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-.. i -.. i 11: vw. Qku . GA RG CY L Eijir .kill lil " 4 gs . ' -wiv Yiwsiv - 09 I I fn", ' ' n In - -3' X Q I ui T i. 1' . K ' 1 I 1 1 vw f ' A, -Af l fx! A2114 X - I . r .,-f rm-Q-.,. i ' P 1 . .1 x ',,-ig. ,H 1-.. I ' u"'3L "fi,-Q t- ,P Aiili. 'T' x oi fo . x - Flushing High School u ' F ii '. Senior Class of 1958 'N' A' XR Flushing, New York i X Mr. Arthur Franzen, Principal 'x WE, THE ADVENTURERS 5 fd Sf x 92" :QQ --4 5, Adventurers All Surrounded by Life By fields of knowledge awaiting the harvest, By ladders to the skytop awaiting our climb By a rain of deterrents, By oases of faith for the hunger of souls, By a river of truth for the thirst of mind, By the moss of complacency. W e are the adventurers, The harvesters, The climbers, Undaunted by torrents of rain. The faithful, The truthseelfers, now and forever, Never detained by the mossy terrain. Helen Blutinger V, 1' S al exa A S di vu. "N-. N... I7 f v' . ' f Principal's Message , Olfr Guides Our Expedition . Leadership . . lnto Civilization Native Music . A Native Art 6 Forum , , Folio . . , In Search of Understanding . . . . . No Stones Untumed College Room , . 6 Graduates , Football Basketball . Les Femmes . 'VX 4 5 6 8 10 11 12 14 15 16 18 20 21 64- 66 68 t y.--q117vav-:H ..-f..-41,-ur-.fre-suv.-:f'?Q-t--P. -. 5 .-Sn,-. T..Q..q,..,.-- 4- ,,?1!g.,.1,, i , ,Ki : J One mug dknfwc mb, Le ondhd mon? horror of a Hnfrd man! dallx' ronffme 3 Maryam, -Me 'Meme of We 28 Q39-Qc neeals expfanihan in what advenfore may mean -fo a member of W6 ?raJua'I'l'n7 class. Hd- Ycn'ful'?, IQNFIQS nik , buf Q wEH'C'lo!eh advenfurf- Lffzwi-K rewdYdS fgaf refpevj 1-Ra vislcs. W ii nllfs are +00 STYJTJ +32 Y2SvJf may be fan If We mdrdf are, ,loo SLQH, We advenfvre maj became a Yaahhb, Bejunnmj 6 cxlrfrerevff 1053 Gflifi affir ulov 16601 Lujln Saba, Slmuld bb Sn QAVCYKUYB. Tilt chorcCS .inouu YeSuH' m f'tludrd.S , IYIVOIYC-S 745115, ,-fcouY.r2, Ldr We ddvmfuve af IH-'ang Sqwu brmg Sam-gcfafhi um! We YnSkS - S0 IW? aa 7041 can ffflf GSIQYH' af 6dYYh1WC IPI whit' You do, 'leaf fn is 8 Ytwdrd. Q-MM 1-m..,i.-+ ,usp-Q-.-f I' ' A 'Kg' X , ' Jmfil. Il' 'da' N4 Mrs Goldman GRADE ADVISERS We the senlor class of 1958, have been for tunate ln havlng such wlse and amlable grade ad v1sers as Mrs Goldman, Mrs Rowe and Mrs LaBarbera They have helped us along for the past four years lxstenmg to complalnts workmg long, tedlous hours at clencal work, planmng programs to su1t each student s needs, and pro Vldlllg strong and sympathetlc shoulders for our troubles Now that we are graduatlng, we reallze how lmportant thelr guldance has been to us and how much our grade advlsers have sacrlficed to help us bulld our futures. Diana Kahn, Mrs La Barbera, and Blanche Wxesen val' 'LQ Mrs Rowe l95"l' Q ry. -1- fji of 7-fqaqruum f ..-Q XZLZWJ 1:4 C4 ,ff,f,f,uf5, We were adventurers entering Flushing High School in 1954, not know- i. n. , . db. Q' . . . f h 1 X ei 0 i .ing quite what lay ahead. Would there be parties and dates, a mass o ome- Q Q ' , . . Xe I 0 u . work, studying, and worrying? What would the first experiences be like? ' 0 'I - i The first of our years in Flushing came at a time when it was no longer ' .' ' the duty of the senior to guide the dazed freshman around the school. Fresh- ., A ' ' , ' - men helped seniors, seniors helped freshmen, and teachers were late for Aj:-F-Tl - ' classes. "What, no desks!" we cried as we entered classrooms in the new KE, ' .C wing. What skill it took to balance notebooks on our knees as we tried in vain Re' I "i . to scribble down a few geography notes. -5 , ' : At ten thirty some of us looked at our programs and found to our amaze- . . , ment that the next period was lunch. "Lunch," we exclaimed, "we just ate - ' . breakfastln Ah, but we were having the honor and privilege of being the first members of the Flushing High School Breakfast Club. Eating in the N lunchroom was an entirely new experience for us. We had to pull up a piece , 7 1 ' ' of floor and sit down, since there were no chairs or tables. Not too much was ' O41 offered in the way of food. Lunchroom officials strictly enforced the "one ly r M5 raw law." All day long a guard stood over the straw box to make sure that - , ' :. ach container of milk purchased was accompanied by only one straw. -.x tk ,ll 'T n Leaving. the lunchroom we wondered why everyone.was going in the X - - x wrong direction. Suddenly a teacher instructed us, "This IS a one-way hall, I c H 4 M 1 ' and you'll have to go the other way." To avoid congestion in the halls, traffic W' U , T- was being regulated by means of one-way halls, and UP and DOWN stair- -A - .A X cases. gb' lil-'l lqf 1 ' earl?- .5 With the absence of lockers, gym classes were administered in a make- shift manner. We dropped our books and belongings on locker foundations and proceeded to change into sneakers. We managed to escape the commo- tion of the locker room and then eagerly entered into the gym, where our only danger was getting hit on the head with a medicine ball. Our freshman class was quite lucky. The year we entered Flushing, the school discontinued the split session and went on a regular nine to three schedule. What a blessing it was to come home at three o'clock and not at five oiclock. After a few months we freshmen became an integral part of the school routine. Soon the lockers were completed, the desks arrived, and the lunchroom had tables and chairs and served hot meals. The earlier confusion disappeared and we found Flushing High School a truly livable place. 5 Jjz ' , 1, Q r jawn -x ' Q- di 1,7 . . ZX ' ' of ' W rl . at K- fem J ini- As sophomores we walked through the halls with an air of assurance. No longer were we being taunted by seniors who tried to sell us elevator passes. We were becoming more familiar faces, greeted as we walked from class to class, and in our classes, the percentage of people we recognized had increased greatly. Now that we had come through our disorganized freshman days, we started to take an interest in the varied extra-curricular activities. What is our school government like? How does the G.O. function? Which political party should I join? How does one become a member of the Forum staff? I wonder if I'll be able to qualify for membership in Arista? These were just a few of the questions we asked now that we were organized and had the time to explore our school. During our sophomore year the faculty and the students were sorry to hear of the retirement of our very able and respected Principal, Mrs. Edith M. Ward. A surprise tea was held to honor Mrs. Ward's ninth anniversary as Principal of Flushing High School. It turned into a real surprise when Mrs. Ward announced her plans of retirement. Mr. Waring then assumed leader- . ship of the school as acting Principal. In March of our sophomore year we received our new Principal, Mr. Arthur Franzen. I , One day during our fourth term a terrible shock hit us when some of our teachers started passing out little white cards. "These cards have to be filled out for the regentsf' the teachers said quite calmly, as we sat there trembling at the mere thought of regents. No longer would we get a vacation because it was regents week. The middle of June came soon enough, and with it some of the hottest days of the year. This, of course, was the ideal time to take a regents. There we sat, in pools of perspiration, trying to find the square root of 32145 .... We continued on our adventures and found ourselves in our junior year. We can remember cheering our "Red Devils" to victory after victory, and awarding a prize for the craziest socks at the football game on Crazy Socks Day. Dancing away the year, we drifted from the Winter Wonderland Dance in December, to the Evening In Paris Dance in May, and, cruised up the l ,X Q '- cv . Q' - ' - xg . , V, li 9 - ii? l . w .'o ' , I . Q-f .ij 9 ,fi C4 04,6 , ,'. ..1 WML!- . . X5 f , Calleeellaom Y! 9:5 'ilqf j r ' 'J beautiful Hudson to the music of Ray Bloch on the "Moonlight Dance ' N55 Cruise." We were entertained at the Spring Concert by the orchestra and chorus. Jeffrey Steinfeld, a senior, brought honor and prestige to our school 0 We """':" by winning many scholarships and coming in fourth in the State Scholarship o Exam. Proudly we thought that being a junior was the next best thing to ' 5' f I being a senior. Graduation now came into our line of vision, and we no longer - .fp ,, , felt that this was just a nebulous dream of the future. P5445 x 'I Continued on page 61 PM If , I A , I if +1 . Y . l 1 ., J ' ' . ' ' X -it rife M so 75 -I If 'if f ff ' ff .wer rs . i I K X ' K XP N I 'if ffi' iii Q' I at ' . I K X . I X. J K , ! f!!,4 C7 The Service League Officers direct the activities of the Service Council. This council establishes the requirements for the three service awards, determines service credits, maintains each student's service record, and assists in school func- tions whenever necessary. Row I: Beatrice Di Paolo-President, Mrs. Bickerton-Adviser, Jane Scott-Vice President. Row 2: Roberta Panebianco-Secretary, Doro- thy Yu-Tribunal Representative, Susan Hors- fall-G.O. Representative. . 1 lv 'Zi 25' lg. 5' 5 ff. .ex . S . , .g if . .fm ya E fig t ,iv-.1-. 7 14" w A " -. Au-. wi- 5x -ge ww. 8 - 5,2-Q.. -,,,.A-"'. - ',..t'- -t' r - -Writ The administration officers keep our school running smoothly. Row I: Mrs. Roy-Dean of Girls, Mr. Franzen - Principal, Mrs. Duckworth - Attendance. Row 2: Mr. Kiso-Dean of Boys, Mr. Golder- Administration, Mr. Waring, Mr. Smith. The Student Tribunal is the judiciary of our school government. Its functions are to interpret the constitution of the school government and to preside over the trials of the delinquent students. Dotti Yu, Louis De Acetis-Bailiif, Barbara Weigt--Chief Justice, Howard Papush, Barbara Shulman-Justice Clerk, Milton Jacoby. Row I: Bea Di Paolo, Betty Sinowitz, - Bemice Aptowitz, Barbara Browner, Maxine Marcus, Alice Youngerman, Marie Verdirame, Iris Keller, Vicki Custer, Lois Rice. Row 2: Madeline Kolligian, Naomi Feldman, Jane Scott, Diana Kahn, Carole Lancman, . Evelyn Raab, Marion Lachenmayr, Barbara Shulman, Fran Greenwald, Edith Del Giornia, Helen Black, Helen Blutinger. Row 3: Emily Karp, Q Pat Jones, Rosemary Koenig, Nan ' Younger, Karen Gold, Maruta Liet- ins, Judith Sommer, Josephine Besen, Martha Beck, Joan De Filippis, Joan Borowick, Gail Carson. Row 4: Rhoda Fishman, Christina Ziegler, Joan Tram- mantano, Helene Greene, Hinda Greenfader, Karen Koch, Nancy Ahlf, Ieva Rucks, Nancy Flynn, Joyce Levy, Helen Baroway. Members of our C. O. elect their officers direct- ly. Candidates are nominated by their political party, either Green and White or Silver-Blue. Some of the officers, duties are to direct the G.O. Assembly and freshmen orientation, to arrange social affairs. to get student discounts, and to attend borough and city-wide conferences. This main body of the school government and Mrs. Pettigrew. our G. O. adviser, are always working to improve Flushing. Dotti Yu-Vice President, Marie Fiore - Secretary, Meta Cornell - Treasurer, Bill Olson-President. QMN .Qi Tutoring is the chief duty of Arista, our schoolls honor society. admitted on the bases of service, and character. Row I: Al Fair, John DeGroof, J Students are scholarship, ulian Yoselotf, Charles Turner. Row 2: Tony Fisher Phil Press Jack Hemel Louie De Acetis, Dave Kemp, Brian Sher- Ronald Berler, Dave Hurewitz, K man. Row 3: Larry Silver, Bob Charles Locke, Donald Kahn, ohn, Gil Scalone, Rosario Cambria, Frank Jerabek, Ed Barrish. Row 4: Tony Aliano, Andy Wolif, Bill Olson, Rosenthal, Gary Nooger, Phil Kn Bob Gordon, Nick Kazanas. Sam ltzer, , f, f,fff Row I: Miss Powers, Mrs. Gennaro, Mrs. Phalen. Row 2: Mrs. Aronsohn, Miss O'Leary-chairman, Mr. Gor- don. Row 3: Miss Quinn, Mr. Kantor, Miss Carman, Miss Fitzgerald, Miss O'Dowd. Mr. Sealy, Mr. Erdal, Mr. Hemming-chairman, Mr. Paris, Mr. Nelson. The goal of the Commercial Department is to train pupils in the practical application of secretarial skills so that they may start work in the business field im- mediately following graduation. ln order to receive a commercial diploma, the candidate must have three units in either stenography or bookkeeping, and two terms of secretarial training. Specialized instruction is given in the use of the mimeograph, the electric type- writer, the comptometer, the ditto-machine and the Rex- o-graph. The Industrial Arts Department of Flushing High School trains students for a vocation. There are special- ized shops for drafting and work with metals, wood, and electricity. This work serves to familiarize the student with what will probably be his chosen field after graduation. 'F gun' -6 John Hoch, Earl Jones, Louis Philippe, George Dobritz, Vincent Pollina, Walter ll- chuk, Joe Hermalholfer- watch Mr. Erdal demonstrate in the electric shop. il . . 