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We dedicate this ‘FALCON ' to those among us, who will soon enter the armed services of America;that these ideals and ideas we have acquired during our school years might he given also to those who follow us in the quest for greater learning. THE FALCON - 1951 Published by the Graduating Class Foley High School Foley, Minnesota Admini s tration Page 3 Seniors Page 7 Underclassmen Page 22 Activities Page 36 Mi seel 1aneous Page 53 Sept. 3 — School started Sept. 12 — University program — Howard Cleaves Oct. 5 — University Program — Minnesotans Oct. 24 — Thanksgiving vacation began Nov. 7 — Falcon Staff announced Nov. 17 - Region band Clinic Nov. 23 - Junior Class Play Nov. 28 — University program — Goodman and Cal away Dec. 12 - 4-H Band Organized Dec. 15 — Quiz program by Student Council Dec. 19 - Grade School Christmas Program Dec. 20 - High School Christmas Concert Dec. 22 — Christmas vacation began Jan. 2 - School Started again Jan. 10 - Program by St. Cloud T. C. Chorus Jan. 10 - ' Snow Ball Jan. 12 - College Aptitude Tests Jan. 17 - University Program - Carl Josephs Feb. 1 - Vocal Music Clinic Feb. 13 - Mother’s Night Feb. 16 - Foleyan Program March 19 - Easter Vacation began April 5 - Senior Class Play June 1 — Graduation 2 —— 3 Sck ool dBoa'id Left to right: Roy Johnson, John Svihel, Victor Hauck, Steve Petroske, Chmielewski, Sev D. Youso, Ado R. Ehrnst. H. J. Another year has come and with it the new hopes of better things. Foley has faired well and we can be appreciative of the blessings of God on this our home. It is the sincere hope that the knowledge gained in our schools will be of benefit to all mankind. The leaders of tomorrow can be credited to the thought and foresight of the men and women of today. Let peace, trust, and mutual understanding be created in the minds of men. — 4 —APPEL, ARTHUR A High School, Butterfield, Minnesota.Mac Phail College of Music. B. M. degree, Music. EHRNST, ADO R. High School, Beardsley, Minnesota. Campion College, University of Minnesota. _ B. A. Degree, Superintendent. X LEBEAU, JACQUELINE High School, Denfield, Duluth, Minnesota. Duluth Branch, University of Minnesota. B. S. Degree, Physical Education. I Mm j »■ ARENDT, MARY High School, Kimball, Minnesota. Mount Mary College. B.S. Degree, Home Economics BARRETT, VERONICA High School, Peever, So. Dalcota. St. Cloud Teachers College. Associate of Education Degree. BRADY, I. C. High School Sioux Valley, Minnesota. University of Minnesota. B.S. Degree, Agriculture. High School, Wishek, No. Dakota. Yankton College. B. A. Degree, Sc ience. t v S DEUSTERMANN,KATHRYN High School, Little Falls, Minnesota. St. Catherines College. B. A. Degree, Mathematics. D1RKSWAGER, AL High School, St. Theresa C S. Degree, Bus HABERKORN, AGNES St. Cloud Teachers College. B. S. Degree, English. KUKAS, ANN High School, Frazee, Minnesota. St. Cloud Teachers College. Ele- ; mentary. LATTERELL, HELEN High School, Foley, Minnesota. St. Cloud Teachers College. Associate of Education Degree, Elementary. HILDA High School, Central, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mankato Teachers Col- lege. B. S. Degree, English, Library. LITERSKI, EILEEN High School, Holy Trinity, Rollingstonc, Minnesota. College of St. Theresa. B. A. Degree, Sc ience MALMGREN, LUTHER J. High School, Aitkin, Minnesota. St. Cloud Teachers College. B. S.De-grec, Industrial Arts.■ 0 J O’CONNELL, CATHERINE High SchooJ Webster, So. Dakota. College of St. Catherine. B. A. Degree, Vocal Music. High School, Hinkley, Minnesota. College of St. Thomas. B. A. Degree, Social Studies. JENETTE ZYVOLOSKI PARENT,MARGARET High School, Cathedral, St. Cloud, Minnesota. St. Could Teachers College. Elementary. PAULSON, BEATRICE High School, Foley, Minnesota. Macalestcr College. B. ft. Degree, History. PETERSON, BEULAH High School, Two Harbors, Minnesota. St. Cloud Teachers College. Elementary. REDDINGTON, EVA High School, Hallock, Minnesota. College of St. Catherine. B. A. Degree, English. SCHULTE, VIVIAN N. STINEMAN, KATHERINE High School, Belgrade, High School, St. Cloud, Minnesota. St. Cloud J Minnesota. St. Cloud Teachers College. As-J Teachers College. Ele-s ciatc of Education De- mentary. TREWICK, VIRGIL A. High School, Cathedral, St. Cloud, Minnesota. College of St. Thomas B. S. Degree, Physical F.ducation CATHERINE VERNON LEONA WOJCHOWSKII TURNER, HAZEL High School,Osage, Iowa St. Cloud Teachers College. B. S. Degree, Social Studies. GEORGE LUTZ WELSH,MYRA High School, Foley, Minnesota. University of Minnesota. B. S. Degree, Social Studies. GEORGE RAHM — 6 —— 7 — ADELMAN, KEVIN "KEV" "Great Expectations" Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,34; Visual Aid Club 4 ANTONCZAK, SHIRLEY "SHERRY” "A wonderful combination" Folcyan 4; Library Club 3,4; Warm Lunch Club 2; Class Play 3 ■v BENSON, DENNIS "Influenced one of the hall monitors.” Mixed Chorus 3.4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4 BRENNY, RICHARD "DICK" ”Seldom quiet. " Mixed Chorus 1; Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3 BUJARSKI, LORRAINE "Occasionally Bashful" Glee Club 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Library Club 2,4; Warm Lunch Club 1, 2,3 BIEDERMAN, LUCILLE "LUCY" "Lady of few words, well chosen." Falcon 4; Library Club 4; Warm Lunch Club 3 BARON, DENNIS "Able, active, with brains and poise. He does a lot without much noise." Mixed Chorus; F.F.A. 2,3, 4; Visual Aid Club 4 BIENDARA, DOROTHY "DOT" "Look for a lovely thing and you will find it." Glee Club 2,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Warm Lunch Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3 BUJARSKI, MARCEL "What do we live for if not to enjoy life." Mixed Chorus 1; Track 3.4BYMERS, FLORENCE "FLOSSY" "Flossy’s heart is as warm as her smile, She makes good friends and good grades too, all the while." Band 2,3,4; Falcon 4; Library Club 3; Office Club 4; Class Play 3 CARLSON, GLORIA "Makes everyday life unexpectedly exciting." Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Library Club 4 DAHLER,MARY "Sweet simplicity." Glee Club 2,3; Library Club 4 DUDEJC, ALOISE "Looks at rose-colored Mixed DANIELSON, VERNA "A demure, but sweet dreamer." DUMONCEAUX,DONALD "If you want to know anything about anything, ask Don." Mixed Chorus 1; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3; Basketball 2,3 CROWE,DONA LD "DON" "Go west, young man, go west." Football 2,3,4 DONOVAN,JOHN "DUKE" "Mr. Touchdown U.S.A." Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4 DZIUK, ALLEN "ZEKE" "Our All-Conference Football star for three years." Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3DZIUK, CECIL ' CECE “ "Let the horse worry, he has a bigger head." Foleyan 1,2,3 4; Falcon Co-editor 2,3,4; Oratory 1; Library Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Class Play 3; Class Officer 1.2 DZIUK, CHESTER "Advocated the overthrow of the Student Council." Mixed Chorus 1; Track 2, 3; Dus Patrol 4 DZIUK, JAMES "JIM" "I can let my fancy play." Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Falcon 4; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3,4 manager; scorekeeper; Baseball 2, manager; Track 2, manager Class Play 3,4; Class Officer 2 EBERHARDT,CAROL "Undecided but very gay." Mixed Chorus 1; Library Club 3,4; Bus Patrol 1, 3,4 FLECK, MELVIN "EINSTEIN" "He was here." ECKHOLM, IVAN "How Ivan loved to argue!" Band 1; Football 3; Track 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 3,4; Visual Aid 4 FRERICH, MARJORY "We nearly lost her to Tech." Glee Club 4; Warm Lunch Club 1,2 EMARD, CAROL "Miss Nightingale" Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 GLE1N, WESLEY "Glendorado’s contribution to Foley High." Band 1; Track 3HALEY, JOAN "JOANIE” "Little, but oh my” Glee Club 2,3,4; Library Club 3; Warm Lunch Club 1 HENRY, ALVIN "The guy with the motorbike.” "Small of size." JACQUEMART, CHARLOTTE "Our candidate to Girl’s State.” Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Li-orary Club 2,3; Class Officer 4; G.A.A. 3; Bus Patrol 4; Class Play 3,4; Concessional 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 JOHNSON, PATRICIA "PAT” "She came from Montana. The best from the West.” Glee Club 4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Library Club 4; Went to school in Glendive, Montana. 1,2,3 JOHNSON, DONALD "Ambitious lad but quiet.” Mixed Chorus 2,3 KAISER, JAMES "JIM" ”His clouds all have s 7-ver linings." Mixed Chorus 3,4; Track 3KETZEBACK, CLARA "She speaks. behaves, and acts just as she ought to.” Foleyan 4; Warm Lunch Club 3; Bus Patrol 4 KIPKA, GEORGE "Future chef in the Waldorf Astoria.” Band 3; Falcon 4; Class Officer 3; Warm Lunch Club 4 KNUTSON, AUDREY "A sweet girl with a lot of ambition.” Foleyan 4; Falcon 4; Library Club 4; Office Club 4 - ► - • iv«_oi-va KI, JOSEPH "JOE” "Sometimes I fust sit and think, and sometimes I just sit.” Band 1,2,3,4; Warm Lunch Club 1 P I KOTHMAN, JAMES "JIM” "Can I help it if I’m so smart?” Mixed Chorus 4 KRAUSE, DONALD "DON” "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men.” Track 2,3,4 KUJAWA, JAMES "JIM” "Our future farmer of America.” Mixed Chorus 4; Baseball 3,4; Track 2; F.F.A. 1, 2,3,4 LATTERELL, GARY "Gary, Gary quite contrary Especially in Physics class.” Track 4 LEWANDOWSKI, ERNEST "Blond 'n Daring" Track 2,3,4LEWANDOWSKI, ERVIN "Blond ’n Bold" Track 2,3,4 LEZER,MARLYS "Give me time - I'll not worry. Great things are not done in a hurry. ' Glee Club 3,4 MOULZOLF,MARLYN "MUTT" "Short ’n Sweet" Mixed Chorus 1; Glee Club 3; Homecoming Queen MOE, EDRIS "By nature born a friend to glee and merriment." Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 1,3,4; Foleyan 4; Falcon 4; Library Club 2,3, 4; Student Council 4; Class Play 4 NELSON, CAROL "I never waste any time on men; that’s why I’m so busy." Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 O’KONEK, BERNARD "BERNIE" "Long of limbs and strong of arms; who says they don’t grow men on farms." Mixed Chorus 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3, 4; Class Play 3; Homecoming Attendent PETROSKE, ADRIAN "Early to bed, early to rise, made Adrian exceed-ingly wise." Mixed Chorus 3,4; Foleyan 3,4; Football 2; Track 2; Cheerleader 4 NICKLE, PHYLLIS "Congress, here I come." Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Foleyan 4; Falcon 4; Bus Patrol 4 PIETRZAK, JANET "JAN" "A maiden so fair and entrancing; exceedingly fond of dancing." Glee Club 2; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Warm Lunch Club 2POLLARD, THOMAS i POSTERIOR, DOROTHY "He could really work” Football 2,4; Track 2,4; Mixed chorus 1,3,4; Class Play 4 "Was friends, keeps them.” Lunch club 2; Mixed chorus 3; Library club 4; Bus Patrol 4; Class Play 4 PREUSSER, MARY LOU "LOU” "A friendly heart with many friends.' ' Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Lunch club 2; Bus patrol 4 QUADE, ROBERT "BOB” "A leader always” Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3 RAHM, JOSEPH "Tall, Dark, and handsome." lc Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3.4; Homecoming attendant 4 RATKE, JANICE "JAN" "Style she has, and good looks too; she does what she sets out to do.” Mixed Chorus 3,4; Foleyan 4; Falcon 4; Library Club 2,3; Office club 4; Warm Lunch Club 2; Homecoming attendant 4. RAU, DELORES "The gal with the beautiful eyes." Mixed Chorus 3,4; Library Club 3; Concession-air 4 SAKRY, JOHN "Where there is anything going on, there you will find John." Foleyan 3,4; Falcon 3; Bus Patrol 3; Cheerleader 4; Class play 3,4; Homecoming attendant; Class Officer 3,4 SCHERBING, LOREN "C'mon Scherb, Let's go." Football 3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Homecoming KingSCHYMA, LAWRENCE j ,» "He too is loyal to Ramey. Visual Aid 4 SHERK, CORINNE "PERK" ”Cortnne, Corinne, where did you get those eyes?" SKAJA, HILARY "Future Mayor of Drenny- ville Football 3,4; Baseball 3, 4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Bus Patrol 4 SLUSS, DONALD "Here’s a boy from 'way up north." F.F.A. 2,3 SIMPSON, RICHARD "DICK"' "Dick finds girls in general very interesting. Band 2,3; Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; F.F.A. 4; Class Play 3; Visual Aid 4 "May I make an announcement?" STACHOWSKI, MARY ANN "The girl with a smile." Library Club 4 STAUFFENECKER, CAROLINE "Bright eyes" Mixed Chorus 3,4; Library Club 4; Foleyan 4 STAUFFENECKER, HOWARD "He has his heart set on a career." Band 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4 — 15 STOWE,SHERMAN "When he sat down, legs defied the law gravity.” Mixed Chorus 1,2 TADYCH,ALLARD "Mr. Trewick's accomp• lice." Mixed Chorus 1,2; Basketball 1 TADYCH, HILARY ”38, 39, 40 is everyone on the bus?” F.F.A. 3,4; Bus Patrol 3,4 THERING, AGNES "Quiet, but oh so nice.” Glee Club 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Library Club 2,3,4; warm Lunch Club 2,3 THELL, ROSEMARY "ROSIE” "If you want quietness, turn to Rosie. If you want fun, turn to Rosie, she is suitable for either one.” Glee Club 2; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Falcon 4; Library Club 2,3,4; Warm THOMAS, CLOTHILDA "CLOE” "Cloe has versatility." ■ Band 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Fo-leyan 3,4; Falcon 4; Library Club 3; Class Officer 2; Office Club 3; Class Play 3; Homecoming Attendant; Concessional 4 TLMMERS, CORDELLA "Miss Dynamite of 1951.” G.A.A. 3,4; Library Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 2,3,4 TOMPOROWSKI, RITA "A dimpled smile characterizes Rita.” Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 1,4; Falcon 4; Library Club 2; Class Officer 4; Pep Club 4; Homecoming Attendant TOMPOROWSKI, ROSE MARIE "ROSIE" "Is everybody ready?" Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Falcon 4; Library Club 2,3; Cheerleader 3,4; Homecoming AttendantURBANSKI, BARBARA "BARB" "Cheerful quietness.” Glee Club 2; Mixed Chorus 1,3,4; Library Club 4; Bus Patrol 4 WINKLE MAN, CHARLES "CHARLIE" "He surely is a daisy — He drives the girls all crazy.” Football 3,4; Track 2,3,4; F. F. A. 1 WINK LEMAN, MARY ANN "I'm happy 'cuz I laugh, I laugh 'cuz I'm happy.” Library Club 3; Office Club 4; G.A.A. 3; Bus Patrol 3 CLASS FLOWER: YELLOW ROSE CLASS COLORS: SILVER AND BLUE CLASS MOTTO: "OUR TODAYS AND YESTERDAYS ARE THE BLOCKS WITH WILEY, GRACE "GRACIE” "Quiet poise." Glee Club 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,3,4; Falcon 4; Library Club 2,4; Class Officer 3; Class Play 4 ZABLOCKI, DELPHINE "DEL” "A giggling girl." Library Club 4 WHICH WE BUILD." — 17 —FRESHMAN : Our freshman year started out with 113 new-comers eagerly searching for knowledge among the great halls of Foley High. It seemed it would take forever to find the right rooms and teachers. Our first big event of our high school career was initiation day combined with Homecoming. It was dreadful for the girjs to think they had to come to school without anymake-up, hair pinned up, skirts and blouses turned inside out, socks of different colors, and mismated shoes. The boys probably were a little embarrassed by wearing their pants inside out and their shirts backwards. It was the last year we had floats for Homecoming, and naturally it had to rain. Those who had cars at the game were lucky because the rain came down in torrents, but all was in vain, Sauk Rapids had defeated us. There were brighter days to come. A number of girls served for the Banquet that year. Between the girls chattering and pots and pans banging, it was a wonder the juniors and seniors heard any of the doings after the banquet. In spite of everything, our first year went quite well. SOPHOMORE: Nothing happened this year that was very exciting. We had just passed the exciting freshman year and hadn’t gotten into the fun of the junior year, so naturally we weren’t noticed by the public’s eye. JUNIOR: Homecoming was another rainy day and night. The gym had been decorated with crepe paper and balloons. Early in November the class play got started by the director, Mrs. Opatz. ' 'Hurry Henry was chosen and the date set at December 15. We presented Mrs. Optaz with a corsage of white gardenias and red roses. Spring was rounding the corner once again, and that meant the beginning of the Junior-Senior Prom. Many weeks were spent preparing for the event. Our theme was ’Sweetheart ’, and the gym was decorated with pastel colors. The stage was used for the orchestra, Little Willie. Jim Dziuk and Carol Emard sang ''Sweetheart ' at the program. A girls trio made up of Corinne Sherk, Chloe Thomas, and Rita Tomporowski, sang Can t Help Lovin’ Dat Man . Yes, our junior year proved to be quite exciting and full of new experiences for us. And now, here we are, in our last year of school--our senior year. SENIOR: Our senior year was to be a glorious one. We now were at the top,which we had worked for so hard the last eleven years. We call ourselves the Revolutionary Class. Why? Because we've always wanted something different. We started out by getting different class rings and then a new band for the Prom. For Homecoming we had the same band but less elaborate decorations. We shall remember the class play ''Lease on Liberty’ , and the annual, both took a great deal of time. The Prom, which the juniors gave, we shall long remember. Great excitement was caused when the graduation pictures and announcements were passed out. The memorable event of the year was graduation and our final departure from Foley High School. Mr. Rancour and Mrs. Welsh were our class advisors and Mr. Rancour, our principal. All four years of high school, Mr. A.R. Ehrnst was our superintendent. We owe much of our future success to our teachers who have patiently struggled with us. To our parents also is due much credit. With our parting, we wish all future graduates of F.H.S. the very best of luck in their striving for succes s.Class CBiopkecy Listen, my children, and we'll have fun Revisiting grads of fifty-one: Seeing whst fortunes have come their way Since we saw them last on Commencement Day. Melvin Fleck is a physicist, His junior partner is Hesch; Hilary Tadych's a fisherman Whose wares are guaranteed fresh. Florence Bymers is in opera - Her reviews draw much acclaim: Hilary Skaja's with the Red Sox And pitches every game. Delores Rau is in business. Dealing in Real Estate. Jim Kaiser's with the railroad, It seems he handles freight. Adrian is a professor Whose specialty is Math. Jim Dziuk is a singer --What great charms music hath! Gary Latterall is on Wall Street, Reading ticker tape, Down the street goes Rosie The 11, Pert in her nurse's cape. The Tomporowski twins are teachers Down at the U. of Minn - - Where Charlotte is a professor of Music--Now what do you think of them? Joan Haley is in Egypt Where she’s digging ancient bone, Donald Sluss is a repairman Of the nation’s telephones. Dick Simpson is a farmer Who raises corn and hogs, Gloria is in Wisconsin Picking berries in the cranberry bogs. Allard Tadych is a sailor Who sails the stormy seas. A throat specialist is Loren, Who relieves hat bronchial wheeze. Carol Eberhardt is a rancher Way out in Idaho, An author of many novels Is that famous Edris Moe. Checking hats at the Stork Club Is our old pal, Perkey Sherk, At the switchboard in the White House, Clothilda is at work. Cordelia is a seamstress Way out in Hollywood. Joe Rahm is a Canadian trapper Beneath that parka hood. John Sakry is a barker At a side-show in New Orleans, John Donovan works for the city--The streets and walks he clean . Tom Pollard is a steeple-jack Who's scaled the Leaning Tower, Allen Dziuk is a boxer in Madison Square, They say he has Hercule's power. A modeling school out east somewhere Has claimed Audrey, and Mary Sluss. Chester Dziuk is a gambler in Mexico Who so far has escaped the noose. Don Johns on is a trucker now, He owns a fleet of trucks. Clara has a section of land Where she raises geese and ducks. Charlie is an industrialist With interests in Brazil, Lawrence Schyma is washing windows, Perched on a window sill. Sherman started as a cab-driver. Now owns a fleet of hacks. Pat Johnson is a millionaire--Takes three men to file her tax. The Foreign Legion claimed Howard, He guards the River Nile. Shirley is a model Who wears the latest style. Robert works in a hotel down south Where he’s employed as an expert 6hef; Mary Lou and Marlyn are on stage. Portraying Mutt and Jeff. Wesley is an engineer Who’s never had a wreck. Bob Quade is a sailor boy Who scrubs the dirty deck. George Kipka is an actor In great Shakespearian plays, And so is Desmond Holter--Who is the latest craze. A carpenter is Donald Krause, With a hammer in his hand; Alvin Henry twirls a gold baton And leads a college band. Ivan is in poli t ics, A successful Congressman-’-Luther is a Senator Who introduced ''The Johnson Plan.’’ Kevin is a general In the army of Uncle Sam, Marcel’s still in Foley High He can’t make the last exam. Somewhere down in Texas Aloise’s raising stock; Marjorie is a riveter. Working ’round the clock. — 19Mary Winkleman has a dirigible, No one's seen her for a year and a half--Janice Ratke is a reporter On the ''Chicago Herald' staff. Mary Ann Stachowski is a librarian, Who can find most any book; In Vienna is Dorothy Posterick Learning new dishes to cook. An astronomer is Donald Dumonceaux, Who studies the heavens at night. Marlys Lezer is an air hostess, Who has completed her eightieth flight . Carol Emn rd is famed for her teaching In colleges all over the land. Lucille is now a police woman. Who takes a fearless stand. Verna Danielson is painting pictures In her garrett, dark and damp, Dennis Baron is a mighty wrestler Recently named the new champ. Lorraine and Agnes are crusaders For women’s equal rights, Mary Dahleris a pianist Who is rising to wonderful heights. A carefree vagabond is Benson Who cares not what trail he is wending. And writing this prophecy is Cecil, Who can't think of an appropriate ending. Delphine Zablocki drives a bus On the Milwaukee Line-- Jim Rothman runs a jewelry shop, And says he’s doing fine. Caroline is an organist In a church somewhere in France. Bernie is still in dancing school Where he cannot learn to dance. The Lewandowski twins are writing books Of their adventures when they were young. President Kosloski’s picture hangs Where before, Abe Lincoln’s hung. Jim Kujawa is a detective, Who always solves his case; Donald Crowe took a trip in a lunar ship, The first to conquer space. Dick Brenny is a football coach. With a job at Notre Dame; Dorothy Biendara is our laureate Whose verses brought her fame. Carol Nelson is a salesgirl In Phyliss Nickle’ store; Janet has done to show business What was never done before. Barbara is the publisher Of many magazines, Grace Wiley is a counselor To girls in their teens. SENIOR GIRLS I, Shirley Antonczak, will my blond curly hair to Lois Meyer. I, Lucille Biederman, will my freckles to Doris Stauffenecker. I, Dorothy Biendara, will my daily trips to the Popple Creek store to catch the bus, to my sister Margaret. I, Lorraine Bujarski, will my coming late to Social, to anyone who can get by with it. I, Florence Bymera, bequeath my seat on the bus to Dorothy Kaproth. I, Gloria Carlaon, will my pleasant geometry class on Wednesday to whoever likes to work. I, Mary Dahler, bequeath my ability to stay in school and become a senior, to all ambitious freshmen. I, Verna Danielaon, will ray standing place on the bus to anyone who likes to stand. I, Carol Eberhardt, bequeath my mittens to Mrs. Paul son. I, Cecil Dxiuk, bequeath my brains to El-rose Roback. I, Carol Emard, will my singing voice to Margie Kipka. I, Marjorie Frerich. will my typewriter to anyone who will take good care of it. I, Charlotte Jacquemar t, will my job at the candy counter to anyone who can look at candy all noon hour. I, Patricia Johnaon, will my quietness to anyone who is too brave around school. I, Clara Katzeback, will my job as bus patrol to Louie. I, Audrey Knutaon, will my ability to snap gum to anyone who would enjoy it as much as I do. I, Mariya Lezer, will my singing in Glee Club to some girl who likes to sing. I, Edria Moe, will my four years of friendship with Rosie to anyone who can make a goof it. I, Marlyn Moulzolf, will my privilege as Homecoming Queen to Marion Quade. I, Carol Nelaon, will my seat on the bus to anyone with patience and endurance. I, Janet Pietrzak, will my Interests in the cities to Lydia Kosloski. I, Dorothy Poaterick, bequeath my initials D.P. to anyone who feels out of place. I, Mary Lou Preuaaer, will my height to any short person who will take care of i t . -- 20 -- .I, Janice Ratke, will my English literature to any ambitious junior. I• Delores Rau, will my ability in shorthand to anybody that needs it. I, Corinne Shark, will to Janice Swanson my dear old drum sticks. I, Mary Ann Sluss, will my incomplete! in English to anyone who can complete them. 1, Mary Ann Stachowski, will my social book to anybody who can get more out of it than I can. I, Caroline Stauffenecker, give my long name to anyone who can spell it. I, Rosemary Thell, bequeath my quiet manner to Alice O'Tremba. I, Clothilda Thomas, will to Bett You so all my extra wind which she will need for the First Chair in band next year. I, Agnes Thering, will my bookkeeping book to anyone that can appreciate it. I, Cordelia Timmers, bequeath my physics book to Mary Gorecki. I, Rita Tomporowski, will my cheer-1eading ability to Joann Herbrand. I, Rose Tomporowski, will my ability to play the trombone to Merlin Vender Weyst. I, Barbara Urbanski, will anything to anybody that might need it more than I. I, Grace Wiley, give my place in mixed chorus to Geraldine Winkleman, I, Mary Winkleman, will my happiness to Donna Brambrink. I, Dolphins Zablocki, give my bad luck to my brother Kenneth. SENIOR BOYS I, Kevin Adelman, bequeath the formula of my hydrogen bomb to anyone who has a good use for it. I, Denis Baron, will my good behavior in English to Lester Poganski. I, Marcel Bujarski, will my typewriter to anybody who can operate it. I, Dennis Benson, will all my over-due library books to the scrap paper drive. I, Richard Brenny, give my seat at the Paramount theater to Buck Hall. I, Donald Crowe, will my typing ability to anyone with stiff fingers I, John Donovan, will my marks to DelRoy Chm ielewski. I, Aloise Dudek, will my basketball shorts to any member op next year’s F.F.A. team. I, Allen Dsiuk, will my football suit to my brother. I, James Dsiuk, bequeath my stool in the drug store to Bill Kotsmith. I, Ivan Eckholm, will all my incomplete book reports to someone who likes to work. I, Melvin Fleck, will my ability to write poetry to anybody that isn’t cut out to be a poet. I, Wesley Glein, will my ambitious attitude toward school to all freshmen. I, Alvin Henry, will any second hour shop class to anyone who wants it. I, Larry Hesch, will my ability to use four studies profitably to anyone who can do the same. I, Desmond Hotter, will my first hour English class to the Pilgrims. I, Donald Johnson, bequeath my brother s ome ambition. I, Luther Johnson, will my car to anybody that can drive it. I, James Kaiser, bequeath my ability to use the sander in shop to anyone who can afford to buy parts for it. I, George Kipka, will my four years in the warm lunch room to anyone loyal enough to keep it. I, Joseph Kosloski, bequeath my English book to Jackie Mclntire. I, James Kothman, will my “late to class’’ passes to my brother Bob. I, Donald Krause, will all my good times to the Junior Class. I, James Kujawa, will my seat in Mixed Chorus to anybody that can sing bass. I, Gary Latterell, give my locker (No. 5) to anyone who has the courage and strength to take it ove r. I, Ernest Lewandowski, will all my track ability to Brian Winkleman. I, Ervin Lewandowski, bequeath all my parties to Jerry Moe. I, Bernard O’Konek, will my car to a millionaire. I, Adrian Petroske, bequeath my chair in speech class to Virgil O'Konek. I, Thomas Pollard, will my Physics class to anyone who wants to take Mixed Chorus also. I, Robert Quads, will all my A's in English class to Earl Krause. I, Joseph Rahm, bequeath my height to any s ho r t person. I, John Sakry, will my ability to Polka to Virgil O’Konek. I, Loren Scherbing, bequeath my position as a basketball player to all ambitious boys . I, Lawerence Schyma, will my ability in typing to anyone who hasn’t got a headache. I, Richard Simpson, will my ability to one who mi gh t need it. I, Hilary Skaja, will my position on the football team to anyone who can make it. I, Donald Sluss, bequeath my typewriter to someone who can put the parts together again. I, Howard St