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M f M Q. - Qwttx ,, ' 16" x , wk, ,N ., , QM . , it-It N "X4 gigs ' 5 W ws 5, -Q.. x f All 4 A ,ska M x Wa nk.. x Q , , 1,17 1 nv' wwf? ' K 6, ,- il FUI . My fu. wx" ,5 , s-'. f I x- 4,"',g . ' 'EBI X .gd :li gf A1i ' an . 'X v x 'H -A by ' I ,. ,, 4 ' ' .xryf X Q i A.. 1 ' il'- fx ww ' A 0 W K , Q if .+G X M ' 2f'.a ' -Q1 'Q' in :- Y x 'Ag'im2'?9f 1 E i if SR WM, m vga y 7 T LA-" I 4 . if I, Q I v fziff . 'I-gg 1 l , Uk '31 4916 .-6 1 1 ' , O -2 31 ,gc ff 1, Q, K , . Vqfijfznia fqhf' '. ng .M 7, mg ' PM lp, J fiiff i 5 - , E if MQ ,Em W ., in as it 2 f gg af ..' 'L' is Q 1 S 2 1 ,QL 91 'x wr-: ,A H LW ,H mm xxx-xg W f ,fr .. , W 31' yi - fx Q Theme A part of every stuC1ent's dream in high school is to be the owner of a car--no matter how old or new it is, Most boys and some girls work toward this goal throughout their high school days. Nowadays the two goals to be reached in the students eyes are to gain the ownership of a car and the knowledge one needs to go out and make a place for himself in the world. Because of this we have linked these two goals together as our theme. The Staff Dedication As a small token ofour appreciation, we the class of '59 proudly dedicate this El Oro to you, Mr. Howard Wood, our devoted principal and loyal friend, for your thoughtfulness and personal interest in each and everyone of us. The Class of '59 2 ADM lN's TR AT ION 53 Mrs. Eleanor Vance Counselor Mr. Donald J. Monroe Counselor Mrs. Ann Evans Controller Mrs. Irene Laird Administrative Secretary Mr. Earl Horger Purchasing Agent Cecil A. Carter Vice-Principal 4 SEATED -Mr. W. Edwin Mitchell District Superintendent STANDING -Mr. Howard C. Wood Deputy Superintendent James Grimes Vice -Principal Mrs. Victoria Koppel Student Accounts Clerk Mrs. Wilma Estep Receptionist Mrs. June Cook Seqretafy Mrs. Helene GSTISIT Board of Education 'E ii ii i W ROW 1-- Mrs. George Wilson, Mr. Thomas Moore, M ROW 2-- Mr. Harry Jennings, Mr. David Burnett 'Nm rs. William Allen. 5 Librarian 6 ' . 112' iz A , Y A .H Q si ' , . S H . vi of ,Q wif. - ww-Q N . 'AMES M Mrs. Edna V. Kelly School Nurse 3,-nr1nluif ti' pf Mr. Marion Johnson Chief of Maintenance Student Bod Officers Secretary Treasurer , Barbara Kingston JoAnn Wolfe President Vice President Dave K3tS111iS John Mardesich Student Council ROW 1: JoAnn Doherty, John Mardesich, Dave Katsulis, Barbara Kingston, JoAnn Wolfe. ROW 2: Mrs. Vance, Janice Manning, Darlene Gwyn, Joe Keams, Marilyn Harris, Sandy Staton, Deanna Agostini, Barbara Flohr, Vickie Graham, Joyce Manning, Ray Puckett, Judy Chaix. ROW 3: Tom Webster, Allan Rawland. Office Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Estep, Carol Blackston, Dixie Christian, Judy Chaix, Jean Rumsey, Barbara Flohr, Barbara Phy, and Darlene Gwyn. 6 wie? ci Kia? FACULTY Charles Adams Gilbert W. Aldrich Herbert Barrows Cecil A. Carter U. S. History Orientation Englishl Plane Geometry Civics Craft Public Speaking Solid Geometry Senior Problems Advanced Algebra Dewey P. Guerra Boys' P.E. World History James Herman Auto Shop Howard Wood Principal Winifred Jones Frank Jesser English I Keith Kading Spanish Sth grade English Lyman Johnson 8th Grade Math English Social Studies General Science P.E. Assistant TNQ 2 S A' Q Leonard L. Curtis Peggy DuBose Jack Chilain James Grimes English III Homemaking Boys' P.E. Student Accounts English IV Dir. of Athletics Orientation o 0 Q Prlnclpal s Message Congratulations to the class of 1959. My very best wishes for your continued successes. Some men succeed because they are destined to, but most men because they are determined to succeed. Throughout your attempts at success always strive to maintain a philosophy that is consistent with democratic ideals. One of the most enviable qualities any human being can possess is Charles Haskell Boys' P.E. General Math Jr. Business Donald I. Jenkins Mixed Chorus that of tolerance. It is the vision that enables one to see things from Band another's View point. It is the generosity that concedes to others the right to their own opinions and peculiarities. It is the bigness that enables us to let people be happy in their own way instead of our way. Marie Lynch Shorthand Edward Lesnick Junior Business Woodshop Transcription Mary Matten Lalyn Mastrolia Sheet Metal Office Machines Girls' P.E. Girls' P.E. C55-......I"4'Lif.3 '1'i Mathilda Maskall Donald J. Monroe Wayne Montgomery Dale E. Moore English III U.S. History 8th Grade Math 8: Science Typing World Geography Algebra, Typing Business English Plane Geometry Marybelle Morris Edward M. O'Harra Dean Price Sylvia Rhoades Latin General Math Algebra Art Spanish Mechanical Drawing Counsel P.E. Margaret M. Rumsey Vivian Schomberg Frank Silva Eleanor Vance Sth Grade Social Studies Physiology 8th Grade Band Spanish Biology General Science Grace Whitlock Richard Wilkinson Homer R. Williams Thad Wilson 8th Grade English Driver Education Chemistry 8th Grade Science Stage Crew Physics English II 10 B gg-Q SENIORS ANDERSON, GEORGE RICHARD Class Treas. 95 Varsity Football 11,129 Varsity Baseball 123 Boys' Block F 125 Latin Honor Society 10,115 Bulldog Bulletin Staff 125 Copy Editor 12, Rocket Society 11, Chem. and Physics Club 125 E1 Oro Staff 125 Elected Most Likely to Succeed 12. BAKER, LYNN G.A.A. 10, Pep Club 11. BEALE, KATHERINE LAVILLE Mixed Chorus 9,10,11g Pep Club 95 Nanettes 119 Junior Class Play 11, Art Club 11, Secretary 11, Girls' Sextette 12. APPEL, JERRY RONALD Track 9,105 Spanish Club 9,1O, 11,12, Sgt-at-Arms 11,125 Bull- dog Bulletin Staff 12, Editor 12, C.S.F. 10,1l,12, Drama Club 11, 125 Quill and Scroll 12, Math Honor 11, Nana Mona 11, V- Pres. 11, International Club 11, Sgt-at-Arms 11, Band 9, Forum Honor 11, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 11. 'lEZ1i'!YiZ?Q l - "B" Basketball 93 Varsity Basket- ball 10,11,12g J.V. Baseball 95 Varsity Baseball 1O,11,12, Boys' Block F 10,l1,123 Spanish Club 9,10,11,12, C.S.F. 9. BILLINGS, BARBARA ANN G.A.A. 105 F.H.A. lO,11,12, c:1ee Club 10,11,12. BLAKELY, LINDA MAY F.H.A. 9,115 Photo Club 12, Secretary 12, Mixed Chorus 10. BORING, DAVID EDWARD "Stretch' Varsity Basketball 11,125 Science Club 11. BERG, ROBERT ARNOLD "Pogo" BUNKER, ROBERT HENRY "Bob" "D" Basketball 95 J.V. Baseball 9. CHAIX, JUDITH ANNE "Judy" Student Council, Parliamentarian 125 Class Treas. 11,125 Girls' Block F 125 Sec. 125 G.A.A. 9, 1O,11,l25 Drama Club 125 Spanish Club 9,1O,11,125 El Oro Staff 10, 11,125 Business Manager 11,125 Jr. Prom Chairman 115 Banquet Chairman 115 Candlebearer 115 D.A.R. Award 125 Office Staff 11, 125 Pep Club 9,1O,11,125Glee Club 95 Band 9,l0. CHAN, JUNE CAROLYN "Tubby" G.A.A. 9,10,11,125 Girls' Block F 125 Bulldog Bul- letin Staff 105 Biology Club 105 Jr. Prom Commit- tee ll5 Tri-Hi-Y 105 Camera Club 105F.H.A. 125 Science Club 125 Drama Club 12. BURGIN, LESTER Manager "B" Basketball 105 Manager J.V. Baseball 10. BRIAN, RICHARD "C" Track 10,115 "B" Track 125 "C" Basketball BROWN, JOANNE IEA G.A.A. 9,10,115 Jr. Prom Queen 115 Candlebearer BURT, JOYCE LYNN " o G.A.A. 9,l0,l1,125 Girls' Block F 12, President 125 Glee Club ll Voted Most Athletic 12. BRYANT, DE WAYNE Drama Club 12. CANTRELL, WILLIAM STEWART "Bill" J.V. Football 9,105 Varsity Football 11,125 All Conference Team 12, Best Offensive Lineman 12, Captain 125 Boys' Block F 11,12. CHRISTIAN, DIXIE JO G.A.A. 9,10,11,125 Girls' Block F 125 Bulldog Bul- letin Staff 105 Biology Club 105 Jr. Prom Commit- tee 115 Banquet Committee 115 Prom Princess ll. CREEL, MARLENE "Moe" G.A.A. 10,115 Drama Club 12. EIDEN, STEVE ROBERT Football 10,11,125 Track 11. ELLIOT, ERNEST PAUL "Ernie" J.V. Baseball 95 Varsity Baseball 125 "C" Track 105 "B" Track 125 "C" Basketball 95 Band 9,10,ll,125 Pep Band 9,l0,1l,125 Mixed Cho- rus 125 Bible Club 12. CURL, SANDRA KAY F.H.A. 9,105 Chorus ll. DAVIDSON, DONALYN Nurses Club 11,125 Pep Club EVANS, EDDIE KEITH Baseball 95 Latin Club 10. FARLEY, PAUL EUGENE "Pat" Band l0,11,12. DOI-IERTY, JOANN Student Council 123 Songleader 93 J.V. Cheerleader 103 Varsity Cheerleader 11,123 Head Cheerleader 12, G.A.A. 9,10,11,123 Glee Club 93 Candlebearer 113 Jr. Prom Committee 113 Voted Most Popular 12. FIFE, RHONDA JOAN Pep Club 11. FLOWERS , DAVID Student Activities. jfgfmi miami? L GOODMAN, GARY WOODROW Varsity Football 12, J.V. Baseball 9,103 "D" Basketball 93 "B" Bas- ketball 1O3 Boys' Block F 123 Spanish Club 93 Band 9,10,l1,123 President 12. FOX, GLENNEDA LADEAN "Foxy" Latin Club 125 Mixed Chorus 9,123 Sextette 12. FRAILEY, PATRICIA ANN Drama Club 10,11,123 Pep Club 10,1l,123 Glee Club 103 Spring Play 11. HALL, RONALD ALAN Band 9,1o,11,12. HARRIS, IRA Track 123 Baseball 123 Drama Club 12. FREEMAN, JANET G.A.A. 9,1o,11. FRITSCHE, CATHERINE LOUISE "Tootsie" G.A.A. 9,10,11,123 Spanish Club 93 Bulldog Bulletin Staff 123 F.H.A. 103 Pep Club 9,103 Bible Club 1O,12. HOLMES 3 DONALD Student Activities. f7Sii35iz?i5i Q1 JACOBS, JOSEPH C. "Joe" Class V-Pres. 11,123 Student Council 113 J.V. Football 9,103 J.V. Basketball 93 Varsity Basket- ball 11,123 Jr. Prom Committee 113 Banquet Committee 113 Citi- zenship Award 10. GEAN, FLOSSIE ANN Glee Club 93 Mixed Chorus 10311. GWYN, DARLENE FAYE "Gwynie" Student Council 123 G.A.A. 9,lO,11,12, Pres. 123 Spanish Club 9g Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Jr. Prom Committee 113 Glee Club 93 Candlebearer 113 Of- fice Staff 9,1O,11,12. KATSULIS, DAVID EDWARD "Dave" Student Body Pres. 123 Student Council 123 J.V. Football 9,103 Varsity Football 113 J.V. Baseball 93 Varsity Baseball 10,11,123 "B" Basketball 93 Varsity Basketball 10,11,123 Honorable Mention 113 Spanish Club 9,10,11,123 Prom Committee 113 Boys' Block F 1O,11,12, Student Council Rep. 113 Voted Most Popular 12. 