5 "'hl' ' ' X- J Our orchestra is an important part of many school functions such as assembly programs and com- mencement exercises. Under the direction of Mrs. Piedra. this group of sixty-five students all display the ability to play an instrument proticiently. This past year the orchestra has played for the P.T.A. Christmas program, the Service Assembly. Pan- American Day. and Commencement. To Mrs. Piedra and sixty-five very talented students we owe one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment at Flush- ing High School. Both the Junior and Senior Chorus are under the direction of Miss Miller. The Junior Chorus is comparatively new. lt was organized by Miss Miller in 1936 and now is composed of eighty-five students. These students perform for many assembly programs and make occasional appearances. Once a student is graduated from the Junior to Senior Chorus, he learns more than the fundamental of singing. Miss Miller instructs this group in sight reading and recognition of keys. The Senior Chorus performs annually for the P.T.A. and sings each June at Commencement exercises. Both the Junior and the Senior Chorus have supplied Flushing High School with many enjoyable hours of delightful musical performances. .., ORCHESTRA A nftffrw Q. 92, of '7 "' rs it 935, Row I: Billy Reiseher, David Deversky. .loan Evens, Deanna Akulin, Abby Heyn, Llewelyn Scharlack, Hariet Roth. Row 2: Chris Petrides, Peter Wehlan, Henry Schmit, Ronald Zirin, Helene Moskowitz, Mary Hayes. Helen Black, Jeanne Leickin. Row 3: Mrs, Piedra, Cliff Luhnn, Peter Desmond, Jerry Bohm, Bill Olson, Steve Cohen, Susan Heimann, Ethel Golda, Jean Monovan, Alice Antoshkin. Row 4: Douglas Mendocha, Alan Kushner, Dave Halper, Larry Robins, Barry Beeber, Traudi Pasichnyk, Evelyn Woods, Grace Heins, Sue Lyons, Robert Kohn. Row 5: Al Palladino, Stanley Lavinc, Joel Fishman, Ronald Sylvester, Russel Lane, Melvin Kaplansky, David SENIOR CHORUS Newman, David Metz. Row 1: Christina Bazuin, Harriet Blanchard, Vivian Johnson, Sue Vercruysse, Barbara Walter, Rosalie White, Ferne Spatz, Sue Weinberg. Row 2: Frances La Guardia, Edythe Krampe, Mary Jane Gogley, Stephanie Herman, Beth Brown, Loretta Carcone, Beatrice Bauman, Elizabeth Milio. Row 3,- Rosemary Lorenz, Frances Salzano, Marion Weiler, Virginia Queaada, Wilma Farfan, Nancy Rapp, Adrienne Rae, Erda Kaehn. Row 4: L3 Steven De Rosa, Tom Baron, Rufus Anderson, Don Allen, Sheila Hulihan, Janet Moore, Carol Wood, Brenda Marshall. Row 5: Peter Kaim, Ken Hesser, Lyle Halperin, Danny Friedman, Brian Finn, Victor Fener, Mike Doheny, Frank D'introno, Mr. Stamm. Row 6: Tony Bono, Lou Bosco, Alexander Peck, Ying Wong, Myron Siegell, Ira Plax, Joe Neroda, George Stahura. f X ,Calf f Mr. Gross, Mrs. Wiltsey, Mr. Thom-chairman, Miss McClel- land, Mr. Bergere. All Flushing High School students, whether or not they are the "I can't draw a straight line" type, take two terms of Required Art. Grades are based on efforts, rather than talent. For those students who can draw a straight line, the Art Department offers courses in Basic Art and Advanced Art. Artistic talents play a prime role in extra- curricular activities at Flushing High School. At rally time, political parties stake claims on either side of the halls. Art com- mittees gather in basements, producing eye- catching design and jargon to solicit party slates. The finest art work of Flushing High students is published each term in Folio, the creative literary and art publication. X i ilfiwl X r f MEI " A L ll llln i t weami :nl-'x K ' " " av H ' uHglil,,i1f M y 4 "TN, ? x' -1 I Q1 l-,fe is-... " W l' 9 - to X er- iii' i f ul ' f ' v, Q Q Qftfvi, 1 are "The Park," by Tom Kornmeyer, last year's winner of the St. Gaudens medal for achievement in the field of art. Row I: Jean Castronova, Barbara Weight, Mr. Thom. Row 2: Sharen Rosenberg, Helen Hughes, Joan Alper, Bonnie Finkleberg. Row 3,- Elaine Glasser, Bob Drake, Judy Mascuso, Chris Hoyte. ""T' W l.lg TL... HY ' f 3 4 f alfa '-1 ...Bl !5 -hn- D"'1 l ,. .I :uf V 4-Q XM, , 1-4,4-1 b v x 1 Q.. if N-, lim Fone L While some merely keep abreast of the Times, we keep in-Forum-ecl as well, with eight pages of crisp Flush- ing journalism. Our newspaper is under the inspiring guidance of lVlrs. Claus and the expert eclitorship of Joyce Levy antl Roberta Katchen. The Forum covers such vital topics as school politics. college news. special events, fashions, school sports. "Hu- moresquef' and more and suntlry. Our newspaper is a tribute to the pens of Flushing High School. TOP LEFT Seated: Edith Johnson, Edith Krampe, Helen Baroway, Harriet Roth, Jan Videll. Standing: Barbara Mezzasama, Susan Donegau, Fredda Merzon, Henry Schmidt, Victor Galino, Michael Ross, Phil Knitzer, Herbert Hetlich, Marsha Allen, Pat Field, Marjorie Amaro, Karen Gold, Hinda Greenfader, Patricia Jones. MIDDLE LEFT Seated: Karen Yellen, Brenda Toranto, Susan Schwartz, Barbara Schuman, Diana Kahn. Sheila Hartman. Standing: Natalie Garcia, Claire Meyer, Marchia Goldberg, Gil Scilone, Beatrice DePaolo. Howard Papush, Bob Kohn, Jeff Weenberg, Jean Santoro, Jesse Samuels, Joel Brookmeyer, Lennie Lipton, Isabel Block, Larry Silver, Barbara Sussman, Brian Sherman, Sam Rosenthal. Lois Rice, Bob Spar, Cliff Luban, Sydney Lapidus, Joan Maas. BOTTOM LEFT Ellen Marshall-Art Editor, Howie Papush -Sports Editor, Joyce Levy. Roberta Katchen-Co-Editors, Mrs. Claus-Ad- viser. rx 'EQ The "Folio', is the creative literary and art publication of Flushing High School. Published once each term, the Folio contains the finest literary and art work of Flushing High School students. Members of the Folio staff meet every seventh period. Their literary minds evaluate short stories, poems. and art work submitted by students. The publication of the Folio each term, the results of their conscientious labor. is something of which the Flushing students are proud. "The New Yorker" and the "At- lanticv have sharp competition. Our Folio is ultra-terrific! Seated: Tony Fisher. Naomi Feldman, Joyce Miller, Myrna Jacobs, Vicki Custer, Fran Greenwald, Nancy Ahlf. Standing: Dave Logan, Hinda Greenfader, Larry Robins, Sam Rosenthal, Lenny Lipton, Henry Schmit, Lois Rice, Don Schnieder, Ed Deutsch, Barbara Sussman, Mr. Gerlich, Joyce Levy. Shiela Hartman, Maruta Lietins, Barbara Browner, Diana Kahn, Barbara Shulman- Assistant Editors, Bob Christgau-Editor-im Chief, Mr. Gerlich-Adviser. Q p :.., , tvs N .. All " 'l -KX 1-s r .43 me- R ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Row 1: Mr. Mangione, Mr. Smith, Mr. Gray, Mrs. Unser. Mr. Fechheimer Row 2: Mr. Goldberg, Mrs. La Barbera, Miss Spiro. Miss McManus, Mrs Kessler. Row 3: Miss Maher, Mr. Weingart, Miss McKenna. Mr. Nicmiec Miss Peyton, Miss O'Conner, Miss Klopot, Mr. Nierman. Mrs, McConnell Mr. Kleiner, Mrs. Speilberg, Miss Goldsmith, Mr.Gerlich, Mrs. Claus, Mrs Maxim. A . -' w.,-up THE HISTORY DEPARTMENT This is the dav of the shrinking globe. a day when isolationism is an obsolete phe- nomenon. a dav when understanding of other people must replace intolerance. We, at Flushing High School. have come a long way in attaining this understanding through the capahle instruction and guidance of our History Department. Under the imagina- tive leadership of Mr. Eugene Kellv, two new courses were added to the eurrieulumg Ancient lslistorv and Problems of American Democracy. These. plus our required courses. have helped to make us more in- formed and alert citizens of a trouhled world. QQ Row 1: Mrs. Bombser, Mrs. Eitler, Mr. Rubin, Miss Reuth, Mrs. Mclvor. Row 25 Mr. DeMeo, Mr. Lunnen, Mr. Crystal, Mr. Schwartzapple, Mr. Cemend, Dr. Kirsch, Mr. Kelly, Chairman, Mr. Esterowitz, absent- Mr. Solomon. saw...-NRG W Xil- Halperin, Howard Kahn, and William Handler. 'Sis A QNJ Mrs. Goldman teaches the Problems of American Democracy class. 1- , Row I: Carol Friedlaplicx, Sheila Blumstein, Bar- bara Butwin, Susan Anolick, Nancy Ahlf. Row 2: Patti Andrews, Blanche Weisen, 'Martin Spar, Ellen Marshall, Lenora Shelsy. Row 3: Bob Christgau, Larry Robbins. Row 4: Vicki Custer, Frances Greenwald, Lois Rice. Row 5: John Haag. Stand- ing: Howard Papush. fi . wsu, . .JU-urn'-f-1 - v - L-"f 1"""'-'U' "vm r' -r Row 1: Mrs. Ernest-chairman, Mr. Robbins. Row 2: Mrs. Thom, Miss Cohen, Mrs. Lewin, Miss Gonzalez. . Row 3: Mr. Medica, Mrs. Finnan, Mr. Costaras, Miss Krepela, Miss Rubinow, Miss Worms. U .IQ lx A Lax ESPANA Q s A .J , 1. r 'Zo F r1,u-gf t k X, ' AJX t!!.!1lt 4 ' " on Avidu ., ... x A ,I ' LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT JC6mo esta vd?-Comment allez-vous? -Wie geht es Ihnen?-Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres.-These are iust some of the expressions one hears while walking past the language classes of our school. We are fortunate in 'havin the oppor- tunity to elect either Spanish. French. Cer' man or Latin as our secendarv lansruage at Flushing High School. llnder the most com- petent leadership of M,rs. Ahna Ernst. this department has made mans' gains. includ- ing the establishment of a fourth year Spanish class. As many of us will move on jfs the treasure of foreign literature that is fto be had in college. we will appreciate the sound linguistic base we have obtained during the past four years. lr-14' '. . . 'TN f +. X ff' 'e ' f ,, s , .r . Latin with Mrs. Lewin Il g L A.. M., .. Qin." s . 3 i 0 AJ M ,e 0 fbfljffwfff , Sir Isaac Newton. acknowledged among the greatest of mathematicians and scien- tists, once said of himself: "I do not know what I may appear to the world. but to myself I seem to have been only a little boy playing'on the sea-shore and diverting my- self in nowand then finding a smooth P pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary S whilst the great ocean of truth lay all un- , discovered before me." This great ocean of - truth,g only slightly penetrated, remains facing us today. The secrets of our great universe are fkfyaiting to be uncovered, and nations are " -Competing fiercely to be first in these dis- .Q coveries. .5 There is no doubt that the scientist is the ftman of lthe hour and that on our mathe- l maticians and scientists depend the position A-1 of Q1efUnited States of America in this all . duconipassing struggle. I is.. E I " v . W I . -Q. Q 4 v., I 1 1' i sv 'Q 5' Q Maxx- i'3 's --...sq ,Q Q ' ??i.f: iuuflv- - A .-. - Mr. Daar experiments with sound , l n I . dz ' J . ,,.-.m "th . , J i .L I, 91. V . -.,,Y 1 1. l 1 I -X, .9 1 . xss, -Y-Q.. ...- Preparing for tomorrow. ees. w ,, Mr. Sootin, Mr. May, Mr. C. Kaplan, Mr. Daar, Mr. Sha- piro, Dr. Abramson-chairman, Mr. Straus, Mr. Schreier, Mrs. Bickerton. X 5-an Row 1: Mrs. Harris, Mr. Kessler, Mr. Giambalvo, Mrs. Albrecht. Row 2: Mr. E. Kaplan-chairman, Mr. Ruben, Mrs. Goldberg, Mr. Harr, Mr. Silver. Row 35 Mr. Wohl, Mrs. Abel, Mrs. Amicone. Youth must be stimulated to think, and guided in this thoughtg curiosity must be awakened. Our Mathematics and Science Departments are doing their utmost to de- velop this interest and ability. Our high school chemistry and physics courses give the eager student the impetus to go forward into a career of thinking, evaluating, experi- menting, and discovering. Our upper term mathematics courses afford the same stimulii, and their effectiveness has been manifested by the desire of the students to have the mathematics program enlarged. To meet this demand a course in college mathematics has been started. This fine part played by the Flushing High School's math and science teachers deserves recognition. We would like humbly to express our thanks to them for helping us along a course which will leave no stones Keneth Weis,-,ld and Bama,-d wcuish unturned. Bi. Siuing: Mrs. Mayer, Mr. Berlage, Mrs. Maslin, Mrs. Koffer, Mr. Shapen, Mrs. Peterson, Miss Costello, Mrs. Lepowsky, Mrs. Toomey. Standing: Mr. Blumberg, Mr. Schwartzberg, Mr. Lopiparo-chain 19 man, Mr. Harpell. 4 --w -f-,gunner ----. ,Y ,mx X! I X 8 X f 1 lm 7 y l , g llnuuttttxll I. .1 ll" :fa if ' I , Q 58 15 F an Q, . 3' -5 rt- "1 I 12 ,'., fs? 'sag dj fall: i jill' V glint li ."'f'2L5l:i'-' 4 I.. s V4 Q 0 " Q--'Ji'-:'..' U lg.. - figgl 0111 -1511.-.--. if.. 00 ' 34 i'.. -L u ut JL: 4.81.-lf-' ix 'QI' . 5:-A I .'.:,".'.1 i-'I-.3 7 .1 . ..:.:...:i3.,:1-S-. ',I zfgifsf-2234-2,44-afffmfzfzaza 1 Mr. Gray gives Connie Clark some well-appreciated advice for college. Throughout the school year, there is a steady stream of juniors and seniors flowing in and out of the College Room. "Where shall I apply, lVlr. Gray? "How shall I act at the interview, lVlr. Gray? '4Do I have a chalice for a scholarship, lVlr. Gray?,' In the College Room, surrounded by scores of college catalogues, lVlr. Cray attends to these questions of students who are in the whirl 39 99 of college admission. As the competition for college entrance stiffens more and more each year, college-hound students are grateful for lVlr. Cray's well-rounded guidance. JANUARY ff FAREWELL xv-, Louis DeAcetis President Favorlte Song You Send Me Favorlte Subject Math Favoute Teacher Dr Kzrsh Favorite Excuse I Forgot 'f Favorlte EXPFCSSIOH That s the way the mop ops Favorlte ay Saturday Favorlte Sport Swzmmlng Renee Aumem F avorlte Dance Lundy Vw' P""'de"' Favorlte MUSIC Rock N Roll wx.,- Helen Black Secretary W ROSBIIC Car'-allne Row I Helen Black Renee Almler Mrs Phalen Advxser Louls TFC!!-PWC' DeAcet1s Row 2 Henry Noble Robert Kmg Donald Panebxanco Joseph Butler Row 3 Janet Betsch Paula Melmed Bernxce Apto wxtz Lynne Langlon X ' KC 95 . Q ' GC 9, , , . - - cc 2 fl ar ' ' D ...... .................. ' ' - - 9 9 5' x . ! , Q, . . M-f 'Y ' I g X ' s - 5219. fl . It , f. jf- , gg- et . , , gt 4, 5. ,L . I Q, . , we ' z A x- , P' L l f n ,,, f ' I 'X x 2- . . :I ! . U '. i l ! ' . ' 'l 5 7 . U ' - I -' x 1 ' I ' x F' i at ...r' RICHARD AARONSON As night follows day, so will success fol- low him. Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra, Track Team RENEE ALLMIER Active, helpful, cute Sc small, That's why Renee is liked by all. Vice-President of Senior Class, Cheering Squad, G.O. Secretarial Candidate Q Qi will i Q' W A HERBERT BRIER May your future be bright. G.O. Member PATRICK BROPHY A sincere companion, a wonderful friend. Senior Show, Patrol, G.O. Member 1' du MARIE CHIAPPERINI A joyful manner and a friendly smile, She really is a friend worthwhile. G.O. Member ROBERTA COHEN Not in the whole wide world will you find another such girl. G.O. Member 22 X is 4 ,ln -fs... ...- ,..,,w, ., , ,,..?,,Y fi 'WVR -Ng BERNICE APTOWITZ Capability plus brains equal the recipe for success. G.O. Member, Arista, Senior Council, Gargoyle, Forum, Board of Elections, Green 81 White JANET BETSCH A woman with a forward-looking mind. G.O. Member, Senior Council, Senior Show, White "F", Service Aide to Grade Advisor, Class Secretary N RICHARD BRUNNING Never seeks trouble, nor causes strife, Quietly makes a success of his life. Track Team ROXANNE BRUNSON To be precise, We say she's nice. Q ul- -t .... 