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-in -Q1 im.. sua' 1 -.4 -11, Q J. Q- u .16'C ':.' .JiHLj,:,R4H". -.13m112,a,wJrffQf-i.'-4' A.--fi-fiIElL5iJFE'!fnK-ki ' 2I?,4m1'.1, 14.1 .f.k1u??vf4"- vffwaifi 73113-JB.bE'5G-,Q KQQLHYQQQIJQ UV Jw! IGH Q, C ,QNX Of Q53 UQ HIGH ff 94 , , Q Q4 Q9 xg 50 M57 O05 TABLE OF CC TENT3 Poem ....... . . . . . . Board oi Education ' Annual Staff . . . Faculty . . Seniors . Juniors . . , . sophomores . . . . . Freshmen . . . . , . . . Activities ..... , . Organization fictures . g Q Q 5 Q Q Q 1 t U Cheerleaders Delights . . . senior Songs . . . Society ..... Athletic Pictures . snapshots .... Calendar . Hmwr,. . . High-Lights . Alumni ..... i 9 25 31 35 39- L5 A9 59 62 6b 67 73 77 79 A 5 6 -8 2h 30 3h 38 hh M8 56 57 58 -61 63 66 72 76 78 82 FRIENDS If nobody smiled and nobody cheered and nobody helped us along, If each, every minute looked after himself, and good things all went to the strong, lf nobody cared just a little for you and nobody thought about me, And we all stood alone in the battle of life, what a dreary old world it would be. Life is sweet just because of the friends we have made and the things which in common we share, We want to live on, not because of ourselves, but because of the people who care, It's giving and doing for somebody else--on that all life's splendor depends, And the joy of this world, when it's all added up, is found in the making of friends. A BOARD OF EDUCATION Willard Cunard President Daniel Smith Vice President Robert Harris Charles Wbrkley Charles Foster Earl Saffel Clerk 5 Editors . ANNUAL STAFF Dorothy'Wi11iams Glenn Manteau Robert Taylor Calendar . . Mary Huak Alumni . . . . 4 . . . Sheila Cheatham . . . . . Helen Barto H mor . . Lynn Workley Snapshots . . . . . Helen Barto Sports , . . . Glenn Manteau . Robert Taylor Society . . Barbara Kois Art . . . Edward Miller Printers. .Typing I Class Faculty Advisor . . . . . Miss Mary E, Campbell 6 F, A. Bethel, Supt. N, W. Ritchey Prim. Muskingum Ohio Statfe Mary E. Campbell Mrs. Ruth T. Kerr Science Muskingum Ohio University English History, Social Science Mrs Ruth Harris R, 3, Kgttlewell s. Marie B. Pettay Mrs. Frances L. Arter ' Franklin Muskingum Muskingum Cvmmercial Latin, speech, English Home ECOUOMCS Muskingum Mathematics, Latin FEMS of ' nl, M in v nn ., 2 Sh.-n J . fi --A-:rp nsn. A n w sn ,L " nv .11 nf .n ff i ff: -.Sif I2 315 J ff . William Neistadt Walter' Bohvrek NTS- Judith whltaker New England Conserva U Shghj-ODEESZS La-ke Erigogglagziior women of Music, Boston Dry Pa '18 Instrumental Music Mr. Kettlewells Miss Campbell: Mrs. Arter: Mrs. Pettay: Mrs. Kerr: MTQ B6th613 Mrs. Whittakeq Mrs, Harris: M , Bahorek: Mr, Ritchey: Hr. Neistadt: TEACHERS' THOUGHTS 'Try to so live that some of those with whom you associate will resolve to improve their lives.u 'Use what talents you possessg the woods would be very silent if no birds sing except those that sing the best.' 0The world is so full of a number of thingsg I'm sure we should all be happy as kingso' "Content may be the person who will work as hard as he plays and play as hard as he works.n Wwhcm, then, do I call educated? First those who control circumstances instead of being mastered by them, those who meet all occasions manfully and act in accordance with intelligent thinking, those who are honorable in all dealings , who treat good :atm-amy persons and things that are not spoiled by success.d "Knowledge, in truth, is the great sun in the firmament, life and power are scattered with all its beams." --Daniel Webster. 'Learning without thinking is usele ss. Thinking without learning is dangerous." "The great msn is he who in the midst of a crowd can keep with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.n 'When a person is wrapped up in himself, the package is usually pretty sma1l.n "Think big but don't get too big to think." nMusic is sn ggi and ggiegce in which sound is the prino oiple element ." L 4..- 1? .gn :U Cfgf KEEWX ff--'fgw QOIQ x ! I, 3314 ,Q J 5 , fifh h f if P X A-N ""'X-,N XJ X' Xxx L ' E,'4f'5,i' f1X ' , ' bw .,.4 j ,.,., ,,..,., X ii, X . ff' j 5 f 4 3 2 H!! f ' " We M f Q tgrigx . 9 SENIOR CLASS GFFICERS President: Maurice Ralston Vice President: Gene Arnold Secretary: Nancy Piper Treasurer: Jessie Lendon Class Adviser: Mr. Ritchey Class Color: Blue and White Glass Flower: White Rose Class Motto: WThe higher we climb, the broader the view.n CLASS ROLL Gene Arnold Raymond Bradley Edward Brokaw Betty Brown Helen Denham Marie Dunlap Vernon Felton Nancy Foraker Judy Gardner Larry Harris Judy Hartley Laurel Hoblick Charles Williams 10 Robert Holloway Betty Humphrey Jessie Landon Kenneth Litten Larry Litten Norma Litten Gary Manteau Carole Minet Rose Niemiec Nancy Piper Maurice Ralston John Traczyk Gene Arnold Halen f5GIl1'.EiJE Judith Gardner Robert Holloway 5 Raymond B adley 5dVarV 3 Ukaw Penny: Pr-xr am W ozukfe , flldiijv ,JL-1..,wg' Yrwrazx ,e.,.',f'xi , X' LBYPT Farris Judy Hartley Laurel Hoilick 1 Agn Kenneth Kitten Betty I-Turxyrhrey Jessie Menu J -M tw. hm Littan Norma Li-tt9U Gary Ifganteau Carole Minot IL... Rose Niemiec Vfmcv Fm, tx X 'ir Maurice Eiaisnon John Trac zyk Charles .dilliams X: .,.-- x SENIOR ACTIVITIES Gene Arnold: Chorus 2-3, Football L, Basketball l-2-3-L, Baseball 2.3, Class Offieer 2-3-L, F-Club 2-3-L, Litorian Staff 3, Office 3-L, Boys' Chorus 2-3, Dramatics 3-A. Raymond Bradley: Chorus l-2-3-L, Band 1-2-3-A, Litorian Staff 3, Orchestra 102-3-A, Boys' Chorus l-2-3-L, Senior Ensemble A. Edward Brokaw: Chorus l-2, Basketball ld2, Class Officer l, Band 1-2- 3-L, Litorian Staff 3, Orchestra 1-2-3-L, Library L, Boys' Chorus 1-2, Baseball Manager 2, Dramatics 3. Betty Brown: Chorus 3-L, Band 2-3-L, Litorian Staff 3, T. A. G. Club 2-3-A, F. H. A. Club l-2-3-A, Girls' Chorus 2-3-A, Senior Ensemble A, Dramatics 3-L. Helen Dunlap Denham: T. A. G. Club l-2, F. H. A. Club l-2-3-L, Girls' Chorus l-2, Senior Ensemble h. I Marie Dunlap: T. A. G. Club '2.3 F. H. A. Club l-2-3-L, Girls' Chorus l-2, Senior Ensemble A. Vernon Felton: Chorus 2-L, Baseball l, Boys' Chorus l-2-A, Dramatics 3. Lee Nangy'Foraker: Band l-2-3-A, Litorian Staff 3, Orchestra 2-3-4, T, A. G. Club l-2-3-L, F. H. A. Club 1-2-3-L, Library 3, Senior Ensemble A, Dramgt 3'l+n Judy Gardner: Chorus 1-2, Class Officer 3, Litorian Staff 3, T. A. G, Club 1-2-3, F. H. A. Club l-2-3-L, Girls' Chorus l-2, senior Ensemble L. Larry Harris: Chorus 1-2, Football l-2-3-L, Basketball 1-2, Baseball l-2-3-L, Projectionist 1-2-3-L, Class Officer l-2, F-Club 1-2-3-L, Litorian Staff 3, Boys' Chorus l-2, Dramatics 3. Judy Hartley: Chorus l-2-3-A, Latin Club 2-3-L, Band l-2-3-L, Litorian Staff 3, Orchestra 1-2-3-L, T, A, G. Club l-2-3-L, F. H. A. Club l-2- 3-L, Office L, Library L, Girls' Chorus l-2-3-L, Senior Ensemble L, Dramatics 3-A. Laurel Hoblick: Choral l-2-3-A, Latin Club 2-3-L, Class Officer 3, Litorian Staff 3, T. A. G. Club 2-3-L, F. H. A. Club l-2-3-L, Office L, Library A, Girls' Chorus l-2-3-L, Senior Lnsanble L, Dramatics 3-L. Bob Holloway: Chorus l-2, Football 2, Band l-2-3, Orchestra l-2-3, Boys' Chorus l-2, . Betty Humphrey: T. A. G. Club l-2-3-L, F. H. A. Club l-2-3-L, Office A, Girls' Chorus 2, Dramatics L, Litorian 3, 13 Kenny Litten: Choral Club 3-L, Football A, Basketball 1-2-3-L, Baseball l-2-3-L, Boy's Chorus 3-L, Dramatics A. Larry Litten: Chorus l-2-3-A, Football 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 2-3, F-Club 3-A, Litorian Staff 3, Boys' Chorus l-2-3-A. Norma Jean Litten: Chorus l-2-3, T. A. G. Club 1-2-3, F. H, A. Club 1- 2-3-L, Girls' Chorus l-2-3, Senior Ensemble L, Gary Manteau: Football 2, Baseball L, Library 3. Carole Minet: Chorus l-2, Litorian Staff, T. A. G. Club 1-2-3-L, Office A, Girls' Chorus 1-2, benior Ensemble A, Dramatics 3-A. Rose Niemiec: Band 1-2-3, Litorian Staff 3, Orchestra l-2-3, T. A. G. Club l-2-3-L, F. H. A. Club l-2-3-A, Cffice A, Library L, Senior Ensemble L, Dramatics 3-L. Nancy Piper: GChorus l, Class Officer A, F-Club -h,, Litorian Staff 3, Band 1-2, T. A. G. Club 1-2-3-L, F. H. A. Club 1-2-3-L, Office L, Cheer- leader L, Senior Lnsemble L, Choral Club 1. Maurice Ralston: Football l-2-3, Basketball 2, Baseball 1-2, Latin Club 2-3-A, Class Officer 3-A, F- Club 3-L, Library 3, Dramatics 3-L. John Traczyk: Chorus l-2-3-L, Football 2-3-A, Basketball 2-3-A, F-Club 3-A, Boys' Chorus 1-2-3-L, Dramatics L. ' Charles Williams, Chorus 1-2, Football Manager 2, Basketball l-2, Base- ball l-2-3-L, F-Club 2-3-L, Litorian staff 3, Boys' Chorus l-2. Jessie Lendon: Chorus 3, Latin Club 2-3-L, Class Officer 2-L, Litorian gtaff 3, T, A, G, Club 2-3-L,.F, H, A, Club 1-2-3-A, Office L, Library 3-h, Girls' Chorus 1-3, Senior Ensemble L, Dramatics 3-L. lh CLASS HISTORY On September 3, l9h5, eleven of our presmtfdass of twenty-five entered the first grade: Nancy Piper, Rose Niemiec, Judy Hartley, Robert Holloway, Larry Harris, Maurice Ralston, Helen Dunlap Denham, Carole Jean Minet, Raymond Bradley, Edward Brokaw and Charles Williams. The last three entered with us but moved away and rejoined us later. Through the years we were very happy to pick up the following: Second Grade, Marie Dunlapg Fourth Grade, Kenneth Litten, Judith Gardner, Larry Litteng Sixth Grade, Nancy Lee Forakerg Freshm n, Vernon Felton, Laurel Hoblick, John Traczyk, Jessie Lendon, Gary Manteau, Betty Humphrey, Norma Jean Litten, Betty Brown, Sophomore, Gene Arnold. In the lower grades we participated in all the plays and the boys were quite active in all the sports. In the sixth grade some of us took a very educational trip to the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh. In the eighth grade, we also took a trip to the Indian Park at Schoenbrun. When we entered high school, we were called, nGreen Freshmen,U but as the years wore on, we became upper classmen, In our fresh en year the girls joined the T, A, G, and the F, H, A, Clubs and the boys joined the F, Club and the vocal groups. we are very proud of our senior boys as they have taken quite a bit of interest in all the sports, In our junior year we were really excited because we edited the Litorian, gave the Junioresaniorirom and Banquet, and received our class rings. we won the class tournament in basketball. Now that this is our Senior year, we are looking forward to our trip to New York and Washington, Also to May 23, when we will be wearing our caps and gowns, we will then very proudly say that we are graduates of Flushing High School, May you always be proud of us, the Class of 1956-57, we hope that the classes to come will enjoy their years at Flushing High as much as we, We shall remember our class motto: nThe higher you climb, the broader the view.H -Carole Jean Minet 15 SENIOR PROP!-IEC! This write up was taken from "The Gastown Gazette ," edited by Mr. Gary Manteau. May 23, 1967 A reunion was held at the Ralston Memorial Gymasium named after Mr. Maurice Ralston, memben of the class of '57 and twice defeated senatorial candidate in the election of 1962 and 1966. "Moe" acted as toastmaster, ' aided by his wife, Madolin. 