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BISON 1969 Bison 1969 Volume 7 Floyd County High School Floyd, Virginia Out of the darkness of ignorance Into the light of knowledge We come. 900 oblique beings Rapidly take form And personify “education.” We merge, forming PATHWAYS ' 69 Table Of Contents Academics 11 Classes 33 Business Manager Assistant Editor Editor-In-Chief Faye Elaine Austin Bethina Anne Simpson Sharon Lynn Shaver Athletics 79 Student Life 105 Advertisers 161 2 3 4 IBM 5 6 8 9 10 Academics Education is a continuous roadway of knowledge that waits to be conquered by delving individuals. As the teachers of FCHS daily con- struct the pavement of this circuit, students may be transported through communities of chemical equations; they travel into cities of historical facts; or they are left alone to ponder over a perplexing math problem. Most high school students move along their journey with graduation set before them as a destination. The faculty of FCHS places before the students an ever widening route of knowledge to be visited. 11 FCHS Administration Experienced Ray Hollandsworth, Principal, keeps FCHS functioning on a smooth basis. Floyd County School Board: Mr. R.O. Slusher, Chairman; Mrs. Mildred Thompson, Clerk of the Board; Mr. Rex Nixon, Mr. Benton Alderman, Mr. Alonzo Monday, Superintendent; Mr. B.P. Simpson, Vice-chairman; Mr. Marvin Cole, Mr. Gerald Phillips. Mrs. Lorice O’Connor, School Receptionist and Bookkeeper, daily faces the large load of work an effeciently run school presents. 12 Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Peak takes a moment from disci- plinary duties to prepare the attendance record. Guides Along Roads Of Higher Education Mrs. Iris Poff, Secretary of the Principal, spends many hours a day to see that school happenings are recorded. Principal Ray Hollandsworth leads the effecient and dedicated group of school administrators. The Assistant Principal, Mr. Robert Peak, carries out the discipline problems, while Mrs. Poff and Mrs. O’Connor complete the small crew in their role as secretaries. Civic minded School Board members and County School Super- intendent Mr. Alonzo Monday work to keep FCHS on a higher path of education. 13 Classes in Karate have prepared Mrs. Joyce Pugh to deal with unruly pupils. Here she and Allen Smith demonstrate. Teachers’ Moods Captured By Camera Lens The ability to perform well on the trampolene is a natural skill of Physical Education teacher Mrs. Burkett. There is another view of the poised, self-assured teacher who instigates student participation each day. The second view catches the teacher in emotions such as happiness, sorrow, and occasional disgust with the errant or indifferent student. This view takes us out of the classrooms into the bustling of extra-curricular activities as the faculty enters into the problems of the teen-age world to supervise a club meeting or chaperone a dance. School librarian Mrs. Mary Murrie is not affected by the desperate pleading of a new Library Club member. 14 Eighth-graders bring Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Peak to trial in performance of their magazine skit. 15 Modern Machinery, Advanced Techiques Symbols Mrs. Rowena A. Hollandsworth B.S., Radford College Office Practice, Typing II General Business Junior Tri-Hi- Y Sponsor Mrs. Wanda Jean Radford B.S., Radford College Personal Typing, Record Keeping, Typing 1 SCA Co-Sponsor Miss Nancy Louise Slusher B.S., Radford College Bookkeeping, Personal Typing FBLA Sponsor Miss Ruth Ann Slusher B.S., Radford College Shorthand I and II Business Math Junior Class Sponsor With precision and accuracy students of Bookkeeping tabulate different assets and liabilities. 16 of Business Department Electric IBM typewriters for advanced typists, transcribing, bookkeeping machines for students bound for the business world ... all are typical of the business department. General subjects such as typing, General Business, and Record Keeping pave the way for a more intricate study in the worl d of Second Year Shorthand and Typing. Each individual is given a chance to prepare for a business career. Daily problems and time writings develop the skill and speed of students in Personal Typing. Learning the principles of office practice, Patty Kemp manipulates a transcribing machine. 17 Ambition And Talent And Fine Arts Students New drill routines practiced for the upcoming football game, artistic skills developed through molding clay images, a variety of songs being prepared for the annual Christmas assembly ... All are characteristic of the Fine Arts Department. A trio of new teachers guide the students in developing their talents and ambitions and in appreciating the beauty of both music and art. Performing with competence, students win approval from their teachers. Miss Vaughan joins with her Art II class in working with abstract pottery. Practice for home football games includes formation drills as well as memorizing music. Mrs. Bonnie C. Sitz Miss Emma Catherine Vaughn B.S., Radford College B.S., Radford College Choral Director Basic Art, Second Year Art Mr. Robert A. Ellwanger B.S., M.A., East Carolina University Band Director 18 French Course Added To Foreign Languages The streets of Paris come alive daily in room 102 where Miss Slusher holds her French class. A new course, French will become a two year study for college bound students and those who just wish to learn the language. Down the hall another foreign language transmits students to Ancient Rome as Latin pupils study noun declensions and verb conjugation. For the more advanced Latin II scholars an account of Caesar’s Gaul Conquest is to be translated. “Sock it to me” in French is only one of many phrases these students have translated. Mrs. Thelma T. Houchins B.S., Radford College Latin I and II, English V Miss Nancy Lou Slusher B.A., Radford College M.A., UVA French I, English V, Journalism County Crier Sponsor Quill and Scroll Sponsor 19 Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter B.A., Radford College English I and II, Dramatics One-Act Play Mrs. Harriet P. Duckett B.S., Radford College English II and IV Highland Scops Sponsor Mr. Donald L. Flick B.S., East Tenn. State English I and II Varsity Club Sponsor Five Year English Course, A State Requirement Remedial reading, dramatics, and journalism are three elective courses of the English curriculum. Students also acquire knowl- edge of grammar and literature through a five year study program Remedial reading aids many students in overcoming verbal difficulties. Dramatics students use the auditorium to gain the “feel” of acting. Students of journalism learn the various aspects of reporting and editing. Through Educational Television students are introduced to new concepts of phonetics. Junior English students prepare to take notes from an ETV program on Literature. Using the body to express emotion is easier when facial expres- sions are hidden, as shown by these Drama Students. 20 Miss Mary C. Gibson B.S., Radford College English I and II Bison Sponsor Mrs. Linda J. Maxwell B.S., Miami University English III and IV Forensics Mrs. Mary L. Murrie B.S., Madison College Librarian Library Aides Sponsor Mrs. Joyce B. Pugh B.S., Radford College Remedial Re ading Mrs. Linda L. Skaggs A.B., Fairmont State College English II and III Creative Writing Folder Choosing from an ample supply of books, Remedial Reading students acquire skilled reading habits. 21 Mrs. Virginia E. Altizer B.S., Radford College Plane and Solid Geometry, Alg. II Adv. Alg. and Trig. Senior Class Sponsor Mrs. Sharon L. Harman B.A., Berea College Math I and II Mrs. Janet O. Peak B.A., King College M.E., VPI Math 1, Alg. I Beta Club Sponsor Mr. Kenneth N. Smith B.S., VPI Alg. I, Geometry World Of Polygonal Figures, Algebraic Terms To compute quickly, to reason logically, to solve accurately- these are qualities that each student of mathematics develops. Students begin with basic numerical problems that they may confront in daily life and advance to the more difficult problems of logrithms, quadratic equations, and probability. Students are offered several courses in mathematics ranging from Math I and II, courses in basic arithmetic, to Advanced Math, a college preparatory course. Under the direction of Mrs. Peak, Eighth Grade Math problems become more challenging. 22 Math students listen closely to the explanation given by Mrs. Harman, so that they will be able to work the problems accurately. Challenge Aspiring Mathematicians Negative times negative equals positive; negative times positive equals negative. Mr. Smith stands ready to help. 23 Intramural Sports The Physical Education Department was broadened as girls were invited to participate in Intramuriel Sports. Girls in the Freshman through Senior classes displayed their skills as they competed for the first time in basketball games after school. Regular Physical Education classes also continued; boys and girls in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades strengthened their bodies and minds through exercises and sports three days a week. Courses in first-aid, health, and driver’s edu- cation supplemented the instruction. Mrs. Reba D. Burkett Mr. Bill L. Clear B.A., Emory and Henry College B.A., Emory and Henry College Physical Education and Health Health and Physical Eduaction Cheerleading Sponsor Varsity Club Sponsor Two Drivers Education cars are in use at FCHS. Insturctor Mr. Ellis Enoch prepares to show a student the controls of one. whyib tDuun cu Mr. Ellis L. Enoch A.B., Fairmont State College Driver Training World Geography Mr. Clyde A. Smith A. A., Chowan College B. A., Roanoke College Pyysical Ed. and Health Football, Basketball and Track Coach Mrs. Carolyn S. Beale B.A., Lynchburg College Physical Education and Health 24 Created By Physical Education Department Class Basketball games require alertness and agility to perform “on the minute”plays. Boys and Girls Physical Education classes combine to practice vigorous exercises. 25 Dissecting Pans, Chemical Equations Part Mrs. Rutrough assists Science I students in maneuvering their microscopes to view slides. Two anatamists observe a scale model of the human heart in attempting to comprehend the circulatory system. Mrs. Freeda H. Rorrer B.L., M.S., Radford College Biology, Math I Science Club Sponsor Mrs. Imogene C. Rutrough B.S., Madison College General Science Tenth Grade Sponsor With the advice of Mrs. Rorrer, biology students explain the advancement of plants through illustrations. 26 Of The Science Student’s World Dissecting pans, chemical equations . . . both are well known to students of science. This course begins in the Eighth-Grade with a complete study of General Science. In Biology, students learn the composition of plant life as well as of animal life. Through dissection of frogs and crayfish the parts of the body are learned. For students who plan to attend college, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics are offered. If so desiring, a student can take a full five year course of Science. One of the many things learned in the one year Physics course is the use of the inclined plane. flowering plants 1 Mr. Max Stone Thomas B.S., Roanoke College Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Biology Science Fair Mrs. Alta M. Turman B.S., Radford College Biology, General Science FTA Club 27 Eternal Chain Of Events, People Parade Was America once part of the Asian continent? Who was the agressive force in the Mexican War? Is today’s Electoral College outdated? These are a few of the baffling questions that confront students of history. Turning the pages of world history, Ninth and Tenth graders study the conflicts, triumphs, and defeats of man. Junior students recreate through imagination the clash of arms in the Revolu- tionary War. Seniors struggle with the ideals of a democratic nation. Sophomores are introduced to a world of civics through long sessions of lecture. Juniors view launching pads and space ships in studying one aspect of United States History-outer space exploration. 28 Before Social Studies Students As part of their govern- ment class activity, Seniors count ballots from the Presidential Mock Election. Mr. Bill Burkett B.A., Emory and Henry College World History Hi-Y Sponsor Football, Basketball, Track Coach Mr. Walker E. Campbell B.S., Virginia State College World Geography, U.S. History Safety Patrol Mr. John D. Hannan B.S., Bridgewater Government Bus Patrol Mrs. Mary L. Jarratt B.S., Radford Virginia and U.S. History Sr. Tri-Hi-Y Mr. Rudolph R. Marshall B.A., Emory and Henry M.S., VPI Va. and U.S. History Spanish II Debate Team 29 Ag riculture, Industrial Arts, Homemaking Mis. Gardner instructs Homemaking II students in the sewing technique of threading a machine. Mrs. Lillian B. Cockram B.S., Radford College M. Ed., VPI Home Economics FHA Co-Sponsor Mrs. Nora K. Gardner B.S., Radford College Home Economics FHA Co-Sponsor Mr. H.P. Jennings B.S., VPI Agricultural Education FFA and KVG Co-Sponsor Mr. Lonnie J. Keith B.S., VPI Agricultural Education FFA and KVG Co-Sponsor Mr. L. Calvin Rorrer B.S., VPI M. Ed., Radford Industrial Arts Photography Sponsor 30 Offer Training In Vocational Careers Shop days in Agriculture teach boys how to use mechanical tools, and the parts of machinery, such as this tractor motor. Pride in accomplishment, satisfaction in performance characterize the students who for the first time may complete a dress, a judging contest, or a welding project. Vocational skills received from home economic courses, agricultural training, and industrial arts prepare students planning to pursue careers directly after high school. With modem ideas and acquired knowledge, they accept the challenges of the vocational world. Mr. Jennings encourages Vocational students to think for themselves and to produce their ideas in class discus- sions. Before actual work on Industrial Arts projects is begun, pupils must see that their planning is accurate. 