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 Throughout The Years, Folwell has experienced many changes that have helped make this school great. Because of the School Boards Five Year Plan, we will be involved in more changes, which could see the 9th grade moved to a high school or even worse "The Greatest junior High School" could be closed. The closing would mean the end of FJHS -(Folwell Junior High School) and the great educational programs would end after 51 great seasons. The previews of this years outstanding programs show that FJHS -The Education Station - must be continued for another long running season. The Wonderful World Of Teachers Teachers here are old and new, they have their ways of teaching you. Some are nice and some are mean, then there's a few that are right in between, just when they think things are going their way, a student stands up and wrecks their whole dav. 2Folweil Guide We've got the spirit yes we do! We've got the spirit, how 'bout you? Don’t just stand there and shout, turn to the Folweil Guide to see what it’s about. Flip to page one and see what we have done, and then join in the fun. Good Times Good times are Dyn-o-mite, 9th grade is out of site! We're the stars of 82, and we sparkle in what we do! Our times at Folweil are really cool. Boy, will we ever miss this school. Around the corner we will find, a high school that we will make shine. The Young and The Restless At the first glimpse of Folweil the restlessness set in with the ever so popular spirit to begin. 7th graders came, raren to go and to help make The Young and The Restless a very popular show. Incredible Kids 8th graders here are proud to be a part of FolwcU's history. These kids are so incredible that they will be unforgetable. Even though they may not return in the fall, they are happy to be a part of it all.IN SEARCH OF This year is different from other years in the past. The changes have ranged from new teachers, to the loss of a telephone, rising lunch prices, no foreign languages, a new principal and vice principal and only having a nurse once a week. These are changes of the present. The changes of the future will depend on the Five Year Plan.1500 Teddies To Attend New Folwell School Lack Of Space At Folwell New Folwell Wing Open In the 1930's schools were becoming too crowded and new schools especially Junior High Schools were being built. Folwell Jr. H.S. was opened in 1931 and 500 Teddies from Roosevelt were admitted on opening day to make up the 7th and 8th grades. Ninth grade was added in 1933. Now 51 years later, Folwell may close due to the lack of students. The grades in the schools may be changed to K-8 and 9-12 or K-6, 7-8, and 9-12. These options are being considered in the 5 year plan. The purpose of the plan is to give the best possible education to Minneapolis kids.M. Diercks K. Doepke J. Farrell R. Fish L. Haglund D. Hayden P. Hickman W. Holden Reach for the gusto! C. Jordan C. Knutson A. Lucas 6□ Are you sure we're out of Falcon eggs? D. Welbes S. Westby J. Willy A. Suomela A. Wade After - Spring 1982 D. Norlin L. Olson R. Pedley C. Simonson G. Stenerson J. Reed D. QuanbeckClerks - H. McKinley, J. Gaspard, M. Fishman, O. Stone, M. Thompson, E. Almos Aides - J. Napue, D. Peterson, G. Bodeman, D. Hanson, E. Greenlund Principal - Don Lapp Counselor G. Frierson Couns. V. McAllister 8Custodians - Back Row: M. Jurichko, K. Hahn, H. Barge. Front Row: D. Swenson, R. Burzynski, L. Crandell Lunchroom Staff - C. Lundeen, E. Niskanen, J. Heminger, E. Habig, V. Ferrian 9 How do YOU spell relief?Anderson, — Aarvig, Eric Aiken. Tina Allen, William Anderson. Christine Anderson. Lorianne Anderson. Michael Anderson. Michelle Anderson. T racy Archuleta, Angela Arredondo. Dalia Arredondo. Delia Asheim. John Austad. Theresa Bahineau. Daniel Barge, John Barnes, Renee Bates, Karen Bauer, Colleen Beaman. Douglas Beatm Susan Becker'a Heidi Belfiorl. Belfiore. Michael Bellows, Lawrence Bennett. Jeffrey LK How Is Junior High Different Than Elementary School? The school is bigger but that's no biggie, there are better looking girls, now that's a biggie! -Chris LeightonIn first through sixth grade you didn't