4 s The program was started off by Edward Brokaw, a former florist, now a composer of popular songs. 'Mrs. Judy H. Workley sang one of Mr. Brokaw's songs, entitled nwhy For You Do That, Huh?u She was accompanied by that world-famous pianist, "Ramona Bradlei". Mrs. Alan Moore Uudy Gardnerl Mrs. Doyle Groves, Cherie Dunlap? and'Mrs. Donald Denham CHelen Dunlapl, the renowned Wharmony Bellesn sang nYou're Looking Neat, Poten, another of WHuhU Brokaw's top tunes. Kenny Litton, after graduating from Ohio State, majoring in atheletics, became athletic director at the new Belmont State University located on what was once Schuler Park. At the reunion he gave a brief resume of his job and named some outstanding athletes in the school. They were sixth graders in Flushing in 1957. 1 Laurel Hoblick after graduating form high school entered Nurses' Training at North Wheeling Hospital. She is now head nurse of surgery at the same hospital. Glow she did like to 933:32 in school., Miss Betty Humphrey, noted stylist for tiny tots, gave us a review of this summer's clothing styles, using as models, children of her former classmates, Little Genie L. Arnold, Little BENQ P.-Holloway, and Master Johnnie Traczyk. 16 Miss Betty Brown, a travel agent, gave a talk on her book nSeeing The World In Ten Daysn which is now on the best-seller list. Miss Jessie lendon is now Superintendent of Nurses, Nancy Lee Foraker a Laboratory Technician, and Carole Minet, Chief Dietician at the Flushing General Hospital recently erected on the sight of Kirks Confectionery. Larry litten, President of L 5 J Cigarette Co. attended the reunion with his two private secretaries, Mrs. Geno Chini CRose Niemiecl, and Mrs. Bill Dymidoskwi CNancy Piperl. As a realistic bit of advertising, Rose and Nancy, dressed as ncigarette girlsn, handed out autographed - cartons of Larry's product. . Mr. Vernon Felton, the well-known agricultrist, gave a talk on "Big Seeds and Little Seedlings." ' On his way to the reunion, Mr. Larry Harris, now president of uMore Speed Motor Corporation,n was arrested by Corp, Gene Arnold of the Ohio State Patrol on the Holloway Freeway for traveling 64 mph in a eo mph '- speed zone. Chaybe Gene is just getting even from their old high school days. Anyway there mere no hard feelings and they went to the reunion together., Most of the members of the class of '57 were flown here through the courtesy of R. P. Holloway Airlines. Mr. Holloway and his wife QSandra HJ both attended the reunion. The pilot of the plane was John Traczyk and the co-pilot was Charles Williams. Bob said he hired these two boys because of their great urge for speed on the highway. After arriving in Flushing, they met their wives, lGloria Van Nest and Arlene Thomas.D Gloria said she would rather fly her ownffhgn fly with John. Norma Jean Litten was the stewardess A grand time was had by all and the class of '57 plans another such reunion soon. They all promised to bring their families the next time. 17 -Hoblick, Arnold, Harris SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty seven hereby will our meager belongings to the Juniors of fifty-seven. The gifts are few but dearly loved so handle them with care. To the teachers we will the courage to go on without us and not be lonesome. we also allow them three months well deserved vacation. Our final words to our dearly beloved are words of sympathy because of the oncoming classes. To the freshmen we leave our desks on which they so nicely carved their names. CII' they last that long.J To the sophomores we leave our books, little used but much abused. If they happen to fall apart, just throw them away. To the juniors we leave the proud name of SENIORS and wish them well. We hope they enjoy their senior year as much as we have. I, Vernon Felton, will my quick temper to Bob Taylor. Adding that to what he already has, LOOK OUT TEACHERS. I, Helen Denham, will my ability to get a man and keep him to Helen Barto I, Larry Harris, will my SMALL GENTLE voice to Carl Kitzmiller. I, Edward Brokaw, will my tardy parties to John Cunard. You can't beat my record, so don't even try. I, Robert Holloway, will my slow but sure ways to Richard Dembroski. I, Nonna Jean Litten, will my slimness to Gerry Conter. I, Maurice Ralston, will my place as class officer to Larry Hoblick. I, Carole Hinet, will my spot on the honor roll to Sophia Sita. I, Gary Manteau, will to my brother, Glenn, my seat in the Senior room. I, Kenneth Litten, will my basketball ability to Larry Kirkpatrick. I, Raymond Bradley, will my music ability to Kenny Leone. I, Gene Arnold, will my tallness to Lynn Workley. I, Judy Hartley, will my famous walk to Kay Odorizzi. I, Dick Williams, will my droopy pants to Harold Fletcher. I, Nancy Lee Foraker, will my gift of gab to Barbara Kois. 18 Betty Brown, will my quiet ways to Sheila Cheatham. Marie Dunlap, will my seat near the teacher to anyone who can take it. John Traczyk, will my love to fight with girls to Jim Greari Nancy Piper, will my ability to cut classes successfully to Jo Meddles Rose Niemiec, will my ability to go steady with a guy from Lafferty to Mary Husk. Larry Litten, will my pleasing ways to Kenny Huff. Betty Humphn g will my love to skate to Eddie Miller. Laurel Hoblick, will my ability in leadership to Dorothy Williams. Jessie Lendon, will my catching smile to Nancy Jordan. Judy Gardner, will my ability to fix my long hair to Phyllis Radle. -- Nancy Piper Kenny Litten .--f"'d-1 ,H YI, " -- xxx i A f " I 1,5 x ,V jf, , ix If X 1- f .f X. .N 1- If N. -Q ff 4. vf 1,1 .Xi 1,1 ,1 .. 5, , . H,i'rQ.'f!' ' 'ff . ff fx2'hKX ,I .. ... A- ,,.. 19 afgff'-if 74'N1'-I - HJQM.-,J-w,Q ,gum -Wf.5.., M CN , " Wy 1-:Q ' Cf W1 F M v - H f' 6 '45 A DQ, f- Q - Q ww 1,4 -,rf X 1 f Q' I ve YE cf X12 , Q W Aofys 0 iff 011365 1.-0 xx-f+:'3X ll THE fflpl' VA ' 10 QCHDOL Q. ra, MW f 2 N WIVA xwjlw 'W -"' ! ww A MM 3 f FD ff if S Q Qi' .V "uf "Q .,,.,m M -"M gm MQW KZ?-Mgr? fi- 7 ff ' if Q E ...kg , QE' Q Q- E f 1 CJJvvr,.+1 LL J0W,0,,ff2AV, A O , LS' Q X , ,, 'nil Rvfc. r.Qy 5,333.2 my I Q fg N mic? Aaffff 'A A xx 3 -fa ,Q R X XP ffx Q ' 5 3 S3 X if 9356 , do vi wi.. 3 if if " a fxx XS' ki K? FR R U, 4- 59 x 43 kk LX C, YJ! Q OPC " P 1 Y . ff fb ' X ,Axrfk .xgaffgbxfr ic . Jwfxhgmjl , 5,11 6 rg M 0825 ,lagflia 1 - A - I NJ K o w H B U MI az 20 ' 'WZBU DXXNEEN L L... Q E f!:J.xXNRl ,Q EK XX ff,-1: V.. xxf I' A lu .ul ry. f A 'x -I EJ 8 psf oxxxxgb.-i lf 51377 H , ' .X .. , .... -,fx N. xsggirxfj xg ,fl ' ' ,A .1 If Q Xfixx ITN' in fx 17" I X ,R " fQQfT2'1f,'g j br I .f .J-QQ... - 'fm' ""' s ,,' 'n Q-Q 2 ..l f.. f :E n , . 1' V Qu I f ,f W ! ,A ,Q-v,f, ,ly y LL: LL,-Lf I g'. '--ff,g1:! A' I ff'-fb' '..g-Q.-..iaQlf, ' --'v- - - Y -- - --v. 1- ,-M., I ' ' Q fl .I 5 9 I , ' 5 ', H Hr 1 I 1 5 ' f + lff Q 5 f e 1 lfff lf!fQI 52 If if ,L f gf, M, , 4', I ' f , V 4 gp E 6-.. SENIQR CLASS PLAY FLUSHINCS GYM FRHDAY APRH. 26 8:00 Rm. . . l . SENIOR PLXY CAST DLNGLR, fILll3 AT LRK, a farce comedy in three acts was presented by the benior Class, April 26. The play was directed by Mr. N, W. Ritchey. Music mms furrished by the school orchestra, directed by Mr. Neistadt. Willie Vaughn, a boy-wonder . CnbT OF CHAMACTLRS O U O I I I O l Mrs. Vaughn, who is not so sure about it. . Mr, Vaughn, more optimistic . Carolyn Vaughn, Willie's sister . . Orville Root, Willie's chum . Lola Allen, Hmad about Uillien. . Daisy g peas in a pod . . Maisieb 5 Hazey D Professor Alberta Bocksdingle, a celebrity. . . Lydia Rockwell, an aspiring journalist. . . Andy Hopkins, the town sheriff. . . . . . . . Stageidanagersg 7 Script Director: . Ticket Prompter Ushers: , 9 Programs: . . O THCDUCTlCN QTAFF I O I O I U I I I Q O 22 . .Maurice Ralston . Carole Minet . . .Gene Arnold . . Laurel Hoblick . . Kenneth Litten . . . Judy Hartley Nancy Lee Foraker . Rose Ann Niemiec Betty Lou Humphrey . . . .Betty Brown , .Jessie Lendon . John Traczyk . . Gary Manteau , , Edward Brokaw . Charles Williams . Nancy Piper . Jessie Lendon . .Robert Holloxay . . Larry Harris . . . Judy Gardner . . . Marie Dunlap Norma Jean Litten , . Vernon Felton . . . Larry Litten . . . Nancy Piper . Raymond Bradley B A C C A L A U R E A T E E X E R E C FLUSHING HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 19, 1957 Eight O'clock E.D.S.T. Piano Prelude Wkustle of Springu Christian Sinding Processional NHonor and Gloryn Costa-Clemens Hymn Cstandingj Ulu The Gardenn Invocation Music UShenandoahW Sea Chanty WEterna1 Fathern Navy Hymn-Dykes Scripture Reading Music WCradle Songn Arensky UGoing A-Mayingu Nageli Sermon Hymn CStandingj NOld Rugged Crossn Benediction ' Recessional I S E S 1 Sue Ann Ritchey Mrs. Judith Whitaker Congregation Rev..Be Johnson Boys' Glee Club Rev. Elmer T. Schick Girls' Glee Club Rev. Elmer T. Schick Congregation Rev. Ben Johnson Mrs. Judith Whitaker +Congregation will please be seated until zfter the recessional 23 PROGRAM FOR THE FIFTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT OF THE FLUSHING HIGH SCHOOL FLUSHING SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Thursday, May 23, 1957 Eight O'clock E.D.S.T. Music USum er Holidsyu - Erickson WScrcbande and Cavotten - Corelli Processional NHonor and Gloryn Costa-Cl m ns Music WNational Anthemn Invocation Musie WSu mer Evening Ser nadeu Issac-Lillya Selutatory Address - NEducstion--Highway to Successn Music NOne Godn Drake HLord Bless You and Keep Youu Lutkin Valedictory Address - WTogether we Are Strongu Music WGive Me Your Tired, Your Pooru Berlin Wwe Sing Thy Prciseu Bortniansky School Concert Band Mrs. Judith Whitaker School Concert Bond Rev. Loren Kuhn School Concert Band Jessie Lendon Senior Girls' Ens mble Laurel Hoblick Choral Club C1338 Address UMay YOU Walk with Kingsu Dr, L, C, 5tagt3,l Ohiq University Director of Forensics, Professor of Speech Music WBlue Danubeu Strauss Presentation of Senior Class to Board of Education Presentation of Diplomas School Concert Band Supt. Fo A. Bethel l Willard Cunard President of Board of Education , Assisted by N. W, Ritchey, Prin, Music WAlmn Materu Benediction 2b Senior Class Rev. Elmer T. Schick 1' 'Q .2 . -,1 0 Q , w 333205 'X-.K ,QQ flu cf I xfigg X X ,Qx x. XXX 1 NX h X . ' Xxx ,ff VL X f' X A f' XXX O 1' I I I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Larry Hoblick Vice President: Robo t Taylor Secretary: Mary Husk Treasurerz, Joyce Meddles Class Adviser: Miss Campbell Class Color: Yellow and White Class Flower: Peace Rose Class Mbtto: 0Less than our best is failure,n CLASS ROLL Helen Barto Sheila Cheatham Geraldine Conter John Cunard Richard Dembroski Harold Fletcher James Greer Laurence Hoblick kenneth Huff Mary Husk Nancy Jordan A Larry Kirkpatrick 26 Carl Kitzmiller Barbara Kois Kenneth Leone G1enn.Manteau Joyce Heddles Edward Miller Key Odorizzi Phyllis Radle Sophia Sita Robert Taylor Dorothy Williams Lynn Workley 'w.,,J'!" , w . Q-Yi ff' b ,ew if 'lu if ff A5 .ff pf" ' fi' g ,.:T.fg ,,L., if W? Nw-Qesabihll ' C S-f A- -. 