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Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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, Y q ' ' ' - E' 53'-ffffff ' , - ' ' if 57 -' Q 'Ts fi' , 1"" 2 "filZiSiSi-n,'!,T'mil in- f1'l'I32L"Trl'T?..ZEL!l!'l'i-"J.11!LiTl"fiiiEUH ,,Af!fy?qa!f1f if TAYLO R Xl? YEARBOOK COMPANY 791 f If -. ff Y ,. , W, ,. J, X fl o1-nrddcr.-iv. r-'vs --ur - 1 WZ!!! ?fX! f fl f T2 illli H f zzz! if FouvA men scwoou. Fon DA, n.v. Because we the class of 1952 have found in er those quahueswhrch every student admrres tn a teacher and friend, we dedicate our yearbook to our semor advisor, MISS BARBARA HEATON, 6 1 "1 E ir- E E259 QQ xv! Fix :ti fag! f . ,N Jima mm 61-if Wm ecymfd ' Weafzfffge Board ot Edllooiioil Fonda Public Schools Fonda. new YOYK J. HAROLD RIPTON. sup nvnsmc P To all of our students With1n the pages of thls Yearboolf, you have demonstrated your pride in real achievement , and a fundamental respect for your elfand your school It is a source of great satisfaction to me that I have had the good fortune to serve as your Prmcipal Your cooperatmn am all matters and you. continuing respect for all that we have tried to do tooether, has pleased me very much. Everyone in Fonda can be proud lndeed of the type of student enrolled in our school J Harold Rlpton Supervismg Principal E N I "' O . . L 5 Q . . . O so O' . o . . 9 MR. REGINALD DRAKE, MR. HARRY D. KLEIN, MRS. W. BARENT WEMPLE, MR. KENNETH SHOWERMAN BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board ofEducation of the Union Free School of District 6, Town of Mohawk, at present consists of three members - Harry Klein, President: re - elected in 1951: Reginald Drake, elected in 1949, Mrs. W. Barent Wemple, elected in 1950. The Board ofEducation is responsible to the voters and to the New York State Department of Education. It mustprovide an educational program for children from 5 to 16 years of age in accordance with the laws of the state. It must provide teachers, textbooks, building facilities, teaching supplies, transportation, teaching for handicapped children, and a adequate insurance of property. The Board ofEducation is a corporate body created by law and is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the education law as it applies to our school. Board members individually and collectively cannot attend to these details, so, meeting as a group, the Board adopts general policies, rules, and regulations. A Principal and Staff are employed, and are held responsible for the proper execution of these policies. Another function ofthe Board is to raise whatever taxes are necessary for the expenses of the school. With - out State Aid, however, there could be no local school program such as we have now. The budget for 1951 - 52 was 5103, 000. 00 of which 868, 000. 00 was provided by State Aid. The Board ofEducation members give their services because they are deeply interested in making sure that the children of this area receive the best possible education. First row: Mrs. Harriet Saltsman, Mrs. Nettie Bradt, Mrs. Elenor Getman, Mrs. Edith Unger. Second row: Mrs. Dorothy Jenner, Mrs. Kathleen Smith, Mr. Freda Fox, Miss Mary Louise Knapp, Mrs. Mary Fogarty, Mrs. Ethel Van Denburgh. PARENT-TEACHERS Assocmruom Education is called the road to freedom. If one considered for just a moment the kind of life our children would live without this school in our community, he would realize that education truly is the road to freedom. But to provide an educational system is not enough. Parents need to cooperate whole heartedly with teachers, so that each child receives the best elementary and secondary education within our power to give. The Fonda P, T, A. gives parents and other adults an opportunity to have a closer re - lationship with our school so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in fhe training of the child, This P.T.A. needs each parents interest, ideas and thoughtful criticism. Although our P.T.A. costs time and energy it proves to be an excellent investment in the welfare of our youth. I gh? 3 9 6 'xv QI,-41.5 'Jk ' 11 . 1 . i gl, X . dl Q , gl r:' - A Q, 7 . ii, v 5 ,pb f V4-,z I ,', ' 553' rf?--: Q .. 'ef I ,, p f v f P A PLEASE KEEP nc: .Ai . 'l9'fi 1 I K 1!,,,,,,5 , A if -ef 'JE L11-Qaf,'fQ "4 If' ir- Z-33555 Q x ' . E 5 1 S 314 f!! O MHZ? .x. ,,,. 1 . n 5.135-. L 75 4. 5 A . . 4 f V A-'ff -. vw if , -r ff- .f f T , v." - "sei: Q'5f?f2f?, ' ' Q 4 A QE: ,Q, , ' Q '11 if as 9 3 - b v - Z w ' 'rf 1 ff' '-s - .- 'ff Q 'ff i ' f' f . 'wgfsliff 3 f F, 3 W if Jr. if Q ff 9 , '1"'R"" af Q 1 -Q Q, xx 4. f . Q , Q V . - ia: f Q W v ' 4 .- f 'Q' s Anna g 1 1. v . 1- 'tg X I 2 5 'f 5 is , 1 ..Y 0Z?iWri,,f 4 312 A . A gh 31 I Ki i . fi ml 252 5 1 S seg , 1 'YH . -.4.-W, Q 4 .,4 r- F 0 lvl .SF f - iff I Lv, l u .r ' " 'NLT -'I-" I g t N'-A' U F. ' n 5- . ':. ,gk 'Xxx ' 5 h It q fb 'V' .'x Q x Vi," X" Q . R - .L . It , fl " -30 X H9 ' - 4 ff" v . Y. x .. 3 w gl K fr If 'lil A 3 X' , I 'C 't A187 X ' 'r . 