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Q Si fe N airy Y V A 1 Q . x-f 'l . ,N -. , A 1 - ',- 4 in ' w ' ig Y, ' N P' -- Wvliv. ,i t '- vw. . U .V V. ' Q 2' fff'T"i vii. ' . 1 Pre? r ,' L . ,.L-55 i , f , P' ,gk J -. M 3 i F E 3 E 5 E 3 - 5 B E E !' 5 s E sa 5 I s E Z a g E S S E 5 a fl -Ili!-v-.,3iI5-V., , --,., E22. Lib ii JF 41 in-I A f 1 NN ta! 5?:ri135:, Two KF. It no 41 mlllulummunmwn mwwluu Engrnvmg By 4 SOUTHWESFIRN ENL R AVI NG P By MISL" Mm RELL COCK x hmrrlln 'ling ' lhwIlWllWIIlIN'lllx KIIWMYIIVIEIX ml -.3 ., 3?-..-, VIgS.l.'2' A' ' .UQAL QLQ . dl w l Q coiumwv ,I n..n..,, rm Ivmh. 1 1 1 umm.. 1 L - X4 1:1 - , . li 31 .. , .?....J...L... , 'lf v rw ,1-, ' V V: ' , ' I V, W, -Sixty, ?,,...1..wx ,,,,,. ,..,..,- 57,33 Mm ,pf . ,,,,A,,, ,,, Q ,,,,i QF' 3 'Q' ,,.., .,,.,., . ........... , ,,,, , .,...,,,...., ,mg ...,, ,, L,.,A ,,,, .,,,LL,,, , , ,,Y, L , , ,W .......... W S The Reaper A Year Book Published by THE SENIOR CLASS ' ' A of FLOYDADA HIGH SCHOOL F LOYDADA, TEXAS j 'ik ,S V A--, -bi-:nw--V. V K K ., , U .-M-----A 1 i N P ' N REVIS GILBERT The Editor MARK DUNCAN The Manager W - Q 1 I I I N l I W--f W V V r b A A D ,A,, SRM-Fksfls-2.3 19 4 I , ,, Tiff I REWC If this, the l924 Hesper, recalls to your mind the experience of your high school life and makes you realize the superiority of the joyful phase of life over the darker of those by-gone days: if. within the cover of this. you find aspiration to continue bear- ing the burdens of life, as they come, with an intent purpose of making less adverse and more genial: if, after glancing through this, you understand more fully the import- ance of a spirit which will be ever ex- pressive and creditable to any who partake of its intemperance-if these things are a- chieved-this book will have accomplished its purpose. ,q.,., N'.q .4 Q. ag 2 Five '- . '3 Q3 Q34 m,mmu.....g.g-iqjjig?Qjgiziiiirr A ii l'A 1 ,, gig , g ' A"" ,t.t,:11..ii " "if1'i1ffi' QL, R 4 V fs 'SQ' -new -Six DEDIGZTIQN To him whose' life has expressed simplic- ity, sincerity, and devotion: to him who, as , a man, is much loved and, as an instructor. greatly admired, and who holds an unques- tioned share of the public esteem: to our be- , loved Superintendent- f. Neil jolmston, X We dedicate the classes of this volume of Hesper. 1 W w t We s, V uw VV V K I FE QF W "UK 1 X i W fa pgrzagk -"M A-W-r, 97' ,,..f.,' f ffffnffxf .1:-. f SQLQQ:l11fQfffffQQfffQLT "", .f!fiQf1fff'g'3'fif5? 'l5ii f,QQfl5i3-'llilf ":.::,.... Q1,,f'QQQffQfQff."QQWLg':': H A V -,,, E ..:::5:Q,N -A -M--A ...gr - '-'- iii" . ,,,,,, ..,.i . , HW! ..k.,,,, ,. .,....... , . ....., ,, , .,.,,,,,,, .. .....,.. .... .........,. - ....,. . ........, W.-. .... -..H -- V R. V. BOND VER.'X FRY NIRS. O. W. KIRK Hislory Geography Music-Voice SUSIE STANLEY MRS. FORD BUTLER English , FINE ARTS Expression RUBY I-Ixccs ' MRS. FANNIE RUSH Mathematics Music I N 4 R 34 H1 ,"' "A""' f 'fffffflfff .',,.. f...ff,Qif.f" "k', ""k Q "kk ' "k"kk"' ' "', f "'ffff',fQf"ffff,fff'ffffff k"""' fflfff'flfilllff "k' ff .... i ililllflllilllll ..." "" f" "'fffQ"'f ,, f Wh 4 + A. ' ' l l 357 fi Q75 24' ,k,. lf 'A,,, .'IIf ,..". ffff'fQfQ..f,ff'ffQQ"fQ ,',,, ".If f. '.,' ""A""A'A f Q'.QQ1QQ.Q..-.,QQLlQ1QfQQfQ ,"' ""A fl "" QQ .""L' fl Q 5 I RDERO 13 CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS PVHA T'S LEFT It-li' nu' -1 n - 4 - -z., 9 .jjztqx zzz: f'f-' 'ff,, Q :by I i76?.-'-rr S-5 mm xwhfx-e.., 1024 Hl'F3':rQstefffAf ', '.A'A f ffqv, ' ''f'f'fAffuf""F"'Yf2'j.1ffflff!lUff m"""li', I 4.3.53 M ..., . ,.., M .,.... -M ,---'--" U, swf E -' Q fi if-F .Q W M ,,,, ,A,,, , ,. ,, AA A,,, AA,,, , , AA,,,,A,,AA , ,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,, , A,,, ,,, , AA A ,,, W ,, , , A,,,,, , i N 'ff' .Q ,, ,.,. .,., , .,,., ....,.,..,,, H .,.. ...VV , Z? ..l J Tht 'ii 'RSS Hinge, jff ."'Q M ".,,,', fljfff ..,., fT..f"'i 'A'. I .... .""'iQQfff,ffQff.....1f ,TQQLQ ..,. .l1f"il.Q.Q....lQQ ....., Q .... l ,,,,,', ,'.. . if 1 "',A' 'Wm O PASSING or THE CLASS '24 OMMENCEMENT-that event so long talked of, soj eag- erly hoped for, and so long looked forward to-is here Yes it is commencement: a deep hush falls over the evipect- ant audience as the Seniors, jolly carefree Freshmen ofl four years ago. march majestically down the aisles and take their seats upon the beautifully decorated stage. Where are they ?QIn the auditorium of the new High School Building, the first class to graduate from this hall, the first to have a Senior Class night program, and the largest by far of any to graduate in the history of the school. Four years they have worked and planned for this occasion: and now, it is here. Now they are singing the commencement song, now they are receiving their diplomas, now it is finished. High School life is over-no more class meetings, no more foot ball games, no more note books due, no more debate practice, no more outings on the canyons, no more assembling together in chapel--t.he class of '24 is passing on. I On- ward and upward, following the gleam, they have not finished-this is not the end, it is the commencement. 'Wk Fourteen WJ 5 - l "E SIE R gg "" "A" """""'A'"""""""""""""" ffnffifif "'A H' 'K',, iii" """", jj ""',fA' 111 "kk"'x -"" fi? fff "f""""'A"' """' ' ' MIRIAM OLsoN JOHN R. SULLIVAN F. H. S. four yearsg Diamondean Society '22, F H S O Vice Presiclent, Class 'ZZQ Sapientes Latin Club ' ' ' ne year' '22, President: Spanish Club '22, '23, Secretary '22g Clee Club '23, Secretaryg Debating Club '24. HAZEL FENTON -F. H. S. four years: Athenaeum Society '22: Choral Club '20g Spanish Club '23g Tennis Club '23, '24. ' CECIL JONES MABEL WILLIS F. H. S. four yeurs: Athenaeum-Society '22g F' H' S' one yea" Spanish Club '22g Tnnnn Club '23, '24g Mn- Dowell Music Club, President '2lg Secretary Class '20, Vice-Presiclent, Class '24g Yell Leader '24. . . - - .. , ,, fx, , , .1 I A I , A , , -... - . . V. .- ,-I , .j . gn . . .j v I- , 3:11-l qf , ' . , H . U - ,1 -V 4 ,ig . :.nM.q,:- . - . - . b '1 2 . 1 n -' - ff'4flYX -- I . . , ' ' In 'A " . 11 T '- ' - "f"15f" V' 1n"""'pMl nuwu.-.wal .Fifteen , ! i "lla-1 "" " wk ' ' wiiirifi 221 EM- "rf 'L'--' Y P. 1 l BEss HOUSTON BONNER BAKE? I A , F. H. S. two yearsg Declamation ',3g Vice Presi- F- H' S' one yeari Secretary Debalmg Club dent, Debating Club '24g President Junior Red 24- Cross '24. 1 FLORENCE NELSON 3 F. H. S. four years: Athenaeum Society '22: 4 McDowell Music Club '20, '23g Secretary- 5 Treasurer, Class '21, 'ZZQ Tatler, Society Edit- X or, '23g Hesper Staff. W w ,MAURICE BURKE LAURA GERALDINE lVlASSIE F. H. S. four yearsg Athenaeum Society '22: F H S l D, d S . .22. Tatler Athletic Editor '23' Football '20 '2l. ' . ' ' foul: years' 'amor' cell oclely , ' .ZZ .bl Tennis .22" .235 .24. Basket'Ban Sapnentes Latin Club '22g Spanish Club 22 '21, '22, A23, '24: Track '22, '23, '24, Bm- 23- t ball '21, '22, '23, '24. W 1 1 .. .- . ,Nw-,.' , . . fag.-w,,,'-413. . .. ,, ., ., . - . . - ,. , . 1 - f f',A 2 'i ',eV ferccc 'ft '- f at . 1- .- - 5 - ' 'Q 1 ' , , , ' ':1:i,:1,L::::::'1,,, " I 4 N Sixteen l L 1 l w ,,..-www, ,M .... S M..-...MN A Vfzb .N A x....... .... M grew Ns 'w age SWE, 'E Q3 Met we ....... MMM... ..... M ..., ... .,,..,.,..,........,.... M ...,.., ,,., ....11: .s.,, W,,,, ..,. M M ss..,g, M . M .,,. M s:s..s:.Mgg,,gg,, M s..v .,.. M M . M .....sss,,.s,,,...,,,,,-: emi.:-1-Q s..,,Y M, .:.. M: ..::...1:. M .M...M............... ...... 5 ,M..::.::f., NS GWENDOLYN GREEN FAY MAXEY F. H. S. four years: Athenaeum Society '22: F. H. S. four years: Diamondean Society '22: lgfgcllggell Music Club '20, Basket Ball '22, S. D. Club '20, '2l, '22, Football '20, '2l, '22, ' . ' . '23. ' , ENA STEPHENS l F. H. S. four yearsg Diamondean Society '22: Debating Club '24, Spanish Club '22, Presi- dent, Tennis Club '23g Secretary, Tennis Club '24, McDowell Music Club '21, Secretary- Treasurer, Class '23, '24, Reporter, Class '2l: Hesper Staff. , r LEROY MCDONALD AUDREY EMMA WATSON F. H. S. four years, Diamondean Society '22: F. H. S. three years: Diamcnclean Society '22, S. D. Club '2l, '22, Football '20, '22, '23, Spanish Club '22, '23, Glee Club '23, Secre- Baseball '22, '23, '24. tary. M MMM V ' ' A ' M.,-nf' Seventeen I 1 1 'St QQ' t N QIfQQfQQf':f'ff"fffffff .." f' "k" f 'f fQfff'fffff'ff ffl. Qff,Q'f"'if'fQffQfQff1f1ifQQfQjQfQI211121,llQQQQiff'lllilllfillilfQlilllfjlfflQ,f'Q'QQQffQ'f i.'.1 QQ'fffffESE?E'fTfi.:.'Q.Q...QQ.Qfff S Eighteen i CMA BEATRICE JOHNSON AUBREY,MONTAGUE F- H- S- four Ye-USS Diammldean SOCMY '22s F. 'H. S. three yearsg Diamcndeian Society '22 McDowell Music Club '2lg Spanish Club '22 3 '23'g Sapientes Latin Club '22g High School Pianist '23, '24. 1 ED HOLMES i F. H. S. two yearsg Basket Ball '23, '24g 1 Baseball '23, '24. 1 . Y DAN JENKINS ORA SCOGGINi F. g:3'aEQhfoEiuZeiE?' ggvondean Somew 22' F. H. S. three yearsg Hesper Sjaff. i i t t ' "AA" A b,-,, f. ,,,-,--,-- Tasse- X wffffim ,.. ...ff :11 sw ,., .. 'E QF R miie UT -........,...,,.. . H ,....,. . ...,.. -. ..,.,, ,...,,., . - .,.,,.,,.,,,, . .,,,. ,.., . ,,.., . ... .,.,,, .M ,,...,,,.,,,,.. . ,.,,,.,....,,,,,,....,,.,.,,,.., . ..,.,,,. . .,., ..,,,,. , ,,..,,...,,.,,, ,,...,,, . , ,,.. ,,,,,,.,., .,..., .,.., ,,,.., . -. ...,, V...--NAME MARIBEL CILLEY MARK DUNCAN 2 F. H. S. four years: Athenaeum Society '22g Spanish Club '23, Tennis Club '24- Taller, Business Manager '23g Hesper Staff Football '22. BURKE F. H. S. four years: Athenaeum Society 3225 S. D. Club '2l, '22: Vice President Class '23: Taller, Secretary, '23g Hesper Staff: Orchestra ,22' '23, '24g Football '22, '23, Basket Ball '23g Track '23, '24, Baseball '23. MACYL A. CALTON MOORE PAULINE F. STOVALL F. H. S. four yearsg Diamonclean Society '22: F' S- four Years? Alhemfeum S0C'flY '22 F. H. S. four years: Anthenaeum Sotiety '22g Spanish Club '22g Orchestra '22, '23, '24i 5- D. Club '21, '22s Fomban '22, :23' Spanish Club '22, '23, Sapientes Latin Cluli '22: Secretary: Tennis Club '24. . . . -N - v 4 1'-'f:s2wM.gw,,, 25'-2.2 ':u,..-'mfaww" + -A '. . -' . - V - - s . - A - - - + Q A' , 'V Q 'Z , . f . - . - . ,. . ,Jg:,,,.,,f,,,, ZA., . U N . . 4 .ly : , - A A . . t -1 - aff z . .- . - 2 - -A - ' Q -' ' Nineteen Twenty .ses .see 'X '24- HiiiE?wQQ'ffffffQ.f.ff'fiffEi?i1fI.'1 MA'k' 'AA,A Q ,.',', ,"' M ' "" fj.1'jjQ,jgQ,,,,QQ,,1 ,,." Q , "iii ",,,' ,, ..., """ f 5 GI.ADYS WINDSOR TED R. BAKER, F. H. S. one year. F. H. S. one yearg Reporter, Debating Club '24. ' LLOYD T. PASCHALL F. H. S. four years: Diamondean Society '22g W Baseball '23': Track '23, G. V. SLAUGHTER JEWELL ALVENA WqOLSEY F. H. S. four years: Diamondean S0ciety 'ZZQ F. H .S. three yearsg Diamonclean Society '22 S. D. Club '2l, '22g President Class '21, '22 '23 Spanish Club '22, '23. , Football '22, '23. 1 l l l P I 'Q Q' limi,'iSffff'f'ff'if.QI,f..f fffffffffffffffffffffffffQliff'ffQ.1ffQf.fQfff.QQ1.QQQQTQQ1.fQQ..QI1QQff"Qilllllfffi'flillflilfllllllf "" f' ""' T111fQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ'f'fQ1Qffffli2Qfff'f95S MAUDIE ELESKA MEREDITH Joi-IN GREER F. H. S. three years: Diamonclean Society '223 F. H. S. one year: Baseball '24, Spanish Club '23, '24. I Dom. BRAc.c F. H. S. one year. JOE BREED JR. FANNIE LEE BOLDING F. H. 5. one yearg Debaling Club '24g Banker F. H. S. lwo years. Ball '24, Twenty-One - - HA. 1' .. ,- I I I EE Q? 7.24- Sf.fQQfffffIfff, ,"""' f "f'ff',ff.ff' fQf.QI.f1if.. ,QffQ..Q.QQ,fffff A"" ffii I s ' Q ' . lv Q :+L K - J: - :EMI A he 1,, I I MYRTLE LYDIA CLENDENNEN HOLLIS R- BOND F. H. S. one year. . . F. H. S. two yearsg President Debating Club '24. 1 I LEONARD HOLMES ' F. H. S. two yearsg Hesper Slaffg Football I '23g Basket Ball '23, f24g Baseball '23, '24, I Captain '24, I I-IAZEL THERESA JONES JOHNNIE W. QWILSON F. H. S. two years: Debating Club '24. F. H. S. one year. I I ' I I A I Twenlty-Two I I I I ,.. ....., ,,,,. . ..... ..,.,.,, ...MR ,.,, . ...,.,, ff,, x. W.. .,., . ,, . .,,.... . ,. ,,,.,,,. A M .,,,,,. fm- .1-5 f.,- ,1... -"- ' 'Nw' :tim JR -all MARY PEARL COWAND Roscoa joNEs F. H. S. one year. F. H. S. lwo years. VERA V. WILSON F. H. S. one year. RoY O,BRlE.N BEATRICE DAv1s F. H. S. four yearsg Diamonclean Society. F. H. S. one year. Twenty-Three ' l I l l l t ' Q if'-A -me -at-11.1.1 ,-', 5 '-,", 1111...-we '-"- 'aff-p ,ma ,i-. -,-,f-, z.. . 'ze 2 v N v' ,.. , " 5 53' "1fI ..,- if .Y,1 .af X me .., . . .,, , , . ,.,,,,....,,.,1., .. ,,.Y ,Y,, ,,.,,, , ,. . . , , ,. , ,,, . ,,.M,. , ,:,,,l,,YY,,Y A,.,,.,, ,:,,,L,, , ,,,,Y ,,,,ii ,,,,.,,ik:,, ,,,,,,h,L,, ,Yk, ,,,,i A ,, ,,,.,,, Q W , , Y,,,,,Y ,, ,,,,,,,Y,: i ,., -- ff V VVVV . W -- , ,, , , mai.: WYNELL MASTERSON F. H. S. two years, Choral Club '20g Glee Club '24. REVIS A. GILBERT F. H. S. four years, Diamomlean Society '22, s. D. Club '21, '22, sergeant-at-arm. '22, Tatler' Editor-in-Chief '23g Heeper Staffg Vice President Class '2l, '22, President, Class '24, Track '22, Basket Ball '2l, '22, '23, '24g Yell Leader '22, Baseball '2l, '22,' '23, '24, Cap- tain '22, TERRELL E.. LORAN A l F. H. S. two years: Football '22, '23, Basket ' Ball '24: Track '23, '24g Baseball '24. 1 LORRAINE NELSON F. H. S. four years: Athenaeum Society '22i S. D. Club '22, Football '21, '22, '23, Basket Ball '23: Track '23, '24: Baseball '24, ORA MAE. Roiiams F. H. S. four years: Diamonclean Society '22: Spanish Club '22, '23: Sapiehleb Latin Club '2l, '22, McDowell Music Club '2l: Culee Club '23, '24. ' : Z .I V : , .A .V ,L ...h gin. li :A ,, h... :Ga-. , , .' .f A:4,4.Arb,, .-',, 4 ',..- :.aV ,. Twenty-Four QW?-ef. S if 24 . ,.... emmumi ,...,,. .,....,....... . .,.., ,...,....,,,,. -M ...., , ...... , .....,. , ,.., S ,... . ..,, ,,,. ........., . ........ HISTORY or CLASS or '24 Our first thought, when enrolled as Fershmen in l920, was that we had reached that long worked for goal, High School. But after enjoying this sensation a few days, we had a second thought which was somewhat of a shock-it was! "Now that we are in High School, we can't stay here for ever: how shall we ever get out?" The only answer was to graduate, and toward that we have been working ever since. Va- rious methods have been tried but we will say, for the benefit of classes coming after us that hard study is the only one which ever has rewarded us with any progress. As Freshmen, the class had an enrollment of forty-five members. It was divided into two classes. the Freshman Science and the Freshman Language. The class se- lected as colors, those of the rainbow: as flowers, sweet peas: and as a motto, "Follow the Gleamf' The Science Class was entertained with a picnic on the canyon and the Language Class was entertained with a party at the home of Mabel Willis, also one at the home of Hazel Felton. In its Sophomore year the Class had forty members. The officers chosen by the Science Class were: ' President-G. V. SLAUGHTER Vice-President-Rsvrs GILBERT Secretary-FLORENCE. NELSON Those chosen by the Language Class were: President-KEN-NETH HENRY Vice-President-Mxmam O1.soN Secretary-MABEL W1LLrs ' Joyce Hopkins represented, the Class on t.he annual staff. The Language Class was entertained with a party at the home of Mabel Willis and a picnic on the canyon. The Science Class was entertained with a party at the home of Mozelle Viles. There were forty-five members in the class in the Junior year. The following of- ficers were elected: 1' R ' ' - ' ' V rs Nt'-L - ' A . Q ' - - ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' Q ' ' -' I' - ' L f 'h . ' .' .' .' Twenty-Five 1 'KS Ki? K 4 " f 'f "'k f 'K'Q'f.fffff..,Qff'fffffff'QfsflfffQf.Q.f.Q.Qf..'f'ff'f' .A" fi''f"fff'fQQIQfff'f "', 1ff'f'QQ1QQ11Qfff'ffQ'f I President-G. V. SLAUGH'liER '. ' Vice-President--MACYL BURKE Y 1 Secretary-LENA STEPHENS , The class followed the custom of other Junior Classes in publishing the third vol- ume of the "Tatler", which was done very successfully throughout the year. The mem- bers of the staff were: A ' Editor-in-Chief-REvls GILBERT Business Manager-MARK DUNCAN Secretary-jEssrE DUNCAN Se6retary+BoNNER BAKER Athletic-Editor-MAuRxcE BURKE - Literary Editor-JOYCE HOPKINS Society EJii0Ti-FLORENCE NELsoN , The Class congratulated itself on its junior-Senior "send-off" which was in the form of a motor-picnic.' Y ' ' ' The Senior Class of '24, the largest inthe history of the school, had fifty mem- bers. The following officers were chosen: ., f , - President-REv1s GILBERT 1 Vice President-MABEL WILLIS' Secretary-LENA STEPHENS ' ' 1 The class decided to publish the third volume of the "l'lesper" andl the following staff was chosen: ' 1 ' Editor-in-Chief-REvls GILBERT 1 Business Manager-MARK DUNCAN A 3 Literary Editor-ORA Scoccm 1 Athletic Editor-LEONARD HOLMES l Art Edifdf--FLORENCE NELSON 1 Cartoon Editor-MACYL BURKE - Society Editor-LENA STEPHENS 1 A very busy year was spent in publishing ,the Annual and becoming eligible for diplomas. The Class helpedlput on the play, "The Elopement of Ellen", for the benefit of the high school. The play, "Out of Coui't'7, was put on by the class as the regular Senior play., The Class was very pleasantly entertained by the Juniors. It also was entertained with a l-lallowe'en masquerade party. . And now, after four years of study and fun in the dear Old Flaydada High School, we have "Followed the Gleamn to the end of this rainbow, our High School days. to find a "pot of gold"-our diplomas. t Geraldine Massie -- - A ..- - . 7 . ,'. s -V . -. L . .f,g. 'fly A . .V f Twenty-Six l ivan. M K - -,',-' - ...... 2 .:.:.,,g: ,vi ...,? fa .MQ::.M:,,, ,,,,, Z ,:V,, :V .,,,, W:-:.,.,,.N ww . AA bbbbbb Q S 59---W V Wvw - v 7 "'Y 3 iT 5i ffl'f '.' lliiiiii v" i'T'i1Tl i" i.12i1Zi'.Z2iZiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiLiiiiiiiiii12113'311111i11g'ii'13ii11iii1i55ffg1iiiiii'fiiif'if:i3 "' Y' ' ,, ggig1g ,'q " Y jgiggjgjjjgg 'ex QXJ C I 2 1 xx G I J X xx' N" I :GVQQN ova -X " YU7 v QU if i' xXx N X 1. Xa. K ' aT ' fr? X- -,1 U l IP KX A Q? -K . V i' i Twenty-Seven -, V ,Wf, ts 'AS R4 eeeeee ''fflifQ..f..f.fQ.Q.QQ-.Q.f.Q .,,.. .. 1 1"fi1i1 , ,. Q, . , A. 'f,,Q,f,fff igiig, .A"' ' "" Qiiiiigigi.i'TiQ'i'iii"2 UWB 1U 10125 , As the first Seniors to attend school in the new building, we Juniors ought to do something to prove ourselves worthy of this honor. We should be able to do better work than the present class even is doing, because we will have better conditions and more fav- crable circumstances under which to work. As we will have more modern facilities for gaining our education and a wider course of study from which to choose, our literary averages should be better. The Senior class of '23 should be as large or larger than this years class because. as Juniors, we have fifty or more enrolled: and, when a student gets as far alon gas the tenth grade, he usually deems graduation more important than he would have done narlier in his high school days. I We may not publish an annual: but we should, in spite of the work connected with one, because there is so much satisfaction to be derived in later years as a result of looking upon a product of past labors. An annual is a credit to thelenergy and nbility of a class, and we certainly do not care to fall behind the other classes in the merits of our record. - . U , 'Z-t3, A ,V I U fm ,iffflllllnlnfgi fx r I X Q I XL! I ll l ' gr? gf SWK 20,6 A N. 1 ? 'R xxx n if Q i ff? Qc" N- V ,gn ,IA ' gases Twenty-Eight gffffffiig 1 0 24 HWLH .,... v.v........,......... I ,:,.1tQ.2.1 .................... A ...... 1 vg1...5:... ..,..... ...T ....... f ........... -A ....................... W, ,, ,, :, . I GARNET WHITE VERNON ABBOTT MARILOU CRAIN ERNEST CARTER President INA FAULKNER Sccrclary ALPHA KING Dovrs MCKINNEY KENNETH HENRY ALLINE Woon LEMOND MOORE 1 MARY BROOKFIELD Lois GILBERT i Twenty-Nine Thirty T NS. SE R w ,,,,,,,.,,.,,,, ,,,,,, , , . .,............ .... ..... .. , .,., V. . V...,..,, -,.,...4 ............,.. ..,,..,,.......-,..,,.-..,..,,. ... .N ....,....,.-,, V- ,,,,-- ....-,.-.-..-.. A --A .A --,,,--f-,,- -,-f F - -- - f -f ' T' ' " m SYBLE COVINGTON Ovls AWTREY GLADYS HILTON NOVA AUSTIN A LEE GOLIGHTLY ADELAIDE SCOTT l LOUISE JACKSON PARKER SHI LEY OPAL SPE CE GRACE PoRTERF1ELD RONALD MORGAN A JOHNNIE COURTNEY QB E ,A-Q5 3 Ibm-W -W ,..... ......, v .. .M... .L ......... L - ..... .L ............. :,,,.E ..., -:1..iL..igi.L: ............,... :.: Q .,...... , ..:3..1j:W. .,.... ,, ,....,-...- ..,,.... ,.,,,,, . 'MQW JEWEL HEARD QUINBY KIZZIAR MILDRED CARTER Roy JAMESON CLARA TUBBS BILL DAILY JEAN AYRES HESTER WEST ADRIA BAKER PAULINE RUsH1Nc. Vice-President HELEN MCKINNEY JOHNNIE DE CORDOVA Thirty-One f "' f T i 'X KB 2 4' S .... QQ ',., fi '.A' f "Ak'k ff..Q'ffff'f ..... jfffflffff .A'A, kx""".' Q ., ..Q1QQff'... ........ ff .A" fx W I I I Thirty, Two MACEL SMITHi WESLEY PARKER AMY HANCOCK P i LAURA MAE CLENDENNEN GARNER LSURGINER 4 1 WESLEY Fos'rER VELMA NORMAN DARNELL AYRES I 1 AREL. RAlNERi JACQUE TLWMLINSON . ,,. 1-f, fm ,V-Sq' U " , ' ,:'gk.g- f' .IN A A A 1 N N R Seri ..l, s- 'S 53 '24- ,,,,,, os ,,,, ,,, , ,. .,.. W w.. .. .....,.... M ..,. ......,...... W ,...,... , ..,,, ... ..... , s . ........ . ., .... M .....,7 M ......,.....w H ..... WE JUNIQR, The teachers think we don't do much With our'C-eometry or themes, But with candy, gum, and such ' We usually are extremes. They say that we break every' rule, And are getting more demerits, Than any class that's in the school, Because of our wild spirits! When exam period comes around, We are accused of cheating, And told to get to work at once, The other class is beating. But at recess we lose our cares, And stand above them all, In playing games of any kind, As tennis, pitch, or volley ball. Now don't you try to down our class, For we're the proper stuff. And when the end of next year comes, You'll believe it well enough. Jacque Tumlinson f 3 ,. .- Nw., . .. .V .l ,V . -. . 4, , --.,,,-Azz., I' f, gg' f Qs . . . , ,grilf V ,M , "tr '1 . '- .uni ,r ' - , -. - ' ' 1 . Thi!!!-THICO i ss sas fs Q 24- ,, . ,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,, AA,.,, ,A,, ,,.,,,,,,, ,,.,,,A , ,.,,,A,,,,., , , K,.,,,, ,,,. ,, .V,' ,,,,, ,,.. ll?,i,,,..i..:,W,:igTW..,-,HH HEL, ....., , ,,,,, f,if1 .. ,L,1, .....,,.., , U A FIRELIGHT When the evening fire is lit, Upon the rug in fnont of it I lie, and watch' the shadows fall, Upon the hearth an don the wall. ' Weird fantastic shapes they show, 1 As they are flitting to and fro: Like actors, they run off and on p 'ITD play their part, and then are gone.' -Aizielaicie Seott P ff W ' ' ' :MMU we .iff1wrf,zff,, 4 on he - en 11 W I I , 11114 poi 4 ff fri f , 1 4 r 1 Q J 4 A W" ' 4 L .41 will M fax J 1 yy 5' U A XX xg. 'av' I 2 -' ' ' uGfMy, X-wfts' f I ,- M 'stdsfir - 'Y- , ww r' 41 N" A XJYW' x 4 S ,V 1 'lftfp I A 'ivxj' NH' T 7 QM., v , Thirty- Four 1: F . 1 ,.A.', .msfffi """'2111-211x M -- ---',-1':L.:1:-i -',A M ., L ASW' QW Ei "Q' 5 'S SE QQ N ' W ---- ' ...W .... v.., , ...... ,,.. ,.,.,, , . . W S i . I 1, '- ' Y ---- Thirty-Five I 1 l I "M" W" mglifff 'ffflf' ""'A"' 1112? "" 'M QM Q Wages p pp 'EQ s..,, , .,,, ,....,,.. . .......... M ......, ,.,, ,. ., ....... .........,,, ,,,, M ........ . ,wwvlwvl-H25 OPHOMORES When we were Freshmen we were called "Fish" by those who had passed on before us: and for nine long months we endured the .term "green" also, as applied by our superiors. At the time we paidilittle attention to our "pet" names, because we knew that those who were ap- plying them had been subject to them also once upon a timeg but,i now that we are sophomores, we realize the pleasure of impressing our inferiors of our superiority and do such every chance that we have. l "Sophs", slow to ignite but swift to burn, are very dependalfe in any school activities: especially are we trustworthy when personal lhon- ors are to be gained. lO'ur class boasts proudly of two letter foot-ball boys and of many basket ball girls. Also we are furnishing manylboys for the track and girls for lthe tennis club. We are notorious iii the literary field as well as the athletic, and boast a few stars. Vvhen we are Juniors, we intend to publish a Tatler which wil 'over- flow with interesting and original material. As Seniors we mean toihave the honor of publishing the best annual that ever has been put out by a Senior class before us in F. H, S. ' -Eula Wright L D I l l l l f l i 'E Q3 K Q- ',.. Q '." f A'k' ' ,k" """' ff .."' .'fQQ1.QlQ1ff...Q...QQQ'.Q1QQQQlQfQQ1QQIQQ'kffQfQQQQQl.'QQQQQQ.flllllflfi ','A QfQffQ1Ef,..Q11Qf1Q1111iQQlfff'SAEf'fff,,,f.22gf,'f1niG-isS INEz PAscl-:ALL LOUCILE MEACHUM FRANK HORTON AGNES Bumxows VIOLA SMITH HELEN KING - TnoYE POPE Roy SWAIN ETHEL RHOADES EULA WRIGHT ANNA FIELDS INA COPPRELL ROLAND LowE L. B. FAWVER BEn'rl-IA RoaER'rs X JOHN GAMBLE Thirty-Seven I I ohm E-E 1624 lkfifflilgi ""' M"'f..f.f'f """A "',', f ' 'fffflff''k"1fIf.-..-L,'Q'H 9 I I I I BILLIE Rusun-In ' J. B. WATSOIII VIILMA FULLQR I THEnroRn Boauwl VEDA WOOTE? Cx.,mENcE BOOTHE. I I MABEL HAMRICIK EDNA HOUGHTIJN CLEO NORMAF I I HERBERT SuvIs EFHE NOLANP HENRY CLAY WILLIS I I ORA MCNEAI. FRANK LUWRILL BONNAREA STEPITENS I ALICE Lowny FAY Runmcrf I I I 1 Thirtif- Eight I GLEN ' EEE X--9 RNQM fi 'O 3 4- tgfjglmwn '-V,vV-v, W V ,,., W ,L.,. , , .,.v,,,,., ,,,,, ,,,.,g., M .....g,...,,,, ,,,, , . ..,. . . f'Z'.:Z:,1.:..:f'. ---- - AUDREY FELTQN ARIE GAMBLE Tom Blsl-mr LUCILLE MoN1'Ac.uE MARY BELLE BAKER Roxuz HAVERTY RANDELL ALEXANDER A. JACK S1Ms D. SUMMERVILLE JR V1-:LMA NELSON E.vELYN KIZZIAR MARIE TUMLINSON Pouc GoEN MILDRED QRSBURN CLAUDE Nlcl-loLs - --f""""' Tlurty Nine I I I I I 'IS IRQ lima? """" " "" A ..,.QQff'f?FISi3. ,,.,,.. f,fQf,f ."' f i'ff'f'f'f 'K"""kLL" I ffffff "kk f Qf.'.fff1fQ1fQf'ffQQQft.Q.f...QflQ.f.1111 ,,,,A """k' QQQ"iQQQ,.1 ,,'," f "" I Forty THE CLASS VISIGN By Marie Tumlinson They told me I must prophesy, I But I know not what to do, For I was not born a prophet, - I I ' Any more than one of you. I spent the day in study, ' And thinking hard, and deep, I So I now, all worn and weary, I Lay me down and fall asleep. I I had lain there but a moment I ' In that slumber, calm and sweet, I When I rose, refreshed and strengthened, And stepped out upon the street: I But I very soon discovered That I was in a strange place, I For I saw not one known figure I Nor an old familiar face. I I was in a mammoth city, By the side of which I know That New York, the nations glory, Would stand but a feeble show, Great sky-scrapers all about me, Aeroplanes through all the airg I I I Wonders far beyond conception Here and there and everywhere! I I could scarce believe my senses When I saw the airship line I Bore the well-known name "Floydada". I While the same gleamed from each signg And my eyes were opened wider I I Than they'd ever been before, ' When I saw a slip of paper I Dated 1944. I I I img?-gges . SNS S953 its 53 'EQ' V--Vxi-'vv-,. mn- V K IIVQQQKQ H Vrkk WZ' '-" V QQMQQQWQQYQQQ 'mv-H3333 W -V V QVV, Nz, ,,,. , V----F W While I puzzled o'er this problem, Starting 'round with open eyes, Looking for someone to question Of this marvelous surprise, I beheld near me a lady. Coming on with footsteps slow, And I thought I would accost her And learn what I wished to know. As she came to be still nearer, I thought I had seen that face, Somewhere else, yet could not put it In exactly its right place, But at last she stood before me, And all wonder vanished quite: 'Twas my old chum, Bonnerea Stephens, And I met her with delight. It was strange that I should know her, For the change in her was great: She was very tall and slender, While she moved with queenly grace She seemed quite surprised to see me, Said I had 'been long away, So she gave me an invitation To remain with her that day. Her kind offer I accepted, And she hailed a flying car, Which we boarded, skimming swiftly, Through the ether, fast and far: I watched the conductor closely, 'Twas a lady, short and stout, Fully able to assist the people, As passengers to pass in or out. ff? 2 i V V W i' V ll Forty-Une I I . I I a QI 2 4- NLQfQf'f'f.- ,...,. fff'lfffQ,.ffff,f A"'k i ff'ffff,ff"f'f i"'f 'ffllifffffflfff 'A ...., ,ff"fff1Q1QQQ.Q'ffff ""' fiillfn., I I l I l l I l As she took my fare, she knew me, And stood painting out strange sights, I Arie Gamble thus had proven Her belief in Woman's Rights! On the car a dude was sitting, Toying with a poodle small,- Why, 'twas Jack Sims! I scarcely I Would have known the man at all. I Soon we flirted past a corner I That looked like old times to me, l For it was the well-known corner I Where our High School used to be! Now the place was changed to show A factory, twenty stories highg And I noticed a small fish-stand There, as we were 'passing by. And behind that greasy counter Stood a man I knew at sight, ' Yes, for it was Polk Coen, 1 Shouting "Fish"! with all his might. I I looked out at him in wonder, For whoever would have thought That our old-time brilliant president I Could to such a task he brought. I But the whole day brought surprisesg Wilma was dancing on the stage: Roxie was an opera singer: Claude a preacher, quite the rage: I Frank a soldier: Bertha an author: I Audrey an old maid, prim and neat: Evelyn had grown so very heavy, l "Anti-fat" was all she'cl cat. I Forty-Two - 4 I 1761323 'S 55 '24 NEQffQffffff15P5ffff ffffllfffifflffiff'.QQf.f"f,ff'ff 'k," ff"flTf'ff1f1Q'I,fQ'Q ...,, Q QQiQ1fQQ1fQQQ.Q'QQQ.Qi """' ',",,,, 1 f1QTQQ1iE:EII11lQQI'flffQ ..,...., B Bye and bye we reached the home where Bonnarea lived-her husband, too, But he was a traveling salesman, So I didn't find out who! I was tired and very sleepy, So I felt that it was best To withdraw myself a little For an hour or two of rest. I slept long and very soundly, Afnd just imagine my surprise When again, after my slumber, I opened my drowsy eyes, I found myself in the cottage I had lived in long ago, Ere I started out that morning On that curious quest to go. I sprang up and sought the window Yes, it was the same old town, That, in what seemed years ago, I had wearily lain down: But the dream had been so life-like, That e'en yet I could not feel That the vision I had witnessed Could be otherwise than real. So you see, dear friends and Classmates, That 'twas nothing 'but a dream I've been telling, howe'er natural And real it to you must seem: But in this old world of wonders, Dreams have often come true, So, who knows but this my vision, May be realized by you? Forty-Three I l i g l 'S Q lQl,fQfQf ',',, ,,,' ' Q.ff'fff'fff'fffQf'fff ."""k Mf"f'f'i'ff"Qfff, ,'A," 1lffQff'?iS?QQQQfQ'QILQQZ ,.... Q ,... llllllllllf "" "AA i 1QQ1fQQfQf1?i+E:EP??N"9QS ESSAY---SIVIILES r lsn't a smile a funny thing? It does wrinkle up one's face in:such a comical way, and when it is gone, it is impossible to find the secret hiding place. Oh yes, there is bound to be a secret hiding place for that smile, because none is visible to us, and the smile disappears so easily. I think, though, that some people have iron vaults, which may be locked with keys, to put their smiles in: and then, perhaps, they lost: the keys because they never wear their smiles. Every time we see them, they look as though their best friends had died, and no money could be found with which to bury them. 1 But more wonderful is the power of a smile. Try walking down the street and smiling at everyone ,you meet. Watch the many smiles spread. You smile at a person who smiles at someone else just because you smiled at him. Thus smiles grow so numerous that wg lose track of them entirely. l Smiles often have saved lives of people. Old men and old Women whose lives are almost finished feel young and happy under the power of a smile from a young person. When a man is far from home and friends. penniless perhaps., and with no idea as to where he will sleep through the oncoming night or when he will eat again, a smile, a slap on the hack, or a handshake either, will do him more good than diamonds. I Since a smile can do so much good by cheering hearts of care, let I Alice Lowry. l i us try smiling more, and let us not forget that smiles go everywhere. l Forty-Four '5--intel!