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Fluvanna County High School - Fluvannual Yearbook (Carysbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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1 Q E 1, E QI 5 5' R. 5 4 'E SN B 5 as 5 an E .K Si a ii 8, if as W HF Y ii 'Q 'Q 3? if fi X P' 1105+ 1 MVN?-'FEV' ,QW , 4 Q1w..'3g1Wfu, M We-if Law gi' m 1, "n'f'wA Iilfiiiiif r .- A ISV . . , A A I W., N1 , Mn Af? ?J"6W5sJQ9w lf ik K 5 V , . 5. K se ' as pw? Mr, Q' W 4 f gh .N Q K 1 L., 1l',',f,.' , ,A, LQ1 , . 1 f uf. -5 .r,'g,' X mg: ' '- , , f ,-1. ,, .Mc A , . 1 4 1 I ,-f- 1 ,Iv - ,..,q9w. . '1':. - , - Gjsff? ' -1 MELA ,ffvl A ,g." "1 . ff, ' 'ff' lv- i 'f Ht M57 V. Milf' ' ', :L A A' f. ldv" : ' , ,, fy fy CLF rl ' - MS' 1, if 3 9 Q Q 2? if ll 1 5 's Si .S fs 5 45 3 34 HllVHNNlIHl 1953 Published by Q46 A-6111.205 Cla!!! FLUVANNA COUNTY HIGH SCH00 Carysbro ' ginia 195 ln selectrng a theme for our annual, the Class of 53 has chosen the newspaper for nts motrf Since we are the frrst class to pass through Fluvanna s fave year hugh school system, we have been somewhat In the news all of that trme We feel that we, the head lmers should be top news In thus newspaper yearbook We hope to present an our edmon the newspaper , aclear unbrased picture of the year 'l952 53 Our news paper terms are authenhc and are straight from the press to present the events of our school year In the form ofa special edltlon which Includes all of the fave N s of pournalrsm the where when , why , what , and who aboutthefaculty,studentbody,andadmrmstrahon Our school year IS news now and wall be news an the future, so here It as In our theme 'a newspaper . ' I ll ll ' ' . . , ' ' ll - . ,, . . ' ' ' ll If . . 5 they are taken from real-life newspapers. We have tried . . . . . . ,,' , ,, ' ' - ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll I ll ll ' ' ' . 0 ' ' - u u ..2- We Senior CIassXHiionors Miss Mann . 1 if ' MISS PHYLLIS MANN We, the Senior Class of 1953, dedicate this volume of THE FLUVANNUAL To the one whom we wish to thank for her deep and sincere interest in us and all our acfiv- ities. -3- llur Plant ---- ----..- .- --..-- ---Q.. ., Q-Q gg-.. - -.pq i Athletics Fair and warm Activitie --- - ga- Other Pggeg ' Weather Re art lUVANNUAl I L A QT M T C O L om! 'lc EE ze A I PLANS' 'ro BE New Addition to school in C0'l1Ilty, "" o NEW 'SCHOOL F. c. H. s. FACULTY DISCUSSED Hows BANQUET May9,lo May9l" At a recent The school was ........... -- meeting af --- filled with many ------ ---- - qi' This new ----- --- ---- ---- teachers from all --- ---.-- -- - ---- --- --- lover the ------- ----- -- .. - --- -- --..-. -- ---.... ---- ..--- ---- -.-- --- ..-.. ---..- -.. ...-.-.... 9-.. -- ---- ------ --- ---- ..--- ----. --- --.- ,- ..,,, -,,-, ,,,-,,,::, --- --g---. ----- -- --,.- --- -. -------U--TEACHERS ATTEND CONVENTION --- "-- -"' Mar 9. :"""""' " "-"' "" 11 -'--"' "'- "" -d-'- '--' "'-I XXX! "' f"" "' xx -5- q-an 4--n-Q -ng: Uur Board Ilf Directors Mr. J. P. Snead Superintendent . 6 Fluvanna County School Boo rd 7,5 LQBX .CAE HUBE RT W . CHARLTON Principal History and Social Studies University of Richmond, B. A University of Rennes, Paris University of Virginia George Washington University I FRANCES BUCHANAN Librarian Madison College Appalachian State Teachers College, Boone, N.C.,B.S. CHARLES L. COSTELLO Spanish and History Athletic Coach University of Virginia, M.A. G. R. EDGERTON Band Fork Union Military Academy Southern Conservatory of Music MILDRED CHARLTON GOULD Physics and General Science Mary Washington College, B.A -7- "ZR" JEAN HART Social Studies and Physical Education Longwood College, B.S. EMOGENE JOHNSON Mathematics and Chemistry Carson-Newman College, B.S. GLADYS JONES Home Economics and Girls' Basketball Radford College, B.S. V.P.l. PHYLLIS MANN Commercial Berea College, B.S. MARY KILGORE MOBLEY English Wofford College, B.A. BYRON G. OLSON History and Physical Education University of Richmond, B.A. VIOLA SHIELDS English and Dramatics University of New Mexico, B.F.A. Lake Forest College Summer Theater -8.. VIRGINIA J. SNEAD Nlathematics, Latin and Science Westhampton College, B.A. University of Virginia ELEANOR W. TALLEY History and English Madison College, B.S. University of Virginia GEORGE B. TROXLER Vocational Agriculture North Carolina State, B.S. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Assistant Librarian Richmond Business College AURELIA GRIFFIN School Secretary , Goochlancl High School HELEN Si-xvlis Manager of School Cafeteria JEANE FOWLER ROBERTS Art Instructor and Art Consulant Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D Alabama State Normal Columbia University -g- ef ,xx e ow Ka VV CAPITAL cm QV . 40? Q- V 43' A2 6 QQ' O 471, 6 0 LP 4 NA 'X '94 Q 015' . fl, L A4 44 4 ww? SSM 39 42.8 N 'Q o WW CNW Fl.uc:os TRIP ORANGE O05 mel? 4 egg Q ' O49 ' 0200 YXXQ' '41- QNOQQYQQ I 6 1 0 25' D XNXS '00, 0 0 MEE! OUR 06 RESlDES,il C. A W " MILLER DEFEATS FLUCOS, FCDUR SENICRS PLAY LAST GRID GAME T T1 ' NUM, A Exuyanu- LIN ERS ANN UALS SENWR 9305i 1 Stung.-flny Tung 1.-.-I -.-.ff-. -vl- ..-..,.,.--'-p- ,.. ,---J ..f.,, "P ,,... -v,',..- '-.,. ,.-,,- ,.'... """""""" .--.- ,. .-.,,,y-',. uw-n-n-.ppc '5' W rm uATnoN 159.551 ...T D 1 XARRWEXML... -L L ,-.., ,puP' I L 41 L9 ' li-3 Eg - Q DA: I -BMW V Y 1! M A ' 5 : 11 J Senior Class Uiiicers Left to Right above: Lindsay Browning. Jerry Jones. . . Jimmy Perkins . . Hilda Hensley . . Absent: . Louise Kent. . CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver , i A I A l T Q X I ' orrrce RS T 'I CLASS FLOWERS Roses MOTTO "Through the Stars Through Difficulties" SPONSOR Mrs. V. J. Snead -121 . . Treasurer Vice President . . P resident . . Reporter . . Secretary CLASS SONG "Blue Moon" HELEN ANDERSON ,,,,,,., "And had a face like a blessing" - Hi-Y l Sub-Deb 2,35 F.H.A. 2,4 Minstrel l-4, Band l Sec . Junior Class Basketball 2-4 ROBERT ARMENTROUT "l will sit clown now, but the time will come when you will hear me" Library 4 ' Sound Technician Senior Play MARY HAZEL BELL "Music is well said to be the speech of angels" Hi-Y l-45 S.C.A. 3,4 F.H.A. l-4, President 3 Minstrel l-4, Basketball l-4 Sports Editor of Annual Glee Club l,2, Piano 2-4, President 4 MARY LOVING BELL IILOUII "lt's good to live and learn" 4-H l-4, President 4, All Star Newspaper I-4, Piano l-4 Dramatic I-4, Thespian Hi-Y 2-4, F.T.A. 3,4 Stage Manager of Senior Play ' Assistant Editor of Annual Class President l -13- P4ll'P's Q!!! . 4 M Q52 - iii, EEA Q ROBERT LOUIS BLAND uaobn "Never met a man l didn't like" Band I-4, Glee Club I, 2 Hi-Y I-4, President 4, State Office r Dramatic 3,4, Thespian Senior Play, S.C.A.4 Photo Editor of Annual Staff ROBERT LINDSAY BROWNING llE.C .ll "But all in good time" 4-H.l,2, F.F.A. 2- 4 Boys' Social l-4, Minstrel l-4 Football l-45 Basketball I-4 Baseball 2-4, Senior Play Senior Class Treasurer Monogram l-3 SIBYL BURTON She smiled and the shadows departed" Sub-Deb l,2, F.H.A. 3,4 Hi-Y I, Dramatic I Senior Play MIRIAM CRUMP "We are the music makers" "We are the dreamers of dreams" Sub-Deb Hi-Y l Piano l - 3 -14- lpV""i 5 Ji 42 5' Brew 3 l A .xl YN G. an QW ' 2.2: 1-' is 1 2 4 . vs wife' n A i , RWE? is ELIZABETH CUTCHINS IILEZII "Happy am lp from care l'm free. Why aren't they all contented like me ." A Minstrel 3,4 F.H.A. 2-45 Sub-Deb 4 Basketball 3,4 SAMUEL THEODORE FREDLUND llTedll Who to himself is law no law doth need offends no .law and is kind indeed." Dramaticp Senior Play Glee Club S.C.A. ROBERT LOUIS GIANNINY nBobbYn "Tis well to be merry and wise. Tis well to be honest and true." F.F.A. 