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W’ mm mmm | j kvii! 1 if 1 LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA GIFT OF DIVISION OF EXTENSION VOLUME X Published by t C L ate of FLUVANNA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Carysbrook, Virginia M)g2 8T2 v ' irelnktlW , Lb 1 3 ± F B ' S S I E 1 1 C A T 1 0 ID In appreciation of the helpful, considerate attitude that has characterized our vocational instructors in meeting our needs in school and in preparing us for the years ahead, the Class of 1951 gratefully dedicates this annual to Miss Gladys Jones and Mr. G. B. Troxler. 1 ftiOPEj imUBRA 13 XT , Mr. Troxler r C ' Z Z C r 1 9 5 1 1 FOREWORD " Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor ? " Our motto has been stated and our goal is ahead. May the 1951 Fluvannual serve as a permanent record to recall some of our highly cherished possessions in this sketch book of memories. ADMINISTRATION Principal Mr. J. P. Snead, Superintendent FLUVANNA COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Margaret Charlton Science and art Westhampton College. B.A. Charles L. Costello Spanish and history Athletic Coach University of Virginia, m.A. Lillian A. Holland Mathematics and Science Madison College, b.S. JOHN N. JOHNSON Engli sh Western Kentucky State College, b.A. Gladys Jones Home Economics, girls ' basketball Radford College. b.S. Phyllis Mann Commercial Berea, b.S. Josephine H. Snead English, Social Science R.P.I.. B.S., Columbia University Virginia j. Snead mathematics, history, Latin Westhampton College, b.A. University of Virginia Eleanor w. Talley History. English Madison College. 8.S. University of Virginia George b. Troxler Vocational Agriculture North Carolina State. B.S. Anne S. Whitcombe MATHEMATI CS FARMVILLE STATE TEACHER’S College. b.A. Capt . G. R . Edgerton BAND Fork union Military academy Southern Conservatory of music Elizabeth Johnson Acting librarian Richmond business College I va L . White ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN Madison College Marjorie Black School Secretary Fluvanna County High School Helen Davis MANAGER OF SCHOOL CAFETERIA SENIORS OF Class Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Faye Pippin William Keck Marianne Cosner Betty Jane Griffin Sandra Williams MOTTO: " Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor. " COLORS FLOWERS Blue and Silver White Carnations SPONSOR Mrs. Virginia Snead i HARRIET BELL " Honor lies in HONEST TOIL.” Minstrel 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 F.H.A. 1 -2-3-4 Senior Play Hi -Y 2-3-4 President 4 Piano 1-2-3-4 UDEE ALDRIDGE " BETTER BY FAR YOU SHOULD FORGET AND SMILE THAN YOU SHOULD REMEM - BER AND BE SAD”. F.H.A. I - 2 - 3 - 4 Sub-Deb 4 JONE COLLINS " MAN ' S BEST POS- SESSION IS A SYM- PATH I C WIFE.” CHEERLEADER 4 League Play 3 S . C . A . 4 Glee Club Sec’y TREAS. 4 G I FTOR I AN 4 GRANT COSNER " A NICE. UNPARTIC- ULAR MAN. " minstrel 1-2-3-4 F.F.A. 1 -2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 OUARTET 4 Boy ’ s Social 3-4 Secretary 4 Senior Play MILDRED BREEDEN " TRUE WORTH IS IN BEING. NOT SEEMING " . Cheerleader 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 1 -2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Clee Club 1 - 2-3 -4 F.H.A. 1-2-3-4 MARIANNE COSNER " A SWEET. ATTRACTIVE KIND OF GRACE . ” Glee Club 1 -2-3-4 MINSTREL 2-3-4 F.H.A. 1-2-4 4 - H Club 1-2-3 GARNET FARMER " YOUNG FELLOWS WILL BE YOUNG FELLOWS. F . F , A . 1-2-3-4 Football 3-4 PERRY FRAME " HAIL FELLOWS WELL MET. ” Minstrel 2-3-4 F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Boys Social 4 Senior Play BETTY GOODWIN " As innocent as a NEW LAID EGG. ” Minstrel 2-3-4 F.H.A. Secretary 2 Sub-Deb 3-4 Library Reporter 4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 DEAN GARNER " The heroes are not ALL SIX FEET TALL. " F.F.A. 1-2 Glee Club 1-2 ELEANOR GREENE " Genius does what IT MUST. TALENT DOES WHAT I T CAN . ” Minstrel 2-3-4 Senior play Annual Staff Library pres i dent 4 Sub-Deb 3 Reporter 4 HELEN KIDD ’’THERE IS NO WISDOM LIKE FRANKNESS . ’’ Basketball 2-3-4 Cheerleader 4 Sub-Deb 1-4: Sec’y 4 F.H.A. 1 -2-3-4: SEC’Y 4 4 - H Club i Minstrel 2-3-4 WILLIAM KECK " HOLD THE FORT; I ’M COMING. ” Senior Class Vice- President Senior PLAY S.C.A. 3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 F.F.A. 