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Q.. Q gg '39 U 4 nr' f ,-:A wg 0 rf , I , KV If , K - y - Wf.' . .. - W , k ,5 ,i . , w..A,,k,, ,. ky. ,, +L M ,, in K,-- fy L, A A I 6. mi fw f .: , 1 i K - A K , 4' 3 : QQ L, f " x4-f ' m '11 ,, fx u S L J 1 ,if - 1- Q Q' Q1 if I ' ' mm', . .-f"f.p' F 24' if y.. O vu 1 ,. 5355, 132, , Dear Friends, We gave you all we had to give. Sometimes we were so busy that we hardly saw ourselves for days. Sometimes we grieved over things, with lashes wet. But tears dry in such a little while. 0 Our theme this year is "Life at Foard." Here we have often exper- ienced the softening ministry of disappointment and the enlarging rninis- try of failure. We haven't always had the long gaze, but we have given devoted attention whenever circumstances warranted, especially on the days before report cards were distributed. Neither have we undervalued the ordinary occasions which stretched between the big moments of our school life this year. Haven't we always taken advantage of the teachers' occasional absences from the rooms to let our voices descend on high? Not all the the entreaties of our teachers fell upon deaf ears either. We were smart enough to read the day's disasters in their moming faces! How attentive we were then. If at all possible, however, we managed to watch Preach mowing the lawn or sweeping the halls. But in the main we displayed the revealed glory of the accepted children of God, even though our little tricks made some of our teachers doubtful. Some of us were not content until we became twinkling stars, steadfast in our orbits. For this, Coach and the 4-H leaders were most grateful. And now, Friends, if it is really true that people are always wishing for some power to see themselves as others see them -------- just stand aside and see yourselves go by! 4 . A fi THE 1957 QUATRA-LOG THE SENIOR CLASS of Fred T. Foard High School N wfon, No h C I CONTENTS DEDICATION To Mrs. Alma B. Reitzel, whose gracious smile and warm friendly greeting have brightened the halls of Foard High School for four en- joyable yearsg who has guided many Seniors to a better tmder- standing of our native languageg who has labored so unselfishly for our education and given us herun- failing loyalty and supportg we, the class of '57, respectfully dedi- cate the Quatra Log of 1957. "This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." Hamlet - Act 1, Scene 3 SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Marshall Clay, Chairmang Mr. Dan xxxi Phillips, Mr. Herbert Teague, Mr. -A ' ' x Ralph Jarrettg Mr. Austin Leatherman, A Not Pictured. fr Pim a NDR. HARRY M. ARNDT County Superintendent 5 MR. O. N. LYNN Principal Mr. O. N. Lynn, Principal A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Mrs. Alma B. Reitzel English II, IV, Latin, B.S., Graduate work also Rutherford, ASTC, L.R., Ohio State, University of Colorado, Senior Guidance and Sponsor, Annual Advisor Miss Lois Coon English I, III, A.B., Lenoir Rhyneg Senior Sponsor, Annual Advisor, Senior Play Advisor Mr. J. Loy Sox U. S. History, World History, Science, Economics 5 A.B., Lenoir Rhyneg Junior Sponsor Mrs. Dessie P. Setzer Shorthand I, H, Bookkeeping, Typing I, A.B. in Commercial Subjects, Bowling Green Commerce College, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Junior Spon- sor, Junior-Senior Banquet Mr. A. E. Shugart Agriculture, B.S., North Carolina State College, FFA Sponsor Mr. D. A. Anthony Geometry, Algebra II, General Math, Physics, A.B. in Math and Science, Lenoir Rhyneg Key Club Sponsor, Sophomore Sponsor 6 Mrs. Larry Isenhour Bookkeepingg Typing H5 Civicsg B.S. in Businessg AST C5 Freshman Sponsor Mrs. Carolyn Campbell English I 3 Librariang A.B. in English and Social Stud- iesg L.R. 5 Catawba Collegeg Library Club Sponsor Mrs. Martha R. Thomason French I,II5 Fnglish 115 A.B., Catawba Collegeg Beta Club Sponsorg Newspaper Sponsorg French Club Ad- visor, Sophomore Sponsor Mr. Fred L. Phillips Mathematicsg U.S. Historyg A.B. 3 Lenoir Rhyneg M.A.5 ASTC Mr. Charles Wyant Biologyg General Sciences A.B.5 Lenoir Rhyneg Science Club Sponsorg Freshman Sponsor Mr. M. D. Honeycur: Health, World Historyg A.B.g Lenoir Rhyneg Basket- ball and Baseball Coachg Freshman Spohsor Mrs. Sara Curtis Home Economics I,II5 B.S. in Home Economicsg Winthrop Collegeg Rock Hillg S.C. Freshman Sponsor 7 Ziff or K 'CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Clyde Leonard Mrs. James Deal lvirs. Fred Phillips "We may live without poetry, music and artg We may live without conscience and live without heartg We may live without friendsg we may live without booksg But civilized man cannot live with- out cooks.-v JANITOR To Charles Shuford, known as "Preach to all the student body, goes our ap- preciation for making our four years at Foard more enjoyable. "By the work one knows the work- man." 8 SENIOR SENIOR OFFICERS Doris Beam, Vice -President Sylvia Johnson, President Julia Jarrett, Reporter Frances Frye, Secretary Buddy Rader, Reporter Marilyn Wallace, Treasurer BILLY ABERNETHY Q' JUDY AMES kv 'EVE I RUDY AMES , 5, "' DOROTHY BARGH1 1 sf ' - wg! """' QW' We, the Seniors, are very proud to be publishing the Quatra-Log of '57. It is hard to realize that we have completed four years of study at Fred T. Foard. We have spent many happy days here, and, as we turn the next few pages, We wish to recall some of these pleasant memories for ourselves, as well as for those who will come after us. IDRIS BEAM EARLENE BEAVER ,.,.i 'V' ., S,-pw RALPH BENFIELD X . . it t LUCILLE BERRY '6' -rw' I I -af-if J EANETTE BOLICK COLLEEN BRITTAIN il-ur' JONAS BRITTAIN DONAID BUMGA RNER 'WY JOHN BURGIN MARVIS BURGIN JUDY CLAY PAYE COOK E . GAIL CRAF TON JIMMY CROUCH EUGENE DAVIS BILL FRYE FRANCES FRYE MADELINE FRY MABEL FULBRIGHT NANCY F ULBRIGHT 'QF' 149 qv" if 15' inf? ,, wi, C34 C""I' fi T17 Betty Greenhill Rondale Hartman Douglas Howard Evelyn Hoyle X As freshmen, We Were somewhat "green", as the saying goes. We did a lot of walking to find cach class and then, perhaps, went in the wrong one. There was general confusion, but eventually we settled down to begin our long struggle through high school. When we became sophomores, everyone probably remembers most of all biology class, Where We cut up those poor, innocent frogs. Colleen Huffman Shirley Huffman Julia Jarrett Gene Johnson Sylvia Johnson Mary Jo Kahill Louise Kiser Larry Kiziah Then we became juniors. Now we were beginning to feel more important. We were treated With more respect by those "Seniors", There were many activities to keep us busy and happy that year. Planning for and giving the Junior-Senior Banquet rated first among these. And, of course, we can't forget typing class, where most of us pounded away for many hours. Here we got dovxm to business. Christine Leatherman Eddie Leatherman William Lindsay Margaret Lutz qi?" '11 WY .Q-.av 1"-v' S.