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(s7t) osn uAjoJcJ 3 J J$U . $Ofbd ' ?li ' u Jori Co J A ■T ' z Z a sC- st P rJ wr J ' u CrriMsJ i0 y£OL O rns ✓£ - - 2t Z£ ' ’ r ?Z- OJ- icyidy y t ynsj Ostl £ j r J ' J ' Ooy. Mous , 0 )- jjL ' Tzjist ' tO .j vuy yjJu+f y f Ti s y y yy. J yo s Ujls T a UJ-ihonj SfrZsU C d ' J y ( ' • . A -U y C tA aJ (ZsuS OS O U AS cu ' M r . ' Is y - . u s??uj yCc y y£--s y yy. S Jbw-O p £u«W o wj ' or p ' Ln7 oU o J ityi ' uj £ ¥sf uw r J) uj Jl iSHK j Ajsy Oj j yry yyr JpxV ? jH?sdj c O J 6nJb -WaO yh riJ’ rix ?J ' bs j ' 0 K J y ZsyJ - y yo f O y d. 6 j 77 Z. s Co j yjydLd sJcoJ yz y tsmt 1970 JJf lo ct (Comttjj |Migl| j djool loyd, Virginia Jolumc 8 The morning sun spread a pink haze over the grounds of Floyd County High School. The students found happi- ness and peace within the security of knowledge. The freedoms given at FCHS formed peace. Participating in classroom activities, striving to achieve personal goals, and the flexibility of working together gave a firm foun- dation for strong young people. Floyd County High pcJs S l aternal personality. In the difficult situations srucienfs encountered, guidance, hope and a solution ■fuWolffned from the devoted and concerned faculty and administration. entente The understanding mese young people found created a delightful contentment and formed a solid relationship among students and teachers. 3f Io gd (ttomttg |33igl] j djool ,3lndititdualttg, Understanding, (And United Students Jf ornt 0Tt]c Nucleus of f eace (At % $$ 5 J)[logd (Uountjj |Mtg{| j cljool Students Hell ,3lt |3Bofti )t ,3ln 1970 Fads in 1970 underwent a big change. In the clothing department, sashes, long and wide ties, maxi coats, mini skirts, and vests were commonly seen. Hair was the essential part of the mod outfit. Beards, wigs, and long hair on boys and girls characterized the 1970 look. The Afro, or natural, look was popular with the FCHS Negro. In music, CTA, Led Zeppelin, Tom Jones, Three Dog Night, Blue Cheer, Jackson Five, and Jimi Hendrix entertained FCHS students. The local favorite, The Electric Theater, also had a rise in popularity. Peace symbols, black arm bands, head strings worn Indian style and chains completed the assessories for 1970. Basically the fad in 1970, carried over from 1969, was to be individual in everything. Students expressed their inside feelings as they did their own thing. (Academics An armful of textbooks, cluttered papers tied up with a string, and bookbags overflowing with the daily necessities for school characterized the average FCHS teacher. Teaching at FCHS was a pleasure. The individual freedoms given to the students at FCHS releaved the teachers from being “on duty” during lunch hours and between class changes. A teacher’s lounge was provided for relaxation during the short period of time a teacher was without a class to teach. The teachers at FCHS were the key to the success of the students. An individual concern and much patience enabled students to achieve the highest goals. The staff of 44 teachers guided nearly 900 students through the year of 1969—70 that proved to be profitable for each student. The understanding and genuine interest the administrative staff gave to the students formed peace. Mrs. Lorice O’Connor carries on duties in the main office as school receptionist and bookkeeper. Mrs. Iris Poff Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Lorice O’Connor School Receptionist and Bookkeeper Principal Ray Hollandsworth directs Mrs. Poff in constructing an important business letter concerning the educational pro- cesses at FCHS. Mrs. Iris Poff as secretary to the principal keeps attendance records for the nearly 900 students at FCHS. 8 Ray L. Hollandsworth B.S., M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Principal Robert E. Peak B.S., M.Ed. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Assistant Principal The administration at FCHS consisted of two principals and the school board consisting of eight members. The administration kept FCHS on a smooth-running schedule, supplied the school with all needed equipment and gave the needed assistance for providing new additions to FCHS. Mr. Hollandsworth examines a recent issue of an educators guide— an important resource in directing institutes of modern education. School board members take time out of their regular monthly meeting for a picture. A familiar sight is recreated every morning when Mr. Peak accurately sets the clock in the main office. 9 ,3[rt m j ubjunctitoe (JHootl j ljakespear jltudents ,3[ace (An interesting (And Enjopable ,3[toe The English teachers composed the largest number to teachers in the same field of study of Floyd County High School. Educational television added quite alot of variety to the schedules of English study. Recordings and audio visual aids gave additional knowledge. English consisted of grammar, poetry, and analyzing literature, and the English language history. English courses develop a stu- dent in many ways. - ' Hear bourse One of the English classes at FCHS are experimenting with panel discussions. This enables students to practice using good grammar and to effectively express their ideas. Annie Catherine Dobyns B.A. Latin I. and II. English I. Emory and Henry Colle ge University of Virginia Creative Writing Folder Judy L. Eames B.S. English and French, Radford College M.S. English, Washington and Lee Jr. Class Sponsor Highland Scops Sponsor Donald L. Flick B.S. English I. and II. East Tennessee State University Head Basketball Coach Head Golf Coach J.V. Football Coach Varsity Club Sponsor Linda S. Ford B.S. English and Speech Radford College One-Act Play Susan C. Heuss B.A. English Madison College Forensics Thelma T. Houchins B.S. English Radford College Co-Sponsor of TWC Elizabeth S. Hugate B.S. English Radford College Yearbook Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor Joyce B. Pugh B.S. Reading Radford College Nancy L. Slusher B.A. Radford College M.A. University of Virginia English and French Journalism County Crier Sponsor Quill and Scroll Sponsor 10 at emattcs Extends ,JMmd 3) tt deometrjj, (Algebra, (And (Advanced JMatl] Virginia E. Altizer B.S. Radford College Algebra II Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry 10th Grade Sponsor Donna M. O’Halloran B.Ss Madison College Radford College Algebra I, Geometry Eighth Grade Sponsor Susan S. Maxson B.A. Emory and Henry College Math II, Algebra I Ninth Grade Sponsor William L. Maxson B.A. Emory and Henry College M.S. University of Tennessee Geometry Hi-Y Janet C. Peak B.A. King College M. Ed. VPI Math I, Pre- Algebra Beta Club The mathematics department guided its students on an adven- turous journey through a fascinating world of logarithms, matrices, theorems, and graphs. Stressing the importance of math- ematics in the affairs of everyday living, instructors provided stu- dents with a wide range of activities that served to prepare them for the challenging affairs of the years to come. Offered on a diverse level, courses consisted of Math I and II, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I. and II, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry. Pre-Algebra, a recent addition to the curricu- lum, is offered as a preparatory course for students planning to enroll in Algebra I. Math I students prepare a graft for understanding the areas of circles in the drawing illustrated on the board. 11 Science ®eacl]er0 RelJcal stcrtes ©f , ®l|e PniiicrsE ®o Indents ©f Science (Ktmroeo Free da H. Rorror B.S. Radford College M.S. Radford College SCA sponsor Biology The FCHS Science Department was equipped with the finest and most modern scientific development. Science 1. and 11 offered biology on an elementary scale. These enabled eighth and ninth graders who did not have a good foun- dation to begin advanced courses to study before taking the harder courses. The department offered biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy for students on the academic schedule. Imogene C. Ru trough Madison College Junior Class Sponsor Science Fair Chairman Science 1 and 11 Max Thomas William and Mary Roanoke College Science Club Physics, chemistry, and anatomy Alta Turman Radford College F.T.A. Science I and 11 V. Gardner, W. Starkey, B. Dalton, and R. Bond prepare an experiment with chemicals. Rigorous ]S.xtttwts ,Antt j$port (Competitions Bietinguisl] ptjpeical Education (Courses Donna E. Merkt B.S. Radford College Health and P. Ed. Girls Intramurals Julie D. Ross B.A. Recreation Foothill Jr. College San Francisco State College Health and Physical Education Drivers Training Girls Intramurals Worley S. Bishop, Jj B.S. Tusculum College M.S. Arizona State University Lincoln Memorial University Health and P. Ed 8th Grade football Coach J.V. Football Varsity Baseball Safety Patrol Billy L. Clear B.A. Ferrum Junior College Emory and Henry College P. Ed. Drivers Training Ellis L. Enoch A.B. Fairmont State College Drivers Training 9th Grade Sponsor Physical Education was offered only to students in eighth and ninth and tenth grades. Modern dancing, volleyball, baseball, and basketball highlighted the sports played in phys. ed. classes. Mrs. J. Ross and Mr. E. Enoch teach driver’s training educa- tion behind the wheel. Fourteen hours required gives a com- pleted course in this training. 13 Mrs. J. Ross smiles as camera lens catch her in the act of refereeing in a basketball game. ®gping, ookkeeptng ,Antl l]ortl]ancl j uppljj IPueiness tmtenls ttofaletlge Mary L. Hardie B.S. Radford College Typing 1 Record Keeping Magazine Campaign Rowena A. Hollandsworth B.S. Radford College General Business Typing II Office Practice Jr. Tri Hi Y Sponsor Nancy L. Slusher B.S. Radford College M.E. V.P.I. Bookkeeping General Business Personal Use Typing F.B.L.A. Sponsor Ruth A. Slusher B.S. Radford College Business Math Personal Use Typing Shorthand I and II Senior Class Sponsor Comprehensive and meaningful drills prepare the individual busi- ness student for a vivid understanding of future tasks in the busi- ness world. Boys and girls tombined their skills of typing, record keeping, and general business to broaden their scope of applicable knowledge. Mrs. Hardie looks on as N. Agee and B. Bolt learn the duties of the Business Department. Prospective secretary, Sandra Hale, performs duties with mimeograph machine that will prepare her for the future. 14 |CtberaI (Arte (Adds iarid Co Curriculum ,At ,3[(E|3BJI Band, choral and art are three of the elective courses offered stu- dents at FCHS. The creative arts department emphasizes the language of ex- pression with each person having something personal to say and Mrs. Sitz and N. Shankle practice for Spring Concert. Basic Art Students with Miss Vaughn E. Aldridge, G. Hale and C. Conner Mrs. Mary Y. Murrie B.S., Madison College Librarian Library Aides Mrs. Bonnie C. Sitz B.A., B.S., Radford College Music Advanced Choir Elementary Choir Music Emma Catherine Vaughn B.S., Radford College Art Cheerleaders 15 Jlocial jS tutfies ' Sake Students ground ®lje 3®» r ld Walker E. Campbell B.S. Virginia State College U.S. History World Geography School Bus Patrol John D. Harman B.S. Bridgewarer College M.S. Radford College Va. U.S. Government Va. U.S. History World History Mary L. Jarratt B.S. Radford College Va. U.S. History Va. U.S. Government Senior Tri-Hi-Y A wide range of Social Studies courses are offered at FCHS. They include World History, Civics, Government, Virginia and United States History, Geography, and Economics. Rudolph R. Marshall Emory Henry B.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute M.S. University of Virginia World History, Va. U.S. History Va. U.S. Government Economics Debate Team Besides regular textbook work, history classes follow the course of politics and participate in debates and discussions. Audio-Visual Aids used are: transparencies. World Week, ETV, and magazines. These helped students get a more modern look at happenings not only in the state and nation but all over the world. Among the most eventful things happening in the class were the mock elections held this year. These classes helped students learn about past events and also to become better citizens. L. Yopp gives facts as J. Dalton takes down notes for the rebuttal speech in a Government debate. E. Sowers and V. Poage lead a panel discussion of impeachment of officials in Government class. 16 Lillian B. Cockram B.S. M. Ed. Bridgewater College Madison College Radford College V.P.I. College Home Economics Young Homemakers of America F.H.A. Nora Gardner B.S. Radford College Homemaking F.H.A. Young Homemakers of Va. Vocational (ttourses Prepare Jltudents J or ®lje Various tSasbs ®f pVierjjclajj pifc The Vocational Department at FCHS consisted of three divisions: Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and Agriculture. These classes prepared students to use the techniques introduced to improve their skill. These courses gave the student an opportunity to use creative abilities to form useful and essential things for everyday life. Lonnie J. Keith B.S. V.P.I. Agriculture F.F.A. K.V.G. Leonard C. Rorrer B.S. V.P.I. M.S. Radford College Industrial Arts Photography Industrial Arts, open to boys in all grades, provided instruction and tools for making objects from wood and metal materials. Home Economics offered training in personal development, in- terior decorating, home management, nutrition, infant care, and fashion design. Agriculture students were taught the scientific approach to farming. Contests, conservation, and a general educa- tional background for the prosperous farmer were among the activities of this course. H.P. Jennings B.S. M.Ed. V.P.I. Agricultural K.V.G. F.F.A. 17 900 Student’s | eep Records, pamphlets, books, Mrs. Albert and Mr. Mannon made up the heart of the guidance department. The guidance department was the central department where stu- dents could get sound advice and much needed college in- formation, help on personal problems, and scheduling of classes. An attempt was made to guide the 900 students of FCHS to achieve the goals that were important for the individual’s future. Mr. Mannon studies a chart for instructing students for scholarships. (Guidance Counselors uso Nola S. Albert B.S. Radford College M.S. VPI Guidance Counselor C.E. Mannon A. A. Freed-Hardeman College B.S. VPI M.A. East Carolina University Guidance Counselor SCA Sponsor Velva Spence is counseled on class schedules. 