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SOMETIME IN OUR LIVES 1977 FLOYD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL FLOYD, VIRGINIA 24091 VOLUME XV 2 Sometime in our lives we search for adventure and find it in our own way — together. TABLE OF CONTENTS PEOPLE SPORTS ACTIVITIES ADS INDEX 12-95 96-119 120-168 169-180 181-188 3 Sometime in our lives we stop to appreciate the beauty of life. UP 6 On occasion, time is suspended as friendships are forged, memories sealed. 7 Sometime in our lives we learn the joy of creating, of clowning, of practicing an acquired skill, of sharing secrets with good friends. • » ■ PEOPLE Class of Nineteen Hundred Seventy-Seven ■ i ■ H L v 1 m Officers: Mark Via, President; Leesa Peters, Vice-president; Leann Smith, Secretary; Nancy Rutrough, Treasurer; Gail Ouzts, Reporter. Class History In the fall of 1972, the class of 77, a group of 214 frightened, little eighth graders, entered the halls of Floyd County High School with many doubts and uncertainties. As we grew accustomed to the new people, the new place, and the new atmosphere, the class of 77 began to make lasting friendships and to work together sharing special moments and creating fond memories. The most important and memorable events that occurred in the lives of the class of 77 were, when as Juniors, we received our class rings and gave the Junior-Senior Prom, and as Seniors, attended the Senior Dance, ordered announcements and caps and gowns . The 143 members of the class of 77 will leave FCHS with doubts and uncertainties once again, but we will take with us the memories we made here and will treasure them for a lifetime. Sponsors: Wanda Radford, Lillian Cockram, H.E. Keith, D.J. Keith, Kenneth Raines 12 Benjamin Ray Argabright Ben Debra Elizabeth Arnold Arnoldine Mickey Dean Bain Smiley Morgan Vanell Beaver Morgan Donald Dwight Beckner Duck Karen Mae Belcher Cracker Jack 13 Regina Kay Bolt Jeannie Jerry Wayne Boothe Jerry 14 Curtis Sherrill Burke Nathan William Carroll Janet Lenora Cannaday Curtis Nicky Janet SENIORS TREASURE THE GOOD AND BAD MEMORIES OF HIGH SCHOOL How sad and bad and mad it was but then how it was sweet! Robert Browning Christopher Royal Caveness Chris Katherine Ann Coates Kathy Rodney William Collins Rodney 15 Joseph Howard Conduff Howard James Ricki Conner Rick Evelyn Newman Conner Evelyn Mike Willard Cox Mike Orville William Davis O.D. i 16 John Michael DeHart John Frances Diane DeWeese Blondie Rebecca Lynn Duncan Becky Life! We’ve been long together through pleasant and through cloudy weather; Tis hard to part when friends are dear; Perhaps ’twill cost a sigh a tear; then steal away, give little wa rning, choose thine own time; Say not ‘Good Night,’ but in some brighter clime bid me ‘Good Morning.’ Anna Letitia Allison Leigh East Allison Michael Lee Gardner Mike 17 Larry Wayne Gillespie Groundhog Joseph Edward Goad Joey James Houston Gordon, Jr. Flash Mary Francis Griffith Francis Anthony Ray Guilliams Andy Carolyn Sue Hairston Carolyn SOME SENIORS ARE SURE OF THEIR FUTURE PLANS: OTHERS HAVE DOUBTS. If a man begins with certainties he shall end in doubts but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties. Francis Bacon 18 Gary Scott Hale Martha Ann Hale Samuel Cody Hale Gary Martha Cody SENIORS ANXIOUSLY AWAIT THE ARRIVAL OF GRADUATION Wayne Allen Hall Wayne Nancy Christine Harmon Nancy 19 Harold James Higgs Bamboo Arlie Ray Hill Arlie 20 SENIORS TREASURE THE MEMORIES THEY HAVE MADE AT FCHS Benny Neal Hollandsworth Petty Linda Sue Hollandsworth Linda Patricia Gay Hollandsworth Trish Deborah Lynn Griffith Hubbard Grit 21 Debbie Lynn Hubbard Deb Robert Neal Huff Neal Virginia Cox Hunley Virginia FACED WITH THE UNKNOWN FUTURE, SENIORS ARE GRATEFUL FOR THE PREPARATION THEY RECEIVED AT FCHS Because of you we will be glad and gay, remembering you we will be brave and strong: and hail the advent of each dangerous day, and meet the great adventure with a song. Maurice Baring Ann Elaine Hylton Ann Melinda Ann Hylton Melinda Kathy Darlene Janney Kathy 22 Karen Lee Lawrence Karen Timothy Mark Lewis Doodle 23 Ann Renee Maberry Ann Know’st thou yesterday, its aim and reason? Work’st thou well today for worthier things? Then calmly wait the morrow’s hidden season, and fear thou not what hap soe’er it brings. JoHam Wolfgang Von Goethe Penny Lee Manning Penny Ervin Wayne Martin Ervin Ina Lena Martin Ina 24 Ronnie Lee Midkiff Runnie Randall William Mitchell Snooze Debra Ann Moran Debbie William Nelson Moody Billy Bonnie Dorothy Munzing Bonnie D. Elton Willis Nichols Slim SENIORS LOOK TO THE FUTURE WITH HIGH HOPES To look up and not down, to look forward and not back, to look out and not in, and to lend a hand. Edward Everett Hale 25 Glenn Edward Osborne Glenn Susan Lynn Page Susan Leesa Yvonne Peters Leesa Sidney Allen Nichols Allen Gail Lynn Ouzts Fannie 26 Shelia Ellen Pratt Grandma Nancy Ann Phillips Nancy Paulette Fay Phillips Paulette FIVE YEARS OF HARD WORK Rebecca Jo Phillips Becky Jo WE’VE FINALLY MADE IT. Justin Dean Quesenberry Cowboy Patsy Diane Quesenberry Patsy 27 Randall Wayne Quesenberry Randall Pamela Jean Radford Pam Santina Marie Robbins Tina Karen Lee Richards Karen Donna Susan Reed Donna 28 Martha Anne Roberson Martha Regina Frances Roberson Jeannie Nancy Arlene Rutrough Nannie SENIORS REALIZE THAT THE FUTURE WILL HOLD MANY CHANGES The absurd man is one who never changes. Auguste Marseille Barthelemy Stewart Richard Shank Stewart Allan Henry Shelor Big Al Mark Lane Shortt Shortt 29 Leann Gayle Smith Leann Karen Marie Simpkins Karen Margaret Gail Smith Smitty Nathan John Socher Nathan Marvin Luther Sonner Tex 30 Karen Elaine Sowers Karen Thomas Franklin Stafford Freak Eldon Lane Spangler Spitfire Lewis Jacob Stuart Hogan Darlene Stuart Pie David Lincoln Sutphin David 31 Gregory Lee Sutphin Greg Gary Edward Terry Gary Becky Lee Thompson Chipmunk 32 Janey Lou Thompson Janey Myra Lou Thompson Dillie Carlton Wade Turner C.W. If I can ea se one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin into it’s nest again, I shall not live in vain. Emily Dickenson Marla Gaye Turpin Marla Cassandra Lee Turner Sandra Deborah Annette Vaughn Bebby 33 Charlotte Ann Via Charlotte 34 Darnell Winston Walker Wendy Terri Anne Webb Webbie Debra Sue Weddle Sue AN OPEN ROAD AHEAD For every man the world is as fresh as it was the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them. Thomas Henry Huxley David Wayne Weeks Weeks Deborah Kay Weeks Debbie Dennis George Whitlock Fruit 35 Donna Elaine Whitlock Whit Carol Ann Williams Barrell Can Gary Stephen Williams Gary Glenna Gail Yopp Glenna I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow-creature, let me do it now; let me not defer to neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Stephen Grellot WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN. 36 SENIOR DIRECTORY ARGABRIGHT, BENJAMIN RAY Track 4. ARNOLD, DEBRA ELIZABETH GAA 4; Beta 4,5; Library 5. BAIN, MICKEY DEAN Jr. Sci. 1,2; Football 1-5; Basketball Mgr. 1; FBLA 3. BEAVER, MORGAN VANELL Band 1,2; Basketball Mgr. 3; Art 5, reporter; HERO 3-5. BECKNER, DONALD DWIGHT FFA 2. BELCHER, KAREN MAE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; class reporter 2; FBLA 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; Library 4,5; Beta 4,5; SCA 4; Art 5. BELL, BARBARA JEAN French 3; Beta 5. BELL, TOM LEWIS VICA 4,5. BOLT, KENDALL KEITH Band 1-5; Football 1-5, captain 5; Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3-5, president 5; Basketball 1; class reporter 1; class vice-president 2; class president 3; Baseball Mgr. 1; Baseball 2; SCA reporter 2; IA 3; Debate 3; Varsity 4,5; president 5; SAE 4,5, vice-president 5. BOLT, REGINA KAY Jr. Sci. 1,2; Choral 1-5; Sci. Fair 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; CSC 5; Beta 4,5. BOLT, SHELBY GAIL AKERS FHA 1-4; HERO 4; Beta 4,5. BOOTHE, JERRY WAYNE Football 2-5; IA 2-4, secretary 4; Hi-Y 3,4, reporter 4; YFO 5, vice-president; VICA 5. BURKE, CURTIS SHERRILL Baseball 2,3; Football 3; Basketball 3. CARROLL, NATHAN WILLIAM Choral 1-5, president 2; Homecoming escort 2,3; SAE 3,4, reporter 4; French 4; Art, 5, vice-president; Drama 5. CANNADAY, JANET LENORA Cheerleading 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Choral 1,2; Library 3-5; Beta 4,5; FBLA 4,5, reporter 5; SCA 2. CAVENESS, CHRISTOPHER ROYAL Band 1-5; Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3-5; Basketball 1,2; French 2-4, vice-president 3; Debate 2-4; Tennis 2,4; Choral 4,5; Beta 4,5; Library 4,5; Football 5; SAE 5; Drama 5. COATES, KATHERINE ANN Beta 4,5; FBLA 5. COLLINS, RODNEY WILLIAM Jr. Sci. 1; FFA 2,3; VICA 4,5. CONDUFF, JOSEPH HOWARD Jr. Sci. 1,2, president 2; Sr. Sci. 3-5; Band 1-5; Foot- ball 1; Basketball 2,4,5; Baseball Mgr. 2; Debate 3; Varsity 4,5, treasurer 5; SAE 4,5; SCA 4; class vice- president 1; class secretary 3; Sci. Fair 2. CONNER, EVELYN NEWMAN Library 1; French 2; FHA 3; newspaper staff 5. CONNER, JAMES RICKIE VICA 4,5. Bonnie Munzing and Donna Vest exhibit their pride in being part of the class of ’77. 37 Most studious: Jim Gordon and Martha Roberson COX, MIKE WILLARD Football 1,2; NYC 3; VICA 4,5; SAE 5. COX, SUSAN LAVERN FBLA 3-5; Beta 4,5. DAVIS, ORVILLE WILLIAM Choral 1-5; Tennis 2-5; Sci. Fair 2; newspaper staff 4,5, associate editor 5; annual staff 4,5; Art 5; Foot- ball 5. DEHART, JOHN MICHAEL Band 1-3; Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3-5, treasurer 4,5; VICA 4,5; Football 4,5; SAE 5. DEWEESE, FRANCES DIANE Library 3,4; FGA 4,5; SAE 5; yearbook staff 5. DUNCAN, REBECCA LYNN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FBLA 3-5; GAA 3,5; Beta 4,5. EAST, ALLISON LEIGH FHA 1-4; Band 1-4; GAA 2-5; cheerleading 3-5; Beta 5. ELLER, DARRYL LYNN FFA 2; VICA 5. GARDNER, MICHAEL LEE FFA 2,3; KVG 3; Hi-Y 3,4, chaplain 4; YFO 5, chap- lain; VICA 4,5. GILLESPIE, LARRY WAYNE Football 1-4; Jr. Sci. 1; SCA 1; IA 2,3; VICA 4,5; Hi-Y 4, treasurer; YFO 5, treasurer. GOAD, JOSEPH EDWARD Jr. Sci. 1; SCA 1,2; Choral 2-5, reporter 5; SAE 3,4; All-regional choir 4; One-Act Play 4; Beta 4,5; Art 5; Drama 5. GORDON, JAMES HOUSTON JR. Band 1; Ecology 1; Sci. 1; FHA 2,3; Beta 4,5; Football 5; Art 5; Quill and Scroll 5; newspaper staff 5. GRIFFITH, MARY FRANCIS Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Choral 1,2; FHA 2. GUILLIAMS, ANTHONY RAY Jr. Sci. 1,2; Football 1-3; Choral 1,2, 4, 5; Track 3,4; Track Mgr. 1,2; Basketball 1; SCA 1; Library 3,4. HAIRSTON, CAROLYN SUE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1. HALE, GARY SCOTT FFA 2-4; Football Mgr 3; VICA 4,5; Hi-Y 4, secretary; YFO 5, secretary; Beta 4,5. HALE, MARTHA ANN FHA 1,2; Choral 1-5; SCA 1-4; CSC 5, president 5; FBLA 3-5, secretary 4, president 5; Track 4; Girl’s State delegate 4; Beta 4,5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, secretary 2; chaplain 4. HALE, SAMUEL CODY Band 1-5; SCA 1-3; Football 1-3; Basketball 1,3; Golf 2-4, Regional golf tournament 4; Governor’s School delegate 4; SAE 4,5; Beta 4,5; Varsity 4,5; Sr. Sci. 5. HALL, WAYNE ALLEN Band 1-4; Jr. Sci. 1,2; Choral 1; Sci. Fair 1,2; FBLA 3; SAE 3-5, president; Debate 3,4; Drama 5; Quill and Scroll 4,5; newspaper staff 4,5, co-editor 5. Quietest: Katherine Coates 38 HARMAN, BONITA SUE KAST FHA 3,4; HERO 4. HARMAN, NANCY CHRISTINE French 2; Creative writing contest winner 2,4; magazine staff 2; Quill and Scroll 4,5, president 5; Beta 4,5. HATCHER, DAVID WAYNE FFA 2,4; VICA 4,5. HELMS, WILLIAM CALVIN Football 1-5; Ho norable mention NRD football 3,4; Basketball 1-5; Upward Bound 2,3. HIGGINS, TONY DEAN Football 1,2. Most likely to succeed: Mark Via and Martha Roberson HIGGS, HAROLD JAMES Football 3,4; Jr. Sci. 1; Baseball 3,4; Beta 4,5, presi- dent 5; French 5; SAE 5; Varsity 5; Boy’s State dele- gate 4. HILL, ARLENE KAY Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; GAA 2; Band 1-4; Library 4. HILL, ARLIE RAY Football 1,2; Jr. Sci. 1; Band 1-4; VICA 5. HIXON, ANNIE RUTH NYC 4; HERO 4,5. HOLLANDSWORTH, BENNY NEAL IA 3,4; VICA 5. HOLLANDSWORTH, DANNY ROSS FFA 2-4; KVG 3,4; VICA 4,5. HOLLANDSWORTH, LINDA SUE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, historian 2; Choral 1,3; Homecoming court 1; GAA 2,3; FBLA 3-5; Art 5; Graduation mar- shal 4. HOLLANDSWORTH, PATRICIA GAY Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, reporter 2; Sci. Fair 1; FBLA 3-5; GAA 3,5; Beta 4,5, treasurer 5. HUBBARD, DEBORAH GRIFFITH Cheerleading alternate 1; FHA 2,3; Track 2,3; GAA 2; Beta 4,5; Volleyball 4; Library 5. HUBBARD, DEBBIE LYNN Jr. Sci. 1; SCA 1,2; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; news- paper staff 3; Library 3-5; FBLA 5. HUFF, ROBERT NEAL IA 1-4; Baseball 2; Football 3-5; Track 3,4; Varsity 4,5, reporter 5; Art 5, president SAE 5. HUFF, ROBERT NEAL Cheerleading 1; FHA 2; HERO 5. HUNLEY, VIRGINIA COX Cheerleading 1; FHA 2; HERO 5. HYLTON, ANN ELAINE FHA 1-3; Sci. Fair 2; HERO 3-5, treasurer 4,5; CSC 5. HYLTON, MELINDA ANN HERO 3,4; NYC 3; Art 5. JANNEY, KATHY DARLENE FHA 1-4, vice-president 3, president 4; SCA 2; Choral Most athletic: Lewis Stuart and Kathy Janney 39 mmmmmm i Class clowns: Darnell Walker and Nicky Carroll 1; GAA 2-5, president 5; Girl’s State delegate 4; Bas- ketball 3-5, captain 5; Volleyball 4. JONES, LUTHER CLOUD Football 1-3; Basketball Mgr. 1; Sci. 1,2, reporter 2; Sci. Fair 2; IA 3,4, vice-president 3; VICA 4,5; Home- coming escort 2,4; Graduation marshal 4. KELLY, MICHAEL GOEBEL Basketball 2; Tennis 4; Art 5. KITTS, LISA ANNE Jr. Sci. 1,2, secretary 1; GAA 2-4; Track 2,3; Regional and state track 3; Band 1-4, head drum majorette 4; Library 3,4; French 3; Photography 5, president; Forensics 4; newspaper staff 5; yearbook staff 5. LAWRENCE, KAREN LEE Band 1-5, drum major 4,5; SCA 1,5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1, secretary; Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3,4; Sci. Fair 2; GAA 2; Choral 1-5; FBLA 3; SAE 4; Beta 4,5; Track 4; Art 5; Drama 5; Forensics 4. LAWSON, LOIS REBEKAH Band 1-4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; French 3; FGA 4,5; Beta 4,5; FBLA 4,5, vice-president 5. LEWIS, TIMOTHY MARK IA 2,3; Jr. Sci. 2; VICA 4,5; Library 4. LINEBERRY, PAMELA KAY Band 1-4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; GAA 2,3; Tennis 2,4; SAE 3; yearbook staff 3-5, photographer 5; French 4; Beta 4,5; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Photography 5, secretary; Patrick Henry Oratorical Contest division winner 4; Voice of Democracy speech contest 4. MABERRY, ANN RENEE Choral 1-5; Band 1-4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, treasurer 4; Sci. Fair 1,2; FBLA 4,5; CSC 5, treasurer. MANNING, CYNTHIA ANN Band 1-5; Library 3,4; Beta 4,5; FHA 4,5; Art 5. MANNING, PENNY LEE FHA 1-5, treasurer 3, vice-president 4; president 5; HERO 5; Art 5; Library 4; FBLA. MARTIN, ERVIN WAYNE Football 1-5, captain 3; Basketball 1-5; Track Mgr. 1; Track 3,4; Baseball 2; Sci. 3-5; Varsity 4,5, vice- president 5; SAE 4,5. 