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Fluvanna County High School - Fluvannual Yearbook (Carysbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA eague Virginia High School P ersonalities, anticipation, and lay’’ at... Fluvanna County High School 2 Volume XV III PUBLISHED BY The Senior Class OF FLUVANNA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Carysbrook, Virginia 3 L 50 c? P 5Q Three, divisions of sohoo-T life create Another year, 1960. Another graduating class leaves Fluvanna. What does this year mean to you, the students of F. C. H. S.? It means personalities — old friends and new, laughter and tears shared with one a- nother . It means participation -- clubs and organ- izations interlacing school life to provide stu- dents with companionship in work as well as in activities. It means play -- sports, organized re- creation, and informal get-togethers. It is the hope of the Fluvannual staff that they have been able to make your yearbook a mirror of personalities, participation, and play at F. C. H. S. iTi „0i -jiii ' jf ■ ' ’vr ' IM- PERSONALITIES fk Qfow of Our L ear PARTICIPATION PLAY 5 Faculty Dedication Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Eighth Grade CONTENTS Administration Mr. Joseph Payne Snead Superintendent It is our resolve never to forget him, who has given us so much of himself in planning and administering the school system of Fluvanna County. Mr. Hubert W. Charlton Pr incipal Our student body is ever dependent upon our principal to lead and direct us. Our ddnMstrabn Our able County School Board Standing: Mr. Joseph Payne Snead, Clerk; Mr. W. Tapscott Snead, Chairman; Mr. Robert M. Gooch, Mr. Walter S. Kent; Mr. Walter L. Kidd. Not pictured Miss Wallace Heard Director of Instruction Mary T. Baber, B. A. Whose strong convictions, words of wisdom and knowledge of English and Latin make her a valuable teacher. Margaret H. Carlton, B. S. Possesses originality in her ideas and strives to bring out the same characteristics in students. leading QfaH Charles L. Costello, M. A. Who will always be remembered for his outstanding football team of our year. Mildred C. Davis, B. A. Who would expect such a pretty girl to know so much about Newton ' s Law of Gravitation? G. R. Edgerton Under his enthusiastic leadership, the Band and Glee Club fyave reached new heights. Virginia W. Gooch, B. A. With a cheerful and ready smile, she has done much to inspire and guide us. Arolien T. Harding, B. A. An understanding listener and coun sellor . Which hfas Guided Us Jessie S. Hunt, B. S. Whose interest and devotion has made her a respected advisor to many. David S. Johnson A friend who is interested in us and in our activities. Harriet L. Loving, B. S. Who is most efficient in her role as chemistry and science teacher and as director of girls basketball and cheerleaders. Roy E . Loving, B. S. Under whose leadership the safety council has assumed real impor- tance. Ruth D. Patteson, M. E. D. Who always understands you even when you burn the cookies. Ellett M. Snead, B. S. Whose enthusiasm always boosts the morale of the football team. Virginia J. Snead, B. A. Whose assistance through the years has made this publication possible , and whose love for Fluvanna has been manifested through her varied ac- tivities. Eleanor W. Talley, B. S. A senior sponsor and a sincere friend who is interested in our work and play. George B. Troxler, B. S. His agriculture classes have devel- oped our attitudes and have influ- enced our future. Iva L. White, B. S. Our librarian whose attractive li- brary with its timely bulletin boards, puts us in the mood for good reading. With ' Patime, Utid Understanding Ruth B. Browning Secretary To whom we go for school supplies and stay for a pleasant word. Helen H. Davis Cafeteria Manager Thanks to her good food, we stay hale and hearty. IN APPRECIATION For her efforts to instill inus an appreciation of our literature and language throughout our years at Fluvanna County High School, we, the class of 1960, dedicate our annual to Mrs. Bessie B. Shep- herd. 13 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Ward. . John Lloyd . . Betty Sclater . Danny Denby . Nancy Perkins . . . Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . Secretary .Vice-President . . . President Senior SnmUment 14 FREDRICK ALLYN ADAMS " As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” Known for his artistic ability - friendly JAMES DAVID BLACK " He ' s quiet and he ' s stern, he ' s the type that wants to learn. " Quiet and intelligent - National Merit Scholarship high - member of the band EDITH JEANETTE CARTER " The mildest manners and the gen- tlest heart.” Long dark hair - pretty brown eyes - likeable person ! S I HARRY GARLAND CARTER " I ' ve done my duty ever, trying to do it just and right. " Good worker - easy to get along with PATRICIA ENSIGN COTTRELL " Darkeyes - external soul of pride. " 5 Such pretty black hair - well liked - | intelligent 5 James Mason Davis " O! what may man within him hide though angel on the other side. " Dependable - interested and capable i m Charlotte Virginia Crummette " A light heart lives long. " Wonderfultypist-planstobe a teach- er-cute smile George Wyatt Dansey " There maybe a greater man than I, but I doubt it. " Likeable - personality plus - easy going - played football Seniors take State tests. Peggy Joanne Goodson " The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul. " Plays the clarinet - would be a great secretary - alert and cheerful — — " Daniel Caleb Denby " Time I dare thee to discover, Such a youth and such a lover. " Personality plus - member of Senior class play - well liked Virginia Alice Haislip " It matters not how long we live, but how. " Good natured - likeable - cute freck- les - distinctive laugh Margaret Comoe Forsyth " Not a sinner or a saint perhaps but, well, the very best of chaps. " Member of Senior class play - petite and tiny - likeable Come From Senior Clans William Adrene Haislip William Wade Harlowe " It ' s nice to be natural, when you ' re naturally nice. " Distinctive laugh - a real handy man- friendly " A man of many affairs " Nice personality - friendly - co operative Barbara Jo Landes " Responsibility is like a string we can only see the middle of. " Interested in school affairs - depend- able - able worker Robert Allen Lanford " I ' d rather see a sermon than hear one any day. " Football player - distinctive laugh - friendly Sanders Preston Lloyd, Jr. ' 1 never worry; let the other man do that. " Nice looking - football star - happy- go-lucky David, And David Attend Billy R. and David S. at a daily chore. Robert Kelso Morris Wilmer Franklin McGuinn " Laughing, witty, clever, too; with- out him what would we do. " Great basketball and baseball play- er - easy to get along with Andrew Jackson Moon " If trouble rings you up, drop the receiver. " Nice looking - football star - happy- go-lucky I Floyd Burnley Newton, Jr. " Not to serious, not too gay, but a jolly good fellow in any way. " Band member - has a love of cars - hot- rods Winston Meredith Patterson " Good counsellors lack no clients. " Interested in science - neat - non- conformist Brenda Joyce Payne " Quietness and confidence shall be your strength. " Our Homecoming Queen - nice look- ing clothes - does a task well William Randolph Pippin " Man of thought and man of action, clear the way. " President of the S.C.A. - talented - neat dresser - friendly. Sally Anne Praitsching " An ever present help in time of trouble. " Industrious - likes those Air Force men ! Nancy Page Perkins " Rome wasn ' t built in a day, so why hurry? " Visited Europe - well liked - college bound. 20 William Fitzgerald Ranson " A joking guy is he, it ' s plain for all to see. " Senior Class comedian - college bound - active in sports. Edwin Burley Reardon " I love but one and that is she - she loves but one and that is me. " Friendly personality - whiz in Gov- ernment. Betty Elizabeth Sclater " Still water runs deep. " Whiz in shorthand - quiet and friend- ly - interested in business world. Alexander Semiklose " Men of few words are the best men. " Plays football - big and husky - quiet Betty Lee Smith ' Wrath is more than being seen and heard. " Pretty long blond hair - likable - good typist. Lora Winn Stanley " Tiny and peppy with mischief in her eye. " A cheerleader - Betsy of Senior play - full of fun - distinctive giggle Philip Newcombe Stoneman in " If some trouble should upset me, first it ' s got to come and get me. " Joe of the Senior class play - witty - easy to get along with David Ralph Stoughton " When you have nothing to say, say nothing. " Interested in science and math - re- served - friendly smile Combined ddforts Of Qenio-rs Mabe 22 What is that line ? Shelby Jean Thompson " There is a sure reward for faithful service. " Reserved - cooperative and friendly - dependable Thomas Ray Treadway " Go away girls, I have no time for you. " Likes to tinker with cars - interested and alert Carol Jennings Thomas " Have a good time today, tomorrow might be too late. " Quite a basketball player - a cheer- leader - " Mother " of the Senior play Earl Whitfield Wright, Jr. " A good disposition is more valuable than gold. " Engaging grin - helpful - easy to get along with Jerry Richard Ward " He isn ' t lazy - he ' s just conserving his energy. " Happy - go - lucky - friendly - great basketball and baseball player Philip Anderson Jennifer Ewoldt Elmo Londeree