18 Classes Classes were filled with the eager 900 students enrolled in FCHS. Class work was expanded through regular viewing of educational television. Special magazines assisted social studies students, math instructors took courses enabling them to teach new techniques, and courses in liberal arts were extended to produce plays, musical concerts, and publi- cations. The students at FCHS were given as much freedom as possible. Debating and learning to respect other’s opinions formed a peaceful relationship between teachers and students. Classes at FCHS were an enjoyable facet of learning and the knowledge and insight gained formed the path the students traveled during the years. In the fall of 1965, two hundred five eighth graders gathered in the space designated in the hugh gymnasium of Floyd County High School. Teachers led the small, timid students to homerooms for schedules and instructions to follow during their first day of high school. As eighth graders, the class of 1970 accepted more responsibility, created new ideas, and worked together to achieve their goals at FCHS. A few of those goals were reached during the class of 1970’s freshmen year. One freshmen secured a seat in the District Forensic Team. Freshmen boys took important roles in all sport activities and three girls became part of the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad. The sophomore year proved to be another year of success. Several sophomore boys were accepted to play Varsity Football. One girl represented the class as the only Varsity Cheerleader from the sophomore class. One boy took part in State competition in track, which was an unusual honor for a sophomore. Two class members retained finalist positions in the VFW Speaking Contest, three girls became yearbook staff members, and one girl was accepted for the majorette team. The Junior year was an especially rewarding year. Thirty-six students were tapped into the Beta Club. Five Juniors from the three publication staffs represented FCHS at SIPA. Two Juniors represented the school at All-State Chorus. Early in the spring, Junior officers and Miss Ruth Anfi Slusher made prom arrangements. In May, the entire class took part in transforming the cafeteria into “Three Coins in a Fountain.” The Senior year climaxed the career of 129 students in high school. Five more seniors were tapped into the Beta Club. Senior privileges, made possible by Mr. Hollandsworth and Senior officers acting as representatives of class opinions, proved to be just one more big accomplishment of the complete union and ability to work together of the Class of 1970. The history of the class of 1970 was the reward for the many hours spent planning, studying, and creating. The one-hundred twenty nine members, composing a minority of the student body, were proud to be a part of the successful Class of 1970. Front Row: R. Pauley, President; M. Slusher, Vice President; J. Nixon, Secretary; M. Lee, Reporter; K. Gearheart, Treasurer. Second Row : J. Harman, R. Marshall, R. Slusher, Head Sponsor; N. Slusher. 128 Seniors ®ake Cast j tep Akers, Phyllis Jean: FHA 1-5; Library Club 4,5; NYC 4,5. Alderman, Elizabeth Ann : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2; Homecoming Court 4. 21 Seniors (Are intrigued Alderman, J udy Elaine : FHA 5. Alderman, Wanda Sue: Jr. Tri-H-Y Parliamentarian 5. Aldridge, Earl Wayne : Basketball 1-3; Football 1, Tennis 2,3,5; Varsity Club 3-5; Secretary 4; Pep Club 2; SCA 2; Hi-Y 3-5; Bus Driver 4,5; Yearbook Staff 5; Junior Class Treasurer. Aldridge, James Lowell: Tennis 2-4; Track 4; SCA 5; Hi-Y 5. Earl Wayne Aldridge James Lowell Aldridge 22 Kenneth Elwood Beaver Shirley Susanne Beckner Austin, Sue Ellen: FHA 1-5; Recreation Leader 3, Pianist 5; Pep Club 2,3; Cheerleader 24; Girl’s State 4; Typing Award 4; FBLA 4,5; Regional President 5; Beta Club 4,5. Beale, Winfred Michele: Football 1-5; Baseball Manager 1; Basketball Manager 2,3; Varsity Club 4,5; Treasurer 5, Science Club 2-5; Treasurer 4; President 5; Science Fair 24; Track 24; Graduation Marshal 4; SIPA 4; Boy’s State 4; SCA Treasurer 5. Beaver, Kenneth Elwood: FFA 1, 2,4,5. Beckner, Shirley Susanne: FHA 1-5; Pep Club 3; Library Club 5. 23 Beckner, Wanda Carolyn: FHA 1,2; Glee Club 3,4; Pep Club 3; Library Club 5. Belcher, Glinda Paulette: FHA 3-5; Library Club 3,4. Belcher, Lester Dale: FFA 1-5; KVG 1-5; FFA Treasurer 3. Belcher, Michael Wayne : FFA 1-5; KVG 2-5; Beta Club 4,5; FTA 5. Blackwell, Carolyn Gayle : FHA 1-3; Historian 3; FTA 3-5; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4; Yearbook Staff 2-5; Associate Editor 5; One Act Play 5. Bond, Roger Dale: Band 1-3; Basketball 2; Science Club 2-5; Science Fair Winner 2; Beta Club 4,5; Basketball Manager 4, Quill and Scroll 5; Crier Staff 5; Baseball 5. Boothe, Mary Linda: NYC 3-5. Boothe, Sylvia Jean: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Pep Club 2; Debate 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; FTA 4,5; Graduation Marshal 4; Beta Club 4,5; Secretary 5; Glee Club 4,5. Boyd, Brenda Lois: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1-5; Cheerleader 2; Co-Captain 2; Pep Club 2,3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; FBLA 4,5. Boyd, Danny Washington : Football 1-3; FFA 2-5; Basketball 2; Track 2,3; KVG 4,5. Wanda Carolyn Beckner Lester Dale Belcher Glinda Paulette Belcher Michael Wayne Belcher J rttiore ptijo|j Cast Part (©f j djool JVs Cape JVntl 0§o6ms JVrrtoe Sylvia Jean Boothe Brenda Lois Boyd Danny Washington Boyd Hazel Renay Boyd Beverly Carol Cockram Stewart Lee Childress Ireta Quesenberry Cockram elected j etttore JMeasttre exteritjj Boyd, Hazel Renay: FHA 3; NYC 3. Childress, Stewart Lee: Chess Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Hi-Y 5; Basketball 5. Cockram, Beverly Carol : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; FHA 3-5; Chaplain 5; FTA 4; Beta Club 4,5. Cockram, Ireta Quesenberry . Conner, Calvin Ray; FFA 1-5; Varsity Club 4,5; Football 14; Tennis 2; Homecoming Escort 1; Bus Driver 4,5. Conner, Deborah Kaye: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; F ' HA 1-5; FBLA 4; Historian 4. Conner, Michael Allen: Conner, Mary Ann: Pep Club 3, FHA 4,5. Conner Modjorie Lou. Andy Roland Conner Calvin Ray Conner Deborah Kaye Conner Mary Ann Conner Michael Allen Conner Modjorie Lou Conner Benny Thornton Cox James Heath Dalton, Jr. Connie Lynn DeHart Moyer Turner DeHart, Jr. Mary Alice Dulaney Maurice Carney Epperly Sandra Lee Epperly Anthony Vaughn Gallimore Michael Lane Gallimore Cox, Benny Thornton: FF A 1 -5 . Dalton, James Heath, Jr.: Basketball 1-5; Track 2-4; Band 14; Pep Club 2,3; Hi-Y 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; President 5; Varsity Club 4,5; SCA 1; Forensics Winner 2,3; Quill and Scroll 5; Voice of Democracy Award 4; NCET Award 4. DeHart. Connie Lynn: Science Club 1,2; Debate Team 1-5; Band 1-5; Tri-Hi-Y 3-5; Historian 4; Vice President 5; Beta Club 4,5; FT A 4,5; Quill and Scroll 5. DeHart, Moyer Turner: FFA 1-5. Dulaney, Mary Alice: Science Club 1-3; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 5; Beta Club 4,5; FBLA Vice President 5; Regional Secretary 5. Epperly, Maurice Carney: Library Club 24; Pep Club 2,3; Epperly, Sandra Lee: FHA 1,3,5; Safty Patrol 2,3; Yearbook Staff 3, Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4; Library Club 4,5. Gallimore, Michael Lane: FFA 1-5; Reporter 3; Secretary 4; KVG 2-5; Gallimore, Anthony Vaughn : Band 1-5. Head Sponsor, Miss R.A. Slusher admires class rings belonging to J. Nixon, J. Moles, and S. Moran. 26 Gearheart, JoAnn : FHA 2-5; Historian 5; NYC 4, FBLA 4, Library Club 5. Gearheart, Kathryn Sue : 1,3,4 ,5; Parliamen- tarian 4; President 5; Federation Secretary 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; President 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Reporter 4, Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 5; SCA 5; Senior Class Reporter. Gibson, Sandra Mae: Pep Club 2,3; FT A 3-5; Beta Club 4,5; FHA 5; NYC 5. Goad, Carolyn Jewell: Pep Club 2; FHA 2,3,5; NYC 3-5. JoAnn Gearheart Sandra Mae Gibson Kathryn Sue Gearheart Carolyn Jewell Goad j entor ffllass (Eposes premia Hylton ,Antl (Hjnttljta ,3lngratn Jfor Honor of ®l|rtgtmas (Madonna ,And (Angel Mr. J. Harman confers with government students R. Slusher, R. Keslcr, D. Boyd, and E. Aldridge about rules for eating in his classes. 27 Larry Evan Goad Thomas Anthony Grace Westley Rayford Grant Anita Dianne Griffith Sandra Kay Hale Linda Sue Harris Debra Leigh High Henry Allen Hill Sandra Sue Hollandsworth Goad, Larry Evan: Science Fair Winner 1; Basketball 1; Captain 1; SCA 4; FFA 24; Vice President 4; Track 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Hi-Y 5. Grace, Thomas Anthony : Grant, Westley Rayford: Gnffith, Anita Dianne : Band 1-5; Band Council 3; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Chaplain 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Vice President 4; President 5; Pep Club 2; Debate 2,3. Hale, Sandra Kay : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Pep Club 2,3; Yearbook Staff 3-5; Homecoming Attendant 1; Class Secretary 1; SCA 5. Harris, Linda Sue: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 1,2; SCA 3; Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 5. High, Debra Leigh: FHA 1,3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3-5; Band 1-5; Yearbook Staff 5. Hill, Henry Allen: FFA 1-5; KVG 3-5. Hollandsworth, Sandra Sue: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; FTA 3-5; Graduation Marshal 4; Crier S taff 4,5; SCA 4,5; Homecoming Attendant 5; Snow Queen 5. Horton, Larry David : Band 1-5; Hi-Y 4,5; FTA 4; Football Manager 1; Football 3; Basketball 2 . Larry David Horton 28 Roger Dale Houchins Joseph Morris Howery Dan Clayton Hubbard Wanda Jean Huff dobmutteni , 31 b A “Neto Experience Houchins, Roger Dale : Howery. Joseph Morris: Basketball 1 ; Football 1; SCA 1; Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 4,5; Band 1-3; SCA Vice President 4; Graduation Marshal 4; Homecoming escort 5. Hubbard. Dan Clayton: FFA 1-5; Bus Driver 4,5; Beta Club 4,5. Huff, Wanda Jean: 1 HA 1,2, 4, 5; 1 BLA 3; Homecoming Attendan ' 5; Snow Queen Attendant 5. R. Reed. K. Quescnberry, C. DeHart, D. High, and P. Talley exchange treasured senior pictures. 29 Hylton, Audrey Lamfoa: Glee Club 1-3; Library Club 2-4; Crier Staff 4. Hylton, Brenda Gail: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Science Club 3-5; All State Chorus 3; Glee Club 2-5; All District Chorus 5; Beta Club 4,5; Reporter 5; Madonna 5. Hylton, Carolyn Sue : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3-5; Band 1-4; Pep Club 2; FBLA 4,5; Library Club 5; Science Fair 3. Hylton, Roseanna Gail : FHA 1-5; Parliamentarian 3; Reporter 5; FBLA 3; Crier Staff 4,5; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; SIPA 4. Ingram, Cynthia Marie: FTA 3-5; Secretary Treasurer 5; Pep Club 3; Graduation Marshal 4; Madonna Candidate 5; Angel 5. Janney, Larry Alan: Debate 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Pep Club 2; Varsity Club 5; Hi-Y 5; Tennis 4,5. Keith, Larry Dean : FFA 1-5; KVG 2-5. Kesler, Rodney Lynn ; Lampey, James Robert : NYC 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Bus Driver 5. Lane, Carolyn Sue: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1,5; Pep Club 2; Beta Club 4,5; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Magazine Staff 4,5. Audrey Lamyra Hylton Brenda Gail Hylton Carolyn Sue Hylton Roseanna Gail Hylton Roger Pauley fleeted resulettt of j mtors Cynthia Marie Ingram Larry Alan Janney Larry Dean Keith Rodney Lynn Kesler James Robert Lampey Carolyn Sue Lane 30 Kerry Clay Lawrence Charles Michael Lee Michael Lynn Linkous ■■HM Lawrence, Kerry Clay: FHA 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Sr. Tri-Hi- Y ' 3,5; Pep Club 2; Cheerleader 2; FTA 3; FBLA 4,5; Glee Club 3-5; SIPA 4; Yearbook Staff 3-5; Editor 5. Lee, Charles Michael: Basketball 1; Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 3-5; Band 1-3; SCA 1; Class Treasurer 2; Graduation Marshal 4; Class Treasurer 5; Beta Club 4,5; NMTA 4. Linkous, Michael Lynn: Pep Club 3, Football 1,2; Track 2; Basketball 2; Band 1-3. Mabery, Shirley Mae: FHA 1,2, 4, 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Historian 2. Mannon, Lester Elgin: Hi-Y 3-5; Football 3-5; Captain 5; Basketball 3-5; Captain 5; Track 3-5; Varsity Club 3-5; Hi-Y Secretary 3; Class President 4; All District Football 4. Marshall, Kenneth Ray: Football 1-5; Baseball 2-5; Basketball 2; Pep Club 3; Varsity Club 4,5; Hi-Y 4,5. Marshall, Larry Walter: Football 1; FFA 2-4. E. Aldridge and J. Quesenberry stop to smile for the camera while loafing during study hall. Jlentor (Officers Pfork Bard ®o Secure Jfor t (Elass of ’70 Shirley Mae Mabery Lester Elgin Mannon Kenneth Ray Marshall Larry Walter Marshall 31 Meador, Alice Faye: FHA 1 ; Pep Club 2; Library Club 3-5; NYC 4; FBLA 5; NYC Treasurer 4. Moles, Janie Lynn: Science Club 1-3; Bible Club 1-3; Cheerleader 2,3; One Act Play 4; Debate Team 4,5; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; FTA 4,5; Yearbook Staff 5. Moran. Stanley Wayne : Basketball 1; Band 1,2; SCA 1,3,5; Varsity Club 3-5; Beta Club 4,5; Hi-Y 4,5; Chaplain 4; Vice President 5; Tennis 2-5; Pep Club 2. Myers, Larry Eton: LFA 1,2,4; J.V. Football 2; Baseball 2; Football Manager 4; Varsity Club 4. Nixon, Judy Lynn: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2; Pep Club 2,3; Beta Club 4,5; Snow Queen Attendant 4; FBLA 4,5; President 5; Class Secretary 5. Ousley , Bobby Alton: FFA 1 ; NYC 3-5; Beta Club 4,5. Seniors |llan Senior class officers M. Lee, M. Slusher, K. Gearheart, J. Nixon, and R. Pauley discuss plans for the Senior Dance with Mr. Hollandsworth. Alice Faye Meador Janie Lynn Moles Stanley Wayne Moran Larry Eton Myers Judy Lynn Nixon Bobby Alton Ousley Roger Dale Pauley Danny Lee Phillips Alta Lovanne Poage Cathy Lynn Poff j entor ;0artCB JEarlg 3n February Pauley, Roger Dale: Basketball 1; Band 1,2; SCA 2; Hi-Y 3,5; Graduation Marshal 4; Class President 5. Phillips. Danny Lee: SCA 2; Track 3-5; Varsity Club 4,5. Poage, Alta Lovanne: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Vice President 2; Forensics 1-5; Glee Club 2-5; Pep Club 2; FTA 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3-5; Reporter 3; Treasurer 5; Girls State 4; All District Chorus 3-5; All State Chorus 4; Quill and Scroll 5; Treasurer 5; Beta Club 4,5; Vice President 5; Crier Staff 5; Madonna Candidate 5. Poff, Cathy Lynn: FHA 1; Pep Club 3; Magazine Staff 3-5; Editor 5; S1PA 4; Alternate Cheerleader 4; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Vice President 5; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 5. Porter, Joseph Iray: Science Fair Winner 1; Varsity Club 4,5; FFA 3; Track 2-5. Pratt, Carolyn Quescnberry : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 2-5; Pianist 2; Vice President 4; Science Fair 2; Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 5. 33 Donnie Leon Pratt Anthony Ray Quesenberry Carolyn Kaye Quesenberry Joe Dylie Quesenberry Joseph Wayne Quesenberry Juanita Fay Quesenberry ,JMt00 (Ann Jlluoljer Jleriie© (A© j pott 0 or ,3[or ' 01l]c Senior (!IIa 00 ©f 1970 Pratt, Donnie Leon: FFA 1-5; Vice President 3; FFA Federation Secretary 3; Star State Farmer ! 