Floydada High School - Hesper Yearbook (Floydada, TX)

 - Class of 1929

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Floydada High School - Hesper Yearbook (Floydada, TX) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1929 volume:

QW fl gyj 4 -C ,,f" ,.o-" .4 , - 1 E if E Ili X! WZ 7.- f C W Q D Q v Kr jf nl ffi X Ubrfs I PUBLISH ED THE SENIOR FL,-XSS OF FLOYDADA HIGH SCHOOL THE HE PER 1929 .f , if 7tL::7!.4, .L ir HI A COPYRIGHT 1929 ' . ' edl fyq g., - ffl V: 7"-Q--rf'-1 ff' w T235 fix Q. 3 9 5-. - -., ffl-' . if Jil .f - 3 Q 1-fu. . ma, H , 1 . - 2 VL. , f- ,-11"-'-.iq ' - '1"gf?wQq-,,,fQf'?f f Y N - ' '+ l 3.1 'fu Y , uf' ' fi' '..?' .gf .im K ',. . . 7 M . x H -v '. ,I K F GREWORD CApologies to Longfellowj Should you ask us, whence these stories? Whence these legends and traditions, With their tints of love and romance, With their strains of joy and sorrow? We should answer, we should tell you, "That the rushing tide of progress, That the blending of the future, 4 - 'wifi 9 5.-, 'tiff-,'g4?r,'1'W4H'i , 7552. M... . 1? gf? May not tear the bonds asunder, May not banish from your memory Days of longings, yearnings, strivings, Days of toil so unrelenting, That the spirit of our high school Sink not into deep oblivion, But remain a thing eternal." ' -1929 HESPER STAFF. R',.vlf f Jiri yi. 1 'A' si f., .4431 ,, 1 V 4 ' u 5 , ai Ve ' 4 , 1 r,1ff+i,Nsf-L ?+ my w n c, V 1 r. -,f ,KA - ,- , i Q fix. , g gg . -1. - Q. L., ' Q - f I ,-if . , , an ei .JLQW F" f I 1 1' . , ' , ,xx FS 'l im HZ X i "K , 0 W 6, ,fmueu Q. f f DEDICATIO We, the 1929 Hesper Staff, respectfully dedicate this volume of The Hesper to our Superintendent, W. E. PATTY. They sont a proplwt to us, A dcliveror of our burdens, Who shall guide us and shall teach us, Who shall toil and suffer With us. If we listen to his counsels, We will multiply and prosperg If his warnings pass unhccdcd, We shall fade away and perish. QApologies to Longfellowj Q-fm -Q' f, N I ,. . M H. A . . ' .M :pe I ig' " ' ,. " if W S K .. ,, efgg-vgswm , ,.,,, Z: sr -rms uwvuu. Pmurrn sv CAVANA UGH PRINTING COMPANY n.ovnAoA. 'rExAs 5555555555555--QQTHE H R I929:1+f--- EIEEMEFEHEQEQEE 5 E Q E ACU 2 3 Y 3 E Q ,jg fella E 3 E Q E Q Z-LJAY 2 Q mE5BEMJ 5E5E555E5EEE5EEE555E55EEH?5E5E5EgEggg5gEgEgEgEgEgE BEE EE--HslTHE HBPER l929Br'-- H5 Hi IEE, " SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE gg To tl1e Members of tl1e Senior Class '29: 'I' To my lllilld there has never been a time with a EE greater demand for genuine 1'ed blooded American men gl and women than the present: 111011 and women with 5 cultivated minds and trained hands to do the world's if work. E TilCI'0 is a vall fl'0lll the Legislative phase of our LEP g'0Vl'l'l1Ill0lliS for constructive 111i11ds to deal wisely with qi the perplexing problems of the day. There is a call Il fl'0lll the Judicial phase of our government to admin- agl ister justice to all. There is a call from the Executive ljigl phase of our g0V0l'llllll'llt to 0llf0l'i'C the laws without QE fear or favor. There is a call from tl1e industrial world IEE for well trained hands and n1inds to direet the wheels IEE of industry. There is a call fI'Ol11 tl1e farm and ranch 'EFL to apply scientific agriculture and stock raising. There 11 is a eall from the office for a better and more scien- lggl tifie order of handling business. There is a eall from 'Iii tl1e bank for a more judicious handling of high finance. There is a call fl'0Il'l the field of gg seience for a more 2ll'4'lll'2lt0 thinking and a steadier hand i11 tl1e application of its principles. 556 In fact, there is a e:1ll for you to prepare yourself so thoroughly in brain alld braw11 that IEE when,,you take up your lifels work you shall 11017 111eet a peer in your chosen line. QF' With sueh a eall and sueh a preparation you sl1ould go forth to fight the battles of life I' without a falter, witl1out a hesitation, and success will crown your effort in whatever field of labor you choose to work. Sincerely, W. E. PATTY PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE Among the nu Inoins of these tum yt 11s l find that not least indeed is the fillll friend- ships I l1ave formed among thi studants ot lf ILS. ldxperienee teaches me that these associa- tlons will gIOWV mellow xx 1th thi M us 1nd time will magnify only the pleasant memories. The responses in KVCIQ fnld h uc 111 ide lt easy for us to have strong class work. It las been a plc rsure to me to obsuu tln xx iy we have kept our building. Thre is a spirit on your part to aceept thc llS1J0lli1iJll1tV of 1 :ring for community interests. VVe have had Stl0llg 11val1y with Lockuiy a11d foul out ot five yc JIS W1 have won This IS 111d1LdiZlYl of the real spirit of F H S I haw turd to be 1 put of this of the stude11ts because I believe in thc sincerity and wholesolneness of the young peoplc It 1ll1llll'0S vision, patn net, and lllllllllltkd L1lL1gy to deal witl1 young people of today My office has been 111 most 01814 the mieting place of friends fuends wl1o will gl0l.W more friendly thru tl1e years My classes hun been a pleasure to me and my duties as cofnh in w irious fields l1ave yielded 1l0tll1llg but iov, bu rust you have beell my pals Now to Tl1e Htspel Staff, C0llgl itnlxtions on this tl1e latest lssue of 'lhe Hespu, the biggest the best, and the most n1ode111 of all our w ll lnmlzs. To one and all, the Wolld IS l ugm but the bonds of friendship are long and tht thu ids of hte : '1 artfully tangled Where shall ouis cross igainl 'Vfav T then say to you "Till we meet again " W. H. SCOGGINS 11.2 -7'- 'I1 , . , 1 L , , L. L 1, , - ' . .- . H: .L : - ,I . , ,Z I ,.., , .Z . iligl i V LL L LL . . . . L: Hill ' ' . . . 'w "2 1 2 I ' ' 'gi great spirit. I have tried to keep close to the hearts I . . L L. lr . . .L L . . L L L. L fr I . iii ' . L . :LW 1 E L , I W 1.2 wt :iii . - L L . i I , I L . L 5 ' ' 1 "z . ' " 111 I5 L L .L .. L-L, 1 ,- "lLi5l'4Ei:l'l-Ei:1'li:l I at sa ii - EE 'EE EE Eli 3 5? 'ii as fi as 3 si ei, F' 55 lim ijll l?n E2 513 59 EE '55 ' f"+ 1 Mu- .fir ..r Eli ll. fl fm wi LE EC I ll 55 -7 , - ,VT ,." 'f . Ti. gy. 'Ayer 1 smR --'Arun HESPER l929l9+M 55 F55 EE all gg fi - 3:5 HARPER scoGG1Ns, Principal E . I Science gg DALTIS REA QE, EFI History I 515 EE ii ' TROY H. JONES 515 Athletic Coach, Mathematics ' E-F1 DOROTHY BIEBEL - ' English I -J EE: ' ELT ' ll LL -1 -F MARY EMMA RossoN lt? -, Latin and English - ' A 'li Alf 3 EE EE sal EE gf . Ha . Page 19 ' 'IE-Hilqgifflig Lfi-L:H'1-E559-'EHEF1 EELS.. ff. gg Q EE EE Q 55 E I E EE' ? 2 Q EE!-li 5555555535555 L4 U S Fw U12 O v-4" P - v--1 S E E :bfi .QE T' EIS V5.5 H' 'T' ri 071 gr-4 FU gf-s STU-7 .-"C" C 7' P 'S-3 EV' :FS fra mm E 35 S1 Pj n-U Z.: 3 0" m 5 ii 2 Q45 " 5 3, 5555 52555555555 EH 55555555551 E5 E555 EERE Ei E E E E E E 3 E 5 LI C Y C RAIG CLEMENTS P K Pg 20 5EE5E5E5E5E EE-'QHTHE HESPER I929B0-- HE EESESEEEEEEEEEEEEHEE H. U NG AM 'L L LUC LL HI L 5555355 55555555525 'EEEEEEHEESE JE ELL BROCK A g b Page 21 gEgEEEgE gEEE gEgEgEgEgEgE EEgEEEE .r if Y .. . A . N, uw 4 MQ. inf. ,lu Gifs' wfwifg ' :Jar ' fx ,rf J-?fLF4lT5?3'-51437-31355575 HESPER l929l9'- E5TL?fAFg5T+iTJ'7-47-F " +141 , f 1 li - :Sf : 111 --n 'L lf' rl' ,, ' hm T H1 .3 gi li ,I g H5 im .f UC a!f' ' 5,19 .iii s y gm Efv in Qin E iii' f 'fi L l l, Q r gji FACULTY OHARAUTEBISTIOB 'Mr P I LH LTVEI ' Jil 3 5 Miss Keaton--The soul of true sweetness and charm. 125 I . 'I :l' E3 Mr. McWhirter-Now grave--now gay, but never dull. :ll "V Q Qi: Miss Biebel-To conceal your thoughts is a true art. if 1 , - 'lg If D Miss Hill-Determination is the forerunner of success. fm ' Ll' klg N if Mr. Williams-If there's anything the rest can't do, I'1l do it. I1 . ' .IW Miss Rosson-She always does her best. ,'f:, E. , Miss Smith-The only way to have a friend is to be one. li f' . 1 HQ Mr. Carpenter-He hath heard that men of few words are the best. Li? Al i Y 'Y fn dl 2 is i s it K f 2. W? , - ,N I , . 1 -' ' ' 'i '-, ' .J 1 i d -A. .F :L ' fer . L"',... ,fu J: 2 -14',' i ":.'e ,' Miss Brock-If you would be wise, study. Mr Cunnmgham-A man can knock and knock and never make a Miss Rea-No one knows how much she knows Mr Patty-When once a friend, he's a frlend indeed Miss Pennington-Naturally quiet and reserved Mr Jones-If you want to know anything, ask questions Mrs. Clements--Silence 1B a vrrtue Mr Scoggins-Study and be wise Page 22 - Alww- 5 ,, -1 f-A..- I-I ,g, ,ff . A :ii-2a.,'::ira.aeLmc.s.1fMbn26+.,,.4' 'ggi' 3 ' 3, agua!" " 'Ui LHP f' VT siksoefinefw 'un use 1 .,, V? , ' F k fs A ay: ' 4 , W H if H if W , .lk -fi-N1,,1f:wf5-rg--V f-V-r-ff-Hf,-V--Elf-H I 21591 -I'-in-if-T'ef-f1f-2iu'afi'5Er:m'51'5-l5HJ'ei'Eri'-5Fm-a:-iv-?5-',ai'- EE L 'LCR il L41 Jn 1. ' ti . ' K- . . E . . . . 4 Af, E L. . ', .Jvl ff' . dp . f ii .I All df lv ' 'iii ,. . ii? . Sq ,212 lu'- u . . , l ... , , 55 ' - .!5 1:2 gf! - ,a ,,. lu- J1 . r A. g '31 . ill li' Aziz, ' ' If . All 53,5 ' LL ", ,ll 5 LL. J? -I i 'Q Fl 'QQ Al dll. JL ' . . QI J: -vu., in-ls..--.-----I-----'-S -i-'--- 'Z - - ,.+ - - . , .. - ..k.g - - - ..' ..f:.f". .. .5 .4 ., 52,3 -f".. I T . 5 M , , L eggs- r. , ' 4' swim , E M' "4 IA Q, ,T M Matin, A A i 55EHE5E5EEEHEE 5E--QHTHE HESPER I929Ba'- n 5 5 5 E 5 ' Y . R'l5:MQe2f1Aw4:.1A A ' f ' wkfwguiv 12 nlzfribb., ,V 4'ff2fiw4ffzz,jz4' ,,.X .Q-W, ,frm -X gg 'ffwty' ' K 'S' Q' , TQ X 55 ' X 55 i' ' W I 0 xxx -N EE s O o 0 4 'Le . ' 0 Ah'Ebi.'. Cw"1 +0'L ik 55 O I E5 5 5 '55 5 E 5 EE E5 5 H5 HE 59 E5 5 5 EE Page 23 EFI 55E5E5EWj 5E5E5EEEE5EEEEEE5 5E5E5EEE 5EEE EEHEEE ,- ... 2 : ... 6. - E f: E L5 use I5 c l.. V E 5 F7 3 ,.. '1 O -- C 5' 5EE EE5EE 5E-'+1THE HESPER I9Z9Ei+r--2555835 n nv. CHARLES D. MATHEWS F. Il. S. 4 yours, 1'r0sidvut Class '29, Football '28, Spanish Club '26, '27, Dra- matic Club '27, '28, l'l'0Sldl'lllT '29, Hos- pvr Stuff '29, Gln-v Club '28, '29, Doc- lalmzltion '26, '27, '28, JICSSIIG MERLE SCOGGIN F. ll. S. 4 yours, Spzlnish Club '26, '27, Prosirlvnt llomv Evouomivs Club '29, '28 '29, Girls' Soxtvftu '27' O1'vl1c-stra 7 Y '28, '29, School Pizluist '28, '29, Choral Club '28, lVlClldl'llSOllll Music Club '28, '29, llospor Staff '28, '29. BE TIIELMA COVINGTON F. ll. S. 4 yours, Spanish Club '26, '27, Homo lfh-ouoniics Club '27, '28, Groom Popp,-rs '28, Luudvr '29, Tennis Club '28, 29, Huskvtball '29, Hcspor Staff '29, Drzmizltic Club '28, '29. WOODROW GOEN F. ll. S. 4 yours, Football '27, '28, '29, liusvbzlll '28, lll'1llll1'ltll' Club '28, '29, T4-nnis '29, S0l'g'0Zlllf-Ill-2ll'lllS '29, Glcv Club '29. l'l+1'l'l'l NELSON ' F. H. S. 4 yours, Spanish Club '26, '27, 'l'01mis '26, '27, '28, '29, Football '28, '29, lfflllllfltll' Club '28, Vice-Prvsidvut QE '29, Class Rm-porter '29, Hcspcr Staff '29. 