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4 mah mfg, ,qv , U , Q? ,N if D' .Au 'Awimgga ,L K., , , - 5'ei.v45 . " x , iwmx, lg Lf' ' "llama, --...,.. -ighx , 14. i J 5 J. 1 , X ff , , Ai 1 1, ' Q' I ' , ' ,. :ai H ' "1-. g. fu I . ,f 1 X , Q A .2 ' wr , it H FONT. A HIGH 'NA SLHOQL fl y . 1 , 'fi A Q .gf ,QF : 2 A.: liigm Ei! ......-... !EI :ww 2 861 11 I!!! EHHH El V 1 .. ,.,, 'Z , .. 1 ' . S I , , . , ..,g,:, .H it-va X , . ,, .3 ..., ,Wm-A.M1uuw dQgf.MJ-4-... W ,i.w-maui: M 'iv? m.n Q-mnvwai'-tuniwias-. , 10 W , ., . v .. . . , 'W ' W 2 b ,www V X N' , -il4gp:5,:.3j :,,i5i5?5..5 1 395 .:51Ff5jgiQg5?ewfff:': ,',:f4?'HfZQ5, L Q ,QV .ifb'+y,,,wmx-gbklggiiv yw my 3,12gW,Qhg:,,5 4 WT NMA - - , , ' I L. N-ai V y '1g."3 I-gg -nfl ff -1 ,U- . 'd:.'u- Y' 2 fm .' , " ' ' V , ' '514Ei7W5'Lff.,MQ1Q+-lawn'nw 'lwqfgfiiflgf Sv -W"'Mff"ww'5'v'm'51lagging ' ,NW ,RY -,,,,.,,,.,..,. ., M.-A ...Q--' I , A , Lvl ,,. mug. , wm,,--- ,,.f,,,,: ' 'Y " """""""""""""k" ' Q J. BML ,V 1 A X' 4 "gf W q ., 'mx sf . 2 U' if ,Y A A - Q , ma! gl 'Ml if h- ,,-.w,,,A,W,,w-Tw V ,,YY VVVV Y iw i V VVVV f V Y i if W ' . , H H V .gif ilpflmil' 5 .- .,-. M: 2.4.1 4-,..m..-,.- .V-.......-, ' ' " H ' ---Y---, , ,, ,,,W , iv Y W KY S- nw h,m L SF 5 if 1 5 51- . i L y , 5 g P , I 6 W -. N-A w., mv f s 1 S Ty BW M I 1 1 . M I Q - -'N 1- v" v - - W 7' , .4 'ff A 'f' 'Wv5fx1f2f "ws' X -If Z !, j f . A , if at V ..,, , . rv gi, Q M "', 4 ' - 11 'FF3 , I 5,555 nm 7, f A ,KA Av .njgfyv . 977 I J M ,, 3 M . :Q--fm-14 " lx , . ,M ,kv ' . ,I 'K Q , :gf L 1' ' ', Z., I ,A I N544-,.,. W ,..,5.g a.,g- . wN-.M .. w , Zfmlfsn ,N -ei 1 xx , Qs gi, 1 1,12 ij? . 1 Q ik?--'T' fs Hxwgv . my 41 Y 1 4 w 1 1 M , ' - U MWU 4 T M W ' fgggyy ' 1,7 1 ML fgf,fv,9fm14f!"V3" if "'! , I X I L J D Wi ffw Offffwfhlf W r yi , J I A if" F Jw 7 I , V1 f 4,,,,77Lff fm WM!! fcxizi , ' WXAMLLM, ,L if I v,!,f ,U -J1,4,f , f jpg! LJWMV X W auf :MW 'A A n We 2 . ffgvlff-J nfl , J f!51,f,f,f'V Mbit M7,ZZ!,,,,.,f Mlbfwv Ogg! Q f"W'jff!l M, 0 f- , Lax! cl ' ' pf' L bv , ff YINL ALT- 6 A 11 ,0,LMf'j-X, fy 1- rp L A jnfff-1' K' f. LL, V- ' ' W , ,7 Y zdv" , , .55 Qflfffrf A 4.1 jf ,f MIM 4 I . I A Q- 2 l. KJ fl! f Elf, fiykfjlv C gi J X ,Qj Ln ',f 'x X., fm "L ""!!'zy . 77 f-7 N I' V il QiWm,,,: -, ,A,-A f +,"w,. , H, . , 1, X v , l 1 I. , , I, 1 'Hx 1 ' I f- ff V ,lk , J! 17 ., ,I 'lj jjMAL,Y,,A,, iff' 111' . - f. ,, ff. .fSfw21fT51ff,xiLLJ .1. Y- I' ily -I, 1311,- , Fw N 1 , 1 1 I ,.,. , ,.7., , , 1 Xmplfjf if jjvu Y ,Wu jo f 7 if ff' xYvp'A I fy, 'z 1-U -Amiga 5---H 'Tf.f'LN +f,.iVC!""J ' 4 I 2 ZF 7. -Fx 'C1f'ff,iZ'L74'.jN2"4C7'.g'l2J5ff-3 J U C ff 1 K-Q 2 X 'YJ 'Sn m 'gi SVN ,i L 4 , Q 1 TW 'fa XJ .... f LW Q3 l . ,N . - Q- xy 4 I, V- ,zpvf - f 3. ' ' ii teak. QQ :Q , F9 k.- , X X fs -Q J Mi? 'QQ 4,0 - Q2 gc - Cf EQ, T E! Sci fi X QQ f C KK Sqn is j H Xe hi AELLJ if .gif if '- - Y' . ' 1 ,.-fi I ' 'Y Ci f QF lcv X fs qw A M gc 5 FQ , . CQYJ :gg 3 1 X C, . Ch: ci 152. Avy 2' Eff, 'V QQ -- C-w X . Cxi ff, A H pq? A ,, em Rv A LC , Q, 1 'Q 'ef ' 5 ff ai, 7 X ' Cp " - X. '-3 - ix C"" C 3 R is wif? .J -"' 1: I all AF G, Q T Q Q2 Q' w tj w F' ' gc""' TDT' C-AW ,Z x- I ' . ' cj' ' A ' 2.4 L- Cf' CQ .X x 4:0 Q. O ' 2 V x Qxb-Ffa L' R g 1 M . if Z Q-J .Q - if fQ Ge., ,2 ,xx C, . if Qmisq -Qi 'Q 4 1 N F C N 1961 0l"QlfUOI" We the members of the yearbook staff of Fontana High School publish the Fohi as a record of our work, our play, our accomplishments, and our ideals. We are proud of our school and its traditions, and we hope that the friends we've made and the knowledge we've gained will always remain with us. This is our sixth anniversary. We have passed through the uncertainties and confusions of early child- hood, we face into the future. We can look with pride on these past six years of development and achieve- ment during which we have watched generations of students, fresh and inexperienced, come through our gates and leave with a deeper understanding of what lies ahead. For the wisdom, friendship, and loyalty which you have inspired in us, we, the yearbook staff present to you, the Fohi, this record of our sixth year. Sheri-Le Pope Editor 30166 0 Confen la aculiy 81 academics . rgcmizotions ighlighfs . ntellects . Sz Li lQ6!iC6lf86 fo W iam QQLJQI' We the students of Fontana High School will soon realize how deeply we should be indebted to teach- ers who guide us through our years at Fohi. We will know that what they have given, at great personal sacrifice, can never be repaid, not only because of its great magnitude, but also because of its ever-present influence in our lives. With such an emphasis on education as we have today, the Fohi yearbook staff wishes to dedicate this book to someone who through sustained effort has done a magnificent iob as a classroom teacher and as a friend. We know that our choice not only will meet with popular approval from students but also it will be regarded by his fellow workers as a well- deserved honor. As a teacher of Driver Education and World Geography to incoming sophomores, College His- tory to outgoing seniors, and German to many others, his instruction has been of the highest caliber. Almost every feminine student who has ever been in his class has had a "crush" on him. And many a male pupil has learned to respect his iudgment as an athletic coach. While he was participating in the Junior-Senior tug-of-war, it was difficult for any stu- dent to distinguish him from his muddy senior team- mates. May his success continue through the years. This dedication of the l96l Fohi is iust one way we can say . . . thank you . . . William Reuter. l -j Il Cpliofsen fo Leading citizens of Fontana are elected to the Board of Edu- cation by the voters to act for the public in operating the Ernest Rucqmfield schools. The board meets twice Asslsmnl Superintendent monthly and sets policies, de- Dr. J. Roland lngraham Jr. supermtendem termines financial budgets, sets tax rates, and approves all personnel appointments. Dr. J. Roland lngraham Jr. acts as executive secretary of the board by carrying out their decisions in his capacity of superintendent. Many new policies were carried out through the year. The administrative offices at Fohi were completely reorganized at the beginning of the school year. Fohi's principal for eight years, Ernest R. Camfield, was promoted to assistant superintendent. W. Deane Wiley, ex-principal of Fontana Junior High school, took over Camfield's position at the high school. Parents and interested citizens are always welcome to attend board meet- ings and visit the schools. The superintendent, board, and personnel are always Theodore G, Grieder , , I l Assistant Superintendent Interested In working for the welfare and education of the youth of Fontana. Robert Olsen Robert Dopf, Dr. Gerald Mraz, Mrs. Frieda Murray, and Walter Wachtel, Board of Board President Education members, 12 guiafe M Wilmar H. Grossbach Assistant Principal Robert M. Redfield Assistant Principal l Under the direction of Principal W. Deane Wiley, administrators assumed new positions to run Fohi more efficiently. Wilmar H. Grossbach was pro- moted from counselor to assistant principal. Mrs. Esther Steelman, ex-counselor, took the iob of Dean of Girls. The position of registrar was given to George E. Henney, ex-math instructor. Eric Birch, Charles F. Massey, and Robert M. Redfield took charge of the Guidance Center and served as counselors to the students. They advised students on their high school curriculum, future plans in college, and helped them in finding outside part- time work. Besides being advisors of education, counselors were often called upon to help solve many of the personal problems of high school students. Administrators have a maior role in the educa- tion of youth today. Without the service and guid- ance of these people, it would be impossible for students to achieve not only success in high school but also in the future in whatever field they choose. Fohi can be well proud of its administrators who serve the students, citizens, and the country in turning out the best-educated Americans possibie. Charles F. Massey, Robert M. Redfield, and Eric Birch, counselors 13 W. Deane Wiley Principal Mrs. Esther Steelman Dean of Girls George E. Henney Registrar f vc 4 X 9 . up V. an il A, .M ,. ,MQ .W ig' -. . - V ' ,. , -f-- 'rv- Qg, I " 7 Qjpgtgg 4 L"g1i W .N ' H V X' 1 . '-Sri W. at U 'A fm fs it Wm? fklqarax if Dwi , f A", N' ' .- A 535' F ""W3n25'2 ,f'5Ai:f,z ww' W 1? 4 4 6 . ,I -M s ' Neff W5 ? 4 ft 7 i 'QW Z W Q W 5 A Af J vw . 1 , , . E ? , ' I - 1 J if , V i W 1 kx.j ew, Q " " X LPN , , u 'sh - 4 .V mf, 1 1 i 1 x Y I A 4 if 9 4 Vmsiatiivifbfi? , , T ' , W A ,LA ' 5 I I :A . W gm 4'7" 11 -Q., In 'if J- ,, Q .f Wgwxf-'-'9'1n ' ' 1 y f 1 4?---J" ,..' - ' ' 'Q . Y ef , 4 ,Na if , wif, F if 1' 5 ,E 4 Q XJ' x 'W-X ' fi X it 4 9 l f f ti 1 U .C 4 1 6 r 17 KENNETH CARTZDAFNER Univ. of So. Calif., Claremont Grad. School, B.A., M.A. Uafuagk .xdcacfemic urricu u'- FRED C. WHITLEDGE "Whal do you mean you can'l say ain'l? I say il all the lime." Univ. of Oregon, Claremont Grad. School, B.S., M. Ed. STANLEY R. SAGE Calif. Slale Polylechnic College B.S., M.A. WILLIAM WHITE DENNIS W. RUBLE Illinois Stale Normal University, Colorado Stole B.S., M.S., Ed.D. ANITA MANELL Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles B.Ed. Pepperdine College DEAN C. NEWELL s.A. - Grinnell College, Drama crew prep Univ. of Minn. B.A., M.A. milairea .gcfofara Juniors struggle through term papers, seniors through Shakespeare, and the new sophomores learn the standard rules of English grammar. Besides the drab everyday routine of spelling, diagram- ming sentences, and writing essays English students have time to learn of American literature and its heritage through the generations. Students study the writings of great authors and, in part, relive the happenings of Shakespeare's time. The instructors feel writing is a necessary exercise to implant on the students' minds the formal rules of the language pupils speak each day. Drama is also a part of the department and there students are able to learn the fundamentals of theater production and the behind the stage rules. The classes help with the senior and iunior class plays as well as the annual operetta. Accents and walks are only part of the learning done in drama class in addition to the extra-curricular activities. LOUIS P. MALORY DePaul Univ., Univ. of Redlands B.A., M.A. PHILIP J. HENRY Univ. of Redlands B.A. GARL AND ROGERS Hastings College, Col ora do State B.M., M.A. for another production 'I9 NEVILLE V. ABRAHAM JR. Rutgers University B.A. DONNA L. BARRICK Long Beach State B.A, JOHN R. SANFORD Univ. of Calif.,Berkeley B.A. BETH YOUNT Stout State College, Los Angeles State B.S. Olllellla Grd of j0l'l'l,0I'l'0ll! Appetizing aromas from the homemaking building draw many hungry students. This is of no avail for they find all of the food gone, eaten by the hungry cooks. Homemaking department classes range from cooking and sewing to decorating and child care. MADELYN V. SHAW St. Joseph College B.S. All ready to put in another batch. MARGUERITE STEWART Arizona Slate B.S. You too can learn how to sew. Bill Cawlfleld enllghtens parents Dave Harris and Mrs. Leonard Slayton on new methods of teachings. Sfriuing for ccuracy Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are mere trivialities in the math department. More com- mon terms to geometry, trig, and algebra students are theorems, sine and cosine, and exponents. Fohi students, whether sophomores or seniors, can always be seen in the math hall- among members of the "human wall" cramming for tests. What they're really trying to do is get theanswers from someone who has already taken the test. Math students can always be found discussing earth- shaking problems in their classes such as how tall a tree is if its shadow is a given length. These may seem like unimportant, silly things to study at the time students are taking the various subiects, but many of these same students who made fun of the courses will use these same problems in their life's work as physicists, archi- -tects, and teachers. BILL CAWLFIELD Univ. of Calif. at los Angeles Claremont Grad. School HARRY WERSON Mankato State College Son Diego State College B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. L. F. ARMSTRONG Al- ZAMSKY Univ. of Calif. at San Francisco State College Santa Barbara Ul1lV- of Ulah B.A. B.A., M.S. ROBERT C. JOHNSTON Ball State Teachers College LARRY BLEVINS B.S. Colorado State B.A., M.A. Calculators do the work for math students. JAMES HANDGIS Arizona State Univ ogg? Suifo an JUDITH VAILL New Haven State Teachers College I f s.s. "Eh , R- BERNICE KNOBLOCH Eastern Michigan University B.S. Min J A X 0 wn air VIVIAN OLIVER Whittier College B.A. Basketball, tennis, archery, and modern dance are a few of the many sports offered in the girls' physical education department. The heat, wind, and rain always make the outdoor sports a little more enioyable. Swimming is not so bad, except for those beautiful suits, wet hair, and the few dunks in the pool - clothes and all. CHARLOTTE MUMFORD Sacramento State B.A. P.E. is generally enioyed by all. The witty, light-hearted teachers add a certain touch to make physi- cal education fun. AUS SNYDER Pomona College B.A. LES NAGLER Occidental College B.A. DOUGLAS A. DISHNO Adams State College, Univ. of So. Calif. B.A., M.S. RICHARD DRAKE Univ. of Calif. B.A. l9Ag5ica! .lfnefifi an H45 0 IGM! . With the beginning of the year, the Boy's Physical Education department added intra-class competition in physical fitness events. The sopho- mores, iuniors, and seniors worked to defeat their competitors in push-ups and sit-ups as well as 50- and lO0-yard dashes. ln addition, the boys take part in the usual football and basketball games. A vital part of the physical education training for sophomores is six weeks in the driver training car. Teachers take classes of driver training and there instruct three or four students at an time in the rules of the road. At the end of the year there are three weeks of co-education activities where the boys and girls team up or against each other in volleyball games and badminton games. Swimming is also a part of the activities in this three-week block as are the trampoline and softball. DARREI. TAYLOR Pepperdine College B.A. 1 RUSS YOUNG Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara B.A. Hrrry, hurry, iimv clmowi 11,15 .rg an if 1 1" ,T f"Tf7""' "'f7'.'7 L." A -J f711:'L.'Q2:'MA' 4 J2Y'fi'IiCi'S, ccvicinxicgtffagp mffdwimac iJr'2:c:!fimg 1 HL IW vw Uiicfxcfi cgiwzedcimrz ofowhr 'zfssinr' in We I1 -, , f . J 1 ' .- . I ' "- - 77 .Z-. ,. '.-, -,J J. V ' 1 Cm XVI: UWC? AS VN iflfl Jlw: 'ix ffr:f.T4J1vfTYQni1 N: giw:'ME':Ui 51:56, -.cczv-milf IQ'ifmiSEO'5 Sclfiw j 5ffwi'1Q! iw G:'1'gfc'mf: Nr: virimbers cam Tr 1 10112 Hwy fwffi :5o'wfmQ0w'rk, Nxcsrwgf cf 551 ,f Sliinci Cfilwzcl -wi?-::3cX' UWT! Vfflflf Hue 'W ' . 1. , ' 15... .f-U -1'-sf V. J, wx IM w T3 may wcvc xmccwf, 1. .cum l:.,: ffm. 772 HVXJ, Vw,-NRM - fwqf' rv-f 1-' , -I.-, 14 ,um f2,xy..1.m..c,, .,-K. guy all MCM-- Wwce 1515323 stud: 111, LEO?-MSU D Colorado wx, 7'."'f'1 13"'A13f 1 W. of Ofocjcn iw fo poffery , . - Fohi's extensive fine arts program has produced many repeating prize-winners in area competitions. Shutters click as delinquent photographers rush to com- plete last minute assignments in another phase of the fine arts department. Many parents have received gifts from talented students in ceramics and crafts classes. DON BROWN Pomona College. Los Angeles State B.A., M.A. From here to the frozen food counter in the nearest super- market. Under the leadership of their talented director, Don Eitelman, the band has won many honors in music festivals. The beginning band and orchestra also receive many hours of valuable education in the apprecia- LEONARD HILL DONALD EITELMAN tion of music. San Francisco Univ. ot Calif., State College Los Angeles B.A. B.A, an 6 0 C ea . RY l N N Y This is how l treat o broken arm. How would you treat a broken arm? MITJMVCSRCZTS HE R Los Anqeles A B.S. Headaches, stomach a c h e s ! These are all common ailments treated by Mrs. Mary Christen Henry, the school nurse. .gncludfriaf .fdrfa lauded jArou9L Experience Cars, lamps, bongos, and gear shift knobs are the results of work by the students enrolled in the Industrial Arts courses. In Electricity I and ll the students learn the how and whys of making electrical units and there are many homes decor- ated with the proiects. Houses spring off the drawing board of the archiectural classes and some day may be built in to the dream home of the year. Cars are torn apart and rebuilt to suit the needs and desires of the owners. There are several classes available in auto mechanics and repairs. In woodworking classes boys can be seen making cedar chests, tables, and other obiects to adorn their homes. During the course of the year a contest is held and prizes are awarded to students who have done outstanding iobs on their proiects. Instructor supervises students who are acetylene welding. JOHN R. YOUNT Stout State College B.S. HAROLD L. KING HARVEY C. HART Miami Univ. Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara B.A. WILLIAM R. McCLELlAN Colorado State Univ. San Jose State B.S. Architectural students draw plans for the dream home of the YEUY. B.S., M.A MYRL A. HARMAN Missouri State Univ. of So Calif EDWARD CAPPARELLI Univ. of So. Calif. B.A., M.S. ur merican erifage Nine instructors try to show Fohi students the importance of the inner circle and the sons for the splitting of the union when history classes begin. TEC!- Each Problems of Democracy class went to San Bernardino to tour the courts and learn their functions, United States History classes learned of their American heritage, while sophomores enrolled in World Geography prepared for their future studies of the world and its problems. Explaining the enigmas of early history, instructor Edward Capparelli guides a U.S. History class. WILLIAM C. REUTER Univ. of Calif. B.A., M.A. RICHARD D. WHINNERY Univ. of Redlands San .lose State B.A., M.A. ALICE SHAFER Ripon, Claremont V ERNEST LEWIS Bucknell, Univ. of So. Calif. B.A., M.A. Graduate School J. W. TRUAN B,A, New Mexico Western ROBERT STEARNS Pomona College BIA' MICHAEL C. BITZKO Univ. of Pittsburgh B.A., M.A. N B.A., M.A. RUSSELL FREEMAN Colgate University Columbia University B.A., M.A. -5, KAY GESSEL Univ. of New Mexico B.S. Owd, Cpafd, anal Cjomlaoun 5 516 'but' HOWARD PROUD South Dakota State B.B.S. MAUREEN McGlNNESS Univ. of Redlands B.S. Future Farmer Joe Morris prepares for a fair. Disecting worms in biology makes science students squirm. When they become more advanced and take physiology, cows eyes and cats are used. Loud explosions can always be heard from the chemistry and physics labs. Ot course, physics students feel they are the intellects because they're supposedly taking the hardest class in the science department. But the biology, physiology, and chemistry students know differently. Through the agriculture department, the local Future Farmers of America Chapter was able to win awards in many fairs. GARY MOUCK Edinboro State College, Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles, Univ. at Colorado B.S., MEd., MBS. This takes brains? How about that, physics students? DARRELL CHRISTENSEN Oregon State College B.B.S. J FRANK D. ROBERTSON B.A. San Jose State ies m. lf' .f Y K fam' S' ,. mags X L , QQ, f ' . - ' " W , af L, fy , X 14 W ff' 'T 2,411 . ' W fffi 5 s 4, ' Q4 'I' ., .- .:!F3?1' f ., ,. 'Y 1 ZH? f 'fix Q' , i '3aWg:?iaQ'E.n-M , 8 Z 4, 'fs 'Z Q L Wx, '4ff': : V ,V Q Miv- b W, X5 9 ZWWHMMQ 1 'Iwi 6 I ' x i "' N 5129 2 5 C -K 3 4 J M51 mi., U, - ,841-Q 'iw fo C3 f?f?fz: 4, g'5"ajg 'T .9-nl C' ufb. bbw 5 ' Q52 5, , 3. Xi,,, 4 .5 .155 43 31 Q ' af, 4 'W-Bud' Haw-ff 2 E ' -z ,RQ Bottom row, left to right: Fred Burke, Dick Lambert, Doug Allen, and Kim Wheeler. Top row: Leonard Dionisio, Sharon Hill, Sandra Avery, Janice Wilson, larry Hastings, Adella Severson, linda Woodford, Sharon Sheheck, and Mike O'Shields. sS?LlgCAdl'lJ5 The purpose of this organization is to work on all activities given or sponsored by the school, to assist with all production in the technical theater, and to offer assistance to the community as well as school activities. LZBECA DECA is the accepted term when referring to the Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of America, or to any of its activities. Commonly, DECA refers to the program of youth activity operated by the Distributive Educa- tion Club of America. This youth activity program is designed for stu- dents enrolled in part-time coopera- tive distributive education classes. It encourages group participation, lead- ership development, career study, and is recognized as a vital part of the total DE program. Back row, left to right: Linda Ross, Beth Voiku, linda Pitts, Beulah Johnson, Karen Stuart, Bob Ruis, Karen Luby, Kathy Piorkowski, Marshall Dillon, Sandy Avery, Sue Knox, and Jennie Sinclair. Second row: Ron Holt, John Haythe, linda Bothum, Cheryl Arnold, Neila Liptak, Christine Oliver, Kathy Wachlel, Sheran Pierce, and Mellany Orndorff. Front row: Barbara Yorke, Starleen Hayes, Jackie Hubbard, Sandro Pipkin, Judy Simmons, Theresa arriifg Back Row: Coach Darrel Taylor, Coach Russ Young, Bob Bracken, Frank Romero, Jack Slover, Curtis Branch, and Preston Groulx. Kneeling: Dave Baker, Nick Pizzica, Charles Benson, Eric Shafer, Lou Alva, and Jesse Mitchell. Middle Row: Byron Glass, Danny Perrone, Duane Horsley, Fred Andersen,and Jack Blackwell. Front Row: AI Krohn, Ken Manell, John Messenger, Ron Stoh, and Bob Kerr. The Varsity Club, known as the Fohi Letter- men's Club, is made up of varsity lettermen who are in good standing. Through the year they sponsored such activities as a Donkey Basketball game, Sports Nights, and dances. The Varsity Club buys trophies for the various sports paid for from the proceeds of their presentations. jdedpiana Back Row: Lynnette Abbott, Angie Mclntire, Charles Massey, Miss Donna Barrick, W. Deane Wiley, Virgil Camp, and Eric Shafer. Front Row: Alexia Costa, Linda Ross, Linda Pitts, Beth Voiku, Karen Stuart, Julia Harley, Beulah Johnson, and Barbara York. ,X K First row, left to right: Sue Turner, Carol Tratar, Jack Slover, Sylvia Schmid, and Gloria Horn. Second row: Janet Curran, Bob Ruis, Eric Shafer, Carol Anicic, Gerald Perkins, Pat Patton, and Gloria Hernandez. Third row: Tam Nieze, Lidia Palazzi, Fred Andersen, John Mraz, larry Ashurst, Steve Kurth, Ed Wyraz, and Jeannette Harris. 