40 MARTIN, INA LENA Cheerleading 1; FHA 2,3; HERO 3-5, chaplain 4,5. MIDKIFF, RONNIE LEE SCA 1; IA 2,3, president 3; Hi-Y 3,4, secretary 4; VICA 4,5. MITCHELL, RANDALL WILLIAM Jr. Sci. 1,2, reporter 2; FFA 2,3; KVG 2,3; Track 4. MOODY, WILLIAM NELSON VICA 4,5; Hi-Y 4. MORAN, DEBRA ANN FHA 2,3, parlimentarian 3; FBLA 3,4; yearbook staff 4; Beta 5. MUNZING, BONNIE DOROTHY Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Choral 1-5; GAA 2; SCA 1; FBLA 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4,5, secretary 5; yearbook staff 4,5, editor 5; newspaper staff 5; SAE 5; Beta 5. NICHOLS, ELTON WILLIS Jr. Sci. 1; VICA 4. NICHOLS, SIDNEY ALLEN Jr. Sci. 1; IA 2; Basketball Mgr. 2; HERO 3; VICA 4,5; Hi-Y 4. OSBORNE, GLEN EDWARD Choral 1; Basketball 1,2; FFA 2,3; NYC 3,4; VICA 4,5. OUZTS, GAIL LYNN Cheerleading 1-5, co-captain 3; SCA 1-3; Pep 1; Gymnastics 2; GAA 3; Homecoming court 4,5; class reporter 5; Art 5; SAE 5, secretary; Snow Queen 5. PAGE, SUSAN LYNN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; Sci. Fair 1; SCA 1,2; FBLA 3-5, historian 5; Beta 4,5; Quill and Scroll 5; yearbook staff 5. PETERS, LEESA YVONNE Band 1-5, drum major 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, vice- president 2; SCA 1,4,5; Track 2-5; French 2,3, liason 3; GAA 2-4; Beta 4,5, reporter 5; class vice-president 4,5; Art 5; Homecoming court 5. PHILLIPS, JACQUELINE KAREN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FBLA 3-5; GAA 3; Beta 4,5; Art 5; SCA 1 . PHILLIPS, NANCY ANN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, president 2; cheerleading 1-3, captain 3; GAA 2-4; SCA 1-3; Homecoming court 1-3; Art 5; Graduation marshal 4. PHILLIPS, PAULETTE FAY Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Choral 1,3; GAA 2,3,5; FBLA 3-5; Beta 4,5; Sci. Fair 2. Mo st popular: Mark Via and Sandra Turner 41 Biggest flirt: Allison East PHILLIPS REBECCA JO Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; GAA 2; FBLA 3,4; CSC 5. PRATT, SHEILA ELLEN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Sci. Fair 2; FHA 2,3,5; HERO 4,5, trea- surer 4, parlimentarian 5. QUESENBERRY, JUSTIN DEAN FFA 2,3; VICA 5. QUESENBERRY, PATSY DIANE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; SCA 1; GAA 2,3; FBLA 3,4; Art 5; QUESENBERRY, RANDALL WAYNE FFA 2,3; VICA 4,5; Graduation marshal 4. RADFORD, JUDY LEE Band 1-4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 2; Homecoming court 2; GAA 3; SCA 3; FBLA 4,5; NYC 4; CSC 5. RADFORD, PAMELA JEAN Upward Bound 3; Choral 3; NYC 4; HERO 5. REED, DONAA SUSAN Choral 1,2; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; FBLA 3. RICHARDS, KAREN LEE Band 1-5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sci. Fair 1,2; FHA 2,3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Voice of Democracy contest 3; Beta 4,5; CSC 5. ROBBINS, SANTINA MARIE GAA 2,3; Cheerleading 3; Track 3,4, regional 3, state 4; Art 5; Library 4,5; Drama, 5, vice-president. ROBERSON, MARTHA ANNE Band 1-4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Jr. Sci. 2; Sci. Fair 2; GAA 2-5; Volleyball 4; SAE 3; yearbook staff 3,4; Beta 4,5; French 4, vice-president; Girl’s State delegate 4. ROBERSON, REGINA FRANCES FHA 2,3; HERO 3; NYC 4; FBLA 4. RUTROUGH, NANCY ARLENE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, treasurer 2; Band 1-5; GAA 2-4, trea- surer 3, vice-president 4; Homecoming court 3,4; SCA 4,5, reporter 5; Beta 4,5, vice-president 5; SAE 4, treasurer 5; class secretary 4; class treasurer 5; Snow Queen court 5. SHANK, STEWART RICHARD Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3-5; Basketball 1,2; Band 1-5; Track 3,4; Beta 4,5; Varsity 4,5; SAE 5. SHELOR, ALLAN HENRY Football 1,3,5; Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3 ; FFA 2,3,5; FBLA 4,5; KVG 5; Varsity 5; SCA 3. SHORTT, MARK LANE Band 1-5; Football 1; Football Mgr. 3; Basketball 1; Library 3,4; FBLA 4,5; Graduation marshal 4. SIMPKINS, KAREN MARIE Band 1-4; GAA 1-3; Choral 1; Track 2; FBLA 3,4; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4; CSC 5. SMITH, LEANN GAYLE GAA 2,3; FHA 2; Sci. Fair 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; SCA 3; NYC 4; FBLA 4,5, treasurer 5; Snow Queen court 5; Graduation marshal 4; Quill and Scroll 5; yearbook staff 5. SMITH, MARGARET GAIL Choral 2-5; Tennis 1; Sci. Fair 1; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; FHA 4; Forensics district winner 4; FBLA 5; CSC 5. Easiest to get along with: Mark Via and Leann Smith 42 SMITH, TERRY Football 5. SOCHOR, NATHAN JOHN Jr. Sci. 2; VICA 4,5. SONNER, MARVIN LUTHER Basketball 1; Baseball 2; SAE 5. SOWERS, KAREN ELAINE Choral 1-4; Sci. Fair 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; FHA 2-4, reporter 3; SCA 3-5; FBLA 4-5, secretary 5; Beta 4,5; Quill and Scroll 5; treasurer 5; yearbook staff 5; newspaper staff 5. SPANGLER, ELDON LEON Jr. Sci. 1; Basketball 1; IA 2-4, treasurer 3; VICA 4,5; Hi-Y 4; YFO 5, reporter. Most creative: Tina Robbins and Neal Huff STAFFORD, THOMAS FRANKLIN Band 1,2; Forensics 2-4; Quill and Scroll contest winner 2; Track 3; Debate 3; Beta 4,5; one-act play 4; Drama 4,5; president 5. STUART, DARLENE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Upward Bound 2,3, treasurer 3; FHA 3; HERO 4; Art 5, chaplain. STUART, LEWIS JACOB Jr. Sci. 1,2; Football 1-5, Most Valuable Player, Of- fensive Player of the Year, All Timesland 4; Choral 1-5; All-district and all-state football 4,5. SUTPHIN, DAVID LINCOLN Jr. Sci. 1,2; Library 3; FBLA 3; VICA 4. SUTPHIN, GREGORY LEE SUTPHIN, LLOYD NEVAIN SCA 1; FFA 2; VICA 4,5, secretary 4. Best physique and figure: Kendall Bolt and Gail Ouzts SUTPHIN, MARY ELLEN NYC 3; FHA 5; HERO 3,5. TERRY, GARY EDWARD Band 1-5; Baseball 2; Debate 2-4, second in district and region 2; first in district 5; Art 5; Drama 5. THOMPSON, BECKY LEE FHA 1-3; Hero 4,5, president 5. THOMPSON, BRUCE WILLIAM Basketball 1; Football 1; Band 1-3; Library 4; Art 4. THOMPSON, JANIE LOU NYC 4; HERO 4,5. THOMPSON, MYRA LOU Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1-5; GAA 2; SCA 2-5, secretary 5; Sci. Fair 2; Library 3-5, treasurer 5; FBLA 5; Reg- ional FBLA secretary. TURNER, CARLTON WADE Band 1-5. TURNER, DASSANDRA LEE Band 1-5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Upward Bound 2; GAA 2,3; cheerleader 3; HERO 4, reporter; class reporter 4; Graduation marshal 4; Snow Queen court 4; SCA president 5; Track 3; Homecoming Queen 5. 43 Teachers’ pets: Martha Hale and Wayne Hall TURPIN, MARLA GAYE FHA 1-4, historian; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; HERO 3,5, histo- rian 5; Library 5. VAUGHN, DEBORAH ANNETTE Upward Bound 3; HERO 3-5; newspaper staff 5. VEST, DANIEL BROWN Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3,4; Art 5; Regional Sci. Fair 4. VEST, DONNA ELLEN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Choral 3-5; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4,5, vice-president 5; Beta 4,5; SAE 5; year- book staff 4,5, editor 5. VEST, ELVIN LANE Football Mgr. 1-3; Basketball Mgr. 1; NYC 2; KVG 2,3; FFA 2; Hi-Y 3,4, treasurer 4; VICA 4,5; YFO 5, presi- dent; Varsity 3. VEST, PEGGY LYNNE Choral 1-3; cheerleading 1; GAA 3; HERO 4,5; Art 5. VIA, CHARLOTTE ANN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; FHA 2; Upward Bound 3; NYC 4,5; HERO 3,5; Volleyball Mgr. 4; Newspaper 4. VIA, MARK KEVIN Football 1,3; Band 1-5; Jr. Sci. 2; Sr. Sci. 3,4, reporter -4; Baseball Mgr. 1; Baseball 2; VICA 4,5; SCA 4,5, vice-president 5; class treasurer 4; class president 5; Boy’s State delegate 4. WALKER, DARNELL WINSTON Jr. Sci. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Sci. Fair 1,3; Upward Bound 2- 3; Track Mgr. 2; GAA 2,3; SCA 4; HERO 4,5. WEBB, TERRI ANNE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Cheerleading 1; Choral 1,2; Library 3- 5; HERO 3, treasurer; Beta 4,5; yearbook staff 3,4; Art 5. WEDDLE, DEBRA SUE FHA 4,5; FBLA 5. WEEKS, DAVID WAYNE Jr. Sci. 1,2; Basketball 1; IA 2-4, reporter 3; Library 3; VICA 4. WEEKS, DEBORAH KAY Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Cheerleading 1; GAA 2; FHA; FBLA 3,4; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4; CSC 5. WHITLOCK, DENNIS GEORGE Band 1-5, drum major 3; Sci. Fair 2; FBLA 4,5. WHITLOCK, DONNA ELAINE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Band 1-5; GAA 2-5; Basketball 2; Sci. Fair 2; Library 3; Track 3; SCA 3; French 4, treasurer; Tennis Mgr. 4; Beta 4,5; CSC 5. WILLIAMS, CAROL ANN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; GAA 2-4, chaplain 4; Choral 1-5; SCA 3; Library 3-5, reporter 4, president 5; FBLA 5; Track 4. WILLIAMS, GARY STEPHEN Jr. Sci. 1,2; Sr. Sci. 3-5; Sci. Fair 1-4; Regional Sci- ence Award 3; VJAS 4; Art 5, secretary; Drama 5; De- bate 2-4, district and regional winner 2. YOPP, GLENNA GAIL NYC 3; Upward Bound 4; FHA 5; FBLA 5. Most talkative: Nicky Carroll and Lisa Kitts 44 CAMERA CAPTURES SOME TIMES IN SENIOR LIVES You ' ve got to be kidding. Would you mind explaning that one more time? 45 Kiss my grits! My get-up-and-go just got-up-and-went! 46 Junior class officers: Judy Mannon, Secretary; Cathy Poff, Vice-President; Dawn Fry, Reporter; Wayne Gardner, President; not pictured — Geraldine Vest, Treasurer. We finally made it . . . through four years of hard but joyful work . . . the thrill of receiving and being proud owners of class rings . . . challenging the senior spirit . . . and, the crowning glory to a wonderful year, the long awaited, hoped for, frantically prepared for Junior-Senior Prom . . . we’re actually Juniors. Linda Poff shows her creativity in art class. 47 00 vf T| O COCO r O ONE MORE YEAR TO GO Rhonda Alderman Debbie Allen John Andrews Winona Angle Sandy Akers David Baker Sponsors: Ms. Joyce Hall, Ms. Joyce Pugh, Ms. Connie Quesenberry — head sponsor, Mr. Stanely Hawkins, Mr. Rudolf Marshall Charlotte Beckner Alicia Belcher Darlene Ballinger Joy Bond Wanda Belcher David Booth Terry Bell Annette Blackwell 48 Gwen Brooks Angela Browning Monica Carden Jerry Carr JUNIORS BEGIN PLANS FOR PROM Kathy Carte David Cartwright Freddie Claytor Melinda Clower Arthur Cox Marvin Brammar Sherry Carr EARLY Chistine Cox 49 Phillip Cox Ricky Cox Brenda Dalton Jeffery Dalton Janice Dickerson Eugene Duncan Michael Duncan Rhonda Duncan Dale Eanes Stephen Farmer Mary Sewell is caught by surprise during a conversation with Paula Yearout and Cathy Shortt. Dawn Fry Ronnie Gallimore Wayne Gardner Thomas Gardner Barbara Goad Jeff Dalton takes a break from the hectic life of being a Junior. 50 JUNIORS LEAD A HECTIC LIFE Larry Goad Mary Goad Becky Hale Beverly Harris Oscola Harris Sanford Hatcher Natasha Hayden Lois Heath Roxanne Heath Melanie Helms Teressa Helms Debora Higgs Roger Higgs Amanda Hopkins Michael Howard Angela Huff Connie Huff Ken Huff Rebecca Huff Richard Huff CLASS RINGS — ANOTHER BIG EVENT iN Ann Hylton Daryl Hylton Janice Hylton Scott Hylton Scotty Hylton Debbie Jones Robbie Kaselitz G.D. Keith Sharon Hylton Jane Keith Lawerence Kidd Gary King Rebecca Lane Ounh Le Vickie Lee Kim Lemons Mary Lewis Judy Mannon Harvey Marshall 52 Dennis Marshall Deborah Martin Billy McAlexander John McLean Dreama McNeil Paul McNeil Phillip Miller Mike Mitchell Jayne Moran Steve Moran Ronnie Wilson and Mary Sewell try to decide if the prestige of get- ting their class rings is worth all that money. Mr. Peak admires Harvey Marshall’s newly acquired class ring. 53 JUNIORS SHOW GREAT SPIRIT, Cathy Poff Linda Poff Bruce Quesenberry Gerry Quesenberry Kathy Quesenberry Ricky Radford Jan Reece Janice Reed Rhonda E. Reed Rhonda S. Reed Mary Sewell Peggy Shelton Cathy Shortt Curtis Sloane Judy Smith Dwayne Sowers Carl Stafford Brenda Strickland Dean Sutphin Melody Sweeney 54 PEP, AND ENTHUSIASM Donna Tenney Rhonda Terry David Thomas Brenda Strickland and Linda Whitsett model their outfits for Spirit Week. Wesley Thompson Pam Tolbert Debbie Turner Nora Underwood Mark VanDyke Susan Via Danny Wade Rosemary Walker Steve Walters Lori Waters Johnny Weddle Gladys Whitlock Linda Whitsett Gino Williams Janean Williams Timmy Williams Mike Willis Gregory Wilson Ronnie Wilson Beverly Wimmer Connie Wimmer Sandra Wimmer Paula Yearout Keith Young Jackie Phillips It looks like Melody Sweeney was really happy to get her class ring! Beverly Wimmer stops long enough to pose in her hat for the camera. Bruce, Your life and the world around it was one of a kind, You were always you, even through this earthly bind. Through smiles, laughter, and faith, You might have strown upon your friends a little grace. You stood up for your liberty, Where with the world has now set you free, And you’ll never be entangled again in the yoke of bondage. Unto you, may peace multiply, But unto us, may memories of you be a bountiful supply. Bruce Weddle The Junior homecoming attendants were Angela Browning and Dawn Fry. 57 I HAVE GROWN The Sophomores chose to dedicate their homecoming decora- tions in memory of Buddy Poff, the class president. I had a happy childhood A normal one they say. Then why am I not content To play where I used to play? My kites they must fly higher now. My boats ride rougher streams. My toy solders march to different beats. My heart has bigger dreams. Buddy Poff SOPHOMORES Class Officers: Loretta Bolt, Vice President; Becky Alderman, Reporter; Linda Compton, Treasurer; Jolee Harman, Secre- tary. Sponsors: Mrs. Janet Keith, Mrs. Sarah QuesenOerry, Miss Elizabeth McQuown, Head Sponsor — Miss Ruth Ann Slusher, Mr. John Harman, Mrs. Nancy Roop. 58 1 Gwen Agnew ' Danny Bain Sandra Belcher Cindy Coates Becky Alderman Donna Aldridge Joseph Argabright Joseph Austin Dale Anderman Vicky Belcher Loretta Bolt Sharon Bolt Daniel Bower Patricia Boyd Eugene Branscome Shelly Bryant David Carr Gare Caveness Janine Clower Brian Cockram David Cockram Cathy Collins Pam Collins Darryl Compton 59 ■SE " Darlene Dalton Wanda Dickerson The Sophomore Homecoming Court was Becky Alderman and Cathy Ouzts. f Mike Dishman Georgette Dotson Joyce Duncan Rita Eller Wendy Ellwanger Gerald Gardner Jeff Gearhart Danny Goad Rosetta Goad Steven Graham Elma Harmon Jolee Harman Oleda Harris 60 SOPHOMORES FIND TIME FOR “GOOFING OFF” ALONG WITH THE WORK Brenda Howard Timothy Howe ll Wayne Howell Darrell Huff Cynthia Hylton Juianita Hylton Micheal Hylton Nancy Hylton David Ingram Janet Janney Bobby Jewell jTv " £=-; ■ ' v Kenneth Keith Dede Kelly Barry King Clyde Lance Doug Lawerence Joan Lawerence Clyde Light 61 Peggy Marshall Brenda Martin Robert Martin Steven McAlexander Delores Mitchell Dale Moran Donna Moran Kenneth Moran Melody Morris Bobby Munzing Amanda Perdue Jeffery Phillips Dede Kelly, Cindy Coates, Lynn Son- Candy Poff ner, and Sharon Bolt have a pep rally during English class. Allen Marshall Sandra Moles Jennifer Nester Cathy Ouzts Donna Quesenberry 62 Kathy Quesenberry Kent Quesenberry Patricia Quesenberry Rebecca J. Rebecca S. Carol Radford Quesenberry Quesenberry Johnny Radford Lois Radford Venda Radford Alfred Reed Jeff Reed Jennifer Reed SOPHOMORES START PLANNING CAREERS Lori Reynolds John Rierson Lisa Robbins Denny Sanders Beth Shelor Bobby Shelor Linda Shelton Wanda Sheppard Brenda Shortt Kevin Simpkins Loretta Simpkins 63 Ricky Sutphin Shelia Sutphin Anne Sweebe Kathy Tatum Joyce Thompson Ricky Thompson Terry Thompson Adolph Turner Johnnie Turner Kevin Turner Dorcas Underwood Jessie Sutphin Larry Sutphin Debby Terry Roger Thomas Joan Townley Carol Trail Cathy Ouzts watches while Janine Clower tries to get herself out of the basketball net. 64 Darryl Vest Jimmy Vest Kevin Vest Timmy Vest Often seen in the hall between Class- es “just Goofing off " are Patricia Quesenberry, Becky Quesenberry and Gwen Via. THE YEAR — 1979 — OUR YEAR Gwen Via Debbie Weaver Joanne Weddle Larry Weddle David West David West Cheri Whitlow Ronald Willis Judy Wray Penny Conner Tim Vest, Jeff Conner, and Jeff Link Danny Cook Darrell Smith head to the lockerroom with Coach Beale for another afternoon of practice. Wonder what this group is up to, since Gerald Gardner is so surprised by the camera? 