'I ff'-1' KEELER DON 'C" Basketball 105 "C" Track 105 "B" Track 11 Most Outstanding Player, Varsity Tennis 115 Boys HAMIEL, LINDA LEA G A A 9,1O,11,125 Spanish Club 95 El Oro Staff 10 11,12 Art Editor 11,125 Girls' Sextette 115 Junior Prom Committee 115 Candlebearer 11. ,ti' ' I ' "ii i ,,ss, .Q ' ' ,W it 7"' I -5 5 5 5 45, 1,., , 5, H 5 Block F 11,12. is I . . . LAVAGNINO, LARRY GENE llDagoYl Class Student Council Rep. 95 Class President 115 Class Sgt-of- Arms 125 Student Council 9,115 Varsity Football 95105115125 "A Track 10,11,125 Drama Club 10, 115 Junior Prom Committee 115 Banquet Committee 115 Boys' Block F 9,10,11,12. HIX, CAROLE JEAN Class Secretary 105 G.A.A. 10,115 125 Spanish Club 95 Bulldog Bul- letin Staff 115 F.H.A. 10, Parlia- mentarian 105 Tri-Hi-Y 95 Mc- Calls Teen Fashion Board 12. HODGES, PATRICIA ELLEN "Pat" Spanish Club, Bulldog Bulletin Staff 125 F.H.A. 125 Mixed Chorus 11512. LAVAGNINO, RICHARD "RiCh" Class V. Pres. 105 Class Sgt-at-Arms 115 Varsity Football 105115125 Boys' Block F 10,11,125President 125 El Oro Staff 125 Junior Prom Committee 115 Banquet Committee 115 Drama Club 11. HARGROVE , PRISCILLA ANN mpeg G.A.A. 9,105 Spanish Club 9510, 11,125 Bulldog Bulletin Staff 10 11,125 Asst. Editor 125 El Oro Staff 125 Drama Club 125 Chorus 9,105 Prom Committee 115 Ban- quet Committee 125 Pep Club 10 115 Homecoming Committee 125 Candlebearer 11. KENNEDY, EDWIN A. "Big Ed "C" Basketball 95 J.V. Football 105 "B" Track 105 Pep Club 115 Mixed Chorus l1,l2. Qin, 2. .L :,,,., n -- I LYNCH, CALVIN Student Activities. KINGSTON, BARBARA JOAN Student Council 125 Student Body Sec. 125 Class Sec. 115 G.A.A. 95105115125 Spanish Club 10511512 Bulldog Bulletin Staff 95 El Oro Copy Editor 125 C.S.F. 105115125 Vice Pres. 115 Drama Club 11512, Sec. 115 Scholarship Award 105115 Prom Committee 115 Candle- bearer 115 Spring Play 115 Voted Most Likely To Succeed 12. MEANS, PATIENCE ALSTON "Pam Student Council 95105115 G.A.A. 95105125 Spanish Club 105115 Girls' League 9510511. MCKAY5 RONALD J. B" Track 115125 Basketball 95105115 Cross Country 95 Band 95105115125 Mixed Chorus 10511. LERCH, CARL LEE Track 95105 Varsity Football 105115 J.V. Football 9 Boys' Block F 95105115 Sgt-At-Arms 115 Spanish Club 95 Biology Club 105 Drama Club 10,115 Pep Club 10,11,12. HUFFMAN5 MARY ANN G.A.A. 105115 Spanish Club 10,115 Bulldog Bulletin Editor 115 Sextette 10511. KEEPING, LABERTA sur G.A.A. 9, Buudog Bulletin Staff 12, c.s.F. 10. LOCKWOOD5 GEORGE BARTON lIBartll Track 125 Football 115 Jr. Play 11. MARDESICH, JOHN ANTHONY Student Body Vice Pres. 123 Student Council 125 Boys' Block F 125 Spanish Club 9,123 Xmas Play 103 "B" Basketball 10,113 Varsity Basketball 123 Varsity Football 12. MANNING, JANICE Student Council 11,123 C.A.A. 9,10,11,l23 Class Secretary 93 Spanish Club 9,10,11,123 Assistant El Oro Editor 113 El Oro Editor 123 C.S.F. 1O,11,123 Drama Club 1O,11,123 Pep Club 9,l0,l1,123 Fall Play 105 Prom Committee 113 Banquet Committee 11, Candlebearer 113 Office Staff 10,113 Girls' Block F 123 Mixed Chorus 109 Homecoming Com- mittee 12, Voted Best All Around 12. MANNING, JOYCE Student Council 123 Varsity Cheerleader 123 Homecoming Queen 123 G.A.A. 9,l0,ll,l23 ' Girls' Block F 123 Spanish Club 9,10,11,123 V-Pres. 113 Pres. 12 El Oro Copy Editor 123 Drama Club 10,11,123 Pep Club 9,10, 11,123 Fall Play 105 Prom Com- mittee 115 Banquet Committee 11, Mixed Chorus 103 Candle- bearer ll, Office Staff 10,113 Homecoming Committee 12. MEI-IL, PHILLIP B. Manager Varsity Football 113 Manager "B" Basketball 113 Science Club 10,11. 'w-mwgf' MENDONCA, EUGENE RICHARD J.V. Football 9. RANDALL, LYNDA "Tyke" Pep Club 123 Class Secretary 123 Homecoming Princess 12. RHOADS, GLENDA C.A.A. 9,10,11,123 Girls' Block F 123 Treasurer 123 Bulldog Bulletin Staff 123 Spanish Club 123 F.H.A. 123 Pep Club 11312. OROSCO, DANIEL V. "Fuzz" Class Sgt-at-Arms 93 J.V. Football 9,105 Varsity Football 113 J.V. Basketball 9,103 Varsity Basket- ball 11,123 Track 9,1O,11,123 Relay Record Trophy3 Most Valuable Player "B" Basketball3 Free Throw Trophy3 Boys' Block F 11,123 Vice President 123 Spanish Club 9,10,12, Vice President 123 Voted Most Athletic 12. PRISSER, DALE W. C. "Mick" Student Activities. ROBERTS, MARTHA MAE "Marty" F H.A. 9,12, Photo Club 9, Mixed Chorus 11,12, Glee Club 9, Bible Club 10, Pep Club 11. ROBERTSON, ALTA Jo G.A.A. 9,10, Photo Club 9, Mixed Chorus 11, Bible Club 10. ROBERTS, JERRY L. Class President 9, Student Coun- cil 9, "D" Basketball 9, Free Throw Champ 9, "B", "C" Bas- ketball 10,11, All Conference Team 11, Playmaker Sz Free Throw Champ, Varsity Basketball 12, "C" Track 9,1o, "B" Track 11,12, Spanish Club 10, Junior Prom Committee 11. RUDDICK, RICHARD "Dick" Tennis 10,11,12, Pep Band 9,10, 11,12, Leader 12, Band 9,10,11, 12, Vice Pres. 12. ROSS , ROSELANI LOKI Class Treasurer 9, Sgt-at-Arms 10, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Chorus, Junior Prom Committee 11. SCHAFER, NORMA RAE Girls' Glee Club 9, A cappella 10, Prom Committee 11, Homecoming Committee 12. SATFIELD, GARRET WINTERS Physiology Club 11, Camera Club 10. SCHENCK, WILLIAM J. "Bi11" J.V. Football 10. SCHNEIDER, JENNIFER ELIZABETH '-Duke" G.A.A. 9,10,11,12, Band 9,l0,11,12, Pep Club 10, 11,12. SCI-IOPPE, BARBARA JEAN "Bobbie" Class Treasurer 93 G.A.A. 9,10, 11,125 F.H.A. 9,lO,12, Drama Club 1O,11,12. SI-IEARER , GERALD A. "Jerry" SMITH, JERRY Spanish Club 10, Biology Club 11. SMITH, BEVERLY ANN "Smitty" G.A.A. 9,10,l1,125 Girls' Block F 12, Vice Pres. 125 Jr. Prom Com- mittee llg Band 9,1O,11,12g Pep Club 10,11,123 Glee Club 1O,11. STATON, Cl-LARLOTTE ANN Songleader 125 G.A.A. 11,125 Spanish Club 125 Sec retary 12, E1 Oro Staff 12, Art Editor 123 Banquet Committee 115 Pep Club 125 Homecoming Com- mittee 12, Jr. Prom Committee 115 Bulldog Bulle- tin Staff 12. SPARKS, ROBERT MIKE "Bob Football 12, Boys' Block F 125 Spanish Club 12. Student Activities. .-I WAGNER, CARL ROBERT "D" Basketball 10, "C" Basketball 115 "B" Basketball 11, Most Im- proved Player ll, Most Valuable Player 115 Varsity Basketball 12. WOODYARD, VICTORIA ANN "Vickie" G.A.A. 125 Spanish Club 125 Bull- dog Bulletin Staff 125 C.S.F. 115 Assistant Class Council 11. WEBSTER, THOMAS L. "Tom" Class President 125 Student Council 125 JV Football 105 "C" Track 105 Varsity Football 11,125 "B" Track 115 Spanish Club 10. WESTCOTT, CHARLES GARY "Chuck" J.V. Baseball 95 J.V. Basketball 9,105 Tennis 9,125 Varsity Football 11512, Best Defensive Lineman 125 Varsity Basketball 115Boys'Block F 11,12. TARVIN, ROBERT Student Activities. THACKER, DONNA LEE G.A.A. 105115125 Spanish Club 95 Bulldog Bulletin Staff 11,125 Pep Club 11,125 Jr. Prom Committee 115 Bible Club 125 Vice President 125 Chorus 9,125 Candlebearer 11. WOLFE, JOANN LUISE Student Body Treasurer 125 Student Council 125 J.V. Cheerleader 105 G.A.A. 9,10,11,125 Girls' Block F 11,125 Spanish Club 9,105 Pep Club 10,11,125 Glee Club 9,105 Sextette 115 Tri-Hi-Y 95 Jr. Prom Committee 115 Banquet Commit- tee 115 Nurses Club 125 Candle- bearer 11, Office 11. THEIS, EDWARD LAWRENCE "Eddie" JV Football 105 Varsity Football 11,125 JV Baseball 105 Boys' Block F 125 Spanish Club 105 Prom Committee 11. "!a.....v"" WILCOX, WILLIAM E. "Bill" YOUNG, ROBERT ANDREW ZOOK, JOSEPH JOHN Football 9, Basketball 105 "A" "Bob" Spanish Club 9,105 Biology Track 12, Science Club 9,105 Student Activities, Bible Club Club 103 Mixed Chorus 9,10 French Club 9,105 Band 9,1O. 12. S ' N t P' t d DEHART , DAVID Stud ent Activities FRATES, TOM Student Activities MCBRIDE, WALTER Student Activities PALMER, RON DAVID Student Activities HIRSCHINCER, KATHIE L. "Kay" STEPHENS, FRED Student Activities Track 10 UPTON , JOANN Student Activities ....... ... 5... I 5 Remember When? 23 A D. Gwyn J. Wolfe D. Orosco E. Smith i Senior Class Officers l F. Stevens ir - W Us K B. Billings LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Chaix, Treasurer, Larry Lavagnino, Sergeant-At-Arms, Tom Webster, President, Joe Jacobs, Vice " President, Linda Randall, Secretary. Senior Class Histor We, the Class of 1959, entered Folsom in September, 1955. Jerry Roberts, Hoke Miller, Roy Gregory, Janice Manning, Larry Lavagnino, and Dan Orosco led us through our hectic Freshman year, when our most important endeavor was our annual Tolo Dance. As Sophomores, with Mike Murphy, Richard Lavagnino, Sue Mitchell, and Sandy Temple as our officers, we concentrated on raising money to see us through our Junior and Senior years. Larry Lavagnino, Joe Jacobs, Barbara Kingston, and Judy Chaix were elected to office during our Junior year. JoAnne Brown was queen of our Junior Prom. The theme was "Around the World." The theme of our Junior- Senior Banquet was "From This Moment On." We were also responsible for another extracurricular activity that is well on the way to becoming tradi- tional--repainting the Senior Bench. As our last year in high school comes to a close we look back on our Sen- - ior Ball and Skip Day. As this goes to press the Senior Ball is being planned to be held away from the school for the first time. We received our hard-earned diplomas on June 5 and are now bidding our high school days farewell. C . Westcott B' Cantrell B. Schenk J. Schneider G. Rhoads N . L. Burgin 'll .. 