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Xu mg . 4,ap4.L..v... .-- .. if HAPPINESS Happiness has a different meaning for everyone and yet it is only one thing. If you asked a cheerleader what Happiness is, she might tell you it is the thrill ofa packed gym and a roaring crowd. A debater might say it is the exhilaration of the final speech after a tense argument. To a golfer, happiness might be the excitement of a long shot down the fairway. But they are all describing the same emotion: the joy of fulfilling yourself. Happiness is all the miracles. It is the ecstasy of climbing the rope in gym class and the satisfaction of having your homework done on Friday. It is the excitement of the last quarter of a football game and the ela- tion of a checkmate. It is unplannable, intan- gible, and incomprehensible. Yet what else will we remember about high school? Time will gloss over the bore- dom and loneliness, leaving only the warm glow of retrospect. We will remember the rich smell of burning leaves and the crunch of dry ones underfoot on the first day of school. We will remember waiting for the bus on winter mornings and watching the stars fade away. And that, after all, is happiness. 6' Happiness 95: . . I K ,J mg 2 . 5. 1. -.5 .., , ' -- V--Q - LAL! .,,-,. , .3-' I -V? f "" ...A A ,. J Q. wr' :,3.fi 'i ' r . f Y ' F' ., e7gfraQ:l. -5 -,lg . Q tail? Q .54 5 fr - " Vi 'P '- W, .lu ,rggp , ' H. A - , Q Q13.g,a':2g!:-..:j-5' 'P' A1 , A .4 N LE ' asf-:xii f 1 4fi?'s5:Q f1,3ix . A . ' Mfg ff-' ir - ,. . V : ,zu 4. .K-. n ., , V '11 I' : 'V , - , ' "" - ir 4 my , ,, Q 4- Q lie, .w,1','M I F-ff' juz, ' s -LA g ill is 1 9 Q Q Acmevement ' -iz' 1 5, J 1 1 Ek je ri , K SHaring wiig ofHers I L-.M , -VP? Relaxation lr If , 1.1 4 -5-Q WL,, k - -1 L, Alm,A f EW , nf A--ffweqa r. Q it "ask, A W ,nm O O O O Wonderful AN Zagle of Contents ,H-,,,.f F'-vac" gaeutty . . 1 Seniors . . Organigations . QA E 1 Stuctent ffife , Atfileties . . Uncieretassmen , Advertisements . . Advisor- Mrs. Moon Editor-in-chief- Katy Beebe Business- Gae Ann Tardowski, Manager De Hobby Activities- Karen St. John, Editor Marcia Soderman Student Life- Bruce Beebe Cover Design by Dan Garab ..1O ..22 M56 ..'Z8 .,9O , 108 . 124 Seniors- Judy Ruester Faculty and Underclassmen- Joyce Baker Sports- Bob Klosterman Art- Dan Garab Copy Editor- Mary Barkey Photographer- Paul Leiffers Typist- Bonnie Tenore ' 51,13 Mr. Webb G. Whitmer has been in the Flushing school system for nine years, teaching everything from seventh grade math to driver education. Before coming to Flushing, he had been principal, coach, and teacher in schools in Ohio, Missouri, and wouthern Michigan. Altogether, he has been teaching for sixteen years. 5, .W , V . !iY2x?f 7,1213 "ml-r fri? t 3 V.. . :-1" Lf M ,, Q Dedication Q E :V 1 1 at J The history of Mr. Whitmer's life at Flushing is also the history of the growth of the counselling program. When he first took charge of the program nine years ago, he had one hour in which to handle the guidance of both the junior and the senior high, now he has five hours in which to manage counselling for seniors alone. Moreover, he does more work now than he did nine years ago. Then, he could only scratch the surface. Now he counsels seniors on their career and college choices, advises juniors on their senior courses, and makes all the college and job recommendations that the school board superintendent had made before. Counselling has become more important in education and Mr. Whitmer's job has become more demanding. Mr. Whitmer is still at Flushing, still making out absence slips, still helping seniors with the most im- portant question of their high school career: What shall we do after high school? Whether they go on to college or start working right after school, they can be confident that they have always had the best advice on their choice. lxcn L V Well, you see, it's like this . . ,bw 1 S 'il r ff w'X.x w 4 44... Mr, and Mrs. Whitmer Mr. Whitmer and his children Mr. Whitmer conferring with sponsors, Mrs. Eissinger and Mr. Mason ,J lff Ki ,iid-,,,, I , , Instructing a confused Driver Education student 'J 1:5756 Q.'x.'-gift?-1 '.. it J rv ' 1'-gi--f5i2af ' . 12'14grs?7r'.f. ,fri , If X N4 i 4' -ffdfimbf. x'X if -If - f ' 5 V 99 X"1,1.lP"'kf-fl 1 "U, AA ' v.,,.u:5"ax?ggf . -. ,K I5 -us., 7 ,wk if ,V Q, gaculfy J Harold Baker Treasurer Niles Owen Trustee Board of Education John Rowe President Ten years ago, Flushingwasn't even listed in any almanac because it had fewer than twenty five hundred resi- dents. Today it has almost four thou- sand people, but population is only a small part of its growth. Not only has Flushing changed from a village to a city, it has become a suburban rather than a rural area. Its educational needs have changed too. Today, for instance, fewer high school students are studying agricul- ture and more are taking shop courses. The fact that we have been able to keep pace with Flushing's growth is due to seven men, our Board of Education, who have donated their time and energy to the Flushing school system. ln the past five years, we have built a new high school, a new grade school and have made plans for a new junior high. Still in the future are plans for an addition to the high school. Because of the foresight of its school board, Flush- ing can face its educational future with confidence. Harlan Kahl Trustee Richard Luther Trustee and 54 5 Edward Delehanty Gerald Wood Trustee TI'USt9G Mr. Marion Crouse - Superintendent Miss Frawley - Secretary Mr. John Bradley Assistant Superintendent 'Ai Alice Dyball Christine Adamson Secretary Secretary Riffs fpx if.-H: Pleast don't hit me, Daddy! 5 I 4 , JZ.. ' :fl-wa . 1, .. QQ Mr. John Brissaud - Principal Mr. John Brissaud was born in 1929 in Hartford, Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University where he got a Bachelor of Science degree and Michigan State University where he earneda Master of Arts degree. Before coming to Flushing, he had beena high school principal in Fowlerville. He now lives with his wife and daughter in the Labian Subdivision in Flushing. In his first year at Flushing, Mr. Brissaud is impressed with the friendliness of the faculty and students and especially pleased that they take such pride in their school. He feels that Flushing ranks high in the state with schools of comparable size. Flushing has changed rapidly in the past few years, from a rural to a suburban community, and Mr. Brissaud wants to match this growth with educational development. We already have the buildings and equipment, now we must concentrate on other areas. Incon- nection with Mr. Bradley, Mr. Brissaud works on the school cur- riculum, He is also in charge of faculty and student relations. With a background of education and experience, and with aloyal student body, Mr. Brissaud expects Flushing to achieve its goal of progressive education. 15 William Dial Band Gladys Bilow Commercial Nelson Price Mathematics Robert Schian History Carol Steward French Wmww , F"'I We wrgqah a Q35 E N3 4 J ' Q 525222 A ,,,. ,, ' I ,,,.,, :flu , 4-av--.W my -.--- Webb Whitmer Counselor fs! B Q 5 -...Hz Dale Park I-hstory Reva Gordon English Q-K . 1 ,nf ,.- Y w 1 I ff! -...J Annabelle Baker Latin Jack Mason Agriculture- , .r William Reidsma English Counselor Martha Sundwick Eng11Sh Reva Goodspeed Commercial Charles Lucia Social Studies Keith Robertson Social Studies E Darwin Christiansen Biology Mavis Cross Home Economics 5 1 1 fi -.'