Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM)

 - Class of 1955

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MLQSXELLZIXPMASSENCZLL X W 0 E 1 f7Af1,,',i,M ' iww ff W ,Q,:fijfgiM'fw my N w i is v 5 M Sssiwwgivfgfiw' y i f SZbM7fgi?' "TSM My . mga b Vymf sfigfiaxtu gww S fifjfgwf iff? XWJWQ W if WM X355 ,JY fag ' f - R Dm. Q i i f xg ff! 4.5, , , fc .flbfdfll 111 1 ol 'Q f -fwf 'Lwfnw E353 a, 'WLM-Q' A Qwew bxwf'-My-T453 'gfgsx-w,'-X?-Q MSL Q jd WLLG f2m4L,0.,eQ K 5gf Mm MW 3 qw NES? E 5559 guji mi? 3513166 km Nils -ix ii 5 si 2 ymmxwgj, 44,.,k,,,,,,f,,4,. fx mmffwf ww diff 'WL JIJMQKWE cfififeff Q me cgenzbr Cydss 19.54 - 19.55 cgcfoof ' 76y0f KYQHJ Wfexfco gore ZZJOFJ We, the staff of Hoofbeats, have tried to make an annual which you will like and which will present our school as you would like to remember it. In the years to come, we hope you turn through the pages of Hoof- beats and recall the many happy months of study and activities spent at the little 'ol' schoolhouse at Floyd. Annual Editor IKEY STEVENSON ANNUAL STAFF PID LUCE, Business Manager: SHIRLEY CAMPBELL, Assistant Editor: IKEY STEVENSON Editorg Sponsored by THE MOUNTED PATROL. Qeogcalzon A A 1 1 Y I MRS. BARCK In appreciation for the hard work done by our sponsors toward our school, our buildings, and the improvement of our training for bet- ter citizehship, we, the Senior Class, wish to dedicate this 1954-1955 HOOFBEATS an- nual to them. Our school days in Floyd High School have been made brighter and happier because of their understanding, loyalty, kindness and their ability to keep us hard at work. We take great pride in dedicating the 1954-1955 HOOFBEATS to Mr. Jones and Mrs. Barck, our sponsors. 'I'he Senior Class of 1955 SCHOOL BOARD JACK MILLER, JOHNNY LAXSON, DELO STEPHENSON Wfzzzhzkfrafzbn azzof cscfoofygoarof MR. WALTER PARKER MR. F. D. ROGERS High School Principal Grade School Principal B. A. . M. S. . WCS! Texas Stale B. A. , Howard Payne College Given I0 redeem the human mind "The wise are never without friends from error. " iw? wmv 3 N ' ,-,,p'+ 3 , , ,fa 2' ,A ,+ C' ' ' 9 . Line ' up of buses L0 vely VW' uvem sc"001's out MRS. EDITH NASH Bus COIIIIBCIOI Bus D EMPIFS WELDING AND MACHINE SHOP Clovis, N. M. SCHOOL JANITORS Left to right: MI. Short Mr. Myers Mr. Irwood FLOYD HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL COOKS Left Mrs, Mrs. Mrs. Mrs, IO right: Mahan Short Buz ard Onstott SPIC AND SPAN CLEANERS r 1. A", X f V' ,wtf Mp? ,gkyr .K N 2 Qsflff Q Q ' ' 'Vk'55i'TNlf1Q 'A F ' J ' 3' , f ' VW? xi Y- -ww. N. . --1 X f E MR. FOY JONES All good men are dead, and I feel rather ill," University of New Mexico, E. N. M. U. Social Science. Bookkeeping, Senior Sponsor. MRS. MIRIAM BARCK I'm not afraid of tomorrow, for l have seen yesterday and I love today." Iowa State Teachers College, English, Spanish. Senior Sponsor. MR. PHILIP BARCK "I often