Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY)

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Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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'XL ,f 1 w ff , 1 . v4 . . -A . - , ' L, -" 1" "Wg-1i -11 .Ir .I 'l'.-Rl il YYEJD. -1.TJmL1l1Hl'fl Q., Bal 18 8 ff 1948 .-ff? Published Annually by The Senior Class of Fultonville High bohool , Fultonville, New York 1 eddcczfiaa MAIN STREET - 1895 We, the class of '48, dedicate this, our yearbook, to the village of Fultonville, which this year celebrates its centenary of incorporation. We have walked your tree shaded streets conscious of the fact that we were rubbing elbows with your founders. Such names as John Starin, sons Joseph and Mgndert,Henry Voorhees and Peter Van Antwerp have become very real to us. ere is your story. During Revolutionary times you were known as Van Epp,s Swamp. In 1810 John Starin erected a store just west of the tavern on the river bank where the home of Charles Nietch now stands. Two bridges were built across the river at this point, spring floods destroying both. A ferry was operated then until bridges were constructed at the present location. In 1822 Myndert Starin and his brother-in-law, Thomas Robinson , bought a large tract of land including the site of Fultonville. They built a store, a flour-mill, a distillery, a paper-mill, an ashery, a saw- mill, a blacksmith shop and a nail factory, an establishment for carding, spinning, winning and cloth-dressing. A plaster mill was built and streets laid out. The foundation for the presa t village was thus laid. During the fall of 1825 when the Erie Canal was opened to com erce, Henry P. Vorhees began his mercantile business in a old farm house. The demands were so great that in the next year he erected a store and store- house whlch stood for many years where Fred L. Lowe now has his gas station Soon this little country place became a central point of business aot- ivity, due to the advantage of canal navigation. VOOPDOGS' 5118111088 BNW- V 2 Here was a ready market for the agricultural products and lumber of the region. Large quantities of hides were collected here and carted to the tanneries in Gloversville and the finished product returned to be shipped to all parts of the state. In 1827 Mr. Voorhees erected a brick mansion where he lived until 1856. This building still stands in the rear of the Donaldson Block on Canal Street. It still contains its ornamental marble fireplaces and is in a remarkable state of preservation. Mr. Voorhees was succeeded in business by Mears and Maclntyre who were followed by A.J.Abel and Co., Abel Brothers, and Morrison, and J.H.Morrison and Co. Other members of early Fultonv1lle's business life were Clark k Post, Devoe and Martin, Thomas Robinson, McArthur and McKinley, Plantz k Argersinger, Crumwell and F1nk,'Frisby E McConkey, Scott Campbell, S.F. Underwood, Shuler R Wilcox, Blood k Conyne, D.D.Starin, J.H.Starin, L.V. Peek k Co.. and Chapman 5 Fonday Peter Fonda and Henry Starin also kept canal stores at the old lock 1 the lower part of the village. Freeman k Farmer carried on a business tiers following the removal of the lock. You honored Robert Fulton for the part he played in the development of your livelihood through his great invention by naming yourself Fultonville On August 9, l8u8 you organized as a oorgoration with the following board of trustees: Howland Fish, Presidentg An rew J. Yates, William B. Wemple, Thomas R. Horton, and Delancey D. Starin. At the time it is recorded that your population numbered 630. But by the year 1875. with industries flourishing and the Erie Canal growing in importance every year as a highway of commerce the population doubled and stood at 1220 inhabitants. Many changes have taken place since those early days. The canal was abandoned in favor of the present New York State Barge Canal and its bed filled in for the erection of buildings. The present Mayor, Peter J. Rossi, owns a store resting over the bed of the old canal on the east side of Main Street while the village Honor Roll for World lar II veterans rests over the bed on the west side. Plans are now in progress for the erection of a fine municipal building on this site with a permanent memorial. Many