1 , I 4 fi,,j I ,te is 2 was Af 1 A, . f K 3 Y ,, K I A 4 , f., K , 'jf -if A ,V ., .Y 1 ' W f I' if ' f1"'V7 fgfsf, .3 3 5 ,. , f N-gf x Q .ky 44 . ,.- J 'W V 21 ,avg , ,gg '- ,H if Q, . M A ffl 1 , W, ,qw - if 1: 2,3 M ,, K-5 , 3:1253 ,ff gy -. E, Qi, 5 4135 P ' I i It I 1 M ,W fl 1116413 '1 ,5 fm, aj, iff, !,,qQ,.' J . J, e ff ' 1 Qff, A' . s , 'Lu .5f4J5mi'6'? f ,X f 2 fin . sw I fm I OI: InI"' I Q I I ....- - I L... -- -...,.L.....-.T. ..... ....V.-.7 ., T.,,...7-.---....,-.-.-....,,, M., ,,, . ' ' " . - ,-.. MF- . by V 5 J g 7"'c-1T'--- .. . -....3......,,., ..- . Tm., I Nlw, I , wg N f ----1-----'7..':.-11. 4... ...L. f' is .....-.,,, TT 5 ""--Jr-N-' --- -f-M--- IN I,,-.,N,,f - -- . I , I N -11:51 'Tl'-::?.,.T , ' I A"""""""'- '- , - '-- ' 'II-5 I 45 -- ff ":f11Y-f'af:- ' - hun- I I Avgxfrx ,,...f""""': . ,- f-72:52-1 ' I. .4:5..Q1:j5j'gjgQ,gf:f23:3Q:g::54:5g.EQQHEJIZI- H , I .lisa '13 2.4 ey, if-N Lia. Lag- .:g:::iQET:.?g:F1.',rgijijj- l I , I --K J' IQ' 'q A'-,"""' 'wiki J fig g:2fL."'1A'1 '--,Z- 1. rfiizgz-f "" 1 '- M9 ,f '5"i?2iie:I I ' I 6225? ' 1 -- .'w'2fe1.' I - " I ?ZI11?'5i?.'I V ' 1 .7E5:1, ' ' I2?EEE'E'21I if II: I . I iifi' -----""'I f 4 "M 'Lii'1T""" I 5 'I 5551151-.EI - ' 1 I-2935 .. -N I ' 193233525 II ...---. rii1S'.5ff I I A E522 1 f .q 222221122 I I I I ' e Iieiig ' I'-----'?I2z2z'5.se ck?-isf'. - I I i,E1,,g2E':5 l 1 girigw """" 5 I '!'g2E,Ei s yin ', 4 I I I I, ' "" 51 I """" 'I I 63 I I I I 2:2 ' I ISI I I I 2' "I -"" I ,W V- ' I I . I VII f I 1--f' I 2 f If- ' I I I I I f I I wif ' 5 ' ,-, Lg ' Gflzzctgzg. 1 , A X :gif F in-f ... -' Lg.-..' 41- I "'N-f-'Gp .,- .3 A I . .-.3 I ---- -4:9-----B4 - JN I 1 QgQ,!:,!g If --J I O ISSJ . 1 I "' I 'SI Q 2 wh" K I I I I .,-...-.. -- A.,.. - I I - I I ' ' Iigiaf-'-"I I I M..---JH ---- , .V ' ' ' ':-'1a'G-- 1 ,I-'fa I ' I - ' ':z?ff":EIQ g ' I ' " A ffl I"'I I Q'-Q' I I . "' , I ' If I' I fvY,.2f?'?I I ' iv IESFII' I if 'W' I, I I II In .I I fn I I2 ' ' Irfifgfi I I I I -" X .fir I f ,., --I "M f f' M- -"' I I I - I 'pm 'lgzsa---, 'g -'-"W" " f v 'Z 1 'AZ I j . :ff 5' """"'- , I ' '1'?rf:1"3 ,If I I I I 1' I in I ..... f Q., f I I If,-f-"" """ I , N', I IM."-.Q .W-... f- A .Q-.-- IW......,.-II--4 ...---.---.----...---m,+..,--,L..-...,J " --,.,-4.--f A------.........-,--a---In ,., - .. ,.....-... . -.. -- -......,,.-...-.....--..-...........- -f---5 . W ,.. ,:.,,--W , up FRIDAY Nov. res PRESENTED BY JUNIQR CLASS l 29 JUNIOR PLAY nhessie of the Hiller, a three-act comedy, was presented by the v Junior Class, under the direction of Mr. Kettlevell, on Fovember'l6, at eight o'clock. lt is a story of an ambitious sirl who ran away from her home in the Ozarks to seek an education. CHARACTERS Parson Bumble, Bachelor Parson ...,, Pa Crackett, Cld Residenter . Ma Crackett, His Wife ..,....... Nessie, Their Ambitious Teen-Age Daughter. . Arkansas, The Younger Toy-Crazy Daughter . Berthy, Their Youngest Daughter, A Pest . Aunt Suzy, Loves To Sleep Ano Dance . . , . , . . Lbbie Snapp, A Nosey Neighbor. . . . . , , - Grandpappg,Fiddlin' Fule .... Elmer Applerust, hessie's Lover . Daniel P. Duckworth, Smart Stranger . . . PRODUCTION STAFF . Bob Taylor . Lynn Norkley . Sophia Sita Mary Nell Husk . Helen Barto . Barbara Kois . Kay Cdorizzi . Gerry Conter . Kenny Leone Larry Hobliok . Edoie Miller Stage Managers: Carl Kitzmiller, James Grear Ticket Promoters: Junior Class Ushers: Phyllis Radle, Larry Kirkpatrick, Dorothy Williams, Sheila Cheatham, Glenn Manteau, Harold Fletcher, Kenneth Huff, Marjorie Michelli Music by the High School Orchestra under the direction of Mr. William Neistadt. 30 ffff QCA I K If N ' J.. k xbxy .jf gifs? L.-ff' LRE: CJ: 2 XA N 1 sis? f ,Q J 2' - 'xv yy! QT' 'X f ,f X4 k N if xx Q U xkfw 'Kfffl :Q-" . E... O ap .I hu" .4573 .inf-'r' Ei. .-:ff .54 ,A-:gr X A ' L ...lf In . Eg. A fzziii -':""'- . ' N' f "lfl"'fff1.-'if".'f.1Q'ff .QE Qf., I .::gg. 1 ,--. . Q U f 43322313115 Q 3 , 3525, .44-fy K 2525: L .J .---.-.:- .':::.7: rf' '51 f , 1 . -'f-an-'-1 Fiifitl' , fffiln .-3,-. '. 33.1 . 31 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President: Kenneth Owings Vice President: David Riggle SecretaryaTreasurer: Sue Ann Ritchey Class Adviser: Mrs, Kerr Class Color: Red and White Class rFIdwer: Red Rose UClass Motto: He climbs highest, who helps another up.n Patty Jo Darylak Barbara Bethel Bethel Borkoski Campanizzi Cencula Robert Carole Marvin Andrew Judith Delaney Neil De Vault Susie Di Clemente David Fitzgerald Paul Foraker David Gossett Annette Grear Sandra Harris Robert Humphry Janet Karchner John Knight Martha Lendon CLASS ROLL Barbara Upchurch 2 Robert Leone Jerry Litten , Ronald Luyster Lynne Lyle Norman Manzeau Arlene Morris Kenneth Owings Phyllis Pickering David Riggle Sue Ann Ritchey Betty Jo Robinson Patricia Ann Roush Kenneth Shaw Walter Singhaus Charles Smith . Barbara Thatcher Arlene Thomas Barbara Thomas Wwm,! L K 9a this ,I SQ lx?" I if .. .3 Jxzditm ml" wwmwwffqiw we A1 3 fa , " Q., 5 gg E 1 A ii, ij 432 S' KU . Ifeiwrzeitii Karirwiiifz K s 2 S . 335552 in wb waz- -,.- 5 iaz"rue.rsm .vu 1-K ' ,I 'HMB ii? N vi 1 I X 4'.i'4 x , ' ' v Yu' .u,,.,,Y Wilvmi ' 1 n ta ' . 1 ,.n.,,,s'voanlfi'wNif 5595.1 . gg: L.7i ' f ,. E :A Af fx V iQ5F5 Pixy 1 1 i S 1 E-xx, 13 i Qi A 32? 5 2. , U 3 31 X ,X A Qi Qgalter 4 , f. A 1 Y sz V Q 'A up , 5 fjgw V. X. 3- 1 . 5 V' 5 2 fi. 1 19.3" . f if-I LQOZQQIJC. ,, 1: -g'h jx: - i3az'olfa . T.. .'ViZx L '54 . n 'qu 2 .,.. 5 E X5 3 f- ' 5 Q. K 73? .:,. - ,Q Q.. ?W'5ggfbWH4fL 154. -,V - Wee K- Y. -. Y 'V ' 3akwQmwg'Mw1 ' 3 snsie Mafia Nami ' s I H 3 X we-wwig l- zggq ..,, 23' H , -gf A . xEH'g' HP Qfxi 4 Ak? MMQQ V f ,Q m 1 , A x F A "'- - XA Q W gWisQQ.EQ1i1' 3 QCDQ "YT Jima' A 1,QCZlZ1 W ' - 5 " f 'f A fl- A M U :Q iw 5 Q 5 . ' ar ffL? 1 1 fQ?Q . V Es .... my f , Ji tr . - - , ..,. -fra -V A --N , . K: T - Q P::'f'-.':.::.-- W lt 7, , ,, . ' ,Q W, W I 7- gi-'-1:21 ' , x-.:,i-Lf' l -1 x - ' ." , , fig . ,H E-lr, lk K D H, . 1,1 2 ' - rn- ' K v.- -L ff 9,1 1 ' mv ., - ',i.' .F', 6' U." lliigixififl E 2 mvw 5 5 Ali? L i 3 ' E f Sue Ann X Betty USU S E i ll,iHSKi'1'Sif V if I 3 lg ' 1 ,Ji-j 7 g I -J. , 1, f f 1 1p?f Ear Af?ZlEZ'f5i Ar 1 an-2 4 ,.,' 'V . S?Qfgi? jj E2az'Emz'a f s a A , ,x.,.....d..v,,, ,. , 5 5 A: ..., .. f- :I f ' 1 2 ir . HAP' 4 6 f, 'Ta : 48 " : '51"5'Q'1' 3: qavid A-gr F 'Q' f'8Y5::!1 MA 'V' 'F gg Aff "Six 6 1 N- Wiv- 1 Bavaria: 1 53 T-T QI... awp Pa x' be. 1' xx ff-. !' '--4.-- .,,-K '!r""' N... , "'.-'QQ' '-. 'l'HE MAKING-'OF THE SOPHOMORE3 S is fo the study halls lp which we play, O is for the open-gfmindfflessbwhgfch we keep froxamdhy to day. P is for the patiexjceXthe,,.pG15ilxs have learn. H is for the honofs for which wg strive to earn. A 5 l 1 ' ' 1 0 is. for our officers--Ken' , Days, and Sue. x. , ggi. -' M 13 Qur lqiath which isbLltIid8." d',0 d X O is forxohe ordea1s"Ehe"'teachers'h1ust su ve. , f R is for the Xlieserve Team whioh the Soph9m6res keep alive. f N ,W -"i 'y -.,- -..... ..,,. ,,,..,f E is for theferasersgwhichy re never there. f .f , S is simplfr Sqphixoresf-B E 14 A R E l ' 1 x 1 , W - , f . , rf : f '- Our class adviselr, ,Mt-6. Kerr, is a friend indeed. She always helps Qs willingly--whenever we are in need. Our flower ilsfthe roseg our colors, red and white. This makesfup-'lube Sophomores, who shine by day or night. fl -Betty and Lynne K ,f f 3 iv I5 34 ,zffx xx N ! . M1 1 X 1 xv: g , ' I I ' fw FN . ' .ij j I :FJ X 1 KA, QQL1 ix If . RQ RN' f LQ , af l 3 v r 3 . I, ff . f x X , if f E r 1 K I X0 I 1 ,I-1. -Q 1' f 1 1-il -'f ffl 4 1 " , -..--- "' if ' f ' 5 ,S I L- 16" 0 0 P X 2 X , , egg ,-4.h ,k, , I 1 ' I If 1 ' ,I-V-'im :rw X 7-nf' "Q A -f' RN -..M . ' 'N t .f-f"",, E .'.. .:fL's"' I X v ,f-" '. A ,.4, ,A X N 'I . 1 1 -: . 7 " 'P' X E 'ff . ' NSU ,flkv omb X . . '- f ' " 'XXX gi TT,f,,i . .,,IT'1i I 1, ,,,, ,......,A,,, .- 5 4 M as FRESHMAN CISSS GFFICERS President: Richard Harper L Vice President: Anne Way SecretarybTreasurer: Sue Van Curen . Class Adviser: Mr. Kettlewell Class Color: Scarlet and Grey Class Flowerh Carnation Class Motto: Build a Road Others will Be Proud To Follow CLASS ROLL Newell Amos Judy Bradley Madolin B own James Carnes Gene Conter Nancy Conter Louis Dembroski Gloria Doty Denver Fitzgerald Nancy Lee Fury Carole Gardner Donald Grear Marion Grsar Benjamin Hamilton Richard Harper Thomas Harris Arthur Henderson Fred Hlinovsky Keith Hollingsworth Tom Holloway John Humphrey Sue Van Curen 36 Robert Hyest Harold Johnson Willard Kitzmiller Robert.Knight Madeline Kois Jean Lewis Arthur Litten Sandra Lynn David Murphy Elizabeth Neilson Richard Powell Stanley Pozza Sandra Rinkes Steven Riggle Rolland Stewart Robert Thompson Donald Van Curen Gloria Van Nest Randolph Vincenzo Anne Way Gail Wilson Virginia Workley QS: ' x H Nswvfsll m my ws- L o 'Gloria Jil L1 .5.,. ffmf ' mm 5' Jimi. T Q ,1 " " -Z. AYZ..S.E' . if K 1 , Y Steven xx' . Juszi 5.53: 1 an w fY'2'b mfs z' Rx 5. z : 5 Z .2 mee. if " X it ' 1 Ruff af? 5 1? '55 . ' .X F Q . ' 5: ' X fa.: , f 3 w X 35 L aft :wa RQ 1 land M. ft -4. v ? E.: N. Siaqwlin E Mi, f -k ' ' IQRSLCX x :pw , ,,,,,..A fi,i"Zl'a'1g T' 'gf' if 4,4 , .N 98 f C 'iii ,.,L J 3 . RW 3? - X " 4 f X A I -9 :- Camlie VA f. 5 fs 4, 15 -.'f 1 S 'L 3 ,.,.., " :- 1 A f -,,Li,Ql:+. W 'T ip' ' . ig Nw' . . K QQ, .' 1 F? I . 'K l A Qs . Zig , Lg! A I--5 L V ' W g 'L' N' ' ' Y 2 355323 I fa' ,Ak H I. A - ' I 1 W-if 5-fx, fwf '4' 'g' 1 q"': k k . ,Q ' i- If 'll ?:4 A f 15 'f' A Zzwzald Q -L-- " ' z Q . V i. -: -' X f , ', A -Q Q' M" 'f j .. , Y " 'fLZL ,L '31, ' , , O I I V H 4-en ff, , . ,M A . - .i ,.,. 1 - - -, - J' wsu, - X-f 2 ' x 'M x dmv-,,"' J.Lx, ,ww Q . 1- . ,QUI9 ,, M11 Vw x .1 S . ,, U A., .,-. in W-A mv' - " . Q' - 5, A . ,L . 