4; Beta Club 4,5. Quesenberry, Anthony Ray: FFA 1,4; Bus Patrol 2; KVG 3,4: NYC 4. Quesenberry, Carolyn Kaye: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1; Pep Club 2,3; FTA 3-5; SCA 4; Beta Club 4,5; Class Treasurer 1; Snow Queen Attendant 4; Graduation Marshal 4. Quesenberry, James Dale : FFA 1-5. Quesenberry. James Harold, Jr.: Glee Club 1-5; All District Chorus 3-5; All State Chorus 4; Basketball 2; Track 2; Varsity Club 3, Quesenberry. Joe Dylie: Homecoming Court 2,4; NYC 4; Crier Staff 4; Associate Editor 4. Quesenberry, Joseph Wayne: Football 1-5; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2; FFA 2,3; All District Football 4; Track 3,4; Varsity Club 4,5; President 5; Hi-Y 4. Quesenberry, Juanita Fay: FBLA 3; Beta Qub 4,5. James Dale Quesenberry James Harold Quesenberry, Jr. 34 Toney Boyd Quesenberry Patricia Ann Reed Ruby Pratt Reed Wanda Cailene Roberson Quesenberry, Toney Boyd: Basketball 1-5; Captain 5; Captain 3; Football 1-3; Track 2,5; Hi-Y 3; SCA President 5; Varsity Club 3-5; Treasurer 4; Hi-Y Treasurer 4; SCA Treasurer 3. Reed, Patricia Ann: Science Club 1; FHA 2,5; Treasurer 4,5; Library Club 3-5; Presi- dent 5; Beta Club 5. Reed, Ruby Pratt: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Treasurer 2; Class Vice President 2; Pep Club 2,3; Homecoming Court 1-5; Queen 5; Class Secretary 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; FBLA 4,5; Yearbook Staff 5. Roberson, Wanda Carlene : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3-5; Class Secretary 4; Graduation Marshal 4; President of District Tri-Hi-Y ; Sr. Tri-Hi- Y Historian 5; One Act Play 5. Rumburg, Deborah White: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Library Club 3-5; Historian 5; NYC 4,5; Reporter 5; Pep Club 2. Shelor. Roger Meyer: Science Club 1-4; Science Fair Winner 2; Debate 4,5; Magazine Staff 3,4; SIPA 4; Forensics 4.5. Shortt, Gene Dale: Basketball 1-3; Band 1,2; Pep Club 3. Slaughter. Tommy Loman: Science Club 1,4; Hi-Y 2-5; Chaplain 4; Library Club 3-5; Vice President 5; Football 3; Science Fair 2; FFA 4; KVG 4. Slusher. Freeman Maurice, Jr.: FFA 1-5; SCA 1; FT A 4,5; President 5; Beta Qub 4,5. Slusher, Michael Dean: Band 1-5; Glee Club 2; Track 2; Pep Club 2,3; FT A 4,5; Vice President 5; SCA 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Band Council President 5; Drum Corps Captain 4,5; Vice President Class 5. 129 Jlentors jltart 3ln ,3[aU (Df 1969 Deborah White Rumburg Roger Meyer Shelor Gene Dale Shortt Tommy Loman Slaughter Freeman Maurice Slusher, Jr. Michael Dean Slusher 35 Richard Lynn Slusher Allen Dwight Smith Ellen Muncy Sowers Slusher, Richard Lynn: Football 1,5; Baseball 2-5; Basketball 1-5; Band 1-5; Vice President Class 1; Science Fair 1; Hi-Y 2-5; Treasurer 3; President 4,5; Pep Club 2,3; Beta Club 4,5; Varsity Club 4,5. Smith. Allen Dwight: FFA 1-4; Basketball 2-4; Track 2,3; Class Treasurer 4; Most Valuable Player 4; Best Offensive Back 4; All District Football 4; Varsity Club 4,5; NYC 4,5; Vice President 5; Upward Bound 4. Sowers, Ellen Muncy: Spangler, George Curtis, Jr. FFA 1,2, 4,5; Baseball 2; Tennis 2. Spangler, LarTv Dale : FFA 1 ,4; Library Club 4,5; Football 2. 36 Wesley Eugene Starkey Ralph Wayne Stump Ronnie Lee Sutphin Paul Martin Talley jitudente |Ctu)k orfnard ' (So jlentor Starkey, Wesley Eugene : Football 1,2, 3, 5; Baseball 2-5; All District Baseball 2,3; Science Club 2,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Reporter 5; Beta Club 4,5; Forensics 1; District 3. Stump, Ralph Wayne: FFA 2,5; NYC 4,5; KVG 5. Sutphin, Ronnie Lee: Talley. Paul Martin : Football 1-3; Pep Club 2-3; Hi-Y 3-5; Track 2; Band 1-3; President of Class 2. “But hurry up and eat, Carlene!” 37 Taylor, Fredric Joseph, Jr. : Thomas, Rhonda Leigh: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1-5; Debate 1; Library Club 3-5; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Magazine Staff 4,5; Newspaper Staff 5; Beta Club 5. Thompson, Larry Wayne: Yearbook Staff 5. Turner, Donnie O ' Neil: Football 1-5; Track 2; FFA 24; Hi-Y 3,4; Varsity Club 5; Pep Club 3 . Vest, Alice Diann: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1-5; FT A 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; NYC 4,5; Quill and Scroll 5; Magazine Staff 5; Madonna Candidate 5. Wade, Carolyn Sue: FHA 1-5; Reporter 3; Vice President; SCA 2,3; FBLA 3-5; Beta Club 4,5; Safety Patrol 4,5; FFA Chapter Sweetheart 4; Federation FHA Chaplain. Weddle, Gene Harmon: FFA 1-5; Basketball 1; Pep Club 3. Fredric Joseph Taylor, Jr. Rhonda Leigh Thomas Larry Wayne Thompson Donnie O’Neil Turner Alice Diann Vest Carolyn Sue Wade Gene Harmon Weddle Patricia Lea Weddle Goldie Fern Weeks Bonnie Gae White JMtglj crtmtage (®f 1970 D. Horton and W. Alderman talk and laugh together in study hall. 38 Graduates JB9 til (§o (College Terry Lee Williams Robert Lee Wood, Jr. Janice Elaine Ycarout Sarah Louise Yopp Weddle. Patricia Lea: Band 1-5; Majorette 4,5; Head Majorette 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 5; Beta Club 5; Snow Queen Attendant 5; Homecoming Court 5. Weeks, Goldie Fern : Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3; Beta Club 4,5; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Magazine Staff 4,5. White, Bonnie Gae: BBLA 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; Magazine Staff 5. Williams, Terry Lee : Band 1-5; Forensics 1; Football 1-3; Science Club 14; One Act Play 2; Tennis 3; Hi-Y 5; Pep Club 3; Yearbook Staff 5. Wood Robert Lee, Jr,: Pep Club 3; Yearbook Staff 5; Bus Driver 4,5. Yearout, Janice Elaine: Debate 1-5; FHA 14; Science Club 2; Magazine Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Quill and Scroll President 5. Yopp. Sarah Louise: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Library Club 24; Science Fair 2; Pep Club 3; Beta Club 4,5; FHA 5; Quill and Scroll 5; Magazine Staff 5. 39 Outstanding Officers And sponsors |Gead Class Of Class Otficers. R. Harris, Pres.; R. Pugh, Vice Pres.; J. Wood, Sec.; P. Mannon, Tres.; E. Manning, Rep. Margaret Agee William Agnew Mae Bell Akers Henry Alderman Randall Austin Frances Ballinger Judy Belcher Ronald Belcher 40 71 tlljrouglj (JMerry- o- Round ©f Atltlitites Rondel Belcher Wanda Blackwell Debbie Bolt Charles Bond Junior Class Sponsors: Mrs. Rutrough, Head sponsor; Miss Eames, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Cauthen, and Mrs. Hugate. 41 Being one of the many Juniors tapped into the Beta Club, N. Shankle reflects an expression of happiness as she is tapped by Senior M. Lee. ,Acihie (And Ptoacious Juniors participate Loretta Cockram Steven Cockram Danny Compton Sandra Conner The Junior Intramural team, “The Victors”, takes time out to practice. This team placed third in the speed-a-way intramurals during the fall games. 42 Michael Conner Linda Dalton Lois Dalton Juniors V. Poff, H. Troutt, and M. Agee pause for a moment to admire a decorative symbol of the holiday season. 3)tt ,3)ntermuralg, flUjeerleadhtg, (And 43 dm Wayne Duncan Linda Duncan Joe Edone Donnie Epperly Eunice Earmer Bentley Ferris David Goad Wanda Goad 3)utttor0 Explore ‘SItjc Numerous (®pportmutte6 Junior Cheerleaders, J. Wood, K. Hill, R. Hylton, and M. Thompson prepare a welcome banner for the Auburn game. 44 Juniors M. Spence, L. O’Connor, P. Mannon, and E. Manning enjoy a “between class” snowball fight. (®f |3Htgljer Education luring College JJay Ruby Gordon Gary Hale Joyce Hancock Teresa Hancock James Harmon Joe Harmon Larry Harmon Barbara Harris 45 Juniors M. Agee and M. Spence discuss the possibilities of an English test. Roger Harris Kirby Harris Neal Hatcher Robert Hatcher 150 Rumors Maintain Dian Higgs Clinton Hill Grady Hill Kathy Hill Becky Hylton Gail Hylton Cheerleader J. Wood leads fellow Juniors and students in a cheer during a home game. Class ’71 (Anticipates Debbie Lawrence Donna Lawson Steve Lovitt Danny Lucas Donald Lucas Ersel Manning 48 (Creating Romantic ,Anct Pntque spring |Jrom Gerald McPeak Pat Moran Jerry Myers William Naff Charlotte Nester Tommy Nichols Timmy Nichols Randall Nolen 49 juniors jJHeet flUjallenges (®f Larry Quesenberry Russell Quesenberry Timmy Quesenberry Elaine Quesenberry Bennett Reed Barbara Rutrough Marie Salmons Norma Shankle 50 (College §oard xams. (And ' National ,JHerti ®eets Brenda Smith Bruce Smith Pat Smith Barbara Sowder 51 juniors ' IBS ill |£tmg Remember Junior T. Hancock watches closely and attentively as two Seniors instruct her in art. Barbara Stuart Chester Stuart 52 |ixpermtct (©f Ordering Class Rtngs Junior M. Thompson, dressed as an eighth grader, keeps laughter going during the magazine campaign. Jerry Sumpter Charles Surber Steve Thomas Mary Thompson 53 Ptglj percentage ©f intelligent juniors (Are tapped . . . Juniors D. Bolt and D. Lucas collect money from students in C Lunch. Harry Troutt Tommy Turner Mary Turpin Allen Vest Gilbert Vest Larry Vest Sammy Wade Russell Webb 54 Dale Weddle Posey Weddle Rachel Weeks Robert Weeks Lonnie White Debby Whitlock George Williams Cline Wimmer . . ,3)nto ,Attd dentil (And j croll Juniors N. Hatcher and R. Harris rush to an important football team meeting in the locker room. 55 Prom planning becomes a major task for Junior officers, P. Mannon, E. Manning, J. Wood, and R. Harris. Frank Woolums Kenny Wurtzburger Harry Yates Roger Yeatts 56 Sophomore class officers: Richard Bond, President: Barbara Marshall, Vice President: Vicki Quesenberry, Secretary; Mary Jo Williams, Treasurer; J.B. Simpkins, Reporter. Sponsors: Mrs. Jarrett, Mrs. Rorrer, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Altizer, Head Sponsor, Miss Slusher, and Mrs. Hollandsworth. (©fftcers J pimaors (§uttta 181 jloplj omores Lewis Edward Abbott Susan Faye Agee Rebecca Sue Akers Nobledean Marie Angel Glendoll Lynn Belcher Mary Ann Bell Diana Hope Bloodworth Alton Wayne Bolt 57 Lessie Pauline Bolt Richard Steven Bond Kenneth Randall Bower Brenda Cheryl Bowers Sharon Kay Brammar Merita Aldine Brown Patricia Ann Brown Calvin Grover Cannaday Wesley Craig Clay Jennifer Enid Claytor Darrell Michael Cockram Robert Bemam Coe Gary Madison Collins Peggy Lee Compton Carolyn Sue Conner Edwin Wayne Conner Jabe Harmon Conner, Jr. Joyce Faye Conner Kenneth Dale Conner Mary Lou Conner 58 Hope Bloodworth, a new student at FCHS, poses calmly for the photographer before changing classes. Class of 1972 Halffoajj Cfjrouglj Stgl] jS’djoo! Career Peggy Sue Conner Thomas Jasper Conner Carolyn June Cox Joseph Lee Cox Kathy Marie Cox Samuel Landon Cox Brenda Christine Dalton Robert Lane Davis Rita Kay Dennis Julius Ames Dickerson William Grant Dickerson Buster Lee Duncan 59 j opfyomom ,3[maIljJ Attend Senior ssembljj James Marvin Duncan Shirley Jean Duncan Sophomore girls pursuing a career in business, are enrolled in Typing 1 classes. Ellen Dunn Carl Michael Eanes Ersel Garland Eanes Linda Susan Eanes Susan Eanes Wayne James Epperly James Lee Ester Alan Trent Gallimore Judy Elaine Gallimore Vicki Sharon Gardner Angela Gail George Gary Eugene Gillespie 60 Brenda Faye Goad David Neal Goad Donna Carol Goad Kathy Lavonne Graham Brenda Faye Guilliams Gary Martin Harris Linda Gayle Harris Patricia Ann Harris j opl}ontore6 pagerljj participate in 11 fields of jSporte G. Strickland, T. Moran, C. Conner, and other teammates struggle to score two more points playing volleyball. Mrs. Ross, class instructor, is the referee. Melinda Jo Hayden Ralph Norman Helms Jerry Estole Higgs Joyce Gail Higgs Vicki Lynn Higgs Brenda Joyce Hill Ralph Edward Hollandsworth Robert Lewis Hopper Kyle Edward Hornbarger Sandra Kay Houchins Barbara Dale Hubbard Erances Alice Hubbard J opljonuires flUjallenges Sead-on Sophomores get in on the con- versation even though Study Hall 101 is supposed to be very quiet. Away from the hustle of students during class changes, FCHS offers students an environment to meditate. Joyce Conner takes advantage of the privacy until the photographers in- terupt her deep thought. Sophomore boys devote time from studyhall to be disc jockeys during a lunch period. Class of 72 |[Ieaties ®orld of Underclassmen to 3lotn pperdass Emma Jean Huff Margaret Ann Huff Violet Yvonne Huff Brenda Gay Hylton Richard Lynn Hylton Brenda Gail Jones Allie Bell Keith Carol Jean Keith 63 Sophomores S. Eanes and C. Keith enjoy the company of Junior J. Edone during lunch. j opljomoree J|mtf (Efjallmges of J§djool |£tfe Howard Dennis Kieth Claude Cameron Kenley Pamela Diann King Patricia Brendine Lipford William Dennis Manning Barbara Jean Marshall Robert Cleve Marshall Judith Ann Martin Bruce John McAlexander Jerry McAlexander Mary Elizabeth McAlexander Wander Dean McDaniel 64 Ralph Gilmer Mills Ricky Lane Moles Frank Lee Moran Loretta Gayle Moran Theresa Lee Moran Pamela Ann Morris Frances Evelyn Murrie Deborah Faye Nester James Neil Nichols Judy Diane Nolen Marvin Darrell Nolen Donnie Ray Ober tKljird of |3lj|j0tcal Education ,3[md j opljomores (§ood A group of volleyball players await their turn to take part in the games played during physical education classes. 65 Hope Bloodworth and Mrs. Altizer work on a math problem during a free period. John Dennis O’Conner, Jr. Becky Gaye Phillips Deborah Shirley Phillips Peggy Jo Phillips Rita Kaye Phillips Richard Standeth Phillips J opljontom j§tand ,3ln (Afae of Buffalo fountain Helen Sue Poff Barbara Joan Pratt Ralph Steven Pratt Betty Jean Proffitt Darel Hubert Quesenberry Diana Quesenberry Donna Gail Quesenberry Dorothy Marie Quesenberry Gary Gene Quesenberry Janet Ethel Quesenberry Linda Sue Quesenberry Lois Ann Quesenberry 66 Sophomores take advantage of their favorite perch-on top of the stairs. J opljoniores ®egatt Counting Credits Carefully Steve Leon Quesenberry Vicky Lynn Quesenberry Lyndall Anna Rakes Roger Gale Rakes Ruth Jeanette Ratliff Calvin Lee Reed Donna Kay Reed Jerry Clayton Reed Joseph Andrew Rhea Calvin Lane Roberson Kathy Jo Roberson Susan Rebecca Royal Joseph Cleveland Rutrough Evelyn Gayle Saunders John R. Saunders Blaine Oliver Shank 67 Doris Lea Shankie Hazel Diane Simpkins Joel Boyd Simpkins Denise Lynette Slusher Cynthia Leigh Smith Peter Lee Smith Bruce Lane Sowers Mary Elizabeth Spiva Mary Gwendolyn Strickland Dennis O’Gary Stuart Granver Lee Stuart Joann Stuart Pnderclassmen or upperclassmen? - Sophomores pJonder Sophomores Jo Williams and Kathy Graham make amusing comedy acts that add to the en- tertainment of Buffalo fans at pep rallies. 