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e- q F I x F I 5 1 1 I i r i I I , I ' 1 Th Step That Led The Wah 'xh A --.-. I- TT -M f 2 -....-iT' ' :ASL 1 Y - T MTG' T -' T ' 7, fVm, hmH. Aew. lr f ,f -1- X f -rid2L2:Pe -- . 1. - , ' 1 - i s -WE:-1 .hh 1 1 - T. A '- 5 g Q . l, .N,- K lm, N Tflhlllhllllllllhlf 5--a-ss lu.--. 5- -1, h r .L . -L-ffi.l-.-Qlf,,-5T-E5'l-1-- Q.: 41. " 6 1" 1" f - ifffw 4 T f 1-TNQ i'1"-f ' ' ' 'ffm Pin' ff I . .mpygqw t I "fi V . f ff.. X I Q , . Q- . ?5?r'q32:'5"i E52 ., . -' -- : ,gale F3334 ET H H3333 W? .gg Um: THE PUBLISHED BY THE ANNUAL STAFF Floyd High School Floyd, Virginia EDITOR --sue Poff ASSISTANT EDITORS --Judy Horton, Nancy Robertson CHAIRMAN OF ART EDITORS --Jeanoraham A-Eric Quesinberry --MargaretHy1ton TY P I S TS --Dayle Agee, Gayle Agee FOREWURD 'yfrhe steps rhgtykled theeway through a su c c e sl S f,u'l school year are ended now. ,Along thefpath behind us are memories of our endeavors to keep our best -foot for- ward, while ahead the road toy the future: is' lighted vtby 'n,en the kdno4wtletd.gae-ffivhichivve have gained at Floyd High School. Always the steps lieadfupward, a challenge to thegbest that is tin us. Altthoughwe 'pause at times toyrecall the events of our past journeys, We look fko rwar d to those of the futureg rea liz ingk that the path ahead is a conti- nuation of thelsteps that led the ,way .' . . a w l ft , E 1 X The 5ft?,l7.S' that led the way To Leader hi Phyllis Clower, SCA President, leads a student assembly. This year has been rich in opportunity to gain the skills of leadership. Through the planning of the Student Co- operative Association C ou nc il , clubs and classes i have been o r gani z e d and trained in the work of giving life and meaning to the principles of Self-gOVe1'I1meI'1t and Self- President, Gene Lee, holds a senior class discipline . meeting- Through our annual Officer's Training School sponsored by the SCA Council with the help of the faculty, officers for our various organizations have been trained inthe duties which they perform as club and class leaders. Our assemblies have led our entire student body into an appreciation of the privileges and duties of school citizenship. Roberta Hewett tells Officer Training School how to a good officer. 5 'tel ii Uses 1 port main hi 'Qgdowsalelsa wage., ,uayewhl Emfjefv ,ve,ma,., Wwwfmheiai ,veg N ,f,,?,5 fm ' mi ' ,uw fffiiu' uw in H uw-H was :sm ' Ya - 'fy'- H W. U. H. HM' 'Wage N' 'N HN 4' H1 M 'Hn HEX NH EEE M wgg:Q?w'fg,,ii"g,, "i,,"X,,"VfgQoom oo Negnyweu- iw-ag, if 1 , fps. l . ,32'.. W Y.' .e, , Basketball games have a high attendance record. Great support is put behind the teams. An enthusiastic love of our school and afervent desire to see her win in any competition was sometimes hard to com- bine with courtesy and consideration for our opponents. Our experiences at Floyd High School, both in our Athletic and Forensic competition, have shown us the value of sportsmanship and given us the opp o rtunity to develop this quality in ourselves. Kathy Hallman, Kathleen Agnew, Nancy Robertson, and Eric Quesinberry compete in forensics. 6 and Re mation VV .H f wzfrv . 3.5-Wk: I J. . , . . ,.,, 'i V --'v ig r - fy Z Li ,ev Y ' Z Z V- 'V , w 1 , V 4 w ' "ii" 2 'wus l if 'L The Senior Class boards bus for the University of Virginia. There's always time for fun, no matter how serious the task. ln many ways, our work was lightened by a little play. In gym classes there was always a new game or dance to learn, in clubs there were projects to work on, there were class plays to p r e s e nt , and certainly far from least, there were the cas- ual meetings and Hgabbing sessions" at lunch and in the halls. M I . lvl . ,ffm " ,..e. ...4c W, Gym classes get a good workout but it's fun! l EYTMWREH Qgllfgtlitl all at lwswmm Y LY ew m e fiflf X TUBE Lt-,ff i f -,Z Students put up this Latin II class bulletin board. 7 Our teachers have used many techniques Through Edu ation lVIiss Dobyns gives guidance to Brenda Moles. Students in Applied English learn to be good speakers. The biggest step of all . . . securing the knowledge and acquiring the skills for the World of Work. Learning about careers, about ourselves and our interests and a- bilities has been a big task for us in high school. An agriculture class--one of the many classes. and a variety of materials in presenting the subj e ct matter of our courses. We have had the opportunity in many classes to put into practice the theories which we have learned from books. All this adds up to the most important step of all. Those which led the Way . . . 8 Within These Our Steps ADMINISTRATION Faculty 16- 17 Academic 18-27 CLASSES Senior Junior Sophomore ORGANIZATIONS 62-65 Publications Clubs 66- 83 SPORTS DIRECTORY 95-97 ADVERTISEMENTS Ads 98-112 Pages We Present 9 15 5 . x f 1 HN it iN M 1X A ga ml 0 xv if 'f M0 W x, ' V V xx ln ll ka xx!! X rf I E KXYXX " -xg5'xs A -1-il, , 4? , The Class of 1961 gratefully dedicates this book to one who has taught them counseled them, challenged them, and inspired them Both the school and the community have been enriched by her untiring ser- vice As county and school librarian she has contributed to the pleasure and I mdadavddadffff 1-xxxwxxxvxxxx I' y 3 X XXX X X t bxx XXX eff, flgff, x X f 7 W IX Ji X ft 'N IW, 'N 'w in knowledge of countless readers Her wise counsel has opened their eyes to new horizons of learning and adventure ' U Her work in the church and in civic. organizations has been a selfless record of concern for others ' Because of her sense of humor her uncomplaining response to endless re- ' of encouragement and her continuous example of Christian character, the lives of this class will--in their best moments--reflect the influence of Mrs Sally 1 9 quests for information, her friendly warmth of personality, her thoughtful vvords , .1 M. Dalton. ' ' 4466444449 9555555519 I I ll 2 W 1 I f W W fl I I 1 I 0 ll r DEDIC T10 , HH H ,HHHHM H H. , A ..:,.: MI H ,M M , H , 2, H , , N N N H Wfiiiiii 'H H H ' mx M X xiiiffxif N M Q, H HH HH H 4' -' .:.,::, "'. HHQQH1 , f,:H H 'Sh HHH HH' HH HJ. H H .-f-..I H ??L3?i233is5g,.F1 H 'i5E?i'?ii55fiW H 'XHFZ U M H! , , , H HH. H YH ,Hu X H E91 AUMINWATION Floyd County School Board discuss matters c onc erning the operation of county schools. Left to Right--J. H. Sumpter, J. H. Combs, B. P. Simpson, Marvin Cole, Willie Showalter, R. O. Slusher, Mrs. Mildred A. Thompson, and Rex Nixon. COUNTY SCHOOL OFFICIALS 1-A X-,aww 1 :ms as-Q . i ' 1.- is Mr. J. H. COMBS, Superintendent of Floyd County Schools V .asses X-' is., 'V- my sf r S X 'H EMM Q J "Yu .4 High in the esteem of the entire community is Mr. J. H. Combs, whom we are priviliged to have as Superintendent of Floyd County Schools. A man of innumerable capabilities, his sincerity, generosity, friendliness, and deepseated interest in the individual have Won for him the love and admiration of each and every student and faculty member. Mr. Combs has int e rp r et e d the schools to the public through numerous articles and speeches and is m e eti ng the needs of an expanding school system through the plans for a con- solidated high school. CHUOL PER ONNEL W' 3 55 fp hail , W. T.. HARRY, Principal Mr. W. T. Harry, Principal of Floyd High, had the task of working out schedules for 722 students and twenty faculty members., Making daily announcements, holding conference with teachers, s tud e nt s , and parents, and being everybody's friend were all a part of his job. I5 li 1 MRS. LORICE O'CONNOR, Secretary Our cameraman finally is able to snap a picture of our "on-the-go" office assistants. These girls always seem to have something to do. Left to Right: Shelby Weeks, Lavene Mannon, Judy Horton, and Weeta Ratliff. V My ff ,M 'Y 11 , aw, ' W H H ,- ' Q, zu Nw ' Virginia E. Altizer Dorthy W. Casteel Lillian Cockram Sally Dalton B. S., Radford B. S., Radford B. S., Radford B. A., Carson-Newman Mathematics English Home Economics Librarian Catherine Dobyns B.A., Emory and Henry Guidance ii Av , I 'fi m ' X gfmdr I 1 W i" - ., a !i5Q' ,gg N Ellis Enoch Ruth Hallman Roberta Hewett B.A., Fairmont State B.S., Ohio University B. A., George Washing- Physical Education English ton University Our Facult Guides Us To Alice S. Howard B. S., Radford Mathematics Teachers discuss problems in faculty meeting, while enjoying a social hour. ' w mv 3 . Q J X .Tl uw me ef H '0wM??Q9Ag+m Mary Jarratt H. P. Jennings Madison B.S., V.P.I. Eighth Grade Agriculture Jack Kaufman Lonnie Keith Rudolph Marshall Grenville State B. S., V.P.I. B. A., Emory and Henry Music Agriculture M. S., V.P.I. Social Studies Better Rounded Education Faculty engages in 2. gab session in hall. Imogene C. Rutrough Eugene Sloane Ruth Ann Slusher B.S., Madison B. S., Owego College B. S., Radford Science M. Ed., University of Business Virginia Physical Education 17 Max Thomas B. S., Roanoke Science Floyd High now has more mathe- matics classes offered to students than ever before. Plane and solid geometry, plus trigonometrylare be- ing taught to students who are in- terested in attending college. These math classes are required by most colleges for admittance., Algebra I and II are important, not only to those who plan to take h i gh e r math, but for many other purposes in daily life. General Math students learn basic mathematics. Eric Quesinberry explains a problem during solid geometry class. Math and Science . Z Students work Algebra II problems. General math is a very useful course to anyone taking it, but it is esp e c ia lly useful to those taking vocational courses. In this class, students learn many basic mathe- matics facts that help them in every- day life. A 3 116' fi' 1132. l ' ' its M ' .gg 251- U 1 i , Q ' ,fe 'f r i i '- "'s .?3 ' Q ff We 2 " -1. ifi:., gh- fi' w il l vw - . Q .A ' ' Q' , ..: -- " W 3 A23 8 "RJ , p , gs 4 -w11P"-V Mr. Thomas points out one-celled animals on the chart Mrs. Rutrough teaches students about the solar fgr first period biology class, system. Are Two of Uur Main Courses ll' I9 Kenneth Reed works a difficult physics problem at the board. The Science Department gives the student who likes science an oppor- tunity to expand his knowledge with physics and chemistry. Floyd High now offers chemistry one year and physics the next year. This school year, 1960-61, physics is being taught by Mr. Thomas. Biology students learn more about the world of nature , and general science classes learn a little about all the fields of science. Alforeign language is some- times required for entrance into a college. Since Latin is the only foreign language taught at F l oy d High, many c o l 1 e g e -bound students take the course. Miss Dobyns's Latin II class reads speeches Written in Latin. Students use the library for reference work in all classes. En lish and Latin The library is the most used room in the entire school building, Students travel in and out of the library continually. Books for all purposes can be found in the library, and students make f reque nt use of these books. The library is an unlimited source of know- ledge, and the sooner a student learns to make use of this, the better off he will be. 20 During the Applied English class, students put the English they learn to practical use. They publish THE ANCHOR, our s c h o ol newspaper, six times yearly. In addition to this, they study oral interpretation and all types of speechmaking. The Applied English class studies speechrnaking Prepare us For College Mrs. Hallman explains the philosophies of great writers to the college bound section of the junior English class. 