tell myself that there is more in me than people think. " Iowa State Teachers College, Science, Mathematics, Junior Sponsor. MR. IA MES MCCORMACK 'Soon he will awake and astonish the world, " E. N. M. U. , Commence, Junior Sponsor. t7dCUAxy MK RAMSEY GROVES 'lt is better to smoke here than hereafter. Texas Tech, Agriculture, Sophomore Sponsor, MISS ELLEN MASSENGIl.L Aln't that just like a man!" Texas Tech, Home Economics, Fresh- man Sponsor, MRS. JUNE LUCE Take a letter, please." School Secretary. MR. JACK HASLER Beware the fury of a quiet man." Athletics. Sponsored by PORTALES DRUG K VN: wr aux W? Mums A Wf- Sn 4 . it F i msg? 'HSP' f 'Rib sr X I ,Q - x 2 -if Sq fi' s iff. s i'AA '52 . - ,ifi1'ffi9.?f. ig I wx 2925 Top row: JOY GRIFFITH Treasurer IKEY STEVENSON President TRUETT BAGWELL Reporter Second row: SHIRLEY CAMPBELL Secretary PID LUCE Vice President BAGWELL , TRUETT "He's like a spring onion, strong enough for anything. Class Vice President 1, Re- porter 3,4g Plays, FFA Re- porter 2, Treasurer 3g Dist. Reporter 4, Athleticsg Bus. Manager of Paper. BALDOCK, IESSE Chug, chug, rattle, rattle, Hail the conquering hero comes." FFAg Athleticsg Pep Club Council 4, BILBERRY , NATHA "She hath a smile and many friendsg what more can one desire?" FHA Parliamentarian 43 Chorusg Athleticsg Pep Club President 2, 3. BILBERRY , RODNEY "He doesn't let his studies interfere with his high school education." FFA, Athletics. ,Y BOYD,ANNETTE The harder I try the gooder to be, the worser I am." FHA Vice President 2,45 Historian 3, State Historian 4. CAMPBELL, SHIRLEY Not always thinking, but always talking. " Class Secretary 1,3,4g FHA Secretary 1,2,3g Song Leader 4, A11 State FHA Chorus, Athleticsg Chorus, Assistant Annual Editorg Plays. cox, LAVADA Quiet girls are at times the most surprising." Athletics, FHA: Chorus. COX, WELDON Love is too simple a game for a brainy man to indulge in. -f FFA, Athletics. ELLIOTT, BURMA A closed mouth catches no flies. " FHA, Athletics. ELLIOTT, TOMMY Blessed is he who invented sleep. " Athletics: FFA, Plays. GORDON, TOMMIE There's a deal of mischief beneath this calm exterior.' FFAg Athletics. GRIFFITH, JOY The way to have a friend is to be one." Class Secretary 1,2, Treas- urer 3,45 Girls State: FHA President 3,4, Dist. Presi- dent 4g Nat'l Vice President 4g Athleticsg Playsg Paper Editor 4. GRIFFITH, LOLA BETH Never found alone, usually found in groups of two. " FHA Parliamentarian 3g Ath- leticsg Playsg Pep Club Leader 1,3p Chorus. HORTON, EVA DEAN Shall I go on, or have I said enough?" Chorus President 4g Athletics FHA. LUCE, WAYMON 'I may yet be presidentg you can't keep a good man down. " Class Vice President 3,4g FFA Treasurer 3g Sentinel 25 Dist, Treasurer 3g Dist. President 43 State Vice President 4g Sunshine Future Farmer 543 Athletics. LAUHOFF , ETHEL 'Oh, scissors, let's cut up. " Athleticsg Plays, PACE, LOIS