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' 'it ,--J ., 'n Tiff. L. 'XVAIMQSICE ' ' I sq. IH I L. ,-, - EM' , 'ami n H.-.'.1 ,'q l, .L 1 , "Y- ,Aa jg - gk' I ' " . igig- :F ' L -I , A K-fin Lkgi B v I., .J b, : "tin A iv b if-g.r 5 ., ' ,, A 51 -- V ,' wx 2. Y. .L ,, -pf A ..,-V .,.r ,. . ..-.1 N. , X I-.,,H,. ,, ., .Q - Q :V A .ka ff 4A -fu! Y . , F .,. . ff..--E1 'A 114 - R531 . , ' 1343 ,Q A 1 , 1 :F 1. 5 jr fi 1-,J-f . 1 1 p .- 1 A ' -wifi 'g,..'Q LW f n ku -If - A 5 lf F- --n ig f -'-4151 74 L vfy- yr-l F H 'QP' . , I: .5 Je f , 6 , . . -in if 58,1 4,4 ffiif- kfrfi, If ' ' B. .. , ,. 1 -,Q p S . 1 fi , 'I I" . 4 1 ,.,, f filf- .-QP: , f f -.3 me , - fa ,051-V .' 1 G. 1 , 4 yif'-- .Ji .V .ww wi" . V . fig L ,ga fff' 3- . s AL , , . ffl? '5,4:"- ' 54. 7 xiii " ' T' 1 e -6 .r 4 r .-, ' ,,-1 A , flzr mf., L. ,Q ., me f. 4, .,v.x.,- 1-. , ' A1 . -1 vf I1 I 'L 1 L. F T 1 fi 9.5 Vx f N! Q mf N f l , P, A., ,mf M66 IS YOUR LIFE ' ., ,.-t -. H' 4121" ,,,, ' 384' -ew -ev-f""f .. , ,,..-1-U"""""' - . , xy ,af-fi ' vw. +-f-ff--wmv W' Q , 9 .M 'L 4- 1 ,. . . rw, vfqi '-31' ' x .alhqxx .-O if-5-.1-Q. ruin, ' .w ' - 'l Y ' ' -'Miz' Qs"-Q-Q , 0 '. - h 3, 4 -H7531-, any s . .. 4 K 5-'z Qfigv 'ky I .n ' " '93 V N N Yi' uf iff. , ff' 4 X 'v-, Q. Ja 1955 Umm Published BY The Senior Class Of Newion, Z 4 ff- 4. H'N'1'ftf1Si3m.Q, N45 A A U Q . f ' ' " A . -Mfgff, h uf . . f, - Ax' we-li' vqawwiwhb -i E. , l,,p!,,.., M .ff ' 1- 'A N q..Q:.,i.Q,- -Q:-:if-Q H A R A 1 V' it 8 ' -xg Q' L ' ,W -- . Wax W. K ff- H- 1 ' ' 7 V: '.-fl-'liz' 'N 'JW ' f Y 'Q .Ju -. ...H -A ii FRED T. FOARD HIGH SCHOOL Norih Carolina EDITORS Esther Bridges Nick Lynn, Jr. 3 ffxwmwy-55, a K mikkxlfgw -1 .-H" .-"' Wav h PICTURES fa My gan? Constant c h atte r and mirth in the halls as school life. Excluding the long and dreaded Mon- the periods change, a th o ug htf ul and studious day mornings, our activities and friendships seem atm o sphe r e in the classrooms during tests, to blend with our s t udie s to create a quite in- impatient dashes to the cafeteria for lunch, and structive,tolerab1e, and even enjoyable existence. a general lightheartedness seem to typify our "'.i.'iZi. If-F , as gf , w as ,jl . ,. F1 . .JBA W' gru- V' 'LC g, .1 U :M '. 1 " 'V'-. 1 e- '91 w ,N 4 c F.H.s.f Cfantcnts Life at Foard De dication Administration Clas se s Fe ature s Athletic 5 Advertising am- ' 11.75 1 I fu' bf 5 K fr, flxh-ff ji, ., .-1 , .53 1 w gs xg 1 , 8- :53, K. V? 54 Lf! - .n- wa. , i .,,.E. . -A , 'f?4.fAr,.q!t"' 44 4' . .1 wr Mtsg Ib .,Q". , 4 ., ., . , 'I f qv-1 A Wx 35123511 f QAM. Y Oh, the c ountle s s number of times these buses and cars have traveled to Foard to bring the students and the teach- ers. Each of the one hundred and eighty trips every year is necessary for our life at Foard. Up and down these walks continually promenade the students of Foard. During lunch period, before school, and after the final bell,there are always an individual, more often a pair, and sometimes a group pacing the gradually wearing concrete. For health classes, baseball and soft- ball games, and soon footb all, we shall remember the enjoyable hour s spent on the activity field. All the sprained ankles, dislocated thumbs, and the like will never ove r s h a dow the fellowship we enjoyed there. ALL OF We, the senior class of 1958, wish to dedicate the Quatra-Log to all the teachers who have so di lig e ntly and faithfully guided us during our school years. We can never repay them for the long hours they have spent with us. We only hope that in the course of our lives the seeds of know- ledge they have s own will flo ur i s h and their efforts will be rewarded by the success and happiness of those they taught. 8 " ,, XS wg, Q, 2 as nf N A ,I pf' 1 , A ,Q , Y 1' NK. N ' A N.. . 9 Q lv ,I 4' r' i -A K - rv r "W A Ng? J , . 'J -t: - ., I FF' .: -' QQ ,fr K A - - .mix 5 .bk , 5 ,J H , Q w l ax lr Q ,f 1 ' 'f ' fi Wlyixf Efgxixfzgvl ff l' .. X ' T ff' " u5f,jyQfQgwQ4,-wed" k i J ,. , 'J .aff K ' , 'Q 1, '-,' g ---. : .' ' ef '--, , Ufxgln , ,1g,,,,,,L".. Jw? W5 2, fJ !Wf' O PRINCIPAL Principal , O. N. Lynn Left to right: Rome Jarrett, Herbert Teague, Dan Phillips, Marshall Clay , --W ,fl Y L1 . X Y 'fvieg ' 9 6 X if A 14 X36 X 6 K I. ls 3 T!! 10 U S History, World History, Science, Mrs. Alma B. Reitzel English 11, 1V, Latin: B. S. ASTC R uthe rford, Le noi r Rhyne Graduate work Ohio State and University of Colorado Senior Guidance and Sponsor :Q Annual Adviser Mr. J. Loy Sox A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Senior Sponsor Miss Lois Coon English l, 111 A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Junior Sponsor Senior Play Adviser Mrs. Dessie P. Setzer Shorthand 1, 11, Typing 1, Bookkeeping A B Bowling Green College of Commerce , Jxfhior Sponsor Mr. Fred L. Phillips Mathematics A. B. Lenoir Rhyne M. A. ASTC Sophomore Sponsor Miss Nelva W. Cornwell English 1, 111, French 1, 11 A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Sophomore Sponsor Beta Club Sponsor Newspaper Sponsor French Club Sponsor Mr. D. A. Anthony Geometry, Algebra 11 General Math, General Science A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Key Club Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor Mrs. Carolyn Campbell English lg Librarian A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Catawba College Library Club Sponsor Economics Mrs. Kathleen Isenhour Typing 1, 11, Bookkeeping Civics, World History 5. B. S. ASTC Freshman Sponsor Newspaper Adviser Mr. Charles Wyant Biology, Chemistry A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Science Club Sponsor Freshman Sponsor I Mr. M. D. Honeycutt Health, World History A. B. Lenoir R.lYH6 Basketball and Baseball Coach R9 pw. Freshman Sponsor Athletic Club Sponsor Health Co-ordinator Mrs. Sara Curtis Home Economics 1. 11 B. S. Winthrop Freshman Sponsor Mr. A. E. Shugart Agriculture wigs .2,, B. S. North Carolina State College lx' "Nj W" 6 FFA Sponsor Ji Mr. Olin B. Isenhour 'kno Health, Civics History, General Science A, B. Lenoir Rhyne Guidance Counselor ' ' i s' '7 Mr. O. N. Lynn H Q A. B. Lenoir Rhyne Q University of North Carolina C ll I 12 4 1 ,ww-M. . Q K M -. Left to right: Janie Huffman,vice- presidentg Gail Barger, reporterp Jimmy Ki1by,treasurerg Frances Rhoney, secretaryg Sarah Wyant, reporter. Seated: Mary Ann Tucker, president. c L A s 5 o F Fu CE R s ADVIS ERS Mrs. Alma Reitzel and Mr. J. Loy Sox JO ANN MATILDA ABERNETHY That glowing personality has made Jo Ann a favorite among her classmates. 'PATSY CAROLYN ABERNETHY Patsy can always be de pende d upon to co- operate and make sure things get done. it How be N f A ' ,325 ' E its GA11. IRENE BARGER y i Her ability to be gracious at all times ha.. set ' kiwi "I a good example for all of us. ' " 'QQ WAYNE BOLICK Wayne, a happy-go-lucky guy, can brighten a ' 'Q rainy day. The Seuiar 611155 A , gggq ang PEGGY ANN BOONE Peggy, who never meets a stranger, will never be without friends. ESTHER NOVELLA BRIDGES Many honors have been bestowed upon Esther because of her e ffi ci e n c y, capability, and scholastic achievement. WILLIAM CARTER BROOKS Liked by everyone, Carter's dependability make s him outstanding . SANDRA LYNN BUFF If dignity and achievement determine a person's future, Sandra will certainly make the grade. , ...N xt if fr' 4 N gn, WILLIAM RANDOLPH BUMGARNER Possessing good looks and personality, W. R. fills the bill as the All-American boy. Q JOAN CAROLYN BURGIN Her considerationfor others is only one of the admirable traits of Joan. filfargm ,Q A 2 K BON JOU DAWN BURRIS Q uv i Bon .Iou's perky voice has brightenedthe halls - of Foard. WILLIAM EDWARD BURTON, JR. fp L 'vibe ' iam- .v William is sure to succeed in any career he chooses. Che Senior 6flISS CHRISTINE CALDWELL Christine's love for people has won her many friends. ELIZABETH FAYE CANIPE Elizabeth's cheerful disposition will always be an asset to her. HELEN ELAINE CAUTHEN Elaine, an unselfish and refined girl. CLINTON FOARD CHILDERS Clinton's wit has pr ovide d us with many a ,ji laugh. .fr L. ,JUL 51-1-- N ,pls Q p' ix VCX ik- I LYNN VERNON CONNELL His talented V oic e is sure to bring him re- cognition in the future. MYRTLE JO ANN DEAL A very ambitious girl, Jo Ann is sure to climb with ease the ladder of success. CHARLIE DICKINSON, JR. Charlie can always be counted on for a laugh, especially in the middle of a class. MADELINE FREDELL We hope Madeline will never outgrowher cute nickname , "Maggie!' N S, Q? I 1, Q-,ky . 