7 if LQ ss' V 2 I nib- zz X p 3 VH X N- In -- , K K F1 'L 'I I J J 'A 33, F if ' .V lv -- f s 1 1 x . A 'W-m . S ., I "o ' Y' X 'sg r X l:' A 1 N N fp. - 'h L' f x L 4 , -' ,L C h ' ' 0 XJ 5 'L-S 1 H ' 2 - E I. ' 1 gig. 6' 7- B! 4 nh :ze 253 Ill 504, DONALD BOWLER "There are two sides to every question, mine and the wrong one. " Treasurer 1, '2 Assembly Representative 4 Yearbook 4 Tiger Staff 4 Dramatics 3, President 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Chorus 3,4 Sports Manager 2 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3,4 Soccer 8, 4 CECILE CALHOUN "May God speed the plow, the men who lead it. " Secretary 4 Co - Editor of Yearbook 4 Tiger Staff 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Industrial Arts 2 Library Club 2 Chorus l Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria 2 l and reward FLORENCE COONS A kind heart and a cheerful nature Yearbook Staff 4 Library Club l 2 Home Economics Club 2 Chorus 3 JAMES A. CALHOUN "Bright is the athletic shines in many fields. President 1 Vice President 2 Treasurer 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Dramatics 3,4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 Chorus 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 star who n Q 'va -ar . ' a 5.1 ' A ,. , , I 1' . .I 1 , f f 1 .I I U 9 1 . W Q g DIANE DRAKE "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. " Student Council 2 Secretary 3 Yearbook 4 Tiger Staff 1, 2 Dramatics 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain 4 Girls Sports 2, 3,4 -If ., Km M--5 5 4? J 1 1 3 N, MARGARET GOEBEL "A quiet person is welcome every where. " Yearbook 4 Home Economic Club 2 Cafeteria 2 ,al ,,d,,.. , RONALD JAGER "I never let studies my education. " Secretary 2 Vice President 3 Student Council 4 Yearbook Staff Tiger Staff 3,4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Chorus 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 interfere with WILLIAM I. GREEN JR "A little nonsense now and then IS relished by the wisest men President 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Tiger Staff 3,4 Dramatics 3,4 Library Club l, 2 Chonis 3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Soccer 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Cafeteria 2, 3 Minstrel Show 3 DAISY KING Why should I spare words that cost noth1ng'P Yearbook Staff 4 Trger Staff 4 Dramaucs 3 4 Industnal Arts Lxbrary Club 2 Home Economrcs Club 2 3 FHA 4 Chorus I Cafetenal 2 4 X We K KATHRYN MANHEY She means well mes much falls httle Yearbook Staff 4 Tlger Staff 2 3 4 Dramaucs 3 Vice Presrdent 4 Indusrnal Arts 2 Lrbrary Club 2 Chorus 1 2 Guls Sports 1 2 Cheerleader 2 Cafetena 2 Mxnsuel 3 Hall Monrtor 1 Y lv f x f, ii 5 C HA RLES PARSLOW " Never a devil, but far from a saint. President 3 Vice President 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Tiger Staff 4 Chorus 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 Track 3 Minstrel Show 3 WILLIAM MORFORD " I will find a way o Yearbook 4 Tiger staff 3,4 Dramatlcs Club 3,4 Library Club 2 Chorus 3,4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Track 1 f 1 V x r make one 1 MARILYN SCHRODER "Many are her talents, Great is her soulg Therefore we predict er That she will make h Secretary 1 President 2 Student Council 3 Treasurer 4 goal, " Co - Editor of Yearbook 4 Tiger Staff 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club 2 Library Club 2 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria 4 ESSPA Candidate 4 '4- I , 15 HENRY THORNTON "The best cause requires a good leader, " Student Council President 4 Yearbook 4 Tiger Staff '23 3 Dramatics 3, 4 Library 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3,4 Track 4 Oratorical Contest 4 ails. X, 1 4 Mis w 177. .fra HAROLD VROOMAN "If silence were golden a millionaire. " Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Hall Monitor 1 he would be DALE VANWAGENEN "I take the world to be my stage Student Council President 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Tiger Staff 2, 3, Editor 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Industrial Arts 2 Library Club 2 Cheerleader 2, 3,4 Cafeteria 2 Hall Monitor 1 ESSPA Candidate 4 CLASS WILL We the bouyant tntellectual fraudulent and dexterous Semors of 1952 be1ng of sound nund and phtlanthroptc dtsposmon do make known our last w1ll and testament Donald Bowler leave my abtlxty to do almost anyth1ng to Bob Waffle who can do practtcally nothtng Cec1le Calhoun leave my reckless d1'1V1l'lg to our own trresponsxble Mtss Getty l1m Calhoun leave my smooth manner wxth women to Fred Snyder who should someday do as well w1th hrs brown eyes and curly han Florence Coons leave to the never prompt Ed Healey my abxlrty to get to class on txme Dtane Drake leave my messy locker to any one of next year s Freshmen who rs amb1t1ous enough to clean tt out Margaret Gobel leave my quxet and serrous manner to Barbara Derby fNeed we say why'7j Btll Green leave my ab111ty to dnve the Glen Road blmdfolded to Pat Collms who ts trytng to keep up wlth me Ronnte Jager leave my curly harr to Abbre Paton although he seems to be domg OK w1thout rt Daxsy Kxng leave my way wxth the 1 town men to my srster Ethelyn who already has a good start Kathy Manhey leave my ab1l1ty to make oook reports wtthout readtng the books to my stster Sandy who ll need thts 1n future Engltsh classes Bxll Morford leave my abthty to get along with the Fultonvtlle grrls to Itm Rtpton who mtght ure of Fonda gtrls Chuck Parslow leave my talented vorce to all future crooners especlally Frank Wemple my successor Marllyn Schroder leave my ab1l1ty to catch the frve o clock bus to Tnbes H111 to Ga1l Parry who wtll probably be runmng next year Henry Thornton leave my advanced abrltty to make excuses for bemg late to Francrs Kwheatxesj Luck who w1ll always try a new one I Dale Van Wagenen leave my untque knowledge of the theatre arts to Drnt Boggte who has already had expenence tn Engltsh drama I Harold