2l'l'll all The purpose of the German Club is to further the historical culture of the German people. This club has money raising activities to supplement the treasury. One of the annual sales of the group is a dill pickle sale. Standing, left to right: Bob Ruis, Bill White, Tom Nieze, and Don Woolley. Sitting: Nanci Scoville, and Mary Lewis. SAO!! - ue5 The purpose of Shon-Aves is to maintain, promote, and extend high standards throughout the hugh school and community Each year Shon Aves gives a scholarship to a deserving senior girl As their community prolect this year, the club members helped the firemen In their annual Christmas toy drive Back row left to right Carol Purola Caroline McEachern Karen Stuart Kathy Wachtel Jennie Sinclair Vivian Manns Janet Middle row Shirley Gumn Sue Moose Ingrid Johnson Andrea Zack Iris Raberdmg Betsy Rodgers Vnncle Manns Martha Cothran Mona Kermode and Roberta Golasku Front row Sylvia Schmid Pat Snowhull Joyce Urban Carol Casalman Margaret Hewitt Ann Weinstein and Tuma Rabnnovntch .9nfer- Counci Inter-Club Council is composed ofthe presidents of all chartered school clubs. The chairman of this group, elected by a maiority vote, holds a seat on the Executive Committee. It is his duty to act as the liaison officer for all clubs. The Council provides a vital source of help in 'student activities and community proiects, discusses mutual club problems, proposes activities, and relays club feelings to the Executive Committee. 1 . : 1 l I , I . . . I . . I Curran, Alice Crawford, Sharon Rickman, and Gloria Horn. . : . . I I . I I . Q I I l . I 1 , '. : . . I . I I I . ' . . I . . . h X M m lily iv . . li J . it i .- , . ,l Q' Y 1 2 JMX i. it tl, il Ot' the Mibs is to promote so- club's biggest ,activity was o Yosemi Nytional Park during the sum . PAV ,cfm Li C, ,l t X , ii U, ' ' x Y it Left to Right: Ed Wyraz, Bert Fox, larry Ashurst, and Bob Downing. CM The Z club is a selective service club. Every year the members raise S100 for a scholar- shi p to give to a graduating senior of their club. ' W Back row: Nancy Heeren, Diane Grossbach, Juanita Ross, Marcia Hubert, Karen Stuart, Jane Onken, Janet Curran, Cheryl Arnold, Pam Pattinson, Judy Simmons, Susan Knox, and Mary Manell. Middle: Vivian Manns, Ann Axtell, lynnette Abbott, Linda Lenhart, Trudy Silagy, Janice Nyman, Kristen Stamps, Linda Pitts, and Mary lou Hogan. Front row: Sue Turner, Gloria Steiner, Diane Leslie, Gail Ferrie, and Karen Luby. Back row Bert Fox Barry Guthary Preston Groulx Larry Ashurst Perry Lerner Louis Olio, and Richard Slade. Middle row Gary Janka Tom Kellen Jack Blackwell Al Sanborn Eric Shafer Byran Glass Jerry Perkins, and Ken Manell. Front row Tom Plorkowskl Thalne Mclntire Bob Kerr Jesse Mitchell Les Anderson and Bob Bracken. The Key Club has been recognized at Fohi for the past seven years. lt is primarily a service club, as well as a national organiza- tion. The members work on the principle that what they do is respectful to their country, school, and community. Their motto is "We Build!" This club is for all students interested in the field of teaching. The students teach in the district elementary schools. Back row: Sylvia Schmid, Christine Leu, Susanne Schneider, Lee Ann Bittner, Maureen DuSablon, Louise Mitchell, Marcile Hensel, and Russell Freeman. Middle row: Elaine Mcllwaine, Karen lundstrom, Carol Anicic, Annette Crlienica, Katherine Guse, and Tima Rabinovitch. Front raw: Jeanette Harris, Judy Perrine, and Mary Rager. ju fare armem of America Back row, left to right: Jim Fols, Ronald Fogel, Allen Wylie, John Vesentine, David Marruio, Dick Coops, Mike Marovich, Mike Wallace, and John Collins. Third row: Steve Collins, Joe Miller, David Meyers, Larry Malmberg, Gary Mayo, Pol Kelley, David A. Smith, Ray Parker, and William Bernal. Second row: Williom Kraniac, Spike McLaughlin, Dick Vennum, Don Renfro, Mike Tocco, Manuel Ochoa, Carl Copeland, Ken Odle, and William McKernon. First row: Billy Webb, Alroy Thomas, Robert Carbaial, Joe Willingham, Joe Weatherton, Doyle Vernon, and larry Calvin. As students of vocational agriculture in high school, Future Farmers of America study the scientific, economic, and mechanical aspects of modern farming. As members of the Future Farmers of America they learn through active participation how to conduct and take part in public meetings, to speak in public, to market farm products, to solve their own problems, to finance themselves, and to assume civic responsi- bility. .ff vllsftg X if ,L t NN -wcly 1- Q SH ' s 9 X l is , it W 2 J usa it W. - Instructor Howard Proud and student Rudy Cruz are seen preparing for one of the various shows sponsored by Future Farmers of America. W' ll' J eague Top row, left to right, are Sylvia Schmid, Sandra Avery, Anita Dorsey, Margaret Gorski, Jennie Sinclair, and Janice Nyman. Bottom row are Ingrid Johnson, Angie Mclntire, lynnette Abbott, Carolyn Laudin, and Janet Curran. Baskets of food for needy people at Thanksgiving, the traditional backwards week, the yearly luau, and a tather-daugh- ter banquet are a part of the activities of Girls' League. Every girl at Fontana High is automati- cally a member of the league. With this membership she may take an active part in the group. Officers are elected by the feminine portion ofthe student body. A cabinet of the group is made of a president, vice-president, secretary, trea- surer, welfare chairman, historian, and class representatives. Girl-of-the-Month is selected by Clothes Court, a branch of the league. This win- ner is chosen on personality and neat appearance. Happy taces show the enioyment at the Luau held to end the traditional backwards week Standing: John Mraz. Back row, lett to right: Mary Manell, Kristy Stamps, Gayle Dopf, Fred Knous, Perry Lerner, Bill White, Curtis Branch, Louis Olio, Karen Luby, Diane DiMartino, Mary Lou Hogan, and Vivian Manns. Front row: Beth Voiku, Linda Pitts, Linda Ross, Sherry Reitenour, Donna Giordina, Linda Warner, Martha Cothron, Dorothy Malstram, and Judy Husted. l IQQQCA Speech activities are sponsored on campus by the Fohi Speech club. The purpose of this club is to promote interest in speech activities. Among these activities are debates, the annual Student Congress, ex- temporaneous, impromptu, and after dinner speaking. Others include script reading, humorous, dramatic, and poetic interpretations. The local group is a formal and informal member of the National Forensic League, the only honorary high school speech league with mem- bers all over the nation. all - CAL Tau Chi is a campus service club. Its purpose is to be of service to Fontana High School and the com- munity. Tau Chi members are the only people in Fontana to be awarded Junior Life Membership in the City of Hope. This year they donated 5165 to the City of Hope. left to right: Carole Sauerheher, Janet Madison, Donna Lash, Carol Christian, Carole Trotar Alice Dupuis, Carole Englehard, Lindo Anderson, Ann Axtell, Sue Moore, Andrea Zack, and Sylvia Schmid 40 Ywaclrigagi gurdf jorm .911 ang Back row: Julie Harley, John Bell, les Cooke, Pat Patton, Tom Piorkowski, Thaine Mclntire, Bob Wright, Ken Carpenter, and Pat Johnson. Front row: Alice Crawford, Wanda McGarvey, Darlene Lyons, Sue Turner, Jeri Caldwell, Sharon Rickman, and Donna lohmeyer. The Madrigal Singers consist of sixteen voices who have shown interest, adeptness, and sensitivity in small ensemble singing. They are selected from within the A Cappella Choir. They are so named because they like to specialize in the singing of the difficult madrigal selections so popular in the l7th and 18th centuries. The Madrigal Singers are a companion group to the A Cappella Choir. Virgil Camp is in his third year at Fontana High School as choral instructor and organizer of the A Cappella Choir and Madrigal Singers. xx K1 N 5 3 4 ,QQ Ax, sb Ta A ,. X my . inga .gifs ag fo game awnwm aammf 1 1 . 'H Row Three, left la righl: Kalhy DuSablan, lris Raberding, linda Renlro, Jean Holland, Peggy Rowe, Chris Moffei, Leslie Cooke, Jim Dunn, Bill Clewell, Don Lyons, Ken Kelley, Doug Echols, Chesler Thurman, Ken Carpenler, Lynnelle Abboll, Sue Turner, Annelle Dallon, Jeri Coldwell, Slella Nixon, and Pol Johnson. Row Four, left to righl: Gwenn Brumell, Priscilla Slumpf, Rulh Erickson, Belfy Olson, Darleen Lyons, Danno Emens, Pal Pallon, Warren Weddle, Ray McCulIy, Fred Burke, Bob Murray, Dove Akre, Tom Piorkowski, Thoine Mclntire, Sheryl Larson, Charlene Winn, Morlha Todd, Mary Todd, Sharon Rickmon, and Teri Toul. 43 2 4 5 . UW v .K f- w , A - g A ,, .AN , mL.x My l 1 Wfj,- 'fb . , N., I ., k 4 'Qi 2 if . wg I, r ,i ,i f W, M' if me g'L.x I ' 'b,. 1, f I yx T X1 YM , my FQ W , , J ' ' f ' ' ff TN -2 ' " Ty", r A " xg m ""' 4 , L w Z A 'X ' , A H ,rvsiik 3 ,a it XJ I L51 wir f. 4 1 A w P X ,ffl Ai?" N A Mir 'L,. L. X ..-A - .I , W t ya ' V A"f f L- ' Li ,l'i 9 A 11 ' '54-9? ' -x V1 QQ-Q ' L . 99 f ,T Li' - W 1.4 , M W , X 1 - fk .nl Y wk' ?'??':1a1, - , 'h 'Q' A x ' M 'Q 'K , ' A 7' "fm t2 S y1f Y + 7 sg V , V 2 x xxx mx We Rx W Y- ' A - Q f A J . KW - P 3 ,. ' V 3 , i 'L' X. 'Q K' ' A 1 4 'TA , A L g i,3f.r. ,,k. 'V Ll Z si ,, I. , .ff .Nl :M , M, I ,,.Y ,mmm .,- ., ,K V I K 4 Rx li Q ,kg X- W y, qi 1- ' 4 ' vi 'M-xx rf 9-gjsany, . 1, - f . . J 45, x . 73- ze, ff? ii ffx N x , -N X - . A A? 'N T ' Y- H K' 5 35. 5' K N XX ' X 1 xj , Y AJ YL i 1 dr ,Nw Ky fi. ,NX If ii. an , i. Y X , A , Xxx X,-YW, , I V X X-I Nl . 4. if ' fo 4 , . A gig: -4 X. K ', ' -Q, ,,.. Q X, Q U X li N ' TQVWK QL . ,J 1 .Vail-'f 3 X f if SN X f 4. K M N' x fl L N ' X X X, if 1 1 g W- 5 V 'Q lf" k i ' 'V ' N if QQ, ' f 4 I , " Q,iLi fn! fag- ,M , n' ' . ' W' J f Vx W, A , ggi f' , ' W f . V5 A XO I-ST gf .3 ' A V W' 1 ff , L,LVN , 1 N Q, Y. , f A 1 f ' ?Q , x , ,4,. V. A ,W , A, I Shf V ,F , b V VA A I A 5 ff! - Q in . ' ff mggifgw' 2 .f,. K , A -',' 7 ' Y y M,.M N4 I f '--' ,, f f-, ,Nw .. ' ' ,' , f .. ' , L . ' ...Q 1 1 , 1 , recia ion Front row: Toni Proznick, Patricia Clute, Gloria Horn, Sue Moore, Donna Brothers, and Suzanne Schneider. Middle: Sharon Thompson, Susan Carter, Donna Donovan, Doylene Pipher, Eileen Jarrad, Juanita Chavez, Sandra Rood, Linda Andersen, Carol Englehard, Carolyn Zeigler, Pat Ferguson, and Margaret Hewitt. Back row: Karen Lundstrom, Mary Jane Ludolph, Carol Purala, Andrea Zack, Maxine Washburn, and Pat Snowhill. Margaret Hewitt, captain, and Miss Judith Vaill, sponsor. GIRLS' DRILL TEAM Marching and drilling were the main activities ofthe Fontana High Drill Team under the leadership of Miss Judith Vaill. The girls provided half-time entertainment at football games and basketball games, and marched in parades during the year. Fohi students and drill spectators viewed the precision Maroon and White clad high-steppers with pride as they paraded through their well-coordinated drills. The drill team and band placed ninth in competition at the Band Festival in Corona. 46 GPC PIU iq' ,531 ,- Y K 7 gym ' Front Row: Carol Poole, Connie Gatschet, Martha Cothran, Joyce Urban, Martha Starn, and Diane Grossbach. Middle Row: Lynn Burnard, Elaine Mcllwaine, Elizabeth Schroeder, Alice Dupis, Janice Chambers, Ann Axtell, Gloria Hernandez, Pat West, Linda Regis, Sandy Pitts, and Sharon Clark. Back Row: Betsy Rodgers, Sherry Reitenour, Carol Miller, Geri Hines, Carole Anicic, and Sharon Robertson, -vs Seniors Janice Chambers, Sharon Clark, and Carol Miller show 47 off their new uniforms. Seniors Carol Englehard and Toni Proznick perform during basketball half-time. ardify Ckeeriaclera l l Varsity cheerleaders, left to right, are Juanita Ross, Loretta Trenta, head leader Bobbie Coon, Nancy Fortner, and Pam Pattinson. School spirit was at a new great under the direction of this year's cheer- leaders. These girls have shown their skill and ability in their cheers by the response of the crowds at all games. While the Steelers did not always win, the cheerleaders continued to lead the crowd, thus giving our team a boost. Spirit at away games was also at a high peek and attendance at these games was very high. CAQEFKEGJQV5 A group of cheerleaders who deserve recognition are the Bee cheerleaders. This fine group does a great iob of creating spirit at the games. Leading cheers and getting people to yell at the Bee games where not too many people are in attendance takes lots of ability. Nancy Barill Bee Head Cheerleader Bobbie Coon Varsity Head Cheerleader Bee cheerleaders, Ielt to right, are Linda Pitts, Beth Voiku, Nancy Heeren, Donna Blatnick, and head leader Nancy Barill. Seated are Miss Vivian Oliver and mascot Pat Romero. Ollgfeatleffl Head Songleader Mary Franks Doing snappy routines to the music of the 'll:iLgo1 right: Pat Johnson, Mary Franks, Joanne Goetz, Karen Stuart, Linda Ross, and Janice band, Fohi songleaders were on the Scene lt took countless hours of practice to perl form the many routines which won them honor and praise. Head Flag Twirler Sandra Avery adding color, spirit, and enthusiasm to the many rallies and games. jfag jwiriro F1 f ' I K f i Qiestezfqft - Left to right: Barbara Weber, Jennie Sinclair, Sandra Avery, Kathy Wachtel, and Linda Coutney. Seated: Mona Kermode, Pam Haid, Lidia Palozzi, and Ruth Atchison. Standing: Shirley Guinn, Dave Bell, .Harold Horsley, Les Anderson, Bob Craw- ford, Pam Patlinson, Susan Weaver, Carol Casselman, and Ann Weinstein. Forum staff produced a constantly award winning newspaper during the first semester. Under the direction of editor Lidia Palazzi and advisor Jack Lythgoe, the newspaper was printed weekly and brought the most up to date news to the students. Semester changes saw Pam Haid take the reigns as editor. Because of financial problems, the official on- campus newspaper was disbanded. The iournalists then began producing a weekly page in downtown 'news- papers. This gave the iournalism students professional experience and presented Fohi students and townspeople with school news. The problems of the newspaper aroused much inter- est on campus. Petitions were circulated, students were aroused, and this caused healthy discussion. lt was proven again by the Forum staff and the Fohi students that journalism and the school newspaper are an all-important factor of Fohi campus lite. ,Q 1. , ,rf b X WWA ,gwwr rf' -,af f v f,. Q11 J W..-" ,hiv-digg , .maya PSLF' ' ' , x ge . 1: ga M. K " hw-1.. .1 . ff. ,W 'W-N N , . Q, M A H' . .Ef,,,,,,W.,., 5' ,, , ' 4'k?'iv ' Winn ., Af ,, Jvfwbx .Siluclenf Student government at Fontana High School is an important port of the school's curriculum and is based on a constitution devel- oped by student body members. The Executive Committee meets as a class every day and conducts all of the business of the student body as regulated by the provisions of the student body constitution and the administra- tion. The Executive Committee is composed of seven officers elected from the student body membership, the presidents ofthe three classes and the elected president ofthe Inter-Club Council. Ken Manell ASB President Tom Kellen ASB Vice-President PE! Vin WB' -in -. go. 1.2 58. 2m gf, ' Alexia Costa Diane Leslie ASB Pep Commissioner ASB Social Chairman 0U2l'I'll'l'lQl'lf Duties of the student body officers are great, and without these officers there would be no democracy at Fohi. The ASB president is responsible for seeing that order is retained dur- ing Executive Committee meetings. If the vice-president didn't arrange as- semblies, there would be little excite- ment at the alma mater. The "veep" is also responsible for seeing that each class has its say during Legisla- tive Council meetings. Minutes and money are handled by the ASB sec- retary and treasurer. Sandro Shinkle ASB Secretory Eric Shafer, ASB Advertising Manager as '1 .31-N - if-H , 551 . QU K - ,149 ' A f.. if Perry Lerner Senior Class President Rallies and dances come under the direction of the pep commissioner and social chairman, respectively. Homecom- ings would not be complete without them. Advertising is handled for all school events by the advertising man- ager. Classes and clubs are represented by the presidents and the inter-club council representative. With these ll people, each group on campus has its say and is well repre- sented. Jack Stover Inter-Club Council Representative Kristy Stamps Junior Class President George Nixon Sophomore Class President Augustine Ramirez Director of Student Activities ,bl il? 'if' .WW ,. .., M - 5-u-I QE ,but f., z, We , 'Wg L 5 , Q 2 I 1 9 win, 3 5 'Sf fx im.: ffm M, if Lf' .0 ww, ii, , ,I-wwmx hwy V 4 2 kk, W' mi 34 g . sk"-Q55 ' gg "'i.ri ' 4. , -Q. ff ? f wa Q ,, Y , ,,,z,,.M, , ai ff Q 'Jil I ' N ' . . ' J fa f p' f- ,Jifwrf,.,cf is.. 1 I . ff ,, 14ief:Ce'f.5' gg ' f' T 1 -4 :vi- 4 , I M 4. f.. r .f 1 ' 4 'ffm A . f f V I E , jf, , I' 7 K " A ' M V, - D - ' 2 -, , . 5 Wh ' A C ' Q Q3 WJ' fl , . " ' ' K ,.-.':'i3Qf3f fl L 5 A S 3KIQ Af2i12"-Q "5"" Q,:' ' 'w x'-V-..,f-'wa .ef ' v-ww Q: . If V' X. 1 1 - .v" 24"'M " -'Yi' ' ,'zxf:,:4 A ' 'F W 5 joodaf .jvlomecoming , 1 Thcl1's me! "l'm Yours! Homecoming festivities were highlighted with the crowning of Oueen Sue Turner. Many original as well as beautiful floats paraded down the main street of Fontana. The band and drill team also provided entertainment at the half-time. The following evening the Oueen and her court were honored at the traditional Homecoming Dance. M Photographer takes picture of smiling court as crowd looks , 7' an f I bag' 1 1-.1 A.: eds x. 1 X T 'Y :id Y x 's ' ' J I ,X , 5 It X if if v 1 gi. F, . 4 -Q. , 1" "4-. gf' 'V' in 'l 1, J' A f A ig V , '5 gn ' f I s A W at x mi N fx 5 if "' ' IJ' Y 5, ii in F' L , A W5 My Hawk E 9 li -wx! . N13 fy H lf F KY' , . ,f X . A , :fi 3514 Q L.,Q ,mx , XJ :A V , . - mg. S I fi my li? my ge "' af ,f 5 , ,W . -V .- , r , 1 1519. Q' 3 ,Www fx' - . .5 I I' , .4 2 -h eb 5 'V 1 W S Lf? W J ' . 5 ,wy- . 2" .0 - xQ R N0 "King" Harry Kunath gets congratulated by Lynnette Abbott while Carol Casalman looks on. Students relax during intermission Mau Palm branches and flowers turned the gym into an Hawaiian paradise for many couples. Harry Kunath, the Luau King, reigned over the festivities. Hawaiian refreshments were served to highlight the traditional Backwards' Week dance. Ingrid Johnson serves punch to her lellow friends. Z59aaLef6af omecom in The crowds cheered as tearful Lynnette Abbott was crowned Basketball Queen during the halftime festivities. After a song dedication from the band, Her Maiesty and court sat behind a net heart to view the remainder of the game. The Sweet- heart's Dance the next evening was held in honor of the girls. Queen Lynnette Abbott f-up Es, sfv' 1 v I Lett to right: Mary Franks, senior princess, Sheridan Hughes, iunior princess, Ethel Barach, sophomore princess, Gloria Steiner, senior princess Standing is Basketball Sweetheart lynnette Abbott. 60 3400! .giairif School spirit was high this year as many of the students attended the rallies and games. During the rallies many skits were presented, and competition was held between the classes to determine the loudest yellers. To highlight the rallies there was cr town rally, a mass rally, and a bonfire. Large numbers of students attended the events to help cheer the teams on to victory. Students cheer the teams One of Fohi's special fans attracts attention. Songleaders perform at games. Masses turn out for rallies. ederf .gon The second Broadway-type musical to be presented at Fontana High was this year's "Desert Song." Under the direction of Virgil Camp and Miss Donna Barrick, approxi- mately l20 persons took part in performing for a combined crowd of about 3500. The play ran two days. The operetta is the story of Red Shadow, the Robin Hood of Morocco. Actually he is Pierre Birabeau, son of the Governor. He pretends that he is a fool to keep suspicion from himself. In command of the French troops is Captain Paul Fontaine, who is betrothed to Margot Bonvalet, a girl from a French convent with whom Pierre is in love. When Pierre and Margot are alone he expresses his love for her, but is reiected because he is not adventurous enough. Pierre later returns as Red Shadow and again expresses love for Margot. She is interested but afraid. Later the Red Shadow forces Margot to the harem of Ali Ben Ali. While Margot is there he tries to win her as the Red Shadow, but she tells him that she loves Pierre. When Red Shadow returns as Pierre, she confesses her love for the Red Shadow. He returns as Red Shadow, and tells her he is going to take her away with him. Then General Birabeau who has been guided by a native girl, Azuri, enters and challenges Red Shadow to a fight. Unable to kill his own father, he drops his sword. By the law of the Riffs he is no longer their leader and is exiled to the desert. Finding his way back home, he reveals his true identiy to Margot after appearing as the Red Shadow and Pierre. "l shall remain a gentlemanl "You would not hurt an innocent man would you?" all l ff' My love for you is dead Azuril CAST Pierre Birabeau J Red Shadow Q ,...... Margot Bonvalet ..... Susan ................ Beniamin Kidd .......... Captain Paul Fontaine ..... General Birabeau ......... Azuri ..................,. Edith .......,... Sid El Kar ....... Mindar ..... Hadii ........ Clementina ..... Nerl ............ ...,,, Ali Ben Ali ...... Hass: ........,,. La Vergne .........,,.......... Special Harem Singer ........... Thaine Mclntire Kathy DuSablon Janice Nyman John Bell Dave Akre Eric Shafer Velia Alvarez Julie Harley Bob Wright Byron Glass Pat Patton . Angie Mclntire Margaret Gorski Les Cooke Bill Clewell Ken Carpenter . Alice Crawford 1 l G 5 t a W I Ali Ben Ali invites General Birabeau to visit his harem. The Red Shadow tells of his love for Margot while Paul raises his gun in protest. 63 .fdcfiuifiefn of .gzrfd ec! 4 1,. 