'sqm' ,4 ' m fs, 3, A , 5. I n . 42 'N . V ' Mi L fe A 4- 5 anus? 'Us U fix x .- Yr' f ' Che Senior 611155 V i """A BILLY RALPH FRYE A familiar sight around Foard, Bill has added to the enjoyment of our senior year. LARRY DEAN FULBRIGHT Larry enjoys talking and being with other people. PEGGY IRENE GRINDSTAFF We shall always remember Peggy, a petite and gracious member of our class. EVE L.YN GROSS With a warm heart and an unselfish manner, Evelyn has enriched our days at Foard. Q--'H 'X' nw, 'Wi X70 'F if N A 'uf 5 J. D. HEFNER J. D's quiet and courteous actions will be a lasting impression with us. PEGGIE SUE HEFNER Her athletic ability will become a legend to us who have watched her in action. CARROL DEAN HENDRICKS On the baseball field, Dean gets a chance to show his athletic ability. V. GUY RONALD HOOD A really nice guy whose easy-going ways have i""' made it a pleasure to have him as a classmate 'Cha Senior 6fl15S GWENDOLYN HOWARD Gwen has the reputation for saying the right things at the right time. GARY ADOLPI-IUS HUFFMAN Gary is a fun-loving and carefree guy. JANIE CAROLYN HUFFMAN Janie, a sweet and lovable member of our class. NORRIS ROY HUSS Norris would make a good diplomat with his distinguished looks. 1 COX Us 'I -es r i-.. CAROLYN SUE KANUPP fr Sue's individuality is a trade mark to us who know her. JAMES CLIFFTON KILBY To us .Timmyis tops not only on the ball court but also in everything he undertakes. ANNIE MARIE KIRBY A very soft spoken girl, Marie is the kind of person people like to be around. LARRY RUSSELL KIZIAH Larry's suave manner has won the hearts of students as well as teachers. 5, ,wx fs Y , H' 5 Ne Cm. 4 as . n. . brqi ,f 5 ,. , . ., We A ft f K- nt- U16 Senior 611155 ROY EVAN LAIL F ',,, dy i Evan is the type of person who does his best X '1 NV ' t 15 at whatever he undertakes. THOMAS LAMBERT Because of his concern for the girls, Tommy -ft.. is never alone . FRANCES IRENE LUTZ Truly a lady, Frances looks as if she had just stepped from Seventeen. X MARTHA JEAN LUTZ YYf"':1r' A depe ndable person, Martha Jean should , V Q X never worry about what's ahead. - . .4 if-E , '-'f- . ' 1 . ' H- , ii. " -'-55... rx W 6 R ' ' A iii "Y Hi' PDQ'-N xiii? TTY. Tis :WX L V 1A,,7 CLAUDIA ELIZABETH LYNN We shall long remember her friendship, in- terest, and kindness to others. OLIN NICK LYNN, JR. Excelling in charactex',lea.dership,and achievement, Nicky is destined for great things. BETTY MARLENE MCCASLIN Marlene's ability to take shorthand will pave the way for her career as a secretary. JANICE COLLEEN MCREE .Tanice's genial attitude will pave the way for bigger things ahead. Ulu' Senior 611155 LOIS MAE PARSONS Lois, a quiet and deserving person. SANTA LEONA PATE Reserved, but frie ndly, Leona has a warm smile for everyone. LINDA KAY PITTS A11 the girls envy Linda Kay's well-groomed, naturally curly hair. KENNETH ROGER RADER We hope to see Roger as one of our great scientists of tomorrow. -any ,,. Wav -fi, S-., ,M Q . i f A L. , A r ' -an W' 5' LIBBY REINHARDT Sparkling with life, Libby has enlightened our days at Foard. DANIEL MENDELL REYNOLDS We hope Mendell can steer the future as well as he can a car. FRANCES RHONEY Frances will be remembered by her class- mates for her warm smile and easy-going ways, . NILES ROBINSON Niles should be a politician with that stern, clear voice of his. 42 wwe? Y Q lx ,Gr I ' x I .dl-..-E 55. ,,w,x Qi-N Che Senior 611155 ng -"N za K ' iiiii' We - COY TED SCRONCE Coy's che e rful appearance has gained him many friends. REBECCA ARLENE SCRONCE Always cheerful, Rebecca shows the making of a well-rounded person. ROY PRESTON SEITZ 'Keep things lively" has always been Roy's motto. WILLIAM SEITZ We feelthat no goal is too high for William to reach. it e if :, at 'Y- 1- '31 3 I 'V' ig.- ,, . 1 'T CHARLES SHOOK Charlesis always the first to say "hello" and the last to say "good-bye." EARLENE Sl-IOOK Earlene is a very nice girl with a pleasing attitude. SHELBY JEAN SIGMON Shelby Jean's quiet and pleasing ways have won her many friends. BECKY SMITH With an inexhaustible amount of energy, Becky has adorned the social activities of Foard, Che Senior 60155 IRENE STALLINGS Irene is known for her immaculate and fash- ionable appearance. MARY ANN TUCKER In the cla s s r o om ,in sports, and with her classmates, Mary Ann ranks highly. WAYNE WALLACE Wayne's studious ways are sure to pay off big dividends in the future. ROBERT WARD Robert couldn't get along in sc hool without Charlie and Gary. may MMV 1 C.. JANET WHISNANT Janet always looks her best no matter what the occasion is. -ng. 411 JERRY WHITENER Jerry's ability to convince people will always Q 'Vx ' be a great asset to him. Q 'S fi SARAH WYANT Sarah is the kind of person who can always look on the sunny side of things. ELSIE WHITENER ,T-:fr Elsie is always willing to assist other people. ,, 'M 'ity- 4-fr 'UN Che Senior 611155 LEROY YOUNT shown us that chiv a Leroy has around. X .ftp ',' -is 1 ,i .2 W as 5, p lg X 'iq , y . 5 lr y is still NOT PICTURED J. D. Fulbright .Tame s Willis Steve Wright ,Mascats Kathy Hefner Randy Hefne r 'G 24 junior Marshals Left to right: Nicky Lynn, Chief Marshalg Mary Ann Tuckerg William Burton Sandra Buffg Esther Bridgesg Frances Lutz. X XXX ,ggn , D X Qi: K c-1' .311 25 W Xx at NEATEST France s Lutz Larry Kiziah upcrlativcs MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Becky Smith Nicky Lynn x ,r Y w f 9 FRIENDLIEST Esther Bridges Wayne Bolick : Of 9.14. 1 1 MOST POPULAR Sandra Buff Jimmy Kilby CLEVEREST Esther Bridge s William Burton i ' -ii 943, f MOST DEPENDABLE Esther Bridge s William Burton 'Q , Wm, 'Mx Yr MRM PM-'A 3?5QN-Yi i pi my UA W , Q. MQ, Ha..-f Mm fffvd' sux' A 'R mm vw. 1 ,.,,-f""l'd, 1, , , ,V-A ,...ffM""' Superlativvs MOST HU MOR OUS Q ff-y . Roy Libby Reinhardt Seitz ai H? '1 Q7 BEST LOOKING Sanrira Buff Jimmy Kilby y ' S5 28 X - BEST - ALL- ROUND Becky Smith William Bufton Superlalivcs MOST ATHLETIC Peggie Hefne r .Timmy Kilby ff' 1 Nfl-' l , . ,SX 9 Q? Q C 0 MOST VERSATILE Esther Bridges Nicky Lynn MOST TALENTED Sandra Buff Nicky Lynn 29 Superlalivcs LIKELY TO SUCCEED Esther Bridge s William Burton MOST DIGNIF IE D France s Lutz Nicky Lynn i in-S s. gi. Senior Statistics JO ANN ABERNETHY Home Room President l5 Table Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Science Club 3,45 French Club 45 Secretary of French Club 4. PATSY ABERNETHY Home Room Secretary 15 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 35 Library Club 45 Secretary-Treasurer of Library Club 45 N.C.H.S.L,A. 4. GAIL BARGER Music Club 1,25 Perfect Attendance 1,25 Reading Certificate 1,25 4-H Club 1,2,35 Library Club 2,35 N.C.H.S.L.A. 2,35 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Ban- quet 35 Junior-Senior Chorus 35 Commencement Choir 35 French Club 35 Reporter of French Club 35 Class Reporte r 45 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Log 45 Music Federation Festival 1,2. Tl T WAYNE BOLICK Bus Driver 3,45 4-H Club 2,35 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. PEGGY ANN BOONE Basketball 2,35 Junior Varisty 15 Class Re porte r 2,35 Home Room President 15 French Club 45 Photography Editor for Quatra-Lo 45 Theme and Decorating Com- mittee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 SalesmanslTi5Certificate 3. ESTHER BRIDGES Co-Editor for Quatra-L49-g 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 President of Beta Club 45 Library Club 2,35 President of Library Club 35 N.C.H.S.L.A. 2,35 Delegate to N.C.H.S.L.A. Convention 35 4-H Club 35 Music Club 15 Home Room Vice-President 25 French Club 35 Secretary-Treasurer of Class 35 Co-Chairman of Invitation Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Junior-Senior Chorus 35 Most Versatile 45 Most Depend- able 45 Friendliest 45 Cleverest 45 Most Likely to Succeed 45 Junior Marshal 35 News Reporter for Foardonian 35 Co-Chairman of Library Club Program Committee 25 Introduction of Speaker for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 High Salesmanship Award 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Honor Roll 1,2,3. CARTER BROOKS 4-H Club 1,25 Bus Driver 35 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 F.F.A. l,2,3. SANDRA BUFF 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Song Leader of 4-H Club 15 Program Chairman of 4-H Club 25 President of 4-H 3,45 State 4-H Club Home Management Winner 35 County Winner in Home Economics 35 County Winne r in Girl's Record 25 State 4-H Club Honor Club 45 Blue Ribbon Winner in 4-H Talent Show 2,3,45 Runner-up in Dairy Princess Contest 35 District Sc h ola r ship to State 4-H Music Workshop 25 District Music Federation Contest 1,25 Winner of State Folksong Cup 35 On State Music Convention Program 15 State Music Contest 1,25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Co-Captain of Basketball Team 3,45 Commencement Chor us 1,25 Commencement Choir 25 French Club 35 Secretary of French Club 35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Vice-President of Beta Club 25 Pro- gram Chairman of Beta Club 35 Delegate to Beta Club Convention 35 Science Club 45 Se c retary of Science Club 45 Junior Marshal 35 Art Editor of Foardonian 35 Advertising Staff for Quatra-I.