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Qs Foreword This year the U.N. celebrates the tenth an- niversary of its inception at Lake Success. At Flushing, we have learned to work together in a spirit of friendship. Therefore this event is not simply a commemorative occasion for us, but a time to reflect upon the accomplishments of the U.N. and contemplate the world's future. The U.N. represents the brotherhood and peaceful aspirations of all peoples. We must place our reliance in the U.N. to provide a world of peace and prosperity. Thus, our book is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man and its symbol, the United Nations. Realization Seest thou thyself as an Island, Simple Man An unmatched high place, far above the surging Sea? Isolated, alone, greater, mightier Than all the roaring Tides, all the noisy Sea? "I am Myselff, thou sayest, "Detached from all the Rest. The Sea is alien to meg I am free of it. I stand far above the endless wash." 0, Foolish Man, thou art as alone as a leaf among leaves, A grain among grains, a part of humanity. And when the Cold Wind blows a single leaf o'er the side, View it not with detachment, for the selfsame Wind Blows chill for Thee. Richard Dreyfuss TABLE GF CONTENTS I m'msor4l 5 Hvzllizzlliml Urs. Warsl Hr. l"l'illlZt'll Hn- l"zu'lllly 1 Ialss Hislorj 1 lzlsw XVIIYIIIPS urls 1l1llI2lll'S 7 f Z' X Mrs. Ward We would consider our yearbook incomplete without the customary page devoted to Mrs. Edith Ward, our former principal. We were surprised and saddened by her resignation earlier this year, and would like to express our thanks to her for her guidance during most of our stay at Flushing. It is rare indeed, when a principal is noted for working well with both pupils and teachers. Yet, Mrs. Ward certainly enjoyed this reputation. She was respected and loved by students and teachers alike. We witnessed a convincing demonstration of her administrative ability during the construction of the new wing: she minimized con- fusion and kept the school schedule running smoothly. Her unfailing good humor and boundless energy helped her solve the many problems that confronted her during the fourteen years she was principal of Flushing. However, we will always remember Mrs. Ward for her personal interest in each one of us. We felt that she gave each of us her individual attention, and that our welfare was important to her and to the school. Now, as we graduate, we would like to show our appreciation to her and wish for her continued happiness. 6 Deal Bop and Girls lnspired by the tenth anniversary of the lvnited Nations, the editorial staff of the Gargoyle has chosen a serious theme for the June '56 issue-brotherhood and the U.N. Perhaps this choice indicates a new trend in Gargoyle themes. Perhaps seniors are really becoming grave and serious. Certainly the world that confronts graduates today is a graver world than that of half a century ago. Students of today are also more aware of world problems and the relationship of this country to those problems than were students of even a short while back. Though seniors may be grave, they have their lighter moments that make them balanced people. The theme of the Gargoyle may be serious. but it may also have those lighter touches that make a yearbook fun lo read cven a long time after Commencement. Arthur Franzen SCIENCE IJEP-I'.AScated, I.. tn R.: Mrs. Bickcrtim, Miss Bingcr, Mrs. IIarris, Dr. Alxrumson, Clmirnmn of I'Iii'sicuI Science: Mr. Kziplzm, Clmirman of Natural Scicuuvg Mrs. Cimlcllu-rg, Miss hIuiI'ait1 Stmzdiug, I.. to II.: Mr. Ifcinstvin, Mr. IXllSL'l1I1lJllSL', Mr. Scliricr, Mr. Ruben, Mr. Crnckcit, Mr. Diizir, Nr. Sootin, Mr. Scligson ADBIINISTRATIONASUMCII, I.. 10 II.: Mrs. Mami- Iimld, Mrs. VVzircI. Ifrim-ipiilq Miss Brmvn: Stumling I.. io II.: Mr. Kisu, Mr. Smith. Mr. Mliring, Mr. Cnlclvi Sl IUI' I7I:I'T. Mr. IIcming, Clmirumiig Mr. AIZUIRIHIIZI IIISIORY IJIil"I'.-Svuivd, I.. to Ii.: Mrs. Cnliliuuii, Mrs. Pi-tiigruw, Mrs. Diicluwrtli, Mr. KL-lly, Clmirmmig Miss Ilvulli. Mrs. Maiclvurz Sfiimfiug, I. In H.: Mr. UNL-ill, Mr. Ilailsur, Mr. Dc Mmm, Mr. Iistcrmvitl, Mr. Sulmiiuii, Dr. Iiirscli, Mr. Olickcr w I.cpmvsky, Mr. llcrlzigcz Stumling, I . to II.: Mr. XK'isuu1, - .. hi' F acult 3 9 ., 'idk "" 1 Y . I, MATHEMATICS IJIfIYI'.4SvutviI, I. lu II.: Mr Rcupcr, Mrs. Maiyur, Mr. Inpipairu, f'Imirumn: Mrs Mr. IIILlI1lIJL'I'1i.l. Mr. SCIlN'lll'IlIJL'Tj.l MUSIC IJEP'l'.4I.. to II.: Miss Klillcr, Mrs. I'iccIrn CLERICAL lJEPT.YSr:uted, L. to R.: lxlrs. Alper, Miss Mnrili: Smmling, L. to R.: Miss Miller, Mr. Zenner, Mrs. Newman, Mr. Diemer, Mrs. lsrael ENGLISH DEIYIL.-Seated, L to R.: Mrs. Sherry, Mr. Goldberg, Mrs. lX"lanifold, Mr. Smith, Miss Unser, Chairman, Mr. Gray, Mrs. Kessler, Mr. Gerlich, Mrs. La Barbara, Standing, L. to R.: Mr. Di Palermo, Miss Konstzmt, Mrs. Zander, Mrs. Quarry, Mr. Kleiner, Miss lX'lelNlanus, Mr. Colder, Mrs. Claus, Mr. Bessins, Mrs. Golclalner, Mrs. Spiro, lXlr. Feelilxeimer r-..f'S- IIEALTII ED. DEPT.-LMenl First Row, L. to R.: Mr. Larsen, Mr. Harms, Mr. Balitsos, Mr. Mullin, Clmirnmng Top Row: Mr. Levitl, Mr. Jensen. Mr. Strong. lxvlllllsjlll L. to R.: Miss Hudson, Miss Peyser, Miss lX'lcAleer, Clzuirmang Miss Smith, Miss Berelmeilli. lnmnlnnmnzmwiumnwirrf ,1vf:2fi:vawn:m..wm-:wwen:::s1n..L,.-mv uf. . 2 mum:u .f ' , . li., ' vw., LANGUAGE DEPT.-Scared, L. to R.: Miss VVor1ns, Miss Krepelu, Mrs. Chester, Mrs. Earnst, Chairman, Smmling: Mr. Robbins, Miss Rubinow, Bliss Gonzales, Mr. Tiebel. COMMERCIAL DEPT.-Seated, L. to R.: Miss Quinn, Miss Carman, lNlrs. Phalen, Miss O'Leury, Chairman, Mr. Cohn, Chairman of Accounting Dept.5 lNlrs. Fried, Mrs. Rowe, Standing, L. to R.: lN'lr. Kan' tor, Mrs. Roy, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Kiso, Mr. Handler, Mr. Marmot, Mr. Stark, Miss Killilea, Mr. Forrest ln! - I , A H ART DEPT.-I.. to R.: Miss Cutlieart, Mrs. Zakurin, Mr. Thom, Clzairmang Miss Pucllin, Miss Siegal, lWr. Rergere ,A Uiiyz 1 wir NEW FACULTY MEMBERS Left to Right: Mrs. D. Miller, Mrs. E. Nadler. Mr. H Finkenthal, Mr. M. Weingart, Miss A. Toomey, Miss D Caudelut. Class Histor One reason for choosing the Brotherhood of Man as the theme of our Gargoyle, is the wonderful, friendly atmosphere we have been accustomed to during our four years at Flushing. In spite of differences of opinion, fespecially at rally timej and minor disagreements, many lifelong friendships have sprung up among us. We have advanced in knowledge and maturity during our stay at Flushing, and have had all the fun and enjoyment that go hand in hand with growing up. Isn't it hard to believe that we were once frightened little freshmen running through the halls? Besides suddenly finding ourselves in an immense school, we were the victims of many upper-term pranks, as we looked for the gym on the fifth floor and wondered when we could use our newly bought pool and elevator passes. To further befuddle us, we had new and strange subjects, such as French, Latin, Spanish, and algebra. We had enough trouble speaking English, not to mention Spanish. Dressing and undressing for gym in seven minutes seemed impossible and many girls went into a slight state of shock when they saw the bloomer-type gym suits they were expected to wear. Soon we became used to life at Flushing, we were no longer poor, defenseless creatures, but old friends. We began to participate in school activities, and joined either of the political parties, Green and White or Red, White and Blue, getting our first taste of the enthusiasm and fervor of campaigning for our favorites. In our second term the Red, White and Blue Party was dissolved and many of us helped to form the new Silver-Blue Party. Word of Flushing's football team soon reached our ears, and we learned that Memorial Field was being renovated by the "Friends of Flushing," a group of local businessmen. Fired with that true school spirit, we became loyal fans of our team and saw them win the PSAL football title, becoming Queens Champs. We can still remember the wild victory parades from Memorial Field, down Main Street to the Flushing Library, that stopped traffic for miles. Then everybody would go to Jahn's to celebrate. Of course, since we were lowly freshmen, we had the worst session, twelve-thirty to five. The only consolation was that we could sleep late in the mornings. We were encouraged by the thought that we would someday get the eight to twelve-thirty session reserved for upper termers until we heard the rumor that Flushing was getting a new wing, and the whole school would once again be on single session from nine to three. We frosh, however, were unbelievers until we noticed a throng of strange men walking around the school with reams of blueprints tucked under their arms. By now we were rabid sports fans and went over to the Armory to see Flushing win basketball games. One Saturday afternoon we went to see Flushing play New Utrecht at Madison Square Garden. This was one of the closest and most exciting games we had ever seen. The game was all tied up at 149-491 when the final gun went off. Two overtimes were played, but Flushing suffered a heartbreaking defeat and lost the city championship. fffontinuerl on page 291 11 Green and White Chairman DI-:ANNA OLSEN Advisor Mn. DE Mao Left lo Right: First Row: C. Gulden, L. Kinstler, M. Gon- zalez, D. Olsen. S. Gourse, J. Scola, B. Aptowitz Second Row: L. Ehrhorn, J. Johnson. J. Behan, C. Sofronas, R. Primics, H. Van Geert, I. Bardenhagen, J. Bergkvist, N. Bohl. B. Hagen, H. Driscoll, T. Priory, Mr. De Meo G.0. Officers and Council Left to Right: First Row: Treasurer, Ayse Manyasg Sec- retary. Gail Hackett, Vice-President. Deanna Olseng Presi- dent, Grady Crumpleyg Last ternfs Officers, President, Joan Kratchmang Vice- President, Susan Weissg Secretary, Theresa Stavridis Second Row: J. Kiernan, C. Gordon, M. Seclerberg, J. Kahan, I.. Destefanis, S. Anolick, J. Schmerer 12 Left to Right: First Row: A. Georges, J. McTigue, R. Barnes, D. Olsen, Mr. De Meo, G. Crumpley, S. Weiss, J. Kratchman, G. Hackett Second Row: P. Aiello, D. Albrecht, T. Stavridis, P. Baron, F. Brofman, J. Aurora, D. Cuccinello, B. Walker, L. Marko, J. Soriano, J. Newman, J. Termo, J. Prudenti, J. Payton, D. Surace, J. De Fina Green and White is Flushing's oldest political party. With Mr. De Meo, its adviser, it is striving for continued success. Green and White's accom- plishments include the inauguration of music in the lunchrooms and free G.O. buttons. Before rally time, there is much varied activity taking place. After many hours of planning, the skit for the rally is presented. Last term, the theme of the skit was "Santa,s Workshop.,, Starring as Santa Claus was Bart Gabrielli, who did a terrific job. Other members of Green and White portrayed dolls and wooden soldiers. Before the day of pre- sentation, props and costumes had to be designed and posters had to be put up on the walls. Candi- dates had to write and memorize their speeches. It takes a lot of interested people and a lot of tenacious work to have a successful rally. Each term the cycle is repeated with numerous new faces added. Last term, the work of Green and White was re- warded when all four of her candidates won posi- tions as G.O. officers. Through working with Green and White, students -acquire a spirit of cooperation by working towards a common goal. This spirit is helpful to all in later life. S ilver-B lue Chairman JUDY KAHAN Adviser Ma. Cotnnizac La-ft lo Right: First Row: S. Lampert, A. Zaffos, C. Finkel- stein. J. Schneider, Mr. Goldberg. R. Clazcr, B. Bleifer, J. Williams, A. Ebner Ser-and Row: R. Spar, R. Edelman, M. Jacoby, S. Yagoda C. Gordon, R, Zinnner, E. Raab, H. Rauch, M. Slutzky, F. Sharpe. S. Anolick, J. Eisenberg, B. Sinowitz, S. Soriano B. Beeber, A. Edelman The Silver-Blue party has been in existence since our second term in Flushing High School. It was formed to succeed the dying Red, White and Blue party and it is still growing. There are about two hundred active students in the party and there are many opportunities for them to participate in the work. There is a skit committee, a poster committee, a publicity com- mittee, a platform committee, and a booster com- mittee, each under the direction of a chairman. Finally, the chairman of the Silver-Blue party co- ordinates all these activities into the large show seen by F.H.S. during rally week. The rallies are presented with a main theme which last term was a quiz program combining "What,s My Line?,' and Masquerade Party. Over its relatively short time in existence, eight candidates for the various political ofiices have tri- umphed at the polls. In the Fall of 1954, Bob Cook, one of our outstanding seniors. was elected vice- president. Left to Right: First Row: A. Stern, A. Adler, N. Kidd, J. Kahan, Mr. Goldberg, M. Anderson, J. Arkin, J. Rosen- zweig, E. Anderson Second Row: J. Kiernan, M. Goldman, J. Schmerer, Z. Polesny, C. Apelsin, M. Miller, E. Spitz, B. Fishlin, M. Munzer, N. Kahan, J. Schneider, S. Grignon, M. Lowenstein, M. Lipton, J. Steinfeld Senior Council President DAm.i:Ni: CITCCINELLO Adviser Mas. PHALI-IN Left to Right: First Row: R. Schrader, J. Kratchman, D. Cuccincllo, l. Phalcn. C. Queenville, M. Wallack, J. Esanu. Second Row: A Joseph, S. Shelowitz, A. Howard, B. Tiska, M. Cleland, F. Brofman. J. Newman, S. Rapp, T. Martakis, R. Anderson, R. Ross, J. Greendonner One of the most popular of all organizations with seniors is the Senior Council. This group, made up of representatives from each senior section, meets, on the average, twice a week to plan senior activities and festivities. With the aid of Mrs. Phalen, topics such as senior dues, the wearing of caps and gowns at graduation, the date and location of the prom, and other interests are discussed. Most of them are then voted upon by the senior sections. Service League l'rcsir1vn! Srzvmolin Mimsxom-' Aflriscr Mas. Blckrznrow Lcff ln Right: First Row: B. Sinowitz. B. Hagen, F. Sharpe. I.. Ifhrhorn. S. Greenberg. M. Stanton. C. Woll. L. Della Croce Scronfl Row: C. Bickerton. L. Young. M. Ternay, H. Lachen- nmyr. J. Munzer. M. Geller. A. Ebncr. C. Meier, B. Tokar. I. Bazcr. R. Cordon, S. Mauskopf lmfl Io Riglnf: Firsl Row: J. Newman. S. Crignon. F. Ilrof- man. If. Anderson. C. llickerlon. S. Mauskopf. B. Ey. J. Lares Sw-oml Row: J. Newman. N. Kidd, D. Breiner, M. Goldman. I. Busse. A. Eisenberg, I.. Kinstler. A. Adler Our student government would be unable to exist if it were not for the work carried on by the Board of Elections. This organization, headed this year by Natalie Kahan as chairman and Judy In- gram as secretary. is responsible for the holding of all school elections. These include all elections pertaining to C.0. oflicers and G.O. and Service League representatives. Perhaps the most popular election of this year was the one that determined the "Ml: and Miss Rhythm" of the "Rockin Rollw dance. Of special interest to seniors is the fact that the Board of Elections holds the election of senior oflicers. 