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 LEWIS LOVING " HE IS OUR F R I END. " Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball i - 2 - 3 - 4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Monogram 1-2-3-4 junior Class pres- IDENT 3 Senior Play RUBY LOVING " The mildest manners AND THE GENTLEST HEART. F.H.A. I Glee Club i L i brary Club 3 Sub-Deb i JOAN REA KING " ONE DAY IN THE COUN- TRY IS WORTH A MONTH I N TOWN . ” MINSTREL 2-3-4 Glee Club i -2-3-4 Basketball 1 -2-3-4 Sub-Deb 1-4 Monogram 2-3-4 EULA MARKS " NO POWER CAN SHAKE THIS STRONG DEFENSE. F.H.A. I-2-3-4-5 4-H Club i -2-4 Basketball 2-3-4-S monogram 5 BETTY JANE GRIFFIN “Speak gently: i t i s BETTER FOR TO RULE BY LOVE THAN FEAR. " F.H.A. 1 -2-3-4 (SEC ' Y 3 : PRES I DENT 4. ) SU B -DE B 1 4 - H Club 3.4 Senior Class treasurer Glee Club 2 F.T.A. 4 ALLEN GRIFFIN " Diligence is the mother of good luck. F.F.A. 1 -2-3-4 Boys Social l MARGARET HAISLIP " I SEE THE RIGHT AND 1 APPROVE IT TOO. ” F.H.A. 1 -2-3-4 Sub-Deb 1 LUCILLE HASHER " I COUNT ONLY THE HOURS THAT ARE BRIGHT.” MINSTREL 2-3-4 SENIOR PLAY F.T.A. 4: PRESIDENT P 1 ano Class j -2-3-4 Glee Club 1 -2-3-4 Li brary 1 : Vice- president 4 JULIA HOLLAND ••The secret of suc- cess is constancy OF PURPOSE.” Basketball 3-4 (MANAGER 3) S.C.A. 1-4 Senior Play Newspaper 3: Editor 4 Sub-Deb 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader 3-4 JULIA JONES " HOW GRAND IS FRIEND- SHIP. " F.H.A. I 2 - 3 - 4 (TREASURER 4) Glee Club 1 -2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Dramatic 1 GLADYS MORRIS " PATIENCE IS THE BEST REMEMDY FOR EVERY TROUBLE . " Band 1-2-3-4 MINSTREL 2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Library Club Vice- president 2 F.H.A. 4 MARY LOUISE MARKS CHRYSTINE PAYNE " Life is not so SHORT. THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR COURTESEY. " Glee Club | Li brary Club i Sub-Deb Vice-pres- ident 4 F.H.A. 1-2-3-4 (Reporter 4) " BE silent and safe- silence NEVER BETRAYS YOU. " F.H.A. 1 COMMERC I AL SHIRLEY PAYNE " |T IS NOT STRENGTH. BUT ART. OBTAINS THE PRIZE. " Band I-2-3-4 Sub-Deb 3-4 MINSTREL 2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3 EVELYN PAYNE " BE QUICK TO LOVE; MAKE HASTE TO BE KIND. ” Ed i tor- i N -C hi ef of ANNUAL 4 S.C.A. 2-3 (VICE- PRESIDENT 4) F.H.A. 1 -2-3-4 (President 3) Cheerleader 3-4 Basketball»2-3-4 Captain 4 FAYE PIPPIN " IN EVERY GESTURE. DIGNITY AND LOVE . Senior Class pres- ident. Glee Club 1-2-3-4 F.H.A. 1-2 LIBRARY 1-2 DOROTHY POWELL " MAGNIFICENT SPEC I - MAN OF HUMAN HAPP I - NESS . Dramatic 1-2-3 F.H.A. 1-2-3-4 Sub-Deb 3-4 Li brary 3 Basketball 3 AGNES PENN " The more the mer- rier. •• Minstrel 2-3-4 Sub- Deb 2-3-4 (Vice PRESIDENT 3: PRESI- DENT 4) Glee Club 1 -2- 3-4 Li brary Secretary 4 HARRIETT WHITE " LOOK FOR GOODNESS, LOOK FOR GLADNESS, YOU WILL MEET THEM ALL THE WHILE.” Basketball 1 -2-3-4 (Captain 2) S.C.A. Pres i dent 4 4 - H Club 1-2-3-4 Class president i SANDRA WILLIAMS " GRACE WAS IN ALL HER STEPS - HEAVEN IN HER EYES . ” Cheerleader 4 Class Reporter 4 annual Staff MINSTREL 2-3-4 Senior play Glee Club 2-3-4 (PRESIDENT 4) LULA ROBINSON " The sight of you 1 s GOOD FOR SORE EYES . " Glee Club 1-2-3-4 MINSTREL 2-3-4 Su b - De b 1-2-3 Band | -2-3-4 GEORGE WOODSON " MEN OF FEW WORDS ARE THE BEST MEN . F.F.A. 1 -2-3-4 Band 1-2-3 Senior Class History FRESHMAN " Scared to death " would probably best define our feelings that first day in 1947. How- ever expressed our fears soon subsided, and we got off to a good start with Mrs. Snead and Miss Patton as our homeroom teachers. Many went out for sports and some made varsity teams. With the help of the Juniors we won the Magazine Contest That first year we elected the following officers: President: Harriett White Vice-President: Francis Farris Secretary: Faye Pippin Reporter: Julia Holland Clara Pace received honorable mention in the Reading Contest of the Literary League, and Grant Cosner made the minstrel. Harriett White received a bronze F. SOPHOMORES As Sophomores, we felt up on the world! Under Miss Bransford and Mr. Costello, we elected the following officers: President: Faye Pippin Vice-President: Grant Cosner Secretary and Treasurer: Marianne Cosner Reporter: Betty Jane Griffin Evelyn Payne and Thomas Rutherford represented the school at the Literary meet in Charlottesville. A number of boys, including Jim Harris, Bill Keck and Lewis Loving, made the football team, and several girls participated in basketball, with Harriet White as captain. Our class contributed more members to the Minstrel this year. JUNIORS Just think, we were drawing close to graduation when we assembled in our home rooms under Mr. Costello and Mr. Johnson. We started off with a bang by electing the follow- ing officers: President: Lewis Loving Vice-President: Dean Garner Secretary and Treasurer: Betty Jane Griffin Reporter: Grant Cosner Evelyn Payne, Julia Holland and Betty Jane Griffin received the bronze F. Harriet White received the silver F. The basketball team was represented by Juniors, in- cluding Helen Kidd, Harriet White, Evelyn Payne, Julia Holland, Gladys Morris, Mildred Breeden, Agnes Penn and Eula Marks. The great day of excitment occured when our class rings arrived. Two Juniors won in the Beauty Contest, first place to Frances McGehee and second to Harriet White. We made large contributions of talent to the band and Glee Club, a nd again more Juniors were added to the Minstrel as end- men and as a part of the chorus. Eleanor Greene played for the Minstrel and Lucille Hasher became the regular school pianist. Harriet White spoke for the school at the Bankers Conservation Program. The Safety Patrol was introduced with William Keck as Captain and Lewis Loving as Lieutenant. To top the year off, we had a very success- ful Junior -Senior Party. SENIORS Gee! Finally, that great day arrived! Our first day of being Seniors ! We were all combined into one homeroom under Mrs. Virginia Snead. After the first week of school, we elected the following officers: President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Reporter: Faye Pippin William Keck Marianne Cosner Betty Jane Griffin Sandra Williams The following week Evelyn Payne was elected Editor-in-Chief of the FLUVANNUAL with William Keck as Associate Editor. The following were chosen as other editors: Business Manager: Art Editor: Literary Editor: Photo Editors: Sports Editor: Subscription Manager Mildred Breeden Shirley Payne Sandra Williams Lucille Hasher and Eleanor Greene Harriet White Allen Griffin For the SCA the Senior Class furnished the President, Harriet White, and the Vice- President, Evelyn Payne. Seven out of eight cheerleaders were Seniors. Another event of this year was the Beauty Contest in which Harriet White was crowned Queen and the Senior Class was well represented in the finals. We were quite proud of Lewis Loving and William Keck, the only seniors on the football team, and the girls ' basketball team really did shine! Evelyn Payne, as captain, and Helen Kidd, as manager, were well supported by other seniors on the team. The Mon- ogram Club also was well represented by the Seniors with Evelyn Payne, Harriet White, Lewis Loving, Joan Rea, Julia Holland, William Keck, Eula Marks, Mildred Breeden and Helen Kidd. This year a new club was added to our extra-curricular activities - The Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mr. J. N. Johnson with Lucille Hasher as its President and Betty Jane Griffin as District President. Also introduced this year was a new system of publishing the school paper in the English Classes with Julia Holland as Editor-in- Chief. Mr. G. R. Edgerton introduced an orchestra composed of Mr. Edgerton, Lucille Hasher, Eleanor Greene, Agnes Penn and Betty Goodwin as vocalist. The Senior Class contributed Library: F. H. A. : Piano Class: F. F. A. : Sub-Deb: Hi-Y: F. T. A. : Glee Club: presidents to the following clubs: Eleanor Greene Betty Jane Griffin Harriet Bell Lewis Loving Agnes Penn Harriet Bell Lucille Hasher Sandra Williams This year Mildred Breeden was elected president of the Jolly-Six Federation and Evelyn Payne, Historian. The plays, the clubs, the many programs, the athletic teams and games, the parties and dances - even the classes and study halls - have left us with innumerable memor- ies. However happy we are at being graduated, it is certainly with mixed feelings that we leave FCHS. It will never take more than a strain of " Anchors Aweigh " to recall to our minds our very happy four years and a host of fine friends, but then " should auld acquaintance be forgot? " Senior Class Prophesy We quote the following items from the Richmond Times-Dispatch owned and edited by the famous editor. Miss Julia Holland and her able assistant, Miss Evelyn Payne: Coach Lewis Loving named today his All-American Football Team for this season. Among them is a former Fluvanna High ace, Mr. William (Kitty) Keck. Miss Mary Louise Marks is advertising this week that in her new beauty parlor in Columbia she will introduce a new type of permanent. Miss Marks guarantees that this permanent will either bring out the beauty in your hair or the hair itself. The Misses Lulu Robinson, Dorothy Powell, Gladys Morris and Julia Jones issued invitations today to their graduation exercises at Sheltering Arms Hospital, School of Nursing. Perry Frame, owner