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-- -- -.,..-7--Y l Ex Libris all Lx- -:jx V 7 J' - .551 fxzlayon .wfarhll-Gbn fy UD' Qaragan Qtr!! Lhnifiuuvvzy. Xml. 9 wk l BLUE AND GOLD PUBLISHED BY SENKDR CLASS CF 1947 R N Ti-IE FQ-IOO ALMA MATER Foley School our Alma Mater To thy praise we'll sing. For ideals so lofty o'er us To thee we will bring Love, devotion, truth and honor All to which we'1l cling. Foley School our Alma Mater, To thy praise we'1l sing. Reigning on thy throne of learning Like a queen supreme Service, service is thy motto Love and truth thy theme. With thy name and reputation Let the whole world ring Foley School our Alma Mater, To thy praise we'll sing. Soon our paths will be divided In our walk through life Let thy culture stand before us Guiding through the strife. Should we ne'er return together 'Neath thy sheltering wing Foley School our Alma Mater, E'er thy praise we'll sing. Having completed o t m ur welve years of prepa- rato t 1 ry ra ning which have partially equipped us to grapple with the cares of the outside world, we look forward to becoming the citizens of to- morrow. Members will represent our class in e vb ery phase of activity. As we look back through the a es f th p g o is book in future years, we will be proud to say that we were a member of the 1947 graduating class of Foley High School. It is our sincer- est wish that this book will not only be a re- minder of those happy years, but an everlasting monument of the class who published it. CCN TEN TS xg , s 'r A F F , F A c U L T Y ,Reap 3 sEN1oRs 3 cLAssEs ' ORGANIZATIONS Q ? S P 0 R T S '? J 7 f FEATURES A D V E R T I S E R S B A C ECE R S We proudly dedicate this annual to our prin- cipal, Mr.W.C. McGowan5 assistant principal, Mr. G.A. Strongg and our sponsors, Mrs. Charles Mill er and Miss Louise Millerg to whom we feel great ly indebted for helping us attain our goal. Q. .. '-GV . . ,. ..5-" , ,ml H 4 ' L , -"ff" V 'iffy' ..-As.f:."" V- Q- If ,ar . Y 49312 ' . .. ,. L ' , ' .. ,-,391 --he .. , - 'V - ' ' xx' 's .551 ft' 1 'f H T H1 1 1-u,...L 'f . "-N ,V--754, Y ' U h ' ., K'-Qlf,'g?,, . 2 aff' - ' x . ,. '- I a . A F715 '. ., ' ""'1 ' '.11:Q2.g1-"' ...,- 3 . sc,:2x A.lT' -- Z ,u V -65:3-:. ka 5 Of our departed classmate, Nor- man Underiood, who left us five days before graduation. Pleasant memories of his associations 1111 remain in our hearts forever. iifjgefi t , A . G g C e Editor Editor' Asst, Editor- Ramona Thiems Glenn Holk Charles Bryant 7 -u, ?.1 Sports Editor Circulation Asst. Circulation Roger Schad Manager Manager James Gebhart Earl Boone g Business Advertising Advertising Photographer Manager Manager Manager Charles Rico Helen Seefurth Mary E. Martha McGowan Richardson The FACULTY I lr. W.C. McGowan Mr. Strong Principal Assistant Principal . T ,.r z b i . 1 l y t X I xx 1 , v Mrs bittgn Mrs Hiller o o Mrs, Robinafln Kiss Hiller llr . Bryant Irs. Howell 'ef 4 1 m'8 o Morgan 'Q -fl: aj' e - 32.1 Ag"-Y Irs. Delerlo W? .. x xhll 1 an Mr. Meredith Miss Shaver rs. Plttillo H , Smith k lisa Roberts lies Jackson HE , 4 1 Q -I R X - ig 5 E? : ' 'ff ,. I It 4 x4 ', ,S 4 , '1 , xxxx xxxy Z QNX K, x x X NQXXXB X X i X 'Q ,ZS 9 .X Q I Q gi ,X . ' I CN I :' 214 Q00 U' 'I QQ-" WMM 4 s f 'L f Z f I f NX smrorq e MS R 'Q A 3 g' X- 5 . gig? ri '- I ' K . Wgfw N X U. - T I r, FENIV R3 CLASS COLORS Green and White Today we lkj F 1 ' , . x do ,Q I l George Miller President Witty, well- groomed,w1nsome Qi?r6? 5, 5571 X 5 Phyllis Manning Treasurer Short, 8W60tp swell CLASS FLOWER G8Pd0n18 CLASS MOTTO followg tomorrow we lead. tim wx WP- Helen Seefurth Mildred Fell Vice-President Secretary Honey,h1lar1ous, Bashful, bru- helpful nette, Boone hir sry w x I Q I . Vivian Callaway Student Council Beauty,blue-eyes, boisterous John Ray Nelson Student Council Musculdr, master ful, mischievous ROSCO ABBOTT Silent, slick, sincere JAMES 'moms ANDERSON gg W HQ? X , Shy, sport, Suels Q I h iw JOE BAUER Friendly, fun, fain in-x DOROTHY BAUMANN Likeable, laughable , lady RUTH BAUMAITN Studious, sociable, smart '53 0 JOE BEECH Brief, bronze, brave PHILIP BTNGERT l E 4 X . -.,r 5 'FW Titantic, tactful, temperate 3, ' - . I M , ., .W EARL BODIFORD B 4' Witty, whole-hearted, watchful ,E 73 EARL BOONE Merry, melodious, Mildred CARL BRECKNER Tall, tame, thoughtful CHARLES BRYANT Speaker, stalwart, skeptic DAVID CALLAWAY Manly, masterful, memorable PAUL CARR Short, sporty, snappy LAVERNE CHAVERS ' Dancer, dark, delightful ELAINE CLOPTON Brunette, benevolent, brilliant ANNIE RUTH CROSS , Nice, noiseless, neat WILLIAM DELOACH Egotistical, Eager, effecient PAULIN DOERING Bashful, blonde, beautiful JAM S GEBHART Business-like, beaming, bold JERRY GILLY Jolly, joking, jaunty HELEN GOOD Good sport, good friend, good girl LEONARD HARRISON Popular, possessed, pleasant CHARLES HARPER Red, realistic, romantic DOROTHY HERMECZ Soft-spoken, serious, sincere MAGDALENA HERTER Vivacious, vivid, vigorous HARLAN HEUER PUPPY, Popular, polite FLOYD HOLK Lazy, loud, loyal GEENN HOLK Wolfish, worker, well-bred JOHN HOLMAN Athletic, ambitious, amiable SARA LOU JAMES Cheerleader, cooperative, cute ROYCE JONES Shrewd, smooth, salient RUTH KRANTZ Belle, busy, beautiful '13 1 Gr T9 5. G1 , 5' 5' 2- 'C' -all ..... .,.. MQQ Cl! 6? k i. for wk VALTON LONG Jazzy, jocular, just VERA MARIK Swell, sport, some-gal ll ROBERT MASON Mannered, moderate, manly MARY ELIZABETH MCGOWLN Poised, polite, petite W M FLOYD MCKENZIE Enduring, earnest , enriching 'W' ,6- NonMAN MIKKELSEN Timid, tantalizing, thrifty V .r v . JACK MOORE iw, .ga 15 Sporty, self-possessed, 3 sensible -:,w- Z , g 1gr HAZEL MOORE pig . Dear, dreamy, decorous "? 1 jig ' . 