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Follansbee High School - Forge Yearbook (Follansbee, WV) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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91 1 x ,fiiagxilx Q 3 gh pg !f,,"L- ! 17, zL'ft fl, X ,Y I 7257 I we :W IIQIIANSBEE I-IIGH SCHOO FOLLANSBEE, WEST VIRGINIA Volume VI I 'Q X G I X . x X X xfx ' 1 , X ' X i fl f . , ' f , I :H Q 5 g . 3 if 12 i 4 E. E5 i J fi , f 5 . ,fx . , A G ' l iffaivzf M, . wr ., E 'I ,A ' fF'? 'r' ff" ,, , mgvvw' A 1 .,,A. . , , , ,A ,A,. . ..,,,,..,1.. , - aw , L ' 1, - 'WY-. , ?f'w5?, " x A 'Inf 4 4 V I f ,Y . H , I v , 4 is rv ly V A , W ,f 3 ig? ii , A, . - 5,7 ,AQ ,SX gl, 45 1, ,, , 1 , V V. YW mi' ,M '- X I ' ff t 4 if ,, , 4 K if f ig, H6-N .vi V . rh- Q 5 .i 5 5? X55 Y 2,5252 3533 j gwzww page four Administration Seniors Underclassmen Activities Athletics Advertising Autographs ?afzewafw! Pull up a chair, tune in, and get ready to witness a most spectacular television show in which YOU will be the star. Included in the show will be the clubs, sports, faculty, snaps, and other important features which will bring back memories of the whirl of high school days to the 1951 Seniors who mark the thirty-ninth commencement of Follansbee High as they so reluctantly close its portals for the last time. Q Ia S 41 I 'llll llllll llllll llllll llllll lllllll llllllll llllll' lllllf ,IIIIIII .lllllllll lllllllllll Alllllllllll Alllllllllllll ,llllllllllllll lllnlllllllllll AllI"1lllllllllll IY Ill Ilillllllll ll I-I I-I-I-ll l-Ill-Y 'll YIIIIIIIIIIIII ilu llIllllllllI 'll Illllllwlpr 1ll.lllllll 'llllllllll Wlllllllll Ullllllll llIllllll llIllllll llllIllll lllllluln ll-I-l-l- lllllllll llllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll llllllll lillllll 1-l-I--ll-I IllIlllllI I-l-I-lllll llllllllll lllllllllm lnllllllll fx Illlllllll I-IVIIII' ll' Ill' Ill' III! ll- ll-I lll ll! :Il llr Ill Ill I I-V I-I Q- :HI ,1-fdmmwmazam S v 0 ! U 0 Superintendent of Schools MR. OLEN RUTAN Board of Education MR. W. N. BURTON MR. A. MULHOLLEN DR. H. A. SPORCK MR. FRANK CAREY MR. JOSEPH FUNK Principal MR. WILLIAM C. HOOD A.B., West Liberty State College Assistant Superintendent M.A., University of Pittsburgh MR. GLEN SMITH M. s ,Www L , 1 'NE ANDERSON W Pb-i'.iiu1l Etllllillfillll A.B. W'cst Virginia University fririuk CARE Mum' BS. in Music lltluealiun Pennsylvania State College Homfms -I. HII.L Driziug, Serial Sfmlivx A.l5. Ripon College OLIVE ARBAUGH lillglisb A.B. Mount Union College M. Litt, University of Pittsburgh tlmius CAXREY flrillwnnflic' BS. West Liberty State College A.B. West Liberty State College Dayton University KATHLEEN JAIVXES Englixb AB. West Virginia University M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh L 3 1 ff! b . y .SH J L . CLEMENTINE BISHOP Aun'ric'a11 Irlixlory A.B, W'est Liberty State College M.A. West Virginia University CARLIN DOIJRILL Plzgyxiral Elilll'fIfi0l7, .ltxiifunf Coach A.B. NVest Liberty State College M.A. West Virginia University SHIRLEY G. JOHNSON spm-b, linglisb, Drfmmlirx AJS. Salem College M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh ' ' l"1OMER S. BODLEY PEARL BUKSA Biology, Plryxiolng-y T,Yl1i1l.lf, Sl70V'M"'1f'fl B.S. Oliio State University AB. XVest Liberty SLHLC M.Ed. University of College Pittsburgh ' FRANCIS FREsHwA'1'ER Mafbaumlirx A.B. Salem College M.A. University of Pittsburgh JOHN KINSEY Sr'is'r1n', Axsislarff Caarlz AJS, Bethany College in wil AMY JOLLEY FRED HANIILTON Ifnglixb lmluxlriul Arlx A,B. XVcst Liberty State BS. lid. W'est Virginia College Ul1iVCl'Sily NLF. University of NLA. XVest Virginia Pittsburgh University page seven 1. SA Es SA RA BELLE LIVINGSTON XIOFIIHOIILII Home Et'0ll0llIil'X B.S.H.1-I. West Virginia University THER POWEIR Englixb, Hixlory Ariibllzelir' A.B. Bethany College M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh LLY PFENNANT VOL'tlff1JI11ll Holm' El'0l1OlI1i6'S A.B. Fairmont State College M.A. Columbia University page eight FRANCES MAI-IAN Lafirz, English AB. XVcstern Reserve University ALFRED RIGN ER BIIIHIIIIIIX lm' B.S. Music Education Muskingum College M.M, University of Michigan WILLA THOMPSON B00kkl'l'1IflIX, GI'r1I'ral I vi CATHEIKINE NlANION English, Hislory A.B. West Liberty State College M.A. West Virginia University FRED SAA1MONS MI'I'lm1Iiw1l Dffllllfllg HS. California State Teachers' College KATHERINE TIKAUBEIKT LibI'aI'ial1, Hixlory BIIUIIVXX, Offff-If PI'IIIifiI'I' B.S, West Virginia A.B. Bowling Green College University M.Etl. University of Pittsburgh M.Ecl. University of Pittsburgh ,I RUBY IWCQUILLAN l'vI'L'lICb, l0IlVlIlIIiXNl Dean of Girls A.B. West Virginia University M.A. West Virginia University JANIES SKEWS Sofia! Sfmlirx, Sl'iL'IIt' Biology A.B. West Liberty State College M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh PAUL WAIDDELL Cbrulixlry, Pbyxifx A.B. Bethany College M.A, Cornell University 'fly LIBERATORE ORSINI Typing, Cllllllllfffidl Ariib1ln'fir: A.B. West Liberty State College RUBY SMITH 0, Cil'0gl'lll7lJJ', Hisfory, SI'iz'1Iz'e A.B. West Liberty State College ARGUS WINTER Hixlory, Coacly A. B. Davis and Elkins College amd ---- l 1 MISS ELIZABETH BOWERS A member of the faculty of Follansbee high school since it opened in 1924, Miss Elizabeth Bowers retired this year from the teaching profession in which she had been engaged approximately forty years. Her retirement is a matter of regret to faculty and pupils. Miss Bowers taught for many years in the grade schools of the county, and then came to the high school where she taught mathe- matics and mechanical drawing. With her zeal for teaching and her desire for perfection, Miss Bower's place in the teaching Field will be hard to Fill. i page nme A.-Il----I-l II----llll 11: n nu l - llI--- -IIII----ll ---llll-I-Illl ----Illl----ll 1llllll1lllll I-Illlll-I-Illllll llIIllllll-lllllll llllllnllllln llllllllltllllll llllllllllIlllllllll nuunnunnnun 1 1llllll1lllllll 1 1llllll lllllll I I I 1 1 Ill llllll1lllllll Ill lllllllllllllll lll llllll lllllll llllll' l ill' llll-lllll-l-l llll llllllllllllll Qlll lllllllllulll ll ll Ill I1' .4 li 4111 AISHSSI il--ZZQSIS 1 - - i - - gill!! ,pp lllll :lj ,Ill ' lil ll l . Ill ll ll: l I I Al 1 EEE!!! ,Q Q? L as II-lllll-l-ll lllIlllllIllIl ' lllllllllllhll llllllllllllli ill-l l -' II-Illlf' U17 17 A -X X X M fl f' T g . ,f V if K, Q of if f X fi AJS Seadafza endow SPONSORS MISS KA'I'llI!iliN JANIES MR. PALM, XVA1J1ml2l.l, fClJzli1'1m111j Miss SllIllI.liY G. KIQHNSON MISS Rum A'1K'Ql,!Il,I.AN pclgw Irwluw CLASS- OFFICERS ISOIEERT Ihmxcglslcgri, l'n'si11r'n1' BARBARA Emvmuns, xffl'l'-Pl'l'Xil17t'Ilf SHm1,Ex Nlomus, SUI'?'f'ftlfj'-Tff'llS1lV17 JOHN AFTANAS General "John" Hi-Y Ambition : Mechanic DOROTHEA ARNAS General "Dorothy" G.A.A., S.O.S.S., Dramatic Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, Girls' Glee Club, Student Council, Ingot Staff, Forge Co-editor, Junior Play, Senior Play, Com- mencement Chorus, Follans- bee Pageant. Ambition: To succeed in some- thing JACK BAKER Vocational UJack" Ambition: Architect HAZEL BATSON General "Hazelf' Library Club, Dramatic Club, Jr. Y-Teens, Sr. Y-Teens. Ambition: Receptionist LAURA BECKETT General "Laura" F. H. A. Ambition: Beautician I . V u 1' IZETTA BEDORTHA Academic "Yetty" Band, S.O.S.S., G.A.A., Jr. Y-Teens, Girl's Glee Club, Junior Play Usher, Red Cross Representative. Ambition: Airline Hostess EUGENE BENNETT General "Daddy" Football, Basketball, Track, Junior Play Usher, Com- mencement Usher, Gay Nine- ties Revue. ' Ambiiionz Draftsman ROY BIRKHIMER Vocational MBg'rk" Football Ambition: Naval Career Qmac BRUCE BOWMAN Academic "Feet" Dramatic Club, Thespians, Boys Glee Club, Ingot Staff, I: o r g e Staff, Baccalaureate Usher, Junior Play, Senior Play, Follansbee Pageant. Ambition: U. S. Marine Corps MARY ANN BOYD Commercial "Mandy" S e n i o r Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Junior Play, Teachers Secretary. Ambition: Secretary MARY LOU BRANCH Commercial "Twig" Sub-Debs, Dramatic Cl uh , Head Varsity Cheerleader, Sr. Y-Teens, G. A. A., Forge Staff, Ingot Staff, Jr. Y- Teens, T u m bl in g Team, Graduation Usher, Teachers Secretary. Ambition: College MICHAISL BUKSA General "O'Shcu" Football, lngot Staff, Forge Staff, Basketball. Ambition: Mechanic BETTY BURNWORTH Academic '4B0IIy' Jr. Y-Teens, Sr. Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Jr. Play Usher, Teacher's Secretary. Ambition: Teacher HARDEN CAMILLETTI General - "Red" lntra-Mural Basketball, Var- sity Football, Reserve Foot- ball. Ambition: College A NTHO N Y CA RISSIMI Academic "Scolchi' Jr. Play Usher, Senior As- sem bl y. Ambition: Teacher MA R Y CEGLIE A Commercial "Muru' Teacher's Secretary. mhition: Receptionist HENRY CICALE Vocational "Hao Hi-Y. Ambition: The Marines NOLA RAE COX Commercial "Coney" Teacher's Secretary, F.H.A. A m bition: Telephone Operato DICK DAUGHERT Y General "Diclz' Boy's Glee Club, Junior Play, Forge Staff, lngot Staff. Ambition: Mechnical Engineer CHARLES DAVIS A Vocational "Drbhyi Ingot Staff, Forge Staff, Foot ball, Basketball, Track, Base ball, Junior Play, S e n i 0 Play, Historical Pageant. mbition: Army I DONNA DAVIS Commercial "Donna" Sub-Debs, Masque and Gavel, Teacher's Secretary. Ambition: Secretary IOHN DE ANGELIS General i'Johnnie" Football, Track, Boy's Glee Club, Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, ingot Staff, Forge Staff, Senior Play Usher, Com- mencement Usher. Ambition: Foreign Legion ROSE ANN DE ANGELIS General "Ro" S e n 1 o r Y-Teens, Teacher's Secretary. Ambition: Secretary MARGARET DEBNAR Commercial "Marg" Ambition: Telephone Operator RALPH DI REMIGIO Commercial "Lucky" Football, T r a c k, Baseball, Dramatic Club, HifY. Ambition: Music Teacher A ROBERT DRAGISICH V Academic "Drag" National Honor S o c i e t y, Senior Play, S e n i o r Class President, Thespians, Masque and Gavel, Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Drum Major, Junior Play, Boy's State, Commencement Usher, Ingot Staff, Forge Co-editor, Jr. Town Meeting. Ambition: Civil Service VERNON DUNN Commercial "Dede" Freshman Basketball, Reserve Football, Varsity Football, Intramurals, Stage Manager of Jr. Play, Ingot Staff, F o r g e Staff, Baccalaureate Usher. Ambition: Sports Announcer JOANN ECKERSBERG Commercial "Jo" Sub-Debs, lngot Staff, Forge Staff. Ambition: Telephone Operator BARBARA JEAN EDWARDS Academic "Barb" National Honor Society, Sub- Debs, Dramatic Club, F.H.A., Band, Jr. Y-Teens, Student Council, Girl's Glee Club, Senior Play Usher, Jr. Play Properties, Junior and Senior Class Ofbcer. Ambition: Nursing KAR LENE ENGLAND Commercial "Karim Girl's Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Senior Y-Teens, Ush- er's Club. Ambition: Telephone Operator NICK FANTE Commercial "Nicl2ie" lngot Staff, Forge Staff. Ambition: To Work ,,. NORA FELICI General "Felice" S.O.S.S., S e n io r Y-Teens, Thespians, Dramatic C l u b , F.H.A., Nlajorette, Usher for Junior and Senior Plays, Forge Staff, Ingot Staff, Com- mencement Usher, Ambition: Airline Hostess ARTHUR E. FERNANDEZ Academic "Art" Ambition: Television Tech- nician I DOROTHY JEAN FINLEY Commercial "Dorn Sub-Debs, Junior and Senior Play Usher, Dramatic Club, J u n i 0 r Y-Teens, P.H.A., Teachers Secretary. Ambition: Secretary RUTH ANN FOWLER Academic "Ruth-Ann" Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y- Teens, Library