-1 ' ,,,.,. QF NNW S Sw Sm W' 5 " ' .... 1 1 ...., ........... . .,..,..,..,............, , N W. ..,. N ....... .......................... ...,x...,.,............ . . . lffeshmen EQ. Maw! cu4mMART- 5f-f+0"- A .1-,gli .. - --...bw-.-' ... .- . , .J .-- - . fy- 4' -A . . - . ', .- ft'-M' '. 4 'Q tv.1,15-I-42'Q',1-,':4, . H H ' I -J 'W' ini Forty-FivC self?-N i s ' 'glfifiiw KR. NWN? .sm Riagg' i iiffffft. ,,,,. Q "" iff , .' ii , CLASS OF '27 Read up and down, And you shall see, That the "first year" class ls the class to be. Thus it may also Remain .to he seen, That everything fresh lsn't necessarily green. And also keep this Forever in sight. Things that are fresh, Are nice, clean. and bright. The high-stepping Seniors, So pert all of late, Will soon be hack numbers And quite out of date. These same larainy Seniors, , Who think we are "late," Will not even be noticed In nineteen twenty-eight. We'll have the stage then, And make things hum, So keep your eyes open For wonders to come. And we're doing things now, . Pretty good for beginners, So, Seniors, look out, We'll soon be the winners. For our Freshmen crowd is A class of success, The hest to be found In dear old F4 H. S. v,.....,fffffQffff?"itsss S 4 ' 1 --PERNECIE CALHOUN. 1 1 'Q ji' , I- 4- ..4.v 'L gm g ' Q . . g , j. .- j gg , J , 'W f "" W maui' , ' t Forty Six 1 L L., ,... ,a.,........... ,,.....,.......... . .... . .. ,, .... ..,...... , I EW! LOLA MURRAY BEN ANRES DORETHY MARTIN CAPITOLA HARDGROVE ALBERTA MAssIE DOLA MADDOX EDNA FAULKNER T. M. HOUGHTON VIRA NORMAN MARGARET HENSON FRED JONES IRENE REA EVA I-IAYNES RICHARD STovALL ELIZABETH BITTS PERNECIE CALHOUN WILLIE ALLEN A. D. WHITE BUFORD TERRY l Fc-rty-Seven I KS E .f'fffffQ.f. """fffff1,f.f..f ....Q Q1 ,""k f 'fffgffflrjf.22QfQ.LQQlf.Qf.Q ,..' f.Q.fffQQlQQ.1if1iQ.,Qlflf """k'A"' QQQ'QQ1QIi22-'i A"""' 'Q"lWM'M"QLQQ..QQQ .""' Lf I I I AUBREY STYLES GEORGE LEE ASSITER FRANCES KINNRAD MABEL FAWVER ELMO HONl?.A ETHNA GREEN I A AUDREY STILES MARY WllLLI:AMS ARVIL SMIIII-I WALLACE ROABINS MILDRED DUNN THELMA SWAIN ToIvI CASTLEBERRY ALLEN BEILRY WILEY PEARCE MINNIE BELLE MCKINNEY WILNA MARTIN H ALICE CHAPMAN I INA SIM4 WILLIE B. MAY ,- -f H ni ,wr - Forty-Eight ' I l i ..,,. . lQ.Qfi"if"Qi '.,,Q '.QQ..QQQ.Q ...... Q ....,' , .... Q iIQESFliIif2QiQliE?EE.Q ....,. WHO1 WHO' NCE upon a time, as all real stories begin, the Lord having given special talents to ' each of a great number of boys and girls, who, it seemed, had lost them and were drifting idly through life, lo and behold! to each came a vision saying: ' "Proceed to south of Floydada until you come to the city park where you will find a square-topped pavilion. Enter ye it and receive instruction from a sage as to nine months of hard study." Every one obeyed the voice of the vision and, on September l0, l923, a body of very noble young people assembled in the city auditorium. On the rostrum before them sat the stately, stern, kind, absolute ruler of the kingdom of work, at the command of whom this student body dispersed to meet at the Floydada High School building' at one o'clock. The lbrighest of this vast group were assembled in the .eighth grade rooms and assigned work, which, if carefully prepared. would keep them busy from seven A. M. to seven P. M. Mr. Johnson. the sage and ruler, has been unusually fond of this crowd from the beginning, or I suppose it thus, as he has spent much of his time among them. In his expression he seems to say, "These are the special features of you people, hear ye them": Low-voiced-GEORGE L.EE ASSITER-"With little feet, always acting gently and sweet." Thoughtful-WILLIE ALLEN--"Co teach primary morlz in a city school." Ambitious-BEN AYERS-"The historian of the twentieth century' ' Coy--EULA BROWNING-"Timid and shy, the cupid will catch her, by and by." Energetic-ALL!-:N BERRY-"General manager of a .shiqt factory." t Philosophical--PERNECIE. CALHOUN-"She is our poet, but the world daesn't know it." Impatient-TOM CASTLEBERRY--"Editor of a poultry journal." , Pi0Us-ALICE CHAPMAN-"Throughout her life she has never sajd a wise thing and will never do one." pleasing-MILDRED DUNN-"lf you have tears, prepare to shed them now." Modest-BLANC!-lr: Davis-"Well where do me ga next?" ' Good-natured-M.u31.i-3 FAWVER--"Slow but sure: she will surely win the goal Sensitive-Jessie Fosrak-"Member of the Hensham Opera Company." Light-hearted-EDNA FAULKNER-"Young and like a rose, loved hy all, and has no foes." Intellectual-ETHN-A GREEN-llfusl a Solomon sage, far-advanced for her age." Timid-ELMO BANKS--"Often seen, but seldom heard: He is a fiddler." Brainy-T. M. HOUGHTON--"Superintendent of an institution for old maids." n " ,U ., 4,L . ., , A- l... Q ,.,-Al i... , ' ,. A A, Y . x Forty-Nine Fifty 4,5-N, W.-.s,,.? - ....., ,L ......,, -.--..-, - M...:.:...e-N 1 i i i 'znfi .e .fm v S 4 ,. ..., , EQ!! New-, ..,,. .- ,.,.,,.,. , ...,,.. - ..., ,,,. ,.,..,. ,,,, , , .,., , . ,,.. ....., . ..,. ., ,..... Serious-CAPITOLA HARGROVETKAYCS, Miss Reeves, I know. lnul I fust can't 'Rosy-lippedEvA HAYNES-"The neighbors say that she is a great singer." Meditative-MARGARET HENSON-"Little but endowed with more than five Dark-eyed-E.L--0 HON!-:A-"Freclgles ever will be his name, But hc will a Troublesome-jot-IN j'oNr.s-"lf I only pass." I..ady's man-FRED JONES-"Cares for nobody, but Velma." Reslive-HOMER JONES-"Superintendent of an institution for mules." Dignified4FmNci:s K1NNAmJ-"President of Ss-'A great persuaeler."' CentleRAY MOURE1-..LCClHf6T on 'Back to the Farm."' PreciswDoLA Msnnox-"She with her giggles gay, Makes us happy Sl!lBl'l'v,liLDON MOORE--"Some day he will be leader among men." Sweet-spirited-LOLA MURRAY-"Well, let me tell you, its this way." Winsomw-DOROTHEY MARTIN-"An expert pattern--drafterf' Loud-JOHN MCPEAK-"Easy to start, but hard to stop." Reclusive-VVILNA MARTIN-.il nevfr heard af that before." Resolute-WILLIE B. MAYS--"Author of 'Cann's Sketch Boolz."' Quaint-VIRA NORMAN-"She is a Missionary." Quaint-BERTHA PENIX-"So quiet and nice, doubting her fears of the Queenly--BETH PITTS-tAOUf movie star, ln studies she shines afar." Imaginadve-WILEY PEARCE-'Tcirtoonist for the Amarillo Daily." all th lnzays ihznkt' talents." ,gain fame." e day." mice. ' Mischievious-WALLACE Romam-s-"I know I am attractive, but I can't help Curly-AUDREY STILES--.Ashe loves the lvoys and always fills our ears uri Trusty-AUBREY S'rn.Es-"Our country clown, just come to ton-n." Noble-ORVEL SMITH-HA Solomon holds with quite a bit of knowledge for it" lh noise." thirteen years old." Adorable+INA Snvts-"Loves a laugh, and always speaks a ward in our behalf." Mirthful-RICHARD STOVALL-"Seems very proud, at least his tones sound l Stalwart-Tx-IELMA SWAIN-"So tall, she is the tallest girl of all." ' Innocent-BUFORD TERRY-'SA star with the girls as nrell as in athlet Staunch-MARY WILLIAMS--nladi me tell you what he said." oud." . -r - ICS. Fidgety-A. D. WHITE-A-"When the cal is away, the moose will play." From and as we go to our various classes, we are- constantly thinking: "ln ourselves. our fortunes lie, ' But life here is what the King rnalijes it." clay to day, from week to week, as we ponder over this -IRE fm magrietic message. NE. REA. 4 I X W' NNN X w- Q- ,111-rnashk N-"::aa.:a:-: --- '--x s :,:'::q,1r "'---f :zz--g::-W .. w H+ x .www W -Q W 'Mk 'X K X E. wQv-" ' awww Wwf' .S w.qN Q s E "'1f rzr '1"':f" rr '---"' "1--:::r: "Ak "" "'1-:::11':---: '-"A'-"g--"X'X f "fr """"""" S :M ::.:::::....:....,:,:..-..........:.1.1G,.sg:n:.z. , .,p..::.:.1.,,,..,i?N:fM'::vi:3::::"'xiiiwriizxitbw SXSW--EXszfszrrisxxxxmefffas-suiir' Saws PREPARPJ DRY HIGH I Fifty- Ont i I rw 'E "'AMA' "1"""" ' ev "'Ak -11f' N MX , ...l .Q E ke Niff:fffi,'iwQif.Qffi fffff ff, ""sL T 'LL',! ffffffffffffffffifffif'ifffffffff.QffQf'fff .,11 1 ELlQfiL.Q.Q,..E2..:.E'QQQ..Q.Q.QQ..f'..ffffi if ifff' 'hn' f Qi.gf..ffff'fff3f N Fiftyfwg, ' 1 ' SEVENTH GRADE 2 Ruth Crain R. C. Scott Raye Parker Buster Eubanlc lFrances Cash Evelyn Maddox Benford Eaves Cenavc Shipley Albert Crigsby jewel Abernathy jim Smith Carter U. S. Marshall Mary Louise Truitt iRoy Dunavan! Harold Porlerfielcl, lla Wt'ivht Clarence Vlltvod Mary Favwer Martin Childress Will Martin Clara Bell Williams Theodore Houghton Tommy Rushing l i l l l i 'E Q5 Am Nw R4- v SEVENTH GRADE Cleo Williams, Otis Brewer Cecil Covington Louis Newell Pearl Burrows 'Z. R. Felton Glen Morgan Edwin Dunavant' Aubrey Fawver Mildred Olson Homer Eubank Celestia Xvatson Vernon Mcpealt Orville Moore Floy Hamrick Xvilliam Meachum lnez Bolding Amster Hatcliell Ruth Conner Roy Burrows Easter Henson R. Borum Vivian Bosley Fam-:rhfee rrr rrrr rrr rre r,r rrrr SIXTH GRADE Q Noma McPeal: Frank Jackson Annie Ruth Gullion Floyd Dunavant l Lillie Mae Pope Dale Strickland Robert Hancock Eula Stradley -lolm Keyi West Harold Webb Estella Harris Bruce Edwards R. A. Pope, jr. Ruth jenkins Franklin 'l-lodges Charles Mathews, Vela Gilbert, Lee Bedford, Ruslxelle Morris. Edward Blackwell, Oleta ljaclcson Alford Sherrill, Melvin Henry. Merle McFarland, Melton Lee, jim Hardgrove, Virginia Meaclium Fifty-Four Q'-QE QQ lim ,, ..,... ..,.,,. ..... . . , ,,.. 1 ...... , ..,,...,, .- .,.... ..,.......,,..... , .,,, .,,, llf, ..,...,.. ,1.,1f f ..... 1 ..... 1 ...... 1 ...W....... ..,,, , ,,.... . . up-as SIXTH GRADE L. D. Rutledge Jessie Merle Scoggin Dave Luttral Lilburne Nelson Harold Terry Troy Willis, Winfred Newsome, R. V. Husky, Winnie Shelton, Woodi'r1w Coen, Virginia Bryant Kathleen Snodgrass, Arden Brown, Henry Dunavant, Royal Pitts, Oneta Carter, The-ron Summerville Delbert Eubanlc, Margaret jones, Elvis Gill, Ralph jones, Olive May Lislon, james Boallie Lois Hancock, Ben Wimberly, Mary Gamble, Duncan llollums, Mary Henson Efty-Five FiftY'Six 2 3676 'i 24 vistas... r -. .. , . . .,..s..s,,wm ,.,.. - I A .X A DREAM or ro R YEARS FROM NOW. 7 IS THE. fatal night in May. Here we are in the anteroom waiting for the first chords of the Grand March that will give notice of the triumphali entry of the graduating class of I928. There goes the opening strain. The moment 'has arrived that we have been looking forward to through all our High School daysl As we file into our places and take our seats our hearts go pity-pat as the thought enters our minds that we have now reached the goal that we have workdd so hard to attain. , As the opening chords of the prelude are struck by the fairy fingers 'lf Genave we rise and sing our class chorus. Hark! whose clarion voice is that I hear leading. Oh, yes, that's no other than Orville Eubanksg and those clear tenors. who in the world but Albert. W. S., and Amster could possess such voices? l Ars we take our seats who should step forward to give the Salutatory but Inez. My, but it was fine. I Then to our great satisfaction our long experienced singers Evelyn, Mildred, Martin and Celestia, rendered us a fine quartet. p next number is an interesting Class Prophecy by Ruth Crain. oration delivered 'by the honor boy graduate is given by jim Carter. The The One of the most unique numbers on the program is a duet by Harhld, baritone, contralto, accompanied by Louis Newell on his violin, and Vivian Bosley and Cles, on the piano. A The unusual feature of the program is a humorous reading given by3Otis Brewer and illustrated by Glen Morgan, our very prominent cartoonist. l i The climax of our excellent program is given by the Valedictoriarnl Ila Wriglit. As she takes her seat our superintendent steps forward with the long wished for prizes-our diplomas. I Just as I arise to courteously accept my diploma, I hear the warninglvoice of my mother calling, "It's almost seven o'clock." In a flash I am awake and realize that it is the twenty-first of March, 1924, and I am only a poor seventh gradeil. ' -Bzzssns MAE IVIENEEEI-:. i I I I .l .N N ., .. I --,, 2. .F 1 - .U r. l l ' af TALES OUT OF SCHOOL Listen my dear wood folk And you shall hear, My tale of all the studies That I fdon'tJ love so dear. O that 6A English, She is a peach. But what I dislike about her Is the parts of speech. Geography, it is alright, It tells about the world. But I had rather go, and go, And see the water whirl. I don't like the Arithmetic, She ain't no good, And in my reader I am seldom understood. The Texas History Is interesting to read, But when it comes to reciting I don't show much speed. Well, this is about all I have to say Of things I wish that wuzzn't That is taught to the rule Of that awful "Dirty-Dozen." --Joi-IN KEY WEST. i 5 5 ,-h' Fifty-S Lf,-Ugg.-w,g:,..x'...',.,-., , . .. .1 . , , . . - . ., A.. vsfwlsjgg.. Q ,lp-. ' . . ' ' ' ' h . A .- ' f. . u. ' ..- V - - em- .... Y A.w:,i.l... ,ll , r .... .V ,..., I ll, 'E E4 Nlfflfffffffif 'A'," Q QffQQf..ff,ffW' kAb"' ffffffffff,f.f.f..fffQ.ffffiiff 'LLVV If.ffQff..fQf...Q ...'