21 Business Has Man Miss Slusher dictates to Shorthand II class. Typing is a us eful subject for everyone to know, but it is especially necessary to those taking the busi- ness course. Two years of typing are offered at Floyd High., Bookkeeping class at work. 22 Advantages A knowledge of shorthand is essential to any girl planning to be- come a stenographer ora secretary Floyd High has a very good steno- graphic p r 0 g r a m with two years of shorthand offered to anyone in- terested in the subject. Students type daily lesson. Bookkeeping, too, isuseful to everyone. No matter what business one goes into during lite, some sort of bookkeeping system is absolutely necessary. The newest and most efficient methods are taught by Miss Slusher. js- Boys in agriculture class study better methods of dairy judging. Boys in vocational agriculture classes learn newer and more modern methods of caring for and judging livestock, forests, and land. They learn and put to practice all better farming procedures. , Home Economics - Agriculture Make Better Homes and Farms Home Economics students learn better and more efficient ways to do the many things necessary to run a modern home. F. H. S. girls may now take four years of home economics. This is the first year it has been possible to study the fourth year of home economics. Girls in home economics class prepare to cook a meal. 23 Mrs. Cockram watches Iris Basham sew a garment. Cooking and sewing are two of the many varied subj e cts girls learn about in home economics. Som e other subjects they study are home nursing, family relations, food buy- ing, and home freezing. The girls also learn how to use different kinds of automatic washers and dryers, for the department re- ceives new ones each year. 't 1 it 'M "iz'2f'f'r-f' Mr Marshall discusses Senior Scholastics with his government class. All seniors are required to pass M Q government before they can graduate. The reason for this is that a good, general knowledge of the way our national and state governments operate is essential for a .student to become a good citizen. Government p up i l s also study Senior Scholastics,which keep them up to date on main events that occur in our world today. We Become Better Citizens Through social studies United States H i s t o r y is also necessary for the making of better citizens. Everybody sh ould know his country' s h i s t o r y 5 and, too, a good knowledge of hi s t o r y always comes in handy for all. Juniors are required to take this subject. E c o n o m i c geography students learn not only about the locations of all different. countries, butalso about their economic situations, and many various details about the countries. This knowledge is very helpful. 24 .rg-7 Juniors study the history of the United States. E' 59.3 Johnny Wilmer points out the Grand Canyon on the map in geography class. Boys in fifth period physical education class play ball. Girls, too, learn many different games in physical education classes. Among those games learned are bad- minton, table tennis, and basketball. Health c 1 a s s e s are also irn- portant, for they produce a better understanding of first aid and body care. S t u d e nts in physical education classes learn not only the rules of a game and how to play it, but also good sportsmanship. Boys begin early in the fall to study the rules of basketball and to play the game. Eighth grade girls practice volleyball. Physical and Drivers Education Prove to be Helpful Mr. Sloane teaches health classes Tuesdays and Thursdays. ii lil ll .ll Mr. Enoch shows students the driver training car. Left to Right, Front Row: Thomas,'C1ower, Weeks, Lee, Ninnman,Moore, Shelor, Thomas, Dunn, Vest, Yeatts. Second Row: Williams, Harris, Howard, Williams, Blackwell, Howery, Hallman, Howard, Drum Major, Turman, Shelor, Turman, Cockram, Epperly, Hylton, Clower, Weeks. Third Row: Thomas, Connor, Hou- chins, Weeks, Ninnman, Sowers, Robertson, Howery, Lawson, Moore, Quesenberry, Blackwell, Epperly, High, Harmon, Perry, Salyer, Williams. Standing, Kidd, Peters, Rakes, Harry, Mr. Kaufman, Director. The Floyd High Band Adds To The band started the year with enthusiasm under the direction of Mr. Jack Kaufman. Members from the beginning band were promoted to the high school band. This year was highlighted for the band when they received their new uniforms. Here is the last of the group being measured. 26 Having advanced in number, the band members started out with pro- jects to raise money for new band uniforms. New school colors were voted on by all the elementary and high schools in the county. This was done to prepare the band for the con- s oli d at e d high school now being planned. The colors chosen were black and gold. The band sold candy and con- ducted atag day in order to help pay for the uniforms. A school-wide magazine cam- paign was sponsored by the classes of the school for the band. All the proceeds were contributed for in- struments. The band executive council--the governmental body that keeps the band in order. Standing, left to right, first row: Carole Thomas, second row: Donna Clower, Phyllis Clower-- third row: Rebecca Weeksg fourth' row: Bill Shelor, and Scott Sowers. School Spirit in Various Ways N - i if The band played at home bas- ke tball games, gave concerts, marched through town, headed the Christmas parade, and performed at the Dogwood Festival. This year the band was proud to have three of its members at- tend All-S t a t e Workshop Band. These three were Phyllis Clower, saxaphoneg Jean Thomas, flute, and Carole Thomas, clarinet. The bands All State winners are Left to right: Carole Thomas, Phyllis Clower, and Jean Thomas. All three of these girls have attended All State band in previous years. 27 my Km? W' . 5 me hai, -my-ig gf 2+ ' wha:-"Q f gplesf-..'e.f:,:-,L Av Q wqa",x lef:5?w. - Xgfmg-we , ffgiqirffirf 'MH .- f a e3" I"7'EfsMT v: HF-5-Will! W :L M. V. .4 -Q, 34? wa l mug: ,,--.V .4 lil?- iii' :gu y 5559113111 -1 .gh ' ' ' ., f- wmv .- 95?-'iviv 1:, ' . fig? f Xf S-QQLE4 ' -g,.r',-efffjgr 11 F .w-FWZ 1 :- , ?5,. . ' wi-f,,R..R34L2 f f 1 1 dv K ELSSBS in ' I1 Mrs. Dalton and Mrs. Altizer This year, for the first time, Floyd High seniors have had two class sp o n s o r s . Since the 1961 graduating class was so large, two homeroomswere necessary, there- fore two sponsors were necessary. Mrs . Virginia Altizer and Mrs. Sally Dalton were the senior sponsors this year. Gene Lee Heads The Largest Senior L to R: Ehna Lou Burton, Treasurer, Gene Lee, President, David Gardner, Vice-president, Jean Graham, Secretary, Sue Poff, Reporter. ll ll " lu lu --1 ll , ll m ,l l 1 1 ll ll W - l lu W XM ' ll l X H 4 ..w' DAYLE AGEE GAYLE AGEE IRIS BASHAM LOIS BELCHER Class in the History of Floyd High School LARRY BISHOP KELSIE BOWER, JR. ELMA LOU BURTON PHYLLIS CLOWER EUGENE COCKRAM CECIL COMPTON LOIS COMPTON MAX DILLON l Sl . , f?" l W I 1 W 5 Lou Ellen Farley Mack Gallimore David Gardner Dean Graham Larry Graham Charles Hall Chris Harmon Rachel Hal-ter Janice Huff, Jimmie Yeatts get Best The Seniors who won circle and triangle awards are: first row 1-r: Rebecca Weeks, Charles Hall, and Bobby Mitchell. The remaining students r e c eived circle awards. They are, second row 1-r: Jean Thomas, Phyllis Clower, Jean Gra- ham, Loreeta Nixon, Sue Poff, third row: Eric Quesinberry, David Gard- ner, and Leonard Shelor. Circle and Triangle awards are for citizenship and outstanding work in school activities. The Circle award indicates higher scholastic achievement. 32 ll Ml lfgfl l Jean Graham Mary Hatcher ooking, Most Attractive Ray Hatcher Clark Helm Edward Helm Judy Horton if ll 33 The senior play had an unusual setting. The audience was able to see action in the principa1's office of a high school and in the adjoining corridor at the same time. The cast worked hard to make their play the success that it Was. The Senior Play, "The Defiance of David JANICE HUFF J. DAVID HUFF MARGARET HYLTON 'FREDDY LAWRENCE in ' -n ,1 . i WP ii 1 " "gy il, .. . -, i ii E X 4. ' - is if i H. ,. W " , wane , 34 ,I .C . 1 ,K ' -. 1 , w, I, ,-F ,. . GENE LEE JERRY LESTER ' JOAN LESTER LAVENE MANNON Charles" Was a Big Success LL Loretta Nixon and Joe Thompson were chosen by their class as Best Dressed. 35 Phyllis Clower, David Gardner I-'gm , I K' I Q w J- :- f .l Millard Puff, Jr Phyllis Clower, David Gardner Are Chosen LINDAL MARTIN JUNE MCDANIEL ROBERT MITCHELL LOREETA NIXON JOYCE NOLEN WILLIAM PAULEY, JR. RUTH ANN PETTRY JACKIE PHILLIPS sf . I mi W m " HQ.QLjQ',,,wgQ...i.miI h, , Q 'v ya 36 xv? Sue Poff Fred Quesenberry Eric Quesinberry Weeta Ratliif he Most Studious in Superlative Contest Jean Thomas Cleftj won the Junior English award for her ac- complishments in creative' writing, standarized scores, verbal usage, and English grades during her five semesters in high school. Phyllis' Clower frightj won the DAR Good Citizenship award given to a senior girl each year for her outstanding achievements as an all-around good citizen. Eric Quesinberry won second place for his essay "Civil D e fe ns e --a Community Challenge", in the annual VFW essay contest. 111 11 1 V 1 Y 1,g, 111 111 . : 1 1. 1 11 11111111111 ' " 11 11 i, ,11 1 W 1 1111 '1'1'11., xQ"' 111 11 111 11 , 1 1 11 11 111111111 Q 11 1 11 11 ,V 1 111, 1U 111 1 111 "' "' "' "'11 "111 1,1 11 "' " "111111 .2 11"" y .. 111 QQ !!!1,1111W,,1ii'Nl111 ' H"' ' "11'111 111 mm N N X11 ' V- "11111w MW "' H1 H1 " Y V' in ' HN 111 W 11 111 , . Z '.' 'A Hn. 1 1 1. 11 , ,Z , , 1 ,Y-if 'Z M 1 . Y L J" -Z 27 Y 11 , 1 ' 13511-'f-re 1555 3 ?5E'1,"T1'f. -, , U' .RODNEY REED JAMES ROYAL LEONARD SHELOR RAYMOND TAYLOR Many Seniors Find Themselves O JEAN THOMAS WAYNE THOMAS JAMES TOLBERT MARY TOLBERT FRIENDLIEST Phyllis Clower, Ray Hatcher Q -1 wwe A V, x 1 X N W 1 38 L 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 "11 1111 111 1 1 H" ' w 1 " w 11 !'1 " '1 'N 11 11 'M11"'M 1' 1 11 1 1 1 '11 1111 1 M 1,11 1 11 ' ' x 1 1 1" H x 1 1 11t411f1111. 1 11 1111 N 51. ' 1 1 L., 1 1 f-Q '1111Ze E' X. 1 J-W 1 11 H " P' 13:9 gl ca' ww- 'ff 'fn J Q.. me-' v- " as L- Lu 15131191-51115 E TW 4' 1F SW E, 51115 111115 E G "' ' E' W W 11 EEE 55,111 11111 "'41"KS. 'R x 1, F ,mi E WeM111W 1 ,J gm 1 fy 'W 1 re We S1151 'm"1efx,M 11 W A 11 e1"'M, 11:11 1 -2:11 pe, ' 11112 152 1' 1' 111 1' 1 1 1 '1 ' 511,,.11111" 1 1 11 1 1 ' 11 11 N w1Q1E1111g.'11Eg1k 1 11 W X 1 u ., . . . 1 1' 1 11 1'-'-g,fLf'E:1f'Z:1iii.. N 11 1111' ' 1 1' 11 1 1 11 1 1 1' J!1.,.-1.1-:- L 1: Jn! me .1 -41:1 1- 1- 1' 1 1 -1 11 1431 1 1 11 1 - , 1. 11 1151, 121-gierf 1 1 1 1 11.-57-1-faqs: 2-asf?-3 l11.g1:41f1fa?ia1' 1 1 1' 11 ff 'JT1-gre: ' ' 1 f".'z,j'fgfg2'?:13fe, ', iw 11551111 11 " ' ' 11 1 ,gi ...... , 11f.1f1.1'T94gg1g1.g:J , r Nz. 3:f.x15::7'111, 1 1 1 11 141 11 11 1 11 3111111111111 1-11,1 511 11 11 111 11:1 v,..,J!5E 13,kQ4!-1.5: 1 ":,v:::':--:-:f- '5AJ.,1mr z.i1,1.11,1 112 1 " 111 31112 " Jim: 61'N:'f734'11f' 1 .111 l5i':gf 'A W 1 M 11. I 111-f1,1fjf,,g11--.a . It , - H if :gift 11511 111211121 1 L' 31-1,1-5.