Club, Sub- Debs, G i r l ' s Glee Club, Pageant, Properties for Senior Play, Dramatic Club, Band. Ambition: Nurse NADEJDA GESHEFF A Commercial "Nada" Sub-Debs, G.A.A., Dramatic Club, Girl's Glee Club, Band fStudent Directorj, Reserve Cheerleader, Library C l u b , Junior Play Usher, Senior Play. mbition: Receptionist ROBERT GRIFFITH A L A Academic "Griffy" Student Council fpresidentl, Masque and Gavel, Hi-Y, Boy's State, Dramatic Club, Baseball, Intramural Basket- ball, Junior and Senior Play Usher. mbition: College ILLIE MAE GRIGSBY Commercial "Lillie" Junior Y-Teens, S. O. S. S., Band, Library Club, Girl's Glee Club, Junior Play Usher, Masque and Gavel, Dramatic C l u b , Teacher's Secretary, C la s s Rin g Committee, Orchestra. mbition: Laboratory Tech- nician EDGAR HARLAN A Vocational "Rebel" Baseball, Hi-Y. mbition: Carpenter ' FRANCES HAUGHT A Commercial "Franciez' Girl's Glee Club, Library Club, Reserve Cheerleader, Sub-Debs, Junior Y-Teens, Junior Play Usher, Dramatic Club, Senior Picture Com- mittee,Commencement Usher. mbition: Receptionist ROBERT HUDOK DORIS HEATON General "DoDo" Sub-Debs, Dramatic C l u b , Thespians, F.H.A., G i rl ' s Glee Club, Forge Staff, lnot Staff, Senior Y-Teens, Junior Play, Senior Play, Junior Y- Teens, Majorette. Ambition: Housewife JAMES HICKMAN Vocational "Jlim'i liootball, Basketball, Track, Junior Play Usher, lngot Staff, Forge Staff. Ambition: Army ROBERT HIPKISS Commercial "Bob" Baseball, Track. Ambition: Crane Operator U General "Peaches Basketball, Track, Forge Staff, lngot Staff. Ambition: Politician DONALD HUMES Vocational "Su.'ahbi'0" l"li,Y, Boy's Glec Club. Ambition: Navy Oflicer S. gn f 'VH ea FLORYNE HUNTER Academic "Floryne" Band, G i r l ' s Glee Club, S.O.S.S., Teachers Secretary, Dance Band, lngot Staff, Forge Staff, Student Council, G.A.A., J u n i o r Y-Teens, Dramatic Club. Ambition: College FLOYD HUNTER General "Bud" Intramural Basketball, Boy's Glee Club. Ambition: Gold Mine Pros- pector IRENE JAWORSKY General "Reem'e" Senior Y-Teens, Junior Play Usher. Ambition: Beautician IJUANE JONES General "lVink" Ambition: Mechanic GLADYS JEAN KANE General "Killer U Masque and Gavel, Teachers Secretary, Dramatic C l u b , Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y- Teens, Junior Play Usher. Ambition: F. B. I. MARGARET KEMP Commercial "Margy" Girl's Glee Club, G,A.A. Ambition: Secretary DALE KUHNS Commercial ."Coonsy" Masque and Gavel, Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Jr. Town Meet- ing, J u n i o r Play, Senior Play. . Ambition: Minister XVALTER KUKURA General "Koons" Football, Track. Ambition: Get Rich ANNE LUPINETTI Commercial f'Lupe" S e n i o r Y-Teens, Dramatic Club. Ambition: Stenographer EMILIA MARTINO Commercial "Millie" Band, Senior Y-Teens, Junior Play Usher, Teacher's Secre- tary. Ambition: Typist. il- NANCY MARTINO Commercial 'ANanc" Dramatic Club, Senior Y- Teens, Teacher's Secretary, .lunior Play Usher. Ambition: Private Secretary DORIS JANE lVlATHEXX'S U Commercial "D-J" Library Club, Senior Y Teens, Junior Y-Teens, Draf matic Club, Sub-Debs, Girl! Glee Club. A mbition: Teacher MARY MAZEZKA Commercial "Shorttf" Dramatic Club, Girl's Glee Club, Junior Y-Teens, Tumbling Team, Senior Y Teens, Masqtie and Gavel, Usher's Club, Junior Plat' Usher, Teacher's Secretary. Ambition: Designer PHILOMENA MA ZZONE Commercial "Ph1'I' S e n i o r Y-Teens, Teacher' Secretary. Ambition: Private Secretary RUTH Mc'1ALl5lNli Commercial "Ruth Teacher's Secretary. Ambition: Typist ROBERT MCGRA NAHAN Vocational "Clem" Ambition: Construction Engineer JOAN MQINTOSH Academic "JounIe" Sub-Debs, Masque and Gavel, Dramatic Club, Thespians, Junior Play, Junior Y-Teens, Usher's Club, Senior Y- Teens, Senior Play Usher, Commencement Usher, Forge Staff, lngot Staff. Ambition: XVriter BEVERLY MCKNlGHT Academic Hlietf' Junior Y-Teens, Masque and Gavel, Dramatic Club, S. O. S. S., Band, S e n i o r Play, Junior Play Usher, Jr. Town Meeting, Orchestra, Pageant. Ambition: Nurse THOMAS MCNHLLA N Vocational "Civil Yi" Ambition: Machinist PAUL MIKANIK General "lVhi1et1" liootball, Basketball, Baseball, lngot Staff, Forge Staff. Ambition: Dentist ROBERT MORRIS Vocational "Bob" liootball, Baseball, Boy's Glee Club, Junior Play Usher. Ambition: Auto Mechanic SHIRLEY MORRIS Academic "Shirley" Cheerleader, Sub-Debs, Stu- dent Council, Junior Y- Teens, lngot Staff, Forge Staff, Dramatic Club, Na- tional Honor Society. Junior and Senior Class Officer. Ambition: College RALPH NIXON Vocational "Buddy" Football. Ambition: Machinist OLIVE NORCROSS Academic "Olive" Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y- Teens, F.H.A., Usher's Club, Sub-Debs, Girl's Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Masque and Gavel, Ingot Staff, Forge Staff, Commencement Chorus. Ambition: F. B. l. 12-LIZABETH ONEA Commercial "Liz" Senior Y-T e e n s, Dramatic Club. Ambition: Secretary EDNVARD PASCUZZI General "Mike" Football, B a s e b a l l, lngot Staff, Forge Stall, Intramural Basketball, Junior Play Stage Manager, Basketball Score- keeper. Ambition: Draftsman MARY PIRILLO Commercial "May" Senior Y-Teens, Masque and Gavel, Teacher's Secretary. Ambition: Civil Service Secretary ELLEN POOLE Ai s l l H Commercial "Ellie Mac" G.A.A., Girl's Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Play, Senior Play, Band, Tumbling Team, Masque and Gavel, Commencement Chorus. 'nbitionz Stenographer ENRY PRATT Academic "Hank" Football, Hi-Y. Bov's Glee Club, Senior Play Usher. A mbition: Preacher THOMAS PREAT Vocational "Prodi" Boy's Glee Club. Ambition: Mechanic L BETTY LOU PROCTOR Academic 'ABetly" Sub-Debs, Girl's Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Y- Teens, Band, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Thespians. Ambition: Business College STEVE PUY General A"I'inhorn" Boy's Glee Club, Band Man- ager, Dramatic Club, lntra- mural Basket ball, Hi-Y Senior Play Stage Manager Basketball Score Keeper. Ambition: Technical College ARCHIE PYLES General "Arch" Intramural Basketball, Band. Ambition: Air Force GBNO QUATTROCCHI Vocational "LazIo" Basketball, Baseball, l n g ot Staff, liorge Staff. Ambition: Infantry RICHARD REBS Vocational "Rocky" lli-Y. Ambition: Steelworker CLEMENS J. ROCCHIO General "Cheech" l5ootball, Track. Ambition: Coal Miner DONALD ROGERSON General "Don" lootball, Basketball, Baseball, lli Y, Senior Play Usher, ,Baccalaureate Usher. Ambition: College DONALD ROWLES J General "Skip" U shei"s Club, lntramural Basketball. Ambition: Playboy liRliDA SAUNDERS Academic "Fritz" Dramatic Club, Senior Y- 'l'eens, Masque and Gavel, National Honor S o c i e t y, lil-l.A., Junior Play Usher, .lr. Town Meeting. Ambition: Nurse RUSSELL SAUNDIZRS Vocational "Puppy" Reserve Basketball, .l u ri i o r Play, Senior Play, Forge Photographer, lngot Staff. Ambition: Photographer HOXVARD SI-IEETZ Vocational UA'I!JllSliL'H Ambition: XVork for Koppers DA VE Y SCHOOLCRAFT Academic "Bout" .lunior Play Usher, Senior Play Usher, Gay Nineties Revue, Intramural Basketball. Ambition: Nlortician SEENA FAY SCHREIER Academic "D1impIes" Masque and Gavel, l7.H.A., Sub-Debs, Senior Y-Teens, Junior Play, Dramatic Club. Ambition: Nurse SHIRLEY SIMMONS Commercial "Shirley" Girl's Glee Club, Library Club, ingot Staff, Forge Staff, 'l'eacher's Secretary. A mbition: Secretary. EMILY SPENCER Commercial "Em" Ambition: Nurse WALTER STRONG Academic "Wall" Football, Track, Basketball, Masque and Gavel. Ambition: Millionaire DOLORES SUCIU . Commercial "DoDo" Girl's Glee Club. Ambition: Secretary PHYLLIS SUCTU Commercial "Phil" Gir1's Glee Club. Ambition: Telephone Operator CHARLES SUR A NOVICH Academic "Chuck" Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Stage Crew. Ambition: College THERESA TA TBI General "Terese" Senior Y-Teens, Girl's Glee Club. Ambition: Vocalist AGNES TISIK A Commercial "Aggie" mbition: Telephone Operator STELLA TISlK Commercial "Srel" Am bilion : Beautician L A EONARD TOST General "Tom" liorge Staff, lngol Staff, Dra- matic Club, T h e s p i .1 n s, Senior Play, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel. mbition: Lawyer MARY ANN TRUGLIO A Commercial "Marian" m bil ion: Accordionist NANCY ANN TRUVER Academic "'l'ruuer" A l3.H.A., Girls Glee Club, S e n i o r Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Thespians, Masque and Gavel, Junior Play Usher, Senior Play. mbition: English Teacher ARETTA ULRICH 1 Academic "Rita' Girls Cilee Club, S.O.S.S., Senior Y-Teens, Jr. Y-Teens, Teacheris Secretary, B a n d, Orchestra, Dramatic C l u b, Junior Play Usher, F.H.A., Commencement Chorus. Ambition 1 College ANGELA WEEIJ A 1 Academic "Angle Sub-Debs, Girl's Cilee Club, Senior Y-Teens, lngot Staff, lforge Staff, Usher's Club, Thespians, G.A.A., Junior Play, Senior Play, Dramatic Club. Ambition: Vocalist ' HENRY YINGST Vocational "I'ermi!e" Football Manager, Basketball Manager, T r a c k Manager, lngot Staff, Forge Stall. Ambition: Mechanic E Al ef sa Class Flower Class Colors White Carnation Maroon and White Class Motto To strive, fo seek, to fml, but 11015 to yield. Bn fillemntwm ie in 1949 ln memory of Ernest Balnkos, a member of the Class of '51, who d' d ' . MARY ANN NVEIBLE Academic "Maddie S.O.S.S., Junior Y-Teens Junior Play Usher, Com- mencement Usher. Ambition: Airline Hostess l'A'l'TY WRIGHT Commercial "Pat' Sub-Debs, Ciirl's Glee Club Masque and Gavel, 'l'eacher's Secretary. Ambition: Receptionist CAMERA Sur: CARL SIMMONS Cieneral "Cy" Varsity Basketball. Ambition: College page twenty-three 1 X S f SX I , 6 X. 4 A Q - 'X V' ' ii fm .1 if is 4 Q -ga . X' , W-My 'ff gyq,,1g,w5xgtJi,'12wf3D"' Q4 "WNW ,Gm nu femw-M 'mile-'Q ' fififif Y A- . wx ,,... :vs JK df .di--1 . J ,.:,ag,, W H s, H01- FN W, my C -'V i 55 ,pw ffffl Q Q A, lg L, ww R Mag' S ,. -,,f',g X af? T A ,, .551 .Ext-,mn Wdezfaw s the time draws near when we, the Senior Class of 1951, must say farewell to that part of our life that centered around Follansbee High School, we are both happy and sad-happy that we have completed that goal we set so many yea1's ago, sad that we must begin a new part of our lives away from Follansbce High School. Time has passed quickly since that memorable day when we ente1'ed school for the hrst time. Continuing year after year the road that seemed long and dirhcult, we, at last, entered Follansbee High School. Charles Suranovich won the county honors in the annual Golden Horseshoe Con- test. Climaxing our years in Junior High was the selection of Claire Bowles and Dale Kuhns as the most outstanding eighth graders. Then, at last, we experienced the thrill of being a part of the Senior High. Even though we were timid underclassmen, we were excited to be allowed to participate in Senior High activities. As our sophomore year began, we were joined by 29 students from Edgewood School. Mary Lou Branch and Paul "Whitey" Mikanik were voted the most popular Sophomores. ln our Junior year we elected Barbara Edwards and Shirley Morris as class officers. This year proved Very exciting as we sponsored the Hallowe,en Carnival over which Mary Lou Branch and John DeAngelis reigned as queen and king, and as we presented our class play, "That Brewster Boyf, Honoring the Senior Class, the Junior-Senior Prom was held in the Pine Room at Oglebay Park. Mary Lou Branch and John DeAngelis were elected the most popular Juniors. Then we achieved the