357 ,i,',', 5, ,U L Me Mar Donkey-bound P P 9 FB UI' g float y refreshments hit the spoi of Fo ES. Gloria Horn and Alice Crawford help firemen collect toys for club service proiect. .SLAM WL-eg! Am! fo ,0 an many !..,.m.1 QUEI7, tif .foil 4 e r s W' '1" - I .o lell ff' r Linda Pitts rehearses for the Flappers' Fling Dance. Senior girls tug their way to victory. Wilt me Q AWARD WINNERS At the annual Football Awards Banquet, these varsity gridders received the following honors: Jesse Mitchell, left, was named as the Outstanding Lineman. Mitchell was also named to the all-CBL second team as a tackle. T. C. McClellan, center, was named as the Outstanding Back and the Most Valuable' Player, he was also named to the first team all-CBL as a back. Frank Hostetler, right, was named the Most Improved Player. arciify joofAa .iam Roy Hester, quarterback Roger Minniss, fullback John Kauzlarich, tackle Frank Hosieiler, quarterback Roger Parker, hulfhack Rudy Cruz, end Ron Stoh, halfhack Bob Kerr, tackle George Seale, guard 68 A group of Steelers bring down u Ramona runner as he makes a small gain. In the first league game of the year Fontana was handed a 25-7 defeat by the San Bernardino Cards at the Orange Show Stadium. Highlight of the game was a sensational 83-yard run by iunior halfback Ron Stoh that put Fontana on the scoreboard. During this game, Coach Darrel Taylor unveiled his potent spread offense but to no avail against the Cards. Fontana went into its second game of the year as the favorites against the Ramona Rams. But during the course of the game, it looked as if there would be an upset. Ramona's first score came in the second period by Ram halfback Steve Reeves and their PAT was good. Then in the third period Reeves scored once more. It was then 13-0 when Leonard Dodson scored on a 40-yard run through the middle to make the score 13-6. Fohi applied pressure being behind now 20-6. Fohi took the kick-off and ran from the 23 to the 36-yard line. Quarterback Frank Hosfener handed off to halfback T. C. McClellan who skirted around end for 64 yards and a Fontana tally. Fohi had still not yet caught up with the Rams, but they fumbled on their own 47-yard line and Fohi took up the attack once more. A pass to halfback Curtis Branch put Fohi on the Ramona 29-yard line. Dodson finally hit pay dirt again as he rambled 26 yards for the Steeler's final score. Bob Evans, Steeler defensive back, grabbed a Ramona 30 before being brought down. This threat was ended by the gun. Harold Horsley, end 69 T. C. McClellan, halfback Duane Horsley, end William Bernal, end Charles Adams, guard Russle Richlar, lackle Leonard Dodson, Fohi back, sweeps lefl end for more Fohi yardage against Riverside Poly Bears. Coach Darrel Taylor gives a few pointers to quarterbacks Frank Hosleller, Ray Hes- ler, and Byron Glass. Eric Shafer, end John Koval, hulfback :am Spaccorolelli, gvflrd Curtis Branch, holibnck Richard Yborra, end ROYJOYP EVGHS, end jak ELHLJ uaifing errierd The visiting Redlands Terriers showed all their might as they downed the Steelers 32-12. The first half was almost entirely dominated by the Terriers. But greatly stirred by Coach Darrel Taylor, the Steelers came charging back in the second half. Fontana recovered a loose ball in Redlands territory. Three plays later, Steeler halfback T. C. McClellan scampered for 10 yards and Fontana's first score. Senior quarterback Byron Glass, playing in his first game since being iniured in the begin- ning of the season, threw a pass to halfback Leonard Dodson for Fontana's final score of the game. McClellan and Dodson racked up 177 yards between them in this game. Robert Bracken, center ,R 4 , 'Fw R , 95531 at ,.,, A , 4 4 Weir AQ , , ...Q ,W fi gl au? 1:-an az Z4 1 --aggygss, 'ffm nm' -, rf: A ,,, , Va-121' :Q 4 ,, .2 M' 5? as-oss . flg K fe? K 4 frm- , 53. 'B QNX?--'f . ,J ,..4' .Lffwe ww., uma ,wr 'E7'2Ye'TZf'1 '. ' if Ouchl It hurts! William Bernal is checked over by Fontana trainer Bah Johnston. job payed ee- aw gafffea Before a large homecoming crowd, the host Colton Yellowiackets defeated the Fohi Steel- ers 13-0. This was a reverse of last year's encounter in which Fontana defeated Colton before our homecoming crowd. Fohi took the opening kickoff and marched for four straight first downs by Steeler backs T. C. McClellan, Leonard Dodson, and Dave Gipson. The Steeler drive ended on Colton's three-yard line and a see-saw battle raged between the two rivals. McClellan netted H6 yards in 21 carries. ' The Fontana Steelers' homecoming was ruined by a I9-13 loss to the Riverside"Poly Bears. The Steelers came back after the half and almost "Snared the Bears" who later went on to win the league championship and go into the CIF playoff. After all these second half performances, Fontana was tabbed as the best "cellar" team in the history of the CBL. lt seems that Fohi's best performances were all mostly during the second half. BYYUH GlCISS George Spellman It was a big loss to the team when Byron broke his ankle during practice. The dac- tor released him for the Redlands game.. In the first quarter of the Colton game he iniured it again. He was out for the rest of the season. After George had made a beautiful tackle on a Muir quarterback, he suffered a con- cussion and was unable to play for the rest at the season. Roy Hester is downed by a Pirate after making sizeable gain against Pacific. SQQLPJ in in on- eague oaco .264 game The Fontana Steelers racked up their first win of the season in a non-league game against Bosco Tech in the rain. Quarterback Frank Hostetler scored the first of his two touchdowns. T. C. McClellan racked up a touchdown and a PAT. Fullback Roger Minniss also scored by tallying a PAT. For the finale of the-season, the Fohi varsity went into the game with an upset vicfory planted in their minds. But the Pirates won it by mangling the Steelers 38-13. T. C. McClellan, fancy Steeler back, tallied both of Fohi's touchdowns. In the first quarter he scored on a skirt around left end. After quarterback Roy Hester completed a 23-yard pass to Bob Evans, McClellan plunged over from the two yard-line in the third period for his secoi touchdown. Head line coach Bill Scott explains the right and the wrong way to Rudy Cruz, Jesse Mitchell, Harold Horsely, and standing Bob Bracken, and Bob Kerr. arftify joofgaf lam Steeler varsity football team, first row, loft to right: Roy Hester, Bob Evans, larry Bieniek, Roger Parker, George Soole, Jesse Mitchell, Sam Spaccarotelli, Ron Stoh Richard Rockson, Charles Benson. Second row, left to right: Coach Darrel Taylor, manager Frank Romero, William Bernal, Leonard Dodson, Curtis Branch, T C McClellan, Herb Modlin, Russell Richtar, Charles Adams, John Koval, Bill Stone, manager Ken Knaus, Coach Hal Akins. Third row, left to right: Coach Russ Young Dave Gipson, Bob Bracken. Bob Kerr, Eric Shafer, Al Faris, John Kauzlarich, Harold Horsley, Duane Horsley, Rudy Cruz, Jesse Ybarra, Coach Bill Scott. 5 T' rw Coach Darrel Taylor Coach Russ Young Coach Hal Akins Mg- A, A.'m3gg,E ,ro u .sffifgy A er ifiifi fi' J Coach Bill Scott The Steelers are looking for a much better season next year. The varsity was composed of mainly iuniors and seniors but there were a few sophomores who were brought up from J.V.'s. There were quite a few iuniors who were starters, so they gained quite a bit of valuable varsity experience. 75 A heavy rush is put on quarterback Harvey Smith as he fades back to pass. SOPAOIHOFQ '3!uJJQJ 9. U , . ln their first CBL contest, the Steelers were downed by San Bernardino when the Cards capitalized on some Fohi miscues. The final score was 45-18. Charles Benson raced 80 and 94 yards and Leland Schwartz streaked 84 yards to account for Fohi's three scores. The J. V.'s were trampled by the Ramona Rams 37-0 as the Steelers couIdn't get anything going. Fontana recorded their only win of the season as they defeated the Redlands Terriers l3-2. Pat Patton scored on a I0-yard run for the first touchdown. In the fourth period Gary White passed to Ray Muldrew who rambled for 70 yards and the second Fohi touchdown. Sam Gallo scored the PAT. Quarterback Harvey Smith hands aff to Leland Schwartz for another yardage gain against the Pacific J. V's. Team Record ohi Eisenhower Fohi Claremont Fohi Berdoo Fohi Ramona Fohi Redlands Fohi Colton Fohi Riverside Fohi Pacific . .. romofe .giaorfdmana ip Harvey Smith, quarterback Lyle Stotelmyre packs the pigskin for a big Steeler gain. The JV players pictured on this page are some of the leading figures who led the JV team. The iunior varsity this year was composed mainly of sophomores with some Iuniors and seniors. Those sophomores lettering this year were Robert Diaz, Tim Batson, Steven Costa, William Anderson, Jim Dunn, Bill Elliott, Sam Gallo, Jim Godinez , David Keith, Raymond Muldrew, Tony Roias, Stanley Wadsen, Gary , White, David Ingram, and Harvey Smith. Juniors and seniors lettering were Uuniorsl Bob Benson, Richard Saxton, Albert Oberlies, and Fred Nass. Seniors: Gary Mathews, Pat Patton, Richard l Kaiser, Leland Schwartz, and Lyle Stotelmeyer. Team captains were Sam Gallo and Harvey Smith. Leland Schwartz, back ,TNAL illIlv'-'T A, P..-yy-gn ppnl!ll"" it-fi"-"'1 ? ?1 'E .uu- Pat Patton takes a handoff from the quarterback Harvey Smith. FO? PGNOII, end 77 Top row, left to right: Manager Ray Mead, Lowell Clark, Tony Spaccaroteli, Mel Castro, Ron Castro, Jon DeAugustine, Vince Demmer, Bob Sawyer, John Hughes, Pat Micallef, and Preston Groulx. Second from tap, left ta right: Louis A'Na, larry Holdgrafer, Chuck Uhalley, Don Tarman, Larry Schwartz, Nick Pizzica John Beach, Frank Romero, and Bob Heydenreich. Third row: Barry Schwartz, Bill Hopkins, Steve Clark, Bob Kennard, Al Blair, Ron Mathews, Jim Lewis Lynn Parmley, Eugene Martello. Sitting, left to right: John Hursa, Jim Squire, co-captains Bert Fox and Ron Sikora, Jack Wood, and Bill Kentta. eed gjclgecl Ar Ckamlaionzi LP The 1960 Bee football team had another fine showing by compiling a 7 win, 2 loss record. This was identical to last years championship team. Partly responsible for this fine showing were the two Bee coaches, head coach Dick Drake, and assistant coach Bill Reuter. Fohi's Bees were edged for the CBL championship by the tough Redlands Terriers. ln CBL play the Bees finished with a 5 win, l loss record, the single defeat being at the hands of the Terriers. In each game played the Bees averaged two touchdowns or more. Captains for the team were senior Bert Fox and iunior Ron Sikora. Both boys were members of last year's CBL championship team. Voted Outstanding Player was Ron Mathews. The Sportsmanship award went to senior Nick Pizzica. The Bees' leading scorer was Don Tarman. Ron Sikora hands oil to Bob Heydenreich for a TD against Colton. Considerable action goes on in the line. P055 Ollll ff? "0 . .fi Fohi's Varsity Cross Country team was composed of lstandingl Mana- ger Art Fuhnestack, Al Krohn, Dave Baker, Dominic Conte, and Caach Austin Snyder. Sitting left to right are Manager Ralph Krohn, Joe Ma- palo, Russ Beaudoin, and Ken Manell. -ft. The two Fahi runners seen in action are Tom Journot and Bob Scheel. Pictured standing from left to right are ltop rowl Tom Journot, Alroy Thomas, Robert Car- baial, Capt. Terry Stockwell, Dave Delair, and Ken Boyd. ln the middle row are Chester Thur- man, Dennis Mattson, Bob Jennings, Rufino Ati- lano, Vic Haynes, Richard Wooden. Sitting are Bob George, Robert Vedo, Rudy Gomez, and James Porter. The Sophomores finished with a 4 win, 3 loss season. At the league finals the Sophs finished in fifth place. This is the start of one of the cross country meets. This one is against Pacific on the Fahi home course. job lgiclecl for Ceffar, iea for gourfh Mike Micallef, iuniar center, shows some of his talent. Here he is pictured tipping in the ball for two points. The Fdntana High School varsity basketball team shocked the pre-season pollsters by finishing the CBL season with a 4 win 8 loss record, thus tying both Pacific and Riverside for the No. 4 spot in the league. The Steelers had been picked to finish in last place with a 0 win 'l2 loss record. Over-all the Varsity had a 7 win 16 loss season. Partly inexperience was the large factor against the Steelers. There was only one returning letterman, with the rest of the team being compiled by former Bee and Junior Varsity lettermen. There were seven iuniors and an equal amount of seniors on the squad, so there will be seven returning lettermen next year plus the fact that four of these returning boys were starters. Mike Micollef gets into action by "fighting" forthe ball. At left is Dick Ybarro, the only senior on the starting line-up. Ybarra goes upfor a iump shot, while trying to block the shot is a Redlands player. 80 Ei aa. Tw E!! 5.5 Mike Micallef shoots a iump shot against a Colton Yellowiacket de- fender in Fohi's homecoming battle. Set for a rebound is Les Ander- son 1441. :Il The players pictured have a right to feel at ease as they watch the subs keeping up the good work against Pacific. Fohi rolled over the Bucs in the final game 56 to 35. john inri omecom ing The Steelers really made up for the first season loss to Colton 51 to 39 by posting a 59 to 51 win over the Yellow- iackets in the best and most exciting homecoming game in the history of Fohi. No other team had won a homecoming game for the Steelers till this time. The game kept the crowd in their seats up to the final buzzer as the Colton team tried to come from behind and make it a disappointing game for the many Fohi fans who came to see the battle. Mike Mical- lef made his strongest showing of the season as he led the Steeler attack with 25 points. Behind Micallef were Ed Hip- sley with ll points and Bob Deagle with 10. Colton was led by twice ALL-CBL forward Roger Quarles, who scored 20 points for his cause. Les Anderson l44l tips in the ball for two more points during the homecoming game. looking on is Bob Deo- gie my and Mike Micallef 4541. - i , "'i I Q .1 A The varsity basketball team for 1960-61 was composed of the folowing: Standing, I-r, Lou Alva, Dave Baker, Gary Briggs, Jesse Mitchell, .lack Blackwell, Duane Horsley, Earl Codner, Dick Benitez, and Frank Hostetler. Kneeling are Coach Les Nagler, Les Anderson, Bob Deagle, Mike Micallef, Ed Hipsley, and Dick Ybarra. ardify Z?a:5LefLaf .iam f960-61 The ball is half lost in the lights as Jesse Mitchell lets go a iump shot over the hands of a Redlands player. Next year the varsity team will have at least seven returning lettermen. What is more pleasing about this is that there were four iuniors on the starting line-up. Mike Micallef, iunior center, was chosen on the third team All-CBL. Micallef edged out another Steeler for the honor, the person being Bob Deagle, another iunior. Co-captains for the varsity were Dick Ybarra and Deagle. Outstanding varsity player was Micallef. The best defensive player honor went to Ed Hipsley. Named the most improved player was Deagle, These honors were all bestowed upon them at the winter sports banquet. Coach Les Nagler 'felt that he had some of the best managers in seniors Fred Andersen and Dave Bell. Ken Knaus was the iunior manager for this year's team. 93 poinfa .Store gainaf .gold T1 Mike Micallef and Pacific's DeWayne Brewer duel for the ball high in the air. Coming on is Dick Ybarra t50l. The Steelers' second game ofthe CBL was against Ramona and one which will continue to live in the memories of both the players and the small number of loyal Fohi fans who watched the game at Ramona. The Rams won by a score of 93 to 47. Dick Ybarra led the Steeler scoring with 12 'points. Ed Hipsley, Bob Deagle, and Mike Micallef contributed 8 points each in the scoring. This scoring mark was unhappily taken over by Colton. Ra- mona scored 100 against them. Jack Blackwell, lone returning Ietterman on the varsity, shows his dancing ability as he tries a lay-up against a Hueneme opponent. Ed Hipsley is a little late in trying to block the shot taken by DeWayne Brewer of Pacific. Dave Baker shows his fine form as he hits the nets for two points. looking on is Jack Blackwell 1303 and Duane Horsely 1523. Fohi's 1960-61 JV team was composed of the following: Standing, I-r, Al Faris, John Moore, Richard Wyatt, Isaac Jones, Walt lindell, Jim Hernan dez, William Weddle, Larry Bradshaw, Gary Richardson, and Maurice Marinez. Bottom row are Coach Wayne Elton, Don Williamson, Harvey Smith Don Wadsen, Bill Elliott, Tom Keheley, larry Bienick, Dave Gipson, and manager John Vincent. . The Fontana iunior varsity basketball team enioyed their best season this year under the capable leadership of Coach Wayne Elton. Although the team was composed mostly by sophomores, the squad tied for second place in the CBL. Lots of experience was gained by the team. The JV's played many fine games, with five of their en- counters being decided by three or less points. The team was led by such boys as sophomores Larry Bienick, Har- vey Smith, Don Wadsen, Bill Elliott, Tom Keheley, and the only junior on the starting line-up at the end ofthe season, Dave Gipson. Bill Elliott shows some of his talent against Colton as he puts up one of his better shots. TEAM RECORD 84 Fohi Hueneme Fohi Upland Fohi Eisenhower Fohi Rubidoux Fohi Eisenhower Fohi Victor Valley Fohi San Bernardino Fohi Ramona Fohi Redlands Fohi Colton Fohi Riverside Poly Fohi Pacific Fohi San Bernardino Fohi Ramona Fohi Redlands Fohi Colton Fohi Riverside Poly Fohi Pacific Won 10 Lost 8 at . ,.A , , 3 i.,.,f, , , . g ,,,f yy u y A y X M ,xwy VBGNTM'-J. V QETZV it B 53 2 BS 5' ' , f .rx -- L - tl. '." fy -l ,ffl 1 Q 1 . " 51 ' , N fa 242- 5 54 44 53 L ,. , i t , fe r T 2 1 . i P" Sf' e N B l wi fi ' Y 73:21. ,-.'-"1 'J 31 + ,ii ,o g V125 ,179 ffuiif' 'is . r . t s r ,. if .f ,.., Q " s ,tt fi 'ZX Standing, l-r, are Arthur Benietz, lynn Parmley, Bob Casody, Bob Sawyer, Rudy Cruz, Bill Bobrow, Dave lngroham, and Tim Burns. Kneeling are Bill Kentto, Dave Gill, Mike Ryan, Jim Platt, Bob Ryan, Bob Evans, and Coach Hal Akins. Red Evans shoots one of his deadly iump against the tough Pacific Pirates. shots The Fontana Bee team looked real strong at the beginning of the season and great things were expected from the team. Another bright factor was that the Fohi Bees placed second at the San Bernardino Bee Tournament. They lost the champion- ship game by three points. ln CBL competition the Steeler Babes won three and lost nine. Five of these games were decided in the final moments of play with Fohi losing by three points. Those five games could have meant the championship. There were only five sophomores on the team, with seven iuniors and three seniors. Voted most valuable player for the Bee team was iunior guard Mike Ryan. There's a tangle of legs, and Art Woods seems to be Jim Platt and Art Wood scrap for the rebound against knocked out against the scrappy team from Riverside. the taller Pacific Bucs. All-CBL heavyweight champion Bob Kerr moves to the side preparing to pin his opponent. Bob went undeefated again this year in CBL competition. medfara aiu Cjwlonorfi Coach Russ Young's wrestlers had a real good year with 9 wins and 3 losses and tying for second in the league. The varsity ended in fourth place at the CBL finals held at Colton. Joe Camaioni, Bert Fox, Sam Spaccarotelli, Curt Branch, and Bob Kerr advanced to the quarter-finals of the CIF. Only Kerr and Branch survived all the way to the finals. ln the CIF finals, Curt Branch was in third place, and Kerr finished in fifth place. Bert Fox, co-captain of this year's varsity, gets in position to bring Gary White struggles so that he won't be brought down by his man for down his man. possible points. Joe Camaioni, who was voted the most improved wrestler, grapples Herb Modlin is in an uneasy position as his man works on a hold. his man down closer to the mat. Camaioni earned a second place medal at the CBL finals held at Colton. We , , fit V its I: .- 4 ' 7 ., V g . ' as - . 3' I ,... f 4 - 5 , A5 i , M. 1 1 fi f y iv , an 5 1 i v ,, Wrestling team members for 1961 are, top row, Curt Branch, George Spellman, Tim Batson, Bob Downing, Bob Kerr, Herb Modlin, John Koval, and Gary White. Middle row are Pat Micallef, Jack Slover, Nick Pizzica, Don Tarman, Sam Spaccarotelli, Sam Gallo, cind T. C. McClellan. Bottom row are Tom Jaurnot, Art Fahnestock, Frank Moreno, Joe Camaioni, Jim Wells, and Jae Leyva. ll' 4 Cornprising the JV team are, top row, Terry Colville, Jim Webb, Ken Johanson, Dave McCullough, Rick Pizzica, and Dan Rood. Bottom row are Dave Keith, Jim Dunn, Reed Smalley, Robert Chavez, and William Bernal. his opponent. Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Fontana Y Barry Schwartz struggles to get a good hold against WRESTLING RECORD 45 Chaftey 3 50 Charter Oak i0 48 Corona 3 37 Chino i i l l Upland 27 34 Banning i2 32 Ramona 14 34 Redlands i7 27 San Berdoo 27 2l Colton 22 15 Pacific 25 35 Riverside 8 Uunior Varsity victories were identical with the Varsity except by different scores.l '-w Pictured from left to right are ltop rowl Coach Al Zamsky, larry Janes, manager, David lngraham, Karl Rambaud, Carl Nikodem, Tim Rager, Jeff Lundstrom Ray Spon, Bill George, Al Harris, David Taylor, and Dick Morris. ln the second row are John Hill, Don Wooley, Bruce Frederick, Lou Mathe, Rod Hixon, co captain, AI Sanborn, Gerald Edl, Tom Schupbach, Ed Lambrich, louis Edl, and Jack Lambert. In the bottom row are John Vincent, Rod Bower, Bill Curran Damond Osterhus, Reggie Leslie, Richard Moore, and Tam Nieze. e-ee-ei miter 1905, Coach Al Zamskv Polo boys during not as easy as it looks because the water is 12 feet deep under .these boys. Pictured at left is watching his Water practice. lt is really The outstanding varsity players were Lou Edl, Tom Schupbach, Bruce Fred- erick, AI Sanborn, Lou Mathe, and Don Woolley, who was high point man. The varsity 'Finished with a 7 win, 2 loss record. if This is the game from the goalie's position. Coach Al Zamsky keeps a careful eye on his team and the game. ue' 7, P 1, ,wwe Www, ,-st, , .ls . , fy win-ft .N , W. .tt i,-,,-, ses. 4 .X , -at -we' r f Q, The 1961 Fontana High Steeler golf squad, left to right: Jim Azar, Phil Bolsano, Howard Radford, Joe Burroughs, Don Road, Sam Wammuck, John Mcllwaine, and coach Daug Dishno. 