., fifff,.Q.Qllfllf..Q.f..QQ,QQifQ."i'1f.fQff'7' H l l THE LEGE D or THE HESPERl' NCE UPON a time a little cloud nymph who had grown tired of the idle life which all cloud nymphs live, went to Jupiter and asked that she might be allowed to do something useful. He, looking down upon the nymph, wondered if there was a useful thing in the great universe for a tiny little cloud nymph to do. Looking down! on the little nymph a second time, Jupiter saw that she was marvelously beautiful, with her golden hair which gleamed and glistened in the sunshine. Seeing her beauty and knowing that sometimes the most beautiful women were the most vain, Jupiter, to test her sincerity, said: "You are very small and beautiful, but I have some very useful work which I can give you to do. But to do this work you must be changed into a hideous black fly with an enormousfstinger which you are to use in killing the cruel monster, Agudo, who lives in the land of Cera. By killing fthis monster you will save the lives of many people." i The little nymph, .being sincere in her desire to be useful, consented to the trans- formation. So now, instead of a beautiful little cloud nymph spending alliher time in play, we see a great ugly black fly, flying to the land of Cera to kill the great and cruel monster, Agudo. When the monster had been killed. the fly returned to jupiter, who, niuch pleased with the manner and the sincerety in which the litt'e nymph had accomplished her task, changed her back to her real form, and asked her if she wanted to be a cloud nymph once more, now that her desire had been fulfilled. l Upon hearing that she did not want to go back to her life of play butjthat always she wanted to make herself useful instead, Jupiter said: "You have accom' lished well the task I gave to you, and you have shown that you are not vain because of your beauty and that you really are sincere in your desire to be useful. To reward you,lI am going to help you live up to your desire. I shall place you in the heavens, which are blue like the blue of your eyes, and I slfall transform you into a bright and gleaming star which is like the gold of your hair: and. because of your unusual brightness, you will be able to guide peop'e. You shall be called. Hesperf' So now, instead of a little cloud nymph spending all her hours in pla . we see a brigly gleaming star in the west: and, looking upon this star, which is knowh to man as "l-lesper," we are reminded of an unselfish maiden wl'o sacrificed her beauty and a life of pleasure to save the lives of others. . --LENA STEPHEWNS. l P l l l l F fty Eight P r l 3555-w EWS 'E Q3 2 4- k"" f """' f fl """' A' avf-W """"""' 'Mffff "'A ff' "",,,. 1 k'.. ,Qi "'k" If "" llQQQ'QliQQ1Q'QQffM1 k'k' QQ1QQQ...Q.5QfffQff'M"" I ACTIVITIES f Ll 'WWII r 1 'G LI i g? Im U vw I f ,, 8 I G: G E73 j 'JL Tj: Igfniwg QW . W iff, A 1 Fifty-IN ,V Q S45 'Q xxx ,N-,waz Y' V V ,A HE PER STAFF Busmcss .Mrmager- - - .........-. E Literary Editor Ed i tor-in-C Hi ef ---MARK DUNCAN ----ORA Scoccms ---REv1s Gruzmlr A tlzlenc Edztor ---.--.- .. -..------ LEONARD Ho1.MEs ' s Sway Eduor- -------- - ---- .---.- L ENA STEPHENS Ari Editor- - - FLORENCE NELSd N Cartoon Edztor ------ -- . --.. -------- MACYL BURKE junior Represenlalive -------..----.-- INA FAULKNQR Sophomore Represeniaiive-,- ...-..-- INEZV PASCHEILL Freshman Rcpresentaiivc ---. .--- -----.- KATE STYLFS -is W is H W ,,..., ,,,.,,,,,,.,,. ,,,,.. . . . ,. .,,..,.,,,...,,.,,,...,..,,,,x,. M. .,.M,,,.., ,....,,,. . , ..,. , ,,x.,,.,,,,..,, , . ..,. .....,. ...NM .x.. -- ...-,..-.-,-., ,V .-.. U -..-... -,,,--,,-,--- ,,-,, - W -W' S Shaw-One 'g ,' J ' . . MH - ..... ., ,,,,, ... ..-E-., ,,,,, , ,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,, ,,,, , .,.,. E, ,,,, I I grads ,, .,,,. I ,,,,., Q TATLER STAFF Editor-in-Chief .................. ..LoYcE GILBERT Literary Editor ......... ....... J EAN AYRES Assistapt Editor-in -Chief .... ..... A thletic Editor ........ Society Editor .... Circulating Editor .... fake Editor ...... VERNON ABBOTT KENNETH HENRY ----GLAnYs HILTON -QUINEY KIZZIAR --INA FAULKNER Business Manager .... ..... O vis AWTREY I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I I.. I N, I. I .,,' -,L. i Va., I K ,. Sixty-Two I I I I ' ffl- ' - --V- 3- , i '--W .... .. lm.:A::22N ""' f- -'-'H 'z ""'A-' f "'- -'q::::'-"M . .um H ,,,, il' V ,, VY .--- 'A":- vg Q3 l v.. W .......,. .,,,.W,-,-,, ...,.. ,. ..,... ...,w . ,,,. M .....,., ,. .,,. ..... . ,,, ,, J- ..,.,.,, S' ty Th W ' 7 I I - I I I 8I.Qlffff.i..f ',.., f AAI. , Vfifiimfiff?f'f'f:'5i53fQfifff ,"' ff.1,Qf'f.Q..QQffQ "mfQ.Q.IfQ,f .,". ,.., i I I I I p THE PLAINS AT SUNSET 5 At sunset I sat on my doorstep, Facing the broad open plain I With its long stretching meadows of green grass I And its wheat fields of ripe waving grain. I The sunraays of crimson ancl scarlet Gleamed from the western slcy, I Covering the earth with its brightness, . I And sparkling in lakelets near-by I The long sandy road in the distance I Seemed but the tiniest trail, Winding its way through the prairies, I And vanishing in yonder vale. When the sun was hid from my sight, I And the grayness of night appeared, The clouds in the sky had grown dim, And life seemed as I feared. I Jacque Tumlinsoix I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , i i Q ,JU . Sixty-Foul I I I '271i'e:- iff! EEEE3 N .EN-2.LE,.. 'S 9 24- K A - - .,...,.. , .,... ,.,,.,.....,,,, . ,,. ,,,,..,..V.,.. ...,........ E .., ,..., ,, .,.,,, ,,,,,, , I ALLINE Woob CAPITOLA HARDGROVE BONNAREA STEPHENS IRENE REA JACQUE TUMLINSON MABLE FAWVER EDNA Houcx-rroN JEWELL HEARD IRENE MAY ORA MAE RoBBlNs ROXIE HAVERTY ALICE CHAPMAN Sixty-Five A A A A A "ki: I "ti'kk"' f lQQ.QQ.,,Q..fl.11.QQQf111lT'AT'2222fllllllliffllll' "'Lk D'1iQf.fQQf x'... A A Violins Trombone A AUBREY MONTAGUE LORRAINE BRITTON A DAN JENKINS Piano A Rov BAKER RAYE PARKER A Saxaphones Cornels QUINBY KIZZIAR MARK DUNCAN A PARKER SHIPLEY LEROY DUNCAN A Drums A HERBERT HICKS A A A A A Sixty Six , SYS 'Q ,,Zi ,, ,i,, ii ,i,A, ,,,,LL , ,, ,, , ,,i , ,, i, , ,Alf ,! , ,,,,, , ,,,,,,, erzi , 1,A ,, , ,A,, ,,, , A , ,,,, ,,,, S, ,,i, , ,, , ,, , ,,, A, AA,,, A,,,,,, RUSH MUSIC CLASS Marie Tumlinson, Elizabeth Pitts, Velma Nelson. Genave Shipley Margaret Henson, Eclna Faulkner, Ruslmelle Morris Valentine Rushing, Etlxna Green, Mildred Osbourn, jewel Stribling Willie Allen, Ina Faulkner, Ruth jenkins, Selma Louise Lider Lois Sillon, Olive May Liston Audrey Farris Lurline Lynn Mary Alice Summerville, Edna Mae Nelson, Josephine Daniels Sixty-Seven ,, 'W' ' mrgiiir ,QQQQQE zzi W kzrlz JB REM... ,,,,,,.,,,,,,., M. .,,, M,,,,..,,. ,,.,,,,.., . E ,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,..,,,,, . , ,,.,,..,,,,,...,.. ..:, ,,,. E ,M ,..,,, E ,,.,,, ,M ,,,. W. . ......... ....... M ......,.... ..... E , . . Q DEBATERS TED BAKER fReporlerD REPRESENTATIVES N COUN LENA STEPHENS HOLLIS BOND Unresidcntf I-IAZEL JONES . JOE. BREED JR. MIRIAM OLSON BONNER BAKER fVice Presidentj ETHNA GREEN ELIZABETH Prrrs BESS HOUSTON fSecretaryJ LOLA MURRAY TY MEET BEss HOUSTON MIRIAM OLSON HoLLls BOND JOE BREED JR ,fn-ni" 'Uh Sixty-Eikzhe M, Y ev' MII-. m.::::::v '- 9' fgtffwigirx wsasw "11-1: N .fHsI.....e' g"NQg,.,.a ga Q 3 Q K A,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,, Y ,h,,, , , , , r ,,,,,,,,g..g,g Ah,h,,,, Y,,,,,A, , so ,, g,Y, ,,, ,,,,, M ,, ,,, ,,,,AA, , , ,,,,, r r ,r If ,,,, ,Y,, ,Y,, M ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,h , M,, , ,, , H MY VACATIO JOB - f all jobs that I have known since I became of sufficient age to be boasting of "my jobs," the one which I admire most, and which I abhor most also, is my vacation job. I admire it most because less responsibility and energy are required in doing it. I abhor it most because, when it is done, nothing of significance has been accomplished and I am no further on this never-ending journey of life than I was before I started. Usual- ly I am further back than I would have been, had I never attempted my vacation job: because it, you see, is one of the monotonous few which people who drift continually select, that of "doing nothing." To many people vacation comes as a pleasure, and to some few it comes as a dreaded burden: but there are some. such as I, to whom it comes both pleasantly and fearfully. Such a state of feeling is due to the lack of preparedness solely: and, to rid oneseif of it, he must be prepared to do something worthy of the effort put forth, and he must have plans for the entire vacation which, if not carried out will cause him to realize the respective value of each. Someone already is saying that I am inconsistent because I have spoken of my va- cation job as a positive thing: and, at the same time, I have given my attitude toward vacation, one which cannot speak well for my opinion of my job. But that is the se- vere trouble which I have brought upon myself and from which I desire to save others, if possible. , Preparedness is not necessary to the success of "doing nothingn: in fact it is an obstacle in the path of "doing nothing" because its success is due very much to the lack of preparedness. Plans are unessential, also, to vacation job, because it requires nothing but a few disconnected, unrelated impulses and just enough time and energy to do them justice. Effort is one of my vacation joh's greatest foes: because, where it is put forth, something must be done. So, now, you can understand partly why my vacation job is so displeasing to me. Besides being impracticable, it is monotonous and nerve- racking. No mind is content unless active: neither is one's body at ease unless it is busy. Doing nothing is appealing to me only when my mind is weary. I can look for- ward to it, before vacation comes, and smile easily enough: but I find, that upon its ar- rival, most of its pleasure already has been delivered and that it gradually is becoming less satisfactory. I believe the unfavorable features of doing nothing are so many that they will outweigh those of a more favorable nature easily: so, perhaps, it would be wise for me to take a more conventional attitude toward the many duties of life, and select for myself, one which will demand more sympathy from others as well as myself, one which will require planning, preparedness, and effort, and, last, one which will be more de- serving of the honors heaped upon it when it becomes my "vacation job." Sixty Nme l vs-s rs K4 ...,," f "" Tfffi,,,HQ"Q""f'1'fifi'.T'T'12Tjf'ff, A'1' f--1-11 ""5" Z2ZLl.1.l2l1i1il'Z'Il "'A" S Tf"i"'lJf.1T"lf A'k"A'AL' 'lffl5i55 "YOU WI. " f 44 hew, this is a relief I thought was never coming," breathed Don, slipping into a seat as its occupant disappeared out of the train door onto the station platform. l-le put his traveling ba gin front of him, resting his feet upon it arid stretching out, in a symbol of sleepiness, his arms which, later, he let fall carelessly on the green upholstered seat by his side, thereby encountering something other than lplush. He glanced suddenly at what lay partly hidden under his large muscular hand and dis- covered that he held, in his passion a picture. He picked it up, opened it, and what confronted him and made him think he had been delivered into th ehands of the gods. There, rising from a fur collar, was a white beautifully shaped neck which led to a chin that had a naughty little tilt. The large dark eyes were fringed with long curly eyelashes of silk, and the artistic face was framed with a crown of golden hair. p He looked long and earnestly at the face which had changed some 'since he last had seen it. Then, as he folded the picture and held it with trembling hands, a close observer would have heard him mutter, "Can it be possiblen? N At last he slipped it into his traveling bag, but the puzzled look lingered still upon his face. . r The next morning found him plodding along toward the city high schbol where he expected to finish his education in preparation for college entrance another! year. As he entered, gave his name, and was assigned a desk, he felt very much ill at ease. His intentions had been to play fair here, just as he had done all through his seventeen years of lifeg but as he glanced about the room and saw the lodks of amuse- ment on the faces of the people, something in him seemed to rise and snap. 5 He quickly swallowed it, however, saying that some joke probably had been played before he en- tered, at which decision he began his studies. I After studying for a few moments he became aware at broken iirtervals of a series of giggles which would break out. He attempted to control his curiosity, but all in vain: so he lay aside his book and cast a second glance about the room. Yes, they were laughing at him and his out-of-date clothes. He tried to smile and say some- thing in return, as he would have domm at home, but he could only stare blankly at them. Embarrassment swept over him. Their glances at him seemed to brand him "green and stupid", and a description which surely did not apply to him. He re- fused, however, to allow their snobbishness and sneers to block his way to success. After three months' endurance of the slurring remarks of his schoolmates, if such they could be called, Don felt that he had fought his last battles and inust give up. Why not put an end to his struggles and go home? 4 No! He must keep on. The summer term had closed and the fall session was in full swing. He had joined the football squad. Sometimes it seemedfthat the boys wanted to be friendly, but always there was some insurmountable diffefence between them and himself. This made him fee-l as if he might as well crawl further back into his shell where no one should intrude, as none cared to meet him over half-way. Unable to concentrate his mind on his studies one afternoon, he decided to go for a walk. As he wandered along carelessly, his hands in his pockets, his head bent, and his mind occupied with thoughts of friends at home, his feet carried' him over un- familiar ground. At length he glanced up and discovered that he was standing in front of a modern theater. He hesitated only a few moments: and then, withi a sigh of de- pression, he passed on through the entrance. After an interval of forty minutes, Don came out of the theater, his head erect, his eyes shining. his step revealing a new firmness, and his voice humming fa popular tune ' l Seventy 127535 X-'R 'SL fb QQ- , nun "ii, ,,,,,, ,,... nw. .,s,,-., ., . ,,,Y . .vA- ...----..