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 - Class of 1945

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. f A 0 I """""'A '40' lllllllllllll-' lIlIlllll'lllI """"" ' 180' Alilivllllll l 'QQ U0 SI S' R' A god 0 !....f xx S QQJQQ ! k 'X 69 I 1 J 0 ,lo-QQ5.-,J Sox 09 .X '5 ,f'f7 , Q , ' o 9 y mucuunm , 'P .Q 'S' - f ." if E .l ll il .!.f ' I E I ' 4 5 3- In I' J' ' we ll xx . no 3 il - -'rl ,49 KOREA " J RPA r 5' X u vpitf , CHINA , jf f V s .' ' Y f A 7 . max' niahaz lf h-ll X f E X1 50 'QS onmawn . g, E AGUNl ,KERAnA Og -Ki N ,, as '- 5 .gi n 9' , N om-nose l Oo 9' LJAYA Yv43 fit?-B "' 31 no .o o Nt K fxirf-s?X, 3 fp ZX LIEGEZEN f Yu gfgflgb' u 2 A . 6 . 9 44? o X 2' ' , PHILIPPINE 6 ls. f Snmw. I . -90--0 suRQQg? Ulglsil no g Q3 Q amwavon S? 6, , of A A Q . 0 0 9 0 11 3 PALM: 126 gil '. "0 - - Q . Boueamvaux: I , I3 VELLH m ' 4 Bow-mio nwof'-OTP' PR'fLE"' N'vi 4, R - Q ' 85- , ,,9,.. -- -L X , I I 4 A Q. Q , M43 5- , ' ' I 0 Q X no-uusgzz 'S 0 fx, ,- ' 9, 0 9 fb D NEW 5 'Q . 3 eumelx Q lr? '- " 4? -F 'E Tm-1 .6 59'-091055 Jo. !w 0 2 , SLOT. Q Y WLMQ'-13: 5 Q 7 , 9 0 V aunoALcANA 1 assign - l N 9 Sq Jw ' 5 ' 1 A . e Pm U' NEW ' SANOPES 4 E SSAN4 d EBRIDES A25-3 P eff? . Qc 9 ' A Y 0 1 n - ' B naw Q 'if Q AUSTRALIA MDON' ' . Q 6. K m 1463 llllllllllllll - Illllllllllll H:l lHlllIl X ' 1 - ' A ' - , 1 X . D ,b 8 , 9 D455 S' o oy W E 6 opab gg AALE.U'g'tAN Q3 CANADA I - v 111 -4 4 I iii 'I ' , Q U O : S ' f 5 s 1 5 . 'S ' E N f 'HGME-Z Q I ' A V' . 3 SAN FRANCHSCO f N ' W 9:3 is 4, 9531301-05 ANGELES """' sau mesa CL?gCNTE ""N I lm. ii , X Xl - X' vs Ei M iuco ug. Hnwmn E S Q ga .. Houoww I Q CEE- !!LI5J Q N Q Q 0 x X N E X : 9 Q I :A X '5 X E " f N- .J sh 2 ""' f 'KX NW . 5 o Cb -,xg-' f Qi - ... . - , , "Y .:,Z'4 3 ff? X X YQ- :75. A 05 x Q " 2711 o 8 7 f 9 og. Qu Q B 0 Q .0 I O -' up Q o 0 E E snnoyg, Q gf gg? g vw sexes ffm? ?f -E 1 ' ' 0 mg i?i 5 , - 2 6 0 Q ff 1" CRUIISE. 'J 'f 0 0. Jun-4-was oc'r-z4-1944 9 1-. MAR-4-1944 N I , oc1-l1- u94s o B 9 X of 0 ISO Soc 1 0 :ooo also .seq nso D ,-,,,, SCALE. - NAUTKCAL MILES,-,, D 2 ' Q X . Q Q 4 .u IHIIIIHIIIII1 5 INIIIIIHIII1 I Hlllllllllll QM r llIlllllllH --lllIIIllllllll Q Hllllllllllll 'zo' H-lIlllIll'lllIl 1 X -fl -' ,lf "f I ' -" fi Q ' kg, - ,ff f ,Q A J 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 l 1 A 'W X Xi X X -1 5 Q. fn . f k Q-R L .haf 1 Z 9 R45 A 'Nun yn: Em ul I , 5g..n,.:Q.9EjQHli1 M, hh r If .5 X' x If -,?-- "'?:"':' EE X x-,:,,.f,, ' 5 i , ti 'i ' x.f..CI7f4 'A 1 3 2 1 ' '- -i 55' E fi lil k - we 2 F , '-1 ' 'I -0 I .4 , ' W N . ' I I fi -X xx V ik f ' , ,. "Jw 1 Vx '- +A'-' fe. Q, " K X ' 7f 1 -1- 21 '- fm 'z J flxk ' 1, ll W. F... .warg QQ A bf LJ-M J ' I H F7 ' -:Liz P .LI .E.4J,5gj:4q,,,f If-g31L4...f+: .-QQ lui? E A . , f -1.-1 :-.1-k : ' .. V-3 4 at-:Z ', f1dfr+-if 3i :gi 4 3 1 Qi i 2 I ! E I 1 K., if' vrleli ' o .xi ' ff M x Q, M mm Q1fflllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIOIIIIIIIIIIOIIIIIIIIQ llll g L QQC I F, Sl Col I5 774' Q W 3 M ,AL J . X-X7 A .N . Illlllllllllllll ll X 563. 9 My ' is 0100 nlluuuuuuullazuulil Il :S :H 2 I A P1 4, Y 1 4, X f'5E,,E ff 2 f - y f.:-fb Y 2. o I Ill X I ,ff J ff X li f J X! . 'Qi sf? of 3 .. .F ' x J , f ,,'14?x ! 1 V, P5 to xl ,751 5 ' . fr ' W Z1 ,- V 'I 1 sw fx ." qs .I X xml ' f A M1 A Cy K: ' 9 1 A xy . IU O X I an Q L5 .z XX ,4 5 x-E Af- . X 4 "l" 0 ,L 0 TL gn G? fa 17 l JUX Natal ! x Mgr -J , 0 1 W , N .M .Mlm I. gee 5 A V ' Q Q 'Q L J an X 'U D1- 5 WVNQ1 N ,z , ' v X ' D Ulllllll ll l 1 7 X, . if Till? CDEWDGDK AW uss. A 0 f47h56aafane,, l-IIS book is abouT The UniTed STaTes Ship FooTe lDD 5I ll, The men ThaT wenT To sea wiTh her and The iob They did TogeTher. In This collecTion oT Taces Trom every corner oT The naTion and oT such snapshoTs as may be Taken oT an operaTing warship, perhaps may be discerned some oT The personaliTy oT The FooTe, some oT The elemenTs ThaT, combined, made oT her The characTer ThaT she was. Among These Taces are Those oT The men ThaT raised The com- mission To her Truck in I942g ThaT shared her TirsT anger -- againsT a U-boaT in The ATlanTicp ThaT TelT her near-morTal wound oTT Bougain- ville: ThaT exulTed in her vicTory over Kamikaze aircraTT in The Philip- pines: ThaT one unbelievable nigh+ olll l-lagushi Beach aT Okinawa when The TirsT hinT oT peace was aired, knew Tor an insTanT some- Thing oT The paradox oT her deadly mighT. For, Though we didn'T oTTen admiT iT ouT loud, The l:ooTe was all oT us, and all oT us made up The FooTe. We shook her down, we Took her ouT, we ToughT her all around The world, and we broughT her back home. We had her boilers on The line and her guns sTanding ready and when she was needed we gave all she had. The FooTe's iob is well done, we're proud oT her and glad ThaT iT is The men who knew her ThaT are going To puT her away up The river in abeyance Tor World War Ill. Our TondesT hope is ThaT she is never used again. S foxf T LITTLE BEAVER The image of LiTTle Beaver painTed gaily on The side of all "LiTTle Beaver" Squadron ships has been a familiar sighf since The early days of The war. LiTTle Beaver was adopTed as The squadron's insignia aTTer a h' h rankin officer remarked, "They work like a group oT liTTle beaversf' The name sTuck and. by permission 'Q Q T F d H rman LiTTle Beaver's creaTor lRed Ryder comic sTripl This insignia has been used since ThaT Time. o re a , Here is a replica of LiTTle Beaver by "Gene" SchnaubelT, STaTf ArTisT, as iT appears on our ship. 7a Wlemafzdam O Those men who gave Their lives while serving aboard This ship, we humbly dedicaTe This book. NoT only do we dedicaTe This book, buT we shall have a solemn prayer in our hearTs Tor Them and Their loved ones always. We were so close as shipmaTes, They seemed as broThers To us: so we would like, here, To quoTe a TiTTing poem. "LiTTle broTher, Think oT me- From your grave beneaTh The sea: Pray Tor us whose Thorns are deep- STrengThen us who mournTul weep. LiTTle broTher leT us pray ThaT God will granT we meeT some day: ThaT l may clasp a hero's hand ln The greaT eTernal land. LiTTle broTher, how l miss Our bygone days oT boyish bliss: l hope you died wiThouT much pain . . 'l pray you haven'T died in vain." -KEVIN J. FINN Now ThaT. The war is over we know Tull well ThaT They did noT die in vain, Tor The world is on The road To peace-A peace we pray will make This a humane world Tor God and his kingdom. 1 . I 4 II A I l K I I I 5-I I S A E-:- ,- f ik M y A I III ' " ' X . T . 5 fjyfzf' M Y R' I ig: , ..pIgfKI. I , II f 1, f I ' N Ng IJ - --'Q-55 xg., ,- EP I . i I f I fo!! If THEODORE J. O'DELL JOHN A. HENREL I I H DENNIS E. BLEASDALE RAYMOND A. JONES " 7 " WILLIAM O. BLOUGOURAS EDMUND K. LAMBERT I I I I AAEON J. BLUE EUGENE H. LONG I II - I I, ROBERT J. BUSH HARVARD A. MIX If If HAROLD E. COOPER MAX O. TLIDOR If Ii A JAMES CONSTANTINI OEOROE E. WATSON I I In 'I v'4 . ,-S f PHILLIP J. COLOTTA ALTON J. WATTS ., I PETER J. OAIDIS ORLANDAITH O. WHEATLEY I 5 "f ALFRED W. GRANT CHARLES DRAOOO I I Q iv , XX B i X ,,-ya 5 f 5 1 ,ffl 'fy avi, f ,Lai X Vl gf' x X ! T s . SI , xx 1 ' I "A x XVSQX -lxx A ,z' WN .v ..... -- ..,. , ,, ,, , f If ,WW ,s Q g -5 , W w , X - ' X' LQ X34-.xy Q' 1 :Am Q 1 A ,-,wg H. ,yk:,:f,fg-,g1.:'.'.y0, 'f-'hyvf , x . X I'-51511 'Zyf' ., 'W' ,. 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I if 7 X . 95' A " ,, K VV X 1 .Vkr L , X , Q, Z, vrr, ' , , 5 4' Q , , 4 Q ' 'f+S' i1-f if f, ,V ff , , , 1 'jaff:f':2fff,, H , Q Mr ' , , :fwl'fff, -V 3isfs"::s4z.3.e wi 251521 "Vi ., yffy,i,zifYL9n, 'ff , Q' V,,. , V A A -135 4,015 Wig , ,fy .fam -I V, 1,39 9, 2 VQYV I .f,,g,5i,'., ,.Vf 3 gg-z-.E,yX.:Qg-1g"..1:y ' 45' 'r'L 1 ,.'. Q gf-in 597,171 ig V . , . L i, V-jg f b Q , f. G ,kVVk. ,Akk ' QQ'QfQ ' 1 A 1 M I , .Mx .w,, ,:- Q Q H. W. MQELWAIN LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, U.S.N 900 Milwaukee Avenue Deer Lodge, lvlonlana OW rhal if is all over and we are scallering in all direclions il is hoped +ha+ i "Shipma+es" will bring back many fond memories in +he years ro come. The fad Jrhal such a book exisls is an indicaiion of The spirii and unily of lhe crew. To command The Poole during a porlion of rhe war has been my greaiesl privilege. To a greal crew of a grea+ ship, well done and Jrhe besf of everyihing in whal- ever you choose for The iuiure. f 6 'IO AM graTeTul Tor This opporTuniTy To express my appreciaTion To The oTTicers and men who served wiTh me during The sTirring days and nighTs oT operaTions which we shared in The SouTh PaciTic and in The Philippines. The eTTecTiveness oT a TighTing ship, like any oTher organizaTion, is dependenT upon The loyalTy and uniTy oT acTion oT every man in The crew. l am proud oT The record oT This period, and oT The men who made iT. Many who served wiTh us lasT Their lives rin The service oT our counTry, and in combaT wiTh The enemy. LeT us pay humble TribuTe To Their memory, and leT each oT us in his own way insure ThaT These men did noT make a useless sacriTice. . ' B. L. AUSTIN COMMODORE, U.S.N. ALSTON RAMSAY CAPTAIN, U.S.N. O The gallanT oTTicers and crew oT a gaIlan+ TighTing ship, a well done Trom your TirsT Commanding OTTicer. T From The shores oT ATrica To The shores oT Japan, via The sloT, you have ToughT a good TighT. NeiTher The enemy's 'Torpedoes, guns, bombs nor Kamikaze plans sTopped you. You were wounded buT you wenT back To TighT again. l am proud To have had a small parT in sTarT- ing you on your TighTing career. l shall always cherish The memory oT my days on The FooTe and The shipmaTes l had There, especially Those who ToughT Their lasT TighT on ThaT long road To Tokyo. l appreciaTe This opporTuniTy To wish you all The very besT, in or ouT oT The Service, and To again Thank The old Timers on board Tor Their splendid work and True loyalTy in The diTTiculT days when we were shaking down. Very sincerely SI-IIP'S HISTORY oT I942, The FOOTE was commissioned in CharlesTown Navy Yard, BosTon, MassachuseTTs. ThaT was a cold day. A skeIeTon crew had broughT her down Trom BaTh, Maine, where she was consTrucTed and They had broughT her aT Top speed. Ice coaTed The boaTs and supersTrucTure. The ship sTayed around BosTon Tor a Tew eks and Then made a shake-down run To OuanTanamo Bay, Cuba, along in The IaTTer N laTe December we parT oT January I943. When The FOOTE was commissioned she had a quarTer inch oT linoleum on nearly every TooT oT her deck space and since ThaT was iudged To be a Tire hazard every IasT biT oT iT had To be scraped up and Thrown over The side. In addiTion To This Tull Time iob There were drills and inspecTions and seasickness, ThaT banded TogeTher To keep The crew Trom resTing. The ship arrived back in BosTon To Take on a Tew exTra guns and a Tew new men on February I8, I943. We sTayed in The yard Tor abouT a monTh unTil March oT "43" and Then wenT To Casco Bay, Maine, Tor more Training duTy. Few men aboard will TorgeT The suTTering one had To go Through To make liberTy - anchored a million miles Trom The nearesT land and only a whaleboaT Tor TransporTaTion. The TemperaTure mosT always seT below zero as we made our way Through The choppy waTers oT The Bay Towards The coasT. You Thawed ouT whenever you reached a warm spoT leaving a puddle oT waTer wherever you sTood. There was'n'T much There anyhow, mosT oT The crew managed To geT Thrown inTo The local BasTiIe Tor some minor inTracTion oT The rules. There was one nighT ThaT ChieT OuarTermasTer P. A. Campbell Tried To pay oTT a PorTIand BarTender wiTh a bag Tull oT pennies-Too many pennies. Early in April we leTT New York convoying a group oT merchanT ships bound Tor Casablanca, French Morocco. IT was There ThaT we goT our TirsT TasTe oT Toreign liberTy, aTTer an unevenTTul Trio across. The nighT we arrived a red alerT was seT Tor Three enemy aircraTT reporTed in ThaT viciniTy which we knew noThing abouT Till The nexT morning. MosT oT The crew goT ashore aT leasT once while we were There. The only English The naTives speak well was, "FIVE DOLLARS" . . . and up. Nice liTTle place, Tull oT sleezy looking Arabs ThaT looked as Though There was noThing They would like To do beTTer Than TiT Their knives To our ribs. We shoved oTT Trom ATrica laTe in April arriving back in BosTon on The 8Th oT May I943. By This Time The word was preTTy well circulaTed ThaT we were To Take COMMANDER DESTROYER SOUADRON 23 aboard and head Tor The beauTiTuI blue PaciTic in a week or so Tollowing our arrival in BosTon. We Took The SOLIADDOC5 aboard and moved on down The CoasT To NorToIk where our TirsT Skipper CapTain Bernard L. AusTin, was relieved oT his command by Commander AlsTon Ramsay. CapTain AusTin Took over The duTies as DIVISION COMMANDER oT DESDIV 45 aboard The USS SPENCE. On May I8Th I943 we were given our IasT liberTy on UniTed 9 I 2 STaTes soil - alThough we didn'T know iT Then - Some oT The boys goT inTo Trouble wiTh Those pleasanT NorTolk shore paTrolmen Tor having Their haTs aT The wrong angle on Their heads. On Ivlay I9Th we IeTT NorTolk bound Tor Coco Solo, Canal Zone. We spenT a shorT Tew days aT Balboa on The wesTern side oT The big diTch. We leTT Balboa on June 3rd, i943 wiTh The USS CLAXTON and had an unevenTTuI voyage To Noumea New Caledonia, arriving on June 28Th. fl There Tollowed a period oT Two or Three monThs consisTing oT convoy, drills and anTi-subramine warTare. In SepTember oT 1943 we Toined up as a uniT wiTh DesTroyer Squadron 23: CI-IARLES AUSBURNE TDD57OT, SPENCE TDD 478T, CONVERSE