Johnny Bauserman Martha Breeden Louis Barrett Tommy Fleming Della Bell Barbara Haden Jon Browning Charles Farrar Bobby Matney Suzy Forstbauer W. G. Melton Howard Haislip Nancy Lum Jean Melton Frances Morris Offers Much- - Vocation dnd Coffeat Ckrices, Class Officers TheQunior t ear President Billy White Vice-President . . . . Johnny Bauserman Secretary Jean Melton Treasurer Frank White Beverley Butler Frank Carter Waverly Cosner Tinka Hannum Charles Carter Mary Ann Jackson Spencer Clabo James Knight Joyce Dabney Helen Morris James Harlowe Gale Palmer Brenda King Thomas Payne Billy Lewis Jane Pace Margaret Parrish Stewart Poore QcMarskip 7kfs, Ckss Things Calvin Ranson Thelma Ringwood Fay Smith Joyce Smith Lawrence Richardson Catherine Staton Jane Ryalls Robert Winfrey Joanne Smith Billy White Becky Smith Frank White Mildred Stoneman John Yancey Marlene Whipkey Bobby White Jimmy Wills Patsy Alexander Joyce Davis Stuart P. Jenkins Donald Barnes Keith Denby Ann Kidd Avis Bourne Carolyn Dennis Randy Lanford Roger Browning Denny Drumwright Tommy Lester Ellen Butler Eddie Foster Tommy Lewis Patricia Carver James Grove Carter Morris mPH i J -jpSogH I £P % - ■ppi Class Officers Jane Snead Secretary Kenneth Haney President Rosemary Snead Vice-President James Grove Treasurer Roger Browning Reporter 26 Atwell Cersley Janice Haislip Erma Napier Temple Collins Lottie Halterman Dale Nuckols Richard Cosner Kenneth Haney David Peregory Carolyn Crenshaw Allen Herndon Lelia Perkins Billy Critzer Phyllis Herndon Dixie Redman Louise Crutchfield Bobby Hicks Page Sadler UJorld Of ffruHjuledgt Edward Smith Alfred Talley Joan Taylor Jane Snead David Tilman Rosemary Snead Allen Tryall Carol Staton Barbara Whipkey Jackie Stoughton Mary Wills John Ackerman Wayne Anderson Jody Bourne Jane Brownlee James Flannagan Faye Adams Louise Harris Eddie Baker Helen Holland Dianne Bowles Robert Hope Betty Lockhart Douglas Fleming Thelma Matney Margaret Hojenski Bobby McGuinn Jackie Hollifield Sandra Melton Sandra Loving Betty McCloud Judith Melton Freshmen adjust F 7he Fust Doris Pace Barbara Proffitt Doris Smith Class Officers Doris Pace President Dianne Perkins . . .Vice-President Doris Smith . Secretary-Treasurer Eddie Baker Reporter 28 Ellen Denny John Keek Tommy Oliver Malcolm Duncan Dwight Duncan Cecil Kirby Ann King Billy Osborne Velma Oliver Marjorie Burton Barbara Hylton Bevley Butler Billy Morris Marcia Jenkins Margie Morris Janet Cosner Norma Johnson Walter Neuhauser Linda Crawford Mason Kaney Joe Newton fife Of High ScM 1 i S Dudley Palmer Steve Parrish Charlotte Payne Peggy Pace R. J. Searcy Carol Parrish Judy Skeen Charles Payne Scott Slaughter Dianne Perkins Betty Ryalls Virginia Smith Glenn Schumaker Randall Somerville Leon Skeen Leonora Stoneman Caroline Smith | Joyce Smith Barbara Snead Dabney Staton Jimmy Wade i ! Jake Alexander Jean Denny | Lynda Hamshar l! Patricia Allan Mary Dove Phyllis Haney Alyse Barker George Drumheller Tommy Harris Paul Beyer Phyllis Drumheller Barbara Herndon Joe Black Donnie Drumwright Kenneth Herndon Blanche Brooks Louise Gayle David Breeden Calvin Johnson Mary Sue Fleming Sammy Herndon The Sigktfi Graders Of 7k County Class Officers Linda Morris President Kay White .Vice-President Dorothy Lee Dansey Reporter Jannet Morris Garland Payne Bennie Newton Linda Morris Katherine Perkins Linda Payne Blanche Spriggs Marjorie Snead Douglas Brown G. T. Gilbert Nancy Jones Nina Bryant Joan Glass Ronnie Jones Bobby Carefoot Ronnie Graves Patsy Lewis Donald Cersley Christy Glenn Shirley Lloyd Ty Cobb Thomas Haden Larry Lockhart Dorothy Dansey Martha Haislip Patsy Manley Betty 9avis Roger Haislip Faye Mitchell rfoin Fo-rcpj dt F.C.F.S. Michael Noble Ruby O ' Brien Carl Pace B. E. Peterson, Jr. Norman Proffitt Shirley Salmon Henry Staley Sue Nuckols Catherine Tyng Susan Ogilvie Kay White Tom Petty Randolph Profitt John Staley Charles Webb Dewey Payne Richard Semiklose Carolyn Palmer Judy Woodson Patricia Sarate Randolph White Classes 34 Annual Staff 36 Newspaper Club 37 Student Cooperative Association 38 Beta Club 39 Library Club 39 Future Teachers of America 40 Dramatic Club 41 Science Club 42 Hi-Y 43 Future Farmers of America 44 Safety Patrol 46 Safety Council 46 Music Club 47 4H Club 47 Band 48 Glee Club 49 PARTICIPATION ft n $ K ■4 ft | 4 I K y i V I 91 $ IS i Solid geometry teaches the value of reasoning and logic. Eighth graders enjoy exploratory course in home economics. Betty uses dictaphone, new addition in business department. 