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W' hi' ,,g,.,.w4 ,fA- X ,MAA . K. w l . Q A' k Q. H ,E ' E ni ,, ' a 3, fi z xr 1? fi K 1 .. . ' E a- :gm EM " 6 2 J' '...'4f .U f r k W X 1 in , N Q 7 hh: ' ' , 5' Q Z I nf? WN c' an if-,PM Xi . . '71 1, ,. ,Ou ,-wF.,H, 4 1 IV, f . 'r-" -115' A , . , 2 ' , 'i 4 A 5. 4 y 1 K .v A' .,,, , 'W 'sg' 1 fb I .A A ffm K Ni V , b ft , K ,Ek niggas f' . ' "'3i4g,k ' 'Q J ' "' 'Q A . Y., , 1 N . ' 7' . . K 4' - ,' Q 1 l 1 'N 3 'M . ' A W . A, , 'fA ' 7 ,' L 1. ' .HL " Mi A if 'L 'M' ' . MA ,u ... 4 Q Q , I M ga 2, 'L' Q A-9 I w K" k w f" V' , 1 ' , 'Q N Q ' +L A 1 .MSR Q , x - 7 ,Vi R ,xg 4 , " if f P , fig A Hi I g -Y My A yin' w,,A, - gn -. , , Ii 9 f' Af up ' ' . , 5 M ' 5 NN' " ' k 'flu f , , a.. - 4 2 -M. Q - , -, , ,V , r V.-, .., . s ,. 'X -I k.: - KA I ,V M yr, if 1, I ,gn ., u 4, , , 3 1 - u Mana- f , A . , VV, . , 1 1 M 1 , ff ' F A , f , I ' 2 S 4 ' , , 4 7iZ'Ij,v'- ff' , .. , , 2 y is A 1 W ' -, 9 ' J., . fa ,E A V 5 ., Q ' -1 'gf Q K , 5, 1 5 9' 'W 4 K .,.- -- 1 f' mi ' ' I f , 'ef' Epi, Q f 'Q 5 ' 3 '55 2 Af ., 'F 1 wwf .4-L v .X 'T-q f K . K 'Q' 3.4 'iv' "'-5-K-ness!-nts:-' f ,.. A -. 3 .W H4 Y ,, v . f Q ,qs-awww? .. ,Af-5' H' ' ,. , 4' KR -au.-1-"f ' f, . ' ' ' -' ' A ' -"-'K""---,:.1--ficwz-.-' - '- fl,-' -,',.,. . ' ' ' 5 --' L . gtg,-Q.w' 'f'irf Q b 4 'W Quran' .'s'- ' f A 8 , '1-K8xqg,- 5 ' A s w 'f-. ' 1 gf ' , x xx u I , . 1 . Q. M'-NBIP THE W 1953 '54 'WG HDHIIRHL THE SENIOR CLASS FLCYD HIGH SCHOOL FI yd V gnia mv Josephine H. Moricle Science , , 1 .1 .1 v John R. Grahana Physical Education I Irene L. Blaney Physical Education English, Math Government X J .FX if 1 1' N4 f ,nf K Q ,. K If - N N ' Pl f lk, -'iv X !'7Sz W wwf! A Y A ff .- Q ' , I , f l MUNM, ,,, If w,. , i h 'A JL! ' Y -,Qi . x ' xx V Y. HI a' .-I. .I :IV X 'V 4 X A WX I ' U ea ' X, Q A ,L , hj,,, 3 Wil 2 "'m',f 1 'x . -' ' ,, 43 ,., f' 'lvf-1' , X xl, - 5 C Vx if f J Z7 With sincere appreciation for the friendship and guidance she has shown us, we, the Senior Class dedicate the 1954 annual to our friend and teacher, Mrs. J. Allen Altizer. She has won a place of love and respect in our hearts and will linger in our memory as one who has been an inspiration to us through the most important years of our lives. THE HDIHIRHL Doris Light Assistant Editor E X52 so x ti Vivian Goad Editor -in -Chief HEY? 151- 7 4 AWN! N r WMP Joyce Pugh 1, li' ff? AX Social Editor Rodney Thomas Business Manager Elbert Talley Historian Sponsors Miss Slusher Mrs. Altizer James Lawson Assistant Editor QW! Charles Kingrea Sports Editor X? if .ig Bobby Agnew Assistant Business Manager 10 f WALKER BURDETTE RAVANAL NIXON President Vice President -wra- as DORIS PUGH VIVIAN GOAD Secretary Treasurer JAMES LAWSON MRS. ALTI ZER Reporter Sponsor 5""sS SENIORS BOBBY AGNEW S. C. A. Rep. 50, Science Club 51, 52, Vice Pres. 53, Reporter 54, Asst. Bus. Man- ager Annual, Freshman Class Treas., Basketball Team 51, 53, F. F. A. Club 54,Library Club 51,Delegate to S. C. A. Convention 52, 54,Boys' State 52, Dele- gate to S. C. A. Forum 53, K. V. G. Crew 53, Asst. Crew Leader 54, Pres. S. C. A. 53, 54, Glee Club 54. WALKER BURDETTE . Y. M. C. A. 50,8th Grade Class Treas., K. V. G. 51, 52, 54, Pres. of Freshman Class, Baseball 51, 52, 54, Art Editor Newspaper Staff 52, Basketball 52, Pres. of Senior Class- Humor Editor Anchor, 54, Science Club Vice-Pres. 54, Glee ciub 52, 54. CAROL ANN DeHART Anchor Alumni Editor 53, 10th Grade Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Science Club 52, 51, Commercial 53, 54, 4-H Club 51, 52, 53, Glee Club 54. ALICE MARIE DICKERSON Science Club 51, 52, Commercial Club 53, 54, Basketball Team 53, 54, Junior Play Cast, 4-H Club 51. STELLA GARDNER Glee Club 51, 52, 54, Dramatics Club 51, 52, 4-H Club Song Leader 51, Fresh- man Class Song Leader, Anchor Typist Staff 53, 54, Commercial Club 54, Senior Play Usher. VIVIAN GOAD Vice-Pres.,of Sophomore Class,Junior Class Reporter, Senior Class Treas., Glee Club 54, Commercial Club 54, Senior Play Cast, 10th Grade Play Cast. FREEDA HALL 8th Grade Class Vice-Pres.5 Freshman Class Pres.54-H Club 50, 5151Oth Grade Play Cast5Junior Play Cast5Senior Play Cast5 Usher at Commencement, 525 Dele- gate to S. C. A. Forum, 535 