Vrooman say Sllence rs golden and thus leave my gold mme to Marty Bell fYou know whylj We the Semors leave to the members of the faculty all our old books for teachlng the other puptls the thmgs we d1dn t learn To the Freshmen we leave all the headaches we mhented from heanng upper classmen compla1n To the Sophomores we leave our ab1l1ty to tnck the teachers because they seem a lxkely group To the Juntors we leave our supremacy We st111 be1ng of sound mmd after havmg wrttten th1s bequeath our pens and msprratxon to the writers of next year s will Dale Van Wagenen and Kathy Manhey C lass Motto lf you do one thmg 1n l1fe do ll well Colors Royal blue and p1nk Flower Ptnk carnatlon L I . . . . . . I' . I . . . . . . I. ' . ' I. . ' . ' ' ' . I' . l , . . . I, , ' ' . . I' . ' . . . . . . . I' . ' . , , . . . ' I' . . ' . , . I I . I' I . . . . . ' ' In . , . . . . . . . . . Il I . ' f l f ' I' . ' . . . , . , . . L , . . . , . .Ou 19, : " ' - - ' W A. gif- ij ' f : ' WJ ,n XcxVfZ',fv' fr cry-Q : I l its tit 1 ftyh W-' ' ' F I Q ! ,iff L Y X Ak 12 CLASS HISTORY Twas 1n the year of forty etght We crashed rxght through the lugh school gate And everybody knew we d come For w1th us rose a steady hum Twas noxse and fuss and fury oo From mnth to twelfth grade nght stra1ght through And now that we can remtmsce We see not much that we d dtsmtss As FRESHMEN qutck to see our chance We tarted off wtth a barn dance fThe best by far the school had seenj ACI and O srnce then rouune And greettng cards we sold then too Ovlaybe we sold a pack to you Q By now well set tn htgh ft nance ln studtes clubs and yes, romance ii ur thanks go to Mxss Isabel Fear Who led us well throughout that year She taught us how to be okay And gutded us from day to day And now as SOPHOMORES wtser still We set the pace wlth w1t and w11l And str1v1ng always to make good We always dtd the best we could We sold much coke Uor proftt smallj Our near expenses to fore stall And though we loved them loud and gay Y' X Our dances d1dn't always 3 W' Now Veto Brennr was our advtsor l doubt 1f you could f1nd one wxser He steered us through both thtck and dun Success or flop wtth frtendly gr1n TL ti I I 5 As JUNIORS we had much to do A really good vear tt was too In fall we had a btg hayrtde cold and damp we almost ' dted D Nf'4' We peddled candy for tncome Q0 Henry s mlnts and chewtng gum J We raffled homemade cakes galore Jams and cookles by the score Now Mr Young had our homeroom A krnd and pauent man for whom We felt esteem and real respect A man of fun and rntellect And now as SENIORS here we are From graduatton not so far A busy year from Sept to June Thrs year rs over all too soon A cake sale haynde dance two Kept us asm w1th much ado We raffled everythmg m stght Sold statxonery mornmg noon and mght Then came the yearly semor play Where almost all had parts to say Don t Take My Penny was a success A drama done wrth great ftnesse And wlth the guldance of Mrss Heaton Wtth frtendly smxle and cheery greeun We termmate our semor year Enroute to start our new career ENVOY We 11 not forget you Fonda Hrgh Your name we 11 always glorxfy Our A'ma Mater good and true We love and praxse and honor you B111 Green KL? Q n 9' ' . ' xg V ,EX , 2 . . ll' X' I . .' . V ' ' nm S0 ' 1 : ix YY If S ' -f -ga , . ' I ga . -,if s ' F .. , .- . . . ' . ' I re a v 1 - - . l I I D g , . ,ff f ' I . , ' , or V O ' r 1 ' - - ' . Y Q. fffjsfl . . , ' ' 3 'ight . ' , l " ' ' P Y- val ' . C ' I ' ' ' I I I L .. lv! ' . ' ' - PROPHECY . Y "Everybody join your hands and circle to the left, Now QA grand right and left, back to your partner and swing, " Allow me toexplain, dearreader. It is the year 1980 and Dave Denny f tw has once more visited Fonda in one of those good old - fashioned 2. ig square dances I understand William Green III is chairman of the affair but then who would question his ability when his father our own BILL GREEN has become Sheriff of Montgomery county? bet s take a walk through the crowd and see who s here Why there HAROLD VROOMAN, now Associate Sports Editor of the SCHENECTADY GAZETTE His experi ence at Fonda High probably comes in handy at this task Who is that we see surrounded by girls? Why handsome DONNIE BOWLER, retired head surgeon of Albany Hospital returned to Fonda to enjoy his fame and popularity Now my eyes are attracted to the doorway one two three four little girls enter all as pretty as dolls followed by their father CHUCK PARSLOW, who owns a chain of gas stations from Maine to Florida As he pays the cashier we recognize MARILYN SCHRODER handling the proceeds As owner of the Schroder Variety Shop and creator of the kmtted rain coat she IS by now very accustomed to handling money Wandering through the crowd I spot DAISY KING talking as fast as she swings Nevertheless her knack for conversation has acquired for her the nationwide program King for a Day As she swings with the opposite gentle man whom does she meet but BILL MORFORD, a cum laude Harvard graduate that discovered his heart belonged in Fonda with the antiques Did someone mention acake raffle? Dave Denny hollars out that the big layer cake with the whole walnuts was donated by MARGARET GOBEL, famous for Gobel Medal Flour Everyone watch your number' My golly if it isn t FLORENCE COONS going after her prize members of the New York State House of Representatives have little time to bake What a busy evening' Now Dave is asking for amateur singers Even pro fessronals seemto qualify for there goes DIANNE