'ii ii, B. Young is 1 s I 1 ,.. F. Gean 'F' ' A ya may Qr'W4 ,ff k x 'v 3, 'K 1 if 'sq iii. si K ,. WSW AR' t J qi ' -A -12: -r ' ri r- if AL E Q .1 A . E X -. -f , J. mg J. Doherty C. Hix dam p H 51, , .5 A , gf 2 fir Q? , A Q .1 I, I, I, I, 1, I, 1, I, 1, I, 1, I. I, I, I, 1, I, 1, I, I, I, In I, 1, I, 1, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, 1, 1, I, Is 1, I, r I 3 S W' I I We, the class of 1959 being reasonably sound of mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath our most valued possessions as follows: George Anderson, will my Civics Book, number 13, to any super- stitious student who needs luck. Jerry Appel, will my fifth year of high school to anyone who can't make it in four. Lynn Baker, will my broken down locker and my one lost locker key to anyone who will have them. Kathy Beall, will to Ronnie Hurley my untiring and faithful service at the extinction of the insects in Mr. Adam's senior problems class, with the condition that she use standard equip- ment-- a fly swatter. Bob Berg, will my ability to drive correctly to madmen like French and Parker. Barbara Billings, will to Kay Rogers a paid I.O.U. Linda Blakeley, will my P. E. locker to Jackie Curtis. I hope she can use it. Richard Brian, being of wasted mind will my crazy driving habits to the Juniors. Joanne Brown, will to any crazy Junior anything I may have that they may not want. DeWayne Bryant, being of sane mind and body, do hereby will both of my big toes to Bill Goshes who is losing part of his. Robert Bunker, will my ability to be ahasher in auto shop to Monte Reeser. - Joycle Burt, will my ability to dance like Elvis Presley to Glenda Nett e. Bill Cantrell, will my ability to argue with the coaches to Tom Martin. Judy Chaix, will my nickname, "Flames," to Sandy Staton, but since she doesn't have red hair I also leave her a bottle of hair rinse. June Carolyn Chan, will to Jackie Oberson my life-sized pin-up of Rock Hudson, and to David Wade my first aid kit and good grades in Physiology. Dixie Christian, will all t.he live flies in the cafeteria to Mr. Adams. Marlene Creel, will my ability to sing like Rickie Nelson to Charlotte Alteria. Donalyn Davidson, will my English book reports to Jean Thomas. JoAnn Doherty, do will my ability to become head cheerleader in my Senior year to Barbara Phy. Steve Eiden, will my pair of football shoes to Don Potts. Eddie Evans, will "Happily" all my F's to Bill Greensweight. Pat Farley, will my position as a mighty senior to Randy Davis. Rhonda Fife, will nothing, as it took all my resources to graduate. David Flowers, will my ability to mn the two-minute mile to Richard Lloyd, along with a pack of cigarettes. Ladean Fox, will to Elton Ellis my ability to be unable to go any- where with anyone else without having every possible obstacle in the way. Pat Frailey, being of sound mind will my ability to do crazy things and still keep out of trouble to Linda Atkinson. Janet Freeman, will leave, and gladly--if I graduate. Cathy Fritsche, being of questionable mind, do will my ability to be locked on the roof of the Chapel to Sharon Winchester and Joy Murphy. Flossie Gean, will my red Bermuda Gym Socks to Caroleen Murphy. Gary Goodman, will all the girl friends I didn't have to Don Potts. Darlene Gwyn, will my ability to flirt with boys and stay out of trouble to Bonnie Osborne. Ronald Hall, will my safe-and-sane driving techniques to Ted Peart. Priscilla Hargrove, will the El Oro candy to Raylene, Phylis, Mary and Dianne. Ira Harris, being of sound mind will my ability not to have a second period to Russel Rodrey for as long as he can get away with it. Fred Heimstra, will my book locker and key to anyone in the class of '60 who wants it. Carole I-lix, will my maximum typing average of 28 words per minute to Deanna Agostini. Patricia Hodges, will my ability to pass shorthand tests to Jackie Oberson. Don Holmes being completely unstable and out of my mind, here- by will all my talents and knowledge of girls to Richard Beck. Mary Ann Huffman, will my ability to stay away from Dick to Ronalyn Hurley. Dave Katsulis, will my ability to park in the teachers' parking lot and get away with it to any Junior who is smart enough to try it. Don Keeler, will to George Bates my outstanding ability in track. Laberta Keep-ing, will Mr. Adams to Jean Woodrum, in the hope that she will have no trouble with him next year. Ed Kennedy, being zock out of my mind, will my private parking I, I, 1, 1, 1, I, 1, 1, I, 1, I, I, I. 1, I, I, 1, I, I, I, I, I, 1, I. I, 1, I, I, 1, I, I, I, 1, 1, 1, I, 1. 1, I, I, I, space in front of the flagpole to anyone who has a car small enough to fit. Barbara Kingston, will my appetite to Betty Liberty with the hope that it will do her more good than it has me. Larry Lavagnino, will to Monte Reeser my height, because he wants to be a man. Richard Lavagnino, will to Butch Parker and Gary French that lovable girl Marilyn. Carl Lerch, will my straight walk to Gary Qduck waddlej French, and my removable teeth to Butch Parker, who will need them soon. Janice Manning, do hereby will my ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to Sandy Staton. Joyce Manning, will my ability to do push ups with a boy's foot- ball uniform on, to anyone who wants the bruises received from doing them. John Mardesich, in a sorry state of mind will my ability to play sports to Bill Wood or anyone who needs it. Walt McBride, will my ability to get along with a certain coach and math teacher to my sister Mary. Ronald McKay, will my physics workbook, with all the wrong answers, to Jim Purvis. Pam Means, will my ancient gym clothes, and my beloved teacher, Mr. Adams, to my sisters Robin and Jody. , Phillip Mehl, will Mr. Curtis's Senior English to the class of '60 or anyone else crazy enough to take it. Gene Mendonca, hereby will my ability to stay on the good side of Mr. Adams to anybody on the wrong side. Larry Nordell, now will my ability to keep a 32nd of an inch of the Senior bench to any Junior. Dan Orosco, being of sound mind will my ability to run track and play basketball to Roger Fallon and Nancy Paulus. Ron Palmer, will my four eyes, to any Junior that has restricted vision. Dale Prisser, will the school building to termites, and the Senior Bench to the class of '60 . . . they earned it. Lynda Randall, will my long hair to Linda Nasstrom. Glenda Rhoads, will my red Bermuda socks to Shirley DeLong, and my athletic ability to Jackie Curtis. Martha Roberts, will my Civics book to the Fire Department. Alta Jo Robertson, will my place on the senior bench, that I can never get near, to Caroleen Murphy. Roselani Ross, will to Dodie Pelton my hula skirts and ukulele, with the ability to use both of them. Dick Ruddick, will to the Junior class anything and everything left over from the class of '59's graduation party. Garret Satfield, will to the Junior class all the troubles that will go with being Seniors. Bill Schenck, being of sound mind, at this point, will that Senior Problems teacher to anyone who will accept him. Jennifer Schneider, being of sound mind do will to Janice Strahan my ability to keep my mouth shut at least half the time. Barbara Schoppe, will all the height I wish l had to Becky Elliott. Norma Shafer, will to Glenda Nettle the one thing she wants that belongs to me--the ants in my locker. Jerry Shearer, will to Jerry Curtis, Mr. Adams for Senior Problems, and have fun Jerry. Beverly Smith, being of strong will power do will my ability to stay out of the peroxide bottle to Sharon Schlenker. Bob Sparks, will my place on the Senior bench to the smallest Junior--Monte Reeser. Charlotte Staton, will my songleading ability to Jean Rumsey, who needs it, and my freckles and my good taste in coats to Marilyn Harris. Bob Tarvin, being of what I think is sound mind, hereby will any- thing I have to any Junior who will take it off my hands. Donna Thacker, will to Bill Whitaker my ability to play tennis. Carl Wagner, being of sound mind hereby will my life insurance tr the insane man on wheels Danny Ellis. At the rate he is going he sure will need it. Tom Webster, will my cheerleading ability to anyone crazy enough to take it--such as Barbara Phy. Chuck Westcott, will my flat feet to Butch Parker. Bill Wilcox, will to Allan Rawland my bad leg for track and my ability to get along with Mr, Williams. Joann Wolfe will my ability to get along with Miss Matten and take a shower everyday in gym Qwithout gripingj to Elaine Jordan. Vicki Woodyard, will my ability to catch a football to Roger Fal- lon. Bob Young, will my fine ability to play tennis and get straight A's to Bill Whitaker. Joe Zook, will my real gone green machine to Butch Parker. We the class of 1959 do hereby will to the class of 1960, the Senior Bench and all the privileges of being a Senior feffective June 5, 1959 at 3:00 P.M.j. B. Berg J. Chan 4 . f, 5 . .x .ff , M f 2 Lf 7 . of ,ff ggz, J f A, as 5 . X. XM P s AJ V- I P. Frailey ' f gi-2-i g: ", A gf ' ' E. Theis J Senior Baby Pictures 'I . N U , ,t A ' 12' 2 Qi . .. 4+ 52. ff' 'f i . . 11 N . . -'j' s F. Heimstra P, Hargrove D' Holmes J. Roberts 'i. 1 v' a ' ,N fr H 1 r tg., if ,Q u 'fi' 3, x, X f 1 5 ye A . Creel J. Burt Q ff , . , '.tq:':.- .1 f 525 an EW' ' 'A . ' - 53Y ':'?,f 1, f " mf Joy8z Jan Manning if t A , M, - V ' - M A L. Blakely N A f " af." 75.9 , X 1 F L' W' 1 ' N, - , . 'I F: ,, -i'il.'i55.': ' 'M-u?lf 'ff3?i - --fziz. -1' gwi iwm ' -" ' 'Ml 5 .-" Q 2' J - S g J. Smlth A. Robe 1'tSO1'l B. Schoppe J. Jacobs x, Eff ,Q me - .on J B. Kingston P. Mehl 27 J. Appel f 1.,.,12s2is,g,gfAV lv F . J . ,-.. aw -'sn g . Vkykhyyvy be f. K. 5 . 