20' en Coach Doug Dishno demonstrates to Jim Azar and Terry hole. AJJ jo jolt .fdlhggfics Hashu the proper form in teeing aff for the first From the initial fairway to the final l8th hole Steeler golf team members are a very diligent group. Daily practice at the links helps the Fohi boys master the dif- ficult and precision Funda- mental shots necessary to compete in the intricate sport of golf. A i+2v'3? fE ff 3?Qif?5id5iZ x amz 5 2 E' " WE. Ap Mi 3 6 , w . f i 5 i g n g Blew 525 in wm- YE v f . W fix Ksclfulf mf g if l Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Flying high is Jack Lambert as he shows his winning form in diving events. Tom Schupbach finishes a race in first place. Varsity Record Claremont 45 Montclair 42 Chaffey 42 Riverside 65 Muir 50 Montclair 26 Ramona 25 "Swimmers take your mark," is a familiar sound iust before the starting gun goes off, and the race gets underway. ua 1 w ap. Sv wife? 2 f 5? S , .... ..- .-... -....... ......e.. ......srensen, .rue Lerner, uan rerrone, uan voiku, Steve Kurlh, Phil Ross, David Remberl, Alaioki, Gerald Perkins, Fred Knaus, and Ed Wyraz. Third row, Bob Vedo, Richard Saxton, Charles Lemme, Pele Delgado, Paul ,KLL Gary Bellomy, and George Haigh. H r 'f qs X 1 x Kr refurnivig lellerman, 1- ' performer in his 1 alch S:--Q ' ' fr ' l ll e V5 se X w . R. 7 L 2, ev 5 x - X x 4- at 1 ge X J , x 3' v LE k 'Q X N Coacliie Darrel Chri5lensewr?5gives Iasl- minufe inlers ore dbmalch lo John Mess er and n Voiku. 1 XR. A N X in - i if 'lf , J l lx H x Fred Anderson, relurmng lelferman, is in his final year as a Fohi lennis man His fine performances made him a lop league compelitar ' H7051 Dick Ybarra, top left, received promo- V i tion to the Steeler varsity and reward- ed Fohi with sparkling relief pitching und timely hitting. if Rudy Cruz, top right, was a hustling outfielder for Fohi. A iunior, Rudy will 'W be back for another year on the dia- mond for the Steelers. Dave Gill, left, and Harold Horsley team up for a ploy at second base. Bath are juniors and alternated at various infield positions. 1 m ri IBEW 'riff ff F, 4 :,f, 5, . ka 1 R he . t A xi X4 x 5 . Il . 4 3 lv if x U l . 1 s 5 df f ii' if 3 H 1 , e lffswmaafLQE,,g1e.m2:155 5,5321-" R Y my A t A 'A S w gifs? fl V , -'V ' 1 5 , , .633 2' . ' - K , 7 fs 1 l, ' ' - . .5 Jlyfnn. im A f ff- ffklggi- ,gz :SL A ?..-eh ,, ti 3 if . . ., , 'L :ii ' Y PQ- - , 1. w -H aww 1: l Gene Albers, left, played outfield and showed much desire and drive as he helped his teammates through the 1961 season. iff fi ' - . iss: We 4, P?f'ii."+2sXtL:Kl e f Z:25:?'xf?5 362315: Aww f . , , W of-,nfs wif? W , ,fagbiffw rig? y, xg? fl s fri? ir 7'zf,.y,.f.1-QM, iz. Q2 1 ig t . wwfmi, I mi 'i5f'eiLiC'f'iv 'TX f, wwf i, 5 - g.e:f:5T?34'i wi . ft ff vrfinif .f M..-,wmv ' 2 ,f ,imfsw M- t Y?-W:-5jiwzf5???6fg .,,:1if1,g?Qf2f?5f 15 W '-fr ?Sviv "9zz' fzvf 3' 'I 'L v' t gfLlifQQii'f:-'E' Q L, -5 ?-t,z:g1.,c-.1335 i 'nfs-:nff'w1 is 15 : fy EW 1.1: ' -iii Q -rl. ef.44'1fvv,1-2593 sjyf: vyyfggl ,miifgt s, ,. my A .1-A N f.1+ea'fw:vxwS ,. , ,,,f,, ,f W? egytgfesksw. a2.Q,'mxtsQm,xzs 'I L: wf,'v'v -a ,ii ' 1 1 .ff Cf"1ar?v ,ageli i,,u1y,gp na ,514 Infielder Dove Facciani is one of Fahi's tour returning letter- Jesse Mitchell, outfielder, was a senior up from last year's Maroon base- men from last year's CBL championship baseball team. ball team. ardify .S?icLme Fohi's l96l varsity baseball team: Front row, left to right: John Vincent, Roy Hester, Roger Minniss, Tom Piorkowski, Dave Facciani, Gene Albers, Bob Ryan, Ken Knaus, and Frank Moreno. Second row: coach Darrel Taylor, Dave Gill, Jesse Mitchell, Rudy Cruz, Harvey Smith, Gerald Young, Dick Ybarra, Harold Horsley, Lou Alva, and coach Dick Drake. K M. se ..,...,, W-..,,,.Yt,,,Y.-...,,,e, . ., . ,W wi -' 5 remit' ,,53rgr'YcrfPN 4-"W-1361? . '1if1i:JLiiigifjLi 0 ? .. .fl Roger Minniss slides back to first base safely ahead of the pitcher's pickofi attempt against Son Bernardino at Perris Hill ball park. Assistant coach Darrel Taylor, left, and head coach Dick Drake guided the Steelers in quest of a possible third straight Citrus Belt League title. i 63 5- fn. 'fi ,.H,..,,,,,,....,.....--'- c f o ' ' - ' Gerald Young, senior and first-year letterman, aided the Steelers with his fine hitting and heads-up play. Lou Alva, senior letterman and all-CBL honorable me ntion in l960, plugs the hole at first base for the varsity with his sleek fielding. , , .gam- W ...A-"J""'f Y. Sn. . jiefvknq, Mffing, anal iqfcaing Bob Ryan, rookie catcher, works behind home plate and.makes putouts look simple, His timely hitting sparked many a Fohi rally over oppon- ents. ,Ut 'ig Roger Minniss, senior outfielder and catcher tive home runs against Redlands was a highlight -1-We Roy Hester, sophomore infielder, was the center of big double-ploy killings that choked off enemy scoring threats. Tom Piorkowski, ace senior pitcher, fired in strikes on would-be batters. Co.-captain of the 1961 Steelers, he was an all-league pick as a iunior. -x v. M Qi 'ta iii Issuing of equipment for early-season practice, players Dove Facciani, left, and Tom Piorkowski proudly display "Steelers" for coach Darrel Taylor. 96. . . we fo yogi ucforied batted in countless Steeler runs. His two consecu- ,M Q jf' A i Y F I 5 is 1 954: ix. I y , I 4, . ZX 4 Ah,, 2, 27 ' 2 , " 'i fl! ll 1 J if Agvxv in J!! , lil -f fn, l L , if 1 .J .il 4 il Ml if lim, WMM , . , -ag y s . Q, W . 3 I. 'W' ' L J 1 J ,Q i A X y H N TA l Q , . A K A L MW NM L The JV Maroons were composed of, top row, left lo right: Jim Godiniz, larry Bieniek, Jim Lasch, Jack Blackwell, Dennis Johnson, Dave Ingram, Arl Woods and Earl Codner. Boliam row: coach Larry Blevins, Russell Richlar, Bob Casady, Bob Crawford, Ron Sikora, Lynn Parmley, and Lowell Clark. am ify I"0dl90Ct6 On lhe JV Whiles were, lop row, left lo righl: Lynn Parmley, Jim lasch, Sieve Swalsenberg, Jim Lewis, Dave Bell, Loyel Keeney, Larry Bradshaw, Jim Smilh, Mark Yakovich, and Gary While. Sealed are coach Fred Whilledge, Jim Plall, AI Blair, Mel Fallen, John Hamm, Jim Dunn, Dave lngraham, Chuck Uholley, and Nacsin, 3 Mir Two Steeler relay men, Ron Stoh lleftl and Charles Benson, practice handina off the baton, preparing themselves for future competition. Junior Dave Gibson, who ran on the distance medley relay team, warms up by iogging around the track, Defendin Champ Shown clearing a hurdle, T. C. McClellan is caught by the camera as he runs in this year's annual Santa Barbara Easter Relays. 3284? 106' l'l'lal'l 0,05 lI'l C Defending CIF champions, the 1961 Fohi track team was picked in pre-season polls to finish again among the tops in the Citrus Belt League. Returning to lead the local cindermen were Charles Benson and Leonard Dodson, both selected as co- captains. Benson ran distances from lO0 yards to 880 races, while Dodson spent most of his time with the sprints and the broad iump. Both turned in sparkling 9.8 times in the l0O in early season. Junior Ron Stoh was being counted on by his coaches to capture the class B CIF championship for the 660. His fine showings in the 440 at Huntington Beach and on relay legs made him a constant point-getter forthe Steelers, Leonard Dodson pulls away from opponents in a heat race of the open 100-yard dash at the Santa Barbara Easter Relays, in which the Steelers finished third ot 40 schools. ,fig A I ,,p,,v.hw .. V i Y' ' WQQQ , at 1 ?-Hs 1' sign? A V I' 1 Q x E I L 1 . spies, it A X 5356 yu F c n l 44' A .wif s.- fy mer. ff. 4 do - V, ' 1. - . , .ei f je ery,-:.Tff.gf4S1L , V 'Q my W 'fx " , R i L' Mez.: J Q 7v,f,s.t.. ' t ,,.,: 'Q ilfffri 535' - : ' -f:tf'f. .-5 I . - .f f 'x 1 , . ss, L f' Y Y "M-. ' T W e 2 -tn Y . 3' .53 rv ' Q-A i A f V- . 'ig 37: A , V, ,i 5, ww . t :get 4 ,tis - ' V A w 'ijvt2?'4v . Qsiifiiglc it if t , , w k l. '15 ..v-, 'A Q", tf. - L IQ, ,. . K V. ' ,M - ,5, . fs 'VHP f . , r., Ron Stoh Middle-distance ace at 220, 440, 660, 880 and all relays. Charles Brown Quarter-mile runner and member of relay squads. Sprint relay team members display fine running form as they pass the "Steelers" landmark. From left to right are Charles Benson, Ron Stoh, Leonard Dod- son and Leroy Carey. -in nw ,flbll-'M 'Q' an 'Tx l . ee Ginplermen First row, left to right: Bob Bauchop, Alroy Thomas, Roger Jones and Art Benitez. Second row: Robert Merlen, Lee Todd, Ron Stoh, and Roger Dahlquist. 'Third row: manager John Magana, Don Turman, Milton Jones, Curtis Branch, Dave Delair, Russell Rickerson, and manager Bud Boynton. fi . cars y -he 5' 4' sf' M' 1 J E .yfgilwgi Wg I V V K y 'mmm " Q ,., ' Q ' I J ' e,.,. e 1-Jr,-if ws, any - N 'Li-ii. S iii. zfifih? vga . ZE'H'f , M .7 , . . +1 J ,,,... SL fs ty." :AKC 35 ful' 1 :Lym- ,J ks t r i, K l :fn L A X 'fl .T I -aiiiiflop, I 3. Vsztizfihfllb FQ 'M 'iii z ix VW , g, -sv nm . J'-vmfm-fi Tw--X wz"" . 'Xl B .iF??ff?"'z" 1. I . it 5X1M+l:s.I' '5 s' L , si. ,gba 1 kgs , t . K r V w N .. . K I fy I A N, .i---.,.. I H3551 K ST '-v . LJ x .wma A KQFIX 1 s I f Y L' 212 5 ,I ,L y T , I W .4 2 l 'l , 'Q ,y raw.: W l' r S P v fi ' ,L my-t. Q Q I 51 ., or L 5. L, T I , , J i . L n 1 . .. A ,b 3 mn Jr Q X ft r-, v for of .seem Uaraily jLinc!aJ4' First row, left to right: Al Krohn Ron sich, sin anion, sob Kerr, sin' Anderson, and Lyle Stotelmyre. Sec- ond row: Spellman, polo, Jack T. C. McClellan, George Russ Beaudoin, Joe Mo- Cowell, Garry Mayo, and manager Ed Claphan. Third row: coach Aus Dodson, C son, Isaac Snyder, Al Faris, Leonard harles Brown, Dave Gip- Jones, Charles Benson, and manager Manuel Ochoa. i9?"f,' vgsdi ,rf 2' as r T cw X CL. jraclalera First row, left to right: Gary Kosmala, John Bradley, Ken Boyd, Rudy Gomez, Willie Dan- iels, and Jim Porter. Second row: Paul Jennings, Chester Thurman, Vic Haynes, John Proznik, Wilton Gross, Larry Schwartz, and Oscar Clork. 355. . we W gk -W, , :adv ., J, 4 ,, if-E ,. I ,ern ' V 3'-W -'-:MZ , ,7 Al Krohn is seen handing off the baton to Dave Baker during the distance medley relay at Santa Barbara. Fontana was third in the event. 30,9 Edl'fy'.S,2ad0ll l'A5 With the loss of ace sprinter John Lacey and crack hurdler Tony Metoyer, the Steeler cindermen faced the 1961 season minus the top point-getters of their CIF champion- ship team. But outstanding early marks of 9.8 in the 100, 21.6 in the 220, 49.6 in the 440, 2:03 in the 880, 15.0 in the high hurdles and 1:31 in the 880 relay showed the Steelers didn't lack for very long. jodi .7aLe5 mire! af gaafer R ago ,.-4' 10" ff' ei? 3 , 5. . 1' T . Q f.f.:ff"' :L 'MJ .Q if I - ,Q -es rf? ,.'. 4G"',' reds. t .1 . . .elf H ,ur vv,,.', . w Y -ae, V fu :f . 6 A-1 - Eddie Vasquez is shown knocking off the bar in the pole vault during a practice session. A scene of the 100-yd dash in the Easter Relays shows from left to right: Kanoy lDominguezl, Leonard Dodson lFontanal, Armstrong lltancho Alamitasl, and Sam Workman Uattt, who was the winner of the event. Benson placed third, Dodson fifth. iz., me 1 r., , . .1 g 1,934 in 'W' :fi Haifa ,I ,. K 1 if' , QW! V 1 yffrw- rj' 1 ,w , f 5 af! ' I 35 ' "W" A gg 2 f gm- Ni V Q 1 -V Q..- A f , Q. ,f fi W, M ' f -A.,. . ,,.,k K 1.21312 Q'fimmg,f,f,, K, . A . , fm: fwfr gf: u.,ry,,f 135, Ima rv Z- ..- 94, fx, .A ' . ww .-f+j.gww?fzfeS',-1-L7 1- ' M215-' , .. MM, Ma' j a,-:iw 1 .If - ' -A Q, my A 1, if 4 . 9: , - , '-1, .Ld 1 pf 5.3 . . , . x' J . i Mr, Q -if Lf 3" 5,1 am, .32 'ff , I, . I . ,-. 6 if fri! ,ffl 4 , ,519-.1 v, . , . ,:,,,,.,,,f,,,f,-,1f.2,-4 ffm 5 , . , fr .- ,A , ' tgf 'Yay 7 9 diff-gig , 4' 'rf Q 153' , 12 f fy.y'xfg:',iq .f,.g135g,, ,fm m M - ,- -S Q u x 4 , , v A 4 nw E T 5, J Y' E,- f- a K, 3 f 1 2 3 5133 2 1 qv- W., 'Y f , Q I' f'f:": X: ii 1 E- 1: f, A " Qwfii' A , 5 'MF' I if fy TA vi Zi . V .iffy , 'Ei J., 0' S ,g, g A . '75, ty ng." l Q , ,Ev mf 4 .QW 5 Jw: ,eff t . , V' 'L'i',,Q 0 H """---7 5 A 'Hi-...L V ff 2' I X 1332 '1 V L ' -E if 3, pg", .x A 7:91 ,aff .1 3 2. opaaf g0l,U" l' l'Cl,6!Uat25 . . . l mi ie? ll, I It ll rl fi it It ll it ,li l .gn 3 li . ME .iv - fi 1 3 QD: , 4 li 4132 gt G if ii - . femo- i '2- l , , w if ? h w f i f A - -at 1- ' 1 -2 iff-I 'T lx 2 ,L -' Q: 9 tif V --. Treasurer Judy Simmons, president Perry Lerner, and secretary Gloria Steiner discuss senior gradua- tion. Not present was vice president Dow Ferguson. The four years spent at Fohi were ones to be remembered. As iuniors, they lost the tradi- tional Junior-Senior basketball game and also suffered defeat during the game of their senior year. The girls proved stronger when they defeated the junior girls in the backwards week Junior-Senior tug-of-war. Sales, dances, and car washes played an important part in the fund-raising proiects of the senior class. As seniors leave Fontana High to go on to newer and greater heights, they will leave traditions and stand- ards hard to break - and events long remembered. As the last four-year class gradu- ates from Fontana High School, many tears are brought to eyes and many memory books are filled to the brim. The last corsage from a Junior-Senior Prom, the bid from a homecoming dance, and memories of games won and lost take their places among the souvenirs. During their last year, the senior class of l96l were responsible for sponsoring a Seniors-AFS Fair to bring two foreign exchange students to Fohi during the 1961-62 school year. This was the class gift. Clubs and organizations on campus spon- sored booths in the fair which ran for three days. A total of S1100 was turned over to the American Field Service to bring the students. QCICA !0l' MMG? goagi Members of senior council seated, left to right, are Ann Weinstein, Caroline McEachern, iunior Jim Ander son, Carol Casalmon, Vivian Manns, Gloria Horn, Lou Bushore, and Dick Lambert. Standing are Cheryl Arnold, Lynnette Abbott, senior class veep, Dow Ferguson, Art Fahnestock, and Mona Kermode. 104 Karen Alborn Douglas Allen Lynnette Ruth Abbott Jeannette LaVaun Aerni Jerry Dale Aerni garfy in David Akre Anthony Alatorre Angelina Albano Archie Vincent Albaugh Jr. fde yea? . . . Terri Almblcud Louis Alva Fred Andersen Linda Carol Andersen Henrietta Louise Anderson William Frederick Anderson 'J' .ll Z, la!! sf 51 . .Q . , f L34 1 L21 3, ' mf-Q2 C , L 5 CWM: :I X' kkl' 1 ' 'fi v 31,4-A 51' M 9, ,ff -fu , ,. A ' Q ,iv P f , 'ff' 3 gay i. J K. A .35 .,.. g , 53 ,, gf' if 9 . :fig 4 gf-fm 1 ' E 52-5553. fbi A , Y . ':'f-515 Sig: . KNPJQ' ,,, V6 , ,aw wmv? My ju Q uf 9' 2 ww QQ? 1"'+'1x1 F ,f A .,-r. K ,., , 2555 T Q42 Q5 ' . 'zo W W2 " .- 51 22 KM 'X . A L fm' fig '-.f 1 '.3q,zr'- K j g, I M 5 5, ,J Marilyn Bennett Charles L. Benson Patricia Louise Bertolet Janet Betonte Ed Biick Lincla Louise Billings Jack D. Blackwell Beverly Blair Delight Block Bill Bonner ,vw and Rila Marie Brockham David Brooks Charles Edward Brown Judilh Ann Boydslon Robert Lee Bracken Beverly Ann Bratlien Morris H. Brinkman .SZAOJ 0 of 6,9 l Pl Judy Brown rod e Barbara Brownlee Gordon Brummell Juanita Bryson Helen Lorraine Buckner Fred Burke Bonnie Burman Mary Beverly Burnach Louis E, Bushore Jr. www? r f. f fm V 5' . Y,4N r z9s gf, I fi N. f-0 A 'ess ln. 'D 'iv'- bf' Qr"""' Ji' , , 4,5 ....- , I ery JY, f .',.4-. Carol Casalman Melvin A. Chadwick David ChaiSe Bette Lou Chambers Janice Chambers Bob Chavez 'I09 Glen Lee Cahill Luz Yolanda Colderon Charleen Marie Carlson Kenneth Wayne Carpenter ' Bill Carter fr George Edward Carter Robert L. Casady fo a new Ai9A fl i Ageiise ..i545Fi ' e . -Q A y """""'b1... i eyf Senior brains, left to right, Dan Voiku, Jerry Perkins, Perry Lerner and Rich Slade toured the country during the summer of 1960 esfir 1 ' E2 iff, - 'J' . 255. 3 1 ' " I P if ', -:if 1 . f' ig, ' l i P l3"93'2 . ? 1 4 ' i Q or S WML. - , .N.,J A NW lj f 4 Rosie Ann Chavez Carol Lynn Christian Paul Edwin Claphan Sharon Kay Clark :Jer Me cJerdAi,9 Lawrence A. Collins Joseph Collie Barbara Ann Coon Alexia Costa Martha Aleene Cothran Alice Mae Crawford Carolyn Cress Consuelo Cruz Janet Grace Curran Jacqueline Jean Deatherage Charles Cutler Patricia Dalla Rosa Annette Marie Dalton 0 Me Mike Decker farsf our-year, C arid Mary H. de lc Hoya Lyle Denton John DeTomaso Bryan Dewitt George Dickerson Eileen Diette Theresa Dockery Leonard Dodson Don Donovan Carol Beth Doughty Beulah Ann Dowd Robert Downing Sue Marne Drake A figs 1, 'W.E ,uf Y f 1 wif "S..... 1' Louls Edl Elaine Sherry Ellsworth Donna Lee Emens Carol Jean Englehard Melvm Dennis Enslow Robert Evans David Facciani Art Fahnestock Alice Marie Dupuis Douglas Echols Darlene Eck Sherry Eckhardt 51? larry Hastings, flying high, we jf 72119 lftCCe.'55!u K my. 4""" Q W. in-..... C6 n Ann er Ofl Bert H. Fox Mary Franks y Calniore Phil'Freeman .Simi Linda Sue French Elnora Furnish Mary Helen Garcia Judy Eileen Garner Charles Garvin Sally Mae Gaston George Edward Gaydon Ill Larry Genda Y L Robert Terry Fegley Dow Ferguson Gail Louise Ferrie Jim Fleming Louise Ann Flescher Elodia Flores Mervin Railton Forney ,gr .- M1615 One 0 f e many acfwifi Donna Ann Grimlan Sam Grinceri Diane Jean Grossbach Preston John Groulx Shirley Allison Guinn Dennis Guthary Pamela Haid Evelyn Haigh -r..7',,f .. lj 0l'l60I'Q Me eniord Nil ""s. Kenneth Haight Leta Hale Frankie Halladay "'it:2P Betty Jo Harrell Alan D. Harris Larry Hastings Starleen Eileen Hays Margaret Hewitt Jim Hiiva Darlynn Helen Hill Sharon Hill Herbert W. Hambleton l John Alexander p Hamm I Karen lGoberl Hearrell Bonnie Henrickson Gloria Hernandez Magdalina Hernandez Margaret Ruth Holland Gloria Horn Duane Horsley Judie Lynne Howell John Hoyt Jackie Marie Hubbard Marcia Hubert Marcia Lynn Huebner Patricia Ann lPorlerl Hunter Jack Hughes John K. Hursa Lynn Hutchins we 1 vcd., . , if.. mg I 'ff' L 'NX 'rw . L ."""ff 71 i ZZ., 25 lie L' 1.75- : A-f.?":fff:1'? 435.1 .f'Sgf',-H '-it Slit' llweki' rf.f,,?.Li4a'i,Xi-st. Janice Huzzey 3 L K Fred Ingalls Q M oud a ir Gary Janka Ronald Jeffrey 116 Beulah Marie Johnson QN YT?-N 7? loondore ff en fora ry ,wife 15177 Thomas Mark Kellen Kennelh Albert Kelly Mona Ruth Kermode Robert Olivier Kerr 'II7 Ingrid Marie Johnson Pat Johnson 'U' A 'ferr '43 Ellen Bernice Jones Roger Ray Jones Joyce Jordan John Thomas Journot Ray Kaiser Richard Kaiser Pat Keating Loyel Keeney Geraldine King Shirley King Donald l. Kiser George Koerner Albert Gerald Krohn Harry Walter Kunafh Donna Kuntz Vendell Kupecz Steve Kurlh Sharon Kuhl . MM ring Richard H. Lambert Susan Doane Lamkin James Langdon John Larrabee N-....,.,,. , , Donna .lean Lash Charles Eugene Lawrence Charles Lemme Ruby Nell Lenaway fi m A , 4x39 x in km ...f-" Frances Ludu Ronnie McCaslin Theopheleus Clay McClellan Patricia Ann McCormick 4u..--- Linda Lenhart 6 , Richard Lindner Tom Lively Donna Lohmeyer Perry A. Lerner Diane Leslie Mary Louise Lewis Joe Leyva 42-L Dale K. Lohmuller 49' Q4 is wh -f-fp '?T'r 1f"f"' L aldff Carmelita Marquez an Eva Marshall Gary Matthews Donna Joyce Mayberry Ann Marie Mayer Wanda Lucille McGarvey Angela Mclntire Dorothy McMillan Fred MocBrohn Ron Malachowski Kenneth Manell Vivian Ruth Manns Joe Mupclo g0l,Ul'l6 ... Bob Martin Irene Martinez Katherine Mason Kenneth R. Matheson 'Nw-atv ...W Larry Mechem Jim Medill Barbara Meeks Stephen John Merten John Messinger 1 Mike Michener W C? 'rsh rev-C Carol Miller an Pam Miller Beverly Jo Ann Minniss al'll'l0llI'lCel'l'l0Ili6 Roger Franklin Minniss William Henry Misch Jr. Jesse Mitchell Mary Lena Moon Mary Ann lCainl Neal Jean Nelson Carolyn Suzanne Moore Frank Moreno John G. Mraz Alice Marie Mulvaney George E. Murray James Murray Robert Murray . ECG I'l'l 0 U growing COI'l Ceffl Tom Nieze Bruce Norton Janice Ann Nyman Mike O'Leary Michael O'Shields Christine Oliver Jane Kay Onken .ad gracluafion neare Thomas Henry Orr Marilyn June Owens Edith Packard Lidia Palazzi Kathleen M. Palchetti Anita Palmer Louis Paluzzi Paul Parmertor Pam Pattinson Chester Patton Sandra Paxton Mary Juanita Peck Gerald L. Perkins Dan Perrone Judith Rae Peterson Linda Joyce Peterson Mike Pickett AY' - WT., ""-no' Nick Pizzica James Platt Sheri-Le Pope William A. Pratt Antonia Proznick Carol Lee Purola Nancy Pusey Barbara E. Quinn 'mv 'CTT' Rose Marie Rettie Susan Louise Richards Russell Edwin Rickerson Sharon Kay Rickman Glenn Ritchey Jeannette Quintana Iris Jean Raberding Joseph Anthony Ragone Gene Ravare Margaret Ray Patricia Louise Reed Lannis lMcCraneyl Reeves Maurine lAbbottl Rethaford Mildred Rogers Dorothy Elaine Rogersonu 7 JQQJOI2 6 Ong 2 Ol' Frank Romero Juanita Ross Phullp Duane Ross Sharon Elaine Ross Roger Runstrom Sherry Lynn Rush Bernard Edward Russell Roberta A. Russell Alvin Sanborn Sylvia Schmid . . CCl,l'l'l2 wl'fA My Mildred Marie Schreckengost Leland Schwartz Fred L. Sclafani George Robert Seale Bob Sebring Susan April Seinneke Aclella Elenor Severson Eric Shafer Paula Shipman Danny Shipman Sandra Shinkle Richard Howard Shutt Dicksie lScoviIlel Spolar Jim Squire Marlena Kay Starn Gloria Steiner Carol Steele Lyle Stotelmyre Clyde Wm. Strickland Janice Diane Stuart John Edward Smith Lawrence Demetri Spiak Mary Ann Spinuzzi ""Ti"-nb Steve E. Swatsenbarg Byron Tennant Levoria Thomas Sandra Thomas f7Ae gufure JOOLQJ High ig. gan!