Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA)

 - Class of 1967

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Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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M WWW Wiyfw W mf f WM ,cis L MWA W JWWWQMA f fffJ'fJWw f555p,,1Zfi5fX Qvvcvca-L of-551 My Wwifgif jfg W ffifcglff S6042 ' WMM W QJQQLV V RS 724 SUMUS MAGNA Z5 STEEL QM, Qfvafubfox QJMQVUJG- qui AQWQ, dwf . ' IQMQMWQGQ gm Mwwfw . X' f K Xa X xxx X XXX X X, ff! XX J I ,If . ,T ,IJ 21.1 I IIT I. If-. ., ,I .T H " ,L ' - , K NK- ,I-I., A f ,ll , x Y I ,,. . , , R I I f ,x 1 , If I , K KZ, K. I, M, . . I III , I X2 531' 'S If , ' k . .v , . . J I LU I I If I ., ii. IW ' X- ,I .' K ' 'If B " I A TT. ' ., , ' , E I' - K I' .. , 'Ry -T . , It VP' L 'I EI' 6 .3 'T- .. M, y .I f ',3'1?' I fe ' , N, 7 TIF VTR I II rv I NI I II I IW A-' II' 1'2" ,?,'fi,":I'I'g:7' T . . ' uf" M A IW" K KX . K, ,L,I,:, gt v,.-, ?I :KT , K .XL I T- KT' Y- ' I K W 6 fi - R I 'I' V. I , :K QKKKJ VK HY K K ji I TK 3 K . KK K ,, R. if - 2 X, X K I K I Ti I A ' - I :TI-Is" I , A II I K , K K ' I K' k-.k , fd K 1-rx V, k - fx, Kali If 3 K. K K K. , K T. KL fs K X .K KI ,E WE'VE ALL BEEN,RUNNING, I If I . if WRITING, SCREAMING OUR ,I , I . ,K G G K5 KE K . , A , ' f. IW I ' I . YA ' IHEADS OEF EOR THEiLAST'9f , QT ' I , gvff-T" I IODDIMONTHS, AND NOW WEPREI I ,Q I+ I Lk GIVING YOU THE FI.NIsI-IED I+ UW f II 4 PRODUCT. lT'S MORE YOUR BOOK THAN ANY OTHER THAT's EVER BEEN PUBLISHED FOR YOUp STUDENT LIFE, UP, DOWN, AND SIDEWAYS, IN COLOR, IN BIACK, AND IN WHITE. WE'VE TRIED TO REPRESENT STUDENT LIFE IN EVERY FACET OF THIS BOOK, AND TO, GIVE YOU, SOMETHING THAT WILLIHELIP YOU KEEP ,IN MIND THOSE MOMENTISWHICH MEANTI MR., Iy, W1 ,, I I I ,J LI ' Q I II TI I 'f TT 'I I R .I .I If L. L I , I U A' - I ' K I KKK. KK .5 .- 'I.zA. I I I . -M, , ITL! My Y XVVQE JI' Hg 059 5, K V QI ,I If ,I nnvbxxl by K' ML fy K6 KK KX DR Xi THE MOST TO YOU. WE HAVE I ,I , T I , NO POTKPARTIES, ACIDXTRIPS, OR . I ,L L5 II TR I 5 DRIVE-INsHOTsgIDON'TTI-IINRI T 5 ii, IR T39 LK ,KK IITWAS UPTOUSI. BUTIIE, WHEN I E'IR TF' QU ,II R My f RR A YOU'REI.EAEING ABSENTfMlND- .QI QXRQK ,AS TQTI1Iffj I L,,1 , EDLYTHROUGHRTHESE PAGEs,YOU j I I., If F, my I, IT. T33 QB SEE SOMETHINGITHAT BRINGSVA Egg, 5,2 V TR QQ A 5517 I S I CHUCKLE, THEN lT'S BEEN WORTH ALL THE TIME WE'VE SPENT, AND MORE ., ,,..'.'i' f ,.T-rw-H ' -r .,,..,. , ,IA z?" . .LZ E I- '- P I , E - f. I , I ,,..I I, I . U, L . T 1 f , IT, X A " , .3 R L' I If J ASPN , ...WNY I El FUN L A A Q M12 iv J T '-- ,ILL 5 T - xv, I0 Iv, -HQ Yi II I LI R QU X NR YT! yjfvfg Q? 5' L ,A Qi I 0,1 53 ,TRAIL ,ff f- 'I N im! ,R T ,X T I , .Q 'M T f MI - ' 5 , RI, , R .I MJ ,S HI Q, I . K, . Y I .. I, , 'I I E ' I' le . 54 L wx X , f iff WV QI . ' I.: W IX "f fx I ' '-L I I if ' i I LJ , K QTSK ., ' V ' KI - K KL-it K 3 ' 9. "V , - Q , I " - I 'cu Q ' vgr1' '- 1 4-5 rg-L 3... , , ' ' 'I I-'Km . , Ka no K4 , . - ' 1--I LI .ff I ' PS? V L, ' XI 'QI "? ,R I ,I Q5 Y x 41 5- K, A Ag., H' ef 4 P 4, M vat' 'The I V 55. J c as : 1 TEE LRA O, L I IM Q K 1 a'. -E GT T EE I v- A L ,Y L ' " 1: xg -1, f f A I 4 f' Y 'L l IQ,-QL. i 'Qt , , . it ,K K , ,.,Lf,., , qu 'TIT , I .. 7' 'f'- , , , -,I A " z 1.4 rf- I w., - -. ,fi -1 ,. , ff-'il 'Iac . I 7- I 1. , ' ' A , A ', ' I - .. I 1-. I --. 1 1, . .I f- 3. -,I iff. :I f I I - I II. -1 f : - . A ' '- I E .I . .w.-X L Y ,f,.. 1 V K ,hp 4 A , ,n .. - Q 5 1.2 f TWA 'A I-1'l:'f' . vig!-q. T " I Q I . " '. ,E-'-'H ' I4 "Q J.ffr",.Ds?K." ffm -64 - ' A' I f I 1 f"'.-I I4 32 5 My I E - Tw' slr 5' V- mari. 13' ,' ,-- ,, I , ' -A C' -' - .IIN 1 I :W 0:94 'f'5' 1- EI " ' - I -- 41 f I-lv' TEE ' I .E . I . E. I , I I - E L., uf--AE-f.-I 3 5 21 0, M' -' ' ' ,. ,. if '- , ' .I,,.Q:' 1 Q ,V E. A . i,....."" 'viii - 1 ' 141- f"t . 252 A-A ' V ' "2 fa -:L-ja.-f'.F,f-I -T I f ,,.E:- - , 'ff ' nf- -'- '67 ' 1 'rv Hfggt.. K .M ,I-,Lys H I4 I. ,-,,,I-.IQ-I , A . ,I .5 . . ., I. J , - t. . 'FQQSQL ef. A--.Lf vi- " P' ' E I -si'-..g5I,. ' . - - I '- ' ' Io". YQ, I. - ff53K:3gf..Y.,-Ni" 2 ' nf' I 'U -t 1-Y. f. .3 7. K E. ,- K . rig- Lo. Q 1-GL, - Mft? E - ,-.-Ie' . ' Ik , - - gmt' ' . K' wig.. 51 0 E fini. ,I v . , 4 . "G4??s- 'I wr 1- I f -'wr 04.4 w.14j'fig"'., --Lax--'!"1"g--I -LG. I, Irat 'I v:'E 4-lb, ,gag egaxirn E- .5 X , .IE gf' I A If . I-wwf, , I L' 1 ff, F5 3 4,1 If fl' LF., M' ,-1eE.aE-f4TE.I.,, . --fm, E-, I - T QQ? gb WI I VQ WWA Sfxsga ,Fm , W Igfmi THMHOA? Q ix? L ic Xxx -SHI I Dwi J I Iifqfxfb My wwf? KIQEOK ff Iggy JM! W S4 DQR' HITS I WBA MQ I KI? wqvxgdwdp My FONTANA HIGH SCHOOL VOL 5 K 'WX SA PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF FONTANA HIGH SCHOOL 9453 CITRUS AVE FONTANA, CALIFORNIA Q7 5!'K SEQQ N, WH Loas Stevens, President Harry H. Iverson, Clerk John D. Piazza, Member BOARD 0F EDUCATIDN 4 Member R. Gordon Young, Member Emmett Chambers, John Price, Superintendent of Schools The FOHI staff would like to take this opportunity to give recognition to cl man who has done much for this school but has received little thanks. Born in North Dakota, our recipient came to Fontana High School in l957. He attended and taught school in Montana before coming to Fohi. Since arriving at Fontana, he has been active in every phase of stu- dent life. A teacher in Business Education, he sponsored last year's senior class. He was one of the advisors for Student Council before a director was chosen. He has also handled ASB funds. lt is wi th gratification that we dedicate the i967 FOHI to a most deserving faculty m em ber, Mr. Edward Thiesen. DEDICATION Mr. Eric Birch Principal ADMINISTRATION Mr. Richard Drake Mr. Michael Bitzko Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Mrs. Anita Manell Mr. Daniel Golden Mr. Stanley Sage Mr- Tobias Santarelli Mrs. Bernice Knoblock Mr. Phillip Henry COUNSELORS Russell Dickinson Dirk Dunnink Toni McDonald Eugene Mitchell Penny Patterson David Prather Carol Roper David Shade Ah-Ha!! Another love note! Karlene Allen Leonard Arkin Robert Boadway Kenneth Carizdafner Vernon Coe Irene Combs Jerry Dison David Lowmtm Louis Malory JoAnn Maxfield Mel Mitchell Dean Newell "Gee whiz, Mr. Arkin!" Garland Rogers Robert Rowell Ruth Rue William White Marva Wieginann FINE ARTS Don Brown Donna L. Barrick Tanya Desatoff My wyfe never has made a good cup of coffee. I Donald Eitelrnan Joe Ficarra Leonard Hill Jerry J6f6hak Thomas Scott s I According to my calculations the bell will ring .... MATHEMATICS Joseph Berard Joseph Gilpin Wayne Bringhurst Robert Johnston 1 Walter O'Farrell Charles Pine Ed Robertson Donald Volz I James Acmfd Jim Cmfmean I dmz't know how to say this, but ........ Fvank Awnstwmg Chavfles Hart INDUSTRIAL ART Anatomy of a ynotgy, Dale Haukland William McClellan Havold King Blyss Vrem James Laflin Edward Walker Darrell Christensen Jay Howell Charles Redd Ken Sayer Esther Steelrnan It's needed in the cafeteria by 11!!! Wes Stewart x E Amoebas, arnoebas and arnoebas. Gary Williams John Yount 6 science en Robert Aird Edward Capparelli "Bull Session" Tom Branchetti Dale Favier HISTORY Russell Freeman Richard McFalZs John Morgan Robert Stearns Bob Vislay Gene Jozens L arry Madalena Conrad Ohlsan Jack Truan Fred Whztledge Sara Carbonell Robert Flores LANGUAGE Ya say ya wanna learn a language ? ? ? Floyd Freiss Steven Van Blankenstein Regine Henry Esmael Velasquez Wallace Russell SPECIAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS Viola Perea Beth Yount How to become a housewUe ? ? Ruth Redd Marguerite Stewart Larry Herron Dean Renfuo Russell Young Tvainingfofr the U. S. Olympics. Robert Stokes Al Zamsky PHYSICAL EDUCATIDN Dmfis Acofrd Judy Cox Chaiflene Mumford Rebecca Dauei' Vivian Oliver Shirley Call Patti Cunningham Sadie Ibuifg Jessamine Nepper SECRETARIES Connie DeJong Joan Hogan JoAnne Sclafani Virginia Gere Nurse Jane Malory Librarian Jane Burris Teacher Aid Regina Fuller Librarian Clerk Judy Haaland Velma Stewart Teacher Aid Librarian Clerk 1. 1 SE PRS LJUQKTIGR 53,151 af A SENIOR CLASS 67 af .50 I ., Vrkr I f S S f l AbS I --flfeisw , I S S ,,S. I Rocky PARSONS MIKE YOUNG BRONWYN MURPHY MARY GROFF SENIOR COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Mary Groff, Karen Aldrich, Linda Meza, Becky Pecnik, Rocky Par- sons, Diane Crestani, Toyna Carnpa, Kathy Ackerman, Larry Elliot, Chuck Stauffer. SECOND ROW: Claudia Fall, Carol Burris, Randee Jensen, Toni Servillo, Linda Knoblock, Brownyn Murphy, Diane Bengston, Linda Hubbard, Suzie Morris, Terri Musatto, Tian Melendrez. THIRD ROW: Deanna Conrad, Wendy Wilrninko, Melody O'Niel, Marilyn Johannes, Darla Deitz, .Sally Sanborn, Dolores Algria, Linda Lang- ford, Randy Clay, Ron Jeffers. FOURTH ROW: Joan Mar quardt, Lynn Daniels, Mary Benetez, Diane Shrainek, Mary Zdillor, Jackie Testa, Linda Patton, Sue Vega, Joanne Behan, Louis Brewster, Mike Young, Glenn Pierce. FIFTH ROW: Dave Duggins, Diane Curtis, Jo Z erilli, Carla Clegg, Nmfene Nikodem, Pam Beglau, Mike Demrner, Jerry Trornbetta, Phil Golstein, Mark Vinson, Mel White, Bob Dahl, Frank Tiburzio, Mike McGlathery. J OSEPHINE ABAR CA CHER YLE ABERNA TH Y KA THR YN ACK ERMAN GEORGE ADAME VICKI ADAMS GILBERT AGUILERA SENIOR ClASS '67 I SHARON ALA CHNI E WI CZ MICHAEL ALAMIA JAMES ALBER S AR TH UR ALDACO KAREN ALDRI CH DOLORES ALEGRIA EDDIE ALLISON J UD Y ALLISON PAMELA AL VAREZ JOE AMADO LINDA ANDERSON PAUL ANNAN HESTER APPELBAUM MIKE ASHCRAFT BILL AUSTIN LINDA BAILEY SUSAN BAKER DOLINA BAKERJIAN ALBERT BALLOU ALLAN BANNISTER ARLENE BARKLEY GARLAND BARNES MICHAEL BARRERA SHARON BAR TH KAREN BASILE PA TRI CK BA SILE JOAN BA U GH DIANA BA U GHMAN SENIOR CLASS '67 WA YNE BEAMAN JOHN BECK RICHARD BECKL UND PAMELA BEGLAU SANDRA BEGLAU JOANNE BEHAN TOM BENEDICT DIANE BENGSTON NANC Y BENHAM MAR Y BENITEZ STAN BENNETT BARR Y BI OLE TTO LINDA BIRCH JO ANNE BISHOP DOUGLAS BLAIR BILL BLANKENSHIP LINDA BLIZZARD NADINE BOATMAN GERALD BOMGAARS WAYNE BORIS DONNA BOUNDS GERALD BRAMLETT BOB BRANTLE Y HENR Y BRASS ROBERT BREDSTEN ELAINE BREITENGROSS LOUIS BREWSTER RICHARD BRITTAIN SENIOR CLASS '67 VINCENT BRONCA TELLO RICHARD BROTHERS ALLEN BR UMMETT TAD BR UNTON VINCENT BUETI SUSAN BUHL DA VID BULF CA THY BURGESS KAREN BURNETT KATHLEEN BURNISTON RICHARD BURNS CAROL BURRIS RICHARD BUSH FRED BUTLER JACQUELIN B UUS KARIN CAHILL CAROL YN CALL MARCIA CALLISTER CRAIG CALTON GLENDA CAMP TON YA CAMP ARLTON CAMPBELL GE OR GE CAMPBELL MICHAEL CAMPBELL J UDI TH CARE Y RA Y CARR OLL CHARLES CARTE JOHN CASEY NANCY CASSIANNA KATHERINE CASTELLANOS SENIOR ClASS '67 ELIAS CASTRO STEVE CHAGOLLA ANITA CHALLINOR EARL CHANDLER GE OR GE TTE CHAPIN LARR Y CHAPIN N DANIEL CHA VEZ JOE CHA VEZ HOLLIS CHRISHOP ARLENE CHRISTIANSEN JEROME CLARK LINDA CLARK ANDREA CLAY DAVID CLAY KEN CLAY ROBERT CLAY CARLA CLEGG ROY CLEMENTS JANET CL YMIRE RICHARD COCHR UN SANDRA CODNER CHARLENE COFFMAN SENIOR CLASS '67 DONNIE COLLINS DEANNA CONRAD CHER YL COPELAND JAMES CORDERO THOMAS COSNER DEBORAH CRAIG DIANA CRESTANI NANCY CROOKHAM JESSE CR UZ CLA UDIA CULBER TSON DIANE C UR TIS ROBERT DAHL RONALD DAILEY LINDA DAL TON GLENDA DANIEL JEAN DA UGH TON STE VE DA VENPOR T MAR Y DE C OLA DARLA DEI TZ BEN DELGADO MAR Y DELGADO RAY DEMMER KATHLEEN DEMPSEY GLEN DENNIS JANE DESART ANUNCIA DLAZ SUSAN DOLLAR JIM DOSSEY l GEORGE DRESSING JOHN DUBY DA VID DUGGINS JOHN DWOJAK -'A - - w ROY EARHART CHRISTY EARLY PAMELA ECHARD JESSE ECKENROD HARR Y EIFERD JERR Y ELDERS LARR Y ELLIOTT SAM ELLIOTT LOYD ELLIS STEVE ELLIS 5 5 , , DAR YL ENSLOW JAMES ENTWISTLE LINDA EPPOLITO SHAN EVANS CLA UDIA FALL GA YLE FARABA UGH LARR Y FARN WOR TH RONALD FARR TERR Y FERNANDEZ BILL FIELDS RICHARD FILIPPONE JERR Y FINAZZO SUSAN FISHER JAMES FITCHLEE SENIOR CLASS '67 GREGOR Y FLECHTNER FRANK FLETCHER JOE FLORES LARR Y FLORES MIKE FL YNN R OXANA FOGEL FORR Y FOLLE TT JESSICA FORMAN FRANCES FORTNAT CATHY FOSTER SHERRIE FOSTER GERTR UDE FRANCISCO ROBERT FREEMAN JIM FRISBY SANDRA GARCEL JENNIE GARCIA NORMA GARCIA SYLVIA GARCIA TONY GAR CIA RAND Y GARDOCKI BILL GAR TEN CA TH ERINE GEN TR Y BARBARA GERAS STEVE GERBER LINDA GERRY PAULA GETTINGS JIM GIDCUMB MICKEY GINN H PHILIP GOLDSTEIN DEBORAH GOSSETT JOHN GRAHM MORAG GRAHAM FRANK GRAVES NICHOLAS GRECO MARY GROFF JULIE GUILLEN DANIEL GULO LARR Y GUNTER DIANE GUY FRED HAGER TY JUDY HAINSWOR TH IRELEE HAMMOND CLARENCE HARD Y JOSEPH HARE BEVERLY HARRIS MARK HARRIS LINDA HARRISON JO Y HAR TNESS J UANI TA HAR VE Y DIXIE HA Y ADA HA YNESS JACKIE HEMMEGER RUTH HENDGERSON J UD Y HERNANDEZ MAR Y HERNANDEZ NANC Y HERNANDEZ SENIOR CLASS '67 I ELDA HERRERA RANDALL HERRON STEVE HIGGINBOTHAM HARR Y HILL MA VIS HILLI US JANICE HILPERT DONNA HINE CURTIS HINKLE C URTIS HIN TON KAREN HIXSON ROXANNE H OCHE VAR SANDRA HOGUE LONNI HOLCOMBE JUDY HORTON CECILIA HORZ EN PA UL HOTELLING RICHARD H O USEHOLDER KATHY HOWARD FARRELL HOWDEN LINDA HUBBARD JANET H UBER MARK H UBER T THOMAS HUGART MEREDITH HUGHES JERR Y HUNTER LESLIE HUNTER LINDA H URD LONDA HYDE SENIDR CLASS '67 KATHLEEN IM US C YN THIA INGRAM GEORGE IRE TON ROBER T IR WIN DIANNA JACKSON GREG JACKSON STEVEN JACKSON MARSHALL JAUREQUI RON JEFFERS DEBORAH JENKINS RANDEE JENSEN LA UREL JESSE MARIL YN J OHANNES JIM JOHNS JERRY JOHNSON WANDA JOHNSON PAT JOLICOEUR NIKKI JONES TRINA JOSEPHSON STEVE JUSTICE KENNIE KARCH R OBER T KEEFER R OBER T KINCADE CAR OL YN KING KA TH Y KIRB Y W ROSEMAR Y KIRB Y JEAN KIRKLAND C YN THIA KLIMAS SENIOR CLASS '67 SHARR ON KNIGHT LINDA KNOBL OCH ED KOCH K YR ON K OPANOS MICHAEL KORDICH DANIEL KRIST FRANK KRUEGER KATHLEEN KR UEGER T I MARIENNE KUEBLER KAY KUNDE KATHLENE KUTIL AUTH O LABAW MICHAEL LAH TI DA VID LALL Y 1 DIANNE LAMANTIA JIM LAMBETH ALLEN LAMOUREAUX DL4NNA LAMOUREAUX PETE LANE LINDA LANGFORD J UDI TH LAPASH JOHN LAPIOLI W K CHRISTINE LARGE MELANIE LAWSON WILLIAM LEEN J UD Y LEGGI TT DA VID LEHMAN ANTHONY LEOGRANDE SENIOR CLASS '67 RICHARD LESCH HOWARD LESLIE MAR Y LETT BILL Y LEWIS DAVID LEWIS DAVID S LEWIS EDDIE LEWIS SUSAN LEWIS EDWARD LIRA KATHY LITTLE HENR Y LOCKRIDGE MEL YNDA LOEHR ALLEN LOIBEL MARGUERIT LORENZ DENISE L0 USTA UNAU TERESA LOYA JOHN LOZA ANDREW LUKCIK WILLIAM L UKER VELMA L UNDBERG RE UBEN L UNDEEN BILL L YNCH LINDA MacA ULA Y ROSARITO MACHAIN R OBER T MADRIL RAM ON MAGANA JAMES MAJER THEODORA MALIS EN IOR ClASS '67 J UD Y MANNING LINDA MANSKER YV ONNE MANNING JOE MAR CIL JOAN MAR Q UARD T H ENR Y MARR UJO SHAR ON MAR TINEZ STEPHEN MA TH ESON LINDA IWAYO SUSAN MCCANN PATSY MCCORD BILL MCDANIEL RICHARD MCEACHERN TOM MCGILL MIKE MCGLATHERY PATRICIA MCGOVERN RON MCHENR Y JOSEPH MCKEE ALICE MCVICKER MARCIA MEAD ED MENDENHALL TIM MELENDREZ PETE NAGY DARLA NAPIER LINDA NAVARRO DIANE NEEDHAM CLIFF NELLIS DLANA NELSON SENIOR CLASS '67 KAREN NEWTON NOREEN NIKODEM JOANN NORTH RICHARD OLSON MEL OD Y ONEILL ST UAR T ONEILL VINCENT OR TEGA HAZ EL OSTR OM THOMAS OTT TIM OUSLEY LUCILLE PADILLA DONNA PANA TTONI BEA TRIZ PANDELI JANET PARKER JANET PARKS GERALD PARSONS DAVID PATE LINDA PATTON LIBRADA PAYAN GLORIA PA YNE GLORIA P. PAYNE JAMES PEARCE MAR Y PECK LINDA PECNIK BECKE Y PE CNIK R OSALIE PEREZ SENIOR CLASS '67 LARR Y PERRIGO JAMES PETERS STEVE PETERSON GLENN PIERCE