-ig 45 Co-Chairman of Theme-Program-Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Speaker and Soloistat Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Honor Roll l,2,35 Best Looking 45 Most Popular 45 Most Talented 4. W. R. BUMGARNER Basketball 2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,35 Key Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Decorating Com- mittee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Athletic Club 45 Vice-President of F.F.A. 35 Dairy Cattle Judging Team 2,35 Junior Varsity 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4. JOAN BURGIN Food Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. BON JOU DAWN BURRIS Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 C om m e n c e m e nt C h oi r 35 Library Club 45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 4. 31 Senior Statistics WILLIAM BURTON Class Pre side nt 35 Vice-President of Class 25 Beta Club Z,3,45 Beta Club Con- vention 35 Key Club Z,3,45 Secretary of Key Club 35 Treasurer of Key Club 45 Key Club Convention 25 Science Club 3,45 Vice-President of Science Club 35 Treasurer of Science Club 45 Master of Ceremonies for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Theme and Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Entertainment Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 High Sale smanship Award 35 Boy's State Delegate 35 Feature Writer for F oar doni an 35 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Lo 45 Business Manager for Quatra-Lo 45 Sports News Reporter 45 Baseball 35 B55 Driver 3,45 Safe Driver 45 Most Lifely to Succeed 45 Most Dignified 45 Cleverest 45 Best-All- Round 45 Junior Marshal 35 Honor Roll 1,25 Perfect Attendance 1,25 French Club 35 Reading Certificate l,2,3. CHRISTINE CALDWELL 4-H Club 25 Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 35 French Club 3,45 Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Library Club 45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 4. ELIZABETH CANIPE Library Club 3,45 N.C.H.S.L,A, 3,45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. ELAINE CAUTHEN Library Club 2,35 Property Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. JO ANN DEAL Beta Club Z,3,45 Library Club 3,45 N.C.H.S.L.A, 3,45 Delegate to N.C.H.S.L.A. Convention 35 Delegate to Southern District Meeting of N.C.H.S.L,A, 45 President of Library Club 45 Home Room President Z5 Feature Writer for Foardonian 35 Typist for Quatra-gg 45 Shorthand Award 35 Co-Chairman of Menu Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 3. CHARLIE DICKINSON F.F.A. l,2,35 Vice-President of F.F.A. 25 4-H Club 1,25 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. MADELINE FREDELL French Club 3,45 Library Club 4. BILL FRYE Baseball l,2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Athletic Club 4. LARRY FULLBRIGHT F.F.A. l,2,35 Baseball Z,3,45 Bus Driver 45 De corating Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 35 Athletic Club 4. PEGGY GRINDSTAFF Class Reporter 15 Honor Roll 1,25 Vice-President of Classical League 35 Science Club 3,45 Time and Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 35 Reading Certificate 1,2,3. EVELYN GROSS Table Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 French Club 35 Beta Club 3,4. PEGGIE HEFNER . Basketball l,2,3,45 Co-Captain of Basketball Team 3,45 4-H Club 45 Science Club 3,45 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Log 45 Commencement' Choir 35 Reception and Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Most Athletic 45 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Reading Certificate l,2,35 Junior Classical League 3,45 Reporter for Junior Classical League 3,4. DEAN HENDRICKS F.F.A. 1,2,35 Athletic Club 45 Baseball Z,3,45 Decorating Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 3. RONALD HOOD Junior Varsity 15 Basketball Z,3,45 Baseball Z,3,45 Baseball Scorekeeper 15 Bus Drive r 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Athletic Club 45 F.F.A. 1.Z,3. 32 Scniar Statistics GWENDOLYN HOWARD Library Club 45 4-H Club 3,45 Menu Committee for Junior-Senior'Banquet 3. GARY HUFFMAN F.F.A. 1,Z,3,45 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Time and Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. JANEY HUFFMAN Newspaper Business Staff 15 Newspaper Feature Staff 25 Newspaper News Staff 35 Spanish Club 15 Pep Club 15 Reading Certificate 1,25 F.H.A. 1,25 Fashion Club 25 Perfect Attendance 25 F.T.A.5 Library Club 2,45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 2,45 Honor Roll 15 Junior Clas sical League 45 Vice-President of Class 45 Commencement Choir 35 Science Club 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Scorekeeper 45 Advertising Staff for Quatra-gg 4. SUE KANUPP Band 1,25 Beta Club 2,3.45 French Club 45 Art Editor for E oardonian 35 Art Editor for Quatra-gg 45 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Egg 45 Library Club 35 Time and Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Reading Certificate l,2,35 Honor Roll l,2,3. JIMMY KILBY Basketball 1,2,3,45 Co-Captain of Basketball Team 2,45 Captain of Basketball Team 35 All-Conference 2,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 President of Key Club 45 Beta Club 2,3545 Science Club 3,45 Vice-President of Science Club 45 French Club 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Best-Looking 45 Most Popular 45 Most Athletic 45 Athletic Club 45 President of Athletic Club 45 Theme-Entertainment-Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Class President 15 Class Treasurer 45 Commencement Choir 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Salesmanship Award 35 Beta Club Convention 35 Key Club Convention 25 Bus Driver Award 35 Advertising Staff for Quatra-gg 45 Class Reporter 45 Sports Editor for Foardonian 35 Perfect Attendance 35 Honor Roll 1,2. MARIE KIRBY Library Club 15 4-H Club l,2,35 Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Junior-Senior Chorus 3. LARRY KIZIAH F.F.A. l,2,35 Secretary of F.F.A. 35 Reporter for F.F.A. 25 Key Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Neatest 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. FRANCES LUTZ Beta Club 2,3,45 Secretary for Beta Club 45 French Club 45 Reporter for French Club 45 4-H Club l,2,35 Music Club l,2,35 Band l,2,35 Junior Marshal 35 Co- Chairman of Invitation Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Salesmanfship Cer - tificate 35 Ne ate s t 45 Most Courteous 45 Most Dignified 45 Advertising Staff for Quatra--LQ-g 45 News Reporter for Foardonian 35 4-H Club Dairy Princess Contest 35 Home Room Reporter 15 Class President 2. MARTHA JEAN LUTZ 4-H Club 1,25 4-H Club Fair Booth 15 Home Room Reporter 1,25 Band 25 Honor Roll l,2,35 Reading Certificate l,2,35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Time and Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 High Salesmanship Award 35 French Club 45 School Reporter 45 Sports Editor for Efoardoniag 35 Business Manager for Quatra-gg 4. ELIZABETH LYNN Beta Club 2.3,45 Business Manager for Foardonian 35 Science Club 45 Commence- ment Choir 35 Honor Roll 1,25 