14 The Service League, under the direction of Mrs. llickerton. is an organization composed of those students who render voluntary school service and who handle the service record cards. All students in each section elect a representative to the Service League Council. The Service League Council in turn elects the oflicers of the Service League. This year they are: President. Seymour Mauskopf: Vice-presi- dent. Judy lngramg Secretary, Barbara Ply: C.0. Council Representative, Eleanor Anderson: Student Tribunal Representative. Faith Brofman. At Council meetings any important issues concerning the Service League are discussed and voted upon. The Service Leagueis principal function is to handle the service record cards. on which credit for all school service is entered. These cards are dis- tributed once a term to the students for the collec- tion of service credit. Three awards are offered for various amounts of service credit. Each council representative is responsible for the distribution and collection of the service cards in his section. The Service League is thus one of the school's most im- portant organizations. Board of Elections Left to Right: First Row: J. Rosenzweig. T. Martakis. If Spitz, N. Kahan. J. Ingram. M. Munzer. J. Newman. .I Soriano Second Row: T. Schwartzman. Mrs. Pettigrew. R. Barnes A. Stern, E. Bimberg, M. Miller. C. Lederman. M. Ander son, J. Schneider. A. Eisenberg. L. Marko. C. De Fina K. Thompson 'llhe main governing body of Flushing High Schoolls student body is the 0.0. Assembly. This organization is composed of a representative from each section. 'llllf' 0.0. Assembly has a number of important functions. lt discusses and votes on all important resolutions submitted to it or brought up during meetings. lt also has the job of appropriating money to all activities and subsidiary groups of the C.0. It has the power to change or even scrap the con- stitutions of the various subsidiary organizations. Two members of the 0.0. Assembly are elected by that body to the Student Tribunal. jeffrey Steinfeld and Helen Driscoll were the successful candidates for the Fall term. loc Kicrnan and Linda Destefanis represented the 0.0. Assembly for the Spring term. 0ne of the year's most vital issues, the contro- versy over whether oflicers of the school's organiza- tions should hold oflice for a year or for a term. as they have done in the past. was discussed by the 0.0. Assembly last term in a meeting that included representatives from all school organizations. Many provocative opinions were expressed by both sides, but no vote was taken. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the C.0. Assembly's decision on this matter. Biology Lab Squad Left fo Right: First Row: J. Kahan, M. Slutzky, Miss Binge-r, T. Semon, K. Kaletchitz Second Row: J. Steinfeld. B. Beeher, M. Jacoby, L. Franklin, L. Be-rmas. B. Cohen, C. Buhr, D. Rose, D. Nuetznan, M. Lipton G.0. Assembly President Crum' Cmfnivu-:Y Adviser Mus. Pizrrlcin-:w Lvfz lo Right: First Row: R. Socol. I.. Rice. R. Feinstein D. Glatzer, Mrs, Pettigrew, A. Fenn, S. Anolick, E. Bloch J. De Meo Second Row: M. Jacoby. C. Radom. Il. Rauch, J. Levy C. Yob. M. Napoleone, D. Zimand. M. Hart, O. Lo Margo R. Tytleman, C. Cordon, J. Munzer, S. Spitz, M. Schemer Left to Right: First Row: C. Apelsin, J. Newman, G. Crump- ley. D. Olsen. G. Hackett, A. Manyas. J. Bergkvist, C Sofronas Second Row: C. De Fina. R. Clazer. M, Sederberg, S We-iss. I.. De-stefanis. J. Scola. M. Pearsall. li. Kohlase, T. Wiske-mann. M. Slutzky, M. Gonzalez. J. Kiernan The Biology Lab Squad is a vital service organ of the school. Its members assist Miss Binger, the Biology Lab Assistant, in distributing to all the teachers of biology the materials which make classes so much more interesting. Anyone who has ever taken a course in General Science or Biology has benefited from the diligent work of the mem- bers of this squad. We are grateful to them for their service and hope they will continue to be as indus- trious in the years to come. 15 s s Q s Arista Lvl! In Right: First Row: M, Zittel. E. 0'Connor. B. Bleifer, Boy Leader DONALD WI-II Miss Spiro. J. Keller. D. Adams. li. Rr-do Girl Leader SARAH RAW Svronrl Rurc: J. Sleinfeld, E. Anderson. J. Coldmeer, R. Allvi-SPF MISS SPIRO Primics. J. Kahan. A. Elmer. ti. MHl'iH6ll0- 5- MCYCTUIS- Left to Right: First Row: B. Ey, S. Grignon. S. Rapp. Miss lf. Sonntag. A, Solomon, B. Savino, J. Scola. H. Driscoll. Spiro. D- Wei. R, Anlgnacghip' S. Wy-iss A- Svhig- ll- Ktthll Seeond Row: A. Sherwood, S. Mauskopf. D. Cries, M. Arista is the school's honor society. The three qualifications for membership are scholarship, serv- ice, and character. Students from terms five to eight who have an average of ninety per cent or over. and at least five service points are eligible to join Arista. They must also be approved hy every teacher. At the induction assemhly last Fall thirty-three students were made members. Meetings are held every second and fourth Thursday. One important activity last term was the tea for Judge Colden given under the auspices of Arista. The chief duty of Arista is to tutor those who ask for aid. The tutoring committee handles all requests. and special rooms have heen set aside each period for tutoring. Recently. Arista has been receiving an overwhelming numher of requests and is working overtime to fulfill them. l6 Jacohi, D. Cuccinello, F. Brofman, A. Adler, N. Kahn, L. Marko. M. Sederherg, Z. Polesny. T. Schwartzman, M. Leiho- mitz, M. Lowenstein. R. Anderson Student Tribunal Chief Justice ARNOLD Sminwoon Adviser Mas. PETTIGRI-IW Left to Right: First Row: A. Sherwood. F. Brofman Second Row: N. Kahan. L. De-stefanis, J. Kiernan, M. Seder- berg The Student Tribunal is Flushing's student court which tries delinquent students and regulates G.O. rallies and elections. It has six justicesg one from Service League, Board of Elections and Aristag two from the G.O. Assembly and a principal's ap- pointee. The Bailiff is from the Board of Elections. , .-----.T-.im-fr--wi'-f vv 1- Leaders 'lIl!lC'WUY " "WV Q -'vsfr,--r-- --v-v-nr--v:v-gppqq-:vw-1 ,, Left to Right: First Row: U. Faltin, S. Rapp, J. Kardos, B. Wiesen, M. McAleer, D. Cuccinello, R. Maneri, C. Coerz, G. Massarella Second Row: J. Pesut, E. Nickelsen, J. Yovino, C. Jurko wich, C. Rizzo, N. Garcia, G. Berchielli, C. King, N. Brown Y M. Descetto, A. Savino, J. Carter, D. Zemmermann, C. Leinwand Cheering Squad Left to Right: First Row: M. Gabrielle, D. Olsen, R. Schrader, captaing E. Landi, co-captaing C. Gulden, D. Adams Second Row: J. Kratchman, L. Marko, H. Driscoll, J. Scola, J. Behan, B. Savino, V. Pioli Flushing's cheering squad consists of 14 girls who cheer our teams at games at home or away. With their wonderful spirit, they keep the teams' morale high. At the cheering squad try-outs, girls from fifth term or over are eligible. They are picked for their athletic ability and good looks. Last term a new class, the Leaders class, was started by Miss McAleer. Its purpose is to train girls to assist teachers in the regular gym classes. This class is open to girls in any term who are interested in extra gym work. Under the excellent direction of Miss McAleer and Miss Berchielli, the Leaders class meets twice a week for two periods. This replaces the regular gym period for the Leaders. The Leaders will be distinguished from other stu- dents by their blue gym suits with large orange "L"s on these uniforms. The gym teachers can rely on these girls to demonstrate their ability to the class and thereby help other students acquire this knowledge. In this class, the girls get the opportunity to do what would ordinarily be impossible to do in a regular gym class because of its large size. The girls play basketball, volleyball, badminton and other extra sports. Some of the girls recently passed a written volleyball ofhcial's test. If they pass the practical test given in the Spring, they will be quali- fied as official referees. Not only can these girls referee volleyball, but they can play it well. This was proven when the Leaders' team triumphed in the inter-class tournament. Thus by aiding the teachers and practicing the cooperation they learn through sports, the Leaders have proved to be a great asset to our school. Orchestra Left lo Riglzl: First Row: M. Veglia, S. Blumstein. N. Bnhl. J. Coldmeer, B. Cowitt. M. Hayes Sf'l'0IlI1 Row: ll. Dvorsky, li, Goldman, ll. lleeher. H. Mel- nikofl. II, Lorenlzcn, W. Charlip, R. Sylvester. Nl. Burchette The orchestra, under the direction of Mrs. Piedra. has hecome one of the school's most important artistic organizations. This group is divided into two sections, the junior and the Senior Orchestras. The main function of the ,lunior Orchestra is to train promising but inexperienced student instrumentalists in orchestral playing. The Senior Orchestra is the principal performing division of this organization and is made up of more seasoned musicians. This group plays at all of the important scholastic functions. including assemblies. special concerts. such as the annual Spring Concert. and at graduation exercises, where they perform the processional and recessional marches. We wish this hard working group continued growth and prosperity in the dissemination of happiness through the medium of music. M imeo Squad One of the least known though most vital of service groups is the Mimeograph Squad. under Mr. lleimeris direction. Most administrative notices are mimeographed by these hard working printers. They also aid the school's departments by printing necessary material for them. 18 , -qu-qw-v - --v H---n-vw .-rv", Junior and Senior Choruses JUNIOR CHORUS SENIOR CHORUS Left to Right: First Row: E. Nickelsen, Y. Platt, J. De Meo, Left to Right: First Row: M. Kritz, R. Maneri, J. Payton, J. Furie, Miss Miller, M. Aufmuth, J. Santoro, B. Lux Miss Miller, L. Ehrhorn, M. Link, M. Widelock Second Row: N. Wilson, N. Garcia, A. Moller, H. Lachen- Second Row: C. Wardell, D. Albrecht, Y. Wilson, J. An- mayr, J. Videll, P. Canale, M. Wilson, A. Silverstein, C. derson, R. Gubbins, A. Greenspan, D. Murphy, A. Pagano McQuade, O. LaMagro, L. Feldman, E. Preston, B. Knesz L. Dillon, R. Semple SENIOR CHORUS President J on PAYTON Adviser Miss MILLER The Junior Chorus consists of girls in all terms who enjoy singing and have some musical ability. Under the excellent direction of Miss Miller the chorus performs at commencements and other special events during the school year. This term the chorus was featured at a special program honoring Judge Colden, and at the school's Spring Concert. The girls are given a chance to discover their musical talents and many former members have been given wonderful opportunities in the musical world. Students from terms five to eight may belong to the Senior Chorus, which is also under the direction of Miss Miller. Besides participating in activities with the Junior Chorus, members having outstanding voices sing with the All City High Chorus. The two choruses are certainly a credit to Miss Miller and the Music Department of the School. They give boys and girls with talent a chance to perform at many school assemblies, to the enjoyment of all. We always look forward to their appear- ances at the annual Christmas show and at the G.O. rallies. Flushing is fortunate that so many students are interested in good music so that they may bring us songs that have been favorites through the years. The Forum The Folio is Flushing's semiannual literary and art magazine. Students with any creative or artistic ability are urged to oller their contributions, and thi- In-st are st-lei-ted for publication by the Folio stall and their adviser. Mr. Goldberg. This term thc Folio is having something new. a short story contest. 'libc winning story will be chosen by the Folio stall. and will be published on a special page in thc Folio. l.ast term the Folio was an outstanding success. and more than 2600 were bought. An overwhelming number of manuscripts was also con- tributed. and many have been kept for possible future publication. This magazine has enjoyed con- tinued popularity because it presents a collection of the best student efforts. which everybody enjoys reading. 