-f iv' My rj 1'--v Betty Jo McCracken Barbara Michael Charles Miller Martha Moretz Shirley Mull Louise Parker Nancv Phillips James Powell I if p' --Q6 Buddy Rader Carroll Rhoney Glenn Rhoney Ned Scronce F 'awk' Shirlev Ann Settlemyre Shirlev Rebecca Settlemyre Tommy Sigmon Nancy Simmons 'IIN- ' QA lf Pat Simmons Jack Speagle Patsy Townsend Now we have arrived! After many days of pleas- ures and perhaps heartaches, we have at last reached our desired goal! We are Seniors! This year has probablybeen the most enjoyable of all our four yearsg but it hasn't been all fun. We have worked very hard, encountered and overcome many difficulties. Not one of us will ever forget, nor do We wish to forget, Senior English Class, where we spent trying but very profitable hours. Hilda Walker Marilyn Wallace Gary Whiten er Phyllis Whitener Desola Yoder Graduation day is now almost here. Soon we shall leave our beloved school where we have lived the biggest part of our lives for the past four years. It will be a sad occasion, but a. triumphant one. Armed with our diplomas, we have earned the right to enter the ever -criticizing world, to gain success or failure. To those who will follow in our footsteps, we leave these memories and hope that theirs will equal or exceed our own. DIANNE WILSON, Mascot Linda Young Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wilson of Mountain View DOUGLAS RAMSEY, Mascot Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Ramsey of Banoak lar- 1 f MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED FRANCES AND TOMMY Our best scholars, Frances and Tommy, fall naturally into the most-likely-to-suc ceed place. We can 't imagine these two failing in anything they set out to do and we know that someday we'll be able to say, "We knew them when! " NEATEST SYLVIA AND BUDDY Grooming is a part of many school cur- riculums, but our best teachers in this "art" or "science"are Buddy and Sylvia. These two, though not addicted Po the Ivy Lea- gue look, have always managed to be our candidates for Seventeen or Esquire. MOST TALENTED MARGARET AND GARY Though they are not quite up to Theatre Guild standards at present, Margaret and Gary are well on their way. Their talents through our school years have been such pleasure to watch and to hear. 20 BEST CITIZENS JULIA AND CHARLES Ever conscious that we are all about to go out into a wide, wide world, Julia and Charles have always made us realize that respect for parents, church, rules, and laws is a priceless asset. MOST DIGNIFIED JUDY AND CARROLL We all know the definition for a "lady" or a "gentleman", and these two measure up to a surprising degree. Judy and Carroll have always been so nice to have around and have added much to all our class "social activities". 21 BEST PERSONALITY SYLVIA AND DONALD Sylvia and Donald always could put forth that extra smile or pat on the back that made us feel so wonderful. Long after they are gone from Foard, we'll remember the "glow" that was always a part of them. gb AE T4 TY 13,4 ir 7 . 4' MOST POPULAR SYLVIA AND JOHN These two seem always to be the center of attraction, separately, of COLUSE. They both have the sense of humor, the poise that popular people possess. Life at Foard just couldn't have been quite so lively without Sylvia and John. Q1 i A MOST VERSATILE MADELINE AND TOMMY Anywhere, anytime, these two are never without something to do. It would be easier to mention what they cou1dn't do or wou1dn't do. They've contributed so much in big and little ways to our school years it makes them our "most unforget- table. " BEST LOOKING JUDY AND LARRY Dark hair, dark eyes ----- nice to just watch. These two are truly our best look- ing. Judy and Larry have the looks that make you believe "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." We've enjoyed it for four years! 77 FRIENDLIEST DORIS AND BUDDY You just have to look at these two to catch that friendly glow that's always there. When you meet either, you know that smile, or wave, or "Hi" from Doris and Buddy will make a "D" or a rainy day seem less dreary. R BEST-ALL-AROUND sYLvrA AND JOHN On a basketball court, on a dance floor, in a classroom---anywhere---these two urn contribute something. Sylvia and John have seemed to be everywhere yet have made us feel all this effort for Foard is wonderful fun. llilwsei MOST DEPENDABLE FRANCES AND BILL Something has to be done! It has to be done promptly, so we ask Frances or Bill, and before we 're through asking we have that sure feeling that whatever we ask will be accomplished. . . 1- 'ad .LW ., X A V V NW 'W Q .:. -- .,,, ll' 1 ,ul g m,,.,,.- -' 5 I y y e y p V bi M3 t " S e S Ml. , V ---s: . . i- 'H .IV Qwzr- V- " - The Good Sports" of our class Nancy Q and Larry Even before graduation we had ' champlons ln these two They have added ' much to the legend that our class will MOST COURTEOUS SYLVIA AND BUDDY Manners make the man--but in this case--manners make a girl and a boy. Every day of our lives after we leave Foard, we can look back and remember with de- light how nice it was to have Sylvia and Buddy for constant, courteous companions. 5 S MOST STUDIOUS FRANCES AND TOMMY Exams and such never seem to bother these two. They have, through four years, been our scholars, and Frances and Tommy are not nose -in-book scholars either, but nice, friendly people who always manage to get that string of "A's." 24 JUNIOR MARSHALS 0F '56 he A X X ,. , t , mx KNEELING: Betty Jo McCrackeng Madeline Fry. STANDING: Margaret Lutzg Frances Frye, Chiefg Mar- ilyn Wallace. These five girls were selected by the faculty as Junior Marshals because of their outstanding scholastic ability. A11 of them have an average of 95 or over in their work. We are very proud of these girls for the honors they have received during their four vears ar Ffmrd- 25 Y X i' iff' lg f! :K R K B" , Q was 1 5 k,.. gf"f: -"' ,"r1f.2' iff A, Mg- .g Vw Nw, MEA 4' V Aw.- 1 ,M W., f W4 W f w mamma UMW! A.. .-My -4 +'r S X an X tv, Ffa if -up-.. 