-L 511511 -11.1315 5 1,4 - 711 ,,J , 3 111111 12 1 1 ' w e-11 1' 11 1 11111117 11 11111 2111121635 " 1,1:1'1f111 1, 1 11511112 12,113 11' I 1 a 1 1 1: - E E ' 1: 3 'jA 11F11,11k 111 112 1511, 11122531 Ae 51 11 1" '111 111 1 ' 113"Q1111f,11egg"'l11Q1.g1Hi.1E1f'1M1'11e11f11f'1f MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jean Thomas, Eric Quesinberry he Superlative List BESTALL-AR0Um, Rebecca Weeks, Gene Lee JOSEPH THOMPSON WANDA THOMPSON THORNTON TURMAN PANDORA TURNER J E . aw e'm1 1 1 1 1 11 E F1 1 H1 1 1 Y 1 Q- 15111 111 "' l 111 " , E f 11 39 MOST POPULAR Gene Lee, Sue Poff Superlative Found Sue Poff, Gene Lee As Th PATTY WALLACE REBECCA WEEKS SHELBY WEEKS NANCY WEST 40 BETTY YATES JOYCE YEAROUT JIMMIE YEATTS Most Popular MOST ATHLETIC -Gayle Agee, Mack Gallimore, Dayle Agee 41 Here is Rebecca's prize-winning poem: SNOW STARS Stars are falling all around, Millions of them clot the ground. Soon the landscape will be white With their shiny, frosty light. If, perhaps, it snows all night, I then shall see by morning light White-roofed houses, white-topped cars, And I shall stand knee-deep in stars. The Senior ,, .WW ,X 1-if m A5 5 vi! .1 GX Q Rebecca Weeks won first place in the state for poetry in the creative writing contest. Class Has Many , ,..i N- ,VH 'um 'v ,y .. .I ww 1 . N Wx, STS, 1 Jean Thomas is one of Floyd High's most versatile students. Jean has done outstanding work in many fields. She has attended A11-State Band two years, was very active in F. H. A. and 4-H work, won the Junior English Award, and won first place in the State Science Fair. 42 These students were ushers at the 1960 graduation. They were chosen by the senior class. First row: Jean Graham, Mack Gallimoreg second row: Sue Poff, Eric Quesinberryg third row: Lou Burton, Ray Hatcher . Members who are 43 honor students. In 1960 the students attending Boys' State in Blacksburg, Va. , were Eric Quesinberry, representing Floyd High School, and David Gardner, representing the Ruritan Club. The two girls attending Girls' State in Radford were Phyllis Clower, represent- ing the Women's Auxiliary, and Loreeta Nixon, representing Floyd High School. These students were chosen as delegates because of their outstanding achievements in good citizenship and government. ...mmm 4. 1 1 4 1 1 VSEEEEW iw ' ' 'uw w 'w U Q: gag, 1 w H Y , 0' wi. iw is ' ' H u m m ul .H ,H m m N u my in m uw .Li Mu! mum H Hu iw .11 V I M wx.: ,. H ,. .H L. M 1 1 1 V . NHWNMH W W Au 5 'Hu W M Y- The '61 valedictorian and salutatorian were Phyl- lis Clower fleftl and Jean Thomas frightl. Phyllis had a 96.15 average,and Jean had an average of 95.17. Junior officers were chosen at the beginning of the year. They are: Walter Moore, Jr., presidentg Carole T ho ma s , vice-presidentg Bernard Huff, secretaryg Kenneth Blackwell, treasurerg Glada Bower, reporter. One of the events which high- lighted this year for the juniors was the ordering of their rings. In Jan- uary the rings arrived and the corri- dors Were filled with excitement for Weeks. The junior class play brought their extra curricula activities for the year to a close and the juniors felt that they had had an outstanding iyear. At The Beginning of The Year Walter Moore Cynthia Agnew Charles Akers Donald Akers Lucy Akers Kenneth Blackwell We , ki-H' . V iw , 44 :Tri+--'--wr " - xr-e . 'gn- ,.,.v! '13 Lois Boothe William Boothe Frances Bower Glada Bower Joyce Bower IS CHCSEN PRESIDENT OF TH E JUNIOR CLASS Joyce Duncan Lorraine Gallimore Thomas Gibbs, Jr. Lloyd Gillespie Joann Goad v"79" Bonnie Graham Paul Hale Roger Hale Pete Hall Linda Harman 45 Nm ,. 1.9" Xu.-i MAB? 1 ' xl Loretta Harmon Larry Howell Bernard Huff Dorsey Huff Hazel Hylton Danny Ingram James Keith Pat Kellison Brenda Lawrence Cal-01 Lee w 'W H Ellis Mann Glenwood Martin Brenda Moles Walter Moore, Jr. Marie Moran E5 I' gig? I! 46 , N1 W, ,,,,,- , I gryvxwv- Q- - uw tu H, ,uv um.. , I.: Q.-av fu! Carolyn Page Mary Peters Fred Pugh Paul Radford Kenneth Reed Roger Reed Donald Roberson Y , w W l Nancy Robertson Annie Salmons Bob Simmons Gil? Mary Simpkins Lane Slaughter Mary Smith Mildred Smith Betty Sowers E.. T . 47 gi" Carole Thomas Hampton Turner, Jr. Wanda Vest Juniors Get Their Class Rings The Lena Via Joyce Webb Lyndall Weddle Catherine Weeks Ethel Weeks Sheldon Weeks Joan West Roy West 48 Miss Slusher and Mrs. Hallman, as junior sponsors, never had a dull moment. From the time for ordering class rings in the fall through the production of the junior play in the spring, both were busysteering the group through a memorable year. Miss Slusher and Mrs. Hallman are the junior sponsors Highlight of Their School Year . Class rings are received in January, much to the delight of all the juniors. ' 49 Ti Qs :sv il lk UN! N nw, m w THE SGPHO ORE Kathleen Agnew ' Rebecca Akers 'WWQQK H. wmgw b 1 new ieiw y N H W , IW' Nu M 3 Siimx' M H355 m MM .. i W, ' im w W 1 , I u ' I Betty Cockram Brenda Cockram lla Compton Mary Connor Norman Davis Geneva DeHart Jimmy Dick Deronda Dickerson ASS OF 1963 Nancy Harmon Joyce Harris Willard Harris Hazel Hatcher Diane Hatcher Kent Howard Betty Huff Judy Huff Carol Falls Bobby Gardner Treva Goad Mary Gray Juanita Hale Kathy Hallman , Arlene Dulaney Kenneth Epperly if .Ai 'U'TU'TE?n? W -W... 4,54 , 'L U Q Y I 7: IQ X 'z K ' lf, ' l Q, El M. int e-fw-',l: H , V.. W W L! wx! ld! :iii WN I l ag' el I ii -- aff' I Ljwslsanis sl? M52 ' wg 1 if r I n """ -41: NH W Q Y 1 in as X.- "r xv-'nw " ' 555- if ,-.' , : EQ,l,"'l 'Lv .'.-, -.LK waz? -. 1.5, ' ' l., '4iQ1?iQfi -,1?.E!v5G 2-ig: '- 1f1gLf.., , ln- - raw , ,, r-,if , ' 41 f. fix' uses ' 'N ,, Y' 1 ,gzjif iff L77 ' 'N UM H '-- Y :Pg ' 5523332 'u ltgj ,,,A . t,.. 1 . ,fiQ,MWfw, H ' lf V. - Mum" N--my 'H his - ew - ,I E 4 we Y l J X- ,Q 1 15" Shirley Huff Bob Keith Clarice Lemons Gloria Leonard Earnest Martin James McDaniel Johnny Mitchell Chere Mooney Alton Moran Janet Nixon Carol Page Chris Perry Bob Phipps Diana Rakes David Ratliif Gene Ratliff Donna. Reed Larry Reed Lucas Reed John Robertson Michael Shelor Bill Shelor Mary Slusher Betty Smith Scott Sowers Mary Sutherland Paul Taylor Charlene Thompson Karen Thompson Gene Thompson J. C. Thompson Danny Turman David Turman Sandra Turner Darnell Weddle Donnie 'Williams James Wilson Johnny Wilmer Herbert Wray Wanda Wray 1 , 1 4 S .qw .-"P if ,,, - , ., ,WHY 'VX x- ,D ...- 5 - O vv fin Ui ji ov- .f' X2 .---5 w. ' E-if ff? 53 -Q -af"-Q' 1 r . 1 'Se rrp nf ' H -1 1 ,, ,Ju - qv 1' J ' "'1-- J, in . wha' H... H. Y.. aa ll lu Wy.: , V. ,KL ,, I ' wo" 1 1 gif' THE FRESHMA CLASS, THE CLASS OF 1964 HF X .S L 15 I .. ,W-.1 1 , -gg W 1 UU V1 4 l Patty Belcher Narlene Belcher Barbara Boothe KL: .- . .Z.l N L4 W Jemima it ' l m l it P M l Q M ,X ,, W V ez Y-35 1 X:-'l f-4,55 ,.., l I ' X X115 if--Y--A-Qff,-5 . ,, , , ,V - W, H, X - ,,- -- - W W ax -- V A ' W 5-Ef f' 3 l ' ,g " f 'ez B .- Y Y 1 5 ? , , , 'H ' H. p f 6- wp kv. ' eff . All f ,-: iam ' , V -' i ' 1 ' . M-rar. 1, 5. , " ,. , IZ. , 1 +-fr ...A -af. -.f .Lv w-- : V. .li 4 ... . H, K rl M .Qi Svf 'ASS '4 ,lag nz'- ,aa ,gm l 2' ee 41' l J' V , . 'lQ w fm fd A E B -A ' NX 'Wm' .1 J' We WH M . l v I, , s lf I4 A as rr .M f ---- :am-s ,, 1 JJ-a..:.,5 ,mg I V L um M lvl Q3 , E H rc Q L l V6 , -'X . V - ' J f l ll XIX x i ?fg1v?.!1,n --,J X .1 M - .... l f -'sr "' 'S ' I s 'I I o E ' l fi at W ,.-L U Q gill , ., -ai t 'WV l ,Q u ...sa ..,, ,, .-. M f H ,if Y YY .j , . am' in ,,.,,. m. qi,gijn L- I ,l nqguw-mea Img. 1' m, jr ,eg git. W Q-aa w mi WF In ,L A, Eg I Nm V 1' L E W "'iii.,5'oN Tr ',,,e,.yv aw flew . ,. sQf,, Q,! il, ug nuff ?illd,,f vm QU. my gl H me W mi 1 ' .... X el .Iva ' ly -' 4 Q 1 ' ' 1 N . ' 1 P17 l "" ' 1 " -F H L-1, A , ' gf if . . , . ,g--...e-- it . it 1,,14y N, i,..l,. ?93ff.ll la. E... Stagg, A, ,wi , ,, JH ,W N K X, K , af X fa lm 4 it Allen Bower Margaret Boyd Richard Burton Donna Clower Charles Conner Paulette Conner Margaret Cook Wayne Dickerson Ellis Dulaney Mabel Dulaney Sherry Dulaney Clifford Duncan Grey Edmonds Bonnie Epperly Curtis Epperly Glenn Gallimore Joh.nny Gardner Coy Goad Ronnie Graham Shelby Graham Kenneth Hall Benjamin Harmon Harry Harmon Jeanie Harmon David Harris Nancy Howard Kurtz Howell Linda Huff Wayne Lester Donald Light Joann McDaniel Burdena Munoy Brenda Page Vernon Page Paul Phillips Roger Poff Billy Quesenberry Ellen Rakes Murlene Reed Roy Reed Brenda Roberson Alice Salmons James Salyer Mary Semones Lormie Slaughter Carylin Slusher Janet Slusher Amos Smith Frances Sowers Mary Louise Sowers fa f wsw: 2-. 11 "' 11. ,X M1 -. 1 X ,W , 11 1s .. .X ' 11 ff -1- 1111 X- 11.-E 1 .1 1 5 -:- 1 1. 111' E 1 laa 11 ,, y-' 11 .-.S 11 .fr 111? -""-- ' :il 'Q' " " ' ' SX' Y 1 .X X .p-'Y 1 11 H .-.'- - L 11 JE' "N "' H11m11N wg.: A- 11 .- ..f11 11 X, 1 X L: X . XX ' l EiXE" " - X1 ':' S X 'fi 111'1 Xia XZXXXXXXXXZQTF-7-1111 O-111-T11 X P' XXQ 1I F-7 11 - QQ, X111 lrgfgmi H X? I 1,,X:.E . ,X 5 , 'mp 11 " 111331 111 2 XX ' 1111X1 X X 11 X 11X XX 1 X 11 11 XXX F1117 11 XX V11 ,l ' 3' 111 11 111 1 ' 111' " M 1115211 35 1111191 W 1 1 1' 111 5 Ng 1 11- 1 11 11 11 1111 1 1 11'11 H1 11 111111: 11 1 1 '11"11 L. 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 11 1 -A 11 1111 sl 5 ' 111 1111111111 11111111 1 1 1 1' K " 4' 11 .'1 111 111?" ln' 341 1111111 ' ' Qi '- 1,1111 111 111 H 1, 1' V 1 h F 1111 am K' ' as ' 111 111 1 111 "l ' H' 3 1 ,511 - 11 111X1M1 W1 11 1 1 1 111 11 1' 1l 1 E X 11 H 1 'f 1 11 XX 45 1 'Q , ! 1 1 Q A ll M,-Twin . , T- . f- 1 -1 h -as-'1 . as 1 ,fa we X15 1 711,21 X 1 A 1 ,. 'f1Q15:1s 1 1 11 ' ' "1 11? 1' . 'TP 1 - 4.111 1 1 1 1' ' 1 ' 1 1 1' 11 1111Q X "l1 ,Q 'X11 A l 11 ., 1 1X 1 - f' AX 11 XX - Hi XX if Y Q1 X ' I W3 L . . 1 F L X X 1 ..5q1:13'X,p-11 M 1 Q ' ' M -' ..,, 11 1f-- -ww:-xii' 'F , x ..,1..-11+ ' , ,Q-V-.11 1 .. ' " "" 'T"f ' "'77 1 1- 'X N X L XX ' 1 1,1 EX' 151 Y ' - ,-, 11 QXJQ XX 11' Vg" 1? , , 111 ,J 111 11.1 1. 11111 11.11 11' . 311 1 E1 1l X XX ' , Ff h 111 5' ' X Xl" -1 1 " 1. ' 1 -Q 'X X1 .'X 1 ' 1, jX J ' 1-1, 14 fx ' X . " v 1 X 1-47 . 1 ' ' 1 1 15 11? 1 11 i 1 , -7, ,,,,,-,-- 17,16 -11-, 1 If-fav 'ff-" 'ol' " I ' 'ILE 1 1 1? ' -L "T-3 152? - 1 fl 1 '51 Y L " :111?:':", 51 " " 1' ,Q -5 f ' L. X ,W 1. 1-1 11,311 .f X b 1 QI 1 V is ' - 1 1 1 12- 'V 5' 1 1' 3-lg' 11 ' 1 1' ' " f i i M an X X ' 'XXX X1aM111: 11 X11 '1XX " XX me "XX1 1 M H iii ' '1' 'S ' - - ' 11531111 W. Af' ' 'I 1:-1" 1 ' 'L ' 'V 11" 5' 11 "WEE ,:I:.?:E'.1I." E W X 1 XXE11 XX XX Q - 1 X: 1 aaa, - S XXl,'X " 1 yes ' X1 X X 1 - 1- X 111111XXX 11X1 :XX 111 " goose? 1 1 1 11 ' 1 1111-ini ' 11 gig ? gi XXX X 1XX XX 1 1XX 1XX X 1 XXX 111111 XXX11XXX11XX1,1XXX1XX X X11 XXX 1 11 1 a1'111ef,11112f 1 ig 1 11 11 I -1111 11 f 1X111X - X1 JhX11X11X1l11"1 WE 111 1 11 .'A11" 5' - " X1 1 1 Liga- W1 -11 X X 1s 1 11 1 1 '91 X f gg J' - 1 1' F11 ' 1 1 .1 -F 1 IX X XX X L. , XX E X .. X 1 , 4-19' I ' -A Y 711- W -'14-' - .. :'1g3gn'S3?F'-511 - . Q, .1 -1 ----- ifeii-'i-1i-3. 11 sis-aa 'lf' 1 ' " 1 'siifi 'FJ fy ' f i W. 1. E X.X XX 1..X A . . X I-14515 1 ' E , ' ' 1 1 ' -5' 5121111135 Qf: ia W S ', 1. 3 3 ' ' 1 s ml - . K- 1 .-.. - . af 1 " '1 F? Q 11 w 15ff'.-ew: Y f1"T'C1 W ' 11 ' 1 'KA '111 a1'TiH11si411'f 1 11.1 f1'9 1l 111121 111ffR1wM1 ' 1"'7pi1V1. 111111111 Mm 131151 11 f ,11 1 1 1111 1' 1. ff '111114111141 1 '11-' ,' 11 1511 1111 Q11 111'11u.1l:a51"i 111 111 X Q ,1 X 11 1 X 1 1 ,, 11 of, 11 111111111X i, 1. 