. Kevin Gregory ranges to his right to execute a perfect stroke. 6. Back row: M. Sea- mons. M. Saluidar. M. Prosser. J. Hopkins, E. Strain. M. Fenton, J. Srulowitz. Middle row: Coach Reed, J Rizzardo. L. Rogers, K. Greg- ory. L. Thrige. S. Mead. K. Whitfield. Front row: M. Montung, M Hoffman, D. Murphy, D. ' V , -K' f A ir' -IMS?-1 W ' fe,.f..Ww.b 'I .,,. . ffm ' ii. ' V b wr , A l 'A 54 he A k . .V. , Xl K . K ' r I x L S D , V "'k X N x 'wer . tg f ,ff 'p . . fy 51 i 1 S A is I t. . A W 9, . . ' .. g , TA, .. 'f fi, ..-I i Q Y if e w' . A . 3 - W ' 'f ll' .. l f' 2. A. X! it Q 5 G I K. Q r Q 4 ' A Q ':ff1 ',. Ll." X .. 1 1 QW - - - . . L. . 'r 6 Metcalf. B. Howes. R, Wilson. J. Graven. R. Hernandez. 7. James Hopkins executes afore- hand smash. 8. John Rizzardo rushes the net. 9. Martin Seamons finesses the birdie over the net. 10. Matt Prosser unleashes a powerful serve. 11. Brian Howes golfs the birdie to his opponent, 12. Ed Strain attempts a difficult backhana' shot. 13. Daniel Murphy reaches back for a deep lob shot 166 ' BADMINTON ' my . ,,.-, :- '2 " 1 V? , n,,.,,ff Hgh-M 1 H M LL Q Lweiifff . 'L 'K' W Vling. .NA K K' , U .5 L I an . Z 7 5 i, A , K ' ' V T gf ' Ra A, H- f U A' 1 ku- - is. W L, ,I . L: I , 1,3 -rf f f ' A .Q ' 0 -gf - f-fx ik g...R fyq,,r'3 L ' V .L .5 . Q- 'YU5f5iL"f1! Lf 1 L Vi i L V 1 Afiwkg ' L A L .-L 3 sv-,V vs 'Q V ,L,.,, ,,.,..L.,Q, L -' f 'v 5-fr L r 5 4' ,- iw y . w 4-fm A :XV-n, V i . L if L N 11:3 x weffP', 5 168 - SWIM TEAM ,WI N1 , Q ifcrwr 'Fl ' 'TQVLTWS5 'fr .Q-. f'K.g,,ia WH: v,3,',,f1 Lslalllmw. ,- ----' - ' 1 In 7 , R' L 5 LV L , Q3 T9 x 3 Q ,fl L, ' -' t p g LE 1' 7 ' vm My 'LZ xg 3 V 'Li , Q Y i , KV ,I , ' Y' ,L v ' ' -ALL" ff fifw 'Q Y' L ' 24' .L ."' zii'w,1g,L 'Y 4 , ,,L.,1LH " ,fy I ww 2 "" ' ' L ff' 'Q' L A - Q! 353' -Y f , ,:LQL5: U ' ,, gy fa , K ,L w'!3""m '33ES2ih'4"V,, K K, ,L lb L .Q if my Lxwf, L ,L g,,,,, gg. 'N Swimmers Makes Waves As the cold winter weather gave way to sunny spring days, Foothill swimmers traded in their sweaters and coats for their swimsuits. Under the experienced coaching of Daryl Lohrke and newcom- er Scott Anderson, the ambitious swim- mers prepared for an outstanding sea- son. Long hours of practice were put in by everyone in order to reach all of their goals. Many swimmers hoped to make the Sac-Joaquin Section meet in early May. Not ones to be away from the wa- ter for too long, the swimmers held a car wash in April to raise money for new team sweatshirts. Off to a good start, the swim team hoped to splash their way through a fun and successful season. 1. Swiftly cutting through the water, Stacy Johnson catches a breath. 2. Stephanie Grajeda, Kristine Nordin, and Shana Newcomb wait to swim their next set. 3. Front row: G. Robinson, K. Turner, Second row: G. Kolafa, T. Frost, P. Ridley, B. Spaid, A. Ortega, Third rowifvl-lr?elwood, D. Bailey, S, Cook, M. Adams, Bklfrgnnl Back row: Coach Daryl Lohrke, T. Holmes, T. Bamsey, L. Mathis, J. Thus, R, Grajeda, Coach Scott Ander- son. 4. Teana Reynolds and Christy Helm take a break from the long, hard workouts. 5.-'it limi Todd Holmes, and Brett Spaid pull the tarp off of the pool. 6, Jennifer Uyeda listens intensely to Coach Daryl Lohrke. 7. Tony Bamsey works hard on his dive after practice. 8. Front row: K. Steen. A. Joseph, C. Helm, J, Uveda. Second row: A. Reynolds, S. Johnson, T. Holmes, S. New- comb, L. Jahn, C. McCollough. Third row: B. Mayer, S. Wright, L. Lynch, C. Clark, K. Killman, M. Mefford. Back row: Coach Daryl Lohrke, J. Pereira, K. Nordin, T. Reynolds, A. Colby, A. McCollough, J. Whitman, Coach Scott Anderson. 9. Teana Reynolds works hard to improve her times. 169 No Pain No Gain ltls been said that if there's no pain, there's no gain. Well, this statement holds true at track practices and meets, where certain dedicated "Stangs" test- ed their ability for running and sprinting. This year's team was small, and there were a lot of newcomers, approximately 751, as estimated by the coaches. Some of the top ueterans were Eddie Vaughn, Mike Blackwell, John Mendiola, and Charles Putney. These four talented competitors were key influences for the success of this year's squad. The team 's toughest competitors were Rio Ameri- cano, El Camino, and El Dorado. lt wasn't the strongest year, but it was cer- tainly productive in training future track stars. None of this would haue been pos- sible without hard work and dedication of Coach Davidson, Coach Almond, Coach Heckle and Coach Rogers. "lt's been a tough season, but they haue worked hard and have done well, " said Coach Heckle. 1. Eddie Vaughn bursts out of the blocks, gaining a big head start. 2. Sherri Morgan successfully hands off to Cindy Parsons. 3. Front row: D. Nelson, R. Daw, K. Scroggins, R. Nagy, S. Morgan. Second row: C. Putney, M. Brandon, C. Deemer, V. Peter- son, K. Barnhart, C. Parsons, l. Salibo, J. Men- diola. Third row: Coach Almond, E. Vaughn, M. Blackwell, M. Vaughn, S, Harris, E. Crocker, T. Sessions. 4. Eddie Vaughn and John Mendiola practice their hand-off. 5. John Mendiala hurls himself into the air, attempting to break his own long jump record. 6. Kristina Barnhart soars over the hurdle. 7. Mike Blackwell 's determination is a big plus while performing the long jump. 8. Charles Putney easily clears the hurdle. 170 1 "' 'rf' 5 Lengn Good But Green Even though they lacked exper- ience, the Junior Varsity track team had an unlimited amount of poten- tial, motivation. and dedication. As the yearbook went to press. the team had only participated in two meets. Early "stars" that were identified were James Speckman ana' James Irish who excelled in running events, and Blain Boden who showed prom- ise in the shoteput and discus. Coach Heckel said. HThe sophomore team has strong potential and can be as good as they want to be." AT. Back row: S. Durham, V. Kesweder. J. Meyers. J. lrish, T. Conway, A. Hinson, D. Russell. P. Simms, J. Jacobson. Middle row: B. Boden. B. Lane. T. Robertson. M. McClain, R. Donaldson. T, Harris. J, Searnons. Front row: K. Deuisser. T. Elkins. R. Johnson, J. Hall, R. Seamans, J, Speckman, K. Hone, B. Carlson. 