CHARLOTTE PINKNEY VIRGINIA PINO MICHAEL POLLOCK TERESA POPE B OBB Y POTEET STEVE PO WELL LARR Y PRANA USK FRANCES PRA TT MIKE PRESTON JOHN PRICE BONNIE PR UIT KATIE QUINN WILLA RABIN O VI TCH MAR Y RAINWA TER W W K M URIEL RAMBA UD YVONNI E RAM SE Y CHER YL RANKIN LINDA READ JANET REA VEL Y ROBERT REED STEVE REEVES PATRICK REIMER SENIOR CLASS '67 SHARI REMAI PATRICIA RE YES DONNA RHODES GLENDA RICE TED RICH MA TTHE W RICHMOND TERESA RICKMAN NI CK OLE T RIEDER RONNIE RITCHEY MICHAEL RITCHIE ROY ROBERTS JUDY ROBERTSON MAR Y RODRIQ UEZ CRAIG ROGERS JOEL ROGO DIANA ROHRBACK MARY ROJAS DARLENE ROSS JIM ROUNSAVALL DAVID ROYE MARY RUIZ DEBORAH RUSSELL 1 w HERBER T R U SSELL JOHN R USSELL ML simon cuss '61 SYLVIA SANDOVAL GEORGE SANFORD JESSE SANTACR UZ LINDA SANTRACH SHARON SARTAIN JIM SATTER WHITE LINNETTE SAWYER STEVEN SCALF W MARCIA SCHENE ELAINE SCH WAR TZ FRANK SCIALDONE ROBERT SEAMAN LINDA SEAT JOSEPH SEEMAN SHARON SELLERS RICHARD SENTER ANTIONETT SERVILLO LEANN SEVERSON DONNA SHADLEY INA SHEPHERD DIANE SHRAM EK PAMELA SH U TT SYL VL4 SIL VA DA VID SKEENS JAMES SLIDER DEBORAH SMITH SENIOR CLASS '67 DO UG SMITH IWARIL YN SMITH MICHAEL SMITH ROBER T SMITH RODGER SMITH J UD Y SN YDER SAM SORRELS R OBER T SOTO JOSEPH SPIN UZZI LINDA SPRATT RION STALWICK VERN STANSB UR Y PH YLLI S S TAN TON CHARLES STA UFF ER VIKI STILL MICHEAL STRAMISK Y PHILLIP STRAMISK Y MARIA SUAREZCARRIL STEVE SU TTLES BILL SUTTON TAD TAELOUR HOWARD TAI T MIKE TAYLOR MARC TAYLOR CHERI TEMPLES CHRISTINE TENNANT JACKIE TESTA JAN THA YER SENIOR CLASS '67 FRANK TIBURZIO CONNIE TILTON PAMELA TILTON WILLIE TIMMONS KAY TIMS PAUL TONELLO JACK TOOTHMAN PRISCILLA TORRES MARIE TOWLE LARRY TREBIZO JEROME TROMBETTA GENE TR UDO SHERMAN TR UI TT GORDON TUCKER AN TOINE TT TUDOR LINDA TR UNB ULL BENJAMIN UR QUIZ U HENR Y URQUIZ U WILLIE VALDEZ RICHARD VALLECORSA LINDA VASQUEZ SUSANNE VEGA FREDDIE VELASQUEZ BOBBIE VERNON RAY VIALOVOS PA UL VILLANUEVA SMILEY VILLAVICENCIO JERRY VINCENT SENIOR CLASS '67 MARK VINSON AMEDEO VIOLA CARMIN VIOLA NEDIO VIVOLA JOE WALESZONIA LINDA WA TKINS CAROL WATT ETHEL WA TTS -PIERCE LESLIE WEIN GARY WEISS CHARLENE WHEELER PA UL WHEELER MEL VIN WHITE RICHARD WHITE RON WILLIAMS STEPHANE WILLIAMS SHARON WILLIAMS DARLENE WILLIS WEND Y WILMINKO GREGOR Y WILSON JOHN WILTSHIRE JOYCE WINDBEGLER CINDY WISE SUSAN WOOD LARRY WOODFORD DI VID WOODUL CAROL WRIGHT LINDA YOUNG SENIOR CLASS '67 MARK YOUNG MICHEAL YOUNG MARY ZDILOR JO ZERILLI CHARLES ZIELKE VIC ZUMPANO SENIOR ClASS CAMERA SHY ADAMS, GARY ALVAREZ, BRUCE BAKER, EDDIE BELL, WILLIAM BENNETT, DENNIS BLAKE, JERRY BOLDUC, MICHAEL BOYD, DAVID BRADEN, TIMOTHY COLEMAN, DARRELD COOK, MICHAEL DYSINGER, WILLIAM EBERHARDT, THOMAS EDWARDS, CHARLES ESHLEMAN, ALBERT FERRIE, DONNA GASPARINI, RONALD GLASGOW, ROBERT GONZALEZ, LAWRENCE GOULDSBUR Y, KATHLEEN GRIGSON, JESSE HANNER, STEVEN HERNANDEZ, RICARDO HOLCOMB, LINDA HOLLAWAY, GLYNDA HOUSE, JOAN HUDSON, H UER TA, JORDAN, KASPER , KE YSER , VIR GINL4 LOUIS DONNA STE VE REBECCA KING, CHRISTINE KING, CONSTANCE KLEPAR, GEORGE LEAVITT, JOHN LEE, LINDA LOCKE, KATHLEEN LOCKE, PATRICIA LORENZEN, DAVID MARSHALL, LANNY MILES, CLARA MONTANEZ, CAROL YN MOORE, HARRY PALMER, RICKY PALMER, WILLIAM PARENTEAU, EDWARD PERGIOVANNI, THERESA PICKHARDT, MICHAEL PINKNEY, DAVID PORTER, THOMAS REED, FRANCES RITTER, BARRY ROHAUER, JAMES RYAN, CLYDE SIMS, PAUL STE WAR T, DAN STO VER, ROBER T STR ONG, PHILLIP TODD, JON VASQ UEZ , MANUEL WALKER , LARR Y WALLACE, RODGER WEIDKNECH T, AR TH UR WRIGHT, PA UL H f Larry Brogdon JUNIOR COUNCIl FIRST ROW: Marline Volkart, Tina Amato, Donna Lee, Lee Stockwell, Coleen Pope, Pam Myers, Cheryl Ficarra, Nancy Marquez, Gloria Lopez, Debbie Warnica. SECOND ROW: Jan Cartzdafner, Roxie Huzzie, Donna Edmiston, Kimmi Cochran, Brenda Campbell, Kathy MoKewan, Diane Silva, Liz Jefchak, Laura Husted, Terri Gianatti, Bill Freeman. THIRD ROW: Mary Rounsavall, Vicki Boul, Kathy Robert- son, Debbie Pardo, Mary Walstad, Linda Leetzow, Terry Drevlo, Deleta Wilson, Janet Koehler. FOURTH ROW: Jim Scearce, Clar Roy, Linda Aguilera, Donna Atwood, Pam Anderson, George Hamilton, Mary Ellen Ehman, Linda Hatheway, Peggy Mabius, Joellen Owens, Vaughn Crocker, Bill Bramlett. FIFTH ROW: Larry Brogdon, Tim Zichkur, Randy Kennedy. JUNIOR CLASS '68' Bob Blackwood Debby Warnica George Hamilton H ,fit-1 ,rw , m Vial .1,. ,Sf-I , ,V is 1 1 ,V z T ,. x, X' 5 ee. X z- Eze .11 it ng. Q, z,'wW' is Vs' 9 It g , ,M 7- W . e Q sei' I 1 V ' Q 1--,Q 45, 'At, sfz',A. 1 3, 'S , , ,,,,,,i QQ M 'UU' x V 2' 'al wif, ,QP , -4 -'ire . 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V W, '. f.,s-'- ,ty - mi.4:.'-Eiw 2 x T716 ,QF Daniel, Christopher Daniely, Ginger Dappen, Susan Davenport, Debra Davis, Janice Davis, Sandra Dawson, Janice Day, Bruce Decarli, Laura Delair, Jeannett Delair, Joan Delair, Joanne Delinski, Connie Delong, Maria Derrick, Dan Detamaso, Marguerit Diaz, Stephanie Dietz, Ken Dillon, Eugene Dinoff, Roberta Dockery, Sanuel Donahue, Diana Doney, John Dowdell, Leah Dragoon, Richard Drake, Kathryn Drevlo, Teresa Dulaney, Jack Duncan, Lane Duncan, Sherril Duran, Gloria Earls, Lynda Edmiston, Donna Ehman, Mary Clements, Juanita 223552. 7 T ,wa 3 Lf, H - 'gif' Pima" '- -, ,, 2. .. TUX ,vt . ,pf , - AN 1 - , or ,S ws. QW. . .,,. 9- pf , 1:,,i.1:f3f1 Ni- .,,,, ' S Q avi, 9.15515- wife , ' ig it K 1' ' 5 1 in . if 'ESU ' Q , , Q , pe, f-z, Q iw ' ' , Ji ,S 5 ,15 is ' r Q v g af' l L, f 'YQ LQ-e grief" V Q fly. K '+, ,,g,gL',. . fs .gp i , , . male? A mils: I ,- A, f iv , Q' fo 5 J . Rims. .-wiiifsfg 31 . fE'.1f,11h Campbell, Brenda Campbell, William Canafax, Martha Carle, John Carroll, Michael Carroll, Ray Carte, Deborah Carter, Cynthia Cartwright, Barbara Cartzdafner, Jan Castanon, Jennie Castellini, Dim Castro, Rolando Cathcart, Ernest Caviness, John Cayton, Barbara Chagolla, Teresa Chascsa, Linden Chase, Stephen Cheney, Richard Cillujjfo, Anthony Clark, Dennis Clark, Jim Clark, Sharon Clarke, Gayle Clarkson, Sandra Clay, Robert Clements, Juneau Clutter, David Cochran, Kimmi Collie, John Comstock, Patrick Conti, Carol Cooley, Ronald Coonce, Lois Coonrod, Nancy Cota, Kathy Cotner, Michael Cowell, Robert Craig, Debbie Craighead, Robert Crawford, Roger Creel, Stanley Crider, Brenda Crljenica, Carol Crocker, Vaughn Cross, George Cuder, John Cunningham, Alan JUNIOR CLASS Elam, Georgeanne Elliot, Linda Ellis, Bonnie Epperly, David Escobar, William Eshleman, Al Eshleman, William Estrada, Daniel Evans, Ruth Fair, Carla Faye, Sandra Fazio, Diane Feagley, Gloria Felix, Robert Felt, Nathaniel Ferguson, Richard Ferriter, Stephen Fiearra, Cheryl Figaszewski, George Finley, Linda Fiscus, Randall Fisher, Juanita Foral, Rickey Foster, Raenelle Fowler, Linda Freeman, William Freetage, Gary Frick, Ernie Fristrom, Harold Furlott, Jeanette Galasso, Mike Galetti, Gregory Gallardo, Martha Gallo, Mary Garay, Shirley Garner, Tim Garrison, Richard Garten, Miriam Gates, Elbert George, David Giannotti, Teresa Gianunzio, Kathleen Gillentine, William Glasgow, Robert Glaze, Gail Glenn, Elizabeth Gnerre, Frank Gachanour, Brenda Gargei, Cheryl s :M . ggi I 5 vf! Gracey, James Grant, Barbara Greenup, Joyce Griffith, Roger Grimes, Roxanne Grigson, Jesse Gruenwald, Marie Guillen, Gilbert Gunter, Linda Gursslen, Carol Guy, Elaine Haigh, Rita Hall, Betsy Hambleton, George Hamilton, Nancy Hansen, Karen Harlow, Thomas Harper, Kirk Harrod, Phyllis Hashu, Holly Hathaway, Linda Hawley, Donald Haywood, Kenneth Heatherly, Jamie Heil, Beverly Heins, Donald Helvie, Leilani Henderson, Harold Henrickson, John Hensler, Glenn Henson, Dan Hernardez, Joseph Hernandez, Michael Hester, Tim Hightower, Twila " 4, are ,. 4-ur . Q3 5 A 2 ,ge f fs 1 ,iz W , lie? if l55'.',,, , ' 1:51554 pg' Jigs' ' fizgw ' Hill Glenn Hiller Kathleen Hine, Larry Hodson Lennie Holcomb, Betty Holt Kathleen Hopper, Janice Houts, Penny Hudak Barbara Huddleston, Jackson Huddleston Lana Huerta, Edithies Hughes, Candice Humenik, Georgette Humpert, David Hurchalla Robert Hurd Carl Hurley, Roger Husted, Laura Huzzey, Roxy Hyles, Billie Ibarra Ricardo Irwin, Ricky Ivins Rush Jackson Juanita Jackson, Norma Jackson Richard A Jackson, Richard K Jackson, Steve Jamerson Joanne James Allen Jaramillo Linda Jaurequi, Ruben Jefchak, Elizabeth Jiannino Thomas -1 , ,Av f 5, Y Q, . . J. ..- if seq? -'K ,. ,- a W , X, , ,,,,,, 4, ,A -, t w, ., ,,- Johns, Jim Johnson, Clem Johnson, Deirdre Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Gary Johnson, James Johnson, Leah Johnston, Jeri Jones, Jack Jones, Lynn Jones, Richard Jones, Susan Jordan, Keith Julian, John Kajszo, Philip Kallal, William Kasper, Steve Keen, Edward Kellen, Susan Kempfer, Rusty Kennedy, Randy Kesterson, Robert Kincade, Ira King, Charles Jensen, Ken King, Nancy Kingsford, Kenji Kinsley, Carol Kirby, Richard Kirkland, Royal Koehler, Janet Kokot, Walter Kondus, Marilyn Kopchak, James Kordich, Mike Kovach, Cindy Krajeski, Carolyn Kudray, Larry Kuric, Christine Lacock, Gregory Lacroix, Terry Lamantia, Steven Hyles, Steve Lambrich, Dortha Lammers, Phil Langmaid, John Lapioli, Kenneth Large, Katherine Camera Shy JUNIOR CLASS Maloncon, Brenda Mangione, Vince Mann, Joan Camera Shy Marcil, Judith Markley, John Marks, Adrian Marler, Jean Marovich, Eva Larson, Karen Layman Carl Lazzarotto, Jeanne Leavell Daniel Leavitt, John Leavitt Paulette Lee, Richard Lee, Robert Leeper, Yvonne Leetzow Linda Lemos Victor Lenoir Erma Leonard Terrence Lewis Charlie Lewis, Eddie Lewis Stephen Liehtenberger Robert Locke Robert Loeffers, Nancy Loera Santos Logo Basil Long Willis Lopez Gloria Lopez, Ruben Lugo, Phillip Luker, Kathleen Lundberg, Paula Lynch, Nancy Lynch, Peggy Mobius, Peggy Macbrohn, Edmund Maerki, Linda Magana, Ginger Magdich, Joyce Main, William Marquez, Nancy Marrujo, Robert Marshall, Carolyn Masters, Thomas Matheson, Richard Mathews, Katherine Mattson, Douglas Maupin, Terry May, Scott Mayer, Linda Mayzak, Marsha Mccamey, Doyle Mccance, Ronald Mccandless, Mary Mcdougal, Karen Mefatrich, Jimmie Mcgooern, Kathleen Mcgowan, Daniel Mcguire, Karen Maguire, Rendi Mchenry, Gail Mckay, Bobbetta Mckewan, Kathleen Meknight, Donald Mclean, Daniel Memurray, Mary Mcnerney, Roseanne Meals, Sharon Medina, Joann Medina, Josephine Mejia, Jerry Melton, Debra Mesa, Adrian Meyers, Mary Mezzanatto, Rory Michalik, Loraine Michaud, Joseph Middleton, Lana Miller, Carole Miller, Daniel I ..:4w.. -, ,, if, Mi-14 f if. 1 --.1 31' MN. we fi Wi sing' if i K . 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SECOND ROW: Ternrny Corey, Doris Drake, Pat Broderick, Patty Eharnan, Susan Vennern, Laurie Mudd, Carolyn Dwojak, Clair Roy, Chris Barton. THIRD ROW: Sandy Gard ocki, Parn Suhl, Connie Kinsey, Jolynn Williarns, Charlene Williams, Juanita Rounsvall, Sherry Baker, Sherrie Magana, Susan Ladner, Sara Bonoccorso. FOURTH ROW: Margret Grunwald, Kathy Bledsoe, Lucille Jagger, Parn Flaherty, Jody Papke, Donna Pean- nadosi, Judy Peterson, Mary Bangston, Kathy Johnson, Monica Lesh. Rod Palmer SOPHOMORE CLASS '69' Vicki Johns Sharon McPeters Larry Pitterojff Abarca, Vincent Abber, William Abernathy, Richard Acevedo, Carmen Acosta, Mary Adair, Atephanie Adams, Fred Aguilera, Margaret Aker, Cynthia Albertson, Pamela Aldrich, Cathy Allen, Leland Allison, Diana Alvarez, Richard Anderson, Betty Anderson, Gary Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Michael Angell, Wendy Angulo, Gloria Argomaniz, Sylvia Arlmv, Jane Arthurs, Gary Ashurst, Kathleen Avilez, Frank Avilez, Jesse Bagley, Wendy Bainter, Theresa Bakas, John Balderas, Maria Banks, Timothy Bannister, Daniel Barker, Cheryl Barker, Sherry Barkley, Sandra Barlow, Richard Barnes, Kenneth Barnes, Lucille Barnes, Terry Barnier, James Barone, Paul Barrance, CZO'ton Barton, Christine Bates, Christine Bates, David Bates, Gregory Batson, Curtis Baxter, Bruce Beery, Yvette ,,, 1: Beglau, Janice Bell, Jacquelin Bell, Linda Bell, Theresa Bell, Wesley Bengston, Mary Bennett, Nickolos Benoist, Sharon Bijak, June Bitzko, Beverly Blacksher, John Blake, Margaret Bledsoe, Kathleen Blevins, Colleen Bodell, Kristine Bodnar, Kathleen Bolen, James Bolinger, Deborah Bonaccorso, Sara Booth, Catherine Bounds, Andrea Bowen, James Boyd, Diana Boyka, Kenneth Boyles, Gary Boysha, Walter Brarda, Rhorda Brandon, Joan Brass, Michael Bray, Deborah Breitengross, John Brewington, Linda Brewster, Robert Bridger, Paula Brobeck, Paul Broderick Patricia Brogdon, Joe Brongersma, Albert Brmwmu Mary Brooks, Roger Brown, Brenda Brown, James Browning, Brett Brummett Linda Bryson, Valorie Buchanan Theresa Buckles, Allen Brown, Bob Buhl, Deboram Bumpus, Mary Burchfield, Steven Burges s , Carol Burgess, Elizabeth Burgstaler, Gary Burkart, Albert Burke, John Burnaman Glenn Burns, Michael Burruel, Pauline Calcaterra David Caldwell, Janice Callister, Deborah Campana, Cynthia Campbell, Bruce Campos, F ra Cancino, Li a Caress, Elia Caress, Llo Carey, Freddie Carrala, Jo eb I S tid K Wim ft' v 25' 21,354 ff 3 dwgi M Q 7 .gt ' ,Y 'HPI if u gf, ,gow s f Mfr? - , .,a.,,,, ,,,' 1, QQ? QE? 4:31 hi Carroll, Diana Carroll, Sandra Cartwright, Chuck S Cartwright, Terri Cassianna, Frank Castanon, Pauline Castellanos, George Castillo, Haydee Castle, Deborah Castro, Josie Certo, Vita Chagolla, Frederick Charlton, Janet Chavez, Lupe Cherpin, Paul Choat, Leona Christensen, Gary Christian, Thomas Christiansen, Rodney Clark, James Clark, Jerry Clark, Paula Clause, Valerie Clemans, Larry Clements, Lawrence Clotts, Matthew Clause, Dixie Clymire, Kim Coake, Paticia Coccia, Lynn Cochran, Sally Jo Collier, Suzanne Conti, Darlene Cooper, Robert Coates, Priscilla Copeland, Pamela Corder, Muriel Consner, Linda Coxen, Floyd Coxon, Kay Craig, Darrell Crandall, Cynthia Crane, J. Tad Crawford, Richie Crawford, Virginia Crees, Valerie Creese, Raymond Crowl, Gary Cunningham, Tommy OPHOMORE CLASS East Rebecca Edwards Donald Ehman Patricia Ellis Kirk Emerson Diana Enderson John Dillon, Enslow James Erickson Carol Erickson Lillian Estrada Linda Emery Helen Fair Cheryl Fallon Maureen Farmer Alan Frazio Larry Fenton Jerry Ferguson Frances Fernsler Kristine Ferro Thomas Ferronato Steven Fields Frank Findley, Niro Finley, Denver Fiseus, Jenny Fisher, Ted Fisher, Terry Fissella, Susan Flaherty, Pamela Flores, Arthur Flores, John Flores, Rosie Flynn, Daniel Foglio, Frank Fondren, Rita Forbes, Jacquelyn Foreman, John Forsythe, Barbara Fortnot, Virginia Foster, David Franz, Limia Freeman, John Freetage, Terry Fristrom, Raymond Fritz, Dianna Fritzler, Lani Frost, Yvonne Frye, christine Fuller, Lynn Fundum, Tommy Denardi, William Deneau, Dennis, Desart, Devore , Dickey, Diez , Dennis Dailey, Mary Dalton, Mary Daniel, Cherly Daugherty, Janice Davis, Donald Davis, Donna Dawson, Gloria Deaton, Carol Decarli, Ronald Decker, Kenneth Delgado, Ephrem Delgado, Monica Demars, Margaret DEWLMBV, SIISUM Janice Gordon James Carol Samuel Dilauro, Jacqelin Patrick Donahue, Margaret Donnelly, Joseph Douglass, Rayburn Dove, Cormie Dozier, Sharon Drake, Doris Drevlo, Cynthia Duggins, Russell Duncan, Andrew Dustin, Paula Dwojak Carrol Dwyer, Terry 214 wk, W H Ml as . ,- , -xr.. 5. Garcia Harden, Donna Hardy, Janet Harger, Linda Harger, Lois Harmon, Terresa Harnish, Terri Harrell, Phyllis Harris, Johanna Harris, Melvin Harris, Rocke Harrison, Arlena Harrison, Dorothy Hartle, Hazel Hartman, Kenneth Harts, Joyce Hatcher, Valerie HaUield, David Haughey, Carolyn Hawkins, Kathy Hawley, Ida Hearne, Benjamin Heath, Donald Hebden, Susan Heckman, Peggy Helton, Brenda Henderson, Raymond Hendren, Loretta Hendrick, John Hendrick, Roger Hendrickson, Charleen Hernandez, Abel Hernandez, Frances Hernandez, Leo Herrmnaez, Ruben Heronime, Randolf 'eau 1 fm 9 51134 ' fiwiwi fqfiffrz.