of the buildings of the past remain under different guisee and names as can be seen by the pictures elsewhere in this book. There has been little change in the edifices of the Reformed and Methodist churches. However, the school buildings have come and gone with the passing of time. The old Cobblestone Hall still stands with its stone steps adjoining attesting to the time it served as an Industrial school. This hall was built by Jeptha R. Sims, the historian of the Revolutionary War period, of cobbles he picked up and tried for size through a hole in a board he carried with him in his travels. The roof of the old school house on the corner of Mohawk and Prospect Streets has finally given way and the weather allowed to enter where many of your citizens used to sit and study the three R's. The present school stands where the imposing brick structure erected in 188A once stood and where the high school was established in 1891. You have had your great fires, too, as some of the scars remaining show. The most spectacular to many of the townspeople was the holocaust of I I? 7-Oil-9i'9' when the entire block from to the old canal bank went up in iiamggngegtioging ons of the glues business buildings you everihad, namely, e u ng. ee page ,. ' C2uqAl5JLLdff5Lau,44vbj a 'f31nnJL5J' The changes that have taken place over the years have been progressive ones. Your administrations have shown vision and your business enterprises have shown courage. We, the Clase of 'h8, are proud that we are graduating from FULTONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL in this, the year of your centennial. 3 gmac! af Zdacafim 1 w.A.T. Cassedy, President James Brookman 5r.g Carl Earley, frincipalg Dever Crane, Clerkg George Friers Old School House A ?wffv Erected 1884 First Row- Second Row Mrs. Ferrara, Commerce: Mrs. Oaksford, Languages k Kdgtn.3 Mrs. Lusso, 7k8th Gradesg Mrs. Yates, 556th Grades: Miss Alton, Math 5 Science. Mrs. Green, 1k2nd Gradesi Mr. O'Leary, English: Mr. Barley, Principal: Mr. Swenson, Coachg Mr. Crane, Social Studiesg Mrs. Argersinger, 5k4th Grades. Destroyed by Fire Jan. S, 1925 5 Bfvfec v Riofffmjff -3 I-lo.rJv-Io-ref ur WCU. W Waygg Gfnk X-4 ,..., .f ya- 4' Mo-' sf ?osT Off, 'UU 5Hnd':. 7 . o I fab V XA J y.,,7 Ulmffa 11- ffanf af Wffoa lffve fi.. If ap Bulk. 3u7H1Q:f .Elkay Class Motto: Ad astra per aspera 7 0 c1ass Colors 22222 212:25 Marobn and white American Beauty Rose Jaddua Bennett 'Deweyn Dewey's clothes are very neat And he can play the clarinet sweet. Band,l25gGhorus,l23gDanc1ng C1ub,l3gBasketba11,234gSoccer 234gBaseball,2343M1nstrel Show, 34gAthlet1c Assoc.,24gClaes Play,243Class Sect.lgTreas.23 Pres.4gStudent Council Pres.4g , Year Book Staff. 7- gf Eg shi-rle oran tts Y 'Shirley' nEVi9n Shirley is an all around gal Her hair is brown,her eyes are Full f fun and a good pal. SPGGH 0 Evelyn was our Junior Queen. Chorus l23'Intramural Sports 12530pSpgtQg,13Dgnc1ng C1ub,, Chorus,25gNewepaper C1ub,13g l5gC1ass Play,24iLg?rarysCl:b, gtgdvng g0un0ii.k3:Cgg:-ZfMas- 2' Class Treas. ' ass ec . r ve ' enera ana ' Zsvice Pres.54gienspaper Club: Minstrel Show,34gJunior'Qaeen 3gM1nstrel Show,34gProm Queen Graduation Ueher,53D8H0in2 Auuenaanc,agGraiuani0g Usgeri5: g1ub.iigia:: Szct-4i2Z21gr4 Ca t of Ma .Dr ve ' ear oo ay' e c ssoc o ' stir!-,m.1.'E1. A..5.i..1.n,4. if 5 Yeariook starr: D.A.R- Coiriem- Glenn Gill nGlennW Glenn is cute, and hels a flirt, He likes anything in a skirt. Band,l23:Chorus,l253Dancing Club,155Soccer,2343Basketba1l,2343 Basebal1,245student counc1l,55Class TP6BSUT8P,4jY88T Book Staffs Vice Pres. Athletic Assoc.,43Minstre1 Show,545senior Play. 8 William Bayes 'Billy' Usually repairing a jalopy or car, Billyvs ambition will carry him far. Band, l,2,3 Chorus, 13 Library Club, 5,43 speech Class, 2,43 Soccer, 53 Basketball, 33 Minstrel Show, ' Athletic Association, 43 Senior P1ay.6iiED, James Brookman Jr. 