F. H. A. Club Historian, 53, Treasurer, 545 Manager of Basketball team, 525 Team 53, 545 Softball team 51, 52, 53, 545 Science Club Treasurer, 545Assistant Editor Anchor, 535 Editor-in-Chief, 545 Glee Club, 545 S. C. A. Parlimentarian, 54. JACKIE HALL Safety Patrol, 50, 515 Library Club, 50, 51, 525 4-H Club, 505 F. F. A. Club, 54. Degree team, 51, Judging team, 52, 53, Reporter, 535 Commercial Club, 53, 545 Basketball team, 53, 545 Usher at Com- mencement, 535 K. V. G. Crew, 53, 545 Junior Play Cast5 Usher at Senior Play5 Glee Club, 54. CHARLES HARMON Basketball team 52, 535 K. V. G. Crew 52, 535 F. F. A. Club 52, 535 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play Cast. LILLIE HOWELL Basketball team, 51, 52, 53, 545 Junior Play Cast5 F. H. A. Club, 53, Commercial Club, 545 Glee Club, 545 Softball team, 52. LOU HUNGATE Science Club, 51, 52, 535 F. H. A. Club, 52,53, 545Commercia1 Club, 53,545 10th Grade Play Cast 5 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Pr0mpter5 Glee Club, 545 4-H Club, 50, 51, 52, 53. LUCILLE KEITH Junior Play Cast5 Commercial Club, 53, 545 Glee Club, 54. gg! 5' ff SENIORS 3 .J Qi-. li , Q I X I A 1 xl: i 5 Y T 3 22, 5235 5555 SHIRLEY KEITH Basketball team, 52, 53, F. H. A. Club, 52, 53, 54, Glee ciub, 54, 4-H Club, 51, 52, Softball team, 51, 52, 53. AUDREY KEMP Junior Play Cast, Commercial Club, 53, 54, Typist for Newspaper, 53, 54, Glee Club, 54. CHARLES KINGREA 8th Grade Class Pres., Library Club, 50, 4-H Club, 50, Freshman Class Sect., Science Club Treas. 51, Vice-Pres. 52, Pres. 53, 54, S. C. A. Treas. 51, Vice- Pres. 52, 53, 54, Sophomore Class Pres., 10th Grade Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Delegate to S. C. A. Forum, 53, K. V. G. Crew 53, Sports Editor Anchor, 53, 54, Glee Club, 54, Basketball 51, 52, 53, 54, Captain 54, Baseball 51, 52, 53, 54, Delegate to S. C. A. Convention 54, Sports Editor Annual. PATSY KNOWLES F. H. A. Club 51, 52, 53, 54, 10th Grade Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Commer- cial Club, 53, Glee Club, 54. JAMES LAWSON Library Club 52, Safety Patrol 52, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, S. C. A. Rep. 53, Glee Club, 54, Commercial Club Treas. 53, 54, Anchor Business Manager, 53, Asst. Editor of Annual Staff, Senior Class Reporter, Usher at Commencement 53. DORIS LIGHT 4-H Club 51, 52, 53,Science Club 51, 52, F. H. A. Club 52, 54, 10th Grade Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Commercial Club 53, 54, Sect. 53, Pub- lic Speaking Contest 53, Glee Club, 54, Asst. Editor Annual, 54. Wife jaw? 1954 aw-5 MAGGIE MIDKIFF Commercial Club 53, 54g Glee Club 54. WILBERT MIDKIFF F. F. A. 52, 53, 54. MELVA MITCHELL 4-H Club 50, 51, 52, 53, F. H. A. Club 51, 52, 53g Commercial Club 53, 54, French Club 54, Glee Club 54, Science Club 52. RAVANAL NIXON Freshman Class Sect., Sophomore Class Pres., Junior Class Sect., Senior Class Vice-Pres., S. C. A. Rep. 53, Reporter 543 Commercial Club Pres. 53, 543 F. H. A. Club Parlimentarian 53, Historian 545 F. H. A. Federation Historian 545 F. H. A. State Convention Rep. 53, Anchor Copy Editor 53,Bus. Manager 54gUsher at Commencement 52, 53, Glee Club 54g Basketball 51, 52, 53, 54, Captain in 535 Delegate to S. C. A. Convention 54. DORIS PUGH 4-H Club 51, 525 F. H. A. Club Treas. 53, Usher at Commencement 52, Com- mercial Club 53, 54, 10th Grade Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Castg Basketball 51, 52, 53, 54, Co- Captain 53, Softball 51, 52, 53, 54, Rep. to Girls' State 53, Anchor Advertising Manager 54, Typing Staff 53, Senior Class Sect. JOYCE PUGH 4-H Club 50, 54, Song and Game Leader 51, Reporter 52,Science Club 51, Com- mercial Club 53, 54, S. C. A. Reporter 523 Sophomore Class Reporter, Junior Play CastgGlee Club 54, Anchor Typing Staff 54, Social Editor AnnualStaffg Asst. Editor, Anchor 51. I 'f""f-A SENIORS NOLEN RADFORD VERNON ROOP Art Editor for Anchor, F. F. A. Club 52, 53, 54. SHIRLEY RUTTER F. H. A. Club, Parlimentarian 52, Vice- Pres. 53, Pres. 54,Rep. to F. H. A. State Convention 53, Commercial Club Vice Pres. 53, 54, Basketball 51, 52, 53, 54, Anchor Typist 53,Usher for Junior Play, Glee Club 54. ILEDA SHELOR F. H. A. Club, Treas. 