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Fluvanna County High School - Fluvannual Yearbook (Carysbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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n 7ASNA CO F5 FSfo LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Virginia High School League PROPERTY OF THE LXBRAHY OF VIS E£HM0ND,VA DEDICATION To " Mother Gooch " : With patience, work, and sacrifice, You showed you loved our Senior Class Through tireless efforts, without rest, You make each project a success. We dedicate this annual to you here. Because to us you are a " dear " . There was a man so wondrous wise AND ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION MR. J. P. SNEAD, SUPERINTENDENT University of Richmond, B. A. NOT PICTURED: WALLACE L. HEARD Director of Instruction Goucher College, B. A. University of Virginia, M. A. ANNIE FONTAINE NICHOLAS Visiting Teacher Assembly ' s Training School B . A. in Religious Education Davis -Elkins , B. A. V FLUVANNA COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Dr. S. W. Seldon, Mr. J. B. Hasher, Mr. Walter Kidd, Mr. W. H. Ranson FACULTY HUBERT W. CHARLTON Principal History and Social Studies University of Richmond, B. A. University of Rennes, Paris University of Virginia George Washington University VIRGINIA J, SNEAD Mathematics and Bookkeeping Westhampton College, B. A. University of Virginia VIRGINIA WINN GOOCH Business Marshall College, B. A. ELEANOR W. TALLEY History and English Madison College, B. S. University of Virginia FACULTY MARY TYLER BABER Latin and English Madison College Longwood College HOWARD BLACK Mathematics Physical Education V. P. I., B. S. CHARLES S. COSTELLO History Athletic Coach University of Virginia, M. A. MILDRED CHARLTON DAVIS General Science and Mathematics Mary Washington College, B. A. JAMES NORMAN CONIS English, French and Spanish University of Virginia, B. S. Brigham Young University FACULTY G. R. EDGERTON Band Fork Union Military Academy Southern Conservatory of Music JESSE S. HUNT Social Studies Longwood College, B. S. William and Mary George Washington University FACULTY THOMAS BOWLES SHIFFLETT Art and History Richmond Professional Institute Cambridge School of Design Boston School of Art University of Virginia GEORGE B. TROXLER Vocational Agriculture North Carolina State, B. S. IV A LOVING WHITE Librarian Longwood College University of Virginia JANE A, CROWDER Secretary Petersburg High School HELEN DAVIS Manager of School Cafeteria SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT JUDITH HARVILLE BRANSFORD " Judy " FHA 1,2,3, 4; President 4; Vice President Jolly Five Fed. 4; Dramatics 4; Thespian 4; Minstrel 1,2, 3, 4; Triplettes 3,4; Basket- ball 3,4; Newspaper 2,3,4; Girls ' Sports Ed. 3,4; Social Ch. of SCA 3,4. VICE - PRESIDENT WILBUR EDWIN ROSE " Billy " Senior Play, Minstrel 3,4; Boys Social 3,4; Captain Safety Patrol 4; Football 4; Dra- matics 3; Boys State 3. SENIORS RANDOLPH HARRISON BLAIN, JR. " Ranny " Football 2-4; President SCA 4; Dramatics Club 3-4; Senior Play; Minstrel 2-3-4; League Play 3; Thespian 4. ELIZABETH ANN BROWN " Betty " President Freshman Class; FHA 1-3; Secretary 2; Reporter 3; Jolly Five Feder- ation, Reporter 3; Sub-Deb 1 -4; President 4; Newspaper 1-4; Editor 2; Club Editor 3; Asst. Editor 4; Annual Staff, Business Manager; Senior Play; Minstrel 1-4; SCA 1-2,4; Dramatics Club 4; Thespian 4. MARGARET JANE BOURNE " Margaret " ANDREW LEONARD BOURNE " Leonard " FFA 1 -2-3-4; Hi-Y 1-2 -3-4; Football Manager 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ; Basketball Manager 1-2-3-4; Baseball Manager 1-2-3-4; Audi- torium Supervisor 4. Sub-Deb 4; Dramatics Club 4; FHA 1 ; Hi-Y 1 ; Annual Staff. SENIORS ANNE CAROL HADEN " Anne Carol " Band 1; School Pianist; Music Club 1-2-3- 4; President 3-4; FHA 1-2-3-4; Sub-Deb 1-2-3-4. WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIS " Billy " Transfer from Tazewell High School, Tazewell, Virginia; Senior Play, Publicity Committee. ROBERT MAYNARD FLEMING " Robert " FFA 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ; Treas. 4; Keep Virginia Green 1-2-3-4; Boy ' s Social 2-4; Sentinel 4; Football 1 -2-3; Baseball 1 -2- 3 ; Basket- ball 3. RUSSELL BOULDING GENTRY " Russell " Football 1 -2-3-4; Basketball 2-3-4; FFA 1-2-3-4; Safety Patrol 2-3. i SENIORS NANNIE FRANCES HAISLIP " Frances " FHA 1 -2-3-4; Glee Club 1-2; Basketball 1.-2-3; Annual Staff, Girls Sports Editor. CLARENCE DILLARD HALEY, JR " Dillard " Band 1-2-3-4; President 4; Dramatics Club 3 - 4 ; Thespian 4; Minstrel Endman 2-3-4; Annual Editor-in-Chief; Senior Play; Boys State 3. WALTER LEE HANEY " Walter Lee " Football 2-3-4; Baseball 3-4; Boy ' s Social 1 -2-3-4; FFA 1-2-3-4. SENIORS HELEN MAYE HARDY " Helen " Annual Staff, Class Reporter 4; FHA 1-2- 3-4; Sub-Deb Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Glee Club 2; Newspaper Club 4. LEE ROY JOHNSON " Lee Roy " Football 2-3-4; Baseball 2-3; Minstrel 1-2-3-4; FFA 1-2-3-4; Secretary 4; Boy ' s Social 1-2-3-4; Keep Virginia Green 1-2- 3-4. ELDRIDGE HUNTER HITER " Sonny " Boy ' s Social l-2-3-4;FFA 1-2-3-4; ball 2-3-4; Basketball 4; Band 1-4 Virginia Green 1-2-3-4. ELWOOD CHAPMAN JOHNSON " Elwood " FFA 1 -2-3-4; Dramatics Club 1; Football 2- 3; Baseball 3; Keep Virginia Green 1-2- 3- 4. Foot- ; Keep SENIORS EDNA LUCILLE JOHNSTON " Edna " Glee Club 3; Sub-Deb Club 1 ; FHA 1 -2 - 3-4. RONALD EDMOND KENT " Ronald " Senior Play, Publicity Committee, ROBERTA ANNE LOVING ' ' Anne 1 1 FHA l T 2-3-4; Sub- Deb Club 1 -2-3; French Club 3-4; Newspaper 2-3 - 4 ; Dramatics Club 4. ELIN GALE KECK " Elin " Dramatic Club 1-4; Thespian 2-4; Honor Thespian 3;SCA 1 , 3-4; Reporter 4; Senior Play; League Play 2-4; Poetry Contest, State Winner 3; Annual Art Editor; Minstrel 1 -4; Tripplettes 1 -4; Newspaper Club 1-4; Asst. Editor 3, Editor 4; Sub-Deb 1-3; French Club 3-4. SENIORS WILLIAM SHERWOOD LONDEREE " Sherwood " Baseball 2-3-4; FFA 1-2-3-4; Keep Vir- ginia Green 1-2-3-4; Dramatics 2. VIRGIE ARLENE MARKS " Virgie " FHA 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; Sub-Deb 3; Newspaper 4; Glee Club 2; Dramatics 4. WILLIAM PEYTON MELTON " Peyton " JEAN TALLEY MABRY " Jean " Senior Play; Assistant Ed. of Annual; Dra- matics 3-4, Vice President 4; Thespian 3-4; FHA 1-2-3-4; Piano Class 1-2-3-4, Vice President 3-4; Band 3-4, Reporter 3-4; Newspaper 2-3-4, Feature Ed. 4; Trippelettes 3-4; Minstrel 1-2-3-4. i FFA 1 -2-3-4; Football 1-2-3-4; Baseball 1; Keep Virginia Green 1-2-3-4. SENIORS MILAS EDWIN MORRIS " Butch " Football 1-2- 3-4; Baseball 1 - 2 - 3-4; Basketball 3-4; Minstrel 1 -2-3-4; Senior Play; Class Preside nt 2; FFA 1-2-3-4, Secretary 4; Boys Social 1-2-3-4, Secre- tary 2, Vice President 3; Forestry Judging Team 2-4; Beef Judging 3-4. KENNETH GRANT PALMER " Kenneth " FFA 1-2-3-4; KYG 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ; Manager Football Team 1-2-3-4; Baseball 1-2-3-4; Basketball 