'Jimmy' He's a brain and a photo-bug too, Jimmy always has something to do. Band, 1,2,53 Chorus, l,2,53 Class Play, 2,43 Library Club, 5,43 Minstrel Show, 5,43 Basketball Team Manager, 5,43 Athletic Association, 43 Student Coun 1, 43 Year Book Staff. fl 'A t U Helen Carpenter 'Helen' Helen is the studious kind, Another like her you seldom find. Library Club, l,2,5,43 Cooking Club, 1,2,43 Class Play, 2,43 Minstrel Show, 5,43 Dancing Club, 53 Graduation Usher, 33 Speech Class, 43 Vice-President, Library Club, 43 Year Book staff: Athletic Association, 4. ,aww Robert Fancher l1Bobll Bob is devoted to his one and only, We know with her he wont be lonely. Chorus, 1,23 Class Play, 2,43 Library Club, 5,43 Treas- urer, Library Club,43 Soccer,4. Qylqf 9 Christina Fish 'Chris', Most quiet and courteous of the girls, Is Christina with her long, dark curls. cooking Club, 1,25 secretary of Cooking club, 23 Library Club, 25 senior Play. ' Lynwood Bald I He may be quiet and shy, But Lynwood is a swell guy. Intramural, 43 Minstrel show, 45 Athletic Association, 4. Ruth Johnson 'Ruthie' Every day she is the same, Ruthie Johnson is her name. Cooking Club, 13 Class Play, 23 Graduation Usher,5. Donald Peeler 'DonF Don's the boy who can really croon, And you should see all the girls swoon. soccer, l,2,3,43 Baseball, 2,5,43 Basketball, 2,5,43 Intra- mural sports, l,2,3: class Treasurer, 1: President of Clase 2,35 Vice-President of student Council, 2,33 President of Athletic Association, 43 Band, l,2,53 Chorus, l,2,33 Dancing club, 1,33 class Play, 2: operetta, 2: Newspaper Club, 2,53 Minstrel show, 5,4s.Year Book Staffg senior Plays do : 10 Esther Perry NES!! The day dreamer and talker of the class, Is Es a very friendly lass. Library Club, 5,45 Dancing Club, 5: Minstrel Show, 3,43 Prom Queen Attendant, 55 Graduation Usher, 53 Class Treas- urer, 52 secretary of student Council, 45 President of Library Club, 43 Treasurer of Library Club, 3. John Tylutki, Jr. 'Irish' Johnny with his smiling face, Always brightens up the place. Q-N-tiuun, chorus, 1,2,53 Basketball, 1,43 Baseball, 2: Soccer, 2,5, 45 class Play, 25 Athletic Association, 2,43 Newspaper club, 2,53 Library Club, 5,43 Minstrel Show, 5,45 an ing C1ub,55 Intramurals, l,2,5,4. we Q To MP. C2636 Our sincerest appreciation for all you have done in guid- ing us through our Senior year and in helping to make our last year at Fultonville High School one which we will long rememben ll gfidf We, the class of '48, now pause to look back over the four happy yeari we have had at FQ H. S. which we will remember and cherish. In the fall of '44, as 25 bewildered Freshman, we entered Fultonville High School. We elected as our officers: President, James Winneg Vice-President, Jaddua Bennettg Secretary, Marguerite Gilleng Treasurer, Shirley Morang Student Council, Diane Ward and Evelyn Stowitts. A Halloween Party was enjoyed at the home of Mrs. Christiana, our advisor. In midwinter we had a sleighride. Our activities were limited, but we had a magazine drive, held tea dances and sponsored an Amatuer Show. We concluded our first year with a picnic at Caroga Lake, When we returned in the fall of '45, we found we had lost Richard Bell, James Fonda, Rose Colasant1,Helen Samarija, Kathrlne Samarija and Marguerite Gillen. This was only the beginning for our class was to lose many more members. To make up for our loss we gained Heman Howlett, Wreatha Burke, Esther Perry and Donald Peeler. We chose as our leaders that year: President, Donald Peelerg Vice-President, James Winneg Secretary, Shirley Morang Treasurer, Jaddua Bennett, Student Council, Diane Ward and Jean Hogan. This year we sponsored a very successful musical comedy, 'The Girls' Take Over', on Vh1entine's Day written by Miss Garvey, our advisor, and Miss Cannon. We also sponsored an April Showers Dance. During the year we lost Evelyn Talmadge and Jean Hogan which decreased our class to 19 members. We ended our successful Sophomore year with a class outing at Caroga Lake. When the fall of '46 rolled around we returned to school with great enthusiasm as Juniors. This year we lost Shirley Johnson, Diane Ward, Rhea Hand and Wreatha Burke. We gained Marguerite Gillen, William Bayes, Virginia Anderson and Alice Welsh. We elected as our guides that yearg President, Donald Peelerg Vice-President, Shirley Morang Secretary, Jaddua Bennett, Treasurer, Esther Perry, Student Council, Glenn Gill and Evelyn Stowitts. Under the capable direction of our advisor, Miss Bergen, we presented a very entertaining Minstrel Show in November which proved profitable, too. We were all excited when we ordered our class rings in the fall and more so when we received