TDD 509T, EOOTE TDD 5I IT, DYSON TDD 572T, STANLY TDD 478T, TI-IATCI-IER TDD 5l4T, and The CLAXTON TDD 57lT, all welded inTo a uniT desTined Tor The Solomon Islands Tame as The "LITTLE BEAVER SOUADRON'." DESRON 23 was Toined wiTh TE39. The heavier uniTs oT The Torce comprised The USS COLUMBIA TCL 56T, USS DEN- VER TCL 58T, USS IVIONTPELIER TCL 57T and The USS CLEAVLAND TCL 55l. The lasT days oT SepTember and The TirsT days oT OcTober are a mass oT TighT- ing memories. We made almosT nighTly runs up "TI-IE SLOT" The narrow corridor oT waTer ThaT bisecTs The Solomon Islands-so narrow ThaT larger uniTs Than a desTroyer were helpless in iT. lVlosT oT our sailing we did aT nighT because oT The consTanT ThreaT oT The enemy airpower. In Those days America was noT as sTrong in The Solomons as she mighl have been. By day we would lie in PorT Purvis on Florida Island across The channel Trom Guadalcanal. We made our own liTTle recreaTion beach and had swimming parTies over The side when we were aT anchor. Islanders would come ouT in Their "Bum BoaTs" and skin The hide oT The crew Tor souvenirs which in general were carved Trom ma- hogany wood. Here again iT was The same as Casablanca .... The only language The naTives knew was. . . "FIVE DOLLARS" ...and up. Some nighTs we sTayed in porT and had movies on The TanTail. IT seemed ThaT every Time we did This The Japs would sTage an air-raid on Guadalcanal. They would send abouT I5 planes over I-lenderson Eield while we sTood aT our baT+le sTaTions waTching and waiTing all anxious To geT back To The movies. EighTing a war is one Thing buT why make iT personal by robbing you oT your movies. On The las+ nighT oT OcTober we were up The sloT wiTh The PATTERSON and The lvIcCALLA hunTing Tor barges when The IVICCALLA had a sTeering casuaIiTy and rammed The PATTERSON sheering oTT her bow and killing eighT oT her crew. We screened The Two inTured ships during The nighT and in The morning we Took aboard CapTain E. R. Walker, COMDESRON 4, Trom The damaged PATTERSON. By dawn a Tug Took Them under Tow while we sTayed, To convoy a group oT LST's To Vella Lavella. There was also a number oT APD's in The convoy. When They had unloaded aT Their desTinaTion we headed To The rear area wiTh The APD's leaving The LST's beached. We had TusT arrived aT New Georgia Passage when we goT word ThaT planes I 3 . were aTTacking The beached I.ST's. Orders came Through ThaT we were To reTurn and screen The TIOaTing TreighT Trains againsT TurTher aTTacks. The USS CONVERSE and The USS JENKINS accompanied us To The scene OT acTion. One OT The LST's had been hiT bad and was burning. The Tire and rescue parTy was called away Trom Our ship To aid The burning LST. We began TO circle abOuT and in a Tew minuTes gOT word ThaT anOTher TIighT OT Twelve TO TiTTeen enemy aircraTT was approaching and had eluded our cOmbaT airpaTrOI. This was our TirsT TasTe OT whaT mighT be called "ACTION." A couple OT The planes aTTacked us, One OT Them coming Trom dead asTern, dropped several bombs which landed TiTTy TeeT broad on The pOrT beam. The OTher planes never gOT ThaT close. The damage TO The enemy was Tour or Tive planes: One deTiniTeIy by The EOOTEQ One probably by The EOOTE: One by an LST: One by The CONVERSE and One by a Triendly TreighTer. We suTTered a Tew shrapnel holes and Tive minor personnel casualTies. We were an exciTed and lucky bunch. We IeTT The Torward area Tor EspiriTu SanTOs in The New I-Iebrides abouT The 8Th OT OcTOber and sTayed down There unTiI The 26Th OT OcTober when we joined The cruiser Task Torce and proceeded To cover The American landings on Treasury Island. We really ThoughT we were in Tor sOmeThing wiTh a Torce ThaT size buT The Japs never showed Their Taces and everyThing wenT OTT according To plan. So Tar as we know There was only one ship damaged in ThaT operaTiOn. The USS CONY which Took Two severe bomb hiTs. Toward The IasT OT OcTOber we goT underway wiTh TE 39 To cover The landings aT Empress AugusTa Bay, Bougainville. We swung norThwesT under cover OT darkness and bombarded The Buka-Bonis airTieId area To prevenT shorT range aerial inTerTerence wiTh The landings. The Japs really goT iT poured On.Them ThaT nighT. There iusT seemed To be no end To The sTream OT shells ThaT poured Trom The cruiser's guns. IT was quiTe a sighT. AT dawn The Task Torce bombarded The ShorTland Islands group aT The sOuTh- wesTern Tip OT Bougainville. AT This Time The Task Torce Commander goT word ThaT a Jap Torce was heading Toward Empress AugusTa Bay and we were Ordered To inTercepT. Three hours beTore dawn On The 2nd OT November The Task Torce made cOnTacT wiTh The enemy Torce and a melee ensued. AT 0301 hours a Japanese Torpedo ex- ploded under The EOOTE'S TanTaiI, Taking I9 good men wiTh iT. In addiTiOn To These I9, I5 men and I oTTicer were wounded. For a Tew minuTes iT was Touch and go wiTh shells popping around us and Tlares IighTing The nighT sky buT The cruisers ringed us wiTh a smoke screen aImOsT immediaTeIy and The acTiOn sTarTed To move away Trom us. ATTer we were hiT Paul Caldwell WT 3fc said ThaT he came ouT OT The aTTer Tire- room and said To himseIT, "IT I sTand here. one will hiT here Tor sure. I beTTer keep I4 moving," and so he did. We all TelT like ThaT. When a snopper plane came overhead, we Tired on him, no one Topside knew we were going To open Tire because we ThoughT The acTion had IeTT us behind. ThaT's The sTuTT oT which grey hairs are made. The Tollowing dawn our Task Torce came back over The horizon. The USS TI-IAT- CI-IER passed us a Tow line and began To Tow us aT Tive knoTs buT iusT as The Tow line was secured 60 enemy planes appeared and passed overhead going direcTIy Tor The cruisers. They never even Tipped a wing in our direcTion buT There were a number oT TervenT prayers said while our TaTe hung on The Tip oT some Jap airwing Com- mander's Tongue. The cruisers drove The planes oTT and abouT ThaT Time a beaTuiTuI IiTTIe TIeeT Tug, The USS SIOUX, arrived To Tow us back To PorT Purvis. IT may be only a Ii+Tle rusT-buckeT To some, buT ThaT morning The Queen Mary couldn'T have looked any beTTer. We arrived in PorT Purvis a Tew days laTer and sTayed a monTh alongside The USS WHITNEY geTTing paTched up well enough To make The Trip Trom There To EspiriTu Tor Tinal repairs beTore reTurning To The UniTed STaTes. We had no screws, we had no rudder, all oT The aTTer TwenTies and The depTh charges were gone and gun :l:l:5 was iammed in Train, everyThing up To The base oT gun :l:l:5 was a ToTaI loss and The resT oT The ship was buckled like a model "T" chassis. On November 28Th I943 we sTarTed Tor EspiriTu escorTed by The USS SELF- RIDGE who had had everyThing blown oTT Torward oT The bridge in a running baTTle wiTh some Jap desTroyers. ThaT was on odd sighT, an auxiliary Tug Towing us and a crippled desTroyer escorTing us. We sTayed in The New I-Iebrides unTil January 2OTh when we were suTTicienTIy paTched up To reTurn To The UniTed STaTes behind a I9I9 Tanker, The S.S. GULF STAR. The BOBOLINK IATO I3II, which had Towed us Trom PorT Purvis, was To be hiTched asTern oT us and used as a rudder. We moved along aT a speed ThaT varied Trom 3 To 6 knoTs unTil we ran inTo rough weaTher, The Tail end oT a hurricane, and snapped our rusTy Tow cable. We rolled around helplessly Tor Three days while The crew caughT sharks Trom The quarTerdeck and beaT Them on The head wiTh chipping hammers. We were Towed To Pago-Pago, TuTuiIa, American Samoa, To awaiT The arrival oT a new Tow cable and The boys goT The TirsT look aT reasonably civilized womanhood. We conTinued our journey on February 4Th I944 and arrived in San Pedro CaIiTornia on March 4Th I944. There sTarTed The greaT days. lmmediaTely upon arrival in San Pedro we were puT inTo drydock. By The Time The ship was well inTo The dock The TirsT liberTy parTy was sTraining aT The leash. The dock Toreman called over and Told The G.Q.D. ThaT he'd have The gangway over in abouT Two hours, iusT as soon as The keel seTTIed on The blocks. By ThaT Time The whole bunch scheduled To sTarT on leave was sTanding on The TorecasTIe shiTTing Trom one TooT To The oTher. The execuTive oTTicer, LT. Comdr. M. S. Schmidling, came ouT and yelled over To The Toreman, "I'II give you Ten minuTes To geT ThaT goddam plank over here Tor These boys or I'm going To know The reason why!" I 5 A Third oT The crew sTarTed oTT Tor Their ThirTy days immediaTely and pracTically all The resT wenT ashore as one man Tor Their TirsT sTaTeside liberTy in nearly a year. There's no poinT in going inTo deTail abouT The liberTies ThaT were made and The hell ThaT was raised. ExcepT Tor a Tew highlighTs, They are memorable in anyone's book. We sTayed in San Pedro Tor Tour monThs unTil The beginning oT July when we wenT To sea again on a Trial run. The old Tub perTormed like clockwork, much To The disappoinTmenT oT many oT us, who had hoped There would be someThing wrong wiTh her, since Los Angeles was abouT as nice a spoT To TighT The war in as any we could Think oT. We wenT down To San Diego Tor a shorT while Tor Training exercises and as Tar as any oT us knew we were To shove of-T Tor Pearl l-larbor wiThin a week. All oT a sudden we Tound ourselves in San Francisco Bay wiTh several monThs oT Training duTy sTreTching beTore us. l shouldn'T say "sTreTch" really. DuTy like ThaT doesn'T sTreTch, iT shrinks. A Third oT The regular crew was Taken oTT and billeTed on Treasure lsland and once a week a hundred new recruiTs were broughT aboard and shown The workings oT a desTroyer in acTual operaTion. Twice a week we sTeamed down To San ClemenTe lsland and 'back wiTh anTi- aircraTT pracTice and surTace Tiring on each run. ThaT lasTed well inTo The monTh oT OcTober. On OcTober 24Th, l944 we sTeamed under Golden GaTe and headed once more Tor overseas. We were lucky, because The resT oT The "l.lTTl.E BEAVER SQUADRONH had liTTle more Than a monTh in The UniTed STaTes and we had had nearly eighT. Luck or no luck, Though, iT was sure Tough To be going under The Golden GaTe bridge Tor The lasT Time. We arrived in Pearl l-larbor in The early days oT November I944, and according'To The word ThaT was circulaTing around The ship we were To sTay There Tor aT leasT Two weeks or possibly a monTh. The very nighT aTTer our arrival we were ordered alongside agdock To Take on high-prioriTy supplies To be TransporTed im- mediaTely To UliThi 'Caroline lslands. UliThi'? Where The hell was UliThi. l-'lad we cap- Tured iT yeT or did The .laps sTill hold iT. We dragged ouT every available map and abouT one in Ten had The Carolines lisTed. We goT underway nexT morning aT TwenTy- Tive knoTs and Toamed our way Toward EniweTok, Marshall lslands. which was To be our TirsT Tueling sTop. From There we wenT direcTly To UIiThi. We sTayed aT UliThi AToll long enough To geT some idea oT whaT The .laps would be up againsT when They ran head on inTo The FlFTl-l FLEET. There were ships all over The place as Tar as The eye could see. lT was sure a big change Trom The handTul oT ships ThaT had ToughT in The Solomons Campaign. From UliThi we moved on To Kossol Roads, Palau lslands, and The dope was ThaT we were To ioin up wiTh one oT The carrier Task Torces ThaT was Turnishing air cover Tor The LeyTe landings. We lay around waiTing Tor several days wiThin sighT oT The largesT Jap sTronghold in The Palaus. BabelThaup. IT was said ThaT There were sTill several Thousand acTive Japs on The island. The Japs ThaT were sTill on This island had developed The Trick oT swimming ouT To our vessels in The dead oT nighT and blowing Themselves up againsT The sides I6 or occasionally boarding a vessel wifh a low freeboard and frying fo carry off supplies or slhf a few fhroafs. Accordingly. a number of fhe boys were insfrucfed in fhe use Q l fi fornmy gun and posfed fore and aff as senfries. Nofhing ever happened . . . lusf like if never does when you're all ready for if. A few days lafer we sailed off fo rendezvous wifh several carriers off Mindanao. We escorfed fhem for a couple of weeks and several fimes were affacked by small formafions of enemy planes. Affer a few weeks we puf in fo lvlanus Island in fhe Admiralfy Group. A If was here fhaf we gof our firsf look af ships fhaf fhe Jap's Kamikaze flyers had plowed. The AULICK had faken fwo of fhem. The CLAXTON was also fhere wifh a couple of shell holes in her. Bofh ships were members of our squadron. While we were fhere in lvlanus some of us wenf ashore for "recreafion." "Recreafion" consisfed of a fwo hour boaf ride, a couple of boffles of beer, a hof sun, and plenfy of sand. Lafe in November we moved up fo Leyfe. A couple days prior fo our arrival fhe air raids had been numerous and fierce, buf affer we arrived fhey suddenly slacked off and excepf for an occasional "Bogey" if was quief mosf of fhe fime. Abouf fhe middle of December we escorfed fhe firsf resupply fo Mindoro. The landing ifself had been a snap and fhe damage fo fhe fleef had been very lighf buf affer we had been on our way for abouf fhree days we sfarfed fo gef "Bogies" quife frequenfly. Af firsf fhey were iusf single spoffer planes. An occasional lighf bomber would sneak in over fhe wafer and drop a few bombs info fhe convoy buf we suffered no damage af all unfil fhe evening of December 2l, when we wenf fo general quarfers in earnesf. Fiffeen planes affacked fhe formafion and fhree of fhem headed for fhe FOOTE. All were suicide planes. They iusf kepf boring