Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA)

 - Class of 1965

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Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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H DFDIUAIION A profound unclers'l'ancling of +oday's youlh and +he fore- sigh+ 'lo guide each along his res eclive road 'lo success . . . A+ one +ime or ano+her many opus have found a need for "someone lo lallg lo" . . . 'L J , i X ,uf An ac+ing cdncernlfor Q-he'ls+ucleii'l bocgy and ifs acHyi+ies... l X "H ' Ex by fr N- X RV ix fe V rf f- 'XL ff- ff gb F, cr cr xg ,LL I xg - 'N 7 .5 wr- X ,---QQ .xx X lc'-'ggi N fc, 'XX TJ X l ' fi k lu? gf' fx r N ,X in ex ee er VFX lf' - 'Q ' F .lg-,K r- OC' 'Q F N r- N-' f. 'N . , , F N 'H N71 '70 me . f ff X X N Q f" f V N7 'Z Q .I c ' X. in ---- . P J w gow.. Lf r- QQ. Q-. F . P my vi, , J K rr, 'P' ,. K 'f FX xx x fc P' X, fc f N C be 6-1 X 'i K g " V' , N J vi" " le Tc- 1-?"" X f- N . ef QL 4' ' 'Qc J 'X A ,c f., V H ly f The ease wi+h which friends ure madecand laijling7EIation- ships formed . . . 5' ' ' 'lu R f . ' V f"L' 1 if 42 'N V' 'lf x .,, X, RQ my 5 'Q fx T' rm ' re- N, fb' ' , -K c' have all prompfed +he yearbook s+aFF +o dedicale +his I965 FOHI +o you, Mr. Phillip Henry, in relurn for fhe many years you have offered your invaluable assis+ance and in- numerable 'lalenfs for +he be'Hermen+ of your sociefy, and specifically Fonfana High School. SEATED: Ben F. l'learne Jr., Presidenlp John D. Piazza, Member. STANDING: Beverly Appelbaum, Member: Richard C. Wolf, Vice President Rue Dene Doolin, Clerlc. BOARD OP FDI! UA T1 0N DENZIL E. WIDEL Superinlendenr of Schools Sfudenls of fhe Class of '65: Congralulalions lo you for having compleled your high school career! You have succeeded in gaining an imporlanf goal- +haf of obfaining your diploma. You have now demonsfraled +o your friends and family fhai' you are ready fo +alce lhe nexl' impor'l'an+ slep of your young lives. ll' will be necessary for you lo weigh many faclors as you al- lempl 'lo decide wha+ you are +o do nex+. There will be many choices. Be sure Thai your decision is one lhaf will lead you on +o a higher level of accomplishmen'I'. Le+ your fu'l'ure goals be as imporfam' +o you as your diploma has been, and worlc 'For lhem ius+ as diligenfly. The besl' of luck +o each and every one of you. Sincerely, Denzil E. Widel Superinfendenl of Schools ADMINISTRATION DRAKE Vice Principal MR. ERIC BIRCH Vice Principal Y 1' 1 I Q ba k M .,L,1 f K 'II if ' ' " ' , . lr A I-'IM A 1 ff-1: , Q . 'ez 1 '41 v:'1fff-fffmzal -1 -.C , I,5?g,y4ZfIYfR?i,4.,f51L-M, ,gg-is ' ,, 1-:gfzg4f33gx,::,5 F . cigar. Z, -- I .-is G A I x ' ' -Q. .gf Vi k " ' v I we ,. E ff' I W' ,Q K - - rg gi, 92, if-P! 323, 2' 'wrap ii 1 13,13 wr " Effelv Q1 ' " + ' -4, f w 5 z H, , 'f if i-N , -15.1 .2 44 Iv? 25, S -rf' 4 12, x, sw 1:4 I f I 13 5'i-.1,-ffaiagfflgfg inf .. "2 ji' :wmv 9- ,I I2-ff? tw fa .rg e 4 1 H, I ' , MR. DAVID I-IAEIZ Coordinolor-Pupil Personnel l"I UG7l'l ES Coordinolor-Sfuclenl Aclivily Six: If - ,M g?,,,:-fab, I ' I lil, 1 I 5162? . 5 3 55363 MR. KENNETH MINOR MRS. BERNICE KNOBLOCI-I MRS. ANIT 6'0IlMS'E'L 01P.S' ART MR. JOE FICARRA MR. DONALD BROWN MR. LEONARD HILL 'f"h -- 4" J f MR. RICHARD DASTRUP M1130 Camera Shy MR. CYRIL GALLIC M R. MYRL I-IARMON M R. HARVEY HART i , MR. WILLIAM MCCLELLA MR. JAMES SMITH I MR. DALE HAUKLAND M R. EDWARD WALKER M R. LEONARD COLTON MR DAVID SHADE M R. DAVID VIERA .S'6'IEN6' PROUD MR WESLEY STEWART MR. GARY JOHN YOUNT 5. .. - ' b:vWa5195i'1f- Wflfiw SSL! fi533'1Sgaf1?1Qai2f1wQf14PHahwweigziivgizzaaiszQafiwzwf . Rx . ..-H ' ' ' W ? knI5iIi7z:51z.iff5LUfiIil33693v3z..3H9?I."f3'1f::E',?ufY:iIE3l.!?I.fa!E?viE'.2?Efsai5'?5-55333 , . 1 N . . af . " . , f ' , ,f gf H A A fr 1 fl if 1 I 5 I 4 I M I HW MRS. KARLENE ALLEN M. :IYQVFF I I I 'Eff' iifiliikfr ' S 'S ' , izIfi2511'+.,. .5sgffi:,f3g:J':f . , I . N .,,. 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III 5 . 2 I 2 I E3 If an I NEW I' ' I fm ,Q gg nz 'ig aj 2 E. ,I I.. 2 3 I 7' f III . I if ! MRS. RUTH RUE MISS MARILYN SMOLICK MR. WILLIAM WHITE QI I" . Ii ' II 2 -I ':a:' , .I gl x II ESI, is 'fig 4 ,sf EESQIIQ I 225, IIA 2 .I '. Zz wg Q I 3. 2 5 EIS Ig Ega Q z I Ia E QQ 5 I :S MR. AUSTIN SNYDER M R. DEAN REN FRO BOKC' MR. ROBERT STOKES MR. RUSSELL YOUNG MR. JOE won-TLMUTH MR. AL ZAMISKY MRS. JUDITI-I COX MISS BECKY DAUER GIRLS' PF I MISS ANITA GAFFRON MRS. MARY MOORE MISS VIVIAN OLIVER Q MRS. CHARLOTTE MUMFORD QCD IPF 2224711 i I K 3 s 5 E s 1 1 E s Q 3 1 5 Y LA GIIAG' MR. FLOYD FRIESS MRS. REGINE HENRY MR. EUGENE HIGBEE .3 I , , I f l, , V cr Q 77. K- V-,r. ,eff -7 aff. 'A . :fel - ig' R MR... MR. ESMAEL VELASQUEZ MR. STEVEN VAN BLANKENSTEIN 4 MR. ROBERT ARMSTRONG MR. JOSEPH GILPIN MR, ROBERT .JOHNSTON MR. JOSEPH BERARD AI'HEMAI'I6',S' MR. LARRY HERRON MR. DONALD VOLZ 3 2 5 5 ? i 5 2 ? H 3 5 3 E 5 ! N " ' W ' ' " ""' ':"e"' "W'k'3:95i'l""""""5""'5f'f"" ' JTFXQ- "A"mf-133 '7' WZ- - Y - - - KQM' ' MISS SALLY GARDNER MISS MAUREEN MCGINNESS I, ALL ' , Q 2iIf.f'I'5f3 14 . 4 9 I.H.Tf:., MRS. ESTHER STEELMAN MRS. MARGUERITE STEWART H0115 50011011 as ' MRS. BETH YOUNT I LIBRAJPIAN BO0KKE'FPE'R MRS. ARLENE MURPHY 1 ,f" Z X! ,Z f 1 xx Q K l X I X 4 N x K . N m 'x i L ...- Z ,f ,fx X V ,f4 ,ff w xx mf-xxx wg A ,I .il I uf' ' 'W' an 5 f 57 I Mfg .,. :ssfzzggfgzf Ywiesissfg 2' x fi H . Aisha" 3 ,. y 'i P 6' ' ,s 1 ll 1 of-I 3 'ff Fr in A ,!'4i"W .1 -Q W. Z, W 1 --q Bw' .IQ IL :L 4193 1? :ff T: N' ff hulk w 1: if 'I?1:,,F-EEE '3ag"'P1iiu1 , , 9 . '3 big' .gzii vo 4. 1. ,i . fre, ,Q ,,y,:1,g Tiff TB h x rg, '21 rw ,M SANDY ABELN DAWN CROWI. Senior Princess Senior Princess CATHY BELICH JANET PARKS Junior Princess Sophomore Princess aww' www Wl' QT!" "li" s L A 1 i 4 , 1 5 2, I .f'W5z'1'H5Ak1' 0115511 LI N DA H EARNE Firsf Princess CLAUDIA BURTON Second Princess .S'WEE'I'HE'ARI' UOZIRY' CONNIE STEWART Junior Princess JUDY LEGGITT Sophomore Princess if Basie tba!! Homecoming' '65 U Highlighfs of Homecoming was The winning of game 87-51 'D AJP H ART' Sweefhea r+'s Da nce Music by Buddy Williams and his Orchesha "A single room . , . a +able for +wo." 45 Mm. H 2 l 4, i x 2533 N A V 5, Q, 1 M3 , ,ft K' gijgf.: 3, ,f , Q15 4 ' .Y W fy fi? All Mt.. , .S'NOJ'V,S' Senior Cheerleaders are, from leff +o righfz Ida Brandt Janel lv1inniss,Jennifer Zdunowslci, V Chrisly Mclnlire, Currie Nabors. , Who did il? Senior Songleaders, bollom row: Becky Calderon, Dalude Machado, Viclcy How- den, Slandingz Linda Vincent Peggy Lundslrom, Pal Carmer. The Seniors showing +heir skills by edging lheir win from The Juniors 47-43. J J IIN! OBS' Junior Songleaders, from lef+ lo righlz Barbara Sreele, Tanis Irwin, Ellen Wimer. Geneva High- lower. Belsy Berardi, and Pam Gardoclci. Junior Cheerleaders are from lefl' To righlz Valerie Riccifelli, Peggy Osborn, Jackie Wilhoit Connie S+ewar+, Teresa Fen+on, Carol Hopper and Melonie Rucker. Sophomore Presidenl Glenn Pierce re- venges Jr. and Sr. Presiclenls. Terry Beckham. and Ron King. A aa V51 3 BACIKWARDS' WEEK Q K Uqggg ..,. ! l "+l1ey didn'+,+l1ey couldn'+ .... " "l . 2. pul your heod under riw Seniors lead The Juniors ou? for lhe 'kill' .... FR Juniors pulled The win, buf 'the Seniors pulled +hem in! TUG-JL WAR lime Underclossmonln "Ohh, il"s cold ond my hair, uhhhhh . . . A i,,3""Ql,,g- "Alrigh+ Jrs., where did you hide fhe loofboll 41 ki fl I T 5 x f 1 E I 41 iii? ,ww . Ge? 'em real clean. Cosuol campus day. M Lei me show yo how. Af Ic:s+ The G "VARY UP DAR? 0 ANNE FRANK Anne Frank ,,,, ,, Mr. Frank ,,,., Mrs. Frank, ., Margor Frank, Pe+er Van Daan Mr. Van Daanh, Mrs. Van Daan Mr. Dussel ,,,,,, Mr. Kraler .,,,., Miep ,,,,. A,Y,, CAST V V,V,V M .A,,.V V ,,,, Gary Dunak ....Chris+y Mcln+ire , ,Marcia Janes , ,,,,., ,,,Rory Wise , ,,,, Alex Elias A . ,,,.. Fefe Malis . . ,Sheila Moore Linda Pafrick , Larry Andrews Peggy Lunds+rom Happy Hanukkah. Fafher, I love only you l AHOMA Oklahoma is based on Lynn Rlgg s Green Grow 'ihe Lllacs and was originally produced by +he Theafre Guild WrlH'en by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammersfem ll fhls vlbral' mg excifing presen+a+ion brmgs all 'Phe warm+h of young love fragedy of life, +he music of 'l'he lmmorfals and fhe humor +ha+ is so fypical of our greaf American herliage Auni' Eller Curly Laurey llce Will Parlcer Jud Fry Ado Annie Carnes Ali Hakim Ger+ie Andrew Carnes ,11 I FW- 1. 1 I w w A "M w I UAS? Abby Brewsier ,,,, ,.,, E llen Wimer Marfha Brewsfer , ,Teresa Fenlon Mor+imer Brewsler ,Richard Daversa Dr. Einslein , ,, ,,,, ,,,,,, Mike Bryar .David Brown Cliff Larson Larry Johnson Cafhy Pinfer , ,, ,John Hampi ., ,Rusfy Dean John Fonlana Mr. Wilherspoon ., , Richard Boyko Jonafhan Brewsier Teddy Brews+er ., Dr. Harper , Elaine Harper .. , Officer Brophy Olificer O'Hara L+. Roomer ...,,,, There's a dead body in There! "Arsenic and Old Lace" begins wi+h Morlimer who discovers +ha+ his lwo seemingly irreproachable aun+s are 'lhe murderers of +welve elderly genllemen. The aunfs can give a rafionol reason 'For The killings, which gives The ploy a spark. Things are complica+ed wifh Morfimer's uncle who believes he is Teddy Roosevelf, and his brolher, Jonafhan, who is also a killer, ou+ of a differenf nalure. The confras+ of fhe fwo murder fypes makes for an in+eres+ing fheme. chm To fhe lhirleenlh vi ' . Jerry W1Hsh1re Lloyd Harbsson George Good Jenmfer Zdunowskr Mske Norrus Terry Vallen Marxlyn Slafon Gary Haaghf 'v1r Joe Fxcarra Faye Duffy Peggy Osborne Karen McCluslcey Cafhy Yegge Dennis Carocca No'r plcfured are Jerry Shearer and Richard Downing. JENNIFER ZDUNOWSKI Co-Edifor WILTSHIRE Ar+ Work MARILYN SLATON Classes Qfq ,F Qfbili Devoled men and women ol: +l'ie newspaper world worlc diligenlly +0 'K rneel' fheir deadline. rom rofemv is 'lL My GARY TIPTGN ALLAN PROCEL and JENNIFER ZDUNOWSKI PAUL PRICE Mary Chavez, Eloise Racz, Belle Peler- sen. Sandy Abelnp Ru+l'1 Broolabanlc, Callwy Pinler, Page 2 Edilor, Suzie l-liller, Page 3 Edilor, Ginger Doclcslader. Carol l-lealey, Barry Pafriclc, Angie Gruenwald, Paul Price. 52 Co-Edilor Pliolograplier and Copy Ediror Pholographer EXE' 00 JAY CRAVEN ASB Vice Presiden+ ASB Presidenf ELLEN ABASCAL N ASB Secrefory TERRY CLYMIRE ASB Treasurer CAROL BRUCE DEBRA KINSEY ASB Pe C ' ' ' ' p ommnssuoner ASB Soclol Cholrmon TI VE' 1755 MR. ALEX HUGHES CoorcIina+or of SIudenI Acfivifies PATTY IMUS WW - Girls' League Presidenr JENNIFER ZDUNOWSKI ASB Ad Manager f' 2' ,J 3 QW 5 . FW? ,.,, "'lk"'T?"fT'f I3 Ei LM 1 fl' 'Q' ' ,ig ,. w I 'QI A 3 ,, ,, 1: fy - ,M MA Ififfi f Q -,'A Q . A we V xx 2 L.V, V - f- ' -.wffws-. I '-W. I .154-wfilsrr' I1 ' It -. We iivfgsii ' A LINDA I'I EARNE ICC PresIcIenI TERRY BECKI-IAM GLENN PIERCE S homore Class Presiden+ 55 Junior Class Presidenf op BAND FIRST ROW: Anloinelle Servillo, Bob Dahl, Arlene Chrisliansen, Dixie l-lay, Paul Wheel- er, Mary Davis, Charles Slauiier, Sherry Beasley, Carlos Marlinez, Phillip Sfrong, Roberl Kincade, Mike Wagenhorier. ROW 2: Jan l-louse, Joan House, Elaine Breilen- gross, Dave Bailey, Paul Gavell, Leonard Galasso, Mike Marlin, Phylis Muhlernan, Mike Mongiello, Rick Vallecorsa, Bob Ed- wards, Belly Breilengrass, David Roy, Eras- mo Mendez, Rocky Cookus, Bill Ausiin. ROW 3: Gloria Curran, Sue Lane, Jan l-lalbrook, Gloria Wood, Diane Needham, Jim Enlwislle, Sieve Anderson, l-larry Hill, Gary Whifney, Leonard Jones, Ronnie Armiiio, Sieve Jackson, Ray Whalen, Mar- cia Calisler, Richard Threlkeld, Andy Pa- dilla, Jim Marcil, Ken Johnson, Cecil Boggs, Alan Jones. STANDING: Karen Rein- schmidf, Ed Wellingron, Jim Large, Bob Whirley, John Russel, Tim Toll, Daniel Weigel. 56 L DRILL TEAM DRILL TEAM-KNEELING: Teresa Fenfon, Currie Nabors. FIRST ROW: Jeanne Ray, Lynn Heirick, Paula Snyder, Valerie Mar- Iinez, Shelby Nelson. Josie Abarca. Jane DeSar+, Valerie Riccilelli. Calhy Imus, Doris Dragoon, Ranclee Jensen, Diane Chrisiani, Linda Blizzard, Terry Gaiherum, Linda Love, Connie Sfeworl. MIDDLE ROW: Dona Eshleman, Diane Bengsion, Jill Voilko, Melody O'NeaI, Paula Marlin, Lin- do Hubbard, Carol Burris, Phyllis Sievens, Janel Minniss. Sue Race, Jackie Buus, PaH'y lmus, Caihy Belich, Judy Bare. Slevie Kory, Jackie WiIhoi+, Nancy I-larper, Jeanne Touniian. BACK ROW: Linda Wright Cafhy Johannes. Terry Cassidy, Linda Camp, Diana Jackson, Pai Collins, Mari' anne Tamm, Linda Polrick, Pai Nagy, Carol Hopper, Terry Musoiio, Mary Lou Gon- zales, Sue Kaiszo. 