DRAKE a member of the New York State Advisory Board on Physical Education JIM CALHOUN fol lows with a virtuoso selection on the sax No wonder his yearly appearance at Radio City are so sensational skill and big blue eyes are a happy combi nation' Everyone find a partner and we re ready for another square dance Why there goes DALE VAN WAGENEN a Hollywood actress to the first I 'U . -'J Even HENRY THORNTON, the most successful lawyer in New York State is wlth us tonight dignified and authoritative as al ways But will we ever forget the only arguments he ever lost those political ones when CECILE CALHOUN would hold the torch for the Democrats? Speaking ofCe11, I can see her from here cantering with her husband Settled on a dairy farm, she has become an authority on whip cream Oh listen to that music' One of our favorite polkas and the r' first one out on the floor is fast foot flinger RONALD N IAGER Wxll you ever forget the time he appeared on the cover of LIFE doing the Jager your partner? For the second lap of the entertainment our former home talent KATHRYN MANHEY, will do Goofus As a teacher of handicapped children she doesn t find much time for dancing any more Well that s one more of our famous Fonda Square Dances I is fine to have gone out to become successful and it s equally good to be able to find time to come back to our Alma Mater for a good time L ' ' ff Q n - - X " U ,A . 1 3 S . . , , , .' 1, VA ,lf ' ' 9 I ' . - 5 set. It was obviously no sacrifice to leave Syracuse for dramatic school . 1 , ' U I xx cs'?c"9 ' ' I I ' "' ' . . ' ' ' I 252 ... 4 ff: 5532337 x .L N M 01 we EQ R rf- Z Vdfizfgg IO! 771 1 ml -4 iff .4 E'- ,9 fs :Hi wierd D' First row: L. Demarest, F, Andrews, K. Wilmot, B. Vrooman, Miss Cummings, G, Parry, Y, Carpenter, I. Coons, A. Bell. Second row: M. Bell, F. Luck, S, Mokowich. I. Blackwood, G. Brownell, D, Lansing, D. DeSantis. Third row: D. Dake, R, Johnson, C. Collins, E, Paton, K. Van Wie, F, Wemple, E. Healey, B. Waffle. I. Ripton. The Iuniors wish to congratulate the Seniors for setting sucha fine example in cooperating and teamwork. They are beginning to see that they themselves are coming near their goal- -graduation. The Juniors have had a class of outstanding athletes and ardent workers. Like most pre- cious metals, it seems that they had to be put through a certain refining process to bring out their luster. From a group of loud, happy - go - lucky, indifferent students, there is emerging a quiet, serious - minded, industrious group, willing and ready to take on responsi- bilities and to get the most of their school activties. - -new 4-19- Pfesidem "" ----- G ail Parry Vice President- - - - Bradley Vrooman SCCTCISYY '--- - - Yvonne Carpenter Treasurer- - - - - Kathleen Wilmont 51 -C mg 'h 1.1- rt F "H F 2 4 . v 1 Q -4 101 ik 50 lam ofei 1 Y-E4 First row: A. Dimatteo, E, Schroder, M, Manley, B. Bauder, Miss Getty, G. Drake, M, Oliver, I. Allison, M, Boggie, Second row: K. McRedmond, S. Blowers, B. Henry, G. Spencer, l. Saltsman, H. Shaver. C. Case, N. Sleezer, A. Oare, E. King, B. McNamee, B. Faber. Third row: G. Newbold, E. Steenburg, C. Dillenbeck, G. Nellis, I, Papa, E, Jones, R. Collins, F. Martuscello, E, Szabo, M. Aldrich, I. Shaver We, the class of '54 Who have to suffer two years more, Are very glad you all got through, O lucky class of '52! '7B"l President ----- - - -Gretchen Drake Vice President- - - - - Barbara Bauder Secretary- ---- - - -Mary Manley Treasurer- - - - - -Marlene Oliver 53293 E52 5Q54 ""gjy3if31ls1sDg3iaz2E1f1221'zEiQ gm ' Zfdkmen First row: C. Oliver, I. Cassidy, D. Newport, R. Countermind, A. Spagnuola, W. Roosevelt, A, Dillenbeck. Second row: L. Stearns, S, Brownell, V. Pollock, D. Burke, Mr, Roberts, K, Rickard, E, McCauley, I. Showerman, C. Leitt.. Third row: P. Antis, C. Hyatt, S. Manhey, R. Stearns, D. Dufel, I. Collins, K. Bowler, V. Long, P, Jackson, C, Stanton, Fourth row: H. Thornton, P. Sleezer, R, Mancini, P. Putman, J. Reisigl, R. Parry, F. Snyder, D. Wells, H. Derby, C. Gray, M. Putman. 1-5 3,1 1 U' r- Pregident- --------------- Delores Dufel Vice President- - - - - -Kenneth Bowler Secretary ---- - - -Roberta Stearns Treasurer- - - - - -1811165 Collins The class of '55 has successfully completed our first year of high school. lts members have excelled in extra - curricular activities where we have been well represented . Our scholastic abilities are outstanding. We have gotten off toa good start for the years ahead. We wish to thank our teachers and friends who have been so sympathetic and cooperative. 4405! School -.Spff-ffea' D. Dra k 6 lfnlhnl x11 l -. N. OL1 ref ffnlhnun 3199655 Hfdffbfddkgll i . MOSI 721Ziaf1re D.Df-ake K Vhn MHP , g ,i .W-. Nl ,A I 7 5 A ,, .llIq. Piqkf .i 3:35 Q' --1 gil ,Q ifi ' A 'V '-'f mfg I b nil iii .', E.: .R . ,fn ,F 61' 591- I 'flf 5 VJ ' ,'i lf gi 'H , . , AM .1 ' ff O 1 L Z' f fi 9' 1 I 5. I tx 1 , . . P' 0' fri 5 . I' J' 'F' hr-48961 I xx- I, 'ravi' s 'V 12? ' ., sl .ggi-'3' mg ' ' I x ! I . X , x X Q f 4 . 4? 'i -f 14. 