have to run to class. -Anonymous You get a good variety of teachers. -Anonymous Benson, Tammy Berg, Patricia Berglund, Tamie Bergstrom. Scott Betker, Elissa Bevis, Melissa Bjetke, Carol Brinda, Christyann Brown, Jennifer Browning, Charles Burringtoi Buxton, Molly Campero, Luis Carlson, Anthony Carlson, Brett Carlson, Carla Carlson, Jill Carrillo, Sharon Carson, Jennifer Cegon,John Chamberlin, Kellie Chanthakhoun, Chayer, Debra Coleman. Michael Collings, JenniferOn somebody's birthday you tape up their locker. What fun! -Tammy Londo On somebody's birthday you tape up their locker. What fun! -Tammy Londo What Do You Like Most About Folwell? I like the boys! -Christina Scanlon Crabb, Ivaleen Creasy, Tamie Dahlberg, Cynthia Danielson. Brian Davis. Pamel Dean. Jaana Demers, Ann Demers, Meionic Deutsch, Joseph Dorion, Steven Dornquast, Nathan Dorsey, Sandra Dunn, James Evans. Timothy Fairbanks. Tina Fate, Kim Fearing, Denise Fisher. Michele Fleetham, Jennifer Frakic, Kimberley Franxman, Cynthia Frenstad, Robert Fromm, David Gabrielsen, Joseph Gibbs, JenniferI don't know, maybe it's just that I like the best schools and this is one of them. -Jenny Hawley You can even have fun in this school! -Anonymous Goodwin, Bobbi Goodwin, Todd Granger, Brian Giannes, Bruce Greaves, Sherry Gredzens, Tabatha Greer, Kristine Grimm, Alethca Gris beck. Gustafson, T racey Haapaia, Jane Haas, Daniel Hall, David Hanley, Deborah Hanson, Camille Hanson, Shannon Harris, Angel ique Harris, Julie Haug, Jeffrey Hawkins, Susan Hawley, Jennifer Haynes, I.atonya Heisler, Paula Hermansen, SeanHiggins. Kelly 1 light. 1 light, Katherine Hilgedick Mark Hinklo. GrindU Hobson. Scottii Hoekstra. Roby Holland. Robyn Holloway, Andrew Holmstroni. Jack i Hooiahan. Deirdra Horn. Daryl Hougen. Corey Houle. Cidget Husv. Lisa HuMed. Danny Ingebrigtsen. Hans When You Were In The Sixth Grade, What Did You Think I thought it would be scary, but it's terrific!! -Kelli Karger Hard!! -Varina LeakFolwell Would Be Like? I I thought I wouldn't like it because of what my friends told me. -Marcy Young I thought that it would be scary, but I was excited to be in seventh grade. -Raquel ManteufelFolwell? I think the teachers really care about us seventh graders. -Matt Wallman It's another step up the ladder. -Lori Selbo Lemay, Dawn Lewis, Omar Locken, Cassandra Londo, Tammy Lussier, Jodi Lyons, Jennifer Manteufel, Raouel Manthc, Robyn Marrin, Joseph Martin, Christine Matson, Linda Matthews, Holly McBride, Carla McCormick, Randy McDonough, Shawn Meisner, Tanya Mercado, Robert Mickelson, Robin Miklasevics, Lara Miller, Anthony Miller, Marcy Mitchell. Paul Molmcn, Stephanie Mrosla, jennifer Muenzhuber, RonaldWhat Is Your Favorite Class Or Subject? Why? Math with Mr. Norlin. He tells terrible jokes, but 1 laugh anyway. -Chris Leighton Reading. I like the activities we do. -Shawnassy James Mundy, Philip Myers, Darlene Nelson, Dale Nelson, Joseph Nelson', Robb Ncwborg, Beth Nielsen, Tammy Nienkerk. Patrick £'-Nizriick. Scott Norblom, Paul Norgren, Joann Norwood, Angela Olin, Steven Olson, Eric Olson, Ronda Ornes, Jodi Otto, Astride Palmer, Dawn Palmer, Nancy Parkin, Edward Pearson, Heather Pearson, Roger Peppers, Jerod Pcshcck, Stuart Peterson, JosephMy favorite class is math because of the teacher, the students, and because it's sixth hour. -Tiffany Ingham My favorite class is English with Mr. Olson. He really knows how to be like a kid! -Jill Gordon Peterson, Scott Phillips. Jennifer Pohl. Scott Polak, Robert Prochazka, William Puchreiter, Ryan Puckett, Beth Ramberg, Stephen Ratliff, Joel Richardson, Gwendolyn Roache, Krista Roberts, Leslie Rosengren, Scot! Ross, Nancee Rupp, Paul Salisbury, Jennifer Sandeen, Lynnea Saunders, Damon Scanlon. Christina Schirmer, Nicole Schlemmer, Danielle Schmitt, Monique Schmitz, Christa Schweppe, Michael It's "'tuff" being short! -Jodi Lussier Folwell is GREAT! -Gloria Theisen William TOggins, Gerald noggins. Seep, James Selbo, Lorelei Sheffield, Kristen Smith, Edward Smith, Tammy Snaza, Jodi Snobeck, Michelle Sommers, Lisa Sondrall, Denise Soulier, Todd Spratt, Lawrence Stein, Michael Steinert, Michelle Stewart, Rebecca Storba-Ken, Jon