57 Ei 5 1 ji E 4 w ALL LEAGUE' HONORS BA5'KE'IBALL FIRST TEAM: IN PICTURE: Bill Bran'l'Iey. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Bob Edwards. SECOND TEAM: Tom Waleszonia. HONORABLE MENTION: Rudy AIdama, Henry Head, and Jerry Shearer. F00 BA FIRST TEAM: IN PICTURE: Wayne Lamb, Rich Downing, Mike EIIioH, and Rich Migala. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Denny Carocci and Dave Harris. HONORABLE MENTION: Jay Craven. Larry Cham- berland, Bill PeII, and Jerry Shearer. FIRST PLACE: Richard Gaiherum and Wayne Lamb UL!! J' ON CAM ILS' RTF ULIIB FIRST ROW: Rich Migala, John Keen, Harry Hari, Mike Jimenez, Sleve Knox. ROW 2: Dave DeJulio, Tony Ragone, Bolo Talcacs, Bob Mc- Ilwaine. ROW 3: Jay Craven, Bill Bran+ley, Bill Differline, Fred Mil- ler, Larry Andrews, Joe Gillenfine, Tom Brokaw, Gary Tiplon. LAST ROW: Terry Clymire, Doug Lar- son. Z CLUB FIRST ROW: Susan Inlerranle, Lin- da Hill, Linda Sawyer, Linda Pai- riclc, Marianne Tamm, Donna Rue, Ann Schupbach, Charloffe Turlcins, Ellen Wimer, Calhy Pin+er, Cafhy Johannes, Terry Casady. Marilyn Slafon, Donna Cox. Dafude Mach- ado, Pa++y lmus, Sherry Beasley. Belly Breilengross, Sue l-lus+ad, Carol Bruce, Rosemary Richen- berger, Leslie Allen, Currie Nab- ors, Sharon Heeren, Debra Kinsey, Linda Hearne, Claudia Burfon. El- len Abascal, Ginger Doclcsiader, Nancy Saida. l AHS' FRONT ROW: Margie Monaco, Sherrie Moore, Calhy Yegge, Nan- cy Lend, Paify Gage, George Rosand, Dafude Machado, Ellen Abascal, Anna Marie Bonnie, Ka- Thy Wear, Lucy Rogers, Pai Goble. ROW 2: Carla Miranda. Angie Gruenwald, Jane? Coppi, Mari- anne Uhalley, Viclci Barill, Janel Fosler, Ellen Wimer, Rufh Wollach, Marilyn Slalon. ROW 3: Pal Care mer, Linda Lewis. Calhy Bonnacor- so, Judy Bare, Susan Huslad, Sue Inferranie, CharloHe Turkins, Lin- da Hearne, Currie Nabors, Wanda Campbell. Mary Lou Churchwarcl. LAST ROW: Gary Tipfon, Denny Carocci, Joe Gillenfine, Kerry Pe- lerman, Barry Thompson. VARSITY ULIIB FlRST ROW: Wayne Lamb, Mr. Dale Favier, Joe Gillenline, Doug Packard, Dennis Barnet Mike EI- Iiol, Terry Clymire, Terry Kokof, Frank Gorgei, Dean Fowler, Denny Carocci, Joy Craven, Bob Israel, Rich Migala, John Voilko. John Anrhony, Ron King, Louie Ornelas, Bill Branfley. JSA FIRST ROW: Susan Greenfield, Carolyn Moniak, Chris Large, Lin- da Gerry, Elda Herrera, Trina Jo- sephson, Diane Crislani. ROW 2: Jim Maier, Gary Tiplon, Joe Mc- Kee, Claudia Culberlson. Allan Cheslnuf. ROW 3: Barry Thomp- son. Viclor Machiewski, Don Riles, Bill Blankenship, Bolo Takacs, John Fonlana. GIRLS' LEAGUE' FIRST ROW: Jackie Buss, Noreen Nikodem, llono Kupecz, Vicki Mar- lin. ROW 2: Marilyn Slalom, Linda Dimarlino, Brenda Burko, Merry Ridgeway. ROW 3: Pa'r'ry lmus, Ginger Dockslocler, Peggy Lund- s+rom. STUDENT ,S'Y'0RE Gary Carlzdalner, Jo Elaine I-louse, Marilyn Slalon, Dave Reynolds, Bob Takacs. ITA FIRST ROW: Juhl Olsen, Pal Gulier- rez, Ilona Kupecz, Angie Gruenwald, Carla Miranda, Gloria Payne, Dora Malisos. ROW 2: Toby Bloom. Carol Turlcins, Cliarlolle Turlcins, Sue Infer- ranfe, Susan I-Iuslad, Charlolle Pik- ney. ROW 3: Dan Mays, Barry Thompson. Gary Tiplon. IHBYPIAMS' FIRST ROW: Gail Wandel, Linda Parricla, Janel Fosler, Rulh Wolloch, Toni Ford, Alex Elias. ROW 2: Peggy Lundsfrom, Paulerre Gardoclci, Linda I-Iearne, Marllwa Zike, Janer Minniss, Sharon l"Ieeren, Kerry Pelerman, Den- ny Carocci, Ellen Wimer, Clirf Larson. MH ALPHA IHFIA FIRST ROW: Ellen Wimer, CaI'l'1y Pin- Ier, Ka Plant Mariel Alaiolci, Berna- dine Olsen, Suzie Hiller, Gloria Cur- ran, Ilona Kupecz, Mr. Charles Pine, sponsor. ROW 2: Wally Brilhinee. Mark Ma'r+l'1ews, Sleve Larson, Alberi Fols, Bob Bellorny, Eddie WacI1I'el, Louie Ornelas, Gordon Epslein, David Luboclci, Don Brilluinee. RIIZE' UL UB FIRST ROW: Mr. Russell Dickinson, sponsor, Chuck Slauffer, Terry Mc- Clanahan, Bill Blankenship. ROW 2: Terry Fernandez, James Filchlee, Wayne Bruce, Sieve Cook, Howard Leslie. ROW 3: Wayne Lee, Jim Pesl- er, David Lewis. GERMAN ULIIB FIRST ROW: Doug Bald, Geneva Kis- inger, Arlene Chrisiiansen, Kay Plant Pai Guiierrez. ROW 2: David Lub- ocki, Terry Romine, Joy I-lariness, Dan Mays, Juhl Olsen, Diana Rohrbaclc, Mr. Sfeven Van Blanlcenslein, sponsor, Sieve Larson, Richard BeaHy. GAA FIRST ROW: Evelyn Francisco, Lucy Lee, Tillie Saucedo, Sharon Murray, Virginia Ausiin. ROW 2: Josephine King, Connie Lee, Toby Bloom, Mary DeCola, Irma Illes, Sharon Miller. ROW 3: Marlene Reed, Elaine Fran- cisco, Darlene Johnson, Sarah Wig- gins, Barbara Ross, Clem Johnson, Charlolle Smifh. NFL FIRST ROW:Carmen Pa+ia, Rulh Wol- Ioch, JoAnn Coalney, Jeanne McGill, Debbie Allison, Doris Dragoon. ROW 2: Sieve Jus+ice, Dan Mays, David Luboclci, Phil Goldsiein. ROW 3: Gary Tiplon, Denny Carocci, Dave Brown, Eddie Wachlel, Tony Argon- da, Don LaCroix. A0011 FOMS' FRONT ROW: Gail Wandel, Jeanne House, Darlene Ross, Dora Aldaco, Linda Es+abroolc, Colhy Johannes, Susan McCann, Diana Baughman. ROW 2: Mary Davis, Frances Sadialc, Sue Wood, Kris Keegan, Miss Becky Dauer, sponsor. Judy Finley, Diana Rohrloaclc, Marilyn Johannes, Eldo Herrera, Tina Pe+erson. HISTORY CLUB FRONT ROW: Bernadine Olson, Deb- bie Allison, Juhl Olson. Marie Toll, Marcia Mead, Mary LeH. ROW 2: Gary Tiplon, John Kuchar, Rodney Edwards, Howard Gunderson, Don Bishop. ROW 3: Jeff Griflilh, Dennis Carocci, Eorl Kuhl, Dan Mays, John Fonfana. Gordon Epslein, Richard Weslerhoicl. BACK ROW: Larry Chamberland, Joe Gillenline, Terry Romine. Berl Clay, Henry Loclcriclge. FHA FIRST ROW: Vicki Marlin, Geneva Kisinger, Linda Di Marlino, Brenda Burko, Belsy Berardi. ROW 2: Evelyn Francisco, Juhl Olsen, Joan Zdrovie, Chris Traugoll, Pal' Guiierrez, Mari- anne Tamm. ROW 3: Elaine Francis- co, Edna Bennel'+, Merry Ridgeway, Sherri Grilllin, Sarah Eshleman, Shir- lene Mayo. INIFR LZUB 6'0lIll6'Il FIRST ROW: Rodney Edwards, Gary Tip+on, Ellen Aboscal, Linda Hearne, Carol Bruce, lcla Brandi. Susan Hus- lad. ROW 2: Milce May, Dave Brown, Rudy Diaz, Jeanne Touniian, Merry Ridgeway, PaHy lmus. Manya Grun- er, Debbie Allison. BACK ROW: Louie Ornelas, Bob Tolcacs. Berl Clay, Gary Carlzdafner. FOMA FIRST ROW: Paule+'re Gardocki, Ann Scangarello, Janel Coppi, Calhy Yegge, Nancy Lend, Linda Kordich, Carol Bruce, lda Brandi, Linda Hearne. ROW 2: Sandy Abeln, Slephanie Williams, Currie Nabors, Nancy Keheley, Linda Lewis, Rose- mary Richenberger, Dalude Macha- do. ROW 3: Mary Lou Churchward, Wanda Campbell, Pam Hudson, Vicki Barill, Susie Kaszio, Jennifer Bancroft BIBLI 0MA1VIA 06' FlRST ROW: John Fonlana, Gary Tiplon, Debbie Allison, Judy Allison. BACK ROW: Barry Thompson, Loren Gonzales, John Kuchar, Bernadine Ol- son, Jeff Griffilh, Dan Mays, Dennis Carocci, David Lubocki, Ar+ Weid- knechf, Dave Brown. UHF!! ULIIB FIRST ROW: John Fonlana, Dan Mays. ROW 2: Toby Bloom, Dennis Carocci, John Kuchar, Julie Beal. ROW 3: Earl Kuhl, Dave Brown, Terry Romine. DEUA FIRST ROW: Doreen Olson, Kalhy Jean, Mark Parker. ROW 2: David Palmer, Larry Tonello, Alberl Perez, Greg Gammon, Dominic Palazzolo. Terry Kokol, Larry Medina, Mike Wilburn. FIA FIRST ROW: Slan Prall, Pele Malis, John Bledsoe. ROW 2: Gerald Young, Len Galasso, Dave Roias, Bob Harl- ness, Tyler Malzahn, Dick Weslerhol, Dave Eshleman. ROW 3: Arl Trebizo. Jerry Blake, Carl Munson, Tom Col- Iourn, Joe Chavez. ROW 4: Eddie Nunez, Mike May, Dave Pale, Tom Hugharl, Ed Gerdsen, Sleve Taylor. ROW 5: Felix Francisco, Gary De- Meyer, Mike While, Larry Parrish, John Mohr, Sam Elliol, AI Eshleman, Richard Becklund. ROW 6: Alex Es- INTFRUHLTHRAL ULU? char, Dan Mays. ROW 2: Juhl Olson, Polly Gage, Gail Alm. Ann Scang- arello, Dalude Machado, Nancy Cas- seana, Nancy Diaz, Sheila Moore. Evelyn Francisco, Marie Towle. ROW 3: Janel Coppi, Pal Carmer, Mike Thomas, Kerry Pelerman, Jean Daughlon, Debbie Appleloaum. ROW 4: Belly Hill. Calhy Bonaccorso, Mari- anne Tamrn, Chris Traugoll, Marsha Mead. ROW 5: Janel Fosler, Linda Kordich, Ben Johnson, John Fonlana, Gordon Epslein, Gary Tiplon, Denny Carocci. ROW 6: Terry Clymire, Ca- lhy Yegge, Jay Craven, Terry Romine, Barry Thompson, Henry Lockridge, Dave Lubocki, Harold Gunderson. lrada, Paul Schroeder, Bill McMullen, Dave Flores, Jack Nunez. .901 FI CLUB FIRST ROW: Dave Luloocki, Henry Lockridge, Mary Lell. ROW 2: Earl Kuhl Julie Beal John Mirdo Terry Romine, Arl w5idkneCh+.i ' FIRST ROW: Henry Head, Mike Leelzow, Dick Threlkeld, Terry Beckham. ROW 2: Ray Marquardl, Sleve Larson. ROW 3: George Rosand. Bob Bellamy. ROW 4: Rudy Aldama, Ed Wachlel. ROW 5: Ron King, Louie Ornelas, Dave Brown. BACK ROW: Gary Carlz- dalner, Wayne Lamb, Mr. Joe Ficarra, sponsor, Richard Downing, Jerry Shearer. MADRIGALS' SEATED: Cheryl Shane. Phil Halliday. Janice Henson, Jo Elaine House, Don Sparks, Susan Kaiszo. STANDING: Frances Price, John Hari, Daro+hy Cooper, Mike Thomas, Nancy Harp- er. Rud Diaz, Rosemary Richen- Y berger. l l HPFIVUH CLUB FIRST ROW: Marilyn Johannes, Linda Hurd, Diane Nelson, Shelby Nelson, Barbara Caviness, Michelle Gray. Mary Rainwa+er. ROW 2: Linda Sawyer. Joan Bough, Mary Warder. Chris Traugoll, Mary Davis, Violel Perravirch. Marsha Harris, Vicki S+ill. ROW 3: Calhy Johannes, David Brown, Dan Mays. David Choafe, Er- asno Mendez, Mr. Friess. sponsor. PEP CLUB FIRST ROW: Deana Nelson, Sherry Temple. ROW 2: Vialer Pelravich, Jackie Pelers. ROW 3: Marilyn Jo- hannes, Frances Saidak. ROW 4: An- drea Clay, Sylvia Muriella. ROW 6: Linda Hill, Sue Hendrick, Kaye Pal- lerson. ROW 7: Merry Ridgeway, Cheryl Renkin, Barbara Caviness, Jan Davis. ROW 8: Donna Hanning, Man- ya Gruner, Mary Jane Davis. ROW 9: Marlene Reed, Carrole Lehr, Pam Swearingin. OALIFORNIA SOHOLARSHIP ITDFRAIIOII FIRST ROW: Dave Lubocki, Sleve Larson, Dave Mesa, Kalhy Imus, Doris Dragoon, Lynelle Wall, Claudia Burlon, Leslie Al- len, Trina Josephson. Ginger Dockslader, Jinx Knulson, Diane Bengslon, Josephine Abarca, Sherri Moore, Shelby Nelson, Tina Pelerson, Bernadine Olsen, Paula Snyder, Sally Sanborn, Sharon Scrobol, Pal Slryk, Judy Carlson, Cecilia Horzen. ROW 2: Dave Brown, Richard Souerheloer, Al Fols, Sharon Pope, Elda Herrara, Susan Husfad, Frances Sadiak, Gloria Curran, Kay Plan+, Charlolle Turkins, Lila Balin, Judy Grisser. Ilona Kupecz, Sherrie Fosler, Susan Jeans, Nancy Crookham, Donna Cox, Angie Gruenwald, Vickie Holding, Leslie Weir., Judy Bare. ROW 3: Louis Kafsikairis, Suzie Hiller, Sfephen OAPEITRIA W ORKFR5' FIRST ROW: Elvie Blasick, Peggy Viencek, Zerla Gibbs, Ann Lafayelle, Ann Hawkins, Marge Rogone, Marge Krisf, Laura Sianiield, Fannie Tocco. STANDING: Louise DeLong, Gladys Lewis, Rulh Bowman, Ann Clarke, Frances Campagna, Slella DeJulio, Madge Silogy, Mary Glissendorf, Rose Argenline, Eileen Bower. Powell, Linda Sawyer, Diane Rohrloack, Manya Gruner, Linda Hill, Linda Hearne, Peggy Lundsirom, Carole Lehr, Darlene Willis, Cafhy Johannes, Sherrel Beasley, Diane Gruen, Sharon Lewis, Pam Goble, Linda Hubbard, Carol Burris, Cafhy Pinier, Ellen Wimer, Pal Collins, Marianne Tamm, Susan lnlerranfe. Bob Bellamy. ROW 4: Mark Hudes, Gordon Epslein, Doug Bald, Bob Markley, Misha Zeiran, Dan Weigel, John Couri- righl, Mark Huberl, Vincenl Orlega, Ed Wachlel, Cecil Boggs, Ralph Ware, Jay Craven, Rich Migala, Ann Scangarello, Den- nis Carocci, Louis Ornelas, Barry Thompson, Nadine Boalmon, Diane Crislani, Jackie Buus, Diane Shranek, Carolyn Moniak, Kalhy Quinn, Mary Leif, Phil HuberI'. OHSTODIANJ' FIRST ROW: John Black, Everl Rob- erison, Diego Saez, Bob Tulhill. ROW 2: Everl' Trickell, Dan Weigel, Glee Craig, George Vahle. ROW 3: Bill Geary, Marshall Roseborough, John Cole. gil' , 'F' I' N fs A . vp, 'Y' 1 , ., at , ,f 6 gi VICKI HOLDING SANDY ABELN Head Sonqleoder ,S'0NGLE'AD RIS' RACHEL PORTILLO PAULETTE GARDOCKI LINDA HEARNE VIRGINIA AUSTIN 69 LESLIE ALLEN ANN SCANGARELLO CLAUDIA BURTON Head Cheerleader VARSITY UHFERLFAD RJ' ,,,...