.." 5' lhmfw-f - Gerald Way Shop Doris Moon English 6 ISKY vj I f f 3 zi- il! J . 52' 'V' E':5'f' . . Fu .iv -s-.v iwiiqfgsfzyif, Florenco Eissinger -'-3-Zkjfxjr .. T 11, 5.-.,a:.gg4J-'ki-113,-,QV-, Social Studies Counselor - ' '24, N. 1-:sa-.'fi '- '-' YI -...e " cf-41,,.t-:f i iZ'Y-f-1'fi6:- MS -12-ri. Z- 1 YTJ't1'. -'Mfr'-3 4 5 J iiielfego i y I 1 l Patricia Lucia Physical Education 'Q if Elizabeth Hyre English .- 4 1. Gerald Kandow Chemistry Xa n' 3 VY. T I l R, h dw If an Jerry Armis IC al-Ano g g Physical Education Carolyn Flynn Geometry l a-y ag ' ef Q . ,I - N X "f 5 4-L al sn, Fl Gerald Schnepp K .J- Chorus N. Katherine Knepp English Donald Walworth Mary Ann Loode Mechanical Drawing Shop Algebra Barbara Hummel Spee ch David Simpson Trigonometry-Physics Robert Geese Mathematics- Athletic Director i I Betty Griffith Physical Education yt ,. ,.-----num--Q Leroy Ruotanen Biology Elmo Gratsch Mechanical Drawing ,,.f..-a--X ,M ,, John Comaromi Beatrice Linz English- Library Commercial 1 Q W 7 ,F 1 2223 X255 5728293 uv., 14011 1213141516 18119021 ' Seniors Qn ourselves tHe fufure lies ?"Q"-P f .Vp Kathrynne Beebe Valedictorian D.A.R. C 0 1 o rs Scarlet and White 31ower Red Rose 24 . X'-ra -Q' Mx, yi Sharon Auker Salutatorian Susan Harris Advisors Mr. Schian Mrs. Cross Mrs. Hyre Beebe, Kathryn Harris, Susan Auker, Sharon Seirmarco, Lynn Barkey, Mary Ellen Baker, Joyce Eavy, Allen Klosterman, Robert Franklin, Suzanne Burleson, Betty Wilson, Margaret Honor Roll 4.000 4.000 3.929 3.759 3.714 3.655 3.586 3.581 3.529 3.469 3.429 Ruester, Judith Green, Kendra Woodhouse, Mary Ecker, Lee Ann Collins, Terry Wildfong, Mary Lou Roupe, Nora Sawyer, Susan Bradburn, Diane Robb, Susan Blumerich, Diane 3.419 3.333 3.321 3.286 3.233 3.107 3.103 3.091 3.036 3.036 3.000 Qfficers Kirk Hamilton Lee Eavy Marilyn Hundshamer Bruce Beebe Susan Scafe Mark Young ARN, WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, SHEILA QU? ARNDT, LINDA AUKER, SHARON BAKER, JOYCE BAKER, SANDRA BARBER, SUSANNA VN BEEBE, BRUCE BARKEY, MARY BEEBE, KATHRYN Senior homeroom-designed to save space, spare teachers, and give seniors the time to plan their various activities together. Mrs. Cross and Mr. Whitmer tried to maintain order in spite of gum chewing, Bettle haircuts, spontaneous entertainment programs, and general confusion. It was here while we planned the Christmas card sale, the senior trip and the graduation ceremonies, that we first felt united as a class. 1 ,Je lf: X .tw Q , " BAXTER, KATHLEEN gd, A xy R IIA , fa . BENNETT BARBARA 1' W w,,,. ,E Much to our regret, classes and studying filled the major part of every day. The closer it got to June the harder it was to concentrate. BROWN, ROBERT BLUMERICH, DIANE BOWER, SANDRA BRADBURN, DIANE BRE IDENSTE IN, CAROL ,L M BURLESON, BETTY CALLAHAN, ROBERT R wixkx M X 5 fi is n G K.. 'H CARLSON, JAMES i Ng al- I , R CARTE R, WILLIAM WAY The consuming interest of these seniors seems to be the evolution of the moon. 1 wil ,TA--IN CASEBOLT, JOANNE 'uh .W-my CHADWICK, ROGER CHAPRNKA, ROBERT CHRISTENSEN, GARY CHURCH, DAVID 17 CHURCH, SANDRA Part of the senior classes' responsibility for the Christ- mas Dance was decorating the cafetorium. Gary Chris- tensen and Marilyn Hundshamer were in charge while Gae Ann Tarkowski, Linda Arndt, Norm Volz and Tom Sauter assisted. COLLINS, TERRY COYNER, LYNN CRANDELL, DONALD CRAWFORD, RONALD Vt' .-.4 CROSS, CHARLES A typical classroom Scene: some study hard, some study thoroughly, and some don't study at all. MM CULHANE, NANCY IU! DE NEEN, CHARLOTTE it 1 Q1 ."' A L A f Q, CURTISS, DIANE .ff , Qifh. I : v .'3'.5:fii' ' M DE RR, LORRAINE WTI' DALTON, LUANNE f f . DOMKE, DALE A tense time for Seniors-final exams Start tomorrow. DOSS, SHAROL EAVY, ALLEN ECKER, LEE ANN Q I 5 'gf vw 9 EVANS, MICHAEL EVERETT, JAMES FERGUSON, PAUL 'fi sy ,4 I x FLADER, VINA H315-4 'Sn FRASER, MICHAE L N FROUNFE LTE R, JULI 534 '64 . 'gktrv' K FOLEY, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, SUZANNE Seniors excell in all the arts. -1 '1 L - g ., ,,, - ' in ,.9h, NM V ' Y-3, .-12,5505 5.1 N . 'RLQ X Government class forced us to keep up on current events. Here we were discussing Romney's chances for the Presidency. The most longed-for part ofa sen- iors day is lunch period-a time to eat, chat, and relax. GARDNER, DOUGLAS GEHRING, GREGORY GIBBONS, JAMES GIFFORD, JUDEE U4 fi? ?5lr, LN? """A L- QL? wer GRAY, CAROL GREEN, KENDRA GRIESA, MARY ANN 151551 GRIFFEN, RUSSELL .31 'har HAIGHT, BARRY HALE, DIANNA HAMILTON, KIRK Although Ray Rosse11's beard kept falling off, his and Kirk Hami1ton's unusual interpretation of Macbeth was a smash hit. HARDY, MARTHA HARRIS, SUSAN HAMMOND, JUDY HAMMOND, MACHAE L HARTLEY, DAVID W t il HARTZ, MEREDITH HINKLEY, SHARON o' HOUGH, WILLIAM HUNDSHAMER., KARLEEN Rush hour. fx w Q -.EV HORTON, JAMES HUNDSHAMER, MARILYN fig , , H 2. 3, , w w ' iw ' . , ,Q ,m,Q ,: ,yi f -'M A 45 nlxy .nf ' 771 ' if . .mf ,, ' , ,L fan- , JOHNSON, HE LEN , ,L 'K 'V f, "Let me see now, was that a knit or a pur1?" JONES, JAMES KIACZ, JOAN KILBREATH, HARRY 34 J , . ,,,,,, . f"W'w' f ' "r ng W1',,,. I . VZ! " V fr' 4.42 'WML .1 ffl 1.1 2, .g e ,ffw 1 4" pf FQ ie , W : f'f' M, ,WY f A 1 , Z. . A -,, Q gg 7 ., 1 5V5,ig,b.,,k, K .J Qiwwf Us Q , Q JONES, ALLEN KAPP, DAVID KLEINEDLE R, JUDITH KLOSTERMAN, ROBERT KUNC, PATRICIA naw .-ff ' LAWRENCE , KAREN Sandy Bower's looking sadg Mrs. Bi1ow's lo o kin g madg Surely things can't be that bad. Z' f nn ,fl ,gi I 'V LAWRENCE, SUSAN LEIGHTON, LAWRENCE LOJENGA, WYBE ff ef LONDRIGAN, MARGARET MARTIN, JOHN 15362 . Wanna kybliw, Dennis M att i s and Roger Chadwick at the conference table. LYONS, JON MANLEY, ROGER MARTIN, KENDALL MATSKO, JANET A A, Q. f ff I 3, ,. J MATTIS, DENNIS J'lf x xt X K' x 1'- , :V 1,145 1, lx I, Q 1' ' Q A A 3 MCGRAW, JAMES MCCARTHY, JAMES MCCOLLUM, THOMAS -an-5, MIANK, DAVID MIKESELL, LUCILLE Having escaped from class, Lorraine Derr gleefully takes off for parts unknown. 1 S E. K E 5 K 1 , -ii, 1-J s N- ah? A 'XX ' x - gi ss K x WE Q r R.. pm MOLSTAD, LYNN MOORE, SHERRY M z L NAG LE , MARGARET OBERHOLTZER, WILLIAM Solving physics problems may not be our favor- ite way to spend an hour, but it keeps Mr. Simp- son happy. MUCHA, MARIE ,WW O'BRIEN, ELLEN fm OCENASEK, CATHERINE O'HARE, WILLIAM OLIVER, GARY Concentration OTTAWAY, ALICE PARRISH, THOMAS PETERS, DONALD One of the highlights of English Lit was the student's version of She Stoops to Conquer. Second hour's presentation was a hit, even though the costumes were more memorable than the acting. s f A at -faq? MEADS, MICHAEL PIERCE, CARL PLUMMER, MARK POEHNER, LORRAINE PUSKA, MICHAEL RAASIO, DONALD 1 1 .f.: hu h inn- it w-...f RAASIO, THOMAS RATHBUN, ROBERT RAU, DAVID A--fs ,Xl .4-L-Q g.'