5 1. P 1 gy , .fuq x it g Z K , ua, BILLY NALL Bashful, brown-eyed, busy HORACE NALL Teasyng, tempting, timely KATH YN NELSON Enjoyable, easy-going elusive MARIE PARDUE Quiet, quaint, queenly VIRGIL PARKER Mischievous, masterly, merciful WILLARD PARKER Eager, energetic, earnest WILLIE MAE PAYNE Personality, poetic, pleasing EMILY PFAFF Nice, neat, neighborly . or Q CHARLES RICE Carefree, ca1m,.Ch66Pfu1 MARTHA RICHARDSON Citizenship girl, courteous careful EVEBYN RUMMEL Jolly, jumpy, jovial ARTHUR SANDBURG Quiet, quiesent, quizzical CAROBYN SCHAD Industrious, independent Incentive ROGER SCHAD Reliable, ritzy, radiant IRENE SCHWARTZ Talkative, twinkling, tenacious ANNIE SMITH Cute, cuddly, calm ANNA SURREY Blushing, bonny, bright JAMES SUNDA Zealous, zesty, zippy MARJORIE FRITZ TEMPLIN Merry, modest, married RAMONA THIEHE Gabby, gay, gainful EVANGELINE THOMAS Flirt, fancy-free, festive NORMAN UNHE lUOD'l Hhndseme, hardy, husky VALDA WALTERS Bookish, beloved, blameless IMOGENE WILLIAMS Cheerful, charming, chatty I-Deceased 3 M ' N X, xl 5- ,iff Senior Class H1'sfory We shall look in our book of memories to when we began to ascend the mountain of education twelve years ago. We started out in our first year with a class numbering forty- flve. We have caught up with some who started before usg some have dropped over the preciplcesg others have slipped back down the pathg and still others have grown tired and deserted us. We shall always cherish the memories of the past happy years. It was during these years we made our friends. We started out as mere babies and cried our way through the first grade. We had our little fights and tussles over the swings or who would hold the teacher's hand. It seems silly to think of these things now, but they will remain as precious memories in our hearts. I can remember hard things that we have gone through. The little fights Virginia F. and Florene C. use to have, with Vivian C. and Mildred F. pitching in their two cent's worth. This was always ended by their coming arm in arm to their classes. Some of the girls would go to the movies at the theater with their heart throbs. This was the most exciting part of our grammar school days. And the many times Helen . and Charles G., Ramona T. an Floyd H., Vivian C. and Otto K. were caught swinging together. Oh! golly, I almost forgot to tell you about those funny haircuts the girls had. Vivian C. and Phyllis M. topped the list with those cute Buster Browns. Pig tails were also very popular. We were funny looking kids then. We were quite elated when we reached the sixth grade. This was an event second to entering High School, and we all felt we had reached one of the desired goals on the mountain of learning. During all those years we learned about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. We learned the use of the decimal point. In history we went back to the prehistoric ages and visited the ruins of Ancient Home and Athens. We felt that we were ready for our High School training. Our sixth grade graduation was a beautiful event. The stage was lavishly decorated with beautiful flowers. The girls all wore white dresses and the boys white suits. Sev- eral little speeches were given and then we closed our gram- mar school days with happy memories. We started our Junior years off bright-right from the first day until the last. We were fortunate in having two very good teachers because we were just beginning our High School career and we need all the English and history we could cram into our head's. Our Jr.I teachers were Miss looty and Mrs. Wingard. During our Jr.II year we were blessed with new students from Bon Secour. From the first day they were called the 'Wolf Pack' Kunfortunately they have been howling ever since! They have,been faithful students all through their years at Foley. We also had two very talented students with us that year. They were Boone--o and Rig--o the magicians. They en- tertained us quite a bit and it became so unbearable for Mrs. Tatum that she had a nervous breakdown. We were sorry about this because she was a good teacher. Mr. Tate came to teach us then. He was a substitute teacher, but he d1dn't substi- tute very long for us. For some reason, which we could never understand, he didn't like us. Mrs. White came next to be with us. She was very right after Christmas. to teach us. We tried so well with her. Oh, Buddy H. were punished they couldn't put over but she stayed with us considerate and stayed with us until Then ---- well Mrs. Robinson was sent old tricks but they d1dn't work many times Earl B., Alvin R., and our the for their funny, funny tricks, but Mrs. Robinson. She threatened to quit and by the time we reached the end of our eighth year we were pretty well tamed. Our Jr.III year brought us many'thr1ll1ng experiences. We were gradually being drawn into the social groups. We gave class parties every Friday night which proved to be won- derful occaslons for all of usl We gave our first real class party that year at Mr. George Holk's with our home-room teachers, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Williams, chaperoning. That started several of our High School romances that have grown through the years and the flames are still burning. Mary Scott gave us an enjoyable class party at her home. We had refreshments, games, and dancing. At the end of that year we brushed up on our knowledge to see if we were eligible to be Seniors. We cou1dn't wait to begin our Senior years with determination to make our class the best ever. When we became Seniors we were a very important class. The Sr.II's and Sr.III's began including us in their social groups. We acquired the students from Elberta and Summerdale, and our class became the largest class in Senior High. At first our new students were shy and ill at ease, but they quickly secured the feeling of being at home. Our class, being so large, was divided into two sect- ions. Mrs. Morgan and Miss haver were our home room teach- ers. They seemed to like us fine, as they were eager and sponsored our class in every way. Each class had their own officers. During our Sr.I year we did not have many occasions for the two sections to meetg although both classes worked together and cooperated very nicely. Our 9r.I boys were very active in school sports. HSome of them even made first string on our football team. We were the Baldwin County Football Champions that year. We also entertained the Seniors with a nice prom. That year really started off our Senior years successfully. As we went into our Junior year we realized that we were becoming one of the most important classes. We buckled down on our lessons and began to fill in the spaces so that when we would become Seniors we wouldn't have anything to worry about. That year finally came. We were given the impression that we were dignified Seniors. We tried to live up to our name but sometimes our ideas were too tempting to P6Sist. We just couldn't help our silly ways. nKilroyn and nRichardu practically lived at school then. We enjoyed having them al- though they did play many tricks on us. We were entertained as guests at the Jr.