52, Pres. 53, Vice- Pres. 54, Treas. of Federation F. H. A. 52, Rep. at F. H. A. State Convention 52, Basketball 51, 52, 53, 54, 4-H Club 50, Reporter 51, Treas. 52, Pres. 53, Science Club 51. ateporter 52, Commercial Club 53, Reporter " 2,Anchor Editor-in-Chief 53, Copy Editor 54, Sophomore Class Sect., S. C. A. Rep. 54, Girls' State 52, Usher for Junior and Senior Plays. ELBERT TALLEY S. C. A. Treas. 53, 54, Science Club 52, 53, 54, Library Club 5, F. F. A. 53, Vice- Pres. 54, 4-H Club 50,Basketbal151, 52, 53, 54, Co-Captain in 54, Anchor Humor Editor 53, Glee Club 54, Historian of Annual Staff, Delegate to S. C. A. Con- vention 54,10th Grade Play Cast,Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast. REBEKAH TAYLOR Freshman Class Pres., Sophomore Class Sec., F. H. A. Club 52, 53, 54,G1ee Club 52, 53, Junior Class Treas., Beta Club 54, Commercial Club 54. , fN f RODNEY THOMAS F. F. A. 52, 53, Safety Patrol, 53, S. C. A. Rep. 543 Business Manager of Annual, Library Club 50, 515 K. V. G. 52. J . ERMA JEAN THOMPSON 8th Grade, Sect., Treas., and Reporter, News Editor Anchor Staff, 53, Copy Editor, 54, Copy Editor Sophomore Newspaper, Usher Junior Play, Usher at Commencement 53, Senior Play Cast, F. I-l. A. Club Sect., 52, 53, Commercial Club 53, 54, Sect. 54gGlee Club, 54, Cheer- leader 52, 53. 1954 MARY LEE UNDERWOOD Glee Club , 543 Commercial Club, 53, 54, Senior Play Pro- mptergScience Club, 51, 52, F. H. A. Club 50, 51, 4-H Club 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, Anchor Typing Staff, 54. 6 SENIOR CLASS PLAY 6 qw SEVENTEENTH SUMMER 1, fx r 1 A Play in Three Acts, Presented December 12, 1953. Q r Angie, the girl ...... Margaret, her engaged sister .... Lorraine, her hopeful sister . . . Kitty, her little sister ...... . Mrs. Morrow, her mother . . . . . . . . Mr. Morrow, her father Jack, the boy ...... Art, Margaret's finance Martin, Lorraine's hope . . . . . . Jane, a menace. . . . . . Tony, a boy friend . . Margie, a girl friend . . Fitz, her "steady" . . CHARACTERS . . Elbert Talley . . . . . Erma Thompson . . . . Charles Kingrea . . . . Patsy Knowles . . . . Charles Harmon ...CarolDeHart . . . Doris Pugh -5 . . . Vivian Goad . . Freeda Hall Doris Light . . . ..... James Lawson . . . . . Walker Burdette . . . .... Bobby Agnew 'fps K K i my X 123' 0 ilwfql R INYN C an wi i Fit l if F 'lf ' 1 Q C X Q X2 1 W? 1 N k, 1 C 'E P f Q b fsfx N-1' CLASS OFFICERS President .... . . ........ Barbara Aldridge Vice President. . . . . . Sue Anna. Sweeney Secretary ..... . . . Annie Ruth Radford Treasurer .... . . . Benita Dickerson Reporter . . . . . . Jimmy Mannon S PONSO 4088 Mrs. 811186 H0 warg! , If , ,ffjfjfp ,VV Barbara Aldridge IJJY , Q i11y Aldridge H W W XB ,V y J if fwfr V' ,gary Dorothy Basham Geraldine Belcher V1 Paul Boothe Mary Sue Brammer Nerene DeHart Benita Dickerson Catherine Dickerson Harman Dickerson N . 1 H- am, Shirley Griffith Allen Harman Annie Laura Harman Lou Alice Howell Norma Hurt Donald Hylton 1 UNIORS Betty Dulaney John Epperly .1 iffy ,J I X ,Leif . ,gy ,vii 6 Ak WX' 6 .1 4' VZ- Q,PbLQILyJ LVM ,bf if X f Lorene Farley Ray Graham A321 A - , fy .- UNIOR J 1. VM. e :f ' Louise Hylton Lois Lester A ' -Vi, F 1 . , ,f Vg .r ,ff dx 'fd Q V' Betty Mannon J Jimmy Mannon J AJ ts, lj -v 'P ' Ia 1-,,f ,fe ,I 'J gn. 'Q . Nb aa D 4 ,,' I L H ,NJ , 1 ,z.f,., , f ffj -f..-1 - f ,,.., -lj in N 5J"k,q c l Q J ,J 1 -C fu A, fn f 'X ' 1 . L 'J . V j V' , I Curtis Nester J" ' J Charlotte Parrick Josephine Poff , A 5. X fn LJ Annie Ruth Radford Crystal Radford Janet Simpkins Reva Weeks Lonnie Whitlow Marie Whitlow Marie Wilson Sammy Wilson Melvin Wood Y 11 iff 5- . -2"Q,"'f','7'fj Q UNIUR Sue Anna Sweeney Ray Trail Betty Jane Vest Freddie Vest A - , K f K , QM... 1 A X 'fy fl j , 41 ff 'N- j 't 1 1 iw-4f L7"'pf ., ' " "C A , , N if ,fy QZJQ Shirley Agnew Clara Alderman Ruby Alderman Louise Blackwell Joyce Bishop Arnold Boothe Dessie Boothe Curtis Brown Jackie Boothe G. W. Davis Norma Harmon Frances Hazelwood Opal Houchins Cornelia Huff Silas Huff Iva Hylton Katherine Hylton Shirley Jennings Wayne Keith Melvin Light 5 J, j J Donna Lee Joyce Mitchell Kevin Mitchell Nancy DeHart Edward Dickerson Janice Dickerson Betty Fulcher Chester Gallimore Thelma Gardner Wayne Gillespie James Goad Virginia Graham Donald Griffith Hazel Griffith Evelyn Harman soPHo MORES Adrian Moran Shelby Nixon Ervin Peters Mamie Phillips Martna Quesenberry Tiresa Radford Kaye Rakes Norvell Reed Glenn Rorrer Bobby Scott Arthur Slusher Nancy Slusher Tommy Slusher Lena Smith Doris Spangler Betty Sweeney Lester Sweeney Marcella Thomas Nancy Thompson Shirley Thompson James Underwood Frances Weddle A 1 Billy Whitlow Avis Willis Peggy Yeatts FRESHMEN Miss Bruce 5 CLASS OFFICERS SPONSORS President: Frances Webb Mrs. Moricle Mr. Williamson Secretary: Betty Roop Treasurer: Joyce McPeak Vice President: James Rutter Reporter: Nelcie Moles I . ' - f V .