31 Guidance Department Mrs. Nola S. Albert B.S., Radford College M.S., VP1 Guidance Counselor Teacher Welfare Committee Annie Catherine Dobyns B.A., Emory and Henry College Guidance Counselor S.C.A. Co-Sponsor Begins A Path Of Higher Goals A friendly smile and a willingness to help bring many students to the door of Miss Dobyns, Eighth and Ninth Grade counselor. Situated on the bustling first floor, the guidance department i unique to all students. To underclassmen, the counselors ma offer professional advice as to what high school courses will b most lucrative. Seeking information on trade schools or preparin for college boards, Juniors and Seniors often seek refuge in th solitude of the department. College materials and experience enable the guidance departmen to aid college-bound Seniors. 32 33 Seniors Prove Leaders In Various Activities As eighth-graders, 202 members of the class of ’69 were greeted with warmth and friendliness as they passed through the doors of Floyd County High School. Although they were bewildered at the size of the new school and the many new faces, they soon became adjusted to high school life. There was much to look forward to in the coming four years. During their freshmen year, the class became more acquainted with the school, the faculty, and the students. Long lasting friendships were developing. The halfway mark was reached in the sophomore year. Courses were selected which would provide for a certain field of study and preparations for the future were being made. In the fall of ’67 thirty-five juniors gained recognition for their academic excellence by being tapped into the Beta Club. Spring drew near and the cafeteria was converted, by junior decorators, into a land of “Moonlight And Roses” for the prom. The senior year began with 134 members. Then tragedy took one and a pall settled on the class. But it was a time to be proud, and the class reflected on the good things of the past five years. Friendships had been built, values of life had been attained. The seniors had become individuals of purpose. Class Presidents Linda Spence, Kenneth Pauley, Sarah King, Lyle Wimmer, and Dicky Palmer had led the class of ’69 through a successful high school career. 34 p% gff Carol Melinda Agee W TM® Michael Steven Agee ‘HZa pr j Isabel Dona Agnew ' 4 Charlie Lee Allen Thomas Jacob Altizer Melvin Glenn Angle Faye Elaine Austin Robert Dale Belcher Charles Fredrick Bishop Foster Alan Bond CAROL: Science Club 1-3, Science Fair Winner l,2;Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Pep Club 3,4; Forensics 2,3; Beta Club 4,5; Yearbook 4; NCMT Award Winner 4; Quill Scroll 5; Magazine Staff 5; Band 1-5, Majorette 4,5; One-Act Play. MIKE: FTA 3-5, V. President 5; Hi-Y 3-5; Reporter 4; Varsity Club 1,5; Quill Scroll 4; Basketball 1-5, Co-Captain 3; Baseball 3-5; Forensics 3; Yearbook 4; Newspaper Staff 5; Homecoming Attendant 2,4. ISABEL: Tri-Hi-Y 1-5, Chaplain 2, Treasurer 4, President 5; Pep Club 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; FHA 5; Cheerleading 1-5, Co-Captain 4, Captain 5; S.C.A. Representive 2,3, Vice-President 4; Yearbook 2; Newspaper Staff 4,5, Associate editor 4, S1PA 4; Homecoming Court 4; Girls’ state 4; Graduation Marshal 4. TOMMY: FFA 2-5, President 4, FFA Degree Winner 4; KVG 2-5; Library Club 4,5, President 5; Boys’ State 4; Baseball 2. CHARLIE: FFA 2-5; NYC 4,5. MELVIN: Hi-Y 5; FBLA 5. FAYE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 4, 5, Assistant Historian 2; FTA 3,4; Pep Club 3; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 5, Treasurer; Yearbook 4,5; Forensics 3,4; One-Act Play 4. ROBERT: FFA 4,5; Library Club 5. FRED: FFA 1-5; KVG 3-5; Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Bus Driver 4,5; Safety Patrol 1. FOSTER: Football 1-5, Outstanding Defensive Player 4; Track 1; Baseball 2-5, Leading Hitter 4; Varsity Club 3-5; Graduation Marshal 4; Class Treasurer 4; SC A President 5. Officers and Sponsors: David King, Vice-President; Katie Spence, Reporter; Nadean Duncan, Secretary; Dicky Palmer, President; Mrs. Jarratt, Sponsor; Kenneth Pauley, Treasurer; Mr. Flick, Mrs. Altizer, Sponsors. Not pictured: Miss N.L. Slusher 35 Harold Ray Bond Jackie Lynn Boyd Elsie Ruth Burnette Percy Fay Burnette Frank Allen Cannaday Lloyd Russell Cannaday Katherine Linnia Conner Tommy Dale Cox Vickie Lynn Cromer Seniors Receive Class Rings-Prominent HAROLD: FFA 1-4; Football 1,2; Bus Driver 4,5. JACKIE; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5; FBLA 3; Library Club 3; Safety Patrol 3-5; NYC 4,5. ELSIE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FTA 3-5; Pep Club 3,4; FHA 5. LLOYD: Science Club 1-5, Science Fair Winner 2,3, Preisdent 4, Vice President 5; Quill Scroll 5; One- Act Play 3,4; Yearbook 5, Photographer. KATHERINE: FHA 1,3. TOMMY. MASON: FFA 1-5; KVG 2-5; Bus Driver 5. GARY. ANNE: Tri-Hi-Y 1-5, Treasurer 2, Historian 4, Secretary 5; Pep Club 3,4; Quill Scroll 4,5, Secretary 4, President 5; Beta Club 4,5; Yearbook 1-5; Cheerleading 2; One- Act Play 4; Class Vice President 1. GERALD: FFA 1; Bus Driver 5. 36 PERCY: Science Club 1. FRANK: FFA 1-4; Beta Club 4,5. CAROL: FHA 1,2, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3; NYC 4. VICKIE: FHA 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Pep Club 3,4, Pari. 4; Beta Club 4,5; FBFA 3,5; SCA Treasurer 3; Homecoming Court 14; Snow Queen’s Court 4. BRENDA: FBFA 3,4; NYC 3-5, Vice President 4. ANCEF: Science Club 1; Pep Club 4. NADEAN: FHA 2,4,5; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FTA; FBFA 3-5, Spelling Contest 4; Treasurer 5, Beta Club 4,5; Safety Patrol 2; SCA Representative 1; Graduation Marshal 4; Class Secretary 5; Homecoming Queen 5. DOROTHY: Tri-Hi-Y 24; FHA 2-5; NYC 4,5. CATHY: FHA 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5, Vice President 2; FTA 3-5, Reporter 4; Pep Club 3,4, Reporter 4; Beta Club 4,5, Sec. 5; Cheerleading 4,5; Homecoming Court 1,5; Graduation Marshal 4. GLORIA: FHA 1-5; FBLA 4,5, Vice President 5; Beta Club 4,5; Safety Patrol 2. Status Symbols Of Their High School Career Mason Tommy Davis Charles Gary DeWeese Brenda Mae Duncan General Ancel Duncan Nadean Kaye Duncan Anne Dunn Gerald Gordon Eanes Dorothy Allen Furrow Cathy Marie Gallimore Gloria Gail Goad 37 Linda Diane Goad Harry Randal Gobble Virginia Lee Hale Dennis Wayne Harmon Senorah Bea Harmon Elmon Fredward Harris Robert Murken Harris Larry Nelson Hatcher Melba Jean Hawley Marsha Ann Hayden Virginia Employment Service Applies Pegs And DIANE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FBLA 3; FT A 4,5; Pep Club 4; Beta Club 4,5; FHA 5. HARRY: Hi-Y 3-5; Upward Bound 4,5; Newspaper Staff 4; Band 1-4. VIRGINIA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5; Pep Club 3,4, Vice President 4; FT A 3-5, Reporter 5; Beta Club 4,5. FREDDIE: FFA 1-5; KVG 1-5; Graduation Marshal 4. ROBERT: FFA 1-5, State Degree Winner 4; Science Club 2,3; KVG 4,5; Football 1. LARRY: Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 3-5; Newspaper Staff 5; Upward Bound 4,5; FTA 4,5; Safety Patrol 2,3; Bus Driver 4,5; Homecoming Court. The fifth and last skit for the magazine campaign was a take-off on the popular “Laugh-In” T.V. program. Seniors ranked third in magazine sales. 38 DENNIS: FFA 1,2; KVG 2,3; Football 1-3; Basketball 1-3; Baseball 2,3. SUNNY: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Historian 2; FT A 3,4; Quill Scroll 4,5, Treasurer 4; Beta Club 4,5; Forensics 1,3; Science Fair 1; One-Act Play 24; Yearbook 3; Newspaper 4,5, Associate Editor 4, Editor 5; SIPA 4; FHA 5. MELBA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1,2, 4, 5. MARSHA: Pep Club 4; FTA 4,5. ELWOOD: Pep Club 4. RICHARD: FFA 1-5. ROGER: Science Club 1-4; Hi-Y 4,5; Varsity Club 5; Basketball 1; Tennis 4,5. DWIGHT: Science Club 1-5; Glee Club 2-5; Pep Club 3,4. JUDY: Tri-Hi-Y 1 ;FHA 1-3; Historian 3; FBLA 3-5, Vice President 4, Spelling Contest 4, Sec. 5; Quill Scroll 4,5, Vice President 5; Beta Club 4,5; Magazine staff 4,5; Safety Patrol 1-3; SC A Representative 1. CHARLES: Basketball 1,2; Baseball 3,5; Varsity Club 4,5. Brads In Testing Dexterity Of Class Of ’69 Nathan Elwood Holden Richard Daley Hollandsworth Roger Wayne Hollandsworth Dwight Lee Hopper Judy Ethel Hubbard Charles Erbie Huff 39 Jimmy Zebedee Huff MaybeUe Ann Huff Norman Dale Hylton Vickie Lynn Hylton MAYBELLE: Beta Club 4,5. NORMAN: FFA 1-5, State Degree Winner 4; KVG 3-5; Science Club 1; FootbaU 5. VICKIE: Tri-Hi- Y 1; FBLA 3,4; Library Club 3; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 5, Secretary 5; Newspaper Staff 5; Science Fair 1. ALFADEAN: FHA 1,2,4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5. BRENDA: FHA 2-5; Pep Club 3; NYC 4,5. PAT: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 2-5, Sec. 5; FBLA 3-5; Beta Club 4.5. LARRY: Science Club 2,3,5; Science Fair 2; FTA 4,5; Tennis 4; Safety Patrol 2; Magazine staff 5. DAVID: Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 4.5, V. Pres. 5; Varsity Club 3-5, Treasurer 4, President 5; Football 1-5, Captain 1, Co-captain 3,5; Track 1,2; Basketball 1; Golf 1; Class Treasurer 1,2; Class Vice President 5;SCA Representative 1; Graduation Marshal 4; Bus Driver 3-5. SARAH: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5; Pep Club 3,4; FTA 3-5; Beta Club 4,5, Reporter 5; SCA Representative 1, SCA Secretary 4; Class President 3; Cheerleading 2; Forensics 2. Patricia Mae Kemp Larry Michael Kesler David Earl King Sarah Genevieve King I 40 23 Seniors Take December College Boards Louie Scott Lovitt Jean Carol Manning William Garland Manning Charles Edward Marshall ■A SCOTT: Track. JEAN: FHA 1-5, Recreation Leader 5; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4, 5; FT A 3. GARLAND: FFA 1,2, 3, 5; KVG 2,3; Library Club 3,5; NYC 3,4,5. EDWARD: Science Club 1; Varsity Club 3,5; Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 5; Football 1-3,5; Basketball 1-3,5; Tennis 2,5; Class President 3. MANARD: FFA 1-4; KVG 3,4. JOYCE: Tri-Hi-Y 1. CAROL: Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 1,2,5; FBLA 3,4; Library Club 3; NYC 3-5; Beta Club 4,5; FTA 5; Upward Bound 4,5; SCA Representative. BARBARA: FHA 1,2; FBLA 3; Library Club 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; NYC 4; FTA 5; Upward Bound 4,5. WALTER: Science Club 4,5; Pep Club 4; Magazine Staff 4,5; Newspaper Staff 5. LARRY: FFA 4,5; KVG 4,5; Library Club 4. i r T Manard Melon Martin Joyce Ann McGrady Carol Ann Meador Barbara Jane Midkiff Walter Macleatus Mills Larry Stephen Moore 41 LARRY: LI A 1-4; KVG 1-4; Library Club 4; Bus Driver 5. DORMA: FHA 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3,4; Pep Club 3; Library Club 4,5; NYC 4; FTA 5; Yearbook 5. ARBA: Tri-Hi-Y 1; Pep Club 3. BARRY: FFA 1-5. LARRY: Graduation Marshal 4. MARY : FHA 1-5; Beta Club 4,5; NYC 4; FTA 5; Upward Bound 5. Class Rings, Caps And Gowns, And Senior Day Larry Allen Moran Dorma Lillian Morgan Arba Jean Muncey Barry Johnson Neighbors Larry Janies Nolen Mary Alice Ousley Seniors took advantage of the time they had while other classes were taking state tests to elect class officers. Class members participated eagerly to elect what they considered to be a slate of efficient officers. 42 Richard Anthony Palmer Kenneth Ray Pauley Alva Jeanne Peters David William Peters Lana Christine Phillips Mildred Irene Poff Combine To Stimulate Excitement Among Seniors DICKY: Science Club 1,3-5, Science Fair 1,3; Varsity Club 3-5, Vice Pres. 5; Football 1-5, Co-Captain 5; Track 1,3-5; Basketball 3,4; Class President 5; Boys’ State 4. KENNETH: FFA 1; Hi-Y 4,5; Football 1; Graduation Marshal 4; Class President 2; Class Treasurer 5. ALVA: Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 1,2; FBLA 3-5, President 5; Library Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 5; SCA Representative 4,5; Graduation Marshal 4; Snow Queen Attendent 4. DAVID: Pep Club 4; FBLA 5; Safety Patrol 2; SCA Representative 5. LANA: FHA 1,2, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FT A 3; FBLA 4,5, Parliamentarian 5; SCA Representative 4. MILDRED: FHA 1; Science Club 2; Library Club 3,4; FBLA 4,5; NYC 3-5. Me? Dicky Palmer? President of the class of ’69. Who’d have thunk it. Compare this picture of six-year old Dicky with his Senior picture above. 43 JOHN: Hi-Y 3-5, Reporter 5; FTA 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; Varsity Club 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Basketball 1-5; Tennis 3-5; Yearbook 4; Newspaper Staff 5; SCA Representative 2,3; Class Reporter 4; Graduation Marshal 4. LOIS: Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2; NYC 4. CURTIS: Band 14; Bus Driver 5. MAURICE: Science Club 24; Hi-Y 3-5; Varsity Club 4,5; Football 1; Basketball 1,2; Tennis 3; Band 14. ROY. JIMMY: FFA 1; Pep Club 3. NANCY: FHA 4,5; Historian; FTA 5; NYC 3-5. RICKY: FFA 14; Pep Club 4. CARLOS: Pep Club 3; Varsity Club 4; Football 14, Captain 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Track 1; Baseball 3,4; Graduation Marshal 4; Bus Driver 5. DOUG: FFA 1; FTA 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Varsity Club 4.5, Chaplain 5; Football 3,4; Safety Patrol 1,2; Bus Driver 4.5. John Maurice Pugh Curtis Alvin Quesenberry Lois Hubbard Pugh Maurice Dale Quesenberry Dicky Palmer Leads Class Roy Stevens Quesenberry James Robert Radford Nancy Mary Radford Richard Lewis Reece Carlos Carter Reed Douglas Wayne Reed 44 HARVIE: FFA 1-5; KVG 2-5; Safety Patrol 2-4. AUDREY: FHA 1-5, Song Leader 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Library Club 3,4; NYC 4,5; Forensics 3,4; One-Act Play 4. JOE: Science Club 1-5, Reporter 5, Science Fair 1-3; Library Club 3; Varsity Club 4,5; Baseball Manager 3; Football Manager 3,4; One-Act-Play 3. JUDY: FHA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4,5, Treasurer 5; FTA 3; Pep Club 4; Cheerleading 4,5. HOWARD: NYC 4,5. SHARON: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Pep Club 3; FTA 3-5, Sec.-Treas. 5; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Science Fair 1; Forensics 1-3; Yearbook 1-5, Editor 5 ; One-Act-Play 3;SIPA 4; NCTE Achievement Award 4; Cheerleading 1,2. Physical Inspection is taken in the fall of each year. Senior Harvie Reed studies the scale reading to determine what his last weight listing will be. In Final FCHS Year Harvie Harrison Reed Audrey Lynn Rierson Joe Allen Robertson Judy Ann Rutrough Howard Vincent Saunders Sharon Lynn Shaver 45 Barbara Jean Shelor Jennifer Leigh Shelor Martha Ellen Shelor Richard Michael Shortt Sarah James Simmons Bethina Anne Simpson College, Vocational Training, Careers, Marriage BARBARA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1; FBLA 3,4, Historian 4; Pep Club 3; Library Club 5. JENNIFER: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Science Club 2-5, Sec. 4, President 5; Pep Club 3; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Magazine Staff 5; SIPA 2; Cheerleading 1; Band 1-5; Yearbook 3,4. ELLEN: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Science Club 2,3, Sec. 3, Science Fair 2; PepClub 3; FTA 4; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Forensics 2-4; Yearbook 1,3,4; One-Act Play 1,4; Cheerleading 1,2, Captain 2; Band 1-5, Majorette 3, Drum Majorette 4,5; Magazine staff 5. RICKY: Science Club 3-5; Pep Club 3,4; Library Club 5; Newspaper Staff 4; Bus Driver 4,5. SARAH: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5, President 2; Pep Club 3,4; FTA 3; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Science Fair 1,2; SCA Representative 1,3; SIPA 4; Magazine staff 4,5, Editor 5; Newspaper Staff 4,5; Girls’ State 4. BETH: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Pep Club 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 4,5, Reporter 5; Forensics 1-4, State Winner 3; One-Act Play 1-4; VFW Speaking Contest Winner 3,4; Dramatics Award 4; SCA Representative 4; Yearbook 1-5, Asst. Editor 5; Cheerleading 1-5, Captain 1,4. During the pep rally held for Homecoming it was announced that there was a tie for queen and Seniors Dicky Palmer and David King were both crowned ’68 Homecoming Queen. 46 Jennifer Shelor displays the clay scupltures done by the art department. The models at the left were done by first year students and those at the right by second year students. JUDY: Tri-Hi- Y 1,2; Glee Club 2,3; FBLA 3; Pep Club 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; Library Club 4,5, Secretary 5; FTA 5; SCA Representative 3; Cheerleading 2,4,5. BETTY: FHA 1-4; NYC 3-5. CHARLES: FTA 3,4; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5, President 5; SCA Representative 4; Magazine Staff 4; Forensics 4; Class Vice President 4. KATHY: FHA 1,2,4; NYC 3-5; Beta 5. MARTHA: FHA 3-5. NEIL: FFA 14, State Degree Winner 4; Pep Club 3,4; KVG 3,4; Varsity Club 5; Football 1-5, Captain 2; Baseball 4. Await Seniors Following Graduation Judy Cora Slaughter Betty Ann Sloane Charles Richard Slusher Kathy Erlene Smith Martha Gail Sowers Thomas Neil Sowers 47 KATIE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Secretary 2; Pep Club 3,4, Secretary 4; FTA 3-5, Secretary 4, President 5; Quill Scroll 5; SC A Representative 1,3,4; Class Reporter 5, Class Vice President 3; Class Secretary 1; SCA secretary 3; Homecoming Court 2,5; Graduation Marshal 4; Yearbook 4; Magazine staff 5; Band 1-4. LINDA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Pep Club 3,4; FTA 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 5; SCA Representative 2; Class President 1; Yearbook 2,3; Magazine staff 5; Band Majorette 1-5, Head Majorette 5. CONNIE: Pep Club 3,4; FHA 3; FTA 3,4; Science Fair 2,3,4. Katie Joette Spence Linda Mae Spence Contance Sue Stuart Senior Girls Receive Various Honors: At Band Day, held Annually at Virginia Tech, Linda Spence was chosen to perform. Linda has been a majorette since the eighth grade and was head majorette this year. 48 PAUL: FTA 4; Varsity Club 4,5, Reporter 5; Class Secretary 4; SCA Reporter 5; Track 3,4; Basketball 3-5, Best Improved and Most Improved Player 3. RICHARD: FFA 1-4. VERA: FHA 1,2,4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3; Pep Club 3. SHIRLEY: FHA 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Library Club 3-5. FRANCES: FHA 1; NYC 4,5. BASCIL: Track 4. In a Senior Homemaking class, a one year course, girls have as one of their projects the planning of their wedding. Cooking, sewing, and childcare are other things learned in this class. Homecoming Queen, Snow Queen, Madonna Paul Aldon Stuart Walter Richard Sumpter Vera Mae Sutphin Shirley Gail Townley Frances Gail Turman Bascil Maurice Turner 49 Juanita Elaine Turpin Charlotte Inez Vest Connie Elaine Vest Margaret Anne Via The first year of Girls Intramural sports placed the senior class at the top. Pictured here are the girls who captured the basketball championship. Row One: B. Seniors Experience Indecision And Reality : C t. . JUANITA: FHA 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3; Library Club 5. CHARLOTTE: FHA 1,2; FBLA 3-5; NYC 3-5. CONNIE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5; Pep Club 3,4; FT A 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 5; Safety Patrol 4; Yearbook 4,5. MARGARET: FHA 2,3; NYC 4,5. 50 ■r. Shelor, L. Spence, C. Agee, S. Voigt, C. Stuart. Row Two: J. Dalton, W. Willis, M. Hayden, S. Simmons, J. Shelor SUZY: Pep Club 1,4; FBLA 5; FTA 5; Magazine Staff 5; Tennis 1; Basketball 2,3; SCA Committee 1. BOBBY: Pep Club 4; Basketball 1. CAROLYN: FHA 1; Library Club 3; NYC 4. ROBERT: FFA 1. WANDA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,5; Glee Club 2-5, All State Chorus 2,3; Library Club 3-5, Reporter 4, Vice President 5; Beta Club 4,5. LARRY: Football 1. While Studying " Hamlet” Susan Elizabeth Voigt Bobby Ray Wade Carolyn Ruth Weddle Robert Madison Weddle Wanda Lynn Weddle Larry Cline Weeks 51 Senior Government Classes Conduct Mock BECKY: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,5, Reporter 2; Science Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Pep Club 3,4; Beta Club 4,5, Treasurer 5; Quill Scroll 4,5; Forensics 3,4; SCA Representative 2; Homecoming Attendant 3; Graduation Marshal; Yearbook 3-5; SIPA 4; Cheerleading 3,4. JANICE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1,3,4; Library Club 3-5, Historian 4; Beta Club 4,5. MELVIN: FFA 1-5, State Degree 3; Pep Club 3. CURTIS: Varsity Club 4,5; FT A 5; Football 2,3; BasebaU 2,3. LARRY: Science Club 1-4; Hi-Y 3-5; FTA 5; FBLA 5; Basketball 1-5; Football 2,3; Tennis 3; Homecoming Escort 2. WANDA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FHA 1-5, Vice President 4, President 5; Library Club 3-5; Beta Club 4,5. Homecoming festivities reached a climax when a radiant Nadean Duncan was crowned Queen by Board of Supervisors Chairman William Whitlock. Rebecca Ann West Janice Lynn Whitlock Melvin Wayne Whitlock Curtis Edward Williams, Jr. Larry Edmon Williams Wanda Belle Willis 52 Presidental Election; School Elects Nixon Roger Lynn Carr . . . And I leave them where they are, for 1 know that where so’er I go, Others will punctually come forever and ever . . . Walt Whitman A smile is free. And Roger gave his away often. To his classmates he left memories, both sad and happy. He will be remembered for his hearty laugh, his carefree smile, and most of all, his generous heart. Joan Katherine Wimmer Lyle Stanley Wimmer JOAN: Tri-Hi-Y 1-3,5, Chaplain 3; FHA 1,2,4; Pep Club 3,4; FBLA 5. LYLE: Science Club 2-4, Science Fair 2; Hi-Y 3-5; Var- sity Club 5; Trakc 1-3; Basketball 2-5; Baseball 4,5; Band 1-5; SCA Representative 2; Class Treasurer 1; Class Vice President 2; Class Reporter 3; Class President 4; Forensics 3; Newspaper Staff 4; Magazine Staff 4; Safety Patrol 1 ; Bus Driver 5. 53 Row 1: E. Aldridge, Reporter; A. Smith, Treasurer, C. Rober- son, Secretary; W. Beale, Vice President; L. Mannon, Presi- dent. Row 2: R. Hollands- worth; R. Slusher, Head Sponsor; N. Slusher; R. Mar- shall; J. Harmon. Juniors Find Determining Prom Phyllis Jean Akers Elizabeth Ann Alderman Judy Elaine Alderman Wanda Sue Alderman Earl Wayne Aldridge J ames Lowell Aldridge Brenda Gail Alley Sue Ellen Austin 54 Winfred Michel Beale Kenneth Houston Beckner Shirley Sussanne Beckner Wanda Carolyn Beckner Glinda Paulette Belcher Lester Dale Belcher Michael Wayne Beckner Carolyn Gayle Blackwell Theme And Decorations Quite An Experience Lois Gail Bolt Roger Dale Bond Josiah Thomas Boothe Mary Linda Boothe Sylvia Jean Boothe Luther Wayne Bower Brenda Lois Boyd Danny Washington Boyd 55 Hazel Renay Boyd Stewart Lee Childress Beverly Carol Cockram Andy Roland Conner Calvin Ray Conner Deborah Kaye Conner Mary Ann Conner Michael Allen Conner Scat, Step, And Psat Tests, Though Long And Modjorie Lou Conner James Heath Dalton Jr. Connie Lynn DeHart Moyer Turner DeHart Jr. Chester Edwin Donahue Mary Alice Dulaney 56 Maurice Carney Epperly Sandra Lee Epperly Anthony Vaughn Gallimore Tiring, Evalute The Class Of ' 70’s Knowledge Sandra Mae Gibson Thomas Anthony Gallimore Allen Leon Graham Wesley Rayford Grant Anita Dianne Griffith Larry Evan Goad Sandra Kay Hale Linda Sue Harris 57 Lester Mannon, president of the junior class, is Floyd County High’s star-quarterback. Debra Leigh High Henry Allen Hill Sandra Sue Hollandsworth Larry David Horton Roger Dale Houchins Joseph Morris Howery 58 Dan Clayton Hubbard Wanda Jean Huff Brenda Gail Hylton Juniors Anticipate Ordering Class Rings In March Larry Alan Janney Larry Dean Keith Rodney Lynn Kesler James Robert Lampey Carolyn Sue Lane Kerry Clay Lawerence Michael Charles Lee Michael Lynn Linkous 59 Shirley Mae Mabrey Lester Elgin Mannon Carlie Lawerence Marshall Larry Walter Marshall Kenneth Ray Marshall Alice Faye Meador Janie Lynn Moles Nancy Diane Moles Through The Roads Of History Juniors Are Stanley Wayne Moran Larry Elton Myers Joyce Marie Nester Judy Lynn Nixon Bobby Alton Ousley Christine Odessa Pannell 60 Roger Dale Pauley Danny Lee Phillips Alta Lovanne Poage Cathy Lynn Poff Joseph Iray Porter Donnie Leon Pratt Ruby Inez Pratt Anthony Ray Quesenberry Exposed To Elections And Government Functions Carolyn Kaye Quesenberry Carolyn Sue Quesenberry James Dale Quesenberry James Harold Quesenberry, Jr. Joe Dylie Quesenberry Joseph Wayne Quesenberry 61 Juanita Faye Quesenberry Theron Russell Quesenberry Toney Boyd Quesenberry Bennett Wayne Reed Carolyn Joan Reed Patricia Ann Reed Wanda Carlene Roberson Deborah White Rumburg ' Attending Annual College Day Is A Novel And Deborah Ann Scott Roger Meyer Shelor Gene Dale Shortt Tommy Loman Slaughter Freeman Maurice Slusher Michael Dean Slusher 62 Richard Lynn Slusher Allen Dwight Smith Russell Wayne Sowers George Curtis Spangler Jr. Larry Dale Spangler Wesley Eugene Starkey Interesting Experience For Eleventh Graders Ralph Wayne Stump Rebecca Lane Stump Ronnie Lee Sutphin Paul Martin Talley Fredric Joseph Taylor Rhonda Leigh Thomas Larry Wayne Thompson Donnie O’Neil Turner 63 Alice Diann Vest Carolyn Sue Wade Gene Harmon Weddle A Journey Into American History Acquaints The expressions of newly tapped Beta members show the look of achievement as they receive their pins. Bonnie Gae White Terry Lee Williams Jack Bura Willis Robert Lee Wood Jr. Janice Elaine Yearout Sarah Louise Yopp Not Pictured Jewell Marie Bolt Thurman Udell Cox Brenda Sue Underwood Juniors With Plantation Life A shoe thief s hideout? No, only a pile-up of shoes while Juniors participate in Physical Inspection, George Wythe Adams, Jr. Margaret Ethel Agee William Wilbert Agnew Mae Belle Akers Eldridge Henry Alderman, Jr. Randell Nugent Austin Frances Anne Ballinger Kenneth Elwood Beaver Judy Marlene Belcher Ronald David Belcher Rondel Lee Belcher Wanda Faye Blackwell Debra Kay Bolt Charles Leonard Bond Gary Wayne Boothe After Two Long Years Of Waiting Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers and Sponsors: Mary Thompson, Secretary; Dian Higgs, Vice-President; Robert Pugh, President; Charles Bond, Reporter; Neal Hatcher, Treasurer; Head Sponsor- Mrs. Rutrough, Co-Sponsors; Mr. Walker Campbell, Mr. Max Thomas, Mrs. Alta Turman, Mrs. Linda Maxwell. 66 Calvin Lewis Bower Lonnie Ray Bower Clifford Earl Boyd Henrietta Shelor Burnett Teresa Marie Carroll Roy Chapman Gary Frederick Christie Gary Wendall Clay Earl Eugene Claytor Merle Loretta Cockram Steven Arthur Cockram Danny Wayne Compton Sandra Elaine Conner William Michael Conner Benny Thorton Cox Finally Advance To Senior Assembly Donnie Ray Cox Linda Marlene Dalton Lois Elaine Dalton Jeanette Gail Davis Nana Gail Dickerson Naden Aton Dulany Arthur Wayne Ducan Linda Sue Ducan Donald Ray Epperly Eunice Elaine Farmer Bently Gerald Ferris Carolyn Jewell Goad David Ray Goad Wanda Kaye Goad Ruby Jane Gordon 67 Gary Lynwood Hale Joyce Elaine Hancock James Simpson Harmon Joseph Martin Harmon Larry Mark Harmon Barbara Jean Harris James Roger Harris Posey Kirby Harris Neal Bruce Hatcher Robert Eugene Hatcher Sophomores Take A Rest While Upp er And Diann Pearl Higgs Clinton Lee Hill Grady Lawrence Hill Kathy Jean Hill John Wayne Holt Catherine Duann Huff Edward Ray Huff John David Huff Kenny Ray Huff Mary Sue Huff Annie Geraldine Hylton Audry Lamyra Hylton Johnny Joyce Hylton Rebecca Ann Hylton Retta Gail Hylton Douglas Wayne Jewell Jerry Glen Keith McCoy Reginald Keith William Douglas King Deobrah Ann Lawrence 68 Donna Marie Lawson Stephen Dale Lovitt Daniel Wayne Lucas Donnie Stuart Lucas Ersel Adams Manning, Jr. William Dennis Manning Philip Arthur Mannon Darrel Andrew Marshall Helen Sue McAlexander Ruth McDaniel Under Classmen Strive With Scat Test Gerald David McPeak James Lee Moore Linda Faye Moran Patricia Lee Moran Jerry Wayne Myers William Arthur Naff Charlotte Ann Nester Thomas Aldine Nichols Timothy Andrew Nichols Randall Eugene Nolen Ruth Ann Ober Laurel Elizabeth O’Connor Deborah Jean Page Frankie Lee Perkins Phyllis Elaine Poff Vicky Mae Poff Robert Leslie Pugh Barbara Jane Quesenbcrry Donnie Lee Quesenberry Russel Edon Quesenberry 69 Timmy Allen Quesenberry Elaine Louise Quesenberry Frances Akers Rorrer Marie Howard Salmons Norma Jo Shankle George Dudley Shelor Robert Neal Shelor, Jr. Gary Edward Showalter Tommy Wayne Simpkins Bonnie Lou Smith Brenda Sue Smith Bruce Wayne Smith Patricia Lynn Smith Barbara Ann Sowder Alice Marie Sowers Socer, Tennis, Relays, Characteristics Of Ellen Muncy Sowers Harold Lewis Sowers Kenneth Ray Sowers Rebecca Ruth Sowers Steve Mare Sowers Susan Lynn Sowers Michael Grey Spence Velva Marie Spence Venessa Irene Spencer Barbara Lucille Stuart Chester Ray Stuart Janice Elaine Stuart Jill Renee Stuart Kenneth Raye Stuart Uycless Selwun Stuart 70 After three years at FCHS Sophomores have become old pros in the annual magazine campaign. Third Year Of Physical Education Jerry Lee Sumpter Charles Winn Surber Mary Kathryn Thompson Harry Edward Troutt Tiamon Jay Turner, Jr. Mary Ann Turping