and operator of the Atomic Wonder Jet Plane made his first test flight this morning in his new jet. His crew was made up of three former Fluvan- na navigators. Dean Garner, Allen Griffin and Garnet Farmer. Miss Chrystine Payne, Ruby Loving and Udee Aldridge were today named secre- taries to the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Agriculture respectively. These young women received the first part of their business educat- ion at Fluvanna County High School. Miss Faye Pippin has been voted president of the new organization, " The Women ' s Club of America " . The purpose of the club, " to shorten the working hours of the American housewife " . Miss Pippin was selected out of 500 other candidates for the office. Miss Betty Jane Griffin is now teaching Home Economics in Mt. Vernon, Texas. Miss Griffin is said to be in line to be voted the No. 1 teacher in the nation this year. Miss Shirley Payne has just finished the most original and outstanding masterpiece of the century. The painting, " Fluvanna At Night " will be unveiled tomorrow in the Chicago Art Museum. The " Fluvanna Persimmons " , Misses Eleanor Greene, Lucille Hasher, Agnes Penn and their founder, G. R. Edgerton, today returned to Dixie Circle to give their first performance after a series of concerts throughout the country. Miss Betty Jane Good- win, vocalist, who has knocked crowds dizzy all over the country with her voice, caused a riot when she sang. SOCIAL NOTES Miss Harriett White has announced her engagement to Mr. Russell Johnson. The wedding will take place in June. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Collins and family have returned home from a trip to Europe where they spent the Christmas holidays. Miss Mildred Breeden, secretary to T. C. Melton, Inc. , has expressed intentions of marrying her boss. The date has not yet been set. Word has been received here of the ball given in New York in honor of Miss Sandra Williams, of Fluvanna, famous actress. Also present was actor- comedian Grant Cos- ner. Miss Williams and Mr. Cosner first starred together at F. C. H. S. in the senior play, " A Ready-Made Family " . Coach Joan Rea King and her team composed of Helen Kidd, Eula Marks and othe r famous players saided today for Brussels, Belgium to enter in the International Basket- ball Tournament. Miss King has the only team in the world to have never been defeated. Miss Mariane Cosner, shorthand expert, has just obtained her Master of Arts Degree in business education. IASI Will AID TESTAMENT Betty Goodwin Leaves her voice to next years ' Glee Club. Eleanor Greene Leaves her typing ability to Jerry Jones. Lucille Hasher Leaves her slimness to Nancy Melton. Agnes Penn Leaves her jokes to Betty Loving. Sandra Williams Leaves a pack of typing paper to Lindsay Browning. Julia Holland Leaves the newspaper to Mary Lou Bell. Shirley Payne Leaves her boy craziness to Eleanor Loving. Ruby Loving Leaves her quiet ways to Henry Keck. Dorothy Powell Leaves her good naturedness to Roger Goodson. Mary Lou Marks Leaves her neatness to Jane Proffitt. Harriet White Leaves her Miss Fluvanna title to Gayle Edgerton. Udee Aldridge Leaves her regular attendance to Freddie McNeal. Lula Robinson Leaves her dimples to Jimmy Perkins. Julia Jones Leaves her knowledge of Home Ec. to any old maid who needs it. Faye Pippin Leaves her blushing to Mr. Johnson. Gladys Morris Leaves her love for jitterbugging to anyone who can use it. Chrystine Payne Leaves her bashfullness to Hilda Payne. Lewis Loving Leaves his touchdowns to " Fuzzy” Lewis. Marianne Cosner Leaves her smallness to Hilda Hensley. Garnet Farmer Leaves his freckles to Winifred Perkins. Dean Garner Leaves his shorthand ability to the boys in next year ' s commercial class. Grant Cosner Leaves his hairdo to Bobby Velle. Betty J. Griffin Leaves her faithfulness to duty to Phillip Seay. William Keck Leaves his pictures in the popularity contest to the biggest talker. Allen Griffin Leaves his name Paderwiski to Gilmer Sclater. Mildred Breeden Leaves her arguing ability to Ann Drumheller. Helen Kidd Leaves Columbia to Charles Matthews. Jone Collins Leaves her love for motorcycle riding to Bessie Cunningham. Evelyn Payne Leaves her giggles to whomever can use them. George Woodson Leaves his ability to read to Harold Rice. Joan Rea King Leaves her athletic leadership to Jean Life. Harriet Bell Leaves her disposition and English Class to Irvin Wood. Francis Farris Leaves his laziness to Mildred Jean Patterson. Eula Marks Leaves her knowledge about everybody to anybody who