- , ' ge. . e nv-ftffv' -elif - S J ,W i -If , 7 :ff .t I X379 h .. I , Murray Agge Roger Agnew James Akers Donna Alderman Frances Alderman James Bain Glenn Belcher Nancy Belcher Marie Boothe Wayne Boothe Edwin Bowman Charles Boyd Nancy Boyd Douglas Clement Harless Clemons Corine Cockram , Reuben Cockram Ethel Compton Donald Conner N Rodney Cox Carrie Davis Delmer DeHart Earl Dickerson Frances Dickerson Kenneth Duncan FRESHMEN Hugh Epperly Cora Farley Ruth Gardner Earl Graham Jean Graham Mildred Gilbert David Hale Donald Harmon Alice Hatcher Frances Harter Glenwood Huff Nelson Hylton Vera Janney Dollie Jones Wayne Keith Corrine Lester Ralph Loudy Lorine Midkiff Linda Mitchell Nelcie Moles L. T. Nolen Roma Peters Charles Phillips Robert Pugh Daniel Quesenberry Robert Radford Christine Reed Helen Reed Nelda Reed Betty Roop Jimmy Rutter Joyce Salyer Anne Shelor Paul Simpkins Milfred Slusher Ross Snead Dan Spangler Ray Spangler David Sumner Jane Sweeney Hilda Thompson Marie Thompson Clyde Townley Mista Tolbert Lawrence Tuck Forest Turman Shirley Turner George Via Frances Webb Catherfne Weddle Carol Weeks Elree Wood Charley Wray Bobby Yearout K ,gy Q H 41 J iff' L I 1 I 1, f s N P , l EIGHTH GRADE :'5:v:b,.sg:- 1.:,. wry: ," , ' WISE-'1i..'A+f ' ga f A : -,,1 ff . L 5 ei M Saw .-an ,,,. L.., ga- - i fe-,ff . , arf , V , A all ' 4 5' Q ' mi' fc J i " J President President President President Joseph Sowers Doras Weddle Hattie Pratt Mary Lee Duncan Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Mrs. Blaney Mrs. Simpkins Mr. Graham Mrs. Dobyns Nancy Agnew Vera Alderman Carol Aldridge Gene Altizer Dorothy Akers Jackie Akers Kate Ballinger Donnie Black James Blackwell Anne Branscomb Melvin Brewster Jimmy Boothe Shelby Cassell Nora Cockram Lucy Compton Edward Conner Mary Correll Namon Cox Curt Davis Eula DeHart Earl Dickerson Ivan Dickerson Nancy Dickerson John Duncan Mary Duncan Rebecca Fayne Donald Gallimore Cecil Gillespie Catherine Graham Billy Hale Jerelene Hale Willford Huff Donna Hylton Olene Hylton Shirley Hylton Joyce Jones Peggy Keith Elizabeth King Wendell Light Harold Linkous Billy Long Dean Mannon Donnie Midkiff James Midkiff Sue Mitchell Nancy Moricle Audrey Nichols Venda Nichols EIGHTH f Z ,f'jVf e. ' ,a GRADE Kenneth Perry Carol Peters Wilfred Peters Hurbert Poff Hat tie Pratt Deanie Radford Doris Radford Jeff Radford Eunice Radford Nancy Radford Silas Radford Donnie Ratliff Elsie Reed Frances Scott Curtis Semones Jack Simmons Jerry Slusher Faith Smith Jean Snead Levon Smith Gary Sowers Joseph Sowers Nikola Sowers Q William sewer? David Sutphin i' Doris SweeneyQ,' Elwood Sweeneyx Iris Sweeney R James Sweeneyl Nettie Thomash Richard Thomas Irene Teel Histon Tolbert Harley Trail Lowell Trail Mary Trail Curtis Turner Darnell Turner Johnson Turner Leon Underwood Billy Via Elizabeth Walters Doras Weddle Garry Weddle Hilda Weddle Ray Weddle Laura Weeks Stanley Weeks Velva Weeks Myrum West Ann Whitlow Charles Williams Joe Williamson Lois Willis Larry Wimmer Linda Wimmer Clayborne Wood Geneva Wood Robert Wood Larry Yeatts u N l STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION President ........................ Bobby Agnew Vice President . . . . . Charles Kingrea Secretary ..... ..... D onna Lee Treasurer .... . . Elbert Talley Reporter ................. . . . . . Ravanal Nixon Parliamentarian ................ . . . Freeda Hall Representatives Ileda Shelor, Rodney Thomas, Wayne Gillespie, Doris Spang- ler, Robert Blackwell, Carol Peters, Charlotte Parrick, Ger- aldine Belcher, Donna Alderman, Ralph Loudy, Frances Webb, Geneva Wood, Cecil Gillespie. CALENDAR OF EVENT Oct. 31 Science Club Party Nov. 13 Commercial Club Social Nov. 20 S. C. A. Party Dec. 12 Senior Play Dec. 22 Christmas Program Feb. 26 S. C. A. Party Mar. 24 Father -Son Banquet Apr. 7 Mother-Daughter Banquet Apr. 16 Junior Play Apr. 24 Blue Ridge Federation Luncheon CLUB Geraldine Belcher . . . . . Avis Willis . . Doris Spangler . Louise Blackwell . Thelma Gardner i' M. v ' r f 1 pl 4 NEWSPAPER STAFF T245 Q., 4, Edltor Freeda Hall Humor Editor . . . Walker Burdette WN., iQ Asst Edxtor Bemta D1ckerson Copy Ed1tors ..... Ileda Shelor Alumm Edxtor Nancy Slusher BUSINESS Mgr .... Ravanal Nixon A 'A ny Sports Edltor Charles Kmgrea C1r Mgr ..... Jean Graham fl News Ed1tor Sue Sweeney Adv Mgr . . . Doris Pugh 11 fr ,141 ff F 'I COMMERCIAL CLUB xv V Xi an Y x is iw n- J J j' f if x f President ....... ................ R avanal Nixon Vice President .... .... S hirley Rutter Treasurer ..... ..... J ames Lawson Secretary .... . . . Erma Jean Thompson Reporter . . . ....... Ileda Shelor SCIENCE CLUB President ..... Vice President . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Reporter ..... Sergeant at arms Charles Kingrea Walker Burdette Sue Anna Sweeney . . . . . . Freeda Hall . . . . . Bobby Agnew . . Elbert Talley W 'M I I I r'g2'2'u 7 I 41'-fQ"'i'lin nz - -ff A, X !,. S' ag. !. 1? IJBRARY CLUB P 'd t ........................ L 1 H xt is or lpsgsidenr . . . . . Magfijzhgligg Secretary ...... . . . Barbara Aldridge - Treasurer .... .... B etty Thomas js I Reporter . . . . . . Joyce McPeak ,sg bf o sewe ANNE? f o1jo e G C B f ff Q if iLEEI L is-ug -.1 gg, k .Y 6 v--W fm' Director Accompanists Mrs. L. B. Williamson Donna Lee Shirley Jennings S is .Q10 SAFETY PATROL L6 H Captains Lieutenant Captains ,, Harless Clemons Robert Pugh Tommy Slusher Paul Simpkins S Ralph Loudy George Via KVG Crew Leaders Assistant Crew Leaders Melvin Wood Ray Graham Elbert Talley Jimmy Mannon Jackie Hall Billy Aldridge Ross Snead Bobby Agnew 1, I F.F.A. President . . . . . . Freddie Vest Secretary .... . . . Billy Aldridge Reporter ...... . . Thomas Slusher Vice President . . . . . Elbert Talley Treasurer ..... . . Donald Hylton Sentinel ...... . . Allen Harman F.H.A. President . . . ..................... Shirley Rutter Secretary .... . . .Donna Alderman Historian ...... . . . Ravanal Nixon Vice President. . . . . . Ileda Shelor Treasurer .... . . . Betty Thomas Reporter . . . . . . . Crystal Radford Q-,nn XF., 'A A 1 'Gus' fn1!TU!QL xprif' 4 13 ,5 6 331-any . 1 ef . A005 what 7a J' G O L D E N i .4 9-,:1,:..g3:, :IE , U - -- . 1 L r X SQ X ':', g i I K if x 3 Q BH . ,L 2, -- ff. :f we :T 'E . 1 as 'YQ 6' N NT-Sf' mn .ty x xr Charles Kingrea Elbert Talley:- Billy Whitlow Lester Sweeney Captain Co-Captain xff Coach Graham xx , X fl x f II Jackie Hall Melvin Wood l lf V 5 5 I I I ' -J ., -V 1-'-J ' 1 ' s' , .51 " Wayne Gillespie Chester Gallimore DISTRICT TOURNAMENT DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Floyd 53 ' Willis 33 Floyd 43 Pembroke 57 WE THEY WE THEY WE THEY 57 Woolwine 54 46 Stuart 58 46 Stuart 45 Alumi 46 45 Check 23 81 Willis 71 Shawsville 51 56 Auburn 54 53 Shawsville 50 Pembroke 62 53 Dublin 46 51 Rke. Cth. 50 Auburn 27 57 Rke. Cth. 53 56 M. of Dan 76 Check 61 Dublin 87 Willis UNIOR VARSITY First Row: Larry Wilmer, Charlie Phillips, William Sowers. Second Row: Benny Wood, Forest Turman, James Rutter, James Bain, Glen Rorrer. Third Row: Glenwood Huff, Ralph Loudy, Paul Simpkins, James Sweeney, Curtis Brovm, Coach Graham. WE 51 Alumi 56 Shawsville 41 Pembroke 38 Auburn ,gan if GIRLS' BASKETBALL I Left to Right: Lillie Howell, Marie Wilson, Janet Simpkins, Frances Hazelwood, Shelby Nixon, Betty Sweeney, Ravanal Nixon, Mrs. Blaney, Doris Pugh, Betty Vest, Freeda Hall, Shirley Jennings, Barbara Alridge, Ileda Shelor, Shirley Rut- ter, Alice Dickerson. THEY WE THEY 46 57 Check 36 20 67 Willis 24 31 45 Shawsville 43 47 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Floyd 37 - Auburn 38 CHEERLEADERS WE THEY 48 M. of Dan 47 46 Willis 29 68 Check 26 46 Auburn 41 ,,n X, 5 ,vi RAN ' ff f Left: Thelma Gardner, Louise Blackwell, Betty Roop, Avis Willis. Center: Donna Lee, Sue Ann Sweeney. Right: Nancy Belcher. 