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ff? 'x K 5 :fl M? wg! 1 . H ,. V U, r V ' 'mi 1 , r ' N W ' 1 V j V Q1 ,N NANX N. Y H N: ff Lf' ' ,, N , I XL X V 1 , N N .M 1 N U lg P J L ,Lx , uv 1, . , ,, ,ff A A 5. X ' 1 Y J W J, .1 MJ! 1 EP , N JO Rf .W X , . , S' ' ' F . Y, yg -1 xr .. , , , , , ,, Q XC 0 A I, ox Q My , 4 ,. Q 1 ' A' XS' yr .- V7 ,Nix . 3, A f J J 214-, ,I gs , 0 . - M 1. M fn' 'A L , my ,iff .' 1.1-Q ,: r -v x dy. ag, fx U - ' v,iy,,,1, ' ,,4,5xy,,,y y- ' K .,,fQ,,,.gL'.x.y, V ,7.'W.134 M,-5,.,"w.JY , ,Wifi 9 . M" " 241, y ' :,j,1-43.94, , 'NA' ,HWS ,QQ 1 ,M ,'q,,gg.,.4wy.1:,' W , , 1 . ,., g P A' .f N ..... -g:rrg,14:1:e,pAgf,f21Af.3,5'BFL, 1 f rf L, mf ,.,.,.,.,,,m ' mc N - Q 'V ' 44-wff,.,f f. .U K ,mn . - 'S+ 2 ff 7 -H-f - fu , 'uri ' - 1 QV . 5 , ' ,ty 5:--w?"-H,- QL, ,W'12Q3Ca?f.f4 'Ag ti 1, ' "K "' f f' ' P. ,r , 'i" '92-5'gg,Qq r-,.-. rg-gg , ,' 1, -hge-, fy K .ibjuix-.vw V , 6 - gvsi-,Ar ' 'Tb' I , , ',Lg,," X151 H'-I.,-g fifilf -3 ' - '. ' Y 5 Q :K f - 1 ' f , .-, V, . 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This to So here it -is, your 1960 rea Splrxf' you ui os much as engoyed puthng nt Gary Jcmkcu Editor K TABLE Aciiuities' gf A Q mg? x ,f SOPKQWQ qw x 'U X 3 W 37:1 "f ,A.L .gig K . ,, I' z Q 5 5 . . ,D 1-fs. ' r ,lr-4 r ' M , . , , M S 1 .1 t " ' ' 5 I f A -fl - w ' 5 . y ji," ' 455 ' 1 , 1 Y , V , : ML f ,Q pi . ' ', , 55 H I . Z I . ,gli K fagmwm W V 5 K, I , ,I J 5 ' , It - F1-5 f.,.1I.'If"Y-f1"'?vW,.,.-,.:,,Kx-v-'?1 'f . . ' 'N 1,7 I 2 f 3,2 ' f 'ly' ."i !7'3.A',', U 1 'Q-'Y .', IJ ,,f , , 1 f V'.v',.YI D K -. . , - ...ijrfw-A .Q-w 155 . Q I A ." ff i"f:"l'lL? l'f'TN-XV +- -.M.a...:' f M.-,, , , ., Af-1, ' ':,U- 11 1 1, , . , ,L -"..Q..z,,gQ,--J,.M,,,,W :,,,,,5,,, I ., , In 'J' "1 'JA1-. JV 'V 'X . ' " 4 Qflvw ' k'!"""""fjZ12,V'f1 Q 1 ---ffmf -, MQ, ,,,, t - , ,' 1. 'J , ij: I'-1' n 1 , T' . 2 f' ,, 'J 'QfQf55:gJ" -A ,iv f 'HM "' W' ' f'T'Q!"'1 . f ,We I 'im -I Y 3 A S f H . V " 'JA ' ' - ' ' ' V' '- ' W . Wm .5wi,:'1g',' V ' 1 A W "I I "J "iQ'54'e-Q9T,i?,Q1f-iw-'f.4 f' , ., ' " '- ' W'.WT"-"iff,-1 V., , M ,f L, , . , f -, mf?-'--wg -- , v. ' ' . .S ' .lg M J gn 7,5 N ,5. V, :wwe Wm- "LVM, 5 Et' T' , : y V , V, A if WM W ,fl V 7533: 'R qi, fftkb '34, . -f v f 1 ' iw' . 1- " 1 , L -' f I , Qzaimvw. ' 'LMA U. ff.- Aw 1' " V "A ' . . . , . A, . , H-, , K' ' A - , 5 ' A ' ' -'J' ' - A . . , t V. , , , ,L f,-,M m'Tm1-,:A.3,fv? QF . Y I , - . ' A i 'H H A .- -.-.f-5w.,4w,m4si1?,17C?' , Y ,. M -A . , . A 4 f fn Q. f 1 J Q , ? ' f ' Q H ,N yxff ff ,, ' 4 1 'Aiwa , gf, ' '1 -f, 1 V - 1 4 ' v - ' ,Q-. ft 5 I , A . I , , ,E-, f, I . L, VH' ' X A' ' W , K 1 A .- ,. :har , , ' vfi, 15" t ,, 71 ' 5, , . fb Q '- AWWWW L Af I 'lfuwmrwwxnbw www-7 , , x"" M . ,, .. t. 'ff f,""w -WLM ....4,L0,..,,W,.k . ' ' ' jx ,A Lf.L,,,f. . . L,Q,..,,iwg1' . ""Tn"2?ff"f-ff: ' 'N H V7 , ':f"'f"w tl-1 A K' Lili ' -i 93. x M L w.,M...,,L,Q,.X1.mM,Wm, i ,x W -' A A I . -. ' ' . ,Q 'H ii. f' -'Af' A 7 W1 'ffvfs W, . 1. . ' H ,A nw, J . I. 'K , K A "' 1 4 I ' 4 - ,' , 4 . I I ' v fp r -.Q 4 5 1 ' . if 1 1 4 nfl: Ow., Campus Lett to right are Robert Dopf, Robert Olsen, Dr. Ferd Kiesel, Mrs, Frieda Murray, Dr Gerald Mraz. 'Dr. Ferd Kiesel, who as superintendent of the Fontana Unified School District has to spread his attention to the different schools,'has given Fohi more than iust a passing concern and has taken a genuine interest in what students do and what their many activities include. Besides his regular duties and working with the Board of Trustees, he also is awak- ening the citizens of the community to Fohi's growing needs and accomplishments. During the years he has held this position of superintendent, the public has found him qualified and worthy of its support, and he has managed to do much for the school, especially in the way of constructional and scholastic improvements, Dr. Kiesel served as superintendent three and one-halt years, until January l, 1960! His successor was not known at Fohi press time. ADMlN IQTPJATIC Ernest R, Camfield, Fohi's principal, is probably the busiest man on campus, yet he still has the time and interest to talk with the many students who come to him with their problems and complaints. He also takes a more than active interest in all the activities that students participate in. Mr. Camfield maiored in music at the University of Southern California, and after being principal of Upland Junior High, he came to Fohiein its first year as a high school. ,Since he came here as prin- cipal, the school has changed beyond description in its outward appearance, but it has been under his influence that the most important internal changes have been made and that student govern- ment has developed and flourished, Certainly Fohi would not be what it is today without him. Robert Redfield Vice Principal Ernest R. Camfield Principal Robert Redfield, vice principal, is another person on campus who has many varied duties and re- sponsibilities. A few examples of his responsibilities are directing and coordinating all aspects of the guidance and counseling program, making teaching assignments, and ordering all textbooks, NEVI LLE ABRAHAM English CHARD CLARK ience FA CU LTV Teaching students so that they may be better able to cope with what may arise in their later lives and to prepare them for their future careers is a iob that Fohi faculty members perform to the high- est degree of perfection. Mixing with the students, ioking, advising, and sponsoring extracurricular activities keep the faculty busy and leave them very little time to call their own. In fact, they do all the things that go to make them that well-remembered part of school life that remains in the hearts of students the rest of their FRANK ARMSTRONG Math, Electricity DONNA BARRICK 'Wes' Drama, History DONALD BROWN MICHAEL BITZKO VIRGIL CAMP History, Ceramics History Music KENNETH CARTZDAFNER English WILLIAMVCAWLFIELD A ' f'-ir Hmmf1'y13'-i11a,1, , N M E r Physicolliducationy 5 RICHARDWDRAKE A , . fk" Science, Physical Education MARY ANN CHRISTEN Nurse DARRELL CHRISTENSEN Science DONALD EITELMAN Music GWEN ELLIFF Librarian JAMES HANDGIS Math MYRL HARMAN Mechanical Drawing 9 . .L me-:rs 4- fum, J A ig fe Mez' .t Y, 'A E Q 4 1512335 , Q, M il if in we X ithriii W5-if' it-i.5.'i'4-bln, if " -M i,s, ,My 4 T 5' .,, yi' FIM? 9 T fe- 'fs1s1AXz6'fat HARVEY HART GEORGE HENNEY PHILIP HENRY EUGENE HIGBEE LEONARD HILL HARRY IVERSON Shop Math English Spanish AFV Mfllh ,. , ig f -.1 vs,-'54, -g ig : HAROLD KING ROBERT JOHNSTON Mechanical Man' Drawing MARY LOU KINNEKIN Homemaking "A what's a matter with the team?" BERNICE KNOBLOCH LOUIS I-ARSON Physical Educalion 5h0P KATHRYN LIESSE JACK LYTHGOE WILLIAM McCLEI.LAN Science Journalism, Photography Woodwork TONI McDONALD JUNE McMINN LOUIS MALORY ANITA MANELL HENRY MERKLE Business Education Business Educalicn English English Science, Hislory EUGENE MITCHELL CHARLOTTE MUMFORD LES NAGLER Business Education Physical Education Physical Education DEAN NEWELL English VIVIAN OLIVER Physical Education LEO OMILIAK Latin, German I-4? 7'?llug 'fin "Aha! Now I know where you keep itI" JOHN SANFORD TOBIAS SANTARELLI Drivers Education, English Business Education l'l WILLIAM REUTER Drivers Education, History WAYNE RUBLE Vocational Guidance WILLIAM SCOTT Spanish, Physical Education DAVID SHADE Business Education ALICE SHAFER History AUSTIN SNYDER Physical Education HARVEY SNYDER Drivers Education ROBERT STEARNS Drivers Education, History DARREL TAYLOR Physical Education MARION THUM JACK TRUAN JUDY VAILL RICHARD WHINNERY WILLIAM WHITE FRED WHITLEDGE l'l0"19mUlll'I9 History Physical Education History, Drivers Education English History Drivers Education JOHN YOUNT Shop RUSS YOUNG Physical Education, Drivers Education BETH YOUNT Homemaking "You all just better not cheat! Front row, left to right, Marguerite Stewart, Maureen McGinness, Howard Proud. Back row, left to right, Glen Cargyle, Garland Rogers Larry Blevins, Albert Zamsky, Tad Bottin. QTAFF James Martin, grounds proctor, is a familiar figure around the campus and is know by everyone. His duties include supervising loading and unloading of school buses, sorting and distributing mail, and patrol- ing campus grounds and facilities, watching for signs of misconduct of students. Another very important group of staff members is the secretaries who are kept busy typing and handling other such school business without whose services the school could not be run smoothly and efficiently, JAMES MARTIN Grounds Proctor Mrs. Ruth Coldiron, Mrs. Ellen Smith, and Miss Margaret Thorpe. Mrs. Beth Axtell and Mrs. Elsie Moser, Counselors' Secretdfiet Principals' Secretaries. Mrs. Jess Nepper and Mrs. Lois Kruisgr M ' ' Records and Attenddncef' Mrs. wsnae Kolls and Mrs. vein-Q stewart, 13 library Secretaries. A A A ACTIVITIES Fam 16 Wmfwu Qpwi-Mg Classes va 3 M.. 15 MARCIA HUBERT Head Varsity Cheerleader Yea Maroon! Yea White! roared the crowd of Steeler fans as the peppy varsity cheerleaders led them in the spirited yells. School spirit has seen a great improve- ment this year at Fohi, and it mainly is due to such efforts and skill of these girls, who have done a terrific iob, PEP SQUAD Varsity Cheerleaders left to right are Cindy Mraz, Gloria Steiner, Connie Moore, Alexia Costa and Marcia Hubert. Another pep group that de- serves recognition is the Bee cheerleaders, who have done a lot for team spirit at the Bee games. Leading cheers and getting people to yell at the Bee games where not too many people are in attendance takes a great deal of ability, and these girls have cer' tainly proved they have it. SUE TURNER Bee Head Cheerleader vm Bee Cheerleaders, left to right, are Juanita Ross, Gertrude Silagy, Sue Turner, Delores Silva, and Judy Simmons. cv . ,cad wifi ' .1 ffl" hx X, I f 7 .r-Q15 , i. lf. 'F xi N xg-, Efffivi ? .M 4 ' ,H 4.7 , K , Fai' A ,mf 1 J. ,.f- 1 DENNIS WHITE Guard FoIw2oPw5wi2 Charles Deagle l45t changed the tide early in battle between Fontana Steelers and the Pacific Pirates in the Orange Show Stadium. Deagle scored all three touchdowns sparking a 20-13 victory over the Pirates. Playing Pacific at the Orange Show Stadium in the opening game of Citrus Belt League play, the never-say-die Steelers pulled a well-earned upset, as they downed the favorite Pirates 20-13, The win was a big moral boost to everyone, as Fohi dropped its two opening games 48-O at the hands of a classy Santa Ana and 20-O at the hands ofa power- ful John Muir. It was midway through the first quarter when speedy halfback Charlie Deagle took a pass from Mike Hull to give the Steelers their first 7 points of GARY BRIGGS, Fullback the game and the season, Pacific bounced right back, however, and scored 6 points. But on the ensuing kickoff, Deagle electrified the fans as he took a handoff from T. C. McClellan and raced 75 yards for the second touchdown of the game for the home team. Deagle then scored his third touchdown on a 37 yard reverse, which brought the score up to 20-6. The Pirates made the final score of the game with less than 10 minutes left in the game, ending -it 20-13. JERRY SLED, Guard CLYDE GONZALES, Tackle ERIC SHAFER, End t1olw24QcmBwlw2a y Duane Horsley l43l, John Johnson UD, and John Sample l3'll team up to haul down explosive Eddie Williams ol Son Bernardino. Playing host to San Bernardino, the home team rolled over the visiting Cardinals 34-28 in a game that had fans on the edge of their seats until the final gun had sounded. This was the second straight league win, which was also considered the finest game ever played in the Steeler Stadium. lt was lust three plays after the opening kickoff that Mike Hull connected with end Bob Meyer for the first score of the game, This, however, was iust the beginning of a scoring duel that was to last the rest of the night, The Steelers opened the second half when Charlie Deagle again stunned the fans as he took a perfect handoff from T. C. McClellan and raced 77 yards to the San Bernardino 8-yard line. Spellman then went around the left side for his second touchdown of the game, putting the Steelers ahead 27-14. But the Steelers proved they had what it takes as they marched 90 yards for the final score of the game which put them in the lead for good 34-28. BRUCE WHEATON, End BOB MEYER, End P05110 VT? NR 0 '-f 21 E T has - x T 'fi A 3 , af M, Jesse Mitchell, Tom Piorkowski, Dennis Reed, Eric Shafer, and Bob Kerr anxiously wait to see more action in the Ramona game. RAMONA VS FOHI Hosting the Ramona Rams, the Steelers received their first taste of defeat in league action, as they were shutout by the visitors 21-O. The home team iust couldn't 'seem to click, as they couldn't get past the Ram defense, and lost three fumbles, two of which Ramona turned into touchdowns, Ramona's quarterback Ken Zachary accounted for the three Ram scores, as he passed to Jim Steiner with less than two minutes left in the first half for the first TD of the game. Zachary's other two scoring passes were to halfbacks Larry Meyer, and Tom Maior. It looked like the Steelers still might make the grade in the second half, but a pass interception and fumble spelled defeat for the home squad. BOB BRACKEN, Center TOM PIORKOWSKI, End BOB KERR, Tackle STEVE MAXWELL, Guard ' 14 24 DENNIS REED, Center Dennis Reed, T. C. McClellan, and Gary Holbrook come in to cover a loose ball, as Sonny Spellman Jerry Sled, and Bob Kerr come in to assist their teammates. lt was a cold and bitter night as the Steelers clashed head-on with the powerful Redlands Terriers, who set Fontana rocking back on their heels. lt was Redlands right from the beginning, as they drove for three touchdowns before Fohi could get on the scoreboard. It was late in the second quarter when Charlie Deagle ran 47 yards, after the Steelers abandoned their new offense and went back to the wing-T formation, for Fohi's initial touchdown. The Steelers bounced back, however, and marched 77 yards behind fine passing of Byron Glass, who hit Deagle in the end zone from the 'I6-yard line for the last tally of the game. TOM MCCULLOCH, Center MIKE GODINEZ, Tackle JOHN JOHNSON, Hallback It was Fontana all the way, as the home team, sparked by the fme running of CHARLES D Charlie Deagle' who personally chalked up 245 yards, handed the visiting Yellow jackets a 26-0 defeat. There was only one 3-yard line. The Steelers, has a lst and l0 on the The Steelers scored his first TD, this one from got on the scoreboard again as Mike Hull tallied from the 1 yard marker During the fourth quarter, Deagle again scored when he took a pltchout from Hull on the 'l5 for the final score of the game MICKEY SHARP, Tackle Tears of Joy are shown as Linda Wise kisses the new football queen Jeanette McGregor, and Principal Ernest Camfield and ASB Prexy Mike Vedo look on, Miss Wise reigned as homecoming queen for 1959. MIKE HULL, Quarterback AW l-laiUfTofTlwef . . . FOHI 12, RIVERSIDE 25 The hard fighting, upset-minded Steelers, who ignored the statistics all year, fell to a powerful Riverside Poly 25-12, closing out the '59 CBL season with a 3-3 record. It was Riverside all the way in the first half, as the spirited Bears marched for three touchdowns. The Steelers were behind I9-O in the second half, but late in the third quarter Mike Hull hit Bob Meyer in the end zone to complete a 52-yard drive. lt was Poly's turn again as they scored once more, but the Steelers were not finished yet. Hull passed to Charlie Deagle for the final touchdown. JESSE YBARRA, End DUANE HORSLEY, End LOUIE MAGANA, Halfbnck 24 3? w 1 G' 5 , , . wwf 1. - K av 5 SONNY SPELLMAN CHARLIE DEAGLE MIKE HULL 0 0 0 o c o 4 ' " , ' I f-z'l,nH .,: ,xii 3- - U ,nl f Vwwbt3Q uaalf Top row llefl lo righll: Louie Magona, Byron Glass, Mike Hull, Denms White Charles Deagle John Lacey John Johnson Bob Kerr T C McClellan and Gary Halbrook. Second row llefl lo righll: George Seal Steve Maxwell Tom Pnorkowskl Eric Shafer Tom McCullough Mike Godinez. Bob Meyer, and Coach Taylor. Third row llefl lo righll Coach Scall Bruce Wheolon Gary Briggs Duane Horsley Bob Bracken Clyde Gonzales, John Mraz, and Coach Young. Bollom row llefl to rughll Roger Mmnlss Jerry Sled Duane Shada Sonny Spellman Mickey Sharp, Jesse Ybarra, and Dennis Reed. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi . Santa Ana 48 . .John Muir 20 . . . .Pacific 13 .San Berdoo 28 . . .Ramona 21 . .Redlands 34 . . . .Colton 0 . .Riverside 25 .Bosco Tech 0 Vorsily managers were Ray Kaiser, John Burton, John Wall, and Frank Moreno, . fu, l ,ESQ Q 'Q 1 bf gl A 2,2 .W , 1 1 f flip 'gill 5 P l 5 4' +L' 2' li A J, 1 W3-E it -S xi ' 52' 5 13 xv L L' 'If COACH DARREL TAYLOR COACH BILL SCOTT 5 f f L Z Chief slralegisls for Fahi: Coaches Bill Scott, Darrel Taylor, and Russ Young. Quarierbacks Mike Hull, Byron Glass, and Sonny Spellman. COACH RUSS YOUNG TRAINER BOB JOHNSTON BOB MEYER puma SJ ! , Qgrfwvevz ' z, 3 . -E Q, , .sz-.sw-n.2s ,mi I 37, Q, V -f' V ' , I' the most successful 'L Various emotions if "W K 3 L' ., 3 v ,, A I J I' spirit of the Fohi .xi t A, John Burton ' U 0 ff' Manager Frank Moreno Manager and parents Fohi completed In its history. typify the 29 ifvmifm Q! D! Q and Flrsl row llefl Io rlghll S Spaccarolelll R Rrchler L Parmely, J DeAugushne, D Holi B Colbrunn B Fox, J Burroughs N PIZZICG l Ollo Second Row llef! lo rlghil B Hemphlll T Shupback B Thomas R Slkora R Klesel L lazcuna A Oberlles D Kallgren R Upp T Moll J Beach A Smnh R Saxton C Branch K Knaus Thlrd row Uefl lo rughll J Squire B Buhl R Parker, J Koval D Slafford H Horsley D Ybarra R Cruz LHoldgrafer l Alva R Sloh RMatlhews G Spellman B Evans J lewis Also G Carler deceased on on on For on Fon on ohl oh: B RECORD 'Ni Santa Ana O Mulr 20 PGCITIC 0 San Berdoo 2 Ramona 0 lForfeltl Redlands 12 Colton 0 Rlverslde 6 Bosco Tech 0 " " Cohclwmpums 1959 The apposilion runs into the solid "B" wall and are lurned back for a loss of yardage. WY'0vwnnm0m may f , I e COACH DICK, DRAKE .w,,.,,,,4 . sm .-,V Ron Upp is brought down afler large gain of yqrdoge. Ron Sloh sweeps end for good yardage. COACH BILL REUTER COACH DOUG DISHNO K w,3:aJ?:3 I 41 S Q First row Cleft to rightt: R. Dahlquist, P. Gustafson, M. Kelly, A. Thomas, R. Krohn, K. Thompson. Second row: R. Beuudoin, G. Ritchey, D. Baca, A. Fahnestock, R. Shutt, K. Munell, J. Collie, M. Leu. Third row: M. Negrete, Mgr., C. Benson, R. Stimson, D. Boker, A. Krohn, R. Lyons, T. Tometich, Coach Austin Snyder. Q .rdf ff? l R J r J Mm COACH AUSTIN SNYDER Dave Boker takes another MTA., 'V' wut? AI Krohn takes the lead for a first. Fohi's cross-country team this year, like the football squad, showed great improvement and is looking for better things in the future, The members, in their third year of league competition and under the able direction of coach Austin Snyder, showed they had the spirit and the desire to win, even though they were in the shadow of football, as they finished the season with a 6-4 record. The team also showed good form as they traveled to Pacific and placed fourth in the CBL finals which were held at ferris Hill. The captain for this year's team was Dave Baker, a iunior, who was also this year's top runner, followed close behind by iunior Charles Benson. .layvees leave the starting line of an important meet. Fohi Fohi I7 .... Fohi 48. . . Fohi 23 .... Fohi 35. . . Fohi 57 .... Fohi 33 . . . 'Low score denotes winner 33 R. Beaudoin paces a close race. RECORD' 2'l... .... . . .Claremont 40 . . .Ramona 42 . . . .Colton 15 . . . .Upland 32 . . . .Redlands 24 Pacific 68 ............Colton 18 Won: San Bernardino 108 . . . . . . .Riverside 32 Pacific 67 6 Lost: 4 the last curve of I I I fx' Q., ' fy, ' 4 A-ir! iz mg? wa, 1: Z 'f v Y, A Wil Q .. if 'M 'V rf" Q, W 1.54 ' -1 1 ik f J' Q, Vrfff , K' ' X W fx 1 ' A X n ,ff W 0, fx HH fb 1,95 fi? - "' ff N ,N X 11 ,, .-. x my , V xx m MW I ,nw 1 .,R ' N' ' A ,S My V. XL. fi. 'X I . X 'Ty ' ,N , ,. A-' i s1 zf2ff A ,, .. , 32 ve N 5 X K a ff fy is ff" ff --., LT I 'V ' 2 Q2 c 4 1 Q Z YW ' - m 4 ' ' ' 'Ye x 71 9 1 ' Kg Q 0 xx 1 V ., 0 Q f w V5 1, N I A f x ' ' ix" -V57 'Z , ,N-.1 '.,N, rf, , 1 1 'fl f- Su, .x Y, -' fi A ' V L ,.1z5:3i, M x J C4 . f' 3Qfz'W'-V '?' . 9 , . 1 k ' ' - , G-fm HHZV- fliflff - ilk. ' 31' 1: 'ilk--A ' f m---- R 4, .frz ,. fs?-ff? 1' fl x . . ?Q'2'tf5 ni1S 1-A 1mA,,.-. Q , My H., , xg Q x v we-M, . A liifvzi-i i..'f fxfffagx Q13 , 'Z' ' N9 HA'1S3Qf'i5!f"gg' 1 13 " 35,1-j 1 g -J 1 h uf "W x , 'g' '4 V MT J ,av W P.. .,,v.., XJ, , J i ' 24,1 ' If N 4 P' Iii? ff fy' 4 i f ' TJ f K' s 'T 52 ff . f Hx fW5ie1?'W'2. 4 ' W w X Wf wry. 6 ' WH' : 33 5 . .EI ' ,riff ,bf ,,,, ' ' 5 XE , U! L - ' 'X ' 'iff 1 Q .t y K '3h1,,:' ' ,NA ' ' Q , ff L 4. 2 - I N X 'A V, N K3M i1 g I Y I 1 Q H X L A lr ff 'I ff- I ,X ,K CMA . 5 ,XG Q ' ' 35 ' ' fl .L 5 mfs L ' 'QQ W, - ffiigwfk V li. , . " zy., X A X, fi--A' 5 A ff x f Q f gif! my we f :, .U 5 f , A A .pn - ' f ff Q : ' K' '73 E . 'Q 'A ' T ,,, - ' ' ' , . . flu Y f W l H 5 5 32 Looking smart and all in perfect step, the Drill Team marched into the field for the halftime activities, To the music of the band, they formed a cannon which shot out a bullet, a heart around the Basketball Sweetheart and her court, and generally brightened up the games and gave entertaining performances that held the attention of all, When the game began again, Steelers were almost sure to realize that in their rapt concentration on the Drill Team they forgot to buy them- selves any refreshments, 1 ' 1 Smiling prettily are the two Drill -, is-ffmgs Y, iw-raw 1 'f:fvFrgWF?fzf41f'i'si1Ec:1 Wi-lit, left to right, Sharon LaBarbara, captain, and Margaret Heyiiftggaijjstant captain. First row: Barbara Coon, Pat West, Danna Bower, Beverly Loretta Trento. Second row: Donna Lohmeyer, Shirley Martha Cothran, Linda Anderson, and Carol Miller. Third Sherry Eckhardt, Adella Severson, Diane Leslie, Joanne Dorathy Wadsen, Carole Anicic, Diane Grossbach, Toni Peek, Sandra Avery, Margaret Hewitt, Sue Lamkin, Nancy Barrill, and Shirley Westhal, Floralyn Brown, Donna Barton, Ann Axtell Linda Coatney, Janice Huzzey, Sandra Shinkle, Barbara Weber Moore. Fourth row: Bonnie Burman, Gloria Horn, Judy Barton Starn, and Lois Reub. Explaining a formation to the Drill Team captain and assistant captain is Mrs. Esther Steelman, sponsor. . 'Q -r if Ea gre, ws 'Mm 9 5 . ' gpmg ' AMW?"-f' . .iv --r 'M ,Affff w ,- QU W 116' gf M 2 +1+.,,.f, fave! K ag- ? X f.Y7"'9 , K i h d fi f KA QA ,.,k N Q' 'P-ff, , 1,9 kk N- xl gS 'L ,. X , A W M im , ik 15194 .sy ' :wa , ff 5" if ,sr x LN? 1' " 6 X 5 'fm I f W' fx- Fohi's best are being hon- ored this year by the year- book staff for their contribu- tion to the improvement of their school. They were selected for their outstanding leadership, participation in school functions, and all-around outstanding per- sonalities. Their contributions . . . Susan Knox for her winning personality and active work in Girls' League . . . Charlie Deagle for his outstanding contribution in sports . . . Ken Manell for his leadership of the class of '61 and of his work with Key Club . . . Lynnette Abbott for her sense of humor and work as drum maiorette . . . Mary Ingold for her leadership in Z Club and Girls' League . . ,Milan Miscevich for his outstanding work in basketball and his warm personality . . . Paul Cabbell tor his excellent dramatic ability . . . Mickey Carns for his outstanding iob of ASB vice-President, Legislative council president, and contribution to the basketball team . . . Mike Hull for his outstanding participation in sports and his scholastic ability . . . Carol Ingold for her lead- ership in Girls' League and participation in class activities . . . Rich Perkins for his terrific basket- ball and track ability and his outstanding per- sonality . . . Sonny Spellman for his humor and unforgettable display of skill in athletics . . . Nancy Knaus for her hard work on student council and iournalism. Varied emotions are shown on the bench as the game progresses. Mickey Carns and Rich Perkins display skill in a tight squeeze. invading Pirate land, the 'five in a nip-and-tuck battle Fohi's initial game in the promise of what they could Pacific This was td good 3 . n, Milan Rich Perkins Opening the second round of league action, the Fohi quintet lost to Pacific again as the Pirates handed the Steelers a 57-47 defeat, It was Mickey Carns with 12 and Milan Miscevich with ii who led Fohi's scoring attack. Miscevich was high point man scored 6. BOB HEEREN, Guard MIL Center Meeting contact with catch fire dinals he hit for l Mike Hull teams they came into Steelers couldn t seem to the San Bernardino Car showed tune form as Fohl s scoring attack Milan Mescevich battles Charles Reed of bull as Rich Perkins ond Mickey Carns look The San Steelers just were red their second game to the by a score of 49 31 The to hit, while the Cardinals was high with lO. Mickey Ccrns fights hard for possession of of Sun Bernardino. Best Baslwfballb Qeasow iw Folw Histofuj TEAM RECORD And the score goes up another nolch. Pacific San Bernardino Ramona Redlands Colton Riverside Pacific San Bernardino Ramona Redlands Colton Riverside 42 . . . Folhi 58 . . Fohi 36 . . Fohi 52 . . Fohi 39 . . Fohi 45 . . Fohi 57 . . Fohi 49 . . Fohi 44 . . Fohi 48 . . Fohi 57 . . Fohi 43 . . . Fohi Iel's get In stepl' lapes another of many df' Take the bus and leave the driving "Yes, coach, we understand.' . xl it li RI rd the spirited Steelers ran head-on into a T suffered a like the Terriers and Milan visiting the first seemed to snap out of It as they defeat 52 27 For awhile it looked the long come-back trail, but the iheil' iefld. Mickey Carns 5C0l'ed 7 On his way for two more points goes Bob Boone past opposing players Rich Perkins got 6. a fired up Fohi 'five downed the 5-44, after being dumped 52-27 in that the Terriers tried a comeback Milan Miscevich goes high for a smart lay-up. in the third the fine ifrhmehf' " 1iRii1?3vk'b?fW7ei534WiJiE! couldn t by pass Fohi s defense and Miscevich, who hit for 20 points. , QQ . AN E An 5 x 2 x s fx 155, '94 1 . ix ,Q -35 E9 Y Q Km w5"y P 'S ZX? ix H: 5 ' .2 b5':n .t V W "?'5':5fisFf: ,, ' . .1 J -Mg: ' Y .- 1 if 1: I V Q it 44, W fa " F 3, ff W ' ,, Q , iw M 1 ,X ff wx: vit- 'ij'-. Q w sumw ., aw. Forward The Steelers finished the first round of league action with a 45-39 loss at the hands of a fired-up Riverside five, It was a close game all the way and was never really decided until the final seconds of play, Milan Miscevich and Rich Perkins paced the Steelers with 'll each, 'while Mike Hull hit for 8. Surrounded by opposing players, Rich Perkins stretches to place the ball. Milan Miscevich fights to break free from CIaremont's defense. Forward The Steelers finished the 1959-60 season in fine fashion as they downed the Riverside Bears 60-43. lt was Milan Miscevich with 23 and Rich Perkins with I8 who paced the Steelers to the gratifying win which made this year's team the best Fohi's had. Tony Metoyer and Louis Busse iump high for Dickerson CHARLES DEAGLE Guard JACK BLACKWELL Forward MIKE HULL Guard looks on. Milan Miscevich hit for 'I9 points as he victory over the visiting Romona Rams for Fohi's The Steelers looked sluggish the first half but quarter to take a commanding lead for the rest of The Steelers showed 'fine form as they second straight time by Cl score of 64-48. It was difference as he hit for 19. Mickey Carns also hit Under great strain, Milan Miscevich shows of the ball. to a 54-36 of the year. in the third for the made the possession , -My gi Q M Q0 flip W ?.i.'ah iw 'LZ A 4"Q'fi'f: - 1 ws3, A 2 '33 Qi ll Basketball Dave Bell is in for the basket. if -2 Dfw 'B Bob Deugle shows his fine form as he guards his opponent. Fran free Lef! to Righh Bill Kenlla, Mike Ryan, Dave Baker, lou Alva, Bob Deagle, Rich Ybarro, Les Anderson, Rudy Cruz, and Dave Bell. k Hosletler keeps his eyes on the ball as he hits another lhrow, while Dave Boker looks on. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi TEAM RECORD . . Pacific . San Bernardino . Ramona . Redlands . Colton . Riverside . Pacific . San Bernardino . Ramona . Redlands . Colton . Riverside Hosleller ,xq K .N .1 A ggi V , 1 ga- ,V I SN - ,:A:' h :D ' . L il' ' i agp! A S I' Q 16' - lki ,WVLV i .., v!K- 1 if Q14 2 , 33555 ' 1-7.113 .l f. If 4 i ' ' W 1 K 1 ,4.,, J . " Q n 4 QQLY1 gm if-9 m off QW ' fe, M z Wig Wd ...ff wg E .. 3?-55122613 A f 5 . its mx .,.. - .. Huis Q is .Q X 53 W a Af x..W lx Q 21 - 1 fwgmit, 3 5f4iW5s2i2,' f-dr W x.,V 'Q-m.-4, 1 "W mv' , l J ,, .. lim U 597561 Zig -s-2. 1, . f t f jg' 56' Q I '53 . ' wx 6 A vw 1 1359 N, ' 4 ' 594239 Q 1 QS if 4 fy 3 an My ff New J, Footbow Tears of ioy were shed by Jeanette McGregor as she was crowned football homecoming queen for 1959 by linda Wise, last year's home- coming queen. 