goal of which we had dreamed' for eleven years! We were Seniors! We chose Robert Dragisich, along with Barbara Edwards and Shirley Morris, to guide us. Our football team completed its first undefeated and untied season in the history of Follansbee High. We were honored to have Paul "Whitey" Mikanik selected for the W'est Virginia All-State team. Gur Senior year was marked by the exchange of name cards and friendship pictures, the presentation of our play, 'Seventeenth Summerf' and the Junior-Senior Prom. Selected as the most popular Seniors were Mary Lou Branch and "'W"hitey" Mikanik. As our Baccalaureate and Commencement services draw near, we of the Senior Class wish to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our education. page twenty six 666 John Aftanas leuvvs the waive in the front of his hair to Allen Bogarzul, Hazel Batson leaves hex' impish grin LU 1-'eggy Edwards. MaryxAnh Boyd wills her typing ability to Joe Puzsar. Nola Cox beqiieuths ull her boy friends to Margaret Arm l'zil'i'ig:u1. Dick Daugherty le-ewes Ella Mae Silninfuis, but not for lullgf Rose DeAngpfiS leaves hcl' jolly lllill'lllEI'S to l4klv0111l8 Hagen. Joanne Eckersberg lwqueatlis hw dl'iYillg nliilitfyig Phyllis Summers. Nada Gesheff leaves her student dil't+1'Llll,Lj' to Shirley Muwxly. Robert Hipkiss leaves with "G1'ifEy" and "Johnny", Margaret Kemp leaves her jokes tr- Mary Ann Pellicciotti. Dale Kuhns leaves his friendly ways ln Shirley AIZIXIICWV. Ann Lupinetti gladly ieuves the mice in her locker. Henry Pratt wills his lirep vnive lu .lame 1lK'I3?l1'lllUIlf. Thomas Preat lezlves-1z1Llglxi11gq'I Clemens Rocchio leaves for his girls' house, Shirley Simmons is just ready and willing' lu leave. Walter Strong leaves his favorite tezwliei-, Mr, Hill. Agnes and Stella Tisik leave their bzishfulness to Mary Jenn and Ellen .l'villllt'. Mary Lou Branch leaves her head cheerlezulel' position to Juzluitu Juhnslnn. John DeAngelis wills his good looks to "Bunny" Zak. Seena Schreier leaves her dimples Lo Mina Buwmzlu. "Cy" Simmons lewves his height to Teddy Shurls. "Whitey" Mikanik leaves his h2ll'lllU1lii'2L lu l"1'illlk Marino. Leonard Tost's curly hair goes to Richard Kinder, "Red" Camilletti leaves his red hair Lu Shirley Muyernick. Laura Beckett leaves hier lung hair Lo Lena D'Au1'om. Nora Felici leaves hex' viirves to Joann Slunvliilc. Henry Cicale wills his seal in Sm-'inl4r,g'y vlzlss Lu XYzllte1' Xxrllllgh. Izetta Bedortha leaves her soft voice to Josepliine Suggio. "Pappy" Saunders lic- -iueailhs his wall: to Denny XYi1liz1ms, Barbara Edwards leaves her baritone to Carole Allsripp. Floryne Hunter leaves her iuusiaul ailrilily tu Juulllte 'l'hUl'1lbllI'fJ,'. Don Rowles leaves his sales- munship tu Amie lf'e1'1':il1te. Patty Wright leaves her slwrtlmml ability to Virginia Murzui. Jimmy Hickman le-zu'-as school! Vernon Dunn leaves the "L'ii'z1tes" to Bill Bish. Henry Yingst wills his frmllmll lllllllilglllg' job lu Philip Donlay. Mary Ann Weible leaves her sent fill the bus 1,0 tiatliei-ima lzmlnzir. Walter Kukura leaves Antonette 'Cin-zu'el1i behind. Charles Davis wills ills In-mid slmulrlerg to Ronald Rees. E ' Qbeth Onea leaves with regi-let. Nancy Martino leaves Miss 'l'1'uLilwi't's study hall to Maxine N iiglmt. Emilia Martino bequeziths her extroverl ways to Joy:-e Wright. Phyllis Suciu leaves Lhe snmrt kids to make all 5's. Dolores Suciu leaves io he with her sister. Mary Ceglie wills her hair to Maggie Dikurilu. Ralph Nixon leaves his religion with Mr. Skews. Doris Mathews loaves her freckles to Sonny Lzidu. "Mouse" Scheetz If-:ive-s Mr. Skews to wznllc tn town ut umm hour. Floyd Hunter leaves to get ai job. Margaret Debnar 1f'alVBs with llaium Beckett. Steve Puy halves quietly. Emily Spencer leaves 21 banged up driving vm- behind. Karlene England le-ewes her disposition to Dora Martino, Don Rogerson leaves his height to Jmnes Alera. Theresa Taibi bequeatlis her quietness ui Martha Curtis. Shirley Morris leaves her neutness to .To Ann Gelzircly. Beverly McKnight leaves lim' lips to Adam Petiulovich, Duane Jones leaves his "speed" to Yvonne Regis. Freda Saunders leaves her quiet ways to "Bobby" lic-'ke1'sbex'g. Ruth McAIpine lmequeuths her sliyixess to Ban'- haru Grigshy. Jack Baker's locker gm-:Q to some fortunate senior. Pierre DeFeIice inherits Davey Sm-h0oli'ruI't's studious study hull habits. Bob Morris wills his neutness tn Don Vejvodzl. Doris Heaton lmiw-s in Homefs Clievy. Roy Birkhimer leaves fm' Colliers. lrene Jaworsky leaves hill' uthle-till :ability to Edna f.2ll2ll'21l1t2l. Bob Griffith leaves his blondw hziii' to "Blau-kiff' l"llSf'2ll'li0. Mary Mazezka wills hc-1' tumbling' ability to her sister Martlm. Tony Carissimi be- IIUGIIIITH hix giggle to Jimmy Jzinidais, Lillie Mae Grigsby leaves her saxophone to 'Vincent Fzldse. Charles Suranovich wills his worries to .Tuck Gassner. Mary Pirillo and Marian Truglio leave wirigiiig- "Su l,mmg', 1t's Heen fiuuirl To Know You". Philomena Mazzone leaves her blzwlc hair to Phyllis 'l'z1ylfl1'. Ruth Ann Fowler leaves her glasses to Esther Yan-hini. Gladys Kane leaves Mr. Sl4ew's vlzlsses Lu anyone who needs the vrexlii. Betty Burnworth Ie-elves Russ Sisinni with an sigh! Dorothy Finley leaves well enough ulmle. Tom McMiiIan's shapely legs gn to Lie-nn Izilrule. Joan Mclntosh lveqlif-mlm her sense nf huimn' in Adu NlL'1"62lk. "Edie" Harlan leaves his tliiimleriiig- vuive Lo lflnmm Heed. Aretta Ulrich wills her laugh tu .In Aim Heil. Richard Rees leaves his bones to "imc" llnclley. Geno Quattrocchi leaves his perfumes In liziyrmmd Laihita. Robert McGranahan and Donna Davis leave tog'et.he1'. Art Fernandez lwqiwznllis his qulel mzinner lo Joe 0ri'ecl1iu. Nancy Truver leaves her gift, uf gzilr to Dolores Pu-mt. Mike Pascuzzi willg his athletic- ability to Harry Cie-1-:ii-elli. Frances Haught leaves he-r lwaiuly tr. liuth VIll'll9l'. Mike Buksa leaves his big' blue eyes to "Dany Daly" Peillif-c-imti. Angela Weeda leaves hm' vuive lu Vim-lovin 'I'i'idivn. Robert Hudok leaves his airtisiii- ability tri Ralph llnlwrlzg. Olive Norcross lezivws-111 lust! Eugene Bennett wills his dum-ing fret to Kenny S4'llX'VPl'fff'g'Bl',. Dorothea Arnas leaves hm' brains In Nrimiiii XYrig2,'ht. Archie Pyles lfaives his typewritvi' badly in need of 1-epziirs. Don Humes le-zives fm- tlw Nzivy. Betty Lou Proctor wills lim- speaking' ability to smneune wlm's "Speer-l1less". Nick Fante leznvis his mzinmws tu 'Pom C:1i'P. Bruce Bowman's feet ii1il'm'u1m1te- "Bunny" Ouglitnn g'61lS, Ellen Poole leuws her lilnnd hair lu Ruth Hmllm-l'. Robert Dragisich leaves hiNilL'lillg'2llbl1ilY to liii-hzml Ruin:-ri. page twenty Qe wen USEVENTEENTH SUMMER" Under the direction of Miss Shirley G. johnson, the Senior Class presented "Seventeenth Summer" as its annual pro- duction on January 25 at 8:00 P.M. in the auditorium. The play was about a young girl on the threshold of growing up. Humor, love, sadness, and ha iness all combined t . . in one enchanting production made the performance an outstanding success. Included in the cast were: Dorothea Arnas, Angela Weeda, Ellen Poole, Nada Cesheff, Beverly McKnight, Bruce Bow- man, Robert Dragisich, Dale Kuhns, Leonard Tost, Doris Heaton, Russell Saunders, Nancy Truver, and Charles Davis. page Vttuvnty-f-ight, Same Zine 79 age "THAT BREVVSTER BOY" The Junior Class of liollansbee lligh School presented a three act comedy en- titled, i'That Brewster Boy," on Thurs- day, March 30, 1950 at 8:15 p.1n. in the auditorium, under the combined direction of Miss Ruby McQui11an and Miss Kath- leen james. lt was a story of a midwest- ern boyis love affair and how his friend involved the family in a romantic mixup. The cast was as follows: l.eonard Tost, Robert Dragisich, Claire Bowles, Bruce Bowman, Betty Lou Proctor, Rus- sell Saunders, Ellen Poole, Joan Mclntosh, Charles Davis, Angela Wfeeda, Mary Ann Boyd, Dale Kuhns, Dorothea Arnas, Doris Heaton, Dick Daugherty, Ralph Di- Remigio, Seena Schreier, and Floyd Hunter. Q---! Ahllil llllllln 'I-I--ll I-llll' I-lIlY annum I-Ill ISHS! ld!!! IQSIK AIZ-I-lg .lllll-IIIIII. lllIll-llllIll llllllilllllll llllll-lIlllllk -IIIIII---I I I llll' Ill' Ill Ill!-ll---llllll I r Ill-lllllllll Ill-llnnl lllS--Ill lllllllllf IIS--ll llillll lllllll llll-lll ll llll---lk ll -ll---ll ll lll-l-ll IIIIIII---Ill illllll-I-ll! fx lnlllllll :pun-Inu llllllllll HIIIIIIIIV Illl llll llll llll Illl llll lll , llll Ill llll lll lll I llnl llll ' " :see I III Ill Illl ll ll lllllf ll ll I llll ll ll' Zlwlefzcfaaamen llls Ill ll "I V I B II mu -F I.5'f 'H .5 :..., W 'N II' s : ' X ' :'f ag IN - 1 q ax , ' A I .xl I f ! I l I page thirty Ziaalezdaee ,4cta'adt6ee he junior Class was led this year by Adam Petrulovich, presidentg John Zak, vice- presidentg and Ruth Varner, secretary-treasurer. The class sponsored a concession stand at both football and basketball games. It held the annual junior Class Hallowe'en Carnival on October 31 in the school gym. In the way of dramatics, the class arranged an assembly for the Weirton game and presented the annual Junior Class play. The climax for the class was the junior-Senior Prom. Voted most popular were Ruth Varner and Harry Ciccarelli. The Sophomore Class was in charge of theiassembly before the Mingo game. The program featured a skit of the Mingo-Follansbee game, tap dancing, and movies. The most popular Sophomores were Marilyn Allen and Ross Sisinni. The Freshman Class had charge of an assembly before the Benwood Union game, at which time one group of students presented a "Football Parade of 19S0',, and another, a musical date. Included were songs and a dance routine. Carley Ann Reese and Ann Suffalette were last year,s winners in the Golden Horse- shoe Contest. Carley Ann also won the Spelling Bee in Brooke County and along with George Dragonir was chosen as the most outstanding eighth grader. Betty Ann Bryan and Glenn "Jeep', Davis were chosen most popular Freshmen. The highlight of the year for the Junior High Was the Christmas Party given in their honor by the Student Council. Miss Power's home room presented an assembly with a television program for the theme. Mrs. Smith's room presented a Lincoln's Day program. The most popular eighth graders were Ann Coker and Bill Berry, While Roberta Jo Vickers and Norman Harlan were chosen the most popular seventh graders. mime SPONSORS' Mr. Homer Bodley fCl7l!?l'IlIlll14j Miss Pearl Buksn Mrs. Charles Arbnugh Mrs. Lee Mahan Mr. James Skews CLASS OFFICERS Adam Petrulovich, Prfsidffnl john Zak, Virf-l'rf'sidf'r1l Ruth Varner, S6'C'fl'flIl'j'-TTf'IlS'ltT?V page thirty-one cwiafw LOUIS ACCFTTOLA JUNE ASl4'0Uli CARQLYN .ASH HAIKIQX' BAIN STANLEY BARIZZINSKY XVILIJAM BISII PATTY BLACKBURN CIIARIIOTTIY BLAKLEY MINA BOWMAN ALICE BRIGGS joIIN CAIN IJAVID CAPLAN BETTY CA PRIOTTI TOM CARE MAIRIIAIKFT ANN CARRIGAN ROBERT CAZIN ELEANOR CEGLIE ljEI.I.A CIIIQEK IVIARRY ClCflARHI.I.I ANTONETTA ClCCOI.EI.I.A JACK COPENIAIAYER NIARTHA CURTIS SALLY DAXVIS I,ENA I,,AURORA EnIm1E DAVIS PIERRE IDEFFLICIQ IV' BETTY DELONG ROBERT DES'TFFANL3 HWY' MARGARET IJIPAOLO RALPII DIRIEMICIO PIIILLII1 IBONLEY BARIIARA ECRERSIIERG PEGGY EDWARDS SHIRLEY EVERSON ANNA FERRANTE MARJORIE FREESE GRACE FRESHWATER HARRY FRESHWATER GEORGE FORESHA WI1.LIAM GADD JACK GASSNER ROBERT GEARY JOANN GELARDX' ARLENE HOKE MARY ANN HOMONO RUTH NELL HOOPER GENO IAFRATE ROBERT IANNUCCI FRED IZENSON JUANITA JOHNSTON JOHN