2. Tim Robertson leaps through the air in the long jump competition. 3. Rob Seamons passes the baton to Tony Elkins in a relay race. 4. John Searnons easily clears the bar in the high jump. 5. Carrie Scroggins flies over a hur' dle. 6. Sparky Harris takes a trialjump over the bar. 7. Tony Elkins gets a quick start off the block. 8. John Meyers stretches out before his next event. 172 W'1"'i lgrr-3 x R ..i ",, R b f i WM X Q is A wav" " -4Lw."'K"'v-w f gs., .x .,,,.-. 8 ' ., Aff' -. , k Jw, ti V I 13.6 7 JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK 0 173 No Love Lost The 1987 tennis team lost many of its talented players from the previous year, but a new crop of players hoped to redeem the team after their first loss against, tough to beat, Rio Americano. Many new young players came out this year to help keep Foot- hill's winning record alive and bounc- ing. Top seeded Joey Souvignier said, l'With the great coaching skills from Coach Hansen, we should do dandy." The tennis team practiced endless hours in order to perform with maximum efficiency. As the yearbook went to press, the team gathered several victories and had high expectations for league success. Q2 , .He W, -Q W2. 1. Steve Fernandez whistles while he works. 2. Front row: Bob Chen, Troy Rice, JeffHansen. Robbie Quinn. Moses McKinnis. Middle row: Coach Hansen. Steve Goble. Joey Souvignier, Steve Fernandez. Dave Kuehner, Jim Hen' drickson. Eric Wnwnes, Mike Potter. Back row: Skyler Baldock, Richard Montoya. Brian Lutz. David Crawford, Alan Case. Scott Bloom. Derek lra. David Scott, Steve Greuiell. Richard Yu. Shad Scuttee. 3, At mid-court, Bobby Chen makes an off balance slam. 4, Z.. , Coach Hansen works with Bobby Chen, Steve Goble. and Dave Kuehner on their backhand strokes. 5. Eric Waynes applies topspin on a backcourt volley. 6. Dave Kuehner hits a few warm-up shots before the match. 7, Joey Sou- vignier gets his entire body into the serve. 8. Jim Hendrickson returns a shot with his back- hand, 9. Coach Hansen demonstrates for the team the correct way to hit a smash 174 3 1 I 4 ,M ,, . , , 4 .H 6 1 76 ' VARSITY BASEBALL 5 'Na ... Thxfly ,,v,.A Q3 t Mg.. t x 'I V 4 07 W Victory Eluales Varsity The Varsity Baseball team got off to a slow start this year but hoped to tm prove as the season progressed Coach Clint Brill gave the players the mstruc tion they needed but after losing their fourth game in a row the Mustangs knew they weren tgetting it all together Some of the veteran players coming offa vzcto nous basketball season joined the team later and were a tremendous help Ca sey Cronan asenior veteran comment ed We re really having a tough time and lm finding it hard to carry the weight of the team until the basketball players come out QD , tt? 'Nr 1 1 M 5: 'P-es., QM ng if y . 4, J ...B 'gt 'vll ll' 'L N ffl! '1' ' i. - W , X, .rf 457' f , ' I ' ' 3 f li J 1 -4 . if I t' , W ff rig? V . , A t r. Mr 5 ,--. 'C vvs ' 1' .c t ' K' 'fy' 'B E A - A f' C ' ' ,T ' z Y C H 3 ' la E , ' ,. ,, 6 .Y I ,A ' Q.. f I jg fqry V . ' U, tm.. -gt VV If . VV vw, vi M 'fel I ..,l . . .J U In - - fl . ev 6 T " J" H . " Y' 5 A '- r . tx "' 5, y ' ,ft 'V X, , EE-5:71, 9 177 TJ! Q' if Jas, r E"' Qi 'Q ff A' RW i N-fix ' l J' xr B Yrs t . Jw... 1. Bill Rankin stretches to catch an outfield fly. 2 Dennis Ackerman throws a split-fingered fast ball to the plate. 3. Casey Cronan slams a base hit. 4 Jim Jaggers blocks a wild pitch. 5. Brett Catanzaro ponders his next pitch. 6. Robert Bradley watches a low ball go by. 7. Casey Cronan legs it out for a base hit. 8. Ben Gonzales, after fielding a ground er. fires the ball to first base for the out. 9. Back row: Coach Brill, M. Green, J. Jaggers. B. Gon zales, A. Scott. Middle row: T. Torres. R. Bradley K. Gandy, D. Ackerman. C. Cronan. Front row: E Harris, B. Rankin, J. Sullivan, D. Headington, B Catanzaro, Mighty Mustangs . Maybe?l The J.V. baseball team tied their first game against Del Campo with a score of 6-6, to start off the 1987 season. An ecstatic Charley Ku said, "Coach Hicks and Coach Byrom are doing an outstanding job of prepar- ing the sophomores to compete at the varsity level. The coaches are also helping the freshmen keep the Mus- tang winning tradition alive." This season's starters consisted mostly of returning players, but had a few fresh frosh faces. The starters were Chad Vial, Greg Ortiz, Curtis LaBay, Jerome Salisbury, Jim Hicks, Charley Ku, Mike DeGroot, Doug Kramer and Isaac Faris. The J.V. 'Stangs had hopes of sun- ny days, dry fields, and a winning season. 1. Back row: Coach Hicks, Jerome Salisbury, Coach Virom. Kim Fogal, 2nd row: Greg Ortiz, Chad Vial Isaac Faris. Rudy Shuster, Jim Hicks, Kenny Dustin. 3rd row: Mike DeGroot, Dan Borgeson, Doug Krammer. David Dick- enson, Richie Torres. Front row: Charley Ku, Chris Marler, Curtis LaBay. Eddie Vann. 2. Jerome Salisbury throws a strike, 3. Jim Hicks tries to stay alive after two strikes. 4. Chad Vial scoops up the ball. 5. Jim Hicks, Rudy Shuster, and Mike DeGrott walk to the field, sure ofa win, 6. The J.V, 'Stangs share a pep talk. 7, Charley Ku stretches for the big game, 8. lsaac Faris holds off on a ball out of the strike zone. 2 178 RX 7' 'F Arr? J. V. BASEBALL gap fin.. Heading for Home The varsity softball team looked forward to a rewarding season in 1987. With the expertise of Coach Wagoner, the team endured exten- sive practices everyday in order to Cindy Weathers said: "We ought to have a good season with new members. The twins, Tracie and Teri Davis, are working real hard pitching. There is a lot of talent among these softball players." sharpen their skills on the field. As a new member on the varsity team. Freshman Kelly planned to work hard and dedicated her efforts to a winning season. 1. Kelly Grijalva hits a fly ball to left field. 2. Kindra Wilson hurries her throw to home plate. 3. Charlene Hennigan scoops up a hot ground, er. 4. Warming up, Jennifer Snyder practices a few throws. 5. Wendy Weishart attempts to make a double play with Kindra Wilson as her backup. 