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IJ! 4 " f f75' Q s-f"""' is PUBLISHED B Y THE SENIOR CLASS FLOYD HIGH SCHOOL THE ADMIRAI. I95Z 0 UWM fx! NON OUR PARENTS ALULTY AND TH and De on osc Fnresmght Us Wh Have Prouded rtunuy with L fo e Oppo Educa f"N-J T0 E F ' ' voti . h . r an tion ANNA WXLLJAMS 5 N J Editor-in-Chief A , Q DOCK SWEENEY ,Q "HIV Sports Editor H Q H M Q L MP Rossa GALLXMORE W , 5 A5515-tam Edimf "" sms swsx-usp. A w Business Manager mf WANDA NAP? Assistant Editor AUDREY SWEENEY W Asst. Business Manager N an A' QRGE NI AU GBA Sociai Editor if I Z" f VXRGXNLA SHELOR Historian 'K V IRGINIA E ALT SPOYQSO r RUT H ANN AdvifiUSHER RUTH ANN SLUSHER E, W, MILLER VIRGINIA E, ALTIZER Business Department Principal Mathematics X fy 1 senior Advisor. ,X Q LJ' ' X . K ELTHACAMPBELL RUTH K, MILLER L, B, WILLIAMSON MARIAMNARAINEY Home Economics Science History English 9th Grade Advisors 10th Grade Advisors N Q: " E in R -'Lil S. I . ' in... 7 JOHN R, GRAHAM RUTH HALLMAN H. P. JENNINS D. D. OLIVER Physical Education Department Agriculture Department 1 if ' 'Id xp ANNIE SCRUGGS YIIAT DOBYNS ELIZABETH MARKLE Librarian 8th Grade Advisors Secretary 4 i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ".,':- Q58 President: Jane Slusher Vice-President: Roger Gallimore Treasurer: Anna Williams Secretary: Barbara Williamson Reporter: Wanda Naff ,gs Q nfs 2, Q? A ' if EK. f' I iQ WL SENIORS ' My Library Club 49, 50, 515 Secretary Commercial Club 52. 7 MARALEE BISHOP Game Leader 4-H Club 495 Secretary 4-H Club 525 Glee Club Play 505 F.H.A, Club 50, 51, 525 Cheerleader 525 Commercial Club 525 Usher Senior Play 52. NANCY JANE BOOTHE Library Club 495 Commercial 51, 52. K JAMES CASTEEL. Safety Patrol 495 Vice-Pres. Soph. Class5 Sect. -Treas. Junior Class5 S.C.A. Rep. of Senior Classg Basketball Team 50, 51, 525 Baseball Team 50, 51, 525 Junior 8: Senior Play Castg KVG Crew 49, 50, 51, 525Assist. Editor Senior Class Paper5 Delegate to S.C.A. Convention 52. LUVINA HYLTON Library Club 49, 50, 51, 525 F.H.A. Club 52, A PEGGY KEIT H F. H.A. Club 49, 50, 515 Basketball Team 50, 51, 525 Commercial Club 51, 52. PHYLLIS LOUDY 4-1-I Club 49, 505 F.H.A. Club 49, 50, 51 - Pianist 515 Science Club 49, 505 Dramatics Club 50, 51 - Treasurer 505 Commercial Club 51, 525 Prompter Senior Play. ,J , WANDA NAFF ll - Freshman Class Reporter5 Science Club Be,- porter 49 - Sect. 50-Sect. 51 - Pres. 525 Glee Club Pianist 495 French Club 505 Scrpll. Class Pres.5 Assist. Editor of Anchor 515 Vice-Pres. S.C.A. 515 Senior Class Reporteri Assist. Editor of Annual Staff 525 S.C.A. Pres. 525 Cheerleader 525 Typist Anchor Staff 525 Queen of Hearts 525 Usher Commence- ment Exercises 5l5 Delegate to S.C.A. Con-" vention 51 , 52. ' 8. Q9 SENIORS LEWIS DICKERSON F.F.A. Club 49, 50, 515 Safety Patrol 51, 52. ROGER GALIMORE Pres. Freshman Classy Pres. Junior Classg Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Basketball Team 49, 52g Manager Basketball Squad 513 Junior 8: Senior Play Castsg Science Club 515 Assist. Editor Annual 52, S.C.A. Rep. 515 KVG Crew 50, 515 King of Hearts 525 Delegate to S.C.A. Convention 52. THOMAS HALL F.F.A. Club 5o,51,52. ELIZABETH HYLTON Library Club 49, 50, 51, 52 - Song Leader 49 - Recreation Leader 51 - President 525 F.H.A, 50, 51, 4-H Club 49,50, 515 Glee Club Play Cast 50g Basketball Team 51, 52. lVA RUTH COMPTON Basketball Team 49, 50, 51, 525 F.H.A. 49, 503 Softball Team 505 Secretary F.H.A. 50. LORAINE CORRELL Library Club 49, 50, 51 , 525 4-H Club 49, 50, 51 , 52, F.H.A. Club 50, 51, 52. GEORGE DICKERSON F.F.A. cm, 49,5o,51,5z. JEAN DIC KERSON Science Club 495 Library Club 503 Commercial Club 51, 52g Softball Team 51. O K ., , 1 ,-4... M, 1 U1 . gui K 5 SENIORS GWENDOLENE POFF F.H.A. Club 49, 50, 51: Library Club 50, 513 4-H Club 50, 51, 52g Commercial Club 52. WAYNE POFF F. F.A, Club 49, 50, 51, 52g KVG Crew 50, 51, 523 F.F.A. Basketball Team 50, 51 , 52, FRED PUGH Livestock Judging gl Degree Team 493 KVG 49, 51 , 523 F.F.A. Club 49, 51 , 525 Degree Team 51: Science Club 523 Assistant Sect. F. F.A. 52. ,J BETTY SUE REED " u 1 Basketball Team 49, 50, 51 , 523 Glee Club 493 Science Club 49, 50, 513 Softball Team 49, 513 Usher for Junior 8: Senior Play. GLENN REED ' W .X F.F.A. Club 49, 50, 51, 523 Vice-Pres. F.F.A. - 523 KVG Crew 50, 51, 523 Degree Team 513 Member Livestock Judging Team 513 Sqfety ' Patrol 52. i . CLAUDE ROYAL l F, FHA. Club 49, 50, 51, 52 - Basketball Team -W 50, 51 , 52 - Secretary F.F.A. 52: Menfbeix N KVG Crew 523 Senior Play Cast. 