3 y " 1 er' ROBERT CONSIGLI Followed by success as night follows day. G.O. Member SHEILA COYLE A sweeter girl one seldom findsg She is hearty, cheerful and never un- kind. G.O. Member, Service for Mrs. Roy. W. fi xs'X.'5 MARYLIN BILELLO Happy go lucky in school and play, A great success she'll be some day. G.O. Member HELEN BLACK Humor she has, keen mind, imagination, Creative skill-This is our dedication. Salutatorian, Treasurer of Senior Class, Folio, Senior Orchestra, Silver Blue, Junior 81 Senior Arista ' . I UI X 1 C-, it . " Si! ' fl- ' 4, X 'Q X i Lied, ' JOSEPH BUTLER A sport good and true, We all say of you. Senior Council, Attendance Office Aid, Library Aid, G.O. Representative ROSALIE CARTAGINE Smiling eyes, a happy disposition, Rose will help you under any condition. G.O. Member, Service Aide, Senior Council, Secretary of Senior Class, Senior Show 'QT -4' -"Y LOUIS DE ACETIS Character is destiny . . . So must the Fates have greatness in store for you. Valedictorian, Arista, Junior Arista, President of Senior Class, Arista Repre- sentative to Student Tribunal, Senior Show LINDA DE PASS When she smiles, the whole room bright- ens, When she laughs, our troubles lighten. G.O. Member """ "?""r':'f"'P"?f""' FY' ' 'A ' ' -A at .lOSEPH DESCOVITCH A sure-fire hit. G.O. Member PATRICIA DONOVAN A winning smile, a helping hand, A real true friend-we think she's grand. Service Representative of Senior Class I A Q- t cf If INES GARCITORAL Dainty, modest, fair is she, A charming miss we all agree. Assistant in preparing Pan-American Show ROBERT GARRETT A friend may well be reckoned a master- piece of nature. Senior Show. G.O. Member Q? KAREN HOCHFELD Very agreeable, full of fun, Liked indeed by everyone. G.O. Member, Cheerleader ERNESTINE .IAMISEN Like a twinkling star up high, She's very pleasing to the eye. Cheering Squad, Service to Dean of Boys, Service to Girls Emergency, Drama Club, Green 81 White Party 2 .IUDITH FERRARA Cute and sweet, a lovely miss, Why can't all girls be like this? Junior Chorus, Secretary for Teachers, Service League Representative, Drama Class Play GAIL FRIEDMAN One swell girl as friendly as can be, Plus sincerity and capability. Honor Roll, Service Aide it vb'- xrv ' ' . f ' 1 fl? JACKIE GUALTIERI A little sugar, a little spice, Are the ingredients that make her nice. Green 81 White, G.O. Member WILLIAM GUIDO Vim, vigor and vitality, A guy with a winning personality. Bowling Team, Shop Service, Gym Serv- icefi Patrol i , A 'Sn Y DONALD FROIVIM He is well paid that is well satisfied. Patrol, G.O. Member BARBARA GALASIESKI Neither noisy nor nosey, just a regular girl. G.O. Member, Service Aide for Mrs. Rowe 81 Mrs. Mclvor X ms. it - A, Qo- 'fr ? 'T I .Ig 1 CAROL HAYES A quiet voice, a winning smile, Carol's our choice by many a mile. G.O. Member, Service Aide CHARLES HEINZ Always quiet, never wildg We've only praise for a man so mild. Health Service, Art Service, Service at Track Meets, G.O. Member 'P . L !A U N X J' 't A ,fx 5 - , I . ff Q T3 1 X. "I 15' ,, -Z.. ' is "yr, I X I Q lx 1 ,N Q ' " DAVID KEMP 0 i His is the wisdom of the ancients. Member of Arista, White "F", Service JOAN KARD05 in English OEce, Library Service Agreeable and lots of fun, We recommend her to anyone. Leader on Service 5 Terms, Secretary in Accounting Office, White "F", Over 60 Service Credits, Regents Week, Service for Gym PATRICIA KELLY Pleasant and gay is she, A sensible way to be. G.O. Member, Honor Roll, Service Aide ROBERT KING He's always trying as hard as he can to be what he is-a pleasing young man. Scholarship for Negro Students, Senior Council, Gargoyle Staff, Senior Orches- tra, Track, Patrol 23 'Q APRIL KINGSLY April is the girl for us, Full of pep and personality plus. G.O. Member, Green 81 White, Gargoyle, Forum, Service, Honor Roll, Boosters NANCY KINZEL Since silence is golden, thou art a mil- lionaire. G.O. Member, Service for Miss O'Leary LOUISE LAIB She is getting some fun out of life. White "F", Service in the Record Room, G.O. Member, Service in Mr. Kiso's Office, G.O. Representative, Leader's Gym SHEILA LAMPERT Happy, jolly and carefree, That's the way Sheila likes to be. G.O. Member, Deans Secretary, College Room Service, Service League Rep., Cir- ' 5' : . I' 5? Q A ' -ffl . I y K, SANDRA MACHLUS Charm is power, a smile its sword. White "F", Assistant Grade Advisor WILLIAM MAHONEY A pleasant boast is his due, His classmates like him, so will you. G.O. Member, Baseball Team, Bowling Team 24 A ----Y . .xiii-, ,."'W-fi, 'V' . .,- . 1' ' JEROME KOLKER Intelligence and ability shine readily on his proud countenance. Patrol, G.O. Member CAROL KORZ A sweet girl, lots of fun, So well-liked by everyone. White "F", Forum, Patrol, Gargoyle, Teacher's Aide, Service League Rep. M. LYNNE LANGION A slender frame, a pretty face, Softness, sweetness, charm and grace. Service aide, Senior Council, Honor Roll, Dance Trainer for Senior Show MICHAEL LEVITT A heart that's warm will win over all. Library Service, Patrol, H. Ed. Service Service in Class FU- 14 .Q--1 MAXINE MARCUS 1 lffffi .1 ' J ' EDDIE KRIGGER Quiet, but dependable and true. G.O. Member LINDA KRUGER A heart of gold with personality to match. Teacher's Aide, Folio Representative, Class Secretary f""?ll 1- I 5 Sv to woNc Law A good mind is the lord of a kingdom. G.O. Member RICHARD LYTELL Never a worry, never a care, Happy go lucky everywhere. G.O. Member Q", Y' ' 2 , 7. A . if ' is I f v A . ' i Good things come in small packages. G.O. Member, Arista, Service Aide, Spanish Certificates GERALDINE MASSARELLA Friendly, sincere, always full of fung Gerry's a good sport in more ways than One. Service for Dean of Girls, and Boys, Leader, White "F", Circle "F" CHARLES McDONALD With him you may compete, But find him very hard to beat. G.O. Member PAULA MELMED No matter what her aim, Her capability will lead to fame. White "F", Gargoyle, Forum, Senior Show, Senior Council f -f-- - V" time 2 SQ I T: ' A ' HOWARD NICKERSON 4,4 A silent man is a sale man, for none knoweth his thoughts. JUDITH MOYE Patrol, Credit Roll Not so small, not so tallg HENRY NOBLE An aufmund girl liked by all' For the future he has a startl- Cheenng Squad He is capable, willing, and has a big DAVID NEWMAN Not in the realm of common men. heart. FbllT ,S' C 'l,S' Senior Orchestra, Golf Squad, Honor Sgggvyapatrgfm emor mmm emor Roll, Library Squad if GABRIEL PAPPONI A good mind possesses a kingdom. G.O. Member RACHEL PASQUARIELLO Like champagneg She sparkles. G.O. Member if X pw EDWARD PENNA 'W ug f tr,r A A swell guy who likes to have fun, He loves a joke and enjoys a pun. G.O. Member IDA PERROTTA Her corner of the room is always cheer- ful and sunny. G.O. Member if iv-a '-. ' ,f Y f THOMAS O'CONNOR He never worries and he always has fun, .lust takes things as they come. Gym Service. Bowling Team, Handball Team, Mimeograpb Service DONALD PANEBIANCO Heill make a "bulls eye" when he aims at success. G.O. Member EJ "1 ROBERT PILCHICK His personality rates highg As a matter of fact he is a real nice guy. G.O. Member, Service League, Patrol .IUSTINE PIRULLI A charming lady. G.O. Member TJ?- 1555 .ff" LAWRENCE REICH "I challenge that!" if Mimeograph Service, Library Service l ELIZABETH PETERSON Honor Roll, Chemistry Lab Service JUDITH ROTHWAX You'll ind fun here. AARON ROCKER The Bohemian! Assistant Grade Advisor, G.O. Member, Not too bold, Not too shy, Folio, Library, Orchestra, Forum, Junior Chorus, Patrol, Senior Show, A swell sport, and a grand guy. Switchboard, Bgafd of Electigns Teacher's Aide G.O. Member, Service Aide, Patrol SALVATORE SCARANTINO ROBERT PHEI-AN While we live, let us enjoy life. Man alive! He's full of jive. G.O. Member G.O. Member, Patrol, Senior Show ' 25 P' I 'fab 51. ,- . g - . x X all ELIZABETH SOCCI A sweeter a girl one seldom finds, She's modest, cheerful, and always kind. G.0. Member PETER SIMEONE One swell fellow if there ever was one. G.O. Member 5 Us 337 :.I.l N450 WALTER WENDELSTEIN He never worries but has fun, He takes things as they come. G.O. Member ERNESTINE WHACK Sometimes serious, sometimes gay, Always winsome in every way. G.O. Member 'Q v ne., SANDRA ZWICKEL Her good nature will open the door to success. CD. Member The Green and White rally 26 6 I ' VIVIAN STABILE She's not a flower, She's not a pearl, She's just an all-round amiable girl. G.O. Member SUSAN STERN Always busy, always brightg Destined to be in the spotlight. White HF", Grade Advisor Aid, Teach- e'r's Aid, G.O. Representative, Honor Roll Q9 -'X if I , KATHERYN WUEST Tall and stately, full of vim, Enticing talk, lucky him. G.O. Member, Circle "F", Service Lea- gue, Gargoyle, Teachers Aide SHEILA YASSEN Full of pep, push and go, That's why people like her so. G.0. Member g. was rt' . " 'S if : ,I ' ALBERT TUTINO He never worries, but has fun, He just takes things as they come. G.0. Member BERNARD WELLISCH He's neither quiet nor shy, fust an all-round guy. G.O. Member 4 rn' ,.4v Ap: Let not the music within you die. G.O. Member RONALD ZIRIN The Music Man. Arista, Orchestra, White "F", Latin Medal RUTH ZILIOX . T""1'--.-1 . N- I BRUCE ANDERSON A regular fellow his classmates sayg W hat more tribute can they pay. G.O. Member .IANICE BENINCASA Kind and sweet, Nice and neat. G.O. Member, Secretary to Dean of Boys KENNETH CHIEN Diligence is the mother of good fortune. G.O. Member FAYE CRUMPLY A lilting voice, a twinkling eye. Faye's only limit is the sky. G.O. Member ROBERT DE LILLO Boys will be boys. Football Team, Service ANNA DOUGLASS Born with the gift of making others happy. Senior Chorus 8: President, Patrol, Lunchroom Squad, Teacher's Aide, G.O. Representative, Health Education Oiiice Aide VICTOR FELD You cannot describe his traits well 5 But altogether he's swell. G.O. Member WILHELMINA GHANTT To the Marian Anderson of the Senior Class, May her gift for singing forever last. G.O. Member AUBREY GREEN A man of quiet progression. G.O. Member RICHARD HARTLEY A sport and a pal through and through. Track Team, Service Aide AND ALSO . . HENRIETTA HARVEY She never worries, but has fun, She just takes things as they come. G.O. Member, Senior Orchestra, Teach- ers Secretary, White "F" JOHN HERREL Friendship starts when he speaks. Skit committee for Silver Blue Party JACK HUNTER Lots of mischief, lots of fun, So well liked by everyone. G.O. Member JOHN HYTTEN Formed, according to ancient plan, A true, brave and honest man. Lunchroom Squad, Hall Patrol, Library Service, Bowling Team IRIS KELLER Canscientious, ejicient and bright, That's our dear Iris all right. G.O. Member, Gargoyle, G.O. Repre- sentative, Board of Elections, Turkey Mt. Representative DALE KENNAH Full of pep and full of vigor. G.O. Member JUDITH LEUCI All-round girls are hard to find. Assistant to Grade Advisor MATTHEW MARGRAF Man and Superman. G.O. Member .IEANETTE McCABE Never a worry, never a care, May life to her always be fair. G.O. Member GERALDINE MEAD Gerry is a girl whom we all think cute, Personality, charm, and sweetness to boot. G.O. Member ADRIENNE MILLS Full of sunshine, always bright, She hlls the dullest room with light. Library Service, G.O. Representative Green and White WILLIAM NOLAN Here's one guy who's sure to rate, As one real swell graduate! G.O. Member ALBERT SAUNDERS Not always heard, but always thinking G.O. Member ROSEMARIE SCOCCA You'll never walk alone. G.O. Member LOUIS SEGRETO Pleasant and gay is he, A sensible way to be. G.O. Member THOMAS SERAO Life for this boy is quite a joy. G.O. Member JAMES SERRA A modest guy with a pleasing smile, a cheery word, and a friend worthwhile Audio-Visual Aid, Physics Prep. Aid CAROL ANN STANY Quiet, earnest, sincere, and kind g Are Carol's attributes defined. G.O. Member MARY TOWNSEND Full of pep, push and gog That's why everyone likes her so. G.O. Member EMILY TREFFIESON Helpful, cheerful, in every actiang She certainly is a main attraction. G.O. Member JOSEPH WEBER A little backward about coming forward G.O. Member unimk P6T2R.9oN 5 Q Ui tP1IC-len fb - ' QQ " 4 f, 'vuw-f'- K? '!-P . I 3443 Illl '- , gj. 5. I-X3 QA LLLLLI M MMM fifgje C e V - -J. M. .,.w i .... LL in . C LQ pw , A fxflgllnm xg x x fEY -LX! V X r 5NoJen Edie? Nl. Moya, Robe!-'T N ,.r"' W W' I h'a.M MA KX gf l . 7' f "" Dex an s S 3. Q fl f M- 5 K, P LA '10 ' S' 1 F5 'Sas -Y ng Q: ' , ,E '31 ,Alf EE ' J sim' fu 32 U VN 1 I U '5 'N s ' r if f' Uf t ' M F x I A .qw Q' l - 1 , . ! 'II N M1 0 -0: 3- L X., ,I I' " N Qs NC. V. B205-R71 WE Io P5 . 'V X Q '27 -I l ualn' Plus A X ur mf FNLTRKGKBPDPMY, APEC. AIIIMIEK-.-Q2 g J.,4,fl,. Ruikwlai ,Albeni Tariuo l J Q Z Dn f:r1.,s IG 'K I HOT D O C 5 X . QA, l.wksDeAceris, Heieu Buda XD! Il, L. ,fn -Q . mem, neue.. .:.,d7mye Roh-..TPke1qN X . 1- ,Z Lf? Gaoove. 'X I 1 i X. M091 CktQkFv' .N , Q CknnJesHem'z.7 Apml llmcislny I I'w q LM: ,,,,,h 'N 11' i'fnN' '55 -' A' 0'li.,.-' 3 V N-X -.-if ,x.zgA, U' 'U' .f XL V, -bm ekm - V d ..,. N, . r. In QA I .. A Vw, A A-14,-tij,xQi-eg: ga M X' i 7 h , -U.. ff Z Besr A'rHe'res A N Msdnd IHq9NlTQ,, Penee AIQQMQQL ..A.. ., F . A rfgarfbigi-f f -A -, . '3?"QJi1a-. 1-- -:Q,sgyg,.-'f?'f??fwi,.f"'f'+ " 'E ,-. ' H' -' -'A -' Q--1i,5x,.hifs1u 3"-4,,,,-rf, 5 1 1 , -S lug, - ' aj., ' .5-. . ."""'4 , - ., Aff fm t .-1.-I f-. I ,L J, ,WMQQHWW - , - li 'TF' N .X 6' 'i' r if 5 I 1 Milton Jacoby President Favorite Movie Favorite Day . . Favorite Music Favorite Subject Favorite Song . f ov"' -QP' 'ff' Susan Adams Vice President JUNE GRADUATES . . .Peyton Place . . . .Saturday . . .Popular . . . .History . . .Tequila 'F Roberta Panebianco Secretary Patti Andrews Treasurer Q 4'- IRENE ABAD Sweet of temper, good at heart, Always ready to do her part. Teacher's Aide CAROL ABZUG She is sweet and sincere, A joy to be near. Serivce in Library, Service Aide ,- Q- I, . GEORGE ALLEN A quiet man, but worthy. Service League Rep., G.O. Rep., J.V. Basketball Team, Patrol, Service Aide LAVERNE AMADO A smile today, a song tomorrow. Folio Agent, See. - Accounting Omce, Class Sec'y ' x "-T 1... T 'Q 0' ,, '- , -P' . , ,,,, I xv- - ELIZABETH ACAMPORA She's as smart as she is good-laoking- Men Beware! Honor Roll, Newman Club, High Honor Roll, White F, Gargoyle Staff Circle F. SUSAN ADAMS Her marks rate high, her friendship higher. G.O. Secretary, Circle F, Jr. and Sr. Arista, Student Tribunal, Senior Coun- cil, Sec'y of Green 8: White x 'tk x . f--v '4' , . il , 51 r ak .el I JOYCE ANDERSON This nice lass has lots of class. Typing for Forum, Typing for Folio, Class Sec'y, Library Aide, F olio Agent THEODORE ANDERSON Mischief lurks in his big brown eyes. G.O. Member C' ALICE ANTOSHKIW A cheerful, friendly, smiling lass, Always willing to do some task. F olio Typist, Senior Orchestra, G.O. Service JUDY ANZIDEI Her quiet way and charming smile will never be forgotten. Teacher'a Aide, Newman Club, Gold Pin in Bowling 30 .IOHANNA ARTHOFER Character is the diamond that scratches every stone. Service in Record Room REISSA ASNICAR Reissa's pretty, Reissa's bright, Reissa's popular, What more can we write? Teacher's Aide, Honor Roll 'r W-271: NANCY AHLF Active, intelligent, good-looking and lots, lots, more. Circle F, Arista, Service League Rep., Gargoyle Staff, Folio Staff, White F ANTHONY ALIANO They can conquer who believe they can. Senior Arista, Junior Arista, Gargoyle Rep., Green 81 White, Silver 81 Blue PATRICIA ANDREWS A joyful smile and a winning way. Chairman oi Green and White, White F, Arista SUSAN ANOLICK Active, witty, and bright, guess that Susan is a real delight! Honor Roll, Pres. of Child Service Lea- gue, G.O. Rep., Silver-Blue Rally, Serv- ice League, Basketball Club .. M 54- if .Qi ' MARY AUFMUTH A friendly woman is like a treasure. Junior Chorus, Modern Dance Class, Basketball Club RONALD AUFMUTH A pretty girl attracts his eyeg Despite the fact he is kind of shy. Service Aide - -,-,-- ,.,-1-.,.