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Y? :fa-1' ,ww Qbg? My 5 gig J 'L ff QI, Q 2 X W I ff 1 X N X 1111 -, A M, 'fx vt, 53 XNX X9 0 S Q Q, ME QW KW ? Q 5 F Ye BQWZQ Z Q in QQ 'ZXEQQ if QY Q-C,-Q9 xx 5 QA A E? ed ex WQXZX xf ye NUPXS xxx x lf A5y l i v W . M gg T' Km fa 9 'A Ql- ' , X . I f f ,J VOXAB Q W ALR- 5 0 W W0 Q5 xi' ki W W W" XX ff M If V X AQ X my X X A mf 1 29 Af Xt K fwfl N ,AX M K XR .Q fy, Tiff ,' 'QR FK A Xiiygmi ,'A'2 V N XX ' Ye , xg,5 U .J we g6Uf'g0g 8 1 ,A fa W - N fix .gznior 664,65 of January, f945 jgfabng .S7cAoof jgL5Aing, Well! yall DEDICATION ., . Confmfg BOXVNE HOUSE ......,....,...... VLISSINCEN, 1645-FLUSHINC, 1945 FACULTY . . DR. VVALSH'S LETTER CLASS HISTORY . CANDID PHOTOS CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS . ....... . BOYS IN SERVICE CANDID PHOTOS CLASS BALLO'I' .. ACTIVITIES .... CARCOYLE STAFF LAST XVILL AND 'I'ESTAIXIEN'Cl' . . . Q QF -I-RUS Wall Jw CA 'W lv! '-W' AWWM Q " U7 ,K Q 421 f . , O 2 l s, 3 , 1-fu for FL lecbcafion We dedicate this issue of the Gargoyle to the Town of Flushing on the three hundredth anniversary of its founding. To those of us who, in years to come, leave Flushing, it will be rernernberecl fondly. To those of us who remain, it will become more endeared. And for all of us, Flushing will always be, "Horne Town." jk 50111118 011,58 glrecfecl Ay John gowne in 7661 gargeaf Weefing pface in .gfugihing of fke Sociefy of jriendd gziriingen, f645-g!u5Aing, 1945 Ask that Yank on the VVestern Front what he is lighting for-or the Marine who used to be in your math class-the Air Corps lieutenant who not so very long ago starred on the high school football team-or any of the Iohnnys and lacks and Bills who constitute the most powerful lighting force this world has even seen. He wouldnlt tell you, "The Four Freedoms." Perhaps he never even heard of the Four Freedoms-they say that men in foxholes have very little time to read the newspapers. More likely his reply would be-a movie on Saturday night with his favorite girl, a big piece of Moni's apple pie or special chocolate cake, church on Sunday morning with the family and the choir singing "Rock of Ages," a Giant-Dodger double-header, the smell of leaves burning on a nippy autumn afternoon-all those and the thousand more things that mean 'fhome" to him. That would be his way of expressing all these war aims we hear so much about-home and the old home town. As he now lights to preserve here at home the things he left, equality of opportunity, religious freedom, the American way of life, so men strove for the same ideals when founding this great country of ours. They, too, suiiercd and died that their children might enjoy equally the abundance America has to offer, that each man might worship God in the way he sees tit. They fought to tame a wilderness, to subdue forces that opposed the building of a civilization for the freedom-loving peoples of the world. The year 1945 marks the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Town of Flushing. Those years symbolize three centuries of struggle- then, against nature, a hostile Indian tribe, and all that accompanies the beginning of a new era-novv, against the forces which threaten to destroy the rights and privileges we so freely enjoy. That iight must take place here on the home front as well as on the battlefields of Europe and the sandy beaches of the South Pacific. VVe are not called upon to sacrifice our lives, or even our comfort, but we have a job to do, too, and one that requires our every talent-the job of seeing to it that, in living, we preserve for them the Flushing they knew, the Flushing that has been endowed with the heritage of three hundred years. THERESA EVOLA and EDITH BAYER 5 SAG gaaflay .fdncl gfaolfy wofcle Ae Arne, ans! gfaclfy fecA CA November 13, 194-1 Dear Friends, My calendar indicates that it is time to say farewell to the members of the class of january 1945. This is a duty which 1 am somewhat reluctant to perform, as it seems to me that I have just begun to know you as candidates for graduation. You and I have just passed through a national election. I am sure that you sense the problems that arc awaiting solution at home as well as abroad. You are approaching that stage of maturity in which your opinions on these important subjects are worthwhile. Your teachers have neglected nothing which they considered necessary to develop you as well-rounded, well- informed personalities. As they have done so well with you, I can reason- ably expect you to do your part in the trying times to come. Previous graduating classes have never let us down-I know you will not. Sincerely yours, UMM W en iam 64555 .Malorg N FOUR YEARS fmore or lessj at Flushing High you've never glanced above the main entrance doorway? VVell, then, while you were completely unaware of it, you have been observed by two little fellows perched above the welcoming portals of our great school! If you look you will see them. Believe it or not, they're there. On the right is Pesty Mistic whose dull old eyes have seen so many Flushing students that nothing we do would surprise him-or please him. But on the left is a jolly fellow known as Ozz Tomistie who shares our jokes, and delights in 'fkeeping up with the times." One day I happened to overhear them and I thought I'd let you in on it . . . if you promise not to tell. Here is what they said: "A fine bunch of kids, this class of '-l5, and theylll be leaving soon," ehirped Ozzie. "Not soon enough to suit mc!', Pesty seornfully returned. "You don't like any student from the day he arrives