0 I I All eyes were turned towards the formation on the football field. There in the center stood four girls, Kathy Piorkowski, sophomore princess, Lyn- Playing hookey, teachers? nette Abbott, iunior princess, and two girls vieing for the football homecoming queen's crown. Silence spread over the crown as Ernest R, Camfield, Fohi's principal, read the name, but it was quickly sur- planted by cheers when last year's queen Linda Wise placed the crown on the head of Jeanette McGregor, this year's homecoming queen, JoAnne De Augustine was proclaimed senior princess. The activities also included a parade through town and the awarding of the prize for the most beauti- ful float to the A Cappella choir and the most original to the sophomore class. All in all it was a successful event and gave a great welcome to the returning alumni. Flashing smiles and pretty faces grace homecoming royalty. From left to right are Kathy Piorkowski, sophomore princess, Lynnette Abbott, iunior 54 princess, and JoAnne De Augustine, senior princess. ,W ff '53 5,5 'iw . W K 4, X5 fn I ,.,. ri , . A M, J, , , fr Q ' 3-lykzfgjw 'Q-,rx f if -1 l 4 fx . -1: "'Z273f ff! ffm 1 e E7 ffij r v' ,,: 4 ,QA '31 Q A-' ,ph Qi iifmzafiamgf f I Q , , " f ,W f,.s+wy, :4,.fr'i -f 11, z- , ,A H ff X' - f zaffi , ,gf I 6:35321 1.5 egfini A f I, A-' 'vii .LAS ,:,.1-xiffmJ2'Ql5ff"g' ff zg 5 W Q 'fS1A.3f": f Wig" wi-if--1--.ibizifw ii. 1. ' 4 f - , f 11522125 gf iw W ' -' I 'L 2. x V L 1 -I -L - , . L1 1 A?f,'fkg2i'Tif--f'z,Qf ,F wi-'zwwlh-' ru -wig? ' i V .1 ,TM 'il lg.-'K ., Q f fr ,wma X if kj s Q xg f 224 wr. ET H A Q "' Q 'Nam V 1? fb i ii In , 351 ,ww A ,nf 1, L . Dances Yummgl Delicious is the one word that adequately describes the atmos- phere created at the Candy Cane Ball or Christmas Formal, The dance was held the day school let out for Christmas tion, and everyone was tive mood and ready of one of the the year, and beautiful. Blue Tones already team' Youve only b t l veakefgwirzt f ttf-milfs? T'was the night before Christmas . . . ii The Big Beat 57 program of rack and blies have taining variety and a of talent by the students been playing 5 Christmas clapping beat assem- enter- .mv- Peace on Earth Fohi's first mu was in the opim great success. It centering around man, who becuu move for equali he must sell him from being arres with his owner s to his ideals. Th portioned with scenes, and with thoroughly enioy l S 6 -'F 5-.1 M if ,- IKEQ V in i '91 41' J M' so w3l'5ffVE3'S A- arf i life if tiislsw Q , if 3? , N ,rl milk 1? ,, ii H Vis K .Q E 55 32525 Q New Moon, ost everyone a ,A i 15590 Dadway operetta Eiga? nssiffi gat, ffl French noble 44 'ff vt'- 5 mplicahon ln the l i T he 1 N i Frenchmen finds ' ondage to keep ,gMgZ2' AgLVlhen falls in ove , who is opposed , ii if ,, X mf, L if f is 'lE. i-M ' Eljiim .STAY f in .Q-ws, f':w+.f-u- as equally pro- cal and serious b singing was a I'ITl0l'1Ce. "Someo ,, W 1 it 2 we 3. 3 :i v S ' 'F all se "1 Qiipiifi E3 Zig ' ' .vit M K so lv t , A A Wifi, J 31 ,,,,rSlg.. il QQ? 'li -xl ' ye is 4 lglxm, if , Q pf in 5 P , Eg 1 W .f i t of ,Sa g 5 WQWM ii .sy Qs 1 it e -f Kitt fs Samba' 1- xx 41-'vii v. ll always fight for quality ot men!" i .Kuff 5 ' v s! ,dsx- CAST Saundra Baldwin Marshall Irby Jerry McCarley Jan Caldwell Paul Cabbell Angie Mclntire Wanda McGarvey John Bell Les Coake Thaine Mclntire Wayne Evans Bob Bean Chorus Staff Virgil H. Camp Miss Donna Barrick Donald Eitelman Donald Brown Dave Jager Judi Zinn Janice Nyman Lynnetfe Abbott uf A-my VHS J r f faifz iw? 59 Eghiifffligligi J 2372 m0 Q' i 6+ ,iEve'-Qw!f-""'- -' 1 .1 if. 'Q' f""-LX ' M 1 ,gf s 5 ,536 mf if , A " gh ' 1 +4 A FH 1 LL .K u A 4 i -s f . 2 4 . 15" X f ,, s W ,WR Z 9 . , an JE! 55? 5' f ff 51531 - veg? v ww sw Q I ' Y A141 4. f ,fri ' ' 'Q' , ff . U 1 4 M-J 49' Af V - -.J sf J gf , ' ,S 'fjf , ,f ,Q 5532? ' -H H -'Q' i if f ' f fa s Q X 1 x H L5 MW M Am.L 4 I . 1-Aw. . Q fr ' saw-wsu' maxaman Swmfgggt 'L Q . A , ., xi LL 5..,f1f V B . bmw: Y MfQW..,Q ii w3lflV71?11'f I a+ , was ML, mm, ,, yi , Ai ,,m .,, -- ,,.,.,,, , f1f.'5 b?ff"F ws dx as 1 fx? Y 1 we + Q 1 . ix ,fs 11: 95554 YQ -,,.,:?., . ww m X 5 4 f5i,j- , , -' fr gi., + - 'W'i:'i5w- 1 , j , my X' Q. f Ne M MQ? -nf.-sf 3 ' xi' S www, 1 ,..., f-14 Q In ' if EW S, ' 1 - 3 A W S if K if 1 I gl 3 Q 5 1 1 3 2 2 Q 1 e 3 1 K 1 a 4 2 4 e - ' Vw . Qin J' sd! fl .K 4' sflgkqrf '49 an 1 , 'z ,fr Q j .v 5 41 gi ' if '-in Q' 'V Q. g ' - ' ' 1 xi? Q1 ' ... ' P ':',1SQ?3,5 ff Q.. C A Q s A A, ,,,, ,A - 1 - V vb Q I , ,W , J 43551, :Q f' s . mf, 3 f ,.14e..,-:T.,,. , . l l, b ' "' ' l We i fn :,:af :fz.n g: 4 rghfg g--is 5:11451 ,:-.L,, A - .,., Af k,1' . ,- K. W 1 A f , f fi' " 4 ' 5 ' -W " Ai' 3, u f1-+ lk fg5iilT7237F .K , , f. W 5 f g fr W W t' ' f , ' " . 'Y A 1? I we- - Vi? 1 f E. ff? ff 2 'E M" Qf . 1 wx 4 ' ,J 3 537172 " 4"Wz,.' .M I 1 'Ii1"5' iff f Fi ' ' if -1. W A i 'wx yi 'ff I K -' ' it s .fy h gl I I Tv ' S 2 E if yy S' 7 ,Q iM SV 1 'A' ' A 4 Q hifi 6, N gf 1, f 32.0 5.1 9 , 6 fQfF f wr ' ' f Q :, , ,W ,. e My K. Ma wi ' M I 2 I . . v A Q W KX, J? Q, W,,, ,, ,. , ., . ' H Y , Wppw. , ,. ,1 .41 M 1 X A W,,kh ,, , :,:Jmig: 15453 Q v- 4 we-I H ffj ff , ik fs, K M 1 W. 5 . . my 3 W N V, qui: A f L x , W4 H., . , , i fix '- f X, 5 . P 5 sr J MW ff fx' 4 W K 34 QF? 2' 2:5 , f 5 , ff. 3 1 rg ' T., 'iff Bla gg fxttaggix n T. V 57+ .saw Wy? 'Q' 3 2: 4, fn - ' .L ' ,g f ' VN, if F! A ' X ' NYE!! ng-WN lg yu V 'iff W V i " nf 1: , xi L -52 I , . Ak sk ' G W, lg ' , -" ,- px X 5 QW i ,, - . 4, ,A 54 6 Ass ! Q ff ,L . ' . fa, .2 - ' ' .il f , 1, 7: is , fm X' Q ' 'Qc' . ' Hg' 15 ',W"' Xi V522 ,. . ., ,, ., .W ,, fxkigfi ' " 1 f w f as 4 A 1 ,gl 9 ssyxfwz- . 1 .fs "5 -fm A " M-.A N. 'M ' ' ' '-with . ,f ui if? N , Q. t 52 r.n mi Q !, +5 - 3 tm ..,,. ,Y 1, + a Ml V, A jr - J ' me H ii ' Gglv "G: 115- Wb-- we ' 'iii - 3 Q L55 ' f ,,, . . .rp - ,A . -'fy W . ly! - Q H : Vt diff wc A ,W A A if , 'A 35- A x Q1 1 gnc . ng 59' Y - I.. va Iv . ai77ef'ge?,: 'gf ' 1 ir- a Q . .Hifi 'f 'L , , ff "H H," 'hik- 1 5 ww y fr w A 2' fx E, ffl, :Ai A Y J D 9,5 s 3 5 .3 ri - ' 3 W - A X f :Q . x , V - - . ,,,. . ,, g lk A ,A ' - 4 ,,.. x .,,. X M . , W. , , Q Q24 4- A , 4 '- gi' f ' ' fir? ' 3 l . K .X lg, ", 417' ,i15?2fsiY? " W . ' W s nf ri 1 ,f H :W 'Q' lm far' ' . - f W- 'Y 1, " x 'f 31 ' G A A 11.12 gy. ' if , W-,zz . K fs " ' ,, -,QC f' V-fi' ,FWS . . ., V wa, gy , A f ffgfiifvs f 'aw ff-W, K w Q, Q -4 Sym-QQ, My E- iflx 3:3 ,QM g f J. 1 - 552. LV if ,. Li .Mum by . ' ' , lg ' ff FJ ' 1121 ' y Tw. AE X V A li ' SQ I rv 3 K Yr v va if gg R, .QI ry nw , A - E1 if ' ' , Hmm? i .Q , 4 I C , ,V , A 5: 3. ? ,,., A 3 4? , . ' eg. M sg Q , 05- . w' Q54 " Wg 4 5 i ff 2352 if v :VV A W , fgrfi iii H fi is ffl if R" H' ' 15? gg? f QQ -3 11' . M ' -V X ' V' A 16:1 W. A , H , .,.. 6 Ak , ,jf , 54 A 412' , fa JM' Q nf 'v ' X 4 I. ' ki ., 1 ,,, Wg l -'Er -A MW f , ...- K1-A ' ' A' ggi A QW .. ' 'f mn K S W' ,xg N , ,... x,,x . ,. ' ' - ,L -,, nf 1 'A f u ' lrffz f ' 1 1 xazfi-f f:-Vi' V, ,. I vp, f PQP Qpwiil Q ' :Q ,. :xii 1 'ij 4 f, Y me ,,, A ., ,f" Q' L ,L ,a f f , is -f Q f il' ii , if 3 if l 4 ,, , 3 i MAX, Mya ,ij vi ggi Qi, ,. ,f-1, 5 5 ,is ill . , L if,A1'x'g0V'M'i'wig, ,, , iii' if H' ,li ,i 2. ie-nz. f f, ifw i as-5: li 2 if -, 'eff fi '!zf,4M ""' I iif"ii."i '1' L e , , 0, f-I, ei sw I l 1 1- f. iJ4n'k',1 "' z yi!! fo l,1,:i?,3 ,Q i 2 IH C xy: ' ' i ,U I l iv , i l 5 je. ll 1 i',, iii' 'E l f-nil ' 8 , s 'H' f i ,N i,, J, ,l,.iif": il. 5 H ii' L A , i L K. 1 r I .1 rf. . A 5 lst row: Juanita Ross, Sue Turner, Judy Simmons, Trudy Cll'llCe NYMUYM MUYY FVUNKSI JUdY MUVVOUI Gail Feffler Gloria Steiner, Marcia Hubert, Alexia Costa, Connie w: Lynnette Abbott, Sue Richards, Barbara Coon, Cookie ludui K0ll'Y WOChl9l, lfl9Yid Johnson. JOUYI I-09Uef Shinkle, Nancy Knaus, Sue Weaver, Nancy Scoville, Nancy Heeren. 3rd row: Jerry McCarley, Mike Decker, Judy Howell, Sherry Eckhardt, Linda Lenhart, Karen Stewart, Betsy Rogers, Vincie Manns, Pat Snowhill, Joy Louis Busse, Tony Metoyer, Bob Boone, Gene Kavach, Nancy Zelfi, Mary Spinuzzi, Linda Ross, Cheryl lane Leslie, Beverly Blair, Judy Freeburg, Judi Zinn, Donna Lohmeyer, Linda Phillips, Marilyn Miller, Shirley Z - 155 f4:ii Q 'arf , .:'::i,?,L.lN513W' ' ,, Jill? . , rf. -1- , 9 i Linh: 1 ,ILL L 4 ' ,. 8 fi, A L '11 ,H is UL i as if '-ifffy l, 4 lil iii' itil ri :gg-3-:af i :mi :fer 5 wwf I ',L42'-Fimfiii' '-E,i':,I,' gli . figiggsee: V .,, Q lst row: Gloria Steiner, Pam Pattinson, Diane Leslie, Marcia Hubert, Janet Curran, Vivian Manns, Bette Shick, Janice Nyman, Jane Onken. 2nd row: Cheryl Arnold, Nancy Knaus, Mary Lou Steelman, Judi Zinn, Judy Freeburg, Marilyn Miller, Joan Logue, Gail Ferrie, Linda Lenhart, Nancy Zetts. 3rd row: Carol lngold, Mary lngold, Toni Proznick, Connie Moore, Sue Turner, Lynnette Abbott, Charlene Bruce, Cindy Mraz, Ann Axtell. -' Q3 f ga XV' I We W i X Q Xxg? i S E iw' 'inf' w s-ggygw W 3. X , W R 31 ' X K 2 V , 1 Q if ,-. vm' W' ' 'jx A S 'Ny -'gg 1-Y mm ,y -Q ' ' ' Aa, f E S- N 'f W , LN ,V Q . - a 1 f 4 f ' M f - .v V 2 3 df V 1 'i ' I S' . -,. ' I ima.: .fix 'Z J 51- Y -ff' R A W C7 Q . - ' ,535 ,A ey A 'H :iii few, Y 1 W -Q. ff - -'FV 'f yr 'K if 'L-Qiiii' at A Q,-A ' QQ 1-s ' My g F V 1 3 .1 I- .vw . :E , fl ' ,zffffh ' 1. X, .nh , i I L+ . I ' I . .- Nj .3 . ,. I V Q fr in - Q.. 45, 5' ff 'J' V K .lxv 4 L ,F,. is K . fi ,. ,s If Q 'J Q, X XX R., 5 E, I, gf Q Q 3- 4, ,Q A 1 gi vw' Y 3 X ,X 32,5 Q49 A 5 5? ig 4 2 3 9 3 8 1 . X b. -Qml M K' , Iii "f A if 263 Q9 Ll ff ' . . wg V1 .fiyfwm I , - fy a Q Q 'f W as 2- H ,N Y' X G. WW 1 551' 1? A ' TQ fA' 5 x? X 'QM Hem-was 2 i E Qhalvlilelv ls! row: Nancy Pussey, Sharon Shebeck, Mary Peck, Ronni Sachak, Sylvia Schmid, Sharon Fallon, 2nd row: louise Milchell, Linda Fraugotl, Jeanefle Zielke, Evelyn Virnig, Sharon Yegge, Sandra Shinkle, Virginia Whilney. 3rd row: Tom Journol, Dorolhy Rogerson, Glenna Zielke, Nanelle Palchelli, Lynn MacNeiI, Kalhleen Palcheili, Sherry Rush, Julie Van Buren. row: Jim Ashursl, Mike Slagley, John Ham. 2nd row: Jim Uli, Ernest De Tomaso, Hayes, Wayne Truxton, Joe Pinlado. 'lsl row: Rosemary Wiley, Rosanne Emens, Caroline McEachern, Carol Gogg Evelyn Davis, Wayne Truxlon, Slarleen Marlha Todd, Sylvia Shermer, Ellyn Wiley. 2nd raw: Marcile Hensel, Donna Mary Lewis, Marilyn Faglio. 3rd row: Bulch Cadoile, Beverly Winkler, Tomaso, Alice Crawford, Marshall Irby, Jerry Liciensiern. Clw r R 'gg . -:il fg L ,gia A5359 Q yifuh rff , aa f Lyn udy Freeburg Joanne DI ga vw. y '21+'g?Ci'5Qz-K' Richardson Buddy Rob ai hn vGBrig?gSne Jwkncgcgi Jos ,lerneisfllofnp Mm? W5 -2 S QW? M 2565- -Q T?"-2' 12 ,- ,rwlma 'i ,Q ff 'Q VW if rl t Chrlsieene Looper Shirley O ml JOHN LACEY John Lacey, the fastest prep 220- yard dash man in the nation, ran 20.7 at Huntington Beach, which ranked him as one of the fastest high school runners ever. Just before he ran this splendid race, he also sprint- ed 9.7 in the 100-yard dash. ln 1958 John placed second in the C.B.L. finals in the 100 and 220-yard dash. ln 1959 John Lacey placed second in the 220 and 440-yard dash and he took fourth in the C.l.F. finals with a time of 20.8, which made him the fastest iunior in the state of Califor- nia. This year John is undoubtedly one of the best ever at Fohi. As John is graduated from Fontana High, he leaves behind two records which will be hard to break. John also ran on the record-holding' half mile and mile relay team, where he ran fine anchor legs each time. He was co-captain of the Fohi track team for 1958 and 1959 and won the most valuable tro- phy for 1959. TONY METOYER Tony Metoyer, one of the leading seniors, along with John Lacey fin- ished his high school career this year at Fohi, and it was undoubtedly one of his best. Metoyer placed second in the 70-yard high hurdles and the 120- yard low hurdles in 1958 in the "B" division, and went on to place sixth and seventh, respectively, in the C.l.F. finals. ln 1959 he won the C.B.L. 120 high hurdles and was third in the 180-yardrlow hurdles. By win- ning the 120 high hurdles, this made him the second C.B.L. track champion at Fohi following Duane Milleman. As Metoyer leaves Fohi this year he leaves behind four school records, 8.9 in the 70 high hurdles and 13.0 in the 120-yard low hurdles for the "B" division. He holds the 120-yard high hurdles record with a time of 14.5 and 19.7 in the 180-yard low hurdles, for the varsity division. He also ran on the record-holding half mile relay team. Tony Metoyer won the most valuable trophy for the "B" division in 1958. CHARLES BENSON Charles Benson, the co-captain of this year's splendid track team, showed himself worthy of this honor as he broke the 880-yard record the first time he ran this race in the time of 2:06. Charles went ahead to break his own record in the time of 2:01. He also holds the 660-yard dash rec- ord here at Fohi. Charles placed third in the C.B.L. finals in 1959, and went on to be sixth in the C.l.F. finals. Charles also runs on the record- holding half mile relay team and the mile relay squad. Great things are expected of Benson, because he was only a iunior this season. John Viencek compleles another success- ful brood lump. John also look por! on Che 4-man mile relay team. George Eger clears the bar once holder of both lhe "B" and lhe records. Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi Fohi V2 Track Record . . . . Pomona Catholic . ..... Claremont . . Riverside . . Ramona . . . Pacific UB.. Re cord . . . Pomona Catholic . . Claremont . . Riverside . . Ramona . ..... Pacific "C" Record . . . . Pomona Catholic . . . . Claremont . . Riverside . . Ramona ...........Pacific 40 32 64 29 39V2 33 67 41 36 28 21 35 61 22 59 Fontana High's Bee team had a chance of winning the C.B.L. championship this year, not losing any meets ' thus far in the C.B.L., with Leroy Carey, Ron Stoh, T. C. McClellan, and Roger Jones leading the way. 'FW Track coaches ' u AUS S"Yde"' Fohi's John Lacey is shown winning o record making IOD- RUS5 yard dash in me time of 9.7. Young, and Jack Lyth9De 145122 Tony Metoyer is fighting for second place against the best hurdlers in southern Fohi's speedy half mile relay team-John Lacey, Charles 360560, l-eOI10I'd California. The winner's time was 14.4. Metoyer's was 14.5. Dodson, and Tony Metoyer. 5 B 5 fi sa S S 5 Z 5 Wwsdmg Bob Kerr says cheese to photographer as he prepares to pin his opponent. Kerr was Fohi's first C.B.l. champion, as he won the league heavyweight division. 