6. Angela Commons warms up the pitcher before the game. 7. Cindy Weathers swings aggressively at a fast ball. 8. Front row: Heather Ritter. Angela Commons, Tracie Da- vis. Jennifer Snyder. Terri Davis. Kelly Gri- jalva. Toni Seymour, Back row: Wendy Wei- sharl, Kindra Wilson. Charlene Hennigan, Sandy O'Popert. Cindy Weathers. Coach Wagoner. 181 Going Batty The J. V. softball team worked ex- tremely hard to attain their goals in the '87 season. All the time it took to practice and perfect their game was well worth the effort, especially when the team defeated one of their oppo- nents. The '87 team was young, con- sistent, and enthusiastic. The coaches 'tl can see a lot of them improv- ing their skills to play varsity next year" - Coach Potts tried to instill in them good sports- manship, proper attitudes and excel- lent team relationships. A couple of outstanding players, Laura Gaea and Donna Costa, helped keep the teamls spirit alive. Coaches Martin and Potts were happy with the team 's accomplishments. 1. L. Gaea unleashes a powerhouse swing. 2. Back row: T. Goss. G. Crafton. Coach Martin. Coach Potts, S. Chenowath. L. Faulkner. Mid- dle row: K. Henneke. J. Romane. M. Drener. L Gaea, S. Henry. Front row: D. Costa. K. Moore. S. Brewer. S. Brewer. R. Ryan. J. James. Manager. 3. S. Brewer concentrates on the pitch as teammate J. James looks on. 4. L. Gaea fields the ball with ease and underhands it to the second baseman. 5. S. Chenowath gets in a few warm up pitches before the first inning. 6. G. Crafton strokes a hot grounder to third. 7. D. Costa races home as J. Rarnane and M. Dreher get caught up in the excitement. 8. Outfielder K. Henneke fields the ball and throws it into third base. 01' V1 I f , 'f LW"? . ,.., xy ' -1" 6 8 J.V. GIRL 'S SOFTBALL ' 183 Brutal Females Under the coaching ofMr. Don Whar- ton and Mr. Dave Colby the women's varsity soccer team looked as if they were going to be as strong as ever. With more than half the team returning from last year, it looked to be a promising season for the girls. Kim Williamson and Jessica Wharton led the defense with superb force, and the combination of Michelle Stefani and Stephani Daw helped make the offense one of the most outstanding around. Super goalie Cathy Brown stood by to back up the rest of her teammates, those brutal fe- males who hoped to tear up the turfs of their opponents. This was the first year we have had a junior varsity soccer team. The team consisted of mostly freshmen. Although they had high enthusiasm the baby Stang's season did not promise to be a very rewarding one, but the experience will be to their advantage in the future. ak W J 1. Denise Quigley competes with opposing players to gain possession of the ball. 2. Jill Stuckey dribf bles the ball downfield. 3. Team players talk about second-half strategy during a time-out. Jessica Wharton kicks a pass upfield. 5. Coach Colby gives the team a pep talk during half-time. 6. Jessica Wharton slams a corner kick to center field. 7. Maggie Flack throws the ball from the sideline. 8. Back row: Coach Wharton. K. Newell, J. Wharton, S, Daw. S. Edwards, M. Stefani, L. Morford, Coach Colby. Front row: J. Soik. T. Hyatt, C. Brown. J. Stuckey. E. Wigle. 7 185 5 Z xi 1 1 l 3 I I 4 X x ' aiaa Q. Tgiflw' Fx , ..-. 4, gy t i' 3 l ., . ,, if oothill s many clubs and organizations enhanced the school socially as well as academically. These clubs and organizations supplied Foothill s top students with new challenges and experiences that they might use for fu- ture reference. The dedication of these students and the advisers was extremely evident in the outcome of all their endeavors. ceaebgza f 9 ivii or i i llll is Spanish Club Members of the Spanish club en- joyed many festivities throughout the year Dinners and parties were held often ana' many of the club's get to- gethers exposed members to Span- ish culture All in all this year's Span- ish club was a great success. 1. This year's Spanish Club consisted of the following: Back row: Jason Wharton, Matt Colby. Adam Kisco. Mike Kisco, Greg Robin' son. George Vallas, Ted Sessions. Darien lree ton, John Eastham. Middle row: Doug Head- ington, Dan Hinnenkamp. Melissa Miller, Sa- brina Phillips, Karen Naungayan. Jennifer Mahoney. Michelle Tinkle. Lotte Thrige. Regt' na Hernandez. Susan Johnson. Lisa Huckaby, Front row: Aruerne Lofton. Jimmy Gingrich. Troy Rice. David Hinnenkamp. Marty Huck- aby, Andrea Hartis. Yvonne Hollingsworth. Laura de Juan, Veronica Hernandez. Pamela Johnson. 2. Doug Headington and Dan Hin- nenkamp listen attentiuely. 3. Jacqie Mahoney gets prepared to whack the Pinata, 4. Laura de Juan explains some Spanish culture to a class- mate. 5. Sheryl Johnson shares her ideas with the other clubmembers. 188 laeifliflhiv cifuBGsi5ANisH CLUB I Q "3 , if. ski German Club Gilten Morgen mein schulefreundl 1986-87 was an outstanding year for the German Club. Because of a very successful candy sale, the club was able to have food prepared by Mr. Dobbert and occasionally go out to a local German restaurant for dinner. Club members enjoyed numerous activities dealing with German cul- ture. A European extravaganza was offered those 'who were interested in a chance of a lifetime triplll 1. Anthony Bamsey and Hong Kim listen to Mr. Dobbert explain future activities. 2. Brad Crawford and Tony Strain enthusiastically de- cide where their next uacation will take place. 3. Mr. Dobbert does his best to shine some light on the subject for some confused stu- dents. 4. The 1986-87 German Club consisted of the following: Front row: Brad Crawford, Hong Kim. Jennifer Pickens. Megan Wright, Michelle Brock. Sara Easten. Miki Brandon. Middle row: George Vallas, Natalie Taylor. Greg Robinson, Roy Northern, Jill Stuckey. Kristina Barnhard. Heather English, Rachel Chaney. Back row: Tony Strain, Anthony Barnsey. Blain Baden, Jeff Doll, Jerome Soulsbury. Robert Chen. 5. Brad Crawford and Jennifer Pickens ernit a German chuckle. "Parlez-vous Frangaisu French club members gained much from their experiences throughout the year. Aside from reg- ular club meetings, they held the tra- ditional French club bake sales and fundraisers, This year's majorproject was the Valentine's Day flower sale. Club members were rewarded with a spectacular luncheon at Crepe Dan- iel s All in all the French club had a profitable and exciting year . ,M Q 1. Tina Reynolds and Amy Post mix the fine art of wrestling with French. 