5 P. Means az .1 .Q A , .4 ii -, H3 kv x . , k C. Lerch '5 r f f F , U B. Bunker k D- Prisser N - Shafer Q D. Katsulis K 'n .1 1 T. Webster D. Davidson J . Mardesi ch S. Ewa D. christian . 1 en D . Keeler 1 X J. Chaix J, Zook J Brown I M- Roberts K '5 , A , , - Y , 'M Qin fag.. 1 x, .fs A 9 i ,M 5 i f Q ". nfl. .. .. .. C- Fritsche R. McKay c. Lynch B- Smith L. Fox C. Staton 5 ffxh' kkkrfyr :' i g ! G. Goodman M. Huff'ma.n gk X HW'f8commc.a Q06 FAVORITES 3 Sw ,W S 3 ,, NSS inf! X. x fn x rf r 4 .L v jg . s . ' .5 Q A . ' Q ,ff ' x if ,-5552952 i W, N' Tigf' . .f...,. ' N f uw .g Most Likely to Succeed George Anderson Barbara Kingston 5 , rm. ,V kk Most Popular Dave Katsulis JoAnn Dohe rty .- '3 if X 3' MJ in :RUP . as iifwsi ,if Miss Joyce Manning--Homecoming Queen r. it K, V .. ,, .L . wmvikf' ?3' gr 6 Homecomin Queen and Court A very important event at our school this year was our first Homecoming--held in connection with our first night football game. Although the Varsity lost its game to Galt, Homecoming generally was a success. The spirit of the occasion was reflected in the pep assembly, car parade, coronation ceremony, and aftergame dance. It was quite a thrill having a night football game at our own high school for the first time. SEATED--Joyce Manning--Queen, Carolyn Hoke--Freshman Princess. STANDING--Janice Christian-- Sophomore Princess, Linda Randall--Senior Princess, Barbara Flohr--Junior Princess. JUNIORS s ., 5 , ,, If 5 af' ? K X .,1l 1 we r . Q ,,'iV 4 A George Ba Eugene Carver Doris Clayton Jackie Curtis Jerry Curtis Ron David tes David Burnett Leonard Campbell Wayne Champagne Gracie Chapa Roberta Ball June Barton Elton Ellis Versie Ellis Everett Epting , Mike Gardener Bill Gossage Helen Giger Joanne Goforth Phyllis Goldberg Linda Graham Bill Greensweight Mike Grey Nancy Grail Jim Jones Bob Haavisto Rosalie Hall Jim Hansen Jim Harris Marilyn Harris . a ti' sh if ff vii? fy :S ' will f K i is ,' 23? X 'X ,sa re 1' W " Q ' I ri fm l j A! , .... ,f g Pat Hay Richard Heimstra Judy Hendricks Paul Henninger Tom Koshimizu i n . ,, lu?3i'fQ'1?Ti .ii ' 5' I wr in 3' ,ix 1.-ff 2 K 1 S Q in S '1- Lg K 7 x , my wh iw? fi ' 'f i r gy ' V K ,... nl , F ,. .5 Q ff Q A 'fl f ii kV,,3., rl E ii ' 1. I C15 ,1 Q ai Ai 1 Q X nf .T 'i . i 3 1- e Mi Rhonda Henninger Donna Hicock Bill Hogate Kat hy Knutson Gary King ' f ly , 2 i fl ifizgl k I . . if -:y- - I , ig? Joe Kearns Elaine Jordan Steve Jones f gsm i F? if 'mf fum. . Q, an si .iii 3552 i ef f REE fm, ai , , F Rl' K if' 1 s Raylene Horn Mike Huey Bob Johnson Adrian Jewell Floyd Jenkins Galen Hunter Caroleen Murphy Steve Osborne Darrell Parker Robert Parker Alice Patrician Susan Miles Marjorie Monteith Lynda Munson Jackie Oberson Bonnie Osborne Stephanie Osborne i fi seri , . 7 A ia.- :g,, - X ' - ,rare .,r.'fw K52ggz -I ,,,-:MEF Kay Martin Tom Martin Marilyn Mclinerny Laurence Melvin Glenda Nettle Carol Nuessle Bill Kuhn Dianne Lewandowski Betty Liberty Richard Lloyd Mary Loveless Frank Lowery Barbara McCreadie Linda Nasstrom L M :W W 4 , WW ar Bam, f sf inf Q Q Q . I ax? F ' Y W W , 1 3 Z B 3 yi M r PM , 3, K , . '..: . J- . f 3 uf , is sw K 2.1 gs ' Ira. :J ,, K wg . L 1 ry T 51,3 . Y' f 'K - .1f-,M -::f . X . -, ,Z Q., :- 45 10 lm ' ' K' .rf -, .. , - : ie 2ii f'5ff r F X ,Q 1 A E J ,, N E fs 4, Q A 1, Q Q v kv ., as 9 1 1 X L me ,, S f ,V-,,,.. . 2 'awe , ,rf -1 K . ..... V V. N, ,Q is 91 fi XX .mv rs f Te arf , L A' xg .- 1- r ,pw ggs.sErf.,'f 1 l gg as g . , Q 3,35 1 A f 1 8 w we sm xl K -gn 3 5 S 5 F Bob Payne Nancy Pearson Ted Peart Carole Pepper Richard Peterman Sylvia Petkovich Karen Pfeister Barbara Phy Don Potts Jim Purves Allen Rawland Bob Raymond Monte Reeser Mary Rivera Russell Rodrigue Bill Rowden Jean Rumsey V . A Charles Rundell or Junior Class Officers B arb ara McCreadie - -Tre asurer ":' 55 '5 5' Joe Keams--President fr ,rr U - -4' I 12 'L E13 ' if f ag z ,sk rw-f as A .M S zz: X X 'ISL 5 S as rrrQ i A f Y.-'di-Wi 'ss , .r ,i ,A . ,, 4' ww' I W ss? S andi Scott S andy Singleton Sharon Schlenker Carol Blankston--Secretary Danny Ellis - -Vice -President Richard Schneckloth Frankie Skaggs Clyde Smith Sandy Staton Melinda Stinde Janice Strahan Richard Strand Carol Summers Brian Suthern Bill Terwilliger Jean Thomas -Lf f-iam J ffff, ' r iff' C317 Thompson :.- Louise Titherington ' J Jim Tunstall ::1: A, Bill Whitaker Vkmk f :'1" ::": A ' :EI A W W i 3 W 2 a..fi1llf .f fi a Q Sharon Williams Sharon Winchester Dale Wolfe Junior Class History We, the class of 1960, entered high school on September 10, 1956. Our first year at Folsom was an exciting one. We sponsored our first big dance--the annual Tolo Dance. Of- ficers for our Freshman year were: Monte Reeser, Joe Kearns, Gracie Chapa, and Diane Root. Officers for our Sophomore year were: Joe Kearns, Sharon Schlanker, Danny Ellis, and Marilyn Harris. The Sophomore Hop was the feature of our second year in high school. Joe Keams, Danny Ellis, Carol Blackston, and Barbara McCreadie lead us through our hectic Junior Year. Our big dance was the Junior Prom. Our theme, Ebb Tide, proved very beautiful for decorations. Marilyn Harris reigned over the dance. Another big event this year was the Junior- Senior Banquet. Looking back on a very successful year we are looking forward to our last year at Folsom High. 39 Jean Woodrum Bill Woods I John Cooley ,Wagga Ronalyn Hurley Junior Prom Queen Marilyn Harris On November 14, the class of 1960 presented "Ebb Tide," their Jr, Prom. A lighthouse in the center of the floor cast a re- volving spotlight throughout the room, illuminating the pier at the entrance, the island from which Bob Stein's band played, the beau tiful clam shell where Queen Marilyn Harris, attended by Barbara Flohr and Grace Chapa, was crowned, and the lovely decorations done in black and four shades of blue. Deanna Agostini's hard -working dance committee consisted of Gracie Chapa, Joe Kearns, Barbara McCreadie, Bob l-laavisto, Allan Rawlands, Janice Strahan, Carol Summers, Danny Ellis, Bill Hogate and many others. H-s XIX f SOPHOMORES Linda Adams Richard Adams Sammy Allport Pat Altieri Don Armstrong Scherrie Atkinson Jane Blackston Ken Berhow David Bibby Sharon Baxter Alfred Beard Jimmy Beard Ralph Bellah Leslie Baker Jim Bare Jay Barker Ron Bartalini Billie Barton Robert Bi5h0P Beverly Bonnell Dean Bliss Georgia Bowdre Irma Blodgett Kathryn Briggs Marilyn Bridges Mike Burgess Sharon Burleson David Busse Sally Cameron Vincent Broff Richard Brown Jim Cammarano Benny Castillo Hank Casten Jane Christensen Janice Christian is . ff-',g W. .45-.'.::3" .'I..El"I: :.: - - m is g 2 ,,.s, 2, ,W ' E- o "wife, W 4 'Q' - ' . ,rs59n.s5-f- 'Ie 4.215 F is gnu :1wLssi1. -V74iE,.' " ' g3:f!?Mq5i2.'5 "1 i w- , if ' li: .Lum Steve Clark Alice Clayton Delores Clayton Ken Crandall Mike Curtis Diana Davis Ray Dawson Loren De Lallo John Douglas Jerry Dozier Louis Dudley Garry Emond Ray Eptin S Robert Evans Rex Fa galde Tom Falconer Doug Fisher Sherry Goodman Harry Flathmann f' C, M ke F t Susan Gossage Mike GQS er ' Jim Grace I Wan in ' 4 0 f fam-i f .. 3' :.'.5'A V1 H if 1.5 ad! A o SQ A -V F if Q if gtg.: ' .fr Q 1 Carol Graham Karen Goessling Margaret Graham Cheryl Grayson If s fee ,F if .P If 2 3 X y i y ys i, F ,.-4 Melba Graves Dick Gregory Bill Griffon Don Gunningha ' 'Q ' ' -er 7 , N .. 5, y,rr,,,f,-W, , - V 4 fm me JM 4 N, N W Q me wmv ' Q K 9 Y L In Brenda Halberg Kathryn Hobson Paul Holland John Holt Barbara Hook zvz A"" Diane H0011 ,:.E: L John Horyza Eg' ' Ed l-Ioxworth ' " j f-5 ff' Pat Hunter LL ' ' f Diane Huston n . i?: L y S fiiigsgzisggggp . K Mn' . Robert Jackson Linda Johnson F 1 5, Sue Johnson V Nancy Kaufman sg Q, W Bob Keefer Steve Keith Gary Keller Judy Kimball Kathie Kinser Claudia Kitts Pete Kosel Sally Kuhn Rita Laret R , L .. 3. 52: fi "":5 "': , 5. Q si 74 1232 ,. Z - 8 in fl- ,Ef as A Roger La Jeunesse Paula Lant Lee Le Mer :mf ,mm , 7-f ssimzf i : Micki Kelly Richard Kem Wi Ilene Lester Gerald Lloyd Theron Key Vaundean Lynch Harry Magness Alan Manseau .x,. .Wa .. V , V ,Se :Qi i ii i' """-: : rA'i?iS1lEi'f. a.-, gas' SK 5 2 1 Fl s - ,--, ln H Q s Camille Masoni Vicki McCall Linda Mclinery Carol McFarland Melvin McGowen W, IFKSL- T V 531. Calvin Page Sandra Parker Jim Parsons Don Ridge Jim Rivera Alberta Roberts Donna Reiman Jo Anne Robinson Kay Rodgers Robert Rountree Jerry Solomon Jim Savage Bud Schaffer Jesse Schneider 4 Joy Murphy Lee Nelson Betty Norris Mary Oberson Elaine Fenner Karen Perry John Pfiester .N is .. . if Af Jerry McNerney Robin Means Robert Miller Mary Ellen Millim Danielle Mullin Kathleen Patton Nancy Paulus Dorene Pelton X E K Q may 2 ii Aki? K ,V fm ,M ,W X 1 .wggmli . 