Allen David Vest III Larry Dale Vest Samuel Eugene Wade Russell Willie Webb Dale Jerry Weddle Posy Weddle Rachel Linda Weeks Robert Wayne Weeks Lonnie Ray White 71 Deborah Anne Whitlock James Calvin Willard, Jr. George Penn Williams Margaret Elaine Williams Ronald Dink Wimmer Sophomores Reach Midpoint Of Their High 72 Zettie Joyce Wood Frank Ray Woolums Kenneth Douglas Wurzburger Harry Kenneth Yates Roger Eugene Yeatts School Career As Curriculum Grows Harder Sophomore Turk Bond (10) gets in on the action of Varsity Football. Left Row: Mis. Skaggs, Mrs. Carpentar, Miss Gibson, .Mrs. Peak, Mrs. Rorrer, Mr. Keith, Mrs. Houchins. Right Row: J.B. Simpkins, President; Richard Bond, Vice-President, Vicky Quesenberry, Secretary; Gary Gillespie, Reporter, James Nichols, Treasurer. Freshmen Enrollment Of 216 Is Lewis Edward Abbott Ronald Frederick Agnew Susan Faye Agee Rebecca Sue Akers Brian Lon Anderson Dwight Lee Belcher Glendell Lynn Belcher Mary Ann Bell Brenda Kaye Blankenship Alton Wayne Bolt Lessie Pauline Bolt Richard Steven Bond Kenneth Randall Bower Brenda Cheryl Bowers Sharon Kay Brammer Merita Aldine Brown Patricia Ann Brown Danny Lee Burke 74 Mtiiad Wanda Diane Burke Calvin Grover Cannaday Wesley Clay Barbara Ruth Clay tor Jennifer Erick Clay tor Ophey Allen Claytor Darrell Michael Cockram Robert Bernard Coe Gary Madison Collins Peggy Lee Compton Billy Lee Conner Carolyn Sue Conner Edwin Wayne Conner Jabe Hannon Conner Jr. Joyce Faye Conner Kenneth Dale Conner Mary Lou Conner Myra Lou Conner Peggy Sue Conner Thomas Jasper Conner Carolyn June Cox Joseph Lee Cox Katherine Elizabeth Cox Kathy Marie Cox Second Only To The Eighth Grade Samuel Landon Cox Brenda Christine Dalton Mary Hannah Dalton Robert Lane Davis Julius Ames Dickerson William Grant Dickerson Dale Junior Duncan James Marvin Duncan Shirley Jean Duncan Verna June Duncan Ellen Dunn Carl Michael Eanes Ersel Garland Eanes Linda Susan Eanes Susan Eanes Wayne James Epperly 75 Ascending Second Notch Of High School James Lee Ester Alan Trent Gallimore Judy Elaine Gallimore Vicki Sharon Gardner Angela Gail George Gary Eugene Gillespie Brenda Faye Goad David Neal Goad Donna Carol Goad Kathy Lavonne Graham Brenda Faye Guilliams Wayne Edward Hale Carl Edward Harris Gary Martin Harris Linda Gayle Harris Patricia Ann Harris Melinda Jo Hayden Ralph Normen Helms Jerry Estale Higgs Joyce Gail Higgs Vicki Lynn Higgs Brenda Joyce Hill Ralph Edward Hollandsworth Robert Lewis Hopper Kyle Edward Hombarger Sandra Kay Houchins Barbara Dale Hubbard Frances Alice Hubbard Larry Rufus Hubbard David Allen Huff Emma Jean Huff Margaret Ann Huff Violet Yvonne Huff Brenda Gay Hylton Richard Lyn Hylton Brenda Gale Jones Allie Bell Keith Carolyn Jean Keith Claude Cameron Kenley Pamela Diane King Glen Allen Link 76 Education, Students Find Work More Difficult Raul Stephen Link Barbara Jean Marshall Robert Cleve Marshall Judith Ann Martin Bruce John McAlexander Jerry McAlexander Mary Elizabeth McAlexander Wande Dean McDaniel Ralph Gilmer Mills Ricky Lane Moles Franky Lee Moran Loretta Gayle Moran Teresa Lea Moran Pamela Ann Morris Margaret Louise Moye Lena Kaye Mullins Frances Evelyn Murrie A mini-skirted Kathy Graham socks it to the Freshmen for buying their magazines from upper classmen. 77 James Neil Nichols Judy Diane Nolen Marvin Darrell Nolen Donnie Ray Ober John Dennis O’Connor Jr. Becky Gale Phillips Deborah Shirley Phillips Peggy Jo Phillips Reta Kaye Phillips Richard Standeth Phillips Helen Sue Poff William Earl Poff Barbara Joan Pratt Ralph Steven Pratt Wanda Faye Pratt Betty Jean Proffit Darel Hubert Quesen berry Diane Quesenberry Donna Gail Quesenberry Deborah Marie Quesenberry Gary Gene Quesenberry Janet Ethel Quesenberry Larry Dean Quesenberry Linda Sue Quesenberry Freshmen Prove Most Skilled Salesmen, Lois Ann Quesenberry Steve Leon Quesenberry Vicky Lynn Quesenberry Lyndall Anna Rakes Roger Gale Rakes Ruth Jeanette Ratliff Calvin Lee Reed Donna Kay Reed Jerry Clayton Reed Kanie Delbert Richardson Kathy Jane Richardson Calvin Lane Roberson Kathy Jo Roberson Cherrie Elaine Roop Susan Rebecca Royal Benjamin David Saunders Evelyn Gale Saunders John Saunders 78 M bin Gary Harmon Scott Blaine Oliver Shank Doris Lea Shankle Hazel Diane Simpkins Joel Boyd Simpkins Denise Lynette Slusher Peter Lee Smith Bruce Lane Sowers Mary Elizabeth Spiva Mary Gwendolyn Strickland Dennis O’Gary Stuart Granver Lee Stuart Joanne Stuart Wanda Marie Stuart John William Sutherland Barbar Gale Sutphin Steven Allen Thomas Brenda Gayle Thompson Donnie Dale Thompson Roger Lee Thompson Roy Jeffrey Thompson Brenda Mae Trail Dorsey Dewayne Troutt Dean Howard Vaughn Gaining Honors In Magazine Campaign it ' iiit Gilbert Wayne Vest Janice Marie Vest Samuel Dean Vest Steven Curtis Vest Gerald Ward Via Alisa Dawn Wade Jimmie Lee Wade Martha Suzanne Wade Johnny Cameron Walker Kiana Gail Weddle Steven Wayne Weddle Paul Lee Weeks Roger Dale Weeks Steven Posey Weeks Linda Gail Wells Rebcka Leah Whitlock Miriam Margaret Williams Mary Jo Williams 79 Officers Instigate Class Activities Janice Louise Willis Ashley Brent Wimmer Cline Lawson Wimmer John Cline Wimmer Jr. Anne Hillsman Wood Dwight Arthur Wood David Horace Yaies “I won’t be a Freshman Rat forever.” J.B. Simpkins seems to be swearing silent vengence to the taunts of Senior Robert Belcher. 80 Changing Classes A New, Exciting Adventure Joyce Moles, Secretary; Tony Adams, Vice-President; Deborah Moles, President; Susan Bond, Treasurer; Mrs. Burkett, Mrs. Hannon, Mrs. Duckett, Mr. Kenneth Smith, Mr. Clyde Smith. James Anthony Julian Adams Nancy Edna Agee Linda Sue Alderman Jennifer Gail Aldridge Daniel Allen Akers James Lee Akers Roy Lanford Akers Joel Linwood Allen Homer Paul Allen Matthew Van Angle Donald Roy Atkinson Loretta Dean Austin Ronald Ray Austin Joseph Carlton Beaver Judy Carolyn Belcher Rita Kaye Belcher Paul Gordon Beran Joyce Gail Bishop Ira Marie Bolden Brenda Sue Bolt 81 Class Vice-President Tony Adams Co James Bowers William Henry Boothe Susan Annette Bond Ronald Harold Boyd Jo Anne Brammer James Dale Carroll Terry Joseph Carroll Sylvia Frances Chesson Margie Mae Cockram Gladys Mae Coelins Barry Shiredon Collins Clyde Marvin Conner Connie Ann Conner Harless Wade Conner Rebecca Ann Conner Susan Ann Conner Aldene Gail Cox Betty Ann Cox Cecil Wayne Cox Lynwood Kent Cox Mark Wayne Custer Guy Clayton DeWeese Gerald Dene DeWeese Lona Faye Dickerson Roger Lee Dickerson Judy Gail Dulaney Jerry Jonathon Duncan Rex Lee Ester Darlene Lynn Farmer Joseph Connin Farmer Alvin Cline Gallimore Frances Estelle Gibson Curtis Wenford Goad Gleen Steven Goad Kermit Lee Goad Ronnie Neal Graham Calvin Homer Griffith Jerry Joseph Hale Clifford Howard Harmon Rufus Mark Harmon Tommy Ray Harmon William Sherman Harris Michael John Hatcher Reba Ellen Hatcher Jerry Allen Helms Michael Edward Hicks Carol Ann Hill 82 Works With Four Female Officers Rebecca Sue Hill Carolyn Ann Hixon Marie Ellen Howard Allan Wayne Howell Glenn Dean Huff Juanita Faye Huff Lawrence Gilbert Huff Wendell Dale Huff Carolyn Ruth Hylton Darlene Jeanette Hylton Gary Clifton Hylton Pauline Virginia Janney Steven Leon Janney Donna Lee Johnson Raymond Donald Johnson Betty Sue Jomes Stephen Douglas Jones Larry Douglas Keith Teresa Jane Kenley Linda Gale King Martha Jane King Rosalie King David Lynn Laing Walter Lee Laing As Seventh Graders the Class of ’73 visited ECHS in the spring to become acquainted with its structure. 83 During the Homecoming Pep Rally a performance was given by Eighth-Graders showing how the Buffaloes would defeat the Fries Bobcats. Least In Rank, But Not In Size, The Eighth Lowell Thomas Lampey Sylvia Dean Lampey Dennis Lee Lawrence Donna Marie Lemons James Edward Lemons Jackie Lester Ronnie Lee Lester Ray Allen Lovell Larry Ray Maberry Sheree Rose Maberry Katherine Ann Manning Larry Ward Mannon John Frederick Moye James Clinton Marshall Roger Lee McAlexander Randall Lloyd Mills Donald Steven Mitchell Deborah Elaine Moles Joyce Ann Moles Ronnie Lee Moles Steven Ray Moles David Lee Monday Bonnie Sue Moran Carlos Steve Moran Deborah Lynn Murrie Allen Nester Robert Nester 84 Connie Marie Page Karen Sue Peters Michael Ray Poff Rodger Poff Ada Faye Quesenberry Garratt Edward Quesenberry Guenda Gail Quesenberry Ida Lee Quesenberry Melvin Earl Quesenberry Betty Ann Radford Judy Ann Radford Jerry Nicholas Reed Shelia Gale Roberson Darlene Saunders Glenn Alden Scott Ouida Gail Shank Steven Dean Shelor Grover Alfred Shelton Emmanuel Clark Simpkins Basil Poff Simpson Jr. Imogene Zelda Slusher David Earl Smith Karen Duwahl Smith Brenda Sue Sowers Joseph Chester Sowers Sandra Gail So wers Tony Lee Sowers Walter Lee Sowers Wesley Ray Sowers Gregory Lynn Spangler Sara Catherine Spangler Shirley Ann Spence Stepehen Carlie Spence Sue Adele Spence Rene Octavia Spencer Grade Boasts Enrollment Of 220 Richard Wayne Spiva David Arnold Strickland Milton Ray Stuart Thomas Wilfred Stuart Wendeline Stuart William Michael Stump Stephen Wayne Surber Reva Carol Sutphin Vanessa Gail Sutphin Vera Joyce Sutphin Donna Lee Sweeny Frank Ward Sweeny Linda Gail Sweeny Carolyn Jane Thomas Robert Wayne Thomas David Wayne Thompson Paul Wesley Thompson Steven Ren Thompson 85 Margaret Jane Tolbert Vickie Lynn Turman Junior Alfred Vance Carolyn Jane Vest Helen Christine Vest Kathy Sue Vest Mauvin Darrell Vest Sandra Reine Vest Donnie Ray Walker Richard Daryle Webb Joyce Irene Weddle Richard Dale Weeks Beatrice Faye Whitaker Cheryl Eugenia Whitlock Michael Woodrow Wilson Janet Ray Wimmer Judy Kaye Wimmer Rene Wesly Wimmer 24 Credits Needed For Distant Graduation “Here Comes the Judge” as Eighth-Graders sentence students who failed to buy magazines from fellow class members. 86 87 Buffalo Phil Mannon crouches and waits for the upcoming signal. A groan of pain, a grimace of soreness— both familiar sounds during the first few days of football practice. After weeks of training and several games behind them, players found that their sore muscles had loosened. In his second year at FCHS, Coach Bill Burkett brought the team to its highest standing in five years. Three wins kept the Buffaloes in high Spirits. Ready line-backers move into the action of the third quarter. Once Again Mid-August Finds Players Training FCHS players form blocking line to capture the “pigskin” from opposing team. 88 FCHS 20 Fort Chiswell 2 FCHS 46 ADHS 0 FCHS 0 Glenvar 13 FCHS 7 Rural Retreat 14 FCHS 0 Independence 18 FCHS 34 Fries 0 FCHS 0 Roanoke Catholic 34 FCHS 6 Lord Botetourt 24 FCHS 13 North Cross 14 FCHS 0 Fieldale-Collinsville 25 Teamates come running to the aid of a charging Buffalo. A North Cross Player is brought to his knees while Buffaloes try to obtain the ball. 89 As Season Progresses A chance to score. Two teamates move in to protect speeding Buffalo from oncoming Raiders. Camera Lens catches Co-captain Dickie Palmer as he falls out of bounds. 90 The Ability To Perform Precisely Increases A • A Varsity Football Team. Row 1: Coach Clear, F. Bond, D. Harmon, D. King, D. Palmer, Captains; N. Hylton, E. Marshall, Coach Burkett. Row 2: P. Weeks, L. Mannon, S. Lovitt, R. Weeks, J. O’Connor, A. Smith, P. Harris. Row 3: F. Taylor, A. Graham, D. Turner, W. Beale, C. Conner, P. Mannon, G. Gillespe. Row 4; L. Meyers, manager; J. Quesenberry, N. Hatcher, C. Bond, H. Alderman, J. Meyers, L. Harmon, manager. Victorious players display excitement after Allen Smith scores a touchdown. 91 92 FCHS players attempt a block on conversion made by North Cross player. After scoring six points, Buffaloes try a kick for the extra point. 93 J.V’s Begin Season With High Hopes • • • ■; ' VV “One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four,” became a steady rhythm from the high school athletic field. J.V. Cagers became accustomed to long hours of practice. Mimeographed copies of plays were memorized and put into action on the gridiron. After the conclusion of J.V. season, several of the boys moved up to the rank of Varsity players, where new techniques were learned. It is by this promotion that next year’s team is con- structed. FCHS 0 Woodlawn 32 FCHS 6 Rural Retreat 19 FCHS 0 Independence 38 FCHS 32 Fries 19 FCHS 0 Stuart 46 FCHS 25 Fort Chiswell 0 A wary Buffalo seeks an opening to work in his advantage. J.V. Team. Row 1: R. Cannaday, R. Quesenberry, D. Thompason, Saunders, G. Vest. Row 3: R. Webb, P. Harris, R. Slusher, J. Cox, S. Cox, S. Vest. Row 2: P. Weeks, R. Weeks, J. O’Connor, B. Coach Flick. Row 4: L. Meyers, manager. 94 .INI Buffaloes stop speeding opposition from gaining a point. End With A Shattering 4-2 Record After J.V. season closed, many moved up to the Varsity squad and took part in the North Cross game. Team members rush to the aid in the halting of a Blue Demon. 95 J.V.’s Hope For Mid-Season Varsity Promotion Halftime locker room proves to be scene of dejection as instructions are given to A L -k£ these Eighth-grade players. Attempted tackle by the opposing player fails to stop the Buffaloes. 96 The Eighth-Grade year is an exciting experience. All is new, even football. There is no sand-lot program in Floyd County and this first year is usually the first encounter with the gridiron. Coach Smith helps the boys develop understanding of the sport and agility while familiarizing them with the fall’s most prominent sport. The experience gained carries over into the future years as a football player for most boys. FCHS 7 Andrew Lewis 20 FCHS 31 Woodlawn 0 FCHS 20 Rural Retreat 0 FCHS 32 Independence 6 FCHS 18 Fries 6 FCHS 21 Stuart 7 FCHS 18 Fort Chiswell 0 During the Woodlawn game Baby Buffs huddle to decide the plays that gave them a 31-0 victory. 17 Eighth-Graders Begin Football Career First Row: T. Adams, J. Farmer, D. Vest, L. Keith , W. Sowers, R. Mannon, M. Grim, P. Thompson, Coach Smith, D. Walker, D. Cester, M. Higgs, S. Janney. Second Row: W. Laing, D. Smith, F. Pugh, D. Faing, C. Moran. 97 Fourteen Energetic Girls Compose Two Alternate C. Poff must be able to substitute for any missing cheerleader. On a cold December afternoon FCHS’s cheerleaders took part in the annual Christmas Parade. “Soul team, sock it to ’em now.” With the sportsmen moving into the new District Nine, the Varsity Cheerleaders began another year of leading the crowds at invigorating games. Jumping high into the crisp autumn air to acclaim possession of the pigskin, the pep girls executed formation yells to promote touchdown drives. As the fall season turned into winter, they moved indoors where the swish of the ball in the basket dominated the sports’ world. 