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Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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s .A 1. .JA .w .- gl ' Hcuxss S OF Q? 59" QT Y' X ig Q Q PRESENTS FONDA-FULTONVILLE CENTRAL SCHOOL FONDA, NEW YORK DEDICATION l' It IS wxth great pleasure that the Class of 1959 co dedrcates this yearbook to Mrs Jean Wmsman Her personallty and mspumg leadershrp have helped us reach our goals Thls message IS a humble effort to show our apprecxanon for her many years of endeavour ADMINISTRATION MR. I. BOSHART Supervising Principal MR. E. F RIERS President of the Board of Education MR. M. CRANE Assistant Principal MRS. M. HEALEY Secretary MRS. P. BOSCHI Guidance Director ' la, MRS. M. AULT Secretary FACULTY MRS. J. WINSMAN Commerce MRS. D. PAINTER Commerce T7 ,.,,4.A. MR. R. OAKSFORD Industrial Arts MISS E. DILLENB ECK Art MISS M. TEDESCO Citizenship Education MRS. V. I-IEALEY Home Economics MR. L. MURPHY Languages MR. A. AUGUSTINE Junior High Physical Education MR. V. SW ENSON Driver Education Physical Education MISS P. BOHON Chorus MR. A. BOSCHI Band MRS. I-I. HADSELL Nurse MRS. E. UNGER Junior High Fonda Building MRS. M. UNGER Junior High Fonda Building MR. H. SCI-IIMMEL I unior High Fultonville Building MR. J. TURNBU LL Junior High Fultonville Building MRS. M. BROWBI Junior High Fultonville Building MRS. K. KILLIAN Junior High Fultonville Building MRS. V. LU SSO Junior High Fultonville Build ing YEAHBOOI4 STAFF CO EDITORS Yvetta Hayes John Emken COPY EDITORS Frances I-lermgle Ellen Steams SPORTS EDITORS Arthur Rutherford Louis DeTrag11a ART EDITORS BUSINESS MANAGERS PHOTOGRAPHY MANAGERS CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT TREASURER ADVISER . Donald Vincent Mary BIOSSOIC Paul Dmgman Everette Vunk Hermme Schuch Judith Drake Carol Tryon Phyllis Bolster Bonnie Bob1l1n Mrs A Hoch ORGANIZATION MANAGERS . . . . Ioan Ripley, Donna Siebe 4 IIA X ,av F l f X ae f Y A' X I ar ff 4 f fx I 1 X 'Y' ,I I I H I f 1, ,nv ll ff uf Ill ll I fl f III' I f f I ll, II 1 ff l,: II I I II II kg 'QI PAUL DINGMAN President LOUIS DE TRAGLIA Vice-President CLASS MOTTO "Climb Tho the Rocks be Rugged. " CLASS COLORS American Beauty Silver CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose YVETTA HAYES Secretary JOAN RIPLEY Treasurer BONNIE BOBILIN HBCU.. "Always a friend, ready and true, Seldom, if ever, will you find her blue. Class Secretary 1 Pow Wow 1, 2, 3 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 President 4 Class President 2 Class Treasurer 3 Prom Attendant 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Treasurer DAVID BRADT "Brottie" "Take life too seriously, And what is it worth?" Baseball 1 Junior Play 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 PHYLLIS BOLSTER ll 'll "No eye to watch, No tongue to wound us, All earth forgot, All heaven around us. " Chorus 1, 2 Science Club 1 Cafeteria 1 Pow Wow 1 Junior Play 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 Ring Committee 3 F. H. A. 4 Yearbook 4 Circulation Department RODNEY CD MPANI lIRu'fN "The world would be dull without me. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Assembly Committee 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Ring Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 4 MARY MARGARET BROSSOIE llpegll "Peg is neat, each thing in its place Curls in her hair, smiles on her face Cheerleader 2 Junior Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Chorus 3, 4 Library Club 3 Ring Committee 3 Student Council 4 Dramatics Club 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Art Editor 1 X : r J LOU IS DE TRAGLIA ll Lobll "Flashing eyes, curly hair, Carefree ways, and debonair. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Captain 4 Pow Wow 1, 2, 3 Sports Editor 3 Band 1, 4 Class Treasurer 3 Q Chorus 3, 4 Library Club 3 Class Vice-President 4 PAUL DING MAN " Clem" "A winning smile, an excellent friend, An earnest worker, and true to the end." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Baseball l Pow Wow 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Sports Editor 3, 4 Athletic Association 2 Soccer 3, 4 Junior King 3 Class President 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Business Manager JUDY DRAKE "Judie" "Judy's merry, dark and dancing eyes Betray our devil in disquise. " Class President 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 4 Pow Wow 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2 Prom Committee 3 Play Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Yearbook 4 Photography Manager GEORGE DOUGLAS "George" "Happy am I, From care I'm free! Why aren't they all Contented with me? Science Club 1 Baseball 2 Chonis 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 DAVID GARDNER " Crock" "The man that invented sleep was a genius. " Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 JOHN EMKEN "John" "1t is becoming to blush but rather inconvenient. " Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 3 Vice-President 3 Ring Committee 3 Boys' State Delegate 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 President 4 Yearbook 4 Co-Editor KEVIN GEESLER llAcell 'What can a man expect of a day that starts by getting up in the morning Class President 1 Baseball 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Pow Wow 1, 3 Dramatics Club 2, 4 Prom Committee 3 Senior Play 3, 4 Basketball 4 Yearbook 4 Sports Editor SANDRA GRISEL " Sandy" "She is just what she is, what better report, A girl, a friend, and a good sport." Science Club 1 Chorus 1, 2 Pow Wow 1, 3 Sports Editor 1 F. H. A. 3, 4 Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 YVETTA HAYES ll ll "Bright eyes, laughter, full of fung 3 She has a smile for everyone. " Pow Wow 1, 2, 3 Utica Conference Editor fjuniorj 1 Assistant Editor 3 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Prom Attendant 3 Ring Committee 3 National Honor Socie Class Secretary 4 Yearbook 4 Co-Editor 1,3 IY 3. RALPH HART II R-almll "A little bluffing non and then doesn't hurt the best of men. " Science Club 1 Pow Wow 1 Library Club 3 Play Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 HELEN HODGE "He1en" "Gigg1ers come, gigglers But I go on forever." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Library Club 4 Senior Play 4 80. FRANCES HERNIGLE n Fx-ann "Here's a girl not shy nor bold, But she's a friend as good as gold." Class Treasurer 1 Junior Student Council 1 Pow Wow 1, 2, 3 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Parliamentarian 2 Secretary 3 Class Secretary 3 Girls' State Delegate 3 Ring Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Yearbook 4 Copy Editor RICHARD INGERSOLL ll Dick!! "My teachers think I am so sweet, I'm always placed in the foremost seat Chorus 1, 2, 3 Science Club 1 Safety Patrol 1 Pow Wow 1 Cafeteria 1 Junior Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 THERESA MAHON urrerryn "A modest girl in words and waysg She justly earns her classmates' praise. " Library Club 1,2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Key Club 1 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Sextet 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 F. H. A. 4 Athletic Association 4 Dramatics Club 4 President 4 Senior Play 4 ERVILA PEAKE .. vig.. "Here mischief lurks in gay disguise, and words never fail her. " Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chonxs 1, 2, 3, 4 Pow Wow 1, 3, 4 County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 College Preview 3 Silvertones 3 Dramatics Club 3 Senior Play 4 ctnfronn MONK "Cliff" "So happy and gay, Not a care for r.he day Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 3 CHRISTOPH PIENING 'Chris' 'He is well paid that is well satisfied. " Soccer 1, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Pow Wow 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1 Chorus 1, 3 Athletic Association 2 Library Club 3 Ring Committee 3 EDWARD POLIN If ll "Oh, What thoughts doth lie behind that mysterious eye. " Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1 Cafeteria 1 Ring Committee 3 Library Club 4 Senior Play 4 DONALD POLLOCK ll Don!! 'Men of a few words are the best men. Rifle Club 1 Library Club 1, 2 Ring Committee 3 MARGARET RICHARDSON npeggyu "Don't rush me, the world is young. " Pow Wow 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria 1 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee 3 PATRICIA RIPLEY .. Pat.. "Quietness is only the costume for friendship's golden beauty. " Pow Wow 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria 1 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Parliam entarian 4 Prom Committee 3 Play Committee 3 Senior Play 4 JOAN RIPLEY nloann "Gracious and neat - Pretty and petite. " Science Club 1 Secretary 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 County Treasurer 3 State Officer 4 Junior Play 3 Class Vice-President 2, 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Class Treasurer 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Organizational Manager PAU L SALTS MAN n Saltyn "Mischief is my middle name. " Junior Play 3 Basketball 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 ARTHUR RUTHERFORD "Artie" "Little man with big ideas. " Pow Wow 1, 2 Business Manager 1 Science Club 1 President 1 Soccer 3, 4 Basketball 3 Assembly Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prom Attendant 3 Library Club 3 Treasurer 3 Athletic Association 3 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Sports Editor MICHAEL SALVATORE .. Mike.. "Be always as merry as ever you can No one delights in a sorrowful man. ' Student Council 1 Science Club 1 Pow Wow 1, 2 Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 I-IERMINE SCI-IUCH " Herrni" "I-Iermine is a scholar with knowledge galoreg Her hobby's racing to some distant shore. " Class Vice-President 1 Chorus 1 Class Treasurer 2 Prom Committee 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 Good Citizenship Award 4 D. A. R. Library Club 4 Photography Manager ELLEN STEARNS " Ellen" "Patient here through every trialg Dimples with her every smile. " F. H. A. 1 Class Secretary 2 Library Club 3 Secretary 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 Junior Play 3 Prom Queen 3 Ring Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Copy Editor DONNA S IEBE ll ll "Coy and charming, Flirtation in her eyes. " Class Secretary 1 F. H. A. 1, 4 Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Sextet 3 Athletic Association 1 Pow Wow 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Committee 3 Dramatics Club 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Organizational Manager CAROL TRYON " Carol" "Most of the time she's quiet, The rest of the time who knows. " Chorus 1, 2, 3 Utica Conference 2 Advertising Manager 3 Business Manager 4 Junior Play F. H. A. 3, 4 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Circulation Department ROBERT TELFER If ll "An amiable fellow, with interests wideg A star in sports, keen-minded besides. " Basketball 2, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Volleyball 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 DONALD VINCENT 'Lover' "Quiet, reserved, and demureg A friend upon whom you are always sure Student Council 1,2, 4 President 4 Ring Committee 3 Yearbook 4 Art Editor EVERET TE VUNK "Everette" "Everette's usually quiet and shy, I But we all know he s an all around guy. Class President 