'l-45 Minstrel 4 Boys' Social I-4, President 4 Monogram l-45 Football 2 - 4 Baseball I-45 Basketball 2 - 4 S.C.A. l,3,4p Senior Play Business Manager of Annual OPAL MARIE GOODMAN ' "NeIlie" "l say that the world is lovely and that loveliness is enough." Sub-Deb I-45 Dramatic 3 ' F.H.A. 4, senior Play N912 Vice President of Junior Class School Manager Magazine Contest'4 R -15- HILDA HENSLEY "lt is not enough to do good5 one must do it the right way.' Poster l5 Newspaper 3,4 Senior Class Reporter Photo Editor of Annual Staff Prop Nlanager Senior Play LlNDA LEE JOHNSON IlLinll "For all that is faire is by nature good" Band 2-45 Minstrel l-4 Piano l-45 President 35 Assembly Pianist S.C.A. 253,45 Social Chairman 3 4-H l-4, All Star, Reporter l,2- Vice-President 35 Senior Play F.H.A. 2-45 Newspaper i - 4 Editor-in-Chief of Annual JAMES JERRY JONES "Hold the fort, l'm coming" Football I, 25 Basketball l - 3 Baseball l - 3 Senior Play Minstrel l-4 Boys' Social I - 4, Vice President 4 Senior Class Vice President F.F.A. l-4, Secretary 4 gli f MARY LOUISE KENT "Fair and softly goes far" Sub-Deb 15 F.F.A. 2 Junior Garden Club 3 Secretary Senior Class Glee Club I - -16- I Hi-Y 2-4, President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2 Chaplain 45 Dramatic 2-4, Secretary 3 Thespian5 S.C.A. 35 Point Secretary .. - ROY EASTON LOVING "Bignun" - "Good health and good sense are two of Iife's greatest blessings. " S.C.A. I, 4, President 4 Class President 2,3 Football 2, 4, Basketball I, 4 Minstrel I, 4, President 3 Sports Editor of Annual Staff ' WILLIAM LOVING "BiIl" "What good I see humbly I seek to do and live obedient to the law." F.F.A. I,4, Treasurer 4 Boys' Social I,4 S.C.A. 3 HOUSTON .EDWARD McNEAL "Eddie" "True worth is in being, not seeming F.F.A. I,45 Minstrel 2, 4 Captain of Safety Patrol 4 Football I,4, Baseball I - 4 Boys' Social I - 4 NANCY JA NE MELTON The sight of you is good for sore eyes" ' F.H.A. 1 - 4, Vice President 3 Hi-Y I - 3 Basketball 2 - 4 Senior Play 9 -17- A J JULIA ANITA MILLER llJudyu "A short bit often contains much wisdom Sub-Deb l - 35 4-H l Bond 1,2, 4, Blee Club 1, 2 Basketball 3, 45 Senior Play Junior Class Reporter F.H.A. 2 - 45 Minstrel l- 4 DELTON JACKSON MOSS d f humble things" Studious of ease and fan o F.F.A. l - 4 LOI S JEAN PAYNE "A true friend is forever a friend" Junior Garden 3, 4 Library 1, 2 Junior Play F.H.A. I MAMIE RAE PEARCE "A witty woman is Sub-Deb I - 45 F.H.A. 3, Basketball 3, '4 Minstrel 3, 4 Band I, 2, 45 Glee Club I, 2, Sports Editor of Annual a treasure" 4 -18- 4 JAMES KENNETH PERKINS T ,A,.. W , ,Jimmyu A smart and able man . 3 S C A 2 4, President 3 Minstrel 3,4 Endman g Baseball 1 - 4 Foofban 1 - 4 - AMW? ll -D . . . ll 3 . . s . I 4 R Basketball 1 - 4, Boys' social 4 j F.F.A. l - 4, President 4 V Senior Play ,x x I ,", 3 E Advertising Nanager, Annual ,lttf Senior Class President EuzAsErH JEAN RICHARDSON , ,W "The mildest of manners and the gentlest he""i" D A Sub-Deb I DOUGLAS RANDOLPH SCOTT IIDOUQII "Men of few words are the best men" F.F.A. 1- 4 DAVID PAI GE ARMSTRONG SEWELL , ,,.., ll I' I l , X' nw 1 "To be great is to be misunderstood" 'Q Senior Play A 2 Transferred from Proctor Academy 1 s , f Andover, N. H. Q ":'l i t f1:': ,,. 4 fi s 7 I-19- x ,., M544 Q 4 44? 4? JEAN ARDEN THOMAS "Jeanne" "Loving, idle, wild, and young, S.C.A. I - 3, Newspaper I - 4 4-H I - 4, President 2, All Star Dramatic I - 4, Thespain Piano I - 3, Band I, 3, 4 League Play Minstrel I - 4 Art Editor of Annual I laugh'd and danc'd and talk'd and sung" RUTH ANNE TALLEY Magnificent specimen of human happiness" Sub-Deb I, 3, 4, Junior Garden 3 Newspaper 3, 4 Library 4, President, S.C.A. 4 RUTH ROIAND TOWNSEND "Fortune helps the brave" F.H.A. I - 4 4-H I-2 Glee Club I - 3 Library 3, 4 VIRGINIA JANE WILLIAMS "To love the game above the prize" F.H.A. I - 4 Basketball 2 - 4 Minstrel 3, 4 4-H I IRVIN S. WOOD Boys' Social I F.F.A. 2 - 4, Monogram I - 4 School safety traffic director Stage Technician Senior Play Football ,I - 4, Baseball 2 - 4 Basketball I - 4 90 "The truth is always the strongest argument" Wm Fluvannual Staff Front Row, Left to Right: Hazel Bell .... Mary Loving Bell . Linda Lee Johnson Jeanne Thomas . . Hilda Hensley . . Mamie Rae Pearce Robert Bland . . . Jimmy Perkins . . . . Sports Editor . . Assistant Editor . .Editor-in-Chief . . . Art Editor . . Photo Editor Second Row, Left to Right: . . . .... Sports Editor . . . ..... Photo Editor Bobby Gianniny . . . Roy Loving . . . Mrs. Virginia J. S Absent: I Louise Kent 1' . . nead . .. .Advertising Nlanager . . Business Manager . . . Sports Editor . . . . Advisor Subscription Manager Senior Class History We, the Senior Classof 1953 have finally reached our goal--the top of the ladder in our school years at F.C.l'l.S. The going wasn't easy, neither was it unpleasant. Let us tell you of the years that make up the steps in our ladder of success at Fluvanna. Our class was the first to receive the privilege of Fluvanna's new five year high school system and although many grumbled about an extra year to go to school, few would trade these five wonderful years for anything else in the world. We started our career at Fluvanna on September 12, 1948 as the first eighth grade class. Our fifty greenhorns were under the supervision of Mrs. Josephine Snead and Miss Lillian Holland. Class officers for the eighth grade were: President: Hamilton Creasy Vice-Pres: Bobby Gianniny , Secretary: Catherine Marks Reporter: Linda Lee Johnson Abig thrill came to the eighth graders when we won the magazine contest and the class prize--a big box of Hershey bars. Miss Holland's homeroom collected the most money. Under Mrs. Josephine Snead's leadership the eighth graders published their newspaper, "Twix 'N' Tween", every two weeks. Not allowed to participate in sports that year, the eighth graders had regular physical education and health lecture classes each day. As freshmen our class of forty-eight education enthusiasts were under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Lacy and Mrs. Eleanor Talley. During this year we no longer felt as if we were mice in a cage being experimented with for we had passed our experimental stage--the eighth grade was over. Our class officers elected at the beginning of the freshmen year were: President: Mary Lou Bell Vice-Pres: Catherine Marks Secretary: Anne Talley Treasurer: Roy Loving Reporter: Jimmy Lee Several of our boys made the football and the basketball teams. A Mildred Patterson won the Magazine Contest sponsored by the athletic association. Several of our class members won prizes at the county fair. By the sophomore year, we had