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Follansbee High School - Forge Yearbook (Follansbee, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1953 volume:

FORGE Volume E1ght Follansbee West Vlfglnla 1953 Follansbee High School I fa. :I-3 vi' H w CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SEN IORS UNDERCLASSMEN CLUBS ATHLETICS SPECIAL FEATURES ADVERTISING C27 WE PRESENT CcrEdxtors Olxve lane Coker Glenn Kocher It ts wxth prlde that we the Forge Staff and the Semor Class of 1953 present thxs edmon of fond memorxes of the past wlth hxgh hopes for the future Though our lrves m the future may be brxght or dark through whatever late holds rn store tor us we shall never forget our days at Follansbee Hxgh School We hope that the 1953 Forge wxll serve as a memory book depxctmg sports socxal actlvrtxes school work and the numerous other thxngs that make up the tradx tlons to our Alma Mater The Ednors C We Dedicate Gus Wmter lt was wrth deepest regret that on the twenty thlrd of Iune nmeteen hundred and irity two that the people of Follcmsbee and surroundmg communrtres learned ol the death of Argus Gus Wmter Mr Wmter had been head coach at Follansbee tor the past three years and produced some of the best athletrc teams the school ha ever had Hrs quret uncrs summg manner made hrm a frrend of all It rs wrth the deepest afiectron that we the students of Follansbe High School dedrcate thrs the mneteen hundred fxlty three edrtxon of the Forge to our former coach and frlend Gus Wmter C47 C ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATIGN Supenntendent Mr Olen Hutcm Asslstant Supermtendent Mr Glen Smxth Board of Educutxon Dr H A Sporck I A Mulhollen Frank Care Ioseph Funk Som Kuchner Pr1nc1pcxl WIIIIGHI C Hood A B West Lxberty State College MA Umversuy of P ttsb rqh Secretary Mxss Lo1s Lcmtz FACULTY Iune Anderson Physlcal Educatlon A B West Vxrgmta Unxversxty Anthony I Caznpanelh Typxnq Shorthand Ofixce Prachci B Ed Duquesne Umversxty M Ed Umverslty of Pxttsburgh O11ve Arbaugh Enghsh AB Mount Union College M Lxtt Umversxty of Plttsburgh Esther Care Mustc B S m Musxc Educatlon Pennsylvama State College Amencan Htstory A B West Ltberty State College MA West Vtrgzma Umversxty Icxrnes A Ccuey Sctence B S West Lxbertv State College AB West Ltberty State College Dayton Unxversxty Homer S Bodley Bxology BS Ohlo State Umverstty M Ed UHIVSYSHY oi Pxttsburgh Iames L Carey Englmsh Hxstory Sctence AB Secondary Educatzon Shephard College C75 Clementine Bishop FACULTY Carlm Dodnll Physrcal Educatron Assrstant Coach A B West Lrberty State College MA West Vrrgmra Umversrty Kathleen Iames Engllsh AB West Vrrgmra Unrversrty ML1tt Umversrty ol Prttsburgh Francrs Freshwater Mathematlcs AB Salem College MA Umversrty oi Prttsburgh Shrrley G Iohnson Speech Englrsh Dramatrcs A B Salem College Fred Hamrlton Industrral Arts BS Educatron West Vlrgmra Umversrty M A West Vrrgrma Unrversrty Amy Iolley Englrsh A B West Lrberty State College ME Umversrty of Pmsburgh Thomas I H111 Urlvmg Socral Studres A B Rxpon College Sara Belle Lxvmgston Home Economxcs B S H E West Vrrgmra Unrversrty C37 M..Lttt, University oi Pittsburgh FACULTY Frank Longevitsh Mechanical Drawing B.S. Fresno State College California State Teacher's College Esther Power English History A B Bethany College M Litt University of Pittsburgh Frances Mahan Latin English AB Western Reserve University B F Randolph Chemistry Physics Mathematics A B Salem College Ruby McQu1llan French Iournahsm English Dean of Gxrls A B West Virgmra University Alfred R1gner Bandmaster BS Music Ed Muskingum College M A University of Michigan L A Orsmr Typing Commerctal Arithmetic A B West Liberty State College M Ed University of Pittsburgh James Skews Social Studies Science Btoloqy A B West Liberty State College M Lrtt Umversrty of Pittsburgh 497 West Virginia University FACULTY Ruby Smlth Geography Hrstory Arrthmeuc A B West Lrberty State College Katherme Traubert Lxbranan Hrstory BS Ed West Vrrgmxa Umversxty M Ed Umversrty of Prttsburgh Douglas Stone Coach So ral Sclence Mathemalrcs AB Salem College Albert T Wells Mathematxcs A B West Lxberty State College Sally Tennant Vocatxonal Home Economxcs AB Falrmont State College MA Columbxa Umversrty Camera Shy Wrlla Thompson Bookkeepmg General Busmess AB Bowlmg Green College M Ed Umversxty of Prttsburgh C103 SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Glenn Kocher Presxdent Ccrtherme Bodnur Secretary Treasurer Rcry Bodley Vrce Presxdent SPONSORS L A Orsmx Fred Harmlton Mxss Ruby McQu1llcm Mrss Iune Anderson Mlss Kathleen Iames 4123 MARILYN ALLEN Commercral Marrlyn s sweet and quxet too Shes the rergnmg queen oi 52 CAROLE ALLSOPP College Prep Carole played four years rn e band For thxs we grve her a great blg hand HELEN ARIEMIA Commercral Whos the queen of the roller rmk" Its Mrss Anemra many thmk RICHARD ARNETT :- College Prep Thrs blushmg lad IS very sweet He 15 a boy who cant he beat HELEN BARBUSH College Prep A dark halred lrvely lass Shes one ol the fmest rn our class LAWRENCE BASIL General The FHS crowd wrll always cheer For Tweezle our tall basketeer CHARLES BEAGLE General Quxet shy and irxendly Chuck We wxsh for h1m the best oi luck OTIS BEARDEN Commercral Buddys manners are very keen He rrdes around rn a chevre green DONALD BENZO General Donald wxth hrs Ilmld ways Wxll be a success m future days IOHN BERNOLA College Prep Iohnny Bernola rs tall and neat He has a pair oi dancmg feet GEORGE BILDERBACK College Prep Head usher IS Bxlderback Imtratwe he does not lack RAYMOND BODLEY College Prep A sparklmq personality has Ray Wrth a fnendly qreetmg he starts each day CATHERINE BODNAR College Prep Secretary Treasurer ot our class Cathy rs cr popular lass RANDALL BOFFO College Prep A jolly lad IS Randall Bufl When lt comes to drxvmg he knows hrs stuff ALLEN BOGARAD College Prep Bogxe deserves a lot of credlt For the Ingot he helped to edit SENIORS 'uuzvf 'ma' .fix 41 1 .jf f14l HARRY BOWMAN allege Prep Planmng mxschlel wxth artlul craft Wmnxnq hearts wxth hrs merry laugh IEAN BOYD General Sweet and lovmg lS our Iean Wxth her camera she IS keen RALPH BRADY General Ralph IS really on hrs toes When hes rn hrs baseball clothes BETTIE BURKEY College Prep With shmmq eyes and sunny smxle Bettxes happy all the whrle IANET BYERS Commercial A musical miss is Byers, "Ian," She played tor us in the band. GRACE CAMERON College Prep Grace comes fxrst m manners and porse She seldom makes a lot oi norse FRED CASINELLI College Prep Freddres always lots ol lun Blues and troubles he has none VICTOR CEGLIE General A flymg tackle IS our Vrc For lun and lrohc hes our plck FRED CERCON E General A tall husky fellow IS Fred He greets one and all wrth a nod of hrs head GAIL CHAPMAN General Here s a grrl wrth personahty plus Shell go lar take lt from us SEN IORS fox Q21 C J ANTONETTE CICCARELLI Commercral Chick IS quxte a popular gxrl One of the best rn thrs ole worl LINDA CIPRIANI Commercial Lmdas laugh rs like the flu It goes nght to the heart oi you ROBERT CLINE General Wlth charmmg smrle and wavy hcnr Bob Clme rs quxte beyond com pare OLIVE IANE COKER College Prep Ccredxtor of the Forge IS she A fmer lass youll never see ELIZABETH COMPAGNA College Prep A studxous lass rs our L12 In all her work she rs a whlz gt G gg' In I -0 if I' yy' E , I .l l 43- 7 f V f 15 WILLIAM COOPER General Get mto trouble he w1ll never Blll IS really very Clever ETHEL CRAWFORD Commercxal Ethel 1S so very neat She IS one who cant be beat MILDRED CRINKEY College Prep Attractxve as she smxles so sweetly She has won our hearts com pletely DOMINIC CROCE General We all know that Dom IS swell No one mcer you ll hear tell VINCENT CURTIS College Prep Manager of our team was Dxnk Saymg hello wlth a smxle and wmk SENIORS 'Tv 'Q' if 7' lv C 7 DORIS CUSICK Commerc1al Wlth haxr so blonde and skm an' Youll Imd her on the top some where IO ANN DAVIS Commercial Io Ann 15 always W1d9 awake A mcer gxrl they lust don t make College Prep Smart and attractzve rs our Inend Bob As an alrplane pllot hell do a good Job ANGELA DeSANTIS ommercxal Angle gay and lancylree A happxer gxrl you ll never see ORLANDO DeSTEFANO General Chxco IS a shoemakers son begun if ' A ' ' ' so I ' , 6? ' 3' S ROBERT DAVIS ,2 C . Q., 1 V - I , g x' ., 1 ' 16 EDWARD DrPINO College Prep Full oi pep rs our pal Eddre For a good txme hes always ready PAULIN E DONOFE Commercral Lxked far and wxde by everyone Paulme 1S a lot of lun ELLEN FANTE Commerclal CoCapla1n oi the cheerleaders IS our El She always gxves a mrghty yell MARY IEAN FANTE Commercral A wmsome lass rs Mary lean For cheerleadmg shes mxghty keen SYLVIA FERRELLI Commercral Sylvxa rs always lols of fun Her jokes are enjoyed by every one A-, sf LARRY FLEMING General Larry IS our trumpeleer What he plays we lxke lo hear RALPH FUSCARDO General Wlth twml-rlmg eyes and shmmg haxr Blackre as a lad so rare PAUL GASVODA College Prep Paul rs a boy wlth not much to say As he goes along hrs carefree way DOLORES GAYDOS Commercral Always ready to help rs she Where does she get her energy WILMA GEORGE Commercral A lovely grrl rs Wrlma George She adds sparkle to our Forge HANNAH GILLESPIE Commercral Some smxles makes us happy some make us blue But the smrles oi Hannah we know to be true ELLEN HANLON Commercral Whatever she does she does 1t nght Slow but sure and wrth all