'Liv f 1 X ,rm-QM.: r- S? .X A f f:'f'ffI. Eg 'ii A if J I W A L 2 Ro be ri: E30 ma 1 cl 3 . ' Gail '17 f,'5.1gJ-M151 Q 0 SUCCESS CRCVN-D PATIQNT EFFORTS In the autmnn of l9L8 we started on an eager search for higher knowledge, expecting to make the best of our opportunities. B the year l956 we had climbed the ladder and reached the ninth rung, the freshman year. . . , . .. . . . V' we were all excited on that second day of September, 1956. The teachers, I'm afraid, thought we were very hopwdsss, The upper classmen, during the first few days had fun trying to get us lost but thanks to our concentration we did fairly well. After getting settled, our class adviser, Mr. Kettlewell, helped us along on our long journey to the end of our first year. Most of us thought the first year would never come to an end, but before we knew it the first semester had rolled around. During the wann weather the lest of February, some of us got spring fever Ctoo early of coursel. When the cold weather returned, we were back to nonnal again, and, of couyse, studying very hard. Looking forward, we count only a few weeks to go Ceight to be exactl we are now looking forward to our sophomore year, then upward to the seniors, but most of us better think about the present, our freshman year -- Bob Thompson THE FRESPMEN F is for the fun we're always having, R stands for the right we sometimes do. E is for the earnestness with which we try, while S is for the studies which make us blue. H is for the help our teachers give us. M is for the mgggy that we need. E stands for the ever-lasting friendships, while N is for the natural way we lead. Put them all together they spell FRES MEN. The finest group, we think, there has ever been. - Jean Lewis 38 F K, .flfbf mc Ll---X Lx Nh,-4 L'KQ ,f 'WL 53 . M "K Cs! U , of 1 Z5 fx fm? A K -1 IN C7 S I C1 ,.4 I r pw., X H9949 39 BAND The Flushing School Band has been very active and successful this year, as in the past years. The band, under the direction of Mr. William Neistadt, consists of forty-three members. The band perfonmed at the Halloween Parade, all the football games, the Spring Concert at Martins Ferry, and will appear at Rock Hill on Memorial Day, The Members: Newell Amos Esther Bashline Barbara Bethel Delores Bradley Judy Bradley Raymond Bradley David Brokaw Edward Brokaw Marvin Campanizzi James Carnes Nancy Foraker Carol Gardner Bonnie Harris Charlotte Harris Judy Hartley Thomas Holloway Kenneth Leone Jean Lewis Lynne Lyle Sandra Minet Connie Norris Charlotte Pubal Phyllis Radle David Riggle Sandra Rinkes Betty Robinson Patty Roush Howard Sinclair Rolland Stewart Richard Thompson Robert Thompson Barbara Upchurch Robert Upchurch Donald VanCuren Sue VanCuren Anne Way Dorothy Williams Gail wilson Richard Harper Robert Bethel Drum Majorette: Majorettes: Flag Bearers: Mary Lou Ritchey Sue Ritchey Virginia Workley Judy Delaney Betty Brown, Sheila Cheatham, Phyllis Pickering, Sandra Harris, Annette Grear - Diana Arnold , Kathryn Grear CONCERT BAND The Concert Band under the direction of Mr. William Neistadt con- sists of twenty-nine members. The Concert Band played between Acts of the junior and senior plays and at the High School Commencement. The Members: Esther Bashline Robert Bethel Judy Bradley Raymond B adley Edward Brokaw Marvin Campanizzi Nancy Foraker Carol Gardner Richard Harper Charlotte Harris Judy Hartley Thomas Holloway Jean Lewis Lynne Lyle Connie Norris Charlotte Pubal Phyllis Radle David Riggle Sandra Rinkes ao Sue Ritchey Betty Robinson Patty Roush Rolland Stewart Barbara Upchurch Donald Va Curen Sue VanCuren Anne Way Gail Wilson Virginia Workley BAND AWARDS Guard and Chain CL-Yearj Pin C3-Yearj Edward Brokaw Phyllis Radle Nancy Foraker Kenneth Leone Judy Hartley Silver Band Pin, C3-year Magorettej Betty Brown Small Band Letter Cl-year Drum Majorl Judy Delaney Sandra Harris CHORAL CLUB 'Letter1C24YearJ Barbara Bethel Robert Bethel Marvin Campanizzi Lynne Lyle Sue Ritchey David Riggle Patty Roush Dorothy'Williams The 1956-57 Choral Club was organized on September 26 under the di- rection of Mrs. Judith Whitaker. The following officers were elected: Acccmpanists, Sue Ann'Ritchey3 President, Ray Bradley, Vice President, Ken Litteng Secretary, Lynne Lyleg Treasurer, Betty Browng Recorder, Vir- ginilwbrkleyg Librarians, Judy Hartley, Virginia Wbrkley, Rolland Stewart and Marion Grear. The first public appearance of the Choral Club was at the Thanksgivw ing Assembly on November 21, 1956. The Annual Christmas Program at the Rotary Club was presented on December 19 at which time they were presented a certificate and plaque of appreciation by Mr. Tony Hyest. Their next appearance was at the Christmas Assembly on December 21. Twelve members were selected'to attend the St. Clairsville Choral Clinic on January 26. On February 8, they attended the Annual Valentine Party for Glee Club members and their guests. John Traczyk and Betty Brown were crowned King' and Queen of Hearts. Their attendants were: Bob Bethel and Sandra Harris, Larry Hoblick and Barbara Kois, Steve Riggle and Sue Van Curen. The next projediwas the Choral Contest on March 30 at Martins Ferry followed by an .Easter pngram at the Rotary Club on April 17. A very successful year was concluded by their performance at Com encement on May 26. Members: Betty Brown Judy Hartley Laurel Hoblick Ray Bradley Vernon Felton Ken Litten' Larry Litten John Traczyk Helen Barto Sheila Cheatham Gerry Conter Mary Nell Husk Nancy Jordon Barbara Kois Kay Odorizzi Phyllis Radle Larry Hoblick Kenny Leone Patti Jo Barylak Barbara Bethel Susie De Clemente Annette Grear Sandra Harris Janet Karchner Lynne Lyle Phyllis Pickering Sue Ann Ritchey Betty Robinson Patty Roush Bob Bethel Marvin Campanizzi Bill Humphrey Bob Leone Ronald Luyster Ken Owings bl David Riggle Jean Lewis Sandra Lynn Sandra Rinkes Sue Van Curen Gail Wilson Virginia Wbrkley Newell Amos Benny Hamilton Richard Harper Thomas Harris Tom Holloway Bob Hyest David Murphy Steve Riggle Rolland Stewart Bob Thompson Don Van Curen BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club enjoyed a good year under the direction of Hrs, Judith Whitaker and the following officers were elected: Accompanist, Sus Ann Ritcheyg President, Ken Litteng Vice President, Ray Bradleyg Sec- retary, Ken Leoneg Treasurer, Larry Hoblickg Recorder, Bob Hyestg Libra' ians, Roland Stewart and Marion Greer, Their first performance was at the Annual Christmas program for the Rotary Club on December 13, They received a certificate and plaque of appreciation from Mr, Tony Hyest, On December 21, they Christmas Assembly, An evening of fun at the Valentine was their next interest, They sang for the Rotary Club Easter Program April 17, Their final appearance was at Services on May 22, The members are as follows: Bob sang at the Party on February in their Annual the Baccalaureate Ray Bradley Bob Leone Tom Harris Vernon Felton Ronald Luyster Tom Holloway Ken Litten Ken Owings Bob Hyest Larry Litten David Riggle Wi ard Kitzmiller John Traczyk Larry Hoblick Kenny Leone Robert Bethel Charles Smith Newell Amos Marion Grear Benny Hamilton ll David Murphy Steve Riggle Rolland Stewart Thompson Marvin Campanizzi Richard Harper Don Van Curen Bill Humphrey GIRlS' GLEE CLUB The following officers directed the successful activities of the Girls' Glee Club this year: Director, Mrs. Judith Whitakerg Accompanists, Ray ' Bradleyg President, Betty Brown, Vice President, Mary Nell Huskg Secretary, Laurel Hoblickg Treasurer, Betty Robinsong Recorder, Gloria Van Nestg Libra. ians, Judy Hartley, Virginia Workley, Sue Van Curen, The Christmas Program at the Rotary Club on December 19 was the girls' first project, Their next appearance was at the Christmas Assembly on December 21, Their hard work and cooperation made the Valentine Party on February 8 a big success, On April 17, they sang for the Easter Program of the Rotary Club, Their final performance of the year was at Baccalaureate on May 22, Other members are as follows: Helen Barto Sheila Cheatham Gerry Conter Nancy Jordon Barbara Kois Kay Odorizzi Phyllis Radle Annette Grear Sandra Harris Janet Karchner Martha Lendon Lynne Lyle Arlene Bbrris Phyllis Pickering Barbara Thomas Barbara Upchurch Jud Bradley Madeline Brown Nancy Conter Carole Gardner Madeline Kois Patty JO B-Hrylak Sue Ann Ritchey Jean Lewis Barbara Bethel Patty Roush Sandra Rinkes Carole B0rkOwSki Barbara Thatcher Anne Way Judy Delaney Arlene Thomas Gail Wilson Susie De Clemente B2 SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBIE The Senior Girls' Ensemble was organized in the second semester by Mrs Judith Nhitaker and consisted of the following members: Betty Brown, Helen Denham, Marie Dunlap, Nancy Foraker, Judy Gardner, Judy Hartley, Laurel Hoblick, Betty Humphrey, Jessie Lendon, Norma Jean Litten, Carole Minet, Rose Niomiec and Nancy Piper. The accompanist was Ray Bradley and the librarian was Norma Jean Litten. They sang at the Junior-Senior Banquet on Nay 4, Commencement on Nay 26, and the Alumni Banquet. F. H. A. The F. H. A. held their Initiation Party in the gym on October 12 at 7:3C. The Annual Mother-Daughter Banquet was held on April 6, in the Meth- odist Church. hrs. Ruth Harris sponsors the club. The officers are: president, Laurel Hoblickg vice president, Betty Browng secretary, Jessie lendong treasurer, Judy Gardner. Other members are as follows: Virginia Workley Sue Van Curen Gloria Van Nest Judy Bradley Gail Wilson Sandra Rinkes Carole Gardner Jean Lewis Madeline Kois Nancy Fury Libby Neilson Madolin Brown Barbara Bethel Carole Borkoski Susie Di Clemente Sandra Harris Judy Delaney Annette Greer Janet Karchner bmrtha Lendon Arlene Morris Patty Roush Phyllis Pickering Barbara Thatcher Patty Jo Barylak Helen Barto Sheila Cheatham Geraldine Conter Mary Husk THE OFFICE STAFF Barbara Kois Kay Odorizzi Dorothy Williams Carole Minet Judy Hartley Rose Nieniec Nancy Piper Betty Brown Betty Humphrey Helen Denham Marie Dunlap Judy Gardner Norma Jean Litten Laurel Hoblick Jessie lendon The office staff was chosen from the Senior class. This year the office staff consisted of one boy and seven girls--Gene Arnold, Nancy Piper, laurel Hobliek, Jessie lendon, Betty Hu phrey, Rose Niemiec, Carole Jean Ninet, and Judy Hartley, Newspaper correspondent. Some of their duties are answering the telephone, taking dictation, writing letters, typing and delivering absence slips, typing announcements,and assisting Mrs. Johnen, the secretary, in any way possible. THE LIBRARY STAFF The library staff, whose duties are to check books, issue magazines, and papers, keep all materials in order and give assistance in finding literary materials, consist of a capable group of juniors and seniors. The efficient librarians, under supervision of Mr. Ritchey, are Robert Taylor, Mary Nell Husk, Edward Brokaw, Laurence Hoblick, Jessie lendon, Rose Ann Niemiec, Laurel Hoblick, Judy Hartley, and Jo Meddles. 