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Fluvanna County High School - Fluvannual Yearbook (Carysbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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iwtrou ANNA ZO OH SOHO LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DIVISION OF EXTENSION iiiffrii WIp ini mi i lllll IM mi iiipi liii iiii 1 ll A Mil till | VOLUME XIII Published by «£ CM fit of FLUVANNA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Carysbrook, Virginia pin Hit 23 ' 56 Here, using a musical mofit.is the story of our activities- -our work, our play, our gaiety, our serious moments . T urn the pages of this Fluvannual and share with us the experiences of the memorable year of 1955. “He is gentle; he is kind; I’ll never find a better friend’ MR. HUBERT W. CHARLTON In grateful appreciation , we dedicate our annual to Mr. Hubert W. Charlton, who has been our sympathetic and understanding principal throughout our five years in high school. TABLE OF CONTENTS I Faculty and Administration II Classes Seniors J unior s Sophomore s F reshmen Eighth Graders III Activities IV Sports V Advertisements flominisnmTion aud fflcuuy “I’LL NEVER LET YOU DOWN” NOT PICTURED: II MISS WALLACE HEARD Director of Instruction Goucher College, B. A, University of Virginia, M. A. MISS ANNIE NICHOLAS Visiting Teacher University of Virginia MR. J. P. SNEAD, SUPERINTENDENT University of Richmond, B. A. " Faithful and honest to friend and to foe " Fluvanna County School Board Dr. S. W. Seldon, Mr. J. B. Hasher, Mr. Walter Kidd, Mr. W. H. Ranson " The high and the mighty” HUBERT W. CHARLTON Principal History and Social Studies University of Richmond, B. A. University of Rennes, Paris University of Virginia George Washington University “He is gentle; he is kind; I’ll never find a better friend” VIRGINIA J. SNEAD Mathematics, Latin and Scienc e Westhampton College, B. A. University of Virginia “I’ll walk beside you” VIRGINIA WINN GOOCH B usiness Marshall College, B. A. “A smile goes a long long way” FACULTY V ELEANOR W. TALLEY History and English Madison College, B. S. University of Virginia “I understand’’ i FACULTY CHARLES L. COSTELLO Spanish and History Athletic Coach University of Virginia, M. A. “For he’s a jolly good fellow” GEORGE B. TROXLER Vocational Agriculture North Carolina State, B. S. “Old Pal” JESSIE S. HUNT Social Studies Longwood College, B. S. William and Mary George Washington University “You’re just as sweet a s you can be MRS. SARAH WINN English Physical Education University of Virginia, B. S. Radford College “Beautiful Brown Eyes’’. MILDRED CHARLTON DAVIS Physics and General Science Mary Washington College, B. A. “You’re a sweetheart’’ FACULTY HOWARD BLACK Math Physical Education V. P. I., B . S. ‘I’m always dreaming of you Ma rgie ’ ’ RUTH D. PATTERSON Home Economics Radford College, B. A. “If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake” FRANCES BUCHANAN Librarian Appalachian State Teachers College, Boone, N. C., B. S. Madison College “Sweeter than the roses” G. R . EDGERTON Band Fork Union Military Academy Southern Conservatory of Music “I feel a song coming on” PHILLIP JONES Science Pennsylvania State, B. S. University of Virginia University of North Carolina University of Minnesota “Nature Boy” fACULIV JOYCE ANNE MASON History, English, Phys . Ed. Mary Washington College, B. A. “Ain’t She Sweet " JAMES NORMAN CONIS English and F rench University of Virginia, B. S. Brigham Young University “’Tis each smile so bright and free " THOMAS BOWLES SHIFFLETT Art and History Richmond Professional Institute Cambridge School of Design Boston School of Art University of Virginia “I’ve traveled about a bit in my time " JANE A. CROWDER Secretary Petersburg High School “When did you leave heaven? " HELEN DAVIS Manager of School Cafeteria “This is the thanks I get " SEIIIOR CLASS “SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD” OFFICERS CFASS NANCY SNODDY “You are my sweet ideal” Senior Class President Senior Play Annual Business Manager Basketball 4; Cheerleader 1-3 Triplettes 1-4; Minstrel 1-4 Sophomore Class President Jolly Five President 3 Charles Greer .... Winifred Perkins . . . , Vice-President Song . . Nancy Snoddy Beau B er caw Flower . Harold Thompson . . Mrs. Virginia Snead Colors . Mrs. Virginia Gooch . . . . Sponsors Motto . . “Many are the hearts looking for the right, to see the dawn of peace SENIORS HELEN BAIRD They say that love’s a word Sub-Deb 1-4 Glee Club 1-3 F. H. A. 1-4 Junior Class Program Senior Class Program BEAU BERCAW And his brain was so loaded it nearly exploded” Junior Class President Senior Class Treasurer Hi-Y Club 1-4 CHARLOTTE COBB “All I want is socialibility’ Senior Play State F. H. A. Treasurer 3 F. H. A. 1-4, Pres. 3-4 ub-Deb 3-4; Cheerleader 1- Minstrel 1-4 OSBORNE COSNER ‘‘I’ll get by” Football 3-4 Boys’ Social 1 -4 F. F. A. 1-4 DAVID CRUMMETTE “I’m little, but I’m loud’’ Minstrel End Man 1-4 Dramatic 1-4 Hi-Y 2-4 Glee Club 1-3 JACK DAVIS “I got rhythm’’ Boys’ Social 2-4, President 4 Minstrel 1-4, Quartet 1-4 F. F. A. 1-4, Secretary 4 Football 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1-4 Basketball 4 ANNE DRUMHELLER “So to sleep again’’ Band 1-2 Glee Club 1-2 F. H. A, 3 STANFORD OUTRIGHT “I Can Dream, Can’t I’’ Football 1-3 Baseball 1,3,4 Track 3 Band 1-4 Boys’ Social 1-4 PORTER GRIFFIN “Thy swell, thy witty” F. F. A. 1 -4 Boys’ Social 1 -4 Basketball 2-4 Baseball 3-4 DOUGLAS HADEN “A quiet kind of guy’’ F, F. A. 1-4, Reporter 3 S. C. A. Representative 4 Minstrel 1-4; Glee Club 3-4 Boys’ Social 1-3, Reporter 3 CHARLES GREER “No buddy quite so true’’ Class Secretary 3-4 S. C. A. 3-4, Point Sec. 3 . F. A. 1-4; Boys’ Social 1-4 Glee Club 1-3 JAMES HADEN ‘ ‘ Gone fishing” F. F. A. 1-4; Hi- Y 1-2 F ootball 1-3 Dramatic Club 1-3 Safety Patrol 1 -4 VIRGINIA HOLLAND ‘ Undecided” Homecoming Queen 3 Minstrel 1-4; Cheerleader 4 Thespian Society 4 Dramatic 1-4, Sec. 4; Newspaper 1-4 F. T. A. 2-3, Sec. 3 LAYMON HIGGINBOTHAM “Count your blessings” F ootball 1-4 Baseball 3-4 F. F. A. 1-4 SHIRLEY HASHER “Candy and Cake” Minstrel 1, 2; Sub-Deb 1-4 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Dramatic 1, 2 Glee 1; Band 1 Newspaper 1 HENRY KECK “Anything you can do I can do better” F ootball 1 -4 Basketball 1-3 Baseball 2-4 Senior Play; League Play 3 Minstrel 1-4; Thespian 3-4 Quartet 1 -4 PHYLLIS JOHNSON “Her sparkling glance goes to their hearts” Hi-Y 3-4, Pres. 3, Sec. Dramatic 3 Garden Club 1-2, Sec. 1, 1 PEGGY MAPLES “Peg of my heart” F. H. A. 1-2 Glee Club 1-3 Junior Garden Club 2 BETTIE McGUINN F un and fancy free Band 1-4 Dramatic Club 1-3 Sub-Deb Club 4 Senior Play Annual Art Editor PEGGY McNEAL I he wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine” Annual Editor-in-Chief Newspaper Club 1-4, Editor 2 Senior Play; Dramatic Club 1-2 Minstrel 1-4 F. T. A. 1-4, Dist. Pres. 4 F. H. A. 1-4, Secretary 2 JANE MELTON “She coquetts with them all, but favors none at