in. The five inch guns opened fire and fhen fhe forfies, and fhen fhe fwenfies, and fhen fhere was a wrenching and crunch of an explosion and fhe OLD FOOTE liffed her fail ouf of fhe wafer and shook herself all over like a wef dog. "l'lif sure as hell!" Buf we weren'f hif we were iusf shaken up preffy badly. Thaf plane was a Jap "Toio" and fhe official reporf sfafed fhaf he crashed fen lIOl yards off fhe porf beam. Af fhe same fime a second plane came up fhe sfarboard side and fried fo crash info our bow buf fhe capfain gave fhe com- mand "Hard leff rudder" and fhe plane exploded in fhe wafer a bare hundred' feef away showering fhe decks wifh pieces of fuselage. The fhird plane came direcfly over- head buf changed his mind and decided fo affack fhe convoy. According fo several eye-wifnesses he was hif and smoking when he furned away from us. We suffered no permanenf damage buf power was ouf fhroughouf fhe ship for several minufes. Two of fhe LST's llarge slow fargefsl in fhe convoy were damaged and sunk. There were a number of cifafions given for performance of dufy in fhis acfion all of which will be lisfed in ofher porfions of fhis book. We picked up fwo of fhe survivors from fhe LST's. One we fook aboard from a merchanf ship affer fhey had picked him up, fhe ofher we picked up ourselves iusf as if was geffing foo dark fo see. Thaf boy was preffy badly burned buf was fhankful fo be alive. Anofher few minufes and if would have been so dark fhaf we would have missed him complefely. I 7 We had almosT conTinuous general quarTers unTil we reached LeyTe on ChrisTmas Eve. The mosT any oT us wanTed Tor a ChrisTmas presenT was a Tull nighT's sleep, buT The Japs weren'T playing SanTa Claus, so we spenT all oT ChrisTmas Eve, and mosT oT ChrisTmas day looking up inTo The skies Tor planes. Several days laTer we were well aT sea escorTing The TirsT wave oT Troops carrying craTT desTined To Take The beach- head aT Lingayen GulT on Luzon. We weren'T sure whaT we were geTTing inTo aTTer The small TasTe oT Jap "DO- OR-DlE" spiriT we had had aT lvlindoro, An experience like ThaT gives rise To a loT oT nasTy ThoughTs. I-lowever, we made The iourney in comparaTive peace and quieT excepT Tor a Tew minor incidenTs in which we, as a crew, had noT acTive parT. One oT Them was The ramming and sinking oT a Japanese midgeT submarine ThaT had Tired a "Tish" aT The CRUISER PHOENIX . . . The ship ThaT was carrying General MacArThur To his beachhead. AnoTher "can" did The ramming . . .when The convoy came abreasT oT Manila Bay, during The nighT, a lone Japanese desTroyer oT The I-laTshuhara Class was spoTTed. I-le never had a chance: Desdiv 45 opened Tire on him and iTs doubTTul ThaT The crew ever knew whaT hiT Them. We were on The oTher side oT The TormaTion. The morning oT January 9Th, l945, Tound us lying liTTle more Than a sTone's Throw OTT The Lingayen invasion beachhead. The heavies were Tossing Tons oT shells righT over our heads as we lay To waiTing our Turn. AT This Time The USS COLUMBIA re- porTed ThaT she had been hiT by a suicide bomber and had incurred well over a hundred casualTies. OTher Than ThaT, Japanese air acTiviTy was pracTically negligible, To our inTense relieT. The ships which had parTicipaTed in The pre-invasion bombard- menT didn'T geT oTT so lighTly, we learned laTer. We Threw someThing like 500 rounds oT Tive inch ammuniTion inTo WhiTe Beach j:l,'2 ThaT morning, and aT TirsT we received no reTurn Tire, buT when The heaT oT The TirsT Tiring had died away and The Troops had landed wiThouT opposiTion, we sTarTed To geT reporTs oT shore baTTery opposiTion. The USS JENKINS, abouT IOOO yards away, was hiT by a Three inch shell in gun qEl:5 handling room. ShorTly ThereaTTer, one oT The shore baTTery shells landed close aboard our ship on The sTarboard quarTer. The shore baTTery ceased To exisT immediaTely Tollowing The incidenT. Lingayen was an easy landing, as amphibious landings go: G.l. Joe wenT ashore sTanding up and so did lvlacArThur. AT l-I-hour There was no aerial opposiTion, buT, as I said beTore, The NAVY Took a considerable beaTing on iniTial bombardmenTs. ITJS a wonder ThaT we missed iT. We leTT Lingayen on The evening oT January lOTh wiTh a convoy oT empTy TransporTs headed Tor LeyTe. We had iusT abouT reached The harbor enTrance when a couple oT Jap planes sneaked in Trom somewhere, and There we were righT in The middle oT iT. One oT Them crashed inTo The waTer and The oTher smacked inTo The supersTrucTure oT one oT The TransporTs. We sTayed in l.eyTe a Tew days and Then Turned righT around and wenT back To Lingayen: This Time we were desTined To sTay unTil lvlarch, l945. Though There's noT much To be said Tor our sTay, mosT oT iT was paTrol duTy, digging a big ruT in a liTTle space oT ocean, back and TorTh like a pendulum. The Jap's had been broken in I8 The Philippines and They knew iT . . . we began To realize iT as day aTTer day oT This duTy wore on and noThing happened. Then, iusT as we were beginning To geT used To The place, we goT orders To reporT back To LeyTe and Thence To IvIoroTai, Tor inclusion in whaT we supposed would be anoTher invasion armada. When we goT To LeyTe we were ordered To escorT Two LST's To Manus while They loaded wiTh supplies and Then reporT To IvIoroTai Tor orders. By This Time iT was April I3Th and we had all Tigured ThaT we were going To be in on The invasion oT Borneo. Somebody had plans Tor us. - AT This Time, our capTain, Commander AIsTon Ramsay was relieved by our presenT capTain, LT. Commander I-I. W. IvIcEIwain and iusT To upseT all The nice prophesies we had made Tor ourselves The ship Turned around and headed back To LeyTe To ioin up once again wiTh DESRON 23 as a compleTe squadron. CompIeTe, ThaT is, buT Tor The absence oT The USS SPENCE IDD 5I2I which had been sunk in a Typhoon oTT The norThern Tip oT Luzon a Tew monThs previously. While we passed The days in LeyTe geTTing The ship inTo condiTion The idea began To dawn on us ThaT we were going To Okinawa as repIacemenTs Tor The desTroyers which had gone down in ThaT hell-hole. The USS CALHOUN had been assigned To The "LITTLE BEAVERSH as a replacemenT Tor The USS SPENCE, buT aT The Time she was assigned she was headed Tor Okinawa and wiThin a Tew days we goT word ThaT she Too had been sunk. Nice, brighT TuTure we had To look Torward To. Finally, in The early parT oT May we headed Tor The Ryukiusg USS CI-'IAS. AUS- BURNE, USS DYSON, USS CLAXTON, USS EOOTE, USS. CONVERSE, USS AULICK, USS TI-IATCI-IER, and The USS BRAINE which had been assigned The USS CAL- I-IOUN'S place on our TirsT Team. When we came coasTing inTo Okinawa ThaT morning in May we expecTed The worsT. The TighTer-direcTor on The island designaTed raids sTarTing wiTh number one aT midnighT and conTinuing in numerical order unTil The Tollowing midnighT. When we arrived iT was abouT six A.IvI. Icivilian Timel and The raids were already up To Twelve. We had a loT oT hoT Times in Okinawa, whaT wiTh The planes and The Typhoons. The Typhoons The navy and marine TighTer piloTs had no conTroI over, buT There is noT one oT us who wouIdn'T spend his IasT haIT dollar buying a drink Tor Those TighTer piloTs Tor The iob They did againsT l'IirohiTo's boys. NeverTheIess TighTer piloTs or no TighTer piloTs, we hadn'T been in The area a week beTore our squadron had losT Two oT iTs acTive ships. The USS BRAINE Took Two hiTs and managed To sTay aTIoaT and The USS TI-IATCI-IER Took one and sTayed on Top. There are a loT oT Things ThaT mighT be said abouT The Time we spenT in Okinawa, buT The memory is sTill a biT Too Tresh Tor a compleTe reTrospecTive look aT iT. We did our share oT The TighTingg we added a Tew more planes To our score, and a num- ber oT grey hairs To mosT heads, and we are living To see TuIlTiImenT oT The adage "HOME ALIVE IN 45." I9 One nighl in Augusl we heard lhe word lhal lhe Japanese were crying "uncle." The whole island ol Okinawa seemed lo erupl sponlaneously wilh lracers culling lhe sky in all direclions and llares lalling like burning leaves lrom a lree.rl suppose we were all a lillle dizzy wilh happiness lhal nighl. The island commander even had lo call a phony air alerl in an ellorl lo slop lhe liring, loul lhe looys on lhe loeach didn'l give a damn, lhey kepl righl al il. During lhis period lhe FOOTE made lesls lo see il lhelanchor could loe successlully used as a yo-yo. Thal is lo say, we were doing palrol duly day aller day and each lime we came in lo luel we would drop lhe hook and reporl lor duly lo lhe lask unil Commander hoping lhal we would slay al anchor al leasl long enough lo gel mail. Bul no, each lime lhe anchor would iusl gel good and sellled on lhe bollom and lhen we were oll again. So, on lhe l6lh ol Augusl I945, lheklapanese surrendered and lhe war lor us came lo an end. We hadn'l done much, really, loul our paramounl achievemenl was slaying alloal. ln lhe kind ol war lhal lhis one lurned oul lo be, lhal's good enough in anyone's book. Bul don'l go away yel, we're nol linished, and lhe besl parl commences now. We swung around lhe hook in Buckner Bay lor a lew weeksnol knowing exaclly whal was going lo become ol us, bul lending a willing ear lo scullleloull lales aboul lhe lleel going lo lhe easl coasl lor a grand homecoming on Navy Day and lhe whole squadron ol "LITTLE BEAVERSH going along. The lOlh ol Seplember when we gol underway wilh homeward-bound pennanls llying, headed lor Honolulu and ulli- malely home. Now iusl alooul lhe whole oullil is busled up inlo small individ-ual lives. This ship has had a good bunch ol boys on il and when lhe chips were down we worked logelher like clockwork. No more can be said ol any ship and crew. 11" 39.3 L' 2 7 UNH Ili, lllllll-llll lllllllllllllllllllllllW' l',,14E 5111, 1' E 5 4' ' 2 : 5 x E Ks. 50,1 :XE ' 'T?"2l. 5 : ,?- I" : E "8 'Z' 5 1 -' I S ' .s '. I 1. X 4' I X , .' 5- 4 1 -,vv N X . 5 'O I R X ,f x -'. 1' 'far' 20 SIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllll-QIIIIIIIIIIlllq g 5 X N5 Q 5 S S 2 8 8 12 S 5 llllllll Illllll 5 S .A 3 S 5 a 6 3 S' ' 3 3 3 3 I 8 ll I S 3 S S 'V 5 5 s S 0 0 3 S as S x I I S S. 1 y S 5 s 2' S S :nn an N R Q1 Q ll .Q N 3 2 Q s S 2 Q s 2 Q . 3 S S N s s S S 2 Q I s 5 , 5 ZX 6 S fffllnffnxx , S l S- llfffnxfll sf R xxx 1 S S bf H ' 3 5 2 W ' 2 o 2 QIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllillllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllll EXECUTIVE OFFICER HOWARD L. McCU LLOCH 3278 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, California Pre-War - Sludeni Pos?-War - - DR. HERBERT V. ALLEN JR. 3653 Erie Avenue Cincinnaii, Ohio Pre-War - Medical Sludenl Pos'r-War - Pradrice of Medicine 1 SIDNEY M. ARNOLD 23I8 Soulh Claylon SI'ree'I Denver, Colorado Pre-War - Accounfing in Public UI'iIi'ry Posl'-War - Cerfified Public Accounfing ff 22 !"""'i -we ,ndibfl D. P. POLATTY, JR. IO6-33 Dirmars Boulevard Long Island, Ne-.'.fYorI1 Pre-War - Navy Pos?-War - Navy SYLVAN HUGH MEYER I635 Wes? Wesley Road A'IIanI'a, Georgia Pre-War - Sfudenf Pos'I-War - Journalisi WILLIAM G. DUGHI I63O Jones Sireei San Francisco, California Pre-War - Marine Engineering Pos?-War - Eorgeifing The war EDWARD H. KRUSE Box 3245. Roufe 2 Redwood Cify, California Pre-War - College Bum Posf-War - Plumbing 3: Healing Coniracior ARTHUR B. FOWLER Windlnam, Conn. Pre-War - Insurance Posl-War - Insurance JAMES C. DIBBLE Vevay, Indiana Pre-War - Farm Credii Adrninislralion Posl-War - Farm Credil Adminislraiion EARL W. CREWS 208 NorII'1 Drexel Gullnrie, Oklahoma Pre-War - Road Macliinery Business Posl-War - Road Machinery Business .IORDON HAROLD ASHLEY, JR. 4-I6 4JfI1 Sireel' Gralwarn, Texas Pre-War - SI'udenI Posl-War - Civil Engineering -- Conslrucrion ROBERT CODY FULLER. JR. La Fayelle, Alabama Pre-War - Men's CIoII1ing Posl-War - --- ROBERT LeBARON 575-20+Iw Avenue San Francisco, California Pre-War - Srudenl Posr-War - Frozen Food Business - Broker RICHARD H. HOLDCRAFT R. R. 4, Box 88 Muncie, Indiana JOHN E. WASON 4038 Norlln Illinois Slreef Indianapolis, Indiana Pre-War - Sludenf of Polilical Science Posr-War - Recorder of Wills - Dead End, Ind. FRANK CALVIN JOHNSTON 70I Arlinglon Ave. ' Brislol, Virginia Pre-War - Sludenl Poslr-War - Navy COY WILMOT BRICKLE 4706 Luvalie S+ree'r Columbia, Soulln Carolina Pre-War - Oil Business Posl-War - Oil Business 7 I J 'ff fff fff ff, X ff f , f ff V 5 f, A f 'f fygf' ff ffif7f'f ,f,",C7 ff 1, ,,f,, 31,4 1,, 1 1 -uf, ff 1 ff , 1,11 AMADOR "CI-IICO"T ABBOT 83I Olive Slreel Sania Barbara. California Pre-War - Shipper Posl-War - Weiqhflifler ALBERT "JACK" ADAMS 8828 Miami Sfreel Omaha, Nebraska Pre-War - Baker Posl-War - Grocery Business CLARENCE "REBEL"-ALWES I79O Mellwood Avenue Louisville, Keniucky Pre-War - Sign Shop Posl-War - Seille down JOI-IN "JACK'l' AUGUST I I5, NorI'h Evereil Avenue Scranlon, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Pioneer Posi'-War -- School Teacher ROBERT PETER BARSKY 3406 Waveland Avenue Chicago, Illinois Pre-War - Toolmaker Posl'-War - Toolmaker SETH "wEARY" ABBOTT R-I. Belpre, Ohio Pre-War - Farmer Posi-War - Farmer HARDIN ADAMS Bourbon, Illinois Pre-War - App. Machinisi Posl-War - Machinisl' RALPH "SNUCKS" ANTKOWIAK 93l Easi Clarke S+ree'r Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pre-War - Machinisl Posl'-War -Businessman ROBERT LE ROY ALDRICH 5I0 Pine Slreel Slillwaler, Oklahoma Pre-War - Wesiern Union Posl-War - School WILLIAM BASS I435 W. Jefferson Slreel Louisville, Kenlucky Pre-War - T.V.A. Posl-War - T.V.A. HARRY ANTHONY BEACH Broadway New York. N. Y. Pre-War - School Posf-War - School ERNEST "BENNY" BENSON 2209 Avenue Toledo, Ohio GERALD "BIS" BISSELL l405 6+h Avenue. S.E. Cedar Rapids. lowa Pre'-War - Sheeimeial Worker Posl-War - Sheelrneial Worker JAMES "JIMMIE" BOCCA 252 E. 77+h S'rree+ New York, N. Y. Pre-War - Newspaperman Posi-War - Newspaperman ANTHONY "TONY" BOHACK 308 Bradford Sireel Wilmingfon, Delaware Pre-War - Truck Driver Pos?