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w MQ w A The HESPER 1928 fy Qhle Qmgwmm' 1 1 W WW I Www' 415001: 'HQJKMYMEEHMZKA Ulf? Hur: gewieur' 'glllmlw of Qmimgwdm Wh mmm ! 'I:1o'y3ai.a, genius i 1 1 1 m Qw my ' ga .,'P' Q ,Q f fu! Q65 ff We i 2 3 i ml v f M I The HAESPER V928 ' ' M H -' A 1 n N N 1 N 2 PJUEELHSHED BY MARSHALL M E UTQRELUN-JCQHUUEF' JQHN HIM EDWARDS SWLES 5 BUSLNESIS A E H u W J 1 I Q E 5 3 I 2 v N 3 ! fm L ' xkn W WYf,,,,,,, Wagyu ,,,, ,, Mvz,,Y:,1f,:,7,,,,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,T ,.,.,..,,.,wmM,.,,...,,,. .L,,,, .m...,-,,.,.-...f., HQFR 1599 R L ff Vi X i 5. e 3 - Q: I - u ., .X , -was W' 53,3 S- 1, M335-f , ' is ' I I FOREWORD PERUSAL of these pages will bring to you memories-mem- ories of pleasant hours spent in work and playg of sacred friendshipsg of incidents humorous and otherwise. lf, this, the l-lesper '28, can still re- call those memories to your mind fresh and vivid, its aim will have been realized. sw .e 4, ef pi cw - The HESPER H928 iii- ---N'-is fl O him who moves about us in his modest, kindly, all-accomplish- ed wayg to him who holds our deep- est love, honor, and respectg as a token of appreciation for his unsel- fish sacrifice in enriching and eleva- ting our minds, we dedicate this, The HESPER of l928. 1 cfs ,payer Ml Q 6575, 'T 6? We fm1+-W-1 -W-1111-M--M 111 1 111444-4-1f1The HESPER 1928 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1. Xi 1411 gflfii-1 114-:T 111113 :i1 ,,i, 1 1 ' 1 M749 QE 1 TCW M1 fp '10 LJ LTY LTU L9 10 f TM. 27.515 ,If XX ' 1 1 N! p EM 5-A fir J- ! :Ltr-.1 U 5 M S R fr 77 L"2Q.,, 4' , f Jamal 4:64 j'2"7'g..Q5 C Z - ,wma iff Z wwf a"b"-4W0,:f1iEz:1 My ! auxin f WX V 42h-fy AGE I W K. Mick-. NX ' - - . Wi-- X , ',Mx i'?: W? ll X ' 1 wx.: FACULTY QQQA y M K1 Wy l S ti The HESPER i928 gilfiii iiii ii 'FO THE SlCNlORS OF 28, FLOYDADA Hl GH SCHOOL, G ll IG ICTINGS: This has been one of the most pleusznnt yeurs of my life, :ind I nm not uumindful of your contribution to make it so. You huye responflefl to my every wish and suggestion :and l appreciate you tlioroughly. I shall l follow you ill your success in life with :ln lui-reusing llllUl'0Sl and shzill rejoice with you in .your victories won. May 2lIlX'K'l'Sliy never frown upon you, hui muy the lights of pence, love, liappiness, :xml prosperity illuminate your putliwuy through ai long :ind successful life, is my wish W for each of you. Sincerely, NV. JG. PATTY. PRilNiC'l pAL.,So E My IIIUSSIIQC is za, challenge to you, my friends of F. H. S., to l'02l,Cll outward and upward for greater and better things. ,lizich of you has something wortliwliile to do in this nge of fast Lleveloplnent. Your rank is cletemiuecl lay wlmt you fire, and your rank , W is in direct ratio to your obligation to lnnilkiml. You cannot shift your obligationg you W cnnuot falter and retain your honor. There is only one thing to do: Find your work, and , having found it, do it with your whole heart, mind and soul. Happiness will , 1 use - men of Vision and energy are happy. Happi- ' ness is not un objective-it is Il reward. r I have invested four yeurs of life in ,i F. ll. S., and I huve begun to reap the splen- l l i I mlifl hurvest of incoiupzxrahle friendships here y 1 . l likgllll. , l l l , :I l l fli am asking you, students und grzulu- , zrtes, to curry on, do thingsflrig things, :ind l he hzlplvy. X Here is ai smile, :L cherry word, my 1 llilllll, my heart to yourncross the yeurs. lllzny success ho yours. But the thing iinporutiye is-MAKE 'YOURSELF SUf'C'l'llGlJ. XY. H. SCOGGINS. I Eight l GUY to W- W ,W + e -S Alfif' -S MQ moi:-s sw I x 3 V Y 1 E i P s i ll 1 5 z N l N 1, W, yl w P I ? RQ Dj '19 i X! L 5 Q, 45119 cg The HESPER I9Z8 ,pw A- -A f -xg lu L, I i 3 L I HARPl'llI SCOGGIXS, PRINCIPAL ITUROTIIY BIICISICL , Svim-lu-0 English lulxrls REA GLMWS COLLINS llisfory 1'I11glish 1 IKE JAY EL'IZ.XliETH LVI"I'Ijl'1 ' .XtlI1l'tiC l'u:1vl1, 3Iiltll0lllilfil'S Spanish and Nllglish E h , 1 w 1 , Q E V ! , I , S 1 f w N W I 1 1 1 E W Nine 1 ff if -V Nf 5,fxi2-Q if , ,,,,, YH, Z ,,,, turn X4 , elk X 555' r G53 ,W E. Q Q A A , "'Xf Y---H 'ff' "W Q , "' Nl' ' ""' "1 lx The HESPAR ma a1n-X AA A J l 1 l l - l l LUCY CRAIG CLEMENTS O. T. VVILLIAMIS Home Economics! Agriculture AVIS AUSTIN JEWEL BROCK Commercial W01'k Algebra A. D. CUMMINGS JIMMIE MAE COLVIN W Spanish History x I l O . - 3 l , ww Ni Ten ,wr x , lx :l. ' ll l l I ,. n . 1 . N 4, ,, 'm li lx , wi ll fi W l 1 E il ? 5 l Y wi Il 2 El El i i W , 1, I' 1 fgfgljb MW m,,m,,, m,,..,.,r-m r,,..., r,....,,,m.W ...A ...W.-.r..n.- ....4.. . ...,..W-r.,.- m.,...,.. ..., m..,. ..v..,l w..,.-.---.. F i J La 651 rn w v xi! 2 QA. V UQ 135 I X 1, XIX 3 0 1 ff H : H '! A l'f"'f DV X K ' J',' , Q UH, ff 1 ' 'f f'M , f0i5G?JsbMii, S: ' Q Q:. QQ Q92 22 2 2. 2 2 l -fa .2 2. 2 .2 22 . Q-,lff-P--W J The HESPER 1928 gym-fm-A-M-A---M-W-NI-12'-.MQ ' Q9 uf 1 , 7 Y l I l r I L w l l 1 HENRY BOSIJIGY , F. 11. 4 xx-.11-S. ' Football '25, '26, 27, lg2lSL'll2lll '25, "'l9, Vflptillll '27, 'l'I':l0k '25, 726, '27g P1'QSlfl0llt OPIIELIA 'UA Iil'1'LETT -1, -8, Ht'S1bl'l btaft -Q, Jw, 21, -. vhoml muh 28. CECIL COVINGTON "C'OVI1'1" 3 F. H. S. 4 Yours. -'VRREY FAWYER ll' l P011 Squad '25, '26, '2T: Rvlmrtvr fll'l'L'll F. ll. S. 4 Years. l Pvppors '28, Tennis '27, '28, Reporter l'l10l'i!l 4'lul1'26,'27,'28. Ulzlss '28, Drzuuutic Club '25, '26, 'QT' V 1 w . x 1 ' Wm- Club '35 WINNIE UOXVARD 1 1 STIDNIQIX' UARTER MSU,-r F. ll. fl. 23 YOHTS. , F H S 4 Yclulq ' Yollm-y lirlll '26, Cfllltlllll '27, '28 4' ' 1 Football '25, '26, '27, '28, lizmvlmll 4 yvflrkxg ' ' l President Class '27, Baskoflmll '25, '26' l Trxlck 4 ymlars. 1 ' ,W 1 I , l l 7 l ' 1 l 4 ,l ' l n E Twelve 7 1 , l fa, N,,np1.-:::x.-- aim - K-f-A - ---.F-W.--...--mf..-Y :nga -V L- Y- - , -..MA--.. 2... JQQ W K5 fix-E me .. -2 -2 G5 fizfuek R' We 'te e'Wu "' The HESPER 1928 1 1 41.1 INEZ BOLDING F. H. S. 4 Years. Dramatic Club '27, '28, Choral Club Commercial Club, Basketball '27. ORVILLE MOORE "TROXV" F. H. S. 4 Years. Football '27, '28, JJl'1l.l1121tlC Club President '28, PEGGY MQKINNEY F. H. S. 4 Years. Volleyluzill '25, 26, '27 flnptnill '28, -BEL' ball '25, CIlllIl0I'l'lZll Club '28, HENRY CULPEPPER F. H. S. 1 Year. '27, VERA THACKER F. H. S. 1 Year. J. R. BORFM "JERRY" 7275 F. Il. S. 4 Years. Footlnxll '26, '27, '28, Tennis '25, '28, Orcllestra '27, Manager '28 Club '27. sket-- '26, '27, 5 Choral Thirteen W Q40 We eh C3 ,S Q6 AE' I ++ wil? The HESPER 1928 ' .bf BEUFORD EAVES MARIE SMITH F. H. S. 4 Years. F. II. S. 1 Year. C0nun01'c'ial Club '275 Choral Club '28. Baskvtbnll '28. V NVALLACE ROBBINS EDNA EDWARDS , F. ll. S. 4 Years. F- H- S' 1 YUM- T1-ur-k 25, f26, f27, ,285 Football '28, WILL MARTIN MARY LOU CARDWELL F. H. S. 4 Years. F. ll. S. 1 Year. Choral Club '28, Basketball '28. Fourteen V 1 ffm F 5 L 5 1 5 3 I n F J 4 w 5 5 5 1 E 1 K E F r 1 E 5 3 i I U F i 3 i W k . 1 E . l rl l . Ni I 1 il 1 l f 5 ! 1' fb guy H9 PM W mv 5 .2 ew CQ'W""" ' ',i17'Q..-..r..Q'i4ii The I Eg2-......4.d,.,,.......Qff".,,.,. ,- -WQVMY l l N N w OPAL IIORTON ' AUBREY STILES "JIM" F- H- 1 Year- F. 11. S. 4 Years. Truck '25, '26, '273 Football '26, '28g Dra- W matic Club '27, '28g Tennis '25, '26, '27g 1 HONIER PAALMER CKSIIORTYH Business Manager Hesper '28. F. H. S. 1 Year. ODRSSA CLENDENNEN 1 l Football '28g Track '285 Baseball '28, F- H. S. 1 Year. r C1101-nl Club '28, 1 N J. C. HAY ' ROBYN SWINSON , w F. H. S. 4 Years. F. II. S. 4 Years. Spanish Club '25, '265 Commercial Club r Spanish Club '255 Choral Club '27. '27, '28, l i l I l l l 1 I I Fifteen mwfJmJQfmWMwm-mMmw ..... ..,. -2f. 2 QQ ms or or in 'QW "9 - 4 Qu ,J l H Q, 7. 16' flue HESPER 1928 by-MM-W--M lllll l 1 W 1 ll , , l I I w W , l LAURA AGATHA STNGLETARY SANFORD SIIAXV F. ll. S. 1 Year. F. H. S. 2 Yours. Basketball '27, '285 Baseball '27g Commer- clal Club '27, '28g Choral f'lub '27g Dra- W XYETJIION MOORE matic fqub 527, 'QS' ' l 1 F. Il. S. 2 Yours. , , ' ,l,4't'lQlIll2'lfl0ll '21, '28g Essay '27, '28g Trnvl i '27, '28g Choral Ulub '27g .Ill-spot ST:1f'f'28 i ROB ICRTA Flflll GUSON F Il. w. 1 leur. l l Tvnnis '28. . PIKE IIANNA "ROSES" F. H. S. 2 Yom. l VIOLFT PWTNAN Basketball '27, 'sag Baseball '27, '28g T1-ack F. ll. S. 1 Year. '2Sg 'l'0lllllS '28g f'0111Hl0l'Cl2ll Ulub '28, i f'll0l'1ll Club '28g f'0!IIlll01'4'lEll Club '28, Illfllllflfllt Club '275 01'CllCSt1'LL '27, S l l 1 l i . Slxteen if' F'X,,,,, 'L' X, .,,,, 1 ,mmf 412,12 27-22, X.-Q W - V .17 HQ ffm SJ? fx 1 A. LL 2 LL. F L . Q ,L ,F . .. cm C5 The HESPER 1928 M blew RAYMOND NELSON RAYMOND VVLLIAMS F- H- S- 1 Year- F. H. S. 3 Years. Trzxrk ,QT ,285 Choral Club '27 728. 4 7 7 l RUTH STIGGALL l F. H. S. 3 Years. OUIDA CRABTREE i Spanish Club '255 Spelling Club 7273 Choral F. ll. S. 1 Year. Y Club '27, Tcuuis '2S. 1 CECIL HILL W RAY HORN F. ll. S. 2 Years. F. H. S. 2 Years. Bnsn-ball '27, '28g C0lI1Ill01'Cl3.l Club '27, '283 B:1seballl2T,-,285 C0l111ll01'Cl.Hl Club '27 ,28. :lll'2llll2lllC Club '27, '285 Basketball '27. 7 l l I SOV0lIll"L'll l f' 'X . . .2 -.-L 2- -2 .2 WW- W Q52 J G9 9:5 l 71.159 f, 33 4 ,, C7,W fm 14:1 The HESPER 1928 ,,:l,- bb Af , . , .. , . 