to the day he leaves," contended Ozzie, "but these have changed so since they first came that I thought your opinion might have changed too." Pesty leered, f'Sure, they've changed-from bad to worse." "Smile when you say that! QNO, I guess that's too much to ask .... Well, I admit they were quieter when they entered, but that was because they were young and frightened. lust think, not long ago this place was being run by the faculty and these kids were being run ragged by the Seniors. If I only could have talked to them I'd have told them the facts of life at Flushing High School. Then they wouldn't have been running all over looking for the elevators and the pool thatls under the auditorium," mused Ozzie. "Oh, let 'em suffer," said Pesty grimly. "I have a hunch they didn't mind too much anyway. A year later they had their chance to do it to someone elsefl Ozzie chuckled, then continued, "But between all the fun they worked hard. In their first year they joined office staffs, helped teachers, got home at 5:15, and were snowed under by homework. It was a tough job getting acquainted with this school but they did it and learned to like it." "Like it?" scoffed Pesty. "Then what the heck were they complaining about every day for the past four years?" "Sure they complain-they're only human. But their school spirit has been tops, dating back to about-why, I know exactly when it began! It was the day of their first and last boat ride. I was worried about them that day 'cause a storm came up but that just added to their fun, they said." ' 10 "Fun!" grunted Pesty, f'don't they ever think about working a little, too?" 'fOf course they do. Nothing's too much work for them. In their second year they put all their time and energy into the Soph Hop to raise money to buy an ambulance for the Red Cross," answered Ozzie hcatedly. K'It isn't as it was before the war, though. There is a rather subdued atmosphere," said Ozzie. "Are you kidding?" "No, I'm not! It has changed. Thcrc's no more Sniffer' or his little brother 'P.M. Pranks' But I have to admit that the Dime Dance idea and a swell baseball team that won the eity championship, and a swell football team that-wcll they,re swell anyway-more than make up for the absence of gossip columns," Ozzie answered sercncly. L'It's all nonsense. School is a placc to study and learn, not to waste time," charged Pesty. "VVho's wasting time? These kids have learned something more than what they could get out of a textbook," maintained Ozzie. "Thcy'vc learned to work together in harmony and to take responsibility." 'AF or instance?" Pesty scoffed. "You old skeptic, you! This is one time I can prove my point! In their seventh term the three C.O. Officers came from the class of '45, Tony Damato, Evelyn Moberg and Charlie Campbell." "So what?" "Give me a chance, will you? Dot Raimo was Secretary of the G.O. in sixth term and Edith Bayer and Dick Meyer are boy and girl leader of Arista, and Tony Damato is Chief justice of the Student Tribunal, and Carl Renneman is Editor of the Forum, Martha Friscia is President of the Service League, Ioan Ehrlich is Editor of the Gargoyle, and I could go on indefinitely until I had included almost all the kids in the Senior Class," Ozzie staunehly affirmed. "lust a bunch of politicians! I'll be glad when they leave-though I suppose the new ones will be worse, if possible," growled Pesty. "I give up! YOU'RE too far gone. Anyway, I suppose you can't help it. With a face like yours who could have a cheerful outlook? But you're not going to change my opinion. I think they're fine and I'm going to miss them." Ozzie paused, choosing his words carefully, "They've become a part of Flushing High. They've added to its proud past and set a pattern for its future. Not only the school has benefited, they have enriched their own lives by -learning some Math, Latin, Shorthand and Bio, and a few lessons from the Book of Life." AUDREY SCHNELL 1 1 V1 1 ,me Sl Jaan, Our friend and adviser, whose helpful understanding and gracious Cooperation have cndcurcd us to her. Cfcwri icerd CHARLES CAMPBELL I'lDI'l'IrI BAYICR S'iI'EPII1'IN VOYDXI' MARTIIA FRISCIA President V icc-President Tfeasufcf Secretary THOMAS P. ALBRECIIT Quiet, hardworking, and unaffected. C.O. Agentg Patrolg Folio Agentg Ofliee VVorkerg Art and Music Teachers' Aide. ELEANOR L. ANDERSON Success follows industry. C-.O. Agcntg Teachers' Aideg Ration- ing. MARIANNE F. ASTORINO She quietly works her way to the front. Teachers, Aideg Rationingg Knitting Club. XVM. VVILSON BADEN, III Unique and witty is our Baden, Vlfith bright clothes and title QIIIQ he is laden. VINCENT BARONCINI Not often heard but always think- ing. Patrol. EDITH BAYER Tranquil and unaffected, Edith is blessed with cheerfulness and good nature. Vice-President, Senior Classg Forum, Folio, Gargoyle Stattsg C-irl Leader, Aristag G.O. Council Rep- resentativeg Reception Roomg Treas- urer, Etag Vllhite HF? 14 IOIIN E. BELL' ' A good looking fellow, amiable and humorous. Traelcg Commandosg Patrolg Treas urcr of Delta Hi-Y. I -I IVY LEE BENNETT " Personal beauty is, avbetter introduc- tion than fhy letter. I 1 Zfjfiqe-'League ..Councilg Sdcretary 'P Service ,Leagucg F reneh Clubg lolio 'Literary Statfg Ilonor Roll, Teachers' AidefPatrolg Administra- tive ,Qflicel Q ELI BERNSTEIN He's never out of focus. Serviceg YVhite "Fwy Stock Roomg Football, Sept. 44-lan. '45g Chem- istry Lab.g Forum Photographerg Banclg Honor Roll. ENZO BERTANI For he's a folly good fellow. Patrolg Laboratory Assistanlg Folio Agentg Track Team. TERESA BLOSVEREN Pleasant and