78 2575 v W Gd? WS' Mf' Wm QTEK, wr 4 A 2- " gh!" K -1 fx, 5 x ,qty First Row Manager Bob Hemphill Gary Masters Al Harris Bob Kerr, Bruce Frederick, Al 5U"D0l'f1, Rllhafd J05SPhS0fl. EI'iC l-UHUSTFOWI Jim Ffeemclh and Jack Lambert Second Row Rich Morris Dick Morris John Coleman, Rich Lambert, Bob Murray, Gerald Edl, Anthony Alatorre, Larry James Louie Edl Bull Musch Tam Schupbach Kim Wheeler and Jam Medull Third Row Maurice Marinez, Ray Spon, 'Jerry Bonar, Don Woolley, Chris McDermott Bill Wheat Bill George Frank Romero Rod Hlxan John De Tomaso and Mike O'Hare. The school year of 1959-1960 was the first year the swimming team was able to use their own pool for the entire year. This showed in the number of boys signed up for swimming and in the enthusi- asm and spirit with which they met each meet. Perhaps the i960 swimming team will be best remembered because it began the rise of Fontana as power to be reckoned with in the C.B.L. Though the team was composed mostly of sophomores, they showed they had great promise of future still to go along with their tremendous competitive spirit. 80 muy-. nm.. vm :--f- f Coach JOHN SANFORD - ff ,gtk "Bottoms Up r 3r Richard Josephson and Eric Lundstrom take time out for a splash during practice. Coa ch AL ZAMSKY "Everybody In" ,I s MQW Although our tennis team is generally neglected and unthought about, it represents our school iust as the football and basketball teams do. Many hours of hard work and practice are necessary to develop the skill necessary to play a good game. Besides the picture of the entire team are pictured five of the top tennis players on the team. T40 DAVE semen 82 sf Y a Q . Q ' a-Hfw. .,f,:f3,j .Q sAM sPlNuzz1 Dave Holt Fohl s co capimn of this years baseball team MIKE HULL KEZZMEH SONNY SPELLMAN CHARLES DEAGLE -1 , ..... W .rs fc .2 fp, 2, .ew 1 , ,-:V 1 W, vuvvu Q L4- si, N 15 , W Z iw Mig E l The Fontana baseballers were aided this season by the return of eight varsity let- termen from last year's championship team, with three of these being all- league selections. The Steel- ers based fheir hopes for another winning season on these factors. TOM PIORKOWS, v- 4,1 p aarziibitiiift a of YBARRA DAVE HOLT Rosen MINNIS GROSS Coaches Taylor and Drake watch every play carefully. lhe ball in. Everything is ready to go, as pilcher Herb Ferguson pr- Each player walches every play anxiety. ,W H , is fagzrw 1 ,K 35123 1 1gz'afef. ' 2 1 Q, J H , 2 2 mx A 3 , f 3 'h4 ,M322 .QV ' Law , ga. W2 fm A Ia .Yu 1 z ' -fWM.wwW.AI ,, f.2-,ylfiw V .3331 -WM ,. ffm, 'ff viii: 1: , 54 ' 3422 FZ ml A? is ......r-W-r 4- my Lell to right, slonding: Mike Mihalow, AI Oberlies, Eorl Second row: Gary Richardson, Phil Ross, Linn Parmley, Dan Richler, Mike Michner, Loyal Keeney, .lon De Augusline, Left to righl, standing: Mike Ryan, Dave Bell, Frank John Kovol, ond Terry Dowson. Second row: Coach Larry Roy Hester, and Rudy Cruz, Fronl row: Lou Alva, Harold yi ' 5 M ,rw , Y www Allen yor 5 L :W uv 4 aw My.. 4, ,fs K ,, , , L , .. ,.,, ,. , 3'f2.'L.wK ' 6 his wav J' -'fini 2 JR X355 is I ML ' 2 Q,,Qgi3' 3: Sf 4 , "" L A 5 L 9- QT 3ilz:fvEf'5 VI w ,..7 . ,, , I TY , gl 'Z 1 , 11,- 1 ' W w 'kd Y, 1 ,ik .9 'is .Q 3 ., fm KM: QM Z. K . ,N XXX. 3 2 , W X '3' f'M-MW . , A i V W' -MN, K v T. .. ,W ww V, w ik' A X: is N af ix V1 f 1 . 'iq S N 2 I w "w.,,gf is Lv. .r xg.. I Q, if A 5 i, xg 5 ff. , la. 33' 4 2 A X, 1 4 'gi I- ggi 'Iv 2A f fi ' , 5 13 Q Q 5 ' ,mb We wi Q A v-:rf zip-H " Q 1. eb r v f. ' Wi' 1 55.5 fi sf, K, Y' V5 Ji if 3, mx .Q 3:5 gf ax, , 'QE 2 23 TW? 'S ' 'sn E . ,., v 353 Q 1 xy .LL, 1 ' Z U if . Q 91 1- S fav' i iii f ff., L xi' 1 '2'iQ?fg: X ,mg 2 'iz 1 M Mig if .+V .fm W x ii-if gf, V Y 4: iw: if L ,fn !. A 'x A My.. ,,,. 9, W sw Q .5 , x Dmo ................ Mr. Sheridan .. Shirley Wallace Jackie .,,,..,,,,,,, Miss Haines ..... Danny ........... Steve ...... Sylvia ...... Della ....., Pat ..,,..,,,,,,. Bea ............., Mr. Mandell ..... Tony Falcar ..... Mrs. Falcar ....... Mr. Falcar Mrs. Mikula First Girl DlNO'S CAST Bob Hennessy Paul Cabbell Marilyn Judi Mathias Underwood Josephson Ruthanne Quinn Bob Heeren Gale Jennings Judy Barton Staff Miss Donna Barrick Twylla Pitts Glenn Cargyle Don Brown lI'6Cl'OI' ....,, ,,,,,A D ave ,lager it 0 U77 "Dino," the dramatic story of an confused boy iust out of school and the problems he and the help he obtains to his home and was in the opinion of most the best play ever The acting was superb dramatic effort was one a great deal of time, effort, "You can't make me do nothin'!"' "Our gang needs you, Dino." 1 ww Vwwmwwn ,... Q N fx - 4 Q ' 3, f lv M, 4 Ga- wi 2 bf-6""" . , Qin.: 'gl-up ff w. , 4 ' zl diiu . if W ,E 9' . m N, lai ' Q gg A VV! Q'- ,J 'wfggfdf if 112 W 2 QI .1 ALIV Z iv Q xfi ,ii , A f f ' 53 f ' Rigid A ff' Q f W F4 1 ' l , , A Q Amin M 9 ff M' J One of the ers IS method Future F Hang on tight, girlsl You might win a first in the rodeo, yet. 95 FFA. Boys Dave Rothrock shows off 6 -J -wxsllw rf n,.,Am1,Q - Speaking well and making yourself understood is ex- tremely important to each and every one of us in the world today. Our Foreign Language Department stresses this very heavily. With our new language lab it is possible for a student to learn to speak, read, and understand a foreign language all at once. Even more important is the correct use of the English language. Besides the work of our English Department, our speech coaches, Ernest Lewis and Mrs. Alice Shafer, have done a lot in the field of speech. Our school has a championship debate team as well as other fine speech groups. Fohi's speech team, front row: Mary Manell, Gayle Dopf, Yvonne Underwood Cheryl Stover, Sandy Pitts. Back row: Paul Silberstein, David Josephson Barry Guthary, Perry Lerner, and Steve Silberstein, ver!! fs 7 V7 5 " fi Ldv: -Q I ffm, X c A f sn: '53 y1 -f' ZW. if A V fx! 7' . X ,"'fim...-., . " ' , TW' W K . . , ., f'11 x LW -54 V Kr AV,G , I ' , ,sf 63 AX , X. H ,k,,i.,f, 3 x rv Q ff 2' , 35,43 " 5 W2 , ,yn ' wx , .4 1 ,ix ,W,.l,L, , ,Wi Wh W fa ab 9! 9 A i . X Vu 'gains- f m 1 5 J , v., 1, ., , . gfgiifv Y? ix' . 6 lm, 125 ,I RL 5255? 3 ' 5 a'-1 f lu ......,.w,. pg - 93 ,' ? if l e: .,. gf 2 lf' 'eff' - , V ef 91 ' f ,V ..... . 5-asf: : xi?-fig y if sk A ff ,Q xx 4 U .V - - - '31 ' 15 :gl gf X V 9 H 27" iff: 9' W A ., 552 Q"2fi f S "' ' - ' ww ' ' QFD?-1: W - 4 'J f if . . ' x mm 4 DEW ' WS x ,..w ,.. WE 'W 4 T 2 iii Vw 4"Y".'lQ-. A I Y, W -xv I 5 . 3 my M, A LL l W, . Ex' 4 426 jf 1 ii F? iii 'ai ea , , , fi ' 'U' ll! ew F95 U31 is if fl' 4,5 -' ' , Wu ' 7 mink I . f.,jx x-QFD. Front row: Sharon Kaskela, Barbara Henszlsn, Barbar -Lee, Sharon Clark, Pat Ferguson, Mary Ricykerson, Ruth Richards, Sue Lamkin, Rita Brockham. Se onQ row: Jerri Garrison, linda Ostlu d, Judy Barton, Joan Whudslra, Belly Lou Gochapour, Jane Meyers, Jeanenne Ham, Patti Bertolet, Ellyn Wiley Cecile Maloney, Dorothy McMillan, Sandy Russom, Elaine Anderson. Third row: Carmen Fahnestoclc, Kathy Piorkowski, Juanita Julie Harley, Dianne Pergrim, Jean Nelson. Fourlh row: Pam Miller, Darlene Lyons, Bernice Jones, Carol Doughty, Willene Behnke, Ruth Erickson, Aletha Anderson. Min+! Www an 1-,iefguis Aw, -Egfr Bi-Lifawy if-we-.,--', Mlff-Q .... wt 5-31,21 ,Q -. , Benedict, Carol Lee Purola, Mary Lee Carper, Janice Vary, Valerie North, Marlena Slarn, Martha Cofhran, Carol Jean Dustin, Loretta Carr, Jean Jamison, Coleen Johnson, Phyllis Hix, Barbara Hutchinson, Ampie Valdepena, Saundra Baldwin, Beulah Johnson, Pat Bayer, Carol Angelo, ' 1 z 'ns g ,. 5 3525! 'wa "Al0lW, lo YOU, tool Now get off my feet!" - Ll. . ' You con't throw me in!" Backwards Week, the week when the boys can take revenge for all the tasks girls make them do during the year, was held Jan. l8-23. A baby bottle drinking contest, boys making girls obey them, shoe shine, putting on nylon stocking con- test for boys, girls' tug-of-war, pud- ding feeding contest, and the Luau were the events included in the week, sponsored by Girls' League. Q5 , , ,x . x . "Who's who in the mud pil?" Who said, "ll was only Kool-Aide?" , 'bf' . " 'wg2'i'3.kj-. 89, 'M o Gsm .-3 A Wfpvx k Y w4,,j1'i.P, A r' kg,,..g45f: T1 1 x ,,,, ,Q ,,., ff, .ir X . 4 .44 wah Lina W Wiki: f' W QW, M., M ,e RQ Ying E , , Q 0 M9 0 vez ' Je Aw" , I -1 . . A Wf- , ' if -' , W. ,Exist 4 4,1 v w v Qtedfaudfgtugw 1 ID As 1650 Fontana High School students were the pressures of gaining another year of education of the world focused on shattering events In 1959 60 P, back seat to nothing else in importance was the , strike felt so strongly Ih the Fontana area where over are employed in the wests largest steel producing The complete shut down ndled not only the Kaiser Steel but also smaller foundarles dependent upon it and the ex was felt in countless Industries during its four month layoff The limelight shone again on Fontana when the high choir so ably directed by Virgil Camp performed In Las Vegas at mingo Hotel for the Kiwanis regional convention in October. so overwhelming, few were surprised when Camp's contingent were fore the Kiwanians again-only this time in Miami, Florida, in .lune doing much to ehhance the reputation of Fohi. And while the attention of many Fontanans was drawn to these oc foremost in the world . . . I fx THIS PLANT IS UN STRIKE 'w-l20Wf, 3089110201 .,0Md, News of 1959-60 was filled with stories of the discharge of Elvis Presley, self-styled hipster of rock-'n-roll rhythms, from the United States Army in mid-March. His first official proclama- tion delighted his teen-age audience when he said that he'd devote the rest of his life to the rock- 'n-roll melodies . . . And with baseball the national sport, the southern California area was aflame with Dodger and World Series talk. The Los Angeles entry in the maior ranks copped the world's championship in their second sea- son in the City of the Angels . . . Statehood came at last to Hawaii after countless attempts to pass Congressional vote tests. Together with Alaska, Hawaii brought the count now to 50 of the United States of America . . .Highlighting international relations, cultural exchanges were opened in New York and Moscow for Americans and Russians to see exhibits of art, industry, and scientific advancement . . . Q iff fig 1 L Q QEQS 5 :Elf 5 lzmiwgm :V ,Wiki-fr .V K N ' u W 'silif 5? , ,tw ,,3..,,wf:.s,z.,bM73,M0.w 1 if .M Sdgmh 1 Q S M3535 '?f4"Q51iW www 3' ga? sign 1 W? ' pmw, , . 5 F W ,Olumpwg awLQwasi'1lws... Maior current events of the greatest news impact included the ever-present attempt to reach the most outer depths of space by men of all nations. No country was willing to relinquish an inch of ground in the race for control of the universe . . . But not all men were interested in such feats. Others were striving for good-will between countries and peoples through the Olympic Games. And California was a wonderful host for the Winter meeting at Squaw Valley . , . While the good will of the Olympics was spreading among men, hatred flourished among others. The rise of a new generation of swastika wearers brought horror to those who thought the world had rid itself of the Nazi regime with the close of World War ll. But a new craze swept the world . . . I ' SL 47 X , . v ,X .1-rw WQQQL 'Xi .I Aja Nliv ' 4 42'-. rag 'rf c 0 vA,,."nx. .TQ fsi,1v'b."'h' t VY V , w.. . 'J ,3- 5 r 4 fs.., K A ..a,v, K ,. K X-' x V 11,7 I 4' 3'- ' N.: . 47 .-' 'M'-.- ".v ,...,:n 1. ,. J ' 1 Navy 3 , I 'M lr. ..4f"'F"' 4 l ..-,.i1'.'-2.5 7'?"'7'f , w- 1 'E , b'rZf5iLf: '- k k 1 K 1' ' p' ' "' b? n x va ,rv 1' 'Hai ,H 5 s ,- Classes Classoffeo poem Qawws ..... .... 1 I2 C006S06'61 Jwws ..... .... 1 as CUossol,'e2 Qopkomoms .... .... 1 45 'V . , W fig A Elm . ,fy . 1 fuk xv-5 1' 'J " ' Q r M Z 35 ,, f -' K . '4-ff:.m5gQg ,yf,,,,ffgL- .1 x,k. , gf ' , , Q J? . - gy: QE- f , h 3 1: A:,.,,.k-if,-f-fyw,w5'PfgwXM'1m,mLg,1:'A.-, ' , , 'iy.,iw.2,i :s:wM1M I 'ww :H w . ,mf -E? li 'jg ji cgi? Q35 ,f,, X, - . V. M- W, A. ,V U. q,,1,,, gg ffj:,g,fL .F XL " " 4 - N 4 ' ' ' " 'ff-'iff' ' 7 1 'w ,I , 1' 1- 4 , - . 17 ' . K' -i fffigfi. ' R ,f -QE ' f' ' ,, bb f,yW3Q3-5i'?-W, .f ' - A ' K X " T 6' ' ,, W- . , W4 at :ii14g,f , J uf ggv z, , 1 ' H f H.. . ,M img . .ffami M A 1 ' 1, , , yy- . 4 5 4 ' r' ' :ffl is 5 i 3 n ,Q. g,m,f4 ' ,Q 'M fx? 1 N' aw.. A H Mx' H, ' N , I , f-4' ' I ,V Q rg- ,,, ,4 , If K , j,,f.,3:, 5-55.1-,:f.f M' ' - :MJ . 5.82 if g,., J' , 'L 'L " 1 bf-.f E, S' fszfffb f 1 Q :fig :G Q 'I Q px 4 I M S f w H . Q 4 , Q E mr Q F ' 1 355' xx Q? 4 f ' -,,, 7, Q .4 5 A f X' 2 ff, N- if A fiiii' I , 4 Q 5 -'ju . ,.gfI15xf1' ' ff? 4.2, . 1. ,Lsffff " ,W Q ,. h.,.iW.MM, , ,U A-. -M 'gif rf 'dl' 5 Q 'S' x ab , i 'Q if W yin, , wg: zz ji sim wi. : A H311 ' YG img. f , z . NF. .15 tx , 5 ' Zig. 2, , up 1 X fi , K ' Ygga 5. ,A 'S' I 74gWf54ffufSi. 7 ' fu if 2. - 'ii LL'L ,LL. , .Q i, x + 9 4 Mu- h-km W 9 ag. if. 1-LA r, , . ,Q t 5 '2- x vs D MARSHALL ACTON IDA ADAMS JACK AESCHILIMAN IMJUSIYICI Arts Homemaking Industrial Arts BOB ALBORN Limited College CAROLYN ALDER SUE 'ALDRED CHERI ALLEN MARCELINE AMPERAN College Prep. Homemaking Business Ed. Hi-Tones Business Ed. 4 3 I 1 J 3 Who soys we ui ALTHEA ANDERSON JOHN ANDERSON KATHY ANDERSON CAROL ANGELO JIM ASHURST GARY ASLESON College Prep. Industrial Arts Homemuking Business Ed. College Prep. Limited College ACappeIIa Choir 4 l RAY ATENCIO BETSY AVERY DENNIS BACA HENRY BACA JIM BAILEY BARBARA BALDWIN lndllilficl Arts Business Ed. Agriculture Industrial Arls Gents Hi-Y Business Ed. FFA Madrigul Singers A Cappella Choir SAUNDRA BALDWIN TOM BALUCH CONNIE BARILL BOB BARNARD RUTH BARRY JOHN BARTH CSF College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Madrigal Singers Campus Coeds Mid-Term Graduate ee muskeleersl JUDY BARTON LINDA BASTONE PATRICIA BAYER BOB BEAN Business Ed. Limited College A Cappella Choir Madrigal Singers Mu Alpha Thela BERNIE BELDIN JUANITA BENEDICKT BARBARA BERG HELEN IGROSSI BLAIR Limifed College Mid-Term Graduate Business Ed. Girls' Glee Homemaking GLENN BLEDSOE MACK BOLIN ROBERT D. BOONE DONNA BOWER .IIM BOYLE LEE BOYNTON Varsity Basketball Key Club RAY BRACKEN 503 BRASHEARS NANCY BRINER PAT BROILES PEGGY BROTHERS RONNIE BROWER Business Ed. College Prep. Business Ed. limited College Homemaking Speech Club Songleader '59-'60 Crusaders Hi-Y FLORALYN BROWN NANCY BROWNLEE CHARLENE BRUCE JACKIE BRUMETT JEANNE BUHL LOUISE IRONGOI BULF Forum Edilar '60 Business Ed. Business Ed. Senior Class Sec. Juniur Red Crqgg .lg Suu 1 'N' Av-an : -an .qi '- ei 4 4 4 'O 0,3 W "" '- - - Af sg if iw-1 Qflf I - mi' l GERARD cox JIM cox KAYE cox RAY CRANE GREG CRAWFORD PENNY IFOXD CROWL Business Ed. Spanish Club Limited College Legislative Council 5 E I 1 I 4 I JANET CRUMPTON MICHAEL CULBERTSON SANDRA CUNNINGHAM BILL DAHLQUIST JUDY DAVIS TOM DAVIS Business Ed. Limited College Business Ed. Limited College Limited College A Cappella Choir CHARLIE DEAGLE JOANNE De AUGUSTINE LOIS De JULIO AUDREY De LAIR JANET De MEYER SHIRLEY DENNEY College Prep. College Prep. Buginegg Ed Business Ed. College Prep. Varsity Football Quill 8. Scroll FBLA Drill Team ERNEST De TOMASO Industrial Arts Chess Club BARBARA DOOSE DENNIS DIETRICH Limited College i L Ooh little boy, get away with that camera. ' A rYfr,r.c:4y ILM.. , - , SANDRA DOPF LOIS DORSEY Songleader '59-'60 Business Ed. CSF A Cappella Choir Sorry Mr. Reuler, l guess we don'1 wear the same size. BRENDA DOSS PAT DOYLE Business Ed. Business Ed. JOHN DUFFY GEORGE EGER GARY EPSTEIN WAYNE EVANS PETE FEDORKA LYGIA FELT lnduslrial Arls College Prep. Senior Council HERB FERGUSON BETTY FINLEY CHARLES FLEMING DOUG FLEMING VICKIE FLORES CAROL lBlNTLlFFl FOGEL Limited COLIBQC Business Ed. Induslrial Arls Homemaking Varsily Baseball Bee Foolball MARY SUE FORMAN GERALD FORSYTHE ' REBECCA FOWLER JANALEE FOX MARGARET FRANK5 TOM FREDRICK Homemaking Homemaking Business Ed. Business Ed. FHA JUDY FREEBERG SANDRA l:REEl'll-lNG JlM FREEMAN GARY RANDALL FRY RENEE GALLAGHER SANDEE GALLOWAY College Prep. College Prep- Practical Learning College Prep. Limited College Band Swimming Forum Editor '60 Drama Club HELEN GARCIA RAYMOND GARCIA JERRI ANN GARRISON WILMA J. GIBSON PAT GILLS KAREN GILMER Homemaking Homemaking Limited College Business Ed. Business Ed. Spanish Club Valedictorion CLYDE GONZALES EMILIO GONZALEZ LORRAINE GORECKI KERMA JOAN GORRINGE SANDRA GRAY JACK GREEK Industrial Arts FBLA Business Ed. Limited College Varsity Tennis CSF Future Teachers Anyone for a picnic? , .