-- SHARON I-IEEREN RENEE TUNSTALL Y va "4.,,wA, A i 5 .r J Mg:-,Wa few, x T K 2 I l I 5 I I E 5 , I i JANICE HENSON 1, W CATHY PINTER Heed Bee Cheerleader B UHEERLFAD RS' 2 e f e ' 5 :aw 'h'f P E e:m l v 1 - he Q , f-w-1 W 'Q P ,Q R b f ' 1 if ta 'f?:ff?.3 11 ik A Q. V, wi .L - , ,,f ...ff Q SANDI VARNER SUSIE CURTIS NORMA HAMBLETON CIF Rally EAGLES Explonofory Cl LJUIIIG .H P F0111 JUNE , JUNE I JUNE I JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE Johns. J'FNIOR WEEK 6' SENIORS' CALENDAR OF EVENTS JUNE I0... LAST DAY FOR SENIORS TO BE II I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I7 IN CLASS AWARDS NIGHT SENIOR BREAKFAST DRESS-UP DAY FAREWELL ASSEMBLY MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEA fff BACCALAUREATE SERVICE SENIOR SLOUCH DAY DITCH DAY YEARBOOK SIGNING PARTY COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES DISTRIBUTION OF DIPLOMAS GRADUATION PARTY Foreign exchange sfudenfs Dofude Mcichodo ond Jorge Rosond occepf diplomas from Mr. Senior girls bring sock Iunches Io brunch on. rg, Al ' I V J ,QL If lm-, x- 'A ' POHI 5' VI 0701? VALLEY I Mike Ellioff brings down Vicfor Valley back while fhe line Sfeeler pur- suif is made up of: l79l Cochrane, l3Ol Craven, l76l Carocci, l53l Chamberland, l85l Branfley, and l78l Lamb. Bill Pell oufgained fhe enfire Pomona feam, buf all in vain as fhe Pomona Red Devils coasfed fo a I9-0 vicfory. The firsf half saw no scoring fhreafs, unfil Fohi drove fo fhe 5 yard line only fo have a pass inferce fed fo cool a sfrong drive. Pomona fhen diiove fo pay dirf as fhe 'Firsf half came fo a close. Fohi came back sfrong in fhe second half driving fhe ball foward fhe end zone, buf a Shearer pass fell info fhe Red Devil's hands and was run back 47 yards for fheir second score of fhe game. Fohi again fried hard fo break info fhe scoring column buf was dealf a hard blow as a fhird pass was infercepfed and again run back for a TD fo puf fhe game on ice for fhe Pomona eleven. Excellenf defensive play by fhe Sfeelers held Pomona fo a mere l00 yards rushing. Ouf- sfanding on fhe defensive affack was Sfeel- er Capfain Jay Craven, while Dave Harris and Dave Aldama bofh blocked an af- fempfed PAT kick. Jerry Shearer fook fhe inifial kick- off for fhe "64" season and ran if back 80 yards for fhe year's firsf fouchdown, while Fohi 'Fell fo fhe Vicfor Valley Jackrabbifs I2-6. Bill Pell and Dave Aldama were sfandoufs on offense. Time offer fime fhey broke loose for consid- erable yardage. Fohi's sfrong defense held fhe Rab- bifs fo a sfingy 85 yards rushing, buf on fwo diliferenf occasions were caughf by surprise as VV scored on runs of 75 and 5 yards. Leading fhe Sfeelmen's defensive charge were Jay Craven, Denny Carocci, Wayne Lamb, Dave Al- dama, and Mike EIlio++. POHI 0 0110164 19 Defensive sfalwarfs Wayne Lamb l78l and Mike Ellioff feam up fo drop a bewildered Pomona QB for a large loss. DAVE HARRIS JERRY SI-IEARER All-Ivy League I-Iclfbock Quorferbock lo JOE WALESZONIA BOB ISRAEL Quoderbock I-Iolfbcack BILL PELL Holfbcck JAY CRAVEN Guard F0611 2 R.4l!0M4 36' Fonlono digs in ro keep Ramona from scoring again. l:ohi's bruising defense held on and lhe ball wenr over 'ro fhe Sleelmen. Visible Sleelers are Dennis Barne+f 1601, Rich Downing 1741, Jerry Roy 1321, and Bill Pell 1251. Fohi foughf hard and kepf fhe CIF bound Ramona Rams in check unfil la+e in fhe fhird sfanza, as Ramona drove for a 33-I2 vic+ory on +heir home field. Ramona +allied firsf offer o scoreless firsf quarfer on a shorf run over righr fackle. Jerry Shearer look fhe ensuing kickoff and raced 55 yards fo fhe Rams' 30 yard sfripe. Fohi fhen scored on a Shearer fo Peferson pass which covered I I yards. Fohi could nor score again unfil laie in fhe game when Shearer drove over from +he Two on a QB keeper. Defensive sfalwarfs for +he game were Bill Pell and Jay Craven One high poini' in fhe 33-I2 loss was +ha+ +hls was fhe firsf hme in four ou+ings 1'ha+ rhe rugged Ramona de- fense had been scored upon. JERRY ROY Defensive End MIKE JIMINEZ Fullbock 3 5 RON KING Halfback I'0HI I RIIBIDOIIX 0 Jerry Shearer II 7l drives over Jrhe Rubidoux line for ci dramalic score as Jerry Pelerson I65l walches and Denny Corocci I76I advises Ihe referee as 'ro The proper coll. Fohi opened i+s IVY League Inaugural by rolling up 269 rushing yards againsi Ihe highly regarded Rubidoux defense and ended in rou+ing +he Falcons I2-0. The S+eeIers were led by 'rhe powerful running of Dave Harris who personally ground our I22 yards and bulled over for Fohi's second +ouchdown. Fon'l'ana +aIIled fhelr Iirsf IVY League 6 polnier in +he second quarier when quarlerback Jerry Shearer plowed ln+o +he end zone 'from Iwo yards ou+ Over I00 yards of cos+Iy penalhes prevenfed +he Sfeelers from denhng fhe goal line on several dlffereni oc casnons as one Fohl score was called back A rugged Fon+ana defense Ied by Harris Rich Downing BIII Pell Denny Caroccu Jerry Roy and Jay Craven held Rubldoux +o lus+ 90 yards fo+aI offense in shu+hng ouf 'Phe ou+ classed Falcons RICH MIGALA All Ivy League End TERRY CLYMIRE Cenfer -nl LARRY CI-IAMBERLAND Cenler POH 14 NORTE' VISTA 6' Dave Harris, All League Halfbaclq. leaves NV defense "on fhe ground" and prepares fo mafch wifs wifh anofher would-be fackler. Paced by fullback Jerry Peferson, Fohi was able fo nose ouf fhe Braves, I4-I3. Peferson sfarfed The Sfeelers on fhe righf foof by run- ning baclc fhe opening kickoff 85 yards for Fohi's firsf score. Pefer- son also added bofh PAT's wifh his Golden Toe +o provide +he mar- gin for vicfory. The S+eelmen's second score came on a Shearer fo EllioH pass fhaf covered 45 yards. Fohi dominafed fhe offensive game fhroughouf. The game ended wifh Fohi making a valianf goal line sfand, holding fhe Braves for 'fhree sfraighf plays inside fhe fwo. Buf on 'lhe fourfh and disasfrous play, NV was able fo punch if over for fhe score. The greaf Fohi defense, sfill sfrong and defermined, swarmed fhe ball carrier on fhe aH'emp+ed PAT on a gang faclxle by Dave Harris, Denny Carocci, Rich Downing, Wayne Lamb, Jerry Shearer, Bill Pell, Larry Chamberland, and Jay Craven. Because of fhis play, Fohi won by a score of I4-I3. This ser- ies of plays mus+ be considered one of Fohi's mosf oufsfanding de- fensive plays of fhe I964 season. F0171 6' 0057011 0 The Sfeelers confinued fheir IVY League dominafion by downing fhe pre-season favored Yellowiaclcefs of Colfon on Colfon's home field. If was Fohi's devasfafing ground eafing offense all fhe way as fhe Sfeelers challced up almosf 300 yards fofal offense. The lone fally of fhe evening came midway fhrough 'the second sfanza as speedy halfbaclc Bill Pell slashed over righf 'raclcle from fhe fwo yard line 'ro cap an 80 yard drive. The march was highlighfed by fhe long runs of Dave Harris and fhe valu- able shorf yardage pickups of Jerry Peferson. Fohi's fremendous defense again did a superb fob of blanking fheir opponenfs. Defensive sfalwarfs were Larry Chamberland, Denny Carocci, Milre Ellioff, Jay Craven, and Jerry Roy, who fime affer fime made lrey faclcles +o sfop +he Jack- efs shorf of fhe goal. Bill Pell l25j scampers around righf end for along gain as Rich Downing l74l fakes our fwo would-be faclclers and Rudy Aldama l86j helps ouf from behind. JERRY PETERSON Fullbock 5 iw sw 1-3 15.5 fx - fi nj .51 ti f X, 4,533 ' . ,:1,: I -I W',.--: E ',1, 1 ,.f.--,.. - -mfg , M ' " " Wifi VJ- xl fi -af-.1 , M .., ' . ..,, 4 A V 'ggazpafzsfw ' Z A . ., ,, if :fA ':gi5f"f " ' L 1 W - 1 - ' f wlzzszzzgfxgfliz55229 , 'Ww " A'':fQz:Q 4, ,. . TERRY JAMES Cenfer RICH AGUILERA Guard VINCE NELSON Guard DEAN FOWLER Holfbock I 6'0RONA I Fonfana, spirifed by a capacity crowd for Home- coming, mowed over Corona's efermined Panihers by ihe score of 2 I-I2. Fohi was able +o knife nearly 250 yards rushing againsf Corona's highly acclaimed defense while Fohi's own defensive sfalwarfs limifed fhe Panfhers fo a sfingy 39 yards on fhe ground and a meager I00 yards via +he air. Corona scored firsi on a fhree yard plunge during ihe early minufes of fhe game. Fohi lhen look info possession +he ball and mounred a drive fhaf ended wi+h Fohi's firs+ score. The TD play came on a 'iwelve yard pass play from Jerry Shearer +o Dave Harris. Jerry Pe-rerson added fhe firs+ of ihree le'Her perfeci' conversions +o puf Fohi in ihe lead fo sfay. Because of an iniury suffered in 'ihis game, Jerry Pererson was unable fo play in +he following iwo games in which his presence was greafly missed. Harris drives for five . . JIM ROBERTS Tackle The S+eelmen's second score came when Rich Migala inlercepfed a pass and raced 55 yards io paydirl. Peferson again added +he conversion +o increase Fohi's lead fo a I4-6 margin. Corona, +rying +o keep in 'Phe game, scored a second fally from 5 yards out The -ihird S+eeler 6-poinier came on a 5 yard sweep by Shearer. Pe+erson again kicked 'lhe PAT -io climax Fohi's scoring. Fon+ana's s'l'rong secondary was able io pick off 4 sfray Corona aerials io help keep fhe Pan+hers in check. Those snagging wayward passes were Migala, Shearer, Pell, and Harris. Spearheading Fohi's olifensive aHack were Shear- er, Harris, Peferson, and Joe Waleszonia. Fon- +ana's siingy defense was led by S+eeler Capiain Rich Migala. The Homecoming game was highlighfed by 'I'he crowning of Pa'H'y lmus as Fon+ana's I964 Home- coming Queen. Ellio++ in+ercep+s RICH DOWNING All-lvy League Tackle DOUG PACKARD Tackle DENNY CAROCCI All Ivy League Tackle 85 Mike Ellioh' lakes in a Shearer pass as a helpless lke back waiches also warchlng is Sleeler capfain Rich llce back is annihilalecl by rugged Fohi defense led by Craven l3Ol, Israel ll9l, Packard l75l, and Roy l32l. CHAMP 01V5'H P Jerry Shearer lI7l breaks away from Eisenhower +acklers for a lang gain: ofher Sfeelers visible are Packard l75j, Pell l25l, Carocci l76l. Lamb l78l, and Migala FOH 3 IKE' 6' Mike Ellioll l8Ol and Vince Nelson l63l prepare To down Eisenhower back. Sleeler IH is Dean Fowler l67 GLEN COCI-IRANE T BYRON BEAN WAYNE TacIcIe All-Ivy League MIKE ELLIOTT AII-Ivy League End nn NEED!-IAM, End BILL BRANTLEY, End F0671 6'L.41PEI!0N7' 41 By winning rhe lvy-League wilh a 5-0 record, Fonlana enfered Hs firsl CIF Playoff. Fohi drew Claremanr as i+s firsl CIF opponent Powerful Clare- moni' ended all hopes of a Fohi vicfory as fhey hand- ed 'lhe Sfeelmen a demoralizing 4I-0 defeaf. Fohi held fheir own in 'lhe firsl half as +hey allowed fhe Wolfpack only one louchdown. However, Clare- monl came back in lhe second half wi+l1 a sfrong ball con+rol oFFense +l1a+ fallied 35 poin+s. Jerry Shearer, slrong Sfeeler QB, accounfed for Fohi longesl' runs which were I7 and 20 yards. Following Claremon+'s vicfory ihey con+inued in 'lhe playoffs, and wen'l fo 'lhe AAA CIF Finals. Fohi clelense forces Wolfpack back lo lurf. RU DY ALDAMA Encl Miqola drives ball carrier fo lhe ground. TOM WALESZONIA Mugala and Harris ll lj leam up lo bring down Claremonl back. End FOHI'.S' FIRST CII' FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Mickey Needham, Gary Boxwell, Vince Nelson, Dean Fowler, Mike Schullz, Bill Pell, Tom McCullough, Bob Israel, Mike Jimenez, Jay Craven. ROW 2: Terry James, I-larry Ron King, Bill Dillerline, Terry Kokol, Jerry Pelerson, Denny Carocci, Larry Chamberlancl. James Rolserls, Glen Coch- rane, Tom Waleszonia, Rich Migala, CIIFI Larson Imanagerl. BACK ROW: Doug Packard. Wayne Lamb, Rudy Aldama, I-Iarr, Jerry Shearer, Dave I-Iarris, Joe Waleszonia, Richard Aguilera, Larry Medina, Jerry Roy, Terry Clymire, Dennis BarneH, Mike Ellioll. ROW 3: Ricky Thompson Imanagerl, Rich Downing, Scollie Beard. Bill Branlley, Byron Bean. TEAM RECORD Fohi 6 Vic+or Valley I3 Fohi 0 Pomona I9 Fohi I2 Ramona 33 Fohi 6 PomonaCcI'hoIic45 Fohi I2 Rubniovgi 0 Trainer Bos JOHNSTON Fohi I4 Nor+e Vis+a I3 Fohi 6 CoI+on 0 I Fohi 2I Corona 2l Fohi I3 Eisenhower 6 I Fohi 0 Claremoni' 4I Varsnfy Managers CLIFF LARSON and RICK THOMPSON DEAN RENFRO Back Coach DALE FAVIER Sfafisfician LEAD RJ' 0 UHAMPIOMS' RUSSELL YOU NG Head Coach 1 i V 1 , WALTER O'FARRELL