frank is she, a sensible way to be. Transferred from Vllashington Irv- ing High Sehoolg Folio Art Staftg Teacherls Aiclcg Folio Agentg Kappa Ili-Y. ROBERT E. BORNEMANN He's an A.A.A. man-Athletic, Ani- bitious and Artistic. G.O. Office Assistantg Honor Roll. FLORENCE T. BREAKSTONE Her flashing eyes, her dancing feet, her merry smile are quite a treat. CO. Agent: Forum Agentg Forum Captain: Library Assistantg Patrol Cuardg Patrol Captaing Teachers' Aideg President of Civics Classg Omega Ili-Y. IOAN BRICKILTT Those cool and lirnpid green eyes. Faculty List: Folio Agentg XVhite Cardsg Patrol. CARMILLLA BUCELLA There's a twinkle in her eye, And a smile as she passes by. Administrative Otlice Assistantg XVhite Cardsg Ilonor Roll. VIRGINIA BURNS Good nature is always a success. Transferred from St. Ioseph's High School. RIARTIIA L. BUSH Nothing is impossible to diligence and skill. Teachers' :Xideg Victory Vfar Bond Clubg Gargoyleg Aide to Mr. YVar- ingg YVhite Cards: Rationingg High Ilonor Rollg Shorthand Awarcls. IO.-KN BUTLFR Kind and gay throughout the day. Transferred from St. I3artl1olo1new's Iligh School: Teaeher's .Xideg Patrol Sergeant. IRILNIC BYRNE Truth to all minds tells that in thee lives harmony. Patrolg Teachers' .Nideg Ilouor Rollg Credit Roll. Cn.-xatnzs C.-XMPBICLL Z He believes that sinc little boys can't se n bemmrd. e" EUZSC 1or Classg Xiiec-Pest t, .lg Prei ut, Beta I' A g L1stiee'l'Vibr1 . UTI ' ep rgseiitffvl-Ke?" Cir ilatitgfklanageri Forunig Kli1 hry9glyyU MARY ANN CANNOYA Stay as sweet as you are. Teachers' Aidcg Credit Rollg Patrolg Cvlee Clubg Spanish Club. ANNIE BIAE COLICNIAN Letls be merry while we're young. Teacher's Aideg Served on Board of Flectiousg Credit Roll. .XDELAIDE COMANDINI Smiling, cheerful, always depend' able, Nothing about her that isn't com' rnendable. Library Squadg Patrolg Rationingg CO. Delegate. BARR.-XRA CONNOR Beauty, truth, rarity- Crace in all simplicity. xlCll1l3Cl' of Zeta Ili-Y: Folio .Xgeutg Forrun Captain: Patrol. 15 IOHN A, GARRETT hffuch mirth and no madness, All good and no badness. Patrol, Ofliee Assistant, G.O. Rep resentative, G.O. Agent, Honor Roll. IRA I. GELB Veni, vidi, vici. Arista, Matliematies. lfreneli, and Latin Awards, Patrol, Bzrseball, Folio, Forum, and Gargoyle Staffs, High Honor Roll: Tutor, Color Guard, Valedietoriau. RITA DOROTHY GILROY Full of sunshine, always bright, She fills the dullest room with light. Spanish Club, Folio Agent, Zeta Hi-Y, Teachers' Aide. ENIILY ROSE GODLEXYSKI E1nily's short, everyone knows, But HShort and Sweetf' the saying goes. Teachers' Aide: Patrol, Chorus, Rationingg XYar Club. BURTON ALLAN GREENBERG About as shy as a sailor on a six hour pass. Board of Elections: Football. 513, '44, Secretary and Treasurer of Delta Hi-Y, QV: Year Graduate, Circulation Statt of Forum. MARGARET GREISSING Never a worry, never a care Life to her is a simple affair. G.O. Agent, Member of Patrol, Honor Roll: 'l'eaeliers' Aide, VVar Club, Member of Latin and Greek Club in Former School. 18 CLAIRE GUNTHER Full of pep, push, and go, That's why everyone likes her so. Kappa IIifY, Secretary to Mr. VVarA ing, Teaeliers' Aide, G.O. Agent, Folio Agent, Senior Representative in Nominating Class Otliecrs. CATHERINE IIALLAHAN Toast her, salute her, your banners unfurl, 1lere's to the priceless American girl. Entered from Holy Child Academy, Secretary, G.O., .Associate Editor, Forum, lfreueli Club, Ofliee XVork, Student Guide, Grade Adviser's Assistant, G.O. Agent. LORRAINE IIANGEN She can't be wrong whose life is in the right. Zeta Hi-Y, Patrol, Board of Elec- tions, G.O. Delegate. NIARION IIERTZKE They succeed alone who try. Patrol, Teachers' Aide, Credit Roll. ALICE E. IIILL A rose without a thorn. NYhite Cards, G.O. Agent, Ofliee XYork, Zeta Hi-Y, Secretary. LAXYRENCE lllLL Full of the devil, But dead on the level. G.O. Agent, Swimming Team, Viee-President, Lambda Chi Hi-Y, llealtli Ed. Secretary, Sgt. C,A.P. XIARY REGINA HOLMES Now here's a girl who's full of pep. The word for her is really HEP. Foruin, Teachers' Aide, Folio Agent, Ilonor Roll, Rationing, Victory Gorps, Library Squad, Dramatic Club, Patrol, Tutor, Theta Ili-Y, Gargoyle. STANLEY IIONDZENSKI Calmly he looks on life about him. Service League. NORBIA LEE HORN The secret of her life is in art. Patrol, Volleyball Club, Scrap- book Club, Teachers' Aide, Gar- goyle, Honor Roll, Credit Roll, Board of Elections. GEORGE STEPHEN IIUGEL Dynamite comes in little packages. Alpha Hi-Y lBasketballj, Patrol, XVhite Card. RICHARD HUNTER The deeds of a leader shall live. Arista Treasurerg Gargoyle, Advertis- ing Manager, l'resident's Cabinet, lligh Honor Roll, G.O. 'l'rcasnrcr's Assistant, Supply Squad, Band, Tutor, Patrol, Teachers' Aide. CLARA IENNINGS A pleasing girl with pleasing ways. Senior Chorus, Library Staff, Rag tioning. WM BARBARA KAHLER Good nature and good sense must ever join. Rationing, Nutrition Club, Patrol f'ff2Lg,,,, Club. ANDREXV KALFAS As invaluable to friends as he is on the grid. Track, '41, '42, Baseball, '42, '43, '44, Football, '42, '43, '44, Gym Secretary, Patrol, G.O. Agent, Folio Agent, Major "F's." IOSEPII XY. KALBIAN A man of good niettle. MARY A. KARGII W'orth makes the woman. General Office Assistant. GLADYS NIARY KATONAII Always witty, always charming, She is really such a darling. Arista, Seryice League, Iligh Honor Roll, Gargoyle Stall, Foreign Policy Association, French Glnb, Victory Corps: Patrol: Teachers' Aide, Eta Ili Y. FLORENCE E. KEGZMERSKI In youth and beauty wisdom is but rare. YVhite F, Seryiec Cards: Honor. Credit Rolls, Faculty List, Gargoyle, Shorthand Awards, President, Ga- reer Glub, Teachers' Aide, Ration- ing, Administrative Ofhec. 