wants it. Perry Frame Leaves his conceitedness to Joanne Turner. Margaret Haislip Leaves her quietness to Bobby Saylor. Mrs. Charlton .The Senior Class leaves her an art room all to herself. Miss Jones A quiet Home Ec. department. Miss Mann Some students who get in a hurry. Mrs. Talley Some students who know something about history. Mrs. Jo Snead Some soft-padded books to throw. Mrs. Virginia Snead Next year ' s huge senior class. Miss Holland Some new jokes. Mrs. Whitcomb A graceful physical education class. Mr. Costello A large Spanish Class. Mr. Johnson Our large collection of term papers and points in English. Mr. Troxler. Six study halls. Mr. Charlton A wide-awake History Class. Mrs. Black A new mimeograph machine. Mrs. Davis An orderly lunchroom. Miss Johnson . An assistant to do her fussing. Mrs. White A new music room so she can get her books out. ClaAA Song, Tune: All Through The Night Senior class of old Fluvanna, One we hold so dear Golden hours ne ' re forgotten Best of these spent here. Blue we show which says We ' re loyal. Silver means the gleam of life. Tonight we launch where shall we anchor? In this world of strife. Life ' s horizon we are breaking, Now to give our best. Until every service given. We will never rest. But no difference what may happen And no matter where we stray. We will always love Fluvanna, Best in every way. Shirley Payne flu; annua I Staff Editor-In-Chief Associate Editor .... Business Manager . . . Sports Editor Photo Editors Art Editor Subscription Manager. Literary Editor. . . . Evelyn Payne . . . William Keck Mildred Breeden . . Harriett White . . Lucille Hasher Eleanor Greene . . Shirley Payne . . . Allen Griffen . Sandra Williams Play On December 15, 1950 the Senior Class presented its annual play, " A READY- MADE FAMILY " . The Class as a whole worked hard over the play, as a result it received many nice compliments. The cast was as follows: Agnes Martyn Bob Martyn Marilee Martyn. . . , Gracie Martyn Miss Lydia Martyn, Henry Turner Doris Turner Sammie Turner. . . , Begonia Nicodemus . Eleanor Greene . . . Grant Cosner Sandra Williams . . .Evelyn Payne . . . Harriett Bell . . .Lewis Loving . . .Julia Holland . . Perry Frame . Lucille Hasher Bill Keck Tke aw oo er S» w w ov CD o U yfp ' XU G ' lX K_ dr -y w t— yfc+fnsffy OjJL _ Cl ass G- t ? ' 7 r Agfa ? 9-c (W f t£to S Y 5 LONER POST GRADUATES Betty Griffin John Holland Grace Powell Davis JUNIORS ABSENT: Barclay bell SOPHOMORES Helen Anderson Hazel Bell Many Lou Bell Lindsay baownins Sisyl Burton Hamilton Creasy Miriam Crump Elizabeth Cutcmins Thelma Dobbs Bobby ginniannv Opal Goodman Hilda Hensley Linda Johnson Wesley Johnson SOPHOMORE HISTORY The original eighth- graders, we have been at FCHS for three years now, and they have been busy, full years. The usual fright at the bigness and strangeness of high school was our lot for the first few weeks here, but even as early as that first year we began making our mark in the events of FCHS. Athletes we had in abundance, we furnished participants in the league play, our budding artists blossomed forth with pictures good enough for state competition, and every club in school had some of our class as members and officers. As Sophomores we really began to make our SOPHOMORES Julia miller Nancy melton Eddie mcneal Roy Loving Helen Lewis weight felt. We furnished personnel for the football team in great numbers, and the girls ' and boys ' basketball teams saw our group starring on the hardwood. James Thomas and Linda Johnson made fine contributions to the 4-HClub. We furnished officers for Boys ' Social, the Secretary for the S. C. A. , officers for F. F. A. , team members for the F. F. A. forestry team. The officers of the class this year were all boys: President Roy Loving Vice-President Jimmy Perkins Secretary and Treasurer Bobby Gianniny Reporter Jerry Jones FRESHMEN ' MB mmi o n | M v— r V -m cv ft V’ t J 1 1 f - I J ' r o v it s!li ‘ j WI ’’ " -V- i i - Cl it , Q ■ ft fl gj o v, y L_ FRESHMAN HISTORY Now that we ' re Freshmen we can look back on our Eighth Grade experiences where we had mingled feelings of pride and skepticism. Our fears and awe the first day of our high school life are indescribable. Of course we soon adapted ourselves, with the aid of Miss Holland and Mrs. Josephine Snead, our sponsors. We grew to love F. C. H. S. and to cherish the friends and experiences which we shall treasure always. Some of the high spots of our lives as Eight Graders included the election of our officers who were: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Roger