KEMP MARILEE KOHOUT ARTEMIS KYRIARODIS PETE LARIOS LOIS LANTZ ANTHONY LAROSA RONALD LASH XVILLIAM MAHAN RONALD MAINS DORA MARTINO JOE MATAZINSKI SHIRLEY MAYERNIGK SHIRLEY MAYHEXV JANIE MCDARMONT JAMES MECA DALE MELLON FRANK MILLER RONALD MILI.ER JOANN MILLINGTON JAMES MIRASOLA VIRGINIA M6RAN SHIRLEY MURRAY VIRGINIA MURRAX' JOHN NICODEMUS JOE ORECCHIO TOM OUGHTON ROSE PALMA JOHN PASTRICK DONIINICZ PELLICCIOTTI MARY ANN PELLICCIOTTI ADAM PETRULOVICH FRANK PIERANTOZZI DOLORES PREAT JOSEPH PUZSAR EDNA QUARANTA RICHARD RAINERI ENINIA REED LAVONNE REGAN YVONNE REGIS RONALD REBS RALPH ROBERTS ' JOSEPHINE SAGGIO ROBERT SCHFNFELE ROBERT SCHEVLIN BARBARA SCI-IOOICRAFT I KENNETH SCHWERTI-'EGER DONALD SCOTT ELLA MAE SIMMONS JOHN SIMONETTI JOANNE SLANCHIK MARGARET SMERECANSKY PI-IYLLIS SUMMERS PHYLLIS TAYLOR JOANNE THORNBUIKG VICTORIA TRIDICO PAUL TRIPOIII DONALD VEAWODA RUTH VARNER NORA ANN WALKER WILLIAM WALLACE JOHN WALLACE WALTER VIAUGH HARRY WELCH EARL WENDT CARL WIICOX - DENNY WILLIAMS JOYCE WVRIGHT Q MAXINE WRIGHT NOREAN WRIGHT ESTHER YACHINI JOHN ZAR MARY LOU ZEIGLER CAMERA SHY: Beverly Campbell, Frank Standardi 0 page thirty-five 0010464 page thirty-si Marilyn Allen, Carole Allsopp, William Almasy, Helen Angus, Helen Ariemia, Helen Barbush, Violet: Barnhart, Lawrence Basil, Charles Beagle. Otis Bearden, Donald Benzo, John Bernola, George Bilderback, Wfayne Blankenship, Ray Bodley, Catherine Bodnar, Randall Boffo, Allen Bogarad. Harry Bowman, Jean Boyd, Betty Burkey, Ralph Brady, Beverly Brandt, Janet Byers, Grace Cameron, Elizabeth Campagna, Allen Campbell. Fred Casinelli, Victor Ceglie, Fred Cercone, Gail Chapman, Joseph Childs, Antonette Ciccarelli, Linda Cipriani, Robert Cline, Olive Jane Coker. William Cooper, Duane Copenhaver, Ethel Crawford, Mildred Crinkey, Edith Cross, Vincent Curtis, Doris Cusick, JoAnn Davis, Robert Davis. Orlando DeStefano, Eddie DiPino, Pauline Donofe, Harlan Dotson, John Ely, Ellen Fante, Mary Jean Fante, Larry Fleming, Wfillard Flowers. .ic - Qc, ' 1 he 'Z ' ff'-f if gif, 'Wa f! J gig? 'ar f if K , T s 2322? ff? M 5 , , L, e .fr f f -' f ar 1. saggy an-Q R ' w w- f X . , I w p , .,, , .,, 1 . , fs,L52g a. is H - .,., , Q 2 k - :Ez '. i faiicl f ' .. E -P-igf iff f aan, .. 5 ' W: . ' . ' 5 "f K ii , . if ' 1. 5, L, . T, R K . . . ,., I - Q as .aaor 'R J f - 4 - . ,,Lh if mKL'LL - - f - .1 " . 'V-. .zi.V ? - ' ' 21226 t 1 I 1 .1 vel 'i , r y . K 4 W 5 ' A - --me-. 4 ,,. . "--"E!?31s3 . - rsaa S . . J ' if 1 . " Q K. s - - 1 A M Q.-z ,,, . P , L . ,,,, . . ff- ,L K L, . g 4,2 Q 1 - 51, 1 fa N 1 s' . f "W 7, ,ww gg. .K 3 L V k S, - W,-, 5 H in A ., , af I J A .f .K k K Qs 'TZ' will is adv like 19" MF N 'fi .ik If K in V M, i f , iyk a 'K Ralph Fuscardo, Paul Gasvoda, Dolores Gaydos, Wilma George, Hannah Gillespie, Paul Grace, Patty Grigsby, Ellen Hanlon, Fred Hart. Kenneth Heaton, Betty Hedmond, Patsy Hickman, Williana Hill, Robert Hughes, Eugene Irvin, james Janidas, Nancy Jones, Dorothy Kafton. Margaret Kelley, Richard Kinder, Elva King, Don Kinsey, Katherine Klepack, Glenn Kocher, Carol Koltz, Ronald Koontz, Sam Lada. Charles Latimer, William Lever, Rosemary Lewis, Patricia Lighthizer, Eddie Lionetti, Dean Longstreth, Frank Marino, Donald Martin, Gary Martin. Martha Mazezka, Tom McBride, Shirley McCarty, Virginia McGee, Donald Meckling, Ronald Mereditvh, Donna Miller, Howard Morgan, Marvin Morris. Harriet Mozingo, Thomas Nay, Tony Orecchio, John Ott, Barbara Oughton, james Pannett, Patricia Pekarscik, Nancy Pertko, James Petroff. page thirty-seven apiamafzea Q ,iii - o f s if x 'N "'1l - , V . 1' T V' awe i -'- v K 'ami ms , iw . . .M 1-M -is I. 1 l 1 .,:, W .VIV L, - ' Q "'L' - . -lL'L E A "" 5 mmkh " ,- Marian Powell, Rosemary Prest, Margaret Quattrocchi, Dorothy Rawson, JoAnn Rea, Betty Roman, William Ross, Dolores Santoro, Gene Saunders. Bernard Sayre, Wilbur Schenerlein, Shirley Shears, JoAnn Shook, Teddy Shorts, Frank Sisinni, Ross Sisinni, Edith Slanchik, Mary Smerecansky Kaye Smith, William Smith, Robert Snider, Anna Marie Spencer, Ellinora Starr, Robert Stift, Dorothy Stillson, Edward Suciu, Eileen Summers. Antonette Suppa, Jacquelyn Sweany, Martha Thompson, Delores Tingler, Eva Under- wood, Antoinette Urso, Charles Utz, Nolte Van Camp, Robert Verner. John Weaver, Lois Weekly, Paul Wheeler, Norman Vfilliams, Shirley Williams, Barbara Williamson, Marianne Yoders. CAMERA SI-IY: Tony Mazzone, Ada McPeek, Nick Prodanovich, Harold Waugh. page rhzirry-eight 7'ae44mea RALPl'I ANASTASIO KLNNIJII-I BAIN Bli'I"I'Y BAKER CIIAKLLS BAKER XVILLIAJX1 BARRI.I1Y BI,vI.RI,Y BATSON IKOBIIRTA BI,IfINR1f RONALD BYRIJ NLJNA lSI,ANRI.NsIlIP AIAA-1115 BONAVl:N'I'UlRA BI SSII. BRI-.MDR SIIIRIIY BRI.wrR NORA1A URUXYN BIi'I"I'Y BRYAN EUGLN15 CAIN INITA CAI.N'ARl-.SI. AIOIIN CIccoLuIIIA NINA COI,I.INs IKITA CONIRALONI. CZHARLIES CDOLIPFR BIITIY LORDILR AIOSEP IINKIQ CUOMO Sli ClUl'RONl', DORAN D:XUGl1l:lK ,- NN DAVIS INA MAF DAVIS LUCY DAVIS RONALD 1jAV1S SUNNY DAWSON w7II.I,IAM DEISNAR GLIQ JO ANN DIRLMIGIO KAY Domss GIZORGF DRAGONIR AUDRLY DUNN JERRY EDWARDS ELSII3 FIFI5 LARRY FISIII-R JACK FLOREA -II-,ANIiTTI: FORKIER DONALD GEARY GLADYS GRAQIL RIQIIARD GRAY CPIARON GRIIfI-ITIIS BARBARA GIKIGSBY -IUDITH GRIGSBY BONNII1 GRIMAI Aman HARTLbY' ALVIN HAUGH'f PAUL HOl4'1'MAN MARkIORIE IRVIN BARBARA JACKSON DAVID joN1as MARY ANN KIQELING NANCY KI1I.LIaY HARRY KIMMLL VIRGINIA KING HELDN KLIMANSRY GENIQ KUHNS RAYMOND LAHITA WI1,LIAM LANTZ 'I' Y -11 f""-'f'vm'1f-1-W' M'-T'-1 U--M ' A ' I .yg,f.f1e-me A A SI, we .., . -A - A , , A Q ' f I . ig! '+-- I, V Viv? AA? 2 . , .- gg - A Wi tAg.f+sz,-,fy-fievsm , -f 'fri' I A -1 ' 'I -I-ka. ,, A " K A ' gi: gffkxr' R -wa a .Ann mfs' Q. IARA A AA 'wkmm I :Y , I 5 7 sk , . wfgw , ...- fm R A f 3, ,.: 5 ,,.V Huw .sf if wg ,wi Au . I . M Wm? -Q? , '-.R S I.. ,. I. nv " H M.5I Ng A ,Q Www ., yy . . R, ,R fy I 5 'W T I T' , Q, 3, 'mg M: .KEIQYV in V 5 I . I. ' ' ,ll V I f IT Shdfc i I I Y ,' N I 5 . R ' '- .. - I- 2 ,- 7 3 ' M gi " . 1 '- 'ET-5 ' : ' ' "ff - gw - . 1 'QQ 1 4, 3 N ' fb 1, ,'m,. ,. If - A, IM 43 I EY VFW gnc I. I I 1 4 'ff z I . z I 5 f Y: -Q ,,4z1f l.ff4i.f. ' zedmen KENNETH LoY LYNN MAINE XVII,I,IALI MAINS BI1ssIIa MARTIN PnTIfR MARTIN IIRANCILS NIARK GRACE MIgRcI.R GI1ORGIi MII.I,s AIVIN NIOORIQ DI-.NNIS NIOLNAR FISH: NIOZINGO CIIARII-9 NIUDYR PATTY MURRAX' Ifl,SIIi MYI-.Rs KIaNNI-:TII Mc:AI,IIINIf BII,I.IE K. MCBEIL 1jAWN MCBIEIZ SAM MCMAHON COI.LI5IiN MIjMI1.I,AN LIXWRENCIE NIXON VVILIJAM MOSSER SYI.vIA ONEA GILORGI3 PANNIETT AI.rx PIZIUTI LEONALU POTTERSNYR WAUTIIRA PRATT FRANK PROVIQNZANO ROIxI:RT QUATTROCCHY CARIIEY ANN Rani RICIIARII ROBIIRTS GLIKALD ROBINSON ROY ROBINSON AI.IfRIiD ROCCHIO XYfIl,I.IAM SAUNDIIRS FLOYD SANDERS .ILAN SCHWIiRTFl2GER WII,,I,IAM SIECRIST SI-IIRLI5Y Sc:HINm,IER BARBARA SHOOK EDDIE SIMMONS RONALD SMITH DONNA STFNGER CHAIUIIQS STEM-II,Ns ANN SUI-'l"AI.Ii'l'TIL MARY A. SWARTZ KIT TAYLOR -IOIIN TESTIK RONAIII T'll0MI'SON PAISY 'IQRIPODI ' MARTI1A WAUGII SUIT WEA'I'IIIaRIII1AII JANIaT Wl.'FT'ERGREEN PAUIJNI2 WII,,I,IAMS SIIIRLIIY WII.I.IAMS DILK WRIGHT JOANN YACIIINI ESTIIIIR ZAR CA-MERA SIIY: Ronald Costic, Ruth Reese, -IOAIIII Wi'lsoII Z ' 4:4 og Q-male MARY ALICE .ALLFY MARGARET BEATTY MARY J. BENEDICT JJAMFS BENZO FRANKLIN BERUINIZ NORMA BONNIQTT RUTH BILBY R4YRNA BIOUX XVII,I.!AM BERRY RICHARD BOYD CORA M. BOXVMAN HARRY BRANDT CIONSTANCIZ BUKOVINSKY IZLIQANOR CASCARCIA BEVERLY CHADXY'lI,I, RACHEL CI-IEIER ROBEIKT CIHILRIPKO ANN CORFR Jola CROGNOLE Jof CZIESITYICKI GILIIRRT DrLA'I'oRIf ELLANDR DI?U!.FY .JOANNE DONNEL1,X' RUTH DoTsoN PATRICIA DRAGDNIR DONALD DURHAM RUTH ECRLES MARGARET EMERICK MARY J. FADLEM XHNCENT FADSE RONALD FISHER OKIE FLOYD THOMAS FRESHWATER .JACK GARDNER RUTH GIZARX' HLLEN GESHEFI' IRFNIT CQIOVANAKIS DONNA GIVENS -JAYK GIVENS ALBERTA GRAY JAMES GRAY CHARLl'S PIANLON C, , 1 CORA HANLON 4 1 ' LL, DDRIS HlI,I, BARBARA HORX'1Xl'Il u . F u J UDITH HovA NIC ADAH -JANIZSHEK DAVIID JONES XVILLIAM KIRKWOOD JANET KOCHER ff.. ev- '- I - Wg? v ,.,. .- ,xii v 53454 Qmde GWLNDQIJN KUHNS BIQTTY LILNIASTIQRS XVAYNIQ Loy PAUL D. LUCAS Mlm: MANLANLD GLURUL MAZILLLRA lKONA1.lJ fV1CKNIGl'l'I DO1,tDRl1S MKLNICKII LYNN14 MITLIIILI BLRNAR11 MQIRRIS C:0l4AIiIil.I.L NIOZINGO MAliLl:NIi NEURUFIR RUTH PARRISH WVALENTINIQ PARTLINI JEROML PAv1'As BARBARA PIIILLIPS RHliTT PINSRY GEORGE PFIsTleR MIRE RAGAN SUZANNL RAGAN -ILAN RAINERI FRANCES RENFORTI-I BONNIE RHODILS WILLIAM RIDI R HOMLR R Ur kl L ARTHUR SANDERS LOIS SAUNDERS CARL SCOTT CLYDL SIQIGLI R WILLIAM SIIAIII .IouN SI10RTs VIVIAN SIMMONS DIANNF SMITH RALPII STIIfT QIAIKHES SHIRLEY SUTILRFIEID GEORGE SWARTZ DOROTHY SWIGLR PATRICIA UHOR HIiLI1N WARGKD IJAVIII WAUCI1 NANCY WAUGI1 ALLAN WVILLIAMS NOLA WILSON ROBIil11 WILSON SANDRA WRIGHT CAMLRA SHY: Glenn Cain, josephme De Stefano, Robert Goerrle, Mary Martmo Seward Qmde BETTE ALLISON LEONARD ALLSOPP JACKYE ARMSTRONG DOROTHY BAKER HAZEL BEARD XVILI.IAhl BENEDICT TOM BFRDINE JOIIN BALAKOS JEAN BLACKBURN WINIFRIED BOLFO ANNI: BONI DONNA BODLEY CECIL BRAUN JUNE BRADY FRANK BYITRS JAMES BULLOGK CJNIROI, CAMPBELL CATHERINE CAMPBEI.L MARY CASQZAIRCIA DOROTIIY CLARK NAOMI CLARK 'JOHN CARE NOR MA CLARK DONALD COLE DAv1n COOPER LORA Cox MAIRY CONFAL.ONIZ HA ROLD CRA ITT RUTH CUOMO JAMVS DAVIS JUDITII DAVIS XVARREN DADIEY MARGARET DAWSO N PAT DIEANGELIS PATTY EMIJTR INliZ EVANS MARY DUIIRASNII VUILLIANI FORESI-IA RICIIARD FRESI-IWATER ANGFI.lNI2 GIKA NATO Hl'RA1AN GRAY MARGARET GASSNER BUDDY CHKIEATHOUSIQ EMILY I'IAI.L LESTER HARI.AN EVELYN I-IA N LON NORMAN HARLAN 'THOMAS HARTSOUK WAYNE HAUGHT BETTY HEGKMAN ' - U.. .. ,YA I ' I -. I eaealdk Qfmde GERALD HUFFMAN FANNIE LIUNTER CARL KAFTON JOE KOHOUT GEORGE KOROS FRANK KOEING JOANNE LADA MARCELLA LAISIOS DAVID LANTZ JAMES LAWRENCE PATRICIA LAYBURN JOHN LEARY HONY'ARD LUCAS DONALD MAINS JOE MAZZONE ROBERT MCGEE RALPH MCGRAW GORDON MILLER VI-QL1K'1A MOOIKE BARBARA MYERS LINDA Nl?UMEYER ANGELINA NICHOLES JOYCE OVERSTREET GUY PARRISH MERVIN POOLE FRANCES PRESCOTT JOANNE PURSLEY GEORGE RAWSON JAMES REESE ELIZABETH RIDIEIK DOMINIC SALATINO MAIRY LUCY SCI-IAEEER JAMES SCIIXVERTFEGHR MARIQ SILCRIST JOHN SHORTS ESTHER SIMMONS IJONALD SMITH IJONALD SOLE JOSEPH SPENCER SHARON STEWART ROBERT STIFT PAUL SWARTZ LOUISE TOIXIAINO CATHERINE UHOR DAN VANCAMP JOSEPH VERNARSICY HOWAIKD VERNER JANET VERNER ROB!-.RTA VIQRERS JOHN VINCENT RICHARD VIRDEN FRANK VOYTER SHELBY WALKER RONALD WILSON EDWARD WOHNIIAS ROBERT XVRIGHT CAIVIERA SHY: Margaret Fleishmaii, Patty Kirk wood, Melvin Morris, Jacqueline Murray. A1111 nun 1:11111 1-11111 1:11111 1:1111 IH-ll -I 1:-111 IIIIII IS-ll Ill!-H lllll - -1- Ill--H I-IU--lllillll Al-ISHS-I-lllll IlllIlIlllllll 11111:1111111u1r1l - llllllh1llllYll Allr AlllIllllllL IIIYII' IIIIIIIIIIIIUIVIIVIII :1111 AIII Alllllllllllllklll IIY 11111111111111111 nu lllllllllllllllilllfll' 1llllllllllllllLWllYllV lllflllllllilllllnll' 111 lllllllllllllllIA If Ylll-I--lIlIlP4ll llllllPA n llll 11111-111111111 llllllllllillll lllllllllllllll 1llIlllll llIlllk 411111111 IIIIIII lllllllllUllllll lllllllllll 11l1v llllll-II!! llll lllllllllll llll llllll-Illlilll 1111111111 llll lllllllllllllll lllllllll lllll 111111111 llll' lllllllillll I 11111111n111 nlllll-lllllll I--I-IH--I ll-l a11111111ll111 llllll-lll llll llllll-lllllll Illlllilllllll 1 ll 1 'l"l'lll ll 111111111111 llllllllllll lllllllllllll 11111111 1111 11111117 lllI lllllll llll Alllllll llll lillll-! 