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1-..... Foreword . 4' ,R m N ,C. " 3 . 'K .ha sie? A V 1 A r . , " I' 4' " "a .,'. Q. xx .- Ll' ' .--' ' '1'q'i+H r--v"-'5'4'- 0 . 4 I' R fr Q 'Ns' 'Q-". ' gl' ' 'Q gg- ," ff - xh .x I . ,X , - ' 'gl K? 1" J. ' - ' ., - EL' - Hx fh,+-Q5 -, ,I , . -f ..4p,35.1tg1 , N -fxis-'., 1 N Q '. - 71 ' . 'rf-. " 11' . ,., - , 54 'git .M ., 'V - g , Y .. WC --N b ' , a . , FLUSHING IGHSCHOO 1 F' F112 -'Pu 4615, K ',J.r- 'S ww: U , ,, , A X' RENT mx s M vw-4 As A, ,5 , IT." 4- . V, 1 . . my , . 9:1-Vx.. .. 5 I ,aifgjzii ' V' 'iii' T. 1"-rw, ' r 1 ' ' 1 4 ' . -, 1 . :' V: H sftxtf ' '.'1'Q.TTfTi ., ' - -- V --SfT-4'-2-- 5 55 3 5 - 111:-gg -. .V. , . .. ., , V ,Q X.-Vw, -. . V ..,.. .., ... , , ,.V,.,.,..,,.5g , -v 'Q ,' , ..1: :,,.,,:,: N.: 41, ':.3:'1.' g: - ' , -' - - ' ' 'g 1,: 3 : 1-, -: :--:V ,V V 4. .V.-.-,Vw-.--' W- -' Nt V V V -V V f .. V A f.V,,.:,. A -'2-."- ':'::- 3-.9'.9--riyf. .,., vim -- V1 1 - V' '. T' - Q1 . T 51.3 '- - - -I V I -' ' - -f' ii .I2'1, J-51:33. IIE? I VL .- 31 fi? 9- '-L f"2-3'-11-'E'QI:'!Yf'5'I 4 3,17 i:.f-Q55 N':1,.'j"',L'?'fQf"' M:-:--g-:V-Q , V . 5 H . V . 4. . ,. .V V.N,..,.,. ...QQ-n-1 Q, M V-.-3.-,VV,.:.,,: V..,: .,:g.,.,M,,.,,- A :,51j:4,:::3:3:3 3:-Vggzg-533: z,.3.r.5 Vg':2:Vg.EzZ5' .- 1-.J 'gI,i.f., .V ,sg -V Ea V V . 4 j.j,'-'f'.g .g r: .gf-,,12gQ.:.' Appreciation We the Class of 1953, wash to ex press our deep appreclohon To our Mason, for fhear guidance In helpnng us to attain our goals p sponsors, Miss Wubbena and Mr. REO W. GONSER High School Principal 'wi 1'-Yum? ,YL x.. Y MARION D. CROUSE Superintendent of Schools .X-Y X, BERTHA ROBBINS Grade Co-ordinotor -iq no. A Q ., ibm SCHOOL BOARD: Edward Delehanfy, Trustee, Ray W. Sharpe, Treasurer, Marvin Ransom, President, Floyd N. Smith, Secretary, William H. Hunter, Trustee. MARJOR I E SANBORN Secretary 1A X 8' n- C' U . W' Q, X X LUCILLE FRAWLEY Secrelary .Qs ,Q Q? if 'imitate DONALD BEATTY II ichigan State College Mathematics WILLIAM DIAL B. M. Illinois Wesleyan University Instrumental Faculty EARL BYI: Northern Michigan College Michigan College of Mining and Technology Industrial Arts Coach ROBERT DOUTT B. S. Michigan State Normal Junior High DOUGLA.-I HAMILTON University of Western Cntarro University of Detroit l:ngIlsl'1 MAVIS CKOSS Central Michigan Home Economics LUCILLE ALY Wayne Uiniversity Commerical be Faculty ORLO HUTTENGA Western Michigan College Industrial Arts JAMES POLITES Western Michigan College Michigan State College Driver Training Social Science JOHN OCAK JALK MASON Michigan State College Agriculture festern Michigan col lege Mathematics Coach 'iiffg DOROTHY THOMPSON B. S. University of Michigan Rutgers Science THOMAS MCDANI EL Michigan State College Social Science KENNETH ROBBINS Central State College Engl ish Science GEORGE TUNE Unlversnty of Mnchngan Lnglush Socuol Scuence i LAWRENCE VANHORN Albuon College Jumor Hugh BUENA M WILSON M A Peabody Teachers College Central Muchngan College Mafhemahcs Lahn JOSEPH VERTACNIY A M Notre Dame Umversniy Mnchugan More College Hvsfory Speech MABEL WUBBENA A B Mlchvgan State Normal College Umversnty of Mnchugan Commerical Englush Faculty ESTHER L VIAY Mnchngan State Normal College Vocal Musnc Englnsh Verna Calluns Hazel Copeland Maple Fourth Grade W Geraldine Doutr Edward E Edwards Graves H Margunruta Fox Leona Gnbbs Sommers Cronk Mnldred HUYYY Isabelle Hough Second Grade Furs? Grade lone Crofton Thnrd Grade Anne Ellxoft Kindergarten Cafherune Glllespne Vocal Josephine Marhn Graves Faculty Ednth Crouse Second Grade Theresa Flornan Communnfy Cenier Vera Gonser James Graham June Moore Furs? Grade I , 5' ff' r ' Q Wg, ,. Eg-My 1, r . " r..,. A X , . .f ' . Faculty Gertrude Mulkans vlvorner Vera Saller Laldwell Fern Stevens Fourth Grade Elanoh Thuemmel Boptrst llllan Nass Hopson Alxce Seeley Kent Cl mme Thompson Methodist Kqfheryn Walters Maple Rowena Wruck Freld House oophra Rogan Trunlty Bueluh Short lvarner Lael no Thompson orner Dot. X Helen Wheelock Caldwell Loss Zregler Caldwell 41 Florence Rowe Sommers .rorus Smuth Hopson Kennythe Thomsen Snxth Grade 6- Fern Vvulcox Engl Ish Settlement X n q, , Q 3 Qui. Q' 45- - l " G X , S ,flfx l 7 dll' . ' 1- . ,t r , ,.,, Ef f F 11, r r Q K, , at X . V' ' ' i f 'fiat G 'rt in-l. r 5 Q 5 J 9 "' G 9' r ' 5' A ' 'X - A . 2.3 ,NK n s I VR Class Officers , DAVID WOOSTER . . ...... Presidenf WILLIAM DIXON . . . . . .Vice-President SANDRA MCKAY . . . ..... Secretory DAVID PUTNAM . . . - - Treusurer CLASS MOTTO Out of school Iifeg into Iife's school. CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose Green qnd WI-me CLASS COLORS Senior Honor Page Voledictoriun Solututoriun BYRON BLACKMORE SANDRA MCKAY BARBARA TINKLER PATSY ADAMS MAXINE ELLIOT BARBARA GOLDEN DAR Representative ROB ERTA THOMPSON PAT ADAMS 'Her ways are ways of pleasantness." Y-Teens l,3. SHERRY ADAMS 'She reminds us of a surprise package." Y-Teens 35 Latin Club 25 F.H.A. 25 J-Hop Committee Chairman 3' Glee Club 4 ELIZABETH ALGER She has a mind of her own Latin Club 2 3 Y Teens 4 Annual Staff 4 SHIRLEY ARNOLD An innocent face but one can never tell Junior Play 3 Operetta 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Beta Chl Theta 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Y Teens 3 MARJORIE BALUN 'Pretty as cotton candy and twice as sweet." Y-Teens 1,35 Glee Club 3,45 Operetta 35 F.H.A. 'l5 Class Officer lsecretcryl 3. RAY BARNUM 'lf the good die young, who will celebrate my 'l0Oth birthday with me?" Football 'I' Basketball 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Glee Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Spanish Club 3 BARBARA BAS-l'lON Another one of those diamond studded girls Glee Club 3 Operetta 3 F H A 2 3 R' DONALD BENNETT lt s not me it s he world that s wrong 7 BYRON BLACKMORE Master of mand and musrc IS he Spanish Club 3 4 Glee Club Occompamst l 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus Caccompannst l 2 3 4 Student Councll ftreasurerl 3 fpresndentl 4 ROBERT BUCHANAN The world wants rren handsome l ight hearted men Basketball l 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Football 4 Hu Y 2 PHYLLIS BUECHE You can tell her by the nolse she doesn t make FHA 1234 l.lbrarlan24 Glee Club l 2 3 Operetta 3 Latm Club 2 3 CHARLES BUMP Lnttle badnes have great souls Band 'l 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Mnxed Chorus 2 3 4 Alpha Tau 2 3 Operettc 3 Hu Y 'I 2 3 Sensor Play 4 Blazer 3 fEdltorl4 Latm Club 2 3 F 1 F MARTHA CERVENAK Charm poise soft dark halr lovely combnnatlons rare Glee Club 2 3 4 ltreasurerl Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Operet to 3 4 Y Teens 3 Latm Club 2 3 lsecretaryl Annual Staff 4 ROSEMARY CHAPRNKA Good nature IS the our of a good mlnd Cvlee Club l 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Y Teens 3 Softball 12 3 4 Track 3 Jumor Play 3 JAMES CHASE He made It hot an the grldlran Football l 2 3 4 Baseball 3 ROBERT CHASE A qulck wutted athletic genlus on fleld and floor Football l 3 4 Basketball l234 Baseball l 234 Student Council l 2 3 4 KVICE Presldent H Y l Annual Staff 4 DORIS CHURCH I love not many words A SALLY CLARK Glve to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you Glee Club I llbrarlan Spannsh Club 3 4 Pam and Patch 3 Y Teens I 24 Cheerleader 4 Annual Staff 4 LOIS CRANE Snlence IS one of her greatest charms GeeCIub34 FHA 2 3 4 CATHERINE DARBY 'She s happy and gay In a mlld sort of way A I2 3 4 Latin u I2 Y Teens 4 rf 3 K 435 Lx I CALVIN DINNING In has classes he s bashful sort but out with the fellas a right good sport Class Treasurer I Pres Idenf 2 Vnce President 3 IPresldentl Spanish Club 3 Football I 2 3 