-, 41:15.1-ifcsmkissrifsx Gago, Irene Gallardo, Luis Galvan, Leo Garcia, Eva Garcia, Gimi Garcia, Henry Garcia, Lillian Victoria Gardocki, Sandrea Garland, James Garrison, Emma Garrison, Gary Gaumond, Philip Gaydos, Steven Geohegan, Pam Harris, Bob Gercis, Nick Gere, Robert German, Michaelle Giden, Arie Gieseman, Dennis Gilday, John Glunt, Michael Gochanour, Wilbur Goerke, Gail Gojf, Bruce Golaski, Judith Camera Shy Gomez, Michael Gonzales, Mary Gonzalez, Maria Goodman, Scott Goodman, Sharon Gossett, Mary Gourlay, Robert Graan, Candy Granville, Sheila Graves, Ronald Gregory, Michael Groch, Cheryl Gruenwald, Margar el Guglielmoni, Charlotte Guillen, Cecillia Gulo, Joseph Guyer, Bud Guyer, Toni Hainsworth, Sheryl Hmimww cuss Hanmng, Debbie y R 1 5"w3"? -ng! . ,, 1- v,:gf,5,:' 3 ' 53, W -V K :Mm f r-mf? 41- 1 no ,Q,J,. f f l- 7 4' ,,.2 . 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' Q- Q' fwggg' , 42 rf Jones, Carol Jones, Edward Jones, Robert Juarez, Donna Jumet, Dottie Justice, Judy Keating, Linda Kephart, Daniel Kesterson, Michael Kesterson, Shaun King, Christine King, Candy King, William Kinsey, Connie Kirst, Allan Klimas, Douglas Knatcher, Kristine Knight, Gary Kober, Jay Kory, Tamara Kramer, Deborah Krist, Karen Krzeminski, Joseph Kuchar, Linda Kunde, Paul Kuric, David Lachance, Irene Ladner, Susan Lajffoday, Donald Lagrone, Limia Lamb, David Latvala, William Law, Korene Lawrence, Glen Lawrence, Robin Lay, Mike Lazzarotto, Linda Leach, Charles Leach, Lois Leavitt, Judy Lee, Barbara Lee, Thelma Lenoir, Linda Leogrande, Michael Lesch, Monica Lessin, Joell Lett, Robert Lewis, Merrill Lindsey, James Lira, Edward Litt, Nathan Little, Elayne Little, Lanny Livingstone, Janie Lacey, Steven Camera Shy Lockweed, Gregory Loftus, Patricia Lopez, Briceida Lopez, David Lopez, Josephine Love, Robert Loza, Linda Lukinich, Cheryl Luther, George Machain, Margaret Machain, Ralph Magana, Sherry Magana, Samuel Malisos, Sam is '.,.1,3i-Q ki I E' u 2 i me! + Maloncon, Bertha- Mangioneiiioslephine OMO Manguia, it Manning, Catherine Manning, Clvford Manning, David Manning, Karen Manning, Randy Mannion, Alice Marcus, Joyce Mariani, Karen Marks, Cathy Marshall, Glenda Marshall, Mike Martin, Steven Martinez, Amelia Martinez, Mary Mason, Carol Masters, Dorothy Matthewson, Alana Maupin, Bobby May, Mary Mayo, Gordon McBride, Anne McClain, Neil McCleary, Douglas McClellan, Maria McClellan, Patricia McClellan, Ramona McDaniel, Dennis Mc-Daniel, Richard Mcelyea, Lynda McGill, Patricia McKee, Billy McKewan, Cynthia McPeters, Sharon Meals, William Mena, Connie Mendez, Javier Mendrick, Leland Merenda, Vicki Mezzanatto, Gary Camera Shy Michener, Marlys Miller, Ronnie Mills, Gayanne Mills, Wayne Miranda, Isabel Miranda, Kathleen CLASS Nelson Vicki Nerkowski, Jerome Newberry, Leta Newton, Michael Newton, Ray Nichols, Albert Nichols, Patricia Nickelson, Ronald Northup, William Obrad, David Ochoa, Maclovia Oden, John Olio, Joe Oliver, Dolores Olson, Richard Olson, Phyllis Ornodoj, Deborah Ornodoff, Susan Ornelas, Ann Ornelas, Linda Orr, Greg Ortega, Joseph Ousley, Penelope Owen, William Packer, Denise Page, Jacquelyn Palmer, Rodney Palumbo, Doreen Papke, Joanne Parenteau, Roland Paris, Neil Parker, Steven Parque, Peter Parsons, Gary Partin, Fred Peck, Rozann Peirson, Kathryn Pember, William Pendergrass, Carter Peraza, Richard Perea, Anderw Perez, Abqred Perez, Juanita Perez, Ken Pergin, Darlene Perry, James Peters, Randall Peterson, John Peterson, Judith ,Q ,es--fr w.g,,:-e32 4 Jin' Q 5123! 15' X 'E ' " M"51!552E: ,s twwzf: , V ,V ff?" '- '- not f nf f it ' r 'et f o o , 2.45142 ' ii TAI. Wx ,, . , Mitchell Brenda Mitchell Joan Modlin, James Mohr Linda Molina Jose Montanez Roger Montoya Rudalph Moore Rosalie Moore Gayiene Moore Ruth Moore Tonga Morgan John Morrell William Morris Glen Mortimore Alton Muruzzi Randel Moscone Larry Mudd Laurie Mujjfley Elaine Mummy Debra Munguia Edith Munoz Cathy Munoz Stephen Marietta Benny Murr Earl Murr Martin Mrray Kathleen Musser Paul Myers Rose Munatt Lucinda Navarro Ramon Nay Lynn Neal Robert Nelson Brian Nelson Sue v 'Q -. :Big S, 5? 3 . . , cg. H ,, 'r- i WW' , f ' :xl . VK ' 1. L if 35 3 l f'tzi53f X . 'i " lv Wiz" wi., , zf. . 3 -f . an ,E A Q sw w W, 6 fs 1: M M J' ,M X Lge: S-fs .-0.1 ':, ff' Rogone, Joseph Roma, Gary Rombough, Patsy Romero, Patrick Roma, Mary Romo, Michael Roma, Virginia Roansavull, Juanita Rowland, Tommy Rowsey, Douglas Roy, Claire Roy, Mark Ruffalo, Rick Ruiz, Racheal Runkle, John Runnels, Johnny Rushing, Julie Russell, Robert Ruth, Steven Ryan, Diana Saenz, Della Salvini, John Sambrano, Patricia Sample, Nick Sanders, Craig Sanders, Scott Santillan, Manuel Sauerheber, Robert Scam Janice Scheel, Lois Schmutzer, Lorraine Schrimsher, Robert Scott, Dolores Scott, Dorothy Scott, Rhona -' s, U ... v v T' 525' .. ' cr tw". rt 1 Fav H X 1, ' 5 ' . .., giqw . ',' , 2 Eff. 71 , f' Wiaffi 5 gQ!I'?,x:f.a.,.:f3 ,. k ' Qi " ".'f33!fL?'?f" S M W I 1 ' W"-: it .. 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My te ..,., , 'Kita - .nf :Aw i W2 Seckrater, Eugene Seckrater, Kathleen Seefeldt, Linda Seineke, Roberta Senk, Von Servinski, John Sessions, Werner Setser, Douglas Setter, Daniel Severtson, Merwin Shadley, Martha Sheff, Donut Shepherd, Steven snipman, Heloise Siejkes, Cynthia Siemsen, Carol Sikora, Theresa Sillik, Clarence Silva, Arthur Silva, Dorothy Silva, Janet Singleton, Sallie Skubio, Robert Slaton, Lois Smart, Timothy Smerdell, Bryon Smith, Cilla Smith, Douglas Smith, Gregory Smith, Kevin Smith, Kriss Smith, Robert Smith, Sherman Smith, Stephen D. Smith, Stephen E. Smith, Sylvia Smith, Thomas Sneezl, JoAnn Snoen, Debra Solay, William Sorrels, Tommy Sosa, Lois Soward, Charmaine Springer, Karen Stachura, Lois Stafford, Peggy Stafford, Debbie Gary, Stachurski 4, , , 5-HU". xv ,W ', xr' if , -,vi-V I 2 ,f.- f, ll .' ' :'1,'f:. ' K V gi g . 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Steele, Robert Stevens, David Stevens, Donna Stevenson, Donna Stewart, Ella Stewart, James Strange, Gail Strassburg, Karen Suhl, Pamela Summers, Gloria Summers, William Sundeen, Carol Sustarich, Michael Sutton, Melvin Swanson, MaryAnn Sweatmon, Vivian Taelour, Richard Talbert, Myrna Taylor, Jeffrey Temples, Gregory Tenorio, Aurora Ternasky, Lance Terry, William Theodore, Tedd Thimmes, Daniel Thomas, Bonita Thompson, Carol Thompson, David Camera Shy 431415 J' .ml -Q - ffwift xi, , I wif'-igg, . , ,,..,,, ' M :f.x,,if,,,1 M . -,, ,, f-,:,'g, f- ,iv-in M 1 Agni: ,TV 9 fc . ffisiiiirv: .V K1 Thompson, William Thornburg, Tyler Thurman, Allan Tims, James Tipton, Thomas Torres, Yolanda Tounjian, Charlotte Tout, Michael Toy, Linda Townsend, Velma Tranchina, John Trebizo, Suzanna Thompson, Timothy Triana, Olioia Trimble, Terry Tudor, Linda Turco, Fred Turnbull, Daniel Turner, Turner, Turner, James Joseph Shirley Turrell, Louise Tutorow, Dennis Unseld, Allen Valdepena, Rosemary Valentine, Eddie Valenzuela, Frank Valenzuela, Louis VanHorn, Marilyn Van Winkle, Donald Vasquez, Mary Vega, Carlos Vennum, Susan Ventres, Dana Vernon, John Veteto, James Villanueva, Raman Viol, Janice wuadze, Wagner, Wagner, Wagnon, Walden, Wallace, Wallace, David Jack James Birchie Sally Larry Sandra Ward, Dennis Ward, Joyanne Warner, Lois Warren, Mary ,1 Watkins, James Wayne, Gerald Wayne, William Weeks, Donald Weeks, William Wells, Jon Welzel, Reiner Werner, Lani West, Freddy Westbrook, Janice White, Charles White, Jimmy White, Richard Whiiyard, Sandi Whitney, Lynn Wyord, Alan Wilcox, Cathy Williams, Charlene Williams, James Williams, Joleene Williams, Melton Williams, Neva Wilson, Darla Wilson, Earl Wilson, Herbie Winkler, Susan Woelpern, Carole Wooden, Elaine Woods, Gerald Wright, Marion Wright, Montey Wright, Terry Wyman, Frank Ybarra Cecilia York, Dickey PHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CAMERA SHY Adkins, Margaret Allen, Marshall Angelo, Edward Appel, Ida Aragon, Esther Arredondo, Carolyn Atkirson, Jeannie Baker, Rebecca Brooks, Debra Broussard, John Brown, Linda Brown, Robert Bushy, Dianna Carbojol, Aris Caviola, John Castellanos, Susan Castro, Ruth Cilluffo, William Darling, Sandra Davis, Larry Deloach, Bernard Doyle, Dianna Duran, Martha Duran, Virginia Elam, Gary Elliott, Sandra Emerson, Carolyn Evans, Ruth Fisher, Theodore Flores, Gilbert Ford, James Forrester, Charles Foster, William Fritzler, Arlene Grimes, Roxana Guillen, Gloria Gutierrez, Edward Hagerty, David Harris, Robert Hernandez, Hilda Hood, Gregory Hood, Martha Houts, Malcolm Howard, Calvin Hudes, Erving Hudson, Rickey Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Christina Johnson, Michael Jones, Walter Kelly, John ' Kerr, Davui King, Mary Lamons, Lance Lee, Evelyn Lopez, Robert Manguia, Edith Mansker, Linda Martinez, Arthur Martinez, Tom Martinez, Yolanda McCoy, Kathy McDonald, Scott Melton, Iler Monaco, Pat Montoya, Evelyn Moore, Sherida Moyer, Connie Mueller, Lynell Munhall, James Narez, Gloria Nordling, Gregory Nunez, Jessie Ochoa, .Paul Owens, Bob Perkins, Dennis Peters, Judy Price, Morton Rainwater, Debbie Ramos, Sylvia Reese, Toni Ritter, Karvel Rixie, Charles Rodriquez, John Rojas, Kenneth Rolin, Mickey Romero, Emily Schultz, William Shelly, George Smith, JoAnne Smith, Peggy Sprinkle, Karen Swanson, Donald Taylor, Lawerence Thogrnortin, Randall Thorn, Gail Thurmond, Louise Tout, Joel Underwood, Richard Unsell, Jeri Updike, James Urquizu, Davui Valenzuela, Frank Voss, Mary Wait, Debbie Wealand, Julia Wharry, Lorraine Whitney, Scheryl Young, Deborah Young, Young, Young, YMME, Jeanette Jolene Linda Thomas Zakowicz, John Zakowicz, Julie Zavala, Victor A Zimmerman, Ronnie Enslow, Mike Olivas, Richard Perez, Juanita FALL COMEBACKSADlYlEA!ESFAllIllGBllIESDH E PRAY Pon HEAQIE 41 EUUIBZIXGHE WUJIBUKEIB 'Mu mf , 5mf"i OUT QROHP 525541 QQ? CONFETTI HGMECOMIN TBAL NOTHING MATTERS SEA ,GULLS CON 1 ramwmdcoatscold FETT YEATEAM WATERP0 Tffffvf BASKETBALL ,, . G SENIOR POBTRAITS Q1 ' - Gigs cumsmms snumcmus HAPPY c EAafsc PARALY 1 E ET W LL NIGHT S gIlff?g,OR ELL cnnmmmennunsinvrluux 4-V SA RT MOI? 3-1-f-zsiaisi E12 6, 1' IIIGDR LL I' 1 Bl M0Il0w'!D 'fs-P so 7.1! I A L"!f!'L'?2i'L'l' Pa1Q,'QJtfEg1CEQEWBl f S mi ' J' '41 ULTIMA REAL'lImf,6 ,g Q 41 4 NPA 9:7 A19 .Q '1 x fi' P 5 ? -7-vf ' ' ' V M , 4 UKDQU QUJUJUJUJBUUJ '42 f , ,. YQ q n ' v . UA 1 is n - - .- 'f ,X lflyfsf 554675 My A WG Q W 53,13 '?P'zS+ f .f61 4l'4Q3? K 0 up 03069 QQ? ME W' 3 'P 42 772 Gfffrfbggqgcf Jgvzwf QQ' 0 49: D f' .V Q7 0 QQ 55?Z,g?f 0 ee QF '49 ,Z 353033 ... sl 6 4210: 2200, 'on 1 ' 50635 'Ye 0 WE. V Eff? 4' 4:2255 0 '-1: 'iff L+, .0 6"9 " 'r fir, Y. fl Y' 4 Fa v 'ua ,-sf -ff? dh It f mf-Q e5 F Ea - fl,. O 3925 we , E Q ' 1 9 fn U X ' v O 7' Glenn Pierce A. S. B. Vice President Chuck Carte A. S. B. President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Nancy Crookham A. S. B. Secretary Bill Freeman, A. S. B. Treasurer Craig Pinter, A. S. B. Ad-Man Cindy Wise Carol Burris A. S. B. Social Chairman A. S. B. Pep Commissioner Mr. Richard Drake Activities Director Linda Hubbard, I. C. C. President Jackie Buns Girls ' League President Larry Brogdon Jr. Class President Rod Palmer, Soph. Class President John Duby Boys' Forum President 'Rocky' Parsons Sr. Class President INTER-ClUB COUNCIL S TA ND I N G, left to right: Jan Thayer, Andrea Barnett, Joel Rogo, Richard House- holder, John Duby, Joe Waleszonia, Jan Tobiska, Claudia Culbertson, Irene La- Chance, DianaMestas. SITTING: Cecelia Horzon, Joy Hartness, Linette Sawyer, Noreen Nikodern, Linda Hubbard fPre- sidentl, Carol Burris, Jackie Buus, Josie Abarca, and Linda Meza. lEGISlATIVE COUNCIL Louie Brewster Jean Daughton C0-Editor Co-Editor FORUM STAFF FIRST ROW: Jack Huddleston, Maryanne Kubler, Louis Brewster, Jeanie Daughton, Teri Gianotti, Nancy Marquez. SECOND ROW: Nancy Harnbleton, Randee Jensen, Phyllis Stanton, Mary Burke, Joellen Owens, Larry Clements. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mel Mitchell, Steve Gaydos, Linda Dalton, Larry Pranauski, Larry Mitchell, Mark Vinson, Gary Mitchell. Willa Rabinovitch - Editor YEARBOOK STAFF FRONTROW: Dirk Jensen, Janice Hilpert, Josie Abarca, Debbie Craig, Willaliabinovitch, Mr. Ficarra, Randee Jensen, Darlene Willis, Jim Ashton. SECONDROW: PaulLundberg, Jackie Testa, Bill Freeman, Katie Quinn, Marlene Volkart, Larry Brogdon, Carol Burris, Randy Clay. Carol Burris - Activities Editor Marline Volkart - Classes Editor Jackie Testa - Faculty Editor Fran Pvatt - Advertising Editor Randee Jensen - Sports Editmf REFLECTIDNS ON FOOTBALL 66-67 VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Bob Kincaid, Jerry Clark, Jesse Cruz, Richard Householder, Ernie Cathcart, Richard Brown, Roger Roohr. SECOND ROW: Creg Jackson, Tim Wind- bigler, Jim Broncatello, Bill Campbell, Stan Bennett, Frank Tiburzio, Bill Freeman. THIRD ROW: Ralph Padilla, Ruben Garcia, Frank Graves, Bob Irwin, Rich Cochran, Steve Higginbothan, FOURTH ROW: Chuck Carte, Ed Burke, Joe Waleszonia, John WW -2 ww .af 'i 5, If ' SCHEDULE xii-N Duby, Joe Piccoli, Larry Brogdon. 