20 Editor Lwm Diprrizmxls Advisor Mus. Cmms Left to Right: First Row: A. Leiberman. R. Zimmer, J. Kahan. F. Brofman, R. Antonacchio Second Row: J. Scola. J. Klein, J, Munzer. H. Sinonitz, ll. Driscoll Left io Right: First Row: A. Adler, Nl. Slutzky, M. Munzer, L. Destefanis. I.. Marko. J. Soriano, N. Bold Second Row: J. Keller, M. Lowenstein, B. Hleifcr. M. Gold- man. J. Schmerer, G. Suria, J. Goldmcer. J. Ilier. E. Bim- berg, S. Weiss. J. Rose-nzwseig. A. Edelman. J. Williams, B. Cook, li. Fishlin lfverybody is acquainted with the "Forum," Flushing Highs popular school newspaper. It is usually an eight page paper. published three or four times each term. News items of general interest. feature columns, sports write-ups. and humorous anecdotes, are a few of the attractions that make the Forum so widely read by the student body. It is supported mainly by the C.O., and C.0. members receive it at no extra cost. Since it is not for sale. receiving the Forum is one of the main advantages of joining the G.O. Our newspaper has a circulation of over two thousand, and a staff of more than fifty. which operates under the leadership of Mrs. Claus and the co-editors. The Forum brings us all the news as quickly as possible in a fast. breezy. style. Folio Editor NIICHAI-IL LIPTUN Adviser Mn. CoLnixi:nc Lf-ft to Right: First Row: Z. Polesny, S. Weiss. L. Marko, Mr. Goldberg, M. Lipton, E. Bimberg, J. Shultheis Second Row: J. Ste-infeld, S. Mauskopf, C. Ruhr, M. Seder- berg, H. Blutinger, A. Adler, B. Fishlin, C. Reisman, M. Lowenstein. 3. Tenenbaum, A. Sherwood v - ,.,, ...- The Gargoyle Left to Right: First Row, J. Kiernan, S. Mauskopf, M. Sederberg. R. Antonacchio, F. Brofman, Mrs. Sherry, A Adler, S. Rapp, P. Braunstein, A. Sherwood, D. Wei Second Row: J. Greendonner, M. Lipton, S. Tenenhaum, T. Martakis, S. Weiss, J. Schneider, E. Spitz, E. Bimberg B. Ey, S. Grignon, C. De Fina, J. Schmerer, M. Lowenstein: A. Howard Editor -- ANN ADLER Associate Editors-JUDY KAHAN, ANDREA SOLOMON Adviser - MRS. GLADYS SHERRY Business Adviser - MISS KILLELEA LITERARY STAFF R. Antonacchio, Editor, S. Mauskopf, Editorg J. Kiernan, R. Anderson, S. Grignon, B. Braxton ART STAFF M. Sederberg, Editor, A Howard, E. Spitz, S. Weiss PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF J. Kiernan, Editor, M. Lowenstein, Editorg S. Sutter SECRETARIAL STAFF S. Rapp, F. Brofman, Editorsg J. Howard, D. Anderson, P. Anderson, J. Pesut, A. Eisenberg, H. Muller QUOTATIONS STAFF J. Lovejoy, Editor, N. Koch, A. Howard, M. Lipton, Schmerer, S. Grignon, T. Martakis, J. Greendonner, Benjamin, P. Lambert BALLOTS 81 BIOGRAPHIES .I B M. Jacobi, Editorg T. Martakis, J. Schneider. A. Fels, B Fels, B. Ey, T. Smith, N. Kahan BUSINESS STAFF D. Wei, Editor, E. Grube, R. Anderson, B. Lowenthal, Lowenstein, S. Tenenbaum, V. Modezleski, J. Lovejoy, Maione, D. Zaluski . ADVERTISING STAFF A. Sherwood, P. Braunstein, Editorsg E. Bimberg, A. Fels, F. Bryan, J. DeFina, S. Tenenbaum. J. Scola, H. Pappas, A. Lieberman, J. Riker, S. Etlinger, D. Adams, C. Apelsin, B. Ephraim M C 21 N, mm -I "4" , '.:,- ,xi 2 I' ' 'HR' wX,'!:V f' f... 5 41" iw: S wr-1 ' , , A l N I R . I ,V 5,45 .wb QM f ,ti ..f f M ,R -'...M - 4 " "' 4. 1' f ' P 'inf w 5 f' -'R i' ' QM MM-X Q - M Y. I 5:2 ' 'A L ' X' 3' 1 'Q ' 1 1' l ' 1 'ir K. 5? B ,H 'gt' J A' K ,. R f-AQTQMQQ-11 L ' " . . X I Q . Q h e ' Q 'Fix VfX,31fY'mf2w ff K Xkig,.5g3f4q',g5,ig351x 43 .. A V , , s . X ' - 'F ' 'Sf 2 as , 591 f " N 5 I -.vw -. ,A 3 , 'f' ' , ix X in tif' ip: m ul ,f v , z " - -L' .1 'fb 46 ' ' 'LAS ' M H5 A . l -.1 ,HV 5 X' fx M I - .Q 1 ' Y ' W 1. . f M ,. gf 1 - 5: ..'j gg,i Q I A: ' H . I :fi-I-,V A-M-A J - Vw 1 '1'F ,- F A j'x1igg7kgIigfisiR5g :-, .I f . Q A N"f5'772 is fi Q.: ' 4 ., ', 'Q' b. ' J K K HAH .xx ' .VN Ig I t 5 , .- ' G 'M x..., vffm' . if Q ' ,kk 4 .u vm . ,X 1' . W w '4 sn., - , P ..g,,,,,- ., l - ...,.-h...........-... Q 5. fi 5 -ow. v V ff 1 'fe- ln. P -MF . Q has 1- - . Tix' N i 1 .- I 6. Sis The Football Team Captain FRANK MAMBUCA Coach MR. BALITSOS Left to Right: First Row: J. Payton. N. Diomede, D. Comel. F. Mambuca. R. Palladino. A. Robinson, H. Norman. J. Termo Second Row: M. Foxson. D. Albrecht, M. Lassman. C. Khouhesserian. J. Schmerer, V. Rumore, R. Miranda. A. Howard, J. Adams. P. Sammon, M. Schreiner Every school has its fighters and our school was no exception during the past year. Our football team, under the direction of Mr. Balitsos, proudly displayed the school colors and proved that the title of "Red Devils" was well deserved by placing first among the high school football of our borough with a borough record of four games won and none lost. The team thus earned the triumphant title of "Queens Champs." Out of seven games played throughout the city, our team was victorious in five. Much of the success of the team can be attributed to the fact that most of the players were on last year's team. In order to attain their splendid record, the team did a great deal of sliding through the mud in scrimmiages in a succession of rainy and muddy playing fields. Victory. the keynote of the season, was first sounded in our opening game which started the season exuberantly when we romped Curtis to the score of 19-7. Frank Mambuca was the team's spearhead. for he made the first touchdown of the game, but his efforts were ably supported by two touchdowns of Pape Lukk and Ralph Palla- dino. With last year's defeat by this school avenged, we were ready for more games and victories. Tile team's luck faded slightly when we lost to Dewitt Clinton, l3-0. This loss was more than made up for in our third game in which we edged out Taft by one touchdown, the score being 18-13. We dropped the fourth game of the season to Monroe by a very slim margin, the score this time being 26-19. After this game, however, our winning streak began in earnest and was to continue uninterrupted to the end of the season. Our football team trounced Far Rockaway, 13-6. Palladino and Mambuca continued their great football record by scoring one touchdown apiece in this game. One week later on November 12, the team triumphed over Evander Childs to the score of 19-12. This game saw brilliant playing by Joe Payton, who scored two of our three touchdowns, the third one having been made by Mambuca. After a 12-12 deadlock at the end of the first half, Payton came up with a magnificent dash around the left end for a touchdown that broke the tie of the first half and helped to win the game for us. Excellent offensive playing was displayed by Lukk, Palladino, and Albrecht, as well as fine defensive playing by Bill Croene, in this game. This game continued our winning streak and put us on the doorstep to the title of 'iQueens Champs." Our scheduled game with Stuyvesant was postponed twice and it finally became necessary to cancel it altogether. Thanksgiving Day certainly gave us plenty of reason to be grateful, for it was on that day that the final game of the season was played and it proved to be a fitting end and climax for the football season. Our team smashed Adams to the score of 14--0. Frank Mambuca gave a truly brilliant exhibition of a field play by intercepting a pass on his own forty yard line and, cleverly evading many of Adams' tacklers, ran all the way down the field to score a touchdown. Another touchdown was scored by Palladino in this game while Adams was held scoreless. Thus ended a truly great season for the "Red Devils" and for Flushing. Among the many heartening results of the fine football played this season was the fact that a number of our players were honored in various ways for their good work. Palladino was honored at a dinner sponsored by the Boys' League honoring the P.S.A.L. Player of the Week because of his brilliant performance in the Adams game. Frank Mambuca was the highest scorer in Queens for the season. In connection with this, we are most happy to announce that both he and Don Albrecht were awarded scholarships to Dayton College in Ohio because of their outstanding athletic records. Don Albrecht also made the 'gAll City Teamw sponsored by the N. Y. Journal American. Thus, our football season was a jubilant, victorious one, to be envied by any school. We wish equal success to next year's team and the best of luck to those that made this year's glorious victories possible. Nov. 15 Jamaica lost 163-481 Home Nov. 23 Jamaica lost 161-531 Away Nov. 29 F. K. Lane lost 166-4-91 Away Regular Season Dec 2 Cleveland lost 146-431 Home Overtime Dec. Bayside- won 161-481 Away Dec. L. l. City lost 153-511 Away Overtime Dec. Newton won 155-501 Away Jan. 5 Bryant won 169-421 Home Jan. Forest Hills won 146-421 Home Jan. Edison won 165-421 Away Feb. Cleveland won 149-4-61 Away Feb. Bayside won 142-401 Home Feb 1.. l. City lost 142-411 Home Feb. Newton won 150-391 Home Feb. Bryant lost 145-381 Away Feb Forest Hills lost 184--581 Away Feb Edison won 160-591 Home The Basketball Team Co-Captains Bos MoLFErTA RANDY EDELMAN Coach MR. JENSEN Left to Right: Standing: R. Cook, D. Albrecht, W. Groene, R. Serrett, K. Mar- carthy, A. Lonks, J. Prudenti, Coach Jensen. Kneeling: R. Remhild, P. Baron R. Molfetta, A. Edelman, L. Spellins, T. Skinner At the beginning of the year is was generally felt that the 1955-56 season would be a good one. There was the talented sophomore, Andy Edelman, and the aggressive playmaker, Bob Molfetta, to be the nucleus around which the team could be built. The tryouts were held and after careful scrutinization, a thirteen man squad was picked containing four seniors. The team started to train and practice games were played with other schools. Flushing was first tested in a practice game with Jamaica, last year's P.S.A.l... champs. This was the first game played in the new gym. We lost the game 63-48, but it proved that the team could function smoothly as a unit and the talented junior, Rudy Serrett, established himself as the regular center. After final warmups with Jamaica and Franklin K. Lane, Flushing opened the season with Cleveland in our own gym. Rudy Serrett, Ken McCarthy, Tony Skinner and the two backcourt men, Bob Molfetta and Andy Edelman were the starting five. This game was one of many thrills. With only a minute or so left, Flushing went out in front by two points on a layup by Edelman only to lose to Cleveland 4-6-43 in overtime seconds. 26 In Bayside, with the return of Don Albrecht, the only senior on the first team, into the lineup, Flushing won its first league game by the score of 61-48. Pete Baron, Larry Spellins and Bill Croene proved to be able substitutes for the five starters. After another overtime defeat to Long lsland City, Flushing triumphed over Newtown and Bryant High Schools, 55-50 and 69-42, respectively. By the latter part of the first half, Edelman had distinguished himself on ball handling and control, Molfetta had shown a remarkable ability to play a very fast and aggressive game, Rudy Serrett led the team with T0 points, McCarthy had shown some outstanding rebounding, and late starter Don Albrecht had proven himself to be the solid, dependable ball player that he was last year. After we had beaten Bryant, largely due, incidentally, to Rudy Serrettis compiling 19 points, there were whispers of P.S.A.L. playoff games at the Garden in March. Flushing had by this time jelled into a fine offensive and defensive team. The whispers grew to shouts when Flushing defeated Forest Hills, then the leading contender in our division. 46-42. Serrett led the way with 19 points. Flushing ended the first half of the season with a 65-42 win over Edison in which Tony Skinner scored 12 points. We entered the second half of the season with very high hopes. ln the first game, the 'flied Devils" defeated Cleveland 49-46 and then four days later played a thriller with Bayside at our home court. We trailed throughout most of the game, and the final winning score in our favor, 42-40, was hard-earned by us. Flushing next played Long Island City, unbeaten in regular competition against us. The game closely paralleled the previous Bayside game in that we trailed for most of the game and in the late stages tried to surge ahead. However L.l.'C. won by a one point margin, 42-41. We crushed Newtown for the second time and played Bryant in a night game. Bryant won, and we knew that our last chance would be against Forest Hills. Our team, lacking Rudy Serrett, was defeated. ln the closing game of the season against an improved Edison squad, all the seniors played their last game which we won 60-59. John Prudenti, a senior, gave a fine performance that netted 15 points. Thus Flushing ended the 1955- 1956 season tied for fourth place in the league with a 9-5 record. Also this season, Flushing played in the new school gym for the first time, the talented junior, Bob Molfetta, made an amazing 18 out of 19 foul shots in the first halfg a Junior Varsity team was again formed. It was indeed a most exciting season and we can surely hope for the very best in the years to come. INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORDS Rudy Serrott 160 Bob Molfetta 152 Andy Edleman 149 Don Albrecht 125 Ken McCarthy 44 ,lohn Prudenti 34 Tony Skinner 25 Bill Groene 14 Pete Barron 8 Bob Cook 3 Track The track team participated in ten meets, five indoor and the rest cross-country. Grady Crumply proved again to be the team's star and one of the city's finest track stars. He placed first in two cross- country races, won medals in the Bishop Loughlin and Cardinal Hayes meets, and came in first in the P.S.A.L. Cross-Country meet, covering himself and his school with glory. Bowling Mr. Larsen's bowling team, unfortunately, did not have too favorable a season this semester. This was not due to a lack of good material, for all the team members had fine averages and Peter Priore managed to attain an overall average of 155. Al- though the team won a few preliminary games, it didn't win any matches. 