7. fs., A ., V ,., ... L Q , J : EW?R'L'o?'J IKM .fexwwfpxvxffil f S5 sm Yi 9: S' 'G me N JZ? Whig Q4 E as 'Y , Ng by 1 is Q6 . f-,-, SQ- 5 I s.QQfr,,,,: up , , 'fl' ' We M -25 ' in .,, M - Q J' rzm,QrQ11:LQ:: f,- fwy1,ff,, ,,. '.??SfQ' 5 . ,,1, , QQ , K TV, J I 3 A if AK- A "" is , 5 ,Q E g, Q, -,.,, .t,. if nonoi if Q ,fl 1 ,gin 5 is rf if .Har ' - Ken Swain r W ,ef 4 .Q at Ax f . me ,Hu- E M , L- 5 ,. K was er- 3, Q. at 4 'Q Q fm 2 Q sf Q ' i ' ff gf ' Q H Q it A y N" wr, ai, Q QQ , Q . . ,K 4 Rn 9 A4 asv, ef . is 7 We --1 Q ,YQY lg Q3 W 9 'Q Qf 'fi ! gl? my fx v Q. ji ll! V1 7. W A y L ,Q A' H Midi M s Q Y Q M P A W -it ' Ms QQ sr i Q K Q W QQQQsr,t rm wp. 5. xg. s- s if 531 AhLAi Q . ., I ,b -ff . . , ,.,,, , .,,?,.,,,,,Ws.1,- .,AMQW,,,s,,N k , .ss Q gy. ,Q f . rv' . L A ,- 5 ,. " Pjisf' W ,zu N - , fl-,5,f:,y,.sQsQ my ,, sm V -QQQQQ f Q,1 -, Kathern Stephenson -- 1352 J Peggy Stites 1f:E Judy St. Thomas Q 1 ' Q Q Q Q t' Q N Q v if 1 'Y Q Y John Summers Tom Surdez Danny Schmidt Mike Schneider Hazen Sedgewick Glenn Sellers Holly Sellers Charles Shackleton Robert Shepherd John Sills Richard Simpson Frank Skinner Pat Sloan Pat Smart Eugene Smith Yvonne Smith Michael Spaech Don Sparks Ralph Squire Sharon Steiger Sophomore Class Cfficers Dean Bliss--President Nancy Kaufman--Sgt. at Arms Nancy Paulus--Secretary Sherrie Atkinson- -Vice-President Alice Clayton--Treasurer Preston Terrell John Thornton Nancy Thurman Gail Trammell Paul Tunison Nancy Twiner Paula Uken Heidi Van Wagner Dean Voage Carol Vogel David Wade Janet Walker Earl Watson Cathy Webb Gene Webb Calvin Webster Barbara Weldon Bill Wilson Sophomore Class History We, the class of 1961 entered Folsom on September 10, 1957. Jay Barker, Dean Bliss, Billie Barton, Bob Bishop, and Joe Orosco led us through our exciting freshman year. Our two most important endeavors were the Annual Tolo Dance and a dance put on to raise money for our new football lights. The theme of the fund -raising dance was "Fo1som Will Shine Tonight." Each class chose a princess and the princess who recieved the most votes Qpenny a votej was crowned queen. Yvonnes Smith, our freshman princess was crowned queen. 'We are very proud to say we made a great deal of money on this dance which went to a very worthy cause and everyone had a very good time. . Dean Bliss, Nancy Kaufman, Nancy Paulus, Sherrie At- kinson, and Alice Clayton led us through our Sophomore year. The most difficult decision of the year was choosing our class rings. With another successful year behind us we are looking forward to next year when we will be mighty Juniors. 47 Dennis Wilson Jim Woods Jerry Young David Koontz Janet Koontz Albert Leslie Toby Reed Gir1's Tackle Line Ah! Romeo.... Ah! Juliet... A Call For Help J ' Off Be re Stop Staring UL Just' Between You And Me U Mil Mil Mil Come Anti Get Me For Whom The Gals Drool Folsom Beauties 48 FRE HMEN WK Kwai? W .EW . .12 W-r A 'l ' we .1 7 V A 'V L57 A ii , N Q 3 Q 4 '97 .,.,4, -, ' . rm .gjg, g:ugfg:i5EEms:- f. A :,. rr 5, G is .H . L . 35 uf - , . e ..V. :.: .- j. Wk 52: Q is '9 1 3 J' ,gsm '44 I , if fffsadf sl fr S yi 3 nr' N is r f i s fail, ff. gr, X ff QE 1: J - ,..: ny , X 1-fwsf we fix "aw, . asxixggigrgigrljqfigg, , . , K ,Q SK? , .2 9 X 4 Rf 62, - , . 5 , -.:. Ki, , -,y in ia: 5 ,, A H ' 1 .. K K K , ,. W -,.-,I,, J QV' ' Q 5 V K K 5'1.lQi'i' i ii H2511 - 1 7 'ws 14:1 ., 7:5 MJ?-J ,, Ky Q K il. ,,, .,,, . .W i . I fi K k'k' , .ff .H . g:f2f11f W l 'l'Dl i2f ,. 5435 E351 1 ,H I H 5- .Q SWA Qf,':"rj 'j: A .' QESQ. 'lf ki? QL if if E' , AW ,W . rf 1 f YW 'X ii R 4 rl , , K K+ nl' -fl HK i jg 'ina lj. Uv fgifs Q 'S bl F 1: 4 L 3 ,J 4 f s ff. ' , . 1 11. .mr Kathy Burgess Bud Burleson Gary Campbell Duane Crowley Bob Curl Darryl Datwyler Dan Dauenhauer Pat David Q.w , v X VN' Pat Bottoroff Larry Bowen Carol Bridges Sandra Brown Norman Brugger Susan Brummer Richard Buck Royle Carrington Frank Carroll Earl Cauthen Eddie Chapa Judy Clary Dale Cook Marcia Crowe Linda Bingman Richard Bishop Ronnie Adams Cosmo Avery Johnny Ballard Bill Bannowski Renee Barker Nancy Beall Bill Bloodsworth Nina Bollman Mike Bonham Walter Susan Cameron Jack Carpenter fr-1.Uf,,rw,,,,q,,,i,,.r,, ,,img.,.fqXr , rf -fssfw-1222szz.QiLe5,Q' W '-Ugsfififsnga - 422.22 , 5351 nsxf,ffm.', ' 1. iii ,-K. ' sw? . if y5.: .5, , up r 4 ., ix V . , 5 2' K5 lm 'L ,Hg 'W":':: . , " qgsgq Ky., M ai' I 1 . xmvlfs.. rw ,ff W , Qi! , Q.. u w ,,a2f1:--.155 wg - if jI,g,Zk- .-igggzilfisf is i gzzgz --". 1. M 1 mn. ..,,3"H"r4-w-Qffr .zz ff. K wk 'sy ,i-wsu ww .,,ffwfe3::.,f3!'f4':if2?"f'g -9- - E-1 wr,-wifi iliiii, ,19,.M4i,y,,g,,,,,.i,i 5 -V1 ,i ,J K 1- we asfsi'-sffemfwls-V . Q gg Ki ,M ,1,..,fw. f1,,1, - f, ,.,,.,.,,,, ,,r,,.x..,,..s, mm-fri Wie, A 35 ff-fi 61, ,. .,,, M1 3 via Tiff'-fl? ' . , I ' . ik r -fwtsff Campbell lx :Zeb 4 3? M Ji X if. A-. Q!!! X A r 'E I . .!?. , if K N 5s:f5asf: z. g 1 Q Niger ' ': 1f.f,fu,ig ' vw., . 0.212 5 'fa in H rg? r E? 'Q in ' it wig, vp. . QW iv ,K Zgsqir X f K 22555 iiaiziss .Q 4 Diane Davidson Carol Davis F rank Dawson Fred Dillemuth Kay Duncombe Robert Dunn Shirley Estep Jill Evans Carol Everhart Carole Fritsche Pam Garret Gary Gibbs George Gongaware Larry Grimes Tari Guckes Larry Hodge ig! 4:44 6 fur! M 1 . , i i M New 19' we 2,5 fiffifl 2' ' if my W ' ' am.. 1- fa A: ' ff' 'BW ,. 1, . 5, gf' John Hameridge 6 Sue Hansen 'f fn M Qt Greg Hefley 4+ 1 , ,,,, M- -Vs? ' , Penny Hogate Carolyn Hoke Gay Hendrlcks Linda H1 ckenbottom YP: -- 1 " ' Sherry Huey Robert Hughes Mike Ingram rw Wi' .rr ,--f A --LM , Q ,,L,, I Q F av 15 .2 , ir w wf 7 ,X .a 1 ' Q Q QQ' A W qui 8 an 1 if mba ,--' 1' 1 , H v 2.55-. ::.2 3 fl 'fdfAGQ4b, in ' .rf","':- r- 3 Maia ggi, ei .. f "2 P f X Pm -1 Y ig i?6A'5!l1 v. X.,...: . . . Q., .A , ,. .. . k,,, . i , r Mike J iru Sallee Johnson Suzanne Johnson Evelyn Jones J H iai- q5.,gfiQ,a'? + Q I fr - N .1 Y ra S rd ,E EYQ like is 59. , XJ. r at John Jorgensen Sewell Keeter Carol Keith Vicki Keith Paul Kelley Don Kelton Gene Kendall Alan Klug Norman Koshimizu Richard Krajewski Q fiv- A sn.. it 2-J' ziflfi-5 , - 'mx ,Q was iN Gloria McKay If of , ff" ,n,. 3,-in 1 5 if .M -kiln ,L Judy La Fouche g ig ? Linda La Mance f L1 Dean Lenihan Jack Loomis Carol McKinley Patsy McMurtry -me 5 -g 'F me NA!-Q g -t...-:e5 5s'. ff' . Q 1 . .. ,1 :. Ag? K Vs Wim is 4 1 X, K , , we 'N 'E ' J' ' A W f- ,X ar' f riskilxk : ,, fb rf Vi, X 6 ,., . -, ,.:,- , A-Nw 8 5 . HX J X' fl fi Jr r is ' "f2q.,:f , A fi1'1'if Z' ws :.f . SW' 1 X fr W rf ix xr uv- - ,-K' 4. vs" I ss: labs: .A -r-1:2 1 ,fr .N ,s l W .Lg N , ff ,J H... , , . yi T -U we Lf Krsna' , :L 'I' ,F if .,, , , fi :Mn Sandra Losh Sharon Lynch Lynette Manseau Peggy McMurtry Graham McMu11in Donna McQuown , -'.?'Y'5fflft5':5i!'fss,!Qig, f'fp5,: an H -2- h 2 sw ' HP . -".-gw,:aQf11,19fi5gf1:' ,sjgrig ,girly Q S . Q 'iilfed' r -...B fsrlr . Jody Means Jill Mero Robert Miles Cristine Miller 'if3?i5V.'E4?K'?f512ifi13?i W !F5ff"l"f9 e1gr3?51fsa' I - L ir,-wffatlsp, . i K -' 21325 .45 sf ,,, . ,,,. . ' . Q.. , -LQ. J fig., ,- ::::g::".f 5372? J 1 f'3E:" 2f5fi??i:E5 rip . f. . .. QM- .: ' x U: gi' M . f.-' .X'2:fJ..iz'f.s.' . .""f 4513. 1 ' 3 +1 Q . 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B Y 2 YM . g? 149114. iw Bob Straup Randy Stevenson Dianne Trew Emest Stewart Sandra Ulrich Ken Stilley Charlotte Vance Karen Vice Ken Wagoner I-:res h m 3 n Martha Webb Class Officers Les Thomas Margaret Thompson B1 Townsend SEATED--Martha Webb--Treasurer, Jill Mero-- Secretary. STANDING--Larry Grimes--Sgt. of Arms, Ray Puc Vice -President. Richard Trainor Marcia Ronald Young Zeigenbein me ,Ni ii 'zfSV., V' gk RE? m il l-,rig Leo Boone kett--President, John Ballard-- Wolfe Frowin 'JJW o J Bob Henion , e 3 L 2.-1.5. -V,5f, r 1f 1 X . M , ie 5 -2' ep , 'YL ...,. 'J 1 ss Q A "" ' ' ' g ,fy gy i if ' as 4' L A K , zr. K e .8 'Mwst i were as Gordon Weir Bill Wemer Louis SEP! Janet Ye ates . Kay Skeaugh Henry Hughes , .,.. Q .,. : 4 HV, A-.f ' mi . ., . i ..:L'-k, ... '1 Y Nm' T... J. A w far J gm A ,s s ..11b: sw N Se 15? .1-N .41 ...M ,ft .ff f fm , E X I , ., 5 at ' 2 iw , SKx3'XAX X ,,. A X ' ' X Lg ., -Lf. 1.iwzfffiiiwJW-A Y- .Q th GRADE TOP: T. Everhart, T. Everhart, A. Timms, B. Kennedy, D. Johnson, D. Martin, J. McCollum, G. Yarbor, R. Bonacci, J. Christensen, R. Rohme, G. Christinson, T. Mote, P. Fernandez, M. Griffin, E. Ellis, D. Suther, D. Hurley. ROW 2: R. Johnson, R. Gosseling, H. Nuessle, H. Miller, J. Musick, D. Rhoads, W. Dehart, M. Mardesich, Z. Simon, T. Broff, T. Ferria, J. Conners, M. Denton, T. Doherty, J. Yost, D. Faist. ROW 3: B. Young, S. Littlejohn, J. Paulus, T. McCarthy, S. Nixon, M. Chaix, M. Castro, D. Egloff, S. Bumett, B. Jacobs, C. Burleson, H. Patton, R. Wilson, D. Nelson, M. Strope, J. Orosco, R. Currie. ROW 4: J. Sampsen, S. Roddey, M. Snyder, S. Allison, J. Masters, D. Guffer, H. Carder, B. Cooper, M. Tingle, N. Neslen, S. Faith, C. Perks, H. Jennings, B. Graves, T. Davidson, B. Townsend. ROW 5: C. Myers, S. Sevedra, V. Sanchez, K. Andrews, G. Moiras, M. Farley, K. Adams, S. Ortman, C. Vogel, S. Parsons, S. Barth, M. Cipri, N. Allen, M. Willis, C. Stahl, C. Shriver. ROW 6: C. Preston, J. Roediger, C. Hensley, G. Atkins, C. Duvall, H. Pearson, K. Bryant, B. Anderson, O. Dymesich, M. Barrows, M. Delong, S. Casten, C. Rhoades, B. Evans, D. Fisher, B. Corbett, S. Jennings. Sth Grade TOP: L. Watson, G. Morgan, L. Storms, M. Epting, M. Murphy, M. Allport, K. Collie, L. Lester, L. Nesbit, F. Amaral, T. Roedwicz, D. Robertson, R. Mineau, M. Young, G. Wagner, J. l-Ialcomb, F. Karmazin. ROW 2: M. Petersen, M. Crites, N. Rronowicz, K. Billingsly, D. Lawson, J. Campoy, R. Myers, B. Smith, G. Johnston, J. Lowery, M. Davis, D. Payne, S. Baker, J. Wilson, D. Graham. ROW 3: V. Graham, C. Hershler, J. Ross, S. Albert, S. Edminston, S. Frazer, R. Stone, G. Puzka, D. Brewster, J. Biggs, R. McFarland, A. Fredrickson, J. Koppel, K. Hook, F. Titherington, J. Euer, M. Mathias, M. Keith. ROW 4: H. Nuessle, K. Smith, P. Wagner, G. Jorgensen, C. Holmes, K. Laffaday, G. Sporer, T. Davidson, B. Graves, J. Mayer, D. Suther, D. Hurley, R. Hansen, D. Voage, R. Culver, R. Currie. ROW 5: R. Rose, J. Ramos, L. Sicalri, S. Floyd, J. Boone, C. Eiden, M. Kern, B. Carr, S. Peacock, J. Chandler, S. Atler, J. Aldridge, B. Townsend, J. Spaich, E. Page, T. Russell. ROW 6: H. Walters, L. Schneider, S. Raitz, J. Steele, K. Pritchar, C. Wilcox, K. Pritchard, M. Klug, M. Vetter, K. Carillo, P. Schudel, C. Munson, A. Hale, J. Pierce, P. Mullin, D. Montes, B. Filts, N. Gilliard. A