I don't have to study history, I make it. " FHAg Playsg Athletics. SMITH, LINDA I'11 probably laugh myself to death. " Athleticsg Chorusg FHA. STEVENSON, IKEY Don't take life too seriouslyg you'11 never get out of it alive anyway. " Annual Editorg Playsg FFA Vice President 3, President 4g Boys' Stateg Class Presi- dent 1,2,3,4g Athletics. CLASS COLORS: Green and white CLASS FLOWER: White Camation CLASS MOTTO: 'Nothing is worth the making if it does not make the man.' Sponsored by BINGHAM'S ,lml Sl? WSE x 4 My if 1 sk. 1 A W Top row: DAVID BURCHETT Vice President BARRY MORGAN Reporter HAROLD RAY GOSSETT President Second row: WYONIA PARKER Reporter RAY REED Treasurer MAURINE BAKER Secretary JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BAKER, MAURINE BILBERRY, TOBIE BROOKS, EUNICB BROWN, PATSY BURCHETT, DAVID BUZARD, JERRY BUZARD, CHARLES A DURHAM, DANA FERGUSON, FRANCES Gossscrr, HAROLD RAY Gosssrr, PATSY HOWARD, JACK JONES, WALTER KENT, SHBRRY LEWIS, BOBBY DON MORGAN, BARRY PARKER, WYONIA REED, FAY REED, RAY ROGERS, CLARDINE RUSSELL, BRUCE ROBNETT, STANLEY SMITH, BENNIE SWAIM, W. G, 'f JUNIOR PLAY Sponsored by PORTALES BEAUTY SALON Feeding me S ad Cavem mouihfr C allsb E A ' 5.,WR..a f ' :Lf-ET.. F . -' if e, pak? f. Ww- 'Nuff ww A .mia 'K A av 31 9' Q ",.: 4 M, at-an W.,,,,-fmq. f vw. Mpam-X Q :gg 1 V , . W , . ,Y.zx,, V , -PW' i x if ,: 1 3' 5 ' 4- .X ,r 2' .P - E ,, , Q 5 . ., N ,Q r x P 17- M5"W'Q"?'N " s X, ' -V - - glywf k Q -x 1 -f w k rf 'gf X ,fm I K ' , E 4 fyfwnffzefsf .gy RS Q , a A . ff' 5 xi 1 I! Q , . ex E 'Q 2 x Q 0 1 Q n 2 u g a R Q . W iff X S if ww 3 f . QSM, VA From left to righx: Ronald Malone Reporter Lester Baldock Vice President Waunett Bagwell Reporter Phillip Jones President Rosemary Borden secretary Virgil Goff Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Andes, Jessie Mae Bagwell, Waunett Baldock, Lester Borden, Rosemary Boyd, Ruth Chalk, George Dodgin, Marion Ruth Essary, Shirley Ferguson, Calvin Goff, Virgil Griffith, Joe Griffith, LD. Jones, Phillip Jones, Wynema Lee, Rita Love, Rosita M. E20 Mahan, Carolyn Malone, Ronald Marcus, Peggy McCurdy, Bonnie Parkinson, Fern Rolan, Ruthie Sanders, Wesley Turnbow, Melvin Wall, Lou Wall, Sue Widener, Lols Not shown: Carol Mahan Phillip studying--but Virgil? New Girl, Barbara Bethel 'Wy' E 3. in X 5, an Us N""'.'I' . ww., 1' xl E QV' Lguqk, Jmwgh-v ra die! V4 ' ,.,, 4' xi E. 'Q 11: X- .K X. ,. X AQ. .P X rxifggfz, f.-1 i fx .. P2'f5fi1-2 1 NY X ,,pw.?A.f 5-fs, S Q x N - -'T 4, ' N . - ' as f j N.,5h x . 5' I' ,4 ,' 'fkfT-0. 1- R af' 4., .Qt V., , 6 1 A! zftl' lf, l f I f 'i xg if x iQfiN:Qwxif-1g,.4A-f. . jf gg fx x , 3535?-9 . Qfku :w..F - ,X Qix ,xx - 4 Qi ww-fn .E X . N Quik' fx. x A ' ' ' 1,qgg1 X,.- X. j lrlif ,, , .x mixxgx K vs Ax- x '1 FM ' x fl 565k Q . -.Q fi' x X J 5 .xg 2'n'lj,..,1 'Q A K fx-Xfx' . -.R 1 Q SN ix 1 K Y 'L Q X. ' -X ig . F ff ' XX , . X L. V X x, ,V .Sl W. Q . ' x . 