1-IUGENIA HOFFMAN F. Il. S. 2 yours, Choral Club '28, '29, Mouclollsohn Music' Club '28, '29, Girls' Sextm-tto '28, Spanish Club '28, Vice- Prosidvnt '29, Hospvr Staff '29, Dra- matic Club '28, '29, Grown Pvpgers '28, '29, Page 24 EEHEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEESEEEHEEMEEEEQEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEE 5555555555 SE--THE HESPER l9Z9lii+0'-'EEEEEEEEEE R. V. HUSKY F. H. S. 4 years, Prcsidcnt Class '28, Reporter '26, '27, Debates '27, Essay '26, Dramatics '26, '27, '28, '29, Lcadcr Pep Squad '29, Orchestra '28, Extcm- porancous Speaker '28, Editor Thc Hes- pcr '29, Dramatic Club '28, '29. RUTH JENKINS F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club -6, 27, m 1 Socrctary Class '27, '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, Tennis '28, '29, Hcsper Staff '27, '28, '29, Pep Squad '28, '29, Home Economics Club '28, High School News '29. TROYE WILLIS F. H. S. 4 years, Pep Squad '28, '29, Tennis '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, Spanish Club '26, '27. N. B. STANSELL F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, '27, Declamation '26, '27, Pep Squad '27, '28, Dramatic Club '27, '28' 29, Tennis '29, Annual Staff '28, '29, Orchestra '28, ,29 CLINTON FYFFE F. H. S. 3 ycars, Declamation '27, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, Commercial Club '28, '29, Gloc Club '29. VIRGINIA MEACHUM F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, '27, Home Economics Club '28, Pep Squad '28, '29, Tennis Club '28, '29, Basket- ball '29, Dramatic Club '28, '29, High School News '29. EE - EE EE .me EE EE 1 Page 25 551EEEEHE EEEEREEEEEEEEEE5 EEEEl5SEEE5EEEEHEEM 55E5E5EBEHEEEE BE-- +f4THE HESPER I929l?f+i'- i E UELBFIRT EUBANK , F. ll. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, '27, 5 Pep Squad '26, '27, lJ0t'l2llllZ1tl0ll '26, '27, '28, '29, Football '28, '29, Debate '27, 'l'1-uuis '28, '29, 1,l'i1lI13.l1lC Arts Club '28, '29, Glee Club '29, Basket Ball '29, l'0lllllll'I'L'l5ll Club '28. VICLA BLASSINGAME F. ll. S. 4 years, Choral Club '26, '27, '28 ft-1l't'I'l't2ll'yDQ Spuuish Club '28 Qre- pofterjg Girls' Sextette '28, Dl'iLIllI1tit" Vlub '27, '28, Pep Squad '28. lll'llilXlA LEA NORMAN F. ll. S. 4 years, lJl'2-l.1ll2ltlC Club '27, '24, l'hor:nl Club '26, '27, '28, Pop Squad '27, Spanish Ulub '27, President Spau- ish l'lub '28, Joke Editor School News - - . EE JOIIN KEY VVEST F. ll. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, l"1lg,fIlll Music Class '26, Spelling '28, '20, lll'2llllill'lL' Club '28, '29, Football '29, ills-Q' Club '28, '29, Hesper Stuff '29 X f WTNTFRED NEWSOME F. ll. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, lnlllllllilll '26, '27, '28, D1'am.,l.tiC Arts if Q Vlub '27, '28, Hesper Staff '29, Glee Ulub '29. l EE EE 0Ll'l'I'A JACKSON EE F. ll. S. 4 years, Choral Club '26, '27, '28 Qpresideutjg Girls' Sextette '26, '27, '28, Pep Squad '28, Spelling '27, '28, Spanish Club '25, D1':1111n.tic Club '27, '23, f'0lllIll0l'L'l3.l Club '26, Home Eco- nomics Club '27, Editor-in-Cllief of School News '28. Page 26 EE 55i5E5EM5 5EEEEEEESEBE 5E EEEEREEEEE5 1 EJQEEEEHEEEEEESEEEJEEEEEEE--'flTHE HESPER l929l2+0'-55555555555 E , , .. ,... .,-,,...,, , EE LLOYD BEDFORD F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, Choral Club '28, '29, Tennis '28, '29, Secretary Glee Club '29. EE MLDRED TEEPLE EE F. H. S. 4 years, Pep Squad '28, '29, Dramatic Club '28, '29, Basketball '27, '28, '29, Tennis '28, '29, Home Econo- mics Club '27, '28, Baseball '27, Spell- ing '28, MILDRED STRICKLAND 9 . F. H. S. 2 years, Pep Squad '28, '29, Commercial Club '27, Spanish . Club '26, '27, Basketball '26, Home Economics Club '27, '28, Tennis '28, '29, Meudellsohn Music Club '26, '27, '28, ' EE Baseball '27, Spelling fzs. QE .in LEE BEDFORD F. H. S. 4 years, President Class '26, '27, Popular Boy '26, Dramatic Club '28, 29, Annual Staff '27, '28. . EE FLOYD WILKES F. H. S. 3 years, Basketball '29, F. F. T. '29. ' , EE EE 55 EE ROBBIE ARCHER F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '27, '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, Deelamation '27, '28, Debate '28, Commercial Club '27, Pep Squad '28, '29, EE EE 1 -.,. Page 27 E5u5EEE5E 5E EEEE5EE5E5EEEEBE5 EEEEW5EE5EEEHE5E5E5 l 1 l ' ORVAL POORE F. H. S. 2 yonrsg Basketball '28g Tonnis '28g Trnvk T285 F. F. T. '29. PATTY RILEY F. Il. S. 1 your. DORIS SPENCE yl'2ll'Q Home lflconomics Club QE '29g Girls' R1-servo '29g lllqjilflllg Club DONOVAN SPENCE . l4 ll S 1 vvzlrg F. F. T. '29, HENRY CULPEPPER ' 5 F. F. T. '29. INEZ SWITZER F. H. S. 4 years. Page 28 .ui 55. Q5 55 55 Qs 35 EE I F2 'U E E 7? E E 25.55 5 5 55 E555 5 2 2 5 2 E E 5 MELBA BOSLEY - F. H. S. 2 years, Home EC011Oll1lC'S Club EE '28, '29g Spanish Club '28, 293 Dramatic 29 QE Club '28, ' . EE HE ' 5? CECIL HILL X F. H. S. 4 years. ' -- I - QE MARVIN WILLIAMSON F. H. S. 2 years, F. F. T. '29, Choral EE Club '28, '29. EE , - UORA LEE SHERRILL F. H. S. 3 years, Basketball '26, '27, X QE '28, 293 Home Economivs Club '26, '27, '28, Vollcy Ball '26, '27, '28, Dramatic Ulub '27, '28g C1101-al Club '26, '27, '28, Green Peppers '28, '29. . BERNICE GRESHAM EE F. Il. S. 3 yours, Choral Club '27, '28, 55 Girls' Rvscrvo '29, Essay Writing '29 MILTON ASHTON F. H. S. 3 yvarsg F. F. T. '29, Basketball '28, Choral Club '27, Treasurer '28. Page 29 BEEEHEEEEEEEBEEEEBEEEEMRUEEEHEEEEEEEEEEMEEEEEEEEEEESEHEEEEEEQWM gE3lE5E5E5EE EE-'QHTHE HESPER I9Z9E+U--555553525 315, ua EE we QE ga ga 35 5 E I 53 'U ES 3 E E as QE an :':"f iii' ,-... ., .. r..7:- 26-IZ - 5541: Zi ':.1', V -f 5:4 I SAG? C 1272 .J Q: qw -1 -g...Nfv- .- 'zdx-l -1' rf-4 ,:'!' -.- ' .:.E:m 2 ff? "J-. -- P'4 . ,."' E 51: 5-' m.,'g, -.,- Snlgf-+6 x,-. 'IQ-H an IEA? 4-wg TCF :LIC :Jn 55 55 RILIGY IIOLMES .Hz 'DQ Latin Club '26, '27: l'lmrnl Ululn '27, l28, ,293 Home Econo- lllll'S Ululn '28, 'SSN Volloyl Ball '27. IMA .IOIINSTON F. ll. S. 4 yvars. 5 5 5 l'lVERF'I"l' MOORE F. Il. S. 3 yvnrsg Haskvtball '28g Base- xull 'ZTQ F. F. T. '29, 5 5 MARVIN WILLIAMSON F. ll. S. 3 yvars. NITA MICRLIC HANNA I". Il. S. 2 yours: llomo Economics Club , 'QSM Ulnoml Club l28. Page 30 -HI 25555 . ... Qu.. ,V .- rv 5355555555 -'n+ElTHE HESPER l929l3+Q'-5555535 LESTER JAMESON F. H. S. 2 yearsg Debating Club '28, '29g F. F. T. '29g Spanish C'Iub '29q Foot- ball '29g Track '29. 55 RUTH ENOCH F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, Spelling '26, Home Economics Club '27, '28g Debating Club '28, '29g Mvndoll- solln Music Club '28, '29g lllilllliltll' Flub '28, '29g Girls' -Resvrvv '29. ANNIE Mm-NETLL F. H. S. 1 yearg Home .El'0ll0lllli'S l'lub 29. 55 JAMES BOOTHE F. H. S. 4 yoars. I ' '-55 I 1 - 'MW ' THERON SUMMERVILLE F. Il. S. 4 yearsg Spanish Club '25, '26g Tennis '28, '29, Dramatic Club '27, '28g Boys' Choral Club '28, '29g Football '28, '29g Commercial Club '27 N 'l59'1-H3'1.':F'LEF' SARAH DAVIS F. H. S. 1 year, Home Economivs Club '28. EE 5l51'39-EFT-55-5355 .555 53 55 5 5 55 5-E Page 31 - lil 'Ft' 935 .3 . Irs, 41 ,:- .X wr. .Mi 5EEEE -DIEITHE HESPER 192919-- gf 3 ei EI EE as Eli ,fa as as er 'Li 25 95 5 25 ifll Il, ll IFJ? JIT 5 95 HI 25 EE I DALE STRICKLAND F. H. S. 4 years, Spanish Club '26, '27, Commercial Club '27, Orchestra '26, '27, '28, Tennis '28, '29, Bova' Choral Club '29, Dramatic Club '28, '29. PIKE HANNA F. H. S. 4 years, Basketball '27, '28, '29, Baseball '27, '28, Orchestra '27, Dramatic Clb '27, '28, Commercial Club '28, '29, Track '28, '29, F. F. T. '29, Boys' Choral Club '28, '29 Page 82 ' " T9"'?" -., 7 ,JI .J J, LI 4. f F jw B5 N in JI LL , ,Id I E I . Lk! rl 4 ll Il I all Ili., LII' gil LL I4 lr l I I 72 dl I " Q50 j I If II If jf H. NI F gf I I I I I I .ll Q .Ill LLP 'E IL Ll I I J ,I ' JD ll' 1 'I I L' I I dl I 'I I I I I IT - HHH 95553 41 7"lLV 5 Iwgrflafws- ,L sees 9-MHTHE HESPER 192912--H 55 EE 5 E ea Ei d H5 QF EE Q ali 53 iii E55 I ua Em ALMA MATER, FAREWELL Dear F. H. S., our home for four years, Where toils were wrought and duties met, Here alternately joys and tears Have flowed from scenes we'l1 ne're forget. We've journeyed through this dear old school, Bearing threats and disappointments many a time As we listened to the tales of woe, And with broken hearts for this school we pine. Dear school, we love thy instructors and rules, We love the spot on which five years thou has stood, We'd wreathe our hearts with garlands fair And laud thee as we should. And though we sigh for pleasures past, And hope for joys to come, We'd use thy blessings while they last, Nor let thy praise be dumb. But now we leave thee, dear old school, And while we pass from out thyxdoor, We realize that this little band Together here will meet no more. Today has come the parting scene, When to our school we say good-by, And, could you know of all its been You'd blame us not if we should sigh. In coming years should one return To take one last sad, solemn look, The scenes will cause his heart to turn As written then in Times' own book. So sad! And yet so very dear- But on this theme we must not dwell, We leave you with the subjectnhere And say, once more, Alma Mater, Farewell! -Oleta Jackson. Page 33 55555 EESE EEEEEEEEEEHE EE HE 55 Hi ii E gd at 5? lg, ef is Liv gl ll EE f"' Ei Tm fir Hr is Lg? illp Hp H5 5 W Ljil hi- H5 551 gill tgp, its ilu "iFTQ5+?7+FT4H5?5i'EF3EE:5 HESPER I929i9+---H?aff3'E43H'f4?1gEi4?4i,aF:, ff' LIS ' IH? ll- . -Vp 1.1 V KI 4 '1'Q X H fl 'I R-lil 'lil I: -Y A 'f 1,1 H' , 'L ,,g't ,lf "H AP' LV! 59 -1' All 'lg ,nA ,ily ll' in fu 11,1 H+ J ..J ! mls Ml l IH' ali! inf' l'.'Q 'E' Mui 'lin iqfw D Q s i' ul 2 eds1cat1on.... mill 'ft Wi . !. h 't E, The Hesper stef: 11" 4' . l'fl1 of 1929, respectfully 'I ' , dedicate this page to our 'If' 1 I ' 1 sponsors and advisors, Miss :I- ,i' Dorothy Biebel, Mr. W. H. li' IJ. Scokgins, and Miss Daltis gf! sl' "L Rea, in appreciation of their 'Pm Ill- tireless assistance. ', Nl ' 1 1y' lA' ' 4 'W 'fu .lr I ' 'I' il JL' I4- -3'. 11" I 4 I 1 tif' ly' .-1' A 'Q' .ll .I Ll, ' .,:, .- -Ir, ,111 Ill' .lfl 'iii l x 'I' 4 n KIA - fi. JI' - 'Z .I fgv Pm M gr. LI L' 1 Jil? ' fp . A 1, R ' 'LWifiai'QF-Lf?rJTL,"?4FT:Fai'TL?7'Lf54i'T:F'?4T-E555 Ef?isE:'J-Fifi 355794-Fif'-Lf'42'7L?ii-?'2?'?5Ef7LFTi-fT- ,Q ' 'f I K . , K C . . 5EEEEE5E5EE -' + 4THE HESPER 92 E Q . E 3 IGYS E 2 E E E E Page 35 lgFE EE 5EEEEEEEE5E5EEEEEEEEEEE:E 55EEHE5EEE5E5EE5EEE5 555 55 QE QE QE E 55 II' F1 'Il E2 E W 5 32' QE H, E Q55 55555555 EERE EM H'-?L'E 555555 HM -A ,. K LEEEEEEE 5355555555 -... V Y-V . Y - 'ww . ..-.. .w.............-...-., HBE H555 K ' L l L vos S Z , . ' Q 'VLL S? Lgkx ww "'f1-gi Q -'-:p '-X, K' Melvin Sl ght r ffv?,, I l 5'? l553 ' I fA1.nf ww "'.