-' ..f0 an One Cl -1- N-4? nf-4 Sonia Vadasz Janice Varner Bill Vickery Lloyd Vinson Daniel James Voiku Eugene Wahweah "- Wei as at Linda lLlngenfelterl Thornton Martha Sue Todd Mary Lou Todd ,,. V-v J .Ja Juanita Tometich Carol Tout Carole Tratar Loretta Trento Bill Tucker Susan Elizabeth Turner Gwendolyn Tyree Yvonne Underwood John Wall Kay Wulorinlo Helen Wolf Barbara Ann Weber U Me Qpaffed . .. Gene E. Wheat Bill While Bonnie Jean White Bob Williams Dorlha Williamson Janice Lee Wilson ""Y'!. Beverly Kay Winkler 'Nn..,.,. Q, ,vu-x 'Vs Charlene Wlnn 16. A Q72 ' W 5159.1 --'25 ' , W Q ' 5 .1143 1 ' ,, JFK-Qiff 23:2 ' 'mi f are H-. ,. fLEief':':1f2'f':,- .QMFQ-'-W. , 33? - 1 'W 1.1 , 5 . ix" "' WM f. ee ing ewer rea fer gn cleauorb -'-it 34, "T""""'b 'Sa' '25 Frank Wolff Beverly Jenn Woodburn Linda Jean Woodford Roberl Wright Edward M. Wyraz Jr. Richard Ybarra Gerald Young Vivian lGullinl Younker Andrea Jean Zack Robert M. Zdilor .leanelle Kay Zielke Vicloria Ally LYNNETTE ABBOTT Junior Class Veep Z Club Girls' League Junior Class Play Junior Football Princess Drum Maiorette Choir Accompanist Homecoming Basketball Queen ANTHONY ALATORRE Swimming, V Water Polo, V ARCHIE VINCENT ALBAUGH JR. CSF Wrestling, JV DOUGLAS ALLEN DECA Baseball, JV LOU ALVA Varsity Club Football, Bee Baseball, JV Basketball, Bee, ,V FRED ANDERSEN Varsity Club Inter-Club Council Tennis, V Basketball, Mgr. LINDA CAROL ANDERSEN A Cappella Drill Team WILLIAM FREDERICK ANDERSON Football, JV CAROL MARIE ANICIC CSF Legislative Council Drill Team FTA FHA Mu Alpha Theta Daisy Chain Senior Council CI-IERYL ARNOLD Junior Secretary Senior Council Girls' League Legislative Cabinet Clothes Court Z Club Stagehands Pep Club Sophomore Basketball Princess Drill Team CSF LARRY ASHURST Key Club MEBS Inter-Club Council Band Wrestling Music Festival- Superior Solos SANDRA JEAN AVERY Girls' League Stagehands FBL DECA Pep Club Drill Team Head Flag Girl Daisy Chain LINDA ANN AXTELL Z Club Girls' League Drill Team Student-of-the-Month PHILLIP J. BALSANO Golf, V NANCY JO BARILL Drill Team Head B Cheerleader RUSSELL E. BEAUDOIN Mu Alpha Theta Varsity Club Track, Bee, Cross-Country, JV, V Forum DAVID BELL Basketball, Bee, V Baseball, JV, V ROBERT BENE Legislative Council Drama Club RICHARD BENITEZ Basketball, JV, V Fohi Language Field Day, lst MARILYN BENNETT Legislative Council GAA CHARLES L. BENSON Varsity Club Basketball, JV Football, V Track, V Captain WILLIAM BERNAL FFA Football, V PATRICIA LOUISE BERTOLET Girls' Glee JANET BETONTE CSF JACK D. BLACKWELL Key Club Varsity Club Basketball, V Baseball, V BEVERLY BLAIR A Cappella Senior Council Legislative Council Drill Team BILL BONNER Band Bowling Club DELORES MARIE BOSTON Pep Club Semper Fidelis Drill Team CSF Flag Girl MARTHA JEAN BOWEN Spanish Club Music Club FTA GAA Gregg Speed Awards JUDITH ANN BOYDSTON CSF Bible Club Drill Team ROBERT LEE BRACKEN Key Club Varsity Club Football, V RITA MARIE BROCKHAM Hi-Tones Pillsbury Bake-Off Girls' Glee DAVID BROOKS Beta Chi Fohi HELEN LORRAINE BUCKNER A Cappella GAA FRED BURKE DECA A Cappella BONNIE BURMAN Sophomore Council Junior Council Senior Council Pep Club Girls' League Legislative Council Amicitia Tri-Hi-Y Drill Team LOUIS E. BUSHORE Night Sales Chairman Tennis YOLANDA LUZ CALDERON Pep Club KENNETH WAYNE CARPENTER A Cappella Madrigal Singers ROBERT L. CASADY Mu Alpha Theta CSF Basketball, Bee Baseball, JV CAROL CASALMAN Shon-Aves Quill 8. Scroll Speech Club Latin Club Forum Senior Council MELVIN A. CHADWICK Bowling Club FFA Senior Class Play DAVID CHAISE Pep Club Swimming, JV Football, JV Track, JV BETTE LOU CHAMBERS GAA JANICE CHAMBERS Drill Team A Cappella ROSIE ANN CHAVEZ Stagehands CAROL LYNN CHRISTIAN Tau Chi Senior Council PAUL EDWIN CLAPHAN Track, Bee SHARON KAY CLARK Drill Team LINDA FAYE COATNEY Shon-Aves Drill Team Flag Girl ANTONETTE ELAINE COLOMBERO Girls' League FBL BARBARA ANN COON Legislative Council Head V Cheerleader Drill Team ALEXIA COSTA Thespians Pep Club President CSF A Cappella ASB Pep Commissioner Student-of-the-Month Cheerleader Drill Team Z Club MARTHA ALEENE COTHRAN Shon-Aves NFL Speech Club Drill Tea'm Girls' League Bible Club Girls' Glee 132 ALICE MAE CRAWFORD Bible Club CSF Pep Club Latin Club A Cappella Madrigal Singers Shon-Aves JANET GRACE CURRAN CSF DAR Award Tri-Anglettes Speech Club Girls' League NFL Z Club Spanish Club Debate Team Shon-Aves ANNETTE MARIE DALTON Pep Club GAA A Cappella Legislative Council THOMAS MICHAEL DECKER Latin Club NFL Forum Speech Club MARY H. de Ia HOYA FHA LYLE DENTON Certificate of Merit- NMSQT JOHN ANTHONY DBTOMASO Swimming Team Basketball, Bee BRYAN DEWITT FFA FBL Bays' Chorus LEONARD DODSON Track, V Captain Football, V Student-of-the-Month BEULAH ANN DOWD Band ROBERT DOWNING MEBS Mu Alpha Theta Wrestling, V Track, JV Band Fohi ALICE MARIE DUPUIS Drill Team Tau Chi DOUGLAS ECHOLS A Cappella DARLENE ECK Pep Club LOUIS EDL Water Polo, V Swimming, V ELAINE SHERRY ELLSWORTH Tri Anglettes DONNA LEE EMENS Pep Club A Cappella Beta Chi CAROL JEAN ENGELHARD Latin Club Tau Chi Drama Club Girls' League Drill Team MELVIN DENNIS ENSLOW Legislative Council BOB EVANS Football, V Basketball, Bee .xdcfiue DAVE FACCIANI Baseball, V Legislative Council ART FAHNESTOCK Cross-Country Wrestling Baseball, Mgr. Senior Council ROBERT TERRY FEGLEY Football, JV Track, V Wrestling, JV F. DOW FERGUSON CSF Senior Veep Track, Bee Tennis Band Football, JV Outstanding Player GAIL LOUISE FERRIE CSF Z Club Pep Club Sophomore Council FTA Songleader MERVIN RAILTON FORNEY Band Pep Club BERT FOX MEBS Wrestling, V Football, Bee Band MARY FRANKS Sophomore Treasurer Songleader Drill Team Basketball Princess BYRON GLASS Key Club Varsity Club Football, Bee, V Baseball, JV MIKE GODINEZ Football, V JOANNE GOETZ Pep Club Drama Club Radio-TV Club Songleader Drill Team ROBERTA LOUISE GOLASKI CSF Mu Alpha Theta FTA Shon-Aves TILLIE TOYLER GRAVES GAA Spanish Club Drama Club Latin Club Nurses' Club SAM GRINCERI Legislative Council Football, Bee DIANE JEAN GROSSBACH FTA Z Club Amicitia Tri-Hi-Y Girl-of the-Month Drill Team Fohi Editor Junior Play Senior Play PRESTON JOHN GROULX 'Key Club Varsity Club Wrestling, V Football, Bee 2l'll0I" ecorcl jkeir SHIRLEY ALLISON QUINN Quill 81 Scroll NFL Shon-Aves Forum Junior Class Play Girls' League PAMELA HAID CSF Quill 81 Scroll Forum Editor Fohi KENNETH HAIGHT Varsity Club Football, JV HERBERT W. HAMBLETON Bowling Club Inter-Club Council JOHN ALEXANDER HAMM CSF Mu Alpha Theta ALAN D. HARRIS Latin Club Senior Council Water Polo, V LARRY HASTINGS DECA STARLEEN EILEEN HAYS FTA GAA FHA GLORIA HERNANDEZ GAA FBL Inter-Club Council Drill Team MAGDALINA HERNANDEZ GAA MARGARET HEWITT Shon-Aves Drill Team Fohi Drama Club Pep Club SHARON HILL DECA GLORIA HORN Shon-Aves Drill Team CSF Inter-Club Council DUANE HORSLEY Varsity Club Football, Bee, V Basketball, JV, V Baseball, JV, V Legislative Council JUDIE LYNN HOWEl.L Pep Club Swim Club Band JACKIE MARIE HUBBARD FBLA MARCIA HUBERT Z Club Head V Cheerleader Pep Club Sophomore Homecoming Princess JACK HUGHES Football, Bee Tennis, JV Swimming, V JOHN K. HURSA FFA Football, Bee, JV GARY WILLIAM JANKA Key Club Fohi BEULAH MARIE JOHNSON Thespians Stogehands Band CCOITLIHA5 INGRID MARIE JOHNSON GAA Shon-Aves Pep Club Girls' league Band PAT JOHNSON A Cappella Madrigal Singers Songleader ELLEN BERNICE JONES Girls' Glee Bowling Club ROGER RAY JONES FFA Track, C, Bee Legislative Council JOYCE JORDAN CSF JOHN THOMAS JOURNOT Varsity Club CSF Wrestling, V Cross-Country, JV Student Store RICHARD KAISER Football, Bee, JV, V Track, Bee, V FRED KAUFMAN Track, C, Bee LOYAL KEENEY Legislative Council Baseball, JV Basketball, Bee, JV KENNETH ALBERT KELLY A Cappella MONA RUTH KERMODE Shon-Aves Mu Alpha Theta CSF Latin Club Forum Senior Council ROBERT OLIVIER KERR Key Club Varsity Club Football, V Wrestling, V All-CBL Wrestling DONALD I. KISER Golf, V ALBERT GERALD KROHN Varsity Club Football, C Track, C, Bee, V Cross-Country, V HARRY WALTER KUNATH Sophomore Council Senior Council King-Backwards Week VENDELL KUPECZ Wrestling STEPHEN S. KURTH CSF Mu Alpha Theta Latin Club Tennis, V Inter-Club Council RICHARD H. LAMBERT Band DECA Basketball, Mgr. Swimming, JV Superiors-Band Festival SUSAN DIANE LAMKIN Drill Team DONNA JEAN LASH Tau Chi Senior Council Band CHARLES EUGENE LAWRENCE CSF Language Day l'l'L2I'l i6 CHARLES LEMME CSF Latin Club Mu Alpha Theta Track, V Cross-Country LINDA LENHART Z Club Junior Council Senior Council Amicitia Tri-Hi-Y Fohi PERRY A. LERNER CSF Senior President Latin Club Key Club Mu Alpha Theta Student-of-the-Month United Nations Pilgrimage Debate Team Inter-Club Council Tennis, V DIANE LESLIE Junior Treasurer ASB Social Chairman Z Club Drill Team Stagehands Daisy Chain MARY LOUISE LEWIS German Club Amateur Radio Club Bible Club Latin Club JOE LEYVA Wrestling, JV DONNA LOHMEYER A Cappella Madrigal Singers Senior Council CSF Drill Team FRANCES LUDU Girls' League Senior Ciass Play Band THEOPHELEUS CLAY MCCLELLAN Football, C, Bee, V Track, V All-CBL Football PATRICIA ANN MCCORMICK A Cappella RAYMOND L. MCCULLY A Cappella PATRICIA ANN McDONALD Beta Chi GAA CAROLYN McEACHERN A Cappella Shon-Aves Beta Chi WANDA LUCILLE MCGARVEY A Cappella Madrigal Singers ANGELA McINTIRE Girls' League Thespians A Cappella Pep Club FBL "New Moon" Operetta Junior Class Play DOROTHY MARIE . MCMILLAN GAA Girls' Glee Y-Teens President FREDERIC E. MacBROHN Audio-Visual 133 KENNETH MANELL ASB President Key Club Varsity Club Junior Class President Cross-Country Boys' State Junior Class Play Senior Class Play VIVIAN RUTH MANNS Sophomore Secretary Shon-Aves President Z Club Spanish Club Speech Club CSF Science Fair Sweepstakes Band Senior Class Play JOE MAPALO Cross-Country Track, Bee, V CARMELITA MARQUEZ GAA EVA MAE MARSHALL Tri-Hi-Y Girls' Glee KATHERINE MASON Senior Play Stage Manager ANN MARIE MAYER.. FBL STEPHEN JOHN MERTEN Pep Club Water Ski Club Legislative Council Tennis, JV JOHN MESSINGER Varsity Club Tennis, V Basketball, Mgr. CAROL MILLER FBL Drill Team Pep Cub BEVERLY JOANN MINNISS Pep Club ROGER FRANKLIN MINNISS Football, V Baseball, V Player-of-the-Week WILLIAM HENRY MISCH Band Swimming Team JESSE MITCHELL Key Club Varsity Club Legislative Council Football, Bee, V Basketball, Bee, JV, V Baseball, JV, V Outstanding JV Basketball Player Outstanding Lineman CAROLYN SUZANNE MOORE Shon-Aves Tau Chi Girls' League Drill Team FRANK MORENO Football, V, Mgr, Wrestling, V, Mgr. Baseball, V, Mgr. JOHN MRAZ NFL President CSF Sophomore Veep Football, Bee Track, Bee Inter-Club Council ROBERT MURRAY A Cappella GEORGE E. MURRAY Mu Alpha Theta MARY ANN NEAL Girls' League TOM NIEZE German Club President CSF Mu Alpha Theta Water Polo, Mgr. Swimming Senior Council BRUCE NORTON Swimming JANICE ANN NYMAN Girls' League Z Club Pep Club Band Secretary Junior Basketball Princess Songleader A Cappella MICHAEL O'SHlELDS DECA Treasurer Cross Country CHRISTINE OLIVER Stagehands Pep Club Girls' League Dramatics Future Teachers Senior Play JANE ONKEN Z Club MARILYN JUNE OWENS Hi Tones EDITH PACKARD GAA LIDIA PALAZZI Quill 8. Scroll President CSF Future Teachers Inter-Club Council Daisy Chain Forum Editor Fohi Clothes Court Student-of-the-Month KATHLEEN M. PALCHETTI FBL CSF Daisy Chain PAM PATTINSON Z Club Pep Club Latin Club Legislative Council Junior Spring Sports Princess Senior Homecoming Princess Girl-of-the-Month Cheerleader Daisv Chain CHESTER PATTON A Cappella President Madrigal Singers Inter-Club Council Football, .IV Baseball, JV, V MARY .IUANITA PECK FBL GERALD L. PERKINS Key Club Mu Alpha Theta CSF Latin Club President Tennis, JV, V CSF JUDITH RAE PETERSON Amateur Radio Club CSF Forum Make-Up Department BOBBIE RAY PINARD Tennis, JV Basketball, JV THOMAS ROY PIORKOWSKI Key Club Varsity Club Football, V Baseball, V A Cappella Maclrigal Singers SANDY CAROL PIPKIN Stagehands Usher SHERI-LE POPE Pep Club Senior Council Legislative Council Drill Team Fohi CAROL LEE PUROLA Future Teachers A Cappella Drill Team BARBARA E. OUINN FHA FBL IRIS JEAN RABERDING Shon-Aves A Cappella Forum GENE RAVARE Baseball MARGARET RAY Senior Night Sales Fashion Show PATRICIA LOUISE REED Biole Club A Cappella ROSE MARIE RETTIE GAA SUSAN LOUISE RICHARDS Clothes Court "New Moon" A Cappella RUSSELL EDWIN RICKERSON Band SHARON KAY RICKMAN CSF Shon-Aves A Cappella Girls' League Daisy Chain Madrigol Singers DOROTHY ELAINE ROGERSON FBL FRANK ROMERO Varsity Club Treasurer Football, Bee Wrestling, V Swimming 0108 .IUANITA ROSS Z Club Pep Club Cheerleader, Bee, V Senior Play PHILIP DUANE ROSS Legislative Council Baseball, JV Basketball, JV SHARON ELAINE ROSS Future Teachers Beta Chi Pep Club Tau Chi Girls' League Flag Team Forum SHERRY LYNN RUSH FBL GAA Pep Club Hi Tones Drama Club Girls' League Night Sales BERNARD EDWARD RUSSELL Bowling Club Pep Club Water Ski Club ALVIN SANBORN Key Club Latin Club Swimming Captain Waterpolo Co-Captain SYLVIA SCHMID FBL President Girls' League Future Teachers Shan-Aves Tau Chi Inter-Club Council MILDRED MARIE SCHRECKENGOST FAA Legislative Council LELAND SCHWARTZ Football, JV FRED L. SCLAFANI FFA GEORGE ROBERT SEALE Football, V BOB SEBRING Band A Cappella SUSAN APRIL SEINEKE Future Teachers Future Nurses Senior Play ccomyogd menffn Wofec! ADELLA ELENOR SEVERSON DECA Speech Club Drama Club Pep Club Drill Team RICHARD HOWARD SHUTT Cross-Country GERTRUDE SILAGY Amicitia Z Club Cheerleader, Bee JUDITH ANN SIMMONS Z Club Pep Club Stagehands Senior Treasurer GAA CSF Student-of-the-Month Cheerleader, Bee Drill Team Fohi A Cappella Senior Play JENNEVA CARR SIMMONS Tri-Hi-Y RICHARD SLADE Key Club German Club ASB Treasurer Mu Alpha Theta CSF Tennis, V Senior Council Senior Play JACK SLOVER Varsity Club President lnter-Club Council President Wrestling, V GEORGE SMITH Football, Bee, V Drama JOHN EDWARD SMITH Glee Club Band MARY ANN SPINUZZI Z Club Pep Club DICKSIE EILEEN SPOLAR Basketball Princess JIM SOUIRE Football, Bee Baseball, V MARLENA KAY STARN FBLA Drill Team GLORIA STEINER Senior Secretary Z Club Pep Club Girls' League Cheerleader Fohi 134 LYLE STOTELMYRE Latin Club Track, Bee, V Basketball, JV Tennis Football, JV Senior Council Band CLYDE WM. STRICKLAND Speech Club Bible Club German Club Swimming, Mgr. STEVE E. SWATSENBARG Baseball, JV MARTHA SUE TODD Bible Club CSF A Cappella MARY LOU TODD Bible Club CSF A Cappella LORETTA TRENTO Girl-of-the-Month Senior Homecoming Princess Cheerleader Drill Team SUSAN ELIZABETH TURNER Z Club President Pep Club Inter-Club Council Football Homecoming Queen A Cappella Madrigal Singers Cheerleader, Bee GWENDOYN TYREE Y-Teens YVONNE UNDERWOOD Shon-Aves Speech Club Junior Class Play Fohi SONJA VADASZ Nurses Club Pep Club DANIEL JAMES VOIKU CSF Math Club Latin Club Tennis, V Cross-Country CSF BARBARA ANN WEBER Drill Team Flag Team ANN MARGARET WEINSTEIN Shan-Aves Mu Alpha Theta Quill 81 Scroll CSF Daisy Chain Forum Senior Council PATRICIA ANN WEST Drill Team German Club Pep Club Legislative Council Drill Team GENE E. WHEAT Legislative Council VIRG WHEELER DECA Swimming FFA Wrestling Water Polo DORTHA WILLIAMSON FBL JANICE LEE WILSON DECA Forum BEVERLY JEAN WOODBURN A Cappella LINDA JEAN WOODFORD DECA EDWARD M. WYRAZ JR. MEBS President Inter-Club Council Latin Club Mu Alpha Theta CSF Band Pep Club RICHARD YBARRA Football, V Baseball, V Basketball, V GERALD YOUNG FFA ANDREA JEAN ZACK GAA CSF Shon-Aves Tau Chi Latin Club Girls' League Girls' Swim Club Drill Team Z Club ROBERT M. ZDILOR Legislative Council JEANNETTE KAY ZIELKE FBLA Class officers: Paul Kr Olio, vice-president. 217' 'jgziiskhgggitl QCASQ-oi..tfjfhvN'-if ' i5f2Tzgfi,f' N' 'A ll 'WF N :LQ X G'- , "hs, Members ot the class Gayle Dopf, and Mary unions gina! .1- fb MCCQJJMUK Gal' 'S -x L ff' W' .- isty Stamps, president, Sue Miller, secretary, and Louis Ending their second year at Fontana High School, the iuniors found the real meaning of Fohi's spirit. This was their busiest year to date as they worked to fill their treasury for graduation. The ordering of class sweaters and rings was their biggest event. Happiness came when they beat the seniors in the traditional Junior-Senior basketball game. During Backwards Week the senior girls turned the tables on the iuniors and won the tug- of-war. Money-making proiects, booths at the Senior AFS Fair, the traditional Junior- Senior Prom to climax Senior Week, and the class play will be truly things to remember as the class of '62 looks back on its high school career. . i I Wim, Caf,,Js,,f:.J..t , ,,Yg,7j.',,, 5 M fy -iv., A, .V c -f M... , Sx x HEL., Pitts, Linda Ross, Karen Luby, Ron Wiltse, Vincie Manns, Robbie Ruis, Beth Voiku, Barry Guthary, Sue Weaver, 1 , Q s . B Q L: 1711 v 'iv 1... 9 1 7 B If .J 1, V, K 1 A live ' V 'LL,' i i, 'A Jill , Q5 Q 5 iii if "" Sheriff Jahn's lunch brigade ,, ff- ,mn W ,iz . A . .- M., -ve M- 1 R, ' 313 Hi N S . M? , Es, ,A , A as A ssre 5 A ,4, ,L P X , , A 'l 'l 4 , QW. Barrera, Mary Basuy, Paul Bauchop, Bob Beach, John Baca, Mary lou Bagby, Joyce Bailey, David Bangle, Tom Bardouski, Diane Alder, John Allen, Georgia Allen, Glenda Allen, Tom Alvarez, Velia Amado, Sylvia Anderson, Jim Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Les Anderson, Peler Anderson, Virginia Avery, lourene Bare, Jim Adams, Charles Aguoyo, Tony Aguilera, Kalheren Aker, Myra Alaioki, Sleve Alalorre, Emily Albers, Gene Beck, Doug Behnke, Willene 7 ",, V, ll Belew, Gary , J Bell, Janet "" ' V V Q, . A Q1 gil, , .Q l' ' 'V . 1 , , Benoisl Mary Lou ,,, Benson Bob W ,. UN, ss. - A s ff' Billingsley, Dan Bish, Gerald X v iw 1' 'fx' we ,Ju E 'x 'vs is 4 l r '25 fo- qw- O-C Carbaial, Robert Caress, Gary Fi, , sieve-v A Le s l Bulf, Jerry Burnard, Lynn Burrell, Frances Burroughs, Joe Bybee, Ruth Cadena, Yolanda . . Calhoun, George Camalom' Joe Collis, Cheryl F Caron, Cecile ' Carper, Marylee Carr, Loretta Carter, Sue o.' 4 an a 4 Cass Robert Castro Rachel Castro Joe Chadwick Tom Castro Melvin Chavez Juanita Chnlbes, Mark Butterfield, Cheryl nf 1""' . ,J Lf, 1 'f' .5 Brothers, Donna Brown, Hortense Brown, Jackie Brown, Mary Buhl, Bob Buhl, Diane Q ...Q me Ill l . V Bittner, Lee Ann Blair, AI Blotnick, Danna Blenis, Ray Bonar, Gary Bonner, George Boyd, Nancy Boyko, Wally Boynton, Bud Branch, Curtis Briceno, Ray Briggs, Bob Briggs, Gary Brooke, Jim 3 B 774 A -is Q 5:65 - ju. X he Childress, Jae Clark, Sharon - 2 ' , Childress, Stella Clarke, George ,M-J. 1 Christensen, Jo Anne ' l - s , ,, avi, .K x, i' ., J -1 fi . 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J . lS'm.f'.a.if'. il" ' s will . rf: 1 ,. j r W' gi Decker, Ron Delgado, Pele X' " EQ . , gf Delamoler, Carol Demmerl Vince - - li' 'fin ' hui De LGU, Diane Dennis, Linda i K' J , , iw. wr' .rg 'o-. wow' Dioz, Louis Di Marlino, Diane N Q. W.. ,....-4. J ' 3 Domme, Bill Donovan, Donna Dopf, Gayle Dorsey, Anila C , .QR :Q 4. The Junior floal was awarde division during homecoming Cornell, George Corona, Rose Ann Corral, Joe Colner, Joe Cowell, Jack Cox, Joe Crawford, Bob "-I V cd . Dalton, Richard K 1' ff , J :LF i -.Q h ig r , , If-.,,,, uf " 3 P ,al l 111 ,l f if fi I . ,, .ol Douglas, Glen I Dowd, Donna Downs, Carol Duby, Sharon place year. tri-f -. 1? Ford, Eleanor I f . Q1 . ,ls pg Q-We if 1. .V Nu . Q. -5. vs 5 E i F w .gr 5 .gn -v, V m f r o Dunn, Cheryl -2' 'Q P ' Du Sablon, Maureen ' Dustin, Carol ' Dyer, Bob A k R 4 , , . N 4 G' if J" ',' ,..- if l 1 .legible . ffl fag. i,:5Q,.k nn in Class 93 ' ,, 'P' Edll Gemm .n 'hs It W as -we ks Edwards, Eddie 'Zi .A G ' ,ggi Edwards, Jerry ex ol, f- ' Eger Kay X K wg 1 A Ji' 'P 5' if y. L is ' J 'Y i 3 'iz Eme Darlene h A S ' 'Y' M sm 1 f " F, I F ' i -V ns Enslow, Stanley ' 'I I V1 I A. ' V J: '45 ' 1 Enslow, Sleven '93 . M5 "I : W i , ,, s ' Erickson, Rulh ' " ' ln 'V , .l I 7,5 Escober, Gloria ., o ' if , , , "-li 'i -. W gif . sires, william A ma' ,S -y . sf . ' o K . , , 5 , 'xx Q, - :E frfiyll J f "" fag-fs ' if K' f i 1 ' , Fahrney, Dave i f ' I Federico John 'i ' . Q 1 .- k I , ei , , . A Fahneslo: , Carmen Felix, Mary QQ? mg? A 1 Ferguson, Pal A Wifi ' 3:55 f' b . fr fi' r Q. Q ,aj i gg 4 .1 r.issss25'1:1:a. s:2:2::' we- . QQ, 1 - , as L l, . 0 Finazzo, Angeline y V11 ',, " fx Finazzo Fran s -N, as , ,Q it ' 'J- EL'-B Fitchlee, Nancy ' 1 K . xl f' J E TTT? , . . ,V e M M Foglua, Marilyn ,- ' N Foltz Donna " T me ' ' 'ri , ,. K 1, k,' iw 1 Q Y ' li. n, 4 JS? ll 'N V ,- H5 1 lv 3 Q fa Hs 5-li J' 'f', slyu' we Ford, Grady Forle, Karen Forlner, Nan ' -9. if I 44:4 Frederick, Bruce Gammon, Becky cy Garcia, Kalherine Gardner, Garrison, Garrison, Galschel, Dorelte Linda Ron Connie , Q' .al 11' - Galschel, Dennis Gee, Sharon Q5 Q...- V on George, Bill J 7 2l2Q.,'Sf".5Z,,.: ed fer ay A 11,055 li 4 Vw il lei Fil i I, M ,Q a. . f- 'Ei " wf1,i g.,,.: Harley, Julie Heatherly, David W SA. K 'H' ' 'L ,. f' is in , l . + ,lf M l2,:.-"""" if 'rf Hesler Roy ii' ' dm, I' fig?-3,1 i 'R Hensel Marcale Hewill Lynda Hernardez, James Hill, ohn Hill, Nancy A '- 5115? if 'W' Hemphill, Bob Hendren, Don Henderson, Rulh Hendrickson, Mary Henderson, Terry Henney, Bea Ann Gutzmann, Bill Haas, Marvin Hagar, Bob Haigh, George Ham, William Hqqhgwqy, Ari Hebden, Marcia Hathaway, Ron Heeren, NGMY Gochanour, Bonnie Goggin, Carol Golmilz, John Gooding, Richard Gordon, Mona Graves, Goldie 7' X ., .. Mi 1' V ' .ff iw Hannah, Alvin Hlpsley Eddie Hilperl, Alberta Hile, Sandro Hines, Gerri Hix, Phyliss Hixon Rod Gray, Linda Green, Bob Green, Karen Gula, Bob Guse, Katherine Gustafson, Paul Gulhary, Barry -aw Hofeling, Edwina Hoffman, Mack Hogan, Mary Lou Holcomb, Lorella Holdgrafer, Larry Horner, Marion Horsley, Harold Horizon, Richard Hosleller, Frank Holyek, Karl Housel, Bill Hudson, Ida Roe Hughes, Sheridan Hugyik, Sieve Hundley, Escryss Hunf, Gordon Hurst, Howard Hussey, Mary Hutchinson, Barbara Irwin, Vern 3:7 Us 5 ,XX i '3' .fix , 'aw ig Jackson, Bob s..-3 f"'v Jackson, Phyllis Jager, Theresa Jamison, Edilh Jarrad, Eileen Jean, Judy Johnson, Dennis 4 'b QQ, at 35 ' 1 , Johnson, Dan Jones, Kalhy Jones, Lena Jorski, Jim Joynt, Jan Kaisinger, Rosemary Kauzlarich, John 0l'l'l0l'I'0l,UB gl,LfJ095 Keilh, Lynn Kelly, Lyle Kelly, Mike Kenlla, William Kincade, Helen King, Benny King, Delmar King, Gloria 'v we Kerns, Belly ' Keyser, Amelia vs we .4- King, Yvonne Knaus, Ken H -Q-.WY vue -in '-'fx My .W 1179 a n Krwx Susan Kaval, Johnny K0Cl1 Fred Krohn Ralph Konopka Cecllla Krggeg lewls main ,sm Levshk Barbara Lewrs Jeanme 77? '39 4 r 1 . 2 qv Jw Kunlz Kurlc Kerlh Kurllnch Vlclor Laluberle Shirley Lambrlch Eddie Langgle Ron Larson Charlene Lasch Jnm fe., lally Susan -,w Lamberl Jack """"'l' Lawrence Rrchard Lee Barbara Lee Palncna Lenaway Judy Lenaway Tam Lend Carl Lerner Duane Leu Chrrsllne -4. 'Mfr in-.-eff' ge 0 Midlfllfe VY' 2 5 1. Lewns Jum Lewss, Mary Lewis Paul Lzllubrldge Pau Lumbacher Shirley Lively Bob Lzvungslon Barbara Loera Paulne Looper Chrlsleene Loudln Carolyn Luby Karen Ludolph Mary Luna Mary Lucllle Lundslrom Karen Lyons Darlene Mac Charles Jud Machrone Eleanor Macham Danny Maclean, Valerue MacNenll, Lynn Madnson, Janet X h.. v-..,,t t . f,,e'i,, 31 w-,. r' i 4 A K' orfunifiea .fi sf 1 xr .. ff V, s , Nz. we K ,,r,V-'tw :V "Us lipnphqv Vi is 1 w sf, ,Q lj vii .3755 " ' - tstt f 1 W Q W 4 , t . -. K. I 1. 