1' 53? ' I ,L 1 5' ' cuss s ff? JUNIOR OFFICERS SEATED Left to Right: Janice McRee, Secretary 5 William Burton, Presidentg Becky Smith, Vice Presidents STANDING: Peggy Boone, Reporterg Jim Kilby, Re- porterg Esther Bridges, Treasurer. JUNIOR ADVISORS Jo Ann Abernethy Martha Ann Abernethy Patsy Abemethy Steve Abemethy Gail Barge: Peggy Boone Either Bridges Carter Brooks Betty Buff Sandra Buff W. R. Bumgarner Joan Burgin Bon Jon Bmris William Burton Chlistine Caldwell Elaine Cauthen Clinton Childers Lynn Connell Jo Ann Deal Charlie Dickinson Madeline Fredell J. D. Fulbright Larry Fulbright Peggy Grindstaff Evelyn Gross Peggy Hefner Dean Hendricks Tony Hilton Ronald Hood Gwendolyn Howard Gary Huffman Norris Huss Harley Johnson Sue Kanupp Jim Kilby Marie Kirby Larry Kiziah Evan La.i1 Tommy Lambert Frances Lutz Martha J ea.n Lutz Elizabeth Lynn Nicky Lynn Marlene McCaslin Janice McRae Lois Parsons Leona Pare Linda Pitts Roger Rader Libby Reinhardt Mendall Reynolds Frances Rhoney Niles Robinson Coy Scronce Rebecca Scronce Roy Seitz William Seitz Charles Slnok Earlene Slnok Shelby J can Sigmon Becky Smith Irene Stallings J :mice Stallings Wade Stephens Mary Ann Tucker Wayne Wallace Robert Ward Doris Waters Janet Whisnant Elsie Whitener Jerry Whitener James Willis Steve Wright Sara. Wyant Leroy Yount bn SOPHOMORE ADVISORS Mr. Fred Phillipsg Mrs. Jesse Thomasong Mr. D. A. Anthony . SOPHOMORE OFFICERS LEFT to RIGHT: Martha Herman, Vice Presidentg Lewis Yount, Presidentg Edna Leonhardt, Secretaryg Kay Jarrett, Re- porter. Kenneth Arrowood Tommy Banks Robert Biggerstaff Joanne Bolick Darrel Brittain Steve Brittain Wayne Brittain Jewel Burgin Junior Burgin Tommy Campbell Morris Carter Linda Clay Ernest Clevenger Gloria Cline Peggy Cooke Jimmy Craig Ronald Craig Kathryn Crawley Mildred Davis Jim Deal Joan Falardeau Ruth Felmet Harold Fry Benny Fulbright Margaret Fulbright Nelson Fulbright Helen Hatley Jackie Hefner Martha Herman Patricia Hoke Doris Honneycutt Shelby Jean Hood Charles Huffman Kay Jarrett Alene Johnson Dorothy Kahill Kathryn Kanupp Janelda Kilby Kay Kirby Ann Lambert Bobb Leatherman Gerard Leatherman Rachel Leatherman Patricia Lentz Billy Leonhardt Edna Leonhardt Ralph Lowman Judy Lutz Janice Martin Eunice Matthews vu--.. W' i if Haine Mauser Kathryn Mills Kay Mullinax Joe Parker Margaret Pate Larry Phillips Allen Proctor Kathryn Pnopst Kenneth Propst Clara Pruitt Patty Rader Jerry Rhoney Mary Ellen Rhoney Janice Rudisill Nellie Rudisill Sandra Kay Schrum Blair Scronce Larry Scronce Phyllis Settlemyre Libby Short Leonard Shull Linda Shull Betty J eau Sigmon Bobby Sigmon Jerry Sigmon Carolyn Simmons Susie Simmons Mary Smith Nancy Speagle Beulah Stallings Clyde Stallings Max Stallings Walter Suddreth Bobby Teague Jim Teague Kathy Thomas Jen-y Townsend Ruby Townsend Jackie Ward David Whisnant Carroll Whitener Sadie Whitener Sandra Winebarger Jack Wilfong Ned Wood Barbara Yoder Mary Alice Yoder Fiizhugh Young Julia Yormt Lewis Yonmt .-is , J 'MWC' 'f "" fi' fi "ff i- 54 if fi f 0104 U I 1 i 'NEWA- ...E 0 , T? el -I""' i' 1"'5 FRESHMEN OFFICERS Mary Rose Yoder, Presidentg Carolyn Whismant, Vice President, Etta Mae Mitchell, Secretary-Treasurer, James Smith, and Richard Smith, Reporters FRESHMEN ADVISORS Mrs. Larry Isenhour, Mrs. Joe Curtis, Mr. M.D. Honeycutt, and Mr. Charlie Wyant 1551 eff M QU' -6 'Q ,eg sf A ,QV A .,:, gs. A V . -L , e " . ' wc. ' ':':2 , J i 3 V J -. J ' it J ga .I 42' -5Q'ff!Q xiqw ' is yk , f X . . 15 X .ff HQ K 1.1: . I l b, i W rqwidri Ag., iiiii ' 'Ef. Eff i e: z" . ' W J 1 -A l5QiL'a' 4' gy ki 3 1' A I I F K 1- -71 if . A 'nur 'Bi' 'un' 40 fi 3 4-5 13 r Q iv fri 'Nu K. ie if Q, fc: fl... 1' . Barbara Abernethy Dorothy Abernethy Ruth Abernethy Eve Anthony Richard Arrowood Boise Beard Catherine Beaver Christine Bivens Judy Bolick Sonja Buff Christine Burngarner Larry Canipe Linda Canipe Paul Canipe Wilford Canipe Linda Cansler Billy Carver Carolene Clevenger Carlotta Cobb Glenn Cooper Connie Coulter Gerald Craig Mary Sue Craig William Darty Carroll Detter Judy Downey Nancy Carol Eller Kathy Fox Jean Frye Charles Fulbright Gene Fulbright Joe Fulbright Richard Gilliland Myra Glenn Louise Green Pearl Griffey Johnny Grindstaff Paul Gross Gene Hauser Larry Herman Verlie Hilderbran Sandra Hilton Larry Houser Billie Huffman Emma Jean Huffm Connie Hunt Joyce Huss Beth Jarrett Jacob Jarrett Alice Johnson Hugh Johnson Christine Jones Jerry Jones Thelma Kirby Thomas Kirby Linda Kiser Vernon Lackey Johnny Lail Nick Leatherman Charles Lutz an i ' . - rpg-' .,.,, - +R Q ' V Rift, 'fa fn ,S V . ' "X, .W . A L41 5 'ski Y' rig x Q 3 .sn . g I 'I Q rr 45 it wr maj V .iz ly y 2 L N X ' 45 1 . ' yy W to J ' x Xa ' Nl x W 4- 1 C x I l' ff' "ffm I ' y .fi X W Q sp' 5 f .X X'-W Z S' at 4, Y xL': M? , Q3 T7 x X 'lk h. ., F ng X' Q ual .5 5' A , b , Q ua 4 , 2Y- L L t R r of L3 ' il + 2 fl is u A-L it rg! sa fe .tw ,gl P y k 7 K M Q J y I Q . is 2 I i Jerry Lutz Larry Lutz Ellen Lynn Helen Martin Pattv Jo Martin Wilbert Mathias Donald McRee Etta Mae Mitchell Barbara Moore Joyce Parker Levon Parker Patsy Parker Reed Perry Janice Phillips Mack Pitts Ann Prince Evelyn Propst Derrell Pruette Carroll Pruette Carolyn Rhoney Donald Rhoney Mary Ann Rhoney Tawanna Rhoney Patricia Richards Frank Robinson Jerry Ann Rogers Blonnie Rudisill Annie Bell Sain John Saunders Barbara Schrurn Joyce Settlemyre Joan Sherrill Bonnie Shook Howard Shook Janice Short James Smith Mary Sue Smith Richard Smith Stanley Smith Terry Smith Dick Speagle Wanda Stallings Jimmy Teague Joe Teague Sandra Thomas Frank Truitt Shirley Walker Jo Ann West Carolyn Whisnant Elaine Whisnant Ted Whisnant Gene Whitener Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson Gail Winebarger Frances Woody Kathleen Wright Texie Wyant Billie Young Mary Rose Yoder mi: f Nl f X x 1 2 ' 3 for kt 3 1 ' 'u Y 'fabvy NO muc Www Q41 ff F K I? .M l xi ff ,H 5 1 xi wa ': Wi Hx F r""" 'ff f' H ,WK I G ,nr -'Z f-fs ":H ' .Q 1 CO-EDITORS OF '57 LOG Martha Moretz and Madeline Fry Judy Ames and Phyllis Whitener, Art Editors X S Doris Beam. Buddy Rader, Linda Young, ' ' Y Photography Editors .3 5V Julia Jarrett, Betty Jo McCracken, Frances Frye, Typists -lti 555.5553 1 U lf"" zsigsohgp F35 I 'Mis ""' ,,-,, We Ax - ,Q My xg ,. ,gs 4- , 5 5 w he ,- . .. nw '- rf z t .4 'li x kk-,W A , . ,. ii ,. ., .gd V L W ,g,if',vgv , 3'-'Qi k"- ri 'A , ADVERTISING STAFF SEATED: Gail Crafton, Pat Simmons, Margaret Lutz. Standing: Patsy Townsend, Rudy Ames, Charles Miller Dorothy Barger, Bill Abernethy, Judy Clay, Carroll Rhoney, Shirley Ann Settlemyre, Gary Whitener, Larry Kiziah, Donald Blungarner, Buddy Rader, Nancy Phillips. BUSINESS MANAGERS Tommy Sigmon Marilyn Wallace A if 9, MN. -I7 rv? ,Q 5 ,- f , is 'C-'SP' :O Sylvia Johnson, President Judie Ames, Vice President . ' Frances Frye, Secretary Marilyn Wallace, Treasurer 'QI Nf I xl' 5152533 5? A ' 1 Q ' x rf 3 Pat Simmons, Program Chairman 1 -.. Sandra Buff, Program Chairman 'T' ' ' I . Linda Young, Reporter 1 ' I Earlene Beaver Esther Bridges d -2 a .1 - if c 1 ,. . A 4 g F I o een Brittain GY' ,ef gr :R to Berwmf ' U if Af ,-:" 3 - ,L ' ,K 4 Jo Arm U- A 1,13 - ' to Madeline Fry -f r " Julia Janet: -iw 4a ' ' L MX , irxe Kanulg-sb S 475' S an , Y Y 3: , lmmel' Y 'Y' kr R W' 7'-73 f ' is 'wg Frances Luiz Q av" V' f Margaret Lutz 3 Q. R' Martha Jean Lutz g Hizabeth Lynn X .V b" . f, x gg 1 Nicky Lynn Q Betty Jo McCracken Martha Moretz Roger Rader Canoll Rlnney Rebecca Scronce ce if 4. T1 William sem S W. 4 ,I ,V :ES LQ Shirley Ann Settlemyre g- "Cllr 4435 f g . g Tommy Sigmon 4 R Becky smith ' , - T Sarah Wyant LeRoy Yount 2 -I H V1 Y?" 0 FIRST ROW: Gary Huffman, William Seitz, W. R. Bumgamer, Larry Kiziah, Mr. D. A. Anthmy, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Larry C. Kiziah, Roy Seitz, Leroy Yount, Roger Rader. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Kilby, John Burgin, Ronald Hood, Gary Whitener, Tommy Lambert Tommy Sigmon, Vice-President William Burton, Secretary Donald Bumgamer, President Nicky Lynn, Treasurer KEY CLUB K M EQ 49 ." -as zz W 1 L 'f'i"w. l 45.2 K W 'iiiiil C. JE -Q ' ' ' 1' was A L., 'K'-ifr? D F. F. A. Mr. Shugan, Advisorg Allen Proctor, Re- porterg Kendrick Starnes, Vice Presidentg Larry Kiziah, Treasurerg Wayne Wallace, Presidentg Roy Seitz, Secretaryg Ronald Craig, Sentinel. rwu11lld :Quan-suing " vp .W ,fm l -f- -x I 1 Q 1 ti -In 'S , :H a wtf. 4-H CLUB Linda Young, Secretary-Treasurerg Peggy Cooke, Reporterg Presidentg Eve Anthony, Song Leaderg Sylvia Johnson, Vice Sandra Buff President 51 SEATED Llbby Short Shlrley Ann Settlemyre Nancy PhlulPS Peggy Cooke Shxrley Huffman Standlng Dorothy Barger Mabel Fulbrlght Blame Cauthen, Faye Cook Shlrley Rebecca Settlemyre Jo Ann Deal, EISIC Whltener, Nancy Sxmmons Sue Kanupp, Mary Jo Kah111 Gall Barger Sadle Whxtener Ellzabeth Campe LIBRARY CLUB Mrs Campbell L1brar1an OFFICERS SEATED Margaret Lutz Secretary Esther Bndges Presrdent STANDING Judv Clay Reporter Dorxs beam Program Chamnan Desola Yoder Vlce Presldent W! i FIRST ROW: Betty Jo McCracken, Jo Ann Deal, Martha Jean Lutz, Sandra Buff, Betty Buff, Esther Bridges, and Nirs. Thomason, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Martha Moretz, Julia Jarrett, Sara Wyant, William Burton and Elizabeth Lynn, THIRD ROW: Leroy Yount, William Seitz, Jim Kilby, Sue Kanupp, Frances Lutz, and Roger Rader. THE FOARDONIAN STAFF Nicky Lynn and Becky Smith Co -Editors Frances Frye School Reporter 5 il . BAND FIRST ROW: Patricia Ientz, Flute, Larry Phillips, Clarinet, Stanley Smith, Clarinet, Frances Lutz, Clarinetg Kay Jarrett, Clarinet, Carolyn Whisnant, Alto Saxophone, Patricia Ann Richards, Trombone, SECOND ROW: Alice Johnson, Tenor Saxophone, Jim Deal, Tenor Saxophone, Jim Teague, Trumpet, Ralph Benfield, Coronet, Joan Falardeau, Coronet, Carolyn Rhoney, Trumpet, Janice Phillips, Trumpet, Charles Lutz, Drums, Mr. Daughtery, Director. MUSIC CLUB SEATED: Nicky Lynn, Frances Lutz, Mrs. Houchins, Teacher, STANDING: Christine Jones, Janice Rudisill, Joan Sherill, Helen Hatley, Connie Coulter, Eve Anthony, Bud- :iy Rader, Gloria Settlymyre, Janice Phil- lips. vw ,J U.. 11.13 FOARD Bus DRIVERS 51, Clinton Childers, William Lindsay, Gary Huffman, Jimmy Crouch, John Burgin, Steve Abernetlgr, Jim Kilby, Donald Bumgarner, an Charles Mil- ler. x L ELEMENTARY BUS DRIVERS Roy Seiu, Gene Johnson, Rudy Ames, Jerry Whitener, Douglas Howard, William Burton, Can'o11 Rhoney Ronald Craig, Larry Kiziah, Gary Whitener, Rondale Hartman, Bill Frye, ami Bill Abernethy ...W f'VWf+""'1 if rf!! v 'sr ,.,,,,,,,,.A"1 1' 33 Gail Barger, Reporter FRENCH CLUB KLA FRANCAIS, Sandra Buff, Secretary-'Treasurer Becky Smith, President Nicky Lynn, Vice President FIRST ROW: Janice McRae, Esther Bridges, Evelyn Gross, Mabel Fulbright, Doris Beam, and Mrs. Thomason, Advisor. SECDND ROW: Donald Buxngarner, Mary Ann Tucker, and Pat Simmons. THIRD ROW: Jim Kilby, William Burton, Buddy Rader, and Nancy Phillips W L55 4 56 -V if-V-L SW FIRST ROW: Jo Ann Abernethy, Edna Leonhardt, Linda Clay, Joan Falardeau, Kay Knby, Frances Frye, Betty Jo McCracken, Peggy Hefner, Peggy Gnndstaff, Janice Rudisill SECOND ROW Charles Shook, Harold Fry, Mary Ann Tucker, Doris Beam, Mabel Fulbnght, Judy Clay, Dorothy Barger, Margaret Alice Lutz, Jeanette Bolick, Julia Jarrett, Nancy Phillips, Elaine Mauser THIRD ROW Mr Wyant, Advisor, William Sertz, Gary Whitener, Bill Abemethy, Roger Rader, Leroy Yount, Larry Phillips, Lewis Yount, Nicky Lynn Carroll Wlntener Jim Deal, Mr. Anthony, Admer. FOURTH Row .nm Knby, Auen meter, Larrv Kmeh, Boh Teague, Tommy Sigmon, Walter Sudduth. Marilyn Wallace, President Janice McRee, Vice President Martha Moretz, Secretary-Treasurer William Burton and Judy Ames, Reporters SEATED: Christine Jones, Peggy Grindstaff, Leroy Yount, Jean Frye, Connie Hunt. STANDING: Lewis Yonmt, Janice Rudisill, Peggy Hefner, Eve Anthony, Phyllis Settlemyre, Mrs. Reitzel, Advisorg Carroll Whitener THE JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE me semi Leroy Yount, President Carroll Whitener, Treasurer Peggy Grindstaff, Vice President NOT PICTURED Phyllis Settlemyre, Secretary 525 ATHLETICS X 'Q' xg '54--1.-I' FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Tucker, Carolyn Whisnant, Sandra Buff, Peggy Hefner Helen Hatley, Janice McRee. SECOND ROW: Peggy Cooke, Linda Shull, Peggy Boone, Kay Kirby, Elaine Wimisnant, Joyce Settlemyre, Connie Coulter, Mary Alice Yoder Sandra Buff co-captain TIGERETTES OF '57 M. D. Honeycutt Coach UU Peggy Hefner C0-Captain Helen Harley Peggy Hefner Sandra Buff Forward Forward Forward ,..- 'er .-ai 0, v ' x sb r f ' J 'fn A 1 an ' I L if Y ' Fl? 55-,J W Judy Ames Desola Yoder Scorekeepcr Manager Peggy Cooke Linda Shun Mary Ann Tucker Guard Guard Guard QEQA QOWE A R ff 1 34 S ,s xi 33. 55 1 -, y XXV, Q , QCMCIVU i I qfgiyfdu 5 ima, I C '31 C3 .frail lei' Xllllli' 2 Q Q 1 5 - 1' Q H I A I ,, ,f ,y Alzu ao , ,7 1 HS' :X i i 3 R , g Q y A , x FIRST ROW: Roy Seitz, Jnmior Burgin, David Whisnant, Jimmy Kilby, W. R. Bumgarner, Ned Wood, Wayne Wal- lace. SECOND ROW: Bill Abernethy, Managerg Ronald Craig, Gary Whitener, Larry Kiziah, Fitzhugh Young, Ronald Hood, Richard Smith, M.D. Honeycutt, Coach Jimmy Kilby Captain 62 TIGERS OF '57 Mr. M. D. Honeycutt Coach Ronald Craig Forward Bill Abernethy Manager Larry Kiziah Jimmy Kilby Forward Guard : 5 tx dbg. X9 :ily .' imvf-- -?'fr-' . ' ow?N': 112-2, gl -wxxv- '53 3 A- ?,'zsEE': X x fxxxstg ig Z 152 2 :E N ft- sl' Es:-'ree X 'Ns-' , 55:::,55 552 X- Xkwsf l?sg22S': 9 N xx X5 f'i5,f 5: ' 1' 2'1,1 ja: Q Z, .L , 5:5 if 4 S i' ""' 4: . .,. f Gary Whitener Rgy Sem Forward Guard 655 Left to Right: Margaret Pate Madeline Frye CHEERING hx!