Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM)

 - Class of 1954

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Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1954 volume:

WM,-,. Elly, !X7,,,5senj'.H 0 vHg5,L1V3fgQ-QA WSW Umm Andy 0lQ,'p'yW1?,fp'A ' my. +Q,y0yV"f2xfy,T9 mwaawagfiwv Q WMM ?M'j,jjj?fw wiv Wjfyg W f . K 1 , vNV'5W39f'i,Wff5Wd'if 561 fffi W W' ww W jf' W5-fri 35 . n w"vf'V fM IQ 1 OJVOVS who ff EQQQ55 S 35,5 'Q M WWW Q31 1 , 32iiZCQ22m?Qff iv fs Qi? fLM.wW SW? Wfikfgz ffm i ' ii? +1 W fww WML QS" ygllluum gf? YQ Nw ip QIMMJAKLSLJW sQg,3.R 5 Q 9 v 515 ,ss L4A' ,' -.ff' Q 'f " - 1 ,Q . .a' Bd fffua ,, WWHW? Q r 'W 1 , 1 af- ,, vs, , ,gf 1 ,:, 4.:mm A,,,m,w , ,, 5. . . .. ,, .,. . , .J 1' ,, , , V , 1 ,, W sw 1 , U .1 3, -,C ., ,R ,, Q .N ' ,V ,Z 1. wuz' m m, 353:- W -.- ' ' - 2-4' ' f W 6 A , , NN No if 3 5 iw WW Vp 67"-9' Qi VW 5 Hx QW 03 N .10 Rei L, , by Kr y LAN up JW , -X M mQWX SX' Q Q3 Q if Q' '25 W lst HL WMWJMM mx Y my 59 QM M O' W N Q mix ww io ID 1 5 K? . 6 2 vw yw Q -fm, WQQQQJLWKML N WWWL . M HH? 3f25f561' f TL 3 X Q X1 ' L: Eg 'f I vfi ,.1 ,,,.L Q is 3 31 ia Si 2'-viii wfwfiifyi , W Qfxw?yf5f?5W5W55 bMff52fY?25d3f ii W wf35WMM', W WW WMF iggvfgggglygwfw . BO ' fs' Q 6 My WWW WN Q MWYJWM O5 fffffwfww 5?l'fMfW 'lffffllffjja 'EFEAQ 466666652 xii-QQ 2322352 F9 ' Pigs Ea ' Aiwa Q if I "L"-n ' wg . wif... QL., . 1, 3 Ay, 4 - , WJ, 11.5-if .- .!' Tu s 5. ,. Flin fa A W, ,, ,,... :lf 1. mga . Wie: 11. W' :wk 1-,. ' J , ,g.,, gn, ifr ,,. . ,., , I ..g. QZLA.. Elm., cis Z- 7' E r s 4':',,g Q4,z--3 x ' 4 ' b,:jsz1':,f' - 7 whw X ,W,:,,v.-, VVVQ 4 ,.,Eg.,v,,. 1 Y ' 'airs mm, .3 Kai' fr 3. ,I Y 7,.,!I'iifffsf .1 Aff ' fmzai .- , M,-Q R. M6 Presented By THE SENIOR CLASS 1953-54 FLOYD HIGH SCHOOL Floyd, New Mexico I ,....... 7 Speaking for the rest of the Seniors as well as myself, I'd like to say that I hope you' ll enjoy every page of this annual from cover to cover, It has been quite an experience putting it out and I hope you like it. Your Editor - . . , . . . . ...............'.'.'. 'iq Mama' am We, the Seniors of 1953-54, would like to take this pleasure and opportunity to show our appreciation to our sponsors: Mrs. Vickers and Mr. Barck by dedicat- ing this annual to them. They have helped us in every way possible to publish this annual and help make our Senior year a bright and happy one. The Seniors X ga MRS. SHORT MRS MAHAN MRS. ONSTOTT MRS BUZARD Cooks BOARD MEMBERS JANITORS Left to right: Mr. Miller, Mr. Ma- Left to right: Mr. Short, Mr, Myers lone, Mr. Laxson. FACULTY SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN FAVORITES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ELEMENTARY MRS, EDITH BALL Bus Contractor N' Q51 eqgislgwifx. ,. . gk "M A af, 1 ' 3440771 Young people, this annual will become more and more valuable to you as the years go by. As you look back upon your 1953-54 school days, may you re- member with enjoyment the good times you have had with your friends, and with satisfaction the profitable