- 4 E555 f D H ll Page 36 E E Q 2 Q gg E E EE 555551 EE EE SE 5E55E5EHiEE EE-'OHTHE HESPER 192950-- n E Howard Welborn Willene Mooney Willie Mae Cummings Hansel McAda Warren Poole Catherine Riley Christine Riley Ernie Widener Jim Hardgrove , Page EE5EEE H f 52 C l -'L E 5 r e V 5? r me 1 E 55E HE5E 5E-'UMTHE HESPER l929BQ' 5 5 9 . Page 38 EE l. . x Willialll Smith Lucille Snodgrass Artie Mitchell Iona Sadler Ogle Evers Veva Swinson Bernice Bishop Grace Readheimer Rayford Palmer -n HE ii E5 EF E5 5 ai as f r 25 Eli BE 59 HE 59 .J aa sa Eli E 5? za EH ea 5EEEEEE5E5EEE 5E-'QHTHE HESPER 192950-- n EE 5 55 Q Q 5 EE R y H 1 E L C f d g gi QE E E E? . Winnie Sh A gil: gs. E EE ai S d R E Q5 EE M I bbie Lee Woolsey Q E 2 E Q E E E Q E E E 5 M EE Lila Finley EE ggi R y S th 1 N 1 - Page 39 E SEQRES 5 .Jw 5555555555555 EE 555555155 55555 555553 FII 5E5E555EHEE EE-' GTI-IE HESPER I929W'--5E5EE?EE EEEEEEBEHEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHARE 5555555555 B55 H EEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEE 255555 EEHHEHE 555555 EERE ":' Q UQ O as C EEEEEEEEEEEEEEUCEEEEEE---f?THE HESPER l9Z9HH'-5EEEEEEEEE5E 5 5 E E E Q .EEEEEEESEEEEEBEEEEESEEE HEHEEHEEEEEEEEEE 5 Q E Q 5555555555555 5555555 5555525 SEER 5 Q EE' E EE E E E H5 E 55 E Page 41 EEESEHEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEESEEEBEMEEEEEHEEEEESEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEE 5EE5E5E5EM5H?EE EE-' -IHTHE HELSPER IQZQHD'- 5E!giE SESS 55555555 E Q 3 Q Q E E sa 5255555 555155555 H555 EE E Em Lea Fyffe E E E Page 42 gHEn5iEEHEEE 5E5EEEEEE5EBEHEEE5E EE EEEEBM5E5E?9 in V., i 'Q ki'- if M9 :if Q 'ir fi it 5EEm5EEEE5E EE-'QHTHE HESPER l9Z9Hh EE H REFRESH H?-EE Ef51LEE'1-EE F5395 55'-EFI 55353 EE L,- EH! F k Lola. House EE 5255555 SESS Pg 43 V- .L M SEQRES 5iEE5EEE EEEE EE'M 93 6 Lim Hi EE 'EH ea EE Llji EH will H5 iii at 55 iii EE 'LE E ' ""U'S51?ilL'r"" '0'5iTHE HESPER MOVE ON, BENIOBS Furl that banner, Seniors! Down with your orange and white! Furl it! Fold it! Lay it away! Orange and White has served its day, And tomorroW's a new day, Seniors. We'll hoist our banner, so new, And shout ll we watch it go higher and higher, Even as we shall do. Make way for us, Seniors! lin 95 EE! EH 55 EE EE in iii it !?D Hi 49 We are to take your place. V - Move on! Go ahead! On our way! ' f lf. . Y gig ,QI , We Juniors right on your trail will stay, ,E And tomorrow our colors will fly in the skyg gi! iili Then we will rule Floydada High. Hi 93,3 We will give it a spirit of main and might, Wil, So move on with your orange and' white! lf' Shi You have served well, Seniors! iii 'jfs We know how hard you've worked. u- li Lfn The A ow-,llgill the way through, ll? Youive worked with work that was hard to do. LET Jli .JH UH But now you've finished, Seniors! gi It is time you were on your way. I" Make way for the thrifty Juniors! 4 mi Orange and white, good day! Tl ' - ' ' , llrl e -Attie Mae Barnett. 'll Ei if ?f I il? 5? Elf' ggi, 'E F33 Ei if iff Q, Li . ll. 4 JI! Jig Page 44 ' gg Wil E A!! L 'gil ii ' -I I -1' -i -1 Vi Vi' sq -n -1 an i -I ' -I VT-1 'H 5- Z Fi 'Ti ui ci' E' i -1 q ' q - LFii-FHS.. .QF-219ai3-Erxigfkm-fi3Si3ii5LgF5wh9L?1EF-Emi3wlaw.Efwihkh-H5-:i5'-BH-55whEif5-Er'33bi:u-EF- rf -- ' f - . Mia. f.re.r.1fMe.,.f 5 If: :PTI 55 EEEEEEEEEEBEBEBEEEEEE 53555 EEEEEESEEEEEEEESEEBEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEE 5555555553 32 5E5EEE5E EE-'QQTHE HESPER I929BQ'-EEBEHE5EE Hg H fp J L if ,,i9 Q,, 4 fg1'.q9R':'g" ff g sm? Q in W7 .lf iw ju p 111121111 rn.: Page 45 I 2 EEEEEFEEEEEE EEE H EE EE EE!EE 53555555555 SESS Q Q E Q Q 5 5 E Q HE Q 55555 5555 x 555?E5E5EH 5E-'+1THE HFSPER I929E+ --EEEEHEHEEEEEEEEISEMEEIAT EE EE EE EE R llKg EE EE EE EE EE 1' dmund Adams Edna Mac Nelson Page 46 E5 EE EE HEETHEEEEEE5Eg55EW5EEEEEE EE5EEEE5E5E 5EEE5EE5EEE5H5EEEE5 EI5H5EEE5i1'EE -'MEQTHE HELSPER I 92980-- Doris Manning Chester de Cordova Silas Duncan Wilmina Salisbury Christine Trowbridge Charles Brown EE Edward Clanton Thelma Crawford Donnie Stevenson Douglas Hollums Truitt Boothe Bessie Sherrill 3 EE 5E,5EEEHE RE EE EH SHE H5 Er 5 E3 55 55 HE 5 95 '55 5EEE5EE5EEEEEEE HE-- 44THE HESPER l929P9A'-EEEEEEEEEE E mi EE -H Q 3 5 Q E E E E E EEEEEEHHEEE EHBEBEEEEEEEEE 553555551 555555 Md dM 5555 E555 , 'EEE P45 EE EE E E E5 EE LE E E E EE EE BE E EEE BE E SE EE E HE EE 55555555 Page 48 BEER 5EWEE5EEEH5 -QHTHE HESPER 192919 Maurine H y E E E ' .L gc 49 5555555 BE o... . ,V ,. FUE ED. "-H559 5?-E S95-EE'1LE'iE 55533-BEF EFS? H55 EF-EP?H-EFEE-'5f?-EFE- EFS? -'- E' 5, sf hiv , ff mmpzufufigxq H 1 ii-I-HJ , 1 3. uairfawdlv , 'WE ',.ma."'3-a- x . k..,H. fi .5 1 i -1 W 'WW t-" 'f-wwf '- . -ww -1 'ff-qw-v':f1"frff-Mss"riA"'wi,-N'Fit'HWPU'Vq 55555553.5535 --Q+efTHE HESPER aesmewefa-aeifisseee EE to Eh QE si 5? QE 5 E Lg' sa we Sophomores Pm glad I'm a Sophomox e, And with those Sophs stand I'm absolutely jolly - To be numbered with their baud. A Soph need never worry. He never has a grouchg And when it comes to lessons, 4 A Sophomore isno slouch. 'f The Sophomore Class is the best in school- Best in work and best in play. Maybe you don't think so now But 'twill be proved some day. Our Sophomores seem always to know The things we best should dog We have never made a failure yet- We always carry it through. ' - In every branch of high school work T' We have students who always exeel- Phey are never satisfied with just getting by They believe in doing all things well. When our eyes are dimmed and our steps are slow, When our 1ife's goal is reached and passed 3 What a joy it will be to sit and dream Of these days in the Sophomore Class Friendship is our golden charm Of endless love and token Through all the years of smiles and tears, Not one link can be broken. Our SophomoreClass is ' A class of successg It's the best to be found In old F H. S Then here's to the Sophs, of the maroon and white May we ever uphold our colors so bright, And make the fish sing a song of cheer At the thought of being Sophomores next year. -Wilmina Salisbury. - Page 50 AIJ' in Lie T" 55 Ll' ,ll .,,,, Bla Ui in Em 55, 1 " , TI 5:1 ill' E ll ffm Je, J! gil .lf F -1.- f' -2- hn gh iii 4,1 Hi 'fl' 5 . alll E .Irv I. Lin Q5 it E5 Jil '35 ' ' Q., glll ii ei nf if ' '- 55 'J,. '55 G+. 'J -. fsfsmmemeeawwheeemmhi new A 1 EEEEEEEEEEEEEESEHESEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEHREEEE 5 EE5E EE5E H E555 Eh EE HE E E E E E EE 5 E E QE 55 E SE HE 555555 T5EEE5EEEE HE-' QRTHE H R l929w '-5E5E5E5E5E 5 E 5 Q Q Eff-:sf1'l11i-'JI Q 5 Page ggEEE5E5E55EEiE 5E-4 -SQTHE HESPER I 9299 '-5EHEEE5E5EHE5EE L?g E HE , 55 5 Q E 5 Q Q E E E 55 E E SE Q BEER 5 E555 55555555155 2 l L1 ' 2 PU Q4 m Q E w 55555553553 5555535 5535555 El-IEE H45 EE EE EE E EE EE EE E E E E EE EE EE E gg , EE E .EE EE E EE 555555 Page v2 , 5555 EEEEEEEE 55 HE James B V g G g by kh d W'ayne Finley WEDly F y N ll M rgarei: Sims a e Vernon N El b tl D ls Otho Johnston FdPtfd Marie C I I R e Cummings UH J H P rter Finley ua QE as sa 55 E E 55 231 I. F11 I EE 'U F11 FU 5 58 T QE E 5 MHEQFUEEEEHEHEQEQEQME 5 EEEEEE 5 E5 E5 in .en as 55 55 QE E 55 5 I U1 I E EH Z 5 5 7? QE 55 E EEEEEE EE E555 E555 55 E! E5 My Bkhd HE Vg MClg 5 Samu 1 R tl dg W y Flnley E E Lola Bm-H E d s gg gg E E 5 5 J t H t HE L sr ll E Page 54 EEEEEEEEEH EEEEEEE !gliE5EEEBE5E5E5EEE 5E-'HQHTHE HESPER IQZQWQ--EE5EH5E5E 5 E Q Q E 5555555555553 EE 555555 HHHEEE BEER ' as E E Q Q Q E E 5i5J5E5E5 HEEE5E5E5EEEEEE elEEE5EEEHE5EEE5 '24 4 .g "FFR" 1., .n r I ggfglsr im. is if : . . 1 N-vi-' 'ie i1sf:g74' if ,- 'Q 1-gm-v-vxwmv'11-'aww m'5fTl-IE HESPER I929l9"- F reshmen In the good old days of high school, There is not a year so grand As the days when we were Freshmen Marching along with the happy band. The seniors now are very proud That their dear days are no moreg But again they wish they were fish, Because that is the best year of the four. Four years from now the Freshman Class Will be seniors, and about to pass Out in the world so big and grandg Will think again of the Freshman stand. The Senior is sadg you ask him why, "Because we're leaving all F. H. S." Of all the years we spqpt in school, The Freshman year gasnpxuch the'best. -Raymond King. Page 56 U, f an L-,g Ei E mi J l Ei.- Q 4 1? fl 'ggi all 5 H! I E3 H it QE 5 Ei? Qin in ,iii at 55 as .J I. alfa L5 LIE Eli 29 n . Bi, .- FE- Q P95333-tiki? ?af?-2353257139 EFEEL 1:i?35?-sf?55'Li74?i'-EF35333- 1 1' Features AN NOUNCEMENT: Jessie Merle Scoggin-Most Popular Girl Charles D. Mathews-Most Popular Boy Mozelle 'Brown-Most Popular Junior Girl Bldward Welborn-Most Popular Junior Boy fx. fl ' "Youth is lovely, age is lonely, Youth is fiery, age is frostyg You bring back the days departed, You bring back my youth of passion." The Hesper In the days of the early Greeks when the gods ruled from Olympia, the Garden of Hesperides was strictly guarded. In this garden were "The Three Golden Applesfl which Hercules was supposed, later, to have brought to his wicked step-brother. Hesper, a servant of Hesperdes, was placed in the sky to watch morning and evening for any who dared intrude upon the sacred, or attempt to steal the precious "Apples of Happiness." Even today, the evening star, namely, Venus, greets the earth first every evening, and says goodbye last every morning. Thus it has grown to he regarded as "the guardian of the sky." The star, Hesper, is the guardian of the sky, and here on this earth reigns a guardian of school life-Our Hesper. A schoolls reputation depends largely upon the work produced by the student body, and the display of scholarships. The only way to get before thc public tl1e work of a school is to produce a masterpiece of varigated works, and this has been produced by tl1e Hesper staff of 1928-'29. The old Greek myth has bee11 reproduced in The Hesper, our school annual. The unusual staff was always on the guard morning and evening to see that no one intrudes on or attempts to mar our school's good reputation. We may truthfully say that our school's present, future, and past, does, will, and has depended upon the alertness of oura-Hesper. -Dorothy Crawford. rw. n. 1 ,uw .Q if A ali 4 di 171, ee " X .. O"fx:i4-I 1' Jfczca L-W, .fzfifffg Q, ? 0, mi V CMU -lLf5L11'?J.u'o11,fl5. 7- ,.,.,.M. J -if v .W W, , ,.... 1 W-..,...,A.,,.,,WMYvmm W K it M A A I K . ..,.NMM 'V fii . 5 -I Green Pepper-Football Banquet Heroes of the gridiron became heroes of the banquet hall Thursday night, December 20, when the players were honored by the Green Peppers. The annual entertainment was held in tl1e Andrews Ward Gymnasium. Beautiful green and white streamers and ballons decorated the large banquet hall. The delicious three-course banquet was served by members of the high school Home Economics Department and the high school or- chestra, under the direction of Mr. Lundgren, furnished music throughout the entertainment. R. V. Husky, pep squad leader, acted as toastmaster and introduced the various speakers. Mr. Patty said the invocation. An appropriate toast to the Whirlwinds in verse form was given by Miss Bama Gene Smalley, member of the Green Peppers. Howard Welborn, captain of the Whirl- winds, responded. Thelma Covington, pep squad leader, offered a toast to the Whirl- wind coach, and Coach Jones responded with a hort address expressing his appreciation to the pep squad. Featuring the musical entertainment, were several selections given by the girls' sextette of the high school. A pianologue, "Sonny Boy," by Verla Blassingame, and a reading, "The Hazing of the Val1iant," by Robbie Archer, were greatly appreciated by the guests. J. C. Wester, former Whirlwind coach and superintendent, was on the program for an address, but found it impossible to be in attendence at the banquet. Superintendent Patty, in a short address to both Pep Squad and Whirlwinds, expressed the school's appreciation of the efforts of these two organizations and spoke of encouraging of such activities in the school work. A unique menu was served at the banquet, and was composed of the following: First down-kick off, fruit cocktail, second down-40 yard line, baked hen, dressing, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, buttered peas, rolls, butter, perfection salad, coffee, touchdown-goal line, green gage ice and football stars. Popularity Contest The most iliti-resting ew-nt of the season was the popularity vonlf- I which was ended Decenilmer the sixth. Never ln-fore in the history of th.