all’’ Basketball 1 -4 Manager 3, Captain 4 Cheerleader 4; Glee Club 2-3 Minstrel 2-4; Band 1-2 F. H. A. 1-4; Sub-Deb 3-4 4-H Club 1 MARTIN MILLER I’ll always be a rambler Dramatic 1-3 F. F. A. ' 1-4 Boys’ Social 2 Minstrel 1-4 ELBERT OSBORNE “Count every star’’ Newspaper Club 2-4 Asst. Editor 3, Co-Editor 4 Annual Asst. Editor 4 Senior Play 4; Minstrel 4 Boys’ Social 4; Hi-Y 3 F. F. A. 1,4; Band 1 WAYNE PACE “Ain’t we got fun?” Football 1-4; Basketball 2-4 Baseball 1-4 F. F. A. 1-4; Pres. 4, Sec. 3 Boys’ Social 1-4, Pres. 3 Minstrel 1-4; S. C. A. 3-4 HILDA PAYNE “In the mood” 4-H 1-4, Reporter 2 Secretary 3, Treasurer 1 State Canning Winner 3 Library 1-2; Glee 1-2 WINIFRED PERKINS “With a song in my heart” Senior Class V. Pres. Annual Business Manager V. Pres. District F. T. A. 4 Triplettes 1-4; Minstrel 2-4 S. C. A. 1-3, Sec. 3 ANNIE PARRISH “The girl with the flaxen hair” F. H. A. 1-2 Glee Club 1-3 Junior Garden Club 1-2 Vice President 2 ROBERT PIPPIN “A man and his dream” Newspaper 2-4, Co-Editor 4 Annual Circulation Manager Dramatic 1; Hi-Y 4 Safety Patrol 4 JANE PROFFITT ‘‘Drifting and Dreaming” Triplettes 1-4; Minstrel 1-4 Cheerleader 2-3; Senior Play S. C. A. 1, 2, 4, Secretary 4 F, H, A. 1-4, V. Pres, 3, Sec, 4 Jolly-Five Federation President 4 F. H. A. State Vice Pres. 4 ANNE ROBINSON ‘‘Look for a silver lining” Library Club 1 Jr. Garden Club 1 Glee Club 2-3 Sub-Deb 4 GILMER SCLATER ‘‘How high is the moon?” F. F. A. 1-4, V. Pres. 4, Treasurer 3 Boys’ Social 1-4, Sec. 4, Sgt. at Arms 3 Track 1-2 F ootball 1-2 Safety Committee 4 sms MICHAEL SEAY “He ' s a great big bundle of joy” Football 1-4 Minstrel 1-4 Senior Play- Band 1,3,4 Boys’ Social 4 BEVERLY TILLMAN “Five foot two” Basketball 1-4, Captain 4 Cheerleader 2-4, Head Cheerleader 4 F, H. A. 1-4, Song Leader 2, 4 Minstrel 1-4 Glee Club 1-3 Sub-Deb 4 JOANNE SNEAD “Little things mean a lot” Dramatic Club 1-4 Vice President 2, President 3 4-H Club 1-4, Vice President 2 Reporter 3, Secretary 4 League Play 2-3; F. T. A. 2-3 Senior Play 4; Thespian 2-4 Annual Sports Editor 4 Newspaper Club 1-4 HAROLD THOMPSON “A good man is hard to find” Senior Play League Play 2-3 Hi-Y Club 1-4, President 3 Dramatic Club 1-4, President 4 S. C. A. Vice President 4 Football 3-4 Minstrel Endman 3-4 SENIORS ROBERT VELLE “Enjoy yourself’’ Basketball 1-4; Football 3-4 Band 1-4, President 4 Minstrel 1-4, End Man 3-4 Quartet 2-4; League Play 3 Dramatic Club 1 -3; Thespian 3-4 F, F. A. 1 , 3, 4 ROBERT WILLIAMS " I’ll walk alone” S. C. A. President 4 S. C. A. Vice Pres. 3, Treasurer 2 Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4 Basketball Manager 1-4 Senior Play; Annual Sports Editor Dramatic Club 1-4, Pres. 2 Thespian Society 1-4 League Play 1-2; Minstrel 1-4 NORMAN WILKINSON “His movements are graceful, all the girls he does please’’ Baseball 1 -4 F ootball 1-3 Basketball 3-4 F. F. A. 1-4, Treasurer 4 K. V. G. 1 -4; Band 4 Annual Staff; Dramatic Club 4 CUSS HISTORY “MEMORIES” In the month of September in the year of our Lord 1950, we , the class of 1955 entered the great Fluvanna County High School , looking like nothing so much as a group of raw recruits about to enter into the service of their country. To the tune of " Rock-a -by-Baby the upper classmen , ably assist- ed by our sponsors, Mrs. Josephine Snead , Mr s . Anne Whitcomb and Miss Lillian Holland, soon had us labeled and pigeon-holed in the cor- rect niches . Our new subjects proved novelties. We sampled in succession: band , shop, home economics , and art to determine which one suited us best . To the chagrin of the eighth grade girls, tradition was broken and the eighth grade boys sang in the minstrel. As F r eshmen in ’ 51 , we tr uly became participants in the school’s activities. The rest of the upper classmen tried to tell us we were “Too Young ,“ but we knew better . We were on our way conducted by Mr. W. R. Brantley and Mr. R. A. Chermside. As Sophomores, we could be compared to the middle man of the family for we were too old to be in the nursery and too young to dine with the adults. We had our moments of greatness in the F. H. A., F. F. A., band, glee club, minstrel, and League play. Mr. Byron Olson and Mr. Charles Costello were our sponsors dur- ing which time we sang “I’ll Get By.” Our J unior year “Clancey Lowered the Boom” in as much as we had a finger in every pie. Each club in school had an officer from the Junior class. Also state and district organizations had members of this class as officers. In the list of our outstanding accomplishments are: First Homecoming Queen Leading roles in League Play Cheerleaders Participation in minstrel Christmas television show for assembly Football, basketball, and baseball stars Our dynamic inspirers were Miss Phyllis Mann and Mrs. Mary Mobley, our sponsors. Then at last we were Seniors with the finishing touches applied by our sponsors , Mrs . Virginia Snead and Mrs. Virginia Gooch, as our high school experiences were drawing to a close. The slate of class officers which was elected included: President - Nancy Snoddy Vice President - Winifred Perkins Secretary - Charles Greer Treasurer - Beau Bercaw Reporter - Harold Thompson First on the agenda for the year was setting up the Annual Staff and settling it down to work. Then the Seniors program for American Education Week was plan- ned and given. Jane Proffitt, the senior who was selected Homecoming Queen, was crowned at the evening dance. The Curious Savage, our Senior Play, will leave haunting memories in our hearts entangled with dreams and ideals. We danced our way through the colorful pageantry of the Senior Prom . We passed swiftly through final exams, rehearsals, and class-day exercises until we came to the march down the aisle for the curtain per- formance of our high school days. We leave Fluvanna County High School with a song on our lips: “Stand Fluvanna down the field Never say die .’’ i r r warn s AIUAL STAFF Peggy McNeal Editor-in-Chief Bert Osborne Assistant Editor Joanne Snead Sports Editor Bobbie Williams Sports Editor Bettie McGuinn Art Editor Norman Wilkinson . Photography Editor Mrs. Virginia J. S Jane Proffitt Typist Bobby Pippin . . . Circulation Manager Nancy Snoddy .... Business Manager Winifred Perkins. . Business Manager Henry Keck Art Editor Mrs. Virginia W. Gooch .... Advisor ad . . Advisor “Up in the morning out on the job work like the devil for my pay” CLASS Glfl “I GET IDEAS’’ THE SENIOR CLASS Presents “No where can you get that happy feeling when you are stealing that extra bow.’’ THE CURIOUS SAVAGE “And if I laugh at any mortal thing--’Tis that I may not weep.” - -Byron BULLETIN BOARD- - Advertising The Curious Savage FAIRY MAY- -“Hannibal , what are we waiting for ? ’ ’ MRS. SAVAGE--“I’ve never had such a won- derful time in my life.’’ FLORENCE- People give the strangest books to this library.’’ HANNIBAL--”! smell smoke.” JEFFREY- Pick them up one by one.” HANNIB AL- - ‘ 1 My fingers have gotten too fat on both sides.” CAST Florence Hannibal F airy May .... Jeffrey Mrs . Paddy . . . Miss Wilhelmina Titus Samuel Lily Belle .... Dr . Emmett . . . Ethel . . . Nancy Snoddy Mike Seay . . . Joanne Snead . . . . Henry Keck . Bettie McGuinn . . . Jane Proffitt Harold Thompson . Bobbie Williams . . Peggy McNeal . . . Bert Osborne , . Charlotte Cobb LILY BELLE - - ‘ ‘ And for heaven’s sake do something about this man’s tossing cards around.” MRS. TALLEY - - Dress Rehearsal Spaghetti Dinner SENIOR EABY PICTURES You ' ve got the cutest little baby face mam LOWER CLASSES THERE’S A LONG LONG TRAIL A-WINDING SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY ONE MORE YEAR TO GO Aldridge , Vivian Bell , Billy Blain , Randolph Bourne, Leonard Bransford, Judy Brown, Betty Crockett, Linda Fleming, Betty Fleming, Robert France, Grace Eleanor Gentry, Russell Haden, Anne Carol Haden , Sonny Haislip, Florence Haislip, Frances Haley, Dillard Haney, Walter Ha rdy , Helen Hite r , Sonny Johnson, Elwood Johnson, Lee Roy Keck, Elin Kent , Ronald Le Marr, Richard Londeree, Sherwood Mabry , Jean Marks , Virgie Melton, Peyton Morris , Milas Palmer, Kenneth Parrish, Charlie Parrish, Jean Perkins , Alma Pierce , Donald Rhodes , Glenn Rice , A . G . Rice , Audrey Rice, Maynard Richardson, Gordon Rose , Billy Sclater , Donna Smith , Donna Snead , Stuart T urner , Jerry Zickefoose, Mildred Aldridge , Dixie B aker , Chester Bell, Cary Black, Ogden Bourne, Margaret Breeden, F red B urton , Orene Carter , Edna Childress, Theodore Cosner , Bertha Cosner , Clinton Crenshaw, Jean Crutchfield, Davis Cunningham, Paul Denby, Teddy Dillard, Alan Drumheller, Shirley Duncan, Don Flanagan, Ann Fleming, Margaret Garner , Edna Goss , Paula Greusel, Peggy Haislip, Edward Haney, Betty Jane Haney, David Herndon, Floyd I Higginbotham, Ruth Hilbert , Billy Johnson, Ann Johnston, Edna Lewis , Shirley Loving, Ann Martin, Alice Martin, John Mason, William McGuinn, Jean McGuire, Shirley Minter , Jane Minter , Peggy Newton, Betty Jane Newton , Inez Pace , J o Ann Pace , Robert Parrish, Doris Penn , Daphne Perkins, Carrie Jean Perkins, Mary Jean Phillips, Patsy Scott , Kathleen Walton, Anne Ward, Roma Zickefoose, Lillie Ackerman, Betty Baker, Frances Bourne, Charles Bourne, Donald Brown, Douglas Browning, Wallace Burton, Christine Carter, Blanche Carver, Barbara Conner , Jane Cosner , J oan Crenshaw, Maxine Crummette, Robert Davis , Lee Roy Dillard, Mitchie Drumheller, Betty Drumheller, Billy Duncan, Dean Farrar, Bobby Jo Gentry, Jacquelin Goss , Paul Greer , J udy Hale, Billy Haly, James Haney, Ritchie Harris, Bernard Hawthorne, Geraldine Houchens, Barbara Johnson, Helen Kendrick, R . J . Kirby, George Lloyd, Patsy Loving, David Lowry, Helen Melton, Billy Melton, Horace Melton, Margaret Minter Harriet Newton , Helen Pace, Bobby Pace , Horace Pace , James Palmer, Arnold Payne , Harold Payne , Marvin Perkins , Joyce Perkins , Sally Perkins , Sonny Price, Kay Proffitt, Reeves Rice , B etty Richardson, Harold Ringwood, Donald Sadler , J oe Semiklose, Irene Shipp, Ray Skeen , Jeanette Skeen, Lawrence Staton, Merle Stoughten, Adele Thompson, B. W. Ward, Cloedell White , Bersch White , Dick Yeatman, Diane Armentrout, Thomas Bell , John Bell, Preston Breeden, Mary Brooks , Mac Browning, Earl Browning, Peggy Childress, Jerry Cosner, Frances Cottrell, Michael Crawford, Barbara Creasy, Miles Critzer, Thomas Crutchfield, Doris Ann Denby, Edwin Dennis , J ames Flowers , Gary Graves, Woodrow Harding, Myrtle