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PERANNOS through the yeczrf Puazmefz fy Class of 1945 Flushing High School FLUSHING, MICHIGAN V1 N 7 0 111119 O. C?-OZQWOZJ Even though we are in the midst of a war with its materiel shortage, we, the class of nineteen hundred and forty-five, have striven to give you a "Perannos" that lives up to the traditions of the annuals of the Senior classes before us. Somewhere between its pages you will find someone you knew, a familiar place, a memory of something you did, a remembered happiness or disappointment, a tear or a bright spot of laughter. As you watch the story it tells, relive it, but in the present, not the past. M. Barbara Slovak, Editor 4 1 + I I I w I f 5 i ? 4- I Defzcafion Hard work, sincere cooperation, and a cheery smile have endeared her in the hearts of all who have attend? ed.Flushing High School in the last fourteen years. The Seniors feel highly honored to be able to ded- icate the Perannos to such a loyal friend and comrade, one who helped to make the office the cheerful place it has been, Lucille Frawley. nnuaf .gfa Editor-in-chief ..... Assistant Editor-in-chief Art Editor ....... Assistant Art Editor . Senior Editor ...... Assistant Senior Editor . Class Editor ...... Assistant Class Editor . Club and Activity Editor Assistant Club and Activit Sports Editor ...... Assistant Sports Editor . Business Manager .... Assistant Business Manager Snapshot Editor . .'. . . Prophecy . . . will . . . Song . Poem . . History . . Art Staff . . . . . . y Editor . Clifford Rosenorantz . . Barbara Slovak . Gertrude Bedford . Method Sefcovic . . . Helen Austin Mina Mae Fairbanks . . . Joan Rumsey . Pauline Markava . . . Marie Peck . . Margaret Osmer . Douglas Jones . . Richard Higbee . . . Margie Jones Mary Anne Stedron . Phyllis Perkins . . . . Jeanne Arn . . . Helen Austin Mina Mae Fairbanks . . Lucille Wander Juanita Cookingham . . Donald Beatty .. .... Nina Borden Clifford Rosencrantz Alice Mae Gingrass Donald Thompson Those absent from the Staff Picture: Marie Peck and Alice Mae Gin- Va fe After fifteen years of service as Superintendent, Mr. C. E. DeMeritt is leaving Flushing High School. Many improvements have been made under his steady and farseeing-guidance in these many yearsg Some of them are the Hot Lunch Program and the new lunch room, Pub- lic Address System, Central Treasury System, School Assembly Service Programs, the four room addition to the school, the planning of the proposed addition, Visual Education Program, Movie Projector and numerous others for which he has sought no credit. with sincere regret and best wishes for the fu- ture, we bid him farewell and Godspeed. Mildred Paul Shepard, President Heenan, Secretary Fred Russell, Trustee George Bower, Trustee Floyd Smith, Treasurer C. E. DeMeritt, Adrian College, University of Michigan, Fifteen Years, Superintendent carl of fcfacaflon Flushing, Michigan April l5, 1945 As we leave the halls and rooms of good old Flushing High this June, we recall the have worked and played together here for thir- that these associations are ending, but we must that lie ahead. More worlds to conquer are be- Dear Friends: many good times we have had. Many of us teen years. There are sorrow and regret take heart for the greater opportunities fore us, and all of us must press onward There is always a great character is the ability and No matter how discouraged we we know that with continuous a better world for those who willingness A number of your classmates are now may be, no matter what obstacles are thrown into our paths, effort, eventually some little progress will be follow. The brave and strong will always fight ignorance and prejudice in the world, ever keeping their eyes on the highest to other and greater goals. need for unselfish devotion to service. The true test of to carry on for the advancement of humanity. made toward against the of goals. in uniform and many more will be in the near future. We hope that their sacrifices will not be in vain and that all of us will do our part to insure a lasting peace for the world, so that all peoples may live together in harmony forever as was intended by the Prince of Peace. Now as we separate to go our several ways, my earnest wish for you is that you will be happy useful citizens of our great democracy in accordance with what your teachers have tried to teach and show youg and that we may all eventually be reunited when to each of us our Maker has said, Hwell done thou good and faithful servant:---enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.H Most Sincerely, Superintendent of Schools Frank B. McCloy, A.B. Central Michigan College of Principal, Social Science Mary Draper, A.B. M.A. University of Michigan Latin and History Hazel Rose, A.B., M.A. Iowa State Teachers College Commercial m'3"'p Glenn Fox, A.B. University of Michigan English acuffy Education ,.,,,. A Michigan State Normal A. L. Mills, B.A. , M.A. , Music and English Wes tern State - University of' Michigan ,f?i3fRff"'?stq gp , 1 m'QliFWwmm. ifpf ,uw ,Y wwf W ffm' O4:?'-Pigs ff' 1"4f"H 57" Q hi, :sag E, 'ggL"i-,Q 6' .Ffa ,QZC K ' 'f . 1 Howard Tremblay, A.B. Michigan State College Agriculture and Biology Mavis Cross, B.S. Central Michigan College of Education Home Economics Ruth Grieve, B.S. Central Michigan College of Education English C. Dye Kalmazoo College Mathematics l ,,.l3-Jar E. Auten, A.B. Michigan State College University of Michigan Music and Junior High School F. Eissinger, A.B. Jamestown College History and Social Science Eleanor McGarry, B.S., M.A. Central Michigan College of Education University of Michigan Junior High School Ruth Dennis, B.A. Michigan State College History and Social Science Lucille Liebe, B.A. Jamestown College fgjj ' Commercial gf Q 074005, M- A! MAA f William Van Orden, B.A., M.A. University of Michigan Physica Education f Hfvx G'-fv I 6 SENIORS CMG . S V1 ffhmx. KJ LS?f 6 Jlx 3 N ' s.-I 4 -I c p MF' W! I f J? t ic l Q O 9 H l-I .genior Cjfau Officer: President Vice-President Secretary Treasury The pas QOZOU Gold Black Mrs. Rose Robert Bailey Phyllis Perkins Nina Borden Pauline Markava fqoffo t forever gone, the future still our own. Q?