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 JOAN DINNING Haste IS a thing forelgn to my nature Softball Manager 2 Spanish Club 3 WILLIAM DIXON He :sn t the chnp off the old block but the block himself Senior Play 4 .lunlor Play 3 Latin Club 2 Band I 2 3 Class Vice President 4 Football 3 4 Basketball Manager 4 Annual Staff 4 TOM DMOCH An easy going guy wnth a pleasing smile Baseball I DONNA DOWLAND May she never change except ln name Blazer Staff 4 WILLIAM DRAl"lElM He ns wnse who listens much and talks llttle Bond l 2 3,4 Librarian 3 4 Sensor Play 4 HAROLD ELLER Do your best and be contented lee Club l 2 3 4 lnbrarlanl Mixed Chorus 'l 2 3 4 Alpha Tau 3 Senlor Play 4 Oper em: 3 4 MAXINE ELLIOT l s nlce to be natural when you are naturally nlce Spanxsh Club Secretary 3 fl yr I ROY ELLIOTT Qunefly he wends his way F F A 2,3 4 DANIEL ESCOTO Who knows what my destmy wull be? F F A 2 34 Football 4 BONNIE GARDNER l'The best of friends to those who know her Glee Club 2 3 labrurnanl F H A l 2 3 treosurerl 4 PERCY GIBSON The nolseless way he goes FFA 2,34 JUSTIN GLEASON 'I envy no man who knows more than I, but I pity them who knows less.' Junior Play 35 Hi-Y I,2,3p Football 4' Track 3 4' Base- ba 3 BARBARA GOLDEN Curly halr merry eyes not so very large an slze Glee Club 2 3 4 Junlor Play 3 Senior Play Y Teens l 2 3 President Latin Club 2 3 Operetta 3 4 Softball 'I,2,3,4 J Hop Committee Chairman 3 Annual Staff 4 THELMA GORZENSKI She IS the type of gurl we would like to have more of Band I GleeL.Iub 2 lllbrarnan , 3 Operetta 3 Blazer Staff 3 Y Teens 3 F H A 2 J Hop Committee Chair man 3 Annual Staff 4 IRENE GREEN All musical people seem to be happy Glee Club 3 Mlxed Chorus 3 Beta Chl Theta 3 4 Operetta 3 4 Y Teens 3 Annual Staff 4 ELLEN HEATH 'She's here, I can hear her gigglel' Glee Club I,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Beta Chi Theta 2 3 4' Operetta ' Junior Play 3' Senior ay 4' F H A 2 ' Blazer Staff 4 GLORIA HESLOP Not too serlous, not too gay but friendly In her own shy way Standlsh I 2 NOREEN HILL How for a llttle candle throws It s beams Glee Club 2 lllbrarlanj E H A 'I2 Paint and Patch 3 Y Teens l ATHELDA HUNTER Her soft, blonde haxr and pleasing personality are two ofthe many assets of this gurl Glee Club 2 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Beta Chl Theta 2 3 4 Presldentl Operetta 3,4 Y Teens 'I 2 Secretary 3 4 Senior Play 4 Mt Pleasant Play 4 Lctln Club 2 treasurer 3 Paint and Patch 2 3 J Hop Committee Chairman 3 Blazer Staff 2,3 Annual Staff 4 Forensics 4 NANCY JENSEN A mlschlevous kld this gal, but everyone thlnks she s swell Glee Club l,2 3 fllbrarlan Band l 2 3fsecrefary 4 Operetta 3 Track 'I Y Teens l,2,3 4 Latin Club 2 3 Blazer Sfaff 2 Annual Staff 4 JACK JOHNSON Every man has three characters that which he has and rhaf which he fhmks he has Class President l Bas ketbull 'I 2,3 4 Track 2,3 4 WANDA LANXTON As good and as qulef as one can be Band 1,2 3 4 Glee Club 'I 3 Opererta 3 E H A 1,2 3 DAVID LEWIS Whafever he does, he does well GORDON LINCOLN His ways are ways of qulefness A 2 BEVERLY LYONS The fairest blossom on the free Glee Club 3 4 Opereffq 3 F H A 4 BERNICE MALLERY Sparkling eyes with mlschlef brewing Glee Club 2,3 4 Y Teens l 2,3 4 BEVERLY MASCHINO A heart full of the devll buf a face full of sam? Glee Club 2 3,4 fsecrefaryl Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Beta Chl Them 2 3 4 Operetta 3,4 Y Teens 'l 2 3 Junior Play Prompfer 3 Senior Play 4 Latin Club 2 3 Annual S1aff4 ELAINE MCINTOSH She laughs not to be funny but to be fun Glee Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Latin Club 2 3 SANDRA MCKAY It IS a good thlng to be clever but not to ap pear Blazer Staff 3 Y Teens 4 Class Secretary 4 Longfellow 'l Dye ELWIN MCKERRACHER Think all you speak but speak not all you thunk F F A 2 Treasurer 3 4 RICHAPD MCKONE A qulet manner but there lSfUY1 un hls heart New Lothrup1,2 3 F F A 4 Baseball 4 Football 4 in 4 ROBERT MCKONE A qulet mon but quite a man New Lathrup 'I 2 3 GEORGE MERCER l II not let my studies Inter fere with my educatlon Junlor Play 3 Sensor Play 4 Track 3 4 Blazer Staff 3 Latln Club 2 ROBERT MOORMAN l m not afrald of tomorrow for l have seen yesterday and I love today Pamt and Patch 12 3 Base ball Manager 2 J Hop Com mittee Chairman 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Bla zer Staff 3 Llbrarlan 3 Glee Club Secretary 4 Spanish Club 3 4 Annual Staff 4 BARBARA MORSE She IS not only nuce look at but she has a pleaslng personality as we Glee Club 'I 2 3 Operetta FHA 1 Y Teens , , 4 Class Secretary 2 J Hop Committee Lhanrman 3 vlved lhls long FRANKIE LEE MUNSEY This is frue we must confess 'the nicest traits she does possess Glee Club 2 REUBEN NELSON Who knows fo what heighis a man may rlse JAMES NEWMAN l could be beffer If l would but If s awful lone some being good Glee Club 3 4 Op erefta 3 Y 2 3 Foofball GILBERT OLSEN lf the good die young it s o wonder l ve sur ofball l 2 . 1 JAMES PARKHURST All greaf men are dy V1 and l don f feel o well myself ALEC PIERCE Oh masfer mind where are you roaming? JAMES PLUTA Not a sinner nor a saint lust one of the best of fellows FA2 4 ALDERLEAN PRIEUR Full of fun you be? s fine a friend as you can get Sfudenf Council l 3' Y- Teens l Presidenfl 3 freasurerl' Senior Play Prompfer 4' Junior Play Prompfer 3' Latin Club 2 35 Sofibcll l,2,3,4g Track Manager 3,42 Annual Staff 4. DAVID PUTNAM Thus lad too we know can g has, n a he s kung Glee Club 2 ftreasurer 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3,4 Alpha Tau 2 3 Operetta 3 4 Class Treas urer 4 Senior Play 4 Basket b l MARJORIE SPRINGER RAYBURN A blush IS beautiful but sometnmes lnconven lent Glee Club 2,3 llbrarlan 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Y Teens 'I 2 3 Jumor Play 3 Blazer Staff 4 Class Presudent 3 F H A 2 J l op Committee Chalrman Track I2 3 4 ROBERT REED Men of few words are the best men HI Y I lsecretaryl 3 Basketball 2 Baseball 3 4 Track 4 JOHN ROWE Gangway, you other Romeos here l come Band l 2 3 4 Junior Play Hn Y 1,23 Track 6,- D! GERALD ROY Ho hum too much homework A2 JOHN ROY Who s the greatest man In the world, and why am Junior Play 3 Hn Y 2 3 Track 2 Football 1 2 3 4 ONALEE SCHARRER With sweetness fresh as any rose Glee Club 'I 3 fsecretaryl 4 fPresIdent Mixed Chorus l 34 Operetta3 FH A 123 Presldent 6 Teens 3 PHlLLlP SCHEIDLER Quiet In appearance mo tive unknown Blazer Staff 3 HI Y 3 Track 'l HUGH SCOTT "Dark and handsome, a Romeo indeed." Student Council 45 Football 'l PATPICIA SHOLLER Snappy brown eyes where mischief lles Glee Club 2,3 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 Beta Chl Theta 2 3 4 Operetta 3 4 Senior Play Prompter 4 Class Vice President l Track 2 Cheer leader 2 3 4 Y Teens l 3 4 BEVERLY SKRCENY Eyelashes that could sweep from any man s heart a cobweb Glee Club l lllbrarlan 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 sec retary 4 Beta Chl Theta l 2 3 4 Operetta 3 4 Class Treasurer 3 Student Coun cll 24 secretary Y Teens 1 2 secretary 3CVIce Pres :dent 4 President Latln Club 2 secretary 3 Junlor Play 3 Sensor Play 4 J Hop Committee Chairman 3 Soft T 2 Q Annual Staff 4 DAVID SMITH We always fund hlm t e same 3 GERALD STE FANSKI 'Tlme's awastin' ------ .' Glee Club 35 F.F.A. 2,3,4g Senior Play 4. SALLIE STEWART As merry as the day IS ang Glee Club l 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Y Teens 3 Junior Play 3 SALLY STOWELL Luke a bird she flats about as happy as can be Glee Club 13 Mixed Chorus F H A MARILYN STRANAHAN All that glitters IS not gold witness that dia mond Glee Club 2 3 Opefeffil 3 F H A 3 4 Junior Play 3 Blazer Staff 4 HELEN SZUKHENT She giggles then she giggles because she