- Phyllis Whitener Becky Smith Linda Young, Chief Jackie Hefner SQUAD 4' 61- 3 Z0-AOP us-IOIVI W Q.. "'FF lf - - 5 - H, ,, 3, f -a 4 Q X wk 1 5 . -,Q-ca qw xv - I 'K 4-1 , ,, ' - g t Y W. R. Bumgamer, Pitcher Dean Hendricks, Catcher Ronald Craig, Outfield BASEBALL OF '57 Junior Burgin, Infield David Whisnant, Infield Allen Proctor, Infield I fx , n -mm, .- 4 1- ' Q ' fi' 9.1: 'PQ' . v,vA' : Il A . - . . " 71, . - A , we , . fy- .J .QL 4 , ...IilQ.4..g 4 r..v,-W s , , A f 'fi f ' .- .fl - . .Viva wb' Z1 I . .M me-A an V .ld--l:,,..ui'zHrm. g.,.,,.M,Xf..rf.1.r 'Y' F' of ""' I Jim Kilby Outfield Dean Hendricks, Catcher , QVVL. 1 C S lo I ,JP -s, 1 - . S- at 1.5 'W rw' ' -,. 4,11 1,11 4 X I I li ent it . C , ' om limen s In 5 JINMU f " po, t dE,AAW fu. L T .. Jw . 5. f, x ROBERT L. BOLICK'S GARAGE ly , 0, 5 Phone 2-5912 K- x 'f TNR., ,J ' I General Auto Repairs I ' stlAv ., S.W. I ' dne 2-9666 1843 First Avenue S.W. HICICOFY North Carolina Hi o y, North Carolina SOUTHERN FURNITURE CO. - of CONOVER, INC. BETTER HOMES FURNISHING COMPANY, INC. "Home Furnishings" Manufacturers of Upholstered Furniture 248 First Avenue, N.W. Conover Hickory North Carolina North Carolina LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE A CO-EDUCATIONAL SENIOR COLLEGE I FULLY ACCREDITED . Liberal Arts . Science . Music . Teacher Training . Commerce Extra-curricular Activities Include Band, Orchestra, Choir, Radio, Dramatics, Forensics, and Athletics. Emphasis on Christian Character and Scholarship Hickory North Carolina CALDWELL AND ROWE ESSO SERVICE ' Route 2 Newton, North Carolina Compliments Of LAIL'S GREENHOUSE AND FLORIST Flowers for all occasions New Highway Between Hickory and Conover Hickory, North Ccirolino Compliments Compliments of of QUALITY CLEANERS BROOKFORD MEN'S CLUB H59l"W0Y 70 Hickory, North Carolina MERCHANTS PRODUCE AND GROCERY COMPANY Groceries, Fruits, and Produce Hickory North Carolina Compliments Of MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY Hickory, North Corolinc Compliments Compliments M G cRoucH LUMBER co BUST 5 E550 SERWCE Bwldmg Materml South Center Street of of Phone 7931 Highway 70 Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Cqrolmq Compliments Of X s X Manufacturers of X XXX Dinin Room Furni ure FURNITURE E ' X coMPANY E N LENOIR CHAIR COMPANY NO. 2 Manufacturers of Bedroom Furniture wfgn North Carol ina 'YP-1 ' Compliments ll : HICKORY PACKING COMPANY, INC. CLINE LUMBER Hams - Sausage - Bacon - Lard COMPANY HICk0"Yf NOVIIW CGVOIIVIU Hickory, North Carolina Unexcelled For Daily Freshness I I ll: E. H. Rosema y PONTIAC JOAN ,0,W,,m' BANKS PONTIAC COMPANY PLUSH MILLS "The Most Beautiful Thing on Wheels" Phone 2217 Cfeawfs of 331 First Avenue S.W. Hickory North Carolina Fine Furniture Fabrics Compliments BLACKWELDER OIL COMPANY FUEL OIL SERVICE MORETZ 8. SIPE INC. Septic Tanks Installecl and Cleaned American Oil Company Products Dial 2,4226 Route 2 Dial 4-47II Hickory Hickory North Carolina I E: Compliments General Merchandise gf Intersection Nos. IO 8- I8 Highway IVEY WEAVERS GOODYEAR SINCIJAIR Tires 81 Tubes Gas 84 Oils Hickory North Carolina Q P Compliments Of OLD HICKORY COMPANY, INC. Makers of Work and Play Clothes Q ,C JOHNSON PIANO EXCHANGE 1707 Highland Avenue N.E. Hickory, N. C. Wholesale and Retail of The Finest Makes of Pianos I 1- . Compliments Of HICKORY BLUE MIRROR CAFE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SHOP Phone 1858 Newton North Carolina HICIKOYY North Carolina , Compliments S I ' tee e Of RULANE YouNT LUMBER COMPANY Gus Service Newton North Carolina Hickory Lenoir Morganton Compliments TRIANGLE SAUSAGE COMPANY Of NEWTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY, INC. Telephone 79I2 935 First Avenue, S.W. PIWOHB I90 Hickory North Carolina Newton North Carolina K A Comprrmenrs Z GOODNIGHT BROTHERS Fruits and Vegetables Newton North Carolina HERMAN-SIPE 8. COMPANY, INC. . . . General Contractors . . . Building Material Conover N. C. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF '57 HICKORY COMMUNITY CENTER Your Recreation Center Attend and Enioy It Bowling - Train Hides - Pool - Ping Pong Swimming, Basketball, and many other Recreational Facilities Business Manager, Henry W. Brown Hickory Recreation Commission Walter J. Parker, Director HlCk0"Y North Carolina Contributed by Shuford Mills Incorporated .gt 5 K K1 X Q gk, i r ' xx, . ' X "Av ' V' 1 Hi K - Q y , M , Friendly Service QUUIHY F0035 X X and Convenient Location Eat at jf HILL'S and CATAWBA 1 ' CAFES W R 1 'Z'?lZ'?: X Hickory North Carolina THE HICKORY 2 Delicious Meals DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT and Tasty Snacks "Where cooking is a z e awaiting you at the and- eating a pleasure SNACK-BAR ' k h I' Hic my Non Caro mc Hickory North Carolina Phone 2-5096 Compliments Of BASSSMITH Compliments FUNERAL HOME of Hickory North Carolina DUKE POWER COMPANY Best Wishes Phone 2211 Manufacturers of Hos e y SETZ-RIGHT HOSIERY MILLS, Inc. Hickmy North Carolina Hickory, N. C. ' COMMUNITY CREDIT CO. A of HICKORY, Inc. Complimenw Of Phone 3816 T CO. INQPQ-:EnIfI5EIchinery Loans Aiiis-Ciglwgvol Markers . S75 to szsoo Noffh C"'0""" i New1OfI DEAL'S FURNITURE STORE, INC. HICKORY FEED MILLS, Inc. ood Deali' "See Deal's for a C Quality Feeds Complete Home Furnishings 520 Eighth Street, N.E. 940 Highland Avenue, N.E. Hickory North Carolina Hickory Dial 5916 ,9OO6499oo 9604 09999008 Q z CAROLINA THEATRE 2 B B b Q T 8 HICKORY DRIVE-IN THEATRE 0, es' 'Z' "' Own Q Q. Catawba County's 3 Q Leading Theatres! Q. SOUTHERN PIG BARBECUE 5 5 Q Playing Q Q O Hickory, N. C. Q Hollywood's Finest Motion Pictures! ,Q 9 O foo 0 044094 999 '9OQ 9 FIRST FEDERAL Best Wishes SNYDER PAPER CORPORATION S""i"9f 8- LW" Association of Catawba County Hickory, North Carolina Conover North Carolina Eat the Best TRY-ONE SANDWICH COMPANY Hickory, N. C. "Todd's Flowers Brighten the Hours' TODD FLORAL COMPANY, INCORPORATED ff' 'f'X ,XXIII Rfhbx '- 1 O Y Q I.. x 15 ,X N ' I 1 2 -2 4- z XA Q 5 Sand Flouwrx lmflumm I ' I N i I -N' ' Opposite Hickory Memorial Hospital Phone 2221 Free Parking .I. E. HUDSON 8. CO. "Custom Built" Furniture HICKORY BEAUTY SCHOOL Hickory N C I an 302 FHS' Avenue' NW' STATESVILLE BEAUTY scHool. Hickory North Carolina Stotesville, N. C. Compliments Of d ents C. G. FOX LUMBER CO. Hickory North Corolino HILDEBRAN DRY CLEANERS R. H. Deal 8 Son, Owners Hildebran, N. C. Phone 2062 RHOFRY'S DECORATORS SERVICE 3509 First Ave., S.W. Hickory, N. C. Interior Decorating HICKORY IMPLEMENT CO. Z Fmest Ln Farm Machinery" H ...5......... 