68 Kenny Wurtzburger and Richard Phillips aid Mrs. Murrie in shelfing books. Jlopljotnores ,Are tit $3arsttji football, (Eljeer leading, basketball, {Jrack and (Elube Wanda Marie Stuart John William Sutherland Barbara Gayle Sutphin Brenda Gayle Thompson Donnie Dale Thompson Roger Lee Thompson Roy Jeffery Thompson Brenda Mae Trail Dorsey Devvaync Troutt Dean Howard Vaughn Janice Marie Vest Samuel Dean Vest 69 Steven Curtis Vest Gerald Ward Via Alisa Dawn Wade Jimmie Lee Wade Martha Suzanne Wade Johnny Cameron Walker Diana Gail Weddle Paul Lee Weeks Roger Dale Weeks Steven Posey Weeks Linda Gail Wells Rebekah Leah Whitlock j oplpimores |£tfe Ppperdasemen 70 Mary Lou Josephine Williams Miriam Margaret Williams Janice Louise Willis Ashley Brent Wimmer John Cline Wimmer, Jr, Anne Hillsman Wood Dwight Arthur Wood David Horace Yates 71 ■v Freshman class officers: Larry Mannon, President; Vicky Turman, Vice President; Debbie Moles, Secretary; JoAnn Brammer, Reporter; Teresa Kenley, Treasurer. Sponsors: Mrs. Peak, Mrs. Houchins, Mr. Maxon, and Mrs. Webber. (Elase of ’73 ,Ar e |Harr§ (JHamtott Nancy Edna Agee Daniel Allen Akers Roy Lanford Akers Linda Sue Alderman Jennifer Gail Aldridge Shirley Jean Aldridge Joel Linwood Allen Matthew Van Angle 72 Donald Ray Atkins Loretta Dean Austin Ronald Ray Austin Joseph Carlton Beaver Danny Ray Belcher Dwight Lee Belcher Judy Carolyn Belcher Rita Kaye Belcher Sharon Lee Bell Paul Gordon Beran Joyce Gail Bishop Ira Marie Boldon Brenda Sue Bolt Joyce Gail Bolt Susan Annette Bond James Arnold Boothe, Jr. Ronald Harold Boyd Jo Anne Brammer Norman Carden Sylvia Frances Chesson Barbara Ruth Claytor Margie Mae Cockram Barry Sheridan Collins Gladys Mae Collins Cecil Willie Conner Clyde Marvin Conner Connie Ann Conner Rebecca Ann Conner 73 Susan Ann Conner Aldene Gail Cox Betty Ann Cox Lynwood Kent Cox Mark Wayne Custer Guy Claytor Deweese Lona Faye Dickerson Roger Lee Dickerson Judy Gail Dulaney Cathy Sue Duncan Dale Junior Duncan Jerry Jonathan Duncan (frattars 3[ irtrf Education Mr. Bishop’s fourth period physical education class also studies safety and health that requires a text- book. 74 Rex Lee Ester Darlene Lynn Farmer Joseph Collins Fanner Alvin Cline Gallimore Frances Estelle Gibson Curtis Winford Goad Glenn Steven Goad Kermit Lee Goad Connie Sue Gordon Calvin Homer Griffith Mark Lewis Grim Allan Wayne Guilliams ore of JV difficult (jUjallmge Susan Elaine Guilliams Jerry Joseph Hale Mark Rufus Harmon William Sherman Harris Michael John Hatcher Reba Ellen Hatcher Jerry Allen Helms Rebecca Sue Hill Carol Ann Hill Carolyn Ann Hixon Marie Ellen Howard Alien Howell 75 David Edward Hubbard David Allen Huff Glen Allen Huff James Glen Huff Juanita Faye Huff Lawrence Huff Wendell Dale Huff Darlene Jeanette Hylton Gary Clifton Hylton Joyce Marie Hylton Rena Marie Hylton Pauline Virginia Janney Steven Leon Janney Betty Sue Jones Larry Douglas Keith Teresa Jane Kenley Linda Gail King Rosalie King David Lynn Laing Walter Lee Laing Lowell Thomas Lampey Sylvia Dean Lampey Dennis Lee Lawrence Donna Marie Lemons James Edward Lemons Jackie Lynn Lester Glen Allen Link Paul Steven Link 76 Ray Allen Lovell Susan Louise Lovitt Sheree Ann Maberry Katherine Ann Manning Larry Ward Mannon Roger Lee McAlexander Randall Lloyd Mills Deborah Elaine Moles D. Moles and J. Moles have a difference of opinion, reflected in their expressions, as they discuss the morning happenings of the day. 77 W. Lang needs larger numbers on his locker to avoid eye strain from locating the proper locker combination. Joyce Ann Moles Steven Ray Moles David Lee Monday Bonnie Sue Moran Carlos Steve Moran Deborah Lynn Murrie Allen Robert Nester Glenda Robin Osborne Connie Marie Page Barbara Lea Perdue Karen Sue Peters Nora Mae Phillips ,3[reel|man (Strle Probe ,3[tt Underclassmen sport activities are livened up with stimulating cheers of the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad. This group is made up of a majority of freshmen girls. 78 Michael Kay Poff Roger Clinton Poff William Earl Poff Freddie Douglas Pugh Ada Faye Quesenberry Garrett Edward Quesenberry Guenda Gail Quesenberry Ida Lee Quesenberry Lois Jean Quesenberry Melvin Earl Quesenberry Betty Ann Radford Judy Ann Radford pluming 3ntramural0 Freshmen girls at lunch are difficult to catch in a candid shot. Photographers in the lunchroom rccieve a lot of attention. 79 Shelia Gail Roberson Darlene Saunders Gary Harmon Scott Johnny Lee Seagrave Ouida Gail Shank Steven Dean Shelor Grover Alfred Shelton Emmanuel Clark Simpkins Basil Poff Simpson, Jr. Imogene Zelda Slusher David Earl Smith Karen Duvahl Smith Brenda Sue Sowers Joseph Chester Sowers Toney Lee Sowers Walter Lee Sowers Rebecca Denise Spradling Bonnie Victoria Spangler Gregory Lynn Spangler Sara Catherine Spangler Shirley Ann Spence Steven Charlie Spence Sue Adele Spence Rene’ Octavia Spencer David Arnold Strickland Milton Ray Stuart Wendeline Stuart William Michael Stump 80 Mrs. Maxon’s freshmen class does not seem to be thrilled about the new photograph duplication machine; however, she appears to be very pleased with the time-saving idea. Stephen Wayne Surber Vanessa Gail Sutphin Vera Joyce Sutphin Donna Lee Sweeney Frank Ward Sweeney Linda Gail Sweeney Mitchell Wayne Tankersley Carolyn Jane Thomas David Wayne Thompson Paul Wesley Thompson Steven Ren Thompson Margaret Jane Tolbert 81 Barry Kevin Trail Vicki Lynn Turman Betty Frances Vest Carolyn Jane Vest Helen Christine Vest Kathy Sue Vest Marvin Darrell Vest Sandra Renie Vest Donnie Ray Walker Richard Daryle Webb Raymond Carl Weeks Richard Dale Weeks Cheryl Eugena Whitlock Joseph Baxter Wilson Michael Woodrow Wilson Janet Raye Wimmer Judy Kaye Wimmer Rene’ Wesley Wimmer Richard Lane Wimmer Rita Faye Wimmer Linda Sue Yopp (Ulase of 1973 ,3ln ffttrollttteni 82 (®rade Claes (Adds 199 J iudente Co ,3fC|3SJ Teresa Joan Agnew Gerry Klemon Akers Linda Faye Akers Kelly Nash Alderman Nellie Irine Argabright Patricia Lynn Austin Deborah Ann Bain Marsha Darlene Beckner Janice Ellen Belcher Douglas Martin Bell Trenia Gail Bell Edward Daniel Bender Ricky Arnold Bolt Phyllis Gail Brammar Deborah Louise Broughman David Howard Cannady ti , “ ' i m [ f WuL wi -n k IB President: Chester Simpkins; Vice President, Sharon Linkous; Secretary, Peggy Hollandsworth; Reporter. Cathy Moran; Treasurer, Rebecca Harris; Sponsors: Mr. Clear, Mr. Flick, Mrs. O’Halloran, Mrs. Turman, Mrs. Dobyns, Mrs. Cockram, Mrs. Gardner. 83 (fratb Magazine j kit ,31s ,3[me J. Gearheart, E. Rutrough, J. Vest and P. Reed construct a bulletin board under the instruction of Mrs. Peak. Game U Ervin Carroll Edwin Eugene Chesson David Wayne Clemons Phillip Douglas Cockram Dreama Kay Conner Harless Wade Conner Jessie Woodrow Conner, Jr. Linda Faye Conner Mary Elizabeth Conner Oral Lee Conner Vicky Lynn Conner Alma Faye Cox 84 Entertainment ,3[or (Amateur performers Kathy Sue Cox Dennis Everette Criner Loy Maurice Dalton Rebecca Jill Davis Mary Delilah DeHart Barbara Jean Dickerson Judy Ann Dickerson Dorma Lee Dulaney Barbara June Duncan Judy Ann Duncan Sandra Lou Duncan Steven Wayne Duncan Frances Elizabeth Epperly Harvey Winford Farley Randy Dean Gallimore Jerry Wayne Gearheart M. Starkey, P. Vest, C. Wimmcr, and C. Moran investigate the anatomy of Mr. Bones. 85 Excitement (Challenges, nd efn friends afee Gife £lot Bf |fnn Melvin Wayne Goff Grace Renee Griffith Betty Lou Goad Carolyn Sue Goad Carol Jean Hale Clifford Howard Harmon Connie Sue Hannon Hilda Ann Harmon Judy Ann Harmon Peggy Jean Harmon Sue Lee Harmon Tommy Ray Harmon Mark Allen Harris Jerry Wayne Harris The photographer’s flashing lights surprise K. Moles as he closes the locker door at the end of another day. 86 Rebecca Ellen Harris David Andrew Hatcher Jerry Tilden Hatcher Donna Lou Higgs Dana Marie Higgs Janet Faye Higgs Patricia Ann Higgs Mark Harris Hodges Peggy Ann Hollandsworth John Steven Hubbard Alfred Jimmy Huff Cathy Ann Huff James Glen Huff Rachel Mae Huff Carolyn Ruth Hylton Joyce Dianne Hylton Judy Faye Hylton Sharon Lynn Hylton J W cVf m J Mrs. Cauthen, a new physical education teacher, begins her class as eighth grade girls listen intently. 87 Elaine Ingram Gladys Louise King Patricia Elizabeth King Dale Edward Lawrence Ronnie Lee Lester Loretta Ellen Lewis Sharon Jean Linkous David Edward Lucas Nancy Dianne Mabery Victoria Lou Manning Carol Elaine Marshall James Clinton Marshal] Geraldine McAlexander Kathy Marie Moles Barbara Ann Moore Linda Marie Moore Cathy Renee Moran James Terry Moran tgl]tl| (§rade (§trls ecome ,As Cake (Acttiie Roles ,3ln 3lnimtutral Sports Oh, boy! It is lunch time. Eighth graders try to form a straight line before entering the cafeteria. Mrs. Merkt is experiencing camera problems; seeing the films on safety do not take as long as setting up the camera for operation. 88 Surrounded by a clan of students, David Lucus hurls a snowball at camera lens. Graders |Coofe [orfaard ®o Graduation igtjt Robert Wayne Moran Beverly Jan Mullins Robert Lane Nester Sherry Deree Nichols Julian Bain Nolen Larry James Perkins Miriam Hope Peters Debra Kaye Phillips Greenville Elwood Phillips Ivan Timothy Phillips Nancy Alice Phillips Cindy Lou Poff Vickie Elaine Poff Jewell Elaine Pratt Joel Wayne Pratt Sharon Frances Proffitt Clarence Jeffrey Pugh Hope Brcnzene Pugh 89 igtfttj traders ntte 199 Voices 3n (Sheers taring (Eompriittim RjJell® ,Al |3ep Rallies Carolyn Laveren Quesenberry Debora Jean Quesenberry Donna Gail Quesenberry Jerry William Quesenberry Arlene Allie Reed Phillip Arnold Reed Roger Sewell and Peggy Hollands- worth represented the eighth grade in the Homecoming Court. An eighth grade member of the Library Club serves as a library aid during his studyhall. Ricky Lynn Reed Robert Allen Reed Karen Lee Repass Julian Edward Rutrough Nora Deneece Saunder Sandy Marie Seagraves 90 ’ 69-’70 (Sftrst ear ,3[or (Iratta anrf Science students study the basic parts of science during the eighth grade Science I course. Dorothy Frances Sowers Larry Earl Sowers Oscar B. Sowers, Jr. Roger Lee Sowers Sandra Gail Sowers Wesley Ray Sowers Thomas Lee Spangler Dwight David Spence Joe Paul Spence Roger Alan Sewell Bryon Jack Shankle Brenda Sue Shelton Carolyn Dawn Shortt Chester Monroe Simpkins Roger Oliver Slusher, III. Daniel Calvin Sochor Curtis Ray Sowers Deborah Sue Sowers 91 Toney Darrell Stuart Reva Carol Sutphin Norman Wayne Sutphin Lois Helen Sutphin Janet Leigh Sutphin Doris Ellen Sutphin Doris Ann Sweebe Patricia Valerie Sweeney Judy Lane Thomas Robert Wayne Thomas Stephen Ray Thomas Janice Irene Thompson (Dpportmtttg 92 Sharon Profitt cleans out her locker hoping to receive a favor- able grade during locker inspection by the SCA. Shelby Ann Thompson Sammy Reed Townley Irene Doloren Trout Donna Dee Turman Donna Jean Turman Elmer Turman Patricia Diane Turman Rudy Jane Turman Cathy Lynn Vest Clifford Clay Vest John David Vest Norma Annette Vest .JMembers ©f and, (Athletic ' (Eeams, publication J taffs (And (Clubs 93 Peggy Lynn Vest Ricky Alton Vest James Allen Walker Thomas Kendall Walters David Edmund Weddle Thomas Keith Weddle Allen Lane Weeks Randy Edward Weeks Richard Emory Weeks Joe David Whitlock Carl McKinley Wimmer, Jr. Grace Annette Wimmer Barbara Ruth Wood Glen Arvel Wood James Lincoln Worrel James Irvin Yates Rebecca Sue Yearout itgfytlj (Sracb (Strls ®ake (Actitoe Rob 3ln placing ,3lntermural jlporis Tall boys have an advantage over shorter ones in volleyball. Eighth graders leam the rules quickly and become very good sportsmen before the end of physical education courses. 94 JS ' tudent Jlih Student life at FCHS was a valuable asset to the school. It was a busy whirl of activity that resulted in many successful programs. It gave each student who wanted to participate in the activity a chance to use talents in artistic, creative, and musical areas that are not always a part of the academic schedule. Working together, students learned to know each of their fellow classmates. It gave ample opportunity for leadership and dreams soon became realities of success. The hard work of each student who made an organization successful was reflected in the ratings given to FCHS’s athletic teams, publication staffs, One-Act Play, and club organizations. Rubg |iratt Plans for Homecoming festivities began early in September. Can- didates for the court were chosen and voted upon by homerooms. Three Senior girls, Sandra Hollandsworth, Pat Weddle, and Ruby Reed, were chosen as candidates for queen. As the moment for the crowning of the queen approached, the band played; escorts met the girls and took them out on the field. Ruby Reed was crowned FCHS’s Eighth Annual Homecoming Queen. The football team won the game with Rural Retreat, which was placed number one on the district. Lester Mannon, co-captain, led the team in a chant, “We’re number one!” A dance, sponsored by the SCA, was held in the cafeteria. Music was provided by the Electric Theater led by Mike Slusher. (31 s (ttrofmtetl ($)umt ‘Burrng The Queen, Ruby Reed, happily accepts her roses along with congratulations from Mr. Webb. Born To Be Wild, The Electirc Theater’s favorite song, started off the Home- coming Dance with the right sound. 96 tlje 8tl| (Annual Homecoming (Sjesttoities Homecoming awaits crowning of the Queen. Homecoming Court: Front Row: K. Repass, D. Moles, K. Hill, R. Pratt, S. Hollandsworth, B. Harris, B. Marshall, V. Turman, P. Hollandsworth. Second Row: J. Pratt, R. Marshall, D. Word, J. Howery, R. Pauley, R. Nolen, B. Gallimorc, M. Angle, R. Sewell. 97 (Efyristmas ,At , 31 s JV Occasion Madonna Candidates: C. Ingram, J. Yearout, C. Poff, D. Vest, V. Poage. The Madonna and Angel, one of the most moving programs given during the school year, was given the day school let out for Christmas vacation. The Madonna and the Angel are the highest honors any two senior girls can receive. The Glee Club furnished music to achieve the spiritual effect. Miss Vaughn’s art class proved their talent by creating the backdrop for the Glee Club. Long hours of practice and hard work went into making the program successful. Senior M. Slusher enjoys Christmas tree and pretends to be an elf. J. Sutherland and J. Quesenberry sing a selection from the Christmas cantata. 98 All departments take active role in stage setting, nativity construction. Madonna elections and music selection. J election of Madonna (Eandtdafee ,31s getting Experience or Senior (Strls Snow Queen and her court ride in annual Christmas Parade. Snow Queen Candidates: K. Hill, B. Harris. Second Row: P. Weddle, S. Hollandsworth, W. Huff. 99 Couples dance to the sound of “Liquid Smoke The vibratious “Liquid Smoke” provided pulsating music for couples on the dance floor. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings watch couples as Mr. Hollandsworth and Miss Slusher confer. As the last dance slowly ends couples sadden to see “Three Coins in a Fountain become a memory of 1969. Cucfy) pennies ,Are ®O06 erf ,3lnto Realistic 100 r The cafeteria in a totally new environment gives a romantic mood to the Prom. Couples glide to the encircling music. “Three Coins In A Fountain” was the theme of the Prom in 1969. Early during March, the Junior class officers began to make plans for the gala evening. Carlene Roberson, class secretary, took on the responsibility of keeping everything organized. Rhonda Thomas gave needed instructions to painters as rock walls were formed around the fountain. The fountain became the center of attraction. Music was provided by “Liquid Smoke,” a band from North Carolina. Benny Ninmann, former graduate of FCHS was a member of the band. Entertainment was provided by James Quesenberry who sang “I’ve Gotta Be Me”. Elaine Quesinberry and Dwight Hopper sang a duet entitled, “Michelle”. Kerry Lawrence played an arrangement on the piano of “Born Free.” The Junior Class prided themselves on the well-organized work and financial statis of not going in debt as others always had. S. Moran, C. Roberson, K. Quesenberry, B. Alley, R. Reed stayed after school along with others to decorate for the Prom. fountain (ttreated 3)odjj Mofnerg Jfor |Hrom 1969 101 ,3[(!lj30jl (§be (Elub (jfflabce ®ebtot8ton (Appearance Norma Shankle, Accompanist; Mrs. Bonnie Sitz, Director; D. Whitlock, B. Hylton, L. King, S. Boothe, S. Wade, B. Hubbard, J. Pratt, K. Lawrence, A. Vest. Second Row: J. Vest, V. Manning, P. Austin, B. Yearout, E. Epperly, K. Vest, D. Vest, M. Williams, D. Pratt. Third Row: V. Reed, C. Vest, S. Bell. S. Lane, D. Bain, H. Vest, E. Quesenberry, K. Stuart, K. Conner, J. Higgs. Fourth Row: S. Surbcr, D. Weddle, V. Poage, D. Stuart, S. Manning, V. Sutphin, J. Quesenberry, D. Monday, J. Nickols, M. Gallimore. Choir members K. Conner, B. Yearout, V. Poage, S. Surber hurry to get to classes. The new building. The Hut, requires music students to walk down to it away from the high school building. The ECHS choir made some very successful accomplishments in the 1969-70 school term. To start the year, the choir performed for a taping on educational television . Thanksgiving activities were highlighted by the music provided by the choir. Christmas was a very special occasion for the choir. The members were dressed in formal attire. Marching in from the back of stage, the advanced singers filled the stage decorated with a large background star and the traditional nativity scene. The choir presented a modern cantata. Christmas ended the first semester and the music changed for the spring mood. Another television appearance was scheduled for the second semester, taking the choir to the studios to WBRA Television. The Choir festival, held at ECHS this year, was a big undertaking for the choir members. It involved a lot of work to be host to choirs from all over Virginia. The annual spring coneert and Graduation entertainment ended the choir’s activities for this school year. All-District Choir Members: J. Quesenberry, N. Shankle, D. Monday; Second Row: J. Sutherland, D. Page, B. Hylton; Third Row: V. Poage, and S. Surber. 