Invitation Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Typist for Quatra-is 4. NICKY LYNN Co-Editor for Quatra-Eg 45 Co-Editor for ' 35 Home Room President 15 Beta Club 2,3,45 Treasurer of Beta Club 45 Alternate Delegate to Beta Club Conven- tion 35 Key Club 2,3,45 Treasurer of Key Club 35 Secretary of Key Club 45 Delegate to Key Club Convention 35 Band 1,45 Music Club l,2,3,45 Co-Chairman of Theme- Program-Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Speaker and Pianist for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 4-H Talent Show 35 District Music Federation Festival 1,25 State Music Contest 15 Chief Junior Marshal 35 Science Club 3,45 Budget and Finance Committee for Science Club 45 French Club 35 Vice-President of French QContinued on, page 341 33 Senior Statistics fContinued from page 331 Club 35 Program Chairman of French Club 35 Pianist for Commencement Sermon 15 Pianist for Commencement Exercise 25 Commencement Choir 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 High Salesmanship Award 35 Key Club Executive Committee 35 Music Recital 1,25 4-H Club 15 Typing Essay Award Winner 35 Honor Roll 152,35 Perfect Attendance 2,35 Home Room Reporter 35 Reading Certificate l,2,35 Most School Spirit 45 Most Dignified 45 Most Versatile 45 Most Talented 4. MARLENE MCCASLIN Home Room Vice-President 15 Junior-Senior Chorus 35 Property Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Beta Club 3,4. JANICE McREE 4-H Club 15 Band 15 Home Room Secretary 15 Junior Varsity 15 Basketball 2, 35 French Club 35 Beta Club 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Reporter of Science Club 35 Budget and Finance Committee for Science Club 45 Class Secretary 35 Salesmanship Cer- tificate 35 Theme and Program Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Entertain- ment Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Decorating Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 35 Honor Roll 1,25 Advertising Staff for Quatra.-Ea-g 4. LOIS PARSONS Library Club 3,45 Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 N.C.H.S.L.A, 3,4. LEONA PATE 4-H Club 15 Commencement Choir 35 Table Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. LINDA PITTS French Club 45 Library Club 45 Property Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 35 Junior-Senior Chorus 35 Delegate to the Southern District Meeting of the N.C.H.S.L.A. 45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 4. ROGER RADER Key Club Z,3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Science Club 3.45 Time and Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Bus Driver 45 Mimeographer for Foardonian 35 Photog- raphy Editor for Quatra-is 4. I LIBBY REINHARDT Reception Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 35Honor Roll 1,25 Science Club 45 Reading Certificate l,2,35 Junior-Senior Chorus 35 Most Humorous 4. -- FRANCES RHONEY Class Secretary-Treasurer 15 Class President 25 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Eg 45 News Reporter for Foardonian 35 Beta Club 45 Secretary of Beta Club 45 Invi- tation Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. NILES ROBINSON F,F.A, 152,35 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 4-H Club 1. COY SCRONCE F.F.A. l,2,35 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. REBECCA SCRONCE Beta Club 3,45 Feature Writer for Foardonian 35 Annual Staff 45 Theme and De- corating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Home Room Treasurer 1. ROY SEITZ Basketball 2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,35 Key Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Most Humorous 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Athletic Club 45 Treasurer of F.F.A. 35 Cattle Judging Team 2,35 Junior Varsity 1. WILLIAM SEITZ Class Vice-President 15 Beta Club Z,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 Theme Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Mimeographer for Foardonian 3. CHARLES SHOOK Bus Driver 45 Science Club 3,45 F.F.A. 1,25 De corating Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 3. 34 Senior Statistics EARLINE SHOOK French Club 3,45 Library Club 45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 4. SHELBY JEAN SIGMON Library Club 45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 45 French Club 3,4. BECKY SMITH Band 15 Library Club 25 Library Club Program Committee 25 French Club 35 Presi- dent of French Club 35 Class Vice-President 35 Theme and Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Co-Editor for ' 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Farewell Address at Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 2,35 Beta Club Z,3,45 Delegate to Beta Club Convention 35 Program Chairman of Beta Club 45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Head Cheerleader 45 Reporter of Science Club 45 Most School Spirit 45 Best-All-Round 45 Honor Roll 1,'3. IRENE STALLINGS 4-H Club 15 Commencement Choir 35 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Log 4. MARY ANN TUCKER Band 15 Junior Varsity 15 Basketball Z,3,45 Library Club 45 Vice-President of the Library Club 45 Advertising Staff for Quatra-Eg 45 French Club 35 Science Club 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Class President 45 Junior Marshal 35 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Co-Captain of Basketball Team 45 N.C.H.S.L.A. 4. ROBERT WARD F.F.A. 152,35 Property Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. JANET WHISNANT Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 35 Perfect Attendance Z,3. JERRY WHITENER Time and Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Bus Driver 3.45 F.F.A. 1,2,3. JAMES WILLIS F.F.A. 1,2535 Bus Driver 3,45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. STEVE WRIGHT F.F.A. l,Z,35 4-H Club 15 Bus Driver 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. SARAH WYANT Beta Club Z,3,45 News Reporte r for Foardonian 35 Table Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 35 French Club 45 Typist for Quatra-Log 45 Class Reporter 4. LEROY YOUNT Class President 15 Class Vice-President 25 Junior Classical League Z,3,45 Vice- President of Junior Classical League 35 Pep Club 1,25 Biology Club Z5 Hall Patrol 25 4-H Club 2,3,45 Delegate to 4-H Club Convention Z5 Science Club 3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Commencement Choir 35 Junior-Senior Chorus 35 Theme and Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Key Club 2,3,45 Vice-President of Key Club 45 Business Manager for Foardonian 35 Baseball Z. 35 I l 9 r A 4 1 L , , Q.--WT l I7 'nzsiflfl if I Q: ,, wx ' I' 1 , . 1 1 'r N y L' 1 H .H-"' 'J fi sg Left IOR1g11l Larry Phlllxps Reporter Edna Leonhardt Reporterg Allen Proctor, Prggx Cook Secretary Carroll Whmtener V1ce PTCS1d6Ht .hm Deal, President. Tommy Banks Elaine Brooks J 40. "if .P A.. Treasurerg juuiar Robert Biggerstaff Junior Burgin 'Q 'Qin- 1 :"S I ""N1'k1 V 4 :7 Y 'I xv QR' A-sv N X4 K. 5 S 5 9 X A155 ,N I s.. 1, Q R N- Q, 'Al TIT' iw, Q-' 1 L.. . Morris Carter Ronald Craig 611155 Harold Fry Jackie Hefner 'Vx iw -' 5 76? "' 1 ' J 'ine-N 'VWQ-, ,Q- SCE 'lwqm nw ww mfxan Linda Clay Kathryn Crawley Benny Fulbright Martha Herman -ba 'Q"""'v Erne st Clevenger Mildred Davis Nelson Fulbright Patricia Hoke . 'is-v QL -v, in 95. ti . N., ,, Cook Ji Ellen Gross Charles Huffman 1- 'U- agua- ""'N 'tw 'bus- G3 3 4F91 QQ I 3 Jim Craig Joan Falardeau Helen Hatley Dor othy Kahill any sg los, ,,, A . , ag,- ""4'De gm, Yr-if fVX"9w td' 'Sabi T' 6 if P As S I , 1 Q H ' H'-M' .I fl , A u ,? an-we 1? W Q, -ul-. ,A C., . vs-.V 1 Kathryn Kanupp Alene Johnson ' Rachel Leatherman Bobby Leatherman Billy Leonhardt .Too Parker 'L ow GA it , 4. . .1 1 K. - Ralph Lowman Margaret Pate F9 FN Q fx - 6 ,A wg ' in 'VN ffl' """' 'K' 8v5,,f i su., Janelda Kilby Jerald Leatherman Judy Lutz Larry Phillips 2. inf" Kay Kirby Patricia Lentz Janice Martin Allen Proctor "-651' t pi 'W' 1' KN D N Y 'UK Q. X '- Ann Lambert Edna Lo onhar dt juniar Eunice Matthews Kenneth Propst in W di 'W fb 5441.141 S, ,.. . 5 HQ. , nf V ,,f f-K M we QQ, f-fe Q ,Q Q 4. ,-W y ' v V - w . I "bud- ti- Q S -1, t v my 7 1 , 1 I or f . . l I -Pin, K U in K, . 5s,,x e .i Slara Belle Pruette Nlellie Rudisill Hlass Libby Short Jerry Sigmon 'L ff S+.. Ns., Patty Rader Blair Scronce Le onard Sh ull Car olyn Simmons ,I CI, rv- if My X 4-W---. . 