Line Coach JUN 0 VARSITY FRONT ROW: Frank Graves, Ron Mayfield, Gary Polzl, Jerry I-Ialladay, Rich Brown, Leo Jones, 'Iam Leonard, Dan Tiplon. Parsons, Roberl Irwin, Harry Eilord, Klaus Klingenburg, Andy ROW 3: John Duby, Allen Jones, Verne Fenfon, Peler Lane, Mellon, Sleye I-Iiqqenbolhorn. ROW 2: Don Tesla, Ron Vol- John Bledsoe, Gene Trado, Fred Miller, Mel While. lecorsa, Glenn Pierce, Mike Brown, Sleve Milchell, Phillip JV Won I Los+ 8 Fohi 0 Vic'Ior Valley 6 Fohi 0 Pomona I2 Fohi 0 Ramona 34 Fohi 0 Pomona Cafholic 26 Fohi 6 Rubicloux I2 Fohi I2 Norfe Visfa 0 Fohi 7 CoIIon I4 Coach TOM BRANCHETTI Fohi 5 Corona I2 Coach DAN GOLDEN Fohi I2 Eisenhower I8 BFE' 15' Coach BOB FLORES Fohi Fol1i Fohi Fohi Fol1i Folli Folwi Fohi Fohi Bee Record Won 2 Los+ 3 0 Vicfor Valley 0 Pomona 0 Ramona 6 Alfa Loma League 6 Rubidoux 20 Norfe Visfa 20 Colfon 6 Corona 6 Eisenhower Coach LARRY HERRON BACK ROW: J. Cruz, J. Flores, P. Reimer, L. Charpin J Loza R Kincade P Bos'I , . , . , . ne, S. Arloelbede, E. Wilson, G. Low. ROW 2: R, Mol-lenry, R. Kaufman, M. Rilchie. R. Corfwrighl, R. Manning, B. Hufchinson, J. Elders, F. Tiburzio, D. Ferro, S. Terry D. Bull. FRONT ROW: T. Mereclino, R. Cochrun, A. Padilla, R. Morlcley, R. Magana L. B f L Ch ' ' ' rews er, . apin, C. Carle, L. Ellio++, A. Leogrond, B. Leen, J. Dowiaclc. Varsify FRONT ROW: Bruce Pack, S+eve Roberis, Jack S+eele lcapiainj, Larry Husfed, Mike Jaronske. BACK ROW: Larry Farnsworflw, Marfin Amenf, Dennis Errio Qcapiainl. Lydell Gorski, S+eve Larson. Bob Moore. VAR8' TY WATER POL0 Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Won 3 Los'f 3 I4 Char+er Oaks I6 Ramona League 28 Mon+clair 3 Chaffey I0 Ramona 7 Claremoni' 24 Redlands 4 Riverside Sfcxnding: Third place in CBL Coach AL ZAMSKY hm FRONT ROW: John Beck, Charles Miller SIeve Jionnino Bolo Abernorhy Don S orks. I I . P Paul Larson. Mark Harris, Dennis BurdeII, Don Corrnello, John Burgess, Bruce Polone, J h H o n ompf. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Bee Record Won 2 Losf 4 I6 Charfer Oaks I8 I2 Ramona I League 22 Monfclair 2 6 Chaffey I3 I I Ramona 2 Clcremonf Forfeif I0 Redlands I I 5 Riverside 6 FRONT ROW: Mark Hubert Jam S+auffacIwer Tom MCGIII cap+am Tony Ragone Icapfainj, MarkTc1ylor, Jess Eckenrod Ronald Darley BACK ROW Sfeve Merryman Tom Tucker. Pefer Widel. Larry Mlfchell Jam Jones George Klepar Davnd Follns Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Cee Record Won 3 Los+ 3 6 Chcrier Oaks I2 4 Ramona 5 League 22 Monicloir 2 5 Chcffey I I I6 Ramona 6 8 Claremon-I II I9 Redlands 3 0 Riverside 8 BACK ROW: Nooh Ronquillo, Bob Bellomy, Eddie Nunez, Dove Reynolds. FRONT ROW: Joe Gillenline, Ed Mcirlcsbury. l-lenry l-leod, Roy Phillips, Phil l-luberl. CROSS UOIINIRY VAR! TY Varsify Won l Los+ 6 Fohi 43 Alfa Loma Fohi 35 Blooming+on Fohi I6 Rubidoux Fohi 33 Norfe Visfa Fohi 45 Colfon Fohi 37 Corona Fohi 37 Eisenhower Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi JVs Won 5 Losi' 2 29 25 Alfa Loma Bloomingion Zl Rubidoux 28 Norfe Visio 45 Colfon 2I Corona 27 Eisenhower BACK ROW: Will Coonce, Dorion l-leolherly. Tim Rolslon, Alex Esfrodo, Rudy Diez Doug Bold. FRONT ROW: Bob Horlness, Burl Homrnons, Bob l-loword, Bob Brandon George Diggs, Jim Pesfer. Coach BOB STOKES JVK' Nunez and Ed Marksbury. ouisland- Eddie ing Varsily and JV runners, respeclively. Tim Melendrez and Bob Reed, oulsianding Sophomore runners. S0 HOM01?E' I-Q. R... Dv use in BACK ROW: Bill Lynch, Marshall Jaurequi, Mike Alamia, Rich Olson Rocky Lewis Aulho Labaw. FRONT ROW: Tim Melendrez, Bob Reed, Curhs Hanlon Forry FO le'r', Sieve Sullivan, Daniel Krisl. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Won 5 28 I8 I5 25 45 2l 34 Soph. Losi 2 Alfa Loma Bloomingion Rubidoux Norie Visio Colfon Corona Eisenhower rebound. half, buf a sfron pomfs. Fohi sfarfed IVY league play wifh a 73-62 vicfory over fhe hi hl re arded Eagles. 9 Y Foii fool: a decisive firsf quarfer lead of 22-I4 of which llce could never equal. The Fohi offensive was led by fhe brillianf l ' f pa mg o Bull Branfley who scored 24 poinfs, Bob Edwards who dumped' in I8, and Jerry Shearer who scored I6. came from behind fo nose ouf a sfub- g Colfon fhird quarfer rw baffle in fhe fourfh quarfer ended fhe Sfeelmen's scoring wifh I2 poinfs followed wifh IO. as fhey overpowered fhe Braves 87-74. ive confained Fohi's explosive offense buf in fhe second Fohi fool: over fhe game fhe confesf. headed fhe fally column wifh 28 confribufed 2I and Jerry Shearer Bill Branfley f45l pumps for fwo as Bob Edwards f55l wafches on. 'Qi BILL BRANTLEY All League Forward tife ' ' swf? 30" rllill Rudy Aldama guns from The oulside as Bob Edwards l55l, and Burl l-lammons huslle for rebound posilion. Foln r 'xi 'K 41 FF mf Bob Edwards l55l lays up +wo. Eohi closed ouf lhe firsf round of play wifh a 74-68 viciory over a hus1'ling Rubidoux feam. Folmi s+ar+ed slowly as +l'1e Falcons +oolr a 6-0 lead, fhe Sfeelers of- fense ielled soon affer fo pui' fhem ahead 'l'o slay. Bob Edwards lead Fol1i's offense wi+l-1 24 poinfs, 'followed by Bill Branile wills I5 Joe Waleszonia and Rudy Aldama bo+l1 hif IO, and y . Jerry Shearer poclce+ed 7. Rnalfo Gym. he Eagles reach. I8 poinfs respecfively. Colfon overpowered a sfunned Sfeeler five, 57-43. Fohi's sfron offense was unable fo work andg Colfon's seemed un- sfoppable. Fohi's sfar forward, Bill Branfley, was unable fo play his usually good game as he scored a mere 7 poinfs. Bob Edwards also was confained as he hi+ only I0 poinfs. Terry Beckham confribufed 9 fo fhe fofal. for fwo spoiled lke's Homecoming wifh a 70-bl vicfory who led fhe enfire game had fheir lead cuf fo wifh 4 minufes leff in fhe game, however, Ald d ' ' ama score 5 quick pomfs fo puf fhe game f and Edwards led fhe feam in scoring wifh 24 Tom Waleszonia drives for a score. Bob Edwards 7 .xx-.QC E K ,,.. 5. WA . ,lx :gf Bill Branlley lighls for rebound. Olher visible Sleelmen are Bob Edwards l54l, Tom Waleszonia and Rudy Aldama. A powerful Eisenhower five upsef The C. l. F. bound Sfeelers. 65-59. The Eagles fool: a uick lead fhaf +hey were deler- mined fo refain. Fdrlwi made a desperafe 4+h quarfer surge fhal' broughf fhem wi+hin 6 poinfs of 'lhe Ea les, buf Sfeeler fouls lcepf 'lhe game oul' of FoEi's grasp. Edwards headed Fohi's scoring wilh I9, followed by Tom Waleszonia wifh IO. TERRY BECKHAM Forward lx HENRY HEAD Forwa rd Fohi ended all hopes of Col+on remaining unbealen in lv League play by ouf-scoring 'lhe 'iaclcels 72-60 on 'the "aclre+'s home courl. Fohi fool: lhe lead affer a Colfon firsl quarler. The Sfeelmen +hen be an +o cliclr behind 'lhe sfrong of- fensive playing o? Bill Branlley, Bob Edwards, and Tom Waleszonia. The lronmen buill' up a sizeable lead ihal' proved insurmounfable fo +he firsf-place Collon five. Leading Fohi's scoring was Bran+ley wi+h 28, while Waleszonia added I8 and Edwards I7. Henry Head l23l and Bill Branlley l45l ready Them- selves for rebound. Fohi came from behind Io beef a srrong Nor+e Visia five. 77-66. N. V. look a I0 poini lead early in Ihe game, buf Ihe defermined lron five came baclc Io 'Iie 'Ihe score af Ihe half and +o go ahead soon affer. Bob Edwards sluffed 22 poinis 'Io head fhe scoring column while Junior slar, Terry Beckham, poclceied l5. Sh rer I3 l. y BURL HAMQONS fofaposifion. orwar F 6' Bob Edwards I55l gels I'he Hp as Bill Branlle I4-5l, Jerr 3 Rud Alclama l3ll. and Tom Wa eszonia wor - iny ryyyy y Fon+ana overwhelmed a derermined Corona quin+e'I' b +he score of 72-58. The Sfeelmen ourscored Ihe Panlhers in every quar- +er as Ihey refused Io give 'Ihem a chance aI' vicI'ory. Fohi's blis+ering offense was lead by 'Ihe s+rong play of Tom Waleszonia, who -Ioolr Ihe game's scoring honors wi+h I9 poin'Is, Bob Edwards 'Followed closely wi+h I8 and Jerry Shearer con+ribu+ed I0. The Sfeelmen lake a well-deserved resl during inler- mission. by " Gfgsfyl X' JOE GILLENTINE Forward I gc F FOHI 70 LOARA 629 Ulf' PLAYOFHS' Fohi upsei- highly ra+ed Loara in Iheir firsi' C. I. F. appearance by a score of 70-68. Fohi o ened play by Ialcing a quiclr lead which Ihey were defermined +0 Iceep. FonI'ana's shar ball-handling and board-confrol seemed +o malre Ihe S+eeImen's offense unsfop- pable as fhey rolled up a 34-28 lead as fhe con+es+ was half over. The Sfeelers confinued fo be Ihe superior Ieam un'I'iI a fourfh quarfer press by Loara foolr away Fohi's com- posure and allowed +he Saxons +o +ie fhe score as +he game ended. A 63-63 deadlock senl' fhe game inI'o overlime where freefhrows by Jerry Shearer and Tom Waleszonia Icepi Fohi ahead. Leading fhe scoring was Branfley wifh I9, followed by Terry Beckham, I2g Henry Head. llg Jerry Shearer, IO: and Bob Edwards, I0. FOHl 5 8 .YFRVITF 6'7 -4 Fohi was dumped from C I F Playoffs by a rugged Servuie qum+e+, 67 58. Fohi roared 'Io a commanding I0-0 lead in fhe open- ing minufes of fhe confesf. Bu'I' Servi'I'e's surge pu+ rhem wifhin one poini- as Ihe firsi' quar+er ended. Fohi was able 'Io increase 'I'heir lead fo 5 poinfs as fhe 'Firsf half came 'Io a close. The Friars opened 'Ihe +hird period wifh deadly accuracy as 'Ihe passed 'Ihe Sfeelmen and buil+ up a 9 poin+ lead as Ihe sfanza ended. Fonfana made a desperale fourlh quarfer drive +o re ain 'Ihe lead, bui' a large num- ber of 'Fouls lcepf 'lie Friars in 'front Branfle headed Ihe scoring wi'Ih 2I, while Big Bob Edwardl dumped I8. VARSITY BASKETBALL I BACK ROW: Bill Branfley, Tom Waleszonia. Henry I'IeacI, Bob Edwards. Burl Ham- J G'II 'I' MIDDLE ROW 'I' Beckham John Vo"fko Imana erl, Joe mons. oe I en ine. : erry . 1 g Waleszonia. FRONT ROW: Doug Larson, Jerry Shearer. Rudy Alclama. JOE WOI-ILMUTI-I Coach VARSITY BASKETBALL WON I5-LOST 9 Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Pomona 66 Ramona 70 Vic+or Valley 8I Cha-Hey 7l Riverside P. 63 Banning 47 CoI+on 66 29 Palms 43 Beaumoni 5l Ike 62 CoI+on 47 Nor'I'e Vis+a 74 Corona 45 Rubidoux 68 Ike 6I CoII'on 57 Corona 68 NorI'e Visia 62 Rubidoux 5l Ike 65 CoI+on 60 Norie Vis1'a 66 Corona 58 Rubicloux 69 JOI-IN VOJTKO Manager awww ft? ,,,.4i" If Ti, , 5. p' K . 'K-f 'Q , I L 3 M, Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi JV fig ,. A' i ,J ' Niki, ,,,. XJ 7 V A I . 7 V :,.,. V... l ai, ' I lvrf ir, 1 zfgyz Ly s 1-L E I , I Lk F 5 if 0 7 f WELE'?s f ' E.ELE,9 Y QQELEQS exif'-5,96 . 'O 0 5 0,4 J' 3 7 xgeusg ,i ii 6 0 F4 0 l i Q ,fAf 4 4 'W' K K 4 2 Q , J T eff ff , f 7 sf- 5 ..Aq 5 MA "ff fri -kf-' Qi, in of 5 . 'fA V,,,Q H Y ' .TA 0 V i' is 7 W F l d 7 , 'brig he " Lg f . . i 4 4 23 1 iff 3 re 35 4I 90 65 54 67 54 53 54 55 6I 6I BACK ROW: Curlis l-linion, Rich Downing, Milqe Thomas, Jim Gaulden, Sieve Higgen- loolren, lmanagenl FRONT ROW: Nils Dahlquisl, Louis Cherpin, Mel While, Mike Nichols. Bob Howard. LEAGUE 6'HA11!P10Mf' J. V. TEAM RECORD 5,5 ,- , WON I7-LOST 6 iff? W4 7 "" Pomona 33 Fohi 56 Rubidoux 55 ,yff Ramona 63 Fohi 70 Eisenhower 49 ff? ii'ii Vic+or Valley 34 Fohi 66 Col'I'on 47 Chaffey 69 Fohi 6l Norfe Vis+a 47 li Riverside 57 Fohi 68 Corona 35 9 Pacific 57 Fohi 50 Rubidoux 53 Ramona 55 Fohi 59 Eisenhower 32 Redlands 4l Fohi 64 Col+on 54 Eisenhower 45 Fohi 60 Nor+e Visfa 40 Col+on 32 Fohi 37 Corona 33 Nor+e Visfa 35 Fohi 55 Rubidoux 57 Corona 42 Coach TOM BRANCHETTI A is 106 Y L M 1 ,G B CHAMPS' BACK ROW: Sfeve Trent Ray Megane, Richard Thompson, Louis Brewsier, Jack PaIazzoIo, Mike Knighr ImanaqerI. SITTING: Bob Bran+Iey, Jess Cruz, Tim MeIendrez, Gene Low, Dave Kelly, Tom Price. KNEELING: BiII Omen, Mike Young. 