gag g ed Glee Club 13 4 Mixed Chorus 1,3 4 Operetta F H A 2 JACK TAYLOR The beglnnlng of all thlngs small F F A 2 3,4 Junlor Play 3 Y LCROY THOMAS As secure as a mountain and lust as qulet Football 2 Track 3 4 ROBERTA THOMPSON Oceans of pep and a laugh On every wave Y Teens 'lltreasurerl 2 3 Vlce President Glee Club 2 3 lpresldentl 4 Mlxed Cho Us 2 3 4 Beta Chl Theta 2 3 4 Blazer Staff 2 J unlor Play 3 Senlor Play 4 Cheerleader 2 Softball 'I 2 3 4 Track 1 12,3,4 Operetta 3 4 Class VICB President 2 J Hop C0mmIttee Ch alrman 3 Annual Staff 4 D A R Representative GARNET THOMPSON A man who blushes IS better than one who turns Fotball'l4 H Y23 BARBARA TINKLER Brains personallty and laughter are her treGSUfeS Glee Club 1,2,3U'bf0rwr1l 4 Mlxed Chorus LIBYCYIGU 1 2, 3 4 Beta Chl Theta 12 3 4 Operetta 3 4 Y Teens 'I 2 Class Treasurer 2 J Hop Commuttee Chair man 3 Latin Club 2 VlCe President 3 Student Coun cll Treasurer 4 Ar1r1U0l STGH DONALD WALKER Just a good all around fellow FH A 2,34 Traclc234 RONALD WILCOX Caesar was a little man, and l m not so tall myself Track 3 Football 'I 2 4 Base l 4 JAMES WINEMAN I m always ralslng Cane and nt ann t sugar Baseball l Senior PlaY 4 Glee Club 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Opereffa 4 Hu Y 2 3 DAVID WOOSTER We can all bluff more or less l guess but Dave has It down fo a system Football 123 4 Hn Y 12 Track 'l Baseball 12 Class President 4 HELEN WISNER Can sl'1e folk? Ask anybody Glee Club 2 3 librarian Y Teens l 2 3 Operetfa 3 F H A 2 JOHN HUGGINS Thus lad as faur and fall popular and lxked by all Football 1 2 3 4 Buskef bg 'l,2,3, Baseball 'l,2,3, Track 2,3. Class Song WW H :QiQ1A1Wi5 W ' Hnw?fVf WV WWW? 4 5?iii?JIEj 9fMV?VFFEJF3'1fl gg q f'N'Mu5icf ily B ""K57K'LR'W 'ff 5, Time., .Lf I1-31" uma Q- bod Wham' V ,gg 1 Ho sz H51 hi fund Yqifhm 564, Wa 51 9- Eff If , f J 4 f 9 Q mwsi' irgjgd-I B , ov, MCL UE, WAN 'Vg Tufbfxff To fx fl new Ou' high sum! days lm ' A B .2 if m Esiifsfai 3Sf""d 22,15 222 Wg 2 R. , ' 1 ' J I ' my Class Poem I gaze fror The window To The gray early morn Somehow I rn unable to sleep And as I stand There the events are reborn For suddenly I ve become a Freshrran agam Yes, th Fresh an ,fear m mb wel Inxhatlon ns the hrsf I recall Or perhaps If s my frlends or The Iarsr rrornung That began The four years Yo come G I But Yxme s moving on, ll'STI'16 Sopnormor year Your class us lusf Taxing urs place The 'mme fo graduaflon doesn T seerf nea When There are sports, assemblles, srudxes and dates The Junior year comes and the Prom' ranks 5 rs An occasnon you II never forget A I In all 11' S a wonderful life Then The Senlor year comes and rv- world., w se Or at least I like To Think so , ana Our class Isvery busy now w h p clec+s or great slze. Sandra McKay For our senior fr p ns coming soon, and men our gradualnon I can remember all fhese rhnngs and on o frany wore But fhere s onelacf Tha? won I be denled They I rever For a moment fhe sky s mood as roy mood, And the same dull gray pervades But as I watch the sky Transforrrs, The golden sun as rlsxng And wufh 1? ruse myleaden soul and I an not alrand For Though my hugh school days are gone, my purlsre Inc refurn again n walt n . . . F -- I . I l . .e. I Ire e..erf l.-- .. . . . . fl 'I v I - , , .. 's b I', . - I - -1 I U e X -- . , ,. . I . - - I r .. r .. ,. I I I L I . . I , .1 T-- ' Y . I'm proud of my school, l'm proud of my class, , . ., . . . ,, . , , I I I ,L 'I I '- Q . . It , ' I if r ' . I A ' ', I K I I - ' ' H -. , . s .. .. , , I I ' ' -ll lf ' ll I l K D ' I I ll I . , -- . . . R . ' ,f, - F55 '. Class Hsstory Helen Wssner Marsorse Balun We entered the doors of l'lushsng llsgh School as fresnmen, September l949 lnstsatson began two weeks later with the gsrls wearing their J s and men s work shoes The fellows w re clad sn ladses Corsets, hose and femsnsne hats Our entourage was completed wsth oasls sn whsch we carried the sophomores books Havsng made spectacles of us, the sophomores gave us a oarty for our suffersng, and all was forgsven Our debut sn tne entertasnment fselcl began with the freshmen assembly Several partses hsghlsghted the socsal ssde of our calendar The class offscers for our freshmen year were Jack Johnson, pressdent, Pat Sholler, vice pressdent, Calvsn Dsnnsng, secretary treasurer, and w were re presented sn the Student Council by Alderlean rseur and Bob Chase Mr Dye and 1r lason were our advssors ln our sophomore year, our fsrst v nt was snstsatsng the class of 54 We salved our snsustsce by honoring them with a party Our offscers sn our lOth grade year were Calvsn Dsnnsng, president, Doberta Thompson, vsce president, Barbara llorse, secretary Barbara Tsnkler, treasurer, and, Beverly Skrce and Bob Cnase represented us sn Student Councsl Our advssors were Mr stason and llr Kapnscl l recesved our class rsngs sn January with great enthussasm our most important socsal event of the ,f ar was the Sweetheart Swsrl, our fsrst all school dance l concessson at all the home football and basketball games ln dramatscs, our abslsty was reflected sn our play, Aaron Slsck from Punksn Creek All tl'ese actsvstses added to the treasurer s fund sn order that we could realsze a J Hop and sensor trsp As the year progressed, we oresented our class assembly and, sn May, we gave the departsng sensors a memorable 'lance, the annual J Hop We selected thc American Beauty Rose as our flower, green and whste was to be our class colors and, "nut of school lsfe, snto lsfe s school was chosen as our motto Tne class offscers sor our sunsor year were 'larsorse Sprsnger, pressdent, Calvin Dsrnsng, vsce pressdent, Marlorse fsalun, secretary ass l sle Jerly Skr eny, treasurer We sent Bob Chase and Margaret Neill to represent us sn Student Council Our advrsors were Mr Mason and Msss Wubbena Our sensor year we have reached the goal toward whsch we had been strsvsng lt was a busy year as well as an actsve one Ne began to work on our plans smr edsately To lead us through the years program, we elected Dave Wooster as pressdent, Bsll Dsxon, vsce pressdent, Sandra lclfay, secretsry, and Dave Putnam, treasurer We were represented sn the Student Councsl by Calvsn Dsnnsng and ugh Scott Our advssors continued wsth us, Mr Mason and Msss Wubbena The sensor trsp was our asm this year We earned money for the trsp by sellsng Chrsstmas cards and magazsnes, sponsorsng s veral dances, a bake sale, and presentsng our annual sensor play, "Belles on Their Toes' For our sensor trsp we selected a four day sourney to Washsngton, D C , a very wonderful reward for all our work Now as we come to the end of the year, the three nights that wc have been looksng forward to are here Baccalureate, Class Nsght, and Commencen-ent Cur school lsfe has been fslled wsth fond memories, ones whsch we wsll never forget 0 "' r ' - s . . . . - . Po .1 1 ' e , , , O I I . - I - I . . . . . , II I 1 . . . . . I. 0 , V V . I . - 4 I I . . . - I I 9 - I n D 1 l l ., , s . . , -. ,- , .' , ' I . . 0 . . A , , . V ,N I X 1 ' ' ' fs f I ' - ' .ny s - I - - s . s. e -I - . f . .1 . 4. TE . . . . 1 . . 1 . . 4 1 I e ' . . - . As iuniors our activities increased in the extra-curricular field wnen we took over the refreshment .. . . ,, . . . , . , . ' - ' ' . , .I . 5 . . ' l T I 1, 4 ' l 5 4 3 . I . IJ . . . . y n lv . I . . s . . , . T, .. . . I . .1 . . - . i I . .4 L A I I I L I i V C I l I 1 l O ' 1 l . I , H . . . . I . , . I . , sl o ' - ' ' ' - ' , ' lt X C, f ' , . ,- . . . L. , , . ss , , . . - . . . . . . 