au f fen eck er, will my Chewy to my sister. I, Sherman Stowe, will my physics book to the next Eins t ien. I, Allard Tadych, will my ‘‘A’ s to Jerry Li ca. I, Hilary Tadych, will my typewriter to the war effort. I, Robert Vender Weyst, will my shyness to Vi rg il Moulzolf. I, Charles Winkleman, will my beautiful hair to those who like it.Left to right: First Row: Garland Brandenburg, Donald Hoff, Conrad Brenny, Margaret Corri- gan, Joseph ine Dobis, Jesephine Jurek, Aud rey Johnson, Lo retta Denfeld, Greta Beckstead, Helen Hamer. Second Row: Annabell Carlin, Alice Freer, Florence Belenski, Ann Gapinski, Lucille Cielinski, Irene Hopland, Rosemond Fouguctte, Dorothy Gardener, Anella Corrigan, Jean DeMarais, Jean Donaldson. Third Row: Eugene Jackets, John Heintze, Darrel Freude, Roger Hall, Louis Elwell, Lester Adelman Donna Brambrink Jo Anne Cotton, Monna Crowe, Dolores Deppa. Fourth Row: Sylvester Adelman, Dale DeZeller, Dale Jensen, Gerald Jurek, Ed- ward Corrigan, Fabian Gapinski, Gordon Benson, Benedict Gardner, Dale Johnson. Left to right: First Row: Elaine Wakeman, Angeline Witucki, Doreen Malikowski, Earl Krause, Donald Miklos, Burnette Scheibel, Lancy Studenski, Donald Vixenor, Jo Ann Ratke, Henrietta Micholski. Second Row: Darlene Kosloski, Francis Ratke, Dorothy Kaproth, Nancy Kozisek, Catherine Wisniewski, Joan Latterall, Adrienne Kosloski, Darlene Moe, Marion Quade, Josephine Renler. Third Row: Gladys Magnuson, Dolores Moeller, Barbara Nelson, Delphlne Schmlt, Donna Lezer, Kathleen Wassell, Lydia Kosloski, Lois Meyer. Fourth Row: Marguiute Nelson, Ruth Viste, Meomi Micholski, Romona Youso, Charlotte Kosloski, Geraldine Winkleman, Richard Ratke, Norman Ratke, Mary Jane Kmitch, Betty Scheibel. Fifth Row: William Kotsmith, Daniel Mayavski, Henry Sakry, Gerald Winkleman, Richard Tangen, Harlan Stowe, Donald Lenzen, Orville McCormick, Gerald Solt, Robert Skiba. “ 23 —Left to right: First Row: Evelyn Knutson, Rose Mary Hesch, Arlene Deziel, Mary Ann Kampa, Donald Knutson, Harold Jenson, Everett Ellenwood, Donald Corrigan, Cyrus Hennek, Darwin Jacobs. Second Row: Delores Frerich, Arlene Dedic, Audrey Kilgard, Eugene Boos, Jean Gu- dat, Mary Lou Gratke, Doreen Krawiecki, Norman Kachmarek, Jim Dumonceaux. Third Row: Doris Balder, Kathleen Dziuk, Jack Ehrnst, Monica Huneke, Angeline Gagnon, Merlin Albright, Shirley Brenny , Dick Dziuk, Mary Jane Gilmer, Cyril Baron. Fourth Row: Lawrence Brenny, David Barthelemy, Ellen Gauthier, Peggy Jacobsen, Betty Jenson, Ellen Johnson, Mary Ann Kozisek, Dorothy Guentzel, Joan DcMarais. Fifth Row: Duane Kosloski, Bill Krawiecki, Allard Krs- buski, James DuHamel, Leonard DeLong, Gary Dziuk, Marvin Fleck, Vernon Almlie, Delores Ga-pinski, and Kathleen Denfield. Left to right: Front Row: Jerry Pollard, Virgil Stowe, JoAnne Zimmerman, Darlene Tadyach, Marilyn Souer. Second Row: Iola Swan, Lester Poganski, Jerry Lica, Elrose Roback, Lois Weis, Janice Sonmore, Donna Stumvoll, Anna Stauffenecker, Orpha Skaja, Marlene St auffenecker. Third Row: LeRoy Lewandowski , Georgia Semran, Richard Schlick, Lucille Swedziak, Gladys Orton, Donna Swedziak, LaVerne Pnppenfus, Maxine Simpson, Janet Novak. Fourth Row: Jo Wiley, Marie Talberg, Doreen Scheper, Shirley Leason, Larry Petroske, Virgil O’Konek, Joyce Viste, Delore Sophowiak, Lorraine Potuzak, Else Reberg. Sixth Row: Norbert Sadowski, Je- rome Ratke, Kenneth Thompson, Duane Scherbing, Donald Unzen, Elwood Lundgren, Dwight Scher-bing, Brian Winkleman, Wesley Rhode, Mary Joyce Stay. Sop — 24 —First Row: Left to right: Dick Haley, Deliah Bialke, Maryette Carlin, Gerald Chmielewski, LeRoy Dziuk, Joyce Cziok, Jane Brenny, Florence Duscha, Mary Ann Brunn, Corinne Corrigan, Adrienne Huneke, Patricia Gilmore. Second Row: Lyle Frerich, Richard Fussy, Hilary Howard, Conrad Anderson, Janet Donaldson, Betty Corrigan, Alice Corrigan, Bernice Gracyk, Doreen, Hansmeir, Idella Bonzelet, Dorothy Gruba. Third Row: Margaret Biendara, Dorothy DeMarais, Evelyn Adelman, Norman Cechini, Delores Chmielewski, Theodora Fouquette, Jerome Fussy, Lester Bujarski, Paulene Auker, Mary Ann Gorecki, Gloria Broda. Fourth Row: Don Glein, Gordon Anderson, Richard Herbst, Jay Hamernick, Peter Brenny, Virginia Hauck, Lillian Baron, Shirley Hamers, Ann Eickler, Lajean Bymers. •t -. First Row: Left to right: Eileen Novak, Jean Ann Jenson, Marjorie Kipka, Betty Jane Novak, Alice Otremba, Bernard Jenson, Benny Jenson, Mike Moulzolf, Hilary Markfort. Second Row: Kathleen O’Rourke, Donna Kommer, LaDonna Jaeckels, Lucille Lawerence, Darlene Keeler, Joyce McCormick, Carroll Johnson, Donald Otto. Third Row: Kathleen Murn, Jimmy Kosloski, Geral- dine Kelash, Phyliss Jenson, Gladys Jaeckels, Gloria Jacquemart, Bob Kothman, Oswald Mark-fort, Joseph Moeller. Fourth Row: Jimmy A. Latterell, Dorothy Johnson, John Neafus, Lois Kozisek, Morris Lundgren, Jimmy R. Latterell, Ervin Kampa, Jimmy Jenson. CJ eslvnen — 25 —Firat Row: Left to right: Laverne Vizenor, Carl Templin, Norbert Stachowski, William Pos- terick, Meryln Struck, Phyliss Stowe, Mary Lou Smekofzke, Merlin VanderWeyst, Leonard Schmit, Walter Pollard. Second Row: Constance Spiczka, Margaret Wolfe, Phyliss Sakry, Doris Stauf-fenecker, Marlyn Thole, Roger Wslczewski, Audrey Zawacki, Rosemary Zabloski, Katherine Rahm, Betty So 1t, Edna Sadowski. Third Row: Phyliss Schiebel, Dawn Wildman, Betty Sluss, Elaine Wojiechewski, Delphine Scheper, Phyliss Steffens, Ella Wendt, Donna Secord, Arta Westphall. Fourth Row: Janice Swanson, Bette Jayne Youso, Joe Walcheski, Richard Pattock, Morris Ry- berg, Herb Tlmmers, Vernon Struffert, Harold Scherer, Tom Posterick. The Freshman year is the first of four terms filled with excitement, learning, and friendships with fellow students and members of the faculty. The outstanding thing about this initial year of high school education is the way the ■••Frosh” learn so quickly what things are expected of them, and accept responsibilities handed them. This year, especially, the record of the Freshman class was a fine one. The Student Council found them to be, on the whole, a group of co-operative, conscientious students. With the largest Freshman enrollment on record, this class causes us to wonder if ''the best things come in small packages!" -- 26 --Lfh tirilhtt Fira Row: Versal Cron, Jay Axtelle, Jackie Johnson, Ed Deppa, Jim Chmiel- ewski, jo Ann Kotsmith, Pat Fernholx. Second Row; J0n Elletson, Pat Anderson, Alice Boos, Arliss Henn, Mary Jane Kotsmith, Marcy Brunn, Lenore Herbst, Grace Jackels, Mary Jane Le-wandowski. Third Row: Russell Gllyard, Jim Adelman, Dick Albright, Ira Neary, Mary Ann Brenny, bhirley Dahler, Kathleen Herbrand, Jo Ann Balder, Fourth Row: Dennis Brenny, Bob Anderson, Jerome Grow, Ray Novak, Dorothy Deppa, Jeanic Abfalter, Marie Graham. Left to right: First Row: Billy Latterell, Daniel Rudnitski, Gerald Zulkosky, Joan Strand- berg, Tom Wildman, Sharon Latterell, Gladys Micholski, David Watercott, Vernon Miller. Second Row: Renee Pietrzak, Arlene Moe, Harold Ratke, Jerome Zylla, Jack Mclntire, Ronald Lawerence, Martin Thomas, Milton Miller, David Luethe. Third Row: Junior Youso, Frances Wasscll, Marcia Stahowski, Kathleen