Sutherland, Kirsten Swader, Renaye Swanlaw, Cynthia Tanney, Jim Tart, Audrey Thisen, Gloria Thier, KerrieThompson, Richard Townsend. Timbcrly Trautmann. Debra Vondermoon. Debra Vatsaas, Mark Wallace, Melissa Wall man, Matthew Warn, Tamara Watkins, Debra Weaver. Billee Weiss, Judi Werbowenko, Richard Westerberg, Bradley Wheat, Stephanie White, Theodore White, Tierza Wilder, Roxanne Wildey, Theresa Winslow, Angella Angei Witnt ___terspoon, Christopher Wolfley, Lisa Wood, Michael Young, Marcy Zaycheck, Frank Zierman, CarolWe're 1, we're tough and we're glad. -Jenny Masgai 1 really like Folwell's Falcon. -John Miller W 1 think I'm allergic to Mondays. -Sarah Bunker The kids here are really great. -Angie McDougall cott Adams, Al-Najim, Scott Allen, Kenneth Almquist, Amos, Shawn Aune, Jacqueline Bailey, Renee Barge. Kathleen Barry, Anthony Bauer, Terry Bear, Catherine Becker, Jered Bedeau, Dawn Biddle. Robert Bivans, Lori Bjerke, Tammy Bjork, James Borgerding, Linda Bourdeaux, Michael Bowles, Dale 26I like Mr. Willy, he's Wild! -Anonymous I like learning about the past. -Mike Fischer My favorite show is Sesame Street. -Beth Carls Bradt, Dawn Brezinka, Brian Bruestle, Jason Bruestle, Jodi Bruvelis, Pauls Bukkila, Brock Bunker, Sarah Burrington, Kellie Buxengard, Wayne Cable, Kelly % t" 1 -- v Carls, Elizabeth Carlson, Alanna Carlson, Daniel Carlson, Gina Carlson, Lori Carlson, Tii Chad! . . Jennifer Chivers, Tina Christensen, Brenda - v r. - Clinton, Jennifer Clothier, Michael James Marc R.v'idson, Anthony 27Dingmann, Kelley Davis, Marland DeLong, Daaron Dembovsky, Walter Dentz, Jeffrey Dischinger Doble, Doelz, Ka Dolinar, Doub, Ke Drabant, Joseph Draper, Michelle Dubose, Brian Dudero, Sandra Dudley, Dawn Dunham, Johannah Eberhardy, Todd Ellingson, Karen Ellingson, Karl Ellis, Della Ellis, Kim Elton, Tina Ely, Kimberly Eng, Michael Evans, Deborah Fernandez, Todd There aren't many schools that can stay open for more than 50 years, so this school must be pretty great. -Dave Hertzberg 1 hope Folwell doesn't close. -Brian Brezinka 28I like to flirt with all the cute guys.-Mary Johnson The best thing about Folwell are all the girls.-Ricki Forbes ischer, Michael Fisher, Charles Folk, Travis Forbes, Richard Forster Angela Foster, Amy Foster, Denise Franxman, Norbert Freund, James Frost, Rachel Gamec, Kenneth Gonzalez, Alexander Grumbo, Jaleah Hagman, John Hagstrom, Kristen Hales, Matthew Hall, Timothy Halvorson, Mark Hamilton, Ronald Hanson, Kimberly Harrison, Scott Hastings, Troy Hawley, Mary Head, Janet Helde, Michael 9If I were a teacher at Folwell, I think I'd go crazy! -Kim Jurisch The principal and vice-principal are really something special. -Anonymous Hisgun, Shelly Hobson, Holmes, Hopf, Horn Henricksen, Herkenhoff, Hertzberg, D, Hill, Billy Hinkel, Thomas Houle, QffS Husemoller, Amy Iverson, Catherine Jackson, Thomas Jacobson,Jana Jensen, Marie Jensen, Jackie Johnson, Becky Johnson, Chr W Joh Johnson, Mary Johnson, Melissa Jones, Kary Jones, Pamela Jurisch, Kimberly 30Kastratovich, Yelena Keller, James Kellogg, Christopher am my awn Koehler, Gretchen Koob, Teresa Kover, Christina Kraml, Deanna Krepela, James Krueger, Jennifer Kuduk, Lisa Kvamme, Tracy Kyllo, Scott Lachapelle, Lori LaCoursiere, Joseph Lacy, Dionne Lamo, Tanya Landmark, Christopher Larsen, Danielle Larsen, Mary Larson, David Lebre, Daniel Lendway, Vicki Lillemoe. Rhonda I like Mrs. Suomela, she's like one of us kids. -Cindy Andrews I like Mr. Carter because he jokes around a lot or at least 1 think he does. -Tana Sherwood8 My favorite subject is foods. It's ... interesting.-Pam Rosen I like the music that's played between classes.-Bruce Rau Linehan, Logli, Scott Longley, Longsdorf, Lovell, Eric Lovstuen, Lynum, Madson, Malck, Masgai, Jennifer Mattison, Joseph Mattson, Tony Maybee, Steven McCollor, Brian McDougall, McGinty, Timo McKay, Calvin McKelvie, Christi McRoss, Medlock, Krisanus Meinders, Carey I Melton, Grant Meyer, Deborah Milchesky, Scott 3;I'd like to help younger kids to become educated and to help others.-Kova Vang Winterim and rollerskating are fun school activities.