43 LATIN CLUB ' The Lstin Club this year consists of eighteen members. Our officers, elected last fell, are: President, Jessie Lendon: Secretary-Treasurer, Lynn Lyle, Social Chairmen. Judith Hartley. The members enjoyed an initiation party on December 6, at 8:CC P. M. and initiated new members, Bob Hyest, Anne Way and Sandra Rinkes into the club. Delicious refreshments served Ronan style Qfingors instead of forksj consisted of sandwiches of chickenorum, spudio chipus and softi drinki. Before this delicious repost the new members were put through a series of difficult and nerve-wrecking stunts, the details of which remain secret, being old and mystical Roman procedures. Afterwards bds. Arter and assistants entertained with the Dance of the Maidens and games such as gladiator fights, chariot races and even bnskatbell were enjoyed. The Latin classes this year Fave been under the instruction of Mrs. Arter and Nr. Kettlewell. However since Mrs. Arter was responsible for the :riginal organization, she continues to be the sponsor. The members ere: Leurel Hoblick, Judy Hartley, Jessie Lendon, Maurice Ralston, Bob Taylor, Lynn Workley, Mary Husk, Lynn Lyle, Sue Ritchey, Bob Bethel, David Riggle, Kenneth Owings, Annette Greer, Ronald Luyster, Bob Hyest, Anne Nay, and Sandra Rinkes. T. A. G. Members of the T. A. G. Club added several volumes to the NBook Shelfn which they maintain in the school library. The club also sided in mending a 'clothes for needy children and in securing dry cleaning services for the clothing. A collection of records was obtained by the club for the recreation in the gym. Mrs. Kerr sponsors the organization. The officers are as follows: president, Betty Brown, vice president, Jessie Lendong secretary, Laurel Hoblickg treasurer, Betty Robinson. Other members: Nancy Fornker Marie Dunlap Judy Hartley Betty Humphrey Carole Minet Rose Niemiec Nancy Piper Norma Jean Litton Helen Barto Sheila Cheatham Geraldine Conter Mary Husk Kay Odorizzi Dorothy Williams Barbara Bethel Petty Bnrylek Carole Borkoski Judy Delaney Annette Greer Sandra Harris Martha Lendon Janet Kerchner Phyllis Pickering Barbara Upchurch Arlene Thomas 44 Judy Bradley Medolin Brown Nancy Conter Sue Vent Curen Carole Gardner Jean Lewis Madeline Kois Gloria Van Nest Sandra Rinkes Anne Ney Gail Wilson Virginia Workley Barbara Koia if Q Q v w V wo 1 'bv- ,,, ,. 'QQ' I ' N-..., -emm- by I' . ur V if if an if W H? if Q' ww v 11s ' i if fi? , . W Q QQ V .5:,. sf ' - , f ' - L: ' . g 1 Q N' 5 .. 1 ,E ' 7 'W L , L. M. zz 1 B O Y Sl G L E E C L U B F H S B A N D N F H S O R C H E S T R A l 14,8 gggimiqy B 4 Q . W RX X K j Q x xi "X V QNQX Q XX i ff Xxx- ,,f ' J fb X Q 5 M9 PK 1956 BASEBALL Flushing lost its first game of the season to Belmont by a score of 3 to l. The pitchers were Michalek for Behnont and C. Campanizzi for Flushing. Flushing lost its second game of the season to Adena by a score of l to L. Thu pjgchgrs were for Adena, Yakubowski and for Flushing, D, Riggle, Flushing lost to Centerville 3 to O. Kenny Litten pitched for Flushing and Kantsis threw for Centerville. J MRNAM NT PLAY, Flushing won its first game over Belmont in the County Tournament, 6 to 3. Charles Campanizzi struck out 13 men while Michalek struck out 5. Larry Harris got 3 hits, Larry Litten and Charles Campanizzi got 2 each. For Belmont Householder got 2 hits. Flushing beat Lafferty 8 to 3, in the second game of Tournament play. Kenny Litten struck out 12 while McGary struck out 6. Kenny and Larry Litten got 2 hits each. Stefani and Cimini each got l hit. SECTIUNAL GAMES Flushing won over Conotton Valley in a very close game, l-O. Flush ing was led by the brilliant pitching of Charlie Campanizzi who struck out 17 men. Enold struck out 19 for Conotton Valley. Campanizzi and Riggle got Flushing's only hits. Lake and Lnold got Conotton Valley's only hits. DISTRICT GAME Flushing lost a very close game to South Lanesville, 3 to 2. Cam- canizzi and Harris got Flushing's only hits. Joseph and Brooks got Zanesville's 3 hits. Joseph struck out 17, Campanizzi struck out 13, Charles Campanizzi Larry Harris Kenny Litten Gene Arnold Dick Williams Larry Litten Bob Leone BASEBALL AWARDS Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Silver Baseball Silver Baseball Silver Baseball I Letter Kenny Owings David Riggle Kenny Shaw Walter Singhaus Managers Bob Bethel Ed Miller Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter September 15, 1956 September 22, 1956 October 5, 1956 October 13: 1956 October 20, 1956 October 25,.l956 November 3, 1956 FLCTBALL--1956 Flushing lost its first game of the season to Lafferty. U. Cimini scored 3 touchdowns for Lafferty, The final score was Lefferty 3b,Flushing O. Flushing bowed to New Athens L1 to 6. Erdos scored 3 touchdowns for New Athens. Kenny Litten scored l for Flushing. Flushing lost to Beellsville 50 to 6. Ron Moore scored A touchdowns for Beallsville and Gene Arnold scored Flushingls only touchdown. Flushing won its first game out of four starts over Bethesda 30 to 21. Arnold, Litten, and Riggle made the touchdowns. for Flushing. Mann and Hinkle scored for Bethesda. Flushing lost the home game with Belmont, 2l-32. First score came when Kenny threw a pass to Arnold. The second score was made the same way. The third came from a S0-yard run. Flushing won over Holloway 18 to 7. Kenny Litten intercepted n pass end ren 70 yards for Q T. D. and John Traczyk scored two T.D.'s. Thompson scored for Holloway. Flushing bowed to red hot Honedsle 59 to O. Merrymnn, Zan- talli and Freeman scored 3, 2, and 2 T.D.'s resnectively. SENIORS: JUNIORS: SCFI-ICIAQC 731315 4 FRESHMEN MANAGLRS FOCTEALL AWARDS OF 1956 Larry Harris Gene Arnold Kenny Litten John Trnczyk Belt.Buckle Silver Football Silver Football Silver Football Bob Taylor Letter Richard Danbroski Letter Glenn Mnnteau Silver Football Bob Bethel Letter Paul Foraker Letter Kenny Owings Letter David Riggle Letter Richard Harper Letter David Murphy Letter Carl Kitzmiller Silver Football Tom Holloway Letter Donald Van Curen Letter '51 November 30, 1956 December M, 1956 Deceaber 7, 1956 December ll, 1956 December lh. 1956 December 18, 1956 December 20, 1956 January 2, 1957 BASKETBALL 1956-57 The Flushing Orioles won their first game of the season over Franklin High by a score of 81 to 52. High scorers were: for Flushing, Kenny Litten with 29 and Harold Fletcher with 16. For Franklin were: Keith Carter and Gary Gaines with 15 points each. Reserves lost 26 to 25, Flushing High went on to win their second game of the season over Centerville by a score of 86 to 59. High scorers for Flushine were Kenny Litten and Larry Kirkpatrick with 20 points each and Harold Fletcher with 19. For Centerville were Gatten with 19 and Deafenbaugh with 17 points. Reserves won 61 to 10. Flushing won their third straight game of the season over Bethesda by a score of 106 to 61. The scorers vere Kenny Litten with 38, Harold Fletcher with 22, .nd Gene Arnold with 20. For Bethesda were Conrad with 21 and Daugherty with 16. Reserves wen L1 to 31. Flushing lost their first game in four starts to Freeport in a double overtime by a score of 71 to 69. scorers were Kenny Litten with 26, Harold Fletcher with 17, and Larry Kirkpatrick with 16. For Freeport were Simpson with 20 and Milarick with 16. Reserves lost 52 to 29. Flushing lost their second game in five starts to Belmont by a score of 67 to 63. High scorers were Kenny Litten with 20, and Harold Fletcher with 12, For Belmont was Mann with 17. Reserves lost 29 to 20. Flushing won their fourth game in six starts over 01d Wash- ington by a score of 7h to 69. The high scorers were Fletcher with 26 and Litten with 2h, For 01d Washington were Gary with 18 and Hane with lb. Reserves lost 52 to 36. f Flushing lost their third game in seven starts to Cadiz by a score of 71 to 63. High scorers for Flushing vere Kenny Litten with 31 and Harold Fletcher and Gene Arnold with 11 each. For Cadiz were Lucas with 30, Jenkins and Dowdle with 10 each. Reserves lost 50 to L5. Flushing came back to win their fifth ge e in eight starts over Lafferty by a score of 78 to h8. For Flushing Kenny Litten hit for 28 points and Harold Fletcher for 17. For Lafferty Gillam had 15, bnrinchetti lt, and Cimini 10. Flushing Reserves won 66-26. 52 January A. 1955 January 3, 1957 January ll, 1957 January 12, 1956 January Y' 12:3 , 1957 January, 22, 1957 January 25, 1957 January 30, 1957 February 1, 1957 Flushing rallied from a A5-AS, nth quarter tie to win over Hollo- way 5h-A7. Larry Kirkpatrick scored 18 points, Harold Fletcher scored 11, and Kenny Litten scored 8. For Holloway, Bethel scored 18 and Ldgell scored ll. lt was F1ushing's sixth win in nine starts. Reserves won LL to 36. Flushing won its severth game in 10 starts over Kew Athens by a score of 100 to 65. High scorers for Flushing were Kenny Litten with 25, Larry Kirkpatrick with Zh, Harold Fletcher with 20. For New Athens, drdos with 25 and Gaines with 16. Reserves lost 60 to hh. Flushing lost its fourth game in eleven starts to Mt. Pleasant 76 to 75. High scorers were for Flushing,Larry Kirkpatrick with 28, Harold Fletcher with 16. For Mt. Pleasant were Schricke with 25 and Thomas with 21. Reserves lost 30 to Flushing made a great comeback over Yorkville to game in 12 starts by a score of 105 to SO. High K. Litten with 36, L. Kirkpatrick with 32 and H. 25. win its eighth scorers were Fletcher with 15. For Yorkville were Bigelow and Vinci with 31 points each and Alessi with 20. Flushing lost its fifth game in 13 starts to Lafferty High 59 to AO. Fletcher was high man for the Orioles with 13 points. Ken Litten was next with 10. For Lafferty was Mitch Gillam with 17 and Frank Springhetti with 2A points. Reserves won AA to 27. Flushing came back to beat Bethesda 85 to 50. litten, Kirk- patrick, Fletcher, and Arnold scored 26, 21, 16 and 15 respec- tively. Conrad scored 16 and Steward scored 10 for Bethesda. Reserves Flushing starts. won A3 to 29. outscored Hollowzy 76-66 for their tenth win in 15 For Holloway Allan Bethel scored 22 points and Luy- ster scored 18. For Flushing Kenny Litten scored 35 and Harold Fletcher Flushing scored 18. Flushing Reserves won L6-LS, lost a very close game against Belmont 60-59. High scorers were Michalek with 20 and D. Pyle with 19 for Belmont. For Flushing were Harold Fletcher tith 20 and Kenny Litten with 18. Flushing starts. Reserves von 39 to 36. took Centerville 86-53 for their eleventh win in 17 Centervi1le's high scorers were Deafenbaugh sith 20 and Gatten with 12. For Flushing Kenny Litten took the honors with 26 points and La1ry Kirkpatrick scored 16. Reserves won 56-32. 53 1956-57 BASKETBALL a'ARDS Kenneth.Litten Gene Arnold Harold Fletche VARSITY r Larry Kirkpatrick Robert Leone John Traczyk Marvin Campani David Gossett Kenneth Shaw Robert Bethel Kenneth Owings David Riggle zzi RESERVE Richard Harper Walter Singhaus Donald VanCure Mary Nell Husk Nancy Piper Joyce Meddles Carol Borkoski Glenn Manteau James Grear Il C71 Silver Silver Silver Letter Letter Silver Letter 187 K Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Reserve Silver Silver Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter CHEERLEADERS fb, MANAGERS Sh Silver Letter Letter Letter C27 Basketball Basketball Megaphone Manager's Letter Manager's Letter COUNTY TOURNAMENT February 17-23, 1957 St. Clairsville, Ohio .,.,En haLanu---h- February 17 7:00 LuIbmhaLmm.,mu- ,...CanLer1i11e.wNwM XX N. Fbbruary 21 7:00 NumIInshingw--, -,..JEbuumhuL-ww-uw X! February 1h 9:00 ,,,.Flushing.-,....f .-v----o vw--If AI If ...laiIanhxm.rMmXx xx February 13 8:00 .1 X ......-.- ,X xx If February 23 7:00 ,Lafferty XX I February 21 9:00 X , I ,....BaLhasda.-.....K , '. 