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IIE? MES T 1 1 l - ' -.-4 --A W' l, . 4 e ". - 1 fa -f . sinz'-vi' X 1- wr'-Q-1' A I - - . - ' 'af fa . w- - ., . m - -vr -wt--- - M y -9 ' L -- N Nz- T- .-- -f' J .W M'--K Jw PM - N A N .i,. , + , Emma my L 'fig , V any ini: ,,, U fl, AJ . , ' , ., A -- 4 , ,--...wr-41,1--1 -1 '--' ,gm v i -Q f , gfff-51 , - -V . f - . 15- , - --fm.: . .,.-, , ' Vw-pqp-"'-'.j , 3: , 1 giwypal' , -- n , 'av V ,VSV Gm g g i , g -, 1t,. ku, V A 9 - qv I in V-MA .. :A AR M iid? , , M ' V: . 9, my 1- . f L .- -. ,.v, -. Q-, lxl' Af .,,- , - X. J -- f N, 5 ., '1-, M , 5 2- ., 'nu-, ---. 'm .5 I Lf ! f,f4g:kF"' -50 5. .i I. ., 4-34 ,A-V-., 125, I in--Q,-In i f ,V I . I ,ff -A - 43 14, Whig- . - , ,gg , -'p 'tate .-.7-ft, A fi ,,s"3T'f',- . -- M .. -f ' F -'A' '... a lv - ' x aff" ' L-0' 'X x 'W M4: --2 4 " ' .3'lw'.n---I xi .,- --'A w ,fn ' - - 3' '- -g1'v'-sffdy. ...V 3+ 1-'+L - ., - . - 'q ,fr F., -A '- 1 wa - . -. -- W.. - .4 f -5- ,rm ,K . 'A - .L A Q I ,I .., 'fvfn -,,..e.1:u,:4 .. K. gf . .I V ,W H , ,4 W. .Q ,J vin, A x' . - ' . ' - f 11,25 -:ff ,inf - - 'Inf-. . 1 " - ' ' .. , V' - 'k,-L,- -.wg 4 13- J -gf-'Iwi .sn-"" - - ff'--""'1"",-1' -f -f-f-v-- --X"L.. m -:mr .ml H" J- -'A' 4 . K- , . - ,X K -we ,,-uv , .. ' x ,:-Y... fm- Y ' 'J - -f ' D -M' . 'R-" f f . ' M L2---g'M,,,f,. 1 , zf'.m-L"-"xA""h -.. bf- ' --y " ' - an M-" . .- r ' .4 , 'Q' . "V "- -- " my ,,a"l"""' . ,, -- ' w , - - -:Y Y" sh- , W ' ' Q .ew - "'?"' , -'f,,.... 4 - -- U 1 6,5 AauQf.aaJ-4. U gg-HQ. 5 ,fvhgg , ul 'af , ' I' ' -,nu-3-' ,4 Hg.. ,. ' A T' we M- 5,-x -. "f av , -v-' I 4. 1 . ,j ' qw 4 W , W 3 . A--Awe- - 'sry ' X- V .. f . g...-my , 4,,,,. Zur, ,,"' Y- . ,, , M Ei. ...A , ,,, g, ,L - h I ,, I L M ag , , A . , -o . MN- -P - -,. ----1-.-1---'--3-, , . , - . Q M ,, ,, , . .A ' A w , , d-- -Y . , M: if ,L - . --."'1'-...ff ww J 'tax' " 'F 3 ,, . , ' ,R gif-Q Us v-Fu' A' Q x4,l,X ' .QE ' ' ' f - Q t g f', -J, 1 -M ,- -' KL -' , ,- u ' . L V , W J ,' .C ,W JA:-v? I vi wp, V v KJ A qw 1 b ., 'R 9' 4 - -. - R ,-4' . fl-+3kHfi'-15? H'-lk" " 7 fi' 'I X ' X ' . -' " " ' K 'P . , ' iY"'v'-if 'vb "--J' . 'f""'7 -:fs-Q ff. gif' -"- - f - 'H- .-413.4-' " . Q-1 MHS. L X. X- SHQQ 414 ' ,, A .'-' ' 1 ' ..., -N , - ' I 'I - ' 2' ' W' I -' 4r.1 -'hs 2.-wg ,-:4 A. ' x Q .. ,pl-.Q , 5 ' ,,5' " . , YM . " "'i',:,':'.u" .3 f , M -T 5-'lm R k k 4' Q e W ' h Y - -,N ry- -4 .1 ' ' ,rf " 17-'.. -' -fa in .. Nat? ?v"'g ff rm 'f ' 0 i , 4 .' -Q -:W-1. -"" N YL -- L -1 ,I ' 'L' -v,n.."!'v9 A -ww 'J' au- " "" "' lift wg.:- a-- hm :pals ., if '51, TO THE STUDENTS OF goard Higg... l ! f . gnqnnl 3:25 Im' L '- " "' I CUNA wwmmw ,gf,,1-We fwlcff-D,j'05Q'0Z!Q5oA,,yef4f, idkyiff Z f Jw WW 4,,L,fzLfffWM7AiQ,L,,,,-If PWM HW fwfzffwfd ,wa WW? S, px fWLMMyMyy MQ! fy! 7 I, d',,g.L'Zf"LJ J AZDLZW uf- Au-7' I MSM 1 A W Af, KW fgjff f 1 ,Jaw ff 1,4414 Woman? Q, fpwipkf LZ . -'J' . wwf 6000 ' QUT' 4-,affkffyydwu , "'C'A'! fi ,dbedwf wwe' Q ' X A vffffzaij A V S, Af. if W 'A of ML W 4 , M , MV , 1 Jfgfzf -f if A AN M Af-Jifffv I Y ig, 1 fffw WMM IAQW- MLQZAW if .v ,.. , ,. g I-.,.i,.,x , ,if A 11, " ,. -' A.. 74 4. . - 53 ,- -Aru ,-tw. 1.1 ,- , .A . ... fm. -.1 ..-3L"'L4 ff F. -4- lv' ..1.P. 445,-I i- -'dx 4 f , ., .,,. , . . .37 "' fff5'r':' '-,' .1 f' rf- 2- C 0 N T E N I S ,'.1-.-I-:...f- I vm: ' :, A ,Ax-":a'., .I ,. ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISING X 7 f iywwlwfffyjj MWWWIMDI M 1 mf THE 1959 uatra Log Published By The Senior Class h Of FRED T. FOARD HIGH SCHOOL Newion, North Carolina psf' 'v 1, 40 f 'O C 9 o Q , X 4 - 1 2 ! 3. bf 4 Mk, Tw ' ,K ' if 4 I ' S i. MH may fp .L x I, ' W eg i f: X, . W im '- '- :rg , A WW L' 42, 1. W 4' 1 I R A., u X "Where's that book?" is a familiar echo in the halls. Students from college preparatory class in Senior English demonstrate ability for lack of ability! IJ to com- municate e ff e c t iv e ly . Surprised faces and hearty laughter leave no doubt that something went wrong either in giving or in following the directions. EFFORT TO RECORD forevern. ' MEMORIES OF 1959 2 i First Student Council New gym Junior-Senior banquet Sf ' t ' enior rip Football team Shocking but true is the evidence of whether or not we have been preparing for mid-term exams. "Only one point!" Our tigers fell victims to Bandys trojans. I l JOY DISAPPOINT 1 MENT Th dgmewith df tdB dyb 5, b t 5, F d lpn 'Tj 5249 ANXIETIES... MEDITATION COMPANIONSHIP 'umm 41, Conducting a practical experiment on counter-clockwise moments are physics, students, Jim Deal and Larry Phillips. Home Economics department offers the chance to experiment in cooking and sewing. Using facilities made available to the agriculture department, boys learn how to improve rural farm conditions. OUR SCHOOL OFFERS A CHANCE TO EXPERIMENT Learning to dissect worms is the pleasure of the bio- AND LEARN... The library offers our students a storehouse of knowledge. .M 9 Y' f Y! I af 3 L-M--nt X f 1 xx. ,Y H x f 2 R Y 353 D 5 . .A-ww' "iw -1 fig:-.,,., 945 M3 SS ' All' 2 . Q Z3 QQ- ,ff 4. , .. . , W w .ff N A -if '52 X fx.-f -. Q A x' ' ,,,f , Q, A, I ,M , M ' X yygv ,f Q ,,,- fm ff. A X s .1- ' 'aww .W , .fx V , ac., ,fx ., 4 4, , , x f, w 7 , W .w',,L,? -Q x. , I 'V 5 - vm S1 - Working hard to secure another ad to finance our annual are Jim Deal and Tommy Banks. W I .Km ali Few realize how hard it is to get the school newspaper, the Foardonian, out on schedule. Co-editors Eve Anthony and Jeanne Frye work diligently to meet deadline. STRIVE TO OBTAIN OUR OBJECTIVES Dedication .my-wt , To Mr. Charles C. Wyant, whose kindness and understanding have overflowed to all stu- dents and made our lives at Foard more enjoy- ableg who has endeavored to make science more appealing in this scientific ageg whose jovial and sincere personality has made him a friend as well as an excellent teacher, we, the Senior Class of 1959, dedicate this edition of the QUATRA-LOG. 3 If . 1 P u 1 S A 5 1 I . . w Q S L F1 l DNIINISTRATIQN The faculty, though often the least appreciated, but certainly the most valuable, always has the students' interests at heart. ONE PERIOD Ullfftat 10:43 The period finally starts after morning announcements. Mr. Wyant calmly explains Forcex distance 2 Force x Distance as puzzled students look on. T ' Er' 10:45 Seems as if student Fry has to be shown. 10:47 Yes, it does work! Demonstrating a law of physics finally convinces student. I4 WITH A TEACHER a Eifen 11:10 Teacher must hurry if he gets ac- ross today's problem. 11:20 Class dismissed! Seems as if some students such as Sigmon and Proctor can't get enough of physics or Mr. EK , W 1: 11:07 "If you will kindly pay attention, I shall try to explain the incline plane." Wyant. I5 MR. O. N. LYNN One who has guided many students on their way to success and who is continually improving the curricu- lum of our school. OUR ADMINISTRATION GUIDES SCHOOL The School Board is faced with many tasks as it capably guides and directs the administration of our school. dn' Mr. Marshall Clay Mr. Rome Jarrett ay.,-I., Mr. Dan Phillips Mr. Herbert Teague I6 gaculty MISS LOIS COON . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . . . U.N.C.. . . English 1,3 . . . Adviser of Senior Class Play . . . Future Teachers of America Sponsor. MRS. ALMA B. REITZEL . . . A.S.T.C., B.S. . . . Rutherford College . . . Lenoir Rhyne . . . Graduate work Ohio State University . . . Uni- versity of Colorado . . . Latin 1, English 2, English4 . . . Senior Adviser . . . Annual Ad- viser . . . Sponsor of Junior Classical League Chapter. MR. J. LOY SOX . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . U.S.iHistory, World History, Economics . . Guidance Counselor . . . Senior Sponsor . . Adviser to Student Council. MR. CHARLES WYANT . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . . . A.S.T.C., M.A .... Biology, Physics, Chemistry . . . Junior Sponsor . . . Junior- Senior Banquet . . . Adviser of Senior Play. MR. D. A. ANTHONY . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . . . Algebra l,2, Plane Geometry, Solid Geo- metry . . . Sponsor of Key Club . . . Junior Sponsor. MRS. DESSIE P. SETZER . . . Bowling Green College of Commerce, Kentucky, A.B. . . . Indiana Business College . . . Ball State Teach- ers College, Indiana . . . Shorthand 1,2, Book- keeping . . . Junior-Senior Banquet . . . Junior Sponsor. MRS. NELVA C. GOODSON . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . . . French 1,2, Eng1ish2 . . . Sopho- more Sponsor . . . Beta Club Sponsor . . . French Club Sponsor . . . Newspaper Adviser. MR. M. D. HONEYCUTT . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B .... Health . . . Basketball, Baseball, Football Coach . . . Health Co-ordinator . . . Athletic Director . . . Athletic Club Sponsor . . . Freshman Sponsor. 1, js, W 3 .Chg r UMKC Q Nz. Ii, Q. . K Ig it if FWS 'Vx Haculiy MRS. SYBIL B. STEWART . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B .... General Mathematics, Algebra 1,2 . . . Sophomore Sponsor. MR. HUGH PEELER . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . . . World History, English 1, General Science . . . Football Coach . . . Girls' Basketball Coach . . . Sophomore Sponsor. MRS. KATHLEEN ISENHOUR . . . A.S.T.C., A. B .... Civics, Clerical Practice, Typing 1, Bookkeeping . . . Typist Adviser of newspaper . . . Freshman Sponsor. MR. JOHN C, RADER . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . . . Graduate work at Duke . . .General Science . . . Sponsor of Science Club . . . Freshman Sponsor. MRS. SARA CURTIS . . . Winthrop, B.S. . . . Home Economics 1,2 . . . Freshman Sponsor. MR. A. E. SHUGART . . . N. C. State, B. S. . . Agriculture 1,2,3 . . . F.F.A. Sponsor. MRS. CAROLYN CAMPBELL . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B.. . .Catawba College . . . Englishl . . . f Librarian . . . Library Club Sponsor . . .Ad- viser for Annual. MR. O. N. LYNN . . . Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. . U. N. C. . . . Principal. I8 M54 M X T n '---- .,.., A, ....