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lb' BLUE AND GGLD PUBLISHED BY J CF 1946 'QV M J 1 Xx 3 SENICR CLASS E ,X B W ,.-,,v,....-ff if f 4, ' X .QJ J c. ,fzwgw H . A" 'jig A, X, .339 qw 4 ii f 'L'2w , 4vi4mmffmwmMwwg b5 Hgf A ' ' 'Mg ' E-as e rf' F REWCRD As our time tug tner slowly passes and r dtetion draws near, we realize that we 1 t now leave the shelter of our nores and scnutl t face the realities and uncertainties o life uf us vlll enter our cuu1try s ervlce, so e will CvHtlHUS with treir educa tiul and others will settle down to a business Q Ivo llfe we s s fref nlf eriod sf life, no re t return exce t 1 n memory, we tare this oo, with us tt Kee in our Heuer y ure rany na 3 lnciaexts f t G ur cnuel years bay tnis Ootk Wm its contents ue a monument to tne mior cle f ly46 MW Q., ee 5M luwf Rvfj 'WWF 64' bw X A w A 'U 7 D . , - Q ,,, 'W 'Tu C' . , .. .. 1. s.. W p 4 . - - . I f . Soxf 2 1 - , ,- ' T S L ' l " . Y F l . ' Av L L- ffrs '- --rw ' 4. AA.x1 Q As 1. S If T. " ., ' HTL, A Q, ., Q . . Z ' f V ' 'ww '. X, A . I L A ' 1 spgf r Q - ' . L 1 f 1 N14 ' A w ' Q. u .1 ' ' A V I X SQL l wi' E L, Q ,, A--' x if ,-rr, f- , ,, .- f. . A Lf, , .-f- - 1- - - H., -- " V Q, .. , ,- , -. - : fq -D511 V - ' , 1:-'nf JJ f at 5 ' 'Jw N ' F ...fs - --x--1. 'A":31""i L1 V 'E' A X14 i,gw ' - A . Q J- fVt.w 1 its ' V , , ,Q . , ,,,,,, ' ,V -ft., . ua- , .,1" . Q W 5 Pfk "5 .-r- ' ' 51 ""' --L:f'22', , . '. --14541-A.-' ' -1-r-7. 'ff' :"l. ?""' ' 4-1. z I 1-j4,. ' -' LL! TY:-L," '.,,f rn' fri J. 12 . ' ' ,. A J ff - f jj: , -:"i"5 .lf ...Q - . , ",.. " . K1 K 1..': ' 1 ' .- .- ' .1 ' ' ff " '- 'IT5"', ".53."'1' ' .. -5 s, ' 'iff' 2,144.5 2 . ' V, fy, Y fi' -, . ',, .5 ws fr """' .- -gl ,F 4' 4 gr' 1 , ' . ..,' , 2,3 92. ig? Egg, M 1j5QfQ',,, s Q qbxxk , L K P, , K' Q V ' ' ' xx f gi 'ww ,4- Wg Nw X X memory f two clq S tes wiu have Mme 112 rl oe nd R bert "Bonne" M U' os de rteu us duriuz our So hunore yeqr koi wa f tally 1DjUF6d iw an xccidfmt duri our SPDlOP ynar N' Bay thf remory of these two furever re Qin with us X vm Q X w , ff' X iff -a.-Q 1 ? 'X x Xx,.f .A 'k . - . 1 ' 1, I 15 l V, 4 , - iff! D .' 1-'P , ' 'ZLL' " . I fjff 'd ' ,X ' ' X Q - I I ' . ff - -1 ' 'E X ., -, fl 1, ' X' XXX X xvts -. Q F In ' 0 N as ma F' 1 5' 1 Q the N d ' y,k . G 'F" ci J' ,Q " fy. L A j 15N ' . f wma Rqe Llsggx S A - ' L " ,r' ann is zrtvg K .1 J' 0 ' -r' ' l , . ,A y yy -- ' 'V ff I F , X A w . I 1. .. ' 1. V., l N X 1' ' Nfq . kk xx .k X X I-J Q ,fig X Q'-5' X . .rg. 'jf - ' ,-fff-"- 1 - , . 1 1, Wh X -- ,Lf - X ui , ig, ' :i.I -. ' N V I. , KA -, ' , ,I .J MMM, , I . Q. 1 onfanfz STAFF' T I OR FEATURE VERT SE CKER Cxgf-, 4X FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES AC IV TIES CLUBS SP TS S AD I RS BA S li QUXQ ALTA 'ATER Folev School our Alma hater Lo thy praise we'll slng For ideals so lofty o er us To thee we will bring All to which we'll cling Foley School our Alma hater, Lo thy praise we'11 sing Reigning on thy throne of learning Like a queen supreme Service, service is thy motto Love and truth thy theme with thy name and reputation Let the whole world ring Foley School our Alma Nater, Lo thy praise we'l1 sing Soon our paths will be divided In our walk through life Let thy culture stand before us Guiding through the strife Should we ne'er return together 'Neath thy sheltering wing Foley School our Alma Nater, E'er thy praise we'l1 sing ' 0 Love, devotion, truth and honor Q mditor A st mdltor Ruth Baumann Vivian Underwood Busiuess Wana fF ary Sco+t ,..,-Q AdV9FtlS115 Danager I Circulation Artist banamer Eaoel Durphy Berk ley Smlth Advertl ing ianaber IP IW ei Typist Iimeocrafher Dorothy Ogle Iary Ann Daoiel Parkman Ricnard na t Gnbhart burn 4 FOLEY HIGHLIGHTS Edltor Pete Fodor STAFF FIRST ROW Joan Eaatburn, Mary Elizabeth McGowan, Kathryn Barohard, Ramona Thieme, Hildrod Fell SECOND ROW Arkie Williams, Helen Soefurth, Patsy Crash Hazel lure, Pete Fader, Ethel McKinley, Mary Ann Gobhart, Pat Baugher, Roger Schad , A 7 ' . , 'P 3 r.AgP'5 1 X f X I .'.. W' 1 - x. L " , 0 3 ya Th FA ULTY Mr W C McGowan Ir Strong Principal Assistant Principal Mrs White Irs Killer Hrs Robinson Kiss Miller Mr Bryant e dl I r gf 4 X A 'LL' X- .Y .1 'Y 445 Y 'P Q N i"h1p. Hrs Morgan r.aflll urn Hoddy Mill Mitchell iff If Mrs DeMarlow Miss Jackson ,ff . . L A, 4, ,. . . .Q lx F b ,. f ,f X ' 'Y if 1 ' 5 '- - v', Mrs. Barlow Mr. Meredith Misa Shaver '9 dr s X G 'ir ,-J . A rr 1 T 611101 S IHE GRADUATI C1 CLASS X4 Aviv Su- ? if-wh' -qggwy' .-'HW 'f V Z1 A sy, ,I 12914 fx J .-'off-vt'-J!'mrw,. 1 M- ,K It '41- O 1 , ' .. ff"'L rf, .. H, ' . , - A A . - l, V 44.1, , '- .'.1,:.'71' - - 1,1 . -' fiiff -1- . - -5-"adm X '- ' ' . M .gn ' ' ' ' ' ,- , ,U :xg-J. -I 0. , . E ' -Q... fu Q ., 5 ' - , S 'WILL :'f. 9. ' ' MIS' 'HQYF' - , 1 iv- . .Q I Y nn ' K X I nf'4.?l V Lx. 5 ' - , " ,'i,.Q'I'L' 1 -fl - .b:W.Ms'n ' 'V fi-U? .. 'V-' 2 - ..1. - ix f , t" fliff' 1 -, 5, L1 4,45 . ,1f'1'.fwx, . +7 FTE: ' 71 -V ,..,-41-3,f.,f A-4:-. . f -. x 'ff Y 7 'vi 5 4 ui T ,' V fi 1f.i'3'q - . Jw, . if-. Y. ,.u'r' , . ' 1 V z nv' " , ' Q4 -- f 'x ,.5- 7-' ' ' 'HN , , ". .7'f- PC, - L , fEgg:.." !m'- ' "-m,hr , . . -: -,Q-"'9f.a, ,QEJF f',,f,Xf2.Lf ' --2'-if ci' ' f - fl QRS- A -'51, ' 1 , gy - .mr .HA , ,ii V. A..-f., ,f - Q M tra.. 'N A '.- . f-, . ' 1:,, Ip. -fL"f' 4 mf., fam? " k u - , ' +, :nn -3.1, r.