-1... - --f------- W-v---W ---- 6 m which he had heard only a few moments before. He was awake, alive, and alert. He even felt now that he had been standing in his own way, and had been holding his fellow students aloof. He now viewed the world and himself in an entirely different light. Life had begun to seem worth while, after all . Q Somehow the show had made Don think of the night when Bettye Mae had de- They first had been playmates, then schoolmates, and at last friends. But Bettye Mae parted fo the city where she was to stay with her aunt and complete her educations had thrown those stinging words into his face, "Don, you're a good boy and the crowd likes you but we cannot be pals any longer, because this place and the city cannot be bridged," and Don realized now, as never before, how true her words were, but he determined to show her and all of the crowd that ,at least, he could play the fifty- fifty game. Anyone, who happened to be watching Don as he crossed the lobby of his board- ing house, would have been surprised to see him taking the steps three at a time. Going to his room immediatelyyhe -began to rearrange and decorate it with the little things his thoughtful sisters had put into his trunk. As he stood off and surveyed his roomi after a' few moments of diligent labor, and as he' glanced at the safety azor which his kid brother had given him, and the military brushes, his sisters parting gift, his thoughts flew back to the dear ones at home, his eyes grew dim, and he detenmined that he would not fall short of their high expecta- tions. Then his gaze wandered to the photograph, in its expensive yet simple folder with her name written across the lower corner. It was permitted to rest on his dresser at all timesg and, as he stood gazing at it, a queer emotion flooded his entire being, such that 'he immediately attempted to think of other things. One morning some weeks later, as he glanced hastily at himself in the mirror. he did not notice what more egotistical eyes would have seen readily. Unconsciously he had acquired more modern and better habits of dress which had been very influential, :much more so than he could realize, in gaining for him the host of friends and admirers which he now enjoyed. Although he was hardly aware of the fact, the most distin- guished players on the grid-iron now openly sought his company. i The game which decided the championship was about to be played. The at- mosphere seemed taut as each of the teams appeared with their colors, yells and pep- squads on duty just behind them. Little did Don dream that in this audience of eager spectators there was one with deeply interested eyes which watched his every movement: and later, as he was carried from the gridiron on the shoulders of his fellow-players, he col2dn't realize how happy he really was until he heard at his elbow a soft familiar voice which he had treasured long but felt that he must forget. As she spoke, his pride struggled with that queer emotion in him for supremacy: and, as he turned and met the steady gaze of Bettye Mae, 'the girl of his boyhood dreams, his pride muttered triumphantly, "lt cannot be true," But these words were forgotten in his happiness when she clasped hi shand in both of her own and exclaimed "Don, you win"! H Gladys Hilton. Seventy One +2 rs-may 's W Sw Swim "" K""f:::i 2 Zi' ' ""L M " ""' ' x""""A" ""' A 'k"""""" ' X"' ""'x"""" 'x"x"'k"" A ' ' ' "x""""' "M ""A """' i 4 "M""""'k" Q ',A, 1 1fQ.,1QQ1fi "'1' i.QiLi'1?iEE?iiiEE2:? I Onward We Go Onward we travel down the path of life Which, as the days creep into years, Becomes more a battle with woe and strife, Pressed wilfully onward by fears. Onward we go passing the marks of time, Doubtfully some, with hopes a few: But all are journeying with steps in rime Who have a common goal in view. Onward we pass into new realms each day Dreams remain of those which have passed But for some the future has made a way, And thus they travel to the last. Onward we march in distress and sorrow, Trusting our maker as our guide, Making the best of life: for, tomorrow The goal we may reach with the tide. ,.--,.,5w,...,,.,l , . ., .. . -,..ff,x,-,.N.,' A ,,,, . Seventy-Two ww-M . "'- f w"1f-'N ' "" wmv V' A, , ,, ,A,,AAA , ,, ,,,,, 36 I . ..WM H ,..,.. , ,,., ,.....,.. .... , , WW, ,wg ,.,:'.'... .... , ,,,. .... F -.. .,,, , g::::.. , F. ,," ,", yum! .... , H ""' ,"'l'L...v N The Nineteen Twenty-Four Hesper Announces as its Beauty MISS HAZLE FELTON pn..-,,,,-v-Y l Seventy-Five i i . I i 'Ji RQ NQQ.ffl'f'ffQffif"fffff5'QffQiffffff'ffff'ffQ..f...f.f.f...Q..Q.Q2QTfQfQQfff."iif'iff..f .... 1 .Qiii1QQ1EQI2TQ1QQQf'fl11f'fl.Q,Qf1EiQ..lQ.gg '." ilgQ..Q,1QQ.11Qf12ffQ'lQ'fQfQQlfQIfQ1Qf'f.QQQQQ ,Q S i l HALLOWEE PARTY f It was on the night of l-lallowe'en, a night of ghosts, spooks, and weird noises. that the first entertainment of the Senior Class was given. The Seniors, in fmasquerade, gathered together in the basement of the Methodist Church, which on that night had been transferred into a mystic place, one where Jack o'lanterns cast their flickering lights and black cats blinked at every one from hidden corners. . Upon arriving each masquerader was conducted to the gypsy's tent to learn what the future might hold for him. The gay masqueraders spent a lively esiening in the playing of pranks and old-fashion gamesf Music was furnished by the l-Iigh School Orchestra. ' Delicious refreshments consisting of sandwiches, doughnuts, coffee and: apples were served. X f . . A - 4 JU 1011.513 IOR E ERTAINMENT The Seniors were to be entertained and the date had fbeen set for April l. As the last windy days of March slipped by, the Seniors began to feel some misgivings: for, well you know, many pranks have been played on April Fool Day. But too, there has always been lots of fun and good times on this day, and that is what the Seniors received. l ' Never was an outing more thoroughly enjoyed than was this Junior entertainment in the form of a motor-picnic to Silver-Falls., j Leaving townat 3 o'clock, the jolly crowd of picnicers arrived at the Club House. all ready for the fun, after a two hours' drive. .And there was fun: inside, the floor was thronged with skaters, some on their feet and some otherwise: outsidei others were exploring the falls and taking kodak pictures. Late in the afternoon supper was prepared down below the falls, and the hungry crowd did full justice to the spread of sandwiches, cakes, fruit, and ice-cream. Then there was more skating, more fun, and the return trip home, the Seniors declaring that of all the Junior-Senior entertainment given, this was the best. l X ,, ' , ' '," Aw qeveuty-Six l Seventy-Seven I as Nw, L,, ,, c , , , .., ,,,.,,,, V , .......w ,, ,.,.., ....,. , .,,. M.. ..,.,.., ...,., . , H I I I I I I I To him who, as a-professor of mathematics and a coach of athletics, has been labofng with us long, believing sincerely in the necessity of a proper High School spiril and holding an unfalterinig confidence in the purest ethicsof a game, bolh on and off the field: to our beloved principal- . I J. C. Wester, I We, the staff of l924, as a token of our admiration and appreciation, dedicate the athletics of this volume of the l-lesper. , I I I I I I I I I I I . .'., VA. - It ,K I, I vis, T4-ix: 5 .Vll ,-.- I ,' .4-. . .... 1 A... I V ,l,4v . 4, U, I Seventy- Eight I I its 'QQ- Himum-...Mm .,.. Qf'ff",f'kf "" f '''ffff.fffQ.fQQ.ffffQfQfffffff.fffQ.Qllllllllflfflif12112...QQIQiQfQQEQEfQlQf1Q11.QQQfQf,.QQ.Q QM''Qfllfilfff.ff'L'ff"'f ,k"A Seventy-Nine Eighty I i 1 'gsiliefs E53 'R 0 24' Sfffifff'fffQQf..Q'fE?fQfQfff. fffff.ff'.,fQQ.f,.fQff.'QQf1fff'fffffffflfffffA"'5E55i""M491if7 """""' f,,Qf.Q' ",, fl ,'A"" Efffffmf' CO CH WEt TER f Because of the influence and untiring help of Coach Wester, our athletical record is one which will be remembered long, by the far and the near. l-le has led us on to a higher plane in the athletic circle: he has put the teams of Floydada High School on equal footing with the rest: and, he has made it possible for us to meet the strongest of all competitors with little fear. l During the five years Mr. Wester has been with us he has coached a lfootball team each year, and those teams have won four county championships and one district cham- pionship for us. l-lis coachmanship has netted four county championships, and one of Sub-District No. 2, in basket ball for us. Within these five years our track teams have been exceptionally good because of his help. C Floydada High School had her first baseball team in 1921. After much hard work the nine captured two county championships: and in. I923, they honorably ob- tained the district championship. Since most of last year's letter men are working with us again this season, and since many promising new ones have been enlisted, Coach Wester expects to enter the race for State honors this season. As a result of our coach's practical training, and of his impartial inflimec eancl en- couragement, each of his boys has learned to love and respect him. Because" he never loses confidence in his fighting squads, he always is back' of them, a fact which each boy realizes and which is an incentive for each of them to put forth the best there is in them. Coach Wester so values his word of honor that it is considered good by all who know him. Realizing the value of honor and sportsmanship, he has been training his boys to be honorable at all times and to be sports on all occasions, even though the surrounding conditions were unfavorable to them. None have doubts as to whom the athletic contestants owe their success. -x l .. j-1.1 .,-- Q 'I 'i Iv J A.vA. .,.. .V pr A- Q, il ,WV i "" 4 V .1 I 'NMMF -HM --,, 3:1 ,-,,, - M-5 -,., WM- W FQ- - ap .S ,. HW 1 'S 0 QQ WZQQQkiffkiliilff-fIfwff ,,!', A,',,, f 'Qi ,ppbb 'k""' Mfffff..Qff"ff"fMQmM',"fm1iQiQQ,lffnH'QQfff."'f,ff1111.Qffff'"fiff1l...f'.fQf'fff.,iififzizgH --11 4 C 21 .sg . 5 1 3 S ' f ' ff7T::?1"T"'-" V X P - ' ' gf' . , ., '14 '741f ,, . . ,, jlfxuf'-P-71' W gg Ak i,.f 4,f..c7 . lllfbw ji .- 5 :S 4 -1, X HHDIIMUMZMW mein M, gmXf41g,'5 A-lx? N jx -z af 11-1 K -'xl W ,,k"f t -9 f bx!.-23, ,La Ak,,fggf75ff731,yj'6'. l.I-Q I I-,LAR mxyxlkxxxx , Q 1' L ff- ,sg X- X, ul ."w.?'- ,Iv 5" S xxtgf i- 'N ". X f N. ,M 'g,e.qf ,iff W ,. 5670 'gx 'cfigsz . V Mx Q ""1U'::-f ff- , ..4.. 4, J' Vfiffwv , w 3.154 my QQ fl 5gi5W'.!15X1g" 1: 5 ff .yigh V' .11 "Liz, fqx, Q-,. 1,3 gf, MJ lffvx 3 'Hu "Q 1 , 'r mf- M QW- i iv ?,f . 'mm .S 41-'Mx xiii, Eb I 'Xt U xx K i' Af? ,Affinity ' ZIQILIJWI 6,5 r,.,.1,xQ,D " , ' -1 'A i ' gi f qpf?zmQfw,f .1 X JW TRW" 42 E - yu, ' iff 7 ggfffi: " w ' , , A 11,f" !,fl' ,D ' sxwlflf N 1 if gy hm? kfql kr, - N ,I jj, ' c D ew -VCD? "w Lx ii J W YN' f. f ' , K mn X fi ,f P Q, X fy ,G -Qi A-'ful' uW?1,'W'5 ""'3'?fNC A Q X 0 7 ' 3 1- 1" - c K LU 5 --'v,,f,,,vu .X-IE fi gap 2.6. , 7 EA' if ' a gf qylluulw 2 k HQ X, , E ' 'xml-llfgi '? 4' 41.1 V .Yv Lb .X -' mf. -1. 1, ,MN .- -5 Z I ff 11W .ul N -Ln' 2 1, .- ,fl 'fqmllkllllt . q:'nu1Q K W . 30 14 U S.HQi:fE ,jg2iI!y2:f.2.:7V9 A, x., jx- 5, if , fu.: 1, I A S 1.11 ' 7 'Ill xt If fy? 5Z"rf,,5 ,-'K fl ,,x'1pU l 1' f 1, 47x V .-wxrjfzi. ji MID' '71 V 7 Zyfflff If IU 'I 0 thleti ..xx-1f,.., ,-. .. .V - - ., -- A- ' ' - V-7x51 - ' Eighty-One i N31 RQ NfQQff.,.QQQ.fflfffff.fffQ.I1.fff """'A""' Ziff'i'fif'fQfff.'QQfQfQ1f x". fff,ffff'.ffQ 'k"'k' Qlilifglllllllllfll ..... k"" lfi1f..Qfi1Q.QQ..QQ.QI .Q.f'.QI MK"x"kM Al 'A,"f "A, f Affff ..A','A ffffifff.f....,....QQf,'l25 Eighty-Two l l l Fm' YMAXEY Right Guard Four year man. Maxey could always be depended upon to do his part, always keeping 'the opponents out cn defense, breaking through their line on defense, and making many tack- les helrind the line. This is his last year in the mdleskin for F. H. S. as he is a memlier of the class of '24 KENNETIi HENRY fCaptainj Right End Three year man. 1Kenneth tackles with a purpose and always is sure to get his man. l-le is one of the best de- fensive players 'on the Plains. Also "Bloody K." could he depended up- on to catch passes and cover fumbles. Much is expected of the l923 cap- tain next season. G. V. SLAUGHTER Center Three year man. "judge" a'ways was in the fight, giving them the best he had, which usually was enough to make them take notice. He always Qot his share ofthe tackles and never failed to give the hack-field a chance to advance. He graduates this year. Lenoir MCDONALD Right Tackle One Year man. i"Heavy" is another Senior who mlade a letter in one season of football. He was ex- cellent on passes but his weight kept him from heing a regular. F. H. S. regrets to lose him, but he leaves with the class of '24. Bows...-W .. - .x... A .M M,....,- WN W MQ Qilrtsfers 'ist QF R .. ,-,,,.,-,,--,,,,,,,.,, ,.-,,..-,,,. .,,-,..... . ..... . .....,. . M .. .,,,,.....,,...,. ....,...,,. . ,,,..... .. ,,,,,,,,M . .. ..,,...,,,, ,,.,,., M ,,,..,.,,,... . .,...., ,,.,, , .,.,,.,,,.., . . ,,,,..,,, . .. ,.,,,,, . ,.., Hwy., ..... ...,.,................ . ....... . .....,.... .,e........ 'Q .... .....,......:1............. 3 .....,..... , .,........... .... e... .,.., , ,, MACYL BURKE Full-back and Quarter-back fwo year man. "Sis" was the small- est regular on the team, but he was one of the best on defense and a great broken field runner. He could catch passes and knew how to get down under punts. When a quar- ter-back, he used good head work. He graduates this year. LORRAINE NELSON V Left Half-back Three year man. "Rene" was good on offense and good on defense. He could hit the line, run the ends for good gains, catch passes, and place kick as well as punt. "Rene" is a member of the Senior Class and has played his last year for F. H. S. TERRELL LORAN' Right Half-back Two year man. Terrell was a tower of strength on offense, fast, and great in a broken field. Also he could hit the line hard and catch passes, getting away with them often for long gains. Terrell has served F. H. S. for the last time, as he graduates this year. Mixumcs Bumcz Quarter-baclf and Full-back Four year man. Burke always used his head in running the team. He could back up the line or plav safely on defense. Also he could return punts. hit the line, or run the ends, and his shot gun passes netted much ground for F. H. S. Burke could punt and place kick well. He passes on with the class of '24, Eighty-Three sewssssfes s as .es ss ss. ss? S ::L::::J 1.4: ..." ...1.v.1...... 5 Q., Btu. DMLY Lefl End Two year man. Bill was a sure pass catcher and one of the best ends on the Plains. He lcnew how to get down under punts and passes also. He could be shifted to the back- field if needed there. Much is go- ing to he expected of his next season. LEONARD Houvms Left Cuard One year man. "Lefty" has the honor of being the only first year man to make a regular. "Lame-l::rain" was always in the fight and doing his part. He graduates this year and leaves us short another good man. FRANK LUTTRALL Center hree year man. X Coach Wester had a hard time finding a man for cen- ter. But Frank proved himself de- serving of the place. I-le always passed well to the bacl: field and is a strong man at backing up the line on defense. He will be with the team again next year. BYRON Rocnns Lcfl Tackle One year man. Rogers came to us from Sweetwater where he had played two years. "Maw" never failed to hreal: through the oppon- ents line on defense. He could acl- vance the ball when called upon to Clo so. We hope he will he with The squad next year. Light y Four an A ,KKK U A, ,,A,,AA,,,,,, ,,AA.,,,,L.,,,,,,, T ,,-,,,,, , , ,,., , ,.,,.,,,,,,,,A, , ,,,,,..,,..,,, , .,..,.g,X..,.,...,. . ..i,,. M ,,,.. ,,.......,,,...,. .,--,.,,-- .-.-.::,,-.