8. ...... Dial 2-SI77 Hickory, North Carolina HICKORY CHAIR COMPANY Hickory Makers of Choirs and Upholstered Furniture Established I9II Annex Box 485 North Carolina L Q W X Route 3 D. D. LINDSAY SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Amoco Gas and Oils hill' an ard I hh! fri :-..5f!3:f3:!:3:-ti:-2513'?'I'3' Zf Q:!f:2f:21:f:3:Q:5:Qf-Iffffifif 5f.,.ff!f3f1!f3fffff fif .iffffffi Ujzfjfzlfffffffffffi 322 f3f3f3f5f 3 1:f!!5:!5:f:i:-:if f fififff f,,55!iilfIi2EIE1Ef2f 'ffififif ' nv in .g. Q 5 5553'5sy5s':'f:g:f:,.5sgs,.,ag.,,fEf1fts - es:-:4-zlkfnkiitliliz-uiizkfzlz . . Q . - - -25555555255:5:5:5s:5a5i9sf:'sS:':2:'52-25: f ' "' ' " ' , PU 5 555 Z I'l1 E555 'S 'sis . U' 5555 - 'I1 55555 - 5 IP 555 E 55552 If ' Z 55555 ' U 'n 5555 ffl fzfz um 5 E232 5 5 2 Q 5 5 Q Route 3 Vale North Carolina W V Rhoney Telephone Newton I235 R2 Feeds and Poultry Supplies Broiler Contracts Fair-Acre Feeds - Te st Fed Feeds ' '23!I!iT3I3iT5Z3.-.-,'gZ-1-1- ... - ..... . ..,. 'EYEI Q f.f.f.f.','.'.'.'.'.'.'ri:iz-fffifififififzfziz5111115:l15:3:3:ififififififffIQIf3?:5zizizizizifififIf222525:3:3:i:f:1:5:f:ff?f2fIfZf:1:f:i:f:1:1:f:3:11frifififififrfiiiizizizi:i:?1f:5:ffifif2fififrf:f:?:3:f:1:f:5:11353:?fifIfIfIf1fIfrfIf:f:1 Compliments Of CATAWBA DAIRY, INC. DIARY BARS LOCATED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Q Q C First Avenue and 871 I6tI1 St., S. E Center Street, S. E. Phone 84I6, Hickory Highway 70 at Newton - Conover By-Pass, Conover HENRY RIVER CONGRATULATIONS MILLS COMPANY 8. BEST WISHES Henry River, N. C. CLASS OF 1957 I FIELD INSURANCE AGENCY ll Best Wishes, Seniors Insurance 8. Bonds-All Types A IIHI 3351 ii Compliment Of ELLER BUICK CO. Newton North Carol ina Compliments Congratulations of to HUTTON at BouREoN NAIS co. Class of '57 and SOUTHERN GLOVE MFG. CO. CATAWBA CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. C N h C It Hickory, North Carolina onover ort aro ma 'Compliments Of BOGGS FLORIST Phone 921 Newton, North Carolina SMITH'S BARBECUE "A Clean Place With Tasty Food" Highway 70A Longview, N. C. Best Wishesf BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES INC. Newton North Carolina BUMGARNER'S VARIETY MARKET Groceries Gas Feeds and Fresh Vegetables Highway 70 I Mile West of Conover Complimen TALLANT TRANSFER CO INC Of O, I L g D' tance Hauling Phone 2303 H I4 y North Carolina THE LIGHT REFRESHMENT COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FIRST NATIONAL BANKS Hky N C NhCI COMPLIMENTS OF BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Class of '57 RIDGEVIEW HOSIERY MILL HICKORY NORTH CAROLINA REITZEL TEXTILE CORPORATION W I gD Conover, N I1 C I B W h S ii Compliments Of DUKE HOSIERY MILLS Hickory -11" JARRETT'S STORE North Carolina Gas - Groceries - Hardware Phone II64-W Newton North Carolina .. ' Compliments -.5 0 f 'E vi 'I I FRIEND F nu.. 'nl 4. ,5L. Q ........,... .,a g.k.., ,..Ju.... .-.n HUFFMAN SERVICE STATION 8. GROCERY General Merchandise - Sinclair Gas 8. Oil Propst Crossroads Route I Hickory, N C Compliments Of LANDIS MOTORS Hickory, North Carolina B. E. SAIN SERVICE STATION Groceries - Gas - Oil 81 Feeds L Route 3 Vale, N. C. ROY L. GOOD HOSIERY MILL ' Hosiery Manufacturers MOTOR MART, INC. N N.c. k N C 'O Hic ory, . . ew n, Highway 16 LAIL SERVICE STATION 8. GROCERY Newton, North Carolina of L. J. SMITH GROCERY X Telephone 94l f' fff A Phone 661 7 Z X 7 Z 7 Newton North Carol ina X f OAKRIDGE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Hildebran North Carolina Compliments Of orth C l C. W. RHONEY, JR. Phone IQ34-R4 Route 3, Vale, North Carolina Hatching Eggs - Feeds Poultry Poultry Supplies omplzme s Of A FRIEND CONOVER LUMBER COMPANY Conover N aro ina Compliments of TRUCK 8- AUTO SERVICE, INC WAGNER FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Nosll 8' Willys Deals' 8. Crosley Appliances 1414 First Avenue, S.W. Dial 3242 Telephone 8502 Hickory l1's Here! 1 Ph'll' " " I IPS 66 Compliments of SUPERIOR PETROLEUM an FUEL CO., STATESVILLE FLOUR MILLS INC. C0- Hickory, Nofll' Carolina Newton N.C. Y Jr -V Compliments Of Indianapolis 7, Indiana A E. L. Hedrick, Representative Taylorsville North Carolina ,iT I NORTH HICKORY FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments rl Of 5553: .5 N M"""f""""'S REYNoLo's Fooo CENTER luiiiggize' Upholstered Furniture AND SERVICE :fear 5 ' ' H, Hickory North Carolina Route 4 ' Hickory, North Carolina Compliments Of , Best Wishes ZERDEN 'S to Seniors of '57 KlLBY'S STORE Smart Styles for Everyone Hickory North Carolina Route 4 Hickory Compliments of X WALDENSIAN BAKERIES Eat at Compliments 0 COOKESVILLE GRILL Sanitary Wholesome Food MULI. S MOTEL Route 3 Vale N.C 'X l 1' X 64 Modern Units with Bath X , Telephone ln Every Room Phone 2268 Compliments Of P O Box 736 Hickory North Carolina The BISANAR COMPANY Hickory's Oldest and Most Progressive Jeweler Diamonds - Watches - Silverware ' f 9 "A Home Away From Home" Hickory North Carolina Compliments of Moser 8. Shook Lumber Co. Hickory Catawba Dairy Center Hickory Hayes Super Market Hickory Do-Nut Dinette Hickory Crest Hosiery Windy City Seven-Up Bottling Co. Hickory Dixie Boat Works Conover Highway Appliance Hickory Abernethy's Garage Hickory Knit-Sox Knitting Mills, Inc. Hickory Lela Wise Hat Shop Hickory W. T. Cline, Service Station Hildebran Whisnant Grocery Newton Blackwelder's Furniture Company Newton Shook Drug Company Hickory JESSIE BILLY ABERNETHY FFA Club 1,2535 Tool Identification Team 2,35 Seed Identification Team 35 FFA Reporter 35 4-H Club 1,45 Annual Advertising Staff 45 Baccalaureate Chorus 35 Commencement Chorus 35 Science Club 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Bus driving Award 35 Boy's Basketball manager 45 Most Dependable 45 Decorating Com- mittee for Banquet. JUDY CELESTE AMES Class Secretary 15 Vice -President 35 4-H Club 1,25 Reporter 25 Entomology champion 15 Forestry 1525 District Champion 25 Public Speaking 1,25 Recreation and Rural Arts 1,25 Dress Revue 25 Most Out- standing 4-H girl in County 25 Trophy winner 25 Talent 25 Achievement 25 Campaign Manager for State 4-H President 25 Music Club 152,35 District Music Federation 15 Beta Club 2,3545 Vice -President 45 Chemistry Club 35 Reporter 35 Science Club 45 Reporter 45 JV Cheerleader 15 Varsity Cheerleader 25 Scorekeeper 45 Mistress of Ceremonies at Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Choir 35 Baccalaur- eate Choir 35 Best Looking 45 Most Dignified 45 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Art Editor of Newspaper 35 Art Editor of Annual 45 Decorating Committe for Prom 35 Alternate Delegate to 4-H Club Convention 1.25 4-H Livestock Judging Team 25 Home Room President 1525 Cormty Recreation Committee 3. R'UDY FRANCIS AMES Home Room President 15 Decorating Committee for Banquet 35 Bus Driver 45 Advertising Staff 45 4-H Club 1. DOROTHY EDITH BARGER 