-War - Truck Driver ORRIS BENNETT Thurmond, Wesr Virginia Pre-VVar - Ailended School Posi-War - AH'end School LYNDEL "LYN" BIBY Nash. Oklahoma Pre-War - Farming Posi-War - Farming GEORGE BLAIR l2I2 Washingron Sfreei Hollislon, Massachusefls Pre-War - Shoe Worker Posi-War -Shoe Worker GEORGE "SMlLES'? BOGUSH 623 Townsend Sireel Wilmingron, Delaware Pos?-War - Welder Pre-War - Welder ROBERT "BOB" BONTZ R.F.D. Box 403 Vienna, Virginia Pre-War - Alrended School Posf-War -- Arrend School HAROLD "HAP" BARNES I728 Easi Rice Sireei Springfield, Ohio Pre-War - Foreman Posi-War - Foreman OTTO BOCK I28 Locusl Avenue Wesfville, N. J. Pre-War - Layoui' Dralisrnan Posl-War -- Layoui Drafisman KENNETH LEO BOECHE 645 E Sfreei Chula-Visra, California Pre-War - Crane Operaior Posi-War - Crane Operaior RALPH "BUCK" BOSI-I 3IO Blaine Avenue Marion, Ohio Pre-War - Bus Driver Posl-War - Bus Driver LAWRENCE BRUGGERMAN 2I3I Fauver Avenue Dayion, Ohio Pre-War - Supl: Eyr. Eyier. Co. Posi-War - Supl. Fyr. Fyier. Co. GLENN BLOOD 78I Pierponi Sireel' Rahway, N. J. GEORGE "FATSO" BODO 39 Fourlh Sireei Leomisier. Massachuselis Pre-War - Lea+her Worker Posf-War - Traveler HEATH BOOTH Sandy. Ulah Pre-War - Farmer Posi-War - Farmer SYDN EY BRAITHWAITE I7l47 Ashery Pl. De+roi+, Michigan Pre-War,- Cadillac Molors Pos?-War - Cadillac Moiors WILLIAM "BICK" BICHAN I6 A6 W-Brook Defroif, Michigan Pre-War - Aiiended School Psi-War - Alrend School HAROLD "DUDE" BRAITHWAITE 295 W. 3rd Norfh Manli, U'rah Pre-War - Rancher Posi-War - Rancher, JOHN "JOHNNY" BRENNAN 4 Lexingion Avenue E.'Bos+on, Massachusells Pre-War - Aflended High School Posr-War-Aufomobile Mechanic CHARLES "CHUCK" BURGESS 516 W. MI. Hope Avenue Lansing, Michigan Pre-War - School Posf-War - Sfeam Engineering CHARLES "RED" BU RNSED I28 Soujrh Carolina Avenue Dayion Beach, Florida Pre-War - Aufo Mechanic Pos?-War-Au+o Mechanic BRUCE "FRIDAY" BEECHER 2374- Norlh 3O+h S'rree'r Miami, Florida Pre-War - Newspaper Pressman I Posf-War - Newspaper Pressman CHARLES BRANDENSTEIN 202 Eugene Avenue Daylon, Ohio Pre-War - Toolmalcer Posl-War - Toolmalcer RUSSELL "RUSS" BROWN 550 Lincoln Avenue Ogden, Uiah Pre-War - Farming Posi-War - Farming WILLIAM "BILL" BURGESS I85 Transil S+ree+ Providence, Rhode Island Pre-War - Rigger Posi-War - Rigger ELWOOD "BUD" BAXTER I4 Bremond Sfreei Belleville, New Jersey Pre-War - Alle-nded School Posl-War - Alrend School WILLIAM "BILL" CAIN Blair, Soulh Carolina Pre-War - Machinisl PosI4War - Machinisl SALVATORE "CAPPY" CAPALDO 37' Hyafl Slreel Providence. Rhode lsland Pre-War - Consfruclion Worker Posl-War - A1"rend Trade School CHARLES "CARIE" CAREY 37 Darlmoufh S+ree'l' Worcesler, Massachusefrs Pre-War - Machine Shop Pos?-War - SeH'le Down UGO "CAT" CATALDO I664 N. Marshall Sireel Milwaukee. Wisconsin Pre-War - Tool 81 Die Maker Posl'-War - Aiiend School JOSEPH "JOE" CHARTIER 88 Main'S+ree+ Chicopee Falls, Massachuseiis Pre-War - Truck Driver Posl-War - Truck Driver JAMES MALCOLM CLEVENGER l635 Cone Slreel Toledo. Ohio Pre-War - Machinisf Pos'r-War - Machinisi VICTOR "VIC" CARBAUGH Slephen Cily, Virginia Pre-War - Jeweler Posl-War - Jeweler RAYMOND "CAS" CASKEY R-2 Box I2D Dulufh. Minnesofa Pre-War - Truck Driver Posl-War - Elecfrician HOWARD "GAS" CHAMBERS 288 W. Ramona Sireel Veniura, Calif. Pre-War - School Posi-War - School BERNARD1"CHUD"CHUDZIK IO6' Beech Slreef PaH'erson, New Jersey Pre-War - Cabinei Maker Pos?-War - Ailend Trade School I. DAVID FRANKLIN COLE 27I S. Main Slreel Mansfield, Ohio Pre-War -- Tool 81 Die Maker Pos?-War -- Tool 81 Die Maker rizxncis Busn I:laleiiEddy,' New York Pre-War - School Posl-War - School SANTOS "CARD" CADENAS R.D. Box 454 San Angelo. Texas Pre-War - Lumberiack Pos+-War - Truck Driver HOWARD LEE CHADWICK BOX IIZ7 Le Velland, Texas Pre-War - Farmer Pos?-War - Farmer ' ORIVILLE COLLINS Box 205 Anihony, Texas Pre-War - Baker Posi-War - Ba Icer KIRK "COFFEE CUP" CUPP Circleville, Ohio Pre-War - Office Work Pos?-War - Office Work JOSEPH "CAPPY" CAPITOSE 405 W. 6OIh S+ree'r Chicago, Illinois Pre-War - School Posi-War - School MICHAEL "MIKE" CASATELLI l l84 58+h Sireel' Brooklyn, New Yorlx Pre-War - Fisherman Posl-War - Fisherman ROBERT "BOB" CHIADO 644 S. Kenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois Pre-War - Civil Service Pos'r-War - Civil Service CLAXTON "C5UNNER" COOPER Pavo, Georgia Pre-War - Farmer Posi-War - Farmer ' EARL JOSEPH CURRAN 300 S. 63rcI SIree'r Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pre-War - App. Machinisi' Posi-War - App. Machinisr JOHN "JACK" CONNELL I23 Ocean Grove Avenue Ocean Grove, Massachusefis Pre-War - Office Work Posi-War -- Adverfising RICHARD "REX" CRAIG Box 35 Henryeiia, OkIahorna Pre-War - Horse Trainer Posi-War - Horse Trainer CHAS. "CHUCK" DANNISON Souih Haven, Michigan CHESTER DODD Box 6 Deseri Hoi Springs, Caliiornia IRVIN EDISON EVANS 3 I 5 Sfraley Avenue PrinceIon,.Wes+ Virginia Pre-War - Railroad Worker Posi-War - Railroad Worker GEORGE W. CONNORS 823 E. 89'rh Sfreef Chicago, IIIinois Pre-War - Machinisf Pos?-War - Machinisi' STANLEY "SKI" CZERWINSKI A 438 Shirley Sfreef Grand Rapids, Michigan Pre-War - Machinisr Posf-War - Machinisi CHARLES FREDERICK DENIG ZZI9 Lorring Place Bronx, New York Pre-War - Elecfrician Pos?-War - Farming JOHN "DUKE" DUKE 437 Cherry Sfreei PoI"rsI'own, Pennsylvania Pre-War - School Posf-War - School SPENCER "EDDY" EDDY IO22 E. I4IsI Sfreei CIeveIand,'Ohio Pre-ar - IncIus'rriaI Engr. Posr-War - Meihods Engr. JAMES "BUCK" DELAN EY I64O Wes'r Walnul Slreel Shamolcin. Pennsylvania Pre-War - Clerk Posl-War -- Allend School GREGORY WARREN FERRITTO 2905 Independence Avenue Niagara Falls, New YOFI4 Pre-War - Alrended School Poslr-War - AHencl School JOSEPH "JOE" FLORES 7I2 Ruiz Srreel San Anlonio, Texas Pre-War - Aircraff Mechanic Poslr-War - Aircraflr Mechanic WAYNE "FOG" FON KEN Bridge S'rreeI Grundy Cenrer, Iowa Pre-War - A'r+enclecI School Posl-War f Farming ROY "CLlPPER" FUGATE Urbana, Missouri Pre-War - Barber Posl-War - Barber JOSEPH "JOE" ENGEL 395IA SI. Louis Avenue S+. Louis, Missouri Pre-War - Draflsman Posl-War - Drallsman HERBERT "RED" FINGER Roule No.3 Lincolnlon, NorI'h Carolina Pre-War - School Boy Posr-War - Play Boy CLAUDE OLIVER FOLEY Sugar S+. R-7 Lima. Ohio Pre-War -- Machinisr Pos+-War- Machinisf WILLIAM "WILL-IE" FOSS 24 Mairland SIree'I' Millon, Mass. , Pre-War - School Posl-Wa r - I Free-lance Wriler THOMAS B. FULLER I8345 Collins .Slreel Tarzana. California Pre-War - Riveler Posl-War - Eleclrical Shop JACK "STINKY" DAILY 3I2 Hawlhorne Slreei I-Iouslon, Texas Pre-War - School Posf-War - School DENVER "BOB" DORSEY Bergoo, Wesl Virginia Pre-War - Railroad Worker Posl'-War -- Railroad Worlcer JACK "JACK" C-BARTNER Box B, Franklin, Kansas Pre-War - Ailended School Posi-War - Afiend School ROBERT "BOB" GILLENWATER I3952 Minoclc Sireel Delroil, Michigan Pre-War -4 Riveler Posl'-War - AHencI School MICHAEL "MIKE" GOURNEAU Thorne, Norih Dalcoia Pre-War - Farmer Pos?-War - Farmer ROBERTJDAVIS 243 N. Menard Avenue Chicago. Illinois WILLIAM DIETZEL 4039 CIaraiSI'ree'r Bell, California ROBERT EDWARD GILL 2240-Asbury Avenue Evansfon, Illinois Pre-War - School Posl-War - School STANLEY MILTON GOODE 32 Souih Isi S+ree'r Alhambra. California Pre-War - ResI'auran+ Work Posi'-War - Resfaurani' Work VIRGIL GREER 3I78 Soufh 3rd Sfreei Louisville, Kenluclcy Pre-War -- Repiile Farm Posi-War - Replile Farm ANTHONY "TONY" CSENTILE 8 Hudson Slreel Lowell, Mass. Pre-War - Cloih Inspeclor Posl-War - Mailman EDGAR "6OTCH" GODSHALL Green Lane, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Shipyard Worker Pos?-War - Shipyard Worker DANIEL "DAN NY'f.' HARPER 2239 S. California Avenue Chicago, Illinois Pre-War - Shipping Clerk Pos?-War - A'r+end School WEN DELL "RED" HENDERSHOTT 605 I5 Slreel Bismarck, Nor+h Dakola Pre-War - Farming Posf-War - Farming JOHN "JACK" HOWARD RD- IiChenango Bridge , New York Pre-War - Cabinel Making Posi-War - Milk Business KENNETH FRED OLOVER Cordova, Alabama Pre-War - Texlile Posi-War - Texlile PATRICK "PAT" HALL 30 I 7 Calverl Avenue Overland, Missouri Pre-War -- Aircraltl Worker CHARLES "CHUCK" HELFRICH I33 Soulh Penn Sireel Aldeniown, Pennsylvania Pre-War -- Plumbing PosI-War- Plumbing RODNEY "ROD" HOLDRIDGE I48I Lewis Avenue Long Beach, California Pre-War - School Posl'-War - School GARRETTA' "DOC" HUNTER 2827 E.'AdmiraI Courl Tulsa, Oklahoma Pre-War - Eleclrician Posl-War - EIec+ricaI Business LLOYD "GREG" GREGORY 93-4If2 Dannison Avenue Columbus, Ohio Pre-War - Truck Driver Posl-War - Allend Trade School LOUIS "LOU" GROSENICK Lakeside Alexandria, Minnesola Pre-War - Eleclrician Posl-War - Eleclrician JAMES HAHN Roule I Pallonsburg, Missouri Pre-War - Conslruclion Pos?-War - Conslruclion KEITH "SKIN" HAYS l9IO 47+h S.W. Seallle, Washinglon Pre-War - Shipyard Worker Posl-War - Navy Career EOY HEEFI NGTON Ward, Arkansas Pre-War -- Farmer Posl-War - Farmer LYOLD "GRlFF" GRIFFITH Kansas Cily, Missouri Pre-War - Nighl Clufb Manager Posl--War - Nighf Club Manager JOHN "GUS" GUSTAESON 5208 N. Clark Slreef Chicago, Illinois Pre-War - School Posl-War + School ORVAL "RED" HARMS R-I, Albany, Oregon Pre-War - Mechanic Posl'-War - Mechanic EARL HEAD 2424 BenI'on Road Possier Cily, Louisiana Pre-War - School Pos?-War - School ROBERT HEATH I9 Carnarvon Slreel Fair Haven, Vermonl Pre-War - Sludenl' Posl-War - ElecI'. Engineering ROBERT HURST 26 E. 2nd SI'reeT Oxford. Alabama Pre-War - Mechanic Pos?-War - Mechanic ALBERT "AL" JAOOTKA I82I I Persking SIree'r Redford. Michigan Pre-War - She1'Ime+aI Worker Posl-War - Sheelrnelal Worker JAMES "JIM" JENSEN 2060 W. 94+h Slrreei I Los Angeles, California Pre-War - Machinisl' Posl-War - Machinisl NICK JOHNS 552 W. I88I'h S'rreeI New York, N. Y. JOHN "JACK" KEARNS I33-27 85+h S+ree'r Ozone Park, New York Pre-War - Horse Racing Ass'r. Posl-War - Horse Racing Ass+. ANTHONY "SKI" ISKRZYSKI 2449 W445+h s+fee+ Chicago,, Illinois Pre-War - Spol Welder Posf-War - A'r+encI School MATHEW "MITCH" JANUS 2720 W. 25+h S'rree+ Chicago., Illinois Pre-War-Worked in Machine Shop Posf-War - Work in Machine Shop ORADIE LEROY JOHNSON Box No. 22' Oil Hill, Kansas Pre-War - Pipe Filler Posl-War - Pipe Filler CARL "KAL" KALHORN. JR. 37I I Soulh 25I'h S'rreeI Omaha, Nebraska Pre-War - Bank Clerk Posl-War - Bank Clerk ARTHUR "ART" KILOR 364 Knickerbocker Avenue Brooklyn, New York Pre-War - Sperry Gyroscope Co Pos?-Wa r - Sperry Gyroscope Co. ANTI-IONY "TONY" KLIPFEL Benlon, Missouri Pre-War - Diesel Engineer Posi-War - Diesel Engineer DALE "BABY" KRU LL I582 Fairfax Denver, Colorado Pre-War -- School Posf-War - School OTI-IO LONG Ossian, Indiana Pre-War - Telephone Service Posl-War - Telephone Service ENDA "BONES" LOUGHLIN 73 Harrison Sireel Leornisier. Massachuseiis Pre-War - Clerk Posl-War - Sieamfifler GENE SHEPPARD LUMLEY Arlingfon, Georgia Pre-War - Clerk Posi-War - Selile down EDWARD "ED" KOZUI-I Dayion, Ohio Pre-War - Eleclroplafer Pos'r-War- General Consiruclion JEROME SAMUEL LASLEY l785 l9l'h E Slreel' Eugene. Oregon Pre-War - School Posl-War - School JAMES "SKIN" LORD 3657 Broadway New York, New York Pre-War - Allended School Posl-War - Alrencl School ETTRO "CISCO" LUCIA IZOI Walnuf Slreel Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Sieel Worker Posl-War-1 Pool Room Manager HENRY "MICKEY" MALONE IO95 Sumner Avenue Springfield. Massachusells Pre-War - Blue Prinlerx Posi-War - Siuclenf FRANIQFORTE 85I Lalce Sireel Elmira, New York PosI-War'- Relire RICHARD "DICK" LAWLESS 66 Newe S+reeI Eas'I Orange, New Jersey Pre-War -- Accoun+an+ ROBERT LOUCKS I59 N. Franklin S'rree'r Washingfon, Pennsylvania Pre'-War -- School Pos'r-War - School JOSEPH MALLON 4506 Benlon Boulevard ' Kansas Cify, Missouri Pre-War - School Posf-War - School JAM ES N EVI LLE MATLOCK Box 97, Kilgore, Texas Pre-War -4- Allended School Posi-War - Alfend School RAYMON "RAY" JENSON I43 Cleveland Avenue I-Iarlford. Conneclicul Pre-War- Machinisl Posf-War -- Machinisf ROGER LEO LEBEL 3 VWeybosseH S+ree'r Melrhuen, Massachusells Pre-War - Allended School Posl-War - Carpenier WELDON "TOBY" LOUK RFD 4 Jefferson, Iowa Pre-War - Farming Posl-War - Farming WILLIAM "BILL" MARTIN-CULET Box No. 658 Youngsfown Poland Rd. .YoungsIown, Ohio Pre-War 4 A'r'rended School Pos'r-War - M usician NILE"IRISI-II' McGEE RFD2 McMinnville, Tennessee 'Pre-War - Salesman Posf-War - Salesman , I O THEODORE "TED" MOTTOLA 70 Easl Lenox Slreei Roxbury, Massachusells Pre-War - Racing Assislani Posi-War - Racing Assislani JOHN "MAC" MacAU LAY I2I0 Washingfron Slreei Hoboken, New Jersey Pre-War- Navy Posl-War - Navy Career ELMORE "ELMO" McCRELLlS 36l Colle e Sireel 9 Louislon, Maine Pre-War - Texlile Posl-War - Texiile THOMAS "MAC" McINTYRE Hepziloah, Wesi Virginia Pre-War- Mechanic LLOYD McLEAN 8240 Marlowe Avenue Delroil. Michigan Pre'War - Lalhe Operaior Posl-War - Laihe Operaior THOMAS "TOM" MANGINES 20 School Slreei BricIgep5or'r, Conneclicui Pre-War - School Pos+-War- School WILLIAM "MAC" McCOY I425 