-- - 3 MIS rw x , A tk' "'--v--.........,,,,,,Q...,..M,, l-...Y ' CLASSES In thief :spuvc age our clussvs arv gcvingg buck in oluplmnsis lm rwaciixlg, Titing, :md '1'ilhmvtic'. Class of 1959 Senior Officers Making plans for our senior trip, preparing Finally realizing that it's almost over, mea- for graduation, and organizing class projects are suring for caps and gowns, being honored guests the main concerns of Senior Class officers Edna at Jr.-Sr., and saying last goodbyes have been a Leonhardt, President, Larry Phillips, Vice- part of this our last year. PresidentgSandraKay Schrum, Secretary, Allen Proctor, Treasurer, and Nancy Speagle, Re- porter. Larry Phillips Sandra Kay Schrum Edna Leonhardt Nancy Speagle Allen Proctor ,iv 'L,.m.,,, D-f 20 es- Q-A in fr' ! 15+ BETTY JEAN ANTHONY KENNETH WAYNE ARROWOOD TOMMY BANKS ROBERT THURMAN BIGGERSTAFF WILLIE JOANNE BOLICK DARRELL PINKN EY BRITTAIN racluation 6ounJ-May 19, 1959 Seniors Always there when you need them are Most Dependable Nancy Speagle and Larry Phillips. 21 i. N- X Ulf' 'B' hs. 'V'-w-B.. L-1 sung 'Vx .14 Aff pgs, 4 e LAST CRAMMING FOR MID-TERMS JANUARY 15-16 S e n 1 o rs RONALD JAMES CRAIG WARREN LESTER CRAIG KATHRYN LOUISE CRAWLEY MILDRED IRENE DAVIS JAMES JEFFERY DEAL JOAN CAROLE FALARDEAU 1 Friendliest Jackie Hefner and Carroll Whitener always seem to have a smile on their faces - even while telephoning. 23 Superlaiives X .VXA -- l Seniors Most Athletic Ronald Craig and Peggy Cook admire the trophy they helped to win. CAREER DAY AT BALLS CREEK GUIDES SENIORS TOWARD VOCATION. HAROLD LAWRENCE FRY CURTIS NELSON FULBRIGHT BARBARA ELLEN GROSS NORA HELEN HATLEY JACQUELINE HEFNER MARTHA SUE HERMAN 'lm....,.,,f 'Q-. IYYYI 'Pm in ef 'EJ' A" ,vhs 9-...- qv-4 ,Q- F5 ,?Q ' A.- 1'- 'bs Ale . ii ,vm Q' 'QS .MNQ . 1 i , L HQGAHQQQE ,, 'Uv Y , f-- 1 AL , 25 199 1 CHARLES BUFORD HUFFMAN ALENE JOHNSON DOROTHY CAROL KAHILL PHYLLIS IRENE KAHILL KATHERINE LOUISE KANUPP JANELDA SUE KILBY KAY FRANCES KIRBY AUGUSTA ANN LAMBERT K, .V Qzf A L 199 THOMAS LAMBERT RACHEL ALICE LEATHERMAN W 41 an " 1 'Wg TK BOBBY LEE LEATHERMAN PATRICIA ANN LENTZ 5 Q., A A N14 A 4 ' QL ' 'TSE .Q 21 A EDNA PAULINE LEONHARDT Q Q fx sw ix 1,1 n.. mf.. ui, AM.,-f zu' a ll- i lg 26 BILLIE MELVIN L EONHARDT RALPH LOWMAN JUDY KAY LUTZ 'rf 'lx ."""""" 'sw-, . Lge Seniors Setting a good example of Neat- ness are Junior Burgin and Rachel Leatherman. 27 like 'I 4 3151 f,, , EUNICE GEMMIAE MATTHEWS BILLY JOE PARKER LARRY STEVEN PHILLIPS JAMES ALLEN PROCTOR KENNETH WILLIAM PROPST CLARA BELLE PRUETTE Superlaiives Seniors Ever striving to increase their kn 0 wl e d g e are Most Intellectual Robert Biggerstaif and Sandra Kay Schrum. Superlafwes V' PATRICIA RADER JANICE MAJORIE RUDISILL JERRY DEAN RI-IONEY MARY ELLEN RHONEY NELLIE RUDISILL SANDRA KAY SCHRUM LONG-AWAITED SENIOR TRIP APRIL 12-18 L ff' r 'P 44,-e T :A Ax wwfu , d..x I. I 'WWW J 7 A, K: L .. 'C' 'WM- iglluew-v ww 29 1959 ELIZABETH LOUISE SHORT LEONARD NATHAN SHULL LINDA CAROLYN SHULL BETTY JEAN SIGMON BOBBY SIGMON JERRY MASON SIGMON CAROLYN SIMMONS NORMA JEAN SIMMONS Superlatives MARY FRANCES SMITH NANCY LOU SPEAGLE WALTER SUDDERTH JAMES HERBERT TEAGUE, JR. ROBERT WESLEY TEAGUE, JR. JERRY TOWNS END Seniors Most Courteous Jim Deal and Edna Leonhardt display good man- ners at all times. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET, WHEN WE'RE THE GUESTS. L. in l ff ,w, 'ig as 'UN X 1.5- 'US 'K+ Q., if 'lax AN. tx s 1... .... 'Vx iw .fl-X I N. " 1 it . Qu, ,K IR L 4 3 I 199 JOYCE LOUISE TRIPLETT MARGIE CAROLYN TURNER JACKIE LOUELLA WARD LINDA KAYE WILSON DAVID MONROE WHISNANT, JR DIANE LOUISE WHISNANT CARROLL WHITENER SADIE MARIE WHITENER iv' qw, Jw 12" wx 'Wi .svwvnn J fx Y""5 Q Q. 1 . s., J' Seniors Mascots, Joy Mull and Brent White- ner, lead class at graduation. 'R+-4 4 LM 'vw SANDRA LEE WINEBARGER JAMES NED WOOD BARBARA JEAN YODER MARY ALICE YODER FORNEY FITZHUGH YOUNG, JR AVERY LOUIS YOUNT 32 911 Memoriam ' Rbyzii oeoo Makehampton staumg, 111 July 1, 1941--October 8, 1958 We, the members ofthe Junior Class of 1959, dedicate our Junior section to Max. Class Qf 1960 unior Qfficers Making a dash dovsm the steps are junior officers: President, Patricia Richardg Vice- President, Carol n Whisnant Secretar Jeanne Among the many wonderful memories the students have of their junior year are planing for y 3 y, the Junior-Senior Banquet, getting class rings, Fryg Treasurer, Barbara Mooreg Reporters, and selecting Miss Foard Hi from their class. Gene Whitener, Linda Cansler. Patricia Richard Carolyn Whisnant Linda Cansler Barbara Moore Jeanne Fry Gene Whitener 34 Barbara Abernathy Dorothy Abernathy Ruth Abernathy Eve Anthony Richard Arrowood Judy Bolick Christine Bumgarner Linda Canipe Wilford Canipe Linda Cansler Carolene Clevenger Carlotta Cobb Mary Sue Craig Jackson Crawley Judy Downey Nancy Eller Kathy Fox Jeanne Frye Charles Fulbright Richard Gilliland Louise Green Paul Gross Troy Hallman Sandra Hilton Brenda Houser Larry Houser Billie Ann Huffman Emma Jean Huffman Connie Hunt Joyce Kay Huss Jacob Jarrett Alice Johnson Hugh Johnson Chris Jones Glen Kenworthy Thelma Kirby Thomas Kirby Linda Kiser Vernon Lackey Gerald Leatherman Charles Lutz Ellen Lynn Helen Martin Donald McRee Etta Mae Mitchell Barbara Moore Levon Parker Reid Perry 'Wu 'VS unn- Q -Q Q. Z Alix' A ,Ji 40.1 r W, if my-7 V S rg Q A El aa 3. I N. YL ' 'FL I' -dvi! 9 ,.... rv A ,ai 11 'L f R Mack Pitts Evelyn Propst Carrell Pruette Darrell Pruette Carolyn Rhoney Tawanna Rhoney Patricia Richard Frank Robinson Jerry Ann Rogers Blonnie Rudisill Annie Belle Sain John Sanders Joyce Settlemyre Joan Sherrill Bonnie Shook Janice Short Barbara Schrum Mary Sue Smith Richard Smith Stanley Smith Terry Smith Richard Speagle Wanda Stallings Jimmy Teague Joe Teague Sandra Thomas Jo Ann West Carolyn Whisnant Elaine Whisnant Gene Whitener Nancy Wilson Gail Winebarger Frances Woody Texie Wyant Mary Rose Yoder B. lnnal Os. Not pictured Larry Canipe Sue Houch George Hancock John Sanders Clara Cochrane Two juniors gaze at magazines which they helped to sell to finance the Jun ior-Senior Banquet. Class of 1961 Sophomore Officers Arra.nging a Sock Hop and working hard for the chocolate sale are Sophomore officers: Heidy Fletcher, President, Neoma Young, Vice-Presi- dent, Mary Ellen Robinson, Treasurer, Syble Abernathy, Secretary, May Buff, Wanda Scronce, Reporters. Having loads of fun becoming sophisticated sophomores, showing green freshmen how atypi- cal high school student should act, and giving each one something to look forward to have been the pleasure of all sophomores this year. Wanda Scronce Mary Ellen Robinson Heidy Fletcher May Buff Neoma Young Syble Abernathy Butch Abernathy Gary Abernathy Sibyle Abernathy Judy Abernathy Ann Arrowood Douglas Baker Harold Benfield Janet Brackett Brenda Bridges Harold Brittain Kay Brittain Lillie Ann Brittain Barbara Brooks Peggy Brown Mae Buff Norris Buff Judy Burris Reid Burgin Rachel Burris Audrey Butts Bobby Canipe Brenda Canipe Ernie Cline Tom Clay Cecil Cook Jo Ann Cook Shirley Cook Sylvia Day Larry Deal Barbara Deaton Carroll Detter Norris Detter Danny Dickerson Linda Drum 'X f- mme i S vw'-C - fu ' "' 1. -., DN ft fx 4 H! Jaw.. ,- .7 55, - av.. . on 33 , S. ,,,. A wk L if y. XT? 'vw- iw we '43 fi Q. we- K K I., pf. if "mn, S i rv- 'N i si 1 , 40 s.h,- " . f A r ,,. ,, - A 1. X Q-1 5 'S 'vs ,,, ,J .wk '- 4-1 ,fx ON C.. lb ' Q., 1. Q , an ,QR E N 4 Q ,QS ask gb .: GV: Q ' IH my :Ki I N J .a-. we , " " ,- I . " Q, 4, Sy S- -- eh- f .vm o- ,P K ,F fm, , 'F 1 if K fl- R R D- Q 1 s M v lt- : G 'R 'a-fd V pf' ' r 5 o ww. , vw 4 F . . 1 V is L Q x. t R N, f, ww 1- R, 2 tilrvay Q.: 4 . si.. at 4. 4. f by K A Patricia Duncan Brenda Falls Heidy Fletcher Vonita Fredell Betty Fulbright Judy Fulbright Paul Fulbright, Jr. Robert Fulbright Betty Fowler Dallas Hatley Larry Honeycutt Faye Houser Bill Heavner Janice Hilderbran Richard Hoke Bobby Hood Nancy Huffman Carolyn Huss Kay Ingle David Jarrett Elizabeth Jones Connie Johnson C. W. Kirby Kay Kiser Ronald Kiziah Catherine Lail Jesse Lail Jimmy Lail Joann Leatherman Joyce Leatherman Phillip Leatherman Teddy Leatherman Arlene Ledford Linda Lowman Hubert Lutz Larry Lutz Eulass Lynn Mary Lynn Ransom Lynn Evelyn Lovelace Glenn Mauser David McCaslin Tommy Mitchell Charles Mitchem Eugene Mull Carol Parker Grady Pate Buford Pike Harold Price Larry Propst Anne Punch David Punch Gerald Rhoney Joyce Sain Mary Kate Scronce Steve Scronce Wanda Scronce David Settlemyre Eddie Setzer Nancy Setzer Barbara Sigmon Buckie Sigmon Connie Short Judy Shull Brantley Smith Donald Smith Hazel Smith Linda Smyre Donald Stallings Julia Stallings 'JT' ' slr 'es . K at 'P' tl v. Q'f1n Q J gi'-T Q K i 4- 1, ff ine if .-'hai SL ... , Q 1 Q .J will H 4"': it is ,-1, 4... 1 .1 - 33-t 4'1 i I ,, 1' is oo r if l it M 1 .aw Lv la M? 2 gl, . ' aw:-: V. . Q W W wm- K+' 42 gf?- Q Qfk ..-Va K x,'v, . i Q' Uw- VR " ,mc . 2 H " Tr-r ff I .- N 9 S t-N. A ,,, 'iv , f U,-'ex -1 ,-A J Sf- 'N A iw, wk " 'Q it 5 J all ' t ji 5 A Q 1 x Not Pictured Neomi Edmonds Gene Fulbright Joe Fulbright Lucille Hullet Donald Rhoney Mary Ellen Robinson Floyd White Woodrow Dixon Bobby Wright Ernest Wright Hugh Wright V- ,tx qs N I R t M , -M to iii S, vx in Neoma Young Part of the Sophomore year includes dissecting frogs. 43 " Mandy Stallings Wanda Sudderth Maxine Teague Linda Truitt Tommy Turner Jeanette Ward Roger Warlick Sandra Waters Jerry Whisnant Malinda Whisnant Barron Whitener David Whitener Nathaniel Whitener Ronnie Whitener Marvin Wilfong, Jr Jimmy Wilson Robert Wilson Bobby Wood Richard Woody Martha Yoder Class of 1962 greshman Officers Finding time for leisure in the library are Our one year as "green freshmen"has really Freshmen Class officers Carolyn Banks, Presi- flown by. Electing officers, having class meet- dentg Christine Fulbright, Vice-Presidentg Alis ings, learning to study, and making the most of Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Rita Ann Propst our first year have been enjoyable. and Linda Huffman, Reporters. Christine Fulbright Rita Ann Propst Carolyn Banks Linda Huffman Alis Johnson 44 S.: I Q up fri' Q .f X bv 1. 'N- WY!! al Fx 5. 