hours you have spent in the classroom. May you resolve to try even harder in the future to make every minute of your school years count in order that you may develop into intelligent-thinking and intelligent-acting persons. To all those who have contributed in any way to the success of the school, I express my sincere thanks. My best wishes go with each one of you. Sincerely yours, zffmfiw W. Parker, Principal MR. BARCK Science, Mathematics Senior Sponsor MRS, VICKERS Commerce, Pep Club and Senior Sponsor MR. JONES Social Science, Bookkeeping, Junior Sponsor MRS, BARCK English, Spanish Librarian, Junior Sponsor 1' L. , A' MR. GROVES Agriculture F. F. A. Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor MISS MASSENGILL Home Economics F- H. A. Sponsor Freshman Sponsor MRS. MCCORMICK School Secretary MR, HASLER Coach K.: F! K . A F lkmw 3. AY , M, 1 'Z 09 IP. A LLEN, FA YE Athletics Pep Club BUZ ARD, LENORA Athletics ALLEN, FRANCES Athletics Pep Club CAMPBELL, FRIEDA Athletics Pep Club Chorus Annual Editor FHA BROOKS, EMMIT Athletics FFA CARLEY, CONWAY Athletics N-L DOBBS, RAY Class President FFA Athletics Annual Staff GOFF, RAYMOND FFA Athletics DURHAM, MA RS HALL Athletics FFA HENDRICKS, ANGELYN Paper Staff Athletics Pep Leader FHA FELA ND, ODENA FHA Athletics JONES, KENNETH Paper Staff FFA Athletics Vice President JONES, TRAVIS FFA Athletics MCGOWEN, AVA MAE Athletics FHA Paper Editor Annual Staff Pep Leader LaBARR, NITA NELL Athletics FHA Pep Club MALONE, LARRY FFA Athletics LUCE, NOLAN Athletics FFA MOORE, WYLIE Athletics FFA MORGAN, JUNE FHA Athletics Pep Leader Chorus Annual Staff Class Secretary scoTT, BILL Athletics FFA NEWMAN, IOHNNIE MAE Pep Club FHA Athletics Annual Staff SCOTT, JIM Athletics FFA REAGAN, ORA LEE FHA Athletics SMITH, JAMES FFA Athletics o TIPTON, WILBURN Athletics FFA WIDENER, JERRY Athletics FFA WEST, RHONDA Athletics FHA Pep Club WORLEY, BOB DON Athletics FFA CLASS COLOR: Silver and Blue CLASS FLOWER: Rose CLASS MOTTO: "We finish to begin' I E:-:iff-5 ' ' 5 . Q Q .LL if pl Wm 5, , 2 W K X 'Rnd xg QP " 'L fx' 5 XL .jg S, J , Q x L X, CAMPBELL, SHIRLEY COX, LAVADA COX, WELDON ELLIOTT, BURMA ELLIOTT, TOMMY GORDON, TOMMY GRIFFETH, JOY GRIFFETH, LOLA BETH HOLLAND, MARY ALLEN, WILL BAGWELL, TRUETT BALDOCK, JESSE BILBERRY, NATHA BILBERRY, RODNEY BOYD, ANNETTE HORTON, EVA DEAN KERR, IEANETTE LEE, RUBY LUCE, WAYMON PACE, LOIS SMITH, LINDA Q A'-' STEVENSON, o DON ' Ka wx-IITE. JERRY Q35 N4 I Y Q D , , wi 5 iq. Qi!- ll .1- Q, R wr FST 5 ct ' ' , Q ,ka gi ,Q ' lf' M if Q 5, Q. Lk ,M X X is X ,gif Craig, Donald Durham, Dana Gossett, Harold Ray Gossett, Patsy Ruth Howard, Jack Kent, Sherry Lewis, Bobby Don Luce, Junior Mertinez, Herman P an if 1 5 1 sg 2 X . V fs Q ' ,F , A 1' n v N 0- 'r O ,,Vy M Bilberry, Neomi Brooks, Eunice Brown, Patsy Ann Bullock, Jack Burchett, David Buzard, Jerry OlD'NT HAVE N E A Fl y Q X5 or QF 1., 5 wf6?uzcfu4fQ I Xf ,EX nz uname! 