E. Prospeci Sireelr SeaHle,iWashingI'on Pre-War - Allendecl School Posl-War - Chemical Research JAMES "J. P" McGRATH 53 I9 Monroe Sireel Chicago, Illinois ' Pre-War - Building Consirucfion Posl-War - Building Consiruclion ROBERT McKEE 6I6 W. Knoll Drive Hollywood, California Pre-War - Bufcher Posl'-War - Alaska lumber PHILLIP PERRY MONTE V Box 74 - Po Decoio, California Pre-War - Farming Posl'-War - Farming LARRY MOORE 820 Garner Sfreef Salinas, California JACK "JACK" NASFELL 2946 Childs Avenue Ogden, Ufah Pre-War - Affended School Posf-War - Seffle Down BYRON LORIS NELSON A-I Box 2, Waubay, S. Dakofa Pre-War - Farming Posf-War - Elecfrical Engineering DONALD 'JBU NNY" N EWELL 804 5+h Avenue Aurora, lllinois Pre-War- Farming Posf-War - Farm Agriculfure PAUL GEORGE NESETEVIAK Leaverworfh Road Shelfon, Connecficuf Pre-War - Toolmaker Posf-War -'Toolmaker JAMES "JlM" MORAN 2822 Telegraph -- Oakland, California Pre-War - Affended School Posf-War - Affe nd School CHARLES "CHIZ" NEARHOUSE I3 I 8 Garfield Sfreef Wabash. lndiana Pre-War - School Posf-War - Neon Business FRANK CHARLES NELSON 304l Mickle Avenue Bronx, New York Pre-War - Office Worker Posf-War - Business WALTER "SKI" NIEBRZYDOWSKI 907 Hess Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Apfprenfice Machinisf Posf-War - Affend School JOSEPH "JOE" PALADINO 2Ol 2lsf Sfreef Brooklyn, New York Pre-War - Shipping Clerk Posf-War 5 Shipping Clerk PAUL MIKLO 437 Morlon Streel Sherron, Pennsylvania Pre-War - School Posl-War - Merchanl Marine MARCUS MONCRIEF Box 42, Mc,Faddin, Texas Pre-War - Slockman Posl-War - Oil Business JAMES WESTELY McCARTY 303 Navaroo Slree-I San Anlonio, Texas Pre-War - Walchmaker Posl-War - Walchrnaker RICHARD KELLER NISSLEY I42 Purilan Avenue Delroil, Michigan Pre-War - School Posl-War - School PHILLIP EUGENE PARKER 37 Soulh Collage Hughesville, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Texlile Posl-War - Texlile RICHARD "DICK" MILNER, JR 404 Norlh Second Slreel Union Cily, Tennessee Pre-War - Shoe Culler Posl-War - Bollom Land Bool- legger JOHN "RUSSIAN" MATTUS 238 Franklin Avenue Harlford. Conneclicul Pre-War - Tool Maker Posl-War - Tool Maker ROBERT "BOB" McCREA 534 Wesl Websler Avenue Muskegon. Michigan Pre-War - Office Work Posl-War - Office Work ROBERT O'CONNELL IO5 Greenend Avenue Middlelown. Rhode Island Pre-War - Machinisl Posl-Wa r - Argricullu re RICHARD "DICK" PECK Peck Lane Wesl Cheshire, Conneclicul Pre-War - Circus Man Posl-War - Farming WILLIAM "BILL" PATSOS 452 Trernonl Slreel Bosion, Massachuseils Pre-War - Prinler Posl-Wa r - Prinler JOHN THOMAS PRICE 6l43 Websler S+ree+ Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Pre-War - School Posl-War - School CASIMER "SKI" RACZKOWSKI I885 Liddesdale Avenue Delroil. Michigan Pre-War - Mechanic Pos+-War - Resiauranf Business LLYOD "RICH" RICHARDS 4I29 36'rh S'rree+ San Diego, California Pre-War - Allended School Posf-War - A'r'rend School TURNER "RICK" RICKLES Chico. New Mexico Pre-War - Rancher Posf-War - Rancher JOHN "JOHNNY" PORTER 802 Cedar S'rree'r Sand Poinl, Idaho Pre-War - Lumber-iaclc Posf-War - Plumber ROBERTi"BOB" PULLMAN 208 7+h Slreelg Norlh Easl Huron. Soulh Dalcola Pre-War - Caddy CHARLES REEPS 290 Kenl Road Upper Darloy-Pennsylvania Pre-War- Railroad Posl-War - Locomolive Fireman ROBERT "RICH" RICHARDSON 454 Sirylcer Avenue S+. Paul, Minnesola Pre-War- Meal Paclcer Pos+-War- Meal Packer EDWARD "EDDIE" RISK SIS Norlh Division Slreel Peelcslcill, New York Pre-War - Welder Posl'-War - Sfearn Engineering RALPH "PlNKY" ROOY 7006 Kenne+h Avenue Parma, Ohio Pre-War - Tool 81 Gage Maker Posi-War -Tool 81 Gage Maker PABLO SALDANA 2429 S. La recl Slreel San Anfonio, Texas Pre-War - Consfrucfion Posf-War - Cons+ruc+ion ROYAL "TOM" SAWYER I I I9 Wilmingion Avenue Dayion. Ohio Pre-War - Toolrnalcer Posi-War - Toolrnalcer HAROLD "SMlTTY" SCHMIDT 6219 Wes? Park Avenue S+. Louis, Missouri Pre-War - A++ended High School Posl-War - Fa rrning RAYMOND "RAY" SCHOEBEL 3626 Norlh 5+h Slreei Milwaukee. Wisconsin Pre-War - Sfeam Filler Posl-War - Sfeam Filler JACK "JACK" RU EWELLER 24I8 Allaniic Avenue Long Beach, California Pre-War - Press Operafqr Posf-War - Press Operaior EDWARD "SANDY" SANFORD l865'fQ Louis Avenue Long Beach, California Pre-War - Bus Driver Pos+-War - Bus Driver LaVERN SCHAFFER I525 E. 6+h Sireei Hufchinson, Kansas Pre-War - Farmer Posf-War - Farmer GENE "SCHNOZ" SCHAUBELT San Diego, California Pre-War - Truck Driver Posi-War - Married DEARLD "DEE" SCHULLIAN l806 Chesfnuf Slree-'r Quincy, Illinois Pre-War - Telephone Elecfrican Pos+-War - Telephone Eleclrican NED SCOTT I26 Gold Avenue, S.U. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pre-War- Dralbrsman Posl-War - Drallsrnan ROBERT "BOB" SHERMAN 623 Rrace Sireel Slowe, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Apprenlice Balcer Posl-War - Baker BU RT SKEEL I8 I 5 Chapman Avenue Easl Cleveland, Ohio Pre-War-Tool 81 Die Maker Posl-War-Tool 81 Die Maker LESLIE "GENE" SPAIN Rochesler, Illinois Pre-War- Farming WILLIAM "BILL" SWARTEAGER 6827 Norih Lincoln Slreel Casper, Wyoming Pre-War - Cowhand Posl-War - Cowhand FLOYD GEORGE PAUL SI-IELTON 6926 Windward Avenue Cinncinaii, Ohio Pre-War - Molion Piclure Operalor Posi-War - Molion Piclure Operalor DONALD ORIVILLE SIDERS R-I LaEon'raine, Indiana Pre-War - Farmer Posl-War - College VICTOR "VIC" SMITH Rainy River Onlario, Canada Pre-War - General Worlc Posl-War - General Work WILLIAM "BEN NY" STONE 92 Franklin Slreel Walerlown, Massachusells Pre-War - Allendecl School Posl-War - Eleclicia n WILLIAM "JERRY" SYKES I5O 2nd Slreel Wesl Newlon, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Eleclrician Posl-War - Elecfrician ARNOLD FU RRIS PAGEL 2932 Poislord Avenue Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pre-War - School Posi-War - School DELBERT "SCOTTY" SCOTT 520 Souih I6+h Sireei Omaha, Nebraska I Pre-War-Aiiended High School I Posi-War - Aliend School THOMAS "TOM" SIRTOFF 47 I 4 S. Ridgeway S'rreeI Chicago, Illinois Pre-War - Baker Pos?-War - Navy Career RALPH "MURPH" SPECHT 35I5 Darnen S'rreeI Chicago, Illinois Pre-War- Bellhop Posi-War - Mechanic ROBERT HAYDEN STEAD l73I E Slreei Q San Bernadino. California Pre-War - School Posi-War - Navy Ca reer FRANK "RICH" RICHARDSON 320 Souih Amas Avenue Springfield, Illinois Pre-War - Drug-Siore Cowboy Posf-War - Booilegging Business HOWARD "HOWIE" SILLS 28I4-A Norih I7+h Sfreei Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pre-War - Truck Driver Posi-Wa r - Truck Driver HENRY SIWIEC 3230 Belrnoni Avenue Youngsiown, Ohio Pre-War - Cab Driver Posi-War - Cab Driver ROBERT EDWARD STARK 433 Harrison Sireei S. Bend, Indiana Pre-War - Toolrnalcer Posi-War -- Toolmalcer LOUIS TAIOEN JR. 2568 4Ih Wesi SIree'r Seaiile, Washingion Pre-War - Aiiended School Posi-War - Aiiend School J. "SCRIV" SCRIVEN I I I S. Oak Sireel ' Shawnee, Oklahoma Pre-War - Siore Keeper Posf-War - Oil Business WAYNE TALLON R-I Warner, Oklahoma Pre-War - School Poslr-War - School EDWARD NEIL TI-IEIL Roufe I, Box 25l Spanaway. Washinqlon Pre-War - Truck Driver Posl-War - Mechanic JOHN "STRAWBERRY PICKER TOEFER R-I BOX 23 I Siaylen, Oregon Pre-War- Farming Pos'r-War -- Fa rming JAMES TRAMONTIN 6I5 Eas'I E Sfreei Iron Mounlains, Michigan Pre-War- Insurance man Pos'r-War- Insurance man GEORGE "SMILIN6" SEAMAN I99 Sherman Avenue Inwood, New York, N. Y. OREN "TEET" TETER IOZVQ Sou+h Albion Avenue Burley, Idaho Pre-War - Bus Driver Pos?-War - Bus Driver CARL MICHAEL TIERNEY 4OIO Laurel Sfreei New Orleans, Louisiana Pre-War - Cabinel Maker Posl'-War - Cabinel' Maker FRANK "FRENCI-IIE" TOUCI-IET Box 97 Younqsville, Louisiana Pre-War - Gas Slarion 'AI'1'endanI Pre-War - Gas Slalion Alfendanf ALDO "AL" TRON Valdesef Norlh Carolina Pre-War - Bus Boy Posf-War - Navy Career GEORGE "TUT" TUTTLE Souihwesl I-Iarbor. Maine Pre-War - Accounling Posi-War - Accouniing OSCAR "WAG" WAGN ER SI I N. Monrose Sireel Mason Ciiy, Iowa Pre-War- Filling Siaiion Operaior Posi-War- Filling Siaiion Operalor EDEN WRIGI-IT WARREN 292 Oueen Sireei Kingsion, Onfario, Canada Pre-War - School Posi-War - School LOUIS "LOU" WERNICK 492 Easi I-Iousion Sireel New Yorlc, N. Y. Pre-War- Shipping Clerk' Posl'-War - Businessrna n ROBERT WILLIAMS I 73 I W. Walnui S+ree+ Shamolcin, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Preizel Balcer Posi-War - Preizel Baker ELM ER "AL" VOLDRICI-I l8ll S. 49'I'l'1COUrI Cicero. Illinois Pre-War - Mechanic Posi-War - Mechanic WALTER JOSEPH WARD Ringgold, Georgia Pre-War - School Posi-War - Truck Fa rmer WILLIAM "TEX" WELLS I6 Rainey Sireei' Ausiin, Texas Pre-War - Opiician Posi-War - Opiician CLAUDE ERNEST WIGGINS Box 306 Pine Glass.ParIc, Florida Pre-War - Truck Driver Posi-War - Navy WILLIAM "BILL"WILSON I I25 Larch Sireei Indianapolis, Indiana Pre-War - Machinisi Posi-War - Machinisi THOMAS TALBOT 904 PearI Lake Road Warerbury. Conneciicuf Pre-War - Irnmigrarion Ageni Pos'r-War - Business Execurive HARRY TISDALE R-I Box I996 Mouniain Veiw. CaIifornia Pre-War - Earrner PosI-War - Farmer WILLIAM "WILKY" WILKINSON I33-24 85Ih Sireef Ozone Park, New York Pre-War - Type-wriIer repairman Pos'r-War - Srereoiyper ANTONIO AGUINAGA I257 PorFer SI'reeI De'rroiI, Michigan Pre-War - Truck Driver Posf-War -ll- JOH N BALLARD VaIenIine, Nebraska Pre-War - Rancher Pos'r-War - Rancher ALBERT "AL" BATH 4I2 RoberI's Avenue Syracuse, New York Pre-War - Toolrnaker PosI'-War - Toolmaker ABSENT FROM MUSTER JAMES "JO-MO" BELCHER 35I4 Plumb SIree+ Housron. Texas Pre-War - Oil Business Poslr-War - Oil Business ROBERT BIBB Ba'resviIIe, Arkansas Pre-War - General Work Posf-War - GeneraI Work VICTOR "VIC" BIRTALAN 9805 MI. Auburn Avenue CIeveIancI, Ohio Pre-War - Machinisi PosI-War - Machinis'r 48 EDWIN VIRGLE TICE 606 Knox S'rree'r I'IousIon, Texas Pre-War - Swifchrnan Posi-War - Swifchman FRANKLIN "ABE" WEBSTER Willow Creek, Monrana Pre-War - U. S. Foresi Reserve Posi-War - U. S. Foresf Reserve DONALD "ZEKE" ZUKOSKY I302 I7+I1 S+ree+ Moline, IIIinois RICHARD "FRENCHY" BLAN- CHETTE I54 Quebec Square DanieIson Ciiy, Connecricui ARTHUR "BOISIE" BOISCLAIR 89 Redingion S+reeI Swampscoii, Massachuserfs Pre-War -- G.E. Press Operaior Posf-War - SeaHIe Down THEOPHILUS "JACK" BOREN- SKI Main S+ree'r Rock'IaIIs, Connecficuf Pre-War- Machinisi Posr-War -A+Iend Trade School DAVID "DAVE" BROWN Main S+. Smilhlown Long Island, New York- Pre-War - Business Execulive PosI-War- Longshoreman PAUL CALDWELL I I32 Zenia Avenue Daylon, Ohio Pre-War - School Pos?-War - App. Machinisl PAUL CAMPBELL 2Ol7 Riverside Avenue Somersel Cenlre, Massachusells BERNARD "SI" CANARY 245 Wesl Main Slreel Lebanon, Kenlucky Pre-War - Drug-slore Cowboy Posl-War - Navy Career JOE CAN NY 620 Norlh Cooper Avenue Allumera, Iowa GLENN CARVER I39 Penn Avenue N. Rochesier, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Railroad Worker Posl-War - Barlender FRANK A. COLLINS I7I Foresl Hills Slreel Jamaica Plains Boslon, Massachusells Pre-War - College Posl-War - Linolype CHESTER CONNER I l40 N. Cusler Slreel' Wichila, Kansas Pre-War - Conslruclion Posl-War - Conslruclion JOHN "CHINK" CONNOLLY IOI Hamillon Slreel' Harrison, New Jersey Pre-War - General Work Posl-War - General Work LeRoy "YOUNG SWEDEN DAHL I2 I 2 Frye Avenue Peoria, Illinois Pre-War - Farming Pos'I-War - Machinisl HAROLD DRINKWINE 208 MI. Airy SI. Paul, Minnesola Pre-War - Armour Posl-War-Armour Joan EVERETT DUNLAP Pahokee, Florida Posl-War - Farming JOSEPH ENGLISH Pre-War- Machinisl 200 Rowson Slreel Pre-War - School Posl-War - School ROBERT FRANK ERHART 204 Norlh Mincer Slreel Slaiclord, Kansas Pre-War - Farming Posl-War - School JOSEPH "JOE" FORGUS 2I5 Halladay Slreel Jersey Cily, New Jersey Pre-War--Gen. Molors Man Posl-War-Gen. Molors Man JOHN EDW. GALLAGHER, Jr. I00 Mosholu Parkway, Soulh Bronx, New York Pre-War - Navy i Posl-War - Navy ALLAN "GARY" GARRISON 95I4 Sauery SIree'r Delroil, Michigan Pre-War-Aulo Execulive Pos+-War- Gen.'SaIesman Mgr. MARTIN J. GARRITY 4640 Elm Courl Denver, Colorado Pre-War - Navy Posl-War - Liquor Slore or Tavern business JAMES "SAGE" GEORGE 425 Bala-Verde Avenue Monlerey, California Pre-War - Wailer Posl-War - Liquor Dealer DONALD "DON" HALTERMAN 600 E. Valley Boulevard Almonle, California Pre-War - Truck Driver Posl-War - Truck Driver RAY EDWARD HARKER 2467 N. Claibonne New Orleans, Louisiana Pre-War - Navy Posl-War - Michinisl 49 GEORGE HIGHTOWER R-3 Box 433 Texarkana, Texas Pre-War - Laborer Pos'r-War- Delivery Boy WILLIAM "HOAG" HOAGLAND SOI S. Jason SIreeI Denver, Colorado Pre-War - School Posl-War - School NED "SCOTTY" HURLEY I26 Gold Avenue Grand Rapids, Michigan Pre-War- Drallsman Pos'r-War - Drallsman LEMON ISAAC General Delivery Waskom, Texas JIMMIE LEE GUSTER Spring, Texas EARL "JOHNNY" JOHNSON 22275 Wyman Slreel Delrroif, Michigan Pre-War-Allended Trade School PosI'-War- Molder I ROBERT PROUT KEWLEY 363 Sou'Ih Universily Boulevard Denver, Colorado Pre-War - Sales Engr. lPeddlerl Posl-War - Sales Engr. lPeddIerl JOHN "JOHNNIE" LeCLAIR Two I-Iarbors, Minnesola Pre-War - Lurnberiack Posl-War - Lumberiack DAVID LeCLAIR 2246 Siuarl Sfreel Denver, Colorado Pre-War - Linolype Poslr-War-4 Press Operalor GEORGE E. LESER cfo Mrs. Chas. Miller RRI Gosporl, Indiana FRANCES JOSEPH LIPENSKY 7 Ferry S+ree+ Trenlon, New Jersey Pre-War-Tool 81 Die Maker Posl-War-Tool 81 Die Maker EDWARD "ED" MAZEPA Diaz S+reeI Iselin, New Jersey Pre-War - Produclion Foreman WILLIAM "DUB" McCORKLE R.R. 64 Box I39 CharIoI'Ie, Norih CaroIina Pre-War - MoIder Posi-War - MoIder JACK "MAC" McDONELL 23 IO, I2Ih Sireei Sf. Joseph, Missouri Pre-War- Meai Packer Pos+-War- Meai Packer DONALD KARL MEITZNER 803 N. Washingion Srreer RoyaI Oak, Michigan Pre-War - La+he Operaior Pos+-War- Laihe Operafor FRED M ELLOTT Bellville, Ohio EDWARD R. MILLER 305 Easi Orange Sireer Lancasier, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Indus'IriaI Accouniani Posi-War - God knows, buf a civilian. JOSEPH "HONKY" MOLNAR IZO9 Mechanic Sireer Beihlehem, Pennsylvania Pre-War - S+eeI Worker Posr-Wa r - S+eeI Worker JOHN MORGAN 59I2 Reach Srreei Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JOSEPH MORRIS I23I Kenrucky Sireei BowIing Green, Kenrucky Pre-War - School Posi-War - SchooI RICHARD MUTERSPAUGH 3 I 5I Ruckle Sireei Indianapolis, Indiana Pre-War - Bank Bookkeeper Pos'r-War - Ariend School PAUL JOHN McNULTY 4227 Passmore S+ree+ PhiIadeIphia, PennsyIvania Pre-War - TooImaker Pos?