dwindled to 36. Miss Phyllis Mann and Mr. John Johnson supported us in all our undertakings. Under their leadership we really began to show the school what we could do. Our boys starred in football, baseball, and basketball: several of our girls played basketball on the varsity girls' team. Jean Thomas made the league play cast. Hazel Bell and Linda Lee Johnson both won a first year's credit in music. ' Linda Lee Johnson was chosen asa 4-H Club All-Star during the annual summer short course at Blacks- burg. Every club saw our group represented in member or officers. We fumished officers for Boys' Social, F.F.A. , and 4-H Club and members for the F.F.A. forestry team, Jimmy Perkins was secretary for the S.C.A. The boys stole the show our sophomore year by electing an all-boy slate of officers: President: Roy Loving Vice-Pres: Jimmy Perkins Secy-Tres: Bobby Gianniny Reporter: Jerry Jones -22- As Juniors in Mrs. Virginia Snead's homeroom we thirty-four succeeded in becoming outstanding. Plans for our annual were made in the iunior class and the editor, Linda Lee Johnson and business manager, Bobby Gianniny were elected. Since there were only eight seniors that year, we helped them carry out many activities that otherwise would have been impossible for them to enioy. Our boys again starred in football, baseball, and basketball, our girls comprised nearly the whole varsity basketball team. During the summer, Jean Thomas was made a 4-H All Star. Jimmy Perkins was elected president of the S.C.A. Many of our girls entered the beauty contest sponsored by the F.H.A. Hazel Bell and Linda Lee Johnson won a second year's music credit, Hazel was allowed to keep the cup, however, as her practice hours had been longer. The busy iuniors elected the following officers: President: Roy Loving Vice Pres: Opal Goodman Secretary: Helen Anderson Treasurer: Linda Lee Johnson Reporter: Julia Miller AsSeniors, ourclassof thirty-three "Persevering pupils" under Mrs. Virginia Snead's leadership, has finally reached the top of the ladder, and the time draws near for us to go our separate ways. Our Class officers this year are: President: Jimmy Perkins Vice-Pres: Jerry Jones Secretary: Louise Kent Treasurer: Lindsay Browning Reporter: Hilda Hensley The annual staff was appointed and its members have been working diligently all year. The top honors of the year were: Bob Bland and Mary Lou Bell were elected State Officers in the Hi-Y Club. Mary Lou Bell was made 4-H All-Star. -Roy Loving was elected S.C,A. president. r The class on December l2, i953 presented the Senior Play "January Thaw", a Michael Todd produc- tion. Under the able direction of Miss Viola Shields and Mrs. Eleanor Talley, the play was an unparalleled success. Many of our girls made the girls' basketball team. Hazel Bell, Virginia Williams, and Nancy Melton were on the first team: Elizabeth Cutchins and Helen Anderson made the second team, Julia Miller and Mamie Pearce were on the third team. Thisyearthe "Flying Fluco's" football team set a new record by winning five games and losing only three. The Senior boys support i ng the team in this achievement were Jimmy Perkins, Roy Loving, Lindsay Browning, Bobby Gianniny, Eddie McNeal, and Irvin Wood. Our days together at F.C.H.S. have been filled with golden hours of study and play. There have been disappointments, of course, but there is no bittemess for what "might have been". These have been years that we shall not soon forget. Together we have had good times and have worked hard. As we go our separate ways whether it be on a battlefield in Korea, to pounding a typewriter in an office, teachingagroup of grade children, or making homes of our own, we shall always retain in our hearts our precious memories of F . C . H . S. -23- Mei mn Www! L 1-Q R3 Robert Armenirouf, Jecm '?iw-offas, Raiser? fiicmd, cms? Cimvifzi Sexual? . Cm rysbmok Pic: nmiisre L To R. irvas. Woczw, ,,.c,ff,,f Gicmnimgf, and Eid 'rcxrd Mcixienzi . L fo R: Jean Thames, Lm-in Lee Jmhnsun, Bob Bland, Juiic Mifier, and Memhsa Pierce Helen Anderson and Louise Kent K--iii L To R From: Mamie Pearce, .Mics Miller, Roy Loving. Middle: Lindo Johnsen, Jensen Th-mms, Tad Frediund, Jimmy Perkins. imc!-1: Lindsay P5 X filrawrziing, Op-of Gdocfman, Efizcrubefh Cutcifxins, M Helen Anderson, Haze? Heli, Edward McNeal, and Jerry Jones. -24- ,M L fo R: Lindo Lee Jolwnsan, Hilalo Hensley, Jean Richardson and Lois Payne . Roy Lovrng L to R: Anne Talley, Nancy Melmn, and Virginia Williams. ieniors in their Senior Figure of 4953 Senior Prom, April 2, 1953. ' L fo R Fronf: Roy Loving, Lindsay Browning, Jerry Jones. Bock: Jimmy Perkins, Dalton Moss, Bobby Gionnlny, Douglas Scofl, and Barclay Bell . Miss Louise lienf, "Queen" Wlllicam Loving Fran? Seah Rel:-err Armenfroui' -and David Sewell . Back Seal: Roi: Gland -25- lmar escorr, Mr. Milos Morris. S :TNI OR 4' I FT For many years, it has been a tra- dition that the graduating class leave a gift to the school. In previous years, classes have left such useful and enjoyable gifts as an out- door fireplace, an electric clock for the main hall, stage furniture, concrete ben- ches for the lawn, stage flags, and a drink- ing fountain. This year's class, after surveying the needs of the school, is considering as a possible gift a tape recorder, a record player, or a public address system for the auditorium. It is the sincere hope of the Class of 1953 that their final choice of a gift will be used and enjoyed by the entire student body in years to come. 9.415-rv. A-4,4 D . 44. Wu, , JW? , fQ.Q.J f . www wwfgii J-Myer 01,40 .-f, X47 Qffff-aff 47 A ' in 53' . 173,444 JL!!! Frieda. . . . THE SENIOR CLASS OF FLUVANNA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS HIANUARY THllW" Left to Right: Sewell, Miller, Jones, Browning, Perkins, Goodman, Bland, Thomas, Fredlund, Loving, Melton, Johnson, Gianniny. "You wouldn't recognize the bld place!" . . . . .Jonathan "Herbert, there's something I have to fell CAST youl " ..... Marge Herbert Gage . Marge Gage . . Sarah Gage . . . . . . Nancy Melton . . Ted Fredlund . . Jean Thomas . . Linda Johnson Directors . . Stage Manager Miss Viola Shields Mrs. Eleanor Talley . . . Mary L. Bell Hilda Hensley E2?L2,?Cif9e' i . 2 5,,iT'5'.,Zt'll5L ""j?'TY' ' ' ' 'M ',5eLQUg5n'g,fnf George Husted . . . . James Perkins PU left? ' ' ' rs' Urge ey Jonathan Rockwood . . Roy Loving Techmcmns: lrvin Wood Mathilda Rockwood . . Sibyl Burton Stage . . . . Mr. Charles Costello Mr. Loomis . . . . David Sewell Mr. G. B. Troxler Uncle Walter . . . . Robert Bland Sound . . . . Robert Armentrout Matt Rockwood . . . Bobby Gianniny Make-up ' Jean Thomas Carson . . .... ........ L indsay Browning Constable . . . . Jerry Jones ' ' Bob Bland "Sit down, Jonathan, we're stayingl" . . . Let me help you, Daddy." ..... Sarah Mgfhildq -27- --J if 5 f . Leit to Right: Mildred Jean Patterson, George Crummette, Julia Martin, Louis Hope, Charles Matthews, Lorelle Compton, Stuart Robinson, Barclay Bell. ' A Theiillers, Class llf 1952 The Senior Class of 1952 was the "in-between" class between the regular eleven year system and the new twelve year system. Since it had only eight members it was a class too small to publish an annual. We, the class of '53 think these Fluvannians are due some recognition, however, and are dedicat- ing this page to them. George Crummette was chosen president of the '52 class, Julia Martin was vice-gpresident, Charles Matthews was secretaryand treasurer,Mildred Patterson was S.C .A. representative . Everyone had something special to do as the class was so small. Their class play, "Aaron Sl ick from Punkin Crick" starred Charles Matthews as Aaron. On Memorial Day, the Senior Prom was held in the gym which was decorated in purple and silver. With Miss Mann as sponsor the little class of '52 was able to accomplish big things. ' The Seniors of '52 have now taken their place in the world. George and' Mildred Jean are attending college, Barclay, Stuart, and Lewis are farming in the county, Julia is working in Richmondpand Lorelle is working in Florida . Charles Nlatthews and William Keck, who was a postgraduate last year, are both in the Air F6rce. -23- 5 ' IEA-DUM55 gr 'ON l I I EI R YVAY' 'FU 'PII E 'ro P 'I Columllists U ,W 4, ,Y 2- Pauline Anderson . J Q r ., , ole' Bowling we Qeffie Breeder' 1 Q i ""': V Joe Bruce A ' K e f - l r e . ffeiii e WL 2 ""Q M 5: ,, Marianne Cottrell ' - A- 'V ' Bunny Cutright Beauty Denby , Stuart Flanagan Q1-if lk. 4 1 , y ' Z A I L- eg, 5 Sylvia Gentry We ,Q e Joan Glass 3 'Pete Gooch E fl Roger Goodson , ,.,,.. lv Ji M :ff l ' w h David Johnson K Betty Lee Jones Mary Lloyd x f Jw Jean Life ,.,: In ..,-, ,.A, W Betty Loving Our careerasF.C.H.S. students began one rainy day in 1949. We were immediately taken under the protective wings of Mrs. Josephine Snead and Miss Lillian Holland, and soon we became accustomed to our new environ- ment. Roger Goodson was elected our class president. Highlightsgof the year included Barbara Morris and Roger Goodson as finalists in the public speak- ing contest, Hilda Dudley as a member of the Senior Play Cast, and Roger Goodson, Kenneth Webb, and Bobby 'Jones as-members of The League Play Cast. ' , -30- . 'f . '1'7?U'i."" 5 as - ILM P P l P Edna Loving Q V A 55 5 Eleanor Loving A , ' Freddie Mc Neal wwf Shirley Melton A , 1 Clara Lee Minter Barbara Ann Morris Dorothy Norcross Joyce Omohundro Phyllis Pearce Bert Perkins Lawrence Rice Bobby Saylor Curtis Seay g Phi' Seal' A Mary Belle Stephens S S A Kenneth Webb I :Z i ff an Bobby Jones Absent ' J we Am ii , AsFreshmen we were ableto participate even more fully in school activi- ties. Under the capable leadership of our president David Johnson, mem- bersofour class were active in football, basketball, The League Play, the Minstrel, and the school club. Sponsored by Miss Jean Stephe n and Mr. C. L. Costello during our Sophomore year we were again successful in all phases of school life. For the past' year our have been Mrs. Mary Mobley and Miss Phyllis Mann. We have again been l ed by David Johnson and we have mode every effort to prepare earselvesjto be the "Seniors of 1254. " , . t y. e . M -31- y, ' ,Ji me Y www 1 Y 5.2 T' a he-Begg ,b rx 'Q A q gl: 4 .r. .r :g i , , - 2125 2 . g , J to , A2 .-3: E Q ,if '- .:. . A E D Q Q Q 2 4 - g .,... ., in '3 f if 'Y M ,rw iw ill' A J l '- '-'-- 5 ':ff,:. I 1 V Qi 1 A tttr A :'Aj yi ' fx,'a' m ,,,V 1 2' Henry Keck 'Q Peggy Ann Life Reporters Charlotte Allen Helen Baird Beau Bercaw Nobel Butler Charlotte Cobb Osborne Cosner James Critzer David Crummette Jack Davis Anne Drumheller Dorothy Drumheller Gayle Edgerton Sonia Elkins Gordon Gentry Barbara Glass Mickey Gooch Charles Greer Porter Griffin Douglas Haden James l'laden Dorothy Harris Shirley Hasher Laymon Higginbotham Virginia Holland - Phyllis Johnson Agreat addition to Fluvanna County High School on September 15, 1950 was the eighth grade class which was destined to do great things by the time they were Sophomores. One of the most important events of our history was the fact that "Miss Fluvanna of 1952", Gayle Edgerton , was from our class. Also Nancy Snoddy, from our class, won second place. ln athletics we added many members to the baseball, basketball, and football teams. Three of the seven cheerleaders of 1951, Charlotte Cobb , Gayle Edgerton, and Nancy Snoddy added to our recognition. This year, along with these, three more have been added, Jane Proffitt, Beverly Tilman, and Bobby Velle. -2'2- Sophomore Class Peggy Maples .oli 5 5' s 4 M , - , A i'f-'of "' l Betty McGuinn 7 V , ' '5l "'-71 .'-', ' X 1 ., Q Jane Melton Q.: A V '::. A '55- f i x x ' '- M-ron Miller o.o P Q g oo :o l o Jeanette Norcross A' '4'4 A5 ' ,,V,.: 'i if so .,,', ,zz ..f- W -Z-:A: 5 ' F ' X 1 by - nn- ,cfr go 9 Ben Osborne . - ,,,.. Q ---A H P Frank Pace ,W .1 P 4,1 Qi 'Q Egg E' .:,.f.:1 : Wayne Pace E5 -a l l ' .Q . Q Annie Parrish '.,A E l i- A 1, Hilda Payne VIIZ: ' V P 1 .Irs 1 J: . r ..o. p -rrr o,,o o o -. N Willie Mae Perkins f im , U , Q3 , .E W K Winifred Perkins v- ws' rs -',:: in . Pe99Y l'l'llllPS , W o 'Y .Q Bobby Pippin Jane Proffitt ET i Q Annie Robinson uyuu Q ' ' V8 l -- ., Gilmer Sclater V in Q , W Q gk' -so M.W. SCl0i'8I' " L: I n 5 " I.Q:: '-,', P ,ll -., , Michael Seay ,lvaz 4 l Y ' or z, Joanne Snead ' if if 'W " .W ii'i" M fa.. o W ,,,o Nancy Snoddy .. Harold Thompson f"' - Beverly Tillman J' Q , "'l . Jo Ann Turner "iii " M N x -'-"s' Bobby Velle W - s . -4--fi t P ' . if T lf- if' Norman Wilkerson 5 --"' 1 -l f . if l A Bobbie Williams , o We were also proud that David Crummettland Gordon Gentry have been . end-men in the minstrel show for two years. Many members of our class were also in minstrel chorus. We gave of icers and members to every club in our school, even extending our participation as officers to district associations. Our present officers are: President: ' Nancy Snoddy Vice-Pres: Wayne Pace Secretary: Bobby Williams 4 Historian: Charlotte Cobb . If our next two years are as eventful as our past ones, the Seniors of '55 will leave behind it a history never to be forgottens ' ,Q -33- Type Setters Vivian Aldridge Billy Bell Margaret Bourne Judy Bransford Betty Brown .f" if i 1 Emily Butler Ronald Cooney Linda Crockett Betty Fleming Robert Fleming ., Grace Eleanor France Russell Gentry Dorothy Glass Anne Haden Sonny Haden Florence Haislip Dillard Haley Helen Hardy Janice Harris Erma Harvey Sonny Hiter Edna Johnston Elwood Johnson Lee Roy Johnson Elin Keck "We finally made it. Freshmen at lastl " sighed fifty-one ex-eighth graders. The school year had really begunl Of course, there was none of last year's newnessg why we all felt like old experienced hands as we guided our little sisters and brothers about. We had Mrs. Jean Hart and Mrs. lmogene Johnson for our sponsorsp we elected the following officers: X I ' -- President: Berry Ann Brown A 'N Vice Pres: Grace Eleanor France Secy-Tres: Jean Parrish E, -34- - I Freshmen Class r e,,: I " H Ronald Kent E A A .Z n Aw 24 5 E Sherwood Londeree y 5 '.'