'ff ,..V, in f s.. W Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi BEE TEAM RECORD WON I5-LOST 7 Ramona Boniio Norie Visio Rubidoux Boniio Choffey Riverside Ike CoI+on Nor+e Vis'I'o Corona Coach DEAN RENFRO Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Rubidoux bl Ike 36 CoI1'on 42 Norfe Visio 53 Corona 47 Rubidoux 44 Ike 42 CoI+on 62 Norie Visio 4l Corona 50 Rubidoux O IIorfei+I Tipfon moves in for a pin VARSITY WRESTLING RECORD WON I-LOST I0 FoI1i I8 Choffey 39 FoI1I I3 VicI'or VoIIey 33 Fohi I5 Redlands 36 Fohi 0 Bloomingfon 59 Fohi I0 CoIIon 47 Fohi 23 An+eIope V. 38 FoI1i I8 Corona 35 FOIII I9 Chino 3I FoI1i 23 Eisenhower 30 Fohi I0 Norfe VisI'c1 38 Fohi 36 Rubidoux 23 Ferro 'ra Ices adva nfa ge WRFJTLFR5' 'Yi Each waifs Iheir Iurn BACK ROW: Dean Fowler, Fred Miller, Cecil Boggs, John Nilclcel, Klaus Klingenberg Glen Cochrane, Wayne Lamb, Doug Packard, Dave Lally, Bob Manning. FRONT ROW Mike Wagonholifer, Dennis Ferro, Leonard Galasso, Wilbur? Coonce, Paul Wheeler Rich Galherum, Dave Eshlemon, Bill Ausiin, Sieve Alach. Coach Fiflh in CIF DAN GOLDEN WAYNE LAMB Coach DAN APLlNG Coach DALE FAVI ER BOTTOM ROW: Mike Rohrback, Mike Jaronski. Dennis Errio, Don Sparks, S+eve Larson, Larry I-Ius+ed. MIDDLE ROW Jack Sfeele. Bob Abernoihy, Allan Chesfnuf, Tam McGill Mariy Amenf Greg BramIe++ TOP ROW' John I-Iam +I . . . p Cliff Larson, Jim Ke++erIing. Sieve Jiannino, James Rober+s EFT BOTTOM ROW: Marl Taylor. Torn Tucker. Tom McGill. Rich- ard Boyko. MIDDLE ROW: Sieve Marryman, Jess Eckenrod. Don Carmello. Jack Sfeele, Mark Hubert TOP ROW: Jim Sfauffacher, Jim Jones, David Eollis. .VWDWI N6' VARSITY BOTTOM ROW: Bob Abernofhy, Dennis Errio, Sieve Larson, Larry Husied. Don Sparks, Mike Rohrbock. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Mi'rcheII, Don Cormello, Jock Sfeele, Bruce Palone, John Graham. TOP ROW: John Hampf, Cliff Larson, Pe+e MaIis, Sieve Jiannino, Sfeven Sirbuly. UFFCS' J -1 EW ff 6 , iifmelff '39 , , , ,., , . , , ,,-,Q mfs L ' , W , , ,W ,,., ,. . . . KMQV 5 , ., .1., . , .M-M,..,,.... ,. , ,. - ,,-,nf ,- , any fi' W , K 4 ' H ' z H-,Hi " 'k L, ,,f4y " 4 1- Qgx -L1 's :gm 1 5459, V, A M- , En . , - 1 4'-Q T Q ,. , , X,..,A...1,,.,. my-.1 ,mg xugiinagz Af,W1fW:4fe1' sd' I3 2?1i:,4sss" f ff6'QT?5i3f232i'f,:ef31'f 'THU' 'Q ,Zig-igisnfiisig' an b V g -4 S5633 'EQ Hi ' EJ ,rf ' 155 - ' 5' Q , ' " ,fe A H1.iw ".-Zfefh v W h 4 amgzin W 3. , H Z ' K fi 2 QMWP M + x 5' 'LRI QQ ' ,F H ,ff ' ww 1 l ,Yi .,, R . f' QQ 1 'Ps 9 fn s A ,, , ,,3gj,M Mk, 5. fi ?,,,.,W,,, , 1 f - , 'H , wx ,gm --W-e iw. 'Q M rf wa. ' 'Is.'f,'5J lf W, wa if , S v LW x ,gVA,r+ F MN N l u, wm, n f gg M W Rel, 'if M1 V, ,N x W 1 9' P fy, , . 4 ,,, . , :Mfg ,?g,w.5j:'g1,:ggQq4f " -1: 3-,Q ., f ,, .,,, Aiiwfjs f fk W5 ' , -' V 'VL f .:. aff WXIZHKF. 2197" ' f U-JY' H -'ii'-2: f" ,T '.IEiX ,2, '1.f11'L 'T 525 'EFL , H-Igxf' Aff Hliu. -11 ECW ' .L . ,, H 'I . - -I ' ,, ' . 53 Mes? EQEW . A Y C " "" ' 'K' f '5'f"'W" ff? ' 'iff' ' F? 'iw -.Q-A ,. -W - ' A ,E ' f--fgg.,d,,,iyi 1 w at ,ua fx Q, I 3?f'5fI'ftZgf' C'3w,g.,L, Vw ,f, W '-1 W ' , 'fimimt12iiZ't,Q2A9,gQ , , ,, ,, , . W- -"X siiftjl-qw ,5-Eff, L 'v -f'- , . 'f W - 3 ' H+? ,4-i.. n " 4 " 2 A I EE ' 121 STEVE VANBLANKENSTEIN VARSITY AND TENNIS' BACK ROW: Coach Wohlmufh, Dave Reyn- olds, Louis Ornelas, Ken Johnson, and Joe GiIIen- Iine. FRONT ROW: Bob BeIIomy, Mariin Lewin, Gordon Epsiein, and Manager Mike Knight. NOT IN PICTURE: Phil Hubert Barry WooIIey. Larry Elood, and Frank Gorgei. Manager MIKE KNIGHT BACK ROW: Wayne Lee, Louis Cherpin, Dave Brown, Bill Oman. FRONT ROW: Dorian I'Iea+herIy, Louie Torres, William Ausiin, and Dave Lubocki. NOT IN PICTURE: Tom Eber- hardi, Ted Nicholas. Tim Toff. g L . .:- 2 GORDON EPSTEIN ISI' DUHBLFS' Couch JOE WOHLMUTH MARTIN LEWIN BOB BELLOMY .fr ,,f .15 . VARSITY TOP ROW: Gary Carlzdafner. Gene Trudo, Jesse Hunler, Jerry Elders. Dennis Barnelf, Ron King, Dan Tiplon, Raylus Blanlon. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Bel- lomy, Bill Di++erline, Jinn Marcil, Ed Marlcsbury, Mike Thomas. Dean Fowler, Bob Vernon. BOTTOM ROW: Sieve Higginbolham. Jon Kern, Howard Connolly, Rick Cochrun, Daniel Krisf, David Wallcer, Bob Marla- ley, Marshall Jaurequi. TRACK Coach BOB STOKES Coach RUSS YOUNG FOI-ll'S VICTORIOUS RE- LAY TEAM-Rayfus Blanlon, Cecil Boggs, Ron King, and Dennis Barnell. TOP ROW: Aff Weid- knechl, Ken Carroll, Ed Felix, Ron Nunez, Milce Smilh, Ron Plolner, Bob Vernon. MIDDLE ROW: John Fonlono, Tyler Mol- zahn, Jerry Elders, Ed Porenleou. Morlc l'-lorris, Chris Brooks. Wil Coonce. BOTTOM ROW: Dove Acos'ro. Lorry Ellioll, Tony Leoqronde, Rick Cochrun, Roy Morquordl, Dove Wollcer, Bob Morlcley, Dc1veWooduI. fimlil T -W R BEET Dislonce men. Thomos ond Mcirlcley on hurdles TOP ROW: Ron Wade, Marlc Vinson, Earl Chaudler. BOT- TOM ROW: Tony Pearson, Paul Wheeler, Marshall Jaurequi. 4 1, we 723' , ' , fi. ' - ' V A I . ' - LETS-A 5,5 w5i:.5s'.g1e:'?ggJ1 i-ffsfiz, Y' K fk',' Q ,K . " ,f-1--Aiwa fff:v'f11"'. , ' , W .X-,MQ wwe, f- ' nissan: A. Numa, 'wie .,,. -4 ww- 4 -L emma Sn. .jffff - 1 ' . T' 'W W e - - . I Q ' . ' - wmmmmwamwwrefne if Ai 1 be 3,1 3 5-ev -11.1,--w,.:ia-ez .,.. mffwmgmwfxf-'rfz2,w.:fm1::far3fe 'g x , 1 T ' 6 , f ' -S 'vfqf "il ff .- rw sf. T , ,M .f5,'.Q,. ., 45.5, .. , W m,, x,. , 'f -mffwrmwsm-"9'w +V V51 SK ,f 5.a3f'5,, ff -P 4. lm' MFE 62' fi-. 55 Q 3 1' 32,3 'rw' ' : , ,.N. .',.'.-.1 T , ' 1 Y XWWQ' M J"'fzPi5 ' ' . . .-2 , . A ' km ,Q : str 27 ff .. xr. .., 1 5 fl 'af??!231 T- PEQQ. 'Q ff' I R - f gf-m ', , fs 11 ,.,?1a,f,f-wrvgff ' fir 'f Q , -,M ,,. A - t 4 ..,,, 4, ze- T - -?Qfw,:,3,.' fm- , 1 ' .. Ay ' WH. ' J ... ,...,eg .figs 121, Q?"f"'n'," .f1 e l gi ,W '-'Ve af jhflii- Ll' 45' q,,t.1gF glggw 1 nfl? ealgig fe-.439 k'?f'h GEEK' Pohl digs lor viclory LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Howard, Pe+e Lone. Coach Tom Bronche++i, John Vojflco. Ron Gosporim, Cur+ Hinkle. NOT IN PTCTURE: Bob Mcllwoine, Sieve Knox, VARSITY 6051" Howard fees-off Couch TOM BRANCHETTI Ron Gosporim and Pefe Lone - '1Z :F I f ,.. ,, J: l i V 5 V 'F .5 14 un- ll if 1, -1- 'W TOP ROW: Jim Roberls, Milne McGlo+hery, Jerry Pelerson. Coach Dole Fcwier, Doug Bold, Bill Bronlley, Sieve Tren+. BOTTOM ROW: Rolph Wore, Joy Craven, Jerry Sheore er, Milce Ellioll, Dennis George, Richorcl Miqolo, Bob Orr, Bill Pell. VAR5'17'Y BASEBALL JOHN PRICE and RAY MAOANA Mcinogers -ll? Coach DALE FAVIER H8 Coach LARRY l-IERRON Thrrd Bosemcm JAY CRAVEN I.eI+ Flelder RICH MAGALA uf' FIrs+ Bosemon MIKE MCGLATI-IERY Shorfsfop JERRY SI-IEARER Second Bosemon BILL PELL Second Bosemcm DENNIS GEORGE Ccfrcher JIM ROBERTS M--,...,.,,e W,,,..,..--"' f an 155 Eirsf Bcsemon JERRY PETERSON Monoger-Scorekeeper JOHN VOJTKO PITCHER! Pifcher Pi+cher MIKE Emow Bos ORR Plum: Pi+cI'1er STEVE TRENT Pifcher BILL BRANTLEY I Cen+er Euelder Prfcher RALPH WARE DOUG BALD TOP ROW: Louis Brew- sler. lscorelceeperl. Buzz Shaub, Jerry Bobrow, Jer- ry Phipps, Roy Roberls, Larry Chapin, Tony Gar- cia, Tom Merendino, lmon- agerl, Allen Larnorenl, lmanoqerl. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Colburn, Sher- man Truilt Carlos Mar- finez, Darryl Kell, Terry Mclnfire, Gary Poll, Rich Householder, Glenn Pierce. AROON Besf Pilcher LARRY Cl-IAPIN ., , .avi Coach BOB JOHNSON Besl Pilclwer JOE WALESZONIA BACK ROW: Dorrolcl Cole- man, Jolwn Duloy, Gene Lowe, Jerry Johnson, Joe Spinuzzi, Tim Ousley, Jim Albers. FRONT ROW: Milce Flynn, Bill Lcngel, Lcirry Fornsworllm, Joe Woleszon- io, Milne Young, Henry Ur- quizu, Mel While. Leading l-liller JOE SPINUZZI WHIYFS' il 'F B '37 E32 'K I! '42 Q 5 P 5 mgmk ,X -,. Mmm: mmq.,wMw.l fa V -:Maw .,N.,, , wawmmmw-wwwwmzwwa.. 'mf' Mrazsalsa:-:v:zv.WzM,::x'nanirwwmmwe"N hgmiuf-3' ' , A.L-m!f-14-,',,'.,5'f2SEiii?-f142l5gE:a5,5'g+m?f2W..-vf"'vsqzq:g!w5g3g5gim,1gggggmgggg, 'gg 1 i w N 1 N w w N N ,,.5,:,E,t ,gi,,Jkm,WiwlHIMMR K t ,Y M,V,5,:,L, ..,. ., ,N ,im ,-.. k.w,:f,..,fQ fwevzsbw V ffvv SENIOR OFFIUERJ' i U Mary Lou Churchward, lreasurer: Bill Branfley, vice president Ron King, president Jane+Minniss, secre fary. 5' N 0K CLASS 1, l,,-,, SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Susan Kaiszo, Becky Calderon, Lucy Rogers, Kalhy Wear, Rhoda Zarilsky, Chris Messner, Pal Goble. Jennifer Bancroft Gail Alm, Paulelie Gardoclci, Carol Bruce, Ann Scangarello, Parry Gage, Linda Kordich, Calhy Yegge, Janel Coppi, Belly l-lill. ROW 2: Pam Hud- son, Linda Vincent Dalude Machado, Janel Minniss, Ka+hy Forney, Virginia Ausfin, Linda Pelerson, Rose- mary Richenberger, Wanda Campbell. Mary Lou Churchward, Sfephanie Williams, Karen McCluslcey, Sandy Abeln, Faye Wilminlco, Kalhy Jean, Debra Kinsey. ROW 3: George Good, Fairly lmus, Linda Hearne, Nancy Saida, Rufh Wolloch, Janel Fosler, Par Carmer, Linda Lewis, Vicki Barill. Grace Grinceri, Anna Bonnie, Faye Duffy, Chris Muhar. ROW 4: Gary Tiplon, Kalhy Williams, Jo House, Merry Ridgeway, Terry Clymire, Kerry Peferman, Denny Carocci, Sharon l-leeren, Gary Carizdafner, Jay Craven, Barry Thompson, Joe Gillenline, Ron King, Bill Branlley. Abascal, Ellen Abruzzese, Robert Abeln, Sandra Abernathy, Robert Aguilera, Richard Aldama, David Allen, Leslie Alm, Gail Anda, Jessie Anderson, Jo Ann Anderson, Mary Alvord, Virginia Appelbaum, Deborah Aronow, Abram N Anderson, Wanda Arbelbide, Stephen Austin, Virginia Andrews, Larry Arceneaux, Joann Azar, John Anthony, John Archer, Marilyn Baker, David I28 Bancroft, Jennifer Bare, Judy Barill, Victoria Barker, Charles Barkley, Daniel Basile, Donna Beard, Scottie Beasley, Sherrel Bell, James Bell-Douglas, Wanda Bellomy, Robert Bennefr, Thomas 129 Bishop, Carolyn Blalce,,Sharon j 013' Bobeng, John Bvhalch, Eugene Blake, Sheila Blakely, Linda Blackwood, Linda Bloom, Tohy Boehner, Jack Bolton, James Bonaccorso, Cathy Bork, David Bowman, David Brantley, William Bonnie, Anna Bowen, Edgar Boxwell, Gary Breifengross, Betty l:Ol1llS llFS'l viclory rally. Brandon, Robert Brithinee, Donald Brandt, lcla Brilhinee, Wallace l Bri1f, Stanley Brooks, Berna Bryant, Andre BUFCUCK, ROQSI' Briffain, Rose Ancl lhe brunch lines grow longer, and longer and longer. Brokaw, Thomas Brown, Bernard B"Y3"lYf JCVTY Burfon, Claudia Brookbank, Ruth Bruce, Carol Buechel, Marguerif Brussard, Robert J . M 132 Butterfield, Buddy Campbell, Wanda Carbeffyf Shirley Give a clweer ........... Calderon, Rebecca Campeau, Judith Carey, Richard Campbell, Karen Carbaial, Dorothy Carlie, Linda Carmer, Pat Carrocci, Dennis Carr, Jerry Carroll, Alan Cartzdafner, Gary Chandler, Sheryl Carver, Harold Chavez, Josie Castro, Carol Chavez, Louis Chamberlancl, Larry Chero, George 5' .0 nf Chestnut, David Childress, Harry Christensen, Dennis Christiansen, Darlene l Churchward, Mary Lou Clifford, Terry Cochran, Twana CiI'BUlO, -lOl1T1 Cloud, Ronald Colangelo, William Clay, Lambert Clymire, Terry Colcun, Larry Clemens, Ronald Coates, Pearl Collier, Milo .Ve io .f Connelly, Howard Cook, Pamela Cook, Paulette Cooper, Dorothy Coppi, Jane! Couvier, Carmen Craighead, Cynthia Craven, Walter Crawford, Lawrence Creese, Terry Crowl, Dawn Cruz, Augustine Curry, Paul Dahlquist, Nils Dawson, Fred Day, Frances Deaton, Dennis Davenport, Susan Davis, Alvin Dececio, Anthony 1 Denardi, Sandy Dennington, Ralph Desarf, John Dewar, Douglas M . I Diaz, Rudy Dominguez, Alben A woman's work is never done in prepararion for Homecoming Diggs, George Dorsett, James Ditterline, Bill Doss, Janice Drevlo, Roy Dunak, Gary ff i kj, I , f, ' Dockstader, Ginger Drake, Sharon Duffy, Faye Early, Paige Echazarreta, Alberio Edwards, Rodney Edwards, Robert Elfman, .John lnnocenl byslander? , . . llie iunior-senior rivalry. an new-4 Elias, Alex Ellioh, Michael Ellis, Randy Epstein, Gordon Errio, Dennis Eshleman, David Eshleman, Dona Estrada, Helen Fabian, Ronald Foltz, Darleen Fowler, Dean Felix, Edward Ford, Toni Francisco, Felix Finley, Judy Forney, Kathleen FfBf1li, MHUVHSFI Flood, Larry Foster, Janet Frannea, Russell Frisirom, Gary Gage, Patricia Gallo, Joseph Gardocki, Paulerfe Garner, Wiliiam George, Dennis Gatherum, Terry Gere, Joe Gaulden, Paul Gavell, Paul Gilbertson, Lucilie Gilleniine, Joe Gnerre, Michael Gonzalez, Mary Lou Gordon, Sharon Sober, Johnny Good, George Gorecki, Diana Goble, Patricia Goodman, Alexander Gvfsei, Ffanlf Golmitz, Frank Goodman, Barbara Gouldusbury, Caroline Grigson, Sam Grinceri, Grace Grimes, Charlene Grisley, Jim Grimlan, William Gunderson, Howard Grimm, PSHY Gutzmann, Lynn Haas, Donald Haight, Gary Hailey, Olivia Halbrook, Janis 1!"""" Halstead, Joyce Harris, David Healey, Carol Heeren, Sharon Hamilton, Carol Ready - Aim - Flre! 1 Harbison, Lloyd Han, Harry Hearne, Linda Heiduk, Rosalind Harper, Nancy Hart, John Hebden, David Henderson, Elaine .Ye ion' 144 Y