'vi- I fork 5, Q. "Nw 'YS J .F vw, Lf jf, .Ng A A ' ' 45 fi? ,4 dl My or Kenneth Auten Carolyn Banks Glenn Barger Jane Berryhill Judy Bolick Richard Bolick Jean Brackett Dale Buff Greer Buff Lois Bumgarner David Burris Joyce Canipe John Cansler Annie Mae Carver Joe Childers Randall Childers Juanita Clark Abbie Clay Ellis Clay Ann Cole Andy Cook Joan Cook Brenda Costner Melvin Coulter Wayne Crafton Daphine Craig Benny Davis Rita Donkle Patsy Floyd Harvey Fox Roger Fry Sidney Frye Christine Fulbright Dale Fulbright Earl Fulbright Jerry Fulbright Johnny Fulbright Mattie Fulbright Margaret Fulbright Mary Ruth Fulbright Patricia Fulbright Joe Gilliland Faye Greenhill Glenn Herman Coyte Hicks Barbara Hill Dorothy Holden Patricia Hollar David Hoover Margaret Houser Joe Howard Myrtle Hoyle Linda Huffman Vivian Huffman Alis Johnson Coy Johnson Mary Jean Johnson David Killian Jesse Kiser Harley Lail X IFN wg, . af? +. Q ' it 46 'lla 'YN -.. -Q F v QQ. tl :V-E 'VX X-. N., L W ,hz i. 'aw 4' N Ah v Q g. 5. VV 1315, '-475 R I i 22. V " vt M e - f X i Q.. Q. an-.,,. 'Y 'K' 2 ws'- ks Q-1 f- . J , . Steven Lail Judy Lamb Roger Landis Grady Ledford Linda Leinbach Pamela Lentz Levonda Lovelace Quentin Lowman Alan Lutz Carolyn Lutz Elsie Marlow Joyce Mathis Marvel McCas1in Peggy McKinnon Loyd McRae Gary Moncrief Kathleen Moyer Kenneth Mull Joy Sue Norris Donald Parker Kay Pike Katherine Pitts Carl Price Billy Prince Rita Propst Carl Radar Billy Reep Joyce Rhoney Keniethia Rhoney Larry Rhoney Steve Rhoney Linda Riley Aundria Rudisill Phil Sain Joyce Saunders Carolyn Scronce Nancy Seitz Gwendora Setzer Howard Shook Carolyn Shull Linda Shull Maxine Shull Coleen Sigmon Keith Sigmon John Sigmon Doris Simmons Larry Smyre Larry Stallings Evalina Starnes Jean Teague Kirby Thomas Jasper Thompson Mary Townsend Jerlean Walker James Weaver Brenda Wellman Tina West Margaret Whisnant Charlie Whitener Judy Whitener ln. All... Nga Linda Whitener Rheda Whitener Lynette Wilfong Betty Wright Ida Wyant t P Q e in he Q' Brenda Young ig Charles Young , MQ.- - Julia Young NOT PICTURED Johnny Carswell David Price O13 Watts Joyce Griffey T. C. Scronce Jack Whitener Kay Howell Steve Townsend Donald Willis Glenn Jarrett Thomas Truitt Bobby Winebarger Ray Mathews John Watts Fred Wright Daily exercise forms a part of the iw-':2'S "5ff'ff" ,i if S Freshman routine. F' ' '- 'W 9 V' f 'S 'f' " ' V - 'X 3 f 1 pg -',""' fre f gfesel?i.4m.1ae as A Im eg-.,.,fg i -ss P' we f V as nf Q 49 'W . R is "Studying about government and cur- rent affairs in WORLD WEEK starts civics." -4 we 54? fists, A clay with t W -........t.,........-e-vu-' ,W , , 'iw'-'ww'-"'i"" "Practicing basketball stimulates one early in the morning." 1. "Fourth period and Latin-of course St d h ll t 1 t d h t Catghyup im Somzjvoflg, a C ance 0 in this difficult study one must obtain ' some help from the teacher." sf ,i 1 SO A Hreshman F7339 "A climax to a day of study is alge- S ent ,, bra. My, thoseformulas are tricky." p ' "Learning about the classics occupies part of English Class." al "Finally it's time for lunch and a chance to relax." "At last, another day of school well use I 0 9' X My Q S 5 if W5 y ff". r if K, lx J., W 2 Z I X5 51 If 'M3 K . 4 a X 1 I , ,. I . If L 44 4' -dar .N Z' ' , 1 Au. f , A... I N' I f ss, Mr.Sox gives his class in geography und world affairs a lecture. N, 2 Helping M. E. Rhoney with her book- keeping exercises is Mrs. Setzer. A glance at our classes Mr. Lynn makes the daily announce- ments. T. Banks has a puzzled look Mrs. Goodson checks to see as Mr. Anthony explains the if J. Burgin has been getting solid geometry problem. to study hall on time. - W "Wg an 52 W.N.,.....,.,,,.u.,u.,r. - - - as '- V mzggggfs 3 AC TIVI TI ES The various projects, conventions, and honors of our clubs and organi zations have made this a delightful year. U i - uhffgm. !if'f 5 9-Vg The Key Club plans for the initiation T. Wyant gets ready for the Beta of new members. Club's weekly bake sale. Activities Qeep us Eusy It's a busy day for the students when the Photographer takes Pictures for The French II Club holds a bake sale the annual- to raise money for their projects. 54 .Liam 5 ay A L o-wg. 1. A e ,yvgy . 4 , , If . , .ing K , ,. . Xi 7 ,, . - A f . in 4 Larry Phillips, Louis Yount, Allen Proctor, Robert Biggerstaff, Harold Fry. 3ive Eoys serve as marshals. For the first time in Foard's history five boys have led their class scholastically with a 96 or higher average. Chief Marshal, Robert Biggerstaff, Marshals pose informally for snap- leads seniors on graduation night. shot. 'w ' 3 x if 55 First row: H. Fletcher, B. Moore, C. Banks. Second row: Mr. Sox, Adviser, Mrs. Stewart, Ad- viser. Third row: L. Phillips, President, K. Kirby, Vice-President, M. R. Yoder, Secretary, C. Whisnant, Treasurer, Mrs. Goodson, Adviser. goarct estatilishes first Student The Student Council supervises student government activities, enforces regulations, tries students who have disobeyed, and determines the penalities to be applied. The purpose of the Student Council is to foster a. more co-operative spirit among the students of Foard, to create and maintain high standards of honor, and to promote a wholesome school spirit. 56 Student Council members await the result of their voting for hall patrol members. -Jia! ,efmfvw V il' Eff: :5 1 k ...ig zz, First row: W. Schronce, R. Propst, S. K. Schrum, J. Deal. Second row: C. W. Kirby, M. Buff, E. Anthony, T. Kirby. Third row: T. Wyant, J. Frye, E. Whisnant, I. Wyant, S. Lail. overnmeni The hall patrol keeps the halls in order during the changing of classes. in its History Our Student Council has organized a hall patrol to help eliminate the conjestion during the change of classes. Astudent is warned twice before he is brought before the judicial branch of the Student Council. The problem of parking cars has also been solved by the Student Council. 57 The students, teachers, sports, features, and all the activities of this year at Fred T. Foard are re- corded in this edition of the Quatra-Log. Planning the dummy, getting pictures made, and meeting the deadline was a big headache for the annual staff, but in spite of the problems we have enjoyed the work. Mrs. Reitzel checks work with co-editors, Kay Kirby and Carroll Whitener, on last minute copy. Quaira-Q-gg staff Seated: C. Whitener, K. Kirby, Mrs. Reitzel, Mrs. Campbell. Standing: P. Kahill, D. Whisnant, J. Falardeau, N. Speagle, B. Anthony, S. Schrum, J. Burgin, H. Frye. 58 The advertising staif is a group of busy students whose personalities and sales talk must be supreme. Without their many hours of working and their feet sore from pounding the pavement our annual would be im- possible. Selling subscriptions to the annual, preparing and assembling the ad pages, and distributing the annuals have been the tasks of this group. The Advertising Staff meets to plan the strategy of selling ads in the fall. foils many Hours Seated: P. Cook, J. Deal, Business Managersg J. Hefner. Standing: L. Shull, K. Arrowood, A. Lam- bert, T. Banks, B. J. Sigmon, C. Turner, J. Sigmon. 59 0 ewzefdfw .Witt , , 1 44 M. R. Yoder, S. Smith, E. Anthony and J. Frye, Co-editorsg B. Huffman. Mrs. Goodson, T. Wyant, C. Rhoney, T. Kirby, C. Pruette. Students, Thomas Kirby and Carrell Pruette, hurriedly mimeograph the school newspaper. goarctonian sta Writing and rewriting, typing and retyping, and always trying to catch up describes the newspaper staff. Co-editors Eve Anthony and Jeanne Fry try des- perately to get a.11 the news turned in on schedule but with little success. A11 editors must keep "on the ball" to collectlthe happenings at school. 60 Seated: G. Whitener, S. Schrum, B. J. Sigmon, C. Whisnant. Standing: M. Buff, L. Huffman, R Propst, W. Schronce, P. Kahill, A. Lambert, N. Speagle, B. Shook, P. Richard. Qeeps scnool in Formed. Typist, class reporters, mimeograph and business managers contribute toward making the newspaper successful. Janice Rudisill, our reporter, keeps the Hickory Daily Record informed of school activities. 61 D.Whisnant, Treasurer, A. Proctor, President, S. Schrum, Secretary, B. Anthony, Program Chairman, L. Phillips, Vice-President. Second row: Mrs. Goodson, Adviser, D. Whisnant, A. Lambert, M.R. Yoder, H. Frye, C.Whitener, Reporter. Third row: B.Shook, F. Frye, B. J. Sigmon, S. Smith. Fourth row: J. Rudisill, P. Richard, T. Wyant, N. Speagle, K. Kirby. Fifth row: C. Pruette, E. Anthony, C. Rhoney, B. Huffman, C. Whisnant. Sixth row: J. Deal, T. Banks, R. Biggerstaff, L. Yount, T. Kirby. Beta Club provides Easleets for needy. Beta Club members, Texie Wyant and Nancy Speagle, sell cake to students to raise money for sending dele- gates to the State Convention. The Beta Club is a. non-secret, leadership-service organization for high school students. The purpose of this organization is to promote the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among high school students of Americag to reward meritorious achievement, and to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school. The Beta Club holds a bake sale each week to raise money for various projects. The club plans to send two members to the state convention in April. Fruit baskets were given to needy families of the com- munity at Christmas. i . Ji' 62 f'.""'. A 'N in-nnA .,,, .-KA 3 Ng .. Q W . not t.9a ,Mx if ' A - N First row: J. Deal, President, L. Yount, Vice-President, R. Craig, Treasurer, J. Burgin, Secretary. Second row: A. Proctor, D. Brittain, N. Wood, D. Whisnant, W. Sudderth, J. Rhoney. Third row: J. Teague, R. Biggerstaff, Mr. Anthony, Adviser, T. Banks, F. Young, L. Phillips, C. Whitener, T. Lam- bert. Key Club members Guild to serve The Key Club is a boy's service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis International. The members workin theschool store, try to promote better citizen- ship and help in other school functions. Members are selected on the basis of scholastic ability, leadership qualities, and citizenship. The Fred T. Foard High School Chapter of the Key Club is sponsored by Mr. Anthony. 63 Key Club Adviser, Mr. Anthony, hands President Jim Deal a list of new members to be initiated. was e -me The French 1 Club is composed of students taking French for the first year. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the students with some of the varied aspects of French civilization. Patricia Richard is recognized during the regular French 1 Club meeting. grench students correspond First row: H. Martin, A. Arrowood, W. Scronce, B. Shook. Second row: Mrs. Goodson, Adviser, J. Huss, E. Jones, J. Rogers, R. Kiziah, B. Sigmon. Third row: B. Abernathy, J. Shull, R. Perry, D. Whitener, E. Setzer. Q .rf i 4 X M H .,ii ., Q .V un func: 4. 4 64 The French II Club is made up of students taking French II. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the students with the varied aspects of French civilization. with pen-pals Stanley Smith enjoys second piece of cake at the French Club bake sale. The French II Club holds a bake sale once a month in order to raise money to buy French readers and other literature. First row: G. Whitener, B. J. Anthony, M. E. Rhoney, N. Speagle, P. Richard. Second row: S. Winebarger, E. Mitchell, J. Rhoney, A. Johnson, C. Lutz, C. Pruette, N. Wilson, H. Johnson, Mrs. Goodson, W. Sudderth, J. Bolick, S. Houch, L. Kiser, D. Abernathy, G. Winebarger, E. Lynn, S. Smith, J. Crawley, B. Leatherman. 65 , I WN3 S M c. c :MQ N Getting ready to test skating ability are the Latin Club members. Dear Students, To you fine girls and boys who have chosen to travel the Roman road toward a better understanding of your native tongue and a greater appreciation of our Western civilization, greetings and best wishes for a profitable journey. I said profitable because it will be profitable. Everyone who uses English today also uses Latin in frequent and casual ways. How many times each day you hear such Latin words as library, civics, report, principal's office, discipline, expect, honor, pppular, school, permit, absent, captain, final, flora, fauna, sodium, calcium, nuclear, rectangle, triangle, and circle! Though the poet Edgar Allan Poe in "To Helen" referred to "the glorythat was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome" with a past form of the verb, Eternal Rome, mistress of the ancient world, is still grand and her language, spoken and written long before Christ, has spread over the whole world. I extend best wishes because you have chosen no easy road. My first attempt to teach Latin 1- a cher- ished memory, for no class will ever again be like that- brought me face to face with fourteen choice spirits. Journey's end numbered a valiant nine. This year- mirabiledicil- to my overwhelming joy I found myself staring at the mighty fifty-seven! Biggest Satin Club ever. The Latin Clubs quietly enter the Catholic Church at Belmont Abbey to hear services in Latin. This edition of the Quatra-Log can preserve within its pages your class trip to Belmont Abbey, where you heard the service in Latin. But it cannot capture every joy and trial you have encountered: your groans over endless forms, your wide-eyedunbelief when the teacher referred to a Qi declension andafourth conjugation, your consternation at the thought of seven different cases and more rules to learn. Can you imagine a Roman confining himself to seven little hills? Being peculiarly Roman, he simply couldn't express all that he felt and achieved in a few simple forms! Also, it carmot recapture all our fun when each of us tried to be a wing-footed Mercury at the skating rink. Do you remember the night the Pueri lined up like atrain and what a wreck they made when the "box- cars" piled up? Likewise, the annual cannot measure your in- creasing knowledge of sentence analysis, your expand- ing vocabulary, your deepening background in classical mythology, and your greater appreciation of our ovm way of life, enriched by those ancient people whose heirs we are. Your Latin teacher, Mrs. Reitzel Seated: Carolyn Whisnant, President. First row: Mrs. Reitzel, Adviser, B. Pike, V. Huffman, A. Johnson, Recreation Chairman, R. Burris, J. Stallings, J. Fulbright, Program Chairman, M. Buff, Secretary, P. Richard, S. Cook, B. A. Huffman. Second row: L. Yount, K. Sigmon, E. Anthony, R. Donkle, D. Punch, K. Thomas, C. Cook, Treasurer, J. Teague, S. Lail, L. Smyre G. Barger, C. Pruette, Vice-President, C. Whitener, , SEM B.Moore, Treasurer, C.Short, Secretary, M. R. Yoder, Vice-President, K. Kirby, President, N. Your" Program Chairman, S. Thomas, Recreation Chairman. Second row: Mrs. Reitzel, Adviser, C. Huss, Norris, L. Whitener, A. Rudisill, P. Lentz, C. Lutz, M. E. Robinson, L. Cansler. Third row: M. To end, L. Huffman, S.Waters, C. Rhoney, J. Abernathy, H. Fletcher, A. Sain, W. Sudderth, B.Canipe, K. Mu .r. Fourth row: T.Kirby, C.W. Kirby, L. Propst, G. Mauser, T. Wyant, R. Speagle, S. Abernathy, E. A e. First row: E.Anthony, S.Thomas, B. Moore, E. Whisnant, H. Fletcher, P. Cook, C. Hunt, L. Cansler. Second row: M. R. Yoder, S. Hilton, F. Woody, M. E. Robinson, N. Setzer, J. Rudisill, L. Short, J. Frye, C. Lutz. Third row: A. Johnson, P. Richard, B. Schrum, B. Houser, B. A. Huffman, C. Whis- nant, J. Falardeau, J. Crawley. Fourth row: Mrs. Campbell, Adviser, G. Winebarger, B. Shook, H. Martin, K. Moyer, J. Settlemyre, K. Kanupp. Fifth row: C. Whitener, C. Pruette, C. Cobb, K. Fox, G. Barger, L. Smyre, B. Hood. library Club ,ofise The Library Club helps the librarian by handling the circulation of books, collecting fines and permits, and returning the books to their proper places. The librarians also keep an accurate record of each individ- ual's reading list. The librarians are responsible for processing and maintaining the books. , .tb Librarian, Mrs. Campbell, glances at newspaper be- fore putting it on the shelf. 68 F1765 ,.. in v mir M iw 1 N Librarians dress as characters from books to Four distinguished characters of the past pose observe Book Week. for a portrait. ational Boch ufeeh ovemher 8-12. Tom Sawyer and Mei-ling Soong Chiang, First Students Carolyn Rhoney and Texie Wyant, making Lady of China, seem to be enjoying each other's use of the library, are receiving advice from company. Mrs. Reitzel. -pic . -,"Ti.x' It, V Q X V e fm 1 we 69 The FFA Club is composed of all boys who are taking vocational agriculture in rural high schools and who are in good standing. The club trains students for agricultural leadership that will lead to more stable agricultural conditions. Besides their shop projects, productive home pro- jects, and pruning of the school shrubbery the club en- ters the Tri-county Federation contest each spring. Last spring the club placed first in two divisions, giving them more points than any other club. The club is under the leadership of Mr. A. E. Shugart. Future Farmers of America keep school grounds in good condition. 3314 Club wins tri-county contest First row: J. Fulbright, T. Clay, H.Brittain, D. Stallings, D. Parker, D. Pruette, Mr. Shugart. Second row: J. Lail, A. Clay, D. Baker, A. Lutz, J. Carswell, R. Bolick, D. Fulbright, R. Wilson, D. Smith, R. Fulbright, W. Crafton, L. Stallings, J. Wilson. Third row: D. Buff, S. Rhoney, B. Heavener, J. Whisnant, L. Rhoney, M. Wilfong, S. Scronce, P. Leatherman, T. Leatherman, D. Jarrett, T. Truitt, L. Lutz, D. Price, T. Smith. Fourth row: D. Hatley, P. Gross, G. Fulbright, G. Pate, C. Hicks, W. Craig, E.Wright, C.Whitener, J. Whitener, R. Fry, N. Whitener, D. Dickinson. Fifth row: H. Fox, G. Shook, R. Childers, J. Fulbright, H. Lutz, B. Canipe, B. Smith, V. Lackey, G. Abernathy, D. Speagle, J. Childers, D. Hoover. 0 vrylv 4' mmf, .1-if Na...-.4Q 70 The 4-H Club of Fred T. Foard High School is composed of rural students who strive to make the best better. The purpose of the 4-H Club is to help young people improve themselves and their families by learn- ing new and better methods of homemaking and farming. The Fred T. Foard chapter has participated in talent shows, State 4-H Club Week, and N. C. 4-H camps. The club hopes to have another student to re- present it at National 4-H Club Week to be observed during February in Chicago. Only a limited number of state award winners will win the trip. The club also won second prize for its booth at the I Catawba County Fair. Planning activities for 4-H Club Week, February 28 - March 6, are the officers of the club. 50 make the hesi Getter--aim of 4-H Club B. Abernathy, J. Abernathy, R. Abernathy, S. Abernathy, E. Anthony, A. Arrowood, C. Banks, J. Berry- hill, J. Bolick, J. Brackett, K. Brittain, B. Brooks, M. Buff, A. Butts, B. Canipe, L. Cansler, C. Cobb, B. Deaton, R. Donkle, L. Drum, J. Falardeau, J. Fulbright, P. Fulbright, F. Greenhill, S. Hilton, M. Houser, B. Huffman, L. Huffman, V. Huffman, C. Huss, A. Johnson, M. J. Johnson, C. Jones, E. Jones, K. Kanupp, J. Leatherman, L. Lowman, V. Lutz, C. Lutz, M. Lynn, B. Moore, J. Norris, C. Parker, K. Pitts, R. Propst, P. Rader, P. Richard, A. Rudisill, J. Rudisill, N. Rudisill, W. Scronce, G. Setzer, N. Setzer, C. Short, L. Short, M. Shull, J. Shull, C. Sigmon, M. Smith, L. Smyre, W. Stallings, E. Starnes, A. Teague, J. Teague, J. Ward, C. Whisnant, M. Whisnant, J. Whitener, L. Whitener, R. White- ner, F. Woody, M. Yoder, M. R. Yoder, J. Young, N. Young, G. Abernathy, D. Baker, D. Canipe, W. Canipe, R. Childers, A. Clay, T. Clay, M. Coulter, J. Crawley, C. Detter, D. Dickinson, J. Fulbright, J. Gilliland, R. Gilliland, R. Hoke, D. Jarrett, G. Jarrett, V. Lackey, J. Lail, A. Lutz, C. Lutz, L. Lutz, R. Lynn, G. Mauser, D. McCaslin, T. Mitchell, R. Mull, D. Parker, B. Pike, D. Price, L. Propst, D. Punch, P. Sain, L. Shull, B. Sigmon, J. Sigmon, D. Stallings, L. Stallings, K. Thomas, N. Whitener, R. Whitener, R. Whitener, B. Wood. 71 Z.. urunlr' 1 IU 040' First row: A. Lambert, Reporter, P. Kahill, Secretary, J. Falardeau, Treasurer, L. Yount, Program Chairman, L. Phillips, Vice-President, J. Deal, President. Second row: W. Schronce, M. R. Yoder, E.Jones, G.Mauser, N. Young, C. Turner, J. Hefner, B. Anthony, J. Huss, E. Cline, J. Sigmon. Third row: E. Anthony, H. Fletcher, S. Thomas, K. Wilson, C. Short, M. Rhoney, N. Setzer, S. Abernathy, D. Whisnant, R. Kiziah, J. Jarrett, C. Lutz, H. Fry. Fourth row: P. Richard, C. Hunt, J. Frye, L. Huff- man, J. Teague, B. Sigmon, L. Short, P. Lentz, H. Hatley, R. Leatherman, J. Teague, S. Smith, C. Pruette, T. Banks. Fifth row: A. Arrowood, L. Leinbach, L. Whitener, M. Buff, J. Abernathy, K. Brittain, G. Cline, R. Burris, J. Rudisill, G. Whitener, K. Arrowood, Mr. Rader. Sixth row: Mr. Wyant, S. Hilton, C. Whitener, C. Cobb, J. Brackett, C. Fulbright, E. Propst, C. Huss, L. Drum, L. Smyre, M.Whisnant, B.Huffman, C. Whisnant, R. Perry, H. Johnson, T. Mitchell, N. Detter, D. Punch. Ct f 77 Science Club sponsors 5615 Atomic World Reid Perry and Hugh Johnson smash atoms as part of "This Atomic World" program. Buying laboratory equipment has been the main project of the Science Club, which is composed of mem- bers who have hadtwo years oi pure science. Mr. John Rader and Mr. Charles Wyant are the sponsors. On February 10, 1959, the physics department took an interesting tour of the G. E. Plant. The club spon- sored a science program, "This Atomic World," from the Oak Ridge Nuclear Institute on February 13, 1959. 