Pershl, Maxine Thompson, Ruth Semron, Jeanice Latterell. — 27 —Bottom Row: Left to right: Norbert Zy1 1 a. Barbara Haley, Maxine Bolagek, Norman Johnson, Patrick O'Rourke, Gerald Brunn, Beverly Vizenor, Mary Ann Maybury, Donna Anderson, Kay Axtelle, Herbert Latterell. Second Row: Left to right: Margaret Auker, Sandra McNamara, Joan Howe, Ar- lene Rudnitski, Frederick Lamm, Robert Kotsmith, Michael Chmielewski, Kenneth Freude, Harold Skiba, Douglas Leason, Sally Kotsmith. Third Row: Left to right: Arlene Freecheck, Marie Walcheski, Adrianne Ga- pinski, Ha 11 an Shattuck, Mary Meyer, Shirley Victor, Donna Solt, Audrey Jaec-kels, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Jenette Zyvoloski. Top Row: Left to right: Theresa Mechavich, Gail Fouquette, Jimmie Kornovich, Sylvester Stachovich, Mary Ann Imbiorski, Nathan Lundgren, Beverly Woolhouse, Alice Beehler, Rita Zablocki, Lenore Hesch. Seventh Qiada — 28 —First Row: Left to right: Phyllis Zablocki, Geraldine Pietrzak, Dennis Bren-ny, Joy Axtelle, Michael McNamara, Kay Chmielewski, Peter Hall, Jerome Vize-nor, Richard Solt, Neil Dezeller.. Second Row: Mary Ellen McGee, Carol Ann O’Donnell, Jerry Dumonceaux, Cleara O’Neill, Angeline Mechavich, LaVerne Youso, James Rudnitaki, Judy Freecheck, Victor Hauck, Frank Wolbauer, Douglas Magnus, Katherine Gapinski. Third Row: Joan Anderson, Jean Anderson, Marlis Anderson, Geraldine Lezer, Evangeline Otto, Audrey Youso, Frank Dziuk, William Eickler, Harold Miller. This class had an enrollment of thirty-three students on September 4, 1950. Two students have moved away: Beverly Perry to Minneapolis, and Dennis Vetvick to Rockford, Illinois. We had a pair of twins in this room: Jean and Joan Anderson. This was an enthusiastic group, interested in school work and extra curricular activities. We can boast of having three junior majorettes: Marlis Anderson,Jay ■Chmielewski, and La Verne Youso, fdur Junior Band members: Dennis Brenny, Kay Chmielewski, Douglas Magnus and Carol Ann O’Donnell, three 4-H members: William Eichler, Judy Freecheck and Haro1d Mi11er. Six boys took Hobby craft. The girls’ chief interest in Physical Ed. may be summed up as folk dancing and kitten ball w ith emphasis on folk dancing. Every two weeks the 6th grade participated in a program which all the grades help make enjoyable. — 29 —First Row; Mrs. Latterel1, Arlene Leason, Benny Stahovich, Roger Vallian-court, Dennis Deppa, Ronald Lawrence, Peter Kamrowski, Gerald Kampa, Kathleen Herges, Eileen Merges, Karen Sherk, Jean Monroe. Second Row: Kay Lee Kotsmith, Diane Walker, Janice Johnson, Devona Swanson, Jerry McNamara, Gordon Sherbing, Mary Lou Dzuik, Donald Tadych, Ralph Galar-neault, Donald Beehler. Third Row: Ronnie Jurek, Margaret Kozisek, Carol Ann Sirhel, Mike Cheeley, Norma Grow, Isabelle Me Cormick, June Rudnitski, Delphine Gruba, Diane Jacque-mart, Jerry O’Rourke. We had thirty-five pupils in the fifth grade. We were sorry to have Clay Bramlege move to St. Cloud and Sally Ogg to leave for California. The fifth grade formed a club called, ''Little Citizens Club.’’ We met every last Friday of each school month at which time we elected officers for the coming month. The new president then appointed pupils for special duties. We also planned and discussed any forth-coming event, as parties for special days. Eileen and Kathleen Herges are identical twins. They came from Cold Spring to join our class in the fourth grade. Carol Ann Svihel and Devona Swanson were members of the Junior Band. We had four Cub-Scouts, Norma Grow, Jerry Lloyd, Jerry O’Rourke and Jerry McNamara. Ronnie Jurek was a Boy Scout. Ralph Galerneault, belonged to the 4-H Club. 3$ aJe — 30Left to right: First Row: Gunnar Paulson, Joan Abfalter, Darlene Barchinski, Douglas Svihel, Virginia Januszeuski, Robert LaVigne, Kathryn Bettendorf, Jean Kamrowski, Patty Thomas, James Wolfbaner. Second Row: Carol Nagy, Marilyn Herges, Valeria Victor, Tommy Lloyd, Margie Timmers, Terry Kotsmith, Mary Barthelemy, Joan Solt, Danny Dziuk, Virginia Cechini. Third Row: John Brady, Rodney Rudnitski, James Hormatha, Mary Posterick, Joe Albright, Rose Pietzrak, Kenneth Camp, Lee Axtelle, Craig Leuthe. Fourth Row: Janice LaVigne, Howard Stofflet, Kathleen Harshman, Mure) Lezer, Francis Hatten, Judy Ehrnst, Gerald Krawieski, Carol Bock, Marlene Cook, Jerome Imbiorski and Mrs. Parent, teacher. Our fourth grade had many interesting experiences this year. We especially enjoyed the noon hour basketball games that we played. Our cheerleaders, we believe, did a fine job for our grade too. We have made our room very beautiful with decorations. fourth Q acL — “J?°. f1 t: First Row; Roger Vizenor, Judy Katchie, Mary Tischbirek, Tonn Soft, Marcia Zy1 1 a, Kevin McNamara, Doris Grubs, Arthur Januazewski, Harvey Ratka. J Second Row; Rote Lamm, Jerome Nechavick, Jim O’Neil, Margie Monroe, Betty Dezeller, Marie Albright, Janice Rudnitski, Jerry Donovan. Third Row; Jack Semrau, Robert Tomporowski, Kathleen Murphy, Ronny Youio, Phyllis So 1t, Edward Rau, Shirley Abfa 1ter, Joan Ware, Bernice Rudnitaki. Fourth Row: Katherine Hromatka, Loren Taeckels, Mary Lee O’Keefe, Robert O’Donnell, Dennis Nelson, Dianne Campbell, Katherine Talberg. Last September thirty-six little children proudly marched up to the third grade feeling very grown up indeed, as wasn’t ’’Upstairs’ a true sign of their importance? Studying and playing Indians kept them occupied for many weeks until colonists, pioneers, and covered wagon days rolled around about Thanksgiving time. But the big moment all were anticipating was the thrill of showing Mr. Ehrnst their very first presentable spelling papers in Cursive writing — then triumphantly marching "downstairs" to receive more laurels from the second graders. I doubt if any third grader will ever forget that memorable day. — 32 Left to right: First Row: Janet Kampa, Arlys O’Neil, Dennis Lloyd, George Walter, Richard Magnus, James O’Rourke, Lois Abfalter, Rodney Ritter, Marilyn Pietraak. Second Row: John Bettendorf, William Sivanson, Kenneth Mendel, Ardis Wool- house, Rodney Ruhoff, Thomas Brady, Timothy McNamara, Raymond Freecheck, Janet Ga 1enault. Third Row: Jean Rudnitski, Jacqueline Latterell, Maragaret Graham, Duane Harahman, Kenneth Monroe, Norman Schliht, Loren Wall, Fredrick Hatten, Mrs. Peterson. The children enjoyed entering their second year of work because this year began many new subjects. Cfcie of the new subjects was spelling. We strived to get one hundred. For if we all got one hundred, it meant a visit from our superintendent. In the fall our science began by making a leaf chart of the many different leaves. We learned the summer and winter habits of birds and animals and did room experiments in the winter. CXjr language class meant a great deal to the second graders. It was also a new subject. We not only learned the fundamental rules by heart, but could give basic examples. The second grade had three parties. These were at Hallowe’en, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. 