2. Flashing their smiles to the yearbook photographer are Mrs. Cohen and Tina Reynolds. 3. Front row: Kim- berlyn Jenkins, Amy Past. Tina Reynolds. Amber Kempker. Christine Lang. Middle row: Sabrina Philips, Robyn Granados, Michelle Chaffee, Ms. Cohen, Becky Smith, Back raw: John Rose, George Vallas. David Herman. Mariza Montung. Greg Robinson, Rachel Li- gon, Lynn Pearson. 4. "Parlez-vous Francais" asks John Rose. 5. Mrs. Cohen explains some of the fine points about the drawing to Shan- non Ewing. i ,-.rv-' , "-c I Mfg ., LL ' V311 A X .. X 4 My 5 ' " I 1 ,nm . gg , .V kggg QV . 1425? - . i I lgggilz-"Qi s F-4 ...X I sets... 'f- 2 3 Wi fl . fp, ,ef 4 5 196 A Frkewonllctuejop il. EOF Moves Ahead The Education Opportunity Pro- gram is celebrating its 23rd year of structured efforts for the representa- tion of minority and low-income fam- ilies. This was the third year in a row the EOP has had a good turnout in their efforts to eliminate difficulties and problems confronting minorities. The EOP has also played a big part at Foothill in helping minority students pursue their college careers. 1. Front row: Eric Stowe. Cora Hullurn. Reggie Owens, Dianna Olvidaro. Adrian Hinson, Ja' juan Davis. Jerome Saulsbury. Back row: Vanessa Brown, Nicole Clark, Michelle Casey. Kiki Kerksy, Laura Gaea. Alyssa Gibson, Feli- cia Givens, Arvern Lofton. Salms McGregor, Mark Saldivar. 2. Dianna Oluidaro listens to new ideas for club activities, 3. Eric Stowe helps plan the next EOP meeting. 4. Salms McGregor looks over the agenda for the day 'S meeting. 5. Andrea James and Vanessa Brown are excited about the club's various activities. Students Supply Service "Exactly what is CSF?" Many cur- ious students ask this question upon hearing of this particular organiza- tion. CSF is the California Scholar- ship Federation open to all students with a 3.0 average and a one dollar yearly membership fee. lt is an orga- nization that provides public services, such as, trick or treating for UNICEF . holiday food drives, and the Toys for Tots. In addition to providing ser- vices to the community, CSF took part in speech contests, raised money for college scholarships, and hosted the annual CSF conference in May at Foothill. A record number of stu- dents were guided by Mr. Wayne Mil- ton, Advisor, Jack Killrnan, Presi- dent, John Rizzardo, Vice-President, Lyndale Hullurn, Secretary: Chris Maio, Treasurerg and Michelle Ma- guire, Historian. 1. Secretary. Lyndale Hullum, makes note of an official letter. 2. President. Jack Killman presides over a CSF meeting. These are regu- larly held every other Tuesday. 3. Front row: C. Lawson. K. Fields. T. Lee, M. Prill. T. Barnes, N, Taylor, L. Hullum, M. Maguire, J. Killrnan, J. Rizzardo. C. Maio. M. Chen, R. Rizzardo, J. Maynard. Back row: Z. Carden, B. Esparza. T. Riener. M. Hinkle. D, Hinnen- camp. S. Buggy. F. Smith. T. Harris, G. Lowell. J. Whitman. W. Bennett. J. Souvignier. S. Lynch. J. Wharton. C. Ku. M. Miller, M. Chaffe. S. Barrett. C. Lange, D. lreton. S. Phil- lips, H. Chen, D. Hinnencamp, L. Thringe, M. Seamons. J. Mahoney. T. Lisman. R. O'gor- man. K. Whitfield. 4. Julie Whitman. Joey Sou- vignier, and Natalie Taylor discuss candy sales. 5. John Rizzardo, Vice-President. and Chris Maio. Treasurer, tally up the months member- ship dues. JA- ,- 1 1 f W , . . A 4 .,.. 5 l. .... 1 . ' If L 2 3 VICA - lt's Not Just a Club . This was another outstanding year for one of Foothill's most prestigious clubs The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America was led by Bill Grewell, president, Pam Jacobs, Vice-Presi- dent, Dale Taylor, Secretary, Stacey Johnson, Treasurerg Diane Beeken, Club Representativeg Bill Wickham, Historiang and Robert O'gorman, Re- porter. The club held its annual new member barbecue swim party in- doors due to uncompromising weath- er conditions. The weather, however, didn 't put a damper on the occasion, they just played volleyball instead! Other activities included a leadership day with schools from all over Cali- fornia, and Regional and State com- petitions. 1. Front row: B. Grewell. S. Grewell, S. John- son. D. Inch. M. Blackwell. R. Kajihara. Back row: A. Turner, C. Linde. R, Gilliand, C. lnch, L, Moore. M. Wofford, M, Saldivar, J. Doll, R. Ogorman, A. Stark. G. Audiss, D. Taylor, E, Hawks. M, Westley. D, Bailey, E. Trinca. 2. Mr. Trinca and Mr. Linde enjoy the "inside barbecue". 3. Sheryl Johnson prepares the Condiments for hungry guests. 4. Jim Missil- dine goes back for seconds on the free harn- burgers. 5, VICA members participate in an exciting game of volleyball. 4 5 Future Scientists On The Move This year's Biology club was as adventurous and as exciting as always. The club members sacrificed that little extra time taken away from their Saturdays to explore exciting new hori- zons with the club advisor, Ms. Linda Dixon. The year got off to a breathtaking start, and breathtaking is the perfect word, The group spent the day hiking the trails ofMuir Woods in Marin County. Soon after recouperating, the club journeyed to the Malakoff diggings in Ne- vada City where the students were well in- formed about the history of Hydraulic mining, followed by a visit to the Empire State Mine. These frolicful and educational adventures were made possible by the hard planning of the Biology club advisors, President Jackie Ma- honey, Vice-President Mardi Huckabay, and Secretary Michelle Hoffman. 1. Club members patiently await the news about the up- coming trip, 2. The club members stumble over the deci- sion of whether to attend the trip or not. 3. Joey Souuig' nier shows his support for wildlife ata club meeting. 4. M. Huckaby. M. Hoffman, J. Rizzardo. and J. Eastham pon- der the unknown. 5, Front row: J. Eastham, D lreton. M, Ayers. M. Huckaby, J, Souvignier. S, Smith, T. Lisman. J, Rose. Center row: L. Thrige. L, De Juan, J. Mahoney, J. Mahoney, K. Green, A. Grogg, M. Hoffman, J. Nisperos, M. Chhen, F. De Lange, Ms. Dixon. Back row: S. Roberts. R. Granados, J. Thuss. M. Hinkle. A, Hinkle, M. Saldivar, J, Rizzardo, M. Prill. M, Brandon, B. Sturm, S, Henry, L. Huckaby. 