'J X QQ w if - 4. 1 2: ., ,wma ,. . .. JANET SCOTT F. H.A, Club 49, 50, 51: Softball Team 49: Basketball Team 50, 513 Commercial Club 52. 1' VIRGINIA SHELOR I 1 Science Club 49, 50, 513 Editor-in-Chief Fresh- man Newspaperg Junior 81 Senior Play Castg F.H,A. Club 51, 52 - Pianist 513 Commercial , Club 523 Historian Anchor Staff 523 Vice- Pres. F.H.A. 52. ' I .M R . .,. rw.. ....., . .. ...4.. -V . .z .,.. , kk, ,, 4- . M . ...DWD , . .4 'A 1-' ,C , J KWH L A N 1 XX, 4 ls tv Q f 1 f av" it 'porter 50 - Song Q Game Leader 525 F.H.A 10Club 505 Cheerleader 51, 525 Junior Play Cast . I 1 rlf I I 'J SENIORS L .- JANE SLUSHER ' thi 4-H Club 49, 50, 51, 52 - Reporter 49 - Sect. 51 - Pres. 525 Commercial Club 51,52 - Treas. 515 F.H.A. Club 51,52 - Treas. 51 - Pres. 525 Manager Basketball Team 51 - Team 525 Junior 8: Senior Play Cast5 Circula- tion Manager Anchor 515 President Senior Class. FRANKIE SOWERS F.F,A. Club 49, 50, 51, 52 - F.F.A. Basket- ball Tearn 50, 51, 52 - Sect. F.F.A. 525 Mem- ber KVG Crew 52. BETTY JO SUMNER News Editor Freshman Newspaper F H A Club 505 Science Club 49, 50, 51, 52 - Sect. -Treas. 525 Vice-Pres. Glee Club 50 - G1 Club Play Cast 505 Senior Play Cast5 S.C.A Rep. 523 Cheerleader 50, 51, 525 4-H Club 49 525 Editor-in-Chief Senior Newspaperg Del gate to S.C.A. Convention 52. AUDREY SWEENEY L1brary Club 49, 4-H Club 49, 50, 51 , 52 Commercial Club 51, 52 - Reporter 525 Typist Anchor 525 Assistant Business Manager Annual 52. 4 1 ' . x A C HRISTINE 'SWEENEQI Library Club 495 4-H Club 49, 50, 51 , 52 - Sect. 50 - Reporter 51 - Reporter 525 F.H.A. Club 495 Basketball Team 50, 51, 52 - Captain 515 Commercial Club 51, 52 - Sect. 51 - Pres. 525 Junior Play Cast5 Sports Editor Anchor 515 Treas. S.C.A. 52. DOCK SWEENEY Humor Editor Soph. Newspaper5 Sports Editor Junior Newspaper5 Basketba1lTeam 49, 50, 51 , 525 Baseball Team 49, 50, 51, 525 KVG Crew 50, 515 F.F.A. Club 525 F.F.A. Sentinel 525 Sports Editor Annual 525 Senior Play Cast. ZONA LEE SWEENEY 4-1-I Club 49, 505 F.H.A. Club 49, 50, 515 Sci- ence Club 505 Basketball Team 50, 51, 525 Commercial Club 51, 52 - Treas. 52. MARY THOMPSON 4-H Club 49, 50, 51, 525 Science Club 49, 50, 51 , 52 - Treasurer 49, 505 Basketball Team 50, 515 Softball Team 51, 525 Senior Play Cast. v 4 r 'Y Q 413 509 af, 'YM -. ". 5-.,.,r PM c 7 ,g 1 QA i J -16-fl-o dau 44.1 ,4.f..r 7 Q.-1zn.J. " J 4 ,Pl 'nv' W' I 'bf M., SENIORS MAJOR THOMPSON F.F.A. Club 49, 503 KVG Crew 49, 50, 51, 523 Safety Patrol 49, 503 Commercial Club 513 Usher Senior Class Play 52. EUGENE TOWNLEY Safety Patrol 49, 50, 51, 52, French Club 503 Commercial Club 513 Reporter Junior Classg Senior Play Cast. VIRGINIA TRAIL F. H.A, Club 49Q Library Club 52. 4 GEORGE VAUGHAN X . Baseball Team 49, 50, 51, 523 Basketball Team 50, 51, 522 KVG Crew 49, 50, 51, 52.- Leader 51, 523 S.C.A. Representative 5qlQSClQl'1C6 Club 50, 51, 523 Junior at Senior Nqllay Cast3 Vice-Pres. Science Club 513 Social Editor Annual Staff sz. fy ' Y S BILLY WEDDLE F, F,A, Club 49, 50, 51, 52 - Member Executive Committee 50 - Federation Forestry Judging Team gl Degree Team 51 - Pres. Degree Team 523 Junior 8: Senior Play Castsg Baseball Team 49, 50, 513 Basketball Tealrm 49, 50, 51, 52: Sect. S.C.A. 523 Usher Commencement Exercises 513 KVG Crew 513 Science Club 52. HARLESS WEEKS Safety Patrol 52. ANNA WILLIAMS Library Club 49, 503 French Club 503 Softball Team 503 F.H.A. Club 503 Junior Sz Senior Play Cast3 Assist. Editor Freshman News- paper3 4-I-I Club 513 Vice-Pres. Commercial Club 513 Advertising Manager Newspaper 523 Editor-in-Chief Annual Staff 52. BETTY ANN WILLIAMS Science Club 49, 50, 51, 523 Junior gl Senior Play Cast3 Newspaper Typist 52. .4 1 I , .fs gf 1 ' ' L 4.- .pls vi 1 ix . X X-. X , SENIORS BARBARA WILLIAMSON Glee Club 491 Library Club 49, Public Speaking 49, Eighth Grade Basketball Teamg Dramatics Club 503 Science Club 51, 52, S.C.A. Rep. 49, 51 - Reporter 525 Editor-in-Chief Anchor Staffg Sect. Senior Class, Senior Play Cast. MARY FRANCES WILSON 4-H Club 49, 50, 51, 52, Science Club 49, 50: Basketball Team 50, 51, 52, Softball Team 51, Usher for Junior Playg Senior Play Cast. 1 ,Y WALTER WILSON A , , nf , Basketball Team 50, 51, 525 Baseball 50, 51, 521 F,F.A, Club 50,51, 52, Kyo Crew 49,5o, 51, .1 52. 