vo ORGANIZATIONS Bulldog Bulletin Staff ROW 1: P. Hargrove, J. Appel, G. Anderson, M. McGown, C. Staton. ROW 2: C. McFarland, M. Oberson, L. Nasstrom, N. Pearson, L. Egloff, M. Monteith. ROW 3: D. Thacker, D. Agostini, P. Goldberg, S. Staton. Biology, Science and Rocket Clubs ROW 1: S. Petkovich, P. Hunter, K. Patton, B. Liberty, B. Hal- berg, B. Norris, R. Simpson, F. Skinner, J. Salomon. ROW 2: Mr. Williams, M. B. J. Coolie, M. E. Milam, B. Barton, P. Uken, K. Webb, D. Davis, B. Whitaker, D. Crowley, Miss Schomberg. ROW 3: J. Wilcox, M. Stinde, S. Johnson, S. Baxter, L. Graham, T. Reed, J. Sicles. ROW 4: S. Aldridge, M. Graves, L. Baker, D. Mullin, B. Keefer, K. Swain, A. Klug. ROW 5: R. Adams, G. Anderson, S. Parker, S. Kuhn, B. Shaffer, B. Kuhn. Boys' Block "F" ROW 1: D. Orosco, C. Lerch, E. Theis. ROW 2: M. Gardner, L. Lavagnino, R. Lavagnino. ROW 3: B. Woods, M. Grey, R. Lloyd. ROW 4: B. Berg, D. Katsulis, B. Whitaker. ROW 5: B. Kuhn, C. Westcott, T. Webster. ROW 7: G. Goodman, S. Eiden, R. Fallon. ROW 8: F. Lowery, J. J. Jones, B. Parker. ROW 9: B. Rowden, J. Tunstall, A. Rawland, D. Potts. Girls' Block "F" ROW 1: J. Burt. ROW 2: J. Chaix. ROW G. Rhoads. ROW 4: J. Wolfe. ROW 5: D. Gwyn. ROW 6: Jo. Manning. ROW 7: Ja. Manning. ROW 8: S. Kuhn. 3: alifornia Scholarship Federation ROW 1: S. Staton, C. McFarland, J. Curtis, N. Twiner, D. Davis. ROW 2: L. Egloff, C. Vogel, D. Huston, B. Weldon, B. Kingston. ROW 3: M. Stinde, J. Kearns, B. Kuhn, S. Parker. ROW 4: Mr. Carter. Spanish Club ROW 1: B. Barton, M. Milam, D. Davis, Ja. Manning, Jo. Man- ning, J. Chaix, S. Staton, B. Liberty. ROW 2: S. Baxter, N. Pearson, P. Lant, V. McCall, B. Weldon, P. Uken, B. Kingston, C. Staton, P. Goldberg. ROW 3: K. Martin, C. Summers, L. Nasstrom, K. Pfiester, G. Chapa, J. Strahan, M. Harris, E. Ander son, S. Cameron. ROW 4: K. Patton, B. Phy, C. Blackston, S. Burleson, P. Hunter, S. Johnson, B. McCreadie, C. Nuessle, D. Agostini, M. Stinde. ROW 5: P. Hargrove, J. Thomas, H. Bar- ton, S. Miles, C. Franscioni, A. Patrician, P. Hay, J. Mardesich, D. Huston, D. Katsulis. ROW 6: K. Swain, C. Lerch, M. Grey, S. Clark, J. Grace, J. Bare, B. Whitaker, J. Kearns, B. Berg, J. Jacobs, J. Appel. ROW 7: D. Orosco, D. McKay, J. Hansen, L. Dudley, P. Mehl, S. Aldridge, D. Ellis, T. Koshimizu, M. Burgess. 1z.l,.i7 , QI! - H Girls' Athletic Association ROW 1: Mrs. Mastrolia, J. Manning G Rhodes, D Gwyn D Chr1sten,J Doherty, C Staton, B Kingston, J Burt, J. Chan, D. Thacker, Miss Matten ROW 2 B Osborne D Clayton, L Egloff, R Horn, M Stinde, S Schlenker, B. Phy, C. Summers, N. Pearson, M Monterth L Nasstrom, G Chapa M Baxter ROW 3 J Curtis S. Winchester, C. Pepper, M. Harris, C Blackston, C Nuessle, F Skaggs, B McCread1e, K Martin, S Staton, P Hay, W. Lester, K. Stephens. ROW 4 D Clayton, R Laret, N Twlner J Chr1stenson,I Blodgett K Bridges D. Davis, B. Weldon, S. Baxter, N. Paulus, J Chrrsten, S Cameron ROW 5 C Kitts, P Lant, B Norrls Murphy, K. I-Iopson, S. Kuhn, K. Perry G Bowdre, P Smart, T Key C Webb, C Grayson ROW 6 K Patton, P.Bottoroff, C. Fritsche, C.Moore S Holly V Keith J Mero, K Pedersen, J Schilling C Vance,D David son, C. Keith. ROW 7: N. Bowmann, P McMurtry J Means, S Johnson, S Losh N Beall S Stezger, J Robins, L. Smith, P. David, B. Robbins, P. Hogate, M Webb Bible Club ROW 1: T. Shannon, D. Thacker, C. Franscioni, J. Murphy, C. Fritsche, D. McKay, J. Robbins. ROW 2: B. Whitaker, S. Baxter, S. Kuhn, B. Kuhn, B. Young, E. Ellis, A. Pike, B. Schoppe. ROW 3: K. Knutson, H. Giger, J. Hendricks, W. Lester, B. Norris, P. Hay, D. Pelton, M. Stanley, R. McKay, ROW 4: L. Blakely, S. Winchester, S. Losh. Pep Club ROW 1: B. Kingston, C. Staton, J. Doherty, B. Flohr, S. Schlenker, B. Phy, S. Staton, J. Manning, J. Chaix, F. Skaggs, R. Horn, K. Knutson. ROW 2: C. Nuessle, B. McCreadie, D. Agostini, L. Egloff, S. Burleson, B. Hook, S. Goodman, I. Blodgett, M. Stinde, C. Briggs, L. Graham. ROW 3: P. Hargrove, P. Frailey, D. Gwyn, D. Christ- ian , G. Chapa, C. Summers, J. Strahan, L. Nasstrom, N. Pearson, P. Goldberg, S. Kuhn. ROW 4: J. Oberson, J. Wolfe, J. Burt, G. Rhoades, P. Uken, D. Davis, S. Scott, S. Singleton, C. Driscoll, K. Pfiester, K. Martin, E. An- derson. ROW 5: J. Manning, K. Patton, J. Mardesich, K. Perry, S. Baxter, J. Christian, A. Clayton, N. Paulus, P. Lant, D. Mullin, M. Harris. ROW 6: J. Kearns, C. Westcott, D. Potts, C. Learch, D. Orosco, D. Katsulis, P. Smart, T. Key, J. Christensen, S. Cameron, C. Blackston. ROW 7: B. Kuhn, E. Theis, T. Webster, B. Cantrell, M. Reeser, S. Eiden, B. Rowden, J. Jones, B. Whitaker, J. Appel, B. Berg, M. Grey. Latin Club ROW l: L. Fox, D. Trew, R. Horn, A. Rawland, L. Johnson, K. Rodgers. ROW 2: K. Burgess, C. Vogel, B. Norris, R. Means, T. Key, G. Hefley. ROW 3: Mrs. Morris, C. Fritsche, J. Murphy, L. Mclinerny, B. Schaffer, K. Perry, Y. Smith. ROW 4: S. Kuhn, J. Thornton, G. Emond, D. Sparks. Drama Club ROW 1: N. Rundell, C. Blackston, D. Agostini, S. Schlenker, N. Rearson, M. Monteith, B. Liberty. ROW 2: J. Manning, C. Moore, S. Estep, M. Webb, L. Nasstrom, D. Davies. ROW 3: Mrs. Whitlock, J. Chaix, Bill Bannowsky, J. Manning, K. Rose, B. Kingston, B. Shoppe, M. Creel, S. Baxter, D. Bryant, I. Harris, Mr. Barrows. Nhxed Chorus ROW 1: D. Jenkins, S. Lynch J. Robinson, P. Ruth, C. Dris- coll, K. Vice, S. Atkinson. ROW 2: B. Hargis, S. Robert- son, S. Losh, N. Grey, D. Thacker, P. Bottoroff, J. Schilling, J. Ables, K. Rose. ROW 3: L. Fox, M. Roberts, J. Rumsey, A. Robertson, K. Beall, W. Lester, M. Bridges, R. Skaggs, R. Hurley, N. Beall. ROW 4: D. Schmidt, J. Dozier, W. Champagne, C. Durner, R. Lloyd. Band ROW 1: D. Payne, G. Chris- tensen, K. Brant, M. Willis, N. Paronowicz, C. Duvall, L. Watson, K. Rose, C. Krayenbuh M. Vetter, D. Egloff, S. John- son. ROW 2: R. Wilson, H. Walters, K. Wheeler, M. Keith, B. Anderson, D. Nelson, G. Maraio, J. Ballard, G. Sellers, D. Dauenhauer, R. Johnson. ROW 3: L. Lester, L. Nesbit, N. Allen, C. Staal, M. Klug, J. Schneider, J. Naughton, G. Hendricks, E. Ellis, J. Campoy, E. Theis. ROW 4: M. Crites, M. Lopez, D. Faist, H. Pearson, R. McFarland, G. Johnston, G. Stone, J. Peel, D. Ruddick, G. McMul- len, A. Klug, J. Ridge, J. Bagwell. ROW 5: K. Billing- sley, M. Straup, M. Griffin, F. Carroll, H. Sedgewick, D. Lawson, E. Elliot, Mc- Gowan, G. Goodman, R. McKay, D. Bibby, G. Chris- tensen. ROW 1: L. Nasstrom, C. Summers, G Chapa, M Harris ROW 2 B Rob bins, N. Pearson, C. Nuessle, K. Pfiester, J Strahan D Agostini, K Martin, E. Anderson. ROW 3: P. Hogate, N Beale Miss DuBose, M Webb, K Bur gess, C. Fritche, N. Bollman, E. Jon Cameron, D. Mullin, B. Shoppe. Cafeteria Workers LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Biggs, Mrs. Maderos, Mis. Berg, Mrs Bunker, Mrs. Edwards. - EI Oro Staff Janice Manning - Editor Staff's Message To the students and faculty of Folsom Union High School. The El Oro Staff of 1959 presents this album of outstanding events and achievements of the past year. We hope that as you browse through its pages, now or in the future, you will be reminded of the happiness, the friendship, and the many en- joyable times you had here during 1958-59. The Staff Assistant Editor Deanna Agostini Advisor Dale Moore Business Manager Judy Chaix FIRST ROW: Judy Chaix, Charlotte Staton, Sandy Staton, Janice Manning, Deanna Agostini SECOND ROW Raylene Horn, Barbara Kingston, Lynda Randall, Richard Lavagnino. THIRD ROW Peg Hargrove, Barbara McCreadie, Joyce Manning. TOP ROW: Bob Payne. , . Tx" M0 4 . p" xv" 'Ni Q- gz, at Wa Ag 5, rf H f mf' wwf? 5? ' K A S b s - ,Qi Q e 5 Q ATHLETICS ?f SANDY JEANU5 Songleaders CH Jeannie Rumsey, Sandy Staton, Charlotte Staton, Marilyn Harris J. V. Cheerleaders MARILYN Mascot Sharon Baxter 66 Karen Perry Nancy Paulus Bulldog Varsity Cheerleaders Barbara Flohr Head Cheerleader-JoAnn Doherty, Barbara Phy, Barbara Flohr, Joyce Manning Barbara Phy V r r Joyce Manning 67 JoAnn Dohe rty J Junior Varsity Football ROW 1: D. Voage, Mgr. H. Jennings, Mgr. G. Emmond, J. Pfiester, L. Dudley, G. Keller, J. Horyza, S. Keith, M. Foster, V. Broff, J. Holt, B. Jackson, C. Webster, B. Miller, M. Spaich, A. Manseau, B. Curry, Mgr. ROW 2 K. Stilley, J. Spaich, Mgr. D. Dauenhauer, T. Surdez, J. Woods, J. Beard, C. Page, D. Wilson, R. Dawson, B. Rountree, J. Thornton, B. Sparks, B. Castillo, R. Otsuji, D. Fisher, J. Grace, E. Page, Mgr. ROW 3: Coach J. Grimes, Coach T. Wilson, M. Bonham, D. Datwyler, G. Weir, M. Stefanko, G. Campbell, B. Miles, S. Strand, L. Grimes, R. Adams, R. Krajewski, W. Schappe, G. Kendall, R. Trainor, R. Hughes, B. Schneckloth, G. Hix, L. Hodge, R. Puckett, E. Chapa, B. Bloodworth, J. Sounier, E. Stewart, L. Wolfe, M. Ingram, B. Straup, N. Brug ger, R. Carrington, R. Powers, F. Dawson, Coach K. Kading, Head Coach D. Guerra. -. .. ' Junior Varsity Scores lf J . if denotes Mid Valley Conference ii' tty R ,C A ,i,.. 'lrri Vi1'1C9 Broff Calvin Webster Bob Straup Bob Miller Most Valuable Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Player Offensive Back Defensive Offensive Outstanding 68 Lineman Lineman Defensive Back Folsom 21. . . . . Dixon Folsom 14 . . . . Courtland Folsom 7 . . . . Rio Vista 20 Folsom 12 . . . . Jackson 'FFolsom 12 . . . . Vacaville 30 'lfFolsom 34 . . . . Lincoln PlfFolsom 33 . . . Davis 13 'lfFolsom 20 . . . . Benecia 26 ikFo1som 15 ............ Galt varsity Football ROW 1: Mgr. C. Smith, R. Fallon, C. Westcott, R. Heimstra, T. Webster, E. Theis, B. Cantrell, L. Lavagnino, R. Parker, Mgr. A. Jewell. ROW 2: S. Eiden, G. Anderson, B. Rowden, B. I-logate, F. Heimstra, R. Lavagnino, R. Strand, G. Goodman, A. Rawland, T. Martin. ROW 3: Coach C. Haskell, D. Evans, J. Jones, J. Marde- tts, S. Aldridge, R. Schneckloth, J. Tunstall, G. Bates, D. Sparks, Mgr. P. Jenkins, Head sich, B. Woods, D. Po Coach D. Price. Co-Captain 0 1-tx, -A -N - . 5 55' ..., fag, ..l!.:sl-if . ' ,,. ag, Q - , , 1' . R . .Y fu, ' -s..W" . ix f l - , s. 1 Bill Cantrell Best Offensive Lineman All Conference' .3 , Bill Rowden Most Valuable Player Best Offensive Back All Conference Co-Captain Season Summery Folsom High School's Varsity finished the 1958 season K X L... s- I, with a record of two wins and seven losses. The Bulldogs IHV, were led by All -Conference halfback Bill Rowden, who was rated one of the top- backs in Northern California, and All- Conference guard Bill Cantrell. . ,EW ':'l 1958 should be long remembered as the season that i'i' Y ati? "lights" came to Folsom High School's athletic field. In its A M ig first home game under the lights, the Varsity thrilled a large Chuck Westcott homecoming crowd with sterling play against a highly rated Best Def911SiV2 Lineman Galt team. With 15 returning lettermen, the Bulldogs have high hopes for a good year in 1959. 69 Roger Fallon Best Defensive Back Ste ve Eiden 5' Don Potts John Mardesich Ed The is Richard Schneckloth George Anderson Tom Martin Folsom . . Folsom . . . 1 Folsom . . . ' Folsom . . . . 31 Folsom . . . ' Folsom . . . . 2' Folsom . . . . 1: Folsom. . . . 11 Folsom . . . . 11 'denotes Mid Valle Allen Rawland ' 1' f2:'11'Ti6'QL2Q.w 1 , . 's'?x'7'a -UW, K' 1"Ex4SQ1'Az,-,i'5Ef':I2t.r:1s--.N QW? Q 'Q539'?fVMi6Z?js'-'i "ff.?faQ1.. 5,f5B'f1f:4.: rl f 'f " 'F . Xffiiqs, .- 4 '-fi... W ,.: "f"3i"X'ar.f'S972r,4 -' -5.-3 Q' . ,, 4 x , : F ,gggliwslrf Ps9f,g5,':,75,,qf,.Li' : 1 - A wmff w. Gf,ffg1v3'r . 'E Y ,,-l o,,,, , ..:: l,, . . , wiimf. 3' f f - xzgggsm 3 vlsfilxl g k xws .Qs-. Richard Lavagnino Cary Goodman Va rsit ' Tom Webster ' Scores 5 .-S-.1 George Bates urtland . . 19 :Vista . . . 33 :kson . . . 0 caville . . . 20 lcoln . . . . 0 Vis . . . . 33 lica . . . 27 lt . . . 26 nference games Steve Aldridge W A h A, ,QAA Larry Lavagmno Robert Parker 1- Bill I-logate ,A .M x,.,, , M,,4,f,,-1,.: . .f f ef:-i w 1 Dave Evans I gf' Bill Woods Fred Heimstra Jim Jones Q40 5 Midvalley Conference hampions KNEELING: Steve Strand, Manager, Coach Ghilain, Clyde Smith, Manager. STANDING: Jerry Roberts, Vince Broff, Dan Orosco, Roger Fallon, Joe Jacobs, Dave Boring, Bob Berg, Butch Parker, Dave Buck, Dave Katsulis, Carl Wagner, Bill Rowden, John Mardesich. Free-throw Champ CAPTAIN Rebound Champ Season Summary This year the Bulldogs had one of the top teams in Northern California as they won the Conference Championship with a perfect 10-O record. The Bulldogs also won the Mid Valley Conference tournament and placed second in the Kendell-Arnett Tournament. The team had an overall record of 26 wins with only 4 defeats. All five members of the first string were Seniors and Folsom really regrets losing these talented boys. We also regret losing our favorite coach, Mr. Jack Ghilain, as he is retiring from basketball this year. Coach Ghilain has coached basketball at Folsom for the past 12 years. We will never forget Coach Ghilain's fine coaching ability and his warm and friendly interest he showed to all his teams and students alike. Dave Katsulis Bob Berg Field C031 ChamP Outstanding Player Carl Wagnef Dan O1-Osco Steal Champ Dave Boring Defense Champ Eiliiiiiwligifkilli USES W Davis Galt Placer Amador Courtland Dixon El Dorado San Juan Highlands Courtland El Dorado La Sierra Bishop Armstrong Yuba City 'FVacavi1le Bishop Armstrong 'FGalt 4fLincoln flfBenicia San Juan 1l'Davis Highlands 'kVacaville 4'Linco1n 'l'Galt 'FBenicia 4fDavis Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom F olsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom Folsom 'denotes Mid-Valley Conference Games QQ ?9 Mid Valley Conference Basketball Co-Champs SEATED--L. to R.: Bob Haavisto, Dale Wolfe, Frank Lowery, Mike Grey, Monte Reeser. MIDDLE ROW--Cal Webster, Gordon Weir, Joe Orosco, Ron Ziegenbein, Bob Jackson, Richard Peterman. TOP ROW--John Ballard Mgr., Dick Gregory, Dan Ellis, Joe Kearns, Steve Clark, Jim Grace, Steve Aldridge, Floyd Jenkins, Mgr. Dale Wolfe Most Valuable Player Amador . . Courtland. . . Dixon .... El Dorado. . . San Juan. . . Highlands. . . Courtland ..... Nevada Union .... El Dorado ..... La Sierra ....... Bishop Armstrong. . Yuba City ...... Season Sunnnary The Folsom B Team had an outstanding record of 23 wins against only 2 losses. ln conference competition the Bullpups ties Benicia for the championship with an identical 9-1 record. Dale Wolfe was chosen went to Playmaker Champ Haavistog Rebound Champ, Cal Webster, Steal Champ Frank Lowery. Outstanding Player. Other awards , Monte Reeserg Defense Champ, Bob Frank Lowery, Free Throw Champ, , Dale Wolfe, Field Goal Champ, Season Scores 28 ..... Folsom..... ...21 ..... Folsom..... ...18 ..... Folsom..... ...16 ..... Folsom..... 17 ..... Folsom..... ...39 ..... Folsom..... ....34.....Folsom..... ...34 ..... Folsom..... Folsom..... 35 ..... Folsom.... ....43.....Folsom..... Folsom..... 58 'Vacaville .......... 12 38 Bishop Armstrong ...... 31 40 'Galt .............. 37 60 "Lincoln, . . . . .20 41 'Benicia. . . . . .29 43 San Juan. . . . . . 34 52 'Davis ..... . . . 27 44 Highlands .... . . . 33 53 'Vacaville .... . . . 23 43 'Lincoln .... . . .36 27 'Galt .... . . .33 43 "Benicia. . . . . .47 "'Davis ............. 22 " Denotes Mid -Valley Conference Games . . . . . . - . 0 . . . . . . . . . - . - . - - . . . . - - . . . . . Frank Lowery Captain .....Folsom..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... Folsom ..... "C" Team BOTTOM ROW: Jim Bagwell, Rich Brian, Dick Gregory, Jerry Young. MIDDLE ROW: Harry Flathmann, Ken Berhow, Paul Kelly, Jim Rivera, Jim Parsons. TOP ROW: Dave Posey, Bill Gossage, Jim Bare, Don Palmer, Richard Peterman, Coach Wayne Montgomery. Tennis Team ROW 1: J. Robbins, K. Pederson, Miss Carroll, S. Kuhn, J. Barton. ROW 2: E. Ellis, F. Stephens, D. Ruddick, B. Kuhn, B. Young, B. Whitaker. QQ if BOTTOM ROW: A1 Smith, John Ballard, Greg Hefley, Jerry Solomon. MIDDLE ROW: Bud Burleson, Lee Nelsen, Capt. Jack Carpenter, Richard Buck. TOP ROW: Rex FaGalde, Sewell Keeter, Ed Parsons, Dennis Otsuj, Coach Wayne Montgomery. 121.2-.7121 R is Kendall Arnett Basketball Tournament hndhnastled-fwws,4vfs-rsfsk Miss Janice Manning- -Fo1som's Princess The Bulldogs were invited again to the annual Kendall Arnett Tournament at Placer. Folsom won over Roseville in its first game 42-30. In one of the most thrilling games of the tournament, Folsom defeated San Juan in the semi- finals, 27-25. With the score tied, Carl Wagner hit on a two-hand jump shot in the closing second to save the game for Folsom. Although the Bulldogs fough valiantly in the finals, Nevada Union won 59-36. Although Folsom did not take Championship in the tournament, they still received the second place trophy and also had two of our first string players make the all tourney team Bob Berg and Dan Orosco were the trophy winners. Janice Manning, chosen by the basketball team, was Folsom s princess for the tourna ment. Dave Katsulis was her escort. Y FHA I arsity Baseball ROW 1: R. Schneckloth, D. Evans, M. Reeser, B. Rowden, M. Gardner, F. Lowery, C. Smith. ROW 2: Coach Haskall, S. Aldridge, B. Hogate, G. Anderson, B. Parker, R. Fallon, D. Wolfe, and D. Katsulis who was not present for this picture. Junior Varsit Baseball ROW 1: D. Schmidt, J. Parsons, S. Strand, D. Hoas, M. Stefanko, J. Rios, J. Camarano. ROW 2: B. Jackson, G. Weir, B. Schaffer, K. Stilley, J. Grace, H. McCul1ers, R. FaGa1de, V. Broff. ROW 3: M. Spaich, B. Sparks, D. Gregory, R. Zeigenbein, L. Nelsen. Coaches,--Mr. Kading and Erwin Glandon. QQ fi ROW 1: B. Wilcox, H. Hauser, T Smum, D Potts, B Suthem, B Johnson, F. Zipp. ROW 2: Coach D. Guerra, G Campbell, J Beard, R Boring S. Osborne, B. Kuhn, D. Boring ' " Track ROW 1: P. Messina, G. Bates, R. Otsuji, A. Rawland, D. Keeler, C. Webster, J. Roberts, R. Peterman. ROW 2: S. Aldridge, R. Miles, M. Seekell, C. Raymond, F. Jenkins, G. Webb, A. Jewell, J. Hanes. ROW 3: Coach Guerra, J. Jones, S. Hughes, L. Grimes, B. Watson, B. Schneckloth, J. Curtis, G. Hix. QQ 99 ROW 1: H. Flathmann, G. Hefley, R Puckett, D Otsuji J Soloman, D McKay. ROW 2: C. Avery, R Kern, R Carrington, F Carroll, J Cooley ROW 3: Coach Guerra, M. Bonham, M Grey, R Dawson, D Datwylr -al il 1. 7 .iifififfif's Win What is this madness? N Lovers Just waiting Class? ,ii M ii' Vi Late again Get it clean! Gay 20's Fnun-,...-. y ,ki 1 . M Contemplation Concentration Get Caught? D a.r1e ne Gwyn President Girls' Charlotte Staton Vice -President Drill Teams FRONT TO BACK: T. Reed, C. Fritsche, C. Fritsche, A. Pike, M. Webb, C. Vance. MIDDLE ROW: C. Moore, K. Burgess. BACK ROW: J. Chris- tiansen, N. Bollman, N. Beall. , I 1 1" " - Marilyn Harris h V Secretary O e ROW 1: S. Losh, V. Keith, D. Trew, J. Mero, S. Huey. ROW 2: P. McMurtry, B. L Sf S. 1,14 .4 i Junior Baseball Team CLOCKWISE FROM CENTER: J. l Curtis, K. Martin, G.Chapa, L. Nasstrom, C. Summers, C. Blackston, F. Skaggs, M. Harris, B. Phy, S. Schlenker, M. Monteith, J. Thomas, P. Hay, R. Horn, D. Agostini, S. Staton, L. Egloff, B. Osborne, S. Winchester, B. McCreadie. all Team Robbins, P. Hogate, S. John- on, P. David. Sophomore Speedball Teams BOTTOM ROW: N. Paulus, S. Atkinson, C. Parker, P. Smart, K. Perry, J. Christian, S. Baxter, C. Grayson, T. Key. TOP ROW: K. P...