.T,,, RAYMOND, BRIAN REED, ROSCOE RICHARDS, MARY Fourth hour's performance was just as expert. S 9 It , 5 , Sixth hour's Speech class presented a riotous interpre- tation of Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. ROGERS, VERLON ,Q ROBB,SUSAN RoGERs,CHARLA Q ROSENCRANT Z, SHIRLEY ROSSELL, RAYMOND ROUPE, NORA ROWE, GARY .5134 ' if X ROZEN, BARBARA V'-4 4x.X RUESTER, JUDITH RUSSELL, RONALD RYZAK, DAVID 'W Wi SAUTER, THOMAS SAWYER, SUSAN SCAFE, SUSAN A scene from third h0ur's presentation of She Stoops to Conquer. SEXTON, CAROL SCOBLE, WILLIAM SEYMOUR, KAREN SC HIESTEL, SHARYN SELRMARCO, LYNN SHARP, DAVID -'QQ Xl SHEPARD, KARL ins 6 X B -4' NM SHEPPARD,PAMELA .ng MW X .4 SHULTZ, MARY? W ,ii . X ly XX -. SMITH, CAROL 'WI 'C'-r-., SMITH, JERRY QE'-9' SOMERS, LINDA A bevy of Eighteenth Century beauties. -I-s...,Q SPORMAN,CHARLES 1 Our foreign exchange student from the Nether- lands, Wybe Loj enga. "Look Judy, rules were made tobe broken." STAC K, REBECCA STALEY,GAYLE STOHLMAN,CHARLENE sTooPs, DEWAIN U QL, A SUTTER, WILLIAM 'enu-Q., TOTH, MA STRANAHAN, GERALD TARKOWSKI, GAE ANN G SUGRUE, CONNIE TENORE, BONITA ' gf' , Q RY Tozr-JR, PEGGY VM.,4 Ll!! ff VAUGHN, MICHAEL 52 Lunchtime VOLZ, NORMAN 'X ig, ,TZ-N V'7f5 -,ff i 3 5 K .4 21 4' W F5 , we .V A ..,,,M,, 4' q,,A E K2 Y f fi 155 v H Ss A ,Q 3, af' 2 .xnxx 313 Y 13 it fm TUPPER, MARSHA VAMOS, STEVEN ,gf Qlff . uw' WALT, ROGER 4 WILDFONG, MARY LOU WILHELM, WILMA WILSON, MARGARET 1 V A WITHEM, JIM Hide that gum, boys-you know the rules. 1- ' 1 -ff' j, WOODHOUSE , MARY atv YOUNG, MARK ARMSTRONG, SHEILA Glee Club l,2,3,43 Paint 'n Patch 3,4 ARN, WILLIAM Football l,2,3,43 Cross-Country 43 Track 2,3,43 Class Play 1 ARNDT, LINDA SUE F.H.A. 13 Glee Club l,Z,3,4 AUKER, SHARON Band l,2,3,43 Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Majorette 13 Annual Staff 2,33 French Club 2,3,43 Class Play 13 Class Officer 23 Student Council Rep. 13 Officer 3,4 BAKER, JOYCE Band l,2,3,43 Librarian 13 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 3 BAKER, SANDRA F.H.A. 2,s,4 BARBER, SUSANNA F.H.A. 13 Paint 'n Patch 3,43 Blazer 2,4 BARKEY, MARY Debate l,2,3,43 Forensics l,2,3,43 Glee Club 13 Annual Staff 2,4 BAXTER, KATHLEEN F.H.A. 1,2,3 BEEBE, BRUCE Band l,2,3,43 Science Club 1,2,43 President 23 Class Treasurer 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Mixed Chorale 4 BEEBE, KATHERINE Student Council 2,3,43 Annual Staff 3,43 Editor 43 Band l,2,3,43 Class Play 1,33 Homecoming Chairman 4 BENNET, BARBARA Track 33 Future Nurses 43 All-School Play 33 F,H.A. BLUMERICH, DIANE Band l,2,3,43 Class Play 1 BOWER, SANDRA Track 13 Manager 2,3,43 F.H.A. 1,2 BURLESON, BETTYLYNN French Club 3,4 CARLSON, JAMES Football l,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Varsity Club 33 Golf 1 CARTER, WILLIAM Hamady High 1,23 Science Club 43 Vice- President 4 CASEBOLT, JOANNE Softball l,2,3,43 Track 23 F.H.A. 2,33 Future Nurses 33 Librarian 2 CHADWICK, ROGER Basketball 13233343 Cross-Country 2,3,43 Track 3,43 Baseball 23 Football 1 54 Senior Directory CHAPRNKA, ROBERT Baseball Z3 Science Club l,2,3,4 CHRISTENSEN, GARY Glee Club l,2,3,43 French Club 2,3,43Science Club 3,45 Class Play 1 CHURCH, DAVID Baseball 1,23 Football l,2,3,4 CHURCH, SANDRA Giee Club 1,2,33 F.H.A. 4 COLLINS, TERRY Science Club 3,43 Debate 3 CRANDELL, DONALD Band l,2,3,43 Football 1,23 Class Play 2,33 Big Brother 3 CRAWFORD, RONALD Bay City High 13 Track 33 Student Council 4 CULHANE, NANCY Oiee c1ub1,2,s,43 F.H.A. 3,4 CURTISS, DIANE Glee Club l,2,3,43 Beta Chi Theta l,2,3,43 Treasurer 43 French Club 1,23 Future Nurses 3,4 DALTON, LUANNE Band l,2,3,43 Paint 'n Patch 2,3,43 Secretary 33 President 43 Future Nurses 3,43 Blazer 4 DENEEN, CHARLOTTE Glee Club l,2,3,43 F.H.A. 33 Blazer 1 DERR, LORRAINE Band l,2,3,43 Majorette 3,4 DOMKE, DALE Oiee ciub 2,3,4 DOSS, SHAROL Band 13 Blazer 1,43 French Club 23Majorette 23 Cheerleader 2,3,43 Class Play l,2,33 Student Council 2,3 EAVY, LEE Science Club, Secretary 23 President 33 Band l,2,3,43 Class Play 2,33 Class Vice- President 3,4 ECKER, LEE ANN Cheerleader 3,43 Blazer 1,23 Co-editor 43 French Club 2,33 Band l,2,3 FIL, NICKOLAS Glee Club 2,3,4 FRANKLIN, SUZANNE Glee Club 13 Big Sister 23 Class Secretary 3- Paint 'n Patch 4 .' GEHRING, GREG Basketball l,2,3,43 Golf l,2,3,43 Football 1,23 Cross-Country 3,4 GIBBONS, JAMES Football l,2,3,43 Track 2,3 GIFFORD, JUDEE Glee Club l,2,3,43 Beta Chi Theta 2,3,4 Annual Staff 13 Paint 'n Patch 43 Student Counci 13 Class Play 3 GRAY, CAROL Emerson 13 Northern 23 Glee Club 3,43 Bet: Chi Theta 3,4 GREEN, KENDRA Whittier 13 Southwestern 23 French Club 4 V.C.Y. 3,4 GRIESA, MARY ANN Glee Club l,2,3,43 Class Play 1,3 GRIFFEN, RUSSELL Band 2,3,43 Blazer 1 HALE, DIANNA Glee Club 1,2,3,4 HAMMOND, JUDITH Glee Club l,2,3,43 Future Nurses 33 Bet: Chi Theta 4 HAMMOND, MICHAEL Class Treasurer 13 Class President 23 Gle. Club l,2,3,43 All School Play 2,33 Student Counci Rep. 43 Vice-President 3 HARDY, MARTHA F.H.A. 13 Class Play 1,33 Paint 'n Patch' HARRIS, SUSAN East Lansing 1,23 Band 3,43 Debate 3,1 HARTLEY, DAVE Football l,2,33 Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1 French Club 2 HARTZ, MEREDITH Blazer 43 F.H.A. 1 HORTON, JAMES Football l,2,33 Varsity Club 3,4 HOUGH, WILLIAM Golf l,2,3,43 Football 1,23 Band l,2,3,4 Student Cotmcil 33 Class Play 2,3 HUNDSHAMER, KARLEEN Emerson 13 Glee Club 4 HUNDSHAMER, MARILYN Band l,2,3,43 French Club 2,3,43 Annual Staf 23 Blazer 1,23 Class Secretary 43 Prom Chair- man 3 JOHNSON, HELEN FHA. 1,2 KAPP, DAVID Football l,2,3,43 Track 23 Golf 13 Band 1, K1Acz, JOHN Band l,2,3,4 KLOSTERMAN, ROBERT Golf l,2,3,43 Varsity Club 43 Annual Staff KUNC, PATRICIA Paint 'n Patch 25 Future Nurses 3 LAWRENCE, KAREN French Club 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Librarian 1,2, 1,45 Science Club 45 Glee Club 2 LOJENGA, WYBE Exchange Student5 Student Council 45 Cross- Zountry 45 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Track 45 Rolf 4 VIANLEY, RODGER All-School Play 2,35 Baseball 1 VIATSKO, JANET F.H.A. 1 VICCARTHY, JAMES Science Club 2,3,45 Vice-President 4 VlcGRAW, JAMES Football 1,2,3,4 VIIANK, DAVID Science Club 3,4 VIIKESELL, LUCILLE v.c.Y. 2,3,45 Sofrbaii 1,2,3,4, Track 3,4, F.H.A. 2 VIOORE, SHERRY Glee Club 1,25 F.H.A. 15Seda1ic High Schoo13 VIUCHA, MARIE Glee Club 2 iAGLE, MARGARET Glee Club 15 Band 1,2,3,4 D'BRlEN, ELLEN Blazer 3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Librarian 2,3,45 ioftball 45 Student Council 4 bc ENASEK, CATHY F.H.A. 1 YHARE, WILLIAM ' Football 15 Basketball 2,3,45 Cross-Country l,3,45 Baseball 45 Track 35 Class Play 25 Band l,2,3 'ARRISH, THOMAS Band l,2,35 Football 15 Student Council 2 'lERCE, CARL Band l,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Class Play ,2,35 Football l,2,3,45 Blazer 35 Track 3,45 Baseball 15 Varsity Club 4 'LUMMER, MARK Baseball 25 Track 3 'OEHNER, LORRAINE Catalina High 15 Glee Club 2,3,45 Class 'lay 2,3 LATHBUN, ROBERT Track 25 Glee Club 4 iAU, DAVID Track 1,25 Cross-Country 3,4 ICHARDS, MARY Glee Club 45 F.H.A. 4 OBB, SUSAN Student Council 15 Band 1,25 Glee Club 35 ll-School Play 15 Class Play 1 ROGAN,LEONA Giee Club 1,2,3,4, Beta chi Theta 2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 ROGERS, CHARLA F.H.A. 25 Librarian 1,25 French Club 4 ROGERS, VERLON Baseball l,2,3,45 Football 1,25 Cross-Coun- try 3,4 ROSENCRANTZ, SHIRLEY F.H.A. 1,2 ROUPE, NORA Band l,2,3,45 French Club l,2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,4 ROWE, GARY Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 25 Varsity Club 2,35 President 4 RozEN, BARBARA F.H.A. 15 French Club 1,2,3 RUESTER, JUDITH Band 2,3,45 Class Play 2,35 All-School Play 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Future Nurses 4 RUSSELL, RONALD Track l,2,3,45 Cross-Country 3,45 Varsity Club 4 RYZAK, DAVID Science Club 2,3,45 Treasurer 4 SAUTER, THOMAS Woodward High l,2,3 SAWYER, SUSAN Band l,2,3,45 Debate 1 SCAFE, SUSAN Paint 'n Patch 45 Band 15 Class Play 1,35 Class Officer 4 SCHIESTEL, SHARYN Band 1, F.H.A. 1 SCOBLE, WILLIAM Band l,2,3,45 Class Play l,2,35 Science Clubl SEIRMARCO, LYNN Glee Club l,2,3,45 Secretary 2,35 Beta Chi