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1 Silvertones 2 Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prom Attendant 3 Assembly Committee 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook 4 Business Manager GERALD WILDER 'Gerry' "He is a quiet, well mannered boy, And sports he does immensely enjoy. " Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Athletic Association 2 Ring Committee 3 BARNEY WEMPLE n Barneyn "A boy with interests that are athletic, He's small in stature but energetic. " Athletic Association 1 Basketball 2 Ring Committee 3 NAME Bonrue Bob1l1n Phyllrs Bolster Davrd Bradt Peggy Brossore Rodney Com pam Louxs DeTragl1a Paul Dmgman George Douglas Judle Drake John Emken Davrcl Gardner Kevrn Geesler Sandra Grrsel Ralph Hart Yvetta Hayes Fran Hermgle Helen Hodge Rlchard Ingersoll Terry Mahon Clrfford Monk Ervlla Peake Chns P1erung Edward Pol1n Donald Pollock Margaret Rlchardson Joan Rlpley Pat Rrpley Art Rutherford Paul Saltsman Mrke Salvatore Hermme Schuch Donna Srebe Ellen Steams Robert Telfer Carol Tryon Donald Vrncent Everette Vunk Bamey Wemple Gerry Wilder SENIOR DIRECTORY NCTED FOR her r1ng letters horses talkmg w1se cracks fllrung manners shortness bleached ha1r chemrstry cluckmg empty seat athletrc ab1l1ty dr1v1ng pleasantness l1fe of party quietness b1g feet freckles cars mus1c ablllty nulsance farm talk sklpplng school sense of humor frlendllness her rmg ruggedness muscles slap happy brams uncertamess good looks Casanova oe I fanc y clothes pants neatness WANTS TO wrfe practlcal nurse marme doctor's assrstan lawyer brg wheel FBI agent known pracucal nurse chemlst marden s dream r1ch cook man of the world legal secretary secretary WAC wnter b83l.1I1C13l1 great mus1c teacher farmer farmer somethmg doctor s asslstant marrled a success farm manager a success pharmacrst happy stewardess marme medlcal secretary doctor famous world traveler loved PROBABLY WILL BE mother of 8 marned before 20 brg brass rn trme a lrar selllng bread sheuff rn the future practrcal grrl test tube cleaner a mghtmare lf he strrkes o1l ln the U S Army lost rn a crowd an excellent one on boss s lap wacky Wave wrth an rmagmatron soon 1n a dream student of mus1c a good one 1f he stops talkmg soon 1f she makes It a fme one as soon as posslble at growmg old managed farmer at somethlng on ume forever floaung on an rn a few years pauent most of ume nursed when he 1S old globe trotter IH a dream BE n I , I . . - P. N. ' ' J . . . - ill 11 W? W 00617 rnS.........................Queen man 43:11 fffw Us Ellen Stearns Everette Vunk Arthur Rutherford Richard Bell Eva Leggiero Bonnie Bobilin Yvetta Hayes Band . . Queen 2nd Attendant lst Attendant Crown Attendant . . 1957 Queen lst Attendant 2nd Attendant . . Freddie Clute s Orchestra K G4 4 D Q, If A A B ' a Paul Dingman . . . .... .......... K ing PROPHECY The noted srnger and actress Ervlla Peake has dehghted theTV world by launchtng a new show that ts really dxfferent The most startllng feature of the show rs that she 1nterv1ews people who would never be seen or heard otherwtse. For 1ts prem1er performance the show featured a program Sctence and Medlcme Startrng 1n New York C1ty M1ss Peake 1nterv1ewed M1ss Peggy Rtchardson R N supervlsor of nurses at Bellevue General HOSDIIHL M1ss Rlchardson spoke on her work w1th retarded children and tntroduced her two asslstants Mlsses Judte Drake and Phylhs Bolster both pract1cal nurses Next the show swltched to Chlcago Nat1onalLaborator1es and spoke w1th M1ss ,Toan Rxpley medlcal secretary and assrstant to Dr John Emken oneof Amenca s foremost sctentxsts and medlcal researchers After a most enhghtemng lnterview with M1ss Rrpley the show moved to another laboratory near by and talked with Dr Hermme Schuch a leadmg pharmaclst and her worthy asslstants Mlsses Peggy As a last guest for the everung M158 Peake talked to Kevm Geesler student at Stmpson Undertakers School. It was d1sclosed that one of the future shows wxll be based on housewtves and career g1rls Guests w1ll Include housewlves Bonme Bobthn Donna Stebe and Patty Rtpley who w11l talk on home and chlld care. For career g1rls Axrltnes Stewardess Ellen Stearns wxll talk on her flylng expertence whtle M1ss Terry Mahon, famous hatr styhst wxll demonstrate her latest creatxons For another show the sponsor wrll v1s1t the armed forces In the army the entertalners w11l talk to Pvts Sandra Grlsel and Helen Hodge and Majors Rtchard Ingersoll and Edward Pohn who w1ll tell about the armtes latest devrces In the au' force Paul Dmgman and M1ke Salvatore wtll be 1nterv1ewed They have made a new space shtp and w11l exhtbtt It on the show In the marmes Capts Robert Telfer and Gerald Wllder who have just returned from a very Important m1ss1on 1n the South Seas w1l1 talk of the1r adventures And 1n the navy Paul Saltsman and Barney Wemple w1l1 dxscuss navy hfe and the advantages of being IH the navy Brossoie and Carol Tryon. M1ss Peikc lS Dlllllllllg to go to Fex1s to do one show There she will talk to Donild Vincent and R alph Hart owners of the hrgest oil concerns 111 the United States their secretnries Yvett1lI1yes and Fmnces llernigle along with Donald Pollock Clllflf executive 1ndRodneyCo111p1n1 who takes care of important nmtters on the Illlllll 1111111011 dollar IB'v1 computer 1nd teachers Her guests for the evening will include Louis DeTr1gl1a, 1ndustr1a1 arts teacher and some of h1s students David Bradt agriculture teacher, 1nd his assistant David Gardner w1ll demonstrate some ofthe newest methods of farming. Post gmduwtes Everette Vunk Clifford Monk, Chris Piening, and George Douglas all owners of Urge farms will give their opinions on these methods The show will then sw1tchtoIwewYorkC1ty where Arthur Rutherford IS studying chemical engineering. He will talk about college life and l11s studies When Miss Peakehas completed her novel shows she will enjoy a vacation in the land of the Chochocas, a never heard of spot 1 t ' , C 1 ' . , ' -1 ' ' , L 1 ', '. I z .' I I L Q For the last show of the season Miss P cake will travel to colleges and schools to investigate students I , I 1 1 I I 1 , c A t , l , oan R1p1ey Arthur Rutherford MOST Peggy BIOSSOIC Rl 'il MOST VERSATILE TAL KATIVE MOS T SCHOOL Rodney Compam BEST LOOKING Arthur Rutherford Ellen Stearns SPIRIT Fran Hernigle Rodney Compam BEST DRESSED MOST HELPFUL TO THE cLAss Paul Dmgrnan Yvetta Hayes Paul Dmimafl Yvefta HaYe5 CLASS FAVORITES I , llf f I u rg .