-. f' ns ANTHONY BAIN A man of taste and not of display. G.O. Member CHARLES BALDASSANO By sincerity, friends he has won. Service Squad '54 'P -s QQ... B THERESA BECCE With humor may she conquer life. Teacher's Aide 'ka -9 QQ fi- A -Q y j VX mr ANGELO BARBARTUOLO Life for this boy is quite a joy. G.O. Member DOROTHY BARTOLOMEO Happy heart, happy face, qualities ad- mired any place. Bookkeeping Honor Roll, Class Sec'y BARRY BEEBER PATRICIA BELL Exuberance and spirit are the makeup We know that she will always be in- of this man. cluded in our memory. G.O. Member Teacher's Aidie, Assistant Grade Advisor JEAN-ROBERT BELLANDE A nice fellow with a character rich and mellow. Service Aide in Emergency Room MARLENE BENDER A nicer girl you will not find, Sweet to all and never unkind. Honor Roll, Service for: Grade Advisor, Lunchroom, Teachers, G.0. Member CARMELA BENEVENTANO She is a gentle little lass, one of the sweetest in the class. Service in Library ALVIN BERGER A happy fellow, great friend, lVe'll sing his praises to the end. Marching Band Member, Bowling Team, Football Team Manager HARRIET BERKOWITZ Agreeable and lots of fun, We'd recommend her to anyone. Service SQN -Z. LOUIS BAUER "Watch the birdie." Mimeograph Squad, Service League, Gargoyle IRIS BAZER Laughing eyes and a friendly smile. Pres. of Future Nurses Club of Amer- ica, Library Service w-. .rp 1' ' r X' .Q ,I I ' C . if THOMAS BELTRAMI A ready laugh, a solid guyg we know this fellow will get by. G.O. Member JOHN BENDER "About himself he'll never boast, to him we ofer many a toast." Treasurer of Green and White pug . vs- 1' 'Z' . RONALD BERLER Could replace Einstein in a pinch, Math and Science are just a cinch. Arista, Gargoyle, Mimeograph Squad, Times Youth Forum, Folio Writer PETER BLACK A lion among the ladies. Green and White, Service Aide 51 U' JOAN BLAICHER She's more than okay in our book. G.O. Member HARR11-ET BLANCHARD A rose without a thorn. Sr. Chorus EI' MARILYN BOGERT Blessed with that charm, that's certain to please. Leader, Service in Gym, Band, Teacher's Aide LOUISE BOHLEN Calrnly she looks on life. Service Aide o'Iv'if CAROL BRACCHI "Come on Flushing, beat Bayside" Cheerleaders, Service Aide, Green 8: White JILL BRADLEY Dark eyes, dark hair, decorative and kind of rare. G.O. Member 32 ?' TW ' ,, 1 N , A-. 1-A ' 'li . av. l' .. f , . 1 Q- . -1 At DOLORES BLAND Oh what a place Flushing High would be, if every one were as nice as she. G.O. Rep., Teacher's Aide, Service League, Senior Chorus EILEEN BLOCH Cheerful, willing and able. Service League, White and Circle F, Gargoyle, Silver Blue V. f"N 20' GERARD BOHM The quiet honest man fulfills all of na- ture's plan. Senior Orchestra, White F, Music Award, Biology Lab. Aide LESLIE BOOKER A happy heart and a pleasing manner. G.O. Member f 1 - H .N We ft f :f f, -.-1 Q--5 X If 1 - D s A 7. Q ...,. izjrl, sf., r JOHN BRADLEY A little nonsense now and then is rel- ished by the best of men. G.O. Member NORMA BRENDEL All that's nice. Leaders Gym, Library Service, Service Aide to Teachers, Honor Roll 35 .L , A SHEILA BLUMSTEIN If friends mean success she will never be a failure. Orchestra, G.O. Rep., Gargoyle Stall, Honor Roll, Service Aide, Silver Blue HELEN BLUTINGER Much common sense relieved by a touch of pleasant nonsense. Li-brary Service, Forum, Folio, Arista, Gargoyle Editor, Teachers Aide gp., ETHEL BOTZENMAYER A gift of independent and clear mind. G.O. Member CAROLYN BOYCE A helpful, ambitious, girl who knows how to make friends. White F, Service in Lost Book Oiiice CHARLES BRIENZA He's neither quiet nor shy, just an all- around guy. G.O. Member KENNETH BRETZ Life for this boy is a sure-fire joy! G.O. Member G' HELEN BRITT A woman's crowning glory is her hair. Green and White, Service in Math. MARIE BROGLIO Good nature and good sense must ever join. White F, Circle F, Service Aide, General OHice Aide f QS BARBARA BROWNER A pretty face with a brain behind it. Assistant Editor of Folio, Gargoyle Staff, Senior and Junior Arista, Silver-Blue, Assistant to Grade Advisor, Senior Council ROBERT BUCHMUELLER An alert mind cloaked with reserve. G.O. Member 'Q CHRISTOPHER CANNING A lad we all know well, just one word describes him-Swell. G.O. Member CAROL CARBOCCI A pleasing girl with a pleasing manner. Service "Hail to thee our Alma Mater" AX x DALE BROWN Sunny of disposition and ready for fun. G.O. Member DAVID BROWN Aren't you glad you're you? G.O. Member as 4 "-5 , .,: 'N '7 125' ' x . 5 .-75 - - .pff-va, f liflii IRVING BUKZIN May fortune deal you a lucky hand. G.O. Member MILLER BURCHETTE One can love a man that is generous. G.O. Member 1 ,ag ,..,.w . - 1 u ra.. ,,4 .3 7 . W .. lx I il KL PAUL E. BROWN May good fortune always follow you. Credit Role VESPER BROWN ' A Heard melodies are sweet, but those un- heard are sweeter. G.O. Member BARBARA BUTWIN "Your heart's desires be with you." Dean's Aide, Teacher's Aide, Honor Roll HELENE CAMPION A winning way and a cheerful smile. Bowling Club, Newman Club, Green and White, Forum Typist, Folio Rep., Gar- vyle Rep., Service Aide 1 sf" x is GERALDINE CARROL Half an angel, half an elf, help to make her total self. G.O. Member GAIL CARSON The longer you happen to know her, The fonder you're sure to grow of her. Green and White-, Treas. of G.O., Cheer- leaders, Circle F, G.O. Rep., Arista. Service Aide MARY ANN COSTELLANO Her laughter is like sunlight. G.O. Member JAMES CASTRONOVO Such persons are always welcome. Football Team, Service League Rep. , 'UC WALTER CHARLIP It matters not how long one lives, but how. White and Circle F. G.O. Rep., Silver- Blue Rally, Teacher's Aide, Orchestra, Folio Rep.. Gargoyle Rep.. Service Aide NICHOLAS CHEBOTAREVICH We can't say his name, but we like him just the same. Patrol. Service. Teacher's Aide Q M . Q A Y Q, ga- 1' f' 'Ls , Y. . Q DOROTHY CINELLI "Yay Yankees!" G.O. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Service Sec- retary, Honor Eco., Eng. and Span. Honor 81 High Honor Roll, Class Seo'y, Service Aide THOMAS CLEARY True to his word, his work, his friends G.O. Member 34 MARY CHESNOWITZ As welcome as sunshine in every place, Is the coming approach of her smiling face. Library Aide, Help for Mrs. Claus ANITA CHIEFFO She makes a hit anywhere. G.O. Member S- BARBARA CLIMENT Our prettiest scientist. Honor Roll, Service, Service League Rep., Leader's Gym. ALICE CODDINGTON Politenesss is the sign of culture. Sec. for Basketball Coach, Teacher's Aide X . if 941' 1-5- JEAN CASTRONOVO Every moment with her we'll treasure, For us it brought the greatest pleasure. Cheerleaders, Green and White, Teach- er's Aide, Honor Roll ELIZABETH CELANTANO This pretty girl carries fun in her heart, When it comes to sharing it, she does her part. G.0. Member Hifi ROBERT CHRISTGAU The thoughts of his brain have travelled high in the midst of perseverance and endurance. Folio Editor, Gargoyle Staff, Guidance Staff, Library Aide ROBERT CHRISTMAN A likable fellow, a good athlete, A combination hard to beat. Grade Advisor Asst.. Basketball Team, Senior Council, White F 'I 3' . 1: -'v F if 'S l 'ff BARBARA COHEN As sweet as sugar, and twice as refined. Bio., Physics Lab., Teacher's Aide, White F, Honor, and Credit Roll PATRICIA COLANINNO A friendly miss, quiet and sweet The kind of girl you'd like to meet. Aide to Dean of Boys, Patrol, Red Cross Rep., Folio Rep., Service Aide -ug----F? - ---,.---.fg1,,,,.v,---n-N-.--- .,-v- . . -.. . , ,. 'SW x 1 N 'I JOSEPH COLUCCI A quiet fellow, everyone knows A heart warming chap, without any foes. C.O. Member GEORGES COMTOIS Tall, dark, and brainy too. G.0. Member U' '1 xi 5 , .,. , if 'JT' I - , SUZANNE CONNOR A quiet tongue may disguise an active mind. Service for Dean, Typist for Forum HARMON COOPER "He who laughs-lasts." .l.V. Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Eng- lish Writing Class RAPHAELA CONTI A sweeter miss we'll never fnd. Honor Roll, Service Aide, Credit Roll, White F, Newman Club CLARENCE CRAIG He travels with some pretty fast com- pany-T he Track Team G.O. Member fl tg' ',- . V nt, so 1 :rx 'l ll N'-' -5 lui: l,,4' M .- K Y, ' XT ' XX' ,' 1 ' L- t if . ' 'S it ' ' ali 'f i .ff felt . JACQUELINE CRITTENDEN RAY DAMESEK Twlnlfliflg PWS fllfft promise lun, Q He's one of the funniest, nicest, jolliest Constantly the delight of everyone. guys in all of F1,,sl,ing High, GWCH and White, Sf- Clwrus, Boosters. IGNAZIO CURRARO Track Team, Visual Aid Squad Sec. in Drafting Room CLAIRE CUFARI Small, petite, quiet and sweet. Service Aide ' into Q, . . .HA , r.,,,, RENATA DANCE ' Of gentle nature, kind to all alike. G.O. Member Fun to be with. G.O. Member VICTORIA CUSTER Knowledge at her fingertips. Arista, G.O. Rep., Service League Rep., Gargoyle, Folio Stall Member, Silver- Blue, Service , -1 I Q ' i. X Al. MARGARET DANDY F .LI N Her heart is warm, her friends are many. Volleyball Tournament E CE DA KNER Once known, never forgotten. White F, G.O. Rep., Board of Elections, Gargoyle Staff, Junior Chorus, Silver- Blue LOUIS DELGADO Happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, nice to know. Patrol, Clerical Work ROBERT DAMESEK A fellow liked by all who know him, He conquers life with humor. Track Team, Bowling Club, Football Manager, Mimeo Squad, Library Aide. EDITH DEL GIORNO Beauty and brains too. Senior and junior Arista, Green and White PATRICIA DENICKER She's very wise and not so tall, for precious things are always small. Service 35 .,-.-- -- ----- 7-v - I' Pius' .. F" hh' -Q' - 1. . YN' u if ARNOLD DENNIS A handsome smile as you can see, Personality and sincerity. Track Team. Senior Chorus CHRISTOPHER DEVINE Not looking for troubles, not causing great strife, Just quietly making a success of his life. ,,.,,,.b x es- . X' '. Q V , 6 Q' A' 5 N' r 'il .. Li' ANGELA DI PRIZIO A clever mind .she does possess and she's lots of fun, we must confess. Honor Roll, Service in Attendance Oiiice ERIKA DOERFLEIN With a kind and ready heart, Always willing to do her part. Teacher's Aide, Class Sec'y ,fd 3 gl VINCENT DE VITORIO Eager for knowledge, ready for fun. G.O. Member JUDITH DI GREGIONO A pretty lass with lots of class. Service Aide, Clerical and Attendance Aide gt ,eg .23- ,J a ill. x -I . if . 1 x A PENNY DOWDSWELL Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes. Teacher's Aide, Junior Arista, Gargoyle Rep., Folio Rep., Service ALLEN DREYFUS Such persons are welcomed anywhere. Library Aide vwiq.. ,. 5 ii- VICTORIA DELSIZIAN Vicki will give you a smile and a gring Knock at your heart and walk right in. Service to Teachers BEATRICE DI PAOLO Always willing, never shirking, Always ready, always working. Pres. of Service League, Sec'y Bd. of Elections, Senior and Junior Arista, Rep. to Gir1's State, Forum Feature Writer, Gargoyle Stall 1 -S: VT.- 1 'Q ii, ri, X lf e, te PHYLLIS DUNN She's clever and demure, A lady to be sure. Folio Rep., Honor Roll ROBERTA DUNNER Right in style. Gargoyle Staff Head, G.O. Rep., Service Aide, Bd. of Elections, Circle and White F, Asst. to Dean of Boys Oi S-.,,f. FRED DYSON Thought is deeper than speech. G.O. Member VYACHESLAV DUTIKOW QNDFEW EDELMETH NORMAN EDELMAN Calm and collected, smart and respected. Don t eel! me Fuzzy! , Tall in spirit, honest and true. G-0. Repq patrol, Library Aide, Teach, G.O. President, Captain of Basketball GD- Member ex-'S Aide Team, Baseball Team, White F, Silver- RANDY EDELMAN DAVID DvoRsKY Blue- Forum F eefufe Wfifef Inches of height, miles of humor. Fun to be with, grand to know. Vice Pres. of G.O., Football Team, G.O. Member Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Silver- i 36 Blue, Forum Feature Writer L... , ...- 5 lb- WILLIAM EHLER A quick wit, a ligiht heart and a level head. G.O. Member ELNA EIPEL Modest and quiet, yet capable of many things. Honor Roll, Green and White, White F, Service Aide Q ' Q- ' A ALBERT FAIR About Al we can't tell a lie, H e's just one swell, terrijic guy. Arista, Service in Bio., Physics Lab, Library, Green and White .IOYCE FALCO A woman of hope and forward-looking mind. G.O. Member I gs' PAUL F AULKNER Ready, willing and able. G.O. Member RACHANNE FEINSTEIN Agreeable and lots of fun, She's well-liked by everyone. White and Circle F, Service League Rep., G.O. Rep., Silver-Blue, Service Mr. Franzen addressing Arista EVELYN ELKER A person devoted to pleasing. Teacher's Aide .IUDITH ENGLISH Her worth is warrant of her welcome. Leaders Gym, Winner of Badminton Tournament, Volleyball, White F if' i' 5 '-an Q . fx. RICHARD FALTEN Friends he has through a sense of fun. Service Squad, Service in Physics Lab .IOANNE FANUELE In friendship there is happiness. Service in Library, Miss Marik, Credit Roll, Art Stall E, " 2 '51 4 'lf z' . 4 -- CATHERINE ERICKSON Like champagne-she sparkles. Service KENNETH ERICKSON "Big man on the campus." Gargoyle Staff, Golf Team tMajor Fl Senior Chorus, Faculty Aide ,V . if JUDITH FARRAN A gay smile with a sweet disposition. Gargoyle Staff, Folio Staff. Orchestra, Dean's Assistant, Service League Rep., Silver-Blue JOYCE FASCE Happy, jolly and carefree, Ihafs the way .loyce likes to be. .N 'Y . 'f 3 "Q 4 i Qf, .A -.4 lr' , , x H ' 5 - Q, 5 5 Q g A P ii ' I x T? K NAOMI FELDMAN A girl with personality, intelligence and charm galore. Who could ask for more? Arista, Gargoyle and Folio Staff, Senior Council, G.O. Rep., Assistant to Grade Advisor .IEROME FELLER Never was there a Feller so fine. He'll be tops in his chosen line. G.O. Member V. is' - . 