-7 Y if JOHN GREENE EDANA GUSTAFSON College Prep. College Prep. Senior Council fl ill A DON GUTHRIE SHARON GUTZMAN College Prep. Business Ed. Bond Legislative Council -K 'V g VELMA HAGAR GARY HALBROOK i I Business Ed. Varsity Football V ,,.,.,..-.M Varsity Wrestling So, this is what the test is aboutl JEANENE HAM SHERYL HAMILTON Homemaking Pep Club KEITH HAMMOND MARY JEAN HANSEN VICTOR HARDWICK BONNIE HARRISON MARJORIE HARTMAN SHARON HATHAWAY Homemaking College Prep. Limited College Homemaking FHA President Mu Alpha Theta BOB HEEREN GLORlETTA'HEMPHILL JON HENDERSON BOB HENNESSY LEONOR HERNANDEZ JOHN HEYDENREICH College Prep. Homemaking Industrial Arts College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Varsity Basketball Varsity Wrestling Senior President CSF Varsity Swimming DEAN HILLEMAN BARBARA HINKLE SHARON HINTON TERRY ICAMPANELLAI HITE SCOTT HOCHEVAR DAVE HOLT lndustrldl Arts Business Ed: Limited College College Prep. FBI-A Varsity Baseball A CRAYDON HOOPER EDWARD HOOPER FRANK HORZEN SARA HOSTETLER LONNIE HOWELL BILL HUBBARD Limiled College College Prep. Industrial Arls Lirniled College Business Ed. Business Ed. JV Baseball Pep Club l MIKE HU'-L DEBBIE HUMMEI- SANDRA HUNT ELLEN L. HUSTED DOUGLAS HUTCHINSON RUTH HUTCHISON College Prep. Business Ed. Business Ed. Business Ed. College Prep. Business Ed. Varsily Baseball FHA Key Club Lamba Sigma Phi CAROL INGOLD MARY INGOLD RALPH INGRAM JR. MARSHALL IRBY JACKIE IRWIN DAVID JAGER College Prep, College Prep. Industrial Arls Limited College Business Ed. College Prep. Girls League Pres. Z Club Pres. '60 A Cappella Choir ICC President Dance fo fhal' music? BOB JENNINGS GALE JENNINGS JUNE JENNINGS College Prep. FBLA College Prep. i JOHN LACEY SHARRAN LARRABEE RAY LARSON SHARON LAVEN MARGUERITE Le BRUN CAROLE LEE Industrial Arts College Prep Varsity Club Business Ed. Varsity Track Mu Alpha Theta A Cappella Choir Limited College PHIL I-EGGITT ANITA LEON DOLORES LEON DANNY LESTER MARK LEU DAVID LEWIS Homemaking Industrial Arts College Prep. College Prep. German Club Varsity Club URINE LEWIS RODNEY LINGENFELTER CAROLYN LOGAN WILLIAM LOGSDON JOAN LOGUE ERIC LUNDSTROM Business Ed. Practical Learning Business Ed. College Prep, Cpllege Prep. College Prep FFA JV Basketball ASB Social Chairman Varsity Swimming RICHARD L. LYONS SUE LYONS ' College Prep Business Ed. Mu Alpha Theta Who's studying to be a squaw? w-me I GORDON MacCHARLES Limited College Boys Choir 'W - i.. I LOUIE MAGANA PETE MARES lndustrial Arts Varsity Football Hey fellas, are my seams straight? BOB MARTIN JEANIE MARTINEZ College Prep. Legislative Council CHARLES MASON ERNESTINE MASSEY JANICE MASTERS Rosen MATTHEWS MAUREEN MCCABE CAROL MECRARY l-imlled C0ll99e BUSif1eSS Ed- Business Ed. Business Ed. Limited College Business Ed. C-V055 CUUNWY Campus Debs A Cappella Choir Campus Debs RAYMOND McCRARY TOM MCCULLOUGH PHYLLIS McDANlEl. JEANETTE McGREGAR ' JOHN McLAUCHl.lN REGINA MEEKS Business Ed. College Prep. College Prep. Business Ed. Campus Coeds Homecoming Queen Varsity Track Mid-Term Graduate MARY MELONSON MARY MENA DOMENIC MENNILLO DOUG MERCADO FRANCES MERENDA ANTHONY METOYER College Prep. Industrial Arts College Prep. Limited College A Cappella Choir Varsity Wrestling CSF President Varsity Track CHARLES METZLER JIM MICKENS MARILYN MILLER MILAN MISCEVILH CAROLE MONKS WILLIAM MOON Flag Team '58-'60 College Prep. Business Ed. College Prep. Thespians Varsity Basketball A Cappella Choir CONNIE MOORE VELMA MOORE College Prep. Varsity Cheerleader CAROLYN MORRIS JUDY MORTON CINDY MRAZ PAT MUCHI-ER College Prep. Business Ed. College Prep. Business Ed. Drill Team Songleader Varsity Cheerleader FHA I JUDI MURPHY ELAINE MURRAY Business Ed. Limited College VICKIE MUSSETTER TOM MUSQUIZ KATHY MUZYKA DALE MYERS Buginesg Ed, Business Ed. Business Ed. Indvslridl Arts JV Baseball If you drink all that, you have had it. JANET MYERS MIKE NEGRETE Business Ed. Senior Treasurer Campus Debs CSF RAMON NEGRETE VALERIE NORTH Industrial Arts Forum Staff JV Wrestling Aurora Tri-Hi-Y K DAVE NOVAK IRENE NUNEZ LUCILLE NUNEZ BRUCE O'DONNELL EVELYN OLSEN MIKE O'NEAL N Limited College Homemaking Homemaking Industrial Arts Senior Council Mid-Term Graduatel Legislative Council Spanish Club Spanish Club Thespians JOYCE OVERALL JERRY OWENS KATHLEEN PALEN SANDI PASCUZZI SHARON PATTON GLORIA PEEK Business Ed. College Prep. Business Ed. Business Ed. Business Ed. limited College Legislative Council Varsity Track Mgr. FBLA Drill Team l RICHARD PERKINS SHIRLEY PERRY BOB PETERS FRED PHILBIN LINDA PHILLIPS RON PHIPPS College Prep. Limited College Industrial Arts Industrial Arts College Prep. Limited College Varsity Basketball Flag Team Future Teachers DON PICKETT DAVID PINCKARD College Prep. Industrial Arts Romeo Chuck Deagle, at his favorite pastime. JOE PINTADO TWYLLA PITTS College Prep. GAA President Chess Club CSF K as - K I ,1,g,?7+V7 . JENNIENE PLANK FRED POOLE Limited College Limited College Band Our hard-working Student Council during one of their morning sessions PAT POTTER JAMES POTTS College Prep. Limited College Senior Council Boys' Choir JUDY POTTS DON QUINALTY RUTHANNE QUINN MABLE QUINTANA LONNIE RAIBON LOUISE RANDEL Varsity Cheerleader Industrial Arts Thespians Sec. Practical learning BUSIHGSS Ed. Junior Council JAMES K. RAY JUDY UENNINGI RAYBURN DARLENE REASONER DENNIS REED JERRY REED ALICE RICE Mu Alpha Theta Homemaking Business Ed. Limited College Limited College A Cappella Choir Bible Club Varsity Football ' RUTH RICHARDS WINIFRED RICHARDS BECKY RICHARDSON MARY RICKERSON SHIRLEY RIDING BONNIE RIHA College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Business Ed. Business Ed- Drill Team '58-'59 Vw HGV' SQ K 1 Cn? C' Lf. . 52. IW ww- , S , ,J lY . I1 if I " 1? rl A Q, 'f V' mga 1 ,, j 5 x ky Q-L. 'fl qv, IP' Musab: I .VW if 8 , 22, , K . Nag 1 guys. CAROLE SIKORA JANE SIMON MIKE SIMON ED SIMPSON Business Ed. GAA MIKE SLAGLEY JERRY SLED CHESTER SMITH DAVID SMITH Industrial Arts Varsity Football College Prep. WILLIAM SNOWHILL JACKIE SOUKUP BRIDGET SPEAK TOM ISONNYI SPELLMAN SAM SPINUZZI Business Ed. Limited College Industrial Arts Varsity Baseball RICHARD SPON JOE SROKA MARY Lou STEELMAN GRANT STEVENS TOM STEWART RON STIMSON College PYSP College PVBP- College Prep. College Prep. CSF ASB Treasurer Varsity Track JANET STITT BEULAH STOCKER GARY STOH LINDA STRECK DALLAS STRINGER MIKE TAKACS College Prep. Mu Alpha Theta - 1 Y 4 E P f 54? , 4 ,,,..5,x, u C , .W 'H' Q6 if gr '1 . ' ' 2555659 5 e 1 v n F ! l JOAN WOUDSTRA JESSE YBARRA SHARON YEGGE CAROLYN R. YOUNG Business Ed. Limited College Quill and Scroll Business Ed. Drill Team Varsity Football FBLA FHA Secretary NANCY ZETTS GLENNA ZIELKE DANNY ZINI JUDI ZINN College Prep. Business Ed. lndust-rial Arts College Prep. Varsity Cheerleader Future Teachers ASB Ad. Man SANDRA lRAKlTNICHl BANCROFT Business Ed. The Cafeteria boys. The senior officers this year were, Ieff to righh Bruce Whecion, Vice Presidenh Mike Negrefe, Treasurer Charlene Bruce, Secretcryg and Bob Hennessey, President. Qenio1uC0uuAdoa5 It mix! 1 55" 'fv . 'if X Z' - w.mL"'w 41:14 Mm. f ,, , Junior Class officers are back row: Lynnelle Abbollf Vice-President, Ken Manell, President, front rows' Cherfl Arnold, lSeCrslnry,i'-Qnlisxff 'Diane Leslie, Treasurer. - l WW ,Q lt he dk X XJ l .allx Dear Juniorsy ' . L L . ' 5 lWell, now we lhdve another lbngwyedr and our ,senior year to look forwqrd rings and sweqfers, we lpuf orl-6ur1plqyQAsponsqredfflhe lhrobghout the lyeur. Our idnior years has begnlpnbrlfnf the best Fohi,hcs,,ever seen. - ., 5 h . l L fjie l want lo thank all bf lyou 'for sticking' fog6llii?iQQdfY37 working sol hcird with rrle during lh'ek1Yecrf. were tops, cmd our officgrsrdrld lgoimcil'workgdqggiqfi minute, Now' we'cr6 the lop classliqslsreniorsg' Lgrfgggiqyl that way! ' L A W ,nl ' ,W .rsl gg Thank yon dguin, ondbeslgof luckgira Year- , -' V V - . V ' Q A - J lssncefglyf 5 n Ql"fK9Qi,flfff Junior-Senior Prom,'and had lmdnlylolher lerrificidcliifillgs- s me Abbott, Lynnette Abbott, Maurine Aerni, Jeanette Aerni, Jerry Akre, David Albono, Angelina Albaugh, Archie Alborn, Karen Allen, Doug Allen, Ralph Ally, Vickie Almblad, Terri Alva, louis Amundsen, Rosanne Andersen, Fred Anderson, Henrietta Anderson, Linda Anicic, Carole Archambault, John Arnold, Cheryl Ashurst, Larry Asleson, Janice Atkinson, Jim Avery, Sandro ,Y ., fe 'ibf as M. Q, .tt rt .Kee , ' L2 , 41, :Jar -A , 6 .- ZF ' if ' f re Sf' f 'Q' A if 'ff-:Q R in , V 4' 1 i' I: bn Sq Axtell, Ann Baca, Ronald Baker, David Balsano, Philip Boll, Walter Barnes, John Barill, Nancy Barnett, Diane Barrett, Sandy Barton, Donna Battaglia, Louis Beason, Ann Beaudoin, Russ Beaver, Janice Beck, Bob Bell, Corty Bell, David Bell, John Bene, Bob Benitez, Richard Bennett, Marilyn Benson, Charles Brennan, Judi Brockham, Rita - ' i K Brooks, David ,, QQ ? Brower, John S15 ,. es 1' .,. ,V -seg 5 V. J T 1 X Brown, Bobbie Brown, Charles Brown, Judy Brownlee, Barbara Brummett, Gordon Bryson, Juanita Bullock, Darla Burke, Fred Burman, Bonnie Burnach, Beverly Bushore, Louis Colton, Dale Carlson, Charleen gif. Carter, Bill , Carter, Dave , Casady, Robert ' ' N Casalman, Carol f n, A W Calderon, Yolanda Casey, Pat Costonon, Joe Chadwick, Melvin Chambers, Janice Chavez, Bob Chavez, Rosie Christian, Carol Claphan, Ed Clark, Emmett Clark, John Clark, Sharon Clearman, Gerald Clewell, Bill Cloud, Dale Linda avr 3 we.. 4' Q Dawson, Terry Deatherage, Jackie Decker,' Mike DelaHoya, Marie DeLaHUYG, Miriam Denton, Lyle DeTomaso, John De Rito, Pat DeWitt, Bryon Dianasic, Florence Dickerson, George Diette, Eileen Dodson, Leonard Dominguez, George Donovan, Don Dossett, Bob Doughty, Carole Dowd, Tootie Downing, Bob Drake, Sue gg Dykes, Martin 3 if, It Eby, Opal ,V Eck, Darlene ef Edl, louis 'W' g Edzards, Wally A ,xr 4:44 5 L- . 2,1 ' ? fe elr' 1 mf ' of f i i ' if . ij? 'Q , 'F' - Arzl - af . .Ei 'f 5 gf- ,A , f S - 'If ki W ., 'N I t . " f 1 . ffl if f"'i'a , to .mf 1 we f fy -. u 1 SLP 3 1, Q z5l'tzg2,,,g.,s5 Eckhardt Sherry Ellsworth, Elaine Emens, Donna Evans, Bob Facciani, Dave Fahnestock, Arthur Fegley, Terry Ferguson, Dow Ferrie, Gail Fleming, Jim Flescher, louise Flores, Elodia Forney, Mervin Faust, Don Fox, Bert Franks, Mary Freeman, Phil French, Sue Gantan, Pat Garcia, Robert Garcia, Mary H. Garner, Junlars discuss latest events. Greenwood, Jean Grimlan, Donna Grinceri, Sam Gross, Diane Grossbach, Diane Groulx, Preston Guinn, Shirley Guthary, Dennis Haid, Pamela Haigh, Evelyn Haight, Ken Hale, Letla Halladay, Frankie Hambleton, Herb Hamm, John Harrell, Betty Harris, Alan Hastings, Larry Haworth, Mike Hayes, Starleen Henderson, Bob Henderson, Donna Henricksen, Bonnie Hernandez, Gloria Hernandez, Maggie Hewitt, Margaret Hiiva, .lames Hill, Darlynn Holdren, Sally Holland, Margaret Horine, Jerry Horsley, Duane Horn, Gloria Howell, Judy Howell, Karen Hoyl, John Hubbard, Jackie -'E ,iz unions Kaiser, Ray Kaiser, Richard Kaufman, Fred Keating, Pal Keeney, loyal Kellen, Tom Keller, Carole Kelley, Ken Kelly, Pal Kermode, Mona Kerr, Bob King, Gerry King, Shirley Kiser, Don Kocherl, Dick Koerner, George Krohn, Al Kunalh, Harry Kunfz, Donna Kupecz, Vendell Kurlh, Sleve Kulil, Sharon Lamberl, Dick Lamkin, Susan Laning, Rosemary Larabee, John Lash, Donna Lawrence, Chuck lee, Tracy Lemme, Charles Lend, Carl Lenharl, Linda Lerner, Perry Leslie, Diane Lewis, Larry Lewis, Mary E 'H' i' f aill i xv: 1 eg 'za "'. ali, Q V eg L , ' I fail-. si A-X ' tg . sz ii A- y "'l' . .asf eeri fir srir X. 'JQHSQ Bl, we J", 1 V, 1 f ' H , Hilfe ' If. av 114 - f ye .si . , ' J ' f. :oi sf? , H Q 2 2 J. J i , 3 if H 'ai .44 me 'Ti 'Wm' ggi' fp .gm 'Sim' up il-2-i , 1 wx -- he ' ' in Q W if ' gf! My ..1,g" .A i na: , VL :s i -5 ,, I 'S is 4 Q, :TV "H N W , ,, Lv- -is M gy V N I X cw? L' 'xg X3 K . W, Q 3 X' M- 5? is ' -if " 4:21 we V xii ! A-...KE 4,4 4 s xl' ,wee w .arf -wi. Leyva, Joe Lindner, Dick Lingenfeller, linda Lively, Tom Lohmeyer, Donna Lohmuller, Dale , ,.,, , fi J A fe lf, Love, Dorenda ludu, Frances Lundberg, Ken McClellan, T. C. McCormick, Pal McCraney, lannis McCrary, Kenneth McCully, Ray McDonald, Pal McEachern, Caroline McGarvey, Wanda Mclnlire, Angie McLinn, Orville McMillan, Dorolhy Macbrohn, Fred Matthews, Brenda Matthews, Gary Matthews, Joy Ann Matthews, Pat Mayberry, Charles Mayberry, Donna Mayer, Ann Mayes, Marilyn Mechem, larry Medill, Jim Meeks, Barbara Merrill, Barbara Merten, Steve Messinger, John Meyer, Bob Michaud, Karen Michener, Mike Miller, Carol Miller, Joe Miller, Pam Minniss, Beverly Minniss, Roger Misch, Bill Mitchell, Jesse Moon, Mary Moreno, Frank Mraz, John Muchler, Ronald Mulvaney, Alice Murray, George Murray, Kathleen Murray, Robert Nacseh, Joe Navarro, Loretto Neal, Sterling Nelson, Edgar Nelson, Jean Nieze, Tom Norton, Bruce Nyman, Janice r. Q, Y Yf"f,'lI3Q'f ' Sl V..n?"w .Eff 8 . 