-'L ,.':".f, 41. ,v ,J f: ,TA-w,.', -- ,V - 1 1 ' -." ,l ' -. J, .. U l U, P ,-4 , - ,, l X , , X QS X X ai' . I S Ye CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWERS Blue and White Yellow ROSS CLASS MOTTO 'Forward Ever, Backward Never Berkeley Smith President Gifted with the art of making friends Mary Scott Treasurer Merry and gay, at work or play Ramona Blackwell Vice President Full of fun an a pleasant companion naar N' I Paul Nelson Student Council He works whole heartedly Ruth Baumann Secretary Her intellect is the teachers' de l'3ht 1'.!ll vwiaf R1 hard hastburn Praises wont spoil him O 0 1 da . , U ' u ,BQ . ' - d L .ot da 1 3 ll ' x . 1 ' I A If DORIS BACHMAN She makes the boys sit up and take notice. PAT BAUGHER Her personality is nsuper-duper THOMAS BENTON God's gift to women. EMILY BERGMAN Quiet appearing disclosing no clue of the merry nature known to but few. ANNA BLOC K A delightful, friendly com- panion. CHARLES BOLLER Goodnatured, even when the 1augh's on him. MONTFZ BOYLE brunette among brunettes HOWARD BRETZ One who lives up to the full measure of athlete and of men. L. J. CHILDRE He's get that certain touch. MILDRED DANIELS Conscientious and loyal. MILDRED ENGEL Not so many inches, but every inch a lady PETER FODOR ends speak for the man and he has a host of them MADELINE GARDNER A maiden modest, yet self possessed MARY ANN GEBHART The only way to have a friend is to be one LAWRENCE GECI An alert sense of humor SADIE HADELY A girl with a happy interest in her surroundings -6 ' ,pf W, fb I X 4 Y X3 ' 3 A I J J N . ,A 3 Fri I O V, ' I 1 f L f -0 il . F EB ii,e li 1 272 ' A 'S' 'Q a Z 'Qf L f V ai ESSIE HARRISON A true friend, kind a d con- slderate VIVIAN HERRINGTON Gracious in manner, loyal in spirit LORETTA HUMPHREY To know her is to know her worth MABLE JENSEN Grave, earnest and dependable SARA JONES She is wise who talks but little. ELAINE KALLIES Now grave, now gay, but never dull. RUBY KICKLER A matchless girl, with a con- tagious smile. VERNA MAE KEITH' Dreamy eyes,lustrous blond hair '? 0 I 1 MARY ELIZABETH KIRKLAND Intellectual ideas, youthful gaiety and a happy spirit that's Betsy DOROTHY KOEHLER Guaranteed to be a good sport GERALDINE LANE She is gentle, she is shy, there is mischief in her eye LUCILLE LEHMANN A jolly brunette, with laughing eyes EDWARD LYSEK Willing cooperation is his big specialty JOE MANLEY A quiet man quite a man RALPH MESTRINELLE force of his own merit marks his way ROBERT MESZAROS Consummate ease and naturalness always V -.Z CHARLES MICHEAL Jolly and good natured MABEL MURPHY Peppy and ready to go DOROTHY OGLE A pleasing disposition and a sunny smile CORNELIA PARDUE Amiable and friendly to all His friendship is a jewel of wealth untold HERBERT PHILLIPS His philosophy is never look the dark side of life FLOYD PLASH He has a genial nature and a chest of frlendship DONALD PRICE A lad who needs no crank to start him thinking I .9 Z to 4 5 - L -sf is " fl I . . l i I y na X, ff1 X . , ,V DANIEL PARKMAN Z 3 . 1, F , on in 5 I F, L'T,1 xll if V ' . 1 "J , "v .1 . gs gf ' ,s .W 1' O If 3 elf .in VIOLA RAINER Modest and sweet MARY SHIEL A girl with a smile is a girl worth while WILLIAM STOCKES Calm, cool, and collected BEVERLY STYRON Miss Efficiency LORNA UNDERWOOD Tvinkling eves, a keen sense humor Absolqtely a friend VIVIAN UNDERWOOD Style, she has it and good looks too ELBERT WHITE A speaker with convincing ways ARKIE WILLIAMS ' e's a wolf, but what of it? The girls all know it, but they love 'Y 3111 ul? ll CLASS WILL Ne, the Senior Class of the Foley high bchool, 1946, being of sound mind and body, do in this last Will and Testament bequeath all our most precious possessions to the follow ings To our principal, Mr McGowan and our assistant principal, Mr Strong, we will and bequeath all the echoes of our voices which are sure to remain, and all the hours which we wasted to be put to use by them Also a generous bottle of Dr Shackleberry's medicine for jumpy nerves k headaches To the Countv Board of Education, we will all the marred tables, broken chairs, and damaged blackboards, torn bus seats, and limply hanging shades We only hope they have ample supplies to replace these articles we destroyed To our janitor we wish to give with our sincerest gratitude all the old clothes in the locker rooms, all the candy and gum papers which we spread over the lawn so generously, and purposely leave behind To our teachers, who have been so helpful and loving, we extend the wish that they have a more attentive class next year, who will bring their homework on time, keep it neat, and refer to the dictionary for words they cannot spell We also hope that a new invention will soon be discovered which will grade all papers for them To our parents we will all the souvenirs, pictures, and books which we spread all over our homes We also will to them a generous cup of love, which they deserve so well for helping us through school To the Junior Class, we leave the following Our broken chairs, our books with half the pages missing, our type wr'ters which wouldn't write half the time, our old work books which might be of service to them, all the athletic eouipment and sore muscles, and all the reference material which we so carefully avoided all these years To this same class, we will allthe honors and privileges which we snatched off the top, and a sincere wish that they be better students than we were 18 all the old books and papers which we are sure to forget or Bill Stokes wills his mustache to Valton Long and Floyd McKens1e This should save them time when shaving Arkle Williams wills his position as jerk of