'Q' , E I ' g . ' , ' ... A 5' V1 af' N - -- , ,?x'-'7 N 4 ' I A I 'Q It ' . .' ' iff? H", . H . sis "Ji - , me-if r- -- hm X f- f J +..'1--I -. -Ni - -'f-A . '- '-' sa .fx :., ANTHONY FISHER A man's character is the essence of him- self. Arista, Track Team, Senior Council. Physics Lab Asst.. Folio, High Honor Roll DANIEL FISHER Ambition and a helping hand. G.O. Member Q RALPH FRETWELL Calmly he looks on life about him. G.O. Member PATRICIA FRICK Life without mirth is a lamp without oil. Service Aide 38 1 41!F'7"'5-V' use -.9 -' wir: 'J ' -' ' .. A es , , ff 1 ilu V 1 .IUDITH FERGUSON Sweet of temper, good at heartg Always ready to do her part. Service Aide CHRISTINE FERRARI A most sincere and charming person. Honor Roll, Forum Typist E 1, Q4 .. as Q .IOSEPHINE FLORIO She's ever so nice in more ways than one, Helpful, kind and full of fun. White F, Jr. Chorus, Service in Service League, Office, Nurses' Club ARTHUR FORMAN He's the type that's hard to find, but well worth looking for. Chemistry Lab, Silver-Blue, Teacher's Aide Q6 -Y me ,J - 4 , if I s CAROL FRIEDLANDER Sincerity reaps great rewards for its owner. White F, Aide to Grade Advisor, Emer- gency Room, Teacher's Aide, Gargoyle Staff Head PAULA FUTORAN A friend indeed. G.O. Rep., Service League Rep., Sec. in Grade Advisors Oilice, Bd. of Elections, White F JOSEPH FIORE A likable fellow, a very nice guy. To you., we hate to say good-bye. G.O. Member MARIE FIORE Good nature and good sense are always good companions. White F, Circle F, Treas. of Green and White, Sec. of G.O., Credit Roll, Senior Orchestra 1 if. .fs - , 1101 'pn . . 1 N ig". X 'f:. ,. 'Q -T HE' . LEWIS FRANKLIN Good nature is always a success. G.O. Member JORDAN FREEDMAN Need we be more specific when we say this guy's terrific? Mimeo Service, Patrol 1? -1-5,1 1 -q,' Q AUGUSTINO GALLIOTA Very agreeable, full of fun. Senior Chorus, Patrol NATALIE GARCIA A good sport in every sense of the word. Pres. Future Nurses Club, Leaders Gym, White F, Teacher's Aide, Forum Feature Writer, Junior Chorus f-lin -T H - H - , nf -ff . R . "" 2 N will-'f K EVA GARCITORAL A winning way, a cheerful smile. C.O. Member JACQUELINE GARNETT Life is not life without fun. Service Aide, Volleyball Tournament, Filing for office 'I 3 '4 5 up i JOAN GENTNER A nice girl with winning ways, Will get ahead in future days. Service aide to Dean, Bowling Club, Tennis Club. White F, Honor Roll. PAT GONZALES The life to lead is a life of joy. Dean's Aide, White F, Tennis Team, Bowling Team 3 ? .lg l ROBERT GOGLEY He's always trying as hard as he can To be what he is-a pleasing young man. C.O. Member ARTHUR GOLDBERG There's a method to his madness. Dean's Aide, C.O. Courier, Patrol S JACK GARAFOLA Good nature is a charming virtue. Service League, Silver-Blue JOHN GARVIN He's just C"'R"gE"'A"'T. Honor Roll, Library Service, C.O. Ral- lies. S ix , r S 3 l 75 "" ' . Ne i. ,,, E' P, .5 Y' 7 DORA GIANNONE A vibrant personality sheds brightness over everything. Service Aide CAROL GIGLIOTTA One of those nice persons you like to know. C.O. Member l :T sv 1 BARRY GOLDMAN One swell fellow if there ever was one. C.O. Member CAROL GOLDSTEIN Lovely to look at, delightful to know. C.O. Member L'-v .1 LOUISE CAUDIO Success is the reward of toil. Service Aide ROSALIE GELLER A winning way and a cheery smile. DIANE GLATZER Charming manner, taste in dress, mark her with distinction. Teacher's Aide, White and Circle F, Silver-Blue, Service League, Gargoyle Staff CORA GLICKSTEIN To be concise, we think she's nice. C.O. Rep., Service League Rep., Jr. Chorus, Bowling Club, Dean's Aide. Taught English to Foreign Students CAROL GORDON A good friend in many ways. Jr. Arista, C.O. Rep., Service Aide, Sil- ver-Blue ROBERT CORDON A fellow quite handsome, intelligent too. ln all his endeavors, Bob will come through. Arista, Grade Advisors Aide, Service League Rep., Silver-Blue, C.O. Rally, Library Service 39 93' .uf -at DAVID GOTTHEIMER An enterprising young man. Patrol, Credit Roll LEE GRANATA She's full of smiles, fun and spice, But best of all, she's really nice. Service. Typing Service 3 JUDY GUBERMAN She's like sugar, sweet and f8ffl6d. High Honor Roll, Credit Roll, Library JOHN HAAG A good mind works silently. High Honor Roll, Credit Roll Aide, Folio Writer ? . . 'll PATRICIA HAMILTON Her manner holds appeal. . C.0. Member ALICE HAMMER Friendship in her smile. White F, Service for Grade Advisor, Honor Roll, Leaders Gym 40 V- -an- ' for ARNOLD GREENBERG No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong. Handball Q3 major lettersl, Service Squad, Honor Math. FRANCES GREENWALD The three "Us" of character, Charm, capabality and conscientiousness. Senior Arista, White F, Folio Staff, Gar- goyle Staff, Silver-Blue, Math. Depart- ment Aide efff-:1-wf--'----l-W -Y--Y---W - ----------?,..--.-W.. GAYLE GRONEVELDT The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. Library Service, G.O. Member, Teacher's Aide CAROL GROSSMAN A gal who has learned the secret of making and keeping friends. White F, Library Aide, Bio. Office, 'hiv GEORGE I-IABERER A good sport in every sense of the word. Patrol, Library Service WALTER HAHN Success is the reward of ambition. Cv.0. Member Lunchroom Aide, Teacher's Aide, Silver- Blue DAVID HALPER A man after your own heart. White F, Orchestra Pin, Honor Roll, Bowling Team LYLE HALPERIN Keen in studies, cheerful and gay, Success will surely mark his way. Silver-Blue, Library Squad, Senior Cho- I'l1S "-E 'Qs 'x is WILLIAM HANDLER May fortune deal you a lucky hand. Service League MARY HARDY Taste is the feminine of genius. White F, Circle F, Gargoyle Staff ,Qfv SHEILA HARTMAN Her wit tempered by kindness, Her actions governed by good sense. Associate Editor of Folio, Forum Fea- ture Writer, Arista, High Honor Roll .IOYCELYN HAVRDA A girl of clear mind and independence. Red Cross Volunteer, Dean's Otlice, Teacher's Aide, Leaders Gym, Folio Agent I s . Q -x 1 K f t1 . fl 4 X' l MARY HAYES Music hlls her heart and soul. Green and White, Sr. Orchestra. White F, Music Pin, Basketball Pin, Folio Art Staff JOYCE HEATHER Too quiet for words. Library Service Ui IC? STEPHANIE HERMAN Never without constructive ideas. C.O. Member SUSAN HERMAN She needn't read books on personality. She could write one. Gargoyle, Teacher's Aide, Silver-Blue Y , - -.J 'B FP' .5- fx ALFRED HORNECK A smile on his face, a gleam in his eye, Makes him known to all as a regular guy. Patrol, Service DOROTHY HORTON A gal who is liked by all who know her. Teacher's Aide, C.O. Member, Library Aide STARS OF THE CHORUS "-9 45 ,, CATHERINE HEGNEY A cheerful little earlul. Honor Roll, Teacher's Aide. Service Aide, Newman Club, Red Cross Rep., Folio Agent SUZANNE HEIMANN Knowledge is power. Orchestra, White F, Arista . Qs-ve' Q.-4 1 Qdx I K QF' WN 1, ffl, ...jg ,xx , a X- Q I . 1 GRACE HEINS Lots of mischief, lots of fun, So well liked by everyone. C.O. Member ETHYL HENDRY Sweet, smiling and soft spoken. Folio Art Staff, Service League Rep. r '-4 I 'rt tl .f V ly I x HOWARD HIMMELBAUM From the crown of his head to the sole F ' of his foot, he is all mirth. Football Team ELEANOR HOBDY On the wings of song. Library Service, Teacher's Aide, Switch- board Service, Flushing Forum ROBERT HOENIG Pass him the ball and just look at him go. Basketball Team, All-City Honors for Football LEONA HOFFMAN Quiet and unassuming. Service, Class See'y NX ,4- JEANNE HOUCK Full of vigor and willingness. Service League, G.O. Rep., Teacher's Aide, Gargoyle GERARD HUBER A great gift does Gerard possess, His gift is that of friendliness. G.O. Member 1 bliss 'lv , ig 5' ' " i-. 0 1 l , I MILTON .IACOBY He strikes a happy note. Chairman, Bd. of Elections, Student Tri- bunal, Service Aide, Musical arranger and accompanist for Rallies and Senior Show, Candidate for Treasurer, Senior Council LAURA JAKUBOWSKY Smile at the world and the world smiles back at you. Service in Attendance Ofiice, Dean's Office, Teacher's Aide JUDY JOHNSON A cheerful smile, a quick hello. Credit Roll, Sec'y of Green and White Party, White F, Cheerleader, G.O. Rep. CATHERINE JURKOWICH Charming and disarming. White F, Service in Gym and Emer- gency Room, Skit for Law 42 f .25 'L JOAN HYLAND A quiet girl with lots of charm. Service Aide, Hi-Y RICHARD IMPALLOMENI A sport and a pal through and through. Patrol, Credit Roll 1, 4 E' A! '4- A s tp 9-wi I ' V 4 4-Wi ,N CAROL JEFFERS She will reach success because of her readiness. Teacher's Aide, G.O. Rep., Service Aide, Junior Chorus, Forum Typist SANDRA JENKINS A friendly miss, quiet and sweet, The kind of girl you'd like to meet. G.O. Member DIANA KAHN 'Tis the mind that makes the body rich. Girl Leader of Arista, Associate Editor of Folio, Director of Silver-Blue Rally, Forum Feature Writer, Gargoyle Staff, Mathematics Department Aide HOWARD KAHN Quiet strength marks a man. G.O. Member X -nk ,T is --Jrhftl--1 --fy v "-w--?- f G I 9' 15 .r E.'gi::':k,,. QF '4:l 5 ,Q - fi : , 'lu R 5 1 , -"fi ith' SANDRA ISRAEL Happy, friendly, sweet and kind, A nicer girl you cannot ind. Service Aide, Teacher's Aide, G.O. Mem- ber, Booster Committee MY RNA JACOBS Smiling, cheerful, always dependable, Nothing about her that isn't commend- able. Gargoyle Staff, Folio Staff, Service League, White F, Silver-Blue Party and Rally, Bd. of Elections, Honor Roll -sr Q , .,g 1 u 'fe-'.. . 4 . 1 '- . it BROOKE .IENNINGS "She's atomic powered." Cheerleader, G.O. Rep., White and Cir- cle F. Green and White, Credit Roll, Secy to Grade Advisor ELAINE JOHNSON Her heart is young and gay. Service to Dean ' fa ELEANOR KALLMAYER A heart with room for everyone. G.O. Member MELVIN KAPLANSKY A regular fellow his classmates say, What greater tribute can they pay? Orchestra, Teacher's Aide im. .-,., . -I ,. -QQ' W- ' -lI!- --L-,j,1uulnll--f F' F 'vx 4 W 3 , K -' 'ts ' V21 Q ,.s:3??Q ' f , 's'-JQS. ' Ht. ' -'7' I-I .- 1 ' EJ-,S-5. ' 173'-.',n 4' n-. -rpg., - '.',Cl,',','C:, .B nl- ,W 3- '.'- "'f'0 .tR'.u'A . . . MARTIN KARON Toil, says the proverb, is the sire of fame. GEORGE KARPEL A good all-round fellow. G.O. Member no ' J' , ', 'Rf 1 , 3353 'flip w- ' , ii xixl NICK KAZANAS Science and math-each a cinch for him. G.O. Member HELGA KELLER I f you would reap praise, You must sow the seeds, Gentler words and useful deeds. Jr. Arista, Honor Roll, Service Aide ,gr : JACK KIZN ER A man about town. Orchestra, Band ELEANOR KLEINER A friendly heart has plenty of friends. Service for Teachers, Teacher's Sec'y, Lunchroom Aide 5 be 6 LARRY KAUFMAN - If friends were money he'd be a million- aire. SUSAN KARPP PGUOI She's the best kind of girl in everyway. RICHARD KAVESH G.O. Member Great minds work silently. ALLEN KAUFMAN C-0' Member The quiet, honest man Fulfills all of nature's plan. G.O. Member r , ,4 2 .. In Q A 'J ' 1.1 Nw i X JERRY KENT 5 D Here's a handsome lad who's on the i level. HOWARD KENLER l'm sitting on top of the world. G.O. Member CHARLES KENNEDY His character merits his many friends. Baseball, Library Service, Patrol 'W is 'Q v C' I 'I BARBARA KNESZ Like a mint-fulep-tall, cool and refresh- ing. Senior Chorus, Junior Chorus, Class Sec'y, Service Aide ROBERT KOHN Linguist Extraordinaire. Arista, Sr. Orchestra, Literary Editor of Gargoyle, Forum Columnist, G.O. Rep., Service League Rep., White F PSAL Bronze Medal ANDREW KINCAID Tranquil persons accomplish much. G.O. Member MADELINE KOLL GIAN I A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. Jr. and Sr. Arista, Service League Rep., Teacher's Aide HENRY KOPPERB Friends he has many, foes has he any? G.O. Member 43 ........J 'try THOMAS KORNMEYER His ambition? To give Dali competition. Art Editor of Folio, Art Staff of Gar- goyle, Won St. Gauden's Art Medal, Painted Holiday Windows in Lunch- room WILLIAM KOUBEK A first fortune awaits the deserving. Honor Roll, Credit Roll, Green and White. Newman Club, Bd. of Elections MARION LACHENMAYER Fair and wise is she. Jr. and Sr. Arista, White F, Jr. and Sr. Chorus, High Honor Roll, Honor Roll Green and White DOROTHY LALANDE Personality plus. G.O. Member r ARLENE LAPIDUS Always cheerful, always gay, Always happy, come what may. Folio Rep., Teacher's Aide, Forum Typ- ist ROSALIE LA PORTA She bubbles with enthusiasm. Service Aide, Newman Club, Folio Art Staff, G.O. Rep. 44 25 we A .4 Q CHARLES KONDELKA A likable fellow, a very nice guy, To Charles we hate to say good-bye. G.O. Member IRA KRAMPF To you we wish the best always. G.O. Member 'z CAROL LANCMAN An ambitious girl, always working. Somewhere in the future, success is lurking. Arista, Bd. of Elections, Service Aide, Gargoyle Staff, Silver-Blue Party RUSSEL LANE His good nature will open the door to success. Sr. Orchestra I 55 - -a f Ia '--f FRANK LARSON Ready for work, ready for fun. G.O. Member BARBARA LECHNER Sugar and spice, decidedly nice. Senior Chorus, Teacher's Aide l Q-1-'-y-vvyv-gf-v--w - - -' 1-v - e- -t Q SHELDON KROCHMAL A master of mirth. Library Service ALAN KUSHNER None speak of him but speak his praise. Senior Orchestra, Senior Council, Bowl- ing Team, White F 1 MILLIE LANGEP. She's as bright as she is fun. Teacher's Aide, Jr. Arista, Honor Award Sten., Volleyball LUCY LANGONE Dazzling eyes, personality so rare A winning smile beyond compare. G.O. Member vid 2 .IEANNE LEICKEN Like life-short and sweet. G.O. Member COLETTE LEINWAND If silence is golden, Sl1e's coining money. G.O. Member, Leader Gym, Sec'y to Dean, Honor Roll, Service for Emergen- cy Room, Teacher's Aide X ? V.- -it PEARL LESTER A happy person makes the world go round. White and Circle F ROGER LEUCI Hold that Line! Football Team, Credit Roll. Gym Service 'p- BARBARA LIEBERMAN The force of her own character and mind make her way. Gargoyle Staff, Spanish Award, High Honor Roll MARUTA LIETINS Rare is such a union of beauty and wisdom. Girl Leader of Sr. Arista, Student Tribu- nal, Ass't Editor of Folio, White E, Jr. Arista, Bd. of Elections ' -Q Q "' K 0 ,P O ., E. 27 . I i . X X ARTHUR LONDNER Good natured no end Service Aide, White F JOSEPH LOMBARDI He'll find a way Patrol, Teacher's Aide, Baseball Mrs. Sherry's 8th term English class af Al FRANCES LEVINE Fran excels in many ways: Beauty, intelligence and popularity. Jr. and Sr. Arista, Teacher's Aide, Serv- ice Aide, G.O. Member, Folio Agent. RUTH LEVINE Deeds, not words. Gargoyle Stall, Teacher's Aide, Green and White, G.O. Rep. 'i 4, ' -5 . xr 1 x s K LEONARD LIPTON A happy non-conformist. Humoresque, Gargoyle Photos, Folio Staff, Arista DONALD LOCASCIO By sincerity, friends has he won, He's a fellow full of fun. Chairman Green and White, G.O. Rep., Service Aide, Painted Lunchroom Win- dow 911, STANLEY LEVINE There's mischief in his glance. Sr. Orchestra, Orchestra Pin PETER LIDSTONE A winning smile, a helping hand A real true friend, we think hels grand. G.O. Member . I' g. Q: Q- -, J bf DAVID LOGAN All who know him do admit, With us he's made one big hit. Orchestra, Folio, Bio. Lab Service, White E OCEANIA LO MACRO Her sweetness charms us, completely disarms us. White and Circle F, G.O. Rep., Green and White Rallies, Pres. of jr. Chorus, Teacher's Aide, Patrol 1 , 9 4. L.. ' -'H' 9 - izfkfl' 'f S tv ENDEL LONKS Sincerity is the road to happiness. G.O. Member ROSEMARY LORENZ A sweet disposition shows in her smile. G.O. Member 1 KENNETH LUNNING Steady and stable, willing and able. G.O. Member, Gym Patrol SUSAN LYONS Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. Arista, Orchestra, Service, Spring Con- cert '5'l, Talent Assembly if. Y r. ,A GURDUN MAIER Gracious of heart, sincere of soul. G.O. Member ANNETTE MAIORANA A good friend, Always willing to lend a hand. ' Teacher's Aide, Sec'y of Bowling Club. Library Aide, Leader Gym 46 fy W-. -- H.