11r,,r X Q . X 11 E11 1111x1111 11.15 1 1 1 N 4. X -1 -. 1. XX 1, " 111 ' '111 ' 11 1, 1 W Q 1 . S5 Darlene Spence Charles Sutphin James Sutphin Randy Sutphin Claudine Sweeney Donald Teel Lois Thomas Dale Thompson Steven Tolbert Linda Trail Polly Trail Pearl Via Frances Weddle Anna Weeks Judy Weeks John Wertz Marion West Willa Dean Williams Frank Wood Nelene Wood fT"f'fmA s T imm W P 'if lsfagf 57'?s-gig fg,,.'5.'1g1.rr?Q4 ' ,. RFQ- , QWQQNH N. ASE?" "' I f 'W's,,- 1 , .w A f 4 V- - 11. " , ' '- 11 . ' A . f Y 4 1' I w , I Y n f, : A 1 g- A- v Q A , ' l ' , - ' 1 :ff " W.: rf -, ' , ,. - 'I " f 1- ' if Qi , he 1 -' 'N "M " 'ggw L,--W, -H -1 i:"5 , V 3 ' P, 'Q ' l, .V I ul I I , 'Y ' ,i V ., , ' . 4 , l , e -1-5 V, "' 'f - .. w,.,., Nt' L,-E' ...I V. 5 Q , W ,Q am WHL- ' w . .- gs 7, V ' Xa, ,ff V 3 I If -- 1- ",, X - giwfrja A gg NH u::g5g,5:- -: -5535" ""' 1w1Q5,3ia'en'w ww ' H wfswl 1 5-1-fzgyg lu' y 1 ' 1, l Y "H L.. 111, fy: l X 515' - ,. , ,fs fa ,Q ' .V N 355 ' ' N ' 7 .- , jr M Nj - N ,jQ'1,,H W ,WK fm ' . ., , Y .wg fx ' , 1 - ,-f.. 1 , -fi , ' ' - , , , A . QU' ' 1 w I 1'-,T . .-'T , ,I , - '44 '- -N as, g " A J , , .Ml ff "" ,. 'A ,", 4 lg f '. '4" " ' ,""' ' 4- y is , 4.4 T l ll, ,fly V as .1 M ""' Q y Q ' - A - L! I i , V 7 l ' 1 55-' , W F f I Y 1 ' ' . l F W I 4 A , 1, , 'IN , ,- . W 1 -'W 3 y f V I. sf- ' .1 ' 1 ' 5:7 4 , 'U' 'C -'- 1 Y V' , I ' ' ' f x X Q,-is in ' T "I , A-A - - e E ,,. , . , , , Y Y ' x5 -' , 3-.Ts 11 - Ywmn- f 7 I j rs- "1 iw" ' rf ff- Q "1 mans'-7 n'1gQ"'m'm"'f'7'ffg'?2t0s1' .1 EV .V ff ,H SMI- H. A '51 , ,. V, W ' Je 1. 'L 1.-517 Y- 1 1 I L ' X gf,-.1 NW ', ' W N q ,, 'fag rf 5425" , " -'n n ' , . Y . Y , N, , New , W 2 Y. V- , , ,UW 3" V T , I. ,-. n an J P 1 n ,fl H ' ' "J 33 ' 'JW " x' ' gt' ' . ,1 ,px ' " an l y ,W N x- ,, Q y il: N 95 1 W 3 1' f ' ,-':v N' 1 nd!" r K4 ' 9- 1' -- ' x aff' ' '32, .' 'If A ' ,- N N " H m f l nk f . I The Freshmen, as do the other studentsahave to take their usual classroom tests. Here the Freshmen are taking an English test. Their English class is taught by Mrs. Henry Casteel. 56 The Eighth Grade Enter High School as The Lowest Classmen, But With Dreams of Becoming Seniors Someday. i .- " Qlffifflli fvzw V ' - ., " X 1g il, i 'Y 5' "i, ix '. 11 XX J'f"""li I A f 'L 5 - X X 1 Frank Adkins it - X XL , 1- i I A - I Jacqueline Agnew A X, LFE 3 1, is -ff fa- Q Jay Agnew 1- .wg XX X W , I -1. 1 -4- ' Mary Agnew , - -Xi' ' ' I A 4 ga A M NX r1.,,,.g-,1,..- .-Y . sf-.rff-1 " Eiga S.- , "1'3.,i1iS:T1KffqI?-:- Lf , ' :QQ in P- -1 w 3 ' '57 . X '1 it .- Xa' " 9, 'i T1--f Wg Eggjm i. ag-1... ' 1 ' 11,-5 I 1 .. ii X ,N X.. X f X A as 1' :Xin 1,X' ,,: ,XXXL X 1 XX 1:X,X:: :KX ii ,XM X far ii1XX1XXX1i HXX X A X e-X. -X X: i X. XXI: Betty Akers 2121 awhli 'XJ 7'1lg.'1 al Q Xj 11, 'i A fig' -My I-az? ll X '11 .1,"'1ff11"XX,' 'uh' Xh Q9-ii., 5' 1 ,i i H- .M L , . ,1 , Z1 1 1i 1 ' "' X, -I girn. XX " ' X , I H I Joseph Akers " ii' , - X5 Melanie Akers 1 . 1 Vi 1 'K x 4 i aa q'9'i lif t gr .. '. iv . XY-s 7. ii XX ., J Phyllis Alderman lf X - K Brenda Belcher M i I' it .if F ' , Hope Belcher A. 'I 1 .gi WW F! J'!'E5X Linda Blackwell 1 1 fs 5 Mary Bower . -H + f - 1 14.315, . , Roger Bower Roger Boyd ' MX- 1 rf- X .. , 1 ,. ,In 4 , Xi A 44 1 gl? S . X n X X. .W X 'eg Mildred Britt pa X ir 1, i 1 - I 1 u . X jiri? Jerry Burnette Q ' -, Q .pg 14 1 Q, James Cockram 3' A ii. i H." vu.. 11 as 11 W i i jsf? 11i11,.111f J "1' ll "1 miF'1,1,1'-12 Esther Conner X 5 VW A A Wi ? -1 W 1 Joyce Conner , ' '1 'UPN 'xi S' ' 11-1i 1 ' " ' "5 5' ' - -' ' '- ' 'viii 'fm' ' ee . ' 1 + "Z 'r-."1'f: Mary Conner kg, X X X g 1 Axe' Jack Davis 'i '-fM1iii 'XX ' ,1 X 1 ff ' ' 'f, - ,El Roger Dickerson ' H .-. D 3 1 r Shelby Dulaney , . ,, , ., , J: X . 1. 1 Al' E 1 iff' T3 1 X M- 1' :1 1 ice pper y ,X g , .,,X ,lr 1.4, ' " I 1 - X .. A 1 eecr gs Betty Epps ,-2 - 56 ,114 5 5 is ,X S1 Judy Gearheart X 1 XX ,X -1 X ,X Michael Gibbs it V ' 1 U i A: it f , 1 c i. Gene Gillespie F V Y. X X i X X X FX i X ,X XiX- George Hale X X XX,-XX , X li X , 1 X 11 ,,,1 Xi, 1 f X1 gg e - 1 A ,- 'V A X 1 X I . XXXXXXXXXi X XXX i?lXXXXXXXXn XX XXX XX W My Mi 1, ,X 'N XXi1 -,.:: XX-: 57 'fIlW32Z'!,'fQ'Q"'l'-fisglv if M :' , ,Q'i'i1!iE1111 1 ,EI11 mf 11, -1 .- .- 14-11. 1. 1 .. 11- .- aw. 3g,,'g' wa, 1 wi? 1519 l f . 1 1 I J1 1 1 , NL, . ,, E 4'- 'i ii' ' '- ' W 111 'A 23111111111 ,1 1111111 We 1 1 1 " 'N l 'KL E1 11 1 1 I 1, 1 , 1 1 1 113 1,. , Q " '53-51, ,-. ' - 1 1 X 111?i1 1 1 11 I 1 fl T 4 -1 11 1 11 .F ,,1--- Liv .Q X L, n 1 , X X X , '1- ' 75 T3 'P -5 1 1 7 . 1. 1 li . ' I - 5,41 W1'111l" fb l 11! g11":111 Wigs- 1 .' 1 W111 1111 111191 1 '1 5, 1' ' I - 11' 11 X ,,VhL X111X 1 in .11 ,X . 111 XM11XX11 111XXXX 1 A47. 111 ' -.Yr S-f .IX -I I K ,i -,XX ' 1 - " " 1. 24 -. . ii f 11' 1 . '1 1 X V 1' 11Qf1I11f1 ,rTUF?E?:?1.iE L " 111- ff, f ' F ,.s:i7'-'ffif A -. 11,141 ,af .Q ,XY X Xggawff - XXXXXXXXXX X X XXXX .1, 111 ,FF XXX A 11 1 1 1 1f'1 1 , ' 1 -- 1 ' - 11 1: ,1 1 X',1.1 X11 X 1 Q 1 N ' 1 , X - 1 I 3, qA,11XX :nf X AX Vw- 21113-.XS J ,,.- y 111XX , X 1 1'V " "WJ V1 -11 ,' 1,.'X 5 H' " 1 1 , -1 1 1 1. ,, ' 3 1 QX' - 1 "KX 11' 'z A -:- ,111 ' 61 1 1 :HS :.- 11 "' ' 11 1 1 X ygXX:X1l1XXX1 " X1-1 X' X ' X311 1tf1?35l 1 -11,'X , ,X f, X if f' "" 1 1 1 " X1 ,gf 5 4,1 1-ig 1 ' ,,X 1 1a P - - 11 H., X 11111 3 - -51' 113.1111 X1X11X X L. . 11' 11? EYE ,JEL "1"1"' 1 111 if S75 1,1 111 31. 1 1 - , 'u ' .ak SEE , ll ' W 1 1 ' 1- . -1 ' '1 ,.1a- ,,1 ' :- 1! . XX 12. 1 "" Ffgpa, 1 , 33' X. X.-X 1 1 1111 ' '15 1.31 1 .5 1 1 1- 1 1 11 -Q1 1 ' 1 11 ' 1 W- ' ig , , ' M, 1X XJ X N K A 51XXl'1t' "ggi V 111 1111XXXfjF 124111 1 "11 111'11J fr'1:,1"11 11 11 1 11.:-X1..1 11" 1 " -1 ' , .. 4. W 1 1 f ' f' f -:- I X Y g:,..,' 'ff Y 5- F .1 - ' H 11+ if ' ' V li 1' X 5 1... - 1- ff V '1 -af 1 . .ef -, 1 A ff- ..,. jf W.. - ez a 1 Q ' , 2 111 1 111111. 11 112111 1 .. "1111111 1-mix ' 1'5?"T' W1 1111111'.:111,111-111 111, 1 Q r 11 . 1 ,,.. . 5,11 1 1 1 23? 1 1 1 . 1.11 , 1,11 1 X if .lf Y 1 , 11 XX 1 .1 A X .sg YA .5 11 , 131 1 . ' . 1 1 , ' ' ' 1 1 ' fa-'N' 1 1111. 1-1. 591111 111 Ju " X111 1 1 A ? ,1. 145 X 11523 11 .Xa 5511.11 - gs-gas :X :X 1 111 111 We 1 191 1195 1 E51, X 111113 lr 5 1 XXQXX1 my "J, Jig? " il! 2 1 I ' it Y 7'1" 'W '1 lX .afffi ' 1 1. g" ' .1-1 . Z Q11 1 ' 'JZ' ' -' ' 15, L ' X1 i11f: 11jg1XXX1i 11 11 'Q XX XXX 11511111 111 1X X 111X111XXX111 if X11XXX111X11111k11X1XXX111 11 1. 11115247 , XX 1 X .111-ff --111- -'1 -1- W 1. 11 1-...Q 1- wrt' 11:11f11 XXM., 11'11X1 ur .,,..2 -.-1. 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I 2 , 1' . 1.111 12 1 X X , ' KX 11113 1 1 1 11 111 11 1 nj A 1 A S8 Sandra Hale Robert Hall Samuel Hancock Joyce Harmon Michael Harmon Patsy Harmon Ruth Harmon Willard Harmon Constance Harris Calvin Hazelwood Ricky High J ack Holden Joseph Horton Shirley Horton Alicia Houchins terling Howery azel Howley Curtis Huff David Huff Marvin Huff Gary Hylton Leona Jones Barbara Keith Don Keith Michael Keith Sandra Lawson Ronald Light Wayne Mannon Lucille Marshall Mar ge McAlexander Nancy Mitchell Susan Moore Roger Moran Paul Muncy Cheryl Ninnman Donna Nixon Brenda Nolen Curtis Nolen Shelby Peters Marie Poff Margaret Pratt Dale Pugh Kitty Radford Roger Radford Thomas Rakes Hazel Ratliff Robert Ratliif Patricia Reece Donald Reed David Salmons Brenda Semones Lummon Simmons Judy Slusher Shirlene Slusher Helen Smith Viola Sowers Morris Sumpter Douglas Sweeney George Sweeney Larry Tate Sandra Townley Fred Thomas Glenn Thomas Larry Thomas Brenda Thompson James Turman John Turman Richard Turner Gay Underwood Brenda Weeks Roger Weeks Emma West Rhoderick West Willard Whitlow Beverly Williams Phyllis Williams Ruby Wilson Robert Wood Gary Yearout T , . T. T4-. m r. ....,,,, :T-T 'T., IT' , ., T, 'T .V .A X ,LJ-f' T T-.'::f',1.1D.Q:-TTigTT TT ITT,-.-'J ,-.LT-1 T T1' . 1: T IT '-, , 'TTT' . It '!.l.f,'f'7 'T " .T "Tu IT il ' L ' T " ' Ts-nga :TTT . TV: . 1 V H 7 A .- r' ' If-'T " ff. 1 , T . T .f T .- , T 3 TTT A TTTTTT J, 5 'TT T U ,T T ed T Y 4. .... T 'T " " T T M. TT 1 -en' TTTT TTT cfs' N TTHLNT T TTT Mi -, ,, QTTTXTTTTTH W i g , TTT TTTTT TTTTTKKTTTTTTTT if TT TTQ'TTjg."" ,QUT TT TTTTT " -- ' TTTTT' TT TTTT T T T TTTTTT TTTTT TTT T TTT Tumi W' A ' """vT'Ti""1'TT"'TT' 'QQ ATTITTFWE, 1 - .Tl TH 1 T T T -5- W'?"'W'T 1 H JT .,., . H TTff3f? ' TTT Tl, WATT! - T TTT T . .TTT1 T, TT Trsg ET TTT 'TTT 4, TTT TTT T . i.TTT'TT TN ' ni' TTT. - "L i..'Q."'TTT! TTTTTT TT U TT! il' 'THTTWT dx TTT , TTT E 'W-,p:--, T'1Q'Q ' . ' T T IJ.- .E:EQE.'-4 S' xr A A TT TTT T 1 5 Tk ,. T T ...I Y ,Al-X L T H Q M- T - 11 T T T V, H - ' w-H ,T r, T: , -K Rf? W fi" . 'xx' JT' Lf M T ' " R., 1 si-, K I Q T Q T 7-Ti M- I , , - I Af., i f--' Y -T '- T T. ,LTTTHA-'fer-- T-.Tl . TTTTT . T . T y T -- T- 1 ,Z ' ."'1 ,.,, lr 'T - LT l TQ. ,Lg T T .a.. T T 'T T -'PTT T3 W it fargo ll ' . 551.77 NTT, V 'X N WTMI i""'73f"l W3 it TTT, B' TTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTT . TiTTTTTTTT:T TT, fT"' THEATTT 'V' :TT'QTT"TTE,ggT,,T HTTf'1'Qi!""' TTTT 'VT' 'L TNT" f "TflTWgTT.i A V A It TIT TT J M.-- I.. g -.T..,.. .2,,T...,fTTT . .VTgTTTN,TTW TT W . wTTTw,H5TT , 1I?,.E!i:UTUTTT,NTTTHTTT T TTT TTT31111lTW 'Z ' TTMTTNTTTR , A. A . K IT, V' 4. ' TT! T E, ,, i. TT H- H V X - ,. I . T T TT .TT Tr-T fl- T 'T' T414 TT" T T .Ta .T X . TQ? - T, .J T - f yn' 'T 6 -Ti x l B BB Ml ITF 5 if 7 had ' If A' lg? "T ' T TTT TT i Qi- TTT . ., TT TTT 4" T 1" l1TTTTTTTTTTT :T:-- TT .TT TTT TT T TTTTTTTTTTTTTT TTT T T T T, H5 F' ZZ! y ll TT T , 'ylkJT'T'TT TT"'TTl L TTf"TTTT'lTTT"TTTT'T'TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT'fTT'T ' TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WTT TTTTTT ,TT TTU T T TT T T e TTTTTTTT T T TTT TTT T T T f U .. T T .' W , T' f vm I . T T TT TTTT , T Q T- ,EQ 'F- Q! T TT, -1, 'y i 'V A 1, ' H 3 Sf i if T v-6' 5 T .1 , , T ' ' .. .TT T .T ' 1 ' ' TETQTQEQTTHQEQ T T11 "' if Irie- 'QT TL . TATTTTTT 'T . Q TTTTTTTTTTT il ff? TT T TTT TT, TTHTTT TTT TT,TTT3 T 'TTT TTT Q TA T LF T T 1 T Tjigf m WT NTT -TT 7,0 , 5 t Q, QTT TTTTTTTNTTT U My AL T T TYTMNTTHTTW TTT3 T TT TF . TTTM T- T 3,, TTT'TpTeTa TTTTTTTTTTTTTQTNTTT, Tj, L: TTTTT , Hi TTQTTZ QTTTTT T My 1 T 3 TT ,T HNTTT -'TTT,gfj QTTTTT N TTQTT T usa . T V X Tgg- ' TT Q 1 Tm T+,-:-"' -Ti: QT .-.Ti-j.fT,f 1 T TT , i T' -'e' T ,f T ' 1 Lal' 1' T V, 11: HN :HT NTT, T, eq , 1T,TT T:-T A TT T' TT ,- T. TTT- . . Tm- TT T T TTT T qu T , T .T 1 -T T Q T- TT , ' T .31 T T 12 'T T. ' 1' T' ' 1515- ...,. T 'TT T . .,. -' T 'T . T Y T , 59 0 1 ii M fl 5,5 r Organizations Q 1: 'MQ mul. " as oo 1 . M ,, 'rm 'Ei 'L' " fi week ' Z ' .,.,:s..Lb1 .1-T i - W. an , wt! .. . if.. 5l, lgm..w V, Lff M V .. It al, 7: ' .rsg ff- Y' H 1 ejrriifgg-., , Qs: ' 73.-.G " E131 .. ' 1 . 'Q W" H -. 