72 , a The Monogram Club of Fred T. Foard is composed , of all students who have lettered in any sport. The Club's purpose is to have closer unity among athletes and to improve sports. This year the club undertook IEI t.4,1 Q- the supervision of parking cars during basketball sea- son of keeping the gym clean, and of rumiing the con- cession stand during ball games. Their projects have included selling Fred T. Foard Booster plates and raising money for uniforms and their banquet. Their aim is it be good sports as well as good athletes. Mr. Honeycutt and Ronald Craig are busy making plans for the annual spring athletic banquet. Monogram C1116 Unites Athletes First row: H. Hatleyg A. Proctor, Secretary-Treasurer, J. Burgin, Vice-President, R. Craig, Presi- dent, L. Phillips, D. Whisnant, Reporters, A. Johnson. Second row: L. Deal, N. Setzer, B. Wood, J. Hefner, N. Wood, S. Schrum, K. Arrowood, J. Rhoney, C. Whisnant, Mr. Honeycutt, Adviser. Third row: J. Kilby, C. Huss, T. Mitchell, J. Shull, E. Mull, L. Shull, F. Young, J. Fulbright, D. Hatley, K. Thomas, D. McRee, E. Cline, M. Pitts, G. Jarrett. Fourth row: G. Barger, W. Sudderth, B. Hood, L. Propst, T. Kirby, W. Canipe, J. Teague, G. Pate, H. Benfield, M. Coulter, L. Smyre, K. Sigmon. A V 5. N. 73 'P' at Miss Coon instructs Joan Falardeau on teaching procedure. The Future Teachers of America is composed of junior and senior students who are interested in the teachingprofession. Instilled into each member is the fact that teaching is helping people to grow mentally, morally, spiritually, physically, and socially. F.T.A. Clubs are considered a medium of teacher selection with emphasis on exploration and guidance. Aim High-'-Be a 5eacHer First row: J. Falardeau, Vice-President, C. Whisnant, Treasurer, H. Hatley, President, P. Lentz, Secretary. Second row: P. Richard, J. Rudisill, Program Chairmang T. Wyant, Reporterg B. Houser. Third row: B. Huffman, N. Wilson, M. Rhoney, R. Leatherman. Fourth row: J. Short, G. Cline, C. Rhoney, C. Hunt, E The Music Club is composed of students interested in music. They practice diligently for spring concerts, social activities of the school, radio programs, and for future usefulness. Mrs.Wayne Houchins is the adviser of the club. Music C1115 plays on radio M. WhiSI18.I1t, K. Brittain J St21111r1gS B Moore E Anthony, K. Kanupp. W.. . , s. f T fe P f , 'We l lf' First row: J. Kilby, E. Gross, K. Kanupp. Second row: M. Pitts, K. Arrowood, J. Parker, E. Cleven- ger, A. Proctor, J. Jarrett, D. Pruette, C. Huffman, R. Lowman. Third row: J. Deal, T. Banks, J. Burgin, N. Fulbright, R. Arrowood, L. Yount, R. Craig, L. Phillips, J. Teague, F. Young, R. Perry. Hats off to punctual Gus drivers. Bus drivers, Ernest Clevenger, fills out his mon- thly bus report. flf' Driving the bus through all kinds of weather and getting the students to school on time is the tremendous job of the bus drivers. To insure the safety of the stu- dents, the drivers must take a qualifying test given by the county. They are also responsible for keeping their buses clean and orderly and for making monthly bus reports. These drivers provide transportation for grammar grade and Foard students. L 7 A K 1 9 I I I I Q 5 Ct X gm f We A xx was nk: mm .mwx Y X . A vs' t Kfm-ff1gm5,,,:i1l"f1Q,f 1 A 4. NMS E!! ,N , 'K in ,X m B W -u-1 ww-.1 as-uf k n- .Qt maya W -fwwfn , y S..:Q,ge:. wg , Tm lHxrvay:.. 2 4 "'1'-wmggqg-,M - 'Vt 'HEI v-rv, .. A I, iw 7 B. fxql Q vi. 58 champions pose with coveted trophies. N- ,M -. Z5-gy J I A . 5 i X 6 1 K X ff , Q 'V Wulf FL i Fighting with Maiden for another win in the tournament. Foard was the victor by a score of 71-67. 1958 Champions Runner-up in the conference, first place in the tri-county tournament, runner-up in the N. C. H, S. AA District Tournament, and most important of all the Sportsmanship trophy are among '58 honors. Mr. Spurlock, high school super- Coming from the dressing room to play the championship game with Rock Springs is our team, which won by a comfortable margin of 61-45. visor, gave each member of the team a gold basketball-a final memento of a season of hard work. "If only we were out there playing "Gill: ""X N-I 'W , fgij. GQ . .fetal- Q V ii Ll l E r .. '. nl. The team is in a huddle. Hip! Hip! for Foard. Sportsmanship important Allen Proctor is up to bat as David Whisnant awaits his turn. 1, Hooray! Another basket Several players run through a play at practice. 'af "Let's watch that ball!" 79 gg fr' Y Carolyn Whisnant tries another shot Jackie Hefner and Carolyn Huss for the Foard Tigerettes. watch intently as our teams play. Going up for 'a shot is Fitzhugh H 6 Q J , 2f33,1:,i,3Lg32g,:,ggg33g by 5 e geams are ac e In 'sf The starting six is introduced before the game begins. Q . Who will get the ball as the girls jump for it? 80 Even though she is guarded by two of "No, he did not do it," says the coach Bandys players, C8.rO1yn Wl1iSl121Ht from Rock Springs but the referees scores two points. stick to their decision. O at H1 C S 'tHe C The co-captains meet to decide when they will get the bail. Glenn Jarrett gets some practice be- fore the big game. Go, Tigers! Fight, team fight! Bl Mezf, f. Qkrfv XV T 'R Q Q ' P3 Tiff? ,s f a vw ' 1 " ' Coaches, Mr. M. D. Honeycutt and Mr. Hugh Peeler, spend hours each afternoon instructing the teams. The sports this year include basket- ball, baseball, and football. Mr. Honeycutt victoriously coached the boys' basketball and baseball teams while Coach Peeler capably instructed the football and the girls' basketball teams. Qnereasing number of students requires two coaches Blood !?! Coach Peeler cleans the D i st r e s s e d and disturbed Coach floor before the game continues. Honeycutt shows signs of disgust. 82 ff' .fe The co-ordination is perfect as our cheerleaders, our answer to the "Rockettes," cheer. "Lf you fight, you're going to win" echoes from the floor. ""i ' The cheerleaders with their inexhaustible energy lead our students as they cheer the teams on to victory. The cheerleaders practice dili- gently and are always introducing new cheers to the fans. If a trophy were to be given to out- standing cheerleaders, truly ours would rank near the top. K Cheerleaders 50051 us to victory N. Setzer, S. K. Schrum, R. Whitener, C. Cobb, C. Huss, A. Rudisill, A. Johnson, J. Shull, J. Hefner, chief. 83 First row: T. Turner, J. Sanders, J. Fulbright, L. Deal, B. Wood, D. Hatley, B. Heavener, D. McRee, M. Pitts, W. Sudderth. Second row: W. Canipe, G. Jarrett, G. Kenworthy, L. Smyre, C. W. Kirby, K Thomas, T. Hallman, T. Kirby, J. Teague. Third row: Mr. Honeycutt, Mr. Peeler, H. Benfield, G Bargar, M. Coulter, R. Hood, G. Pate, H. Price, C. Johnson, Manager. --7 Zhirty-one compete for Eetths Fred T. Foard High School had the first football team in its short history this year. Only a hand- ful of prospects reported for the first practice SBSSTOIIS. Interest grew and enthusiasm spread around the community until the squad boasted a roster of 31 five freshmen, twelve sophomores, seven juniors and seven seniors. Head coach, Hugh Peeler, thought the backfield exceptionally speedy and most of the linemen very fast. The Tiger Iinemen: Joe Teague, Kirby Thomas, Harold Benfield, Bobby Wood, Melvin Coulter, Tommy Turner, and Larry Deal. Glenn Jarrett knows the importance of storing his football equipment. 84 4.4 Rain doesn't seem to dampen the spirits of Foard fans. Co captains Mack Pitts and Walter Sudderth, 3 1 S 'fi 9 t e demonstrate one of their plays. Since Foard had its first football team this year and the equipment arrived late, there were only two regular games. Our team played Bunker Hill twice. The first time Bunker Hill defeated Foard 27-0. In the second game Foard was the victor by a score of 19-O. Foard was hampered by bad weather in both games. Fans were turned away and the games were somewhat slower because of the weather. Several scrimmages were held to give the boys the much needed practice. These were held with St. Stephensg Foard tied the first one and defeated in the second. . i i. .- . .. . J... .fmmmu Left to right: L. Shull, E. Whisnant, N. Young, C. Short, B. Sigmon, S. Day, P. Cook, C. Whisnant, W. Scronce, N. Seitz, J. Brackett, E. Jones, A. Arrowood, M. R. Yoder, H. Hatley. Co-captains, Carolyn Whisnant and Peggy Cook, lead the girls against their opponents. I rls H3176 116117 coach Although they had only two forwards from last season, Foard girls improved this year. In addition, their record does not show that the girls gave their opposition a rough time. Foard came within one point of defeating the top team in the P Cook and E. Whisnant hope for a rebound their opposition shoots. conference. ' 5 . M 2 . S 59 ' .67 X Oops! Carolyn Whisnant seems to be sitting First string? It looks as if they would like to get down on the job. into the game. work Hard to win By exercising at lunch time, the girls get in shape for the rough basketball season. Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard Foard GIRLS BASKETBALL 36 Stony Point 36 Bunker Hill 40 St. Stephens 55 Rock Springs 23 North Brook 58 Maiden 65 George Hildebran 55 Bandys 57 Union 38 Hiddenite 49 St. Stephens 49 Maiden 85 Stony Point 54 Union 42 Bandys 35 Bunker Hill 49 Hiddenite 48 Rock Springs 61 North Brook 'Y Q4 , s., 'Ss K f- ,v we .