4-H Club 15253545 Music Club 152,35 Library Club 15253545 Vice-President 35 Class Reporter 35 Science Club 45 Commencement Chorus 35 Baccalaureate Choir 35 Advertising Staff for Annual 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Member of North Carolina Library Association 354. DORIS JEAN BEAM 4-H Club 15 Library Club 253,45 President 35 Program Chairman 45 Junior Class Secretary 35 Vice-Pres- ident 45 Friendliest 45 Science Club 45 French Club 45 Photography Editor of Annual 45 State Library Club 253,45 FHA 1,25 State Library Club Convention Delegate 4. BERTIE EARLENE BEAVER FHA 15 Beta Club 354. RALPH CALVIN BENFIELD 4-H Club 1525 FFA Club 1,2535 Band 2,3545 Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Perfect Attendance for 13 years. LUCILLE MYRTLE BERRY FHA 152 JEAN ETTE GAIL BOLICK 4-H Club 1,25 FHA 1525 Decoration Committee for Junior6enior Banquet 35 Science Club 45 Shorthand Awards 3. MARGIE COLEEN BRITTAIN FHA 1,25 Beta Club 3545 4-H Club 15 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Entertainment Committee 3. JONAS DANEL BRIT'I'AIN FFA 152535 Commencement Chorus 35 Bus Driver 3545 Decorating Committee 3. DONALD EUGENE BUMGARNER Basketball 1, Key Club 253,45 Beta Club 2,35 Class Treasurer 25 Key Club President 45 French Club 4, Decorating Committee 35 Bus Driver 45 Best Personality 45 Advertising Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 3. JOHN CECIL BURGIN Key Club 3545 Chemistry Club 35 Tean-Age Road-eo 35 Most Popular 45 Best All-round 45 Bus Driver 3545 Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. MAVIS IRENE. BURGIN Hickory Jr. High Chorus 15 4-H Club 35 Decorating Committee for Jxmior-Senior Banquet 3. ELSIE JU'LIA CLAY 4-H Club 15253545 4-H Talent Show 35 Junior Class Vice-President 35 Library Club 253545 State Library Asociation 253545 Library Club Reporter 3,45 Advertising Staff 45 Science Club 45 J . V. Cheerleader 15 FHA 1,25 State Library Delegate 354. ALICE FAYE COOK 4-H Club 15253545 Library Club 3,45 Science Club 45 Invitation Committee for Jxmior-Senior Banquet 3. GAll. GERTRUDE CRAFTON 4-H 1525 FHA 1525 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Magazine Winner 35 Candy Winner 35 Decorating Com- mittee for Banquet 35 Refreshment Committee for Prom 35 Advertising Staff 45 Waitress for FHA Supper 15 Pedect Attendance 35 Science Club 4. MARY MADELINE FRY Class President 15 4-H Club 1525 4-H Talent 2535 Beta Club 253,45 Convention Delegate 35 Decorating Committee for Jumior-Senior Banquet 35 Band Committee 35 Junior Marshal 35 Decorating Committee for Prom 35 Co-Editor of Foardonian 35 Co-Editor of Quatra-Log 45 Most Versatile 45 Basketball 1525 Cheerleader 3545 Home Room President 15 'lypingAwards 35 Shorthand Awards 35 Bookkeeping Award 45 Entertainment Committee for Junior- Senior Banquet 35 Pianist for Baccalaureate Sermon 35 Salesman- ship Certificate 3. 87 BILL RALPH FRYE Baseball 152,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Decorating Committee 3. CAROLYN FRANCES FRYE Secretary Home Room 15 FHA 15 Beta Club 253545 Secretary Beta Club 45 Newspaper Staff-Feature Writer 35 President Home Room 35 Chairman, Theme Committee 35 Chief Junior Marshal 35 School Reporter 45 Class Secretary 4: Annual Staff - 'Typist 45 Science Club 4: Most Dependable 4. Most Likely to Succeed 45 Most Studious 45 Shorthand Awards 35 Typing Awards 35 Bookkeeping Award 45 Perfect Attendance 35 Reading Certificates 1,2535 Honor Certificates 1,2,3. MABEL JEAN FULBRIGHT 4-H Club 1,25 J. V. Cheerleader 15 Library Club 253,45 State Library Association 2,3545 Science Club 45 French-Club 45 FHA 1,25 Decorating Committee for Banquet 3. NANCY ANN FULBRIGHT 4-H Club 1,25 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. BETTY CAROLYN GRENHILL FHA 1,25 4-H Club 15 Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Chorus 3. DOUGLAS SIDNEY HOWARD FFA 1,2535 Treasurer FFA 35 Bus Driver 2,3545 Decorating Committee 3. SUE EVELYN HOYLE Library Club 25 FHA 1525 Science Club 4. MYRTLE COLLEEN HUFFMAN FHA 1,25 Library Club 45 J. V. Basketball 1525 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. SHIRLEY ANN HUFFMAN FHA 15 Library Club 3,45 Place Card Committee for Banquet 3. JULIA FRANCES JARRETT FHA 15 Beta Club 3545 Program Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Newspaper Staff - 'Iypist 45 Annual Staf - Typist 45 Class Reporter 45 Best Citizen 45 Science Club 45 Perfect Attendance 152,3545 Shorthand Awards 35 Typing Awards 35 Bookkeeping Award 4. GENE VERNON JOHNSON FFA 253,45 4-H Club 1,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 152. SYLVIA LORETTA JOHNSON Beta Club 2,3545 Delegate to State Beta Convention 35 President of Beta Club 45 Newspaper Staff 3, Class President 45 Chemistry Club 35 Treasurer of Chemistry Club 35 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Secretary, 4-H Club 35 County winner in Food Preparation 1,2,3,45 Vice-President of 4-H Club 45 Secretary-Treasurer of County Coumcil 45 Winner of God-Home-Coimtry Award 35 Baccalaureate Chorus 35 Commencement Chorus 35 Neatest 45 Most Courteous 45 Most Popular 45 Best-all-round 45 Best Personality 45 Music Club 15 Mana- ger, girls' basketball team 35 Junior Varsity basketball 2. MARY JO KAHILL 4-H Cxlub 15 Library Club 3,45 State Library Club member 3,45 Home Economics 1,25 Junior-Senior Ban- quet . FRANCES LOUISE KISER 4-H Club 1,25 Lunch Room Assistant 1,25 Invitation Committee 35 FHA 1,2. LARRY CLEVELAND KIZIAH Key Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 35 Science Club 45 Best Looking 45 Most Athletic 45 Advertising Staff 45 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 1,253545 4-I-I Club 1525 Bus Driver 354. CHRISTINE MALINDA LIMTHERMAN FHA 15 Class Reporter 25 Commencement Chorus 35 Menu Committee for Jrmior-Senior Banquet 3. WILLIAM DEN 'ION LINDSAY FFA 1,2535 Entertainment Committee 35 Decorating Committee 35 FFA Livestock Judging Team 35 Bus Driver 354. MARGARET ALICE LUTZ Beta Club 2,3545 4-H Club 152,3,45 4-H Reporter 35 FHA 15 Science Club 45 Baccalaureate Pianist 35 Jmmior Marshal 35 Advertising Staff 45 Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Nevspaper Staff 35 Library Club 2,45 Secretary-Treasurer of Library Club 45 State Library Club 45 4-H Radio Program 45 Most Talented 45 4-H Dairy Princess Contst 35 4-H Delegate State 4-H Week 3. BETTY JO McCRACKEN FHA 15 Beta Club 3,45 Chairman, Invitation Committee for Jimior-Senior Banquet 35 Junior Marshal 35 Newspaper StaE - Typist 45 Annual Staff - Typist 45 Science Club 45 Shorthand Awards 35 Typing Awards 35 Bookkeeping Award 4. BARBARA ALICE MICHAEL FHA 1525 4-H Club 45 Decorating Committee for Jtmior-Senior