28 Left to Right: First Row: J. Rosenthal, J. Anderson, Mr Harras, G. Scalone, R. Bruning Second Row: D. Winston, J. Holub, M. Siegell, C. Mintz, B. Hopkins, I. Radziminsky, V. Pollina, B. O'Connor, A Phipps Left to Right, First Row: A. Rocker, R. Lander, R. Steg- maier, Mr. Harras, J. Gentile, W. Wilson, H. Sanford. Second Row: J. Dilorenzo, L. Grant, M. Nevfeld, J. Raymond, L. Mack, A. Clavas, E. Rizzott, G. Crumpley Baseball The baseball team of last season was able to make a good showing at the end of last term. With Mr. Levitz as coach and Eddie Pilone as captain, the team won all of its practice games and managed to finish with a .500 average of games won, thus finishing third in Queens. Handball Handball has become one of Flushing High Schoolis popular non-spectator sports despite its re- cent inception in the Spring of 1953. Under the guidance of Dr. Kirsch, the team played ten matches, each consisting of three singles and two doubles, against Forest Hills, Bayside, Newtown and L.I.C., triumphing over L.I.C. With experienced seniors, Dr. Kirsch hopes for a good season this year. Class History f Continued from page 11 I In our sophomore year we were still going home when the sun went down. Some of us had just come from junior high school, and although we felt strange at first, we soon joined the happy "Brotherhood of students of Flushing High School." We had more of a choice in subjects, we began harassing our grade advisers. Many of us had classes or service during the morning session but we had no lunch period. We managed to wolf a complete lunch during the hectic twelve minutes between sessions, though. If you can remember the old lunchroom, you recall how crowded it was with a regular lunch class, besides people like us who sneaked in to avoid starvation. We joined many activities that we had only heard about as freshmen. Since we were still on afternoon session, and most of the activities met in the afternoon, our participation was curtailed a bit. Junior Green and White and the afternoon branch of the Silver-Blue Party received our enthusiastic support. Many sophomore girls joined Boosters, a newly organized cheering section to boost school spirit and spur our teams on to victory. Although we had a disappointing football season, we had an exceptional basketball team again. By now workmen were a common sight around the campus, but the progress of the new wing was carefully hidden from our curious eyes by the high walls and strictly forbidden" signs around the construction work. Once in a while we managed to be around when a workman opened one of the secret doors, and we got a peek at the interior of our soon-to-be completed annex. Towards the end of our sophomore year we began preparing to take that inevi- table plunge-our first regents examinations. We had heard so many rumors concern- ing these mysterious three hour exams that we didn't know what to expect. After cramming all night, we finally dragged our weary bodies into class on the fateful day and we became acquainted with really hard tests. In our junior year Flushing High's fondest dream finally came true. We returned to find a new wing making Flushing twice as big as it previously had been, and the whole school on a single session from nine to three. Now the freshmen could not be told apart from the rest of us, because nobody knew where anything was. To add to the general confusion, equipment was missing, stairs and floors had not yet been built, and workmen were running around the building with precariously situated ladders, tools and cans of paint. Since there were so many students, one-way traffic in halls and on stairways was inaugurated, which really mixed everybody up, because everyone was determined to go the shortest way, regardless of what the sign said. Our new lunchroom resembled a vast buffet. Tables and chairs had not yet arrived. There we sat, balancing a container of milk and a sandwich in one hand, and doing homework with the other. Books, clothing, food and milk were sprawled all over the floor. Latecomers finding all the chairs taken, either "borrowed" one from some careless person, or shared the floor. There was at least one good fight a day over a chair. With the arrivals of tables and hot lunches the lunchroom once more regained some semblance of order. Our new public address system was put into use, and we found a big, beautiful library where the old gym used to be. To the girls' dismay, lockers were finally installed in the girls' gym and once again we had to change into our gym suits. We quickly became settled in our new routine, however, and soon the new wing became just as much a part of Flushing to us as our old building. fC,,,,,i,,,,e,1 gn page 571 H 29 4? " ci. cou 6 V i- ,f111Jw41Q, fiflff' 52126 - T mary, 'C-ff fm LlKEL 'rqi S4 QL 21741, flwfitlftfn 514 ,LQQQLUJL f'N I I 1' 4 V wr" f f 'fwf '7?f2l,fi'4f4f 'f'OZ.2f2s'LL with Mu .f - ,yQ, '1 f , INN . ...- e 1 V A. . N-if f ll ll s I , un 12325 HUT' P"--- f -1 15,1147 f' 'fx A' 5 45 A X? 1115" Z6 ff 'Amy I: Q V ,La I V A I qi '5 -wa., if 4 ,-QA!! 726' '71, 3013 .LL 21-gicli jggf,f41f,,,y Ijalgw, 7: nd ki I .-q,. Q J 5 HB ES Elf? Y QgggfiLzd7?70C,i'7'12do'a H ' Z ' X CLASS BALLGT VI S Af-lf? 54 Mrs. Kessler Mrs. Kessler has advised more than two hundred seniors whose last names lie- gin with letters lietween "An and "K.', She has had to arrange the programs of slu- dents of all scholastic' courses and, in every ease, she has planned programs to suit the individual requirements of each student. We shall always remember the thoughtful advice and the conscientious attention that she gave to all students. January Class Officers W President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer BARTHOLOMEW MADELINE ANN ROSEMARY GABRIELLI DAVIS PINT0 BERCKOVITS 52 MARTIN BAKALAR Wearing his wisdom lightly. fFr1'n.l Senior Connvil, G.0. GENICVIEVE RANDL A niwer girl you would not hnrl. fFren.l Teael1er's Aide, Patrol 'uni GEORGE BRENNAN illoilvsty lrerorrws a young man. lffreekl St-rvivv League, Patrol ARTIIIIR BRIER l"in4- manners show that a person with them is better than those without. ll2'ug.l 'Il1'lll'Il6I',S Aide, G.0. MADELINE DAVIS A smile is a light in the window of a fave whirh shows the heart is at home. ROSEMARY BERCKOVITZ Personal beauty is a greater reeornrnen dation than a letter of introrlurtion lCreeh'2 TCHFIICTIS Aide. G.O. Rep.. Senior Coun- cil, Red Cross Agent TERRI IIONDI A rheerlul countenance betokvns a good heart. lffhinesel G.0. Member NATALE IIONNANO Thou hast erouvzed us with a shield of thy good ufill. lLat.l TCHCIICTIS Aide. Patrol FLORENCE BIZIER Beautuv, brains and personality are a rarity. lFrenJ Ti-ache-r's Aide, Boosters it IIELEN BIICKEL She flies with her own wings. fLat.l Tc-avher's Aide. G.0. Rep. PATRICIA CAIN Ambition has no rest, lEng.l Teachefs Aide. G.O. ANNA CAMARDA Her ut-ry frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens are. llfng.l Junior Arista, Teacher's Aide, Green and White CHRISTINE COATES Thi- good are newer plentiful. lSpan.l G.0. Member ff MAIIREEN DONOHUE PATRICK DOWLING There is room in her heart for everyone. Give me a plare to stand and l will lEng.l move the earth. lGreelrl lAmfr.l Teaehefs Aide, G.0. Patrol, G.O. Vice President of Senior Class, Teach- er's Aide, Patrol, Senior Council JERRY DOORTY VITO EACONE I Happy am l, from rare l'm free! Why A person who is most acceptable RGSEANN PATRICIA DOLAN art'n't they all contented lilre me? lLat.l Truth ronquers all things. lLat,l lSpanJ Service League, G.0. TeaCher's Aide, ,Iunior Chorus G.0. Memlmer 33 PATRIIfIA EDER Life means progress and progress means suffering. lllutrhl Treztsurer of Senior Class, Arista. Teaeh- erl Aide, Green and White NICKI EISENIZERG lfonimon sense eonzhined with intelli- genre prorluee an altraetire personality. fl"ren.l Teueln-rk Aide. Service League. GO. Rep. Board of Eleetions, Silver-Blue VIRGINIA ELKER A eonstant friend. fFren.l Senior Council. Patrol LEWIS FACCHIN When he is superior in voice and dress, he puts all lightly and sueceeds easily. lEng.l 'l'eaeher's Aide. Senior Council, Orches- tra. Chorus, Silver-Blue SHEILA FARBER Her infelligenee. with her wit and hu- mor, are famed through the land. lEng.l Arista. Chef-ring Squad. Assoeiate Edi- tor of Forum. Teacher's Aide. Treasurer of CD. DIANE FARINA The mildest manners and the gentlest heart is the friend of all. fltalj Teac'her's Aide, White "F," Gargoyle, Folio Agent. Hi-Y NICHOLAS FERRIS He has enough who is eontent. fltal.l CO. Member SIYRON FIEDLER One, but that one u lion. lCreelrl Traek Team. Senior Council CHARLES FOCLE All sueeeeds with those who are eheer- ful. lFren.l ILO. Member AIICIISTIIS FRANZONI A quiet boy he isn't but a friendly one he is. fSpan.l C.0. Member BARTHOLOMEW CABRIELLI A merry heart doth good like a med- irine. lEng.l President of Senior Class, Orchestra, Teaeherk Aide. Tutor. Green and White MAXINE GASPIN She is the happiest, who depends upon herself and is entirely self-reliant. lLat.l Forum. 'I'eaeher's Aide, Folio Agent l DIANE CIACOPONELLO While I lrrealhe. I hope. fl,at.l TEHf'llfI'.S Aide. G.0. WILLIAM IZIANNONE lfndurunee is the erowning quality and patienee all the passion of great hearts. lLat.l Basketball Team. 0.0. 34 DONALD CAOLDFLAIVI While we live. let us live. fLatJ GD. Member JANET GROSSBACH In youth wisdom is rare, lCreelfl Arista, Teacher's Aide, Patrol, TutorA LEONORA GUARNERI The gallant thinks of herself last. lCer.l Arista, Board of Elections, Patrol, Tutor, Teachers Aide ROBERT .IARACZ Rare indeed is a good man. lLat.l History Club, Library Squad YALERIE .IARVIS lleuuty und understanding go rarely to- gf-ther. fCl'l'.l Arista. Teac'her's Aide. Tutor, Spanish Award, Fixture Nurses Club DOROTHY .IEDROWSKI Trffles make perfertion and perfeetion is no trifle. lltalj G.O. Member ARTHUR KING The spirit that never says "No." lCer.l Serviee League, Gargoyle Rep., Orch. IIANNA KISIEL Tlw fave is the image of the soul and the eyes are its interpreter. lLat.l G.O. Member MARKO MACALUSO Gently in manner, strongly in deed. ll,at.l Trark Team, G.O. ELIZABETH MCKEEVER Good breeding is the blossom of good sense. lEng.l Tearher's Aide. Gargoyle, Silver-Blue rl- 'SIS GENEVA .IENNINGS As merry as the day is long. fEng.l Teac-her's Aide, G.O. EILEEN JOHNSON A friend of the human race. lLat.l Teacherls Aide, G.O. JOSEPH KISSINGER Fortune favors the bold. lLat.l Library Squad, Biology Lab. Squad, Color Guard, .Iunior Chorus, Hi-Y BARBARA KLOSE Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart. lCer.l Junior Arista, Teacher's Aide, G.O. Rep., Board of Elections, Green and White 5571" BERNARD KENJESKY It is well to live that one may learn. lSpan.l G.O. Member GEORGE KILMER Knight without fear and without re- prnarh. lFren.l Library Squad, G.O. PATRICIA LAMBERT Beauty, wit and wisdom are rarely joined in one, but here you see a rarity. lEngJ G.O. Member WILLIAM LENAHAN On their own merits modest men are silent. lltal.l G.O. Member I HOWARD MITTMAN Great deeds need great preparations. lffreekl Teachers Aide, Track Team BARBARA OPINSKI Getting fun out of life. fFren.l G.O. Member WILLIAM STROM Everything well done or nothing at- ANN PINTO A cheerful temper if joined with in- nocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful and wit good na- tured fEng.l Teacher's Aide, G.O. Rep, Secretary of Senior Class, Silver-Blue, Hi-Y JOHN RAU A display of wit. fFren.l G.O. Member 4 ..- ARTHUR RUSSELL A faithful friend is the medicine of life. lCreekl Football Team, Baseball Team, G.O. RUTH SCHWARTZ Beauty and pride go hand in hand. lSpanJ Teacher's Aide, Patrol, G.O. Rep, Green and White RICHARD USEVICH The stronger always succeeds. lGfer.l THEODORE WAGNER A merry heart goes all the day. lEng.l tempted. lFren.l Teacher's Aide, Patrol, Library Squad, G.O. Member G.O. Member G.O. HELMUT WASSNER CONSUELO THOMAS GABRIEL VITALE A bold man is better in all things. Twinkling eyes that promise fun. Con- He marks-not that you won or lost- lCreekl stantly the delight of everyone. lDanishl but how you played the game. lEng.2 G.O. Member Senior Council, 'l'eacher's Aide, Green and White G.O. Member Camera Shy JAN FELSON PATRICK RENDA There's mischief in this fellow. lSpan.l Here is a man that acts like a man. G.O. Member CDanishl G,O, Member SHIRLEY WILLIAMS JUDITH KERR Mind cannot follow it nor words express Happiness in scholarship is hard to at- GEORGE ROTH her inhnite sweetness. lEngJ tain, but those who have it are a suc- A good friend is better than silver or Teache,-'S Aide' G'0' ross. fEng.l G.O. Member SIBBY LA MAGNA Orchestra, G.O. Member Rich in good works. lEngJ 36 gold. lDanishl G.O. Member JOSEPH TRENTACOSTI Ready for all things. fLatJ G.O. Member Mrs. Sherry i,, z Those of us whose last initials lie be- tween the letters "L" and "Z" have been guided through our high school career by Mrs. Sherry. The magnitude of her accom- plishment becomes apparent when we rea- lize that she has had to advise and select the courses of more than two hundred students. We shall always be indebted to her patience, efficiency and kindness that she has shown. June Class Officers 'in- President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer DARLENE J OAN CAROL MAURICE CUCCINELLO KRATCHMAN QUEENVILLE WALLACK ANN ADLER One u'ith music' in her soul will be most in lore with the loveliest. fLat.l Editor of Gargoyle, Forum Feature Stall, Arista, Silver Blue, Bd. of Elec- tions LIVCILLE ALT There is something in the smile of this girl that is like the shine of stars. lEng.l G.O. Member. Teacher's Aide, H. Ed. Oihee Aide. Bd. of BETTY BADER Friendship is the wine of life. fEng.l Teachers Aide. Patrol MICHAEL BAGGIO An alile rornpetitor, who gives his all to play well, flfngj Patrol. Football Team ALMA BARNES Where the willingness is great the dif- feulties cannot be great. fltalJ Bd. of Elections, G.O. Assembly, Green and White, Library Aide, Teacher's Aide ROSE BARNES Active, vigorous, willing. lScot.l Sec'ty. of Green and White, Bd. of Elec- tions, Teachf-r'a Aide, Patrol, Poster Committee of Green and White GUY ANASTASIO Humor is the harmony of the heart. llfrenchl G.O. Member MARGARET ANDERSON Softly .speak and sweetly smile. lSpan.l Chairman of Silver Blue, Candidate for Vice-President of the G.O., Forum Staff, Gargoyle Staff, Bd. of Elections fl l' RICHARD ANDERSON The hand that follows intelleet ran achieve. lltal.l Candidate for President of G.O., ,Ir. and Sr. Arista, Treas. of Sr. Arista, Senior Council, Silver Blue Party ROSEMARIE ANTONACCHIO A pleasing eountenanee is a sign of wisdom and truth. lSpan.l Jr. and Sr. Arista. Literary Editor of Gargoyle, Forum Reporter, Green and rd E ' MARTIN BAHNSEN A contented mind is a continual feast. fSpan.l G.O. Member, Boys' H.Ed. Ofhce Aide STEVEN BALIFF It is a rough roazl that