- kv -r" 1 xl -- v M ? Left to right: F. Young, L. Phillips, R. Craig, E. Mull, T. Mitchell, R. Smith, J. Burgin, J. Rhoney, B. Wood,-W. Sudderth, N. Wood, N. Buff, A. Proctor. Boys receive runner-up trophy for Co-captains, Ronald Craig and Fitzhugh Young are two of the five seniors that make up this year's starting team. J' , C011 BFCTICC Plays An experienced and well-coached team has offered much excitement to our many fans this season. They have not let a team in the confer- ence beat them twice. Defeating previously un- defeated Bandys provided one of the biggest thrills of the year. Co-captains, Ronald Craig and Fitzhugh Young, have led in the scoring. Because of their height they have been able to pull down many re- bounds. 88 Foard defeats previously undefeated Bandys as F. Young sinks two more points. ,fs- The team receives final instructions before en- The co-captains have afriendly handshake before tering the game. the battle begins. semi- inalists in tournament Foard wound up an exciting season of play with many honors. By defeating Rock Springs, the Tigers tiedforsecondplace in the Tri-County conference. Foard was also a semi-finalist in the tournament. Foard was awarded the sports- BOYS' BASKETBALL manship trophy for the third straight year. For the last time the five seniors are introduced on the home court. Foard 52 Foard 44 Foard 57 Foard 24 Foard 58 Foard 50 Foard 49 Foard 45 Foard 62 Foard 50 Foard 40 Foard 51 Foard 67 Foard 67 Foard 52 Foard 52 Foard 52 Foard 68 Stony Point . . Bunker Hill. . St. Stephens. . Rock Springs . North Brook . Maiden ..... George Hildebran Bandys ..... Union. . . .. Hiddenite . . . St. Stephens. . Maiden ..... Stony Point . . Union ...... Bandys ..... Bunker Hill. . Rock Springs . North Brook . Walter Sudderth hurls a fast ball in time for an out. After defeating Union and Hiddenite, Foard reigned as champions of the Tri-County confer- ence in 1958. Foard beat Union behind the pitch- ing of W. R. Bumgarner as he pitched a two- hitter. Practice malees a perfect outfielder, Ronald craig, catches a fly ball. t e am In the locker room Ronald Craig, Walter Sudderth, Allen Proctor, and Kenneth Arrowood discuss Ronald Craig aims for a home run. strategy for the next game. 5 f -Viv! N.. ft i X .GY R 90 5' 4? S . --" - f fi J? g A ,, ,ul "X - . , A 159-ef. K QS' 'EGG -'fe Geffk' ,A img f Q 1 if Kneeling: B.I-leavner, M. Pitts, D. Whisnant, A. Proctor, N. Buff, W. Sudderth, T. Hallman. Standing: Mr. Honeycutt, K. Arrowood, B. Hood, R. Smith, R. Craig, J. Teague, E. Mull. Baseliall Conference The baseball players get in shape by doing exercises. 91 champions of 1958 The leading hitters for the season were Jim Kilby, Ronald Craig, Walter Sudderth, and Allen Proctor. W. R. Bumgarner was the leading pitcher as he hurled two one-hit games and four two-hit games to help the team win the beautiful trophy. '57 SCOREBOARD BASEBALL Foard 5 St. Stephens .... O Foard 1 Rock Springs . . . 2 Foard Bandys .... Foard Union ..... Foard North Brook . Foard Bandys .... Foard Rock Springs Foard Union ..... Foard North Brook . Foard Hildebran. . . Playoffs Foard Union Foard Hiddenite Mr. Marvin Johnson of the State Department de- livers the dedicatory address, Mr. H. M. Arndt, county superintendent, intro- duces the next speaker. ew gym dedicated On January 21, 1959, the gymnasium at Fred T. Foard High School was dedicated. This was the first of the gymnasiums to be built for the county's five consolidated schools. Mr. O. N. Lynn, principal of the school, pre- sided and the Rev. Roy Leinhach gave the invo- cation. Mr. Harry M. Arndt, Superintendent of Catawba County Schools. introduced Mr. Marvin Johnson, design consultant for the Division of School Planning Department of Public Instruction, who delivered the dedicatory address. Special guests for the evening were R. L. Clemmer of the architectural firm of Clemmer and Horton, Hickoryg Howard Frye of Frye and Sons, H i c ko r y, g e n e r al contractors for the S125,000 gymnasium, Jack Huffman, Hickory, City Electric Company, electrical contractors. Members of the county school board and the county commissioners were also present. Mr. Robert L. Clenimer, architect for the gym, Mr. O. N. Lynn and Rev. Roy Leinbach watch its is recognized. the group leaves. FF t i Larry Phillips - "Letknowle-dge grow from more to more." Allen Proctor - "Character must be kept bright, as well as clean." QM' Edna Leonhardt - "Let gentleness my strong enforcement be." Nancy Speagle - "Butownedthat smile, if oft observed and near." W? "Fl-ri'-. X Sandra Kay Schrum - "Make use time-g let not zldvantage slip." fix Whos who Maw 94 if-' 'UN ll Selected by an anonymous faculty committee, these ten students were named outstanding during their years at Foarcl because of their school activities, leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and promise of useful- ness: -If Junior Bur in - "Lifel what art thou Q without love ?" , p pp . lah .-.Q-. rifswrqg a 'xx Jim Deal - "High erected thoughts seated in a heart of courtesy." Ann Lambert - "'Tis the taught al- ready that profits by teaching." Carroll Whitener - "Always leave them laughing when you say good- by.n Kay Kirby - "Faithful, unselfish, and patient, like yours." fl 1. iff - A .fm . MISS FOARD HIGH Gut ' 8 Beauties For the first time in Foard's history a beauty contest was conducted to select Miss Foard High. LindaCz1nsler, a junior, was selected on beauty, personality, and charm. Linda Cansler Joyce Sanders: runner-up Martha Herman Mary Alice Yoder Joan Sherrill Carolyn Huss Barbara Sigmon Gwendora Setzer ...-Q, me 4 -2 M. XV! tue- Me..--xo-'rx DQQP -'M'-ex TF' 're A N A iris' a n wr S it- A nfeew i n fs 4 "R 15651 Miss Foard rode in the Newton Christmas Parade on December 13, 1958. b Miss Hi Miss Kay Kirby was featured with the other Miss Hi Misses in the Winthrop College newspaper, the JOHNSONIAN. Honors Boys' State Delegate At Boys' State, Junior Burgin learned how our government operates. 98 Foardtakes the honor for the second consecutive year, as Miss Sandra Buff was crowned Queen of Hearts of Catawba County, at the annual Queen of Hearts Dance held March 7, 1958, at the Hickory Community Center. 99 5 , I Q D writ .V pig, ' In , Ayky Mr. Tuttle, guidance counselor, advises Enjoyingthe Junior-Senior Banquet are P. G. Burger on his high school course of Cook, A.Proctor,W.Burton, M. A. Tucker study. seated at the speakers' table. flemories D Who is she? The boys in physics class rise from their seats as a mystery girl walks by. The crowd seems to be enjoying the ball game. Whetherourteams win or lose, the The bit! moment Of 3 lUUi01"S 1if9'l'121SS fans still pull for them. I'iI1gS arrive! lt ali 0 , lun.. What a wonderful feeling! Just trying the robes on for size. 0199 A highlight of the senior year was the Greek tragedy, ELECTRA, presented by the Drama Guild at the Mint Museum in Charlotte. The play was directed by talent- ed and charming Dorothy Masterson. In this scene Clytemnestra and Electra hear the news of Orestes' death. M XD The big night-climax to twelve years of hard work. Two workmen labor to finish our S125,000 gymnasium. "What's next?" seems to be the expression on each senior's face as he watches a pre sentation of Sophocles' ELECTRA. The main attraction at the high school Is she scared? No, Ellen Gross is demon- career day was discussing plans for the stratingwhathappens when electricity runs future. through the body. Memories of 19 8- . V, Senior English student the movie to begin. i,, 1 -M iii, - Mihai 'rHt""' 'W rf" ' QQ' R f X1 L .. 4 I . At ch! 'Xu . X ... it I O2 V Approximately twenty-five children were ' brought when mascots were selected. These nurses helped to a thorough examination. S give each senior 7 wait patiently for ,ff V f Www i ' In ::'i: H: If g e so l p l 'rf we r N 3 I Always there to supply food to our famishing students is our cafeteria staff. Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Deal, Mrs. Leonard. Benind ine scenes Working always to keep our school grounds clean and neat is our well-liked janitor, Charles "Preach" Shuford. L IO3 Senior Statistics BETTY JEAN ANTHONY: Beta Club 2,3,45 Pro- gram Chairman 45 Joke Editor Egydoigan 35 Vice-President French Club 45 Art Editor Quatra- Iig 45 Science Club 4. KENNETH WAYNE ARROWOOD: 4-H Club 15 Science Club 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Athletic Club 3,4. HARVEY THOMAS BANKS: Baseball 15 Key Club 2,3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 OAT Typing Award 35 Beta Club 3,45 Advertising Staff Quatra-Log 4. ROBERT THURMON BIGGERSTAFF: Beta Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Chief Junior Marshal 35 Business Manager Ecgrdgiyi 35 Student Council 45 Most Intellectual 4. JOANNE BOLICK: Home Room Reporter 1. DARRELL PINKNEY BRITTAIN: 4-1-1 Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3. RONALD STEVE BRITTAIN: 4-H Club 15 Bus Driver 2,3,4. MARY ELAINE BROOKS: 4-H Club l5 Science Club 2,35 French Club 3. MARY ALICE BURGESS: Junior Homemakers Association 1,2. WILBURN GEORGE BURGIN, JR.: Class Presi- dent 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,45 Key Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Club Convention 25 Boys' State 35 OAT Typing Award 35 Treasurer French Club5 Athletic Club Treasurer 35 Photographer Qigtra-Iiotg 45 Vice-President 45 Who's Who 45 Neatest 4. SARAH LINDA CLAY: Junior Varsity Basketball 15 4-H Club 1,25 Science Club 2,35 French Club 35 Manager of Girls Basketball 4. WILLIAM ERNEST CLEVENGER: Bus Driver 45 GLORIA JUNE HENKLE CLINE: Junior Varsity 15 Music Club 1,25 French Club 35 Science Club 45 F.T.A. Club 4. PEGGY CAROL COOK: 4-H Club 25 Reporter 25 Library Club 2,35 Vice-President 45 Class Secre- tary 35 Varsity Basketball Team 2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Business Manager Quatra-Log 45 Most Ath- letic 4. 