111 llIlll- 'll 1 'el-l- q:1 -1 F f' 'L i 5 ,ilu I 111 L- .-11 - A H1 I 1 l I I- I II ' " . All! L 1 A in .llllllillllllfllllllf ll . 1- 1 ' ' I , -L V C .Y V 5' A I ' fx ll I1 I 4 1 0 olfwllced page forty-fix! laden! ' BACK ROW: Robert Dragisich, Ronald Davis, Adam Petrulovich, john Zak. Ii1xoN'1' Row: Audrey Dunn, Allen Bogarad, Marilyn Allen, Tom Care, Robert Griffith, Ruth Varncr, Harry Ciccnrclli, Floryne Hunter, Shirley Morris, Barbara Edwards, Eddie DiPino. OFFICERS ROBERT Gini-'ifrrii ,, ,, ,..,,.. Pr'csia'r11f TOM CARE ,, ,,.ViCe-P1'1'xi1f1'111' RUTH VARNER , ,, ,e.,,,, SC'CI'Uf!ll'J'-T7'l'dSIl1'F1' he Student Council sponsored Ll series of five assemblies as the major project of the year. This group was responsible for the publication of athletic programs at football games, sponsored n Christmas party for the junior High School, and furnished milk for the players after football games. Shirley Morris, Ruth Varner, Floryne Hunter, Robert Dragisich, and Tom Circ were representatives of the organization at the State Student Council Conference held at jncksonis Mill. They were accompanied by Miss Ruby McQuil1an, sponsor of the group. A steak fry, 11 banquet, and presentation of pins to new members completed the school year. page forty-six dam! Wann ' cholarship, leadership, character, and service form the basis on which fifteen per cent of each graduating Class is selected for membership in the National Honor Society. The purpose of the organization is to give recognition to those who have maintained high grades in school while participating in extra-curricular activities. Chosen during their junior year, the members pictured were active during the past school year also. Members chosen in the Spring of 1950 were: Franklin Hooper, Charles McDonald, Andrew Paesani, Martin Bogarad, Mike Mesaros, Mary Settimio, Marlene Kelley, Clyde Kohout, Mary Fulciniti, Bill Gritliths, Jackie Sage, and -Io-Ann McDarmont. Faculty advisors include: Miss Shirley G. Johnson, Miss Ruby McQuillan, Mrs. Charles Arbaugh, and Paul Waddell. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,i, ,,.,ROBERT DRAGISICH Vice-P1'esident , i,,,, .,,,,,,,, B ARBARA EDWARDS Secrcffary-Treaszzmf ,,,,,,,,t.. , ,,,,,,,,,,. ,t,, S HIRLEY MORRIS Shirley Morris, Bog Dragisich, Barbara Edwards, Dorothea Arnas, Freda Saunders. page forty-seven l 1 e 7 '- n l'1u'11s: llnxid jones, Hannah Gillempie, Bill Seeriu. CXIAIKINI Is: Shirley Murray, Nada Gesheff, Harry liuwnmn, lfeua Beds Alley, Betty liryanr Dirme Smith, Roberta Vielcera, liniilim Mx Lzxyburn, Helen Gesheff, Floryne Hunter, liA5suoN: .Ionnne Thornburg, Cora Bowman. SAXLJPIIUNI-I Vincent Fadsc, Beverly MeKnigln, Lillie Mae Griggby, CfulaNl'ls: Aretta Ulrich. Robert DeSLefano, judiih Grigsby, Charlea lIoRNs: -lim Petroff, Bonnie Grimm, lirnncex Mark, Gladys Grace, Ba 'I'uoMuoNl: Donald Vejvoda, Mark Secrist, Bill Hill. lS.w11oN1,: Barbara Edwards, Carole Allsopp, Ban: Kenneth Schwertfeger, Bill Smith, George Driigonir, Donald Gear Puuussloxz jane: Vfettergreen, Barbara firigsby, Xxddllkff Wiixgli, 51 Majorettes Roslyn Grigsby Doris Heaton Nora Feliei Shirley Mayerniela .Ioanne Thornburg Ruth Nell Hooper Joanne Slanchik Sally Sue Thornburg D P 'ui Belmke, Yvonne Regis, Edith Slnncliik, Dawn McBee, Mary Ali e c Armstrong, Donna Bodley, Betty Allison, -Ioyce Overstrect, Parry by, Bill Shaffer, Marianne Yoclers. Poole, Kit Taylor, ,luck Gardner, Doris Hill, llunei Byerm un, Joyce Nvrighr, Ruin-rl Dragisicli. Drum Major Robert Dragisieli Director Alfred Rigner OFFICERS Doris Jane Mathews, P Wxidrrzi Martha Curtis, 'I'rn1x11rt'r Ruth Ann Fowler, Sftrelary ' Margaret Kelley, Rt'!20!'fI'V Miss Katherine Traubert, Sfzmzsnr Hmrx ROW: JoAnn Davis, Shirley Williqiiais, Charon Grifhths, Dolores Gayclos, Dorothy Rawson, Mildred Crinkcy, Esther Zak. NIIIIIYIJ Row: Miss Traubert, Barbara Grigsby, Barbara W'illiamson. Curley Ann Rees, Roberta lit-lmkv. Betty Bryan, Kit Taylor, Barbara jackson, Hazel liatson. l:KUN'I ROW: Rita C4llY'CfCSC, Gail Chapman, Nancy Pertko, Ruth Ami Fowler, Doris .lane Nlalliews, Martha Curtis, Virginia Murray, Margaret Kelley, Sally Davis. Cfaxiim suv: Nlartha Ma7ezka. he purpose of the Library Club is to render service to the school by assisting Miss Katherine Traubert, librarian, in checking books and in repairing damaged books. For Book Week the club arranged a display in the window of the American legion and held an assembly program. At Christmas time the members sold wreaths to buy an-unabridged dictionary. Every two weeks two girls arrange a book display in the library as their project. page Hfty undam- Semin 77mm Honoring the class of 1950, the amizml junior-Senior Prom was helrl Wfeflncsrlay evening, May 10, 1950 in the Pine Ream of beautiful Oglelmy Park.. Iohmiy Cimino mul his orchestra pro- vided the music for what will remain I as one of the most me1no1'ahle nights of our high school career. OFFICERS Angela XVeeda, I'rr.mlr11f Freda Saunders, Vim'-l'1'i'iidi'11l .Ioan Mclntosh, St'lil'l'flll'vj' Ruth Ann Fowler. YiV'f'IISHl't'l' Miss Pearl liulxsa, SINIIIXIH' The purpose of the Y- Teens is UTO build a fel- lowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our coin- mon life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are commit- ted by our faith as Chris- tiansf' Included in the activi- ties for the year was a dance held after the Wci1'- ton-Follansbec basketball game and an in f o r m al dance in the spring. The Y-Teens also had as their guests the Y-Teens from Wfeirton. page filly-Iwo . Z- limit now: Shirley Mayernick, Patty Blaelihurn, Mina Bowman. Phyllis Taylor, Yvonne Regis, Phylli SUI11l'I'lCl'S, Shirley Murray, Arlene llolte, lilla Mae Simmons. l'iRUNl' Row: Grace Freshwater, Margaret Sinereeanslay, llarhara lfekershe1'g. Dolores Preni, Ruth Nell Hooper, Joanne Thornburg, Martha Curtis, Shirley lfverson, Norean W'righl. .losephine Saggio Della Cheek. lilxciii Row: Mary Ann Boyd, Rose Ile Angelis, Theresa Taibi. Filomenn Nlazzone, Irene jaworsky, Nancy Martino, Mary Pirillo, Nlary Malezka, Betty Fzurnworrh, Aretta Ulrich, Mary l.ou Branch, Olive Norcross. Mmm 1, Row: Miss Buksa, Ruth Ann Fowler, Karlene lingland, Doris .lane Mathews, limilia Martino, Seena Sehreier, Anne Lupinetti, Nancy Truver, Gladys Kane, Freda Saunders, Rose Palma. Victoria Tridieo, Esther Yaehini, Mary Ann Pellieeiotti. l'iRON'l' now: lilimbctli Onea. -Ioan Melniosh, Margaret DiPaolo, lanie Mellarmont, -loann Slanehik. Angela Wecda, Edna Quaranra, Anna lferrante, lfleanor Cfeglie, Nora lfeliei, Doris Heaton, Dora Martino. K:AMlFA SIIY: june Asfour. RMK ROXYZ Frances Marla, Roberta Behnke, Kit Taylor, Betty Bryan, Barbara jackson, Shirley Brewer Gladys Grace, Bessie Bremer. Martha Waugh, Betty Corder, Miss Power, l'ilkON'l' Row: Barbara Grigsby, Bonnie Grimm, Marjorie Irvin, Mary Ann Keeling, Nancy Kelley. Nina Collins, Charon Grifhth, Sylvia Onea, Donna Stenger, judith Grigsby. fl'm1,k ROW: jean Sehwertfeger, Colleen McMillan, Esther Zak. Ethel Crawford, jeannetta Forker, Flsie Myers, lidith Slanehik, Dolores Santora, Helen Klimansky. Antonette Suppa, janet W'ettergreen. NlIDHI.I now: Norma Bonnett, joan Yaehini, Rita Confalone, Betty liurkey, Antonette Ciecolella, Lois Weekly, Rita Calvarese, Margaret Quattroeehi, Donna Miller, Patty Lighthizer, Curley Ann Rees. FRONT Row: Audrey Dunn, Shirley Schindler, jeanne Pannett, Norma Brown, Shirley XVilliams, Dawn McBee, Lynne Maine, Betty Baker, Patty Murray, Beverly Batson. liacx Row: Dorothy Rawson, Linda Cipriani, Patty Pekarseik, W'ilma George, Patty Grigsby, Marian Powell, Betty Roman, Katherine Klepaek, Ellen lfante, Rosemary Lewis, Party Hickman, Rose- mary Prest, Virginia MeGee. Nlllbfblli Row: Carol Koltz, Dorothy Stillson, Antonette Urso. Pauline Donofe, lillen llanlon, Helen Ariemia, liileen Summers, Mary Smereeansky, lillinora Starr, Helen liarbush, jean lloyd, Nancy jones, Barbara Wfilliamson, Catherine Bodnar, Olive jane Coker. FRONT ROW: Naney Pertko, Dolores Gaydos, joanne Wilstrim, janet Byers, Shirley Shears, Mildred Crinkey, Betty Hedmond, Marilyn Allen, joAnn Davis, Gail Chapman, Grace Cameron, Mary jean Fame, Margaret Kelley. OFFICERS l're,ii.lr11l Margaret Kelley V241--l'1'i'xi1lw1l Clerol Allsopp S4'z'v'i'lm'y llrlly' lledinontl 'linuzsllrrl' Marilyn Allen Xf7lHlx0l'Y Miss Power ,xml Miss Manion As a .junior Y-Teen each member has as her goal, "To grow as a per- son, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, to grow in knowledge and love of God." This organization takes special interest in Com- munity Serviee and Red Cross work. It is also ll branch of the Y 0 u n g NY'omen's Christian Associ- ation. page iffy-three Q54 hespian Troupe No. S77 of Follnnsbee High School is niiiliuted with The National Thespian Society and is devoted to the advancement of dramatic art in secondary schools. K Only those members of the Dramatic Club who have had ll major role in one or more theatrical productions are eligible for membership. The Thcspinns gave one major production during the year. OFFICERS ANGELA VVEEIJA , , Pr'rsi11r'z1f IJORIS HIQATQN ,. .t , Xfiff'-PI'L'Xit1F7lf .IoAN MClN'rosH , . .. ..Sf'1'rf'h1ry-Trruxzlrvr Miss S111R'i.m' G. jo1lNsoN ., . ..,. ,,,. , .,,. Sponsor M1 KIISIRSZ Bruce Bowman, lioh Drngisicli, Nancy Truver, xlonn Mclntosh, Angela Nveedu, Doris Heaton, Nora Iielici, Betty Lou Proctor, Dorothea Arnas, Leonard Tost. page fifty-four -D BACK Row: Margaret Ann Carrignn, Iillcn Fame, Rosemary Lewis, Mary .loan Iinmc, Donna Davis, Frances Haught, Anna Fcrrantc, Mary Ann Pelliceiotti, Joanne Eckcrshcrg. MIDULI. Row: Dorothy Finley, Angela Wccdn, Patty Wriglit, Gail Chapman, Doris .lime Mathews, Shirley Mayhew, Vlicky Trielico, Bobby lickcrsberg, jamie MeDarmont, Doris llC.llUl1. I7koN'I' Row: Secna Schreicr, Olive Norcross, Mary Lou Branch, Joan Mclntosh, liarhurn liclwnrds. Shirley Morris, Nada Gcshctf, Maxine W'right, Ruth Ann Fowler, Betty Lou Proctor. OFFICERS SHIRLEY Moulus , l'r'f'xiflw1! BARBARA EDWARDS . Vin'-l'r'1'xiflf'11l JOAN McINTosl-1 , S!'Cl'l'ftH',j' NAIJA GESEiEl4'l" Tl'f'llSI1l'l'l' he Sub-Debs is L1 social club which meets twice Ll month. The club is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are chosen by n majority vote. This year's activities included Ll Sock-Hop, a dance after thc Wfellsburg game, and QI semi-formal dance. Sponsor for the year was Miss Ruby McQuillan. page fifty-five 664:64 ..--..-, .,.Y . , - , , page fiflyfshv All BOY'S GLEE CLUB H111-la 1111111 LJf111z1l1l Kilim-X, llill Serfrisl. Willizim l!z11'klev. liivk il:111ul1v1'11'. K1-11111-ll1 II1-'111111 I 1.1-1114 Sziuziclers, Ifrerl Hz11'L. Utis i!.:11'1lw11. 1'l1:11'lws'1'111111v1'. u h A dfilv ww: Gefiiue lJ1':1g:u11i1', 'IWA1111 31K'Izl'idQ', 8:1111 Mc-M:1l11111, lli1'l1:11'1l lfillfik'i'. .I11l11: in-.Xiigi-'li l lI11l111'1 Hiigiigs, flvfilge H1Ide1'l,izu-l-1, 'IH1111 Uiightfwii, i'i111'1'11 Iivlfelii-44. Mr, Hill. l'1-11111 iluwz k:1'Ul"9 i!ww111z111, Allen H1lg'2ll'2l4l, Kviinelh Mi,-Alpilisn S11-vv Puv ill-111'x' I'1"1lt lrzlf lxuhus, IJfv11a1l1l S1-1111, Vhzirles Hallam-1', Hom- Kuhiis Huh XI4f1'1'iQ my A K ' f'JIIIlt'l'iI why: Dumii lbzl11g'l11'1'ty, llzivirl 1':111lz111, Imvid Jminls. lmiiailrl li4illk'l'SllYli l+Irlw:11'1l 81111111 litli 1 llmiuld Alewc , 'l'11111 ':11'e, ' llifi Imyg bleu 611111 llllllvl' lJ11'ev1u1' 'I'. .l, Hill gave 111111-1-1'1x :mt the- -It-51-f'dl'S4llI Swlivwl 1i111l iiullaiiislme High Milicml. 