Theta l,2,3,45 President 45 French Club 2,3,45 Secretary 3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Class Play 1,3 SEYMOUR, KAREN Band l,2,3,45 French Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Future Nurses 3 SHARP, DAVID Track l,2,3,45 Cross-Country 45 Football l,2,35 Varsity Club 4 SHEPARD, KARL Football 15 Basketball l,2,35 Cross-Country 3.45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Varsity Club 4 SHEPPARD, PAMELA Glee Club l,2,3,45 Softball l,2,3,45 Track 15 Librarian 2 SHULTZ, MARY Band l,2,3,45 Class Play 15 Cheerleader 2 SMITH, CAROL Glee Club l,2,3,45 French Club 15 All-School Play 15 Cheerleader 25 Blazer 1,25 Class Officer 2 SOMERS, LINDA Glee Club l,2,3,45 President 45 Beta Chi Theta l,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Future Nurses 35 Class Play 15 Operetta 25 F.H.A. 15 Mixed Chorale 4 SPORMAN, CHARLES French Club 3,45 Librarian l,2,3 STACK, REBECCA Future Nurses 3 STALEY, GAYLE Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,3 STOHLMANN, CHARLENE Paint 'n Patch 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 STOOPS, DEWAIN Band l,2,3 SUGRUE, CONNIE French Club 1,25 Blazer 15 Class Treasurer 2 TARKOWSKI, GAE ANN Class Play 1,35 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Presi- dent 25 Vice-President 35 Student Council 3,45 Treasurer 45 Paint 'n Patch 3,45 French Club 35 Annual Staff 45 Blazer 45 Art Club 4 TENORE, BONITA French Club l,2,35 Band l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 1,3 TOTH, MARY F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Class Play l,2,3 TOZER, PEGGY French Club 2,3 TUPPER, MARSHA Band 1,25 Future Nurses 3,4 VAMOS, STEVE Band l,2,3,4 VOLZ, NORMAN Science Club 3 WALT, ROGER Science Club 3,45 Band l,2,35 Football 15 Track 15 All-School Play 1 WILDFONG, MARY LOU Beta Chi Theta 2,35 Secretary 45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Secretary 25 All-School Play 35 Class Play 15 Student Council 4 WILSON, MARGARET Student Council 25 Band l,2,3,4 WOODHOUSE, MARY Band l,2,3,45 Blazer 35 Big Sister 35 Class Play 15 Future Nurses 4 YOUNG, MARK Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Base- ball 15 Track 2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Big Brother 1,2,4 55 - "L' ' " ' V- - 5- sf1.,.v,., 7 ' 3 4 fi 1 n Q , A M W, W .. "lv-I-q-.,.,,,, W5 w2,,f,,,s,,. Z,-H: - s wr '1 'I 21 :- ,QW-1 ,pw Q42 .40 ' Q L,,. L.,, ,,,, A , sm W-rf wr ' 'M 'C fs. ' I -au. , Q Qrganigaiions X321 I X I "Sk The Student Council busy at work? sf','! X , Looks like we'11 never make X. x lst row, 1. to r.-Mr. Szacki, R.Rosse-11, V. Pres.g P, Bennett. 2nd row-R. Lanphear, R. Kahl. 3rd row-P. Tarkowski, P. Richey, C. Armour, D. Bronson, S. Weddle. 6th row-E. O'Brien, Sec,3 M. Tarkowski, Pres.g S. Auker, Treas.g G. Tarkowski, Student Council. , . P if x if L. Seirmarco, J. Cummings, T. Purcell, J. Bejcek, I. Beebe, R. Crawford, R.Gaiser, M. Wildfong. 4th row-C. Pegram, R. Stan- ley, D. Hobby, R. Feke, M. Hammond, E. Nerychel, W. Lojenga. Zne Key 50 Better ' If rr. 1 5 - Uncterstancting President Ray Rossell 7'-v 'fifin mir' rg .W- tw B. Tenore, M. Barkey, J. Baker, B. Beebe D. Garab, J. Ruester, R. Klosterman, P. Lieffers D. Hobby, G. Tarkowski, K. St. John, M. Soderman 60 Perannos Staff Editor-K. Beebe, Advisor-Doris Moon A party for the editor? M 1 f X Q Blager 1.4 , I like this One better. 1st row, L. to R.-B. Lanxton, L. Ecker, S. Barber, S, Doss, C.Smith, Znd row-M. Prevett, G. Saunders, L. Dalton, P. Dietrich, EI. Nerychel, R. Baker. 3rd row-E. O'Brien, D. Stohlman, S. Bell, G. Tarkowski, M. Hartz, K. Stoddard. 4th row-M. Szacki, L. Hall, B. Washer, M. Miller, B. Kapp, M. Samnick. Staff F' lf' ,if -...ff L. Ecker, G. Tarkowski, co-editors, Mrs Gordon, advisor. lst row, L. to R.-W. West, R. Kahl. 2nd row-L. Seirmarco M. Hundshamer, L. Mitchell, P. Tyler, M. Tarkowski, S. Young L. West, T. Horvath, D. Pierce. 3rd row-S. Graham, D. Byers K. Lawrence, K. Osterwyck, B. Burleson, P. Hagenbuck D. Hundshamer, J. Cummings, K. Green, C. Gilmour, S. Auker S. Bell, M. Rowe, C. Rogers, G. Christiansen, K. Hamilton R. Young, R. Gaiser. 4th row-J. Auker, C. Pierce, E. Mart, Hrench C1116 Adv.-Miss Steward, Pres.-M. H un ds h am e r, Treas,-L. West, V. Pres.-K. Kinsman, Sec.- L. Seirmarco, Sergeant of Arms-K. Hamilton. 62 Furse, L. Little, F. Spaleny, J. Peterson, C. Cordell Pardonnet, W. Hundshamer, K. Semenuk, K. Stoddard Green, R. Cordell, K. St. John. 5th row-D. Rowe, P. Sarka . Hoover, K. Goss, K. Kinsman, J. Henry, S. Pegram, C. Norton Seymour, C. Sporman, N. Roupe, N. Brooks, R. Buell Toth, J. Ecker. GI!!! Varsity Cfieerleaclers Q H..-..w,..-..n 3 1 8 2 -'f'l's':: -ivgiflsl' f,fg:agt:: Y 0 l I Q' I i Q -23322:-: 12'-3a'5' .rzfzfffe 9'91Qi'. Ol' ' Victory! Victory! 1. to r.: N. Pardonet, L. Hawkins, W. Hundshammer, B. Kapp, B, Wascher. lllinnf' Ill! 1. to r.: J. Cummings, L. Ecker, A. Payne, S. Auker, S. Anthony. Q 6 umor Uarslty if Q U I U l I o,a.oSo,o,u,g2,: gfo'::!fl:l:g'g0, 55'0 0 I 1 0' ' I I 's29!g352gEc:o33 g.5z, 3 929:15 2293" 7: 'ogoi ' 95" ' Hifi ' CHeerleac1ers ii Q fb K7 Mrs. Eissinger, Coachg Raider Birdg L. Eckerg S. Auker Captain. Varsity .ms f 6 25. C1115 ' Confusion! Treasurer-D.Hobby President-G. Rowe Secretary-R. Stanley Advisor- E. Gratsch lst row-D. Hobby, D. Church, C. Pierce, W. Ober- J. Carlson, G. Rowe 3rd row-D. B1oss,M. Brownrigg, holtzer, R. Klosterman, M. Young, K. Hamilton 2nd R. Stanley, E, Nerychel, J. Todd, L. LaBrecque, B. row-R. Chadwick, C. Cross, L. Leighton, G. Gehring, Pennock, J. Schluckbier 64 Science C1115 First row, 1 to r-Advisor, Mr. Kandow, D. Ryszak-Treas., herd, C. Lamos, G. Christensen, D. Miank, K. Burgess, J. McCarthy-Pres., W. Carter-V. Pres., S. Bell-Librarian, M, Chaprnka, R, Buell-Fourth row-J. Clark, D. Walkling, K. Alexander-Sec., Advisor-M12 Simpson-Second row- L, Wilcox, D. stout, J. Sch1uckbier,R. Dempsey, R.Wa1t, P. Beers, K. Lawrence, T. Beuhler, Heath,J. Byrd, K. Powell, R. Chap!-nka, S. Chase' P. Ryzak, R. Beebe, J. Brown-Third row-S. Newton, B. Shep- gt Nil 1 N' Q 'Q I -B ll if . Leah . Fifsf POW. 1 to 5-p- TOZGF, K- M9-USUN, M- S0d9l'maU, Third row--L. Arndt, Mr. Wolfgang, S. Newton, J. Bejcek M. Szacki-Second 1'0W-G- T2-I'k0WSki, D- P0D0VitS, L' De- L. Coyner, R. Reed, D. Hedges, D. Stewart, R. Simpson. Courval, M. Cogswell, L. Dalton, G. Graham, J. Horton- Senior 1. to r.-Majorettes: K. Hutchinson, V. Canouts, L. Derrg Drum Major: J. Buell, Asst. Drum Major: J. Aukerg F. Spaleny, L. Schmidt, J. Gotts. Band-lst row: D. Blumer-ich, P. Hagen- buch, K. Seymour, R. Buell, B. Parrish, A. Larner, S. Young, L. Dalton, C. White, P. Wilson, K. Beebe. 2nd row: N. Roupe, 66 J. Kiacz, B. Tenore, D. Stohlmann, L. Blagg, S. Sawyer. 3rd row: J, Baker, L. Toth, D. Cochrane, K. Kinsman, D. Hund- shamer, D. McKimmy, D. Smith, N. Sanborn, E. Mart, G, Caverly, R. Smith, R. Kahel, L. Griffin, R. Cordell, E. Sigulinsky, C.Rosse11,R.Baker,J. Cummings, T. Lawrence, K, Stoddard, M. Shultz, K. St. John, W. Hundshamer, M. Miller. 4th row: C. Shehorn, M. Hundshamer, K. Schelke, L. Eavy, Ban Director-William Dial, Asst. Director- Leland Cory. Drum Major James Buell out 34.1.4 ...un L . . '..f.l,:,-5514-q A v -43-:L gen.-Janis.-, v-.3 as - eu M We ,kwv , ,. unicast-vuwxlc.: rv w . . - S. Vamos, B. Beebe, S. Weddle, D. Popovits, G. Coyne, T, Prim, R. Gatlin, D. Combs, J. Balla, S. Auker. 