1-2' , - K-, Mv,, ,------- ---4--. -NNN For-H 37 vacror Valley 6 f FOHI 24 Pomona 20 - FOHI o Maier Dei 34 FOHI 12 Pomona Catholic: 27 "FOHI 28 Chaffey 13 'x ., +FoHl 21 Ramona 21 of X 'iFOHl 20 Redlands 57 'iFOHl 7 Pacific 19 i x WFOHI T9 San Bernardino 32 my wb' ' i 'idenofes CBL A My -,N - V . ' , - f ,t il 98 - .A :.w f .: igg, , : s L L , i f.. HEAD COACH LINE COACH BACKFIELD COACH DEAN RENFRO WALTER O'FARREL ED ROBERTSON -V I y t y HV, .,,1 Aff A lIi545'2Wj f i A AOmE A A 5 5525359 E ' I it MANAGER FRANK NE GEAR O S TRA TEG Y STA TI S TI CIAN LOUIS BREWSTER MANAGER SAM MAGANA LINE COACH DON PETRONE TRAINER ROBERT JOHNSTON FOHI 37 VICTOR VALLEY 6 Under new head coach Dean Renfro, FOHI romped to its initial victory of the season behind a spectacular defensive game. FOl'll was led by versatile Joe Waleszonia with 3 TD's and 4 interceptions, as he gained il4 yards in 7 carries. Fohi held a i3-6 advantage as the gridmen ended the first half of action . Another outstanding player of the game was Joe Piccoli, who scored two of FOHl's TD's. Defensive standouts were th e front four, consisting of Richard Brown, Er n i e Cath- cart, Bob lrwin, and John Duloy. FOHl's on ly extra point was added by Jesse Cruz. When the game came to a close, the Fohi grid- men finished with a , K W If 3 r ,. -" 37-6 lead over the Rabbits. i"- A Y- Coach Robertson and quarterback Larry Brogdon discuss next play against Larry Brvgdvn Rabbits FOHI 24 POMONA 20 As FOHI entered the Pomona contest uniniured throughout their ranks, the steelers fought to a well-deserved victory of 24 to 20 . The ironmen trailed i3-0 at the halfp but the never-say-die Fontana team surged to victory behind the fine defensive work of Rich Householder, and the offensive standouts of Joe Wales- zonia and Larry Brogdon. Fohi's TD's came on a Wales- zonia to Padilla passg a Joe Piccoli off-tackle slashp while Joe Waleszonia scooted eleven and fifteen yards for the remain- ing points. I One of the many bright-spots for the Steelers was the fine show of teamwork which ac- counted for the FOHI victory. Joe Waleszonia Ruben Garcia f22l practices kicking with Joe Waleszonia U61 before lst Team all CBL garne with Pornoruz. The potent Mater Dei Monarchs, ranked number l in CIF ratings, stalled Fohi's drive For an unblemished record by dropping the Steelers 34 to 0. Fohi proved to be a strong opponent in the First quarter as they stopped a tremendous Mater Dei drive on Fohi's one-Foot stripe. Being forced to the air Mater Dei proved too much for the Steel town men as the airways be- came congested with Mater Dei passes. Standouts for the Steelers were John Duby, Ernie Cathcart, Bob lrvvin, and Rich Brown, the big four on the defensive line. FOHI 0 MATER DEI 34 y A setback as the Monarchs put Rich Householder f811 back. A Steelers scramble to keep the ball from Mater Dei players: Vis- ible are Graves f232, Householder f81j, Piccoli 1331, Irwin f642, Kincaid f821, and Duby f622. FOHI I2 PDMONA CATHOLIC 27 Steelers blocking PC kick are Brown f69j and Joe Waleszonia 1161. After doing battle with number l ranked Mater Dei last week, the Steelers entered this contest with a two-touchdown choice over the Pomona Catholic eleven . The Steelers hopes soon faded as the passing game ot PC surged them ahead at halt-time 13-0. Joe Waleszonia reg- istered Fohi's first T.D. on the First play of the 4th stanza by sprinting into paydirt from the one-yard line. The steelers managed to muster up 6 more points on aJim Bron- catello interception followed by .lim's 6l yard T.D. romp. .f . Q Joe Waleszonia fl 61 drives for five. 101 FOHI 28 CHAFFEY 13 "Big Brother" Chaffey High, was favored in the encounter with the Steelers by a 14 point pick over the Fontcmons. The Steelers mustered together a fine defensive and offensive game at the same time to com- pletely demolish the arch-rivals of Fohi . After leading at one time 28-0, the steelers finished with a 28-13 vic- tory. Standouts in the game were Rich Householder who caught 3 TD passes, and Joe Waleszonia, Larry Brogdon, Joe Pic- coli, and Ralph Padilla, whoall contributed to the cause. Rubin Gar- cia booted the 4 points after touch- downs for the Steel- men. As Waleszonia 1162 dives over the line it is good for First and Ten. Two Fontdnans, i811 Householder and f751 Cathcart, pursue unident- ified Tiger as 6931 Piceoli brings him down. FOHI 21 RAMONA 21 Quarterback, Larry Brogdon, filled the air with footballs and connected on enough of them to earn Fohi a hard fought 21 to 21 deadlock with the previously 2nd ranked CBL contender. This kept the Steelmen in contention for the league crown. Fohi's first score came on a Brogdon to Waleszonia aerial com- bination in the first half. Ramona went ahead to a 21-7 score in the 3rd quarter, but Fontana came back with another patented Brogdon - Waleszonia pass. After a crowd thrilling run back by Rubin Garcia on an interception pass, Brogdon s l a s h edoffguard for the final score of the contest. Garcia contri- buted to the cause by adding his 7th consecutive PAT . fi x Q R G41-eg Jackson Waleszonia U62 dives to retrieve ball for Steelers. 102 Jesse Cruz intercepts a Terriers pass to the dismay of unidentufied Terrier. FOHI 20 REDLANDS 57 Powerful Redlands High upset Fohi's bid for the CBL crown by dropping the Steelers 57-20. The Terriers jumped to a 39 point outburst in the first half which proved fatal to the Steelers. The second half was a different story although the score hadn't changed for the final outcome. The scoring for FOHI was led by Larry Brogdon who passed for a TD and slashed over- guard in the final minutes of the game to account for his efforts of the night. The remaining points re- sulted from a Joe Wales- zonia to Ralph Padilla sideline pass. Hardworking Ruben Garcia booted his Sth and 9th consecutive PAT's in CBL action. Ruben Garcia FOHI 7 PACIFIC I9 The Steelers entered this game on an even basis with the Pirates but the potent ground attack of Pacific proved overwhelming for the visiting Steeler men . Fohi's lone TD came on a Brogdon to Waleszonia pass with a Ruben Garcia conversion after the score. The Steelers threatened with one Pacific's end zone. second left in the half as Waleszonia intercepted in 6 Sift A Steelers defensive rnen stop 0 n s l a ug li t i ng Pirate. However, he was final ly brought down at midfield. Outstanding p l a y- ers for the Steel- men were Ed Burke Ernie Cathcart, and Ralph Padilla. As Ralph Padilla carries ball, he is untouched by Pirates. 103 I - 1 HOMECOMING FOHI I9 BERD00 32 Householder 1811 goes for first touchdown of game. Ralph Padilla 1402 scanipers by attacking Cardinal, The Steelers climaxed their '66 football season with a toss to rival San Bernardino by the score of 32-19. The Steelmen led by a i9-7 margin but the visitors pulled out in front during the third quarter behind a potent aerial attack launched by the birds. Fohi jumped into the lead four minutes into the game on a Larry Brogdon to Rich Householder pass which was good for 6 points. Joe Waleszonia passed to Householder in the third quarter and Ralph Padilla scampered i3 yards up the middle for Fohi's remaining scores. Ruben Garcia, the finest extra-point kicker in Fohi's history and also in the CBL, added two more points to his record while ending the season with an ii for i2 mark. Waleszonia U61 e v a d e s oncom- ing bird. 3 104 Frank Graves Frank Tibarzio Joe Piccoli Ralph Padilla Bill Campbell Roger Roohr Tim Windbigler X ,, Padilla M02 scampers 13 yards before he is brought down by a Berdo Bird. Chuck Carte John Daby Waleszonia U61 drives for five as gana of Carols trap him. Bob Irwin Znd Team all CBL Stan Bennett Bill Freeman Waleszoma 1161 carries the ball for five Jim Broncatello Rich Cochran Ed Burke fl Dan Estrada Ernie Cathcart lst Team All CBL Richard Brown Jesse Cruz Richard Householder lst Team All CBL Bob Kincaid l.V. FOOTBALL BOTTOM, left to right: Ricardo Ibarra, Richard Cheyney Fred Jenkins Sam Dickey, Gary Allison. SECOND ROW: Rady Nass, Ed Bork Ralph Machaiw Tony Cilaffo, Vic Zauala, Paul Masser. THIRD ROW.- Richard Ferguson Terry 'Horse' Barnes, Vic Echols, Kenji Kingsford, Mike Gilday, Gary Johnson Robert Spratt FOURTH ROW: Larry Wallace, Zsa Zsa Ralph, Joe Ortega Row Graves Row McCance, Mike Leogrande, Jirn Bowen, Steve Birchfield. -, n 5- uf ,, r.: ,g:,wgg:W .,g.,3-ggpfiga ygsgssg.-ge2ge23,f cfs,-islgiflaigissz.nsvflr: FP, 1454 , fy M , D i f- f i , W ,.'L 5 y Q 2 igj Z. - ' , ., if 1 " " flill fill i s 1 5: in ,fi- S-f i'2?,,,pg,5ml:.! f.:54,d , g f 5 gf 1 A gg. , , . . g ix . J, if 'P - ' -W i V- V .fig Q ge? . .lj aw ' j i ' ",,, J Ef'2?1. 5?M Q Q T WWI , . Milligan 2.3-, .M ,'-, -QL, ww iss ,,s,if,,gQ2f53eggi 4. Agia N i- ,fwk3.,Rg?' s.,' W' ' " " Yi. f' , 'ffm ,-,. ,Ag :' mf., gglgwsj,ggif,.,l,-, , ,gy A -W u.5,V Lg 'v,. , . 'ra' Ap . I 1 fl ,V + ,-,, - 5 Fohi Folwi Fohi Fohi Fohi Folwi Folfui Fohi Fohi SCHEDULE O Victor Valley 0 Pomona l2 Mater Dei 6 Pomona Catholic i2 Chcffey i2 Ramona 7 Redlands 6 Pacific 'l2 Son Bernardino Torn Branchetti B05 V1-91431 BEE FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW.- Steve Smith, Ray Villanueva, Rod Palmer, Glen Lawrance, Butch Pitteroff. SECOND ROW: Rich Alvarez, Jim Willard, Abel Hernandez, Less Scott, Manuel Santillan, Paul Villanueva. THIRD ROW: Pat Monaco, Joe Turner, Gil Guillen, J. H. Flores, Jim Watkins, Sherman Smith, Stan Hern. FOURTH ROW: Luis Sosa, Darryl Graig, Joe Brogdon, Bill Meals, Glen Hensler, Bruce Day, Dave Calcaterra, Jerry Fenton, Von Senk. Robert Flores SCHEDULE Fohi 21 Vicforville Fohi O Pomona Fohi 12 Aquinas Fohi 7 Mater Dei Fohi O Chaffey Fohi O Ramona Fohi 6 Redlands Fohi O Pacific Fohi 13 San Bernardino JAN CAR TZDAFNER DEBBIE PARDO CATHY WALEZONIA- Head Cheerleadev CHER YL FICARRA BEE CHEERLEADERS MAR Y MCMURRA Y Head Cheerleader: DIANNE SHEPHERD VARSITY CHEERLEADERS DEE DEE LOUSTA UNAU DIANA CR E S TANI PAM MYERS DIANE C UR TIS LINDA HUBBARD Head Songleadev: CARLA CLEGG NADINE B OA TMAN CAND Y HUGHES GLORIA ANDERSON SONG LEADERS RANDEE JENSEN MAR Y BENITEZ FOHI MARCHING BAND Drum Major: LANCE WEIGEL Drum Majorette: NANCY KING What do you mean, the brass section is gone! MR. DON EITELMAN FRONT: Patricia Sambrano, Kathy Hiller, Elaine Breittengrass, Janice Williams, Janet Koehler, Be verly Heil, Susan Jones, Kay Hunt, Valerie Clause, Cindy Aker, Jeri Johnston, Rosemary Johnson, Sally Walden. MIDDLE: Lance Weigel, Nancy King, FIRST ROW: Doug Klimas, Greg Orr, Steve Ferronato, Gerald Smarte, Dennis Hal- ing, Robert Brewster, John Russell, Darreld Coleman, Glen Lawrence, Mike Weldridge, Pat Romero. SECOND ROW: Randy Moruzzi, Jim Toy, Paul Wheeler, John Breittengrass, Chuck Stauffer, Doug Setzer, Javier Mendez, Geoffrey Rabone, Frank Foglio, Bob Harris, Tom Christian, Abel He rnandez, Phillip Strong, Mike Gomez, Royal Kirkland, Lonnie Fiston, Bob Jones. THIRD ROW: Bob R odr i qu e z, Ja m e s Jaqubino, Tedd Theodore, Gary Stachurski, Dan K e phart, Scott May, Steve Wolloch, Doyle McCamey, Bob Dahl, Roger Brooks, Joe Rogone, Greg Lockwood, Carol Crljenica, Kent Paxton, Allen Phillip s, Linda Brewington, Charlotte Gugliemoni, Sue Winkler. FOURTH ROW: Steve Ruth, Richard Jones, Michael Hern ande z, Gerald Wayne, Mic ha el Carrol, Philip Kajszo, Gary Chris tens en, Dan Lea vell, Ernest Nagy, John Van Horn, Erasmo Memez, Gary Reinschmidt, Frank Hinman, Gary Johnson, Shelly Reeves, Victor Echas. H3 DRIll TEAM Junior Captain: LAURA H USTED Senior Captain: GLENDA CAMP Advisor: MISS REBECCA DAUER BOTTOM ROW: Glenda Camp, Carol Burris, Diane Bengston, Dianna Jackson, Linda Blizzard, Laura Husted. SECOND ROW: Debbie Warnica, Liz Jefchak, Claudia Triana, Barbara Lee, Linda Leetzow, Debbie Bray, Carolyn Moniak, Mary McCandless, Gail G 0 e rk e, Nancy Marquez, Marilyn Kondus, Laura Sernar, Olivia Triana. THIRD ROW: Mar line Volkart, Scheryl Whitney, Linda Finley, Debbie Srnith, Elaine Muffley, Cece Horzen, Chris Bodell, Cindy Klimas, Sandy Gardocki, Marilyn Scruggs, Linda Meza, Joellen Ownes, Mary Burke, Colleen Pope, Jodie Papke, Jackie Buus. TOP ROW: Diane Shrarnek, Melody O 'Neill, Marilyn Jo h a nn e s, Sue Vega, Leta Newberry, Sand y Sorenson, Peggy Mab ius, Vicki Adarns, Teresa Drevlo, Pat Jolicoeur, Pain Beglau, Sandy Beglau, Sue Richter, Linda Ha thaw ay, Jackie Testa, Darla Deitz, Patty McClellan, Karen Hansen. ,4 H -, we .,,.. - , gg,,,z,,,e,,4,, w M , 1 ,,k:,, I . Mg-' Q w L,w-W3 lmfff. -fg Lg, H -n V I 45, t A ,U X ., ",- M Y , . K-f'5F!!'Y'!!' 75 . V 1 f , 'Eur M , , -www-V W -v W mv'-vw ---My--v"f'b-V-W '- ,z fff+n+1w-:-1 1' - E ?"1'2f41'm-::L"':.J'Q 3:23.--f - :far '- Y,.,.3Ti:Ti.??-'EA-Jw-' lmeljfw lTV'If'P553.ZiffL,,..,Ql. sgsi-liZ?'5Y'izWTvm,.m-,QQ-f22A"V W- wmv -fmmwzf-21-LH fy'---mmf v M -:ff::":r'6-fx:q':lx:f:tg:,M'm::::.,::'-xv, I J? ,I :Q" ' 111fn'a""WT.1:" WH" X gg fgf kkf--i mma.:-,,. . , ' JI. i ---- ' M. t. f 5.45, if Allv ..,. ,X,, , .w1igEs,M'T:' ,,.. , K , ,L f ,,,,,,,,,f-,..,,,m,.,,,.-W..,,L,. """' """""""""""4' """""'k""""' ..,, , .,.,,. .,,.,r..,,,,,,..A,,-1-.,,,...g.Li,,?:Fi,g,.i3QZ!,5? .. ., .,,. ,, - V N A m WSP . ' gg SIM-Q ' z def .Q - 5 , z ., aim v mei'-: , ,- 2535 .sw -' 2 mg fa ' N --"ww-aww-deff ' 1 ' gifgfgfi 5:- w e gg i' Q -5,.:Ez'.aw.g ff-v f, -QM? tkgyw, .-4 4 zu ..,,b-13g5i25 - ' ' , 'V 'J-2 1 -,:"lfE. . if, H if. V. 'IJ' "ii iff Ji: L " 'fp "4 -Ewaw. 'Wa1,g.g1:,Qzw!fc:. 4 -'45 "4-pzxirmf-ox 315, M" ik: - ' A V - gf 2 4-if w A f :ir 5 1, gig- Qfzswf Qfaiszfsi dv ' Q A ' 'a Y. 1" ff -'W A ' " ..f:f:'. " fn. fi, " 455' -.Fw 4 M5153 ,-a., - . . "Ei f- . ,.' ,:p::, S!'fTZ"'5?'Qk,,. -'L , Hum vi e-:. u, HWf .VB S-,2i' f:-2-fl! - , l f ff Q 3 1. A ,W N ,Q W 1, + 4 , M53 4 - , -f ,5,,,, fw W. . 1: ,,., A ... AA kfA,,Tk,,,4 .Lux gnc,-:,LL.yz,sv,-.Y,,qgx My.,,5z,, X a,:,,f,f,.,,,m1,., .,: gW,,,,mf:sfq,nw-12 fgggxzgiafieir a A -- -1.f:ff-z -.-udhlg, fa, ,, '. i i " - " - 7" .ff . ,. ' - 'j'...ff-wif.-5k,,,g,,,, ' I fe' ' y , , A 1 f , 1 5 I wa? fn e -- . 'M The 1'efe1'ee's been tackled J ! WATER POLO 1966-67 M AZ Zamsky Robevt Boadway Kenneth Sayer .W f ,.,,, - my I V1 M, 4 1-,f,':.g1,, , " ' ff.f157'5'IfQ?M I J 1 957' 3iJ.1fgf,,,?.fK1':.ff'zf:7 fl 'ff A 1' wry nh. yrs. msg Y M- ,E ,f fg ' f M 'ff'Salgt iff "5 f .f!"1f'f3Pfj, 531.35 41 Iqfiw V 4,J,'fff'If ' m"L'f 4:-f ii P W1 I V M ' u' , 1 fx .wif ' 3. ' W'- ' Gi"f9ff".L,,'4,l. A 'A fmafkf-,gy-11 ' jfff' ' 'i51fawfJf.:,ff'?f.-'7ff'5f'e1S V f , :f'Zf39fi:5- ' ' K is 'www , 1 we W1 v 1-mwz - - iff, V wg In ,, .,W, , ,, W3 A 1 ,vm 'f' Nwufff , 2, 3 - Awb l L1 ., i fg st t tfes VARSITY ,.,.W R K ,L,A A.,, Am , , Y 9 L 5 J eWf,p:t,q,':- 1-gfffgmfyi M, 4 'fe ,. W, wL,,Q,o.g5-M V ' 5 .-., 'Qk fi ,Cf in get e r wma Polo , ew , L . 11 ,, -, '95 W? jyfrlw? A ' 4 , . iq.. , V M I . .H ,aww ,N ,K my , A E - , M 4 Q of is 'fs W A ft L w H W iff an T-rd ff ,hi wfl:1L'ffv'r sf, ,, A -ff ' M F' Q - ' KY f W 'qw' 1'-' ' ' ,11'..5E?ffJi fm" Q :jim ,- i ,. F.l.Xwf,i1,.,t,,, Qui- I '33, ,'l.J1F. . ,. 'W V" '2 o',,1 ie3"f5f'fF'-fl, -A 7 -f'::r::..fx 1:15114 n ' '9'j', . V M . K:mfw,wN2 ,g , ' - f Lk, if ,wg H., ,W - A- 2' -1- 'i'9!f.93,f?:QQ1:1 ,, M y -he ,-We-+r Mg,L,ggZ.Lzfgg42914:-,L,g9,vamxwaf ff' 'V ,miifgzx:ew.1:p MW 4 Y , my iq!-flrggw 1 5 91 e, r F , , ki ' 'H' as ' ,X R9 g5'5a'.h,..WLft egiyggg,-vent Mis , s f J . I ft f 'J , ' ' 4 Q 51 u "H , 'If jw 1-QJQ17YufvW':N' 47.-:IZA 1 vt' ff 4-ie' "' .JUL f"1'h Vw- cr M1343-1-' 3 ,f 1 : M PQZWW-da, it ,2x1,, :xf,'ki H J 5,4 ' if Awww: ,, ffgtofr rf? gf: K, fWxg2,mrM'ftzfefqji' " 11,gm5,,ff.:f:yfxefgfte-f.,g3?g3:i3EafWT , , , wi. sz-fp.A5gQf5,inwf..f.mfmfw:f,2ft.:f,fa Xml:3f5'5TfhJ'5fA.1l 'iv L vh':?dTx 'Q L. 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MM 'Aw H '. 