'E K M' .3 JNL 1 ' 72105791 M Morgan, Barry Parker, Wyonia Reed, Fay Reed, Ray Ridley, Joyce Rogers, Clardine 'X 'Q 1 Buzard, Charles Vvgss ., i4"Kg,fA' , , N "V l f . Smith, Bennie Swain, W. G. White, Evelyn fvf' r . I 'Q fl: B9 08' .-,,,,..-- yy. ?N Q 1 s +-. ' U QV .M X .F K -I 1 0 adm 5 ex WY? xi. , f Y ,Z 'f'?"' 1 Borden, Rose Mary Boyd, Ruth Bullock, Troy Chalk, George Craig, Vivian Dodgin, Marion Ruth Essary, Shirley Goff, Virgil Griffeth. I. D, 4 K Allen, Earl Andes, Jesse Mae Bagwell, Waunette Baldock, Lester Barbee, Chester Baskett, Henry H3 ,. 3, -wry fr-, A 7.6 03505 AVAILABLE5.. CF! Griffeth, Joe Jones, Phillip Jones, Wynema Lee, Rita Love, Rosita Mahan, Carolyn ir? 'Q '17 Q "U Mahan, Carol Malone, Ronald Marcus, Peggy McCurdy, Bonnie Miller, Darrell Montano, Alice Montano, Marie Morrison, Corky Parkimon, Fern fffiff C Rodgers, Mary Rose Rolan, Ruthie Russell, Phillip Sanders, Wesley Turnbough, Melvin Widener, Lois Ray ,,,, K wfwgws 1 f 'E 4, I ' Q11-353' 7, , - - ,.,3--:Jv w l. l ,, l x , g .Y ,I , 5 -, ' , .LM P, -W' f j ng . g5.s3w,g.f iz. s,.s.EeBbQ:igf. Qi 'S' sr , 'f X .. I .- is , gawk, ..-'--fw Us Ve 5- Q ! J1f ,CLARDINE ROGERS -- HM SCOTT Congratulations from: LaVISTA DINING ROOM X 51 ANGELYN NATHA JEAN AVA MAE HENDRICKS BILBERRY MCGOWEN spanned Key- gang Wuhan do and LESTER KENNETH RAY BALDOCK JONES REED ,gh -5. "' ...- w..mfwzm21.94sc4Mz Sponsored By: BINGHAM'S 64-znwcz! Kang and Zum Sponsored By: GORDON'S STORE Freshman Favorites Sophomore Favorites RITA LEE JOYCE RIDLEY PHILLIP RUSSELL HAROLD GOSSETT Junior Favorites Senior Favorites LOLA BETH GRIFFITH AVA MCGOWEN TOMMY ELLIOTT JIM SCOTT L14cZ2WfzZJ- sammgagaowew pmm myaeamzew 7945 5 A Q A cf- LOLA BETH ' 1-0515 GRIFFETH HILBERRY ANGELYN HENDRICKS AVA MCGOWEN U-f K L. Head Leader .X 1115 fl - . x?fXX:Af'k T gk . 14 JUNE MORGAN 'fcafme of fi' Miss Massengill Advisor James Smith Prince Charming Mrs. Edith Ball Chapter Mother Sponsored By: MRS, EDITH BALL A f Pirro Ava Mae McGowen FFA Sweetheart V 110 O A !'7 X' Qdiido A.---X ,-.2 H , uifxf. ,fw 'fl'-Z xx , if ei-X .A'. Q 0 I Sponsored By: FIRST NATIONAL BANK Groves Advisor I at 'val' Papez Staff Left to right: Ava Mae McGowen, Edirorg Kenneth Jones, Business Managerg Angelyn Hendricks, Assistant Editor. ffvuzaal Sfdff Left to right: Johnnie Mae Newman, Art Editorg Ava Mae McGowen, Annual Photographerg Frieda Campbell, Editor: Ray Dobbs, Business Manager, June Morgan, Assistant Editor. p-a....I I.......J -Q21 5 1 If 5 , ,DMV-"' FII!! cf on bf-2 Xx U -N ,rm whim .,aA' A566524 Back row, left to right: Natha Billberry, Wyonia Parker, Joyce Ridley, Shirley Campbell, Manager, Joy Griffith, Ava McGowen, Fay Reed. Front to right: Lola Beth Griffith, Angelyn Hendricks, Burma Elliott, Lavada Cox, June Morgan, Lois Pace, s qw Back row, left to right: Eunice Brooks, Tobie Billberry, Wyonia Parker, Natha Billberry, Fay Reed, Patsy Brown, Rhonda West, Front row: Burma Elliott, Clardine Roers, Lola Beth Griffith, Joyce Ridley, Jfme Morgan, Hendricks, Ava McGowen, Sponsored By: MEADS FINE BREAD ' , i 24445411 go-ya Back row, left to right: Nolan