--,,-,.,,.,--, ,,,,,---- s r - wyvyx L,--"- -V A- -',,,--b"- 'f-'ogg CALTON MOORE Line One year man. Calton could fill any place in the line. He always was doing his part while m the game and justly deserves the letter awarded him. He finishes this year and the team is losing a good man. VERNON Aaeorr End and Half-back One year man. Vernon had little chance this season as he got a late start, but he has proved that he has the making of a football player in him. Much is expected of him next year. ERNEST CARTER Left-end and Half-back One year man. Ernest started out this year with no football experi- ence. He was a willing worlrer and tried hard. No letter was is- sued him this year but he is ex- pec'ed to wear a sweater of Green and White after next season. HERSCHELL GREEN' Right-end and Half-back Herschell was able to play end or fill any place in the baclcfield. He always played hard and never gave up. He made his letter this year and we hope he wears two stripes after this season. Eighty-Five ASK W WESLEY PARKER Line One year man. 'AChicken" always did good work, and when sent in as a regular he never quit fighting. The "Kewpie" made his letter this year and is expected to receive an- other next season. CLARENCE LUTTRALL Line One year man. "Fatty" did not make his letler, but he played hard when sent in io relieve a regular. When Clarence fell on a man he knocked him out for good. He should help the squad much next season. ALPHA Kms Line One year man. Alpha did not receive his letler but he worked hard. He was a good steady player and should have a chance to prwve it next season. , Eighty-Six 9 ? eek ee o M Q W at W S Soni-we ii W R X x N H ,,,., , gn E SSQLLJ AE 9 R4 .1 W m .... . ., ., ,W ,.,........ 1 ' ' i 311,1gQiig:i1i1 iiii : iM "i i:ii'if'i:g3"i ' ' ffiggii 'A" ff "" li ""' M M A""M A 3 i 'A ' 1i3i .gg..i.Qi3iwi Eighty-S W an 5'::v "' ' ' ' 'X ' . . . ., I sf' - , . Hs.. ... -.... .,,,, . . .,,.,, "" -....1.:1:: .... a. ,VVVI . -..-...... .... ms THE SEASON p . September 2l-Matador visited Floydada for the first game of the season. After much hard playing they managed to have seven points in their favor when the last whistle blew, while F. H. S. had run up 66 points. I September 28-Canyon Eagles came to Floydada to take home the smallxend of a I4 to 20 score. The Eagles were real football players and played a good game. The Green and White felt fully their revenge for the defeat handed them at Can- yon in '2l. T October 5-Silverton was next to invade the gridiron of F. H. S. This strriall team was full' of fight from the first to the last. They played hard and had! several indi- vidual players that showed good stuff. F. H. S. piled up 52 points while Silverton failed to make a first down. I 1 October I9-The Plainview Armory team was composed of ex-high school and college players. This crack team defeated Wayland's jackrabbits, but were lucky to hold F. l'-l. S. down to 3 points against their 6. 9 October 26-Floydada went down for the only time of the year, at the hands of Lub- bock's Westerners. Lubbock met us with a fast heavy team, that had been trained to take a man off his feet. They took home the heavy end of a I2 to I8 score. October 29-Before this date Plainview's Bull Dogs had never known defeat on Lamar Ground. Their light, inexperienced team, good-naturedly took defeat at the hands of the Whirldwinds. The score was 35 to 6. ' November l7-Floydada met Matador for a return game at Matador. M. H. S. had a number of players who played a different brand of football. In the second quar- ter Matador intercepted a pass and crossed the line. The fourth quarter ended 42 to 7 in favor of the Whirlwinds. 1 November 21-Floydacla played her best game of the season on the Westemer's home ground. The Whirlwinds showed the fine spirit of F, H. S. by shutting out the team that handed them their only defeat of the season. F. H. S. ran up 24 points during the game. January I-Lubbock Allstars matched the Whirlwinds for a game on their home grounds. Several college players showed Floydada some stunts they had never seen on the gridiron before. Floydacla proved 'themselves equal to the Allstars by bringing the score up to a 7 and 7 tie. v -.-V.-.gtw-y,.,. 'xr 4 . . V.. .1 . hw.. , - ,A -. ,. l-N-. A - . . . 1 gms, :' . - F K . l Q., V 94- -, vie- sl, fn ,VI ., ' ' W' , W Tv . I1-. - . E ghty Eight sf Me- "'g- :sf-:Q '--' r- 'zzz'-f :J---1--:zzz-1-e-. , -v. A F - ,Q ,. Q , , g A-ssh Y was S X1 2 " - E R we A, , , ,,,, Q - . I,. :f,.,, ,.,, ,,,. ,...,.,,Q,,.,f..5.,,. ,,..,,li. i i1 , ,A,, . E, L.,,Qi. ,,,, ,,, ,,,,,.,,,,., ,, ,,,, ,, A ,,.,,,.,,, ,.,, . ,, ,,kk.,QQ , .,, , . ,, ..f,i. ,i,, , ,,,.,,,,. , ,..,, M,, , ,E ,,., ,, A, ,. ,,,,, , a X ........s .,.. .V---.- V -W ...V... .... . . -----.-..............v......... M .,...... .......,.. ,... , . . ., ..,, .L ...... ......,, . , ,,........,..... ...,.... . Y ....,. , i JOE BREED, Guard Joe won his placeion the team with his wonderful fighting alhility. When given a man to guard, Joe stayed with him until the game was over. This is his first and last year with the Green and White. W REVI5 GILBERT, F orivard "Sheik" has played four years for F. H, S. and has proved the most valuable man on the offensive. All opponents feared the 'goal throwing of "Sheila" l-le leaves a place which will be hard to fill. ED HOLMES, Forward and Guard . Ed always has played his best and has put his whole heart into every game. He was a good goal thrower, but he played good on the defensive also. This is Ed's second and last year with the F. H. S. team, as he passes on with the class of '24. ERNEST CARTER, Forward p Ernest has served F. H. S. for the first time. He has not been given many oppor- tunities this year but he probablylwill be a regular next season, .,,, , ,',,,W ,,,, .. .. .. 1 - . , . .. "" Q . 3" -.f vV,- T-Q. -g I A A pm, A' Vg i Eighty-Nine Q?.N?ss Sees ,ss "' N ,... .Q 'E Q EQ- "Y"" ".' Y"Y' 'A ' "'A' i 'i "t"L"'i1"Tf5i'?fj1..1Ti,Aip....111ifZi'iT.Qii1jgjTLQiiQ11L ""Y" QiL1Q.i'1'Q'1iiZ'121ii ...... """ 1j11fi'ii'..2'.jj 1jjjji'lfTjjQj.,Q'L" "ILS l l l VERNON AIBBOTT, Guard l Vernon has played this season for the firstqtime hut he promises to malke a regular next season. He was a good player on both the offense and defense. MAURICE BURKE fCaptainQ Guard Maurice has the honor of being an expert when it comes to personal fouling. "Grave- yard Special" was good on the offense, but he was even better on the defense. I-le is one of the two men who have the honor of sewing F. H. S. four years. Blu. GILBERT, Center Bill was tall and took every advantage of it. I-le was a good player the chance and should make a good man next year. LEONARD HO1.MES. Center when givien "Lefty" always managed to put the ball where he wanted it, but his good work did not stop with this. l-le could throw goals and he was a good defensive player. This is "Lame-brain's" second and last season, as he finishes this year. BILL DAILY, Forward Bill, as a forward, is a hard man to handle because he is an accurate goal thrower and plays the court well. This is Bill's second year, and much is expected of him. Nincty 'E il? QQ N ,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,, .,,,.,A..,...,. , .,,.,,..,,,.,, ,.,,, ,,,...,,,,,....,.,.,.,,.,,,.. M ,,..., ,,.,.. A ...,,,,...,,, , , .,,,,,,...,A,,, ,.,,,, .......,,...,,,...., M ..,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,. . - . , ,.,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,.,... . , . ..,, ,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,...,,., . .,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,..., M ..,,,,, , , .,,,.,,,,.. ,,,, , . , , N EVELYN KIZZXAR CCaptainJ Running Center "Emulucy" has played only one season with the team but it has proved her aibility. Her success is due partly to lier be- ing ever ready to sacrifice to her mate. We hope to have her again next year. AUDREE FELTON Forward "Fe Fabe" has played only one year on the team, but she has shown her ability as for- ward. She is recognized as one of the best at field goals. We hope to have her again next year. ADELAIDE SCOTT Guard '6Tom Boy Taylor" has played two years on the team. She has more strength and wind than anyone on the team, and has always been a good player. She will be with the team next year. MILDRED CARTER Guard "Sis" has played only one year with the team, but as she is such a good sport, never los- ing her temper but always smil- ing and saying "It'll be alright" instead, we sure want her on the team next year. 1 Ninety-One s.. N s ess sae ss's'Q sr N A e , , , .,, . , , ,, , .,.,, , X S Ama GAMBLE jumping Cenler "Toothpiclc" has pl a y e d with the team two years. If she did not jump out of hounds she would he alright. Being only five feet and five inches tall she sometimes runs against someone taller than she, but hawing an ideal temper, which we give her credit for using oc- casionally, helps her to hold her own, She will be with the team another year. AUDREY STILES Forward "Kate" is ,little but quick. She can jump higher than any six foot 'hoy. Although some- times she has a guard somewhat taller than she is. she can make the goal anyway. This is her first season on the team but we are expecting her again next year. SYBLE COVINGTON Guard "Syb" sure runs her opponent a race and stays with her. Her strength is measured by her de- termination to conquer and not be conquered. We hope she will be with us next year. - IDA MAY JARVIS Coach Miss Jarvis has worked dili- gently and patiently with her team this year. Her spirit is good for any team. She has tried to develop girls of good sportsmanship. May her kind- ness ever increase. Ninety-Two - --x- Q e N New-:QQK W--we-11-M A-gg 'M bbf, :mfr--A-X X X . , . Q, Ne., , X, Refi New -QQ-Q is 'ii QB S E ,,, .,A,,., .,A,, ,,,,,.A ,,, .,,, ,,, ,, ,,,,.,, .,,.. A A Aii.,,, , , ., ,,,, , ., f. . f,. i,, i1 A A ,,i , i,, , ,,,, ,,, , ,, ,, C i . m ,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,,,, ,,,,, A ,,,, ,,,,,A,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,., , , , A TENNIS CLUB Jean Ayres Lena Stephens Geraldine Massie Gladys Hilton .Adelaide Scott, Audria Watson, Alline Wood, Garnet White, Hi Mabel Willis Mildred Carter Syble Covington Cleo Norman Veda Wooten REPRESENTATIVES IN COUNTY MEET Doubles Singles Adelaide Scott Mildred Carter Mildred Carter ff" W W ---'- "lin YYYY 'Y' 'W , ,, ',guu i Ninety-Thre I I 4S'Rx""V" Iramwx 'Af .... : -'A- ---namzz --'- -1:-'-11 '--, X ,M wwzy -'Pl: Mi S1E M N "" ' X' ' ' '113133113131,311ggigpgg,jj ,5,,,hj,,,h,,,k, 1 31. PJOJJIIQ "1 12 Q QCD 0-5- ma Zu: N0 :gm I-r1U 9-5 :Em O 223 ua!" :. CD if O :J I" fb Q - -- , W .,,. f F' '-Ili ' Ninety-Four F 7 --, mf--v fm- f- --,,, A ,,,, 1.1, weftifrizf --WY: ....,,, ff. .J,,.Q5 fm' X " xr A xx, -N. A2 :- R S-.F R22 sE,,M,M ,, ,A ,,,,,, ,,,A,,A,,A, A ,,,AA,, A ,,,,,,,,-A,A, ,,,A A , AAA,, AAA..A .AA ,,,. , , A . . ,.,,,,,., , 4,,,Y, ,,,,k , ,Y Y, AA,, , r ,,Y,,,,,, -,,ii, MA, ,,,,, r ,,,,kk,, , ,,,A r, N Leonard Holmes Alpha King Kenneth Henry Vernon Abbott ' Lorraine Nelson Ernest Carter M " Y' V Y V W V - Y 1 ""-'-M " pi, W, limi, 7.1 Ninety- Five 5 E ,i s.. ss Hiii?"QiiiiTrT3riii'Tff:535giiiliiiii5pg.Q V',,' , ijijgifiif "N"' M "" M ""Y""L' M "" "" A"H"' ' r ' A"""hA" ' H 'N " " "" ' ' " 'A. 1 1 zzgxiigg. ..11 .. . , "' 1 iiiizigizigipiig . ....., ?".ffLff"'f',j THB LEONARD l'l,bLMES "Lefty" our lusouth-paw" pitcher, catcher and! captain, hits from the south side land is a ter- ror to all right himd pitchers. More than once his lwar club has meant victory for the Whirlwinds when all hopes of it were gone. He was awarded tlfe Silver Lov- ing Cup last seasonffor being the best sport and high ischool player on the South Plains Ravls GILLERT Revis hangs out on the first "sack" or near, ahd fields all chances with equaliease. He- is playing his fourth eason in this position which p lrtly explains why he is at homezlon first base. His batting compares very fa- vorably with the awqerage and his superior fielding makes him a very important factor on the team. "Sheik" passes on with the famous clss of! '24. J'oHN GQEER Although a, Senior, John is playing his first y' r for F. H. S. l-le is a secon baseman and considered a very good one. He studies the game before playing it. We value Lohn's service highly and regret to lose him. BILL Dam' Bill is decorating third base again and takes chances. I-Ie takes 'em up and turns 'em loose like a professional.: l-le has one more year in which to represent F. H. S. and much is expected of him. Ninety-Six 4 1 1 I I "'e'-if Sv-5 is -.N swift-.. 'S 0 '24- I "MM ,"' f 1 .,',, ffff,ffff,fQ' i'7Q1ffffif'fifQ'fff.if' "" f5iQ..fWfQ.'f"Q'1i,'ffa5i?EfE? I KENNETH HENRY "Bloody K." holds fourth in center and makes a hand on all occasions. He is a. good batter and never misses a chance to show his excellent fielding abil- ity. With another year to play le should attract wide attention in high school circles. T ' MAURTCE BURKE "Greese," our short stop and lead-off man, is playing his fourth year in the F. H. SQ uniform. He is a good batter, a smooth fielder, and an excellent hook- slide artist. We expect him to :be on the mythical all-star team af the Panhandle. l VERNON .ABBOTT ' Vernon, another pitcher and outfielder, is playing with g the team his second year., He' is a good batter, and his' fielding com- pares very favorably with the average. He has one more year in which to appear on the dia- mond for F. H. S. ERNEST CARTER I Ernest, one of our outfielders, hails from Fairview. He fields well and constantly is trying to do better. With continued im- provement he will prove of much value to F. H. S. next year. 1 ,. . A Q.-A. 5 ! T ' 4 I --W . . Ninety Seven l I E l i l w I i f b bb,. '24 gf? ,,, ,,v,,, , ,,,,,, Y,,,Y,,, , V ,,,, ., W. Ninety-Eight IQDIQW qVq Q l PARKER SHIPLEY Parker, a Junior, has ven- tured onto the diamond this sea- son for the first time. He is a good outfield? arizillaas EE good batting eye. e i e o great value to the teamlliiext season. l 3 ROY SWAIN Roy usually gets them before they hit the grourld. As he has a good batting eye, and is a man who can be used' to an advant- age. we are expecting much of him next season.i I ED HQLMES Ed, our star catcher and pinch hitter, hails from:Sand Hill. He is a constant batter and can fill any vacancy wih equal effici- ency. His detlermination and confidence are ghod reasons for his excellent playing. He is playing his seconcl and last year with F. H. S. l HENRY DlJNAVANT , h Henry is a ijgood outfielder w o has been on e joh regularly an dtlglough playing for the first time, e seems likely to make a good player on Qthe team. He l knows how to use the stick well. N I ,....-f""""" nllunnitni Q r i 3' s., Ee? R NSW S4324 ss r ---AA A ' as LEROY MCDONALD "Judge" holds dominion in the left field and is a master of the situation in his corner. He is a good batter and a lucky base runner. LeRoy is playing llnls third and last season for F. . S. A. D. WHITE, JR. A. D. is a, freshman, is show- ing up good for a first year man. At present he is playing in the out field. He has good pitching ability already and, with three years morein which to play, he should make a note-worthy re- cord. RONALD MORGAN Ronald can catch them and he handles the bat better than most first year men. Being al- ready a good out fielder and a fair infiefder, and with another year to play, he should develop into a good steady player. 