'ri 7 if Haul' 01. km wmv Q, lr .1 umm SOFTBALL Heb, .sb H, fqvi? , I First Row: Roma Peters, Elree Wood, Nelcie Moles, Betty Sweeney, Donna Lee. Second Row: Peggy Yeatts, Frances Hazelwood, Doris Pugh, Shirley Keith, Avis Willis. Back Row: Freeda Hall, Shirley Jennings, Lena Smith, Dollie Jones, Mrs. Blaney. BA EBALL First Row: James Bain, Billy Whiltow, Tommy Slusher, Ken- neth Duncan, Freddie Vest, Charles Kingrea, Chester Galli- more, Walker Burdette, Jimmy Rutter. Back Row: John Gra- ham, Coach, David Hale, Glen Belcher, Ralph Loudy, Forest Turman,Wayne Gillespie, Lester Sweeney, Glen Rorrer, Ray Graham, Donald Hylton, Robert Radford, Earl Graham, Paul Simpkins, Curtis Brown. !Q HALL 0F FAME MOST INTELLECTUAL Bobby Agnew, Vivian Goad TALLEST Jackie Hall, Rebekah Taylor SHORTEST Walker Burdette, Lou Emma I-Iungate BEST SPORT Charles Kingrea, Shirley Rutter Ben' NZ! Nfmmfi Charles Kingrea, Carol DeHart M041 Slmfiaud James Lawson, Joyce Pugn !Wa4Z rqmiifiand Bobby Agnew, Ileda Shelor HALL CF .Quieledf gui .zfzeuecl Nolen Radford, Maggie Midkiff Charles Kingrea, Ravanal Nixon paeflzeefl' Hen' looking Ravanal Nixon, Elbert Talley FAME Mod likely 7a Succeed 64,1641 Bobby Agnew, Vivian Goad Erma Thompson, Elbert Talley gen' pefmenaflfrf M041 Nlhlefze Charles Kingrea, Ravanal Nixon IW 041' pafmlea Bobby Agnew, Ravanal Nixon SNAPSHQTSL A 4. '- . A", A."- , R' 1 X al I 'g 5? 'fx 4, . 4 A ' H MQW' SNAPSHOTS vp' Z Ji- .- ' X ,f W A ,4 -A f? is I - . A , Q, . CLASS HISTORY At last! 1949! That was the year we entered high school. We were very fortunate in that we were the first class to have the opportunity of five years of high school at Floyd. Also, during this year of '49 and '50, we were fortunate to have Mrs. Dobyns and Mrs. Simpkins as our ad- visors. Our officers were: President, Charles KingreagVice-President, Freeda Hall, Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter, Erma Thompson, S. C. A. Representatives, Bobby Agnew and Charlotte Parrick. It was during this year that we tried our hand at publishing an issue of the school paper. In '50 and '51 we became freshmen and had as our advisors Mrs. Rainey and Mr. William- son. Our officers were: President, Ravanal Nixon, Vice-President, Freeda Hall, Secretary, Charles Kingrea,Treasurer, Bobby Agnew, Reporter, Margaret Underwood, S. C. A. Represent- atives, Charlotte Parrick and Lucy Boyd. ' We were sophomores in '51 and '52 and had again as our advisors Mrs. Rainey and Mr. Williamson. Our officers were: President, Charles Kingrea, Vice-President, Vivian Goad, Sec- retary and Treasurer, Ileda Shelor, Reporter, Joyce Pugh, S. A. Representatives, Catherine Hazelwood and Elbert Talley. Entering our junior year in September, '52, we felt very important and began our most in- teresting school activities. They were the Junior Play "Gown of Glory" directed by Mrs. Moricle and Mrs. Altizer,and a trip to Lakeside to entertain the seniors. We also raised money to invest on our trip when we were seniors. Our advisor was Mrs. Altizer and our officers were: President, Charles Kingrea, Vice- President, Freeda Hal1,Secretary,Ravanal Nixon, Treasurer, Bobby Agnew, S. C. A. Represent- atives, James Lawson and Ravanal Nixon, Reporter, Vivian Goad. In '53 and '54 came the year we had been waiting for. We were seniors and again Mrs. Altizer was our sponsor. The senior class officers were: President, Walker Burdette, Vice- President, Ravanal Nixon, Secretary, Doris Pugh, Treasurer, Vivian Goad, Reporter, James Lawson, S. C. A. Representatives, Ileda Shelor and Rodney Thomas. Activities for that year were highlighted byza presentation of the "Seventeenth Summer' sponsored by Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Altizer, and a sight-seeing trip to New York which was partially financed by magazine sales. To Mrs. Altizer we wish to express our gratitude and thanks for being a faithful and patient sponsor. So ends our record in brief of five years at Floyd High School. I CLASS PROPHECY Dr. and Mrs. Charles Harmon Request the Honor of Your Presence at the 10th Reunion of the Class of 1954 of Floyd High School June 2, 1964 I arrived at the Harmon estate and after much driving around found a place to park the old green Ford between a Cadillac and a big red convertible. My classmates must have done well for themselves! I hadn't seen