. , ig, 351525 M I Anne Loving " P Jean A "': - 'ii 9 .hr Virgie Marks ' E : A if gf H ,L Peyton Melton ,M "-. ' r i A , ., Milos Morris f W ii? .LA Q ffm at , V Kenneth Palmer "" :cf - - if Charlie Parrish ' se' Jean Parrish " "' -' I f ' , 2 "" ' 5, r ' Donald Pierce E W V ' - - lg ' Glenn Rhodes A. G. Rice ' -'V': E5 av- ' -4 W W ' if 3 Maynard Rice .. , ' 1. Q ."' ,l ' , P ,Ai is I rf M .5 ,. YQ' 5 4 . , ' , :'- ,. :h ' yy -',,v E " Q., ' 55, 1 ' , Gordon Richardson Donna Sclater Stuart Snead Gerald Turner Mildred Zickefoose 1 in iii 7 Ei . ABSENT: f Leonard Bourne Teddl' Denbl' Carolyn Compton F ' Frances Haislip Walter Lee Haney Alma Perkins Oh, we were into everything, footbal l , basketball, and baseball for the boys and basketball for the girls, 'too. Wetfreshmen were supporting the Flying Flucos but goodl Some ofour silver-toned fellow classmates were in the cast of the minstrel, and we even came outon top in the magazine contest! Jerry Tumer and Elin Keck were high salesmen, and-.freshmen homeroom eight washighest homeroom as well. The class of '56 really got off to a flying start for their days of F.C.H.S. -,astra Q 1 v A Copy Boys .T ' '--' V if T r. gg., 1 Twlrfwgg Q -.,, F b 2 I t J w 3 . H . " in . Q 53" ' M M i i We J J J gf'la."1 ' ' ig F .f 1 J A ,T M4 ,N F Ui tl .,- Z 7 Q -. :...: My 'G " A 1 Q fflwfl 'Ti L. g' iQ5 ,.,. ' iid, "?i8 K g 3 ' Tag ill, 3 Q I A S -Q-1' 4' V 3 ,:. Q A 4 , 5 W 5, l 'E rj , lil Sl 1' . li 9 fir Ji- f f in ,T qm?Q aggq aEEa.A. A gow ig3 Y I???m ELK44 2 dmgi i na? ,:,. EE y gif gy .g3- pgm iimhk ' -izygv Q . iii. , 4 if ABSENT: i J Dixie Aldridge Y x i m' ' T ' Orene Burton 'I M James Napier r Sarah Proffit Left to Right, top to bottom: Chester Baker, Cary Wills Bell, Ogden Black, John Bowling, Fred Breeden, Edna Carter, Teddy Childress, Cynthia Coke, Bertha Cosner, Clinton Cosner, Jean Crenshaw, Davis Crutchfield, Paul Cunningham, Alan Dillard, Shirley Drumheller, Donald Duncan, Helen Ann Flanagan, Peggy Fleming, Edna Garner, Jean Gentry, Dora Mae Gillispie, Paula Goss, Peggy Greusel, Edward Haislip, Betty Jane Haney, David Haney, Floyd Herndon, Ruth Higginbotham, Billy Hilbert, Ann Johnson, Maude Johnson. F3 Can you picture a group of seventy-three excited boys and girls? They were the eighth graders of F.C.H.S. on September 9, 1952. This was our first day of school at F.C.H.S. and everything seemed awfully negate us. ' ' Since thisgwas the first year all five grades had been to F.C.H.S. together, there was such a large . number of students that one group qfeeighth graders had to make their home in the library. . A- ,ugh 3 V The eighth grade was distded into three groups. Mrs. Eleanor Talley's group took band the first twelve weeks. Miss Mildred Charlton's class took art, and Miss Viola Shields class took home economics and agriculture. y .' T I ' X .. -36- 8th Grade at 415 W s i.g " J ' . ,I -. . - 'ef j, V ,Zn 1 I EEE.: 5 Q Jr , 3 if . :fi , :1'f ., ' '-'- A " "f: lf " in ' , , - f E' it ,,AV Q? I, A 3 r r qlllzu 2 it ., ,, 5 N qlbizu ,: . is J ' J M ' ' 4 ,V ' Pi 'E A::A . - W A I Abll .2:.' - - gin . , ,',.- ' - . - A .--., - .. , - f J m A 'S ti' iii' -t .- - . .rare if-. -Q. 'Si' ,W as W li -vt E' V QW J. ' S ,J . " Q if l f ri J , 7 r ---A:'.A. .. I f y mi B Pauline Johnson, Shirley Lewis, Elizabeth Lowry, Alice Nlartin, John Martin, Carl Matney, Shirley McGuire, Jean Mc Guinn, Peggy Jean Minter, Jane Elizabeth Minter, Billy Mason, Billy Morgan, Burmond Morris, Shirley Nash, Edna Napier, Inez Newton, Betty Jane Newton, Bobby Pace, Jo Ann Pace, Arnold Palmer, Doris Parrish, Daphne Penn, Carrie Jean Perkins, Mary Jean Perkins, Patsy Phillips, Claude Proffit, Kathleen Scott, Margaret Ann Shackleford, Rebecca Ann Townsend, Anne Walton, Roma Ward, Nat White, Lillie Mae Zickefoose. After Mrs. Talley's group had taken band, they went to Cunningham Gradeichool and played for them. J , . 'til 'l - We electedclassofficerswho were: Dora Mae Gillispie, President, Billy Mason, Vicdghesidenti Jean Perkins, Secretary, and Jean Gentry, Treasurer. Class colors were,blue and white .T ' 's We are all very proud to be in the eighth grade of F.C.H.S. and are ldtglcing forward to four more happy years together. ' . E H., A -37- Q' A J ,..,., , ,t.,, jx . wwf ., Q ei Q 3 fkijfi M, wk 2: fiol. ILS? w'lNIo. f+ L Pmiblicglcjgon FEUVEQILIDH Camilty fghoovlv n Novefnbgrif 195. H Pb!-XN5 ., V , N A LJ 51 . , ,, -,-,,..:g , -, Lb' , ABQ 'J QW-f, ,,,, ., " I K , - ,' ,X W1 A' ' , 1 ' ' f' 'J X I X XQ...b'-Jig . V : xi. x 341,52 ,fx J X Ydogtggts Future V fx L ik 'd vou Sf Q A ion,' fs A X D13 use club Fil?" is an' tak..A -J F ' E of T'1?.iFwsr arowrifi f'1:':.-3 Amde up 6 tak? 1 U Y ' K' X SW' 'TQAZQL CC "ina 01' 2 w K" H P' en Home .Mx x ' - Q ,Q L O st . 1. -1, is in 11 Y . I K - ti' arwcoffxa J ibH S5 Federation. , 1 X 1 C' F 'X x J x 1-vncWW'Uf'f H Q tv Schoo' GP nw Q' I Xu iyxul 1 1 If Vv.Y,A Z, f wk Omnmr-nU'1dT0 N... t fef at1O7.Y.A f' ' A J-,195 QAKE A Miorhfl AA' E39 Nou ,P ati? l LHXGUE ?If'5fEf5 1+P-'1fU595f'm'3' Zfmgtg. W ATVQQRQ Gm ' D1s'T1NLf1?:15S THE 93933 Qlgfiv mf W' QTMSIC CL WH E5-mrs OTWLL -C vw 2-S, 'EL' W.-rj3bn3Of1,Q T110 M1151 mg,,133Y5,.if----' "" ' Nov K 1 T ,'? :'- ALJ. ' F u TU R E ACHE RS Tk MEE rv ld of X ,Oth . .7-fl, hegsi Chan S SGC QS . ' I -G fi be1"S Suggfiw ' t Vemb I' I7 O 1 N . ng . . Y .M-1,.:jp't U91 me gluced. lc tlwir -Pg an r . 114 ,. V 0 ,ff CL Q O . V MOU, QPWQV-" Qtfn 'Went' Tiki. DOS 5?ln ' e .. XJ Af 0993 Arn rn Bobgff , 1 X didt fhf lbl g f: fda? A Og U'-' K91C7,., . ages S ,-:T Ga .. gf Q 5 If . . ln --r wg, 315- P ' 65123 "'cI'9t,3 N- fo may b Can ! 6 536 5: Ty? ltipt I' 9' SQ we iiiiffvqjgx - Cv' 'x on 0611,-Z, R Q Q, bf f, C ff-f ef .63 2. Q ' 500.61 , C W kwa T GK 'rf +C I P -K -X EN 0 01 l'1U.I1dTO'7 . Marks V1 - f- Jaw A M , Harriet B93-la Goxgiaig 3311559 Us E,ppJ,.di, M935 a1uIi?'riLlxr'1?1:l1g FOHDSJOUE Gergrsiigrl R. Uavis W the C N, hi. G l 'Q fm:-""'U 4' 332395001 1191HeCOmT Sonw-ff!! W og,,.QHQl3n-DBI' V t,, , ,lla 'Sf' YN' . Qj, S. C. Il. THE STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Ist Row, Lto R. Officers: Sylvia Gentry, Treasurer, David Johnson, Vice-President, Roy Loving, President, Nancy Snoddy, Secretary, Jane Proffitt, Reporter. 2nd Row. Representatives: Betty Lee Jones, Room 3, Hazel Bell, President Music Class, Winifred Perkins, Chairman of Health and Welfare, Carrie Breeden, President F.H.A ., Jean Perkins, Library, Grace E. France, Room 9, Mary Lou Bell, President 4-H Club, Edna Loving, President Sub-Deb, Barbara Morris, Social Committee Chairman, Peggy Phillips, Editor Fluco Hi Quill, Betty Jane Newton, Room IO. 3rd Row: Dora May Gillispie, Room II, Bob Bland, Hi-Y Club, Mrs. V. J. Snead, Sponsor, Roger Goodson, President F.T.A., Anne Talley, Library Club, Mrs. Costello, Sponsor, Violet Bowling, Room I . 