3 . . - . . . D . : , I . I , . . at 9 ."N! W' HH VL S1 Tir 5? l.h -l0YCe Thompson Robert Fairbanks Mrs Daly Don Zelenko Bud Blakemore and Mr Polltes eg fre ., . '51 Dick Anderson Vlrgle Armstrong George Bailey Loretta Bearss Neil Blackmore Bud Blakemore Donald Borst Ted Breidensteln Janet Brewer Virginia Brown Sue Bruner Donna Champion Carol Childers Doris Church Elberta Clark Donna Collins Stanley Cook Carole Deneen Rudolph Domke Robert Donaski .loan Dow Robert Fairbanks Peggy Farrar Donald Garsteck Robert Geiger Fannie Gibson John Gonser Richard Hummel Marilyn Harburn Gerald Hillman Richard Hlnterman Margaret Ingersoll Nancy Jacobs Donald Keller Bnllle Jean Kmnee Marlyn Kltch uanl Klawuhn Jean Kmeper Peter Koerts Pat Kommek Lune Krupp Joyce LaBarge David Lewns Lyle Luce Barbara Lutes Bethany Lutes Judy Mannmg Roger McKay Donald McLeod Bonnie Morm Marilyn Nlckerson Vlolet Parsons Helen Perkins Andy Plerce Tony Podulka Dolores Prnce Janey Roy Helen Rumsey Gerry Sayward Ball Scharrer Jack Scott Shirley Shelley Julnus Slezsak Shelby Smlth VIYQIFIIG Smnth Robert Sorensen James Springer Bull Staley Martella Sturgis Carol Sweers Wayne Terrell Jean Serges Dorothy Tomalna Sylvna Thomas Joyce Thompson Margaret Vamos John Vernon Margaret Walker Mildred White Phnllp Wnlcox Donna Wright Phnllp Young Donald Zelenka 'Rc Ev in 6 t? 2.1 nv! f 'lf' 1 S gl., ss! ir- Q R' ' T W T :L " 0 f , v - - 9 J l Qllyyhlw, Ili W. W' J I . 'W' Z' Y v 'Alf ' G' 7' I 'SZ' , 5 , 'X ' " . , ,Aki lg T 5 W J ' ,. 4 T 7 ' V J ' ' A , 1 " , ' l'r ' V' G Lois Mulcahy Q1 5 'M :. as 43 Q ' ' . I , 3 : :lx " :L n T V ' T a ,G X L ' ' iff, GL 'L. ' Q if tl " 'Y' " S A '-f.-Y '- . U04 ' f Tx l' L - 4 55 y L Q EX., f '. 2 l T X 'lx ' , l W mar: fe : -, A- T J T pm my LA ' Q. L nz' V X rv l x fa , A L- rw ly ' ' 6 A - sd . T 3 Q' 5? 1 , sl, s, . l' , ' i - 1 , P . . .' - 4 ts si A Q, W 4: ' ' 'T i .fg 5' Q S 5- - - 'A , l 'T u ik: STurf:'ous. CT cyar-cw . ,Lilo P Q l rffsf QT Work LWWOIMGQ uSzc Learns Youm J Mr McDamel .Ioan Crouse Joyce Brenthaupt Rnchard Morrush Beverley Lewus and Mr Beatty A s .., S" AA 'Nw 4 -g L .Him ,ef-f Jock Allen Currre Andrews Genevneve Armstrong Janet Bader Jlm Barley Doug Bardwell Josephine Benner John Bnll Charlotte Blanchard Bob Bourasso Joyce Breuthaupt Douglas Brock Norma Burke Sngne Carpenter Loss Champion Ronnue Chase Donald Church Betty Clouse Ina Cosway Joan Crouse Jack Detro Donna Dnsberry Jenny Donaskl LaDonna Dow Bull Dye Wllma Dye Betty Elbung Larry Farrar Rudy Fruend ' if J , Yl- X Xml ' ll l Y , I W 1 4" A J .X e T ' - - ,, J in Q , ' J Q, 'L il A, "' ?, A ' Q J 1. 5 ' 4 4 E A 7 1:5 Z ' .QQ ,wa V :P 1 I 3 4 1 3 lf' 'i , ,,,, i . , f. . I 5 l ny- 1 A 153252 , aff - l l? i A an . A ,Q J V Q David Darby " Q lg ' 4 . "v,,, A , l J 3" ' Q AA 4 .,, A L U 3 A -' f 11" . I , A S .' 'li 5 f M Wx I ' x , gg' A Ilene Gambler Joyce Glbbs Mary Lou Hale Gaye Hanson Jlm Harburn Januce Hatchew .leannrne Hull John rlolt Loren Hostetler Ethel Ingersoll Darla lrwln Davnd Jensen Dolores Jobm Don Johnson Mary Lou Johnson Don Kosserman Gretel Kneskamp Donald Kntch Paul Korn Nancy Kozlowskn Mary Layman Beverley Lewis Sue Luce Jackue Mallery Bob Markley Nora Marks Larry McCarthy Wnlda Mclntosh Duck McKay JoAnn McKone Eleanor Middleton Marva Muller Philip Moorman Donna Morse Bruce Morrus R1chard Morrxsh David Newcomb Kay Owen Fred Payne Sharon Peck Peggy Pterce Jennie Padulka John Porn Kenneth Qualman Barbara Reed Don Rnddle Fred Rogers Wnlma Roy Michael Scott Alan Shepard Lorraune Sholler Claudette Skutt Bob Skutt Marlon Slovak Donald Smnth Lois Smith James Spmney Joanne Spodney Betty Stewart 7 Q., '-754: I- we Sv QE LE, , 'E' 3, 5 1 I ik! F 6 H- ag E ir- - xl J' f 1 J Nm L ell B ik! 'Fia- I L. ,L of V g 4 2 'F' A . ' ' - . J 5 1 V 5 , , l I V , A V ' 1 ,, V 44 ' J' lt 5 ' xiii? WW Bill Jac.-,ba , , Y A ' E f 4 s ' "-G I f ' g ,sl if V M 2 B 5 .Q . 2 L . Q 5- M ... f yr 'F A ' 4 . f hx M I VV -4 D, I A . 'Flu ,R A N Q h. I ff.,x gy .L A - . of fy jr 3 ' l V rw' fi H . 9 N fl ' h ' f NN 1 , '-,l ,V 5' 'gig X J ' f Z5 , 7 4 . I Q i . ,t-1' v' - lst 1 ,f M'fexr, . V , Q W. E 6, ' f Q ' , , " X J A f ' ' 4. ,wa-4. 12 9 Betty Stewart Pat Stranahan Vlolet Strller Arlene Thomas Karen Thomsen Pat Thuemmel Duck Todd Chuck Truax Janet Trust Annette Walker DorothyWaIker Pot Wallner Davud Weaver Bob White Dons Whate Ruth Wllson Sharon Zundema ' . " " Vg 7 ,ou T Fi . 1 Q, . ' if: ,, F A T, rg 5 M -V A trr , 2' T L3 r . - 59 Q Q 6 , Mr' if 4 ., 1 .. , A ' '1 W.- : L'f, :I V ' ,I , K, .,' . ,.,,r it T QT J . Fi Q - :, - gf g ' QW '-1:7 I . J Q .ig r J X- -X Q ' Y' t, , ' All A .Q . .. ,t. . 216 3,- W' '9 K 1'1- i Romanne Jarczynskr Shnrley Vernon Mess Wrlson Mr Tune Bob Stalwl and Harllyn Weber 'fb 9 .A xr .. 3,5 z' P X Judy Arn Pat Ballge Buster Barber Kathleen Barnum Barbara Bigger Gary Blackmore Tom Bars? Rrcbard Bower Cafherme Bueche Darlene Bueckmg Janet Burke!! Rlfa Burneit Fred Calkrns Duane Cal lal-:an Barbara Carpenfer Sue Ann Cheney Joyce Church Carolyn Clouher Davxd Cowden Donald Crnswell Berry Davns Fred Deneen Janrce Derk Barbara Deng Ruth Ann Damke Gerald Edwards Shrrley Eller Richard Fox Dennns Gartee l ' 'I I I I l I ra I b 6 'A sy ,M 0 V 2 Q 7 ef ' X 12 . , ' 'la fr- J in cr ff ' 'f' -Y? X . ' J fr A A A ' if J . ' ' V ,y 2 4. - 47 Cb' fl.: 'Rf '- l Rober? Campbell ' :Q 4- "' il .SV - -4. x J . Q. 5. D - a -. 4 ,f . , ' C x B ' it 'B un fe at 4 h ' , 'Y Q Y I x I A' . t - r D, ' ' ' 1 4,.,, ' Erme Gilbert De Wayne Gohn Ruta Goldsmuth Wayne Hayes Bull Heslop Janet Hlcks Marqaret Hmterman Harold Horton Jerry Howe Romaune Jarczynslu Jean Johnson Walter Joseph Zoe Ann Kasson Kathryn Kmmson Joyce Luncoln Ruth Martin Robert McCartney Mary Mcf-lueen Carol Anr' Muller Clark Muller Nancy Mills Sandra Mnttan Bob Mornn Larry Munsey Mary Munsey James McNnff Pat McNnff Janet Newbury Joe Ostermeyer Charles Orth Dixie Osterman Floyd Ostrom Amy Parlchurst Laragene Peck Joe Pellens Lnnda Phullnps Davnd Polanek Myrna Prneur Jerry Rachow Robert Ransom Evelyn Rich Emma Rnchards Ray Rogers Herschell Rossell James Rowe Rosalxe Rumsey Kathryn Scafe Barbara Schmrdt Lameran Scott Betty Sellers Arlene Shelley Duane Shelley Sarah Shroyer Ruth Ann Slusser Ronald Smuth Sandra Smith Rnchard Snyder Robert Stahl Pat Staley Sally Stapels 'UN S 'Q Q x 41" sr Q sr hy kg 'Qi' km. li- Q 1 C' Y'-. ,ps 'uf le FN Wu .L UF! if Q., Q" N10 5 Us z Q' J ': :. J y y J Q' A , Q ' ' V ' 2:-:T v 1 ' , 4 'S Q . . we 'T , f f Q, l by S el' y J ' 'X J 1 ' , , x ' " A R 4- ye - ' 4 Q. L. LL 4 L A 'L' , f k , - W . g I su- gh:-S A vl " ' w I L"' J -2 'X ' :M Ay :L ' ,I 1 R Em 'nfs 2513 . AN 3 - ,nf-sly. by 15" :Vila I Q: ' if Q- ff - .J ,J gi gurl s A -: S ' ' ' - ' ' Y A 1 -- EE r ce 4' - 'Q' - ' fu., . S ' 4 I+- l J T N , 5 ig' Lg: ' 'Af' -R - 'I X 'S' 4 ' K . 'E J .. f nf PY ' S 15 -Q 'S f X . ' ' l 5 Q 5,1 J f I Lp '99 sqf- K S, in Annabelle Stephens Orville Stevenson Nancy Suryan Sharron Tanner Deanna Teachworfh Arthur Thomas Donald Tomalna David Trulf Charles Valenhne Shnrley Vernon Barbara Walker Marilyn Heber Ruth Wenn Dale Wheatley Judy Wodtke Wendell Noodfhorpe Jane1Vvrngh1 Brenda Young l gf A v A , 'E W Y' ' fi 3-v H. 5 -4. x ' w V 79 - X F N l All -I X X X 4 3 fu. , gg - ta S' 5 l . ' g' . . X A rx F Sandra Walters 'Q 9 ' Gy ' 5 I - L l 'I X v , -, - xv A L- if N x n l I 5 C I , - -ele- k a .nf A- Q. Q-1 L Barbara Hall Mr Huftenga Tom Mercer Pa? Cole Dale Terrell Mr Vertacnuk Loss Wllson law YN' mf X Q4 V' 44 1 , . 