1 -2-3-4. CHARLES TALMAGE PARRISH " Charlie " Football 1-2-3; Baseball 1-2; Basketball 1; FFA 1-2-3-4; Boys Social 1-2-3-4. MINNIE JEAN PARRISH " Jean " Class Secretary- Treasury 1 - 3 ; Library 2-3, President 3; Minstrel 1-2-3-4; SCA Representative 3-4; Senior Class Secre- tary; Sub-Deb 3-4, Secretary 4; Queen of Hearts Contest 1; Homecoming Queen Court 2, Queen 4; Band 1-2; Glee Club 1-2-3; Piano Class 1. SENIORS AUDREY LEE RICE " Audrey " FHA 1 -2-3-4. ELDRIDGE MAYNARD RICE " Maynard " Football 1 -2 - 3 -4; Baseball 2-3-4; Basket- ball 2-3-4; FFA 1-2- 3-4, Secretary 4; Boys Social 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 4; Beef Judging 4. ELBERT DONALD PIERCE " Donald " FFA 1-2-3-4, President 4; Boys Social 1- 2-3-4, President 4; Football 1-2-3-4; Keep Virginia Green 1-2-3-4. ALLEN GENE RICE " A. G. " FFA 1-2-3-4; Boys Social 1-2-3-4; KVG 1-2-3-4; Manager Football Team 1; Beef Judging 3. SENIORS WARREN GORDON RICHARDSON " Gordon " FFA 1-2-3-4; Baseball 3-4; Keep Virginia Green 1-2-3-4. SHERRY ELIZABETH WOOD " Sherry " Senior Play; American Education Week Play 4; FHA 4; Dramatics 4; Newspaper 4. GERALD DOUGLAS TURNER " Jerry " FFA 1-2-3-4; KVG 2-3; Basketball 4; Sophomore Play; Play Technician 4; Safety Patrol 2. STUART KENT SNEAD " Stuart " Band 1-4; Dramatics 1-2-3; Thespian 2- 3-4; 4-H1-2-3-4; Class President 1; Vice President 4; Senior Play; Basketball 3- 4; Manager Football Team 2-4. SENIORS MILDRED LOUISE ZICKEFOOSE " Mildred " Glee Club 3; Library 1-3; Hi-Y 3-4; Presi- dent 4. VIVIAN ALDRIDGE " Vivian " FHA 3-4; Hi-Y 2. WILLIAM HENRY BELL, JR. " Billy " FFA1 - 2-3-4; 4-H 1-2-3-4; Crop Award 3; Judging Team 1-2-3-4; Dramatics Club 1-2; Boys Social 1-2; KVG 1-2-3-4. GRACE ELEANOR FRANCE " Jeff " We could not list the members of our class without including " Jeff " . Her infectuoue wit and personality was so much a part of the school and a part of our lives. Having moved with her family to Quetta, Pakistan, Grace Eleanor is taking a course through the University of California. She will re- ceive her diploma from Fluvanna County High School. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY " Bye Baby Bunting " turned over rapidly in our mothers ' minds as they bundled us up and packed us off to high school for the first time in 1951. Eighth graders? You bet! And so proud we were to at last be a s s o c i a t e d with our sponsor s - -Mr s. Talley, Miss Zoulis, and Mrs. Jones--, the " really big " people who were upperclassmen, and all the splendors of a teen-ager ' s high school life. We were even more proud, when at the end of that first year we looked back on our accomplishments. We had given a play for the student body, we had a cheerleader in our class, and we even had furnished a member of the League Play cast! " One, two, buckle your shoe " ran through our mothers ' minds as we returned to Fluco Hi for our Freshman year, for we were still very damp behind our ears. We were reduced to two homerooms that year, monitored by Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Johnson. The buds began to burst and we emerged in 1952 with shining, smiling, rosy faces in the minstrel, the cheerleading squad, prominent club offices, athletics, and so many more things. We were rapidly developing into good, well-rounded school citizens. " Ding dong bell " sifted around in our mothers ' dazzled thoughts as we marched toward FCHS in 1953, for time was slipping by, and we were beginning our third