- xx' R I N301 Ka, 3? 3 - ' V .ae ' o il' 'vl x If-1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC Hermine Schuch John Emken Chris Piefliflg Sandra GriS61 W V MOST BASHFUL MOST POPULAR Clifford Monk Helen Hodge Paul Dingman Yvetta Hayes e n fu - O n f Q,"Q V '12 I, 5 ' ' I . V I inns i ' ' se 21 BEST PERSONALITY CLASS FLIRT Arthur Rutherford Yvetta Hayes Judie Drake Louis DeTrag1ia CLASS HISTORY As freshmen the class of 59 had a successful year both rn Fonda and Fultonvtlle. In Fultonvtlle our class offtcers were Everette Vunk Pres1dent Yvetta Hayes V1ce Presxdent Bonnle Bob1l1n Secretary Frances Herntgle Treasurer Mr Schlmmel made our actlvmes both suc cessful and profltable. Our 3Ct1V1ICS consxsted of dances 1ce cream soclals and raffles In Fonda we elected ,T ud1e Drake as Prestdent Herm1neSchuch Vxce Presldent Donna S1ebe Secretary W1th our advrser Mrs Wlnsman we also had a prof1table year In our sophomore year we combined to make a really successful class We elected Bonme Bobrhn President Joan Rrpley Vrce Presldent Ellen Stearns Secretary Hermme Schuch Treasurer W1th our advlsers Mrs W1nsman and Mr Meola our class set out to make our ftrst year together a suc I cessful venture. We held two dances the Heart Throb Hop and the Ram Drop Hop We held suppers and raffles to fulf1ll our year s act1v1t1es Our Junior year brought our class even closer together Wrth our offrcers Paul Dlngman Pr S1 began to look forward to the many act1v1t1es we would experlence together Our advlsers Mrs Wlnsman and Mr Derwtn helped our class plan the brggest event we were to encounter ourJun1or Prom Moon lrght and Roses ' at whlch Paul Dmgman and Ellen Stearns were crowned kmg and queen. Our second greatest moment was the recelvtng of our class rmgs at the ,Tumor Banquet Our Jumor year was a year the class of 59 w11l remember wlth fondest memorles Durmg the summer between our jumor and sen1or year our class was 1n charge of the parklng lot reserved for the races and the falr As the result of thxs experlence our class reahzed a large sum of money As we became semors the class of 59 elected the fO1.10Wll'1gOfflC6l'S Paul Dmgman Presldent, Lours DeTragl1a Vxce Presldent Yvetta Hayes Secretary Joan Rrpley Treasurer Our advrser Mrs Wtnsman helped to make our last year together a year whtch we shall always look back upon wrth fondest memorres We presented our sen1or play Annre Get Your Gun under the dlrectxon of Mr Mendus As spr1ng drew near we semors grew most anxlous for the greatest expenence we were to encounter our tr1p to Washlngton D C As June approaches upon us we grow remtnlscent of the good tlmes at Fonda F ultonv1lle Central School We became remmlscent of the teachers and good frrends to whom we are gomg to say Good bye As the Class of 59 1S to be the last class to graduate from the old school we w1sh to thank every one for makmg It the place where our hearts w1ll always be and for makmg ll our alma mater , . . . ' . 1 , . S , . - . S . . . . S . I D . . , . . . - 9 O ' ' , , : . ' . - . S . , ' . . . . . , . S . I . Q . 5 I S . ' . . . l . . . ' . - ll li CO ' D . , . , . . . . . . ' . , e .- dentg Ioan Ripley, Vice-President: Frances Hernigle, Secretaryg Bonnie Bobilin, Treasurerg our class . - , - ,' ' ,u .- . , . . . , . . . . . . . ' . . . . . . ' . . , , . . : . ' . ' . . I , - . 5 ' Z . , 0 . ' U . . ,, . ,, . . . D . . . . , . . . . ' . . H - DI , . . - L L L L L L I CLASS Wlll Mike Salvatore leave my left over clgarettes to Bob Reed who ls forever borrowing them Edward Polln, leave my s1de bums height and englneer boots to Carmine Guadagno Ralph Hart, leave my abihty to have a good car to Will Schuyler who needs one Frances I-Iernigle leave my Job of answenng the phone in Mrs Painter's classes to Allen Jackson who has been dymg for the Job all year Helen Hodge, leave my sense of good humor to Kathy F rlers Arthur Rutherford, wlll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th everyone to the Junior class Carol Tryon, leave my left over bus tickets to Phyllis Cotmtermine who Justs gets by through the year John Emken, leave my ablllty to blush easily to Charles Matteson who could sure use lt. Ellen Stearns leave my crown and posmon as queen to the most deservmg girl in the Junior class Theresa Mahon leave my freckles to V1ola Fox who has room for a few more Bonme Bob1l1n leave my abihty to stay w1th one guy to Carol Quackenbush who is forever changmg Donna Siebe leave my problem of choosmg whlch boy to go steady w1th to Conme Lampman who seems to have the same problem Richard Ingersoll, leave my abi.l1ty to create trouble to Bruce Powers who is catching on fast David Bradt leave my pnze quarter horse to Allen Jackson who is golng broke renting horses Everette Vunk will my ablhty to get along with teachers to Gerald Cook who has quite a ume Ervlla Peake leave my ability to sxght read muslc to the Jumors 1D the alto sectlon. Peggy Brossole leave my ablhty to get caught chewing gum to Cheryl Sterns who seems to have all the luck Chfford Monk wlll my Hollywood mufflers to anyone who wants