leads to the heights of greatness, but you will ron- quer it. fEngJ Teachers Aide, Patrol, G.O. Assembly, Gym Secretary PETER BARON A man does not seek his luekg lurk seeks its mari. lTurlf.l Varsity Basketball Team, Member of Green and White KATHLEEN BARRON A girl of courage is also full of faith. lLat.l Green and White, Gargoyle Represent- ative, Teacher's Aide s ANN BALLNER Friendship is a sheltering tree. lEng.l Senior Orchestra, Green and White, Teacher's Aide, Entertainment for P.T.A., Circle F GEORGE BARGFREDE Keep true to the dreams of thy youth. lLat.l Service League, Football Team, Basket- ball Team, G.O. Member STANLEY BATEY Patience is the key of eontentment. lFren.l G.O. Member MAXINE BEIDES With open heart, with eanrlour. lFren.l Teachers Aide, G.O. Member The proper study of mankind is man. MARY LOU BELL The little eoquette, who ran abide with a julie, hut has her mintl .vet on one 0llff'I'fiI'1'. lFren.l G.O. Member .IUDITII BERESIIEIM With humor, one may Conquer life. ll,at.l Jr. Arista, Typist Aide, Lunchroom Squad GLORIA BENANCHIETTI A Cheerful friend is like a sunny day. lEngJ Teavher's Aide, G.O. Member BARBARA BENJAMIN The best of healers is good cheer. tEng.l G.O. Member A xi il ELLEN BI MBERG Rearling malfvtli a full person, ronfer- t-nre a ft'!lll.Y oneg and writing an exaet one. llfng.l Co-Editor of Folio, Gargoyle Staff. Fea- ture Staff of Forum, Jr. Arista, Bd. of Elections IIETTY BLAII If lrrioitflerlge is power, patienre is powerful. lEng.l Folio Agent, Dean! Olive Aide RHODA BLUM Beauty is the gift of Carl. lCreelfl G.O. Member, Orchestra CAROL BOEWIG No slight advantage is a pleasing roun- tenanve. lLat.l Teacher's Aide, G.O. Member I!I'fVl'IRI.Y BRAXTON Tlwy will rise highest who strive ,lor flu' highest plaee. lLal.l Gargoyle Stull, Service Aide, G. O. Member PATRICIA BRENNAN A liult- latly, quiet mul exreedingly helpful. lFren.l Member of Green and White, Service League, Tr-ucher's Aide BARBARA BREWSTER lfnjoying lrer own life without compar- ing it with that of another. ll"renJ Service Aide. G.O. Member RICHARD BRITT Man is a piere of the universe made alive. lEng.l llull Patrol, G.O. Member fi HOWARD BENNETT He will attain the unattainable. lLatJ Queens Council Representative of the G.O.. G.O. Assembly, Jazz Band, Senior Orchestra PATRICIA BETZ There is nothing that is more merito- rious than friendship. lEng.l G.O. Member, Jr. and Sr. Chorus, Teaehefs Aide DIANA BOLJEN A lovely young lady whose charm and intelligence gain for her all her wishes. lFren.l Library Squad, General Office Sect'y., G.O. Assembly I'Alll.A BRAUNSTEIN Surress romes to her who fainls not. lPort.l ,Ir. Arista, Folio Staff, Editor of Adver- tising Staff of Gargoyle, Forum Staff N' YILMA BREZINSKY The best ornaments of a woman are silenee anti morlesty. lllreelfl G.O. Member FAITH BROFMAN Nothing is dificult for the faithful. lLat.l Justice Clerk of the Student Tribunal, Jr. and Sr. Arista, Oilicer of Service League, Editor of Secretarial Statf of Gargoyle. Senior Council COLUMBUS BROWN lie silent and safe--silerrre never betrays wut. flrishl Senior Orchestra, Teaeber's Aide. G.O. Member WILLIAM BRUCE .4 gem! player: admired by all as 11 quiet and steady winner. lCer.l 11.0. Member .IUDITH CAMPBELL A speaking doll. lFren.l Library Squad. Dean of Girls' Sec'ty, tl.O. Member IRENE CANNON Short and sweet if we were to judge rt piere surely worth praise. lFrenJ C.O. Member JANET BRYANT The eternal feminine. fCreekl Advertising Staff of Gargoyle, G.O. Member LEOTA BURROWS As good-natured a soul as e'er trod on rz shoe of leather. fSpan.l Teaeher's Aide, Honor Roll, C.O. Mem- ber ANGELA CAPOZZI .4s joyous as the song of zz wren. fffngj C.O. Assembly, Library Squad, Attend- anee Office Aide. Teacher's Aide .IRAN CAPPELLO ln the end a good aerion is nfever lost. fl,at.l C.O. member PATRICIA BZDEWKA The greatest happiness of the greatest number. fltalJ Teaeber's Aide. G.O. Member DOLORES CAGGIANO The harvest song of inward penre. fEng.l Patrol. C.O. Member ANCELINA CARBUTTI Any load rheerfully borne bernmes light. lLat.l Member of Service League, Teaeber's Aide. 11.0. Member JOAN CARTER Cond silenee is rolled saintliness. lPort.l C.O. Member KAREN CASO ANCELINA CASTRO Beauty and a quirk mind combine here Peaee at any price. fLat.l to lnrm fl neeessary addition to any Teac-her's Aide, G.O. Member group of friends. fEng.l w Chemistry Lab. Ass't, Folio Staff, Teach- FMCHABD CASTURANI h pr-S Aide' Honor Roll' Credit Roll' bilenrj- is one great art of conversation. fling. NANCY CASSELL Bowling Team, Bowling League. C.O. On the wings ol song. fCer.l Member C.O. Member 40 HENRY CEELY He is very fond of a joke. fFren.l C.O. Member EUGENE CELENTANO lt Ls harmful to no one to have been silent. lLat.l C.O. Member .IOY CESSNA Tomorrow's life is too late so live today! lLat.l Library Squad, Teacher's Aide, C.O. Member CAROLE CHAPIN If you have simple beauty, you have about the best thing Cod invents. lEng.l Art staff of Folio, Leaders' Class, Dean of Boys' Aide, Campaign Manager LEWIS COHEN The serret of sureess is ronstancy to purpose. lEng.l Senior Chorus, Capt. of Patrol Squad. llonor Roll, Library Squad GAII, COLLURA 'Tis her good will, beauty and intelli- genve lhat made her so. lFren.l .I r. and Sr, Chorus, Forum Staff, Chem- istry Lab. Aide, Honor Roll. Teacher's Aide ROBERT COOK The only way to have n friend is to be onc. lflmerj Vice-President of the G.O., Officer of Queens Council G.0.. Member of Silver Blue, Basketball Team, Track Team BARRY COOPER Natural insight he has. fLatJ Lib. Squad, Forum staff, G.O. Member MICHAEL CHERTOFF The smallest of men are sometimes the world's greatest. lEng.l C.O. Member MARIANNA CIMINO Mine own familiar friend. lCreelfl Chemistry Lab. Sec'ty., Forum Staff, Member of Silver Blue, Bd. of Elections BARBARA CIRIGLIANO Good nature and good sense are always good eompanions. lEng.l Red Cross Agent. Folio Agent, Leaders' Class. Jr. and Sr. Chorus MARJORIE CLELAND Good nature and helpfulness all bring out, to the best advantage, the kindness of a truly humble person. lltal.l Senior Chorus, Folio Agent, Service Aide, Patrol, Senior Council JOAN CONRAD An omen of a better age. lLat.l Dean of Girls' Aide, Teacher's Aide, White F ANGELA CONSTANT Angels are painted to look like you. lEng.l G.O. Member .1 . Q - f f . , U if.: .M . fs, . ,H " :Q R is' "g,,p-3-...gf',.-Q X x i""K-1... -in dig' . xi .I 4 . GEORGE CONTOS The will to do, the soul Io lllll'l'. lEng.l C.O. Member .IUDITH COOK The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. lLat.l Girls H. Ed. Aide, G.O. Member Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth spealceth. WILLIAM COOPER Many are great, but few as great as those whb. more intelligent than others, step down to aid them. lAm,erJ Senior Coune., Hon. Roll, G.O. Member WILLIAM COPPERILL Quirlr of mind, able to turn a subjert to his own enjoyment. lltal.l G.O. Member KATHERINE CREED Cay, smart and helpful. lLat.l G.O. Member GRADY CRUMPLEY A man among men, the leader of all, and yet there is humility in his coun- tenance. lfrenehl President of the G.O., Green and White. G.O. Council, Bd. of Elections, Track Team GERARD DE FINA Multitudinous laughter of the waves of nrean. lffreelrl Gargoyle Staff, Green and White, Senior Chorus, Rd. of Elections, Service League CYNTHIA de GANGE Laughter like a chime of bells. lEng.l G.O. Member, G.O. Assembly, Patrol 42 AL COPPOLA There is time for everything. lEng.l G.O. Member RITA CORRADO ln quietness and confidence shall be your strength. lLatJ Teacher's Aide, G.O. Member DARLENE CUCCINELLO Magnanimous in youth. Glorious thru life. lEng.l President of Senior Class, Senior Coun- cil, Green and White, Leaders' Class, Arista LORETTA CURTIN Ah, sweet is youth. lCreekl Library Squad, Teacher's Aide, Patrol, White F, Circle F 'DP'-vi' JOSEPH DELMONTE Nothing is more valuable to a man than eourtesy. lLat.l Library Squad, Manager of Basketball Team. Golf Team, Patrol DIANE DE RUDDER In good troth always. fScot.j Red Cross Agent. G.O. Member -3:2 'il GERARD COSSIN Without music life would be a mistake. lCer.l Sr. Orchestra, Jazz Band, G.O. Rallies, Library Squad MARYANN COSTALDO For the good of all. lLat.l G.O. Member 5' Q--n NORMA DE CANIO A pearl of great price. lCreelrl Feature Editor of Forum, Folio Agent. Library Squad. Teacher's Aide, Dean of Girls' Sec'ty. ARTHUR DE FELICE Good nature and good sense are always good companions. lLat.l Patrol. G.O. Member HARVEY DIAMOND Either to conquer or to die. lLat.l Patrol, Boys' I-I. Ed. Aide, G.O. Member JANET DIER Still achieving, still pursuing. fEng.l Forum Feature. Silver Blue Party, Red Cross Agent. Tutor. Teacher's Aide MARION DIFIGLIA Wiser than the wise. lFren.l Reporter for Forum, 'I'eaeher's Aide. General Office Aide, C.O. Member EIEANOR DILLON To a frienzl's house the roml is mzfr lang. lDutehl Service League, Sr. Orch., Jr. Chorus Teueher's Aide. C.O. Representative 'l"lMO'I'IIY DOWLING Men of feu' worrls are the best. lLat.l G.O. Member GEORGE DOWNS With maliee toward noneg with rharity for all. fffmerj Library Aide INA ELISH A merry heart malfes a cheerful eaun lenanee, lfiebrewl C.O. Member IFRANFEFQ ERCOLANO You are sweeter than sweet honey. lLat.l General Ofhee. Attendanee Olive 'tl' 'fia- 5 5 .ALEXANDER DI PAOLO Value of labor isn't trifling. fLat.l Patrol Squad, C.O, Member MARY DI SANZA Sweet merry is nobility's true badge. lEng.l Green and White Party. Te-aeher's Aide. C.O. Member 9-, ,I . EILEEN DIVILA Morlesty is a beeoming ornament to II young person. lLatJ Teaehc-r's Aide. G.O. Member GEORGIANNA DOHNE The little larly from next floor who thinks more of the troubles of her ,friends than of her own. lfimerj Teaeher's Aide, C.O. Representative. Junior Chorus '98 RICHARD DREYFUSS And glarlly would he learn and gladly teach. lEng.l Folio, C.O. Member HOWARD DROPKIN A boy lilretl by all who know him. lLat.l CO. Member gs ADRIENNE EHRLICH A eheerful temper will nzalre beauty attractive and wit good naturetl lFren.l Service Aide, G.O. Representative ARLENE EISENBERC One who keeps on, whatever may hap- plen. lLatJ Service League Representative, Silver Blue, Board of Elections, Booster CAROLE ERICKSON Peaee rules the rlay, where reason rules the mind. lEng.l C.O. Member ALEXANDER ERMALINSKI A learned man always has riches in himself. lLat.l C.O. Member "-rt JOAN ESANU Charming, eheerful with high charaeter. lSeot.l Senior Council, Board of Elections HELEN ETHEREDCE The small eourtesies sweelen life, the greater ennoblle it. lEr1g.l Library Service, Patrol. Junior Chorus 43 4 'HIICA ETMAN To roll her surf-f would lu' unfair, lmrallsr' ll1l'l'l'.S more than sweetness fhf-rr. IEng.l lloartl nt' l'IIvvtions. l.ibrary, Green and White It,-XRIJARA EY Fame is what you have talreng rharar- Ivfs u'hal you give. fsparhl tlurri-sponding Set"ty of Arista, Sec'ty nl Service League, llallot Stall of Gar- goyle. lld. ul lflevtions. Green and White URSULA FALTIN The rninzl is the atmosphere ol the soul. lCcr.l I.:-aders Gym, Girls' H. Ed. Dept. Aide, Folio Agent, G.O. Agent PATRICIA FAVORITO Beauty often finds a way of attaining Ihr best. lFren.l Service for Dean of Boys. Attendance Otlice Al,llil'i l"l'Il.S l,1'l tht' irelllltrf' of other people he hrst. ll,al.l ltd. of l'Ilcc-tions, Gargoyle Stall, Green :intl White. Forum Stall. Se-rvive league BARBARA FELS ,flnrl tlw Vlliglll shall lu' fillf-11 with must: f.4mvr.l Si'rti1'u' l.c-aguv. Orrbestra, lld. of Elev- tinn-. Gr:-en and White, Forum JOHN GARCIA A man is but what ht- knows: lEng.l G.O. Member ANGICLA GAZZARA l'olirf'na'ss is the sign ol rulturv. fSpan.l Te-am'her's Aide, G.O, Member 44 A TR' ROZANNA FISHMAN The spirit oil the time, lCer.l 'l'03t'll6l'-S Aide, Switvliboard. G.O. Rep. ANNA FREEMAN Without lfinrlrwss, there ran ln' no trur' roy. lEng.l Mathematics Dept. Aide. Patrol. G.0. Member JIWDITH FELDSTEIN Through rlimcult things uforlhy ol honor. fLtIl.l Nttendanre Office, G.O. Representative ROBERT FELLER Lively, mmlrllesorne .lvllouy lSrot.l GO. Member JOYCE FRISHMAN Showing ing'e-rmity and wit. lSrol.l G.O. Rf-pres-f-ntatives, Servire League Representative, Bd, of l'ilf'4'tioiis. Green and White MARGARET GABRJEL Rings on her fingers. bells on her toes, nnfl xo shr' rnalres rnusir u.'hervw'r slit' govs. lEng.l flheering Squad. Gro-vu and White-, G.O, Member JESSE GELLER That which befits him is rheerfulness. lSpan.l G.O. Member MARY ELLEN CENNUSA And these are joys, lilrr beauty, hut slfin rleep. fLat.l Folio Agent, Teacher! Aide, Girls' tieanh Ed. Dept. Aide K .JOHN GENTILE Knowledge is power lLa!.l Forum Staff, Track Team, G.0. Member ASTRID GEORGES l lrnow what pathway lvarls to popua lariry. lLat.l Teach. Aide. Green and White, Patrol After all there is but one race-humanity. MAY GIACOPELLI In quietness shall he your strength KH:-12.1 G.O. Member ANTHONY GIAIMO Une can love any man that is generous flfngj Patrol, G.O. Member .IEAN GIAMELLE A sweet expression is the highest type of female loneliness. lEng.l Teaeher's Aide, G.O. Member MARTIN GOLDMAN Happiness is made to be sharefl. fFren.l Track Team, Feature Column in Forum. Service League. Patrol ARTHUR GORDON Life is not so short, but that there is always time for courtesy. lEng.l G.O. Member NOEL GORDON Great thoughts come from the heart. lCerJ Orchestra, G.O. Member PHYLLIS GORDON ln. a harmonious relationship with all. lLat.l Booster, Teacher's Aide, Bd. of Elec. ARTHUR GORELICK Great thoughts rome from the heart. fCer.l G.O. Member, Te-acher's Aide ROBERT GREENDONNER None hut lllI7lSk'lf can be his parallel. lSpan.l Senior Council, Gargoyle Staff, G.O. Representative DAVID GRIES A goorl mind possesses a kingdom. lLat.l Golf Team. Library Service. Silver-Blue Party 'Ur SUZANNE GRIGNON The rlay is always hers who works in it with serenity and great calm. lLat.l Girl Leader of Jr. Arista, Board of Elec' tions, Service League, Teacher's Aide, Library Squad WILLIAM GROENE Only good rleeds give strength In life. lCer.l Football Tr-am. G.O. Member MELVIN GOLDMAN Full wise is he that ran himself know. lE'ng.l Patrol, Library Service. Lunch Squad RICHARD GOMEL All things are changing, and we are rhanging with them. lLat.l Football Team. Orch., Patrol. Lunch- room Squad. Green and White JOYCE GRAVINA A beautiful fare is a silent commenda- tion. lLat.l Teacher's Aide, G.O. Member MARGARET GRAZIANO She scatters enjoyment who ran enjoy murh. lFren.2 Teacher's Aide, Orchestra. Library Stall' GERALD GROSS Fortune and love befriend the lzolrl. lFren.l G.O. Member STUART GROSS A favorite of fortune. lFrrn.l G.O. Member 45 I? as l S Q1 SIDN EY GROSSFELD The nieest ol all sonnrls is praise. lSpan.l GO. Member HIE.