1:1'f:::,3H, :Ji If T18 2-V,-fm-1 iw 'ZW' ,t1.SfWi':-ii-H W:.!T'-,1....','- ' , ,Mlm ' GW' ,t'x"'vw,,9rA'41,4M P ,, , S f f m Q BOTTOM ROW: Larry Mocone frnanagerj, Jess Eckenrod, Marc Hubert, Jon Smith. SECOND ROW: Marc Taylor, Ernest Nagy, Larry Farnsworth, Steve Merryrnan foo-captainj, Larry Gunter, Roger Hurley. BACK ROW: Lonnie Bare, Richard Rarnbaud, George Klepar, Larry Mitchel, Torn McGill fco-captaini. BEE WATER P0l0 FIRST ROW: Bill Weeks, Larry Piteroff fco-captainj, Peraza, Jon Smith, Dale Brarnlett, Jack Bare. SECOND ROW: Jess Eckenrod, Tim Smart, Hector Herria, Paul Stanley foo-captainl, Phil Rayner, Vaughn Mayo. CEE WATER POLO FIRST ROW: Allan Huifchalla, Dan K l ep av, Jay Coxen, Keith Jmfden, Lee Strong, Jeff Taylor. SECOND ROW: Jay Kobev, Phillip Tewill fco-captainl, Tyler Th orn- bmfg, Don Shephard fco-captainj, Rocke Hawfis. Fohi Fohi Fol1i Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Folwi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Folwi +13 SCHEDULE l0 Claremonf 0 lO Vicfor Valley 2 19 Redlands l0 ll Upland 3 l2 Riverside Poly 3 lO Monrovia 5 l5 Ramona 2 12 North l lo Montclair l l9 Alta Loma l 7 Chaffey l 4 Monrovia l .3 Riverside Poly 2 2 Upland 3 Wins, l Loss - CIF Champs FOHI CROSS COUNTRY 1966-67 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TOP ROW, left to right: Ernie Vasquez, Bob Reed, DanK1fist fmanagew, Richard Olson, Manuel Vasquez. BOTTOM ROW: Joe Seeman, Victon Lemos, Steve Basay, Jewy Bomgaars, Henry Valencia, Dave Gneere, Jack Jones. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi SCHEDULE Pomona Rubidoux Chaffey Bl oomingron Ramona Redlands Riverside Poly Pacific Son Bernardino Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi .l.V. CROSS COUNTRY TOP ROW: Scott Arnett, Bob Poteet, Rogen Grijith, Richard Olson, Bob R e ed, Dave Skeens, Steven Lewis. MIDDLE ROW: James Sajadak, Rory Mezzanatto, Mike Carroll, Gary Bishop, Marmel Vasquez, Craig Pinter, Dan Bennett. BOTTOM ROW: Art Arnaton, Pat Comstock, Phil Kerste, Ernie Vasquez, Steve Chase, Ken Redondo. SCH EDUL E Pomona 21 Rubidoux l22 Clwaffey 48 Bloomington 7l Ramona 27 Redlands 22 Riverside Poly 97 Pacific 67 San Bernardino 77 SOPHOMORE CROSS COUNTRY TOP ROW: Tom Tipton, Ed Lira, Lonnie Tipton, Terry Freetage, Morrell, Art Silva, Scott Goodman. BOTTOM ROW: Dirk Jensen, Gary Anderson, Jow Molina, Frank Campus, Roland Parenteau. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi SCHEDULE Pomona 43 Roubidoux 28 Choffey 32 Bloomingfon 50 Ramona - FORF EIT Redlands 17 Pacific 44 Riverside Poly 49 Son Bernardino 41 Smfefingeifs. . . HOMECOMING PREPARATIONS Napkins , napkins, napkins ! Gossip Break Everybody works! Only 1, 820, 169 napkins left! Would you believe even boys ? RESULTS The outcome of hard work and much time towards the i966 homecoming proved to be the most spectacular homecoming of Fohi's history. Float awards went to: "Z" Club fBest non-floatjf Class of '67 iBest classlf C.S.F . fBest cluloipA'Cappella QSpeciol Awardig and the Class of '68 iSweepstakes Awardl. Co-chairmen for homecoming were Cindy Wise, A.S.B. Social Chair- manp and Carol Burris, A.S.B. Pep Commissioner. The Executive Com- mittee chose Mr. Frank Freitas as the i966 Grand Marshall. L L i 127 "Eyes, She wants the doll to have eyes. " A Doctor . Kate . . Keller . Helen . Martha . Prisy . . Aunt Ev . James .... Anagnos . . Annie Sullivan Jimmie .... Viney . . . Belle .... Blind Girls . Cronies Director . . . Stage Manager . . CAST . . . . . . . Mike Campbell . . Mary McCandless . . . . Larry Elliott . . Carol M. Wright . . . . lra Kincade . . Gloria P. Payne . . . .Suzi Morris . . . . .Joel Rogo . . . George lreton . . . Frances Pratt . . . . . Dirk Jensen . . ..... Charlotte Pinkney . . . . . . . . .fBig Redl Smoothy Marienne Kuebler, Barbara Scott, Donna Atwood, Cheryl Groch, Linda Spratt, Jimi Garcia, lrene La Chance. . . Cheryl Groch, Barbara Scott, Donna Atwood, Marienne Kuebler. . . . . . . . .Miss Donna Barrick . . .Carolyn Moniak l ll MIRACLE WORKER "Captain Keller, I'rn perfectly able to go dow ladder on my own. " '94, the first of many. Twenty-six. " Tltl A'CAPPEllA FRONT ROW: Becky Balogh, Debbie Carte, Tonya Campa, Margaret Bancroft, Sue Kellen, Be cky Pecnik, Vicki Still, Joan Schroeder, Laura DiCarla, Mary Benitez, Kathy Derry, Lynn Hammond, Terri Rickman. SECOND ROW: Karen Hixon, Linda Hubbard, Linda Mayo, Karen Larson, Mary Gallo, Kathy Ackerman, Joan Marquardt, Toni Tudor, Candy Hughes, Diane Bengston, Melody O'Neill, Linda Jaramillo, Darlene Ross, Pat Wear. THIRD ROW: Angie Vitale, Dianne Shepherd,Pam Beglau, Sandie Wright, Carla Clegg, Cindy Rueb, Vicki Adams, Sue Vega, Karen Basile, Nancy Wallace, Marilyn Johannes, Kathy Robertson. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Carte, James Sadjak, Jimmie McFatrich, Richard Ferguson, Craig Calton, Richard Cheney, Roger Hurley, Joel Rogo, Thomas Merindino, Art Amaton. FIFTH ROW: Loera Santos, George Ireton, Basil Logo, Richard Senter, Dennis Shaffer, Ed Van Dyke, Ron McCance, Joe McKee, Bruce Day, Steve Higgenbothem, Willie Timmons, George Hambleton, John Duby, Frank Graves. MADRIGALS STANDING: Santos Loera, Melody O'NeiZl, Ron McCance, Cindy Rueb, Joe McKee, Marilyn Johannes, George Ireton, Diane Shepherd, Richard Ferguson. SEATED: Lynn Harn- mond, Richard Cheney, Becky Pecnik, Chuck Carte, Kathey Ackerman, Craig Calton, Mary Benitez. Now shown isLinda Hubbard. I Q S fm Nights until 4 A.M. talking and smoking and learning. A new kind of country. A nice place to visit but l Wouldn't like to live here. Picnics, snow, and wind. Argentina was never like this. A new homey mother and Father for a year. "Do they really Speak English in Scotland Moto her friends. Hey, Nina Suarez-Carrill qu MORAG GRAHAM - Scotland NINA SUAREZ'-CARRIL - Argentina FINAL ,WWW Zfecmfa We Sump Lesleeq 93,57 3 mmeou BASEBALL Bwww PVQI D d Diploma U efmg GVQUH SPRING PROM 35? 'SWB P2El:i2,51ma1 CVD Q RADUA TI N gscjg zz 4 e 6 If kfipfhefzilfzbdby ar y belonging maruane pwm spring vafgatign 'iiin aw 'P E Q capandgrown CERTIFICATE -4 bwzdwfbaub H953 SCHOOL Fontana STUDENT HMS sumusngaavym pnwmmhqmhow uma amps Qirhahiliiatinn HANDBOCK laadwefauefaaelaae ,456-059613 Pdmfwdff A long hard look The Chora' cz!! adgdt ?a""'?5 1'5Wf""ff'W'We zcxszz. SPRINGFEVER panty Splashswim ThinSS 471' Educqtors 6 g featuring 137 2561251122 fwazfimzzga Q W-1-1-'V fx .16- A 1 -fl fqbjlf iii-l1'fi5'9 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1966-67 Steelers scramble for ball in game against Ramona. ws! W. -, 111- f , '- ee'ell lil Q me ,Q ,-im, f msiiyw 122 ' N me .,,, ,. .. , ,W fm- F aei l,,ee.e.e..lle, ,.k, 2' lleel !42iffi.Liaf lll 3 .lbl Q fg l'l1 'Q,,,L, .2 w.W1fgggfpw. A ifiigfiitwi "'1'14'1 ,4,.,x , ,i,,,,,. , ,:..eL ,kxr 5gqQjL,Qg'i,,li, g,.q23Q,f1gA1.QL2Qg , X 'sql 11. ' ,: .ma Tip it to the Steelevs fn: me W My .5 W X H ' B . V. ,,Ms.Wq.,, , , Wg '. A ,,,,A , l,m,,,,1 I ' ,, x ' wg , ,f ,- w C ,Q 1 s fi ,,L,. ' , -wffA. A ,.A, I fffnfdfiffz-f,f'f J ' 1 , ' ' , 'R It A A w W W Statistician Louis Brewster Managers Jirn Toy Roy Jasso Coach Joe Wohlrnuth TEAM--FIRST ROW: Larry Br ogd on , Bob B r a n t e ly, Rich Householder, Curt Hinton , Mel White, Ken Deitz, Louis Gallardo. SECONDROW: Ruben Garcia, Greg Jackson, Jesse Cruz, Joe Wales- zonia, Pete Lane. Bob Brantley Curtis Hinton VARSITY LETTERMEN I966-I967 Greg Jackson Joe Waleszonia Ruben Garcia Rich Householder Mel White f0Hl Rich Householder 1252 shoots fm' basket against Ramona. FOHI Although both teams shot over forty per-cent from the floor, Redlands also waited until the final minute to pull out a close 54-50 victory. Fohi waited in the wings until there were two minutes left to tie the score but two fouls and a couple of 25- footers gave the Terriers their win . Bob Brantley had a fine game with 18 points and T3 rebounds. Richard Householder controlled the boards with 20 rebounds and also hit for lO markers. Curtis Hinton with I5 points, Joe Waleszonia six, and Greg Jackson one, rounded out the Steeler scoring. RAMONA In the first home CBL game of the season, co-champions Ramona defeated the Steelers 67-59. The game was nip-and-tuck all the way as the Steelers came within one point of the Rams with two minutes left to play. Joe Waleszonia lead all scorers with 20, Curtis Hinton added l6 more, Bob Brantley ll, with l7 rebounds and Greg Jackson with seven. Richard Householder and Ruben Garcia rounded out the scoring with 4 and l points. The Rams were able to pull out the game in the final minute with four free throws and a clutch basket by CBL leading scorer Phil Rhyne. REDLANDS Cufrt Htnton's timing f55l is just a little bit better than the TeWier's as he shoots for two points. Following the pattern of the other CBL games, Fohi fought very determinedly but lost to San Bernardino 46-44 in the last thirty seconds . The lead changed hands twice in the last ninety seconds but a iump-shot with thirty seconds remaining beat the Steelers. Fohi led only three times in the game, all in the fourth and last quarter. Only one Iron man scored in double figures, Bob Brantley tanking l5 points. Joe Wales- zonia hit for nine, Ruben Garcia for seven and Curtis Hinton added five more. Householder led the Steeler rebounds with l5. FOHI SAN BERNARDINO Waleszonia on the rebound. 5 Eg: it ii' Rich Householder at the free throw line, shoots Curt Hinton jumps for ball to get the game roll- f W we WOW? Pllmf- ing at the second habf. Ruben Garcia makes a long shot good for two Fohi won their second CBL game, first win at home in two years, over the Pacific Pirates 70-60. Fohi trailed only twice in the course of the contest and twice built a l3 point margin . Pacific managed to scare the Ironmen by coming to within three points ofthe lead in the third period, but fancy shooting by the team insured the win. Brantley once again led all scorers with 27 points. Waleszonia pumped in I8 markers, Hinton I6 and Garcia four. It also marked the first time Fohi was out rebounded in a CBL game in l967. Chaffey Tiger on the rebound as Fontana 's Curt Hinton attempts to tie the ball. Rich Householder looks on. HOMECOMING FOHI CHAFFEY i967 Homecoming ended up in Cl close 65-62 loss for Fohi . The arch- rival Tigers led throughout the whole game, at one point leading by T2 points. Fohi did manage to close in the final few minutes but it W' was too late as Chaffey played a semi-stall type of game. Brantley and Waleszonia led the Steelers with T8 points apiece, Brantley - also hauling down lo rebounds. Greg Jackson and Richard Householder v Q hit for nine apiece, Householder getting I0 rebounds, and Curtis Hinton 5 Ml finished out the Fontana scoring with eight markers and l5 rebounds. is Total team rebounds numbered 53. Greg Jackson delndes Tiger as he dribbles TX, Q.. ball toward goal. Fontana 's Joe Waleszonia shoots for two points at Homecoming Game. J.V.'S Pomona Corona Co l ton Rubidoux RECORD Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Riverside Poly Ramona Clnaffey Ramona Redlands Pacific Fohi Fol1i Fohi Folwi Fohi Fohi Coach Kenneth Sayer San Bernardino Chaffey Ramona Redlands Pacific San Bernardino Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Folmi Fohi Pomona Victor Valley North Eisenhower Pomona Rubidoux Chaffey Ramona Redlands Pacific San Bernardino Clwaffey Ramona Redlands Pacific San Bernardino RECORD Fohi Fohi Fol1i Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Coach Jerome Jefchak SEASON'S HIGHLIGHTS Queenly Blush. Unbelzevablef 1967 BASKETBAll HOMECOMING 1967 Sweethearts Court. 1' , 1, . , , K 1 .ff iff- A ' .K ,WS an 3? ,T , ,, f ' 3-..1xfh',f3" 1967 SWEETHEART'S COURT DIANE SIL VA Junior Princess SYLVIA GARCIA First Senim' Princess DEE DEE LOUSTA UNAU Second Seniov Pvincess DIANE C UR TIS TINA JIMINEZ 196 7 SWEETHEAR T Sophomwe Princess Coach Steve Van Blankenstein Coach John Ross WRESTLING TOP ROW: Sam Dickey, Arthur LaBaw, Dan Ben- nett, Ralph Padilla, Dan Estrada, Joe Picolli, Ramon Na v arr o, Gary Reihschrhidt. MID D L E ROW: RogerRooh1g Rory Mezzahato, Art Arnatorl, Tea' Fisher, Ernie Vas- quez, Adrian Marks. BOTTOM ROW: John Van Horn, B ru c e Campbell Carter Pendergrass, Bill Tunney. Coach Dah Aplihg Roger Roohif Znd in CBL Ralph Padilla positions for a pin. . . Ernie Vasquez escapes his foe. . . The coaches dilemma. . . Dan Estrada wofrks his man over. . . BACK ROW: D. Hudson, R. Zimmefrman, L. Bare, S. Cveel, R. Rambaud, P. Stanly, B. Havchalla. FRONT ROW: E. Nagy, J. Graham, T. McGill, S. Memfymen, M. Hubert, M. Talmf. On yomf mark, get set .... Tense moment .... VARSITY SWIMMING Manager Bzll Northrup Coach AZ Zamsky Heave, Ho ...... . . The Group STANDING: J. Stvavinsky, P. Rayner, V. Mayo. BOTTOM ROW: H. Herewa, J. Bare. Coach Steve Van Blankensteinf B SWIMMING Stretch . MN' .V A i i --6-, A . ' L ...QV C SWIMMING fc' 4 V Q . MM- fig' i,Xh,, 5, I , , R n 9 R R Gad, this cold ...... R Z Can she swim ? BACKROW: K. Redondo, R. Hawfis, T Thovnbevg, D. Bvamlett. BOTTOM ROW: P Tewfil, L. Strong, D. Finley, J. TayZonR Pereza. FRONT ROW, left to right: ZaZa Ralph, Earl Chandler, Ernie Vasquez, Dave G n e e r e, Jim Enslow, Ron Spratt, Jack Jones. ROW2: Ron S tillwell, Ray Douglas, Richard Lesch, Ralph Padilla, Joe Waleszonia, Vic Lenios, Henry Valencia, Jeff Phillips. ROW 3: Dennis Shaffer, Mik e S rn i th, Bill King, Chris Brooks, Ernie Cathcart, Ed Parenteau, Larry Brogdon , Chuck King, Larry Pranausk, Bob Reed. Coach Ed Robertson Coach Jim Carrnean Managers Jirn Sadteck and Dan Krist Shotputter Ernie Cathcart VARSITY TRACK H Captains Ernie Cathcart and Bob Reed i RUNNING EVENTS I EVENTS FR ONT ROW, left to right: Ron Spratt, Earl Chandler, Scott Arnett, Larry Wallace, Zaza Ralph. TOP ROW: Newell Boatrnan, Steve Lewis, Jeff Phillip S, Gary Anderson, Carl Hard, Bill Morrell, Joe Seernan. 160 FR ONT R OW, left to right: Roland Parenteau, Pat Comstock, Butch Pitteroff, Paul Wheeler. TOP ROW: Abel Hernan- dez , Dave Urquirzu, Glenn Lawrence, Bob Felix. Up, up, and away. CEES Paul Wheeler sets the pace Pete Lane Outstanding Golfer GOLF Coach Dean Renfro LEFT TO RIGHT John Olio Phil Goldstein Phil Kajszo Mel White Pete Lane Jim Brown Bruce Howard Jim Jacquebino Keith Jordan KNEELING, left to right: Dan Miller, Glenn Hill, Mike Murphy, Don Shephewi. STANDING: Rich Bush, Richaud Lee, Doug Buus, Chuck Blaszck, John Cudeu. Coach Gene Jozens VARSITY TENNIS First Varsity doubles Doug Buus and Chuck Blasick. I I 5 First Varsity single John Cuder. i x Manager Jim Bowan First J. V. Doubles Ron Cooly and Rick Torres. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Dernrner, Dave Livingstone, Larry Mitchell, Gary Chris- tensen, Ron Cooley, Jim Toy, Rick Torres. J.V. TENNIS Oh! My gosh. . . Playing craps, huh ? Go get 'um. Yeh Seniofrs ! ! STEELER WEEK Heave Ho! ! ! Hippity Hop On yfmr mark. . . And they thought they were so great!! ! J! I'm sure!!! STEELER WEEK This little pig went to market! Oh, the smell! Oh! You must be kidding. What a laugh ! ! ! Casual Campus ? ? ? And he misses DES ERT SONG- K "Hu K Imran ,!lln..- 1 Q mmm WU' lllllliil llllllll it l The story opens in the Red Shadow's retreat in the Riff mountains. The Red Shadow is the Robin Hood of Morocco, who tries to help the natives. Actually, he is Pierre Birabeau, son ofthe Governor. He pretends that he is a tool to keep suspicion from himself. ln command ot the French troops is Captain Paul Fontaine, who is betrothed to Margot Bonvalet, a girl from a French convent with whom Pierre is in love. For some months the French have been trying to capture the Red Shadow, but without success. When Pierre and Margot are alone together he expresses his love for her but is reiected because he is not adventurous enough for her. Pierre later returns as the Red Shadow and again expresses love for Margot. The General who has been guided by Azuri, a native girl, enters and challenges Red Shadow to a fight. Unable to kill his own father, he drops his sword. By the law of the Riffs he is no longer their leader because he would not fight, and he is exiled in the desert. fini .A f 9 Q if f. , , ..f'lu.,7 f-'5 , ' bb -' M ,qw V rf W Hg .M . Ns V k -f'K1f 4 K SW , Q fzliff x ,, , , " x wvfvfkfr Q -tif X 3 V, f'j,sf 4 ' V' Qi 142: ,riffx 5 H ' ' . ' L , ' Qi" ' 'Lg11W'f"t'g L 'N We A ' Qij fr gf f m i1?fP:f': Wai r, mx 25:25 iv .1 X 25 1, fr , , V 3,3 1, Rx 34. .: :viii , fr ivff, 2 . f ' 'i:'i:v " Ig? 