-mm, C. Kitts, C. Webb, J. Kinball, D. Mullin, K. Rodgers, L. Johnson, S. Johnson, S. Kuhn, J. Murphy, I. Blodgett, J. Christenson, J. Blackston, W. Lester, K. Stephen- son, Pat Altieri, B. Norris. Sports a Q ww. . S- 6. N il ,,. . 0 if . . .. ,K 'J xi' -sf ig' :lim 1055? . .Ivy 1 ' N ww 'K' V W U ,I P V "' is-f M155 Marv Marten ... . . 5 gi G-A.A. Advisor L, L VV ll - M K --:-. w .. 5 .. :"- - - Y T Q "vw 3 7, 7 ,V ' Sandy Staton Sports Manager Gracie Chapa Treasurer , 'in '33 Senior Basketball Teams ROW 1: J. Burt, J. Schneider, K. Fritsche, B. Smith, J. Wolfe, L. Hamiel, Jo. Manning, Ja. Manning. ROW 2: D. Thacker, B. Schoppe, J. Doherty, D. Gwyn, G. Rhoads, D. Christian, J. Chan, J. Chaix, C. Staton. ..H'iWl l .,,. ,.:, W, A A ell 1 ' ffl ,4 ilk Ai, A., A i ff x EARS U ADVERTISING Y' as mb ,,,. .- fl .. ,- , K--I. v ,, -W, 1116 ag. x 'Y ' ' . . Q h Y -hir' Y if ,wi I Ay!" lifgaigg' A 5 +A . 7 , , V is-w,:, "KN .A , f--v.,,k.221 fxwl ' Q vi? W X Eaiif' f wifi fain sf 4 1 ' f. :va 41 s:.,, .1 4- ,fa up .. .,, ,,...r vu ' Q 'QS 525. :asf 'i Home We Feature Banquets Good Cooking Coffee RUTH'S CAFE 707 Sutter Street Folsom California Congratulations Class of '59 CORDCVA SHELL STATION Joe C. .Iiminez 10699 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova lt's a pleasure to shop at POLK'S Finest in ready-to-wear for all the family Folsom California STERLING LUMBER COMPANY "Sterling Quality" "Whether lt's a Foot or a Millionv Folsom California 'je . f. I.. i "'f?Y'-f,1fi'a if if R Ag , M COOLEY'S BARBER SHCP C FOLSOM SHCPPING CENTER i 4 1, , Barbers 1 I, f Doug Wilson 5,41 R s ll' f ff f N oss u lvan f .1 Our Specialty 1 1 W Flattops, Boogies, Crew Cuts, Haircuts for Entire Family W S-S-S-S-S-S-S S-S-S-SPARKLE! Have a Coke! a c c camper-ybv COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF SACRAMENTO Christmas Cards All Occasion Cards Novelties MARTHA MAE HOSIER 308 Bridge Street . SPECQAL LAUREN LALIRIDSON SERVICE YU 5-2056 Your Friendly Mobilgas Dedler Folsom California 10601 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova California Pianos-Organs Accordions-Band Instruments Rented or Sold Lessons on all Instruments Compliments EMpire 3-2337 Of 10649 Folsom Boulevard Rancho Cordova California usic Q Dance Cenfer .Mensa FO LSOM READY MIX X KIPP 8 SON Appliance Store Frigidaire Appliances RCA Victor Hoffman TV YU 5-4466 Folsom Shopping Center H-is Gifts of Lasting Quality CORDOVA JEWELERS Barron E. Gage ElVlpire 3-1473 10673 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova California Our Best to Class of '59 K X .4 'iff THE FOLSOM TELEGRAPH Best Food By A Dam Sight AGOSTINVS SPAGHETTI HOUSE 722 Sutter Street Phone YUk0n 5-2188 American and Italian Food Folsom California Since 1856 Milton P. Kjer gl Orville Publishers np4f?f fr 6. 'i1f,ff4?,f7i MODEL PHARMACY Alfred J. Relvas Prescription Pharmacists YU 5-2812 Folsom California , l Courtesy of BIRD'S Shoes and Clothing for the entire family. Featuring Nationally Famous Brands Don and Dorothy Bird YU 5-3890 Folsom California Folsom's Finest Beauty Salon TOWN HOUSE BEAUTY SALON ' A 721 Sutter St. YU 5-2711 FOISOUI California -Q ' 1 ffl! Best Wishes in the Future to the Class of '58 WALLY'S FROSTIE Sutter at Riley Folsom California Burgers-Hot Dogs Shakes-Sundaes G. L. THURMAN Best Wishes Class of "59" Sheet Metal Work FOLSOM VARIETY Heating and Ventilating 729 Sutter Street 805 Sutter Street YU 5-2807 YU 5-2044 Folsom California Folsom California PATTON PHARMACY LEN BROCK JEWELRY Harry A. Patton Fine Jewelry for the Entire Family YU 5,2177 Guaranteed Watch Repairing YU 5-2133 715 Sutter Street Folsom California 711 Sutter St. Folsom California Compliments Congratulations Class of '59 f o CORDOVA TEXACO KINGS FASHIONS Marion Buljan-Richard Goodell 10679 Folsom Blvd. 10599 Folsom Blvd. EM 3-1868 Rancho Cordova California Rancho Cordova California WALKER CORDOVA HARDWARE SMALL FRY TOGS Cordova Village Center Infant Through Sulrteen Rancho Cordova, California Boys to 7 Stan Burns-C. A. fNelsj Nelson Cordova Village Shopping Center Rancho Cordova California Congratulations to the New, Used and Rebuilt Parts Class of "59" Phone YU 5-4526 FOLSOM LAKE LIQUORS FOLSOM AUTO WRECKING 929 Sutter St. 305 Riley Street Folsom California Folsom California Lee Brooke, Congratulations Class of 1959 RICHFIELD SERVICE Dr. DEAN W. STOVALL 929 Sutter St. Optometrist 723A Sutter St. YU 5-9933 Folsom California YU 54240 Folsom California B0XLER'5 MARKET FOLSOM CLEANERS sos Bidwell st. YUM 54760 Lucky Cardinal Shopping Center Phone YU 5-9954 Folsom California Folsom California Congratulations to the Class 0f,59 FOLSOM AUTO SUPPLY Wholesale and Retail SLATER ELECTRIC CO. D. L. Whitaker Electrical Contractors YUk0n 5-2823 608 Sutter Street 609 Sutter Street Folsom California Folsom California EARL J. HOXIE "FORD" 6l4 Sutter Street Folsom California YU 5-4421 Q! FOLSCM LAKE MARINA Folsom Lake State Park Complete Service East Side of Dam P. 0. Box 24 Phones: YU 5-2745 8g 5-4234 FOLSOM, CALIF. Marine Gas Dock Bait-Minnows At Standard Prices Fishing Tackle M 'Fm-SUM ffsillmf L A K E sups MDURH'-I MARINA M5 will CORDOVA LAUNDROMAT Quick Service Laundry l069l Folsom Blvd. EM 3-3273 Shag Rugs Shirt Finishing Rancho Cordova, California Congratulations Class of "59" ORANGEVALE DRUG Next to the Post Office Orangevale, Calif. YUkon 8-l77l l'l0LT'S SERVICE 702 Sutter Street Folsom, California KEN HARRIS HARDWARE 6235 Hazel Avenue Orangevale, California YU 8-1361 Congratulations Class of "59" FRANK'S SHOE REPAIR 7I8 Sutter Street Folsom, California FOLSOM FLORIST Folsom Shopping Center Old Placerville Road Folsom, California YUkon 5-2878 FOLSOM SHOPPING CENTER BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Hi-Fashion Hair Coloring, Hair Styling S Natural Permanent Waving. For Appointment Call YU 5-3522 Folsom Shopping Center Coloma Road My , TUCKER 8 SON CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales S Service Greenbaclc Lane SQ Auburn Road Folsom Orangevale YUkon 5-25-6 Chemistry Senior Homemaking Typing III GSSFOOITI Driver Education Latin I English IV Shots aooxs 4 f -2 r Z M ,. Arf I Biology Office Machines shop II X W GIsP.E X 5 U1 -E HJ Q 2 RY HKSTO Q X Our First Homecoming Captain Chuck Westcott crowns Queen Joyce Manning. iiiii Queen Joyce The Royal Court 3. Band Majorette Princesses Janice Christian and Carolyn Hoke Princess Barbara Flohr Q On to Victory fi! V ' , Away ,LT K A L- wi, fr si'? " 5 M .: ii " , H ' ' - ' ,kk,. W - ' V . '- ' ' f " V fx . ,:f:,::.lf-!:j. ' -11, . 'N s . I f I Q - ww-WW MQH, .A -. , if I -W- f5g4,. , ,Y , -gs: g fy., my C W. s fy' rw. g A A f ,V PY X ' V . R 1,7 7 A "J 'C g "V K " , y ink q . Q x . v, -,: fr:-3.7: V:.s3,E3:,,vg Mfrs I -1 is " f to cnos csss l , ' - L ' - QI L is-1 , s'-'Q ,tt-, yr' ' " . .., V ' ' 'L EL C - ., is .- ' It 7 , ,-'. . .5 'fig .b k k ,f i r - -,'. -, Q, f gf. V., r'-. r S. I ,,-, - ,,,,t,m ,h.,, ' : , - ,, :Q--is These foreign cars! The Limousine 96 We're From Folsom We're off! Campus Couple He-Men??? Remember These Assemblies The Litterbug Lineup l Folsom's Philharmonic Ziegfield Follies Equilibrium War Dance High Stepper Sam Spade Just Another "Give me victory or "Suspenseders" Commercial give me death." Basketball Snaps E , 25. QM s Hi gang! I'm hungry Gee, it's real . . .fatl Th1s ace is wild Did she really? Well, what are you looking at? You shouldn't have "Flames," do it this way! It ' b d wasn t so a , ., s ' yr - e if 2 -is it zz? if "lhk' The day after Smoke gets in your eyes With a leap and a Lerch Scratch my back 99 Charge! G0 Team C0 Get Em, Bulldog n 1lf 1 Football Lights Going Up Tense Moment Smile Pretty Girls Who's Winning? 100 W"7"" ' sl -V' 21 Q M N -. E N' .A I I - 4 5 k -:L 1 1' 9 'wr -- ' A Q 'I ' A - f ,h' .'2?-1. Q u -we . X , f Hz f 42 O ig f 1' ri , rf I J I 1 1 V, f 5 . 1. A . Q1 JT K . Ni . L 4 --Qu Q V x 1Q .QA5 ! .5 11 X - 3 Y . W f 1 , ,Q +1 ,W 5 E E 'i ,, 1,4 f 4? e 1 W i, 1. 1 N A - ' -xi , . 1, , 1 lx F I V i :N , , 1 . , 2 -' 2 . A , - 1 Il , , . ,. ' H , 1 : 2 . , E , ,N X s ' 4 4 ' T' ' 'A v , wi... -, , , 5 A-J 122.1 fL:L5!Ei-,231 liiiilfl Wal? 313.111 ,fn ' m, UH' 185 ' ! f 1 X. 445-1515. X X, Qi, ' A l K, 'rv 45 ' L is ii v A 32, 4 . I ia Ai , . -5 . ff M. . . I , . 11 X .5 -x 1, li, Y, A .p . ii 1. L?- ,V E? Qs rn I 1 We-'ff g7g','?,.', Q 1. E 4 S .. J'- ..v.. N. - T1 'Q K . A 1 I . I 4 1 : 1 1 J 1 1 :I 85' 4 ' l X 3,4 . 7 '-. rg., 1f- .f gf W-nyfiifl. , pg.-.A ,:.f f 1 1, ., nf, , .,-' 4 sry, 19, .u A Fr, E .. Af 1-5 nw 145 ew- "': , x FQWLXM ' Q , ,, , o EQ ,1 w -Eu' J, . I n -.,, M 5-,gif ,. .- '21, QW YQ 'f ' ,A Qfiw, . .4., , . I , vK.-N3yR. vs-ft' A ,I .X :H v Q. , ,., P K V Mak. . Q . x M . ,Q gy, , ' lil. , x ' " Q. ' wrtvp ., . , ,V., ,. ,. f. M, ,, 4 N, ., . ,M .3 Ji' f ' 3 . .2-4' . if M , , f., . TY , f J r , . ' ' -gp, , H' If Y' - U' fiv A gk v 1 'mf' ."'3"' x f. -. Qi Mbit lag Q9 "'T"h. g.f4A . -M1143 'rr X t W, -xt ,mil if if. , 1 v ls. L M ij, ' w I X T"-'Q-iq. mf Af' -Q58 9 8 9 , . .- . , . I . .w ,r w ff: :4 fn ,fa e1,g,,:,g 2 9 'Q K ya ff 'f swf .gg "Nw, Qv z .L v M, .Q.lf, Q -Q, - , .n U , 1 2 fu QQ! we 0 av' aM' 1 ,.. U. A Q V Q kg A f lv YZ My ' 5 .w,z?7p::-a'fw -f nw . Ir ., Inf. ,Y ,'V.-4fZ10.',f'-:- , ,' ff' " 9 ,T - . ' 'f't1"ff73M""i:"v if pf' if ll , , , ,if . .7 V. 72 Atv IJ, 'fi 41' . md. gf, !l..nj,u.'lf ldv, ' D tb , iffxvvr ,wx f af ia '.e.' ' .1 'J 1: Se - L! 3 .ww in 153' , 'sf ff , , "fmt wr 3. 2 2. f--qu 3, .A ,, ,., ,wwi si 'wif , E '

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