them Hermine Schuch leave my abtlity to hide my true self to anyone who wants to keep people guessing Sandra Grisel leave my loyalty as a Yankee fan to Carol Newkirk who llkes the Braves Paul Saltsman, w1ll my young age to Darrel Hoyt who will be drawing an old age pension before he gets out of school. Peggy Rtchardson, leave my ab1l1ty to stay out of trouble to Carol Quackenbush. Kevin Geesler leave my crazy legs to Bob Reed who can t get out of his own way Yvetta Hayes as co ed1tor of the yearbook leave a bottle of asplrins to the future staff who will need them. Ioan Ripley leave my abllity to dnve a 58 Olds to Carol Russell who has trouble reaching the peddles ln her speedy Pontiac Louls DeTraglia leave my razor to Ed Schlote who still uses a Cat and Cream. Phyllis Bolster will my ability to do math to my sister, Mary who is struggling with general business Ruf' Compani will my seat 1n the office to Dave Friers who keeps lf warm when I m not there. Judy Drake leave my personality to Mary Frohn. Paul Dlngman wnll my D A harrcut to Gwynne Pearsall Patncla Rlpley leave my quret ways to Grace DeTragl1a Davrd Gardner leave my Jokes to Bxlly Telfer who never seems to have any I, , ' ' . 1. ' . . ' . 1. ' . 1. . ' ' . I, . L .. . . . L, - . . 0 1. '. ' . ' L i . . . . 1. ' ' . 1. . ' ' . 1. . ' '. 1. . ' In . . 1 . 0 I, , ' . 1. ' ' ' L . .. 1. . ' . 1. . -' ' 1. ' . ' 1. . . . I, " ' , f '. ' 5 YN eww K k i' 1.15 fr, ,- on ff' f N X X X X I X I Y N 4, If M :fwv"f,f...f ll:-vi X 'V--L fr-a 4' M? gf gf 444 'fr ijt, I it :nr JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW H Faulknor W Schuyler S Szabo D Newport J Compam R Humphrey E P1en1ng. SECOND ROW L Long M Zentz S BOWd1Sh B Johnson, A Harvey J Harvey C Stearns M McGowan, P Countermme, J Bell S Hayes THIRD ROW Mrs M Derwm, T Ford K MSHCIIH S Manmng, Mr L Murphy Adviser FOURTH ROW G Cook A Jackson R Reed G Pearsall, J Franc1sco N Txlhson B Mahon,C Lampman,A Johnson V Fox R.K1e1n, P Slansky R Wessels R Collmg Adviserg K. Friers, D. Hand, R. Marchionne, B. Wemple, L. Oare, J. Parslow, M.Brookhiser, SQPHQMQRES 'AV Qisazlltaw 4 4 Q' kwa 'f m S A fmmfn Irs Q 5 w -V Y l 5 5 I , v ,X . Q ' Y A' x yr AXXX X I Nvbgglf N. ' YA' V+' xv ,X AP 472' Ax' Y V in , 1 X 7 ff SOPHOIVIORE CLASS FIRST ROW J' Phillips J' Peluso E Schlote, E Lang, K Siebe, W VanAlysune, G Vmcent, D Fners T Countermine. SECOND ROW A Hojny E Carpenter S Szabo L Steenburgh P Russell C Newkuk S Buteau A Wagar M Frolm B Fonda C Russell M1ssM Tedesco Adviser Tragha J Pe1os1,P Carpenter D Ingersoll H Stowms N Wllland G R1pley Mr E Mendus Advlser FOURTH ROW G Snyder C Guadagno S Pavlus A DaB1ere,R Gray L Telfer B Dostal, R Dumar, R Bradt W Durfee, C Bureau J LaVo1e, K Kxlmarun, F Bowdlsh H Emken D Teller THIRD ROW: G. McRedmond, C. Humphrey, R. Veeder, C.Quackenbush, P. Bobilin, G. De- min E lm :FRESH IF y 91 Ak FONDA FRESHIVIAN CLASS FIRST ROW F Fonda L Healey H Spencer D Hoyt G Burke D Thompson SECOND ROW K Wemple C Manley C Pavlus ,T McGowan, V M1l.ler N Telfer C Deckro I Bradt THLRDROW M W11mot C McDuff1e B Belfance C Smlth K Fauteaux J Peclet E John son M. Vrooman FOURTH ROW C Hmkle, B Larson D Pollock V Collms M Pelosl B Powers B Calhoun Mr R Fedullo Adviser FULTONVILLE FRESHIVIAN CLASS FIRST ROW R Barker F Morey R Bobrlm, R Lanfear D Peterson. SECOND ROW B Wellman I Barker C Rogers P Beyer M Pien1ng,C Sager S Anderson,M Hanson, D Cook THIRD ROW Mr H Schunmel, Advlser N Van Avery L Kl1ngbe1l,P Young,E Johnson, M Bolster G Martm M Turnbull M Flmt L Dav1s FOURTH ROW R Freeman T Lohmeyer D Staley R Baehr D Kruger C Kubly T Mahon R Colodne EUGIHYTIHI GRADE K ' A? once - Q '25 x X ii? -1--,A -sun., Qifj-il-71-rf., ,A 3 o 'Y -L - 1 -'Q-.3 04 o - o ' ' 373 l'f ,,,,,,. -- r Xilf U ' W . I' 'wt' 7 I 1 . . ,I ' I ' . A 5 A 'N .f r 0' I . I 7 Y vi f Q H FULTGNVILLE EIGHTH GRADE nba C3 FIRST ROW W Rose, J' Guadagno C Coddmgton B Yurkewecz L Wellman I Faulknor I Veeder K Collmg T Hoffman. SECOND ROW Mrs K K1Jl1an Advlser R Grandy H Hodge M ,Tennmgs M McN1nney T D Teller E Whxpple E R1p1ey J' Fonda M Raym M Fhnt Mrs V Lusso Advlser THIRD ROW P Tylutkl D Van Avery R Malthrup D Grandy .T Tallrnadge, R Dwyer L Hand L Yates L Hayes B Bramer M Hanson A Cromer L Kruger Y Pulls J' Cranker R Morby R Yurkewecz FOURTH ROW K Kruger R Van Arsdale G Hayes T Pullen F W1l11ams F Fners R Perse,,T Ingersoll, D Plerce, F K1lmarun J T 1tus B Hayes R Conte G Bottornly FONDA EIGHTH GRADF i FIRST ROW R Christman R Coons D Egy S Pelosi. SECOND ROW D Know1ton,R John son W Szabo A Acker J Bradt J Coons P G1bson.Tl-IIRDROW A Bode,J Lansmg, B Engel, S McGowan, P Francxs K Rhodes Mrs E Unger Advlser FOURTH ROW M Hmk1e,C Manclni, G ZHIIZ B Bowe,B Osborne L Wemp1e,S Gunneson. A G AQ? f x Q25 A -- , .....- fifw lx 1 L, Q1 HG' N 1: n 1 X ., v X X ,ami J in I I-,lf - '1" -"'-'- I '51 D- 1 - 3,1 Q --""'1- '2 A QI A "-4, Y- -W ,, '--' 'ff 1, v .. X 'sn Alu , FONDA SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW R. S1ebe W W1ckware D Dav1s V Swenson D Kruger T Dav1s R Pavlus SECOND ROW C Lathers C Reed C MacNamee K E11 N Pollock G Sne11,P Yates C Jones THIRD ROW R Post D P1rol1 J Ph1l11ps R Barbagelata V Bowler C Zanrutto P Pollock H Kxlmarnn, H Loya. FOURTH ROW F Be1l,D Darrow S Fox J Telfer T Sherwood W Dmgman L D1bb1e, Mrs M Unger Advlser EULTONVILLE SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW E Young, P Gorden, R Schuyler C Brown, E Freeman A Mlller A Gates Taylor R Cross S Croote, J' Salvatore R Natola E Lett1ce,C Parenu M Hanson,K Bottomly L Dav1s R Young, L Martm, R Hayes THIRDROW Mrs M Brower Advxser R Carpenter J' Hlckok D Hayes R Sargahs L Jordan,C Newlurk H Hodge J' Mahon, G Rose, C Gorden, D Kane, R Snyder M PlCfl1.l'lg,R Morey C Dav1s N Van Avery N Monk Mr J' Tumbull, Advlser FOURTH ROW A Makarowslu, M F ranc1sco,J Vedder C Mxller I Brooks C Armstrong, V D1bb1e, V Fulhngton G Rlchardson, M Flemming, B Natola, N Staley J' Wallski, D Foody L Cranker L Hoffman K Hazzard P. Bolster, G. Bowdish, J. Steams, H. Johnson, W. Hazzard. SECXJND ROW: P.Wi11iams, G. ... :Z I Q My PXCTX .... +Qy M -xlxfxgg Q STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: R. Compani, H. Stowitts, Treasurerg D. Vi.ncer1t,Presidentg A..T ackson, Vice- Presidentg K. Wemple, Secretaryg H. Faulknor. SECOND ROW: M. Brossoie, R.J' ohnson, L. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Adv1ser, M. Flemmmg. FIRST ROW: R. Conte, P. Beyer, J. Barker. SECOND ROW: M.Francisco, Mrs. V. Lusso, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: E. Peake. J. Rip19Y. .T. Emken, Y. Hayes, B. Bobilin, H. Schuch. SECOND ROW: FUTURE HOMEMAHERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW T Mahon, M Richardson S Gnsel, H Hodge,J' Rxpley C Quackenbush D Hand M Wxlmot. SECOND ROW M Zentz S Mannmg, M Brookhiser Y Hayes,B Bobilm, Friers J' Drake, C Pavlus C Manley F Hermgle I Harvey A Harvey D S1ebe,A J'ohn son C Humphrey B Johnson. FOURTH ROW C Tryon G DeTragha P Bolster V Miller T.Ford, R Marchwnne, E Carpenter C Lampman B Wemple V Fox R Veeder J. Bell, P. Ripley, B. Mahon, Mrs. V. Healey, Adviser. THIRD ROW:S.I-Iayes. .T.Pec1et, K. POW WOW FIRST ROW J' Compam B Bradt E Pxenmg W Schuyler H Faulknor R Compam P Dmgman. SECOND ROW M Brossoie, S Szabo L Long I Bell T Ford J Franclsco M Zentz N Wllland R Marchlonne, S Mannmg, C Tryon Mxss P Gotu Advlser THIRD ROW M W1.1mot A Wagar A Johnson A Jackson M Brookhlser C Mancnu P Countermme K Wemple, P Carpenter V M111er E Carpenter J' P61051 L DeTrag1.1a R Reed R Col lmg C Mancmi M H1nk1e,B Engel, G Zentz B Bowe V Szabo JUNIOR POW WOW FIRST ROW G Martm C Sager D Cook IFonda B Bramer SECOND ROW C Peruu R. Natola D Kane Mrs M Brower Advlser L Hayes M Franclsco E R1p1ey A. Harvey. J. Harvey, D. Siebe, E. Peake, C. Stearns. FOURTH ROW: P. Francis, S. McGowan, CHORUS H FIRST ROW J McGowan E Johnson C Smith M Vrooman C Russell N Telfer C Mc Duffle G McRedmond SECOND ROW Miss Bohon Adviser V Miller A Hojny C Deckro B Mahon P Ripley J Ripley M Brossoie J Drake C Manley C Pavlus D Hoyt THIRD ROW L DeTragha W Schuyler D Ingersoll E Peake M Zentz S Manning J Bell G Ripley B Fonda M Frohn R Compani P Dingman FOURTH ROW A Jackson E Piening H Faulknor T Countermine T Ford L Long S Bowdish M Richardson H Hodge L Healey C Monk F Bowdish FIFTH ROW R Humphrey D Vincent G DeTragl1a J Pelosi R Veeder M Brookhiser T Mahon D Gardner J Phillips H Stowitts FIRST ROW: T. Countermine, E. Peake, B. Mahon, C. Russell, H. Faulknor. SECOND ROW: D. Newport, J. Emken, L. DeTrag1ia, W. Schuyler, A. Jackson, E. Piening. THIRD ROW: Mr. Boschi, Adviser, J. Phillips, R. Humphrey, F. Bowdish, R. Bradt, E. Schlote. 1 f TREASUHERS 'SY FIRST ROW I Rxpley B BOb111f1 .T McGowan .T Bradt. SECOND ROW M Brookhlser G Pearsall A DaB1ere H Stownts R Ford DRAIVIATICS CLUB si FIRST ROW. D. Slebe, C. Quackenbush, T. Mahon, S. Szabo, J. Compam, C. Stearns, A.John son, M. BYOSSOIC. SECOND ROW: J. Parslow, J. Bradt, R. Marchlonne, E. Lang, T. Ford, N. Wllland, M. Zentz. J. Bell. THIRD ROW- C. Pavlus, V. M11ler, E.Carpenter, E.Peake, B. Mahon, J. Franclsco, S. Mannmg, L. Long, Mr. E. Mendus, Dlrector. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW S McGowan A Harvey M Frohn SECOND ROW D Thompson Mlss M Tedesco Adviser D Davls ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION C7 Q, J. FIRST ROW K Fners A Rutherford T Mahon E Plenmg. SECOND ROW W Dmgman T Countermme C Pavlus C Russell ,T Lansmg J Coons T Sherwood. SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW P Young T Mahon M Plailllg E Colodne. SECOND ROW B Wellman F Morey Mr H Schxmmel, Advlser R Baehr E Johnson YOHHER CLUB M P1en1ng, Mrs K Kxlhan Advlser D Peterson 1, Yates M Raym L Hand FIRST ROW: M. Bolster, M. Flint, E. Johnson, D. Cook. SECOND ROW: J. Barker, L. Davis FONDA SAFETY PATROL FIRST ROW R S1ebe T Wxckware D Pollock D Davls .T Phllhps J Dav1s D Kruger F Bell SECOND ROW B Post D Darrow J Telfer W Dlngman ,T Long H Loya THIRD ROW G Snell C Zannmo C Reed N Pollock C .Tones FULTONVILLE SAFETY PATROL Mr ,T Turnbull Advxser F Wxlhams L Wellman M P1CI'11l'lg R Natola R Young M Fhnt P Bolster QP 0915 xl if VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW A Jackson A DaB1ere R Klem C Plemng R Colhng G Pearsall. - A LQ 1 :ix X A jk FIRST ROW: H. Faulknor, S. Szabo, W. Schuyler, E. Piening, Mr. A. Augustine, Coach. SECOND JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW L Healey H Spencer J' Coons T Countermme R Lanfear G Burke. SECOND Calhoun H Stowxtts T Mahon ROW: D. Friers. G. Snyder, C. Hinkle, D. Pollock, Mr. R.Fedu11o, CoachgD. Blowers, B. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: C. Mancini, J. Bell, M. Brookhiser. SECOND ROW: L Long, M. Zentz. CENTER TOP: S. Manning. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: J. Harvey, A. Harvey. SECOND ROW: P. Carpenter, N Willand THIRD ROW: B. Fonda, C. Russell. 4 ,.,?1'm wi! IX Si is ' g 'If' Mk. ,hx lA, f QX', if R I! , '1 'xc Wx 'A g 7 5.5! JJ 12 Wgi? , K S 'si .L gas? 'F FF, , K,,. I :Fmlfgk P ? fl ll ,v 3,- HAI' 4' 9,3 5 Q' 2,4 ly .H I -f - W BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW H SIOWIUS A DaB1ere J Szabo L DeTragha R Be1l,R Compan1 R Collmg R Telfer SECOND ROW J Moore A Jackson D Demarest Mr A Augusune Coach G SOCCER TEAM FIRST ROW A Rutherford J Coons F Morey S Szabo H Stowltts T Counterm1ne,F Fonda E Schlote B VanA1ysune Mr V Swenson,Coach SECOND ROW D Kruger G Pearsall R Klexn R Colling A Jackson D Fr1ers E Plerung A DaB1ere C Hmkle T Lohmeyer I . , . , . , 0 , . . , . , I I u 0 n - a y 9 g a I o s , g n , n . . . . 