313 V 2 Q f xg? iii K . ' A , V -st i t , , 4, ,, M, ,M P M L 'ff' I It ' lf 1 Mcllwaine, Joe McDermott, Pal McDonald, Jan McGarvey, Barbara McGill, Everett Mcllwaine, Elaine Madrigal, Joe Mahoney, Martin Manell, Mary Mann, Dena Manns, Vincie Marinez, Maurice Marnati, Sharon Martello, Eugene Martinez, Danny Martinez, Robert Martz, Penny Masters, Jerry Mathews, Valerie Mathias, Glen Matthews, Ron Mattson, Edward Maxwell, Steve Mayo, Garry McAdams, Ola McCoy, Cheryl McDermott, Chris -.s, iff' 257' 33' M ,ff ' ,j ' V I ' ' W , Merendino, George Q df A., M - s ' Q' .tw ' Mclntire, Thaine Merten, Robert ' fist ' W, I -s fr 'f f isv Menear, linda Meyers, Jane ' , K Q ' W C " W, 17. S! Micunef, Mike 4' A y rf' Michael, Perry Mickelson, linda ,Q 4, Mihalow Sue we K K K 4 f Miner, sue " " ' .Jr ' J! , Miller, Susan K Millette, Dennis K i W Y , k m 5 Millsap, Gary Mirdo, Mike Mitchell, Louise Modlin, Herb Moews, Ron Moll, Tony Moore, Dixie we ,wk W ' , 'Q .. Q ,N 4, T 4 , 4 . , ., - Q X PM it rw LIL if ifa '51- 1 7 ml eg Q 'fi l ff' 4. J -v 4 Q Q 7- a n A -. I 0 ana' , F '- .,.D -1 - 'A , U 4 11,1 U , ulqmunne... .Q 'ws ,b ,nl : 'J ef" N liif 1 , ff K ff .L J ler, N if A 453 are 0' f 'Qs W? r-5 ' fi? ,G Perks, Charles Perrine, Jack Perrine, Judy 441. ..,,. , if i f M spa O'NeilI, Judy Ostlund, Linda Paddison, John Palchelli, Nanetle Pellon, Barbara Peoples, Paula Pergiovanni, Frank Pergrim, Diane Pelersen, Polly Pelerson, Dave Philpotl, Don Pierce, Sheran if 'fi 3 XX 1 ' 'Q K . ' .. - .Ms-v ., - J ., .sew 1 mm ' Q Q I D5 d Q .ill sl-5 ix .,.-, 5 .5 1 ve-v ig? .. L. 4. Q, ,fn '-'F 'A rl .g X 2 'Q 1 Palmer, Wesley Parker, Roger Parmley, Linn Parrish, Nancy Palfen, Melvin Parlon, Sandy Moore, Jerry Morris, Gene Morris, Joe Morris, Reggie Morris, Richard Mascrop, Barbara 44 K. -, . Muffley, George Myers, Mona Mynatl, Dan Nacsin, Joe Nass, Fred Negrete, Bob Nelson, Helen Newell, Gloria Nicewaner, Linda Nichols, Kenny Nieze, Barbara Oberlies, Al Odle, Kennelh Olio, Louis Olsen, Belly Here tradili 4- 11- S 0 OI1 I'IS, Piorkowski, Kathy Pipher, Doylene Pitts, Lindo Pitts, Sandy Plosting, Victoria Poole, Carol Poppe, Nina Porter, Jean Porter, Wolter Potts, Jerri Powell, Earl Pratt, Mary Primrose, Raymond Prosnik, John Proznick, Ann Puckett, Theresa Quinn, Noro Roberding, Garry Radford, Howard Roger, Tim Randall, Louise Reed, Pot Regis, Lindo Reid, Sandro Reitenour, Sherry Rembert, David ahi's famous .AML K Hp vw , . tarthvy- K vw' swsg .,.v- it -. - is 1 ff' .t . t Sits- , 45, Mc ,M s s , , af 3 Y 'Sr 5 i ,P Rice, Lynn Richards, John Richardson, Bob Richardson, Gary Richtor, Russell Riley, Colleen Ritchey, Diane Robertson Sharon Robinson Ollie Robison Lillian Rockson Rich S ,jk 'A J , 'tft.,f?t7i , , I Reyman, Bill ...J R as .5 5.3, gf- . .. 1, sw, 0 Rice, Don 4 1 fs ,, fi . , l' 1 J' 7 , Q3 , Q l K , Q, fn 2, zffi' I ff, .I fn fs. P s , . , 'P .LA , , W ,N JF . I 1 X , . .,. - 'dz ,Q nm - ' S , . 1 4 3 S, 'f I J M L L- 1 . , -Rm' "" A i., , '., In ., , .,., kg, i :T 1' 2. ,W , Q 1 -v., 9 1 e s 'Q 3+ i rpg ' . 1 ara " -in f 3 ,lf :dw 1 ' vm- . -if , a?':f-5315 K ',,IQ, , ff -i 4: 1' ,wif I iff tif? f I ' v -4. H,-Lf s i is W 2 J , . i "' ,..:, 5' rw? ' i .. -'Q ,ve "' ' ,ile .. , 4 X l i N 4 'N I 1 ',- 'Q an , , , Rodgers, Belsy Rodriguez, Luis Rogers, Dennis Rogone, Barbara Rood, Don Rood, Sandra Ross, Linda J A Z fi ' Rowlan, Palricia I , i ' I eg ' 3 " K Roybal, George e' anew fef ffef www. ,J ,gf Rush, Virginia , ' ,xiii H Rutgers, David , 92 3 H 5, 'fiiffffw 'W ,1 :f 3. Ryan, Bob Wi -. - ii 0 'Q-'i' "'iT!'1 sul, ,, lg. . f - 11- J, Rvvn, Mike Q K X w ls. J 1. xl, -Q, k-k,W i V, . b X a ' A ' , 'fir-4?Za.r:.i?7wQ'Q,Q..ir2,- l ' I Solraidis, Tam S , A . Samson, David 2 lil f Q. Q . aria 1 ff ' ' ww' . .Q wr ,- ' 1 W. 5 r' " .,'v A .Q- ueer Q - ., L., A . Eff ' w- 1. 3 sw Q , fr we 5. ,1Jwgg'2'Z 'Riff ten ri n J lisa an li rg! w'-f 3 sr' ,R V 'vga vw, 1 ? Sauerheber, Carole Sawyer, Bob Saxton, Richard Scheel, Bob Schellman, Rulh Schlack, Bob Schneider, Annemarie Schneider, Suzanne Schroeder, Belsy Schupbuch, Tom Scoville, Nanci an ,--.xg Snowhill, Pal Solberg, Terry Solraidis, Tam Spaccarolelli, Sam Spellman, George Spon, Ray Servin, Daniel l l l I Sharpe, Stephanie Siknra, Ron Sinclair, Jennie Slaylon, Sharon Sled, Shirley Smalley, Reed Smilh, Byron Smilh, Cheryl Smilh, Dan Smith, Jim Smith, Jim Smith, Joyce Smith, Margie Smilh, Michael ap. rv ' "X, C9 ..- r -Q. M' - T"'1v ,-, Y y P C , my , V ., -. -fr - XX . ., 115' , 'fiffi S S 2 M o ps: 'Q f L Q ,A ' A l is gp- 0- as - ' K :b CSN . - Y ji ' li- , X t 'V ,at Y K uh . 0 24 , b , Q si v y dj 2 K X Q X , ' 'Z " ' ' Tocco Nina I X - Todd, Lee Townley, Robert gf Townley, Shirley 'N 3, 5 F p Q. .. V62 f g 'K A I l 9 A' jlmrl. nw' tm 2 X il' x X K Sw G. .Jn A ni' Q vii 4 " 'inf' 4 i s Vesentine, Johnny Vigil, Jim Viveros, David Viveros, Helen Voiku, Beth Wachtel, Kathy Wallner, Ed Warner, John Washburn, Maxine Waters, Sharon Watson, John Weatherton, Mary Weaver, Sue Webb, Jim Vasquez, Maria 11 Ji .Ss - ,Jw r ,,.K r -g,., , hoof! Q nano- , innois, Tim uitt, Carolyn fa ii iii A. MN 1 .2 Hi? N.. x 'H Q 6 NN A 1 'figs ' Tunstall, Melody Underwood, Dick ' Urban, Joyce .-N fl- N Hi f .. -Q N - 'wa wiv, -T' K in 5 . V, 1-ws -'V'-' -l ... Taylor, David Thomas, Alroy Thompson, Keith Thompson, Sharon Tinkler, Shirley Traugott, Linda v-s X s ., 4-- lx Aocia pace as 1 . ,Q ? Ivy f-- ': ,Qui S. "' . tw' 2 ' , :-pref' ' S. 'M hx o ..-1.- Srom. Susan Stafford, Dennis Stamps, Kristy Starks, Mike Stoh, Ron Stone, Bill Straily, Dennis Stringer, Gloria Stuart, Karen Sturgeon, Rhonda Swearingen, Edna Strawn, Nancy Tamm, Paul Taylor, David 'sri ,V Tri ,. v "I vi Tr qv A Zi ,fi Ne --wg , , Weber, Marilyn Welperl Louise , a 'L wwf U, E 'zu Iv' gl ian! I Wenzel, Cheryl Wesf, Eddie Williams Bob Wlllse Ron Williams Judy Wilson Mike Williamson Don Wood, Jack l JooLin9 fowar gracfuafion Woods, Judy Woolley, Don Zeigler, Carolyn Ziglar, Valerie Wylie, Allen Yerman, Ron Young, Fred Young, Janice 148 0l9AOI'l'l0l"05 SLOW QZYQHCJQPJAQQ Sophomore officers, left to right, are Patti Clymire, Bob bie Shipp, George Nixon, and Karen Reynolds. With the first year of high school over, the sophomore class has caught wind of the real meaning of beginning preparation for the future. The class officers and council worked to prepare the class for graduation. Money-raising proiects included a car wash which brought good results and the traditional sophomore sock-hop "Sham-Rock." Sales also helped sup- plement the treasury. Among memories are the princesses for football, basketball, and spring sports court. Next year they will be looking forward to being upperclassmen and the ordering of rings, sweaters, and taking part in iunior-senior events. W ,x fl: K rf Acuna, Pat Q " 7 " M . Adamson, Pat , b K f ,A f If I I, f Aguilar, Mercy v 'J .N . Aguilar, Reyes Q ' L " I Q ' Alborn, Linda if : ,-2' is Alder, David . a. f 1 ff- lg Allen, Carol Q ga f if .nn gs . St.: I 4 "' X -i , , . D if .4 '. 's?3,- l . '- I ,., V Q ' W '5:"ll: 5 I -, . 11 . , ,i .,,,'. 1- i 5 S ' ee,, , I Anderson, Carl Andrews, Bill Anthony, Linda Atchison, Ruth Atencio, Lisa Atwood, Marilyn Azor, Jim Baca, Jerri Bailey, Robert Bally, Mike Baker, .loan Bancroft, Dennis Bangle, Wanda Barkley, Jim Barlow, Wanda Barnes, Marie Bartelli, Angelo Baruch, Ethel Basham, JoAnn Batson, Tim Bell, Dianna Bell, Penny Bell, Roscoe Bellomy, Larry Bellows, Gale Benitez, Arthur Bernal, Mary Berns, Karl Bieniek, larry Bigelow, Annette Bishop, Judy Allen, Eugene s A Allen, Judy Allen, Nancy Alm, Aprile Amado, Sandra Ando, Jim NCQ fkefe Austin, Jim Avery, Nancy e Q -'Sf' ' we ,A ,i ' '4 Bishop, Marylou Bobeng, Michealle Bobrow, Bill . Bokori, Shirley ,Ie if N7 ,QE at 9 ef - ,' . sf , n ,J 5, F , r Borkowski, Konnie Boruchin, lsak Bothum, Linda in vs Bower, Rod Boyd, Kenneth Bracken, Roger Bradley, Johnny s ! Brandt, James Brennan, Trudie Britt, Helen Brooks, Cheryl Brumelt, Gwen n +- 1 3 dr . .. ff . Eyelet"-' , Bryan, Joe Buchanan, Maxine W- Buhl, Rosemary Burke, Louise Burkhardt, Pat Burns, Tim Butler, Maryhelen Calderon, Connie Caldwell, Jeri Calhoun, Carol 'Q v L fx.. Campbell, James Cormer, Bonnie r Castellanas, Becky R Castro, Ron 50 0 ITL 0 P06 Camaionl Jennifer ff' o f fn' '31 ,H Us tl ll, li. 'F ' 4 P it n in 1 Ml l ,ff f' Q X1 Chase, Jeanetla 'lf' ,f mf W ,' A Chavez, Robert ', Y , '53 3 Cist, Bob A . gill . - ' Clancy, limi -f 2 ""'." Q. 6 cf Bettie Clark, Lowell Clark, Oscar Clark, Steve L- Clymire, Patti Codner, Billie Collie, JoAnn Collier, Vance Collins, John Collins, Martha Collins, Steven Colville, Terry Contreras, Mercy Cooper, Sandie 7 '2- Copeland, Carl 5 r Cordova, Eulises J, ff - .J we Cornell Mary 'V' K Q . i, .3 D , Q CV' Y Costa, Steve gifs , X Q N iq ' Crandall, , -..,N J J -1: - 6 X ' i. , 1' IB: in '3 as " ......,,,...L NV- -Q i . 'lil ii - " i' 4 D i ' Af , 4 I A . i' , si l if ' iv " 7' ' ' iw, " ,,: D D D 11 . ' ,, f - -?'LifilTi I . -, f , , ,.., ' -A J J J if 92 if , "' i gg., - ., ,. . A 4. 5 is wifi D in fi Qi ' .JSF 2 K . K ' 1 vi A Daup, Jo Anne . -Q , x Q Davies, Mary it - 'D J , , ' i""" f. - K Davis, carol J " ' ,urn 2 Davis, Carolyn J 26" - Davis, Susan ' ' ' f T fl Q ,ff , 1 ' ' I Q, , Day, Judy x ' , - Q ' irq Dayley, Ricky 7 , 1 it , Deason, Alvin . I De Blasia, Norma Q 1- Y De Lair, Dave I " ' i ' De Meyer, Donald V M ' 1 f De Witt, Marlene f ' I A ,M Diaz, John - ' J ,,. .4 is Dillon, Marshall y ,fl 'K sl., . slip A 4 ' 1 rf' , n Sv 1 . i Q Y i. fi DDCCCCD , Driskill, Richard W' M 'D . 5 Edzards, Randy '42 i Ehman, Carole ' "' r , ig LF ii K ,gif A Ellis, Kathryn Ellsworth Gene Engelhard, Bonnie Estrada Frank Ewing, Barbara Fahrney, Joe , Y -W ' A f Q J' ' i ' it '- English, Jim , ,, J J V -4... l my ' ,mrfrilifc w 4 ' in i 2 t 1 ii. xl 'LAM .BM h x rx N ," RY! ill f i iii I 0 z l n ' 3.151131 . iff-. W o -.g,.,- J .ffm L.. Y Q f. J J -in in Q - K J Wil, E .NUM im' i 2 ,J S , qi, , 9 1 W i 1 ni' f A 4-L2 +4 9' i- Q... F725 a i V Norvaleen Cunningham, Na Curlett, Laura Curran, Bill Curry, Margaret Daniel, Danny Daniel, Kathryn Daniels, Willie ,z Dockery, Nathan Donnel, Marie Dorman, Barbara Downs, Dennis Driggers, Judy DrU99i Toni Dunn, Jim Du Sablon, Kathy Eby, Dottie Ellerd, James Elliott, Bill Elliott, Mara ex NC . .MF 2, Donohue, Barbara Darsett, Mary Lou W1 Faidiga, Kathleen Faire, Fran Faris, Al Faubion, Sue Fehn, Neil Felmlee, Joyce Ferguson, Betty fs Of Gallordo, Arthur Gallo, Sam Garber, Melvin Garcia, Art Garcia, Larry Gatlin, Bill Gaumond, James Gleason, Ray ,rl 1 Y.. V fiwf. Q ,,,-ff J ' K W- A 'sf . g " ..p' '-,, 4,- 6 Gaydon, Keith Genda, Paul ,ll ' x Q v. .:,1g-,f 'z -g:::,:1:::g::. . ..4.c..4.AA..:4.L.1L,.. Flores, Rachel Fogel, Ronald Fols, James Fontana, Anna George, Bill Giardina, Donna Gilbertson, Milterd Gilfert, Judy Giolito, Mario ll" ze' 4 1 ,, ,...W, t A , 3 gl' if .4 K' 63 ' f.. ig sv I arm .,..4.4. an : 4 rw.: 4 i l , 5.15 V 2 P - .l A , 'P l ' . , V as . , ,Q I Freeman, Bill Frisby, Earlene 5, 6 ,W Gall, Mike M JIU gums a-og, ls 3 , B V 5 X vs M .A V Ferguson, John Ferrell, Roger Finazzo, Mary Fischer, Elizabeth Fleeman, Brenda Flescher, Brian Flores, Larry 4- "f few -lb A G- - 3 1 IJ' , :ln N If - l gk 445 A... vv-Q "un, :gg , 5 , -N -, - J, . -, J V 7 y x 55' ,,lg'f5.,.i9QQ3'-f' f Xu I 1:-"sl-z2SS'7.:--f E Alf-lull, lt ' - ae- Mff-el-J ' if xl N ix Gorski, Margaret 7 - Granus, Phyllis . , """ . . , i N Ag, "'4 " Il, ' :Q.l.2L.i, ji . Gochanour, Beverly Godinez, Jim Gomez, Judy Gonzalez, Marie Gorham, Richard Graylaill, Eugene Greco, Jean Greenwood, JoAnn Grim, James Griswold, Sam Graft, Nancy Gronek, Jim Groulx, Ted Gustavson, Diana Harbison, Linda Horde, Tom W l Hardy, Sheila Haoland, Alice Harley, Jim Harp, Bonnie Harper, Linda Harris, Jody Hashu, Terry Hemphill, Ronald Hendrix, Linda Hendrickson, Sharon Hernandez, Ruben Heydenreich, Bob Hill, Joycelyn Holland, Jean - -Q ' ,L wi ' 4- S PH Y' 3 eg, I x li' I' je, Ougllf 00 dfoirif wifk fAem: Irwin, lynne lrwin, Pam lvens, Jerry Jackson, Ramona Jacob, Chrisline Jasper, Mike Jennings, Jackie Jennings, Paul Jeras, .ludy Jimenez, Manuel Johansen, Kerp Johnson, Amelia Johnson, David Johnson, Delberl Jones, Sally Keheley, Tom Keilh, David Keller, Marlin Kennard, Bob Keyes, Dale Kilpatrick, Joel 1 , 4. we . - . ' .TV -e-flfmm.-.v,,A. 2-fiizz Q, , ,Agn W vfs- sq mire? s -1" W' H . .llfmuuunmmzwfsfiif Holley, Sharon Holl, Ron Honaker, Donald Hopkins, Billy Hubble, Roberl Hughes. John Hull, Joe IV. zz:- Hunter, Tom Husled, Judy lngraham, David lngram, Dave me ,x .v is Q, I J-, -W, . ,i r., Qi? L - be sf '21 5: ..', ,iw X fo if 'ETP F' AF I w ' if 1 l ' ' I 'alflig if ,Mg-" s ff? r 5 'Twill in gg!" I: .. X 5 F Q V i A 7 1 , Gif:-. . 3, 6 'z,.v'x3":,:r ,E-1, WV J 'ln flri 618135131 W -.5 Q,Q:,M',m ggi WIl1:"sf- Q - 21 .I f J r ...A gg ' -a . li , .- r .l 'l nfl' mwglf.'fz .- X cm ,I ry! X W ll 'C , 5,35 ll f Q- 4 fx r gy Q Q, i' :Nil - ' 41 W- -r . Y . fa was .. V ' ":WM'Li J ,, i, 1 ,,, L. KM 5 t vv as L . f uw Q r as 'ri 1' "1lf"W' A , 17,1 'ax H 4 Q. ' 1 L 1 r ' f ,QR .w Y , J-6 , ., 15 M. A xii. t .L D 3,11 ' fvxfbx Q? 2 Lawrence, Hen ry Lawrence, Maddy Layne, Alberl Lazcano, Lupe 4 - -v if ll if lane, Russell Larson, Sheryl Lawrence, Don Leefield, Harold lenard, Bernadine Lend, Sandy Kirby, Jon Knaus, Fred Koehler, Judy Koonce, Fred Kosmala, Gary Kovacs, Karl Kramer, Marilyn Kranyac, Bill Kruger, Eric Kulansky, Julie Kulil, Judilh Lahti, Edward Laliberle, Priscilla Lammers, Glenda Sandra Rush admires lhe music ability of Harry Schmus and Fred Knaus Lerner, Leslie, Lewin, Lewis, Lewis, Leyva, Andrew Reggie Barbara JoAnn Karen Nellie Lindell, Waller Liplak, Neila Lisk, Vicki Lisonbee, Jearldene Loera, Florenelo Logsdon, Tony Lucas, John Luna, Palsy , p 43 Q 4 15. A L .iff if Q Marovich, Mike Marquardt, Marilyn v F . -i .. - 1 ii 5 - .A ., 1 , ine 6 A" , 1 in y in Q3 ,QA P ig. X,-2 1 , .... , fi .i,.. . ., A , . n . Marquez, Virginia Marruio, David Martin, Nancy Martin, Richard Martinez, Alice Martinez, Gloria Mason, David Mathe, Louis Mattson, Dennis Moy, Ralph Mays, Carolyn Mayzsak, Evelyn Mead, Ray Medina, Richard Mendaza, Anita Mesa, Tom Messner, Gabriel Micallef, Pat Mick, Jim Miller, David Miller, Gary Millette, Phil Miro, Dennis Mohr, Paul K, 31 :QA , ,fi L ' i- 9 tw gf? L ' , :gif . , i-,Q 'L . 225: W f - 1 sw it ' 1 ' L L ,1 , , -555 1 x 'f x L f 'Lil I 11 348, cauglf My of Malmberg, Larry Malmstrom, Dorothy Moloncon, Willy Manning, Karen Mark, Clifford Markley, Bill 30A i: Lundberg, Alice Lundstrom, Jeff Lyons, Donald McCoy, Rodney McCue, Kathy McCullough, David McGlathey, Carol McGuire, Roger Mcllwaine, Jock McKernan, Bill McKernan, Lillian Mclaughlin, Spike Maflei, Chris Magana, Johnny dlairif FEP Q? fm' Moniak, Larry Monlelongo, Dianna Montoya, Jeanelle Moore, Ivan , . L Morehouse, Sue W . ' Morris, Belly K WM X Morris, Howard -my VV in Q Marlon, Paula s 1 r, - " for ,,,, ,, V Moscrop, Dale Muchler, Alonea 2 I Mueller, Kurl Qleclicafi rienafgneaa 0 dbg. me ' I 1-V e ,. ' 1535 V 2312,-1:11 154 5 smlf ,. f f' 5 K 3, f - ,QQ if Muldrew, Raymond Murray, Carol Myers, Bob e. Nh 1-sux QE fx Myers, David Nacsin, Chudk Neal, David Nielsen, Paul Nikodem, Carl Nikodem, Carol Nixon, George Nixon, Slella 0l'l gf ' . 3 -Q - 2-F ' qi? Moore, Johnny -5 Q Moore, Richard gr vw ,ar ,mg-z Q, fr Zrffifr lriwmgxg I if ,girl ' 1 , , 1,45 ,gf 1 Hr, '- -g LY 'J .gf W in , 'K -K , f lgf ,A 1 V- Y 2, , - -I .Q I V if -fe V' L," Z .Jil ' 592 man? "s,:'1r'y'- fur if ' f L Noelke, Richard W Ag h Noon, Dennis .ww Q I I. ' , , Ochoa, Manuel 1 ,1 'Vi K ofhou, Roberl 16, 5 rx. A r '13 ' ' I!!! if W , oniney, Betty " , O'Neill, Darlene 1 Onken, Jim 'Q . ' 12 4 wi ,Q . M -' Q ue.: ,X - l a ,J ,ag -W v 'w A Q 'Kia 'Q ix 1+ 'M 5 he 7 Nl wi' l + Orr, Ralph Osborn, Eric Osterhus, Damond Paez, Mercy Palmer, Ida Palmer, Margo 13, N ,gi gg 0 N , ffiwde. ,TW QM W r i f sw - - v .r-snr: K f X ad' 452 G K n ,, . it We r A, is-,gives -' , .lex:w- mfr: m w- Orndorff, Karen Ornelas, Bob Overturf, Ron Owens, Judy Parker, Elizabelh Parkinson, Linda X ""? ' .4 f- F vs Y""', 21. " - 'U J' N . J' ' . ""' T - ,... X 5 v f i JP , . ,W ' ' mic ' ' K :gl , , I is L-,w if - , .ts .. . ,g,. .- ' '. ,I J 1.295 .' . if I 5 if 2 ,, ..f,: 2- E -fi-,Q -,V Q W , 4' ""' v 1, is A if y i f ,pr T P ' , , .. .2 ' A 4 f' it A f . 2,55 ,ifvev2?i!2 1z wt15ei2:2i5is,,1', '-ff? f Pindira, Melvin Pizzica, Rick YM Me Poppe, Donna Porter, Carolynn Peck, Deana Peck, Lois Pederson, Mike Perdue, James Peretin, Riihard Perrigo, Betty Perring, Ronnie Peterman, Juanita Petersen, Ronald Peterson, David Philbin, Bob Philbrook, Jim Plaut, Helene Pope, Patti I tkell' new . P l F k or er, ran l Porter, James , K l . 1 ,her w Ptruit, Chipper Rairigh, Ardeena V 9' Quintana, Sandra Rambaud, Karl w J RUGBY, Mary Rambaud, laura , l Ravitch, Alan H Rawls, Peggy Q . Ray, Vincent W' 4' Redding, Judy Ramirez, Richard Ramsey, Connie l Reich, Sharon f' V' Rentro, Don H M I Rentrc, Linda Reynolds, Karen ' I Q Robel, Marian Roberts, Patricia Robertson, Barbara Robinson, Kenny Robinson, Tony Rodriguez, Priscilla Roias, Tony Romero, Juan Rosenkild, Dennis Ross, Dennis v ', Q , K3 ,, fs. ,. j . , , '. Ye A Perez, Tony 'f 1,5 2 M gf ' , , v J ,Jw 4 l Q iff? . ' 1" 4 .FQ X -Q . 1 .,.. M , I , .Q P 4. ...fy 617 " . 1 I . Hx . gg! -551 A s 4416 H is , ,521-I J 7 'Tr " ' a J PM-1 vs K D fiv. Q "iii s l s 'X , 'A , n 5- 1' '.g n y .tk - .... , E, l - '3 'W - ', lm . V. ' ff. .5-i:7?5iE?::fs'f': 1.1. ..,.qQ:J:1l, - . 4. - i -'. A w, 4f'?,., i . xy, ' A M' L2 X . Y I Lisffiik, , , f ', ,,,' nr- W -' ,, - 12,55 'sys - f l 1 .5 v - , P .r ,, T . . - file ' , -.-.ey 3 l N if -A 'N :.,::.r X 'l " ,fl D. V . f V ,' leafs 'I Q Q ' ' 'iff .L 7 iii! , I . Q, ,, JS ' if f ' ' - Eiga . , ' K - . V HT . " V A ' Mag, di I A s .X s Nj, , ' Q 4 . V .. ' 5' Is' 'fs A ,Nl 'li L' ' '- T' L' 1 ,V ., V, 7 , ...Li-,M -1 -...tx 'L if nz, l 1 v if. "1 .- ' Roy, Karen Rue, Leslie Rowe, Peggy Rufino, Alilano Rush, Sandra Rusk, Jeanne Russell, Belly Russell, Tom Sample, Rose Sand, Howard Sandoval, Yolanda Saunders, Richard Sauer, Vicki Saunders, Vernon Scheel, Barbara Schmus, Harry Schroeder, Mark Schur, Rayeann Schwarlz, Barry Schwartz, Larry Seiberl, Don ,, ,x X X ' Senk, Sandi L' v, ,, n -Q? Severfson, Maureen R l 5, shipman, Mike X ,Q K Shipp, Bobbie 'Q' A ' Silguero, Mary -J 5 lf Simon, David . diy, R L ,, is , M 'L 4 sillftfe 'g2'.g l -U L Air , '- sw A f sw J fl ' ,Em s I Simon, Gary 7? 4'-zu, 4 rg, " A 3 Q glmfrson, Junior 4 h it Inolra, Berme t . 4 I f Qpen a 9 C l0l'l- f'i . it if! 'Wi X S 5 'K r I J' .- Q- . I Y - 24117 V Z 2' ,si , Small, Ronnie V 4 v. 'Li Smilh, Harvey L ' if' l 'J ,f -' Y toy Y x yy, if' A News S l KY ' f' f Vx. Q s ,-, Q U' 1 'ff X , H1 Smith, Joyce Soliz, Leona 1 is Nb-il Solomon, Gloria swvensl Cmhie Feeding faces al the Sophomore Welcome, sponsored by the Girls' League, are Janice Wells and Brenda Fleeman. Supervising the watermelon feast is Sharon Ross. Stinnett, Gloria Stinson, David Stockwell, Terry 'bf Ji? Y? rf ss sf tw is , X T , , 3, ,4 J ' ' ' Slraube, Jack l L qcigf ' , Stumpf, Priscilla if -P' -- ' K 1 ' Surber, Gary if f . .sn A- my . J., . V Ji pf, v,, 1? K ,, Swatsenbarg, Sharon ' ' F, ' ' M Sykes, Wall L I 5 K1 Y Tarman, Don ' , . ' - P' . Thomas, Mary Kay mils iff fe-.1,f,2f,: 1 '46 I I hifi :FAAAQ -.-5 f f? my U Q wa-f wx Y -ff' R Vs xv , i.b, 1+ A ,X V 0 CLP? fA0y 6ll"0 QP? 1. I Thomas, Richard . ., T Thomas, Terry ,rir .. Thornton, Jim Qu'-in K T5 all gr 1 " f -Q M - Thurman, Chester G, K W Tocco, Michael Y -' V 3 A., k Tout, Teri 4 A 'MX , 43. Trone, Nick 'Ni 4 ' ,Ei .2 9 . if 'qv F .3 -rfuun, Mike Tutarow, Charles if K Truxlon, Loren UlWlleYf Charles ..,.,-- : . I Underwood, Diana T A f fi '7 ,A 1 1 g QJWE , , ,AE Vallecorsa, Andrew Vallera, Joyce Vandenberg, Alyce Vansant, Barbara l or ,fa . .1 ' 'G' s il . W. " n "' s W fr J 5 A r Vedo, Bob Vennum, Richard Vernon, Doyle Vincent, John Vinson, Dennis 0-I W '- Vinsan, Diana H by 4.- fA, E,r:f, Volk, Mona c , I iii , -- -. ?.2"5?lw Voriega, Grace ,f I J , 3 WUdleYf NUMY NW, . f v K '1 'L Wadsen, Don " "" ' Q f f , I gf 'J' . K 'Nl' Wllgner, Korena -J . 5 ' ' X wahweqh, Barbara JW-w,' 5, ' " A , -, , W N 321-,Wi W' -,L il 5, , Walker, Earl if wall' Blll 5 , Wall, Fairel Wallace, Mike Wallner, Joe Walsh, Sheila Walstad, Kay Waltman, Judy Wammaclr, Sam ,i,.k,,,i sz. 4,-2. 'jg Vasquez, Eddie y Pea y Lefon . Z 1.5 Q25 W ' X J' iskreilef A :Zia ' gs: iw .5 fi M5 ,S 1 f 5 Q W Y 1 Q1 TZ? While Gary Williams Verne Q ww' 'fe' 3 J 'YF-' fill! 1 T 'A it ii" ' ei ,its " f' Q.. ,Q , , V E, , ,gif --H! Q Young, Harry Young, Jim Warner, Marilyn Warren, Melvin Wallenbarger, Toni Webb, Bill Weddle, Warren Weese, Cliff Wells, Janice Wells, Jim West, Ronnie West, Jacqueline Weslbrook, Marquila Wheeler, Bill Wheeler, Sandra Wilminka, Lyn Wilson, Don Winkler, Ken Woodburn, Barbara Wooden, Roland Woodford, Leroy Woods, Ar? Wrighl, Leroy Wright, Roberl Wyon, Richard Yakovich, Mark Yakovich, Marlho Yorke, Barbara Young, Gary Zarits ky, Sh eldan Zay, Eddie Zielke, Delberl Zimmerman, Ray Zumwall, George Morrow, Wilson Newcomb, Phyllis pegwzw- -'-'V fx 8.1! 'J Ewa " wat: . 11 Q. iv ,ju . , f- . - ' if-, :"" - ' i, 1 ff' Q 5' .2 " Ki 33 if , ? haw - 7 so . , pr 1 SP9 iii' r Fe i W ,,., L 'Tiff 7E4E'9l?rl39 . fi - few-.iff . i - ga sane: Y l'-in 1 Q hz, . am, . . 