-XNOR IIAAS Palienrr- anrl ,gfenllrrress is power. fAm.l Teael1er's Aide, G.0. Member GAlL HACKETT A fair exterior is a silent recommenda- tion. fLaI.l Secretary of G.O.. Green and White, Board of Elections, Patrol ARTHUR HALEY It mueh beeomes us to live honorably. lLat.l Baseball Team. G.0. Member lliffii xx ' ' an IAN E-4 rr- A PllYl.l.lS HANNETT A ,lrienrl is Ihr romfort of life. junior Clmrus, G.0. Member NANCY IIANSON ,4 rhver lor herl fCer.l CHRlSTlNE HAYES fLa1,1 After rain comes sunshine. fFren.l Teachers Aille. Patrol. G.O. Member ELEANOR HEINLIN A slanrlarrl to life the home of peaee. TP81'll6r'S Aifle. G.0. Representative lAmer,l G.0. Member 'lien' ' . -'li . r 47 b NANCY HALL Without ,friends like her, life is im possible. fl'ort.l G.0. Rep. Teacher's Aide. G.0. Member NIARK HANLON Little lfnown among the multilurles yet possessed of a voiee heara' by many. lCreelfl G.O. Member 6-' DOROTHY HELANDER Nite to he with, a pleasure to lfnow. fFren.l Tr-acher's Aide. G.0. Member EVELYN HENDRY They always told me the best things eome in the smallest parlfages and this isn'! an exeeption to rho rule. fEng.j Teacher! Aide. G.0. Member ,fx .1 EVELYN HIGGINS Not much talk, a great sweet silenee. fGer.l G.0. Member KENNETH HIRSCHMAN The milrlest manners with Ilie nobles! minrl. lLat.l Bowling Team, Patrol, G.0. Member D.. TIIEA IIOCHMAN Good humor is the health of the soul. lRussiaul Board of Elections, Forum Staff, Teach- er's Aide, C.O. Member BEVERLY HOCOLUK Crave and harmony depend on simplic- ity. lLatJ Teacher's Aide. Library Staff, Creen and White. C.O. Member X a . . P 'dai EDITH HUNT Nothing is meritorious butt virtue and friendship. lEng.l C.O. Member FRANCES IRVING A young lady of high intelligence who will choose her own way in life. lEng.l Teacber's Aide, Leaders Class, G.O. Member SHEILA HOFFNER Truth is mighty and will prevail. lLat.l 'l'eacl1er's Aide, C.O. Member KATHLEEN HOLLOWAY A faithful friend is the medicine of life. fGr.j C.O. Member RICHARD JACKSON Mirth is God's medicine. Everyone ought to bathe in it. lEngJ Bowling Team, G.O. Member MARIE .IACOBI Serene yet strong: majestic' yet sedate. lGreelfl C.O. Rep, Arista, Chorus. G.O. Member 7 PATRICIA JULIA When the disposition is friendly, the face pleases. lLat.l Teacher's Aide, Folio Agt., G.0. Member ARTHUR JOSEPH Not by years, but by disposition is wis- dom acquired. lLat.l Patrol, Mimeograph Sqd., G.O. Member NATALIE KAHAN Creates! good fortune is to have much power and few wants. lPort.l Arista, Bd. of Elections, Student Trib- unal, Gargoyle Staff, Silver-Blue BARBARA KEHRMANN Nothing deters a good person from doing what is honorable. lLatJ Teacher's Aide. Patrol, Chorus ALAN HOWARD To him few things are impossible. fLatJ Football Team, President of G.O.. Serv- ice League, Board of Elections, Gargoyle Staff .IANICE HOWARD Best friend, my well-spring in the wil- derness. lSpanJ Gargoyle Staff, G.0. Member MARGIT JENSEN And thou art the angel that can never be altered. lEng.l Teacl1er's Aide, Patrol, C.O. Member CAROLINE .IEWETT She adorns whatever she touches. fFr.l Silver-Blue, Teacher's Aide, Switcbbd. j .-,, Ji. W my . .1 5 -+413 - E . ii .. avt42'f"'i.t' ELINOR KEMP lt is well to live that one may learn lSpan.l Teacher's Aide, C.O. Member 47 There is only one man, and his name is all men. -il.l-'ARENA KENCHEN Charms her dotvneasl modesty eoneeals. flfugj 'l'eat'l1er's Aide, G.0. Member DOROTHY KENT A thing of beauty is a joy forever. fEng.l Forum Staff. Girls' H. Ed. Dept. Aide. GO. Member JOSEPH KIERNAN Ah, what delight to be a soldier. lEng.l NANCY KOCH Her wise and rare smile is sweet with Student Tribunal. Presidenfs Cabinet, fertainties. lSpan.J Photography Editor of Gargoyle, Can- G.0. Member didate for Vice-President of the G.O.. Arista MARGARET KNOTH Honor and faithfulness are the basis of fustiee, lLat.f Grade Advise-r's Aide, Teacher? Aide. 12.0. Member BARBARA KOCAN A good laugh is sunshine in a house. lEng.l G.0. Memher CYNTHIA KOHLER A monument more lasting than brass. ll,at.l Patrol, Green and White, Teacher's Aid:- TIIOMAS KOLAR Quiet manner, pleasing ways, deserve rredit and lots of praise. lEng.l Trnek team. Gargoyle Staff, C.O. Mem. JOEL KOTCH Without fear and without reproarh. llfrenehl Library Squad. G.O. Member MICHAEL KOULERMOS A steadying influence-a rock to fall haelf upon in time of stress. lCer.l Tr-acher's Aide, G.O. Member JOAN KRATCHMAN With queenly grave and head held high, her appearanre ereates an envious sigh. ll,at.l President and Seeretary of the G.O.. Vie:--President of Senior Glass, Bd. of Elections, Green and White. Gheering Squad MYRNA KRITZ ln friendship I early was taught tn believe, lLat.l Senior Chorus, Teacher's Aide NORMAN KURLANDER Whenever you find humor, you'll find him rlose by its side. lEng.l Patrol, Teacher's Aide. G.O. Rep., fea- ture writer for Forum HOWARD KULLMAN Good humor malres all things tolerable. fAmer.l Patrol, Orchestra 4-8 V Y ELLEN LALONDE Manner, not gold, is woman's best adornrnent, lCreelrl Senior Orchestra, Service Aide in Cen- eral Office. Teacher's Aide GEORGE LAMBDIN Give me an honest laughter. lEng.l G.O. C. EH.EEN LAMMERS Fair and softly, goes far. lSpan.l G.O. DIANA LAMONICA Nothing endures but personal qualities. fFren.l G.O. ttyl!! up ROGER LANDISMAN lle who sings drives away his grief. fPort.l ,Iunior and Senior Orchestra, Senior Chorus. I'utrol ELEANOR LANDI Silt-nee is tht- mother of Truth. lFren.l Green and Whitt-. Co-Capt. of Cheering Squad ELLEN LANG More enrluring than bronze: everlasting. tLat.I Patrol. Switchboard Operator. Teaeher's Aide .IOAN LARES Blessed with that eharm, the eertainty to please. lEng.l Silver-Blue officer, Lilmrary Aide. Serv- iee League. Board of Elections, Junior Chorus ze f RAYMOND LEEB A eonstant friend is a thing rare and harrl to hnrl. lfireelfl GD. INIICIIAEI. I,I'fIBOWITZ livery man's fortune is molded by his rharaerer. ll,at.l Senior Arista. Chem. Lair. Squad. Phys- ics Lulu. Squad NANCY LEONE A tender heart, a will inflexible. lSpan.l 'I'eac'her's Sec'ty. Honor Roll. Typist .IANET LEMQUIST Quielrness of wit and speed of mind portenrl a sueeessful future. ll'fngJ Board of Eleetions, Patrol, Service DONALD LIST Slow anrl sure wins the raee. lLat.l 0.0. MICHAEL LOWENSTEIN To him, sueeess is sure. lFren.l Bowling, Team. Arista, Silver-Blue, Cir- cle I", Gargoyle Staff Hug i BERNARD LOEWENTHAL Rieh with the spoils of nature. lFren.l G.O., Gargoyle Agent .IUDITH LOVEJOY She's pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with and pleasant too, I0 think upon. lEng.l Gargoyle Staff, White F. Circle F, Jr. Arista, Folio Agent ELAINE LAVINSKY Lovely and merry is she. lScot.l Silver-Blue, Booster. Board of Elections. White F. Circle F GEORGINA LEDERMAN Rare is agreement between beauty and modesty. lLat.l Board of Elections, Roosters, White E. Gargoyle and Folio Art Staff, G.0. Rep. DIANNE Lf-ROY Silenee gives the proper grare to women. fCreelfl Silver-Blue. White F. Service MICHAEL LIPTON A truly Ameriean sentiment recognizes the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil. fAmer.l Editor of Folio, Gargoyle Staff. Silver- Blue. Forum. Bio. Squad sf- MARVIN LIIBOFF A youth of labor with an age of ease. lEng.l Library aide LEONARD MACK The greatest merlieine is a true llrienrl. llfng.l Track 49 X ROSEMARIE MACRI A Rose lay any other name would smell as sweet. lEng.l Service for Dean of Boys, Library Aide SUSAN MAERZ Many shall run to and fro and lrnowl- edge shall be increased. fGfPBlfl G.0. I JOAN MALVASSO Diligence is the mother of good fortune, lSpan.l G.0. FRANK MAMBUCA Earncstness and sincerity are synony- mous. lEng.l Lunchroom Patrol, Football, Baseball, Green and White - 6' -I KENT MARKS A small man whose wit and humor are acclaimed by many. lLat.l Senior Orchestra. Patrol EVELYN MARSHALL The hand that made her fair made her good. lEng.l G.0. 50 I PETER MAGNANI He is a man of strong mind. fFrenchl Gargoyle Stall CHARLES MAIONE Will and intellect are one and the same, fltaJJ Patrol, Gargoyle Agent ROSEMARY MANERI The hand that made her fair, made her good. lEng.l Senior and junior Chorus. White F, Cir- cle F. Leaders .IOEL MANN An aflable and courteous gentleman. fEng.l Library Squad TINA MARTAKIS Smiling always with a never fading ser- enity of countenance and flourishing in an immortal youth. fEngJ Boosters, Board of Elections, Senior Council, Gargoyle Staff, Teacher's Aide CHARLES MATTHES The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms. fEngJ Library Squad NSS' MICHAEL MAKSYMIW Work and hardship prevent melancholy. lSpan.l Patrol, Sr. Orchestra, Teacher's Aide VIRGINIA MALLON Much in littleg a great deal in a small compass. lLat.l Service, Teacher's Aide EDWARD MARGIES Good taste is the flower of good sense lFrcn.l Color Guard LOIS MARKO The best part of beauty is that which a picture cannot express. fFren.l Board of Elections, Jr. and Sr. Arista, Cheerleader, Green and White Art Edi- tor of Folio SEYMOUR MAUSKOPF The pensive man. lltal.l Gargoyle Stall, Service League, Arista, Latin Tutor BARBARA McENTEE Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined. fEng.l Teacher's Aide, Secretary ROBERT MIl.ETTI Your wit nzahvs others witty. 1Fren.l 11.0. Rep. DORIS MILLER Charm is the measure of atlrae1ion's power. llfngj Serviee Aide RICIIARI7 MOORE Gentle in method, resolute in avtion. lI,at.l Green and Wlhite EI.l.EN MOSES Siniplirily of fhararter is the natural result of profound thought. 1Eng.l While F. Iloard of Elections. Boosters, Forum, rI11'il1'Il0f.S Aide 1IAROL MESSINA The first duty of a woman is to he pretty. 1l"ren.l Teac-I1er's Aide PIIYLLIS MvNERNEY Grave on vavh aetion .silently attends. ll,at.l 11.0. 0 MADELEINE MILLER Smooth runs th'e water where the brook is deep. lEng'.l Roosters GERALDIN E MILTON Personal beauty is a greater rerom- mendation than any letter of introduc- tion. lCreelfl 11.0. Member HELEN MULLER Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-ron trol. lLat.l Gargoyle, Teaeher's Aide. Library Sqd., Green and White MARSHA MUNZER Thley are rirh who have many friends. 1Port.2 Forum, Teacher's Aide, Board of Eler- tions, Boosters M 4 JACQUELINE McTIGUE 7he most manifest sign of wisdom is rontinued eheerfulness. lFren.I Green and White, Service. MAUR'EEN ANN NEARY A happy person is a Iietter thing'to hnd than' a hue pound note. lEng.l Teaeher's Aide, Patrol, Library Squad, Green and White, 11.0. VINCENT MODZELESKI Earh man's mind is but himself. 1Lat.l Co-Editor of Folio. Senior Chorus I IOWARD MOLLER Our ideals are our better selves. 1Amer.I 11.0. DENNIS MURPHY Those of the military are of a direct and forreful mind. lCer.l 11.0. Member JOHN MURPHY No rolrard soul is mine. lEng.l 11.0. Member EUGENE NEWMAN Cood taste is the flower of good sense. lFrenJ Patrol, CO., Orchestra JUDITH NEWMAN 0, thou art fairer than the evening air rlad in the beauty of a thousand stars. lFren.l Senior Council, Service League, Board of Elections, 11.0. Rep, Teachefs Aide MARILYN NICOSIA Sll'I'4'f girl graduate in her golden hair, lIing.l Forum. Teaeher's Aide. C.O., Service Aide. Ili-Y GLORIA NONNENNIACHER Kind words are the musie of the world. llz'ng.l Teaehf-r's Aide. Orchestra fs. JOSEPH NOVELLI There is no knowledge that is not power. lEng.l C..0. Member CONNIE NOVELLINO DONALD NOYES Noble words need no witnesses. fSpan.l Patrol ANTHONY NUNZIATO To be an honest person Ls the all in all. Centle of speech, benefieient of mind. lPort.l fLaI.l Teachcr's Aide Patrol PATRICIA 0'DELL If you are eonlenl, you have enough to lire comfortably. fLat.l CD. Member DEANNA DLSEN Wit and grare, and love and b'eauty in one eonstellalion shine. fEng.l Viee-President of C.O.. Cheering Squad, Board of Eleetinns, White "F," G.O. Rep. si EDWARD O'MARA JOSEPH PAYTON Keep quiet and people will thinlf you 0 philosopher. fLat.l Baseball Team, G.O. KENNETH PAPE Kindness gives birth. to kindness. fCk.l Patrol, G.O. Rep. The world knows little of its greatest men. lEng.l Football Team, Baseball Team, Track Team. Teacl1er's Aide, President of Sen- inr Chorus MERILLYN PEARCE Fortune always has a helping hand lor the daring. lFren.l Library Squad Q' ELEANOR PEDEMONTI Her habits are serenity and patienee lLat.l Teacher's Aide. Library Squad, I-Ii-Y RICHARD PELTIER The style is the man himself. fFren.l Rowling Team. Library, Patrol. Folio Agent. l,uneh Squad 52 7' wir BARBARA PERRY Short and sweet if we were to judge. fEng.l White "F," Board of Elections, G.O. Rep.. Folio Agent, Teacher's Aide .IOAN PESUT Better short and swleet than long and lax. flrishl Gargoyle. Teacher's Aide. Board of Elec- tions, G.0. Rep., White "F" MARYLIN PETERS A quiet young girl of great strength that is seldom used but for good. fLat.l Green and White ALFRED PHIPPS Honesty may be dear bought but ran never be a dear pennyworth. fLat.l Track Team. Service Biilllfli PINKIIAM Canzmon swisv is natnra's gift, but reason is an arl. lEng.l 11.0. lilemlwr VIRGINIA PIOLI An aunrf' of mirth is worth a pound of sorrotv. ll"rvn.l Teac-her's Aide, Ciheering Squad, Green and White DANIEL PLITT He' who does kindly deeds beronufs rirh. lllinrlul Patrol, Hi-Y LAURA POCKELL A rheerful loolr malfas a dish a feast. ll,at.l Teac'her's Aide "N SN Y--f JOHN PRUDENTI Hanrlsomv is as handsome' does. lEng.l Crea-n and White