-fi'-N vel- . .-ppl' Q ,. 'nu-" JR' -vb ROCHELLE LUDACER Q 1. A heart with room for everyone. ALLEN LORIE Gentle in manner, strong in deed. Honor Roll, Silver-Blue WILLIAM LOUIS A friend to all, foe to none Best of all, he's lots of fun. Physics Lab Service, Projector Squad, Service, Patrol . G.: A any S -ef .1.. .. 'V v , Nl' . JOAN MAAS Goodness is more eloquent than words. Feature Writer of Forum, Green and White, White F, Honor Roll, Leaders and Tennis Club, Service Aide FRANCES MACRI If many more had her sweet ways, We 'd be happy for the rest of our days. Patrol, Credit Roll "L - E f-gs., 1 YL", ANNETTE MANGINELLI I f friends mean success, She will never be a failure. Service Aide MARGARET MANYI Pep, personality and wit, Each of these exactly ht. Jr. Arista, White F, Silver-Blue Rally, Service: Dean, Math. Off., Senior Coun- eil l Grade Advisor Service, Service Aide, Silver-Blue MICHAELE LUISI "Three little words"-witty, charming, friendly. G.O. Member . 15 it ' 5- se Q 6-vi . X at fn Q . J f, 1 ' X3 f HELEN MADER Her worth is warrant of her welcome. Service Aide, Leaders Gym JACK MAHLER He will succeed someday because of his likable way. Junior Arista, J.V. Basketball, Varsity Golf, Varsity Baseball I Y! K- ,X . Y ' 'iq " HELEN MARCORDES "Move over, Rembrandt." Honor Roll, White F, Green and White Poster Campaign, Folio Art Staff, Serv- ice Aide MARIE MARINELLI Her jovial manner makes many friends. White F, Service: Grade Advisor, Folio Staff, Leaders Gym, Service League Rep., Teacher's Aide ,,,.,,,.,l-Y, .L--V -V-Yf -- .--if -, --. , -ia -.., .Ms--f r- V-are r 1 ga " ' 'fb rl I9 I I '?"" r A 'i' I .. in K .Cr X X 1 R . , A X.. - ELLEN MARSHALL ' "A . ."Q. 9 ff GEORGINA MCCABE Pleasant of speech, intelligent of mind. X. Ii? Lots of mischief, lots of fun, Forum, Folio, Gargoyle, Teacher's aide, Green and White HELEN MARSTON Kind and Sweet, Nice and Neat. Green and White Party, Service for Mr. Kiso i -'vm I vo I 'VI PATRICIA McCULLOUGH A warm smile for miles and miles. Honor Roll, Service Aide KATHLEEN McLAUGHLIN Lively, friendly, folly, gay, She's the best kind of girl in every way Sr. Orchestra ROBERT MAXIM "Hold that line" So well-liked by everyone. Service in Gym, Teacher's aide 4 IRENE MICHALOWSKI She smiles, she laughs, and she is happy. Teacher's aide, Honor Roll BERNICE MILLER For sweetness she deserves a crown, This girl who never wears a frown. G.O. Member IAM M ORMICK I Varsity Football Team, White F, Green giijdstrenglhcgarks a good man. i and Whlte 0.0. Member I SANDRA MAXWELL , Laughter and mischief lurk in her eyes. Dance Class, Gargoyle Staff, Service for ' Library, Teacher's Aide, Boosters I 7 12+ Y? 'X ' , Y' ' '. ' ' , ' 1 ,V , 3 Y , Q , , , I 1 , 5 ' ' ,j ,A V 1 1, . i . '- g I VICTORIA MERKLE 1 I A :f She lights the dimmest room with her r d ' . ' LAWRENCE McQUADE 1 Having good nature and ready wit, ABBY MEYN I That's why Larry's such a hit. To can her sweet is unfair i i Service' Patrol There's something more than sweetness ELAINE MELLINI th r '45 "me 'U mischief as able 'O Pe'f""" Crgdfit Roll Sr Orchestra Bd of Elec it. . ' ' . ' ' i ' Service: Gym, Dean of Girls tions' Green and White fb N .5 l W 'bil N7 NQYP. JOYCE MILLER Good natured and friendly is she, A great success she's sure to be. IVOR MILLER Jr. and Sr. Chorus, Circle F, Senior His femper is ever in tune. Council, Folio and Gargoyle Staff, Silver G.O. Membef Blue JEROME. MILLER ' MICHAEL MILLER Mode-fry ls the Sfellfe-if of Wfwes- A scientist-otherwise he is human. Handball, Junior Al'iSt8 Orchestra, Photography StaH 47 s l -r . 5 f- In 1 : .3 7-' g. f 'inf f eta 5 YE -Q WILLIAM MILOSCIA Sincerity and honesty are among his attributes. Golf Team, Patrol DOROTHY MITCHELL To a young heart everything is fun. White and Circle F, Jr. Arista, Boosters CCaptainJ, Green and White JOAN MORSE The day is always hers who works in it with serenity and great calm. Jr. Arista, White F, Honor Roll, Service: Grade Advisor, Ass't to Administrator, Spanish Award ROCHELLE MORSE Charm, intelligence and vitality, She has a pleasing personality. Jr. Arista, Service for Grade Advisor, Silver Blue, White F VINCENT NAPOLEONE His interests are few-blondes, brunettes and redheads too. G.O. Member BARRY NEVINS Usually serious, but seldom sad. Bowling Team, Football Manager, Li- brary Service P 48 Y... .Y my 'Fw '11 ROBERT MODZELESKI A man of cheerful yesterdays and confi- dent tomorrows. G.O. Member VINCENT MOLINARO 1' vf' C 'P O . .31 i INGRID MONTAG lf all girls were as sweet as she, He has many interests, blondes, bru- Flushing W0Uldl1he'W97l be- nettes, and redheads. G.O. Member HELENE MOSKOWITZ A quick wit, a light heart, a level head. Music Award, White F, Poster Comm., Silver Blue, Service: Grade Advisor, Folio Rep., Emergency Room Service GLORIA MOUNSEY Happy, folly and carefree, That's the way Gloria likes to be. G.O. Member , .., . l lr ,-:Atv . x Htl'-4 .,- tat ROSEMARY NEVINS Sweet, clever, pretty too- She's a peach, through and through. Captain in Lunchroom WILLIAM NEWELL His nice manner and pleasing ways, Deserve much credit and praise. Baseball Team, Basketball Team G.O. Member MARY MORAMARCO A good worker, a better sport and yet a better friend. G.O. Member ,-cr fr ROSEMARIE MUCCI Gracious of heart, sincere of soul. White F, Folio Agent, Red Cross Rep., Teacher's Aide, Girls Emergency Room ROBERT MUTSHELER A quiet boy is this lad, with traits we all wish we had. J.V. Basketball, Patrol, Library Service FUND ELLEN NICHELSON A nice disposition and full of life. Grade Advisor Aide, White F, Credit Roll, Leaders Gym GARY NOOGER A gallon of wisdom to a teaspoon of talk. Junior Red Cross, Senior Arista, White F, Circle F K 1 . 5 DOUGLAS NEUTZMAN May fortune deal you a lucky hand. Honor Roll, Service Aide BERNARD O'CONNOR Some are wise, some are otherwiseg Take it or leave it-this one's a prize. Track Squad, Bowling Capt. tMaj0r Let- terl, Golf tMaj0r Letter! 'R x5 , A 05 'S Xi. . C , x THOMAS PALAZZO A good mind and a cheerful smile. Service in Library. Patrol ROBERTA PANEBIANCO She combines good work with lots of pleasure and effort. G.O. Member, Sec'y of Service League i ALEXANDER PECK The sea.' The sea! Color Guard DOROTHY PECKINS Nature itself is proud of its design.. Certificate in Steno, Certificate in Trans., Leaders Gym Flushing Remonstrance play -in WILLIAM O'DELL He doesn't have much to say, But we like him just that way. Patrol WILLIAM OLSEN He has the whole world in his hands. '5- PATRICIA 0'NEILL Friends though absent are still present. G.O. Member G.O. Pres., Football Team, Track Team, MARGARET PACE Senior Arista, Orchestra, White F Q 0 ' in GEORGE PAPPAS Good nature and good sense are always companions. Varsity Baseball Team, G.O. four years, Teacher's Aide HOWARD PAPUSH He has the A'B'C's of success: Ambition. Brains, and Character. Candidate for Pres. of G.O., Sports Edi- tor of Forum, Chairman of Silver Blue, Student Tribunal Justice, White F, 83 Service Credits, G.O. Rep. What is so rare as a sunny disposition? Service, Leaders Gym I Y. "Q ,N TRUDY PASICHNYK Cool and quiet, sweet, serene, One so nice is seldom seen. Orchestra. Library Service, Green and White, G.0. Member, Honor Roll JEAN PASSANTE Pleasant of speech, intelligent of mind, A charm that bars all thoughts unkind. G.O. Member, Dean's Secretary, Service League, Sec. to Chairman of Health Ed. Department, White F. Newman Club Y ff' S+. BARRY PESSIN Men of few words are the best of men. Regents Week Service, Patrol, Chess Club CHRISTY PETRIDES Qualities that always blend, A good sport and loyal friend. Jr. and Sr. Arista, Service League, Sen- ior Council, Sr. Orchestra V 'J' I I DONALD POLAK He takes everything in his stride. G.O. Member JOSEPH POLIZZI Quiet strength marks a man. G.O. Member 312 V 4' BARBARA QUIDORE Witty, active, bright and kindg Another Barbara we'll never find. Grade Advisor's Aide, G.O. Rep., Green and White, White F, Bd. of Elections EVELYN RAAB Sophisticated and capable, sincere. Arista, White F, Silver Blue, G.O. Rep., Service League Rep., Forum 50 ,' "Z I xii , J X ,t .- Neff -fwk' , Q ' . Lim, -Q - -avi., w .iam FRANK PELLETTERI Look out, girls! White F, Track Team ROBERT PINTO Good nature and good sense must ever join. Patrol, G.O. Member "' .L SHEILA POLONSKI A keen mind and a pretty face. Teacher's Aide, Grade Advisor's Aide, Silver Blue, High Honor Roll, G.O. Member ANTHONY POPE Good will and intelligence. Football, Golf, Patrol :tv ...V 1 4 ' zu ADRIENNE RAE The charm of a lovely girl is like music, and a lovely voice is a fitting. Administrative Ass't, Office Service, Folio Rep., Attendance Oilice, Volleyball Club, All-City High School Chorus. BARBARA RALLOS "Still water runs deep." Honor Roll, Chairman of Gargoyle Bal- lot and Biography, Silver Blue, G.O. Rep., Red Cross Rep. r... BP X X IRA PLAX This generation's Caruso. Senior Chorus, Pres. of Sr. Chorus, All- City Chorus THELMA PODOLSKY A happy heart and a pleasing manner. Service ,G qv 0 we MARY ROSE PUCCIO Agreeable and full of fun, Liked by everyone. Honor Roll, White F, Bowling Team, Newman Club, Bd. of Elections, Circle F MARIE PUPPLO She provides keen competition with her looks and ambitions. Arista, Service Aide ARNOLD RANDALL Never a dull moment when he's around. Library Service, Patrol LORRAINE RAZZINO Thy modesty is a candle to thy merits. G.O. Member i J . 'A PHYLLIS REISS A little honey, a lot of cream, She's all of which a man might dream. G.O. Member NICHOLAS RENCRICCA You cannot describe his traits well, But altogether he's really swell. Teacher's Aide, Patrol, Credit Roll, Sr. Chorus .LT CATHERINE RIZZO Sweeter than wine. Library Aide, Health Ed. Service, Pres. and Vice Pres. Girls Bowling Club, Leaders Gym, Service .IOSEPHINE RIZZO Happy, smiling, never blue. G.O. Member . 4: I A N xr' f Q ' ftl s . 2 PHILIP ROGERS As full in character as he is in height. Senior Orchestra, High Honor Roll, Honor Roll BARRY ROVA A friend to all, a foe to none, Best of all, he's lots of fun. G.O. Member RICHARD K. REILLY An eager friendly sort of chap, His graduation will leave a gap. G.O. Member BARBARA REITSTETTER For anyone as nice as you, May luclf be with you all through. Service for Boy's Dean, Library Service 4 v .9 ELEANOR ROBBA A pretty, witty, charming miss. Service for Dean of Girls LARRY ROBBINS A regular fellow, his classmates say. Senior Orchestra, Folio Staff, Gargoyle StafI,,High Honor Roll, Service League Rep., Silver-Blue Party BILL REMECZKY His laughter rings throughout the halls. G.O. Member LOIS RICE As night follows day, so shall success follow her. Forum Feature Writer, Girl Leader of Arista, Folio Stall, Gargoyle Staff, Col- lege Room Aide, Student Tribunal . , .- ' " 1- . xg it GEORGE ROBINSON A sport good and true, May life always be fair to you. Green and White, G.O. Rep., Service Squad, Teacher's Aide ERNEST RODRIQUEZ Great hopes make great men. G.O. Member LEONARD ROSENBERG Dependable. Need we say more? Bd. of Election, Senior Class Rep., Orchestra, Silver-Blue BRENDA ROSENSTEIN Popularity and fun, all in one. G.O. Member PETER ROSENTHAL Damon Runyon of Flushing High. Honor Roll SAM ROSENTHAL Few things are impossible with diligence and skill. Boy Leader of Arista, Silver-Blue Plat- form Chairman, White F, Bowling Team, Forum Sports Feature 51 I l HARRIET ROTH "Service" is her middle name. White and Circle F, Music Award, Rep. Flushing at Borough Council, Rep. for Flushing at NCCJ, Student of the Month, G.O. Rep. WARREN ROTHSTEIN A real good friend and a real swell guy. G.O. Member , ,f--., ' -,. '-Q if 235: X MART RUBEL A very nice fellow he seems to beg He'll make good, just wait and see. G.O. Member ANTHONY RUSSO Quite a guy! Green and White, Library Aide, New- man Club, White F 1-Q. ,gftsfe ' v . ' GILBERT SCALONE Quiet in manner, but in knowledge strong. Arista, Track, G.O. Rep., Spanish Award, Student Tribunal, Forum Staff LLEWELYN SCHARLACK Her ability covers all, her friendship bars none. Music Award, High Honor Roll, Folio Rep., Teacher's Aide, Red Cross Rep. Tutor, Teacher's Aide, G.0. Member 52 F T f p I 025, MARIE ROTONDARO A face and a smile full of sunshine and laughter. Certificate for Typing JAY RUDZIN To some being nice is natural. High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Service rl .Q 1 ' 'i LILLIAN RUIZ The foy of youth and health, her eyes display. White F, Sec. to Teacher, Newman Club, Service League Rep., Green and White CONNIE RUSSO Charm is a virtue which earns many friends. LORRAINE SABATELLO Her quiet manner holds much appeal. Service League Rep., G.O. Rep., Library Service, Teacher's Aide JEAN SANTORO A sunbeam on a rainy day. Service League, G.O. Rep., High Honor Roll, Class Sec'y, Chorus N sh CAROL SCHECHT Lover of the Spanish language-for her, a trip to Spain. Green and White, Honor Roll, Spanish ELIZABETH SCHENECKER Quietness hath its own charm. Service for Teacher's, Green and White Grade Advisor's Aide, Service, Sr. Chorus 3 BESSIE SANDALIS Her sweet disposition helps her to hold many friends. Service for Dean of Boys, Teacher's Aide JACK SAPERSTEIN Always serious, but seldom sad. G.O. Member 1 . 255. ""'-L., 1 S A ' - W4 X fi RACHELLE SHICKLER As merry as the day is long. G.O. Rep., Emergency Room Service GEORGE SCHMIDT Great hopes make great men. Patrol, Service in G.O. Oilice CAROL SCHMUGER Your charm strikes the sight and your merit wins the soul. Service Aide, Spanish Award, Silver- Blue, Gargoyle Staff, High Honor Roll LENORE SCHNECK A girl you love to know. Grade Advisor's Aide, Folio Agent, Study Hall Attendance, Class Sec'y. YOLAN SCHWARTZ Her quiet friendship is the product of her charming nature. Honor Roll, Teacher's Aide BARBARA SCOTT A well-dressed girl with charm and grace, a winning smile and a pretty face. G.O. Rep., Gym Service, Teacher's Aide, Boosters JOHN SHAHBAZIAN Industrfs is fortune's right hand. Service for Teacher's, G.O. Rally, Patrol GARY SHAPIRO Success is at his command. Library Service, Patrol The inter-session nxsh f ' 'g .. ' 's i STEPHEN SCHONBRUN G.O. Member His amiable personality makes him Serious while working but always jind worth knowing. mg uma 'U laugh Library Service, Honor Roll, White F P LOLA SCHWARTZ , 1' - I 1. 