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Folwell Jr. H.S. . 3611 20th Ave. So. Minneapolis If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not, you don't If you'd like to win but think you can't it's almost a cinch you won't; If you think you'll lose, you're lost; For out in the world we find, Success begins with a person's will; It's all a state of mind. If you think you' re outclassed, you are; You've got to think high to rise, You've got to be sure of yourself before, You can ever win first prize; Life's battles don't always go, To the stronger or faster; But sooner or later the one who wins, Is the one who thinks they can. Annonymous CD -Q O C An End With only three electives, six hours and the same old teachers teaching all of the classes - How can a kid have any fun? - Mark Deutsch Now the classes are 54 minutes long. No one can stand being in a class for almost an hour! - Jan Hagen 2Last year at the end of school they were sending a slip around about how it was going to be in 8th grade. I noticed everything was going to be different .....It all turned out for the best. - Susan Smith 1 suppose the school board is making these changes for our own good, but I still have to get a little more used to them. - Judy Hanson And A Beginning 1 look forward to every school year because I enjoy teaching and really like the kids! -Mrs. Doepke Kids aren't supposed to like school, but this school's pretty neat! - Joy Weber QMf£e m teacfi... ...u e 0ea inG. Austin N. Benson J. Bergren M. Brockel J. Carter E. Dautermann M. Diercks K. Doepke J. Farrell S. Fjellman C. Jones C. Jordan E. Kienitz C. Knutson F. Koppelman A. Marty ]. Maus S. Milgrom L. Moren S. Nipp D. Norlin j. Poutinen D. Quanbeck A. Satrc D. Scholl M. Sieve C. Simonson R. Sopoci G. Stenerson T. Strand p. Thornton S. Westby L. Wiley j. Willy Substitute TeachersSchool Aides L. Rose E. Graton D. Hanson S. Long G. Bodeman B. Armstrong J. Boswell J. Curtis Counselors M. Sampson J. Wilson Police Liaison P. Costello Social Workers B. Johnston M. McAllister D. Rinkenberger School Clerks H. McKinley E. Sonnesyn G. Larson L. Borden M. Fredbo M. Schluck Lunchroom Staff J. Heminger C. Lundeen M. Johnson M. Aubuchon Custodial Staff J. Case L. Crandall K. Hanson K. Hahn W. Osborne 1. DanielsWay Back WhenQwe the u ind and tide a chance to change... a chance to g iowThe school is so big I thought 1 would get lost, but 1 didn't. - Mary Jo McCallum You get your own locker combination. You get to do a lot of fun things. - Lavonne Anoka fXrV-A) HvWllfr • Seventh Graders Aboud, Diana Adams, Lisa Adams, Nadale Albrecht, Becky Aldrich, Jeffrey Allen, Terry Almquist, Patricia Anderson, Anne Anderson, Darci Anderson, Kenneth Athias, Lori Bastyr, David Belmore, Teressa Berg, Margaret Bern, Melanie Bjorklund, Julie Bjorkstrand, Matthew Blager, Lorriann Blomseth, Edward Blood, Robert Bloom, David Blue, Shannon Boos, Janine Bravo, Nora 9Brown, Bruce Brown, Deesa Burgoyne, Russell Burrington, Gwen Capra, Monica Carlson, Amanda Carlson, David Carroll, Linda Ciepiclinski, Mary Kay Clarkson, Paul Coon, Patti Core, Kenneth Cowan, Julia Dahlen, Lynn Dennig, Michelle Dillon, Charles Doherty, Mary Kay Doll, Karol Doll, Karrie Doss, Roxella Douglas, Jon Draves, Kellie Drew, Sharon Dunham, Wheatleigh Eckerman, Thomas Edlund, Tara Elberling, Clarise Emery, Jon Erickson, Brenda Fearing, Pamela Ferguson, Lora Franxman, Lisa Funk, Lonnie Gabbert, Jerry Gall, Cindy Gearey, Shailyn 10 Gilleshammer, Kenny Gorbunow, John Gossman, Lee Ann Greer, Kimberly