1' We Sifx wg 'PQ'- lf' in-v Amsk Deanne Ahlson Janet Allen Robert Anderson ayne Anderson elno Andrews Vick Anflcony Sandra f ul Nadalyn Bader Nary Ann Bader Jane? Barnes Gerry Beckwnh Janice Bird Shirley Black Karen Breudensfem Mary Jane Bump Ronald Burner? Dennis Caverly Richard Coil Patricia Cole Connie Conslneau r ed Domme Mac Dye Carl Elbing Homer Elliot Jearuld Firman Joyce Fitch Ronnie Flowers Siegfried Freund Russell Frey Sabra Gartee Janice Golden Barbara Hall Emery Hamilton Nancy Hammel Roberf Hartley Terry Hartz Jack Heslop J anet Hull Mary Hlnterman Janet Hutchuson Potrncna Jenken Lewls Johnson Rachard Lueffers Bull Lnfsey Patrncla Manley Ray McKee Doug McKunnon James McLeod Larry Kehoe Fred LaBarge Rnchard La Bonte Verna Jean LaMay Barbara Lash Larry Lewus Tom Mercer Nancy Mlchell Barry Norruson uoug Norton Pearl Partrndge Jamce Peck Jamce Pendell MCYIOYIS Petherbrldge Blanche Petlprln Lawrence Porn Davnd Powell Patricia Powell Robert Rachow Donald Radley Norma Reynolds Doris Richards Joyce Rlvett George Robb Lewrs Scale Marulyn Schendler Judy Schuler Lnnda Scott Joyce Snmmons Rosalie Snmmons Mona Lee Rolfe Helen Kose Lowell Roy Gerald Sarka Beverly Sasek Carol Sawade Marcella Slcgor Delmore Smeby Jackne Smltlw Lester Smntb Sharon Smlth Wayne Snyder Mary Sparks Donald Walser Norma Shlson Carolyn Sturgis Carolyn Terrell Dale Terrell n Q" MrX Lb tr' ,,,, ali'N,G-1 'kia-A1 I 'E' Q, Arla' '7 l 67 V 1' .D lo- 5--. AQ -We I 'Qu me pq WP' F . . N, y . . I gy 4 9 M :K , ' KV .3 h is g, I ,L , I W we mx rel" V N 'I' V fl ' E J J J S If -ss. df- S B U? L.. V . J, J 3 o A J -5 " J A 6- ' S "' . V it W' ti 2 ag. . y '-if' ' ' , f A J fr 1 or 3- . my Q V! . . Q V my , Q' 1 I 6 0 L , - '- t t as 4, 'X V an fa .'ft , , ' my IQ. , . I., -, .. l "' W Y J if J - fi l l J :T Sl W V rl . 'K ' RL ' X I K V v- - ,. . ' ,. "-A - 5-f Q wi-rm J I1 -R J sg ' ' FP 1 J B4 gs " fs 1 f. 'la' ' A - ,' mi 5- K gn, " ' Q. . j ""- g I A 'f's W l x A4 lg S ,K Y 1 . . Av 'S K Q' rt Q' 1 V - is ' 5: fi Lo ,t..',:,,1 N I "ll , Q' S X t . y .5 0 i 6 X 3 5. 4.- ' ,1 un- i vs W" 'S if f V lv . 7 f Ali., n fu Y , 3, S -5 I LJA nm " in an 45" ! sm L- N as 6-, 1 Y'-5. 4, ' if- A ' S, 1,g 5, L Mr Van Horn Joe Smlfh Reber? Miller Darwin Sione Gary Blass Stanley Reed and Mr Dout x 'Nl A far 1 IX John Thomas Lois Thompson Clara Tomalia Norma Travis Donald Walker Joan Wallinq Penny Nheeler Lois Wilson Henry Wisner Louise Woodruff Wallace Wrigh? Sandra Wyman Ronald Young Edward Zieba larence Alexander Lawrence Alexander Tammy Auld Joe Anthony Billy Angus Eleanor Bailey Jim Bologh Cynihia Barrett Gerald Bendis Robert Berlin John Black Gary Bloss Janet Blumerlck Jack Braamse Maruanne Brushwnller Rommy Bump Gale Cameron Melford Casselman Carol Church Eleanor Church Judy Clark Allen Coffey Jacque Combs Stanley Cook Jack Cowen Curtis Cullen Mllce Damm Douglas Deneen Jerry Duck Elaine Donasku Merle Edwards Sam Feke John Fisher Wayne Fronsee Danna Gambler Judy Gentry Mary Goldsmnth Nancy Hale uv' P M- 'hi- :Rv E X L. v- '1 2 . . QA .L .A 6 , A ,.?.'5-'- ,TL , Q 3' Q J :gf " , - - f S 4. X I xr .sf Q. ' ' s. 5' A ' A ' 5 A , ... , K, , 5 1. - ' , -f V ,I 5 77 r N ' C l A A ex ll Jfffll-f'.2..' I , . X . l' A 'A Q' H W' ug , . W , ,, , 4- ' I V N . . , C ' an E J jg., 1.. ' 1 .. . J N X . ' , g,. R L- is sv - 1 :Q ' :L Y", 'M ,. Q ' Q i l Q ' 4 Vx-. A . J- -4 S V" ' fin. Sh H I 'f Q it -' . 7' + . aron art ey L, " , ,,,, . :if fi S., I f-. V ' S- , , ' f' l yu if - - A . 4 1 ao. l 'f vil ' i . may S 6 y Q' - s. ' A . . ' ' I' in Qvx , , ' . A .-- X.. L S Af-C 5 J 1. A Q 1 . WA L? i , A ,V L. A . . Q L A , ,ri V 5 I K H K I K' I, If . K I . . l C IT , 3 4. v L. " E ' , . ' f s- '-1' -3 ' , 1: . . A Ita- X A -I .T - , 'I - "kJ 3: X . I X l V - . S ' 'JLAQ 1 + 1 ' 'X K i . . I 5 5 7' , f ' 1 Q 3 K X. K k Ai . . gl V- 6 V4 4 L S Lf X , Q ' ' I S VL- , 5 by L V A , x i A 1 . Tamyra Hartz Bully Hayes Joyce Hicks lr llam H ll Helen Hlnterman Soma Hoy Muriel Hunter George Ingersoll Pat Jentzen Robert Jobun Maxvne Johnson Teddy Johnson Dons Jones Bull Kneeper Shurley Lash Curtus Lewxs Everett Ludllcer Barbara McCartly Geraldine McKay Judlth McKerrlng Joanne Malner Don Melanson Robert Muller Roger Muller Sandra Mulligan Susan Kay Moorman Mont Moore Leonard Newbold Lois Newbold Jlm Neulson Sharon Ostrom John Palmer Edgar Parsons E A X5 pw 'X :Lf 1 D5 l fb Q .lx F 45" 91 A-L L 26' Q-.1 W6 .Ov-x 9. 'Yl- yn- f' inf hp- Ul' f it ldht ,..., ana. Wx tix T' bv A.B 1 1 'Z Cecnl Partrndge Donald Pattee Luelna Peska Richard Peterson Bob Porn Chrlstme Radley John Roppuhn Bonnue Raymond Stanley Reed Roy Rhoads Don Robinson Duane Roeslce Nlurl Rousseau Eldon Roy Rnchard Sanborn Beverly Sarka Gary Schuestel Rannne Schnllman Robert Shaw Delbert Shehorn Peggy Sholler Ronny Skrceny Joseph Smuth Kathleen Smsth Kay Sobey Robert Sparks Mary Ellen Sprnnger Jackie Stephens Madelyn Stewart Darwun Stone Yolen Strller Mareanne Stuckey Joyce Stuckwlsch Betty Tanner Terry Thompson James Tomalla Beverly Tenore Sylvua Turner Mayln Wallace Arthur Wheatley Wanda White Fred Wnlson Muruel Wilson Nancy Yagger David Yax Mary Yax w,11,qm Walker K 6 M GH , L. 4 - ' i'- 'f :L 45" J J U f hu- A v 1 I ,Z ,R x ,, ' Q .. K s ' 9' SG f 'l 5" ' yt-D S 1 ' ' l L if P 4- . hp. L f lf-1 ,Al in 6' . .. ,N , .3 , . :z CA, .55 1 3-, i Xi l X mx ' 'G fs. h 4 l ' R' l . . Q K, J Q- ef Q 'Q , 6 1- J- ' 5- N , E' , .,4"4' ' X , ,ft S y A S, A sl .ft -. as 3 Q K -6- ' . , -1 u 'iff 21 - -13 ' 1" S ' he f - J 4, W 1 i X , L 4 I X-. ,V 5 M -. I - I rl' " ' 'B Q- is. gvax' ' 5 c x . ' Q, 1 J 54 'W J-'eff , I x 5 J J - M ' if . , . y - , k' K . l , E L ' . e -S - fn f - f t ef S X . t f K V,, k 1 jim f 1 . L 4 Lx 'X . is F 53' ., , xxx . . 6. S- 3- ,: , C Q Q 6 , ff ,tg 4- . , f V ti- ti' Student Council STANDING John Gonser Paul Korn Calvin Dunning Lune Krupp I"Iugh Scott Joe Smith Mary McQueen Bob CampbeII Donna Morse SITTING Tom Mercer Byron Blackmore Bob Chose Beverly Skrceny Barbara Tinkler Mr Gonser PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Senior Representative Senior Representative Junior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Freshman Representative . Eighth Grade Representative Seventh Grade Representative Advisor .............. BYRON BLACKMORE ROBERT CHASE BEVERLY SKRCENY BARBARA TINKLER Hugh Scott Calvin Dunning Lune Krupp John Gonser Donna Morse PauI Korn Bob Campbell Mary McQueen . . Tom Mercer . . . Joe Smith . . Mr. Gonser I "hx Blazer ?AIT'!lall'LG Donna Dowland Marilyn Stranahan Charles Bump Darl lrwn Jenny Donaski b r o ms STANDING Sandy Milligan Pat Sholler Mr Hamilton Janice Hatchew Sue Luce So y Barrett Margaret Vamos Joan Crouse Jenny Mart ndale EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR ADVISOR ADVISOR Junior High Reporter Society Editor Personal Edutor Feature Editor Artists Club Editor . Exchange Editor . . Community Editor . Typists ...... Typists . . . CHARLES BUMP BUD BLAKEMORE MR ROBBINS MR HAMILTON Penny Wheeler Genlvieve Donaskl Sue Luce Barbara Carpenter DarIa Irwin Helen Rumsey Joan Crouse Sonya Barrett Margaret Vamos . . . Janice Hatchew . . Jenny Martindale ..............SandraMiIIigan . . Donna Dowland, Marilyn Stranahan . . . . . . Ellen Heath, Pat Sholler frm' Annual Stuff Bmw-4 FIRST ROW Thelma Gorzenskr Nr Hamilton Beffy Alger Barbara Golden l"elen Perkins Barbara Tinkler Bill Dixon Mr Robbins SECOND ROW Jean Cervencrk Beverly Skrceny Bob Moorman John Gonser Sally Clark Calvin Dunning Beverly Lewis Bob Chase Roberta Thompson Nancy Jensen Beverly Moschino Alderlean Prieur Afhelda Hunter ANNUAL EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISINC' EDITOR SAL S MANAGER SENIOR EDITOR ASSISTANT SENIOR EDITOR CLASS EDITOR ASSISTANT CLASS EDITOR ARTIST ARTIST BOYS SPORT EDITOR GIRLS SPORT EDITOR ACTIVITY EDITOR ASSISTANT ACTIVITY EDITOR STAF F PHOTOGRAPHER .... FEATURE EDITOR .... TYPISTS ....... PROOF READER . . ADVISORS ...... Barbara Tlnkler Helen Perkins Bill Dixon Nancy Jensen Bob Moorman Beverly Skrceny Afhelda Hunfer Sally Clark Beverly Lewis Belly Alger Barbara Golden Bob Chase Alderlean Prieur Roberta Thompson Calvln Dunning . . . . . John Gonser . . . . . . . . . Jeanne Cervenale Irene Green, Thelma Gorzenski . . . . . . . . . . . Beverly Moschino . . Mr. Robbins, Mr. Hamilton Annual Stu ff , X Snaps elf ',QF3f?0C?'f3' 0 Geena ,jijfp 'LL '41-Q, QQ? f W -jq S 1 1 Girls' Glee CI THIRD ROW: Romaine Jarczynski, Earbara Golden, Rose Chaprinka, Peggy Farrar, Marilyn Harburn, Mildred White, Amy Parkhurst, Joyce Church, Mary M Queen, Billie Jean Kinnee, Sherry Adams, Fannie Gibson, Sallie Stewart, Jeanne Cervenak, Judy Manning, Ruth Wilson. SECOND ROW: Barbara Tinkler, Helen Szukent, Ellen Heath, Ruth Slusser, l.aDonna Dow, Lois Champion, Pat Kominek, Joan Dow, Sue Luce, Shirley Eller, Diane Shelly, Mary Bueche, Annabelle Stevens, Onalee Sharrer, Jackie Mallery, Sandra Walter, Margie Balun. FlRST ROW: Gerry Sayward, Roberta Thompson, Signe Carpenter, Darla lrwin, Darlene Bueching, Ethel Ingersoll, Donna Wright, Athelda Hunter, Delaine Goh, Beverly Lewis, Donna Champion, Janet Wright, Joesphine Benner, Helen Perkins. Li 9 Ei, QSEGGQ stiff? hfififkfi. 