3 JANE SCOTT Excellent as usual. Vice-Pres. of Service League, Corr. Sec'y of Sr. Arista, Circle F, G.O. Rep., Sr I-UUISE SEESCHAAF Chorus, Gargoyle Staff H er ways are ways of happiness RALPH SCROCCA Folio Rep Teacher 5 Aide By any 1685, GHC of tht-3 b8Si. G-0. Member For character John earns our praise N' . 1 There isn't a line for a fellow so ine. NORMAN SCHUSTER RICHARD SCHWAGER 4 Q K FAITH SHELDON Blessed with the charm that is certain to please. G.O. Member LEONORA SHELSEY Many a flower is born to blush unseen. Jr. and Sr. Arista, French Tutor, Library Service, Folio Art Staff, Art Contest Winner 1- . wg- - L1 Q . Sm ' if 5 A . , W , fi 94 Q ' -0 ' ' , "L " . 4' 1 f QS' 'tr KW , ,V . .V I Y fry: 1 , - i as Q . t. , X . J'-xii" 3..' . .' I 5.' l 2 s-X, , v ,r aj C-fa ra- . J 'i?"'.:' St" ,' 4 , ,-3'x',.-vi n . JOHN SEIBEL Such persons are welcome everywhere. G.O. Member HERBERT SIEGAL Easy going and well worth knowing. Sr. Orchestra, Gargoyle Staff, Handball Team, Bowling Team, Teacher's Aide, Patrol -at as PATRICIA SKINNERUP As idle as a busybee. White F, Typist for Folio, Leader, Emer- RHODA SHERN She shall receive from life the joy she has put into it. Teacher's Aide, Red Cross Agent, At- tendance Office HELEN SHIO An oriental treasure-serene and poised, with sweet ways. Grade Advisor's Aide, Credit Roll, Aide SUSAN SCHLESINGER We knew her when. White F, Silver-Blue, Singing on Stage BARBARA SHULMAN She hath indeed bettered expectation. Girl Leader of Jr. Arista, Sec'y of Sr. Arista, Student Tribunal, Candidate for Sec. of G.O., Treas. of Silver-Blue, Forum and Folio Staffs to Dean of Girls, Teacher's Aide DIANA SIGAL A gal with a lot of pep, push and go. White F, Silver-Blue, Honor Roll STEPHEN SIEGEL Unknown to some, but not too many. Teacher's Aide ELEANOR SINDELL Full of pep, push and go, That's why people like her so. Switchboard, Teacher's Aide BETTY SINOWITZ She's a girl we all admire, because she has qualities we all desire. Arista, Silver-Blue, Forum, Gargoyle, Circle F, G.0. Rep. K: -J i . 2 ..,- t ' 5.3: "lp 3 .k VA 4 .3 A .- " 2, i 5 ff? irlfwl , V. gn! ..-Ls 3 I STELLA SORIANO Active helpful, cute and small, That's why Stella's liked by all. SCHCY R00m SCl'ViCe BARBARA SMITH G.O. Rep., Cheerleader, Service League, I am w8althy in my ffI:elldS. Service Aide, Silvel-.Blue Sweet, attractive grace. Service in Attendance OHice MARTIN SPAR G-0. Member PATRICIA SMITH A. promising fellow who doesn't shout 54 As sweet as sweet can be. G.0. Member, Grade Advisor's Aide, Cheerleader his promises. Sports Photography for Forum, Silver- Blue, Patrol Q.- V' J ,, -, ,,.F-- .V--,V---Q-s.f.. ---.--.---. - ---V-Y -v-ff -'ve ---1-fav' 1- my 1- -gr Y- -I--f '- ROBERT SPAR A true friend, a good athlete, A fellow like Bob is hard to beat. Basketball Team, C.O. Rep., Student Tribunal. Silver-Blue Party, Forum Staff, White F DIANE SPENCER Now we know why gentlemen prefer blondes. Latin Tutor, G.O. Rep. y' ni -.1 MARY ELLEN STANTON Always on the go. Service League Rep., Service in Adm. Ass't Office, Dean's Ofhce, Volleyball Club, Folio Rep., White and Circle F ROBERT STEGMAIER Wings on his heels. Emergency Room Service, Patrol, Capt. Track Team, Cross Coutry Run LINDA STOLTENBERG A smile that won't come of. G.O. Member PETER STRUMF Men of few words are the best men. G.O. Member 'S RONALD SPEICAI. A jester-but nobody's fool. G.O. Rep., Patrol, Teacher's Aide SUSAN SPITZ Her pep and smiles and fun, make her liked by everyone. C.O. Rep., Library Aide .1 P, 'jr J, ' Efiiil- ' .1 ai l 4 4, 5 if I- If a if 1 1 5 4 S CAROL STEINER Humor is the harmony of the heart. Teacher's Aide MURRAY STEINFINK Like the sea, his ambition knows no bounds. Baseball Varsity, Jr. Arista, Senior Council, High Honor Roll, Honor Roll LAWRENCE SREBNICK A gentleman in word and deed. Gargoyle, Bowling Team, Manager of Football Team, Honor Roll, Library Aide, Senior Council PATRICIA STANLEY Always pleasant, always cheerful. G.O. Member p--v ROSLYN STEINBERG Modest and quiet, yet capable of many things. Service, G.O. Member SUSAN STILLERMAN A girl of an independent and clear mind. Service to Dean, Service Aide, Service League Rep. .- ' A - "' F 1 : , L: it 4,1 'V , I lg I 4 x Q - I-f Y i t t. G . A X t Ag 1 1 l X 1 4 f Y ' ff I 3 I . i. - r + ' ,Q 2 .IOHNETTE SULLIVAN - I Where she met a stranger, there she left .IOSEPHINE STURNIOLO Gracious of heart, sincere of soul. Honor Roll, Teacher's Aide, Folio Agent, Red Cross Rep., Usher in Arista, Newman Club MARJORIE SULKES Very small. Very Sweet. Quite complete. Service Aide, Silver-Blue Rally, Boost- ers, Honor Roll, Dean's Ass't. a friend. G.O. Member PATRICIA SULLIVAN Ever merry, ever grand, Ever willing to lend a hand. Teacher's Aide, Green 81 White 55 ...1 i- . G 5 I CLYDE SUMPTER Always in Vogue. G.O. Member RONALD SYLVESTER For the short time he's been with us he's made a hit. Physics Lab. Prep., Service League Office Squad, Sr. Orchestra, Patrol, Orchestra Pin, White F BRUCE TICHENOR A silent man is a safe man for none knoweth his thoughts. Library Service RICHARD TIRRELL By any test, one of the best. Varsity Fotball, G.O. Member, Honor Roll 7' ,xg X PHYLLIS VACCARO Laughter, a mischief lurk in her eyes, A love of people, friendship, her prize. G.O. Rep., Gargoyle Staff, Service Aide CARMINE VASILE Not too quiet, not too loud, a sure asset to any crowd. G.O. Member 56 wr- 9, , , .-194: SANDRA TALLEY To say she's sweet would be unfair, There's something more than sweetness there. Service in Library, Green Sz White, Senior Chorus, Service in Dean's Office JOAN TAMBURINO Fine manners are the mantle of fine minds. Honor Roll, Sec'y of Newman Club, White F .- .R fx as - A Y - I ,il BARBARA TOKAR Golden hair and a golden glow. Service League, Boosters, Latin Tutor DIANE TRULOVE A modest maid who makes the grade. Aide to Dean of Boys, G.O. Rep. 5-T I 'U' j 'gr' Civ. V, li? HARRIETTE VEDDER Wit and wisdom are born with a woman. Teacher's Aide, High Honor Roll MARIE VERDIRAME Fashion plate. Jr. 81 Sr. Arista, Gargoyle Staff, Silver- Blue Poster .., ,., -QUT. I Q ' b' 1 :' ' at Li!! 1- RONALD TANNARIELLO T hat's our boy. G.O. Member GEORGE THOMPSON A lad with possibilities. G.O. Member, Gym Service, Patrol ffbs ? ' 'xii 'L CHARLES TURNER Don't measure his merit by his height. Arista Member, Treasurer of Arista, Forum Reporter SANDY TYTLEMAN There are Sandys that are short, There are Sandys that are tall, But the one that's pictured here, ls the nicest one of all. Credit Role, Teacher's Aide, Senior Council 'ni' ROBERT VISCONTI As he speaks, so he is. Honor Roll RICHARD VOGEL H e's neither quiet nor shy, .lust an all round guy. G.O. Member l . I 4 t E -X R X ft' ' PHILIP VOLK Who perseveres undaunted, rnust suc- ceed. Senior Council ALICE WALKER Sunny of disposition and ready for fun. G.0. Member EDITH WEGMANN Although she seldom makes a sound, A nicer girl cannot be found. Club Pres., Folio Agent BARBARA WEIGT A wonderful gal, with popularity im- 'mense, Endowed with beauty and good sense. Chairman - Silver-Blue, G.O. Council, Chief Justice, Student Tribunal A PETER WHELAN Happy blend of student and friend. Senior Orchestra, Chem. Prep. Squad, Physics Prep. Squad BEVERLY WHITE She's got what it takes. Steno. Certificates and pin The Silver-Blue rally W1 s MILDRED WALLACE She smiles, she laughs, and she is happy. Typist for Forum, Leader Gym, Service Aide SUSAN WALLICK Flushing H igh's Sweetheart. Candidate for Pres. for C.0., Co-Captain -Cheerleaders, Circle F 2 1 '13 gn I 2 .J 5 ,gl ., 1 V ' -fr fYp M - A KP' STEFAN WEINERMAN His skill is outshone by his humility, G.0. Member BARI LYN WEISMANTEL If you don't know this miss, my advice is get to her or miss a lot of fun. White F, Arista, High Honor Roll Q Jh- XX-cs' ROGER WALLMAN Basket, Basket! Baseball, Basketball, Patrol .IUDITH WAXELBAUM Friendship is in her smile. Teacher's Aide l 1 , ,q- 2- .X 5.. r' ' wr., ,fu , , gy. 4:47 1 ,ry , CHARLES WEYDIC He takes everything in his stride. Patrol ROBERTA YWEYNERT A lady with quiet ways and grace, Nothing about her is commonplace. llonor Roll, Service Aide 1 -4 1 L iw ff' 5 V, ,,,..-. o-,-,.,,.,,.... ,i. ,,., -v--W l JOAN WIDELOCK Merry and very nice is she, With many friends she'll always be. White F, Attendance Ofiice, Attendance Monitor BLANCHE WIESEN Always there but not always quiet, But whatever they do, she's willing to try it. Gargoyle Staff. Leaders, Honor Roll ANDREW WOLFF An intelligent man is never in want. Arista, Service League Rep., Senior Chorus CAROLYN WOLL Good things come in paekages small, We have Carolyn to prove it all. Service League Rep., Folio Agent CATHERINE WYLIE Our gal Cathy! G.O. Member JULIEN YOSELOFF The force of his own merit will make his way. Arista, Arista Program Comm., G.O. Rep. 58 Q rv- PHYLLIS WILK Sweet and sincere, a joy to be near. G.O. Member JOHN WILSON A finger in every pie, You can't stop that guy. Junior Arista, Gargoyle, Green 81 White THOMAS WONG Quiet determination. G.O. Member JOHN WRIGHT The strong silent type. G.O. Member ,,, if -rvvllv-,...V. - 'tae I 'A . if " - A .-or W' 1 ' v Q3 . STEPHEN WINTER Bring out your light from under that bushel. Service, Junior Arista JOHN WOHLLEBAN His temper is ever in tune. G.O. Member i 31 Xu PEGGY WU Quietly she goes her way, Doing her work in an efficient way. Teacher's Aide BARBARA ANN WUPPER Her ways are ways of pleasantness. Honor Roll, Teacher's Aide, Newman Club Member I' p' '11 rf ,, 3. , J ,, . .-, VV ,J W e s I ,ff 3 A , I 1 fx " .. i ,V - FRANK ZAZO xg Give me an honest laughter from an ALICE YOUNCERMAN All those endearing young charms. Arista, G.O. Rep., Senior Council DOROTHEA YU A girl with unsurpassable qualities. honest mind. Service Aide BERND ZIEGLER May the frowns of fortune never rob him of his joys and hopes and great ambi tions. Teacher's Aide, Service League Oilicer, G.O. Member Tribunal Justice 1 5 T? . I '. f' DANIELLE ZIMAND Beautiful dreamer. G.O. Rep., Service Squad, Service Aide DOROTHY ZIMMERMANN The all around sportswoman. 3 Leader "Us", White F, Teacher's Aide ew mv-.--W - f--f4'r'p..e....pr:9n.,.'pL,-?-,., ls 405 f ',-ov' x '1' MARY ZULLO Fair, charming, full of fun, Many friends our Mary's won. Service League Rep., Teacher's Aide, Treas. Future Nurse's Club AND ALSO . . . ROBERT AULETTA Youth comes but once in a lifetime! G.O. Member DIANE BRIENER Like chocolate puddingg She's My-T-F ine! G.O. Member, Circle "F", Green 81 White, Boosters, Service League, Bloard of Elections, Dean's Aide HUGH BROWN Amiability shines in its own light. G.O. Member EMIL COMPARATO Very agreeable, full of fung Liked indeed by everyone. Service Squad. WINSTON DRUMMOND ' A good friend and a swell guy. In our opinion he rates high. G.O. Member FELIX DZEDZIECK GERALD FRIEDMAN He'll strike a happy chord wherever he Merit and modesty make good friends. goes. G.O. Member G.O. Member MARIE PIACENTINI MICHAEL HARRIS A friendly heart always wing mqny He takes everything in his stride. friends, G.O. Member Service for Dean, Leaders Gym FLORENCE PIAZZA JAMES KOZEE Sincerity is the language of friendship. Full of fun, full of life. Member Member WILLIAM ROBINSON RICHARD MALATINO Cheerfulness draws friends! Pleasant and gay is he, G.O. Member A sensible way to be. G.O. Member RQSLYN FECHER STEPHEN MORRIS gha,mi,,g and gamble, Much common sense relieved by a touch G.O. Member of pleasant nonsense. G.O. Member 59 Y .fui tag, F ,Y I DKK 'A W ,1-..,- , 1 ' F J 0, - g ,' GX fx V f Ufiggh D '--- -'nwyi X " wx X '. X .. N- ' hi Q ef e. c A X l 1 'N XY' A ' M Bob Go:5ou,a:BZ'lTip:f5u U v.hQeNv?'te.fviNaD,f'gf',C?:pfu1o1 Gomsw Q g q A , It I X j ax MLLM C 5-5 Comllle. 1 ', ' V MII, Al Ab JIU 71 INPINK, Mature Sulkus Xflh llllllf ,Q NL. , N 4l..n.., M. .1 0 X . Q . , 3 ,jf -, - -fl'-'f 1435" Q ' ' " " 1. rw. . . nf .. - f 15 -' X . vs: f if nf - V L' I . ,,. ff ., 4 ,I X! Dvffe BAIT X C, X E., Y ff ' ob MAXIM, Gm LCAQSQN Q ' wA ,- .5 .wb M M Jim V-XXL' X K KU... ' f XML - ' ' A If N1'533-.f - ' ' If W, , "" p,..n.x0.5ao, Do'rr'.Yu N K-fl X fe' ' "' 'I W 1 'nf " 4 N ' , 5 Be A m X f f A -- Andy Edl:ETa T I2-4e6?e,hWue.ZZZlN gm' Aw - '1fU"dl ' w:-'T"?':'f-.- , ' is 'H K -fm' I f. V 1 W-. Q' Tng e M -: f Q Q U v- ide MEITPI Jacoby, S da. ,,o7dpo'l - n- . , ' 1 B A ' ' D djlx , f,, 9 0 Q L AAZGQK A' N gr 'QW 1- 2 ' ', , 'P f -2. ' I , 4 Ea: Qs DA ld goPNs.rQiL.:r? Y M Lean kmpvof-4, Elaine, Mellini 'HZ , v' RowN ' 9 gg, ' ,Q xly., X, 'Gf-4,xifQJLj1f.,M? Q Q ' 7 gi, f ' ' L' - "" .A,,..- - ' , - . l V 1 UI... .Hx xlfff fkw 50 L vt. f x .n'.,', Q U.: D. A! 7 ll W ii iii. 2""" "' x"'v! -M 1 . . O , 'AA' ' 8 M Llkmy To b 3" PeRSONaL.