65 Class Officers: Barry Agee, Dale Goad, Richard Vioght, Crystal Saunders, Pam Slaughter Barry Agee Tina Agee Donna Akers Ronald Alderman Kim Altizer Lola Argabright Class Sponsors: Ms. Billie Victorine, Ms. Catherine Phillips, Ms. Gladys Agee, Ms. Sharon Wood, Mr. David Gardner, Ms. Sandy Mills, Ms. Clara Martin. Not pictured: Ms. Malinda Walker, head sponsor 66 Mark Bain William Ballinger Larry Battle Steve Beaver Jo Helen Bell Marcus Berry Cathy Conner, Kim Via, Mitzi Maberry, Kay Sowers, Bobby Clark, Dwayne Bolt, and Larry Williams take time out to discuss the events of the day. David Bolt Dwayne Bolt Rebecca Bolt Steven Bolt William Bolt Mike Bower Annette Boyd Brenda Boyd Bill Boyd Pat Branch Tony Brown David Burcham 67 NEW SERVICE CLUB ATTRACTS FRESHMEN BOYS Casey Clinger Lisa Coates Danny Collins Debbie Collins Robin Collins Calvin Conner Cathy Conner Rhonda Conner Laurel Cope Ronald Cox Regina Dalton Roger Davis Tommy DeHart The Freshmen have learned what to expect from high school life. Gone is the strange newness which was experienced during the first year at FCHS. Freshmen are adjusting to a greater variety of classes and the newness of coed physi- cal education while enjoying JV sports and increased participation in clubs and ac- tivities. Ms. Melinda Walker and Dale Goad discuss plans for the Freshmen class. Nathan Farmer Frankie Ford Stella Gann Kenny Gardener Billy Goad Cody Goad Teresa Manning works hard mastering the skills of her rifle in band. Dale Goad ft ' , K •: C S ' ■ r si ' • Mike Goad Dwayne Goad Laurie Griffith Martha Hale Norman Harman Temple Harman Dwayne Harriston Ronnie Harrell Cindy Harvey Monica Hayden Danny Harris Jerry Harvey Alice Hatcher 69 Carol Burke and Barbara Yopp seem to have found some- thing more interesting than their class work. Audrey Hixon Dennis Hollandsworth Glenn Hollandsworth Mary Howard Rhonda Howell Jodie Huff A friendly smile helps Steve Beaver get through the day. 70 Garrett Keith Kalvin Keith Sandra Keith Shelby Keith Joni Ketner Tersa King Joe Lucas Benny Lance Rachel Lawson Phung Le Curtis Lester Sara Lovitt Mitzi Maberry Terry Maberry Tersa Manning Sandra Marshall Toby Marshall Wayne Marshall Eddie Martin Jennifer Martin Patsy Martin Sussanna Martin Theresa Maxey Lois McGrady Rodney Roberson seems to be trying to do his English, but Ronnie Harrel has his mind on other things. 71 FRESHMEN PARTICIPATE IN JV SPORTS s» ■ Arlene McPeak Marie Moles Doug Morris Alice Pearce Tina Agee and Jody Huff smile for a picture on their way up the ladder. Sarah Via and Cathy Conner preside over a freshman club meeting. Larry Midkiff Mack Montgomery Robert Pauley Brenda Perdue Samuel Morris Ramona Nester Crystal Nichols Darrell Nolen 72 Audrey Perkins Larry Peters Andrea Phillips Donna Phillips Kevin Phillips Ricky Poff Jennifer Price Bobby Pratt Donna Quensenberry Trena Quesenberry Lisa Radford Yolanda Rakes Karen Reed Norma Reed Tim Roberson Bill Sanders Bruce Saunders Crystal Saunders Walter Saunders Jimmy Shelton Patricia Simpkins Chuck Simpson Pam Slaughter Debbie Smith f David Radford Rodney Roberson Cynthia Shaffer Eugene Smith 73 Unaware of the camera, Walter Saun- ders searches for something in his pocket. GREATER VARIETY OF CLASSES MEET FRESHMEN INTERESTS Parris Stafford Clare Steele Keith Stuart Frosty Sumner Avis Sutphin Brenda Sutphin ’MwwaiP ' awiy Dale Sutphin Reba Sutphin Sandra Sutphin Teresa Sutphin John Sweebe Sue Thompson Teresa Tolbert Carol Turman Bruce Turner Teresa Turpin Cindy Vest Tim Vest Kim Via Priscilla Via Sarah Via Debra Wade a 4 Robin Weaver Debora Webb Debra Weddle Mary Weddle Louise Whitlock Marie Whitlock Ricky Willard Larry Williams Becky Wimmer Joyce Wood Barbara Yopp Terry Young Rachel Lawson smiles after being caught by the camera on Fifties Day. 75 In the fall of the school year 1962-1963, FCHS opened its doors for the first time. This was the first year of life for the eighth graders. Now, they have finally arrived. Most showed wide-eyed anticipation of the coming school year. Sponsors: Ms. Alta Turman, Ms. Freeda Rorrer, Ms. Venessa Spencer, Mr. Winfred Beale, Ms. Catherine Nester, Mr. Chris Harman, Head Sponsor; Mr. Ken- neth Phillips. CLA SS OF 1981 Linda Tolbert, Vice President; Dale Mannon, President; Anita Whitlock, Reporter; Randy Cannaday, Treasurer; Brenda Tolbert, Secretary. Right: Marching seems like hard work for Joy Ellwanger and Beth Munzing. Above: Linda Tolbert carried the queen’s crown at Homecoming and Sharon Foley carried the bouquet of roses. 76 Ellen Agee Tammy Agee Nelson Akers Ann Aldridge James Allen Michael Angle Tony Atkins Allen Bain Mike Battle Johnny Bishop Larry Black Yvonne Blackwell Donnie Bland Mark Bolt Kenneth Boyd Allen Bond , f r A ft Guy Bower Lemuel Bower Rodger Bower Ricky Boyd Billy Branscome Dianne Branscome Dale Brooks Joyce Brown Regina Browning Clarence Burnett Randy Cannaday Darrell Carr Mike Carr Randy Carroll Pat Cartwright Tammy Cartwright Brant Caveness Mark Clemons Jeff Coartney Bobby Compton Brenda Conner Deborah Conner Glenn Conner Jay Conner Garrett Cox Sandra Cox 77 A LONG JOURNEY JUST BEGUN Elvin Cruise Leon Cruise Mona Dalton Rebecca DeWeese Richard Dickerson Tina Eller Joy Ellwanger Sharon Foley Doug Fugate Bruce Gallimore Rhonda Gallimore Richard Gibson Larry Griffith Sharon Goad John Gregg Sandra Grooms Susan Goad Susan Goad and Ellen Agee decided to dress up for the Fifties day. Amos Flale Susan Flale Jeff Flarman V Students in Mrs. Nester ' s eighth grade English class find the camera more interesting than the book. 78 Doris Harris Gail Harris m Libby Holt John Houston Gary Heath Ralph Hollandsworth Tony Howell Reba Huff Pat Cartwright is caught daydreaming while in science class. Ricky Huff Timmy Huff Wilma Huff Clark Hylton Gerald Hylton Regena Hylton Phyllis Janney Deborah Jewell Mike Keith Mike Keith Breck Kitts Mark Laing Carl Light Rachel Maberry Crystal Manning Dale Mannon Calvin Marshall Carol Martin Lisa Martin Roger Maxey Lisa Maxwell Pamela Miller Donnie Minson Allen Nester Becky Moles Darrell Moran Teresa Moran Beth Munzing 79 Dale Nester Connie Nichols Joe Pack Nancy Perdue Wanda Perkins Dinah Phillips Debbie Poff Mark Poff De ronda Price Cindy Gerald Karen Kevin Mariette Quesenberry Quesenberry Quesenberry Quesenberry Quesenberry Melinda Rebecca Jane Radford Linda Radford Timothy Reed Millie Repass Penny Reynolds Quesenberry Quesenberry Junior Rutter Cynthia Saunders A NEW BEGINNING Lunchtime gives these eighth graders a chance to socialize. 80 Cheryl Shelor Richy Sheppard Ronnie Sheppard Wendell Sheppard Greg Shortt Jimmy Shortt Kendall Simpkins Melissa Slone George Slusher Scott Smith Vangie Smith Jimmy Snead Mark Sonner Doug Sowder Mark Sowers Virginia Sowers Ann Spangler George Spangler Gary Stacy Kenneth Stanley Regina Steele Dale Strickler Mary Ann Stump Dwayne Sutphin Tammy Sweeney Barbara Tatum Brenda Tolbert and Rhonda Thompson were the eighth grade homecoming court candidates. David Thomas Darrell Rhonda Sherrell Brenda Tolbert Linda Tolbert Hank Turman Thompson Thompson Thompson 81 LOOK OUT — WE’RE COMING Judy Turman Teresa Turner Benita VanCleave Kyle Vaughn Cindy Vest Danny Vest Darrell Wade Mike Weaver Charles Webb Diane Weddle Lloyd Weddle Duane Weeks Wanda Weeks Susan West Anita Whitlock Shari Whitlock David Whitt Allen Willard Brenda Willard Donald Willard Looks like Ricky Huff got caught by the camera on hat day. Lisa Williams Roger Williams Kay Wilson Charlie Womack, Ricky Wray Calvin Yates David Yeatts Jr. Frank Yopp Lisa Young Natasha Zaresky Susan Conner David Greene Thanh Le 82 School Board Members : Mr. Ray Hollandsworth, superintendent; Mrs. Mildred Thomson, clerk of the school board; Mr. Gerald Phillips, Mr. Vernon Baker, Mr. Ford Peters, Mr. James Harman, Mrs. Donnie Wood. Ray Hollandsworth Superintendent School Board and Administration Coordinate Activities While Keeping Up Standards of Quality Education John Houston Administrative Assistant Mrs. Dorothy Casteel, who has served as both an elementary and high school teacher and as general supervisor, retired in February after twenty-five years of service. 83 Above left: William Gardner, Visiting Teacher and Title I Director. Above right: JoAnn Claytor, Director of NYC Program. Right: Barbar Holbrook, School Psychologist. 84 Mr. Robert E. Peak Principal B.S. VPI and SU M. Ed. VPI and SU Centers Around Main Office Mrs. Lorice O’Conner Vocational secretary Mrs. Janice Shelor Receptionist and Bookkeeper Mrs. Iris Poff Secretary to the principal Mr. Dennis M. Semones Assistant Principal B.S. VPI and SU M. Ed. VPI and SU 85 Mrs. Gladys Agee B.S. Radford College Home Economics Young Homemakers Advisor Mrs. Nola Albert B.S. Radford College M.S. VPI and SU Guidance Director Mr. Winfred Beale B.S. The American University Physics, Science JV Football Coach Ass t. Track Coach Mr. Worley Bishop B.S. Tusculum College M.S. Arizona State University Physical Education Varsity Basketball Coach Varsity Baseball Coach Varsity Club Sponsor Mr. John Burns Bachelor of Music Appalachian State University Eighth Grade Band Mrs. Lillian Cockram B.S. Radford College M.Ed. VPI and SU Home Economics HERO Sponsor 86 Mr. Robert Ellwanger B.S. East Carolina University M.A. East Carolina University Music Appreciation Senior Band Mr. Ellis Enoch A.B. Fairmont State College M.A. Radford College World Geography SCA Advisor Mr. David Gardner B.S. VPI and SU M.Ed. VPI and SU Agriculture Ass t. FFA and KVG Sponsor Mrs. Joyce Hall B.S. Radford College English JV Cheerleading Sponsor Mr. Chris Harman B.S. Mars Hill College Chemistry, Science Eighth Grade Football Coach Mr. John Harman B.S. Bridgewater College M S. Radford College History, Government SAE Sponsor 87 Mr. Stanley Hawkins B.A. Guilford College Sociology, History Assistant Varsity Football Coach Mr. Daniel Lucas VPI and SU Industrial Maintenance VICA Club Sponsor Mr. H E. Keith, III B.S. VPI and SU Shop Math, Algebra I Eighth Grade Football Coach Beta Club Sponsor Mrs. Janet Keith B.S. Radford College English Forensics Sponsor Voice of Democracy Contest Sponsor Mr. David Keith B.S. Mars Hill College Math 9, Geometry Algebra II YFSO Club Sponsor Mr. C.E. Mannon A. A. Freed Hardeman B.S. VPI and SU Guidance Director Jr. YFO Sponsor 88 Mrs. Catherine Nester B.A. Emory and Henry English CSC Sponsor Mrs. Clara Martin B.S. Radford College M.S. Radford College English Quill and Scroll Sponsor Magazine Sponsor Miss Elizabeth McQuown B.S. Radford College Physical Education J.V. Basketball Coach Varsity and Eighth and Grade Track Miss Sandra Mills B.S. Radford College Physical Education Varsity Basketball Coach Volleyball Coach GAA Sponsor Mrs. Mary Murrie B.S. Madison College Librarian Library Club Sponsor Mr. Rudolph Marshall B.A. Emory and Henry M.S. VPI and SU History, Government Debate Sponsor 89 Mrs. Catherine Pauley B.S. Radford College M.S. Radford College Art Art Club Sponsor Mrs. Catherine Phillips B.S. Radford College M.S. Radford College Home Economics FHA Sponsor Mr. Kenneth Phillips B.S. VPI and SU M.S. VPI and SU Agriculture FFA and KVG Sponsor Mrs. Joyce Pugh B.S. Radford College English Photography Club Sponsor Mrs. Connie Quesenberry B.S. Radford College Mathematics Assistant SCA Sponsor Mrs. Sarah Quesenberry B.S. Radford College Mathematics, Algebra 90 Mrs. Wanda Radford B.S. Radford College M.S. Radford College Business Mr. Kenneth Raines B.S. East Tennessee State University Physical Education Head Track Coach Assistant Varsity Football Coach Mrs. Kathleen Rakes B.S. Radford College M. Ed. University of Virginia English, Guidance Varsity and Eighth Grade Cheerleading FACULTY, STAFF Mrs. Joyce Reed Guidance Secretary Mrs. Nancy Roop B.S. Radford College M. Ed. VPI and SU Business FBLA Club Sponsor Mr. Calvin Rorrer B.S. VPI and SU M.S. Radford College Industrial Arts IA Club Sponsor 91 Mrs. Freeda Rorrer Mrs. Mary Lou Shelor Mrs. Neva Simmons B.S. Radford College Library Aid Teacher’s Aid M.S. Radford College Biology, Mathematics Jr. Science Club Sponsor Miss Ruth Ann Slusher B.S. Radford College Business Mrs. Sandra Smith B.A. Radford College M.A. Madford College Choral Miss Vanessa Spencer B.S. Virginia State College English, Mathematics, Social Studies Jr. CSC Club Sponsor Mr. Dan Surface A.B. Guilford College M.S. University of Tennessee Physical Education, Biology Varsity Football Coach J.V. Basketball Coach Tennis Coach 92 Mr. George Thomson VPI and SU Building Trades VICA Sponsor Mrs. Alta Turman B.S. Radford College Science, Biology Sr. Science Club Sponsor Miss Billie Victorine B.S. Radford College Certificat d ' etudes Institute de Tourraine French, English French Club Sponsor Mrs. Melinda Walker B.S. Virginia State College Reading, Mathematics Mr. Edward Weeks Danvill Tech VPI and SU Auto Mechanics VICA Sponsor Mr. Lyle Wimmer B.A. Emory and Henry Drama, Learning Lab One-Act Play Eighth Grade Basketball Coach Drama Club Sponsor Mrs. Sharon Wood B.S. Radford College M.S. Radford College English, Journalism Publications Advisor 93 Front row: Edith Hylton, Mildred Kidd, Levie Thompson; Back row: Gertrude Sowers, manager; Louise Hylton, Pauline Hale, Virginia Spence, Dorothy Goad. CUSTODIAL AND CAFETERIA STAFFS PUT IN LONG DAYS OF WORK Mabel Via doesn’t have time to stop for a chat as she goes about her daily errands. Oscar McDaniel, Mabel Via, Don Weeks, (not pictured: Mr. Dulaney.) Even before, and long after regular school hours the cooks and custodians are on duty. The cafeteria staff begins its day before eight each morning in order to have the first hot lunches ready by eleven. A new law which allows students to refuse some items offered on the type A lunch furnished by the cafeteria did not, according to the cooks, cause too many problems. Students were required to choose at least three items. The custodians also arrive early and leave the building long after the home-bound buses have left. Classrooms, halls, and restrooms must be cleaned each afternoon, in addition to the cleaning chores that go on all day. 94 37 BUSES TRANSPORT STUDENTS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY Bus garage staff: Harmon Williams, Leslie Sowers, Glen Reed, G.D. Whitlock, Sherman Thompson. Only one of Sherman Thompson ' s daily chores is helping to keep the bus garage clean. The FCHS bus drivers transport students to and from school, and transport clubs and classes on field trips. Mr. Whitlock, head of maintenance, and his crew are available during all hours of bus schedules to cope with any problems that might arise. In addition, they keep the buses in fine condition by their daily work. c Student bus drivers. Front row: Marvin Brammer, David Sutphim, Andy Guilliams, Tom Stafford, Frank Murrie. Back row: Mike Cox, Steve Farmer, Rodney Collins, Harold Higgs. 