-ZQWEI Yellow Rose .qyporuou Mr. Tremblay Mrs. Davis y ei onov .gfulenfr JEANNE ARN HDid you ever see a young woman who was unwilling to flirt,--just a little?H Vice-president 23 Senior All-school Play 45 Junior Play 55 Track 55 Newspaper l,3,4g Girl Reserves 4g Girls' Glee Club l, Q of 2g S.H. Librarian 43 Annual Staff. HELEN AUSTIN HLittle I care if little I am, I can do just as much as bigger girls can.H Student Council CSecretaryj4g Defense Stamp Committee 53 Annual Staff CSenior Editorj. GERTRUDE BEDFORD MAXINE STAPISH JUANITA COOKINGHAM PHYLLIS PERKINS LUCILLE WANDER DON BEATTY BARBARA SLOVAK WALTER KVINTUS D.A.R. REPRESENTATIVE BARBARA SLOVAK STEVE CHAPRINKA HBewareI This man will argue you around his finger.H F.F.A. 3,45 Senior All-School Play 3. HERBERT COLE HWhy aren't they all contented men likf me?H H1-Y 1,25 F.F.A. 4. ROBERT BAILEY A good athlete, he made hearts stir, for ll many maidens especially her.H J F.F.A. 2 CTreasurerD, 3 CPresidentj, 4 Q Sec- retaryjg Basketball 5, 4j Class President 4. EDWIN BECKWITH V a man is found out by his amusement. Basketball 5,45 r.F.A. 2,5,4- NINA BORDEN HShe was made of happy thoughts.H Central Treasurer 45 Junior Play jg Girl Re- serves l,5,4 CSecretaf ryjg Girls' Glee Club 1,53 Annual Staffg De- A real character of Fense Stamp Conuni tee 5 Class Secretary 4. EUGENE CLARK HTwo yards of man to say nothing of his B, II leet. JUANITA COOKINGHAM HA mischievous imp lurks bbhind a grave oountenanct.H Junior Play 33 Annual Staff. DONALD BEATTY HHe's wise for he says little and listens much. Il Junior Play 55 Annual Staff. GERTRUDE BEDFORD I'll not say much, I'll think more.H ll Girls' Glee Club lg An- nual Staff fArt Editorjg Defense Stamp Committee 4. HELEN BRITTON HBright brown eyes, profound with mischieftu Girls' Glee Club l. ,hi QW .... . ,Q5Ye5Q' 25 3K 'Qs QI A I ,?w w'WV ' QR S ' .1 ,,,.. -gwawg A, , Y K' .sfff.l,2xs?EQ we,l Q'f'JRs1g R lzfv 3 CM 5 "R cg! NXQWNZ I a-3Aw A flseas Wgfewms wg NQRQE ?WQvf'5- ivfww Rita! iwsf iirgggk Eeruuzwas fs't?f ' FE EEE? R EEEEEE? WILLIAM JENKINS Il When fun and duty crash, Let duty go to smash.H Baseball 45 F.F.A. 3,4. MARGIE JONES HBlack hair, flash- ing eyes, accompanied by a snappy gal.H Stu. Coun. CChrm. of Social Com.j45 Sr. All School Play CPrompterj 45 Girl Reserves 5 fVice-Pres.j, 4fVice- Pres.j5 Girls' Glee Club l,2,5,45 Mixed Chorus 2,43 Annual Staff, fBus. Mgr.j. VIRGINIA DICK HA VERY careful stu- dent--careful not to overdue.H I Secretary 25 Girl Re- serves l. MINA MAE FAIRBANKS Be silent and safe5 silence never betrays you.H Il Annual Staff. RICHARD HIGBEE HVariety is the spice of life.H Orchestra l,2,45 Annual Staff. SHIRLEY DODGE 4Studious and thought ful--but what about?H Defense Stamp Committee 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 Girl Reserves 45 Track l,4. ALICE MAE GINGRAS Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, but now I know itlu Band l,2fLibrarianj, 5, 4fManagerj5 Orchestra 1, 2,5,4CLibrarianj5 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Junior Play 55 Girl Reserves l,2,3,45 Speech Contest Zflst Placejg Newspaper lg An- nual Staffg Band Drum Majorette 4. KENNETH JAMEYSON V HMy only books were woman's looks, and fol- ly's all they've taught me.H ll F.F.A. 2,4. DOUGLAS JONES . I am on the verge of a great career, will somebody please push me off.H 'll Class President l,2,35 Student Council fPres- identj45 Declamation 55 Football 5,45 Basket- ball 3,43 F.F.A. 2,j,45 Annual Staff CSports Editorj. ' WALTER KVINTUS HQuiet but deliber- ate.H Kearsley l,25 Hi-Y 4. NANCY LAY 1 HI have a heart with room for every joy.4 Vice-President 53 Girls' Club l,2CLibrari- Annual Staffg Girl Glee HHDQ Reserves 43 Defense Stamp Committee 5. MARGARET OSMER HHere's to the girl with a heart and a smile, Who makes the bubble of life worth while.H Girls' Glee Club l,2,3, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Annual Staffj Operetta 43 Poster Machine 43 Girl Reserves 4. MARIE PECK HShe often burns the midnight oil, Sorry to say its not for toil.n PHYLLIS PERKINS uOnce 'twas nice to play with toys, Far sweeter now to play with boys.H SSC.-TT63S.,2j Treas. 53 Vice-Pres. 43 Sr. All-School Play 2, 5 fPrompterj,43 Jr. Play 53 Operetta 43 Newspa- per 1,4j Tracks 53 Girls' Glee Club l,2, i,of 43 Mixed Chor. 2, Q of 43 Defense Stamp Committee 53 Annual Staff. CLIFFORD ROSENCRANTZ Il can agree with me.n Stu. Coun. CChr. of War Com.j 4g Sr. All4School Play 43 Jr. Play 53 Hi-Y Club 43 Annual Staff CAss't Editor-in-chiefj My idea of an agreeable person is one who Stu. Coun. 23 Operetta 43 Newspaper 4g Girl Re- serves 43 Girls' Glee Club 2,53 Mixed Chorus Annual Staffg Defense Stamp Committee 5. 25 LAURENCE REED HBachelor ways bring solitude.H F.F.A. 2,5,4. JOAN RUMSEY HA smile oils life's bearings.H Girl Reserves 43 Girls Glee Club l 2,3fLibra- rianj i of 43 Annual StafffClass Editorlg Study Hall Librarian 4. PAULINE MARKAVA HShe's pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with.4 Secretary 53 Treasur- er 4j Girl Reserves 43 Girls' Glee Club 2,33 Mixed Chorus 23 Annual Staff, Defense Stamp Committee 5. WAYNE PARTRIDGE ,HTut! Tut! My man, the girls won't hurt you.H CARLTON PENOYER HTO worry little, to study less, is my idea of happiness.H F.F.A. 3,4. ROBERT WALRATH H Hlfll carve my name on hearts, and not on marble.H Band l. BIANCA WHEATLEY HFootloose and fan- cyfree.H Girl Reserves 2,4. FRED WITZMAN HMischief shines in his bright eyes.H Football 45 F.F.A. 2, 5,4-. MARIAN YOTT HLife is just one prolonged giggle.H METHOD SEFCOVIC uNot too serious, not too gay, but alto- gether a jolly good fellow.H Senior All-School Play 45 Junior Play 53 Hi-Y 45 Annual Staff5 Movie Projector Operator 2,3, 45 School Electrician 2,5,4. MAXINE STAPISH HQuiet, anchored to- wards study.H War Com. lj Speaking Contest l,45 Girl Re- serves l,25 Girls' Glee Club 1,23 Annual Staff. DONALD THOMPSON HBeware! I might yet do something sensations al.u Student Council 35 Sen- ior All-School Play 43 Junior Play 35 Hi-Y Club 43 Annual Staff. LUCILLE WANDER HShe has a head to contrive, a tongue to serenade, and a hand to execute.H Sr. All-School Play 45 Operetta 45 Newspaper l,45 Girls' Glee Club l, 2,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,43 Annual Staffg Defense Stamp Committee 3. BARBARA SLOVAK HA disposition that's sweet and sound, A girl that's a comfort to have around.H . Defense Stamp Com. 3,45 Stu.'Coun.fChrm. of As. Com.j 3,4 fVice-Pres.j 45 Newspaper 53 Girl Re- serves 45 Girls' Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,25 Annual Staff