19 FRANCIS .X. KIRCHOFP IIere's a fellow well worth knowing. Forum Agent: Patrol: Alpha llifY. MARGARl'1'l' M. KLILVILN XY7i71SO71lC', refreshing, wholesome, true: All this and Kleyeri. too. Folio Agent: GU. Agent: 'l'utor: 'leacliers' Aide: Library Squad: Garf goylc Staff: llonor Roll. liLlZ,XBl'l'l'll Nl. KOCH She that has patience may compass anything. Credit and llonor Rolls: Certificates of Merit: 'l'rayel Club: lfreneli Club: VVar Club: Otiice Assistant: 'llcaeliers' Aide: Treasurer, Zeta lli4Y. LILLIAN KOPPliINllOl"ILR ller vivacity is heightened by he: charming personality. G.O. Oflice .Xssistantr Patrol: Secre tary, President of lfia lli-Yg Ration ing: Teacliers' Aide: Credit Roll: XYar Club, SFVERIN LAI,lBlQR'l'E Health of body. peace of mind. City Champ Baseball Team: Patrol. GEORGE LAXIPROS Brains and braiyn. Track rl'Cfl1ll1 Football Team: Patrol: llonor and High llonor Rolls. Z0 'x LlRl.X Ll'llC LARRABEIL So much is a woman worth. As much as she esteems herself. G,O. and Polio .Xgentg Drama Club: Senior Cliorus: Victory Corps: G.O. Nominating Committee: 'lcacliers' Xide: Office .Xidez Scryice League. liLlC.XNOR Ll'IllN A most sincere and Charming fier- son. Library .Xidep lfolio .X ent: llonor Roll. ,ggwifjff QM PA'l'RlCl.X LICIB Generally sfrealsing. she's generally speaking. President of Zeta lli-Y: Patrol: Board of l'llections: GO. Delegate: lforum: Polio Xgeut, BLOSSOXI CXROLINIC I,l+lll"l'lR Blithe and Bonny. Folio Agent: Patrol: lilmcrgency Room Squad. NIARGIC LISSKIC Peace, order, and beauty draw 'round her. Rationing: Credit Roll: Patrol: Kappa llifY: 316 Year Graduate: Knitting Club. LILLIAN I,OGO'l'HETI Grecian beauty, a keen mind. Arista: Service League Council: XVliite "lim: Patrol: Fta lli-Y: Gar- goyle Staff: Rationing: General Of- fice Receptionist: lligli llonor Roll. IINI LONGO No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong. 'llransferrecl from Stuyvesant High Sehoolg Circulation Agent of the Iforumg SW Year Graduate. l'liI'l'ER XY. LOPEZ An honest man is the king of men, Football Team, '-IZ, '43, "H: G.O. .Xgentg II. lid. Secretary: Patrolg Seerctary of Lambcla Ili-Yg Baud: Victory Corps. HENRY LUNOYY Good-fellowship, well-liked by all, Ifoliog Patrolg Supply Room Squadg First Aid Squaclg Beta Hi-Yg IIonor and Credit Rollsg 3Vz Year Gradu- ate. IOIQ BIALLARDI A corking chap that's always bob- bing up and down. Baseball City Champsg Patrol. ANITA MARINO She has a gay and friendly winning way. Ilall Guard. PHILIP MARRINIQR A good sport and a true friend-A real Flushingite. Yiee-President of Beta IIi,Y. 19' OLGA NANCY NIARTINUK A joyful manner, a friendly smile- Nancy is really a friend worthwhile. I"01'lll1IQ Foliog Gargoyle Stailsg G.O. Couueilg Teaeliers' .Xicleg IIi-Y Couneilg Sigma Ili-Y: Service Leagueg Library ,Xiclez Shorthand Certitieatesg Rationingg Patrol. DOROTHY MCCAIIILL A merry heart maketh a cheerful eorrntenance. Zeta Ili-Yg G.O. Agentg Teachers' ,Xiclez Patrolg White Cards. CAROLYN KICCLJRRIACK I Ier ways are ways of pleasantness. Library Squaclg 'llutorg Teachers' .Xssistantg Folio Agentg Patrolg Zeta HiAYg Spanish Club. RUSSELL MCDONALD Light or dark, short or tall- Ile sets a trap to snare them all. Lambda Chi HiAYg Track Tcamg Patrolg G.O. Nominating Commit- tee. MARGARET lXIeKEEVER A cheerful little earful. Honor Rollg Credit Rollg Rationingg 32 Year Gracluateg Knitting Club.. :XNGICLINA BIICDLIA Crayon, paint and oil- She'd make them her life's toil. Eta Ili-Yg Service Leagueg Honor and High Honor Rollsg G.O. Agentg l"olio Agentg Forum Agcntg Ration iugg 'I'eaehers' Aicleg Transit Club. 21 RICHARD NIICRGL Wlhere the willingness is great, The difficulties cannot be great. Honor Roll, Glec Club, Service Squad, Service League, Forum Dis! tributor, IIVCZICIICISI Aide. IUDITII lXIlC'I'II'VILN g . One who will cilinib WZ' of luccessl jj , ' If o 'fleas and willii ess. YV - resident, Serviee Qi ,,See- letary, Liberal P yjlris a, XVl1ite "FH, Circle 'IEE Advertising Man- ager, Foru1n,'l"olio, Gargoyle, Vice- President, Sigma Ili-Y. RICIIARD II. XIICYER Ile has poise and personality, Intelligence plus geniality. Treasurer and Boy Leader of Arista, Iligh Ilonor Roll, Iustiee, Student 'llribunalg Folio, Gargoyle, G.O. Council Representative. l ILVELYN INIOBILZRG 5' I She that waseier fa? ,and never proud. ' G.O. Viee-Prcfsiclent,fSeeretary, GD. Representative, Chairman, Secretary rot Red, White and Blue Party, 'Teachers' Aide, Patrol, President, Secretary, Treasurer of Theta IIi-'Y. FLORILNCIC M. INIUELLER It's nice to be natural if you're naturally nice. High Ilonor andillonor Rolls, Of- Hee Aide, Oniieron Hi-Y. CLAIRE MULIIOLLAND A gay sort of gal, who's everyones pal. VVhite HIV", I'lO1'lI1H, Folio, Gar- goyle Stattsg 'Peaeliers' Assistant, Honor Roll, Ilonor Classes, Folio Agent, Shorthand Award, Signia Hi-Y, YYar Stamp Agent. .ZZ FRANK NICDICLKA True happiness is of a retired nature. G.O. Agent, Ilonor Roll, Patrol: Orchestra, White Cards, Teachers' Aide. NANCY NICHOLS, She's charming and gay- Iler contagious manner brightens the day., Q Nlath. futor, Spanish Tutor: Lib- rary A.'sistaift,.VIIi Honor Roll, Spanish Club, Pa i'ol,rH. Otliee Assistant, 3Vz Year Lfraduate. 