-ry Plus I Bm osehfuccczsl mee 1 DOY? .Yu p Howie Tap0SH I IMIV bbuaviy ' 0: X1 . , , K ,sq -1 rf g.vv.yyf 73-f fvw+gyv-W'- - - I -- ' ,, H Continued from page 7 1957 was an exciting year! Scientific research was being fostered by an I.C.Y. program. The earth and its atmosphere was being carefully studied Dreams of space travel, of rockets to the moon, and trips to Mars were no longer just fantastic dreams. Space was actually being conquered. Russia sent up two satellites to circle the earth, and all conversation turned to them Sputnik seemed to turn science fiction into reality. A new epoch was begun And, while Sputnik was capturing the attention of the world, and the nation, a momentous event was revolutionizing our own private world. We were entering our senior year! When we heard the rally song, '6Freshmen, Sophs and Juniors and you mighty Seniors," we realized what they meant to us, we were those mighty Seniors, we had finally reached that long-sought posi- tion of leadership. The school was ours. After the first few days of the term, we expected that everything would calm down. It was then, when we first tried to settle down, and become our own "normal selves,', that we realized it would be an impossibility. There was still confusion and excitement. Graduation, careers, and college lay ahead lege Entrancef' Hurriedly, we sent away for dozens of bulletins and pamphlets, and then realized we could apply to only three colleges. Sleepless nights and days of indecisions followed. Finally, having made our hesitant choices, we kept our fingers crossed, as we wrote autobiographies, prepared for college interviews, made out financial statements, and spent more sleep less nights looking over vocabulary lists. We began to make frequent trips to Mr. Gray's office. Some of us then realized that we didn't know as much as was required of us for the College Board and the State Scholarship test. After climbing up to the tower for the scholarship classes, every eighth period, we again underwent deflation of the intellectual ego. Frantically we sought to learn all that we hadn't learned in three previous years and read books we should have read as freshmen. It was exciting, time consuming, discouraging, and yet still very challenging. To upset things even further, an epidemic of Asiatic Flu set in. Football games were cancelled, and lessons fell behind schedule. Both the faculty and the students were badly hit. It took about a month for everything to return to its normal form. But, with all the hardships, we had an eventful year. There was never a dull moment. Although we often remarked that we wouldn't want to go through it again, ten years from now, we will probably look back and sigh saying this was a very happy time of our lives. Looking toward the future, our vistas are unlimited. New adventures in careers, further education, and new phases of life offer opportunities as vast as the universe. Let us pray that we will have the vision to see these oppor tunities and the strength to take advantage of them. Some of us were suddenly faced with the long put off problem of '6Col- X X WW ? J vs..- ,J I 411.2 A -v K .suv Y' IV? I X48 The Big Red Devil! "' r Dave Nesbitt tries, but misses the ball at the Holy oss gam Cr C fp FLUSHING HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM In the last few years a rather strange trend has been followed on the part of Flushing High's football and basketball teams. In the 1956-1957 season the basket- ball team proved to be one of the powers of the North Queens P.S.A.L., and were able to gain the city's playoffs. The football team, on the other hand, had a hopeless record of 0-7. During the 1955-1956 season, it was the other way around. The football team won the Queens Championship and wound up with a respectable 5-2 record, while the Red Devil's basketball squad was nothing to rave about. Now with the ushering out of the 1957- 1958 season we see that this peculiar se- quence has again bloomed into being. While the basketball team was absorbing its share of "lumps", Coach Ed Berg was directing the Red Devils football team to their finest season in some ten years. The final record of six wins and only one loss tells only half the story. Flushing High regained the Queens Championship which they had relinquished for a year, and ac- complished this feat by defeating the other Queens' teams quite handily. First it was John Adams High School, falling before Flushing by a score of six to nothing. Little did we know that this was a sign of things to come. Before the season had ended two other teams would be shut out by the highly defensive Flushing unit, Curtis six to nothing and Far Rockaway twelve to nothing. The latter game decided the championship. But Flushing wasnit merely defense conscious, on the contrary, we showed our opponents how an offense rolls. Evander Childs was resoundingly beaten by Flushing 30-18, Monroe got theirs 21-20 and our new rival, Holy Cross was steppe on by a score of 18-2. thatrday, Clinton would have beqteh ahyone. Co-captains-Tom Edwards, Paul Faulkner Row 1: Frank Piscothe, Joe Brondolo, Bob Spencer, Ralph Amitile, Roger Leuci, Richard Tirrell, Arthur Spiel, Morton Newfeld, James Holland, Bill Olsen, Nelson Lopez, James Behan, Randy Edelman, James Izzolo, Phil Garfolo, Bob Our one defeat came at the hands of a keyed up Dew' Clinton team who upset Flushing by a score of 25- 2. No excuse can be given Qpgthat result. On 'lite team as a whole worked iwpndeliully. But as we seniors look back over thi 'past ,year we re- member certain players who did heirrbest so that Flushing could achieve that notch that it did. We can't forget Bob Hoenig, jwho sensationally played his end position, and was rewarded by being named in most of the New York City pers, to their First All teams. Seniors, such as the t, o co-captains, Tommy Edwards and Paul Faulkner, who per- formed especially well, will always be remembered. Without Tom's leadership at quarterback, and Paul's key blocking and fine ruriling, heaven knows where we would be. There were many juniors who added their talents but they have another year to be lauded. As time grows short, we must concern our- selves further with the gradixates:bRoger Leuci, the other end, Bob Maxim, Milieglngenito, bruising tackles, Steve Brodie, Hndwl and kicker, Howie Norman, Randy Edelman, Bill Olson, Rich Tirrellg Marcik. Row 25 Harry Squassoni, Bill Carlucci, James De Pass, Mike Igenito, David Auerbach, Bob Hoenig, Irwin Kolodony, Richard Gonzalez, Cleave Bethea, Mr. Berg- coach, Bob Maxim, Pat Sammon, Bob Sanchez, Richard Bertani, Bob Johnson, Dave Nesbitt, Nick Diomede, Steve Brodie. they too added to the final end-Victory. So as we seniors leave the halls of Flushing we'll remember the Flushing Red Devils Football team of 1957 1958 and how they added prestige and popularity to our school in this, our senior year. j 1 pn. 5 -r ,fQ"'X ' "Basket, basket. basket boys You make the basket, we'Il make the noise"' Renee Allmeier Dick Bruce evades Newtown's guards BASKETBALL TEAM Under the expert coaching of Bill Jensen over the past few years, Flushing High School has sported many line basketball teams. A year ago our Red Devils, hav- ing a great season, got into the playoffs and this year we came up with another winning team. With Andy Edelman the only returning starter from the previous year. Mr. Jensen molded a unit from the members of last years' varsity and it proved to be one of the best in the league. The squad was composed of seven seniors-all of whom, except Andy, had joined the varsity in their Junior year,-and nine juniors. Andy has been on varsity since his freshman year, and Dave Nesbitt, a junior, has been a member since his sophomore year. The boys who played outstanding ball all season were: Andy Edelman, Bob Christman, Bob Hoenig, Dave Nesbitt, Bob Spar, and Roger Wallman. Andy, excelling mainly on the jump shots and drives, led the team in scoring. Bob Christman was close on his heels in the scoring department and together they provided an eifective one-two punch. Bob Spar displayed a quick, accurate jump shot from the outside and Bob Hoenig had a soft one-handed push shot from either the side or the top. Dave Nesbitt and Roger Wallman, besides being good rebounders, proved to be good shoo.ters too. It was readily apparent in all the games, that all sc., l 1 'i' 5 ' ' , f RX ij 5 X x 4 . S . -J gf.. W Xl Sjfjzy .XXBSHIQ N 1Hl4 x ii ' fe - 1- I-'21 '-- '38 4 012 J3'??'1- 4" ' l H Q i ' N ' I 5-ff fe, ,. -' Q 3 ., en - -af--1 f 4 I , 1 , 4 QA 1' A b ' 4 l b 4 t ' . 4 . ,I X W- --- - , ,ff sh ,.,. H . 1 ei I " , '. 5' L All 14 , A f-All - S. 4 f l Row 1: Don Schneider, Dick Bruce, Ed Deutsch. Roger Wallman, Jake Doyal, Bob Christman, Ken Weider. Bob Spar. Row 2: Bob Hoenig, Len Foxen. worked together as a unit. There was good passing. fine team play, and good sports- manship for the most part. The other members of the team who also deserve recognition are: Bill Newell. Randy Edelman, Kenny Weider, Jake Doyal. Don Schneider, Lenny Foxen. Eddie Deutsch, Booker Hopkins. Diek Bruce. and Dave Gahleman. As most of them are juniors and will he returning next year. Flushing should once again come up with a winning team. A .xx 'xx Row I: Mr. Mullin, Mr. Larsen, Mr. Harras, Mr. Levitz. Row 2: Mr. Berg, Mr. DeChiara, Mr. Jensen, Mr. Montalbano, Mr. Frain. Andy Edelman makes a spectacular shot to score 2 more points for Flushing. ,ge Dave Gableman, Booker Hopkins. Dave Nesbitt, Bill Newell, Frank Snmpooga, Andy Edelman. Randy Edelman, Mr. Jensen-coach. some of the highlights of the past season were four night games and two more vie- tories over our rival. Bayside High School. We have now defeated liayside six times in a row. Also. a new rivalry was hegun when we encountered Holy Cross for the first time. 'if J Mrs. Burrows, Miss Bader, Miss Hudson, Mrs. Beres, Miss McAleer- chairman, Miss Peyser, Mrs. Gluck, Miss Berchielli, Mrs. Allen. GIRLS GYM '4Floor spots, girlsf' Thatis gym class. all right! We girls will never forget the frantic switch from button-downs to bloomers. A picture of sound health. in her starched green suit, fiat collar, skimpy white socks. and almost white sneakers. the Flushing girl participates in sports from volleyball. and basketball. to wall- leaning, and "I am not chewing gumf, For those girls who are outstanding in athletics, the Girl's Health Education Department offers Lead- er's class, and extra-curricular basketball. badmin- ton, tennis, and bowling clubs. Ordinarily, gym classes can be fun though. There may be frightful panic in the locker room. because of an acute scarcity of mirrors and space. and the after-gym hair-do does look rather haggard. Still, who wouldn't prefer Health Ed., to History! ik CWAM ZA The winning team of last term's intramural volleyball tournament. Row 1: Phyllis Tichy, Millie Langer, Rosemary Nevins. Row 2: Janice Wasserman, Barbara Clark, Betty Ann Streib, Vivian Lenekau, Lee Granata, Ralley Austin. 11.4, rs THE CHEERLEADERS Row I: Susan Peters-Captain, Ar- lene Sharf, Ernestine Jameisen, Lori Schwartz, Brooke Jennings, Dotti Yu, Carol Bracchi, Susan Wallick- Co-Captain. Row 2: Stella Soriano, Renee Allmeier, Judy Moye, Karen Hochfeld, Judy Johnson, Gail Car- son, Jean Castronovo. . dl . A U F g D X ' '1 i 4 Y f 1k5Q i ' .fnfsvl "Mg 'T-fur: 'FEW' M ff I X ,., l Y ,,'- X A-""" . N V5-4 Kj 9 'T 5--, -4.-. . w'- fl , .Q ., w- - ,Vi WPA f T il' if I u 1 ...l I .41 N-'43 ...J- J ,us LITER ARY STAFF ART STAFF can-,O Q I , 1 Scared: Sandra Maxwell, Eileen Bloch. Bobbi Dunner, Harriet Roth. Vicki Custer. Fran Greenwald. Marie Verdirame. Standing, row 1: Blanche W'eisen, Helen Blutingcr, Phyllis Vaccaro, Felice Dankner, Sheila Blumslein, Sandra lsrael. Myrna Jacobs. Carol Fried- lander. Elizabeth Acampora. Barbara Browner. Judy Farran, Diana Kahn, Barbara Rallos. Barbara Shul- man, Joyce Miller. Nancy Ahlf, Betty Sinowitz, Naomi Feldman, Barbara Lieberman, Susan Lyons, Ruth Levine, Lois Rice, Mary Hardy. Frances Fine, Jane Scott, Mrs. Sherry. Ellen Marshall. Standing, row 2: Louis Bauer, Gil Scalone, Larry Srebnik, John Wilson. Ken Erickson, Fred Dyson, Howard Kahn. Bob Kohn, Leonard Lipton. Ronald Berler. Editor-in-Chief-Helen Blutinger Associate Editor-Ellen Marshall Faculty Adviser-Mrs. Gladys Sherry Business Adviser-Mr. Rosenblatt Robert Kohn- -Editor. Lawrence Srcbnik. Lois Rice, Diana Kahn, Robert King, Barbara Shulman. Naomi Feldman. Blanche Wliesen, Nancy Ahlf. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Louis Bauer-Editor. Mike Miller, Howie Kahn, Ronald Berler. John Wilson, Lennie Lipton. SEGRETARTAL STAFF Carol Friedlandcr-Editor. Elizabeth Acam- pora. Myrna Jacobs, Rae Conti, Carol Korz, Paula Melmed. BALLOTS AND BIOGRAPHIES STAFF Barbara RallosvEditor. Herbert Siegal, Judith Farren, Fran Greenwald. Vicki Custer, Ken- neth Erickson, Kathy Vlluest. Marie Ver- dirame. Joyce Miller. Barbara Browner. Myrna Jacobs, Robert Kohn. Ellen Marshall-Editor. Fred Dyson. Frances Fine, Tom Kornmeyer, Susan Lyons, Lois Rice. QUOTATION STAFF Mary Hardy-Editor, Jane Scott, Phyllis Vac- caro, Betty Sinowitz, Sandra Maxwell. Paula Melmed. Diane Glatzer. Bernice Aptowitz, Susan Herman, Barbara Lieberman. Ruth Levine BUSINESS STAFF Beatrice DiPaolo-Editor. Diana Kahn. Linda Stoltenberg, Josephine Florio. Eileen Bloch. Dorothea Yu, Jill Bradey, Barbara Shulman. Myrna Jacobs, Barbara Weigrt. Suzanne Hein- mann, Nancy Ahlf, Joyce Miller, Walter Char- lip, Gail Carson, John Garvin. ADVERTISING Bobbi Dunner-Editor, Sheila Blumstein, Eileen Bloch, Jean Houck. 'V' V it W-,V Y ',,,,,w,,,,4 ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,, H .-... ,...,Y,.. - .- ,,. .'.,., V1 ., v-, .V-M-ff - ---r-u-Q-r--1--,,,-6 FL 3-3535 ICI'1amber of Commerce BIcIg.I Enroll Now DAY AND EVENING CLASSES "II Pays Io Sludy a+ a Good School" Secrefarial - Sl1or+I1ancI - Typewri+ing - Bookkeeping - CompI'ome+ry SCHOOLS IN ALL BOROUGHS DRAKE SCHOOLS, INC. 39-01 MAIN STREET Flushing INcIepencIence 3-2972 Free Parking FI-ughing 94442 Egfr, IQI6 ' . I-UMIS Gould s Music Store CHINESE-AMERICAN RESTAURANT LARGEST STOCK OF RECORDS every dish a Can+onese Ireaf QN THE NORTH SHORE Special Parfy Room COCKTAIL LOUNGE I38-28 NORTHERN BLVD. 36,2' MAIN STREET Flushing FIusI1Ing 54, L. I., N. Y. FL 3-5754 LOUELLE STUDIO Official Pholographers for Flushing and Bayside High Schools SUPERB WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Free Parking on Premises I44-4l NORTHERN BOULEVARD Flushing 54, New York V Y . T, .,-,,...,,w,Y,, BEST WISHES from SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. FLUSI-une HI 5.55oo Hlckory 5-2220 CHINESE FAN RESTAURANT Culering Io Oulgoinq Orders Canlonese Cuisine af ifs Besl 38-O5 MAIN STREET FLUSHING 54. N. Y. FLushing 3-4243 GEORGE A. WARD JEWELER 36-5I MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. FL 9-4545 Nalionally Adverlised Brands Fwshing 9.1454 MA-VIN FASHIONS A. J. GESSNER BETTER BLOUSES. SKIRTS, SPORTSWEAR, JEWELER LINGERIE, HOSIERY. I44-I5 NORTHERN BOULEVARD Flushing. N. Y. 37-24 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. Plaza Business Schools, Inc. ALL COMMERCIAL COURSES Special IBM Key Punch PBX swifchboard Day and Evening Sessions Flushing School L. I. Cify School I35-50 Roosevelf Ave. 24-I6 Bridge Plaza So. FL 9-6968 ST 4-35IO - ST 4-3902 BERTRUDE SHOPS LADIES srzcmries 30-50 Sieinway SI. 37-27 Main Slreel Asforia, L. I. Flushing, L. I. RA 6-8925 FL 9-8952 MITCHELL CHEMISTS, Inc. APOTHECARY 29-26 Union Sfreel, Flushing, N. Y. FLushing 9-3373 FL 3-0085 AI 5-7575 I I CHRISTYS FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS ev wine I36-I7 ROOSEVELT AVENUE Flushing 54, L. I., N. Y, FL 8-I4Il PARSONS DELICATESSEN I44-O5 NORTHERN BOULEVARD Flushing, N. Y. PRINTED BY THR COMET PRESS. INI1. 200 YARICK S12, NEW YORK 14, X. Y. "FE5:f.5"4'65 V fs' ' H. -.. i -.. i

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