95 SPORTS Loretta Bolt VARSITY GIRLS CREATE SPIRIT CHEERING — HARD WORK BUT FUN Varsity Cheerleaders: Dawn Fry, Loretta Bolt, Allison East, Gail Ouzts, Cathy Poff, Sandra Wimmer, Becky Alderman, Melanie Helms, Rhonda Alderman, Winona Angle. Cheerleaders make posters giving Varsity football players recognition. mmtgWM Caught in the act of cheering at a football game are Allison East, Loretta Bolt, Cathy Poff, Sandra Wimmer, and Melanie Helms. Gail Ouzts cheers the Buffaloes on to Victory 99 JV and Eighth Grade Sports Boosted by Cheerleaders L. Compton, B. Shortt, S. Harris, B. Wimmer, J. Clower, captain; C. Ouzts, W. Ellwanger, J. Huff, T. Agee. Stunts add to the routine performed by JV cheerleaders B. Wimmer and K. Surbaugh. Eighth grade cheerleaders: Row one: J. Hale, J. Ellwanger, W. Weeks, K. Wil- son. Row two: R. Thompson, S. Foley, J. Brown. 100 “If your team’s gonna win, you gotta yell,” a familiar cheer done by the JVs. Above: S. Harris and J. Clower wear different expressions causing one to wonder how the game is going. Top right: J. Ellwanger, captain. Right: JV cheerleaders show enthusiasm while cheering the boys on to victory. 101 VARSITY TEAM HAS WINNING SEASON Varsity football team: Bruce Turner — Mgr., Jerry Boothe, Terry Smith, Robert Spence, Ken Huff, Allen Belcher, Jimmy Vest, Dale Goad, Mike Dishman — Mgr., Row two: Rick Voight — Mgr., Johnny Radford, Lawrence Kidd, Carl Stafford, Kendall Bolt, Ricky Clower, Ervin Martin, William Helms, Lewis Stuart, John Slayman — Mgr., Row three: Ken Raines — coach, Dan Surface — Head Coach, Mike Willis, Terry Manning, Jim Gordon, Harvey Marshall, Allen Shelor, Adolf Turner, Chris Caveness, Terry Thompson, Stan Hawkins — Coach, Winfred Beale — Coach. Head coach, Dan Surface with team co-captains, Lewis Stuart and Kendall Bolt. Varsity football coaches Winfred Beale, Ken Raines, Dan Sur- face, and Stan Hawkins. 102 24 6 14 12 33 Carroll Giles George Wythe Lord Botetourt Christiansburg Narrows Galax Blacksburg Radford Fort Chiswell Record 5-5 Opponent 16 This year Floyd County has a record that they can be proud of. We had five wins, (the most ever for Floyd in the New River District), and scored the most points — 209. Lewis Stuart set a school record, being the first running back in the school’s history to go over 3000 yards. Losing only twelve people this year, Floyd should be a top contender next year. The Buffaloes move downfield after a kickoff to stop the Christiansburg Demons. Lewis Stuart runs the ball against Carroll County in the first game. Players watch the events of the game with anticipation. Coaches Dan Surface and Ken Raines talk over changes in game plans with quarter- back Harvey Marshall. TRIBUTE TO SENIOR PLAYERS William Helms 104 105 JV and Eighth Grade Football Teams Have Discouraging Seasons Eighth grade team. Row one: C. Harman, coach, B. Roberson, G. Cox, D. Mannon, K. Vaughn, S. Robbins, M. Keith, G. Heath. Row two: H.E. Keith, coach; H. Turman, J. Shortt, R. Williams, J. Rutter, L. Cruise, C. Marshall, D. Nester. Row three: A. Bain, W. Sheppard, L. Black, M. Laing, D. Thompson, L. Willard, J. Harman. Row four: C. Webb, R. Maxey, M. Sonner, J. Courtney, R. Hollandsworth, D. Gray. JV team. Row one: J. Conner, T. Vest. Row two: B. Boyd, J. Turner, J. Phillips, M. Goad, D. Bolt, W. Bolt, W. Bolt, J. Stuart. Row three: B. Clark, M. Bain, G. Gardner, M. Hodge, J. Vaughn, E. Smith, K. Simpkins. Row four: D. Compton, T. DeHart, D. Bain, J. Gearheart, T. Manning, T. Roberson, B. Agee, J. Harvey. JV Scores Floyd 14 Fort Chiswell Opponent 0 Floyd Eighth Grade Scores Opponent 0 Galax 24 0 Galax 0 8 Christiansburg 0 6 Christiansburg 36 0 Radford 14 6 Radford 12 0 Blacksburg 22 0 Blacksburg 40 0 Carroll County 21 22 Carroll County 6 8 George Wythe 30 6 George Wythe 32 106 Volleyball Team Has Good Second Year Row one: K. Via, manager; M. Roberson, co-apt.; D. Hubbard, Capt.; A. Blackwell, manager. Row two: G. Via, P. Hollandsworth, L. Whitsett, C. Wimmer, B. Strickland, L. Simpkins, Miss Mills, coach. Row three: B. Harris, manager; S. Via, manager; M. Sewell, A. Conner, K. Janney, K. Phillips, B. Wimmer, T. Nester. Below: Martha Roberson, co-captain, puts all her strength and concentration into her serve. Right: Kathy Janney, Debbie Hubbard, and Beverly Wimmer give encouragement and sup- port to their teammates. Volleyball Scores Opponent Match Winner George Wythe Floyd Narrows Narrows Carroll County Floyd Blacksburg Blacksburg Radford Floyd Giles Giles Giles Floyd Christiansburg Floyd Christiansburg Floyd Narrows Floyd George Wythe Floyd Blacksburg Blacksburg Carroll County Carroll County 107 Left to right — co-captain, Kim O ' Donnell; captain, Kathy Janney; Loretta Simpkins, Teresa Nester, Brenda Strickland, Wanda Mannon, Anita Conner, Mary “Moose " Sewell, Christy East, Linda Whittset, Coach, Sandy Mills; Manager, Yvette Boyd 108 Senior Kathy Janney leads ten-member team in fourth year of girls basketball This Year’s basketball team proved they are as good as any team in the district and a team to be proud of. To be a team as this, requires many hours of practice, long talks, giving of oneself and setting aside separate differences to form as one. “Together Alright” has been the demanding motto, pulling us to the top through a lot of hard times. Kathy Janney shoots for 2 points against the Cavaliers. Brenda Strickland tries to recover the ball from a Cavalier. Third place in the New River District Our team is on the way up. Give what you have, what you keep will be lost forever. Each member is important, and has a job to do. Try to be the best basketball player that you can be proud of. Happiness is girl’s basketball players. Everything in life that is meaningful requires de- sire and self-dedication to attain. Reaching a set goal requires giving 100%. A dedicated believer. Leaving inner conflict behind, and striving for the highest goal attainable — No. 1. Reaching the highest team unity and using this unity to win. Inner pride is needed to achieve outer excel- lence. Goals are set high, be devoted and strive to at- tain them. Having a satisfied mind comes when a person has experienced complete giving of their self for a set goal. Togetherness is just a word but when you bring it into reality it can take you to the top. 109 51 53 49 Radford Galax Christiansburg Carroll Blacksburg George Wythe Narrows Giles 47 Radford 55 46 Galax 29 HI 37 1 Christian urg 1 y, 46 i 46 Carroll % L ' 38 V George Wythe Narrows Giles Tournament — 4th 37 Giles 0 33 f 34 Blacksburg 56 45 Christiansburg 54 Kim O’Donnell brings the ball up court. The Team watches for a rebound 110 JV’S END 76 SEASON WITH 11-5 RECORD Floyd 16 Radford 20 Floyd 28 Galax 12 Floyd 17 C’burg 19 Floyd 14 Carroll 10 Floyd 20 B’burg 44 Floyd 32 G.W. 20 Floyd 28 Narrows 23 Floyd 21 Giles 12 Floyd 20 Radford 19 Floyd 29 Galax 25 Floyd 28 C’burg 24 Floyd 25 Carroll 10 Floyd 23 B’burg 45 Floyd 25 G.W. 17 Floyd 29 Narrows 27 Floyd 15 Giles 17 A foul results in a jump ball between Ellen Agee and a Rad- ford player. Brenda Tolbert (co-captain), Ellen Agee (captain), Joanne Weddle (manager), Connie Nichols, Annette Boyd, Wanda Weeks, Linda Tolbert, Anita Whitlock, Joni Robbins, Kim Via (manager), Teresa Manning, JoAnn Shank, Beth Munzing, Tammy Sweeney, Teresa Tolbert, Susan Conner, Monica Hayden, Crystal Manning, Coach Elizabeth McQuown. Ill SKILL, EXPERIENCE, AND DETERMINATION ACCOUNT FOR J.V.’S FINE RECORD. This years J.V. girls Basketball Team proved that inexperience is not a downfall. With eleven wins and five loses, they tied for 3rd in the district. There were eleven eighth graders, three freshmen, with only one returning player from last year. Their motto — “Team Power’’ was a good example of the hard work they put in. Top scorer for the season was Brenda Tolbert, (co. capt) and top rebounder was Ellen Agee, (Capt.) (above) Linda Tolbert tries hard to drive around the player as Joni Robbins moves into position to assist. (left) Joni Robbins tries for a jump ball for FCHS against the Radford Bobcats. 112 Buffaloes Finish Fifth in District Left — Adolf Turner and William Helms strive for possession of the ball as Gino Williams and Harvey Marshall wait ready to help. Right — Lewis Stuart makes a lay-up for an easy two points. Floyd Opponent 60 Shawsville 55 59 Galax w H 57 62 Christiansburg 67 55 Auburn iriffl 57 75 George Wythe 67 58 Giles 47 76 Carroll County 86 62 Radford r ' V 72 53 Blacksburg 74 71 Galax ■ 92 81 Christiansburg 66 63 George Wythe 50 67 Shawsville 56 61 Giles 66 58 Carroll County 53 61 Radford 66 64 Auburn -v E a 49 70 Narrows 61 66 Blacksburg 79 81 Narrows 75 Tournament 77 Galax 81 I The Buffaloes are announced to the crowd before the game begins. 113 Varsity basketball team: Row one — Tim Vest, Larry Goad, Howard Conduff, Gino Williams, Jim Vest, Johnny Turner. Row two — Eugene Duncan, William Helms, David Baker, Harvey Marshall, Kevin Vest, Ervin Martin, Lewis Stuart. 114 Varsity Team Will Lose Four to Graduation William Helms Ervin Martin Howard Conduff Lewis Stuart 115 Adolph Turner looks for help as Gino Williams and Harvey Marshall arrive ready to assist him. Timmy Vest beats opponents down court for a lay- up. George Wythe players gain possession of Harvey Marshall, Adolph Turner, and Gino Williams look ready to get the re- the ball in the FCHS Key. bound. 116 Above Left: Kevin Vest battles with player from Narrows for possession of the ball. Above right: Jeff Gearheart, Terry Manning, and Jeff Beckner help on defense. Bottom left: Jeff Beckner tries for an extra point from the free throw line. Bottom right: Jeff Gearheart needs some help getting around a Narrow’s player. JV team finishes successful season while Eighth graders gain valuable experiences. 117 Row one: Terry Slusher, Johnny Turner, Bobby Shelor, Bobby Clark, Jimmy Vest, Larry Williams. Row two: Dan Surface, coach; Barry Agee, Kevin Vest, Jeff Gearheart, Larry Beckner, Terry Manning, Gare Caveness. Eighth grade: Row one: Gary Cox, Roger Williams, Dale Mannon, Lyle Wimmer, coach. Row two: Breck Kitts, John Houston, Brant Caveness, Darrell Thompson, Hank Turman, Doug Sowder, Ralph Hollandsworth, Jay Conner, Dale Nester, Doug Morris. JV Eighth Grade Floyd Opponent Floyd Opponent 61 Shawsville 29 23 Auburn 41 50 Galax 31 28 Hillsville 24 45 Christiansburg 41 32 Galax 28 41 Auburn 42 26 Christiansburg 32 38 George Wythe 23 36 George Wythe 32 48 Giles 26 32 Giles 33 38 Carroll 44 53 Radford 43 36 Radford 60 30 Blacksburg 56 43 Galax 26 43 Christiansburg 33 44 George Wythe 31 29 Shawsville 30 49 Giles 46 37 Carroll 39 35 Radford 56 40 Auburn 36 37 Narrows 36 30 Blacksburg 41 52 Narrows 51 SPORTS OFFER A VARIETY OF EXPERIENCES Anticipation — one of the main sports ingredients. Total concentration wins the game. Girls in a P.E. class try to master the skills of basketball. Unfortunately some pain may go along with playing the game. With a variety of thoughts going through their minds, athletes set out to do their best. Cheerleaders show determination in cheering the team on. 119 f ACTIVITIES Homecoming 76 was held on Friday, October 1. The Buffaloes defeated the Christiansburg Demons in the last seconds of the game by a score of 28-22. The eighth grade won first place for their decorations at the Homecoming dance. The night was highlighted by the crowning of Sandra Turner as the school’s thirteenth Homecoming Queen. S A N D R A T U R N E R HOMECOMING 76 QUEEN Homecoming Court: Linda Tolbert, Rhonda Thompson, Karen Reed, Becky Alderman, Angela Browning, Leesa Peters, Sandra Turner, Gail Ouzts, Dawn Fry, Kathy Ouzts, Jo Helen Bell, Brenda Tolbert, Sharon Foley. Senior candidates for Homecoming Queen were Leesa Peters, Sandra Turner, and Gail Ouzts. “Fast Friends” provided the music for a victorious homecoming. Mrs. Wanda Radford shows her spirit during Spirit Week. The Senior’s theme for Homecoming was shown in their decorations as “Back Home Again. " 123 Snow Queen Gail Ouzts and her court, Nancy Rutrough, Leann Smith, Dawn Fry, and Vicki Lee, reigned over the De- cember 14th Christmas Parade. Gail Ouzts, who transferred from Astronaut High School in Florida in her Junior year, was chosen by Seniors as the 1976 Snow Queen. GAIL OUZTS REIGNS AS 1976 SNOW QUEEN. 1976 Miss FCHS, Miss Amanda Hopkins, managed a warm smile in the freezing temperatures. The FBLA float received the 1st place award in the parade. 