CEditor- in-chiefj. MARY ANNE STEDRON HA little girl full of pepeand pluck.H Detroit l,2,f of 35 Band E of 35 Orchestra fpof 35 Newspaper 45 Girl Reserves 43 Annual Staff. EVELYN THOMPSON Hwere silence golden, you'd be a millionaire.H L:7IE'dlW7J Come away with me Into my Room of Memories. kept my dearest dreams, Life's eternal streams, Here are Built on Built in my young high school days, a youth's innocent ways. Built in Let's unlock the door with the key To dearly remembered memories. Come here and see My shelves and shelves of memories. Here on this shelf of a Cedar's bough Are kept my thoughts which now Stand for my first high school year, A year of many hopes and fears, A year of long, youth thoughts' And the major successes that they brought. The next year a Utopia was my dream. Images, cast in a shifting stream, Of perfect peoples' ideals and plans, Who lived in mistic wonder lands With shores washed by a turquoise sea. A Paradise to which Continence was the key. A child's dream, half in tenderness and mirth. This year I gave sweet, pure dreams birth. In my third year I was dreaming dreams, again, Dreams that made life real. But in vain I dreamed, for intruders in my land of dreams Crept in my mind on ethedral beams. I was drinking deep from the well of life To strengthen myself for the world of strife And my spirit returned life the wind that blew, Strengththening my weak, broken soul anew. There were more'towers of dreams to build And more of my shelves to be filled, But alas! I awoke to find my dreams a reality. They had brought the past years back to me. The initiation day and the party that night And the assembly 'twas the Sophomores' delight, Next came the Junior Year with its Play. I then became a Senior and could no longer stay These dreams take my memory back in trendsg To happy hours spent with dearly loyed friends, To the schoolhouse with its doors open wide Taking us, like roaming strangers, inside And then, after mothering us, to send Us forth to find our journey's end, Launching us Launched but To a port we forth on the Sea of Life. We are not anchored. Sailing afar may call home. We have all--HTHE FUTURE IS OUR OWNTH cfm: vffisfovy We, the class of '45, feel that we should leave behind us a perma- nent record of our progress as a pattern for classes of the future. Our class first became a member of Flushing High in the year of l94l. Our class president was, from the 7th grade through our Junior year, Doug- las Jones. fHe has been our own HRoosevelt.HJ We had as our sponsors, Mrs. Davis and Mr. Tremblay. Mrs. Davis left in our Junior year and Mrs. Rose took her place to aid Mr. Tremblay. In our Freshman year, we received the Flushing. We made our clothes from burlap ens of pig-tails, and the boys looked very curlers. After a party given to us by the initiation as is the custom at sacks, girls appeared in doz- charming with their hair in Sophomores, we settled down for the year. fWell, we tried to.j For that year we elected Douglas Jones-- President, Orie Fairbanks--Vice-President, and Virginia Dick--Secretary and Treasurer. We sent Dick Van Fossen and David Morton to the Student Council As Sophomores, we took our turn at initiation and then treated the Freshmen to their party. That year our officers were: President--Douglas Jones, Vice-President--Jeanne Arn, and Secretary and Treasurer--Phyllis Perkins. To the Student Council, went David Morton and Marie Peck. As Juniors, we gave our first big dance, the October Whirl. This be- ing a big year for us, we followed that up with the Junior Play entitled, HThe Tower Room Mystery.H This success was topped off with the annual J- Hop, which took place on May 26, l944. The Gym was decorated Jones' Locker under the sea. The band played from the inside of a whale. Tropical fish decorated the walls. Our officers as Davie of the mouth for this suc- cessful year were: Douglas Jones--President, Nancy Lay--Vice-President, Pauline Markava--Secretary, and Phyllis Perkins--Treasurer. Barbara Slo- vak and Donald Thompson represented us in the Student Council. Then came the eventful year of being Seniors. In this year, we aided in the presentation of the Senior-All-School Play entitled HTish.H We were also the guests of the annual Junior J-Hop which was held on May 17. Then came the task of producing our Annual. We will let you be the judges of our success. For the Senior year, we elected Bob Bailey as our Presi- dent, Phyllis Perkins as Vice-President, Nina Borden as Secretary, and Pauline Markava as Treasurer. We had more or less of a monopoly on the Student Council this year. Douglas Jones became President, Barbara SloJ vak--Vice-President, and Helen Austin--Secretary. As members we sent Mar- gie Jones and Clifford Rosencrantz. As we graduate and leave Flushing High behind, we feel a deep regret, and yet we look forward to the future, without flinching, as we know that we have been given ample preparation for whatever may come in our future. ma., wfzz We, the Class of '45, being of sound mind and decreasing memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last and only Will and Testament, and declare all other wills made by these members to be of no value: l. I, Jeanne Arn, will my ability to get tall men to Wanda Bardwell, may she always have my success. 2. I, Helen Austin, will my nickname Hredn to any girl who can wear more of it than I do. 3. I, Robert Bailey, will my greatness and my 6'4H to Dick Jeffery and any other fellow needing a few inches. 4. I, Donald Beatty, will my mathematical ability and my sleeve full of card tricks to Jimmy Hendricks. 5. Although we have to leave them behindg we, Ed. Beckwith and Doug Jones, are not willing Lois and Trixie to anyone. 6. We, Nina Borden and Pauline Markava will our ability to become engaged while Seniors to any Junior who can do the same. 7. I, Helen Britton, leave my many past romances and my nickname nFlashH to Barbara Bricker, although I don't think she will need my experiences. 8. I, Steve Chaprinka, leave my Hwoofingu ability to Dick Bucher for his fifth hour study halls! 9. I, Juanita Cookingham, will my ability to read poetry and understand it to any- one who feels able to compete. lO. I, Herbert Cole, am not leaving anything behind, as I am taking HLucyH with me. ll. I, Gertrude Bedford, leave my quiet ways and dignified manner to Ralph Ostrom, this should relieve the teachers. 