1 Left to right: J. Slaughter, B. Simpson, M. Thompson, I. Agnew, S. Austin, J. Rutrough, C. Gallimore. 98 Cheering Squads For Basketball And Football Row one: V. Gardner. Row two: V. Sutphin, J. Willis, B. Marshall. Row three: K. Richardson, M. Conner, V. Quesenberry. Seven girls in flashing black and gold uniforms lead the crowds at underclassmen athletic competition. Six freshmen dominate this year’s squad, whose purpose is to provide the experience needed as future varsity cheerleaders. Cheering only at home games, the J.V.’s execute sharp straight motion yells to proclaim to the Baby Buffalo fans a certain victory. Roaring up crowd steam to promote team morale, these spunky girls add jest to the FCHS sports world. Now a Varsity Cheerleader, M. Thompson has come up through the ranks, having been a J. V. two years. 99 Practice started in late spring in preparation for the distant season. As summer waned into fall, position drills and rebound attempts became precision timed. Finally the long-awaited first game arrived and the Buffs came away with a 72-47 win. The season progressed, proving to be the best in five years, as victory succeeded victory. As this book went to press, hopes of district championship were bright and morales high, as the Buffaloes held a 13-4 record. Blocking presented by Independence players does not hinder P. Stuart’s chance for 2 points. Four Seniors, One Junior Prove To Be A A Rural Retreat player is blocked by players P. Stuart (52) and R. Slusher (24). Jim Dalton jumps high in an aim to give Floyd County the ball; however the final score gave Auburn the victory. 100 Floyd 72 Wool wine 47 Floyd 64 Fort Chiswell 49 Floyd 57 Fries 43 Floyd 77 Rural Retreat 63 Floyd 78 Shawsville 49 Floyd 73 Woodlawn 40 Floyd 69 Meadows of Dan 31 Floyd 66 Auburn 89 Floyd 75 Independence 40 Floyd 72 Fort Chiswell 46 Floyd 63 Auburn 65 Floyd 48 Shawsville 43 Floyd 69 Meadows of Dan 57 Floyd 42 Independence 34 Floyd 45 Rural Retreat 61 Floyd 66 Woolwine 46 Powerful First String Pre-season practices prepared aspiring athletes for coming games. Here L. Wimmer, E. Marshall, L. Goad, J. Dalton, and J. Pugh |j perform lay-ups. Second-stringer R. Slusher takes advantage of an opening left by an Independence player to score two points. 101 Floyd County journeyed to Auburn where the First defeat was met. Allen Smith (30) tries to raise the team score. Unfortunately the result of the home game with Auburn was also a loss. Finding team members blocked, T. Quesenberry (22) at- tempts to score. New Suits Brighten Backs Of Players Team members reported early to check out the school blazers furnished by the Varsity Club. 102 FCHS Finds The Combination For A Winning Team E. Marshall (54) attempts a score of two points. Marshall, a Senior, averaged 10 points a game. Players move in to capture the ball after a jump ball has been performed by an Auburn player and T. Quesenberry (22). Lett to right: Coach Flick, P. Stuart, H. Alderman, L. Mannon, M. Agee, C. Williams, R. Slusher, J. Pugh, S. Stuart, T. Quesenberry L Williams, A. Smith, L. Wimmer, L. Goad, J. Dalton, E. Marshall, Coach Clear. 103 I After meeting defeat on Auburn’s hardcourt, J. Pugh hopes to New Buffalo Head All heads raise to watch the ball, aimed with precision, sail inward, giving the Buffaloes two points more. An ordinary shot performed dozens of times, yet each time it has a certain distinction, a twist, a flip, that doesn’t make it ordinary any longer. score two points that will help Floyd win on their own court. Returning to oppose the team he once coached, Don Martin of Fries, watches Floyd deliver a stunning defeat to his team. Watches Basketball Players From Gym Wall To start the FCHS-Auburn game, P. Stuart (52) performs the jump for the Buffaloes. 105 Team Of Dedicated Boys Practice Long Hours . . . Coach Del Smith’s J.V. team learned more than the passing, dribbling, and shooting of the basketball. This hardcourt activity trained the boys to think quickly, often having to make snap decisions, to co-operate with team mates, and to show at all times the quality of good sportsmanship. A J.V. player must never allow his body to get out of shape, but must constantly train for his future as a Varsity player. Knowledge gained in lower ranks will carry him on. Floyd 59 Wool wine 15 Floyd 32 F ort Chiswell 28 Floyd 51 Fries 14 Floyd 46 Rural Retreat 52 Floyd 62 Shawsville 32 Floyd 41 Woodlawn 32 Floyd 35 Meadows of Dan 34 Floyd 49 Auburn 48 Floyd 53 Independence 29 Floyd 34 Fort Chiswell 26 Floyd 40 Auburn 47 Floyd 55 Woodlawn 36 Floyd 75 Meadows of Dan 33 Floyd 59 Independence 19 Floyd 37 Rural Retreat 45 Floyd 43 Woolwine 28 J.V. player C. Bond (33) defies blocking to score on the D. Stuart (12) gets in position to rebound this shot, home-court. 106 . . . Reap Numerous Resulting Victories j. Row one: R. Bond, L. Meyers, managers; C. Bond, P. Mannon, R. Pugh, W. Naff, G. Christie. Row two: E. Manning, S. Cockram, R. Helms, B. Collins, J. Wimmer, D. Stuart. Short in stature, but not ability, C. Bond positions the ball to Buffaloe preference. 107 Finding the way clear, a J.V. races down court and aims the ball for a possible two points. Coach Del Smith Tries New J.V. Plays An opposing player reaches to block the potential scoring of R. Pugh. 108 Now it is Auburns turn to bear the responsibility of failure as a goal is given to the Buffs. J. V. players struggle for reception of the ball after the beginning jump has been performed. J.V.’s Prepare For Varsity Squad Promotion it Br- The view from the goal linc-a nervous moment for the player who steps up to either score or disappoint his teammates. 109 Row one: L. Meyers, C. Moran, D. Thompson, D. Walker, D. Hubbard, D. Monday. Row two: D. Vest, M. Grim, D. Smith, M. Hatcher, L. Mannon. Row three: B. Collins, S. Thompson, R. Wimmer, A. Gallimore, P. Thompson, Coach Burkett. Baby Buffs Learn Fundamentals Of Basketball Floyd 25 Fries 23 Floyd 52 Shawsville 35 Floyd 36 Rural Retreat 45 Floyd 39 Fort Chiswell 22 Floyd 38 Independence 26 Floyd 42 Fort Chiswell 19 Floyd 47 Shawsville 21 Floyd 38 Christiansburg 27 Floyd 41 Independence 27 Floyd 33 Christiansburg 25 Floyd 32 Fries 27 Fifteen energetic Eighth-Graders composed the Baby Buffalo squad after try-outs determined those boys with the j most ability and the most willing to work. With only one loss, the Eighth-Grade team boasts the best record of the district. Under the skillful coaching of Bill | Burkett, the boys learned the fundamentals of the hardcourt sport as well as team co-operation and good sportsmanship. The young cagers perfected plays and drills that will later aid them as J. V. and Varsity players. As opposing team members guard Floyd player D. Smith he leaps into the air, taking aim at the basket. 110 Student Life The Homecoming Dance, the Madonna Assembly, monthly club meetings ... all combine to add to the classroom study of the high school student. Serving as an officer of a club or working on a dance committee provides the opportunity to work with others, combining a multitude of ideas to reach the best result. From work in club activities students learn to allow ample time ' for homework and yet participate in extra-curricular activities. Honors Bestowed On FCHS Students Range Enthusiasm combined with long hours of work result in achieving excellence in various fields of school work. Athletic awards are given, for the most part, but the all district football team was named in late fall. Awards are given in the different academic departments; the math award, the English award, and state FFA and FHA degrees. Others include honors for character and citizenship. The pre- sentation of awards climax the varied aspect of school life as well as student effort. Practicing her autobiographical speech, K. Smith, the DAR Good Citizen, prepares for district competition. D. King, Co-captain of the football team was one of the boys who was named to all district football team. Beta panelists on Klassroom Kwiz were I. Agnew, S. Simmons, C. Vest, J. Dalton, V. Poage, B. Simpson. From Athletics To Academic To Character SIPA Delegates: R. Shelor, J. Quesenberry, L. O’Connor, C. Poff, V. Gardner, K. Conner, K. Lawrence. S. Simmons, I. Agnew, D. Palmer, and T. Altizer review the activities of Girls and Boys State. 113 Found you, didn’t we Mike? While yearbook pictures were being made, Mike Cockram sought out an isolated corner, but failed to escape the camera lens. A bee hive of activity-the scene of the December Quill and Scroll meeting as members scurry to prepare the student directory. There’s always one in every crowd. All but one in this Senior study hall picture seem to be hard at work. Kenneth, put your foot down!!! 114 Teachers of the top five homerooms received prizes for their room’s achievement. Goal Of Magazine Campaign Exceeded By $300 The magazine campaign, under the direction of Mrs. Radford, started with the traditional class skits. Views from military stiffness to hippie freedom set the pace as the class competition began. For two weeks students worked to receive the awards of the daily high-salesmen. The eighth graders proved to be the most outstanding by surpassing the sales of the upper classes. After extending the campaign for three days, FCHS achieved its goal of $4200. D. Shankle received a transistor radio for being one of the top salesmen. Assistant Principal Mr. Peak was presented with a stuffed snoopy. 115 “The Electric Theater,” a local band provided the music for enthusiastic dancers. A 39-0 Victory Heightens Excitement Homecoming Court. F. Hubbard, D. Wood, V. Quesenberry, J. Harmon, D. Higgs, R. Pauley, R. Pratt, T. Altizer, K. Spence, L. Hatcher, N. Duncan, Queen; K. Pauley, C. Gallimore, J. Quesenberry, B. Alley, T. Adams, B. Harris. 116 What better way to begin a homecoming than with a pep rally. The October air had not yet turned chilly and the students poured out the school doors to join in with the cheerleaders in rallying the team to victory. A brief show was presented by the band, and a surprise to all was the honorary coronation of football captains to queens. Later that night the Buffaloes trounced Fries, winning the Homecoming game for the first time in four years. Nadean Duncan was crowned Queen and presided over the dance that followed. Queen Nadean Duncan had trouble keeping the crown on, so her escort Larry Hatcher carried it as they led Mr. Hollandsworth and Mr. Whitlock off the Field. Of 1968 Homecoming Activities Two traditions: The Buffalo in the background and the school’s seventh Homecoming Queen. 117 Christmas at FCHS; A Contrast Between Serenity Skillful fingers created scenery for the Madonna Assembly by transforming canvas into a cathedral. Chosen from the Senior class, the Madonna candidates must possess foremost personalities and respectable, religious characters. The faculty at FCHS selects five girls on which the Seniors vote to determine t he Madonna and the Angel. On the Final day at school before Christmas vacation, the student body assembles in the auditorium to discover the identity of the girls. Accompanied by a narrator and the choir, they convey the true Christmas spirit. Wesley Starkey conveys the Christmas story as silent students await the appearance of the Madonna and the Angel. Madonna Candidates. Row One: Alva Peters, Madonna; Faye Austin. Row Two: Virginia Hale, Becky West, Angel. Row Three: Sarah Simmons, Connie Vest. 118 Of Madonna, Gaiety Of Snow Queen Crowds looking anxiously ahead moved aside as the 1968 Christmas parade began. Convertibles decked with multicolored streamers and bands clicking their feet to the rhythm of the music proceeded the float of honor. On entry 38, sponsored by the Beta Club, five winter beauties sat amid tissue paper snow and bright evergreens. The Snow Queen and her court, selections of the Senior and Junior classes at FCHS, waved to familiar crowds and wore smiles typical of the holiday cheer. A laugh-in? Mr. Ellwanger gives the cue for a faculty performance at the Christmas party. Wonder what song this group is going to sing? Tum around Ellen. You’re going the wrong way! What would a parade be without a band, and what would a band be without majorettes. Head majorette Linda Spence leads her crew up main street. The main attraction of the Christmas Parade is the Snow Queen and her Court. Representatives of the Junior class were K. Quesenberry and J. Nixon. From the Senior class attendents were D. Goad and K. Spence and Queen V. Stuphin. 119 SCA Council Voices Opinions, Provides Representatives. Row One: S. Robertson, S. Hollandsworth, M. Thompson, S. Eanes, T. Moran, C. Meador. Row Two: T. Adams, M. Agee, K. Quesenberry, C. Gallimore, A. Peters, M. Hatcher, J. Simpkins. Row Three: N. Hatcher, D. Peters, J. Quesenberry, L. Goad, L. Harmon, R. Pugh, R. Weeks, D. Thompson. 1 f II I I h ' Ll J ] ■ 9 ■ M • Officers: C. Bond, Treas.; P. Stuart, Rep.; S. Sowers, Sec,; J. Howery, Vice-Pres. 120 Government Forum For 900 Members The Student Cooperative Association is a body of individuals representing those who attend FCHS. With its main objective to maintain a successful medium between the faculty and students, this group sponsors various activities during the year. Four sock hops, the Chri stmas assembly, and locker inspections are three of the chief projects listed on the organization’s agenda. SCA members discuss both ths students’ and faculty’s points of view at their monthly meetings. One of the many duties of homeroom representatives is to keep records of their class’s part in magazine sales. Distribution of “pet prizes” was the climax of their work. 121 Alva, for this to be accurate you should take your shoes off, but if you want to be an inch taller, Larry Goad, assisting in Physical Inspection, doesn’t care. SCA Council Conducts Magazine Campaign President F. Bond finds helpful allies in sponsors Miss Dobyns and Mrs. Radford. C. Gallimore, S. Sowers, R. Pugh, and C. Bond were four of FCHS’s repre- sentatives at the district meet. For The First Time In FCHS History One more locker and we’ll be fininshed! The SCA is in charge of locker inspection bi-annually, judging on neatness and care taken of the lockers. Trimming the tree is a privilege enjoyed by SCA homeroom representatives. 