-Mike Rudd Miller, Daniel Miller, John Miller, Mark Tracy Shane Michael James Neu, Debra Newberg, Douglas Newton, Rebecca Nicolazzi, Sara Nymoen, Richard O'Neil, Kevin Olson, Anton Olson, Melissa Olson, Roderick Olson, Scott Olson, Tammie Oman, Jeffrey Owens, Thomas Pacheco, Lisa Palmborg, Jody 33 We don't need any rude, crude, dudes in this school. -Mrs. Reed My dream is to have all my kids read music. -Mrs. Doepke Pankow, Partlow, Laurie Pearson, Bruce Pederson, Ardis Pelkey, B Pendleton, Ronald Peterson, Cynthia Peterson, Danny Peterson, Dawn 2 Peterson, Todd Pregler, James?! Quinlan, Radermacher, Rasche, Cha Rasmussen, Erik Rau, Bruce Reich, Dennis Reynolds, Anthony Rice, Richard Roache, Darla Cl Roberts, James Rosen, Pamela Rosengren, Kimberly Rudd, Michael Rundquist, Daniel 34The dances at Folwell are great. -Becky Newton It's fun making buttons after school. -Tony Smith We should have a sex-education class. -Scott Harrison Simdorn, Chris Dawn tebo, Michelle , Anthony Smith, Jerald Smith, Joe Spence, Thomas St Clair, Penny Staxrud, Terrance Stinson, Shelly Suchy, Shannon Sullivan, Shaun Svenddal, Troy Svoboda, Justine Swanlan, Scott son, Michelle Thone, Carol Thorne, Joseph Tipple, Kara Tollefson, Perry Schmitz, Debra Schnackenberg, Daniel Selbo, Kirsten Sheriff, Omar Sherwood, Tana 35Victel, J Voeller, Lisa Vollmer, Kim Walker, Meli Wallace, Shoi Wetherholt, Michelle Whaley, Mark Whitney, David Williams, Jeine Wimmer, Being a teacher takes too much responsibility. -Michelle Henricksen I like the computer room better than anything else. -Dan Dole 1 A U jtooud, fo jpr£4£ t good timesBUY IK MICH All KTKtR JUUl BIRC.RtN CANDICr 81 ROSTRUM TONI BlTHKl NIKKI ■ y9 -§.i BROWN RANDN BUKKILA BRtri BVFRS YORRICR CAPCTZ HOLIY CARPI NTIER SHANNON t'HAYl R TRACL'i t. ARLOSN TIMOTHY ARISON MATT i ARISON PAU CHOVAN I AURA CHIN TODD CHAYER VICTORIAELLIOTT. SARAH ElSCHENS, ERIC IXJCKLN. DWIGHT DOLLZ. RUTH DORR. WEND’i DREW. ROBERTA DOUGLAS. )EFF FISCHER ROSEMARY FLAHERTY KATHLEEN IOLLESTAD. MICHAEL FOSTER, CREG FOURNIER JOEL GONSIOR, JOSEPHINE GORDON. JULIE GORDON. DONNA CJERDAHl DtLMAR (.LASS KIMHOEKSTRA RAINY HERRERA TERRI HOEKSTRA |AMIl HINKLE DEONNA HUSTON. SHERRI HOUCEN DAVID HUSTON SHELLEY HUVER HELENE HORTON DIANEBaffy Gabrielfien -I Walker 44 Cheri Patty Mlkhctky Hans Nordby Deonna Unkit Diane Horton Shawn WdmerStacy Mosher Mitch Mortenion Shawn Bowie Smile Michelle Robinson Best Physique Missy Swan law Grinds!LAMB MUINDA K'lLLO KRISTIN LACOMBfc MICHELLE IEICHT RICHARD LARSON THOMAS LANNINC ERIC LANDSTAD KRIS LANC. DAVID y J S K LLNDSTROM PALL IYSHOLM MARK LL NDEbN 1INDA MARTIN POLLY MALBERO KIMMOEY LINNAE MILCHESKY. PATRICIA MILLER MATT MIM ASEVICS, ERIC MERTEN CARY NELSON DALE MYTH ELAINE MURPHY PAT MUNNELL. CONNIE MOSHER STACY w r 4 % Li NORL1N, ELIZABETH OCEL. CHRISTINE NUTTER. SCOTT 0LDEN80RC. KENtl Nil SON. DOUG NEUMAN THOMAS NICHOLS. JULIE NORBLOM JEFI NORDBY HANS £?r RUSCHE1NSKY. THERESA RYAN ELIZABETH SCHAEFERS sTFVEN SCHINDLER MICHAEL SCHIRMER. TRACIE PIECHOWSKI. MICHELLE PUFKA. JANET Ralston martha ROSENCKEN. JEfF ROVA. TIM RUDOLPH. DAVID RUNNING JANET RUPP. GREG RASCHE. ZAK REDEARTH. JULIESOUUIK Dl NISI SKOKAN SCOTT SKJEfSTAP USA SINCLAIR CHRIS SIMDORN CHERI WALKER JOC1 WETHER MOIT TANYA WALLMAN THEOIXJRL WEBER ION WLIMLR. SHAWN YAEC.iR TIMOTHY YlAZlt. SWRIEY WYNSTIKER ROBERT WR1C.HT ION WOOD ANDREW 52School Activities August 27-June 3 1981-1982 FOLWELL GUIDE Vol. 51 Special Features • Good Morning Folwell • Speak Up Folwell • The Runaways • Winterim XII • Folwell's Activities "Cornin' At Ya!" • The Truth: Will FJHS Be Taken Off The Air? • Folwell's 51st Season Preimere • The Truth: Will 9th Grade Ever Be Returning To FJHS? FOLWELL GUIDE FOLWELL ACTIVITY MAGAZINE Vol.51 No.l August 27-June 3, 1981-82 Special Programs Aides Of Our Lives (Aides) ..........................62 Jobs Now (Action Learning) ..........................63 House Calls (Tutors) ................................63 Mission Impossible (Yearbook) ....................64-65 Search For Tomorrow (Challenge) .....................66 It's A Living (WECEP) ...............................67 Musical Programs Name That Tune (Band) ............................58-59 Solid Gold (Choir) ...............................60-61 The