33 —First and Second Grade: Left to right: Roxanne Ritter, Carol Rudnitski,John Deppa, Robert Lamm, Dennis Murphy, John Wisniewski, Clarence Leason, Jean Beehler, Janice Ratka, Bobby Ogg. Second Row: Duane Lavigne, Betty Lou Slom- koski, Arline Weller, Gerald Otto, Donna Campbell, Susan Donaldson, Kathryn Cechini, Michael Bock, Judy Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Sherk. Third Grade: Richard Johnson, John Hall III, Larry Wisniewski, Joan Jurek, Jacquie Lavigne, Judy Kaczmarek, Marsha Nordwall, Betty Ann Hansen, Billy Wildman, James Im-biorski, Mrs. Schulte. Not on picture: June Skuza. The combined first and second grade students were ready to settle down to work after a long vacation. The sixteen first graders were very studious and interested in their work. They enjoyed reading a great deal. Besides working hard in their studies, the second graders had the pleasure of planning for programs. They also studied about the Indians and Es-k i mo s. We all had a delightful time at the Hallowe’en, Christmas, and Valen-t i ne ’ s party. Combined L Second Shades — 34 —Back Row: Beverly Skaja, Laverne Howe, Shirley Kujawa, Yvonne Schneider, John S v i he 1 , J rJimmy McGee, Mickey Lee Wisniewski, Mrs. Kukas, Teacher. Middle Row: Ronald Lavigne, Charles Nordenstrom, Martha Jongewaard, Wesley Walker, James Maybury, Kay Dziuk, Lou Kampa, Rose Marie Petroski. Front Row: Mickey Thomas, Delroy Kampa, Myron Cook, David Kaproth, Joann Wolfbauer, Patty Barthelemy, Leon Pietrzak, Rita Vizenor. Those not in the picture are: Mary O’Rourke and Renee Rudnitski. On the first day of school there were forty-one first grade boys and girls. In November, Sixteen of them were transferred to Mrs. Schulte’s first and second grade room. The rest of us stayed with Mrs. Kukas and worked hard to be good readers. We read many library books and enjoyed reading them to our classmates during ’Story Hour.»’ Our busy days passed too quickly. Our first grade days were most happy ones. We learned to share and to work together. Special Ac tivi ties Painting, music and the entertaining we did for the P.T.A. and at Christmas. 2hst aJe — 35 —— 3$ —Left to right: First Row: John Donovan, Kevin, Hilary Skaja, Donald Crowe, Robert Quade, Loren Scherbing, Joe Rahm, Dennis Benson, Tom Pollard, Bernard 0’Konek, Charles Wink 1eman, Allen Dziuk. Second Row: Lewis Elwell, Jerry Winkleman, Brian Winkleman, Delroy Chmielewski, Roger Hall, Dick Brenny, James DuHamel, Gary Dziuk, Jackie Ehrnst, Donald Unzen, Bill Kotsmith, Se-veryn Krawiecki, Richard Tangen, Coach Trewick. Under the splendid coaching of Virg Trewick, the Falcons ran through an undefeated season. In six out of seven games no scores were chalked up against them. Ten senior lettermen will be missing from roll come the fall of fifty- one. They are: John Donovan, Allen Dziuk, Don Crowe, Bob Quade, Tom Pollard, Joe Rahm, Loren Scherbing, Dennis Benson, Hilary Skaja, and Bernard O'Konek, football — 37 —Left to right: First row: Dick Brenny, Roger Hall, Jack Ehrnst, William Kot- smith, Loren Scherbing, Mr. Trewick. Second Row: Dwight Scherbing, Allen Dziuk, John Donovan, Joe Rahm, John Heintz, and Donald Viznor. The Falcon cagers flew through a most successful season, having twelve wins and five losses to their record. The team, led by Capt. Allen Dziuk, was one of the tallest in the district. Starring at forward for the third year was Loren Scherbing. At center for the second year was Joe Rahm and playing guard for a third year was John Donovan. Allen Dzuik was also in his third year of play. Bill Kotsmith did a fine job in the right forward. It was with this excellent team and their equally excellent reserves that the flying colors of Foley proudly waved. _ 38 -Left to right: First Row: Mrs. Vizenor, Mrs. Balder. Mrs. Tomporowski, Mrs. Donovan, Mrs. Elletson, Mrs. Dziuk, Mrs. Hamernick, Mrs. Rahm, Mrs. Brenny. Second Row: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Lattorell, Mrs. Gorecki, Mrs. Timmers, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Petroske, Mrs. Scherbing. Third Row: Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Lundgren, Mrs. Ehrnst. — 39 —The Bend participated in many activities. During the summer they went to Nicol let Park in Minneapolis. They played for the 4th of July celebration and every Wednesday night for the softball games. They also went to Mora for the opening day parade of the county fair. During half time at home football games the band, a-long with the majorettes, put on some very fine exhibitions. They also played at basketball games. — 40The Mixed Chorus has concluded antfther year of activities. They gave "The Song of Christmas" as their Christmas concert. This concert was the story of the Nativity shown with songs, carols, and verses. There was a small amount of narration. In the spring, another concert was presented. Festivals and contests were other features. The chorus, composed of forty-five members,was directed by Miss O’Connell. oUis — 41 — j The Glee Club was composed of high school girls who were interested in vocal training. The group participated in several school programs and activities, as well as the annual Music Festival, held at St. Cloud Tech in the early spring. The girls sang many varieties of songs, and their folk music was especially well received wherever they sang. Grace Wiley accompanied the Glee Club at the piano. Left to right: First Row : Henrietta Micholski, Jose- phine Dobas, Mary Dahler, Agnes Thering, Janet Novak, Dor-reen Malichowski, Lucille Swedziak, Pat Johnson. Second Row: El rose Roback , Orpha Skaja, Audrey Kilgard, Marlys Lezer, Marjorie Frerich, Delores Gapinski, Mary Jane Gilmer, Ann Gapinski, Geneva Hinkemeyer, Lorraine Bujarski, Joan Haley. Third Row: Gladys Magnuson, Iola Swan, Mary Joyce Stay, Monica Huneke, Barbara Nelson, Geraldine W'ink-leman, Josephine Jurek, Georgia Semrau, Lois Weis, Fourth Row: Donna Stumvoll, Shirley Brenny, Alice Freer, Myrtle Jenson, Joan Herbrand, Doreen Scheper, Darlene Moe, Marge Thompson, Helen Hamer. — 42 —Left to Rights Mary Gorecki, Cordelia Timmers, ROSe Marie Tomporowski , Doris Balder, Adrian Petroske, John Sakry, Marge Thompson. This year the cheerleaders had uniforms consisting of white letter sweaters with a white 'F ’ and a blue megaphone, on white tailored blouses. Practices were held twice weekly and new yells were worked out. Cheerleaders — 43 —One of the biggest improvements in our school was the establishment of a Student Council, sponsored by Miss Literski and Mr. Rancour. There were two representatives from each class, and three from the senior class. Officers were Bill Kotsmith, Marie Tal-berg, and Lorreta Denfield. In November Bill, Marie, and Miss Literski attended a convention in Minneapolis. The Student Council members acted as moni tors in the halls and in the lunch room. They sponsored a Sno-Ball in January and a variety of assembly programs. The council was a member of the National Society of Student Councils. Front Row: Sally Kotsmith, Mary Ann Kot- smith, Herbert Latterell, Dorothy Deppa. Second Row: Doris Balder, Edris Moe, Loretta Denfield, Bill Kotsmith, Miss Literski, Advisor. Back Row: Marie Talberg, Cecil Dziuk, John Sakry, Joyce McCormick, Janice Swanson . nnua First Row: Audrey Knutson, Edris Moe, Rose