4 MATTIE YEAROUT F.H,A. Club 505 Science Club 52. BOOST ERS Mr. gl Mrs. Alfred Hall Mr. 8: Mrs. M. B. Dickerson Mrs. L. B. Williamson Mrs. Mary Naff W. C. Spencer J. E. Proffit Dr. 81 Mrs.. Vernon Morris Phillips Mrs. Ethel Keith W. M, Moore Miss Elizabeth Markle David Vest D. T. Weddle Ruth Hallman Mrs. Talmadge Weddle Mr. 81 Mrs. Maurice Slusher Dr. Clyde Bedsaul Mr. 81 Mrs. Jabe Hylton Mr. 81 Mrs. F. T, Basham H. W. Agnew Mrs. Heath Dalton Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Wilson, Curtis Sumpter Kent Howard Wallace King Miss Marie Williams Mrs. Freeda H. l-larter C. J. Gardner Charles Kingrea W. J. Ayers Mrs. Elsie Stump R. E. Woolwine Giles Lee Rutrough Archa Vaughan Mr. 8: Mrs. Ross Williams P. L, Shelor A FUIUREHUSJNESE LEAUERg 5 " ' ' 'Li:.'1 i ,,K., ,, ACTIVITIES EXEEQTWE EEERUARY ' .1 r... 'if..fl1" CLASS HISTGRV ince our sixth and seventh grade rooms were located in the high school building, we seventh graders eagerly looked forward to entering high school. This happy time arrived and we were fortunate in having as our advisors Mrs. Dobyns and Mrs. Simpkins. Our officers were as follows: Roger Gallimore, president: George Vaughan, vice-president: Christine Sweeney, secretary: and Wanda Naff, treasurer. Mr. Miller became our new principal. He and the other faculty members were very helpful in our adjustment to the new high school life. Mr. Miller has remained our princi- pal through all four of our high school years. In 1949, we became sophomores with Mrs. Rainey and Mrs. Agee as home-room teachers. Our officers were as follows: Wanda Naff, president: James Casteel, vice-presi- dent: and Christine Sweeney, secretary and reporter. Entering junior year in 1950, we began some of our most important high school activities. Our advisors for the year were, Mrs. Miller and Miss Slusher. Our new class officers were as follows: Roger Gallimore, president, Claude Royal, Vice-President:James Casteel, secretary: and Eugene Town- ley, reporter. Two of the big events for the year were the Junior Play and the Junior-Senior Banquet. The play was "Me and My Sha- dow". Miss Shelor directed it. It was a success, and much of the credit should go to Miss Shelor. The long awaited senior year came in 1951. Now we have those privileges that the lower-classmen envy so much and strive for. Our officers are as follows: Jane Slusher, presi- dentp Roger Gallimore, vice-presidentg Barbara Williamson, secretary: Anna Mae Williams, 'treasurerg and Wanda maff, reporter. Our first .event of the year was the play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay". Sixteen students participated. It was as outstanding play. Mrs. Rainey directed I and Mrs. Altizer took charge of costumes and stage settings. To raise money for a long anticipated trip, we seniors have sponsored a magazine campaign. The campaign went over the top and the class eagerly anticipates a trip in the spring. We are looking forward to the event which the Sophomore Class will be giving the seniors since there is no Junior Class. It will be wonderful to enjoy it without all the work we did for the seniors last year. To Mrs. Altizer, our faithful advisor and sponsor, we wish to express our gratitude and thanks. She has given us inspiring leadership throughout the year, for which we are grateful. 'A' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT n this, the thirtieth day of May, in the year 1952, being sound in mind and body, we do hereby will and bequeath to the under-classmen and faculty the following: To Mr. E. W. Miller, our principal, we leave the hope that he will serve the school in the future as effectively as he has while we have been here. To the faculty we leave our appreciation of all they have done to make our years at F.H. S. profitable and enjoyable. To the Tenth grade as a whole we leave our privilege of being first in line for lunch. To the Ninth grade we leave our laziness, bashfulness and forgetfulness. To the Eighth grade we leave our mischievousness. The individuals of this Senior Class will to .individuals of the Ninth and Tenth grades the following possessions: Nancy Basham--her quiet ways to Patsy Knowles. Maralee Bishop--her lung power for cheerleading to Betty Sutphin. Nancy Boothe--her ability to study to anyone who -wants it. Jim Casteel--his enjoyable sense of humor to Elbert Talley. Iva