CAROI. QllEENVlI,I,E She wallrs in lwattty lilrr' thr night. ll','ng.l Secretary of Senior Class, Gargoyle. Bd. of Elem-tions, Folio, Teac'her's Aide ROSEMARIE REICHERT Her fan' is fairg her heart is true. fLatJ Teacher's Aide, Patrol, C.O. Rep., Green and Wllite CAROLE MADELYNE REISMAN Hle'ss'e'rl is the healthy natureg it is aohvrvnt and sweetly rooperative. lSp.l Teacher's Aide, Patrol, Folio, Orchestra. Chorus SARAH RAPP Silvnre is a virtue of the wise. fSpan.l Girl Leader of Senior Arista, Gargoyle Staff Head, Senior Council, White MF" and Circle "F," Service League LEOPOLD RASSNICK A s11r'm'ssf11l student, intelligent, liked by tvaz'hf'rs as well as othfers. lEng.l llandhall Team, Library Squad, Patrol, C.0. Rep. - , v ZUZKA POLESNY Always to be batter and distinguished allow' the rest. lCref'lrl Junior and Senior Arista, Forum, Folio, Teacher's Aide, Board of Elections EARL POLITE Patienre brings all things about. fFrJ C.0. Member ta UGO RE Om' thing is forever goorlg That one thing is surress. lLat.l MELANIE REICHENBACH Good health and good sense' are two of lifes greatest blessings. lLat.l TeaCher's Aide S mi Bi' -asf-ww-4, -t 'T' Our true nationality is mankind. IU' 'L- SARALEE REISS Speerh is silver, silenee is golden. lLat.l Teaeber's Aide LENORA RESCINITI The ideal of Courtesy, wit, grace and rharm, lLatJ Forum, White "F," Teacher's Aide, Bd. of Eleetions. G.0. Rep. CATHERINE REYMAN Health to enjoy the blessings sent from Heaveng a mind unclouded, strong. lLat.l Arista, Teacher's Aide BARBARA RIHM Those that think themselves happy, really are. lEng.l Gargoyle, Teacber's Aide 5 'Q-5 PATRICIA ROBERTS All the eharrns of the Indies can never equal thine. lEng.l Teac'ber's Aide, Folio Agent, Board of Eleetions, Green and White, Orchestra MICIIAI-II, ROBINSON llrfd rather lose his dinner than his jest. ll"ren.l G,O. Member 1-5 VICTOR RUMORE A little sunburn! by the shine of life lEng.l Football Team, Baseball. Traek Team, Patrol, G.0. Rep. HELEN SANDFUCHS Her modesty is a Candle to her merit lflreelrl Junior Chorus, G.O. Member 54 l My DAVID ROSE Thou wilt be studious. lFren.l Biology Lab Squad JUDITH ROSENZWEIG The pen. is the tongue of the mind. lSpan.l Gargoyle, Forum, Teacher's Aide, Bd. of Elections, Service League fk VIRGINIA SATTO The essenee oj charm, beauty and in- telligenee. lPort.2 Teach. Aide, Patrol, Green and White ANNE SAVINO' The highest good. lLat.l President of Future Nurses Club, Lead- ers Class, Folio Agent, Teacber's Aide, Library Squad "-Z."f ELAINE RILEY Kind hearts are more than foronets. lEngJ G.O. Member ANTHONY RIZZO The will of a man is his happiness lGer.l G.O. Rep. 4-. RICHARD ROSS Humor and jariality are the make-up of this man. lLat.l Football Team, Service League, Senior Council, White "F," Green and White PAULA RUDZIN Without love and laughter there is no joy. lLat.l White "F," Teaeber's Aide, Library Squad, Patrol, Green and White BRENDA SAXE Ah youth! forever dear, forever kindf lLat.l Green and White, G.O. Member BARBARA SGHENKER Reason's whole pleasure, all joys of sense lie in these words, health, peace, competence. lEng.l Teacber's Aide. G.O. Member W' .IAMES SCHMERER fllIf'1'l'f'llllll'SS is an offshoot of goodness and of wisdom. fEng.l .lunior Arista, Football Team, Track Team, Forum, Gargoyle CHARLES SCHMIDT His quiet manner reflects a character lhat none rejects. lSpan.l Baseball Team, G.O. Member li. X a DONALD SCHNAKENBERC Those u'ho jest with good taste are culled witty. lGreekl Patrol, Teacher's Aide, Lunch Squad, C.O. Member JUDITH SCHNEIDER Centeel, well dressed. lScot.l Bd. of Elections, Senior Council, Car- goyle, Teacher's Aide, Boosters t x NATALIE SCHNEIDER Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. lCreekl Library Squad, G.O. Member RITA SCHRADER A gift both rare and dear. lGreelfl Capt. of Cheering Squad, Senior Coun- cil, White F, Forum, Service League BARBARA SCIIRIER The knowing how to line: good breed' ing. lFren.l C.O. Member CAROL SIIHUMACHER Life without laughing is a dreary lilanlf. llfng.l Teas'her's Aide, C.O. Member ,HJ THEODORE SCHWARTZMAN Let us have some knowledge. lFren.l Jr. and Sr. Arista, Bd. of Elections, Tu- tor, Teacher's Aide MARILYN SEDERBERG Great art is an instant arrested in eternity. fEng.l Jr. and Sr. Arista, Student Tribunal. White F and Circle F, Gargoyle Art Staff Editor, Forum -W-new , it s i gi-ji A A FRED SEIBI-:L I determined to be strong and well and did everything to make myself so. lAm.l G.O. Member LOUIS SEMRAD A good jest forever. lEng.l G.O. Member "QQ ...Q . RUTH SHAW Always faithful. lLat.l Tear-her's Aide, Library Squad, Patrol, C.O. Member MARILYN SHEER A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage. lLa!.l Teacher's Aide, Patrol, Forum, G.O. Member STANLEY SHELOWITZ He has surpassed many things and will undoubtedly win over many more. lLat.l Handball Team, Senior Council, Orch.. G.O. Member BARBARA SHEPARD Intelligence and the ability to speak well with your friends means success in life. lCer.l ILO. Member MARGARET SHERIDAN Distinguished deeds make distinguished people. lSpanJ Teacher's Aide, C.O. Member ARNOLD SHERWOOD The fruits of the tree of knowledge are variousg he must be strong who can digest all of them. lEngJ Chief Justice of Student Tribunal, Car- goyle Ads Staff Head, Jr. and Sr. Arista, White and Circle F, Service League JOAN SLOANE Welcome as the flowers in May. fScotJ Library Squad, G.0. Assembly, Folio Agent SHELDON SMERLING He who knows and knows he knows, he is wise-Lfollow him. lArabianl Teacher's Aide, Patrol, G.O. Member .yy 5 EDITH SPITZ One heart, one way. fLat.l Service League, Bd. of Elections, Gar- goyle, Teacher's Aide, C.O. Assembly MARGARET SQUASSONI She radrhtes the rays of happiness. lSp.l Teacher's Aide, G.O. Member ROSALBA STENDARDI Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. lCer.l G.0. Member ANNA STERN Beauty without is born of health within. flrishl Bd. of Elections, Teacher's Aide, C.O. Assembly, Silver Blue Party 56 TERRIE SMITH She looketh well to all and eateth not the bread of idleness. fLat.l Teacher's Aide, Gargoyle, Folio Agent, Silver-Blue Party LESTER SMOLE Good personality and fine character traits show a cultured individual. fEng.l G.O. Assembly, Patrol, G.O'. Member -A rp' JANICE SORIANO Beauty is truth, truth, beauty. lEng.l Forum, Teacher's Aide, Bd. of Elec- tions, Green and White Party ANTHONY SPECIALE His own character is the arbiter of every ane's fortune. fLatJ G.O. Member CAROL STARK ,Ioyous as the laughter of a child. fLat.l Teacher's Aide, Library Squad, G.O. Member THERESA STAVRIDIS Modesty is a citadel of Beauty. lCk.l Bd. of Elections, Arista, G.0. Assembly, White and Circle F, Teacher's Aide .- X val JOHN STEENBOCK One rloes not know, cannot know the best that is in him. fFrenJ G.O. Assembly, G.0. Member GLORIA STEINHILBER Gaiety is the soul's Health. lLat.l Teacher's Aide, Library Squad, G.O. Member 'xr' ROBERTA STON ER DONATO SURACE Light, love, life. fGerJ Teacher's Aide, Library Squad, G.O. Member CAROLYN ST. THOMAS Sweet, sincere and demure describes this fair maid. lLat.l . Folio, Teacher's Aide, Library Squad, Junior Chorus, G.O. Member A sportsman who has received acclaim and has not been carried along with it. lEng.l Teacher's Aide, Green and White ARLENE TIMMERS The magic of a face. lEng.l G.O. Member A mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one. RALPH TEMPLIN This is the happiest of mortals for he is abou' vverytliilig ht' possesses, lFr.l 'l'c'at'l1er's Aide. Patrol SEYMOUR TENENBAUM Ht' is happy who knows his good for- tune. ll.'him'st'l Library Squad. Folio, Gargoyle, Teach- vr's Aide. Biology Lab Squad K is BARBARA TISKA lntvlligvurv, beauty and serenity are strong. lSpan.l Senior Counvil, Teat'l1er's Aide BARBARA TREFAN Thf' hlvssvrl bird upon the bush had infer a lighl'er heart than she. lEngJ T1-ac'her's Aide, G.O. 5 Q I 'W' K LOUIS TERSAGA Quiet strength marks a man. lEng.l G.O. Member ALICE THOMAN Often a silent fare has voice and words. lLat.l Gargoyle, Forum Y? PATRICIA TRUELOVE Quirlr and alert she is. fScot.l Forum, Board of Elections. Boosters, Tr-acher's Aide, Green and White ALICE UNTERWEGER Nothing is so popular as kindness. lLat.l Forum. Patrol. TeaCher's Aide, G.O. MAURICE WALLACK Whvn Popularity favors us, Fortune lu-ars her company. fEng.l Football Team, Gargoyle, Forum Treas. of Sr. Class, Patrol CATIIICRINE WARDELL llvr words are' trusty heralds to ht-r mind. lArm'rJ G.O. Member DONALD WEI And having wisdom with earh studious year. U,at.l Boy Leader of Senior Arista, Student Tribunal, Gargoyle Stall' Head, Teach- vr's Aide, Treasurer of Junior Arista BARBARA WEIMER Charms strilre the sight hut merit wins tht' soul. fLat.l Teac'her's Aide, G.O., Hi-Y HYACINTH THOMAS The whisper of a pretty girl ran be heard further than the roar of a lion. lffrabl Green and White, G.O. KENNETH THOMPSON A just fortune awaits the deserving. lLat.l Board of Elections. Junior Chorus, C-.O., Teacher's Aide, Patrol NICHOLAS VELASQUEZ Thought is silence. lEng.l Patrol Football Team. Gargoyle, Forum Treas. of Sr. Class, Patrol MYRNA VARONOK Mala' way for the lady. lLat.l Board of Elections, Teat'her's Aide .IUDITH WEISENFELD A true friend is forever a friend. lEng.l Junior Arista, Library Squad, Teacher's Aide. Folio Agent, Silver-Blue KENNETH WEISS He' has wit and will. lFren.l Biology Lab Squad, Library Squad 57 Man. is a reed, but he is a thinking reed. SUSAN WEISS MARY ANN WIDELOCK The breath of popular applause. fEng.l Vigorous health is worth anything it Arista. Forum,,Gargnyle, Service, Teach- eosts. lEng.l er's Aide Teacher's Aide. Captain of Lunch Sqd., Chorus .IACQUELINE WHITE Truth makes the face of that person PHILIP WILCHYNSKI shine who speaks and owns it. lEngJ I too am. a painter. lltal.l C.O. Member 11.0. Member IIERBERT WILHELM There is no safety but in doing good. lFrenJ C.O. Member SUSAN WILMS Here is a sweet, sincere being. lEngJ Teacher's Aide. Red Cross Rep., C.O., Hi-Y. Folio WALTER WILSON STUART WOLF CATHERINE WOOD Politeness costs nothing and gains Good humor is always a success. lFren..l ,lolres are the cayenne of conversation everything. fFrenJ ILO. Member and the salt of life. lEngJ Trnrk Team, Teacher Aide, Chorus SUSAN WOHLFART slasher Aide Patrol Green and s . . s . , JAMES WOHLEVER Honest work bears a lovely face. lGer.l It is a great thing to know the season Teac'her's Aide. Lihrary Squad LOUISE YETZETTA for speerh and the season for silence. She will he a friend in sunshine and tl,at.l in shade. lEng.l Patrol. Teach:-r's Aide Tc-acher's Aide, C.O. DIANA ZALUSKI The very flower of youth. lLat.l Gargoyle. Teacher's Aide. Green and White LORRAINE ZEID Caiety tempered by a stronger mind makes a quiet companion. lswedishl Teaeher's Aide, Leaders Class 58 hav 'W BETTY ZIMMER Cheerfulness is the very flower of health. lCer.l Teacher's Aide. Patrol. G.O. Rep., Green and White ROCHELLE ZIMMER An easy-minded soul and always was. lfirieekl Forum, Teacher's Aide. Patrol, Board of Elections, G.0. Rep. -N - ' 1 'h'!"ff!' . 'KEVM Camera Shy RUDOLPH ALLRED The laborer is worthy of his reward. lEngJ G. O. Member, Track Team GEORGE DEREWENKO I dare to do all that may become a man. lEngJ G.O. Member EDWARD GRUBE He has won his good opinion. lFren.l G.O. Member BEVERLY HACOLULI First among her peers. lLatJ Library Squad, Teacher's Aide, Member BARBARA HITCH A little spark produces a great flame. lltal.l G.O. Member HOWARD JOHNSON No sooner said than done, acts the man of worth. lLatJ G.O. Member THEODORE KALLI The secret of success is constancy to purpose. lEng.l G.O. Member FRANCES KING People are the only creatures endowed with the power of laughter. lSpanJ Bd. of Elections, Forum, Leaders' Gym, Folio Agent, G.O. Assembly JURGEN KROEGER Come thou, expressive silence. lEngJ G.O. Member HOWARD KURR Success to the strongest, who are always, as last, the wisest and best. lLat.l, G.O. Member ANTHONY MARGRAF A man of the world, surrounded by the worries and problems of others, he is of free and easy mind. lEng.l G.O. ROBERT MASTRANGELO No man is free who cannot himself command. lLat.l Patrol. Service DOMINIC POTENZA The ruk of my life is to make work a pleasure and pleasure my work. lEng.l G.O. Member BARBARA SCHECHT Ever charming, ever new. lEngJ G.O. Member wb J M BEST DKESSED KW C ZX T W gm? L 'LW 5595 fi 0444! I L22 W 75 Mosr LIKELY T0 ..:, succfzev ,ff MW Q5 BEST ,QX X ATHLETES MOST K Ng X cmss uowfvs DPHISTICATED Q in l ' V M ff' K X 7 A757111 K D L CLASS FLIRTS NL cv M!! is Sf X151 'L ni T QM I. SNARTEST M CLASS COUPLE PERSGNALITY E7 -iff M-f mi ,7 J SW li LIE? fu n 1 I 1 I I 's I 1 1 I u 3 wnanunxm ,V .1,gwv :esui.arg lv 4 L. 6. BALFOUR COMPANY Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS and PINS Commencement Invitations - Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals 81 Trophies MR. W. G. PFORR 521 FIFTH AVENUE New York I7, N. Y. SQLS 6? pClC8 in mus al toys MUSICAL ION GOLDEN TRUMPET EBONY AND SILVER CLARINET SILVER SAXOPIIONE GOLDEN S L I D E TROMBONE GOLDEN GLOCKENSPIEL GOLDEN TUBA ARTHUR GODFREY UKE PLAYER PLUS FLAMINGO UKE l QPIZFIZFF INDUSTRIES, INC. gygnguvgg zoo Fifth Ave., New York I0 I I I I I 1 THE BOWNE HOUSE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Charles S. Colden, President INVITES YOU TO VISIT THE BOWNE HOUSE BUILT I66I BOWNE STREET AND FOX LANE FLUSHING, N. Y. A Shrine to Religious Freedom ADMISSION FREE Sundays, Tuesdays and Sa+urdays - 3 +o 5 p.m. SPONSORED BY HALLERAN AGENCY, Realtors Established in Flushing over I00 Years Flushing, N. Y. I Twp -F -'T I . u1wme w-rlwslyev-:'i' 'r--sf wvzggq Class History Continued from page 29 When we finally arrived at the exalted status of seniors, we looked for the special privileges that come with such a great honor but found that nothing had really changed. However, now we crawled drowsily into school by eight-sixteen in the morning. It felt like the milkman's shift! When our senior jewelry arrived, we went around proudly showing off our