'f Oyqifi s' Glee Club THIRD ROW: Sharon Peck, Betty Davis, Joanne Spodney, Sarah Shroyer, Mary Munsey, Linda Phillips, Violet Parsons, Jennie Armstrong,' Pat Ballge, Wilma Roy, Bernie Mallery, Carol Anne Cloutier, Beverly Lyons, Barbara Walker, Katherine Scafe, Bonnie Morin. SECOND ROW: Betty Sellars, Doris White, Sally Stapel, Gay Dee Hanson, Marilyn Nickerson, Joyce Breithaupt, Donna Morse, Pat Wallner, Mary Lou Johnson, Violet Striler, Cam Scott, Wilda Mclntosh, Janet Newberry, Marion Slovak, Barbara Carpenter, Mrs. Way. FIRST ROW: Joanne Crouse, Carole Deneen, Jennie Donaski, H elen Rumsey, Beverly Moschino, Doris Church, Lois Crane, Donna Disberry, Muzette Rich, Elaine Mclntosh, Laragene Peck, Janet Burkett, Pat Thuemmel. Gary Blackmore Davrd Pufnar' Larry Farrer Boys Chorus Bob Fanrban' s Duck l'lammel Mrs W Don Cru swell Larry l rits Bull Roth 1 sf lam Newmar- Jnm Wmemav .Jon lien ell Harold Eller Vnch Davxfl Trulr Wood Thorpe FU! -null Scharrer B05 Qlcutt ,yron l clcmore BobMoorr"ar1 Fred Payne Brr Markley Jrm qpmney Lure Krupp Dowd weaver Loren Hosfefler J Uewms Wright Charles Bump Bill Jacob, I 31 5 ff -TGV , Q . A I "J, my .9 Q Q Y Bob Soren-'Jn Ziyi A Ernie Gilbert nag' Q If. 71 !..d, N I sh V QQ :L x I D , ,xh 1 2' GPF 0 Mixed Chorus THIRD ROW Sharon peck Bonnie Moran Romarne Jarcyznskr Davrd Truuf Barbara Trnkler Jane? Newberry M L J h Jackie Maller Jrm Sprnney Larry Lefts Bob Skutf Bob Markley Roberta Thompson Sue ary ou o nson y Luce Donna Champion Onalee Scharrer Marilyn Nickerson Bob Moorman Brllle Jean Krnnee Peggy Farrar Jean Cervenak SECOND RON Pa1'Thuemmel Fred Payne Helen Perkons Gary Blackmore Laragene Peck Lune Krupp Athelcla Ch l B B rl Maschnno Loren Hostetler Helen Rumsey Harold Hunfer Dave Putnam Darlene Bueckmg ar es ump eve y Eller Byron Blackmore Doris Church Jlm Newman Delalne Gohn Lois Champion Mrs Way FIRST ROW Bull Jacob: Joan Crouse Davud Weaver Jam Wmeman Don Kutch Don Crxswell Bob Fairbanks Duck Hammel Bob Sorensen Ernie Gxlberf Dennis Wrrghf Bull Scharrer Gerry Sayward Larry Farrar Bull Roth Wendel Woodfhorpe Darla lrwm ..' X 1 'aw 1 N 0 aa TL I. I ,Q !, V, .ff 'f 'fri .O - K 'x . X: g-Q 6 .af ff F x N Q' ui E' f S w 'pk r ,kd ' N ff' nv' 1 ' ' N ' Q Q5 '3 v EW? A 6 I if 6-'r X 'It f uh' 1 p , I N0 A K J ,NUKQ V2 ' I 5 f ' 1 4 I S, -ffjxasgrh 3 f ++ Y ' wi ' f 5' iw U9 Q, ff - , 1 viii A 9 'L' Q 4-,N .. as , ,B 5 , g E . , 4 - 'Q 9 Rig !x E3 f 4 f v X S 1 4 3 f , A 1 I 1 XM' if '--wuts? if . , l x O ' S any .1 f XL N"-'l 'TXN HEAD MAJORETTE NANCY JENSEN 4 hs.. tk., BARBARA BIGGER . dag , Ak. 1 ,K Q AA t ' V .Vb:o I, A ah' X "' ' I . X I f ' ' L Q jg? X 2 J F' f . V! f X K Q ,f 7 ' J 1 a ' A x JOANNE CROUSE LZ , AA A-wi J, .x,, ' " Iii ' A N J il. ' A X, I 'tx A L '- If NJ ' ' 4 . X ,J 7' . J al A ,X s f U . xx " gn SUE LUCE 'WD DRUM MAJOR JOHN ROWE Aux JUDY ARN Varsity X fx qv 6' ff? 8. X, X! rg, s fi' J Af- J XT f W ,F 1, Y -Q QSJQ' , 'X Q Qi' 1 X5 Cy o A J Q Reserve :rin-f-' "' X1 wx Q90 ,G+ ge Q0 Cos se so? A xoxo X4 85' sw Cheerleaders QW -2157, 4. 9, 'f . 7 , , U x . Ak, I1 x :P 2, L1 v-.,r s wwf" X-1. PAT SHOLLER JEANNE CERVENAK JOYCE THOMPSON f librurluns SITTING Sally Stewart Barbara Walker Sonya Barrefi Phyllis Bueche Peggy Puerce Karen Thompsen Annefte Walker STANDlNG Bud Blakemore Mr Robbms advisor Blll Draheum latin Club THIRD ROW Wayne Hayes Sharron Tanner Currie Andrews Don Johnson John Damm Jack Porn Mike Scot? John Holt David Jensen Jane? Bader SECOND ROW Bob Campbell Marilyn Weber Pat Thuemmel Allan Shepard Wulda Mc lnfosh Carol Childers Sharon Zuidema Wendell Woodfhorp Jim Porn Miss Wilson advisor FlRST ROW Gretal Kiesekcmp Sarah Shroyer Janet Hicks Ruih Martin Pat Ballge Bethany Lures Anneife Walker Jack Allen l.aDonna Dow Judy Arn Spanish Club THIRD ROW: SECOND Row: FIRST ROWQ Carol Denneen, Darla Irwin, Rudy Freund, Neil Blackmore, Janice Hafchew, Beverly Lewis. Joyce Thompson, Marilyn Nickerson, Joan Dow, Pal Strannahan, Byron Blackmore, Mr. McDaniels, advisor. Karen Thompsen, Jane? Truiff, Peggy Peirce Bob Moorman Sally Clark. Beta Chl Theta THIRD ROW Athelda Hunter Pat Sholler Helen Rumsey Gerry Sayward Joan Crouse Beverly Maschlno Doris Church SECOND ROW Ellen Heath Pat Thuemmel Mary Johnson Roberta Thompson Sue Luce Mrs Way Instructor FIRST RCW Sharon Peck Karen Thompsen Peggy Farrar Bullle Jean Klnnee Beverly Skrceny Barbara Tlnlcler Qt-tl 'b Junior an LEFT TO RIGHT Dorls Richards Pat Manley, Lewus Johnson Bull Jacobs, Duane Raeske Mr Wnlluam Dual, Joyce Hicks, Delmore Smeby, Bull Knleper, Joe Ostermeyer, Mnke Damm THIRD ROW: Dan Escota, Ronald Smith, Jim Pluto, Dennis Gartee, Ted Briendenstien, Dick McKay, Rudolph Domlce, Jerry Stefanski, Fred Denneen, Gordon Lincoln, Melven Witzrmn, Bob McKone. SECOND ROW: Jack Detro, Jerry Rachow, Charles Arrrstrong, Percy Gibson, Bob Stall, Bob Donoski, Larry Letts, Richard Synder, Dick McKone, Mr. Mason, instructor. FIRST ROW: Jack Taylor, Walter Joseph, Dayle Morse, Jim Chase, David Lewis, Don Walker, Richard Morrish, Elwin Mclferracher, Roy Elliot, Bob Markley, Jim Springer. THIRD ROW: Catherine Darby, Kathleen Barnum, Lois Crane, Ethel lngersoll, Shirley Vernon, Carol Deneen Mary McQueen, Phyllis Bueche, Sylvia Thomas, Joan Crouse, Signa Carpenter, lna Cosway, Genevieve Donaski, Delaine Gohn, Marilyn Stranahan, Lois Smith. SECOND ROW: Sally Stowell, Delores Jobin, Fanny Gibson, Violet Parsons, Marilyn Harburn, Betty Stewart, Charlotte Blanchard, Delores White, Bonnie Gardener, Ellen Heath, Janet Newberry, Eleanor Middleton, Norma Burke, Pat Stranahan, Mrs. Cross. FIRST ROW: Ruth Wilson, Betty Davis, Marva Miller, Wilma Dye, Joyce Labarge, Jean Serges, Judy Manning, Donna Collins, Shelby Smith, .loan Spodney, Beverly Lyons, Barbara Reed, Gloria LaMay, Zoe Ann Kasson. Sensor Y Teens Q Gomgfoes THIRD ROW SECOND ROW FIRST ROW Gay Hanson Pa? Sholler Pat Wallner Betty Alger Sngne Carpenter Gerry Sayward Carol Deneen Helen Rumsey Donna Collnns Sandra McKay Helen Perkins Fannie Gibson Jean Serges Shelby Smnth Joyce LaBarge Donna Champion Loss Champuon Berme Mallery Pat Kommeck Joan Dow Jean Knseper Nancy Jensen Catherme Darby Miss Wnlson advisor Bonme Morln Sue Bruner Dorothy Walker Sally Clark Roberta Thompson Beverly Skrceny Afhelda Hunfer Jackle Mdllery Joyce Thompson Josephine Benner Mary Lou Johnson .lumor HI Y 'id Url Robb SECOND Larry Porn Ronme Young Doug Norton Jerry Rfaeffer Donald Walker Charles Orfh Mr Dual advisor FIRST Bob Hartley Dxck Anthony Rncky Lreffers Sonny Elluot Harry Kehoe Fred LaBarge 0 o Q o-K 'f - , N THIRD: Tom Mercer, Gary Blackmore, Don Radley, Lowell Roy, George I I l I I - I I I ' ' I . l : I ' I l I I I I QQ 1 