Runaways (9th Grade Play) ....................72-73 After School Programs Those Amazing Animals (Student Council) .............70 Lou Lou Grant (Folwell Flash) ....................74-75 We're Movin' (Tennessee Trip) ....................76-77 Ski Scene (Ski Club) .............................78-79 After School Special (After School Activities) ......84 Special Events Good Morning Folwell (Before School) .............56-57 Entertainment Today (Lunchroom) ..................68-69 Wheels of Fortune (Honor Roll) ......................71 Winterim XII .....................................80-81 Games People Play (Faculty-Aides Football Game) .....................85 Real People (Spirit Week) ........................86-87 Update Fads and Fashions ...................................55 Speak Up Folwell .................................82-83 Average Falcon ......................................88 Challengc Page 66 Lunchroom Pagc 68 69 Ski Club Pagc 78-79 Spirit Week Page 86-87 Director: Freddy Falcon Art Director: Buffy Gabrielsen Cover: Stephanie Moore Editors: Marsha Bischoff, Eric Miklasevics, Karolyn Hall, Cheri Simdorn, Liz Norlin Assistant Editors: Cathy Deutsch, Ruth Doelz, Monica Johnson, Jon Wright, Donna Klemenhagcn, Kim Ely, Chris Gunderson, Tom Kover. Elaine Mytty, Janet Plifka, Sandy Dudero, Carol Thone, Kristen Hagstrom, Joe Thorne, Loren McRoss, Kirsten Selbo 4Are You In Style? If Not See FREDDIES HOUSE OF FASHION Sept.-June M-F 8:10-2:20 BOBBIE'S QUALITY CARPET CLEANING Zoom, zoom, zoom, Bobbie flys. Across the room. Not on her broom, But on her vacuume. Cheap Rates Day Service Only Patty cake, Patty cake, Folwell's bakery man. Scott makes them up. As tasty as he can. If You Try - You Will Buy SCOTT'S COUNTRY MILK BISCUITS 55 « 4fadat ptex Oa.Go GOOD MORNING FOLWELl Kids come to school before it starts. To talk with friends and meet sweethearts. Some are at work, some are at play. You better be ready for a busy day. If you are late for your first class. You'd just better have a pink colored pass. 56Beat The Clock 57Name That Tune j- 2 ±3 9:10 is when we begin We have this feeling we're gonna win. $ i We know the notes to every song So there's no way we can go wrong. wrm : u r It-Lf B ?=EE I We practice hard throughout the year So we have two concerts for you to hear. J. ■ 1-1, 17 » P1 5859Solid Gold dH—4 The choir group is great, you see They sing, they sing or at least they try. Q___________r—U------0L Some sing high and some sing low They're not perfect, but don't you cry. 60 Face The Music "Quiet Please" are the favorite words of Mrs. Doepke from her 20 years of teaching music in Minneapolis. She really enjoys her job because she likes working with kids. Her dream is to have all her students learn to read music. She teaches all choir classes at Folwell - Choraliers, Chorcsters, the Concert Choir and the Inner Choir. A highlight for the choir this year was a trip to Cargill, Inc. All students enjoyed the trip and their performance but the outstanding feature at Cargill was the great food and the price - FREE! The performance of the choral groups at the Folwell Christmas Concert was also a big success. The favorites were the "Jingle Bell Rockers" and the Inner Choir. The Inner Choir is kept busy singing for senior citizen and women's groups. A major accomplishment for Folwell and Mrs. Doepke is the 9th grade musical that she produces and helps direct each year. The comment heard most often about the plays is that the production is too good for only a junior high play. This year's play is "The Runaways" and is expected to be as great as those before it. dose up r{0 ■ tr fr n y ffiS ? TJ 4 They sing their songs with joy and glee They sing of songs both sad and glad v t n . I tr • 7 111" W -J J J i L-J— And some, well, just don't plain sing Best of all they're not that bad. 61Aides Of Our Lives One hour a day we're at our best To give the teacher a little rest Because we're aides we run errands and file And correct those papers that are heaped in a pile. We're a big help as you can see We work real hard and all for free. 62Jobs Now! If you're wondering about what you want to do Then Action Learning is for you. Into the working world you go Preparing yourself to make some dough. But after the seven weeks are done. You realize you had a lot of fun! House Calls Tutors are sent to different schools Teaching kids certain rules Among them are the tools of Knowledge Enabling them to possibly go to college And upon their graduation They recall their aggravation Trying to learn the basics Of addition and multiplication. 