'J Z, 1' z ' "1'i.f.-IW",-i , E '.:,-. , . "1 -'milk .,, '-. 't -- vm 3 fn. -.1 A - 4 ' :Q , S? f "' J t , f' 'PE V ,, gf? - r ., - .L 4,8 J. V. g,-4 ,Q v ,,V, ,,,, y ,, 1 2 ,Q ...Q , . . ,. M V :, Q' ' Q' f . Zag L r, , ft we .y M r- X .. Ii' I ll S' ,ig 2 me gil, -Ear 5-Q35 ,W ft 'Vg ' .1 ,421 5:-Je, S wx. ,L gy ::g:'t13: , ' f 3 1. 4. .. . i-it ,, 2. -3- rf, if , A 1 -V MQ- J V11 ffifaef J .457 ii fi-'iifi' 'f ' ' '-"'' M J 2.3 111 -,vw ' . A V , gy ,Q . X 1, Qevsrgg ,sf .- f- 5 gig, 4- 'X 4 'I ' 'ii ee 1-...t he e f .1 A e at J 'str 2 . , ' F W' , . K . . y .. f, J. A 45 ga? ,, 2. ..', sf : ,, J' , f " '- as A-EEL Kihei Sgwu X Q , , V , G ,,,...,,...,.,.,,hfE,i,yi 'i 51 llllgll isle?" 99 -f, i ' . , - ' 31.1 J -F f - 'QQ' 2,19 t ' 1 -.9725 5 lvl ' .' ' -. Wil fir- il' 1 ' ' yi '- 3:5 s Lag A e. ' ' , Ni .3 ns if 12.5221 -I 'wet I ' 1. 1- , , I. K - '1 s - 24 -5 W- We ' ..-f- :an A swf .if pf-, 553' p . ,B :Y , 4 'gi , f 33,511 S t.iw. ,431 ni as t T- . 'O' 1: , f se 0'Harra, Mike O'leory, Mike Olsen, Joel lCafPa2 A 4 ,' . tw' Q '1 ' ttyl, 'a ff t are tl H U W W , . 1 4, t X rat W 'lf P X .K ' L .ji V 551212: Effltf' . 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'i ,ft Mr ,K ., , iii. 1 iii N .3 Q Rickerson, Russell Rickman, Sharon Rodgers, Mildred Rogerson, Dorothy , 'l H- fig . t,sr i ill i . fi' 4 . ix. 5 Romero, Frank Ross, Juanita Ross Philip Ross, Sharon Rush, Bill Rush Sherry M- ,et S?" 29 Russell, Bernard Russell, Roberta , was f it if :ga Le il I ' Q' Runstrom, Roger Sanborn, Alvin Scheel, Robert Schmid, Sylvia Schreck, Mildred Schroeder, Richard Schwartz, Leland Sclafani, Fred Scott, Richard Silberstein, Steve Silva, Dolores Simmons, Jenneva Simmons, Judy Simon, Norma Sims, Brenda Skedge, Gloria Slade, Richard Slover, .lack Smith, David Smith, George Smith, Jim Sommers, Jim Spiall, Demetri' Spinuzzi, Mary Spurlock, Berle Squire, Jim Starn, Marlena Stehritz, Barbara Steele, Carol Steiner, Gloria Stinson, John Stotelmyre, Lyle Strickland, Bill Stuart, Diane Tennant, Byron Thimmes, Victor Thomas, Geri Thomas, levoria Thomas, Linda Thomas, Sondra Tierney, Doreen Todd, Martha Todd, Mary Tometich, Juanita Tout, Carol Tratar, Carol Trento, Loretta Trinnich, Mike Tucker, Bill f f: si ,A f 552 'Aa' - - Q'z.:L-,,f . if 4' S Q , f f W4 Q Q J s . ff L i if , . 0 If L f'1?l:i, 4 , l 11 N ew mi in .i-i- Q'-ff -, ,ZF I S" 7 t 4 A . on M' , ll A ' Y' W, . K it X Sky .l K ii , gi" he E- P E Y . , -Wm ,. im ,,., QB? 'Q o .. M sip. '- an '??'aZF"!'h"' Q ,xi yu 5 WWA l N this si Y. we . 1. , v....,.,.,m 1,4 ' g, I I 2 S- c , www ti 5 -'fe M we A f Y: -,4 u' :' ' i. 2 .mg " ' J' ,. 't,fgW,. or its "Jw 2 -wif, Ji W, .: ws' IX? Q if ,K ff W G 'J 5 "NW il , is, fi fp. ,' W1w.f, , 1 -- ' BK :1g,,j?',,,r wmv: ,J t i 3 if' zz sg! . ,,, tv Q . E if . 1 , ff R, af ye gf:- - , .N , w p pf Jaxx: . J 0 Tucker, Mary Turner Susan Tyree, Gwen Underwood, Yvonne Vadasz, Sonia Van Buren, Juli ,3 .ff i-i,-ihlzf xs wf ' inks W fir? ,.zkm1-ore.. ,. Pai-Wai .g :J V V v-,si 3 Q3 if 7 34 iv- 31 w 56 grf, ,Aim . .Lf ,N ,. ,.,,,, A ' . .-. , Warner, Doug Watkins, Dallas Watt, Helen Weber, Barbara Weinstein, Ann Wellman, Ray Wells, Linda West, Carol West, Pat Wheeler, Kim Wheeler, Russ White, Billy White, Bonnie Whitthorne, Angie Williams, Robert L. Williamson, Dorothy Wilson, Janice Winkler, Beverly Winn, Charlene Wolff, Frank Woodburn, Beverly Woodford, Linda Wright, Robert Wyraz, Ed Ybarra, Richard Young, Gerald Young, Mary Zack, Andrea Zavala, Victor Zielke, Jeanette 1544 X i Ke. 6 Z Q X r eg' K V gi A . In 4 1 ' ., 5531. 5 'L ri .Q 5 r Y-5?-fl xg. I 1 ' V 1 I f 4' , ,,,, lux! J , u' i . , , ' ' " M ,.,,,., e ..,, ,..,,,, ., ,, , -. - -- , I f , - V t c +-V is 6 x 4 V , f 'eff f - ,. if , D ' 3 e ' f e Se., f ' if , as e it 15 ' s r if " ' Q. 5 f , 3 el . f l f ifQ,rfga,l Q ,gg s's. Ll ,:-1 t.,. if- " + 'E 5 " i F , f 4 .A jf f f i , ,M A 5 ' , my 1. , x av -, are of , , y r , X, s W e l - , fe e , D el f..r :V ., - ' K 'n" K ' e , A glizff' , pgs' 1' it we it f Le we Q r 4 J f 37 W e dls yy t - Q- ' 4 - ' A H ., , ,I . . Kg A il liwif-' , lf 1. 1 'Hw- 2 -'GL' 'V . V f. 5' 51f1JiQ?i5 Q Q 4. 3 Sophomore officers are from lei! lo right: Cheryl McC2ay, Presldentp, Kathy Cuellar, Secretaryg l.lodisA Oliq, Vlge-Presiaenlfanllkyf kj Treasurer. fi X L f F 0 0' u 1 ' 1 1 1 Z ,sz ' . ' n M ' 'Hin M5 " Q' 4 .l 1 ' x Dear Soahornarei, 'A- " L ',-r' , . AS I 'OCR buck on lfhis been fabulous: Being releciedh a pfleasanf shock, ' land -fl 'only f lhagie 9' well. Without' Soph am ore, ford and Dqug Dishno and lhe beenrloff- r - l . ll Q ff gif? A'l, r The Svphvmofe Clffsilhvs 'vG5YFb4!i?35Ylr noon sales, lhelloatlwhich r r . r,'. rl,l.,. r 4,,l ,, . our mlwo princesses,-'V K'alhy Sharon Slaylon for .Bdskellddllfl fiona' 50P"0"10fen5'5C'S"'0PF l llrlr llrll I sincerely hope the past year wonderful membriesrloxiybu. r-'e f 'r" Smcerely, . ,,,V L e m A, V Cheryll'McCbYf-3 f 2SaphQmdre, Cldgif , , , . if -J. :ww W ,.,,f, ,, , g .,., W . 4, ., -I . kim ,Af ., K. ,.,,3 f ,J ,A nga :nr ,reg -,7lf,-2w,,,- -'L-N Hws-w Q' ffm: , Adams, Charles Adams, Ola Mae Aguayo, Tony Aguilar, Louie Aguilera, Katheren Aker, Myra Alaioki, Steven Albers, Gene Alder John Allen, Georgia Allen, Glenda Allen, Tommy Allison, Robert Alvarez, Velia Amado, Sylvia Anderson, Alberta Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Lester Ashurst, Joanne Backley, Jim Bagby, Joyce Bailey, David Bailey, Dennis Ball, Danny Ballou, Glenda Bangle, Tom Bardouski, Phyllis Bare, James Barlow, David Barrera, Mary Barton, Judy Basay, Paul f l Y .J 'wr 5 ' 5 wt? W., , 1 w ,N A fi wil " 'W als-if it -1. , 3 we ' 1 H 1 r' W x lg A A G mfr 'fw3Z9x,.'?1 - 2E'ff' 5 1 I Bateman, Elaine Bauchop, Robert Beach, John Beck, Doug Behnke, Willene Belew, Gary Bell, Janet Bell. Norman Benoist, Mary lou Benson, Robert Betancourl, Carol Belz, Terry Billingsley, Danny Bittner, lee Ann Blain, Alton Blake, Sandra Blatnick, Donna Blenis, Raymond Bliss, Raymond Bonar, Gary Bonner, George Borg, Michael Bower, Buddy Boyd, Nancy Boyko, Wally Boynton, Bud Branch, Curtis Brese, Delight Briceno, Raymond Briggs, Gary Briggs, Robert Brooke, James Brooks, Terry Brothers, Donna lee Brown, Hortense Brown, Jackie Brown, Mary Alice Buckley, Helen Buckser, John Buhl, Bob Buhl, Diane Bulf, Gerald AdfOu Cadena Calhoun Callis, Cheryl Campbell, Daisy Conales, Salvador Carbaial, Robert Caress, Gary Caron, Cecile Carper, Mary lee Carr, Loretta Carter, George Carter, Susan Cass, Bobby Castellanos, Frances Castro, Joe Castro, Melvin Castro, Rachel Chadwick, Thomas Chavez, Juanita Chilbes, Mark Childress, Devon Childress, Joseph Childress, Stella Christensen, JoAnne Christensen, Ken Clark, Sharon Clarke, George Clayton, David Clifford, John Cloud, Tom Clute, Patricia Coake, Leslie Coates, Marguerite Cobern, Michael Cobern, Pat Cochrane, Nancy Codner, Earl Cole, Selvie Coleman, John Cook, Buddy Cook, Carolyn Coops, Richard Cornell, George Corona, Rose Corral, Jose'ph Cotner, Joseph Courtney, Sandy Cox, Joe Crawford, Robert Crienica, Annette Burko, Michael Burnard, Lynn Heather Frances Senior explains as bewildered sophomores look on , a 4 -., ,Q 5 535 i if, ' :VV il' M f NJ I X i 4 rf 8 55 t- Q 5 msg if ww- -"' ' - :il - 1 4, E N ' Jai? 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V I--me 5 Q. 5 CONIPLI MENTS OF FlNLEY'S REXALL DRUGS 8510 SiERRA VA 2-2288 GIVE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS FONTANA FLOWERLAND HILLIARD C. GOTTLEIB 8667 SIERRA VA 2-2207 QUALITY AND SERVICE, COLOR UNLIMITED FONTANA-S MOST COMPLETE HOBBY SHOP OSGOOD PAINT STORE FONTANA HOBBY CENTER 16755 ARROW FONTANA VA 3-1345 8569 SIERRA VA 2-9685 1622 EAST HIGHLAND SAN BERNARDINO TU 3-6210 puma EVINRUDE BOATS AND MOTORS DECKER OIL CO. ARMSTRONG TIRES--TEXACO PRODUCTS 8689 SIERRA VA 2-8775 FOR THE BEST BURGERS IN TOWN ITVS THE BAKER'S DRIVE-IN 16757 FOOTI-IILL VA 2-8183 ,-,.L ,n,,Y,,,,, ,L , ,. , L ,L ,, ,L I ,fm Wm-1 f wzszefw 1,-M 1 w-wqm"q7,:1'!:1?5526QibM1 ' ':wwQfw.,- a 'Ye c- 'Fw rx in Q Qld!-3' Q. mast Q AXA, 4- K-1,1 ixqksgva "V ' :f"Q.fA-V si Q ,qQ4'l!s,M:f 'F bf'f,fvni-,. p f- W yi' Vfwgw Mg r f X -1 'P-wi: , H4 if?-2 f ff? 'Twig' 1 H 5 . g 2 1 , ,E A J, .mfwwnitf Q .fy-V, A, A., a ,AWN .1 1 Wzriffi LL warm , FOR ALI. YOUR IVIUSIOAI. NEEDS SEE THE MELODY MUSIC CENTER 8653 SIERRA FONTANA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM BOB, IVIEI., TED, Gus AND REED OF TED'S AUTO SUPPLY 16630 FOOTI-III.I. VA 2-0527 IF You DONT BUY IT FROM GEORGE JONES, C. IVI. I-EETZOW, NI. W. LEETZOW, AND JIM GREGORY 8470 NUEVO VA 2-6717 JAYNE LEETzOw -- TI-IE FRIENDLY STAFF AT FONTANA JEWELERS 8546 SIERRA VA 2-2529 EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSIVIAN AT I.AZIO'S SPORTING GOODS 8832 SIERRA VA 2-4025 To STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR FARTHER lT'S THE SUPER SURPLUS 16861 FOOTI-III.I. VA 2-9635 TAKE HOME A GALLON FOR THE TOPS IN ROOT BEER lT'5 THE A 81 W ROOT BEER STAND 8990 SIERRA VA 342273 PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COIVIPOUNDED CRAWFORD DRUG CO. 8554 SIERRA VA 2-4439 WE GIVE S AND H GREEN STAMPS FLOWERS WIRED WORLD WIDE ARLlNE'S FLOWERS 8554 Nuevo VA 2-6004 THE ONE STOP SHOP NATIONAL HARDWARE - --W 16855 MERRILL VA 2-0551 . CDMRLINIENTS or: ALSO MACDOUGALL'S FONTANA LUMBER CO. YOUR CLOTHING HEADQUARTERS WE GIVE S AND H GREEN STAMPS 8536 SIERRA VA 2-5111 15855 MERRILL VA 2-1711 ff , ,,- Aww., Wx ' ..a' ? QW Wai give- Q 5 r' , z P .. S 'lmvi 1 .. K 1 . . MM I I Y, wwiabwl HA :www k M' sf gigsyw ,,,,,l 2 5 1 Q M, Nm X X What do I do now coach? ANA. Sue Joan Logue and Judy Freeburg display Fohi's new banner Whal do you mean you can'l'lie knols? at so? Well gel an ear load of lhusl ppellu lrip lo los Vegas Q4-iff Now lets see. Where do I move -few, Hg, 41-YM :ezi- A Cappella-98 Activities Division-l 4 Ad minisfrotion-8 Bond-34 Baseball-84 Basketball-42 Abraham, Neville-9 Armstrong, Frank-9 Axtell, Beth-13 Barrick, Donna-9,16,121 Battin, Tad-12 Birch. Eric-134 Bitzko, Michael-9 Blevins, Larry-12,42-3,89 Brown, Donald-9 Camfield. Ernest R.-8,66 Camp, Virgil-9,98 Capparelli, Edward-12 Cartzdafner, Kenneth-9 Cargyle, Glen-12 Cawlfield. William-9 Christen, Mary Ann-9 Christensen, Darrell-9,83 Clark. Richard-9 Coldiron, Ruth-13 .A- Acton, Marshall-114 Adams. Ida-114 Aeschliman. Jack-114 Alborn, Robert- Alder. Carolyn-114 Aldred, Sue-114 Allen. Cherie-114 Amparan, Marceline-114 Aletha.-66.100.114 Anderson. Anderson. Elaine-100 Anderson. John-114 Anderson. Kathy-114 Angelo, Carol-100,114 Ashurst, James-67,69,72, 79.114 Asleson. Gary-114 Aspey. Doug- Atencio, Ray-114 Avery, Betsy-114 .-B.. Baca, Dennis-32,77,114 Baca. Henry-114 Bailey, James-99,100,114 Baldwin, Barbara-99.114 Baldwin, Saundra-99,100,114 Baluch, Tom-114 Barill, Connie-114 Barnard, Bob-114 Barnard. James Barry, Ruth-114 Barth, John-114 Barton, Judy-37.66.100,115 Bastone. Linda-115 Bayer, Pat-99,100,115 Bean. Robert-99.115 Beldwin, Bernie-115 Bendeickt. Juanita-100.115 Berg, Barbara-115 Bledsoe, Glenn-115 Bolin. Mack-115 Boone. Bob- 115 Bower, Donna-37,65,67,115 Boyle, Jim-115 Boynton. Lee-115 Bracken. Ray-115 Brashears, Bob-115 Briner. Nancy-115 Broiles. Pat-65.73.115 Brothers, PBSEY-17,55,G0,68, 115 Brower. Ronnie-115 Brown. Floralyn-37.115 Brownlee, Nancy-115 Bruce. Charlene-60,61,65,68, 115.133 Brumett. Jackie-115 Buhl. Jean-115 Burgin, James-116 Burroughs. Lois-116 Burton, John-29,'70,116 Busse, Louis-34,47,49,60,68, 116 ,Ci Cabbell, Paul-40,615,116 Cadotte. Butch-116 Caldwell, Jan-, 116 Callis. Mike-116 Callison. Lynn-116 Camaionl. Robert Campanella. Terry-120 Carns. Mickey-38,41,46.49,71, 90,116 Carrington, Edwina-116 Campus Personalities-40 Campus Views-4 Classes-l l0 Clubs-64 Cross Country-32 Dances-57 Dionisio. Leonard- Dishno, Doug-9,31,90 Dopf, Robert-9 Drake, Richard-9,31,87 Eitelman. Donald-9,35 Elliff. Gwen-9 Grosshach. Wilmar-153 Handgis, James-9 Harman, Myrl-9 Hart, Harvey-10 Henney, George-10 Henry, Philip-10 Higbee, Eugen-10,96 Hill. Leonard-10 Iverson, Harry-10 Johnston. Robert-10,27,51 Kiesel, Ferd-8 Kinnekin. Mary Lou-10 King. Harold-10 Cartzdafner, Sue-60.65.116 Castellanos, Frank-116 Castillo, Cathy-116 Castillo, Olivia-116 Cathcart. Willie-35,99,116 Chapman. Wanda-116 Chasca. Madonna-116 Chavez. Mike-28.77.116 Childers. Doris-116 Christensen. Don Ciraulo. Mary-116 Clary, Byron Clemens. Carol-116 Clute. Linda-116 Coake. Leland-116 Coates. Jackie-116 Colbrunn. Bob-31.94.116 Coleman. Barbara-116 Collier. Marian Collins. Pat-35 116 Collins. Phil-116 Cooper. James-116 Cox. Gerard-117 Cox. James-117 Cox. Kaye-117 Crane. Ray-117 Crawford. Greg-117 Crumpton. Janet-117 Culbertson Mike-99.117 Cunningham, Sandra-117 -Di Dahlquist. Bill-117 Davis, David-65,7O,71,90 Davis. Judy-117 Davis. Tom-60.117 Deagle. Charles-22,26,40,48, 84,87,117. DeAugust1ne, JoAnne-54, 61,65,117 DeJulio, Lois-65,157,117 DeLair. Audrey-117 DeMeyer. Janet-117 Denney, Shirley-37.65.117 DeTomas0. Ernie-72,233,117 Dietrich. Dennis-117 Doose, Barbara-117 Dopf, Sandra-17,65.71,118 Dorsey. Lois-65,957,118 Doss, Brenda-118 Doyle. Pat-118 Drew. Steve Duffy. John-118 ..E1 Echols. Douglas Edzards, Wallace Eger, George-75,77,118 Ellis. Sharon Engelhard, Norman Epstein. Gary-65.71.118 Evans, Wayne-53,71,118 -F-. Fedorka. Pete-118 Felt. Lygia-118 Ferguson, Herb-118 Finley, Betty-118 Fleming, Charles-118 Fleming, Doug-118 Flores. Vicki-118 Fogel. Carol-118 Forman, Mary-118 Forsythe. Gerald-118 Fowler. Rebecca-118 Fox. Janalee-118 Fox, Penny-117 ww Drama-9l Drill Team-36 Faculty-9 F.F.A.