'W ai' YA 314 fl! llhlkll' if First row: C. Able, R. Cromer, D. Countermine, R, Compani, M. Knowlton, R. Gillen, G, Fox. Second row: M. Alexander, I. Laramay, B. Hillman, S. Dillenbeck, E. Gibson, S. Lampman, B, Ripton, A, Thornton, D. Switzer, G, Bell. Third row: L. Daynard, T. Zabo, B. Steenburgh, S, Smarup, Mrs. McC1eary, M, Healey, P. Blackwood, E. TenEyck, B. Faber. Fourth row: D. Collins, W. Coons, R. Glenn, R. DaBiere, R. Cunniff, R. Williams, D. Gibson, L. VanVa1kenburgh, R. Beams, Fifth row: E. Warner, R. Tryon, E. Hinkle, W. Boggie, I. Goody, R, Wilmont. First row: L, Bradt, F. McRedmond, 1. Andrews, B. Sager, I, Andrews, W, Drake, R, Fonda. Second row: I. Antis, F. Deer, B. Gibson, B. Cook, I. Long, E. Leggiero, J. Schafer, G. Wiegel, C. Conte. Third row: R, Papa, J, Bode, S. Hyatt, S. Myers, G. Schroder, Mrs. Unger, C. Calhoun B. Bonnano, J. Szabo, C. Rauer. Fourth row: D. Pollock, G. Saltsman, D. Loucks, K, Geesler, S. Spencer, R. Weaver, R, Harris, W. Fonda, R. Collins, A. Aldrich, B! pf4 Ihr i 4' ' U . Y n K! I i R I B! ffl ' v. 4 y ZX 1 If If K A 0 -r l I if S. . Q :Og Y4 ih , , ' 552 K 'fl X .'afi ' 0 .- fx Q, fr , g g- I 1 ' 'Ff- ., Q W r 2 mf- 'X -gba X f X xx' I ,xi H E!! li! 6: 5114615 My First row: B. Kling, 1, Troll, A. Vedder, A. Thornton, D, Zannitto, B, Antis, L. Hillman, I. Manley. Second row: P. Troll, G. Hime, M. Sleezer, C. Derby, I. Dufel, J. Williams, B. Wemple, R, Bell. Third row: L. DeTrag1ia, H. Brand, J. Dostal, Miss Rothmeyer, S, Snell, R. Sammons, D. Demarest. First row: I. Kling, M. Cridland, D. Siebe, I. Drake, M. Lettice, A. Pollock, M, Brand M. Staley, 1. DiMatteo. Second row: D, Bradt, D. Vincent, L, McRedmond, I. Jenner, E. Peake, Mrs. Duxbury, R. Telfer, G, Wilder, D. Gardner, D. Sager, Third row: A, Intonte, G, Williams, P. Saltsman, R. Antis, G. Veeder, R, Wilmont, G, Ballard, J. Young, W. Gray, First row: J. Bell, R. Veeder, E. Veeder, V, Fox, D. Staley, C. Lampman, L. Oare,B. Wemple J. Antis, Second row: M. McGowan, T. Ford, S. Manning, M, Zentz, P, Bowe, C. Mancini, M. Brookhiser, L. Long, G, McRedmond, R. Marchionne, P. Countermine. Third row: K. Siebe S. Szabo, R. Klein, C. Hinkle, V, Sammons, A. Jackson, D, Newport, S, Cervo, J. Compani, Miss Zhe. ,,'x. First row: B. Bradt, T. Countermine, L. Telfer, W. VanA1styne, F, Fonda, R, Conte, J. Phillips. Second row: S, Szabo, M, Pelneau, A. Cromer, G. Ballard, A. Wager, L. Steenburgh, J. Lansing, L. Hoffman, I. Kling. Third row: J. Coons, B. Myers, G. Vincent, G. DeTrag1ia, A, Quinn, B, Knapp, J. Peluso, R. Veeder, M. Roberts. Fourth row: Mrs. Crane, W. Hillman, R. Gray, P. Jenner, T. DeBiere, R. Blowers, S, Pavlus, R. Dumar, B, Dostal. I R F A l First row: F, Hoffman, M. Wilmont, M. Vrooman, E, Bonanno, M, Fonda, S. Kanpp,R, Cromer. A Second row: S. Fox, H. Andrews, R, Myers, F, Brand, D. Lettice, D. Pollock, L. Mereness, I, Gardner. Third row: Mrs, Sammons, First row: L. Healey, D, Knowlton, T, Davis, F, Bell, R, Siebe, D, Mereness, R. Lane. Second row: I, McGowan, E, Showerman, C, Pavlus, M. Hinkle, D. Wemple, J. Bradt, C, Manley, N, Telfer, V. Miller. Third row: C, Burklund, C, Deckro, I. lntonte, J. Peclet, N, Cridland, A, Luciano, C. Reed, S, Gunneson, C, McDuffie. Fourth row: Mrs. Unger, D. Hoyt, B. Calhoun, D, Loucks, B, Larson, V. Collins, H. Spencer, H. Wert. l 1 First row: F, Hillman, L, Williams, V, Quinn, B, Sleezer, B. Bowe, S, McGowan, W, Szabo, J. Bradt. Second row: D. Steenburgh, C. Mancine, G, Zentz, B, Osborne, C, McNamee, A, Bode, N, Pollock, L, Riach, B. Engel. Third row: Mrs, Fogarty R, Coons, J, Veeder, R, Smith R, Van Antwerp, J, Long, W. Fox, R. Wilmot, V. Switzer, J. Hoyt, T. Goron, P, Gibson, K 1 1 1 .gf i' 1 'Q' " if - Avi' First row: W, Hazzard, R, Pavlus, D. Kruger, M, Fonda, R, Gray, J, Pelneau, U. Augustine, F, Fonda, R, Barbagalata, Second row: B, Vanwagenen, S, Dixon, C. Lathers, C, Jones, R, Ford, J, Veeder, V, Bowler, L, Davis, G, Snell, A, MaKerousk, Third row: L, Siebe, D. Perole, T. Casselle, H. Wickware, E. Lettice, C. Zannitto, M. Murphy, R. Post, J. Phillips, E, Tretola, Fourth row: K, Deer, I, Murphy, D, Collins, E, Bede, Mrs. VanDenburgh, P, Osborne, D, Davis, P. Murphy, J. Telfer, P, Pollock, :EDU N SOE? use-E wgw Q wi-USOC E.-O3 22 mE :W 35 3303 CO 253 in -Us mEEEUmmN 323-Us ge E: C35 :E BNEEMWE MW W-:Ng it-C E 2-O VOOMW N 5:35 MWEENU6 :E .GNSOEH :E SERS UUMKENE 6806 Um.-O: mm 13:5 Fw-MEEONE WWUOO-Jw H2202 D332 EE: 53052 UOEEOUE w D E ENE E306 H85 EEUCEH SEUEQ EE E35 W SUSE ng Exam 0:32502 2-HEE2 BENE 2023 BMTWEWE E.-2 COO?-dm mm OP WHZ42, masks w ma M52 8305 3522 E22 wig 0350.5 asian QOL W : SEER gsm as SUEDE wsxss WEMEO 2: WEWUZDEUM 60:3 mbumm SCM-vim E09 3-Om :Q 202 wgnmin midw 305:-50 E53 mimic Q00 gg SEO3 COSSAHES SSE w-58:00 COO m0APOE WE 20:3 Egg UECOQ wwmmzvjmg I-I H- M3552 0255 WWOEEC game H20 :E 3:5 UUCUUOCCH E352 wEUF-8 ish 3 OUEOM H2 ng wing WSEEW M553 wp-EE :EEF 3383 MOL ZNSOZM nam F 35 M23 is A EE as 1:02 NES! asc N A gwwqz SEQ O EH :mb 0 :Er 28 zgozx CCHS: 22:5 M22 EEOC-S EOE: CDF-Uwss E5 :ND COEHOEK ECU: :Enix FSENE 30?-S 3 :EU E252 E2 :Ns NSE-MWE ECOHEQ wp-Q :EQ laws Egg E20 S MW: :S MEOU Bama-2 ESQ 0:5 EOOYV UUCP-OE EHCEMNU SEE EHOEMC 0:30 :gsm ESOC ms:-QZ 1 VA - F i F n . 'M- ' . l H 0 D D H Huw w , I . D u . . wh h - D 1 ' :vm H.-. t - l l M I . D W D Q . . z i QA E E X uw nw . I -H - A , - - 0-4 224151 D ol Eva .,, 'gi er' Q 551 w ari ,7--4v 775 ciui 2764 'QQ mf 'A Q X I . n f ,Ph . M I ' ,' 'Q U 'Sv , '- -'r i n .' 11 V 'AW-iw K Y . X1 R f -nil' 353744 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent - Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - YEARBCDOK STAFF ff' -- iff First r0W: R. Countermine, W. Roosevelt, D. Newport. Second row: S, Brownell, K. Wilmot, D. Van Wagenen, Miss Getty, F. Wemple, Y. Carpemter, M. Oliver, C. Calhoun. Third row: B, McNamee, E. McCauley, A. Dalfonse, G, Newbold, M, Boggie, M, Schroder, D, King, F. Luck, D. Dake, K. Manhey, J. Coons, Fourth row: G. Parry, W. Green, W. Morford, E. Schroder, K, Van Wie, I, Van Allen, J. Ripton, I. Calhoun, D. Bowler, Newspapers are the schoolmasters of the common people - a greater treasure to them than uncounted millions of gold- - - Henry Ward Beecher ... .