7 'aa ' ',,,, 1 S V' A . lx L, Wx.,-. -Q. Q I N,- Janice Rudisill Larry Scronce Linda Shull Norma Jean Simmons mt 1515 '4"ML 4 X Vx A' . ,,l 'RA f ,Al lifsbix XL .f l T W WW' , :L Q rf. "Rewr- --,, aff Q., Us Q1 1 .Terry Rhoney Sandra Kay Schrum Betty Jean Sigmon Mary Frances Smith ,, AUX i 7' W7 as A sg? "J ' we , S 'uu....,l S i png ..x Mary Ellen Rhoney Phyllis Settlemyre Bobby Sigrnon Nancy Spe agle Qt 331 i' vw-1 :Was PQ! Qugg.-f l l ...Y -'N su N. 'J ' vi 'E N SN , oi W ,nllv r Sudclu rth ,Infyn n' Ifllmltfii Sddiv Whitvncr Mary Alxcc Yoder -W 41 'TS 'C' 5 T 'WEE it vu' S., HF Jinu TL-ag uc Jackie Ward Sandra Winebargor Fitzhugh Young QM qw 'x sul ' Xfx X.: --r ' X - -6' -sv' , I N ,f.. fab my-QF! 4 j , lux 4 Qc-?xq:,1Q ,MN ries'-aw 'ia' Q.. 1-.. o 4 :Q J-Q. 'P' 'UN 3-"in E' .1 ' 2' s fd 'N' 1 qw Bob Teague David Whisnant Kathy Thomas Diane Whisnant Ned Wood Julia Yount Barbara Yodc r Lewis Yount we-5 ' 0--Q 'WN Win... iv' 0- 'CC' Q. 15 is Jerry Townsend Carroll Whitunvr junior ---l.. 6111.95 ,Advisers Seated: Mrs. Dessic P. Sctzcr Standing: Miss Lois Coon l M are Cfloss Officers Wh' snant Presidentg Left to Right:Carolyn 1 , Carroll Pruitt, Vice:-Presidontg Billie Huff- man, Secrctaryg Mary Rose Yoder, Treas- ' ' ' 2 rter' Connie rer' P'1tr1c1aR1chards, Repo , R u , 1 terg Tawanna Rhoney, e- Coulter, Rc-por ports r. i , N Dorothy Abe rnethy Barbara Abernethy Judy Ann Bolick Catherine Beaver kwwlivf :ag 43 I. . TT" vkw a .W M, .V f, . I 4. ...M - 4 i I ' , y L , as A ,Well st. , Left to Right: Mr. D. A. n Cornwellg ' ' i Advisers A thonyg Miss Nelva Mr. Fred Phillips. we g,' i Sophomore Ruth Abernethy Sonja Buff sq--nv' , 3 1 Eve Anthony Christine Bumgarner 'WN Q GL . Richard Ar rowood Larry Canipe Q' ,vp li.. e Q l Sr' If as 4ff"'au'5 QS-C?" T ,, My '22 'VN E fm M if 53,1-. X Tx vyg. A Nu... ?"'?' 'DN Linda Canipe Connie Coulter 611155 Iancy Eller 'ohnny Cvrindstaff A3 1 QPV sa, is 4" "fy, Y. o , 5 -:V M .iwifisifff N . .I - L , ,, an-can ' n rd' Us R f 985 J' af , i .f s - .. Q - 4 ll A ' -.... Wilford Canipe Mary Sue Craig Kathy Fox Paul Gross s IQ wx lf- . am..-., ' ., i" -1 M A 'N-...+C Linda Cansler Jackson Crawley Jeanne Frye Troy Hallman wsu., 4-Wir Boneta Davis Charles Fulbright Larry Herman lf' ' ,fly 5 xuvy.. 1 "Q-4. Wana. vi, t K fy :Wi fi' 1 5 fb C ,. 1 av 3 ' -js ' me 'vw .V Q W7 sn- as ...--. Ek Caroline Clevenger Carlotta Cobb Judy Downey Louise Greene Sandra Hilton 1' FUN, 94 . 4-fi 7. x tvs. up-f J ' 55:1 J I F X K if v q, 5, ' .ar I M F 1.1 JW v,::-:J Q. Brenda Houser Jacob Jarrett Lmnda Kiser Patty Jo Martin :fx Us l 1' gn--fx l- a f -it Qs.- 'WX any 'gs-H .g R+- 4 Ui A, w fx I, 14 ire' Billie Ann Huffman Alice Johnson Vernon Lackey Donald McRee ' oz. k'4L' " Qin. Q - I M " iw. 5' 'IJ- ' nn1 'Vows N. Emma Jean Huffman Connie Hunt Joyce I-Iuss Hugh Johnson Charles Lutz Etta Mae Mitchell K 'Q-1 --M 'N R .. . - 2 Thelma Kirby Ellen Lynn Barbara Moore """' -Q... vpn--' 3' Y.- Thomas Kirby Sophamare Helen Martin Levon Parker Av-7' A Cl' . , K , no 4 w J at L - Tl K S x, . fi f "" X '- ' X N EX f Y 4 H 'V ' .R P. mi, ' ir' ii ,Q S' l dx fl N Aw Q fx RSL as 4- st Q' ,, i Wig.. kr' 'una K Q, y a R --- it ' aw 0- ,X I- bm- .,,,.A,. i x, Reid Pc rry Darrell Pruette 611155 crry Ann Rogvrs Lonnie Shook A Nm. , Alfyg fy.. iq'-f. 'Vgvs Janice Phillips Carolyn Rhoney Blonnic Rudisill Janice Short 'W 'Y' 'fX'v- lg.. WN--' iw' Mack Pitts Tawanna Rhoney Annabelle Sain Barbara Schrum Q nys, 'VX 1. I1 1, '. LM x M r' if fix f 'Vim pig 4" X ,Cl UN Evelyn Pr opst Patricia Richards Joyce Scttlemyre Mary Sue Smith . A .Q ar A. ,, i im, h QMS- -y ffl , Huy S.. , -what is Q. T41 M' 1. Carrell Pruette Frank Robinson Joan Sherrill Richard Smith N. I . A ' ,gi Us 'lm ' I VI... . nfl xt 'wp ,vs . A JCE gn, f? QS' f . y ""5x lt , 'V q K s H 1 1 ,. ' 'iv .,, ' ' ig., " ' sv 'f '- ::- --' i 'wr 1 " .N so NA' ,. ---...Nw Stanley Srnith Terry Smith Wanda Stallings Kendrick Starnes Sophomore Kloss Jo Ann West Nancy Wilson A A-5 if f ix! 'fi '59 'Q Carolyn Whisnant Gail Winebarger f A' W 5 .Tw 'Q not X 'Krav- -faug 4-'H G! vw" , vor. an ' Dickie Speagle Jimmy Teague NOT PICTURED Elaine Whisnant France s Woody ,Y 4 , 'Q ll Pm' gi ,gf - . 4 , f y 1 .1 i Qi, 'z '1 -ih- tv Be ulah Stallings Joe Teague 4' f T?" .11 1 .sugars L .X I Y Q3-J" Max Stalling s Sandra Thomas Ha1'O1Cl ALHOH Jerry Settlemyre Larry Houser Ralph Weaver Jerry Jones Floyd White John Lail Jack Wilfong John Saunders Kathleen Wright Gene Whitener Nan yylfilson Texie Wyant ill' 'ROS6 YOde f Qvljsenm W it 'RK 'Kgv' S ,p - nn, 0- 1. 41:- Vx! -lib., ,P 'Ego- K x ,B . --Q , 55523. Advisers Mr. Charlie Wyant, Mrs. Sara Curtis, Mrs. Kathleen Isenhour, Mr. M. D. Honeycutt. Butch Abernethy Judy Abernethy Harold Brittain Kay Brittain Peggy Brown Judy Burris li. 'K 4-i '55 l"' s L. i LL s CW' Harold Benfield Lillie Ann Brittain Rachel Burris ""' Q C . ' 1, g -. V i . f' s A 45. 4-M - C Q 'vu 1- A i 717' x ay 454, fn., .fs- gy an . 'Ax 1 'fs ' 'N ' X CL, K' -' Q fi . , sl.w,!... Zlass Officers Left to Right: Wanda Scronce, Reporterg Ernie Cline, Secretary Sr Treasurerg Neomi Young, Presidentg Judy Fulbright, Vice- Presidentg David Whitener, Reporter. EE Qreshman Klass Janet Brackett Brenda Bridges Barbara Brooks D01'OT2hy B1'0Wl'1 Mae Buff Norris Buff 'Y A 'LRE or . A' as QF-4' X' Nui 4....,.' '.., Q Q i M 4 , , N... Hx rf 'wr--.' ' 5' I Vg J-35 6. ' la ,.,- X Hai'-1' Vvr :gf 'im f S Audrey Butts A, G, Clark Jo Ann Cook Sylvia Day Linda Drum Judy Fulbright 'az L Y.. ,f as " LQ.. 'rw' Aga 5 I. it 'CQ J M. V'-' 1. 'ITV' 3. "'..'::g sz' 1 -it 3' - 'P "W A at . li. C 9 Qs, i is 51 fi -Q l W Y 4, " I xl, 'C' Marjoy Cody Junior Cline Ernie Cline Tom Clay Juanita Clark Brenda Canipe Bobby Canipe Cecil Cook Shirley Cook Gerald Craig Margie Cruse Randall Childers Larry Deal Barbara Jean Deaton Norris Detter Danny Dickinson Patricia Duncan Heidy Fletcher Bonita Fredell Betty Sue Fulbright Paul Fulbright Robert Fulbright Joyce Griffey Mary Sue Gross Neff-N' fa, aa, me QT L, 1-M ' C' LL M. ,bs , my ' ' -new 5 ak M . I I 'W ' x f 4 'H 'f is 1 2 ,D 7s :- Q . 1 fur 4:2 N, A qv- Q 'fe i CLVEFV -1 ,r-vi, t A. . 4: Q f WM ' Wiwhfilr '25 6 . 4, V X ' W L, 5 17' wg, f L if .... E 'Nxt K ' ,- r' x. -x AHA A' fiiy M35 R" AN h . Q L .x L i in 'Tr 54" J' J " A., x. J it J QL Q 1 .1 sv' 1 '-W: C-A"f..'r Qi.-. J. ..,, ace, UH 3 5 le Q' is 4.-J 33 lf?- 54, 'rl 'X' 'Q-' Y.: x Q--r , "' iam " .at 5. g, 3: L N x Q N, Q scgub b Dallas Hatley Faye Hauser Bill Heavner Bobby Hood Audrey Hoyle Nancy Huffman Kay Ingle David Jarrett Barry Johnson 611155 Kay Kiser Joyce Leatherman Jimmy Lail Catherine Lail Linda Lowman Phil Leatherman Hubert Lutz Mary Lynn Raymond Mays QQ-fl V 45 M ig :Q 332 :.' K 1,1 J Y 3 any 1 .,.., ' ' r ..,1,. i -. .. Q wr 2+ ' ,,, ke' ii-- of .. , ' ' LAX Janice Hildebran Richard Hoke Lucille Hullett Carolyn Huss Elizabeth Jones C. W. Kirby Joanne Leatherman Euliss Lynn David McCaslin Arlene Ledford Larry Lutz Glenn Mauser ' -use img it as gymget :. iw i' L, ,jg-vx no L 'ff' 'J ' X na an lf na, is H v 1 is 2: 'YN G' X '?'J,. Hur , ,.. 5 f Ps qv'-P , 4:5 "Wa Q "1 "' X " K .5 1 -Q- X '- I PM K ififf, A gk , in A , , I. , ' M w is NS vo - "W Q. K A65 ai. YK i f P - . j--L v si 3, Y Q C. ,-,, 1. ,. Q k X. . N Rx ,V -,i fx 'qu W: lf i fi - fifiv ' ' Q fwiii' 0 iffefff "" A I' Tommy Mitchell Charles Mitchum Clara Parker Nancy Parker Geraldine Parsons Grady Pate Buford Pike Beatrice Pitts Larry Propst Anna Mae Punch Darvin Punch Gerald Rhone Mar Ellen Robinson Jo ce Saine Nick Saine Y Y Y Y Mary Kate Scronce Steve Scronce Wanda Scronce Eddie Setzer Nancy Setzer David Settlernyre Barbara Sigmon Bucky Sigrnon Connie Short Tommy Shuford Judy Shull Brantly Smith Donald Smith Hazel Srnith Linda Smyre K K l v V S K Mm - yt: L G PM A-fm I ,. .t 4: ak c R A A V 5 , N' N- Lt. - "' Cz' fr Yi -' 12- vg Q- 'I Z3 w A 653 In it K 4 'Cf P 727 'L' m 'Y' K fzi, in I X '14 wg, ,Sqft 1 Q . .M l .Q f5. V A Q . -IQ 1' I fu? - f 1' N P M A I L. 