-War - Toolmaker JOE NEY Hondo, Texas HENRY NISSEN 2I07 S. Charu'H'e Rosemead, CaIiiornia JOHN "PAT" PATTERSON I546 Noe Sireei San Francisco, California Pre-War - Saiesman Posi-Wa r - Salesman JOHN WILLIAM PEFFLEY 524 E.237+I1 Sireei Long Beach, California Pre-War - GeneraI Work Posi-War - Travel NORMAN "PHIL" PHILLIPS I323' S. Chicago Avenue Frepori, Illinois Pre-War - Machinisi Posi'-War - Machinisi LESLIE "LES" PINNELL 7 Hooker Sireei Washingion, Missouri Pre-War- Work in Resiaurani PosI-War- Work in Resiaura ni PAUL "PEE-PEE" POSKEVICH S 2420 Grand Avenue Sioux Ciiy, Iowa Pre-War - Worked in Siockyard Posf-War - Siockya rd Work GERALD THOMAS POWER 85 I927Ih Sireei Bellerose, Long IsIand, N. Y. Pre-War - Aircraii Worker Posi-War - Navy Career RAYMOND "RAY" ROMANO I7I5 I4JrI'1 Sireei Rockford, Illinois Pre-War - Atiended SchooI Posi-War - Mechanic HAYDEN "SEN" SENSENIG I I6 Norman Sireei Wesi Lawn, PennsyIvania Pre-War- S'reeIworker Posi-War-Sieelworker BENJAMIN 'BEN' SPINGATH, Jr. 7028 MiddIe+on Slrreer Hunringion Park, CaIiiornia Pre-War - U. S. Foresi Reserve Pos'r-War- U. S. Eoresi Reserve CHARLES STEED 2I2 Souih 4+h Sireei Ironion, Ohio Pre-War- Marke+ Manager PosI-War- Marker Manager 50 JAMES PATRICK SWEENEY, Jr. 25 Sevenih Sireei' New Bedford. Massachuseiis Pre-War-- Marine Hardware Pos'I-War- Marine Hardware MARVIN "MIGGS',' TRAHANT 7I5 Souih Arihur Poca'reIIo, Idaho Pre-War - Road Cons'IrucI'ion Posi-War - Road Consiruciion HERBERT "DUKE" TRAVERS Deaneiorge Deane forge WiIIiamsburg, Virginia Pre-War - Musician Pos'r-War - Aire-nd Schooi GEORGE EDWARD TURNER Burkesville, Keniucky Pre-War - Navy Pos'I-War - Mechanic CHARLES LEO VENABLE 5823 Prairie Avenue Chicago, IIIinois Pre-War - Press Operaior Pos+-War- Press Operaror ANGELO JOSEPH VERONA 739 Large Avenue CIairIon, PennsyIvania JAMES ELWOOD WARD 2l68O GiIcres'r Cour'r OakdaIe Gardens EerndaIe, Michigan Pre-War- SchooI PosI-War- Police force MARSHALL "WOLF" WOLFE I I Greenwich Sireei Nairona, Pennsylvania Pre-War - Sheeimeral worker Pos+-War-Sieam Engineering GEORGE DAVID WRIGHT 434 VaIIeHe Sfreei' New Orleans, Louisiana Pre-War-Diciaphone Service man Posi-War-Diciaphone Service man JOHN YOUNG 2I Second Sireei' EIIwood Ciiy, PennsyIvania Pre-War - Band Leader JOSEPH YOUNG 623 Asbury Avenue - Ocean Ci+y, New Jersey CHARLES WESLEY ZOBI Mechanicsville, New York 0001111111111 001111110 -- llllll , 1011111111111111111111101111p,,, Q SH LARGE b "WEL, go, Q WITHOUT X WO 4 BMS! QF 0 A7-ULAT Rf 51? C70 fo 0 you N8 AND SH 2 mask FORCE D V5 M, Lucx, 4 M185 HOMES? A' N ON roy if 5 ILL ,gn Z 5. WOW DD one GN-Wws 0' S' wummxs 09 1 FW 1, 908 499 CNW we PW we 'XXX-K 1' 5 of NST X m-W0 9 awww ww FGM f 0 We N vs, MQAOYUOOS 5 0? QQNCXWK umm 19 1 SN BN UQV5 X xx-KE Mom gxyxlnixoxx WWF wwe W vs VW - .-.. CNE x60 umm ei - V S mx- M Bk RQQLFQEVK Wi Mum mx-+2 WN Bqomsr- swam Y' N, LUN? 4 W 09?-W S RECRUJXON who GNRS wx 'H""'l: s svmvw SL SEL sz ...A DOM H RWCE AS f ofwv ,AND D,FFlc A TASK FORC 9,v,. Q- H MISN E K, f',,..1:i LIT AVE SUCH UIONS ,N T CALLED UP Q x ww m TLE c0Sr. M'SSIofvs ss HE BR'EF PE ON To Accou I Q cwcwv I F IS OR ANY o OUR FOLKS EN AccoMPL MOD or 36 PUSH sucH H 9: , " I Q A - 31- ' ARE A' 'NHT r THER WAR T HOME HA 'SHCD so r HOURS, W .Ak R F AS LONG AS vs No MX, HQROWHLY SELDQM Q, HALSEWS CHRISTMAS spawn T0 we MEN nu me PACIFIC AREA ' 7933 QLESS NUE To PROD HE ourcow 5 ALL OF UUE SU. ' sxsev sauna ms BEST wxsues Fon A meaav cnanswms T0 Au. HANDS .nu me YOU fs! RE LH A sum memo sm sweavmc x sm amzmc x JUNGLE smsumc caan. You ww R A Q 1 Op. gina prune m me xuowmxfe mn voua MAGNKFICENT PERFORMANCE ns mswenmc ve, amcmea uns mm ue AHEAD Fon us. mnoucu Youa swam EFFoa1s f an ae aequmen on mn mv AS Au. swans x Lew us PM 0,w0,,ux41G1-T' Bm ' v- gwiviaeuce on ws mv wo moss swam Hams ff U gm' wma 'D wmce mn oua czxuse mm MARCH on vmom wow M0 F-R ' Dm- WE Sm ' F .MENS 0 Rf ,omwjfm me mo :mi EN' ' 9 QSC? so xg? Q PASSENGER 5 rg Q39 v SE,q, LIST RETUR Co 1 ,QQ Ou S N T x SV. 44 ,gy rg MAY Y TH USUAL CASAULTI ITHQUT Lo Toxyo ANL 'O S E S -XS ,XQS5 FUR OUR EVER MARTNES S, THE S OF MAN OKI 4? bg THER PR Y Acyw S AND P DESTRO 'X' , ron 'DE ON Y N REFELC '?Cc1S,ON YERS DUT OUR T C . IE E H Go S "--- x Xlsrflvce CAT CREDIT UZ WORK N Q3 ANC, 1- G QS NX Q, QQ ,xx ,Qs X Q ., K QX XS' h NW Y QBQQYNSQ, is ,jf-1. Ou . I L I 111111111111111,,,,,u,0 0 llllll "GhosT" Force OT U. S. DesTroyers ---Sinks Ten Jap Ships--- UniTed Press Aboard a U. S. DesTroyer aT sea, lDelayedI. IT The Japanese are righT, The ships in This Torce musT be ghosTs. This Torce, which Tokyo Radio says has been sunk since The beginning oT The Bougainville campaign, has a record unegualled by any desTroyer ouTTiT in This area. Since November IsT I943 iT has sunk IO Japanese Warships, damaged Three oThers, shoT down aT leasT I22 enemy planes, bombarded Buka on The norThern Tip oT Bou- gainville Island Twice and The enemy seaplane base in The ShorTIands once. The C5hosT Torce, accompanied by cruisers, meT and conquered an enemy Task Torce The nighT oT November I-2 oTT Empress AugusTa Bay, Bougainville Island, sink- ing Tive ships. ATTer The engagemenT, The U. S. Torce was aTTacked by an esTimaTed 60 Jap plane armada. The desTroyers shoT down I2 and The cruisers bagged 5 oThers. SanTa Ana RegisTer December I 5, I943 When The Yanks smashed aT Japs in Empress AugusTa Bay, Admiral Aaron "Tip" Merrill showed ThaT a Mississippi born genTleman could also be a TighTer. The name oT The Commander oT The Task Torce was wiThheld in reporTs oT The baTTle and noT revealed unTil Admiral "Tip" was presenTed a Navy Cross aboard his own Tlag ship, a cruiser in The SouTh PaciTic. As relaTed laTer by The Admiral, "reconnaissance showed I2 enemy ships ap- proaching our area. We opened Tire abouT 2:40 A.IvI. They reTurned Tire almosT im- mediaTely and senT planes in The air To drop Tlares over our TormaTion. You undersTand ThaT in These nighT acTions everyThing is as vague as can be. We exchanged Tire wiTh- ouT a break Tor an hour and IO minuTes unTil The enemy sTarTed To wiThdraw. Then we pursued The enemy ship Tor an hour longer unTil 5 A.IvI. while They were reTreaTing inTo The Solomon Sea." LaTer reconnaissance esTablished ThaT Tive ships had been sunk. This was The de- cisive nighT baTTle oT November I-2 in which accuracy oT Yank Tire sank a Jap cruiser and Tour desTroyers and made possible'The landing oT our armed Torces on Bougain- ville. "Tip" received The Legion' oT IvIeriT Tor his work in The shelling oT Ivlunda and Vila. Following This baT+Ie The Admiral uTTered a quesTion ThaT has become a classic ThroughouT This area and received iusT abouT The kind oT an answer you would expecT Trom Admiral "Bull" I-Ialsey.-The signalman sTared aT The message in inTeresT, smiled and Then relayed iT.-"Bagged Two desTroyers. WhaT's my IimiT?" When The answer came back The signalman was ready To choke. "No limiT," was I-Ialsey's answer. "IT's open season Tor The basTards." , From "Our Navy" magazine- Ivlid November l943 The monTh oT November has been a glorious one Tor The DesTroyers oT Task Force XX. During This period ships oT DesTroyer Squadron XX have been involved in The Tollowing acTions: III FirsT bombardmenT oT Buka Island I- November 43 I2l BombardmenT oT ShorTIand Islands I I- November 43 l3l NighT surTace engagemenT oT Cape Torokina, Bou- ganville Island I-2-November 43 l4l Day air aTTack by enemy planes oTT Bougainville Island 2- November 43 I 52 Commander DesTroyer Squadron XX, Commander DesTroyer Division XX and The DesTroyer CapTains oT This Squadron have ThroughouT The currenT operaTions, demon- sTarTed The bold, deTermined, aggressive leadership which wins baTTles. The oTTicers and men oT DesTroyer Squadron XX have been resoIuTe and skilled in Tollowing The wishes oT Their leaders. lvluch damage has been inTlicTed To The enemy's ships, insTalla- Tions, and personnel. They have maTerially conTribuTed To The growing Japanese TraiT which Commodore Burke so apTly describes, "When They make up Their minds To run, They Ief noThing inTerTere wiTh carrying ouT Their decision." ln addiTion To The above acTions This ship was on separaTe duTy Trom iTs squadron during The period 24 SepTember I943-OcTober 4, 1943 and operaTed under The conTrol oT Commander Task Force XX. During This period while operaTing wiTh Task Force XX.X, The ship parTicipaTed in a barren sweep beTween Kolombangara and Choiseul Islands on The nighT oT 30-SepTember-l OcTober. Also as a uniT oT Task Group XX.X, during daylighT oT OcTober I, I943, This ship parTicipaTed in repelling an enemy dive-bomber and TighTer aTTack oTF Niarovai, Vella Lavella, Solomon lslands. lnserTed ln our service records. OTT l-lagushi Beach The nighT ThaT Okinawa erupTed pyroThechnics in celebraTion oT The TirsT rumors oT Jap surrender, older members oT The crew oT This 2lOO-Ton desTroyer, grimly saTisTied, could remember a nighT oTf Bougainville almosT Two years previously, when a Nip Torpedo blew oTT her sTern, snuTTed ouT The lives oT I9 oT her men, and leTT her helpless in The dark waTers oT Empress AugusTa Bay righT in The midsT of a raging air and surTace baTTle. ATTer This unTorgeTable nighT Commander AlsTon Ramsay, USN, oT Salisbury, NorTh Carolina, said To his men: "We are going To a navy yard To be repaired aTTer which we will reTurn To geT our revenge." The FooTe reTurned To The STaTes Tor a new sTern, Training and re-Training. STill under The command oT Commander Ramsay The 5l l made Tor The PaciTic war area in laTe CDcTober I944 in Time To assisT in The Tinal sTages oT The l.eyTe compaign, screening "jeep carriers" whose planes were saTeguarding The convoy lanes along which viTal cargoes were sTreaming To The Philippines. When newly-capTured lvlindoro was an embaTTled island surrounded by a sea oT Tar Trom impoTenT Japanese, The FooTe was in The proTecTing desTroyer van ThaT ToughT iTs way wiTh The TirsT resupply ships To The brand new American airTields There. On This Trip The Special ATTack Corps, Japan's suicide airmen, made a bid Tor "ETernal Glory." Two oT Them Tound iT - Trom The business end oT The FooTe's guns - and The resT were splashed by oTher ships oT The TormaTion or puT To TlighT by The concerTed acTion oT all. ReTaliaTion again was The l:ooTe's when she moved in wiTh Three oTher DesTroyers To wiThin l5OO yards oT WhiTe Beach qli2 aT Lingayen GulT on January 9, I9-45, and pumped round aTTer round oT Tive inch shells inTo Japanese shore posiTions, baTTeries, Troops, and observaTion posTs, soTTening up The area Tor our armed branches and The "Tin can" sailors did Their biT while The heaT oT rapid Tiring blisTered The painT on Their guns. The nasTiesT, and yeT The mosT saTisTying iob oT all was Okinawa. Now skippered by l.ieuT. Comdr. l-l. W. Mclflwain, USN, oT Deer Lodge, MonTana, The FooTe in early May joined The pickeT desTroyers, ThaT Tar Tlung ring oT "Tin cans" whose mission iT was To warn The landing beaches, The TransporTs, oT approaching enemy aircraTT and To beaT down The Nips when They Tried To geT Through: and They Tried oTTen. 53 In consTanT sTreams The Japs senT Their Kamikaze IDivine Windl suicides To sTrike again and again aT The pickeT desTroyers and aT The bombarding ships close inTo The islands. The Navy's announcemenTs reveal The Toll we paid Tor a Ryukyus BasTion. In This TheaTer The FooTe added anoTher sure kill To a IisT oT Jap planes knocked down, and aT Aguni and Iheya Islands marked up scores Tor Two bombardmenTs and landing assisTs. BuT Two gunners. badly wounded by bomb shrapnel, paid The bill Tor The FooTe's Okinawa Tour. And now wiTh The uniTs oT a vicTorious TIeeT, The "5I I" comes home. In December she will mark her Third birThday, This Time a peaceTuI one. . Brooklyn Eagle REMEMBER THIS? NOTICE TO ALL HANDS I. ETTecTive I5 May and ThereaTTer, all hands will wear shirTs Topside aT all Times. 2. When General OuarTers are sounded Tor air aTTack, wear heImeTs, IiTeiackeTs, and Tlashproof cIoThing. Flashburn oinTmenT has been issued To all exposed sTaTions. IT should be used To replace TIashprooT cIoThing only when This cIoThing inTerTeres wiTh carrying ouT your job. 3. Okinawa is an acTive area oT operaTions. Vessels in This area are subiecT To aTTacks Trom aircraTT, suicide boaTs, suicide swimmers, Torpedoes and driTTing mines. In order To provide maximum proTecTion All hands Topside should keep a IookouT and reporT anyThing suspicious To The 0.0.D. immediaTeIy. IT you are resTing Topside beTween waTches, do your resTing near your baTTIe sTaTion. Remember ThaT air aTTacks aT Oki- nawa are pracTicaIIy cerTain To happen. 