AARON SLICK MR WILBUR MERRIDEW CLARENCE GREEN MRS ROSY BERRY GLADYS MAY MERRIDEW THE GIRL IN RED LITTLE SIS RIGGS HOTEL GUESTS PROMPTERS .f'? Jumor Play George Mercer Jake Roy Ray Barnum Joe Gleason Jack Taylor Bob Moorman Morgue Springer Maralyn Stranahan Beverlyskrceny Roberta Thompson Shirley Arnold Ellen Heath Barbara Golden Rose Chaprmka Sally Stewart John Rowe Bull Dlxon .lum Parkhurst Beverly Maschlno Alderlean Prleur Aprll l8th and l9th 1952 were the dates on which the class of 53 presented thear Junior Play Aaron Slack from Punkm Crack by Lleut Beale Cormack Mrs Berry was a wmdow who Inved on her farm nn Oklahoma Aaron who wasn t as green as he looked really wants to marry her but lust can t get up enough nerve to pop the question All bedlam breaks loose when Mr Merrldew and his snooty mece Gladys May comes from the clty to stay on the widow s farm Sus Rnggs the tomboy makes thmgs pretty tough for Merrldew when she discovers he IS out to swandle Mrs Berry for some oll he found on her farm land Clarence Green the mysterious poet spoutmg VISllOf keeps a close check on the actuvntles of Merrndew The widow sngned the property over to Merrudew after Aaron agreed to at and moved to the clty A year later Merrudew and Gladys May went to the clty and looked Mrs Berry up He had found that the onl had been planted by Aaron and really wasn t an all strike after all In the process of attempting to get rad of the farm and get hrs money back he was trapped In the clutches ofthe law Clarence Green was nn realuty a policeman who had been trying to catch up wlth Merrldew Clarence got hss man and the widow fmally got Aaron and moved back on her Oklyhorr farm l . sensuous ans I . Q.. fn. , -... ...... , . ...... ...- ,- .. .. n-. , ..-. ... ........... o.. .- ,- ... ... , I I . . , . . 1 I u . . . n - - - I I ' ' . 1 ' 1 I I , . . . . . , . . , . . I " I ' I I . o 1 ' v 1 I u 1 I . , . . U O I . , . . I. C DAVID LORING ff, kv 4 Semor Play MRS GlLBRETH fmotherl ANNE ERNESTINE MARTHA FRANK B LL LILLIAN FRED DAN JACK BOB TOM fthe handy manl MR HATHAWAY fthe roomerl LEORA fa distant relatlonj DR BOB Knew famuly doctorl Atheldo Hunter Beverly Maschuno Roberta Thompson Beverly Skrceny Bull Drahelm Bob Moorman Barbara Golden Tom Mercer Duck Anthony Barry Morruson Jnm McLeod Charles Bump Jam Wnneman Ellen Heath Harold Eller David Putnam MR CRAWFORD la nolncemanl Jerry Sh-fanskl On November 25 1952 the Sensor Class presented the play Bells on theor Toes, under the durectnon of Mrs B'-'non WUY Th!! Play 15 lDOSed on the book by the some name wntten by Frank Gu breth and Ernestnne Gllbreth Carey and adopted fo the stage by Wnllram Roos This delughtful play contnnues to portray the life of the Gnlbreth famllyp made famous un the ploy Cheaper by the Dozen Asded by cousins Leora and Tom the handy man the efforts of the entvre famuly from mother down to tmy Janne are directed toward earnung a lnvung corrymg on the work and na als of a beloved father and keepmg together as a famnly After the death of the father, mother decndes to carry on hrs work ln Europe She leaves the family under the care of Anne the oldest daughter confudent that they wall be safe and secure by applymg the teachmgs of the father As soon as she leaves compllcatnons arise But the mgenulty and cleverness of thas wonderful and extraordinary family solve all therr problems nearly' T o l .... . . . AL LYNCH fNantucket hot dogl . . . . . George Mercer Vt 52 OPERETTA JENNY LlND NEARLY Ath lda Hunter, RatSl1oller EILEEN GRAY Barbara Trnkler, lrene Green PATTI ZUIVIEL Donna Shaw MR COYLY Harold Eller MR JOHN DARTE John Martrn, Don Olson MR MIDAS GOLDENTOUCH f'arl Berth HARRY OLIVER Davrd Putnam BILL fthe stagehandl Bud Blakemore MR MUTTERBY Frank Jobrn ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR Mr Wrllram Dral An opera company rs frnrshrng the run of one show and begrnnrng to plan another All are rn hrgh sprrrts Jenny Lrnd Nearly, one ofthe soprano leads, because she s rnterested rn the new tenor Harry Olrver Mr Oarte, the drrector, and Erleen gray, one ofthe cast because they re rn love However, obstacles arrse to therr theatrrcal and personal ambrtrons Mr Coyly, the producer and busrness manager for the company, confesses that he has lost all ofthe company s money and consequently cannot pay therr salarres nor frnance further productrons Thrs srtuatron, however, rs seemrngly relreved by the wealthy Mr Mrdas Goldentouch who secretly offers to frnance the company, provrded they put on a bad productron starrrng Jenny She rs hrs nrece and he wrshes her to leave the stage, srrrce rt rs not consrstent wrth her drgnrty as a member ot a wealthy famrly Jenny, unconscrous of thrs plot agarnst her career has her own troubles She accrdentally sees Pattr Zuvrel the company contralto flrrtrng wrth Harry Olrver, blames hrm for what she belreve rs hrs frckleness, and rs very angry wrth hrm Goldentouch, rn sprte of hrs plans, frnds hrmself fasrnated by Erleen Gray, whose love forthe drrector he does not know about As rehearsals progress on the new show, drffrcultres rncrease Goldentouch comes to one of the rehearsals order to see rf the drrector and producer are carryrng out hrs wrshes Unfortunately he wrtnesses a quarrel scene between Jenny and Harry, whrch rs played so convrncrngly that he threatens to wrthdraw hrs subsrdy ofthe company, unless Jenny s actrng rs made bad The producer, frndrng that Goldentouch rs rnterested rn Erleen Gray, persuades her and her france, the drrector, that therr personal happrness rs nothrng besrde therr duty that therr duty rs to save the company, and that that can be done rf Erleen consents to marry Goldentouch However, lust as Erleen rs gorng to accept Goldentouch on condrtron that he contrnue hrs frnacrng even rn case of o successful productron, Path Zuvrel recognrzes Goldentouch as a Stage door adorer of her long ago youth on the stage She retrreves hrm, and rnsrsts that he contrnue hrs frnancrng of a SUCCESS' Tlus Erleen rs agarn released to marry the drrector, Mr Darte, Harry Olrver rs reconcrled wrth Jenny Lrnd Nearly, and everythrng ends as rt should, happrly o o as 3 .son na' ' v on nu. Q non susan'-0 . uannnoo aaa r I 1.1 as o susan...-.s nun of ' so o on . ounoonao can . on score I. . . . . . ,, ,,: X - ,. . ,O 1 r - . . ,, , . .'. q . . . . ,. . . . . l. , I . . . . l . . . I D . . . . .. . . . ,in ' ' . , ,' .. . . . Q ev .of Th ere vias 3 Time 1 h e ffl ere mas Q Time o og fha, J C-we 'N x I I 9 UL x. we Z A10 1 0 1:5 9 2? 639 eP,.h2p 0 I 0119 U It 'U N frghz I le f 11198 1 Tl fqfr 7111 1 do 0' do I 0 greX Tl e Mum ' ' A Wand rmg Twig Mmsrfel I f 1 1 A Wg11 V' 0, C Pen U, BC Yxne xg Plruteb e Me nm to Swv 5 Om Ab Wav Ffedefw Sw!! I ag body tue St Em I U1 '1 93 Q. S- Elm EU? 'LE' 'SE Q: gum F' EEF :W E 'i -. 'I O 3 .. 32 E 7 R PF' D D. O A O I N QQ 0 900 2 Q46 f O O' L 2 U X OOIQIDO P Q W dc E' Q! X X O Oper I 1 Y X f None shall Part Us W! 0,1 f None shall Part Us from Iolanthe ,Qin f gxo MVN Overture x O X Overture from The Pirates of Pen ance fx C C T1t Wtllow from The Mikado X ,Nix wa Y fTOm, The Gondoglers '0 'O in Q ma 'WO o vi mg X0 'Vo - 1 e S6 T The Law is the True E1nbodiment" rom "Iolauthe" " WO 0.0 - 9, O 1,6 ' 9 ' 19,0 I V seg 2 Ilofvp. Q9.,' ,X . x bo, 'L' X' .X ufmrrfvludu uumf MJUAL SRU?-WPHV tu?Dlf3H., l' '73 , QQQ ,wx liz XX x -.H 1351 9A0fI .IHO 9 OO . ' - .9 - , 'ld 4 - X. QA X a ' O4 0 ' 1 X X f' X X 1 X ' 1. ' .. 1 O X, X xii .,, 0, I . X 2 X X Q ,, r 7 , X Y OO X N Mikado ' - X - 0 d "The Q A ' xx 3 ms0P u P ud"fT"m Ci- Q. XX 'X X, 3 . 0 To - 1 X x X I , I . I yn, 'y X , X X X , . Xxx ix- NX 14 E ,Z fs. X :i Q, fa Q wx x - ' : 5 x fn- 1 E ' N 'Q - Cv 'ff 0 " X 13" 5 . 