124 JANUARY 1977 A Time When There Was Noth The fall had been unusually cold. When the first snow fell the third week of November, it lingered for weeks. Schools were closed one day early for Christmas vacation because of bad weather. Returning on January 3, students were dismissed early that afternoon as a freezing rain fell. January 4 was a clear bright day. People joked about the forecasted snow for that night. No one realized that it would be January 31 before another normal school day could be held. The snows were light. In normal conditions they would have caused few prob- lems, but these were not normal times. For days the ther- mometer hovered around zero and roads remained icy and impassable. A warming trend allowed the opening of schools on January 24, but by 9:30 snow was falling and students were dismissed. Cold weather prevented the opening of school until the next Monday, January 31. By that time, stu- dents had missed all but two full and two half days of the month. Traces in the Snow Couples seem to have a good time dancing to the music of “Phoenix”. Providing music for this years Senior Dance was “Pheonix” of Blacksburg. Seniors M. Hale, N. Carroll, and J. Goad provide music during intermission. 126 Couples take time out from dancing to enjoy refreshments. The Senior Dance was held in the high school cafeteria on December 18, 1976. The senior class chose “Traces in the Snow’’ as the theme of the dance. The thirty-one couples attending the dance were entertained by the band “Pheonix’’ from Blacksburg. m - 9 3 r Seniors get their friends to write in their memory books. Head class sponsor Wanda Radford, along with other chaperones, watches the happenings of the night. Couple enjoy a change of pace with a slow, romantic song. 127 A. Maberry, I. Martin, K. Richards, S. Turner. Row two: D. Reed, T. Robbins, K. Simpkins, M. Turpin. Row three: S. Pratt, D. Stuart, P. Manning, A. Hylton, R. Heath. Row four: H. Marshall, L. Kidd, D. Baker, A. Guilliams. First Year for Peer Program Proves Successful At left: Mrs. Danielle Ingham, Peer Sponsor. Below: Peer group counselors and Mrs. Ingham discuss plans for the program. 128 Students Achieve Recognition Attending Governor’s School in 1976 — Sammy Hale. Lewis Stuart was chosen to participate in the annual VHSL East-West All Star Football Game to be held on July 27, 1977. Representing Floyd at Boy’s and Girl’s State in 1976 were: Front Row — Martha Roberson, Kathy Janney, Martha Hale. Back Row — Harold Higgs, Lewis Stuart, Mark Via. 129 Students Use Their Talents . . . Getting an education is more than sitting in a classroom. Education is learning by doing. One of the best ways to learn by doing is to compete. When a student uses his specific interests and talents to participate in the many activities available, he is awarded, not only through winning but also through the experience he gains. Leese Peters — DAR Award Winner Top salesman in the Magazine Campaign were: David Sutphin, Philip Miller, Karen Lawrence, Lisa Robbins. Creative Writing Contest Winners: Front Row — Jane Keith, Larry Manning, Nancy Harman. Back Row — Becky Lane, Donna Akers, Candy Poff, Bonnie Munzing. 130 And Win Various Awards Leesa Peters, Gino Williams, Karen Lawrence — Winners of the Voice of Democracy Contest. Representing Floyd at All State Chorus — Nicky Carroll. Winners in Forensics competition were: Front Row — Pam Lineberry, Lisa Kitts, Kathy Quesenberry, Alicia Belcher. Back Row: Ronald Alderman, Gary Williams, Mark Berry. Not pictured: Tom Stafford. 131 The Senior class chose Leann Smith to be the Madonna while Martha Hale was chosen to be the Angel. All is quiet as the Kings and the Page rest from their journey in search of the Christ child. Madonna, Amahl, Highlights of Amahl entertains the Kings by playing his recorder. 132 The Advanced Choir made up the Shephard’s Chorus for Amahl and the Night Visitors. The Christmas you didn’t see. D. Pratt played the part of Amahl, V. Sutherland as mother, N. Carroll as King Melchior, L. Stuart as King Balthazar, A. Guilliams as King Casper, and J. Austin as the Page in Amahl and Night Visitors. 133 Creative Writing Class Produces Magazine Members of the Creative Writing Class: Front Row: Brenda Howard, Sammy Hale, Joan Lawrence, Yvette Boyd, Neal Huff, Cindy Manning, Gary Williams, Nancy Rutrough, Wayne Hall, Sharon Hylton. Back Row: Sandra Turner, Andy Guilliams, Bonnie Munzing, Orville Davis, Jim Gordon, Karen Lawrence, Sandra Akers, Mrs. Martin, sponsor. Beginning last year, the Creative Writing Class took on the responsibility of publishing the school magazine, The Highland Scops. The magazine is a collection of poems and stories written by students at FCHS. 134 Sammy Hale looks on as Karen Lawrence types a selection to go into the magazine. 1977 Bison Staff: Working Hard — Together Row one: J. Weddle, W. Sheppard. Row two: J. Smith, L. Kitts, K. Sowers, B. Munzing, D. Vest, K. Richards, D. DeWeese, L. Smith. Row three: L. Sutphin, B. Hale, K. Lemons, D. Quesenberry, J. Townley, C. Collins, R. Reed, Mrs. Wood, sponsor. Not pictured: S. Page and J. Reece. The typical yearbook staff mess. February and March were “rush” months for the Bison Staff. In January a snow fell that closed the schools for all but three days; thus, we were unable to meet our deadlines. The entire staff worked diligently to finish everything so that we could get our yearbook in the spring. As yearbook deadlines draw near, it is hard to get co- editors Donna Vest and Bonnie Munzing to smile even for a picture. 135 Journalism Staff Produces School Newspaper Row one: D. Jones, O. Davis, W. Wall, S. Wood, sponsor; J. Moran, R. Reed. Row two: L. Battle, R. Kaselitz, P. Miller, W. Sheppard, L. Simpkins, K. Sowers, S. Moles. Row three: B. Huff, L. Kitts, K. Quesenberry, B. Munzing, J. Dickerson, J. Lawrence. Row four: D. Vaughn, J. Gordon, J. Roop, E. Conner Editorial Board: R. Reed, W. Hall, and J. Moran, co-editors; O. Davis, associate editor, S. Wood, sponsor. 136 Representatives: Row one: R. Voigt, B. Tolbert, S. Foley, J. Shank, B. Caveness, K. Vaughn. Row two: A. Belcher, B. Clark, S. Harris, P. Janney, C. Saunders, K. Lawrence, L. Tolbert, G. Ouzts, D. Boothe. Row three: K. Reed, A. Huff, V. Lee, J. Reed, E. Spangler, L. Smith, B. Agee, R. Snead. Row four: W. Mannon, T. Quesenberry, T. Sutphin, A. Phil lips, M. Hale, K. Sowers, A. Browning, M. Bain, J. Radford, T. Slusher. SCA sponsors annual convention, coordinates school activities and works for improvements WORIl President Sandra Turner often consults with SCA sponsor, Mr. Ellis Enoch, about club functions. Officers: S. Turner, president; M. Via, vice-president; M. Thompson, secretary; B. Wimmer, treasurer; B. Alderman, re- porter. 137 Row one: D. Vest, L. Smith, Secretary; S. Page, K. Sowers, B. Munzing. Row two: G. Hale, J. Gordon, M. Hale, T. Hollandsworth, Treasurer; S. Cox, P. Quesenberry, M. Roberson, N. Harmon. Row three: R. Bolt, J. Cannaday, P. Phillips, B. Bell, K. Coates. Row four: K. Belcher, T. Webb, D. Moran, D. Hubbard, L. Lawson. Row five: J. Goad, K. Phillips, D. Arnold, W. Hall, B. Duncan. Not Pictured: S. Bolt, C. Caveness, A. East, S. Hale, H. Higgs, President; K. Lawrence, P. Lineberry, C. Manning, L. Peters, Reporter; K. Richards, N. Rutrough, Vice President; T. Stafford, M. Thompson, D. Whitlock, M. Via. Scholarship, Leadership, and Good Citizenship Promoted by Members of the Beta Club. Row one: C. Shortt, R. Kaselitz, R. Reed, C. Cox. Row two: K. Goad, D. Fry, W. Angle, S. Via, L. Poff, B. Harris. Row three: L. Waters, S. Wimmer, G. Vest. Row four: J. Moran, G. Broods, S. Carr, A. Hophins, K. Quesenberry. Row Fiv : J. Reece, R. Alderman, W. Vest, M. Sweeny, J. Bond, G. Bower. Row Six: R. Terry, T. Gardner, A. Huff, P. Miller, A. Conner, H. Marshall. Not Pictured; A. Browning, M. Duncan, S. Farmer, M. Helms, M. Howard, L. Kidd, B. Lane, V. Lee, J. Mannon, C. Poff, M. Sewell, J. Smith, G. Tolbert, G. Williams, J. Williams, G. Wilson, B. Wimmer, P. Yearout. 138 Jess Carr, Radford author, addressed the November Quill and Scroll meeting. J. Reece, J. Moran, R. Reed. Row two: K. Quesenberry. Row three: P. Lineberry, L. Smith, S. Page. Row four: R. Kaselitz, J. Smith, P. Miller. Row five: J. Gordon. Quill and Scroll Sponsors Writing Contests Officers. K. Sowers, treasurer; N. Harman, president; B. Munzing, secretary. Row two: D. Vest, vice-president; Mrs. Martin, sponsor. 139 Senior Members of Advanced Choir. Front Smith, M. Turpin, D. Vest, B. Munzing, R. Guilliams, A. Maberry, N. Carroll. Row: C. Caveness, L. Stuart, G. Terry, Mrs. Smith. Row two: G. Bolt, M. Hale, K. Lawrence. Row three: J. Goad, K. Simpkins, A. Singing can be fun as shown here by these members of the Advanced Choir. v 0 These members were selected from the Advanced Choir to represent Floyd County High at All Regionals. They are Nicky Carroll, Mrs. Smith, director; Rhonda Alderman, Karen Lawrence and Andy Guilliams. 140 Advanced Choir. Front Row: J. Goad, L. Stuart, A. Guilliams, Mrs. Sandra Smith, N. Carroll, M. Hale. Row two: G. Terry, C. Caveness, B. Munzing, D. Alderman, M. Mende, D. Moran, K. Lawrence, N. VanCleave, W. Angle, R. Alderman. Row three: K. Quesenberry, R. Terry, G. Smith, M. Turpin, D. Vest, S. Bryant, J. Thompson, R. Reed, K. Simpkins, A. Maberry, A. Smith. Row four: J. Cox, D. Aldridge, D. Weaver, J. Austin, R. Bolt, A. Sweebe, A. Hopkins, C. Carte, A. Browning, L. Waters. Row five: R. Walker, G. Slusher, L. Nixon, T. Staples, D. Thrasher, D. Mitchell, B. Alderman, P. Marshall, D. Moran, J. Reed. The special ensemble is made up of the following people: G. Terry, D. Alderman, A. Browning, M. Hale, J. Goad, accompainist; K. Lawrence, Mrs. Sandra Smith, choral director, assists Joey Goad, accompianist, on a difficult part in the music. 141 Singing Our Way Through School. Beginning Choir. Front Row: K. Wilson, S. Hale, R. Mayberry, C. Quesenberry, P. Reynolds, L. Griffith. Row two: K. Canders, R. Hylton, C. Martin, L. Radford, K. Conner, L. Dulaney, T. Tolbert. Row three: T. Semones, B. Wimmer, S. Whitlock, A. Pearce, S. Lovitt, E. Carroll, L. Redford. Row four: C. Shelor, L. Williams, S. Goad, J. Ellwanger, E. Agee, A. Perkins. Beginning Choir. Front Row: S. Marshall, W. Higgs, P. Miller, T. Moran, B. VanCleave. Row two: L. McGrady, D. Harris, R. Howell, R. Sheppard, V. Sowers. Row three: S. Cox, P. Janney, D. Price, M. Berry, K. Quesenberry, M. Bower, R. Alderman, T. Maxey. Row four: L. Martin, J. Turman, R. Nester, D. Webb, R. Sutphin, S. West, M. Weaver, D. Minson, Jr. 142 Solo Majorette — W. Ellwanger; Majorettes — A. Perdue, B. Strickland, R. Vaughn, N. Rutrough — captain; C. Spence, C. Wimmer, B. Wimmer. Drum Majors — L. Peters, K. Lawrence. Banner — J. Reed, A. Belcher. Rifles — D. Whitlock — captain; R. Lane, B. Shortt, T. Manning, C. Poff, K. Turpin, R. Eller, D. Whitlock. Drums — J. Sutphin, G. Williams, M. Via, C. Lester, D. Morris, E. Smith, D. Boothe, C. Clinger, P. Ring, D. Wade, D. Ingram, T. Eller. Bells — 1st row — front to back — M. Sewell, C.W. Turner, D. Cockram, K. Simpkins, J. Austin, T. Stafford, W. Gardner, S. Hale, M. Berry, G. Wilson. 2nd row — B. Cockram, W. Marshall, A. Blackwell, D. Nolen, R. Bolt, K. Via, A. Sweebe, L. Whitlock, D. Goad, S. Hylton. 3rd row — S. Shank, C. Hopkins, R. Cox, B. Dalton, T. Brown, P. Stafford, P. Yearout, D. Allen, D. Vest, J. Vaughn. 4th row — K. Reed, D. Carr, E. Duncan, N. Hayden, M. Bower, S. Belcher, K. Richards, T. Harmon, R. Shelor. 5th row — R. Willis, K. Keith, G. Sowder, V. Lee, Y. Rakes, J. Mannon, J. Nester, G. Terry, M. Hofges. 6th row — S. Grahm, J. Gearheart, C. Nichols, F. Sumner, J. Huff, C. East, A. Browning, D. Bolt, R. Pauley, D. Radford. 7th row — R. Snead, T. Dehart, J. Ketner, W. Belcher, B. Cope, K. Sowers, J. Williams, R. Alderman, L. Midkiff, F. Murrie. 8th row — H. Conduff, S. Hylton, R. Gallimore, K. Tatum, B. Shelor, W. Perdu, K. Gardner, M. Shortt, T. Nester, K. Vest. Flags — M. Thompson — captain, O. Harris, M. Weddle, M. Maberry, G. Slusher, J. Martin, S. Dehart, S. Turner, J. Smith, T. Staples, D. Weddle, J. Harmon, D. Quesenberry, J. Townley, M. Hayden. BAND PLANS TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS The band front add color to the half-time activities. Drum Majors — Leesa Peters and Karen Lawr- ence. 143 A special time the 1976-77 FCHS band will always remember is the proposed trip to New Orleans this summer. They are among the few bands chosen from Va. to go. The FCHS Marching Band performs at many of the activities at the school. This year the Southwest Band of Distinction performed at the football games boosting spirit, playing in the stands and yelling the Buffaloes to victory. They also performed in the Christmas parade and held the annual Christmas concert. The FCHS Band is a band to be proud of. Solo Majorette — W. Ellwanger; A. Perdu, B. Strickland, R. Vaughn, N. Rutrough — Captain; C. Spence, C. Wimmer, B. Wimmer. M. Thompson — Capt.; O. Harris, M. Weddle, M. Maberry, G. Slusher, J. Martin, S. Dehart, S. Turner, J. Smith, T. Staples, D. Weddle, J. Harmon, D. Quesenberry, J. Townley, M. Hayden. W. Ellwanger and the band front procceed the band down main street during the annual Christmas parade. Senior band performs in the stands during football games. 144 As the bands play the Star Spangled Banner, everyone stands at attention. FCHS BAND — SOUTHWEST BAND OF DISTINCTION Left — K. Lawrence leads the se- nior band through the Christmas parade. Right — You see many differ- ent expres- sions as you look at these members of the senior band. Left to Right: R. Eller, B. Shortt, D. Whitlock, R. Lane, D. Whitlock — captain; K. Turpin, C. Poff, T. Manning. 145 EIGHTH GRADE BAND PLAYS AT PEP RALLIES. First Row, L. To R. — P. Janney, C. Shelor, S. Goad, J. Ellwanger, W. Weeks, R. Thompson, B. Munzing, S. Folley, T, Cartwright, Y. Blackwell. Row Two — B. Van Cleave, K. Quesenberry, T. Eller, C. Saunders, T. Turner, A. Aldrige, S. Hale, J. Robbins, M. Repass, J. Brown. Row Three — R. Browning, D. Conner, N. Perdue, M. Dalton, S. Goad, G. Harris, D. Weddle, S. Whitlock, A. Spangler, Row Four — C. Webb, D. Yeatts, B. Caveness, K. Vaught, D. Phillips, R. Quesenberry, C. Manning, D. Gray. Row Five — C. Hylton, B. Roberson, G. Slusher, J. Conner, G. Cox, R. Cannaday, D. Mannon, A. Whitlock, K. Wilson. Sixth Row — A. Willard, A. Richards, D. Nester, E. Agee, J. Coartney, D. Thompson, R. Williams, B. Kitts, J. Shortt. Row Seven — M. Bolt, F. Yopp, R. Boyd, D. Carr, D. Moran. Drum Major Yolanda Rakes leads the eighth grade band during Attentive students listen to Mr. Burns as he explains the music. Christmas parade. 