her mxght KENNETH HEATON General When rt comes to lnends he has many Thrs rs our pal Heaton Kenny BETTY HEDMOND College Prep Wxth twmklmg eyes and humor keen A smlle for all whenever seen WILLIAM HILL General As an actor 'xes above par We know someday hell be a star SENIORS ll8l ROBERT HUGHES General In our band he plays the drum Hrs ime qualxtxes you lust cant sum GAY HUKILL Commercral She came to us from Wellsburg way Her manners irlendly her name IS Gay General Gene rs 1olly good and true He ll be a success before hes through IAMES IANIDAS General Irmmy enjoys tellmg lokes for un Whxch makes hlm lxked by everyone NANCY IONES Commerctal Throughout the day they can be heard Her laughter and her cheery word EUGENE IRVIN I . V . MARGARET KELLEY College Prep Margaret has a heart of gold By her kmdness we were sold ELVA KING Commercral Elva IS qulet but full of fun Someday shell make thrs old world hum DONALD KINSEY General Lrttle but mrqhty and packed wlth fun Don has the blues on the run GLENN KOCHER General Ot our class Glenn xs the head A born leader lt has been sard RONALD KOONTZ General So very qulet so very shy He really rs a wonderful guy SENIORS U9 SAMUEL LADA Commerclal A lad who rates hrgh rn every way In all sports hes tops we say WILLIAM LEVER General Whoever knew a better sort Heres to B111 a mrghty good sport ROSEMARY LEWIS College Prep Takrng part 1n both our plays Her actmg left us ln a daze EDWARD LIONETTI Commerclal Always quxet but never sad In realzty we thmk hmm a mrqhty fme lad FRANK MARINO General Frank rs ever neat and tnm Thrs has always been saxd hlm N , , 3 DONALD MARTIN General Don IS our favorrte son You should see hrm on the run GARY MARTIN College Prep Gary was on our football team In everythxng hes on the beam DORA MARTIN O Commercral Best thmgs come wrapped up so small them all MARTHA MAZEZKA Commercial Tap dancmg her way mto each heart So very frxendly and gay Mart ANTHONY MAZZONE General Tony rs our frghtmg guard He 15 really qurte a card SEN IORS V? bv' ?""" 4207 THOMAS MCBRIDE College Prep Hrs fondest delrghts are to sleep talk and eat Thrs peppy lad rs hard to beat SHIRLEY MCCARTY Commercral Very shy and very sweet Shxrleys a glrl you ought to meet VIRGINIA MCGEE Commerczal Vrrgmxa 1S quret and very de mure A frrend to depend on all can be sure RONALD MEREDITH General Ronnre rs mannerly and very neat A irrendher lad youll never meet DONNA MILLER Commercral Donna and her fnendly smrle She rs happy all the whrle 3' if .. r is-"V I 5 b KL' ,R I II that's the case, Dora beats A ' . 'D ,. do Xt I' is . E I V THOMAS NAY College Prep Qulte a guy IS Tommy Nay He was successful 1n our play BARBARA OUGHTON College Prep Babs IS a fnend to all Her laughter rmgs throughout the hall PATRICIA PEKARSCIK Commercxal Patty has a wmnmg way Shes forever happy throughout the day NANCY PERTKO Commerclal Perks a gal whos never cool Shes surely a credrt to our school IAMES PETROFF General The favonte pastxme oi our Ixm Is causrng nots thats for hun MARIAN POWELL Commercial Marxan IS a sweet httle mxss We wrsh her luck and lots of tlus ROSEMARY PREST Commercxal Our cheermg sectxon was one of the best But wouldnt have been wxthout Mxss Prest NICK PRODANOVICH General Very smart and inendly Nxck In any crowd hes sure to clrck MARGARET QUA'I'I'ROCCHI Commerczal For wrt and satxre jokes and mxrth Margxe has won the upper berth DOROTHY RA WSON Commercxal Dot rs sweet her harr blonde Of thrs Mrss we re very fond IO ANN REA Commercxal Frxendlmess IS Ios polxcy A mcer glrl th re ll never be BETTY ROMAN Commerclal Betty has a cute pony tall Her joy IS never known to fall WILLIAM ROSS General A Ireckleface lad wrth bnght red harr Brll hasnt a worry or a care DINO ROTELLINI College Prep Short but burstxng wxth person ahty A fmer fellow youll never see DONNA RUIZ General They ve been w1th us but a short whxle Donna and her Inendly smxle SENIORS Ir' 11' C29 DOLORES SANTORO 'nmercxal Wxth many smrles and never a frown DcrDo turned our hearts upsrde down GENE SA UNDERS General Gene rs always on the go How he does xt we dont know BERNARD SAYRE General Artxst Bernie rs never sad e rs the Imest to be had WILBUR SCI-IENERLEIN General Sonny IS a lad so tall For hrs personality we drd fall SHIRLEY Sl-IEARS College Prep Thls cute blond rs lull of loy Well hked by every gurl and boy ll Co. ' K-if 1 . , K , I ,em I J I , I :J FRANK SISINNI General Blackxe wlth eyes brlqht wxth un Is so well hked by everyone ROSS SISINNI General Wlth wavy halr and shmmg eyes Ross ns tops wrth all the guys EDITH SLANCHIK Commerclal Edre s presxdent of the S OS S Shell be remembered as one oi the best MARY SMERECANSKY Commercral At athletlcs Marys very good Wed keep her wxth us 11 we could WILLIAM SMITH College Prep Very tall rs Smlth Bxll He does all hrs work wlth zeal SENIORS ""f -Q' Qin- 5913 4239 TT ELLINORA STARR College Prep Not rowdy at all rs Ellmora Stan As a student shes above par ROBERT STIFT General Bob IS tall and burlt to sxze Wxth the glrls he rates a pnze DOROTHY STILLSON College Prep She enjoys smgmg quite a lot We all know her just by Dot EDWARD SUCIU General If you re ever lonesome sad r blue Iust ask Bddxe Sucxu to talk you DORIS EILEEN SUMMEHS Cornmercral Always Smrlxng IS Exleen Ever helpmg she can be seen IACQUELYN SWEANY College Prep Jackie song bird of our class Ever active is this lass MARTHA THOMPSON Commerclal To her friends shes so devoted For her kindness she IS noted DELORIS TINGLER Commercial Short and slender full of lun Give it to Dolly and twill be done EVA UNDERWOOD Commercial An energetic girl is 'Eve We surely hate to see her leave. ANTOINETTE URSO Commercial A shorthand whiz is Antoinette, She'1l be a fine secretary, we bet. SENIORS 'Qs 1247 CHARLES UTZ College Prep Chuck is an actor very line Lively mannerly and benign ROBERT VERNER General Eggnuts we all know hlm by You couldnt find a nicer guy IOHN WEAVER General So very quiet is our Iack For football he has a knack. LOIS WEEKLY College Prep She is known by all as 'Twink' One of the iriendliest, we do think. PAUL WHEELER General Quiet. but friendly in his way, He's very line and that ain't hay. SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Commercial A sweeter girl you never did see For a sweeter girl there can not be SEN IORS 'O' w-U, 'ww MARIANNE YODERS College Prep One of the finest you must agree A great success shell surely be Camera Shy. Charles Cooper Motto: We build the ladder by which we rise. Flower: Pink Carnation. Colors: Old Rose and Silver. 4257 BARBARA WILLIAMSON Commercial She has set our hearts apranc in Her iavonte pastime is tap dancmg 5 Y we .ai Wulf' Q ,X ,fn X' . A Aisfvv . ,A f I , I , AK in 'gg ix V' at 9 T xg ' -' if 1 ff, - ' A 'Y rg .,if:f,g,JgL Y Viaesvsefvvw- X T , whit, J .4 l I ft As' i '-fy ' 4 A ' N- 'Wfiiawf '69 KP i Unf- .L 3 5 2 ii: 3 1 I 2 at f .2 , an 1 -A ' wg? ig .ji 3' ,-.5 -, ,Q diy , ages - A. Y' 0 2 .V Q!"w'4 - - , . . . , ,A-1. 3' 1 ' W , 4 Class of 1953 As we walk to the stage of the aud1tor1urn for the last ttme to get our d1plomas a V1V1d recollectton of our years here at Follansbee Hlgh passes before us Our lust year 1n Follansbee H1gh School proved to be exc1t1ng when we made our debut before the student body by grvmng our flISl assembly program Our mark 1n the world of sc1ence was begun when as e1ghth graders we won an award from Current Sc1ence and Av1at1on Magazme Margaret Kelley and Edd1e D1P1no were selected as the outstandmg elghth graders Freshmen at last' Our b1g step from Iumor to Semor I-hgh was successful as our basketball team coached by T I H1ll won the t1tle as Sectlonal Champs Io Ann Dav1s and Edd1e D1P1no acted as our f1ISl representahves to the Student Counc1l Delores Gaydos and Edd1e D1P1no relgned as the most popular Freshmen As Sophomores we were 1o1ned by students from Edgewood and St Anthony s Schools Manlyn Allen and Ellen F ante were chosen as reserve cheerleaders Ross S1s1nn1 and Manlyn Allen were voted the most popular Sophomores Ehzabeth Compagna placed second 1n the state w1th her entry rn the essay contest Freedoms Open Door When we entered our Iurnor year we selected Sam Lada Frank Manno and Mary lean Fante as our Class Ofhcers Antonette C1CCOIeu1 and Sam Lada rergned as K1ng and Queen over the Iun1or Class carnlval Ross S1smn1 carelll Allen Bogarad and Iacquelyn Sweany starred as solorsts 1n the Operetta H M S Pmazfomre Rosemary LGWIS portrayed Corhss Archer 1n the Iumor Class product1on Meet Corl1ss Archer We entered our Sen1or year w1th our goal close at hand Allen Bogarad and Antonette C1CCG'.l'ell1 were chosen as Co Ed1tors of The Ingot To gu1de us through our hnal year we chose Glenn Kocher Ray Bodley and Cathenne Bodnar as our Class Ofhcers Co-captams of the football team were Allen Bogarad and Ross S1S1I1I11 Manlyn Allen rergned as second Homecommg Queen of F ollansbee H1gh Because of h1s athletlc ab1l1ty and sp1r1ted fI1e1'1dl11'19SS Sam Lada was named captam of the basketball team The Iunror Town Meet1ng speakers were Ehzabeth Compagna Ol1ve lane Coker B1ll H111 and. Harry Bowman We produced a mystery-comedy play entxtled Ghost Wanted wlth B111 H111 takxng the lead Ol1ve lane Coker and Glenn Kocher were chosen to ed1t the 19521953 ed1t1on of The Forge Wllh our d1plomas now 1n hand we begm a new era H1 wh1ch the exper 1ence and knowledge we have gamed at Follansbee H1gh School w1ll be our path to a successful future C271 and Marilyn Allen were chosen as our most popular Iuniors. Antonette Cic- I ll 'I Il ' 1 I ' ' ll I ll I I ll ll ' I I UNDERCLASSMEN Ralph Anastasro Iohn Amas Kenneth Bam Wnlham Barkley Paul Basrl Beverly Batson Ronald Bxrd Mona Blankenshxp Monxca Bobby Shrrley Brewer Norma Lee Brown Betty Bryan Ruta Calvarese Ierry Cassandra Iohn Cxccolella Duane Copenhaver Betty Corder Iosephme Cuomo Ronald Davxs Wrlltam Debnar Pete DeSte1ano Ierry Edwards Thomas F ante Elsie Frie Ron Gawrych Iohn Geary Mary Evelyn Gxllesple IUNIOR CLASS , agua vii rmmlm J 5' -13 till C30 Beatrxce Baker Betty Baker Charles Baker Thomas Bauldaul Roberta Behnke Regma Beltrame Iames Bonaventura Lee Brawer Bessre Bremer Paul Burke Don Burnsworth Eugene Cam Nma Collrns Rxta Confalone Charles Cooper Doran Daugherty Ina Mae Davxs Lucy Davis Io Ann D1Remrg1o George Dragomr Audrey Dunn Ellen Ford Ieanetta Forker Marjone Freese Gladys Grace Richard Gray Cnaron Grxfhth I , A x I . A 4, , ,, . 