2 , 7 l l i l l l 1 l l , JOHN H. IGIIWARDS H BIG JOHN" , F. ll. S. 4 Yvurs. ' Football '26, '27, 28, lizxskvtbzxll '25, '26, I ' , . n l '28, Cuptalll '27, OOlllllll'l'C12'il Club '28, l . . Tvums '28, V. 'l'l'0S1f'll'llT Class '27, llospcr ' Stuff '28, Knights of the Groom and ' VVhito '26. EVELYN' lWA1DlJOX "EB" F. ll. S. 4 Yours. l21'fllllfl'ElC Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Pop Squad l '25, '26, '28, 'l'l'0:1su1'O1' Grovll Puplwrs '28, l 1 . ,. , , I 3 TOIIIIIS '21, '28, Hospvr Stuff '28, Mus1n- Club '26, '27, 28, CO1lllllUl'l'lHl Club '28. U. S. MARSHALL " STEVE" F. ll. S. 4 Ywlrs. Football '26, '27, '28, lizxsketball '26, '27, '28, llvsper ST:1ff'28, Track '27, '28, Rusv- ball '26, '27, '28, Quzufut '27, '28, lJ1':1111:1tic , Club '26, '27, '28, f'UlIlllll'l'Cl21l Club '28, l Choral Club '28. LOl S lllLL HSALLYH F. II. S. 2 Ywmrs. 'IH-unis '27, Clnorwul Club '27, D1':1n1:xtic Club '28, lhxslwtlrzxll '27, Groom Poppers '28, Gills SL-xtcftv '28. SEA 'PON IIOWARD O1'L'll0Sll'f1 '27: B:1sQbnll'27, Basketball '27, f'llUl'Ill Club '28. OLLI li BELLE COLLINS F. ll. S. 2 Yours. llnslu-tlmszll '27, Captain '28, Dramatic Club '27, '28, Pup Lozaflcr '28, Pl'CSldl'l1t Green l'0ppm-rs '28, S0t'l'0l'iil'y C'01u111Q1'c-lzll Club '27, Sl'4'l'l'l2il'j' !'l:1ss '28, llusper Stuff '28, lll'lPZll0 '27, lisszly' '27, ll0Cl211112lfl0ll '28. 7 .l'llU'llllCCl1 23 mfg -UA W, . 27.7, W .af Ga lf? 1 WW' if ,nn n riff? The HESPER l9Z8 51 'KWWEWS In nr 1 l TRUMAN WEBB " RUBEN F. H. S. 2 Years. Football '28, Haskotball '27, Cnptzmiu '28, Tx-nnis '27, f'0ll1lll4'1'0I3l Club '28, Choral Club '27, '28, Quartvt '27, '28, Baseball '28, Dl'3l11HtllE Club '28. OUIDA BELL F. H. S. 2 Years. , Choral Club '27, '28, Commercial Club '27, Q '28, Pop Squad '27, Groun Poppers '28, , 1il'llO1'tL'l' D1'3ll12ltIC Club '28, Tennis '28, Annual Staff '28. ' A. D. WHITE "DIXIE" F. H. S. 4 Yours. Football '25, '26, '27, Captailr '28, Baseball , '25, '26, '27, Captain '28, Truck '28, Knights of Green and VVhitc '26, Vice , Prusidunt Class '28, Comnrercinl Club '27. TE IJ WILKINSON F. ll. S. 3 Years. C'onnncr0i:1l Club '26, Track '26, '27, '28, Baal-lrnll '26, '27, '28, Football '26, '27, Drunmtic Club '28, Hesper Staff '28, Marrivd '28, LOTELLA HARTSELL F. H. S. 1 Year. J. R. EVERS F. Il. S. 3 Years. Baskr-tlmll '28, Bascball '28, Track '27, Spanish Club '27. 1 Ninutccn N C- A rl ss K Q we l I a i , l l l ! l I I 1 JE SJ? S as PH 4. Hill.- eeee W o o The HESPER mga gf"-o v ORBY WILKES COYE BURKHEAD F. H. S. 4 Years. F. H. S. 1 Year. UDHOJTHQ HIDJHOJMS OF SENUQRS5 'i'l Sidney Carteril am 11ot,as bashful as I look.', . Ruth Stegall-She that hath knowledge spareth her Words. Oran Mowrey-Nothing venture, nothing gain. Sally Hill-A womanls hair is her crowning glory. L John Edwards-"Pvc reached the highest point." I Ollie Belle Collins-Easy to start but hard to stop. Steve Marshall-Ideas trouble him even more than teachers. Cecil Hill-"Boys, I'Ve turned over a new leaf-in the demerit bookf' Evelyn Maddox-So tall, she is the tallest girl of all. Pike Hanna-"I am not handsome, but you will have to admit that I have a distinguished , lookf' Ouida Bell-Meek and mild-yet il naughty child. A. D. VVhite-"The bell rang before l got here." Truman Webb-"I was in the eonunereial room." Cecil Covington-Ullonlt look down on xnef' Sanford Shaw-J'Never let your studies interfere with your edueationf' Peggy McKinney--If she is a friend of yours, you may depend on her. J. R. Evers-"All work and no play is not the life for mei, Harold Porterfield-"W'hen pleasure and duty clash, l szxyflet duty go to smashf, Ouida Crabtree-Her voiee was ever gentle and lowfan excellent thing in a woman. Opal Horton-"I do professfto be no less-than l seeinfl XVlll11lO Coward-A girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tO!l101'1'OXYS. u N Twenty 1 C0 S A ee., Ve--- ew., be M are me s ee ee - cw W tf74tttooo'orffine HESPER IQZSSED QQQ, The days of sehool were going fast, As through their senior year they passed. The boys and girls 'mid toil and dread NVelre approaching the plaee where it could be said- i WR-'ve finished! Their brows were smooth, their eyes bright, And filled with looks of pure delight, That flung this message on the air- W4-'ll reach the goal, we're almost there, VVe'll finish! l ln happy homes you'll see at night The boys and girls with faces brightg As o'er their much worn books they bend- They know their labor soon will end- . They'1l finish! i xvOl1!1'O bound to pass, the teaehers sayg l You shall not throw your time away. Tile four long years are almost done, Youill soon be through-the victory won. ' 4 You'1l finish! l Beware of idling on the way! l Do not be led aside by play! i These :ire the words that you must heed, If you would win the height indeed. l Go-finish! At close of school, one by one, They hear the welcome words, well done. And while the others joy they share, They hc-:ir the answer to their prayer, To finish! The goal is rent-hed, the victory won, The four years liigh school work is done! And now upon eonnneneenient day, A happy elnss van truly say VVe,ve finished! -ELSIE ANDERSON. Twenty-One om xwwswb. !! s- -s - .Wye dit, Q. so .. g eeese if A. ew The HESPER 1928 e e i SDE.NIlQR Wlllnn l WVe, the Senior Class of Floydada High School '28, being of sound mind, do hereby make our last will and testament, the contents of which relate to the disposition of all property, articles or chattels which are related to us as a class. i I. To the Juniors, we bequeath the privilege and duty of assisting tl1e harassed and over-worked faculty of Floydada High Sehool in directing the hitherto ill-managed affairs of said high school. II. Steve lllarshall leaves to li. V. Huskey his annually paid up interest in the feminine blonde 1ll0lllllL'l'S of said high school faculty. III. To Charles Mathews we assign John 'Edwards' condescending attitude to the lesser subjects of the Freshman 2lllClHSO1lll01ll0I'C classes as well as his much used privilege of making announcements in chapel. W IV. Cecil Covington leaves to Robbie Archer her ten leather bound volumes on "How to Reduce G1-acefully to Music? V. "Front I'oreh'l Carter bequeathes to Dave Luttrall his ability for splitting the breeze in his well-known mile run, with the admonition to retire early to win. VI. VVe give Ouida Crabtreels golden silence to Tlxelnia Covington, with the ardent hope that she will make use of the same. VII. Truman Webb generously wills his gracious "bea.rtone" and his irrepressilole giggle to Lloyd Bedford, with the hope that he will keep the sonibre halls of F. H. S. resounding With the familiar two. VIII. To Claudia Green we bequeath Sally I-lill's erowning mop of yellow curls, Knowing that she will adopt them to her best advantage. IX. Harold l?orterfield leaves N. B. Stansell his overgworl-:ed privilege of court- I ing in the halls, as well as his book on "How to Dodge the Faculty." W X. Evelyn Maddox wills Maxine Norris her copy of Dr. Miles' paznphlet on H.-ire You Too Thin?" XI. To any one desiring to follow in their footsteps, Sanford Shaw and Pike llannsi leave their treatise on "XVork." Q'l'his is in excellent condition as it has never been used.j XII. To Jim Carter we give the privilege, formerly held by Oran Nlowrey, of deftly playing erasers without the knowledge of the tm-acliers. XIII. To any one who can fulfill the requirements. Ouida llell leaves her refreshing' l charm and rippling laughter and the hope tha1 1hey will be as successful as she in nianag. W ing the opposite sex. XIV. IVe hereby set our hand and seal lhis first' day of May, in lhe year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and twenty-eight. W l SENIOR CLASS. l Twenty-Two X rw fy iff. Sffx ,655 Ji Q cfs Vw 1 f l Y 4 V Y s Y 0' "ia Q The HESPER 1928 QifYw x ,ij ,,, Vjwa , Q, : ' ,W ' '-Tx : bfi, af-n,WqQ 0 ,,V' , A,-Nlf, Jmff' Aff fl , X H T' fu-'Plw N, W-, ,WY 1 X GD li 1 am M9 F E EE E W E C3 The HESPER 1928 gb Nw E 1 E R. V. HUSKY LEE BEDFORD A RUTH JENKINS ROBBIE ARCHER PETE NELSON BUD GOEN JESSIE MERLE SCOGGINS U CLAUDIA GREEN 1 N R 1 ' f .-.-M,M,M, , N E N X , E F Twenty-Four 1 MQ cfm 1 1:11 The 11135121312 1928 V - Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LOIS WILLIAMS DELBERT IQUBANKS THELMZA COVINGTON HERBTA LEE NORMAN CLINTON FYFFE CLARENCE ASHTON VIRGINIA MEACIIEM BERTHA GLENN 1 1 1 1 1 1 Twouty-Five 1 1 MQ ,X E ,Q - QW W EE E The HESPER 1928 ,Q ! . i RILEY HOLMES WINFRED NEVVSOM , K W, , ARBIA LEE .FILQUA , , O,LI'1'l7A .LAFCKSON W L CHARLES LIATHEVVS SAM NIOORE VERNA LTLES VIVA CURB V L Twcllty-Six LY J USL,.LQ1,,.,Q m WW j':7f4 , 4 gm CI! The HESPER I928 A ' l , . I I 1 i Y 1 K 5 1 W Y 1 g I N . HANSIQL MQAUA 11,xn oL1m 'mfzmey mm .muxsox M11,1m1f:1m S'l'RICKLAND ,DALE s'rR1c'm,AN1 1 'rllrclzox SUMMERVILLM M,l'lLliA 111315 1aosL1-:Y xnxx m1f:1aL 1c ILANNA w n I X E W 4 N Twenty-Seven K W J Q Q52 W W I CQ 1 nge HESPER I9Z8 LOYD BEDFORD EVERETT MOORE Y lHLDRED.TEITPLEz ' V Z W Y YRTTTH EDTOOH 7' 7 N. B. STANSELL EVLANIJ EAVES TROY VVILLIS MARJTE NORTON v . Twenty-Eight O ,OOOOOWOOM QFE i 1 v Wvf f-fEn- f-1V -my-E ,U K !