or heard from some of them in years and was very anxious to see my old classmates. Patsy Knowles met me at the door. She's Charles' able assistant. Charles and his wife were first in the receiving line. Charles met his wife while studying tropical diseases in Africa. There was something strangely familiar about the handsome man and his lovely wife next in line. They were none other than Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kingrea. He is now Superintendent of Floyd County Schools. Next in line was Alice Dickerson, girls' basketball coach at Floyd High. Her girls haven't lost a game in five years. As ljourneyed on, James Lawson greeted me. Besides being the youngest mayor Floyd ever had, he owns a successful television company. Freeda Hall who is editor of The Floyd Press was everywhere interviewing the celebrities. Of course, the first on her list was our Senior Sponsor, Mrs. Altizer. She seems delighted that she had recently been chosen the !'Prettiest Grandmother" of the year. Wilbert Midkiff was next on Freeda's list. He, along with his ten-gallon hat, had come all the way from his 5,000 acre ranch in Texas for the reunion. Coming in wearing a good-looking Wac uniform was Lillie Howell. She is married to a soldier and now is a recruiting officer. I joined Ileda Shelor at the and of the ballroom. She said that Frank was keeping their four children because they couldn't getiadbaby sitter. Presiding at the punch bowl was Shirley Rutter. The beautiful dress she was wearing came from her own exclusive dress shop in Roanoke. Lou Hungate, another teacher!!! the class that graduated from Radford, came back to Floyd to teach. Some of the members of her class are the children of the graduates of 1954. Jackie Hall came down from Washington, D. C. I-le's the farmer who went to town and he's now in the Agricultral Department in Washington. All the big trucks you see these days have Radford Trucking Company on the sides. Six years ago, Nolen started out as a truck driver, but now he owns his own Trucking Company in Roanoke. Erma Thompson is a famous New York model. She recently won the title of"Miss America." Lucille Akers is the librarian at Floyd High. Lucille said she had just finished reading Walker Burdette's latest play. He now ranks with Shakespeare in his writings. Stella Gardner is head operator in the telephone office in Floyd. She helped Charles get the addresses of the classmates for the reunion. All the girls were raving about Doris Pugh's new hair style. She finally told us that it was one of her originals. Doris gave up her job as secretary and became a hair designer. --Ravanal Nixon won a screen test in Hollywood and became a movie star over night. Her profession is just being glamorous. Vernon Roop is a regular pilot and makes two rounds across the continent each week. Joyce Pugh is still working at Leggett's Department Store in Christiansburg. She is now married to the manager of the store. Elbert Talley is a cartoonist. Everyone loves his famous comic strip, "All About Nothing." Mary Underwood is the wife of a successful dairy farmer. She is proud of the fact that she is the only mother of the class who has twins. Maggie Midkiffis an undercover agent for the F. B. I. She says that she can always get her man but hasn't found the right one yet. Bobby Agnew is the world's most famous chemist. He is doing research work on the ele- ments of love at the present. Remember my desire to become a nurse after graduation? As I hoped, I am now a nurse at a hospital in South Carolina and married to the head physician. These are the present positions of the 1954 graduates. Ipredict that the future will be a successful and pleasant one, but nothing will ever bring any more happiness than the days spent together at Floyd High. 4 Prophet--Doris Light -1r:'!2M f .Q :S .1 SH l' Q - --Q-.-.,,.x. 'i w1mg.1i.fgif?.. as ni, S1 --ses. 5'- .. .i Xk-. . . se--A -. -- Warts.- ,Y - 2 kN4'E:i?Q':S f -- --Fix . 3 . Ls., K if 531 'fs-s-Q-2 ., gi. t .T k '? .N 8. ..A. , Y f sr i 2. -i f f. . . fi if -Qi at ' ,,i .-lr' ' 'i ZSQQIS.: if .1.LA. 5- is-as is '--' xg- . ' -iixsif 7 , -1- -- 1. K. .k g Q ,- ee-gtg-. -. A. 9--ta if' . 