6, Ms. Dixon works diligently signing students up for a trip. rss C EZ! ga 3 ai. -iq M as 7 fl 2 wa M, . 3 The World of "What if" Foothill's Creative Writing club spent the school year improving their writing abilities. This group of talented young artists met with Mrs. Vorce on Tuesdays, every several weeks, to obtain constructive criticism about their writ- ing. They all shared their insight with one an- other to further expand their existing knowl- edge of writing, Other' activities were listening to poet speakers, observing instructional movies, and designing sweatshirts to sell. The club, further- more, helped to publish the Creative Writing Magazine put out at the end of the year. 1. During a meeting, club members sit anxiously waiting to contribute their ideas. 2. Don Lozo ponders ideas present- ed to him earlier. 3. Jason Walker discusses his latest stories with Linda Phenneger. 4. Front row: Heidi Ireland, Angela Platt,Julie Hoover. Tammy Snyder, Back row: Mrs. Vorce, John Rose, Linda Phenneger, Jason Walker, Don Lozo, Lynn Pearson. Nicole Hoehn. 3 4 FBLA Foothill's Future Business Leaders chapter is presently in its third year of activity. The majority of the students active in the club are those upperclass people planning to pursue business or vocational careers in the future. Wayne Bennett, president, is an active leader and participates in many clubs and sports at Foothill. This year the club received special recognition from the Sacramento County Office of Education for their efforts in the Career Mentor Pro- gram. 3 4 1. Wayne Bennett, president. 2. FBLA leaders for 1986-87. 3. Michelle Paver, secretary. 4. Steve Adams. treasurer. 5. Front row: S. Laiwa. L. Miezinich. V. Bricker. D. Mulhern, Back row: D. Baird. K. Weatherby. L. Rowarid, J. Barnhart, T. Seymour, R. Evans, K. Pierce, H. Templeton. 6. Zoe Jordan, Tracy Hicks, Mark Young, Brandy Amos. Tina Boyter. Kim Pierce. 7. President Wayne Bennett addresses the Career Mentor group on behalf af FBLA. BHSERYQP 6 irrrr Vyfrrir 7 F196 FBLA FHi5QTCPiEss CLUB F 1 fr um . . W . ig T s TF away that png -15112:-' Tl -ff Ki' Q 1 pr is Q A 15 'la X Aw: .AF S ,,,. Wm Q 1 H5 mmm! l FHP Foothills Future Health Profes- sionals explored many new areas of medicine during the club's second year of existence. During November '86, they sponsored the Great American Smokeout, which was de- signed to aid smokers in breaking their habit. The program received much enthusiasm and support from the students who attended the rally. The club visited various hospitals where they were given tours, and were able to observe some of today 's new technology used by the medical staff. 1. Lisa Huckaby willingly cooperates while Lena Rice checks her blood pressure. 2. Front row: Sheryl Johnson. Lisa Huckaby. Brenda Strum. Mome Chhen. Michelle Rousey. Back row: Ms. Durham. Mardi Huckaby. Lena Rice. Michelle Maguire. Laurie Modrzejewski. Him Chhen. 3. Michele Maguire thinks she is dying so Sheryl Johnson takes her pulse. 2 Chess Club Though not very successful as a team this year, several of the Chess Club members fulfilled individual goals. Charles Kester, the teams most valuable player, defeated the league champion at Sacramento High School and became the champi- 4 on of the top boards in the Sacra- mento region. 4. Front row: M. Arellano, A. Grogg. W. An- drade. D. Jenson. S. Morgan. Back row: M. Webb. S. Baldock. R. Grajeda, T. Stafford, C. Kester, F. Klensch. 5. The players analyze the board before making their big move. Concert Band The Concert Band was an inter- mediate band made up of many stu- dents, This band presented concerts and participated in some music festie vals. Practical performing experience and good musical techniques were re- quired for the Concert Band. 1. Fred Klensch. Tom Reiner, Willie An- drade. and Michelle Ayola sight read a new composition. 2. Ron Oliuer. Rob Degroot, and Mark Adams demonstrate the art of trom- bone playing. 3. Todd Greene and Casey Cronan watch Maggie Winton and Andrea Fayette with great amusement. 4. Showing their musical talent are Greg Kolafa and John Seamons, 5, Carolyn Lewis practices a diffi- cult passage, 6, Concert Band: Front row. Monique McFarlane, Janie Pereira. Anita Wil- helm. Andrea Fayette. Maggie Winten. 2nd row: Trista Willock, Carolyn Lewis. Sara Eastham, Tara Zelinsky, Connie Mangurn. Dallas Jensen, Eric Eccles, 3rd raw: Ty Mclain. Adrian Hinson, Todd Greene. Casey Cronan. Torn Reiner, Willie Andrade. Fred Klensch, Back row: Danny Lamaster. Kao Saechao, Da- uid Dickensen. Joe Pastrana, Patrick Johnson. Chris Pebley, Greg Kolafa, Debi Lively. John Seamons. Ron Oliver. Robert DeGroot, Mark Adams. Mr. Adam. us., 198 Fixx! Cadet Orchestra Foothill's Cadet Orchestra directed by Mr. Lopes, proved to be a talented group of underclassrnen. They partici- pated in many different concerts, and competed in the Capital Jazz Festival. These young musicians had much poten- tial considering this as a beginning instru- ments course. 1. Hong Kirne fits in nicely with the string section. 2 Cadet Band: Front row: Mila Prill, Jennifer Nisperos. Hong Kirne. Michelle Brock, Kal Hone. Jennifer Van Matre. Brenda Sturm, Francine De Lange, Back row: Jennifer Pickens, Fay Call. De- anna McGlothline, Teresa Reiner. Shannon Ew- ing, Vicki Felt, Thanhhang Duong, Karen Steen. 3, David George demonstrates his idea of the per- fect conductor, 4. Tanda Polock plays bass with- outa bow, 5. Jennifer Pickens corrects an error in her music. 6. Under the direction of Mr. Lopes, the class practices some new music. ti LIE, Y .M . X 1 5 F'fi7i:5 ,fir-girlie T rap Ay ,Lui . A W f' L V f x fi . 