4. Many desTroyers have been sunk here in The IasT six weeks. The aIerTness oT all hands can prevenT our ship Trom ioining Them. BE ALERT and ON THE JOB I 54 SHIP'S ACTIVITIES I-IERE is a saying in This man's Navy lno oTTense To The WAVESI ThaT "The besT ship you were ever on was The one you iusT came oTT-and The one you are iusT being TransTerred To." Well, during The war lremember?I The acT oT being TransTerred To oTher ships or sTaTions happened as oTTen as you are able To pick up a REIVIBRANDT Tor a small minT- meaning ThaT TransTers were VerboTen, buT ThaT you land only youl were an indispensable man. ResulT: The EOOTE was To be our home-and-Teeder even Though iT meanT To puT up wiTh some wild broncho riding and a IiTTIe spam wiTh de- hydraTed spuds now and Then. BuT sailors have guTs Imore or lessl and They can Take anyThing ThaT is dished ouT To Them, and while They served in The go-geTTer Tincan, The FOOTE, They learned all The Tricks and Trade oT naval war-Tare. I-Iowever, They also learned someThing else which is Twice as imporTanT To The individual selT - The arT oT relaxing beTween The Trying ordeals oT war. The TirsT crossing oT The EquaTor when The ship was en-rouTe To New Caledonia Trom Panama inTroduced some 300-odd men-all young and inexperienced To war- Tare. Some had never seen a gun Tired excepT in The G-lvlen Tlickers aT The local TheaTre, and as many never had a waTer-pisToI in Their hand - noT To menTion Tiring any oT The ship's guns. There They were-supposedly wiTh Their TirsT case oT war-nerves buT The only Thing They were worried abouT was geTTing wacked in The rear oT Their anaTomy. Only abouT ThirTy men had previously crossed The EguaTor and as Tull Tledged Shellbacks They had quiTe a Time whipping The green Pollywogs inTo The proper shape IOUCI-I!!I Tor Their accepTance inTo The I-Ioly Order oT King NepTune. The poor Pollywogs were accused OT having commiTTed such horrible crimes as spiTTing inTo The sea: preparing lousy iamoke lcoTTeeI: sleeping in The Torpedo Tubes, eTc., eTc., and even ThaT oT reTerring To Themselves as sailors. A guy couldn'T win Tor loosing - buT whaT Tunl Everybody was as happy as could be - and why noT? IT isn'T every day ThaT one geTs his hair chopped oTT by a Royal Barber, and a Tree medical examinaTion by a Royal DocTor. A Tree dive inTo yesTerday's garbage and a Tree shower under a Tull pressure Tire hose squirTing good clean sea waTer. Some Tun, buT whaT an honor oT having been duly iniTiaTed inTo The I-Ioly Order oT King NepTune. IvIosT sailors are good beer drinkers and They were worried no end abouT obTain- ing Their TavoriTe quenching liquid ouT There on Those beauTiTul liTTle Gardens oT Eden in The likewise blue-beauTiTul PaciTic Ocean. They boys had Their beer whenever They managed To geT To some nice beach beTween "naval aTTairs"- and Then They had To drink ThaT 3.2 sTuTT, which was guiTe all righT wiTh everybody Ibecause There wasn'T anyThing else To drinkl. America's number one sporT has always been baseball, and naTuraIly iT was The same Tor The EOOTE. The TavoriTe recreaTion oT our greaT Tin-can sailors was soTTball, and The FOOTE produced a loT oT good soTTball players. lvlazepa, The gunner's maTe, was voTed The number one player on The Team-a Team ThaT once deTeaTed The SouTh-PaciTic soTTball champs, The U.S.S. DIXIE. WiTh such greaT soTTball players as I-Iommes, French, lvlolnar, Oodshall and oThers, The EOOTE made quiTe a name Tor iTselT among The soTTball playing ships and sTaTions in The PaciTic TheaTer oT War. The Ordnance Division walked away wiTh The honors in an inTer-divisional soTTball series, and The winners happily consumed several cases oT 3.2 beer in Their hour oT vicTory. Newspapers and magazines used To arrive weeks To monThs laTe in The PaciTic, buT 55 ... - - - , T ...-1 x 4- ,,, I 1 --1 v-'- '5 2 - is T 2-' 'fs-..' 7 1 - ' E ' I-M is g ,.: 0 A ' 5 v'-2 --.H Q e l 15 T Q vii -T T 2 ............,,,,,,,'l"HE GREATEST LHTTLE PAPER PsFLORT------. . A fN.,A ,A,4jxZ,A.,,A.Q1N.-fNL,he.fxM4Wx,1NE,fki4xw M5 1395- -l"- !i.jk--js-jx' g, Ll TQ- .Saturday5 10 February 1254 Nolume II, No. 5 l g ,... ,a,i .ll R XJTSZE db-- N 'R I vi:lFl5-Yvg JlI!IIIIIiIIIIII',fjj'f 7 ff ' 1 .S 1' ,f ' fr N X WE x XX A ! .1 'Q ,S fm, . ,1 y X .xii "Z y,V f g li .5 0 H ' ' A I ,5 .T ' ' - ll IQ v Lfyvz mill? 'W fx V K' " VlIIf', MW W fax 'fffifiif f PR vw , ofa.,-as jf! 41 Q--po in , ' if ' " 'T 14- 'NA "'52in: u4E5' -Qu-c:E!:?Q sith! - - fd :X -an 1 a 3.21 ' ,tif?+ +',i4iifGeHe CURRENT EVENTS QBy G. H. Blood, RM2cl Without a doubt, the most talked of topic in recent weeks has been the forthcoming meeting of the NBig Threen.. Britain, Russia and the U.S. The American Public as a whole first began to take notice of the situation early in October, close on the heels of an Allied disagreement over the explosive Polish question...At that time it be- came evident to even the least inter- ested parties that jurisdictional pol- icies would have to be agreed upon by all concerned, and soon. Since the out- come of our national election was still in doubt, the president's hands were figuratively tied, as Britain and Rus- sia would undoubtedly hesitate to rely on the word of one who perhaps did not represent the opinion of the American majority. This would ap ear to be QContinued on page 23 THE SHIP BY STATES There have always been arguments about which state is the best in the Unior, and for us to try to settle that one would be sticking our necks out too far. However, there have been just about as many arguments about which state is best represented on board. This one we can answer, and with straight dope. A careful tabulation was made and the results will undoubtedly be sur- prising to some, especially the Nat- ives of Mass. The great majority of states are represented, the only not having a native son on board Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia. New York leads with a total of 28 sons of the Empire State, while Ohio fsurprised?D is a close runner- up with 26 followed closely by Penn- sylvania, with 253 California, with Zhg Illinois with 23g and Massachus- etts with 2O. Those are the states most heavily represented. Next came Michigan, Missouri, Texas ani Indiana, ones are and each of which has more than 10 men on board but less than 20. Michigan and Missouri, who lead have the same number. represented have 10 or this last list, All other states less represent- atives, and most of them have more than one. Perhaps the most surprising thing about these statistics is the number from Mass. as the consensus of opinion on board seemed to be that she was best represented. It is our opinion that this was due, in a large part, to the fact that all the other New England states are comparatively well represented If you want to know exactly how many men on board from any of the states, see Wright, Y2c. 56 regardless how old They were They were eagerly snapped up and read by all hands. During Theo dark and hard-ToughT days oT The Solomon campaign, The FOOTE began To publish iTs own paper. Willie Foss conceived and developed iT and became The ediTor oT The bi-weekly newspaper, The FOOTE-NOTES, which slogan was "The GreaTesT LiTTle Paper ATloaT."' A Tour-page mimeograph sheeT, iT broughT To The crew The well needed "liTT" wiTh a menu oT humor, saTire and inTernal gossip which was The delighT oT all hands, even Those who were The buTT oT The iokes. When aT The reTurn oT The FOOTF To CaliTornia, Foss wenT To The hospiTal, George D. WrighT, The liTTle man Trom New Orleans Took over The ediTorship and kepT The FOOTE-NOTES on Top oT The liTTle papers. LaTer The man wiTh The pills, "Doc" Gary l-lunTer Took over The job and kepr The banner Tlying. As an added aTTracTion, during The regime oT WrighT and l'lunTer, TalkaTive penswinger, Gene SchnaubelT became The sTaTT arTisT. IT is his drawings ThaT you see scaTTered ThroughouT This book. The FOOTE also had iTs own liTTle Madison Square Garden. The crew would geT TogeTher and rig up The TanTail lThaT's The aTTer end oT The shipl and have The pugilisTic boys show us The manly arT oT selT-deTense and The grunT and groan rackeT. Yes, There were many a greaT baTTle oT The cenTury ToughT in a Triendly and sporTing Tashion on The TanTail. One well remembers Those hecTic slugging maTches beTween "Rough House" Dannison and The Tormer Michigan welTer weighT champ Reed, and The round-house baTTles beTween MidgeT Siders and Muscles Brennan. Joe Jacobs could never produce TighTs like ThaT. WiTh The memories oT FisTicana we musT also remember The greaT sTage-shows, The l-lappy-l-lours ThaT was produced aboard The MighTy 5I l. During The lull in The war The TalenTed boys would geT TogeTher and puT on several good acTs. The spec- TaTors would siT, sTand and hang like monkeys To waTch and enioy Themselves. Among The Taces one will always remember is ThaT oT Tom Berry, The whisTler Trom Brooklyn, who made iT Trom The Bowery To The GreaT WhiTe Way in The company oT "Baby Snooks" Fanny Brice, and would you believe iT-WalTer Winchell. Yep, old Tom could sing, dance and whisTle all aT The same Time-and as an added aTTracTion he used To Tell iokes , . .The kind you would laugh aT. Then There was The Tormer wresTling and weighT-liTTing champ oT New Zealand, Obie Cleghorn, whose jolly Tace land bellyl and beauTiTul singing voice made The sailors scream wiTh delighT. As no good show is wiThouT iTs BlacksTone acT, our shows were never wiThouT Dee Schullian's acT, l-le made more Things disappear and reappear Than BlacksTone himselT. One Thing he didn'T have Though, was rabbiTs. The reason being, he was aTraid ThaT The ChieT Commissary STeward, Frank Collins, would make sTew ouT oT Them. ll-lmm, we could have used some sTew aT Timesl. g The largesT big-Time oT The FOOTF'S recreaTion momenTs was The Ship's ParTy held aT The Lakewood CounTry Club in Long Beach, CaliTornia. A grand parTy iT was -and howl The beer guzzlers couldn'T say They didn'T geT enough beer ThaT nighT. The crew was enTerTained by movie sTars and Then The crew enTerTained The movie sTars-and They aTe and drank and wined and dined and oT course They danced, also. Yep, iT was really hep To The iive in sea going Tempo ThaT nighT. They Talked abouT The parTy Tor weeks aTTerwards. Now aTTer reading This you mighT Think ThaT all The FOOTE sailors did was To have a good Time- Don'T geT us wrong. A good Time was had whenever There was an opporTuniTy-and The opporTuniTies were Tar and long aparT. One mighT Think ThaT The FOOTE sailors are a happy-go-lucky loT-Well, come To Think oT iT-They are. 57 REMEMBER? If' fx f-'nw :sg .rf F1nveu,u-5 fisiiapifi' mi., """'f'EN wif Itffff N gif, 51, Vf 262. ,,IfK' l I , '1,"!. H4 . f' 'izaff -1 .WPT i f " f U f X X25 1- 9 ' II . I- 'V I -I . t , . 7, A' , 'Iqnfj iff-CTM kb I N x I I ' fa .......w' 'ffl' 5 ' ,L If I l II II4,5Ik4kX. 1:-'Ev E gj 1 EE E- 4 gl E...-L----.. :fgI,,X- -'Eg I 1- ,glyj " - I-:iff :::-. - 'ue iff. - 0L--- 2 1' sf:If,m+ ... T I I ' , Fi-'E-7.... ' ., 24: ,il NNI ,- '-II. .fix '35 ' -W 3' .g,' -1-'E'--i wif' W' 'FV-1221, fb' AV"-I - 43 - aff. I I 4 Mm.LoN .1 ' 'Ja' wma s-io,MA.c- "V -'lf ' Ii T.-....i' L 551' -if 'Hx "I - I :ar--,.. I I I 'lmflj 'ij' I :JI -g 1 Wf E W ' "I , 'fn' """ ,' I' "!. 1 r -vrgmw -I-sg IM' m?i',l!'x p :L 'I 'nh 4-'EB " - LW: - ,,iL J . 'psf'fI l'zI"I91lu1 wmcy SHIQP- ??I!.'- ' I Cqejqre -..W I . -t . .- -----five - r-- 5,-L ' I ' my-pr .-V 1... . '- .. -Y "' "" . f -- ' vv -11"- V '-L"4L ,f . . .N . ,-..-..- -. . ...Q --,-.-- Z- -,.. -... ,,.,, ' A-' I,-, ....-- .,..:.TxXIj - - 1 .A I ,E "2 I 551 - xg, x . -X REA 4 s, X I . 6'p4E,, N . QTL: ,IX x 3, wks? -- IQ E" ,Z -Pig' Q, 8 P ffm Lf- 'WZ' -'4' . f-1""1j',,,l1 . . Y ,X .,I,n. my vs' me f . 5. .AND 'I URSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I Rem f' I I ' 1 N .- , 1 '11 . - I A 1 I, -.1-: . 1' f 1 WWII' yd -'J-Zn 1 . vw ' 1 f lp. x. :f - T- .Q """--- -4 ,I QI 4 7g-Z . I' Fmiogy.. ,,1,'QI' 1 -51 Tr5NTg.CrN ,- S -N ,fu ,II,ggt.1, HAND5 i "'f--if I .Ni Tues saw H' 1, - E- 4- f I ,VJLUNTEERESQ - f-. , ' SHELL town, 'XX AN Effoar 10 A .BRING Tut EN-1 - 6- IIIL-.I ' IENIY FLEET 'Y' j I .JI H41 THr,oPEu ,dv 1 v 1 go--" 1 7 ' -' JI! A- +1 '7: f EQ QW. - ,xg ..,' LIJI 3 'N J -, . '- 4 '- -,.',,ax.k nw gun 'T' LEX , "6"""'7 XLIYB "N-4,5 tx sent , , My lgr ,I,'Ii'f fem. ,. kI,5CXIj If ff xv ,l -"" W' Q' ' .' '7-"' .I I", ,l , ' l"','?! f If I, of I' 6: Eu' D -JEfs:ljjz,II-,fIIII':KL1.fI .'f"fE'b':cKn I Nfl!!! -H ' .Fl 15 'fam E ff E X X -I III X15 -E - ,. , y I I YI . IfI ' .I . ..g I .I I ,446 : pf I , ,I I L' W: II. P! -I f 1' I.:- III? . I if 4" I z, ...i Q.,,.-- gg-rye? I 0!4!I' ,fi 1 ' l !f j fr Ji' -g f f X 4 " 47, " '!""""N"f'fN 'l .ff A ' I,w '1E2f ,EV dv W W Q, f HX' ' ' , s I I 1 I X 'Q K 'J N Tl I J A .. , ,, "wAssf-QMM1 E R ,.,f,,,, ,I I, 'N , NI3 N 'M . x " ' .- If I I I iff wb ik' S. ' fav ' x I I I 2 Q -. 3 XX , I 161116 Nb .X ' :A-X . .. I X . ,, VXA'-II xl ..f"'rq xiii:-I-v -"' V -E lg any A- Ef ,- h H X .fb xfix- f si I X X N MQ-f A-. 'IIII,r I -gil ' 'R ,. 4 - I, LI ,I hh IM -I-5, Ii-ff-in --- ' -3- ". ., A I, """' Sl'-V" LUTYLE, Uipsvous "' gene 1 SHIPMATES STAFF EdiTor-in-ChieT ...A,.. ..,......, .......4.......4...A...,...,. .4...,.... I-l E N RY MALONE AssociaTe EdiTors .... ....... J Ol-IN BRENNAN 81 SALVATORE CAPALDO ArTisT ,A.A..........., ...,A4...,....,.......,......,..A..... E UC-EENE SCI-INAUBELT GLENN BLOOD, WILLIAM FOSS, ConTribuTing WriTers . 