school term as Sophomores. We were neither great nor small, but we know we were attaining some stature, for the raw edges were beginning to heal and our homerooms were downstairs. Our sponsors were Mrs. Winn and Mr. Costello. Our showing in school activities was even greater that year: our boys and girls were very prominentin athletics, we furnished the newspaper editor, we were active in assembly programs, we presented a class play. " Ten o ' clock scholar " tumbled over hazily in our mothers ' minds when we began our junior year in 1954, for by now our nursery rhyme days were definitely finished. We weren ' t " children " any longer, but " really cool kids " who had a finger in every school activity we could manage. We worked, we studied, we helped our school; we were recog- nized, we were called upon, we were given honors. And as we--the class of ' 56- -returned for our fifth and final year at dear Fluco Hi in the fall of 1955, the songs, rhymes, and stories of our childhood began to echo in our minds. Our days of relatively car efree life were rapidly being left behind. But the accomplishment of our senior year! These are they: Our annual staff was set up at the very beginning of the year to produce this yearbook. They worked furiously during the time that The American Education Week program, the main attraction of which was a play in two acts, was presented. Then Our senior classmate, Jean Parrish, was crowned Homecoming queen. Next came a terrific hilight of the year, which was The Senior Play. Our class proudly presented its fine cast on December 16, 1955 in " Time Out for Ginger. " We joined forces, producing fine team spirit, a good play, and deeply satisfying memories. This sufficed until we gave our Senior Prom. It was a beautiful evening, full of storybook splendor. All during our senior year we realized that at last, we were " really living. " But nothing can ever surpass the glory and joy each of us experienced as we donned our caps and gowns, and with the tassel dangling before our eyes, marched down the aisle to receive our diplomas. This was the perfect finale that crowned our high school career s. And truly enough, " Georgy Porgy ran away. " It was with a most fond farewell that we bade Fluvanna County High School adieu. We go now to seek our fortunes. SENIOR CALENDAR Thirty days has September, We were Seniors to remember. October brought the football games. Judy, President and Princess gains fame. November, Jean ruled as Homecoming Queen, Ranny, " Mr. Marshall " , joined the team. 1955 -1956 In May, we decided on future vocation. And a gift to the school, the best in the Nation. February-to Betty teams were good. the Forum was a treat we forget defeat. Our basketball In March in the Minstrel we sing and jest. Our League Play cast was really the best. In April, flowers, music, and moon beams ought the prom as the climax of our dreams. June luncheon and parties, then cap and gown. We ' re the proudest folks in any town. V ANNUAL STAFF " He said not a word, but went straight to his work. " Editor-in-Chief Dillard Haley Assistant Editor Jean Mabry Business Manager Betty Brown Art Editor Elin Keck Club Editor Judy Bransford Photography Editor Ranny Blain Assistant Art Editor. . Margaret Bourne Boys Sports Editor. . . . Robert Fleming Girls Sports Editor . . . Francis Haislip Typists Ann C. Haden Helen Hardy JUNIOR Baker, Chester Bell, Cary- Black, Ogden Breeden, Fred Carter, Edna Childress, Teddy