'rx PEARL NONIN A gem of great price. Discussion Club, Patrol, Spanish Club Secretary, Forum, Gargoyle, Tutor, Poster Club: Honor and High Ilonor Rolls, Library Assistant, Foreign Poliey Representative. IXIILDRILD NOVOTNY lblistress of herself. Iunior Chorus, Secretary to Mrs. Scanlon and Mr. VVaring, Credit Roll, Patrol, Ofliee Clerk, Teachers' Aide. GEORGE NUSZER Wlith humor one may jump the bumps of life. Two Years Baseball, City Champs, Two Years Football, Queens Champs, Patrol. VVILLIANI CYBRIEN None but himself can be his parallel. Patrol, 'I'raek 'l'eam, Captain, Cross- Country 'llC2llll. DACMAR OLSON Beauty is its own excuse for being. Teachers, Aideg Member of Theta Hi-Y. MILDRICD O'XIALLlCY A friend to 'all, an enemy to none. Secretarial Assistant to Mr. XVaring and Mrs. Caiolag lligh Honor Honor and Credit Rollsg Rationiug' Patrolg Tutor. 1 v LAXVRENCE A. O'NEILL A good start marks the road to suc- cess. EARL K. OSTROFF A man of independent mind. Delta Hi-Yg Honor Roll Cardsg Patrolg Football Manager. MARION Il. PARAIOS Good humor triumphs in her face. Credit Rollg Teachers' Aide: YVar Club: Treasurer of Zeta lli-Y. MARILYN A. PATANE She is wealthy in her friends. Member of Sigma lli-YQ Rationing. ES'l'lIliR PERIFANOU She laughs and every word is glad. 'lleaeliers' Aideg Patrolg Stencil Cut- ter for Student rllribunalg Lunch- room Cashier. Rl'l'.X l'lC'IlROClCLI.I Knowing. easrgoing Rita. Sewing Clubg 'leaehers' Aideg Ra- tioning. IIAZICL P VEIFFER She's pre ty to walk with And witty to talk 1 'tl. . P ci L 05' e Staffsg White '- 'fF"g Ari aj ' Senior lrom Conn 'tteeg of 4 , El ' ' 'Q'W SlSfLlll , X if XY lf . K ji! BOB PIIILLAN A fellow well liked by the mob, That's Bob. Baseball. Three Yearsg Captain, Two Years. BIARY IANE PIlflRl'I'l'H She radiates fun from her head to her toes. Faculty Listg XYar Clubg Knit for Britaing Secretary of Eta Ili-Yg Servieeg Vice-President of Career Clubg 'l'eaehersl Aide. FLORA C. POLETTI Cheerfulness draws friends. Rationingg YVar Clubg Teachers' Aide. 23 r p , ff ,,'. l . , f if pvff' 1 at , Q Q XYOLFERT .fPORk1S Ill? thoughts rdri fcist but his words r faster. ' Nlirnco SuQjly!Qlygd?Clie1n. Lab.g XUiity"lf"g lrcsidcutk Cabinet: Seryiee Leaguyg Patrolg Folio, Gar- goyle Staffsg Assistant Adv.. Circ-ula, tion Manager lforuni. XYILLIAN PAUL POR'l'RUDlL Citizen of the world. 'l'wo Years Stadium lligh, Tacoma. 'xYashingtong Radio Club. VILEEN PROl"l"l'l"l' Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Patrolg Teachers, Aidcg Drainatie Clubg Credit Rollg Rationing, NIARGUliRI'l'l'I PUPPA Calm, quiet, and known to few, But those who know her, know her true. XYar Clubsg 'l'eaehers' Aide: Knit- ting Clubg Credit Roll. GEORGE Il. PYKNIQN A good name is better than riches. Aristag Supply Squad: lligh Ilonor Rollg Folio Advertising Staftg Chein. Lab. Assistantg Foreign Policy Clubg llealth Fduealion Secretary. SARA A. RACANA Alodestly full of pleasing mirth. Credit Rollg Victory Corpsg Teach- ers' Aideg Oflice Assistantg Ration ingg 120 VVord Certitieateg Short- hand Award. Z4 DOROTHY RAIMO Pretty, priceless, and personality- plus. XVhite, Circle Hl"'s"3 Secretary, G.O.g Council Represeutatiyeg Cabi- netg Chairman, Decorations Coin- initteeg Aristag Adininistratiye Of- Heeg Foruing Gargoyleg President, Sigina llifY. ANNA lXIARIl'I RANIA Iolly when it's time for fun- But ready for work when work's to be done. Senior Chorusg llonor Roll. MARION lll+ILl'IN RAY Kindness in wisdom. G.O. Agentg lfolio Agcntg Teach- ers' Aideg Library Squadg Patrolg Dramatic Club. CARL RliNNlClNlANN A man of independent mind. liditor, Foruing Track and Cross Country Teainsg Major "F's"g Caine era Clubg Gargoyle Photographerg Beta lli-YQ XVhite "F"g llonor Roll. HLEANOR RIBANDO A lass of grace. G.O. Representatiyeg Folio Agentg XYar Clubs: Victory Corps Mein- herg Teachers' Aideg Rationingg Red Cross Agent. PAULlNlfl ROSE ROMAGNO A kind and ,gentle heart she has. Teachers' Aidcg Rationingg YVar Club. SERC-ESS ROSA May the best come to the best. Transferred from Stuyvesant lligli Selioolg Circulation Agent of Foruing Graduate 316 Years. XYILLIANI GILBIQRT ROSE Wlilliam rose to six feet. and every inch a scholar and a gentleman. Football, Traek Teauig Counnaudosg Delta lli-Y, SZ Year Graduate. CIIARLICS ROTHILRY A quick wit. a light heart, a level head. Honor Roll, Stoelc Rooin Squad, Credit Roll, Patrol: Ofliee Assist- ant: PS.Xl. Xledal. CfXRXIlCLL.X Xl. RUSSO She walks in beauty as the night. Nleniber of the Iuuior Serviee League, Serviee Cardsg Credit and Ilonor Rolls. ELILANOR ST. RLXRIIC All that's good and fair. Senior Chorus, Vietory Corpsg GO. .Xgentg Patrol: Teaeliers' Xide. IOAN V. SANDERSON ller wit is sharp and keen. XYliitc Cards, Advertising Agent, Xlanager. and Feature Writer of tlie Forum, Viee-President. Zeta Ili-YQ Delegate to Red, XYliite and Blue Party. DXYID li. S.-XVIO Full of pep. push, punch. Treasurer of Lambda Cliig Traek Team, Patrolg CO. Agentg Folio .Xgeutg President of Baud, Lab. As- sistant: Study llall Seeretary. l"LOlil'iNChl SCIIICLLIIAMMER Very clever, very neat, ln our opinion, Flo is sweet, Xleinber of Oinieron Ili-Yg Library .Xssistautg Cyin Office Assistantg Patrol. .XXNIC SCIINHIDILR Sweet smiling and sweet spoken. Teaeliersl Aideg Patrolg Foruin Statt. .XUDRICY SCIINHLL She is adorned of two most beautif ful garments: A keen intellect and humility. Secretary, Arista, Treasurer, Eta Ili-Y, Transit Clubg Reception Of- Heeg YYliite 'Tug Cargoyleg Board of lileetorsg Tutorg Spanish Award. MARILYN II. SCIIOLZ A fine exterior is a silent reeonzf inendation. XVliite Card, Glee Club, Patrol: Xlatli. Tutor, Oiuieron IlifYg Li- brary Squad, Teaeliersl Aide. SIMON BI. SCIlNYARTZMAN A regular fellow, his classmates say, Wfhat more tribute can they bay? lligli Ilonor Rollg Football Teaing Patrol, Tutor of Latin, Pianist durs ing Assemblies. 