Luce, Bob Worley, Travis Jones, Pid Luce, Jim Scott, Raymond Goff, Kenneth Jones, Ray Dobbs, Truett Bagwell, Manager, Front row: Marshall Durham, Bill Scott, Ray Reed, Rodney Bilberry, Barry Morgan, 3' 'Zaye Back row, left to right: Pid Luce, Travis Jones, Raymond Goff, Truett Bagwell, Manager: Rodney Bilberry, Bob Worley. Front row: Kenneth Jones, Marshall Durham, Jim Scott, Ray Dobbs, Ray Reed. X Sponsored By: J, C, PENNEY'S CO, 3 Enya Left to right: Jerry Woods, Lester Baldock, Virgil Goff, Phillip Jones, Melvin Turnbough, J. D. Griffeth, Jackie Fishback, Bobby Dodgin, Wesley Sanders, Ronald Malone, Kenneth Borden, Manager. Zuelall Zaye Back row, left to right: Bobby Dodgin, Joe Griffeth, Melvin Turnbough Phillip Jones, Virgil Goff. Front row: Wesley Sanders, Ronald Malone, Kenneth Borden, Jerry Wood, Lester Baldock. Twin:-M H -- -AL is Sponsored By: PORTALES LUMBER CO, if Yemen ' 164622771 To say that we are proud of our student body would be an understate- ment., We always have a justifiable feeling of great pride as we plan and work with you day by day. Our school is undoubtedly better and more effective because of your efforts toward intelligent se1f-improve- ment. It is our goal to help each of you to better prepare yourself to meet and solve life's problems in the most effective way. My hope is for each of you to remember the Lord as a friend and guide through life. Your high ideals and spirit of loyalty make you a splendid stu- dent body. Congratulations and best wishes, F. D. Rogers MRS. PONDER Fifth MRS, ROGERS Sixth MR, BURGESS Seventh MRS, DEAN Music MRS. NATIONS Art MRS, PARKER First MRS, PRICE Second MRS. BURKE Third MRS, BICKLEY Fouxth m Q., rw 727' iv -,f,,.A,., J Kent, Tommy Kerr, Vernell Knox, Noelene Luce, Jack McCain, Colleen McCain, Corine Miller, Marjorie Morrison, Pat Myers, Lavice Rogers, Sylvia Rogers, Wilbur Scott, Ann 4904 Qmde Barbee, Leo Borden, Kenneth Brooks, Colleen Bullock, Max Buzard, Mike Buzard, Molly Carley, Kenneth Dallas, Peggy Dodgin, Bobby Goff, Reba Griffeth, Joe Holland, Wayne , K if S, L "H .l C- '1"'9 all Tipton, Joyce Upton, David Williams, Eldred Wood. Jerry Seuemfd Q-nada Bagwell, Clyde Baskett, Jerry Bilberry, Bud Boyd, Don Brown, Lynda Burchelt, Joan Bush, Jima Lou Carlisle, Mary B , u I' W if Har I ff li mt. I0 N010 AVAILABLI v 6 ,Y V 1' .Y . ,V 1 -. rg- W ,Sy A.. . .':,Z-. lg? ' I A af' , 1 1-15. '-tc-3 '. rt . ,g,...:.,k EW' - x- al ef: I J -. R Q. Q, M 'ff . I . f .... me r f ' , gi A r ' ,J ' ' ..,-.- ..- - n. . -. go. ,1- w av, va v 01,1 ,',1, ,f ,W -, .. '. Av. ,1,.,-4 Y l Hy., , - N4 r .Jw r KR X I Craig, Wayford Davis, Pauline Durham, Jerry Elliott, Mary Ernhart, Claude Ernhart, Clyde Essary, Bobby Feland, Carol Foster, Neal Fowler, Fayrene Gabriel, Shirley Gilmore, Vernell fl . " vs 'VK , QS mmf T xi fx X Q- : . rg in a is RK Ar Whisk 'X its Q VXQLN 22 Ridley, Johnny Rogers, Clinton Roland, Jack Rose. Jimmy Sanders, Kenneth Short, "Pee Wee" Stevenson, Joyce Swain, Edgar Turnbow, Billy White, James Widener, Harold Allen, Wilma Q-,v,fnxsxm,l I, 'Ugvrk llYlll.!l'59- X W-3 diff 5? ss .Qs 2 Ja? galil E A Y 5 Q: 52 W J SM L A ' W f 'Y r fs Whit 561:54 Qmde ve. , in sf ' 'lg wx 5 xi W 2 A X sn K 3 Y ' X- .. . fi W E M ' Sai 23 li . 