5th row: R. Gaiser, M. Nagle, J. Peterson, M. Rowe,J. Lazar, J. Ecker, M. Sweers, M. Woodhouse, R. Griffen, Mr. Cory, D. Crandell, T. Lawrence, L. Slocum, Mr. Dial, R. P1ass,R. Cole, C. Pierce, D. Rowe. 1 Q ,ZF r-'fb 2,117-Sw ,. Mf. . , 1 . ' 54. 'f'DT.'L Asst. Drum Major James Auker Cadet Band Mr, Dial, Director, adjusts a horn. V 5 24. . 4, The office help can always find work to do. lst row-l to r-K. Middleton, J. Byrd, K. Homsher P. Lamphere B. Hennick, E. Pierce, P. Beers, S. Kasson, D. Wood. 2nd row-P Conover, P. Ryzak, C. Patten. 3rd row-W. Snider, M. Smithson K, Smith, F. Tenore, R. Beebe, P. Duby, R. Morse, M. Sholler D. Tyler, G. Brooks, D. Hinaman. 4th row-L. Eavy, W, Rogers R. Baker. v v Degaie S Till el HHH IUEE 4 '-:b , ffl Left to right: Miss Hummel, R. Gaiser, M. Barkey, S. Telling. Horensics g mmf' """"' 3 Q W I 3- 5-. . I -ss, ' . i 4 . .- .K Q f, .- ' 'Z IIINIUU I Left to right: R. Gaiser, G. Hawley, Miss Hummel, M. Barkey, S. Telling. , f 3' fr: Q we Q H ,pl Jil 5 ,gg N ii Senior Qirls' Qlee C1115 lst row-1 to r-Conductor, Mr, Schnepp, L. Arndt, S. Gohrman, S. Pegram, D. Hale, P. Shepard, L. Blakemore, K. Bair, M. Griesa Graham, C. Sexton, D. Curtiss, C. Booth, S, Borrow, L. West, C. W, Wilhelm. 3rd row-V. Fitch, C. Hoover, M. Lazar, C. Deneen Smith, B, Vance, M, Wildfong, J. Gifford, J. Parker, B. Lanxton, G, Staley, N. Culhane, J. Hammond, G. Tarkowski, K. Coolick, S L. Sommers. 2nd row-C. Norton, L. Seirmarco, M, Richards, C. Chase, M. Thomas, L. Poehner, D. Drubin, A. Payne, P. Tyler Gray, W. Gleason, J. Schonewetter, T. Horvath, C, Stohlmann, M. Toth, L. Rogan, J. Clark. S. Armstrong, M. Tarkowski, F. Spaleny, S. Fozzard, K. Todd, S. LF! A successful Christmas concert. Practice makes perfect. mv Director-Mr. Schnepp 1. to r.: N. Wonch, R.Penda11, L.To1es Mr, Schnepp. unior girls' lee C1116 "" lst row, 1. to r.-L. Grainger, P. Tarkowski, N. Bettesworth, J. Williams, G. Sommers, H, Nagle, M. Hyrman, N. Wonch. 2nd row-M. Lamrock, G. Hawley, J. Kapp, B. Prevo, L. Mattson, D. Stowers, P. Dodge. 3rd row-R, Pendall, L, Toles, S. Burke 44,4 4:5 1.-ff' , ,H ,f "IQ -1 7 ' K" rx tx X . K. I X, K , f-' f , First row, lto r-A. Fil, L. Peppler, G. Christensen, M. Ham- D. Hagenbuch, A. Simpson-Third row-C. Burgey, M, Meads, mond, W. West, R. Rathburn, L. Johnson, J. Butler-Second B. Raymond, L. Eller, R. Kyle. row--T. Bentley, D. Peters, M. Fraiser, N. Fil, R. Brown, Boys' Chorus Director, Mr. Schnepp, looks over a sheet of music with the boys lst row: 1 to r-Mr. Comaromi, M. Sayen, J. Schonewetter, D, Brownson, G. Slagor, 2nd rowg Ito r-E. O'Brien, L. Jamnick, P. Richy, J. Bauer, K. Lawrence, C. McLean. fifkarians And Counselors, Aides yiiis. Ito r-R. Rossell, C. Cross, K. Schelke, K. Baxter, P. Sheppard Painfn Patcn lst rowg 1 to r-S, Barber, Y. Brown. 2nd row- F. D. O'Brien, J. Gifford, S. Young. 4th row-L. Laws Spaleny, K. Hutchinson, L. Brown. 3rd row-Mrs. C. Young, B. Woodthorpe, L. Dalton, S. Hinkley Bilow, P. Tyler. G. Tarkowski, S. Fra.nklin, S, Sth row-M. Cogswell, B.D:1viS, M. Hardy. Scafe, S. Armstrong, C. Sadowski, B. Klostermau, l to r-Pres.-L. Dalton, Vice Pres.-S. Barber, Sec.-S. Armstrong, Treas.-S.Young,Adv.-Mrs. Bilow V. ... sn' . ag' cf, I .i - ,. -- 1 ,i 4 .-.- . ,,..,. -li 1 to r-D. Fox-Sentinel, H. Kilbreath-Sentinel, Mr. Mason-Adv., J. Todd-Pres. D, Shoen-Sec., C. Lamay-Treas., L. Eavy-V. P., Going Somewhere? 3',3'.A. lst row: 1 to r-H. Kilbreath, R, Suryan, M. Derenzy, D. Klawuhn, G, Smithwick, D. Shoen, D, Cronin, V. Lake. 2nd row-R. Kyle, T. McCollum, D, Bigelo, S, Cheeley, R. Darling, T. Sawyer, C. Lamay, J, Todd, D. Fox. 3rd row-W. Smith, G. Burton, J. Riddle, L. Eavy, S. Vuketich, C. Whetham, R. Bueche, R. Forbus. 4th row-K. Eller, D Travis, J. White, R. Bartsch, D. Zitterkoph, G. Vandefifer F, Donaski, R. Oatley, J. Beaty. Stanley, K. Stevens, J. Jones Havalda, D. Novess, G. Swanson 5th row-T. Whitmire, R D. Smith, J. Bates, J lb 1. to r.-Adv., Mrs. Cross, L. Rogan, Pres.g M. Stein, Vice Pres.g F. Spaleny, Sec., S. Baker, Tre-as. 3,H.A. lst row, 1. to r.-R. Bettesworth, H. Nixon, M. Lamrock, P. Bostwick, L. Rogan, L. Horning, S. Conquest. 2nd row-S. Fuseek, E. Evans, D. Rice, S. Rosencrantz, M. Toth, S. Gohrman, E. O'Brien, B. Pearson. 3rd row- G. Springer, E. Riddle, N. Culhane, M. Richards,V. Fitch, Conover. 4th row-S. Baker, S. Smith, D. Stewart Scafe, G. Ham, P. Baxter, J. Schonewette. 6th row- Lapham, L, Wilhelm, M. Stein, G. Evans, D. Arn, Spaleny, K. Coolick. 3 ,V , ,- P - ,,,, i ty M f ,,,, ,VH ,, f W, M , - , f , . fLf7W2w,f, hwy 4d,L3,,.,A,, :5,-L , - ' ,, ,MMM , R N. ,k,, , -, Q ., k,,qf5w,LWM 1. , f if V S 2,57 7 W J ,, f 1 . ' , 1 , ,w13gw,fL,,,, w,f,f59,w i ,I ,f 4 ,- ,Z W i Q' ' 7 5 1, f' . LL,, W- - 4 - f g L,,, ' ' iff f V as f,.15f?64 i'M. f , , uzsfl ,fmef f w ,w57mf'?:jz7' , 2Gf QQ w W 'Y , .H F4434 ri-.. Q Q xjsg HL .N A - my J iff. ,A -f, , af""+ 0 -iff ff- if Af 'IW I .LJNQ d.,,t,1 1 A if 3, '. .y'-".-z .. 1 - , -- -452 'u 1' M- ' -'lt-it E-6 -fa.-F" . ' Q,-ff -' 4 '-. ,A was 4 -fr gif Vx- -. 1 .' -, . -Y C 'J' -nf" j 'ifinw' ,-. -3, . c lirwfgi L, 'W . 1 -19, 9' ' 'QL 9 5. X ,W- --...,. - 1 pq. Q. - ,A Q -gu- qg :"'SIZ 1 A - 5-4 'S 'ang , 4 Student Eife K ,Mf , 5,15 , 'yx' S! ' ff Q ff ,W T 2,,v.Q- '- Queen Mary Congratulations! Home coming The brightest constellation in the fall horoscope is the homecoming. Every year a group of harried students spend weeks planning one spontaneous, uncon- trollable week- end. Katy Beebe was this year's general chairman. She was assisted by Lee Eavy, in charge of the parade, Judy Ruester, pre-game activi- ties, Gae Ann Tarkowski, half-time ac- tivities, and Sue Young, publicity. The court was more serene. Mary Woodhouse was voted queen. In her court were Sue Scafe, Mary Lou Wild- fong, Linda Somers, and Judee Gifford. Sue Antioho was the junior attendant. Bev Wascher the sophomore attendant, and Janice Hammond the freshman attendant. The junior class, with Karen St. John in charge, sponsored the home- coming dance. Attendants ' 2 l ...uv- r al x 1 5 N W X Queen and Her Court Attendants L. to R., S. Antioho, B. Wascher, J. Hammond Mary and co-captains G. Rowe and M. Young at ., 1.-..-215 -e. H levi! lf ' -f' X .. ,. ' 1 ' ,- 3 Activities .l "All Late?" And Away We Go" Set ' em up "Does it? J! "Honorary Team Member" Wybe Lojenge ' w J f ' or "Doesn't It?" 5, If . if All School Play, 1964, "You Can't Take It With You" Senior Phys. Ed V 85 'W .. A "Ho Ho Ho" for Mr. Dial wi Singing Cheerleaders Sharon Auker Ann Payne Lee Ann Ecker Sue Anthony GO!" ,uf f Sore thumbs for Valentines "Look out for that arrow" T 1 E. 2 JUN V3 s '34 .sy I -1 " 2Vf5l'i1' L - X Y OO LLL.LV, Gigi? Q A 5 in g t K C". T T509 LL., -...4q Juniors Climax Magazine Sale. Not a creature was not even Mr. Schian. "Si" A11 the king's horses and all the king's men cou1dn't put stirring these guys together again. The Whistling Gypsy. Take two, they're small jx 6 " 1 . 1 f X-L. Once upon a morning dreary while we marched so weak and Weary. . . . GO! A. A little louder boys! A bedtime story for a winning basketball team. 5 8 Am . Our boys M-shine that night K wvgggfl Mfgbw 5421553 ai 4 , 3 f, fi :WSU S5 , 4 4 " 1 .7 M df 5 X f NW Ei? 1. if Q , Aimefics Co-Captains Mark Young Gary Rowe He's going to get you Mark! CoacHes D. Parks E. Gratsch D. Christiansen IT! e t t e t 2 n C C. D- - 1 to r, standing-M. Young, D. Church, L. Leighton, M. Brownrigg, J. Carlson, D. Hobby, G. Rowe. 2nd row-E. Nerychel, R. Oberholtzer, L. LaBrecque, C. Pierce, B. Stanley, D. Bloss. Managers Bob Sunday Charles Cross 1 to r, lst row-J. Carlson, L. Leighton, C. Pierce, J. Mcgraw, J. Gibbons. 