Gregerson, Brent Grindal, Melinda Hall, Donald Hansen, Kory Hanson, Christopher Hanson, Shelley Hedemark, Richard Hedlund, Katherine Henneberry, Renee Hertzberg, Lisa Hinkel, Kenneth Hinrichs, Connie Hoffer, Jean Holmgren, David Holtan, Terri Howe, Robert Howes, Randy Huston, Stacy Jimerson, Deborah Johnson, Mary Jones, Richard Jones, William Jorgenson, Faye Kantola, Sharleen Kelley, Kimberly Kemling, Jean Kielas, Dominic Kielas, Victoria Klueckman, Chevelle Knudson, Karl Knudson, Keri Knudson, Kurt nKnudtson, Deanne Knutson, Robert Krider, Daniel Kruckeberg, Debra Kugel, Scott Lanners, Michael Lanning, Dale Larson, Terry Lawrence, Jody LeBre, Steven Luftman, Raquel Malz, Sherilee Marrin, William Martinez, Janine Maybee, Lisa McCallum, Mary McCollar, Timothy McGlade, Timothy Medlock, Sarita Mestas, Lorie Milchesky, Angela Miller, Ann Miller, Siobhan Moose, Connie Moritz, Paul Mytty, John Nelson, Deanna Nelson, John Neu, David Nichelson, Marvin O'Dougherty, Brian Olson, Harry Olson, Lori Onnen, Marilyn 12Oxborough, Karen Pacheco, Robert Papulas, Kris Pasillas, Angel Pearson, Jason Pederson, David Peterson, Donald Pfeifer, Dawn Phillips, Cynthia Phillips, David Phillips, Deborah Pitts, Denise Polak, Dean Rasmussen, Anne Rauch, Sheryl Ready, Kenneth Rciland, Brent Rierson, Lisa Rodriguez, Anita Rojesky, Micheal Roman, Amy Romano, Richard Rosen, Michael Ross, Roberta Royce, Dawn Rudsdil, Deborah Salisbury, Jolyne Santocono, Antonio Saxon, Jon Say, Diana Schroeder, Carrie Schuda, Colleen Schuda, Jeffrey Schuler, Marla __________________ 13Schultz, Shelly Schwartz, Marlene Siegler, Alisa Skarupa, Chris Skjefstad, Kevin Smith, Laurie Smith, Timothy Soderstrom, Arlene Soulier, Paula Stelton, Dennis Stevenson, Jesse Stewart, Anthony Stoffel, Kimberly Stork, Paul Sumner, Roberta Thelen, Melody Thompson, Judith Thompson, Valerie Townsend, Barbara Travis, Curtis Vrudny, Stephan Walker, Carolyn Warren, John Wells, Lylis Wendlandt, Todd Wheeler, Glen Whitener, Joseph Wildes, David Williams, John Williams, Mimi Wright, David Wysinger, Rachel Wysinger, William Young, Terri 141 like school because I'm not in Elementary school anymore. - Glenise Delorme I like school because they have a nice lunchroom. - Kenny Andersen beginning on end... ... its stmctQy up to youEighth Graders Aleksuk, Susan Almquist, Joanne Almquist, Kathyline Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Dean Anderson, Gregory Anderson, Linda Anderson, Paula Anderson, William Applequist, Gary Applequist, John Arms, Ward Aubuchon, June Bailey, Elise Baker, Sean Barge, Susan Bastyr, Gerald Bazinct, Sherri Behl, Timothy Bcrgin, Timothy Bethke, Krista n Blue, Rita Bodin, Claudia Boe, Kim Boelter, Robert Bowles, Rebecca Brooks, Bruce Bruffett, Timothy Burch, Vickie Burton, TammyCampion, Linda Capra, Michael Carrington, Gary Chayer, Brent Clark, Beth Clark, Jennifer Clarkson, Lisa Cole, Diane Connel, Nicholas Cook, Lisa Coombes, Lawrence Cruzen, Monica Danhouser, Katherine Darr, Michelle Demo, Matthew Dentz, Anthony Docken, Douglas Doll, Jacqueline Draves, Garrin Drew, Barbara Dubois, Pamela Ellingson, Carl Englund, Lisa Erickson, Michael Eskierka, Rita Faas, LisaThere are many things I like about school this year. The six period day goes faster for me. Last year 1 heard rumors about some of the eighth grade teachers, but 1 found out they are all pretty cool. They make many of the classes more interesting than they were last year. Eighth grade is fun. Eighth graders have a lot more things to do. In seventh grade it was kind of hard to