rings, pins and keys, the badges of our success at Flushing. fWell, we were almost sure of graduation. J We saw the January graduates proudly sporting their decorated senior hats and began planning our own hat decorations. We submitted to the humility of being ordered around by the eighth termers on Red Letter Day and wistfully watched them prepare for the first Senior Prom, Senior Show, and dance that the January graduates had ever had. Our own prom was not too far off and we waited impatiently for our special senior activities. To our delight, our teams were wonderful during our last year and once again we emerged Queens Champs in Football. For the first time, our gym was used for all home basketball games. Everyone received quite a shock when our principal, Mrs. Ward, announced her retirement at a senior assembly last November. After her touching farewell, we gave her a standing ovation for several minutes. We all felt a lump in our throats for she had won our' affection and respect during the three years we had known her. Mr. Waring, our 'administrative assistant, served as acting principal until our new prin- cipal, Mr. Arthur Franzen, came to us from Haaren High School in our eighth term. Our senior year was also a year of decision. Many of us were busy filling out college applications and preparing for College Boards and scholarship tests. We haunted Mr. Cray in the college room constantly, looking for advice on what school to attend. Choice of a school or a business career now might be a deciding factor in our lives and we examined each opportunity carefully. As usual, diamonds were on parade as the girls came in announcing their engagements. There was the customary last minute study and cramming to pass those regents and we realized that one failure could mean the loss of the diploma for which we had worked so hard. As we look back and summarize our accomplishments and our good times, we feel that when we go out into the world we will have the greater understanding and spirit of co-operation necessary for happiness in our future lives. Our high school career has taught us the meaning of the words, "The Brotherhood of Manf' We are thankful that Flushing has given us the opportunity to meet and work with students of all races, creeds, and nationalities. This has given us priceless knowledge as we go our separate ways and strive for our individual goals in life. 67 T 1 1 FLus1wing 9-1917 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 MAC GROTTY CHEVROLET INC. I I 37-80 NORTHERN BOULEVARD 1 FLUSHING, N. Y. MIKE'S SODA LOUNGE 1 1 1 FLus11ing 9-9664 I35-23 NORTHERN BLVD. 1 1 1 Coming from Ke1+h's??? 1 1 Turn +o 'rhe RIGHT and come1o 1 1 M I K E ' S 1 WE CATER TO THE YOUNGER SET Bes+ Ice Cream and Sodas in Town 1 68 "vAcuuMs AND FLOOR POLISHERS EXCLUSIVELY" GEM VACUUM STORES, INC. I44-67 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing, N. Y. INdependence 3-3800 SALES . . . SERVICE . . . PARTS . . . REPAIRS BEST WISI-IES from SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. FLUSHINC-5 Fl.ushing 9-3086 ' i-"I ELushing 3-3535 lCl'1amber of Commerce BIdg.l l E N R o L L N o ws l Day and Evening Classes "I+ Pays 'ro Sludy a+ a Good School" I I SECRETARIAL - SHORTHAND - TYPEWRITING l BOOKKEEPING - COMPTOMETRY I SCHOOLS IN ALL BOROUOHS I DRAKE SCHOOLS, Inc. 39-OI MAIN STREET Flushing I I I l CONGRATULATIONS! l I LAWRENCE AUTO BODY WCRKS ELuslIing 9-4400-9030 Esiablislmed 25 Years I Duco Painling - Collision Repairs - Body and Eender Worlc - Welding I Wheel Alignmenl - Radialor Repairs - All Worlc Guaranleed g I33-43 ROOSEVELT AVENUE II Belween Prince 8: Lawrence Slreels I Eluslming, New Yorlc l l I 24 I-IouR TOWING SERVICE l I Eslimales Clweerlully Given 70 SAM ROSS DAVID ROSEN "Famous Makes for fhe Enfire Family ELusI1ing 8-I785 a+ Cu+ Prices" D A V S A M PERRWS SHOES MFG. co., INC. IO7., discounI Io E.I'I.S. S+uden+s Manufacfurers of BeIIer LADIES' COATS and SUITS Eacfory - I36-76 ROOSEVELT AVE. 36-SI MAIN STREET Flushing. N' Y. Annex Sfore - I36-77 ROOSEVELT AVE. EI. 3-2946 Elushing. N. Y. Flushing, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS - of - A FRIEND lNdependence 342567 READY-TO-PAINT FURNITURE Come Io SAV -O N FURNITURE CO. I44-65 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing, N. Y. Open Daily 9 +0 6 - Fri. 9 fo 9 FLushing 8-9552 Ccckiail Lounge LAN FONG CHINESE-AMERICAN RESTAURANT 4I-97 MAIN STREET Flushing, L. I., N. Y. JOHN SING, Mgr. Air Condiiioned Orders 'io Take Ou? BEST WISH ES GRADUATES Parent Teachers Association of Flushing High School FL 9-9624 IN I-2907 L A U R E L Resfaurani' 8: Delicaiessen KOSHER CATERERS Caharing ai Home or Temple 4l-38 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. I. SAMELSON J. SHAPIRO F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. "THE FAMILY STORE" I60-30 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing, N. Y. I FLusIwing 9-4700 Free Parking in Rear n PILI D'ART BEAUTYSALON FI.usI'1ing 3-2400 In Flushing iI's CAESAR FOR ALL YOUR DRUG NEEDS CAESAR CH EMISTS, Inc. ' I38-I8 NORTHERN BLVD. APOTHECARY Flushing, N. Y. NORTHERN aI PARSONS BLVD. I E Flushing, N. Y. I 'NdePe'1de'1Ce 34400 LOXLAND APPETIZERS i DAHLGARD BUICK CORP. THOMAS DAHLGARD Presidenf ISO-O5 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing, N. Y. INdependence 3-7832 SPIRATON E, INC. PHOTO SUPPLIES DEVELOPING and PRINTING I35-06 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing 54, N. Y. FLusI'1ing 3-4243 GEORGE A. WARD JEWELER 36-5I MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. I53-27A CROSS ISLAND PKWY. IN I-3350 WI1I'IesIone 57. N.Y PARTY PLATTERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Experfly Decorafed - Finesf OuaIi'ry Smoked Fish Hebrew Nafionol Delicafessen KOSHER CATERING FLusI'1ing 3-0900- I -2 WILLIAM M. SMITH INSURANCE . REAL ESTATE 40-O6 MAIN STREET FIu5I1Ing, N. Y. FLusIIing 9-II55-0I3l WI'1oIesaIe 8: Refai IRVING TIRE CO. ao YEARS ON LONG ISLAND Standard Make New Tires 8: Tubes AII Sizes Used 8: Recap Tires I35-I6 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing, L. I.. N. Y. wig! ....3nu-.- V .M i 'que v.-w-.v-.- IN 3-4932 Member A.B.S. - U.B.S. L s. A AQUARISTS Long IsIand's Mos? Modern Pe? Shop BIRD CLINIC Fecluring Tropical Fish, A,K.C. Reqisfered Puppies, ParaIcee+s-Normal and Rare, from Blue Ribbon Winners I2I-I2 l4+h ROAD College Poinf 56, N.Y. CONGRATU LATION S and BEST WISH ES FOR GRADUATES MILLER and MACK Congruiulolions from PRimrose 5-7800 Direcf Service Florida, California, Texas All 48 Slafes TRAILWAY VAN LINES, INC. Local and Naiion-wide MOVING - STORAGE General Offices: I6I5 HEMPSTEAD TPKE. Elmont L. I., N. Y. 363I N.W. 48II1 TERRACE Miami, Florida FLushing 9-6056 CROKER-EVANS RADIO . TELEVISION SERVICE 4I-27 MAIN STREET Belween Posl Office Xi Library Flushing 55, N. Y. FLushing 9-I I I5 SID'S - Your Hairdresser PERMANENT WAVE sPEclALlsTs MAIN STREET COR. 38II'I AVE. 2nd Floor - Enf. on 38IIi Ave. Flushing. L. I., N. Y. COMPLIMENTS . of . FISHER BEER CO., Inc. Flushing - Hempsfead - Jamaica TYPEWRITERS - ADDING MACHINES SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED CONGRATULATIONS AND Free Pick-up-Delivery Eslimafes BEST WISHES TQ NATIONAL TYPEWRITER SERVICE 4I-43 MAIN STREET THE CLASS OF l956 from IN 3-0600 Flwhingl N.Y. Mr. 8 Mrs. THE HOBBY DEN For Hobbies, Toys, Sporling Goods Archery - Fishing - Baslrelballs - Foofballs I3B-I8 NORTHERN BLVD. INdependence 3-2684 New York lNdependence I-7800 GWIN Aufomolive Supply, Inc. 34-32 UNION STREET Flushing 54, N. Y. Newingion, Conn.-MOhawI: 6-0825 JARDIN HAIR STYLISTS, INC. BEAUTY CULTURE in All Hs Branches 44-25 KISSENA BLVD. INdependence I-I087 Flushing. L. I. RENNEMANN'S Pharmacy, Inc. I4-ll I22nd STREET College Poinl BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. OF NEW YORK, INC. Room IOO, Mezz. Fl. - Chase Manhaflan Bldg. EUGENE J. COONEY PHARMACIST FLushing 9-I985 3945 MAIN STREET Flushing 54, N. Y. I5-I4 I22nd STREET ROBERT JET-ILE, Mgr. Fmshzng 3-7500 C9"999 PMT 56- N- Y- FLushing 3-3029 Established I92O CUFARI BROTHERS FINE FURS - COLD STORAGE 38-ll MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. LOHMAN JEWELERS I8-29 I22nd STREET College Poinf SCANCARELLO MUSIC STUDIO ALL INSTRUMENTS TAUGHT PRIVATELY Classical and Popular I36-I3 ROOSEVELT AVENUE FLushinq 3-3960 Flushing, N. Y. Three doors up from cloclc on Roosevell' Ave. COLLEGE Bargain SI'ore, Inc. Dealers in DRY GOODS - SHOES ChiIdren's Wear af Bargain Prices I4-58 I22nd STREET College Point L. I. FLUSHING FOOD SHOP HOME COOKING I35-22 NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing Complimenls of . , . DR. BERNARD SCHEIM orromemsr lNdependence 3-6532 LOUIS MEOLA POST Pain? 8: Wallpaper Co. 4l-88 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. ATTENTION BOWLERS-Come in and Gel a Brunswick bowling ball wilh a Iifefime guaranfeel Graz Cas+eIIano's Bowl Mari' I44-69 NORTHERN BLVD. Open Daily 9 a.m. Io 8 p.m. - Salurdays 9 Io 5 lNdependence I-6I2O Flushing FLushinq 3-4528 DISKlN'S OUTLET Nationally Adverfised Brands Sporlswear 401, fo 601, OI? Lisf JACKETS - SHIRTS - SLACKS l35-26 ROOSEVELT AVE. FLUSHING THE BEAUTETTE HAIR STYLIST and BEAUTY CONSULTANT I44-73 NORTHERN BLVD. lNdependence 3-6956 Flushing, L. I.. N. Y. :1i1!F--.. 78 Besl Wishes from SH EL-TREFF, INC. THE WHITESTONE SHOPPING CENTER'S SHOP for DAD and LAD l53-35 CROSS ISLAND PARKWAY Whifesfone, L. I. FLushinq 3-4030 QUEENS CAMERA HOSP. Inc. GREAT SAVINGS on ALL PHOTO SUPPLIES 40-46 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. ELushing 3-7067 Free Deliveries CORONET DELICATESSEN and BAKERY I4l-OBA NORTHERN BLVD. Flushing, N. Y. Daily 'ro IO p.m. Fred 81 Mildred Koferl, Prop. AQUA-PET, Inc. Over IOO Types of Pedigree Dogs Tropical Fish - Parelxeeis - Canaries Goldlish - Hamsfers - Accessories l38-24 NORTHERN BLVD. INdependence I-4855 Opp. Flushing High ELusl'1Ing 9-9701 SCHISSEL'S MILLINERY BEN BAKER, Prop. 37-Ol MAIN STREET Flushing 54, N. Y. EXPERT SHOE SERVICE ORTHOPEDIC WORK DONE I44-II NORTHERN BLVD. FLushing 9-l442 Esl. 1916 GOULD'S MUSIC STORE LARGEST STOCK OF RECORDS on Ihe Norlh Shore 36-2l MAIN STREET Flushing 54, L. l., N. Y. BENTLEY 8: SIMON, INC. 7 WEST 36+h STREET New York IB, N. Y. Mfrs. of Choir Gowns - Pulpii Robes CAPS - GOWNS - HOODS for All Degrees Ouffiflers Io over 3.000 Schools, Colleges, and Churches FLushing 9-2848 McCREADY 81 RICE PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS 34-O6 UNION STREET Flushing, N. Y. INdependence 3-9929 You Call - We Deliver BUTTERCRISP BAKE SHOP WE CATER TO ALL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS 28-30 UNION STREET Milchel Gardens, Flushing, N. Y. FLushing 3-0509 CHARLES FARBER THE MAYFAIR BOOKSHOP I44-l9A NORTHERN BLVD. INear Parsonsl Flushing, N.Y. ELushing 9-9673 Open 24 Hours HANOVER SACKS CORP. GASOLINE - LUBRICATION Tires - Tubes - Bafleries - Auro Laundry mu NORTHERN BLVD. Elrrsirarrg, N. Y. ELushinq-9-Ollrl Hrr-,rrrerly B. Farber ELUSNRQ 3.0085 iNdeperrd'Qrr.e 3-3050 B R A V E R CHRISTY'S Flower Shop PAINTS - WALLPAPER Fl-QWERS.BY.WlRE Dealers in Beniamin Moore lr Dufch Boy Painfs I37-II NORTHERN BLVD. Near Courl House Flushing 54, N.Y. NATRE'S DRESS SHOP 36.47 MAIN STREET l36-22 ROOSEVELT AVENUE Flushing 54, L. I., N.Y. ARDLEY SHOPPE COATS 8: SUITS DRESSES and SPORTS WEAR 36-39 MAIN STREET ELushinq 3-3772 Flushing, N. Y. .. ...WY Y , -.,.,r.-. - by . . CONGRATULATIONS CLASS. JUNE I956 Mr. 81 Mrs. SANDOR HOWARD COMPLIMENTS . of . AMERICAN LUMBER 81 TRIM IO0-04 NORTHERN BLVD. Corona 68, N. Y. HERBERT G. GELHARDT The Oldesf Established Dispensing Opiician on flue Norfh Shore I36-69 ROOSEVELT AVENUE FLusl'1ing 3-604I Flushing, L. I. Manlnassef Medical Bldg. Tel. MAnl1asseI 7-IIIO, Manhessef, L. I. Complele Line of Ariisf Maierials for flue Sfudenl'-ihe Prof. ALEXANDER'S Pain? 81 W. P. Co. I37-O2 NORTHERN BLVD. 1070 Discounl on All Ar? Supplies FLusI1inq 3-6722-23 LIqge+I 4-0875 J. HORR, Prop. COMPLIMENTSI POMONOK SERVICE STATION M, RANDAL Auro REPAIRS - LUBRICATION lO5-2I NORTHERN BLVD. FRED ASTAIRE DANCE STUDIOS OF FLUSHING I35-SI NORTHERN BLVD. INdependence 3-3900 BALLROOM - TAP - MODERN - BALLET Special Reles for Teen Age Classes CEIL'S APPAREL 36-I9 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. FLusIwing 8-464I COM PLIMENTS - of . Mr. 8: Mrs. RALPH I. BRYANT FLuslxinq 9-8563 Lady Affendanl HENRY WEYDIG 81 SON, Inc. FUNERAL HOME I3-39 I22nd STREET College Poinf 56. N. Y. 70-52 KISSENA BLVD. Flushing 67, L. l. ELusI1inq 3-7657 B. KELSH DRESSES - HATS - COSTUME JEWELRY 40-52 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. KELLER'S LAUNDROMAT 4l-93 MAIN STREET BRING US YOUR WASHING We'II Do Your Dirfy Work IN 3-2064 Flushing, L. I. FLusI1ing 9-05IO Flowers by Wire THE MAYFAIR FLORIST 40-02 MAIN STREET GEORGE MILORDIS Flushing, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS! Mr. 81 Mrs. GERARD DeFINA lNdependence 3-I43O-I HARRY WALMAN PROSPECT APPLIANCES Ranges - Washing Machines - Kiichen Cebinefs Sinks - Radios - Televisions -Vacuum Cleaners Tragic Appliances 4I-24 MAIN STREET Flushing 55, N. Y. NEW YORKER SAMPLE HAT SHOP 36-3I MAIN STREET Bef. No. Blvd. 8: 37II1 Ave. One FIiqI1+Up-Flushing, N. Y. V. R. ,.a x .v Y , n . v H I K . , 1. 3.x .Pm 'I 1 5. . ,,. 4? 1 -'fi 'll 7' A' , fn- . -9' - ca. 'fl ., - .np 1 .lf YV s N V -1-X .1 .? I .,,.g,---. ,-, ,,.:,',: -5 K ,. . 14. , - nr,-,,,, ' ':" - , ..,,-,,, al g.:: 51.34 'U"f.:':".,,4'-xl ' 5 ' -'4' L 4'f::,xNf?Q'- V'-.-gg -' .- , '. ,:,.--: ff, 1- -' ..--'G ' 'I " . ff- VTE' f -- .gf P ,, ,. in 1 . , 'wf,. 1' " .1 ' ..- I3' E fb 9. 1 . .9 -Gil --' 4" . ' ei, H H, 13, g - -' , -' -""'-J vs xi Q -. '., ' 41-J! Q :- .. W2 '-F. 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Suggestions in the Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) collection:

Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Flushing High School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 44

1956, pg 44

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