Cosner, Bertha Cosner, Clinton Crenshaw, Jean Crutchfield, Davis Denby, Teddy Dillard, Alan Duncan, Don Flanagan, Ann Fleming, Margaret Garner, Edna Goss, Paula Greusel, Peggy Haislip, Edward Haney, Betty Jane Haney, David Herndon, Floyd Higginbotham, Ruth CLASS Hilbert, Billy Johnson, Ann Krause, Samuel Lewis, Shirley Martin, Alice Mason, Billy McGuinn, Jean Minter, Jane Minter, Peggy Newton, Betty Jane Newton, Inez Pace, Jo Ann Pace, Robert Parrish, Doris Penn, Daphne Perkins, Carrie Jean Perkins, Mary Jean Phillips, Patsy Scott, Kathleen Walton, Anne Ward, Roma Zickefoose, Lillie SOPHOMORE Baber, Maria Baker, Frances Bourne, Charles Brown, Douglas Browning, Wallace Carter, Blanche Carver, Barbara Conner, Jane Cosner, Joan Crummette, Robert Davis, LeeRoy Davis, Shirley Denby, Edwin Dillard, Michie Drumheller, Betty Duncan, Dean Farrar, Roberta Gentry, Jacquelin Goss, Paul Greer, Judith Hale, Billy Haney, Richard Harris, Bernard Hawthorne, Geraldine Houchens, Barbara Johnson, Helen Kendrick, Robert CLASS Kirby, George Lloyd, Patricia Melton, Horace Melton, Margaret Minter, Harriet Lee Newton, Helen Pace, Horace Pace, James Pace, Robert W. Palmer, Arnold Payne, Harold Perkins, John E. Perkins, Joyce Perkins, Sally Price, Kay Rice, Betty Richardson, Harold Ringwood, Donald Robb, Ann Sadler, Joseph Semiklose, Irene Skeen, Jeanette Staton, Merle Stoughton, Adele Ward, Chloedell White, Richard Yeatman, Diane Not Pictured: Clatterbuck, Mildred FRESHMAN Ackerman, Beatrice Armentrout, Thomas Bell, John Bell, Preston Browning, Earl Browning, Peggy Childress, Jerry Cottrell, Mike Cosner, Frances Crawford, Barbara Creasy, Miles Crutchfield, Doris Ann Drumheller, Billy Haley, James Harding, Myrtle Jones, John Kidd, Audrey Kirby, Ruth Lane, Edward Lewis, Jean Loving, David Lum, Robert Martin, Christine McGuire, Ellen Morris, Dean Naff, Peggy Napier, Helen CLASS Nash, Walter Ryland Pace, Barbara Pace, Florence Palmer, Patricia Parrish, Brenda Patterson, Betty Lou Payne, Alice Payne, Gloria Proffitt, Alice Ringwood, Kathleen Sarate, Gabriel Seay, Shirley Shepherd, Robert Ship, Warren Ray Shumake, Betty Skeen, Lawrence Slaughter, Steve Smith, Alvin Snead, Charles S wanson, Louise Thompson, B. W. Walton, Nancy Williams, Lois Wills, James Winfrey, Carolyn Wood, Buford Not Pictured: Critzer, Thomas Melton, Billy Murray, Linda EIGHTH Anderson, Phillip Bauserman, Nettie Lee Black, David Breeden, Mary Lee Carter, Jeanette Carter, Charles Carter, Garland Cosner, Waverly Cottrell, Patricia Crummette, Charlotte Dansey, George Flowers, Thomas Forsythe, Margaret Haislip, Virginia Haislip, William Harris, Wanda Darlene Johnson, Harold Johnson, Harvey Lenahan, Mickey Lanford, Robert Allen Lloyd, Preston Jr. Martin, Carolyn McGuinn, Frankie Mondy, Janice Moon, Jack Morris, Wayne Morris, Robert Kelso Newton, Dorothy Christine Newton, Floyd Parrish, Steve GRADE Patterson, Winston Payne, Brenda Payne, Temple Praitsching, Sally Anne Proffitt, Eugene Pippin, Billy Ranson, Billy Rasnake, Leon Reardon, Edwin Richardson, William Sclater, Betty Semiklose, Alexander Shepherd, Tommy Shipp, Bernard Shipp, Lucille Smith, Betty Lee Smith, Fay Rea Stanley, Lora Winn Staton, Catherine Stoneman, Mildred Stoneman, Philip Stoughton, David Thomas, Carol Thompson, Shelby Jean Treadway, Thomas Turner, George Edward Ward, Jerry West, Alice Wright, Earl Not Pictured: Murray, Bruce Swanson, Carl BUS PATROL " Angels Watch Do Keep " Captain Billy Rose S.C.A Here sits the Lord Mayor, here sit his men OFFICERS President . . . , Vice-President Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . , Reporter . . . . . . . Ranny Blain . . . Teddy Denby Bobby Jo Farrar Carolyn Winfrey Elin Keck As a member of the Student Body of Fluvanna County High School, I believe in upholding the name of our school by: 1. Maintaining absolute honesty at all times. 