-Sr. banquet and prom which was a special occasion for us because it marked an ending to our annual parties at High School. Our Senior year is one we never shall forget. The memo- ries will remain with us always. The sum it of the mountain looms far ahead and its distance lends enchantment to the view, and clothes the moun- tain in it's azure hue, Historian: Sara James CLASS PCDEM This Class is the best we'1l all agree, There's quite a few of us as you can plainly see. Now as we come to each student's name Try to guess his fate or fam . We'l1 take our President, George, first, When it comes to growing he's the worst. Now Phyllis is small and cute as a trick, How would you describe her? I'd say 'oh1ck'. The football captain is our own Jim Tom He takes life easy, he's oh, so calm! Elaine Clopton, what a bru ettel We bet that she will crash Hollywood yet. What a pair is Mildred and Earl, He's her beau: she's his girl. With a football, David C. can reign, Truly the Army's loss was our gain. Vivian is our dream girl right! For good and sore eyes she's a sight. Our tall blond cheerleader is Valton Long He's as good as Frankie with a hot school song. There is also Sue 'hols full of pep. At the football games she was really hep. Who is that I see ru ning around? Oh yes, Glenn Holk: he's quite a clown. Now Vera had to go get engaged, Among the boys this caused a rage. Johnny H. is small but look at his feet, On the basketball court. he can't be beat. Our busy busy gal is Ramona Thieme, But her eyes are never without a gleam. For our man, look at Joe Beech, He's easy to learn and easy to teach. Mary Elizabeth McGowan is full of poise, But that's not saying she can't make noise. We thought one time we had lost Floyd M., But we found out he was just riding the rim. Helen S. is friendly and loves to tease, She does her best to try to please. Charles Harper's hair is quite an attraction, lith the girls, it really gets action. There is a girl who you never hear laugh or talk, Look out girls, Pauline will have all the boys caught Roger will go places with his red hair, He has brown eyes to serve as a spare. Dorothy'Hermetz is planning to be married soon, And live is a big house with plenty of room. Jerry Gilly is a boy-dark and stout, He, too, is one who gets about. Willie Mae and Annie--listen to them sing, You will encore as the applause will ring. Arthur was voted the most bashful boy, He's never sad, but full of joy. A very quiet lass is Valda Walters, When it comes to lessons, she never falters. Floyd and Leonard seem to like pairs, And it isn't fruit that has their cares. Emily and Evelyn are pretty nice pals, On Kid's Day they were dressed up gals. Our most handsome boy is Norman U., Take a look and you'1l agrre, too. Evangeline and Carolyn are always together, It seems as if they can take any weather. Jack Moore--Oh my, what a build! And he uses it too on the football field. Kathryn and Hazel together are seen, They are both cute girls and very keen. Billy DeLoach was a Navy man till, We got him--and he's with us still. Imogene is married and a housewife now, With her husband her cooking is a wow! Billy N. and Willard could make quite a team, When it comes to girls, they're both on the beam LaVerne Chavers is a talker we can see, But she has something to say we agree. James Sunda is very proud of his name, Someday it may lead him where else but to fame. Anna Surrey and Marie Perdue, We all wil say are just Wtoo, tcc'. Horace Nall has a girl friend in school, gmt beware! True love never runs smooth. orothy'and Ruth are students true, Of which there are all too few. A tricky guy is Charles Rice When it comes down to it, hots pretty nice. Magdalena is quiet, but she can cook, Come on boys, throw out your hook. Norman Hikkleson, from the Army cam , Also Virgil to spread their fame. iohn Ray and Royce from the Navy returned, o come to school and the life they yearned. The Navy also gave up Joe Bauer, But he's been taken by a Junior 'flowern. Ruth Krantz is a girl who's hard to beat, To hear her laugh is a wonderful treat. Phillip almost forgot to stop growing, But he's a guy who's really worth knowing. One who's quiet and nice to know, Is Annie Ruth--Just watch her go. Paul and Carl are two of a kind, In gaining friends, they're never behind. Helen is like her last name--Good, When you meet her this is understood. Robert Mason is on the baseball team, They say his catching is a dream. Majorie too, has married and settled down, The right man for her, she had found. Always a talker was Charles B. This made him an orator as you can see. Rosco Abbott is a friend to keep, If ever, him, you have a chance to meet. Irene's eyes are blueg her hair is blonde, Of this girl we are very fond. Earl Bodiford is one whom we like and respect, Not a friend of his will he ever neglect. James Gebhart is a boy who likes to work, If he has something to do he will not shirk. This poem by Martha Richardson was written, Instead of here reading she's over there sitt1n', CLASS POET--Martha Richardson 1 9 , 3 ov-I Z N i f Imax JZh,AgVM 553 Nm wwf' 1: HM 1 4 5 3 .6 4 s Q 1 Z H 5 Q Z Z ,..f.s I - 4 -,U-vw 71 1 Z "f if 7 J 9- mff 5 ff W I 0, ' 5' 0,1 52, 2 . xr ai 2 N2 M 2 5? MQ ,v 7 0 ' af 1' ry 4 2 -5...-4' ,,,- nfl' L , 75 W" e ff WI " if 1 tu T-5-' is W 655 sa Q "Zi-:A ,. .. if " gf ff- f Z 4- gg I E Lf. E-s 5 ,G Cfass Prop ecy Well, well, how time does fly. Here it is 1957 already. Why it seems like only yesterday that I was graduating from high school. Those were the good old days, although we did- n't realize it. I wonder what happened to everybody I graduated with? I think I'll take a trip and see how many of them I can find. First stop will be Foley. My, look how the town has grown. The school looks like a dream, and who is this, why 1t's Ramona Thieme, running the nChow House' or school cafeteria. Gosh, guess who's principal now, Earl Boone. I never dreamed he would become that interested in the school. He and Mildred are happily married, and Earl Jr. is trying to master the first grade. We had a talented miss in our class who turned out to be a very successful commercial artist. I believe her name is Evangeline Thomas. Well, here comes a couple of familiar faces: Jerry Gilly and Jimmy Sunda. They formed a partnership and own the Alwrite a Good chain of drug stores in Alabama. There's Sue and Jim Tom. I hear they are married now, running the new hotel that has been built on the Gulf. Sue runs the hotel while Jim coaches at the school. Gulf Shores now has its beaches lined with fashionable summer resorts, erected by Joe Beech. He's a famous archi- tect, leaving his name