'a fgivi--' gwf Hn if E., ,,, ...N , 2, The annual staff takes time out from a planning meeting to turn to the camera. As soon as the shut- ter clicks, the smiling faces turn grim to face the tasks ahead. The ADMIRAL Staff works each year to The main objective of the azmualstaff is to put the complete school year on record. This staff starts to work in the summer by selling advertisements. During the year many hours are spent in choosing a theme, working on layouts, taking pictures, writing copy and going over the final inspections. The staff works hard to edit the best yearbook pos- sible and make it one the students will be proud of. ' Mrs. Altizer and Miss Slusher, yearbook sponsors, are always available for guidance, suggestions, and solving problems of editing. I The ADMIRAL STAFF is composed of seniors and a junior who are chosen by the out-going annual staff and sponsors. This year's staff was proud to be able to enlarge their book to include an academic section, Loretta Nixon, Nancy Robertson, Eric Quesinberry, and Judy Ray Hatcher and Lou Burtonwork with Jean Hortonwork on material which became our yearbook. Graham and Mary Tolbert to complete our opening section. 62 as xgsnwgfgzrzunv mos 89968960336 600000006004 090900000051 9 086000008 3 tn? The ADMIRAL editor, Sue Poff, and spon- sor, Mrs. Virginia Altizer, proofread copy. Thornton Turman, Margaret Hylton, Gayle Agee, Miss Slusher, andDay1e Agee work on financial problems of our annual. give a complete record of the school year .?.,., T , 7 nfl, i l Q " ' ' ' -1 ,1 - , .....,: y -W.. . 1,. Dayle and Gayle Agee pause only a. second, to have their picture snapped, and then it's back to Work. Enthusastic salesmen of the annual examine a sales poster. 63 a mmm ' - " " M Q ,, ,, ' Mrs. Hallman and' editor Rebecca Weeks look at newspaper trophies. Floyd High's newspaper THE ANCHOR has won many awards in the past years. Among the highest of these awards are three trophies for first place in the Vir- ginia High School League competition. The Anchor Staff Publishes ,.,.,ew52,,, Feature editors Joyce Webb and Lou Farley work on layout with photographer Larry Bishop. Rebecca Weeks, editor, explains layout to assistant editors Glada Bower, Joan West, Carol Lee, and advisor, Mrs. Hallman. 64 71 All members of Mrs. Hallman's Applied g English class contribute to the publication of i THE ANCHOR, which is published six times every school year. Lavene Mannon, news editor, and William Pauley inspect finished paper. ' School Paper Which Excels In 1960 THE ANCHOR lacked only one' point of winni ng the coveted Southern Inter- scholastic Press Asso- ciation award for newspapers. How- ever, THE ANCHOR staff and Mrs. Hallman are very optimistic about winning the award in the future. l 1 l Gene Lee, advertising manager, Shelby Weeks, circulation manager, Joan Lester, business manager 5 and Mary Smith, exchange editor g discuss business problems of THE ANCHOR. 65 Row 1: Cynthia Agnew, Lou Farley, Janice Huff, Patty Belcher, Willadean Williams. Row 2: Susan Moore, Brenda Semones, Ethel Weeks, Kathy Hallman, Mary Gray, Donna Clower, Mr. Marshall. Row 3: Eric Quesinberry, Ray Hatcher, Beverly Williams, Jean Thomas, Rebecca Weeks, Kenneth Blackwell, Danny Ingram. i i The Student Cooperative Association SCA homeroom representative, 'Susan Moore, goes over the latest SCA meeting in her homeroom. All homeroom representatives follow this system by re- porting the latest SCA works to their homerooms. X 66 The SCA is the Student Co- op e r ativ e Association of the school. It is the governmental body that keeps the school in tip- top shape by ironing out the Worries and p r o bl e m s of the school activities. The SCA averages a meeting at least once a month. Among its activities are arranging the s cho ol bulletin boards, giving club assignments to the stands at basketball games, approving club activities, planning. assem- blies, and holding an election for incoming officers. These are the delegates from the SCA who went to the dis- trict SCA meeting in Pearisburg. They are: L.-R. Front row-Nancy Robertson, Phyllis Clower, Donna Clower. Stand- ing-G1enGallimore, Susan Moore, Carol Thomas, and Walter Moore. Cur School Government, Does It is through the SCA that students are encouraged to show good citizenship and to conduct themselves in an orderly manner in the cafeteria as well as during the change of classes. This year, being election year, the SCA sponsored a mock election. The polls were set up in the main hall and each student desiring to vote had to pay a five cent poll tax. The proceeds went to the SCA treasury. Another yearly project of the SCA is to set up a big Christmas tree at the front entrance of the school. To become an SCA officer a person must submit an application form to the SCA screening committee. This com- mittee selects the people who will run. The President is always a Senior, Vice President, a junior, Secretary, a Sopho- more, Treasurer, a Freshman, and the Reporter may come. from any class. Much For the School ...-.-.V S. C. A. Officers Row 1: Kathleen Agnew, secretary, Phyllis Clower, presidentg Hazel Hylton, vice presidentg Carole Thomas, parliamentariang Row 2: Mr. Rudolph Marshall, sponsor, Glen Gallimore, treasurer, Eric Quesinberry, reporter. 67 5 3 4 f N 5 Q i Joan West Lois Boothe Anna Weeks Mary Tolbert Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter The Future Homemakers of America is a club for high school girls who are either taking home economics, or who have joined the club to gain more knowledge in modern homemaking. T Junior, C h ap t e r , and State Degrees are given each year for outstanding home making achieve- ment. High goals are aimed for and Worked on in order to receive these homemaking awards. The club has many active pro- jects during the year. This year the most important project of the club was to adopt a needy family and make clothes for each mem- ber. Jean Thomas President Future Homemakers of America Strive .X-rg-1. - rn-31:y,-f - awn'-, Rfk? -N J it ., g,,,!,,, " iv . 'Q I Girls find cooking fun in home economics. ,First Row, left to right- -Nixon, Huff, Weddle, Sweeney, Peters, Farley, Lawr ence . Second row--West McDaniel, Boothe, Semones, Epperly, 1 cher, Nixon. Third row--Graham, Dulaney Rakes, Agnew, Weeks, Weddle, Hatcher, Gray Bower. Fourth row--Poff, Via, Goad, P Dickerson, Hale, Huff, Akers, Smith. HN 'N Iii wa H, W Brenda Lawrence Jean Graham Kathlene Agnew Catherine Weeks Historian Historian Recreation Recreati0I1 Leader Leader FHA Week was observed by making a club display in a local town store. Other club activities were to present a fashion show, with the FHA girls serving as models, to give a school assem - bly, to make a study of future careers, and to bring the club year to a close with the annual Parent-Daughter Banquet. Sue Poff Parliamentarian to Encourage Good Homemaking Ideals First row, left to right--Basham, Martin Thompson, Harmon, Huff, Hatcher, Reed, Wray, Harris, Belcher, Mrs. Cockram, Sponsor. Secondrow--Falls, Yearout, Hart- er, Conner, Gallimore, Moran, Boothe, Salmons, Trail. Third row--Bower, Hatcher, Yeatts, Compton, West, Boyd, Boothe, Trail, 69 Graham. Fourth row--Spence, Weeks, Lee, Turner, Cockram, West, Weeks, Thomas. Sewing is a common thing in the home economics room. l l -, - ----. W , v 3 ,- The Floyd Future Farmers of America Chapter had over sixty rn e m b e r s during the 1960-61 school period. M any boys who are in- te r e s t e d in agriculture and farming join together to make up this club. Members entered many different competitions and won various honors in liv e sto ck, dairy, crops and forestry judging contests. - The 1960-61 FFA Club officers were L-R: Bobby Mitchell, Treas- urer, Bobby Keith, Secretary, David Gardner, Presidentg Kenneth Blackwell, Vice-Presidentg Charles Hall, Reporter, Larry Bishop, Sentinel. Future Farmers of America Make H r,rrrr,r frr l llrr ll y ,rrr iii rr A ig -- The dairy judging team looks over some ofthe most fit stock for the dairy contests. 70 gfT"'5m:f53QgsW"f""i'3,2,- iff' ' ' " f "'2' w, Y- ,Q , V 'V , Club members are fromtop to bottom: Ratliff, Harris Robertson, Martin, Duncan, Wood, Gardner, Lester Kertz, Reed, Teel, Harris, Bishop Ratliff, Gardner Wilson, Slaughter, Sutphin, Dickerson, Reed, Thomp- son, Harmon, Davis, Burton, Hall, Smith, Hall. Forestry judging team included Larry Howell, Kenneth Blackwell, Bobby Mitchell, Bernard Huff, Glenwood Martin, Kelcie Bower, James Keith, Charles Hall. L-22:1-ff--'ff 1 f ' -. it Q ' I' - E ' m 1 ,fe .12--'Q wi an ' . The crop judging team: L to R - Akers, Keith, Poff, Howell, Hall, Graham, Bishop, Blackwell, Harmon, Light. , Better Farms Through Club Work i H 'lm ,K v - w w wr w exe., w W H H win vm W , rl, , H' vu llrl lu u qllvggilkr Will? 1 l r is' ' f 2 g E ,. ri, . rj rr ,. ' .3 H , ', V ,yin lr si am., 1 rx, , me -. r My V, lj ,Y z , H, ,rl Howell, Salyer, Harmon, Howell, Keith, Lester, Graham, Poff, Compton, Goad, Mann, Turner, Blackwell, Light, Gallimore, West, Huff, Gillespie, Slaughter, Hall, Harmon, , Mitchell, Bower, Thompson, Martin, Simmons, H. P. Jennings, Lonnie Keith. H A -x ,A w rr, M 2 ,rw ' ' " nr' ww H H H H H" 'Hr 1 -4 'iv I 1' F K A .521 , ,iw - - - ,,,. W, r ww w H , ' " wr u H f .5 .. H .. time L 1 .Q The livestock judging team competes with other teams by showing their knowledge and judgment in the judging of livestock in this area. FTA members visit Radford College Under the able leadership of their sponsor, Miss Catherine Dobyns, and their club mother, Mrs. Woodrow Tu r m an , the Future Teachers of Floyd High have had a busy and most satisfying year. The club made a c o m p l e t e study of scholarships av ail ab 1 e to those entering the teaching profession and visited Rad- ford College. These projects were very helpful to all club members in planning for the future. Future Teachers of America Prepare Officers left to right: Carole Thomas, secretaryg Miss Dobyns, sponsorg Rebecca Weeks, reporterg Ethel Weeks, presidentg Joyce Webb, vice-presidentg and Hazel Hylton, treasurer. Left to right: Janet Slusher, Miss Dobyns, sponso Rebecca Weeks, Ethel Weeks, Joyce Webb, Ellen and Bonnie Epperly. Today For Tomorrow Schools Rebecca Weeks, shown in the above picture, as well as all other members of the FTA, gained valuable experience by aiding primary teachers. 73 r, Mildred Smith, Carole Thomas, Anna Weeks, Rakes, Hazel Hylton, Joan West, Bonnie Graham, Q The Future Teachers made use of all the files in the guidance room as to the opportunities of teaching in Virginia today. They are using this information in a com- parative study of teaching facilities- in different schools and communities. Mildred Smith, an outstanding club member, won the FTA sponsored contest by writing the best theme on "Why I Want to be a Teacher." The FTA has decided to make this contest an annual event at FHS. SB Eff? ' ' '-1' ' .-. - ' . I 15 9 'TL WT? fs f A, -L fy, is 1, I , N N Sr I , if. V X Ny 1 L, , Miss Slusher Sponsor flf7 ' Joan Lester ' Treasurer Joyce Nolen Secretary Margaret Hylton mprns E 7 B'en5?Sf:,2Y:fm Lois Compton Reporter Parliamentarian Jean Graham Iris Basham President Vice-President 'Future Business Leaders Prepare - M M Donald Akers Mary Hatcher Judy Horton Janice Huff Lavene Mannon Lindal Martin 74 FBLA members going to telephone office. For students interested in learning more about opportuni- ties in business careers, the Futu re Business Leaders of America was available. This gr oup typed for the newspaper, r e n d e r e d clerical assistance to teachers, was in charge of a calendar of events, invited businessmen to speak at club meetings, and touredthe telephone office. 