the Senior Class to Charles Bryant Huh Charles' Verna Mae Deith wills her never ceasing appetite to Pauline Doering, who scarcely eats Charles Boller wills his nickname nBones' to Bernice Hesse Hope she doesn't mind Howard Bretz wills his big feet to Margie Fritz What shoe do you wear Margie? Ed Lysek wills his ability to avoid Mrs Wh1te's questions in English to Donals Ware and Leonard Harrison Take the Herbert Philips wills his beloved cowboy boots to Floyd Holk ope they'll fit you Floyd Berkley Smith wills his ability to go Coon Hunting to James Gebhart and Roger Schad Good sport, says Berk! Heidi Engel wills her height to George Miller Look out George! L J Childre and 'Be Ben Underwood will their ability to go steady to Helen Seefurth and Robert Mason, who seem to already have a good start 'Blondie' Daniels wills her position as cheerleader to Vera Harik Keep up the good football spirit Vera! 'Shy' Humphrey wills her married life to Flossie Young, who may be able to use it soon Peter Foder wills his posltlon as editor of the UH1 Lightn to Ramona Thieme Hope you can make an even better paper of it Ray 'Dit' Blackwell wills her loud mouth to Jfm Tom Anderson, who hardly ever speaks unless spoken to Viola Rainer wills her ability to jitterbug to Jack Moore and Horace Nall, who can't seem to get that jivel 19 . size opportunity boys! . U A I n n Q 0 I Mary Scott wills her most beloved possession Cher red mmed glasses! to Billy Nall, whom she hopes will treasure them R1 hard Carr wills his Charles Atlas muscles to Joe Beech and Johnnie Holman You boys haven't been eating enough of your Nheaties' lontez Boyle wills her ability to ballet dance to Mickey Mobley The exercise will do you good Mickey' Essie Harrison Kwho can't sing a note! wills her beautiful Mickey Murphy wills her quiet ways to Evelyn Hummel who talks invariably Vivian Herrington wills her ability to make friends with any one to shy Norman Underwood, and Carl Sandburg What's the matter with you boys? Lucille Lehmann wills her dark hair and complexion to Willie Mae Paine and Dorothy Baumann who are both light Paul Nelson wills his ambition to become a preacher to Charles Harper Hope you will like the profession Charles! Betsy Kirkland wills her short eyelashes to Emily Phaff Yours don't ever seen to stop growing, do they Emily? Cornelia Pardue wills her unusually small appetite to Anna Surrey, and Marie Pardue, who can't seem to get enough Sadie Hadley and Anna Block will their ability to giggle in every class to Anna Ruth Cross and Gladys Daniels Mary Shlel wills her flirty ways to Rosco Abbot and Jerry Gilly We've heard that these boys already have a good start What about it? Lorna Underwood wills her height to Phyllis Manning We think 'bhortie' can use it Ruth Baumann wills her ability to make A's in any subject to Billy and Charles Alford What's the matter boys? 20 soprano singing to Elaine Clopton. Joe Manley wills his ability to skip class when the notion strikes him to Eva Piland and Valda Walters Mary Ann Gebhart wills her baby ways to Jimmy Sunda You like all nBabes' don't you J1mmey9 Richard Eastburn wills all his love to Mar ha Richardson Nothing new though, is t9 Dot Ogle wills her position as lazlest girl of the Senior Class to Vivian Callaway and Sarah Lou James You girls are always on the go! Pat Baugher wills her ability to hold on to her Merchant Mar'ne to 'Sissy' Nelson, who already seems to have a pretty good hold Bengert You may need it sometime Philip Danny Parkman wills his ability to read nEsqu1re' to Carl Breckner and Earl Bodiford We know you boyls love to read! Floyd Plash wills his bashfulness to Carolyn Sched She is so bashful! Thomas Benton's position as best looking boy of the Senior Class goes to Charles Nall Take it easy Charlie! Elbert White wills his conceited ways to Willard Parker Keep up the tradition boy! Emily Bergman wills her quiet ways and pleasing personality to Helen Good and Annie Louise Smith Laurence Gecle wills his ability to dr'Je two school bus routes to anyone with ambition enough to undertake it Donald Pr'ce wills his ability to know more than Hrs Horne in Chemistry to Glenn Holk Watch out Glenn! Elaine Kallies wills her sweet disposition to Mary Lou Schroeder and Irene Swartz, who are the best of Pals 21 1 . U 0 Beverly Styron wills her soft feminine voice to Philip Robert Mezaroros wills his curly blonde hair to Magdalena Herter. OH! Dear! Charles Micheal wills his ability to wink at all the girls to Harlan Heuer and Charles Rice. Take heed boys! Ralph lestinelli wills his ability to play basketball to Earl Boone --- one of our football stars. Geraldine Lane wills her jewelry -- bangle bracelets, rings watch and lockets to Hazel Moore. Makes a good collection Hazel. Mabel Jensen wills her pretty legs to Mildred Fell. What about this Earl? Sarah Jones wills her sweet personality to her class friend Laurenda Tindell. Dorothy Koehler and Ruby Kickler will their happy-go-lucky outlook on life to Ruth Krantz and Ruth Baumann Madeline Gardner wills her mild temper to Nellie Watiford Hope her husband won't mind! The foregoing instrument was signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named festator, the Senior Class on this 26th day of April, 1946 N fi' 'Snag in o 0 r 0 N . -f N 4' , . Dx. f --. , sx,iu 'fm ,,"" CLASS POEM Here comes our class, the class that's best It's ten times better than all the rest You folks just listen, and you'll all agree That a better class could never be