Ruth Compton--her cute ways and agreeable disposition to Freeda Hall. Loraine Correll--her giggle to Betsy Perkins. Jean Dickerson--her rough ways in the gym to Janet Simpkins. George Dickerson--his hard intellectual efforts to Vernon Roop. Lewis Dickerson--his bashfulness to Wilbert Midkiff. Roger Gallimore--his smile to anyone who can use it as effectively as he can. Thomas Hall--his witty ways to James Lee Hale. Elizabeth Hylton--her job of taking up lunch money to Nadine Pratt. Luvina Hylton--her abilityto get to class on time to Dreama Wade. Peggy Keith--her position on the basketball team to Corine Wray. Phyllis Loudy--her dainty littleness to Lucy Boyd Qwho doesn't need it.l Wanda Naff--her delightful ways and leadership ability to Catherine Hazelwood. Wayne Poff--his guilty look to Sammy Wilson. Gwendolene Poff--all her books to her sister, Josephine. Fred Pugh--his ability to tell something funny with a straight face to someone who can't. Betty Sue Reed--her newly found ability to control her temper while playing basket- ball to Doris Pugh. Glenn Reed--his habit of eating in class to Bobby Huff. Claude Royal--the cute way he has of dribbling a basketball to anyone who can learn to do it. Janet Scott--her ability to get along with boys to Edna Jane Martin. Virginia Shelor--her big brother to lleda Blackwell. Jane Slusher--her neatness and likeable ways to Ravanal Nixon. Frankie Sowers--his F.F.A. work to Charles Smith. Betty Jo Sumner--her flirty ways to Geraldine Belcher. ' Audrey Sweeney--her ability to giggle and to cheer to Erma Thompson. Christine Sweeney--her dimples to Crystal Radford. Dock Sweeney--his many girl friends to anyone who can handle them. Zona Sweeney--her ability to get and to hold a man to Shirley Rutter. Major Thompson--his ability to disagree with Mr. Williamson to Rodney Thomas. Mary Thompson--her "wanting" and "waiting" ability to Mary Underwood. Eugene Townley--his love for girls to Paul Boothe. Virginia Trail--her effort to pass English to Shirley Griffith. George Vaughan--his English handbook to anyone crazy enough to take it. Billy Weddle--his basketball ability to Bobby Agnew. Harless Weeks--his mischievousness to Jackie Hall. Anna Williams--her "lost, lonesome feeling" of this year, to Charles Kingrea for next year. Barbara Williamson--her strong desire to get ahead to Joyce Pugh. Mary Frances Wilson--her basketball suit to a guard. Walter Wilson--his vocabulary to L.C. Trail Kwho doesn't need it!l. Betty Ann Williams--her comb andiink to Carol DeHart. Mattie Yearout--her ability to learn Bookkeeping to Doris Light. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for the last Will and Testament by the Senior class this thirtieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two. CLASS PROP!-IEC? ear, all ye unbelievers, and give heed unto my wisdom, for I am a man of mighty and mystic powers. I am the seventh son of the seventh son of a seventh son. I can read,the past, the present, and the future, and I never err. You, who are members of this famous class of 1952, naturally feel a curiosity, even a slight anxiety, as to your future. I shall tell you what and where you will be, let us say, twenty years from now. First we go to a famous art museum in New York. There we see in a glass case some yellowed sheets of newspaper. The heading is "Advice to the Lovelorn, " by Polly Pepper. Polly was better known to us a Jane Slusher. Beside a collection of cups and medals we see a card which says, "The trophies won by Billy Wed- dle, world's greatest athlete. " Here is a helmet and badge which originally be- longed to Christine Sweeney the first policewoman of the town. ln the next case is a beautiful photograph of a spring scene taken by Betty Williams, the famous art photographe r . ln the next case is a beautiful but sad manuscript. It is a poem, "My Youth, " written by the famous poet, Walter Wilson, and first published in 1962. And now we see a lovely statue. The card reads, "One of the earlier works of Virginia Trail, the famous sculptor. " The next, a strange collection, consisting of a nose ring, a feather-tipped spear, and a woven grass basket. These are mementoes of Gwendolene Poff for her many years of missionary work which included teaching the cannibals how to prepare their food pro- perly. Next, we see a steel diving suit formerly owned by Lewis Dickerson, famous