- srhool has so much interest been inanifestvd over a popularity contest. The following girls were entered in the contest: Jessie Merle Scoggin, senior vundidateg Mozelle Brown, junior l'2llldldfll70Q Mildred Wi-lhorn, soplnonuoqi- candidateg and Selma Louise Lider, freshman candidate. On the 1-rest of the contest one hundred eighty-sc-yon annuals were sold and rash was taken in for one hundred eighty. The popularity vonti-st, itself, at a penny a vote, took in over five hundred dollars. Thus, at one time, the annual was prar- tically financed. In the last inonients money Q-anie in di-nominations of twenty dollar bills. So niueh excitement was t'X1l0l'll'llk'L'd that a lwavy A-? police force was iieedvd, but after a count, and rovount, it was found that Jessie Merle Seoggin was the leading candidate. We shall long renn-niber the i'Xi'0llL'lll work of Starks Gl't'L'll and Dave Luttrall, Charles Mathews and Pete Nelson, along with the rm-spvrtivv elass sponsors, Miss Hill and Mrs. Ulenwnts, Misses Bit-lic-l and Rea. Later in the year by an overwln-lniing majority vote of the students Mozelle Brown was elm-vted niost popular junior girl, Charles Matln-ws, most popular senior boy, and Howard Wolhorn, most popular junior boy. f X.,. ,V K . A,'V ,Lvk 5 , . ,LL S a E E Q A mf W vvz, ffm J Qowqir 5,.QTf ' Q dd 1:21553 1' JPQ? 3 v 5 P . .....,,-.T-. ---f... .... ,1,..q.T- High School Follies The annual dramatic event of Floydada High School was scheduled to take place in the high school auditorium on Tuesday, April 23, 1929. This was one of the best outlets for class rivalry that was available in the school term. The different classes of the school choose one act plays, which we1'e prepared and presented in one evening. Four one-act plays are a means of affording a full evening of delightful entertainment. By :l vote of the audience in attendance, the best play of the four is selected. Excitement runs high just before the decision is rendered. 'l'here is usually an reward for the winning cast, or the class which the cast represents. Since there is so much competition, that the plays must he well prepared and well presented. Usually the manner in which the play is presented is the ruling factor in the decision of the audience. Of course, class perfor- mance has a great deal to do with the outcome, hut this does not have all to do with it. Always the best dramatic talent of the class is brought into play, and the best direction possible is obtained. For this year these plays were presented: "The Red Lamp", "The Trysting Plaeev, "The Wedding ", and "Dwellers in the Darkness." This is one of the manners in which the animal is financed. Every year the proceeds from this'set of plays are given to the annual fund. ffnubl A 5113 IQWS of cfnfe FIEJAEA X Q 3 4.5 ffw ,,. , 4!!Af,. rl: '- an P ,.. - lo 27 t' UQQQ new 5 ' A 1 ix - p KC Qt My Y . by I C: f pg Ln.. v 'PFD Tl. 'if lifhvrl zu 111.15 Activities "All your strength is in your union, All your danger is in discord." ua ia sa as sa 5 5 all '-l I F11 I F11 Q LTI 'JU 5 5 55 sa 555 55555 555555 5555555555 555 gg-isa 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Dramatic Arts Club The Dramatic Club of Floydada High School was re-organized at the beginning of this school term by Miss Biebel, with Miss Rosson a11d Miss Smith as assistants, with thir- ty active members chosen at large, and the following officers elected: president, Charles Mathewsg vice-president, Pete Nelsong secretary-treasurer, Claudia Green, whose place was later filled by Gene Smalley. Rules and regulations for governing the organization were adopted. It was decided that at each regular meeting, which convened on the .second Tues- day in each month, a program should be rendered which should consist of the various phases of literary activities, including readings, music, studies of the leading dramatists, and a one-act play. The major production presented by the Dramatic Clubiwas the three-act comedy, "And Mary Didn, which proved as great a success when presented in Lockney as it had on our own stage. The members of the Dramatic Club heartily agree that the benefits derived from participation in this organization are cultural as well as entertaining and that this is one of the most essential extra-curricular activities of the school. l Page T3 5EE EEHEE 5E--QifTHE HESPER I929+9fQ--E525 E The Hesper 1929 R. V. HUSKY Editor-in-Chief as gg DOROTHY BIEISEL 'l'I1l'ILMA COVINGTON JICSSIIC MERLIC SGOGGIN Faculty Advisor .l"l'2ltHl'iSt Art I-Iditor 1'l'I'l'l'l NELSON X. li. STANSTILL Associate- Husim-ss hlilllilglq' Aflnh-tim' Editor Page 74 5 EE5EHE5E5E 5EBEEE 5EEE5 5EEEEEEEEEE 5E-'nHTHE HESPER l929HQ'- 'SLE-EWEE UU U m ,... U Q nn . an 39 U 9 'S 71 Y "L "'- '. '. u.. 'U ".. '- A Q. '.. ".. '. 'L '. ".. "- "- jiff E Q E Q E E E Q E The Hesper 1929 CHARLES D MATHEWS ' W. H. SCOGGINS JOHN KEY WEST WINIFRED NEWSOME Faculty Ad Joke Editor Associate Editor RUTH JENKINS EUGENIA HOFFMAN Literary Editor Society Editor E Page 15 EEEE55'5EHEEL9EHEEHHH5H?59H:1EE559EEH?H555'3EEH EE EE EE 5EE HEHEEE EE-'lr44THE HESPER l9Z9+krB--5EEEEEEEE Biq Ei Gwen Perm: Thehnzm Covington Lucille Hill EE EE R. W. Husky HE Mozelle Brown 55 EE The Green Peppers of Floydadzi High School had a very successful season under the direction of Thehnzl Covington, R. V. Husky, and Mozollv Brown, pep leaders, and Lucille Hill, faculty sponsor. '.lllll'l'0 wi-rv fifty llll'IlllJ0l'S ohosen ut large from the student body. The uniforms eomposed of green and white blazer-s, green tics, white skirts and shirts, and monogrammed eaps were very effm-tive. The Whirlwinds were ably supported by this peppy group of students. Page 76 EEEEEE5ESE5EEE EEEEEEE5E5EEE5EEE5 EEEEEEEE HEEHEE 55E5EEEE5EEEEE 5E-AUSHTHE HESPER 19299,--EEHEH5E Orchestra A. L. LUNDGREN Director The Floydada High School Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. A. L. Lundgren, has been one of the most useful organizations in our school. Mr. Lundgren has directed the orchestra for two successive years. He is, also, director of the Floydada Municipal Band and is well qualified i11 this line of work. The orchestra has furnished music for many plays and banquets. ln the picture from left to right: Jessie Merle Seoggin, piano, Mrs. A. D. Cummings, violin, Anniee Stewart, violin, Jewell Brock, clarinet, Gwendolyn Snod- gress, saxophone, John Hall Carpenter, flute, A. L. Lundgren, eornet, Kinder Farris, cornet, Waldo Houghton, saxophone, N. B. Stansell, saxophone, E. B. Massie, saxophone, Urnon Borum, saxophone. Page 77 EEBEEEEEEEEEEBESEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEESEEEHEEEEEEEHEHEEEEE Girls' Choral Club Thu- Girls' 4'lmi':ll l'llllr, ilirn-1-11-il Ivy Miss llivlwl, was ui'g':iliix4-ll :ii flu- bvginniug of thu yvm' with thi- l'nlluwiiug u1'f'ii-1-rs: Ulvtxn ,l:u'lismi, pre-siqlviitg Nl:ll'giv Norton, vim' prcSidvrit,g V1-ln lilJISSllIQ1lIlI1', si--'iw-I:li'y-Il'v:ns11i'4-rg Luis Nitiuii, I'l'IHll'll'l'. 1':1t1yv l.m+p1-I-,Uh-t,:i Jzivksull, Williv Nlzu' l'llllIllIlIIQ'S, sriplwiiiusg Yivirlll Stn-gall, Vvlil Blassixigmm-, Luis Hittmi, zaltmis, 1-uiiipusv thv lligli Svlmul Nm-xtvltm-. Thi- S1-xtcttc has fur nislivd 1'llll'l'l2lllIlIl!'lIl fur IIIIIIIIX' 4-lmpm-I pi-rimls, lHllI1Ill1'lN, llllIl'lI1'1IIlS, :xml oth:-i' social gzltli criiipgs. Miss llii-Iii-I, ilu-ir Qlimisuig luis lflmwixl IIII 1-l't'i4-ivili vmuvli :xml ilu- pianist, Ruth Enoch, has lu-lpml flu-in iw-:ui-li ziluiiii-1' iiiilvsimim- in Huvir llIllSl1'Ill 4'Ill'l'l'l'. l'2lL:4' Ts Boys' Glee Club Nfr. G. H. Nll'xYllil'fl'l' 1'o:u'I1c'd H10 Boys' Qll:1l'f0tf4' :xml Ulm- Vlulr for the 1928-29 SCa sou. The glsw vlulr was tlw l2ll'Q.'l'Sf Zlllll H111 lwst XX'llil'll Inns 4-Vs-r lll'l'll urgnnizvd :Lt F. H. S Bluny fiuv llll'IlvS Vuivvs llzlvv lwvll vult111'v4I ill this YIIIUIIIPIR' activity. F. ll. S. is really 3 proud of its boys' Give l'lulv. 'I'I1v 4ll1:1l'fn'tT1' was L'UIllIPlISt'I-I of li:1ll:x1'4l Wilkiusml, SUFUIII1 tl'lllll'Z ,Xlsiv f4I1l'1fOl1, firs tm-uorg H. IZ. Mnssiv, lHlI'iTUll1'Q Vlydm- Sm-ll, buss: :nml Mr. M4-Wlmirtur, tm-nor and coach The' lIllIII'tl'ffl'vS ul1:11wl lH'UQ,fI'2l!llS www t'llj0yl'd Ivy :ull Hu' sflulvllt lmdy. I':zg,fv TU It is om- of thc- In-st in thu- sfrlfm-. Mr. ll. II. fwlllllillgflllllll wus illSfl'lll'f0l' for the 192 C ' l Cl b 'Floy4l:14l:l High Nvhoolk f'UllIlll4'l'1'iIll Dl'llZll'flllUllf has grown from yn-:lr to y0n.r ul fl-rm. This fll'lHll'fllH'lIt turns out many pupils wifh :lu oxvvptiollnlly good knowlodgv DllSilIt'HN. 'l'h1' vomln4'I'vi:nl ll4'llZll'fHll'llf has flvvoIop1'4l somv V4-ry good sfonogr:lph0l'S, book kf-1-pcm, :xml lypisis, " ' - "-'1 : " : "' - - ' " ': ' V: ': ' llu tUlllSKNUff1Il1l ua uuptul to hs of mon lil utu ul w alum to f,ll1'Sflllil'llf than :my otlwr in high svhool. llilgk' 80 ltll 8 0 '.:I-iE7'.EE5E5E5E5F11EEM5EEE-e +1lTHE HESPER l929li+ 5 Q? EE 55 5 55 55 55 EE lan Sli Hn 'll Eli E512 gfl E r:4 E? EE UE! EE L Eel' an 551 lg? l lihl lim Ujgf ET- l L 1: LJ .- ifgjsl EIU 55 EE' l U F orelgn Language Club Floydada High School's foreign lilllgllilgl' il01Hll'llll0lll' is supervised by Misses Rosson and Ii:-vtou. Two clubs lmvv ln-on orgzmiza-fl among the students of this depzlrtmentz FL Latin club, "Res Publicu Rfllllilllilllj and a Spanish club, "El Arco Iris". The lvudvrslnip of the foreign language Gluh is :assumed hy officers eleeted from the ll10Il1b0l'Slllp. Som-ial life is one of the lllillly pastinws enjoyed by the clubs. These clubs are among the largest in the school. Page 81 Sul KF Qil lei iam L- gl. :gg Shi if -l i' Lo Ei! FQ J EE lu? Jil E95 HE li? lim U ' :fd U55 -J YF .gg- 1-J 'gil : 'FJ 4:1 m F1 9 foff fill fo cj :QU HE VL! 1:4 '3 1 ill ld 2 1 e. Hi C 5351.1 "HJ le? fill L i 555 Ke ' gi 'I' lim 'Jii' EV' xiii n :U ll LIE L- 593 fu f " n -lf ll --1 rua am . 1,11 lei HIE Qjll 5 5 55 lifv JD E151 PJLJ EE af 4' 'S-Q, ,,.-0'7 - ' es...--' stl in-M.. - The Science Club 'I'h4- pliysivs :mil win-ni1is1i',x' vlnssi-N nw- iilllgfili Ivy NIV. Svuggiiis. .Xi flu- lwgilliiilvrg of thi- yn-:ir ilu-rv in-rw' tlnirtlx'-1-i,g'lit xliifls-luis iii Imtli vlnssvs. The l'llllillllll'llif in thu inn lllv0l':lful'i4's has Iwi-in iiiviw-:isi-il t'i'mn yn-:nr to yvzir until we IIUXY linvv mia- uf' The most vo plvtm' sviviiri- ilu-pziriim-luis in this lmrt uf' ilu' sinh-. This ili-priiiliivlli l'2lft'l'S vsp0m'i:illy in ldl'lltS who 1-xpi-cl in 4-xii-ml tlii-ii' 1-nliiwliimi iiiin vulli-gr. Page S2 EE Eli 'EH ea at it EE as ss 5? 