L Q. Hendrix, Jimmie Hickey, Patricia Hilleman, Bruce Horzen, Anlhony Holelling, James Hermosillo, Larry Hill, Belly Hillius, Lowell House, Janis Heydenreich, Gregory Hill, Raymond H0ldln9f Glenn HOUSE, Jo Elaine l45 vi il? Householder, Thomas Hunter, Joanne Ingram, Bobby Hubert, Philip Hustad, Susan lnferranfe, Susan Hudson, Pamela Iezzi, Tom Irwin, Charles Hughart, Helen Imus, Patricia Israel, Robert .Yenio .r JBCICSOI1 B0r'IIf6 Jeffers Gary Johnson, Neal Janes Marcla Jimenez Make Jones, Gayle Jones, Tommy Kaiszo, Susan Jenin 4' Keen, Jghn Kezar, Barbara We 'rl1ouql1'l we would never ciomplele il . . . l Keheley, Nancy King: Ronald Kelly, Kathleen Kinney, Jay Kaulver, .lane Klingenberg, Klaus Ketterlinq, Janet Kinsey, Debra Kirby, Alan Knox, Steven Knutson, Jinx Kokof, Terry Krisinger, Barry Koehler, Nina Kordich, Linda Krisinger, Bruce bu-lr' We Kuric, Genise LaCroix, Cindy Lamb, Wayne Lane, Susan Large, James Larson, Steve Leavell, Sofia Lee, Constance Lee, Michael Leeper, Walter Lehman, Dwayne Lemmon, Lysbeth Lend, Nancy Lewis, Marilyn Lewis, Ophelia Logo, Judy Lopez, Ray Lewis, Linda .Ye iota' Love, Linda Low, Geloria Lundeen, Richard Lundstrom, Peggy Lyman, Diane Machado, Datude Maciejewski, Victor MacNeiI, Mickey me 7 - , L 15 L f -L V, Malis, Pete Mangione, Luigi Manning, Kaihleen E. Manning, Kathleen S. 151 3 . Mannion, Vineda Martinez, Petra May, Michael McCullough, Tom M-min, Michael The "changing of Hue guards" a+ affer-game sock hop. Marksbury, Edward Matthews, Barbara McCallis1er, Otis McDermott, Mike Martinez, Delores May, James McCluskey, Karen McEachern, Danny McGarvey, Helen Mcllwaine, Robert Medina, Larry Melonson, Joseph AI'1llClp5'llOr1 Melton, Andrew McGee, Shirley Mclnlyre, Christy Meek, Rebecca Mena, Concha McGill, Jean McNighf, James Meinzer, Lloyd Mesa, David Messner, Chris Miller, Steven Monaco, Marguerit Michaud-Forte, Katherine Minniss, Janet Middleton, Judy Moffitt, Glenn Migala, Richard Mohr, Diana Moore, Gary J' ions' Moore, Sheila Mrgich, .lo Ann Muhar, Kristine Murray, Sharon Morsette, Bill Nabors, Currie Neva, Pete Navarro, Erlinda Neal, Edward Needham, Mickey NSlS0l'1, John Nichols, Mike Olsen, Juhl Ornelas, Louie Seniors enloyinq one of 'rlweir privileges Orr, Robert Nelson, Vincent Nunez, Eddie Olson, Doreen Ortega, Anthony Nicewaner, Tom Oberlies, Richard Olson, James Owens, Mike 2? - -- EL- 'liiifbim - - Pack, Bruce Palmer, David Parker, Mark Pell, Bryan Packard, Douglas The "Roo+er Bus Express" ,g . Packer, Par Paluzzi, Bill Pafia, Carmen Pefel, Alberf palazzolol Dominic Panaftoni, Linda Pedersen, Linda Peierman, Kerry I , Yiiwaiit-?fl94,,g '.g,, -' r Petrich, Carol Plant, Kay Portillo, Rachel Phillips, Danny Plasfing, Rosemary Prato, Cookie Phillips, Marshall Poduska, Kaihy PVESYOI1, Mark Piggof, Nadine Pope, Sharon Price, Frances Reynolds, David Richenberger, Rosemary Ridgeway, Merry Reidei, Linda Rieder, Phyiiis Rinker, Gloria Robbins, Elsbeth Roberis, Jim Roberison, Rosalie Robinson, Kathy Rodgers, Eddie Rodrique7, Socorro Senio J' Rogers, Lucy Rohrback, Michael Roias, David Ron-nine, Terry Remo, Daniel Ronquillo, Noah Rosand, George Roiellini, Connie Rowlan, Marvin Roy Gerald Russell, Sandra Ruiz, Xavier Rurinels, Patty Ryan, Richard Saida, Nancy Saucedo, Tillie Scangarello, Ann Schroeder, Gregory SCOYT, Charlotte Seeman, Glenn Schenkler, Susana Who needs 6 band? Schmutzer, John Schwartz, Beverly Scott, Larry Shane, Cheryl r 5Cl1fteiCler, Genevieve Sclafani, Pete Sebo, Richard Sharp, Margaret i fx-s,isz:fnzsaexLiH,61a ,r ntl' use Sharp, Sheryl Sloman, Sharyn l-ley,wl'1icl1one's my par'lrier'? Shipman, Alexandra Sloman, Bill Sorenson, Celia Spinuzzi, Chris 5 Soriano, Robert Sranley, Mike Simmons, Greg Sonsteng, Judy Sparks, Don Steele, Jack Stevens, Brad Stewart, Phillip Stover, Judy Siudebaker, Don Sutton, Reva Swinehari, Roberta Szymanski, Bob Takacs, Bob 5' ion' W Thomas, Harold E Thomas, Janne! Thomas, Joe W Thomas, Mike Thompson, Barry Thomson, Nancy Tipton, Gary Tomassi, John Tripke, Carol Truan, Pam Touniian, Jeanne Threlkeld, Richard Tilton, Charles Triana, Amelia Turco, Judy Turkins, Carol Ann 5' N 0 GLASS' Turkins, Charlohe Turner-Alonso, Caroline Uhalley, Marianne Unsell, Doneita Urban, Robert Urbano, Tony Vallecorsa, Ronald Vallen, Terry Vansant, Richard Vezie, David Vialovos, Dora Vincent, Linda Vlncenf, Mark Viola, Florence Viveros, Leonard Voitko, John Voss, Ricky Wagnon, Michael Voitko, Jill Wahweah, Sandra Wallace, Ronald Wallner, Judith Wandel, Brian Wassner, John l67 Waters, Judy Wear, Katherine Wellard, Deana Wellington, Edward SEN 0k CLASS Wheeler, Leslie Wheeler, Sally White, Karen White, Sandra Williams, Dean Williams, Kathleen Williams, Stephanie Wilminko, Faye Wiltshire, Gerald Winjum, Doreen Wink, Barbara Wink, Gene Wise, Rory Wolloch, Ruth Wood, Fonda Woods, Meredith Woodward, Neil Woolley, Barry Woudstra, Karen Wright, Linda Ybarra, Virginia Zarifsky, Rhoda Ketterling, Jim Yegge, Catherine Zdunowski, Jennifer A De Szabo, Edith Yuhouse, Jack Zike, Martha Zanelle, Gary Zuccoloito, Linda JUNIOR 0l'I'I6'FR6' Jo Jordon, secrelaryg Henry Head, lreasurer: Terry Beckham, presidenl: Calhy Belich, vice presidenl. J IIN 01? CLASS JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Terry Beckham, Henry Head. ROW 2: Linda Lukcik, Bev Palmer, Anna Mae Burroughs, Carla Miranda, Brenda Burka, Barbara Langmaid, Sherri Moore, Calhy Bel- ich, Jo Jordon, Norma Miller, Tanis Irwin, Karen Himes, Evy Schwarrz, Connie Srewarr, Connie Men- denhall, Penny Vink. ROW 3: Carol Hopper, Pam Gardocki, Sue Ledak, Angie Gruenwald, Marianne Tamm, Diane Swinsinski, Ilona Kupecz, Karen Olaf- son, Carol Cass, Rhonda Thorpe, Leslie Mae Senk, Nancy Israel, Linda Shipp, Linda Sawyer, Gloria Aguilera, Linda DeMor'rino. ROW 4: Teresa Fenlan, Melanie Rucker, Valerie Riccilelli, Linda Kober, Calhy Pinrer, Ellen Wimer, Geneva Highlower, Donna Cox, Gloria Curran, Dolores Rainwaler, Sharon Lewis, Manya Gruner, Mary Jane Davis, Linda Klug, Anna Medina, Mary Kelsoe. ROW 5: Judy Grisser, Vicki Holding, Jackie Willhoir, Renee Tunsrall, Par Collins, Donna Donahue, Ann Schupibach,Joyce Soukup, Rulh Zini, Vicki Marlin, Mary Davis, Linda Pelerson, Con- nie Price, Lorella Johnson, Ann Bacor, Janice Hen- son, Linda Edminslon. ROW 6: Belsy Berardi, Clarice Ellsworlh, Brenda Jennings, Paula Marlin, Chris Trau- goll, Dennis Ferro, Bill Burke, Allen Freelage, Bruce Smilh, Norma Hamblelon. ROW 7: Mark Hudes, Bruce Culberrson, Terry Sole, Richard Daversa, Danna Rue, Mike Leelzow, Dave DeJuIio, Ralph Ware, Ed Wachrel, Frank Bernard, Clifford Larson, Jim Pesler. 's ' it J I 39 1,g W... I ' ' ' ar-A . '35 B , , g M k Y Q- f , 'F J' , ,, -- .i g ' - - V V K sw vi -H 5 ' v 1 : . ,Q , vyrr V' -ef , . A l - -4- i5 . mfifalg S' ei V sw HL Q , E , ., M , f , J " 1' 3. ' ' 3 I Beatty, Richard Beckham, Terry Belich, Cathy Bell, Bob Bender, Bill Beniamin, Melvin Bennett, Jeannie Beonigan, Peggy Berardi, Betsy Berg, Linda Bernard, Frank Bishop, Donald Bitting, Carol Blake, Gary Blanton, Raytus Bledsoe, John Blenis, Lloyd Bobrow, Jerry Boggs, Cecil Bolckin, John Bonnie, Anna Marie Bosiclc, Eddie Botcler, Jeanette Boyko, Richard Bradford, Dorothy Camaro Shy Branda, Mollie Brasheres, Patricia Brayer, Mike Brewer, Paul Briner, Cheryl Bronson, Steve Brown, David Brown, Mike Brown, Ralph Bruce, Wayne iA , if 1 2 , ,a ,i E, til? Q iv 'W' iw "' A Q. -of ' sf ii ifiifff. -2 g EE- PM f ?f.e?f Q fv- , Bar 'ln an in :M if 'N H. ,fe . x 15 b - -. Jim, ,A .. ,. ner, ,. ,WVV wt . 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McCamey, Shirleen McCance, Jackie, McClanahan, Kathl McClanahan, Terry McClean, Charles Mclntire, Terry McMullen, Bill SEN Neal, Marilyn Negrete, Arthur Nelson, Shelby Neri, Petra Newstrom, Harold Newton, James Newton, Mary Nicholas, Ted Nixon, Nell Camera Shy Nunez, Jack Oden, Rich Olson, Bernadine Olson, Sandra Olufsan, Karen Orndorft, Greg Osborn, Peggy Packard, Donald Packer, Joan Padgett, Linda Padilla, Andy Palazzolo, Jack Palmer, Bev Palmer, Debbie Panattoni, Paul Parker, JoAnn Paris, Danny Patrick, Barry Patrick, Linda Patten, Sherrie Patterson , Kaye Payaa, Librado Peck, Paul Pell, Bill Pester, .lim Petermann , Mark Peters, Jacquelyn Petersen, Bette Peterson, Jerry Peterson, Tina Jan Petravich, Violet Phillips, Ray ' P 9 A -:Ri 'Her 1 5 fo I ' , ,. . W ii' s fit'-if, Z' ,.- mil i ms E' ii as dvi' wt' , ?g ,,, ,M . A 252 2 Tia ,"ii,,. , ,FF Eggs A 1 E 1,55 5 ' 3' if AL ,K- N 1 , m M ..-fd ' Ego' X , , 755' nf.. 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Vallero, Lorraine Vargas, Carmen Varner, Sandi Vega, Roy Velasquez, Becky Vernon, Lynda Vink, Penny Virgin, Mike Viveros, Alice Vivola, Bob Wachtel, Eddie Wade, Ron Wagenhaffer, Michael Wagner, Stanley Wagnon, .lohn Wakefield, Laura Wakefield, Mike Waleszonia, Tom Wall, Lynnette Wandel, Gail Ware, Ralph Warmack, Jeannette Washburn, Cathie Washburn, Eileen Watt, Hugh Weitzel, Larry Wells, Fred West, Mike Westerhoff, Richard Whatley, Robert ,,, I. . ,vf-if , ' '.,.i3Q2fHi'kf rw, T' ' fi Qi 4 .ss , 13 T . 45" P nh, 'Q 'aw , St. John, Cindy Stotz, Pat Strange, Alan Strange, Mike Stryk, Pat Sustarich, Frank Suttles, Phyllis Swanson, Linda Swearingin, Pamela Swinsinski, Diana Tachia, Carol Tachia, Sherry Tarver, Robert Taylor, Fred Taylor, Steve Tennison, Myron Terry, Sam Tessler, lrwin Thompson, Diane Thompson, Rick Thorp, Sally Thorup, Ronda Tilton, Karen Tims, Judy Tipton, Danny Taft, Tim Tolich, Paula Tonello, Paul Toothman, Linda Torres, Louie Touniian, Virginia Trafalis, Vicki Traugott, Chrissy Trebizo, Arthur Trent, Steve Triana, Maria Tripp, Mark Tunstall, Renee Turco, Rose Turnbull, Jeanette Valdepena, Leonard Vallecorsa, Rick s. L 'L use - X . "' in A M142 9. . . , ,Q - rf v-iw 4 1 M . sci, " 1 Adler, Larry Aguilera, Robert Alachniewicz, Stephen Aldred, Connie Amato, Joseph Anaya, David Anderson, John Andrews, Bob Andrews, George Archuleta, Daniel Bray, Raymond Brown, Gwendolyn Burdick, Lois Burkhardt, John Burrell, Lorraine Byrne, Kathie Chapman, Mike Chavez, Mary Coldiron, Patricia Coleman , Charles Cooper, Sheila Coshow, Gary Dalton, David Davis, Barbara Donnelly, Evo Dorsett, Harvey Driesbaugh, Gloria Estes, Leslie Estrada, Alexander Favari, Don Ferro, Dennis Flores, David Freitag, Thomas Gallo, Susan Garrison, Randall Geohegan, Peggy Ann Gianunzio, Sharon Gilpin, Henry Greene, Carole Hagar, Sam Hagerty, Sheila Hainsworth, Joe . .- H' 5 y .v .f til i xiii . Q.. ., K H if A i 'Q 'Q sau' cgi? Q a' W3- gd 1 '-'Eve .gfi9Z'4s,V'a , I 1. L 1 .A 4, ss - in Q.. 96 1 .. .,,, ,N PQ i Zaragoza, Zdrovie, Joan Zumpano, Vic 'R-v-' i ,, ,P ,E iff? M in W-ef .-Q in: L Qu aa, 1 ' L .sv 4 975: , F , i 9 -if J , 4 ' s . 