1 .-.X 5-In , Q56 From left to right: Ann Scott Parliamentarian Sylvia Rogers Vice President Jerry Wood Reporter Marjorie Miller Treasurer Kenneth Borden President Colleen Brooks Secretary nl Baskett, Henry Borden, Kenneth Brooks, Colleen Buzard, Mike Buzard, Molly Dodgin, Bobby Finley, Billie Nell Garrett, Sue Goff, Reba Holland, Wayne Kent, Tommy McCain, Colleen McCain, Corine Miller, Marjorie Morrison, Corky Morrison, Pat FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Myers, Laveice Rogers, Sylvia Rogen, Wllber Scott, Ann Smith, Orville Don Tipton, Joyce Williamsl Eldred Wood, Jerry Studlous Freshmen Sponsored by WARD GIN CO. Happy two: Wllber and Eldred -.. s 3, 4 W" """"f 4 sf: I' W ew' ,,f High School King and Queen Grade School King and Queen CLARDINE ROGERS LINDA PARKER DAVID BURCHETT BENNY TURNBOW 5 b 0-U96 ' aio... Most Likely to Succeed Best Personality and JOY GRIFFITH and DAVID BURCHETT Best A11-Around JOY GRIFFITH and TRUETT BAGWELL Sponsored by PORTALES AUTO CO. L Most Athletic Cutest NATHA and RODNEY LESTER BALDOCK BILBERRY SHIRLEY CAMPBELL Fl-iendljegt Most Flirtadous, SUE GARRETT JOY GRIFFITH Most Bashful, WESLEY SANDERS SON NY RUSSELL Sponsored by PORTALES BUTANE CO. Best Lookin' Guy RODNEY BILBERRY , Senior yjresenblrzy. . ,- Prettiest Gal SHIRLEY CAMPBELL Senior The senior class is proud to announce that Jeff Chandler, movie actor, is this year' s judge of the "prettiest gal" and "best lookin' guy' contest. Left: Jeff Chandler. Sponsored by LUKE'S DAIRY DELIGHT and TWIN CRONIES Senior Favontes Junior Favorites JOY GRIFFITH 3 Toms BILBERRY JESSE BALDOCK L! v gd? SONNY RUSSELL ,3j,, Jw - W f- ' f p J 'R- Exim ff 13" K , J .. Sophomore Favorites Freshman Favorites MARION DODGJN ANN scoTT MELVIN TURNBOUGH JERRY woon Sponsored by CITY OF PORTALES if lawn ing, C116 Goan czf Sponsored by THE PORTALES THEATERS Pep Club Mascot Alternate President BARRY MORGAN 'Uv Leaders COLLEEN BROOKS FAY REED fgcfoof CYAQQFLGOQIZY Waunett Bagwell, Wesley Sanders, Toble Bilberry, Sonny Russell, Clardine Rogers Q9 Q9 fl ,zznmr GAeerQa0Qrs Reba Goff, Ann Scott, Marjorie Miller, Vernell Gilmore, Ella Jean Griffith. Gforaf C116 Eva Dean Horton - - ---- President Linda Smith ------ ---- V ice President Marion Ruth Dodgin - - - - - -Secretary-Treasurer Frances Ferguson - - - -------- Reporter MRS. PENA, Director Sponsored by JOE EVANS JI apfer Mr. Groves SUE GARRETT--Sweetheart STATE FARMERS Officers U x. Q, a Af k. A r 1X 5 5 N - '- ! Ikey Stevenson -- Pid Luce Stevenson, Presidentg Burchett, Vice President Truett Bagwell Morgan, Secretaryg Bagwell, Treasurerg Jones, Sanders, Reporters: Goff, Sentinel. Compliments of PRICE'S CREAMERY 1' S r I Gfapfer Miss Massengill SONNY RUSSELL -- F. H, A, Beau CHAPTER MOTHERS OFFICERS Mrs. Thelma GOSSCII Griffith, President, Durham, Dodgin, Smith MIS. Dorsey Nash