63Mission Impossible The Yearbook Staff puts together a book. For everyone to take a look. There's friends, there's memories, there's good times and bad. There's singing and dancing, there's happy moments and sad. The Yearbook Staff works for half a year. And then in May the book will appear. When the students open the book, eighty-one, eighty-two. They will be looking at the past. And soon will be starting something new. The ninth grade moves on, the eighth might too. But in ten years they will turn around and say, "I remember this book and all the good times As if they were just yesterday." 64“The Case Of The Identified Faces” Remember back the week before Spirit Week there was that guy. He had a dog Vivian His name was Harry Knuckles Private Eye. Well here he is once again to introduce you To some of his friends. Yearbook Staff Advisor - Mr. Carter Introduction and Faculty - Elaine Mytty, Chris Gunderson, Janet Plifka, Monica Johnson, Ruth Doelz 7th Grade Section - Cai 1 Thone, Kristen Selbo, Kristen Hagstrom 8th Grade Section - Joe Thorne, Kim Ely, Sandy Dudero, Loren McRoss 9th Grade Section - Tom Kover, Jon Wright, Donna Klemenhagen, Buffy Gabrielsen, Cathy Deutsch Folwell Guide - Cheri Simdorn, Stephanie Moore, Liz Norlin, Marsha Bischoff, Karolyn Hall, Eric Milasevics Artwork - Buffy Gabrielsen Photographers - Jeff Norblom, Mitch Mortenson, Janet Plifka Typist - Mrs. Greenlund 65Search For Tomorrow Challenge is the place to be To look up Folwell's history. Researching, reports and field trips around the city. Mrs. Westby will seek you. If you're a kid with a special ability. 66It's A Living WECEP is a good experience for kids in 9th grade. Waitresses, carry-outs and office clerk aides. Burger King, MacDonalds and janitors too. They all get paid for what they do. dose up FJHS Special Taxi How would you like to go to work in a free taxi? Well that is what five kids in WECEP do everyday from 11:30-2:30 p.m. Burger King in Richfield needed good workers and asked for help from Folwcll's Work Program. Mr. Knutson agreed only if transportation was provided. 67Entertainment Today When you walk in the lunchroom what do you see? People gathered together and eating with glee. Bunchers and munchcrs wherever you look, Sometimes a person reading a book. In the lunchroom you can find, entertainment of many kinds. M A S H War and Peace You Asked For It 66 Greatest American Hero In Search Of ...Price Is Right Issues and Answers 69 Bosom Buddies Three's CompanyAll Creatures Great And Small It's a group of kids and one adult. Who think up ideas that are really far out! They work their hardest, they have some fun. But they never quit until the job is done. They've created some moments all happy, none sad. They're a part of our student body, the best we've had. This year the student council has done many things, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Admiration Day and a movie "Murder By Death." Over $400 was raised from the movie to sponsor three animals, the Great Horned Owl, Spotted Leopard and the Leopard Cat at the New Zoo. They took a trip to the Zoo to see the animals. Now wouldn't you say we have a few "Amazing Animals" ourselves! council sofcRip rme •UvqI toll' Animals.IApceknxl food.shlic and care , can Help pnWfc sen: o' these raising movg u . How to see Lhi ntout |M€N? December 18 fl8L 55 Where GMorturt 5 -T- ( Off- -I' ' HcvlWv? Xtf v t tlTOt? CVruig (f ftnofo bun IacKcIs during aJJ thru lunches poni niss the- tun?? 70Wheels Of Fortune Honor roll is our name. Roller skating is our game. We worked real hard and racked our brains. So we deserved a day of games. We’ll laugh, we’ll play and have some fun, We won’t stop rollin’ till the day is done. We’ll start again when the quarter is new, And work