Hawk, Richard Johnson, Harold Jones , John Kirby, Ruth Lane , Eddie Lenahan, George Lewis , J ean Lum , Bobby Martin, Christine McGuire, Ellen Moon, Charles ME Morris , Dean Naff, Peggy Napier , Helen Napier , Walter Nash, Ronald Pace , Barbara Pace , Florence Palmer, Patricia Parrish, Brenda Patterson, Betty Payne , Alice Payne , Gloria Proffitt, Alice Proffitt, Eugene Ringwood, Cathelene Sarate , Gabriel Seay , Shirley Shepherd, Bobby Shumake, Betty Slaughter, Steve Smith, Alvin Jr. Snead , Charles Swanson, Charles Swanson, Louise Walton, Nancy Williams , Lois Wills , James Winfrey, Carolyn Wood , B uford ACTIVITIES “THE MORE WE GET TOGETHER” CODE OF HONOR As a member of the Student Body of Fluvanna County High School, I believe in upholding the name of our school by: 1 . Maintaining absolute honesty at all times, 2. Respecting those in authority. 3. Being dependable 4. Showing pride in keeping grounds and buildings clean. 5. Having consideration for others. 6. Promoting school spirit and clean sportsmanship. 7. Denouncing all profanity in thought and act. A good citizen is a good world citizen. Irene Semiklose Welfare Committee Barbara Pace Room 11 Wayne Pace F. F. A. President Bert Osborne .... Safety Patrol Chairman Mickey Gooch Hi-Y President Charles Greer Room 1 Grace E. France 4-H President Stuart Snead Auditorium Supervisor Nancy Snoddy S. C. A. Treasurer Teddy Denby S. C. A. Reporter Harold Thompson . . S. C. A. Vice President Anne Carol Haden Room 3 Mr. Costello Sponsor Bobby Williams S. C. A. President Mr. Charlton Principal Billy Mason Chairman of Grounds Jane Proffitt . . . . Douglas Haden . . . Jean Parrish . . . . Margaret Melton . Patsy Phillips . . . Bobby Jo Farrar . Carolyn Winfrey . Mrs . Snead Judy Bransford . . Shirley Seay .... Barbara Craver . . Peggy Jean Minter Elin Keck Betty Jane Newton Charlotte Cobb . . Feggy McNeal . . . S. C. A. Secretary Room 2 Room 4 Room 8 F. T. A. President Room 9 R oom 10 Sponsor . Social Chairman Library . . . . Art B uilding Room 6 . . Thespian Society Room 5 F. H. A. President . . . Annual Editor Sports Editor Bobbie Williams Assistant Editor Elin Keck Club Editor Betty Brown Sponsor Mrs. Eleanor Talley Co-Editor Bobby Pippin Sponsor Mr. James Conis Co-Editor BertOsborne Sponsor Mrs. Virginia Gooch Sports Editor Judy Bransford Business Manager . .Grace Eleanor France Circulation Manager Bobby Velle NEWSPAPER CLUB “Oh come along boys and listen to my tale” “We plough the fields and scatter the good seed President Wayne Pace Vice President Gilmer Sclater Secretary Jackie Davis Treasurer Norman Wilkerson Reporter Donald Pierce Sentinel Chester Baker [Mil MUMMIS 01 AMERICA “Bless this house O Lord we pray’’ OFFICERS President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . Song Leader . , Charlotte Cobb . . Nancy Snoddy . . J ane Proffitt , J udy Bransford . . . B etty B rown Beverly Tilman 4 H CLUB “Sons of the soil are we” OFFICERS President . • . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . Grace E. France . . Chester Baker . . Joanne Snead Paul Cunningham . . . Ranny Blain COLORS Green and White I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyaljty, my HANDS to larger service, my HEALTH to better living, for my club, my community, and my country. Ml IH tllUlS 01 AMERICA " Strong hearts and bold " OFFICERS President Patsy Phillips Vice President .... Margaret Melton Secretary Chloedell Ward Treasurer Winifred Perkins Reporter Peggy McNeal Peggy