on beautiful structures all over the United States. I think I'll go down town and see who I can find. Why there's Glenn Holk, editor of the Onlooker, and Carolyn Schad is his Secretary. They are doing very well too. I hear John Ray Nelson and George Miller have formed a partnership and own all the fishing industries along the Gulf. Phyllis and George have a cottage on the Gulf and live happ ly there. So far, nobody has captured John Ray's heart, wonder if anyone ever will. Paul Carr, true to his name, is designing cars for Henry Ford. His designs far surpass the post-war Studebaker. I picked up the paper, and whose picture should confront me, but Annie Sm1th's. She is now a famous vocalist in New York. I believe she has just divorced her third husband, the one who started her in show business. Also outstanding in New York is Elizabeth McGowan, M.D. She isga distinguished psychiatrist and much sought after. Hazel Moore is also in New York. She is president of the perfume company that manufactures those wonderful odors for lovelorns. Imogene Williams has certainly helped Arkie to progress. With her help, Arkie has profited and now owns a chain of theaters in Alabama. Bill De Loach certainly has climbed upward. Starting as class president, he is now president of a Nationwide Youth Club, which tries to provide entertainment for the youth in all of the larger cities. Can you imagine Ph1l11p.B1ngert as the Master of Cere- monies on 'Breakfast in Hollywoodn. He was witty though. I remember when he was master of ceremonies at the Prom one year and he did okay. Charles Harper is now state archaeologist. He used to bring bones and old skulls to school all the time. Wonder how he spends his spare time? Martha and Richard have just returned to Foley, after a five year absence. After Richard was discharged, they , were married. He liked Japan so much, they went back:there to live. Vivian Calloway is now a Congresswoman, helping to un- scramble some of our politics. She said she became inter- ested when she went to the inauguration of 'Big Jim' Folsom. I wonder if David Calloway ever made his life dream come true. The last time I heard about him, he was trying to make All-American fullback. I'd say he was qualified. Royce Jones certainly has come out since his school days. He used to be shyg now he is the leader of a swell orchestra. It's amazing-how some people can change so much. Johnny Holman and Jack Moore never used to listen in English and literally hated the subject. Now, however, they are both English Professors at Yale and Harvard respectively. My trip is certainly tiring. I think I'll stop in Reno for a few days. Nice little city, but who's this coming? Why it ls, A Evelyn Hummel. She has just gotten a divorce from her four- th husband. Majorle Fritz Templln has certainly lived in bliss for the past ten years. Tobe owns a large garage here in Reno. Vera larik is another of the happily married. She is an interior decorator for one of Reno's exclusive firms. Remember Pauline Deering, our quiet, shy girl. Well, she has certainly done okay. After a few years of study, she turned out to be a landscapist. She does very beautiful work too. Dorothy Hermecz finds her days filled with appointments for photographs and modeling. Now, one of Power's top models she revels in all the attention she gets. But then, who wou1dn't. Remember how Laverne Chavers used to wow us with her jitterbugging. Well, she is still at it, where and when it will pay. What I mean is that she's a prominent dance teacher in Chicago. He finally received his credit. Who? Why Charles Bryant of course! He's a State Senator making history with his talks. Roger Schad and James Gebhart are another of the part- nerships. They are co-workers in a radio-television fact- ory. Their models have no rival on the market. I think our class must have entered almost every field of industry open. Helen Seefurth, Anna Surrey and Valda Walters are all in Europe as a school teacher, a missionary, and an interperter respectively, Quite interesting, I should imagine. Why is It, some boys, true to their childhood desires, do become ranchers, or cowboys? In this section of the country, namely Texas, we find Norman Underwood, Joe Bauer, Leonard Harrison and Norman Mikkleson, all 'punching catt1e.' Can you imagine Floyd Holk placidly sitting and quietly writing for hours? Well, that is just what he is doing. His latest novel is 'Forever Floyd.' Speaking of novelists, Kathryn Nelson is somewhat in the same line, being a reporter in the acme of her career. Considered to be the best in her profession, Emily pfaff has at last put her accent to use. She is a dress designer in France, being recognized all over Europe. Magdalena Herter and Marie Pardue both started out as small-time secretaries, now they are married to their boss- es, who are in the big time. Nice work if you can get it! How do some people always manage to get the best jobs available? Annie Ruth Cross and Helen Good did just that though. They are employed at Tiffany and Co. in New York. Speaking of JOIQ1ry, Floyd McKenzie and Virgil Parker are the happy owners of s diamond mone in Africa. It would be nice to be very close friends of theirs now. Billy and Horace Nall are operating a super bowling alley. They are doing a good business too. Everyone in Foley likes to bowl no matter how tired they may be. Its amusing to turn on the radio, pick up a paper, hear people talking, and learn something about some of your classmates. Charles Rice is now a cameraman in Hollywood, filming those gorgeous movie stars. Looks like Valton Long likes his job too. He's an im- portant director at one of the studios. The same one Charles Rice is working for. Harlan Heuer, Robert Mason and Williard Parker are making their fame and fortune as glass blowers. They devel- oped the art differently from everyone else and started qui te a fad . Looks as if Roscoe Abbott and Earl Bodiford also decid- ed to be different from everyone else. They're just plain farmers, planting potatoes year after year. I never thought anyone would finally end up in the let- popolitan Opera House, but Dorothy Bauman did, and her sis- ter Ruth is her understudy. They both are doing splendidly. Arthur Sandburg's name will go down in history as being one of the most outstanding inventors of his time. His in- ventions are too numerous to name. Irene Schwartz and Blaine Cloptop,have made a name for themselves as a doctor and an excellent photographer