get involved in things. - Claudia Bodin. Faris, Cynthia Fernandez, Michelle Fisher, Troy Fliflet, Carl Foley, Patricia Forsell, Brian Forseth, Kermite Forstad, Jennifer Frye, Seth Caddes, Peter Gallagher, Mary Kay Gambler, Deborah Garant, David Garant, Dean Gerard, Robert Geske, Jeffrey Givens, Curtis Goodman, Donovan Goodwin, Charlene Gorsuch, Thomas Gould, Raymond Grannes, Paul Grannes, Robert Grant, Lisa Graton, Jill Graton, Julie Green, Lois Green, Ronald Green, Tracy Gunner, LindaBarb is having the last laugh on the 9th Graders She drew a picture of a parrot, passed it off 3S a Falcon and beat out several 9th Graders for 1st place and $5.00 when students voted her the winner of the yearbook cover contest. Hanold, Donald Hansen, Daniel Hansen, Kelly Hanson, Beth Hastings, Barbara Hayes, Sherri Heil, David Helde, Gary Heyman, Joseph Hoglund, Kevin Jimerson InK1S°n’ Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. 'Annette peany Darcy Dave Dean Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson JohnsonKivisto, Wanda Kjellman, Donald Kline, Terri Kolden, Kim Koolmo, Kavin Krause, John Kuduk, Kelly Larson, Loretta Larson, Margaret Lee, Anna Leighton, Timothy Lemay, Kim Lennander, Mary Lewis, Erick Lillemoe, Dean Lorenz, Michael Lumppio, Terry March, Zackery Martin, Karen Martin, Kelly Martinez, Richard Martinson, Amberley Matos, Catherine Matthews, Kathryn Micholichek, Devona Moen, Eric Molmen, Todd Montague, Shirley Moose, Trisha Mortenson, LauraNelson, Laura Nelson, Scott Neu, Mark Norcross, Penni Olson, Ross Olsson, Steven Ostvolden, Craig Overbo, Patricia Pearson, Pamela Pendleton, Robin Peterson, E-chon Peterson, Jacquelene Peterson, Leslie Peterson, Michael Pierson, Nancy Pitheon, Mark Poe, Tobin Rasmusson, Thedy Rau, David Rausch, Julie Reisewitz, Renee Reyes, Wayne Riley, Ruthann Rivard, Sarah Rodriguez, Teresa Rollins, Thomas Rosenow, Teresa Rotzien, Richard Rutzen, James Ryan, Joseph Ryg, Jeffrey Sackett, Susan 1 like school this year because I'm going to tutor at a school to help kids learn more. -Charlene GoodwinSchaefers, Robert Schleisman, Teresa Schrader, Richard Seelhoff, Marcia Skripnik, Luba Smith, Susan Smith, Troy Sondrall, Christopher Sorenson, Albin Stephenson, James Stevens, Craig Stevson, Yvonne Stofferahn, Henry Sullivan, William Thompson, Kimberly Thomby, Anna Thomby, Celeste Treptow, Patrick Wadena, Lynette Wallace, Melissa Tutors Teresa Rodriguez Doug Docken Wayne ReyesThird Annual Winn, Susan Lynn Wood, Barry Yeazle, Dawn Young, Brian Young, LoriAmerican History Trip I like school because we have a trip to Florida for eighth graders.-Charlene Goodwin ltON4 »«] BUTTONS O 25MusiC - The Bands You are playing like you are apologizing for doing The Hustle. 26You don't say Do The Hustle! You Say Do The Hustle!! Music The Choraliers And Choristers Team Sports ---------------- Boys Basketball - Gir Is VolleyballChallenge Great Books The students in the Great Books Program at Folwell think it's a lot of fun and hope it will continue. Challenge Students design many of their own learning activities. They assume responsibility for their own success or failure. Their Projects? - designing the "Ideal School", - sharing information about Samoyed dogs and ' 'BIG RABBITS'', -making a quilt, and planning a canoe trip? 30Spring Musical - The Pajama Game The Company n end (oft nou ... ...a beginning again' 'Last year, they made it sound like it was going to be a jailhouse or something. It's not'' -- Robin Olson Folwell is a very good school as far as how much a person