2nd row-D. Church B. Oberholtzer, G. Rowe, M. Young. L S e , n A -L A.. A . ., CK, i o I' S Varsity O -'xf B. G. Wolf J x A ,S 'xr A x .seal ,. ,K , uarferhachs Leighton G, Hagenbuch xg, 2-rxgg., 2 . X " V .- 1 ' I f , n I f, " , V w 1 f, ff if ,EZ 7 " . -f. 'f ' 4 - 'fs f i f . f 'iw ' lst rowg 1 to r-B. Galloway, D. Hobby, G. Wolf, M. Brownrigg, B. Leighton, D. Bloss, L. Leighton, G. Nickel, T. Trubiro, J. Rundell, M. Williams, J. Gibbons, T. Adamson, S. Smithson, D. Church, M. Swelnis, J. Carlson, A. Carr. 3rd row-D. Pierce, L. LaBrecque, -if ' 6 f C, Pierce, G. Hagenbuch, M. Young, Jim McGraw, J, Horvath, T Childers, J. Havalda. 4th row-B. Stanley, G. Rowe, E. Nerychel B. Oberholtzer, B. Pennock, J. Todd ,V if, :Q 5 , V , V H 1 f f " ,my A lf V15 ni - A ,fl lla :JZ.1.'5afff! fi 1, - Kneeling, 1 to r-J. McGraw, J. Havalda, A. Carr, M. Brownrigg, G. Rowe, B.Stan1ey, J. Todd. Swelnis. Standing-B. Leighton, J. Rundell, M. Young, M. Nice Block, Hobby lst row, 1 to r-EJ. Nerychel, C, Pierce, L. Leighton, B. row-B. Leighton, G. Hagenbuch, M, Young, D, Hobby Oberholtzer, D. Church, L. I..aBrecque, D. Bloss. 2nd -J 1 A '. A .-v , -- 1' J 'f V - . -- I 31. K ,f ' , ,u '-.1 ' I. W5 .. 95 Push 'em back-Push 'em back E 4 , 2 1 5 Understand? Ouch! M mp ng, 1 On 5He gielcl V1 . f ,T sf - -Y i W- fm ' ' M .x,t..pQ.k9 15. 6 KJ ' ' - " w 41.94 - i . W ,V V- ,f S..-,. ' . s --,' , K fy f vp., .ww--f .,-- H , .,,,,, gf wvely' X 1,f.f, I A. Y f ,. ,H ' 1 ' P X' . za. f 1' 2 , .' f , l Sona Tackle, Rowe. 3,551 Q unior Varsity gootgall Coach Qeese Purcell l to r, lst row-D. Hamm, B. Mark, T. Reynolds, R. Kahl, D. Foley, D. Rowe, T. Purcell, G Rosencrantz, D. Smith, S. Crawford, G. Grahm, D. Tyler, P. Jones, R. Eckles, T. Velat R Q Puska, D. Forbush, B. West, D. O'Niel, M. Smithson, C. Morton, K. Grant, E. Houser, G Cumpata, G. Strobb, J. McClain, M. Slogurt, L. Hawtin. 3rd row-Coach Robertson, B. Stacy, R Schmidt, C. Weston, F. Tenore, G. Monroe, R. White, J. Geese, K. Stevens, B. Rose, D. McTag- gart, P. Sheffield, T. Bartlett, D. Kliendler, M. Benz, J. Klimaszewski, J. Arn, B. Henick, J Auker, K. Thiese, D. Elder, J. Rowe, Coach Geese .IIQ V j. Q 3 Q"lX7U I-L1 U, L. 401,367 with Zeam Memgers 1 to r-D. Rowe, R. Puska. D. Khendler T - L. to R., Front, W. Lojenga, E, Nerychel, G. Gehring, M. Young, G. Rowe, B. Pennock, D. Rowe, B. Oberholtzer, D. Klimaszeski, R. Chadwick, J. Horvath, M. Brownrigg, Back, B. O'Hare, D. Dehlin, B. Rose. Basheigall ...S Coach Charles Lucia with starters. L, to R., Standing, B, O'Hare, B. Pennock, G. Rowe, R. Chadwick, Knee1ing,B. Oberholtzer, M. Young. B111 Oberholtzer Offense Bill O'Hare Defense Mark Young Gary Rowe Roger Chadwick Owosso St. Michael Lapeer Grand Blanc Davison Mt. Morris Grand Blanc Davison '-...Q Varsity Managers, Ray Rossell, Bob Sunday, Charles Cros SCORES 79-54 80-67 72-58 66-53 69-61 92-54 82-68 84-60 Lapeer Ainsworth Owosso Kearsley Mt. Morris Beecher Clio 69-51 60-66 86-58 69-66 88-43 61-60 67-69 Bruce Pennock Ed Nerychel , . . A W ,ws sm mx Q Y V24 s o ' i Obe Passes O2 Don't Look At the Scoreboard! Uur Boys gn Action Basketballs or REBOUNDS Grapes - , mf-HI!!! Hvw awisl I 'L L x K f K ...rg SV YJ, h I . U K 4- x ,,.4 Kneeling, L. to R., D. O'Nie11, J. Ottaway, T. Laurence, T. Laurence, D. Kliendler, Standing, D. Hagenbuch, J. Kliendler, G. Monroe, T. Robertson unior Varsity BasfQei6aH Contratulations to a fine J. V. team and their coach for a fine season and their League Championship. Coach Robertson talking with, from left to right, Tom Maves, Gary Monroe, Kurt Thiese, and Ted Laurence. Maves, K. Thiese, ull' l J. Geese, L. Griffin, Coach O9 9 K t yu' I 5939.12 2 CS! X L. to R., Sitting, G. Wolfe, C. Sheppard, V. Rogers, D. Foley R. Nesseler, L. Galvin, Kneeling, T. Trubiro, T. Adamson, T. Pickard, J. Rundell, J. Horvath, B. Kahl, J. Wood, Standing, Coach Dale Parks, C. Cross, Ed Nerchel, B. Pennooh, J. Cintz, R. Crawford, S. Smithson, A. Carr, M. Brownrigg, M. Smithson. L. to R., On floor, D. Jones, D. Rowe, lst Row, Coach D. Christenson, D. Hagenbuch, T Purcell, G. Cumpata, C. Pirtle, T. Maves, 2nd Row, T. Lawrence-:,J. Kleindidlier, B. Rose D. Dehlin, D. O'Neill, L. Griffin, D. McTaggart, B. White, B. Mark, 3rd Row, P. Patton T. Lawrence, F. Tenore, G. Monroe, M. Chaprinka, D. Hinarnan, C. Papadakis, L. Green R. Hines, 4th Row, E. Mart, M. Shippard. First Row, L. to R., R.Wares,D. Roy, T. Maves, B. Leighton, M. Young, R. Chadwick, D. Hobby, B. Gifford, D. Bourassa, B. Arn, 2nd Row, P. Sheffield, L. LaBrecque, C. Pierce, J. Hamady, L. Moffat, R. Burton, W. Synder, M. Swelnis, B. Smith, B, West, 3rd Row, J. Geese, D. Dehlin, J. Cuddebak, K. Martin, T. Spencer, B. Sunday, Coaches Gratsch and Annis, and Ron Russell. Coaches A1 Gratsch and Jerry Annis lst Row, L. to R., L. LaBrecque, B. Leighton, B. Gifford, P. Sheffield, C. Pierce, D. Kapp, K. Hamilton, J. Cuddebak, D. O'Nei1, 2nd Row, B. Arn, R. Russell, M. Plummer, B. Smith, W. Synder, M. Young, D. Jones, D. Hobby, K. Martin, 3rd Row, M. Swelnis, J. Geese, R. Trepanier, J. Hamady, R. Burton, D. Roy, B. West, M. Williams, P. McCarroll. D. Bourassa, 4th Row, T. Spencer, D. Dehlin, T. Maves, L. Moffat, R. Chadwick, R. Bremer, R. Eller, R. Wares, J. Schluckbier. -. T .. 4 twkii Standing, L. to R., Coach Charles Lucia, D. Smith, W. Lojenga B. Haughton, J. Buell, B. Hough, R. Huttenga, D. West, J Ottaway, P. Lieffers, Kneeling, D. Smith, B. Klosterman, S Oginsky, P. Nichols. .-jd L. to R., lst Row, Coach Charles Lucia, R. Chadwick, B. O'Hare, R. Russell, D. Sharp, D. Jones, V. Rogers, D. Rau, B. Arn, B. Smith, 2nd Row, E. Mark A. Shepperd, D. Smith, J. Reynolds, G. Wood, J. Schluckbier, B. Haughton, L. Galvin, B. Gifford, D. Bourassa, 3rd Row, G. Gehring, W. Lojenga, P. McCarro1l, J. Hintz, D. Novis, D. Wares, R. Dempsey, L. Green, J. Cummings, R. Bantle, 4th Row, F. Smith, R. Cordell, G. Bergey, D. Hineman, D. Briemer, R. Wares, D. Klimasezki, D. Rowe, C. Shepherd, 5th Row, T. Lawrence, M. Chaprnka, D. Hedges, J. Kleinedler, J. Ottaway, T. Lawrence, R. Ross, D. O'Nie1, F. Chaprnka, Top, D. Lazar, J. Rogers, R. Beebe. 3. i . , 4 I ei. ,Y . . " -29 ' . ,5- . X V U If I . L. to R., Starting Position, M. Prevett, S. Aasved, B. Bennet, lst Row, S. Hoover, J. Doan, S. Barrow 2nd Row, G. Crawford, B. Vance, F. Splaney, C Burton, B. Shephard, P. Slagor, Standing, S. Graham S. Chase, V. Canouts, M. Moran, K. Lawrence, S Horvath. 5tacQ Qirrs Sofigall L. to R., Miss Griffith, P. Slagor, R. Sweers N. Pardonet, S. Agler, K. Comer, B Pearson, J. Casebolt, E. O'Brien, Kneeling L. Mikesell, W. Wilhem. 107 .Kap M54 M if W w is 'H M? Qfffffl r "x N 1 x f F r P r, 'Q u,. 1 yn ,, nfl H B . -. ,X ,A r ,-44. 2, .gf gb if 5 1 u Q 1 Unclerclassmen 109 4 am i l ,M We ! .v if ,fm rs , K L 1 , ,M ff law ,Q in K , de? t L, lvi , Brooks , Nancy H .,,' 5. , P , ,. , J, '+V I-Q-57, f Q J' -x " Rig as, l l ,,, , Va BG' y ' E Y lm ff ' 1 Q N, , 3, i Q 'QW .- , -3 ik 'A -2 V . " -J f Tfl k ' '- J, L J o f V25 was , '-'if ! 415 1 an f X? ii 'fax' A,'L ? ' w3'w'iwmYQe-it l am if gb f at MW I vze 1 ,'i, .. fffill ' "Q 'Gif 1 V 1 - ,y V, J fin, V f - 5 ,, ' W -, 49 ei ez , .2 ,. 