-,,E H, , QXQUX Gif? QQ The HESPER I928 E I I l N WILLIAM MEACHEM MILTON ASHTON , JOE SMITH ORVAL POORE f-EABEH RUDOLPE GREEN UGRAPESU JEWEL MARA , AUBREY GLENN JOHN KEY WEST T 3 i I 3 X X - . ,, ,L,E..,.. T? I 1 T P T I T 5 WW . , Twenty-Nine 1 , NWT- OEET 651 I w ! RAYFORD AUSTIN EUGENIA HOFFMAN LESTER JAMESON I Th ty 51? gi eyafwy yrr's of Wg The HESPER 1928 QQ? w Q THE HQIVIE OF THE JlUNlllORS3 1 l l s l ll l l 14 li l as we Hail! Hail! The Junior Class is here, With a dandy school spirit and lot o'pep5 We're leading all the classes this year S0 follow us and keep right in step. Hep! Hep! We march With great consolation To a huge apartment house Called the "Juni0r's Reputation." "Miss VVelcome" is the landlady of our home, She greets everyone with a smile And "How-do-you-do"g Instead of With a grumble and a groan. The most beautiful room is called the "Rules" By which we all abideg The next is "Demerits" From which we gladly turn aside. I I The little anti-room is Called 'Dis0b0dience", Which we know nothing ofg While to the right is :n room called "Fa1ne',, The one lVllil'll we Jl2niu"s crvilted. Now, my fellow 1-lassmvn, you have seen, The mansion of the Junior Ulzissg .Xnd for its beauty and ln-lp to the svhool lt cannot be surpassed. ---OLETA JACKSON. Thirty-One W sie i I Q-VE n w + Th HESPER 1 2 Q5 ?""? C. ,f C 9 8 Sw Wwaf -Nw i l 1 1 E in 0MDQ1i?1IOHl'f'l.Cl?1i?Hl w 'ro frm: MEMORY oh' CORINNE ORSBURNB 1 qwll-19285 i W Y f Q V W 1 E W S Q ff 7 1 3 mln H3SZTY1Q1'T1VQlHI?M U "fn T111-1 MEMORY OF lv IMELVIN PITTS QQ I 3 C1911-1928j u 3 ' 1 I Y 4 9 Fifi 'm1'f'-f' Q"'m'i '--A 1" -lf: --AEM --- -- - - 75 49 farm fqlJF!7!1::1fVWnYf,5- gxxfjxwy VKISSING meow 27 F 1zF23'i"'CTE.'ff MAKENII ffm. 2 115 5' Wm, - I f 7 " L ,,,., ff Q' , If , 'MN , .- me X Xu. N if if 'I Thirty-Tl11'0e 5.13 UW W W W W W W W V, . I W W W W W W . W W W W W W W W W W P -P L- -P .... P. W 5 Q L L- L. QW' WA The HESPER E928 ,W A A-A-AWA.. ff--Sm lv -Jw ' W W W W W W W MAXINE NORRIS MOZELLE BROWN W EVERETTE MASSIE "PAPA" ALSIE CARLETON W CORINNE ORSBORNE GENE SMALLEY W HOVVAR39 TAET VVELBORN H. B. BARNETT W INEZ SVVITZER ENA LEE FYFFE DAVE LUTTRALL E. B. MASSIE W ARTIE MITCHELL LOTS HANCOCK 1 ROBERT VVELBORN R. G. DUNLAP , W KATIE LEE THURMA RUTH SPARKS 1 1 LENA MAE SPARKS ELMER CARRUTHERS W W W Z W W W W W , , I WW W W W Y W , W W W W W W WW Thirty-Four W L .L , L LL? -,.,L,,.L,M--.,g L Egg aw Wd Q ffm 4 EIT? M I Qu I .X I I I ,.,- H A A I I I Qgw-R A R H-A H-MI, The HESPER 1928 RHI f ' Nb N. I I I I VICTORENE FITCH AUDREY FARRIS I ZULA EAVES M. F. SXVAIN JESSIE MAE XVOOD VERLA BLASSINGAME EDVVINA CHRISTIAN FLOYD CASH LILA FINLEY ERNA LEE CRAWFORD I I EERNICE BISHOP IIATTIE COINS I I WILLENE MOONEY VERLA BLASSENGAME 4 I LOLA HOUSE DAISY EUDY I ELIZABETH MCKINNEY JAMES BOOTHE I BLANCIIE ENOCH gi I I I ' I I I I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I I I II II I I I I Thirty-Five I i I II H- J La Q-Vs xx X rpm x , 4, ,- l 5 v l 'T 'W Tw' fi l -TQFTW 1 70 nl f5,f'.f""' """"A"W "" 'N ' lligugJlLli2. EQLO E Rm uw 5 l l 1 ll l 5 i : 1 E X A rl SOPHONECRE l V l fx, , ,N ,Y f r LA S l 4 The SU1JllOlll01'0 Ulass is the bust in svhoolg , ' Host in work or in play. ' Maylm you don't think so now, But it will be proved solnu day. x Our prvsimll-nt is :L football starf , ,g llc is ng-ll ou tho road to fzunug Whilm- our vico-prosiflcnt and S0l'l'Ct2l1'y 3 Will 2401110 clay add l1ll1l'QlS to tht-ir nnuios. i Our S01JllOlll01'US scorn :1lw:x'vs to know 3 The things we host should dog We have nuvor lllildl' :A failure yotf- We :Always carry it through. 2 ln L-vury hrancll of this high svhool work, We huvu students who always excels- l 'l'hm-y ure llL'Y0l' sutisfiod with just gctting lay, l They believe in doing all things well. 1. 1 Whcn our oyes :ire dinnnud and our stops not so quia-lc, E Our lifc-'s goal ruzlvlmcd and passed: l What joy it will bo then to sit and think Of those days spent in thc Sophmnoro Vlzlss. WLOIS s1'r'1'oN l l K il l F H l K A l - - , L Thlrty-Six ,'-Q, XX gg XS,-A., TN, ,.v,-,,... . Q' lla I l 5 r E l l l l 1 PPT 53 Y X X 1 r' X 1 xx F f j it XXEXIX jf? H, 1, ' K ' 4. 'if' A g " :if-. -L.-ff il: """' ' 5.:5ii.i'1gT" A '1'hirty-Sa-von f A 62 W CTA A A HHH-CAI? The HESPER 1928 QA YYY Ewa N W N HERWVIN STRICKLAND JIM TERRY MILDRED VVELBORN VVINONA FELTON VVANA TAWWATER VVILAMINA SALISBURY ZELMA CHABIBLESS GEORGIA IRIS SHAVV Y' Y ' Y " 'RUTH 'RUTLEDG-E - - - GYNENDOLYNWSNODGRASS Y DOO MASSIE RUSSELL KING MILDRED MCPEAK EDNA MAE NELSON CARL MARSHALL JOE PENNINGTON HELENE HAY PAULINE DAY MAURINE HAY DORIS MANNING ' MACK SCOGGIN AUBREY HILBURN PATTEY LOOPER FLORA DAY Thirty-Eight QF A 47 G3 CAVE Q, T9 TEA N 1 1 ,N w ,I W1 w 1 i J 4 T I , T i H Tl ! ,I Y! A N T T T l W T i 4 W RR M 49 , A QTVR fy if The HESPER I928 fgp'?WEE 'RTT' A HAZEL PROBASCO VERNON BORUM RUTH BAKER DURAND BISHOP AVABEL GAMBLE HUNTER KING WILMER JONES HAZLE PARKER DONLEY STEPHENSON MYRTICE RAWDON LAYTON DORRELL DONNIE STEPHENSON VIVIAN STEGALL VELMA HODGE DORA MAE GLENN BESS OLARE SMITH ROBERT SVVAIN ROXIE NORTON Thirty-Nine Q-VE Q19 Sf? l ll l ll l f?N lily fi Q5 mf HESPER E923 LIFE OF A4 ,sfwlwAW FRESH Nl N W0 are the frcxshmon Happy and guyg Eager and ready Every new day. Qusyi asvbirdies Building their uestg Toiliug all day, W0 wait for our rest, Wv love all our teachers, 'Tis for them that wc workg Always wc'rc working, Sroruing to shirk. Hvcr welro eager, Always 011 our tom-sg That is the way A froslm1:1u's life goes. -DORRIS TEMPLETON. Forty ,M . Q 9342 NX 1 I 1 l 1 l l l l I l 1 X K 11 19 Q fx 'fl ,. my lwff-' -M-MQ-M-+- -fm--M---L-4, me HESPER 1928 ffm--M L 4 - M A e ci as Y 1 v 1 my fn. ' .. , 15 Q V , l Y . cr, . '-- ' x 7 x - ' f 9 '. I "Q ,-' Y l 4 ' l X lnrlff' -' V ' -- l 'Tig 1 1 M K C 5: '0NNnAYf, ' kj 1.,,,CW TJ:'L-f- , , ff, Qin,-fiff f .f X y IRQ -viii l f- .. -A .Q v v i Forty-Cue GEN --..W .,.. ......m...n.m..M..n-..-m ....,-.4j i 1 A A W J 95 ' Qi Q..c9 B L. ee, KU -X . . L- we S3 QU L.. LL L- LLL. L- L. , 5,4 B B 4,5 The HESPER 1928 gy-- B... B- H+ 15.21. w W W i 1 W w i N w JOHN H. EDWARDS OLLIE BELL COLLINS W f Busiigss Blaiiagei' f i i Literary Editor W OUIDA BELL .TIM STILES Society Editor Business Manager U. S. MARSHALL EVELYN MADDOX Editor-in-Chief Art Editor 1 Forty-Two '27 L LX 1 M , W YL., L-.,g1f,i4i,.,,m Ae ,L B A , , ff ,W gwne W ,W ,B , .Lv M E25 Q S, git it it Wit Wqig' The HESPER 1928 QW-M W x .---.. X r I I I N i l 5 I TED VVILKINSON LEE BEDFORD ' Joke Editor Junior Rcpwselitative i OLETA JACKSON RUTH JENKINS Secretary Assistant Editor I1ENR?BBSLEY WELDON MOORE H ' Athletic Editor U2l1't00lliSt 1 X i 4 A l 1 t Q ' N ' i N i l i Q i W Forty-Three I W Y i iii iiti iii ii i iim-M-i+ Y . 35 QJE , -- 2 i - - l E l Sf V -- X.- .. W It - - D Ti C27 iz, gym' J. 12. 1.1- Ml. , Q 14, sf NS., 'FHE DRAIVIATIC CLUB The Dramatic- Club was Ol'Q1'2l11lZf'd at the lwginning of tllo sm-lnool year with Misses Dorotliy liiebvl and Gladys Collins as sponsors. Tlw following oftivors worn vlootc-fl: ORYILLE MOORE President RUTH JENKINS Secrctary ULAUDIA GREEN Troasurei' A business meeting was hold once a, month at wl1i0l1 a well-arrangcd program was prosentod. The one act plays "Eliza- bethls Young Mann, 'fTl1o Calamity Howl- srll, and 'tile Lovell Kipling" were pre- sontvd at flifforvnt nnoctings. A thu-0 aut C0lllCdy entitled. "By Georgc-!'l was pri-seiitod by lllC1lllJC1'S of tho club for tho be-ncfit of the annual. The olub was 1'01Jl'CSl'lltSd at tho one not play tournameiit in Lubbock by 21 well-chosen cast playing "Tho Florist Shop." Forty-Four THE CHORAL CL W 4 f -. A KN 'l'I1v 4'l1ol'zsl Vluln :xml lZuy's fell2ll'fl't of 1his XVIII' xvurm- umlvr Hu- din-1-tioll Of Bliss llizzllwllu .xllll Littlv. 'I'l1v KQIIIIVYVI was vmrupusml of Hzlrold I'0rt0l'fi0ld, First 'I'vl101': siv f':lr'l4-1011, SPUUIIKI 'I'L'll4lI'I Tllllllilll We-bln, Hll!'ifUlll'1 Stun- Nzursllzlll, Buss. 110111 UI'Q'2llliZJl1ilJllS www Yu-ry :lvtivv illllillg' 1lll' yvnr, l'l'lldL'l'i11g,f lllllll-V plvnsing pro- ums fm' tlw In-11vf'i1 of Tllv X'IlI'iHllS lllllllitdllill m'g':l1xix:1Tio11s of the fuwu. Tlll'il' chapel nogwzuns XYUI4' l1ig'l1I'x' 4-lujuyf-ll. 1"411'tj'-1:'iX'1: Q es it QW M- -ef R The HESPER 1928 eye I l ROSA LEE RUSH RUTH ENOUII ORVILLE MOORE LESTER JAMESON W 7 ' ' 7 Y Y - 7 Y Y Y Y l I X X - ' I-XJ -X7 l THE DE ATUNQ GLU E 1 'D ft L l N At the beginning of the school year a lebating club was organized under the di- 1 Y 5 rection of Mr. A. D. Cl11I1Illl11gS. As a. result ' W l 1 of eliminations, Misses Rosa Lee Rush and Q 1 Ruth Enoch were selected to represent the 2 1 high school in girlls debateg Orville Moore V l 1nd Lester Jameson were selected to rep- I l Q resent the boys. 1 i W 1 W The teams lvmtieipzlted in several w 1 1 I ln trial delmtes, including Quitaque, Crosby- lj ton, and Balls. At the vounty interseho- as lastie League Meet at Loekney, the girls 1 ll team was seleeted to represent this County 1 l ut Lubbock. The hoy's team was defeated N Q' at county, but proved itself quite efficient. U I 1 I , Forty-Six i i l l ""'f ""'m""' M' "" WW? "" 11' Txiwizx R717 7, , LW, , 7 ,jf ,, 1, YQ, J ii aes, R I 1 i F str? 51 ,, sq Ep 'MK ,Y 7, ,,AV :7Y,,1LY,,,,,,-,,,, W Y W1 " ' ' ev? ec., The HESPER 1928 yu--K--M-M---A-new-qs . vi' W 1 sg, ky l N W I l 1 1 l l i M A THE GREEN PEPPERS 1 f'The Green Peppers" was organized M I at the beginning of the football season by ' the yvll lcndvl' lNIiss Ollie Bolle Collins, for ' the purpose of arousing greater enthusi- T asm :unong the high school students. The W i club selected Miss Avis Austin as their W E sponsor for the year, and the following N 1 officers were elected: OLLIE BELLE COLLINS , President 1 i ULAUIJTA GREEN i Vice President X 14:Vn1.YN MADIJOX N W Q SQL-1'ut:1ry , l'l'Ii'lll l'OYlXG'l'OX J ' Q Reporter' i ,Xt uzlvll gillllk' of the sc-arson, tillx club 6 was llllll'il in L'YiliUll1'l' with their waving Q 5 ii2lllll0l'S llllli l'ill'L'l'fl1l yells. Several stunts S 1 wvrv Iil'l'SK'llfL'd lly tho ululn in vlmpel pre- Q roding tho various g1lIlIt'S. .Xt the ulosv of 1 I tho svzxson, the vlub C'lltCl'tZllll0d the foot- 5 lmll boys with :1 banquet, servm-cl in the Andrews Ward GXIII7 by the lll0ti161'S Of the club girls. 