'ii Qi aw -wi '14 T, QA Q' 3 lv r 51 E51 "ik eg. Q f ' f z ' El. SSTQSQ? by . ggi wifi 4 4 , . QV',2eEgj: ,f X . V WQVI Q5 E' K 4 1967 PROM QUEEN LINDA HUBBARD . w, 4, f H03 K 'v :JF bf lfar 'dr .., J JR. SR. PEP SOUADS SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Gayle Miller, Jane DeSart, Janet Parks, Sue Fisher, Lynn Daniel. Not shown Chris Early. SENIOR SONGIEADERS Linda Blizzard. Not shown Dianna Jackson. .IUNIOR SONGIEADERS JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Vickie Schaffer, Beth Pikeathly, Joellen Owens, Teri Carol Krajeski, Nancy Sukle, Ann Wagner, Jo Schroeder Drevlo, Lani Helvie, Colleen Pope. Marilyn SC1'uggS, SMG Kelleh- Jackie Buns, Diane Bengston, Pat Jolicoeur, Glenda Camp, AWARDS GENERAL Awms CLOCKWISE, from left: Suzanne Morris -Betty Crocker 'Homemaker of Tomorrow" James Pearce-Bausch Ka Lomb "Science Award" Sherrie Foster-Liberal Arts Nancy Crookham- Vocational Arts Carla Clegg-D.A. R. "Good Citizen" Chuck Carte - Fine Arts NFL AWARDS Diana Allison-Regional Qualifier - Debate Frances Pratt-First, Dramatic Interpretation, Chaffey Judy Allison-Lion's Club Zone Winner Betsey Hall-Regional Qualdier, Debate BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS ROW 1: Glenda Camp-Business Marcia Callister-Music Carol Wright-Drama Sally Sanborn-Home Economics Darlene Willis-Art Carolyn Moniak -Mathematics ROW 2: Jean Daughton-Foreign Language Marc Taylor-Laboratory Science Katie Quinn-Social Science Stephen Powell-Trades 52 Industrial Arts Victorious Team RAllIES "The Line -up 'Tn essence. . . " Miss Phyllis Dillpickle VARSITY BASEBALL n 1966 - 67 FRONTROW, left toright: Ed Bork, Larry Chapin, Joe Spinuzzi, Jirn Albers, John Prusak. ROWZ: Glenn Pierce, Joe Michaud, Bob Brantley, Jesse Coach Bob Johnston Coach Bob Rowell Cruz, Ruben Garcia. ROW 3: John Duby, Mike McGZathery, Torn Benedict, Rich Householder, Henry Urquzui, Mike Young. Not pictured, Fred Jenkins. Statistician Louis Brewster Manager Stan Bennett BEHIND THE PLATE on THE mounn Tom Benedict Hemfy Urquzui Ruben Garcia Joe Michaud IN THE INFIELD Joe Spinuzzi Jesse Cruz Fred Jenkins Rich Householder Glen Pierce IN THE OUTFIELD 5 Jim Albers Ed Bork Mike McGlathe1'y Bob Bvantely Mike Young Alvight, on deck! Strike one ........... Close call, but Duby, catcher, is on the ball McGlathe'ry pitching, it should be a strike. Bullpen warmup. Safe ! Coach Walter O 'Farrell Managers Bob Brewster and John Zackowicz TOP, from left: Lance Weigel, Willy Campbell, Denny Clark, Jimmy Stevens, Don Reid. MIDDLE: Craig Printer, Jose Hernandez, Bill Freeman, James Ashton, Phillip Lammers. BOTTOM: Miko Wildralge, Ronnie Rojas, Lance Pitteroff, Bobby Silgnero, Thom Masters. Outstanding J. V. Maroon lettermen J.V. MARODNS J. V. 's powerful soathpaw, Curtis Batstm. Pitching ace Mike Gilday TOP, from left: Bob Lett, Bob Gere, Louis Gallardo, Curtis Batson, Ed Valentine, Mike Gilday, Terry Barnes. MIDDLE: Vaughn Senk, Paul Musser, John Hendrick, Brett Browning, Torn Tipton, Gary Roma. BOTTOM: Nick Golrnitz, Mike Enslow, Pat Monaco, RonMille1g Fred Jenkins, Fred West. J.V. WHITES Managers Larry Clemens and Ken Hartman Coach Charles Redd OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough are two nineteen year old girls going on their first trip to Paris, all alone. Even though Cornelia's parents are in Paris also, the girls insist on going by themselves and meeting their parents there. On the boat trip, they meet two fascinating boys, Leo and Dick. Emily falls in love with Dick and Cornelia falls in love with Leo. The boat trip is a fabulous adventure for the girls until Cornelia discovers that she has the measles and scatter- brained Emily thinks that she is going to be quarantined on the ship. They finally smuggle Cornelia past the health officer, which results in uproarious hair-raising adventure for the girls. CAST Cornelia . . ...... . . . Teri Gianotti Emily ....... Mrs. Skinner . . . Mr. Otis Skinner . . . Dick ....... Leo ........ Harriet St. John . Winifred ..... Steward .... Stewardess .... Window Washer . . Admiral ..... Madame Elise . . Health Officer . . Therese ....... Monsieur La Croix Hotel Clerk . . . Mary McCandless . . . Suzi Morris . . . Joe McKee . . . Mike Busse . . Larry Elliott . Morag Graham . .Cheryl Grouch . . . . Pat Romero . . . Linda Spratt . . . .lay Kober . . . . Bruce Day . Velma Lundberg Charlotte Pinkney . . . Kris Bodell . . James Updike . . Bruce Goff E1 WATERP0l0 FIRST TEAM: Tom McGill SECOND TEAM: Steve Mewfymen FOOTBALL FIRST TEAM: Richard Householder, Evnie Cathcavt, and Joe Waleszzmia. SECOND TEAM: Bob Irwin HONORABLE MENTION: Lawy Brogdon, Chuck Carte, Joe Picolli, and Ralph Padilla. C.B.l. HONORS WRESTLING SECOND PLACE: Roger Roohr FOURTH PLACE: Rory Mezzcmnatto and Joe Picolli. BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM: Bob Brantley HONORABLE MENTION: Curt Hinton, Richard Householderg and Joe Waleszonia. SENIOR'S CALENDAR OF EVENTS JUNE 8 JUNE9. . JUNE IO JUNE II JUNE I2 JUNE I3 JUNE I5 . . . LAST DAY FOR SENIORS TO BE IN CLASS AWARD'S NIGHT . . SENIOR BREAKFAST DRESS-UP DAY FAREWELL ASSEMBLY . . . . . . MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEA . . BACCALAUREATE SERVICE ..........DITCHDAY . . . . SENIOR SLOUCH DAY COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES DISTRIBUTION OF DIPLOMAS GRADUATION PARTY Q7 I4 fm - , ., . I'5i II?W I , IW If , . ,jig Y Q , I Q. Q ,W ,, I . 4 I . 'TE' W I XIII' ,Q . KY, Z, , 1, ru. ' , 3 Q if-U' -'Y My ,sfffQf'L1Q11:1i,1Li I ' ., I ' Q 5 ff 'IIf1z2i'f?57 . gf, j , A 1" 11-,:11v713g.Nf, 3' - - A QL A 2 fl" -Q 2- 11-.. ,1 .MG,s1v12L2,5? ' 5' - 'af1'f?-AAI If' W' i:I'IWIf1fE Isiim N- f . V1 'fd 411. 2 i f 5' 'gl 'lu' , ,, : N. ., .W SENIOR WEEK ni f --M-M W Whisk 2 ,, wg last year a new feature, devoted to the things which affect the lives of the students was incorporated into the FOHI. In the next seventeen pages we offer you a visual trip focusing on these most representative aspects of campus life. N ngfs s 1 za' mi 'MN mm -mama iif,:,'-N" W . ff ww 4 W W 1 1 1 r l l 1 1 N 194 195 196 HQ. fd? J .rj 1-v-'W "J YQ , NY f5?':..f ..,Q" Q wligis wzi si p L r1s.+x.f,MfCw-:ww 4 .mf-, 1 wg .- :mu , fm ' Jef . A- f- i'mv31:v'f.'f-IG' sf gm . . A X - : K , -4 7 1 wg iff Vg u'1Ni4 svm': mb! if 'W PRN N 197 ! Y K 1 199 200 W, W- , , All A ' fi X I o I 202 l La v a , G'- 1 ' zos ? Way-X 354551,-Q Q' 235452 5 Xi? At s N EEE Z , 3 ix s Y i 3 ii g , E 5 if s Qi W g ic ii? Q 'iiffggi iiiiiigg 1 Sig' 2 fa 2 1 Egg iii, :ings 53325 5 if W X2-N2 MMM! 1:21 2 5 li W5 ' , L ' 2.3: re Q X ME. , , A ,Q ,Zi a 5 1 Q is Q. 52 5 25355 eg if V -gm. , a g 5 . w w ' f M 2 5 . 52 . igis fg h gig - 1 52 52 55 1 : gf5" 5' ?FW 3 945' ' S k .v,x.,,-L v n . -v High. - Q. 2 , ,iigfgf s :Tasha X32 E: ai We ii S f, ., N f'W':..MsfA,' , ' 1' ' , 425147E-1Sidii:Qm,,v+.'f'pgl,m2h ' f fm-Y,-mwmiffwuf wwfwrwf ' , I W W' ,- ..'Ef,m4g.vef ww .... . bw- v... fx f f in in Y wa Aa W I N 5 ',..+ HA.-Nt ' "' 4 Q . 'W y 5 we-af"'x"Im" ' 5' My 1 ' -1 1 4 -s sw., 1 A - -, 14 "" ,iff - ff If i l2?J.gwQliT ik: 'Q 5 If Ei O , 1 , 9 Vx ' Q: .. Af.,,:.kg1:,i5,iZg?1:-,.' -an .,.-: '2,f.n.4 H H.. --Q.-aid-www, um .ww .x1J'i3' . 29211 f .. Q ' f-1'.zhc' h ' A .JG--:Ihr I f iw ,f ix 5 X , 1 W N- ai! ' X 8 A--' ' 4 Y-11m1g.wa.,e if 3, x .. gg-fwgr 3. A Q Jw Q I ' L K 2 A Z 5 Qi 5 r Y " 4 1 2 A4 1 2 in 15' fb . 2 .1 Y 1 . Q X , v, I , Q- -4 5 n nf xi. , , v Q ,mx RIQXAQW' -' fifafwi Wg., , Nj? 1 f KEY CLUB BACK ROW: Randy Kennedy, Jesse Cruz, Bob Brantly, Rich Householder, Joe Waleszonia. THIRD ROW: Mik e McGlathery, Jerry Elders, Jim Stevens, Ruben Garcia, Glenn Pierce, Jim Br o n c a te Z l 0. SECOND ROW: Frank Tiburzio, Mike Young, Bob Freeman, Rocky Parsons, John Olio, Kenji Kingsford. FIRST ROW: Dennis Clark, Craig Pinter, Bob Blackwood, Butch Eyord, Ricky Torres. VARSITY CLUB Mel White, Rich Householder, Jesse Cruz, John Duby, Glen Pierce, Tom Price, Ruben Garcia, Mike McGlathery, Ralph Padilla, Tim Melendrez, Jim Broncatello, Bob Irwin, Rick Cochrun, Larry Farnsworth, Mike Young, Ricky Irwin, Tom Mc- Gill, Steve Palazzolo, Jim Albers, Louis Brews- ter, Chuck Carte, and Joe Waleszonia, President. INTERACT CLUB BACKROW: Lynn Jones, Ed Burke, Frank Graves, Larry Elliott, Tim Melendrez, Chuck King, Mike Bacor, Curt Hinton. FRONT ROW: Chuck Carte, Bill Freeman, John Duby, Larry Brogdon, Ralph Padilla. Z CLUB BACK ROW: Jo Zerilli, Marilyn Johannes, Bron- wyn Murphy, Morag Graham, Debbie Pardo, Laura Husted, Cindy Wise, Karen Hansen, Pam Myers, Cecilia Horzen, Diane Shraniek, Linda Knobloch. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Hubbard, Mary McCandles, Sherry Foster, Nina Suarez -Carril, Gloria Ander- son, Marline Volkart, Laura Sernar, Nancy Crook- hani, Kathy Irnus, Josie Abarca. FRONT ROW: Marie DeLong, Linda Elliott, Liz Jefchak, Sally Sanborn, Claudia Culbertson, Carla Clegg, Noreen Nikodern. F.0.M.A. BACK ROW: Becky Keyser, Diane Curtis, Cindy Wise, Linda McCally, Dianne Shephard, Noreen Nikodern, Bronwyn Murphy, Carla Clegg, Jo Zer- illi. MIDDLE ROW: Claudia Culbertson, Linda Hubbard fPresidentl, Becky Pecnik, Diana Cres- tani, Mary Benitez, Kathy Ackerman, Linda Meza, Rosemary Kirby. FRONT ROW: Kathy Irnus, Sally Sanborn, Nancy Crookharn, Janet Parks, Carolyn Moniak, Nina Suarez -Carril, Carol Burris. GIRLS' LEAGUE BACK ROW: Pat Jolicoeur, Sandy Sorenson, Kathy Moon, Judy Snyder, Karen Newton, Kris Tennant, Jo elle n Owens. FRONT ROW: Diane Shrarnek, Linda Blizzard, Jackie Buus, Glenda Carnp, Ethel Pierce. ' F.T.A. BACK ROW: Mrs. Mumford, Toni Tudor, Andrea Barnett, Diane Donohue, Mr. Shade. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Hurd, Karen Newton, Frances Pratt, Marcia Applebaurn, Arlene Christensen. FRONT ROW: Jan et Koehler, D e l or e s Alegria, Josie Abarca, Nancy Diez. +5 5 f BOYS' FORUM BACK ROW: Rich Householder, Larry Brogdon, Dennis Clark, Mike Bacor, Torn Price, Ruben Garcia, Joe Waleszonia. FRONT ROW: Larry Elliott, John Duby, Steve Powell, Chuck Carte, Bill Freeman, Ricky Torres. AQUA FONS TOP ROW: Linda Birch, Melanie Lawson, Dianne Baughrnan, Sue McCann, Toni Tudor, Sue Orn- dorff, Louise Terril. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Hurd, Rusty Grant, Connie Tilton, Peggy Dernaro, Judy Carey, Linnette Sawyer fCapt. 2, Lorraine Srnutzer, Cathy Wobfrnan. HISTORY CLUB BACK ROW: Mr. Fre e m an, Jerry Trombetta, Rick Filipone, Tom Ott, Mike Campbell, Mr. Arid. SECOND ROW: Fred Hagerty, Mike Busse, Fran Pratt, Scott Arnett. SITTING: Jim Majer, Morag Graham, Nina Suarez-Carril, Steven Scabf. MATH ClUB BACK ROW: Mr. Pine, Mr. Gilpin, Paul Stanley, Jack Flades, John Price, Mike Pickhardt, Steve Gerber, Richard Lee, Chuck Blasick, Doag Buns, Jim Pierce, Terry Fernandez, Rick Filippone, Jan Beglau, John Cudar, Sandy Beglaa, Scott Arnett, Melanie Lawson. FIRST ROW: Cecilia Horzen, Marc Taylor, Lee Strong, David. SECOND ROW: Marcia Mead, Linda Santrach, Sandra Gaiterrez, Roberta Dinoff. FRENCH ClUB TOP ROW: Darlene Blevins, Coleen Blevins, Lou- ann Sallee, Ann Wagner, Bev erly Bitzko, Steve Scalf, Janet Charelton, Georgiemn Olson, Angie Vitale, Sandy Wright, Steve Basay. MIDDLE ROW: Candy Graan, Sherry Terry, Carole Petty, Nancy Sattles, Cindy Campana, Mary Bengston, Patty McClellan, Carol Si e m s on, Diana Donahue, Dan Leavell, Steve Ju s tic e. BOTTOM ROW: Irene L a C h a n c e, Art Amaton, Josie Abarca, Erasmo Mendez, Lois Stachara, Cindy Crandall, Sue Dap- pen, Patty Ehman, Mr. Friess. N.F.l. TOP ROW: Bill Springe r, Rick Filippone, Fred Hagerty, Jim Mager, Tom Ott, Larry Pranauski, Phil Goldstein, Mr. Scott. SECOND ROW: Fran Pratt, Linda Santrach, Betsy Hall, Diana Donohue, Mike Busse, Scott Arnett, Marsha Maysak, Mike Campbell. SITTING: Linda Elliott, Liz Jefchak, Diana Alkison, Judy Allison, Linda Randall, Judy Snyder, Nina Suarez -Carril, Mo Graham, Nancy King. KNEELING: Steve ScaU, Steve Justice. D.E.C.A. BACK ROW: John Loza, Chuck Zielke, John Beck, Tom Hughart, Jerry Finazzo, Don Testa, Darrald C ol e m an. MIDDLE ROW: Sherman Truitt, Bill Sakal, Bob Seaman, Jim Lambeth, Bill Palmer. FRONT ROW: Kathy Foster, R os e mary Kirby, Sandy Codner, Carolyn King, Mary Rainwater. 'x,. F0lK CLUB TOP ROW: Anita Challinor, Nancy Cassiana, Janet Reavely, Joell Lessin, Vicki Merenda, Jene Stewart, Norma Jackson, Janis Davis, Debbie Melton. BOTTOM ROW: Katie Quinn, Will Rabin- ovitch, Marsha Appelbaum, Carol Deaton, Mar- garet Donohue, Roxanne Hochevar. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Mayo, Janice Deneau, Joel Rogo, Mo Gra- ham, Mary McMurray, Gimi Garcia, George Ireton, Steve Wolloch. X G.A.A. BACK ROW: Nicky Rieder, Jennifer Warmack Mary Anderson, Pat Taro er, Jan Thayerj MIDDLE ROW: Linda Brewington, Bonnie Taylor, Erma Lenoir, Ira Jo Kincade, Linda Bell BOTTOMROW: Anna Payne, Cecilia Ybarra JoAnn Sneed, Debbie Snoen, Libby Burgess Arabella Jackson. THESPIANS BACK ROW: Miss Barrick, Pat Jolicoeur, Janet Clymire, Kenji Kingsford, Randee Jensen, MIDDLE ROW: Joel Rogo, Carol Wright, Larry Elliott, Chuck Carte, Diana Crestani, Dianne Shepherd, George Ireton, Karen Hixon. FRONT ROW: Marline Volkart, Debbie Jenkins, Carolyn Moniak. F.A.T.S. CAMPUS lIEE Y TEENS BACK ROW: Linda Langford, Robin Novak, And- rea Barnett, Lili Garcia. MIDDLE ROW: Marilyn Scruggs, Janet Reavely, Roxanne Hochevar, Pat Reyes, Jani Garcia, Gloria Feagley. FRONT ROW: Anita Challinor, Rhyliss Stanton, Janice Hilpert, Donna Higby. CHESS ClUB BACK ROW: Dan McHeau, Paul Stanley, Fred Hagerty, Tom Ott, John VanHorn, Dennis Cunning- ham. FRONT ROW: Aatho LaBaw, Henry Lock- ridge, Jan Tobiska, Kent Paxton, Steve Basay. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION PEP CLUB JUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA ROW 1.: Jim McFatrich, Tyler Molzahn, Robert Smith, Greg Lacock, Jerry Blake, Mike Galasso, Bud May, Wylie Russel. ROW2: Bill Escobar, Jame Williams, Tony Herrera, Ray Newton, Roger Hurly, Charles Leach, Randy Manniz, Rich Alverez, Ronnie Rojas. ROW 3: Rick Becklund, Robert Cooper, Harold Hender- son, Joe Bitoni, Mike Ray, Gerald Bomgaars, Joe Chavez, Bill Bron- son, Melvin Harris. 1 ROW 4: Roger Beck, Richard Ferguson, John . Freeman, Steven Racey, ,3fgggmQQ" Rod Christensti, John Roberts, Rich Allison, Sam Elliot, David Bates, Harvie Williams. STUDENT STORE EMPLOYEES LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie DeLong, Ed Lira, Butch Pitteroff, Steve Powell fStore Managerl. EUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA CAEETERIA STAEE LEFT TO RIGHT.