'fi X A- X Q 1 1 O X Q , L fa ' X ' Q9 ' A Q Q X X 'N 5 X mp 054, -1 5 3 X an 0 8. Xu we GQ 1 , ,, ff '52 : NX ,Q D X ' X N77 05, 1 N N 6 X X 6 61 9- O A qi . 5. X X Q' H 5' X 4 ' , 0 Q 3 . 1' . OO Qi - Q 5. i 2 2' 1 Us X X ,w 65 X: S N . A Q X . -005 4 ,D S- ' ' 9 Y eq V ' 3 0 0 - me 91 X90 ' . .- Y vo 0 N - NA 2 X' ,T 'D V - : ?3' PY 06 Z Ii. 'P '. v 0 G N ff X- ' gf vm ' 'X V? V - 2 N -5,5 xl, 1 w Q : QN I. Ll, N . Z' S 49 'Sf w fa Q, N . , N A . N U Q Q , ' - me Spring Q ,--The MWA" ix , S' 5 T at BXOOUX in ' the Spring' iron SN' Z7 ' S Thi? FXUWEZ Flowers That Bloom nu . f L 5 . Q N ' S af 1 Q Q1 'X alex, Fx Q no g v 1, 9 9301 LL WOAXQD fx IX 1 v Klint ' q ' V 1952 Football Homecoming QUEEN COURT MARGARET VAMOS ROBERTA THOMPSON BERNIE MALLERY 41- fox 8. ,, ':f' 'L sx!f g N , SHAPON ZUIDEMA 5'-gfzggng, DONNA DICLERRY fx RHNN R UP .ONQCQTANTQ .lugw CAM SCOTT DEANNA TEACHWORTH BILLIE JEAN KINNEE Q 1 ' V ' -X Q. x- 4 .H ' '. 1 .J ' in ---' Ns' , .- -1 f- -.- 7' 7' n ' V .Q -.4 - . 2 V . V I Custodians Mrs Whrfe Kung Mrs Hover BIN Junlor 1 THIRD ROW: Bill Sharrer Mgr., Don Smith, Phil Wilcox, Julius Slezsalc, Dick McKay, Roger McKay, Bruce Morris Bob Geiger, Don Zelenka, Cal Dinning, Coach Bye. SECOND ROW: Bob Campbell Mgr., Ron Wilcox, Bob Skutt, Dan Escota, Bill Dixon, John Roy, Joe Gleason, Jim Chase, Bob Buchanan, Bob Chase, Garnet Thompson. FIRST ROW: Dave Woosfer, Jerry Hillman, Fred Payne, Luie Krupp, Dick Anderson SCORES OPP. FHS OPP. FHS Cl"lESANlNG .... O I3 MT. MORRIS... .. 14 7 KEARSLEY ..... . . . 6 0 DAVISCN ........ . O 6 CLIO ........ 21 6 GRAND BLANC 12 6 BENDLE .. . 2 O FENTCN .......... O 14 BEECHER ......... 32 6 This page sponsored by SCAFE'S PHARMACY 'T " I T ' .. I f. A A Q X Q- N, X V 'bxlwrgj 1. 'rf 'S ROGER MCKAY Back All Count y Defens , 5 If ,Q ,Q OOO GEIGER n 7 ' was I aff' tux ' Guard W' "W-' 'O GARNET THOMPSON RON wlLcOx Bock V BOB BUCHANAN DAVE WOOSTER Back M Back i"'fK , - .A 3 O +. A To DANTECROTA Vh In GMX H F: CAL DINNING Bock JOE OLEASON JAKE ROY B"-ZUWXON Guard ard Cenier JIMC Thus trophy emblematuc ofthe county and dustruct champuonshups won by the 1952 53 cage squad represents one of the funest records made by a Flushung Hugh School basketball team The team won the County Class B tutle wuth 8 straught vuctorues and captured the dustruct at Dye Hugh School wuth two decusuve vuctorues over Nt Morrus game at the I M A Audutoruumun an overtume contest to Flunt Technucal Hugh School 43 to 42 The season ended wuth an over all record of l6 vuctorues and 2 defeats The squad was captauned by Bob Buchanan and had two boys Jack Johnson and Roger McKay receuvung recognutuon on the Flunt .lournal All County teams :J Q I . ' I and Beecher. The squad lost the next . I I ' I lllril' X use 3. 9. f , THIRD ROW: John Smifh, Fred Payne, Ron Wilcox, Bud Blakemore, Phil Young, Don Zelenka, John Vernon, Penn Gibbs, Bob Skutt, John Rowe, John Gonser. SECOND ROW: Coach Ocak, Robert Russell, Roger McKay, George Mercer, Jack Johnson, Dann Deaver, Don Olsen, John Huggins, Don Keller, Phil Wilcox, Larry Winters, mgr. FIRST ROW: Bob Geiger, Ed Scheidler, Bob Buchanan, Bill Barnes, Gerald Slcrceny, Joe Gleason Neil Blackmore. -4...,. l" In 99551K M65 'fig imc l lc WSH '40 ,MS H Uv N9 H W N9 'Wo 0 0 I Vii9H,,, 5,5HlfIg 6' , ' M ff ,, Y ' ' X"ff'v' l if 17: so .I .... SECOND ROW: Coach Bye, Jim Chase, Calvin Dinning, Bob Geiger, Don Zelenka, John Huggins, Don Keller, Bob Chose, Roger McKay, Jerry Hillman, Ron Wilcox, Lloyd Hammond. FIRST ROW: Dann Deaver, Alfred Morgan, Don Wheeler, Carl Hammond, John Smith, Bill Barnes, AI berf Daron. .L UNL 1 BILL BARNES Shortsiop ir I I . Tc AL BERT DARON Shorfstop SCORES Chesaning 7 3 Clio A 3 Beecher ll O Mt Morris l 2 Sf. Michaels 4 5 Fenton 6 2 Kearsley 5 O Davison 5 2 Bendle 7 2 Grand Blanc 12 4 a .A . if 1 A :,.,,'o ' - QMS!! lyc 1 B --rf ,gg W N u I E ., I 1 jj b - - p - J J L is ll- 'fi -- 'fi L. , DANN DEAVER Joi-:N SMITH CARL HAMMOND 'lst Base 2nd Base Cumhe, ,qv- sv 9 311 DON WHEELER 3rd B s Angry ,jf ,ss rr, tin Girls' Softball Although off to a bad start in the '52 season by losing their first two games to Beecher and Kearsley, the girls soon got into the swing of things. They easily toolc the following games from Grand Blanc and Bendle. The rest ofthe games were tough but the girls were right in there playing all the way and won games from Davi- son ancl Fenton. Mt. Morris forfeited their game, which made the seasonal total of tive games won and two lost. .l Karen Thomsen Second Row Charlotte Edgecomb, Jennie Podulka Helen Rumsey, Nancy Jacobs, Roberta Thompson, Donna Champion, Beverly Skrceny Those not present are Barbara Golden, Alclerlean Prieur and Mrs Blaize, coach Rosie Chaprnka This page sponsored by GROVES BROTHERS First Row: Bonnie Morin, Shirley Young, Diane Eissinger, Alice Skutt, : ' , ly Sk Sk tr od Chp OPPONENT HOME Beecher Kearsley Davison Grand Blanc Fenton Bendle 3 M1' Morris Forfent Game fo us Thus page sponsored by BYERLY STORE Flushxng Flushing Flushlng Flushung Flushlng Flushing Alice u Rosie a Jennie Podulka Barbara G I en Bever rceny f' NN A Roberia Thompson A MMM, I N.ncY JG ob Alderlean Prieur 12 ' 9 - . . 4 - H r 0 . Girls' Track The l952 track meet was held at Dort Field on May 9th with girls from Kearsley, Bendle, Beecher, and Flushing competing. The events included shot-put, basketball throw, running broad, standing broad, Hop-step-iump, dash, and relay. Kearsley girls placed first, but Flushing came in second with Bendle and Beecher in third and fourth places. A IX First Row' Doris Jones Charlotte Edgecomb Alice Skutt Diane Elsslnger Sayward Roberta Thompson Beverly Skrceny Bonnie Moran Those not present are Mrs Blarze coach and Alderlean Prleur Mgrm Rosie Chaprnka This page sponsored by CORNER CURBOARD GIFT SHOP - ' . I I . I . . . Second Row: Karen Thomsen, Margie Rayburn, Jennie Podulka, Geraldine I - I 1 l I- ' . ' ' . I I XO EEF-I 9-Lm B ,gt W X om XE LO UEO Balm LO 33203 UCRBOG 3 E0 10mm0aE B C U CO2 ggi Us W LO L m xv-DDJ mg UCDE om F-O whnz or-O 0 D Q 03 LO X Om XE LO WC-UPDUI can 300 X OI ? UOQ Em.: IO 6 am FOI 0 W Er: Wo 2503 mLUU U MDE U WDE mc 109 NF LL C .KOOL 0-DOE E0 mC Om 2506-W mv POE mC he-w mc mc M ZMOQW WOCO S O mC 303 mC t CV- UC -gm: mC ,Sm mf im w U MDE mvmboi 0mU :UE DC gon me 152 wma na U mC U0 OU 30 mC Om SO gb Om woeoia ml U0--OU 0:03 my-302 Jaw X00 K- DL mv E 5 TAD? mC mc B MCC ECO?-DQE mc D96 A r-WE.-0 C :cam TUOOD mC mcg mmUE0 :U WEOC V- D3 K-OF-DL DU 0, mC V-Umam QWOEUOC h 0 U :O WWUCA-00: WQS UU we 03-U Wifi COEU xc 3 wmgzmvzm CO X0 QEOU wmiwxd L EXEC mg:-WUOW :CEM 0225 K-208-W Yam V32 O5 E 0 CDO-, E? UU 0 MU! Cr-U01 WLC E U moy- :EE U: JUDD coo 5 0 nj Nh mx-O2 0 L Im xtvm 0500 :U OZ EXW mir-MOP4Hb PMEOI U-I-'wEmPU4W2IU MSZZVAU-Z A EOUWM U CCD . 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PAINTS PLUMBING 8: HEATING SUPPLIES-PUMPS Flushing Michigan Compliments of THE LUCE PHARMACY We Have Apprecuated Also Enloyed Your Patronage FLUSHING MICHIGAN Congratulatuons to the Semor Class of 1953 PEOPLES STATE BANK OF FLUSHING FIushmg,Mlchlgun The Bank m the Center of the Block O F F I C E R S F W Hertrach President George L Bower Vnce Presndent Paul G Shepard Asslstant Cashier D I R E C T O R S F W Hertruch Mylo Ragan George L Bower Paul G Shepard Paul S Bueche H L Mann Compliments To The Semorsl JERRY WHEELER MEN S WEAR Store for Dad and Lad Flushmg Mschngan L 1 O I I , . G I I I I Mylo Ragan . .... , . ....,,........,.,............ Cashier 'M . . . .. ..t.,,.,... 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Suggestions in the Flushing High School - Perannos Yearbook (Flushing, MI) collection:

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