Rogers, Campbell, Boyd, Borden, Bagwell. Ferguson. Compliments of WHEELER MORTUARY of! P Q4 Qscfoofygoys' Zasfefgczfh Top row: Jack Howard, Manager, Lester Baldock, Melvin Turnbow, Harold Gossett, Barry Mor- gan, Coach Hasler, Jesse Baldock, I. D. Griffith, Truett Bagwell, Manager. Bottom row: Ray Reed, David Burchett, Phillip Jones, Virgil Goff, Pid Luce. Not pictured: Rodney Bllberry, Corky Morrison. Qgcfoofybyoys' crgasegaf Top row: Jack Howard, Truett Bagwell, Melvin Turnbow, Phillip Jones, Virgil Goff, Jesse Baldock, Tommy Elliott, Bottom row: David Burchett, Ray Reed, Harold Gossett, Lester Bal- dock, Joe Griffith, Not pictured: Rodney Bllberry, Barry Morgan. Sponsored by PORTALES LUMBER CO, G X9 cgcfooftgzfg' tzasfefgaf Shirley Essary, Fay Reed, Joy Griffith, Burma Elliott, Tobie Bilberry, Lavada Cox, Lola Griffith, Rosemary Borden, Ruthie Rolan, Clardine Rogers, Patsy Brown, Waunett Bagwell, Wyonla Parker, Natha Bllberry, Coach Barck. cgcfoof ' Ctsofygaf Top row: Tobie Bllberry, Burma Elliott, Fay Reed, Jessie Andes, Ruthie Rolan, Colleen McCain, Corine McCain, Shirley Essary, Bottom row: Coach Barck, Patsy Brown, Clardine Rogers, Wyonla Parker, Natha Bilberry, Lola Griffith, Waunett Bagwell, Compliments of MEAD'S FINE BREAD Junzbr Zasfefgafygoys Back row: Bud Bilberry, Jerry Wood, Bobby Dodgin, Harold Widener, Jerry Durham, Buck Gos- sett, Clinton Rogers, Coach Hasler, Clyde Bagwell. Front row: Neal Foster, Ioe Howard, Carol Feland, Billy Turnbow. jufzzbz' Zasegafygoys Back row: Bud Bilberry, Tommy Kent, Bobby Dodgin, Harold Widener, Neal Foster, Clyde Bagwell. Front row: Kenneth Borden, Jerry Wood, Jerry Durham, Clinton Rogers, Joe Lee Howard, Billy Tumbow, Sponsored by EDITH NASH FWHM QIUQQ MRS, PARKER First gdffllgy MRS. PRICE Second MRS. BURK Third MRS. BICKLEY Fourth MRS, PONDER Fifth MRS. ROGERS Sixth MR. BURGESS Seventh MRS, PENA Music MRS. NATION An Sponsored by LUTHER THOMAS MR. CREAMER Eighth Drivers' Training 'K fam? at ' - -Q ..,, Anv- .7 , -5 .riff is sf i aqgfg Qmoe Clyde Bagwell Jerry Baskett Bud Bilberry Don Boyd Lynda Brown Joanna Burchett Jima Lou Bush Mary Carlisle Wayford Craig Pauline Davis Jerrel Dillard Jerry Durham Mary Elliott Bobby Essary Carol Feland La Donna Ferguson Neal Foster Fayrene Fowler Shirley Gabriel Vemell Gilmore Buck Gossett Ella Jean Griffith Joe Lee Howard Bill Jones Arvilla Kent Margaret Lauhoff De Von Love Bertha Montano Raymond Montano Clinton Rogers i X5 Q I ll df' All tix ' Jack Rolan Madeline Romo Kenneth Sanders Pee Wee Short Joyce Stephenson Edgar Swaim Billy Turnbow Cora Velasquez James White Harold Widener cseoenff grak Jerry Adams Wayne Baker Troy Barbee Earlena Basket: Harold Don Borden Evelyn Brooks Jerry Burchett Judy Dillard Pecos Finley Sally Kent Julie Kerksey Gerald Lee Mary Sue Myers Stanley Newman Bobby Robnett Reta Rogers Leon Thompson cszbrff gfdk Joe Bilberry Bennie Boyd Louise Boyd foo