- W First row: K. Wilmot, G. Brownell, S. Brownell, B. Derby, Miss Cummings, C. Collins, A Bell B Vrooman, F. Andrews, D. DeSantis. Second row: R. Counterrnine, M. Oliver, K. Bowler, F Coons L. Demaresr, P. Antis. G. Newbold, M. Boggie, E. King, G. Spencer, B. Faber, S. Blowers M Manley JI Cassidy. Third row: D. Dake, D. King, K. Manhey, D. Drake, J. Blackwood, M. Cook V Collms I. Van Allen, H. Seguin, B. MacNamee, H. Thornton, J. Calhoun, C. Calhoun, D. Vanwagenen W Green, W. Morford, R. Waffle, D. Bowler. I. Ripton, K. VanWie, F. Wemple, M. Schroder G Parry S. Manhey, Y. Carpenter, E. McCauley. LIGHTS! CURTAIN! ACTION! Act I The scene opens with the organization of a new Dramatics Club. Under the direction Act II Act III ofMiss tnzabeth Cummings the club starts off with a bang! The enthusiastic members quickly elect Donald Bowler for their President and Kathryn Manhey for Vice President . Here the actors and actresses really go to town. The first of their successful productions, a three - act play entitled "Don't Take My Penny", sponsored by the Senior class, proves a marvelous success. Then a small group of players band together to produce 'Buddy Buys an Orchid", a one - act comedy that gives both players and viewers a rare time. The final episode comes in the spring when the Juniors sponsor the hilarious three - act comedy entitled, 'For Pete's Sake", the high point of the season. This final play is portrayed against a background of entirely new scenery. Without the in - valuable help of Mr. Phillips, Miss Knapp, and their assistants, the play would not have been so successful. The story comes to a happy ending when all the dignified actors and actresses retire to feed their summerstock over the holidays. Next year the club expects to produce more excellent plays, which will again have casts of many talented actors and actresses. rg? DONT TAKE MY PENNY STUDENT TW COUNCH f---- '-62 7- Seated: C. O11vergM. Knowlton, D. Dake, Secretary Treasurer, D. Van Wagenen, President: FL Iagerg A. Bell: I. Shaffer, Standing: H, Derby: E, Schroderg J. Allison, W First row: J. Coons, I. Showerman, B, Bauder, G. Drake, Mr. Minkler, S. Mokowich, D, Drake, L. Demarest, A, Bell, Second row: M. Manley, D, DeSantis, R. Counterrnine, S. Manhey, M. Schroder, I. Van Allen, G, Parry. C. Case, Y. Carpenter, K. Wilmot, B. McNamee. Third row: D. Dake, W. Green, E. Paton. W. Morford, E. Jones, K, Van Wie, F. Snyder, I, Calhoun, R. Jager, C. Parslow, For a two - year old organization the mixed chorus is especially to be praised. With the addition of new members, we have profited from a fine balance of the four - part harmony. Our performances at the Christman concert, the festival in Johnstown, and the book fair, show our fine accomplishments, We have enjoyed immensely our new experiences in acquiring new skill and in enlarging our opportunities to perform. We would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Minkler, our director, and to Kenneth Van Wie, our accompanist and to the many good singers. We hope next year will find us capable of even improving on this year's progress, First row: D. Countermine, R, Countermine, V, Pollock, M. Boggie, A, Bell, B. Bauder, K. Wilmot, E, Warner, Second row: B. McNamee, K, Bowler, P. Sleezer, V. Collins, M. Oliver, I. Van Allen, G, Brownell, D. Lansing, A. Dillenbeck, G. Drake. Third row: I. Heath, D, Burke, D, Bowler, P, Jackson, I. Calhoun, G. Newbold, F. Wemple, R. De Berry, P. Antis, Mr. Minkler, Fourth row: K, Van Wie, D, Drake, I, Allison, F. Snyder, E. Jones, D. Dake, Y, Carpenter, The band is having its best year to date, This pro- gress is largely thanks to the skillful direction of Mr . Minlder and the earnest efforts of the band members , There are many more members than last year and a vari- ety of new instruments. We have played on many occasions such as ball games, assembilies, and plays. The Christmas concert, which featured the band, was unusually successful, We enjoyed exchanging concerts with Northville, and enter- ing a contest in Johnstown. Several times we even had professional instrumentaliste in our ranks when members of Freddie Clute's Orchestra came to give us some help- ful hints. With suchaburst of new energy and usefulness as our that we look forward to next year. Ziii l 1 Y. - record for 1951 - 52 shows, it is with eagerness First row: J. Showerman, M. Oliver, E. King, Miss Knapp, V. Collins, P. Antis. Second row: B. Ripton, B. Bauder, E. McCauley, P. Jackson, G. Newbold, S. Manhey, B. Faber, S. Mok - owich, S. Brownell. Third row: L. Demarest, M. Putman, G. Spencer. E. Steenburgh, ISalts - man. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America is a group of girls interested in homemaking. This groupiscomprised of girls that have had at least one year of homemaking in school. We hold at least two meetingsa month during which we discuss ways we can help in making better and hap - pier homes. To help brighten some child's Christmas we sent two clothing packages to a family in Korea . We have made a baby's layette for some needy family in Fonda and stuffed animals for a children's hospital. In January we held the installation exercises for our officers and members. This ceremony , an impressive and beautiful ritual, takes place in candlelight with the officers and members taking an oath to become and help others to become better family members. Praident ---- - Verone Collins Parliamentary - - - - - Louise Demarest Vice President - - - - Ethelyn King Reporter ----- - - - Barbara Derby Secretary ---- - - -Barbara Derby Song Leader - - - - - Ida Van Allen Treasurer - - - - - Marlene Oliver Historian - - - - - Sheila Brownell :Ol nr- 5,- V ml iif "" FE 'fl yfC JA!