'V l K I I 'N f P 'Ui ' " -1 - Y , , U y .W -ka 3 q water' - , 1-- I, A1 gg lf'-f A Nha-H 'asf- no I, , A ' PM . Q K - K It .yt E t X A V Y QQ A G wcgwv- t 'L-xxk sw -' Ng I' M 1, ' New af-. ,. M t , 9 'pig' 1- ,M -. ig"""- 2,2 . A ' is on la we-as L-Q Donald Stallings Julia Ann Stallings Mandy Faye Stallings Wanda Suddereth Hazel Sutton Maxine Teague Linda 'Pruitt Thomas Truitt Jeanette Ward Roger Wai-lick Ted Waters Sandra Waters Ann Webb Jerry Whisnant Baron Whitener 611155 David Whitener Jimruy Wilson Ernest Wright George Whitener Marie Wilson Hugh Wright X 'Wu - 'N , -'Z' fi :.'Q.L'st x -M... 'V 'bs Q. , -nu.. X X-, . xx li To r-'-' ' "Q mf 'ij J R fix Ai mAb . i Rannie Whitener Robert Wilson Martha Yoder Melinda Whisnant Bobby Wood Neomi Young awe ff' ttt 'Og-Q.. .,. YWN -f.-.ev if L f la or 1 Wir' Q. Z lg-'Gu-i Q.- . XT I W 3 41 , Wh-nf Marvin Wilfong, Jr Richard Woody Howard Yount r".'T:-'-. Q .n im. R.- .. wtf to 'if - v bi-tj AQ 5 sef., -.., at xf,,N Aa. just Ziff - 1 faq, 5 1. SD- amiga XMPAW PNNUQN u"' bv 5 + PFW, R A9 Sf ! E RE Tf ' -fl 1 , IS HE XMRSHWIN ri Tuknigolmwwifa EFFIAMZYI4' n ,3 I Us N k...f--.. ...,... -N - hs-- avi' -I QP: .cl ' . 572 'Fil-' ' ' Qtmg., .,.. . . ,. , ., ix g .,,,sx x ' ' 'lu--gm-.-......,,, NNES 60- Sdilors Nicky Lynn and Esther Bridges William Burton and Martha Je V 54 .Quatre-Lag lgusiness Managers an Lutz 25 if t o -F11 ki ikk- J' -I Nici-U, W X if Advertising Staff Seated: Gail Barger, William Burton, Martha Jean Lutz, Sandra Buff. Standing: Janey Huffman, Mary Ann Tucker, Frances Lutz, Jimmy Kilby, Frances Rhoney, Irene Stallings, Janice McRee Peggie Hefner. fffff Ulfffffff Elizabeth Lynn 7 L V .. , if , 'F tx X r ' i Photography Sditors ggfignwgjg R 1 Roger Rader, Rebecca Scronce, Peggy Boone -nwqaw Mia ,-Q, I ex- I aw gf - Rf ' x ga- , X , n P 4+ fix ,l f 4 ! , V 1' Q 35 4 t I ww, . --T.. A' ri' 1 Q 1 K 'N , M K se 1 Q M time i . W . 4' ,f Vx '-1-.l-. -r . 1 1 ' "lx F 3, , f ' umwgg, M M' - V M 5 X 'M . - ' 5 ' K 11 . ' V-5 'f:5Sf'S w' -- i s , l -. , , - . v , . ' ls., 1'- v . I P " L ' ' -. i Y h 'N tateo .i .J ' ,. M -- K ., Y .. I ,Vw 1 55 W K 44 , 'ws 12, -L. A ,fx 3' li 9- l 1 S I Lg - i Sr l al KN- ir' ii W : anglais 4, ,, QQ? T t A 2 na 3? 7, Q 'zu no 1! tv!! '- ' 'V i' iw ' I ,, H . qv," 'N' - ., 1 i -0 Q A R 17,8 qi ,X - ,Q KL S 6 TQ gs if ' K' 1. f 4 ' fi 3 , Q-vb , ' C - I ' X I I X i km - P ,i - ' ,, Q ' ,i 'N 'R 'r R 'R 7: L in V 'US lx' I '- it . 'xr :s 4 'ax as Q It 'Z ' 5' " ' - AL 3: Q ' "" -' 'rr' k I Q, fmr' 1':,:- 'C'-'gl A' ., ' ia , 6 I w in D i K . R -gs 5, I'- x, -- vi iq' '. ' ' 1 l L 34,4 ' , S A ' 1 X a First Row: Betty Jean Anthony, Robert Biggerstaff. Esther Bridges, Sandra Buff, William Burton, Jim D e al, Jo Ann Deal. Second Row: Evelyn Gross, Martha Herman, Sue Kanupp, Jimmy Kilby, Kay Kirby, Ann Lambert, Rachel Leatherman. Third Row: Edna Leonhardt, Frances Lutz, Martha Jean Lutz , Elizabeth Lynn, Nicky Lynn, Marlene McCaslin, Janice McRee. Fourth Row: Larry Phillips, Allen Proctor, Roger Rader, Frances Rhoney, Janice Rudisill, Rebecca Scronce, William Seitz. Fifth Row: Phyllis Settlemyre, Betty Jean Sigmon, Becky Smith, Nancy Speagle, Mary Ann Tucker, David Whisnant, Dianne Whisnant. Sixth Row: Carroll Whitener, Sarah Wyant, Leroy Yount, Louis Yount. 56 Officers Kneeling: Esther Bridges, President, Be cky Smith, Program Chairman. Standing: Miss Nelva Cornwell, Advi- serg Phyllis Settleni y 1' e, Program Chairrnang Nicky Lynn, Treasurerg Frances Lui z, Secretary, Jim Deal, Reporter. . Qin f . 1 ggi 1,51 Ire is N Egnfifrrmm ' xii' x W. Ea, VJ Q-X-4 Jw v Y - W Qig 2, , ,L ,ar . A ra?-H5137 r,b'-.. l II"- f B , gf i I X ff ef? I 4 Q I r .6 Kata Klub Officers Left toRight: William Burton, Secre- tary: Jimmy Kilby, President: Leroy Yount, Vice-President: Nicky Lynn, Treasurer. Standing: Jim Deal, Reporter: Mr. D. A. Anthony, Advi- ser. u"4'l FEE KK! 5111 6 FIRST ROW: Jim Deal, Allen Proctor, David Whisnant, Darrell Brittain, Ned Wood, Larry Kiziah, W. R. Burngarner, Gary Huffman, Roger Rader. SECOND ROW: Nicky Lynn, Robert Biggerstaff, William Seitz, Jerry Rhoney, Walter Sudderth, Junior Burgin, Tommy Banks, Roy Seitz, William Burton. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Kilby, Thomas Lambert, Fitzhugh Young, Leroy Yount, Mr. D. A. A th ' ' ' ' n ony, Larry Phillips, Louis Yount, Jim Teague, Ronald Hood. A :.,1.w'.Z.-ix 58 School Koporior Martha Jean Lutz Zditors And Advisors Left to Right: Mrs. Kathleen Isenhour, Typing Adviserg Edna Leonhardt and Carroll Whitener, Co-Editorsg Miss Nelva Cornwell, Newspaper Staff Adviser . 1 oordorrron Staff it-3 Y 1 is X "" S Officers Left to rig ht: Carolyn Whisnant, Reporter, Sandra Buff, President, Mary Rose Yoder, Vice-President, Wanda Scronce, Secretary: Mary Sue Smith, Program Chairman. -1 mi 4-I-I 611111 FIRST ROW: A, Arrowood, C. Parker, K. Schrum, C. Short, J. Abernethy, C. Lutz, H. Brittain, N. Young, S.Abernethy, N. Setzer, K. Brittain. SECOND ROW: J. Shull A. Web, W. Scronce, M, Yoder, A. Johnson, J. Leatherman, E. Jones, M. Smith, L. Shull, J. Crawley, C. Whisnant, P. Hefner. THIRD ROW: S. Scronce, B. Pike, B. Shook, J. Stallings, P. Cook, S. Buff, B. Huffman, C. Jones, R. Abernethy, L. Cansler, J. Rogers, L. Short. FOURTH ROW: J. Rudisill, J. Short, B. Wood, G. Howard. G. Mauser, T.Shuford, D.Stallings, B. Moore, J. Falardeau, P. Richards, E. Anthony, C. Coulter, FIFTH ROW: R.Gillihand, J. Fulbright, C. Detter, N. Sain, D. McCaslin, J. Rhoney, D. Brittain, L. Yount, G. Huff- man, W. R. Bumgarner. SIXTH ROW: L. Lutz, M. Stallings, J. Sigmon, W. Wallace. 1 V.. I eo M FIRST ROW: E. Huffman, C. Jones, L. Canipe, B. Schrum, J. Frye, J. Abernethy, E. Mitchell, J. Settlemyre, N. Eller, J. Huffman, M. Tucker, J. McRee, A. Proctor, C. Lutz, J. Teague, E. Lynn, P. Grindstaff, N. Wilson, J. West. SECOND ROW: P. Richard, J. Rogers, E. Brooks, B. Huffman, L. Short, S. Hilton, M. Yoder, A. Johnson, R. Abernethy, J. Rudisill, M. Pate, S. Buff, B. Smith, P. Hefner, M. Smith, L. Cansler, B. Shook, H. Martin, J. Short, H. Fry, L. Clay, S. Smith. THIRD ROW: K. Fox, J. Bolick, C. Hunt, B. Moore, E. Whisnant, E. Anthony, C. Cobb, J. Martin, J. Phillips, J. Jarrett, L. Herman, C. Pruitt, G. Whitner, J. Falardeau, H. Johnson, J. Crawley, L. Reinhardt, F. Robinson, B. Abernethy, C. Whisnant. FOURTH ROW: C. Wyant, L. Yount, R. Rader. C. Whitner, J. Deal, L. Phillips, J. Kilby, W. Burton, R. Craig, L. Yount, T. Banks, J. Teague, W. Suddreth, K. Arrowood, W. Seitz, C. Shook, N. Lynn. Science Officers Seated: Jimmy Kilby, Vice-Pre sidentg Louis ' Yount, President. Standing: Mary Rose Yoder, Reporter, William Burton, Treasurer, Sandra Buff, Secretary, Becky Smith, Reporter. Hudget ,Md K 2' ' 5'im1nce Ecmmiltee Seated: Carolyn W h i s n a n tg Janice A McReeg Ronald Craig, Chairmang Carroll Whitner, Allen Proctor. Stand- ing: Mr. Wyant, Adviser, Nicky Lynn. Klub ' 3 61 I I l Officers First Row: JoAnn De al, President, Mary Ann T u c k e r , Vice-President. Second Row: Carroll W h i t e n e r , Reporterg Mrs. Carolyn Campbell, Sponsorg Eve Anthony, Scrapbook Chairman: Libby S h o r t , P r o g r am Chairman, Patsy Abernethy, fibrary 61116 First Row: M. E. Robinson, J. Deal, N. Setzer, C. Lutz, C. Whitener, B. Hood, B. Johnson, J Crawley. Second Row: B. Shook, H. Martin, S. Whitener, R. Abernethy, J. Huffman, E. T. Mitchell E. Shook, S. J. Sigmon, L. Parsons, L. Short, L. Pitts. Third Row: Mrs. Campbell, Kdvisbr. E Whitener, L. Cansler, B. Moore, E. Whisnant, H. Fletcher, M. A. Tucker, S. Hilton, M. R.Yoder I. Settlemyre, K. Fox, C. Hunt, J. Rudisull, G. Howard, E. Canipe, B. J. D. Burris, P. Abernethy Fourth Row: C. Caldwell, M. Fredell, P. Hoke, E. Anthony. Secretary and Treasurer. 'ifiigfffig 'rftffy 62 I3 -f 9. 3. ,4 . Officers Darrell Pruitt, Presidentg Ve rnon Lackey, Vice-Presi- dentg Carroll Detter, Secre- taryg Dicky Speagle, Treasur- ery Larry I-Iouser, Reporterg Mack Pitts, Sentinel. . If Xml um Mg L. . H ,Q-U' -r-Q mm gxjvloygtd L-A"F'FA L L , ' D xfc, gn' F O 'C u J N 1U1Ui9y9 A f - H' ics Ofzccrs ethy, Se cretar y. I 19,29 Q, , JJ ,Cc Klub dc Qrangais Seated: Miss Cornwell. Adviser, Allen Proctor, Presi- dent, Helen Hatley, Vice-President. Standing: Frances Lutz, Reporter, Junior Burgin, Treasurer, Jo Ann Abern- FIRST ROW: Libby Short, Patricia Lentz, Martha Jean Lutz, Norma Jean Simmons, Arm Lambert, Helen Hatley, Margaret Pate, Linda Kay Pitts, Jo Ann Abernethy. SECOND ROW: Edna Leonhart, Frances Lutz, Linda Clay, Sandra Kay Schrum, Shelby Jean Sigmon, Earline Shook, Madeline Frede Sarah Wyant, Jerry Sigmon. THIRD ROW: Christine Caldwell, Sue Kanupp, Joan Falardeau, Peg Boone, Kay Kirby, Junior Burgin, David Whisnant. l1'V"" I1 li I1 64 ll, SY g-1--M Officers Seated: Mrs. Reitze1,Adviserg Eve Anthony, Presi- denti Ja n e y Huffman, Vice-President: Standing: Peggie Hefner , Reporterg Carroll Whitner, Secre - taryg Jean Frye, Treasurer. Che yuniar Hlassical ,Ccaguc Left to Right: Leroy Yount, Connie Hunt, Jean Frye, Janey Huffman, Janice Rudisill, Eve Anthony Lewis Yount, Mrs. Reitzel, and Carroll Whitener. 