'Q A t L..' . 3, A , wif 1' ,A A gy , 5,1 1 2 " Kr 1 . ersr S , 5, 'F W 5. :fe as 'Q 'rs We 4 ,R i ,, t Wifi L ing ' M ' Q 5 ' H? fa r , Gossett, Buck Griffeth, Ella Griffeth, Jerry , Jones, Bill Kerr, Helen Lee Lauhoff, Margaret Love, Devon Luce, Charlene Luce, Darlene Montano, Bertha Montano, Raymond North, Bobby ff X 4 . l ,S-J i '53 if .A ' fr om A i gf .W nz V '?R:H' 1?: ' X 17 4 S 'ilpii' Baskett, Erlina Borden, Harold Bounds, Marvin Brooks, Evelyn Burchett, Jerry Fishback, Carlton Gollihugh, Melton Kent, Sally Kerr, Carolyn Lee, Gerald McAfee, Russell Meyers, Mary Sue , ,file P ,I 'afdl' 'MI im. I 3 ' "" V 7 psf -eff l - ' A - XTVS I ' -ei "--1 - 5 K , .rn f NX, B , 'L 'B is 55,3 -1, morouoriwuusif s 'N A Q 1 X, P ' .NL ,wi Q if '. 'rv' le - Qi X ll ..,, x x xx I X . Yu "D " H44 xl ,IX , .ff x .. A K A' '--. an 1 , Q X Q , S QM. -.. 4 .wa I in N- . F wx ,L B-fx . sa . 'X A Q - - , -wx r , . , Q. ,. 155:59 - M , A B x If 'K l 3 , Rogers, Rita Rose, Linda Thompson, Leon Barbee, Troy dbltimde Bilberry, Joe Bounds, Charles Boyd, Bennie Boyd, Louise Buzard, Elayne Carlisle, Pearlia Craig, Harris Essary, Clenta 'Q rl, A , my e ' 3 W mf' - H if A K A ' L55 ' ,sl in .gin -in Qv , , , R , flL I vyii 1 E I, x iss gi ii' 'S A as Q Y., ,,,. if if 3 A X ix by i in w X 'f- i 0 if 4 xl b'f':i2f??fE7 'Uni L an ,Q ur, eq ,Q ' ,ew . ,"- 1 bag, as n H, 5 'gl Q9 LNG fx 1' 1 r Parker, Jimmie Phelps, Gene Rodgers, Kathleen Rolan, Janice Smith, Harley Swain, Dale Tipton, Sonny Turnbow, Cecil Turnbow Loyd Vandivere, Janis Wood, Sharon Baskett, Bobb .. -X 2,11 'ii Essary, Harold Goalsby, Larry Gossett, Sue Jones, Burrell Lee, Duane Luce, Edwin Mahan, Billie McGowen, Butchie Morgan, Lynda North, Jennette Onstott, Gayle Pace, Billy Al, n ewer L ri ve. - L .if- y 4 1 .K 5 +. R ?"" 4 mx S 5 f ik Aiiiiiiii iii ? L , g,1pf?4?f,fl L 7W"54 l ra Bigler, Kay Brooks, Frances Buzard, Jack Craig, Mozelle Gollihugh, Shirly Hawkins, Norene Henry, Trucella Jones, Alva Kerr, Gloria Lobato, Cristobal Mahan, Janice McAlister, Floyd 'f fi r I. ' 1 B ,, X . -f 1 R V '- -Z X siffgr B f wugm: - 1- 1 1 f 'fn' "' 1 . ,i "" "-..,'X,,4- T17 4 of '. Q as , l ' ' lf, f W' Y f Q X ,x 1 3 i fi' K? M- ' in T :HMA .. " X. 3,7 . 3 1 1 Q :lu gf E . it For qnowrv I B, 'w B ' W S In L. 82.0 Miller, Boyd Miller, Loyd Miller. J. T., Jr. Phelps, June Stephenson, Delo Stidham, David Tivis, Dorothy Watkins, Carolyn 74nd Qmde Widener, Eddie Boone, Danny Borden, Sharon Boyd, Martha R 1 ,Q 1. f Q , 34555 1. . 