Goodson David Johnson Virginia Proffitt Sylvia Gentry Jean Life We were proud of Hilda Dudly who had a part in the Senior Play and Kenneth Webb, Bobby Jones and Roger Goodson, all of whom had parts in the League Play. Also two students received school " F " ' s and two plac- ed in the Virginia Banker ' s Association Public Speaking Contest. We were very disappointed because we weren ' t eligible for the Minstrel or the varsity teams but now as Freshmen we are participating in both. Eighth Graders were not lacking in our school clubs either, for lots of us became officers and active mem- bers. FRESHMEN Freddi e McN e a l Oscar maples MARY LOYDE Eleanor Loving Edna Loving Dorothy norcross Joyce Napier Barbara MORRIS Clara minter Shirley melton Claude Powell Phyll is P i earce Harold Phillips Pert Perkins Barbara Penn Phil Seay Curtis Seay Bobby Saylor Laurence Ri ce J I MMY PROFF I TT Katherine Wh i Kenneth Webb Julia Wagner James Waddell Bernice Skeen ow Then one memorable day in June, 1950 our happy times as Eight Graders were finished and we were Fresh- men! Now, a year later, when we are about to become Sophomores, we can look back at our Freshmen year with satisfaction. Election of class officers found- - President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter David Johnson Kenneth Webb Sylvia Gentry Edna Loving Bobby Saylor Our sponsors were Mrs. Talley and Mr. Costello. As Freshmen we could really spread our wings and see how we compared with the upper classmen. The result was that we had now become quite conceited! ! For we had members on the football, basketball and baseball teams. We had others from our grand class in the Minstrel, League Play and as officers or members of every club in school. We ' ve given you a preview of our two years here at dear old Fluvanna High. Next year. We ' ll be back as Sophomores, and if we have our sayso, " flying high " . So watch for the class of ' 54. Eighth m EIGHTH GRADE HISTORY VE CAME FROM ALL DIRECTIONS, NORTH, SOOTH EAST AND VEST NOT ONE OF US IN ALL THE GROUP COULD SAY WHICH ONE WAS BEST THE FIRST DAY THAT SCHOOL OPENED OH! HORRORS! VHAT A DREAD! MOST OF US WERE SCARED TO DEATH FROM TOM AND SUE TO NED VE KNEW NOTHING OF THE PRINCIPLES OR HOV THE SCHOOL WAS RON ALL VE WANTED WAS TO LEARN AND HAVE A LITTLE FUN- WE LEARNED OUR A B C ' S ANEW, THEY SHOW OOR GRADES YOO KNOW, WE LEARNED TO JUMP AT EACH COMMAND, AND NOT TO BE QUITE SO SLOW- GOT ACQUAINTED WITH DEMERITS AND OUR TEACHERS FOND AND DEAR AND NOW WE WILL STAY WITH YOU ALL THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR. Not a flock of sheep without a leader was more lost than we were the first day of school. How the upper classmen must have grinned to see us milling around uncer- tainly not knowing where to go nor why! Then kind souls in the form of big brothers and sisters took us in hand and led us around. Soon assembly was called and we were assigned to our homerooms, introduced to our homeroom teachers and given our schedules. It was until then that we felt sure we had gotten off the bus at the right stop. Grade We settled down to work and things were uneventful until the football season opened, football games were new to most of us. We had learned the school song and some of the yells, by now, so we could sing and yell with everyone else. We were dis- appointed when we lost and happy when we won. Our parents had to become acquainted with the school, and on visiting day they were as lo ' st as we were on the first day. We were proud and happy to show off for our parents. In the Beauty Contest we got quite excited when elimination after elimination still showed Gayle second, and Nancy third. Our reports in high school were quite different from others we had received, but by that time we had grown quite accustomed to trying new things. Making bulletin boards and having them judged was fun, and we had a time racking our brains trying to think of new ideas for them. I n traditional form and according to parliamentary procedure, we elected Jane Proffit, President; Douglas Haden, Vice-President; Bobby Williams, Secretary; Beverly Tilman, Treasurer; and Henry Keck, Reporter. Weeks and months flew by, and each day we became more a part of the school. Need- less to say, we are enthusiastic about the coming year. We feel that we ' re going to make a " walloping good " freshman class. Every student in high school is a member of the Student Cooperative Association. Those shown above are the members of the S. C. A. Council which meets twice a month. These members are