4 , a , 0 , 0 , s 9 - 0 , . , . , - . . I e n 1 a , . , Q g a p o 9 e g o y s o yverm 7 ELLEN HELEN V' EVERETTE HERH1 90" V WWE: PAT VI Gr 5- PM ve G' cuff PHYLUS 505 SAND' -LS- g 14" YM I Q 1 P56611 R EDDXE PEGSJ' 5 ., l ,.., ,Xl ,VV Ksvlu Douvu 9404- U Lou JuofE ROD j ...ff FRA N BARN EY CAROL, 1 - 5 1 AR-r4 5 JOAN f RALPH 09? 5? -4? FLILTONVILLE MACHINE AND TCCL COMPANY LA Floor Clednlng Equlpment HITE MCD RINGER COMPA MdlH Offlce dnd Fdctory Fultonvllle New York Cdnddldn Factory WHITEY MOPZUM SAYS, It s Rloht If It:'s I1- 3 Paris, Ontario, Canada 'f I ' U - 'l""' 'ff' Compllments P S DUBREY TRUCKING CO , INC Rlverslde Drlve Fultonvllle, New York WELDING SHOP Extenslon Unlon Fultonvllle, New York FULTONVILLE NATIONAL BANK Our 75th Annlversary if cqp Fultonvllle New York BOBILINS LUNCHEONETTE S VARIETY STORE Maln Street Fultonvllle N Y Sodas 8 Sundaes Fllms and Plctures Developed Ice Cream Hot Lunches Toys Candy School Supplies Phone Fonda 3-9281 Compllments of FERNAND CARRON Fultonvllle, New York Compllments DEVERE H. LATHERS G SON Glen, New York Phone 382 ro of . ix-fx' I I Q- 0 FONDA Zyfcp II N .J 5. ' ' sc. , I A OI COURTESY TODD FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Fultonvllle New York DEV 'Aff Phone 3 0505 PHILBROOK S SUPERMARKET 443' f ndl The blg store wlth the r1e y llttle store persondllty Proudly S8fV1Dg the Fonda Fultonvllle area THE HOME OF THE FABULOUS SPECIALS GLE Compllments N S MOHAWK MILK ASSOCIATION Fultonville, New York -7- ,-4 1, ln, b , H ..-,- 'SS' es . NRS-51'-T' , - 65 'e 5 9 2 Q7 s '1 0" r nO' ' U of FuLToNvlLLE muck sToP AND MoTEL F lt S STOP 6 SAVE W VAN HORNES HARDWARE' N - fa'- F lt FONDFULT LUMBER C0 Lumb H d S ppl I F lt I Riverside Drive , u onville, New York Proprs. George P. nyder Victor F. Van Wagenen 1 1 1 B E h er- ar ware from S , Mason u XR X , ff ' D A Y-, . K yy CW I onvill u 11 ' N Y k N Y k THE CLOISTERIE REST HOME Maple Avenue Fultonvllle N Y Phone Fonda 3 4412 Taikeav' 5Q2Zg' Proprs Mrs H Matterson Mrs B Verbyla After Graduatlon Keep up with All the Local News by Subscrlblng to the MOHAWK VALLEY DEMOCRAT Fonda New York Montgomery County's Oldest Weekly Complete Job Prrntlng Your PI1Dt1Dg Needs INTERCHANGE SERVICE STATION Rlverslde Drlve Fultonvllle New York D1al 3 4381 QUE? YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS WYMAN S DRUGS Fonda New York ' 3 0 o 3 a ' ' ' Shop to Care for all 7 . 3 3 VAN DusEN's I SERVICE STATION I Mobilgas G Oil Rlverslde Drlve Fultonvllle N Y Dldl 3 9361 GORDON VAN DUSEN, Propr CLOVER LEAF MOTEL Fultonville, N. Y. Phone Fonda 3-8582 Proprs Adah G Arnold Schlote CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING A Franclsco Propr Fultonvllle, New York Compllments Fultonvllle, New York VALLEY VIEW NURSING HOME UR HOME IS YOUR HO H Phone 3 5191 Broad Street Best Wlshes Fultonvllle New York from BEACON GRAIN STORE afLl'UuA' Awww Fultonvlllev New York Proprs Charlotte Haberek .L Jenny Foody I - I of HOTEL ARTHUR no ME ANDERSON INSTRUMENT CO Glen New York NC FRANK D. PULLEN Insurance and Real Estate Phone Fonda 3 4471 Fultonvllle, New York Best Wlshes, Senlors A FRIEND Courtesy HAND'S TURKEY HAVEN Glen 471 WILLIAM DOERRER G SON Watches 8 Jewelry CONGRATULATIONS' Fonda, New York L F Fort Plaln, New York Congratulatlons to the Senlors A FRIEND MOHAWK MODERN HOME Fultonvllle, N Y Propr Fred Hlme Feeds and Seeds Fertlllzers, etc COSTS YOU LESS Maln Street Fonda New York Phone FONDA 3 5231 ., I . , , Q , of ' FONDA CO-OPERATIVE ' G. . . INC WEST END GARAGE Proprs Jlm G Jack Brookmdn Complete Auto Servlce Front end allgnment and whee1 balanclng K fs XEQR s Phone 3 6611 Fonda N STARR'S SELF SERVICE Shoes Clothlng Maln Street Fonda New York FOSTER'S GAS G APPLIANCE Fondd, New York DUROSS BROS, INC Hardwdre Appllances Te1eV1s1on Phone 6 9000 Phone 3 7652 AULTS SERVICE STATION UServ1ce 1S our Buslness Complete LUbI1Cdt1OH Flrestone dnd Goodyear tlres and tublng coonfitnn runes Phone 3 6711 Fonda New York :J Best Wlshes to the Class of '59 from MR G MRS PHILIP S STOWITTS G en N Y Best Wlshes to the Senlors ROBERT G MOORE Feed Graln Phone GLEN 521 G1en New York . 4 I X - ', cY: - - JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. FONDA, N.Y. Y . . . ll ' .I ' T 1 , 0 0 KIMBALL'S FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS H Wg, o mei Zan 01V'f0llyIfy0ll51Y6 V Phone FONDA 3 7142 Fondd New York RUBY S QUIRI, INC. GIFTS HARDWARE G APPLIANCES X gi- f lll.lfW..a mulluwsdi l v v 7 i iuiii Fonda G Gloversvllle N WELSH AND GREY LUMBER CORP 231 N Perry St Johnstown N Y W Phone 6 7513 Slncere Best Wlshes from TEN EYCK THE JEWELER Johnstown New York Your Keepsake Dldmond Store THE RIVERSIDE MOTEL Fultonvllle, New York Proprs Mr G Mrs W1111am Maples THE WAGON WHEEL Fonda, New York HANYTHING and EVERYTHING Proprs D1ck G Mary Meyer v 35' I - Li-T u 'L' . t : ai l 0 ' ' I Our Very Best Wishes ' IIE' I i j PROPER'S MOBIL SERVICE Best of Luck to the Complete Service For Your Car Class of 1959 Mob1lo1l Mobll Tlres Mobll Bdtterles Mobelgas ,Q Mobnlol PHONE 3 9121 FONDA , PHOTO CRAFT CENTER 2 South Market Street Johnstown N Y CAM EBAS ffl fe! Congrdtuldtlons to the Class of '59 ONEIDA MARKET I 'Q' RKET My EVAS BRIDAL SHGP Fondd N Y Complete Bflddl Party Attlre Formdls Cocktalls Dressy Casudls Llngerle Bras Negllgees wit V 'A , O I Dnoro EQUIPMENT , , AND SUPPLIES 421 C - - N. Y. - - Y r , I O I f 'if' II , A rf a 'Jw . ,X uf! ,, - - Q xx II K ' J A fu' ,I ,f"" '-I 5 1 5 - 3 I' 'rl Q Z XX 1 '. 