4th Row: Ted Fredlund, Room 2, Eddie McNeal, Captain Safety Patrol, Jimmy Perkins, President F.F.A., Bobby Gianniny, President Boys' Social, Gordon Gentry, Room 5, Bobby Williams, Pres- ident Dramatic, Sonny Hiter, Room 8, Bobby Pippin, Grounds Committee Chairman. Absent: Harold Thompson, Room 4. -39- Safety Patrol SAFETY Safety Patrol Members, Left to Right: Chester Baker, Eddie Haislip, Bertha Cosner, Cpcl Goodman, Roger Goodson, Alan Dillard, Anne Carol Haden, Virgie Marks, Donald Pierce, Jo Ann Turner, Mary Lou Ewell, Robert Armentrout, Russel Gentry, Elizabeth Cutchins, Ruth Townsend, Hobby Velle, Jimmy Perkins, Edward McNeal, Carrie Lee Breeden, Edna Napier, Florence Haislip, Willie Mae Perkins, Roma Ward, Sylvia Gentry, Winifred Perkins, Bert Osborne, Peggy Phillips, Joyce Omo- hundro, Gordon Gentry, Elin Keck, Edna Carter, David Haney, beauty Denby, James Napier, Edna Garner. Bus Drivers Bus Drivers strike on infoitmal pose in front ofa school bus. Left to Right: William Loving, a member of the senior class, Mr. Russel Ryalls, Mr. Paul Pippin, Mr. John Hurt, Mr. John Pearce, Mr. Roy Perkins. -40- Fluco Hi lluill Informs Student Body Top, Lett to Right. Staff: Edna Loving, Sports Editor, David Johnson, Mimeographer,Miss Mann, Mrs. Talley, Sponsors, Slug Flanagan, Circulation Manager, Gordon Gentry, Assistant Editor, Nancy Snoddy, Business Manager, Peggy Phillips, Editor, Sylvia Gentry, Social Editor, Mary L Bell, Art Editor, Bobby Williams, Sports Editor. Bottom, Lett to Right. Members: Bert Osborne, Phyllis Johnson, Bobby Pippin, Joanne Snead, Hilda Hensley, Grace E . France, Virginia Holland, Roger Goodson, Mickey Gooch, Jean Thomas, Betty Brown, Anne Talley, Linda Lee Johnson, Elin Keck. Front: Jane Proffitt, Winifred Perkins ' -41- Glee Club Above, Left to Right, lst Row: Lilly Zickerfoose, Daphne Penn, Inez Newton,Anne Walton, Betty Lee Jones, Jean Gentry, Jeannette Norcross, Betty McGuinn, Beverly Tilman, Shirley Lewis, Julia Miller, Jean Perkins, Mr. G. R. Edgerton, Director. 2nd Row: Edna Garner, Charlotte Cobb, Jo Ann Pace, Dora Mae Gillispie, Betty Jane Newton, Cary Bell, Ruth Higginbotham, Margaret Ann Shackletord, Jean Parish, Mable Butler, Anne Carol Haden, Barbara Morris. 3rd Row: Jane Minter, Jane Proffitt, Gayle Edgerton, Peggy Maples, Annie Parrish, Winifred Perkins, Jean Perkins, Jean McGuinn, Anne Flanagan, Jane Melton, Mamie Pearce, Phyllis Johnson. 4th Row: Nat White, Bert Osborn, Teddy Childress, Marianne Cottrell, Henry Keck, Virginia Holland, Ted Fredlund, Helen Hardy, Bobby Velle, Clara Minter, Burmond Morris, Jean Thomas, Clinton Cosner. Above, Left to Right, lst Row: Jane Proffitt, Gayle Edgerton, Grace E. France. 2nd Row: Betty Lee Jones, Barbara Morris, Elin Keck. 3rd Row: Nancy Snoddy, Winifred Perkins, Jean Thomas. N -42- .yy P.. A Strike .Up The Band Apple Harvest Festival Trophy Band Uniform of F. C. H. S. Band Members: Files, Left to Right, Front to Back: lst. File: Jean Parrish, Henry Keck, Linda Lee Johnson, Joanne Snead, Elin Keck, Peggy Phillips, Jack Davis,Anne Drumheller. 2nd. File: Jea Thomas, Nancy Snoddy, Anne Carol Haden, Slug Flanagan, Dillard Haley, Beauty Denby , Mast Butler. 3rd File: Stuart Snead, Gayle Edgerton, Betty McGuinn, Betty Loving, John Martin, Mamie Rae Pearce, Julia Miller. 4th File: Viiginia Holland, Kenneth Webb, Jane Proffitt, Betty Lee Jones, Sonny Hiter, Bobby Velle, Carolyn Compton, Robert Bland. A band is an important factor in making people happy. Whena group is down-hearted, someone says, "strike up the band" and suddenly everyone becomes light-hearted. ' The F.C.H.S. Band has given several concerts and marched two parades this year. lt won third placesand was classed as the grade "B" band at the Apple Harvest Festival Parade in Char: lottesvillelast October. Concertswere givenatP.T.A. meetings in several schools, the band play- ed for the visit of Senator Harry Byrd, and it alsd performed at the Hilltop Speedway for the race fans. ' sr -43- x ' - .. 'S RF? 7 Sie T its 'ls 355 , F . im ., 3,1 'F 4. fe - it ir f fi F. F. A. 'K ABOVE QL to RJ, FIRST ROW: Osborne Cosner, Charles Greer, Jack Davis, F. K. Pace, Norman Wilkinson, Milos Morris, Robert Fleming. SECOND ROW, Behind Banner: Wayne Pace, Bobby Gianniny, Jimmy Perkins, Roy Loving, Jerry Jones, Irvin Wood, Lindsay Browning, Edward McNeal, William Loving, Bobby Saylor, Mr. G. B. Troxler, sponsor. THIRD ROW, Behind the Tractor: Jerry Turner, Maynard Rice, Sherwood Londree, Delton Moss, Douglas Scott, Glenn Rhodes, Douglas Haden, Pete Gooch, Bert Perkins, Donald Pierce, Sparks Melton, Charlie Parrish, Leroy Johnson, Teddy Childress, Nat White, Walter Lee Haney, Gordon Gentry, Gordon Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Sonny Hiter, Leonard Bourne, Gilmer Sclater, Porter Griffin, Freddie McNeal, Billy Mor- gan, Billy Bell, Elwood Johnson, A. G. Rice, Russell Gentry, Lawrence, Joe Bruce, Laymon Hig- ginbotham, James Haden. Jimmy Perkins, President, Bobby Gianniny, Vice President, Wayne Pace, Treasurer, Jerry Jones, Secretary, Roy Loving, Reporter, Irvin Wood, Sentinel . A MOTTO Learning to do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve 1 -44- I MQTTQ F I H I A l Toward New Horizons" OFFICERS Mrs. G. Ross, Sponsor Carrie Breeden, President Peggy Phillips, Secretary Hazel Bell, Program Chairman Edna Loving, Vice-President Nancy Snoddy, Treasurer Beverly Tilman, Song Leader Above, Left to Right: lst Row: Beverly Tilman, Hazel Bell, Peggy Phillips, Carrie Lee Breeden, Edna Loving, Nancy Snoddy, 2nd Row: Mrs. Ross, Sponsor, Julia Miller, Pauline Anderson, Anne Johnson, Peggy Fleming, Peggy Minter, Inez Newton, Judy Bransford, Linda Lee Johnson, Anne Haden, Betty Brown, Alma Perkins, Elin Keck, Bertha Cosner, Lillie Zickerfoose, Anne Walton, Paula Goss. 3rd Row: Linda Crockett, Donna Sclater, Jane Melton, Erma Harvey, Betty Jane Haney, Willie Mae Perkins, Dorothy Norcross, Mary Lloyd, Emily Butler, Mabel Butler, Opal Goodman, Florence Haislip, Betty Fleming, Peggy Life, Mamie Rae Pearce, Jean Perkins, Helen Anderson, Jane Proffitt, 4th Row: Virgie Marks, Patsy Phillips, Doris Parrish, Helen Hardy, Ruth Townsend, Nancy Melton, Dorothy Harris, Barbara Glass, Jean Life, Elizabeth Cutchins, Gayle Edgerton, Sibyl Johnson, Anne Loving, Janis Harris, Virginia Williams, Helen Baird, Virginia Hol- land, Jean Marby. -45- Future Teachers "And gladly would they learn and gladly teach." Left to Right, Front: Patsy Phillips, Nancy Snoddy, Peggy Phillips, Roger Goodson,Anne Walton, Peggy Greusel, Winifred Perkins, and Joanne Snead. Behind, Lett to Right: Mary Loving Sell, Mrs. George Mobley, Sponsor. I The Future Teachers of America under the capable sponsorship of Mrs. G. A. Mobley, achieved new heights of membership and success in i952-53. Each of our eleven club members was a student assistant to at least one faculty member. Also, monthly posters were exhibited and teaching liter- ature and procedures were discussed in the frequent group meetings. Q At the annual District J meeting at Lane High School, our club president, Roger Goodson, was re-elected President of District J. Also, the local club had more members present than that of any other school. Other eventsot the year included a club social and an assembly presentation of the play, "Why Teache rs Go Nuts". -46- Dramatic Club Standing, Left to Right: Miss Shields, Linda Crockett, Judy Bransford, Grace Eleanor France, Bob Bland, Mary Lou Bell. Seated: Dorothy Drumheller, Anne Talley, Elin Keck, Helen Hardy, Jean Thomas. The purpose of the Dramatics Class is to acquaint the pupil with the different phases ofthe the- ater, to