1 5 1 l 5 I I Q Forty-Seven Q I 1 as QQ ..e.- -...--..,.y --.. .... -..-. .K .......n--......----......--NL.,,- ,.,,. ...., , W,,,.,.- -, .,,. ,4,,,,,4, ,WW V MQ! nf div! 1 W 61 Q l W1 vg qffwf-N-1 w 1 mn fy 1 we W- -i ir' ,. 1.-, f " CQOYW M E RCTAL CLUB A vory iiitww-stilig phase of high svhooi work is the work 0:11'1'i0d on hy the voiiiiiu-1'c'i:1l stuck-nts. This includes book- kvc-pi1ig', slmrthzind, and typcwriting, taught by Miss Avis Austin. RUC uil,,T URQE Mr. O. T. NN'illi:11ns is in charge of tho :1g'l'in-ulturv classes. The work acvoniplish- nd by the boys in this dcpurtnient is start- ling, i'0llSidOl'illg thv fact that this is the first your vovntionzil 2lg1'iL'l1itl11'6 has been introdum-1-d into the ruwivuluni of the high svhool. Hto1M1E ECiO'NfO'MilCSi Honn- 1114-olmiiiics is vm-ry sucuossfully dircctud by Mrs. Luvy Urziig Ulcnients. Thai wovk this year has invludcd sewing, vooking, :und svvving' :xt most of the ban- qucts of the sc-hool and town. Forty-Eight 11459 .N Q7 52 -415 The HESPER 1923 ' - P 1 , F --Q 3 l ,X lf' 1 E 1 Forty-Nine 1 1 1 X 7 Z- ---:- W - --H - Y , . X 'f gb 4-J ' 15 fu-R Qui? , A., J Qiif The HESPER E928 1 1 l F V N ' Fifty f W, :M -xv 7 ,,-, ..., --,..--... ,.,.., ..,-,W,,,,-.,Qf'Q',T diffs W1 I '92 QQ Fm mea .N , Qi. if is so y dd e rig The HESPER 1928 be as T i 1 w l 4 l Y 1 ! ,der-9 6999 SENIOR PARTY Merrimcnt waxed high for the Seniors on "Spooks uightv, October 31, when they enjoyed a Senior party at the Andrews Ward Gymnasium. HalloWe'en decorations were used in a very gay and effective manner. Fortunes Were told by an Heducatedl' witch in a very secluded booth. Games to correspond with the festive occasion were enjoyed and endless spooky stories passed the time away. At the conclusion of the entertainment, delicious refreshments were served to those present. . GREEN PEPPER BANQUET The Green Pepper club entertained the Whirlwind squad of the Floydada High School, November 30, with a banquet at the Andrews NVard Gymnasium. The gym was artisti- cally decorated in the school colors of green and White. The programme was composed of: Selections ,,,,,,,,w,,,,e,,,w,,,,,,v, ,Y,,V F loydada High School Orchestra Toast Master ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,ww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,Ollie Belle Colins Toast to the Football Boys ,,e,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0 uida Bell Reply ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,-,-,,,,,,,,, J ohn Edwards Duet ,,,,s,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, M i sses Dorothy Biebel and Elizabeth Little Toast to the Season of '28 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,4,,,,,, S teve Marshall Reply ,,,eA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, C aptain-elect Jim Carter Toast to Coach Jay ,e,,,,,,,,,,e ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C laudia Green Reply ,,,,,,,,VvY,w,,w,,wv,,,,,,,,,,,,,-Vw,,,,,s,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Coach Jay This delightful programme was interspersed with Woll- rendered selections by the orchestra. A The conclusion of the programme was the climax. Mr. J ack Folley acted as auctioneer i11 selling miniature copies Of the lll0lIlbQl'S of the Whirlwind squad. These copies Were celluloid dolls, dressed in green crepe paper, with the name of the original pinned to the back. The bidding grew high and reaehedifs clinfax when tlie rniature of Coach Jay appeared. This doll was finally, after a long and fierce struggle, sold to O. T. Williams for the sum of 55.50. The dinner was beautifully served by Misses Jimmie Colvin, Elizabeth Little, Gladys Collins and Dorothy Biebel, dressed in the regulation pep squad uniform. After the program, the entire crowd was invited to the theatre to See a special show for their benefit, arranged by the manager, Mr. Jack Deagens. ' Fifty-One l w l I K w l v V l l ll M T 1 l ,l el V li l 1 4 E li l .l V 1 l 4 4 l fi 'E 29 fs qs ea A QW' M The HESPER me ,pf is i J UNIOR- SENIOR BANQUET The crowning event of the soeial season of '28 was that of March 16, when the Juniors so liospitably entertained the Seniors with an elaborate banquet in the high sehool building. The date so nearly eoineiding with St. Patricks, the St. Patrim-k's eolor scheme was beautifully carried out. A delightful four eourse lll11lll'l' was served hy the Home lieononiies girls under the supervision of Mrs. Cleinents. . MENU Creani of pea soup Saltines Baked chicken dressing giblet gravy creamed potatoes sliced tomatoes eranherry jelly pickles olives - - - f - , rolls butter W fruit salad - lemon ice angel food cake W , mints eafe noir nuts I 'llhe progrannne consisted of the following numbers: Toast Master ,,,,,, ,,e,,,w,YY C harles Mathews Selections V,,,,,,Y , Y,Y,YY,,, , ,Y,Y,,Y,, F. H. S. Orchestra Invocation H YY,,,.,,,.V,,,Y,,Y,Y,,Y,,,,,,A,,,Y,,Y,Y,,Y,YA,w,, ,.,,.,Y,,Y,YY, N V. E. Patty Toast to the Senior ClassfR. V. Husky, Pres. of Junior Class Response ,,.,Y,,Y,AA,v. Evelyn Maddox, President of Senior Class lrish Folk Songs ,.,. A, .,,, , ,.,.A,,,,, ,,.,,,..,.,,.A,, F . ll. S. Oetette Readings ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, N 1 rs. Ike Jay 'Falk ,.,.w,,, ,,,,,,, ,,A,.. V , H ,,,,v,, ,, .,.,,, -T. C. Wester Toast to Mr. Patty ,YY, Y,..,,, ' Fhelma Covington Address ,.,., ,,,, , w,.,, . ,w,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,, .,..,., ,,,,,v,,,,., W . E. Patty l 'Superintendent of Floydsxda Public Sehools 1 This delightful progrmnnie, eoneluded by Mr. Pattyls inuch enjoyed address on 'fC'hoosing Your XTUC'Zltl0l1H, was highly appreeiated hy the nieinbers of both the entertained :ind entertaining class. Fifty-Two ii , rw S e Af as -g - a -S S as J Q 5.39 Wemwuf The HESl3ERd 1928 ig sw l LUFE5 GALLUNG If I knew you, and you knew me, If both of us could elearly see, ' And with an inner sight divine the meaning Of your heart and mine, Ilm sure that we would Differ less and clasp ha11ds in friendliness, Our thoughts would pleasantly agree, If I knew you, and you knew me. -NIXON WATERMAN Fellow classmates, as we are wavering to and fro on the high tide of modern civilization, we should build our character and reputation so as to carve for us a discreet and ideal office in this world. On one side, classmates, the ambitious and talented young man and woman is very discernable, while 011 the other side we see the young man a11d woman whose talents are latent, because they have exercised no effort to develop them. As we are IIOWV entering into a Vast space, known as the world, with which side, elassmates, shall we place our enlistment? . We now realize that our high school days and laeonie period of frolie is over, and our avoeation is beckoning us thither into the world. As we go forward with a cheerful heart and fascinating smile, to resume this duty, may we know nothing but to succeed and success. Then the world is ours and all that is in it. -OLETA JACKSON Fifny-Thm l ,J ea t W The HESPER 1928 it ! w TRMFLES W S y 1 Did you ever stop to wonder In some leisure hour, Why the little things of life ' Have so much power? ' Have you sat within a garden - With the tulip and the rose, W And Watched the flitting butterflies ' ' 3 In their gayly colored clothes? N X When you Walked in the orchard And a bluebird darted by, Did you quickly glance toward Heaven And compare him with the sky? . These little incidents are really 1 What make life worth while. 1 These little trifles are the friends 1 That make us smile. 1 -ATTIE MAE BARNETT. I i N Fifty-Four FUN fX . ex me Milla ffm 5? QA i R i . i 1 1 i 1 I M Q 1 H W l ,Ir F1 af' is if The HESPER 1928 HIGH SCHOOL FOLLIES Not the Same as Ziegfield Follies Four One-Act Plays Presented by the Four Classes "THE COMING J'INKS" Here Friday, 13th of the Foo1's Month, April, A. D. 1928 High School Auditorium 8 0'clock P. M. Largest Cast Shown all Year. Music Between Acts. Freshman-"Not Quite Such a Goose" Sophomores-"Paradise" Juniors-"Two College Tramps" Seniors-"The Florist Shop". Fifty-Five 315 V . cfm on iff X 35 fn' ' ff? o ci The HESPER me up so , A .NJ N "BY GEORGE" High School Auditorium Thursday, February 2, 1928 At 8:00 o'elock P. M. A comedy in three acts presented by the members of the Dramatic Arts Club of Floydada High School. CAST OF CHARACTERS George Braekton-the host ,,,, ,,,,4, ,,,w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U . S. Marshall Margaret Braekton-the hostess, who would have a house Jiarty --,,Y,r4Y,.