96 sa as .J .J .J li 'LE EEE it Em ati 55 LE 95 55 1511 55355 -'QHTHE HFSPER l9Z99D-- E Girls' Reserve Slogan: "To face life squarely." Purpose: "To find and give the best." The Girls' Reserve Organization has been very successful this year under the able supervision of Miss Jewell Brock. Not onl have the Reserves added a elulm of a more serious nature to the hi h school Y 1 but they have beeoine an outstanding elulm in soeinl and religious activities. The following offieers were elected at the beginning of the term: Erna Lee Craw- ford, presidentg Hazel Parker, vice-presidentg Veva Swinson, seeretaryg Juanita Shirey, treasurer. Club Activities: Lectures by various prominent personsg sun-rise breakfastg mother- daughter banquetg and an all-day picnic. I Page 83 lib 55 915 'iii 59 5 1 55 Em 5-I EEfW1S EEEE EEE5HEEEHEHEHRE Home Economics , , Y . . . . lliu llnniv Iuwiiiuiiiii-s IM-p:ui'1inn-iii is um- ut ilu- nmsl p+1pul:ii' ill-pziihiiviits in the svlmol :nml 1llll'4ll'llll' ln-sl t'11lIllllbl'll mi ilu- lnmilis. NY1- wuinlm-i' il' ilu- girls flu nut 1-iirnll in l'uml :mil vlnlliiilg' l'Ulll'N1'S fm' tllv Iilll'll0Nl' of ll'1lI'lllllg' fu mmk Illlil si-W fm' lwo ui' llI2l'Vll1' IlIUI'l'f?f??f 'l'lrv il:-pzirlinn-all giwxx' in tliiii' vi-:mix until mu- ts-:ivlu-i' with riwuiiluilmiuiis for 32 girls vuulil lint lizilullv tlw iiiimlwu' wlm wislu-il ln 1-iimll. .Ximllivr Ivmflu-1' w:is:ldd1'd, Zllld now lllrilcwul ut .li SlIl4l4'lllS, Em vzuii ln- :iw-niiiiiilzllvil. Nui' 1'1lllIllllIl'lll lllSf1lll1'll this yvui' f'0llStltlll,I' gms IAZIIIQIUS, llllllllg-1' rmnii sliii, xulililimiznl sinks. sviw-vuis, :lull ullwi' llllll0l't1l,llt COI1VC'Il lClI0l'S. l':i,g'1- N4 V ensssrssssss ss--earns HFSPER l929l3+0- ,. The Home Economics Club For the first time in the history of F. H. S. a Home Economics Club was organized QE this year. The officers who were elected were: Claudia Green and Jessie Merle Scoggin, presidents, Margie Norton, vice-president, Selma I-ider, business manager, Oleta Jackson, secretary-treasurer, and Erna Lee Crawford, reporter. QE The c11rb's first project was beautifying the laboratories. This was done very suc- cessfully by adding curtains, screens, and many other little beautifiers. The club has also helped to prepare and serve the Chamber of Commerce Banquet, the Mothers' Congress Banquet, the Girls' Reserve Banquet, the F. F. T. Father-Son Banquet, and the Junior- Senior Banquet. The aim of the club is to teach high school girls to be home makers or gracious hostesses on special occasions, or successful professional women. EE 5EEEEEHE HHEE5EEE5E LE as Eli at as it 52 3 as 'Zigi we 'IE' as 55 r- V EF Eli ei as EE EE Hi gli es 55 at 5EE BEEFEE 5E--QHTHE HESPER I929l9'w- En F. F. T. The Vocational Agriculture Ulzlsses niet in Oetoher, 1929, :ind orgzlnized an F. F. T. Chapter, which means the Future i"2ll'lllK'l'S of Texas. The eluh organized with fifty-seven members. The following boys were elected officers: Joe Smith, president Marvin XVTHTLLIIISOII, vice-president Martin True, secretary Henry Culpepper, treasurer Orvnl Poore, SOI'g0iLllt-:lt-Ll1'll1S 0. T. Williams, advisor The club had 11 Father-Son Banquet with ninety-seven present. The eluh put on fl negro ministrel and run :L soda pop stand ut the county meet to mise funds to send judging teams to State Vocational Judging Contests :xt Lubbock :ind A. 62 M. I The elub met every Friday and had Very interesting 1H'0g'l'2llllS. BE .4-M93 Page 86 5 EE EEE5EEE5EEE EEEEH EEEH 55555555555 ss--earns HEsPER1929r+e-- n The Orationes Club The Orationes Club of the year of 1929 had many members, whose flowery speeches made the dear old Floydada high school building ring. There has been more interest taken in declamation this year than ever before. The sponsors, Misses Rosson and Smith, used excellent judgment in selecting declamatious for the different members of the club. This club has been as active as any club in high school, When the members are called upon, unexpectedly, or otherwise, to give their orations, they respond with a great EE deal of enthusiasm. As a result of the preliminaries, Robbie Archer and Delbert Eubank won first places and the honor of representing F. II. S. in the County Meet. Delbert Eubank over- whelmingly Won in the county. 5 'EsF'Ei?5-5?-H51H?LF'-515'-E3-55'H+kF Hi --warns HEsPER19z91e-wsismes Debating 'Club The Debating Club was organized in December, with the following officers: Alsie Carlton, president, Dave Luttrall, vice-president, Lester Jameson, secretary,treasurerg Dorothy Crawford, librarian, and Lois Sitton, reporter. Other members of the club included Doris Spence, Juanita Shirey, Ruth Enoch, and C. W. McCarty. After six week of strenuous work, tryouts for school winners were held and teams composed of Alsie Carlton and Lester Jameson, for the boys: and Lois Sitton and Juanita Shirey, for the girls, were chosen, with Dave Luttrall and Ruth Enoch as substitutes for the respective teams. Both the teams won over Lockney in the county meet. 553551-5E1'EEE'L-H?-EE El?-59 E551 'sf"H5'-H?snH 53335 Page 88 ' 43515553 55 H?-EFTH-EEE 551'-2533551 EFEE 5555535 -Fl E at 3 5 i Ei as ea as as as as as as as is as as EE Em V' JT EH I I1 F! 2' fl U :T .lm E" 1 EEEMEEEEEEESEHEEEEEQEEE-' +?fTHE HESPER l929Fk'--MjEEEEEEEE5E 5 gf 1. Q E E I1 E E 1 Em: Q Q , ,. Q Wax Kb-4' ff E EE Q ML? E wr if E Q M W' E 4 f E E X 55 "ui 55 Q' 5 ll' f X M EE E ' H E EE E ga 5555 T1 U S. E. 'N' U 3- Wi 5555 Has HE 5 55 Q E E E E 55 551 BE EE E 55 55 E EE EE E 55 BE 55555 Page 89 '5'5?3E-EF'-if?3v33'lE1E7H5 HESPER EfE1'Q:F-LfiL?3T135Ja53L1rf1'3-E?-RSF: 1 1 Is, L41 I, .ell wlf Al? if 'F UU r ' il' llfll .I7 4l ' Ll' i,f'? .5 I IH 'EIT H41 '-I. lla' ,ll ' 'li If :JD Lin Qu HV lit qi JI- Ufb gi "li W UE 15. f l "1 'I-hw E, the Hesper Staff of Llqt v 1. f Eg, 1929, dedicate this athletic ga lr ' , 1 QQ section to our beloved ooaeh, 5,1 hm Troy H. Jonesg the tall one, pi dignified ,and trueg a. msn of few words but mighty deedsg MQ an athlete, scholar and teach- lf ' wlf 'l'l1 er 5 who has instilled in us the ff' - t Lf IX' elements of sportsmanship and I' skill. fl Tli FQ ll - iii Eff 'lip flag in 'lun If Q31 UE M1 will HK, .'.l, '.'1 .'i, ,l ,gp lr' I il, X 'Yr ali if ml: s Rl 4 1 iff 1 :tl 1 ,e "'v I .t".' JU "' , . lr an , .1 UQ LILY. ,fll , I .lin All Nl. if 'Alu ' 1""V' r'-1' -'--"-' -fl 'Y' 1'4"-'4' ' ' '1"f'1r'Ul ' +1i?e??4F5?1: 3-E1'?5mHar1v1?S:?i+?'LvGf:ff Lffwfrh ?+f"+FaHi+E:+'srJf:F.:FJf:+1-ff2?f:'-3 I af L , EE BUSTER SMALLEY EE H-TEEEEHEEEEEEMEEEEEEE-'e'HfTHE HESPER l9Z9B+Q--5555525 EE HE Football O l TROY H. JONES Coach HOWARD WELBORN Chiptaiiug Halfback, 2 yea1's Nvlllglllj, 158 Mascot September marked the entrance of Coach Troy H. Jones into the field of Floydada High School athletics. He is the best coach in all Texas, according to the members of the football, basketball, and track teams, as well as the fans of the sports. He has taught them all to have a high regard for sportsmanship that makes It possible for us to look back upon his first season with pride. We are sure that there is not a man of higher ideals, bigger ambitions, or lll0l'0 sueeessful taeties in all the field of high sehool athletics. Page 91 ' 5555555 Q5 HE EEEEEEEE HE5E5 I 1 l I l E l'I'l'l'l'l NELSON Fulllbzlek, 1 your 3 Weight, 170 WOODROW GOEN llzxlfbuek, 2 years Weight, 160 CHARLES D. MATHEWS IEE Venter, 1 year Weight, 175 When Uonrli Jones issued :L Ullll for pro-season training i11 football last September, many :nnbitious nwn upps-:1l'eml for pl'2lK'fll'0. The lll2lt0l'l2ll, from which our 1928 Whirlwind tvunl was elm:-im-n, was im-xpr-rim-m-ml: lint, after :n grunt dr-:xl of grind and misery, in the from the llI'!lt'fll'l', mlm-:alt by fl0!ll'lI JOIIUS, Hn- Whirlwonds showed fll101Jl'OS1ll'0fS for :L lmrilliunt sm-usml. After our first two glllllL'S with Roaring Springs and ldalou, the spirits 5 5 55 , 5 Page 92 .ua 55 QE QE Qs ga 55 E I F53 'TJ E 5 3 EE 55 E E 'jus 5 EE EEEEEEEEEE H5 E5 5555 55 5 ir 'glTE5E5EEE5ESE 5E-'AfHTHE HESPER l929lfO'-5EEEEE5E E mu...-........... Y... ,,,,,.., .,,,' QE 'VIIERON SUMMERVILLE EE Right End, 1 year E5 EE xwigln, 1512 EE WIN IFREIJ N ICWSOME 55 Loft 'l':u'klo, 2 years wx-ight 180 QE STARKS GREEN EE Right Guard, 1 your QE wi-ight, 170 EE of F. H. S. sozxrvd. Our nlost ll0Zll'flJl'02lklllg defeat cumin- at tho hands of Paduvnll, but the EE VVl1irlwinds showvd l'0I1l21l'li3l7l0 ability in tho game and S1lUl'l'S1llHllSlllIl in dofoat. Our satisfaction and pride in tho Whirlwinds know no bounds XVll0l1 wo dofoutod our old rivals, EE Locknoy, by suvh il largo score. The football boys gave us further grounds for our faith E in them by tying tho Post Antolopos, who lator won tho distrivt t'llZlll11ll0llSlll1l. The season Page 93 EFEJBEEEEEEEESEEESEEEEEEEEEHEEEEHEEEHEEEEEEHEBESELEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEE 55E5E5EE55EEE --iMTHE HESPER l929W'f--5EHEEE 5 5 IIA ROLIJ l'Oli'l'l'1RF1l+1LD Qllzwtorluu-k, 3 yours Wuiglit, 145 IJl'ILIiI'1R'l' IGUBANK f.2ll1ll't0l'iHlt'k, 1 yuan' W1-ight, 135 IIA HOLD 'PER RY Lvft End, 1 ycur Vhligllt, 160 was brought to 21 SlIl2lSilillg chasm- in Thi- Turkvy Day gumv with Slatou, iu which we were defeated by only 0110 point. Sinus hard work, :1 voinnwudulmh- fighting spirit, and a high Page 94 5?MEEEQ5WESE5E H5 QE5EEEEEEEEEH WEEEE5 Vg A, V, I ""EfTHE HESPER l9Z9i9'Q'- DAVE LUTTRALL Right End, 1 year Weight 150 ROBERT CARTER Left Guard, 1 year Weight, 148 HANSEL McADA Right Tackle, 2 years Weight, 165 E degree of sport manship pervaded all the games, we can truthfully say that the Whirlwinds have experienced one of the most successful seasons n their history. We hope that these high precepts of sportsmanshlp that the 1928 Whirlwinds have established will establish the game of football on a higher plane ln Floydada High School. The taste of defeat that has been experienced by the football team and fans is, perhaps, beneficial. It has broad- . ' 1 ened our views and made the loyal supporters of the Whirlwind team a great crowd of f 555- 5555 good sports We have learned what It means to shed a few tears in defeat, and it has made our happiness greater ln victory We hope that these words will bring back to you, Page 95 ei ei Er J ll 5- E11 555 H5 59 5 HG ea 52 at 55 ea is ee. ea 5555555 C --QEQTHE HESPER l929l3+'- JOHN KEY WEST Guard, 1 year Weight, 150 CHESTER DE CORDOVA End, 1 year Weight, 140 infuture years, a few recollections of the best football team and coach in all the world. Now let us complete these recollections by three rousing cheers for Coach Jones and the Whirlwinds of 1928! ! Pep squadlpitch your voices low--let the shouts resound in your hearts for many years to come!! ' 55 H5 ' .1 ee ea ea at ea es ee ee ea ea ea ea ee we ea ei ea EQ ee ee QE at es at ee EE sie at ea H5 et ea ea ea ea 55 L? 9E Page 96 HEEEEERFUEEE EEEEE5EEEl5 . ., rgfzffzw BH ee 55 ea gli ea it Elm ea SLE ea Eh el ee EE 551 EE 515 915 55 ee ee as ea ei 219 we LL. ee fie?:if:.E-E211 " ' 55?555EE5BEEE EE--rflTHE HESPER l929Bfl'-HEHEH:hE Basketball ' il 5 3 WILLIAM SMITH Ei Forward E 55 5 1 Ha 55' E RILEY HOLMES r: all Forward 51 Cm iq H911 'Es 'll QE , JOE SMITH EE Captaing Forward E Basketball pmetice was begun this year innnediately after the close of the football season. Much interest wus nxzlnifested in this sport from the beginning. The boys were put through a steady work-out in the Andrews Ward Gymnasium before the games began. At the early part of p1'm'tiee, our team showed excellent prospects for a successful season. gg ..