them in the winter. During the year we lost Marguerite Gillen Orpha Brooker, James Winne, Heman Howlett, Virginia Anderson and Alice Welsh. We held a food sale which added some money to our treasury. le started plans for the Junior Prom early. We worked hard on our 'Up in the Clouds"decorat1ons which we were very proud of. The Prom proved to be a gala event. We all knew how much Miss Bergen had done to make this year such a success. We closed our Junior year by ushering the Seniors to the platform Graduation night, realizing we were the new Senior Class. We had 14 members left. 12 Class History, Cont'd. k , The fall of 'L7 came all too quickly and the lb members who had the courage to go on returned for their senior year. We were saddened by the leaving of Verla Leonard but we gained Christina Fish to round out our original lb. Ne elected these officers: President, Jaddua Bennett, Vice-President, Shirley Morang Secretary, Evelyn Stowittsg Treasurer, Glenn Gillg Student Council, Esther Perry and James Brookman. We unanimously chose Mr. Crane as our advisor. He put his whole heart into our activities. We knew how much we needed money for our New York trip so we immediately began selling pencils, Christmas cards, magazines, gum and candy, T shirts, hats and class pins. In October we had our graduation pictures taken. We went to see the Freedom Train when it visited Schenectady, November 1. We held a food sale and a turkey raffle. We also began work on our yearbook early so that we could have it finished in the spring. In December we held a Christmas dance at the close of school. After an enjoyable two weeks vacation, we returned to school with a lot of work ahead of us. A Senior-Junior Minstrel was in rehearsal for presentation on St. Patrick's Day. We had chosen WLet's Get Marriedn as our Senior Play and all members of the class planned to participate in it. It was planned for May. Our New York trip was planned for Easter recess and our stay for the Hotel New Yorker. Mr. and Mrs. Crane were going to accompany us. Our history draws to a close as we look for- ward to our Baccalaureate, Class Day, Graduation and the Senior Ball after which we will bid farewell to our Alma Mater and her fond memories, Fultonville High. 13 mic N. Y. 0 SXERIEQQ NOVEMBER- 1 947 O See Freedom Tram 9 ,xm!?o:W1Gg?x148HmQv'e Fsitors pected emonies O 0 All Abolfd . don' thr e Fof Fre Officials Speak At Cer pening Exhibit Th re p a ssl ough Freed E H8 om Train at the dlson Ave. railroad yards. By 2 D. In. 4000 clovlfo-' had been total is ex- :ch 10,000 by I6 train will zv 8. DZ. the 39th with 350 . marked . or Freedom Train nere. The general committ 450 selected eg met school children at the main' gate of the General Electric ed Company at 8:45 -A' x 8 I a. In. Headed marine color by guard from Scotia x Naval Supply Depot, the proces- sv 00 sion to the Freedom Train site S0 Q was led by Chief Joseph A. Peters 'Y 03 and a police platoon. Next came 0 0 Mayor Mills Ten Eyck and mem- 59 0 bers of the gene it 5 oo ey ral committee. were followed by boy girls from eve s and fy Junior and ' 1 h school in SGXIIOI' the county. e here b train di- GE 9 DEPENDEN F IN ow. Q5 ATWN 0 GETTYSBURG db ed to the ac-etlbw DECLAB' 11s. whistles silzoz I n charge of 045 ted .that at ,arrived to E the People T1-gin ed0m 3 gf Inspect FK, seniof Calif by Membefsslgfiool. accfogxixe. Mrs' . h .Har -H jour. the. H151 isef- M' E- G' ' Qat- 32.2.aaidS.iz11iiHdY..zHQfed0m t I e neyed mlzlrnlllg to se - i ating ug-d8.Y pax-IIC P Ben- Trllin' members Jaddua len Clfxnliam Belgian, Jr-V gigs. Weae- JamesRBggg Fanfheaynwood e v o -1 , . roarnfier' Glenn Glshirley Mo' l Flgh. hnson. I. Perry tmand Rum Sgttowitts, Esthe H5 ' ' Evelyn 1 tki. :za John Ty U NAM MOSTS WILLS TO USUALLY FOUND 1960 Billy Most Ambitious The right to Norbert Fixing old Junk dealer The day dreamer be l9L9 dreamer' Schindler cars Dewey Likely to succeed Teacher's pet All-around senior Right to be Walter Foodys Has own band Best dressed teacher's pet Windecker Most courteous Most Popular Best Looking Q Jimmy Most studious Right'to be Clara All over Owns the West Biggest pest biggest pest Johnson End Garage Most Humorous Bob Most devoted Devotion Priscilla Close to Dot 10th wedding Krahmer Anniversary Glenn Friendliest