34 History students become interested in Virginia ' s landmarks. Diode Their Dai ' Bdurni Classroom dad flrfioiiies Seniors are serious about competitive scholarship exam. Carol points out significant scenes Class in forestry acquaints agriculture Hunting season provides a squirrel for from " Macbeth " . students with Fluvanna ' s most impor- biology class. tant resource. Phil examines one of his many prints for both annual and newspaper. (2 li p idol C ear Typists Betty Selater Thomas Treadway Pat Cottrell Margaret assists editor David in arranging layout. Sports Editors Charlotte Crummette David Stoughton Sponsors Mrs. Snead Mrs. Gooch Danny and Tinka tackle the latest sports event. Editors Barbara and Pat, assisted by business manager Patricia, meet a deadline. 2nd The, Flunn Fi Quid Cono f 2n Futures 2nd Frlnf Brenda collects club news. Business manager Suzy, feature editor Jane, and girls ' sports writer Jo- anne plan assignments. FLUCO HI QUILL Linda Payne Della Bell Sally Praitsching Mildred Stoneman Charlotte Crummette Brenda King David Stoughton Margie Snead Barbara Landes Pat Carver Nancy Perkins Philip Stoneman Leanora Stone man Danny Denby j i Tinka Hannum Billy Pippin Pat Cottrell Suzy Forstbauer Jane D ace Joanne Smith Randy Lanford B. E. Peterson, Jr. Frances Morris Sponsors Mrs. Talley Mrs. Gooch 37 Members of the Student Cooperation Association are: Lloyd, Nuckols, Cottrell, Landes, Ewoldt, Reardon, Lanford, Stoneman, Mr. Johnson-Sponsor , Mrs. White -Sponsor, Jackson, Osborne, Smith, Pippin, Alexander, Butler, Mr. Charlton-Sponsor , Forsyth, Perkins, Denby, Melton, Stanley, Snead, Payne, Lloyd, White, Pace. Xeads An Qchoo-l Affairs Initiation: W. G. Melton Building and Grounds Chairman Margaret Forsyth and Nancy Perkins Social Committee Chairman Billy Winn Osborne Treasurer Joanne Smith Vice-President Billy Pippin President Beverley Butler Reporter Patsy Alexander Secretary Philip Stoneman Safety Chairman Mary Ann Jackson Health and Welfare Chairman BETA CLUB First Row: King, Butler, Forstbauer, Lum. Second Row: Pace, Melton, Denby, Forsyth, Landes. ThirdRow: Hannum, Pippin, Jackson, Smith, Smith, Cottrell, Haden. Fourth Row: Mr. Johnson-Sponsor, Stoughton, Morris, Black, Perkins. For Service LIBRARY CLUB Talley, Pippin, Forsyth, Stanley, Keck, Palmer, Alexander, Stoughton, Semiklose, Nuckols, Matney, Foster, Haislip, Carefoot, White. Sponsor -Mrs. White. Future Teachers Of America dctiae 9n Sctmf, District, dad State. Roanoke State Convention - Brenda c an d i d a t e for vice- president. Barbara welcomes new members. Entertaining for faculty. sis: " Schools Around the World” topic at fall meeting. Brenda King, president of District F.T.A. rim : -r y rhi.i mdU tkv tomtom ■ttocv Mil H4? ' c r AAMM) tin j+UtwrA i JJtik k P?. 4 ynocMr . tjj uJt-Fi t -iLafUl ' : ' Tragedy Comedy Changing Faces Dramatic Club Members UJear Mara Faces Classic Posing First Row: Snead, Forstbauer, Stanley. Second Row: Alexander, Snead, Forsyth, Landes. ThirdRow: Pippin, Perkins, Carver, Lanford. THESPIANS SOCIETY Farce Judy shows her pet snake to Ellen and Doris - Denny explains the mi- croscope to Joe and Jimmy. Udd interest To- Science Club Project: To study the cause, effect, and prevention of polio. OFFICERS Winston Patterson President Randy Lanford Vice-President Doris Smith Secretary-Treasurer Ellen Denny Reporter Mrs. Snead, Mrs. Loving, Mrs. Davis . . . Sponsors Bob Morris models his equipment. Mr. Saylor, VEPCO, demonstrates safety devices and life saving to the club. 42 ■ . t i: || Seated: Whipkey, Melton, Palmer, Pace, Perkins. Standing: Smith, Ryalls, Taylor, Mrs. Baber -Sponsor , Ringwood, Payne, King, Skeen. Officers: George Dansey, Jack Moon, John Lloyd, Frankie McGuinn, John Bauserman. A good grade in forestry will help to land a place on a judging team. U ork Well TtHjdkr First Row: Cobb, Hope, Staton, Grove, Carter, Yancey, Petty, McGuinn, Lloyd, Bauserman. Second Row: Richardson, Payne, Knight, Londeree, Semiklose, Winfrey, Poore, Fleming, Kirby. Third Row: Mr. Troxler -Sponsor, Stoneman, Cosner, Herndon, Harlowe, Harlowe, White, Carter, Moon, Dansey, Haislip. First Row: Watkins, Harris, White, Payne, Browning, Haislip, Richardson, Payne. Second Row: Lanford, Lewis, Wade, Tryall, Fleming, Sadler, Carter, Farrar, Cersley. Third Row: Lewis, Parrish, Kaney, Hicks, Cersley, McQuinn, Oliver, Drumheller, Anderson, Herndon, Mr. Loving- Sponsor. SAFETY COUNCIL Phil explains the use of fire extin- guishers. SCHOOL SPEED LIMIT Council members call attention to new speed limit sign. I ' Offenders of safety rules appear before this newly formed Safety Board. Sponsor - Mr. Loving SAFETY PATROL Qtress Qafetu Members of the Safety Patrol are first to leave the building. It is their duty to assist the bus drivers in maintaining order and insuring the safety of each pupil. ill f Officers Lelia Perkins President Leanora Stoneman Vice-President Rosemary Snead Secretary Patsy Alexander