1' X . , X. ....JhU -n-awww,--1 CONSOLATION ....BeLh February 23 9:0 X Powhatgg Powhatand---51N 55 F Club 1956-57 SENICRS: Larry Harris, Charles Williams, Larry Litten, Kenneth Litten, Edward Brokaw, Maurice Ralston, Gene Arnold, John Traczyk, Nancy Piper. JUNIORS: Harold Fletcher, Carl Kitzmiller, Glen Manteau, Richard Dembroski, Robert Taylor, Larry Kirkpatrick James Grear, Edwin Miller, Joyce Meddles, Mary Nell Husk. SOPHOMORES: Robert Leone, Kenneth Owings, David Riggle, Kenneth Shaw, Walter Singhaus, Robert Bethel, Paul Foraker, Marvin Campanizzi, Carole Borkoski. FRESHMEN: Richard Harper, David Murphy, Donald VanCuren, Thomas Holloway. HOf course the one who gains the most from the contest is the player himself, and no one can long be a player if he is a poor sport and fails to do his best. Let the game be tennis, golf, baseball, or football, or the bigger game called life, whatever it is we must do our best because it keeps up the spirit-- and that's what we need more than anything else. And if I keep up my spirit, and by example help to pull my neighbor out of his slump, then my life has not been a failure I am a successln X56 D CHEERLEADER'S DELIGHTS Did you ever wonder what ha pens to cheerleaders???? If so, lend an eye to some of the pleasant things that happened to us this past year, we received one of the biggest thrills of the school year when we looked on the bulletin board and saw we had been chosen for cheer- leaders, especially after having such stiff competition, The evenings of the ball games arrive. Things usually start out hectic enough with someone always almost missing the bus. After we get on the bus and everyone is in his seat and all is quiet, Bob Leone, with the help of UMeggieW Qthe Megaphoncj, suddenly jars us from our seats with the vell of NHere comes twc motor cycles la carl racing down the road side by side, Here they cmne and there they 5o,n A small voice CHr, Bethel'sJ is heard from the rear of the bus sayingg HAnd that streak that you just saw leaving the bus was Bob I-160116 0 N The first stop is NWayne!sU, where we pick up M , Bahorek???? Getting gracefully on the bus, he stmihles over the cheerleaders' feet into the arms of John Traczyk who says: Nwalk the line, Chief', While cheering at oneof our exciting games,one of the cheerleaders complains of a draft on her feet, looking down, she finds it is only because her shoe had split down the front. At another of our many exciting games, our senior cheer1eader's shoe lace broke. Bells flew in all directions and what a beautiful tune C?D they played. We the cheerleaders of 1956-S7 wish to thank everyone who helped us in any way. We think the athletes we worked with and for are a wonderful group of guys, That, along with the wonderfdl backing we received from the cheering section, made our job that much easier, we have only one regret and that is that the football and basketoall seasons were not long enough. We are grateful for having such a wonderful opportu ity. Thanks to everyone, Ehry Carole Nancy Jo 57 NThe Songs With Which We Seniors Winn Charles Williams Gene arnold Raymond Bradley Edward Brokaw Betty Brown Helen Denham Marie Dunlap Vernon Felton ' Nancy,Foraker' Judy Gardner Larry Harris Judy Hartley Laurel Hoblick Bob Holloway . Betty Humphrey Jessie Lendon Kenny Litten Norma Jean Litten Gary Manteau Carole Minet Rose Niemiec Nancy Piper Maurice Ralston John Traczyk Larry Litten S1 H U30 Raren WTeenage Crushw HThe Moonlight Gamblern WMary Annu WPlaying For Keepsn WYoung Loven NRing-a-ding-dingn "Walking After Midnighnf' NPledge of Loven WMama Look At Boo-Boon WAll Shook Upn HLove Me Tendern HAfter Schooln HPeace in the Valleyn nButterflyN nSchool Dayn WLittle Darlingn Nwhite Sport Coat and Carnationn NDreamy Eyesn WCrazy with Loven NRock Billy Rockn WNinety-Nine Waysn WHound Dogn HBanana Boat Songu 58 a Pink 4 ww Qf! L EE- ' asses ,M,,,, im 'f' -:QW 5:3 .3 J I, .g 5,7 'U 'px - ' -Q, 'I 421' ' ,-1, A Iigi. 'D qw si eff. -,., , I3-1+ if W--A gf i U .zgsegg ' " - - V-- , T a 1 W 4. saga i. f- V 'fr "ii ' M' -, f' ""' - I I .' . . .H --1 .N I... .. .4 'f I 3. --,. . "in If ... 5: lf.'5,1,N , 4, -- Q, ,I : J 931 , 3- ,c p sf: -f : -' i 1" 1 Q v" 43.1 : gg V Ln 1-Q Ili-g. .' ,:-' FJ '- 7- . 5 1 2' bfi? ," .'-J g'- if gf- :J 1' ' . , .I : f. U, , I wx I ff" 62" if 5' :I I f:':?f ,-1 Q, ,- if x 1 f - ,ff 1--.. : r -' '- - - 1 ' ':.'- ' r: J' Q - -PN '.'5 ,I . . f ff Q 'P f" 3: .- 3. ev 1,11 A, Y Qui . 41"-Fw --, 1 59 SENIOR DANCES The Seniors held record dances after the New Athens and the Benlls- ville football games, The dances were attended by students from both local and neighboring schools. ' F' Hg in.. The Candlelight Service, initiating the'new members of the F. Hg A. Club under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Harris, was held on October 12, in the gym. For entertainment dancing and a short program were provided Refreshments were served, TQ Ag GQ On October 19, the T. A. G, Club, directed by Mrs, Ruth Kerr, gave nn initiation party in the gym, The'new members were honored. Gomes and dancing, along with refreshments, made the evening a success. HALLOWEEN CAKEWLLK The Halloween parade was followed immediately by'the crowning of the queen and the cekewulk, Laurel Hoblick, n Senior, was crowned by Marth1Thrash, lost ye2r's queen. The attendents and escorts were as folows: Larry Hoblick and Kay Odorizzi, Juniors, Kenny Owings and Lynn Lyle, Sophomoresg Richard Harper and Sandra Rinkes, Freshmen, Maurice Ralston, a Senior, was Laurel Hoblickls escort. The younger children enjoyed the fish pond, Others participated in the cake walk, hoping to be lucky. There was a refreshment stand tempting those who did not win in the cakewalk, SENIOR DANCE The Seniors held d record dence after the Hopedele football game, Maurice Ralston, Q Senior, did an impersonation of a Pelvis Resley, I mn sure the people who attended the dance had Q very enjoyable time. JUNIOR PARTY Following'the performance of the Junior play, Nhessie of the Hills, on November 16, 1 party for the Junior class was held at Barbara Kois's home, After the refreshments were served, there was dancing. ENGLISH LITERATURE FARTY On November 26, Mrs. Arteris English literature class held a party in the gym, The purpose of the party was to enable the class to get together socially for an evening of fun. For entertainment games and dancing were enjoyed, Refreshments were furnished by the members of the class and e fine time was had by ell who attended, 60 CHRISTMAS BAND PARTY The Christmas band party was held on December 8, in' the gym, Gifts were exchanged mong the members and the members presented Mr. Neistadt with a gift. The evening was spent in dancing. Refreshments were served, CHRISTMAS DANCE' The seniors held a record dance on December 15, in the gym, Its turnout was successful and the evening was enjoyed by all who attended, CHORAL CLUB PARTY The Choral Club held a Valentine party on February 8, in the gym, Canes and dancing were provided as entertainment, and refreshments were served, F. H. A. BANQUET The annual Mother-Daughter Banquet was held on April 6 at the Methodist Church, The new officers were installed and a program was presented. The honored seniors were presented with gifts. Mrs, Alice I-ang from St, Clairsville was the guest speaker, CHORAL CLUB PARTY The Choral and Clee Clubs held a party on April 22, at Mrs, Uhitaker's farm, The treasure hunt was enjoyed by everyone, but the lucky one to find the treasure was Judy Hartley, A weiner roast provided very deli- cious refreshments. Other games and dancing provided more entertainment, SENIOR PARTY A party was held on April 26, at Rose Niemiec's home for the members of the senior class, following the presentation of the three-act comedy nDanger-Willie at Work,H The play and party were very successful. BAND BANQUET The annual Band Banquet was held on April 27, in the gym, The band mothers prepared the banquet, After awards were given out, games and dancing were enjoyed, JUNIORnSENIOR BANQUET On May M., 1957, the J unior- Senior Banquet was held at the Catholic Church. After the banquet, the students with their guests and the fac- ulty enjoyed dancing in the school gym, The music was furnished by the Uhoonlightersu orchestra, ' ALIMNI BANQUET The Alumni Banquet, the final event of the school year, will be held in the dining room of the Presbyterian Church on May 25, The dance will be held in the gym. The nEarl Summers Juniorn orchestra will furnish the music for dancing, 61 Front Row: Second Row: Front Row: Second Row: Third Row: Front Row: Second Row: Third Row: FOOTBALL Coach Bahorek, Carl Kitzmiller, Paul Foraker, Richard Harper, Robert Bethel, John Traczyk, Richard Dembroski, Gene Arnold, Kenny Litten, Glen Manteau, Kenny Owings, David Riggle,Managers--Donnie Van Curen, Tommy Holloway. Denver Fitzgerald, Steve Ri'g1e, Bob Taylor, David Murphy, Larry Harris, Kenny Shaw, Edward Miller, Louis Dembroski, Willard Hitzmiller, Gene Center, Marion Greer. BASKETBALL Bob Leone, Kenny Litten, John Treczyk, Gene Arnold, Harold Fletcher, Larry Kirkpatrick, Marvin Campanizzi, Coach Bahorek. Kenny Owings, Walter Singhnus, David Riggle, Robert Bethel, Kenny Shaw, David Gossett, Donnie Van Curen. Manager Mantecu, Marion Greer, Tommy Holloway, Richard Harper, Andrew Cencula, Steve Riggle, Norman Manteau, Denver Fitzgerald, Manager Jim Greer. BA EBALL 1956 Gene Arnold, Kenny Litten, Williams, Larry Harris, Charles Campanizzi, Larry Litten, Kenny Shaw, Charles Coach Bahorek, Unvid Riqgle, Paul Fornker, Don Lyle, Jim Lewis, Kenny Owings, Manager Eddie Miller. Walter Singhnus, Glen Manteau, Manager Bob Bethel. 62 3 v Junlor Glas H X215 Ome .LCOI'lC' C I1 ,s 13- GTC SS 5. I .cl Frashmrn Class CfficQrS k.,.,.N,5..,W M ,,,.M,....Ww5 . A X ,U , W' 'X Kbv 3 ,svhogore Zlgss Llf1CSTS ,ome :Jconomcs Glass Llovfhosaffw Sfufif' PGF1OCi I .....a-f :X :ff -.Q iii 'rv' rf1z,, x 4 'S N ww R Q4 1. Initiauion 3 1 gi3 f F,H,n, lnitiation 3 K 'am 'ira- 5'Myf.x ,N X-will if -.J X, Hfff., L PS A Y iw? 5 an if A -V We Two Future Squad? ,-no-' in Initiwyicn . dorld SQL. ,SS 1 OWU ' --1 66 Cx,-SQ ,K'N,5:, 5-W v ff CN fx K A-"' X :iff-u f 4 X x .-F 4-Q. Q.. '-:4 , -A 'Eff ' 41 .'