--,,Y,Y,,,YY,,e--,,,,,Y,,,YAY,,,,,,,,Y,Y,V,,Y,,,, ,,,, Y,Y, E V elyn lladdox David il5OlII12LIT-WltllYntllC iiferiority eompRx ,wY,,, QQ ,M,,,,M-.-,Y, Truman Webb Amelia Delmar-would-be pathetic hyproehondriae ,Y,Y,.,..,,Y,Y,Y Belle Collins Hugh Delmargafter Gerry ,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,AA, A. D. White Robert Jones-in Search of a rich wife ,,,,VY,Y,Y,Y Sanford Shaw Rosanne Markle-a wealthy aetress after Bob's own heart Bell Gertrude VVorden-a eharming young crook -,,,,,,,,-,,V,,, Lois' Hill Bartley Carson-an uninvited guest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ted Wilkinson Inez Carsongher husbandls counterpart ,A,----,,,., Claudia Green Geraldine Carson-alias Kay, ,,,r,,,,A,,,,,, Jessie Merle Seoggin Ching Lee-the Chinese servant ,B,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,-,,,,, Orville Moore Johnson-the police officer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,-,,w Winifred Newsom PLACE-Brackton Manor, Southern California TIME-The present. ACT I-Early Morning. ACT II-10:00 A. M. the next morning. ACT III-Five ll0Il1'S later. r'ifny.six !fr!,,Xi-QE JN.. K X M It QE E nt? 96llHl9HWGl1lMWCQI1WHlCHWll' We, the Hesper Staff, take pleas- ure in announcing the most popu- lar girl and boy of Floyclada High School, EVELYN MADDOX and U. S. MARSHALL df' in i 1 J RWM F LOYDADA HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The Orchestra this year was under the direction of Prof. A. L. Lundgren, Municipal Band Master. The personnel of the orchestra was: R. Borum, Manager, Drums, Dale Strickland, Violin, Mr. Lundgren, Director, Miss Jessie Merle Scoggin, Piano, R. V. Husky, Saxophone, N. B. Stansell, Saxophone, Mrs. A. D. Cummins, Violin. Many enjoyable programs were rendered hy the orchestra this year, including entertainments at every play at the auditorium. HSM sie e as e Q ew The HESPER 1928 Q3 W so dissf D SAY, DHD YOU KOINMW'-la S When Big John first came to town from Petersburg, he drove all over town one night with his ear in second because he was too bashful to shift into high. 142221211 "StoJ me if 'ou have heard his one l' exclaimed Dixie l y as he prepared to tell his teaeher why he l1ad been absent from class so much. .,. ,, .,. .,. Jerry Borum says his nose is Roman, as a result of the last football game. Yes, it is "Roaming" all over l1is face. Jimmie Stiles: "VVhatsa matter, Mae? Maxine: uI,V0l'0f01'Il'1Cd.,, v!4v'.1vk:'.1 Doc de Cardova: "Shay, old feller, could you tell me where de C-:5'dova lives?l' Cash: "Why, you are de Cardovau. Doe: "Sure, I know, but where does he live'?', al: :1: :iz :1: Absence makes the grades grow lower. wk is 21: 214 Lois Sitton: "I wish Chopin had died before he com- posed this "Noeturnev. Victorene: 'fWell, he would die all right, if he heard you play it." Fifty-Seven I 'Y we IQ Sis me A A A A em em i' ei The HESPER 1928 if A CI-IEERFUL LIAR A Three-Act Farcial Comedy By Special Permission of Dramatic Pub- lishing Company. HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Thursday, February 16th, 8 P. M. Benefit of Junior Class. CAST OF CHARACTERS Hastings Hussell, J. P.-The Cheerful Liar ,,YY,YY,,, ,Charles Mathews RanclcHph 5CZLlrlll01'1l1Il,l1Y accessory before the Yfacti ,,,A V. Husky Y Rev. Ezra Stiggins-a gold vure practitione1'TVVoodrow Goen Gen. Boomerga Chicago roal estate milliouairei-Pete Nelson Guy McGuffin-a county constable ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N. B. Stansell Flora Boomer-a girl who has a good time when she wants to ,,M-,.,, Covington Birdie SWeetlove4housekeeper at the gold cure establishment Archer Lucretia Spriggins-a Hoosier Sehoolma'am-Mildred Strickland ACT 1-Deception. ACT II-Detection. , ACT III-Destruction. l Fifty-Eight fm :X 54" SQA A -.- .... - A- L99 M 'QF 5.39 5 ,Q Qu, E CQ The HESPER 1928 1 M A j1jQjQfT.fQ2?g 1 v 7 Afii- OJ' ,Q t ffl. 6 W 1--A dj! if ' 9 'fi xg, f X N! 1 ' T: f X 1 :ji-a ? 'TZ 5 , W11AL ,if?'f,f 5-fwwfjxsff - MMQ gg 559 Yi Q I ' 406 3 A w i i i 1 1 1 fi ' My Hits ffl16'e.r H ,xgqg EVE 6 M? .5 e Q ip cg The HESPER 1928 'M Q., :U :le :Zz :lc SI: 3: al: :1: :',: ale :lc al: ' 71: DEDICATION it :fi :If 211 31 Pk H1 Pk 2 Pk ik P12 We, the Hesper Staff of 1928, dedicate this, the athletic sec- tiau, tmouigloyag ani woghy Coach who lends his uutiriug efforts in behalf of the ath- letics of the school, and Who, by the victorious feats of his teams, brings honor and fame to , :1: pg: :lc :g :ie :ge si: F. H. S. 2: :F 91 :lf rl: :lc ::: rl: Pk Pk Sk Sixty fly x j ff! AQ 9 Q25 ff Qu Q- :D .H ,, ' W 555 C:11m HESPER IQZSEQV- QQQ W , W 1 w iv I I 'DA l vii 1 B 1 QS A l c'oAc'u 11411: JAY s'1'15vl4: MA1-:s1iAl,L W Fulllnxvk Ji 'VU1ll'S Hmm 1:11 w1+:1,1so1:N Wvighi, 184 W Half lmvk 3 vvvight-V 1543 i1EXItI4,.NEIII'1l4, 2 L-ttl'-11 '-1-. fl1':"'1 4 UH M H Right L-ml 3 .vm-:urs W NYuight, 148 Im V1-1 1m'r'r1: ,xL11 Vfiliffv 1 NW' 11ixRoL1m Po1c'1'1f:l:F114:1,1m + umghtv 104 Qll2ll'fUl'lPZll'k 2 j'L'2lI'S xxwigm, 140 Q 'FRUMAX WEBB Ln-ft Guard 1 ym-ar Wvigllt, 160 j W i i W , V 1 1 ' l 1 H YN n w E , Sixty-One , wm a MMWWQQ J as 63-5 ,11 3:39 1 1 111 1 11 11 1-fi Q 1 11 11 WW AY f The HESPER 1928 ,KJ 35413 uv 1 1 1 .TIM STILHS JIM, C'AR'l'l'IR Ilzxlf Imac-k 2 YUZIVS 4112111111111-il'11l'i'tD Weight, 1511 L1-st 1-1111 2 yonrs Wvigllf, 1511 IIOMIGR PALMER Right guard 1 yva, JOHN EDWARDS Y Weight, 145 QR-1114-1' IS yours Q W1-ight, 1911 1 IIANSEL MrADA NVD GOFY Vtility mann 1 your Hlllf hulk 1 VMI. 1 XVC1g'1lt, 1711 xvllighty 150 1 WINIFRICIJ NICWSOM J PERRY BOHUM 1 3 1 1 Right tucklo 1 yvur Lvft fnrklv Ii yQ2ll'S 1 ' xwig-111, 180 xxx-ight, 1511 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 mxty-'Iwo . 1 fx 1 11 1 1 1 1 jf 'X 11511, 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Q. 1 Q 69-5 J gi ihiihii 9 f- Q5-W The HESPER I928 iiii nh nn l w 3 W Top Row: Luttrall, Nm-lson, Gocn, M:u'slmH, Sid f'z11'tei', P01'tv1'fim-ld, VV01bo1'n, 0011011 Jay. Sveond Row: l'apta.in 'Wllitmg Nvwsom, Pzihner, Edwards, VVQNJ, Borum, 5 Captaliii-Elect Jim f7:u't01'. i 1 First Row: Gamblv, Eubunks, Sll'Illl10l'Vi1167 Grcvu, Moore, Mc'Ada. ALL-DISTRICT SELECTIONS lIz1,1'01d Portorfivld, Qu:u't0rb:xc-kg Stove Mairsliall, Fulllmckg Dixie White, Right Endg , Truman YVebb, Guardg John Edwards, Center. ALL-STATE SELECTIONS John Edwards, Centerg and Captain Dixie White, Right End. i i i A - A I Q I - i i i w w I I V i 'N , I I 1 4 , iw 1 1 i 9 , N 5 i r 5 ii in i 3 Sixty-Three I i 14 QR ghii Fi him ,,i,i Y MM iiii 2-l N-ya i' ' iw NN-.4 U G9 A525 'fb' 4 i,- Ef? :M W 1 1 fi' 7 " ffm Ggyw The HESPER I928 1 WHURLWUNJD ETDULE 119123 September 223: Plainview 0 YY..,,M At Floydadzi SC17hL'lllll0l' 30: Lubbock 13 Y,Y,,Y,, At Lubbock Fair ,,,Floydzxda G Floydada 14 October 1: Mzitzidor 0 ,,,, ,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,, I 'loydada 38 At Floydada October 21: llzrle Center 0 ,YY,Y, Y,,,,, , , At Floydzidei Floydada 87 October 28: Spur O YYYYY,,Yk YYA, - W W ,,Y,,, Floydada 18 At Spur November 4: Ralls 0 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,: ,,,F1oydada 27 At Ralls November 11: Post 0 ,,,Y,,Y,Y,,Y,,Y,,,,,,,YY,Y Floydada 14 At Floydada, N0VL'llllJG1T18Z Lochuey 0 .,,,, 1 ,,..,.,,, mFl0ydadEx 28 At Floydada November 25: Slaton 14 YY,YYYYYA,,, ,,,YY,,, F loydada 3 At Slatou Total:27 Total: 235 According to the above schedule Coach Jay's powerful VVhirlwind eleven plowed their way to victory through some of the most valiant defenses XVest Texas has to offer. Each player was n star in his own line. But to every Victor must eonie the bitter cup of loss. This cup came upon the red letter day of the VVhirlwi11dys career. A special train was provided by the town to carry boosters to the fatal Slatou gameg the Munieipnl Iizind :wvonipziiiiecl this train: the Green Peppers waved :rlofe the F. H. S. banner: and the Vilhirlwind squad put up a brave fight, but the Tigers rallied in the lust few minutes of the struggle :ind wrested by heavy work the Distrivt L-lniinpieirship from the Floydada High exponents. lint lose or gain, be it ever said, I l f'You're good sportsf' i Si-Xty-Flour it mq?