-' all N N! ffl DY 222 Qing, S O C C E R First row: R. Mancini, M. Bell, R. Jager, D. DeSantis, B. Vrooman. Second row: C. Parslow, H. Vrooman, W. Green, 1. Calhoun. Captaing I-l. Thomton. W. Morford, D. Bowler, Third row: Mr. Smith, Coach, D. Dake, C. Collins, E. Paton, E. Schroder, E. Healey, J. Papa, J, Ripton F, Martuscello, Manager. Shortly after retuming to school, Coach Smith announced soccer try - outs. His request was challenged byahost of probable athletes who at length were narrowed down to an excellent squad . When Mayfield came down in high spirits with the intention of capturing the Tigers they were greatly disappointed to hear the final whistle with a score of 4 - 0 in our favor, thanks to B. Morford and H. Thomton. Our next two games at Broadalbin and Wells were played to scoreless ties. The Orange and Black then defeated Coach Swenson and his boys in Fultonville with a 6 - 3 score, our three goals being booted by C. Parslow, B. Morford, and H. Thomton. The gala mood set by this victory was interrupted by an experienced Northville Club who defeated Fonda. E. Healey's penalty kick made the score 2 - 1. Although the Tigers did their best when Broadalbin came down, the '1 - 2 score was only kept from being a shut out byl. Collins. Determined to get back on our feet, we caused Wells to suffer a 7 - 0 defeat when I. Calhoun, B. Morford, H. Thornton, and E. Healey contributed to our victory. When Fultonville visited Fonda we proved that our first victory had not been an accident w'itha4 - 0 shutoutoffthe toes of E. Healey and B. Morford. Our last and most exciting game , with Northville, was the most thrilling of the season. R. f lager kept us in the game with his outstanding goal tending K ' for three quarters, then in the last minute of play B. Mor - ford booted one through and we won the game 2 - 0. Ort Q ?,,-, Q of 10 games Fonda lost only 2, a record for the team and 3 XX Q ' Q a high mark for next year's squad ro rival. 4-2 ff' ,l?" 0 2 QVYOQVNON K in . 'l'1eVLi f if 9: Q x,-9 s e We LJ'v'u"v v First row: M. Bell, D. Bowler, C. Parslow, D. DeSantis, Second row: H. Vrooman H. Thornton, B, Green, B. Morford. I. Calhoun, R. Jager. Third row: Mr, Smith, D, Dake, B, Waffle, E, Healy. J. Ripton, F. Luck. The Tentative lineup for our 1952 season is as follows: Catcher - Pitchers - lst. Base - 2nd , Base Shortstop 3rd, Base 1 D. DeSantis H. Vrooman, D. Dake, R, Collins. S. Reisigl, C. Parslow - H. Thomton, H, Schroder - M, Bell, J. Ripton, J. Collins, B. Morford - - C. Parslow - - R, Waffle, R. Mancini Outfield - - I. Calhoun, R. Jarer, B, Green, H. Vrooman, With this manpower in command, a victorious season is predicted We plan to open the season with Northville, followed by other Tri - County League games, interrupted occasionally by a practice game with Johnstown, St. Iohnsville, and St, Mary'5 of Amsterdam. Because of the many returning lettermen our outlook on the 1952 season is excellent. First row: C. Parslow, H. Thomton, E. Healey, Captaingl. Calhoun, D. Dake. Second row: Mr. Smith Coach: D. Bowler, C. Collins, W. Green, H. Vrooman, F. Luck, Manager. With lack of height as the team's only weakness, the F. H. S. basketball squad started practice No - vember lst. in preparation for a 16 - game schedule. The Tigers started off with two victories over St . lohnsville, 54 - 48 and 41 - 36, but then lost to powerful Fort Plain, '74 - 56. We began League play by traveling to Broadalbin to play an exciting game that ended 52 - 51 in our favor. Hank Thomton hooped in 22 points. Mayfield then traveled to Fonda with a strong team to hand us our first League defeat 40 - 36. Thomton again was high with ll. We then traveled to Northville , the defending champs of the League, who beat us 40 - 31. The Fonda scoring was led by Thornton and Healeywith8and 'ipoints respectively. Determined to do something about our two - game losing streak , theTigers took Wells 53 - 38. Thomton caged 22 points. Our next game was a heartbreaker to all Fonda rooters, when Fultonville, our arch rival, took us in a 46 - 44 overtime tilt. Thomton was high with 14 points. League play was intemipted when we traveled to Fort Plain, only to be defeated 52 - 40. The second half of our League play began when we met Broadalbin at home to defeat them 44 - 36 . Dake tossed in 14 points. We then traveled to Mayfield and defeated the Boshart men by coming from behind in the last quarter to win 42 - 39. Thomton led the orange and black with 13 counts. Our next home game againstblorthville was played in high spirits, as it followed a pep rally through the streets of Fonda , led by the cheerleaders. Nevertheless, Fonda couldn't hold them and suffereda 65 - 50 defeat. Thomton led the scoring with 16 points. We traveled to Wells next to defeat the red and white on their court for the first time in eight years. The whistle blew on a final score of 54 - 46 with Thornton landing 15 points . Our last scheduled game was played against Fultonville and proved to be one of the most exciting ever witnessed at Fonda. The Tigers won