5 If - - Q gy A I .vfff A I '1 Kx0 171 I 'M I , l 0 XXX Ir' F il 1 V I J lshes to the Class of '59 .Damn-Munn: :wars GOULD S DEPARTMENT STORE ands you know ual I ff In WILLAND S PQFEN L T' f- Sf 'Nu' is 'I M. LURIE 8 CO. Amsterd-m COMPLIMENTS HOLZHEIMER 8 SHAUL Amsterdam New York EMM' X WM Best Wlshes AMSTERDAM RECORDER Amst rd m New York ,Mi EXTRA CENTRAL GARAGE Fo da New York Ch vrolet S les Gulf G s nd O11 Goodye r Tlres Delc Batterles Off1c1al Motor Vehlcle Insp ctlo St tlon Q-5-Sw Phone 3 7641 d OF N. Yo E5 if 57 If I 3 I I f " up. , :l -TL-Z!! ,c , , 7 -J f'. K n ' 3 e a e a , a a ' N ff 3 ' .Z, 'hal O ' gig f LP . . . 9 4 45 e ' n a ' CJl..l...l.ll.A-LLL Best WlSheS, Senlors KASSON AND KELLER Brlghtell your home Fonda New York MITCHELL PAPER COMPANY Fonda New York Phone Fonda 3 0401 Compllments of SNYDER COAL CO Fonda 3 6783 VAN ALSTYNE TEXACO SERVICE Fonda New York HOWELL G PIERSON, INC Dodge G Plymouth Dealer Johnstown, N Y Compllments of ELNOR'S LUNCH Trlbes H111 New York Courtesy of WAGENHEIM'S Amsterdam, N Y BELL'S SERVICE STATION Gas O11 Lubrlcatlon Washlng Mlnor Repa1r1ng Fonda New York OTTAVIO'S 21 Market Street Amsterdam New York VXXXNI Hllh! 710, UXXXQ I 1 1 5, I S I Courtesy Courtesy -UP DISTRIBUTOR GLOVERSVILLE SPORT SHOP Gloversvllle New York 049 Hal Sutllff 6 E Fulton St l4 Gllbert Street Johnstown New York Compllments of Compllments BELL'S MARKET R LESTER BROWN Charleston Four Corners P hk N Y k Phone Glen 408 Oug eepsle ew or FOR THE BEST AND MOST COMPLETE Local Natlonal Internatlonal Sports News Coverage 1U the Area Gloversvllle New York THE LEADER HERALD "YOU GET THE NEWS THE DAY IT HAPPENS of of 7 7'fP , ww ' 11 1 gf Congratulatlons to the Class of '59 THE MARTIN AND NAYLGR Gloversvllle, New York FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS LANSING INSURANCE ecurlty Plus Servlce General Insurance E Qu1nn Propr Best Wlshes to the Class of 59 from COHEN'S Congratulatlons Gloversvllle New York to the Class of '59 TREHER at JUNG, INC Slncere Wlshes from JEFFERS BROWER GAS CO Fort Hunter, New York Gloversvllle, New York Best Wlshes from JUNIOR KIDDIE SHOP A FRIEND G1oversv111e, New York Compllments I CO. IIS ' ' ll Dial 3-0411 37 Main St., Fonda, New York ' I of Compllments FRANKEI. SHOPS ARGERSINGER S DEPARTMENT STORE Gloversvllle New York THE STORE OF KNOWN QUALITY 55 57 N Maln Street Gloversvllle, New York F1ne Fabrlcs Curtalns Draperles Bed Spreads Llnens Domestlcs MC CALL Q SIM LICITY PATTERNS of '59 from THE FRESHMEN Fonda Bulldlng FLORIDA IM LEMENT CO Ford Tractors Sales Servlce Mlnavllle Road Amsterdam, New York Rentals Servlces MC KIBBEN Off1Ce Machlnes Offlce Equlpment Supplles Gloversvllle, New York of i I , . l Best Wishes to the Class 492 I ECKER'S INSURANCE AGENCY 125 S. Main Street Gloversville, New York Phone Gloversville 4-8925 J. C. BURGESS CO., INC. Canajoharie, New York Compliments of MAZE'S HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Fonda, New York Best Wlshes from JEANNETTE'S BEAUTY SALON Fonda New York Compliments of RlCHEY'S GARDENS Glen, New York Rotoliller Sales and Servlce Perennlals Holland Bulbs Vegetable Plants HAYWOOD'S Compllments of Asgfizilsiixid AH EARN PHARMACY INC R ute 5 R D 1 Fonda at Yost Phone Fonda 3 9103 Congratulatlons from ED 6 CLARK'S CIGAR STORE 129 West Maln Street Johnstown, New York WALTER GUNNESON Plumblng and Heatlng Bottled Gas Phone Fonda 3 4402 or Glov 5 6204 40 42 W Maln St Johnstown, New York luv' xi Ili 3 ll Pnescmvnons 7 N Main Gloversvllle, New York Johnstown Phone 6 3191 Gloversvllle Phone 4 7319 0 , . . 0 I v .':n.. . i V.. ' ................... .. .. J an ... J - 3, .,. g:.g11ff2- 4 . St. Best Wishes From All Of Us FULTCDN COLI TY UTO DEALERS INC Corlette Managun Howell G Plerson Farhart's J C Miller Garlock's Parsons, Inc Glfford Motor Sales ROSE BU1Ck Glove CltleS Chevrolet Shepard Pontlac H 6 P Motors I D Vedder Formed to better serve the publlc through cooperatlon Best Wlshes to the 1959 Graduates CENTRAL NATIONAL BAN Canajoharle Fonda Mlddleburg St Johnsvllle Sharon Springs Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlon , Q I. Heiman, Inc. Tesiero Chevrolet SALTSMAN S MARKET Fonda New York Beef by the Quarter Hamburg Steak Roast Smoked Sausage Bacon Ham Fresh G Smoked Propr1etors Glenn 5 Harrlet Saltsman Compliments ELEANOR S BEAUTY SHOP N235 X N SJW Quin!! RD 01 Fonda New York Compllments of ROBISON 8 SMITH LAUNDERERS G CLEANERS, INC Gloversvllle, New York Phone Gloversvllle 4 7181 M LDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227 Quall Street Albany New York Send for Catalog MOM 6 BOB'S Tavern 6 Restaurant RD 41, Fonda, New York Compllments of FELTHOUSEN'S FLORIST G LANDSCAPE SERVICE Johnstown, New York Phone 6 8325 6 8122 9 of I 3 I 1 Irifsl .4-5155833 -. 'r - -. 'Nik f4'44,.4'7 s .Q In Q Yu f W n, f - 1- I x 3 ' I I . 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CID 55555555555555555555555555 and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Russell Hart Reglnald Drake Herbert Hoch Ralph Tryon W1ll1am Wllder Donald Bradt Robert Stearns Llnus W Telfer Ado lph Polln Thomas Mahon Dav1d Vlncent Glenn L Saltsman Clarence Brossole John Rlchardson Clara Peake and and and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs John Rlpley Belden Douglas Tremalne Gardner Barney Wemple Ralph Gr1sel Ralph Companl, Warren Brand Roy W Palnter Edward Ingersoll I G Selbert, Optometrlst DEDICATION 3639 ul On the banks of the Mohawk Stands the dear old Central I-hgh Where we spend the days together And smg out the vrctory cry Through the halls that rmg wtth laughter And ln faces young and bnght Burns the spurt of youth etemal That makes the dark days bright In all sports and m the classroom Our best we ll always try And tho errors should beset us I Our purpose we ll keep high when we leave these days forever Good times we'll ne'er forget These school days we'll remember Wxth great pride and no regret. 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