2. Respecting those in authority. 3. Being dependable. 4. Showing pride in keeping grounds and buildings clean. 5. Having consideration for others. 6. Promoting school spirit and clean sportsmanship. 7. Denouncing all profanity in thought and act. A good school citizen is a good world citizen. FLUCO HI QUILL Vol. 13, No. 2 Publication of Fluvanna County High School October 1955 LOCAL STUDENTS TO TRY FOR SCHOLARSHIP | Sir Pen ' s Little Army clIIU FLUCO HI QUILL STAFF Editor Elin G. Keck Associate Editor Betty Brown Feature Editor Jean Mabry Assembly Editor Cary W. Bell Club Editor Carolyn Winfrey Sports Editor Judy Bransford Business Manager Harriet Minter Circulation Manager . . . Irene Semiklose Photographer Ranny Blain it standing seniors at Fluv anna h School will compete in the lion dollar National Merit ogranu n and Elin Keck are the to take a preliminary be given in the high 1955) as the first s open to ail i the ’ largest irogram is conducted •it Scholarship Cor- jpendent , non-profit ition set up by grants Lmed at discovering 3 1 talented students Mer it Program permits as Merit Scholars, ited college or uni- a of study. CAMPAIGN got off to a eleventh with cu. auu -xo wui axng x x»x iix i uv from tae Curtis iviny us a very 1 is seven hun ximately three d tais year as ' er of points. will be iven thirty dollars hose who sell is Jane Minter rbara Carver as Last year Judy played basketball. She has been in the minstrel 4 years. Some of JudyS likes are music (except hillbilly), dancing, science, swimming, basketball, track and football, seafood, movies, parties, and dogs and cats. After high school Judy plans to attend Mary Washington College and the Univer- sity of Virginia where she will take up nursing. As a member of Fork Union Baptist Church, Judy attends Sunday School, 4- V- - x, J . . team captains. The school will receive a percent of the intake, which will eventally be used for needs and improvements . For exarrm ' V some from previous years was used to im- prove the cafeteria » This provides fur- ther reason for reaching our goal. American Education Week is November 6 - 11 . A F.H.A Polly Put the Kettle On President, Judy Bransford; Vice-President, Bobby Jo Farrar; Secretary, Diane Yeatman; Treasurer, Ann Walton; Reporter, Ann C. Haden; Song Leader, Jean Perkins. I H0MEM4 fr A J BOYS’ SOCIAL President . . . . Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . Sentinel . Donald Pierce . . Teddy Denby . Floyd Herndon . Gabriel Sarate . . . Dick White Robert Fleming " Prince Charming " SUB-DEB " Cinderella " President, Betty Brown; Vice-President, Adele Stoughton; Secretary, Jean Parrish; Treasurer, Kay Price; Reporter, Irene Semiklose. BAND HHH Director . President Secretary- Reporter G. R. Edgerton . Dillard Haley . . Daphne Penn . . Jean Mabry Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn. TRIPLETTES " Sing a Song of Sixpence " " She shall have music wherever she goes " President . . . . Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . Ann Carol Haden . . . . Jean Mabry Cary Bell . . . Dean Morris . Irene Semiklose ' Through the Looking Glass ' President . . . . Vice-President Treasurer. . . . Secretary . . . . Reporter . . . . Adele Stoughton . . Jean Mabry . . JJoug Brown . . . Ann Walton . Nancy Walton THESPIAN SOCIETY Hl-Y " What a Good Man Does is Always Right " President Mildred Zickefoose Vice-President .... Jean McGuinn Sec. Reporter. . Lillie Zickefoose Treasurer. Leonard Bourne Chaplain Earl Wright LIBRARY CLUB President . . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . . Reporter .... Dean Morris .... Billy Pippin Margaret Forsythe . . . Wendy Stanley ' Alice in Wonderland 4-H CLUB President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . , . . .Chester Baker .... Stuart Snead Ruth Higgenbotham . . Francis Baker Cary Bell " How does your garden grow? " Chester Baker was elected president of the Fluvanna County 4-H Council for 1956. This is the highest office held by any club member in the county as the County Council is the governing body of 4-H club work. It is the responsibility of this council to set up goals for the 16 clubs in the county and work for their completion. CHEERLEADERS " Did you ever see a lassie go this way and that? " School Song Stand Fluvanna down the field Never say die We’ll never change our aim So enemy you stay shy. Roll up that score Flu Hi One body we Fight Fluvanna, hold that line And down the enemy, down the enemy, down. Blue of the seven seas Gold of God’s sun Let these our colors be Till all of time is done. By hard work we shall learn Fluvanna’s call, Faith, courage, service true With honor over, honor over, all. FLYING Our Flying Flucos were stopped only once as they rolled up an 8-1 record and placed third in the Group II District II Race. Six- teen players from last year ' s record The coach, Mr.. Charles Costello, and co- captains, Maynard Rice, and Teddy Denby, talk over an important play. FLUCOS breaking squad were on hand to form the nucleus around which Coach Costello ' s formidable ' 55 squad was built. SCHEDULE 27 Farmville 15 31 Spotsylvania 0 34 Albemarle 7 0 Orange 6 19 Madison 6 20 Powhatan 6 32 Beaumont 0 20 F. U. M. A. n 0 27 Louisa 13 210 63 63 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1955-56 December J anuary F ebruary 9 Fluvanna 48 Powhatan 33 15 Fluvanna 29 Orange 51 17 Fluvanna 53 Alumni 44 ZO Fluvanna 25 Albemarle 35 6 Fluvanna 24 Albemarle 28 10 Fluvanna 55 Scottsville 17 13 Fluvanna 37 Powhatan 40 17 Fluvanna 51 Miller 47 20 Fluvanna 42 Midlothian 44 23 Fluvanna 69 Madi son 67 27 Fluvanna 49 Louisa 28 3 Fluvanna Midlothian 4 Fluvanna Beaumont 7 Fluvanna Orange 10 Fluvanna Louisa 1 1 Fluvanna Miller 14 Fluvanna Beaumont 21 Fluvanna Madi son 24 Fluvanna Douglas S. F reeman GIRLS’ BASKETBALL SCHEDULE December 9 Powhatan December 15 Orange December 20 Albemarle January 6 Albemarle January 10 Scottsville January 13 Powhatan January 20 Midlothian January 23 Madison January 27 Louisa February 3 Midlothian F ebruary 7 Orange February 10 Louisa February 21 Madison Place Your Insurance in The VIRGINIA FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY Incorporated in 1832 G. H. Jones, Agent Fork Union, Virginia BASEBALL Williams Denby G. Richardson W. Haney A. G. Rice Johnson Bourne Wilkinson B. Pace Palmer Hilbert H. Richardson D. Haney Baker BOGER AND PARRISH BROS. MASONRY CONTRACTORS T elephone Palmyra Charlottesville 46-F-030 or 46-F-023 2-4966 HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of Fluvanna County High