Treasurer Mrs. Conrad Sponsor The ' Piano- Class Cams The Magic Of Music 4-ff Club lias (2s 9 s Pro-jecf Career Pxp (oration Officers Eddie Baker President Ellen Denny Vice-President Caroline Smith Secretary Walter Neuhauser Treasurer Mrs. Loving Sponsor I HF tumnju - -jjgxgn •• ' mMM Hur illllllllll m BAND First Row: Landes, Goodson, Stoneman, Praitsching, Lanford, Denny, Kidd, Smith, Adams, Ewoldt. Second Row: Stoughton, Crenshaw, Holland, Smith, Newton, Drumwright, Critzer, Stoughton, Black, Morris, Loving, Snead, Halterman, Bell, Ranson. Third Row: Matney, Skeen, Matney, Duncan, Stoneman, Smith, Shumaker, Melton, Mr. Edgerton-Director. ' Bard dad Glee, Club (Jive Public, Performances GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB Praitsching i z. ' i Wm filtS 4- §1 Isi? 4 1 ' " ■ w — 1 i - gf Haney Newton Duncan Drumw right Tillman Smith BOYS’ GLEE CLUB EIGHTH GRADE GLEE CLUB First Row: White, Haney, Morris, Sarate, Perkins, Tyng, Ogilvie, Palmer, Haislip, Nuckols, Herndon, Barker, Payne. Second Row: Glenn, Snead, Salmon, Brooks, Denny, Lewis, Glass, Lloyd, Gayle, Morris, Woodson, Brown, Jones. Third Row: Cap- tain Edgerton-Director , Spriggs, O ' Brien, Davis, Allen, Dansey, Fleming, Dove, Payne, Manley, Jones, Staley, Buyer, Alexander. Fourth Row: Gilbert, Staley, Proffit, B r e e d e n , Herndon, Johnson, Proffit, White, Drumheller, Harris, Drum- wright, Payne. Fifth Row: Peterson, Newton, Haden, Graves, Lockhart, Noble, Petty, Cobb, Smith, Haislip, Carefoot, Cersely, Herndon, Black. Officers Mary Ann Jackson Historian Frances Morris Song Leader Nancy Lum Vice-President Patricia Carver President Charlotte Crummette Secretary Helen Morris Treasurer Mrs. Patteson Sponsor Of Cmerica. Future, ffme miers and works toward good home and family life for ail. S.C. A. President Billy Pippin crowns Brenda, Queen of 1959 Homecoming, Members of the Homecoming Court, Seated: Patricia Cottrell, Windy Stanley, Brenda Payne. Standing: Becky Smith, Kay White, Barbara Snead, Rosemary Snead. ' Pretty Girls Highlight fl lemorable Occasions Suzy Forstbauer crowns Jeanne Melton " Miss Fluvanna " of 1960. Participants in the Miss Fluvanna contest, First Row: F. Smith, J. Smith, N. Lum,F. Morris, B. Haden. Second Row: M. Jackson, J. Dabney, J. Pace, J. Ryalls, P. Cottrell, M. Breeden. Third Row: J. Goodson, B. Smith, J. Melton, C. Thomas, B. Landes, M. Whipkey. O ' Football Boys ' Basketball Girls’ Basketball Baseball Cheerleaders 54 56 57 58 59 paa pp - : 4 %tl » ■ i® : - ♦ . ■■ .v l ■ . p j t: 4 kjM r 1 9 K K jjW ■ ■ - I ? t ' c ■IB » V wLm. m M lUlftkY JhI -•3L ... tJ hn . First Row: Ranson, Dansey, Morris, Lloyd, Denby, Moon, Stoughton, Semiklose, Lanford. Second Row: Keck, Baker, Cersley, Matney, Haislip, Richardson, Bauserman, Morris, Foster. Third Row: Hannum -Manager, Grove, White, White, White, Clabo, Denby, Talley, Cosner -Manager. Fourth Row: Snead -Ass ' t. Coach, Payne, Yancy, Browning, Barrett, Winfrey, Fleming, Haney, Costello-Coach. Fhifintj Ffunos Finish 54 Schedule Sideline action at Rock Hill. We Opponents They 6 Farmville 0 6 Rock Hill 7 24 Goochland 0 6 Orange 40 13 Madison 7 31 Powhatan 7 0 Midlothian 13 0 James Monroe 38 14 Louisa 7 12 Albemarle 13 Smon U ith .500 Flucos score against Madison. Front to Back: Lloyd, Haney, Ranson, White, Browning, Ward, McGuinn, Londeree, Morris, Knight, Yancey, Payne. FIuuclmml Fkus District Tournmtnt Schedule We Opponents They 46 Scottsville 44 73 Powhatan 32 42 Beaumont 34 45 Madison 53 67 Louisa 24 40 Woodberry 39 60 Louisa 32 67 Midlothian 81 53 Madison 57 37 Orange 66 68 Scottsville 52 64 Powhatan 49 69 Rock Hill 31 39 Midlothian 66 46 Orange 60 Coach: Mr. Charles Costello Trophy awarded team and student body for sportsmanship. Front to back: Smith, King, Forstbauer, Pace, Smith, King, Snead, Crutchfield, Morris, Melton, Dennis, Melton. Girls Boast 6 (Gins 9n Games We 70 20 46 59 50 26 60 47 37 50 Opponents Scottsville Powhatan Madison Louisa Madison Orange Scottsville Powhatan Orange Louisa They 63 53 44 12 38 36 50 45 40 17 Coach: Mrs. Harriet Loving Ann tries a free throw. 