First comes Berkeley, our President He's never broke, but badly bent Then there's that gal, Verna Mae Keith, When it comes to eating, she's in the lead Howard is the one with all the height His step seems to be quite springy and lithe Vivian Herrington never makes any noise, What is she studying? Could it be boys? Another of our girls is Geraldine, The way she plays piano is certainly a dream Herbert Phillips is our hill billy lad He was in Texas, and brother that's ba Mildred Engel is only a mite, Charles Boller is one of those who are lanky and lean Whenever he does something, there must be a scheme Lucille is short, funny and dark When she sees Carlos, she lights like a spark Montez and Bill have the real thing it seems, We hope it won't vanish in dreams Mickey Murphy came from another school To do things neatly, seems to be her rule Richard Eastburn is quite an athlete, That is why he got the title we hope he will keep When you want a joke just go to Essie, Fbr a dependable worker, we depend on Betsy Between these two there's a difference you see, But they're both good sports you'll all agree Pete Fodor is one that is plenty smart, and the way he makes the paper is surely an art A good typist is Lorna Underwood, If she d1dn't pass typing none of us would lary S evidently made quite a hit, When ever there's a chance, every class she'll skip Lawrence Geci is the driver of a bus When there's nothing to do he starts a fuss lavel Jensen looks so happy and gay, But she reads books the livelong day An ambitious fellow, says Paul is he An Episcopal minister he hopes to be Vivian Underwood is our blonde 'Best Dressed Girl' of our class, she was crowned 23 3 E 'dz But when she starts laughing, she's really a sight, Sadie, Anna, and Ruby are such close friends, It seems their talking has never an end Three years ago Ralph was Florida bound, Recently his destination was just turned round Emily, our singer and a blonde to boot, Has her heart not in Foley, Elberta seems to suit Quite a character is that fellow Joe We often wonder what he does know Viola, President of btudent Council is she, If it weren't for her, where would it be? Danny and Donald are two of a kind They wonder why teachers do lessons assign Dot Ogle in college for knowledge will quest, We wish he much luck and lots of success Dit and Loretta seem to be halr'ed One is in love and the other is marr'ed What is the meaning of the big word 'conceit ? Cornelia and Madeline are not of a sort, Cornelia is tall and Madeline is short Arkle Williams, who likes to cut classes, Has something about him that catches those lasses Dorothy Koehler wouhd gladly walk a mile To receive some praise on her pleasant smile Robert lezassaro, who is full of play Is a bashful boy, and that a1n't hay! Elaine Kallies is shy and sweet, She's awful cute and twice as neat Beverly Styron never squeaks or moans we wonder if she's that quiet at home Another football boy, of course, is Ed He can't wait for school to close, to rest hia,head Mildred, our cheer leader, is happy and gay We think she's a beauty, what do you say? Sara is quiet and helpful too She's always around when there's something to do You say there's no doctor? Well, we'll fix that I'll bet Charles Micheal can doctor a cat Big and solid is Mary Shlel, She likes to talk and laugh a great deal Thomas Benton was chosen the 'lost Handsome Boy To see him at school alone is a joy The actress of our class is Pat Hollywood is missing something at that! 24 A . II Ask Elbert White, he just can't be beat. l O .N L J Childre is quite a man, Now he has decided to help Uncle Ch' Marv Ann, Mary Ann, where can she beo Her constant cry is, Wait for me! And old schoolmate of ours, Floyd Flash, He works with the fish that bring in the cash They say her ability gives teachers a whirl Writing this poem gave it a test, From it you see she mxst he a mess You say in our class there is no skill? Why, the mere thought of that gives us a chill We'xe shown you our class as best we know how, It can't be helped if you're not satlsfied now 25 I O ' - . , Sam. O 5 0 N ' I7 ' 1 J w 1 g Ruth Baumann was chosen our Uitizenship Girl, v ' J A x , 1 Q ' r n I CLASS PROPHECY beveral months ago I ordered one of the most powerful Crys tal Balls from 'Swami Bamin of Arabia, to predict the future of our class of '46 Having just received it, I shall make my first test Oh' Oh' Just now as I gaze into this most powerful Vystic Ball, I see a small character appearing, and 1t's Mildred Engel doing stenographic work in one of Chicago's largest business firms Yes, and as I look on 1t's Essie Harrison now owning 'The Old Spanish Fort ' As this figure disappears, I see Charles Boller has become one of the world's best heavy weight champions in prize fighting Now appears Ralph Mestrinelli Well, look at that' Ralph now owns a large farm in Baldwin County Quickly comes a new figure in the Crystal Ball It's Viola Rainer, a teacher of an Alabama Jitterbug School, and Car nelia Perdue and Madeline Gardner are two of her pupils I they can get the nMan of Their Dreams,' Charles ichael, who is owner of a large night club in New York Look at this! Our pretty Mildred Daniels is one who is now being crowned 'Miss America 0h! Oh! This Crystal Ball is the stuff! The only two of our class who are movie stars are 'Pat' Baugner, a c median working for MGM and Bill Stockes, a second Charles Boyer He has the landing role in 'The Future of a Mustache ' Now I see Peter Foddr, yes, just