ZZ H Elaine Buzard Pearlia Carlisle Harris Craig Melba Canell Carol Emlnger Clenta Essary Hamid Don Essary Bllly Ferguson Betty Finley Larry Goolsby Sue Gossett Burell Jones Leroy Madrid Billie Mahan Butch McGowan Lynda Morgan Gayle Onstott Billy Pace Jimmie Parker Janice Rolan Harley Smith Dale Swaim Sonny Tipton Kay Vandlvere Junior Walker Sharon Wood 9295 911406 Bobby Baskett Kay Bigler Francis Brooks Jack Buzaxd Bm If nag' :- Q, 1, fi gs: - Q7 1 .gif 4 42 . 5 K:e:zgg,j,?,, :'x-- ram Mozell Craig Diane Garrett Norene Hawkins Trudy Henry Alva Jones Cristoble Labato Janis Mahan Judy Martin Floyd McAlister LT. Miller Delo Stephenson David Stidham Jenice Taylor Dorthy Tivis Carolyn Watkins Eddie Widener Raymond Baca Danny Boone Sharon Borden Martha Boyd Goldie Carlisle Mary Cox Calvin Feland Henry Garza Sherry Goff Melbum Gossett Mary Lauhoff Stella Lauhoff Pablo Lovato Jimmy Martin .70 urff gr 4042 Wayne Martin Consuelo Montano David Pace Phyllis Parker Harold Pearce Connie Peevey Gwenlyn Robnett Rosa Rogers Joe Roland Doris Stidham Ronald Vandivere Gloria Velasquez Ioe Velasquez Domingo Villanueva Ann West Wesley White Steven Widener Tinker Wood yfzfof grade Jimmy Baca Bennie Bethel Faye Bigler Basil Bilberry Gay Boone Jake Brooks Weldon Bunchett Elinda Bush Charles Conell Juanita Cox Oneta Cox Carolyn Cross 0' i f Qkx fi y X0 . B- E 'ii i gekis iz, ?l:5"EF3e1 K ,..+,:,u .. :T .,,. ' 3.53 L 1-:H ,.,-7-1 ,--vv A ..-I, ::5,f-in ,. .,., 41 W 1 EE, K fi ' 5 Geraldine Davis Gary Eminger Hershel Essary Donna Garrett Thomas McAlister Margie McGinnis Janette Reagan Richard Romo Gary Smith Billy Joe Stidham Mona Swaim Willene Taylor Kenneth Thompson Linda Thompson Ted Tivis Peggy Watkins Dennis Widener GCOI20f gfd Jessie Bennett Dale Bigler Don Bigler Phyllis Borden Sherry Buzard Marvin Carlisle Antonio Cortez Gregoria Cortez Joyce Craig Tommie Davis Kathy Dobbs Thomas Fuller Charlotte Griffidl QQ Rex Jones Roberto Montano Dick McCleakey Janet Martin Mike Madrid Linda Parker Bobby Parks Acacio Padilla Tony Padilla Clryce Slirley Lois Stephenson Rayman Stidham Emilio Tapia Jeri Vadlveme Vincent Villanueva Gail Widener Q-Sm! QFGOQ Albert BBC! Virginia Sue Bennett Terry Lee Boone James Carlisle Eddie Craig Linda Deen Linda Dement Billy Joe Essary Tommy L. Goff Janice Kay Gosaett Delbert Hallford Rosa Elaine I-lasler Herbert D. Hays Max Orville Jones 65:23 V 3 - W: ffa- ? ,,.. .if ,,. .rw ff ww,fM.m1x1v-.warJ wwf iii 4??fifffr t L , .Wen -.,-.aarxw-.1 nfxwi 5, ., w,ff4W.Weg5fs55a2P7-Aff-igfifggi Q, wiif::afa?1fefsiEiP25Q?fi5K1ififf r fr em--ff--. 