'I'l11A Hive- Vinh ham In-4-11 111 vxisl11111-1- fm- Iwi-lui yvairs with Alix iI1il .is liil'1'r'Inl'. GIRL'S GLEE CLUB 11:11-iq ww: Helly In-lining, Alivv lfl1'ig,u's. Sl1i1'l1-5' Si1111111111s, Sl1i1'l1-1' Al111'1'11y, Nzulzi 111-shi I'w1Ul'j'l!t' filllllkll iiulh XvSl!'1ll-'l', Izvtlzi i1vdf11'1hz1, Al:11',Lg'z11'1-1 IQPHIU. A111111 F1-1'1'z1111z Ilifiwvtlwzi Arlms, Arvttzi l'l1'ic-h, Yvrmiim- its-gis, Olin- X111'1'1'11ss. Blifiillv row: Doris .l:111e+M:1tlwws, Kz11'ir111- Ifliiglziiiri, Ruth .Xllll l4'11wl1-1', llelmw-s Nuviu, .l11:111111 'I'h111'11b111'g, Shirley lXi2lX'9l'llii'k. Mzixim- XV1'ig'11l, Xziiivy 'I'1'11v1'1', .i:11'1i1J M1-lr:11'1111111l Shi1'Iey1CVe1'Hm1, Nwix-:111 XVI'i,L1'ill, Phyllis 'l':1ylo1', Arlciiii- Iivviw, lilllai Mui- Si1111111111s IJ1vlu1'es Pre-111, I"l'f111l VUXVI 1lil1'fl'2ll'l"i, 81111411-4':1.11siiy, lmris Hn-:1l1111, Lillie Mm- fl1'ig:sl11', iletty limi l'1'r11'l111 Ang'9lz1 VVPP1fi:1, Putty XXrl'i2?,'hl,, 3l:11'y Maize-zkzi, if!z11'i1:11'11 Iilfiwziwls, l!z11'l1:114:1 i'I1li1-1's4i11-1 .iminiie Siz1r11'hilc, Ellen P0011-, Phvllig S111-ill, lf'1':111ws ilciught, l'2lllI1'l'2l xhy: 'l'l'191'es11 'l':1il1i, jlime Asfrwiifx in 11.11111 good 111111.11 11111:x1c- fm Uvltulliiillir-41 :it sn-iirifwl illlfi t'iSt'XYIl4'i'4' is thi- 1-iii: f :1i111 ul' ll11 4Zi1'lK f ,' live Fiuh. 'I1ilPf:il'ly'N ' .- fhurils, 1111fl1-1' the di1'ewti1111 nf Alifv lislliw 4':11'1-, is 11 MVHHII 'if' lIl'lH'l'f'i2INS1ll'l 1-livmeii 1111 their 11111si1-:il :im-111111'riish111e11ts wliili- :11If411rli11g xxwwlqly 11111si1- vlzissvf. This yn-:11"s zivtivities im-luderi lioliclzny 111'11g1'z111es 111'esv111e-il gil i'.'l',,X. inevliiius :il chili.-1X I+I4lgf+11'1111ri, J9ft'e1'so11, 111111 'I-Irvrvw-1's4.v11 Iivigshls sviiimls. 1 1 I :al I 1111114 1'11w: A1211'j' .X1111 K14111111g'. 1f11 '1'z1yl111', M111'j111'i11 11'x'111. A111f11'0K1 141'1l11ij, 1'11z11'r111 G1'1f1it11s. 111111111-f1l:11'1111f. N2l111'j'1,t'1'11i11, 11151111-1' Z111i. S11i1'1:y XY111iz1111s. N111'111:1 1!1'11w11. N1i111111J l'11W: 121115 1Z1z11'1q11111'11. 11u1t5' 1i1'1':111, 1'z11'1115 ,Xl111 R-va. 1111111-1'1z1 111-11111114 Hz11'11z11':1 f31'112'N1'B'- S3'1V11l 1111f'2l- -Illlh' 111'1S1f115'1 N'11:1 "MN, 112111171 131-111iv11. 8.111111 S1'111'1Jie1'. 1'1-11111 1-11w: 11111111 1'111'l'1i, I,11ix 142l111Z, 1!z11'11:11'11 XVi11i:1111s1111, I'egg'y 11I11w:11'11s, 1i:11'11111'11 J214'1iSl111. J11:1111111121-1:11'111', 1'21I1y 111551111110-1', N:11115' '1'111x1-1'. X12l1'2211'1-'I K11111-5. S11i1'111y 11I't'NVk'14. 1311111 1-mv: M:11'111:1 XY:111g11. 1111111111 S11111141-1'. Ni11:1 1'1111i11w. Vi1'g111i:1 111l1'1'2lj, A1?11'111i1 1'1l1'11S. 1l1z111ys 11111111-. .1:1111-1 Wet1e1'0'1'1:111, 1111111-l1'1'..wf111'd, 1':11sy 1111-k1111111, A12111' .X1l11 Swartz. 1"J1l11j'A1ll1'1'21j', 111-11-11 1f111112111S1iY, Vi11gi11i:1 M1-111111, .X1111 S1lff2l1t'114', .X11111'11y 1J1l1111, Be 11U1'f1Q1', IC1si1- M11zi11g:11, 115 1111111113 l'U1'1'2 .11-:111 1':111111-11, S11i1'1ey S1-11i11111111', 111-115' 1!z11i1J1', 111-11119 1:111'1iL'j', 1Zi1111- A1i'1.:b'1'. M11X1111- xY1'15.1111, 1111111 X':11'11e-1', 11211111111 111-1111. S1111'1ey 31111'1'2lX. 1:2ll'11211'21 1C11w:11'11s, B6X'F1'1f' H111s1111, .11-:111 1!111'11, Nz111cY J11111-S 1'1l'11'11 .X1'i1-111111, 112l1'QZl1'61 S1I11'1'l'1'2l11F1ij', Hose C11t1'1l11f'. Nz1111-1' K11111-y, I1:11'11z11':1 S111111k. N11:'11:111 XV1'ig:111. y 1'1'11111 1lfJXVI 1,y111111 M:1i111-. .11Jz11111t11 11'111'1q111'. 111-11-11 l!z11'1111f11. 1111111111111 S1211'1', S11i1'111y Mz1ye1'1111-lg. 511111 171-1i1'i, 11111'is 11ez111111. 1111111 N111 111111111'1. .111z11111c '1'11111'1111111'g. 11'1'1-1111 Sz11111dU1'S. .11l111+- l1K'1J2l1'111lI111, S11i1'11-5' Mz15'11r-W, .11-1111 S1'11w11'1f1-u141'. 111-ssiv 1i1'e1111-1'. 1'11111e1':1 Shy: l':11'11l .X11s111111. 111111-11 1f1:11111111. A14I11Il 1111111111-11s11111, .111 .X1111 11i1i11111ig:111. XX'i1111z1 151'11l'5l'1', I'111':1 -1112111 1,111-11s, I1z1w11 M1-11111-. V1111111-11 B11'X11111111. Mz11'111:1 A11lZ Z1i21. S1111'11'N M1-1':11'11. 111111111111 lI11wf1111, S11i1'1111' S111-:11'S. .X11111i11111111 L'1'f-11. OFFICERS .I11:111111- '1'11111'11l1111': 1'1'1-fi111-111 1.111s I.:1111z X'11'1-1'1'1-Si111'111 11'1'1-11:1 S111111111-V5 , Sl'1'1'l'1211'j' 111111 Xv211'111'1' '1'1'1-:1s111'1-1' Miss M1111 '1'1-111111111 S111111s111' MVS. H:11':1 110110 1.i1'i11gs11111 S111111s111' 11114111111 111 1111- 1'.11..X, IS 111'1411z11111g 31-'15 11-1 11111111 11111111- 1111- 111111 11111111-1-1112 1111-11' 1111v1'1w1 1Il H1111111 IC1-11111111111-S. As S116-vizll 111'11j111'1s 11115 j1:'E11' 1111- 1".11..X, H1111 11111111- 1111-11111111111:w 1111111-1'i:11 111 il s1'1111-11 111 1111'111:111y 211111 s1111t 4'111'1s111111s 11111-1i:1g1+ 11x'1-1f1-uf. page liftyfscuvrz We-2 he Hi-Y is high standards of Christian character in school and community. a club for boys only and the purpose of it is to create and muntain Mr. Paul Walddell organized the local chapter in 1935, and it is now under the sponsorship of Mr. Fred Hamilton. Activities this year included reading of the Bible in homeroom and putlclpltion in an interscholastic basketball league. OFFICERS EDGAR HARLAN , i,,u W ROBERT GRII7I"I'FH , . , Vice- CHARLES SURANQVIQH , ,, Sruvu Puv ,, ,.7,,,,,,,u , , ,Pre,vin'f'11f Prvsidrnf Secretary Trans zz rw' Bfxcn Row: Mr. Hamilton, Tom Care, John Aftanas, Dale Kuhns, Henry Pratt, Pierre De I-dict Harm Wfelch, Williana Bish, Kenneth Schwertfegcr, Adam Petrulovich. l5xuN'r Row: john Dc Angclis, john Nicodemue, Tom Oughton, Bob Griflitlm, lidgar Hxrlxn Lliailes Suranovich, Steve Puy, Don Humes, Gent: Iafratc, Robert Dragisich, CAM1.lm SIIYC Richard Recs, Don Rogcrson, 'Denny Wfilliams. page fifty-eight S. 0, S. S. BACK now: Iiloryne Hunter, JoAnn Davis, Dolores Gaydos, Ella Mae Simmons, Shirley Murray, Marilyn Allen, -IoAnn Rea, llonnne Slanchik, Minoru lxoxx: ,loannc Thornburg, Ruth Varncr, Bertie Burkcy, Anronettc Ciccarclli, Shirley Mayernick, Ciarlwi-ine liodnar, Margaret Kelley, Ruth Nell Hooper. l7RONl Row: -luanila ilohnsxon, Lois Lantz, Lillie Mau Cirigshy, llcvcrly McKnight, intra liedorthu, Marv Ann Weilvle, Yvonne Regis, Aretta Ulrich. Cniriu suv: Dororliea Arnas, Nora Felici. Fl OFFICERS Izetta liedortha, 1'ri'riili'u! oryne Ilunler, Vin'-I'ri'iiili' Ruth Nell Hooper, Xm'r'i'luri Inanne Thornburg, 'lhuzizrri The purpose of the S.O.S.S. is to promote better social standards among its mem- bers. The club is under the sponsorship of Miss Willa Thompson. page fifty--nina' ' deze' 66646 BACK Row: joann Gclnrdy, Rose Palma, James Nlirnsoln, Don Rowles, Pierre DeFelice, Tom Ougliton, Esther Yaeliinu. l"imN'r Row: Karlene lfnglnml, Grace Freshwater. Olive Norcross, ,liun Mclntosli, Angela Weeds, Mary Mazezku, Maxine XVriglit, Victoria Tritlico. ntler the direction of Homer Botlley the Ushers, Club fulfilled its ultimate aim of usher- ing football fans at the home games. Heading the ushers in their purpose was Angela XVCCLlLl, head usher, assisted by Mary Miizezkgi. Y pagzesixty cmd Qcwel s members of rlle Speecli class, Senior pupils are eligible for Masque .ind Gavel. 'lille purpose of the organization is to propose and demonstrate ai mastery in everyday speech. For special projects, the club participated in junior Town Meeting and the Ameri- can Legion Oratorical contest. OFFICERS DALE KUHNS e,,,e,,, , ,eee,,c ,,cc e ,c ROBERT GRI!-'I-'ITH , ,,,, Vini- B1ivEixL.Y lYlCKNIGHT ,, , Y , 7 7, Miss SH1iu,15x' G. Joi-1NsoN N P 7'l'XiIll'lIf P l'l'.Yf!lf'lIf Sl'C'l'l'flIlA.j' Sf7UllSOT SI,A'I'I.lJZ Mary Pirillo, Mary Mazezka, Lillie Mae Grigsby, Betty Lou Proctor, Donna Davis, Nancy Truver, Ellen Poole, Beverly Mcliniglir, Dale Kulms, Gladys Kane, Olive Norcross, Freda Saunders, Bob Dragisielm, Seena Sehreier, joan Melntosli, Patty XVrigl1t. STANIIINGZ Leonard Tost, Bob Griflitli, Wpilieir Srrung. page sixty-one I l B ack row: lfiwiiiczies Haught, Doris Heaton, Nadu Geslieff, Dorothea Avnzis, Shirley Morris, Floryne Hunter, Arettzl, Ulrlch, Seenzi Sehreiur, Mary 1Vl2lZEFZli2l. Betty il-I-lll'llXVfll'lll. Middle row: Dorothy Finley, Ellen Poole, Ruth Ann I+'owloi', Nzinc-y 'l'l'llVCl', Nom FL-livi F B Lennzlrd Tost, Freda Saunders, H:11'lm1'zi lCrlw:11'1ls, Gladys Kane, Steve Pny, ront row: Haze1B:1Lson, Ralph Di Remigio, lllliziilmelh flnen. Iflruvo Ilowmzin, ,Xiigmlzl XYQL-clzi, John De Angelis, .Tomi Mvlntosh, Bob Griffith, Iiillic Mao 1li'ig'sliy, Tletly Lou ,l'i-ovtm' Beverly McKnight. ack row: June Asfour, Num-'y M:u'tino, Mary Ann lloyd, Mary llou Ilrzuic-li, Uliw- Nfll'k7l'l7SS, Sllirl-ey Mu1'1'ziy, Anna l4w9l'l'?llllfl, JoAnn l3elz11'dj.'. Middle row: Janie Mc:D:11'n1ont, Doris .lane Mzithewsg Kzwlend -lqllglilllfl, Virgiiiizi Allll'l'2lN F C Sl huge sixly-Iwo Mzirtlul Purtis, Adam Petroluvim-h, Rulli Nell Hooper, .Tminne Tl1lll'lllllll'S,', Shirley Mzlyln-iv ront row: Joanne Slnncllik, Don Vcjvodzi, Shirley lN1llXEFl'I1ll'li, Dale Kuhns, l'i2ll'll2ll'5l livkers- berg, Robert Dl'llf.'jlHlf7ll, Norezm VV1'iQ,'l1t, 1'hz1i'les Sill'2lllUYll'l1, Shirley l':Yl-'l'Sllll, 'lfom Oughton. amera Shy: Bill Bish, OFFICERS ROBEliT' DIKAGISICPI , W 7 W , , ,Y,, ,,Pl'f'XftIl'I7f CHARLES SURANOVIQH , View-Prvxiflwzz' FREUA SAUNDERS Scfcivfzzry NORA FELICI , ,7,,, ,,,,,,Tl'f'll.llll'f'I' Doius JANE NIATHEXVS Rvjmrfm' DOROTPIEA ARNAS , ,, , ,, , ,Cizsfmliau "On tlic stage of life play well your purtn is the motto of the Drainntic Cluli Jonsorcd by Miss Shirley G. Johnson. The organization sold mums at the Follniisbce-Wcii'ton football game. 14 7a-age and 7a S 25 , , Q Q ff 3 Q 9 I5-9 X , O -Q, O M' V'S 'S' QQ 5l FORGE EDITORS INGOT EDITORS Rourgxw DRAGISICI'i P MIKE PASCUZZI DOROTHEA ARNAS SHIRLEY MOIQIKIS RUBY MCQUILI.AN Sponsor page sixty-three f4cz'6a6z'6ea in lie gg p f .1 aye in 7 71 OFFICERS lJUl'0IllQ.'l Arnas, l,l'l'Vflll'lIf ryne llunler, Vfri'-l'rI'riifI'fIl l',lleII lainie, .Sr'4'A'I'ltH'i Angela XVeeda, 'l'II'Il,xl1l'I'r i-.s June .'XIItleIs4I:i, Sjn I Qaeda ' f4L'4!ez'6c fffeaadafdaa IIMIII' l'Ixr,R Row: Victoria Tridieo, Angela XVeeda, Mary Ann Pellieeiotti, JUJXHII Rea, Shirley Mayernick, Edna Quarrznta, Ruth Varner, Maxine XVriglIt, liluryne Hunter, lzetta liedortha, Juanita johnston, l'Im,xI Roxv: Nada licshetf, Dolores Gaytlos, jamie Mcllarmont, xloanne Thornburg, Mary Lou Branch, Ilurutliea Arnas, Ruth Nell l'looper, Anna lierrante. Shirley Mayhew, Margaret Kemp. The G. A. A. has as its aim the purchase of gold footballs and laasketballs for Senior nembers of the teams. Senior G. A. A. members also receive gold basketballs. Highlights of this yearls activities were square dancing and games with the Hi-Y and faculty. I kezleczoleee jI1ANI'rA joHNs'roN SHIRLEY MORRIS SHIRLEY MAHIEW lWARY Lou BRANCH KIANIIQ MCIDARMONT At all athletic contests, the cheerleaders formed a snappy quartet during football season and an equally snappy quintet for basketball games. Mary Lou Branch, head cheerleader, and Shirley Morris are Seniors, and it is with regret that they relinquish their positions, -Ianie Mcl7armont, Shirley Mayhew, and Juanita Johnston will be joined by two of the reserves, who are: Rita Confalone, Ellen liante, Mary Ann Pellieciotti, Marilyn Allen, and lirances Marla. 'l'hey have enthusiasm and pep enough for any tele- vision audience. page siivty-sz'.x' ll I 1 .x 'Nlx Ill. 