'x JW , .M-v , ' , 14" ,i ii is f, '11 ' -' A Q 32, W -ve 'T 7 205219 ' M' ff, my 'H' Pl' K Q . , M 1 x ,K -1-A-. , 5 A LIS Aasved, Cheryl Adamson, Tim Alger, Margaret Antioho, Sue Anderson, Norma Anthony, Sue Babcock, Janice Bain, Karla Baker, Roy Bantle, Richard --..,, Beatty, Howard Bejcek, James Bell, Stepanie xr M H QM is 1 A ,V ia-1 4 , f if , M Q. Benz, Melody Bergey, Charles Bettesworth, Roberta Bills, David V yrg fm , LQWSH? ' ',. 5':55' f . n ' x 31, s 4' if 4 "" 1 ww f, 'P' , Sz-15,13 p-.J fn, J . ,, K W . isli 'M ' . .-21:7 ,' ' , g,, s A ' Ik : 1-'23, 1 ii, T 5 3 ffli fwfa 4 - 4 fuk Vt A , fa , ,flip V- W lf, .1 ' Q' ff' "" E .'-'.f L'l' 1 ffl V fi,-1 . M if 5 if '51 - SY. -, i x m:E'5iWf's.b, .za , an ii We A I ag ,.,,. f u: :' ' '-- Z It f , . KQV- -QA Q A 44+ if 5' X, 'V v ",-,- ,hi ,305-g'5,', Q Junior Class Sponsor-Mr. Mason Miss Steward, Mr. Comaromi Blackford, Cassandra Blackman, Wayne Boley, David Bolt, Dennis Booth, Connie Borrow, Sharon Brooks, Terry Brownrigg, Mike Buell, Becky Buell, Jim Burnett, Darell Burton, Connie Burton, Ron Byers, Diane Caldwell, Marcia Canouts, Velia Carey, Sharon Carr, Allan Carr, Penny Caverly, Gordon Chalender, John Chase, Susan Childers, Thomas ,mv-1t8'P Hundshamer-Big Sister Adamson-Big Sister Car r- President Payne-Secretary Young- Treasurer Garab- Vice President Decourval, Linda Dempsey, Cathy Dempsey, Robert Devens, Gail Dietrich, Margaret Doan, Janice Donoski, Frank Douglas, Barbara Dowen, Donna Drubin, Diane Eckles, Richard Eller, Larry Farrel, Diane Fil, Alexander Fitch, virginia Forbus, Ronald Foster, Dennis Fox, David cr ,.., uniors Childs, Robert , A. . Clark, Jackie 3 Ha? -1 .. cg," Q Glodfelter, Michael fl -if "7 " Cogswell, Marcella U V - X 1 7 -M-I4 1 -QL sas., ,K xv xx , nf. . '31 Q14 Mk-3 V 1 - X if 5, ' Ml 1 . 4 1 J Cole, Richard ,-. ., e Comer, Karen S V, Conquest, Sandra - G n Fw 1' 5 'WS . Coolick, Kathleen ' lf v A xx , A Cordell, Cynthia "2 ' J :JD is 1" Cordes, Graig -'- H , jg JV 'M' 4 2' 1 Crandell, Linda Cronin, Dennis f ' th", 'G' Cuddeback, John F-4 ,fig 'A- I '- " Culhane, Bill Cummings, Janice 51 'fx , 3 V 1, Davidson, John N" X i 'R '- Davis, Barbara ' 13 ' Q7 A if ' ,ff '53 X .e ' v 'i r ' B? 6 L wg! .QQ A -. ' A in 1 it ' K i 'xi gl X 'ix T + f i' , . -' H, ,ffv.L:. T45-vi xx! ' Q 0 1, HP'-E 4., -if ...Q Q L 31' vw " 1--iw.-Q. t Q - 3.- rf . ' x' A 4 ef- ' r AQ QV lg ' few-,F , elm 'L 'X i J -L, W fi g,i , f 'xi , . ' ' Q' ' - A 1 I 7 r A + . Va .iigltgil 3 X an Z la wg J r,,, . 5,fi7'h ri Q -V f ' ,B 'K ,l:'3v"-H , A fifaff 4 QI 2' X,, , ,,,,.?? ' U Y ,, , 3, ,,. L N ,Mg 2 4 'af ' ' ww' .,u a L R Wir 'J ' L ,. jiifif lj 4' rrli i if , aasa f ,sa sal fix "rims if 'wifx ff 45 " J J J L K ' ' Zia. ' A J ? 2, , , k , , x L A 3 " QSM. Q, fn , 1 fsffie, Q 31 ' if ails? 1 ' Gorman, Susan ,151 7 I fa 2- a ,F F in M , Q xc? 4 , ww ,L , Q? .N Mk, 2 ,L iii V J 1, ,.1 5 ,Ex K Gatlin, R andy Fozard, Sharon Fronsee, Joyce Frounfelter, Howard Galloway, Bruce Gancarz, Roman Garab, Danny Gifford, William Ginter, Tom Gleason, Waunita Goldsmith, Barbara Herzog, Ree Ellen Himes, Rita Hintz, Joseph Hobby, Dee Hoffmeyer, Lynn '1 8 uf' ,Wi , '5 N ' 1 4 5 fa j , Graham, Sue ,V W i f Grainger, Joy f I n K GroSS, Peggy ff ,Z '35 V A Hagenbuch, Gary 2 Q V' 1? me L Hagenbuch, Paula , Hamady, Joseph 0 ,. H j ' Hamby, Ricca ' Mf M ' I Hampton Mel L .t Q VV .M 1 , V 7 ij, ' Haughton, Robert , ,,,,. -gg Helmbold, Dan 2 4"- . a,,' 1 if J " ew , 'W ii,, 45" i Bene, 2 i4ff.'aS:.ra-meiesimii. , Vv-v1 1. -f , 1,3 i I W U, gl, ,A w s f W' X M y 1 ' 1 X A J ffm . U' 'i" i v ,, .af fa ""A f X 'ffm " s Y , Z,f,f5'r U .. 4 ,,: , . J , ,'4ff, I L' - X ,x"'e?X ll t,-J A ' ."' Y x in , 'T H' Juniors in Typing Class Hoover, Charlotte Horvath, John Horvath, Terri Hundshamer, Darcy Huttenga, Rodney Ingersoll, Marie Jarczynski, Robert Johnson, Larry Karasek, Nicholas Kidder, David Klimaszewski, Dan Klipa, Thomas Kyle, Richard LaBrecque, Lanny Lake, Carmel Lanxton, Barbara Laws, Linda Lazar, Marilynn Leighton, Robert Lennon, Thomas ' N Lieffers,Pau1 Q, I ? ' Little, Linda - 1' 2 MacMagregor, Cathy H , Malnar, Mike Q .9 ' eu. Matthews, Diane McCallister, Kathleen - Q- McKimmy, Doyle ' Miller, Robert Mitchell, Lynne f Moffat, Larry Montgomery, Judy Nagy, Steve Nerychel, Ed Norton, Carol Oatley, Rodney Oginsky, Steven Page, Robert The Refreshment Stand Parker, Bruce Parker, Janice Parks, Mary Jo ' -'-3., Parrish, Bonnie ,tg Paskle, Ron A' ff c Payne, Ann Payne, Dennis Pearson, Pegram, Sheryl '-T Pennock, Bruce Peppler, Larry , Bonnie 'X W Q-T 1 Peterson, Judy Phelps, Linda Pickard, Terry Pierce, David A .. ,F Popovits, David . -vt Prevett, Mary ,., 11 Prim, Terry Reed, Dale Reynolds, John Rossell, Ralph sri, ,- Rowe, David g -' , if Rowe, Margaret ' f vt L ,,.., I I AM, "' all . Y Nessler, Rickey Nichols, Patrick Nichols, Gary f' , , V' X :PJ T7 ,fi '1 "S, Q, , L ,-.. a, .X' Rv' .Q,. L, y, A Y. 1 A 1 Y e - Q..- .,... rf? ,t ntnt pf ta' I If Q -r Q f '55 15. 0 ix N 14316, L, P T w fs KV' 1 '45 4, vi" .iff ew , ? XX na' fri: I v na. '21 ' 1 Q11 I -ix ,Zi e,, -... A I C' . I X A 1 A Q W ffm Q x as MM, 41' , gif Q t .5 u-- 'EA K 2, ,- 11 W3 9 ef 51, I , mL.A an 1 any L E u,w'g,1f,X'. if fig ri. if if P V few ff.. Watts M. ' - iii? ' Q Q 44 N .. k,.k jx 4 ' xxx 4 7',. it xx ltfqk K .fs M X 1 ' t ei-?,,z,-,Nm-1, vlkxg 'fZ:S':1af-' 'ff x 5 ,r TN .. J im E 3 . -Q , ryg t l 'ik v GI' , et vii , ik K my ga 1 flag. XY? Q ... . in J , Q new fe Roy, Delbert Rueckert, Janet Rundell, John QQ E - .- . e af "' X ,Q . Y-Tv . S, ai? Sammons, Jeff Sanborn, Nancy Sarka, Samuel Saunders, Gayle ex wwf , 'ra , .. ., X . , Y Qt, , 4 X 'Q t t iz . ,V W! :- 4 . : xx MH- ' 'itil A , V+, V 9. 'R - 1 V " . :sf Vik J Nl 95 14,4 , ,653 .2 ' 'Era A -Af ' - 1, t f eee 1 i eene . QU- I . X si -A . 1 2.5 "'. fi . : . i , .J 'vs PS 3 'ls I 55515 1 K . ig, , . Q. Q V gk .As lk. as , V ,.. ' fa d k k .Q .Q K 'L ' ' L '1 'ff . 1-: K xg!! -y gi Q .55 Z 51.5 45 1 A Q ai J' A , SX l f x S ' F G it as my be eee 1 f or J ig S . Rs K at M' Q. .,. . - ' . we V M .f .. ' IF' .. -S iw' 2 5 ' ' 'f 5 QE., K an 5 ' .' tr." 'ie - L ik ' ' K Q4 X A t- X A 5 we ,Q .T Q -1 . M-ggixnax T? 'ii t Q s 'K I-X Sayen, Margaret Schelke, Karen Schluckbier, James Schmidt, Linda Schonewetter, Judy Semenuk, Kathleen Sexton, Christine Sherman, Jo Ann Shoen, Douglas Short, Richard Sies, Kenneth Simpson, Alton Simpson, Robert Slagor, Pauline Smith, Robert Smith, Tom Smith, William Smithson, Stace Smithwick, Glenn Spaleny, Fawn St. John, Karen Stankwitz, Sandra Stanley, Robert Stiehl, Jerry Stoddard, Karen Stohlman, Donna Stout, David Stranahan, William Sunday, Robert Suryan, Richard Swank, Leslie Swanson, Gary Tarkowski, Monica Telling, Sherry Thomas, Mary This year's junior Christmas play was "Gue House, Very Exclusive." Tobey, Brenda Torrenga, John Travis, Pat Trubiro, Tom Tyler, Pat Vance, Brenda Vandefifer, Gary Vansteenburg, Larry Verrett, Marie Vuketich, Steve Wallace, Elaine Wallace, Jerry Walling, Daniel Weddle, Shirley West, Douglas West, Lydia Whetham, Clarke White, Cheryl Whitmire, Teddy Williams, Michael Witham, Jerry Wolf, skip Wood, James Woodruff, Gerald f- B Q Todd, Kathleen "'- 3 M, 5 Tomalia, Dennis el "' " i f ' -qi 4' . T' ff' 4. N .Ci vs. 6' Tripplehorn, David V, 5 -:ab .give Eff wt., 1 ' ' 'iw 'x , S ' K Y , v ' qs. 'K' vw, 1 -V T, 1 4 I , Y , -fa, 1 . V mfg: - f x ie- 4 . ,sz - - ,iz as S S fi S -K' ' L 'L 11 ff- jf! ' W Xl X H ' la .TX " -, Q. -3 "' 'K ,gi , ,, ill if - . f - vt 1- ' fi ., , Q' 'M -tj' . ,vlni E: , ' ,f N, N.. ' " '-N QLK5 ,.i::..wr,i -' ' ff- , fs Q T 'fl - fi to V, , , , 1 , e... , X i -W naw, -' V ' - X Young, Carol ' 5 4 Q: :C Young, Randy -+ V ' 'Q Q. Young, Susan . , Q , ff' .X W ,ni , . ity ,G-ai?