-LI 55 EE SE 'H Hi E EE Z! Page 97 EE EE 55iEE5E:E EEEEEHs1EEE5E5EEE5EEE5E5E5E5E EEEE5E5E55EEEM5E5E5 T ".' I L 5 1 S I? 1 5 3 5 5 5 5 N agp 5 lhi HL 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 LFE' Hal 5 5 5 Mn 5 s H--1 ! FEE EEE EE-'ONTHE HFSPER l929l9+'f-- 751 HOWARD WVELBORN Guard ALSIE CARLETON Center - - J HAROLD PORT ERFIELD - " Guard ' 5 'flf .le , in 1 U51 illjl 5:1 wll ' " 1 L i ' ' The boys showed speed and much sklll Tlus was the usult of Coach Jones' eff1c1ent trammg The basketball team attended a tournamnnt at Qu1taque durmg the fnst pant of the Season They defeated every other team 111 attendance at the t0lll1l'llYlLl1" and won gold hasketballs as rewards Our prlde 1n the basketball boys was llllllllllfkll as a result of il1e1r vlctory The crown1ng 6V8llt of the seaso11 was the tournament held ln Floyd ldn We lost the tournament by several games The Wlllllll s uwalds, gold basketball nent tournament from d1fferent parts of West Texas They were enterta1ned 111 the homes of lngh school students durxng the1r stay 1n Floydada The touxnament was followed by Page 08 '55555 555555 EEE li lj-1 Qin ji i um Hp 3 I llli Ein Hg, EF HQ 5 :Il 1: lr 'gli jg aff 5 gli A l 5 55 'gl ' ' . ' ' ' :, .,. Em gf " I I I ' 1.1 ., .. N . S, ,, 'gi to the Ralls Jackrabbits. There were about one hundred seventy-five boys present at tl1e ali 2 I - ' L5 W Em z . lg? lid ' an I I -1 il- '- "- V l y - - V i ' iii, ' f1gg,,'3,eg , w 1 -sf-.f'13fii:f?5fl5l im EE 5 55 all 5 5 5 5 E5 55 - E1 5 Eli 5 gil do H5 5 Elm 5 5 F- se sa sae if Qi Ei E2 an EE E3 - H'-m.3vqm341'l.l9-rd'-4,1 ?"f?',e:1f'?ff: A . . A .. EE5 -'-HTHE HESPER I9Z9B'Q'- RAYMOND NELSON Center EVERETT MOORE Forward ERNIE WIDENER Guard several games with different towns. In them all our team did exceptional work. We lost the county championship to Loekney by only a few points. Our faith in our team was not altered by this fact. We shall always say that our basketball team has fostered the true F. H. S. spirit in the very best manner and given us grounds for our pride in them, Page 99 a EEEEEEEEEEE +2lTHE HESPER I 929li+ nr: gl JU 1 fi 'if Hi Girls' Basketball The Girls basketball team was eheseii hy Miss llillllllll' Keetuii. We eau truly say that this year's team has had a more sueeessful seasmi than any whieh has goiie before. The team won several games with iieiglihoring towns. The girls attended a tournament at Quitaque. They eonsidered the trip as an extraor4liii:ii'y une, lieeause of the royal mau- ner in which they were entertained in Quitanlue. They were matehed against some of the strongest teams in this seetioii of the eouiitry. Our team made a good showing in :ill the games. We were delighted at the exeelleiit playing that was displayed in the Loekuey- Floydada ehampinnship games. The girls defended the name of I". ll. S. iii a most ad- mirable manner. NVQ' lost the elianiliielisliili, hut the taet that the seure in one of the games was a tie, proves that the teams were very well mats-hed. We are proud of our girls' team: may they he equally as sueeessful during another year. i liiniiii s ,K iiii iii 4 ,P im 3 .. an f i t,.t, is ,STL 'M' ll !.,.,.. i: 1L"'3L': Page 100 C' -H Ein UF at sa as :E F E5 EE EE' EE 5 5 95 E mi fi gf :QU IHC a EE I ! 'T Ein ,.: as 'fi Ei ss sa sa 55 sa sa SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEBEHEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 55E5E5E5EEE5EE 5E-'iilTHE HESPER l9Z9E+A-- EEEE Boys' Tennis Club Thu boys' tunnis cluh was organized undm' tho direction of Mr. Scoggins. Each rnonrbor anti-rod tha' tryouts for Thu county nwot. Tho boys practiced regularly at the high school tunnis courts. ln tho try out nnrtclrvs, Pvto Nvlson and Theron Summerville won doubles, and Theron Sununorvillv won singles. In the county meet, Floydadals team Won douhlos. This gave tho boys :x Cll2llll'0 in tho district meet at Lubbock. Some of our tennis chzunpions attended nn athlvtic nivut in Amarillo. Much can be said as to their work tlwrc. ln all ways, our tennis hnvo shown good sportsmanship and training in tennis play- ing. As ri wholo, the tennis club did good work during the year. Page 101 EE5E5EEE5EEE55EE5EEE5EEERESE5E5EEEEE5Fr 5E5E5EEEEEH5EEE HEHEEESSQEEEMSEQEQEQE-f+iTHE HESPERl929E1+f--555553. Girls' Tennis Club The 1929 girls' tunnis club had :1 ri-1n:n'lc:xlrlv :nnonnt of ti-:nn work. It was or- ganized, under Mr. Suoggins' fliwctioiu, :n fm-w wi-vhs nftvr l'ln'istni:xs. l,I'Ill'fll'1' llllgilll almost immodiatcly. Sm-vvrnl girls wvnt out for llI'2ll'i'll'l' with lllfl'lli'l0llS of playing in thc EE county mcct. As zn ri-snlt uf linwl wnrk :ind pzitiviirv, 'l'Iwhnn i'0VlllgfUll :und Myrticv Rowdon won the doulmh-s in high svhool :ind lflnid Svoggins won singlos. They did not win in the county moot, but thu Lovknoy tvnnis plnyors had :i vvry hard tinw. lioiiqiu-ts of every description can bv handed To tho girls' tvnnis vluh. Many prmnising plziyvrs nrv gg embodied in this group. lf Hwy lllilkl' zu. litth- num- progrm-ss ni-xt yi-air, tlnirv can ln- no doubt of thi-ir winning sonn- lll'llll1lllt vivtorivs during thi- nvxt tunnis SOZISOII. 5 5 5 F :EE F I P I 5 QE ing of Coach Jones is reflected in the work of the boys. Many of our track entrants in 55E5EEEEE5E EE--0ifTHE HIBPER l9Z9B0- H3555-, Boys' Track Team y material from whieh the track team was ehosen was inexperienced. But the ability of the Floydada boys was well lnatehed with that of Lovkney. In every case, the excellent train- tlu- county meet were successful and won a trip to the district meet at Lubbock .. -4 55 E5 EE I Q ll I The 1929 track team was coached by Mr. Jones. As in the ease ofvfootball, the EE E er? 92 7 55 5? EE H5 EE 55 Hi EE Em EE QE Bi EE EE QE Page 103 'EE 5EEE5E5E EE555EEEEEEEE5E5EE EEEEH 555i555E5M EE'A "UI-IE HESPER I9Z9Ff"-5EEEEiEHTm 5 :J Girl'Vll Blllem 3 H s o ey a a is EE 5 The girls' volley lnzill il'2llll of 1925? was conulied Ivy Mr. MvWliirtui'. Tluvir regulzir LII rnetiee in the Andrews NV:ir4l Gvninzisium lwl ved them to mziko il slim-oss of the uezison. Il. Lua p . 1 P EJ? Much can lie said as to their good work iii the QZIIIIUS with visiting tm-:mis :uid in tho county E 5 meet. The girls were always the host of sports :ind brought great honor to F. II. S. E! 1 :il gi ll- Lfi 5 G+. :ui 1 U .Ji JE l" ,, Lu gg gg ,gil 1" Wil 55 is sa Lf-J li 33 U! 523 e 5 i Hi 53. .lil .ini gn: E 5 Jill 5 EEE Page 104 BE EF-E EE l-liHS15EEl55E5EEEEESE5EEEEESEH'5EEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEE Hesper's Twinkle "Over all the Star of Evening Hangs suspended in the twilight." iv , , . Y wk .K 4,5 :ff .- Nfl ' Jvrxi ' r -Lifjflrl ' -uf QS, kf.xr'.-N' WI 'fl Q3 ifzx 1- wp 4, I 15l'i'. 1 f' 14,514.2 Q, F ,V - 1 EEEQEEEEEEEEBEHHEEEEEEA- QQTHE HESPER I 9295+ "5E5EEEEE5EEE EESE5 EEEEBEEEEEHEE 5535555555555 QALITY BAKERY AND coNFEcT10NERY 55555 ELF' Q " The Home of Ho-Made Bread " LEE HE Q Phone 223 e E5 E Hoydada Texas Plamvlew E E e page 105 ' ESEBEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEQEEEEEEEBEEEBEEMEEEEELEHEEEEEEEEMEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5 Q ss E as 55 E IE 53 'U E E 2 Ti HE ss We Believe in E 5 E AS BUILDERS OF BETTER E E CITIZENSHIP We believe in teaching in our E schools Thrift, the secret of more Independent, Prosperous Citizen- ship, with Bank Accounts large enough to tal-ze advantage of all opportunities and Insure against E E Hard Times. 4 Per Cent Paid on E Savings Accounts First National Bank Capital ai1Eigii,iiidSTsii3iJ,ooo.oo 55EEEEHE EEEEHBM5EBE5EEE EEEEHHEHE5 LQIEEEEMEEEBEEEHEEEEUEEEBEEE-' ilTHE HESPER I9Z9B"-EEEEH5EEE 5 ss ss T 93 Z' fb '1 1 93 S S 99 25 C5 P ssssssssssssssssssss EE E For Staple and Fancy Dry E Goods, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, HE Hose, Millinery, Silk Underwear, E E and Notions-With a complete line of Ladiesf lVlisses,, Childrens E E Infants' Shoes. 55 . EE MEN AND YOUNG MEN S E FURNISHINGS A complete line of lVlen's and E Boys' Dress and Work Shoes, the EE hest grade of Work Clothing- EE from the least to the largest. EE EE EE QD :- cb 2 ng a F5 Fu Z 2 r 5993 51 2077 3 Q EE 535555555 i5?15EBEEE EEEE BE 5EEEBE5E EEEEEE5EBEHEEEEBE5 ,gf " 2 5 EE -'QAHTHE HESPER l929E0-- 3555535353 5EE E'-b?'55a95tE5E-55 '- ' '- 'L '- 'ERE 53333. I '- I IEEE-EF1 EEE EE. E PHQTQGJRAPJH5 IN THIS ANNUAL BY WILSON STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER IMLSQN STUDUQ FLOYDADA. TEXAS E. TED BORUM ROY A. HOLMES Pg 108 555555. T elE E553 E lElEEE555E5E5EE EE-'UilTHE HESPER l929WB'-55H55EEEE g l J E ga 5 E Quality Above All 'J Q C ' 0IlCS 0. E Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry and Commencement Eg Invitations E Indianapolis, Indiana Official Jewelers to Floydacla High School E E WN gg E - E Heiff Jones Co E E O 55 E E 5 Page 109 5l5EE5E5i EE5EM5EEEE5E BEEEEEEE5EEE5EE5E5E5 5EE55E5E55EEE 5E-A +lTHE HESPER l929E+-'-EE5E5EEE5E5E5EE ggg EE ,n . 5 arm it a arma Q 5 QE Future Farmers of Texas will require the best to be had in E the way of Farm Machinery to make the farm a pleasant and profit- ? able place on which to live and do business. E Nl C ' li D ' SE EE Farm Machines are constantly being improved to keep just " E ahead of the times. The FARMALL is the latest development in the E way of row crop equipment, and has been proven to be practical, economical and efficient. H EE aa 55555555555 5555555555553 2 Z.. ,Q 21 fb 2 5' UQ E' 1 CD 5.5 E' 53 5 C5 FST S 3 5 "5 "' D9 S 5555555555555 M55 ta EE a a a HE a 2 ISE a a a EE a Page 110 EFI Il lr-3 SE EEEEHEEEHEEEEEEFJHE E555 BEEF: 55555555 555 is 3l55E5El5i EE-'QHTHE HESPER l929BQ'-SEEE5EE EE -Fl After You llave Finished E Your High School Education You probably have planned to go away to some university or college and naturall ou ill t the - y y w wan prop er clothes when you go away. You will find the most com- plete lines of Ladies' and lVlen's R d t W d F ' h' ea y- o- ear an urms mg Goods ln Floydada at our store. E Martin Dry Goods Company Floydada's lVlost Complete Department Store California at Fifth Street Page 111 HE5EEE H5EEEEEEE5E5E5 EEEEEE 5E E 55EEEE5EE:EE EE-'hilTHE I-IESPER I929lf3+H'- 5 E EE E E 5555555555555 - 'Sri E Motor Supply Company The outstancling Clrevrolet of Chevrolet History. A SIX IN THE PRICE RANGE Q or A FOUR Call for a Demonstration Phone 96 Floyclacla Page 112 5EEEEEEE5E E3 CEIQTAI N LY S 0 UTHXVESTEIQN ENGIQAVING COM PANY FORT WORTH DA LLA S HO U STON BEAU MONT WICHITA FALlS AMARI LLO T LJ L5 A ATLANTA NI A C O N '1 D I , 'vii f . ,4 ax' M L i 4. , 5. r ' ' . 