Banquet 3, CHARLES FRANKLIN MILLER FFA 1,2535 FFA Secretary 35 Tool Team 35 Seed Team 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Salesmanship Certificate 35 Decorating Committee 3- Advertising Staff 45 Bus Driving Award 3. MARTHA LOUISE MoRE'Iz Home Room Secretary 15 4-H Club 152,35 Cormty Winner in Farm and Home Electric 152,35 County 88 Winner, Farm and Home Sa.fety 35 Science Club 45 Secretary, Science Club 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 News- paper Staff - art co-editor 35 Typist 45 Annual Staff - co-editor 45 Junior-Senior Banquet Theme Com- mittee 35 Class Reporter 35 FHA 1,25 Music Club 35 Decorating Committee for Prom 35 Shorthand Awards 35 Typing Awards 35 Bookkeeping Award 4. SHIRLEY KATE MULL 4-H Club 1,25 Class Reporter 35 Invitation Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. EDNA LOUISE PARKER FHA 1,25 4-H Club 1,2. NANCY JANE PHIl.l.IPS Library Club 2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 French Club 45 Junior-Senior Decorating Committee 35 Advertis- ina Staff 4: Most Athletic 4. ZEB VANCE RADER ' French Club 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Commencement Chorus 35 Bacca- laureate Choir 35 Advertising Staff 45 Music Club 45 Class Reporter 45 Neatest 45 Friendliest 45 Most Courteous 4. RALPH CARROLL RHONEY Beta Club 2,3,45 Advertising Staff 45 Newspaper Staff-Sports Editor 35 Most Dignified 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Bus Driving Award 35 J. V. Basketball 1,25 FFA 15 4-H Club 15 Theme Committee 35 Decorating Com- mittee 35 Perfection Attendance 2,35 Honor Roll Certificate 15 Vice-President 1. GLENN RICHARD RHONEY FFA 1,2,35 J. V. Basketball 15 Entertainment Committee for Banquet 35 Decorating Committee for Ban- quet 35 FFA Livestock Judging Team 3. SHIRLEY ANN SET'I'LEMYRE Beta Club 3,45 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Advertising Staff 45 Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Library Club 2,3,4. SHIR1.EY REBECCA SETTLEMYRE Library Club 2,3,45 4-H Club 1,25 FHA 1,2. THOMAS RALPH SIGMON Beta Club 2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 35 Boys' State 35 Teen-age Road-eo - Third Place Win- ner5 Science Club 45 Most Versatile 45 Most Studious 45 Most Likely to Succeed 45 Newspaper Staff 35 Co-Business Manager of Annual 45 Vice-President of Key Club 45Theme Committee for Banquet 3. NANCY LOUISE SIMMONS Library Club 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2 3,45 Place Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Oiicial Delegate at Library Association 35 FHA 1,25 Decorating Committee for Senior Prom 45 Home Room Treasurer 1. PATRICIA IRENE SIMMONS Annual Advertising Staff 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Program Chairman 45 Baccalaureate Choir 35 Commence- ment Chorus 35 French Club 45 4-H Club l,2,35 Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Menu Committee Chairman for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Newspaper Staff Assistant Business Manager 3. JACK BRITTAIN SPEAGLE FFA Member 1 ,2,35 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 FFA Livestock Judging Team 3. PATSY LOUISE TOWNSEND 4-I-I Club 1,25 Theme Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 35 Annual Staff 4. FRANCES HILDA WALKER Music Club 152,35 4-H Club 1,25 Music Recital 1,25 Home Economics Club 1,25 County Dress Review 15 Band Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. MARILYN ELIZABETH WALLACE Beta Club 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 3,45 Chemistry Club 35 Jxmior Marshal 35 Newspaper Staff 35 Business Manager of Annual 45 Science Club 45 President 4. GARY ARLYN WI-IITENER FFA 1,2,35 Vice-President 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,45 Baccalaureate Chorus 35 Commencement Chonis 35 Tool Identification Team 35 Dairy Cattle Judging Team 35 Beef Cattle Judging Team 35 Sci- ence Club 45 Key Club 2,3,45 Advertising Staff of Annual 45 Most Talented 45 Decorating Committee fo: Jlmior-Senior Banquet 35 Substitute Bus Driver 3,45 Place Committee for Banquet 3. PHYLLIS ANN WHITENER 4-H Club 15 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 15 Class Reporter 35 Commencement Chorus 35 Annual Staff 4: Varsity Cheerleader 4. DESOLA YODER FHA 1,25 4-H Club 15 Library Club 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 35 Vice-President 45 Girl's Basketball Man- ager 45 Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3. LINDA JANE YOUNG Class Vice-President 35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Reporter 45 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Secretary- Treasurer 4: 4-H Countv Cozmcil 3,45 Reporter 45 County winner in Entomology 35 Conmty Dress Revue 35 Food Preservation 45 Clothing 35 Newspaper Staff Co-Editor 35 Annual Staff Photography Editor 45 Ban- quet Place Committee 35 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Chief 45 Library Club 1,25 State Library Club 2: Commenc ment Chorus 35 Baccalaureate Choir 35 Decorating Committee for Junior Prom 3. 89 8 "Little Book, say not our work is done! With these friends we have been long together. Through pleasant and through cloudy weather, 'Tis hard to part, for friends are dear--- Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, 21 ECHL Little Book, say not 'Good -by' but 'Till We Meet Again!"' .1- Q!- P, ,. 1 n n na x . " , 4, V ,' ,-1 -1 4 , a.- -, N - .. .. y ,LA . 5 . '1 . ,,-. . , . u. 1 . ' 'ji-ft-'A1.". Qy,,wL.'.. ' . 5 J., 59' fit. ' Y 1Y,Jf,' ' ?g!.f15frl A b fi! fn . if A Y w. J 4 'Y .. .. I ,KY . x ' : E95 - ' , ' 'rw wi ' ' ' fb' , K , ,.,v +175--gf: 416- A . ' ' f . - , ,,r,, ., A , V "- .. -'T. e?iJ,:.-,- ff . , . - , W , ' ' ' , dv-,,Z.:., ,3!"1,-Y Jaj , . , - M.-uw--.-rf, W' ' "' W 'PLL f pw: V -1 ., . Q, V , - H k . A 1. , SX-. ., .H . J .u ,v.f"...v', ik u 7.1. pii AUTOGRAPHS a ... n . .mfb ,I .' ..1.ak7,A..2' -' f.,.a fv e."....Z ' 0 0 ' . . 5' - p A K a O ff M 5 5 5 an Qi ' 4 Y . 0 , wy Q A 1' K Ufgv 'i ' ' ' , Q ,v ff yi' N r- I 5-,194 5 Jill' ' 'lxvg . K,A.'1' 4' t. 1 ,f l.. Ju I ,Q I ....,3.r v J' . v l' .4 Gu l 3 fl . ' in ' 9, ' ag. 4..6W5g 0 1 it A , 4 . ,,,, , us, K M ,N 'FS' . ik , ,, N f , , ' if f A ,, W, .K 1 . V -b "M ' 'as-9' . ie 'H ,, Q K K .,.. awrdhmf' wi ' wa UH., """'--. wi mfwvw . f I fi' it H-.... Ni, ' I ui I 1, W Lv' S322 a Eg 2222 3 me ff ff I M , 'f' ,M x W, sf ,MV it ie. ., ' n 'iw W7 'Si KX ' a .,,. , W -,,,,.,ff ,sw fiv e .- A . -., '-1+ Rfb, +'Afi'H1A, ' W 15+ X g m rl- if . fm -y -X 1 Qlfiiwwfli M 'Y A f ,,,

Suggestions in the Foard High School - Quatra Log Yearbook (Newton, NC) collection:

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