develop self-confidence through participating in dramatic activities. This year the class helped backstage on all the plays, painting scenery, gathering props, and constructing the set. Some ofthe activities outside of class were a trip to see TALES CF HOFFMAN, and one to see the Virginia Players' production of OTHELLO. Lastly, the class has presented skits entertaining the Dramatics Club and the audience when the Queen of Hearts was chosen. -47- DRAMATIC CLUB PROMCPTES GOOD THEATRE IN SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY Left to Right: Barbara Ann Morris, Treasurer, Joanne Snead, Vice-President, Miss Shields, Sponsor, Bobby Williams, President, Mrs. Talley, Sponsor, Jean Thomas, Secretary, Roger Goodson, Report- er. During the past three years Dramatics at F.C.H .S. has reached its highest peak of success. Membershipisamong the highest of any club in school and school alumni and patrons are becoming increasingly aware of its worthy accomplishments. All members are presently working toward the highest honor of Thespian Society Membership. Left to Right, Front Row: Billy Hilbert, Ed Haislip, David Crummette, Stuart Snead. Second Row: Dorothy Drumheller, Jeannette Norcross, Elin Keck, Peggy Greusel, Betty Jones, Jean Gentry, Betty McGuinn, 3rd Row: Shirley Hasher, Burmond Morris, Cary Bell, Arnold Palmer, Grace E. France, Bobby Jones, Betty Jane Newton, Gordon Gentry, Sylvia Gentry. Fourth Row: Stuart Flanagan, Mickey Gooch, Curtis Seay, Mary L. Bell, David Johnson, Hilda Hensley, Bob Bland, Ann Flanagan, Harold Thompson. i . -48- THESPIAN SOCIETY REPRESENTS HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT OF LOCAL DRAMATIC CLUB Rated "Distinguished" in District and State One Act Play Festival. CAST, Lett to Right: Bobby Jones, Donald Childress, Kenneth Webb, David Johnson, Roger Goodson, and Charles Mathews. Rated "Distinguished" in District and State CneAct Flay Festival. CAST, Left to Right:,Jecnne Thomas, Dorothy Drurnheller, Harold Thompson, 'Bobby Jones, Denneth Webb, Dobbie Williams, and Lorelle Compton. Not shown, Elin Keck. Members of the Thespian Society formed the nucleus of each ofthe two casts shown above. The F. C. H. S. Drama Group choose "Where The Cross is Made" by Eugene O'Neil as its T953 League Play. The play has already earned a DlSTlNGUlSHED rating in its District showing. The cast that tools District honors included Bobby Jones, Bobby Williams, Jeanne Thomas, Kenneth Webb, Harold Thompson, Wayne Pace, Bobby Velle. The group has high hopes for making a good showing in the State One Act Play Festival. . -49- 5 M lm. 1.51, J- ' "Soni ,l,lights" X 'ff ' Bovs' sociAi. CLUB 1 at . C Club Members ' 1 Club Officers .2 ,Q -- , . . Members take part in chapel program The Boys' Social Club, sponsored by Mr. Charles L. Costello and Mr. Bryon Olson, has for its purpose the developing of social graces among the young men of our school . The members discuss at regular club meetings some of the problems confronting the teen-ager. One of the highlights ofthe year is the joint social given by the Girls"Bus4Deb and the Boys' Social'f'Clubs. At this time, therboys and girls are given an opportunity to put into practice some of the social niceties gained during the year. Each year the two clubs sponsor an assembly pro- gram. I CLUB OFFICERS President ....... .......... - ......... . . .Bobby Gianniny Vice-President . . . ............... ...... J erry Jones Secretary ....... .... W ayne Pace Q Treasurer Q .... . . . Jimmy Perkins 'r Reporter . .... David Johnson L -so-' Uur Hearts Are Young Above, Left to Right, lst Row: Jean Life, Edna Loving, Mamie Pearce, Nancy Snoddy. 2nd Row: Opal Goodman, Shirley Hasher, Anne Johnson, Paula Goss, Elin Keck,Alma Perkins, Roma Ward, Alice Nlartin, Emily Butler. 3rd Row: Carrie Lee Breeden, Judy Bransford, Sylvia Gentry, Peggy Life, Linda Crockett, Joyce Omohundro, Betty Fleming, Betty Brown, Peggy Minter. 4th Row: Joan Glass, Peggy Phillips, Elizabeth Cutchins, Patsy Phillips, Helen Baird, Willie Mae Perkins, Peggy Fleming. 5th Row: Anne Loving, Jean Mabry, Janis Harris, Dorothy Harris, Anne Talley, Mickey Gooch. -51- IHC MA .E THE BEST BETTER" John Martin, Billy Bell, and Stuart Snead looking over Cl'1eSfef Baker, Kenneth Webb, and Ronald COOWY with a cattle praiect. the tractor operator and maintenance proiect. Left to Right, Upper Left: Ronald Cooney, JoAnn Turner, Mary L. Bell. Upper Right: Jean Thomas, Billy Bell, Linda Lee Johnson, Hilda Payne. Lower Left: Y Mrs. Jean Hart, Sponsor, Alan Dillard, Grace E. France. Lower Right: Stuart Snead, John Martin, Chester Baker. 1 , Jean Thomas and Hilda Payne with their food preserva- Jo Ann Turner, Joanne Snead, and Grace E. France tion proiect. doing some work on home improvement. ..52- i s l Art The Q, on ,tufbf 9 we Mrs. J. F. Roberts, Ant lnstructou gives pointers to students ofthe advanced class. Lett to Right: Joyce Omohundro, Jeannette Norcross, Annie Robinson, Mickey Gooch, Margaret Bowne, Anne Drumhellei, and Sonia Elkins. Left to Right: Peggy Minter, Patsy Phil l ips, Jean Leftto Right: Jane Mlnter, Edna Napier, Edna Carter, Gentry, Cary Bell and Betty McGuinn try out the kiln. Jo Ann Pace and Jean Perkins. Margaret Shackleford, Betty Newton, lnez Newton, Shirley Lewis, and Roma Ward do some paint- ing. -53- "CLEAN Lit "lil, SPOR"giN.ANSHlfA, SCHOLARSHIP, AND SPEECH" ?Iu:::ot'.'d 'ry the. tli-Y Members, Left to Right: Miss Viola Shields, Sponsor, Hilda Hensley, Hazel Bell, Robert Bland, David Crummette, Leonard Bourne, Beau Bercaw, Mary Lou Bell, Dorothy Norcross, Margaret Bourne . the Book Ends" I LIBRARY CLUB l l I I 4 I I ll I Members, Left to Right: David Crummette, Ronald Cooney, Betty Loving, Anne Talley, Phyllis Pearce, Beauty Denby, Beau Bercaw. Second Row: Hilda Payne, Violet Bowlind, Miss Francis Buchanan and Miss Elizabeth Johnson, Sponsors, Joyce Omohundro. -54- GOOD MUSIC. ENRICI-:Eb Pianris Cas Front, Left to Right: Nancy Snoddy, Virginia Holland, Hazel Bell, Jane Proffitt. 2nd Row: Jean Gentry, Jean Perkins, Peggy Greusel, Anne Carol Haden, Anne Walton, Lilly Zickerfoose, Mrs. C. C. Conrad, Instructor. Back Row: Helen Anderson, Jean Crenshaw, Cary Bell, Jean Perkins, Jean McGuinn, Anne Flanagan, Mary Lou Bell, Jean Mabry, Phyllis Johnson, Hilda Hensley, Mickey Gooch, Joanne Snead. "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Garden Club Left to Right: Lois Payne, Annie Robinson, Margaret Bourne, Winifred Perkins, Phyllis Johnson, Mrs. Helen Davis, Sponsor, Annie Parrish, Peggy Maples, Jean Perkins, Edna Garner, Joanne Snead . -55- iWIJg31s .. in 0Iassify" Hamilton Creasy Claude Powell CIGSS of '53 Class of '54 OUR FRIENDS AT SCHOOL "Effie" "Carl" LEAGUE PLAY "Where the Cross is Made" Jean Thomas golaby -jones Kenneth Webb OUR SAILOR BOYS Harold Phillips Harold Rice Class of '53 ClGSS of '53 FAMOUS ALUMNI fljoi -:. I M .Y E J' Z A. it, A W Q , X f 4 we . ' it ' - ..... - 5' . A K ,,-A, . v.. -'I f 1:-as . ' '-yn an 'S ,553 Joan Collins Kent l-0Vl"19f Honor Student Pfemdenil gf College Farm Bureau Mildred Charlton Bobby Velle, Harold Thompson, Wayne Pace Alumnae Teacher '1 , 5. s1a4:"' N XX FQ ,5 wJ :Xl X' Y-.vvv-,- WT -F. I 1 , 1 , 6 if a Her , f., 1? ' QQ ON Q x G13 ' NN L' f vw XNXU QQ QN' LS. x xbfxx If XNUPEN WX if XX fw jf V .f X 2-Sway L angary l6-, 615' Baskils luvanna Girl 25' wwe' 'seam ed O S SCQQEQ YW fcfrlew yiwf ' pin' QW Von "lid, ' '3 8' Z W V KS Q SOD! 