in an overtime period 40 - 36. Healey hooped in 12 points. When League play ended the Tigers found themselves with 6 wins and 4 losses. For the first time in six years Fonda won more games than they lost. This record put us in second place in the League, en - abling us to play the preliminary game to the Tri - County - League tournament. We met and defeated Wells 55 - 37, Thomton led with 16 points. ln the finals of the tournament we again met Northville when they defeated us 58 - 42. Calhoun led the scoring for Fonda with 12. V A R S TA Y - f' 'W Vu 'xii ZF f E ,E ggi? "Q"1 iq f A 'V Q FIRST GRADE Mrs I Fogarty Vaughn Swltzer X0 FIFTH GRADE Mrs Duxbury Mary Brand Judy Kllng Gerald Wxlder SEVENTH GRADE Mrs M Unger Carol Calhoun Janet Schaffer Gretchen Schroder Robert Weaver EIGHTH GRADE Mrs McCleary Clark Abel Mary Alexander Gerry Bell Darryl Colllns B111 Coons Dynamite Counterrrune Robert Cromer Loutse Daynantl Shrrley Dxllenbeck Barbara Faber Red Gtllen Mut1ny Knowlton Betty Rxpton Drana Swltzer Robert Tryon Everett Warner Roy Willrams tt, Boosrlsks THIRD GRADE Mrs M Crane Floyd Brand SIXTH GRADE Mtss E Rothmeyer Harry Brand Jean Manley Rrchard Sammons Grant Snell SOPHOMORES I1m Alhson Barbara Bauder Slurley Blowers Dmt Boggie Antomette Dalfonsl Charles Dxllenbeck Gretchen Drake Betsy Faber Ethelyn Kmg Mary Manley Gladys Newbold Marlene Olxver Hank Schroder Joan Shaver Manlyn Smxth Gall Spencer Eleanor Steenburg FRESHMAN Mr G Roberts P8Il'1C18 Anus Shella Brownell Deanne Burke Herby Derby Drlly Dxllenbeck Ted Duesler Delores Dufel IUNIORS Mrss Cumnungs Florence Andrews Angle Bell Iaruce Blackwood Gary Brownell Yvonne Carpenter Verone Collins Manlyn Cook Don Dake Ed Healey Ronald Johnson Ga1l Parry lim Rrpton Ken Van Wte 'll hm Heath Patty Jackson' Carole Leitt Ralph Mancini Sandy Manhey Evelyn McCauley Davtd Newport Carmen Ohver Virginia Pollock Warren Roosevelt Carol Stanton Ltnda Stearns Roberta Stearns Harvey Thornton PATRONS Mrs Edward Betz Mr Wrlham Boggle Mrs Nelhe Calhoun Mr 8: Mrs Charles Goody Mr 8: Mrs Henry Kmg Miss Mary Lotuse Knapp Mr 8: Mrs Harry L1as Mr 8s Mrs Edward Manhey M1ss Mrlhe Nardnck Mr 8: Mrs Stephen Phillrps Mr I Harold Ripton Mr 8: Mrs Erwrn Schroder Mrs Edith Unger Mrs E Van Denburgh Dr 8a Mrs Victor Van Wagenen Mrs Marhta Van W1e Mrss Evelyn Wilder SENIORS Miss Heaton Donnie Bowler Cell Calhoun 11m Calhoun Florence Coons Diane Drake Margaret Gobel Bill Green Ronme lager Datsy Kmg Kathy Manhey B1ll Morford Chuck Parslow Mm Schroder Hank Thornton Dale Van Wagenen Harold Vrooman . . g flp In ' ' N1 I S.:-QPU' ' N , I I E. vi 5-XA ,1 1 - JU !il.ia!lf " -L3 ' Charlei Gray ellen.- p . ' I . f- ' . 'F i ' . - ,gk- za, It 'wi ff' cf 99 n V 14" v , fi l .n, X ' QQ W -if J! ' .ff '9 5- V10 1: 2 f Llrggi on 3 v fm L 'K 4 - ' ' f 1 tw ' J 7 K -fl T -Z-1' fb- S' 3 l ' -','5. ' . 4-, A fj Q 6' mf , 'ef H , .GTB 4? 'a' E8 6- A, 5 aff 1 0 3 x Q , I '-6-6' SJ fx VY, fi. Q gl Iv' ' "' Q' F 5 Ntwtvlr 1 -w-' 5 35:35 'fb J". K -- ' -- f ms ,syn -.-,sy -.-H Q 45.52.35 s -, , 1 f K X W 1 ' , fy J" 55 risers: -T NN, 'Qs'-0 qi isis ' . 5. 3' F ski 54 .X A " 3 7 . -1 a X 44 3 4 'Zws . Nt 9" x X . "s, . hs' 'y f "' -' 3' xg! Il f 9. - 4 K " " sk QL ,,. 's v-C 2 : 4 A' -F xl f W, 'ips' xl 5 'A' MX K f w f J U 'gg 751 nog Lil--E ill 3 iff H01 -4 FK 324 lol 3 6!, M4224 ea v 252 374 CQHQVQTUIQUQHS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 QQZZGQM agmzfg Q16 Zuazg Quanta kg! 35254702514 COMPUMENTS Q N 35 931 W-9261 IXAAIQI4-ET W h rLa gm O j O Launderers eaners 6? , of the ' Fonda, . Y. Phone - B . , xx, I gif ,T.L. f h . Yjvw ' .:-Q' . - 'ik ' - ,Zig-2 S enth and Ei t rade 1 4 ' A 'S OLU' CD DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Compllments of ZUQMQWL D R016 STO?-E. Comgrofulofuom H Qmfkini 6 3187 tel. 6 3188 Qffffi Wazmjzwz M GTQRS, I N C. 509 13 N. Perry St. Johnstown, N. Y. C Panama S'Z19amhaZ in Complirf-enfs of zmneffm ZW! P1umb1ng and Heatmg P p ne Gas f c.1'4':fi""':fhd7' gl ,I J Main Street Fonda, New York To the A L if ld Seniors of F. . S. from fy ,ix 9 mio-t zggeepmff PACKING COMPANY Canagohane New York Your Clas s Ring was produced by Balfour- manufacturer of High School and College Jewelry, Commence ment Announcements, Diplomas, Medals 8: Trophies. L. G. BALFOUR Company Your Representatwe Hodgluns of Balfour P O Box Nlne Schenectady New York IS Complumenfs of anim CS' L..-4:5 Feed seed fert1l1zer and farm suppl1es Phone 35 231 Fonda N Y Congratulations from the Best Class In the school The Sophomores f0O y 5 2 Z Q Q! s , ' . . 1 QQQMZZKZL iam ' FL orznsr Flowers for Every Occas1on Wedd1ngs Funerals J B1rthdays Corsages 42 Potted Plants Cut Flowers Phone 3 7142 Fonda N Y FRN-V 3325 aff fi., ,ic General Contractors f CanaJohar1e N Y Gu1dance Q X Q Balanced Tra1n1ng Z ACt1V1t18S M Z Placement 1n Key Pos1t1ons E LJ F9 F3 L. H! In Bus1ness Professwnal And Government Off1ces Q E5 BUSINESS COLLEGE Compllments of ggfzffafi PHOTO SERVICE INC Over Twenty f1VC Years of Serv1ce to the Schools of Our Nat1on Q , ,, Q F d . Z 1 ' H . . E 'A T I .Quo E R XJ and re I-LAP' ...I 3 F All K1 d OfI emazmff Dzfzafff 03291 N AND 37 652 f S VE X4-f X Qgihfjw Q :QQ Q Q 214 f my I M2202 yiggjlfffdfp FA B sz n c f MW? az? Z NY NM fm,,,,,. CO R PO RATION . 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Suggestions in the Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) collection:

Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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