9 y . ,,,, L , ,911 mem oriam Wichaef gqify Jiorenzo opazcano mann? pefry Seated, left to right, are Starleen Hays, Mary Lewis, Ralph Hester, Lorna Hester, and Judee Peterson. Standing are John Collins, Robert Wright, Robert Cass, Louis Malory, Keith Thompson, Lewis Krosec, and Paul Rasay. Qui!! ana! Sera!! Fohi's chapter of Quill and Scroll, international honorary society for high school iournalists, is composed of newspaper and yearbook produc- tion staft members. Requirements for membership are as follows: the student must have been enrolled in a iournalism course for one year, he must be in the upper third of his class, he must be at least a iunior or senior, and he must be recommended by the iournalism ad- visor. lgagbo CM The newest campus club is the Radio Club. Members are interested in amateur ham radio operation. The club meets at regular intervals and learns the hows and whys of radio operation. Top row, left to right, are Iris Raberding, Lidia Palazzi, and Pam Haid. Bottom row: Carol Casalman, Ann Weinstein, Shirley Guinn, and Sue Weaver. ITT L4 Front row, left to right: Mary Davies, Cathie Stevens, Shirley Limbacher, Jean Holland, Glenda Allen, and Edna Swearingen. Back row: Maddy Lawrence, Vicki Sauer, Linda Alborn, Marilyn Atwood, and Sue Miller. -'63 .,. cm One of the clubs on campus is the Pep Club. lt is the purpose of this group to promote good spirit on campus as well as away from home. The president of the group is the ASB Pep Commissioner. Among the duties of the organization is to sponsor buses to away games. Money-raising projects include sales ot club emblems, and iackets. The iackets and emblems were new during the 1960-6l year. All pep squad members are required to ioin the group. any WML MMM! fAe .S,cene5 fo Jeep 304 unning moof 9 High school bus drivers include the following: First row, left to right: Irv- ing Gursslin, Anthony Trone, Oscar Lauridsen, Carl Andreason, James Mer- enda, and William Sherman. Second raw: Margaret Pinckard, Virginia Jar- rett, Mary Palmer, Edna Collins, Mary Collins, Connie Wagner, Betty McElyea, Carolyn Thornton, and Rose Gursslin. Mrs. Mary Lou Videgar PrincipaI's Secretary Mrs. Mary Johnson Dobell Vice Principal's Secretary x , gills. 1 Aus K Mrs. Lynn Mcllwaine Dean of Girls' Secretory A-.L 5... S Q High school groundsmen and custodi- ans include the following: First row, left to right: Henry Gayle, Emory Nep- per, Arthur Vahle, Bob Tuthill, Julius Scherer, and Bill Geary. Second row: J. O. Butler, Frank Readman, Harold Garbutt, Mercurio Lunetta, Charles Sosby, Lloyd Brown, and Tony DeLong. Third row: Edmund Godinez, Paul Howe, Harold Goggins, William Bar- nett, Bob Summers, Champ Gettings, Frank Nikadem, Ray Creo, and Lillian Durham. ecrefariw an co 045 Mrs. Margarel Clule Regislror's Secretary Mrs. Ellen Smilh Guidance Secretary l l Miss Margarel Thorpe G 'd 5 l Mrs. Jessomine Nepper ul ance ecre my Records Clerk Cufeleria slaff piclured above o-re as follows: Ann Hawkins, Louise Delong, loura Slanfield, Morgarel Ficarru, Rose Argenline, Dorolhy Bell, Mdge Silogy Zella Gibbs, Sandra Thomas, Fannie Tocco, Ann LaFayette, and Margaret Ragone. 165 M ,Wada gmc, Front row, left to right: Carl Anderson, Carole Anicic, Roberta Golaski, Ann Weinstein, Sue Miller, and Karen Lundstrom. Middle row: Kenneth Anderson, Bob Downing, John Larrabee, Tom Nieze, Perry Lerner, and Don Woolley. Back row, George Murray, Bob Casady, Don Voiku, Russ Beaudoin, Charles Lemme, Jerry Perkins, Lyle Stotelmyre, Richard Slade, Jim Anderson, Steve Kurth, and Dave Akre. 57Z?.,l' Fohi Business Leaders is a club for business students. During the year the group sponsored a cup- cake sale and gave away free records. A booth at the Senior-AFS fair was also part of the money- raising proiects for the club. The main purpose of the FBL is to pro- mote interest in the business field. Mu Alpha Theta, greek words for Math Club, is an honorary club for above average students in math. To become a member one must attain an A-minus aver- age in algebra and trig, and a B-plus average in geome- try. The group sponsored a booth in the AFS fair and also sponsors lectures by professors, teachers, and persons in the fields con- nected with math. Front row, left to right, Linda Traugott, Jeannette Harris, Sylvia Schmid, and Nancy Pusey. Middle row Betty Perrigo, Jeanette Zielke, Louise Mitchell, Lillian McKernan, and Nancy Hill. Back row, Dortha William son, Jennie Sinclair, Gloria Hernandez, Mary Barrera, Mary Chambers, Mary Peck, Sandra Avery, and Judi Perrine. 166 lin! for Olaloorfunifg Af .... if ABC, EZ PACIFIC BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 279 NORTH E. STREET, SAN BERNARDINO AA "The Chapel of Friendly Service" 16716 Upland .yngofcl waive! VA 2-3083 KNIT sur rs W W Special DRA,PER1Es V' 'Q 1 HOUR ALTERATIONS CLEANING Dum' LAUNDRY CZ 4? SERVICE Phone Fontana 8158 Sierra Avenue VAIley 2-7227 Fontana, Calif. VA 2-9223 BlLL'S SERVICE "Service With A Smile Mobile Tires, Batteries and Accessories Mobile Lubrication 1 6839 Arrow Bill Jones, Prop. Fontana, Calif, 'b-Q, The largest selection of Diamonds in the valley 7 QOUJFW-all 5 euleifrf 8566 Sierra "KING OF THE DlAMONDS" VA 2-6351 MCMA jdzriaf Compliments of 2 1 f asio sierra jinzeg 5 Rm!! Lbrugo VA 2-2288 For the best rest east or west, 16390 Foothill g0l'Lfafla gulleddge VA 2-4461 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 job .svfuolenf Sfore Fontana's Largest and Finest 8546 sierra gonfana jewezzrfi VA 2-2529 if -9 f i' 2 2 f Q? For all your Musical needs see the 8653 Sierra WefoJy Wu4ic Cenfer Fontana ! f l 2 x ' I 'iii .r.1 t r u' i-1 1 . , . " llil5EA : :iEi: :f,,i,: ff A X r ,VN IAVQQQ -!'I' ' 7 1 Af' "Pip--i?EiSf 'X N .-if-4 I 5 1 " , 2. 'Eff f N N ,,.- . 2 .x4nfLony oga .S7fuc!io.4 5175 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles VA LFY f lvl 1 awe L S Pi 1.1 Hw1:1f'w11,:2 Lingerie and Sportwear V STUDEBAKER 5al'ahy Esled USED CARS TRUCKS S S wwffvwi ,233-,gg Personnel and product guaranlea sallsiacilon ai lim lnousalservicewigliill M3 T Q.. ,.,e QW M PATIO SHOPPING CENTER f ,.,,,, I n W. 4 I ini, g ks. , RX . MLN VA 2-4015 8610 Wheeler r A g 6 egg, Pflglil 5, I V J I ' PM M:'ri"3'5 i,' 'M' ' 4' mxgfgpg., Prescriptions ot competitive prices A ...,M.,-.,,,M,,M,,,lln,,.,,smWWm.lfil,w-mm,1sw,, Congratulations to the Class of 1961 luck Hodson Oldsmobile Corner Sierra ond Arrow VA 2-4123 LARK We give Blue Chip Stamps New and Used cars 8171 Sierra Avenue VA 2-2288 170 f ,,..- ! .vm ,4. .. ... In ,R4 -fir- 4, H .,-.,. Q . i ' ! 1 ll xii , if . F I 4 u K .- F .1 7 - QE gg f ' l 5 .n 1 , . ,, j Q l J 1 Q 4 f ' 'ff' . 1 1 if " , H K Q. ,K A Q1 , ef:-5+ Y ' E, f ' . F' ,431 R W. 9 ' e ,K -- We ,yi'.ig, 1 rf v Y " Q... ,. .U 5, , K . ,, ,. -as ff 5 2 Fl ' A 9 -1 - " I , ,533 I - f.. ,f ' wp' f Y' X t , Q ' ?" ' L vc Q f .J Af, A V -.. V. . f wma .L ., -'-H-- ' 1 I , . ,u F? V n ,,,,W V xxx I f -, W, xx W V at -D. . r E 4 wi? M1 ef-, , mlm v k "gp f,W "4 " ' 4 4.-. 9? A 152: 4, A X w W M aa r A 3' " 'U ' , , ' - . K, A' -. it 1 i'?fQi5fvQ+ - f ig .wi V K 151 ,.MJVfA,:zewi'J ff ff 5' 553199 V' ' 5 , 4.-an I , Wi J ' D t tSt -- ' ' unuor eparmen ore K GABRIEL BROS. 8524 Sierra Avenue VA 2-6545 Everything for the sportsmen at LAZIO'S SPORTING GOODS 8832 Sierra VA, 2-4025 Complete Automotive Service ' HOWARD LESLlE'S AUTOMOTIVE 16793 Valley Blvd. VA. 2-0653 Congratulations Seniors from Mel, Jack, Ted, Reece, Milt, and Doug TED'S AUTO SUPPLY 16630 Foothill VA, 2-0527 .IA I 1 2 For a tempting Snack anytime it's the TASTEE FREEZE 8836 Sierra VA. 2-0216 C' Congratulations to the Class of '61 HARRIS BROS. HARDWARE 8575 Sierra VA, 2-2080 g The one stop shop NATIONAL HARDWARE YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE SINCE T928 CRAWFORD DRUG CO. 8554 Sierra Phone VA 2-4439 Congrafulclfions To The '61 Seniors from ESQUIRE BARBER SHOP I6855 MeriII VA, 2-0551 Open Mon' Thru SGT. also FONTANA LUMBER co. 8230 ' 6:00 16855 Mgellgnve S and H Green Stomxzi 2-UH 8856 Sierra Phone VA' 2-9393 "'-- NX X- -Lax . ,lf A s..,,,- ROM JOLLY FARMS BARBECUE 8822 Sierra VA. 2-8975 For delicious Grinders Malts ond Shakes nf s PEPPI S DRIVE IN I7670 FooThllI VA 2 4888 FORD SINCE 1928 FONTANA MOTORS 17000 Foothill E. W. JACKSON paint store Phone 8539 Nuevo Ave. VA 2-3002 Fontana, Calif. THANK YOU to our Senior sponsors Mrs. Bernice Knobloch, Harry Iverson, and to our Director of Student Activities Augie Ramirez from the class of 1961. VA 2-4401 Congratulations And Best Wishes FONTANA SQUARE "Your friendly shopping center Foothill Blvcl. 84 Mango Ave. FONTANA, CALIF. fn ll A51 .p . fi' j Flowers Wired World Wide ARl.lNE'S FLOWERS 8554 Nuevo Avenue VA. 2-6004 Toni Wottenbarger and Jeanie Nelson, Miss Fontana We can make YOU look like a queen too HAZELLE'S DRESS SHOP 8574 Nuevo Avenue VA. 2-1525 Flowers for all occasions GESI.ER'S FLOWERS 16411 Arrow VA, 2-1244 FONTANA Q HOME DAIRY Since 1926 Cash and Carry Home Delivery Ca r' Service 9449 Fontana Avenue Phone VA. 2-4130 THANKS To Fohi: Students, Faculty And Administration For Enduring Patience, Support, And Loyalty To the 1960-61 'Ia S .al 51151 , V ,AM , odd ' I i ..' 'D ull: Pam Haid and Lidia Palazzi Editors Jack W. Lythgoe Advisor Drake, Suella, 112 A Cappella-42 Administration-12 Bond-44 Baseball-93 Basketball-80 Abraham, Neville, 19 Akins, Hal, 75,85 Armstrong, Frank, 21 Barrick, Donna, 19,33 Bitzko, Michael, 28 Blevins, Larry, 21,97 Brown, Donald, 25 Camp, Virgil, 33,41 Capparelli, Edward, 28 Cartzdafner, Kenneth, 18 Cawlfield, William, 21 Clute, Margaret, 165 Christensen, Darrell, 29,92 Dionisia, Leonard, 24,32 Dishno, Douglas, 23,89 Dobell, Mary, 164 Drake, Richard, 23,94,95 A Abbott, Lynnette, 33,39,43,59, 60,104,1 05 Aerni, Jeannette, 105 Aerni, Jerry, 105 Akre, David, 43,105,166 Alatorre, Anthony, 105 Albano, Angelina, 105 Albaugh, Archie, 105 Alborn. Karen, 105 Allen, Doug, 32,105 Cahill, Lee, 109 Ally, Vicki, 105 Almblad, Terri, 105 Alva, Louis, 33,78,82,94,95,105 Andersen, Andersen, Anderson Anderson: william, ioo,1os Fred, 33,34,92,105 Linda, 40,42,46,105 Henrietta 105 Anicic, Carol, 34,37,47,106,166 Arnold, Cheryl, 32,104,106,136 Ashurst, Larry, 34,36,37,45,106 Atkinson, James, 106 Avery, Sandra, 32,39,49,106,166 Axtell, Linda Ann, 40,47,106 B Boca, Ronald, 106 Boker, Dave, 33,79,82,83,101, 106 Bolsano, Phillip, 89, 106 Borill, Nancy, 48,106 Barnett, Diane, 106 Barrett, Sandra, 106 Battaglia, Jackie iCourtneyt 106,110 Beaudoin, Russell, 79,100,106, 166 Beck, Robert, 106 Bell, David, 50,97,106 Bell, John, 40,42,107 Bene, Robert, 107 Benitez, Richard, 51,82,107 Bennett, Marilyn, 107 Benson, Charles, 33,75,98,99, 100,107 Bernal, William, 38,7O,73,75, 87 Bertolet, Patsy, 107 Betonte, Janet, 107 Biiak, Ed, 107 Billings, Linda, 107 Blackwell, Jack, 33,37,82,83, 97,107 Blair, Beverly, 42,107 Block, Delight, 107 Bonner, Bill, 45,107 Boston, Dolores, 107 Boswell, Merle, 107 Bowen, Martha, 107 Boydston, Judith, 108 Cross Country-79 Drill Team-46 F Division-16 Faculty-18 Football-66 Eitelman, Donald, 25,44 Elton, Wayne, 84 Freeman, Russell, 28,37 Gessel, Kathryn, 29 Handgis, James, 21 Harman, Myrl, 27 Hart, Harvey, 27 Henry, Mary Ann, 25 Henry, Philip, 19 Higbee, Eugene 26 Hill Leonard 25 Iverson Harry, 21 Johnston, Robert, 21 Kothmann, Jane, 26 King, Harold, 27 Kolls, Willie, 26 Knobloch, Bernice, 22 Bracken, Robert, 33,37,71,74, 75,108 Bratlien, Beverly, 108 Brinkman, Morris, 108 Brockhom, Rita, 108 Brooks, David, 108 Brown, Charles, 99,100,108 Brown, Judy, 108 Brownlee, Barbara, 108 Brumett, Gordon, 108 Bryson, Juanita, 108 Buckner, Helen Lorraine, 108 Burke, Fred, 32,411,108 Burman, Bonnie, 108 Burnach, Beverly, 108 Bushore, Louis, 104,108 C Calderon, Luz, 109 Carlson, Charleen, 109 Carpenter, Ken, 41,4-3,109 Carter, Bill, 109 Carter, George, 109 Casady, Robert, 85,97,109,166 Casalman, Carol, 35,50,59,104, 109,163 Covey, Leroy, 99 Chadwick, Mel, 109 Chaise, David, 109 Chambers, Bette, 109 Chambers, Janice, 47,109 Chavez, Bob, 109 Chavez, Rosie, 32,110 Christian, Carol, 40,110 Claphan, Paul, 100,110 Clark, Sharon, 46,110 Clewell, William, 43,110 Cloud, Dale, 110 Coates, Marguerite, 110 Coatney, Linda, 49,110 Collie, Joseph, 110 Collins, Larry, 110 Coon, Barbara, 48,110 Costa, Alexia, 33,52,110 Cothran, Martha, 35,40,47,110 Crawford, Alice, 35,41,42,65, 1 10 Cress, Carolyn, 110 Cruz, Connie, 110 Curran, Janet, 34,35,36,39,110 Cutler, Charles, 111 D Dallo, Rosa, Patricia, 111 Dalton, Annette, 43,111 Deatherage, Jacqueline, 111 Decker, Michael, 111 Delahoya, Marie, 111 Denton, Lyle, 111 DeTomaso, John, 90,111 INDEX Girls League-39 Golf-89 H Division-54 l Division-102 O Division-30 FACULTY Lewis, Ernest, 28 Lythgoe, Jack, 51 McClellan, William, 27 McDonald, Toni, 24 McGinness, Maureen, 29 Mcllwaine, Lynn, 64 Malory, Louis, 19,163 Monell, Anita, 18 Massey, Charles, 33 Mitchell, Eugene, 24 Mouck, Gary, 29 Mumford, Charlotte, 22 Nagler, Lester, 23,82 Nepper, Jessamine, 65 Newell, Dean, 18 Oliver, Vivian, 22,48 Omiliak, Leo, 26 SENIORS DeWitt, Bryon, 111 Dickerson, George, 111 Diette, Eileen, 111 Dockery, Theresa, 111 Dodson, Leonard, 70,72,75,99, 100,101,111 Donovan, Don, 111 Doughty, Carol, 111 Dowd, Beulah, 45,111 Downing, Bob, 36,44,87,112,166 Dupuis, Alice, 40,47,112 E Echols, Doug, 43,112 Eck, Darlene, 112 Eckhardt, Sherry, 112 Edl, Louis, 88,90,112 Ellsworth, Elaine, 112 Emens, Donna, 43,112 Engelhard, Carol, 40,46,47,112 Enslow, Melvin, 112 Evans, Robert, 71,75,85,112 F Facciani, Dave, 94,96,112 Fahnestock, Art, 79,87,104,112 Fegley, Robert, 113 Ferguson, Dow, 45,104,113 Ferrie, Gail, 113 Fleming, Jim, 113 Flescher, Louise, 113 Flores, Elodia, 113 Forney, Mervin, 113 Fox, Bert, 36,37,45,78,86,113 Franks, Mary, 49,6O,113 Freeman, Phil, 113 French, Linda, 113 Furnish, Elnora, 113 G Garcia, Mary, 113 Garner, Judy, 113 Garvin, Charles, 113 Gaston, Sally, 113 Gaydon, George, 113 Genda, Larry, 113 Gere, Frances, 114 Gloss, Byron, 33,37,42,70,73, 114 Gleason, Gerry, 114 Godinez, Michael, 114 Goeden, Nancy, 114 Goetz, Joanne, 49,114 Goloski, Roberta, 35,114,166 Golembesky, Ronald, 114 Graves, Tillie, 114 Greenwood, Gloria, 114 Grimlan, Donna, 114 Grinceri, Sam, 114 Grossback, Diane, 36,47,51,114 Pep Squad-48 Publications-50 Student Government-52 Swimming-90 Tennis-92 Proud, Howard, 29,38 Ramirez, Augie, 53 Reuter, William, 10,11,28 Robertson, Frank, 29 Rogers, Garland, 19 Ruble, Wayne, 18 Sage, Stanley, 18 Sanford, John, 19 Santorelli, Tobias, 24 Scott, William, 26,75 Shade, David, 24 Shafer, Alice, 28 Shaw, Madelyn, 20 Smith, Ellen, 65 Snyder, Austin, 23,79,100 Stearns, Robert, 28 Stewart, Marguerite, 20 Groulx, Preston, 33,37,78,114 Guinn, Shirley, 35,50,114,163 Guthary, Dennis, 114 H Haid, Pamela, 49,50,51,114,163 Haight, Ken, 115 Hale, Letta, 115 Halladay, Frankie, 115 Hambleton, Herb, 115 Hamm, John, 97,115 Harrell, Betty, 115 Harris, Alan, 88,115 Hastings, Larry, 32,115 Hays, Starleen, 32,115,163 Hearrel, Karen iGoberl, 115 Henrickson, Bonnie, 115 Hernandez, Gloria, 34,47,115, 166 Hernandez, Maggie, 115 Hester, Lorna, 163 Hewitt, Margaret, 35,46,51,115 Hiiva, Jim, 115 Hill, Darlynn, 115 Hill, Sharon, 32,115 Holland, Margaret, 116 Horn, Gloria, 34,35,46,65,104, 116 Horsley, Duane, 33,70,72,75,B2, 83,116 Howell, Judie, 116 Hoyt, John, 116 Hubbard, Jacklan, 32,116 Hubert, Marcia, 36,116 Huebner, Marcia, 116 Hunter, Patricia lPortert, 116 Hughes, Jack, 116 Hursa, John, 78,116 Hutchins, Lynn, 116 Huzzey, Janice, 116 I Ingalls, Fred, 116 J Janka, Gary, 37,116 Jeffrey, Ronald, 116 Johnson, Beulah, 32,33,45,117 Johnson, Ingrid, 35,39,44,59, 117 Johnson, Pat, 41,43,49,117 Jones, Bernice, 117 Jones, Roger, 100,117 Jordan, Joyce, 117 Journot, John, 79,87,117 K Kaiser, Ray, 117 Kaiser, Richard, 117 Keeney, Loyel, 97,117 Kellen, Tom, 37,52,117 Kelly, Ken, 43,117 Track-98 Water Polo-88 Wrestling-86 Year's Events-163 Stewart, Velma, 26 Taylor, Darrel, 23,33,70,75,94, 95,96 Theisen, Edward, 24 Thorpe, Margaret, 65 Truan, Jack, 28 Voill, Judith, 22,46 Videgar, Mary Lou, 64 Whinnery, Richard, 28 White, William, 18 Witledge, Fred, 18,97 Wiley, Deane, 33 Young, Russell, 23,33,75 Yount, Beth, 20 Yount, John, 27 Zamsky, Al, 21,88,90 Kelly, Pot, 38 Kermade, Mono, 35,50,104,117 Kerr, Bob, 33,37,68,74,75,86, 87,100,117 King, Gerry, 118 King, Shirley, 118 Kiser, Don, 118 Koener, George, 118 Krohn, Albert, 33,79,100,101, 118 Kunath, Harry, 59,118 Kuntz, Danna, 118 Kupecz, Vendell, 118 Kurth, Stephen, 34,92,118,166 Kutil, Sharon, 118 L Lambert, Richard, 32,45,104,118 Lamkin, Susan, 118 Langdon, James, 118 Larrabee, John, 118,166 Lash, Donna, 40,44,118 Lawrence, Charles, 118 Lemme, Charles, 92,118,166 Lenaway, Ruby, 118 Lenhart, Linda, 51,119 Lerner, Perry, 37,40,104,109, 1 19,166 Leslie, Diane, 52,119 Lewis, Mary, 34,119,163 Leyva, Joe, 87,119 Lindner, Richard, 119 Lively, Tom, 119 Lohmeyer, Donna, 41,42,119 Lohmuller, Kenneth, 119 Ludu, Frances, 44,119 M McCaslin, Ronnie, 119 McClellan, T. C., 66,67,69,75, 87,98,100,119 McCormick, Patricia, 119 McCrary, Kenneth, 45,119 McCully, Roy, 43,119 McDonald, Patricia, 119 McEochern, Caroline, 35,41,104, 119 McGorvey, Wanda, 41,42,120 Mclntire, Angie, 33,39,42,120 McMillay, Dorothy, 120 MocBrohn, Fred, 120 Malachowski, Ron, 120 Monell, Ken, 33,37,52,79,92, 120 Manns, Vivian, 35,40,44,104, 120 Mapalo, Jae, 79,100,120 Marquez, Carmelita, 12,0 Marshall, Eva, 120 Martin, Bob, 120 Martinez, Irene, 120 Mason, Katherine, 120 Matheson, Ken, 120 Matthews, Gary, 120 Mayberry, Donna, 120 Mayer, Ann, 120 Mechem, Larry, 121 Medill, James, 42,121 Meeks, Barbara, 121 Merten, Stephen, 92,121 Messinger, John, 33,92,121 Michener, Mike, 121 Miller, Carol, 47,121 Miller, Joseph, 38 Miller, Pamela, 121 Minniss, Beverly, 121 Minniss, Roger, 68,94,95,121 Misch, Bill, 44,121 Mitchell, Jesse, 33,37,67,72,74, 75,82,94,96,12l Moon, Mary, 121 Moore, Suzanne, 35,40,46,122 Moreno, Frank, 87,122 Mraz, John, 34,40,122 Mulvaney, Alice, 122 Murray, George, 122,166 Murray, James, 122 Murray, Robert, 43,51 ,1 22 N Neal, Mary Ann tCain1, 122 Nieze, Tom, 34,88,122,166 Norton, Bruce, 122 Nyman, Janice, 39,42,49,122 0 O'Hara, Mike, 122 O'Leary, Mike, 122 O'Shields, Michael, 32,121 Oliver, Christine, 32,122 Onken, Jane, 36,122 Orr, Thomas, 123 Owens, Marilyn, 123 P A Adams, Charles, 70,75,136 Aguayo, Toni, 136 Aguilera, Katheren, 136 Aker, Myra, 136 Alaioki, Steven, 92,136 Alatorre, Emily, 136 Albers, Gene, 93,94,136 Alder, John, 136 Allen, Georgia, 136 Allen, Glenda, 136,163 Allen, Tom, 136 Alvarez, Velia, 136 Amado, Sylvia, 136 Anderson, James, 104,136,166 Anderson, Kenneth, 136,166 Anderson, Lester, 37,50,51,81, 82,136 Anderson, Peter, 136 Anderson, Virginia, 136 Avery, Laurene, 136 Baca, Mary Lou, 136 Bagby, Joyce, 136 Bailey, David, 136 Bangle, Tom, 136 Bardouski, Dianne, 136 Bare, Jim, 45,136 Barrera, Mary, 136,166 Basay, Paul, 136,163 Bauchop, Bob, 100,136 Beach, John, 78,136 Beck, Doug, 136 Behnke, Willene, 136 Belew, Gary, 136 Bell, Janet, 136 Benoist, Mary Lou, 136 Benson, Robert, 136 Billingsley, Danny, 136 Bish, Gerald, 136 Bittner, Lee, 37,137 Blair, Al, 45,88,97,137 Blatnick, Donna, 137 Blenis, Raymond, 137 Bliss, Ray, 44 Bonar, Gary, 137 Bonner, George, 137 Boyd, Nancy, 137 Boyko, Wally, 137 Packard, Edith, 123 Palazzi, Lidio, 34,50,51,123,163 Polchetti, Kathleen, 123 Palmer, Anita, 123 Paluzzi, Louis, 123 Parker, Roy, 38 Parmertor, Paul, 45,123 Patlinsan, Pamela, 36,48,50,56, 123 Patton, Chester, 34,41,43,77, 123 Paxton, Sandra, 123 Peck, Mary, 123,166 Perkins, Gerald, 34,37,92,109, 123,166 Perrone, Don, 33,172,123 Peterson, Judith, 123,163 Peterson, Linda, 123 Pickett, Michael, 123 Piercy, Barbara, 42,124 Piorkowski, Tom, 96,124 Pipkins, Nadine, 124 Pipkin, Sandro, 32,124 Pizzica, Nick, 33,78,87,124 Platt, James, 85,97,124 Pope, Sheri-Le, 51,124 Proznick, Antonia, 46,47,124 Purola, Carol, 35,42,46,124 Pusey, Nancy, 124,166 Q Quinn, Barbara, 124 Quintana, Jeannette, 125 R Raberding, Iris, 35,43,125,163 Rabinovitch, Tina, 35,37 Ragone, Joseph, 125 Ravare, Eugene, 125 Ray, Margaret, 125 Reed, Patricia, 125 Reeves, Lannis 1McCranyl, 125 37,41 ,43,94, Boynton, Bud, 100,137 Branch, Curtis, 33,40,71,75,81, 100,137 Briceno, Raymond, 137 Briggs, Robert, 82,137 Briggs, Gary, 137 Brokaw, Mark, 137 Brooke, James, 137 Brothers, Donna, 46,137 Brown, Hortense, 137 Brown, Jackie, 137 Brown, Mary, 137 Bhl, Bob, 137 Buhl, Dianne Bulf, Gerald, 137 Burnard, Lynn, 47,137 Burrell, Frances, 137 Burroughs, Jae, 89,137 Butterfield, Cheryl, 137 Bybee, Ruth, 137 C Cadena, Yolanda, 137 Calhoun, George, 137 Collis, Cheryl, 137 Camaioni, Joe, 86,87,137 Carbaial, Robert, 38,79,137 Caress, Gary, 137 Caron, Cecile, 137 Carper, Mary Lee, 137 Carr, Loretta, 137 Carter, Susan, 16,137 Cass, Robert, 137,163 Castro, Joe, 137 Castro, Melvin, 78,137 Castro, Rachel, 137 Chadwick, Thomas, 137 Chavez, Juanita, 46,137 Chilbes, Mark, 137 Childress, Joseph, 137 Childress, Stella, 137 Christensen, Jo Ann, 137 Clark, Sharon, 137 Clarke, George, 137 Clifford, John, 138 Cloud, Tom, 138 Clute, Patti, 46,138 Cooke, Leslie, 41,43,138 Cobern, Pat, 138 Cockrane, Nancy, 138 Cadner, Earl, 82,97,138 Rettie, Rose, 125 Richards, Sue, 42,125 Rickerson, Russell, 45,100,125 Rickman, Sharon, 35,41,43,125 Ritchey, Glenn, 125 Rodgers, Mildred, 125 Rogerson, Dorothy, 125 Romero, Frank, 33,75,78,90, 126 Ross, Juanita, 36,48,126 Ross, Phil, 92,126 Ross, Sharon, 126 Runstrom, Roger, 126 Rush, Sherry, 126 Russell, Bernard, 126 Russell, Roberta, 126 S Sanborn, Alvin, 37,88,90,126 Schmid, Sylvia, 34,35,37,39, 40,126,166 Schreckengost, Mildred, 126 Schwartz, Leland, 76,77,126 Sclafani, Fred, 126 Seale, George, 68,75,126 Sebring, Robert, 45,126 Seineke, Susan. 