composed of the S. C. A. officers who are elected by the student body, homeroom representatives, club presidents and classroom pres- idents. Our officers are the following: President Harriett White Vice-President Evelyn Payne Secretary Jimmy Perkins Treasurer. David Johnson Reporter Roger Goodson The committee chairmen are: Grounds Roy Loving Safety William Keck Social Betty Jane Griffin Health Sylvia Gentry Glee Club Future Teachers of America Library Club Future Home Makers Club Winners in the Beauty Contest Sub-Deb Boys’ Social Dramatic Club Orchestra Piano Class TOP! Safety Patrol Home Nursing FOOTBALL SCORE FLUVANNA t 3 LOV 1 NGSTON 6 FLUVANNA 6 FALMOUTH 20 FLUVANNA 1 9 SCHUYLER 6 FLUVANNA 6 V . 1 . S . 1 9 FLUVANNA 0 MAD 1 SON 26 FLUVANNA 7 POWHATAN 26 FLUVANNA 0 Ml LLER 39 FLUVANNA 0 MANCHESTER 1 9 FLUVANNA 0 ORANGE 6 FLUVANNA 0 LOU 1 SA 35 Of cou Keck woul A NOBEL JOB. A LOSING SEAS SING ACE. HAROL PASS-SNARING END. Perkins, Harold Ph Leroy Herndon. Wha Perkins, Ham i lton Cr and Bunny Cutright? CHEER THEM NEXT YEAR. The " Flying f l u - cos " OF 1950 WERE REPRESENTED BY ONE OF THE MOST INEXPERIENCED TEAMS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF FOOTBALL HERE IN THE FALL OF 1934. PERDER CON GLORIA NO ES PERDER . The LOSS OF MANY VETERANS through grad- UATION WAS STRONGLY FELT. THERE WERE ONLY TWO SENIORS ON HAND AT THE BEGINNING OF FALL r PRACTICE. MANY HOURS OF HARO WORK WERE NECES- SARY. But with splendid cooperation. A team made UP LARGELY OF FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES WAS SOON WELD- ED INTO A FIGHTING SQUADRON. OUR RECORD MAY NOT LOOK SO GOOD ON PAPER. BUT IT CAN BE TRULY SAID THAT OUR BOYS STILL MAINTAINED THAT N E VE R - S A Y - D I E SPIRIT AND WERE EX- CELLENT SPORTS TO THE END. |N THE WORDS OF A WASHINGTON OFFICIAL. " YOU HAVE THE FINEST BUNCH OF SPORTS THAT I ER HAD THE PLEASURE TO OFFICIATE. RSE, IT WAS EXPECTED THAT LEWIS LOVING AND WILLIAM D CARRY THE BRUNT OF OUR ATTACK AND THEY BOTH DID Some new prospects were unveiled in experiencing ON. You WILL HEAR FROM BOBBY SAYLOR. OUR PAS- d Lewis, a fleet half-back, Roy Loving, a AND LET’S NOT OVERLOOK THAT LINE OF JIMMY illips. Irvin Wood, Lawrence Rice and T ABOUT THOSE SCAT BACKS BERT easy. Sterling Flanagan Just be on hand to wl MR. COSTELLO Boy s’ Basketball IRVIN WOOD JERRY JONES HARRY GRIFFIN JIMMY PERKINS GEORGE CRUMMETTE ROY LOVING BOBBY SAYLOR DAVID JOHNSON BOBBY G I ANN I NY LINDSAY BROWNING IBS COACH A HD HIS ISAH Monogram Club Girls’ Basketball BASKETBALL SCHEDULE October 6 Louisa There 24 Louisa Here November 14 Goochland There 16 Goochland Here December 12 Greenwood Here January 9 Mclntire Here 12 Orange There 19 Lane There 25 Madison There 26 Powhatan Here 30 Arvonia Here February 2 Greenwood There 6 Mclntire There 9 Madison Here 13 Orange Here 16 Lane Here 20 Powhatan There March 2 Arvonia Here School Song Stand Fluvanna down the field Never say die We ' ll never change our air So enemy you stay shy. Roll up that score Flu Hi One body we Fight Fluvanna, hold that line And down the enemy, down the enemy, down. Blue of the seven seas Gold of God ' s sun Let these our colors be Till all our time is done. By hard work we shall learn Fluvanna ' s call, Faith, courage, service true With honor over, honor over, all. I II. s. K £ s o j l A 0 j jv c Scottsville, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA PARR’S FURNITURE STORE Compliments of H. H. PARR FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES W. G. MELTON SCOTTSVILLE, VA. Phone — 46 — Phone Cohassett, Virginia JOSTEN’S COMPLIMENTS OF QUAINT-LEA Since 1897 Class Ring ' s — Announcements — Awards REGISTERED ABERDEEN ANGUS CATTLE Mr. And Mrs. W. A. Forstbarer WAYNESBORO — VA. Nahor, Virginia Air Conditioned Phone 4642 Delicious Steaks and Chops Sea Food in Season Compliments of PROFAX GAS COMPANY ARTHUR ' S GRILL Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF MATACIA FRUIT w. 0. HOLLAND COMPANY Wilmington, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. HADDEN MOTOR COMPANY NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. at FORD SALES A SERVICE Char lottesvi 1 le, Va. FORD TRACTORS PALMYRA BRANCH LOUISA VIRGINIA PALMYRA, VIRGINIA COMPLEMENTS OF HUNTERS LODGE GREEN CIRCLE SERVICE STATION DRIVE-IN-THEATRE General Mdse. TROY. VIRGINIA ZION X ROADS VA. THE DAILY PROGRESS JEFFERSON MILLS Scottsville, Virginia OVER ONE HALF CENTURY JOHN DEERE SALES SERVICES OF PUBLIC SERVICE LARRO XACO FEEDS Charlottesville, Va. FOR ALL LIVESTOCK THE HUB, INC. Ladies, Men ' s Children ' s BRUCE’S DRUG STORE