sea-weed collector. Next is a model of the Do-Everything machine which made Fred Pugh farnous. A special attachment automatically spanks Freddie Jr. when he pulls the cat's tail. Now we see a costume, old and faded, but still beautiful. It was worn by Betty Sumner when she played Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's "Macbeth", This case contains paintings of a beautiful woman. The card reads, "Pictures of Zona Sweeney, the celebrated beauty who married a Grand Duke". Last we see the hat, kerchief, and lucky pieces of Roger Gallimore, who, as a result of reading too many adventure tales, ran away to sea and became a pirate. Passing through a small village on Sunday morn- ing, we see Reverend Major Thompson and his wife, the former Betty Reed, on their way to church. ln Philadelphia we find Harless Weeks manager of a soap company. His motto is "I keep the world clean. ' ' In the display room of a large gown establishment, we see Maralee Bishop as chief model. We find Janet Scott as head operator in a telephone office in Tampa City, Florida. In the same city, we see Jim Casteel, the famous detective, down on all fours looking at the sidewalk through a magnifying glass. If we should go as far as Hawaii, we would see Claude Royal playing love songs to a pretty Hawaiian miss. In the new library at Roanoke, Mattie Yearout is employed as librarian. She took the job so that she could read all the new books before- anyone else got a chance. At Yale University we find Eugene iownley being installed as President. In the cool, clear waters of the North Sea we see a yacht lying at anchor. On deck is the multimillion- aire, Dock Sweeney. As a member of the Northwest mounted police rides by, we recognize him to be Frankie Sowers. Their motto is, "The mounties always get their man. " At Floyd, at the F.H. S. Alumni Reunion, we find several of the 1952 graduates. There are Dr. Barbara Williamson, a famous surgeon in a large hospital, and, her "girl Friday", Iva Compton. Rising to make a speech is the famous divorce lawyer, Wayne Poff. He calls our attention to the lovely flowers donated by Mary Wilson, now leading florist of the town. The judge, George Dickerson, announces that after the entertainment, refreshments will be served through the courtesy of Virginia Shelor, proprietor of the delightful Old Home Tea Room. Now the entertainment begins. There is the marvelous dancer, Mary Thompsong song writer and singer, Audrey Sweeneyg and the well-known pianist, Wanda Naff. We had the following telegram from Anna Will- iams: "Am private secretary to the head of huge corporation. He was born crazy and had a relapse. Won't give me time off to come to reunion. I shall write all his letters backwards for a week. " In other large cities all over the world we find more of the l95Z graduates. Nancy Boothe is now an usher in a movie theater. By doing this she sees all shows free. Phyllis Loudy is employed by the Metropolitan and Chicago Opera Companies as leading dramatic soprano. We see by the papers that George Vaughan has been three times Governor of Virginia. His motto is "All for one and that one me. " Jean Dickerson is now owner and manager of the huge chain of restaurants known all over the world as the Eat and Run Restaurants. Lorraine Correll, author of the book, "Exercises For Reducing One's Income Tax, " is now in jail for not paying her income tax. Luvina Hylton and Elizabeth Hylton are undercover agents for the FBI. Thomas Hall is raising winter wheat and summer squash on his farm in Ohio. " Glenn Reed is now employed with the Synthetic Building Company as a plumber. Nancy Basham is a wealthy cosmetician. She combines the arts of beauty culture and plastic surgery in her Ye Beautifier Shoppy--alterations while you wait. Peggy Keith, well-known social leader, is now married to Gordon Moneybags, son of the multi- millionaire, T. Oliver Moneybags. As the seventh son of the seventh son of a seventh son I have accurately revealed your futures. If, at any time you need advice, let me know, and I shall be delighted to render you my well-known invaluable assistance. WLWQSY .fxxgsf 9 1 . J Wsdfflmff W' x Pres1det'Ch1 Kg Y., ogy X X N an V P dtV Gd J If StT I1dB1k11 Rpt .Ty Pgh SCA Cth H1 d mm' GRADE OFFICERS Y if 'T ,QA B'-1--D, .. V ' ' J 5 f XA "XIV -3 1, w 34' 1 l N' BOBBY AGNEW ,aw LUCY BOYD 1 VIVAN GOAD JAC KIE HALL YU BOBBY ALDRIDGE ,, - ' I L ' - -I M- 5 if. -,Q 5' xv , j , x Ns. I L f CALVIN COX V4.1 z, ' , fffi 1'-M" " Y mmf .