4 RONALD JAMES CRAIG: F.F.A. 1,25 Sentinel 25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Co-Captain Basketball Team 3,45 Most Athletic 45 All-Conference Basketball Team 2,35 Athletic Club 2,35 President 4, Vice- President 35 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Key Club 25354, Treasurer 45 Science Club 35 Bus Driver 2,3,4. WARREN LESTER CRAIG: Basketball 152,35 Jun- ior Play 35 4-H Club 1,2535 Bus Driver 1,2,3. KATHRYN NOLA CRAWLEY: Lunch Room As- sistant l,2,3,45 4-H Club 1. MILDRED IRENE DAVIS: 4-H Club 152. JAMES JEFFERY DEAL: Secretary-Freshman Class 15 Key Club 2,3,45 Key Club-President 4, Key Club Convention 2,35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Presi- dent Science Club 2,3,45 President 45 Egardonian Staff 35 Mineographer Fgaxldonian 35 President Junior Class 35 Advertising Staff Quatra-Log 4, Business Manager 45 Most Courteous 45 Bus Driver 45 Student Council 45 Band 1,2,3, Vice- President 3. JOAN CAROLE FALARDEAU: Home Room Presi- dent 15 4-H Club l,2,3,45 French Club 35 Library Club 45 NCHSLA 45 Science Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Dairy Princess Contestant 35 Junior-Varsity Basketball 15 Band 1,25 Typist Quatra-Log 45 F.T.A. Club 4, Vice-President 4. HAROLD LAWRENCE FRY: Beta Club 3, 45 Science Club 2,3,45 Junior Marshal 3. NELSON FULBRIGHT: Agriculture 1,2535 Bus Driver 4. BARBARA ELLEN GROSS: Bus Driver 45 4-H Club 1. NORA HELEN HATLEY: Basketball l,2,3,45 Music Club 1,25 Secretary Home Room 25 French Club 35 Science Club 45 F.T.A.Club 4, President 45 Typing Awards 3' Vice-President French Club' Athletic Club 4. JACQUELINE HEFNER: Junior Varsity Basket- ball 15 4-H Club 25 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Typing Awards 35 OAT Pen 35 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chief 45 Science Club 45 Athletic Club 45 Friendliest 45 Advertising Staff Qguatra-Log. 7 3 MARTHA SUE HERMAN: Vice-President 25 News- paper Staff 35 Beta Club 2,35 Home Room President 45 Student Council 45 Miss Foard Hi Contestant 4. Senior Statistics CHARLES BUFORD HUFFMAN: 4-H Club 13 Bus Driver 3,4. ALENE JOHNSON: Treasurer Freshman Class3 4-H Club 1,23 Basketball 3,4, DOROTHY CAROL KAHILL: 4-H Club 13 Junior Varsity Basketball 1,2. PHYLLIS IRENE KAHILL: Varsity Basketball 13 4-H Club 1,2,33 Home Room President3 Secretary Latin Club 23 Beta Club 2,3,4, Program Chairman 33 Queen of Hearts Contestant 23 Reporter Foard- onian 3, Typist 43 OAT Typing Awards 33 O. A. T. Shorthand Award 33 Science Club 4, Secretary 43 Office Secretary 4s Typist gatra-Iig 4. KATHERINE LOUISE KANUPP: Science Club 23 Music Club 1,2,3,43 Library Club 43 4-H Club 1,2, 43 F.T.A. Club 4. JANELDA SUE KILBY: 4-H Club 1,2, Program Chairman 2, Reporter 23 Varsity Basketball 1,33 Typing Award 33 Salesmanship Certificate 33 Ath- letic Club 43 Bus Driver 4. KAY FRANCES KIRBY: Vice-President Class 13 Beta Club 2,3,4S Science Club 23 Basketball 23 Junior-Varsity 13 French Club 33 Sports Editor Foardonian 33 President Latin Club 43 Co-Editor Quatra-Igg 43 Who's Who 43 Miss Hi Miss 43 F. T.A. Club 43 Vice-President Student Council 4. THOMAS GEORGE LAMBERT: Key Club 2,3,4. AUGUSTA ANN LAMBERT: 4-H Club 1,23 Beta Club 2,3,43 Newspaper Staff 3,43 Typist Foardonian 43 Business Manager Foardonian 33 French Club 33 Science Club 4, Reporter 43 Advertising Staff Quatra-Log 43 Who's Who 4. BOBBY LEE LEATHERMAN: French Club 4. RACHEL ALICE LEATHERMAN: Beta Club 2,3, Beta Club Delegate 33 Feature Editor Foardonian 33 Basketball Manager 33 Science Club 43 Financial Committee 43 F.T.A. Club 43 Neatest 4. BILLY MELVIN LEONHARDT: Bus Driver 3. EDNA PAULINE LEONHARDT: Class Secretary- Treasurer 23 Beta Club 2,3,4, Convention 33 French Club 3g Co-Editor Fgardoniaii 33 Class Reporter 33 Class President 43 Legislative Branch Student Council 4. PATRICIA ANN LENTZ: Junior Varsity Basket- ball 13 Band 1,2,3, President 33 Delegate State Band Clinic 3, Delegate Davidson College Solo Contest 33 French Club 33 Science Club 43 F.T.A. Club 4, Secretary 4. RALPH LOWMAN: Bus Driver l. JUDY KAY LUTZ: 4-H Club 1,23 Home Room Treasurer 13 Junior Varsity Basketball 1. EUNICE GEMMIAE MATTHEWS: BILLY JOE PARKER: Baseball 13 Bus Driver 3,4, LARRY STEVE PHILLIPS: Band 1,2,33 Basketball 1,43 Beta Club 2,3,43 Key Club 2,3,43 Science Club 2,3,43 Junior Marshal 33 Newspaper Staff, Mimeo- grapher, Reporter 33 President Student Council 43 Vice-President Senior Class3 Vice-President Sci- ence Club 43 Bus Driver 3,4, Safety Award 3,43 Baseball 3,43 Most Dependable 43 Athletic Club Reporter 4. JAMES ALLEN PROCTOR: Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 1,23 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Beta Club 2,3,4Q Key Club 233,43 Reporter F.F.A. Club 23 Newspaper Staff 33 President French Club 33 Science Club 33 Athletic Club 3,4, Reporter 3, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Class Treasurer 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Bus Driver 43 Advertising Staff Quatra-Ii:-g 4. KENNETH WILLIAM PROPST: CLARA BELLE PRUETTE: 4-H Club 13 Home Room Reporter 1. PATRICIA CAROLYN RADER: 4-H Club 4. MARY ELLEN RHONEY: Home Room President 13 Salesmanship Certificate 33 French Club 4, President 43 F.T.A. Club 4. JERRY DEAN RHONEY: 4-H ciub 1,2,33 Key ciub 2,3,43 Basketbaii 1,2,3,43 Athletic ciub 4. JANICEMARJORIE RUDISILL: Science Club 2,3, 43 Music Club 1,23 NCHSLA 3,43 4-H Club 1,2,3,43 Typing Award 33 Junior Classical League 2,3,43 Beta Club 2,3,43 Foardonian Reporter 33 School Reporter 43 F.T.A. Club 4, Program Chairman 4. NELLIE JANETTE RUDISILL: 4-H Club 4. Senior Statistics SANDRA KAY SCHRUM: Beta Club 253545 French Club 45 Secretary-Reporter of French Club 45 Class Reporter 45 Music Club 35 Art-Editor Foardonian 35 Typist Foardonian 45 Who's Who 45 Most Intellectual 45 Photographer Quatra-Log 45 Class Secretary 45 Athletic Club 4. LEONARD SHULL: LINDA CAROLYN SHULL: 4-H Club 15 Junior Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2,3545 Typing Award 35 Advertising Staff Quatra-Log 45 Athletic Club 4. BETTY JEAN SIGMON: Class Reporter 15 4-H Club 15 Beta Club 253,45 Typing Award 35 Feature Reporter Foardonian 35 Advertising Staff Quatra- Log 45 Typist Foardonian 4. BOBBY SIGMON: JERRY MASON SIGMON: 4-H Club 1,2535 Science Club 253,45 Typing Award 35 French Club 2535 Sale smanship Certificate 35 AdvertisingStaff Quatra-Lgg 4. CAROLYN JEAN SIMMONS: Band 15 4-H Club 1. NORMA JEAN SIMMONS: 4-H Club 1,25 French Club 3. ELIZABETH LOUISE SHORT: 4-H Club 15253545 NCHSLA 2,3545 Library Club 253,45 Program Chairman 35 Science Club 3,45 French Club 3, Program Committee 3. MARY FRANCIS SMITH: NANCY LOU SPEAGLE: Beta Club 253,45 Art Editor Foardonian 35 Secretary-Reporter French Club 45 Class Reporter 45 Most Dependable 45 Typist Foardonian 45 Who's Who 45 Art Editor Quatra-ling 4. WALTER SUDDERTH: Science Club 2535 Captain Football Team 45 Basketball 3,45 French Club 45 Key Club 253,45 Athletic Club 3,45 Baseball 253,4. JAMES HERBERT TEAGUE5 JR.: Band 152,35 Key Club 354. ROBERT WESLEY TEAGUE5 JR.: 4-H Club l,2,35 Time Keeper l,25354. JERRY LEE TOWNSEND: JOYCE LOUISE TRIPLETT: 4-H Club 1,25 Glee Club 1,25 French Club 2. MARGIE CAROLYN TURNER: Advertising Staff Quatra-lg 45 Science Club 4. JACKIE LOUELLA WARD: 4-H Club 15 Junior- Varsity 1525 Typing Award 3. DIANE LOUISE WHISNANT: Beta Club 253, 45 Joke Editor Foardonian5 Typing Award 35 Typist Quatra- L9-g 45 Science Club 4. DAVID MONROE WHISNANT: Basketball 25 Beta Club 2535 45 Key Club 2,35455 French Club 25 Athletic Club 3,45 Reporter 45 Baseball 15253545 Science Club 3. CARROLL WHITENER: Beta Club 253,45 Science Club 2,3545 Key Club 253545 Latin Club 253, Treas- urer 2, Secretary 35 Vice-President Junior Class 35 Co-Editor Foardggin 35 OAT Award 35 Cheer- leader 35 Who's Who 45 Co-Editor Quatra-Iig 45 Library Club 3545 Reporter 45 Reporter Beta Club 45 Home Room President 45 Student Council 45 Friendliest 4. SADIE MARIE WHITENER: Library 253. LINDA KAY WILSON: Glee Club 2,35 4-H Club 1, 2,35 F. H. A. 1,25 French Club 2,35 Science Club 4. SANDRA LEE WINEBARGER: French Club 4. JAMES NED WOOD: Key ciub 2,3,45 Basketball 254. BARBARA JEAN YODER: MARY ALICE YODER: 4-H Club 1525 Varsity Basketball 1525 Typing Award 35 Candidate for Miss Foard Hi 4. FORNEY FITZHUGH YOUNG, JR.: 4-H Club 15 Bus Driver 253545 Safety Award 35 Junior Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity 25354, Co-Captain 45 Key ciub 2,3,4. LOUIS AVERY YOUNT: Class Secretary 15 Class President 25 Junior Marshal 35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3545 Vice-President 45 Science Club 25 3545 President 35 Latin Club 253,45 Athletic Club 35 Junior Varsity Basketball 1525 Varsity Basketball 35 Bus Driver 3,4. 106 'w,,,....-A-ww" mwfff' mgqmweyff Q.. My 'xl X .L 3 'Q' 5 , sg- gf V+-WM-Mo v u 1 A, kWWWW,..,h...fmQ-MM, W - s ...uf f Q. y-,, yi: F5 AID ERTIS T 1 M, 1 J J I pg .M ,Q ,M-W ,, ,N As' ,put L ,Ww- Necdless to say, our annual would be impossible without the liberal merchants who bought our ads. W6 Q . . W ..,.W,f wus M551 1 ing Beauties Sunning on the new Lifetime Aluminum Diving Boards you enjoy a HICKURY CUMMUNITY CENTER SWIMMING P00l KLOPMAN MILLS, INC. Weavers of Fine Cloth Plants at: Asheboro Central Falls Newton High Point Gastonia Cordova Ramseur, North Carolina Johnson City, Tennessee f ' xxm eoaum ' " zwwlxzmxu mwmwu ex ., , 5-.X n l f Q' was . . 453, A 3 . 1 "A A., f rf, 2-fha. . ,Q QM E ., ' - A ,uni f A ' f- I ' f Ne w . ' rf ' ' - -.5 b f lf, 1 ,rm fNRff"f""w-" -z.',l,,'g-this In f. W V A- xx I! AN V' NX, , A gin g , -. . 'Self A , 5 N C' Q? A l JCi:-:5.arSL',Tf4ffi:L5EF'f5:'-"flL'!'qAr b A ':' it-' 1 5f:g11.1'fiiL?f,,iLi2LQ'EI:'S-'I 7'A ""g- A . C ' -2 wa-...,.,.q, ., , .