-94 Football-l 8 Girls' League-102 Kolls. Willie Mae-13 Knobloch, Bernice-10 Larson. Louis-10 Liesse. Kathryn-10 Lewis, Ernest-96 Lythgoe, Jack-10,28,61,62,76 Martin. James-13 McClellan, William-10 McDonald, Toni-10 McGinness, Maureen-12 McMinn, June-10 Malory, Louis-10 Manell, Anita-10 Massey. Charles- Merkle. Henry-10 Mitchell, Eugene-11 Moser. Elsie-13 Mraz, Gerald-8 Mumford, Charlotte-11 Franks, Margaret-118 Fredericks, Tom-118 Freeburg, Judy-38,65,66,68, 73.119 Freehung, Sandra-35,119 Freeman, James-80,119 Fry, Gary-119 ,Gi Gallagher, Renee-61,65,119 Galloway, Sandra-119 Garcia. Helen-119 Garcia. Raymond-119 Garrison. Jerri-100,119 Gibson, Wilma KBillieJ-70, 119 Gills, Pat-119 Gilmer. Karen-119 Gonzales, Clyde-18.26.S2,83, 119 Gonzales, Emilio-119 Gorecki, Lorraine-65,119 Gorringe, Kerma-119 Gray, Sandra-119 Greek. Jack-119 Green. Olavet-131 Greene, John-73,119 Gross. Helen CBlairJ-115 Gustafson, Edana-66,119 Guthrie, Donald-35.119 Gutzman, Sharon-119 ,Hi Hagar, Velma-120 Haigh, Roger Halbrook. Gary-22,26,79,120 Ham, Jean-100,120 Ham. Kathy Hamilton, Sheryl-120 Hammond. Keith-120 Hansen, Mary-70,539,120 Hardwick, Victor-120 Harrison, Bonnie-120 Hartman, Marjorie-120 Hathaway. Sharon-120 Heeren, Bob-42,49,71,120 Hemphill, Glorletta-120 Henderson, Jon-120 Hennessy, Robert-65,120,133 Hernandez, Leonor-65,120 Hernandez, Raoul Heydenrelch, John-120 Hill, James Hilleman. Dean-120 Hinkle. Barbara-120 Hinton. Sharon-120 Hochevar, Scott-120 Holt, David-31,71,84,85,87, 120 Hooper, Croyden-121 Hooper, Edward-121 Horlne, Jerry Horzen. Frank-121 Hostetler. Sara-121 Howell. Connie-121 Hubbard, Bill-121 Hull, Mike-23,26,A1,4S,84,87, 121 . Hummel Debbie-121 Hunt. Sandy-121 Husted. Ellen-70,121 Hutchinson, Doug-35,645,121 Hutchinson, Ruth-121 -1- Ingold, cami-41,sa,s5,ss,99, 101,103,121 Golf-90 Homecoming-54 Pep Squad-l6 Publications-60 Speech Arts-96 Student Government-38 Murray, Freida.-8 Nagler, Les-11.49 Nepper, Jess-13 Newell, Dean-11 Oliver. Vivian-11 Olsen, Robert-8 Omiliak. Leo-11,69 Proud. Howard-12 Ramirez, Augue-39.66 Redfield, Robert-8 Reuter, William-11.31.96 Rogers, Garland-12 Ruble. Wayne-11 Rue, Philip- Sage, Stanley-12 Sagehorn, Howard-153 Sanford. John-11.81 Santarelli. Tobias-11 Scott. William-11,26,27,53 Shade. David-11 Ingold, Mary-40,63,65,68,99, 100,103,121 Ingram Ralph-83,121 Irby, Marshall-99,100,121 Irving, Jim Irwin. Jackie-121 .J.. Jager, David-39.63,66 Jenes. Pat-G6 Bob-121 Galt-121 Judy-127 June-121 Angle-122 Janet-122 Carol-122 John-21,26,53,70,79. Mable-122 Martin-122 Ruth-99,122 Jones. Vicki-122 Jordan. Ann-122 Jordan. Ken-122 Josephson. Richard-35,65,66. 69,71,73,80,81,97,122 Jennings, Jennings, Jennings, Jennings, Jin1inez, Johansen. Johnson, Johnson. 122 Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. ..K. Kallgren, David-31.122 Kelley, Kathleen-99,122 Kempfer, Katherine-122 Kerns. Virginia-122 Kenney, Ron-122 Kirkpatrick, Joyce-122 Knaus. Nancy-39.41,61,65, 6'l.68.71.122 Kovach Gene-65.68,71,122 il, Labanl, Mario-122 LaBarba.ra, Sharon-37,65,122 Lacey. John-26,74,76.77,123 Larrabee. Shar-ran--71.123 Larson, Raymond-123 Laven. Sharon-123 LeBrun. Marguerite-123 Lee. Carol-123 Leggltt, Phil-99,100,123 Leon, Anita-123 Leon, Deolores-123 Lester. Dan-123 Leu. Mark-32,65,68,123 Lewis. David-70,294,123 Lewis. Maurine-123 Lingenfelter, Rodney-123 Logan, Carol-123 Logsdon, Bill-123 Logue, Joan-39,158,123 Lundstrom, Eric-65,69,71,80, 81.123 Lyons, Richard-32.68,70,71, 77.123 Lyons, Sue-123 -M- McCabe, Maureen-124 McCarley, Jerry-2S,68,99 McCrary. Carol-124 McCrary, Raymond-124 McCullough, Tom-21,26,86. 87.124 McDaniel. Phyllis-124 McGregor, Jeanette-54.124 McLaughlin, John-99.124 MacCharles, Gordan-123 Swimming-80 Tennis-8 l Track-74 Wrestling-78 Year's Events-107 Shafer. Alice-11,96 Snyder, Austin-11.32.76 Snyder, Harvey-11 Stearns, Robert-11 Steelman, Esther-37,134 Stewart, Marguerite-12 Stewart, Velma-13 Taylor, Darrel-11,26,27,87 Thelsen, Edward-11 Thorpe, Margaret-13 Thum, Marlon-12 Truan. Jack-12 Vaill, Judy-12 Whlnnery, Richard-12 White, William-12 Whitledge, Fred-12.89 Young, Russ-12,26,27,76,79 Yount, Beth-12,70 Yount. John-12,70 Zamsky, Albert-12,81 Magana, Louis-24,26,77,124 Mares. Pete-124 Martin, Robert--124 Martinez. Jean-124 Mason. Charlie-124 Massey, Ernestlne-124 Masters, Janico.-124 Mathias. Glenda-66 Matthews, Robert-124 Mayo, Will Mayzsak, Beverly Meeks. Regina-124 Melonson. Mary-70,99,124 Mena. Mary-99,124 Mennillo. Dom-124 Mercado. Doug-124 Merenda, Frances-65,71,124 Metoyer. Tony-42,49,60,65.,124 Metzler Charles-125 Meza. Robert Mlckens. Jim-125 Miller, Marilyn-17.65,66,68, 125 Miller. Rodney Miscevich, Milan-4143.49.65 71.125 Monks. Carol-99,125 Moon. Bill-125 Moore, Connie-16.55,68,125 Moore. Velma-125 Morris, Carolyn-71,125 Morton. Judy-17,65,68,125 Mraz, Cindy-16.65,68,71,125 Muchler. Pat-125 Murphy, Judi-125 Murray. Elaine-125 Mussetter, Vicki-125 Muzquiz, Tom-125 Muzyka, Kathy-125 Myers, Dale-28.125 Myers, Janet-125 iN, Negrete, Mike-32,65,'l1,125, 133 Negrete, Ramon-79,125 North, Valerie-100,125 Novak, David-126 Nunez, Irene-126 Nunez, Lucy-126 .-01 0'Donnell, Bruce-126 Olsen, Evelyn-66,71,99,126 O'Neal, Mike-126 Overall, Joyce-126 Owens, Jerry-126 ...p- Palen, Kathy-126 Pascuzzl. Sandra,-126 Patton, Sharon-72,126 Paxton, Larry- Peek, Gloria-37.103.126- Perkins, Richard-41,45,49, 71.75,99.126 Perry, Shirley-17.68,126 Peters, Robert-126 Philbin. Fred-126 Phillips, Linda--67.68,'I3,126 Phipps. Ronald-126 Pickett, Don-126 Pinchard. David-79.90.126 Pintado, Joe-72,126 Pitts. Twyla-65.66.126 Plank, Jeannlene-127 Poole, Fred-34,127 Potter, Pat-6'I,6S,90,100,127 Potts, James-127 Potts, Judy-127 ,Q- Quinalty, Don-127 Quinn, Ruth-66,127 Quintana, Mable-127 ..R1 Raibon, Lonnie-127 Rakitnich, Sandra-132 Randel, Louise-127 Ray, Jim-99,127 Reasoner, Darlene-127 Reed, Dennis-21,215,127 Reed, Jerry-127 Reynolds, Ralene-116 Rice, Alice-127 Richards, Ruth-100,127 Richards, WVinifred-127 Richardson, Becky--66,127 Rickerson, Mary-100,127 Riha, Bonnie-66,127 Ridling, Shirley-127 Robb, Lester-128 Ritchie, Bill-123 Roberts, Buddy-66,73,128 Robinson, Sharon-65,128 Robinson, Wanda-128 -A- Abbott, Lynnette-34,40,54, G8,flil,103.136 Abbott, Maurine-136 Aerni. Jeanette-136 Aerni, Jerry-44,136 Akre, David-71,136 Alatorre, Tony-S0 Albann, Angelina-136 Albaugh, Archie--65,136 Alborn, Karen-136 Allen, Doug-136 Allen, Ralph-136 Allred, Bennett Ally, Vickie-136 Almlatl, Terri-136 Alva, Louisf3l,5l,89,136 Amundsen, Rosanne--67,73, 99,136 Andersen. Fred-44,'70,83,136 Arivett, Gerald Rodgers, John-68,71,128 Roman. Isabelle-128 Romero, Sylvia-128 Rongo, Louise lBulfJ-115 Rongo, Sandra-12S Rothrock, David-4-l Rueb, Luis-37,128 Russell, Nora-35,65,71,128 Ryan, Pat-66,128 -5- Sabbato, Vicki-128 Sump, Julie-128 Sample, John-28,128 Schwartz, Harry-28,79,128 Sclafani, Tony-128 Segna. Linda-128 Shada, Duane-26,128 Sharp, Mickey-22,26,70,83, 128 Shea, Larry-128 Shermer, Milo-128 Shettlesworth, Mike-28,128 Shick, Bette-65,68,73,99,128 Shinkle, Judy-128 Sikora. Carol-129 Simon, Jane-129 Simon, Mike-129 Simpson, Ed-129 Slagley, Mike-72,129 Sled, Jerry-18,26,129 Anicic, Carole-37,G5,G7,70, 71,136 Archambault, John-136 Arnold, Cheryl-68.135,13G Ashurst, Larry-35,67,70,136 Asleson, Janice-136 Atkinson, Jim-136 Avery, Sandra-37.136 Axtel, Ann-37,66,68,136 .-B-. Baca. Ronald-136 Baker, David-32,70.77,136 Balsano, Philip-90,136 Bull, VValter-136 Barnes, John-136 Bzlrrill, Nancy-37.136 Barnett, Diane-73.136 Barrett, Sandy-136 Barton, Donna-37136 Battayzlia, Louis-136 Reason, Ann-136 Smith, Chester-129 Smith, David-129 Snowhill, Bill-129 Soukup, Jackie-65,129 Speak, Bridget-129 Spellman, Sonny-22,26,41,84 87,129 Spinuzzi, Sam-84.87.129 Spon, Richard-129 Sroka. Joe-65,71,129 Stafford, Deanne-122 Steelman, Mary-39,65,6S,129 Stevens, Grant-83,129 Stewart, Tom-129 Stigazson. Ron-32,61,70,77, Stitt, Janet-129 Stocker, Beaulah--129 Stoh, Gary-68,71,129 Stone, Sherry- Streck, Linda-129 Stringer, Dallas-129 -1- Takacs, Mike-129 Tessler, Hyman-87,130 Thornton. J. B.-130 Thorp, Dennis-130 Tinkler, Karen-130 Tiritilli, Elaine-66.99130 Tometich, Tom-32,130 Beaudoin, Russ-32,77 Beaver, Janice-136 Beck, Bob-136 Bell, Corty-136 Bell, David-51,1736 Bell, John-99,1 0,136 Bene, Bob-66,71,136 Benitez. Richard-136 Bennett, Marilyn-136 Birason, Charles-32,74,7G.77. G Bernal, Bill-28,514,136 Bvrner, David-82,813,136 Bertolet, Patricia-100 Betonte, Janet-65.69.136 Bijak, Eddie-136 Billings, Linda.-136 Billinpysley, Jim-136 Blackwell, Jack-48,851,136 Blair, Beverly-37.68.69 Block, Delight-136 Boni, Rosemary-136 V v 4 , QM ye, , A '- if if '. .J 'li 'l,,1 A 4 24 -1. A ,, , ',1,,,,.s, viva, tXs1u.j .' xy. x.: W" ,h, 'i'lv Quiz. '15 s ly ,V . - i M31 1:21-1:15 ,- H , , , K., .,. .ar - . "- al +. 4 n N Towell, Barbara-130 Tredennick, Jim-130 Truan, Marye-65,!l9,130 Truxton, Wayne-34.72,130 Turco, Eileen-130 Turner, Ginna-130 -U- Uli. James-72,130 Underwood, Don-66,99,100, 130 Upp, Gary-130 Urquizu, Teresa-130 -v.. Vagle, Grace-130 Vallecorsa, Gloria-103,130 Vansant, Kenneth-130 Vary, Janice-100.130 Vedo, Mike-38,65,71,130 Viencek, John-34,75,77,130 Vlasic, John-66,131 ...W- wade. Joanne-131 Wadsen, Dorathy-37,158,131 Wagner, Karla-67,158,131 Vvallner, Joyce-131 Walker, Bob-131 Bonner, Bill-35,136 Boston, Dolores-17,136 Boswell, Merle-136 Bottoroff, Pat-136 Bowen, Sharon-136 Bower, Phyllis-136 Boydston, Judy--136 Bracken, Bob-20,213,136 Bratlien. Beverly-136 Brennan, Judith-66,137 Brockman, Rita-100,137 Brooks, David-137 Brower, John-137 Brown, Bobbie-137 Brown, Charles-137 Brown, Judy-137 Brownlee, Barbara-137 Brummett, Gordon-137 Bryson, Juanita-137 Buckner, Helen Bullock, Darla--137 Burke, Fred-90,137 is Warner, Charles-131 Warner, John-34,44,47,70,71 131 Weese. David-131 XVest. W'alter Westhal, Shirley-37,71,131 Wheaton, Bruce-19,26,89, 130,133 Wheeler, Sharon-131 White, Anna-131 White, Dennis-18,26.71.131 Whitliey, Virginia-65.67.72, 131 Whillhoit. Jessica-131 Wiley, Rosemary-131 Wilson, Janet-65,131 Wilson. Gerald-28,131 NVoudstra, Joan-100,132 -Y- Ybarra, Jesse-24,26,45,49,85 87.132 Yegge, Sharon-61.65,72,132 Young. Carolyn-70,132 -Z- Zetts, Nancy-55,68,132 Zielke. Glenda-72,132 Zini, Dan-132 Zinn, Judi-39,65,6G,68,132 Burman, Bonie-37,68,137 Burnach, Beverly-137 Bushore. Louis-137 ic, Cain, Mary Calderon, Yolanda-137 Calton, Dale-137 Carey, Leroy Carlson, Charleen-137 Carter, Bill-137 Carter, Dave-137 Carter, George Casady, Robert-65.71,137 Casalman, Carol-137 Casey, Pat-137 Castanon, Joe-137 Chadwick-Melvin-137 Cha.iSe, David Chambers, Janice-37,99,137 Chavez. Bob-137 Chavez, Rosie-137 Lend. Carl-35,140 Christian, Carol-137 Claphan, Ed-137 Clark, Emmett-137 Clark, John-137 Clark, Sharon-100,137 Clearman, Gerald-137 Clewell, Bill-71,137 Cloud, Dale-137 Coatney, Linda-37,137 Coffee, Pat-137 Collie, Joe-32 Collins, Larry-137 Coon, Barbara-37,68,137 Cooper, John-137 Costa, Alexia-16,65,68,69,99, 137 Cothran, Martha-3'I,67,100, 137 Courtney, Jacquelyn--137 Crawford, Alice-67,953,137 Cress, Carolyn-137 Croul, Madeline-137 Cruz, Connie-137 Culbertson, Gary-66,137 Curran, Janet-65,67,68,69, 137 Cutler, Charles-137 ..D- Dalla, Rosa, Pat-137 Dalton. Annettek99.137 Dawson, Terry-138,89 Deatherage, Jackie-138 Decker, Mike-61.62 68.138 DeLaHoya, Marie-138 DeLaHoya, Miriam-138 Denton, Lyle-138 Dellito, Pat-138 DeTnmaso, John-80,138 DeWitt, Bryan-138 Dianasic. Florence-138 Dickerson, George-46,138 Diette, Eileen-138 Dodson. Leonard-76.77138 Dominguez, George-138 Donovan, Don-138 Dossett, Robert-138 Doughty. Carole-100,138 Dowd. Tootie-35.138 Downing. Bob-34.77.138 Drake, Suella-138 Dykes, Martin-138 ..E.. Eby, Opal-138 Eck, Darlene-138 Edl. Louis-80.138 Edwards, Wally-138 Edkhardt, Sherry-3'7,68,138 Ellsworth, Elaine-138 Englehard, Carol-66 Emens, Donna Lee-69,1-39,138 Evans, Bob-31,138 ...F- Facciani, David-S5,87,138 Fahnestock, Arthur-32,138 Fegley, Terry-28.71138 Ferguson, Dow-28,35,65,83, 138 Ferrie, Gail-17,65,68,138 Fleming, Jim-138 Flescher, Louisw138 Flores, Elodia-138 Forney, Mervin-35,138 Foust, Don-138 Fox, Bert-31,35,'71,75,90,138 Franks, Mary-17,638,138 Franks, Mary-1168.138 Freeman, Philip-138 French, Linda Sue-138 ..-G1 Ganton, Pat-138 Garcia, Bob-138 Garcia, Mary H.-138 Garner, Judy-138 Gaston, Sally-138 Gatlin, Vivian-138 Gaydon, Genda, George--138 Larry-138 Gere, Frances-138 Geter, Ann-138 Gibson, Jim-138 Glass, Byron-23.26.138 Gleason. Jerry-138 Gober, Karen-138 Gochanour, Betty-100.138 Godinez, Mike-21.28.138 Goeden, Nancy-138 Goetz. Joanne-37,138 Gcilgaski, Roberta-G5,G7,71, 8 Grogan, Beverly Graves, Tillie-138 Greco, Joe-77.138 Greco, Lena-138 Greenwoood. Jean-139 Grimlan, Donna-139 Grinceri. Sam-139 Gross, Charles-85,87 Gross, Diane-139 Grossbach, Diane-37 67,139 Groulx, Preston-61.79.139 Guinn, Shirley-61 73.139 Guthary, Dennis--139 il-I.. Haid, Pamela-61,62,65,139 Haigh, Evelyn-139 Haight, Ken-70.139 Hale, Letta-139 Halladay, Frankie-139 Hazlinbleton, Herb-G9,70,83, 9 Hamm, John-65,70,72,139 Harrell, Betty-139 Harris, Alan-80,139 Hastings, Larry-139 Haworth, Mike-139 Hayes, Starleen-72,139 Henderson. Bob-139 Henderson, Donna-69,139 Henricksen, Bonnie--139 Hernandez, Gloria-139 Hernandez, Maggie-139 Hesch, Clydia Hewitt, Margaret-37,67,139 Hiiva. James-139 Hill, Darlynn-139 Holdren, Sally-139 Holland, Margaret-139 Horine, Jerry-139 Horn, Gloria-37,65,67.139 Horsley, Duane-24,26,53, 139 Howell, Judy-34.68,139 Howell, Karen-139 Hoyt, John-139 Hubbard, Jackie-139 Hubert, Marcia-16.68139 Hughes. Jack-139 Hunt, Sandy Hursa, John-28,234,139 Hutchins, Lynn-139 Huzzey, Janice-37,139 -11 Ingalls, Fred-139 -J1 Jackson, Harold-139 Janka, Gary-G0,65,71.139 Jeffrey, Ronnie-77.139 Jepson, George-139 Johnson, Beulah-35,100.139 Johnson. Ingrid-34,56,67,68, 69,103,139 Johnson. Pat-99.139 Jones, Bernice-100,139 Jones, Brenda- Jones, Jackie-139' Jones, Roger-75,139 Jordan, Joyce Journot. Tom-72.79.139 Joynt, Richard-139 -K- Kaiser, Ray-140 Kaiser, Richard-77,140 Kaufman, Fred-140 Keating, Pat-28,140 Keeney, Loyal--51,89,140 Kellen, Tom-60,62,65,140 Keller, Carole-140 Kelley, Ken-140 Kelly, Pat-94,110 Kermode, Mona-65.71,140 Kerr, Bob-20,26,70.79,80,140 King, Geraldine-140 King, Shirley-140 Kiser, Don-140 Kochert, Dick-140 Koerner, George-140 Kossey, Bob Krohn, Al-32,'77,140 Kuwrath Harry-140 Kuntz, Donna-140 Kupecz, Vendell-140 Kurth, Steve-65,71,83,140 Kutil, Sharon-140 ...I-.- Lambert, Dick-35.80.140 Lamkin, Susan-37,100,140 Langgle, Ron Lanning, Rosemary-140 Larabee. John-140 Lash, Donna-34,73.140 Lawrence, Charles-140 Lee, Tracy-140 Lemme, Charles-65,69,71,77, 140 Lenhart, Linda-68 Lerner, Perry-65,66,69,71, 73,S391,1-10 Leslie, Diane-32,65,68,135, 140 Lewis, Larry-140 Lewis, Mary-67,140 Leyva, Joe-140 Lindner, Dick-140 Lingenfelter, Linda-34,140 Lively, Tom-140 Lollmeyer, Donna-37,68,99, 1 0 Lohmuller, Dale-140 Love, Dorenda-140 Ludu, Frances-66 67,623,140 Ludvigson, Virginia Lundberg, Ken-140 ...M- McClellan, T. C.