. X I X 'iii' 3 ff f4fl'--X552 W, S-XM,"-.1---1"'L1fX , XXN-hm-E-fl 67 CALENDAR September A-7 The first week of school began. Freshman initiation left the freshmen students with pink faces all week long. An assembly meeting was held in the freshman and sophomore rooms to inform freshmen and new students the rules of the high school. A teachers' meeting was held at St. Cldrs- ville. September 10-lh Class officers were elected. The following are names of the Presidents from each class: freshman: Richard Harper: sophomore: Kenneth Owings: junior: Laurence Hoblickg senior: Maurice Ralston. Cheerleaders were also elected. They are Carole Borkowski, Mary Husk, Jo Meddles, and Nancy Piper. Band uniforms were fitted. A pep meeting was held in the gymnasium for the first football game of the season. September 17-21 Two F. H, A. meetings were held in the Home Economics room. Nhile cominv to school one morning this week, mrs. Pettay was seen tripping over a nlittleu black dog. September 2b-28 What two girls were moved twice in Study Hall in the same day? what happened, K. O. and H. E.? The Flushing vs Holloway football game was a victory for Flushing. October 1-5 A T. A, G. meeting was held in the sophomore room to vote on a project. A television set was put in the gymnasium for students to watch the World Series in their free time. October 8-12 ' A beer case was seensitting outside Miss Campbell's home roms door. A junior girl was seen having trouble in typing class--a typewriter works better when there is paper in it, Dorothy. October 15-19 The junior class had try-outs for their play, Hhessie of the Hillsn. A T. A, G. party was held in the gymnasium. October 22-26 Candidates for Halloween Festival Queen were chosen. They are as follows freshman: Sandra Rinkesg sophomore: Lynn Lyle: junior: Kay Odorizzig senior Laurel Hoblick. 68 October 29-November 2 Laurel Hoblick was chosen Halloween Festival Queen. An assembly program wnsheld in the gymnssiumg The Deep River Quartet entertained. November 5-9 Polio shots were given at Flushing school to anyone under the age of nine teen who wanted them. An assembly program was held in the gymg The Musi- cal Family entertained. November 12-16 The photogrwpher took individual school pictures--the first procedure for the school annual. The junior class play, WHessie of the Hillsu, was presented. After the play, the cast held a party at Barbara Kois's home. November 19-23 The basketball previews were held at Tiltonsvilleg Flushing played Smith- field and wen. December 3-7 Junior class rings arrivedg what excitementi Flushing played basketball at Centerville and won. December 10-14 Rotary treated senior boys to dinner--e good meal reported. in operetta, The Magi's Giftn was given by the fifth, sixth,and seventh gradesg a good Christmas story. December l?-21 Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club and Choral Club sang at Rotary. Each club was presented with a certificate for appearing. A brief assembly program was held in the gymg the speech class give a skit and presented the teachers with Hgifts.U Christmas vacation begins. January 2-L School resumes after Christmas vacstiong everyone is glad to be back, An explosion came from the chemistry leboratoryg what happened, Lerry Kirk- patrick? Played Holloway and won, January 7-12 A Everyone studying for exems. Played Mt. Pleasant and lost. Played host to Yorkville and wen with A score of 105, 69 January 14-18 The Algebra l class got Mr. Kettlewell so mixed up, raised the window and started to jump.' Mba Ralston came after M . Ritchey, to tell him it was time for him to get shotg Mr. Ritchey stood there a little dazed. January 28-31 Mrs. Harris found that she can get her Home Ec class quiet by letting them listen to Tab Hunter. Mr. Kettlewell asked an Algebra student to subtract 3 from 7. The student walked to the blackboard and wrote 3. -7 February 4-8 Played Hopedale a d won. Group pictures were taken. Valentine Hop, given by Choral Club was held in the gym. The King and Queen of the dance were John Traczyk and Betty Brown. February ll-15 School dismissed for half a day because of weather. Why didn't it snow earlier in the day? Played in County tournament and won from Belmont. February 11-22 Winners of World Affairs contest, sponsored by Rotary, were Nancy Foraker and Lynn Workley. No school Friday because of Washington's birthdayg good old George!! February 25-28 A new trophy will soon be seen in Flushing's trophy case. It is the runner up trophy which was won over the week-end. Nancy Piper, looking in a store window, told a friend to come and look at the pretty flowers in the window. The pretty flowers, as told by Nancy's friend, were onion plants. Flushing lost to Connotton in Sectional tournament. Mr. Bethel was heard Waskingn the junior girls for a sandwich from their lunches at noon. March 4-8 Several girls from each high school class are limping around the halls this week. Could it be that, being chosen as class cheer-leaders, these girls find that so much exercise Hstiffens' them up a little? Mr. Bahorek told his driver training class that when they were driving and trying to make a turn, they should turn the steering wheel in the same manner they do their lessons--do as little as possible. Scphomores were champions of class tournaments. March ll-15 Mrs. Whitaker is preparing Choral Club for a contest which will be held at Martins Ferry. Sandra Harris was chosen to act as Queen Daisy Mae at the Badie Hawkins Dance, sponsored by the F. H. A. club, 70 March 18-22 The dignified seniors were seen in the hall playing with 3 little rubber ball. The chemistry class mixed up 1 big Hstink.N Larry Hoblick was seen lying on the hall floor with Betty Humphrey over him with a yard stick in her hand. Merch 25-29 Athletic Banquet, sponsored by Rotwry, was held in the Catholic Church. Guest spemker was Red Donley. April l-5 April Fool's Day was just another day at school. Basketball :wards were given out. April 8-12 Baseball season is here mgiin. Seniors continue thehrplay prtctice reports are fivorable. Three cheers for the seniors--not one of them is on the F-list this six weeks. April 15-19 Choral Club sing at Rotary. School let out on Thursday zfternoon for Easter Vwcation. April Easter vacation is over and everyone is bick it the grind. Played Lafferty in bnscbdll tournement and won. The senior clmss plzy, UD2nger, Tillie -t lbrkn-n big success. Pltyed Belmont in bise- bwll tournament and won. April 29-May A The seniors h1d's picnic on senior day qt Oglebty Pzrk. When the picnic w1s over, the seniors parted and went their separate ways. Several seniors Htnking shortcutsn home, got lost but all arrived finally. Flushing played two baseball games--one win and one loss, The Junior end Senior Banquet was held in the Catholic dining room. After the Banquet and program, the members and their guests enjoyed dancing at the gymnasium until eleven o'clock. During the dance Riymond Bradley and his date reigned as King and Cueen. 71 May 6-10 - Seniors leave from Wheeling on B Q O train for 5-day trip to New York and Washington--Mr. and Mrs. Ritchey are chaperoning the group. Annual all stenciled, assembled and taken to the bindery, May 13-17 Not a thing expected to happen--just work, work and study, study??? Seniors book from o wonderful trip. May 19-25 Baccalaureate Services. Eighth grade promotion exercises. Polio shots. Final exams. Seventh grade trip. High School Commencement. Alumni Banquet at Presbyterian Churchg dancing at the gym. May 27 Final day of school, report cards handed out. Farewell, seniors, Goodby until September, classmates. Wi -A-R 6 'ajswra-4, ,,.N..--- 'Adj Q VACATION" I kwuumuul 'nnnvnr fl! H, 6111 h D FNl,444-fr--' in. i - -0' -.. , ,,.- , ,. ...- ' . - , ..- !,f' ?2 Of w ff CQQQQQQ qw , SQ ,I . .. -R" :iii-:lgw f. . 'BYBEMMR W I .1 2535:5l52i5E4 ' - 3 .,2g2eegigE1sza' ,ff wi x g - ,s f ' 1 , 1 nie., 5 egg: ae? ' '55 . i x .i11Q',if' if-xx .-his-.:-43:2 . 'w:Qxrf', 4 rwriziarzw-1a':-x, li , xi- - - v,-.s-.--g.s,,?f A. 'G-WAN . U4 wg- '.n-.:,---:,r+:: :-.-gs.-, ,.Q,gg':?p -- K I :f:k7'f:5:f-3-:yd 'Qfz-fhggqsi. ' -44 .' 'l -'-'F-" - .-' ' 'PI-ZIP ' ' -" " '5-f..'.'1I'T ' ' --'P.'.i.f1-2-,'.-"ki,'af mf.-:QS :Q-.-12.-5'-f:f+'!Pii.9i44f-5--rhz. f NJ f. ' . H.:-2'-f 'f.':,". 'A -fu, ' " -. "-gi--'v-v'.'.'. . fi 'H--'P'-f'f'N'.'l"-' 'w"f'Y'I'zN-Q I fx !""'-'la F1141-'v?.' ".j.--5',-..:v--- 23,9 I . A,-1 ."1,,,!'f' 4241:-:EEE fm, . mi '-fe ' 1, gg:-f:r 2-am-,. .- ' . mwnfeff? 4: -- 111:-'f-'.-1'4 'Q-S+-.F'g. jfhf .Mia,-5.5.9.-g3.Q5.1f.15.1 1:5 ' ' an .'.-:e'f9,9zf:-:- ' -:a s.-: , :-:-:,,1-S.-aaez-ez-:-: , .'-'I"-'.'f.-'-"H 1' I if' ":"ffET-it-" -5 ,q.,f',,. - ':a!2:-4rf'l:FF:2?:- ' --.-:-ye.-4-za.-fgpa, - Q 2.554-:P:sgI:. ,-,, . - b L --', :ag-'-5' Nh K , 73 Kenny L.: NI can't get my shoes on.U Jessie L,: Wwhatl Feet swelled too?U Helen Dunlap Denham was ordering her first coal. Wwhat kind of coal do you want?H the dealer asked. HKind?U she asked puzzled. UYes.U explained the dealer, WFor instance, we have egg coal and chestnut coa1,U nI'll take the egg coal,W she decided, HI'11 be cooking edge oftener than chestnuts.U Bob Bethal making excuse in Latin class to Mrs. Arter: Wlfd be a genius Dave Rigglez Richard D.: Mr. Dembrdski: Mr. Leone: Kenny L.: Mrs. Powell Dick P.: Sandra R: Mrs. Rinkes Mrs. Brokaw: Ed: Neighbor to GGIO A42 Alcatroz: Bob T,: Larry H.: Bob T,: Larry H.: Mrs. Kerr: Carl K.: students: GERD if I had the time,n UEverybody has 2h hours a day,H HDad, what are the three R's?N Uwell son, the three R's are net through life. At 20 itls romance, at no its rent, and at 60 its rheunatism." Son, what is wrong with my shavig bbush?W HI don't know, Father, It was all right this morning when I painted my bicycle.n y HDick, this isn't a very good report, Are you sure you're really trying?W nOh, es, the teacher says I'm the most trying boy in school.n UMother, last night John put his arm around me four times,U 'He must have long arms,W The older generation thought nothing of getting up at six in the morning.U The younger generation doesn't think much of it, either.n A.: Wwhat does your mother find the hardest part of being a housewife?" HMEIU WA pen with a lifetime guQrgntee,H nwhy do you go with Jo?H NBecause she is different from other gir1s,u HHow is she different?N UShe'l1 go with me.n Wvhy are the Middle Ages also called the Dark Agesiu WBecause there were so many knights.H WTeachers are like a three-speed record changer. You have to listen to than whether they are 33, LS, or 76.n 7h Judy D.: Bill H.: Gloria V.: John T.: Gloria V.: Miss Campbell: Denver F.: Miss Campbell: 5 Laurel H.: Mr. Kettlewell: Laurel H.: Ed M.: Larry H.: Kenny L.: Barbara B.: Judy H.: Oliver W.: Mr. Ritchey: Moe R.: Mr. Ritchey: Ed B.: Mr. Ritchey: Ed. D.: Geraldine: Helen: Geraldine: Miss Campbell: Jim G03 Bob: Mr. Bethel: Bob: Betty B: Sheila C: WYou can't tell me that a man can have 16 wives.N UOh yes he can-four better, four worse, four richer and four P0orer.H NMy futher takes things apart to find out why they don't ll 5gell:W WSo you'd better go.U Uwhnt are the three words most used by high school students?n NI don't know,H nThot's correct,U UTeacher, can you punish someone for something she didn't do?U Nwell, no, whyvn UBecause I didn't do my Algebra ossignment.U Hlim so sore from football practice that I cnn't stand or sit.U ' , Nlf you're telling the truth, you're lying.U Uwas Noah first men off the Ark?W WNo, he came forth from the Ark.N UDerling, do you love me still?W UThet's the way I love you best.H HMoe, what is the outstanding contribution that chemistry has made UBlondes! to the world?U UEdword, NBecause why are you late again?N of a sign.U UHow could a sign make you 1ate?n