can learn, but some students don't act like they want to learn anything. - Lorraine Washington Aarvig, Erica Adams, George Aguilar, Brenda Aldous, Dean Aleksuk, Zina Allen, Catherine Allen, Christopher Allen, Gregory Allen, Jeffreys. Allen, JeffreyC- Allen, Nicola Anderson, Lois Anderson, Paul Anderson, Richard Anderson, Wanda Arpan, Michael Aulwes, Kathleen Austin, Donald 33 Austin, Tina Axberg, Gary Backer, Michael Baresch, Sherry Bauman, Deborah Baumann, RobynFavorite Falcons Best Dressed 34 Bunton, Joe Burch, Kristie Bushey, David Buxcngard, David Campion, William• 'Now that I'm in 9th grade, it really isn't so special" . Jill Nelson Garrv Scalcucci Alison Englund Tom Sharp Carberry, Jeff Carter, Lloyd Cavendcr, Robin Christopherson, Dale Christophcrson, Dean Best Eyes Most Likely to Succeed Ciepielinski, Michael Clark, Bruce Cole, Christine Cole, Lisa Cooper, Mark Core, Cynthia Crew, Jody Dahlen, David Daly, Kelly Danhouser, Janet Davis, Felicia Davis, Mameda Demo, Joseph Dennig, Michael Dentz, Stephanie Deutsch, Mark DeVore, Jeffrey DeYoung, Kevin 35They got rid of some of the really nice teachers and kept the mean ones Dillon, David Dischinger, Mark Doll, Maria Dunn, Thomas Eischens, Ruthann Eller, Donald ■ Best Hair Best Hair Biggest Flirts | Erickson, Donald Fenning, John Flom, Bergithe Forslund, Jeffrey Fuller, Brenda Gabbert, Sonia Gearey, Marvel Gilleshammer, Duane Goar, Mitchel Gonzalez, Rodolfo Goodman, Liz Gregerson, Chris 36 ... We get three whole minutes to go from class to class. WOW! - Kristie Burch Grendahl, Harold Groenke, Scott Haagenson, Melvin Hagen, Kelly Hallstrom, Steven Hanson, Judy Hanson, Suzann Hanson, Mark Harrington, Robert Hendrickson, Brian Hester, Nadine Holm, Michelle Personality Plus Most Likely to Interrupt David Skarupa Toni Stein Todd White Erica Aarvig Howes, Danny Jackson, Ramona James, Vemon Jeffrey, Annette Jenson, Julie Joe Ison Amos 37 Johanson, Pamela Johnson, Christian Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Daryl Johnson, PatrickThe only thing 1 don't like about this year is that they cut out the German class-Gary Axberg Johnson, Pauline Johnson, Wayne Jones, James Jones, Karen Kelley, Keith Kennedy, Bridget Kingsley, Kevin Kloiber, Anthony Knudson, Mark Kolden, Laurie Kreft, David Krider, Vincent Typical Falcon Most Adorable Kurschncr, Edouard Langendorf, Cindy Langer, Darrel Lanigan, Teresc Lanigan, Thomas Lanning, Jerome Larson, Michael Larson, Paul Larson, Phillip Lcnnander, Janet Lindemyer, Wendy Lindman, Brian' 'Looking at the same teacher for almost an hour isn't good for you, ya know'' - Wanda Anderson Long, Lynette Lovstuen, Kevin Luciano, Nicholas Manos, Bradley Marden, Laura Marshall, Scott Maidnson, Kevin Mathews, Catherine Matson, Jeffrey McDonald, William Moline, Mary Molmen, Denise Most Athletic Montague, Harry Best Smile Best Smile Paul Larson Kristie Burch Duffy Cillcshammer Kelly Hagen Moritz, Melinda Mortenson, Mark Murphy, Clarissa Murphy, Wayne Murry, Jane Nelson, Jill"I finally made it! Ninth grade, but wait, another new year's coming up, tenth grade . • • Nesheim, Pamela Ness, Richard Nichols, Timothy Nutter, Christopher Nymoen, Robert Oldenborg, Russell Olson, Robin Oquist, Kenneth Overbo, Gerald Owens, Gloria Owens, Philip Pacheco, Raymond The Duluth Trip AFTER ALMOST A YEAR -hours of sewing quilt blocks at home, Five Quilting Bees - two in the Summer, Selling 500 Raffle tickets at $1.00 each, seven girls earned a 2 day Duluth train trip in a joint Challenge and History project that had been