102 Choir members informally gather around pianist, N. Shankle, to learn the new music selected from the musical, “Hair.” ottnte Jlitz tE caches (Eljotr embers ixpreesftie ®ed]nu)ue0 ,3ltt IHustc Tenor J. Sutherland really enjoys report card days! Choir members enjoy the new surroundings of the building built espe cially for music students. 103 Majorette Squad: T. Moran, D. Weddle, D. Slusher, E. Dunn, G. Strickland, S. Agee, S. Spence, P. Weddle, Head Majorette. 104 Jflogd County |33tglj and ®o tElje Mr. Ellwanger directs band as they prepare for the television taping. David Monday, Drum Major, went to camp in the summer to learn the new skills of leading a band. Senior Pat Weddle, head majorette, instructs the under- classmen twirlers in techniques and drills. Mr. Ellwanger prepares to leave for an elementary school where he teaches intermediate band. " (Hr ter” J taff ,iMadE Pp ®f 3)ournaItsm jltudente, Roosts 19 Members Exchange editors Debbie Lawerence, Elaine Quesenberry and Gearld McPeak enjoy reading newspapers from other schools. The County Crier staff was composed of 18 members taking the journalism class, besides two who took the course last year and three “cubs”. Room 102 became the press office of Floyd County High School. Staff members departed from the routine of their daily lives to become idea men; news, feature and sports writers; and experts in layout, during 5th period. These amateur journalists, added such vocabulary words as “mug”, “kicker”, “cub”, and “morgue” to their vocabularies. The staff published six editions of the paper to show “what’s happening” at FCHS. Steve Cockram and Connie DeHart, interrupt Gary Gillepsie during P.E. class for an interview for the Crier. Feature editors for the Crier, Barbara Rutrough, and, Rosanna Hylton create final copy at the typewriter for publi- cation. 106 Crier layout editors B. Bowers, R. Bond, M. Dalton, L. Dalton, J. Wills work to achieve an outstanding newspaper. pJhtfred probes (Ireat Editor The Crier Staff: Row One: J. Dalton, G. McPeak. Row Two: L. Hylton, R. Thomas, B. Rutrough. Row Three: T. Hannock, C. DeHart, D. Lawrence, P. Mannon. Forth Row: V. Poage, L. Dalton, L. Quesinbcrry, S. Cockram. Fifth Row: Miss N.L. Slusher sponsor, W. Beale, R. Bond. 107 " Scops” jltaff produces dMagazhte (©f nierest ' So ,AU Ink, paper, sore fingers, and confusion rule the last moments for the staff of the Highland Scops. The eleven members worked con- stantly to publish two magazines for the year. Edited by Cathy Poff, and sponsored by Miss Judy Eames, the Highland Scops underwent a series of improvements and the staff was always adding new di mensions to make it an excellent mag- azine. The materials consisted of poetry, Haiku, comtempory writings and art work collected from students at FCHS to give a general view of the literary and artistic talents of FCHS students. P ' hi jBHL ■ B. White helps F. Weeks with typing for the magazine dead- line on November 26. 108 F. Weeks does not seem to be as happy at the sight of work to do; but staff members C. Graham, L. Yopp, and D. Vest smile anyway. Editor, Cathy Poff, seems a bit disillusioned as she reads over the selections for Highland Scops publi- cation in the winter edition. The art editor, Rhonda Thomas, works toward an upcoming deadline on November 26. B. White, C. Poff, D. Reed, S. Wade, and P. Poff have mixed emotions while working on contributions for the magazine. 109 tsott j taff (Eonsiete ©f Majority ©f Seniors ©iris The yearbook staff, sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth Hugate and edited by Kerry Lawrence, consisted of twenty-one members. Lay- out sketches, gathered bits of information, cropping wheels and pictures gradually came together to form the 1970 Bison. Conferences with Mr. Ellis, the Hunter representative, added ideas to expand the ideas of staff members. Ad trips and picture-taking days were among the many activities staff members became en- gaged in. The yearbook staff experienced a successful year. Tire sales cam- paign pitch, “and it’s color!”, prompted enthusiasm for the de- livery of tire book in May. The theme chosen for the 1970 Bison was “Peace.” L. Thompson, S. Hale, R. Wood, K. Conner, M. Cockram, and E. Aldridge work hard to solve the many problems of the Bison business staff. Kerry Lawrence, Carolyn Blackwell and Mrs. Elizabeth Hugate face another bewildering situation with the picture schedule. Yearbook staff members and a few fellow students confer with Mr. Max on about the action shots he was supposed to have planned. 110 Class Editors: J. Wood, T. Williams, D. High, S. Eanes, R. Wimmer, B. Hubbard, J. Moles, R. Reed, P. Thompson, and R. Sewell. Yearbook staff: V. Gardner, T. Williams, J. Moles, S. Eanes, D. High, S. Spence, R. Reed, B. Hylton, C. Blackwell, S. Hale, R. Wood, E. Aldridge, J. Wood. Back Row: P. Thompson, R. Sewell, M. Cockram, K. Lawrence, and L. Thompson. Editorial staff of the Bison: Front Row : C. Blackwell; Associate Editor, B. Hylton; Copy Editor, K. Lawrence; Editor. Second Row : V. Gardner; Layout Editor, Mrs. Hugate;Sponsor . Third Row : R. Wood and S. Hale; Business Managers, S. Spence; Organization Editor. Ill eta (Club Members ®ap ,3[ttie Seniors Senior Beta Members: Front Row: P. Reed, S. Austin, D. Vest, M. Dulaney, S. Boothe, J. Nixon, L. Yopp, F. Weeks, B. Cockram, C. Poff, R. Hylton; Second Row: C. DeHart, J. Yearout, B. Hylton, S. Gibson, J. Quesenberry, C. Pratt, C. Wade, L. Harris, R. Thomas; Third Row: R. Bond, S. Moran, K. Quesenberry, V. Poage, K. Gearheart, F. Slusher, R. Lampey, B. Ousley, W. Beale; Fourth Row: W. Starkey, R. Slusher, M. Lee, J. Dalton, L. Mannon, M. Belcher, D. Hubbard, D. Pratt. ■ f F VB % loSI Ik YJL J V Junior Beta Members: Front Row: C. Bond, F. Christie, R. Harris; Second Row: N. Shankle, B. Smith, K. Hill, D. Higgs, A. Sowers, B. Rutrough, M. Turpin, V. Poff, D. Whitlock. Third Row: L. Duncan, D. Bolt, V. Spence, S. Sowers, D. Marshall, J. Wood, R. Weeks, C. Surber, W. Goad. Fourth Row: L. O’Connor, R. Hylton, D. Goad, S. Cockram, R. Pugh, R. Pugh, R. Nolen, V. Spencer, M. Agee. 112 Senior S. Gibson taps junior into Beta Gub at the Beta Club Assembly. Tutoring is one of the new services of the Beta I Club. Beta Club Officers: Top Row: J. Dalton, President; R. Slusher, Treasurer; Bottom Row: Mrs. R. Peak, Sponsor; V. Poage, Vice President; S. Boothe, Secretary, B. Hylton, Reporter. Tlie purpose of the Beta Club was to preserve good character, provide leadership ability throughout FCHS as well as in the club, and provide services to the school, county, and community. A 90 average was required for membership. Members were chosen on basis of achievement and character. 113 j htdent (Eomtcil (Association ettefns Front Row: C. Simpkins, D. Flarris, S. Linkous, J, Pratt, C. Hale, J. Pratt, P. King. Second Row : S. Bond, V. Spangler, S. Conner, M. Grim, D. Vest. Third Row: B. Marshall, T. Moran, V. Gardner, D. Wood, G. Gillespie. Fourth Row : J. Myers, S. Sowers, B. Harris, S. Hollandsworth, L. Aldridge, S. Hale, S. Moran, P. Mannon, R. Pugh. Sponsors, C. Mannon and F . Rorrer guide the SCA offi cers in fulfilling their duties to the student body. President, T. Quesenberry; Vice President, E. Manning; Secretary, D. Higgs; Treasurer, W. Beale; Reporter, R. Weeks. T. Quesenberry eagerly gives his money to D. Harris and J. Pratt for admittance to an after game sockhop. 114 3ldea ©f IJrohttlmg jiMusic Jfor tund] Students D. Vest and P. Mannon, in one of the duties of the SCA, take down the American and Virginia flag. Lowell Aldridge seems more interested in camera than in- spection, as S. Hollandsworth and T. Moran inspect lockers. The Student Cooperative Association consisted of every student at FCHS. The students participated in nominating and electing officers and homeroom representatives. The officers and the homeroom representatives made up the student council. Its main objective was to maintain cooperation among the faculty and stu- dents by establishing and carrying out rules that would benefit the student body. In 1969-70 the SCA sponsored various activities. Some of these were: sending a twelve member delegation to district assembly at Auburn, the Homecoming dance, four sock hops, the Christmas Assembly, locker inspections, decorating the Christmas tree, and a trip to Saturday Session at WDBJ-TV, Roanoke. All homeroom representatives were expected to report the results of each council meeting to their respective homerooms. 115 (Elub becomes (®f 3Itje JMost JtatiVie Ai JljXE Hji Pnder Ridjard j hieljer’s Ceadersljtp R. Shelor, J. Dalton, R. Slusher, and T. Bond operate the back-stage equipment for the production sponsored by Hi-Y for the Thanksgiving Festivities. Hi-Y Officers: R. Slusher, President; T. Slaughter, Chaplain; S. Moran, Secretary; R. Pugh, Treasurer; E. Manning, Re- porter; N. Hatcher, Vice President. J. Edone becomes disc jockey for the Christmas Party. Hi-Y members L. Janney, S. Moran, P. Talley and L. Aldridge try to discourage M. Lee’s impression of the party at Christ- mas time. Members of the Hi-Y promoted high standards of Christain living throughout FCHS. Many Hi-Y services benefitted the entire school. The Thanksgiving Assembly was sponsored by Hi-Y, and was an extremely successful program. Richard Slusher is the executive leader of the Hi-Y. The club is sponsored by Coach Maxon. The club is one of the few examples of complete unity and the boys achieve various accomplishments by working together. 116 Organization presents thanksgiving (Assembly tSo Students during holidays Hi-Y Members: Front Row: P. Weeks, J. O’Connor, E. Manning, N. Hatcher, J. Myers, G. McPeak, F. Woolums, J. Simpkins, Second Row: P. Talley, J. Howery, L. Janney, W. Naff, R. Harris, J. Higgs; Third Row: D. Horton, M. Lee, T. Williams, L. Aldridge, C. Vest, L. Thompson, J. Edone; Fourth Row: R. Shelor; S. Moran, R. Houchins, T. Bond, K. Marshall, K. Wertzversen, L. Mannon, E. Aldridge, T. Quesenberry, R. Pauley; Fifth Row: R. Pugh, S. Childress, J. Dalton, L. Goad, T. Slaughter, J. Quesenberry, R. Slusher, P. Mannon. Hi-Y boys are not always the perfect form for photog- raphers. They are preparing to leave FCHS to attend the Hi-Y Convention. Jim Dalton did not ride on top, how- ever. Hi-Y members enjoy laughs to- gether before going to the club meeting. They are: R. Slusher, F. Slusher, and L. Mannon, P. Mannon. 117 (Eo-l]O0ts district Front Row: Mrs. Jarratt, sponsor, D. Page. C. Hylton, S. Sowers, D. Conner, D. Griffith, C. Roberson, C. DeHart, D. Higgs. Second Row : J. Belcher, K. Hill, A. Wade, J. Quesenberry, F. Hubbard, B. Dalton, M. Williams, V. Poage, E. Quesinberry, P. Weddle. Third Row : P. Smith, R. Sowers, R. Weeks. L. Dalton, D. Shankle, N. Shankle, V. Poff, C. Poff, V. Gardner. Fourth Row : D. Bolt, L. Duncan, B. Smith, P. Brown, S. Brammer, S. Houchins, J. Willis, S. Bell , D. Weddle, D. Slusher. Fifth Row : J. Pratt. A. Wood, L. Rakes, S. Eanes, S. Agee, C. Keith, G. Strickland, E. Dunn, M. Thompson. Mrs. Jarratt meets with Sr. Tri-Hi-Y officers, D. Griffith, K. Hill, V. Poage, E. Quesenberry, C. Roberson, to prepare gifts to be sent to Marion State Institution. 118 LILLI 111 L 10 (Eonferentt Mailing Christmas cards to service men in Viet Nam for Senior Tri-Hi-Y are: D. Conner and C. Dehart. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y consisted of girls from the sophomore, junior, and senior grades. The club is associated with the national organization of YMCA. This year, the club sponsored the District Convention. The Con- vention took many long hours of planning and organization on the part of president, Diane Griffith, and Sponsor, Mrs. Mary Jarratt. After the plans were made, however, the entire club joined the boys Hi-Y organization and formed committees that carried out their duties to make the convention at FCHS successful. The club’s pledge, “clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholor- ship, and clean living,” provided a sound foundation for young ladies. Working in the club developed a personal, Christian growth in spirit, mind, and body. D. High and K. Lawrence load supplies needed for the con- cession stand for the Senior Tri-Hi-Y’s turn to operate it. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y Officers: President, D. Griffith; Vice-President Connie Dehart; Secretary, D. Conner; Treasurer, V. Poage Historian, C. Roberson; Reporter, f . Quesinberry; Chaplain K. Hill. 119 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Officers: Front Row: D. Sweeney, Vice President; C. Page, Secretary; C. Whitlock, President; Second Row : J. Moles, Treasurer; R. Spencer, Reporter; N. Phillips, Historian; Shelia Roberson. junior ([orme ond f ront Row: P. Austin, L. King, C. Poff, A. Wimmer, C. Shortt, J. Moles, D. Moles, V. Turman, C. Vest, D. Phillips, D. Phillips, V. Poff, P. Vest. Second Row : D. Lemons, K. Repass, R. Spencer, S. Linkous, C. Marshall, J. Harmon, B. Moran, R. Belcher, J. Agnew, V. Sutphin, J. Pratt, M. Peters, Sponsor; Mrs. R. Hollandsworth. Third Row: E. Ingram, B. Moore, L. Moore. R. Hatcher, C. Thomas, S. Maberry, V. Spangler, L. Yopp, S. Spence, S. Guilliams, V. Manning, C. Page. Fourth Row: G. McAlexander. F. Cox, J. Brammer, J. Tolbert, J. Bolt, D. Turman, B. Bolt, K. Smith, L. Conner, N. Agee, S. Spangler, D. Sweeney, N. Phillips. Fifth Row: V. Sutphin, P. Hollandsworth. J. Higgs, B; Hill, H. Vest. R. Wimmer. S. Roberson, J. Lester, S. Conner. B. Sowers, K. Mannings, C. Conner, D. Maberry. Sixth Row: K. Petters, C. Whitlock, M. Cockram, B. Radford, C. Goad, L. King, R. King, D. Hylton, J. Duncan, S. Hylton, C. Moran, J. Duncan. Seventh Row : S. Bell, 1. Quesenberry, S. Duncan, R. Yearout, S. Spence. 