5 Ninety Niue 'V . I 'E S2 Q' Niif.Q:E V 'b,',, ffl '.'.i iff" ",,L',,, iff '." f1.fQfQfQ.Q1 ,'ii fQfQQf1QQlQQ'ffffffifQ.,.Q,,,Qff "M' fffQ'QQQQQfi1QfiQQ' '.QQ1Q1..QQ.Q1,QfQQ, ff k"" if "A' QQQQQQQ'Qfffi1f..,,,.,W ., 'EH Aubrey Styles Maurice Burke Bill Daily G. V. Slaugltter 1 Alpha King Garner Surgiuer 1 REPRESENTATIVES IN COUNTY MEET . l Doubles Singles Maurice Burke Gamer Surginer l Bill Daily - i l ' Q I3 . 5 -' 3 igj, 3 5 .131 ll'1'i 2' 4,4W 1'lffT'Q:jT Q " One Huridred - H.- Y -3-. v WB A"' 'R if .,,.,...,.,,..,,,,,. .,,,,.,,,., . ,,,,,,,..,,,,,, . ..., ,.... ,,,..,.,.., .. ....,. , ,,,, ,,,.,,.,,,,,,..,,,. M ,,...,,,.,,,., , ,,,A-,,,K,,M,,k ,,,A,,,,,,,A , , VllhlAT'S Ll.-:F-r One' Hun 1 ,.,,,, .,..:: .,,., ,1,,i:, , , ,, ,.,, .V.1i,,, . ,.,,,,1 V :WT ' ,Nm l p ppp ppp p Msgs rs- 's so is 1' mm-.. ..-... , W ..L,. ,, ,,,, ,, .,,, ,.,..,,, ,,,, W ,,,,.. .. ..,,.....,...,. ,..,.. . .. .,,...:..I:............,..... Hundre Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. CALENDAR l0-Opening of School Session I0-Organization of Senior Class Junior Class-Tatler Staff Election Annual Staff Election 20-Organization of Sophomore Class Zi-First Football Game Floydada vs. Matador 66-7 Sepy 25-First Lyceum Number "Sorority Girl's Quartet" Sept. 28-Football Game Ou. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Ott. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov . 5-Glee Club Organized ' Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Floydacla vs. Canyon 20 - I4 l-First Meeting of Hesper Staff 2-First Issue of the Tatler 4-Organization of Junior Class 5-Football Game l F loyclada vs. Silverton l 52 - 0 . 1 I5-High School Music Club Organization-4Mrs. Rush Director Organization of Freshman Class l9-Football Game Floycgida vs. Plainview Armory I3 - 26-Floydada vs. Lubbock' H. S. i I2 - I8 29-Floydada vs. Plainview H. S. 35 - 6 Sl-Senior Hallowe'en Party I-Lyceum Number Anna Therese Davault I2-Armistice Celebration Dismissal at 2:30 I6-Weinie Roast for Football Boys i7-Girls Basket Ball Game Floydada vs. Matador Football Game Floydada vs. Matador 42 - 7 2l-Floyclada vs. Lubbock Q 24 - 0 i Nov. 27--Community Thanksgiving Dinner Served by- Seniors . Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. d-Two Zi--School Dismissed for Holidays 25-Football Game A Floydada l-l. S. vs. Floydada All Stars I2 - 0 3l-Opening of School Term l-Football Game i gloysiada l-l. S. vs. Lubbock All Stars l s Q QQ' Hff'inMffTffff',.f,ffQfQf'ff"ffffff,.f,Q1fififfQf.ff.'f.ffQf..fi"Wff.1f1...Qfffi1Qf'f k,', Qi. ....,.. ,ff..fi.Ilfi'fi'ffif ",',, Q .,..1 Qlllflli ,,AA 11.QlQQ1QQQ11Qf,f'f'Q'fIf'i ,,:i: Ian. 4-Basket Ball Girls Hike to the Canyon Jan. 9-Boy's Basket Ball Team Goes to Cone Jan. I8-Boys Basket Ball Team Goes to Plainview Jan. I9-County Tournament-Boys Basket Ball and Floydada vs. Prairie Chapel Floydada vs, Lockney Floydada vs. Baker County Championship-Floydada Bi-County Champion J an. jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. 24-Floydada vs. Matador ' I5 - I9 25-Floydada vs. Matador I8 - I6 28-Floydada vs. Matador 7 - 23 ' 3I-Efficiency Test Lyceum Season Closes Henry Black Burns 5-Baseball Boys out for Practice 2I-High School Play-"Elopement of Ellen" 22-Close of Beauty Contest 27-Seniors receive Class Rings 29-Try out-Girl's Debate Play Presented at Silverton March 4-Try-out-Boys' Debate March I0-Physics-Walking Experiment March I8-Lecture on Salesmanship March 29-First Base Ball Game Floydada vs. Slaton I3 - 9 March 30-Try out-Declamation ' April I-Juniors Entertain Seniors at Silver Falls April 3-Dedication of New High School Building April 4-5-Annual County School Fair April I8-I9-District Meet at Lubbock April 25-Annual Senior Class Play--"Out of Court" May I7-Class Day May I8-Baccalaureate Arddress May I9-Commencement Exercise JOKES ship Games Teacher-"Now, children, l will give you three words: iboys, bees and bears I want you to make a sentence which includes all three words." Small Boy-"I have it." Teacher-"John McCarty, you may read your sentence." John McCarty-"Boys bees bare when they goes in swimmin' ' . Little Brother-"Jack, what's a chaperon?" Elder Brother-"Oh, that's a French word for infernal nuisance Miss Rea-"Everybody on page one locate Quebec." One Hu d ed Th ce - "'-" zz:--M --- -- --h' . zggzu: """ azzzzzig 91" Q . w.. .1 .. N ,W ,.-gL:g. ..,.......,,....... ....-, ,,.,..., , ..,. . ,,....... ,...., . ..,..... ...-- ..,.....,..,......... .,,.,,.,.. . -.... .....,..,.,..,,, .,....,,,....... . .,..... -W----Y V V V W V W Orle i-Iundred-Four 366 SUE as Q' Q N 'S QF '24- liigjam' "kA M3511 "" ff 'A" M"''fi'f',fQQQfQf.Q-,1fQff'f,j"f'QICQffQffff ,".. Q, A""" fi M ""' Qfflllsiif "" Q:lii..VViiii-Qfi. ' CLASS OF '23 Vera Meredith Wayland College, Plainview, Texas. Mary Childress Business College Ft. Worth, Texas. Faye Hatchell C lerk-Millinery, Meador, Texas Gladys Covington W. T. S. T. C. Canyon, Texas. B. Marshall Wayland College Plainview, Texas. John Shipley Floydada, Texas. Belle Cannaday Baylor College Belton, Texas Tommie Lee Awtrey Clerk -Floydada Variely Slore Floydada, Texas. Margaret Crrigsby Wayland College Plainview, Texas. Mar Porter Y Clerk--Marlin Dry Goods Co: Floydada, Texas. Cleo Snodgrass Baylor College Belton, Texas. Marivena Bartley W. T. S. T. C. ' Canyon, Texas. Ethel Houghton W. T. S. T. C. Canyon, Texas. Josie Cates Floydada, Texas , -. A - '. ,suv -. Evelyn! Neil, E Braniley-Draughn Business College Abilene, Texas. Maurine Andrews . Assistant-County fudge Office Floydada. Texas. Belle Yeates Business College Dallas, Texas. Thelma Williams Dallas, Texas. Lorene Carter- f W. T. S. T. C. Canyon, Texas. Clyde Farris Bookkeeper, First National Bank Floydada, Texas. Charlie Bedford Clerk-Borum Hardware Co Floydada, Texas. Raymond Berry Clerk-Kash Bt Carry Crocerj, Co. Floydacla, Texas. Roy Holmes Postal Clerk Floydada, Texas. Willie Mae McDuff Cleburne. Texas. Minnie Clendennen Slenographer Fresno. Califorrr., , . Myra Pack 1 153 ' Brantley-Draughn Business College Abilene, Texas.. Blanche Ramsey Aimarillo, Texas. Beth Carruth, Robert 'E-uhank, Mr. and Mrs. Al H orfe Floyclada, Texas. One Hundred-F l l 5 Q. gs as ss 249 Eiiif k'.,A"A" ff "A"' ,'.' ifiQ.,.Q..fQ,.lf.f,Qlliliilllliili ""' Q11 ."" 'TT 'M"' ' "'if'f..Q"f1fif ,A,',',. QQQ ','A ifjfQ.""".z.EE9ilB caoor ROOM ru If a body see a body Flunkin' on a quiz, And a body helps a body, Is't a teacher's biz? A , Mr. Castleberry fln Physics,-"What does electricity do? l Maurice-"I think"- i Mr. Castleberry-"My! it is remarkable what electricity will do: isri't it?" PROOF Freshmani-"Only fools are positive." Sophomore-"Are you sure Freshman-"I am positive." ' gn Examiner-"l-low is Central America divided?" . Pupil-"By Earthquakes." I I There were visitors at the school and the teacher examined the class for their ' benefit. "Now," he said," can you tell me anything about heat?" A small boy held up his hand. "Heat expands sir. Cold contracts." Teacher-"Very good Johnnie. Please give example." P Pupil-"In summer the days are long, in winter the clays are short." "Selected your studies yet?" , . "Not yet," said the new boy. "I am going to take history, if that tall girl takes it, and all those selected by that dazzling blonde." ' 1 "Now," said the teacher to her class in English, "can anyone give me a word ending in 'ous' meaning 'full of'3 as 'dangerous', full of danger, 'hazardous', full of hazard." For a moment there was silence. Then a small boy raised his hand. 1 "Pious', ful lof pie!" Teacher: "ln which one of his battles was King Adolphus of Sweden slain?" Pupil: 'Tm pretty sure it was his last one." A group of boys had gathered around the radiator one morning, and were argu- ing over the best kinds of pies. Bill chose pumpkin gi Kenneth, cherry: Judge, raspberry: Maurice gooseberry: and Rene, blackberry. Buck. being very quiet, was asked for his choice: yawning, he replied: "Any kind but Castleberryf' :r. r: r . rt sr.s '.-.s r-.a. i One Hundred-Six l I 1: ', FE' ' 5 "WV "W lliw w .... , lidili One Hundred S I 966 'R Q '24 "" ""' 1Qsf5fQ'Qf """ "A""""" 'ffzzf l More About the Seniors--Eand That Ainit All Fannie Bolcling- ' ' t "She that hath knowledge spareth her words." Doll Bragg- "I am not as bashful as I look." Bonner Baker- ".All that glitters is not gold." Ted Baker- - "There is no royal road to learning." Hollis Bond- "No difficulty seems too great to one who is determined to succeed." i Joe Breed- "You can't erase that smile." . A Macyl Burke- ' "Good nature and good sense are inseparable." Maurice Burke-- ' "Just so I have the last word." Myrtle Clendennen- "Things of value do not always come in small packages." Mary Pearl Cowand- "Attention is the mother of memory." Mark Duncan- "I must get those ads." Hazel Felton- "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair." Maiixbel Gilly-- " 'Speech is great but silence is greater." Gwendolyn Green- 'With a light heart, gay and free." Revis Gilbert- nlfnowledge is power." John Greer- John has the opportunity of looking down on the rest of us. Bess Houston- "A little girl we all Ie1gi." Leonard Holmes- One who has won his way into the hearts of every classmate. Ed Holmes- Hldeas trouble me even more than women." Oma Johnson- "Nothing venture, nothing have." Hazel Jones-- ' "Labor conquers all things." Roscoe Jones- "To be learned all the wisdom of a farmer." Dan jenkins- l'lis music causes iron tears to flow down Pluto's cheek. Cecil Jones- "Don't do today, what you can put off until tomorrow." Terrell Loran- g undred-Eight - '-3:11:43 -'-- ...., f """ ':':::":"" .yarn Q , .,, , , ,,,,,A, , ,, NS--..M ..... ,,.. ,,.. , , ,. .,., . ,.., ,, .. ..... . , , .......,... . .... ,, ,, ,, ,..-, "Don't take off of my deportment." Geraldine lVlassie- "I can't worry about grades." 'Wynell Masterson- "Chl but I'm sleepy." lVlaudie Meredith- "Think twice before you speak." Fay Maxey- "If his mind was changed he would 'be otherwise." Mae Moore- "They are truly great who are truly good." Aubrey Montague- "The bell rang before I got here." Calton Moore- "l..end me your note book tonight." LeRoy McDonald- "Co away and let me sleep." Florence Nelson- UA lady fair, with golden hair." Lorraine Nelson- "Don't look clown on me." Miriam Olson- N 'Tm going to practice my debate." Roy O'Brien- UI sometimes fancy that I were king of the courtly knights of Author's ring." Lloyd Paschall- "Who -invented Latin?" Ora Mae Robbins- "I don't understand why it is." Ora Scoggin- "But still she- answered, with a sigh, 'Excelsior' ' Lena Stephens- "The easiest, freest, happiest girl in all the world" K Pauline Stovall- "If the ladder of fame is ever turned topsy-turvy, I'll occupy the top-round." C. V. Slaughter- Ul have reached the highest point." John Sullivan- b "I am not handsome, but you'll have to admit that I have a distinguished look." Audrey Watson- "The sweetest girl in all the world." Mabel Willis- HA woman's hair is her crowning gloryf' Vera Wilson- "Nleek and Mild, Yet, a naughty child." Gladys Windsor- "Sober, steadfast and demuref' Johnnie Wilson- "l"lalf a loaf is better than no bread." Jewell Woolsey- ' "I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty, I woke and found that life was duty. One Hu ndre dNL I I A i i :gif5fff.':iiiiiiiiievif''fi35:113gi.i'2fgii11gg:.x:4Q3g4gQQ2g:v11':i4gig,Qi? ..' gig ' ' " fffflll1QQf'T'QQQ1.Q..Q52.ES:QQ222 . '.3 fl '.'..i 11151:'fifi1t . ,, 11p .i1iigiiiiiiiii'i3...giQ.g.S L M24 3 W 4 , 5 One Hundred-Ten i' ' 2H R543 ,,A, .Q 'E Q5 is 3 k--kQ--k,.Q ,Q qsiv W ,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,k,,,, , ,.,,, .,,,k b , M ,,,,,-.,,,,,,,f, 1-gg ,.,,k, ,.,, ,,,, ...... M ,...,............. ....., . . . . , .......,.. .......,. .... . . " "" ,banana One Hundred- Eleven J r ,,,,, ,,,,i ,,,,, , ,,,, , OUR LAST WORD r As we come to this the last page of our l924 Hesper we feel fas, no doubt, you do a'soJ thatuit might be better: we know that many errors and some almost unpardon- able mistakes have been made. It was our aim to make this a veritable memory book for you, to reocrd here for you all of the many incidents and activities of our school life this year. If you see our mistakes, know that they were made unwittingly, anti do not be too critical. We desire that you be pleased with our bookf l We wish to express our thanks to those who have given to the Staff their most valuable assistance and cooperation in making and finishing the Annual. As ive come to this, the last page, it is with many different feelings, that we realize how near com- plete it is, that there will be no more begging for kodak pictures, no more running down "pedigrees," no more serving lunches, no more "sticking" down pictures, no more burn- ing of midnight oil to satisfy printer and engraver-no more, because we have reached the last page. l 1 .PQI ,-.. A-.-l.., h., ' .4,, z, I, ,A , One Hundred-Twelve Wwmwisiswxxwwiv I Y. NVif:1::ggmXx MQi,:,11:-gn, -::f:f::mQ::Q' --W-::::::::: X ,Q w M" 'S k ,N '1i..NisQS'- sw ,S Q-' -T- .ENQEWS E M We Q "f' faf :Q 11: fy: '---f- f::-- ':"f::, ---X:-,1-,,,,',,-,-" ? ---,-M.,. QW .....,.M,...,.. .,....... V..........,...,, W , ,.., , ,, w i ten! 70100 fy? C222 rQ5Ez7 oar f""' 6 af" ,wx X Q' N J fi rburki? O H d dTl t N ww 1 QA ,...,, Q -:.,,. ,.,, .,,,-,, ,, ..x.... M, .,,,..,,,,..,,,.,. ,.,,,.., M , M.. Am... 'ju if Y' " di" K..-GSS " 3 5' .V , . ,Q : . . gg NJ gi? .Ex ,Q KE X. ' ff F if K J'E.f.,xJy kv! Q-4 1 . D ' 'Y Q 5 'VE X E, ' E -X IW Y'-+ 4 4 One Hundred-Fourteen Ts if I ef '29 13? 4' Q :B 1 1 L 22 X . :S ' q 9 'E 29 ff' f L ig Jwdfv K ETL xv A' fm - . 3 ft Q M J ' 2 ', i- K T .Q , an . V X ZS 1:52, 9 Tia '9 99 . P . K, Vg ff . f Lv , - . E S9 Hx 'Y K ez, Q H N 1 x - -"W - 'f . 3 'f J' 75 I X 7, , ' . - . 2 t D' it H 1 . . :Yi vi 1 "E QQ? 'Q Niflffflfi .... fff.QW ,VVV ffilf ..'A fi, "..... 2 iif.iQf..f.f:ffQ1 ',,n',,A',,,',.. f.'fQff.ffif'ff ,... Qffffifif"fMQf"f1f ,,', fffQ.fii "n"s fffjf s.',n'A'. Q 'ilfffl ,',' ll,f'AfffiimfiifQ.fEiQxQB ?44?4+44?+4+46464+ ??44?94???+?9QW? """' GET THE HABIT 1 1 Use Use i 1 the T B0othe's a Q 1 qnality Bakery . Healrhful Q Loaf Food i Cakes, pies, candies: all form of first class pasfry end soft drinks. The Best Bread Q THE BEST EQUIPPED BAKERY ON THE PLAINS Situated on W. California S". H One block West of Post Office. E.E.BooTHE,Pmp. +?69?W??WW + One Hu dred F ft R .os Y V i i " -Q 'E QE GQ 3? ,,', 'fQQfffIf'm'TEf?f'vf'fffQ ":' i1i::i:i:fi'i,j .,'.'. Q.f"ffl,"""i'i"f'f,f?SS ........... THE only way to prevent hard times is to save what you makle and keep it safe by depositing it in -Q Floydacla, Texas. V H A CUARANTY FUND BANK ' T. S. STEVETNSON, President C. SURGINER, Vice President ' f S. A. GREER, Vice Presidenl ' ' , .a N. S. JACKSON, Vice-President 31 JOUBERT CLEMENTS. Asst. Cashier MAY MONTAGUE, Asst Cashier MARVIN GILLEY, Assl. Cadhier v 'L 4 4'+4W+++++?PH' +4+P+n9++444 Hundred-Sixteen it 'E QF TS? Q ,",A f if "'A f 'A" ,, 'A""" ' 'A'ffT?fLf?fIffff'fl'fffSE.21Q1Qf.Q1ff.Q11Q1QI1QQ1'QES1?..'QQQFEE?5EeEi45i11i1fQ1T.