'fi 'U 18 ,Qui An I ' X, I ,ff . H N i iff s We it Y iiiwuw , F , Patricia Kellison Glenwood Martin Paul Radford Weeta Ratliff Donald Robertson Future Business Positions -f':'J' ii egg N ii' .5 in -'iii4:lY'fif?.iZi3'7i ,j if F uw - 5356 5 uh if ,AM H5 1 , At Bob S Q immons , W ' 1 Mary Smith Wanda Thompson Lena Via Shelby Weeks Nancy West 75 P The Varsity club is made up of all of those stu- dents who have lettered in any kind of sports or cheer- le adin g These sports- minded club members help to publicize the on coming games by placing posters on school bulletin boards and in town stores. Since the biggest part of this group participates in some kind of sports their main project is to promote school spirit and to gain more and more interest in the ball games. The Varsity Club officers: Front row--L-R: Carol Lee, treasurer, Sue, Poff, secretary, Gene Lee, reporter, Second row--Walter Moore, vice president, Eric Quesinberry, president. The Varsity Club Keeps the Schoo Front row, L-R--Hosea Blankenship, Walter Moore, Chris Harmon, Gayle Agee, Mary Tolbert, Dayle Agee, Sue Poff, Second row--Brenda Moles, Kathleen Agnew, Mary Gray, Carol Lee, Cynthia Agnew, Wayne Thomas, Phyllis Clower. Third row--Dean Graham, Eric Quesenberry, Johnny Wilmer, Joe Thompson, Bernard Huff, K. W. Bower. Fourth row--Liz Burton, Gene Lee, Mack Gallimore, Leonard Shelor, William Pauley, Calvin Hazelwood, Charles Hall. 76 The money-making pro- ject of the club this year was to sell Hi-Hats. This went over big and the hat sales stayed on full swing for three full weeks. Mr. Eugene Sloane and Mr. Ellis Enoch, the high school coaches, are the club's sponsors. The club has grown in size and im- portance through the past year. It stands for the best athletes in school. A high honor is placed on those who belong. Qfdfr The largest project the club had this year was selling Hi-Hats. The great demand for the hats is shown here. Tabbed on Ballgames and Athletic Functions 1 1 i I - t N , Another Varsity Club project was to put up posters telling about every basketball game. r t w 1 The Varsity Club sponsors are Mr. Ellis Enoch lleftj and Mr. Eugene Sloane Crightj 77 . as l n. sn gl First row: Ray Hatcher, treasurerg Thornton Turman, presidentg Kathy Hallman, reporter, Nancy Robertson, vice president. Second row: Jean Thomas, secretaryg Freddy Lawrence, sergeant at arms, Michael Shelor, historiang Scott Sowers, historian. K ,.,, J Q31 d f 1 - r , xi M. Y '. E X , J ,M H i J xt W' ,1 l C lwmi ' MM W it J ,,,, T', ,f. ,49- ,, ,,., QM- .,- f The Science Club Stresses The Importanc , ,W Tw2ZgT3""xn""'vv'W s , 'wi if 4 lf- H., ' ,I W I 'J - -243 V lm 2.-'H M- 3, Q , ' J --- 5 ' g,i,,. V ,. i N l 1 N 1 l 1 fi ,i M ww L, -4-f x ef-5 gg." 4 fail 1 ., - ' : . rw w uv: , . .1 I 1 i N ,mi 1 lest I 1 1 w ww m ml: X A . xx, .H ' 1 Z' Lisxf u' "' , H, ,M my ff - wire, H m 2 1 y " 'aa' ' 'rl I Q A l . ww- ",,w,,- 1 1, l my ,J nigg as !-: an 2 ,Q . f V Eg 1 ' H' E ' Sai W un f. " ,Sl iv n.' 1 N. wwfib 4 l -4 A W of is 1 is 1, ,ff . I X . P- 3 Q H .X l .gi William Booth Eddie Brammer Max Dillon Sherry Dulaney Kenneth Epperly Larry Graham Paul Hale Roger Hale Hazel Hatcher Kent Howard, Jr. Dorsey Huff Bobby Keith Freddy Lawrence Ellis Mann Carol Page Jackie Phillips Fred Quesenberry Rodney Reed Roger Reed Bill Shelor Mike Shelor Mary Smith Danny Turman David Turman Donnie Williams Nelene Wood Herbert Wray I fi Y 'F ,M ' f , 5' V2 Q A ...K M 2 H if , L ,Ln ' H H H H H H X i "T 'H " HH , Sa' e , , , , , 1 H, 1, I 5-'A A . 2 , X-J s. Y N 13, . I W Q , . A 1 5 W T131-sg?""'T,':,!Wi V, ' f ' -fr 55.1 W 1 l ., K M' I' s M n 1 nu... .3 H, 32555, " 'HJ 'N - - . 3, :V 1 V , . 'VV ni. iv V-as-Y ' A Max Dillon, Ray Hatcher, and Thornton Turman preparing experiment in Photosynthesis. The Floyd High Science Club has really been on the ball this year. The c1ub's projects includeda group science fair project, a study of fluorination in their community, and had a candidate for state office. Dr. George Surber talked to the club about the opportunities in pharmacy. Dr. Robert Patten and apark ranger also addressed this industrious group. Jean Thomas, the club secretary, served on Constitution Committee of the Vi r g i ni a Junior Academy of Science. of Science tothe Modern World of Today For several years our Science Club has done much to encourage participation in th e an nu al Floyd County Science Fairs. The .club is greatly pl e as e d with the following winners who captured more than half of theqfifteen possible awards at this year's fair: Jean Thomas, Carole Thomas, Hazel Hatcher, Brenda Se- mones, Cheryl Ninman, Judy Slusher, Janet Slusher, Hazel Ratliff, and Phy- llis Alderman. Two of these winners, Jean' and Carole Thomas, represented the co- unty at the Western Virginia Science Fair held April 8 at Roanoke College. Mrs. Rutrough and Mr. Thomas examining new equipment. I The Library Club officers are: seated left to right--Lou Farley, president, Wanda Vest. Standing Loreeta Nixon, Lois Boothe, Marie Moran. FLGYD HIGH'S LIBRARY CLUB MEMBERS 'ff - J 1 , z' 1 -- - J if ' , ' '4,gf-1 W , , an-X ,,,',g5,,Z'?f" First row, left to right--Carol Falls, Shirley Huff, Judy Huff, Arlene Dulaney, Narlene Belcher, Janet Nixon, Betty Yates, Betty Smith, Star Akers. Second row--Marie Moran, Wanda Vest, David Huff, Gloria Leonard, Lorraine Gallim or e , Mary Simpkins, Mary Sutherland, Loreeta Nixon. Third row--Lois Boothe, Lyndal Weddle, Joyce Bower, Ger aldine Hale, Frances Bower, Patty Belcher, Joyce Yearout, Loretta Harmon, Deronda Dickerson, Diane Hatcher. 80 77 l f X xmmy, xinxzlsrms i 1 lx 3 .gigfxd 'lf I gr'-V l ge' X list- . V f is 'Y' l WW I The primary library is kept in shape by the help of Glada Bower, Shirley Huff, and Marie Moran. Much c r e dit should be given to the Library Club for keeping the library in tip -top order while its sponsor, Mrs. Sally Dalton, was ill for the entire first semester. These members kept the library re- cords, books, m at e rial s , and files in shape for easy reference. They helped other students in checking out books and finding material. The primary library was also kept up by these students. The bulletin board in the library was put up each time by club members. They sentabasket of food to a needy family at Christmas and sponsored a bake sale. This club is an organization of stu- dents who are interested in library work, books, anda well -rounded education through reading. They worked hard this year to have aneat library in the absence of their sponsor. HELP MAKE BOOKS AND REFERENCES EASIER TO FIND i 5 4 1 Club members help to keep the shelves and books in order. 81 To keep files straight is another duty of the library club. Working here are Janet Nixon and Betty Smith. gi M ,t ii sp,,ie - si is Front row, L-R: Bishop,Mitchell,Turner, Reed, Hall, Bower, Gardner, Slaughter. Second Row: Mann, Ratliff, Keith, Howell, West, Akers, Smith. Third Row: Thompson, Ratliff, Roberson, Moran, Harmon, Davis, Wertz, Compton. Fourth Row: Lester, Hazelwood, Goad, Connor, Thompson, Wilson, Trail, Light. ' KVG, Bus Driver, School and Bus Some of the bus drivers talk over their daily problems and road conditions. They are L-R: Harmon Williams, Sherman Thompson, Henry Whitlow, Larry Graham, James Wilson, and James Thomas. 82 Safety is not taken for granted by these people--it is away of life for them. Floyd High School owes much to their careful plans and attitudes in their daily work as well as in times of emergency. S t u d e nt s board the bus, confident that bus drivers and bus patrolmen will give them the safest transport- ation to and from school. The School Patrol--L-R, lst Row: Beverly Williams, James Cockram, Wayne Dickerson, Donald Akers, Dor- sey Huff. Second Row: Roger Poff, Amos Smith, Tommy Gibbs, Paul Hale, Billy Quesinberry. Third Row: Mike Gibbs, Larry Tate, John Wertz. The school patrol and the bus patro1,under the direction of Mr. H. P. Jennings, perform an important role in the promotion of safety for our school. The school patrol supervises the parking of cars during all school functions. These boys keep traffic movinginan orderly manner, there- by contributing much to the conveni- ence and safety of the public. The bus patrol is concerned with the safety of the students as they cross the highways and enter or leave the buses. Patrols promote safety to the school and community The Bus Patrol--L-R, lst Row: Pete Hall, John Turman, Jack Davis, David Ratliff, Gene Ratliff, Donald Akers, Lloyd Gillespie. Second Row: Paul Hale, Roger Hale, Dale Harmon, Joyce Bower, Hope Belcher, Margaret Pratt, Harry Harmon, Tommy Gibbs,-Mr. Jennings, sponsor. Third Row: Kenneth Blackwell, Larry Bishop, Bobby Mitchell. 83 +1 J.-5 ATHLHTIUS The Eagles, led by Coach Sloane, l The Eagles made an outstanding record this year. The long hours of practice and hard work paid off and they ended the season in first place in District 6 with a 15-1 record. Thenboys outscored their regular opponents 969-617. They had four starters averaging in double figures. These were led by Mack Galli- more ati16.2 and Leonard Shelor with a 15.7, mark, who were second and fourth in the point race in District 6. Coach Eugene Sloane and Captain Eric Quesinberry go over plays. Standing, L-R: Coach Sloane, Captain Eric Quesinberry, Bob Phipps, Bill Shelor, Leonard Shelor, Bernard Huff, Chris Harmon, Kenneth Blackwell. Front row, L-R: Danny Turman, manager, Rodney Reed, Walter Moore, Jr., Mack Gallimore, Joe Thompson, Jackie Phillips, manager. 86 demonstrate ability and enthusiam The Eagles Kin whitej showed a good game in the Pembroke game at home. Mack Gallirnore here, shoots for the basket while the other team members look on. Leonard Shelor shows his height and shooting ability during a warm-up. Floyd 66 67 57 55 62 60 61 46 67 66 87 54 80 75 66 69 53 Box Scores Check Pembroke Bedford Fort Chiswell Fries Woodlawn Check Bedford Willis Rural Retreat Willis Fries Pembroke Rural 'Retr eat Ft. Chiswell Woodlawn Rural Retreat Independence 28 36 38 39 30 38 34 53 45 40 47 '42 57 forfeit 53 38 28 56 Front Row, L-R: Carol Page, Mary Sowers, Brenda Cockram, Chere Mooney, Sandra Turner, Brenda Page,Day1e Agee, Gayle Agee. Standing:'Diane Hatcher, manager, Nancy Howard, Anna Weeks, Ellen Rakes, Mary Gray, Jeanie Harmon, Mary Tolbert, Captain, and Coach Enoch. The Eaglets, coached by Ellis Enoch, Show the Co-captains lleftj Dayle Agee and Gayle Agee with Coach Ellis Enoch and Captain Mary Tol- bert frightj. The Eaglets had a good year in 1960- 61. At the end of the year they had a 6-4 record. 'The girls put a lot of effort into their basketball and came out with one of the best teams that Floyd High has ever produced. It was an all out team effort with b ala n c e d scoring and able defense work by the guards. Mr. Ellis Enoch has coached the girls for three years and he has done an excel- lent job. The c aptain and co-captains were elected at the beginning of the sea- son and showed real leadership. The girls took great pride in their team this year. The practice sessions began in October. They spent many hours practicing and perfecting their play. This work paid off, as the record shows. The Eaglets always show the spectators agood game when they play basketball. Here the girls are playing a scrimmage game with a nearby school, Auburn. True Sportsmanship Of A Good Basketball Team. Floyd Box Scores Check Bedford Meadows of Dan Bassett Check Bedford Willis Willis Meadows of Dan Bassett Some of our girls in action: Jeannie Harmon and Chere Mooney, in dark uniforms, wait for a rebound. N 89 A 10-2 record for the 60-61 season was the result of hard work and hours of practice by the Junior Varsity team. The J -V's have given ample notice this season that Floyd High will be a tough competitor for years to come. Coach Sloane can be proud of this fine all-around group. Floyd Box Scores Check Pembroke Ft. Chiswell Fries Woodlawn Check Rural Retreat Fries Pembroke Rural Retreat Ft. Chiswell Woodlawn 12 46 24 28 24 34 29 41 31 forfeit 24 12 The Junior Varsity teams prepare themselves Front Row, L-R: Jackie Phillips, Managerg Lonnie Slaughterg Glen Gallirnoreg Hosea Blankenship, Co-captaing Chris Perryg David Turmang Vernon Pageg Danny Turman, Manager. Second Row: Eu- gene Sloane, Coachg Gene Thompson, Co-captaing Bobby Gardnerg Johnny Wilmerg Donnie Williams, Mike Shelorg Kent Howardg Paul Phillips. 