5 e:w,f!:w!?z:M--'W migisijssfesv gzQwHW:5ZigQ:9f' 99254533 1 21231235 1 .5 ' . , :: , -fig -: Z zu :- ' -E jgxx, 551, ggi: sci: fa., ,.:ffgw:,a:.w, .,:::e?sm wigwgylggq -r, V -1: 1-zfiifiefii Vilis-'fx' fEf:29f'5f Q-1f5ff e - f-:w--fm :ease av.:-aff ea- 'wuz ' "5 1'if:fe1zsswsfi'.:f::+g?'Ys- 'Mifap Sharon Kay White 1 Altagracia Lobato Charles Allen McA1ister Daniel W. McGinnis Doug Medlock Kim Morgan Patricia Nemnan Barbara Nixon Arabela Padilla Ronald Parker Larry Parkinson Nona Faye Robbins Kay Russell Jerry Scott Richard Smith Lawrence Ray Stidham Larry Virgil Taylor Hazel Marie Tivis Anna Velasquez R0bert Villanueva Larry Washington F YQ QNX Sfi Ji? QIUOQ Eighth gauorzfes MARY ELLIOTT BUD BILBERRY Seventh EVELYN BROOKS HAROLD BORDEN Sixth ELAYNE BUZARD BURRELL JONES Fifth 1.-T, MILLER NORENE HAWKIN S Fourth RONALD VANDIVERE ROSA ROGERS Third PEGGY WATKINS DENNIS WIDENER Second TOMMY DAVIS LINDA PARKER First ELAINE HASLER DOUG MADLOCK Compliments of WORLEY MILLS 33 UAB f' A ju! 'S 5,-5:3 :g:.":"..'.717 l -. :iii V5 1212: :Fmt P 'I X 1 1-J : IZ - :. 5 if if X A V A ,J I X V -. ...... may ,Ad ww h, viii W 373 WWW 35555 7.12 ' - - fggfffff 'mf M b?'wSQXR Jfmy MQ . W4 uf iajxgigf EQ W wi ffii wif S MW J W' W' V3 ggigxi if W' Sv? SMX Whig Nei 012W fly! Yf"""7'U . x fx XX W x M225 Kroehler Virtue Alexander-Smith Berkline Hotpoint Lane Mengel RCA FURNITURE CO. Meet Your Friends at the S I LVEJ2 GRILL For Fine Foods Fountain Specials "Look to Us for the Newest and in Home Furnishings. " "The Wor1d's Best Plate Lunch' in the Village 507 E. 2nd Portales Phone 2061 Clovis' New Mexico TUl2NEl2'5 DEPT. STORE Home of Courteous Service and Quality Merchandise 105 West Znd Street Portales, New Mexico Compliments of J.C.DENNEY CO., INC. Always Fir st Quality Portales, New Mexico HECK HARRIS F IRESTONE DEALER STORE 123 N.W. Nlain Portales, New Mexico CSEQEGE IMPLEMENT co. Your John Deere Dealer Sales and Service Phone 7 Portales, New Mexico SCD LJAEE DEA!- "Where You Get a Square Deal" Fruits - Vegetables MR. AND MRS. A. C. TRAINER 101 South Chicago Avenue ODOIVI OFFICE SUPPLY Remington Rand Agency Gifts China and Crystal Portales, New Mexico Wwfkfifz "Shoes for the Entire Family" 'I I VAN 'S BARBER SHOP IVAN NEVELLE, Owner 205 W. Znd Portale s Portable S BEET CASSAN L.l LAC PARK JEWELER CAFE Home of Wyler Watches Watch and Jewelry Repairing 207 W. 2nd Street On Highway 70 Fine Food and Excellent Service Portales Portales, New Mexico LAU D CLEANERS N RY Qualitb' Cleaning Wet Wash The Place to Go for F1F"ffif1,D1::y Expert Cleaning and Pressing ls Phone 257R Across from El Portal Motel 1016 West Second Highway 70 Portales, New Mexico pol-tales 'F LOY D VAUGH N 'PCDVV ERS 66 SERVICE STATION GROCERY at MARKET 301 W- Second Portales Phone 66 "A Good Place to Trade." Complete Food Nlarket 1011 West Second Street Portales, New Mexico 1 1 S ii-912 CD USE r THE TZE. ITZ. POTZTA LES CO., INC. MOUNTED PATROL A Western Organization Main Attraction at the Roosevelt County Operating Limited Price Fair Q ' Variety Stores i.n J f 5 - 10 - Z5 Cent Store ' 'D12.HOVVA'l2'D EYNU N1 MCDONALD OLD, CO, Professional Eye Service CECIL C BYNUM Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted Phone 505 Phone 84 Portales, New Mexico Portale s , New lviexico 4-:E Q: I4 T 4-QA1212 m -5 EARL. C. GREEN -ff SON FIRESTONE DEALER STORE Broomcorn 123 N. W. Main Portales, New Mexico Portales, New Mexico Insurance and Loans iii? 53353255 J AY T l-I O M P5 ON AGENCY :rAY's, INC. PHARMACY i Farm - Home - Ranch - and Auto Real Estate I Portales, New Mexico ni l CHTZISTIAN I EWELRY Phone 574-J' 207 S. Nlain Avenue Silverware - Diamonds Jewelry - Watches T3 OTZTALE 5 HARDWARE at FURNITURE CO. The House of Reliable Merchandise Watch Repairing Congratulations Senior Class l-I AN C O Cl I4 jfmm' Store for Men Visit Us When in Town INSURANCE A GENC Y JAKE HANCOCK 212 S. Avenue B Phone 73 Portale s , New Mexico 145151. cfm mfs , ' Modern C O A Rooms +4 O S CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales - Service Phone 53 112 East Znd Portales, New Mexico Portales, New Mexico M ASSEY YAEBOROUGH HA1212 I S SPORTING GOODS Sales - Service wilson-Rawlings Graham-Hoeme Plows Sporting Equipment 317 Main Street Phone 4418 Clovis, New Mexico Field Spraying Equipment PORTALES MACHINERY COMPANY 401 W. Commercial Phone 811 , 1 744 MW? LAUNDRY Telephone 678W Q Good Service Good Washing Machines 309 N. Avenue B ROBERT S SEED COMPANY "We are always in the market for grain, sudan and cane seed." Portale s, New Mexico POTZTA LES 'DAI LY NEWS "Read Your Home Town Daily" Phone 83 106 North Main Avenue Portales, New Mexico vv GAMBLES ' - J v The Friendly AND Store SAVE psi.-4,13 -Ui A D A T Portales, New Mexico l.'E LA GIBSON TOW NLEY CHIROPRACTOR Z 04 N.E. Znd Portales, New Mexico 'D Av 1 S PUMP COMPANY Colorado Turbine Jacuzzi Pressure Well Drilling and Casing South Floyd Highway Portales, New Mexico Better Value s 'F U R12 FOOD Phone 819 612 East Second Street Portales, New Mexico Phone 494-W 1009 W. Fir rf -. ,.,,,.:1,:.,: M I -as Ziggy, X ,145 F! PORTALES NATIONAL BANK J. S. CLICK, President swmmr-'o12Ds B. F. GOODRICH First and Main VV!-IVTE Y UIPMENT COMPAN The Place to Get Your rs and Ferguson Tracto Equipment Phone 156 On Clovis Highway EQ Phone 601 Portales, New Mexico Portales N M J? CLOVIS cocA-coL.A H ' BOTTLING COMPANY TRUCK CENTER en Z4 Hours iffy? OP Phillips 66 Products Clovis' New Mexico 447440413 C: s-:Ev raow 5' VARIETY Phone 996 TRUCK STATICN 24 Hour Service Phone 805 1201 North College Avenue 310 Iviain Street Clovis, New Mexico Better Tasting Get Meet Me Under the Clock SUTTETZS The Hall of Diamonds Clovis, New Mexico For w 1 l T-3. VV. 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Suggestions in the Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) collection:

Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 66

1955, pg 66

Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 63

1955, pg 63

Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 57

1955, pg 57

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