real hard til it’s through.I. A Long hours of practice Will pay off this spring. The times you forgot Your costume to bring. When you forgot to remember. Then you remember you forgot. Then upon the stage You are put on the spot. An annual play we do each spring With dancing and singing and everything. And though the 8th grade won't have it done, We'll remember Folwell And all its fun. 3S Lou-Lou Grant On Wednesday the Flash does meet. This is one paper that can't be beat. Articles are written, pictures taken. Then off to Cargill for the makin'. When the paper is done, it comes back to school. Boy, we think this paper's cool! The first paper ever Mailed al Folwell was the Ariel. It wai published by teachers but students did submit things to the paper. After the Ariel came the Folwell News which was a type of magazine. In 1977 the "Folwell Flash" was suited by a small das of Challenge students. Mis. Wcstby (the advlsoi) and the Challenge students wanted a ptofessiona! looking paper, so they asked Cargill to print it. And they agreed with no cost. Since the Flash has been suited students have taken two tours of Cargill with lunch included Eating at Cargill was the best part of the trip for most students. "Yeah" was Mrs. Westby's answer when asked if she thought the "Flash" was professional looking. Because of the changes that will be affecting Folwell next year the Flash may not be continued. I- - — FJHS Reports 2:20 P.M. Meet The Press dose up 74FOLWE The Folwell Flash is published monthly by students of Folwell Junior Hish as a part of the Challenge Program, The volunteer staff meets weekly after school in Room 210, Printing, courtesy of Cargill, Inc, Editors;. • • Eric Eischens, Hans Nordby, Renee Oldenborg Advisor:.......................Sandra Westby Principal:..........................Don Lapp Photographers:.............Howard Bazinet, Mitch Mortenson 9th Grade Reporters: Matt Carlson, Ruth Doelz, Sarah Elliott, Kim Glass, Chris Gunderson, Karolyn Hall, Amy Johnson, Monica Johnson, Linda Lundeen, Elaine Ntytty, Liz Norlin, Janet Plifka, Liz Ryan, Debbie Schneibel, 8th Grade Reporters: Jim Bjork, Daaron DeLong, Mark Doble, Laurie Horn, Kim Jurisch, Rich Nymoen, Dan Rundquist, Mara Veranth. Typist:.....................Elsie Greenlund MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA An t i, j! - l 75We're Movin' The trip this year is to Tennessee for those who have worked to pay their fee. They will be traveling through many a state so come on y'all and don't be late. 76... And now FJHS presents an action packed drama filled suspenseful story of "The Bov Who Didn't Make the Trip." There once was a boy named Tommie Who never consulted his mommy On the proper thing to do Like how to tie his shoe. He signed up to go to Tennessee But didn't know he had to pay a fee. He decided to work at button making But Mr. Carter didn't know he was faking. You see, he didn't know how to work Because he was something of a jerk. Before he used to be real lazy Then all of a sudden he went crazy. He had this sudden urge to travel. To ride on a bus over lots of gravel. So he signed up to be on the Activity Club But instead of working he hired a sub. It looks like Tommie has failed once again He never brings anything through to the end. dose up "The Salesman And Miss Moneybags" FJHS Travel Log May 1-12 Determination! That is one word that describes David Lang's success in selling candy, cookies, ornaments, magazines etc ... Sometimes he goes out selling for hours, but he enjoys it, so it must make it a lot easier. Boy, he sure must have what it takes for he's the top salesman for this year's trip. He's already earned all the money needed for the trip, so keep on selling and keep up the good work! You may not think so but Miss Wilson plays a big part in making the trip possible. You could say she's like an accountant. Kids turn in their hard earned money to her and she manages all of it. She sends the money to the bank, makes out receipts, and much more. She volunteered for this job when this program started, and said she enjoys it very much. 77Ski Scene For all those poeple that like the snow. Ski Club is the place to go. All