1 '? ,V f Z P as if 65 ,Jill Hand .L I Officers Left to Right: Jim Deal, Vice-Presi- dentg Wanda Scronce, Reporter: Bar- bara Sig rn o n , Secretary-Treasurer Patricia Lentz, President. Left to Right: First Row: Larry Phillips, Barry Johnson, Stanley Smith, Elizabeth Jones, Barbara Sigmon, Patricia Lentz. Second Row: Bobby Wood, Carolyn Huss, Jim Deal, Joyce Leatherman Wanda Scronce, Caro1ynRhoney, Janice Phillips, Ernie Cline, Jim Teague, Nicky Lynn. Third Row Larry Deal, Charles Lutz, Ronald Kiziah, Eddie Setzer, Eugene Mull, and Norris Detter. .5 The x 5 1 'T FIRST ROW: Janice Phillips, Katherine Kanupp, Judy Abernethy, Connie Coulter. SECOND ROW Nicky Lynn, Eve Anthony. THIRD ROW: Kay Brittain, Carolyn Huss, Joan Sherrill, Ruth Abernethy and Kay Schrum. 5 Music Klub 67 S .Music Zeachcr' Mr s. Elizabeth Houchins sf' f' Q wil 33' ' V -9' , k T I IUQZ' W I i- , -:7'.'i ,p.p,,' SF' nl. an .qs Laeowu 2, .W fmfww V51 ' I , .:flq.'1,.,'7' I. "T N . QT-,l3,JTQQ3, -Q' -,a.'yi-vii' I ' ' . ' 'Q 5 ' L 1. F , if 3 0 ficers Junior Burgin, Treasurerg Ronald Craig, Vice-Presidentg Jimmy Kilby, Presidentg Roy Seitz, Secretary, Allen Proctor, Reporter. Athletic 611111 First Row, Left to Right: Wayne Wallace, Dean Hendricks, David Whisnant, Mack Pitts, W. R. Bumgarner, Allen Proctor, Walter Sudderth, Jimmy Kilby, Roy Seitz, Kenneth Arrowood. Standing: Mr. Honeycutt, Junior Burgin, Bill Frye, Fitzhugh Young, Vernon Lackey, Louis Yount, Joe Teague, Ronald Craig, Ronald Hood, Jim Craig, Larry Kiziah. f iff ". '-4, A ff f -1 'f im, high K s 4--5 fe , oft. -'Qu L 4 'lf A 1 , , fin I' if QL 'Q EM N iisddwdf H, aard 15,115 Drivers uw First Row: Larry Phillips, Larry Kiziah, Tommy Banks, Charles Shook, Larry Fulbright. Second Row: Gary Huffman, Bill Frye, Billie Leonhardt, Jimmy Kilby, and Darrell Brittain. rflcmrntary l6'us Drivers Roger Rader, Fitzhugh Young, Norris Huss, Ronald Hood, Jerry Burton, Ronald Craig, W. R. Bumgarner, and Roy Seitz. Whitener, William 'ls Qfffisraes rss--.X my l 1 - rr f - - M as f' f- 1. w U93 lv? as Q 5 2 3, P I "-ff. 4- y ' A 3., ok f ' Ka! x Q . 1'1.'.? ':h9'4 ,.QaJFl .5 Gatawba Eaunty Queen Hearts U s Wgx --L K. K ,- 'xg XX-HAAQX " 1- I 1" l.:o'0. ali'- .', . 1 -: 1 V. 4 , In nv Af' . 1!'f:' . 1..' ,'f,. I 'V""v' '2'v,.',' ' v,. " fs' nv, 11, n 3 'fs 3, .,. r.-,. -. .1,,. ' 52:11 fu.-. ,l,1. .1 ' 'ff-24 , ...-.I ',..,..., .I .-Y.. .,. , .., , .., .4 ,1":"5:1!:vr:Z- ' .. . . "1 .- 'f.n, L 911,15 ,.u ', W "nun .' 'y . -'. ,. pf 0 . J "'l'n' "n'n'.' '-of.,,-:.- ',.::..' 1 'I . uk: ' . x uwxl u Q, 'Q li 'N I..-X, xr 3 ' .uu'.vg'.f' ,.'-' 'ul"s,'.., -,,, I .4 ' tgs.. x Q . - t., .- ,, i- -.,', n",-.,-. , ' .-. . 4, sn. ,,'-.' . .K ,. ls, n, ' H'-' ,' "'. '. . In ' . . .- - f .. - , .'. . , - Q . I - '.' -'.-n" , . .4- - fav' 'vw - ,.a .. rl ..-. . . ...,, ---5 511. -' ,.355i.:'5i-g,:.'1ff,'3. g':',ff: Ei I :' '2"":if,:":,-", ' " r" . - '-f?f'3E::i:j,E':1 :'ff',P'S22g1' V 'N ..., M,-v. 4 1.5 X I J P ' L mx El 15 15 Nl V ETQKWE gr ia First Row: Connie Coulter, Elaine Whisnant, Mary Ann Tucker, Sandra Buff, Peggie Hefner, Helen Hatley. SecondRow: Sandra Waters,Scorekeeper3Janey Huffman, Scorekeeper. Third Row: Janelda Kilby, Mary Rose Yoder, Naomi Young, Wanda Scronce, Linda Shull, Peggy Cook, Ailene Johnson, Carolyn Whisnant. Girls " Hdskdlball CO-CAPTAIN CO-CAPTAIN Mary Ann Tuc . ' 1 15' xg. kel' Sandra Buff COACH Mr. Honeycutt ' 72 -..-5 n s r f N. X ou.. Forward Peggy Hefner Guard Peggy Cooke 5 u W9 1 X Wm Q af xx. ,E wa, K . "H--"l,,,.-Y-A-M ' W 42 -25: Forward Carolyn Whisnant Amt in Guard Connie Coulter g E E ra K" 73 - f Forward Janelda Kilby Guard Elaine Whisnant 1 . . I. ' 1 x ff X We Q Sig . . Y 1 X 5 Co-Captain Co-Captain Jinfxmy Kilby Ronald Craig Hays ' Kask alba!! FirstRow: Junior Burgin, Jimmy Kilby, Ronald Craig, Fitzhugh Young, Roy Seitz. Second Row: Allen Proctor, W.R. Bumgarner, Jerry Rhoney, Louis Yount, Ronald Hood, Richard Smith, Wayne Wallace, and Bobby Wood, Manager. fb 7' if 4 T' A' gg ,fl 1 I Ll I r I , Q A H W si X I 4 My li I ' Af -f , -of I. j -, A I 3 X ' ' . I ex V .A 5 1,1 W V H 4 74 u 0-W fr., 5 g-4? T54 Forward Junior Burgin Guard Roy Seitz, i 1 r X 4 f LL i w ' X -A I x A GW '- 'K -L ' If ,try- PAB.-wi '7 Center Center Fitzhugh Young Richard Smith Guard Guard Allen Proctor W. R. Bkgngarner Cfix A Q4 tsl -f R 6 I 75 'X V ln... V . an PK , 4 Left to Right: Judy Shull, Margaret Pate, Carlotta Cobb, Carroll Whitener, Becky Smith, Carolyn Huss, Sandra Kay Schrurn, and Nancy Setzer. QNot pictured, Jackie Hefner. SC!-I. Elwerlcaders 615111: Spirit Every time our basketball team chalks up a victory, our cheerleaders can do likewise, for in the role ofrnorale-builders they are indispensable. They do well their job of inspiring others with their own spirit of Foard High. Chief Cheerleader Becky Smith ,-, l v ki Y 1 5 Y A V -, N ' ' 51-at 'I , L 1- f- Q, . ' M-tb. - - M ., v if K- ,ww 76 'AQ F , l6'ascIu1ll ,if-05, ,H 'x yn Q: Q f I ' 5 f Q ii , . new K I Q . Q ,J f .J Qs' Q . 1 ' 'A if ,. 9 K , .4 I .1 ., f MP1, .fin gm W FIS J 5 ,,,, 'fs J NN, , . ........., , K MN? WA: M 5 1 Q f 1 e -t Q 1 -A , , ' .- . ,Q L f ' 3 N--X, - F. M . 5 Winn ,, :' fu . NS--.3 X 'Q T .1- '1 ,Q - 1' 'K A 4 '1 X ,X .1 Yi . fix . Y K ff I A4894 ,,. N4 ' 1' 'L 4- 1" ig ra -UF' E 7-fl ' AW 5 Z 5' A -I YW 4 9 f' Avi 4' Mrs. Marshall Clay, Mrs. James Deal, and Mrs. Clyde Leonard Hafcterza Staff janztar Charles "Preach" Shuford g t 1 5 Us I SX .qw- --..., "'Qnn.,Q , Fi ,A ' -1. Y 'V JU" F' A -,ev .nag ,, ,,. 5. u ,,,..,,,, vga , , lf 0 If-fl' rf-I - . L I ' wage, I of of W If 1 fe' 1 Q ef Co limfso I' AA sg-Pi wg! . , dl 017 N455 015:51 Wff L-w,fQ?,,f7 z1?fn,,L fb! ' . I ' 1 1 ' ffffgkfgfpyfziiffffffvfkf wf9:z4lbSf2S'If1fQeffQfff ,J Ml VIMpf"' M A 'ffm f" ,Jfjfff y 2 fi ,f !mf ! .sj'.u,IIf!I1iItIjt 5,993 'Milf '37 ,,fgJZhICar01inaI Ifh C pliments of 0 BLACKWELDER FURNITURE CO. C pl ments of .IARRETT'S RADIO 8m T.V. "The Home Of Quality Furnit For Less Money N t North C 1 N t N th C 1 Best Wishesl to CITY MOTOR CO. Semofs '58 from The Cleanest in Used Cars" Ph IN4 3304 Co o N th Carolina Hickory North Carolina C pl ents of JIM HEFNER'S GARAGE DA 7-6841 C g t 1 t I Semors HICKORY RADIATOR SHOP Hickory N th C 1 Hickory No th C 1 .fx-:W 'io e S. 3, Q it 31 1 -,X Si-KD 1? dist- A . . tif- Compliments of ' ?-Q QQ 1 K xi YI xx' 0 Nz, 'lx Qt - -ff BRITTAlN'S sum: MARKET 'CO Vll"'iRU!-,f"'L2, C . 11. K-:E sl' X: Hanitarywmoles oodgsf ma Route 4 . Xi il? Hickory North Carolma X A Fvale xl ' , .. Best Wishes. X Compllments of ' X 1 E' N A R, By il E. H: DELLINGER SERVIEQE, COOKESVILLE enocsnv 5TAT'0N 8' GRQCERY L. wma- si. Qui? Vale North Carolina Vale North Carolina wlLroNG nomsr SETZEWS 5TUD'0 Today' s Portrait Flowers for Every Occas Tomorrowls Treasu 236 Ave. Union Square Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina Compliments of 'Rl FAST! I ti -EE Q lAddress If Pnane llerel 4 I A. v---- ,JA . Mm. . 1 -,r C . ',-S vu... ., t -.J PALACE BARBER SHOP if 4 17 3' - Hicko ry W. no 1.4-.aww ...1r...., Morganton Lenoi Hickory North Carolina Compliments of THE NORTHWESTERN BANKS TRIANGLE SAUSAGE co Member F. D. I. C. 935F tA SW N t M d N thC 1 H k y N thC 1 C pl I HERMAN-SIPE 8: CO.. INC NEWTON IMPLEMENT CQ., INC. G IC t t B ld gM t 1 N t N thC 1 C N thC 1 HERFF JON S COMPANY J M 'ml JfffjMef,Qjfff,MgfQfw W' WM A9 dh ff Compliments of Compliments of s-iff f I sfflt, Mull s Mom Q X I B 0 R D E N I S "A Home Away From Home" C R E A M C 0 . 