126 Severson, Adella, 32,126 Shafer, Eric, 33,34,37,71,75, 126 Shebeck, Sharon, 32 Shinkle, Sandra, 53,127 Shipley, Robert, 127 Shipman, Danny, 127 Shipman, Paula, 127 Shutt, Richard, 127 Sietz, Thomas, 127 Silagy, Trudi, 127 Silberstein, Steve, 127 Silva, Dolores, 127 Simmons, Jenneva, 127 Simmons, Judy, 32,36,42,51, 104,109,127 JUNIORS Coleman, John, 90,138 Conte, Dominick, 79,138 Conte, Louise, 138 Cook, Carolyn, 138 Coops, Richard, 38,138 Cornell, George, 138 Corona, Rose, 138 Corral, Joseph, 138 Cotner, Joe, 92,138 Cowell, Jack, 100,138 Cox, Joe, 138 Crawford, Robert, 50,97,138 Crlienica, Annette, 37,138 Cruz, Rudy, 38,68,74,75,85,93, 94,138 Cuellar, Kathy, 138 D Dagostino, Douglas, 138 Dahlquist, Roger, 100,138 Dalton, Rick, 138 Davis, Evelyn, 138 Davis, Kay, 138 Deagle, Robert, 81,82,138 Dean, Danny, 45, 138 Deatherage, Pat, 138 DeAugustine, John, 18,138 Decker, Ronald, 138 Delamater, Carol, 138 Delao, Diane, 138 Delgado, Pete, 92,138 Demmer, Vincent, 18,138 Dennis, Linda, 138 Diaz, Louis, 45,138 DiMartino, Diane, 40,138 Domme, Williom, 138 Donovan, Donna, 46,138 Dopf, Gayle, 35,138 Dorsey, Anita, 39,138 Douglas, Glen, 139 Dowd, Donna, 139 Duby, Sharon, 139 Dunn, Cheryl, 139 DuSablon, Maureen, 37,139 Dustin, Carol, 42,139 Dyer, Bob, 139 E Edl, Gerald, 88,9O,139 Edwards, Eddie, 139 Edwards, Jerry, 139 Eger, Kathryn, 139 Simon, Jane, 127 Simon, Norma, 127 Skedge, Gloria, 127 Slade, Richard, 37,52,92,1D9, 127,166 Slover, Jack, 33,34,87,127 Smith, John, 128 Spiak, Demetri, 128 Spinuzzi, Mary, 128 Spalor, Dicksie 1Scoville1, 128 Squire, James, 78,128 Starn, Marlena, 47,128 Steele, Carol, 128 Steiner, Gloria, 32,60,104,109, 128 Stotelmyre, Lyle, 44,77,100,128, 166 Strickland, William, 128 Stuart, Diane, 128 Swatsenbarg, Steven, 97,128 T Tennant, Byron, 128 Thomas, Levoria, 128 Thomas, Sandra, 128 Thornton, Linda 1Lingenfelterl, 129 Todd, Martha, 43,129 Todd, Mary, 43,129 Tometich, Juanita, 129 Tout, Carol, 129 Trator, Carole, 34,40,129 Trento, La Tucker, Bi retta, 48,56,129 ll, 129 Turner, Susan, 34,41 ,43,56,57, 129 Tyree, Gwendolyn, 129 Underwood, Yvonne, 129 V Vadasz, Sonia, 129 Varner, Janice, 129 Emery, Darlene, 139 Enslow, Stanley, 139 Enslow, Steven, 139 Erickson, Ruth, 43,139 Escobar, Gloria, 139 Estes, William, 139 F Fahnestock, Carmen, 139 Fahrney, David, 139 Federico, John, 139 Felix, Mary, 139 Ferguson, Pat, 46,139 Finazzo, Angeline, 139 Finazzo, Frances, 139 Fitchlee, Nancy, 139 Foltz, Don na, 139 Ford, Eleanor, 139 Ford, Grady, 139 Forte, Kar en, 139 Fortner, Nency, 48,139 Frederick, G Gammon. Bruce, 88,90,139 Becky, 139 Garcia, Kathryn, 139 Gardner, Garrison, Garrison, Gatschet, Gatschet, Dorette, 139 Linda, 139 Ronnie, 139 Connie, 47,139 Dennis, 139 Gee, Sharon, 139 George, William, 88,90,140 Gill, Dave, 85,93,94,140 Gipson, Dave, 75,84,98,100, 140 Gochanour, Bonnie, 140 Goggin, Carol, 140 Golmitz, John, 140 Gooding, Richard, 140 Gordon, Mona, 140 Graves, Goldie, 140 Gray, Linda, 140 Green, Bob, 140 Green, Ka ren, 140 Gula, Robert, 45,140 Guse, Katherine, 37,140 Gustafson, Paul, 140 Gufhary, Barry, 35,117,140 Gutsmann, William, 140 H Haas, Mar vin, 140 Vickery, Bill, 129 Vinson, Lloyd, 129 Voiku, Dan, 92,109,129,166 W Wahweah, Eugene, 129 Wall, John, 130 Walorinta, Kay, 130 Watt, Helen, 130 Weber, Barbara, 49,130 Weinstein, Ann, 35,50,104,130, 163,166 Wellman, Raymond, 130 Wells, Linda, 130 West, Patricia, 47,130 Wheat, Karen, 47,130 Wheeler, Kim, 32 Wheeler, Russell, 130 White, Bill, 34,413,130 White, Bonnie, 130 Williams, Robert, 130 Williamson, Dortha, 130, 166 Wilson, Janice, 32,130 Winkler, Beverly, 131 Winn, Charlene, 43,131 Wolff, Frank, 131 Woodburn, Beverly, 42,131 Wright, Robert, 41,42,131 Wyraz, Edward, 34,36,45,92, 131 Y Ybarra, Richard, 71,75,80,82,83 93,94,131 Young, Gerald, 94,95,131 Younker, Vivian tGatlin1, 131 Z Zack, Andrea, 35,40,46,131 Robert, 131 Zdilor, Zielke, Jeanette, 131,166 Hagar, Bob, 140 Haigh, George, 92,140 Ham, William, 140 Hannah, Harvey, 140 Harley, Julietta, 33,41,42,140 Harris, Jeannette, 34, 37, 166 Hathaway, Arthur, 140 Hathaway, Ron, 140 Hoythe, John, 32 Heatherly, David, 140 Hebden, Marcia, 140 Heeren, Nancy, 36,48,140 Hemphill, Robert, 140 Henderson, Ruth, 140 Henderson, Terry, 140 Hendren, Donald, 140 Hendrickson, Mary, 140 Henney, Bea Ann, 140 Hensel, Marcile, 37,140 Hernandez, James, 84,140 Hester, Ray, 68,70,74,75,94, 96,140 Hester, Ralph, 163 Hewitt, Lynda, 140 Hill, John, 88,140 Hill, Nancy, 140,166 Hilpert, Alberta, 140 Hines, Geraldine, 47,140 Hipsley, Ed, 82,83,140 Hite, Sondra, 140 Hix, Phyllis, 140 Hixon, Rod, 45,88,140 Hofeling, Edwina, 141 Hoffman, Mock, 141 Hogan, Mary, 40,141 Holcomb, Loretta, 141 Holdgrafer, Lorry, 78,141 Horner, Marion, 141 Horsley, Harold, 50,69,74,75, 93,141 Horzen, Richard, 141 Hostetler, Frank, 67,68,70,82t 141 Hotyek, Karl, 141 Housel, Bill, 141 Hudson, lno, 141 Hughes, Sheridan, 60,141 Hugyik, Steve, 141 Hundley, Escryss, 141 Hunt, Gordon, 141 Hurst, Howard, 141 Hussey, Mary, 141 Hutchinson, Barbara, 141 I Irwin, Vern, 141 J Jackson, Phyllis, 141 Jackson, Robert, 141 Jager, Theresa, 141 Jamison, Edith, 141 Janes, Larry, 88 Jarrod, Eileen, 141 Jean, Judy, 141 Johnson, Dennis, 141 Johnston, Daniel, 141 Jones, Issac, 84,100 Jones, Kathryn, 141 Jones, Lela, 141 Jones, Milton, 100 Jorski, James, 141 Joynt, Jan, 141 K Kaisinger, Rosemary, 141 Kauzlarich, John, 141 Keith, Lynn, 141 Kelly, Lyle, 141 Kelly, Mike, 141 Kentta, William, 78,85,141 Kerns, Betty, 141 Keyser, Amelia, 141 Kincade, Helen, 141 King, Benny, 141 King, Delmer, 141 King, Gloria, 141 King, Yvonne, 141 Knous, Kenny, 94,141 Knox, Susan, 142 Koch, Fred, 142 Konopka, Cecelia, 142 Koval, Johnny, 87,142 Krohn, Ralph, 79,142 Krosec, Lewis, 142,163 Kuntz, James, 142 Kuric, Keith, 142 Kurilich, Victor, 142 L Laliberte, Shirley, 142 Lally, Susan, 142 Lambert, Jack, 88,90,142 Lambrich, Eddie, 88,142 Langgle, Ronald, 142 Larson, Charlene, 142 Lasch, James, 97,142 Lawrence, Richard, 142 Lee, Barbara, 142 Lee, Patricia, 142 Lenaway, Judy, 142 Lenaway, Tom, 142 Lend, Carl, 142 Lerner, Diane, 142 Leu, Christine, 142 Levstik, Barbara, 142 Lewis, Jeannie, 142 Lewis, Jim, 78,97,142 Lewis, Mary, 142 Lewis, Paul, 142 Lillibridge, Paul, 142 Limbacher, Shirley, 142,163 Lively, Bob, 142 Livingston, Barbara, 142 Laera, Paulie, 142 Looper, Christeene, 142 A Acuna, Patsy, 51,150 Adamson, Patricia, 150 Aguilar, Mercedes, 150 Aguilar, Reyes, 150 Alborn, Linda, 150,163 Alder, David, 150 Allen, Carol, 150 Allen, Eugene, 150 Allen, Judy, 150 Allen, Nancy, 150 Allen, Patty, 51 Alm, Aprile, 150 Amado, Sandra, 32,150 Ando, Jim, 150 Anderson, Carl, 150,166 Andrews, Bill, 42,150 Anthony, Linda, 150 Atchinson, Ruth, 50,150 Atencio, Lisa, 150 Laudin, Carolyn, 39,142 Luby, Karen, 32,40,135,142 Ludolph, Mary, 46,142 Luna, Mary, 142 Lundstrom, Karen, 37,46,142,166 Lyons, Darlene, 41 ,43,142 M McAdams, Ole, 143 McCoy, Cheryl, 143 McDermott, Chris, 90,143 McDermott, Pat, 143 McDonald, Jan, 143 McGarvey, Barbara, 143 McGill, Everett, 143 Mcllwaine, Elaine, 37,46,143 Mcllwaine, Joe, 143 MacCharles, Judy, 142 MacHiane, Eleanor, 142 Macain, Dan, 142 MacLean, Valerie, 142 MacNeill, Lynn, 142 Madison, Janet, 142 Madrigal, Joe, 143 Mahoney, Martin, 143 Manell, Mary, 36,40,135,143 Mann, Dena, 143 Manns, Vincie, 35,135,143 Marinez, Maurice, 84,143 Marnati, Sharon, 143 Martello, Eugene, 78,143 Martinez, Daniel, 143 Martinez, Robert, 143 Martz, Penny, 143 Masters, Gerald, 143 Mathews, Valerie, 143 Mathias, Glen, 143 Matthews, Ron, 78,143 Mattson, Edward, 143 Maxwell, Steve, 143 Mayo, Garry, 38,100,143 Menear, Linda, 143 Merendino, George, 44,143 Merten, Robert, 100,143 Meyers, Jane, 143 Micallet, Mike, 80,81,82,B3, 143 Michael, Perry, 143 Mickelson, Linda, 143 Mihalaw, Sue, 143 Miller, Sue, 143,166 Miller, Susan, 42,135,143,163 Millette, Dennis, 143 Millsap, Gary, 143 Mirda, Michael, 143 Mitchell, Louise, 37,143,166 Madlin, Herb, 27,75,81,86,143 Moews, Ron, 143 Moll, Tony, 143 Moore, Dicksie, 143 Moore, Gerald, 144 Morris, Gene, 144 Morris, Joe, 44,144 Morris, Reggie, 144 Morris, Richard, 88,144 Moscrop, Barbara, 144 Muffley, George, 144 Murray, David, 44 Myers, Mona, 144 Mynatt, Leo, 144 N Nacsin, Joe, 144 Nass, Fred, 144 Negrete, Bob, 144 Nelson, Helen, 144 Newell, Gloria, 144 Nicewaner, Linda, 144 Nichols, Kenneth, 144 Nieze, Barbara, 144 O Oberlies, Al, 144 Odle, Kenneth, 38,144 Olio, Louis, 37,40,135,144 Olson, Betty, 43,144 O'Neill, Judith, 144 Orndorff, Mellany, 32 Ostlund, Linda, 144 P Parker, Roger, 68,75,144 Paddison, John, 144 Palchetti, Nanette, 144 Palmer, Wesley, 78,85,144 Pormley, Linn, 97,144 Parrish, Nancy, 144 Patten, Melvin, 97,144 Patton, Sandra, 144 Pelton, Barbara, 144 Peoples, Paula, 144 Pergiovanni, Frank, 144 Pergrim, Diane, 144 Perks, Charles, 92,144 Perrine, Jack, 144 Perrine, Judi, 37,144,166 Petersen, Patricia, 144 Peterson, Dave, 144 Philpott, Donald, 144 Pierce, Sheran, 32,144 Piorkowski, Kathleen, 32,145 Pipher, Doylene, 46,145 Pitts, Linda, 32,33,40,4B,65,145 Pitts, Sandra, 145 Plasting, Victoria, 145 Poole, Carol, 47,145 Poppe, Nina, 145 Porter, Jean, 145 Porter, Walter, 145 Potts, Jerry, 145 Powell, Earl, 145 Pratt, Mary, 145 Primrose, Ray, 45,145 Prosnik, John, 100,145 Proznick, Ann, 145 Puckett, Theresa, 145 Q Quinn, Nora, 145 R Raberding, Garry, 145 Radford, Howard, 89,145 Rager, Tim, 88,145 Randall, Louise, 145 Reed, Pot, 145 Regis, Linda, 47,145 Reid, Sandra, 145 Reitenour, Sharon, 40,47,145 Rembert, Davis, 92,145 Reyman, Bill, 145 Rice, Don, 145 Rice, Lynn, 145 Richards, John, 42,145 Richardson, Gary, 44,84,145 Richardson, Robert, 145 Richtar, Russell, 70,75,97,145 Riley, Colleen, 145 Ritchey, Diane, 145 Robertson, Sharon, 47,145 Robinson, Carl, 145 Robinson, Ollie, 145 Robison, Lillian, 145 Rockson, Richard, 75,145 Rodgers, Elizabeth, 35,47,146 Rodriguez, Luis, 146 Rogers, Dennis, 146 Rogone, Barbara, 146 Road, Don, 87,847,146 Road, Sandra, 46,146 Ross, Linda, 19,32,33,40,135, 146 Rowlan, Patricia, 146 Roybal, George, 146 Ruis, Bob, 32,34,135,146 Rush, Virginia, 146 Rutgers, David, 146 Ryan, Bob, 85,94,96,146 Ryan, Mike, 85,146 Rybczynski, Roman, 146 S Samson, David, 146 Sauerheber, Carole, 40,146 Sawyer, Bob, 78,B5,146 Saxton, Richard, 92,146 Scheel, Bob, 79,146 Schellman, Ruth, 146 Schlack, Bob, 146 Schneider, Anne Marie, 146 Schneider, Suzanne, 37,46,146 Schroeder, Elizabeth, 47,146 Schupbach, Tom, 8B,90,146 Scoville, Nanci, 34,146 Servin, Dan, 146 Sharpe, Stephanie, 146 Sikora, Ronald, 78,91,146 Silberstein, Paul, 44,135 Sinclair, Jennie, 32,39,47,146 166 Slayton, Sharon, 146 Sled, Shirley, 146 Smalley, Reed, 87,146 Smith, Byron, 146 Smith, Cheryl, 146 Smith, David B., 38 Smith, Dan, 146 Smith, James, 146 Smith, Jim, 97,146 Smith, Joyce, 146 Smith, Margaret, 146 Smith, Michael, 146 Snowhill, Patricia, 35,46,146 Solberg, Terry, 146 Satraidis, Tom, 146 Spaccarotelli, Sam, 71,75,87,146 Spellman, George, 73,87,100, 146 Spon, Ray, 88,146 Srom, Susan, 147 Stafford, Bob, 147 Stamps, Kristy, 40,135,147 Starks, Mike, 147 Stoh, Ron, 33,68,75,98,99,100, 147 Stone, Bill, 75,147 Straily, Dennis, 147 Strawn, Nancy, 147 Stringer, Gloria, 147 Stuart, Karen, 32,33,35,36,49, SOPHOMORES Atwood, Marilyn, 150,163 Austin, James, 150 Avery, Nancy, 44,150 Azar, James, 89,150 B Baca, Geraldine, 150 Bailey, Robert, 150 Baity, Mike, 150 Baker, Joan, 150 Bancroft, Dennis, 150 Bangle, Wanda, 150 Barkley, James, 150 Barlow, Wanda, 150 Barnes, Marie, 150 Bortelli, Angelo, 150 Baruch, Ethel, 60,150 Basham, Joanne, 150 Batson, Tim, 42,8B,150 Bauder, Nancy, 150 Behan, Terry, 150 Bell, Dianna, 150 Bell, Penny, 150 Bell, Roscoe, 150 Bellomy, Larry, 92,150 Bellows, Gale, 150 Benitez, Arthur, 85,100,150 Bernal, Mary, 150 Berns, Karl, 150 Bieniek, Larry, 75,84-,97,150 Bigelow, Annette, 150 Bishop, Judy, 42,56,150 Bishop, Mary Lou, 151 Babeng, Michealle, 151 Bobrow, William, 85,151 Bokari, Shirley, 151 Barkowski, Konnie, 151 Boruchin, lsak, 151 Bothum, Linda, 32,151 Bower, Rodney, 88,90,151 Boyd, Kenneth, 79,100,151 Bracken, Roger, 151 Bradley, Johnny, 100,151 Bradshaw, Larry, 84,97 Brandt, James, 151 Brennan, Trudie, 151 Britt, Helen, 151 Brooks, Cheryl, 151 Brumett, Owen, 43,151 Bryan, Joe, 151 Buchanan, Maxine, 151 Buhl, Rosemary, 151 Burke, Louise, 151 Burkhardt, Patricia, 151 Burns, Timmy, 85,151 Butler, Moryhelen, 151 C Calderon, Consuela, 151 Caldwell, Jeri, 41,42,43,151 Calhoun, Carol, 151 Calvin, Larry, 38,151 147 Sturgeon, Rhoda, 147 Swearingen, Edna, 147,163 T Tomm, Paul, 147 Taylor, David, 8B,90,147 Taylor, David, 147 Thomas, Alroy, 38,79,100,147 Thompson, Sharon, 46,147 Thompson, Keith, 147,163 Tinkler, Shirley, 147 Tocco, Nina, 147 Todd, Lee, 100,147 Townley, Robert, 147 Townley, Shirley, 147 Traugott, Linda, 147,166 Trinnois, Tim, 147 Truitt, Carolyn, 147 Tunstall, Melody, 147 U Underwood, Dick, 147 Urban, Joyce, 35,47,147 V Vasquez, Maria, 147 Vesentine, Johnny, 38,147 Vigil, James, 147 Viveros, David, 147 Viveros, Helen, 147 Voiku, Beth, 32,33,40,48,135, 147 W Wachtel, Kathy, 32,35,40,47, 147 Wallner, Ed, 147 Warner, John, 44,147 Warner, Linda, 40 Washburn, Maxine, 46,147 Waters, Sharon, 147 Watson, John, 147 Weatherton, James, 38 Weaver, Suzan, 50,135,147, 163 Webb, Jim, 87,147 Weber, Marilyn, 148 Weipert, Louise, 56,148 Weitzel, Cheryl, 148 West, Eddie, 148 Wheat, William, 90,148 Wiley, Ellyn, 148 Willingham, Joe, 38 Williams, Bob, 148 Williams, Judy, 148 Williamson, Donald, 84,148 Wilson, Mike, 148 Wiltse, Ronald, 135,148 Wood, Jack, 78,100,148 Woods, Judy, 148 Woolley, Don, 34,88,90,14B, 166 wyne, Allen, 38,143 Y Yerman, Ronald, 148 Young, Fred, 148 Young, Janice, 148 Z Zeigler, Carolyn, 46,148 Ziglar, Valerie, 14B Camaioni, Jennifer, 151 Campbell, James, 151 Carmer, Bonnie, 151 Castellanos, Becky, 151 Castro, Ron, 78,151 Chase, Jeanetta, 151 Chavez, Robert, 87,151 Cist, Bob, 151 Clancy, Bettie, 151 Clark, Lowell, 78,97,151 Clark, Oscar, 100,151 Clark, Steve, 78,151 Clymire, Patty, 149,151 Codner, Billie, 151 Collie, Joann, 151 Collier, Vance, 151 Collins, John, 38,151,163 Collins, Martha, 151 Collins, Stephen, 38,151 Colville, Terry, 87,90,151 Contreras, Mercy, 151 Cooper, Sandy, 151 Copeland, Carl, 38,152 Cordova, Eulises, 152 Cornell, Mary, 152 Costa, Steven, 149,152 Crandall, Norvaleen, 152 Cunningham, Nancy, 152 Curlett, Laura, 152 Curran, Bill, 88,90,152 Curry, Margaret, 152 D Daniel, Danny, 152 Daniel, Kathryn, 152 Daniels, Willie, 100,152 Daup, Joanne, 152 Davies, Mary, 152 Davis, Coral, 152 Davis, Carolyn, 152 Davis, Susan, 152 Day, Judy, 152 Dayley, Rickey, 152 Deason, Alvin, 152 DeBlasio, Norma, 152 DeLair, David, 79,100,152 DeMeyer, Donald, 152 DeWitt, Marlene, 152 Diaz, John, 152 Dillon, Marshall, 32,152 Dockary, Nathan, 152 Donnel, Marie, 152 Donohue, Barbara, 152 Dorman, Barbara, 152 Dorsett, Mary Lou, 152 Downs, Dennis, 152 Driggers, Judy, 152 Drugg, Toni, 152 Dunn, James, 43,87,97,152 DuSablon, Kathryn, 43,152 E Eby, Dottie, 152 Edzards, Randy, 152 Ellerd, Jim, 152 Elliott, Bill, 84,100,152 Elliott, Mara, 152 Ellis, Kathryn, 152 Ellsworth, Gene, 152 Engelhard, Bonnie, 152 English, James, 152 Estrada, Frank, 152 Ewing, Barbara, 152 F Fahrney, Joe, 152 Faidiga, Kathleen, 153 Faire, Frances, 153 Faris, Al, 75,84,100,153 Faubion, Sue, 153 Fehn, Neil, 153 Felmlee, Joyce, 153 Ferguson, Betty, 153 Ferguson, John, 153 Ferrell, Roger, 153 Finazza, Mary, 153 Fischer, Elizabeth, 153 Fleeman, Brenda, 153 Flescher, Brian, 153 Flores, Larry, 153 Flores, Rachel, 153 Fogel, Ronald, 38,153 Fols, James, 38,153 Fontana, Anna, 153 Freeman, Bill, 153 Frisby, Earlene, 153 G Gall, Mike, 153 Gallardo, Arthur, 153 Gallo, Sam, 87,153 Garber, Melvin, 153 Garcia, Arthur, 153 Garcia, Larry, 153 Gatlin, William, 153 Gaumond, James, 153 Gaydon, Keith, 153 Genda, Paul, 153 George, William, 79,90,153 Giardina, Danna, 40,153 Gilbertson, Milfred, 153 Gilfert, Judy, 153 Giolito, Mario, 153 Gleason, Ray, 153 Gochanour, Beverly, 153 Godinez, James, 97,153 Gomez, Rudy, 79,100,153 Gonzalez, Marie, 153 Gorham, Richard, 45,153 Garski, Margaret, 39,153 Granus, Phyllis, 153 Graybill, Eugene, 153 Greco, Jean, 153 Greenwood, Joann, 41,153 Grim, Jimmy, 153 Griswold, Sam, 153 Graff, Nancy, 153 Gronek, James, 153 Gross, Wilton, 100 Groulx, Ted, 153 Gustavson, Dianna, 153 H Haaland, Alice, 154 Harbison, Linda, 153 Horde, Thomas, 153 Hardy, Sheila, 154 Harley, James, 90,154 Harp, Bonnie, 154 Harper, Linda, 42,154 Harris, Jody, 154 Hashu, Terry, 89,154 Haynes, Victor, 79,100 Hemphill, Ronald, 154 Hendrix, Linda, 154 Hendrickson, Sharon, 154 Hernandez, Ruben, 154 Heydenreich, Bob, 78,90,154 Hill, Joycelyn, 154 Holland, Jean, 43,154,163 Holt, Ron, 32,154 Holley, Sharon, 154 Honaker, Donald, 154 Hopkins, Billy, 78,154 Hotelling, Michael, 154 Householder, Pat, 154 Hubble, Robert, 90,154 Hughes, John, 78,154 Hull, Joe, 154 Husted, Judy, 40,154 Hunter, Tom, 154 I lngraham, David, 45,85,88,97, 154 Ingram, David, 97,154 lrwin, Lynne, 44,154 Irwin, Pamela, 154 Ivens, Jerry, 154 J Jackson, Ramona, 154 Jacob, Christine, 154 Jasper, Mike, 154 Jennings, Jackie, 154 Jennings, Paul, 100,154 Jeras, Judith, 154 Jimenez, Mauel, 154 Johnsen, Kerp, 87,154 Johnson, Amelia, 154 Johnson, David, 154 Johnson, Delbert, 154 Jones, Sally, 154 K Keheley, Michael, 84,154 Keith, David, 87,154 Keller, Marlin, 154 Kennard, Robert, 78,154 Keyes, Dale, 154 Kilpatrick, Joel, 154 Kirby, Jon, 155 Knaus, Frederick, 40,97,155 Koehler, Judy, 155 Koonce, Fred, 155 Kosmala, Gary, 100,155 Kovacs. Karl, 155 Kramer, Marilyn, 155 Kraniac, William, 38,155 Kruger, Eric, 155 Kutansky, Julia, 155 Kutil, Judith, 155 L Lahti, Edward, 90,155 Laliberle, Priscilla, 155 Lammers, Glenda, 155 Lone, Russell, 155 Larson, Sheryl, 43,155 Lawrence, Donald, 155 Lawrence, Henry, 155 Lawrence, Maddy, 155,163 Layne, Albert, 155 Lazcano, Lupe, 155 Leefeld, Harold, 155 Lenard, Bernadine, 155 Lend, Sandra, 155 Lerner, Andrew, 155 Leslie, Reggie, 88,90,155 Lewin, Barbara, 155 Lewis, JoAnn, 155 Lewis, Karen, 155 Leyva, Nellie, 155 Lindell, Walter, 84.155 Liptak, Neila, 32,155 Lisk, Vicki, 155 Lisonbee, Jeraldene, 155 Loera, Flarencio, 155 Logsdon, Tony, 155 Lucas, John, 155 Luna, Patsy, 155 Lundberg, Alice, 156 Lundstrom, Jeffrey, 88,90,156 Lyons, Donald, 43,156 M McCoy, Rodney, 156 McCue, Kathleen, 42,156 McCullough, David, 87,156 McGlathery, Carol, 156 McGuire, Roger, 156 Mcllwaine, John, 89,156 McKernan, Lillian, 156,166 McKernan, William, 38,156 McLaughlin, Spike, 38,156 Matfei, Christine, 43,156 Magana, Johnny, 100,156 Malmberg, Larry, 38,156 Malmstrom, Dorothy, 40,156 Manning, Karen, 44,156 Mark, Clifford, 156 Markley, Bill, 156 Marovich, Mike, 38,156 Marquardl, Marilyn, 156 Marquez, Virginia, 156 Marruio, David, 38,156 Martin, Nancy, 156 Martin, Richard, 156 Martinez, Alice, 156 Martinez, Gloria, ,156 Mason, David, 156 Mathe, Louis, 88,90,156 Mattson, Dennis, 79,156 May, Ralph, 156 Mays, Carolyn, 156 Mayzsak, Evelyn, 32,156 Mead, Noble, 156 Mead, Ray, 78 Medina, Richard, 156 Mendoza, Anita, 156 Mesa, Tom, 156 Messner, Gabriel, 156 Michallef, Pat, 78,87,90,156 Mick, James, 156 Miller, David, 156 Miller, Gary, 156 Millette, Philip, 156 Miro, Dennis, 156 Mohr, Paul, 156 Moniak, Larry, 157 Montelongo, Dianna, 157 Montoya, Jeanette, 157 Moore, James, 157 Moore, Johnny, 84,157 Moore, Richard, 88,157 Morehouse, Elizabeth, 157 Morris, Betty, 157 Morris, Howard, 157 Morrow, Wilson, 161 Morton, Paula, 157 Moscrop, Dale, 157 Muchler, Alonea, 157 Mueller, Kurt, 157 Muldrew, Raymond, 157 Murray, Carol, 157 Myers, David, 38,157 Myers, Robert, 157 N Nacsin, Chuck, 97,157 Neal, David, 45,157 Newcomb, Phyllis, 161 Nielsen, Paul, 157 Nikodem, Carl, 88,157 Nikodem, Carol, 157 Nixon, George, 42,149,157 Nixon, Stella, 43,157 Noelke, Richard, 157 Noon, Dennis, 157 0 Ochoa, Manuel, 38,100,157 Ochoa, Robert, 157 Olliney, Bettie, 157 O'Neill, Darlene, 157 Onken, Jim, 157 Orndorff, Karen, 157 Ornelas, Robert, 157 Orr, Ralph, 157 Osborn, Eric, 157 Osterhus, Damond, 88,90,157 Overturf, Ronald, 157 Owens, Judy, 157 P Paez, Mercedes, 157 Palmer, lda, 157 Palmer, Margo, 157 Parker, Elizabeth, 157 Parkinson, Linda, 157 Peck, Deanna, 158 Peck, Lois, 158 Pederson, Mike, 158 Perdue, James, 158 Peretin, John, 158 Perez, Tony, 158 Perrigo, Betty, 158,166 Perring, Ronnie, 158 Peterman, Juanita, 158 Peterson, Ronald, 158 Peterson, Dave, 158 Philbin, Robert, 158 Philbrook, James, 158 Pinheiro, Melvin, 158 Pizzica, Richard, 87,158 Plaut, Helene, 158 Pope, Patti, 51,158 Poppe, Donna, 158 Porter, Carolyn, 158 Porter, Frank, 158 Porter, James, 79,100,158 Pruitt, Chipper, 158 Q Quintana, Sandra, 158 R Roger, Mary, 37,90,158 Rairigh, Ardeena, 158 Rambaud, Karl, 88,90,158 Rambaud, Laura, 158 Ramirez, Richard, 158 Ramsey, Connie, 158 Ravitch, Alan, 158 Rawls, Peggy, 43,158 Ray, Vincent, 158 Redding, Judy, 158 Reich, Sharon, 158 Renfro, Donald, 38,158 Renfro, Linda, 43,158 Reynolds, Karen, 149,158 Robel, Marion, 158 Roberts, Patricia, 158 Robertson, Barbara, 44,158 Robinson, Anthony, 158 Robinson, Kenny, 158 Rodriguez, Priscilla, 158 Roias, Tony, 158 Romero, Juan, 90,158 Rosenkild, Dennis, 90,158 Ross, Dennis, 158 Rowe, Peggy, 159 Roy, Karen, 159 Rue, Leslie, 159 Rutino, Atilano, 79,159 Rush, Sandra, 159 Rush, Jeanne, 159 Russell, Betty, 159 Russell, Tom, 159 S Sample, Rose, 159 Sand, Howard, 159 Sandoval, Yolanda, 159 Sauer, Vicki, 159,163 Saunders, Richard, 159 Saunders, Vernon, 159 Scheel, Barbara, 159 Schmus, Harry, 44,159 Schroeder, Mark, 159 Schur, Rayeann, 159 Schwartz, Barry, 42,78,87,159 Schwartz, Larry, 78,90,100,159 Seibert, Don, 159 Senk, Sandra, 159 Severton, Maureen, 159 Shipman, Duncan, 159 Shipp, Bobbie, 149,159 Silguera, Mary, 159 Simon, David, 159 Simon, Gerald, 159 Simpson, Junior, 159 Sinatra, Bernadette, 159 Small, Ronnie, 159 ,- Smith, Harvey, 76,77,84,94,159 Smith, Joyce, 159 Solis, Leona, 159 Solomon, Gloria, 159 Spaccatotelli, Tony, 78 Stevens, Cathie, 51,159,163 Stinnett, Gloria, 160 Stinson, Dave, 160 Stockwell, Terry, 79,160 Straube, Jack, 160 Stumpf, Surber, Priscilla, 43,160 Gary, 160 Swotsenbarg, Sharon, 160 Sykes, Walter, 160 T Traman, Donald, 78,87,100,160 Thomas, Mary, 160 Thomas Thomas Thornto Thurma 160 , Richard, 160 , Terry, 160 n, Jim, 160 n, Chester, 43,44,79,100 Tocco, Michael, 38,160 Tout, Teri, 43,160 Trane, Nick, 160 Truan, Mike, 160 Truxton, Loren, 44,160 Tutorow, Charles, 160 U Uhalley, Charles, 7B,97,160 Underwood, lva, 160 V Valleco rsa, Andrew, 160 Vallero, Joyce, 160 Vandenberg, Alyce, 160 Vansan Vasque t, Barbara, 160 z, Eddie, 101,160 Vedo, Robert, 79,92,160 Vennum, Dickie, 38,160 Vernon, Doyal, 38,160 Vincent, John, 84,88,94,160 Vinson, Dennie, 160 Vinson, Diana, 160 Volk, Ramona, 160 Voriego, Grace, 160 W Wadley, Nancy, 160 Wadsen, Donald, 84,160 Wagne r, Dorena, 160 Wohweah, Barbara, 160 Walker, Earl, 160 Wall, Bill, 160 Wall, Fairel, 160 Wallace, Mike, 38,160 Wallner, Joseph, 160 Walsh, Sheila, 160 Walstad, Karen, 160 Waltman, Judy, 160 Wammack, Sammy, 89,160 Warner, Marilyn, 161 Wallen, Melvin, 161 Watten Webb, barger, Toni, 161 silly, 38,161 Weddle, Warren, 43,84,161 Weese, Clifford, 161 Wells, Wells, Janice, 161 Jim, 87,161 West, Jacqueline, 161 West, Ronnie, 161 Westbrook, Marquita, 161 Wheeler, Sandra, 161 Wheeler, William, 161 White, Gary, 86,97,161 Williams, Verne, 161 Wilmin ko, Lynrae, 161 Wilson, Dan, 42,161 Winwler, Kenneth, 45,161 Woodburn, Barbara, 161 Wooden, Richard, 79 Wooden, Roland, 161 Woodford, Leroy, 161 Woods, Art, 85,97,161 Wright, Rex, 161 Wright, Robert, 161 Wyatt, Wyatt, Y Lester, 161 Richard, 84 Yakovich, Mark, 97,161 Yakovich, Martha, 51,161 Yorke, Barbara, 32,33,161 Young, Young, Young, Z Gary, 161 Harry, 161 Jim, 161 Zaritsky, Sheldon, 161 Zay, Edward, 161 Zielke, Delbert, 161 Zimmerman, Raymond, 161 Zumwalt, George, 161 X .!4CLI'l0LllL6lg2l'I'leI'lf6 I ff . 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Suggestions in the Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) collection:

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1961, pg 94

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