Right to sleep Arthur Sleeping Still Cutest in classes Friers Sleeping Biggest flirt next year Lyn Quietest Quietness Jack Talking to Chick talking Most bashful Brookman some chicken back Don All-around athlete Athletic Harry Shell station 3rd year on Biggest Q9 breaker ability Bobilin Broadway Best dancer Johnny Most talkative Right to be James Selling candy Running own Best natured best natured Winne and gum candy shoppe Helen Most ambitious Ambition Marilyn Drum corps Blowing at A Vickerson hubby Chris Likely to succeed Right to be Larry Paddling hone? Has own honey Quietest studious Riceoppo Most courteous Most studious Ruthie Likely to succeed Ability to Kenneth Home Home of her succeed Olmstead own Shirley Likely to succeed Teacher's pet Cutest Best natured Dancing Larry In a two-toned Doing home All-aq und senior ability Raven coupe work All-ar und athlete Best dancer Most popular Es Biggest flirt Most talkative Right to be Anna With Eddie Changing the The day dreamer most talkative Raczynski baby Biggest pest next year Friendliest Most humorous Evelyn Best natured Best dressed Right to be Joyce Rear seat of Still back Biggest W?breaker best dressed Guyette a motorcycle seat driving Best looking next year V Most devoted And to all other Juniors we bequeath what's left, especially our outstanding debts. 15 . N159 Qc lfxlcfm: 4- if AP af D X J 5' 7 Guess Who I 6 7 10 Turn To 11 wwe dam 4,4 7749 First Row--Margie Riceoppo, Joyce Guyette, Jack Brookman, James Winne, Mr. O'L68Py, Terry Riceoppo, Norbert Schindler, Priscilla Krahmer, Jeanette Goscinski. Second Row-Joyce Foody, Diane Davis, Jo Ann Philbrook, Lyna Bayes, Charlotte Tracy, Marilyn Vickerson, Marianne Holden, Walter Windecker, George Fancher, Arthur Friers. Third Row--John Hensel, Harry Boblin, Margaret Staley, Robert Stewart, Betty Wemple, Clara Johnson, Edna Mae Lavender, Lela Armer, Anna Raczynski, Larry Raven, Larry Riceoppo. Class Officers Colors Motto Presidente:eeuoeoeoooooonaoeJa-Ines winne Blue and white Vice-President... ....Terry Riceoppo Ou bien: ou rien Secretary........ .......Jack Brookman Flower Treasurer.............Norbert Schindler Student Council.......Marilyn Vickerson Iris Kenneth Olmstead Advisor......... ....Mr. John O'Leary The class of "l,9" sponsored a Halloween Dance on October 25, l9l+7. On November ll, a very impressive Armistice Day program was presented by the class. Aunt Samanthy, the class play was presentedDecember l9.The Juniors together with the Seniors gave a very successful Minstrel Show on the night of March 17, l9h8. In May the class held a very colorful Junior Prom. 17 af M50 First Row- Second Row Third Row- Gary Hammond, Beverly Bellinger, Mildred Mars, Miss Alton, Robert Hayes, Archie Rose, Rhoda Corey. Evelyn KnaPP: William Zacharkiw, Sue Marie Richey, Carolyn Boblin, Marion Henry, Richard Perry, Richard Becker. Florence Mallett, Harold Fitzdam, Dorothy Polin, Richard Douglass, Charles Rozzelle, John Coddington, Benjamin Harris Class Officers PresidentOIUOOOOCIOOOOIOIIOOIJOAHward Vice-President... ...Robert Hayes Secretary ...... ..... Mildred Mars Treasurer........ .......Archie Rose student Counc11......Bever1y Bellinger Gary Hammond Advisor........ ...Miss Elaine Alton On November 21, the class held a very successful Sadie Hawkins dance We have choosen a play entitled WBlack Catsn which we hope to present some time in the future. We also plan to order our class rings sometime this spring. 18 Zcwa 7757 . ,f ,, A ... , , First Row--Evans Harris, Thelma Talmadge, Gloria Stevens, Mr. Swenson, John Anderson, Audrey Lathers, Doris Minch. second Row-William Gill, Marianne Rutherford, Evelyn Gordon, Anna Herms, Ruth Miller, Doris Schulz, Nellie Desmond, Stanley Burley. Third Row--Arnold Colburn, Roland Minch, Robert Minch, William Forrester, Robert Sullivan, Lawrence Larson, Ray Stockwell. Fourth Row-wilson Hitchcock, Cady Davis, Robert Steiger, Henry Mars, Paul Zacharkiw. Class Officers President...............Gloria Stevens Vice President.... ...John Anderson Secretary....... ...Audrey Lathers Treasurer....... ....Thelma Talmadge Student Counci1............Dor1s Minch Evans Harris Advisor........ ....Mr. Victor Swenson We the Freshman, started ourtyear by holding a very successful Turkey Raffle and later in November we held a Food Sale. A very enjoyable Sleighride was held in January after which we returned to the school for refreshments. Those accom- panying us were Mr. and Mrs. Crane and Mr. and Mrs. Swenson. Everyone reported having a good time. Another Food Sale and Raffle was planned for the spring. The Freshman boys have been very successful in Intramural Soccer and Basketball. 19 N1 ,Qu Fire T OUAS wp" ' .7-FIVCQ , Us Jack f'1u.3l5'e'7-ters. -1' I uhm' C4711 hug 0? iff-fQ"'l Can'-,vval .9 29500 fifdwzm ,W i Left to Right-Gary Hammond, Esther Perry Doris Minch, Mrs. Oaksford, Jack Brookman, Gloria Stevens, Evans Harris, Beverly Bellinger, 'James Brookman, Joan Ward, Mr. Crane, Mr. Earley, Dewey Bennett. Officers President.Dewey Bennett V-President.James Winne Sect. Esther Perry The year l9b7-AS, has been one of the most active that the Student Council has haduin many years. Shortly after the beginning of the school year the council purchased a new Combination, Radio-Phonograph with Wire Recorder. Several assem- bly programs have been recorded and when played back caused much astonishment, some instruction, and a great deal of amusement. The Junior Class production of WAunt Samanthy' was recorded during rehearsals and played back for advertising Later in the year an Automatic Record Changer was purchased for use on the old radio which had been repaired for use by the grades, social dancing and gym classes. 22 fffwwf First Row-- Second Row- Third Row-- Marianne Rutherford, Audrey Lathers, Beverly Ballinger, Gloria Stevens, Doris Minch, Roland Minch, Grace Carpenter, Robert Minch, Richard Becker, Ellsworth Fish, Richard Perry, Dorothy Polin, Robert Fancher, Esther Perry, Evelyn Gordon, Anna Herms, Ruth Figner, Lyna Bayes, Beatrice Reynolds, Carolyn Bobilin, Thelma Talmadge, Mr. Barley. Robert Steiger, George Fancher, William Bayes, James Brookman, John Hensel, Betty Wemple, John Tylutki Jr., Helen Carpenter. Officers President .......... Esther Perry Vice-President..Helen Carpenter Secretary ....... Grace Carpenter Treasurer. ....... Robert Fancher Adv1sor............Mrs. Ferrara 23 First Row--Diane Davis, Lyna Bayes, Evelyn Knapp, Eleanor Corey, Mary Rutherford, Arlene Yoder, Ellsworth Fish. Second Row-Betty Wemple, Margaret Staley, Mildred Mars, Rhoda Corey, Miss Alton, Carolyn Bobilin, Betty Hughes, Anna Herms. Third Row--Joan Ward, Lillian Davis, Sue Richey, Joyce James, Evelyn Gorden, Grace Carpenter, Helen Carpenter, Beatrice Reynolds, Clara Johnson, George Fancher, Dorothy Polin, John Hensel. OFFICERS President... .....Rhoda Corey Secretary... ......Mildred Mars Treasurer... ....Carolyn Bobilin AdviSeI'..uoo UlOllIlllMiSs The cooking club of Fultonville High School was organized in October of the 191-I-'7-H8 school year. The club held its first meeting and elected Miss Elaine Alton as their adviser and also elected their other club officers. The club began its activities by giving demonstrations on how to make candy, angel food cake and fancy sandwiches. They discussed the subject UHow to make well balanced-mealsn and how to start a hot soup program. They are now making a scrapbook of recipes. They also took part in the Athletic Association Carnival. The members appreciate very much the time and work given them by their adviser. Q-Q 'J' 5? lllllu 3 Q, ' 'jgfw L-J' 24 SW! 0 e 0 Business Manager... Advertising Managerzz.. Senior Editor...... Activity Iditor.... Sports Ed1tor...... Photography Editor. ....Jaddua Bennett ...Helen Carpenter ....Sh1r1ey Horan ...Evelyn Stowitts .....Dona1d Peeler ........G1enn Gill ....James Brookmnn 8 , Activities cont'd. Boys Gym Class Freshman 8 Sophomores Left to Right--Betty Wemple, Dorothy Polin, George Fancher, Clara Johnson, Jeannette Goscinski, Harold Fitzdam, Robert Stewart, John Hensel, Beatrice Reynolds, William Zacharkiw, Anna Raozynaki, Evelyn Knapp, Richard Becker, Mr. Crane. 26 sf' hihfnol' al 3 Y aiffhgf 'T Wi., Qn7a. C nf - 72 fa. L' n L 0 ,W YMAS 5,5 CARD S la Bal "M , ...ff f,,1W'f" ,K A ug-ff .fam :Ny ffvles 6 W1 Gmc AH!