Ready-To-Wear THE REXALL STORE Scottsville, Va. SCOTTSVILLE, VIRGINIA THE YOUNG MEN’S SHOP CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA WOODWARD FUNERAL HOME LOUISA LAUNDRY CLEANERS ORGANIZED 1884 Louisa, Virginia Phone 146 Ambulance Service Louisa, Virginia A postal card will bring us to your door. Compliments of Established 1892 PETTIT BROS. W. E. CUNNINGHAM SON Chrysler and Plymouth Watchmakers- Jewelers LOUISIA. VIRGINIA - Louisa, Virginia Dial 25-123 MONTICELLO DAIRY CHARLOTTESVILLE VIRGINIA Chevrolet Sales and Service See and Ride in the New 1951CHEVROLET THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUY OF ALL PALMYRA MOTOR CO. PALMYRA, VIRGINIA Virginia Dealer No. 411 PHONE 10 Compliments Of H. M. GLEASON AND CO. Charlottesville, Va. W. C. BAKER Groceries, Fresh Meats, Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Etc. Cement, Lime and Fertilizer Carysbrook, Virginia Compliments Of MADDOX FEED STORE Louisa, Virginia GRANITE HILLS POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK FARM Thomas J. Loving Stage Junction Virginia RIVANNA MOTOR COMPANY DODGE -PLYMOUTH SALES SERVICE DODGE TRUCKS Palmyra Virginia HARDWARE OF ALL KINDS CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE Charlottesville, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF OSBORNE FUNERAL HOME PHONE 3416 BREMO BLUFF, VIRGINIA M. C. THOMAS FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Household Furnishings Since 1907 420 East Main Street CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Better Shoes At Lower Cost FAULCONERS Come To F. H. HOLLAND ' S Columbia Virginia Wolverine Genuine i Horsehide Shoes Bulova Elgin Watches Wedding Announcements Engraved Diamond Rings Jewelry SCOTTSVILLE, VIRGINIA Compliments Of Peonies National Bank THE STRAUS COMPANY, INC. Of Richmond, Va. ■ u up ■ vu iiu i iuinu i Ullilfll Louisa, Virginia " From A Teaspoon To A Complete Installation " Comp l i men ts of CLUB CAFE C. H. WILLIAMS CO. 415 E. MAIN STREET CHARLOTTES V 1 LLE VA . CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. VETERAN’S LUNCH ROOM Compliments of Soft Drinks Sandwiches Refreshments G. R. EDGERTON D i rector E. H. PARRISH, JR. COLUMBIA VIRGINIA F. C. H. S. BAND RUSSELL W. COLLINS T. J. PROFFin Manufacturer of General Merchandise And BARREL STAVES Electrical Appliances SCOTTSVILLE, VA. Columbia, Virginia - bomb of bettee values " VALLEY VIEW GREENHOUSES, INC. LEGGETTS Better Flowers DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 2-6141 E. Main Street CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Charlottesville, Va. 1889 61 Years Of Progress JARMANS INCORPORATED 1950 Now Located In Their New Building 200 EAST MARKET STREET, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. SOCIAL STATIONERY AND GIFTS WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS " EVERY THING FOR THE OFFICE " WALTON S RADIO AND APPLIANCE CENTER TIMBERLAKE ' S DRUG STORE Philco and R. C. A. Radios Refrigerators and Electrical Appliances SALES AND SERVICE Columbia, Virginia Charlottesville, Va. Compliments Of ELLINGTON • S 406 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. H. M. BRANSFORD Phone 3388 Cohassett, Va. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Country Produce Pulpwood RAILROAD CROSSTIES Shipping Point Fork Union, Va. CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE SALES SERVICE Thirty- Fourth Anniversary WOODWARD MOTOR COMPANY Louisa, Virginia KILKARE LAUNDRY 9 FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA Compliments Of ORANGE LIVESTOCK MARKET, INC. Orange, Virginia Orange 2161 SALE EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 2:30 P. M. NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. FORK UNION BRANCH We have enjoyed the privilege of working with the Staff and Sponsor of FLUVANNA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL in preparation of Jl, JL UVAIMIUI DOMINION PUBLISHING COMPANY CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA S. T. RANSON Dealer In Vood And Coal BREMO BLUFF, VIRGINIA Phone - 3418 PLACE YOUR INSURANCE IN THE VIRGINIA FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY INCORPORATED IN 1632 G. H. Jones, Agent Fork Union, Virginia R. C. 0M0HUNDR0 O I STR I BUTOR TEXACO - FIRESTONE Fork Union, Virginia WE SHOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO MADE THE PUBLICATION OF THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE. raw ' MB r-f ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ' 4

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