146 A. Sweebe, M. Sewell, K. Janney.T- Nester, L. Stuart, J. Andrews, G. Williams, W. Via, L. Goad. Row two: H. Higgs, K. Bolt, E. Martin, H. Conduff, S. Shank, N. Huff, A. Shelor, C. Stafford. Row three: L. Kidd, R. Clower, S. Hale, J. DeHart, A. Belcher, D. Baker. Not pictured — A. Conner. Above: M. Sewell and A. Conner hand out candy during Varsity Club initiation day. Right: D. Surface, sponsor; K. Bolt, president; E. Mar- tin, Vice-president; G. Williams, secretary; H. Conduff, treasurer; K. Huff, reporter; S. Bishop, sponsor. Girls Join Formerly All Male Varsity Club 147 R. Kaselitz, L. Compton, E. Janney, B. Tolbert, L. Simpkins, L. Whitsett, C. Wimmer, B. Strickland, T. Nester. Row two: K. Spence, T. Tolbert, C. Quesenberry, W. Mannon, A. East, B. Duncan, P. Hollandsworth, P. Phillips, Miss Mills. Row three: C. Manning, D. Allen, M. Sewell, L. Tolbert, A. Whitlock, J. Robbins, E. Agee, S. Hale, K. Sowers, C. Poff, J. Thompson. Row four: T. Mannon, S. Whitlock, A. Spangler, D. Weddle, C. Nichols, T. Agee, S. Goad, J. Ellwanger, A. Purdue, W. Ellwanger, D. Whitlock, B. Shortt. Row five: K. Reed, K. Quesenberry, D. Weddle, T. Agee, J. Huff, C. East, S. Whitlow, B. Shelor, B. VanCleave, A. Aldridge, C. Vest GAA sponsors play day. 148 Kathy Janney, president; Miss Mills, sponsor; Mary Sewell, vice president; Teresa Nester, secretary; Linda Whitsett, treasurer. G. Caveness, M. Cox, N. Huff, H. Higgs, S. Hale, C. Caveness, E. Martin, J. Williams, M. Helms, C. Poff, D. DeWeese, H. Conduff, B, Munzing, L. Kidd, D. Vest. SAE Prepares Students to Become the Teachers of the Future. Wayne Hall pauses to confer with Mr. Harmon during a meeting. T. Thompson, treasurer; N. Rutrough, reporter; G. Ouzts, secretary; K. Bolt, vice-president; Mr. Harmon, sponsor; W. Hall, president. 149 Library Club Assists Librarian Row one: J. Smith, secretary; M. Thompson, treasurer; B. Strickland, vice-president; C. Williams, president. Row two: C. Wimmer, reporter; L. Whitsett, historian. Row one: C. Williams, B. Strickland, J. Smith, M. Thompson, C. Wimmer, L. Whitsett. Row two: T. Thompson, C. Caveness, B. Wimmer, L. Simpkins, D. Hubbard, L. Shelton, T. Tolbert, T. Webb. Row three: M. Shortt, G. Caveness, T. Robbins, D. Hubbard, J. Cannady, D. Arnold, C. Poff, J. Thompson, K. Belcher. 150 Martha Hale, President, poses with guest speaker from VPI and SU, Andy Peterson. Row One: M. Shortt, W. Gardner, S. Hylton, D. Whitlock. Row two: J. Weddle, C. Poff, J. Thompson, A. Huff, J. Bell, D. Allen. Row three: K. Shortt, B. Dalton, C. Collins, D. Moran, S. Akers, D. Hubbard, M. Thompson. Row four: L. Compton, A. Belcher, J. Bond, D. Jones, C. Coates, L. Hollandsworth. Row five: K. Tatum, S. Wimmer, S. Carr, C. Williams, A. Maberry, E. Harmon. Row six: D. Yearout, A. Smith, G. Bower, B. Harris, T. Hollandsworth, G. Smith. Row seven: J. Reed, V. Lee, W. Mannon, D. Threasher, S. Weddle, S. Via, G. Yopp, C. Coates, P. Phillips. Row seven: T. Gardner, B. Martin, W. Vest, H. Marshall, D. Thomas, J. Reece, B. Duncan, S. Cox, K. Phillips. FBLA Sponsors March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon Officers: K. Sowers, secretary; S. Page, historian; J. Cannady, reporter; G. Vest, chaplain; M. Hale, president; L. Lawson, vice-president; J. Mannon, parliamentarian; L. Smith, treasurer. 151 NYC Offers Valuable Work Experiences [nff t m MW r L m ’ 1 mm 1 fc l 1 Row One: D. Stuart, D. Walker, M. Carden, L. Stuart, A. Turner, K. Moran. Row Two: V. Cox, B. Harmon, R. Roberson, G. Brooks, G. Yopp, L. Shelton, J. Cox. Row Three: P. Radford, S. Turner, C. Harrison, G. Via, M. Lewis, B. Thompson, D. Harris, T. Dixon, J. Andrews. 152 J. Turner, president; D. Compton, vice-president; Mr. Rorrer, sponsor; B. Agee, treasurer; J. Shank, secretary; B. Shelor, reporter. Club Offers More Opportunities to IA Students D. Compton, J. Turner, B. Martin, S. Foley, J. Shank, D. Sowder. Row two: B. Shelor, D. Cromer, G. Keith, T. Brown, C. Conner. Row three: M. Hylton, J. Lucus, S. Bolt, D. Bolt, R. Pauley, T. Maberry, C. Hopkins. Row four: D. Morris, S. Morris, R. Sheppard, S. Slaughter, M. Conner, B. McAlexander. Row five: J. Harvey, R. Roberson, K. Dobbins, B. Agee, L. Midkiff, R. Snead. Row six: W. Howell, D. Nolen, T. Dehart, L. Black, D. Radford, J. Allen. 3 153 Members Screen Print Art Club Emblem Officers. M. Beaver, treasurer; S. Bryant, chaplain; D. Stuart, reporter; G. Williams, secretary; N. Huff, president; N. Carroll, vice-president. M ■ i 1 m t ill mm L. Perdue, D. Vest, G. Terry, P. Vest, M. Hylton, T. Webb. Row two: L. Hollandsworth, G. Ouzts, L. Kitts, K. Lawrence, K. Phillips, J. Goad, K. Belcher. Row three: J. Gordon, P. Phillips, N. Phillips, T. Robbins. 154 S. Goad, C. Saunders, A. Boyd, J. Allen, C. Trail, S. Gann, B. Caveness, R. Cannaday, G. Williams. Row two: R. Weaver, M. Bower, L. Martin, M. Dalton, P. Stafford, M. Whitlock, A. Hopkins, A. Richards, Y. Rakes, C. Steele. Row three: S. Sutphin, S. West, J. Brown, M. Helms, C. Simpson, W. Marshall, C. Webb, C. Vest, C. Burke. Row four: R. Collins, D. Harris, N. Zaresky, T. Eller, D. Quesenberry, L. Battle, R. Maxey, L. Stuart, C. Caveness, L. Bower. Bad Weather Cancels French Club Trip Three Times Miss Victorine watchps French C. Poff, secretary; Miss Victorine, sponsor; S. Via, reporter; D. Fry, president; C. Club proceedings. Saunders, treasurer; T. Eller, vice-president. 155 Above: L. Sutphin, J. Townley, D. Quesenberry, W. Sheppard, C. Collins, J. Lawrence, S. Dehart, L. Sonner. Row two: J. Weddle, P. Miller. Row three: L. Kitts, P. Lineberry, S. Moles. At right. Officers. P. Lineberry, secretary; L. Kitts, president; S. Moles, reporter. Below. L. Kitts is photographed as she attempts to photograph someone else. Photographers Learn Techniques of Printing and Developing Film 156 N. Carroll, C. Trail, D. Jones, J. Harmon, B. Alderman, T. Staples, S. Harris, G. Williams, D. Terry. Row two: L. Nixon, G. Slusher, R. Goad, O. Harris, L. Peters, T. Robbins, B. Wimmer, L. Bolt, K. Lawrence, R. Alderman. Row three: G. Terry, J. Goad, G. Quesenberry, W. Hall, R. Lane, A. Sweebe, C. Caveness, L. Sonner. Row four: T. Stafford, R. Terry, L. Wimmer, sponsor. Young Actors Gain Experience Through Drama N. Carroll, sargeant at arms; L. Peters, public relations chairperson; T. Stafford, director. Row two: B. Wimmer, business manager; T. Robbins, assistant director. 157 Above. Mrs. Turman, sponsor; J. Conner, A. Conner, M. Sewell, C. Stafford, D. Whitaker. Row two: T. Thompson, S. Hale, K. Bolt, J. DeHart, G. Williams, L. Poff, C. Radford. Row three: H. Conduff, R. Clower, M. Hodge, K. Tatum, C. Ouzts, W. Ellwanger, L. Robbins. Row four: S. Shank, E. Martin, J. Vaughn, C. Caveness, T. Vest, G. Caveness, J. Beckner. At right. M. Sewell, president; J. Dehart, treasurer; G. Williams, reporter; A. Conner, secretary; L. Poff, vice-president. Senior Science Club Interests Range from the Study of Indian Relics to Visiting a Planetarium 158 E. Smith, D. Goad, B. Agee, M. Maberry, D. Wade, S. Keith, R. Alderman. Row two: A. Pierce, M. Weddle, K. Via, K. Sowers, A. Richards, K. Quesenberry, M. Duncan. Row three: J. Martin, B. Kitts, D. Nester, M. Laing, J. Shortt, B. Caveness, R. Hollandsworth, K. Dobbins, Mrs. Rorrer, sponsor. Jr. Science Club — Preparing Beginners for Scientific Futures D. Goad, president; D. Wade, vice-president; S. Keith, secretary; M. Maberry, treasurer; Mrs. Rorrer, sponsor. Row two: B. Agee, reporter; E. Smith, social secretary; R. Alderman, social reporter. 159 YFO sponsors Christmas drive for needy. Above: Front Row: W. Gillespie, J. Boothe, J. Phillips, Second B. Cockram, E. Vest, G. Hale. Third Row: B. McAlexander, E. Spangler, J. Vaughn. Fourth Row: B. Moody, D.J. Keith, sponsor; G. Gardner, M. Gardner. Left: Front Row: J. Boothe, Vice-President; E. Vest, President; Second Row: G. Hale, Treasurer; W. Gillespie, Secretary; Third Row: M. Gardner, Chaplain; D.J. Keith, Sponsor; E. Spangler, Reporter. 160 Mr. Mannon, Larry Williams, Ronnie Harrell, John Houston, Michael Keith, Mark Berry. Row two: Clyde Hopkins, Doug Morris, Kendall Simpkins, William Bolt, Dale Mannon, Jerry Harvey, Benny Lance. Row three: Dwayne Goad, Billy Goad, Dwayne Bolt, Mack Montgomery, Eugene Smith. Jr. YFO — A New Club With Ambitious Goals, Plans Mr. Mannon, sponsor; Dwayne Bolt, Historian; Ronnie Harrell, Treasure; Larry Williams, President; Eugene Smith, Vice President; Kendall Simpkins, Reporter; Jerry Harvey, Chaplain; Dale Mannon, Secretary. 161 Row one: A. Browning, vice-president; M. Hale, president. Row two: J. Mannon, secretary; G. Vest, historian; A. Maberry, trea- surer. Row three: R. Alderman, reporter; Mrs. Nester, sponsor; D. Fry, chaplain. Community Service Club Helps Others President, Martha Hale, presides over December meeting. Row One: M. Sweeney, L. Waters, A. Browning, A. Blackwell, A. Huff, D. Fry, J. Harmon, D. Quesenberry, J. Townley. Row Two: C. Beckner, J. Mannon, G. Vest, M. Hale, A. Hopkins, R. Alderman, R. Goad, B. Hale, J. Nester, B. Alderman. Row Three: A. Belcher, S. Wimmer, K. Richards, R. Bolt, D. Weeks, K. Surbaugh, A. Maberry, J. Radford. Row Four: A. Smith, W. Angle, B. Phillips, J. Janney, D. Whitlock, K. Simpkins. 162 Row One: K. Conner, S. Via, B. Wimmer, M. Whitlock, S. Keith, K. Sowers. Row two: P. Miller, C. Martin, T. Cartwright, D. Phillips, B. Quesenberry, M. Hayden, M. Weddle, K. Via, F. Sumner, M. Maberry. Row three: C. Harvey, J. Turman, S. Goad, P. Moran, P. Janney, L. Dulany, M. Hale, T. Sutphin, C. Vest, K. Kanders. Row four: L. Radford, S. Gann, B. Tatum, R. Maberry, P. Reynolds, D. Conner, S. West, D. Harris, S. Huff, R. Howell. Row five: S. Lovitt, V. Sowers, G. Harris, D. Weddle, T. Sweeney, T. Turner, L. Williams, S. Shelor, S. Grooms. Row six: M. Repass, S. Hale, W. Weeks, J. Brown, A. Whitlock, R. Thompson, J. Robbins, J. Ellwanger, E. Agee, S. Goad, T. Agee, D. Wade. Jr. CSC Shows Willingness to Help Row one: K. Sowers, historian; B. Wimmer, treasurer; S. Keith, reporter. Row two: S. Via, secretary; K. Conner, vice-president; J. Bell, president; M. Whitlock, chaplain. 163 E. Weeks, sponsor; D. Lucas, sponsor; M. Via, president; R. Collins, vice-president; M. Cox, secretary; E. Spangler, treasurer; L.C. Jones, reporter; T. Higgins, chaplain; J. Quesenberry, historian. VICA-Learning A Trade, Building a Future G. Thomson, sponsor; M. Via, R. Collins, M. Cox, E. Spangler, L. Jones, T. Higgins, J. Quesenberry, D. Lucas, sponsor. Row two: E. Vest, J. Boothe, D. Sowers, M. Duncan, J. Carr, J. Keith, W. Thompson, O. Harris, D. Cartwright, J. Dalton. Row three: R. Radford, S. Farmer, J. Argabright, G. Conner, K. Vest, R. Cox, S. Hylton, B. McAlexander, D. Wade, L. Sutphin, R. Higgs, G. Phillips. Row four: A. Cox, K. Young, J. Nichols, L. Weddle, M. VanDyke, T. Bell, P. McNeil, A. Alderman, J. DeHart, S. Moran. Row five: N. Hylton, L. Goad, M. Mitchell, D. Hollandsworth, M. Lewis, S. Walters, R. Wilson, C. Sloane, B. Moody. Row six: P. Cox, L. Sutphin, R. Quesenberry, E. Nichols, D. Weeks, R. Midkiff, B. Hollandsworth, T. Bell, S. Janney, E. Weeks, sponsor, D. Eanes, A. Hill, G. Quesenberry, G. Hale. 164 Learning to Do, Doing to Learn . D. Witt, A. Bond, W. Suthpin, T. Huff, P. Cartwright, M. Battle, M. Poff, S. Moran, M. Carr. Row two: D. Moran, D. Weeks, B. Gallimore, B. Branscome, F. Rierson, J. Harmon, S. Thompson, D. Vest, S. Smith, R. Carroll, H. Turman. Row three: A. Bain, R. Dickerson, D. Wade, G. Quesenberry, G. Slusher, M. Sowers, P. Yeatts, L. Bower, N. Akers, R. Hollandworth, J. Rutter. Row four: A. Willard, T. Howell, M. Clem- mons, C. Marshall, E. Sutphin, T. Atkins, K. Simpkins, K. Boyd, J. Coartney, W. Sheppard, R. Bower, S. Robbins. Earning to Live, Living to Serve A. Sutphin, T. Dixon, D. Burcham, L. Peters, D. Harris, H. Hylton, L. Branch, D. Jones, C. Goad, M. Poff. Row two: C. Lester, L. Battle, K. Gardener, D. Wade, W. Ballinger, R. Voigt, R. Davis, R. Spence, D. Collins, M. Goad. Row three: D. Goad, B. Turner, K. Stuart, M. Bain, D. Sutphin, G. Hylton, B. Saunders, R. Willard, J. Sweebe. Row four: D. Goad, D. Fugate, N. Farmer, K. Phillips, R. Cox, G. Hollandsworth, J. Carr Is Motto of FFA Chapter D. Cockram, L. Battle, J. Beall, D. Ingram, T. Slusher, G. Gardener, R. Vest, D. Craven, D. Marshall, T. Howell. Row two: R. Sowers, D. Hollansworth, E. Rorrer, D. Bower, J. Stuart, S. Hylton, S. Graham, D. West. Row three: B. Boyd, D. Cook, K. Quesenberry, K. Huff, A. Shelor, J. Reed, W. Saunders, K. Keith, B. King. Row four: J. Shelton, L. Sutphin, D. Huff, D. Moran, D. Smith, V. Radford, M. Nolen. Row five: J. Andrews, D. Baker, H. Marshall, M. Duncan, R. Higgs, W. Vest, G. Phillips. 165 FFA officers. G. Gardner, secretary; K. Huff, 2nd vice-president; D. Ingram, vice-president; T. Slusher, president. Row two: Mr. Phillips, sponsor; L. Battle, chaplain; G. Slusher, sentinel; J. Stuart, reporter; D. West, treasurer. 34 Members Work to Keep Virginia Green KVG members. D. West, D. Hollandsworth, D. Cockram. H. Hylton, D. Ingram, J. Andrews, D. Marshall, T. Howell. Row two: T. Slusher, E. Rorrer, L. Battle, S. Graham, R. Sutphin, K. Huff. B. Boyd, D. Moran, K. Quesenberry. Row three: D. Sowers, W. Saunders, E. Vest, D. Smith, D. Cook, J. Stuart, D. Baker, G. Gardner, T. Royal. Row four: G. Phillips, K. Keith, D. Hylton, H. Marshall, M. Duncan, G. Osborne, W. Vest, J. Reed. 166 Above: Row One: G. Bower, J. Harmon, W. Dickerson, J. Moles, B. Harman, M. Sutphin, J. Wood, D. Collins, D. Jewell, J. Cox. Row two: T. Tolbert, J. Turman, Y. Blackwell, P. Miller, A. Smith, D. Terry, D. Underwood, R. Kaselitz, R. Terry, B. Cameron, K. Guesenberry, D. Branscom, S. Pratt. Row three: C. Ouesenberry, C. Manning, B. Munzing, N. Van Cleve, D. Price, C. Saunders, N. Perdue, B. Deweese, M. Howard, A. Hixon, P. Cockram, J. Price. Row four: W. Huff, S. Huff, P. Via, L. Keith, C. Coates, C. Coates, B. Yopp, R. Hylton, L. Blackwell, C. Aochor, K. Goad, P. Marshall, D. Moran, M. Morris. Row five: J. Radford, P. Simpkins, B. Bolt, G. Yopp, S. Weddle, D. DeWeese, T. Manning, J. Bell, C. Vest, K. Canders, S. Thompson, P. Collins. Row six: B. Martin, Lois Radford, S. Suphin, A. Phillips, T. Supthin, S. Bryant, P. Hylton, A. Blackwell, M. Sweeney, L. Lawson, G. Agnew, J. Hylton. Row seven: R. Howell, P. Ouesenberry, B. Ouesenberry, B. Tatum, L. Young, C. Nichols, T. Agee, R. Dalton, B. Wimmer, C. Conner, W. Belcher, J. Janney. Row eight: D. Smith, S. Keith, A. Pierce, C. Carroll, J. Martin, J. Wray, P. Boyd, A. Hatcher, A. McPeak, M. Stump, L. Holt, L. Radford, A. Perkins. Row nine: B. Qesenberry, B. Supthin, S. Akers, D. Dalton, D. Kelly, N. Zaresky, R. Weaver, L. Holman, L. Smith, T. Holman, D. Poff, L. Argabright. At Right: S. Carr, vice president; P. Manning, president; D. Weaver, secretary; T. King, reporter; P. Slaughter, historian; R. Lawson, recreation leader; J. Dickerson, chaplain. FHA Theme — Will the Real Me Please Stand Up 167 Row One: D. Bower, D. Walker, A. Hixon, J. Thompson, B. Harmon. Row Two: P. Manning, D. Stuart, M. Sutphin, C. Cox. Row Three: P. Vest, M. Vest, D. Turner, J. Nester. Row Four: D. McNiel, J. Hylton, P. Radford, I. Martin, P. Tolbert, P. Shelton. Row Five: M. Beaver, T. Helms, C. Via, C. Hairston, G. Via, D. Ballinger. Row Six: R. Duncan, C. Huff, D. Higgs, D. Martin. It’s A Big World — Get Ready is HERO