90 Kneeling: Jackie Agnew, Manager, Ellis Enoch, coach. Standing, L-R: Judy Slusher, Judy Gearheart, Sandra Hale, Joyce Conner, Phyllis Williams, Linda Blackwell, Nancy Mitchell, Donna Clower, Susan Moore. for future varsity games and for future entertainment Box Score Floyd 18 Meadows of Dan 14 Bassett 18 Check 24 Meadows of Dan 21 Bassett The Jr. Varsity posted a 3-2 record this season, growing consistently better as the season progressed. The team con- sisted almost completely of eighth graders with very little experience, but they came th r 0 u g h in fine fashion. Their winning record is a tribute to the able direction of Mr. Ellis Enoch. The girls played more games this year than they had in previous years. Excellent school spirit and fine sportsmanship were shown by the team at every game. The cheerleaders each year strive to put their pep and energy to good use. This "good use"is always centeredupon the Eagles and Eaglets. This year for the first time the cheer- leaders chose amascot, Ann Moore. She was unanimously accepted by the squad and went along with the cheerleaders to every game. The cheerleaders had many activities which kept them busy. They sponsored pep L-R: Kathleen Agnew, Co-captain and Sue Poff, Captain, of the cheerleading squad. The Cheerleaders, with their pep and The Floyd High cheerleading squad--L-R: Karen Thompsong Brenda Molesg Kathleen Agnew, Co- captaing Sue Poff, Captaing Catherine Weeksg Lena Viag Janice Huff, and Ann Moore ffront rowj. 92 aft '--"" ..+ . - vt- V-1-7 "T . 'V V-1x5,,,g?1. r l' ' x , Carol Lee, the alternate cheerleader, and Mrs. Cas- teel, the sponsor, help the cheerleaders keep on the go. rallies, had new woolen skirts made, made po m -po ms for their own use, cheered for the girls, varsity,. and J .V. games, sponsor- ed their float in the Christmas Parade, and saw to it that school spirit rose to its' heights. Mrs. Casteel serves as the sponsor. She has given her time, guidance, and support to the squad for three years. Carol Lee was the alternate cheerleader this year. energy, 'back the teams with great enthusiasm The cheerleaders show their best ability at the ballgames by leading the group in yells. They spend at least three days a week practicing after school. Ballgames are fun for the cheerleaders because they have a-n opportunity to get the crowds into the real ball- game spirit. 93 ' r i r I I 1 ' . ' y Larry Bishop, our annual staff photographer! W Iniappreciation for the fine work which he has done making pictures for our year- book, and for using his time and energy without paymentfthe members of the staff dedicate this page of the Admiral to Larry Bishop. l r DAYLE AGEE: FHA 1,2 5 Softball 15 JV Basket- ball 25 Varsity Basketball 3, Co-captain 45 Var- sity Club 3,45 Typist for Admiral 4. GAYLE AGEE: FHA 1,25 Softball 15 JV Basket- ball 25 Varsity Basketball 3, Co-captain 45 Var- sity Club 3,45 Typist for Admiral 4. 1R1s BASHAM: Pep Ciub '1,25 Library Ciub 1, FBLA 3, Vice President 45 FHA l,2,3, Typist 45 Typist for Anchor 3,4. LARRY BISHOP: FFA l,2,3, Sentinel 45 KVG 1, 2,3,45 Safety Patrol l,2,3,45 Photographer for Anchor and Agrmral 4. KELSIE BOWER, JR.: FFA 1,2, Seed and Grain Show 3, Dairy and Forestry Judging 45 Safety Patrol 1,2,35 KVG 2,3, Assistant Crew Leader 45 Baseball 2,35 Varsity Club 3,4. ELMA LOU BURTON: Pep Club 1,25 FTA 2, Reporter 35 varsity Club 3,45 Princess on May Day Court 25 School Forensics 1,2,35 Beauty Contest 35 Junior Play Usher 35 Junior Class Secretary 35 Usher for Commencement 35 Bas- ketball 2,35 Co-chairman for Junior Ring Dance 35 Sports Editor for Anchor 35 Feature Editor for Admiral 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Senior Play Cast 4.. PHYLLIS CLOWER: A 1 1 - St ate Band 1, Vice President of Band 3, Band 2, 45 All-State Chorus 2, Glee Club 1,25 Basketball 1, Manager 25 SCA Representative 1,2,3, SCA President 45 SCA State Convention and Summer Workshop 45 Girls' State 35Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Asso- ciate Editor for Anchor 35 Pep Club 1,25 Varsity Club3,4, Vice President 35 School Forensics l,3. EUGENE COCKRAM: FFA 1,25 Varsity Club Treasurer 35 Baseball 1,2. CECIL COMPTON: FFA 1,2,3,45 Kvc 2,3. LOIS COMPTON: FHA l,2,3,45 FBLA Parlia- mentarian 45 Senior Play Usher 4. MAX DILLON: Science Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 25 JV Basketball 1. LOU FARLEY: Library Club 2, Secretary 3, President 45 FHA l,2,3,45 SCA 45 School Foren- sics 15 Feature Editor for Anchor 4. MACK GALLIMORE: Junior Play Usher 35 Senior Play Usher 45 Usher at Commencement 35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 FFA 1,2, 3,4, Executive Officer 35 KVG l,2,3,45 Safety Patrol 2,35 Varsity Club 3,4. DAVID GARDNER: First Place in Dairy Fede- ration 1, Dairy Farming Award 35 Forestry Judging Team 45 Placed 4th in State Dairy Judging Contest 35 FFA 1,2,4, Vice President 35 KVG l,2,3,45 Bus Patrol 2,3,45 Boys' State 35 Senior Class Vice President 4. DEAN GRAHAM: Safety Patrol 1,2,35 KVG 1,2, 35 Varsity Club 3,45 FFA 1,2,35 Library Club 15 Science Club 2. JEAN GRAHAM: Pep Club 1, Secretary 25 FHA 1,3, Secretary 2, Historian 45 Cheerleader 1,25 FBLA Reporter 3, President 45 SIPA Convention 35 Usher for Commencement 35 Co-chairman for Prom 35 General Chairman of Junior Ring Dance 35 Art Editor for Admiral 45 Beauty Contest 35 Princess on May Day Court 15 SCA 15 Circle Award 3. LARRY GRAHAM: Science Club 2,45 JV Basket- ball 2. CHARLES HALL: FFA l,2,3, Reporter 45 Dairy Judging Team 2,3,45 Forestry Judging Team 2, 45 Crop Judging Team 2,3,45 Tractor Driving 2,3 ,45 Triangle Award 35 State FFA Convention at VPI 35 Soil and Water Conservation Award 35 Seed and Grain Show 2,3,4. CHRIS HARMON: Varsity Club 3, 45 FTA 25 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 1. RACHEL HARTER: FHA 1,2,3,4. MARY HATCHER: FHA l,2,3,45 Pep Club 25 FBLA 4. RAY HATCHER: Science Club 3, Treasurer 45 SCA 2,45 Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Usher for Commencement 35 FTA 2,35 School Safety Chairman 15 Art Editor for Admiral 45 Band 15 School Forensics. CLARK HELM: Boys' Drill Teamg JV Basket- ball3 Varsity Basketball3 Barbers Club3 Science Club3 Art Club3 Band3 Art Award3 Shop Award3 Varsity Football. fHonors won at Christiansburg Institutej. EDWARD HELM: Industrial Shop Organization3 Trampoline Team3 JV Basketball3 Varsity Foot- ballg Varsity Track3 Best Dancer. lHonors won at Christiansburg Institutel. , JUDY HORTON: FHA 13 Library Club l,2,33 FBLA 43 FTA 2,33 SIPA Convention 3 3 Assistant for Admiral 43 Exchange Editor for Amzhgr 33 Senior Play Cast 4. ' JOHN HOWELL: FFA 1,2,3,4Q LivestockJudging Team 2,3,4Q Dairy Judging Team 2,3,43 Federa- tion Livestock Judging Team 2,3,4Q KVG 2,3,4. JANICE HUFF: FHA 1,2,43 Pep Club l,2,33 FBLA 43 Beauty Contest 3s Princess on May Day Court 1,23 Usher for Junior Play 33 Senior Play Usher 43 Cheerleader 4. DAVID HUFF: FFA 1,33 KVG 33 Library Club 4. MARGARET HYLTON: Pep Club 1,23 FHA 1,2, 3,43 FBLA 3, Reporter 43 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Business Manager for Admiral 4. FREDDY LAWRENCE: Safety Patrol 2, Science Club 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. GENE LEE: Varsity Club 3, Reporter 43 JV Basketball Captain 13 FFA 23 Safety Patrol 13 Baseball 3,43 Advertising Manager for r 43 Senior Class President 43 Senior Play Cast 4. JERRY LESTER: FFA l,2,3, Executive Com- mittee 43 Showed Dairy Heifer 43 Dairy Judging Federation 3. JOAN LESTER: Library Club 23 FTA 33 FBLA Parliamentarian 3, Treasurer 43 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Assistant Business and Sales Manager for Admiral 43 Business Manager for Anchor 43 School Forensics 3. LAVENE MANNON: Library Club 1, Treasurer 23 FTA 33 FBLA 3,43 Beauty Contest 3g News Edif0I' fOr Anchor 43 3rd Place County Science Fair Winner 3. LINDAL MARTIN: FHA 1,2,a, Typist 43 Library Club 2,33 FBLA 4. ' JUNE MCDANIEL: English Club President 13 Spelling Champion 13 FBLA 23 Dance Troop 23 Homecoming Candidate for Carnival Queen 23 Miss Solid Geometry 33 Award for best girl dancer 3. lHonors won at Christiansburg Insti- tutej. BOBBY MITCHELL: FFA l,2,3, Treasurer 43 KVG 1,2,3,4Q Dairy Judging 1,2,3,43 Forestry, Crop, and Livestock Judging 43 Tractor Driving 1,2,3,4Q Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4Q Farm Mechanics Award 33 Showed Beef Heifer l,2,3, LOREETA NIXON: SCA 3,43 FHA l,2,3,43 Pep Club 1,23 Library Club 3, Reporter 43 Girls' State 33 State FHA Convention 3 3 Circle Award 33 Art Editor of Admiral 43 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior Play Cast 4. I JOYCE NOLEN: FHA 1,43 FTA 3g FBLA 3, Secretary 43 Usher for Junior Play 3g Usher for Senior Play 4. ' WILLIAM PAULEY: Baseball 2,35 Varsity Club 3,45 Safety Patrol 1,2. RUTH ANN PETTRY: Pep Club 1,2,33 FHA 3. JACIQE PHILLIPS: Library Club 1,23 Science Club 3,4. 