in low York. Both are in demand constantly. And yours truly, why I'm an airline hostess. I start- ed when I finished school and I'm still at it. It's fasci- nating work, and I love it. I almost forgot two of my classmates. They are in such obscure places with sure fascinating work too. Carl Breck- ner is a scientist of the General Electric Corp. He is in Iceland working on some new weather device. Ruth Krantz is a competitor. She is working for the Nash-Kblvinator Corp. helping to perfect a similar device. And now as our journey comes to an end we prophesy HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE in the Class of 1947. Class Prophet: Willie he Payne 12 Wy W ZWWm?WQ42ZE, Y-K. fg ak Z I . xx. fx ,s dank, mf lL. 1 A . uw, 9 l ' Q ,WWW . MQ Last ana' Testament of the Class of gf Being of a sound mind and of a disposing disposition, we of this Senior class of Foley High School, do hereby will and bequeath the following articles: To the County Board of Education and the Board of Trus- tees who have provided for us through the years, we do here- by bequeath all the broken panes and chairs, the ink stains and finger prints on the desks and walls, these same to be held in trust for the succeeding grades. To our principal, Hr. McGowan, and our assistant prin- cipal, Mr.Strong, we leave a generous box of aspirin for all the headaches we have given them in helping us tnrougn our Senior year. To our much-loved teachers, each and every one, we be- queath a liberal yearly stack of papers to grade, notebooks and themes to correct, and averages to make. To our parents a heap of love and a thousand memories for the trying times we have given them. To the janitor, Mr. Wilson, we bequeath all the candy paper on the lawn and all the trash he had to pick up after us. To the Junior class we leave the distinguished title of 'Sen1ors', the honor of being first in lines and out of cha- pel, and the ability to get out of work. To this same class we dispose the following: Ramona Thieme wills her ability to always be busy to Thomas Odom who has plenty to do but can never get started. Floyd Holk and Leonard Harrison will their love to Edith and Elsie Prine, respectively. Hildred and Earl will their distinction as Wsteadies of the class' to Patsy Crosby and Daniel Bauer. It's up to you to keep up the tradition, Pat and Daniel. Imogene Williams and Marjorie Templin will their ability to get their man to Ruby Mae Soesbe, Joan McNesky, and Mary Lou Hagney, who are always on the lookout. Elizabeth McGowan's nsouthern accentn goes to Jack Eckart e Helen Seefurth's plea 1 11g Noltensmier. s ng persona y goes to Lillian clydgahggn Longwllls his ability to dance like a dream to Evelyn Hummel leaves her who is seldom ever heard. Hazel Moore's ability in Hope it helps you with those Jerry Gllly leaves his loudness to Evelyn Fedderson, English goes to Johnny Scott. nouns and verbs, Johnny. snazzy car to Nolan Callaway. Rosco Abbott wills his smartness to Clifton Helms. Helen Good leaves her quietness to Catherine Darcy. Harlan Heuer wills all his weight to James Lashlrooke. Floyd McKenz1e's ability to keep a.steady girl goes to G. M. Mills. Martha R1chardson's poetic ability goes to Dorothy Sawyer. Emily Pfaff wills her-long eye lashes to Esther Odom. Marie Pardue leaves her studious ways to Mary Etta Nelson. LaVern Chaver's dancing ability goes to William Smith and Joseph Hellmick. Norman Underwood leaves the title, 'Most Handsome Boy' to Bobby Davis. Annie Ruth Cross leaves a generous supply of gum to Buddy Galldway. That should suit him fine. Roger Schad leaves his dramatic ability to Dorothy Krantz. James Anderson wills his title as best athlete to will iam Passmore who already has a great start. Charles Rice wills his appetite to James Horak. Paul Carr leaves his 'power of debate' to William Logs don. Norman Hikkelson wills his quiet and lovable ways to Frank Burnes. Horace Nall wills his pretty curly hair to Floyd Brooks. Earl Boditord leaves his knowledge of shorthand to Ellen Ru mel. James Gebhart wills his distinction as 'Class Baby' to Mildred Topp. Glenn Holk's wolfish ways go to Jack Lenz, Kenneth Mason and Ray Runyan. If these boys did more wolfing, we would know more about them. Sarah Lou James wills her 'way with Jim' to Betty Reyh nolds who, we think, prefers her way with Peten. Billy DeLoach leaves his school spirit to Frances Under- wood e Carolyn Schad wills her ability to jitterbug to Adelle Davis e Charles Bryantwillshis ability to talk Mrs. Robinson into giving himnextra credit' to Raymond Alms. Arthur Sandburg wills his bashfulness to Edna Mae Ross. Jimmy Sunda leaves his dark hair and complexion to D. H. Russell. David Callaway"w1l1s his laziness to Betty Boone. Dorothy and Ruth Bau ann will their ability to make A's to Ned Chauncey. Kathryn Nelson leaves her flirty ways to Doris Allen. Philip Bingert wills his tallness to Willie Mae Calla- way. How about that, Shorty? Johnny Holman wills his beloved English book, which doesn't have 3 mark in it to Erdist Chavers, who is always S s Carl Breckner wills his wittiness to Roy Caldwell and Robert McNesky. ' Jack Moore wills his ability to play football to the team of next year. Pauline Doer1ng's quiet ways go to Betty Gavin, Joyce Oden, and Mary Louise Polk who keep the classroom constantly buzzing. d Vivian Callaway leaves her sweet ways to Kathryn Barche ar . - Evangeline Thomas' artistic ability goes to Leroy Doli- h1t0 o Vera Mar1k's ability to always be heard goes to Elsie Underwood who is usually seen but hardly ever heard, George Hiller wills his position as Senior president to Ethel McKinley and he hopes she will carry on good work. Joe Bauer wills his way with the women to Joe Laflam and Robert Quates. Want some hints, boys? Phyllis Manning leaves her height to Claude Rainer who is already tall enough. Billy Nall wills his ability in bookkeeping to Carolyn M1116I'e Annie Sm1th's ability to sing like a bird goes to Elaine Bryant and Jean Eastburn. Willie Hee Payne's ability to write themes goes to Nan- cy Stewart. That should come in handy. Joe Beech wills his ability to persuade someone to do his homework to Francis Lewis. Elaine Clopton and Magdalena leave their pretty hair to Mary Smoote. Irene Schwartz wills her books to Lillian Windbigler. Dot Hermecz wills her sweet smile to Folly Mathis. Chas. Harper willstus red curls to Karl Bingert. Anna Surrey wills her old Econ themes to Agnes Bind- f1193he Virgil Parker wills his loud mouth to Shirley Fitzgerald Valda Walters wills her nBook1sh Ways' to Sally Robinson John Nelson and Robert Mason leave all their books to LO1S Hirze 0 I-' D m U t" .S 0 '1 td ll N cn H 'J o o '1 m F XSS Xbx "1lk ik x QQ g i x A .I 4 WIN' 'ffl f 7 WMPM Zig, xg Ei, 0 ,fAWf'w,,, , X Rs 7 Z 'W ill? M W Q 2. fWf M ZXQA 77 f Z 'fl f 2 9 Z9 1.711 Q g 3 ff? ,Z , 6 V lyfayff C A 'Am S S W' AQ 1 J is-. W 5'g:""..