planned to earn money for the Florida trip. Palluck, Michael Pauling, Kimberly Pechonick, John Pederson, Robert 40 Packard, Judith Page, JamesI'll have to start all over, make new friends, meet new teachers, it's all really kind of scarey" . - Heather Stolson Pendleton, Dean Peterson, Deborah Phillips, Cathy Phillips, Lisa Pitts, Daniel Quamme, Anita Blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere ! Schlenker, Kristen Schroeder, Vicki Schuler, Rodney Schultze, Kevin Seep, Terrence Sharp, Thomas Siewcrt, Kim Silbemagel, David Sirois, Nina Skarupa, David Sletten, Naomi Smith, Jody"1 just can't wait to go to high school'1 - Sharon Weller Snyder, Deborah Sonnenfeld, Donnette Spratt, William Stately, Pamela Stein, Toni Stevenson, Leslie Stevson, Elizabeth Stolson, Heather Stordalen, Linda Thingvold, Jeffrey Townsend, Brenda Trader, Carol 42 VanVleet, Kay Walker, Jon Walker, Pamela Ward, RobbieJunior High is supposed to be one of the hardest times in your life, but thanks to everyone here, I made it! - Joy Weber Washington, Lillian Weber, Joy Weller, Sharon White, Jerry White, Todd Whitener, Annette Folwell has it's own Santa Claus' - Cathy Mathews Wibbens, Brenda Wilbur, Curtis Williams, Brian Williams, Cheryl Williams, Thomas Wind, Adeline Winge, Deborah Young, Victor Yorton, Danielle Zeller, JenniferINTERN PROGRAM Intern - The Learn By Doing Program Some students read stories about frogs being turned into handsome princes by the kiss of a young maiden. Students in Action Learning go out and kiss the frogs! - Mr. Poutinen STAYING ON WECEP MEANS: Starting school each day earlier than the other kids, being at the right place at the right time, being a responsible citizen, doing a good job in and out of school, AMD GETTING PAID. - Mr. Knutson Wecep - The Earn While You Learn Program ■Qeach jo i the goafo you set jo t you ise( r fN 'T Chess Clubolwell Jr. High _________ Vol.1 issue 1 Minneapolis. Minn. Faculty Defeats Gym Aides iSfi ,ing by flukes named lman and Sopoci. Get A btory Take Pictures Choose The Best Make It Fit! e stands at l +-6 for the aides. Now the super--ged aides kick off with sndid of rhe mirac a er h te ing e s The Folwell Flash is published monthly by students of rolwell Jr. High as a part of the Challenge Program. The volunteer staff meets weekly after school in room 210 Printing, courtesy of Cargill, Inc. Sditor-inChief: Sharon Sackett Photographerr Greg Allen Page Editors: Bob Hymoen , Joy Weber, David Dahlin Advisor; Sandra Westby Reporters: Alan Boe, John Krause, Anna Lee, Kim Kol-den, Alison Englund, Bill Sullivan, Tim Le ightcn,i?ill Nelson, Laura Nelson, Sue Sackett, 3arry V ood, Cindy Nelson, Jenny 'orstad, Sonja Berg, Naomi Sletten, Kathy !!atthews, Connie Janssen, Jenny Zeller, lloria Owens, John Pechonick, Lori Johnson, Cathy Matos, Nancy Pierson. Judy Hanson Typists: Shirley Milgrom, teone Rose, Kelly Kuduk, h Anna Lee. 48through my teeth? -Mr Carter Advisor John Ca; Cartoon Mark Knudson Yearbook Cover Barb Hastings The Student Council QAAen we sImed ou t fan... .. . it made a bitigkeii dag fio t emyoneGym Aides Vs. TeachersEverything In This Book Was Done Behind Mr. Magnuson's Back 1. M. Brockel 12. Y. Magnuson 2. M. Sieve 13. G. Stenerson 3. S. Westby 14. K. Doepke 4. T. Strand 15. J. Carter 5. M. Sampson 16. F. Koppelman 6. J. Maus 17. P. Thornton 7. E. Dauterman 18. J. Willy 8. C. Knutson 19. D. Norlin 9. D. Rinkenberger 20. D. Quanbeck 10. J. Bergren 21. N. Benson 11. M. Diercks 22. J. Wilson

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