6 F W f e l I QQ if - t N Pilgrim. Iohn Rogers, Rosa Rolan, Clara Rolan, Joe Turnbow, Carl Vandivere, Ronald Villanueva, Domingo West, Ann White, Wesley Widener, Steven Wood, Eddie Carl Woods, Judy fe' N1 5 . Carlisle, Goldie Feland, Calvin Goff, Sherry Gossett, Melburn Lauhoff, Mary Lauhoff, Stella L6bato, Pablo Luce, Norma Faye Montano, Consuelo Pace, David Parker, Phyllis Peevey, Connie ,. M E-E'Y. if " 'L C X V wx fue: H e sg N - 'F f QQ 1,1 5, r aea Q.. 4 at W lz , iii ai, r,,rr .gz we ,rfyi 1,5 a t .C is y lp f A X - ' I , -55, Q , eli e t x r: We ' in r 4 W '- Q ff fwkgy if 'Q 1 xl ' 3 Lf NYE f A Second Qaeda Stidharn, Doris Allen, Charles Allen, Elvin M, Allen, Melvin ' Bigler, Faye Bilberry, Basil Boone, Linda Gay Brooks, Jake , 'vw Q. , W ' 7 O f O Bryant, Barbara Burchett, Weldon Bush, Elinda Cross, Carolyn -Q w'2zLZZf4 . Q ' . 'A , 'xc ,. X 5 l -. tskk i f"',2,,L? r kg il . ' x- fA'.r X 1 r A --arf, A-4 ll S " if 5 .v r A oeea '-iB?l!S'?x"ffw f M fig! 'lpn-un JN f..ltl3 'X l I Davis, Geraldine Essary, Hershel Fishback, Sherlyn Fleetwood, Michael Lee, Eddie McAlister, Thomas McGennis, Margie Miller, Stanley Phelps, Joyce Reagan, Janette Rolan, Rayma Romo, Richard 'Vp 31 ,-ws, Borden, Phillis Buzard, Sherry Eminger, Marvin Craig, Joyce Davis, Tommy Dobbs, Kathy Fuller, Thomas Griffeth, Charlotte Jones, Rex Kerr, Ioan McAfee, Pat Montano, Roberto 1 4 f if 1 Smith, Gary Stidham, Billy Swain, Mona Thompson, Kenneth Thompson, Linda Tivis, Ted Turnbow, Arlena Watkins, Peggy qw gm Widener, Dennis Bennet, Jessie Bigler, Dale Bigler, Don Q. il Q f ' Q . ff ' 1, .ff-Q" X K V Z0 North, Bernice Parker, Linda Parks, Bobby Joe Phelps, Pearlie Rolan, Michael Shirley, Claryce Stephenson, Lois Stidham, Raymon Widener, Gail Tapia, Emilio Turnbow, Benny Vandivere, Jeri at It fy wg g , .im ,-Lv Y Villanueva, Vincent Romo, Albert Romo, Madeline Seventh Grade Eighth Grade SYLVIA ROGERS, JERRY WOOD Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade HELEN LEE KERR EVELYN BROOKS IIMMIE PARKER JOHNNY RIDLEY GERALD LEE JOE BILBERRY I Jack Buzard, Norene Hawkins, Anne West, Carl Turnbow, Dale Bigler, Kathy Dobbs, Peggy Watkins, Jake Brooks. r, ,lf I,- Zffw .lj 2:5 , J - ff- ,ff " 45 L ,L A,',"'. A ,- V . 4 ,ell 4'f,,..-' wL,,1 , HN . A V ,M rv..-" .I ' -M' -lf' ,ff Mfr- 5 ""4'A , V 1 , .f my-. W , M4-f' ,.-f" 5, K f x ff'- fl, .9 if .i'v"'Lf x .1 J +.....,, ,Nr V. x, ,....x g, ... " , ,X . . XX X f Q , P xx 'I .. .rw 76 rf' fx, M5541 mm Phone 6 Portales, New Mexico CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE CO. Portales, New Mexico 316 W. Fir Phone Z 773' Mia! SEED CO. "We are always in the market for grain, Sudan and cane seed. " Portales, New Mexico Borzzoem araos. GQOCERY W! STATION R. L, BORDEN AND CLIFFORD BORDEN South Floyd Highway Portales, New Mexico Zia FEED COMPANY Your Friendly Purina Dealer Phone 4 Portales, New Mexico LUMBER5. POQWWES BUILDERS AND SUPPLY Everything in Building Materials for the Farm and Ranch Portales, New Mexico GEORGE Jmffwxufg. Your John Deere Dealer Sales and Service Phone 7 Portales, New Mexico 202925 Removes More Dirt Than any Other Cleaner SPIC AND SPAN CLEANERS 5 0 0 Avenue C Po rtale s WILB UR'S WELDING MACHINE SHOP "We Go Anywhere" Portable Electric and Acetylene Welding WILBUR WALLACE, Proprietor Portales, New Mexico CPazZ?a!e.4-I