57 Schedule Opponent They Albemarle 9 Louisa 1 Cumberland 6 Louisa 4 Orange 4 Goochland 3 Powhatan 2 Albemarle 7 Scottsville 5 Orange 7 Powhatan 4 Cumberland 7 Goochland 8 Buckingham 2 Buckingham 6 1 Morris hits a long ball. Front Row: Reardon, Carter, Lloyd, Bauserman, Snead, Moon. Second Row: Browning, Morris, Smith, Dansey, Haney, Carter. Third Row: McGuinn, Jones, Payne, Browning, Morris, Londeree. Lloyd on deck. l ioa us Cheerleaders Cdd Zest lo- Qpo-rfs Zoents I . Left to right: Snead, Pace, Landes, Smith. Breeden, Perkins, Melton, Morris, Thomas, Stanley, Forstbauer. Future fullback Joel Loving, our mascot. It ' s fun, but it ' s work! W.F. PAULETT SON Let Us Furnish Your Complete Building Requirements Since 1914 we have been serving this section of Virginia with its building needs such as - - Millwork, lime, cement, house hardware, plaster, lumber, paints and oils, sheetrock, moldings, roofing, sewer pipe, windows and doors, carpenters ' tools, screen, glass and brick. Floor Sanders for rent. Large Stocks - Low Prices Scottsville, Virginia A Woman ' s World of Fine Food Shopping COLONIAL STORES Your Total Food Bill Is Less When You Shop At CS Polio clinic nears completion. FLU VANNA CLEANERS Your Satisfaction Is Our Pleasure L. R. Childress Phone 3414 Bremo Bluff, Va. Visit Compliments 0 MILES CLOVER FARM CRESCENT INN RESTAURANT FOOD MARKET " All Your Food Needs” R. S. Glass Route 250 Zion + Roads Phone JU 9-2724 GREEN CIRCLE SERVICE STATION " Sportsmen ' s Headquarters " Since 1890 HARRIS-FLIPPEN 24 Hour Service foimrt Gas - Oil CO., INC. Athletic Goods Sandwiches Hunting and Fishing A A Dial 7-3019 Zion X Roads, Virginia 715 E. Main Street Richmond 19, Virginia JAMES RIVER BUS LINES Blackstone, Virginia Charter Bus Service PEOPLES HARDWARE Dealers In Hardware, Paints, Furniture Sporting Goods R. M. McDonald, Proprietor We Deliver Dial 372 Louisa, Virginia GILMORE, HAMM SNYDER INC Furniture For The Home and Office Charlottesville, Virginia Three is a crowd. Compliments of MATACIA FRUIT CO. Wholesale Distributors Fruits and Vegetables CHAS. KING SON CO., INC. Established 1884 Wholesale Grocers Charlottesville, Va. BRUTON ' S BARBER SHOP lo the next tm orecrnss the nation... Go TRAILWAYS ... Specialists in friendly ■first -class travel ! CHARTERS-TOURS THRU-LINER SERVICE 1 10-4th St., N. E. Charlottesville, Va. Phone 2-4539 " Charlottesville’s Finest Barber Shop " FORK UNION SERVICE STATION Firestone Tires and Batteries F. S. Townsend Phone 2291 Fork Union, Virginia FORK UNION DRIVE-IN Fork Union, Virginia MARY E. AND WILLIAM A. FORSTBAUER Real Estate and Insurance Route 53 Palmyra, Va. JU 9-2312 Compliments of BEELERS RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Home of standard brand LOUISA DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. APPLIANCES -HE ATING -E LE CTRONICS Louisa, Virginia EXPERT SERVICE Phone 399 Louisa, Va. Remember - Only You Can PREVENT FOREST FIRES ! Sponsored By WALTON LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Mineral 2-2111 Pendleton, Virginia RICHARDSON BUILDING SUPPLY Building Materials Bejamin Moore P aints Amoco Service Septic Tank Work General Contractor Ph. Justice 9-2346 Kents Store, Virginia Compliments of RUDY ' S CLEANING DYE WORKS, INC. Dial 2-5042 705 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia JAMES RIVER MARKET Clover Farm Store Open Fridays until 8 P. M . The back wall is reserved for boys. Compliments oj H. M. BRANSFORD E. B. WEAVER, INC. General Merchandise Country Produce Drugs 3161 Pulpwood General Merchandise Railroad Crossties 2491 Shipping Point - Fork Union Phone 3388 Fork Union, Virginia Cohassett, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes for the CLASS OF 1960 MONTICELLO DAIRY Charlottesville, Va. Very much unaware. WADDELL ' S Your Old Reliable Shoe Store Headquarters For Stride Rite and Boy Scout Shoes 308 East Main Street fQjr, Cl " V uu4 THE HUB, INC at J. P. LACY ' S GARAGE Service Station and Garage Ladies ' , Men ' s Children ' s Ready - To - Wear U. S. Route 250 Scottsville, Virginia SCOTTSVILLE BEAUTY SHOP THE JEFFERSON SHOP " Louisa ' s Shopping Center” Phone 118 Louisa, Virginia Mrs. Frances Johnson, Owner Phone 4531 FORK UNION MOTORS General Repair Work Body and Fender Repair Work Swift and Bone Dry Fertilizers Esso Products Wrecker Service Compliments of Shoe@ enter _ 313 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia BARR TIRE COMPANY General Tires - — Kraft System Recapping 618 Forrest Street Dial 2-7154 Charlottesville, Virginia BOLA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Viola Deane, Owner We curl up and dye for you Hours 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Phone 3-7181 1332 Long Street Charlottesville, Va. Team members introduced at tournament. STANLEY ' S GULF STATION Phone 9551 Bremo Bluff, Virginia A CAREER With A Future! If you like science and mathematics, consider engineering for your career! Engineering is the field of today and tomor- row. Progress is fast. New jobs are opening up every day. Plan for a job with a future— plan to be an engineer! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY You trust its quality CHARLOTTESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. Charlottesville, Virginia HERFF JONES COMPANY Class Rings - Commencement Announcements Personal Cards - Medals - Trophies James L. Deck P. O. Box 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC STORE " Where Sportsmen Meet " Rawlings Spalding Athletic Equipment Football - Basketball - Baseball - Golf - Tennis Browning Shotguns - Hunting Clothes 413 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia BROWN-PORTER MOTOR CORP. Sales and Service Phone 105 Phone JU 9-2641 Dillwyn, Virginia Palmyra, Virginia Dramatic Club members. W. E. CUNNINGHAM SON Jeweler ' s Established 1892 Louisa, Virginia THE FACTORY STORES Ladies ' , Children ' s, Men ' s " Ready To Wear” Stores In Mineral, Va. Louisa, Va. Majorettes first appearance. Shoot ! It was a good picnic. " A Wonderful Time Up There, " Band camp was great. Dr, Russel Snead Dr. J. H. Yeatman Dr. W. E. Moody Dr. Ivan V. Yo nee, Jr, Mr. and Mrs. George P, Smith, Jr, Mr. and Mrs, Ralph P, Zehler, Jr. We are Proud Of Fluvanna High School Graduates and Students We wish you every success NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY At Charlottesville, Virginia Fork Union - Palmyra - Scottsville Louisa - Mineral OMOHUNDRO HARDWARE CO. W. G. MASON Siegler Oil Heaters Plumbing and Heating Myers Pumps Devoe Paints Phone 2851 Scottsville, Virginia Scottsville, Virginia John O. Williams, Jr. Owner and Manager WILLIAMS APPLIANCE CENTER General Electric Palmyra, Virginia Phone Palmyra JU 9-2491 LEROY E. WHITE Insurance-All Forms Telephone 2676 Fork Union, Virginia J. W. SIEGFRIED, JR. Amoco Products Burner Service i DUNCAN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Scottsville, Va. Helen Ballew, Prop. " For Complete Beauty Service” Come with the family and enjoy a good home cooked meal BILL DICK ' S RESTAURANT Flint and Mary Anne Foster Coach presides at half time. JAMES RIVER PULP CORPORATION Division of Albemarle Paper Manufacturing Co. Billy copies Ricky ' s style. RANSON SMITH FUNERAL HOME S. T. Ranson Leland W. Smith Ambulance Service - Monuments Phone Day or Night Fork Union 2081 Bremo Bluff, Va. THACKER BROTHERS Funeral Home Ambulance Service Phone 2791 Scottsville, Virginia Afraid to look, Mrs. Loving? Congratulations to the Seniors of Fluvanna County High School UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY Manufacturers of High Quality Rayon and Nylon Tire Fabric ALBEMARLE LIVESTOCK MARKET, INC. Sale Every Saturday G. G. Adams, Mgr. -- G. W. Shuler, Sec. Treas. Dial 2-4551 Charlottesville, Virginia R.C. OMOHUNDRO Texaco Firestone Distributor Fuel Oils - Burner Service Phones 2751 2111 Fork Union, Virginia Since 1878 LESUEUR-RICHMOND SLATE CORPORATION makers of superb roofing Now presenting flagstone for walks, individual patterned patios floors, magnificent ever-lasting wall paneling, step treads and window sills Phone 3272 MINERAL RESTAURANT Mineral, Va. Home Cooked Meals Open Daily From 6 A.M. ' Til 11 P. M. Eighth graders chart a trip. SCOTTSVILLE FARM SERVICE W. D. PERKINS SON Seed Fertilizer Feed Lumber Farm Supplies Registered Polled Herefords Phone 3931 Phone Ju 9-2031 Scottsville, Virginia Kents Store, Virginia COLUMBIA GULF SERVICE BY THE RIVER RESTAURANT Fine Foods ($m) U. S. 15 Phone 3306 New Canton, Virginia Columbia, Virginia KENT BROTHERS LUMBER F. H. HOLLAND COMPANY General Merchandise Logs, Lumber and Timber Southern States Distributor Fork Union 3378 and Pulpwood Dealer C. L. Kent Phone Fork Union 3308 W. S. Kent Columbia, Virginia We weren ' t posin ' . WRIGHT ' S WRECKING YARD Charlottesville, Va. Phone 2-9191 JOSTEN CLASS RINGS SCOTTSVILLE GULF SERVICE Melodrama Wheel Balancing Motor Tune-up Brake Lining Gas, Oil, tires, Bulk-fuel oil Kerosene Phone 3111 Jack Miller Dealer - Operator WEBER CITY AMOCO SERVICE STATION BURGESS BEAUTY SALON Let us help you with your Amoco Gas Oil Batteries Accessories hair problems Washing Greasing Air -Conditioned Salon For appointment dial Phone 9311 Ch-ville 3-5478 Fork Union, Virginia Edna P. Burgess Owner PALMYRA MOTOR COMPANY Palmyra, Virginia Phone Justice 9-3011 Your Friendly Chev. Dealer Chevrolet Sales and Service Congratulations to the Class of ' 60 BRUCE S DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store Dial 3381 Scottsville, Virginia “iBrop (31ml PETTIT BROTHERS Ml G. A. Harmon, owner w j Famous For Fine Food Chrysler -Plymouth Phone 44 Scottsville, Virginia Louisa Virginia SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY FREDERICK ADAMS - Choral Club 1-2; Judge on Bulletin Board Committee; Art Committee for Senior Play; Transferred from Nelson High School. DAVID BLACK - Beta Club 3-4, President 3; Editor of Annual 4; Band 1-4, Vice-President 2,3; Senior Play 4; Minstrel 1-4; Boys ' State 1959; Glee Club 2 -4; Dramatic Club 1 ; President of Sophomore Class; Aviation Club 2-3, President 2. GARLAND CARTER - Baseball 3-4; Football 