12. I, Frank Sinatra QEugene Clarkj, will my long, lean frame to Kenneth Volz. li. I, Virginia Dick, will my ability to stay out of school as much as in to Dorothy Tinkler. l4. I, Shirley Dodge, will my tomboyish ways to Ruth Preistap, may she have as much fun as I have had. 15. I, Mina Mae Fairbanks, will my ability to get to classes on time to Gertrude Al- len. l6. I, Alice Mae Gingras, will my neat feathercut to Shirley Rhodes. l7. I, Richard Higbee, leave my easy methods of getting through school to Bruce For- sythe. 18. I, Bill Jenkins, leave my curly hair and winning ways to Loren Flickinger. I9 I, Kenneth Jameyson, will all my happy-go-lucky ways and my disregard of Htomor- rown to Mel Staples. 20. I, Margie Jones, leave my job as Business Manager of the Senior Annual to Jerry Truaxg I hope she has a good supply of aspirins. '2l. I, Walter Kwintus, will my hobby and knowledge of chemistry to Eddie Allen. 22. I, Nancy Lay, will my fair complexion and flashing eyes to Jackie Leach. 23. We, Marie Peck and Margaret Osmer, will our ability to skip and receive white excuses to Jean Emery and Beth Stevens fmay our luck always be with themj. 24. I, Bud Penoyer, leave my ability to get Haroundu to Dal Crary. 25. I, Wayne Partridge, will my nickname Hsleepyn to Dean Haist. 26. I, Phyllis Perkins, leave anything which I have left undone to my sister, Mary. 27. I, Clifford Rosencrantz, will my ability to sleep through classes to Daryl Fair- banks. 28. I, Joan Rumsey, leave my bashful ways and becoming blushes to Howard Burnson. 29. I, Barbara Slovak, will my four years of being a good citizen to Steve Serges. 30. I, Method Sefcovic, will my worries of operating the movie machine to Billy Bump 3l. I, Maxine Stapish, do not will anything, but would like someone to will me some height. 32. I, Mary Anne Stedron, leave my ready smile and happy ways to anyone who can ben- efit by them. - 33. I, Don Thompson, leave my troubles in American Lit. to any Junior brave enough to take Lit. 34. I, Evelyn Thompson, will my Newsweek magazine to any Junior who can stand to read it. 35. I, Bob Walrath, leave my ability to date so many different girls to Dale Klick- ner, may cupid always be with him. 36. I, Lucille Wander, leave my knowledge of good music to Helen Smith, although we don't think she needs it. 37. I, Marion Yott, will all my white excuses to Louise Johnson. 38. I, Fred Witzman, will my ability to get along with a Hred-headn to any other fellow brave enough to take the chance. 39. I, Lawrence Reed, add my troubles in Agriculture on to Kenneth Brown's. To the freshmen, we will our experiences during our four years of high school. May you benefit by them. To the Sophomores, we will our ability to stick to it and become Juniors. The best of luck to you. To the Juniors, we will our senior year with its pleasures and troubles. We hope you have only joys. Uwe hereby state that on this l2th day of June, l945, at Flushing High School in Genesee County, Michigan, this class of '45, did in our presence, sign the foregoing will and declare it to be their last Willg and we, at their request, and in their pres- ence, do hereunto sign our names as witnesses. The Senior Class of '45 ffau prophcy If we were to look ten years into the future, who knows what we might find? Perhaps it would be something like this. Don Beatty has just finished his latest textbook on Physics. This one is called uMy Theories of Science.H Margie Jones is now the head of General Motors Tech in Flint and is do ing a very fine job. Steve Chaprinka decided he wanted to stay in the Marines and after ten years of struggling he has finally been promoted to a Private. Driving out in the country to get a breath of fresh air I saw the prosperous farm of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Walling fMargaret Osmerj. Wayne Partridge is in charge of building a new airport in Flushing. His chief foreman is Eugene Clark. ' Method Sefcovic has learned to play all of the polkas and is now writ- ing one of his own. Evelyn Thompson has written a book which has just been published. Af- ter all these years she has decided to put down what she has to say in writing. Having solved their own love problems so successfully Ken Jameyson and Bob Walrath have opened a bureau to help others.f Lucille Wander has been giving concerts in Chicago and New York. She also sings for Herb after he has had a hard day of managing his several stores. After the start Gertrude Bedford got as the Art Editor of the Annual she took us illustrating as a career. That brilliant chemical engineer who has been doing wonders in the field of science is none other than Walter Kvintus. Nina Borden finally achieved her ambition. In the election of 1955 she was chosen the Hmodel wifen and is Boyt proud! Ed Beckwith liked the Merchant Marine so well that he decided to spend the rest of his life in it. He comes ashore every chance he gets to see the Hfair banksn though. Juanita Cookingham, the welleknown actress, is now appearing in the dramatic Broadway play, HThe Pounding Pulse.H V Maxine Stapish will start her teaching career in Flushing next year. Nancy Lay likes the Navy so well that she joined the Waves. Mary Anne Stedron is living in Alaska. What is the attraction there? It must be Dave! Marie Peck's ship finally came in bringing Delmar. She has been Mrs. Princesing for the past five years. Clifford Rosencrantz received the award of the best actor of the year. A talent scout discovered him at the Senior All School Play in l945. Phyllis Perkins is operating the HFashion Shoppen on Main Street. All dresses in the shop are designed by her and no two are alike. Bianca Wheatley and Helen Britton are working as models and Joan Rumsey is her private secretary. H Doug Jones, who has already made a name for himself in engineering, turned to writing and his first book, HHow to Schoolu has just been published. Shirley Dodge made a trip to China after Go Steady all Through High the war and liked it so well that she plans on staying there the'rest of her life. Bichard Higbee and Bill Jenkins, sailors in the U.S. Navy, had a real celebration when they met in Australia last month. Alice Mae Gingras, the celebrated flute player, has just returned from another successful world tour. Hubbards' Hardware changed hands last month and the new owner is Vir- ginia Dick. Don Thompson is a model