-:1m,:-,:r 1-1 , : JAG-3 cfm Q .Q ,. , , J, 1-+4--A-xii The HESPER 1928 e so TOP ROW: CAPTAIN TRUMAN WEBB, GUARD, JOE SMITH, FORVVARD5 JOHN EDWARDS, CENTER, JIM CARTER, FORVVARIM PIKE IIANNA, GUARD. SECOND ROW: HAROLD PORTERFIELD, GUARD, Il. B. HARNETT, GUARD, U. S. MARSHALL, CENTER, J. R. EVERS, FORW'ARDg HOWARD VVELBORN, FORYVARD. BASKETBALL '28 5X9 The basketball season of the VVhirlwinds this year wus, on the whole, Very sue- eessful. The beginning of the season was Il big vim-tory over Rolls, followed by another over the same opponent. Out of three rounds with Urosbyton the lenders of the Green and NVhite eaptured two. Hale Centerls quintet came out at the large Olld of the l1or11 in two eonseeutive games, then the Whirlwinds took :L 25-14 victory to repay the other two. Vietories for F. H. S. were picked at random from l'etersburg, Post, Ida. Lou, 1x.IC1l11JI1iS, and Diekens. The conclusion of the season was the District Tournament nt Lubbock, in which Floydada represented Floyd County. They won the right to represent their eounty by four eonseeutive victories over Loekney. At this meet, the Whirlwinds in the first round defeated Lamesag in the second round, Post, whieh carried theni into the senli-finals. In the semi-finas they met the powerful Lubbock Hi Vtfesterners, who defeated them by ai Seore of 33-17. This was the elose of at thoroughly enjoyable and successful season for the Whirlwinds. The hope of this yearls squad is that the squad of ,29 will not only play up but will lead on the record set this year. Sixty-Five Qi!!! i 4 I 1 l I Ii l ii ll .tl ii li H. In il il li fl yr Z9 CVE C9 ,Fe T QQ, P5 - --- - --- ---- -- - ,, VY. Y V Y V, 'I efiwe ' The HESPER mga iv as W 2 qfF-- -V-A -+ 1 -T N. Q it l rr r l E l l l li . , ll i 41 ' x i El l l l. lr il Il 'l , . TOP ROXV: IXTARSHALL, SIIAVV, UARLETON, PITTS, HARNETT, SHAVV, HOLMES, ,, COACH IKE JAY. l ' r l T SIQVOND ROXV: EVERS, CAPTAIN YVHBB, HANNA, EDNVARDS, T SEIITH, CARTER, PORTERFIVIQLD. , Y , ,Y, Y Y Y W i Yi if g i W r . t t e e e e rg. l 5 T l lr l l .x 5 V, . X. V Q , F. TOLJ NJAMENT 'i9 . On February 3rd and 4th, Uoaeh Qlke Jay and his VVhirlwind Quintet were hosts to some ll fifteen basketball teams representing as many prominent lVest Texas schools. This tourna- ment was strictly an invitation event, for the purpose of testing the strength of the va- f W ' A H rious teams. The teams present were: Lublmoek, Laniesa, Slaton, Loekney, Plainview, . 1fTCll11JlllS. ldalou, Petersburg, and Floydada. The games began Friday afternoon, and ' l continued through that night, Saturday morning, afternoon, and night. X . r l As :L result of eliminations, the teams reporting for the finals on Saturdaiy night, S l were ldalou and Floydada. The gym was paeked with interested speetators for this game. . The two teznns were well-matched and the boys on each seemed determined to win the L coveted c-up. NVhen the whistle blew for the close of the game the score hoard revealed a tie, 25 and 25. The game was continued for five minutes, during which two scores were T gained by the VVhirlwinds, making the final score 27 to 25 in favor of F. H. S. Tho cup Q was awarded to Captain NYeblw of the NVhirlwinds by Mr. J. C. XVester, former couch, and the silver basketlmalls were awarded to the members of the Idalou team for seeond place. 1 1 ' The tournament was a great suec-ess and Floydada High Sehool and Coach Jay, especially, l 5 are to be congratulated on their efforts to promote better felowship among the schools of the plains. i . 4 l 1 J il l Sixty-Six i T i, , gg gg ...,.:.2g-.m-,um222 tuggg 2m,..-...2...,-,m,--,,..,,,......,,.-..,..W-, ., To - 67109 ffm 3, 93717 :vw ,ml V V Q nr 1' mfg HESPQR 1928 gg-M-Q---W -1-'-f W w W rr 5 W 1 I W r , 1 1 1 i L I N w M ISS JEWEL BROOK MARY LOU OARDVVELL f'U2'll'I1 Guard 1 year X OLLIED BELLE COLLINS MARIE SMYFH L Uiupmlu 1289 Forward 1 year Forward 2 years , MAXIM: NORRIS RUTH SPARKS ' Jllllllbillg' center 1 your Guard 1 year VLAVDTA GREEN GEORGIA EUDY Hllllllillg' center 1 your Guard 1 year Z ! E K 1 I w I 1 , 3 1 T L Sixty-Seven ,M A-, A -AgfV, AH--WW-'ff r ,LJ 5 6,3 K, ,, ,nf -5 Mix gg'3ffz-+-I,-W-IQ -H- - T-MM+M+I cf The HESPER E928 ,xy A - 1-' I If I 4, Nu f 5 I T I 1 N I I I , 1 I Y :N . I I Q I I I ' I N N , I TOP ROIY: UOACII IKIC JA Y, 'IIIGON HORN, OI'TFIl+ILIJg 'PIKE IIANNA, C'ATCIIICRg W I J. R. HVICRS, OIITFIELIIQ II. B. ISAHNIGTT, OUTFIELIJg .IOE SMITH, FIRST3 ,RAY SMITH, OI'TFII'ILDg HAROLD PURTl'IRFII'ILII, SIIORTSTOP. N SICCOXD ROW: ICVICRl'I'I' MOORE, THIRD: IIOWARIJ WILBORN, OUTFIICLIJ5 TRU- ' MAN WEBB, OITTFIEIIIJ5 IIAROLI1 TICRRY, OIITFll'1LIDg ORAN MOWREY, I Y W OITTI"IELIJg HUD GOICN, SIIICONIM MILTON ASHTON, OUTFIELIJg I IIANSIIIL M4-ADA, CATCIIER. 1 TIIIRIJ ROW: IJIXIIC WIIITIC, PITVHICR QVAIVIIAINQQ LOIS XVIIQLIAMS, MASUOT5 RAYFORIJ PALMICR, SIGCIONIJ: SIIORTY I'ALMI+1R, I'ITC'Hl'IRg RAY HORN, I OUTFIIGLIM CLARIGNCIG ASHTON, I'ITl'1IERg CECIL IIILL, SECOND. V - I X - - 1 71 ,-I , QF ge Post YY,YY ,Y,, , , 4, Y,YY Floydadn, 5 At FIoycI:1d:L I ' Post , ,,,,Y 7, , Floydzulu. 4 ' ,Xt Post I AIZIHIIIOI' ,Y,,YY,Y,,,, 3 Floydaldal QS At AI2lt2ld0l' E Mzltzulur ,YY, ,G ,, Floydndzl II , At Floydadu I Slntou ,, , 5 ,,,,, Floydadn 6 F Ai' Floydzxda Q12 inuiugsy 1 W Slzmtou , ,,,,, ,,,,, , ,, 7,,, ,,,,,,,, Floydadzm 4 5 At Floydadn I" Slutou ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, 2 ,, ,,,,, Floydada 7 W At Slaton Ii Slatou ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 ,,,,, , , Floydadu 2 I At Slntou I Total ,,,,,,,, 40 Total ,,,,,,,, 67 Sixty-Eight QZ+q-4.,.u.M-,,.M.w..MK .,I. Mm .M W IIIII. ,I I jgggj 'QI gf Q5 em Wa Ugg? Y I :T i V V 7 Qjlfj, if -so-A ' W-EM---sf! The 1112:-MR 1928 5,1-W W 4-H 4 1 A A' 1 1 i 1 5 1 E I 1 1 i l 5 i A 1 1 I I l 'FOP ROW: RAYMOND WILLIAMS, 100, 580, RELAY: lll'Nf"AN IIOLLUMS, 8805 CLARENCE ASHTON, JAVELIN: IIOWARIJ WELBORN, 440, RELAY, UOAUII HARPER SCOGGINS. FRONT ROXY: STARKS GREEN, 880, WELDOX MOORE, RELAY, 440, XYElGllTSg 1 f'Al'TAlN JOHN EDWARDS, RELAY, 220 100, XYElGH'l'Sg STEVE , MARSHA LL, WEIGIITS, POLE VAULT. 1 I 1 1 1 E 7 , 7 - fl i jf "' "iii I ,Q L lQ,,ll,l' 1' if T' '4s L 1 1 FLOYD COU NTY INTERSC HTOLASTIC T 1 LEAGUE MEET 1 E 1 1 The Oouuty Moot hold nt Lovknoy the 30th and 31st of Mfll'L'll was dvfflrlred to be E tho sfrongost in competition, thu most widm-ly 21ff1l'Ilfl0tl, und tho most interesting moot in E its history. Floydacla was well l'0ll1'L'S0llf0d in every 1-vent, faking n1:1,11y first and second places. 1 E The plavcs whivh Floymlndn cfnpturod :xt 1110 inoot :uw as follows: 1 I i j j , i' 'Y' L.1L4444444444SSssssssooYYYYYY 1 5 Boys' Tvnnis Singles: Jim f'il1't01', Sm-volld. Girls' Tm-nnis Singlvs: Ouidzl C!'TllJfl'0l', Sovoml. Boys' Tennis lloubh-s: .lim Uartor and 'l'ln1ro11 Sulnnn-rvilh-, First. Girls, T1-nnis lloubh-s: Sally Hill and U1-Gil i'oVi11gto11, Sl'i'OllIl. I Svnior S1lL'lllllg'Z John Kvy Wost and Oh-tu J2ll'liSOll, tivd for First S .Tunior Slblllllllgl Hum-I l'1'ol1:1s4-0 :und Doris Tompleton, Second. A Sixty-Nine R , ,:,.L.-w :.-..WL,:W,.4 L-, .LW L L -L :E LLZ,-9 ,1 f na Q3 in see 5 ,, ff W cgi? A 1 ec., The HESPER I9Ze ,gre f -as -1 :exe W U M Fil-QYD COUNTY HNTERSCfHiQlLASTIlCX LEAGUE Q Sub-Junior Spelling: Andrews Wa1'd, First. Music Memory Contest: Andrews Ward, First. Arithmetic Contest: Andrews Wa1'd, First. High School Declamation: Ollie Belle Collins, First. Junior High Declamation: Joe Hill, First. High School Debates, Boys: Orville Moore and Lester Jameson, Second. High School Debates, Girls: Ruth Enoch and Rosa Lee Rush, First. Pole Vault: Steve Marshall, lst, Weldon Moore, 2nd, Cecil Hill, 4th, Shot Put: John Edwards, lst, Sid Carter, 3rd, Broad Jump: Harold Porterfield, lst, Cecil Hill, 3rd. High Jump: Weldori Moore, lst, Sid Carter, 3rd. Javelin Throw: Steve Marshall, lst, Harold Porterfield, 3rd. Discuss Throw: Steve Marshall, lst, John Edwards, 2nd, Vtfeldon Moore, 31-d. 100 Yard Dash: John Edwards, lst, Raymond NVilliams, 3rd. 220 Yard Dash: John Edwards, lst. 440 Yard Dash: VVeldon Moore, 2nd, 880 Yard Dash: Raymond VVilliams, lst. Mile Run: Sid Carter, lst, Dave Luttrall, 3rd, Relay: Floydada CMoore, Williams, Edwards, and Welbornj lst. Essay Writing: Ollie Belle Collins, lst. High Hurdles: Steve Marshall, 3rd. Low Hurdles: Steve Marshall tie for lst. Boys' Declamation: Charles Matthews, 3rd, After a careful estimate of the points thus gained, it was found that Floydada was the winner of the All-Round County Championship Cup and that Steve Marshall, outstand- ing Floydada athlete, was High Point Man of the Meet with a total of 21 points to his credit. The Girls' Debate Cup became the permanent property of Floydada High School,- as this is the third consecutive year it has been won by this school. It is the sincere hope of the Floydada exponents that the several other cups will become speedily the permanent property of the school, as evidence of the efforts put forth by the school. Seventy l l ll H 1 Q , .le fi, 'J 63 ' is K3 A ef fr gQ',,?i.- 4- Mm-L--.li-Q? The HESPER 1928 .3DgfQl-,4Q:eie4-14,is e -QQ 1 I N? I 5 5 5 I 1 S 1 5 2 S E I E f N TOP ROW: JEWEL MURRAY, WINNIE COWARD, COACH JIMMIE COLVIN, f GEORGIA EUDY, CORA LEE SHERRIL. 