as I thought the editor of the New York Herald I can hardl3 see this vision, now 1t's becoming more clear. Well! what do you know? It's a scene in Texas,eand 1t's Hickey lurphy and Herbert Phillips happily married What a surprise! I have never dreamed of this, even Anyway they own a huge ranch in Texas and they are both herding cattle This Crystal Ball is tolling me more by the minute eyes are hurting! What is all of this blueish blur? It's Betsy Kirkland and Loretta Humphrey, running a Nursery School with an enrollment of five hundred children course they each have seven children enrolled 26 see. They have to became 'professional jitterbugs' before .ll V e . Of The crystal Ball now shows a dark character Oh' It's our dark complexioned Lucille Lehmann, marching down the aisle of a beautiful church with her fourth husband She just can't make up her mind She believes this is the right man You're right It's Carlos Donald Price has again lost his school boy figure weighs well over two hundred and fifty pounds, but he still chews his match stems Now, as the figure slowly disappears, I see our handsome Thomas Benton and he is an UAll American Football Sta running the most beautiful play You bet he made a touch down He is playing with Alabama I've been wondering whether Elbert White and Sarah Jones would team up Well, I seem to see them in college, still sitting together in every class, and they date every night Vivian Herrington has now appeared in my super powerful Crystal Ball Ju t as attractive as ever, and she is a seamstress in Mississippi, and a regular customer is her old schoolmate, Geraldine Lane Geraldine still doesn't tician in one of the high class beauty shops in Alabama Is this birds I see? Oh! Crystal Ball! Are you failing me? I want to see students of my class Now, I see 1t's Mary bcott and Berkely Smith They are married and living in Harlow They still swoon over each other Berkely owns a la ge 'Dog Kennel ' Again I see a very new and beautiful Episcopal Church lo cated on Bon Secour River, and as the doors open, I see none other than our class goat and baby, Paul Nelson, who is now pastor of that church And the organist is our sweet Elaine Kallies She is a regular member nf Reverend Nelson's church, and from what I see, they have quite a 1 ove affa lr The Crystal Ball is clear again Such a large and nice group for whom to predict the future Coming in my Cry stal Ball now is Verna lae Keith, but say Keith no more! It's Lassiter, now and forever Anyway their l1fe's career is a Potato Chip Factory and, as usual, Verna Mae is eating! 27 " e He , rn, ' V O let men bother her. She's a glrl on her own ... a beau- chips KI wonder if she'll ever get tired of them?999l Look at these Elberta Gals Charming as ever It's Anna Block, Sadie Hadley, Ruby Kickler and Emily Bergman A 'Harmony Quartet ' Boy' What Melody' They broadcas over several net works They've played in one picture in Hollywood, too We wonder about Dorothy Koehler Oh' I see nDot' doing Missionary work in many foreigh countries Dear Me! What do we have now? Busses! Busses' Just bus ses galore Greyhound busses at that' Then coming from behind all of this is Arkle Williams ard Lawrence Geci Oh! I understand they own the Greyhound Bus Lines of the world Money galore' They got their start from the ndear old school bus es' Weren't they excellent dr'vers9 Most Crystal Ball tell me more of this class of '46 More en tertainers' Why d1dn't we find out about all this talent before They coukln't have learned this in college so quickly It's L J Ch'ldre with the Jiviest Orchestra in town It's strictly solid! Childre for years She's back home in Alabamy, taking care of the tr plets Look at this' I see a retired gentleman It's our bashful Floyd Flash Yep, he has retired from the Sea Food Business Loxna Underwood now appears in the mystic ball She s making plenty of ndough writing books Her latest publication is 'The Vonders of a Man ' Lorna is living in Sunny Florida. Don't we have more good people in our class? I'm so proud of them I see Mary Ann Gebhart going to a Baptist Missionary Train ing bchool, and if it 1sn't Richard Eastburn, a Baptist Evangelist holding a revival in Foley Still further on, ten years from this scene, I see him getting married to Martha Richardson 28 , ... o - o ' o 0 e t ' c 0 A O l . o ., . . - 4 - e I 0 . ' H c e - S Q I .L n wonderful. , .- 1 o Q o O O O .-L 'O a ' A . .L Q . ' . O Q. Q , I I ll O J , - I 0 I o 0 6 what am I seeing now? fhe 'bite House and as I gaze more strongly in the Crystal Ball I see, I see I see! Joe Manley!! resident of the U Shall we rest for the moment? Such News' Now there are scenes back in Foley It's Danny Parkman He has purchased 'Kennedy's Grocery and Market,' and he owns a chain of grocery stores Appearing in a group of small people It's midgets At the head of this class of people is Howard Bretz, giving a lecture on How to Grow Tall ' Such a man is Howard only It's a grocery buying machine It is run by a rare type of animal brains Dorothy Ogle and Mabel Jensen are both old maid school teachers in one of the larger colleges Dorothy teaches a business course and Mabel teaches all kinds of languages Now as bright as a star I s e Mary Shiel and Beverly Sty ron, both in love and running a most exquisite dress shop in Kentucky And now appears a small figure It's our intelligent Ruth Baumann, lucky as always She has married one of New York's most aristocratic men She's very happy and contented Edward Lysek is a college professor He really puts the students in a whiz! He's not so old either Now I see Hortez Boyle, living in Hollywood a teacher of a large ballet school As the Crystal Ball grows dark and my eyes tire, I can scarcely see a moving thing Now! All of a sudden the Crystal Ball brightens to the brightest of bright and for all the class of 1946 I see happiness, lots of good luck, and a most prosperous future And now I see in big letters HAPPINESS ALWAYS for you and Yours Truly a d the Crystal Ball turns black. 