the kids have lots of fun. Skiing and falling all over the run. Beginners; advanced; and intermediates too. They all find pleasure in what they do.79Ski Cross Country Ice Castles 80 Freaky Friday Willie WonkaRoller Derby Ski Scene Bowling For Dollars Other Side Of The Mountain Wheels White Shadow 81Kids Are Speaking Up About Folwell's Future The 7th and 9th graders lucked out this year. They have it the easiest. They have nothing to fear. But then there's the 8th graders. Some want to stay. But the Board of Education says "No Way!' I wanted to eo to Roosevelt so bad but the boundaries changed so now I have to go to Washburn. It isn't fair! -Cindy Peterson I could care less! -Eric Lanning I'm glad that Roosevelt didn't close because I doubt St. Mane's will take Roosevelt jackets back. -Calvin McKay Hopefully I'll get to go to Roosevelt. I don't really mind not coming here next year although I'll be a baby at High School but I don't want to go to South or any other school. I don't like the idea of changing the boundaries because people counted on them always staying the same. -Lisa Kudak I'm glad they're keeping Folwell open because it has a pride all it's own. -Dave Hertzberg I wish the 8th graders would stay in Folwell until they grow up! They need that extra year of calming down, and mellowing out. They act like a bunch of ... Jumping Beans. -Anonymous It doesn't affect me. -Dwight Docken I feel good about being the oldest and I'll try to give the little kids a chance. I don't think the 8th graders can put on a good play because at that age everybody is just a show-off and it's hard to get anything done. -Riky Ballweber 82I'm very mad, very, very mad. I don't want to go to South, I want to go to Roosevelt. I hate South. You wouldn't believe how mad I am. -Michelle Piechowski Folwell is a terrific school and I really hate to leave so soon because us 8th graders will be missing many fun 9th grade advantages. -Tanya Lamo I think it's pretty sad that we the eighth graders lose our year at being the oldest and then we go straight into being the babies again. -Linda Borgerding It will be nice to finally be in high school. I don't think I'll mind spending four years at Roosevelt. -Jana Jacobsen I'm glad we got all three years at Folwell because it gets us ready for when we have to go to High School. I feel sorry for the 8th graders because they only got two years at the GREAT Folwell Jr. High School. -Anonymous We're the last ninth grade class to graduate from here so that's special. -Cath Deutsch I think it's sad that the 9th graders next year get to go to Roosevelt, because if we were the youngest then we'd get a lot of attention, but now the 9th graders will get more attention and some of the 9th graders are little pests. -Theresa Ruscheinsky 83After School Special After school in the gyms. Students go and risk their limbs. The students go to have some fun. All the time on the run. Some students think they're crazy. Some say they're fools. But all they're doing is having fun. Playing by the rules. When students stay after school, It usually means they're bad. But sometimes they've been absent, And missed the work they've had. When students stay after school, For Marty, Reed, and Carter, It usually means they have to work, A whole lot harder. The computer is the thing to play, If pacman and asteroids make your day. Dungeons and dragons is a game. Where students go and win their fame. 84Games People Play Well the aides were beat again this year the score was six to nine. But just wait til next year, "ya hear" then we'll really shine! S A 85Real (weird) People Spirit Week is Full of Fun. The fun don't stop til we're completely done. We started out with a slide presentation. In between came the Monster Mash. Spirit Week was a total smash! 8687gfoa rfhtt (ftv cage. rfalcon? Mascara 1" thick School Sweetheart Rainbow Shirt Converse Hightops Ribbon in Hair Pierced Ears Necklace (from sweetheart) Canvas Purse Niki Tennis Shoes Gold Chain Jersey 88FOLWELL SPIRIT . . directed by Freddie Falcon Once again the year’s gone bye! Will Freddie be back? Or will his Spirit die?

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