1VllLLARD POFF: FFA 1,2,3,43 KVG l,2,3,43 Dairy and Livestock Judging l,2,3 3 Forestry and Crop Judging 2,33 Tractor Driving 13 Ribbon Winner in Seed and Grain Show 33 School Safety Patrol 1,2, Captain 33 FFA Rally at VPI 3. SUE POFF: FHA 1,2, Reporter 3, Parliamenta- rian 43 Pep Club l,2,33 Cheerleader l,2,3, Cap- tain 43 Circle Award 33 Usher at Commencement 33 Junior Play Cast 33 Prom Chairman 33 Dis- trics 13 School Forensics 1,2,3 3 Varsity Club Secretary 43 Editor of Admiral 43 Senior Class Reporter 43 SIPA Convention 33 Beauty Contest 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Band 1,2,3. ERIC QUESINBERRY: Football 1,25 Glee Club 15 Class President 15 Basketball 2,3 , Captain 45 Baseball 3,45 Varsity Club 1,2, President 45 Junior Play Cast35 Usher for Commencement 35 Circle Award 35 Senior Play Cast 45 SCA Con- vention 35 SCA Reporter 45 Sports Editor for Admiral 45 Boys' State 35 One-Act Play Cast 35 School Forensics.3. FRED QUESENBERRY: FFA 1, 25 KVG 25 Science Club 3,4. WEETA RATLIFF: FHA 1,25 FTA35 FBLA 3,4. RODNEY REED: Science Club 2,3,45 FTA 25 Basketball 3,45 Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Cast 4. JAMES ROYAL: Basketball 1,2,35 FFA 1,2,35 KVG 2,35 Band 1,2. LEONARD SHELOR: Basketball l,2,4, Co-cap- tain 35 SCA 2,35 Junior Class Vice President5 Band 15 Varsity Club 3,45 President 35 Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Science Club 1, 25 Usher for Commencement 3. RAYMOND TAYLOR: Varsity Club 25 Award in Boxing 25 Track Award 25 Mr. Solid Geometry 3. lHonors won at Christiansburg Institutel. JEAN THOMAS: SCA 1,4, Secretary 2, Vice President 35 FHA 1,3, Treasurer 2, President 45 Science Club 1,2, Vice President 3, Secretary 45 Junior English Award 35 Band 1,2,3,45 All- State Band 1,253 5 Junior Play Cast 35 Junior Class President 35 FHA Convention35 State FHA Reporter 45 National Science Fair 25 Regional Science Fair Winner 25 Finalist in Virginia Jr. Academy Science 45 FHA Federation Vice Presi- dent 3,45 Circle Award 35 District SCA Conven- tion 25 State SCA Convention 35 Band 1,2,3,45 School Forensics 3. WAYNE THOMAS: Library Club 1,35 Varsity Club 45 Baseball 3. JOE THOMPSON: Usher for Commencement 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,35 Varsity Club 45 KVG 1,2,35 FFA 1,2,35 Usher for Junior Play 3. WANDA THOMPSON: Pep Club 25 FHA 2, 35 FTA 35 FBLA 3,45Library Club 25 School Forensics 3. MARY TOLBERT: FHA l,2, Reporter 45 Pep Club1,2,35 Varsity Club 45 Basketball 3, Captain 45 JV Basketball 25 Feature Editor for Admiral 45 School Forensics 2,3. THORNTON TURMAN: JV Basketball 1,25 FTA 2,35 Science Club 2, Parliamentarian 3, Presi- dent 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Sales Manager for Admiral 4. PANDORA TURNER: Home Ec. Club 15 Cosme- tology Club 15 Science Club 15 FBLA 25 Girls Gym Club 25 Dramatics Club 35 Choir 3. CHonors won at Christiansburg Institutej. PATTY WALLACE: FHA 25 Pep Club 2 5 Library Club 3,45 FTA 3. REBECCA WEEKS: SCA 1,2,3,45 Softball25 FHA l,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2, President 35 FTA Report- er 45 Junior Class Reporter 35 Basketball 15 Band 1,2, Reporter 35 President 45 SIPA Dele- gate 2,35 Assistant Editor for Anchor 35 Editor for Anchor 45 Triangle Award 35 Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Cast 45 ' 1st place in Virgi- nia State Creative Writing Contest 35 School Forensics 1,2,3. SHELBY WEEKS: Library Club 1, Reporter 25 FHA 15 FTA 3,45 Circulation Manager for Anchor 4. NANCY WEST: FBLA 3,45 FHA 1,2,3. BETTY YATES: FHA 1,2,45 Library Club 3,4. JOYCE YEAHCUT: Library Club 2,3,45 FHA 1, 2,45 FTA 3. JIMMIE YEATTS: Science Club 1,2,35 FTA 2,35 Senior Play Cast 45 JV Basketball 1. Hillsville Auto Sz Electric Hillsville Hardware Sz Furniture Raymond and Cornetias Buddy's Gulf Service Catos by Willa Blair, Mgr. Jackson's Hardware Christiansburg Vance Co. Wysers Appliance Wilson's Inc., Office Supp. Everett Kingera J. L. Cummings Mrs. C. E. Lester Mr. M. L. Shelor Cummings Service Station Katherine Hylton John W. Poff D Kz T Motors Mrs. Sylvia Hatcher Radford Hardware Radford Furniture Co. Mr. Ka Mrs. R. E. Lee and Gene Jarret, Jarvis Mr. Slaughter Mr. Compton BUUSTERS M. E. Talley S. B. Howery El-Tenedor Restaurant Merritt Powell M. P. CFatsJ Reed Don Preston Peter's Grocery and Feed Store Cave Spring Radio and TV A Friend Edgewood Esso Cave Spring Hardware Excellswetd Co. of Roanoke Poffs Garage G. H. Conner Dr. Joe Conduff Shelor's Garage Floyd Cafe Audrey Kemp Compliments of Clerk Office Jayne Burton 98 AIJQVERTISEMENTS CALDWELL-SITES CO. Office Equipment--Stationery A. B. Dick Duplicating Equip. and Supplies, Wholesale Paper, Blue Horse School Supplies I Roanoke, Va. Winchester, Va. J., Compliments of JENNINGS-SHEPHERD COMPANY Headquarters for: Sporting Goods- - Toys- -Hobby Supplies "Playthings for all ages" 24 W. Church Ave. Roanoke, Virginia 99 FAMILY SHOE STORE "Shoes for all the Family" Hillsville, Virginia Compliments of ROSE'S Radford, Virginia BEN FRANKLIN Locally Owned Nationally Known D. L. LANCASTER GROCERY General Merchandise-Feed- Gas and Oil Bent Mountain, Virginia BENT MT. RESTAURANT Sandwiches Plate Lunches Milk Shakes Bent Mountain, Virginia 1 S aug rnsniuggzgefgg MOUNTAIN PARK MOTOR COURT Opal's Dining Room We Specialize In Country Ham Phone SP 49953 Route 221, South Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of BOYD AND DICKERSON Floyd, Virginia CLOWER'S FEED AND SEED STORE Farm and Dairy Supplies DeLaval Milking Machines SH 5-4925 Floyd, Virginia R IN B6 , Floyd High School Diplomas Supplied By W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia C. B. HALSEY CO. Wholesale Distributors-- Institutional Foods L. KBobJ Trussell, Sales- Representative P.O. Box 556 Dial DI 3-2421 Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of ROSE'S Christiansburg, Virginia McAVOY MUSIC HOUSE, INC. 122 West Church Avenue Roanoke 2, Va. LOWE'S OF CHRISTIANSBURG, INCORPORATED Associate Store Home of Lowe Low Prices Route 1, Box 26 Christiansburg, Virginia FLOYD JEWELRY SHOP ,- ...f e-,1"k"1l Bulova-Wyler-Hamilton ,T I Keeeeeee Rings I . .ii w rt wwf ' JW International Silver I I Iljlw ml w sfe- H il Cl Ch' e , fe Ngxiiitxe Chg? I h mm I 'I Fostoria Crystal kiss, . I Floyd, Virginia ORTHO-VENT Factory Outlet Shoe Store Inc. East Main St. Phone DU 9-5175 Salem, Virginia HAROLD'S GULF STATION Sz GARAGE Phone ST 9-2267 BILL'S DRIVE INN Good Place to eat Route 458 R. A. LESTER Sz SON Automatic Transmission Repairs Motor Tuneup 8a Overhauls Phone DI 3-7151 Cave Spring, Virginia LESTER'S FOTO SHOP "Anything Photographic" 24 hr. Photo Finishing Christiansburg, Virginia LEGGETS "Free Parking" Christiansburg, Virginia ANGLE FLORIST Phone EV 2-3571 Christiansburg, Virginia Compliments of CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO., INCL Christiansburg, Virginia ALLEGHANY HOTEL AND NEWSSTAND Radford, Virginia Compliments of THOMAS TEXACO STATION 7 miles North of Floyd-Road 8 Floyd, Virginia HAMP'S SUPERETTE Groceries and Meats Christiansburg, Virginia LEE FLORIST Flowers for all occasions Floyd, Virginia ROBERSON'S JEWELRY Nationally Advertised Watches -Diamonds -Jew el ry- Silverware Floyd, Virginia WESTERN AUTO Davis Tires Wizard Batteries Floyd, Virginia FLOYD ELECTRIC COMPANY Frigidaire Appliances Electric Heat Furniture P. L. Shelor, Owner Floyg, Virginia HARRIS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE COMPANY "Complete Home Furnishings" SH 5-5621 Floyd, Virginia BOB'S RADIO Sz TV SERVICE Service on all makes R. N. "Bob" Shelor Floyd, Virginia CITIZEN'S TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE Floyd, Virginia CONNER'S STORE Anvil Brand Work Clothes Friedman Shelby Shoes Groceries Floyd, Virginia TRENTFS GROCERIES Floyd, Virginia BLUE RIDGE CAFE Home Cooked Foods and Pies Floyd, Virginia NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Kent S. Howard Phone SH 5-5222 FLOYD MOTOR CO., INC. Chevrolet Sales and Service Floyd, Virginia U- TOLL- EM-INN Motel and Restaurant Mr. Sz Mrs. S. D. Rakes Floyd, Virginia BANKS AND MORAN Shoes for the Entire Family Mens Clothing Floyd, Virginia FARMERS' SUPPLY CORP. OF FLOYD Farm Equipment, Hardware Paints Ez Oils FARMERS EXCHANGE MILL Custom Grinding and Mixing SH 5-5715 Floyd, virginia FLOYD FOOD MARKET Fresh Meats Sz Vegetables Manager W. L. Slaughter Phone SH 5-5870 WEST END GULF STATION Tire Recapping-Gulf Salor Heating Fuels 124 Hour Servicel Day Night SH 5-5981 SH 5-2353 Floyd, Virginia WEEKS FUEL OIL SERVICE Located next to Telephone Office in Floyd PLEASE NOTE 24 hr. Service For your convenience we have installed an auto- matic telephone answering machine which will answer your call 24-hours a day. ATTENTION FARMERS 0 Saw Mill Operators and Contractors: Buy in quantity amounts at our bulk delivery and save 11 cents per gal. on off-highway use. Day SH 5-2323 Nite SH 5-5453 DAWSON-STRANGER 0 ' Records - Musical Supplies ave unearth TV-Radio-Phono A Service--Sales r 17 E. Main Christiansburg, Virginia TRAILWAYSZ CHARTERS TOURS AND PACKAGE EXPRESS SHELTON AND WALTERS Home of Quality Merchandise Phone EV 2-3122 Christiansburg, Virginia FLOYD PHARMACY, INC. Phone SH 5-5770 Floyd, Virginia. HARRIS CLEANERS "We serve to serve again" Phone SH 5-5621 Floyd, Virginia X: ff A 4 A 4 ARCHlE'S GARAGE Dugspur, Virginia Massey-Ferguson Tractors, Hay Balers Mowers, Plows, and Disc Harrows McCulloch Chain Saws Jeep Line of 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles Phone PA 8-4188 Hillsville, 'Virginia THE BANK OF FLOYD Dial SH-54545 Floyd, Virginia MABERRY FUNERAL HOME INC. Ambulance, Flowers, Monuments Dial SH 5-2121 Floyd, Virginia POWELL'S GROCERY Groceries, Meats, Freshg Fruits Feed and Fertilizer ' At Parkway Entrance Bent Mountain, Virginia BENT MT. TEXACO Phone: BM 19W20 Bent Mountain, Virginia 105 Congratulations FLUYIJ GARMENT CUMPANY Manufacturers of Quality Blouses Floyd, Virginia 106 Compliments ol the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHRISTIANSBURG Members of F. R. System and Insured by FDIC A good bank in a good toivvn serving good people THE PANIRY Fine Foods Bent Mountain, Virginia TURMAN-YEATTS MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 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Highway 58 West Phone P 8-9211 Hillsville, Virginia POAGES MILL SERVICE STATION Phone SP 4-0978 Poages Mill, Virginia VAUGHAN-GUYNN-MCGRADY CHAPEL, INC. Directors of Funeral Services Phone PA 8-3711 HODGES' STORE General Merchandise Phone St 92281 Willis, Va. SHARPE'S BEAUTY SALON Mason Sharpe Hairstylist Parkway 83384 Hillsville, Virginia BARNHART SERVICE STATION 3831 Melrose Ave. N. W. Phone EM 6-9967 Roanoke, Va. THOMPSON HAGAN DRUG CO. "Prescriptions Since 1890" Drive in Prescription Window Free Parking in Rear Christiansburg, Virginia PALACE RESTURANT Steak, Chops, Virginia ham, or Chicken Christiansburg, Virginia Compliments of L. H. WEBB Lawn Mower Shop Authorized Sales and Service Briggs and Stratton and Clinton Compliments of RIERSON STORE Roanoke, Virginia O..-A. WEBB AND SON L. H. Webb, Owner "If we please you tell others--If.not Tell us" Phone 'SH 5-5475 Floyd, Va. WOOLWINE 8. RUTROUGH Drug Sundries, Cosmetics and Mens Toiletries Old Dominion Candy, Stationery and Sheaffer Pens CLOVER CREAMERY COMPANY Radford, Virginia EASTER SUPPLY COMPANY Supplies and Furniture Garst G. Bishop Jack E. Wimmer 120 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Virginia THOMAS MOTOR CORP. Ford Sales and Service STATE FARM INSURANCE Auto-Life-Fire John P. cock-Agent ' Floyd, virginia, Where there' , S , I vm 05 There': ulxozpitality Ill FLOYD FSSO STATION Esso Suvncznu lullliw II. A 'j,j5gg.:s,:.:gf5- . .fzsszfaz-1 A 47' .4 fi: .5-' ,,,,fs:a, f Y ryfmm "V fllfufs lf :Z vfffisivrf . .... 1 Compliments of Ilappy Motoring BLUE RIDGE OFFICE EQUIPMENT, INC. Typewriters, Adding Machines, Calculators Sales and Service Office Supplies Galax, Virginia WHITING ' Fuel Oil Gas Kerosene HlGH'S FURNITURE 81 P fifvgy Fi Hales I A romp our eous ervice APPLIANCE Co' Day Phone Night Phone SH 5-5345 SH 5-4452 Furniture for every need Hot Point Appliances Phone SH 5-2424 WILLIAMS BROS . Your Southern States Dealer CAVE SPRING SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Cave Spring, Virginia The yearbook staff would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of the advertising firms repre- sented within the preceding pages for the major role that they have played in the production of the 1961 ADMIRAL. 3 , I !

Suggestions in the Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) collection:

Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 15

1961, pg 15

Floyd High School - Admiral Yearbook (Floyd, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 120

1961, pg 120

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