- "A"" ""' ' ' 'Ziff' N + +MW64+4Q4++44++?54W l We believe in teaching in our Schools Thrift, the secret of more independent, Prosperous. Citizen- ship, with Bank accounts large enough to take advantage of E A All Opportunities and insure against hard times. f4f?6 Paid on Savings Accounts, FIRST N!:?l!9Ef:L BANK CAPITAL and SURPLUS 55I00,000.00 . 64+ , We believe in Better Schools as Builders of a Better Citizenship. O e Hu dred-S entee Il Il QV 'Mi 53 RQ- l!'?ffff A"A"A', f k"'k Q A"' f 1'ff'f"f.f"f','ff,ffffQQ"ff'ff'k ""',' Q ff .',,. .f1QQQQiQQQQQ1l.Q1QQQl1'" 'ff'Q'1liQ..QQ.IlQ.. f M"" ff''fffll.fffff'f'f"ff'ffffQflffliS C.R.HOUSTON8zCO. DRY GOODS THE STORE OF SERVICE AND Q WITH DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE O e H dedElKht '5' 'E QF 83 Bw5iQQffffIf.ffI.f.,f,f ,". Ifffffffffflffffffffffffff'ffQfffQ.. .Qf"'fQ'f,,ffffffff ."' ' L"kk' f ffffff 'k', j'ff.,fQ1lff,.,Q.ff"fQfQQ K"" ifffffliliilfi 'x"',,,,' ,.,'f H35 . C. H. DAVIS 1 JEWELRY I WATCHES . DIAMONDS Q SILVERWARE Q IX. . 22 I E THE c1FTs THAT LAST , Q CLARK-WOOD DRY GOODS CO. 2 QUALITY, our Mono Q SERVICE, our Aim I Q PRICE, our- Attraction WE APPRECL4 TE YOUR TRADE ++++++++M++M+M+4W++++4MW+4WA+M++4+ + 0 Hundred-NI I Q N 'ti QF Si Qs ,'k.: 2232221Il.flf'f.f.fQfS3Q.Q,2.Lf.Q.f.27i k.'A' .". " ,,"' f fQ,iif..,f.fQffQ1'f1 ...,.... fj...If'fQ'fff221?if5f5 Klfffifrzzii'-3 --'-,-- i-Si-3-335-il! N -S+l:4a--:wa.+4wswsfsw+aws's+sws+-s++++.s4-4s-sws+sMews One Hundred-Twenty LAND FOR SALE About 200 sections located in Floyd, Motley, Hall, and Briscoe Counties, Texas, to sell for farms, small ranches, some to lease to farm and graze. Consider these lands among the choisest in Northwest Texas for cotton, wheat. feed, general farming and grazing, some of these lands already in good state of cultivation and some of the graz- ing land has living water. Will sell or lease in small or large quantities. W. M. MASSIE 81 BRO. GENERAL LAND AGENTS Floydada, - - Texas. Hesperian Publishing Co. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Publishers of Wfhe Floyd County Hesperianw FLOYDADA, ------ TEXAS. '!"5"5"5"!"E' r L , ........ ,gg ,,,...,,,, ...M .,A....... ,,...,, , ,,.,,,.. . M.. fesi R NQI.Ifllffflijffllf"'f'f'1f'ffi'Q1fff1'Qff lZf'fff.j..,f.Qj'f ',., ifffl ..i.'f Q.fQffif.f., 'Q..Qf"f n,,, f kkkkk' fifQMQff'fMf"iw,Aff ,",,", fffi ,,.,f 1.Q.1f.'...f.fffffS "i"!"5"f"!"i"5"5"E"5"i"3''3"3"!''!"3"5''3"f"5"3''5"f"'2"!'4'+?4'4'4'4'+4'!"P4'4'4'4'4'4'54"?4"54"?Q'+'?'5'?+4'4"?+?, i I ' ,4 M We Sell the Best Brands of ri 3 r C ' Merchandise il" C L Hart Schaffner 8 Marx and Frat Clothes for 35 I WM f Men and Young Men IEE Perfection Clothes for Boys, Sure Fit Caps, Pack- if I ard Shoes, Stetson Hats, No Fade Shirts FOR WOMEN-Palmer Suits and Dresses, La QI Camile Corsets, Ever Fast Dress Materials r MARTIN DRY coons co. I 2-L-21 1 , . .,., 2 Hlgg1HbOtl'l8H-Bartlett Co. f BUILDERS - . - SERVICE ,,, COMPLETE E A 3 '!t'53'g"!"5"5"5"f"5"f"5"5"5"3''f"5"f''Q''5"5"3'403''5"f"5"f''2"f"Z"!''twins''I"3"5"!"2"f"5"5"5"5"5"f"?'5"!"5"5"5t'5"5"5"9'3"5"5'g O elld 'I O Hun Q.. we we N, ms .,,x.. S Y X A N' ---- '- fe-Q -w - ----- -::.::,.'wif -errzqse - f"-- ::::":. ""' e W--3-.:::zz": -f---'f- :-wr "-'- MH aw wleiefiw X E. Seeley R S-5? Q NS S -ze, ..,. ....... W... ,,,........,-V. ...... . ........ , ., ...................... M ......... , ..,,... W.: ....... lem..zz---zzzfxmrmsxbmisg ,,,. , .... ,.:,:1.,.., -.eg ..,.. WY: .... Y ..,-----fziiw , +'P+4'+'9+'i'+4'+4'+'i'++4'4'4'+++++++i'4M9+++++'?Q'i'i'4'u ei 2. EEF!!! !!!!!' nm.-num.. BAKER-CAMPBELL CO. DRY GOODS, C-ROCERIES Br HARDWARE Make our store your store and Bring lhe Children Stores-Floydacla, Munday, and Weinert High class Shoe and Harness Repairing All Kinds of Fancy Leaiher Work West Side of Square i il i iiii General Practice Floyclada, - Q - Texas. Office Phone 256 Residence Phone 250 !''!5!"!!!"!!E''!!EE!I!!!'!!!"!f!"5'!"!EEE'Y!!''!'!'!"!"'!!"!'!"!'!''!'!''Y!E''!'!"!'!""!"!!!"!'!"'!!"'55''"!"!F!"!!!"!'!"!'!!'!!!"!5! 'll!"!f!'E'!!!'!!!'fff!'!!!!l!!f!?!!!!l!!f!!!H!"!!'!!!:'!! i..iiiuni,iiii..aii.iiii.,iiiUiii..iii..iii.,iii..z.i.aaaia-.cami..a.:i..a:. iii. :-a. i.: aaa. :.:,.a.i, ..:. .iii ..:..:x:..aai. :a:..a.:,...i. ni.1.iii.nz.,lag.iii.:iai..aaii.iiiiiiiim-ia.iiiiiiimiii.ii -w--mu Complinicnls to Flopdada High School L. G. Mathews Aitomcy al Law Office above Mitchell Hall! :ww 3: iz 1: :::-:1::f:v:':::1::: 1: :: -,: if 2: .za --: L: -.: f-: 3: :-:--: 11- -1 11: 2- - - -b-- -- --- -- ---k-'--ff---e-W ,------- -- ..............I.............H-im...-.,......,,...,.................,..,.... ....i.... .............. .... U.. .,.. .aa..:.a..a.:..:a:..:ai,..-i:...:.i:asv.aa..i.:mii..:ai..ai:aiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiii C. D. H0pklI1S The Tailor where your work is appreciated-Phone 67 'Z ifzvz-++'s-s+':ws-++-s's':ws+M-++-swz-+++-w-:.+++4we-:-'ewews-qMr ' ' dred-Twenty-Tko .mI--1in.vumm.-mm-al--ui.1.--uw.1-i-....mu-nn-1.IQWu.-4.-iiri--in-ul.-un--mmI-.I.1.1I-I.1Iin,mumu.m--m--m-nm ninmummm--u-umann-mnmnnmmu Asssfssuswsv-' "Wm was ss' A"" ease? w:ss1:kgk ----- -s x--- zzzz: -z---- z+ z zzzz Mz::zzzz:-Q. sf' as ts ff fs- ass w. X s KNNSSX' w zzz gs " , ::,.:N S w 111: Y',k'-'--,YrY .,,5,.T.,:l ,... is ..,,,,.,, , ,,,, i ,ii ,....,. i .iii .',, Z .,.,.,..,,,....,,V.,Y A , ,,.,,,...,,. :,,,, , ,,,,, M ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,, ,,,,,z ,,z,z ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,A,,, n A ,,,,,kV,A , , H,-A,,,,,,, ,,,,z, , , .,,,,,,...,,,,s N +9469??9'54i44'?+'??Q46?44WF54994 ?4W??99W54?4 We are taught that Stop this perusal The world is round And Img 28 So many renters A H We have found For real estate Glad Snodgrass Sellmg smart wear for High School Sludenls Since l900 in Floydacla J H Reagan Q ' . I 0 o Z L'i:i-FF' "'.iiiiiiiiii.iaiQQi5iiiiiiimiuiii,xiii .... ira.i,l:ii..a:::.a.:E2::a,az: i:,.a.:...a.E.: q,:..: ..a.,:aa..a.:a.:ii:az:-sal: .,.. :.,aii.ri.i-.:.i.aimgg:-.ziirriiiriii-.Iii.riiiriii-i5i'.1ai.iii. hir-iii:-ii.:i-i.-A f elslsffefza 5EffF55ffEfEff!ElfEE?EEE''SEITII551555EESf'55SETSET515"YEIEEEffiiiffliffiiiffffifflfiffififffiiff 555555255 : l U f Dealer-I. 1. Case T. M. Co. Combines - - Tractors - - Disc l-larrows Q Plows and Road Machinery I rn' l1" 'rl' il'ii":uililliiiiviliriiiniluiuiiiinliiniliiuiinriiuiniiuiiimiivhi-himiivi-i-liniviiiiiviuiuiiii uruu iriiiri1IuIIiIriii1-luIuIiIiIniiin1iiiilivuiIiIriiiAviiilliliixiiiuimirlii: I Dr l W l'l1clis---Dentist Q l U U f - 1. .- . . I af::5I.afE.,:siiz:iI55:..1fi5.EEE1f:52I.:E5Q.n:4.:::.:.:..::::.a::.:::..:2::2E::.Er:f,:fifFa1qasfafSill:.'5:2'EfEffEss"F?sf'5E5fT51:IIE55f'555INE:if,Q5ff?if155:2,al5IIIEEflfasIfiEflf?flfi.IiiiIIf55I55:i5IEEifffl5ffl.::sir.ir51151:ici.liEEffl....,...r...... I - ,Q ' 1 2 f 1 , ' ' - - pay more? 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Floyclacla, Texas All Kinds of Building Material QUALITY, - - SERVICE. 1- - PRICE Our Customers are satlsfled lllllillllflflfffflfgl ' "" '''ll5555ifEill5lliffffllfflll5255flff?fffliffif5ffff52fIf5f'lliilfffflffillflilffiffllgllfilllEf'Ef5f'EEl'll5f'lf5:EEf'ffEffi55Ififfflfi5,Iif52555fffifIffl5ff5f5'.ilEfffif'Ifl5fllfffffflffflllf H. O. Pope 81 Son Electric Supply Gas and Oil Service Cars Phone 23 'i"i"!'-i"i"i'-i"3"5-'5"i"i"!"E"!"i'-5'4"5'4-'E"5"3"i-'ini--P'!'+++Q'i"5+Q'i'4'4'++'E'++++4'+'i"i"i-'?'P4'+4'4'++'?' One Hundred-Twenty- -a vs X-so . V NQLQQLV liiiiimkxm "" 'W' ' i 2:50, ' 'iw J are-ss S '-We its mxwf Sew SQA E. S53 ............. .. ...-...... H... U... ...... ...-.........-...U .......'.A...-.'..-....'. ...,. . .....,....-......,. ..'.t.,.. .....,.'.. ...'....., 5. .'-.... .................'.'., ...........................'..................................'.........J....'..'....'......N. School Supplies-We have them. General line Shelf Hard ware. Dishes ancl Aluminum ware-'Oil Stoves Specialty l 'Y' The Store that Appreciaies Your Trade E. R. Borum 81 Sons .ur-.Ilrmg-1555......1..5-5i..y..5.v.r---Q.---r..-ew .35 I-.1-H55 .ryngrm!5-495.-!,...!.!.r..,.rn!.r535-wi-5 ..H..,.ii..iai.1i.i-.riin-ii.Q.: iran.:-ic: a.:...: .a:..:: .::..::.,:::i.r:.,1sa.-air:i:..aa:...:i..1z:..::i..i.:i.a...ri.. To Be Sure, Insure your Life And Your Property with Floyclacla Insurance Agency . A... . .i.. . ..., . ..,. . .,,... i,., ...,,.. .... . .... ..,. -.i-..i..........,........,.,..,...........,..........,....... ... .,. ... ... .,- .,.. ........................ ....-...--.1-.V . E. Duncan---lnsuror The Agency of Service Opposite Post Office-Phone 272 One Hundred-Twenty-Four Try Our Fountain Flo dacla Drug Co. Inc. .... .,.. .s,, Collins Grocery Co. While Crest and Peacemaker Flour Phone 88 E!'!!!''!'!'flE!!'!!!"!'!"!!!""!"!'!''E'E''!!!''!'!''!'E''!!!"!!!E'!!E''E!E''!!!1'!!!"""'l'!5"" F. C. HARMON F urni iure - - Undertaking We Want Your Business . . ..........................-..'.'.'.,.'-Q.5...-...-...'...'.'.....-.....'.....' . '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. r...1...m. 11 1.5-515515 nn vii5iii'mvl' iiiigyiiigiiwiliiiniii 332152545 ..,. mu in-V-nu-...4.r--.1-grnr me NWNXQN -Q N RF ess S Exile, ,, ,, , ,, , , .... .ee.:::,,g ..............11.:, ,, ':2.,:: .......,,...... .... : , -'---:-...,.....,..,..f.:- f 1 -...:: Q s::::::::...:I..::,.: .. ..,. -.. vi.. .'Z'.'.-. ....'...'.,.,. We Appreciate Your Business Special Attention Given to School Supplies OODY DRUG C0 W . "Service is Our Molto" Represents the Oldest Insurance Companies in the World See me when you need Insurance. ':':'Z':ll:l:::: f Ifffe Make New Clothes Clean and Press your Old Clothes Floyclada, ---- Phone 66 A Clean Shop, Clean Work In a Clean Town ......,....... .'.'.'.'.'.'.' . . . . ...'...,.....-. 7....-...........-.......-2...-.A...............'.............'...'...........................'...A.b...'...................,...'.... .. SANITARY BARBER SHOP We Cater to those Who desire service H. R. STANLEY, Prop. .'.'.'.'.:.:-:.:.:.I.ts' STAR CASH GROCERY We appreciate your Patronage It pleases us to give you our best In merchandise and service. Floydada - - - Phone 40 .g.j.:.g.Q.j.g.:.j.j.j.g.j.g.Q.Q.?l.?Q.3.53Zgg.g3Z.ZjkZ.,.gEDjL.g?EL.:liZ.g.......................-.Z Gasoline and Oil Phone 79 0 II -1.-Qish..-..........4-'.'...........Av........'.,.,.'.I.....'.'.................1.h.A.5...........'....-55.1.'.....'.4.....'.......,..... Magnolia Petroleum Co. N Nun....-.........H...................................,............-.-.-............ ........................... .............-.................................-......-..........-... .. .. ............. ............ . ... ...H.........-........-.U '...'...'.'-S..nu.--.N-'-........U..'.mv.-'t..-.u.....,-.........n y dedT tyl' ,.... T Awww .E . ..w.,.-. ...V ,in . - k,,,, ---. ,W M ,-,2 1.,,..L-.33 -'M . , ,. K ' WW' ' -lf. N, V V . " A fm- ,,,' 1:9 Nm. -,.,. 1 mf W H wa., ,,,, W... , ...... . ...... . ...., ,. -,..- ..... M.-. ..,,... , . . . .. ..,,. . V. ...... - ...... -. .... W -W . . .. .. ...W WW B .3-3.3,-,-,-,-.-.-. '.'.'. .'.'.-.'.-.-.'.-.'.'.'.-. '.'.-.'.v.'.'.'.'.'.-.'.- .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . .'. . . . .'. . . . . .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . . . . , . 'Q u fu' - -. :-:- 4'a fn' PI' 'FZ e O Q.: :-:- -:-: 4.3 '.'. 3.3. , Zi' -:-: MRS E. P. NELSON Pro rxeior .flu ' I g... PZ' ff 3,3 .m.,.m-.v..m...u..II-I1.II..1.1..I.I..H.-I1.1.1nn.4.lu-III.I.H1IKI.IIInIvu..mn-.u1-.1InI1...W...-I-..-...IMI U.-m..u.......-m5...39-5551.555.I!I5'-5g5.15.51me.5!.5.I9.5!V!!!5!!55!my55Ily55595.15555.555.5135.53555In5..9!!..:5!55!5--555.53355 ,E 1-1 .-.iE..EiE..Q.i...ii.15ii-li.i...ii.1.E,.Q.i...:i...:..L:..iiia.zai..i.:..:.i....:....:...:....:...:...:.:.:...a:,..:...:.:.:.....a.a.1.:....:..:a:..isi.-:.i..J.i1,as:.,9.:.aaas:.:sa..iai.i:.::.ii:iaii::.aai.aaiiniiiviiii-niifniilini.ivi'i.ii2.iii..iii,iiiiii.i .,-, .34 3232 :-:- .3-3 3.3. 1-2- -I-I Qu: :.:. t-2- 15: .3.- 5-. .3.3 :,:, .'.' '.- .'.' v -' o 1 ' ' -,', '.'. -,-, 3.3. 3.3. .'.' -:-: 3.1. 1323 .'.' ff, .'.' Q, -'f 'A .sg -,-. -I4 .3.3 3, '.'. 3.3. 15: -:-: Z-Z' PZ: 3' -I-I fu' 0.9. a'-' I Q .'.' .'.' .-.' .ng - f J. Zi' -'-' .3.3 'I-I -,-, 3.3. PZ- 24' n'-' fn' :-:- 2'-1 .3.3 3, PI' .'.' 64 77 'Z-I -'-' '.'. -:-: -,-. 3.3. :Iii -Z4 E151 5:2 .g.g -:-: 1323 . 23.3 132- 2'2- '2-Z ' ' 1.3. M. W lshes to thank the buslness men of F loydada .3 who have helped us so much m thls publlcatlon 5.3 132: f A A s s .jg 3.3. o the Hesper. ,,,. fa' U 4 .g.3 -2.2 -,-, 3.3. '.'. 3.34 'fa 0 Q -.'. 3.3. 231' -'f' .3.3 -2-1 2.3, 2.2. o'u' fo' 1,-. 3.3. :.:- .3.3 .1-3 -22: 3252 !-Z- 3'2- .'.' fn' .g.3 .pg 3.3. 3.3. 'I-I 'Z'Z 'fi 'i'0 24' 3' . . .. . . .. '92 . . 3.3. 3.3. . . . . 24- 2'2- . . . . .,. .,.' .,.3 .,., I+ I-I' 'PZ 'PI . . .,., .g.g .,., 2313 2323 3.3. 3.3. .'.' QS' .'.' Jo' .'.' fn' fo' ft' fa' fo' . . I-1' fs- 0.0. fo' Q.: -'gf QS' funn. can-naouuaounaunnnnnc. -neon.p.n-u4.nn.-anaauana.-an-ununanauoanuseneuuIoooaouoahoo:an:cannonsuococuouuooounln1oo'n'u One Hundred-Twenty-Six USSELL 2 OCKRELL CR: Panhandle Pffnfifll 0' "Our Business Is to Helu Your Business" 615 TAYLOR ST. AMARILLO. TEXAS Pnmrmc Boot-cs Dssxcs GIFTS Tvrewmreks Your Book and Ours Your annual is the completes! and most permanent record of your school life. You are proud of il and you pu! all your energy into il lo make if reflect lasting credit on you, your class, your school, and your lozvn. 1 And that's the spirit in which our plant and all of us here handle every detail of your work. We're keen to help you make the best book possible for your school. Be- cause your book is ours and your joy in the success of it is our joy and our success. Herels the Place to Visit Our big day-light building across from the federal build- ing in Amarillo is a place you like to visit. And we like to have you here. Here is everything for every office. And in our book and gift department are hundreds of a'tractive volumes, of delightful things you would like to give-or to keep. One llundred-'l'w-:nty-Seven :si A xw- Q'-W X Q N' -'Wgg.:::f1-5 Q::r":::s- X M-'---zzzzzzfwu 'aff ':r: fl-v f"'2r111211':NQ ,Q X 'N awww ' K . l. ,,. E SQ? N fi? 2'''ff.f.Qf2ff.Qifff2Q..Q.fQ'f,f.fffff'ffQ7f N One Hundred-Twenty-Eight THE END Mr ' MX X SOUTHWESTERN ENQRAVING COMPANY - .-J. . BUILDERS of DISTINQTIVE A ALS . . 1 v :mA . xix: A xg ii ff. R :if 311 I Elf H F fl L lx' 'ti z r il ' ui 713 45 -9 I Fi 1 32 4 31 1 'L. U .FQ J. F4 'L gf 5? ,S ' 5 if Ali .. itz ,1.,x H Ili .41 Hg A 5 L1 , I I ht -Jgm f,uwP1:, Jn' '-x."-- wi 'i?pmE5iffFS5:.'.5::W l , ,J , -fm . ,I A :Qi .- T A, '1:3i??az25v. " " ' iii- fe: . S, x,Q5.mg.2' ., ,.,,.S,, 3 Q J i 7 1 Q' .ii V 1' ' At. r'-,,B,'- rx .s 2' ' N 41 3 .xr Y -,f 141' U- ,1 - - 1 ' ff vi, ,'3:F"3,'lkx.1 ., . : , R, 3: 7, 'f' Q f , - . . 9 ,vr 5 tif Y ,- 7 - Y 'S-?.g,s:':'1c'2JQ-jl 1 Y -. ,.,J,I. . M , f..1.'- 1 Ag 1-Q . .k , 'Ctr V-' 4. P ,i J'-r .1 w 5 x W.,-s . N , I 1 ,xg -fffiafr . -,rl 1 9 fl, n.A.' u "ifH 46 . ,ga X f c lf gm REU- -H, '

Suggestions in the Floydada High School - Hesper Yearbook (Floydada, TX) collection:

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