123 Fall Tapping Adds Thirty-six Juniors, In spite of an early snow storm that closed schools for three days and played havoc with the Harvest Hop preparations, the dance was a huge success. Here chariman B. Simpson and C. Vest prepare a bulletin board for the dance. ml i . . - ■ Mi. . eT .m 5 - Officers. Back row: C. Slusher, Pres.; S. Shaver, Vice-pres.; C. Gallimore, Sec. Front row: B. West, Treas.; S. King, Rep. Careful with that ladder. C. Gallimore steadies the stepladder while C. Slusher adds crepe paper to the light fixtures for a decora- tive touch. 124 One Senior To Club Roll “For leadership, loyalty, and truth ...” The FCHS branch of the National Beta Club sings this pledge at each meeting. The organization is composed of juniors and seniors of excellent character, achievement, and attitude who have maintained a ninety or above average in school. Presenting welfare baskets to people in the community during Christmas, representing FCHS at Klassroom Kwiz, and selling dish clothes and sponges are jobs that keep each member active. The Beta Club is responsible each year for making the Snow Queen’s float. This year a new design was used, created by talented and industrious Beta members. Members. Row one: K. Gearheart, S. Austin, S. Gibson, B. Cockram, V. Poage, B. Alley, C. Dehart, J. Quesenberry, F. Weeks, D. Vest, L. Harris, B. Hylton. Row tow: J. Whitlock, A. Peters, P. Kemp, C. Wade, J. Yearout, S. Lane, F. Austin, C. Vest, M. Huff, I. Agnew, V. Hale, B. Simpson, Mrs. Peak. Row three: J. Dulaney, J. Nixon, R. Hylton, M. Ousley, J. Hubbard, S. Harmon, N. Duncan, D. Goad, C. Agee, J. Shelor, L. Spence, E. Shelor, S. Simmons. Row four: V. Cromer J. Slaughter, W. Weddle, B. Midkiff, C. Meador, K. Smith, V. Hylton, G. Goad, L. Yopp, C. Quesenberry, S. Boothe, A. Dunn. Row five: B. Ousley, R. Lampey, W. Starkey, R. Bond, R. Slusher, J. Pugh, S. Moran, F. Cannaday, J. Dalton, F. Slusher, M. Belcher, M. Pratt. 125 " Eye-Catching” Articles Aim Of Crier Staff County Crier journalists contribute study hall hours, precious lunchtime, and after school moments to the writing of lively news- paper articles. Often confronted with the task of editing “dull” copy, the paper staff relics on significant quotes and versatility to assist them in creating original features. Working to keep their rank as SIPA and VHSL trophy winners, five girls and twelve boys mix sparkle with timely topics to pro- duce the Crier. How good are our advertising sales? Staffers D. King, and W. Beale study advertisers list. Feature editors V. Hylton, S. Hollandsworth, and C. Donahue join associate editors J. Quesenberry and I. Agnew in organizing a paper. S. Harmon, editor, joins P. Stuart, E. Marshall, M. Agee, T. Quesenberry and J. Pugh, the starting team of the Varsity basketball team, in a lineup. By the way, all five are on the Crier staff. 126 1 After the first edition of the Highlan d Scops had been successfully printed, editor S. Simmons presented Mrs. Duckett, Sponsor, with an honorary copy. Staff members S. Voight, C. Agee, E. Shelor, C. Poff, S. Lane, J. Shelor, K. Spence, and L. Spence, plan art and layout for the magazine. Scops Staff Work To Meet Bi-annual Deadlines White ink, black paper, sore fingers, and confusion all jell at the I last moment to form the staff of the Highland Scops. The seventeen members work unceasingly to pring two magazines a year. Always searching for improvement, the staff prizes itself in I adding new dimensions to each edition it prints. More photography, imporved art work, added features, and a wider variety in poetry are four new goals attained this year. I nwmcanface THF FH A nki AND SCOPS! YOU?? Amid Library cards and other items in the Library conference room, J. Whitlock and A. Peters typed the magazine articles. 127 L. Kesler, R. Thomas, R. Shelor, and C. Donahue plan the publicity campaign, which proved to be a great help to the Scops. Pictures, Literary Talents, And Cropping Wheels Class Editors: R. Wimmer, C. Vest, C. Blackwell, B. Hylton, V. Gardner, S. Brammer, and S. Eanes. 128 Combine to form PATHWAYS ’69 The fifteen member Bison staff assembles in room 107 each day to carry out various assignments. As students group to per- form their specific duties, the yearbook gradually takes form. Ideas scribbled down on scrap paper emerge into definite copy blocks; a small wheel turns numerous times to crop snapshots; class editors move about the school to identify student pictures. Through the co-operation and work of each individual, vague ideas evolve into the Bison ’69. After working late to meet the December deadline, Miss Gibson, Sponsor; B. Simpson, Assist. Ed.; A. Dunn, Org. Ed.; S. Shaver, Ed., pause for a quick snack. Typist D. Morgan helps business staff members K. Conner, F. Austin, and S. Hale compile a list of yearbook sales. Blackwell, L. Cannaday, A. Dunn, S. Eanes, R. Wimmer, S. Shaver, K. Conner. 129 Officers: Mrs. Hollandsworth, Sponsor; J. Willis, Treas; D. Weddle, Historian; A. Wood, President; D. Slusher, Secretary; D. Shankle, V. Pres; M. Williams, Reporter; A. Wade, Chaplain. A triangle representing a personal, Christian growth in spirit, mind, and body-this symbol reminds the Junior Tri-Hi-Y membe rs of the club’s central purpose. The eighth and ninth grade girls of this organization work at school and in homes and communities to maintain peace and friendship. Striving to extend their principles locally and inter- nationally, the members annually send Christmas presents to the Joy Ranch orphanage and support a child in Viet Nam. The job of the program committee is to plan interesting, infor- mative club meetings each month. 130 Row One: S. Quesenberry, S. Spangler, S. Mayberry, C. Page, D. Sweeney, R. Hatcher, J. Claytor, K. Graham, C. Whitlock, J. Radford. Row Two: P. Brown, B. Hubbard, J. Moles, S. Spence, S. Collecting Christmas presents for orphans at Joy Ranch is an annual project of Jr. Tri-Hi-Y girls. Here, club members prepare for the trip to the Ranch. Finding enough room for each package provides a challenge tor President Anne Wood and other committee members. Roberson, L. Yopp, J. Tolbert, B. Dalton, N. Phillips, C. Conner. Row Three: P. Phillips, D. Reed, S. Royal, P. Quescnberry, S. Houchins, L. Rakes, J. Pratt, C. Cox. Row Four: V. Higgs, V. Gardner, B. Jones, R. Whitlock, M. Bell, J. Nolen, B. Trail. Row Five: V. Qucsenberry, P. Harris, J. Quescnberry, F. Dunn, G. Strickland, C. Keith, R. Spencer, M. Haden. 131 r a Religious Organizations Sr. Tri- Hy-Y, i-Y Members: Row One: M. Agee, E. Marshall, L. Wimmer, L. Williams, J. Dalton, W. Burkett, Sponsor. Row Two: G. Vest, H. Gobble, . Hatcher, M. Quesenberry, E. Aldridge. Row Three: C. Bond, J. Quesenberry, K. Pauley, M. Angle, K. Marshall. Row Four: P. Talley, T. Slaughter, D. Horton, R. Pauley. Row Five: D. Turner, J. Howery, M. Slusher, M. Lee. ■ Officers: R. Slusher, Pres; D. King, Vice-Pres.; T. Quesenberry, Treas.; J. Pugh, Rep.; S. Moran, Chap. 132 Hy-Y Present Thanksgiving Assembly Representing the religious-minded young men at FCHS, the Hi-Y endeavors to promote Christian sportsmanship and character. The members annually attend district and state gatherings to ex- change ideas with Hi-Yers from various schools. The thirty-five boys in the organization work toward definite goals. This year they sold Christmas paper to finance presents sent to the patients at the Marion and South Western hospitals. The members also prepare bulletin boards each six weeks. Films on the beauty and on the poverty of India highlighted two of the Senior Tri-Hy-Y meetings. Mrs. Roberta Hewett, who recently returned from a tour of India, presented an interesting program on that country’s plight. The district Tri-Hy-Y meeting was held at FCHS this year, adding still another project of the club. Members of this club pledge themselves to “clean speech, sportsmanship, scholarship, and clean living” and try to promote this theme throughout the school. Tri-Hi-Y Officers. Left Row: I. Agnew, pres.; J. Rutrough, Treas.; C. DeHart, Hist. Right Row: D. Griffith, Vice-Pres.; A. Dunn, Sec.; K. Gearheart, Rep. C. Quesenberry, Chap. l m - f I 1 m Ml : 1 O M f j A ,;rji I U- I j Members. Row One: V. Poff, M. Thompson, S. Sowers, C. Blackwell, S. Boothe, C. Hylton, D. High, A. Janney, J. Manning, K. Lawrence, K. Hill. Row Two: S. King, V. Hale, J. Wimmer, F. Austin, C. Vest, W. Weddle, C. Roberson, B. Alley, D. Conner, V. Poage, E. Williams. Row Three: S. Simmons, J. Gallimore, B. West, L. Dalton, J. Belcher, J. Boyd, P. Smith, R. Ober, B. Boyd, S. Epperly. 133 Scrolls Produced By Quills Of Club Members Club members. Row One: C. Slusher, R. Thomas, C. Poff, L. Cannaday. Row Two: S. Lane, J. Shelor, C. Agee, B. West. Row Three: L. Spence, E. Shelor, K. Spence, S. Harmon, C. Vest. Row Four: A. Peters, J. Whitlock, S. Simmons, S. Shaver. As an honorary club, the Quill and Scroll achieves excellence to set an example for the student body. Its members, who are twenty-two in number this year, must have participated in some form of journalism and must have maintained an average of ninety throughout school. As a special Quill and Scroll program, the members invited Mr. Mac Rankin, Assistant Professor of English at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, to discuss recent literary writings and journalistic trends. Becky West sells the student directories which were compiled by the club members. Quill and Scroll Officers L to R: A. Dunn, President; J. Hubbard, Vice President; V. Hylton, Secretary; F. Austin, Treasurer; B. Simpson, Reporter. 134 Varsity Club Conducts Basketball Queen Reign The purchase of a Buffalo head for the gym, new sports coats in school colors-both were firsts for the Varsity Club this year. Other projects were the election of the second Basketball Queen and the annual spring banquet. Members of the Varsity Club are those boys who have received a letter for participation in the sports field. The boys are not only outstanding athletes, but possess the qualities of good sportsman- ship, and an interest in school activities. Sportsmen are awarded for their efforts at the spring banquet sponsored by the club. Varsity club iniation can be a very trying experience for pros- pective members. Here, L. Wimmer is forced to aid a veteran Varsity club member, M. Agee, in eating his lunch. Officers. Row One: P. Stuart, Rep.; D. Reed, Chap.; T. Quesenberry, Treas.; Row Two: E. Aldridge, Sec.; D. King, Pres.; D. Palmer, Vice-Pres. [v o k .j ' - V 9 " A, • •» j L N | ft v v ■ V ' ' nrf i Si M L ■ V 1 i Iw JR 1 i 0 ” ■a . Members: Row One: E. Marshall, L. Williams, A. Smith, J. Pugh, R. Slusher, C. Williams, N. Sowers, H. Alderman. Row Two: R. Pugh, M. Hatcher, N. Hatcher, L. Myers, J. Roberson, L. Harmon, J. Dalton, Coach Clear, Coach Flick, Sponsors. Row Three: C. Bond, F. Bond, R. Weeks, S. Moran, W. Beale, H. Yeatts, W. Starkey, R. Phillips. Row Four: J. Quesenberry, C. Donahue, L. Goad, L. Wimmer. M. Agee, D. Phillips, L. Thompson, J. Porter. Row Five: K. Marshall, R. Hollandsworth. 135 These dub members tend a planter of foreign and local vegetation. Plants slips from this group can be used for projects in the annual science fair. Members. Row One: B. Bower, F. Murrie, E. Dunn, G. Strickland, V. Stuphin, D. Page, T. Williams, R. Bond, W. Mills, P. Weddle. Row Two: S. Royal, S. Brammer, M. Conner, T. Moran, S. Agee, M. Agee, M. Hatcher, S. Eanes, P. Thompson, A. Vest, B. Dalton, R. Shortt. Row Three: V. Gardner, L. Rakes, B. Bolt, D. Sweeny, C. Page, J. Wood, D. Lawrence, B. Sowers,. R. Thompson, R. FCHS students gain additional knowledge by banding together to form the Science Club. This group endeavors to provide extra opportunities for those individuals with special interests in this field. One requirement of the organization is that members enter a project in the Science Fair. Programs often consist of talks on new advancements and research topics. Providing recreation and edu- cation, the club assists students in recognizing their scientific ability. During free time at a club meeting, four members match their wits at the chess board. 136 Science Club Works To Promote School Fair Officers. L. Cannaday, Vice-pres.; J. Shelor, Pres.; D. Scott, Sec.; J. Roberson, Rep.; W. Beale, Treas.; Mrs. Rorrer, Sponsor. Brenda Bowers accurately measures a powdered chemical in preparing a step in her science project. 137 Parkway Federation Officers. P. Nichols, Rep.; C. Porter, Sec.; S. Martin, Treas.; W. Willis, Vice-Pres.; C. Quesenberry, Rec. Leader. FCHS Has Two Officers In Parkway Federation V. Stuphin takes careful inventory of grocery supplies to see what she must purchase on her shopping trip. “FHA Challenges You”, the Future Homemakers of America to make your money behave. With this theme as their main 1968-69 objective, the county chapter members learned to develop wise spending habits and to evaluate the quality of products. Seeking to meet this goal, indi- viduals selected activities to complete in conjunction with the ir group work. Interesting projects included the money involved in planning a hope chest and in making a useful wardrobe. W. Willis, President of FHA, carries out the order of business, be- ginning another club meeting. 138 N. Radford, Hist.; K. Gearheart, Pari.; J. Manning, Rec. Leader; M. Sowers, Pianist; W. Willis, Pres.; P. Kemp, Sec.; P. Reed, Treas.; C. Quesenberry, Vice-Pres. (not pictured: J. Yearout, Rep. 139 Row One: M. McAlexander, J. Vest, R. Wimmer, K. Smith, B. Cockram, S. Eanes, C. Roop, D. Reed, M. Conner, B. Trail. Row Two: S. Spence, C. Conner, J. Bishop, F. Gibson, G. Hylton, L. Wells, R. Ratliff, C. Conner, C. Cox, L. Cockram. Row Three: P. Conner, N. Angel, J. Wimmer, J. Wimmer, R. Whitlock, S. Conner, J. Lester, J. Brammer, D. Hylton, Hylton. Row Four: P. Belcher, B. Quesenberry, B. Harris, S. Chesson, B. Proffit, M. Huff, W. Huff, C. Huff, D. Simpkins, R. Phillips. Row Five: I. Agnew, S. Harman, E. Burnette, L. Goad, J. Quesenberry, F. Hubbard, L. Harris. FHA Open To Eighth Through Twelvth Grade Girls Row One: M. Hawley, A. Janney, J. McAlexander, D. Vest, C. Wade, C. Meador, S. Austin. Row Two: S. Beckner, L. Bolt, L. Moran, J. Nester, G. Goad, M. Ousley. Row Three: R. Hylton, V. Sutphin, N. Duncan, L. Phillips, L. Dalton, A. Rierson. Row Four: J. Gearheart, A. Sowers, W. Hylton, S. Maberry, P. Moran, M. Selems. 