Motto B. Huff, secretary; J. Dickerson, vice-president; B. Thompson, president; Mrs. Cockram, sponsor; Row two: S. Pratt, parliamentarian; V. Hunley, chaplain, M. Turpin, historian. r i L-, l. ' -- ' 9 3 j mm 111 s, 1 5; 1 tSft i - x J3 r a mjgmM ! ■ 1 - I B 11 B ' l 1 168 “Your Family Financial Center” means one-stop banking to meet the growing needs of Floyd County Congratulations to the Class of 1977 THE BANK OF FLOYD Floyd, Virginia 24091 FDIC 745-4191 fc»ch depositor Insured to MQOOO EEOfRAl WO SIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Full Service Bank 169 Plants in: Martinsville, Stuart Floyd, Virginia 170 Floyd Tire Shop Located in West End Gulf Building Floyd, Virginia 745.4424 FIRESTONE Harris Baker Furniture Corporation Floyd, Va. Your Complete Home Furnishing Center 745-2822 171 For Parts Supplies Always Call FLOYD AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY, INC. Floyd, Virginia 24091 P.O. Box 384 Phone: 745-2515 WESTERN AUTO STORE Floyd, Virginia 745-4433 ROBERSON’S JEWELRY RAY’S RESTAURANT Box 135 Floyd, Va. 24091 Phone 745-4568 Route 221 Floyd, Virginia Authorized Gibson Dealer Supplies and Stringed Musical Instruments Watches, Diamond Jewelry FLOYD FARM SERVICE Lawn Garden Center CHEF’S HAT PINE LODGE Freeman Randolph Cockram Floyd, Virginia 24091 Phone: 745-2508 Joyce and Jack Lewis Floyd, Virginia TOWN AND COUNTRY DRIVE-IN VEST AND SMITH GARAGE Floyd, Virginia Route 671, V4 mile of 612 Pilot, Virginia 172 Turman Yeatts Motor Co., Inc. Floyd, Virginia 24 Hour Wrecker Service Sales Service Dodge, Plymouth Chrysler and Dodge Colt Trucks Woodrow W. Turman J.C. Yeatts, Jr. Business Phone 745-4400 Night Wrecker 745-2933 ACADEMIC. CHOIR AND CLERICAL APPAREL Qak ' Jfati Cap and Gown Co. REPRESENTED BY: John W. Edmunds Phone 342-6786 ROANOKE. Va. Ray’s Sureway Supermarket Where You Can Be Sure Of Food Savings Main Street Floyd, Virginia 24091 Phone: 745-4363 SKYLINE FORD LTD 745-4161 “The Dealer Who Cares” 173 Floyd Garment Co. Floyd, Virginia 174 175 CITIZENS TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE BEN FRANKLIN Locally owned Nationally known VILLAGE FASHION SHOP Latest in Ladies ' Fashions 745-2843 Oxford Street Floyd, Virginia 24091 Oxford Street Floyd, Virginia 24091 Phone Area Code 703-745-21 1 1 Serving Floyd County Radford, Va. 639-1625 Full Servige Banking Member FDIC THE FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF RADFORD FLOYD PHARMACY, INC. Floyd, Virginia 745-2177 “Everything you Need’’ 176 Bank Of Christiansburg “On The Square Since 1888” The Bank For Everybody Convenient Branch On Roanoke Road Member F.D.I.C. Member F.R.S. 177 Floyd Furniture Appliances, In. Donnie Alderman Conway Waters Hotpoint v VJaWa VVot •V ’ey. t P.O. Box 373 Floyd, Va. 24091 745-2424 °4a £ o v°A fV C o u 76 Us A 75 " G °c Classic c rW a ’ 3S S V £7 AS cT v 4 % y r trs a pietsuui Working With Skyline Sportswear Floyd, Virginia 178 Classic Studio Floyd Jewelry Shop Hgwy. 221 Across from the Courthouse Diamonds and Watches China and Crystal Watch Repair Phone 745-2121 Maberry Funeral Home 1395 Volunteer Pky. Bristol, Tennessee 37620 615-968-4342 Specialist in School Photography PRESTIGE PORTRAITS for the graduating student. NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDIOS for the undergraduate student. dedicated service since 1927 Ambulance Monuments 179 Specializing in the latest cutting, styling, and permanent waving. Also visit our “little dress shop.” Latest in fashions. MARY’S BEAUTY ' BARBER SALON DONORS 745-2345 Isaiah Quesenberry s Texaco Bob’s Radio TV Erma’s Beauty Salon Route 221 Floyd, Virginia ROBERT L. RICHARDS SWEENEY’S GARAGE Floyd, Va. 745-2707 Heating Oil Gasoline Lubricants Motor Oil PATRONS Smith ' s Grocery Hardware Floyd Beauty Shop Quesenberry’s Radio and TV Stop Shop Floyd Cafe Floyd Barber Shop Sears Sneads Cabinet Builder ' s Supply Charles Kingrea 180 Student Directory A Agee, Barry Lester 9 66, 106 Agee, Ellen Grace 8 77, 78, 111, 142, 146 Agnew, Carrie Gwedolyn 10 59 Agee, Tammy Renee 8 77 Agee, Tina Lynne 9 66, 72 Akers, Donna Mariea 9 66 Akers, Nelson Gray 8 77, 165 Akers, Sandra Gwen 11 48 Alderman, Alvin Dean 11 57 Alderman, Becky Lynn 10 60, 59, 98, 99, 123 Alderman, Dale Lee 10 59 Alderman, Rhonda Jo 11 48, 98, 99 Alderman, Ronald Dwayne 9 66, 145, 142 Alderman, Vickie Lynn 8 76 Aldridge, Donna Sue 10 59 Aldridge, Elizabeth Ann 8 77, 146 Allen, Debbie Dawn 11 48, 145 Allen, James Sheldon 8 77, 155 Altizer, Kimberly Dawn 9 66 Andrews, John Douglas Jr. 11 48, 147, 166 Angle, Michael Stephens 8 77 Angle, Winona Leigh 11 48, 98, 99 Argabright, Benjamin Ray 12 13 Argabright, Joseph Elisha 10 59 Argabright, Lola Lee 9 66 Arnold, Debra Elizabeth 12 13 Atkins, Anthony Gable 8 77, 165 Austin. Joseph Michael 10 59, 145 B Bain, Danny Thomas 10 59 Bain, David Curtis 10 59 Bain, Mark Garrett 9 67, 165 Bain, Mickey Dean 12 13, 106 Bain, Troy Allen 8 76 Baker. David Edgar 11 48, 106, 147, 166 Ballinger, Donna Darlene 11 48 Ballinge r, William Wayne 9 67, 165 Battle, Larry Edward 9 67, 165, 166 Battle, Lemuel Edwin, Jr. 10 58. 155 Battle, Michael Glenn 8 77, 165 Beall, John Douglas 10 59 Beaver, Morgan Vannell 12 13 Beaver, Steven Lacey 9 67 Beckner, Charlotte Marie 1 1 48 Beckner, Donald Dwight 12 13 Beckner, Jeffrey Lynn 10 59 Belcher, Alan Carl 10 59, 102, 147 Belcher, Sandra Elaine 10 59, 145 Belcher, Alicia Sue 11 145,48 Belcher, Karen Mae 12 13 Belcher, Vicky Lynn 10 59 Belcher, Wanda Dawn 11 148,45 Bell, Barbara Jean 12 14 Bell, Jo Helen 9 67,123 Bell. Terry Wayne 11 48 Bell, Tom Lewis 12 14 Berry Marcus Wellington 9 142, 145, 161 Bishop, Johnny Lee 8 77 Black, Larry Leon 8 77 Blackwell, Benita Annette 11 48, 145 Blackwell. Nancy Yvonne 8 77, 146 Bland, Donald Edward 8 77 Bolt, David Leight 9 67, 106, 145 Bolt. Dwayne Alan 9 67. 161 Bolt, Kendall Keith 12 14, 102, 105, 147, 149 Bolt, Loretta Lynn 10 59, 98, 99 Bolt, Rebecca Jean 9 67, 145 Bolt. Mark Venson 8 77, 146 Bolt, Regina Kay 12 14 Bolt, Sharon Lynn 10 59, 62 Bolt, Shelby Akers 12 14 Bolt, Steven Charles 9 67 Bolt, William Lance Jr 9 67, 106, 161 Bond, Gerald Allen 8 77, 165 Bond, Joy Lane 1 1 48 Boothe, David William 1 1 145,48 Boothe, Jerry Wayne 12 104, 14, 102 Bower, Daniel Jacob 10 59 Bower, Ginger Elaine 11, 49 Bower, Guy Grover 8 77 Bower, Jeff Alan 1 1 49 Bower. Lemuel Pratt 8 77, 165, 155 Bower, Micheal Lee 9 67. 145, 142, 155 Bower, Rodger Randall 8 77, 165 Boyd, Annette Lea 9 67,111,155 Boyd, Brenda Kaye 9 67, 166 Boyd, Donna Lea 1 1 49 Boyd, Farron William 9 67, 106 Boyd, Kenneth Ray 8 77, 146, 165 Boyd, Patricia Ann 10 59 Boyd, Ricky Claude 8 77, 49 Boyd, Ricky Lane 1 1 Boyd Susan Yvette 10 59. 108 Brammer, Marvin Dale 11 95, 49 Branch, Patrick Lewis 9 67, 165 Branscome. Dianna Carol 8 77 Branscome, Nelson Eugene 10 165 Brooks. Gwendolyn Kaye 11 49 Brooks, James Dale 8 79 Brown, Joyce Ann 8 77, 146, 155 Brown, Tony Curtis 9 67, 145 Browning, Angela Elaine 11 49, 123, 145 Browning, Regina Dawn 8 77, 146 Bryant, Shelly Ann 10 59 Burcham, David Lee 9 67. 165 Burcham, Mary Jean 8 77 Burke, Carolyn Ann 9 155 Burke, Curtis Sherrill 12 15 Burnett, Clarence Norman 8 77 C Cameron, Billie Jo 9 68 Canders, Irene Kelly 9 142 Cannaday. Janet Lenora 12 15 Cannaday, Jimmy Randolph 8 76, 77, 146, 155 Carden, Monica Wynn 11 49 Carr, David Andrew 10 59, 145 Carr, Jerry Neal 11 49 Carr, Mike Steven 8 77, 165 Carr, Philip Darrell 8 77, 146 Carr, Sherry Elaine 11 49 Carroll, Emma Jeanette 9 142 Carroll, Nathan William 12 15 Carroll, Randy Dean 8 77, 165 Cartwright, David Lynn 11 49 Cartwright. James Patrick 8 77, 79, 165 Cartwright, Tammeria Machel 8 77, 146 Caveness, Cristopher Royal 12 15, 104, 149, 155 Caveness, Courtney Brant 8 77, 146, 155 Caveness, Quincy Gare 10 59, 149 Clark, Bobby Reginald, Jr. 9 106 Clemmons, Mark Allen 8 77, 165 Clinger, Case Christopher 9 145 Clower, Carolyn Janine 10 59, 64 Clower, Melinda Gay 11 49 Clower. Ricky Lane 11 49, 102, 147 Courtney. Jeffrey Allen 8 77, 145, 165 Coates, Cynthia Lou 10 62, 59 Coates, Katherine Ann 12 15 Coates, Lisa Carol 9 68 Cockram, Brian Glenn 10 59. 145 Cockram. David Mason 10 59, 145, 166 Collins, Alma Deborah 9 67 Collins, Cathy Lynn 10 59, 156 Collins, Danny Ray 9 165 Collins, Pamela Gayle 10 59 Collins, Robin Jeanette 9 155 Collins. Rodney William 12 15. 95 Compton, Bobby Lane 8 77 Compton, Linda Joyce 10 60 Compton, Ronald Darryl 10 59, 106 Conduff, Joseph Howard 12 16, 145, 147, 149 Conner, Anita Gwen 11 49, 107, 108, 147 Conner, Brenda Sue 8 77 Conner. Calvin Ray 9 59 Conner, Deborah Jean 8 77, 146 Conner, Evelyn Newman 12 16 Conner, Glenn Leo 8 77, 166 Conner. James Rickie 12 16 Conner, Jay Eric 8 77, 142, 146 Conner, Jeffrey Lee 10 60, 65, 106 Conner, Kathryn Irene 9 72 Conner, Kathy Darlene 11 49 Conner, Paul Michael 10 60 Conner, Penny Ellen 10 65 Conner, Rhonda Sue 9 Conner, Susan Kay 8 82, 111 Conner, William Glenwood 11 149 Cook, Danny Ray 10 65, 166 Cope, Laurel Ann 9 Cox, Andrew Crisley 11 49 Cox, Arthur Issac 1 1 49 Cox, Garrett Allen 8 77, 146 Cox, Jean Elizabeth 10 60 Cox. Jesse Roy 10 60 Cox, Mike Willard 12 16, 95. 149 Cox, Mavis Christine 11 49 Cox. Phillip Joseph 1 1 50 Cox, Ricky Ray 1 1 50 Cox. Ronald Lee 9 145 Cox, Dianne Sandra 8 77, 142 Cox, Susan Lavern 12 16 Craven, David Eugene 10 Cromer, Donnie Wayne 10 60 Cruise, Elvin Hobart 8 78 Cruise. Phillip Leon 8 78 D Dalton, Brenda Gay 11 50. 145 Dalton, Darlene Elaine 10 60 Dalton. Elzie James 12 Dalton. Franklin Allen 8 Dalton, Jeffry Allen 11 50 Dalton. Mona Lynn 8 78, 146, 155 Dalton, Regina Evon 9 Davis, OrviTle William 12 16 Davis, Roger Allen 9 165 DeHart, John Michael 12 17, 104, 147 DeHart, Sheila Sue 10 60, 145, 156 DeHart, Tommy Wayne 9 106,145 DeWeese, Dale Lynnwood 9 DeWeese, Frances Diane 12 17, 149 DeWeese, Rebecca Sue 8 78 Dickerson, Dreama Lee 11 Dickerson. Janice Claudine 11 50 Dickerson, Richard Howard 8 78, 165 Dickerson, Wanda Mae 10 60 Dishman, Clarence Michaiel 10 60, 102 Dobbins, Kyle Lee 9 Dotson, Georgette Marie 10 60 Dulaney, Lisa Carol 9 142 Duncan, Eugene Gregory 11 50, 145 Duncan, Freeda Carol 10 Duncan, Joyce Ann 10 60 Duncan, Michael Avery 11 50, 166 Duncan, Michael Lee 9 Duncan, Rebecca Lynn 12 17 Duncan, Rho nda Lea 11 50 E Eanes, Dale Eugene 11 50 East, Allison Leigh 12 17, 98, 99 East. Mary Christy 9 108, 145 Eller, Darryl Lynn 12 17 Eller, Rita Ann 10 60, 145 Eller, Tima Marie 8 78. 145, 146. 155 Ellwanger, Wendy Elaine 10 60, 145, 95 F Farmer, Nathan Edwin 9 Farmer, Stephen Alex 11 50, 95 Foley, Sharon Lynn 8 76, 78, 123, 146 Ford, Frankie Ray 9 Fry, Dawn D ' Lynn 11 47, 50, 98, 99. 123, 124 Fugate, Douglas Montgomery 8 78 G Gallimore, Bruce Neil 8 78, 165 Gallimore, Rhonda Sue 8 78 Gallimore, Ronnie Scott 11 50, 145 Gann, Stella Lea 9 155 Gardener, Gerais Robert 10 60. 65, 106, 166 Gardener, Kenneth James 9 145, 165 Gardener, Lewis Wayne 11 47, 50, 145 Gardener, Michael Lee 12 17 Gardener. Thomas Lee 1 1 50 Gearhart. Jeffery Lewis 10 60. 106, 145 Graham. Steven Kirk 10 60, 145 Gibson, Richard Sheldon 8 78 Gillespie, Larry Wayne 12 18 Goad, Barbara Ann 11 50 Goad. Billy Odell 9 161 Goad, Cody Elwood 9 165 Goad, Dale Alan 9 102, 145, 161, 165 Goad, Danny Harlan 10 60 Goad, Joseph Edward 12 18 Goad, Larry Nelson 11 51, 147 Goad, Mary Katherine 11 51 Goad. Michael Duane 9 106, 165 Goad, Paul Dwayne 9 Goad, Rosetta Marie 10 60 Goad, Sharon Melinda 8 78, 142, 146 Goad, Susan Elaine 8 78, 146, 155 Gordon, James Houston 12 18, 102. 105 Gray. Duane Lee 8 146 Greene. David Daniel 8 82 Griffith. Larry Wayne 8 78. 142 Griffith. Laurie Ann 9 Griffith, Mary Frances 12 18 Gregg, John Darrell 8 78 Grooms, Sandra Kaye 8 78 Guilliams, Anthony Ray 12 18. 95 H Hairston. Carolyn Sue 12 18 Hairston. William Dwayne 9 69 Hale. Amos Samuel 8 78 Hale. Becky Sue 1 51,135,162 Hale. Gary Scott 12 19 Hale, Martha Ann 12 19, 69 Hale. Martha Ann 9 Hale. Samuel Cody 12 19, 145, 147, 149 Hale, Susan Faye 8 78, 142, 146 Hall, Wayne Allen 12 19, 149 Hand. Timothy Allen 10 Harman, Allen Jefferson 8 78, 165 Harman. Bonita Hast 12 19 Harman. Elma Mae 10 60 Harman, Miriam Jolee 10 60, 145 Harman, Nancy Christina 12 19 Harrell, Ronald Carl 9 69, 161 Harman. Norman Maurice 9 69 Harman, Temple Millner 9 69, 145 Harris. Beverly Anne 11 57, 107 Harris. Danny Ray 9 69, 155 Harris, Doris Marie 8 79. 142, 165 Harris, Hilda Gail 8 79,146 Harris. Oleda 10 60, 145 Harris, Oscola Breman Jr. 11 51 Harris, Sonya Dean 10 61 Harvey, Cindy Irene 9 69 Harvey, Jerry Luther 9 69, 161, 106 Hatcher, Alice Renea 9 69 Hatcher, David Wayne 12 20 Hatcher, Sanford Jabe 1 1 51 Hawks, Steven M. 10 61 Hayden, Monica Lypree 9 69. Ill, 145 Hayden, Natasha Daphne 11 57, 145 Heath, Gary Joseph 8 79 Heath. Lois Marie 11 51 Heath, Roxanne Elizabeth 11 51 Helm. Steve Allen 9 Helms. Melanie Anne 11 51, 98, 99, 149 Helms. Myra Lynnette 10 61, 155 Helms. Teressa Annette 11 51 Helm, William Calvin 12 20. 102, 104 Higgins, Randy Lee 10 61 Higgins, Tony Dean 12 20 Higgs, Debora Sue 1 1 51 Higgs, Harold James 12 20, 95, 147, 149 Higgs, Roger Dale 1 1 51 Higgs, Wanda Lee 9 70, 142 Hill, Arlene Kay 12 20 Hill, Arlie Ray 12 20 Hill. Paul David 9 70 Hill, Pauline Frances 10 Hixon, Annie Ruth 12 21 Hixon, Audrey Lee 9 70 Hodge, Micheal Kevin 10 145, 61, 106 Hollandsworth, Benny Neal 12 21 Hollandsworth, Danny Ross 12 21, 166 Hollandsworth. Dennis Leon 9 70 Hollandsworth, Glenn Allen 9 70 Hollandsworth, Kenneth Ralph 8 79, 165 Hollandsworth. Linda Sue 12 21 Hollandsworth, Patricia Gay 12 21, 107 Holman, Linda Jane 9 70 Holman, Teresa Ann 9 70 Holman, Tina Marie 10 Holt, Elizabeth Mae 8 79 Hopkins, Amanda Lynn 11 124, 57, 155 Hopkins, James Clyde, Jr. 9 70, 145, 161 Houston, John Paul 8 79. 161 Howard. Brenda Sue 10 61 Howard, Mary Frances 9 70 Howard, Micheal David 11 51 Howell, Kenneth Wayne 10 61 Howell, Rhonda Lee 9 70. 142 Howell, Timothy Lawrence 10 61, 166 Howell, Tony William 8 79, 165 Hubbard. Debbie Lynn 12 107 Hubbard. Deborah Lynn 12 21, 22 Huff, Angela Gail 11 51 Huff, Connie Sue 11 51 Huff. Darrell Richard Jr. 10 61 Huff, Jodie Lynn 9 70, 72, 145 Huff, Kenneth Lee 11 57, 102 Huff, Reba Annette 8 79 Huff, Rebecca Sue 11 57 Huff, Richard Lee 11 51 Huff. Ricky Lane 8 52, 79 Huff, Robert Neal 12 22, 147, 149 Huff, Sarah Kay 9 70, 166 Huff, Timmy Hal 8 165 Huff. Welma Leigh 8 79 Hunley, Virginia Geraldine 12 221 Hylton, Ann Elaine 12 22 Hylton, Ann Josephine 11 52 Hylton, Clark Davis 8 79, 146 Hylton, Cynthia Jean 10 61 Hylton, Daryl Lee 11 52, 166 Hylton, Gerald Wayne 8 79. 165 Hylton. Homer Leston Jr. 9 70. 