1-::q,. J, i fa x E Electricity Your cheapest servant We are here to serve you Phone us your wants Texas Utilities Co. Light, Power and Ice Page 113 an as E E i 55 5 rri 1' Q E5 E em iEHEFr " 'EEE'-EE 593353 5?-5?-55155 5555555 5355 EFEHEF- '- H555 Hi G- 5'Q?3-353343533 E555-EE-'EFT e e e ie 55 5 55 55 5 5 E E5 I E2 'U E5 E 5 55 55 5 EE "- - '5EnE5'- '- '551-555335 555533. 555255555 55 " WHERE, voun HEALTH us PRQTECTED W 555555 5555 5555 -' 11 1 5155 5, 5 555145 I GF V, T11 Y i '55 5 :iff 1,4 . " 5 A F 3 N. Q' q 4" '- NIQT: ,ff 'Ulf'-1-"' f 4, . , U' J .. 2-...Q - ' O Q r slsfgv 'Q ,: I Q' .. . c g .3 -Q , V 4:5 'ja' 4' fp: W -- -o4Q,f'5 fl 1- Q xv Jr 4 Nw br . "-- ..,f"'n.:4 " .' f gi Q . I gf! -- . 'TQ' I I 5355 53555555555 55555555 'TI 97 UQ Q n-I s-1 ICS fx Y W cf, Floydada Coffee Shop H. A. U1-:RRYy WITHERS Specializing in Students' Lunches Good Hamburgers Delicious Sandwiches COFFEE 5555 55555E5555E55555555 5555555555555E5555H 5E?E55EEEEEEEE --'HTHE HESPER l929B+"BEE EEE 'Ili As another school year passes into history, QQ it gives us pleasure to have a part in making possible this memory book of goocl old F. l'l.S. ' days of 1928-1929. Hesperian Publishing Company E Floyclacla, Texas QE as gli gh E Floydada Hardware 8: Grocery 'noob coons PRICED TosELL Our guarantee is to satisfy, ancl we leave it to you. Phone l 79 Floydada, Texas Page 115 5 EE EEEEH 5ME5EEEEEE HEE H w LP I , LT 1-. JL -ll . . , .. 'im 1 - 3 , ,I . , . Zi' I '. . ' QT I 1 - DT 59 l I Er i iff' I is 91 jf .lf- jw 9 ll ll If ni F 'gi In ll I I LI ll' LH .41 ae116 Il 'JT . EH ll HH 1-.1-4EmV-GH-lfT-VL'-II'i4lfI-lI'iI--- 1-nnil--'du-1-V71-sq--1-.- - -r-,-5,-:J.l'l"'-P"P'!:JlE1l?.4"." I-".":,"T""""-1'ff- - I- -nn - L .S Y " l' """'.,, , -wwe Hssmsa l929B0'- -be Cf H5 Hr dw ij, Ibn JT L51 E5 dv dm if Ei C. E. Stone Company CHAIN STORES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE A ,- CLASS OF 1929 A full lme of ladies ready to wear mlllmery f and hoslery Men and boys clothmg V f furmshlngs and shoes WATCH US GROW I , ' Floydada Texas Pg f 35553 J-Siw1F7:m:m:Em:r-eH43H3?H3 HHHESCHS'-43535535525 1255355555555 S . J I ss A .CC A Tv in 55555555555 EE-'QEITHE HESPER l929Bu-- LH- 93.33-Eiga HE Bud: "I dreamed I died last night." Clinton: "What woke you up 'V' Bud: "The heat. 77 Pete: "What is the most nervous thing in the world, next to a girl?" Charles: "M EE e, next to a girl." Howard: "H Mozelle Howard: ave you a date for the football banquet?" : "Why no, I haven't" "That's too bad, I'll surely miss you." I I I' .J I ..1 T E15 if UH il' 52 EE 55 EE mi ei Il Alsie Carlton will now sing the famous song entitled- "When a goat is right behind you-its no time to lace your shoes." Pagv 114 EE5EEE5E EEEE5EEEEE H F L LE as es as 55EEE5EEEHEEEfE EE--DHTHE HESPER I929F3+Q'-5555535 EE 555555 -Fl , I The Rhythm 0l'i'lll'StI'21 of East Ward School was organized under direction of Misses Eddythe hvillktll' and lirowneyes Hawkins. This group of children have furnished much delightful entvrtaimnent for various social functions held in the city. They have develop- ed into an accomplished group of musicians. They have lately been adopted as the official band of the Floydada Lions Club. They made a trip to Tahoka and helped entertain the district meet of the W. T. C. C. E R E f'OIIlIJlil1l0lltS of Life Insurance and COMPANY Farm Loans . 5--I 0-and-25c Store Representmg . Cl Southwestern Llfe Insurance Where YOU1' dollars 19 Company have more cents "C-ME-B-4-U-DIE" South side of square rpg- 113 EEEEEEHE EEEEEEEEEEHEBEHQSEBEEEEEEEBEEEEEESEEH 5EE 5E-"HTHE HESPER l929BU- n '- 'L 'E '- - '- 'HER - '- 'SEER USE Everlite F LOUR "As Good as the Best-Better Than the Rest" Ask Your Grocer, l'le Knows EE E555 555555 5555555535525 E - '- '51 TL T- '- '- "- "- '- 'Hkl5'55'l-El5'HE-'5l5'EH5 H5333 EE 55 5 E EHEF EE EFI EE EE Manufactured and Guaranteed by the Hanfest Queen Mill 8: Elevator Co. Plainview, Texas lllcGuire's "The Store for Men" DRY CLEANING-SUITS TO ORDER We Carry SELZ AND DOUGLAS SHOES MALLORY AND STETSON HATS Geo. P. lde's Shirts, Underwear and Pajamas 9?fH5H5H5El5H?EEEE Robt. McGuire, Proprietor 59 Page 119 LHEE gE5EEE5E gEgE5EE5EEEgE gE EF Wi - s ' Fi.: -4..... 1 " fir WE Q5 Q ra -warns HESPER :ozone- Boothe's Tailors Dry Cleaning--l'lat Blocking Gents Furnishings E E Boothe, Proprietor F LOYDADA DRUG CUMPANY - "The Rexall Storei' Complunents of MAKE OUR STORE L G MATHEWS YOUR STORE Lawyer Phone 51 Floydada Texas Connect Your Home With a Reliable Drug Store Floydada -: - Texas Pg 120 EEl:E5L:l5E-EEEEl3Elf5El5'1-ElHlgl5EE-fEl5El3El355 ' 55 EIR , EE D 0 rf' EE H EE :rf f I1 -lv A LE l Hn L lg: sf P LE , L 1 55 av , I ' 5 3. EE . . eil fi v ' L islg ig Ui ' we :lg ff 5 mr a 6 if' l!'q 3' an - U! 5 Hn kv F -1- nl- -4- -th - -I -lp 1- un- -1- -:E+-T-I -- 1- 7- 5 5EEE 5E-'UHTHE Swine, ,. HESPER l929l3+H"'i.u'?EEEEE Baker-Campbell Company "Serving West Texas Since 19009, I soon DRY coons EEE Phone 5 Ploydada, Texas A '- "- '- 'Q E- 11. '.. 7- '55 153 HEEHHEEEHHEEHEEEEE CITY TAILOR SHOP Dry Cleaning and Pressing Phone 80 A. B. Keim, Proprietor WOOD BROTHERS Clothiers for Men Made to Measure Suits ooooooooo E a South Side Square PALACE BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY PARLOR Good Barbers-Good Service Hot-BATHS-Cold DOO-DROP-INN "Service with a Smile" Sandwiches-Hamburgers W. B. Trice, Proprietor Pg 11 EE E 55 55 :iz '-l 1' l'1'l '.I.' EB E 'JU 5 ib' 30' M55 EE EE WAYLAND COLLEGE A Junior College of tl1e highest k. 55555555 Z na :I 14 sw FY PP 'W na 0 U. 4 rn no .... 0'1" ffl wa av L-1 1-1 Pl nfs uv S us 1.-1 B Z U It a member of the Junior College A o- t of T d f tl A an C. H. A ociation of Colleges. SUMMER SESSION BEGINS HE JUNE 3. E I SBPTEMBER 9 for graduatlon F Information Address E Floydada, Texas Z T' F Dm G. W. McDONALD Preside t 'BEER 2553555555 E Stansell--Collins Wilson Kimble E GROCERIES AND OPTICAL AND JEWELRY co. Hmmm Hass I JP 'JU U 2 JP E 55555-9555555555255-EE Phone No. 88 STANLEY'S BARBER F watch repairing, diam d t We Cater to Those Who g g g' jewelry work' P1 t D u f 1 g J ly f ll k a Cl 11 Desire Service d f 1: p p g Floydada, Texas F1 yd d T Page 122 e E E e is -f --,n.g.A 1 5EEEEEEEEEE5E EE-'0i+THE HESPER I929HQ'-5EHE5M5E 5 H555 55555555 The students in F. H. S. who helped ln-ing the championship cup to Floydada are p' d I ' k ' 11 ' d h I 'gl I 1 l tl itizenship of ESE mo. ca. U' f' P r: Us Ha-r :- Fr'-r fm .,- FP 'I C ff .,.. Q. Cf' 'Cl-r Ho- Q. Ulf, F' CP cv' cv' 3- :F gm CPCD 55 CD C+ 215 GCD EE Geo. M. Finkner Motor Co. E HE A WILLYS KNIGHT-WHIPPET E E FINE MOTOR CARS 552 SALES AND SERVICE EE A Complete Line of E MICHELIN TIRES E A Phone 97 Floydada, Texas P g 123 E5 E E EE E E E REA H sa 5? E 55 Ji gp Eff 5 95 ?L5 55 Ei 95 H EE E5 W, ,, , A I ,J -OMTHE HFSPER Ha QE 95 55 'Em Eh HE gf Hn 5? H5 Ei ' - - - 55 f 5 ff- ,'2,5 Urn Lf' 4:19 Q 1 ,I l 1 59 . GAS . S l I I 0 sf x 0 I H5 fi 5' ai EQ 5 Ei! 15 5? Efij 55 E IF I11"S DONE WITH HEAT HE QE IT CAN BE DONE 37 BETTER WITH gn NATURAL Q 'f' gi GAS." -D ,1 gg PHONE 153 EE gr I1 LT 33 Page 124 I.. '1-E551 H?-55'-EF3'bF:'iF'55T3EFT5Efi5S5i?i7 UA Iaaqxgiiizig Q - A fn .ga :gs f. 5E5 -QHTHE HESPER l9Z9BI- EE gi QE 55 5? -lr! gg EF EE gg EE I' Hi EE EE gi Hi 5 95 Hi C. R. Houston Company 55 E3 Q DRY coons E3 "THE STORE OF SERVICE AND WITH DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE" Ag Hi H5 EE gi Ei gg EE gi EE 55 ' A EE Ei Hi gi 55 55 EE Hi so Hg: Page 125 ' QE 5 . ' EEAIQEE E HEEEEE5EBEWiE5 EEERE 5EEEEEEEEM5 EE--PQHTHE HESPER l9Z9B+-'-EEEEEMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5 215 SENIOR EXPRESSIONS E EE ei ei I l EE E I! F 55 E si '55 EE Vela Blassingame-"You would." H: Mildred Strickland--"Aw, come on kid. You said you would." 911 I Ruth Jenkins-"You haven't ki sed me in ten minutes." gp I Clinton Fyffw"Seuse me." EEE Pete Nelson-"Pm a heap big injunf' IIE 59 N. B. Stansell-"Gad, but I'm sleepy." Jessie Merle Scoggin-"I hope to spit in your right eye." gi arles Mathews-'I hope to tell you-and how! Q Lester Jameson-"Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen- . Mildred Teeple-"I never was so hungry " Robbie Archer-"I gotta go home. Herma Lea Norman Isnt It the truth?" rval Poore- Hello, Maxine " Thelma Covmgton "I've worked as much as anybody else Vlfglnla Meachum 'Lan you type this for me? ' Bermce Gresham "Yes I have my solid geometry EE Hi Ch f H gg 7! I5 5? ' QF O " ' . . nn- .,, EE! R. V. Husky-"You want to work this period?" - - - ,, Hi Page 126 gf-TI 555E5EEEE5E5EM55EEEEEHEEEEE5EEM55EEE5 EE5EEEHEEEEEEH5EH . an gEElE5EEE5 HE-'QHTHE HESPER l929BQ--5EHEEEE5E lgQ f l e , .'.- ffm -sQiQif'. Q ,J ga Q ' Q Q HE ' EE E Q Mmummes SPECUALHTY SHQPPE EXACLUSUVE WEAR FUR WXQMEN E MRS. A, JJ., WELCH., PROP, Page 127 EE E 5EE5EEE5 SE5E5E5EEEEE 5EEEH 5EEH '25 H5 5? ea 33 gin '55 5 gi EE E+? E The Right Place to Buy Your Furniture L35 H5 '55 35 5m 95 I E3 I 'iii 55 'iff' QE we 55 5 si H5 95 55 Hi I :BE AV ., ff-Wg. Y 'nHTHE HESPER l929i9+-- F. C. HARMON FURNITURE-UNDERTAKING and Stoves. Our Terms Are Easy-Use It ' While You Pay. W WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS : Floyclacla, Texas D. W. FYFFE Dealer in Modern Power Farming Equipment Floydada, Texas Phone 92 A ' P ge. 128 EEE 5 EEE- 1555-55335455333-EF: I "Farm Machinery of the Bette: Kind" 55?5EEEEEHEEE EE--silTHE HESPER l929l-EWEEEE A MAN'S BRAIN IS I-IIS CAPITAL REG-ARDLESS OI' ANY OTHER CAPABILITIES I-IE MAY POSSESS. S wales Q gi-5 of 49' U' er na. 5- gm EY :H SE' 1:-Ugifig ZFFEQ E2 UQ FEE? mais One' P7 1:- :sc rm - .. Umm oe'- Eh-I an 03' ew'-5 On.- V1 sf: sn-1-'Q' ev-UQ CP Ph EP CY' Ph as- EF Q- :- E H. sv ll.: :- 53 G 5' '4 :mn- EEEE 152 EEE ..-".. -'-5535-EEE?-EE -' J. R. YEARWOOD EEEEEEEEEESEEEH PHONE 247 FOR GOOD GOALS The Davis Gin FLOYDADA SESS Compliments of A. J. F OLLEY Our plant is equipped with - - both square and round bale Duma Attorney PVCSSCS' 1 10 Judicial District TELEPHONE 280 H5555 5535353 5955 EE 1019 E EE E E E Q E E E gif?-E5 , , . - . Y.-gr. .7- Healseeaea--warua HESPER uozoaw- l , l T some PLAMNS Momomenw CQQMPDANY A A T, Q5 GQLLUERD PROPRIIETOR E "Mari: Every Gravel' ' H5 15 U Q we ea if-1 LE A Lippert's Practical Business College 3000 f t d t h ld ood ositions. The Business World Deman s ,- ' d M W . At d et the ro er rainin. t ' ' t S1 . n an course. osi ions secure or al gradua s. ' NORTHEAST CORNER SQUARE, PHONE 22, PLAINVIEW, TEXAS. L. S, ill' llll lily .'. I ll lic, ll Lllll lll lla? Qa I ilk, dlgl lim lil' Over , ormer u en s o g p d in T me en and omen te h l h l y ll g p p 17 g -il' O urses entitle you to 3175 credits in ny High S lool work. If interested, mention iii th s ad. I will entltle you o 5 00 o y P t d f l t gn 5' fn ii 5m EE l 51 1 130 I E ll .1 - - ..