-,- A-1 Q V.. 1.1f1g,f-5 ,..r- WALDENSIAN BAKERIES Congratulations Sz Best Wishes to Seniors of '59 HENRY RIVER MILLS COMPANY Henry River, North Carolina Compliments of HERFF-JONES COMPANY Indianapolis 7 , Indiana E. L. Hedrick Representative Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT AND MULLS MOTEL Located on Highway 64-70 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of COMFORT CHAIR CO. INC. KNIT SOX KNITTING MILLS INC. HIGHLAND BARBARCUE HICKORY FOUNDRY 8: MACHINE CO. NEW HIGHWAY APPLIANCE CO. HUDSON STAR SALES CO. BERNARD BUICK CO. A FRIEND OASIS DINER NEWTON FURNITURE JOHNSON PIANO EXCHANGE "The Piano Home of Values" 1707 Highland Ave. N. E. Hickory, North Carolina Compl ments of A FR I E N D . . . srs1i l fI"4: RE FRESHES WITHOUT FILLING HAVE A PE PSI Compliments of f x N 0539 un 1, Emil: H X 'Xilf ABERNATHY'S, INC Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of TAllANT TRANSFER CO., INC. I -'- vl A 1 Q Long Distance Hauling Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes Class of 59 CATAWBA COUNTRY ClUB North Carolina's Finer Country Club Rt. 2 Newton, North Carolina Best Wishes Seniors FRY DECORATOR SERVICE Draperies , Bedspreads Compliments of C 0 0 K S V I l lE and HOSIERY Mlll Re-Upholstery Vale, North Carolina Da-48370 Hickory, North Carolina I Comphments of f H fli"'7WfI R' fl v. I' BORDEN'S ICE CREAM CO. Hickory, North Carolina ,,,7,, .. ,q Best Wishes Neighborhood y CUSCOIII ,' , , X '45 1, A If DRINK RIN Y 1" IS' If xu'I'm.f IX1iLI1,l1 5' .... ....,. C O C A - C O l A Hickory, North Carolina 1 I Complxments of COMMUNITY CREDIT CO. OF HICKORY, INC. Loans S75 to S2 500 1 ,, L, ..,, . , ,KH kfv, , ,Y , Compliments of Go,IoRA1'uLAr,oWS 9 O W" i V I 1 Ii U XX S iiwfdb 69 DUKE POWER COMPANY Hickory, North Carolina HICKORY CHAIR COMPANY Makers of Chairs and Upholstered Furniture Established 19 1 1 Hickory North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY BEAUTY SCHOOL We enroll students at all times. schools in Hickory Morganton Statesville Compliments ol BRITTAIN'S SUPER MARKET Route 4 Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes From FOUR POINT BARGAIN CENTER Furniture and Appliances 335 First Ave., S. E. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of CONOVER FURNITURE COMPANY and LENOIR CHAIR COMPANY NO. 2 Newton, North Carolina Best Wishes Class of '59' RIDGEVIEW HOSIERY Mlll Newton, North Carolina SOUTHERN GLOVE MGF. CO., INCORPORATED Manufacturers of Men's and Ladies Flannel, Jersey, gl Leather Gloves Conover , North Carolina Compliments of PRESTIGE CHAIR CORPORATION Newton, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA OIL CO. INC. IN 4-3582 Newton, North Carolina Congratulations 81 Best Wishes to the Class of '59' PROCTOR WHOLESALE CO INC. Hickory, North Carolina C.G. FOX IUMBER COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Rough and Finished Lumber and Appalachian Hardwood Flooring Phone Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes From ROY l. GOOD HOSIERY Mlll 745-14th Street Drive S. W. Hickory, North Carolina CONGR ATU LATIONS to the Class of 1959 from RIEGEI GIOVE DIVISION Conover, North Carolina Compliments of M E l V I l l E ' S Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes DEAL'S FURNITURE STORE, INC. "See Deal's for a Good Deal" COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 940 Highland Ave., N. E. Dial Dlamond 5-3272 - 5-3273 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes L . Seniofs '59 Compliments of from JIM HEFNER'S GARAGE SPAINHOUR'S DA 7-6841 Hickory, North Carolina Hickory, North Carolina MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of CLARK TIRE CO. Hickory, North Carolina C . W Hatching Egg Compllments of . RHONEY, JR. s - Feeds -Poultry-Poultry Supplies Route 3 Vale, North Carolina Compliments of W.V. RHONEY Route 3 Vale, North Carolina Compliments of FRYE SIGN CO. 227 2nd. Ave. N. W. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of PARAGON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of NORTHWESTERN BANK Hickory, North Carolina SUPERIOR PETROLEUM 8. FUEL CO., INC. P. O. BOX 107 Newton, North Carolina Congratulations LEATHERMAN GRADING AND CLEARING Clearing - Grading - Terracing Bogging - Pond Building Newton, North Carolina DELUXE BARBER SHOP "We can use your head in our business" DA 2-8811 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of BROWN BROTHERS HOSIERY MILLS DAvis 2-8731 Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes from OXENFORDS Gift Shop 8: Record Center Newton, North Carolina Compfiments of WILLIS-REYNOLDS FUNERAL HOME Radio Equipped Ambulances Newton, North Carolina Best Wishes from HARPER MOTOR CO. Hickory, North Carolina BETTER HOMES FURNISHINGS COMPANY, INC. "Home Furnishings" Hickory, North Carolina BLACKWELDER OIL CO. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of JIM KlLBY'S STORE Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of MORETZ 8. COMPANY Newton-Maiden, North Carolina Compliments of D. M. YODER ESSO SERVICENTER Newton, North Carolina Compliments of LUCY LOU SHOP "Always First in Fashions" Newton, North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY FUNERAL HOME Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERN FURNITURE COMPANY OF CONOVER, INCORPORATED Best Wishes to Seniors of '59 From REYNOLD'S FOOD CENTER Route 4 Hickory, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors from OLD ENGLISH MILLS Highway '70 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of LAILS GROCERY Route 1 Newton, North Carolina SETZER'S STUDIO 236-A Union Square Hickory, North Carolina Congratulations from JARRETT'S RADIO 8. T.V. Newton, North Carolina Compliments of JARRETT'S STORE Route 1 Newton, North Carolina PURITAN FURNITURE CO. A Good Place to Buy 8: Save Highway 70 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Newton, North Carolina HICKORY PACKING CO. Beef and Pork Packers Unexcelled for Daily Freshness Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes HOMEMAKER SHOP Hickory, North Carolina SNYDER PAPER CORP. Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes LAIL'S GREENHOUSE 8. FLORIST New Highway Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of DON UT DINETTE Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY RADIATOR SHOP Hickory, North Carolina BASS-SMITH FUNERAL HOME Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of THE NORTHWESTERN BANK Hickory, North Carolina D. M. BOYD 8. CO., INC. Hickory, North Carolina TRIANGLE SAUSAGE CO. 935 First Ave. S. W. Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes NORTH HICKORY FURNITURE COMPANY 509-517 11th Street N. W. Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes BANKS PONTIAC COMPANY QP Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of STEELE RULANE SERVICE Hickory Morganton Lenior Best Wishes CATAWBA TRACTOR 8. IMPLEMENT CO. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of ZERDEN'S Hickory, North Carolina CLEVENGER'S COLLEGE Secretarial, Accounting, Traffic 212 3rd Ave. N. W. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of B. C. MOORE 8. SONS, INC. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of FIELDS INSURANCE AGENCY 345 lst. Ave. N. W. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of SUDDERTH'S TIRE 8. BATTERY SERVICE Hickory, North Carolina l G. M. cRoucH LUMBER 1942 Highland Ave. N. E. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of BLUE MIRROR CAFE Hickory, North Carolina HICKORY DRIVE-IN SERVICE STATION Gas - Oils Diesel Fuel - Kerosene Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of ROBERT L. BOLlCK'S GARAGE Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes from GOODNIGHT BROTHERS Fruits Sz Vegetables, Inc. Phone IN 4-3771 Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY AUTO PARTS, INC. 737 lst. Ave. N. W. Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes from HERMAN-SIPE 8. CO., INC. Conover, North Carolina Best Wishes from DEAL'S SERVICE STATION Autolite Batteries Goodyear Tires Newton, North Carolina Compliments of W I STANDARD SALES COMPANY i Newton, North Carolina i i RADIO STATION wNNc I 1230 on the dial i I Newton, North Carolina I Compliments ol CITY PHARMACY i The Service Store Newton, North Carolina Best Wishes from LOVE PLUMBING 8. HEATING COMPANY I Newton, North Carolina I Best Wishes from WINN-DIXIE STORE Newton, North Carolina Compfiments of H. 8. W. DRUG CO. Phone IN 4-0881 Newton, North Carolina Compliments of NEWTON IMPLEMENT CO. INCORPORATED Newton, North Carolina NUZUM-CROSS CHEVROLET INCORPORATED il - 1l fc H EV RO LET f I' V+ Newton, North Carolina Best Wishes from EAGLE'S 5 8. 10 STORE Newton, North Carolina Compliments of BOGG'S FLORIST EN-4-2521 409 West C. St. Newton, North Carolina THE NORTHWESTERN BANK Member F. D. I. C. Newton, North Carolina CORRIHER IMPLEMENT CO. New Idea Farm Machinery Forage Equipment Newton, Nor th Carolina Compliments of KENWORTHY ELECTRIC co. i I Hickory, North Carolina MAPLE SPRINGS LAUNDRY QUUC lv 44: 5 : WASHABH63 'Dr LIN' Hickory, North Carolina HICKORY-FRY FURNITURE CO. L Route 3 Newton Highway Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes from FAMILY SHOE CENTER Hickory, North Carolina "Eat The Best" TRY-ONE SANDWICH CO. Hickory, North Carolina ONE HOUR MARTINIZING "The Most in Dry Cleaning" 23 Third Avenue N. E. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of A PATRON Gwyn Sigmon's SOUTHLAND STUDIOS Under City Drug Co. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of COLES JEWELERS, INC. XXX I " I K1 f f T ,-ii? - ss Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of HAYES SUPER MARKET lst Ave. Sz 11th St. S. W. Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY FEED MILLS Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes to Seniors '59 QUALITY CLEANERS Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA THEATRE Hickory, North Carolina Best Wishes M E RCHANTS DISTRIBUTORS Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of GEITNER FEED 8- SEED f'n"'. i 'EI-. lv ... "5 su. ,-uf Hickory, North Carolina Complxments of MAIDEN FLOUR MILL, INC. IN-4-161 1 Newton, North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CATAWBA COUNTY Conover, North Carolina CITIZENS, SAVING 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION Home of Insured Savings Home Loans 12 North Main Ave. Newton, North Carolina Autograpfis EJ. sr. Q is ,.,Q, I VV. ,. , 4 ,I ,, 7. f Jw 1 Sr 5 , a K h" LvW , pf AA ,Q I ' '-- f,, ' -Q . l ,-4 2 ,mT? ' 7 ' .,, ,L 1, ' v. L, ' lu F' 0: I 1' ' fi' ' 1, 1. Nh., YEL' 5 K aw ,f 5, Wm, ggkw qwi- CYQQK -24irE3".' SSM, h V ,,,f:',ef T f x ,fx A 1 Q- .. sf ' .whiff 35R7 x , ffw' ,. WJ? , Y ...K i , ., , 'E wi 5 TL. fl - "'Mmq,,,,.1 A,,L I giver'-mf , f Y I wi M s Q K I i K, .E ,. ,. V at L If .-fs , YW 7 K 3 5 , ww? 3 MMG' 7 '. 'Qs' 5 51,1 7 -- F Q L ' .mf 3' K. X M M x fi S 'iw-ffl' - i ., My-.1 . kr,, 5 I4 Y W ,iw ,, I Q , , . ,, 2 ff, 3 f Ak, A A- 4- 0 :61 ,1 J .fi,s..1. iw - ,.

Suggestions in the Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) collection:

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