for the Pepsodent Tooth Powder Company. Re- member how he was always smiling and laughing Bud Penoyer is living off the profits of chine that will operate a gas station by push Helen Austin fMrs. Dowlandj and Mina Mae back in high school? his invention. It is a ma- button. Fairbanks CMrs. Brownj are still together. They live side by side in two little white houses. Bob Bailey got such a good start on the farm while in high school that he decided to take up farming as a permanent occupation. Pauline Markava is now Mrs. Frank Smith and says she's very happy. Larry Reed just came back from a world tour on Fred Witzman is still waiting for Jean to make Barbara Slovak just started on another lecture to raise money for the people of Kentucky where she the past few years. Last week Jeanne Arn became the happy bride of his motor bike. up her mind. tour. She is trying has been teaching for a Veterinarian. Marian Yott now has four secretaries to help her take care of her correspondence with the Veterans of World War II. ffm: .cam A w " ' 7 I I 1 E ff il? EEJE ggi Will? ai a-igfjQ 5 F 1 p yi Lf' Alf--f.F ,y-.ff ffff Ev?fsQii f jYQQ fQ1ff4f INF 4 3F VV .rf 'A J I - f z ' 545.15 :E . an we-Qu-f Q U 0 an now N. znfagl Me.,Agx.,.+ .u...g.f: iii Ji E if ii ' F f E ? F E Qff se: J' 5 M35 E nf j 5 N004 05:13:41 qpkQkl'EMe miexx of Fl-.making-HlikwulK Jo., 0. gud Q02 Vvhwc-M wafmt. Y Fhli:-Fagifz-A H I ' P F PF is s if we WP iiff 5414 Lnwmncxei CLASSMATES rNl'31,7,5 Cgx ? H H llth Grade First Row: J. Riley, K. Talsma, R. Jeffery, F. Seirmarco, F. Lakies, G. Travis, J. Seir marco, E. Allen, R. Lennon. Second Row: Mr. Fox, B. Stevens, B. Lincoln, H. Podulka, E. Hills, K. Morin, G. Truax, T West, B. Harry, J. Hitchcock, D. McQueen, R. Beckwith, S. Lund, Miss Grieve. Third Row: K. Voltz, M. Hill, J. Emery, K. Francisco, M. Kvintus, A. Darby, L. Pluta, B. Forsyth, S. Smith, R. Dreuth, D. Deroche, A. Preville. Fourth Row: E. Garsteck, V. Sparks, J. Kent, A. Hayes, M. Priestap, I. Barber, L. Rolf, E. Stone, J. Renshaw, B. Novess, S. Rose, D. Sparks, M. Thompson, G. Gibbs, A. Justynski. Fifth Row: E. Smith, B. Morgan, M. Davis, G. Allen, R. Miller, M. Armstrong, E.J. Fair- child, C. Fogal, P. Kidder, A. Herman, J. Leach, S. Bourassa, V. Gilbert, A. Hinkley, L. Johnson. Sixth Row: H. Bernson, E. Ormiston, D. Fairbanks, D. Haist, R. Bucher, G. Buchanan, R. Cronk, M. Stapel, L. Flickinger, D. Crary, L. Rayburn, R. Schmit. Those absent from the picture: R. Novess, D. Oleyar, E. Rutkoski, F. Witzman. Class Officers: President ....... l ........... K. Morin Vice-President . . B. Harry Secretary . . . . G. Truax Treasurer .... . . T. West Council Members . . J. Emery M. Stapel Sponsors -- ---- Mr. Fox, Miss Grieve lOth Grade First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Miss Draper, B. Annis, G. Crossley, J. Thompson, B. Dodge, R. Priestap, D. Heenan, M. Jones, B. Jones, D. Griffith, W. Bard well, J. Wilcox, L. Fairbanks, Mr. Mills. N. Beebe, G. Thompson, J. Nickols, J. Clouse, E. Gleason, S. D. Stedron, P. Wheatley, G. Jancarik, L. Elbing, D. D. McCloy, EL Preville, G. Taylor, E. Palmer, H. Smith Serges, Young, V. Rumsey, M.E. Bailey, J. Beatty, J. Boshart, P. Dustman, D. D. Berth, F. Hautala, L. Reed, V. Church, E. Kreycik, Henry, B. Jameyson, B. Compton, M.B. Randall, J. Childers. J. Spinney, J. Leach, B. Arehart, B. Kinnee, H. Sefcovic, E. Jones, G. Gray, J. Hutchinson, H. Thomas, M. Stewart, G. Gray B. Morgan, H. Enlow, M. Monroe, T. Gorzenski. B. Sanborn, R. Whitbeck, D. Bennett, J. Hendricks, B. Brown, D. Gibbs, L. Stapel, H. Bedford, M. Miller, c-. Smith, H. Steele, C. Dellenbach, J. Thompson. ' Those absent from the picture: C. Cook, D. Jessop, V. Lee, B. Murray, R. Class Officers: Sponsors -- Schneider. President . ....... . D. Heenan Vice-President . . . M. Jones Secretary . . . . . B. Jones Treasurer .... . .R. Priestap Council Members . . P. Dustman J. Wilcox -- Miss Draper, Mr. Mills. 9th Grade First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Those Class Sponsors -- Officers: J. Beebe, R. Flowers, C. Luce, J. Adams, J. Morrish, C. Cronk- right, D. Staley, J. Griffith, H. Bourassa, W. Urban, P. banks, R. Dick, W. Stockton, T. Thomas, D. Fairchild. R. Ostrom, B. Rutkoski, E. Nass, A. Conley, E. Kominek, R. Oakes, K. Fair- McQueen, M. Brushwiller, H. Seirmarco, H. Smith, J. Rayburn, L. Unsel, D. Thomas, H. Britton, B. Witzman, D. Schneider. Mrs. Way, S. Szukhent, D. Mowen, D. Buchanan, R. Collins, N. Bellant, H. Sholler, W. Davis, R. Clark, R. Thomas, J. Schmit, Mr- Church, D. Tower, H. Nixon, E. Monroe, E. Gleason, Mr. Dye R. Harris, J. Pellum, K. Filler, P. McCallum, H. Jasinski, B. M. Podulka, E. Pesti, F. Hanel, S. Letts, B. Harvey, Bricker, P. Hayes, R. Lapworth, J. Valentine, L. Thompson, A. Partridge G. Higbee, D. Henry, M. Frisch. D. Sayward, D. Stewart, R. Pepitone, R. Smith, F. Stewart, J. Horthup, M. Lund, V. Smith, J. James, E. Jensen, B. Ruedinger, E. Lincoln, A. Walker, C. Sefcovic, W. Neville, D. Murdock, H. Kvintus. E. Crandall, B, Knox, D. Hecox, A. Flickinger, L. McCartney, J Swick, D. Kleckner, T. Sherman, R. Middleton, H. Tabaszewski, F. Peek, W. Bueche, W. Blight, W. Henderson, J. Hill, W. Krein brink, R. Rumsey, R. Francisco. absent from the picture: E. Bower, J. Foster, L. Goodrich, L. Mul- cahy, C. Murdock, D. Petherbridge, J. Steinborn, D. Walling. President .......... M. Brushwiller Vice-President . . . . K. McQueen Secretary . . . ..... H. Seirmarco Treasurer . . . . ........ R. Oakes Council Members . . . R. Lapworth, G. Smith -- Mrs. Way, Mr. Dye. 1 First Row: P. Bruner, B. Blimke, D. Reed, H. Spodey, E. Harper, E. Novess, W. Hammond, K. Frechette, B. Zelenka, C. Whitney, G. Sholte, B. Jenkins. Second Row: L. Mclntosh, B. Hautala, M. Pivonka, B. Byers, S. Smith, J. Hinkley, D. Wheeler, M. Jones, D. Thompson, C. Renshaw, S. Armstrong, D. Hill, S. Wheat ley, B. Armstrong. Third Row: R. Dunning, M. Perkins, A. Partridge, J. Terry, S. Rhodes, Y. Putnam, B. Butler, J. Harvey, W. Borden, L. Browne, L. Prieur, M. Dunning, P. Lanxton, J. Steinborn, M. Wallace, P. Schmit, H. Kinnee, A. Nichols. Fourth Row: K. Hoy, W. Stewart, R. Pruett, K. Firman, C. McKinnon, E. McCurdy, L. Sey- mour, C. Locey, F. Russell, W. Wright, D. McCurdy, R. Riley, P. Parsons, E. Childers. Fifth Row: J. Sayward, A. Linder, P. Dick, S. Reed, H. Kleinpell, E. Henderson, P. Gibbs, D. Luce, D. Rolf, B. Kinnee, D. Smith, W. Phelps, W. Browning, J. Calloway, S. Whitney. Sixth Row: P. Lapworth, M. Fairchild, G. Chick, J. Zelenka, L. Reed, B. Laughlin, M. McCartney, E. Scheidler, P. Stone, E. Bentley, D. Miller, M. Rowe. Those absent from picture: E. Childers, A. Bower, M. Clayton, H. Cross, C. Prieur, K. Stone, D. Blight. 