5Q:,'5: ez , 1 A tcc, cccc c cccccc ccccc,cc 6 199 Contemporary Strings Ensemble Foothill's Contemporary Strings Ensemble members were quite busy this past year They performed at Raxs Christmas party Channel 58 Bingo show youth symphony play a thon Capitol Jazz Festival Pops Concert and ROP graduation They also performed at many assemblies for Foothill and have represented our school well 1. Front row: Melody Perkins. Kal Hone. John Eastham, Gina Swankie. Michelle Brock, Jenny Thomas, Second row: Hong Kime, Jen- nifer VanMatre, Rachel Chaney. Mila Prill. Tim Shirk. Anne Cuthbert. Matue Call. Back row Raymond Osbourne Laine Elliot Vince Martini Michelle Lee Jamie Lane Annette Lauender and Jeff Woolsey 2 Jeff Woolsey checks out a choral with his right hand 3 Mi chele Brock and Jenny Thomas discuss their new music 4 Anne Cuthbert and Matue Ca tune their instruments to each other 5 Hong Kime practices a difficult passage 6 Ray mond Osbourne tunes up his skins T E I, 3 , .,,. ' T j :ii 3 A , V . x L f- V 1 . . , , xxx U NT? .D Q In -51 Q fha H i' 4 , at gig M z a: 4 1' Q-. 1 200 CSE, WIND ENSEMBLE Pl t 00" . Q6 V595 ' f Qildlh-risrlafw Wind Ensemble Every morning at 8:45, these hip players go into action, They are the elite ofall the band musicians at Foot- hill High School. With Mr. William A, Adams as their leader. these people play through second period every- day. But the real satisfaction comes when they get a superior rating at the Golden Empire Music Festival where they compete against other high schools. Music students must audition and have at least one year of Concert Band in order to perform for the Wind Ensemble. 1. Mark Adams, Marty Seamons and Mark Bigelow perform for the crowd at the Home- coming Rally. 2, Eric Cracker plays a roll on the tympany. 3. First row: Maureen McPher- son. Terrie Johnson. Terri Lisman. Beth Fentch. Leissa Jahn. Michelle Ferry. Second row: Ted Sessions. Kindra Kitchen. Cheryl De- Lange. Alison Sanchez. David lmpson. Matt Calvert. Eric Eccles. Mark Bigelow. Third row: Marty Seamons. Troy Hinkle. Mike Blackwell, Todd Greene, Scott Sylke, Terry Wilt. Casey Cronan Back row: Torn Reiner. Greg Bristow. Joe Paslana. Eric Crocker. Mr. Adams. 4. Marty Searnons and Troy Hinlvle warm up their instruments before class. 5. Playing in synchronization are Mark Bieglow. Eric Eccles. 4 we ff 6 and Matt Calvert, 6, Percussionists. Greg Brisf tow and Joe Pastrana concentrate on their music. 7, Maureen McPherson. Terrle John- son. Kindra Kitchen. and Cheryl Del.ange per- form skillfully during a rehearsal. 8. Tom Reiner rings his Chimes. 7 THE PEPPER UPPERS The Pep Band did a great job of get- ting Mustangs pepped up at basketball games. These dedicated musicians worked long and hard on their own time after school. The Pep Band made athle- tic events fun by punctuating the spirit moves and entertaining us during half time. They were too modest to iitoot their own horns, " but a great many stu- dents anal faculty at Foothill believe they were an essential part of our Mustang spirit. 1. Jeff Woolsey imitates Mr. Lopes as he con- ducts his class. 2. Pep Bana' volunteers: Front row: Patrick Johnson. David lmpson. Second row: Scott Sylke, Eric Eccles, Matt Calvert, Mark Ad- ams. Back row: Ted Sessions. Mike Blackwell, Troy Hinkle. Mark Bigelow. Chris Moline. 3. An- nette Lavinder and Tina Walters sing intently. 4. Anne Cuthbert, Kelly Newell and Michelle Lee sing to themselves while rehearsing for a show. 5. Jeremy Laut enjoys playing on the drums. 2 3 2 A 'H'-f? 'C -'T' 1' 'H '. 1: z..-1M.',- 1 Mlchelle Lee takes a qwck look over Anne Cuthberls shoulder to see the words to a new song 2 Ja7zCl1o1r Jeremy Laut Dauzd George Dale Dlsney Annette Laumder Cmdy Parsons Tamara Lock Jeff Woolsey James Lane Mzchuel Ayers Mrchelle Lee Txnn Walters Kelly Newell 203 ,vo if I mf. , :Q ly U ry ' ' ZFX WWWWWWWW E STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was extremely busy planning the activities for the school year. The main duties of a class officer consisted of representing their class, planning social activities and working '9 with other officers to provide for a better high school. This year all of the classes had a full representation, Unlike the past, the once dominate women gave way to the sudden presence of men ac- tive in council affairs. Although the stu- dent council received only marginal sup' port from the student body, the council members were able to plan enough ace tivities to make the year memorable. ,,'3 tw 4 206 STUDENT COUNCIL 5 6 7 9 ,png 11 1. Student Body Representatives look through last years Senior Ball bids. 2. Tricia Barnes smiles proudly after telling the class about her exciting idea. 3. Senior Class Officers are Shari Thompson. Lyndale Hullurn. Kim Killman. Robert O'Gorrnan and Brett Cabanis. 4. Dina Baser and Leslie Lynch plan for a freshmen fundraiser. 5. Diane Beeken and Laura Lane argue over a difference of opinion. 6. Senior class officers listen as Mr. Wilcox discusses new ideas for their class. 7. Junior Class Officers. Shannon Lynch and Mart 1? 10 2 3 X New-,www E 12 Colby. discuss ideas for the Junior Prom. 8, Taking charge of lnti-Rami voting are Stephanie Vial and Kim Williamson. 9, Mr. Wilcox assigns the Senior Officers to coordinate a successful lnti-Rarni dance. 10. Gretch- en Lowell and Deanna Cruz plan to purchase Junior Prorn bids. 11. As Student Body President, Shari Thompson rehearses her speech as Mr. Wilcox listens thoughtfully. 12. Natalie Taylor tries to explain the purpose of having class support. 13. Freshmen class officers plan for different ways to gain class support. STUDENT COUNCIL 207 3 me-A me mWNwww I J sr 'f2'JfQ,.3 11,-,il gif ,ggi 1g.,i1fw -fgr1gw,',w15 4 11' ,,,ii,i.w,-init-1 r1 ' -1 1' ,A by ' ' I 1 .ill ii - YZ,51,4::i1ilT5,":4Vlflff YES? 'F Fi 1. if,I,fm112'?"iil'5'eif1ijQ:i13if11f1glf:1F:I"11 M ..5,fmf31T!--2.1,21i1"If , 1311111 FT if 'if f, , ,k'3i1'191 ' Euer since Foothill High School opened back in 1965, our outstanding faculty has played a major role in the success of Foothill. Foothill has had a history of superior staff members euer since its uery beginning. Faculty mem- bers haue influenced the students to strive harder and to do their best at all times. 1 r 1 1 r is 1' if ju R... Y . M . il Y 6 'ls Y .ny A. J . V- V I V - , , --1,, , -F, ,fm ,1 'J' 'VW JWEIWVD xl " "W""-"',F'R'i"!lf11'l12l'W-"Z-,H 1,4622-', 1,1 'wil--L, "MZ L 1- 1 ' Vl1"f1:1":t , I3f'1',"" 5155 1,1 L lfFl":11,"J,'i'l'4QGf1-11"1 1F'10'if 1,,,W..g7,,,i,,yi,,f,,,Q .t11Hii1,i,.,1,,.ft,.f,,,, ., it ,, , i. ,- . J , 1, , i M it .. 