25 RALPH SECMAN As good-natured a soul as ever trod on shoe of leather. Patrol, Coinic Clubg Varsity Foot- ball, '42, '43, '44g Scrap Paper Agent, Math. Tutor, Foruing VVar Stamp Agent. GERTRUDIC SEPER Ioyous as morning. Secretarial Assistantg G.O. Agcntg Honor and Credit Rollsg Teachers' Aicleg Tutor, Service League, Patrol, Rationingg Shorthand Award. SEYMOUR SHIFMAN An honest man and a warm heart Within. Baseball 'I'eain Two Years, '43, '44, Patrol. FLOREN C SK A RQ Mighty in qu' w , But che rfg a ha' y al the ay. GO. ec ss' tg ti g Co ei 'I ' ' r xl l x i ,x .. if galil LILA SPAETH Art is the expression of her soul. Gargoyle and Folio Art Staftsg Secretary, Administrative Assistantg Honor Rollg Credit Rollg Faculty List, Teachers' Aideg Rationingg Shorthand Awards. IUDI'l'll SPINA A girl reliable and true- And furthermore, a scholar, too. Arista, President of Spanish Clubg Gargoyle, Scrvicc Lcagucg VVhitc 'AF"g High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Secretary of Pan-American Club. 26 RICHARD STEIN Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind. Folio Agent, Patrol. BICRTRANI ll. STERN Quiet and efficient- Isn't that sufficient? llall Patrolg Credit Rollg Photog- raphy Staltg Gargoylcg Circulation Staltg Forum. REGINA-AGNES STRAUSSNER If one would search in all mankind A sweeter girl would be hard to find. Teachers' Aide, Library Squadg Theta Ili-Y, Victory Corps, Letter Vllriting Club, Skating Club. ARLILNE L. SVVENKEN An honest willingness to work. Patrolg Office W'orkg Teachers' Aide, Rationingg Math. Tutor, Knitting Clubg Math. Clubg Spanish Medal and Ccrtificatesg High Honor Roll. ,195-'f'l Nw STEVE SZAMBEL His mirth is like a flash of lightning that breaks through the gloomy clouds. Football Team, Beta Hi-Y. ROBERT TANNEBERCER An eager, friendly sort of chap Wfhose graduation leaves a gap. Beta Ili-Ygxllatrolg Honor Roll. I l . M 'J Xd72fyf.1fzH-ff, L. - lffvifeefu PEGGY THOMAS A Georgia peach. Kappa Hi-Y. 4' DOROTHY THYNI Kind and sweet, smart and neat. Patrolg Secretary for Teacher, Two TCIIIISQ XVhite Cards. ROSICNIXRIIL Y. 'l'R.Xl'lRIS Fair and wise, to heights shelll rise. Gargoyleg Service League Couneilg Tutorg Viee-President, Spanish Cluhg Freueh, Spanish Awardsg High Honor Rollg Adiniuistrative Office. GRACE TRIPP Beauty' and grace. Reflect in her face. Patrolg Forum Staftg Folio Ageing Tutor. NIADELINE YENTURI Full of laughter and fun. Forunig GO. Agent: Patrolg Office Assistant to XIr. Varingg Honor RoIIg Rationing. ANTHONY VICARIO One of those rare SfX3Cll7'l6T1S'-ll gentleman. HaII Patrolg Lab. Squad: Victory Corpsg Senior Nominating Commit- tecg Forum Circulating Staftg Math. Tutor. se bij' ICLIZABETII VITTORICLLI lt is the modest who nzalce a real and safe progress. Teachers' Aideg Office Assistant: Honor Roll: Credit Roll: 120 XVord Certificate in Shorthand. LOUISE T. VITTORELLI Ilappmess is born a twin. Teachers' Aideg Victory Corpsg Credit RoIIg Treasurer of the Career Cluhg Ratiouingg Letter NN'riting Cluh. RUDY VL.-XSAK He has the power of holding friends. Captain of the Golf Teaing Forum .Xgentg Patrolg Glee Cluh. CONNIIC YOURLIDOUS XY'hat sweet delight a quiet life affords. Senior Chorus: Teaehers' Aidcg Sehool Operettag XYar Cluh. STEVE VOYDAT First in studies, first in sports, First in the hearts of his fellow cohorts. Treasurer, Senior Classg Baseball, City Chanipsg Aristag Editor, Foliog Sports Editor, Forulng President, Beta HiAYg Business Manager, Gar- goyleg YVhite MF." CATHERINE B. VVALSH Wfith ease of body and peace of mind blessed. Rationingg Patrol. 27 AUDREY XVALTIERS Serene and gay. 'I'C2lChC1'S7 Aidcg Spanish Tutorg Credit Rollg Graduating in BM Ycars. Z8 IOIIN IOSEPII VVIEGAND Mighty in a quiet way. Beta Phi HLY, Ctfflefa EDITH M. CONNORS Fairer than a clay in Rfay XVALTER KOVALEVSKY The Constant Nymph NI.-XDELIXE XYIN'l'ICRS Quiet and serene, Her charm is supreme, Teachers' Aidcg lim Ili-Yg Photog raphy Club. God of our fathers, known of old, Lord of our far-flung battle lines, Beneath whose awful Hand we hold Dominion over palm and pine- Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forgetflest we forget! From KIPLING,S RECESSIONAL ogfi in eruice H1+:RB1zR'1' A'rK1NsoN LAWRENCE HILL 1osLPH ANNUNA STANLEY HONDZENSKI WALTER BLIATTY DOUGALL MACDOUGALL LEXVIS BRoWN NAURICE CYCONNELL Maxx FURS1' 1oHN RICIIARDS THOMAS IIANNIGAN RQJBLRT SOBECK ALBICRT HAUCK ICDXVARD SV EC Most Popular Boy ...... Most Popular Girl ...... Most School Service, Boy Most School Service, Girl Handsomest Boy ....... Prettiest Girl ...... Brainiest ...,.... Most Baby Capable ..... Boy ....... Baby Girl ......... Best Dressed Boy .... Best Dressed Girl .... Friendliest Boy .... Friendliest Girl ...... Most Athletic Boy. . . Most Athletic Girl .... Most Talented Girl .... Dark Eyes .......... VVhat Price Glory, .... . Cfddri . . .Charlie Campbell . . . . . . . .Evelyn Moberg . . . . .Tony Damato . . . . .Dot Rairno ........Bob Phelan . . . .Carmella Bucella .........Ira Gelb . . . . . .Edith Bayer . . . . .George Hugel . . . . .Anne Flynn . . . . .Phil ltlarriner . . . .Eileen Fantino . . . .Andy Kalfas . . . . .Hazel Pfeiffer . . . . . .George Nuzzer . . . . . . . . .Clare Gunther Most Talented Boy .... ,.... ..........Lila Spaeth Simon Schwartzman 1 1 1 . . .Angie lyledea . . . .Football Team You're A Sweetheart ........ .... A udrey Schnell 'l'hcrc's a Lull in My Life .......,. Friday Reports VVho VVouldn't Love You ......... Mr. Esterowit: Take Me ............,... Take It Easy .............. . . . . .Uncle Sam Year Plan I Can't Escape You ................. Mr. Harras There'll Never Bc Another You ............ L. G. You're Dangerous ................ Wfilson Baden At Last ..................... A Good lNlan's Hard To Find .... I'll Be Seeing You ........... Night Special ....... . . . . . .Diploma . . .'Nuff Said . . . . .At Iahn's . . . . . .Senior Prom Bright Eyes ....................... Norma Horn Stop! It's VVonderful .......... Rusty Mac Donald Ain't XVC the Devils! I I ,,.... ......... ,..... ............ ........ B a l l ot Committee Xhrllifll Irish Eyes Are Smiling ............ Elf of Most Bashful Boy. .. . . . .lohn Dudley Most Bashful Girl. . . . . .Barbara Connor Class Gentleman.. ........ Dick Meyer Peppiest .......... ..... L il Kopenhoffer Class Casanova ....... . , . . . .Larry Hill Class Cut-up, Girl .................... Pat Lieb Class Cutfup, Boy ................ Steve Szambel Class Molto. .Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers Class Flower .... Class Colors ................. ...........Rose ..Red and White Favorite Song .,.,...... ..... I 'll Vlfalk Alone Favorite Band ......,.... ..... G lenn Miller Favorite VV oman Teacher. . . . . .Mrs. Kiessling Favorite Man Teacher ..... ...... M r. Esterowitz Favorite Moving Picture ......... Going My Vlfay Favorite Radio Program .,...... Bob Hope's Show Favorite Sport ......... ....,. .... S w imrning Favorite Pastime ..... ...... .... D a ncing 1 1 1 . . . .Graduating . . . .Ioan Ehrlich So Proudly VVe Hail ..................... Arista Take Me Out To The Ball Game .... Sev Laliberte 99 4-lfl00f5g Pure .......... Typical F.H.S. Senior Young Man VVith A Horn ..... "Hot-Lips" Hunter Invitation To The Blues ............ English 8-8 Is You Or Is You Ain't. .. One In A Million. .......... . Sweet And Lovely ....... ....... R enee Hallahan Happy A'Daze", ...,............... Vlfolfie Pores It Could Happen To You. . .Flunk English Regents I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues ........ 60'Z, My Devotion ..................... , .... F.H.S. The Dreamer .....,............... Steve Voydat Sophisticated Lady ......... .... G race Tripp Blues In The Night ................. Homework Everything Happens To Me ........ Iudy lklethven , . . . .Clare Cosgrove, lack Garrett, Ioan Sanderson 31 N .r 5 ' J Q 'rj ' .db ' ' . p ffifix gs , . v 'bg' ., V me A N Fsifhr , 3 ' 1 'Vg 1 'Q F, L4 ,h 1 5 , '84 ' -', '.,-' L .- ',. F -. v 'To k sign? f' "A. Q' 5 1 1 , , ,iffy-,F .1 Y, I S 9 P. Y, .' " tj y gals' 77 5 'Q- UN 4 1 kr gf'- Af, .. , I 'Y 5 7 an in . fl' . gang, ' Q, at ' 4 9 ,Y A ., , -Q. Q V .fr arg, n ' . .IM A , ., -,gf f ff A ,..,g f A, i .V 4' 2 gi? 'iff .fdcfiuifiefi .xdcfiuified Athletic and extra-curricular activities have at all times assumed a sig- nificant plaec in the life of a Flushing High School student. They give the student the opportunity of developing his talents and spending his time in a manner which is profitable to himself and his school. Sports arouse in the student an interest in our players and games, which has been the main factor in bringing about our celebrated "school spirit." Our wide field of sports fosters habits of fair play that will remain with us as we go out into the world to new achievements. The Forum and Folio serve the dual purpose of providing the student with enjoyment and giving him the opportunity to have actual experience in writing and publishing. We who have toiled to add to the captivating charm of the Forum or Folio appreciate the drudgery that is represented in the work of our fellow students. The student with excess energy aspires to become a member of Arista, the Service League, Victory Corps, or Mimeograph Squad. The members of these organizations contribute their time, ability, and knowledge unsel- fishly for the benefit of the school without asking for commendation or reward. The Chorus, Band, and Orchestra are organizations which provide an effective means of furthering our appreciation of music. They give us an opportunity to display our musical talents to satisfy not only ourselves but also those who, perhaps, are not musically gifted. All these activities have given us immediate pleasure and have fostered character traits which will stay with us and will bear the stamp of Flushing High School ideals. 34 G. O. COUNCIL STU I DNN' I ' TRIBUNAL S4- A IIXIICC nczufxlm SQUAD X, FORUM 7' BAND Pi' FOLIO l fXSlCl31XIJIJ THANK TRACK TUMXXI FTXDTBALL TEAXI N1 i fx k1Xl'lCU'1'IVE COUNCIL Ulf' THE SERVICE UCACUE PK AR1s'1'A VICTORY CORPS 4 afgogi Sid!! EDITOR-IOAN EHRLICH Assocnxrn En1'roRs-RUTH PRETZAT, SONIA BAKKE ADVERTISING-RlCHAl1D HUNTER, Chairman, Ira Gelb, Benard Fried, Lillian Logothcti, Iudith Spina . ART-ROSEMARIE TRAERIS, Chairman, Norma Horn, Lndrnilla Klccka, lohn Sirnsack, Lila Spacth BALLo'r AND BIOGRAPIIY-HAZEL PFEIFFER, Chairman, Eileen Fantino, Audrey Sehuell BUSINESS-STEPHEN VOYDAT, Chairman, Ivy Lee Bennett, Helen Couture, Iohn Garrett, Iudith Mcthvcn, VVolfert Pores, Simon Schwartznlan LITERAR1'-EDlrl'H BAYER, Chairman, Theresa Evola, Dorothy Railno PHOTOCRAPIIY-IIICIIAIRD MEYER, Chairman, lack Moe, Bert Stern, VVal- lace Kandel, Carl Renneinan QUo'rA'1'1oNs - PEARL NONIN, Chairman, Catherine llallahan, Mary Holmes, Gladys Katonah, Nancy Nichols, Grace Tripp SECRHTARIAL - MARTHA F RISCIA, Chairman, Martha Bush, Florence Keczmerski, Olga Martinuk, Claire lVIulholland FACULTY Anvrsrcns-Margaret Cathcart, Art, F. V ix ien Petrie, Raymond Golder, Literary 40 Olldfff ,UM CU16! j5fCl,lflfLelfLt E, THE SENIORS of the class of Ianuary '45, being of sound minds as we ever have been, do hereby will and