7th Grade Class Officers: President . . . . . . D. Luce Vice-President . . E. Henderson Secretary . . . . . . P. Gibbs Treasurer .... . . . D. Rolf Council Member ..... P. Stone Sponsors ----- Miss McGarry, Mrs. Cross 8th Grade Class Officers: President ........ M. Jones Vice-President . . . D. Wheeler Secretary .... . .... S. Smith Treasurer ....... J. Hinkley Sponsors -- ---Miss Clark, Mr. Auten 60!2llJd7 SEZPTEIMBEIR Teachers' Meeting--Suppose they learned anything? Teachers' Meeting--Now it's our turn to loaf. Gas Rationing--Well it may save tires anyway. Gas Rationing--Jipped. Teachers' Meeting--What, again?? School Begins--Back in the saddle. Freshmen Initiation--Whey-e'd they get the pins for the diapers?? Freshmen and Sophomore Party--Let's get acquainted Davison--Ctherel--Off to a bed start. OCTOBER Grand Blanc--Ctherel--Well anyway we tried. Beecher--Qtherel--This gets Hworser and Worserilln Assembly--HOur Neighbors Down South.n Kearsley--Ctherel--Oh! the pity of it all. October Whirl--What a busy lot those Juniors. NOVEMBER Assembly--Dr. Longman--nCharacter Building.H Bendle--Cherej--We knew you could do it boys. F.F.A. Fair--More Males! I! Clio--Ctherel--It's a sad sad story. Senior Assembly--Did you see Helen in her bustle? Mt. Morris--Cherel--We played till they made their last touchdown. Thanksgiving Dance--Forgetting the football season. Thanksgiving Recess--nI'm a free man again.n Ditto--Gee they are getting generous. DECEMBER Freshmen have a party--What a Party!!! Assembly--The Laubins--Indian Dance Interpreters. Junior Play--Oh! what a Hgaln was Cronkl! Swartz Creek--Ctherel--Ah! Victory. Christmas Concert--More Formals. Assembly--Sophmore--The CORN was on the cob!! JANUARY Fenton--Qtherel--Better luck next time boys. St. Marys--Qherel--Could we blame it on the ref's? Grand Blanc--ftherej--Gongratulate us--WE WON!! Assembly--Deep Sea Diving. Flint Tech--Ctherel--Tough luck boys. Semester Exams--Blank minds again. Beecher--Cherej--who said we couldn't do it??? Linden--Cherej--Guess we took them for a ride!! FEBRUARY Durand--Chereb--Keep up the good work team. Assembly--Movie--Stanley and Livingston in Africa. Kearsley--Cherel--Whew!! That was too close for comfort!! ' Bendle--Ctherel--Lost by just four points!! Clio--fherel--We ndoodn it again. Mt. Morris--ftherel--We tried anyway. Assembly--Movie--uThese United States of Ours.n MARCH Movie--nYoung Mr. Lincoln.n F.F.A. Banquet--Food and more food. Senior All School Play--nTch! Tch!--Tishln Assembly--Movie--HTen Gentlemen from West Point.n Easter Vacation--Wish this could go on forever. Faster Vacation--We should do this more often. APRIL Junior Assembly--uOne Meat Ball.H Spring Dance--Manpower shortage very noticeable. 1+-H Exhibit--Good work kids, keep it up. Swartz Creek--fthereb--Swell beginning. St. Michael--Cherel--We have a ball team this year Junior High Assembly--Oh, well they always have a good one. Spring Concert--Spring certainly has Sprung. Fenton--QhereJ-- Birch Run--QhereJ-- Assembly--Movie--HMagic in Music. Davison--fthereD-- MAY Flint Tech--QthereD-- Freshmen Assembly--Ahh!! Grand Blanc--ChereJ-- May Dance--Well! I Game-- Beecher--fthereD-- Operetta--That Gypsy, nChonita.H Game-- Kearsley--Ctherel-- Bendle--Cherel-- Clio--fthereD-- J -Hop-- Game-- Mt. Morris--QhereD-- JUNE Assembly--student council. ' Baccalaureate--This is a pretty serious natter after all. Class Night--More Noise!! Graduation--Now We're on our own. last day of School--Kinda sad after all. 1 1 0 ACTIVITIES QkE5":3 Jiffy 'fm J 5 ,VJ 5 f f kf ,Q A I xr L Jyumi X W+:XHx.7' :"'Y .1555 , :,4jQQg1gg34,fw' 1 2 5 , .A ' V . , .l , Y 1 my ,SY .i A 'W , If 3 Q 5 f 2 1 if k Q Q1-53 safes Lgkiv, X 5 fi W "' .W , ,M Q x. fly' -H , i it V V My W "', A ,V Yr ii I " h ' . 1 X 3 , iegwx jx ' X 'is Qu - 5 , L S 1 3 EM xx, 3 .b J 'F KK z S M K Q x ,A N Y L FA W Ns MA-..s...N Yi, x . Q4 GLARINETS W. Bueche J. Steinborn J. Swick J. Adams B. Jameyson M. McCartney P. Lapworth M. Frisch R. Rolf J. Frank A. Bower S. Szukhent D. McCloy E. Henderson VIOLINS J. Thompson M. Jones R. Higbee A. Bower R. Sayward E. Harper E. Nass R. Dunning M. Wallace E. Bentley A. Linder P. Schmit CELLO M. Perkins M. Jones SAXOPHONE E. Kreycik C. Locey D. Tower TIMPANIE AND BELLS B. Dodge DUM MAJOR A.M. Gingras CORNETS D. Heenan J. Schmit t P. Fairbanks W. Bump V. Gilbert J. Nicolas K. Hoy R. Riley BASS H. Seirmarco B. Jones FLUTE A. Gingras CLARINET J. Steinborn J. Frank SAXOPHONE E. Kreycik C. Locey TRUMPET J. Schmit V. Gilbert HORNS R. Lapworth H. Sefcovic C. Sefcovic TOMBONES L. Stapel J. Hinkley L. Harper BARITONE J. Hutchinson W. Stocktonf BASSES M. Miller E. Monroe D. Petherbridge DRUMS R.,Dunning G. Thompson M. Jones R. Ostrom Director ------- E. Auten President ------ D. Heenan Vice-President--M. Jones Sec-Treas. ---V. Librarians --- Manager ----- +Not present in picture. FRENCH HORN R. Lapworth TROMBONE L. Stapel J. Hinkley PERCUSSION R. Dunning G. Thompson R. Ostrom B. Dodge PIANO E. Hills First Row: W. Bueche, M. Stapel, R. Schmit, K. Morin. Second Row: B. Harry, R. Jeffery, D. Heenan, W. Claxton. The boys have done a fine job and have sung for different functions at the high school. Mrs. Way has trained and accompanied them. Gilbert Kreycik Jones Gingras Director ---- E. Auten President -zL. Staples Vice-Pres. -- M. Jones Sec-Treas. -- B. Jones Librarians- A. Gingras J. Thompson , Q W -. Azzi Afzlu- :W fgzz .. H ' . , f ue 3 65 's 'J an ,,", 1 1 E .3 6 , ., I I . V.,, , , . Li f 161' 295 Q -,ab-3154 , Y ',? X Q54 I ,, 3 "" . S 3- gyu .f,L ,, 3 in fiw aa.: wif N 4' Q 'a cn .fx 'fn M 3 vs Qs we QM is ,M in wi, 4 w. ' -. .gr ff-fa lp Q X 1 Q 6 5 1 41-f as 3 as? 25. 