'J b 35-Q18-u' , QVC 1 E A 'Y E f x, 0 ' ,vw-V2 M ' SBC? in Ne q , -Q,-Q15 nr-bgf Lif, el o, time med' Jr, OLHHQEGG 'Lo e swf eifgignh lgwqs Vlng YQEEWJ -53,1 f5OurG0em'5g0fJ , X' XN x the 00239 tb ax ta' X 'riff A 501' TWO BASEBALL BRACTIC' s NEXT WEEK l ! I March 16 ILLQLL lageg. I m 4 First Row, Left to Right: Leonard Bourne, Manager, Wayne Pace, Bert Perkins, Roger Goodson, Stuart Flanagan, Milos Morris, Robert Fleming, and Leroy Johnson, Manager. Fluvanna SIQTPHSBS S ttsylvama by '7 to 0 P9 . hi The Tinws-Dwllatc Special to 27,13-ru. CARYSBRQOILEEQSQ ,Dothan vanna sillfxxjd liver seven pointsc team here 135 - f' st Quarter Ezlilleanrircaffied fiom lhilrevifli surprise Spotlsymmafillg Iilayea Fluvanna' m the g 1F1u- highlight to the annua ly 8.5 3 . d ear F r, score I vanngogggzge iialfback Jacks? 85 n on a 0 Davlidolxigkiuniwgxllback Bobby gisyior added the exifa Pomt A fler The Meet . . . Coke OLA COMPANY BY -C E COCA BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF TH CHARLOTTESVILLE COCA-CQLA IQTTLING WORKS, lnc. f Third Row: Curtis Seay, Phil Seay, Russ Irvin Wood, Maynard Rice, Lawrence Ric wlrlleulen 'Wanna 'PS Lovmgston, 51-9 vanna Q I iound little gplfoljsggn Iglgh School ovmg t V om their til?-Z eleven as they rjirgieig 51-0. onsecutivg triumph Senior R. L0 ing Flucos in tlliini pyed the Fly, mm a Points in th as HOW rolled up 35 1 - , .ree Sam V' owing a single tousgdgzthout al, Flu 9 scared against them wn to be FI he Score: ' r uvanna E L0I:ingst0n - -"' 12 14 1 18 51 luvanna 'IIQJ' 0 6 0.- Chd . . ,0 easy, Denby' Flmgvrgs. Loving, 3, d Pace, g ny Gian,-,jny Extra Po' . , Sod. mts. Ifel-kms, Saylor and S C F. C. H. S. F. C. H S. F. C. H. S. F. C. H. S. F. C. H S. F. C. H. S. F. C. H. S. F. C. H. S. Total Points -c:n.. .ie V Q 4 H -' .W , 75 - 2 .:., - 4,1 l i '-" .2 B X " . i QV. . . W5 J .-..' , 1553 we I 5 "'V 6 1 G " 3 f P Q... F J W 1 - Second Row: A. G. Rice, Manager, Henry Keck, Jimmy Perkins, Jack Davis, Edward McNeal, Laymon Higginbotham, Norman Wilkinson, Mike Seay, Donald Pierce, Peyton Melton, ancl Charles Costello, Coach. entry, Roy Loving, Gilmer Sclater, Bobby Saylor, :Cl Lindsay Browning. ULE I.S. 0 :Hsylvania 0 vingston 0 idison 25 zvhaton O rina 6 Fluvanna Eleven Defeals Varina Pace, Saylor Score Twice In 26-6 Win l Fluvanna High School came from? behind last night to roll'up a 26-6: victory over Varina High on thel losers' field behind the running of Bert Perkins, Hamilton Creasy, Bunny Cutright and Stuart Flana- gan. ' Scoring honors were divided evenly between Frank Pace and l 1 Bobby Saylor with two touchdowns., each. Varlna. opened'the scoring in the first quarter when George Brown cut outside on a handoff and raced- to the 10. Two plays later, Varina scored on a quarterback sneak. Q Fluvanna came back to .score from te'n yards out with Saylor plunging over to even the score at six-all before the quarter ended. In the third period, Pace circled left end to put the Flying Fluoo out in front, 12-6. ' Perkins Sprints 75 Ylrlil . Fluvanna scored twice in the fourth quarter, the final drive being featured by a 75-yard gallop by' Bert Perkins, who was tackled mort of pay dirt. Perkins and Irwin Wood added the extra points. Fluvannafs defensive unit of Jim- my Perkins, Frank Pace,' Bobby Saylor, Hamilton Creasy, Gilmer 'Selater, Lawrence Rice and Eddie McNeal kept Varina'S offensive in check throughout the final three quarters. Perkins intercepted two passes during the game. Score by quarters: Fluvanna .......... 6 0 6 14-26 Varina ,,..... ..... 6 0 0 0- 6 ,Fluvanna touchdowns: Pace C25 Saylor 125. Varina X touchdown: Brown. Fluvanna extra points: B. Perkins and Wood. f Swoope Milling Companyglinc. onge I9 ller 20 al Points 70 SWOOPE, VA. -59- 'L XXX We Follow Tho Bouncing Ball r' Bobby Williams, Manager, Bobby Gianniny, Wayne Pace, Jimmy Perkins, Bobby Velle, Phil Seay Lindsay Browning, lrvin Woocl, David Johnson, Bobby Saylor, Roy Loving, Mr. Charles L. Cos lello, Coach. Opponent Mcl nti re Powhatan Mc I nfi re Orange Greenwood Lane Orange Madison Greenwood Arvonia Madison Lane Powhatan SCHEDULE -50- They 29 29 30 31 35 46 28 47 32 25 59 52 47 Place There There Here There Here There Here There There Here Here Here Here The Goalls ilur Aim Center, Mrs. Gladys J. Ross Left to Right: Helen Anderson, Virginia Williams, Grace E. France, Linda Crockett Jane Melton, Elizabeth Cutchins, Nancy Melton, Jean Life, Edna Loving, Clara Minter, Hazel Bell and Bev erly Tilman. December Mclntire January Powhatan January Mclntire February Madison February Arvonia February Madison February Powhatan rw' sw! . QR!! C . s a oo QWQWX sutanfpz n 9 ug suaosvovltlngewxxh . Vs iwwow -61- Away Away Home Away Home Home Home 44 37 46 ' I3 60 41 58 GESSNER H. JONES, AGENT FORK UNION, VA Cheerleaders ri Rah, Rah, Rah, "On to Victory" Cheerleaders, above left to right: Gayle Edgerton, Linda Crockett, Jane Proffitt, Beverly Trlman, Charlotte Cobb Nancy bnoddy, Edna Loving. Absent: Bobby Velle. screoor sono Stand Fluvanna down the field Never say die. We'll never change our aim, So enemy, you stay shy, Roll up thot score, Flu Hi One body we . Fight Fluvanna, hold that score, And down the enemy, down the Blue of the seven seas, Gold of God's Sun. Let these our colors be, 'Till all of time is done. By hard work we shall earn, Fluvanna's call . Faith, courage, service true, But honor over, honor over all. -62- enemy, down N! ' , in iii ,' ol msn: Q, M ,,, N M, F-X A 5 H i N msnlc LEW W-4fg15?3i.gY if 4 "f,,ff::f'- ""',..-- H V5 'lf' , 1 X Nu N x , 1 N , TVN 'f N M 7lfN"'L Au, , W PM nf' ,W E. B. WEAVER. INC W H RANSON General Merchandise - Drugs Amoco Fuel OH and Tires Phone 3383 - Night 3431 Fork Union, Virginia Fork Union, Virginia MRS.. w. P. THURSTON . Groceries Meats - Dry Goods, Columbia, Virginia MIUNTIBELLU. DAIRY Phone 25-I23 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA "Winners" - Boy Beauties BRYAN'S PRINT SHOP coMMenclAL PRINTING Dial 3421 Scoftsville, Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Scoftsville, Virginia ' Phone 2501 THACKER BROS. FUNERAL HOME Phone 2791 Ambulance Service Scottsville, Virginia 4 PARR'S JONES' STORE FURNITURE STORE N",ggg1ggg1i'S Ffigiriifliijg gizzirical Sconwiue' Virgini Scofisiallligrcsirginia Phone 3791 Phone THE HUB, INC. -IOSTENS ' I Since 1897 . Ladie':',dMen'1f, 8uv?hiIdren's R'F2':JeARL1nt'1:v:1lJ.DaY ea y - o - ear I W Scotfsville, Virginia aynesboro, Virginia . g X? A 5 fr EE ii I3 Fi 3? 2' S Y L ,Ah if g 2 5 5. I 5 'i J E E E ii S6 k. B g 2 vi 'iw F if Q 2 s 2 3 Q 1 X 1 2 i E s i s E Z S w Q vw 5' Cf., WNY? 'X "'f?.iH2f"'X9L" EARN 'ni'r1X,fFHi'?E8ia5w3fv?H0i4 .' ' WyQQZ 'PAM Y' 1 Q xiii in T3 Wi ,-V pw!! TSG JEUA. 'RJQW I Un' WW - , .WU Yaafi 5 TK W' 5' ,fXlKS"'iYVi'WSAI f .v R H

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