1 i - :fftfi1f2fi,i,,.'1'Li?, '!'f-'Fm '3"i11 1f'S'W-f- i"N1i'i'1 ,.,M.....,.,., , ,M . .firm , - - - f -.ii,.11 .1,c,,u,...,.M.,..4.t..1t.t,...i 11- f-1.1-1f.mL.-:,1 .H Y rt. !s:m,,V.,.,,,:,'i,m-1,,,q773,,,Dm W.. if-vw 11-aww'--rf-sv was J ., L 'wwvl-,iw v.11.1f ,,1Q,,V ,1l11,11- 141+ 1 1, .qi 41 W, Q 1111 i'3"' ' " 'Lrf+w5g'c .- w ' ll WI . llc' al W1 "" 'F ' f ff 15115345 9451? is ' , ' if .az ' g 1 21 'f,- . 2 1. 4- 7f'7t - .ii J 1- -,,4 f i . ,, Judith Steeg August Amorena John Parks Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal l 2 1. Mr. Murray and Mrs. Steeg discuss the last faculty meeting. 2. Shani Roberts talks with the junior counselor. Mrs. Washington. 3. Mrs. Seifert enjoys a few moments during lunch with some freshman counselees. Foothill Welcomes Counselor Foothill High School welcomed a new fresh- men counselor. Mrs. Fran Seifert. Mrs. Seifert was born and raised in the state of Utah where she graduatedfrom Utah State University. She ,. Mr came to California and held a position as a mathematics teacher at Del Paso Jr. High for sixteen years and taught another fiue years at Don Julio Jr. High. Counseling was something Mrs. Seifert al- ways wanted to do and now her dream has been fulfilled. When asked how she felt about being the freshmen counselor she replied, i'1'm really enjoying it. I have a uery good class." Welcome to Foothill, Mrs. Seifert. and good luck with your new profession. 1 ' 1 . W ag! ' . - ,gg . Warren Popp Mabel Washington Keith Gittens Senior Counselor Junior Counselor Sophomore Counselor K1 MJ' Q' viva, kwwnfg' 5 if-1 ' ,,. 3 ,..Q gi A554 Fran Seifert Freshmen Counselor 210 ADMINISTRA TION FHCULTY Bill Adam Albert Anderson Music Special Education David Beeman Gail Berberian Math English Susan Bettis David Blackwell Special Education Math Computer Science ' ' ' ti H ' Q X252 3 'X W , ' i 'T Mattie Brooks Herbert Brown English Business Social Science Warner Asher Science .ps Dianne Bettis English Larry Bordeaux English Jack Brown Special Education E Mildred Bates History .Mgr Frank Bettis Social Science Therese Brelivet Social Science Richard Cable Psychologist Teachers on Teachers A school is only as good as its teachers. The teachers I work with are dedicated, conscientious, caring people who work uery hard to help their students succeed in school. Foothill's teachers, for the most part, are con- cerned and caring and more than a few are quite involved. 5 4. Mr. Blackwell says 'icheesef' 5. Faculty listen patiently during a meeting. FACULTY 211 FQCULTY Teachers on Seniors Many of the seniors I teach are becoming seri- ous and are realizing the importance of this last year. Most ofthe seniors act too "macho" and seem to be really unprepared for life after high school. Some are fairly mature and will make it anywhere. A., ,- ,.y. ,. 1 2 1. Mr. Hansen burns the midnight oil preparing for a lecture. 2. Ms. Dixon and board member, Pal Gregory. examine the check for the Molecular Biology experiment. rw'1ndRX Dr. Lewis Cain Esther Carl Donald Carlson Judy Chilcott Business X ROP English Math Science gf x N f sg., '11 I N 1 1 ri K F Q T ' Rose Christofferson Persis Cohen Jerold Cooke Eleanor Crites Science Foreign Language Social Science Foreign Language Daniel Davidson Nawab Dean English Fedor Dubenko Social Science Linda Dixon Ernest Dobbert Math Science Foreign Language .1 saws Seg a - .fgt ,. r: wr, , lb Q 'N .gl V g 4' Tina Durham Norman Earle Dr. Victor Essert Nurse English Foreign Language 212 FACULTY Dennis Fox Science Barbara Fralvillig Math m y:-zu. . ,,gg.,.,,r'..,,, t I -' 1 M352 g , 'ff-f--i 7 . -ff i ,Z ,,., ," ? Harold Hansen Science James Hanson Science David Inch Industrial Education Lura Hunter Special Education l, . W-,-, . V k Heggziazrz. ' -f ' A it l ,V ,., , 3. ' '- H , at fiif Sk . M Q. . i William James Gary Johnson English Social Science ,i ,. ff if F' Q 'S , ,tx is Vickie Giannetti Family 8: Consumer Economics James Gill Business Terry Haug Math John Hoaglund Math Richard Jacobsen Physical Education Chris Jacobsen Science Kay Johnson Richard Kajihara Physical Education Industrial Education Teachers on Juniors That's what cool is really about. Juniors are the beginning of very interesting, thoughtful students, Most juniors begin to face facts, but those whose priorities are elsewhere tend to quit or give up, the majority, however, are beginning to Ugrow upul 3, Mr. Dobberl and Mr, Milton have a conversation between classes 4. Mr. Lopes conducts his class with his musical skill. FACULTY 213 ULTY Teachers on Sophomores Sophomores are smart enough to know that they don't know everything - the dawn is break- ing. Sophomores are neatg they are trying to be mature but are just shy of it. For the most part they are the Hinuolued ones" of the school. Mellow Out! Charles Lampman Industrial Education 1 Janine Martin Math 'Z' , tn' '-1 , .Qt 595 . at-,ffii gif? v ig tj wma Wm JS reid ,. 4 2 . 2 1 Wayne Milton Englishftlournalism 2 1. Mr. Larnpman poses for the picture. 2. Ms. Wagoner and Mr. Wallace play a little "one on one" during P.E. . Dale Natiuidad Special Education 7 ikwxwt tggmfie , ll 4 43735 'L ' ,Q 'Q --E5 - A ' rim, ' - It 'h it Calvin Linde Industrial Education Dean McGregor ROP X Elect ssti' 4 , i f K Monrad Monsen Special Education ,W E 51-1-V5 .t ' 5 A . ,f, by . . 41 . , z " si' , ..," -73' 2 , v ' I 5 .5 ws: 3 +. g g? Frank Negri Physical Education Thomas Lohse Library Dennis Miller EnglishfSpeech Bill Munyer CSR Jack Nuezel EnglishfScience f wi Sash r ' 1, ,W 'WT-i fvwb fi f A f . , . 1,1-,,. , A - . ' i ' ff ,. , . Z - sr K K 1 . 1 1 iii Gerald Lopes Music :gg K . W sm! A ,sg I ' k Y . 'Vi .4 K y 5 ,Q P N A T jgyjkl Patricia Mills Social Science Tom Murray MathfComputer Science Charles Nulk BusinessfMath 214 FACULTY Richard Reed Math Judith Stammerjohan Business X ROP IZ J .,. " 1 I " 4 1 ' h , li ,.,,. T -- Q 21. L- . .- ' L Eugene Trinca Industrial Education Kim Wallace Physical Education . 