2.4 N 4 -3 ,5 " .. if J was m ' ' xxx A , First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Absent from J. Hitchcock, E. Kominek, E. Nass, W. Bardwell, J. Wilcox, E. Hills, M. Jones, J. Rayburn, B. Jameyson, J. Thompson, J. Beatty. D. Schneider, J. Emery, B. Annis, L. Wander, M. Bailey, D. McQueen, B. Comp- ton, B. Witzman, M. Randall, B. Dodge, B. Rutkoski, M. Brushwiller, B. Stev- ens, Mrs. Way. B. Bricker, S. Letts, B. Harvey, D. Berth, F. Hautala, B. Pesti, H. L. Reed, P. Dustman, H. Seirmarco, P. Perkins, J. Rumsey. M. Jones, Jasinski, H. Smith, M. Osmer, C. Sefcovic, K. McQueen, N. Beebe, V. Smith, G. Higbee, V. Edwards, J. Northrup, D. Griffith, E. Jones, R. Smith. picture were: M. Peck, B. Murray, A. Gingras. PRESIDENT: M. Jones SECRETARY-TREASURER: B. Jones LIBRARIANS: W. Bardwell, J. Wilcox, J. Rayburn, B. Murray. DIRECTOR: Mrs. Way First Row: Second Row: Third ROW PRESIDENT SECRETARY- LIBRARIAN: ACCOMPANIS DIRECTOR: First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: DIRECTOR: ACCOMPANIS Absent fro K. Morin, W. Claxton, F. Seirmarco, L. Flickinger, E. Hills, B. Harry, W. Bueche, J. Seirmarco, G. Schmit. D. Mowen, D. Young, R. Whitbeck, Mrs. Way, C. Dellenbach, B. Forsyth, R. Jef- fery, J. Griffith. R. Schmit, D. Crary, R. Cronk, L. Stapel, D. Heenan, DL Gibbs, M. Stapel, F. Peek. B. Harry TREASURER: L. Flickenger W. Bueche T: E. Hills Mrs. Way J. Griffith, D. Young, W. Claxton, F. Siermarco, J. Siermarco, R. Whitbeck, B. Forsyth, B. Harry, C. Dellenbach, G. Schmit, R. Jeffery, D. Mowen, K. Morin. C. Sefcovic, H. Smith, J. Beatty, E. Nass, W. Bardwell, J. Wilcox, E. Hills, B. Jones, J. Rayburn, E. Kominek, B. Witzman, R. Smith, E. Jones, J. Northrup K. McQueen, R. Peek, R. Schmit, W. Bueche, D. Gibbs, R. Cronk, L. Stapel, Mrs Way, D. Heenan, L. Flickinger, D. Crary, M. Stapel, J. Hitchcock, M. Osmer, D. Griffith. B. Jameyson, M. Jones, P. Dustman, B. Bricker, M. Jones, B. Harvey, P. Per- kins, J. Thompson, H. Jasinski. N. Beebe, V. Edwards, G. Higbee, D. Schneider, J. Emery, B. Stevens, B. Rut- koski, L. Wander, M. Bailey, B. Dodge, D. McQueen, M. Randall, B. Annis, M. Brushwiller, J. Rumsey, A. Gingras, V. Smith. Mrs. Way T: E. Hills m picture: B. Murray and Marie Peck. Ng xii? 1 Q , 5 5, w f A.. ix g ,gm ef it ' Mi 'X 'C -:5,g.fj' tgrgik 2--Ah 5, a xv, is 9 55- 638 Y A wffmws w. N. was First Row: J. Riley, R. Jeffery, W. Claxton, E. Ormiston, R. Cronk, R. Higbee, D. Thomp- son, C. Rosencrantz. Second Row: K. Morin, M. Sefcovic, B. Harry, D. Heenan, D. Fairbanks, F. Peek, Mr. Dye. Absent from picture was: D. Crary. PRESIDENT: B. Harry y Vice-President: K. Morin SECRETARY: J. Riley TREASURER: E. Ormiston SPONSOR: Mr. Dye First Row: R. Rolf, D. Smith, W. Phelps, E. Henderson, W. Butler, D. Reed, K. Hoy, Mr. Auten. . Second Row: P1 Bruner, R. Pruett, H. Bourassa, L. Seymour, W. Borden, R. York, R. Say- Wg ward, J. Harvey, J. Calloway. PRESIDENT: W. Butler VICE-PRESIDENT: D. Reed SECRETARY-TREASURER: E. Henderson SPONSOR: Mr. Auten k P First Row: A. Darby, W. Jenkins, K. Volz, B. Forsyth, R. Bailey, L. Reed, D. Jones, Mr. Tremblay. Second Row: J. Childers, G. Jancarik, J. Thompson, M. Kvintus, K. Francisco, J. Jancarik, E. Allen, G. Travis. Third Row: D. Haist, K. Jameyson, H. Bernson, E. Clark, D. Bennett, D. Bucher, R. Mil- ler, E. Beckwith. Fourth Row: S. Serges, D. Stedron, C. Penoyer, K. Brown, L. Pluta, R. Lyons, K. Talsma, H. Cole. , Absent from picture were: S. Chaprinka, D. walling, F. Witzman, D. Oleyar. I ' PRESIDENT: D. Jones VICE-PRESIDENT: L. Reed SECRETARY: R. Bailey A TREASURER: B. Forsyth REPORTER: K. Volz SENTINAL: W. Jenkins SPONSOR: Mr. Tremblay l l Q Q , , .. i Q V ,.,. sg- ' r ,,:,:A - , , ,, M W E4 ff , ' 3 X , v ' V an K ' ' - -asia-1 . 2 f GQ f YW :- hd ., 'Q 4' f 'K 1 Q 1 z vm Q . A1525 X'T , + gi vigg x, I: trkh lg 55533 Y R WK ,,,' ,,,,::.:,, , :.: zz. z E 'Q Q 'gil A , -L vfxx , f iw A sl 8 . ., Q F V A f A V B l P E w First Row: J. Rumsey, P. Markava, V. Rumsey, J. Emery, D. Tinkler, G. Truax, M. Jones, N. Borden, J. Arn, S. Lund, N. Lay. Second Row: M. Davis, M. Thompson, R: Priestap, M. Priestap, B. Compton, J. Kent, V. Church, B. Wheatley, B. Slovak, A. Gingras, Miss Liebe. Third Row: J. Hitchcock, S. Dodge, M. Jones, B. Jameyson, B. Jones, P. Dustman, J. Thompson, P. Perkins, E. Stone, J. Boshart, E. Kreycik. Fourth Row: L. Fairbanks, S. Bourassa, V. Gilbert, E. Hills, T. West, B. Stevens, M. Stedron, N. Beebe, R. Beckwith, A. Hinkley, G. Allen. Absent from picture: B. Murray, R. Novess, M. Osmer, M. Peck. PRESIDENT: G. Truax VICE-PREs1DENT: ' M. Jones SECRETARY: N. Borden TREASURER: D. Tinkier sPoNsER: Miss Liebe First Row: R. Lapworth, K. McQueen, P. Stone, H. Seirmarco, G. Higbee, E. Jensen, B. Byers, J. Sayward, Miss Clark. Second Row: M. McCartney, H. Spodney, P. Lapworth, Y. Putnam, D. Hill, L. Mclntosh, B. Laughlin, S. Wheatley, J. Zelenka, E. Soheidler. Third Row: A. Nichols, B. Jenkins, S. Reed, P. Gibbs, D. Miller, E. Bentley, E. Novess M. Rowe. E PRESIDENT: H. Seirmarco, VICE-PRESIDENT: P. Stone SECRETARY: E. Jensen TREASURER: G. Higbee SPONSER: Miss Clark First Row: M. Stapel, P. Dustman, M. Priestap, H. Austin, D. Jones, B. Slovak, M. Jones, Mr. DeMeritt. ' Second Row: J. Wilcox, D. Thompson, C. Rosencrantz, G. Smith, J. Emery, R. Lapworth, P. Stone. PRESIDENT: D. Jones VICE-PRESIDENT: B. Slovak SECRETARY: H. Austin TREASURER: M. Priestap ADVISER: Mr. DeMeritt 5 .L - :' . . 1 , - 91 dh 'SP Q99 'WM t'9'sg '25 W 44322 Q it X xg Q l .Ji .. 5-, is Qgxx Xia. i , ?a is-. Y PB' sig WF Sz, Q2-W i:.,i,.w ,M w-'Sl' iff, ,M 9 ei 5 Q ' gm if an - . .,a.... .. ,A , ,fqvm tw - X .- M M Em D i I r x 1 First Row: K. McQueen fCalliej, B. Jones fCharitaj, F. Hautala fAggiej, D. McQueen fTishj, J. Thompson fLizziej, J. Arn CEllenj, P. Perkins fBettinaQ, L. Wan- der CDoricej. Second Row: Miss Liebe fDirectorj, M. Jones fPrompterj, C. Rosencrantz CSheriffj, E. Preville CLutherj, L. Flickenger fwesliej, M. Sefcovic CDembyj, D. Thompson CGharliej, M. Jones fPrompterj, Mrs. Way CDirectorj. The school under the direction of Mrs. Way and Miss Liebe presented the play HTish.u First Row: D. Tinkler CGladiolaj, T. West fLibby Annj, E. Hills fMrs. Spoonerj, G. Truax QJulia Natherj, A. Hinkley CCelia Van Gordenj, J. Emery fCaroline VanGordenj, D. McQueen fKetura Kattj. Second Row: K. Talsma fJasperj, R. Schmit fElmer Sneedj, R. Cronk fTommy Wilkinsj, G. Buchana CGodfrey VanGordenj, M. Stapel CHerb Stanleyj, E. Ormiston fAdam Pattlej, J. Riley Cwilliam Batesj, K. Voltz CMessenger Boyj, Ghost ? ? ? ? First Row: L. Hiltz, B. Vass, D. Eissinger, J. Miller, B. Carpenter, B. Hurst. Second Row: E. Marshina, G.. Higbee, E. Jensen, A. Gingras, H. Smith, B. Hough, M. Smith I. L ATHLETICS A Q KG, K W, bff0j0j f' 0415523 A ltnlgbw ff f" v N QK NW M N2 H H q,,,Xxf-3 Q2 Q .rm A lil ff: 5 Q ,E - ' g Q4 f M ' ' A ' ' H ' zbz ' AA' 1-1 ,., ..,:,, b is Q ' ""' E 4 Szz' E A. ,.:. M M id f 'AA. - ,,.,., . 