McNeal, President DISTRICT MEETING Winifred Perkins, Vice President Joanne Snead, Secretary " Striving to please him in all that I do " OFFICERS President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . . . Mickey Gooch Phyllis Johnson . . Donna Smith . Beau Bercaw Leonard Bourne LIBRARY CLUB “ It’ s in the book’ ’ OFFICERS President Jean Parrish Vice President and Treasurer Donna Smith Secretary and Reporter Steve Slaughter THESPIAN CLUB President Elin Keck V. President . . Joanne Snead Secretary Jean Mabry ‘‘There’s no business like show business” DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . . . Harold Thompson Elin Keck . Virginia Holland . Betty Jane Newton . . Irene Semiklose The band played on President Bobby Velle Secretary Daphne Penn Reporter Jean Mabry MUSIC CUSS “MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC” OFFICERS President Anne Carol Haden Vice President Jean Mabry Secretary Treasurer . . Jane Conner Reporter Irene Semiklose l I 1 1 { S i 1 i s 1 i I f j iryi • j j I l rf | m siiB-om OFFICERS President .... Jane Proffitt V. President. . Charlotte Cobb Secretary . . , Nancy Snoddy Treasurer . . . Helen Johnson Reporter Ann Walton “THE YOUNG BOVS’ SOCIAL OFFICERS President Jack Davis V. President . . Butch Morris Secretary . . Gilmer Sclater Treasurer .... Teddy Denby Reporter . . . Donald Pierce Sentinel Maynard Rice IN HEART” WWTWrnmS ' l mm mm . “Your winning smile’’ We Win We Dine We Sing We Dance SPORTS “IT’S ALL IN THE GAME” “MR. TOUCHDOWN, U. S. A.” The 1954 Fluvanna gridmen compiled a 8-1 record making this squad the winningest one in Fluvanna County High School’s football history. Seventeen lettermen from last year’s aggre- gation were available giving Coach Costello a formiable nucleus with which to work. Two win streaks of 3 and 5 games respec- tively with a lone loss sandwiched between made this football campaign a memorable one in the annals of Fluvanna’s football. 35 V. I. S. 0 13 Powhatan 6 32 Spotsylvania 0 20 V. I. S. 6 28 Albemarle 12 39 Ashland 0 6 Orange 9 13 Louisa 0 7 Madison 0 Pace O Thompson O Davis O Denby O Williams O Blain Pierce Fleming Morris Rice Higginbotham w mm 1954 bovs’ rani Fluvanna County High Carygbrook, Virginia Fluvanna County High Basketball Schedule Home game 7 :3u Jan., 7 Albemarle Jan., 11 Marshall Jan., 28 Feb., 4 Marshall Feb., 8 Feb., 11 V. I. S. Feb., 15 Midlothian The Blue and Gold cagers posted a 2-2 record in pre -Christma s skirmishing and the remainder of the 1954-55 slate should see the Flucos enjoying a fair success on the court. Coach Costello’s quin- tetwill be trying fora return vis- it t o the Northeastern Regional Tournament, where last year they were eliminated in the final round of play. “Strive to win this game " No. Name Pos . Ht. Class 20 Pace G 5’ 7“ Sen . 22 V elle G 5’ 10“ 1 Sen . 23 Morris G 5’ 9” Jr. 24 Griffin F 6’ Sen . 25 Denby C 6’ 1“ Soph . No. Name Pos . Ht. Class 26 Mason C 6’ 2” Soph , 27 Gentry F 6’ 2” Jr. 28 Davis F 5’ 11“ Sen . 29 W ilkinson G 5’ 11“ Sen . 