'qu Qlx -ll IIIH I I III ll .11 EH- lll QVIIV lllllllylf lllil 'urn will - ll 1 A l ll .Jlll L D Illl- I---- Ql--- 'QSI1 Q11 Ill !' ' Ylllllll .i:::: ::::: A- llllllll QE,-,,.,, ,4z'46ez'wa ! E lf ll l Ag ll! ,ll ' - Ill"' , ' 4X sis REQ lllll :PIII 5' Ill Alll Ill W W7 COACHES CARLIN LDOIDRILL G Us WINTER JACK KINSLZX' VARSITY SQUAD Brick Row: Robert Sfift, Gary Martin, Eugene Bennett, Victor Ceglie, Anthony I,a Rosa. Henry Pratt. NllDIJI,I IRKYNT page sixty-c1'gl7l Roy liirkluimcr, Willard Flowers, Bernard Sayre, XVilbur Selienerlein, john De Angelis, Eddie Davis. . Row:Manager Philip Donley, Frank Piernntozzi, W'nlter Strong, Stanley Barczinsky, Adam Petrulovicll, Rnlplt Nixon, Ronnie Mains, Dominic Pellicciolti, Ross Sisinni, Glenn Koclier, Alan linggrad, john Simonerti. Roxy: Manager Henry Yingst, james iliekman, Clemens Rneelxiu, Harden Caunilletti. Mike Iiukxa. lion liugcrsrm, Harry Ciccarclli, Mike Paweuni, Paul Milsanik, Hub Nlurris. Uenny XY'illi.uns XY.lllCl' Kuliura, hlolin Zak, Manager Vincent Curriv. alfmzafee ae. Wehtan ?aaZ'5a!! Qczme Camillflti brings 'em flown' Wfe, the virtors! After the game was 0181 ' Cirrnrelli high-jlmzpsl Willifznzs bils pay dir!! September Septem ber Septem ber' Seotem ber October October October October N ovem ber N mvem ber yddfgda FOOTBALL IH A A H A H H H A H Pfxm, NIIKANIK Cnfrlain .fellefzmen SCHEDULE 19 5 0 Chester 0 ...,... ,. ... Toronto O ..,.. . . Warwood 7 ....... ,... Mingo 0 ..... , ...... , Benwood Union 6 .,,.., Weirton 0 , , ..... ..,, Whg. Central 0 . Powhatan 0 ..... ,.4, Foilansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee ,Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Wellsburg 0 , St. Clairsville 6.., Follansbee Follansbee 6 BACK ROW: Tom Freshwater, John Ciccolella, Bill Mosser, Lawrence Nixon Ron1ld Meredith George page seventy-Iwo Dragonir. MIDDLE ROW: Gene Kulins, Edward Simmons, Randall Bnffo, Eddie DiPino lied Cansunellx Ray Boelley William Mains, Ralph Brady, Kenneth Heaton, Sam McMahon, Robext IJULIILS lilxoN'1 Row: Tony Mazzone, Donald Pottcrsnyk, Donald Martin, Sam Iadw Glenn Davis Rulpli Fuscardo, Donald Kinsey, Edward Suciu, Riclinrd Kinder, Bob Verne: mek Wcmxei lmnk Sisinm QIAMERA Sl-lv: Floyd Sanders, Charles Stevens, Lawrence Basil, Ifollansbee Follansbee Ifollansbee Follansbec Follansbee Follansbee Follansbec R eserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves S C H E D or 12 my D 24 gm 0 my so my or 14 my so 9 gm 0 my ULE Burgettstown Steub. Central Warwood Weirton ,,,,, , , Clay Jr. High Wfheeling , XVeirton , December 12 December 29 -Ianuary 2 January 5 .lanuary 6 january 12 .lanuary 16 -Ianuary 19 Alanu ary Z 0 xlanuary 23 -lanuary 26 ,lanuary 30 lfebruary 2 February 6 February 9 February 13 February 16 February 20 liebruary 23 liebruary 24 Vollansbcc Follansbec Follansbee Follansbcc Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbee Follansbec Follansbec Follansbee liollansbee CAD CAD CAD CHD CAD CAD CHD CHD CAD CHD CHD CHD CAD CHD CAD CHD CAD CAD CAD CHD Z SCHEDULE 7 . 7 69 77 77 77 37 77 ,,,,,,,,, 7766 7 ,,,, 35 ,,,,,,,, 754 7 77 7 74 72 7 ,,., 7 70 77777753 77 56 7 ,,,,,,,,,, 66 Sf 52 777777777777 44 77 82 69 7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 7 7 56 Toronto Mingo 7 77 7 Steubenville 7 Bethany W'eirton 7 Steub. Central ,,,, Union 7 77 ,,,,, 77 77 Wfellsburg 7 77 7 Linsly ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 7 7 New Cumberland Weirton . 7 7 7 Steub, Central 77 Wellsburg 7 ,,,, ,,,, Mingo 7 Tiltonsville ,,,,,,,, . Warwood 7 77 New Cumberland Bethany ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Chester 7 .7 St. Johns TOURNAMENT 75 Vfellsburg 7. 46 Wfarwood 7. .,,, 739 7 67 56 37 77 77 43 752 69 64 7 43 60 55 7 54- 56 77 58 77 60 31 7777 53 49 77767 7 .57 50 BACK Row: Vincent Curtis, Ross Sisinni, Harry Ciccarelli, Bernard Sayre, Denny Willinnis, john Zak, Glenn Davis, Coach Gus Winteil. 1i1CoN'I' Row: Phillip Donlcy, Eddie Davis, Geno Quattrocchi, Cy Simmons, Paul Mikanik, Eugene Bennett Don Rogcrson. page seventy-three Wwzadtg gaaketfad ecewe gaakelfall 'BARR ROW! Lawrence Basil, Sam Lada, Willnrcl Flowers, Tony Mazzone, Allen Bngarad, Floyd Sanders, Eddie Di Pino. ' FRONT ROW! Mr. Davis, Marvin Morris, Wfilbur Selienerlein, Gary Marrin, Frank Marino, jolm Bernola, Frank Sisinni, Mr. Dodrill. December December january January january January January January january Jan uary January January February February February February February February February Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves CAD CAD CAD CHD CAD CAD CHD CHD CAD CHD CHD CHD CAD CHD CAD CHD CAD CAD CHD ckdufe 19 29 41 72 33 29 39 52 30 66 43 33 39 37 35 40 59 44 45 Toronto ,,,, 2,28 Mingo ,,,,,, ,. . Steubenville S4 Bethany ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 7 Wfeirton W, ,,,,, ,,., ,,,,i,,42 Steub. Central , ,,e, , .,,,.e ,22 Union ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 34 40 Wellsbrirg , ,,,,e,,, ,, Llnsly ., .,,. A ,, New Cumberland W'eirton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Steub. Central ,,,, Wellsburg ,,,, ' Mingo 2 Tiltonsville 2 ,, W11fWO0d , New Cumberland Chester ,, , , St. Johns ,, ,,,,,, 36 ,, , ,,,, , 15 ,..,,35 23 7 38 3 9 42 15 32 40 page seventy-Hue Om ?coz'wze Zena pam- svuenlq-sf.x' I I I Fufure Stars Slb G rude Blue Wfazm' Vs. Bisons Reserve Possibilities 9fl1 Gl'llllt' BACK Row: Vincent Curtis, Richard Kinder, George Foreslia, W'ilbur Sclienerlcin, John Zak, Bernard Sayre, liddie Davis, Mclvin Salakovicli, Ronald Lash. joseph Pulsar. lfRoN'l' koxx: Dominic Pelliceiotzi, Clemens Roc- cliio, .lack Yingst, Roger Bodley, Denny Wil- liams, john Pizzuti, .lim Hickman, Eugene Beimctt, john DcAngelis, Walter Kukura. CAMIQIAA suv: Sonny Rua, Comiu: T. Nl, Hill. April 6 Warwood, Jefferson Union and Iiollnnslnee at liollnnsbee April 11 Mingo, Wintersville and Follansbee at liollnnsbce April 19 Invitation Meet at Follansbee April 21 Intelligencer Meet at Wheeling April 29 O. V. A. C. Meet at Martins Ferry May 6 State Regional Meet at Wheeling May 11 O. V. A. C. Freshman Meet at Wfllceling May 13 State Meet at Charleston Z With cold and wet weather lminperiiig came up with a fairly poor season with six wi The scores of the games were as follows: Follansbee ., 7 6 Follansbee 7 1 Ifollansbee 0 Follansbee ,,,, 1 Follansbee ,,,, ,,,. 7 Follansbee , .. ,,.. 4 Follansbee ..,,,,, ,.., 1 Follansbee .,,,,7 ..,, 1 Follansbee ,,,,, Y ,,,, , ..15 Follansbee ,,.. 6 Follansbee ,. ,,,,, 4 Follansibee 1 Follansbee ,,,.,,. ,,,. 5 practice, Follansbee Hig ns and eight losses. Steubenville Central ,,,,, Steubenville Central ,,,, Weirton ,, .s,,, H ,,,, Wellsburg .. New Cumberland ,,,, Chester ,,,,,,t,,, ,,Y,7.. , .V,. Steubenville Big Red ,,,, .. Wellsburg ..,..,,,,,,,,.... Bethany ,,,.,, Bethany ,,,,,, , ,.., , ,,,, New Cumberland Chester ,,,,,,.,, ,.,.. Steubenville Big Red COACHES - MAC Bowuis and CARLIN DOIJRILL h's baseball team 9 3 1 5 2 0 6 6 4 3 2 4 4 page seventy-eight BACK ROW: Bob Griihth, Bob Schenfele, Earl XVenclt, Charles Davis, Don Rogerson, Geno Quattrocchi Danilo Orescanin, Mike Pascuzzi, Phillip Donley. IIRUN1' Row: Paul Mikanik, Martin Bogarncl, Bob McCall, Bill Bnrbuslm, Harry Cieenrelli, Bill Grifhtlis, Eddie Sueiu, Ralph Brzuly, Paul Wliculcr, John Hipkiss. Mary Lou BranchA A Ruth Varner ..... Marilyn AllenA A A Betty Bryan ..., Floryne HunterA A A JoAnn SlanchikA A A A A Nada Gesheff .... Anigela Weeda A A A Dorothea ArnasA A A Dorothea Arnas A A A Frances Haught A A Angela Weeda .,., Shirley Mayernick .... Angela WeedaA A A Seena Schreier .... Juanita Johnston .... Shirley Morris .,., Mary Lou Branch .... Shirley Morris A A A Ann Coker ..,.... Roberta Jo Vickers Ann Coker ....... Ruth Jean Geary Betty Lemasters A A A A Joann DonnellyA A A Mary Lucy SchaHferA A A dig 3566 Most Popular A A Seniors A A A A AAA Juniors AAA A A Sophomores A A A Freshmen AA Athletes Most Curvaceousd-Best Physique Dancers A A A A Personality A A Brain A Most Likely to Succeed A A A A Beauty--Most Handsome A A A A A A A A Friendliness A A A AA.HairA.A A A A A A A Eyes A A A A A A A Dimpled Darlings A A A A A A Couple A A A A Neatest A A A A Smile A A A A Manners A A LOWER DIVISION Most Popular AAA Sth Graders AAA A A A 7th Graders A A A AA Brain AA AAAA AthletesAAAAAA. A A Beauty----Most Handsome A A Charm A A A Personality A A A A APaul Mikanik Harry Ciccarelli A ARCSS5 sigma A A AGlenn Davis A APaul Mikanik A A A A John Zak A Bob Dragisich AMike Pascuzzi A A A Charles Suranovicli Robert Dragisich John DeAngelis Geno Quattrocchi Ralph DiRemigio A A A Mike Buksa A A A Mike Buksa A A A Eddie Davis A Bob Dragisich A A ADominic Pellicciotti Mike Pascuzzi A A A A Bill Berry Norman Harlan A Rhett Pinsky Arthur Sanders Tom Freshwater A A APaul Lucas A Ronnie Fisher A A Joe Crognale Janet Kocher AAAAA A A Neatest A Ronald Straight Jean BlackburnA A A A Manners A A A A James Benzg page seventy-nine Sl1lP'l'lQlVlBER 6 7 8 133 15 18 20 22 23 26 27 28 29 OCTOBER 5 6 0 10 lil 15 16 18 20 22 27 29 '20 Q31 NOVEMBER 1 3 4 9 10 16 1 7 page eighty 64 First day of school for lads and lasses, Students introduced to their new classes. Our football boys were on the beam, When they chose Mikanik to head the team. In the first pep assembly hilarity reigns, And Ushers were chosen for the football games. Sub-Deb meets, S.O.S.S. too, Ingot staff chosen to bring news to you. Toronto Red Knights, victims of the Blue, Caused John DeAngelis a leg injury, too. Dragisich, Edwards, Morris seniors head, By Petroluvich, Zak, and Varner juniors led. Senior Y-Teens organize anew, . While National Honor selects oflicers, too. Morris and Pascuzzi won Ingot elections, And prove they are worthy of their selections. -Follansbee defeats Warwood eleven, By a hard-earned score of 2.4-7. HerH-Jones chosen by class of '52, To supply the rings for me and you. S.O.S.S. members hold initiation, To show the new ones their appreciation. Follansbee Blue Wave Jay Vees down The mighty Reserves of Burgettstown. The sophomore pep rally would have scorched Nero As Follansbee crushed Mingo 51 to zero. Follansbee Reserves battle Weirton's same, But this battle ended in a scoreless game. Follansbee with Benwood got in a few licks, As they beat the Ironmen 53-6. Wheeling loses to the Wave Jay Vees, To add another to our victories. Seniors practice smiles and laughs, Nosset's is chosen for photographs. Blue Wave and Weir Riders make the crowds cheer And fans name this battle t'The Game of the Year! Seventeen years to win that game, Who cares? We're the victors just the same. Our students celebrate in great jubilee, With parades and rallies, our Weir victory. Dramatic Club tryouts were held today, And every new member had something to say. -The G.A.A. sponsors this pep meeting, And Wave gives Wheeling Central quite a beating. Thus far our boys had remained the winner, So the team was honored with a steak dinner. Follansbee-Powhatan football game, We did it again! Isn't that a shame? Miss McQuillan and five council members, Jacksonfs Mill their services render. Jay Vees tried hard for victory repeated, But Warwood came through, and we were defeated. The carnival sponsored by the Junior class, Will remain as one that's hard to surpass. Initiation of dramatic possibilitiesg Mr. Pauley tells W V U's facilities. Seniors present their annual rally, Wellsburg bows to the Wave, champs of the valley. Paul Mikanik was a special guest, Of Coach Frank Leahy, one of the best. -Impressive indeed are the comments We unravel, Of the Armistice program by Masque and Gavel. Follansbee, St. Clairsville in merry mix, St. Clairsville loses 27-6. ' With regret a faculty member retires, Well, whadda ya know, it's our Miss Bowers. The Library Club, we all agree, Gave a swell Book Week Program 'for you and me. DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY 18- 19-When the piano played, we sat at ease, 20- 9- 14- 24- 4... 