-23,26,77, 140 McCoormick, Pat-140 McCraney, Lannis-140 McCrary, Kenneth-140 McCully, Ray-99,140 McDonald, Pat-140 McEachern, Caroline-67,69 99,140 McGarvey, Wanda-140 Mclntire, Angie-99,100,140 McLinn, Orville-140 McMillan, Dorothy--100,140 Macbrohn, Fred-140 Machain, Danny-140 Maggiore, Joe-140 Malachowskl, Ron-140 Mallory, Rochelle-34 Manell, Ken-32,38,40,65,71, 77,135,140 Mann, Robert-140 Manns, Vivian--34,65,67,68, 40 Mapalo, Joe- 77,140 Marquez, Carmelita-140 Martin, Bob-140 Martinez, Frank-140 Martinez, Irene-140 Martinez, Marty-140 Martinez, Robert-140 Mason, Kathryn-69,140 Matheson, Ken Matthews, Brenda-141 Matthews, Gary-141 Matthews, Joy Ann-141 Matthews, Pat-141 Mayberry, Donna-141 Mayer, Ann-141 Mayes, Marilyn-141 Mechem, Larry-141 Medill, Jim-80.99.141 Meeks, Barbara-141 Merrill, Barbara-141 Merten, Steve-83,141 Messinger, John-70.83.141 Meyer, Robert-26.19,141 Michaud, Karen-141 Michener, Mike-89,141 Mihalow. Mike-89 Miller, Carol-37.141 Miller. Joe-94.141 Miller, Pam-99.100141 Minniss, Beverly-141 Minniss, Roger-23,26,85,87, 141 Misch. Bill-34.80.141 Mitchell, Jesse-28,53,89,141 Moon, Mary-141 Moore, Suzanne-'57,65,G6,67, 141 Moreno, Frank-29,S7,141 Moss, Bill Mraz, John--26.73,141 Muchler, Ronald-141 Mulvaney, Alice-141 Murray, George-G5,71,141 Murray, James Murray, Kathleen-141 Murray, Robert-80,519,141 ...N- Navarro, Loretta-141 Neal, Sterling-111 Nelson, Edgar-141 Nelson, Jeang100,141 Nieze, Tom-141 Norton, Bruceflfil Nyman, Janicef17,35,55,65, 68,921,141 ..0.. O'Hara, Mike-80,141 O'Le-ary, Mike-141 Olsen, Joel-141 O'Neill, Judith Ann Gnken, Jane-68,141 O'Shields. John M.-141 Owens, Marilyn-141 -P- Paclcard, Edith--141 Palazzi, Lidza-12,G1,G5,141 Palchetti, Kathy-G5,72,141 Palmer, Anita-141 Paluzzi, Louis-141 Parker, Ray-94 Parmertor, Paul-35.141 Patterson, Joan-141 Pattinson. Pam-68,141 Pzitfkon, Chester-S9,99,100, 4 Paxton. Sandy-142 Puck, Mary-72.142 Perez, Steve-142 Peqgins, Jerry-G5,60,70,SR, 1 .1 Perrone, Danny--70,83,142 Peterson, Linda-142 Pickett, Mike-142 Piercy, Burbara499,142 Pinard, Bob-142 Pmtaudi, Carol-142 Piorkowski, Tom-20,26,85, 87,99,l00.142 Pipkin, Nadinef142 Pipkin, Sandra-142 Pizziea, Nick-31,70,79,142 Pope, Sheri-Le-142 Powers, Gary-142 Powers, Patricia-142 Pratt, William A.-142 Pratt, 1Villiam VV. Proznick, Toni-37,138,142 Purola, Carolf67,100,142 Pusey, Nancy-72,142 -Q- Quinn, Barbara-142 Quintana, Jeanette-142 -.R-. Raberding, Iris-67,953,142 Rabinoviteh, Tima.v65, 67,142 Rare, Ruth-142 Ragone, Joe-142 Ratcliff, Ruby-142 Ravare, Eugene-89,142 Ray, Margaret-142 Reed, Patricia-142 Rcmai, Marilyn-142 Renfro, Jack Rottie, Rose-142 Reynolds, Jerri Lynn-142 Rice, James Richards, Sue-68,509,142 Rickerson, Russellf35,142 Rickman, Sharon-G5,67,99, 142 Riddle, Charles liitclivy, Glenn-32 Robinson, Fred Rogers, Mildred-142 Rogerson, Dorothy-72,142 Romero, Frank-70,79,80,142 Ross, Juanita-16.6S,ti9,142 Ross, Philip-89,142 Ross, Sharon-17,142 Rush, Bill-142 Rush, Sherry--72,142 Russell, Bernard-142 Russell, Roberta-142 Runstrom, Roger-143 ...5.. Sachak, Ronni-72 Sanborn, Alvin-71,80,142 Saterfiel, Ken Scheel, Robert-142 Schmid, Sylvia-67,72,142 Mildred Schrec-kengost, Schroeder, Richard-142 Schwartz, Leland-142 Sclafani, Fred-142 Scott, Richard-142 Seoville, Dicksie-142 Seale, George-26,1-12 Sebring, Robert-99,142 Severson, Adella-37,142 Shafer, Eric-19.2G.71,142 Shayotovich, Eli-142 She-beck, Sharon-72,142 Shepherd, Bradley-142 Shermer, Sylvia-142 Shinkle, Sandra-37,65,66,6S, 72,142 Shipley, Robert-142 Shipman, Dan-142 Shutt, Richard-32,77,154 Sietz, Tom-142 Silagy, Trudi-16,GS,142 Silberstein. Steve-34,G5,71, 73,517,143 Silva, Dolores-16,143 Simmons, JOHHHVH-143 Simmons, Judy-16,68,99, 143 Simon, Norma-143 Skodge, Gloria-143 Slade, Richard-65.71,83,143 Slover, .Tack-70.79.143 Smith, David Arnold-31,Sl4, 143 Smith, George-143 172 Smith, Jim-89,143 Summers, Jim-143 Spiak, Demetri-143 Spinuzzi, Mary-65,68,143 Spurlock, Berle-143 Squire, .Timf31,143 Starn, Marlena-37,100,143 Stebritz, Barbara.-143 Steele, Carol-143 Steiner, Gloria-60,65,G8,76, 143 Stinson, John-143 Stotelmyre, Lyle-34,77,143 Strickland, Bill-143 -1- Stuart, Diane-143 Tennant, Byron-143 Thimmes, Victor-143 Thomas, Geraldine-143 Thomas, Levoria-143 Thomas, Linda-143 Thomas, Sandra-143 Todd, MarthaYG5,99,143 Todd, Mary-65,99,143 Tometich, Juanita-143 Tout. Carol-67,621,143 Tratar, Carol-103,143 Trento, Loretta-37,143 Trinnich, Mike-143 Trombley, Larry- Tueker, Bill-e143 Tucker, Mary-143 Turner, Susan-16, 68,99,100, 143 Tyree, Gwen-143 ...U-. Underwood, Yvonne-60.73, 77,143 lv... Vadasz, Sonja-143 Van Buren, Julie-72,143 Varner, Janice-143 Vasquez, Richard Vennum, Bob-143 Vickery, Bill-143 Vigil, Al Vinson, Lloyd-143 Virnig, Evelyn-65,72,143 Viveros, Helen-143 Voiku, Daniel-65,83,143 ...W- Wahweah, Eugene-79 VVall, John-143 Walorinta, Helen-143 Warner, Doug-144 Watkins, Dallas-144 VVatt, Helen-144 Weber, Barbara-37,144 Weinstein, Anne-G5,71,144 Wellman, Ray-144 Wells, Linda-144 Yvcst, Carol-144 XVest, Pat-37,144 XVheat, Gene-94 VVheeler, Kim-66.811144 VVheelcr, Russ-77,144 Vvheeler, Sharon Vifliite, Billy-90,14-l Xvhite, Bonnie-144 VVhitthorne, Angie-144 Vvilliams, Robert L,-94.144 Williamson, Dorothy-144 Wilson. Janice-144 TVinkler, Beverly-144 Xvinn, Charlene-99,144 NVolff, Frank-144 Woodburn, Beverly--99,144 Woodford Linda,-144 VVoods, Pat VVi-ight, Robert-9El100,144 Xvyraz, Ed-35,65,67,144 -.Y1 Ybarra, Richard-31.51,89,144 Young, Gerald-94,144 Young, Mary-66,144 -Z.. Zack. Andrea-65,157,144 Zavala, Victor-79.144 Zielke, Jeanette-65,72,144 .A- Adams, Charles-28,146 Adams, Ola Mae-M146 Aguayo, Tony-146 Aguilar, Louie-146 Aguilera, Katheren-60,146 Aker, Myra-146 Alajoki, Steveni82,S3,146 Albers, Gene-89,146 Alder, John-66,146 Allen, Georgia-146 Allen, Glenda J.-146 Allen, Tommy-146 Allison, Robert-146 Alvarez, Velia-146 Amado, Sylvia-146 Anderson Anderson Andersoni Anderson, Anderson Anderson Alberta,-146 Gene Kenneth J.-146 Lester-77.146 Peter Thelma, Antunez, 'Victor Ashurst, Joanne-67,146 Avery, Laurene Bachley, Jim-146 Bagby, Joyce-146 Bailey, DavidYl46 Bailey, Dennis-146 Ball, Danny-146 Ballou, Glendaw14G Bangle, Tom-146 Barber, Ruth Bardouski, Phyliss D.-146 Bare, James-35,146 Barlow, David-146 Barker, Randall Barkely, James Barrera, Mary-146 Barton, Judy M.-146 Basay, Paul-146 Bateman, Elaine-146 Bauchop, Robert-146 Beach, John-31,146 Beck, Doug-146 Behnke, Willena-70,100,146 Belew, Gary-146 Bell, Janet--146 Bell, Norman-146 Benoist, Mary Lou-146 Benson, Robert-79,146 Betancourt, CarolM146 Betz, Terry-90,146 Billingsley, Danny-94,146 Bittner, liee Ann-146 Blair, Alton-146 Blake. Sandra-146 Blatnick, Donna-146 Blenis, Raymond-146 Bliss, Raymond-34,146 Bonar, Gary-80,146 Bonner, George-146 Berg, Michael-146 Bower, Buddy-146 Boyd, Nancy-146 Boyko, Wally-146 Boynton, Bud-1-16 Branch, Curtis-31,77,79,146 Briceno, Delight-146 Briceno, Raymond-146 Briggs, Gary-18,26,53,146 Briggs, Robert-53,146 Brooks, James-146 Brooks, Terry-146 Brothers. Donna Lee-146 Brown, I-Iortense-146 Brown, Jackie-146 Brown, Mary Alice-66,146 Buckley, Helen-146 Buckser, John-146 Buhl, Bob-31,146 Buhl, Diane-146 Buhl, Ruth Bulf, Gerald-28,146 Burko, Michael-147 Burnard. Lynn-67,147 Burns, Heather-147 Burrell, Francis-147 Burroughs. Josenh-31 90,147 Butterfield, Cheryl-147 -C... Cadena, Yolanda-147 Calhoun, George-147 Callis, Cheryl-73.147 Camaioni, Joe-147 Campbell, Daisy-147 Canales, Salvador-147 Carbajal. Robert-94,147 Caress, Gary-147 Carey, Fay- Caron, Cecile-147 Carper. Mary Lee-100,147 Carr. Loretta-100,147 Carter, George-147 Carter, Susan-147 Cass, Bobby-94,147 Castellanos, Frances-147 Castro, Joe-147 ' Castro, Melvin-147 Castro, Rachel-147 Chadwick, Thomas-147 Chavez, Juanita-147 Chilbes, Mark-147 Childress, Devon-147 Childress, Joseph-147 Childress, Stella-147 Christensen, JoAnne-147 Christensen, Ken-147 Clark, Sharon-147 Clarke, George-147 Clayton, David-147 Cleek, Anna Clifford, John-147 Cloud, Tom-147 Clute, Patricia-147 Coake, Leslie-99,147 Coates, Marguerite-147 Cobern, Michael-147 Cobern, Pat-66,147 Cochrane, Nancy-147 Codner, Earl-89,147 Cole. Selvie-147 Coleman, John-80,944,147 Conte, Dominic-77 Contreros, Helen Contreros, Rachel Cook, Buddy-117 Cook, Carolyn-147 Coops, Richard-94.147 Cordova, Norma Cornell, George-147 Corona, Rose-147 Corral, Joseph-147 Cotner, Joseph-147 Courtney, Sandy-147 Cox, Joe-66,147 Crawford, Robert-89.147 Crljenica, Annette-147 Cross, Jack-77,148 Cruz, Rudy-31,69.89.l48 Cuellar, Kathy-145.148 -D.. Dahlquist, Roger-82,77,148 Dalton, Ricky-148 Davis, Ernie-148 Davis, Evelyn-148 Davis, Ramona-148 Davis, Linda-148 Deagle, Bob-51.148 Dean, Danny-148 Deatherage, Gary-148 Deatherage, Pat-148 De Augustine, Jon-31,853,148 Decker, Ronald-148 Delamater, Carol-148 DeLaO, Diane-66,148 Delgado, Pete-148 Delgado, Ralph Deminer, Vincent-89.94.148 Dempsey, Marjorie-148 Dennis, Linda-148 Derrick, Elaine-148 Dewey, Donna-148 Diaz, Louis-148 Di4Martino-73,148 Donovan, Donna-148 Dopf, Gayle-148 Dorsey, Anita-148 Douglas, Glen-148 Dowd, Cindy-148 Dowd, Donna--148 Downs, Carol-148 Drake, Loretta--148 Dunn, Cheryl-73,148 DuSablon, Maureen-148 Dustin, Carol-70.100,148 Dyer, Robert-148 Dyvig, Trina-148 -E... Edl, Gerald-148 Edwards, Eddie-148 Edwards, Jerry-94,148 Eger, Kathryn-148 Ellis, Ron-148 Emery, Darlene-148 Enslow, Stanley Enslow, Steven Erickson, Ruth-100,148 Escobar, Gloria-148 -F- Fahnestock, Carmen-100, 148 Fahrney, Dave-148 Fazio, Gene-148 Federico. John-148 Felix, Mary-148 Ferguson, Patricia--100,148 Finazzo, Angelina-149 Finazzo, Frances Fitch, George-149 Fitchlee. Nancy-156 Foglio, Marilyn-149 Foltz, Donna-149 Ford, Eleanor-149 Ford, Grady-149 Fortner, Nancy-149 Frederick, Bruce-80,149 Frederick, Patricia-149 Fuller, Charlene -G- Gammon, Becky-149 Garrison, Linda-149 Garrison, Ronnie-149 Garvin, Charles-94,149 Gatschet, Connie-149 Gatschet, Dennis-149 Garrison, Linda, Garrison, Ron Gee, Sharon-149 George, Bill-80,149 Gibson, Jerry-77 Gideon, Wayne-149 Gill. David-89,149 Gachanour, Bonnie-149 Goggin, Carol-149 Golxnitz, John-149 Gomez, Lucy-149 Gooding, Richard- Gordon, Mona-67,653,149 Graves, Go'die-73,149 Gravitt, Anna Gray, Linda-149 Gray, Lynn-149 Green, Bob-149 Green, Karen-149 Grigson, Nancy Grinder. John-149 Gross. Thomas-149 Guilliani. Ronald-94.149 Gula, Robert-35.77.149 Guse, Katherine--149 Gustafson. Paul-32,149 Guthary, Barry-97,149 Gutierrez, Rachel Gutzznann, William-149 ..H-. Hass. Marvin-149 Hagar, Bob-149 Haigh, George-149 Hall, Bonnie-149 'SSH x 'Q sb I QSM E: J Q Z, ..,,.px-M.. . ,,.. A ' A -257,-.5 x iff N ' - ,V ' VVashbu Piorkowski, Kathleen-54, 100,153 Pipher, Doylene-153 Pitts, Linda-G5,G6,153 Pitts, Sandy-97.153 Plasting, Victoria-153 Poole, Carol-153 Poppe, Nina-153 Porter, Shirley-153 Porter, Walter-153 Potts, Jerry-154 owell, Forest-77,154 Pratt, Mary-154 Primrose, Raymondg35,154 Proznick, Ann-154 Prosnik, Johnny-154 Puckett, Theresa-154 -Q- Quinn, Nora-154 Quintana, 'Wilburt-154 Raberding, Garry-154 Radford, Howard-89,15-1 Rager, Tim-154 Randall, Louise Reed, Pat-910154 Reese, Bob-154 Regis, Linda-154 Reid, Sandra Reiland, Frank Remai. Norman-154 Reitenour, Sherry-154 Rembert, David-83,154 Reyman, Bill Rice, Don-154 Rice, Lynn-154 Richardson, Gary-89,154 Richardson, Robert-6G,73,15-1 Richtar, Russel-31,8fl,154 Ritchey, Diane-154 Riddle. NVesley-154 Riley, Mildred-154 Riley, Sandra-154 Robertson, Sharon Almeda-- 1:14 Robinson, Ollie, Jr.-154 Robinson, Alice Marie Robinson, Lillian-154 Rockson. Richard Allen-154 Rodgers, Elizabeth-68,154 Rodgers, Mildred-154 Rodriguez, Luis-154 Rogers, Dennis-79,154 Ragone. Barbara-154 Rojas, Irenef154 Romero, John-154 Romo. Joe-154 Rood, Don-154 Roode, Lena-154 Ross, Linda-65,G6,68,15-i Rothfolks, Judy-154 Rowlan, Patricia-154 Ruis, Robbie-66,154 Runstrom, Roger- Rush, Virginia-154 Russom, Sandra-100,154 Rutgers, David-154 Ryan, Bob-154 Ryan, Mike-51,853,154 -5- Samson. David-154 Sauerheber, Carole-69,154 Sawyer, Bob Saxton, Richard-31,83,154 Scarrow. John-154 Schellman, Ruth-154 Schneider, Annemarie-15-1 Schneider, Suzanne-154 Schlack, Bob-154 Schroeder, Elizabeth-154 Schupback, Tomw31,80,154 Scott, Phil-154 Scoville, Nancy-68,154 Seanez, Clara-154 Servin, Daniel-89,154 Sharpe, Stephanie-154 Shelton, Joanne-154 Sikora, Ronald-31.154 Silberstein, Paul-34.97.154 Sinclair, Jennie-15-1 Slayton, Sharon-55,154 Sled, Shirley-154 Smalley, Reed-77,911,154 Byron-2834.153 Smith, Smith, Byron-2S,94,15.,v Smith. Dan-28.155 Smith, Cheryl-155 Smith. Florence-155 Smith, Jim-155 Smith. Lucille-155 Smith, Margaret-155 Smith, Michael-155 Smith, Rodger Smith. Virginia-155 Snowhill. Patricia-68.73155 Solberg, '1'erryA94,155 Sotraidis, Tom-155 Spaccarotelli, Sam-3l,79,155 Snellman, George-31,79,155 Spon, Ray--Sll,155 Stafford, Bob-155 Stafford, Dennis-31,155 Stamps, Kristen-155 Starks, Michael-155 Stinson, David-155 Stinson, Bill-155 Stoh, Ron--31.75,77,155 Stone, Billy-28,155 Storm. Leon-155 Stover, Cheryl-97.155 Straily, Dennis-155 Straube, Richard-155 Strawn. Nancy-155 Stringer, Gloria-155 Stuart, Karen-65,6G.GS,l55 Sturgeon, Rhoda-155 Swearingen, Edna-155 -T.. Talley, Mary Lou-155 Tamm, Paul-155 Tannehill, Jean Tarver, Eugene-155 Taylor, David Earle-79,155 Taylor, David Quinn-155 Thomas, Alroy!32,77,94,155 Thomas, Bill-31,155 Tierney, Doreen-143 Tinkler, Shirley-155 Carol-155 SharonS155 Thomson, Thompson, Thompson, Kathy-155 Thompson, Keith-32 Thompson, Sidney Tocco, Nina-155 Todd, LeeA155 Todd, Harold Todd, Mary-155 Townley, Robert-155 Townley, Shirley-73.155 Traugott, Lindaf72,155 Trinnich, Tim-155 Trombley, Larry-155 Truitt, Carolyn-155 Tunstall, Melody-155 ..U- Underwood, Dick-155 Urban, Joyce-GR,73, 155 iv, Valdepena, Cruz Ampie- 100,155 Vary. John-156 Vasquez, Maria Vesentine, John-94,156 Vidmar. Patricia-156 Vidmar. Tony-156 Vigil, James-156 Viveros, David-156 Voiku, Beth-66,156 -W- Wachtel, Kathy-68,156 Wallace, Dave-156 Wallner, Ed-156 Warner, John-156 Warner, Linda-66,156 rn, Maxine-156 Waters, Sharon-156 Watson, John Weatherton, James-77,156 Weatherton, Mary-156 Weaver, Sue-67,68,73,156 Webb, James B.-79,156 Webb. Jim 'C.-156 Weber, Marilyn-156 Weipert, Louise-156 Weitzel, Cheryl-156 West, Eddie-156 Wheat. Karen-156 Wheat, Bill-80,156 Whitthorne, Marsha-156 Wiley, Ellyn-100,156 Williams, Judy-156 NVilliams, Bob Williamson. Donald-156 Wilson, Mike-28,156 Wiltse, Ronaldf65,7O,156 Wood. Jack-94,156 Woolley, Don-65,70.71,80, 156 VVylie, Allen-156 .Y- Yerman, Rontld-156 Young, Janicev156 -Z- Zdilor, Bob-156 Zeigler, Carolyn-156 Zienker, Larry-156 Zook, Gary-156 .,,fff,fuu,g. K Emp if 3, gf- ,,..- ,gf -,V A ., Ay .X ,I . W-L. " 4 f-,E:'i'i:Qfi5f:XQl.g1ATA .yr 5 . .f'ff,.,,.,.-1 5 ,,,. -' .LIE-.. J ,I ,gpg Tffrzvtfi-SU? :g:.J,.gi:'ffx1'N14xp 'iff : 1. 521.5 4- Lum: VSFQ I I I . 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Suggestions in the Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) collection:

Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Fontana High School - Fohi Yearbook (Fontana, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 147

1960, pg 147

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