WIt said 'School Ahead--G0 Slowlnv NI can tell whether you are telling the truth or not by looking at your lips.H HHow can you do thot?N NIf your lips are moving, you're lying.n WJim, use the work geometry in a sentence.H nThe little scorn grew and grew and one day woke up and said, 'ge-om-e-try'.N V ND2d, are you growing taller all the time?N WNQ son, why do you esk'H HCause, the top of ym1'head is poking up through your hair.N Wwhet is the smallest room in the wor1d?W ' WA mushroom.N 75 Bob T.: Stanley P.: Randy V.: Stanley P.: Barbara K.: Mary H.: Gene A.: Coach: Mother: Nancy P.: Mrs. K.: Larry K.: Donnie V.: Arthur H.: Donnie V.: Jim C.: David M.: Jim C.: Sandy Ro 2 UI used to be ablein-stay home all week with a cold. Then along came these miracle drugs and it's back to school the next day.H "I've gots. railroad radio." UA railroad radio?W Nfes. It whistles at every station.W Nwhat is the difference between a new ten dollar bill and an old one?U NNine dol1ars.H UCoach, did you take my time on that last lap?U HI didn't, but you did.U NDid you learn anything new at school today, Nancy?U UI sure did. Bob L. got his licence: Jo M. got a new taffeta for the fonnalg and Bob H. is goinb steady with Sandy Lynn.U NLarry you've been fighting again. You've lost all your front teeth.U NNQ I didn't,Mom. I've got them in by pocket.H UI'1l bet I can tell you the score before the game begins.n NI'll bet you can't.U NZero to Zero.n Hwhy did they bury the one-legged Indian chief's favorite horse facing west on a rocky hill side in Nevada?H HI don't know. Why?U ' UBecause he was dead.n UMr. Kettlewell, I don't want to scare you, but my father says that if I don't get better grades in Latin someone is due for a licking.N Mrs. L. frantic with worry: WJean was playing a harmonica and she swallowed Dr. Lose: i-b.Il UBe calm. You should be gladfshe wesnlt playing the p1anq,0 A junior, Mary had a little lamb: and his J-- Her father shot it dead. poetry J Now Mary takes the lamb to school, Jim G.: Lynn W.: Jim G.: Between two slices of bread. HSo you dede up those jokes yourself?N UYeI. Out of my head.W NYou must bein Mr. Bahorek: 'Carl, you can't sleep in my elass.u Carl K 0 Ulf you didn't talk so loud, I eould.' 76 X xx , XM ...g J XXX f 4 'EQ Wm XXL. HIGH LIGHTS Kenn Litten and Harold Fletcher received an All-League trophy and an All-Tournament temn trophy. Kenny received a gold basketball for the All-Eastern Ohio Team, honorable mention for All-State Team and was sec- ond highest scorer in Class A Schools, Larry Kirkpatrick, Harold Fletcher and Gene Arnold received honor- able mention for the All-Eastern Ohio Basketball Team. Our Basketball Team won the runner-up trophy in the Jelmont County basketball tournament. Our baseball team was the co-winners of the Belmont County 1957 tournament, They were eliminated in their second game in the Sectional by Springfield Township. Laurel Hbblick received honorable mention in the county in the State Scholarship test. Nancy Fbraker and Lynn Workley won the Rotary trip to Cincinnati with their World Affairs speeches, Lynn Lyle won second place in the County Prince of Peace Contest. Nancy Fbraker won the Betty Crocker contest in Nutritional Class. In the Athens District, comprising 23 cou ties, Lynn Lyle ranked fourth in a eometry competitive test. She ranked first in Division 3, which represents schools the size of Flushing. Two prospfctive freshmen, John J. Walsh and Leanard Yarnell, ranked in the top lp in the State Eighth Grade Test, In addition to the above David Brokaw, Janice Smith and Delores Bradley ranked in the upper 102 in the County. 78 T, CNA ., Q f f - ci, Nfglai qv" I MAX 'N'-' x-,,.A, 1 -..X fx, 5 Q'L..,blT 712,553 E Qpafxf.. J .I fl.. . 'N X. j I rx 'X 4 - s.. , Q Af. 1 XX WH' Ng !1 I, Z, . X '- xx.-'-1-Ll'-'LN " In , If . K Ag ,X ,Af . .XB -..........--1'-27-""'1'. W! If NG X , if 'f'ff,-ESQ q xt ww. zxkgfvg. I ""' , Q., -av" 79 1956 DIRECTORY Charles Campanizzi--Muskingum College Camilla Cheatham--married to Glenn Arnold, St. Clairsville Doris Cunard--married to Loren Jackson, Flushing Edward Cordner--United States Marines John Delaney--Unitfd States Air Force Albert De Pietrou-Employed at Sutten 6 Stewart d Co. Flushing Doris Fitzgerald -at home Fred Foraker--employed at Saginaw Dock Q Terminal Company Billie Jo Gunn--married to Martin Purtiman Robert Harris-employed at Cloverland Dairy Jackie Holloway-eomployed at Citizens National Bank Janice Humphrey-Mmarried to Harvey Mclillan, Canton Marlene Jackson-married to Mario Zantelli, California Bob Knox-Air Force Ronald lane-employed at Yarnell's Gulf Service James Lewis--Wooster College, Wooster Phyllis Litten-employed at R C A in Cambridge Richard Lyle-eworking for Robert Harris walter Moore-United States Air Force. Rose Mario Nucci-wheautician School, married Clyde Darrow. Martin Purtiman-eApprentioe Machinist, Gary, Indiana Martha Thrash-eEmployed at R C A in Cambridge, Ohio Reva Van Curen--Employed at R C A in Cambridge Shirley Van Nest--Attending Elliott Business College Pearl Wesley-United States Air Force Kenneth Williams--Attending Elliott Business College Oliver Workley--Carpenter for Willard Cunard ALUM I IN SCHOCL Charles Campanizzi '56--Muskingum James Cameron '55--Ohio State University Carol Arter '53-Muskingum Leonard Cencula '54--Saint John's Vianney Seminary, Steubenville. Elizabeth Taylor '54--Muskingum Charles Taylor '54,-Glendale City College, Glendale, California Lenora Maccalini '54--Good Samaritan School of Nursing, Zanesville Kenneth Williams '56-qEllitt Business School Shirley Van Nest '56-- Ellhd Business School Jam s Lewis '56-Awooster College Daniel Gibson '56-Qwest Liberty Joanne Gibson '54-- Muskingum James London '53--Hiram College Wilber lendon '50-Ohio State Richard Shipley '52--Nyack M. T. I. Rosalind Stewart '54-Steubenville College Donnie Diosi '50--Case Institute, Cleveland 80 ALUMNI IN SERVICE Leo Bober Navy Delbert Van Caron Charles Curtis Air Force Pearl Wesley Willis Diosi Navy Henry Niemiec John Fitzgerald Air Force John Delaney Gerald Grimes Navy Walter Moore John Litten Air Force Rex Van Guren Gary Rinkes Navy Dale Van Curen Mary Ellen Pilati Air Force Leland Love Edward Cordner Marines William Somerville Henry Willimns Army Harvey Dunlap Harold Roush Army Harry Gill Jack Jordan Air Force Ed Johnson Carl Medley Air Force James Yarnell Charles Medley Army Grady Hughes Lewis Adams Army Robert Bernouski Raymond Ornouski Army James Murphy Leroy Kitzmiller Army Gerald Wheatley Alan Brokaw Army Donald Eickleberry Leroy Marshall Navy William Lane William Luchi Air Force MARRIAGES AND BIRTHS April Mr. and Mrs. Harold Medley '51--boy May Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jenkins CSylvia Shaw 'SSD--boy Mr. and Mrs. Made Bethel 'A7 CGladys Pritts 'L7j-boy Air Air Air Air Air Air Air :Li r Army Force Army Force Force Army Army Army Force Anny Force Force Army Navy Force Force Nivy Army Marines Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Dunlap 'Sl CShirley Tucker '52j--boy Mr, and Mrs, Samuel Shaw 'A8--boy June Patricia Kirk Archer 'Al--Charles Coaton James Hoblick '52 -Mary Ford Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Murphy '37 CJennie Moore 'All--boy Mr. and Mrs. Ted Grimes CEvelyn Douglas 'ALJ--boy Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Workley '50 fMarlene Ballog '5h7-girl Mr, and Mrs. Jock Jordan '55-girl Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Lee 'A7--boy July Doris Cunard '56--Loren Jackson Jo Gunn '56--Martin Purtiman '56 Agnes Coutts '33--John Baker 81 July Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Pfld Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. August Mr. and Mrs . Mr. and Mrs. September Forest Elliott '37--boy Orland Bethel '53 CDoris Ballog '53l--boy Hugh Garvin CMary J. Hamilton 'LOU--boy James Taylor 'L8-girl Robert Howell '51--boy Paul Humphrey CNancy Kaczmarek 'SBD--boy Donald Taylor 'A9--girl William Tate CBetty Thrash 'h9l--boy Sally Brown '55--John Arnold Floyd Amos '50--Alice McLeod Jack Lynn '52--Irene Fitzgerald Akers Gloria Corrndini '53-Floyd Brown '55 Mrs, Mr. andfJames Cecil 'A7 CJoella Cunard '52j--girl Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs, October Robert Copeland '53--boy Grady Hughes 'SL--boy Henry Jones CJulia Hughes 'A8J--boy James Yarnell '51--Kathy Lewis Frances Williams '55--Richard Shinn Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kane CFrances Wilson 'Sli--boy Donald Humphrey '52--girl Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Harper 'hh CJanet Kanuckle 'ALJ--boy Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mosher CMargaret Somerville 'ELQ--girl Dr. and Mrp.Rodney Kirk '33--girl Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Holloway lDorothy Wagner 'BID--boy Mr. and Mrs. James Dunlap '52 CMaxine Brown 'SZJ--boy Mr. and Mrs, Robert Griffin IL6--girl November Uilliam Barylnk '50-Alice M. Wallace Mildred Minet '50--Ronnie McEndree Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Tir. and Mrs, Mr, and Mrs. December Dan Smith 'Al CJean Miller 'h6l--boy Steve Jones Cnrnetta Saffel '52j--girl Henry J. White 'L7--boy Lee Johnson 'L9 CFrances Kukalak 'h97--girl Ronnie Ballog 'AB--girl Patricia Petracca '55-Thomas Bowers John E. Taylor 'SL-1Mnry Louise Careway Donald Eickleberry '52--Norma Hunt Rose Marie Nucci '56-Clyde Darrow 82 December Mr. and Mrs. Talmzdge Van Curen 36--girl Mr. and Mrs. William Minet CAda Wslters '39,--boy Mr. ind Mrs. Jerry Beaber CElnine Whiston 'ASD--boy Januwry Leroy Kitzmiller 'Sh--Betty Holloway '55 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. February Charles Taylor '53 CShir1ey Van Curen '53,-girl Frank Ruzek 'SL--boy Dick East CBnrbara Nolan 'SBJ-girl Harry Dale 'L3--girl Mzrleen Jackson '56--Mario Zcntelli Nancy Sincln Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs March ir '55--Howard Douglass Frank Shutwny CVeronica Spiga 'ASQ--girl Charles Major 150-- Emerson White '52--boy . James Haines 'A6--girl Camilla Cheathmn'56--Glenn Arnold Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs April Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Niro and 'MI'Ss Mr. and Mrs. May . Melvin Carrothers CVirgina Thrash 'SBD--boy Donald Van Fossen '50-boy Richard Bethel '52--boy John Johnson CGlndys Moore 'LVD--girl Verne Bzrlow 'BA-boy Robert Van Nest '50--boy Gary Dale 'SA--boy Jtmes Hoblick '52--girl Robert Sinclair '52--girl Gary Rinkes '55 fConstznce Cunard 'SSD-girl sfsgt ind Mrs. Robert Bernouski-- f51--gir1 Deceased Juanita Donaldson 'AB Any nunes omitted--lack of informntion. 83 , , X, 2 9 5 t 1-N igtixi 3715. W, 3. ' f1.ff"'7 ' fy, ,4 W K Q Q 6- . ,A .,:s.f.E',1L'1,,'.' fl, vi' f' ' a?H!nRiEMUw'J 'L 'fm , f' .TH -fi--M..,ifllarxaziv-'3f'lfJ"F3L':iBi.FL,.'J lzisl ii ' vf' X 4. -s. 1.. an ,..f--N mg- wh'-'54 '?.,,, .1-t....,4,9.,, ,gris- 'IC J

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