3; FFA 2-4. JEANETTE CARTER - Basketball 2-3; Dramatic Club 1,2,4, Christmas Play Cast; Glee Club 1-4; FHA 1-4. PAT COTTRELL - Beta Club 3-4, Vice-President 3; Dramatic Club 1-4, Secretary 3, Reporter 4; Newspaper Club 2-4, Editor 4; Safety Council 3 -4, Secretary 4; Homecoming Court 4; Senior Play 4; Safety Board 4; SCA 1-4. CHARLOTTE CRUMMETTE - FHA 1 -4, Treasurer 3 , Secretary 4; FTA 2-4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Club 4; Band 1; Safety Patrol 2-4. GEORGE DANSEY - Football 2-4; Baseball 3-4; Basketball 4; FFA 2 -4, Sentinel 4; Library Club 1-2; Dramatic Club 1-2: KVG 2-4. JAMES DAVIS - Transferred from Taylorsville High School Senior Year; Baseball 4. DANNY DENBY - Safety Council 4; Vice-President of Senior Class; Football3-4; Minstrel 3-4; Beta Club 3-4, President 4; Glee Club 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Newspaper Club, Sports Editor 4; Senior Play. MARGARET FORSYTH - Senior Play; Class President of Freshman and Junior Class; SCA 3 -4, Social Committee Chairman 4; Dramatic Club 1-4, President 4, Thespian; Library Club 1-4, President 3; Beta Club 3 -4; Minstrel 3-4; Newspaper Club 1-4, Assembly Editor 2, Feature Editor 3. JOANNE GOODSON - Transferred from Lane High School Junior Year, Business Manager of Annual 4; Minstrel 3-4; Glee Club 3-4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Band 1-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Hi-Y 3; Bus Patrol 3-4. ALICE HAISLIP - Basketball 2, Dramatic Club 1-2; FHA 2. BILL HAISLIP - FFA 1-4; KVG 1-4; Safety Council 4; Safety Board 4. BILLY HARLOWE - FFA 3-4; KVG 3-4; Airplane Club 3; Trans- ferred from Lane High School. BARBARA LANDES - Beta Club 3-4; FTA 2-3, President 4; Band 1-4; Newspaper 3-4, Co-editor 4; Basketball 3-4; Cheerleader 3-4 Senior Play. BOBBY LANFORD - Football 1-4; FFA 1-4; Boys ' Social 1; 1959 All- District II; second team, left end. JOHNNY LLOYD - Football 1-4, Co-captain u; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4, FFA 2-4, President 4; Senior Class Reporter 4; Minstrel Endman 1-4; SCA Council 4; 4-H Club 1. FRANKIE MCGUINN - Minstrel 1 -4; BasketbalU -4; Baseball 1-4; FFA 2-4; 4-H Club 1; Airplane Club 3; Band 1. JACK MOON - Football 1-4; Baseball 1,3-4; Basketball 2-3; FFA 1-4, Secretary 4; Minstrel Endman 2-4. BOBBY MORRIS - Football 2 -4; Basketball 2-4; Baseball 2-4; Co- captain of Football team 4; Beta Club 3-4. FLOYD NEWTON - Band 1-4; Glee Club 2-4; Minstrel 1-4; Air- plane Club 3; Boys ' Social 1. BILLY RANSON - Band 1-4, President 4; Football 3-4; Basketball 2-4; Baseball 2; Science Club 4; Airplane Club 3, Secretary; Dra- matic Club 1. WINSTON PATTERSON - Science Club 4, President 4; Dramatic Club 3; Band 1-2. EDWIN REARDON - Baseball 2 -4; Basketball 3; Football manager 2; Safety Patrol. NANCY PERKINS - Senior Class President; Beta Club 3-4; SCA 3-4, Social Committee Chairman; Newspaper Club 2-4, Co-editor 3; Minstrel 2-4; Dramatic Club 2-4, Thespian 3-4; Glee Club 2-4. BILLY RICHARDSON - FFA 2-4; Band 1-3; Library Club 1-2. BILLY PIPPIN - Beta Club 3-4; SCA 1-4, President 4; Dramatic Club 1-4, President 2, Thespian 2-4, League Play 1-2; Minstrel 1-4; Senior Play; Library Club 1-4, President 2; Newspaper Club 1-3, Business Manager 2; State SCA Publicity Chairman 4. SALLY PRAITSCHING - Band 1-4; Glee Club 2-4; Basketball 4; Aviation Club 3; Dramatic 1; Newspaper Club 4; FHA 3. BETTY SCLATER - Secretary of Senior Class; Member of Annual Staff; FHA 1-4; Dramatic Club 1-2. ALEX SEMIKLOSE - FFA 1,2,4; Football 1-4. BETTY SMITH - FHA 1-4; Dramatic 1-2. WINDY STANLEY - Art Editor of the Annual; Cheerleader 2-4; Senior Play; Minstrel 1-4; Library Club 1-4, President 4, Vice- President 3; Dramatic Club 1-4; SCA. PHILIP STONEMAN - Band 1 -3 ; Senior Play; Captain Safety Patrol 3-4; Photographer 4, Chairman of Safety Council and Safety Board 3-4; SCA 3-4; Minstrel 3-4; FFA 3-4, Reporter 4. DAVID STOUGHTON - Beta Club 4, Boys ' State 3; Football 4; Dramatic Club 1-4; Christmas Play 2,4; Senior Play Stage and Light Technician; Glee Club 2-4; Science Club 4; Library Club 1; Newspaper Club 1-2. Carol THOMAS - Senior Play; Minstrel 1-4; Safety Council 4; Cheerleader 4; Band 1-3, Reporter 1, Secretary 2, Dramatic 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Homecoming Court 3. SHELBY JEAN THOMPSON - FHA 1-3; Glee Club 4; Dramatic Club 1. TOMMY TREADWAY - Library Club 2-3, Treasurer 3; Airplane Club 2-3; Annual Typist 4; Dramatic Club 2-4. JERRY WARD - Basketball 1 -4; Football 1-3; Baseball 2-4; Boys ' Social 1 -2, Reporter 2; FFA 1; SCA Council 2; Senior Class Treas- urer. EARL WRIGHT - Minstrel 1-4; Football 1-3; Hi-Y 1; FFA 2; Dra- matic Club 1. 80

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