29 1 , . . S. I! 0 O Robert Meszaros is inventing a new machine for lazy people O C ff? if B? CLASS ROLL FIRST ROW Phyllis Manning, Gladys Daniels, Marjorie Fritz, Elaine Clopton, Ruth Krantz, Annie Louise Smith, Eva Piland Floseie Young, Evelyn Runlel, lagdelina Herter, Vera lerrlk Anna Surry, larie Perdue, Dorothy Baumann, Helen Good SECOND ROW Ramona Thleme, Martha Richardson, Pauline Deering, Willie las Payne, Bernice Hesse, Ruth Baumann, Helen Seefurth, Vioda lalters, Doris Bachmann, Carolyn Sched, lildred Fell, gathryn Nelson, Laurinda Tendell, Hazel loore, Annie Ruth rose THIRD ROI Joe Beech, Glen Holk, Earl Bodiford, John Holman, Harlan Hauer, James Gebhart, Carl Breckner, Coach llerrideth, George Hiller, Jerry Gilly, Robert Mason, Roscoe Abbott, Earl Boone, Roger Sohad, Horace Nall Teachers- Hrs. Barlow, lr. Merrldeth D 9 PHQM RE ftx -L. s"'rq?4.. Teachers Mr Morgan, Miss Shaver CLASS ROLL FIRST ROW Evelyn Fedderson, Betty Boone, Adelle Davis, Nancy Sturat, Joyce Oden, Polly Mathis, Elsie Underwood, Elaine Bryant, El810 Prine, Dorothy Sawyer, Jean Eastburn, Ellen Rummei, Ollie wade, Dorothy Krantz, Dorothy Kettle, Lillian Windbigler, Patsy Crosby, Lillian Noltensmier, Agnes Rindfliech Mary Louise Polk SECOND ROW LeRoy Dolehite, Nolan Callaway, Lois Hercz, Loree Gilly, Esther Odom, Edith Prine, Frances Underwood, Jean Mc Neeky, Ruby Mae Soesbe, John Scott, William Smith, Joe LaFlam Ned Chancey, Clyde Ard, Hazel Melton, Laverne Chavers, Imogene Callaway, Dorothy Hermetv, Edna Mae Ross, Mary Etta Nelson, Ethel McKinley, Ray Runyan THIRD ROW Buddy Gallaway, C M Mills, Raymond Alma, Winston Bemis, Floyd Brooks, D M Russel, Roy Caldwell, Robert Davis, Robert HcNesky, Cody Thames, Jack Echert, Mrs Morgan, Miss Shaver, Clifton Holmes, Carl Bender, Jack Lencz, Henry Shiver, Frank Burns, James Horak, Daniel Bauer, Charles Brltt, Joseph Hellmick X ' , , f', X -1 ' , - . -0 t 1 - . .a.-..... 1 , " Nvwzsulxzl xi'- "' O ' -' Y , 'P X ' Lit Q., la., 4. .A - ' . 1 a. f"'WrQ, - ' f fiivgf' 'En , ig: 1"p"m' QW-rf 1 0 S n u. Q O , . . I .. V o , , I - 9 o v I O . 0 0 e o . - e . e E Teachers Lrs Robinson, Mrs White CLASS RODL FIRST ROW Margaret Flowers, Blanche Nall, Leona Krubin H1 Mildred Topp, Gladys Nunburn, Catherlne Mercalf, Opal McKenzie, Nadine Barneett, Mary E McGowan, Kitty Barchard Nettie Schlicting, Nancy Krauss, Ida Lee Meal, Barbara Ann Boller, Nonna Jane Manley SECOND ROW Ruth Dorgan, Em a Jeanstabler, Omelie hare, Flors Bell Prutt, Joanne Rohodes, Myrtle Willingham, Mary Surey, Helen Long, Elaine Weiss, Mary Ellen Robinson Zona Pugh, Lowree McKay, Lois Gilley, Virgil Glass, Oscar Allen, Robert Donaldson THIRD ROW Glen Stewart, J L Sumerall, Charles Frary, Doris Ryan, Flois Brice, Ollie B Carlisle, Lillian Rogers Maurice Nelson, Joan Riebeling, Floyd Blackwell, Kathleen Knowles, Ollie Morris, Iris Underwood, Leo Steadhan, Shirley Gramtham, Gerald Hesse, Joy Merril, Kenneth Hand Freddie Cousens, John Weiss, Vernon Ard, Kenneth Woodard Roland Klug, Herbert Styron, Mrs. White Jack Dawson, Carroll Averitt, Walter Holmon, Billie Jean Thiveatt , -YA .Ib . I , X I X. f' N- ff . . ff - V M' ....-4-ovf"'l 'hr-Lllfi V . J? ml 4 , - V4 1' 1 X . : . 5 L FJ 4 - . 1 ' ' fl -lg ... f . , , - U' IY 1 , Y' l A 1 : . A s, . - - 0 L 0 F' O ' 1 Y 'O 0 Q 0 0 I u- ' ' V . I -4-,nv-, 9 IUNICR II Teachers Mrs De Marlow, Mrs Hoddy CLASS ROLL FIRST ROW Joe Mo Clusky, Roy Welsh, Susie Morrel, Ernestine Tolbert, Nelda Glass, Nancy Kraus, Lorraine Callaway, Catherim Quick, Eloise Floyd Louise Stoddard, Ada Gregory, Vernall, Carver, Wilma Rigby, Betty Stokes, Mary Bryant, Mary Rigby, Allen Pierce, James Harrison SECOND ROW Harry Williams, Dorothy Chavers, Nadine Woodard, Betty Simmons, Gilda Jumper, Earline Younce, Edna Strele, Iduma Moore, Myrtle Walters, Ida Sasyer, Lillie Lipscomb, Louise Holman, Beatrice Wright, Violet Morris, Vesta Mae Coaker, Georgette Sharetts, Lorraine Steele, Anthonotto Ryne, Ann Marie Wiess, Oneal Johnson, Liol Klug, James Huggins. THIRD ROW: Donald Grantham, Margaret Morris, Mary Alice King, Agnes Holland, Mayola Odom, James Rhodes, Rodney Larson, John Bryant, George Nelson, Raymond Eohart, Juno Nall, Billie Jetton, Lucille Gilly, Norma Jane Boyle, Dorsey Mae Dawson, Mary Alice Benton, Edwina Brooke, Marjorie Hartley, Mildred Louis, Aurilia Smith, Donald Todd, D. L. Ewecry, FOURTH ROW: Floyd Hamburg, Thomas Sherman, Betty Sue Flowers, Rox Beech, Donnie Balton, Marnire Sherman, Charles Fell, George Gebhart, Hugh Cole, Vance Parks. IUNIQRI Teachers lies Mitchell, Miss Jaekaon FIRST ROW Ruby Hao Lipscomb, Eulean Rigsby, Hazel Dogan Juanita Walker, Gloria Mao Shutt, Harquin Holloway, Deloros Boone, Ruby Dell Smith, Lueillo Willis, Janoy Younoe, Doris Donno, Vivian Thielo, Rita Suo lyons, Joyce Brice, Juanita Roberts, Joan Shirley, Jane Bryant, Ethel Ewing, Johnnie Ruth Holloway, Virgina Teams, Betty Helton, Marilyn Griffin Carol Hao Causoy, Iolva Joan Helton, Roberta Underwood, Aliee Lips oonb, Boatrioo looro, BACK ROW Oooar Ross, Ollie Pippin, Eugene Underwood, Raymond Kloth, Marvin HoCalister, Bob HeLnsky, Virgil Daniels, Bobby Boosly, Kiss Hitoholl, Raymond Reibling, Clive Pioroe, Millard Charors, Thateh Cline Henry Dyoso, Renton Keith, Jaok Lsmler, L0woll Janes, W. L. Slith, Harold Heraetz, Kiss Jaekson, Lyle Underwood, Daniel Kinsey, Earl Comstock, Don Frary, Ralph gastbrun, Robert Praett, Larry Larson, George Danne, Joesph oyd. --.....,....