'R 12, 5 ie-ii W , :f,,,yiw:s ,s ow-.. Phyllis CAMERA SHY Henrickson, Mary Lou Hernandez, Edward Heston, Del Heydenreich, William Hill, Candace Himes, Daryl Holding, Vickie llles, Russell Jasso, Gloria Jasso, Olga Jassa, Sera Kasper, Steven Ketterling, James Klingenberg, Heike Kuhl, Earl Lemon, Susan Lemos, Stella Locey, Dennis Lord, William Love, Pamela Macbrohn, Alice Mohony, Joseph Marler, Johnie Mayfield, Ronald Mayo, Shirleen Mccann, Carolyn Mckinney, Sharon Meinhard, Jim Moore, Harry Mueller, Robert Negrete, Emily Noriega, Rosemary Nunez, Ronald Orr, Ricky Orth, Marie Patashinsky, Max Paton, Hugh Proto, Sylvia Pratt, Stanley Ramos, Johnny Riley, Mike Rodriguez, Pauline bl i W +1-i . My 123 i Q 41. v t i L -.1 gg? ' , 'isis f s Whitney, Gary Widen, Pom Wilcox, Roxana Williams, Charlie Camera Shy Williams, Gayle Williams, Patricia Williams, Richard Wilhoit, Jackie Wilridge, Ronnie Wilson, Eric Wilson, Richard Wilson, Sue Nonna Wimer, Ellen Wood, Gloria Wood, Philip Young, Marlys Yorba, Donna Roy Marie Schutt, Sarah Selph, Karyn Shinn, George Siemsen, Frederick Solberg, Gayle Spurgeon, Wesley Tamm, Marianne Triggs, Thomas Tucker, George Velasquez, Rosemarie Wodlington, Judy Weigel, Daniel Whitaker, Shirley White, Danny Whiteley, Robert Wiggins, Sarah Willhoit, Jackie Wilson, Carla Wood, Gary Wright, Jim Zini, Ruth ,S'0PHOMORF OFFIUFRS' Paula Snyder, secrelary: Jo Zerilli, vice presidenl Glenn Pierce, president Deanna Conrad, lreasurer 95 Hawks 0 Ass' SOPHOMORE COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Janel Parks, Tonya Campa, Joan Balceriian, Dee Dee Lou- slaunou, Karen Oldrich, Becky Pecnilc, Lynn Ham- mond, Sally Sanborn, Nancy Crookham, Paula Snyd- er, Mary Graff, Glenn Pierce. ROW 2: Mary Rain- waler, Pam Goble, Muriel Rambaud, Cindy Ralslon, Pam Slwull, Rosemary Merenda, Diane Meslas, Vicki Sfill, Rosemary Kirby, Deanna Conrad, ROW 3: Judy Snyder, Sylvia Garcia, Sharon Marlinez, Mary Zdilor, Linda Meza, Linda Knablach, Judy Leggill, Joan Marquardf, Wendy Wilminlco, Cindy Wise, Marcia Schene. ROW 4: Sherri Ramei, Diane Curlis, Judy Hernandez. Nadine Boalrnan, Jane? Clymire, Chris Lennant, ,Noreen Nilcodem, Carla Clegg, Jo Zerilli, Joanne Behan, Sue Vega, Callny Fosler. sew 'Y 1 Qgi ,ff ,, M 542 J if L. fl- i l Barkley, Arlene Barnes, Danny Barnes, Garland Barnett, Barbara Barnett, Gary Barrera, Michael Barth, Sharon Barton, Lonna Basile, Karen Basile, Pat Baugh, Jaan Baughman , Diana Bayard , Wanda Beal, J ulie Beaman, Wayne Beck, John Becklund, Rick Beglau, Pamela Bell, Bill Bengston, Diane Benham, Nancy Benitex, Mary Bennett, Dennis Bennett, Edna Bennett, Stan Behan, JoAnne Bioletto, Barry Birch, Linda Bishop, Jo Anne Blake, Jerry Blake, Sara Blankenship, William Blizzard, Linda Boatman, Nadine Bolduc, Mike Bolton, Gary Bomgaars, Gerry Boris, Wayne Bounds, Donna Boyd, David Boyer, Judy Braden, Timothy lil r .I A ,. . xl ti , is, ,,,, my 4. 6 it Vi.:-in V L W ,.., r ee,, N W, 1: of 5,12 mal, FH , ,if Abarca, Josie Abernathy, Cheryle Ackerman, Kathy Acosta, David Adams, Vicki Aguilera, Gilbert Alachniewicz, Sharon Alamia, Michael Albers, Jim Aldaco, Arthur Aldrich, Karen Alfero, Martha Alegria, Dolores Allison, Eddie Allison, Judy Anderson, Jim Anderson, Linda Appel, Hildah Appelbaum, Marsha Archer, Mike Archuleta, Abie Argomaniz, David Armour, Shirley Ashcraft, Mike Austin, Bill Bailey, Linda Baker, Susan Bakeriian, Jaan Ballou, Albert Bannister, Allan ,,ro Q Q ,, T , " PF . mga. -X' rw -fx' 4"r'fWfP:"i5'T as 4 Ei Q' Y W., .H t .- 82 4 W f 1 it Be 5 s 6' ,wr 1. -ya ,Sf BE ,, , r if . ,,fa.fff ' Q? - '. ,131 , 6 Q 32,335 .is M is . lr . 1 ,ww J ,' ..r to as e s, , Wife f-f ,t ' , , ,,,, 1 T 1 a i W 1 G 5-lsr r 'L :A-2 ff , Akkk- . 1: 2 .. 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Wie, Appel, Arthur Barnes, Kenneth Beglau, Pamela Beglau, Sandra Bell, Gerald Aborca, Josephine Abernathy, Cheryl Blair, Douglas Brown, Robert Bueti, Vincent Burgess, Kathy Byington, Steven Caclena, Maria Cahill, Karen Cook, Paul Cookus, Rockey Cooper, Tom Crain, Terry Cunningham, Anita Castellanos, Kathy Delgado, Benito Dellapenna, Doreen Dempsey, Kathleen Dias, Maria Doney, Linda Duby, Rickey Duran, Corina Ewing, Robert Farnworth, Larry Fogel, Roxana Forrester, Don Fower, Nellie Frost, Marshall Gideon, Ronnie Goldstein, Phil Graves, Frank i ,L , .fx ol, 7 l 'ill De .U 'EXW l x i L 'X' V e Ll 'xx A X! L 1 PE i rims' . Pm ,V L J if A . , A 2, V 3 i tj l, , . 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Daisy Chain Council iSoph., Jr., Sr.I Legislalive Council "Oklahoma" "Our Hearis Were Young and Gay" "Our Town" Pep Club "Z" Club GAIL ALM Pep Club Council iSoph., Sr.l GINNY ALVORD A Cappella Choir A.F.S. "Brigadoon" C.S.F. Drill Team German Club "Guys and DoIIs" Council iSoph., Jr., Sr.I "Li'I Abner" "Oklahoma" Pep Club JO ANN ANDERSEN C.S.F. Girls' League, Sec. Council lJr.l Malh Club Fohi Forum LARRY ANDREWS "Diary of Anne Frank" Key Club PEGGY ANDERSON Concer+ Choir Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus Science Ficiion Club JOHN ANTHONY Bee Fooiball Baseball Manager "Grandma Was A Fullback J.V., Varsiiy Wresiling Varsily Club STEPHEN ARBELBIDE Boys' Glee J.V. Fooiball J.V. Baseball lMaroon Whilel ABE ARONOW "Grandma Was A FulIbacIc" VIRGINIA AUSTIN Council lSoph., Sr.I F.T.A., V.P. G.A.A. "Guys and DoIIs" Legislalive Council Mixed Chorus "Oklahoma" Pep Club Varsiiy Songleader Y-Teen, Pres. JENNIFER BANCROFT A Cappella Choir, Sec. "Brigadoon" C.S.F. Council lJr., Sr.l F.O.M.A., Treas. Legislafive Council "Li'l Abner" Madrigals VICKI BARILL "Brigadoon" Conceri Girls' Glee Council lSoph., Jr.I F.O.M.A. SCOTTIE BEARD J.V., Varsily Foolball Varsily Tennis SHERREL BEASLEY Band I C.S.F. "Z" Club ROBERT BELL Band I ROBERT BELLOMY C.S.F. Life Member lnleraci Club Maih Club Track Team Varsiiy Cross Couniry Varsiiy Tennis THOMAS BENNETT Fohi Forum Science Ficiion Club Siudeni Siore Worker WILLIAM BISSON "Diary of Anne Frank' "Oklahoma" LINDA BLACKWOOD Council lSoph., Jr.l Jr. Songleader SHARON BLAKE C.S.F. F.T.A. G.A.A. Mafh Club SHEILA BLAKE Drill Team Mixed Chorus TOBY BLOOM Chess Club Fohi Forum F.T.A. G.A.A. lniercullural Club Pep Club Council lSr.I JAMES BOLTON Bee Foolball J.V. Wresiling F.F.A., Sec. ANNA MARIE BONNIE A.F.S. Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Pep Club GARY BOXWELL Bee, Varsily Fooiball Bee Baskeiball J.V. Baseball Boys' Glee Council IJr., Sr.l Legislafive Council Varsily Club IDA BRANDT F.O.M.A., Pres. Inler-Club Council Pep Club Sr. Cheerleader WILLIAM BRANTLEY Bee, Varsify Baseball Bee, Varsiiy Baskelball J.V., Varsiiy Foofball Inler-Club Council Key Club Legislaiive Council Senior Class, V.P. Varsily Club, Pres. BETTY BREITENGROSS Band I, Band Club C.S.F. F.T.A., Treas. Maih Club "Z" Club DONALD BRITHINEE C.S.F. Malh Club WALLY BRITHINEE C.S.F. Maih Club ROSE BRITTAIN Girls' Glee RUTH BROOKBANK Conceri Girls' Glee Fohi Forum F.T.A. "Grandma Was A FuIIback" lnier-Club Council J.S.A. "Lilacs in fhe Rain" N.F.L., Pres. CAROL BRUCE Council lSopI1.,Jr.I Inler-Club Council F.O.M.A. Pep Commissioner "Z" Club MARGUERITE BUECHEL C.S.F. Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Girls' League, Jr. Rep. Pep Club TOM BROKAW Bee Foofball Key Club Legislalive Council ROGER BURDICK Bowling Club SHARON BURDICK C.S.F. LORRAINE BURRELL Drill Team G.A.A. "Li'l Abner" CLAUDIA BURTON Aqua Fons Bee, Varsiiy Cheerleader "Brigadoon" C.S.F. Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I F.O.M.A. Fohi Forum Jr. Class, V.P. Legislafive Council, Sec. Soph. Class, Treas. Sr. Baskeiball Princess "Z" Club, Pres. REBECCA CALDERON "Brigadoon" Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Legislative Council Pep Club LINDA CARLILE Concerf Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus PATRICIA CARMER Council lSr.I Pep Club Sr, Songleader DENNY CAROCCI J.V., Varsiiy Foolball J.V., Varsily Baseball Varsify Wresiling Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Legislaiive Council A.F.S. C.S.F. Thespians, V.P. Varsiiy Club, Pres. Yearbook Siaff "Li'I Abner" "Brigadoon" "Our Town" "Guys and Dolls" GARY CARTZDAFNER Band Club, Pres. lnieraci Inier-Club Council J.V. Baskefball Jels Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Soph. Class, V.P. Siudeni Slore Manager Thespians HAROLD CARVER Bowling Club Track Team LARRY CHAMBERLAND J.V.. Varsity Football Varsify Club, Treas. GEORGE CHERO A Cappella Choir Council lSr.l "Li'I Abner" "Oklahoma" DENNIS CHRISTENSEN Tennis Team BERT CLAY Bowling Club, V.P. Chess Club, Pres. F.T.A. Hislory Club infer-Club Council PAT COLDIRON Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Pep Club HOWARD CONNOLLY A Cappella Choir Legislaiive Council TrackTeam PAM COOK Council lJr.I Pep Club PAULETTE COOK Girls' Glee DOROTHY COOPER ACappeIla Choir "Oklahoma" JANET COPPI Council lSoph., Jr.. Sr.I F.O.M.A. Jr. Foolfball Princess Jr. Songleader Pep Club CINDY CRAIGHEAD Council lSoph., Jr.I Pep Club JAY CRAVEN Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I A.S.B., V.P. Inier-Club Council Jels Key Club, Pres. Legislaiive Council, Pres. C.S.F. Varsily Club J.V., Varsily Baseball J.V., Varsify Foolball J.V. Baskeiball DAWN CROWL Council ISopI1.l Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus Sr. Fooiball Princess Pep Club PAUL CURRY Boys' Glee Legislarive Council NELS DAHLOUIST Bee Baseball Cross Counrry Varsily Baskeiball Fohi Forum FRED DAWSON C.S.F. FRANCES DAY A.F.S. Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus DENNIS DEATON "Grandma Was A FuIlback" SANDI DeNARDl Band I RALPH DENNINGTON A Cappella Choir "Li'l Abner" "Oklahoma" DOUG DEWAR Boys' Glee RUDY DIAZ Boys' Glee Bee, J.V. Fooiball Bee, Varsiiy Track Madrigals "Li'I Abner" "Oklahoma" ACappeIIa Choir, Pres. Council ISr.I In+er-Club Council BILL DITTERLINE J.V. Fooiball Bee Baskeiball Bee, Varsily Track Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Key Club "Oklahoma" GINGER DOCKSTADER C.S.F. Daisy Chain Fohi Forum Council IJr.l "Z" Club JANICE DOSS Ccnceri Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus ROY DREVLO Chess Club FAYE DUFFY A.F.S. C.S.F. Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Girls' Glee "Grandma Was A Fullback' Legislaiive Council Peip Club Yearbook Sfaif GARY DUNAK "Diary of Anne Frank" Legislaiive Council ROBERT EDWARDS Band I J.V., Varsiiy Baskeiball RODNEY EDWARDS Bibliomaniacs N.F.L. Inier-Club Council Inferculiural Club, Pres. Hisiory Club, Pres. ALEX ELIAS "Diary of Anne Frank" A Cappella Choir "Brigadoon" "Li'l Abner" "LiIacs in The Rain" "Oklahoma" Madrigals Thespians MICHAEL ELLIOTT Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l J.V., Varsily Fooiball Bee Baskeiball J.V., Varsiiy Baseball Varsily Club GORDON EPSTEIN C.S.F. Jefs Chess Club, V.P., Treas. Hislory Club, V.P. InIercuI+uraI Club Maih Club DENNIS ERRIO J.V. Baseball Cee, Varsily Wafer Polo Varsiiy Swimming DAVID ESHLEMAN F.F.A., Pres. Track Team J.V., Varsiiy Wresiling Legislalive Council DONA ESHLEMAN C.S.F. G.A.A. Drill Team German Club EDWARD FELIX TrackTeam JUDY FINLEY Aqua Fons Conceri Girls' Glee KATHLEEN FORNEY Council IJr., Sr.l Legislaiive Council Girls' Glee Pep Club DEAN FOWLER Band I Bee, Varsify Wrestling Bee, Varsiiy Fooiball Varsify Club PATRICIA GAGE Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Pep Club Jr. Songleader PAULETTE GARDOCKI Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Soph. Class Sec. Pep Club F.O.M.A. Thespians Varsiiy Songleader "Oklahoma" "Diary of Anne Frank" "Li'l Abner" TERRY GATHERUM "Oklahoma" "Diary of Anne Frank" Thespians Drill Team "Brigadoon "Li'I Abneru PAUL GAVELL Band Club, Treas. JOE GERE J.V. Fooiball Yearbook Staff JOE GILLENTINE Legislaiive Council Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l N.F.L, Cross Counrry C.S.F. Life Member Varsily Club A.F.S. F.T.A. Key Club J.V., Varsiiy Tennis Bee Baskeiball PATRICIA GOBLE Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Pep Club Concerl Girls' Glee A.F.S. ACappelIa Choir "Oklahoma" JOYCE GREENWOOD A Cappella Choir "Li'I Abner" "Oklahoma" GARY HAIGHT Council ISoph., Jr.I Yearbook Eclilor SUE HAILEY Pep Club JAN HALBROOK Band German Club NANCY HARPER "Li'I Abnerl' ACappelIa Choir Drill Team HARRY HART Jr. Class V.P. J.V., Varsily Fooiball Key Club CAROL HEALEY Fohi Forum Pep Club LINDA HEARNE A.F.S. C.S.F. Daisy Chain F.O.M.A. "Z" Club, Pres. ACappeIla, Sec. Inier-Club Council, Pres. Drill Team Varsiiy Songleader Sr. Baskeiball Princess DAVE HEBDEN F.F.A. J.V. Baseball ELAINE HENDERSON Maih Club Y-Teens PATRICIA HICKEY F.T.A. Mixed Chorus JANIS HOUSE Band Club, Sec. PAMELA HUDSON ACappeIla Choir Pep Club "Oklahoma" F.O.M.A. SUSAN HUSTED Maih Club "Z" Club C.S.F. Life Member F.T.A., Pres., V.P., Treas. Daisy Chain Inier-Club Council Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l PATTY IMUS Council ISoph., Jr., Sr,l Girls' League, Pres., Treas Pep Club Inier-Club Council Legislaiive Council Drill Team Daisy Chain "Z" Club A.F.S. C.S.F. Life Member Foolball Queen SUSAN INTERRANTE Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.I F.T.A. Daisy Chain C.S.F. Life Member "Z" Club ROBERT ISRAEL Bee, J.V. Baskeiball J.V., Varsily Fooiball J.V., Varsiry Baseball C.S.F. Varsiiy Club TERRY JAMES Bee, J.V., Varsiiy Foorball J.V. Baseball J.V. Tennis Varsily Club German Club MARCIA JANES Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Legislaiive Council Bee Cheerleader Pep Club Thespians N,F.L. "Oklahoma" MICHAEL JIMENEZ Soph., Jr, Class Pres. J.V., Varsily Foolball J.V. Wresiling C.S.F. J.S.A. Infer-Club Council Key Club, V.P. J.V. Baskeiball "LiIacs in 'Ihe Rain" Varsiiy Club A.S.B. Pres. BENEDICT JOHNSON Inierculiural Club DARLENE JOHNSON Girls' Glee G.A.A., V.P. Inlercullural Club JOHN KEEN J.V. Baseball Council ISoph., Jr., Sr. Key Club Legislaiive Council KATHLEEN KELLY Pep Club JIM KETTERLING Cee, Bee, Varsiiy Swimming RONALD KING Legislaiive Council Varsily Club C.S.F. Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Track Team Cross Couniry Varsiiy Fooiball lnieraci, Treas. Sr. Class, Pres. DEBRA KINSEY C.S.F. A.F.S. Council ISoph., Jr., Sr. Legislalive Council "Sou+h Pacific" Daisy Chain Pep Club "Z" Club, Treas. A.S.B. Social Chairman KLAUS KINGENBERG Varsily Club STEVE KNOX Bee, J.V., Baseball Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.l Legislalive Council Key Club, Sec. "Grandma Was A Fullback" NINA KOEHLER "Brigadoon" "Li'l Abner" "Guys and Dolls" Y-Teens Council lJr.l Concerl Girls' Glee TERRY KOKOT Cee, Varsily Track Band, Band Club Cross Counfry lnferacl Varsily Club D.E.C.A. LINDA KORDICH F.O.M.A. Pep Club Jr. Songleader BARRY KRISINGER Fohi Forum BRUCE KRISINGER Wresfling Team GENISE KURIC Bibliomaniacs Malh Club Daisy Chain F.T.A. C.S.F., V.P. ARTHUR LAMB J.V. Baskelball Legislalive Council Varsify Foolball Varsily Wreslling J.S.A. Varsily Club SUSAN LANE Band G.A.A. Council lJr.l JAMES LARGE Band I J.V. Baseball STEVEN LARSON Mafh Club Legislalive Council Cee, Bee, Varsily Waler Po Cee, Varsily Swimming German Club C.S.F. Life Member CONNIE LEE F.T.A. G.A.A., Pres, Council ISr.l DWAYNE LEHMAN Legislalive Council LYSBETH LEMMON Pep Club NANCY LEND Soph. Foolball Princess Varsily Songleader F.O.M.A. LINDA LEWIS Pep Club F.O.M.A. A Cappella Choir MARILYN LEWIS A Cappella Choir Mixed Choir OPHELIA LEWIS G.A.A. Concerl Girls' Glee Drill Team BILL LORD Varsify Foolball LINDA LOVE Mixed Choir Drill Team PEGGY LUNDSTROM "Our Town" "Z" Club Daisy Chain C.S.F. Life Member Thespians German Club, Pres. Malh Club VICTOR MACIEJEWSKI J.V. Foolball J.S.A., V.P. A.F.S. PETE MALIS F.F.A., V.P. KATHLEEN E. MANNING Fohi Forum VINEDA MANNION Pep Club Legislafive Council FERMINIA MARTINEZ Y-Teens Pep Club PETRA MARTINEZ Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus Concerl' Choir BARBARA MATTHEWS A Cappella Choir Concerl Girls' Glee Madrigals "Oklahoma" KAREN McCLUSKEY Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Pep Club Legislafive Council "Lilacs in lhe Rain" "Diary of Anne Frank" "Oklahoma" Thespians TOM McCULLOUGH Bee, Varsily Foolball J.V., Varsily Wreslling MICHAEL McDERMOTT Track Team Bee Foolball BOB MclLWAlNE C.S.F. Fohi Forum Key Club Council lSr.l CHRISTY MclNTlRE Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Jr. Cheerleader Sr. Cheerleader Thespians Baske+baIlSweeII1earl' ANDREW MELTON J.V. Foolball CONCHA MENA Concerl Girls' Glee DAVE MESA Bee Baskefball J.V. Baseball Jels C.S.F. RICHARD MIGALA Varsily Foolball J.V. Baskelball Bee Track Varsily Club C.S.F. J.V., Varsily Baseball Key Club, Treas. JANET MINNISS Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Drill Team Sr. Class Sec. Thespians "Oklahoma" "Diary of Anne Frank" GLENN MOFFITT Cross Counlry Cee, Bee, Varsily Track DIANA MOHR D.E.C.A. SHEILA MOORE "Diary of Anne Frank" G.A.A. lnfercullural Club, Treas. KRISTINE MUHAR Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Pep Club Sharon Murray G.A.A. CURRIELENE NABORS Pep Club Drill Team, Cap. "Z" Club F.O.M.A. Sr. Cheerleader MICKEY NEEDHAM BEE, J.V. Baseball C.S.F. J.V., Varsily Foolball Legislalive Council JOHN NELSON Newspaper Slalli MICHAEL NICHOLS Bowling Team J.V., Varsily Baskelball Varsily Track RICHARD OBERLIES F.F.A. JUHL OLSEN C.S.F. Malh Club F.T.A. Hislory Club German Club, Treas., V.P F.H.A. LOUIS ORNELAS Varsify Club Varsily Tennis Bee Foofball Council lSopl'1.,Jr., Sr.l Cross Counlry Inleracl A.F.S. C.S.F. lnler-Club Council Ma+b Club, Pres. ROBERT ORR J.V., Varsiiy Baseball ANTHONY ORTEGA Varsily Foolball, Mgr. Varsily Track, Mgr. Varsily Club BRUCE PACK J.V. Baseball Cee, Varsity Wafer Polo Cee Swimming Cee Track DOUG PACKARD J.V., Varsily Foolball J.V. Baseball Track Team Legislalive Council Wreslling Team, Cap. Varsily Club DOMINIC PALAZZOLO Bee Baskelball D.E.C.A. LINDA PANATTONI Pep Club Council lJr., Sr.l CARMEN PATIA A.F.S. N.F.L. J.S.A. LINDA PEDERSEN "Grandma Was A FuIlback" Concerl Girls' Glee A Cappella Choir "Li'I Abner" Legislative Council KERRY PETERMAN A Cappella Choir "Our Hearfs Were Young and Gay" Cee Wafer Polo "Lilacs in +he Rain" "Li'l Abner" Thespians J.V. Wreslling "Oklahoma" MARSHALL PHILLIPS J.S.A. N.F.L. "Diary of Anne Frank" NADINE PIGGOTT C.S.F. Girls' Glee ACappelIa Choir "Oklahoma" STORMY PLANT German Club, V.P., Sec., Tr C.S.F. Lile Member Mafh Club RACHEL PORTILLO C.S.F. Pep Club Council lSr.l Varsiiy Songleader SYLVIA PRATO Pep Club Legislalive Council Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l MARK PRESTON Bee Foolball Bop Baskeiball J.V. Baseball Bee Track C.S.F. FRANCES PRICE "Brigadoon" A Cappella Choir "Li'l Abner" Malh Club., Sec., Treas. C.S.F. Life Member, Sec. Daisy Chain Bibliomaniacs Madrigals TOMMY QUINN Bee Track German Club Legislalive Council Council ISoph.l JEANNE RAY Pep Club Drill Team KAREN REINSCHMIDT C.S.F. German Club Band I Drum Maiorefle DAVE REYNOLDS Bee Tennis Cross Counlry BBS Chess Club Varsily Club ROSEMARY RICHENBERGER German Club ACappelIa Choir Maclrigals C.S.F. "Brigadoon" "Li'I Abner" "Lilacs in 'rhe Rain" "OkIahoma" "Diary of Anne Frank" F.O.M.A. MERRY RIDGEWAY Legislalive Council "Guys and DoIIs" Council lJr., Sr.I F.H.A., Pres. Inler-Club Council GLORIA RINKER Legislalive Council JIM ROBERTS J.V,, Varsily Foolball J.V., Varsily Baseball Varsily Club LUCY ROGERS C.S.F. A.F.S. A Cappella Choir Pep Club "Li'I Abner" "Oklahoma" DAVID ROJAS Bee Baseball F.F.A. TERRY ROMINE C.S.F. Chess Club, V.P. German Club Sci-Fi Inlercullural Club Hislory Club Varsily Baseball, Mgr. JERRY ROY J.V., Varsily Foolball J.V. Baseball Varsily Tennis PATRICIA RUNNELS Girls' Glee Y-Teens NANCY SAJDA C.S.F. Legislalive Council "Z" Club Pep Club Daisy Chain A.F.S., His. "Diary of Anne Frank" Council IJr., Sr.I TILLIE SAUCEDO G.A.A., Ad. Man. Bowling Club ANN SCAGARELLO "Grandma Was A Fullback' Pep Club F.O.M.A. Legislalive Council Thespians SUSANA SCHENKLER Council lSr.l ALEXANDRA SHIPMAN "Our Hearls Were Young and Gay" "Brigadoon" Pep Club "Teach Me How To Cry" "Diary of Anne Frank" Thespians "Oklahoma" ROBERT SORIANO German Club Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l DONALD SPARKS Bee, Varsify Swimming Chess Club Mixed Chorus "Li'I Abner" Varsily Wafer Polo A Cappella Choir Madrigals "Oklahoma" CHRIS SPINUZZI Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.l Pep Club ACappeIIa Choir "Li'l Abner" "Oklahoma" DONALD STUDEBAKER C.S.F. ROBERTA SWINEHART Concerl' Girls' Glee ROBERT TAKACS German Club Council lSoph., Jr., Sr. J.V. Baskelball Key Club Hislory Club J.S.A., Pres. Sludenl Slore, Mgr. JANNET THOMAS Pep Club Council lSr.l JOSEPH THOMAS German Club Legislalive Council N.F.L. MICHAEL THOMAS A Cappella Choir F.F.A. Bee, Varsily Track Legislafive Council "Brigadoon" "Li'I Abner" Bee, J.V. Baskelball Madrigals "Oklahoma" BARRY THOMPSON C.S.F. Malh Club Inlercullural Club Inler-Club Council F.T.A. A.F.S. Council lSr.I NANCY THOMSON Girls' Glee RICHARD THRELKELD Wafer Palo Wrestling Bancl I Inleracl GARY TIPTON N.F.L. Legislalive Council Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Fohi Forum C.S.F., Pres., Life Member Key Club Thespians A.F.S. "Diary of Anne Frank" "Oklahoma" JEANNE TOUNJIAN Jr. Baskefball Princess Pep Club Drill Team, Pres. Inler-Club Council ACappeIIa, His. CAROL TRIPKE Girls' Glee Inlercullural Club PAMELA TRUAN Pep Club Legislalive Council JUDY TURCO Mixed Chorus Concerl Girls' Glee CHARLOTTE TURKINS C.S.F. Life Member Daisy Chain Girls' League, Soph. Rep. CAROLINE TURNER G.A.A. F.T.A. Y-Teens MARIANNE UHALLEY Council ISoph., Jr., Sr.I Pep Club BOB URBAN Track Team TERRY VALLEN Legislalive Council N.F.L., V.P. "Li'I Abner" Y-Teens. V.P. Pep Club Yearbook Slaff DAVID VEZIE Cee Swimming Varsily Waler Polo German Club LINDA VINCENT Council lSoph., Sr.I "Brigadoon" A Cappella Choir "Li'I Abner" "LiIacs in Ihe Rain" Pep Club "Oklahoma" MARK VINCENT Track Team JILL VOJTKO Pep Club A Cappella Choir Drill Team "Oklahoma" Council lSr.I F.T.A. Mafh Club JOHN VOJTKO Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Legislalive Council Varsily Baskelball, Mgr. Varsily Tennis Varsily Club, Sec. A Cappella Choir "Oklahoma" Varsify Baseball, Mgr. BRIAN WANDEL "Diary of Anne Frank" JOHN WASSNER F.F.A. KATHERINE WEAR Concerl Girls' Glee C.S.F. A Cappella Choir "Li'I Abner" A.F.S. Pep Club "Oklahoma" EDWARD WELLINGTON Band I LESLIE WHEELER C.S.F. Malh Club MICHAEL WILBURN D.E.C.A. KATHLEEN WILLIAMS Council lSoph., Jr., Sr.I Girls' Glee Pep Club "Brigadoon F.T.A. "Li'I Abner" "OkIahoma" A Cappella Choir PAYE WILMINKO Council ISoph., Jr., Sr. Pep Club A Cappella Choir "OkIahoma" "Li'I Abner" DOREEN WINJUM Girls' Glee Concerl Girls' Glee BARBARA WINK Girls' Glee GENE WINK Hislory Club RORY WISE "Li'I Abner" "Diary of Anne Frank' "Oklahoma" Thespians RUTH WOLLOCH Council ISoph., Sr.I C.S.F. "Brigadoon" N.F.L., V.P. Legislafive Council Thespians A.F.S. "OkIahoma" "Diary of Anne Frank' BARRY WOOLLEY Inler-Club Council German Club., Pres. lnlercullural Club Varsily Club C.S.F., Life Member Malh Club LINDA WRIGHT Drill Team VIRGINIA YBARRA A Cappella Choir "Oklahoma" CATHY YEGGE Council lsoph., Jr., Srl Jr. Songleader F.O.M.A. A.F.S. Yearbook Slaff F.T.A. "Li'I Abner" "Diary of Anne Frank' Miss Fonlana RHODA ZARITSKY Council ISoph., Jr., Sr G.A.A. Pep Club "Diary of Anne Frank" JENNIFER ZDUNOWSKI "LiIacs in The Rain" Fohi Forum Yearbook Slalf, Ed. A.S.B., Ad. Manager Sr. Cheerleader MARTHA ZIKE Thespians N.F.L. LINDA ZUCCOLOTTO Pep Club STANLEY l. DICKEY MORTUARY 8030 MAN GO AVENUE 822 2285 I y 8832 SIERRA 822-4025 SPAULDING - VOIT - RAWLINGS THE BEST IN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT lAZIO'S SPORTING GOODS REDLANDS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND l0AN O1 WheelQSS0clATI0m2-2256 AA,A hAA F E A' A A A ' 85g::'ANA JEWEEQERS S A V g L S TASTEE FREEZ e place For o 9 DON CI.AY'S TIRE STORES Broke Shop - Motor Tune-Up - Shocks Wheel Alignment - Mufflers 9340 Sierra Avenue - 822-I2I2 XXX CARNATION COMPANY Fresh Milk - Ice Cream I6975 Valley Blvd. 822-MII S RK W0 EEL ST UNIT hool U LD .C on --os Iss c Cm 96 : oZ LL: '-'50 C be -53 o LU O 'Eo QD.: 'O. D 4-O U7. QP fu QI 4- 3-1 .QL -5-. E4 3 4- U :- UD C O LJ 4 MJ E lulnl E 4 H- C 93. U H.R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY Grand Rapids, Michigan 313 Allen Sf. N.W. 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Zumpano, Realtor 'E Real Estate Broker Business Opportunity Broker Notary Public "f VA SQ FHA Resales Broker 'Jr 'k 17261 Foothill 822-2457 "" Fontana Square Arcade ' 9003 Sierra 822 ll3l California Division Los Angeles l5, California AVENUE CLEANERS HERFF JONES CO. Chuck 8 Millie's Drapes 8x Formals Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Cleaned at Owner's Risk Emmett E. Larson "We Operate Our Own Plant" Box N Yorba Linda, Calif. Area 714 528-6483 ? ELLE,-,T 8657 sierra TKQVE, 823-2462 Gil-0. UPU ELEM 5 86 20 NICHOLS' Fl0RISTS Sierra 822-0634 HARRIS PHARMACY 8491 Sierra 822-4123 17287 Fooflwlll 822 l555 Always in Excellent Tusfe 1 0 z , BANK OF AMERICA 8486 Sierra Fontana Q n EST WISHES to the graduating class 61965. Remember that the debits of disaj1j10intrntent can always be balanced by the credits of achievement. ,A May the ledger your lje always .show a profit. ilffomm , I . V - r kfffffffue ,LC,Lwo.fve '19-0 vweoafg, Libadoeoomg CWQILQLU CU weaned CCJLLW Clgielfbk . 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Suggestions in the Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) collection:

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1965, pg 29

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