64 Modern lJnits with Bath Telephone m Every Room P. O. Box 736 Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina Best Wishes CUMPUMCHU of Class of '58 RIDGEVIEW C.W. RHONEY, JR. HOSIERY Mlll Hatching Eggs-Feeds Poultry Poultry Supplies Route 3 Newton North Carolina V316 North Carolina Compliments of THE NORTHWESTERN BANK Hickory North Carolina GREEN VALLEY GOLF and RESTAURANT Playgrounds at Eats for All Hickory North Carolina BETTER HOMES FURNISHING CO., INC. "Home Furnishings" 248 First Ave., N.W. Hickory North Carolina Compliments ol L. T. PARKER'S GULF Newton North Carolina Compliments of H. 81 W. DRUG CO. Phone IN 4-0881 Newton North Carolina HICKORY PLUMBING 81 HEATING Contracting 8: Repairing Hickory North Carolina J. L. GOODMAN 81 SONS Welding, Engineer 33811st Ave. S.W. Hickory North Carolina Compliments of WINN-DIXIE STORE Newton North Carolina C ,ifflilffg CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Class of '58 HICKURY CUMMUNITY CENTER Your Recreation Center Bowling-Train Rides-Pool-Ping Pong-Swimming Basketball and many more Recreational Facilities R L I C. "W i T f NW 1 1, K Y- M , .. J' . Business Manager, Henry W. Brown Hickory Recreation Commission Walter J. Parker, Director CONTRIBUTED BY SHUFORD MILLS, INC. Hickory North Carolina I CONGRATULATIONS! Seniors l Com lmments o D I , Lg 551 Q ,Q if ,f i , ,i gj i QS-Xgjw by -I R 4' Q' i I W , ABERNETHY'S, INC. BIG D 0 l lA R F 0 0 D M A R KE T Hur orx North Cnrolin 1 Hickory North Carolina Complxments of C0"'1Pf1mff1f5 of lUTHER 6. BOLIEK AND A.M. WEST M E l VI l l E ' S Iilckory North Lirollnd Hickory 'Worth Carolina KLOPMAN MILLS, INC. WEAVERS OF FINE CLOTH Plants at: ASHEBORO CENTRAL FALLS NEWTON HIGH POINT CORDOVA RAMSEUR, NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Best wishes DEAL'S FURNITURE STORE, INC ' x SNYDER PAPER CORPORATION Q vi "See Dea1's for a Good Deal" Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina RHONEY'S FARM AND FEEDS W . V. Rhoney Feeds and Poultry Supplies Broiler Contracts Fair-Acre Feeds--Test Fed Feeds Vale Route 3 North Carolina ew, 4 LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE A CO-EDUCATIONAL SENIOR COLLEGE FULLY ACCREDITED . Liberal Arts . Science . Music . Teacher Training . Commerce Emphasis on Christian Character and Scholarship Hickory North Carolina Camplimentsof CATAWBA DAIRY, INC. Diary Bars Located For Your Convenience First Avenue and 871 16th ST. S.E. Center Street, S.E. Hickory Highway 70 at Newton Conover By-Pass, Conover Compliments of DUKE HOSHRY Mlll rth C arolina Hickory No if 'Rf- ' " LQ 'f iiz JARRETT S STORE qt, X I r GAS-GROCERIES-HARDWARE if Em , Newton North Carolina 'L I ' Compliments of HUFFMAN SERVICE STATION 84 GROCERY LANDIS MOTORS, IN . C General Merchandise-Gas Propst Crossroads Route 1 Hickory North Carolina Hickory N01-th Cargljna SOUTHERN PIG BARBECUE "Smar Hickory Compliments of ZERDEN'S t Style s for Everyone" North C arolina ... Ge Best Barbecue in Town North Carolina I Hickory T HE H IC K 0 R Y Comphmenls of DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT .-rf. ,.. . I-.X . 'IYQJ "WIlE'FL' cooking is an art .md Q-ating a pleasure DUKE POWER 2 5 f 1 C O M P A N Y A .HA -rm ,, 1 13- 111 WIKI! , .l H1 Ix urn North C,1ro1111a Hu kory North Carolina Comp! ments Ol Compliments of COMMUNITY CREDIT CO. RIEGEI TEXTILE CORP OE WARIONG DIVISION HICKORY, INC. LOANS 57510 S2500 Conoxer North C 11011111 Compliments ol SOUTHERN CUSHION CO. Hickory North Carolina ABERNETHY CHEVROLET, INC 203 -lst Avenue S. E. Hickory North Carolina SOUTHEASTERN FOAM RUBBER COMPANY Distributors and Fabricators Hickory North Carolina "Buy From Moore And Save More" B. C. MOORE 81 SONS. INC. QUALITY MERC HANDISE REASONAB LY PRIC ED 16 Znd ST. N. W. Hickory North Carolina Compliments of DEITZ 81 TAYLOR - .IEWELERS Phone 2-9156 Hickory North Carolina CATAWBA REALTY 84 INSURANCE CO., INC. Real Estate General Insurance Newton North Carolina Compliments of CITY PHARMACY The Service Store Newton North Carolina Compliments of LOVE PLUMBING 81 HEATING COMPANY "The Best in Plumbing 8: Heating Equipment" Newton North Carolina Compliments of I 1 A FRIEND Compliments of BOGGS FLORIST Newton North Carolina Best Wishes, Seniors FIELD INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance 81 Bonds - All Types Hickory North Carolina Compliments of ROBERT L. BOLICK'S GARAGE General Auto Repair s 1843 First Avenue S.W. Hickory North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY FEED MILLS Hickory North Carolina D. M. BOYD 84 CO.. INC. Hardware and Building Materials Hickory North Carolina ONE HOUR MARTINIZING "The Most in Dry Cleaning" 23 Third Avenue N.E. Hickory North Carolina Gwyn Sigmon' s SOUTHLAND STUDIOS Under City Drug Co. Hickory North Carolina Compllments of CATAWBA MOTOR SALES Phone 4-2551 ZZ South College Avenue Newton North Carolina HAFER MOTOR CO. Newton North Carolina NUZUM-CROSS CHEVROLET. INC. ffix .., Corner B. St. Kr Ashe Ave. Newton North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN FINANCE CO.. INC. Local Company for Local People Newton North Carolina RADIO STATION WNNC Music . . News . . Weather . . Sports 1230 on the dial Newton North Carolina CORRIHER IMPLEMENT CO. New Idea Farm Machinery Forage Equipment Newton North Carolina. NORRIS BODY WORKS Rebuilding and Repairing Complete Radiator Service 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE 1509 North West Blvd. Newton North Carolina BERNARD BUICK COMPANY C""""""""S of C. G. FOX LUMBER CO. Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina Compliments ol E. I. SAIN LAIL'S GREENHOUSE 8g FLORIST General Merchandise Flowers for all occasions Intersection Hwy. 10 8: 18 New Highway QOODYEAR SING!-'AIR Between Hickory 8: Conover Tlres 8: Tubes Gas 8: O1Is Hickory North Carolina Compfimenls of CONOVER FURNITURE COMPANY Manufacturers of Dining Room Furniture LENOIR CHAIR COMPANY NO. 2 Manufacture 1' s of Bedroom Furniture NEWTON NORTH CAROLINA SOUTHERN GIOVE MFG. CO., INCORPORATED Manufacturers of Men's Sf Ladies Canton Flannel, Jersey, 81 Leather Gloves Conover North Carolina HICKORY CHAIR COMPANY Makers of Chairs and Upholstered Furniture Established l9l1 Hickory North Carolina HICKORY PACKING CO.. INC. BANKS PONTIAC COMPANY Ham-Sausage-Bacon-Lard "The Most Beautiful Thing" Unexcelled For Daily Freshness - QP 331 First Avenue S.W. Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina JOAN MILLS MEDICAL csmsn PHARMACY Creators of , Fine Furniture Fabrics ' I Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina Compliments of OAK GROVE BARBECUE "A Good Place to Eat" Startown Hwy. Hickory Compliments of egxx' I . " 21 THE BISNAR co. Hickory' s Oldest Jewelers Diamonds-Watches-Silverware Hickory North Carolina Compliments of HICKORY FUNERAL HOME Am bulance Se rvice Phone Dlamond 5-2117 Hickory North Carolina Compliments of QUALITY CLEANERS Hickory North Carolina BEST WISHES TO SENIOR CLASS CAROLINA GRILL Newton North Carolina "Eat the Best" TRY-ONE SANDWICH CO. Hickory North Carolina J. E. HUDSON 81 CO. "Custom Built" Furniture 302 First Avenue, N.W. Hickory North Carolina TODD FLORAL CO., INC. Free Parking Hickory North Carolina JOHNSON PIANO EXCHANGE "The Piano Home of Values" 1707 Highland Ave. N,E. Qua lily means so much COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina Because Thcy're Fresher You'11 Enjoy A Pack for a Snack . . . Or a Pound for a Picnic! GORDON1 Students enroll at all times. Full or Part Time Training HICKORY BEAUTY SCHOOL Hickory, N.C . and STATESVIllE BEAUTY SCHOOL Fresh Statesville, N.C. L Q POTATO CHIP5' PEANUTS! . Nw MERCHANTS PRODUCE and GROCERY CO. FIRST NATl0NAl B A N K S Q F t P oi Il R y North Carolina Compfzments of HICKORY NEWTON M. G. CROUCH LUMBER CO. CONOVER NORTH CAROLINA Pmilcling Material H 1 N North Carol' a Complzments of TALLANT TRANSFER CO., INC ,W LONG DISTANCE HAULING HIC KORY NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BASS-SMITH FUNERAL HOME Hickory North Carolina BEST WISHES! SENIORS ITT E, fpsre EPSlfN fm Gain DRINK THE LIGHT REFRESHMENT YOU LIKE BLUE MIRROR CAFE Newton North Carolina vw 4 V ' 4 ,AGM X .-- MTM-ct: -it- I 4 . '. -.. . ,. V W Ygxgwtg gmxvn 'gas X.. ,A ' r.NX . .. R , ,' -- as X I I -G-I X Q . 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Suggestions in the Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) collection:

Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 10

1958, pg 10

Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 27

1958, pg 27

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