-,- A ,.-.,, . -' A Q, V K .1 I X .wk ' 4 I , ,. - Q e ' 3 9 .- e o ALTIVITIE f'S5,.?f f I R KIDS DAX Cn I rch 28, the senior class took Ntine off' and loaded in Jo 1anley s big truck and went to Fairhooe The girls dressed in short skirts, big ribbons in their hair, tigtails and curls plastered everywhere They COWS The boys dolled up in their old bibs and tuckers Such concoctlons as sailor suits, and short ants and patched trou ers were common Having left school at 9 15 they set sail immediately for the skating rink at Fairhope There they slid and fell and d1d ev rything but skate that lS with the ex C0,tlOH of a few talented exhibiticnists At 12 OO tH9J tore away for lunch nd strab led in at 1 OO with renewed strength for taking solintcrs out of tae floor frouptly at 2 OO they t rted for dear old Foley Thoroughly worn out out foolishly has y, they strugcled in minus buttons qd animals plus scratches, srlinters, and headachrs well also t headaches . Q . 4 A 'K' ' 4.-- s , ' x - fig ,L5'f 11 fi, ,A K i ' r QV 'Q X1 9 - N-39, ' J A ' C2 "J, ' f' . J. Q q J . carried everything from dolls and dogs to teddy bears and I S 1 I 3 . O ' S :Lua . Q rw ' ' ' . : ' xr 34' 1 . ' I 3 s a . ' A 1' 'XA o " A 34 A -L1 J """ -i E 0 Class Play FAITH, H01 E, .um FLARITY A THREE ACT COMEDY rRE9ENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1946 Directors Mrs Miller, Miss Miller CAST Sally Parsons the maid Henry Blodgett, the butler Hrs Olivia Orkney, the hou ekeeper, Mamie lcCorkle, the cook Faith Crabbo Hope Crabbe,tw1n daughters of Q Crabbe Monty Van Twiller, Faith's bov friend Reggie Van Twiller, Hepe's boy friend Qladlander Crabbe, a ret1red business man Terence Flarity, a young man evidently Irish Jack Quinlan, Terry's pal Ivy Lane, an actress ------------------------- Patrick Flarity lPatJ, Terry's Father ------ -- Pat Baugher Howard Bretz Ruth Baumann Betsy Kirkland Vivian Underwood Ramona Blacnwell Arkio Williams Berkley Smith Paul Nelson Elbert White Herbert Phillips -Mickey lurphy Edward Lysek fucfenf Counm 1 1 I STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Viola Rainer VICE PRESIDENT Jimmy Sunda SECRETARY Patsy Grosboy TREASURY Jean Eastburn SPQRTS 5 9 5 K -JK 4,1 Q 42? as k 'f . . x U .xig-an K A I X x f X K x x X f NW R04 c mia Neff' A....,.,.........-L 5' BASKETBALL TEA! FIRST ROW Glen Holk, William Smith, John Holman, Richard Eaetburn, Nod Chancey Floyd Holk, Roger Sched SECOND ROW Pete Blackwell, James Gobhart, Roy Caldwell, Jim Anderson, Howard Bretz, Jock Moore, Robert Davis, Charles Boller, Coach Moridith , nr VI .1 V .gb 5 V , Q I O , . I FOOTBALL TEAR Captain Jack leoro Co Capta1n Jim Anderson FIRST RON Robert Mason, Edward Lyeek, Donald Ware, John Holman, Richard Eaatburn Robert Morris william Sm1th, Charles Fell, Frand Burns, Roland Klug, Charleo Harper SECOND ROW Robert Davie, Charles Bryant, James Gebhart, Charles Boller, Herbert Styron, Roy Caldwell, Earl Boone, Thomas Benton, Jerry Gilly, Joe Beech Carl Breckner, Pete Blackwell THIRD ROW Jack Moore, Coach Meridith, Jim Anderson ,sri ' 'f .Q 2 I. xg 1 . 1 ' , , Lv r- "NZ f nfl' 7. 1 W ' f . - ,-if . '- v.,f+N' ,'f 7 Trl D ' ,A ' .. .., . . v an N QQ 'B " '.,. '- ff' . 7'-' el Y ' - B . gp- 1 l 11 v o 0 V. . , A , . f - U 0 , . D U o I - l FEATURES HCNCR S 4D .11 Vivian Callaway Deris Bachman Kiss Feley H1 Kay Queen Ruth Baumann Citizenship Girl Berkeley Smith Pre: King Viela Rainer Student Council President Ranena Thiene Scheel Orater Mary Soett Prem Queen Charles Frary F F A Orater J 4 . ' V3 X, X 4 X A t C as Ia? .A ' 1 A2b ,. , C H BANQUET AND PROM The Foley School auditorium was the scene of an exciting ly gay festival on the evening of April 18 The Junior class of '67 entertained the fifty three Seniors, the faculty and the members of the school board 'April showers and Spring Flowers was the theme that the Juniors kept in mind when they planned the decorations which made such a beautiful setting for the Ladies' Leagu Inverted umbrells of pastel colored crepe paper dimmed the ceiling lights A huge Marquee type umbrella in the class colors of green and white spot lighted the speaker's table while large beach umbrellas sheltered small tables where groups of four enjoyed tete a tetes between speeches Shim merlng curtains made of narrow strips of variegated colors waved in the breezes, lending a fairyland atmosphere to the festivities Philip Bingert had bee chosen as the ideal toastmaster and he did honor to the confidence the class had placed ir him George Miller, worthy p'es1dent of the Juniors, toasted the Senior class president, Berkeley bmith, who showed great promise as a speaker Mr McGowan, our be loved principal, then talked to the departing Seniors on the subject of 'Priorities' and though he spoke serious ly of what the student should consider a priority in his by striking a serious note, but gave all a deeper appre ciation for the good things of life Ramona Thieme, toast ed the class of 1946, and was ably answered by Ruth Bau mann The toastmaster then offered