-:.4 F 'E 'Q aa E 1 W: 'B 90 St z 4 O F' 's 4 ' I s O I 1 ' ' v 9 5 1 1 f 5 X ' 5 I 1 X ' I 9 I 2, s : I O 4 4 9 5 15 2,2 F6 , ' 4 ff f 8.3 C f I 'Q 9 f ' E y ' A 4'-5'-:QQ ar - va il-i L-11 ' fbgq , - 'fi' I, V ' . JUWURS -9'5" LMJQ, ' CLASS ROLL TEACHERS: Miss Howell, M . Meredith Daniel Bauer, Floyd Brooks, Frank Burnes, Jack Echgrt, Buddy Galloway, Clifton Helms, James Horak, James Lashbrook, Fran- cis Lewis, G.H. Hills, Thomas Odom, Robert Quates, Henry Shi- ver, William Logsdon, Claude Rainer, Sam Oliver, Doris llen, Willie Mae Callaway, Uorothy Krantz, Mary Lou lhgney, Lillian Noltensmier, Esther Gdom, lary Louise Polk, Sally Robinson, Mary 31009: Betty Reynolds, Roy Caldwell, Krdist Chavers, William bmith, Joseph Hellmiok, Betty Boone, blaine Bryant, Patsy Crosby, Evelyn Fedderson, Joan llcNesky, Ruby Soesbe, Raymond Alms, Clyde Ard, Karl Bingert, Nolan Callaway, Ned Chanceyy Bobby Davis, Leroy Delihite, William DeLoach, Joe IaFlam, Jack Lenz, Kenneth lason, Robert HcNesky, uilliam Passmore, Ray Runyan, D.l. Russel, John Scott, Kathryn Bar- chard, Catherine Darcy, Adelle Davis, Jean Eastburn, Betty Gavin, Lois Hirz, Polly I this, Carolyn Miller, Ethel lcKin- ley, llary Etta Nelson, Joyce Oden, "'d1th Prine, Elsie Prine, Agnes Ri dfleisch, Edna Ross, Ellen Hummel Dorothy Sawyer, Nancy Stewart, Elsie Underwood, Francis Underwood, Lillian Iindbigler, Mildred Topp, Shirley Fitzgerald. SON-IOMOREF' c1Ass,,RoLL TEACHERS: Mrs. Morgan, Miss Shaver land Klug, Edward Moore, Raymond Nelson, Talmage Parker, Ru dolph Haber, Leo Steadham, Earle Steele, Glenn Stewart, Vau ghn Underwood, John Yeiss, Kenneth Woodard, Harold Carlsen, Charles Bell, Willel a Ard, Irene Beras, Edna Candle, Janet Clopton, Mary Ewing, Margaret Flowers, Lois Gilley, Katherine Kickler,Leona Krupenski, Catherine Metcalf, Ida Lee Neal, Zona Pugh, Joanne Rhodel, lhry Roberson, Doris Ryan, 11-mm Stabler, Iris Underwood, Omilee Ware, Floyd Blackwell, Nor- man Doege, Otis Flowler, Charles Frary, Gerald Hesse,Walter Holman, Kenneth Merchant, George Hlller, Ollie Morris, Jack ie Taylor, Billie rhweacn, "1111s waters, Norman Wynn, wal- ton Avinger, Barbara Boller, Nadine Burnett, Freddie Coesena, Aldorens Dunn, Joann Flirt, Theresg Franks, Shirley Grantham, Catherine Hesse, Kathleen Knowles, Helen Long, Norma lanly, Joy Merril, Blanch Nall, Gladys Newburn, Jean Riebe ling , Lillian e rs, Nettie Sohlichting, Clara Stainpel, Havorette Underwood, laine leiss. Myrtle Willingham, noeemary Barton, gi Edna Richmond. Oscar Allen, Carlos Ballard, Edward Buskens, Jack Dawson,Ro- ber-tDonaldson, Virgil Glass, Louis Hadley, Kenneth Hand, Ro- " QE F' i-IME N X 2 Jii N lx i CLASS ROLL TEACHERS: M s.Rob1nson, Mrs. Britton Harold Avinger, Donald Bemis, Dennie Bolton, John Bryant, Vernell Carver, Dorothy Chavers, Dorsey Mae Dawson, David Ewing, Betty Sue Flowers, Lorraine Galloway, George Geghart, Floyd Hamburg, Margie Hartley, Janes Harrison, Mary Hell- mick, John Hesse, Louise Holman, Alice King, Lyle Klug, Mil- dred Lewis, Margaret Morris, Joseph McClusky, June Nall, Carl Neslon, Robert Nelson,Sus1e Mae Norrel , Mayola Odom, Allen Pierce, James Rhodes, Evelyn Bunyan, Antionette Ryan, Jimmy Schafer, 31180119 DPGHSGP, Marvin Sherman, Edna Strehle, Ernestlne Tolbert, Joe Williams, Lavon Wilson, Muriel Mar- quardt, Hugh Cole, Charles Fell, Teddy Osborn, Roy Welsh, Rex Beech, Donald Butler, Ray Echart, Donald Grantham, Ro- bert Hesse, James Huggins, James Reynolds, Sherman Thoms, Mary Bryant, Katherine Quick, Genrgette Sharretts, Cordelia Smith, Betty Stockes, Mary Benton, Edwina Brooks, Eloise Floyd, Lucille Gilly, Nelda Glass, Fay Grass, Nancy Kraus, Mary Iashbrook, Lillie Lipscomb, George Nelson, Norris Nel- son, Vance Parks, M ry Rigby, Wilma Rigby, Ida Sawyer, Lor- raine Steele, Myrtle Walters, Ann Weiss, Ngdnee Woodard, Carrie Hayes, Betty Jean Summons . IUNIOR II CLASS CLASS ROLL TEACHERS: Mrs. DeMarlo, Mr.Smith Nadine Ard, Joyce Brice, Jane Bryant, Carol Mae Causey, Elba Ruth Coburn, Carrie Cofield, Peggy Hayes, Betty Helton, Mel- vie Melton, Nedie McCallister, Annie Mae Nelson, Edith Parks, Mary Pruitt, Velma Ross, Pauline Roberson, Clara Robertg, Fay Suell, Virginia Teem, Annie Tolbert, Bobby Beesley, Billy Boswell, Hugh Childress, Lloyd Davis, Ralph Esstburn, Walter Grantham, Daniel Kinsey, R.D. Knotts, Marvin McCull1ster, John McClusky, Albert Miller, Earl Perce, Robert PTu6tt,H0hn Quates, Raymond Riebeling, Raymond Sanspree, W.L. Smith, Charles Smoote, Lyle Underwood, Oscar Ross, Billie Boller, Joe Boyd, Dennis Brown, John Capers, Carl Chayers, Millard Chavers, Earl Comstock, Virgil Daniel, George Danne, Henry Dyess, Robert Ellis, Donald Frary, Ronald Hauber, Harold Hermecy, Lowell James, Henten Keith, larry Larson, Jack Lem- ler, Ollie Peppin, Paul Rigby, Donald Rood, Eugene Underwood, Harry "i1liams, Roger Wilson, Hoy Bemis, Delores Allen, De- lores Boone, Retha Brock, Dorris Danne,Hazel Dorgan,JEthel. Ewing, Marilyn Griffin, Ruth H0lloway, Wilma Ingram, Alice Lipscomb, Ruby Mae Lipscomb, Rita Sue Lynns, Rose Nelson, Eulean Rigby, Gloria Mae bhutt, Ruby Dale Smith, Vivian Thiem, Roberta Underwood, Juanita Walker, Rosena Wallace, Shirley Wenzel, Lucille Willis, Janice Younce, Louise Bryant, Edna Brock, Yvonne Burnes, Bennie Payne. JUNIQR I CLASS CLASS ROLL TEACHERS: Miss Roberts, Miss Jackson John Bemis, Leslie Calloway, Joseph Calloway, James Flowers, Clarence Gentry, Thonns Harper, James Helton, Fred,Holk, Jas Lipscomb, Lamar Lovett, Thomas Lee Mills, Franklin Nall, A- drian Pierce, Sam Price, Robert Ross, Russel Scott, Sammy Ship, Wayne Teem, William Underwood, Leroy Walker, Mastin My rick, Calvin Wallace, J.W. Beech, J.W. Brantly, Nhybelline Byrd, Mildred Campbell, Jean Carver, Bernice Chaver, Dorothy Mae Cox, Mildred Duggar, J yce Hermetz, Elizabeth Hesse, Ra- mona Heyer, Inez Johns6n,lNellie Johnson, Pearl Lipscomb, Lorene Moore, Juanita Nichols, Sharon Polk, Bennie Repoogle, Mildred Resmonda, Alice Sherman, Annie Hayes, Luther Burns, Bruce Childress, Arlin English, Kenneth, Franklin, William Grant, Gregory Wilson, Billy Hall, John Krupeneki, Kenneth Moore, Herman Murphy, Douglas Rhodes, W.C. Thieme, Iarry Underwood, Rufus Walker, William Wallace, Vernon Woodard, Paul Loveth, Walter Klenn, Raymond Russel, Ethel Boone, Helen Boone, Christine Byrd, Rebecca Gregg, Jeanette Granth- am, Pauline Hilburn, James Blondene, Opal Kirksey, Beatrice Moore, Carslyn Murphy, Betty Nall, Katherine Nelson, Winnie Paul, Miblrey Presley, lary Sherman, Marguerite Dhiver, Joy- ce Snell, Louise Underwood, Pearl White, Barbara Wood, Joyce Richmond. 