140 Leadership, Sportsmanship, character development and service-these qualities form the basis of the Floyd County Future Farmers of America. Open to all boys enrolled in agriculture, this club provides opportunities for students to learn through active participation in projects outside of class. The members of this organization, which is affiliated with the state and national FFA, have the chance to enter district and state contests pertaining to their club interests. Officers: Mr. Jennings, Sponsor; J. Porter, D. Belcher, Treas.; Mr. Keith, Sponsor. Front Row: L. Goad, Vice-Pres.; D. Pratt, Pres.; M. Gallimore, Rep.; D. Goad, Sec. President Donnie Pratt Leads Group Activities Row One: N. Hylton, F. Harris, M. Davis, R. Harris, R. Hollandsworth, T. Altizer, H. Reed, F. Bishop. Row Two: R. Hylton, R. Pratt, G. Keith, R. Phillips, J. Willard, R. Belcher, D. Yates. Row Three: S. Vest, A. Wimmer, G. Belcher, G. Harris, G. Clay, R. Weeks, R. Thompson. H. Yates. Row Four: R. Marshall, Ricky Moles, G. Williams, D. Cox, D. Thompson, R. Hollandsworth, C. Reed, Kenneth Bower. Row Five: L. White, J. Cox, L. Moore, W. Clay, P. Weddle, G. Showalter, C. Kenley, L. Abbott, Row Six: D. Goad, W. Boothe, D. Troutt, B. Duncan, L. Myers, L. Bower, J. Duncan. 141 FFA Boys Compose Crop Judging Teams i I ) j mm i These FFA’ers constitute a crop judging team. They are not allowed to touch the com, but must decide on its quality by appearance. 142 Row One: J. Helms, T. Carroll, D. Akers, B. Harris, R. Mills, W. Huff, G. Quesenberry, D. Duncan, M. Hicks. Row Two: J. Easter, K. Sowers, T. Nichols, D. Lucas, R. Davis, M. Graham, C. Conner, C. Harmon, C. Harshall, L. Quesenberry, J. Holt. Row Three: M. Harmon, P. Allen, D. Lucas, S. Quessenberry, J. Akers, D. Jewell, D. Carroll, D. Hubbard. Row Pour: M. Cockram, R. Boyd, D. Huff, S. Shelor, K. Huff, R. Quesenberry, S. Weddle, L. Maberry. Row Live: G. Hylton, R. Akers, L. Goad, C. Cox, W. Sweeny, G. Turpin, R. Midkiff, T. Harmon. ' ' 1 1 m » ur i {J ' i j I i f f D m Row One: L. Thompson, A. Hill, C. Conner, F. Wollums, L. Hubbard, F. Perkins, L. Marshall, J. Booth, R. Hatcher, J. Sumpter. Row Two: G. Manning, S. Sowers, B. Cox, J. Quesenberry, L. Keith, A. Quesenberry, R. Quessenberry, L. Vest, F. Taylor, J. Beaver. Row Three: R. Houchins, H. Keith, M. Belcher, G. Booth, G. Weddle, J. Spanler, S. Wade, R. Dulany, L. Hubbard. Row Four: W. Stump, F. Slusher, T. Slaughter, B. DeHart, K. Beckner, D. Boyd, R. Belcher, T. Nichols, W. Agnew, J. Conner. 143 FTA Prepares Students For Rewarding The state FTA Convention was held in Roanoke on the 13th and 14th of December this year. Delegates were R. Yeatts, F. Slusher. and R. Hylton. 144 The FTA is in charge of one of the upstairs bulletin boards for the first semester. J. Stuart, and C. Stuart create a display expressing “Merry Christmas” from the club. Occupations As Teachers Future Teachers of America is an organization having the pur- pose of preparing students for the responsibilities of teaching. By stimulating interest through programs, the FTA encourages its members to enter some aspect of education. Discussing solutions for classroom situations, sending a dele- gation to the state convention, and having guest speakers are FTA activities that keep each member aware of the club’s goal. Officers. Mrs. Turman, Sponsor,. K. Spence, Pres.; M. Agee, Vice-Pres.; S. Shaver, Sec-Treas.; V. Hale, Rep. Members. Row One: S. Voigt, D. Morgan, S. King, E. Burnette, S. Hollandsworth, D. Goad, K. Quesenberry, C. Blackwell, D. Vest, V. Spencer. Row Two: C. Galhmore, S. Booth, C. Hill, M. Agee, M. Thompson, V. Poff, S. Sowers, R. Weeks, J. Wood, D. Lawrence, D. Page B. Midkiff. Row Three: B. Cockram, M. Belcher, F. Slusher, M. Spence, D. Horton, M. Slusher, C. Stuart, M. Haden, B. Stuart, J. Stuart! Row 1 our: R. Yeatts, C. Surber, L. Kesler, L. Hatcher, E. Manning, W. Naff, G. Christie, C. DeHart, B. Alley, S. Gibson Row Five: D. Whitlock, M. Ousley, R. Hylton. 145 A. Peters, pres.; G. Goad, Vice-pres.; J. Hubbard, Sec.; N. Duncan, Treas.; L. Phillips, Pari.; C. Hylton, Rep.; D. Conner, Hist. I FBLA Conducts March Of Dimes Campaign Members. Row One: J. Gearheart, B. Boyd, S. Austin, R. Pratt, J. Nixon, J. Dulaney, K. Lawrence. Row Two: Miss Slusher, Sponsor; P. Kemp, C. Vest, M. Poff, C. Wade, C. Panned, V. Cromer. Row Three: W. Alderman, R. Stump, J. Wimmer, S. Voigt, D. Higgs, H. McAlexander, B. Smith, D. Huff. Row Four: M. Angle, D. Peters, L. Williams. 146 Winners of the FBLA Spelling Contest are N. Duncan and S. Austin. In the fall the FBLA toured the Bank of Floyd. A spring field trip is also held each year. The Future Business Leaders of America is a club open to students taking at least two courses in this field. Their chief pro- ject, conducting the March of Dimes campaign, provides experience for the responsibilities faced in the business world. The members work diligently, keeping in mind that their efforts will help less fortunate people. The annual trip to observe Roanoke’s business organizations aids in building efficient, confident business leaders. FBLA Members D. Peters, J. Dulaney, and D. Conner package Christmas presents for the needy. 147 NYC Combine School Studies And Profession Officers: K. Smith, Pres.; J. Boyd, Vice-pres.; V. Cromer, Sec.; C. Meador, Rep.; A. Meador, Treas. M. Ousley, a Senior, executes NYC tasks in the school’s main office. 148 al Work Experience By aiding school officials and helping in various administrative areas, the sixty-four members of the Neighborhood Youth Corps fullfill individual goals. Affiliated with the United States Govern- ment and sponsored by the Floyd County School Board, the NYC guides students in obtaining a high school education. Under the leaderships of Mrs. Sally Dalton and Mrs. Elizabeth Eanes, members are encouraged to perform diligent work during their study halls and after school. NYC girls cany out duties in the school clinic, such as taking NYC Counselor Mrs. Sally Dalton checks record forms with temperatures and checking students into the clinic. workers M. Poff and C. Vest. Row one: R. Stump, B. Sloan, C. Weddle, A. Rierson, C. Vest, M. Poff, C. Stuart, M. Via, B. Duncan, B. Keith. Row two: Mrs. Dalton, sponsor: M. Ousley, N. Radford, A. Muncey, D. Vest, F. Gearheart, D. Rumburg, B. Underwood, J. Nester, F. Turman. Row three: J. Meyers, P. Link. 149 Christmas Talent Show Provides One of the largest and the most aetive clubs of the school, the Library Aides perform such tasks as keeping shelves straightened and delivering overdue book notices. Students contribute their study hall periods to work at the organizational task of the library, leaving Mrs. Murric free to aid individuals seeking help. This year a Christmas Talent show was held for the first time. Winners ranged from guitar players to Baton twirlcrs, providing entertainment for the entire club. The quiet atmosphere of the library is preserved, in part, by stu- dents on duty during study halls, who keep the room orderly. Officers: J. Slaughter, Sec.; P. Reed, Treas.; T. Slaughter, Hist.; T. Altizer, Pres.; J. Whitlock, Rep.; W. Weddle, Vice-Pres. 150 Entertainment For Industrious Library Aides Row one: D. Rumburg, B. Shelor, D. Morgan, L. O’Connor, M. Conner, A. Duncan, M. Epperly, L. Bower, L. Vest. Row two: R. Thomas, J. Belcher, D. Whitlock, B. Hylton, J. Claytor, L. Moran, J. Higgs, L. Spangler, J. Simpkins. Row three: S. Epperly, A. Meador, P. Akers, P. Belcher, J. Nester, D. Simpkins, R. Phillips, Y. Huff, D. Quesenberry, Mrs. Murrier, sponsor. Row four: P. Poff, L. Yopp, W. Willis, P. Smith, B. Smith, B. Underwood, L. Moran, S. Townley, J. Turpin, E. Saunders. Row five: B. Hylton, R. Quesenberry, L. Dalton, S. Houchings, E. Williams, C. Nester, L. Eancs, R. Belcher, N. Dickerson, M. Turpin, R. Mills. Row six: C. Graham, R. Shortt, F. Murrie, M. Williams, J. Nolen, J. Willis, Y. Wells, B. Thompson, V. Quesenberry, G. Gillespie. 151 Choral Students Strive For Melodious Tones i ' t ' i ■ ' ■ Ji ■ - ■ {■ With the advent of a new director, Mrs. Bonnie Sitz, the choral department under went several changes. On formal occasions girls appeared in evening gowns and boys in suits. The “Hallelujah Chorus” was presented, and received with great acclaim, for the first time at the American Education Week pro- gram in November. Against the backdrop of a cathedral, the choral group sang of the Messiah’s birth during the Christmas Assembly. The annual spring concert climaxed the musical year. . . . and the gaiety of the winter season. The choir closes the Madonna Assembly with the Hallelujah Chorus. 152 V. Poage moves forward to present a solo from the cantata “Song of Christmas.” Row One; B. Cox, J. Davis, E. Huff, C. Keith, L. Keith, C. Surber, C. Cox, D. Saunders, K. Vest, C. Whitlock, B. Hubbard, B. Hill Row Two: C. Hixon, W. Beckner, K. Lawrence, D. Monday, B. Sowers, J. Pratt, K. Mullins, S. Guillums, C. Nester. Row Three: B. Hylton, B. Hylton, D. Whitlock, S. Surber, C. Comer, P. Mannan, K. Conner, S. Chesson, N. Phillips, D. Quesenbcrry, A. Hylton, W. Weddle. Row Four: B. Hylton, P. Smith, V. Poage, D. Scott, G. Deweese, D. Hopper, K. Stuart, T. Nichols, S. Quesenbcrry, J. Wood, B. Smith, D. Page, A. Dunn, S. Boothe, V. Sutphin. 153 New Director, New Songs, New Routines Members. Row One: C. Agee, P. Weddle. S. Agee, D. Slusher, L. Spence, T. Moran, D. Weddle, E. Dunn, G. Strickland. Row Two: S. Surber, J. Wimmer, S. Quesenberry, S. Thompson, S. Spangler, J. Conner, P. King, J. Claytor. Row Three: J. Farmer, S. Gibson, R. Thomas, C. Dehart, F. Christie, F. Sweeny, R. Nester, M. Agee, L. Rakes, D. Murrle. Row Four: C. Hylton, D. Griffith, S. Sowers, L. Wimmer, P. Weeks, S. Slusher, J. Shelor, B. Hill, R. Weeks, J. Aldridge. Row Five: C. Page, D. Sweeney, S. Spence, J. Tolbert, L. Yopp. M. Hatcher, D. High, K. Peters. S. Royal, P. Poff. Row Six: C. Thompson, V. Spangler, M. Bell. M. Dalton, E. Manning, B. Dalton, A. Vest. W. Naff. D. Stuart, R. Bond. Row Seven: D. Shankle, N. Shankle, D. Monday, D. Compton, F. Murrie, S. Sowers, D. Walker. R. Wimmer, T. Gallimore. Row Eight: D. Thompson, R. Thompson, R. Slusher. T. Williams, M. Slusher, D. Horton, J. Dalton, J. Simpkins. Row Nine: R. Ellwanger, E. Shelor. Kneeling before football fans the FCHS band performs its rendition of the Alma Mater. 154 Add Spice To Marching The stillness of the fall afternoon is broken by the steady beat of the bass drum, the shrill toot of a clarinet, as the band launches into another sixth period practice session in preparation for a Friday night football game. Winter days find the band inside the auditorium practicing con- certs or going over the music that will be used on the Christmas parade route. Students prove their musical talents in annual try-outs resulting in new seating arrangements. Band Of FCHS Sixth period finds the band members assembled and ready to be gin practice in the auditorium. Majorettes. Left Row: T. Moran, S. Agee, E. Dunn, G. Strickland. Middle Row: L. Spence, head majorette, E. Shelor. Right Row: D. Weddle, D. Slusher, P. Weddle, C. Agee. 155 Newly Costumed Majorettes Proudly Floyd citizens watch director Ellwanger and drum major E. Shelor lead the FCHS band in the annual Christmas parade. Even a director must have some relaxation. After the hectic Christmas season of parades and concerts Mr. Ellwanger finds relief at the faculty party. 156 Lead Band Over Parade Routes Two Freshmen majorettes practice the routine to be later per- formed at a football game. The majority of the majorettes were freshmen this year. Majorettes are not the only ones who must learn precise steps. The band has strenuous practice sessions to perfect their marching techniques. FCHS band members step in precision time as they participate in the Homecoming Parade at Rural Retreat. 157 High School Boys Train For Awesome Task Row one: D. Quesenberry, R. Harris, F. Bishop, F. Harris, L. Goad. Row two: Mr. Keith, G. Hylton, R. Quesenberry, D. Duncan, R. Dulaney, G. Belcher, S. Sowers. Row three: J. Conner, G. Clay, G. Quesenberry, F. Woolums, C. Marshall, H. Reed, T. Altizer, B. Reed. Row four: G. Weddle, R. Quesenberry, H. Hill, R. Belcher, C. Marshall, H. Reed, H. Keith, R. Moles, T. Slaughter, L. Hubbard. Row Five: A. Quesenberry, D. Goad, M. Belcher, N. Hylton, J. Cox, M. Gallimore, W. Boothe, L. Moore, J. Quesen- berry, F. Taylor. Of Keeping Virginia Green “Keep Virginia Green” is the motto and the aim of this group of boys ranging from the tenth through twelvth grades. Much more than fire fighting is learned as proper conservation methods become known to these industrious students. Annual field trips supply boys with the chance to acquire a knowledge of our state greenry. Divided into groups, this organi- zation functions under the direction of student crew leaders. Club members board the bus to leave for the annual KVG outing. Row one: H. P. Jennings, D. Belcher, M. Davis, D. Pratt, W. Stump, T. Nichols, D. Boyd, C. Vest, R. Belcher, L. Bower. Row two: L. Keith, R. Sowers, D. Hubbard, J. Holt, K. Sowers, O. Quesenberry, G. Boothe, C. Conner, D. Lucas, H. Yates. Row three: F. Perkins, P. Weddle, R. Hatcher, K. Beaver, G. Spangler, F. Slusher, L. Myers, R. Thompson, L. Abbot, J. Willard, L. Thompson. Row four: R. Belcher, G. Manning, K. Beckner, B. Dehart, R. Houchins, D. Jewell, J. Boothe, J. Sumpter, W. Agnew, L. Vest. 159 Bus Drivers, Parking Patrol, Safety Patrol Safety Patrol. Row One: R. Kesler, L. Aldridge, R. Wimmer, T. Vest, J. Boyd. Row Three: R. Belcher, R. Webb, F. Turman, P. Williams, B. Epperly, G. Collins, G. Scott. Row Two: J. DeWeese, Lind, B. Sowder, R. Ober, P. Kemp, Mr. Harmon, Sponsor. B. Goad, A. Wade, C. Wade, C. Conner, D. Nester, P. Smith, C. L. Hatcher. Row Three: F. Perkins, T. Altizer, H. Bond, M. Davis, R. Harris. Bus Drivers. Row One: R. Shortt, D. Reed, P. Stuart, E. Marshall, L. Williams, L. Wimmer, G. Eanes, F. Bishop. Row Two: D. King, C. Quesenberry, T. Quesenberry, R. Kesler, E. Aldridge, B. Reed, 160 Offer Services To Student Body At 3:05, along with other student drivers, G. Eanes is excused to prepare his bus for the route to Check. The work of the county bus drivers is certainly anything but glamorous! This group of dedicated individuals must face the winter, sleet and snow, and the spring thaw with determination and stout chains. More and more adults participate in the transportation system each year. To supplement the staff of adult bus drivers, high school boys also take bus routes, leaving home early and returning late. Stu- dent drivers are also used in transporting ball teams and groups for special school activities. Before leaving the school grounds, M. Davis checks to see that all passengers are seated. Sponsor of the Parking Patrol Mr. Campbell confers with the two members. D. Mitchell and B. Simpson. 