DA: LY N EWS 'Read Your Home Town Daily." Phone 83 106 North Main Avenue Portales, New Mexico EASCDN WELDING SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 427 201 East First Street Portales, New Mexico "Golden Anniversary" 1903 - 1953 Building Materials Hardware - Plumbing Lowe Brothers Paints 113 E. First Street - Phone 75 Portales, New Mexico SNOWWNHHTE LAUNDRY "Help Yourself" Wet Wash and Rough Dry "Pickup and Delivery" MR. and MRS. MIKE CREER Phone 382-J Portales, New Mexico f f Q W4 MW? "The Friendly Store" Portales, New Mexico emembe' M5554 BEAUTY SA LON Phone 574-W 211 South Main Portales, New Mexico MWA CAFE N X' F LQ 4 Foods j Nporgiies, s k O ODOIVI W 2 5 Z Remington Rand Agency? Gifts China and Crystal Portales, New Mexico M GDERN give 5520 "Shoes for the D ,S Entire Family" Phone 227 P0rfaleS 920 University Drive Portales, New Mexico M.C. MORGAN 34 SONS REAL ESTATE M. C. MORGAN - Manager ' 'We Specialize in 553' Win DEPT. STORE Home Of Courteous Service And Quality Merchandise 105 West 2nd Street 1 Exchange fP p ty Portales, New Mexico SLONE GRAIN COMPANY +-Q.-31-J --f.-f,x.' H ., r G "We are Always in the Market for Your Grain." 223 N. Avenue B - Phone 102 Portales, New Mexico -ill Tl-IE Higgs: some Published Eve ry Tue sday-Thursday-Sunday Phone 205 Portales, New Mexico Qzffwffif for Greases - Oil - Gasoline Phone 185-J 4 Portales, New Mexico B853-,ESP 41255 Expert Shoe Repairing Belts Made To Order Shoes Dyed Any Color Saddle Repair HUGH GOSLETT, Owner 224 South West 2nd Street Portales, New Mexico E PACKING CO. Custom Slaughtering and Curing Phone 0851 Portales, New Mexico 1 CHRISTIAN QW O"- Myegaf We rr TECQXISPANV PETE HOWARD, I A 2071ghcEI:'.57j'J- Wholesale Dealer Mn - . in venue Silverware - Diamonds Chevron l - W 1: h Jewe ry E? es Portales, New Mexico Watch Repalrmg Qhyaf kayla Ll LA? DA 1214 66 SERVICE STATION Q 301 W. Second on Highway 70 Pmilmx Fine Food and u Excellent Serv1ce Portales, New Mexico Portales - Phone 66 QM5 ZZZQMZM Best Wishes and Congratulations To the 1954 Seniors Portale s , New Mexico fA.1z1ZlQlZl..E,? 4-IOLIS I-IILI. SERVICE STATION LUMBER CO- Texaco Products UA DePendab1e Service" "We Give Scottie Stamps" Box 187 Phone 415 321 W. Znd. Portales, New Mexico , Portales, New Mexico Compliments of 'Fl-IF Qfffaffl T1-IEATETZS "Motion Pictures at Their Best" B. J. EDWARDS - Manager 55427 -QAM! SEQVICE STATIC? Open 24 Hours Portales, New Mexico N P0fYllAl'. . . C IZOW - WATSON PONTIAC CO. 701 East Second Street Portales, New Mexico Zum Yfaam ECDL! 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Suggestions in the Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) collection:

Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 23

1954, pg 23

Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 79

1954, pg 79

Floyd High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Floyd, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 86

1954, pg 86

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