be- g queath the following: it 1" J - ' , To Mrs. Kzesslmg Our deepest thanks for faithful guid- ance, and memories of moments enjoyed-and otherwise. To Dr. Walsh-Our appreciation for his patience and understanding. To Mr. Esterowitz-A subscription to the Daily News. To Mrs. Smeltzer-A gym class of girls, fully prepared, fully awake, and without red bows in their hair. To Mr. Cvrossfeld-A class that appreciates Burke, and a pair of hand- stitched orange plush shoes. To Dr. Lieber-The geometry on a waffle iron. To Harry-A dime-dance that ends on time. To the Lunchroom-Air-wick. To the Forum Office-Space. To Norma Singleton-Tony "Tomats" D31ll3tO7S Student Tribunal stole. To the F reshies-Nerve pills and good luck . . . they'll need them both. To Vic the Photographer-A pound of Swiss. To Ioan Simmons-Dot Raimols decorating technique To a Deserving Nlale Student-Larry Hill's checked vest and Rusty Mc- Donald's "line," To the Library-The book i'How to Chop Wood" by Charlie Campbell. To the Next Senior Class-The '4Gargoyle," a prom, and Friday Reports. In witness whereof, we do hereby subscribe our names and affix our seal on this, the 30th day of Ianuary, Anno Domini, 1945. THE SENIOR CLASS Qperl DOT RAIMO 41 BRIDAL ALBUMS COMPLETE STORY BY CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY HOME, CHURCH and RECEPTION by T36-55 ROOSEVELT AVENUE ELUSHINO, N. Y Official Flushing High School Yearbook Phofographers Cornplimenis oi ABRAMSON'S MAIN STREET and 37+h AVENUE ELusI1inq 3-5754 The Abboi' Company LINDA CARROL LINGERIE and STEPHEN ABBOT PAJAMAS 3I EAST 3Is+ STREET Feafuring Ihe RuI'I1 Abboi' Form-FH' Slip AMERICA'S LARGEST CHAIN OF BUSINESS and SECRETARIAL COLLEGES a SCHOOLS Infensive Individual Insiruciion in Secrefa Courses SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, BUSINESS MACHINES a CIVIL SERVICE Day and Evening OPEN ALL YEAR DRAKE BUSINESS SCHOOL, Inc. 39-OI MAIN ST. ICI1emI3er of Commerce BId I ELusI1inq 3-3535 EIusI1inq, N LOnqacre 5 304-O 5506 Ben ScI1war+zman MANUFACTURING FURRIER I5O WEST 28+I1 STREET New York I, N. Y. Complimenls of . . . NORTH SHORE BUS CO., Inc. FLUSHING, N. Y. L. G. BALFOUR CO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. Known wherever II1ere are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS, PINS, DIPLOMAS, INVITATIONS, PERSONAL CARDS Represenled by W. G. PFORR 49-I9 TWO HUNDRED SEVENTEENTH STREET Bayside, L. I., N. Y. ARTIST AND DRAUGHTING MATERIALS ALEXANDER'S Special Discouni' Io Sfudenfs I37-O2 NORTHERN BOULEVARD Flushing, N. Y. FLusI1inq 3-4243 GEORGE A. WARD WATCHMAKER and JEWELER Complimenls of . . . Elnor Trading Co. Repair of Complicafed Wafches and Cloclrs a Specialfy 36-I5 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. New Yorlc, N. Y. FLusI'Iing 9-I4I4 OTTO H. BOYSEN JEWELER 37-23 MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. I:LushInq 9-45 I3 FOUNTAIN BEAUTY SHOPPE DOROTHY O. ANDERSON, Inc. Permanent Waving and Hair Coloring Specialists 39-Ol MAIN STREET FIUSTIITIQ, N. Y. McCARTHY 81 SIMON MANUFACTURING SPECIALISTS 7-9 WEST TI-IIRTY-SIXTH STREET Just OFT Fifth Avenue New York, N, Y. Specialists In CHOIR VESTMENTS PULPIT GOWNS CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS for AII Degrees Outfitters to Over 2,500 SeI1OoIs, GoIIeges and Churches FLusITInq 9-2520 I. RESNIKOFF DRESS SUITS TO HIRE FOR ALL OCCASIONS 36-I2 MAIN STREET I:IusI'IInq, N. Y. Established I908 We Buy Diamonds FLusITInq 3-8883 and Old Gold GRACE JEWELRY SHOP DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY NOVELTIES and OPTICALS Expert Watch and Jewelrv Repairing 36-52 MAIN STREET FII.IsI'1Ing,N.Y. GOULD'S MUSIC STORE 36-2I MAIN STREET Flushing, N. Y. Compliments of . . . F R I E N D RALPH ATKINS 81 CO. FABRIC SHOP 36-23 MAIN STREET FIusI'Iinq, N. Y. Eleanor Andrews Caroline Andrews Ioan Armstrong Paul Assion A,Z.A. XVill Baden Edith Bayer Ivy Bennett Eli Bernstein Bob Bornemann Ioan Briekett Bill Brubaker Irene Byrne Pat Dalton Tony Daniato Stan Dienst goofs fem Terry Evola Eugene Fasulo Ioseph Fasulo Lillian Fasolo Mr. and Mrs. Fasulo Raymond Fasulo Iames A. Flynn Benard Fried Murray Friedman Martha Friseia Doug Fuchs Tohn Garrett Ira Gelb Bert Greenberg Margaret Greissing Louis Ilarson Mary Holmes Norma Lee Horn Dick Hunter Dick Hunter Dick Hunter Dick Hunter George Hunter Mr. and Mrs. S. Hunter Louis Toblove Robert Ioblove Mike Kartuz Dr. Frances Katonah Ludmilla Klecka Liz Koch Scy Laliherte George Lampros Liria Larrabee THE COMET PRESS, INC., ZOO XIARICK ST., N. Y. 14, N. Y. i 65 Lillian Logotlic Iinnny Longo llcnry Lnnow .Xngic Nuclear Dick Ncrgl Dick Moyer Ccorgc Meyer Evelyn lXl0licrg Molc Clnln Frznilc Ncclcllczi Pczirl Nonin Bill O'Ronrkc Earl Usrroff llaixcl llfciffcr ri Mary lane Picrctli Flora Polctti XYOIHC Porcs Paul Portrnclc Margc Puppai Ccorgc II. Pykncn Dot Rziinio Anna Rzinizi Curl Rcnncingin Eleanor Riluzinclo Scrgcss Rosa Billy Rose incl. Sclincll Mr. :incl Mrs. liniil Sclincll Si SClin'urtz1iiziii Ralph Scgnizin Flo Skripzik Bcrr Stern Arlcnc Swcnkcn Szinclrzi Swcnkcn Bob Tanncbcrgcr Dorothy Tliyin Grzicc Tripp Mzinlcliiic Vcnturi 'l'ony Vicario lllixzibctli Vittorrclli Lonisc Vittorclli Steve Voyclat lozin Yllicgzincl r r girl in rf Yr Ni ff Q rf Y.,-. I K .5 i wmv' fa. 1 . ,J-""' " AM R., .0 6 .xdufogralakfi f RgJE . GJ SM Qsw S Xawbdf. K! V4 MZ!! M QW WW 7.4l gf Qu Q o,Xo.9.f-,mo ' 'gi-'WW ggmwvibgibwidnvnp 'fbi .1 Wgobzvd-rd Ellen B555 'xgfbbcbzb ffwwbmuw I , ' iiififij Q?M072M'J' 'fwfr Ll? ,M Zifijffffz ,L Q f"ff"M'ff2!Mf, Z ,f V L- M 6.4

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