120 mtmg different Religions The Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, made up of eighth and ninth grade girls executed the club’s purpose-to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christain character. The members upheld the club’s platform consisting of clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship and clean living. Sponsored by Mrs. Rowena Hollandsworth, the club conducted a project of buying Christmas gifts for the Joy Ranch Orphanage at Hillsville. R. Wimmer and N. Phillips collect material concerning Jr. Tri-Hi-Y for the scrapbook. Program Committee: C. Moran, R. Hatcher, K. Peters, S. Bell, S. Spence, M. Peters, J. Tolbert wrap presents to take to Joy J. Brammar, L. Yopp, D. Sweeney, S. Mabery, V. Spangler, S. Ranch, the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y’s Christmas project. Linkous, K. Repass, and J. Pratt. 121 9areitg (Elub sponsors illobi J ale- N. Hatcher, P. Mannon, K. VVurzburger, and R. Slusher ex- change money with Coach Flick for a new bleacher cushion. The Varsity Club consisted of the men in athletics who have lettered in various sports. The club, led by Mr. R. Peak, and Coach, Mr. D. Flick, sponsored a pillow sale early in the fall. Club members had a contest to see who could sell the most pillows. Larry Goad was the highest sales- man. Initiation day, held during the second club meeting, involved crawling down the hall, whispering romantic phrases to the admin- istration, and riding a two-hundred pound football player piggy- back. After surviving initiation, sportsmen were rewarded at a spring banquet sponsored by the club. Front Row: D. Smith, E. Manning, P. Mannon, Mr. Flick, Coach, N. Hatcher, W. Naff, R. Pugh, J. Cox. Second Row: D. Thompson, R. Harris, S. Cockram, L. Abbot, R. Weeks, C. Moran, T. Bond. Third Row: E. Aldridge, L. Myers, S. Moran, M. Hatcher, J. O’Connor, W. Starkey, R. Slusher. Fourth Row: H. Alderman, H. Yeatts, L. Janney, L. Mannon, T. Quesenberry, P. Weeks. Fifth Row: W. Beale, M. Cockram, L. Goad, K. Bower, J. Quesenberry, K. Marshall. Sixth Row: A. Smith, L. Mannon, J. Myers, J. Porter, R. Phillips, K. Wurzburger. Seventh Row: D. Phillips, L. Harmon, R. Weeks, F. Taylor, S. Stuart. Eighth Row: M. Hicks, D. Turner, S. Lovitt, J. Farmer, D. Vest, C. Conner. 122 |Garr|j (load pirns Honor (©f |33tgl| Salesman W. Starkey, Reporter; T. Bond, Vice President; H. Yeatts, Chaplin; J. Quesenberry, President; W. Beale, Treasurer; H. Alderman, Secretary; officers of the Varsity Club. Members of the Varsity Club stand and watch a new member being initiated and remember the time it happened to them. 123 Front Row: Mrs. A. Turman, Sponsor, F. Slusher, M. Slusher, C. Ingram, J. Stuart. Second Row: K. Quesenberry, S. Hollandsworth, S. Booth, S. Wade, C. Keith, V. Spencer, J. Claytor. Third Row : C. Blackwell, D. Reed, J. Pratt, M. McAlexander, J. Willis, G. Wood, M. Belcher. Fourth Row: C. Surber, C. DeHart, S. Gibson, R. Whitlock, M. Bell, K. Hill, R. Weeks. Fifth Row : R. Yeatts, M. Hayden, B. Stuart, H. Burnette, R. Hylton, L. Wade, J. Quesenberry, D. Whitlock, J. Wood. Sixth Row: D. Shankle, D. Slusher, G. Strickland, E. Dunn, S. Agee, S. Sowers, M. Spence. Delegates S. Sowers, J. Wood, and F. Slusher, prepare to leave for Richmond where they participated in FTA Convention activities. 124 R. Whitlock, K. Hill, B. Stuart, and B. Hylton, prepare to put up a FTA bulletin board. prepares JH embers for ttje -09 or Id of duration The Future Teachers of America was made up of forty two mem- bers. Their purpose was to prepare students for the responsibility of teaching. The executive committee planned the monthly meet- ings around themes that stressed the importance of a college ed- ucation. The cooperation and participation of its members resulted in a successful year. Substitute teachers for the FTA were J. Wood, S. Hollandsworth, S. Boothe, R. Yeatts, and C. Surber. Here they share tactics that they use in teaching. 125 Winfred eab Heads nt usiaetic Science (£lub (Ulan Front Row: R. Thompson, J. Wimmer, T. Moran, C. Moran, C. Vest, C. Cananday, G. Wood, R. Wimmer, P. Weddle, V. Sutphin, D. Page, P. Vest, V. Conner, M. Conner, D. DeHart, Mr. Thomas. Second Row: W. Beale, D. Hatcher, R. Bond, R. Bond, S. Eanes, M. Hatcher, S. Branrmer, P. Cockram, D. Weddle, V. Gardner, B. Dalton, D. Sweeney, C. Page, C. Moran, A. Wimmer. Third Row : D. Compton. R. Reed, D. Nolen, M. Eanes, A. Vest. J. Farmer, B. Bowers, P. Thompson, D. Thompson, W. Laing, E. Chesson, D. Vest, M. Poff, R. Austin, R. Hylton, B. Bolt. J. Bolt, S. Chesson. Fourth Row : R. Nolan, B. Smith, J. Via, W. Starkey, A. Nester ' , D Strickland. L. Harmon, B.P. Simpson, R. Shelor, S. Cockram, R. Lovell, V. Angle, J. Dickerson, R. Moles, J. Nolan, J. Huff. Officers: Winfred Beale, President; Steve Cockram, Reporter: Theresa Moran, Secretary; Robert Shelor, Vice President; Susan Eanes, Treasurer; Mr. Thomas, Sponsor. 126 Students at FCHS who found exciting the pursuit of scientific knowledge in themselves and the world around them, banded together to form the Science Club. Discussions, demostrations, and experiences punctuated their meetings. Members were required to participate in the annual Science Fair which the club sponsors in March. Through various group activities, such as individual projects, and club observations, active members began to view the world about them in scientific terms-a very useful implement for today’s youth. A. Vest and R. Bond balance a giant gyroscope on their fingertips while M. Eanes seems to be a little skeptical about the situation. D. Weddle, L. Harmon, J. Farmer, and B. Bolt prepare an experiment with the generator made by 1967 graduate, Jerry Weddle. W. Beale, S. Eanes, T. Moran, R. Shelor, and S. Cockram play with the electrical panel during a Science Club meeting. 127 ,iMembersi Experience tlje Hardsl]tps Front Row: L. Spangler, P. Poff, L. O’Conner, R. Thomas, F. Moran. Second Row: R. Mills, S. Eanes, L. Wells, D. Reed, B. Trail, M. Turpin, R. Austin, P. Reed, J. Gearheart, S. Epperly, M. McAiexander, L. Moran, J.B. Simpkins, Mrs. Murrie; Sponsor. Third Row: S. Wade, D. Quesenberry, C. Coxs, N. Dickerson, B. Thompson, C. Gordon, V. Turman, E. Huff, J. Belcher, B. Smith, P. Smith, R. Webb. Fourth Row: D. Simpkins, L. Quesenberry, S. Quesenberry, S. Guilliams, R. Hatcher, L. Alderman, C. Hylton, M. Epperly, V. Quesenberry, J. Nolan, R. Wimmer, B. Hylton, N. Shankle, D. Whitlock, D. Lawson, L. Rakes, A. Wood, G. Collins, J. Higgs, L. Hylton. Fifth Row : Y. Huff, R. Phillips, D. Quesenberry, S. Beckner, W. Beckner, A. Meador, P. Akers, G. Hale, T. Slaughter, J. Aldridge, D. Murrie, F. Murrie, A. George, D. Brown, R. Hylton, S. Houchins, M. Poff, V. Angle, M. Conner. Ik | . V ' l| ! L % rh r) ffl i J 111 ¥ 1 i In Officers serving Library Club for 1969-70 year: Front Row: G. Gillespie, Treasurer; P. Reed, President; J. Simpkins, Reporter. Row Two: T. Slaughter, Vice President; R. Hylton, Secretary; D. Rumberg, Historian. 128 of joining tfye Gtbrarg (Club Library Club members J. Belcher, R. Thomas, and S. Epperly create a bulletin board dispecting National Book Week. Library Club members were made up of students from all grades. Tire main duties were to assist Mrs. M. Murrie in daily library tasks: Stamping, helping with replacements of books, and opera- ting the check-out desk were among a few of their many duties. The club was sponsored by Mrs. M. Murrie and Pat Reed served as president. Library Club students are caught in the action of per- forming their everyday duties. J. Gearheart, P. Reed, D. Rumburg, and J.B. Simpkims file books prepared to be placed back on the shelves. 129 Sponsors ardj of juries Campaign ft J mi i j 1 I , 1 ' J liii 5f m Front Row: B. Boyd, S. Austin, B. Harris, E. Huff, B. Smith, H. McAlexandra, D. Higgs, L. Moran, S. Eanes, B. Jones. Second Row: K. Lawrence, C. Wade, A. Meador, J. Nolen, V. Quesenberry, V. Spencer, C. Huff, M. Brown, S. Royal, D. Quesenberry, K. Roberson. Third Row : L. Quesenberry, J. Nixon, R. Reed, L. Wells, M. Williams, D. Lawrence, B. Smith, D. Quesenberry, V. Higgs, D. Quesenberry, R. Phillips, P. Phil lips, R. Ratliff, P. Harris, A. George. Fourth Row: D. Simpkins, K. Gearheart, M. Dulaney, W. Alderman, L. Harris, N. Slusher; Sponsor, E. Huff, C. Conner, B. Trail, B. Quesenberry, J. Gallimore, C. Pratt. Officers: P. Harris; Secretary, M. Dulaney; Vice President, J. Nixon; President, B. Smith; Treasurer, H. McAlexander; Historian, D. Higgs; Reporter. 130 Future Business Leaders of America consisted of members whose plans are to continue in business after graduation. Membership required enrollment in two business courses. FBLA, part of the national organization FBLA, was sponsored by Miss Nancy Slusher. Delegates were sent to Virginia Beach in early spring to the FBLA convention. A field trip to Roanoke provided experience touring business establishments and colleges. K. Roberson, K. Lawrence, B. Smith, and L. Harris donate their time to work on the concession stand for the FBLA. S. Austin presides over the Radford Regional FBLA meeting. FBLA members prepare to go on the field trip sponsored each year to the benefit of members getting experience in business establishments. 131 “Decisions the Count” was the theme well strived for by the members of the Floyd County Chapter, Future Homemakers of America. Working toward their theme provided the FHAer’s an opportunity to improve family, personal, and community life. Participating in their annual Mother-Daughter banquet, and attractive fashion shows kept all members well occupied. Club meetings included business sessions, devotions, and various programs. First year FHAer’s J. Harman and F. Cox plan for an up- coming fashion show. Front Row: C. Wade, L. Yopp, S. Austin, C. Pratt, J. Gear- hart. Second Row: A. Sowers, L. Duncan, B. Harris, H. Me Alexander, D. Vest. Third Row: B. Cockram, J. Yearout, S. Boothe, S. Hollandsworth, S. Gibson. Fourth Row : S. Epperly, R. Hylton, W. Huff, S. Lane, J. Alderman. Fifth Row : M. Turpin, N. Dickerson, P. Reed, M. Conner, P. Belcher, F. Ballinger. Sixth Row : L. Dalton, P. Akers, S. Beckner, K. Gearheart, L. Cockram, M. Salmons. Seventh Row: D. Conner, B. Boyd, S. Maberry, W. Alderman, C. Goad. P. Moran. Officers: K.. Gearheart, President; C. Wade, Vice-President; J. Yearout, Secretary; P. Reed, Treasurer. Second Row: S. Austin, Pianist; D. Vest, Historian; R. Hylton, Reporter; J. Gearheart, Parlimentarian; B. Cockram, Recreational Leader. A Successful ■|jear 132 5E rr f ' . j— — % 1 L. Front Row : L. Moore, B. Moore, F. Cox, J. Harmon. Second Row : M. McAlexander, N. Argabright, C. Marshall, J. Belcher, B. Wood. Third Row: D. Conner, J. Duncan, C. Hale, J. Thompson, D. Quesenberry. Fourth Row : D. Maberry, B. Harris, C. Harmon, D. Quesenberry, H. Harmon, L. Dulaney. Front Row: S. Spence, L. Alderman, N. Agee, S. Bell, A. Quesenberry, 1. Bolden. Second Row : G. Collins, S. Vest, C. Vest, S. Chesson, J. Wimmer. Third Row: R. Hylton, D. Hylton, R. Belcher, I. Quesenberry, J. Wimmer. Fourth Row : R. Whitlock, C. Cox, J. Radford, J. Lester, F. Gibson. Fifth Row: B. Guilliams, P. Conner, L. Harris, N. Angel, C. Conner. Sixth Row: R. Ratiliff, B. Hubbard. F. Hubbard. FHA Planning Committee consists of C. Wade, L. Yopp, D. Conner, and B. Boyd. Sponsoring S 1 (Amuml ijasljton 133 future farmers of (America (Eonsstitute Front Row: F. Perkins, R. Moles, R. Pratt, S. Vest, W. Clay, R. Phillips, R. Belcher, Mr. Jennings, co-sponsor. Second Row: D. Cow, D. Goad, R. Hylton. J. Duncan, R. Marshall, L. White, Mr. Keith, co-sponsor. Third Row: R. Weeks, G. Harris, C. Reed, S. Cox, C. Kenley, R. Hollandsworth, R. Thompson; Fourth Row: B. Duncan, G. William, W. Boothe, G. Showalter, A. Wimmer, L. Myers, R. Weeks; Fifth Row: P. Weddle, R. Belcher, D. Boyd, S. Wade, R. Weeks, K. Beaver, L. Abbott, W. Agnew, J. Sumpter, J. Conner, G Boothe, R. Stump, F. Taylor; Sixth Row: H. Yates, H. Hill, and B. Cox. Future Farmers of America formed the core around agriculture at Floyd County High School. The dub is one of the largest in the school. The club was sponsored by Mr. Keith and Mr. Jennings. President, Frankie Perkins, led the club in a very suc cessful year. President, Frankie Perkins, and sponsor, Mr. Jennings, find much humor in an overgrown, purple vegetable. 134 parge percentage of PP(§ (Erefos Front Row: R. Mills, T. Nichols, S. Moles, D. Hubbard, K. Sowers, S. Weeks, G. Hylton, R. Mills. Second Row: D. Huff, C. Marshall, A. Howell, D. Lucas, D. Akers, B. Trail, M. Harman, J. Helms. Third Row: C. Conner, B. Conner, T. Carroll, R. Quesenberry, B. Harris, J. Akers, J. Holt, D. Lucus. Fourth Row: M. Cockram, C. Conner, M. Grim, C. Goad, L. Spangler, D. Pratt, M. Gallimore. G. Quesenberry. Fifth Row: D. Hubbard, D. Belcher, L. Thompson, L. Keith, L. Quesenberry, R. Davis, G. Weddle, G. Belcher. Sixth Row: K. Bower, R. Houchins, M. Belcher, H. Hill, B. Reed, G. Spangler. Front Row: D. Pratt, F. Perkins, R. Moles, D. Lucus, R. Thompson, G. Harris, C. Reed, S. Cox, L. Abbot, W. Agncw, H. Yeatts. Second Row: L. Myers, J. Duncan, R. Marshall, L. White, Mr. Keith Sponsor. Third Row: S. Vest, G. Clay, P. Link, .1. Wilson, M. Wilson, W. Stump, and B. Cox. 135 Ellen Sowers, Joyce Wood, Phyliss Poff, judges of the monthly Quill and Scroll Contest, decide on final winner. An honorary club, the Quill and Scroll achieves excellence to set an example for the student body. The eleven members this year must have participated in some form of journalism and must have maintained an average of ninety to be a Quill and Scroll member. Y. Yearout, M. Dalton, C. Dehart, Miss Slusher, Sponsor, R. Bond meet to discuss “Who Knows.” 136 Sponsor N. Slusher, J. Yearout, Vice President, M. Dalton, Secretary, C. Poff, Vice President, V. Poage, Treasurer, R. Bond, Reporter. (®uil! nd Scroll ($)utz ids defeat ortfycroee ©tt " 33l|0 Sutofas” T. Hancock, F. Weeks, R. Hylton, and L. Yopp, members of Quill and Scroll, prepare the student directory. Sue Lane awards Barbara Rutrough with her Quill and Scroll pin. 1 JgM i Ja ' | I gt jpg I Wm W tin Quill and Scroll members: f irst Row: E. Sowers, L. Yopp, E. Quesenberry. R. Hylton, L. Dalton, G. McPeak, T. Hancock, F. Weeks, S. Lane, D. Vest, and D. Lawrence. Second Row: B. Rutrough, C. DeHart, R. Thomas, L. O’Connor, P. Poff, and J. Wood. 137 Enables (Ambitious Students (Aid K. Lawrence looks hopefully at J. Stuart for a few degrees of temperature to constitute getting out of class. The Neighborhood Youth Corp enabled students to work during school hours and after school to make extra money to buy essen- tial things, and for some, to finance a college education. The NYC did important jobs that kept FCHS running smoothely. Working in the clinic registration desk, taking up lunch money, grading homework papers, and helping as teachers aids were a few of the many jobs performed well by these ambitious students. Mrs. N. Albert explains some information about colleges to NYC worker, D. Vest. S. Gibson types a test for one of the teachers. 138 acultg (And (Admmatratum . 