a toast to the faculty and Mrs DeMarlo took up the cudgels in their behalf and amused the guests with her witty response Im ediately after this the Juniors rose one by one and gave an original poem describing a member of the benior Class If the one characterized did not recognize his own description he was aided by those who did, and rose to acknowledge it as they clapped The annual bophomore, Junior, benior Prom followed Easter decorations, including bunnies, colored eggs, chickens, Spring flowers, moss, and honeysuckle adorned the hall A large haystack held the center of attention as the dancers gaily moved around Sherbert punch and salted nuts were served from the brightly colored punch table Onlooker 44 fl e A life, he took nothing from the happiness of the occasion WHEN WHS -ui., Prettiest girl Hungrie t senior Nildred Daniels Verna Nao Keith Nest Handsome Boy Thomas Benton 7 -lm Cutleat senior hildred Engel - D K. . ,. X ' . 'fm 9 , '- J N V. I - S 1 . 1 - - Q u,- 'Q 'J W -' . ,I Q-v ,. ' F - Qf.-5551 ." 1:75 5 "7 I, flu 4332.6 M,- P ,. -13 V 'f ' N.-r ' 4? I., , ' ef'9?kf , f-4 '. A 4- , r"""'Lr-5 - .' . rf". -- ' I A ff' lost conceited senior Hggt in lgve senior Elbert White Mgry Scgtt "sv-nvnvgi, Biggest Foot Beat Sport Howard Bratz I r. A. , X, -nf' -.A.-fi ,, .1 fp 5 A ' 5 4,411 , ' -' W, 1 vw ,V if' Q 4- , v K , V . -'Ai - ." 5 , QL, 1 N , .,- , . I , X-. -W. ' xv '--Y'f':.qn .W 'fs-ms, QQ: 73.4. .., , , - 3 ... . . . , .., -V "1 I--. -Tab," ' 'gg' V' I 'Y-s"vE:f' ' Y '- 1 ',.... can J 4 .1 .J . ,,-2. A W 1 C .., , -'p- V 2 N 'F , . . X' ' ' , . N 5 Q, . a .- . ' ,J-.. ' 1- , ' 'J A -': ' ' L , ' . I S- 51 5- , '. . - Beat boy and girl athlete Richard Eastburn Ruth Baumann mm 1 UNI QI! 1? ilk Q Faculty Pet Viola Rainer Laziest senior Dorothy Ogle A iq ww . ' 1 ff Pi ..,, ' .3 , .. . H w I I R-wmxfi? .J -44 my Q5-4' ? N . .h A ' , J- , Fr . g W V 4 lun . -,- nam Q A ll msn 1 A loud H I, . . , .14 - ,Q - fn., ww , i 1.1 2 If g,-my '-an N, . v-n:' 2 P . PJ" "' 4 1 I 4- f 4 ' J -Q. Q 5 -J Glbbielt senior Pat Baugher Sweetiest senior Eiiine Kallioa Class Goat Paul Nelson mb ' l-Q :ff 7,1 Wg , 4,4 H13 wh rf-,V ' Q , f 4' 'P 1' A ? W rl M Avg .x1A"f 46 ' . QJA' . rfpgm. . .1 Y A I s ' l 4 X w, -1 ,E-Jr, hh Apple pelisher Belt dressed boy and glrl Ramona Blackwell Vivian Un4erwnd,Ark1e Williams Vw in-if Biggest bluffer Moat popular glrl and boy Bill Stokes Mildred D1n1ela,Berkely Smith CL mn ll-p"1 Moat Bnhful senior Book Worm Floyd Plush Betsy Kirkland I "MA f . --1-. A ' :JL 1 ,..- 1 ? U, Q .l, ,, , ' v ' ' A , ' . I , l Vw .. l , I . - . 5 f ' fun 7 1 , -3:75 N, D . 7--lf - uf, - , T. . ? , uit' s v ' 11.5 ' a '5 ,I - -. r 7' x 7 , ,ia C e L K .w . Q " , . A - 'D . f 1 T " . P Ne -V -1 M , . x X nh M ,,.- ---- , - N-' ' , O' 'V V. I .hy 'K , . . I. , 1,1 ,lg - ' ,iq ". wv , ' . .. -.. , .iT'I...,.N K ,, jk' fn, - K sv.. ,- at A N 0 - -Y.. V - .U , 'wr V I- ',v- .. " I . 1- ,Q f' . ' - ,Y f .3 Y L p -1? , 3 1 V K 7 ' 1- 1---.... 4 k ,.n. GRADUATION PROGRAMS BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Proceesional Doxelogy Invocation Lead On, O King Eternal Scripture Reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubles Sermon Love Devine, All Loves Excelling Benediction Recessional COMMENCEMENT Processional Invocation Piano Solo Selection Presentation Presentation Presentation Recesslonal Sunday, May 5, 1946 Senior Class Congregation The Rev J D Choir The Rev R M Choir The Rev R H Congregation The Rev E H Senior Class C Wilson Jones Jones Causey EXERCISES Friday, May 10, 1946 of Awards of Gift to School of Diplomas Validlctorian Salutatorian Student Council Award American Legion Award Athlitiic Award Science Award Spirit Committee Award Activity Award Citizenship Award American Legion Award SENIOR AWARDS Editor of School Paper Editor of School Annual Senior Clase The Rev W H Symank Mrs Marshall Crosby Dr H C Pannoll Halo Quartet Mr George Strong Berkeley Smith Mr W C McGowan Senior Class Ruth Baumann Vivian Underwood Viola Rainer Peter Fodor Richard Eastburn Mary Ann Cebhart Ramona Blackwell Charles Boller Ruth Baumann Ruth Baumann Peter Fodor Ruth Baumann "IIIIIIIIIIIIII--III- --IIIII . . . . ------IIIIIIIII IIII . .. -----------------------LIIIIIIIII , ,, ---------------------IIIIIIII , , , --IIIIIIIIIII'--IIII ---III ,' , , ----- ----------------------- . Address ----------------- -------- ------ . . . """"""'IIIIIIII--- IIII , ,D ...... :::::::::: . . . CUR BACKERS Nun-lf " 'QI' ix Fx-k"J'x nu . I -JA. , . .. ..,.. . , ,V 'dm 7' 4 K 1 Y UK 3 YV . 1 I A . .. . . .5 v 4- 1 5 , , 1 V: - S . V tx A,. . L ,Y E V .. -nj., ' U. A . . 4, ., M H .A - 1 P ' 4 .un aww .4f....-1-5-uannasv:-v-1. an ,5,5.,,, . ., . . -1 ..... ..., VA- -Q. y. . . . A .,v., .-......,.., -, . . ., ...K -Q., :wp-1:4 rx '-1 , V-41. . .1 .D-qu M...-.. on -,.- v.. fu., wa 1.4-.fy-an. 0- N A .. .f 1 1 ' 41 . K' v W N., ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,-,. ,. , ,, ,,. ,, i i 6 x I . . . f 4 44 1 - ' . I , ,W ,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,.,,,,,.,,,,,., ., . ,.,., .,.,. ,., .... ,, . .....?,,,,,L,,,, ..,. .. . W.- , . ..., ................... E ' D Y ' 1 Y " F.. ? 4 v . . I ,, 4 I i .K Y v -f ' - - g ,, , A 7 1 , 1 F I . ' . L wa. ' ww- 9 3 A . ,. I - I ,af ,. ' , V .v , , , . X i f A L 1 A f ga.-fa..-..,, Y. ... 4 , , ,- .M , ,. -...-. - g. -E . V ..N, ,-.,. ,-....,0.f-..-,....,,.-- Q., N... r 1 . x 4 L 1 . 1 r 1

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