- Ann Hawkins, Marge Rogone, Fannie Tocco, Frances Campagna, Ann L a Fa y e tte , Eileen Bower, Zetta Gibbs, Ruth Bowman, Madge Silagy, Rose Argentine, Louise DeLong, Laurie Stan- field, Stella DeGiulio. NO T SHO WN: Mary Glissendorf, Wilma Allen, B e t ty Householder, and Alva Mariani. What 'can one say of another's death? What was living is no longer, and the emptinessnthus created denies us access to its mystery. We are left to mourning, For without mourning, the loneliness is unbearable, and we look into our- selves for the final secret. Diana Canfield Evelyn Francisco Mike Kesterson Terry Trimble Henry Valenzuela S 3 S ADVERTISEMENTS advertisements E EOE E EHT cuffmtmmmtmg p A AEHEEEIEESEHHENQ ahuvrtizivmvntz mnUwewGHeem1emi?e ,glafafafviaafofwofolw ADVERTISEMENTS .1LNellmnele .Le-EIAGIW Aduefvfifuunmu advertisements advertzsefments a45Z3VfJlTJ3fCfV1fC!VT3 Afi3v15?,RT1sE1x1ENTS a, ver lsements ABHIEQZUEISJEHHSNES EXUIWEEZUUQEEUJEHJUS Adxwouwuwfu ADVERTHSEIMIENTS Adwzwtiuwewvtn A dxnwiwwufm fig, 5' W r w fl' w Q '+ L ii L i 4 rrrr f ff" -ff7'f Q r5eiffif.Q5fjf1i5fe?r1iff7 L ' J jeffjY?f?fg 1if7' A r " A ' f 1 L wg W ,. :fr A fA W Hr rerrri Q G '1 ' f J lil 'V.A I r rr . l ,' 5 r rr J f A1 1 H - nh., ,,,,, . Ag ,,k,.,..kL:,,,., 11 K , ,-n.i ,W ,f i I L.,d. . Qnufqizgs. , WE .W QM, ,.., L,,. ,.,n4 ,,5,,1,,,,. J r Q e e - - , 'e r e . A k 5 rrrr' "A" r rrrer rere A f e e ' , r r r v,v: Svl , I . ,L Lxyfyy fd Q3 'L"- 'Vfi 34, i,. , f kkx. ' ,..,L 'I 5. -,,, ,Y ' ,,'? ,V ,V -g1I5,,.j: K 5, ',',- wg, " :.. 5 -zrfg '.'Vf 'w,,A' ",A 'A"' . 1 l1, . , f r f r e I Q3 I Vyyr k,,yLVy 5 ,r,5?V,'? ,j:,,VL,::, ,,kT4!,.f:,r 5, f,,. ,I Vlk- ki,,kL f V yyrviv JL LVVV I L,,, .fM,ev-ga glv A : - f. 5 3: gyg- +,'f. H ,R Q r l,,. ,. ,ef ., ...,v. X . fs Q rf 9 E fr, in .. ff A x K V L L ,W .. : AQ SX ,Q 5, L ,r ,em L' -f .5,, . Q '1 Q .L ,, .z. 4 pa v rr r rrr r ' H ' ' 'L L A 1 - 1 , - iw-,gre ' i' ' mfsfzf- f:m1-'mf rrwfjfgpf rfgw,-,fyfwzf H . V' er - ef if' Wrfrffl h ,1f ,i r ' e r r rr 51 Qff ? r 4 errr? W r'f , r,e4A i' , l l rrr r f111" e rrer rrrr he Courtesy of Mr. Bernard Nelson SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Abarca, Josephine Drill Team .l.S.A. fsec't.J F.T.A. fpres., v-pres., treas.l "Z" Club French Club Daisy Chain I.C.C. fsec't.l A .F .S . Human Relations Committee Yearbook Staff C.S.F. flife memberl I6948 ARROW 822-I I55 FONTANA Ackerman, Kathie "Oklahoma" "Music Man" A'CappeIIa Concert Girls' Glee Council fir., sr.l French Club "Carousel" Pep Club F .O .M .A . Thespians Madrigals 2'?Zii'T Song" NATIONAL BANK MAKE YOUR SECURITY-FIRST FINANCIAL PARTNER. . . SECURITY Adams, Vicki Jo Intercul History Club Daisy Chain C.S.F. Drill Team A'CappeIIa "Desert Song' BANK Alamia, Michael Council Isaph Cross Country Legislative Council Record for sit-ups Police Club Concert Men's Glee lpres.l QUINN'S HATCHERY 9617 SIERRA AVENUE FQNTANA Albers, James J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball All CBL Baseball Varsity Club Interact Club Aldaco, Arthur Band Boys' Forum "CHICKS WITH Aldrich, Karen Council lsoph., ir., sr.l A Legislative Council Drill Team Alegria, Dolores Council fsoph., ir., sr.l Pep Club G.A.A. J.S.A., F.T.A. af 2' at is i I EI I? I I is i fi 5 5 HERALD NEWS "Complete News" FONTANA 822-2231 C AND J AUTO PARTS 8158 Sierra 822-8014 FONTANA SCOTT REALTY FONTANA 822-051 1 FONTANA JEWELERS "Fontana 's Largest and Finest 10044 Sierra 822-1529 FONTANA ll B Allison, Judy Bibliomanics N.F.L. lsec't., v-pr C.S.F. Alvarez, Pamela Human Relations Com Anderson, Linda Folk Club Daisy Chain C .S .F. flife memberl Appelbaum, Marsha F.H.A. Girls' League F.1'.A. ltreas.1 Folk Club Girls' Glee Bailey, Linda C.S.F. Barkely, Arlene Girls' League Shorthand Certificate Barnes, Garland .l.V. White Baseball Barrera, Michael Water Polo Swimming Legislative Council Boys' Forum Baseile, Karen Council fsoph., ir.1 Pep Club Girls' League Concert Girls' Glee A'Cappella Choir "Desert Song" Baugh, .loan Council lsaph.J Concert Girls' Glee Pep Club French Club Girls' League A'CappeIla Tug-O-War Team "Carousel" Baughman, Diana Aqua Fons Girls' League eglau, Pamela lntercultural Club Pep Club Daisy Chain es.1 mittee Adv. Concert G I GI Drill Team A'CappelIa "Desert Song" M. E.N .C. eglau, Sandy J S A lnfercul Daisy Chain F .T.A . C.S .F. Moth Club Council fsr.l I , M y Concert GI I GI A'CcppeIIa "Oklahoma" Pep Club CarouseI" Varsity Sangl d Madrigals F.O.M.A. Girls' Leag g t Diane C S F Oklahoma" Concert Girls' Glee Jr. Songleader Drill Team Iv.-pres.l A'CappelIa Desert Song" S C ncil G I League S S gl cl I C C ett, Stanley Council fsoph., ir., sr. Legislative Council V ty Football Varsity Baseball Varsity Club h L d Aq F F hCI ls air, Michael Council Isoph., "B" Baseball Jr. Varsity Football Varsity Baseball zzard, Linda C.S.F. Girls' League fhistorianl Princess Christmas Dance Jr. Songleader Drill Team Pep Club Sr. Songleader g s, Jer V 'Y 'ty Cross Count y T k ARROW MUFFLER SHOP "OUR BUSINESS IS EXHAUSTING" 17548 Arrow Blvd . 822-9439 FONTANA WEBB O'NEAL "ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES" 93l I Sierra Avenue 823-2720 FONTANA SIERRA BEAUTY SALON "SCIENTIFIC HAIR CARE" 8256 Sierra Avenue 822-3231 FON TANA JOLLY FARMS BAR-B-Q CHICKEN - RIBS SEA FOODS - SALADS 8822 Sierra Avenue 822-8975 FONTA NA INGOLD CHAPEL 16716 Upland Avenue FONTANA -. ...Wt 822-8083 DON CLAY'S BIG 0 TIRES 9340 Sierra Avenue 822-1161 FONTANA HARRIS PHARMACY "FOR THE BEST cosmetics. . 8491 Sierra Avenue FONTANA 822-1 I29 YOUNG FOLKS APPAREL 8551 Sierra Avenue 822-5603 FON TA NA Brantley, Bob Bee Basketball Bee Cross Country J .V. Basketball J.V. Baseball Varsity Basketball Key Club Varsity Club Varsity Baseball Brewster, Louis Bee Football Bee Basketball Council fsoph., ir., sr.J J.V. Maroon Baseball Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Legislative Council Varsity Club FOHI Forum-lco-editorl Student ofthe Month Journalism Trophy Broncatello, Jim Varsity Wrestling Boys' State Representative Key Club Varsity Club Varsity Football C.S.F. Brothers, Richard Track Football Brown, Richard J.V. Football Varsity Football Brunton, Tad Human Relations Committee Legislative Council Bulf, David Bee Football Legislative Council Burris, Carol Drill Team fsec't.,-treas.l Legislative Council Council lsoph., ir., sr., Jr. Sr. Prom leo-chairmanl Yearbook fact. editorl l.C.C. Pep Club lpres.l F.O .M .A. A .5 .B. Pep Commissioner Daisy Chain Senior Key Committee Honor Roll Tug-O-War Team Model U . N . C.S.F. Burns, Richard Bee Water Polo Bee Swimming, Legislative Council 225 L Bush, Richard J.V. Wrestling Most Improved Player ftenn Varsity Tennis C.S.F. ilife member, Buus, Jackie C.S.F. Drill Team Jr. Songleader isl Girls' League fsec't., pres., I.C.C. Pep Club Executive Committee Sr. Songleader Camp, Glenda Drill Team ico-cap., cap.I Jr. Songleader Daisy Chain Legislative Council Girls' League isec't.I "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Student of the Month Sr. Songlecder C.S.F. Campo, Tanya Council fsoph., ir., sr.J Concert Girls' Glee Pep Club C.S.F. A'CappeIIa "Desert Sang" Campbell, Michael "AbominabIe Bill" C.S .F. N.F.L. fpres.I Usher at Graduation Model U . N . Intercultural Club iv. -pres . l.C.C. itreas.I "Miracle Worker" Architectural Club Newspaper Staff Debate Team Carte, Chuck Legislative Council "Oklahoma" Jr. Class President "Carousel " "BIithe Spirit" "Crucible" Interact Club Madrigals A .S .B . P resident "Desert Song" Student Council A'CappelIa iv.-pres.I Thespians iv .-pres.l Varsity Club Chapin, Larry Bee Football J.V. Baseball Interact Club Legislative Council Bee Baseball Bee Basketball 226 I NATIONAL HARDWARE I6855 Merill Avenue FONTANA 822-055 I SIERRA MOTOR SUPPLY AUTOMOBILE PARTS-SUPPLIES-ACCESSORIES MACHINE SH OP 8672 Sierra Avenue 822-803i FONTANA FIN LEY'S REXALL DRUG STORE 8510 Sierra Avenue FONTANA 822 -2288 as-nr ,f-- - --V vrws-f-'fe--A--w-if '1- CRAWFORD DRUG CO. 8554 Sierra Avenue 822-4439 FONTANA LAZIO'S VOIT - RAWLINGS - WILSON - SPALDING 8852 Sierra Avenue 822-4439 FONTANA WALBU RN REALTY CO. HOMES AC REA GE INDUSTRIAL SITES INCOME 8602 Wheeler Avenue 823-T347 823-1348 FONTANA NICHOL'S FLORIST "QUALITY AND SERVICE AT ITS BEST 8620 Sierra Avenue 822-0634 FONTANA R. HERFF JONES 81 WALLACE PISCHEL "FOR THE BEST YEARBOOKS ..... " Box IOO9 PASCO, WASHIN GTON Council fir., Varsity Baseball Varsity Club Christiansen, Arlene German Club Band F.T.A. isec't.l Clark, .lerry VarsityF tb II Clay, David Track Legislative Coun I Yearbook Council Gr., Clegg, Carla Accreditation Committee Council Isoph., ir., sr.l "Oklahcma" Daisy Chain A'CuppelIa "Carousel" "Z" Club fsec'tJ F O.M .A. P p Club r on " D t S g V ty Songleader Iheadl CSF. F tb ll Homecoming ri Codner, Sand Girls' Leagu D .E.C.A Coffman, Charlene Council fsoph., ir., sr.I Pep Club G.A.A. Conrad, Deanna Council Isoph., lr., sr.J Soph. Class Trea er Pep Club Crain, Stephane Council Iscph., lr., sr.I C tani, Diana Council Isoph., lr., sr., J.S.A. Itreas.J "Arsenic and Old Lace" P p Club Jr. Cheerleader Daisy Chain Drill Team fv.-pres., Legislative Council "Crucible" "Carousel " "Blithe Spirit" V rsit Cheerlead Y Miracle Worker" D rt Sang" DAR Good Citizen Award P n F.O.M.A. C.S.F. "Z" Club ll-iistorianl Key Committee Thespians Honor Roll Crookham, Nancy Council isoph., ir., sr.l Legislative Council C.S .F. flife memberl "Z" Club Daisy Chain Jr. Basketball Princess F .O .M .A . A.S.B. Secretary Teen-Age Miss Culbertson, Claudia J.S.A. fsec't.J Band Club Council fsoph Legislative Council "Z" Club fv.-pres., C.S.F. ilife member 8- Christmas Queen F.O.M.A. ftreas.l Pep Club Cruz, Jesus Bee Football Bee Basketball J.V. White Baseball Legislative Council Varsity Football J.V. Baseball Key Club Csec't.l Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Varsity Club Dahl, Robert Legislative Council Band Council Qsr.J Dailey, Ronald Band Water Polo Dalton, Linda Concert Girls' Glee FOHI Forum Staff Daniel, Glenda Legislative Council Council isr.D Sr. Cheerleader C.S.F. Daughton, Jeanne Intercultural Club French Club Spanish Club iv.-pres.l Daisy Chain FOHI Forum leo-editorl C.S.F. flife memberl Sun-Telegram H. S. Reporter FONTANA FLOWERLAND FLOWERS BY TELEPHONE Q H SINCE 1947 f. ANYWHERE ---- PROMPTLY W R -. W jiri ' 8667 Sierra Avenue 822 2207 fr FON TA NA FONTANA Home DAIRY 9449 Fontana Avenue 822-4130 FONTANA RUTH'S DRESS SHOP "FOR THE BEST CLOTHES IN TOWN TOO36 Sierra Avenue 822 4Ol5 FONTANA DICKEY MORTUARY 8030 Mango Avenue 822-2285 FON TANA KINNEY'S SHOE STORE THE FAMILY STORE 17110 Foothill 823-9962 FONTANA SIERRA SEWING CENTER 8558 Sierra Ave. 823-2031 FONTANA GOODYEAR RUN ALL YEAR ON GOODYEAR 17067 Foothill 822-0549 FONTANA NEW FEED STORE HAY AND GRAIN AT ITS BEST 16977 Orange Way 823-2344 FON TA NA DECKER OIL COMPANY 8689 Sierra Ave . 822-8775 FONTANA SIERRA FLOWERS CORSAGES AND BOUTONNIERES 8436 Sierra Ave. 823-6393 FON TANA WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 8483 Sierra 822-5525 FONTANA MARTIN'S YARDAGE 'CENTER 8631 Sierra Ave. 822-4614 FONTANA D mier, Mike J .V. Wrestling Varsity Wrestling Varsity Tennis Council lsr.1 D Sart, Jane Council fsoph., ir. Drill Team P p Club D A C S F. l t cultural CI b French Club F.T.A. fpres.1 D D I C S F. D II Team Council lsr.J D ert Song" E k d, Jess C Swimming Cee Waterpolo Varsity Reserve Swi Varsity Waterpolo Varsity Swimming Eld J Y V ryF tb ll V ty T k B T k Key Club Varsity Cl b Bee Football Jr. Basketball T Varsity Track EII tt Lawrenc B Football B e Track Interact Council fsoph., ir. J.V. Football Crucible" C useI" BI the Spirit L g lative Coun l Miracle Worker" Desert Song" B ys' Forum lv.-pre Ell rr S I Ch p mpt. hog S B C Fair 1966 Bl R bbon mpt. I1 L A C Fair 09 1 966 Ellis, Lloyd Cee Track Bee Football Bee Basketball 1 FI Evans, Shan Mixed Choir Girls' Glee Council E ns, Shan "Oki homo" Mi cl Choi C el G ls' Glee Council fir., sr.1 P p Club Farnwortlle, Larry .l.V. White Baseball Varsity Waterpolo Varsity Club Varsity Baseball N.F.L. Flpp Rhd NFL JSA Ch Clb CSF MthCIub H t yCIub L g I ti Council F Jerry L g I ti eCouncil DECA. Byl: F h Susan Pep Club Council fir., sr.1 Legislative Council D y Chain C S F S Ch I d F-leclitner, Greg Bowling Club Boys' Fo J pl'1 Ffbll Bktbll Ft,a C C thy ouncil Isoph.J F cI1 Club P p Cl b G I League D E C A F n, Bob Legislative Council Council fsoph., sr.1 Bee Football Tennis GAGNON'S PIPE AND PHoTo '1- "FOR YOUR PIPE AND PHOTO NEEDS" 8631 Sierra Ave . 822-4614 FONTANA BILL BADER CHEVROLET " BADER BUY IS A BETTER BUY" 16666 Foothill 822-1111 FONTANA ADAMS CLEANERS AND MENS WEAR GOOD-LUCK CLASS OF '67 8827 Sierra Ave 822-7227 FONTANA FONTANA SELF SERVICE SERVE YOURSELF 8807 Sierra Ave . 822-7873 FONTANA NELSON BUILDING SUPPLY BUILDING SUPPLIES FOR EVERYNEED 8791 Sierra Ave . 822-8971 FONTANA SIERRA EQUIPMENT RENTALS TRAILERS AND MANY OTHER ITEMS 9135 Sierra Ave . 822-5621 FONTANA ARROW TRAVEL FAST AND COURTEOUS SERVICE JOHN T. HUGHES REALTORS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '67 Bee Basketball Boys' Forum Pig race Cfirst place, 8475 Sierra Ave . 822-0524 9176 Sierra Ave . 823-3421 FONTANA FONTANA Y Council fsoph., ir., sr., Pep Club Tug-O-War Team Basketball Homecoming Pri Q9.fW"! Varsity Basketball fmgr.l GCIVCFUI 5 lvia NJ H--- NCC w Higginbotham, Stephen l J.V. Basketball fmgnj ,X Track --Qxssx X J.V. Football -IVA K . 7, Og, ' K ' A ' Beg. Boys' Choir ' A Mixed chair CQ- 1 Varsity Football K XAAAD' Varsity Track " I ' ' - "Desert Song" Gentry, Catherine Intercultural Club Pep Club "Miracle Worker" Goldstein, Phillip N.F.L. Model U. N. Math Club Council Qsr.l Legislative Council C.S.F. Golf Team Graff, Mary Council fsoph., ir., sr., Sr. Class Treasurer C.S.F. flife member, F .T.A. Guy, Diane Y-Teens fvice-pres.l Beg. Girls' Glee F.H.A. Hainsworth, Judy Council isoph., ir., sr.l Pep Club Drill Team Hammond, Lynn Council isoph., ir., French Club "Oklahoma" Pep Club "CarouseI' A'CappelIa Madrigals "Desert Song" Hare , Joseph Swimming Hartness, Joy History Club German Club fvice-pres.J l.C.C. Campus Life fsocial-chairman Herrera, Elda Pep Club C.S .F. J .S.A. Aqua Fans Lfcsgggxgj Oydxgd, A 2 496 SPONSORS JAMES C. O'LAUGHLlN D.D. 8653 Sierra Ave. 822 -2041 ROBERT AIRD HISTORY DEPARTMENT Fontana High School COMPLIMENTS OF Anthony and Anna Proznick HAROLD T. LUNDBERG 8280 Banana Ave. 822-7672 DR. OWEN LUTZ D.D.S. l682O Ivy 822-2756 DR. BLENN E. SWANSON 8674 Bennett 822-3503 L, Al Cappel la 'Xferfect attendance Hilpert, Janice April Foolies "Who Killed Aunt Caroline N . F.L. Yearbook Staff Y-Teens Girls' League Hinton, Curtis Cross Country J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball Legislative Council Interact Club Hixson, Karen Ho Ho Ho Hu J .S.A . "Music Man" "Carousel" "BIithe Spirit" "MiracIe Worker" "Desert Song" -S .C.V.A. Honor Choir A'Cappella Thespia ns chevar, Roxanne April Foolies Folk Club Y-Teens Girls' League rzen, Cecilia Pep Club C.S.F. Daisy Chain Tug-O-War Math Club ipres.l Drill Team "Desert Song" "Z" Club Interclub Council Sr. Class Council useholder, Richard J.V. Baseball Legislative Council Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball l.C.C. Key Club Varsity Club Boys' Forum bbard, Linda Campus Life CIUID Council Isoph., ir., sr.l C .S . F . Drill Team Concert Girls' Glee A'Cappella Daisy Chain "Z" Club "Carousel" Pep Club F.O.M.A. lpres.J "Desert Song" Varsity Cheerleader Student Council l.C.C. lpres.J Council Qsoph., ir., srl "Guys And Dolls" "Abominable Bill" "Diary ot Anne Frank" Thespians "Oklahoma" "April Foolies" Drill Team "Music Man" Pep Club "Who Killed Aunt Caroline" "Crucible" "Carousel" Madrigals Jr. Songleader "Blirhe Spun" Co-Chairman Jr. Sr. Prom Legislative Council Hughart, Thomas Newspaper Staff F.F.A. Varsity Songleader D . E.C.A . Yearbook Staff fsports editor, "The Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Honor Roll Imus, Kathleen Cap and Gown Committee Drill Team Tug-O-War Girls' League F .O .M .A . "Z" Club C .S .F . flife memberi Jolicoeur, Patricia Yearbook Staff "Carousel" "Blithe Spirit" lreton, George Girls' League "Oklahoma" Thespians "Carousel" Drill Team A'Cappella Sr. Songleader Men's Glee Pep Club "Desert Song" "Miracle Worker" Madrigals Thespians Folk Club M . E . N .C . lrwin, Robert J.V. Football C.S.F. Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling J.V. Baseball Jr. Sr. Game Usher at Graduation Varsity Club Boys' Forum Varsity Baseball Interact "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Johannes, Marilyn Concert Girls' Glee A'Cappella Aqua-Fons lsec't.J "Oklahoma" Pep Club A.F.S . "Z" Club Daisy Chain French Club lvice-pres Madrigals Drill Team Council fir., sr., "Carcusel" C .S .F . flife member, "Desert Song " Honor Roll Jeffers, Ronald Council lsoph., ir., sr.i Keyser, Becky German Club lvice-pres.J Pep Club J .V. Baseball Jenkins, Debbie "Guys 81 Dolls" "Diary of Anne Frank" "Oklahoma" "Arsenic 8- Old Lace" Council lsoph.J A . F . S . "Crucible" "Music Man" "Who Killed Aunt Ca "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Thespians Jensen, Randee roline? Clothes Advisory Board F.O.M.A. Human Relations Committee 'I966 Football Homecoming Queen King, Christine J.S.A. J.E.T.S. lntercul French Club Chess Club History Club Kirby, Rosemary Pep Club Council fsoph., ir., Varsity Songleader F.O.M.A. Klimas, Cynthia Mixed Chorus Tug-O-War Pep Club "Desert Song" Girls' League Drill Team Kunde, Kay Girls' League Kuebler, Marianne Pep Club Council fir., sr.J German Club Legislative Council Girls' Glee "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Newspaper Staff LaBaw, Autho Soph. Cross Country J .V. Cross Country Chess Club B Track Wrestling Lane, Pete J.V. Football J .V. Basketball Ring Committee Varsity Basketball Varsity Golf Larson, Lucille Girls' League Lawson, Melanie Legislative Council C.S.F. Aqua-Fons ftreasurerl Math Club Folk Club Lewis, David Concert Men's Glee Mixed Chorus Lo Lu I-Y J. .E.T.S. History Club Chess Club lpres.i Si-Fi Model U.N. ustanau, Dee Dee Council fsoph., ini Bee Cheerleader Pep Club Varsity Cheerleader Honor Roll Basketball Homecoming Princess ndberg, Velma Pep Club "Oklahoma" Girls' League History Club J .S .A. Spanish Club "Carousel" Chess Club Campus Life N . F . L . Legislative Council "Desert Song" Intercultural Club Debate Team G .A.A . Orchestra ons, Mike Legislative Council Boys' Forum Magana, Ramon Bee Football Bee Basketball Varsity Baseball lmgr Varsity Club A'Cappella Choir "Desert Song" Maier, James J .S .A. FOHI Forum N . F . L . Debate Team lntercul fpres.J History fpres .J Boys' Forum Mansker, Linda Beg. Men's Glee N.F.L. Lewis, David Marquardt, Joan Gun Club Council lsoph., ir., r Architecture Club lsec't.J Pep Club "Carousel" "Desert Song" A'Cappella Lira, Eddie Student Store fmgr.J Mayo, Linda "Oklahoma" Lockridge, Henry A'Cappella J.S.A. Cvice-pres.l Concert Girls' Glee lntercul "Carousel" Legislative Council "Desert Song" Thespians "Miracle Worker" S.C.V.A. Honor Choir McCann, Susan Aqua Fans Girls' League McGill, Thomas "C" Water Polo Kcaptainl Varsity Swimming C.B.L. 8 C.l.F. "C" Varsity Water Polo Swam C.B.L. 8a C.l.F. "B" Varsity Club Most valuable Si outstanding swimmer C.S .F . flife member, Varsity Water Polo lcaptainl All C.B.L. lst team All C.l.F. Honorable Mention Varsity Swimming fcaptainl Math Club Most Valuable Water Polo Player Honor Roll Usher at '66 Graduation McGlothery, Mike Legislative Council Key Club Council lsoph., ir., sr.J Varsity Baseball Varsity Club McKee, Joe Adv. Boys' Glee J .S .A. A'Cappello "Oklahoma" "Music Man" C .S .F. "Carousel" Madrigals "Desert Song" S.C.V.A. Honor Choir M.E.N .C. Honor Choir Melendrez, Tim Varsity Cross Country Council fsoph., ir., sr.D Legislative Council "B" Basketball Varsity Club lsec't.l Interact Club fsec't.J F.O.M.A. King Student of the Month American Field Service Mendez, Erasmo Band French Club ftreas.J Stage Band Sr. Council Merendino, Thomas "B" Football J .V. Maroon Baseball Varsity Baseball A'CoppeIIa "Desert Song" Mesa, Burney Girls' League Council fsr.l Meza, Linda Council Qsoph., ir. , sr.l Pep Club Legislative Council Folk Club "Blithe Spirit" "Carousel" Jr. Cheerleader F .O .M .A . Thespians A .F.S . Drill Team lpres.J l.C.C. "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" FOHl's May Co. Teen Represenative C.S .F. Honor Roll Miller, Sharon G.A.A. F.T.A. "Crucible" Girls' League Malzahn, Tyler Star Greenhancl-F. F.A. Track Team Reserve Champion Lamb Victorvil le Fair---F . F .A . F.F.A. Grand Champion L.A. County Fair F.F.A.-president lnterclub Council Champion EWE--Pomona Fair Delegate to state convention State Farmer Applicant Moniak, Carolyn "Diary of Anne Frank" "Oklahoma" "Arsenic and Old Lace" Thespians "The Crucible" "Carousel" "Blithe Spirit" "Z" Club Jr. Cheerleader Drill Team Council fir., sr.l C.S.F. F.O.M.A. Pep Club "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Montoya, Jasui Girls' League Council fsr.l Montoznez, Carol Girls' League Morris, Suzi C.S .F . French Club "Blithe Spirit" Pep Club "Miracle Worker" Betty Crocker Award Thespians "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" Murphy, Bronwyn Council lsoph., ir., sr.l Daisy Chain Sr. Class Secretary F.O.M.A. "Z" Club Harris Campus Deb C.S.F. flife member, Musatto, Terri Council fsoph., ir., sr.J Daisy Chain Drill Team Spanish Club "Miracle Worker" "Blithe Spirit" "Desert Song" Neeham, Diane Council fsoph., ir., sr., Band Club C .S .F. Legislative Council Pep Club Nelson, Diane Council fsoph., Ir., sr.t French Club Girls' League Y-teens Newton, Karen J . S .A. lntercul Y-Teens Pep Club Girls' League Chistoriani "Miracle Worker" F .T .A. "Desert Song" Nikadem, Noreen Legislative Council Council lsoph., ir., sr.J Pep Club "Z" Club F.O.M.A. C.S.F. l.C.C. Girls' League O'Neill, Melody French Club A'Cappella Drill Team "Oklahoma" Council lit., sr.t "Carousel" C.S.F. Pep Club "Desert Song" O'Neill, Stuart J.S.A. fpres.J lntercul History Club F.l .R Ortega, Vincent C.S F. Boys' Forum Ott, Thomas J.S.A. lntercul lpres.l History Club Chess Club lvice-pres., Nat. Forum League Parrish, Larry F . F .A. Parsons, Gery fRockyJ J.V Football Track Council fir., sr.i Sr. Class President Key Club 8- Student Govern Pate, David Varsity Water Polo J .V. Lettered Varsity Track Varsity Diving Patton, Linda Council fsoph., ir., sr.i Pep Club Payne, Gloria P. F .T .A. Inter-Cultural Club "Miracle Worker" Payne, Gloria J. Human Relations Operator Peck, Mary Concert Girls' Glee Girls' League Pep Club Pecnik, Rebecca Council lsoph., ir. , sr.J Pep Club "Oklahoma" Jr. Homecoming Princess A'Cappella "Carousel" Legislative Council F .O .M .A . C.S .F. Madrigals "Desert Song" Thespians S.C.V.A. Honor Choir MENC -Western Division Pecnik, Linda C.S.F. ilife memberl Mixed Chorus Daisy Chain Concert Girls' Glee Y-Teens isec't.J Pickhardt, Michael A . F .S F. I . R "Oklahoma" "Carousel" Cross Country l.C. C. i966 Grad. Usher Math Club Pinkney, Charolette F.T.A . Council fsr.J "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Poteet, Bob Campus Life Cpres.i Cross Country Wheelbarrow Race Pig Race f3rdJ Powell, Steve J.V. Baseball fmgr.i C.S.F. Cross Country fmgrj Student Store Cmgr.J Boys' Forum fsec't,l Pranausk, Lawrence F .T.A . N . F . L . Newspaper Track Pratt, Frances Council isoph., ir.J "Abominable Bill" "April Foolies" N.F.L. l.C.C. lntercul La Lianza Epanola "Who Killed Aunt Caroline" "Carousel " "BIithe Spirit" Model lJ.N. F.T.A. Jr. Sr. Prom Committee Folk Club "Miracle Worker" Yearbook Staff fad editori Thespians National Qualifiers f4thJ Girls' League Chaffey Invitational fist, Speech Squad State Qualifiers Excelsior isuperiorl Pacific Tourney ifinalistl Pep Club G.A.A. Quinn, Katie C.S.F. flife member? Folk Club Yearbook A.F.S. Sister A.F .S. Scribbles feditorl Rabinovitch, Willa Folk Club fpres.D C.S.F. Yearbook feditarl Honor Roll "Desert Song" Reavely, Janet Y-Teens Folk Club Reed, Robert Varsity Cross Country Varsity Track Student Council Varsity Club Remoi, Shari Council fsoph., ir., sr.J Pep Club Student of the Month Pig Race "Miracle Worker" Rhodes, Donna Girls' League Campus Lite A'Cappel la "Desert Song" Rich, Ted J.V. Maroon Baseball ist ribbon in art show School Record for pull-ups No. i physical fitness Varsity Baseball Rieder, Nickalet G .A .A . Roberts, Roy Legislative Council Maroon Baseball J .V. Football Key Club Rogo, Joel "Oklahoma" "Music Man" "Crucible" "Blithe Spirit" Carousel" Adv. Boys' Glee "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Thespians fpres.J Inter-club Council Folk Club Diary of Anne Frank" Arsenic and Old Lace" A'Cappella Ross, Darlene Mixed Chorus Aqua-Fons A'Cappella "Carousel" "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Russell, John Band Stage Band Council fsr.J Sandoval, Sylivo Mixed Chorus Adv. Girls' Glee Legislative Council Santrach, Lindo Math Club fvice-pres.i Council fsoph., ir., sr.J U .N . C.S . F. flife memberJ Daisy Chain Tug-O-War Pep Club State Scholarship semi-finalist Sawyer, Linnette French Club Daisy Chain Aqua-Fans fpres.l C.S.F. flife member? Scalf, Steven Council fini Legislative Council Newspaper French Club lntercul Club History Club Yearbook Staff N .F.L fhistorianl l.C.C. Debate Team Scialdone, Frank Wrestling Legislative Council Seeman, Joseph J .V. Cross Country Varsity Cross Country Varsity Track Servillo, Antionette Student Council Representative lntercul "Carousel" "Blithe Spirit" Girls' League Council isnt Thespians "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Shepherd, Dianne Council fsoph A'Cappella "Oklahoma" Pep Club Madrigals "Carousel" Bee Cheerleader fheadt "Blithe Spirit" Legislative Council "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Varsity Cheerleader Chead Football Homecoming Princess Thespians F.O.M .A. MENC Western Division Honor Roll Miss Fontana Shramek, Diane J .S .A. C.F.S . Pep Club Drill Team Daisy Chain "Carousel" "Crucible" "Z" Club "Miracle Worker" Girls' League Council fsr.J Shutt, Pamela Legislative Council Drill Team Snyder, Judy Council fsoph., ir.J April Foolies Girls' League ftreas.J N.F.L. ftreas.J Spratt, Linda Pep Club G.A.A . "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Sr. Council Bowling Club Stautfer, Chuck Band I Sr. Council Stage Band Still, Vicki Soph. Council Concert Girls' Glee Girls' League A'Cappella "Desert Song" Suarez-Carril, Nina F.O.M.A. "Z" Club N . F.L. Thespians A . F . S . Foreign Exchange Student Taylor, Scott "C" Water Polo "C" Swimming "C" Varsity Swimming ica "C" Varsity Water Polo ic Math Club C.S.F. Tennant, Christine Tes Council isoph .D Pep Club Girls' League C .S. F. "Miracle Worker" ta, Jackie Council fsoph., ir., sr.l Pep Club Drill Team .lr. Cheerleader Tug-O-War "Desert Song" Student of the Month Yearbook Staff Pig Race-3rd place i967 Prom Queen Finalist Thayer, Jan Campus Life G.A.A. lpres.l l.C.C. Timmons, Willie Boys' Concert Choir Mixed Choir A'Cappella Tilton, Pamela Y-Teens Tucker, Gordon Water Polo Swimming Varsity Football Urquizu, Henry .l.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball Sr. Basketball Team Vega, Suzanne Council isoph., ir., sr.l Concert Girls' Glee Pep Club Jr. Cheerleader Jr. Treasurer Drill Team Girls' Ensemble "Carousel" "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Tug-O-War Legislative Council A'Cappel la Velasquez, Fred pta ini aptainl Vi Wrestling Team Legislative Council alavas, Ray F.T .A . Vinson, Mark Track Bee Basketball Maroon Baseball Cap 8- Gown Committee Sr. Council Viola, Carmean Basketball Wa leszonia, Joe Baseball lwhitesl Baseball imaroonsl Christian Athletics Repre Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Key Club Varsity Club fpres.l Boys' Forum Boys' Advisory Committee Legislative Council I.C .C. Accreditation Committee Track fvarsityj Watkins, Linda W W "Guys and Dolls" "Oklahoma" Glee Club Pep Club "Carousel" Council fir., sr.l "Music Man" Adv . Glee hite, Mel J.V. White Baseball J.V. Football J .V. Basketball Varsity Golf Human Relations Varsity Basketball Sr. Council Varsity Club illis, Darlene French Club Pep Club C.S.F. flite memberl Folk Club Yearbook Staff Honor Roll A.F.S. Sister A.F.A. isec't.J Citizenship Award Scribbles fartl Windbigler, Joyce Pep Club Girls' League Aqua Fons Wise, Cindy Council isoph., ir., sr.l "Z" Club F .O .M .A . "Desert Song" Clothes Advisory ichairmanl A.S .B. Social Chairman Pep Club Honor Roll Wright, Carol Pep Club Thespians C.S .F . J .S .A. "Crucible" "Carousel" "Music Man" "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Student of the Month i967 Prom Queen Finalist Young, Linda "Miracle Worker" "Desert Song" Young, Michael Bee Basketball .l.V. Maroon Baseball German Club ivice-pres.J Key Club Varsity Baseball Legislative Council Varsity Club C.B.L. co-champions Council lsr.l Key Committee Sr. Class Vice President Student of the Month Boys' Forum Zdilor, Mary Council fsoph., ir., sr.J Student Council Pep Club Girls' League Zerilli, .lo Council isoph., ir., sr.l Soph. Vice President Pep Club lvice-pres.l Accreditations Committee .lr. Class Vice President "Z" Club F .O .M .A . Q9 wzwfeag ,iw ,f X, f A! I ' R X 236 F X 1 XR XX LZ KK! W I I X X X Xxx X X QQQAQMJMQ QWJMQ fffw ,,. x,,f V fkf f xx K- 'ij f' Nm.- X KJ Gkfxfn N ' N Jo F Apgzgq 195 g .oilttiweo-20 -XF' LJV7 o,7Q,2'bc WM M QQ fQ,U-VZSOX-2 ww lQQ96m QQ l- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The i967 Fohi Staff would like to ex- press their gratitude to the Following For their assistance and co-operation in the production of this book. R. Wallace Pischel, lnc. Alfred 8. Fabris Studios, lnc. George Gibson, photo Fontana High School Faculty Fontana High School Student Body Yearbook Advertisers 240 Nxim Mm C QM' ,lv QQZSQQQQ V- QQQYQ MKWWQ kQf? fw Cf? . X f7W af fi Qi Hi 2 Age , Q ki 2 SCHOOL STEEI 1 x I 1 s Q 3 5 A i l 1 3 ? I , i ERS if SUMUS MAGNA if STEEL 5 i ' ! I

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