-gy v M l.c.Ke,V A WaTcJw f R Lfwgstrs 4 -r"'.' sn" .,,1-1' 5 1 I-f.s Gyn, Class ,A .M,..w-ovfwi 32-yar- fgf f IhT:'37n""'-51 Socccr QY....45 HT rffffw-H-X18 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Pres1dont....................Don Peeler l 1l00cclso0G1onn Seoretary....... ......JoAnn Philbrook Treaaurer...... ...James Brookman Jr. 29 Victor Swenson, Coach ,-ifzfezaw 4 w VARSITY Art Friers Ken Carpenter First Row--Bob Hayes, Evans Harris, Bob Stewart, , , Walt Windecker, Glenn Gill. Second Row-Howie Moyer, Ken Olmstead, Dewey Bennett, Don Peeler, John Tylutki, LEAGUE Wells Northville Mayfield Broadalbin Bill Forrester, Coach Swenson. 30 NON-LEAGUE Canajoharie Galway Alumni E Soccer cont'd. First Row--Bob Hayes, Evans Harris, Bob Stewart, Art Friers, Walt Windeoker, Glenn Gill, Ken Carpenter. Second Row-Wilson Hitchcock, Bill Henry, Bob Fancher, Bill Gill, Larry Larson Gary Hammond, Roland Minoh, Henry Mars, Jack Brookman. Third Row--Manager Bob Burke, Howie Moyer, Ken Olmstead, Dewey Bennett, Don Peeler, John Tylutki, Bill Forrester, Coach Swenson. 31 Zmdhw VARSITY First Row--Ken Carpenter, Art Friers, Bill Forrester, Glenn Gill, Jammy Winne. Second Row-Manager Jimmy Brookman, Dewey Bennett, Ken Olmstead, Don Peeler, Coach Swenson. LEAGUE Broadalbin Fonda Mayfield Wells Northville 32 NON-LEAGUE Stratford Woestina Amsterdam Tech Perth Basketball oont'd. x 1 ll.-. JUNIOR VARSITY First Row--Bill Gill, Manager Billy Morford, Walt Windecker. Second Row-Evans Harris, John Tylutki, Larry Raven, Larry Riceoppo, Roger Hollenbeck. 33 Edwin!! " -' 1 -"'e4... TA 7 Q., -0 V, First Row--Glenn Gill, Art Friers, Ken Carpenter, Bob Stewart, Don Peeler, B111 Forrester, Bill Henry. Second Rowwwilson Hitchcock, Roland Minch, Walt Windecker, Evans Harris, Bob Hayes, Henry Mars, Gary Hammond. Third Row--Coach Swenson, Howie Moyer, Archie Rose, Bob Steiger, Charlie Rozzelle, Bill Gill. Mascot ----- George Snyder. son has At the time the book goes to press the schedule for the coming sea not yet been compiled. The prospects for the season do look rather promising with several of last years men back for another season of sport at F.H.S. 12? Y M xx ge I 6 ,Z ,J Q 31+ diem .Zmdew Left to Right--Doris Minch, Marianne Holden, Margie Riceoppo, JoAnn Philbrook, Marion Henry, Joan Ward, Priscilla Krahmer, Marilyn Vickerson, Beverly Bellinger. Left to Right--Marianne Holden, Doris Minch, JoAnn Philbrook, Joan Ward, Beverly Bellinger, Marilyn Vickerson. 35 M' -:wav rw-J' Gfrfs gym Cla-U "Y,- C2 ce 1:7 Gwnw as G-frfiuggigf-yv 0633 2 , ,fr .J f' S..-f.....--u Q6 I Ib ' k af' x RF. x " 1 in 'Y'-L ' I' , 4 I ,J 'wi 1 at 'J E U Hx Nice, Ovse ,Li ode H173 b ---51 4 . ,. " ww Q D' umm I, X 1.1" an ii .Q I " Donfrbc .HKJU7 m,0 'high ,IQ mfs- K + ' kg ' ' 1, ff: ,. f A q.f ,, ,V - Zwivig, 1 . ' -A I 9.-, ' f ..d. , A NX E . : .1 ' - " ' . 3 M. W 3-1' N . ' MAX - ' Mraff, X ' v ' ' Q., ' - ' f' i:'f'1'W- 1, ' if agkffyv 1 ' - 'W ' r""P E 5 ig f: Il gl? I WODTC of-lf.-. oand Z7'.,,,,- 27-- Ls'9,,,,,. Yownjgfirs wah V 'pak SWDL. ? 79 "e'l7j, OLD ,F0L'7'0fVlf!L.L-E' 4 V' C Cl, H W! ffr 61574' 'FrrrF5uf' f"1.01.-Sf-A rm ..,. , A -Qwfwmwx 8 W I-'nf 5 ' ? N f . A . 4 A, ulrfflhm Lzwf: lxfeuf Pu-rn.dQ, jf-JQ.t7:'yhf 5cAo,f 64,73-fn,":, -fyfjl g F H 5 l ' . ci Rui'-.5 Q Wen. le, F4-mJ4,v XY75 ffeff - SfEefCa.414f8ao-72 Ma 1197 P f 38 J Nalmwlc H2 0Vl1l'll:l7 lug! OLD Fuffonvlffdf lnkfry harm fn" Elevanr 04.16, 1:13 I... 1 Kuff fum Efpqfir Orff' fffff' e N 1373 W -....,Mw+w-W- ..w.,,.., ,,,...,-.X.,..u.............4,..,,,,,,,,.,,...,,.,.....L,- , , Xl, ,,g - . A. -,. ,..,L, ,, ,. , .,,,,,,,,' ...AJ 7'E:am:3 on 7'4wf:417L 0,4 pu.,.,,l,e,,- QQ..- R! FIU! Xk I, HI NNN. .IULIX Il. hl.XlilX, 7-'z4f75gguflfe, Gare i +, Vfeuj from Erfxe .S-Tr-ee7' V Ldvlflohy EEST' HALL or P.. VAN ANTWERP 8: SON, Fun.ToNvuLLE, N.Y. .!Dcon. MMM In RIVER stan W S ' f7lIQ A ELEVATUR 8: MILLS, FULTONVILLI-I,N.Y P. VAN ANTWERP 8: ISON, Pnop YUUY OWN OFFICIAL For Class Rmcis For enqravcd commencement announc BALFOUR Producfs of Distinction made by CVHHZSYNCH For A7TlcriC3,'s Finest Schools! Fraicrntbies, Sorovfticsl and businesses Represented byt A. M. l-Iodqkins PO. Box Nine Schcnectadyl NcwYOrK l+2 C MOHAWK VALLEY DEMOCRAT Fonda, N.Y. Serving the Community for 112 years K p in touch with local Aff irs after Graduation ith A Subscription t THE DEMOCRAT 32.50 per year .ii-i Complete Joh Printing Plant PM HDYOOQXS MHYRQT MCHLTS and Qvocerfes F-u,TonviUe,N.y Pywone LQTS of Luck B GACOYI F-eecl and To ass of 4943 VUITOT. vi A3 G rain STBYQ L-ubvicinon Mobil Socoml llcccssoric S B35 and Wa.Shinc' CHS Repairs Nl Call W Fonda C17-151 Lam- and QEIYC Vdzf-V Main SUQQT COIVIPLHVIENTS QF ocnug Scwiceglafion, CTI 3 QUA CK EN BU SH Q 2 M I1 f A 3 4klQQ7'h Z?L C he Y a cv c: an use I ran -ailwrs gow L ,S DYVOX Sou M 0 0 lilen, Phone Glen 382 Seal-fesT "0 Cvcaw Pa-VCNT Vlediciwe Pvcscvipmns CULLINGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE Soft Water makes for better living by giving you better water for cook- ing, drinking and washing purposes. Fultonville New York PHONE 33-532 STATIONERY-GREETING CARDS and EXCLUSIVE GIFTS OF ALL KINDS AT Johnstown New York CONGRADULATIONS T0 TH Class of 1948 from La Keller and Hazzard Proprieters GROCERIES--BEATS--PROVISIONS Daily Delivery Phone 36-325 Fultonville N.!. DRYK- Cod 1 BOTTLES Conqrdfulcmons Semovs CJF7 FULLQRVILLQ Woq on WLWQQL Fon do , new York Established 1917 Thousands of girls are needed in busi- ness and government offices NUI The salaries are high and the op- portunities for advancement are un- limited. The quickest way to prepare for one of these good positions is to take a business course at HILDHET ELLEY SECBBTIRIAL SCHOOL FUR GIRLS 227-229 Quail St. Albany 3 N.Y. REGISTER Now Telephone g-4436 Registered by the NEI YORK STATE BOARD OF REGENTS SUMMER SESSION July 7 Fall Session September 2 BEST e LUCK CLASS O, 16142 COAL CO. 09 FULTON COUNV Y P SKILLS ex: L Guidance--balanced training--activities Placement in key positions in business, professional and government offices. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE L26-154 Washington Ave.,A1bany 6,N-Y- state. Registered ----- Veteran APPI'0V9d Be ectynuk glfhml llmfm, ILS. STYLE AND QUALITY 1.JlTHoU.7' EXTRAVAGANGE COMPLIMENTS OF an 'Cfeufh ml: :swf Dm Sf-fe ' mgmutis Fcm da NY. Iouaanl' B' L7 EXCAVATING BULLDOZING GRADING DITCHING BLACK-TOP PAVING HARRYEDERBY CONTRACTOR DIAL 56-583 FONDA, N.Y. DEALERS IN SAND STONE GRAVEL CINDERS CUHPLIH NTS OP BAUDER GAS and ELECTRIC HAPPY COKKING M TERED GAS SERVICE GAS and ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CUWH RCIAL EQUIPMENT DU PONT PAINT and SUPPLIES COMPLETE KITCHENS PHONE 36-601 FONDA, N.Y. COHPLIMENTS OF COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE and WELDING HAPPY MOTORING STARTS AT THE ESSO SIGN Phone Fonda 36-611 Whether Your Car Is Old or New 'MI For A11 Over Esso Spring Check-Up Phone 34-141 Fultonwille, N.Y. The 'EAA funeral Home Conqmhllafes fha CIQSS OF X Besf Mshes Jro A Hue Class or IC143 CIE, Von Home Hovdwqve ful Jronvnlle New Ywk Goocl Luck +0 H16 Class OF 'CHX Rossfs Complrmenis of Vondfuljc l,umb2Y Company Fupfonvme new YOYR BEST WISHES CLASS OF 19b8 frm! GENERAL MILLS FARM SERVICE DIVISION FEED, FLOUR FARM SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT ind SERVICE Phone 36-311 Fonda, N.Y. igpnlg pgg BABY PICTURES l. Glenn Gill 2. John 'ryluuki 3. Ruth Johnson L. Lynwood Hand 5- Don Peeler 6. James Brookman 7. Bill Bayes 8. Dewey Bennett 9. Evelyn Stowitts 10. Shirley Moran ll. Christina Fish Fr m CAHl'S A Fine latch For The Graduate featuring msn cmchrmxl HAMILTON ELGIN BENRUS BULOVA GRUEN LDNGINES WITTNADER GEORGE E. CAI Distinctive Jewelers Ior 80 Years l868...19k8 22 lest Hain St. Johnstown We wish to acknowledge the many helpful suggestions offered by all those interested in the preparation of our Yearbook The Class of 19h8 of FULTONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL FULTONVILEE, NEW YORK 'lllhlnmk 5J,J.L.'L!.'LnL4X V V ' ' ' RFCQQ . pg aiia. ,, iff' .. . l, 383' 5 A , 1 E3 iw- 1.1-325.3 x ,fx -,f :: 'V g,,5::1v1,,-. jqE1if3Is?Y:ef 1 ffifi' EE-3,1 '23 5 391 ssflwi Q Jiwf. ?':,ZSGgf-fl, ' L1 ?'ggiSi,g-5 Jf1'I4E"i15yQq, s' I' 4 V7 5 A -L -UQ SZE1 .-1,-. V j,,.,.,,., .gf wi'-1.f' ',,.. -L-' Q--f pw, fr -. 1. .p ,-w11f. ,:J- , '- H-I -fm' .,-'J i--y Lf -nays' :FJ-!4.!'25i,,g-ffvflp Q' E95f3,g1gQ'2r?1s-, 1-'ijgl'-Q,,f-4' n .- r lwfr- Fi2Sn'J'gfi.f' 'Q '.'1f",:T. -ff. 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Suggestions in the Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) collection:

Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fonda Fultonville High School - Caughnawagan Yearbook (Fonda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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