4....,,.. 4 SYLVAN MEYER, JOI-IN CONNELL, PuloliciTy 84 Treasury .,..,.. QFLOYD Sl-IELTON and JAMES DELANEY DEARLD SCI-IULLIAN The sTaTT wishes To Thank The Tollowing men who cooperaTed in making "ShipmaTes" 6 SUCCSSS. GarreTT l'lunTer OTTo Bock Enda Loughlin Gregory FerriTTo Thomas Fuller Glenn Carver RoberT Williams James MaTlock Ralph Bosh Louis Taigen William Bass John PeTTley Coy Brickle John Price David Cole Jack NasTell lrvin Evans Michael CasaTelli ThroughouT The making oT This book The ediTorial sTaTT was advised by LT. Sylvan Meyer Tor which we wholehearTedly exTend our Thanks. 59 NOMENCLATURE lT you would be a sailor's wiTe, l-lis speech you musT noT spurn. Because To lead The Navy liTe, You've simply goT To learn: ThaT bread is "punk," and coTTee "mud," and waTer "angle wine." ThaT Tloors are "decks", a "billeT" a bunk, and "hawser" is a line. ThaT oTTicers are all "gold braids" and any land's The "beach", ThaT "shooT The breeze" describes The Thing civilians call a speech ThaT married sailors are "lashed up" iT "squared away" or noT, ThaT if your romance has "Touled up", iT's Trouble +haT you've goT. BuT There's This consolaTion Tor New wives oT Gold and Blue, The Navy has no oTher words For "Darling, I love you!" HDESRON TWENTY-THREE" From The musical exTravaganza "LESS NOISE ON Tl-lE EANTAIL Words by M. Lawrence and E. B. Baker VERSE: Oh The cruisers sTay in Purvis Bay And biTch because iT's hoT- They siT on Their hands wondering- WhaT is hapenning up The sloT. They'd Tind ouT quick iT They sTood a Trick AT The wheel oT a good DD - EE - EE - And did some work wiTh CapTain Burke 4 ln Desron 23 CHORUS: Oh Desron 23, Desron 23. CapTain B. and his l.iTTle Beavers, Desron 23! Oh The Jap Tin cans They haven'T a chance AgainsT This TighTing crew They love To TighT and They don'T Teel righ+ IT They're noT aT all-nighT 0.0. Each Sunday morn aT The break oT dawn ln The O.D.'s log you'll see- "Underway aT The break oT day-Desron 23!" These TighTing ships were looking Tor Nips A-sTeaming up The line When The Japs They Tound, wiTh Their panTs way down, Revealing Their yellow behind- Oh They chased Their ass Trom Buka Pass ' Clear ouT oT The, Coral Sea - EE - EE IT They'd had The Tuel They'd have Taken Rabaul lWho?l Desron 23ll 60 TO THE TROPICS I haven'T Traveled Tar BuT l've seen a doggone loT OT The beauTy oT The Tropics And ThaT sTupid sorT oT roT. Ohl The mounTains and The valleys And The coconuTs so Tall, The genTle balmy breezes' And The preTTy porTs oT call. The shy enchanTing naTives, WiTh Their quainT peculiar ways, And The luscious, lissome maidens. Oh, happy, careTree days. BuT, now l've had enough oT iT, My language is quiTe plain, As Tar as liTTle me's concerned lT's iusT a goddam pain. BY ANONYMOUS For I haTe The dirTy naTives, I loaThe The porTs oT call, WiTh The blasTed, blazing sunshine And The coconuTs so Tall. And There's The luscious maidens You oughT To see The cows, WiTh skins oT brass and skirTs oT grass A dirTy bunch oT Trows. The islands are noT preTTy They're iusT anoTher drudge And iT you don'T believe me, Come down and be The judge. So iT some sTupid begger says, "lT's such a preTTy place," JusT ignore The silly blighTer, Or kick him in The Tace. You'll be doing me a Tavor, And please yourselT as well, IT you Take your blasTed islands And go righT sTraighT To hell. A SAILOR'S REWARD l've been siTTing here Thinking, OT The Things l've leTT behind, And I haTe To puT on paper, WhaT's running Through my mind. l've climbed a million ladders, l've chipped Ten miles oT painT, And a worser place This side oT I-lell Well, There iusT simply ain'T. BuT, There's iusT one consolaTion, GaTher close and I will Tell, When we die, we'll go To I-leaven, 'Cause we've served our hiTch in I-lell. We've sTood Tor endless hours While waiTing Tor our mail, We've sTood a million waTches, Been on every darn deTail. We've scrubbed a million anchor irons, And peeled a million spuds, We've lashed a million hammocks, And washed our dirTy duds. BuT when Tinal Taps are sounded, And we've laid aside liTe's cares, ThaT's when we'll Take our Tinal "leaves" RighT up Those golden sTairs. The angels all will welcome us, Their harps will sTarT To play, We'll sign a million pay slips, And spend Them in one day. lT's Then we'll hear SainT PeTer OreeT us loudly wiTh a yell, "Take a seaT up TronT, sailor, 'Cause you've served your hiTch in I-lelll" 6 I 1 5 l H V I P 9 l N I Y l 1 4 ! 3 if 5 153 i 'I ' , f Q,! S, Ak 3, ff Q if I 5 1 K ,, I 3 N I 5-, I, IN IN X R 'Li ' 'i Q1 If 5,1 4 Q I 7. I U l I ! . V! 1 'Qi 2 1 1 , ' 1 I v 4 3, a X . I! 62 f 9 . 2 I J V ,, ,., Yi 1 63 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 -,. 1 - 1 5, 1 11: , 1 121 1 1 ,, 11 1 11 1 .1 1 If 'N1 1- . 1, i 1 5 K1 5 1 1 I 5 1 1 1 1 1 P K 51 1-1 1,1 1 1 1-. 11 1 111 i'1 11 pn Xf 1.1 '1 1 i1 P ,,. 1 1 1 1 21 1 64 ' ,T 1 f ,Lf V E 65 i I I I I I 5 I 5 4 A I I A A A I I I A 4 4 A 1 A 1 4 A 4 1 A A 1 'w I 66 'P l A X 2 mg mn g 'Wmff 0 , QW V QQ! 1945 ...,,.,,,,,,c,,,,, Q 0 RN REGOGNITKON QF 'YDLEUGPLRKNI C, NO COUKPMCQE KM Tl-XE, GCTKON 1' FX ST 'THE C-NEAR E 'L GPHN K5 PAHPWZO 'o X-81:1 Ne NT QQ' N 1-NN XX- ON- E oucf A 5 0.5. S. FOO 5 X TENS CAT K. - fx ear fir f f'X 1,1 oix 5211- x X COMMANDER ALSTON RAMSAY, UNITED STATES NAVY . . . . . . "Conspicuous gaIIanTry and inTrepidiTy in acTion againsT The enemy as The Commanding OTTicer .... OperaTing in The ,NorThern SoIomon IsIands area during The period Trom OcTober 3I To November 2, T943 .... Courageous devoTio.n To duTy was in keeping wiTh The highesT TradiTions oT The UniTed STaTes Naval Service." LIEUTENANT coMrv1ANDER HARRY WILLIAM MCELWAIN UNITED STATES NAVY . . . . . . "Heroic achievemenT in The connecTion wiTh operaTions againsT The enemy during The capTure and deTense oT Okinawa and ouTIying islands during The period oT I6 May Through I2 AugusT I945, while Commanding OTTicer .... I-Iis courage and skill during This Iong and arduous period were an inspiraTion To The oTTicers and men under his command. " x LIEUTENANT JOI-IN E. VVASON UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE . . . . . . "OuTsTanding courage in direcTing The Tire oT his guns on enemy aircraTT diving on The ship and inTIicTing serious damage To Two oT Them .... DisTinguished him among Those perTorming duTies oT name characTer." M CLAXTON R. L. COOPER, TORPEDOMAN TI-IIRD CLASS UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE . . . . . . "In The Tace oT grave personaI danger Trom an aTTacking enemy airplane sTeadTasTIy direcTed his Tire inTo The aircraTT unTiI iT crashed inTo The sea in his imme- diaTe viciniTy .... DevoTion To duTy was an inspiraTion To aII his shipmaTes." WILLIAM BASS, STEWARD'S MATE FIRST CLASS I UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE . . . . . "DisTinguished himseIT by heroic and meriTorious conducT as a machine gun- ner oT an anTi-aircraTT gun .... In The Tace oT grave personal danger sTeadTasTIy di- recTed his Tire unTiI The plane crashed in his immediaTe viciniTy .... I-Iis conducT ThroughouT disTinguished him among Those perTorming duTies oT The same characTer." DAVID BROWN, GUNNER'S MATE TI-IIRD CLASS UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE . . . . . . "DisTinguished himself as Gun CapTain oT a 40 miIIimeTer gun . . . . Re- paired a jammed barrel oT his Twin mounT gun whiIe The oTher barrei conTinued Tiring aT an aTTacking pIane .... I"Iis ouTsTanding skiII puT The inoperaTive barrel back inTo acTion beTore The aircraTT TinaIIy crashed inTo The sea in his viciniTy." LIEUTENANT GEORGE JOSEPI-I MONEZ UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE . . . . . . "DisTinguished himseIT by exceIIenT service as an Engineering OTTicer . . . . I-Iandled casuaITies To The main engineering pIanT in a quick and eTTicienT manner. . As a resuIT oT his exceIIenT Training oT The men in his division, The engineering pIanT responded To every order." JAMES PATRICK SWEENEY, M-ACI-IINIST'S MATE SECOND CLASS UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE .- ..... "DisTinguished himseIT exceIIenT service during operaTions againsT The enemy. . . Displayed considerabIe skill and iniTiaTive in repairing The damage done by an 68 enemy plane who crashed close aboard and fhereby confribuTed maferially To The confinual efficiency of his ship." FRANK EDWARD RICHARDSON, C5UNNER'S MATE THIRD CLASS UNITED STATES NAVY . . . . . . "DisTinguished himself as a machine gunner . . . . Displayed ouTs'randing resourcefullness and meriToriouS conducf in quickly clearing a sToppage which occurred shorTly afTer his ship had opened fire on an enemy aircrafT .... Quick acfion pre- venfed The loss of The gun when iT was mosf needed." LIEUTENANT COMMANDER MATTHEW S. SCHMIDLINCI UNITED STATES NAVY . . . . . . "For his skillful and effecTive performance of dufy as ExecuTive Officer of a Desfroyer which was damaged during The engagemenT wifh Japanese naval forces off Bougainville .... PrompT inifialrion of damage confrol measures confribufed To saving his ship afTer she had Ioeen severely damaged." PU RPLE HEART CITATIONS In The name of The Commander Soufh Pacific Area and SouTh Pacific Force The following named men received The Purple HearT cifaTion and medal for wounds received in acfion. ENSIGN, EVERETT SHEPHERD, UNITED STATES NAVY ROBERT D. BONTZ, MOTOR MACHINIST SECOND CLASS. x UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE HORACE R. BRADBROOK, SEAMAN FIRST CLASS. UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE THOMAS E. FITZGERALD, SEAMAN SECOND CLASS. UNITED STATES NAVY JAMES R. HART, BAKER SECOND CLASS. UN TED STATES NAVAL RESERVE ANTHONY S. ISI4RzVcIcI. SEAMAN SECOND CLASS I UN TED STATES NAVAL RESERVE HAROLD J. KNIGHT, SEAMAN FIRST CLASS. I UN TED STATES NAVAL RESERVE RICHARD L. LEWIS, SEAMAN SECOND CLASS. UN TED STATES NAVAL RESERVE FLOYD e. SHELTON, SEAMAN FIRST CLASS. UN TED STATES NAVAL RESERVE GEORGE G. THOMAS, JR., STEWARD'S MATE FIRST CLASS. UN TED STATES NAVAL RESERVE CLAUDE E. WIGGINS, SEAMAN FIRST CLASS. UNITED STATES NAVY ARTHUR BOTELHO, UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE THEODORE ROMANO - RAYMOND UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE 69 AUTOGRAPHS ' 1 70 AUTCGRAPHS :' 7I 1 W K f 2 X XX K Q K ,,, M Q lgxl X fx AX Ny f 1 ,6-ZW gf . Lai-'4 Q M' K Q, NX 1 , X35 ... ', f VI- R A I 1 lx .Z ,l , I A x ' "N .: X "Htl ' ' '1 :x1SL'4 1 , , , R- . fix L M L if QM '57, , 3 ,I 1, 1- ? ,sK'f.XE"u.' 'fm X f ,X , ,Eg I 'fa -uf - - xl EL yh mm x ,'?i.h:1T', 5' :RSV X K AZZNHIIXXQA1 u If m 1g19QTn,,N 11- ,193-5-H, , DD D!!! I ,rTlKxanM'i-9.' ' .,. .H gp I- l u, 3 ii Al , A, LH' 4 I '-1 , X N . I EEE. L.-." fi-awfir -fiwg.?ZF,L."g'3L f L .f:?' 5Q.E g I'-nie ji L4 - :JJ-I E - 'll , , ROBERT W. KELLY PUBLISHING CORP. - NEW YORK, N. Y I I V - lllllllllllll- Hllll ll lllil- m . O Q ' To o Ok. U4 S0 so Ro ao' f 3 X 65 6 W 1 .X ..... . J 'N 0 1. N '-,,,'-7 as onusnilg - 1 v-mucnunun , + if ' ' I 'ly 1 I i, a t . 1 : 1 ' 4 x. 1 ' J' ' We x, 'f N . ' . -+-'TI ' . KOREA J 'RPA CHINA , ,gf 2 X ,f mu ,,,,m !E, 'X Rll 0,455.1 fl U -2-'11, onwmm , -35" -N, AGUNVI 0 Q " -A-sk, Af zmggh 'Q A-N-S ml -L 6 . 1 A L "K" I aga lrlgfsmq ims X? 8 , onnosa O., 5 . --3-9 " Q 'C' 95 no on X 1 fax ' 0 S ff' ' uuoman 3 f Z' GULF Q K fe 'f 0 ' VQH 2 P A mo o O 2 I ' PHILIPPINE O Leigh IS. A Aj o . Svlgggg SAMAR Ulzggil ao 2 eg o'f.Nuv:E?:cT2"s:g ' are 22 Q2 - Q I .5 'EU-goue A my 1 1.1.5 BQQ E0 MROTA LR VELIZA 'U '4, . U I O 9 ' 24---My lf! Oo "' QO j, 'mm O WM-Q Y fa ci 5 Y I U 9 S NEW -1 O O O eume.A Q - - - 'g -s Q 4 me ., SOLOMON ' 0, ' 1 :mf-'Jw JJ sw . ww. M ns, - OJ, Q Q O Q f ' , Tuma: - 'O -, . GUAOALCANR A nun ,ri - N Q A 1-,v - .CRUZ , O ' O Q OO Og. 3 ' E. vs u' NEW SANOI EAS' Q Eamoas wg-f :gi'f7' X ' I ' me 2 ' D assure 9 93 ' 5 ' O Nm Q O 'u'??O'3x AUSTRALIA C"LE"0'1' ' I U Q . , ' O 6 'gfi ............. UllLEE2i n1w2uW2! m """"""' Emfm ' JIM , iq! , . V T M13 . gf 1 .4 , f , X rl! lgm:m """ MQ' ' "' 100' ' 3 Q: Mg '- Q MMM 2 m.f.u'nAn Q CANADA 15. ' 2 I v l -. . c ' ' 1 N I x ' f ,. 5 f 'HGME' I A W' - SAN FRANCISCO I s A ' 4"-il' I A JPN. 'llllus , J li 'cw 95310105 ANGFAES Y, " " 5 SAN DIEGO CLESQCNTE -fx. X .i'ioQ,fo1. No Xu 5'5- - M XICO D5 HAwAu 1 Q A HUNOLULU 95 X 5 X N 9 Q XX ,ff l il ' XR Q ' .s I x , snku- I XJ 'Eg ' ,EE ' . 1 f -f, . -' ft' , XC - 2 NK 4 f f 'X' -55 " H0 fi ' 6 A J 1? ai ' it jiif Q n 9 ,, K 9.0 Q?" Q 9 0 Q Oc o f' 9.0 Q - Q W s Q 2? ' X 3' E H! ii i ff f 7 G9 :mf 2 9 :V 6 0 QQ Q l Ag . 2 Q 12: cnuusa 21' CRUISE 4, 0 on JUN'4-I94-S OCT-Z4-E944 'f lu l'lAR-44944 0CT'l7-i945 D g Q 9 00 0 no Soc 1 o ' sooo also :soo u15o U -,,,, SCALE ' NAUTICAL MlLES..1, Q D i T . so 6 - M L ' unmuuu J cm' ' MEA- -llIlllllIlllll nmmmnn 'zo' --IIlllllllllll lfv Af if A . ,Q U . H' ,3 .f if" 4 .ff 4 .ff in -ac? " '-M-f 15 H1-J

Suggestions in the Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 65

1945, pg 65

Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 14

1945, pg 14

Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 52

1945, pg 52

Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 42

1945, pg 42

Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 39

1945, pg 39

Foote (DD 511) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 42

1945, pg 42

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