5' 5 1 R f ' . 7 5 54?ii.Q 1 q 'li Q K 4. , To X . fi- l 'fQ"f,n V dr-5-Ipgb . . Q I A ' m.. Q 3 'ht ' s.ay,tg i , N 'l .3 Q X B 6 eg S 9 wg . K Q Q . . I 0 . , f ' ti xl ' X I gl' 1 IFF C ' 5 A ll M K K li V I I V n K ' l'fl 22 ' 'B hy ' V hw .- 'lvflr B - fflh f' I X A x I e'.f 1g :,..,r: 6 I 1 5 i I an , K ' f I , S - " -I X J ' . W1 .Vg , , ,4,r A Lx A A VA ' f I ., 1 ,, L M f l Barbara Grxgsby Iudtth Gngsby Bonme Gnmm Marlon Horvath Mary Louxse lense Barbara Iackson Nancy Kelley Vxrqmxa Kmg Harry Knmmel Raymond Lahxta B111 Lantz Kathryn Lauttamus Frances Mark Pete Martm Iack Maupm Colleen McM111an Marran Mrhalovrch Mary Ann M1hG1OVlCh Pattre Murray Sandy Muscara Tom Nxcodemus Helen Palrzza Ieanne Pannett Angela Petrovrch Alfred Rocchlo Marlene Saul Wnlham Saunders 'Q P4 '.nr4ff34 rkffwk IUNIOR CLASS away 1 ff 4? A 'iff' I. ca 'Q -i' If I A is .252 'si' eu-ff x lack Haney Alxce Hartley Alvm Hauaht Robert Iones Evelyn Keeder Mary Ann Keelmg Helen Khmansky Gene Kuhns Despma Kynakodts Kenneth Loy Lynn Marne Wxllxam Mams Kenneth McAlpme Dawn McBee Sam McMahon Lawrence Molnar Wrlham Mossor Charles Muder Lawrence Nxxon Sylvra Onea Sandy Orsml Vespy Poggx Frank Provenzano Carley Ann Rees Shrrley Schmdler Ieanne Schwertteger B111 Secrrst Charles Sxmmon Loretta Smxtz Merry Lu Smrth Ann Suffalette Antonette Suppa Mary Ann Swartz Patsy Trlpodl Dwyha Vxrtue Vrrgmxa Walhser Ianet Wettergreen Marlene Wxlson Dlck Wrlght IUNIOR CLASS 2358 Sue Zexgler Rose red Cello Marjone lrvm Tony Orecchro Steve Pema Camera Shy Alex Przzutx Bob Quattrocchx Eddue Slmrrons Iohn Testa wif? avi? WE 'Sr Cutrone Ronald Smxth Clxfford Starkey Donna Stenger Klt Taylor Norma Thomasellx Amta Todd Martha Waugh Margaret Wexble Sue Weatherhead Shlrley Wood IoAnn Yachxm Esther Zak C323 ' p Trl T 1 of L ,,., I ,. f ,K 1,5 - .9 , 6 . V KVV I If A T 1 y X T S jg:,:ij2ji,3Q2 if I Q 2 er r ffl A , fi-L. -,fa alyy gf- ' - 1 1-f 1 ll, ' larl A - ' S ' ' N , fr 1 ' - Z ,T 3 5,91 f ,f . S l C 3' 1 at lolll , C , C y , D ' F j of if ,'o' N W C ' i :. Alf- D ' 1 ' ' . Bessxe Adams Ieanette Alexander Mary Alxce Alley Carol Apxtzsch Olga Arnas Margaret Beatty Bob Beckner Anna Mae Bellanco Iames Benzo Manan Bernola Wxllxam Berry Ruth Bllby Myrna Kay Bloux Pantllo Bonaventura Norma Bonnett Leon Bowen Cora Mae Bowman Benny Brown Harrxett Brown Nancy Brown Constance Bukovmsky Nell Buono Gary Calhoun Mary Rose Caruso Eleanor Casarcxa Beverly Chadwell Rachel Cheek Robert Cherlpko Andrew Crlone Raymond Cxonnx Ann Coker Benny Copenhczver Ioe Crognale Ioe Czesztyxcln Carolyn Davls Sandra Davrs Sonny Dawson Gxlbert Delatore Eleanor Deuley Lours Dreguez Rrta Rae D1Pasquale Patty Rae Dotson Patrxcxa Draqomr Bob Dumbaugh Ruth Ann Eckles Mary lane Fadlem Vmcent Fadse Mlke Falbo lean Ferguson lean Rose Ferrelh Roberta Fxsh Edward Flowers Okre Floyd Emnha Formxs Tom Freshwater Mary Iane Gamb lack Gardner Ruth Geary Helen Geshetf Irene Grovanakls Donna Lee Gxvens Harry Givens 8 is 4 ? 'V Pell! -fmizh SOPHOMORES 1 1 BU 6 7 4: 'Mew 914' 4' P my M U4 4 mf-ff 1 My 'tu' 'Q fi "R to 15 gp GJ is 'EVP itil . lllblftll N ta I 13' iii' 'Q . is me ' if JJ!! we 'DQ 'Wx SOPHOMORES 46, tag? 9, A+. N-0' We lb Q34 wish if-1 I 2' -3 A 9 G.f JN lack Givens Myrtle Glasure Gene Gosney Fred Grai Iames Gray William Gruber Ruth Ellen Hartley Mrke Herceg Anna Hrbbert Nancy Hrckman Dons H111 Gala Lou Hooper Barbara Ann Horvath Ray Hunter Robert Hunter Leland Israel Adah Ianeshek Davrd Iones Ida lean Iune Iarnes Iurosko Charles Keeder Tom Keele Betty Kelly Robert Kerr Ianet Kocher Norbert Klug Gwendolyn Kuhns Rrchard LaRosa Betty LeMasters Tony Lrcata Wayne Loy Frances Lovy Paul Lucas Wrllram Lyke Mrke Mancano Edward Martm Mary Martmo George Mazezka Andrew Mazzone Thomas Meneely Lynne Mrtchell Elsre Mozrngo lane Morgan Hrchard Moulds Marlene Neurohr Errc Oughton Ierry Pappas Iohn Paro Ruth Parrrsh Raymond Pekarscrk George Pirster Barbara Phrlhps Teddy Prevach Rhett Pmsky Iames Przzutr Marcra Ann Poggr Mxke Bagan Suzanne Regan lean Ramen Frances Renforth Davrd Rhodes Rose Ann Romagnolr R V i N tri . I-:lx S 'gli 6 '6 -, XT . . . I ,gf p .- G , Q f G1 'V V L Q -Q ' .rv ir Q4 41 Y G ' Tl . 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' T ' A f . it I I " 'gig I l 1 R R R sf 91 z R ' Hoyt Allen Rebecca Amuso Edward Barnhart Ierry Brady Rxchard Burkett Ronald Byers Ioanne Crognale Roger Crurse Russel Curtrs Edward Debnar Edward Dotson Iames Dragonxr Edward Forker Laura Fowler Rlchard Freshwater Charles Grace Carmen Grrst Ralph Hanlon Carole Kabrsch Ianet Keener Andrew Kerr Rxchard LaPo ta Carol Ledger Dorothy Lrston ludy Maurer Helen Mazezka Charles McCracken 8 E O CII as -a CL' CD :n D' U rf-1 QF' S 'S Ts lla-'f rf rv!! Y 1389 QE: 5 IM 'im Ag L mg PMS' Delores Beard Donna Blankenshrp Donna Bom Ruth Ann Byers Dean Chadwell Davrd Cooper Robert Czesztyrckt Dorothy Daugherty Iames Davrs Vera Dragomr Wrlham Eckles Carl Ewusrak Tom Geary Katre Mae George Iohn Grace Sylvra Hart Shrrley Hubbard Iames Hughes Iudy Kerr Catherme Krmmel Dorothy Kotroumame Donna Loy Dorothy Ludewrg Ronald Maderra Sam Mxrabellr Charles Mrller B G R at , 51: . , y , r 4 'ev v . , .A V xy , E 1 y Q gi x U A Q or , ' Y . 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Guy Parnsh Darlene Phxlllps Paul Phxllrps Darlene Scheetz Ioe Shawver Gene Slmmons ,M Rebecca Smedle Bernadette Smrtz Ioseph Spencer Darlene Valero Frank Voytek Conrad Wallace FUI W4 Camera Shy Ioan Batson Rrchard Bryan Kay Hathaway Mary Ann Humes Iames Lowe Angelme Nlckoles CecxlR1chard B1ll Stone Dale Walker by 2 'M wk l 194 Iudrth Sprouse Iudrth Stenger Sally Thornburg Ruth Waugh Marlene Welsha gn 911' Em QQQQE, C397 IIS fic ' f X t Q if Q ' a 'Q W 1 4 - fl .Q R' s A' ' 32' i I i ,NT ' " ' U ,Q t . FF: . M I' to , Q . MJ, R 1,16 .ivy - A wa A , Q ,h sc ., , 55,5 4' ' y 1, R - , 4 h M .X jfg f , , ' ,Z gf " ,, A V oo Jig? y . , g ' y raw! i'lf . . Ai f Q ,5- f ,V W4 N' 1 . r .8 W. A X y A N . .N it rv L 4 lf 4+ 6"'- ,fl f'hQ f .V l -' V 177 err, fr . 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Helga Waelz ,R Rxchard Watkms Saundra Weaver -05" 4 , x 1 nn 1 Camera Shy Charles Anderson Iohn Gargus Marvm Waugh MU 'Pa Sally Mathxeson Iames McBee Sandra McBr1de Robert Miller George Mxtchell Donald Moore Ioseph Nxckoles Glorra Pappas Donald Parnsh Frank Renforth Flora Lee Rrggle Dons Servars Iames Shute Fred Slmmons Mary F Sole Gerald Stewart Kaye Suddoth Vernon Thompson Ronald Tmgler Mane Tost Charles Vanderbush lack Verner Iohn Voytek Vernon Welshans Ralexgh Wllson Lorna Zak a ' if, . Xa yy V ,A ' in J . -v V. A z. A t Pg J I . -gy F Npf ' : ,. gg A Q. P ,tw 3, - . rgtzfgilf., - h ' - L 4' 1 A '- ' of 1' -ee f A . A . , A Q A l ' , 'J' Q, 3. 4' 5 I . . F Q A rf we -0 6 4 V, , ' C ' 1 ff Lonny Riggs , A-.1 Q K A- ki. 4 V . . - dr- un ' 'Q ,' Q - , J 3 Q ,. ' u 'I T W .' . A " or F 'filo 1- , .f R pl I l ' X 5' 4' X ' . rv ,M 4. I-I' ,lf,i fl yy N ,E 3- ' as V 3 .R I A ,, .V , .E 4 . A, , . A I X X r .F 1 'nf S. My - 1, V 9 " ff ' f ? -J 925' ' : - -an ., , . , U 1 ,, N f , A f. A , f : in n , f 'A 'L' V ' ' " fir A Q .5 .a V7 sr., ' ' AT WORK 7 Q9 C 7 ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row Bob Suit Domemc Salatrno Carmen G1gl1o Ron Gawrych Tom Freshwater Bob Hunter Ray Hunter Rhett Pmsky Mrddle Row Iohn Crccolella Evelyn Keeder Shtrley Wood Merry Lu Smxth Ray Bodley Fred Cas1ne111 Mary Ann M1hGlOVlCh Mar1an Mrhalovxch Barbara Wrllramson Frances Mark Iohn Leary Front Row Mary Lou Schravone Ehzabeth Compagna Iudy Dav1s Dons H111 Esther Srmmons Glenn Kocher Rosemary Lewrs Allen Bogarad Olga Arnas Bonme Grrmm Manlyn Allen IoAnn Rea Rosemary Prest Camera Shy Irm Fulcmrtz Leonard Allsopp Vespy Poggr OFFICERS Allen Bogarad Pres1dent Glenn Kocher V1ce Pres1dent Rosemary LGWIS Secretary Treasurer M1ss McQu1llan Sponsor Back Row Rrchard WlllnSk1 Ronald Blrd Ioe Croqnale B111 Berry Charles Baker Fred Graf Ronald Strarght Bob Hunter Tony Lrcata lack Gardner Dwrght Farrow Paul Lucas Doran Daugherty Mrddle Row Ralph McGraw B111 Shaffer Robert Iones Dav1c1 Lantz George Draqomr Ronald Dav1s Homer Buckle Bob Davrs George Brlderback Duane Tennant B111 H111 Kenneth McA1p1ne Mrss Esther Care accompamst Front Row Mr OISIHI Sponsor Ronald Koontz Andrew C1lone Otxs Bearden Rhett Pmsky Fred Cas1ne111 Ray Bodley Robert Strft Thomas Nay Gene Kuhns Sam McMahon W11l1am Barkley Camera Shy Norman Harlan OFFICERS Ray Bodley Pres1dent Fred Cas1ne111 Vrce Pres1dent Rhett Prnsky Secretary Treasurer Mr Ors1n1 D1rector C441 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , , . 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - - SUB DEBS Back Row Paulme Donofe Ellen Fante Dons Cusrck Barbara Grlgsby Olwe lane Coker Helen Barbush Beatrrce Baker IoAnn Yachxm Kathryn Lauttamus IoAnn Drllemrgro Mxss Ruby McQuxllan Sponsor Front Row Charon Grlffrths Gall Chapman Rosemary Prest Mary lean Fante Shrrley Wxllxams Mary Ann Mxhalovrch Frances Mark Maman Mthalovtch Merry Lu Smxth Norma Thomasellx Sylvta Onea Rosemary Lewrs Camera Shy Ann Coker Olga Arnas Marlene Wllson Mary Loutse lense Rose Ann Romagnolx OFFICERS Frances Mark Prestdent Mary Ann MlhGlOVlCh Secretary Merry Lu Smlth Vrce-Presxdent Martan Mrhalovtch Treasurer Back Row Ianet Wettergreen Carley Ann Rees Bettte Bryan Ktt Taylor Martha Mazezka Betty Roman Suzanne Ragan Mxddle Row IoAnn Rea Nancy Pertko Barbara Iackson Margaret Kelley Nancy Kelley Bettre Burkey Antonette Ctccarellr Manlyn Allen Ethel Crawford Mxss Kathleen Iames Sponsor Front Row Marlon Horvath Loxs Weekly Catherme Bodnar Mrldred Crmkey Edxth Slanchxk IoAnn Davxs Rxta Conlalone Dolores Gaydos Helen Khmansky Esther Zak OFFICERS Ednh Slanchtk Premdent IOAHH Dcwxs Secretary Vhldred Crmkey V1cePres1dent Catherme Bodnar Treasurer Q40 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 I I l I A 1 ' 1 in NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of The Natxonal Honor Socrety are selected annually from the upper thlrd of the class The basxs on whrch the selectrons are made mcludes scholarshxp leadershrp character and servrce to the school Those mducted must therefore excel rn studies as well as extra curncular actrvrhes The purpose of the orgamzatxon whrch was orgamzed rn 1945 46 rs to grve recogmtxon to those who have mamtamed hxgh grades m school whrle partxcxpatmg rn outsrde actxvrtres Sponsors are Mlss Shxrley G Iohnson Mrs Charles Arbaugh Mrss Ruby McQurllan and Mr Iames Skews Presxdent Seruor members selected ln the Sprmg of 1952 mclude Adam Petrulovrch Donald Vegvoda Martha Curtrs Shnrley Everson Olrve lane Coker Other Members Anne Ferrante Shxrley Murray Grace Freshwater Emma Reed Iuanrta Iohnston Ella Mae Simmons Ioanne Slanchxk OFFICERS Vxce Presrdent Margaret Kelley Secretary Manly Nancy Pertko Catherme Bodnar Mrldred Crmkey C467 Fl Allen SENIOR Y-TEENS G Back Row Sponsor Mrs Arbaugh Sylvra Ferrellx Dolores Santoro Marran Powell Wrlma George Dons Cusrck Angela DeSant1s Antonette Urso Paulme Donoie Betty Hedmond Barbara Oughton Nancy Pertko Lmda Crprranr Mary Iean Fame Betty Roman Shrrley Wrlhams Io Ann Davrs Mrddle Row Gall Chapman Margaret Quattrocchr Iacquelyn Sweany Carole Allsopp Mary Smercansky Martha Mazezka Erleen Summers Dolores Tmgler Patty Pekarscrk Io Ann Rea Ehzabeth Compagna Elmora Starr lean Boyd Shrrley Shears Barbara Wrllramson Dorothy Rawson Nancy Iones Sponsor Mxss Iames Front Row Donna Mrller Ianet Byers Antonette Crccarelll Mxldred Crrnkey Rosemary Prest Dolores Gaydos Manlyn Allen Margaret Kelley Ellen Fante Catherme Bodnar Betty Burkey Ethel Crawford Helen Arremra Ellen Hanlon Lots Weekly Helen Barbush OFFICERS Manlyn Allen Presndent Ellen Fante V1cePres1dent Margaret Kelly Secretary Catherme Bodnar Treasurer Mae Davzs Iosephzne Cuomo Nancy Kelley Marjone Irvrrt Nxna Collms Audrey Dunn Lynn Marne Mona Blankenshlp Helen Palrzzx Beverly Batson Rrta Calvarese Mnddle Row Mrs Arbauqh Bonme Grxmm Iudy Grrgsby Frances Mark Roberta Behnke Helen Klrmansky Ruta Confalone Mar lene Wrlson Ieanetta Forker Shrrley Schrncller Dawn McBee Ann Suflalette Betty Baker Martha Waugh Ellen Ford Lvelyn Keeder Marlon Mxhalovrch Mary Ann Mrhalovrch Mrss Iames Front Row Desplna Kyrrakodxs Norma Thomasellr Barbara Grlqsby ChC1rOr1 Gf1l'fllhS SYIVXCI OHGG lO Ann YCChll'11 Curley Ann Rees Betty Bryan Krt Taylor Barbara Iackson Beatnce Baker Marlon Horvath Io Ann D1Rem1q1o Loretta Smrtz Gladys Grace Patty Murray Camera Shy Grace Cameron Rose Cutrone Lucy Davxs Rosemary Grqlzo Katherrne Lauttamus Shrrley McCarty Marlene Saul Dorothy Strllson Antornette Suppa Sue Ann Zerqler C477 Back Row: lean Ann Schwertfeger, Merry Lu Smith, Shirley Wood, Ieanne Pannett, Norma Brown, Elsie Fife, Esther Zak, Ina JUNIOR Y-TEENS Back Row Mary Conlalone Mary Lou Helmxck Io Ann Lada Margaret Gassner Esther Sxmmons Dorothy Baker Catherme Uhor Barbara Rocchro Adelma Davrdson Rxta Mrrabellx Iune Brady Betty Heckman Iackye Armstrong Patty Layburn Lmda Neumeyer Mrdclle Row Mrss Power Sponsor Iudy Davxs Donna Bodley Carol Hanlon Corrme Koontz Phyllls Copenhaver Lora Lee Cox Wmxfred Boffo Mary Casarcra Io Ann Pursley Dorothy Clark Patty Emler Maureen Rrchardson Mary Lucy Schaefer Inez Evans Mrs Smlth Sponsor Front Row Emlly Hall Iack1e Murray Shelby Walker Marsha Molnar Patty Barezmsky Lourse Tomarno Ann Bom Angela Granato Roberta Vlckers Betty Allxson Peggy Morgan Ianet Verner Ruth Cuomo OFFICERS Anna Hzbberts Presxlent Lynne Mntchell V1cePresxdent Dons H111 Secretary Helen Geshefi Treasurer Back Row Ruth Wlllldms Harrlet Brown Clans Yoho Nola Wxlson lean Ramen Beverly Chadwell Rrta Rae D1Pasquale Rose Ann Romagnolx lean Ferrelh Ioan Traubert Irene Grovanakxs Rachel Cheek Ruth Brlby Sandra Wrnght Ann Stone Ianet Kocher Mercedes Stxllwell Mrddle Row MISS Power Sponsor Nancy Waugh Frances Benlorth Ann Coker Gwendolyn Kuhns Nancy Brown Marlene Neurohr Betty lean Velvoda Anna Mae Bellanco Carolrne Ross Eleanor Casarcxa Lena Thomaselll Ruth Parnsh Patrxcla Uhor Norma Bonnett Mary lane Gamble Ruth Ann Eckles Barbara Phrllxps Betty Kelly Mrs Smlth Sponsor Front Row Donna Crvens Gala Hooper Carol Apxtzsch Dxanne Smith Cora Mae Bowman Ruth Hartley Helen Gesheff Anna Hrbberts Dorrs Hxll Barbara Horvath Carolme Davrs Betty LeIVlasters Conme Bukovmsky Mary Rose Caruso Emeha Formrs lean Ferguson Camera Shy Mary Ahce Alley Maman Bernola Nancy Hrckman Marcella Laklos Frances Lovy Lynne Mxtchell Ioyce Over street Sharon Stewart Faye Slmmorrs Martha Summers lean Wrlllams Ruth Wllhams i489 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CF AMERICA Back Row Conme Bukovmsky Irene Glovanakrs Iean Hamer Beverly Chadwell Dons I-lrll Beverly Batson Loretta Smltz Iose phrne Cuomo Lee Brawer Ellxnora Starr Ann Suffalette Martha Waugh Barbara Grrgsby Vxrgrma McGee Despma Kyrrakodrs Ioanne Donnelly Mrddle Row lean Ferguson Barbara Horvath Ruth Hartley Carolyn Davrs Donna Grvens Nancy Waugh Lols Saunders Barbara Wrlhamson Shrrley Brewer Ianet Kocher Betty Baker Nancy Brown Mary Iane Gamble Betty Kelley Ieanette Front Row Bonme Gnmm Carley Ann Reas Ianet Wettergreen Nancy Pertko Mrldred Crmkey Iacquelyn Sweany Carole Allsopp Iecmne Schwertfeger Nma Colllns MarranM1halov1ch Mary Ann Mzhalovrch Audrey Dunn Roberta Behnke Cora Mae Bow man Sue Ziegler Mona Blankenshrp Camera Shy Bessxe Adams Ruth Brlby Lynne Mrtchell Frances Henforth Charon Gnftrths Mary Alrce Alley OFFICERS Ieanne Schwertieger Presrdent Carole Allsop Vrce Presrdent Nma Collms Secretary Marran Mrhalovrch Treasurer SPONSORS Mass Tennant Mrs Lwmgston C499 Alexander, Dianne Bmith, Myrtle Glasure, Gladys. Moran. I I I I DRAMATIC CLUB Back Row Norma Thomasellr Barbara Grrgsby Betty Corder Gay Hukrll Iacquelyn Sweany Norma Brown Elsre Frfe lean Pannett Antonette Urso Eva Underwood Elrzabeth Compagna Dolores Santoro Nancy Pertko Hannah Grllespre Charon Gnftxth Beatrrce Baker Rosemary Lewzs Edrth Slanchrk Mary lane Fante Audrey Dunn Mrddle Row Klt Taylor Ianet Wettergreen Lee Brawer Despma Kyrrakodrs Mary Smercansky Carole Allsopp Fred Casxnellx Charles Utz Thomas Nay Otrs Bearden Drno Rotellrnr B111 H111 Vmcent Curtrs Raymond Bodley Barbara Iackson Roberta Behnke Ann Suftcrlette Betty Bryan Front Row B111 Smrth Carley Ann Rees Dolores Gaydos Io Ann Davrs Rosemary Prest Margaret Kelley Antonette Crccarelh Catherme Bodnar Bob Davrs Ellen Fante Ieanne Schwertreger Mxldred Crmkey Ellmora Starr Helen Barbush Olrve lane Coker Harry Bowman OFFICERS Catherrne Bodnar Presldent Bob Davrs VrcePres1dent Antonette Cxccarellr Secretary Ellen Fante Treasurer Back Row Antonette Crccarellr Iacquelyn Sweany Olrve lane Coker Catherme Bodnar Narcy Pertlco Rosemary Lewrs Front Row VV1ll1am Smrth Mrldred Crmkey Fred Casmellz Carole Allsopp Vmcent Curtts OFFICFRS Fred Casmellr Pres dent Carole Allsopp V1cePres1dent Mrldred Crmkey Secretary Treasurer Mrss Iohnson Sponsor C 1 1 1 - 1 I . .1 ' - 1 1 I 1 1 r , 1 I 1 1 U ' ' V .1 1 50 y LIBRARY CLUB 1 Back Row Nmo Collms Esther Zak Colleen McM11lan Donna Schmrtt Adelma Davrdson Beverly Chadwell Mrddle Row Mrss Katherrne Traubert Sponsor IoAnn D1Rem1g1o Donna Stenger Gladys Grace Ieannetta Forker Ioanne Purs ley Iackre Murray Ann Bom Lourse Tomamo Front Row Emrly Hall Donna Grvens Betty Corder Elrzabeth Compagna Iacquelyn Sweany Irene Gravanakrs Iean Ramen Angelxne Granato Margaret Dawson Camera Shy Ellen Hanlon Carol Apltzsch Ioyce Overstreet Lynne Mrtchell Mary Alrce Alley OFFICERS Iacquelyn Sweany Presrdent Lynne Mrtchell V1cePresrdent Elrzabeth Compagna Secretary Irene Gravanakrs Treasurer lean Ramen I-Irstonan HIY Back Row Ronald Davrs Ronald Strart B111 Berry Ray Bodley Robert Iones Tom McBrrde Charles Keeder George Draqomr Thomas Nay Ray Hunter Iohn Paro Ronald Smrth Mrke Falbo Drno Rotellmx Thrrd Row Fred Hamrlton Sponsor Bob Hunter Allen Wrllrams Charles Baker Errc Oughton Harry Bowman Robert Strlt lames Benzo Tony Lrcato lack Gardner B111 Lantz Rrchard Wrlrrskr B111 Smrth Second Row B111 Shatter Randall Bolto Don Kmsey Fred Casrnellz Clxftord Starrcey Gary Martrn Otrs Bearden Vmcent Curtrs Raymond Lahxta Gene Kuhns Robert Hughes Sam MCM chon Front Row Ralph Strtt Davrd Iones Thomas Meneely Ralph Braoly Robert Verner Sam Lada Bob Dumbaugh Iames Scott Robert Davrs Donald Burnworth Wrllram Cooper Camera Shy Charles Muder Tom Nrcodemus Gene Saunders 'led Prevach Leland Israel OFFICERS Vrncent Curtrs Presxdent Otrs Bearden V1cePres1dent Gary Martm Secretary Clrflord Starkey Treasurer C 1 I I . 