1 S ' ,. new - f' ' . ii? Ruth Reed Physical Education Tim Stephens Social Science Dennis Turner Industrial Education Linda Wallace Science A in J, " zz -.xi Jo Robertson English . .. ,.. .:1-.,,, .E ...,w..,.w.' i,:1,.m3g.l .,.1,q . Nt 'Q f' s 4 I 4 t 1-as.. h ' K T139 Q' if - I S 1 13' , Patty Stevens Speech Therapist James Smith Science 1 br-, A fl f A Lf. . X. -QR e t my I Stanley Stoneking ArtfYearbook Helene Vorce English if f i . . 'Xfi Donald Wilcox Social Science J in Donna Wagoner Physical Education Warren Wilt Art Teachers on Freshmen T-A-R-D-Y, honey you ain't got no alibig you're tardyg your Mama says you're tardyg your teacher says you're tara'yg you're tardyl The freshmen l'm teaching this year are well- mannered and kind. They realize the importance of high school. Ihope all my freshmen come and visit me when they are seniors so that I can find out who they really are. . R, J A 3. Mr. Cooke and Ms, Mills pay attention to the speaker during a faculty meeting. 4. Mr. Wilcox and Ms. Reed enjoy their lunch hour break. FACULTY 215 S Dedicated Workers s f ' r i f xl Without our hard working and dedicated staff, Foothill High School would be in a state of chaos. These staff members are custodians, cafete- ria workers, secretaries, and instruc- tional aides. They keep our campus clean, and the school running smoothly, They deserve our thanks and our gratitude for doing such a fine job. Keep up the good work! , Q f Phydellis Brown Attendance Clerk w-V-Q A 'Y 'f -ilik z , it :Q 5 fl F Q ,.x John Ennis Aide A ieeie 2, Tony Almond Security Dante Boccard Monitor I TEX? 3.12 Frances Campos Cafeteria Sheila Gaines Counseling Secretary W .V .,-.FA , , , Nj A ' 1 lf Ann Barnett William Boyd Aide Custodian A Ag -93: v ., 'fi W . lg 1' 'A' av' A E ,AMN 5.1 .,,, A v 9 5 ,fue if . ,6 t f f Jonas Broussard Marge Brown Custodian Cafeteria Sherry Dauis Toni Elkins Cafeteria Aide 216 FACULTY A F ,nf i""" .,- if Q Rita Nelson Principalsl Secretary X Maria Sherber Cafeteria 4 Mary Haines John Hicks Registrar Custodian Muriel Jacks Joan lVlcFadyen Cafeteria Career Center Susan Tanner Diana Tarrel V Aide Office 1, Frances Campos pauses for a brief interuiew. 2. Sheila Gaines helps Amy Turner with some critical filing. 3. Muriel Jacks prepares for the lunch rush. 4. Phydellis Brown quickly hides important docu- ments, 5. Jonas Broussard repairs the benches. 6. Maria Sherber poses for the camera. FACULTY 217 Q U 5 . .1 my I 1, , Q Q 5 Q A E K s 45921 ,1,, V Eli, K K Q., x x we- 1 my f. f :aff w ' "W fk we x K4 rs Mlm W . his N, ? M A s uf sv ' Iv ' x' :N . ,. ,I o, R 3. - 'uv -x ,w . 4 Q ,, 'Q I5 Vg., X 955 wk, Y 1, x I xl: .na I , . . I 3 M. l Us f -,J ,f ,a ff 4" 1' -H2 4.1 5 F 1 xo If 'fwg ,K - W ki x ig ' 0, s ,V , ' v . V v "f v Mgg I' 'I 5 , K X. 1 wif' W 'L . , .4 A . W , 1 Q xg' 55, A .A ri I .-1 - J -5 we-affw ' mm ,A A.. v 'wwws 4' uS"'f .,1,,q?7 ,X 5 Q.. 135. ! -A , li .Q gb ,, 1 ' ly 'Q 'gf a 1 tfhrxlf I K l n nv 1 . all '44 gifs A Q I r 'ffi' 5 u 'rw' ff! 3, .Q ,, 1 ,-W ' kr W v3.5 Q 'iff' Ex X- .ir , ,gfw , V if' Q , .N X Q sa Y V x lx! in -.RQ ' 5 "iff .a l-K'1'-A a rg, A HQ, . .iv x ' QA ' N fain: 'QQ ., f I i t o ff ...f 1. 1 5 gr -5 4- , V i V, v -. g . I V 1 it 1 , 4 0' - 1 " . 4. . 8 .. K' . l1'f"- Q QV I T Q nd Every year the yearbook staff does its utmost to complete a yearbook with ideas new and dif- ferent than those of previous years. We have done our best to come up with original and creative ideas, and in presenting this book we proudly feel that we have been successful. Our goal was to create a book that not only pleases the eye with colorful designs and pic- tures, but also draws attention to the many stories that have been carefully written and rewritten, This year's staff consisted al- most entirely of new members and got off to a rather slow start, With the expert advice of Mr, Stoneking, however. we were able to overcome any obstacles or conf fusion we may have had. High school is an experience that is looked back upon for many years to come and yearbooks are for preserving memories that may have been forgotten and for start- ing those memories with others. Though this book is not without its errors. we hope we have succeede ed in meeting all your expecta- tions of what a great yearbook should be. Now that the 1986-87 school year is also a memory, we can all recall that it was a year to be "celebrated" with a bang! Maureen McPherson Editor 1 4 PHONE 332 4907 " A an D Mar F K5 S FM Be X I 5749 HILLSDALE BLVD SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA 95842 Frank and Arzella Dann Mon Sat 9 12 noon 19163 334 7186 MTThF26 ,Ap DANIEL R LAWER DV Elkhorn Plaza Vetenna y CI mc 5447 D ablo D Elkhorn Plaza Shoup ng Center Sac amento CA 95842 1' E552 Lacalle Physucel Therapy 3625 Mission Avenue 310 And Assoclafes Carmichael CA 95608 19l6, 97I-OI IO Dann , Lge ll, R PT Danna Kuab an R PT A Ohur Banda d xhl RPT d Mah la M A GR EG BAR N ES ResndentualjCommerc1aI Mllllon Dollar Club Presudents Club GREAT WESTERN mu. zslgmrn 6035 San.Juan Avenue Citrus Heughls CA 95610 Bus 19161969 5000 Res 19161344 7317 Treadway Management, Inc Operatots of 5 RoundTab1e Manager Plzza 331 7062 Mark Manges 5757 Hlllsdale Blvd Sacramento CA 95842 4403 Elkhorn Blvd Sacramento CA 95842 Q Hillsdale Cleaners Speclallsl In Allerallonl und Drnperlel S ztzer EBIT DESIQI1 U 'Um neaxe Proc: cms onle Advanced Styling For Men 81 Women 51:19 H llsdsle an a STAN SPITZER s ame no CA 95842 Styllst 19161 332 5009 X 5755 HILLSDALE BLVD 351 6095 IFIGBF AIDHZ BEE, For ADDOll'1tITIEnt C A ,, . - B pafrvrmefv . , . .M. 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V ce Pres dem 5858 Fior rw Road Sac a e to CA 95823 S9165 449 0722 WELLS FARGO BANK 271-FU As.: Always Fresh RICHARD S WX ff DONUTS K Always 30'M, discount to churches schools and other groups lcall In advance! 5207 Madison Ave :ITE 4703 Manzanita Ave Sacramento CA 95841 Carmichael CA I916J344 2595 I916I972 8760 ' - one A . . I . fn- T N . , K L I "" e e wn rive, Suite ' acram , 5826 M fl ' 11' 5 J' ya., 5 . A , . U . I , . . I I I I - ' . r m n , . . ' . - kb,f All -.Eq, , img ' , .4 ' L- fi , i, ms: i lu, " , I. H ,, I ., , 1 ",,- , iyfigf I 41-1125.1 4 I A, , -mag ,L " " "" , . . 5 .I Vf a p, , il.-W lilil w , . 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