School Rings Virginia Representative JAMES L. DECK 300 East Main Street Richmond 19 Virginia BEELERS Radio Sales And Service RCA-Victor - Zenith Norge - Hotpoint Your Patronage Appreciated Phone 399 Louisa, Virginia “Modern Electrical Appliances For Better Living” ALBEMARLE MAYTAG 711 West Main Street Phone 2-8931 Charlottesville, Virginia ROY P. TUEL Certified Watchmaker Jeweler Authorized Representative For Keepsake Diamond and Wedding Rings Phone 2-4258 104 South First Street Charlottesville, Virginia J.S. PURCELL LUMBER CORP. Dealer in Wholesale Lumber and Building Supplies Phone 26 Louisa Virginia BROWN-PORTER MOTOR CORP. Phone 105 Dillwyn, Virginia Phone 56 Palmyra, Virginia Sales and Services MONTICELLO DAIRY Phone 25-123 Charlottesville Virginia W. G. MASON Plumbing and Heating Phone 2851 Scottsville, Virginia Custom-Built Kitchens St. Charles Coppes Napanee Steel _ Maple F rigidaire ANDREW OMOHUNDRO. INC. 322- 328 West Main Street Phone 3-5101 Charlottesville, Virginia R. S. GLASS General Merchandise At Its Best Frozen Foods - Amoco Products Zion X Roads, Virginia Compliments of MATHIAS 5c to $5.00 STORES Scottsville, Virginia Diamonds - Watches Jewelry - Silverware Established 1892 W. E. CUNNINGHAM SON Watchmakers - Jewelers Louisa, Virginia FORK UNION MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler - Plymouth Sales and Service Ferguson Tractors and Ferguson System Implements Phone 2656 Fork Union Virginia Compliments of FORK UNION DRIVE-IN Fork Union, Virginia BLYSTONE CABINET SHOP Refinishing and Restorations Furniture Made to Order R. F. D. 2 Scottsville, Virginia B. b W. FARM SERVICE. INC. 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Wimbish, Manager 106 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE AUTO AND TRUCK DEALERS CALHOUN CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet Cars Trucks WRIGHT’S WRECKING YARD Mack Trucks CHARLOTTESVILLE MOTORS Ford Cars and Trucks MacGREGOR MOTOR CO., INC. Lincoln- Mercury- Continental COGGINS MOTOR CO., INC. Chrysler - Plymouth PERKINS MOTOR CO. Federal Trucks-Used Cars R. M. DAVIS MOTORS, INC. DeSoto - Plymouth BRADLEY PEYTON III, SALES SERVICE Cadillac-Pontiac-GMC Trucks H. M. GLEASON CO., INC. International Trucks SOUTHERN SERVICE STATION Oldsmobile J. R. HARPER, INC. Willys, MG, Morris, Hillman and other fine English Cars VANCE BUICK, INC. Buick WILHOIT MOTORS Dodge - Plymouth GUESS WHO! SENIOR BABY PICTURES 1 . Ranny Blain 2. Margaret Bourne 3. Betty Brown 4. Anne Haden 5. Elin Keck 6. Billy Rose 7. Jerry Turner 8. Ronald Kent 9. Maynard Rice 10. Audrey Rice 11. Anne Loving 12. Donald Pierce 1 3. Robert Fleming 14. Judy Bransford 1 5. Sonny Hiter 1 6. Jean Mabry 17. Jean Parrish 18. 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General Merchandise - 2491 Drug Store - 3161 Fork Union, Virginia THEN 8X61 Natn6S SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS As you turn the last page of the Fluvannual, And we reach the closing days of our Senior year, We pause on the threshold of our Great Adventure- - the Adventure of Life-- And realize that Life is not a fairy tale. We are not finished with fantasy, But we must face reality. Judy, the President of our Class, And Fluvanna ' s Princess to the Apple Harvest Festival, Waves goodbye for the Class of ' 56. THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA mm • m m : ■ mi I ymm WWJf. Wlmivffi msmi mmik

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