1 1 ' 1 -.1 . 1 . 1 1 f - 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 I I 1 I .1 I - A 1 - - . U 1 I - I 1 - ' I - 1 1 1 I I 1 1 Y 1 1 D 1 .' 1 ' A . ' . D .V . ' , . . . . T A 1 ' 1 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 51 MASQUE AND GAVEL gg- Back Row Dora Martmo Gay Hukzll Charles Utz Ot1s Bearden Barbara Oughton Rosemary LEWIS M1dd1e Row Wlllldm H111 Harry Bowrnan B111 Sm1th V1ncent Curt1s Ray Bodley Thomas Nay D1no Rotellmx Front Row Iacquelyn Sweany E11zabeth Compagna Carole Allsopp George B11derback O11ve Iane Coker Mlldfed Crmkey Cather1ne Bodner OFFICERS O11ve lane Coker Pres1dent M11dred Cnnl-:ey Secretary Treasurer George B11derback V1cePres1dent M1ss Iohnson Sponsor Back Row Ieanne Schwertfeger Marlene W11son Barbara Ouqhton Iohn Arnas Paul Gasvoda Kenneth Heaton Ronald B1rd M1ddle Row Iacquelyn Sweany R1chard Arnett Harry Bowman Ray Bodley WllllGm Sm1th Gary Mart1n Fred Cas1nel11 Charles Utz Tom McBr1de George Dragomr Vmcent Curt1s George B1lderback D1no Rotel11n1 Wlllldm H111 Iohn Cnc colella W11l1am Ross B F Randolph Sponsor Front Row Audrey Dunn Betty Hedmond Margaret Kelley Ehzabeth Ccmpagna Garl Chapman Roberta Behnke Cather1ne Bodnar Ronald Gawrych Allen Bogarad M11dred Crmkey Betty Burkey Helen Barbush Lo1s Weekly Rosemary Lew1s O11ve lane Coker Ellmora Starr Camera Shy Mananne Yoders Robert Dav1s Charles Muder Ronald Dav1s Sh1r1ey Shears OFFICERS Allen Boqarad Presldent Ronald Gawrvch V1ce Pres1dent Cather1ne Bodnar Secretary M11dred Crmkey Treasurer C521 1 Paul Burke, Sam McMahon, William Lever: Clifford Starkey, Randall Boflol Gladys Grace,'Dawn McBee, Lee Brawer. I USHERS CLUB Back How Martha Mazezka Io Ann D1Rem1g1o Barbara Oughton Nancy Pertko Marlene Wtlson Mary Lourse lense Esther Zak Betty Corder Mrddle Row Dolores Santoro M1ldred Crrnkey Clxfford Starkey Kenneth McAlp1ne Ronald Smlth Drck Gray Mary Smerecansky Shxrley Shears Io Ann Davts Front Row Iacquelyn Sweany Betty Hedmond Patty Murray Loretta Smltz George Brlderbaclc Sponsor Mr Bodley Wrllxam Cooper Merry Lu Smzth Ellen Ford Helen Barbush Dolores Gaydos Camera Shy Lawrence N1xon HEAD USHERS RED CROSS COUNCIL Back Row Dorothy Lxston Sandra Smxth Glona Pappas Andrea Mestrovxc Donna Boflo Adah Ianeshak Peggy Gassner Lora Lee Cox Faye Sxmmons Mrddle Row Mzss Power Sponsor Ronald Blrd Edward Wohnha Rhett Pmsky Gene Kuhns Davrd Iones Sam Lada Allen Boqarad Ons Bearden Sally Sue Thornburg Front Row Elsle Frfe Iudy Davrs Barbara Horvath Ann Coker Mary Lucy Schaefer Ianet Keener Beverly Batson Barbara Ph1lhps Manlyn Allen O11ve lane Coker Carley Ann Rees Roberta Behnke Camera Shy Dolores Gaydos Betty lean Ve1voda Gary Calhoun Robert Iones Ieanetta Forker C539 I , : I . ..l 1 I . I . .I I ..l 1 l ' I Z'-I . l I l. 5. ' . . ' , . COMMERCIAL CLUB Back Row Shirley McCarty Wilma George lanet Byers Antoinette Urso Dolores Santoro Martha Mazezka Betty Roman Sylvia Ferrelli Nancy Pertko Angela DeSant1s Linda Cxpriani Marian Powell Middle Row Io Ann Davis Dolores Tingler Patricia Pekarscrk Eva Underwood Antonette Ciccarelh Iean Boyd Nancy Iones Eileen Summers Margaret Kelley Barbara Williamson Hannah Gillespie Ellen Fante from Row Dolores Gayclos Donna Miller Rosemary Prest Shirley Williams Pauline Donofe Mr Campanelh Sponsor Mary Smerecansky Marilyn Allen Doris Cusick Helen AYIQIIIIG Ellmora Starr Mary Iean Fante OFFICERS Back Row Patty Murray Rita Calvarese Lucy Davis Loretta Smxtz Helen Palizzl Lynne Maine Shirley Brewer Mona Blankenship Middle Row Dwyha Virtue Norma Brown lean Pannett Elsie Fife Iosephrne Cuomo Ina Mae Davis Merry Lu Smith Betty Baker Lee Brawer Front Row Mary Gillespie Bonnie Grimm Iudith Grigsby Helen Klimansky Mr Campanelli Despina Kynakodis Martha Waugh Mary Ann Mihalovich Marian Mihalovich Camera Shy Rosemary Giglio Virginia McGee Beverly Batson Regina Beltrame Rose Cutrone Ieanetta Forker Sue Ann Zeiqler Shirley Schindler 4547 Mary Smerecansky, President Nanly Pertko, Vice-President Marilyn Allen, Secretary Pauline Donofe, Treasurer GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSGCIATION Back Row Krt Taylor Betty Bryan Evelyn Keeder Ieanne Pannett Norma Brown Gay Hukrll Barbara Gngsby Ianet Wetter green Edrth Slanchrk Io Ann Rea Angelma Petrovrch Ieanetta Forker Barbara Jackson Sponsor Mrss Iune Anderson Front Row Esther Zak Mary lean Fame Dolores Gaydos Betty Corder Marran Mrhalovrch Marrlyn Allen Mary Ann Mrhalovrch OFFICERS Manlyn Allen Presrdent Mary Ann Mrhalovrch V1cePres1dent Maman M1halov1ch Secretary Ellen Fante Treasurer CHEERLEADERS Marrlyn Allen Frances Mark Rrta Confalone Rosemary Prest Mary lean Fante Ellen Fante C557 I Ellen Fame. Frances Mark. Helen Klimansky, Mary Martino. Camera, Shy: Suzanne Reaan. I BAND l Flutes Tommy Geary Davrd Iones B111Secr1st Hannah G1l19Spl9 Betty lean Veyvoda Clarmet Harry Bowman Roberta Behnke Edrth Slanch1k Helen Geshefl Roberta V1ckers Mary Iane Gamble Betty A111 on Donna Bodley Ruth Ann Eckles Tony L1cata Iudy Dav1s Betty Bryan Patty Layburn D1anne Sm1th Mary Alxc Alley Shelby Walker Ioyce Overstreet Alto Clarrnets Gwendolyn Kuhns Sally Sue Thornburg Bass Clar1nets Iackye Armstrong Dawn McBee Oboe Barbara Iackson Bassoon Cora Mae Bowman Alto Saxophone B111 Schaffer Esther SlmmOnS Ieannette Alexander -rf 6 Tenor Saxophone Marlanne Yoders Cornet and Trumpets Iudy Grgxsby Charles Utz ohn Arnas Ronald Strarght Dor1s H111 K1t Taylor Iack Gard ner Iohn Bernolla Ioe Shawyer Iudy Kerr Inez Evans Peggy Gassner Betty Heckman Horns I1m Petroff Lours Dleguez Bonn1e Grrmm Gladys Grace Trombones B111 H111 B111 Berry Homer Ruckle Carl Ewu sxak Bantone Carole Allsopp Dav1d Rhodes Basses B111 Sm1th George Dragon1r Duane Tennant PEICUSSIOD Ianet Wettergreen Bob Dumbaugh Robert Hughes Ronald B1rd Bob Hunter Sandy Muscara Barbara Gr1gsby Marsha Molnar B111 Secrrst Drum Mayor MAIO RETTES Mary Lou Helmrck Donna Bodley Ianel Wetterqreen, Kxt Taylor, Sally Sue Thornburg, Barbara Jackson, DIRECTOR Alfred Riqner The Ingot Forge Co Edxtors News Edxtors Club Edrtors Feature Ed1lOYS Exchange Edxtor Sports Udxtors Busmess Manager Crrculatlon Managers Advertrslng Managers Typrst Sta Antonette Crccarelh Allen Bogcrrad Elxzabeth Compagna Rosemary Lewxs Gall Chapman Edre Slanchxk Ellen Fante Nancy Iones Helen Barbush Ohve lane Coker Nancy Pertko Margaret Kelley Io Ann Rea Mary lean Fame lean Boyd Eddre D1P1no Bob Davls Ross Slsmm Ralph Fuscardo Glenn Kocher Vxctor Ceglre V1ncent Curns Tom McBr1de Bernard Sayre Wxlbur Schenerlern Eche Slanchxk Io Ann Rea Fred Casmelll Lxnda Cxpncmx 1583 - ff Advisor , , ,, , Miss Ruby McQuillan A ,iii-veA: wx e ' cf A A l ATHLETICS .lD..Q. FOOTBALL 1952 Back Row Iohn Testa Eddie D1Pmo Wilbur Schenerlein Bill Mams Gene Kuhns Eddie Simmons Iohn Clccolella Ralph Anastasto Ronald Gawrych Ierry Edwards Second Row Coach Carlin Dodrxll Iohn Weaver Rxchard Amett Mrke l-'albo Ross Sxsmnr Robert Shit Dxck Wnght Charles Stmmons Ierry Casandra Steve Pema Iames Bonaventura Coach Doug Stone Thud Row Ray Bodley Fred Casxnelll Gary Mamn Bemard Sayre Ralph Strft Don Martm Bob Vemer lack Haney Rich ard Wtlmsln Allen Bogarad Tom Freshwater Kocher Sam Lada Prank Sxsmru Don Kmsey Sept Sept Sept Oc Oc Oc Nov 5--Pollansbee 12 Follansbee 26 Follansbee 3 Follansbee 10-Follansbee 17 Follansbee 24 Follansbee 31 Follansbee 7 Follansbee SCHEDULE New Cumberland Wheeling Central Mmgo Benwood Unron Werrton Tncrdelphxa Toronto New Martmsvxlle Wellsburg CH 7 A 2600 7 A 1400 1315 Head Coach Assistant Coaches Doug Stone Breen Carey Ccxrlm Dodrxll K6 Front Row Manager Richard Virden. Sam McMahon, Frank Marino. Pete DeStelano, Tony Mazzone Vrctor Ceglxe Glenn . .... 25 W- 0 l . - .... 0 --- OKHJ Sept. 20-Follansbee ..,. 9 Warwood .......... 1300 . - .... 44 ' ............. OOD t. A- -... 20 ' ..... K I t. .... 20 ' ............ t. - .... 41 ' ' ........ 0110 Oct. - .... 19 ............ C J Oct. - .... 14 ' ' --- . - .... 7 .......... l 07 VARSITY FOOTBALL Captcnn Captam Allen Bogarad Ross S1s1nn1 Tackle Left Half Sam Lada Frank SISIILIII Bob Verner Fullback Bight Half R1ght End C617 V' If x ' 3 . , F2 'Q 4 FA if if , :Ai if 'XX ISM ,g J af .-.f wg EW. 1 E i? i 'a , X- A JJ if 73 gy A BE S 9,12 W Ai , e A R ,...