30 Rice F. 6’ 2“ J r . SIMS’ BASKETBALL " On to victory, on to victory " December 1 1 Albemarle 17 Orange 21 Powhatan January 7 Albemarle 14 Marshall 25 Midlothian 28 Madison F ebruary 1 Powhatan 4 Marshall 8 Orange 1 1 Open 18 Madison Place Your Insurance in The VIRGINIA FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY Incorporated in 1832 G. H. Jones, Agent Fork Union, Virginia School Song Stand Fluvanna down the field Never say die We’ll never change our aim So enemy you stay shy. Roll up that score Flu Hi One body we Fight Fluvanna, hold that line And down the enemy, down the enemy, down. Blue of the seven seas Gold of God’s sun Let these our colors be Till all of time is done. By hard work we shall learn Fluvanna’s call, Faith, courage, service true With honor over, honor over, all. “DEAR HEARTS AND GENTLE PEOPLE” Compliments of DR. CHARLES K. PERKINS JOHNSON ' S GROCERY General Merchandise Columbia Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware of all Kinds Charlottesville Virginia JOHN SEXTON b CO. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 508 Philadelphia 5, Pennsylvania Com pliments of CLUB CAFE T. J. PROFFITT General Merchandise Charlottesville Virginia Phone 3301 Columbia Virginia PEPSI COLA The Life of Refreshment LEE ' S RESTAURANT W. C. BAKER The Place Noted For Quality - Cleanliness and Home-Cooking General Merchandise Welcome Anytime You’re In Town Carysbrook Virginia Scottsville Virginia LEROY E. WHITE M. H. HITER Insurance - All Forms General Merchandise Telephone 2656 Phone Fork Union 3413 Fork Union Virginia Bremo Bluff Virginia Compliments of BRIDGEWATER ' S SERVICE STATION Groceries Telephone 31-358 Troy Virginia Fine Class Rings Announcements Yearbooks Awards JOSTEN ' S Since 1897 Representative:Bill Day 669 Maple Avenue Waynesboro Virginia HILL AND IRVING. INC. Funeral Service First and Market Streets Telephone 2-6148 Charlottesville Virginia STANDARD PRODUCE CO.. INC. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Dial 2-5171 Charlottesville Virginia VALLEYVIEW GREENHOUSES. Inc. Fresh Flowers Always 418 E. Main Street Dial 26141 Charlottesville Virginia HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of Fluvanna County High School Rings Virginia Representative JAMES L. DECK 300 East Main Street Richmond 19 Virginia CARYSBROOK FARM ( Since 1728) Breeders of Registered Polled Hereford Cattle Visitors Welcome R. S. GLASS General Merchandise At Its Best! Frozen Foods - Amoco Products Zion X Roads Virginia Compliments of H. M. BRANSFORD General Merchandise Country Produce Pulpwood Railroad Crossties Shipping Point - Fork Union, Va. 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WE CONGRATULATE GRADUATES OF FLUVANNA HIGH SCHOOL You Will Find Us Always Interested In YOUR Success Come In And See Us SOON AND OFTEN NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY At Charlottesville, Virginia Fork Union and Palmyra Member Federal Deposit Insur ance Corporation THE ROBERTS PIANO COMPANY “The House of Baldwin’’ Pianos - Organs 521 E . Main St . Phone 3-3676 Charlottesville Virginia PALMYRA MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Chevrolet Sales and Service Or Used Cars and Trucks Phone 1 0 THEftES z A SERVICE =d;. IN YOUR FUTURE BRUCE-DORRIER MOTOR CO. Sales Dial 3821 ' Scottsville Virginia COLEMAN ' S JEFFERSON SHOP Charlottesville Louisa Scottsville Gordonsville E. B. WEAVER, INC. General Merchandise 2491 Drugs 3 1 6 1 Fork Union Virginia COLUMBIA SERVICE STATION Amoco Gasoline and Oils Edison Batteries Goodyear Tires Auto Accessories Drinks Smokes Columbia Virginia PEYTON G. TAYLOR— Aqent Southern States Charlottesville Petroleum Cooperative Distributors of Fuel Oil and Gasoline River Road, P. O. 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Suggestions in the Fluvanna County High School - Fluvannual Yearbook (Carysbrook, VA) collection:

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