18- 20-- 23- On this day Michigan State battled Pitt, And our football squad-was in the midst of it! 22-Thanksgiving program by the F. H. A. With songs and a special Thanksgiving play. -The worst snow-storm we've ever had, And school's snowed under-too bad! -Girl's Glee Club at Hooverson Heights sang, P. T. A. members get quite a bang. --At the football banquet the boys ate their fill, And over the jokes they're laughing still. -Wave enjoys first 'undefeated season, Boys sport new jackets with good reason. -"May I have the car awhile, Mom? Tonight's the night of the Inter-Club Prom." -Everyone turns out for the Junior High party, There was Tom, Dick, Harry, and Marty. 21-From our school activities we take a pause, To sit and wait for Santa Claus. -Arnas and "Drag" see variety of mixtures, As photographer takes Forge group pictures. To the Dennison players our hats we doff, While staging their play "The Show-OE." The Band Mothers honor our school musicians, Then after, the band honored our town's physicians. 11-Swing your partner round and round, The G. A. A. is broke, we found. -Take OH your shoes at the Sock Hop, Then dance to polkas and even be-bop. 22-18 weeks school has been in session, Students are tired of work and lessons. "Seventeenth Summer", Seniors stage, Love and comedy are the rage. 4-W.W.V.A. broadcast our Junior Town Meeting, Boy, those speeches took some beating! 8-Concert is held by Blue Wave Band, Not many there to give us a hand. We'd like more brass too, if you please. Journalism class continues their drive, To reach the Forge goal they must strive. The Junior skating party was packed with thrills, And everyone had his share of spills. 22-The G. A. A. team plays the Hi--Y, Into the air those girls did fly! Announcements were ordered by the Senior Class, For those who think they're going to pass. Freda Saunders did her best, To win the Oratorical Contest. Our track team is smaller than ever, But they make up for it in fight and endeavor. 5-"Men Are Like Streetcars" some may say, And that is the title of the Junior Play. The Glee Clubs combine for a great songfest, Mith Mr. Hill and Miss Care at their best. Boys all trying to get a car, Proves that Prom isn't very far. Every year, early in May, Students are honored on Award Day. The Class Sermon tells us through the years, That we must cope with fun and tears. On these days we must do our best, These are the days for semester tests. Each graduate carries one white scroll, To show the finish of a high school role. page eighty-one pnqz- m'gfhfg1-fwn "THINGS WE DID IN HIGH SCHOOL .l0E'S MARKET li wi I Phone 399 WM 1070 Main Street Follansbee, West Virginia J H ll! WEIRTON AOTOMOBII F N10 DFAI FIQS ASSOCIATION y SAMUEL KUSRIC MOTOR SALES V WI CENTRAL CHEVROPET COVE CAR COMPANY WRIGHT MOTOR COMPANY, INC. PIETRO DINOVO AND SON CATTRELL MOTOR COMPANY JONES MOTOR COMPANY TRI-STATE MOTOR COMPANY T 4 HIGHLAND MOTOR SALES Go To The Canton Engraving and KAUFMAN'S Electroiyne Company 28 Eleventh street Wheeling, W. Va. 400-410 Third sr. s.E. WHEN SHOPPING FOR YOUR Canton, Ohm PROM AND GRADUATION FORMAL page eighty-three E37 -v fn- -fi?-f---f -W - -W ' iT lr W :-"i111:,,I'4f ' filf4:1il'7v.... 'lf Q1 ff, il ti P TRIANGLE FOOD MARKET U Quality Meats Groceries Frozen Foods Hi ' Hoovcrson Heights Phone 154 Follansbec, West 'Virginia Proprietors: Rigby and Heaton i HI H 'll Compliments of I'- 1 I M N l l LANTZ DAIRY 1 W , .E P u,A,A.. fin ip IVV: W 'A" Official Phot0graPhers F ,, Y V Q'-j-1g1::::g:3:::1i:f:f: -.-.. , V .Y .-.- ..,. : - " ' '-f i ll " ,--. f ,-l j 'lr Q Q illl and , :fini I S'teubenville's Leading Photographers 3 I fl? P ' ' Ex "" "ii -' ""-, Follansbee Senior Class X -a 4, i ' i l 1 Complete line of Cameras, Movie Projectors, l Film and Amateur Supplies E ii 120 North Sth Street Steubenville, Ohio 1 ll page eigl7ty'four Member Federal Reserve System , il l 1 l l 4 , 1 il, l 31 CITIZENS BANK ' R w f QF V P l Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation In Buffalo Confectionery k "Where Dad took Mom" Compliments of After the game, After the show, Bryan's Restaurant Meet your friends il ,l at the Buffalo Ii 1 I Alco Radio and Electric .lack and .lull , Company J SIIOIJPE Sales and Service l Radio, Washers, Refrigerators, Hardware, 1" Infant and Childrenk Wear Toys, Small Appliances, Electrical Supplies our Specialty Electrical Contracting Phone 462 832 Main Street Follansbee, W. Va. 774 Main S-treet Follansbee, W. Va. l --'U ' H "'4l'f-fr'f1 r"' 7" ' ' "i:i7 " ' " """"' " il page eight y- Hue i..i-.l-... .ii EV i 1 I LQYAL GRDER QF MQQSE FOLLANSBEE LODGE NG. 205 P X I "We believe that every child is entitled to a high school education and iz trade". 1 l i FOR HIGHER EDUCATION El 0 According to a tradition of 700 years W l 0 YET ..... as Modern as Tomorrow Y o THE CQLLEGE CDF 0 By the Franciscan Fathers 0 For Everyone 0 Day and Evening I 0 Men and Women 1 rr,1e flffe page eighty-six f THE MEN AND WOMEN OF WEIRTON STEEL EXTEND GREETINGS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY, THE STUDENT BODY AND THE 1951 GRADUATION CLASS OF FOLLANSBEE HIGH SCHOOL . WEIERTON STEEL COMPANY Thomas E. Millsop, President Weirton, West Virginia Er I I page eighty-seven U f, not nk, V ,W . O ,i N Compliments of THE PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK 1 The Dependable Institution 1, il Steubenville, Ohio il Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation H I. I I , Harts For Diamonds Cooper-Kline Company Hart's Jewelers South Fourth Street 421 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville, Ohio il Home-Grown Flowers For All Occasions I 1 ED, BUS Y M C ill 35 'T . U Steubenville Coca-Cola 3,3 Best Flowers Since 1867 Bottling works Nl Y Phone 2-4525 173 North Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio 1 Steubenville, Ohio 21 Compliments of NATIONAL EXCHANGE BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Organized in 1816 l Steubenville, Ohio V Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5 jlrigee 1 we 3 I e page eighty-eight Mfirw, "' ml, ,, M, M, F- MY., M- ll ll RH li Compliments of Compliments of W. T. Grant Denmark's Fur Shop wi 418 Market Street 114-16 South 4th S-treet 11 'l Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville, Ohio W? W l l 1, 1 in w ll ll 1 Eastern Ohio's Greatest Store i Steubenville, Ohio w in H l 11 1 THE UNION SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 5 'O lx Steubenville, Ohio , l Toronto, Ohio U Deposits insured up to 510,000 if 1 Member F. D. I. C. 3 4 I Lipan's Service Station Heights Confectionery Amoco Products X Confections . . . Magazines ' i Lubrication - - Tire Repair r Bus Jones, Pi'0f71'iL'f0l' o Corner Main and Ferry Road Telephone: 287-R . l 1! Weirton, West Virginia U so 1 ,OMS Mi, 0 e ,ee T4 page 'eighty-nine 1-1-0- lr L Bank Col Follorwsbee FOLLANSBEE, WEST VIRGINIA Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation l Compliments of AIIen's Food Market Follansbee, W. Va. Traubert's Drug Store The REXALL Store Delivery Service Phone 270 Matterer's Credit Jewelers Authorized Agents for Keepsake Diamond Rings Bulova Watches Follansbee, W. Va. A. Ferrante Fresh Meats--Groceries Phone 94 910 Main Street Follansbee, W. Va. page ninety li Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of E FOLLANSBEE HIGH SCHOOL From THE MINERS 8: MECHANI CS SAVINGS 8: TRUST COMPANY "The Friendly Bank" , Steubenville, Ohio Member F.D.I.C. HILLTOP EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLY COMPANY ii Phone 160-R Congratulations to the Class of 1951 F i May We Help Build Your Future I ' Hooverson Heights l lr, l i I COMPLIMENTS OF I. S. U. Representing 10,000 employees of Weirton Steel Company l i lf H Weir-Cove Moving and Royal Pastry Storage Co. I 3776 Main Street Steel Haulers Motor Freight Transportation Cove Station, Weirtonv W' Va' Serving Follansbee and the Valley Birthday and Wedding Cakes w 3 4224 Ferry Road Cove Station our Sperialty Weirton, W. Va. R. Castelli, Pres. i l lgfml.jgrmmlILli,Y.2L ilAf-ff f T'lL1if'ii"'iEii firflsb -f4.' "'i'i""" 'I page ninety-one page V. 1 M ,,,, ,a N. 1 1, 1 W li U 1 Edward's Florists Funeral Flowers Corsages and Cut Flowers Phone 218 Follanslvee, W. Va. Compliments of Nazionale Distributing Co. Main Street Follansbee, W. Va. The Original 1 James Funeral Home 34 Years Service Ambulance S-ervice Day or Night l 1 1 il U ll li ll Telephone l 5 1 Norma D. Gardner Follansbee, W. Va. Dan Ciccolella Quality Meats and Groceries Imported Italian Products Phone 341 703 Allegheny Street Follansbee, W. Va. Wishing all the Graduates Success f ATHENA'S 11 Flowers and Gifts for all occasions Floral Designs in the Modern Methods Compliments of Carolina Builders, Inc. Lumber and Building Supplies Ph. 1294 3757 Main street Wellsburg Foumbee Y7eirton, West Virginia I: .lones Plumbing and Heating Westinghouse Appliances 24 Hour Emergency Service 4 Remodeling - - - New Installations I Our B-est Wishes fo all the Boys and Girls 710 Main Sf- Phone 114 Wellsburg National Bank Follansbee, XV. Va. ninety-two -4, g ,Mem ,1-N , , 5-4, N- , Y... 4 Louis Capito and Sons I UH 1 rlfi 11 For an Intensive BUSINESS TRAINING V i 1 ,1 11 '1 1, Records, Sheet Music, Musical Instruments, ll - - - q N and Electrical Appliances Steubenville Business College , Television 185 N. 4th Phone 999 ' i Since 1896 Telephone 2-4441 fl 3310 Main Street Weirton, W. Va. V M Frank Basil 1 Cecelone's Department Store General Insurance , , l,i Justice of the Peace Dry Cleaning Notary Public 724-726 Main Street ' 1? 'r 1 11 211 1 eep one Phone 172 N City Building Follansbfee, W. Va. 1 ff il Residence Phone 593-M Fouansbee' W' va' 11 lr 1 '11 - it g ,BV 1 F Q ! 1 Mann Street Service Station lil oi' i U5 0 ll 0 1-1 li I' Gas . . . SUNOCO . . . Oil :lil DEPENDABLE or gs PRINTING P. C. Walker gh 1 THE FOLLANSBEE Lolll's Market 15 REVIEW Quality Groceries -- Meats Printers 86 Publishers j Phone 357 ffsince 1911" F l 834 Main St. Phone 121 854 Mam Street ll' Follansbee, W. Va. Follansbee, W. Va. an ssss as ssss C es C eseeeeeee ee. li page ninety-three ?aZZm4Zee Sled 771666 FULLANSBEE STEEL CORPORATION Q. l l Sm: '77fem6 I Swim? ' 2. .!. FCJLLANSBEE, WEST VIRGINIA pw'-'t"'fN ' ,y f ,Q F A fflhg N., ,Af I 5 , 1 V ,f arm., 4-,eff !?W,,,I,41 XL-vm. ,f QWML M 256 fffffwf-f f .. ' V l ' . Wm ' b 1 'J i 4 4 vjj . I N U- + Af Q, " , I K F, Q x 1 ' I Q ' L- S E' 4 1 1 A AA "K I X " - ,Qi A 1. 1 Q. . 4.,u, X144-1 , . K, , r i , Ui, ff .A M 7 I 2 ' 'Q ,, , A A , ' , ' 1 I h 5 'I ' 1 Wfufxf fphwub fKf1W'f'7'4770i57 D 6 I Q. f 1, if VA, 3 ..4, VANA?hy-'nl U L24 Tkjz Umatk MTS, . Q I . ...,.zi'iw. ' 'M' , 4 Qi" f 2 ' ' ' 1 e f G ff A 'SA my EJ Y "X"L'5ii "ffl . L4-f " mul: ff 3 1 4 Qlyrkf "V!H . 1 vwwwf. 7? + "5r1fbbn9' 4, I i MF ,-LJ, ' A ' b J ii' P g . ty I. Afprlk I E ,"5f ' Ygflil .. 'Ski .rw ' 1, 'P ' 44 fn ,. fm , -1, 4 ffizl' a G D ,4 139 Y 18.

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