165, 166 Hylton. Janice Marie 1 1 52 Hylton, Janita Sue 10 61 Hylton, Melinda Ann 12 22 Hylton, Micheal Lee 10 61 Hylton. Nancy Lee 10 61 Hylton. Regena Sue 8 79, 142 Hylton. Ruth Marie 9 70 Hylton, Scott Allen 11 145, 52 Hylton, Scotty Lee 11 52 Hylton. Sharon Kay 1 1 52 I Ingram, David Wayne 10 61, 145, 166 J Janney. George Stephen 11 52 Janney, Janet Lynn 10 61 Janney, Kathy Darlene 12 22, 107, 108, 147 Janney, Phyllis Anita 8 79, 142, 146 Jewell, Debra Ann 8 79 Jones, Charlie Dale 9 70, 165 Jones, Deborah Wynne 11 52 Jones, Luther Cloud 12 23 K Kaselitz, Roberta Ruth 11 52, 135, 167, 134 Keith, Brenda Gail 9 Keith, Brenda Gail 9 70 Keith, Garrett Wayne 9 71 Keith, George Douglas 1 1 52 Keith, Jane 11 52 Keith, Kelvin Kent 9 71. 145, 166 Keith. Michael Adam 8 79 Keith, Micheal David 8 79. 161 Keith, Nelson Reed 10 Keith. Sandra Kaye 9 71 Keith. Shelby Jean 9 71 Keith, Shelby Jean 9 71 Kelly. Deedee Anne 10 61, 62 Ketner, Joni Lynn 9 71, 145 Kidd, Lawerence Lee 11 102, 52, 149, 147 King. Barry Wayne 10 61 King, Teresa Lynne 9 71 Kitts, James Breck 8 79, 146 Kitts. Lisa Anne 12, 23, 156 L Lance. Benjamin Albert 9 71, 161 Laing, Mark Allen 8 79 Lane, Clyde Ephriam 10 Lane. Rebecca Ada 11 52,145 Lawrence, Doug Wayne 10 61 Lawrence, Joan Lynne 10 61, 156 Lawrence, Karen Lee 12 23, 145 Lawson. Eunic Rachel 9 71, 75 Lawson, Lois Rebekah 12 23 Le, Oanh Kim 11 52 Le. Phuong 9 71 Le, Thanh Ngoc 8 82 Lee, Vicki Ann 11 52, 124, 145 Lemons. Kimberly Lynnette 11 52, 135 Lester, Curtis Victor 9 71, 145, 165 Lewis, Jerry Lee 11 Lewis. Mary Margaret 11 52 Lewis, Timothy Mark 12 23 Light, Carl Ray 8 79 Light, Clyde Morris 10 61 Lineberry, Pamela Kaye 12 24, 156 Link, Jeffrey Karl 10 62, 65 Lovitt, Sara Lane 9 71, 142 Lucas. Darren Joseph 9 71 M Maberry, Ann Renee 12 24 Maberry, Mitzi Jo 9 71, 145 Mabery, Rachel Lynn 8 79, 142 Mabery, Terry Leon 9 71 Manning, Crystal Lynn 8 79, 111, 146 Manning, Cynthia Ann 12 24 Manning, Larry Dean 10 62 Manning, Penny Lee 12 24 Manning, Teresa Jane 9 71,111,145 Manning, Terry Lynn 10 62, 102, 106 Mannon, Jeffrey Dale 8 79, 146, 161 Mannon, Judy Lynn 11 47, 52, 145 Mannon, Wanda Jeanette 10 62, 108 Marshall, Allen Dale 10 62 Marshall. Calvin Ray 8 79, 165 Marshall, Charles Harvey. Jr. 11 52, 102, 103, 138, 166 Marshall, Dennis Clinton 11 53. 166 Marshall, Peggy Sue 10 62 Marshall. Sandra Ann 9 71, 142 Marshall, Toby Ervin 9 71 Marshall, Wayne Kelly 9 71, 145, 155 Martin, Brenda Sue 10 62 Martin, Carol Ann 8 79, 142 Martin, Deborah Rose 11 53 Martin, Eddie Lee 9 71 Martin, Ervin Wayne 12 24. 102, 105, 147, 149 Martin, Ina Lena 12 24 Martin. Jennifer Ann 9 71,145 Martin, Lisa Lafon 8 79, 142, 155 Martin, Patsy Ann 9 71 Martin, Robert Allen 10 62 Maxey, Mark Anthony 9 Maxey. Roger A. 8 79, 155 Maxey, Theresa Ann 9 71, 142 Maxwell, Lisa Renne 8 62 McAlexander, Billy Earl 11 53 McAlexander, Steven 10 62 McGrady, Lois Gail 9 71. 142 McPeak, Arlene Frances 9 72 McLean, John Lee 1 1 53 McNeill, Dreama Ann 11 53 McNeil, Paul Kevin 11 53 Mender, Mark J. 10 62 Midkiff, Larry Wayne 9 72, 145 Midkiff, Ronnie Lee 12 25 Miller, Pamela Yvonne 8 79, 142 Miller, Walter Phillip, Jr. 11 53, 156 Minson. Donald Ray, Jr. 8 79, 142 Mitchell, Delores Marie 10 62 Mitchell, Micheal Robert 1 1 53 Mitchell, Randall William 12 25 Moles, Marie Gyndell 9 72 Moles, Rebecca Lynn 8 79 Moles, Sandra Jean 10 62,156 Montgomery, Mack Darrell 9 72, 161 Moody, William Nelson 12 25 Moran. Archie Darrell 8 79, 146, 165, 166 Moran, Debra Ann 12 25 Moran, Donna Marie 10 62 Moran, Jayne Carr 53, 165 Moran, Kenneth Stevie 10 62 Moran. Steve Allen 11 53 Moran, Teresa Lynn 8 79, 142 Moran, Warren Dale 10 62 Morris, Douglas Ralph, Jr. 9 72, 145, 161 Morris, Melody Rose 10 62 Morris, Samuel Dean 9 72 Munzing, Barbara Beth 8 76, 79, 111, 146 Munzing, Bonnie Dorothy 12 25, 149 Munzing. Robert Allen 10 62 Murrie, Frank Ernest III 11 53, 95, 145 N Nester, Dale Edward 8 80, 76, 146 Nester, Jennifer Lynne 10 62 Nester. Ramona Jean 9 72, 142 Nester, Teresa Dale 10 62. 145, 109, 107, 147 Nester, Thomas Allen 8 79 Nichols. Connie Lynne 8 80,111 Nichols, Crystal Kay 9 72, 145 Nichols, Elton Willis 12 25 Nichols. James Elwood 11 53 Nichols, Sidney Allen 12 27 Nixon, Lisa Rea 10 62 Nolen, Darrell Kenneth 9 72, 145 Nolen, Myra Darlene 10 62 O Osborne. Glen Edward Jr. 12 27 Ouzts, Gail Lynn 12 27, 98. 99. 122, 123, 124. 149 P Pack, Joseph 8 80 Page, Susan Lynn 12 27 Pauley, Robert Allen 9 72, 145 Pearce, Alice Elaine 9 72, 142 Perdue, Brenda Ann 9 72 Perdue, Carolyn Amanda 10 62, 145 Perdue. Donald Lee, Jr. 10 Perdue, Howard Wesley 11 53, 145 Perdue, Nancy Carol 8 80, 146 Perkins, Audrey Lou 9 73, 142 Perkins, Wanda Jean 8 80 Peters. Larry Wayne 9 73. 165 Peters, Leesa Yuonne 12 27. 123, 145 182 Phillips, Andrea Lea 9 73 Phillips, Dinah Lynn 8 80, 146 Phillips, Donna LaVerne 9 73 Phillips, George Douglas 11 53. 166 Phillips, Jacqueline Karen 12 27, 107 Phillips, Jacqueline Teresa 11 57 Phillips, Jeffery Dean 10 62, 106 Phillips, Kevin Ross 9 73 Phillips, Nancy Ann 12 27 Phillips, Paulette Fay 12 27 Phillips, Rebecca Jo 12 27 Poff, Candy Irene 10 62, 63, 145 Poff. Cathy Lucille 11 47, 54, 98, 99, 145, 149 Poff, Debbie Lynn 8 80 Poff, Jacqueline Lee 10 Poff, Linda Marie 11 47,54 Poff, Mark Stephen 8 80, 165 Poff, Melain Murrie 9 73, 165 Poff, Richard Wayne 9 73 Pratt, Robert Ray 9 73 Pratt, Sheila Ellen 12 27 Price, Deronda Kay 8 80, 142 Price, Jennifer Lynne 9 Q Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry, Quesenberry. Quesenberry, Cindy Ann 8 80, 142 Diana Gail 9 62 Donna Sue 10 73, 145, 155, 156 Gerald Allen 8 80, 165 Gerry Eugene 11 54 Justin Dean 12 27 Karen Joan 8 80, 142, 146 Kathelene May 10 63 Kathy Ann 11 54 Kevin Victor 8 80,166 Marietta Faye 8 80 Mark Kent 10 63 Melinda Jean 8 80 Patricia Marlene 10 63, 65 Patsy Diane 12 27 Randall Wayne 12 28 Rebecca Gail 8 80, 146 Rebecca Juanita 10 63,65 Rebecca Sue 10 63 Sandra Trena 9 Teresa 8 80 R Radford, Carol Sue 10 63 Radford, Danny Lane 11 Radford, David Wayne 9 73, 145 Radford, Johnny 10 63, 102 Radford, Judy Lee 12 28 Radford, Linda Marie 8 80, 142 Radford, Lisa Rene 9 73, 142 Radford, Lois Ann 10 63 Radford, Mary Jane 8 80 Radford, Pamela Jean 12 28 Radford, Ricky Joseph 11 54 Radford, Venda Carolyn 10 63 Rakes, Yolanda Sue 9 73, 145, 155 Reece, Jan Rene 11 54, 135, 151, 139, 138 Reed, Alfred Amos 10 63 Reed, Donna Susan 12 28 Reed, Jeffrey Mark 10 63, 166 Reed, Jennifer Laurie 10 63 Reed, Janice Lynn 11 54, 145 Reed, Karen Sue 9 73, 145, 123 Reed, Norma Lea 9 73 Reed, Rhonda 11 54 Reed, Rhonda Sue 11 54, 135, 136, 138, 139 Reed, Timothy Dale 8 80 Repass, Millie 8 80, 146 Reynolds, Lorie Ann 10 63, 136 Reynolds, Penny Elaine 8 80, 142 Richards, Allen Dale 8 80, 146, 155 Richards, Karen Lee 12 28, 145 Rierson, Frank William Jr. 8 80, 165 Rierson, John William 10 63 Riggins, Billy Franklin 8 80 Ring, Barbara Kathleen 9 73 Ring, Kenneth Paul 9 73 Ring, Peter 11 63 Robbins, Gifford Eugene 8 80, 165 Robbins, Joni Gabriel 8 80. Ill, 112, 146 Robbins, Lisa Jean 10 65 Robbins, Patricia Ann 8 80 Robbins, Santina Marie 12 28, 136, 154, 157 Roberson, Bruce Avery 8 80, 146, 107 Roberson, Martha Anne 12 29, 107, 151, 138 Roberson. Rodney Dale 9 73, 71 Roberson, Stephen Douglas 10 65 Roberson, Timothy Brian 73, 106 Roberson, Regina Frances 12 29 Roop, Donald Harless 10 63 Roop, James Andrew 10 63, 136 Rorrer, Glen Everett 10 63, 106 Royal, Thomas William 10 63, 106 Rutrough, Nancy Arlene 12 29, 124, 145, 149, 138 Rutter, James Luther 8 80, 165 S Sweeney. Melody Ann 11 54 Sweeney, Tammy Sue 8 81,111 Sanders, Billy 9 73 Sanders, Denny Wayne 10 63 Saunders, Bruce Lynn 9 73, 62, 165 Saunders, Crystal Marie 9 73 Saunders, Cynthia Lynn 8 80, 146, 155 Saunders, Walter Perry 9 73, 74, 166 Semones, Teresa Diane 8 80, 142 Sewell, Mary Dawn 11 54, 10 8, 145, 107, 147, 138 Shaffer, Cynthia Lynn 9 73 Shank, Jo Ann 8 80,111 Shank, Stewart Richard 12 29, 145, 147 Shelor Allen Henry 12 29,102,105,147 Shelor, Cheryl Anne 8 81, 142, 146 Shelor, Elizabeth Pinkard 10 63, 145 Shelor, Robert Harmon 10 63, 145 Shelton, James Ray 9 73 Shelton, Linda Gale 10 63 Shelton, Peggy Jean 1 1 54 Sheppard, Ricky Lee 8 81 Sheppard, Ronnie Lee 8 81, 142 Sheppard, Wanda Ruth 10 63, 136 Sheppard, Wendell Winston 8 81,165 Shortt, Brenda Lou 10 145, 63 Shortt, Cathy Denise 11 54 Shortt, James William 8 81, 146 Shortt, Lloyd Gregory 8 81 Shorter, Mark Andrew 8 Shortt, Mark Lane 12 29. 145 Simpkins, Kendall Brown 8 81, 165 Simpkins, Kevin Paul 10 145, 63, 161 Simpkins, Karen Marie 12 30 Simpkins, Loretta Lea 10 63, 108, 107 Simpkins, Patricia Yvonne 9 73 Simpson, Willard Charles II 9 73, 155 Slaughter, Pamela Jo 9 73 Slaughter, Steven Ray 10 64 Slayman, John Earl 10 102 Sloane, Curtis Wade 11 54 Slone, Melissa Ann 8 81 Slusher, George Samuel 8 81, 146, 165 Slusher, Lurada Gail 10 145 Slusher, Terry Edwin 10 166 Smith, Angela Denise 10 Smith, Darrell Dewaine 10 65, 166 Smith, Debbie Carolyn 9 73 Smith, Eugene Elbert 9 73, 106, 145, 161 Smith, Evangeline Marie 8 81 Smith, Judith Gail 11 145, 54, 135 Smith, Leann Gayle 12 30. 124 Smith, LuAnn 9 74 Smith, Margaret Gail 12 30 Smith, Scott Patterson 8 81, 165 Smith, Terry Randall 12 30, 102, 105 Snead, Irving Ross Jr. 9 74, 145 Snead, Timothy Wayne 8 81 Socker, Eric Thomas 9 74 Socker, Nathan John 12 30 Sonner, Mark Lewis 8 30, 81 Sonner, Marvin Luther 12 Sowder, Gerald Wayne 9 74, 145 Sowder, Micheal Douglas 8 81 Sowers, David Lynn 10 166 Sowers, Dwayne Leslie 11 54 Sowers, Karen Elaine 12 31 Sowers, Kenneth Ray 10 145 Sowers, Mark Allen 8 81, 165 Sowers, Randy Herbert 10 64 Sowers, Virginia Leah 8 81, 142 Sowers, Wanda Kay 9 74 Spangler, Ann Rene 8 81, 146 Spangler, Eldon Lane 12 31 Spangler, George D. 8 81 Spence, Robert Wesley 7 74, 102, 165 Stacy, Gary Lee 8 81 Stafford, Carl Cammeron 11 54, 102, 147 Stafford, Parris Minor 9 74, 145, 155 Stafford, Thomas Franklin III 12 31, 63, 95 Stanley, Kenneth Lee 8 81 Staples, Teresa Jane 10 145 Spence. Kristy Malinda 9 145 Spence, Robert Wesley 9 Steele, Clara Marie 9 74 Steele, Regina Ann 8 81 Strickland, Brenda 11 54, 56, 107, 108, 145 Stuart, Darlene 12 31 Stuart, John Herbert 10 Stuart, Keith Anthony 9 Stuart, Lewis Jacob 12 Stump, Mary Ann 8 81 Summer, Forrest Marie 9 74, 145 Surbaugh, Kimberly Anne 10 64 Sutphin, Brenda Sue 9 74 Sutphin, Carson Avis 9 74, 165 Sutphin, David Lincoln 12 31, 95 Sutphin, Dwayne Bennie 8 81, 165 Sutphin, Gregory Lee 12 32 Sutphin, James Edward 8 165 Sutphin, Jessie Lyle 10 64, 145 Sutphin, Larry Dean 11 54 Sutphin, Larry Wayne 10 64, 156 Sutphin, Lloyd Nevains 12 32 Sutphin, Mary Ellen 12 32 Sutphin, Reba Maria 9 74, 142 Sutphin, Ricky Lane 10 64, 166 Sutphin, Sandra Lynn 9 74, 155 Sutphin, Sheila Marie 10 64 Sutphin, Teresia Lynn 9 74 Sweebe, Ann Virginia 10 64, 145, 147 Sweebe, John Jouette 9 74, 165 64, 106, 166 74, 165 31, 102, 103, 104, 147, 155 T Tatum, Barbara June 8 81 Tatum, Katherine Garnette 10 64, 145 Tenney, Donna 11 57, 55 Terry, Deborah llene 10 64 Terry, Gary Edward 12 32, 145 Terry, Rhonda Loraine 11 56,57 Thomas, David Wayne 8 81 Thomas, James David 11 57 Thomas, Roger Dale 10 64 Thompson, Becky Lee 12 32 Thompson, Bruce William II 12 32 Thompson, Darrell Allen 8 81,146 Thompson, Janey Lou 12 33 Thompson, Joyce Elaine 10 64 Thompson, Karen Sue 9 74 Thompson, Myra Lou 12 33, 145 Thompson, Peggy Sue 8 64 Thompson, Rhonda Kaye 8 81, 123, 146 Thompson, Ricky Dalton 10 64 Thompson, Sherrel Merlin 8 81, 165 Thompson, Terry Dorsey 10 64. 102, 149 Thompson, Wesley Hank 11 56 Thrasher, Deana Jo 10 Tolbert, Brenda Gay 8 81, 76, 111, 123 Tolbert, Glen Douglas, Jr. 11 Tolbert, Linda Kay 8 76, 81, 111, 112, 123, 122 Tolbert, Pamela Ann 11 56 Tolbert, Teresa Faye 9 75, 111, 142 Townley, Joan Maria 10 64, 145, 156 Trail, Carol Sue 10 64, 155 Turman, Dennis Hank 8 81,165 Turman, Elizabeth Carol 9 75 Turman, Judith Ann 8 82, 142 Turner, Adolph Lee 10 64, 102 Turner, Bruce Allen 9 75, 102, 165 Turner, Carlton Wade 12 33, 145 Turner, Cassandra Lee 12 145, 123, 122 Turner, Debra Lynn 11 56 Turner, Johnnie Ray 10 64, 106 Turner. Teresa Gay 8 82, 146 Turpin, Kevin James 10 64, 145 Turpin, Marla Gaye 12 33 Turpin, Teresa Lynn 9 75 U Underwood, Dorcas Elaine 10 64 Underwood, Nora Ellen 11 56 V Van Cleave, Bonita Rae 8 82, 146, 142 Van Cleave, Naomi Ruth 10 64 Van Dyke, Mark Allen 11 55 Vaughn, Deborah Annette 12 33 Vaughn, Jeffery Dale 10 64, 145, 107 Vaughn, Rita Dorain 1 1 145,55 Vaughn, William Kyle 8 82, 107, 146 Vest, Alvin Rena 10 64, 166 Vest, Cindy Redale 9 75, 82, 155 Vest, Cynthia Lynn 8 Vest, Daniel Brown 12 34 Vest, Daniel Ray 8 82, 165 Vest, Darryl Sheldon 10 65. 145 Vest. Donna Ellen 12 34, 149 Vest, Elvin Lane 12 34 Vest, Geraldine 11 47, 55 Vest, Jimmy 10 65, 102 Vest, Kevin 1 1 55 Vest, Kevin Wayne 10 65, 145 Vest, Mary Elizabeth 11 55 Vest, Peggy Lynn 12 34 Vest, Timothy Clark 10 Vest, Timothy Ray 9 65, 75, 106 Vest, Wendell Lewis 1 1 55 W Weddle, Janet Diane 8 82 183 Weddle, Jonhathan Ray 11 57 Weddle. Larry Levi 10 65 Weddle, Lloyd D. 8 82, 146 Weddle, Mary Yonna 9 75, 145 Weddle, Pamela Jonne 10 65, 111, 156 Weeks, David Wayne 12 35 Weeks, Deborah Kay 12 35 Weeks, Duane Ralph 8 82, 165 Weeks, Wanda Faye 8 82, 111, 146 West. David Edsel 10 65. 166 West. Susan Annette 8 82, 142, 155 White, Herbert Clifford 10 Whitaker, David Lee 10 Whitlock. Anita Ellen 8 76. 82, 11, 146 Whitlock, Dennis George 12 35,145 Whitlock. Donna Elaine 12 36, 145 Whitlock 1 Gladys Raye 11 57 Whitlock, Loiuse Annette 9 75, 145 Whitlock. Marie Jackson 9 75, 155 Whitlock, Shari Lynn 8 82. 142, 146 Whitlow, Sherry Dawn 10 65 Whitsett. Linda Macey 11 56. 57, 107, 108 Willard, Brenda Marie 8 82 Willard. Donald Lee 8 82 Willard, Larry Allen 8 146,165 Willard, Ricky Dale 9 75.165 Williams, Carol Ann 12 36 Williams, Donna Lisa 8 82 Williams, Gary Stephen 12 36, 155 Williams, Gino Warren 11 57, 145, 147 Williams. Janean Lavanne 11 57, 145, 149 Williams, Larry Luther 9 75, 142, 161 Williams, Roger Scott 8 82,146 Williams, Timothy Ray 1 1 57 Willis, Micheal Raye 11 57, 102, 104 Willis, Ronald Dean 10 65, 145 Wilson, Kay Susan 8 146, 142, 82 Wilson, Gregory Glenn 1 1 57,145 Wilson, Ronald Wayne 11 57 Wimmer, Becky Kay 9 75, 142 Wimmer, Beverly Gwyn 11 57, 145, 107 Wimmer, Connie Marie 11 57, 107, 145 Wimmer, Sandra Lou 11 98, 99, 57 Witt, David Allen 8 82, 165 Wood Joyce Ann 9 75 Wray. Judy Carol 10, 65, 82 Wray, Richard George 8 Y Yates, Calvin Lee 8 82 Yeatts, Paul David 8 82, 146, 165 Yearout, Paula Sue 11 145, 57 Yopp, Barbara Jean 9 75 Yopp, Frank 8 82, 146 Yopp, Glenna Gail 12 36 Young, Keith Barry 11 57 Young, Lisa Kay 8 82 Young, Terry Michael 9 75 Z Zaresky, Natasha Ree 8 82, 155 184 185 186 187 Sometime in our lives We Succeed 188 • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina JOHN G PERRY, Regional Soles Monoger Soludo, Virginia JIM ELLIS, Representative Floyd Library Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Syst6ffi NOV 1998

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