7 it NYC: Front Row: D. Snavely, M. Cockram, J. Hylton, M. Akers, Mr. Salmons, P. Moran, C. Goad, D. Rumburg. Second Row: P. Akers, J. Martin, P. Lipford, J. Stuart, V. Spencer, S. Gibson, D. Vest. Third Row: D. Goad, D. Manning, B. Ferris, A. Conner, B. Stuart, M. Turpin, N. Dickerson. Fourth Row: R. Lanpey, B. Ousley, W. Grant, W. Stump, R. Helms, W. Stuart, J. Stuart. Fifth Row: D. Turner, L. Goad, C. Bond, A. Smith, R. Quesenberry, H. Yeatts. Neighborhood Youth Corp workers, D. Rumburg and C. Pratt take up lunch money. 139 The Magazine Campaign was a most enthusiastic event at FCHS. Mrs. M.L. Hardie served as business manager and Miss C. Vaughn added her talents with paint, brushes, and paper from the art department. Mrs. Freeda Rorror organized the SCA’s repre- sentatives to distribute the needed forms and literature for maga- zines. The magazine campaign lasted for two weeks. The goal of $4,350 was not reached. Lacking, however, was only one- hundred dollars to reach the goal. Senior Toni Quesenberry used his four years of previous exper- ience to win title of High Salesman- 1969. Eighth grade presents a skit for magazine campaign. High magazine saleman of the day, Alan Nester, grabs all the money he can hold. R. Slusher, R. Turman, D. Slusher, J. Bolt stop to take a glance at the final results of magazine Sales Campaign. j hubttts |3rolie ®o ffecttbe Salesmen JVs ®o Approaclj J cfyool alee (§cal of $4,350 140 J. Dalton is presented NATE Award for his excellence in English throughout high school. B. Simpson wins highest honor of the Senior Class, Valedic- torian, with an average of 98.35. Beth’s excellence also sets school’s highest average record. Eaye Austin wins the second highest with a 97.80 average. jltmtants Segtn " BSorfe At 33 ttl] (§oaI ' (Eo ( Acljtetoc ,A Superior Record Delegates attending Boy and Girl State are: J. Dalton, V. Poage, S. Austin, and W. Beale. 141 Superior jS’tutbnts rtttg Bonors Harping Jfjrom (Athletics ®o (Academic ttiereet E. Dunn won second place in the Quill and Scroll contest with a poem entitled, “Dream. B. Simpson, C. Agee, E. Shelor, and E. Quesinberry repre- sented FCHS at the One-Act Play Festival, at Charlottesville. 142 Frances Murrie entered the Creative Writing Contest wit a selection entitled “The Creation”. She received the third place award. D. Conner, S. Austin, and Sponsor Miss N. Slusher, repre- sented FCHS’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America at Virginia Beach FBLA Convention. An honor is something special in the life of everyone and FCHS students are no different. Our school is very proud of the young people who excel in things other than school activities, and is glad to give them the recognition they deserve. Awards are given in many different academic departments-math and English and State FFA and FHA degrees. Also there are awards given for character and citizenship, including an athletic award. FCHS Representatives to All-District Forensics are: Front Row : M. Agee, J. Pugh, C. Surber, and B. Simpson. Second Row : Mrs. L. Maxwell, J. Dalton, E. Shelor, and V. Poage. S. Simmons, a student of world affairs, receives recognition by accepting the Social Studies Award for outstanding work in this field. 143 iff (Iraduation Exercises 3[or ’69 Seniors file out to processional at Senior Assembly. Seniors etoeals Happp Jfaces, ®ranquiltlp (And (A Jlfefti Sentimental ®ears Beth Simpson receives an award of Reader’s Digest for general excellence. The journalism award in 1969 was won by Sunny Harmon. Kathy Smith receives DAR certificate from Mr. Hollandsworth. 144 1 he sun began to set and colors of yellow, orange, and red created a pinkish haze that painted the grounds. Gradually, Seniors arrived with robes in hand, and walked into the open doors of FCHS for the last time as a part of the student body. One hundred and twenty Seniors gathered in the cafeteria for the traditional ensemble of robes, hats and tassels. As the Seniors began marching in, proud parents smiled, cameras flashed and the student body began to consider the close relationships they had shared with the Seniors of ’69. The address was given by Mr. Alderman. The band and choir contributed with processional music and arrangements for the pleasure of the audience. Various awards and scholarships were presented. Diplomas were received and soon the exercises came to a close. So much of FCHS was found in those Seniors: cheerleaders, ball teams, state honors, clubs and staffs. They left an example of superior quality and a code of accomplishment difficult to match. The jubilant voices, smiles and occasional sentimental tears climaxed five years of success, accomplishment, and knowledge. Outside, the pink haze was gone. The dark night, twinkling stars, and tranquility met the graduated Seniors as they merged from the doors of FCHS. Mr. Hollandsworth presents the gavel award to Foster Bond. Isabel Agnew leads graduating Seniors and the student body in the FCHS Alma Mater during the Senior Assembly. 145 FCHS’s staff of bus drivers consisted of dedicated men and women who transported almost eight-hundred and fifty students each day. Earl Aldridge and Larry Goad drove activities buses for students who were engaged in after school hours activities. A bus driver’s job was not an easy one. The safe transportation of students re- quired alert drivers capable to defensive driving whenever an emer- gency arrived. @us fritters |Matie tg 3)ob transporting 850 Students ad] ay Front Row: L. Goad, B. Reed, R. Gallimore, E. Aldridge. R. Wood. Second Row: T. Quesenberry, D. Pratt, F. Perkins, D. Hubbard, all take part in transporting FCHS in differ activities. Bus Patrol: Front Row: Sponsor Mr. Campbell, P. Link, E. Aldridge, R. Wood, R. Wimmer, L. Aldridge. T. Williams, R. Webb. Second Row: P. Janney, P. Smith, L. King, F. Weeks, S. Wade, L. Dalton, D. King, D. Ober. Third Row: C. Wade, J. Stuart. R. Helms, W. Stuart, A. Link, D. Wood, D. Belcher, R. Hatcher. KVG was made up of boys from tenth through twelvth grades. The crews were divided up according to county areas. Their motto, “Keep Virginia Green,” was upheld by the acquired knowledge of being a member of this organization. KVG was sponsored by agriculture instructors, Mr. Jennings and Mr. Keith. " Reep Virginia (Sreett” 3ls otto of (Erdos KVG crewmen learn the correct procedure for smothering a fire. p » 1 t { ill j 1 ! ■ -mW m d 1 ■ 111 m m... .m |fr AM] f f vy 1 It ■ ■ ■ lH U A iiBHr mW 1 VjH ! ' 1 i 1 1 ■ mwm Bis m front row: G. Harris, M. Gallimore, B. Belcher. Second Row: G. Clay, B. Reed, S. Weeks, R. Davis, G. Weddle, R. Marshall. Third Row: F. Perkins, L. Quesenberry, H. Hill, C. Reed, R. Thomas, W. Clay, and B. Duncan. 147 )aie Belcher, Roger Houchins, Mike Gall.more, and Dan Hubbard received State Foundation Awards in F.F.A. D. Belcher, R. Moles, D. Goad, P. Weddle, K. Alderman. M. Belcher, R. Hylton, D. Hubbard, G. Keith, J. Conner, W. Boothe, L. Keith, D. Belcher, G. Belcher, R. Belcher, D. Hubbard, D. Pratt. Virginia (green (Hrefos ®o different (Areas 148 (Athletics Athletics played a large role in the entertainment of Floyd County students and residents as well as the physical development of the athletes. Mr. Robert Peak served as athletic director. His duties included transportation arrangements, the selection of officials and their salary, purchasing new equipment and scheduling games. Many FCHS teams retained top district positions after seasons were completed. More representatives of All District Teams were accepted from FCHS as a result of the determination of the athletes to be among the best. Floyd County High School has the most efficient and modern athletic equipment, the largest variety of sports, and dedicated fans, and coaching staff. These opportunities gave the students at FCHS to achieve high standards of physical development. $Jarsitg dHjeerleadcrs sponsor (Sf iret " Homecoming parade” Varsity Cheerleaders promote encouragement for the Buffaloes during football and basketball season. Sponsored by Miss Cat- herine Vaughn, the Cheerleaders plan skits to make the pep rallies more entertaining. These Cheerleaders undertook many activities other than cheering. In the spring, they held Baseball concessions in order to earn money to buy new Pom-Poms needed to help promote cheerleading spirit. Varsity Cheerleaders combined cheering and jubliant personalities to proclaim victory for FCHS. Varsity Cheerleaders: V. Quesenberry, J. Wood, B. Marshall, K. Hill, A. Wade, M. Thomp- son. R. Hylton. Vicky Quesenberry Alisa Wade Barbara Marshall 150 Rebecca Hylton, Captain Mary Thompson, Co-Captain Positioning seems to be the main objective of J. Wood, B. Marshall. K. Hill, A. Wade, M. Thompson, and V. Quesenberry. Experience, (Ability, pJ inning j miles ,Are Characteristic Pars it]} Cheerleaders Vicki Gardner, Alternate Kathy Hill Joyce Wood 151 junior Varsity (Etjeerleatbre Cead (Erofods ,31 tt (Ertes ,3jor iiriory J. Moles, S. Roberson. S. Conner, S. Thompson, S, Bond, P. Austin, D. Quesenberry, and V. Turman confer with Sponsor Miss Catherine Vaughn during practice. Completely new squad of Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders, wearing bright, new black and gold uni- forms, led crowds in vigorous and enthusiastic cheers. Composed of eighth and ninth grade girls, the J. V. Cheerleaders had as their weekly project, the decoration of the football goalposts. Long hours of practice prepared these girls for the activity of Junior Varsity football and basketball games. D. Quesenberry, S. Thompson, and S. Roberson take a minute to discuss the next cheer. 152 S. Bond, S. Conner, V. Turman, S. Roberson, P. Austin, S. Thompson, and D. Quesenberry practice continually after school. Front Row: S. Conner, V. Turman, S. Roberson, P. Austin. Second Row: D. Quesenbcrry, S. Bond, S. Thompson. aptam j ljdla Roberson pleads |inttreljj ' Nebt j quad (©f 3I-P- CljEerleaderg J.V. Cheerleaders decorate goal post for up coming game. S. Bond, P. Austin, J. Moles, V. Turman, S. Conner. 153 J ieWale-CoIIinsliiUe probes ' So j tiff Competition buffaloes |Cose JMome (§ame d)f Reason Senior Football Players: Front Row: K. Marshall. R. Slusher, A. Smith, W. Beale, W. Starkey. Second Row: H. Alderman, J. Quesenberry, Lester, W. Grant, and D. Turner. Lester Mannon Quarterback Allen Smith End Refree runs to scene of action during game with Rural Re- treat Homecoming night. Rural Retreat game brings victory to FCHS on Homecoming night. W. Beale Halfback Joe Quesenberry End 154 Lester Mannon explains to other Senior football players W. Starkey, W. Grant, A. Smith, W. Beale, and D. Turner new plays to be used in the upcoming Fries game. uffaloee (let tEtmglj ptitt] Jljrtee ,3)n 34-0 Ppset FCHS Quarterback, Lester Mannon, takes time out during practice for a nap. Not even Jet Quarterback, Joe Namath is that good! The pigskin was a symbol of victory for FCHS in 1969. The team, coached by Mr. Bill Clear, stuck together for team-power, and finished the season with a 5-2 record in District 9. FCHS moved into first place in the district after successfully defeating Shaws- ville on a score of 47-6. The victory continued through September defeating Glenvar and Rural Retreat. The 1969 season ended with FCHS holding position of Second in District 9. 155 [logd fflomiig football Mantes |3Higl|Itgtjied j tar (Quarterback fester ,jHamum J. Myers, 64, W. Beale, 40, and L. Mannon, 12, attempt to get through block of Fieldale-Collinsville opponents. Varsity Football Team: Front Row: D. Smith, D. Thompson, R. Weeks, G. Vest, R. Slusher, R. Harris, J. Myers, T. Bond, W. Beale, G. Gillespie, P. Mannon, K. Bower; Second Row: A. Smith, L. Mannon, E. Manning, J. Rutrough, J. Farmer, M. Hicks; Third Row: D. Turner, J. Quesenberry, H. Alderman, J. Cox, W. Starkey, R. Yeatts, L. Mannon, W. Grant, L. Keith, K. Stuart, K. Marshall, Coach B. Clear. Scrimmages determine the season players and also enables team to experience tough competition among other fellow teammates. Senior Allen Smith runs through opposition to take FCHS ball possession closer to the goal post. Wesley Starkey End Wesley Grant Tackle Rural Retreat player gets smashed in a tackle by a Buffalo player. Three Roanoke Catholic opponents try to bring Lester Mannon down. Fort Chiswell 6 Floyd Co. 14 Shawsville 6 Floyd Co. 46 Glenvar 0 Floyd Co. 8 Rural Retreat 0 Floyd Co. 13 Independence 16 Floyd Co. 14 Fries 0 Floyd Co. 32 Bassett 39 Floyd Co. 0 Stuart 14 Floyd Co. 42 Roanoke Catholic 12 Floyd Co. 6 Fieldale-Collinsville 33 Floyd Co. 22 Donnie Turner Tackle piinfred Peale jitacbe Pp Points Pg Creating " Poatt - gunner” ,3)ntage or 157 junior Elarsttg football laye, (Called (Quarterback (Carlos oran, ijJusljes (Action utton (Df Success ,3jor Basset 0 Floyd 0 Rural Retreat 0 Floyd 0 Stanton River 14 Floyd 0 Shawsville 0 Floyd 36 Independence 10 Floyd 0 Fort Chiswell 20 Floyd 6 Junior Varsity Foot- ball was composed of 8th and 9th grade boys. The team was coached by Mr. Skip Bishop and Mr. Don Flick. C. Wimmer, G. Spence, L. Mannon, and J. Quesenberry showed capable pros- pects for Varsity Par- ticipation. First Row: D. Pugh, S. Vest, L. Mannon, M. Hatcher, R. Davis, S. Cox, J. Simpkins. Second Row: D. Lane, A. Wimmer, M. Grim, P. Thompson, G. Collins, S. Janney. Third Row: A. Guilliams, C. Moran, J. Rutrough, L. Kieth, M. Higgs, S. Lovitt, J. Farmer, Coach Flick. 158 Jljresljmm intramural prrd-a- ffiag ®eam Reigns As 1970 Reason Champions Front Row: N. Shankle, M. Dalton, P. Poff. Second Row: R. Weeks, H. Burnett, M. Agee, L. O’Connor, R. Hylton. Third Row: K. Hill, M. Thompson, V. Poff. Front Row: D. Weddle, M. Bell, J. Willis, M. Conner, M. Dalton, J. Claytor, B. Bowers, S. Agee, J. Stuart, J. Pratt: Second Row: D. Reed, B. Thompson, S. Eanges, L. Wells, R. Dennis, T. Moran, D. Slusher, P. Phillips, V. Higgs, M. Hayden. Third Row: M. Marshall, A. Wade. J. Nolan, M. Williams, B. Patton, J. Quesenberry, V. Quesenberry, K. Graham, E. Huff represent the sophomore speed-a-way team. 159 (Itrls Pin ' (Efyeir f igljte ln flaying 3)niranuiral8 FRONT ROW:B. Sowers, S.Maberry, J. Tolbert, I. Slusher, V. Spangler, S. Spence. Second Row: S. Chesson, C. Page, L. Alderman, L. Yopp, K. Manning. Third Row: R. Hatcher, M. Cockram, S. Lovitt. Front Row: S. Bond, K. Repass, A. Wimmer, V. Conner, S. Guilliams, L. King, D. Lemons, I. Boldon, B. Moore, D. Stuart. Second Row: C. Vest, B. Harris, G. Griffith, M. Beckner, J. Stuart, P. Vest, C. Marshal, V. Poff, C. Linkous. Third Row: J. Suphin, C. Shortt, J. Agnew, J. Pratt, K. Moran, R. Spencer, W. Stuart, J. Harmen, D. Broughman, D. Maberry, D. Stuart. J. Moles, D. Sweeney, R. Spencer, C. Page, S. Roberson, C. Whitlock, N. Phillips represent the eighth grade team. 160 ' " ©fye ;$tg iigljt,” broken jlcoring and Rebounding Records, 1969 - 70 Biatrict Champions - (Efjaractemes ®lje Parsitjj £§aebetball ®eant Varsity Basketball Team: Front Row: Turk Bond, Phillip Mannon, Coach Don Flick, William Naff, Allen Smith, and Richard Slusher. Second Row: Robert Pugh, Larry Goad, Jim Dalton, Steve Cockram, Stewart Childress, and Ersel Manning. Third Row; Team Captains, Lester Mannon and Toney Quesenberry. 