1 i 5 SECOND RONV: CLAUDIA GREEN, OLLIE BELLE COLLINS, CAPTAIN PEGGY 5 MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH MeKINNEY. ig , I ,I 1 Q 1 E I I I T I I I Ii ,, . I w I 3 I f I i I I i li ' The volley bail girls were eoaeheil this year by Miss lovin. The team was I ' Well chosen by careful elimination. The girls had the grit to practice daily, regardless of W dirt and dust. Several practice games were played with Sand Hill and various other 1 school teams. The team showed up well against opposition in prnvtiee games, but in the county meet at Loekney, they were defeated two games out of three by Sand Hill. There are several members of the team left for next year's work, so a good team is expected to ,1 defend the title of F. H. S. in 1928. g , Seventy-One K W mrs I I I , , I , I LW ,... ,, 'W fig ' 7f,-,, ,, , ' fe CVE sir? .5 ig is Q., as ,W ewzee 411 The HESPER me ,171 W W W W FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: DELBERT EITBANKS, COACH IKE JAY, THERON SUM- MERVILLE, JERRY BORUM, ORVAL POORE, R. C. SCOTT, PETE NELSON, GORDON THOMAS W W W W W W -W Much interest was evidenced in tennis at the high school this past year. At the 1 beginning of the year, Conch Jay spoke favorably of the prospects for this yezu"s win- W ning. The contestant in tennis singles had been to state meet one year and to district twice, The eliminations for contestants in the county meet were held on the school tennis courts every morning and afternoon. As It result of these eliminations, Jim Carter Was selected to represent the school in boys, singles, and he and Theron Summerville were the doubles team. Jim was defeated by the Lockney representative, and the doubles team won tl1e right to represent the county at the District meet. W 1 Seventy-Two , W W rm f m gym - - f f---in J ---jg'-fag! 1 6110 59 ,?f........---,.. ...., ,...,--.,,.,.., ..... HAM A-, mu! S W . .H . IZA Ilie I-ILSUIJILR Im I W 'FOP ROIV: MILDRIGD OLSON, 'I'III'II,MA VOVINGTON, VIRGINIA MEAUHVM, RI"I'II JENKINS, .I ESSIE MAIC WOOD, AIIIJREY FARRIS, KATIE LIGIG TIIURMAN, ZELMA UIIABIBLICSS, HAZEL PHOBASUO, RI"l'H RI"I'LEDGE. SICCOND: SALLY IIILL, OI'lIDA IIIGLIJ, MARY I-IICIAEX JOHNSON, ICVELYN MAIJDOX Q32 rj? Lv If I I I I I I I I D, 'Nia Girls' tennis provml ono of tho most popular sports in tho high school this yoar. It was undvr the dirvetion of Miss Avis Austin, f'oninu-rvial 'I'va0lIvr. Tho girls practiced constantly and prow-cl tln-nisvlvvs adopts :If thu ball and l'1ll'Illl0tL. VVhvn thu eliminations wvro III-ld to svluvt the rm-III'0sviIt:1tivvs for the vounty im-vt, Ouida flI'ZlllI'l'l'I' was svloufvd as singlos player: Sally IIill and I'lVl'Ij'll Maclflux lloululus 'IR-am. Boih toams Worm' dc- fvatcd at Tho county niwt, but slI4III'vd rr-sults of I-Xu-llm-Int training. SOVCIIIZY-VIIIITOC QEHU -Q54 I I I I I I I I MI I II I I I I I I I I II I I I I V ya ers 1 .J l QQ gs E e f G1 ,U fxf?74-m-Q-m-.Im-Wl-A-4i--f---WA- Mg- mm- 1.1-1- .,.. Q A W 47 rm 6 ff U , lx ld Na Q W FROMI THE SHDEI-,INES 5 Q l l l 2-4-6-8 , Who do we appreciate g I Team! Team! Team! l The whole clnrn team. l l ul ,. l VVC like you, we love you, E We'll stick to you tight, But, oh, you YVl1irlwiuds, 5 You must fight, fight, fight! ,l ' VVl1eu that Foydadzl Hi Team falls iu line, VVelre gonna wiu again auotlior timog For the football team we'll yellie yell, Yelling for the team We love so well, so well. VV1-'re gonna fight, fight, fight for every score Circle euds and then welll lVlll some more. VVelre gonna roll old Slaton in the sod, we said the Sod, 1 l And Rah! Rah! Rah! w . 1 Ses Claudiez "Come ou, Number 7!" Hold that line, boys! Yoo! Hoo! Watch that blue pup run! Il Ses the girl with the yeller curls: "Oh, girls, Watch Big John go thru that line!" ' l l 1-2-3-4 3-2-1-4 Who for? What for? What you gonna, yell for? Floydadai Seventy-Four fm fi or ,W Wd- eeee y e of W e 1 ww WY Z Y YY Y- -- -2 VYVV Yi -YW -lr ir U M595 Ev 5 Q49 Qu, 6751 6? 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Miss lliulwl: Harold it you havm- anything to say, say it. Ilnrolclz l don't havo anything. Miss Bit-ln-I: VW-ll km-p your mouth shut thou. Mr. C'um1nins: Wvll so much for marriagvs and rlivorvvs. Mr. Patty talking' to studvnts who worv typing during vlmpol poriod: "I cordially invite you to ilSSl'll1lPly.H 'l'h0y :lvccptl-cl tho invitation with ph-asurc. Who stolc the Doiunrit Book? lVhy rio thoy call Oran llowroy, "Sii:lli1-"rl Ilo you hvlong to tho study 1-lulr? You will have to got your porniit signod. Mr. Scoggins Qin 'Physics rlassj: For tomorrow, you may start with lightning and go to thundorl ln tho Follios thc Soniors wonililff-Last!! As yo sew, so shall yt---rip! lu vhapol: Tho listorino quurtot will now garglo for you! Their favorite populan nuinhor is wlllw Lost f'horcl!" Ckloro truth than pootrylj 'l'hou shalt not pass! -thru tho hall. Eighty-Six i ly xy K ti GROCERIESE D E HARDWARE John Deere Farm Implements QUALITY AND SERVICE PHONE 88 Stansell 81 Collins FLOYDADA THEATRES C Royal X1 Olympic WHEN BETTER PICTURES ARE MADE WE WILL SHOW THEM. FLOYDADA TEXAS T l 'U' 'Y' Q59 Mm assa A--M43 The HESPER me jx A AQJM. -if J c. H. DAVIS GIFTS THAT LAST PHONE 30 FLOYDADA, s so so TEXAS THE REMINGTON PORTABLE SAVES TIME It is the handiest, fastest, most dependable and simplest portable you can purchase. Small, light, and compact, it is standard in every way, including the standard keyboard. You need all the spare time you can get. School activities of every kind make demands on you for your time. That's where the Remington Portable shines. It speeds up your work. Terms as Low as S10 Down and S5 per month. See Them At HESPERIAN PUBLISHING CO. FLOYDA IIA 'l' IGXA S lgltl It a wif W l l l I I i l w l l Q49 f Q 5523 E E If The HESPER 1928 g3+---wH- M- M- --M I I T I I ---of the better kind will improve your I home. Let us tell you how! TEXAS UTILITIES COMPANY LIGHT. POWER AND ICE FLOYDADA, PHONE 232 TEXAS Eighty-Niue Q71 it efE -M ya K pq L29 6-7 ,,,, N ill, fs? ,, ,V G53 X0 cig The HESPER T928 + if, i Q X T EiEJLJCl!XTTlCDPJ fT E3UlUL,EJUPWC39 T ii BOTH DETERMINE THE FUTURE- 3 T REMEMBER, OUR AIM- T "TO HELP IMPROVE FLOYD COUNTY i AND THE SOUTH PLAINS" ' 5 I I SOUTH PLAINS LUIVIBER, CO. 5 I FLOYDADA, TEXAS E E s 1 , ! X Q I E 3 9 f Y STANLEY S BARBER SHOP Q T A 5 X . . Q T We Later to Those Who Desire Service. E 4 A T FLOYDADA,EEEeeU EDEUEEUEEEUTEXAS 5 A E i T f T T I I 5 Mr. Sc-oggins 1-:lih-d our zltfvlliioii to ihi- fart Thai silica! the lust District i T Mm-et, HS" has developed :uid viiitiv:x'fmwl :1 Hl21l'VI'iOUS ,Qfl'UXViT1 of vhiu whiskers, f N Hul'1':ih for our vhihl prodigy! 5 T 1 Weldon Moore rurliiests us to make- no iumairks about his new tic-A T T whivh we wou't. i i f i Sujvs: We wmidei' if liugenizi Iloffnmu will spend so much of her time 1 T s 1 W in the stuff offiw in-xt vm-ui' :is shi- has this '0:11'. . 5 1 T If Miss f'0iYill were :ls popular in :ill other phases of life :ls she is in J f ' thi- dm-nierit howl:-we say shi- wouhl vi-1't:1i11ly he il liou. 1 I 1 . W7 , WN X 7 1 T i i Ninety , 1. 5 I fin RN I ' W Q 7:12, i M,M,,,,,,N,,,.,,,.,, ,.,,.,.,,, ,, Q? AW.. .K,,,,,-,, ,,,, A .,.. . ,,,.,..,-,.,,,r-.,.,..J...,..k....-..A,,.,...,.:...M..- T-:J-f.......l.,v-,-.-AM.. W -.7---Vx-.2-,Y Y Z fi! wp? i V . 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Personally, we say Mr. Patty take three I bites of a large yellow lemon since the spring has come, as Dr. Dutton said, to settle his W stomach from all the sweet stuff he hears in the halls. i 1 After burning the midnight oil for many long weary nights, the Literary Editor has l at last blossomed forth with at lovely little poem. Overcoming her shyness she finally 1 gives us her masterpieue: l l 5 l wrote a little poeni l Fifty years behind the tiniesg , i 1 Doesn't make niueh sense, ' lint the darn thing rhymes. l M, l 1 1 i 3 ii l l i W i 1 lN1nety-Tliree QNX- s it evnennM-,fenne,, one into einen, e We 1 l I i E E 1 l J 5 l 9 li 1 l 7 55 WE l l 5 V lf? Q 4, ffl, . --A.,.W,,W.--.,4.,,4...g Nm-.. ...mf 7 . e i T I s ,ff The HESPER 1928 ' H -Y M, l 3 627 w , 2 l .5 ll l H. AT THE DIlSTFillCT l l lu , i On the school calendar of Floydada lligh the dates of April Ellth and 21st stood out as red letter days, for at this time the annual district meet was to be held at Lubbock. i l Those who had withstood school competition and had been victorious in the county meet 11 , at Lockney were the ones to represent their school and county at this time. 5 The girls' debate team, composed of Ruth Enoch and Rosa Lee Rush, were victorious i l in their first round when they defeated the Plainview team. Drawing a bye in the ' y second round, they inet Luhhock in the third and were defeated by a 2-1 decision. The W l girl declaimer, Ollie Belle Collins, won the right in the preliminaries to go to the finals. In the finals, she was defeated hy the Uroshyton representative. l Tl1e athletic representatives were more fortunate in their feats of valor. The team i won the second place at the meet, with a total score of 23. They were defeated only by l Slaton. Steve Marshall, leading track man of F. ll. S., hroke the District record when l he hurled the discus llti feet, 5 inches. John ,Edwards was second in this event, and gi , won first place in the shot put. The relay team, composed of Harold Porterfield, Raymond ' i Williams, John lidwards, and Weldon Moore, placed second in this event. Raymond ' XYilliams was second also in the half mile run. Sid Carter ran the mile with creditable W form hut lost to several opponents. The boys' tennis doubles team, Jim Carter and Theron Sunimerville, was defeated by the Lulvhock team. At the close of the meet, the following five were found to have qualified for the W l state meet, held at Austin, May 3rd and 4thgVVinnie Voward and Lois Hill represented ,E l Floydada in the Typewriting contest which was held at the Lubbock Business College. l They won fourth and were only defeated by a fraction, John Edwards, Steve Marshall, Weldon Moore, Harold Porterfield, Raymond lVilliams. l Ei , l T I l 3 l T R ' i 2 ll l ! X l l l 1 1 ll l l' l . X ll l . 