-5' 2' 7' f In appreciation for her help with their Christmas assembly, the juniors presented Miss Hummel with a gift certificate. 115 r ' "' ei , . " 1 74 ' fe -Q 3 eff'-i..Q5+:2f. .,, V fdflifw Q, .xl 9 Vw' 'Z r -,gum ,ex 1 la , Qi , I ,,,: fy ,gf in ew. .7 .4 me ik if a rr gf . ,rf g ra A 'I ft Q KU fn 4 - . X7'c,i'? x 3, nf W , I ay. ia,-., , uf ... c'?r?.L .,.-M., ,... k ,. .5 , M5 M 22 EEL. L x'4,,KM,: f Z1,, W , fi wi mm , , V l i ' 1 , W an 'XX mf ,A 'f A wwe! -M . 4 ' 16 2 C if I 255, Q' ?U nfi'1 'c. ,-V., '- 'Z '- V dak! , fi? .- z, ifff a g xy! ,, 5, 22 in . ry- as 'TWV I "K . "if6l'f'W,,,ia., wa fi " or 'ii Q af, ,ff 3 , .I Balla, John Bancroft, Julia Bauer, Janet Baxter, Pat Beatty, James Bennett, Peggy Bergey, Gary Berry, Gary 4 if W "L 3 2 K W2 fi' F t , ti ' ' 79 1 N '-'f'. A 'wa J ., in 65" 4 ' A A ,, A I in ',,' , ' E" F f la eil l , ,,, " P 1 A , V icy , -1- .' 'x"',,.x.f-Qi J' lg J. 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Rowe, Donald F' Sakowski, Cindy Sarka, Patricia Ax Sawyer, Tim Scafe, Roberta - R schaub, Diane A A Seymour, Maurice f,.-V Seymour, Susan W., Sharpe, Bill "7 Sheff ie ld, Phillip Shepherd, Andrew Shoen, Terry Sies, Calvin Sigulinski, Ed L., Simpson, Mark 2 Slagor, Glenn fd Slocum, Tarry Q Smith, Schari Smith, David Smith, Dennis Smith, Fred ' Smithson, Mike Snider, Wayne Soderman, Marcia 40-. " ' , V wa", -f '54 Xie' Spodney, John Springer, Gloria Stankwitz, Cynthia Stevens, Kenneth Stevenson, Gary . Stewart, Diana if - Stowers, Deborah X X -ie-. ' i Stroub, Gary Sweers, Marsha Swelnis, Mike . . MJ M Szaclciflviary .V Teachworth, David "' Tenore, Frank Thiese, Kurt ev! Thorpe, Thomas Tillie, Bill Todd, Jerry Toles, Linda ' - "' Toth, Linda 5: .gif Travis, Don '. , ' Trepanier, Ronald ,X .X 1 I' Turner, Doug Van Gilder, Linda Walkling, Dorothy Wares, Ray Wares, Richard I Warren, Nathan V A Wascher, Beverly g ,Q , f Musk. West, William Weston, Christie Wheatley, Debbie 57' . 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Frabick, Jean Frantz, Carol Fronsee, Kathleen Fuseek, Sandra Gallup, Richard Gibbons, Kathy Freshman Advisors - Mr. Whitmer, Mr. Ruotanen, Mr Reidsma Heath, Richard Henick, Bradley Herzog, Ray Hester, Caroline Hammond, Janice Hanson, Gavin Hardy, Joseph Havalda, James Hawtin, Leslie Hawtin, Wesley Hildebrand, Marcia Homsher, Carl Horning, Linda Horton, Allan Hundshamer, Kris Hynes, Kathleen Johnson, David Johnson, Jay Jones, David Jones, Judy Jones, Phillip Kapp, Janet Kasson, James Kasson, Susan Klepoch, Kathryn Klimazewski, Barbara Klimazewski, Gerald Kubs, Theresa Kunc, Michael Lake, Victor Lakies, Thomas Lamos, Christine Lamrock, Marcia Lanphear, John Lazar, James Lehmar, Gregory Lepczyk, Kathy Lichnovsky, David Little, Jane Logan, Richard X if 1, " ... X x . xl yy 5 .X K . N 1 Au L.-nh ,tl L. '27 W' 'f' Londrigan, Mary ' .s-'sf .3 ,-W." L ' 1 s 'J 1 1.5 iq- 5 SN' i ', ii '- . A Q Q 7-L 3 .1 A - Gibson, David - Gilbert, Sharon .. -,Q Gilmet, Kathryn if QL! 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Nixon, Karen Noecker, John Novess, Deborah O'Brien, Mary O'Brien, Peggy Ocenasek, Christine Oginsky, Alan 2 f Ogle, Nancy , A Oliver, Sharon O'Kelly, Anita .. ,W if Page, Linda Pajtas, James Patten, Carolann Pegram, Christine Pennock, Marguerite ' 1 Pendell, Kathleen , W h w e X Peregrini, Renee Pesti, Paula Pierce, Elaine Plummer, Pete V H Powell, Kathleen 7 ffl ? Prince, Roxy as H Rau, Diane ' Q W Reed, Richard it Reed, Ruth , ,, A A Reed, Wanda la. ' 4 Reid, Robert A Reid, Ruth I . , . , V Revord, Patricia 'J Reynolds, Tim Q 41 Q Q 4,5 4: Rogers, Wayne Rose, William Rosser, Bill Rowe, Gerald ,sl ,, S , dwg ,.:, Roy, Dennis Q C- ' Eff 'F Rozen, Edward 'sf n A X' - 'V' Ryzak, Paula 1 ' ' N ' h ' rl Schmidt, Raymond K ' 7 H 5 xv, n Q, 1 4 , Shepherd, Brenda Shepard, Mark .. Sherman, Ronald ' all or Shew, Margaret AY 'A ' V 4 Shockley, Bruce Q Wil - Shoenwetter, Janet -X X A " Sholler, Eric Sholler, Mike J Y Sholler, Rich 2: Q, -V ,, Skinner, Judy 3 uv! 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FLUSHING CLEANERS 510 Chamberlain Street Flushing, Michigan OL 9-5702 FOR: 1964 Graduates ADDRESS Flushing H If Good Luck Success Happiness Good Health igh School Sig: Take some of each as needed May be renewed any time. BEJECK PHARMACY 1 14 E. Main Street F lushi ng, Michigan Phone 659-63 12 Portraits Commercial Photographs Phone 235-5651 BALDWIN - CHASE PHOTOGRAPHERS 1119 West Third Avenue FLINT 4, MICHIGAN We wish to extend Our Congratulations to the Class of '64, and express our appreciation for the co-operation received from the students, their parents and the faculty of FLUSHING HIGH SCHOOL HERF JONES COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Diplomas and Caps and Gowns ROBERT W. UTTER P. O. Box 764 Battle Creek, Michigan LOYNES AND POWERS FORD All Lines Falcons - Thunderbirds 'NES tov E QE 116 Main Street, Flushing, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS CORNER CUPBOARD GIFT SHOP "Gifts in Perfect Taste" Dorothy H. Schiestel BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1964 FOR THE FUTURE The Flushing Observer DOYLE AND WALLING Printing and Publishing CONTRACTORS Telephone: or. 9-6341 BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE WARMEST WISHES EoR THE FUTURE FLUSHING BOWLING LANES WOUDLAND Mr. and Mrs. sm Duff REALTY T03 Eas+ Main s+ree+ Flushing, Michigan BEST WTSHES FOR A WARM AND FULL LIFE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! TODD'S LAUNDROMAT 7526 Flushing Road Flushing, Michigan Miss Elizabeth Todd Dr. and Mrs. John Poehner .L,. GRANVILLE AUKER BUILDERS, INC CONGRATULATIONS SENICRS Flushing Office GENESEE MERCHANTS BANK Member Federal Reserve Sysfem and Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. Best Wishes Seniors Courtesy of Pinewood Estates Community A Hammond Homes Development Congra'rula+ions Seniors Flushing Gulf Service All the Luck in the World! Blumerieh Radio Repair Service 6403 West Pierson Road Homer G. Blumerich Heartiest Congratulations ancl Best Wishes to the Seniors! Walter C. Todd Realtor LOYN ES and POWERS FORD All Lines Falcons- Thunderbirds Seniors Patrons Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs. Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Edward C. Arndt LeRoy Baker Durwood Barber Walter J . Barkey Russell Baxter Donald Beebe Robert L. Beebe John Bennett John Bradburn Nelson Burleson Lloyd Derr Alfred Domke Leonard Ecker George Franklin Irwin Frounfelter Robert Haight Edward R. Hammond Glenn E. Hartley Dale Hartz William B. Hough Sr. Anthony J. Kunc John Martin Harlin Miank Charlie Moon Edward Mucha James Ottaway Edward W. Papp Elmer Richards William E. Robb Gene Rogers Floyd Rosencrantz Clifford Roupe John Ryzak Paul Shepard J. W. Sauter Arthur Somers Glenn E. Stack Arthur J. Tarkowski Alfred B. Toth Arthur Volz ' 141 .P XI. ND 'X' 1 1 e. W xx s Y- X I Vx, . B X 9 J s Happ Auiograpfis 'C U 953 9' r 41' 'owvsws M400 iness is to Have fr cl Aufograpgs Happiness is to 5e a friend 312235 . , , , , , , ..,. .,, ...nr ,.,.,..,,:,....,1,-, A . .V,. ,., ,, A, U I v A 1 R. V , ' In -I A fwhnin fail'-1 , L 7. V I XD QM-1555 - .Y .- ' --, x ,-....,.,MA-....,.- . .. , , ..... ,,,, .. ..... ..., , ., , . . ,A-,'..,, .. ,. ,.. ...,...-,...,.--

Suggestions in the Flushing High School - Perannos Yearbook (Flushing, MI) collection:

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