- Wik ali lf. gig ff 391 I ak as , 3' Q: , .., N, " ff if' 1 6 f Q., 1' FOOTBALL Iack Haney Right End Don Kmsey R1ght Guard Ray Bodley Quarterback Champ DeStefano Eddle D1P1.n0 R1ght Half Don Martm Rxght Guard C633 Left Half FOO I' BALL lack Weaver Left Gucrrd Fred Ccrsmellx Quarterback Left Tackle Frank Munno Left End Bob Stxft Left Tackle C643 Vic Ceglie VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Back Row Coach Stone Ralph Anastasro Iohn Cxccolella Ierry Edwards Lawrence Basrl Ronme Gawrych Wxlbur Schenerlem Allen Bogarad Sam Lada V1ncentCurtxs Manager Front Row Dave Iones Manager lack Haney Iohn Testa Ross Srsxnnr Alex Plzzutx Frank Srsmm Iohn Arnas Eddre Srmmons Not plctured IS Rzchard Wlllnskl SCHEDULE 1952 1953 December December December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary January Ianuary February February February February February February 5 Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee F ollansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee F ollansbee Follansbee Q6 Burgettstown Tnadelphra Benwood Umon Bethany Wexrton Benwood Umon Wellsburg New Cumberland Wexrton St Central Wellsburg Mango St Central Warwood New Cumberland Bethany Mmgo - , ,,,.. .,- 42- .--- 12 - ,A e,,,,. 37 - ' ' ----- 16 - , ,,,,.., 60 - ' , 6- ....,,,, 67 - W .evv. -- 9- ,,e,.e.. 59 - ' , ,,.. --, 13- ,-. .r.,. 59 - ' , 16- rre,,,,, 83- e..... 17- ..,..... 63 -St. Iohns ,...--r-,, 20- .,e,,,,. 67 - 23- ,eA,.... 53- ' W, M-, 27- . .,,,,e S6 - . Ave- 30 -- ,,,,..., 64 - . ..,, 3- ,, ,,,.e 79- ' ,,,,,,,, 6- ,,,,-.,.,A 61- . ,H 10- ,, ,,,,. 67- -,,,,, 13- ,,,,,.,..,, 67 - 17 - ,,,,,.., 71 - WH ,, 20 -- , - W, 93 - ' , , 65 VARSITY BASKETBALL Forward Guard Forward Guard Ross Sxsmm Allen Bogarad Alex Pxzzutx Lawrence Bas11 Forward Guard Forward Guard C677 Frank Sisinni Sam Lada lack Haney Wilbur Schenerlein RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD December December December January January January January January January January February February February February 5 Back Row James Pxzzutx Jack G1vens Okey Floyd Bob Beclmer Charles Keeder Richard Wrlrnskr Edward Flowers Ted Pxevach Coach Doug Stone Front Row Manager James Petrofi Joseph Czesztyeckx Vmcent Fadse Tom Kreth Tom Fresh water Gary Calhoun Carl Townsend George Mazezka Manager Bob Dumbaugh Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves SCHEDULE Burgettstown Trxadelphra Benwood Wexrton Benwood Wellsburg St Johns WSIHOII Sleubenvrlle Central Wellsburg Mxngo Steubenvxlle Central Warwood Mmgo Coach Carlm Dodnll FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Back Row: Coach Carey. Bob Larkey, Tom Hardsouk. Tom Poole, Ralph McGraw, Mark Secrist, Pat DeAngeli.s, Bob Stift. Front Row: Norman Harlan. Dominic Salatino, Ioe Mazzone, Richard Comisso, Howard Vemer. Anthony Basil. Eddie Wohnhas. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SQUAD Back Row lack Verner Marlin Coker Vernon Thompson Donald Luby Donald Parrish lame: McBeo David Swartz Iohnny Gargus Bill Hanlon Charles Miller Front How Coach Horner S Bodley Richard LaPosta Tom Geary Russell Curtu Carl Bwusxak Bob Czeztuicki Carl Chadwell Hoyt Allen f69l Second How: Andrew Kerr, Blaine Hartley. Richard Bryan. Fred Simmons, Roger Cruise. Hoy Humes, 100 Spencer, Ronald Bowers. TRACK Back Row Iames Benzo Iohn Weaver Kenneth Heaton Chfford Starky Bob Iones Bob Davis Bob Verner Ray Bodley Tom Freshwater Iarnes Bonaventura Manager Rhett Pmsky Front Row Mr H111 Paul Lucas B111 Bush lack Haney Pete DeSteiano Iohn Zak Charles Baker Vrc Ceghe Frank Srsmnr Tony Mazzone Eddre Martrn Not Prctured Berme Sayre f-BK? C701 Apnl Apnl Apnl Apnl May May MEETS 1952 4-Dual Meet Follansbee 107Vz Benwood Umon 10-Dual Meet Follansbee Wmtersv11le 16-Dual Meet Follansbee Wellsburg 21 Tnangular at Mmgo Follansbee Mmgo Blg Red Follansbee Follansbee Wellsburg Mmgo 9-State Regxonal Meet at Wheelmg Wheehng Wellsburg Follansbee 17-State Meet at Charleston Follanbsee 75 V2 57 V2 75 V2 40 V2 78 W GIV4 52M 9 auf - ' 16 A ' - 84 1 ' ' 39 ' - 71 88 ' 60 May 2-Invitational at 75 4' Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follcrnsbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee F ollansbee I-'ollansbee BASEBALL SQUAD SCHEDULE 1952 Steubenvllle Central Tnadelphla Wemon Wellsburg Bethany New Cumberland New Cumberland Steubenv1l1e Central Wellsburg Tnadelph1a Welrton Bethany 12A l0H 12A IOH Back How Coach Dodnll Eugene Irvin Paul Wheeler Ron Gawrych Raymond Lahla Geary Tom Fante ,---,,- 8- ' --,------ ----n.-- 2- ' ' ----.--,,-,A------ 4 A ---M ,- 7-- ' -------------------- 1 H -v----- 1- -,-n---.---..------- 9 H -----,- 24- ----H,------,------- 5 A -W -.,.. 3-- ..,........ 2 A -- ..... 2- .....,,.... 7 H ------- 9-- ' -,----.--- nu--- 2-Steubenville --,-----..------- 0 H ----. -- 3- --a,-------------- 9 A ------- 5- ' ' ---------..--,---- 6 H ------- l- ' -------.7------------ -N ..... 12- ........ - .......... - Front Row.: Herbert Fisher, George Bilderback. John Arnas, Ralph Brady Archie Saunders Iohn . 1-N wwylr-lm -Jw ffmvlm gfigw .EJ 4 . 1 ' gig' ' ? ,.f,+ , A ' f iz..Jgj""" I ggi 'il ' Q t Lx 9 YA , 9- , , s I Mu . Y ii gif' ov ,yfi N? ww- uni af' 'Q awk C741 SPECIAL ACTIVITIES f Us V Eff 3,1 'ii 5,53 5 4? SENIOR CLASS PLAY l Under the direction of Miss Shirley G. Iohnson the Senior Class presented their annual class play Friday Ianuazry 29 1953 in the school auditorium. Ghost Wanted cr mystery-comedy was written by Guemsey Le Pelly. Members of the cast included: Tom Nay Shirley Shears Otis Bearden Rosemary Lewis Richard Amett Helen Barbush Bill Hill Hannah Gillespie Vincent Curtis Mildred Crinkey George Bilderback Olive lane Coker and Iacquelyn Sweany. Assisting in the production of the play were: Script holder Elizabeth Cam- paqna' stage managers Bill Ross Kenneth Heaton and Tom McBride' makeup committee: Miss Iune Anderson Miss Katherine Traubert assisted by Mary lean Fante Ellen Fante Nancy Pefrtko Margaret Kelley and Barbara Oughton. Ushers were: Donna Miller Bill Smith Iean Boyd Fred Casinelli Marianne Yoders Glenn Kocher Dolores Santoro Bob Davis Catherine Bodnar Ray Bodley Angela DeSantis Don Kinsey Carole Allsopp Bernie Sayre Antoinette Urso and Dino Rotellini. C77 HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS Mary lean Fame Ellen Fcmte Iuamtcr Iohnston Antonette C1ccarel11 Rosemary Lewxs K 87 HOMECOMING QUEEN Manlyn Allen popular Seruor was chosen by student vote to preslde at Homecommg cere- mon1es durmg the I-'ollansbee Tnadelphm football game held 1n Cross Creek Memonal Sta d1um She was attended by Ellen Fante Mary lean Fcxnte Antomette C1ccare1l1 and Bose- mcnfy Lew1s Mlss Allen was crowned by Iuamta Iohnston 52 who was Mlss Homecoming Queen I 'UMM POPULARITY POLL Marilyn Allen Frances Mark Olga Arnas lackeye Armstrong Ieanetta Forker Edith Slanchik Marian Bernola Marilyn Allen Ohve lane Coke Olive lane Coker Olive lane Coker Mihalovich Twins Rosemary Lewis Donna Ruiz Marilyn Allen Nancy Pertko Donna Ruiz Barbara Rinehart Virginia Benzo MOST POPULAR Seniors Iuniors Sophornores Freshmen Athletes Curvaceous Best Physique Best Dancers Personality Brain Most Likely To Succeed Beauty Most Handsome Friendhness Eyes Dimpled Darling Couple Neatest Smile Eighth Graders Seventh Graders Dorothy Katroumame Brain Iudy Kerr Athletes Barbara Rinehart Beauty Most Handsome Barbara Rinehart Charm Sally Thornburg Personality Helga Waelz Manners C13 Ross S1Sl.1'1I't1 Ron Gawrych Bob Dumbaugh Dominic Salatmo Ross Sisinni Frank Sistnni Iohn Bernola Glenn Kocher Allen Bogarad Allen Bogarad Richard Arnett Sam Lada Allen Bogarad Sam Lada Frank Marino Ray Bodley Frank S1S1I'11'11 Charles Miller Marlin Coker Richard LaPosta Ronald Byers Ioe Spencer Hoyt Allen Ir Andrew lxerr Eddie Debnar Shirley Williams L Hair L Richard Arnett 8 N Q gm R Hall of Fame 2 , an AW is fm PZ fl Qfiglff s I ff C D X6 Abe" fx b v 0 K 1 A V , '34, " 'fry' 1 UN 6 i ? I ml L M Vg ': 2' Q " ...- .1 A ff ir QW U f .,l Q I r s X I 'un J "' M O M, X N 3 - X4-Nfg Hall of Fame 'K N fm X' X f 1 PW w ww' Q Emon QLAS5 ifgxgyx 'Ji 65 31, Q I WW ' 5 , ' J .. , 'L I 'gi X Q? Qbr . v ' ' ' K Q x 5 1 4 x 2.1, . , 7 gr ,X ' 1 V -gf 4,530 5 , ef? 1 if 2 6839 Name Marrlyn Allen Carole Allsopp Helen Anemxa Rrchard Arnett Helen Barbush Lawrence Basrl Charles Beagle Ot1s Bearden Donald Benzo Iohn Bernola George Brlderback Ray Bodley Catherme Bodnar Randall Boffo Allen Bogarad Harry Bowman lean Boyd Ralph Brady Bettre Burkey Ianet Byers Grace Cameron Fred Casmellr Vnctor Ceglre Fred Cercone Gall Chapman Antonette Crccarellx Lrnda Crprranr Robert Clrne Olrve Iane Coker Elizabeth Compagna Wrlllam Cooper Ethelyn Crawford Mxldred Crrnkey Domxnrc Croce Vrncent Curtrs Dons Cusrck Io Ann Davrs Robert Davrs Angela DeSantxs Orlando DeStefano Edward D1Prno Paulme Donofe Ellen Fante Mary Iean Fante Sylvra Ferrellt Larry Flemmg Ralph Fuscardo Paul Gasvoda Dolores Gaydos Wrlma George Hannah Glllespre Ellen Hanlon Kenneth Heaton Elrzabeth Hedmond Wxllram Hrll Robert Hughes Gay Huklll Eugene lrvm Iames Ianrdas Nancy Iones Margaret Kelley Nickname Mare Cookre Toots Drck Barb Tweezle Chuck Buddy Don er Gearch Dude Cathy Buff BOQIE Harry Ieame Brady Bettxe M1 M1 Gracie Pete Castle Vrc Fred Gall Chrck Crp Bob Olrve ane rz Coop Mxllre Roach Dmky Dons Bob Ang Chrco Eddre Paulme Mare Clements Blackre Paul Dolores Red Hannah Ellen Kenny Betty 1 Bob Hu Krll Monty rm Ionesle Marge "l.I"LI"L"'Ll'lc"L"'Ll"l.z m'l:Lm'n E IOR I DEX Ambxtron Housewrfe To be a success Telephone Operator Presrdent Chemrcal Plant Nurse Mountarn clrmber Engmeer Play boy Get rrch Orchestra leader Dentlst Dog catcher College To own a Lmcoln To l1ve t1ll I dxe Doctor Work rn wholesale Raxlroad engrneer Nurse Telephone operator Nurse Engmeer College football Steel worker Nurse Housewrfe Stenographer