'A:.,, '--' m D I - ..:: , H5 X -"" 1 " ':"I:1'-..::. ' K ":' Q :sf "" '-':' - 22' T ' Nb f 1-f" i :rr 1 4 " ? if E f 3 1 22.4 ' Y i ? A7 , hh ., :,,V, Q ' 1? 4, fy '-:-: ' , '.:: ,.:, 5 ,V 2 45 ,s if .391 as Wg 4 ' S EQ b M gs , , , ,149 fi V Q f' ' ' 3 Hz: 1' ' if Nikgw E ,ff ' " Q - A., Q l S In Q Q5 9 .,.',. ' x , 1. s i . 1"2 ..,. , ' ' 1 ": i " '.., ' ,r i , .,.. . I .-QQ, - , Y 'V . .::: ,- A A gf Y ' zza " ' ' i f ! :..:,.,,: K I N N Y 5 R Q P x 3 55. . R , za Af fx ,, S211 I 4, 9 , ,555 .. ,W e-W M 5 A SLI gk 555 K RSS 5 iss? 5 gf? sf X, V N gf Q 55 vm ,. N, R4 x y sv V .sf ' Q - .5555-:-..,g55' ,1- -, A 5 4.1 ,Q W ? if ig gm, 3. - ' :.: :. f I Sggzwaix ffm- ,ds li ' .R M? :,,, 5 Q 5 ,A 1 X if W... W Q Q X 'QQ I J W av First Row: B. Miller, D. Jones, D. Hecox, D. Crary, B, Harry, K. Morin, H. Bedford, D, Heenan, L. Flickinger, M. Miller. Second Row: fMgr.DB. Brown, W. Bueche, F, Seirmarco, D. Lennon, A. Preville, Coach Van Orden, D. Jeffery. W. Claxton, K. Francisco, J. Hendricks, D. Kleckner. Absent from picture are W. Tupper, R. McIntosh. Flushing with an inexperienced team, finished the season with one win and six losses. Although this record may not sound impressive, we feel that the team gained a lot of needed experience. The best game of the season was against Mt. Morris when we were leading until the last quarte coming victory Schedule: Davi r and then were defeated 13 to 6. The highlight of the season was the Home- over Bendle 6 to 2. son, Grand Blanc, Beecher, Kearsley, Bendle, Clio, Mt. Morris. Letter winners are: H. Bedford, D. Crary, L. Flickinger, B. Harry, D, Heenan, R. Jeffery, D. Jones, K. Mo F. Witzman. First Row: D. Second Row: K. Under the seven wins and Flushing bowed within 1 point placing Bob Bai Letter winners are: rin, R. McIntosh, M. Miller, B. Miller, F. Peek, F. Seirmarco, W. Tupper, Crary, R. Miller, D Jones, E. Beckwith, R. Bailey. Morin, B. Harry, D. Heenan, H. Bedford, F. Peek, Coach Van Orden, fine coaching of William Van Orden, the team finished a very good season, with seven losses. But at'the District Tournaments which was held at Kearsley, Morris 31 to 24. This team did not look like the team that came Mt. Morris in the preceeding week. Flushing was further honored by Second All County Team. out to Mt. of beating ley on the E. Beckwith, R, Miller, R. Bailey, D. Crary, D. Jones, K. Morin, B. Harry, H. Bedford, D. Heenan, F. Peek. Schedule Team Flushing Opp. Team Flushing Opp. Durand 23 29 Beecher 25 22 Swartz Creek 23 17 Linden 45 26 Fenton lO 28 Durand 35 lO St. Marys 22 29 Kearsley 24 22 Davison 27 29 Bendle 35 59 Grand Blanc 35 31 Clio 52 27 Flint Tech 26 EO Mt. Morris 32 35 District Tournament held at Kearsley Mt. Morris 31 Flushing 24 First Row: K. Morin, D. Middleton, R. Schmit, W. Jenkins, D. Kleckner, B. Buchanan, D. Gibbs, D. Heenan, D. Bucher, K. Brown. Second Row: Coach Fox, W. Claxton, K. Francisco, D. Lennon, F. Peek, B. Harry, E. Ormiston, R. Whitbeck, E. Allen, H. Cole, B. Miller. Third Row: K. Talsma, D. Jeffery, A. Preville, G. Travis, H. Bedford, H. Tabaszewski, J. Schmit, D. Rumsey, B. Sanborn, S. Serges, D. Tower, Flushing has one of the best teams this year that it has ever had. The whole team had had at least one year of experience or more and Coach Fox thinks that his team is going to be a very tough team to beat. Fellows out for the different positions: Catchers: Pitchers: Infielders: E. Outfielders: F. Schedule: Fent D. Lennon, H. Bedford, R. Whitbeck, D. Crary. K.sMor1n, B. Miller, G. Travis, F. Peek. Ormiston, D. Middleton, B. Sanborn, K. Voltz, K. Brown, S. Serges, J. Foster, G. Taylor, D. Gibbs, B. Buchanan, H. Bedford. Peek, R. Whitbeck, E. Allen, B, Harry, H. Bedford, G. Travis, R. Schmit, Schmit, S. Szukhent, D. Bucher, W. Jenkins, W. Claxton, D. Stewart. J. on, Davison, Grand Blanc, Beecher, Kearsley, Bendle, Clio, Mt. Morris. 3'a ss 9 , A,,, .. : .1 -. .' X - T . Q, ,,..,:,:,,1,,:. X, 2 , 4'-f-W o . r..-. Em :-::a:. if if Q, Q Q , .,fE ,. Wig' , va, x :il ig is f5?x Q,is,L '52 'aw gf! 41-YQ ..,zV 'S' Q . - X- . Sh, AXE E X ,Q H, Q Q, Q X ,,, si? -f- X 2 he With First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: only Flushing has two lettermen returning this year. They are Dal Crary and Ken Morin. these two fellows back we should be able to build a strong team. C. Dellenbach, W. Henderson, D. Heenan, L. Rayburn, A. Preville, K. Morin, Crary, B. Harry, R. Miller, Coach Van Orden. Seirmarco, B. Sanborn, H. Tabaszewski, R. Middleton, H. Bedford, D. Gibbs, . Allen, R. Rumsey, A. Flickenger. Ormiston, H. Bernson, E. Beckwith, D. Bucher, F. Peek, W. Bueche, J. Swick, D. Kleckner, J. Hill, D. Hecox. P. Fairbanks, E. Preville, G. Travis, W. Claxton, D. Lennon, K. Francisco, D. Jeffery, H. Cole, D. Towers, J. Griffith. SCHEDULE April l8 May 14 May 2 June 1 May 25 D. F. E E. S. Lund, D. Boshart, V. J. Rayburn, B. Compton, B. Annis, J. N. Beebe, E. Thompson, G. E. Kreycik, Fralick, E. Tinkler, G. Truax, T. West, E. Hills, D. Henry, H. Smith, J. Smith, R. Beckwith. E. Kominek, B. Dodge, D. Schneider, H. Britton, B. Rutkoski, B. Witzman, Leach. ' Jones, V. Gilbert, B. Stevens, V. Gibbs, M. Yott, E. Nass, M. Jones, S. Rose, Coach Van Orden. H. Jasinski, B. Jones, B. Bricker, P. Dustman, S. Dodge, B. Thompson, F. Hautala, D. Berth, B. Harvey. T. Gorzenski, C. Sefcovic, D. Murdock, M. Lund, D. James, V. Edwards, H. Sefcovic, G. Crossley, B. Morgan, B. Kinnee, W. Bardwell, J. Wilcox, W. Neville, A. Herman, J. Leach, H. Smith, R. Smith. J. Thompson, B. Jameyson, A. Conley, M. Stinnett, Sparks, J. Hitchcock, M. The girls' track team this year is very large and shows promising results. The letter winner returning is J. Boshart. SCHEDULE May 7 May 21 J. Wilcox, W. Bardwell, E. Hills, M. Stapel, B. Jones. Etlui B. Jones and M. Stapel have been chosen cheerleaders for the coming year. M,z.,..-...J .fl WM i 7 O A! . 51' E S 1 J xr VL ,wx Q ,QW divx" - , Q. K g b-W , V , , , K X W ft , fx 5,55 , M A Q. ,, - -, X A ,- I 3 Jeanne Arn Margie and Doug Jones Bob Bailey Cliff Rosencrantz Gertrude Bedford Lucille Wander 4 Ph ll' P ki Ma i k B r Method Sefcovio LY ls er ns I G Pee Don 'Thompson l Pauline Markova Joan Rumsey k ,

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