3 J J li - u 'E Y i 1 it i l Q . E W i P F l l . 1 ' , l l e l it l l l l 1 1 l l f . 1 l ll 3, 2 Q Ninety-Four , R T l l . Q,'TsxX ,mm , ..,, - K ,.., -.-W-,Y.-Y .... ..... ...... ..... .....m....- W, -..,....,,s.......- mm... ..,,, .W ,,., L- , W, W,-, W,-Wij,f',f5 K , 13 ers -A 'rite HESPER me fp A A EV E R L lT E. -THE oNLY FLOUR You NEED. Prom the same sack you can bake Light Tender Biscuits, Flalcy Pie Crust, or a wonderful loaf of ASK YOUR GROCER HE KNOWS Bread. Manufactured By Harvest, Queen Mill 81 lilevatorm Co. Acclimated trees, shrubs, and Evergreens. Plainview Nursery SPECIAL PRICES TO SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, AND PARKS. Plainview, Texas IDHMANLP MISTLETOE ICE CREAM At Your Favorite Fountain-Ttis a Food Not a Fad. Mistletoe Butter-ltis Worth the Difference. AT ALL MARKETS Mistletoe Creameries Plainview, Texas 4 i Q-fa gas 42- 934110 'MW' ' ' "" 1 W, Q -. 4' 'F V' if mg,-,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,4n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,M,,g,,,,' ' i, 5:0 or use fe K ilie HQSPER V928 ,J Q-X4 i i Q2 cp ii N E , F ' E i l l I l i l A il i Q Baldwin Pianos, Brunswick and Victor Phonographs 3 i Q EASY TERMS . li l i l EOYLE MUSIC COMPANY l l 1 Everything Musical i 1 . . l r f Plainview 716 Broadway Texas l i l W 1 1 l 1 ll i l 1 W , l l l ' I-mi HA! i l l lx Mrs. .lolinsouz "What time did you got in lust night, Mary lloloullll l , Mary llolou: "At 11 quxnrts-r of twc-lva-." Mrs. Joliusouz "But l was up llllfll illI'00 wailing for you." 1 ' M. ll: "Well, is11'T tlnroo :1 4l1l2ll'lCl' of twoIvo?" ' l i ' i l Will Martin: "Wl1z1t would you do if you wi-ro in my shoes?" l lx Orville Mooro: "Shine ll'll1.U l ' is Sanford: Say, that suit of yours looks like it had lvoou slopt iu. il i'rum2111: Yell, of voursv, I worm' if to Clll1l'Cll Sunday. r i 5 I XY0lllO1lI Sir, l put my wllolo mind into This poetry. l Mr. Scoggins: Oli, or, I soo, it is lvluiik Yi-rso. lf , flllIll'l0SZ "Polo did you over spa-:ik lwforo fl lzirgu :ludii-1101-'ll' ' i 1 'E Veto: "Oli yllllllyl 1 i Clmrlos: "And what did you sary?" ' Pete: "Not glliliyfl ' 1 , r l i ll , i 1 X . 1 W l . . ll l l We Appreclate Your Business 5 Z4 Hour Service 1 ll i 1 , ii , W L I i l Fuovomiaix, Tiaxixs 5 ! . i Q A l , ll ' , 1 W I f l 3 Ninety-Six l ' I 1 L L rs:--W e- ef eeee ee as or 5157 l +-so 35 PM Q ig ,319 FQ Qin, A M4:.,iL 'AK TSLU PHOTOS RYAPHS INN was ANNUAL. BY wm,.soN swmo sxw T PHOTOGR,AgP'HS LIRVEI FOREVER WILSON STUDIO FLOYDADA, TEXAS C. P. LOOPER 8a COMPANY STAPLE ANU FAXVY GROVERIES FLOYDA DA, T EXAS McGUlRE 8: WEATHERLY vw w - vw Hllll' Shure for ATUII DRY VLIGANINQI-SL'l'l'S TO OIHJICII-"GI'1N'l'S l+'I'RNlH11lNG ELOYIJADA, PTIUIIU 66 TEXAS WOOD BROTHERS VLUTIIIERS FOR MEN EIAJYIPAIDA, South Sith- Squnrm- TEXAS HILTON BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY SHOPPE A ftlvllll Shop, NViH1 Uh-:111 NYol'k, In :1 UTUHII Town T FLUYIJAIFA, PTIOIIC 295 TEXAS Ni11vty-Sa-ve-11 5.59 NU my JI I-W I TJ H 142 The HESPER 1928 fue H A YOUR SHIP WILL COME IN AS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT GROWS Happiness, Contentment, Peace- of-IVIincI, Independence-aII of the goods things of Iife are made pos- sible through saving money. "The Bank of Friendly Service" 'II1e Floyd County National Bank FLOYDADA, TEXAS Higginbotham-Bartlett Co. "EVERY THING TO BUILD ANY THING" PHONE 55 Higginbotham-Bartlett Lumber Company FLQYDADA, TEXAS NTI'It 95 Qs Z. UE CHQ The HESPER l9Z8 2? E E M E EEK e w xo, 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 WAYLAND-A STANDARD JUNIOR COLLEGE 1 MIEIMRIQR ol' TEXAS A N11 ,xMl41Rlc'AN Ass01,'1,x'1'l0N 4 ov JVNIOR 1'OIlLl'IGl'IS. 1 WORK AK'4'l'1P'l'l1llJ IN IIIGIIIQR lNS'I'I'l'Lf'l'IONS 1 For lnformzxtion, Writo Z. 'l'. lluff, Donn or G. W. MvDo11:1ld, Pros. 1 Plniuviow, 'IH-xas. 1 1 1 1 E 1 l i 1 E. C. HARMQ 1 fURN1TURE-UNDERTAK1NG The Right Place to Buy Your Furniture and Stoves 1 Wli ,XPPRI-li'lA'l'l1I YOVR BUSINESS. l 1"l,0YI1AlmA, 'IKICXAS 1 1 i LlPPERT'S FLOYDADA DRUG 1 PRACTICAL COMPANY BUSINESS H 5 CQLLEGE The Rexall Store I UVM' 3,1100 fUl'llll'I' sfudollts 1 hold good positions. 'Phu Business World Dm-111:111ds W 'l'1'ail1ocl Ma-I1 and VVOIIIOII. At- TUIIKI :1 school in whivh you 1 will got tho 1ll'UIPl'l' tl'2lIIllllg,f. 11 X Our I-oursus 1-utitlc you to 31,2 Phone 1 vrodits in any Iligh Svhool l work. If illturoslod, IIIUIIIIOII E gsliillldoll I1t1lrYHcllLIl'l:'itISOSIITIILZ 1 ' " ' ' ' ' ' A HOME WITH l SUt'1lI'lIfI for all g'1':1clu:1fL-s. 1 1 NORTHEAST A RELIABLE I i CORNER SQUARE DRUG STORE 1 I 1 PHONE Z2 1 Plainview, Texas Floydada -1- Texas 9 11 3 L Xiuety-Nine 3 11 I I RN I -R E Z9 5 M to f- 'Q YOU FUNUSH SCHOOL J' All the knowledge obtained will be of benefit to you on the long road you will have to travel. J I N . Y EA RW YO 1 Whvll Fond Bfelnory turns Insurance Farm LOHHS Buck tht- pages of time, W0 want to bv l'0Ill4'Il1b01'l'd Amidst the ple:1sa11t thought Q Of High Svhool Daysf I ,te Inf! 'A ,VL el INSURANCE AGENCY ARWINE DRUG STORE 99 s "C-ME-B-4-U-DIE "Goteveryth1ng" SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Floyclada -: - Texas Floydada, Texas One Hundred Shaw, Felton 8: Collins MARKET AND GROCERY EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT F LOYDADA, PHONE 27 TEXAS 1'0Nll'Ll Nl ICNTS OF H. P. Watson Company 5c-l0c-25c STORE FLOYDADA, South Side Square TEXAS Willson X: Son Lumber Company, lnc. SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, LIME, CEMENT, PAINT WINDMILL SUPPLIES Before You Build See Us! SERVICE-QUALITY-PRICE FLOYDADA PHONE NO 3 TEXAS llll if The HESPER me Ei J. C. Wooldridge Lumber Company, Inc. HEADQUARTERS FOR- LINCOLN'S UNSURPASSED CLIIVIATIC PAINTS, ENAIVIELS, AND VARNISH, ROGERS BRUSHING LACQUER QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE 7 J. C. Wooldridge Lumber Company, Inc. FLoYoAoA, TEXAS FEED Mixed Feeds Flour 8: IVIeaI Phone 284 FLOYDADA MILL 8: ELEVATOR COMPANY HOPKINS 81 FRY CIeaning and Pressing We Appreciate Your Business HOPKINS 61 FRY Fioydada Phone 67 Texas IIIIII Iv 78 CVE seg w get nge M gs A Q cog? tijlhe HESPER 1928 ggssrs'o'wfssssssrs A Qkh 'l'he biggest joke-the joke editor! CAN YOU IMAGINE- Ruth Stegall flunking? Miss Rea flirting with high sehool sheikst? Miss Collins 'tlowering the morale" of thf sm-hool? Miss Little becoming an old maid R. V. Husky playing football? I . . The Dramatic Ulub meeting regularly Y The gym erowded at a girls' basket ball game? Chapel dismissing promptly on time? Reading anything original in this annual? l . Ueeil Covington and Eb Maddox on time in the morning? i A. D. reporting to elass? 3 9 Miss Biebel talking too loud? i Miss Austin failing to assign :L lesson? i Mr. Jay griping? Mary Helen: l think neeking is repulsive! Ouida: I detest it, myself. Mary Helen: Shake old girl, we're both liars! l X 'l'heron: Dad, is it true that big ears mean generosity? 3 Mr. Summerville: Yes, my boy, generosity is nature. Kathleen: l wonder whether Lee will love me when I am old? Doris: You will find out pretty soon, now. llere is the joke--This page had to be filled. One Hundred Three rw t X I sph swgggw ssss H mNwmHW HM mg Yvggwwg gggo sgwv ,id 'Q Q9 'V' . H EY Img, 1 ,Jun Thx ,.,. 411Qf'1L't2 gfwfl ' .EEE CAVA NAUGHI IDRC' NTEII GI C 118 VVOst M issuuri Strvvf Phouu 187 Floydu dn 'l'ox:1 s PI'0gl'2llllS Bill H1-nds Office FOTIHS Snlvs Imffvrs Hulvd Hvzldings Iinvvlopo Stuffvrs Dirrwf Advortising Villltliilflfi' Vnrds Wedding OIIITIS K Iuvitzntions Sf1lf01ll011fS Hrozldsidvs f'il'l'11l2l1'S lilotfm-rs Hooks CN., PRODUCERS OF THE BETTER CLASS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING 4' I'IllIld1'l'1l Ftllll' E c i W N i D w , I I H U r I 5 ? ? 1 I x Y i v 1 1 1 i I 5 1 1 F 9 2 S Y z 3 i 5 E I 4 . , 4. mv ew M ' Thle HESPER 1928 f 1+111 1Qi,5 Wzmoriizsm I O Hl'dF I x MP Q Q f., 49, 443 The HESPER 1928 ga Weurmlouriw OHddS' X M 'Q QE Q56 GW Qyk ME Qg mnwER1928 'Wzmoriw 0 H 11 C1 Q 0 gi 24? ,., ev cafw The HESPER 1928 95:7 W Wemomiea One Hundred E ght V my 4 v f .X X, opp 'N ,VF M 6z1 eff The HESPER 1928 S4':5 w , ,, , r I 1 1 1 I N l i N N i n N 1, I N N w n 2 s N X I F i W: 11 12 W 1 Y 1 5 w 1 X ,-3, .wx 24'1Nl-- H ff' J 'Q 'mgzmoriw 0110 Hundred Nino r W r W i 5 U sr il 5. i ,, QE fn W M We HFSPER we 52 'Wzmowiiw OHddT MQ xx NN " ' ESMF A'5+A' ?Y W " X gf The HESPER 1928 gp mQ1Q X , on 'l'hv Ha-spvr Staff of '28 wislws to 1-xpruss its z1pp1'04'i:1- tion to thu lrusiuvss men who Imvv madv possiblv the suwvss T 'Y W uf This Zlllllllill. YW' Sil1l'l'I'l'ly lmpm- that Hwy slmll lm :ulc- quzxfvly 1'vw:11'ded for tlwir lu-:urty co-olwrutioll. fi' EJ w W One Hundred Eleven 1 I JG f 4 z 5 cfm J ,,,K Wi, me 51355914 a94 1 v 1:3 X nil" 5?f X . fffff , , f A, 5 ,X ' ""'f5g '1""'ff1'ffffwf I I aff, V ,ffl 11, 1, lf111,l ,. l"' m f I 'M ff , ff 1' ' 'vw I 11111 l Wil-Q'7'f ""7 'W' Ono Hundred Twelve 1

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