0 BGAN1 ZAT1 ON 5 Q: S fi fd Q Q away ,Q ,I I N f,.., rrra,,,,,,,, 'bk 15 , 7, e-342 K 1 7 ? gf C Q 'fy Z ' :Q fs Z ff Z ,....., .I A 1 '-. ..I " I 7 4 X- M ""'lIll1ZIfll S ,f f N? 5 f 2 Z if" , V Z is - 6 2 ' 2 3 2 2 4 .ll 514, fff ZW Zi ZZ 5 Q I 2 W ' F ULE Y HI GHLI GH T :il .tin J -so 1fEr.?z:-i..rfzr' . 4 Kl.bilJ.Qt1 . ,,,,, b . if n -fi-3515-Q 1 if q.IQfEio'f '- y FOLEY HIGHLIGHTS STAFF Editgr A .,.,H,,,, ,,,.,,,,- H,HHH, f ,,,,H,,,,,, - ,,,,. , E A H,,, ,E riQm0HQ'Pi4iiEHe Agsociate Editor ,.,A,, ,.,,,, ,,.,, , , Y Ethel McKinley Feature Editors ...H... .H......H.,.....,.HH , Hazel Moore, Nancy Stewart Sports , ..,.. .,,,...... .....,..o,o.. 7 7 ,.,,,,.,. o,,, ..,..,,,,, R o g er Schad, Glenn Holk BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .... .... ,.o.,7,.... ,,7.Y,o , , , ,,...,..,... E , Charles Bryant Circulation Managers ,,.,.o..,., Evangeline Thomas, Mary Louise Polk, Joan McNesky, Ruby Mae Soesbe, Edith Prine, Elsie Prine, Annie Smith, Frances Underwood, Elaine Bryant. REPEJETERS S Patsy Crosby, Jean Eastburn, Mary Elizabeth Medowan, Imogene Williams, Willie Mae Payne, Mary Lou Magney, Janet Clopton, Willella Ard, Carolyn Schad. Faculty Advisor ...,.,.... .,....,... . , ....,..o....Y.V,.t ,..,.,,r.ot..., , Mrs. Marion Howell tuafeni Counci 4524 Officers President- Earl Boone Secretary- Mary McGowan Vice Pres- Bobby Davis Treasurer- Betty Reynolds , r Dramatic Cfu GLEE CLUB EEA. S F- F- A- BasleetZ1alfTeam TH Ls I i I ':1:'5' ix A mai! fa mem! us! 'azj 's - ' 1- 'F 1 I 'Ef E7 f L ,K ,ff f' 2. Na 5 E . 7 7 2 YW 0 . FCCTBALL TEAM S' The F.H.S. football champs turned in one of their best seasons for xBny'years, and took the Baldwin County Football award. With thirteen lettermen returning to the squad, and many promising young athletes, Coach Bill Meredith turned out a fine squad. The Foley High Lions suffered only one defeat the entire year, and that to an undefeated Atmore team which used ineligble players against us. THE '46 CLOSING LINE-UP RECORD OF '46 CHAMPIONS David Callaway--1Fu11 back Oct. 10-Foley-19, Robertsdale-7 Earl Boone,Co.Capt,-Rt.Half Oct. 18-Foley-O, Atmore-31 Pete Blackwell--Left half Oct. 24-Foley-27,M'Cullough-2 Erdist Chavers-Quarter back Oct. 51-Foley-l4,Fa1rhope-6 Leonard Harrison-Rt. end Nove.1l-Foley-l8,Bay Minette-13 Carl Breckner--Rt. tackle N6v.15- Fo1eyb7,Robertsdale-7 Joe Beech ------ Rt. gaurd Nav.22-Foley-l4,Fairhope-12 Charles Bryant--Center Nov.29-Foley-41, late-26 Johnny Holman--Left gaurd Jack Moore--Left tackle Jim Anderson, Capt.-Left End Mgrs.-Billy Boswell, W oLe BA SKETBALL l BASKETBALL LINE UP lst Team 2nd Team Name James Anderson gets Blackwell Roy Caldwell-- Jack Moore---- Johnny Holman- Position -------- F ---------F ------c ---------G ------G Name Floyd Brooks Dub Logsdon- Ned Chauncey Robert Mason Ollie Morris Position - ------- -c ---------P ---------F --------G ---------G BA EBALL PLAYERS First Row: Horace Nall, James Anderson, Jerry Gilly, Johnny Helnan, G.M. Mills, Pete Blackwell, Robert Ma son, Virgil Glass, Second Row: George Miller, William Passmore, Jack Moore, Roy Caldwell, Coach Meredith, Charles Harper, Frank Burnes. I H ,, H- ,,-f51gf:,:,f.:.,1,.g-- 1 -r '- - . - . -:r ::.--ff.-.L-'v"1x':f-.-,-. . .. . W rv , -- W -"- ' .9, U S V , X we , 1 fy vm :J 1' X-s, ,Max V xfxw 1, 'YW' " I, fini 9 v- 'W' V V 5 54- x ' -'wi-"SK , N A ,QL ,wx 1 ,M vm-H -nv, 'Nagy 41 K 1 s' A--11-aT"" -' QSM. - '. ' fi-M-wMfSixf:,,. G ,...w. . - 425' -f-wa v A., -Mi, U -:.-. H I l. R. dm, .:m,.-.,xs,.. ., ,M qi -. ,Q N N V5 X 'A A Q f X If A "' if .- r .w Mx V s WW' vfmhx in I g s.. wnnvs up nog HCDNCDR S M X 7 .4 Sax Miss Foley High Beautyfxueen Student Council Betty Reynolds Gladys Newburn President Earl Boone l P br U 'f 'J' f 1 A , ., fini May King and Queen Citizenship Girl Joe Bauer . PPOm Queen Martha Richardson Shirley Fitzgefald Phyllis Manning , , 'H X ig '-GRIN ,. f Prom King School Orator F F A Orator George Hiller Ramona Thieme Chanles Bryant CLIQQT Leaalers -', 1 . A ' 'l SPONSOR S E l0ll ULASS PLAY Mgr? MAMA'S BABY BOY A THREE ACT COMEDY PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1947 Directors Mrs. Miller, Miss Miller CAST Mrs. Shephard McLean, e young widow, ------- Ramona Thieme Shephard McLean, Her young son, ---------- -Charles Bryant Luther Long, a widower, ---------------------- Roger Schad Juliet Long, Mr. Long's daughter, ----- -Elizabeth McGowan Mrs. Carlotta Anglin, Hrs. McLean's friend---Emily Pfaff Cynthia Anglin, Mrs. Ang1in's daughter-Evangeline Thomas Mrs.Matilda Blackburn, Mrs. McLean's mother-Carolyn Schad Wilbur Warren, Shep's boyfriend, -------------- Paul Carr Sylvia Kline, Wilbur's girlfrlend-------Magdalena Herter Max Moore, a real estate agent --------------- Glenn Holk Minnie, a colored maid , ------------------ -Annie Smith FOREST QUEEN VIVIAN CALLAWAY Foley was represented by Miss Vivian Callaway on the Baldwin County Float at Jim Fe1aom'a inaugu ation in lontgomery, January 20. JUNIOR - SENIOR BANQUET The auditorium, decorated with pennants and clowns 97mbo11z1ng a circus, was the gay scene of the annual Junior- Senior banquet and Sophomore-Senior prom on Friday evening, April 18. Four were seated at each table. The centerpieces were circus rings with confetti, balloons, serpintine, a skunk, and a candle. Place cards were s all drums with animal crack ers inside. The delicious, four-course dinner was served by candle-light. Throwing confetti and serpintine and blowing up balloons kept everyone amused between courses. Bobby Davis, ring-master or toast-master, lntroduced George Ui lsr, Sensor president, who left some wise and wit- ty advice to the Juniors. 'Mr. McGowan verified George's aa- vice. Mrs. Robinson spoke, representing the facusty. The stage was artistically decorated with clowns and the the music by Bobby Frank's orchestra was superb. The punch and popcorn booths were in true circus style. The climax of the prom came when George Miller and Phyllis Manning were chosen prom king and queen. They were crowned with crowns made of gladioli, and lead out the next dance. C xx Z, M X ZW? is Z Z1 ' ,' Ze V lli' is fx '- uf, 'lfyqwmq ,A 7 llgbx XX 72 ' Z2 'Ap Mr' an A if .u..,p 1 ,, 4, Q Y 'lgz i 4qn X Wllflfllll . 'T fkfg-J ' W Q' CD Most Studious Most popular girl and boy Ruth Baumann Helen Seefurth, Leonard Harrison Prettiest girl- Best boy and girl athlete Vivian Callaway James Anderson Most Handsome Boy- Sara Lou James Norman Undrewood v Y l Wittiest Gabbiest George Miller Ramona Thieme L Apple Polisher Faculty Pet John Ra? Nelson Helen Seefurth lfiisvfsil ff ' Best Dressed Girl and Boy Cutest Couple Phyllis Henning, Valton Long Phyllis Manning, George Miller 1 . " an mv, 'T A -1u..,n 4 ,W . , 1 , 1 ,N . Of' ,. Us lost Bashful boy and girl lost In Love Arthur Sandburg, Pauline lildred Fell, Earl Boone Doering Biggest Feet Sweater Girl Jack Moore Evelyn Hummel 2- g.-..,...,, --s- an any U "N" as .M .sw 'W '-A an fy , N. X' sw nw nv- VYX'-W swf. Q - Q 1 iN5 'r f Clgss Baby Class Goat James Gebhart Charles Bryant Biggest Flirt Biggest Wolf Evangeline Thomas Glenn Holk X 4 w Hung:-lest Cutest Charles Rice Annie Smith Pin Up Girl Bookworm Hazel Moore Valde Walters ' 'V ,4 1 'w v . A W' w . . ' x, 'L , g,.. x4 Laziest Blggest Bluffer David Callaway Charles Harper ve UMM! I I 1 'aa- WW? Q. EKU UTS UDMW The Seniors started Spri off th ng e right way by having their annual K1d's Day on March 21. The day was started by the kids skipping in with pis- tols, balloons, sling-shots, dolls, and teddy-bears, not mentioning the bubble gum and suckers. The girls were at tired in short skirts and bloomers, and the boys had on short pants and overalls. Before leaving for Fa1rhope,the rejuvenates played 'Ri ar d t W ng oun he Rosie while moving pictures of the goup were taken. They arrived at the skating rink around.10200a.m. and began at once to mop up the floor and hid it of any loose splinters. This continued until l2'0O whe th . n ey retired for lunch. After lunch, dancing was enjoyed at the skating rink, and those who wanted to went bowling. At 5:00 p.n. the weary seniors straggled in, looking very dignified indeed with all the bruises and skinned knees! V' ,,,,,. , '11, 1 .0101 I - - ,f ' fy ., ,, ,72Qmwl7 ' "Q'EN t , V 1 If fl V Q 79" ff 3f 5 'Za u 2 fy Q ,1l"' 1 I5 , 1 Q ,ff , Q 3 147 Ln""' , 7 'I ff I X '47, f , f 1 1 f 5 5 f ff f A 1 Q f - f 2 r ' 4 f f 5 2 I 1 f Z 5 , ' 12- s X - f -- ,- X 4 , .- ' 7 ' fi ' E ?ff E , a f 5 : S 1 E 2 x?. 1-- -'9,.-, " 1 15, 'x Q-.,.g ?4gg7., -'- GRADUATION IEXIERCIISIES BACCALKUREATE SERVICES Processional. . . . . ... . Doxology. . . . . . . . . . Invocation. . ... . . Praise Ye The Lord. .. . Scripture Reading . . . He Leadeth Me . . . Benediction . . . Recessional . . COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES O O e a 0 0 e e Invocation. . . . . . . . . Vocal Solo. . . . . . . O U I I I O O O I U O O O O I O O 0 I O O O C Presentation of Awards. . . . Presentation of Gift to School Presentation of Diplomas. . . Recessional . . . . . . . . . Sunday, May 4, 1947 0 0 e 0 o .Senior Cla-I . . . . . .Congregation -The Rev. C. E. Avinger O 0 O 0 0 O O C O The Rev. J. D. C. Wilson . . . . . .Congregation . The Rev. E. H. Causey . . .... Senior Claes Friday, May 9, 1947 . . . . . .Senior Class . The Rev. W. H. Symank . lisa Patsy Lonnecker . Dr. Fredrick Archer . . . . . . Glee Club . . . . I . George Strong . . . . . . George Miller . . Hr. W. C. McGowan . . . .Senior Class SENIOR AWARDS v81Qd1ct0r1Bn 0 e 0 I 0 0 0 0 s81utBt8I'i8n e 0 0 0 0 0 Student Council Award . . Citizenship Award . . . American Legion Award . . American Legion Award . . 80131130 Award e "3 e e e e Editor of School Paper. . A0t1v1ty Aflrd e e e e e o Oratory Award e e e e School Spirit Award . . Athletic Award e e e Athletic Award . . . . . . . .Pauline Deering . . Phyllislanning e e e e e Earl BOOHQ . .Martha Richardson . . Helen Seefurth . . . .Roger Schad Mary E. lcGowan e e eR1m0n., 'lhiemo e e Glenn . . Charles Bryant . .George Miller . . . .Jack Moore . .James Anderson Y e QUR S B CKEP' 'Zi' My Z . XXXXXX x ' ' Q 9 Q x I Z 7 Z WW ,pg A ' Q, z,, 4 ff , ,, Q, W 5 Xx NN x 1 Jigga 0 ' A ,L 3 'lm x-' '1XA' 'X ,WN M W E W Avy .395 11 YI 'Finn SPECIAL REQUEST TO The Senior class of 1947 ploaso meet 10 years from now on July 4, 1957 at the Foley School Auditorium Br UNB YQUI' Qvifl Fefnlill Q- X. 'Q 'I XS. gpw.f .D JH' M' f S.: ' 0.-.95 23? , , , ,,,,,,,,,,, -.v--n ' CONGRATUQQTIOl3.h1BEST WISHES To the class of'44 FOLEY SCHOOL STORE BOOFS SUPPUIVS DRINKS R C0N?4ClIONS VERNON Ro QAHLIN COJGRJTUL QIOMS from HEBMAI DOEGL Complimerts of HBNTSGHEL BROTHQRS w4Hf'N'4i' Elbertn Ala waw Congratulations Elberta Ala, NZ'S MOTOR CO Elberta Ala, ..' QA-A 1 I ! i vw.- Compliments of . WCHRISTIE THE FIDRIfT' FOLEY LAUNDRY k DRY A CLEANERS C Flowers for all Oocasionsi P.l5J3i8ta1gc2iald Foley Ala. l Foley ' Ala Compliments of Compliments of MODLRN BLAUTY SALON '4- 'Z .I ' Permanentls ' 4 ..n,,,.t,Q GULF sERvrcE co . Manicures Hair Styling Blanch Childre Owner J.L. Cain Stylist A . ' Q Foley' Foley - L mv .--',.--.-u . ., ," r-1'1"-:', ' l 1 'T " - . ' ' - -- 1 - 1 1: 9,159 L15 L15 . ' , 'fi.7'. , V ,I -,4 .- 1 fm' ' , ' R I, E V . Q ' " V - Compliments of- y y Ex 9 1 ' 3 5 I Fix " M 1 ' if i 1 ungvxs 5 e 10 Q store y , 1 ' h ,, KENNEDYIS GROCERY a . -, f . MRKET 1' Foley A180 - 30 'Y- if' w A x ' couPL1mENTs OF ' ig DAVIS DRY Goons sTonE t ' Foley Ala. Foley Ala , o C ornpliments of C ONGRATULATI ONS DUMA .3 A .POTHECARY f...'1.,s . M '. K . 3 To the Class of '47 t yF'o1ey Ala. y .Q , L: CHARLES J. LQBLRT L Compliments of Insurance Agent STACEY' S DRUG STORE gm 1832 fx ,LQ , y Foley Ala, Q Foley Ala , an snag? i .N , !F E I , t 4 EY: ,,. fili "I-.. r 1 V 1 Hi, :E- -f.. -GF. .N Mn. .,,. :N nm ...A Bill: iii: 'iiiii .1132 U E., -h, 1 k :. ff? 1 . im. RLG! HZ' A 72 va, 'if nam.:

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Foley High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Foley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Foley High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Foley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Foley High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Foley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Foley High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Foley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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