Steel worker Nurse To be a success Deep sea drver Telephone operator Nurse Engmeer Doctor Marrrage College Azrplane prlot Beautlcran To get nch Get rlch Nurse Stenographer Stenographer Cashler Own a lazz band Steel worker Some professron Secretary Stenographer Mmxster WAFS Agrrculturrst Teacher Musxc Avlator Secretary Presrdent of US Archrtect Dental Hygrenrst To be successful store Pastxme Cheermg Loaflng Skatmg Playmg ball Dancmg Follansbee News Store Workmg on motors Dancmg Huntrng Communrty Center Comrng to Follansbee Women Havrng fun Loafing Sleepmg Playmg the prano Buffalo Sports Dancmg Buffalo Takrng prctures A certarn drsh Bemg wzth the boys Drxvrng hrs car Dancmg Koots Watchmg TV Huntmg Dancmg Watchmg TV Loafmg Commumty Center Dancmg Loafmg Loafmg Watchmg TV Playmg the prano Flymg Buffalo Dancmg Loafxng wrth the boys Watchmg TV Cheermg Cheermg Buffalo Playmg my horn Bemg wrth the boys Loafrng Eatmg Watchmg TV Dancmg Dancmg Talklng Dancmg Favonte Sayxng Honestly? If you say so' You better forget xt' Take off' Imagrne that' Walt a second pa Forget rt' Mmmmmmm bad' Shut up' I am not a swan' Heck' Sprout wrngs and ta Oh how cute' Ah' Thats a shame' Oh shucks' Dont mess aroun Oh come on now' Maybe' Take off' Oh shoot' Take off' Satterbee' Whats up Doc? You better forg Yeah Mac' Check that' Tough' Boyoboy Real gone' You dont say Yeah' Sneaky Yeh Mac' Oh come on huh Frght rt' Lets not get srckenm Oh come on now' Wrse up' Are you krddmg Yeah you? Its the truth' No krdclmg' Flght rt off' You better forge rt' I am Take Shut Wrse How Yeh Don t Short not a swan' O I u I U I dumb' sure' scorch around' memory' Honestly? k off' Eatmg Dancmg Gasper Eatmg Movles Bemg w Dancmg xth my frrends Now I wouldnt say that' Better forget lt' Ah shoot' Yeh? Oh holy cow' If xt pard to be xgnorant youd be rrch' Dont mess around' TlIL"lo'LVL"l.I-Ll-LVl.VLTLCIIL'1. '-LVU1 C847 l , - H n - . . I I HB ll . ' ' H H ' e . 1: f ll v ', ' ' H ' H ' et it' . H - I .1 , I -I ,.Ethel,, . . . IIIOII . , 4 . . . n . ll . . ' , , ? MEIN , , , l' . . HSYI., . A t , I .1 U . . . ,. .. , P' - - - ,.B.un . , . ' , . - HI- U . . ' ' D l'Ll'U1J'U'U"U'U'l Tl l'U'l T1 l"l IU Name Elva Kmg Don Kmsey Glenn Kocher Ronald Koontz Sam Lada Wxllram Lever Rosemary Lewxs Edward Lronettr Frank Marmo Gary Martm Donald Martm Dora Martrno Martha Mazezka Tony Mazzone Thomas McBr1de Shrrley McCarty Vrrgrnra McGee Ronald Meredrth Donna Mxller Thomas Nay Barbara Oughton Patrrcra Pekarscrk Nancy Pertko Iames Petroff Marlan Powell Rosemary Prest Nrck Prodanovrch Margaret Quattrocchr Dorothy Rawson Io Ann Rea Brll Ross Dxno Rotellxm Donna Rurz Dolores Santoro Gene Saunders Bernard Sayre Wrlbur Schenerlem Shlrley Shears Frank Srsmm Ross Srsmm Edrth Slanchrk Mary Smerecansky Wrllram Smrth Ellxnora Starr Robert Strft Dorothy Strllson Edward Sucru Dons Summers lacquelyn Sweany Martha Thompson Dolores Tmgler Eva Underwood Antronette Urso Iohn Utz Robert Verner Iohn Weaver Lots Weekly Paul Wheeler Shtrley Wrllrams Barbara Wrllramson Mananne Yoders Nxckname Elva Kms Glenn Koontzre Alkre 1 Rosemary Slrck Mart Don Duck Mart Art Mazen Tom Mrke Vrrgmra Ron Mrller Nayball Babs a Perk rm Marran Goo-Goo Brtes Margle Do 1 Cow Puncher Mrs Rurz Do Do PUPPY Harvey Sonny Shrrl Blackre Rossre Edle Smerk Srmtty Ellxe Strffxt Dottre Eddre Erleen Iackre Martha Dolly Eve Urso Chuck Eggs ack Twmkle Squirrel Shrrl Barb Cleo SENIOR I Ambxtlon Nurse Brxcklayer Steel worker Florrst Bookkeeper Mrlhonaxre Nurse Have a good lob Carpenter Chemxcal engmeer Boss rn a mrll Housewxfe Housewrfe Cheese manufacturer Arr Force prlot Beautrcran Telephone operator Carpenter Waves Electrrcal engmeer Nurse Tvprst Commercral artxst Become rrch Beautrcran Secretary Mayor of Werrton l-Iousewrfe Telephone operator Stenographer Erectromcs fxeld Mechanrcal engmeer Housewrfe Housewrfe Carpenter Artrst Steel worker Nurse Polrceman Steel Worker Secretary Elementary teacher Engmeer Lrngutst Porter at Gray s Drug store Smger Become nch Teacher Teacher Telephone operator Typlst Stenographer Be an old mard College Rarlroader Steel worker Housewtfe Plav wlth Boston Red Sox Telephone operator Nurse Nurse DEX Pastrme Watchmg TV Mrdnrght shows Bemg wrth the boys Collectmg Souvenxrs Eatlng Sleeprng Talkmg Commumty Center Watchrng TV Sports Grrls Red Buffalo Ceghe s Communrty Center Buffalo Ialon s cookmg Hot rod rrdmg Slratrng Watchrng TV Buffalo Movxes Loafmg Loafmg Lrstenmg to the radlo Cheermg Sleeprng Loafmg Dancmg Dancmg Makxng models Loafmg Wrrtmg letters Champ Mxdnrght shows Loafmg Bemg wrth the boys Dancmg Bemg wrth the boys Bemg wrth the boys Communrty Center Photo album Drrvmg Sewmg Loafmg Srngma Bemg wrth the boys Sleeprng Slngmg Watchmg TV Playmg domrnos Movxes Tallrmg on the phone Dancmg Bemg wrth the boys Drrvmg Dancmg Watchrng TV Dancmg Lxsten to the radxo Talkmg on the phone 'Ll"U1l'l"Ll'Ll' Favonte Saymq Tough' Satterbee' Huh? Oh bean sou Forget rt' o Oh qurt rt' Oh come on now Well Ill be darned' Better frght rt' Quit scorching' Come on now' Are you krddmg" H1 Glona' H1 yah George' Dont know do you? You know xt' Hello baby' Take off' Why? Leave me alone' You better frght lt' Dont get excrted' Whats that? You know t' How cheap' Ill put one rn every tow You better forget xt' Aw come on' How embarrassmg' Never had one' Whats the matter' My babys commg home' Dont be mean be nrce' Well bless me' How you spell xt" What do you want me to do about rt" I lxke xt' Take off' None of your busmess' Turn blue' Ah' Cant do xt all' My' Watch or lll blast yo How corney' Yeah buddy' Drop dead' Ill thmk rt over' Are you ser1ous" Ill never tell' Get out of here' Oh he gets me sxck' I could say somethrn but I won Yeah you? Get lost' Have fun' Drxft' Please' My heavens' Deed honest' 'L"l."l.l1 'lJ'U'L'-l.Vl.'-L"l.l'l.'-l."l.'l.TL"l.'-l.'L"I.l'Ll'L'-L lvl - 1' " ' . ' " ' " ' I A t , .1 H ' ' . ,. - 1. - ' ' , pl ' ' "B'll" ' ' ' f 5 ' , , ' If H , . ' ' "Ed" ' I ' f , ' . ,, 1, ' ' I . . . ,, ,, ' ' ' I . - ll ll I . H H ' ' h, l . . ,, ,, - - ' ' I I - .. . 1, , ' ' ' , . . . . ., . . . ,, ' I ' ' , . ,, . ., ' , U 1. ' ' ' , .. ,, . . '- A "P 1" . ' 3 , 1 '- UI. ,. ' ' ' , - H - H ' ' ' ' ' l . H rv ' . . . ,, . ., - - ' ' nl . 5' 1 1, ' ' I . H 'H ' , . "Io" - A ' - Betty Roman "Prunes" Housewife Movies HOW about il? ' "B'11" ' ' ' ' - . H . ., ' ' ' " ' Q .H H 1, ' " " ' , ' . H D H ' ' , . ll 1: ' I l , U D U U . . . . . 1. . H ' ' ' l . . . .. . ,, ' ' ' , . , . ,, . ,, ' ' ' ' ' . . ., . ,. - - ' . . ,, . . ,. ' ' I ' U! . H . ,, ' ' ' . I H I H . , ' . I ' . ,, . ,, ' ' ., . ,, ' ' ' ' ' . If H ' ' , " " ' . 1, ,, ' ' gl 'll ll ll ' ' ' I , H H . . V III 1 ll ' ' . ll . pg ' ' ' U . . . 11 . ll A ' ' . . ll ll ' ' . . ll ll A . l . 87 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Frrst day of school frrst assembly of the year Smgmg drrected by L A Ors1n1 and a speech by Pnncrpal W C Hood Football team starts season Wllh a bang defeats New Cumberland 25-0 Allen Bogarad cmd Ross S1s1nn1 chosen as co captcnns of the squad Allen Bogarad and Antonette Crccarellr selected as co-edltors of the lngot Blue Wave frghts hard battle agarnst Wheel1ng Central Game ends m scoreless t1e Pep assembly enloyed by students Llbrary opened Wllh 215 new volumes added to the shelves Iohn Clccolella elected to head Iunlor Class asststed by Ronald Gawrych v1ce presrdent Carlefy Arm Rees secretary B111 Lantz treasurer Glenn Kocher chosen to prlot Seruor Class Ray Bodley vrce-presrdent Cathenne Bodnar secretary treasurer Ingot representauves selected Blue Wave meets second defeat rn three years at Wheel1ng Island Stadrum wrth Warwood wrnnmg 13-8 OCTOBER Cherrnstry Club holds frrst meetmg of the year Allen Bogarad elected presrdent Student Councrl presents flISf ln senes of assembhes Mr Amenca shows strength Semors present pep assembly for Wexrton game Follansbee defeated by close score of 26 20 Natronal Honor Soc1ety elects ofhcers for year Ohve lane Coker presrdent Margaret Kelley v1ce presrdent and Mcmlyn Allen secretary Marxlyn Allen selected to relgn as Homecormng Queen of 1952 Rose- mary L9W1S Ellen Fante Mary lean Fante cmd Antonette Crccarelh act as attendants Iumor Class holds annual carruval Ralph Anastasta and Frances Mark rexgn as kmg and queen Robert Ashbum assrstant Dean of Arts and Scrences at W V U speaks to Senlors urges attendance at college NOVEMBER Mr R1chcu'd Paull speaks atArm1st1ce Day program arranged by T I H111 Seruors play last football game as Wellsburg downs the Blue Wave 137 Antonette Crcccnellr and Helen Barbush attend Iournalxsm Clmxc at Col lege of Steubenvrlle Natronal Honor Socxety presents Schools for Freedom assembly rn observance of Natronal Educcmon Week Members of Dramatrc Club attend play at West Lrberty Flfteen Colleges represented at Collge Day held to acquarmt senrors w1th college advantages Iumor Y Teens present Thanksgrvlng Assembly School d1sm1sses for Thoznksgxvmg Hohday DECEMBER Student Councxl presents assembly Irrn Lynch Kmg Archer Follansbee vlctonous over Burgettstown 1.1'1 f1ISl basketball game 42 37 Ohve lane Coker and Glenn Kocher chosen as co-edrtors of the Forge Cheerleaders purchase new umforzms Football teams honored at banquet held at the Eagles Hall Seruor YTeens present Yuletxde Program InterJClub prom held at the Eagles Ballroom rn Follansbee pubhcrty bnngs large crowd School drsmrssed for Chnstmas vacatron 1879 , , . - . ' 1 , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 . . . . . . . 