-,ALA1 SHIRLEY GRIFFITH ILEDA BLACKWELL D-'xg C75 CAROL ANN DEHART ALVIN HALE ,i f , S' NANC Y BISHOP ,tn-ng ,gg . , , W - f x ' 1 WX A t A X H ! ,f " ' " 5' I QQ X Ea.. . ,L I JR. ALIC E DIC KERS ON .. ' I N, 5- I I FREEDA HALL CHARLES HARMON CATHERINE HAZELWOOD A " 'JLILLIE HOWELL g"": BOBBY HUFF 7-Q, SHIRLEY KEITH JAMES LAWSON MELVA MITCHELL wi fzaf f E IRENE HUFF f'l41s1:4""x -' I - E, Q. K . Mir I AUDREY KEMP gain.. XP' LOU EMMA HUNGAT E Ax SLEE- CHARLES KINGREA DORIS LIGHT 1 ALFRED MORAN MAGGIE MIDKIFF RAVANAL NIXON LUC ILLE KEITH PATSY KNOW LES v- '-L-of WILBERT MIDKIFF CHARLOTTE PARRICK 4 v I 1 1 x BETSY PERKINS NADIENE PRATT DORIS PUGH I5 Q -I .X :YQ R he 4, fs RANDALL PUGH CLYDE REED I J I VERNON ROOP I 1144, Q -A t X5 , S , 4 3 2 X w , ., .. QS UK y D ,, I X -7 I E,ELL h DON SEMONES JANET SIMPKINS CHARLESISLUSHER E--' HARRY SMITH BILLIE SWEENEY ELBERT TALLEY JJ ,I , if lp -' , 1 r ff 1 . .1 ,.fy'Yf' J. YC E PUGH X i I SHIRLEY RUTTER K 1 ww 1 fu? W 1 A CHARLES SMITH I S wk Q S S GROVER THOMAS I I X gr-N Sl hr- 'E' WW X RODNEY THOMAS ERMA THOMPSON JEWELL WEEKS MARIE WILSON Wy MARY UNDERWOOD DREAMA WADE GL ins- -Qs, -x f ""' ' 4 CORINE WRAY RUTH WRAY In 0- 1 Fx .:. A J f' ,- 553 0 + YJ. 'O' 1, ' S- A ' JK' 'E ff a D I . an Ag 4 , '- I I wav' , 1 LX l 1 N 4 : Q ...Q S I ' "un .T T 2 H. ELTI-IA CAMPBELL Sponsors RUTH K, MILLER 5 .Q w, ? Ja: PHNTH GRAD BARBARA ALDRIDGE BETTY MANNON President . . . . . . Vice-President . . Sec. 8: Treas. . . . . Reporter SCA Representative . . . . Barbara Aldridge . . Benita Dickerson . . . Louise Compton , , , , , , Louise Hylton . . Harmon Dickerson President Vice-President . . . Sec. 81 Treas. .. Reporter ........... SCA Representative , . .... Betty Mannon . . Crystal Radford . . . Dollie Sumner Annie Ruth Radford S. . . . Curtis Nester 3 ,if 5 Q 9 L. 'Q ' 4 - , -. it ., 3? asv J C 2 X- 'ii' fr- if ,L iig,.MF"?J- A ,L , R g , iii, C , it S Q 1 5 Tiwfikxfxin 5 4-" ...g: fm is EY p , C y Q tr r M .y C 4. ' ,w f if Tv 'Zak we 'fx 1 ,K J , , , -L, ,age W N 'JL I . Ji: J f . ' C K ll' 4, ' Q , ,fs-,, ,A M f i Q-4' I Q X N 'V 'v K. First Row: Ava Ruth Agnew, Hazel Akers, Clara Alderman, Barbara Aldridge, Billy Aldridge, Dorothy Basham, Geraldine Belcher, Bobby Booth. Second Row: Paul Boothe, Mary Brammer, Freeman Cockram, Louise Compton, Racene Compton, Nerene DeHart, Benita Dickerson, Cath- erine Dickerson. S' 1 TS' Q vg- 2. X 1 is QW- 'FZ' Usa 'm x if 3 1 N y, PQ 5. 11 M J 5 f I x .""'5'f45 'x Qu' sa, TW . ,ms 1 V, V 1 'I 5:7 4 5 ,QQ-0 , I, ."""m.....-mil 2111. . if . .-.4 , sg W' 1. F if 'N' .,, a X 4 1 '- ,, . ,SA , . , XV . 1 Y "- s-N 3' 'S ! 'i ,, F qi :V A can D N- 4, ." W' s... k sv- 3. sv. M Q JR A N ' , Jlgllfffx I n , ,, , -3 x i, lx w , 3- '-disa V... wrflk Q-7 "s..5 .Q., 'J w55"5 nl ll lp 6, T' I -. V .V my C. ' 'isx ':- Q 4' F, lfwaw ' I: hi ' R ',1 Fe I W -1 2, 3, Q- 1 5- X , r Fawn NINTH GRADE First Row: Edward Dickerson, Harman Dickerson, Betty Dulaney, Fay Epperly, John Epperly, Ray Graham, James Hale, Nellie Hall. Second Row: Allen Harman, Annie Laura Harman, Lou Alice Howell, Norma Hurt, Clinton Hylton, Donald Hylton, Louise Hylton, Wayne Keith. Third Row: Lois Lester, James Mannon, Betty Mannon, Muriel Marshall, Edna Jane Martin, Madge Muncy, Curtis Nester, Aillene Peters. Fourth: Row: Josephine Poff, Annie Ruth Radford, Crystal Radford, Shelva Ratliff, Mary Reed, Charles Richardson, Jean Sowers, Dolly Sumner. Fifth Row: David Sutphin, Barbara Sweeney, Sue Anna Sweeney, L. C. Trail, Ray Trail, Christine Turner, Lucy Underwood, Fred Vest. Sixth Row: Betty Jane Vest, Reva Ann Weeks, Lonnie Whitlow, Marie Whitlow, Sammy Wilson, Melvin Wood, Virgie Yearout. lk 1 -if I " 3 f' Xl 11 3 X Q EIGHT!-I r-1 in 1 ' in GRADE 4 r,,,gurl CLARENCE BISHOP GAYE V. SIMPKINS MARY A. DOBYNS Sponsors Clarence Bishop . , . ,,...,.. President 1 I Nelson Goad ..... . . . ViC9-President Donna Lee ..... .... S ec. -Treas. Thelma Gardner . .... . . SCA Betty Sweeney . . . . . SCA -49's ' imwaj S'.AY,f"'!' 324555 . I 375 --5 49' ,- 2-3 " 13 qw, , -7 .. H I Rl: J . I-I x . , 1 V- . E A 9' N X' f: :Icy HP gg 5' ' uue:f' Us , F fg if-ir X l J '0- HQ f a F ,J ,gf lf, fi 3. Y 5 - D 5 -. . A. ' fl Ar., N. J Q K if -. of fy? .M I 5' wtf' , Mi 5 Q- , -,Q ii. A ' at - . 