Tomporowski, Darien Moe, Clo Thomas, Corinne Sherk, Elaine Wakeman. Second Row: Jean Donaldson, Rosamond Fouquette, Phyllis Nickle, Lu- cille Bcidermann, Rita Tomporowski, Dorothy Kaproth, Nancy Kozisek. Third Row: George Kipka, Cecil Dzuik, Grace Wiley, Mary Lou Preusser, Ruth Vistc, Florence Bymers, Rose Mary Thell, Janice Ratke. — 44 —First Row: Loretta Denfcld, Nancy Kozisek, Dorothy Knproth, Cathy Wisniewski, Theo Dora Fouquette, Aud rey Knutson. Second Row: Edris Moe, Janice Rat ke, Jean Donaldson, Caroline Stauf-fenecker, Rosamond Fouquette. Third Row: Doris Balder, Shirley Antonzak, Irene Hopland, Phyllis Nickel, Peggy Jacobsen. Fourth Row: Kathleen Dzuik, Ruth Viste, Betty Jane Youso, Cecil Dzuik, Adrian Petroski, John Sakry. OO First Row, left to right. Jay Ax-telle, Fredrick Lamm, Bob Kotsmith, Mike Chmielewski. Second Row: James Chmielewski, Jim Adelman, Jr. Youso, Jerome Zylla. Third Row: Harold Ratke, Russell Gilyard, Tom Wildman, Norbert Zylla. Fourth Row: Dennis Brenny, Jerome Grow, Jim Kornovich. Front Row: Margaret Biendara, Ar- liss Henry, Alice Boos, Merlin Van-de rwy s t . Second Row: Greta Beckstead, Doro- thy Bien4ara, Katherine Rahm, Donna Shroeder, Joanne Balder. Third Row: Angeline Gagon, Lillian Baron, Geraldine Winkleman, Chariot te Kosloski. Fourth Row: Maxine Thompson, George Kipka, Duane Kosloski, Ellen Wendt. — 45 — utule (Jaimers of c_America The motto of the F.F.A. is; learning to do, doing to earn, earning to live, living to serve. The officers of the F.F.A: President, James DuHamed; Vice-President Gerald Solt; Secretary, Lester Adelman; Treasurer, James Kujawa; Reporter, Sylvester Adelman; Sentinel, Ivan Eckholm. The F.F.A. basketball team has played the following schools this year: Milaca, Elk River, Mora and Princeton. They also played in the intramural noon hou r 1ea gue. This is the first year of ‘‘Dairy Products’’ in the Foley F.F.A. chapter. This contest involved the scoring of samples of milk and butter. The district contest was held at Grand Rapids and the state contest at St. Paul.The annual Homecoming football game was played on Oct. 13, against the Sauk Rapids Indians. The slogan picked by F.H.S. was ‘Batter the Braves. Foley won the game with a 33-0 score. Initiation was the usual exciting feature of the day, with the Freshmen wearing green ribbons with the word Frosh ‘ printed in gold letters, and the Seniors wore red ones. The athletic department sold large pins in keeping with the day’s traditions. The Seniors staged a show in the gymnasium in the morning, coupled with a Pep Fest. The dance was held in the decorated gym after the game with the Royal Party pictured above reigning over the festivities. Our queen and king of the event and their at-tendents were as follows: Left to right: Bernard O’Konek, Rose Tomporowski, Thomas Pollard, Clothilda Thomas, King Loren Scherbing, Queen Marlyn Moulzolf, Janice Ratke, John Sakry, Rita Tomporowski, Joe Rahm. omecommg ig o — 47 —Clarinet 2ti, Rose Marie Tomporowski Lorraine Potuzak Gloria Ca r1 son Left to right: Clothilda Thomas, Virginia Hauck, Bette Jayne Youso, Mary Ann Brenny. Left to right: Sharon Latte rell, Mary Jane Kotsmith, Renee Pietzak, Jeannine Lat-t e r e 1 1 . Left to right: Darlene Kos- loski, Joan Cotton, Lydia Kosloski. -48-The Junior class presented the play ''The Adorable Imp.• It was well enjoyed by the audience and proved to the cast that it is not all fun with no work to present such a production. One of the scenes is pictured above to refresh the memory and to record a part of the school year. Out Clilistrnas Sltee By our Christmas tree in Mrs. Schulte's room are Janice Ratke, Charlotte Sherk, Judy Fitzpatrick, John Deppa, Kathryn Cechini, James Imbiorski, Donna Campbell, Michael Bock, Roxanne Ritter, Jean Bcehler, Bobby Ogg, John Hall, Robert Lamm, Clarence Leason, and Gerald Otto. — 49 —There were twenty-five1 members in the club this year. Its main purpose was to keep the library books in order, which was done under the guidance of their Adviser, Miss Lindeberg and President, Edris Moe. The other officers are: Vice-President, Pat Johnson; Secretary-Treasurer, Grace Wiley. Meetings were held once a month. First Row: Shirley Antonczal, Edris Moe, Audrey Knutson, Patricia Johnson, Arlene Dedic, Delphine Zablocke. Second Row: Lorraine Bujarski, Caro- line Stauffenecker.Carol Eberhardt, Mary Dahler, Mary Ann Stachowski, Rosamond Fouquette. Third Row: Verna Danielson, Rose Mary The 11, Grace Wiley, Jean Gudat, Gloria Carlson, Jean DeMarais, Lucille Biederman. Fourth Row: Dorothy Posterick, Mary Jane Kmitch, Dorothy Gardner, Barbara Urbanski, Agnes Thering, Cecil Dzuik. J$us Pahol The members of the bus patrol are charged to see that all is well on the bus at all times so that the driver will not be diverted from his duty of driving. Left to right: First Row: Richard Thell, Carol Eberhardt, Lester Adelman, Phillis Nickle, Clara Ketzback. Second Row: Delores Moeller, Dorothy Pas- ternick, Mary Jane Kmitch, Betty Jane Novak, Orpha Skaja. Third Row: Dorothy Kaproth, John Heintze, Chester Dzuik, Marguerite Nelson, Irene Hopland. Fourth Row: Mary Lou Preusser, Barbara Urbanski, Doreen Shephard, Donna Brambr ink, Iola Swan. The officeclubconsisted of seven girls, Mary Ann Winkleman, Audrey Knutson, Janice Ratke, Florence Bymers, Geneva Hinkemeyer, Mary Jane Kmitch and Lois Weis. These girls, throughout the year, helped to answer telephone calls, ran errands of all sorts, ran the ditto duplication machine and mimeograph duplication machine, also unpacked and stamped books. In February, Lois Wejs was replaced by Pat Johnson. — 50 —This group is made up of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. They studied the elements of music and the important factors of music theory. Through singing and listening to recorded music, the group learned music appreciation which will be a great help to the students who will later participate in high school vocal groups. The Junior Mixed Chorus took part in the high school concerts; and all in all, was a very creditable part of our school. — 51 —A Junior band of approximately 35 members was again formed this year wiith much success. Although their puolic performances were rather limited, their repetoire and general ability certainly were not. They met on Friday afternoons for one hour. Accomplishments were very high in the way of scales, sight reading, tonal reproduction, and overall preparation for the A Band. Our ••B’ team did a very good job the entire year. Some of the members were considered good enough to be reserve members of the varsity sguad. These boys will be ready for the positions that will be available for them next year upon the graduation of the present ‘‘A’ team. All have enjoyed the activity and are looking forward to next year. We (ly)yoyecl { alLous _Activities 52 —Bob Woolhouse A1 Herbrand Lonzo Mnrkfort Tom O'Rourke Tom Dzuik New School Bus Garage Lou is Dzuik — 53 “— 54 —You're sure they will not bite? 1-2-3 Kick. The hat, _ _ that Napoleon wore. The thing we like best, dismissal. — 55 —tinci iitiiuiM lit AltCOT LIA MiNHfftOTA — 56 —I. 

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