11 - 11 . . 1 . . . 1 I 1 1 1 ' l.l'eGSuI'e1'. 1 1 , . . ., . . . . - - 11 11 . . 1 - - 11 - I1 - 1 . , ' . - 1 . J , ' 1 . . . . . CALENDAR IANUARY Back to books after a most enloyable Christmas vacation Blue Wave defeats Bethany 69 34 We1r defeats Blue Wave Sl 58 George Bllderback Mildred Crinkey Charles Utz V1ncent Curtis Iac quelyn Sweany and Rosemary Lew1s represent F H S in Teenage Out look broadcast over WEIR R S1s1nn1 and M Allen reign 1n Populaznty Poll S1x teeners represent Follansbee High School ln Talent Show presented ln Weir Hlgh Auditonum Seniors present play Ghost Wanted H1ll in lead B1lderback stars Students particlpate in Saturday Date W1th Music over WSTV Bodley Rea and Allen on the air FEBRUARY Iuntor Town Meeting broadcast on WWVA includes Olive lane Coker Elizabeth Compagna Harry Bowman and William Hlll Band presents first concert of the year under d1I9Ct1OI1 of Alfred Rigner Student Council holds skating party for student body One hundred fifty 1n attendance SOSS and Sub Debs hold Valentine formal at Community House Frank Provenzano and Esther Zak chosen as Valentine Sweethearts Many students attend sem1 formal held at the Welrton Community Center Follansbee defeats Mmgo 93 74 in last Basketball game Basketball Tournament held at Weir Commumty Center MARCH Faculty committee arranges spring program Mr Wells Iunior high groups presented assembly program Senior basketball players and managers attend State Tournament at Morgantown Operetta The Fortune Teller presented under dlrectton of Mr Rtgner APRIL H1 Y sponsors Easter devotional program Band concert lunior Class holds annual play DaCosta and Ferrar presented by Student Council MAY National Honor Society mducts new members lumor Senior prom held at Pine Room in Oglebay Park Baccalaureate servlces for Seniors Commencement exercises One hundred twenty four SGHIOIS graduated Wir ll . . - . , . . . . appreciative audience attends. ll . ll ' I ' ll ll I ' I X mf! xxx xxxx xx x xxx xx x x xxvx xx xx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxvxxxxxxxxxxx xvxxxxxwxxxzx HON11 1 1 RXIT1 1111 fO OO111I111I1l6I1tS of T111 PFOPL14 S' BAL IX XNTD The 1 XN1x Oh VVEIRTON 1111111 1 111x1t 1IlN1ll 11111 f1111p111.1 1 A111111 btwet X 01111111 XX N1 . s X 111 S 11111 ls A111111 Q 1 11 st 11 REINER S Stl1l11Q11X111l g 1JQIJ611d3111L Stole Z1 THF HLB st1111 01110 s fnmt Store 51611111 I1X111L 01110 QQ xxx x xxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx x. x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx N X N X KKK KNNK XXX XXX N X 1 1 ' 1 A JA . , 11f11llIl111lll'111S 111' 1 A 4 , 4' 41 Y v T 7 1 1 :L 'V V rw, 1 1 B10 1- 11 1171111111111 11111 A121111 ST1,'1'01, W1-11't1111 1 , 21 .' 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I fl D 11, I1 A J ' 2 of 5 5' 1 V' W .1 - W 1 '. I ' - 'Q I3 1 l' 1. ' l '. 1 ' 1 , V , 1 fl5ll? Stix X Y, my r , , .1 1. O 1 , , . '51, T2 1 l 'nfl ,.,l- A. tl Y I N Y, Y f' " 'TH' ll f' 'I J A V l A FVF' I ' K1 , 1 ' f' f A T11 IC ' S ' ' 111 ' -. 41 4 .114 11, 'l' ' lYe11't4111, W. Vu. Z' .2 4' 1 ' S ,, , 1 1 , 1 . w w 1111-11141- A Vlli 111 1111. 1:14 :VC 112 U, , , ,fl , I , . 1 N V . I . . 1 1 1 1 . , , 1 Q o 4 1 . ' ' Y ,1 f '1'- K' 1 - Y E 1,21 ' , ' f 7' 1,1 lu . ,,1 1 . 1 1 5 , A 1 'A1 '1 1 ,Z 2 - 5 ,. ' 1 s 1' C ' '4 1 " ll " ' " a 5 l"'...f -...O'l ,Y TAY J,l , Y J vs V 'I : s Z . o X xx 6 4929 x xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx x xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 The Follcmsbee Remew 1911111115 and I 1lIl11N1lClN 'Bmw 1 111 531 N1 SIN SIIREI T If 1 XN51111 NX N X Phone 1 '1 S I111IRTI1Ir NIOTOB SALLS S1016 01 D1xt111ft1xe Stx1es Pb 1 1CXL11111 ht1eet W 116011110 S ldqhlou Fold and XIQICUIY Seuue CLIITQI ful 01 exeluxu e Phone ' O XT5 SL IFS 1111111 bt I 011111s11ee, W Y IDRILSSI S C2111 M3USf1C1d Stuc:110 191 N101t11 110111t11 Street e1111e11x111e, 01110 I 110110 7 151 O1f1c1a1 P110t0g1 1111191 101 the hO11lHSIlGC 111511 be11001 L1.1ss of 1933 H C CCDCDK CCD RINT11 RS AWD OF11 SET LITIIOC R XPHX Establlshecl 1870 111 9011111 1111rr1 Sheet Ste1111111x111Q 01110 "xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nxxxxxx x xx xxx 'xx xx xxx '19 5 2 1 5 5 1 5 n 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ,v.1. J '. -ff -1 1 1. - " . C f' V . 1, Y -, 41 .OI 11, 4, Q, F 1 f E L 1 L , A 1 A Al A x A J, . 1 . 5 1 ' c . ..f, " ' 1 ' 9 '1 1 IxX111fN1'XN1S f A , A A A l : ' ' 1 1 0 'W ' - 1 1 f 4 1 I 01+ R 1 5 1 1 . . . , 1, J . 1 , J , 1 3 , 1 fy , 1 1 1 g , 11 , 1- 1, f : 3 1 1 1 , , . , A I 1 , ' 1 ' -41 v, 1 .. 0 S 1 1 ' 5 . . 1 , 1 .v - 1x , ,' -3-1 J. , 1 5 1 , 1. - U 2 1 . . Y 1' , 1.1 A 1 71 v' r 1 - 1 A ... , ... ' 1 1 , - I ', ' 'I 'L 5 1' 'X 1 K ., 4 1 1' . J. E 111 4' x ' ' 1 xx .x, O O ' I 1 1 5 1. 1 1 5 . . Y , 5 , , 1 1 S -, . . 5 5 bil ' I '-'I 2 . -4.1 K 1 1 1 1 5 , . . 1 , , 1 1 .. -. ' 1 ' . V 1. W . fp. : L 11 1,1 g 5 1 s -1 5 ' ' S 5 'L 1 1 5 S ' 4 ' I Q 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 O 9 6 5 1 5 S 1 ' I I I 5 , S 5 IJ ' H 1 V wwq 1 V f 1 5 1. J 1 -1 1 I 1 1 5 1 1 0 5 ' 1 N I 1 1, 1 5 5 , 1, . . : , 1 ry 1 . A , ,A 5 5 5- L 1 5' 1 3 5 1 5 S ' I g 1 n x xx x 8 Follunsbee .Q . t ,.,1Cv'fm?"5' 'f .-av, 4 V Corporation C947 Follansbee West Virginia Sheet Metal Specially Division 11 WEIRTON STEEL COMPANY THOMASE MIllSOP PRESIDENT s, 1 C7 THF TARGTT SHOP 423 YVash1ngton Stleet Steubem 1l1e Ohlo If lt Q sports ue hfue 1 GFO WS Hd AUSI TN BLORISTS One Store Onlx Ft Steuben Hotel Bulldmg D1al 2 B11 Steubenvllle Ohm Oomphmonts of OAROLI N A BUILDLRS INF Llllllbel and 13111161111 Supphes E3 NVQHSIJUI g Folhtmbee Wellsburg Natlonal Bank H FLI SBURG W VA Lflpltwl H00 OOO 00 bmplus S5120 000 00 1 Z9 on Savmgs A11 'lccounts 1113111661 up to 2510 000 00 o aawffv 12, OGER 4 MAIN ST R Ol US MAR ET S STE BENV ll! Home brown Blom 615 O1 HAR S POR DIANIONID A11 Occaswns T S Ed and Bus HART S MCOAUSLEN S JENVILLERS Best Flowels Smce 1867 Phone 2 4525 173 N 4th Steubenvdle, O Street 421 Market Street St811bQ11N1HQ, 01110 muuuwnmmnuuswmx vwusvmvn xvwuswxnxmxnsuuwsxswmxxxx-.mswmxnssunuuxuxwxnun 1 T J N1 21 4 Y J . . 1 f X L Ji. , X 4 . - - ' - D V , 1 1 1 ' I , 1 1.1 , Y 1 . . . . Y 1. f . v 7 . .- .- , f A-I-2 I f CC ' 7 , ' 7? L 5 ni Y I t ' , ' 7 ' . J , , , 7 ' 1 T X :T 5 V J. J , A , . . . - , W ' 1 J. c c 1 I , . , 1 I 5' Q Q 7 . V ' ' cr . c C ' N .4 4 , 1 c L . r , , , K. 7 0 ' e ,IPL , -5 -3- ij:-,af v. , v 1:2-EW' A anmefffifeuxe 'egg .. '--V " f it? ' '52 ' " ' ff? :Q 9 aiz' . Twu v A K 1. - u b I U - N 1 v .. f , 1 1 . 1 J. J. n 7 , ! ' 4 ' 4 , v . 1 - U . izwmussmsxnuwuxuuuxxuuuunsx xuvwssssuusuxnnuunu - xsuxw. wvwvwvxmwwwvwsu FRANK BASIL General Insurance J ust1ee of the Peace Notary Pubhe C'ompl1ments of IOHNNI S NIARKFT Telephone 211 P1 471 731 NI St 10110 L am C1138 Bu11d1ng Resldenee Phone 393 M I DIN ARD S FLORISTS RICHMAN BROTHERS hllllll 11 Plovela Makers of Fme Clothes Cmsagee md Cut Flovs ers Smeg 1879 Phone 218 Also Quahty FH1'H1Sh1HgS Market and Fourth hmansbee W Va Steubenwlle Oh1o BANK OF FULLA BE FOLLANSBEE WEST VIRGINIA Member of Federal Depos1t Insu1 ance borporatmn SSMNQNSK VVNNVWVIANNSNWXNKSNVKNMNANAMKKNSNRMANNVNNMWSNSWAKNWSMAAAMWAMM NSSW NM 1989 3 MAVNVINMASNMNWWNKAWMHMMNMNMWNMMAMMNMNMMWWWVWAMMMMMMMMKVMMMMMMANWMNWWWMMWNM 1 . ' e ' YK' ' J . ' ' In T Q 1 Y ' , 7 FOLLAINSBEE, W. Va. Follfmsbee, W- Y a. Q R ' n ' I 1 i H W , ' . 1. L . to ' .L 1 y u 1 ' ' 7 L 2 7 . . i , . ALOO RADIO and ELECTRIC OOMPAIN Y a S R3d1OS Washers Refmger ators Hardxx are Tovs Small Apphanees Electrical Supphes Llectrmal Oontractmg BUFFALO OONFEOTIONILRY Where Dad Took Mom After the game Aftel the Show Nleet you1 frlends at the P 7 M S Ifollansbee W Va BUF1' ALO M A T T E R E R S Ored1t Jen elers D1E1I1l0Dd Rmgs W atehes For the Best 111 Jew elr Follansbee VK Va Comphments of ALLEN S FOOD MARRY T bolllushee XX N 1 A B14 RRANTIL F1 esh Meats G1 0C81'18S Phone 94 910 313111 Sheet Follansbee WV Va Oomphmeuts of B R Y A N S RESTAURABT Comphments of i LANTZ DAIRY Eywwm NMMAVNflMNV5VMhNVMMW5NN rWWWWWMMWiNNK MAA 1995 NNSAANNAAVVMSVNAASVKNNNNNNHANNANMVMNSVVNMVSSNNSNWSSM VSNNSVNNVNAN SMKVWWmWWVVNWVWWWNSSVVWVWNSMNSWVVSVNVWTKSVNXKWVSNKNQVVNN I M' A I ' ' 1 Sales nd ervice J' L 2 . . 66 ,, A A, 9 9 " 7 . E a s . 7 , , 9 I l A. ' L hone 462 74 ain treet w T , E , . . I 5 ,W 5 5 , V 1' A 2 . . , Y 5 Z T I 7 1 E .J S as - 77 5 ' Y '1 . . ' 7. 1 7 o C a 7 , . . I S 2 I . D . . 7 B1 Y E , , . , I 0 C I TRIANGLE FOOD NIARIxE'I Quahtx Meato 1110101105 11101011 Foodo Hom 019011 Iffvts I 11 111 Bollambee, IV N I 10111 ILIOIS Rlgbx Heaton 1111 Ihc O1 lgl 1.11 IANI1b I1 IIOMF RRI 31 Xuw SCIVILL Allxbuhuloc Bo1'x10e Dax 01 A011118 D GHIQIIICI Follausbee, XV N 1 K NNXNKNSXKKSXSKKX XVNSSNKSSSNK Q2 HEIGHTS C ONE Fi TIONERY o11fQct1o11s IUHQAIIDOQ Bus Jones, P1op11eto1' I'0lLp11o11e 9748 IR Xl BERT S DRI C STORY lim Roxdll btom Ilehxelx SGIXILP Phone 970 I-hlltop Eqmpment SL Supply Phone 160 R OOIIQIIJIUIRIIOIIS to the Class of 1903 NIAX NN L IH4 LP BUILD XOLR LUTURL IIOON LRSON HI IOHTS "Fm Men Who C. 'IHI ' II NI M.11t111s I C1 1 N Steubelmmllc I o111p11111e11ts of TONI S PI UNIBINO Nlam St1C6t hollilnsbec, VV X 1 X NSS VSSNNXN SNA X1-VNS 8581585 N W VNVKX NNN! 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