'Stiff-5 ' xl QXSRQPA We z,--x -- 1 w aw LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Floyd High School, Floyd County, Floyd, Virginia, being of unsound mind and failing memory, after four strenous years, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. To the principal and faculty we leave our lasting friendship and appreciation for the guidance and confidence placed in us during our years in high school. To the Juniors we leave our Senior Dignity and all the rights and privileges of a senior class. To the Sophomores we leave our laziness and good times. To the Freshmen we leave the promises of a bright future. To the Eighth Grade we leave the ability to strive and conquer. The individuals of the Senior Class will to the students of the high school their follow- ing possessions: Harmon Agnew, Jr.--his ability to get ahead to Geraldine Belcher. Walker Burdette--his ability to tell jokes to L. E. Sweeney. Jackie Hall--his English book to Freddie Vest, hoping that it will be of greater value to him than it has been to Jackie. Charles Harmon--his happy expression to Melvin Light. Charles Kingrea--his ability toget along with the girls to Chester Gallimore. James Lawson--his ability to ask unnecessary questions to Harmon Dickerson. Wilbert Midkiff--his government book to Lonnie Whitlow. Nolen Radford--his bashfulness to John Epperly. Vernon Roop--his artistic talent to Hugh Epperly. Elbert Talley--his witty ways to Sammy Wilson. Rodney Thomas--his ability to keep out of trouble to Freddie Agnew. Carol DeHart--her pretty eyes to anyone who can use them as effectively as she can. Alice Dickerson--her quickness to Shirley Jennings. Stella Gardner--her ability to get along with other people to Norma Hurt. Vivian Goad--her ability to have fun in study hall to Charlotte Parrick. Freeda Hall--her speaking ability to Dorothy Basham. Lillie Howell--her love for boys to Crystal Radford. Lou Hungate--her ability to watch the good times go by to Marcella Thomas. Lucille Akers--her place in the Senior Class to Nerene DeHart. Shirley Keith--her flirty ways to Linda Mitchell. Audrey Kemp--her littleness to Nelcie Moles. Patsy Knowles--her ability to go places and see things to Lou Alice Howell. Doris Light--her desire to become a nurse to Avis Willis. Maggie Midkiff --her quiet ways to Louise Hylton. Melva Mitchell--her French book to anyone crazy enough to take it. Ravanal Nixon--her neat appearance to Betty Sweeney. Doris Pugh--her position on the basketball team to Shelby Nixon. Joyce Pugh--her inability to make up her mind to Lois Lester. Shirley Rutter--her pleasing personality to Martha Quesenberry. Ileda Shelor--her ability to get a husband to Betty Dulaney. Rebekah Taylor--her ability to make friends easily to any newcomer to Floyd High. Erma Thompson--her motto, "live fast, die young, and be a good looking corpse", to anyone who wants to adopt it. Mary Underwood--her ink to anyone taking shorthand. Crbafb J be-v-3' Jada iv A74J,.4l..f- OJ Q www?-YM W . M 3WW7f'5f,Lg6ZM03' YL' ,M W W' WJ C"""7MF ' 92 JIM Cy 67-'buxn 'filly .Smeg Mud Mwwgwhmw VM MMT , Jf"""f'?"'J,,,.,4,u M7 'WVU V411 fffww www . ,, Q ZwMz,...Q Qafffawffjjfbmfffz wajifnfukzmwa-C57Mv?f6 Wjff zffil ffffff WfWM f M WWW' fa? ' WSL! Wfmfv' , -'2'5Q'L,1,7'l7j , ?1n7vuJJ LJ, M My QJnj:f7fA LL5 ., ij? We Jud-I GJ wifi? J.LAA, ,GAMJ-I . J, -r,v:4..,...4J" d'4j4-f4afA..Lzaf7.'J,67,,,, SVP'-1-MJCLX.-.-...7,.,,,,4,'-Z: A-Mm? an-v I' '12 Lf 4's.-14-Ll, 4..,....4y2fv-A5 IL"-'ood-1-gf-4.-.4.44La-!-L,-J. ,bp-Q--l,L...,,,Q,,L4.. 44-Mntbz 644-.41'71..:4.4x ' , 240-Q, 6'A...,.,N,j-fn! W. . Md Mw,WM7x1j1,,4jf7WAP,fL fl'V1""""' ,4,A,L.,.,,.,L,M,4..Lf mfwzq 674 H, Hugh 4041-'1 7?L19'2Q" 9"'Z'e"'1"""17wu1J?.a.4,-4,,Zj,o fhwb A-47 1,lf'l', A 'L fl -rl," I. 'T f - -7 ' I , ' ijt fr ffff ,lf 4 f -.v:vf"'j4" .9 .4 V' ' WMC, f"" Z X QU ' J , 7f,:zzL.mWWjh g4,,,,77,4,u. 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A is m su' ilidu Nh "wi t 51 ZZ. .K .. .. . ,,..,.,. 1 . V 'rn ..,,j. 'gr7-Aa-g,- ,, f ,'k K ' .-xl: 'fl m ,s O K Y n V. 'wg . 1, W ' 54119-1 D u T k I k A ht f .. .. ,L 1' -, ' , . v V I 6 SL , v B i rv 1' u ,Y A ' 1 , A ' - A , 3 ' I X 1 5 . Q U U. , I Q 1 4D I ' f a. I O it rw. vi, ,ff-Mx'-A , .9 5 J ., . .-,. , ' X .4- ' 1-..., 4.- Q

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