4 .,,, ,, ff'-fc+'?l+22:.:: f iw N' t A wx. , N , First Row: Betty Agee, Fredrick Agnew, Shirley Agnew, Ruby Alderman, Joseph Alderman, Clar- - A ' Q" ence Bishop, Joyce Bishop, Louise Blackwell, Jackie Boothe, Second Row: Arnold Boothe, Dessie QQ? ,Y ,,Boothe, Eliga Compton, Waitman Cox, G. W. Davis, Jamles DeHart, Nancy DeHart, Janice Dicker- T w',Qp'lson, Verle Duncan. Third Row: Elizabeth Edmonds, Betty Fulcher, Chester Gallimore, Howard ' V' " , Gardner, Thelma Gardner, Wayne Gillespie, Billy Goad, Virginia Graham, Ben Harman. Fourth l 3 ,vi Row: Evelyn Harman, Norma Harman, Frances Hazelwood, Opal Houchins, Cornelia Huff, Silas Tioga Huff, Iva Hylton, Katherine Hylton, Shirley Jennings. 1 3 Q iv-j as in X V I w-, S.. ,L 'W u-4 59852 Q. 'lx u-..,, 3 ff 5- ' fs.. as v me ,sv 5. to ' ring?- Xa ,L it ., Ll? L f A - R- L 4 1 v A' 4 ff . 5 S- - R. 1 S, - ' ' Y A , . il A "".f-nh YA! A EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Donna Lee, Melvin Light, Chester Marshall, Arthur McPeak, Joyce Mitchell, Jo Ann Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell, Adrian Moran, Hazel Moran. Second Row: Shelby Nixon, L. T. Nolen, Wilfred Peters Mamie Phillips, Palmer Pratt, Daniel Quesenberry, Martha Quesenberry, Teresa Radford, Tommy Rad ford. Third Row: Kaye Rakes, Bettie Reed, Max Reed, Norvell Reed, Glenn Rorrer, Harold Shelton, Arthur Slusher, Nancy Slusher, Thomas Slusher. Fourth Row: Lena Smith, Ross Snead, Dan Spangler, Doris Spangler, Betty Sutphin, Betty Sweeney, Bruce Sweeney, Claude Sweeney, Marcella Thomas. Fifth Row Benton Thomas, Dorothy Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Hubert Trail, James Underwood Theodore Via, George Via, Frances Weddle. Sixth Row: Clyde Weeks, Eugene Weeks, Arnold Whitlow, William Whitlow, Avis Willis, Shelby Wood, Curtis Yates, Peggy Yeatts, Elwood Sweeney. s. , in 5- V if S W 6' x L W "' 5 is T 1 XV. W5 iii' 1 S .3 W 255 4 4 , Z 1 A ' sa I Q- e 4 Y E," T 5, Si wi ' 1' I A it S 4, if-ff Q S S ' 5 , ' ' t f S ' ' ' is S S f Q , 3 5' 1 ,L ,A ' A T ,a .f S -f , . Eager t',, 'f rgpl at 'K N '- .Q X ig, ix '-- ' , . f ' ' .X . wg o f if g , , , M 'S x fS . fih' A I ' Y C ! U' . ' , Q F f 1 K ' ' 3 - za . Y l ',.mS. I E 1 .ii Wx 4. L Q' S' Q ' L 1 f . G, it ' S J Ann x 1 -Q .i S ,sl i S K ? ,ms if w SS i S A J t f S sf f Y! -!.'SS SS fi SS 'T ' ' S V ' 'T' ' l t X 23: S Q 1 ' i 1 SH- X r s 1 2. mi. 3,3 mi Y I' I , :ill Sv fr 1 C- Y you 'ie S SS 4' . .+ S W S J S I ng! L 51, 4 K . J N , i K v Y' g bb! - k V, I 5 A SS SA,V , gy li Ag ,YJ my-L 1, 5 EVO .ig -it ' xx Y Y i .L fx i ' , - A -g Ns X xi-.q i in-Q as Q. 'fixi- STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION President: Wanda Naff Treasurer: Christine Sweeney Vice-President: Charles Kingrea Reporter: Barbara Williamson Secretary: Billy Weddle Sponsor: E. W. Miller Class Representatives: Jimmy Casteel, Betty Sumner Harmon Dickerson, Curtis Nester Elbert Talley, Catherine Hazelwood Betty Sweeney, Thelma Gardner November December December January February February March March CALENDAR OF EVENTS 13 Rev. W. D. Turner 18 Rev. C. H. Loudy 21 Christmas Program fSeniorsl 14 Rev. L. B. Williamson ll Rev. H. G. Compton 14 Valentine Party l3 One-Act Plays 14 Rev. R. G. See March April April April April April May May May FFA Banquet Library Club Musical QSCAJ Speakers Contest Rev. W. D. Turner Mother-Daughter Banquet FFA-Degree Team 81 Parl Dem Eighth Grade Rev. R. C. Simmons 2 47 5 2, SN N W me F C WI PING STAFF Audrey Sweeney Wanda Naff Betty Williams Phyllis Loudy A' Av C Y ,-N, X .gl ' Q -5 --1' 'I is - N NEWSPAPER STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . .... Barbara Williamson Assistant Editor . . . . . . . .... Joyce Pugh Alumni Editor .... . . Eugene Townley Sports Editor . . . . . . Dock Sweeney News Editor . . . . . . Elbert Talley BUSINESS STAFF Bu siness Manager . Circulating Manager . . . Advertising Manager . . r- I fr gf 41' f THE ANCHOR A Q 770' '-1 ff, S gpg? 1:1 pl"". id l il I . ",.,:..' l -:.: --f. 'T -I 1" ........ Jim Casteel Iva Ruth C ompton - ... An ' ' na Williams COMMERCIAL CLUB President: Christine Sweeney Vice-President: Anna Williams Treasurer: Zona Sweeney Secretary: Nancy Basham Reporter: Audrey Sweeney SCIENCE CLUB President: Wanda Naif Vice-President: Charles Kingrea. Reporter: lleda Blackwell Sgr. Arms: George Vaughan LIBRARV CLUB ri President: Elizabeth Hylton Vice-President: Benita Dickerson Reporter: Barbara Aldridge Secretary: Dollie Sumner SENIOR 44-I CLUB -9. s- Il? ,fn fi President: Jane Slusher Secretary: Maralee Bishop Treasurer: Ileda Blackwell Reporter: Christine Sweeney 'G Y'- F.H.A. CLUB lf Yak, wwf H MA ffffrs AM E RI CA President: Jane Slusher Vice-President: Virginia Shelor Treasurer: lleda Blackwell Secretary: Erma Thompson Reporter: Louise Compton Parli.: Shirley Rutter F.F.A. CLUB '5""""S-'fl-i"" Q' President: Billy Weddle Vice-President: Glenn Reed Treasurer: Randall Pugh Secretary: Frankie Sowers Reporter: Walter Wilson SAFETY PATROL , .WHA ...-...T --,,, . . , ..,. Front Row: George Via, Verle Duncan, Freeman Cockram, Jo Ann Mitchell, Dollie Sumner, Jackie Boothe, Thomas Slusher. Second Row: H. P. Jennings, Sponsor, David Sutphin, Allen Harmon, Harless Weeks, Melvin Light, G. W. Davis, Benton Thomas, Eugene Weeks, Clyde Weeks. Third Row: Eugene Townley John Bowen, James Lawson, Clyde Reed, Bobby Huff, Arthur McPeak, Bobby Aldridge, Glenn Reed. Fourth Row: Lewis Dickerson, James Underwood, Theodore Via, Bobby Boothe, Ben Harmon, Rodney Thomas, Wayne Keith, Palmer Pratt. li.V.G. ' n ,i K x 1.4: .4 .l"T'T.,MQ. , fl V 4 I -, gg mixing .. 1 Wfx ,:.,:, to f slr' x 2 if QQ el-if ,':f""xi 'E llllll lilllllllllll ig. ,QD 5 iii! ll! Ol: Front Row: H. P. Jennings, Sponsor, Clyde Weeks, Grover Thomas, James Hale, Major Thompson, Frank- ie Sowcrs, Sammy Wilson, Charles Smith, Bobby Huff, Bobby Aldridge, D. D. Oliver, Co-Sponsor. Second Row: Randall Pugh, Roger Gallimore, Theodore Via, Charles Slusher, Ray Trail, Charles Harmon, Bobby lioothe, Bruce Sweeney, Waitman Cox, Charles Richardson, James Casteel, L. C. Trail. Third Row: Cur- tis Yates, Glenn Reed, Edwin Aldridge, George Dickerson, Wayne Poff, George Vaughan, Alvin Hale, Fred Pugh, Arthur Mcljeak, Jewel Weeks, Bill Weddle, Walter Wilson, Palmer Pratt, GIRLS' BASKETBALL O .. 7,4 . A g :T 1 ' i :EK 'tl g gi.. W .A CO-CAPTAIN CAPTAIN Betty Sue Reed lva Ruth Compton First Row, Left to Right: Elizabeth Hylton, Zona Lee Sweeney, Mary Wilson, Betty Sue Reed, lva Ruth Compton, Peggy Keith, Christine Sweenev, Jane Slusher. Second Row: Shirley Keith, Doris Pugh, Corine Wray, lleda Blackwell, Ravanal Nixon, Lillie Howell, Shirley Rutter, Freeda Hall, Mrs. Hallman, Coach. GlRL'S RECORD Floyd Alumni Floyd Auburn Floyd Willis Floyd Check Floyd Willis Floyd Ferrum Jr. College Floyd Blacksburg Floyd Blacksburg Floyd Check Floyd Auburn Floyd Alumni Floyd Shawsville Floyd Meadows of Dan Floyd Ferrurn Jr. College Floyd Shawsville DISTRICT RECORD Floyd 42 Willis 17 Floyd 51 Auburn 49 Won 17 Lost O Tied O CHEER LEADERS Left to Right: Maralee Bishop, Audrey Sweeney, Betty Sumner, Erma Thompson, Wanda Naff BOYS' BASKET BALL Front Row, Left to Right: Charles Kingrea, Dock Sweeney, George Vaughan, Bill Weddle, Claude Royal. Back Row: Coach John Graham, Ray Graham, Jewel Weeks, Harry Smith, Roger Gallimore Walter Wilson, and Jim Casteel. Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd BOYS' RECORD 45 Alumni 39 Floyd 95 37 Radford 41 Floyd 77 75 Willis 50 Floyd 68 51 Radford 47 Floyd 56 65 Willis 51 Floyd 37 65 Blacksburg 34 Floyd 69 65 Check 35 Floyd 65 50 Patrick All-Stars 64 Floyd 49 59 Meadows of Dan 65 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Floyd 77 check Floyd 40 Pembroke Season Total ll43 Season Total Avg. Pts. Per Game 60.51 Avg. Pts. Pe CO-CAPTAINS A A Billy Weddle George Vaughan Shawsville Auburn Check Ferrum Jr. Blacksburg Auburn Shawsville Ferrurn Jr. College College 59 45 863 r Game 45, 4 Dock Sweeney CLAUDE ROYAL BETTY JO SUMNER "Most Intellectual" WI-lO'S WHO if "Quietest" "Prettiest Girl" NANCY BASHAM ZONA LEE SWEENEY GEORGE DICKERSON "Best Looking Boy" ROGER GALLIMORE WHO'S WHO "Best Dressed" "Most Likely to Succeed" "MostAth1etic" JANE SLUSHER BARBARA WILLIAMSON PEGGY KEITH BILLY WEDDLE GEORGE VAUGHAN DOCK SWEENEY "Best Personality" "Most Popular" WANDA NAI-'F CHRISTINE SWEENEY JIM CASTEEL DOCK SWEENEY n r I r I 9, C, ,gvivk YW-fig-:...5L I , , "1 , . xlxL4l'- K .',v. if " CC' ' ' Qj!4,7-Lf, ffl J, -f' L .'L, 'C jf I , ,-L ff ff 'l,4h1,nl7, 47 KV,- ff A f, 6' f . Jaan ,, ' ' ,fgfn,aMM,n7' , W you Af UW Wfgfwf mf-fiffw 0' fwwf ,ZZ0efc,4, g,JMfJffJ- A L f K 1 A !!,L,,J, r ' wmwbkvd 17fLwv'4+a41J wfyd' Jfwlfwfjy gl W W WW M5323 MW K6 Wti fb W

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