- - -- 'SIQEEELE BQEEEEEEEEHHEELHE 595925 55FEE EEE -'HHTHE HESPER l929BD'- 55 it ea ea gn EE 55 59 COMPLIMENTS OF "THE PRIDE OF FLOYDADAU THE PLAINVIEW FLORAL We are a bonded member F. T. D. "Flowers Sent Anywhere" Near Depots Plainview, Texas Mack: "Miss Rosson, can I write a theme on 'Springtime' U. Miss Rossonz "No, Mack, you may write on some deeper subject." Mack: "Alright, I'll Write one 011 the bottom of the oceanf' Mrs. Stansellz NN. B., did you pass everything this month?" N. B.: "Yessum, everything but a. Cadillac and a motorcycle and I think they had aeroplane motors in them." Clinton says he has never fought in a war but he has met Physics class. Page 131 55E5EHEEEEE5EE EE-' +2:iTHE HESPER l9Z9F3+i"5Fi5E5E5EEE fl .:Rl2 Q ' iivg 4 'yi ,sm Uimx i... S 27' , 3- ' .9 'WWMNYW ' , f -me is WOW ' .1,'lQN- fi ll ' W -l' 4 is 1 .LF I 3: 'SHN' 'illll wen , Quinny: 9.4 xx New 4.1 5. XS. s SEND THE W, Q Xi, . , ,, , GIRL .il 'z 'S 'M C. ' Nl " Q' 2 wif X, ' S l GRADUATE Im 'lu Eyxzp. . FLOWERS 1 A full 43 . , X . FROM is 25 +V"-'t X ' 1 ff HoLLUMs 4? ff" " X11 . ,. f . BE FLOYDADA 4 ,J .7 FLORISTS ' Q' ' 'f 1 Q f mg y THE Girl Graduate in the midst of her triumph and 2 joy will weleome the gift of fresh, fragrant, bright Q 2221-5- flowers from Ilollums Floydndzl Florist. Our selections X 1'IlllH'2li'i' flowers to suit her every taste and to fit .s...K your purse. N fee XXX fWe telegraph flowers all over thel X EE l union upon short notice. f Xe -XX - HOLLUMS FLOYDADA FLORISTS X Plainview Business College AND WATSON'S SCHOOL OI' CORRESPONDENCE J. E. WATSON, PRESIDENT. "The High Grade School For High Grade Students." COURSES: Bookkeeping, Aeeounting, Banking, Shortlizind, C'l'hree systems, Gregg, Aristos, or Speedwritingj, Toueh Typewriting, Telegralpliy, Salesmnnship, Business Ad- ministration, and Ai'ZUl0lllll' subjeets. In business 18 yenrsg Graduates holding positions in eueh state of the Union. On EE date this advertisement is being pre mretl 101' Pl EE I , n ninview lvusiness firms employ 144 P. H. C. STUDENTS. This represents 95W of the real offiee positions in Plainview. THOROUGII and CORRECT TRAINING "ll l applicants. Visitors always welcome. Nl p nee you :it the head of the list of J. E. Watsozi, President. Founder of Watson's Pr: 't' 'zl B name changed to ll 11 1 usiness College, business PLAINVIEW BUSINESS COLLEGE P. 0. Box 532 Telephone 68 EEBEEE55 E5SEEEEE5EEEM5EE555E5E5E EEEESEEEEEH EE 55 ' Y-5?F'V'?.'??5Z'373l5fT-I l '. . ,gel Q af Wa . , , V Can You Imagine- The Physics class meeting on time. Miss Rosson not taking up for her Sophomore boys. .J BT 55 iii -WEITHE HESPER l929B"' at in 5. ta if be 95 as Miss Keeton not asking for chewing gum. Herma Lea Norman reducing. Robbie Archer whispering. Jessie Merle without Charles. Mr. Cunningham not blushing. Rayford Palmer sober. Martin True cutting classes. Clinton not teasing Ruth Enoch. Miss Brock as a bride. Floyd Bell getting his Latin. Coach not calling for a permit. The Seniors winning the Follies. Miss Smith keeping order the second period. Mr. Scoggins not making announcements. Mr. Patty allowing girls to wear socks to school. Troye coming to school. Shorty not sleeping the sixth, seventh, and eighth Miss Hill not "putting it over." I Mrs. Clements not asking questions. R. V. not working on the annual. Doris deciding what to wear in les than an hour. Audrey not riding in a red "Insect." Gene Smalley not being in love. Pete being in a hurry. Ruth not going to the sanitarium during April. Alsie playing football. Orval leading the Green Peppers. Mr. Williams not bragging on his agriculture boys. Page 133 HE periods. 5? es et e ee I-' SE Hi H5 gi 523 H5 55 E us 3 H5 55 ,ii '-l E51 I sz Era 'JU 5 U? E E asus Li-stvr: "Miss Bivbul, dovs :L lieu sit or set after she has bm-li si-HU Miss Hivbol: "Sho sets of course." Lvstvrz "VVl1y so?" Miss liii-bm-1: "Roc-uusc that is lwr busiuvssf' R. V.: Hllov, Mildrvd and Robbie :irc lizlbiliticsfl lbw: 1'l1owxz1t?" R. V.: l'Tl10y are liziblc to do miytliiiigf' First Studi-nt: "How gracefully Mr. fl2ll'1M'lltt'l' outs corn on tlw cob." Sc-voml Studvut: Ulla- ought to. ll0's :1 piuvolo player." . 1 555555 Ill! mi Q59 JC is , X? rl ll 1:1 nz ' V- 'L - L Q ff 2 l s if 56 'ig , sits .53 5 Page 134 5 5nEEEEEEEEEE ES5E 5EEE5 -uf'1E3o.zt ' 55555555555 EEr'EfTHE HESPER l929l'3"- '-l?- - 'EERE 5 5 Chester: "How do you find the girls in Loekney?" E. B.: "You don't have to find them. They're looking for you." EE Josh Lee forgot to tell about the absent minded professor who was going on his vacation. The professor filled his wife with gasoline, stuck his automobile in l1is pocket, and kissed the road map goodbye. Charles: "Dad, Mr. Jones didn't call me down a time today." Judge: "Are you sure?" Charles: "Absolutely, He told the rest of the class to wait until I got EE through talking." EE A sailor may have a girl in every port, but Bud Goen has one on every davenport. Mr. Seoggins: "Virginia, what does this sixty on examination mean?" Jinks: "I don't know, probably the temperature of the room." Miss Biebel: "Where is the paper you promised to hand me today." R. V.: "Did I promise to hand you a paper today?" Miss Biebel: "You certainly did. . R. V.: "Gosh, I've been lying again." D For goodness sakes, Ruth, turn around and be quiet. Page 135 x ' EE5EEE5S EE5EEEEEEEEEE5E5E5E EEEEEEE 'fl-"5" 'Wu' ff" 'fi"" ' "1 P- ef '. . , . ,.,. B aprt. ,- +i3'3b?iif5TE55VT.3H-Ef?-515 -WEQTHE HESPER l929l'3fv- EIE1'-5F?E3'5Ei1'5'iE'hF-EEE-1,1 Fl And Mary Did Mary Sterling ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Thelma Covington Laurence Grey ,,.,,,,,, ,,., , ,M ,,,,,,,,,,,,, R. V. Husky Mrs. Sterling ,.,,,, A ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, N, Dressa Rand ,.,A ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. Daniel Grey ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,. Edith Smith, ,,,,,,,, ,,, Willie Sterling ,,,,,.... Betty Sterling ,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,... ,..,.,.,. QMissQ 0. G. Whittaker ,.,,,,.,,, .,,,,.. Matilda ,,.,,,,,,, ,. ,,.,,.,,.,,,,, , ,.,..,,,,,,,,, - ,....,...,,,,. Henry .---..,......-..---- ...... ..---- .,.......... -.....-..-. The Gentleman from Georgia ......... Ruth Jenkins Maxine Norris Charles Mathews ..--,,,Robbie Archer .......Carl Marshall Ruth Rutledge .....--,Gene Smalley Oleta Jackson Pete Nelson HH! ACT I The Sterlinlgs' 11vingLroom-late spring ACT II Same Late Summer ACT III Same Late fall Time Present. Place. Marysvale, Mass A three-act comedy drama presented by the Floydada High School Dramatic Arts Club for the benefit of The 1929 Hesper Page 136 Eli EE .J Qu Q '55 151 45 Klip Bm in 52 . 'T .1 EF, l a o . . . if sf, l I ll I I . . di: J I . I ii Ein ii 1 ll' I 3' rg' Q ,Al lu' all J4 'gl Ji:'ifFIQTQTETEEHHT2,137-BfT3?E7H'3-5355 H57'3E1f'ila3L'?i5-EE i3f?3-'5El3?5FT- A V ' 4' 'Wfiwfi-'H Q Sijw--'fllbiigill-ill' .flzr f ii-'fig' ' -1115 I ' ,., -. 4- -aru- EEEEEEEEFJE -NHTHE HESPER l929i5':'- EE EE N. B.: "My motto is: 'Get thee behind me, Satanl " Theron: "That's right Shorty, nothing like a good backing." Clyde Snell: "Ballard, have you' ever been in love?" Ballard: "No, but I've had the measles." Ruth: "When do the leaves begin to turn?" R. V.: "I don't knowf' EE Ruth: "The night before examination." Lives of great men all remind us, As their pages o'er we turn: That we are apt to leave behind us Letters that we ought to burn. Mr. Mae: "Cunuie, Pm going home and wash up." Mr. C.: "Alright, change my shirt while you're there, will you?" Alsie was waiting for her in the parlor, and he said to the light: "Either you or I will be turned down tonight, old fellow." Mr. Scoggins: Mack, you sl1ou1dn't sass the teachers, you should always make some kind of a soft reply. Mack took this advice to heart. The next time Miss Rosson told him to turn around and stop talking, Mack looked up and said: "Mush." D Page 137 55EgEgEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEH L .4 zz- if ,. Q I . . 'ff :E 9? is nh. S 3 5 '6- 4 14 az, ft -,r 3 1-5 L55 L55 gli 915 E :ffl 55 miyn ei E15 si si ti E E Q5PNgE E35 Q if-A '- gg. Y mt r- . ' ' "" W ' ""Sl"7T3 1 1'T'T'i55 'Y37l"'?Kg.Tfi'f "-J "n'EfTHE HESPER l929B"- The Hesper 1929 Engravings-Southwestern Engraving Company. Printing-Cavanaugh Printing Company. Cover-Molloy Cover Company. Binding--Oklahoma. Bindery Company. Photograpllfq-Wilson! Studio. Inserts-Elite School Publishing, Company. The 1929 Kasper Cost ADP!Q!1m8+t91Y,As1gQ00.00 Engravings ,.,,,,,.,,,,L,,..,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. N-, 373492 Printing ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, Q M ,,,,,,,.,,,,, 371,570 Covers ,,,,,,,.,,,,,4,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N .,,,,,, ,. ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 1255.95 Photographs, Inserts, Express, Supplies, Etc. 121,61 Income Sale of Books ,,.,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,... ,,,..,.,, 3 1 SUM, Advertisements ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,-, 2 45593 Popularity Contest ,.,,,., ,,,,,-,,. 2 81,519 Plays ,,,,, ,,,,A,,,,.,,,..,,.,,4,-,,,.,,,,,,.,, , ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 851W The 1929 I-Iesper is the largest, and most complete yearbook ever published by a Senior Class of Floydada. High School. W1 Q 55 E Z? at 55 EE E15 it 55 Ei' D E at 3 it sa H5 EQ Page 138 535535 EERE -A A. ,'-. K. Q: -. . .' Q ' V 'f.. 1-f,lQ':f1, 1- ' s f f 55sE5EQs5 --Barns HFSPER l929Ef'- Autographs and Addresses EEE 5 Z , 2 5 555 555 5-555 ziiiiiiiii gasasssss - ffaaasaaa I IIIII, E liiii --il-l EF gtg 555 .E 551.5555 5 E 5 Q Pg 139 55 95 P 1 5, L17 l LW div FEE 955 'E J J 5, I-fx -,qc .K r HST 'A 'RS N ' ue, 1'3- ,nf ' 4 ,rx W-W , :JA , NV' ..5'5 ,.W.au- I .FQ .35 ou- 919' I 92 PER HFS HE ,AT ories m Me 5 32 USL 'ill 4l'l sq I Lil I -.- FE LW H332-L 7 Hn L LW ,,, .L Li LQW H552 L29 F EL?- LH5 P LG .3 "' E A LSL? iw -57" NH 15,1 Egg' iw P111 -EE'- L31 L5 "N -HELI- 5415 at Q r nf T7 L 5EE E -'QRTHE HESPER l9Z9l9"- asa ?5 E ef? EQ? sa as EE ea EE H5 EE we we 5 E ei 55 ea sa ea QQ Jw CS Memori mmm? 5141 Pa S9 5?'LE -"HTHE HI-'LSPER l929i9"- 59 E te 59 , ' "af s -if? Thank You E5 5? EE EE hi hh E hh EF Hi hh E LE 59 Eh 56 55 EE LE EE lan Ll EEE 59 EE QF , 1?- The staff of The 1929 Hesper elif l-EI ' wishes to take this opportuni- I' Li? ty to thank the merchants, 245 V 'ML students, friends, and anyone '15 Em who helped to make The 55 Hesper of 1929 a financial sue- 'HEI ness. We repeat, WE THANK Ei 'T YOU: ,A gE , 1' . . Em H5 EG l I 55 EE 59 T I' 5? 4? the hh It ,I Hi' EE I eq Ei 1 l 51 55 'if I F' 55' gg ,hh hh LI: if u- gl . H 'ILT at 3 - l 1 QQ, 5 'fi , E111 Page 143 ug A he li T11 , gn -s -1 -n -. -I - ,,, - -, - - - 4 ' A 21 hahahah ehhhehfahe hhhhhhhh , A 52,33 Q55 QE as QE QF, asa 55 :ia '-4 E I EE 'U 59 :E 2? E 555 E55 E555 E E Q C, E Q 1 f' 5 E E 3 E E 55555EEEEEEEEEEHEE ? 24 9 Y 1 2 1 1 6 'A :A 'Q h, J ' I. ,.,.--'f"'1"' .--"' 6 C'.9e.,'qQx ZA' fi , A-,, . 1 , Q DL 0273 R . 5, J , ,, kgfu B W lf.--ev-K

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