161 Jarsitj} basketball Jltare ' Sent (®ttesenberr|j bunng b bieen (®ames b totabtatent J. Dalton, 40. dances with opponent during the Fort Chiswell game. A hushed gymnasium and close score leaves victory in L. Mannon’s hands as he adds two points to FCHS’s side of the scoreboard. R. Pugh, 30, looks for an opening in the opposing team’s defense. T. Quesenberry and R. Slusher, 24, stand ready to steal the ball away from Fort Chiswell opponents. FCHS 95 ADHS 47 75 Independence 57 74 Meadows of Dan 81 57 Rural Retreat 48 52 Fries 56 68 Auburn 54 81 ADHS 38 67 Independence 68 65 Fort Chiswell 61 58 Rural Retreat 57 62 Fries 53 99 Woolwine 43 64 Fort Chiswell 62 82 Stuart 84 69 Auburn 71 90 Stuart 74 45 Meadows of Dan 43 2 Woolwine 0 R. Slusher, Finishing second in scoring with 14.4 average, securely sinks the ball for additional points. Parstt|j ' Seam become j pmtatere ,3)n 1969 - 70 j eafeott Ifflake Pp ,3[or Peigljt 163 uffalocs jlmaelj Ribals, (Auburn pagbs, ®n Pome Qlourt paring 1969 70 Reason Senior starting player, Richard Slusher, prepares to add two points to score. Larry Goad keeps firm grip on the ball as Auburn players attempt to steal it. L. Mannon uses his long arms and superior strength to take jumpball out of limits of Auburn’s B. Teel. T. Quesenberry concentrates on dribbling around Auburn’s high sscorer, Bobbitt. R. Pugh exhibits typical Buffalo with hands in air ready to take down the rebound. R. Pugh watches for a chance to make another two.points. 164 Senior players: A. Smith, T. Quesenberry, R. Slusher, L. Mannon, S. Childress, L. Goad, and J. Dalton, express their joy over another victory with the traditional chant, “We’re number one!” Coaches Clear and Flick instruct Buffaloes before the third quarter of play. The Varsity Basketball team was great in the 1969—70 season. The team was coached by Mr. Don Flick. Toney Quesenberry and Lester Mannon served as team captains. Lester Mannon led the scoring with a 15.9 season average per game. He also broke Paul Stuart’s scoring record of 1969 in the single game with a fantastic score of 36 compared with Paul’s 30 points. Jim Dalton led rebounding and Finished with a season average of 14.7 rebounds per game. The “Big Eight” was composed of the important players who carried the bulk of scoring responsibility. They were Allen Smith, Richard Slusher, Larry Goad, Toney Quesenberry, Steve Cockram, Robert Pugh, Jim Dalton, and Lester Mannon. The 1969-70 season ended as Floyd County High’s Varsity Cagers secured the position of the regular season champions. Referee decision® (let tileam Rpttgfyt (Slier Second (Same (Auburn Ragles 165 uffabes |33a6e ,3[tret (All Senior Starting ' (Seam ,31n Bistor (®f T. Quesenberry, 22, and L. Mannon, 20, guard a Fort Chiswell player preparing to add to Fort Chiswell’s score. (3[cir 1969 - 70 Reason R. Slusher glides ball smoothly to stack up points for FCHS. L. Mannon, 20, finds Ft. Chiswell’s man his equal as both attempt to tip ball in team’s favor. Team co-captain, L. Mannon, springs up above opponents to put their victory out of reach. R. Slusher concentrates on an open player to pass the ball to. R. Slusher, 24, plays basketball on his knees after collision with Fort Chiswell player, 34. 166 J. Dalton, 40, L. Goad, 34, and L. Mannon, 20, hold eyes on the ball as T. Quesenberry leaps into action to recover the ball possession for FCHS. R. Slusher, 24, leaps with Independence opponent, 13, as team loses sight of ball. Coach D. Flick talks to two of the 1969 Season’s “Big Eight” team members, L. Mannon and T. Quesenberry. They are also the team captains. $Jar0tt|j ®eam Jltags ®tt Stop ©f district 3I3€ I (Irade .And junior 0arsitg Yearns dtoe donetanl Pareitg (Eager Source ,3[or Pofeer Eighth Grade Team: Front Row: E. Turman, C. Wimmer, M. Goff, T. Stuart, R. Vest, Coach Maxon. Second Row: R. Weeks, C. Simpkims, C. Sowers, J. Conner, T. Spangler, D. Lawrence, J, Yeatts. Third Row: D. Thompson, N. Sutphin, L. Sowers, C. Vest, A. Weeks, S. Hubbard, R. Cockran. V ’ . " Irf . AKA j M j j A U i 1 Eighth Grade Scores FCHS 11 Independence 32 24 Rural Retreat 33 29 Fries 37 25 Fort Chiswell 48 18 Independence 36 29 Rural Retreat 31 21 Fries 34 31 Christiansburg 35 16 Fort Chiswell 54 38 Christainsberg 41 J.V. Scores 44 Shawsville 35 50 Independence 31 76 Meadows of Dan 42 40 Rural Retreat 45 46 Fries 18 61 Auburn 39 33 Ft. Chiswell 35 57 Shawsville 30 31 Independence 18 35 Rural Retreat 33 47 Fries 29 66 Woolwine 13 72 Stuart 57 29 Ft. Chiswell 30 59 Auburn 50 60 Stuart 59 75 Meadows of Dan 30 2 Woolwine 0 Regular Season: 15 wins, 3 losses J.V. Team: Front Row: C. Moran, G. Collins, D. Stuart, D. Thompson, M. Grim, L. Mannon, Second Row: Coach S. Bishop, D. Vest, R. Helms, B. Collins, J. O’Connor, D. Smith, D. Walker. 168 Neal Hatcher shows proper way to bunt the ball. aseball ®eam Mas M inning j easim- Recortl 12-6 The school should be especially proud of the baseball team. A rather successful season was accomplished through hard work and a desire to win. The record of twelve wins and only eight loses proved this. Spring practice brought about hard work and determination to make the 1969 season even better than in years before. The players livened up the Spring’s contribution of baseball and they also improved their talents during the season. Steve Cockram reaches to catch low ball. The following boys that participated in baseball are: Front Row: R. Bond, R. Phillips, VV. Clay, D. Thompson, 1). Compton, N. Hatcher, F. Bond, Coach Flick. Second Row: R. Bond, P. Weeks, R. Harris, S. Cockram, D. Stuart, M. Cockram, C. Moran. Third Row: D. Harmon, M. Agee, W. Starkey, L. Wimmer, C. Williams, C. Huff. D. Vest. 169 ptittj tJItje J tning (©f determination daseball piasters JUm |[or Outfield Scores ®o Add Pp fotal Pictor Paul Weeks catches opponent’s ball with sureness. Phil Mannon waits eagerly for opponents pitch. Dennis Harman and Mike Agee make all district baseball team. Wesley Starkey winds up for a waiting batter. 170 The tennis team of ‘69 is comprised of; Front Row : H. Yates, M. Hatcher, Coach; W. Clear, S. Moran. Back Row : L. Janney, R. Shelor, H. Sowers. tennis egtns ,At Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Floyd Galax Pulaski Pulaski Wytheville Galax Auburn Wytheville Radford L. Janney eagerly awaits for the return from opponents. 171 tHemtis ' Scam jMas Btairict (Eampton tUttle ,3)n 1969 In the afternoon seven boys, decked in white uniforms, darted across the tennis court overlooking the school grounds. FCHS started the third year of tennis competition with all participants eager to play. With experience and skill they won three straight games and pro- vided stiff competition for others in the district. The new coach Mr. William Clear instructed the team -helping them to improve their techniques. The season ended in a 3-5-1 record. Maneuvering to get that extra point, H. Sowers volleys the ball toward the net. 172 ' Nefo ®racfe rotoides foundation for (Ireater J peed for ®racfe ,J®lectB faring 1969-70 m Lester Mannon prepares to throw the discus. Joe Porter relays the baton to Gary Gillespie in a 220 relay. Front Row: R. Davis, G. Gillespie, D. Palmer, L. Goad, J. Quescnberry, K. Wurzburger, J. Walker, W. Beale. Second Row: R. Pugh, E. Manning, W. Naff, G. Collins, J. Myers, D. Qucsenberry, G. Clay, L. Wimmer. Third Row : L. Mannon, T. Bond, J. Cox, J. O’Connor, S. Cox, H. Alderman, Coach Burkett, M. Spence. Fourth Row : J . Dalton, S. Lovitt, G. Showalther, B. Turner, S. Lovitt, .1 . Porter, G. McPeak. 173 urkett, ‘(Erack ®eam (ttoacl], pleads ®eam ,31n Jiciorg Jfor 1969 Reason Track gave variety to the spring schedule of sports. Shot put, 220 yard-dash, discus throwing, and pole vaulting were among the many activities the trackmen became involved in. Coach Bill Burkett, gave team morale boosts, improved their skills and made the entire season the best in history of FCHS track. The camera catches Joe Cox in the middle of a broad jump J. Porter and J.Quesenberry prepare to run the 220. Mixed emotions appear on the faces of J. Quesenberry, L. Mannon, and L. Goad as they prepare tor a sprint contest. 174 P. Stuart maintains a position on the Virginia All-State Basketball team. Most Valuable Players: A. Smith, Football; S. Moran, Tennis; M. Agee, Baseball; J. Porter, Track; P. Stuart, Basketball. Retaining a position on an All-Dis- trict and All-State Team required talent, desire to perfect skill, and a strong determination to be among the best. Floyd County High had many athletes that Fit this description; long hours of hard practice, in- dividual effort and guidance from the coaching staff enabled the athletes to be superiorly capable. As a result of many who spent hours to achieve superiority, FCHS sent several representatives to the teams singled out to be the best of all teams. J. Pugh and P. Stuart are delegates to All-District Basketball Team. All District Football Team: F. Bond, H. Alderman, J. Quesenberry, and L. Mannon. (Butsiattdmg (Athletes Represent ,3ln jltate JVnd district (ttompettiton (lain potions Tljor j djool 175 Lunchroom Workers: Front Row: V. Spence, L. Hylton, E. Hylton. Back Row: M. Kidd, B. Keith, B. Quesenberry, G. Sowers. (Hooks (And (Custodians Mabel takes time to smile Janitor Crew: L. Akers, J. Thomas, R. Thomas, M. Via. on her way to another job. 176 Advertisements The local and surrounding business organizations supported the 1970 BISON and made it possible to make many new improvements in the contents and cover of the book. The businesses in the area received quite a lot of attention from FCHS students. Keeping up with what’s happening in 1970 required the purchase of the merchandise the local stores provided. With the aid of the area’s establishments, patrons, and boosters, the 1970 BISON retained the necessary supporting funds to make it a part of what’s happening in 1970 too. The students at FCHS and members of the BISON staff greatly appreciated the help and support of the advertisers. Harris Cleaners Self-Service Laundry Self-Service Dry Cleaning Floyd ESSO StOtlOH Esso DEALER j LglXiA lO y joJr phone No. 745-2313 Floyd, Va. LkJ Qj CLKjl7 ojJo kKcJ ' uLtW ' j$£ 4 -£ AA- ' £ yu ' funeral hom Lf u - 7 M fcuAJ 24 Hour Ambulance Ser-yc lj l Ka O £? «— • , aJuLo -Iohj Ai£Jbna „ . TU£jO CLajoI ruLbU- u »hJp dL 4cp £2Jui 7ru7nJ ' eUxD’-f , C L . yaus cui- £ «j«. s -zlJ G a j c phone- 745-4 100 I — ' — A ' W — ' I Sr, $ CirM jAXXKJj y Floyd, Virginia 178 Floyd Food Market jl y ■ in liTi mTnTmjmTTiTTi ill m mt i rniifiWrmii Virginia 179 Artcraft Florist And Gift Shop Corsages Our Specialty Flowers For All Occasions Floyd, Virginia 745-4165 The Village Fashion Shop Latest In Ladies Fashions 745-2843 Oxford Street Floyd, Va. HIGH’S FURNITURE APPLIANCES Furniture For Every Need Hotpoint Appliances 745-2424 Floyd, Virginia 180 Floyd ■j •r, SC, , ‘ SH n vmoiu ' Floyd Motor Company, Inc. 0 f HELL i Wl Virginia Sales— Services— Wrecker Service Parts and Accessories iifTiW Virginia GUYNN FURNITURE COMPANY INC. No carrying charges on furniture Free Delivery Route 460 Midway Between Christiansburg Blacksburg Floyd Garment Company and Skyline Sportswear Floyd, Virginia 181 UyOS w C- " J-X J£M x!U+ J .su cJ j rydU ufl OAAc Ujt ‘ 20 . J ZJLsL t V L- C O ' fcisLc -i. TL£- {£. ' C j b jl O Xz ■ Lstjbsn ) _ U y cgcf-cc ovut; CXj ku - fc 7t - £ - ' C V cA CXo)l L cH l y syB-CXsi } , u o r J a W y p c uLs Tumble oil rFf jin cd, tS . ' ?7 i s . j . Si ivi C?S S + y J lA ujuxJ ¥ J u u, - jQ yri y ' L Xe yyiu aSaSu S X o £ uZsl+ x )yL c syiX TK-jU rL C T. B. Lee, X yyu Q y ■ y Jy ) tuX £jt c£cXyij6y Chr c d U-J sed. J Heating Oil— sQQgo JOusyp J - _ : ' StLJlJ , CUk Floyd sUAc djUZJ N ? i jock W. Kitts Nationwide Insurance Agency sJ sX XcJf CL (jtxUsjP g OW C C, ht ejaX Q-C Ly$ -Z 0 ( ' y JZ X j JajU ri sc C Uy -x ?«ff UU-t CL 2JJ-yvix£-™i O X? mjcJ ; ■ ' y JJ iy - Jlpl- " 0 Ca rJ STATE FARM MUTUAL Charles L. Kingrea, Agent O Automobile Insurance, Company Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois STATE FARM INSURANCE . ®. In Service with People” Floyd Virginia LEGGETT DEPARTMENT STORE Christiansburg, Virginia Free Parking on the Roof and at Rear of Store Leggett 182 HARRIS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. Floyd, Virginia 183 MABERRY FUNERAL HOME Since 1927 ‘Ambulance Service” Floyd, Va. Phone 745-2121 SUNNY SIDE STORE H • ■ INt OJ .. V A 1YTI T Y CHn FAMILY SHOE STORE A J) n Jr “Shoes for All the Family” J rv J Phone 728-2031 - .• ' ' Hillsville, Va. J ’ ' js ' , j O y Virginia RUTROUGH SUNDRIES 4- TURMAN - YEATTS MOTOR CO., INC. Sundries, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Old Dominion Candies, Stationery, and Pens Floyd Virginia Floyd Virginia 184 TEEL CHEVROLET CORP. XouX JL itXOl XA ' V)fruSL € bx d " _ u - ' 14 C (i-L (X i d (X K jXt l LXX - uAr juxJU lU f J,M ibje u Ka Mtrr u A fejidtcl jLsv t$vz_, uJLiiAx aJn -4. Floyd Automotive ' jL Vl h Xl , M aux? a. tu c 2 u_.y»A- a - yo - M_T CONN Supply CONNER’S STORE " flojjd (County figl| feciebed A foundation (©f nofoledge, Understanding, fnd Irotljerly fobe. . . fit j tood fs f (Jlemortal ®o peace” 188 s the life cspcriciKcd lieie ' . " mu i " .11 -I, memories of the contentment was recalled. The world iIk- were placed in rc.i the iniidcnce. hope, and pe.ue ili.il had h. en so lively bestowed on students at Ploy si County lliyli Si liool. ■kepared will) knowledge and the leali ahon ol tlk flwS of freedom the students planueiMo path they were to Iras ■jotcnlwith each one. providing the lomnlation and ability to make the world a better plus e to live, f ' loyd ( •umly I ol knowledge, unde i s I aiidme ansi bmtheils lose. It sIuoitSix a memorial to peace. a I ' oLTTTdagMi •v v . 1 ’ Uk. 6 MARY’S BEAUTY SHOP - " k Latest Styling, Shaping and Permanent Waving Floyd, Virginia WADE’S SUPERMARKET Where Shopping Is A Pleasure Route 1 1 Christiansburg Dublin, Virginia BOYD’S STORE Vf J Floyd BEN FRANKLIN SIDNEY PALMER’S Men’s Clothing and Ladies Sportswear Main Street Nationally Known Locally Owned Christiansburg Virginia Virginia Floyd Virginia 190 ' OLA.dU y ' , -J ' lCLV-t Aft vvri ' lytftO dLA ' y J- Scrltadwj J rtuft v 9 Jrojh ' £ i y nji L MjU cx l i v Ocy yfjoxl MJU cfru Jj-t t wt ' ‘dvfsL a W-t towmo u W_ Meu « - , -to ° vQO C AwHJ tooU v. Trruu iSb r H T c vvA tKou CLl(X vX kcrvOt u j x-J c u Aql v (lsl OvV OL Va A oL 4- pAOc a s). . VfA c 2 4 A_eJLX- tfc-OOOLxd! C C5T_V- o- i- 3 JhJj J j r o tr J uua x_ tX(XQ.k A_ . XVkiLyvo c ( ru r _3 VaxtW Vwo f sL 5JL « c cL caCTv — . -Acum- ulXu. ul - m_j W N JLaJ»CJL 0JLxt »J- _3 Jtu . S Gl vc 9- .cyxx_, (O OxxJ uoWcct " 4 W .CL l) v4 ok.0 WcA VvL dtcdt ‘ t»o Olj_a iJkoCt v. AOx _ ojul-j s rru Ji cooox_Ct£- ' tXCX.cJ oLX cl-v ca 4 UxJlQ. U jJK., Wvxxv j) fYVJL t Ljt-CLA f 4 o xxM iuo JLC aCf 4 cu txi jew-A. DojOO Cx ct U ' t .0X 1! ji c%. 4 oOO-i Ac Cr-crcD Ua U o CL vd n -jU Ct-iv- cxjJL ' tWs_, c c Ko-jo vy o wX 4_, uJb jlXJL , Wj Orjl Icjo UXjfck_J ' A Cru -- ' cX_ 4 ju 0 cu_i$ QjXA.o-Cm VJ XAf dC. K- ' v « » tyy 3 ty - jtjajtd j J 4 ' r c£o d X ri SK - JU D U U l ciJ ryCt+dA fc iJia+J-Lj n j ' xy d rf CL Y ty - Zf Q.-C 4c lJ . ' — { o sulj Q-Lx ' -A Olu j o- 1-4-ccec ' V 1 c4 2 Zo Z -e |ieace. . . 5 0722 01324378 5

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