161 Cooks, Custodians Capably Serve FCHS Along with her many other tasks, Janitoress became respon- sible this year for the laundering of athletic uniforms. Long before students at FCHS arrive the cooks and cus- todians have begun their days work. Preparing hot meals for the 900 member student body requires time and diligence, but this task is carried out re- markably by the efficient lunchroom staff. Three lunch groups are served daily, presenting numerous jobs for the workers to perform. On duty all day, the janitors must remain after school to prepare for the next busy day. Without the aid of these capable staff members functions at FCHS would fail to run smoothly. The many mechanical tasks at Floyd County High School are done capably by janitors L. Akers and J. Thomas. Lunchroom Staff. Row One; Mrs. Agnew, Mrs. Howery, Mrs. Hylton, Mrs. Weddle. Row Two: Mrs. Kidd, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Sowers. Advertisers A never ending pathway of Business associates, realizing that much trade comes from the high school student, contributes each year to school publications such as the yearbook and newspaper. Contributions are made in other ways too as students hold after school jobs in stores, garages, and restaurants. Always finding time to express interest in the individual’s activities, he encourages the student to strive for that one day when he too can take his place in the business world. f tOW] AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO HOLDEN’S, INC. “Virginia’s Largest Frigidaire Dealer " ’ Complete Line “Shoes for All the Family” at FAMILY SHOE STORE Hillsville, Virginia 1045 Norwood Street Radford, Virginia 639-1613 Compliments of GABLES PHARMACY, INC. Gables Shopping Center Blacksburg, Virginia 552-4381 WALLACE S SMARTWEAR Where Smart Women Shop David Siglin Proprietor Radford Virginia United Elastic Company Division of J. P. Stevens Co., Inc. Serving Floyd And Patrick Counties Stuart Virginia Floyd Motor Company, Inc. Sales — Services — Wrecker Service Parts and Accessories Floyd, Virginia 164 TOWN COUNTRY DRIVE IN Short Orders Hotdogs — Barbecue Floyd, Virginia 40 MICK - OR - MACK Fresh meats, Fancy groceries and Frozen foods We Give S H Green Stamps Hillsville, Virginia NUCKOLLS DRUG COMPANY “Carroll County’s Oldest Continuous Business” Est. 1896 Reg. No. 2854 728-2731 Hillsville, Virginia Compliments of WEST END GULF STATION Floyd, Virginia HUMBLE OIL REFINING CO. T. B. Lee, Agent Heating Oil — Kerosene Floyd Virginia HUMBLE 165 MABERRY FUNERAL HOME 745-2121 Floyd Serving Floyd County Since 1927 PIGGLY WIGGLY SELF - SERVICE Floyd Virginia 166 W. S. SMITH GROCERY Copper Hill, Virginia " A Good Place to Trade” Compliments of TEX DRIVE IN and SOUTHSIDE TEXACO Rutrough Sundries Floyd Virginia Sundries, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Old Dominion Candies, Stationery, and Pens Floyd, Virginia Herff Jones Buddy Moses, Representative Pearisburg, Virginia Class Rings, Graduation Announcements Awards, Caps and Gowns, Diplomas, Yearbooks FLOYD PRESS INC. Published in the heart of Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains Established 1891 Floyd Virginia 167 JACKSON HARDWARE CO. Toys and Gifts Sporting Goods Radford Virginia few %. tit t V Floyd Food Market KANODE MOTOR COMPANY Plymouth Sales Service Chrysler Blacksburg Virginia C D Large Selection of Meats Groceries — Produce Cut and Grind Meal Satisfaction Guaranteed W. L. Slaughter, Proprietor 745-2630 A Three Minute Drive West f rom Floyd on lhvy. 221 Congratulations Class of ’69 WOOD’S FUNERAL HOME Floyd, Virginia 168 Caldwell-Sites Co A. B. Dick Duplicating Machines and Supplies Office Equipment and Stationery Wholesale: Paper — School Supplies Roanoke — Winchester — Waynesboro W. G. ATKINS AND SON Self Service Grocery Furniture and Appliances 694-4391 Woolwine Virginia WESTERN AUTO Davis Tires Wizzard Batteries True-Tone Radios Floyd, Virginia Compliments of HUFF’S TEXACO Floyd Virginia SIDNEY PALMER’S Mens Clothing and Ladies’ Sportswear Main Street Christiansburg, Virginia Mar-Del Ladies’ Wear Inc. Distinctive Styles for Women, Misses, and Juniors llillsville Virginia 169 CONNER’S STORE Shoes Overshoes Men’s and Boys’ Clothing Groceries Top Value Stamps Floyd, Virginia Compliments of SIMMONS SERVICE STATION 763-2246 Highway 8 Nine Miles North of Floyd HARRIS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. Floyd, Virginia Complete Department of Home F urnishings General Electric Appliances, T.V., and Stereos Compliments of SIMPSONS OF CHECK B. P. Simpson Owner and Operator Home Cooked Meals and Southern Hospitality at PINE TAVERN RESTAURANT Floyd Virginia 170 T M JEWELERS Watch, Clock, Jewelry Repair Name Brand Watches Rings T. T. Turner, Owner Box 825 728-2151 Hillsville Floyd Pharmacy, Inc. JACK W. KITTS GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY “In Service with People” 745-2177 Floyd, Virginia Floyd, Virginia QUALITY FOOD COMPANY, INC. Distributors of Fancy and Institutional Foods 631 Glenn Avenue, N. E. Roanoke, Virginia COOLEY INSURANCE AGENCY All types of insurance to meet your needs 728-2601 Hillsville 728-2241 Virginia Floyd Jewelry Shop Keepsake and Lovebrighl Diamonds Box 1 11 Floyd, Virginia 171 Compliments of SIGLIN’S INC. Radford Virginia Wade’s Supermarket For Groceries It is only a little further to Wade’s, but you save a lot. LEGGETT DEPARTMENT STORE Christiansburg, Virginia Free Parking on the Roof and at Rear of Store STONE’S PURE OIL Bent Mountain, Virginia Complete Car Care Pure Products MONTGOMERY MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Nat S. Shifflette, Owner-Manager 3824071 42 W. Main St. Christiansburg, Virginia BENT MOUNTAIN RESTAURANT Sandwiches, plate lunches, ice cream Curb Service Bent Mountain, Virginia SHELTON WALTERS Mens Shop Home of Curlee Clothes Christiansburg, Virginia 172 CITIZENS TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE Hicks Ford Sales, Inc Floyd Virginia BEN FRANKLIN Nationally Known Locally Owned Floyd, Virginia Ford — Falcon — Fairlane Mustang — Thunderbird All Size Trucks Sales and Service Hillsville Virginia MIDTOWN CLEANERS, INC. Cleaning — Pressing Altering — Repairing 3 N. Franklin Street Christiansburg, Virginia Turman-Yeatts Motor Co., Inc. Chrysler Floyd Plymouth Dodge Virginia SCOTT’s 5 10 Gables Shopping Center South Main Street Blacksburg, Virginia 173 Floyd Automotive Supply Auto Parts 745-2515 Floyd, Virginia Roanoke Coca-Cola Bottling Company Roanoke, Virginia HICK’S FURNITURE APPLIANCES Furniture For Every Need Hotpoint Appliances 745-2424 Floyd, Virginia 174 FLOYD GARMENT COMPANY and SKYLINE SPORTSWEAR Floyd, Virginia Vaughan-Guynn -McGrady Chapel Inc. Directors of Funeral Services Ambulances 728-2041 Hillsville, Virginia Thomas Motor Corp. Ford Car, Truck, and Tractor Sales and Service Day and Night Wrecker Service Floyd, Virginia 745-4161 175 HARRIS CLEANERS SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY F or Cleaning Elegance 745-2313 Floyd, Virginia BOOSTERS Angle’s Florist Crigler Shoe Store Dan’s General Store Elizabeth Austin Family Snack Bar First National Bank Hillsville Dry Cleaners Hillsville Hardware Furniture Co. Hillsville Music Center Jennings Jewelry Maye Conner Morris Lepchitz Raye Janney’s Store Roberson’s Jewelry Stuart Flower Shop Stuart Motor Company U. T. Ingram Wayne Wilson W. G. Stoneman 176 Advertisements Administration Ben Franklin 173 Albert, Mrs. Nola 32 Bent Mountain Restaurant 172 Dobyns, Catherine 32 Caldwell Sites Co. 169 Hollandsworth, Ray L. 12 Citizens Telephone Cooperative 173 O’Connor, Mrs. Lorice 13 Conner’s Store 170 Peak, Robert 13 Cooley Insurance Agency 171 Poff, Mrs. Iris 13 Family Shoe Store 164 Floyd Automotive Supply 174 Cooks Floyd Food Market 168 Agnew, Mrs. Ruby 162 Floyd Garment Company 175 Hylton, Mrs. Edith 162 Floyd Jewelry Shop 171 Hylton, Mrs. Louise 162 Floyd Motor Company, Inc. 164 Howery, Mrs. Margaret 162 Floyd Pharmacy, Inc. 171 Kidd, Mrs. Mildred 162 Floyd Press, Inc. 167 Sowers, Mrs. Gertrude 162 Gables Pharmacy, Inc. 164 Spence, Mrs. Virginia 162 Harris Cleaners 176 Weddle, Mrs.Glenna 162 Harris Furniture and Appliance Co. 170 Herff Jones 167 Custodians Hicks Ford Sales, Inc. 173 Akers, Lanford 162 High’s Furniture Appliance Co. 170 Thomas, Jimmy 162 Holdren ' s Inc. 164 Via, Mrs. Mabel 162 Huffs Texaco 169 Humble Oil Refining Co. 165 Teachers Jack W. Kitts 171 Altizer, Mrs. Virginia 35,22 Jackson Hardware Co. 168 Beale, Mrs. Carolyn 24 Kanode Motor Company 168 Burkett, G. William 110,28 Leggett Department Store 172 Burkett, Mrs. Reba 24 Maberry Funeral Home 166 Campbell, Walker E. 28 Ma-Del Ladies Wear Inc. 169 Carpenter, Mrs. Elizabeth 20 Mick or Mack 165 Clear, Bill L. 103,24 Midtown Cleaners, Inc. 173 Cockram, Mrs. Lillian 138,30 Montgomery Mutual Insurance Agency 172 Duckett, Mrs. Harriet 20 Nuckolls Drug Company 165 Ellwanger, Robert 157,154,18 Piggly Wiggly 166 Enoch, Ellis 24 Pine Tavern Restaurant 170 Flick, Donald L. 103,35,20 Powell’s Store 167 Gardner, Mrs. Nora 138,30 Quality Food Company, Inc. 171 Gibson, M. Carolyn 129,21 Roanoke Coca Cola Bottling Co. 174 Harman, John D. 28,160 Rutrough Sundries 167 Harman, Mrs. Sharon 22 Scott’s 5 10 173 Hollandsworth, Mrs. Rowena 130,16 Shelton Walters 172 Houchins, Mrs. Thelma 19 Sidney Palmers 169 Jarratt, Mrs. Mary 35,28 Siglin’s Inc. 172 Jennings, H P 159,30 Simmons Service Station 170 Keith, Lonnie 158,30 Simpsons of Check 170 Marshall, Rudolph 28 Stone’s Pure Oil 172 Maxwell, Mrs. Linda 21 T M Jewelers 171 Murrie, Mrs. Mary 21 Tex Drive In 167 Peak, Mrs. Janet 22 Thomas Motor Corporation 175 Pugh, Mrs. Joyce 21 Towne Country Drive-In 165 Radford, Mrs. Wanda 16 Turman Yeatts Motor Co., Inc. 173 Rorrer, Calvin 30 United Elastic Company 164 Rorrer, Mrs. Freeda 136,26 Vaughan-Guynn-McGrady Chapel, Inc. 175 Rutrough, Mrs. Imogene 26 Wade’s Supermarket 172 Scaggs, Mrs. Linda 21 Wallace’s Smartwear 164 Sitz, Mrs. Bonnie 18 West End Gulf Station 165 Slusher, Nancy Lou 19 Western Auto 169 Slusher, Nancy Louise 16 W.G. Atkins Son 169 Slusher, Ruth Ann 16 W.S. Smith Grocery 167 Smith, Clyde A. 24 Wood’s Funeral Home 168 Smith, Kenneth 22,27 Thomas, Max 136,27 Turman, Mrs. Alta 144 Boosters Angle’s Florist 176 Vaughn, Catherine 18 Crigler Shoe Store 176 Students Dan’s General Store 176 -A- Elizabeth Austin 176 Abbott, Lewis Edward 9 159 Family Snack Bar 176 Adams, George Wythe, Jr. 10 66 First National Bank 176 Adams, James Anthony Julian 8 81,116,120 Hillsville Dry Cleaners 176 Agee, Carol Melinda 12 35,50,123,127, Hillsville Hardware Furniture Co. 176 134,155,154 Jennings Jewelry 176 Agee, Margaret Ethel 10 144, L36, 120, Maye Conner 176 154,66 Morris Lepchitz 176 Agee, Michael Steven 12 35,124,132,144, Raye Janney’s Store 176 103 Roberson’s Jewelry 176 Agee, Nancy Edna 8 81 Stuart Flower Shop 176 Agee, Susan Faye 9 136,155,154 Stuart Motor Company 176 Agnew, Isabel Dona 12 35,133,123,124, U.T. Ingram 176 139,98.113,112 Wayne Wilson 176 Agnew, Ronald Frederick 9 W G. Stoneman 176 Agnew, William Wilbert 10 143,159,66 Akers, Daniel Allen 8 81,143 Akers, James Lee 8 81 School Board Akers, Linda Faye 8 Alderman, Benton 12 Akers, Mae Belle 10 66 Casteel, Mrs. Dorothy 12 Akers, Phyllis Jean 11 161 Cole, Marvin 12 Akers, Rebecca Sue 9 Dalton, Mrs. Sally 149 Akers, Roy Lanford 8 81,143 Monday, Alonzo 12 Alderman, Eldridge Henry 10 135,103,66 Nixon, R.L. 12 Alderman, Elizabeth Ann 11 Phillips, Gerald 12 Alderman, Judy Elaine 11 Simpson, B.P. 12 Alderman, Linda Sue 8 Slusher, R.O. 12 Alderman, Wanda Sue 11 146 Thompson, Mrs. Mildred 12 Aldridge, Earl Wayne 11 132,135 177 Aldridge, James Lowell 11 Aldridge, Jennifer Gail 8 154 Aldridge, Shirley Jean 8 Allen, Charlie Lee 12 35 Allen, Homer Paul 8 81,143 Allen, Joel Linwood 8 Alley, Brenda Gail 11 133,116,123, 144 Anderson, Brain Lon 9 Angel, Nobldean Marie 9 134 Angel, Matthew Van 8 81 Angel, Melvin Glenn 12 35,132,146 Atkins, Donald Ray 8 81 Altizer, Thomas Jacob 12 35,116,158,1150, 113 Austin, Faye Elaine 12 35,133,123,134, 129,128,118,98 Austin, Loretta Dean 8 84 Austin, Randell Nugent 10 Austin, Ronald Ray 8 84,136 Austin, Sue Ellen 11 123,146,139 -B- Ballinger, Frances Anne 10 66 Beale, Winfred Michel 11 135,124,137 Beaver, Joseph Carlton 8 81,143 Beaver, Kenneth Elwood 10 66 Beckner, Kenneth Houston 11 143,159 Beckner, Shirley Susanne Beckner, Wanda Carolyn 11 139 Belcher, Danny Ray 8 Belcher, Dwight Lee 9 159 Belcher, Glendell Lynn 9 158 Belcher, Glinda Paulette 11 139,151 Belcher, Judy Carolyn 8 81 Belcher, Judy Marlene 10 133,151,66 Belcher, Lester Dale 11 Belcher, Michael Wayne 11 123,143,144,158 Belcher, Rita Kaye 8 81 Belcher, Robert Dale 12 35,151 Belcher, Ronald David 10 159,66 Belcher, Randel Lee 10 159,66 Bell, Mary Ann 9 130 Beran, Paul Gordon 8 84 Bishop, Carel Lee 8 Bishop, Charles Frederick 12 35,158 Bishop, Joyce Gail 8 84,139 Blackwell, Carolyn Gayle 133,144,138 Blackwell, Wanda Faye 10 66 Blankenship, Brenda Kaye 9 Bolden, Ira Marie 8 81 Bolt, Alto n Wayne 10 66 Bolt, Brenda Sue 8 81,136 Bolt, Debra Kay 10 81,66 Bolt, Jewell Marie 11 Bolt, Joyce Gail 8 Bolt, Lessie Pauline 11 Bond, Charles Leonard 10 135,132,120,122, 107,106,66 Bond, Foster Alan 12 135,35,50,122 Bond, Harold Ray 12 36 Bond, Richard Steven 9 143,136 Bond, Roger Dale 11 123,136,107 Bond, Susan Annette 8 82,81 Boothe, Gary Wayne 10 143,159,66 Boothe, James Arnold 8 Boothe, Josiah Thomas 11 143,159 Boothe, Mary Linda 11 Boothe, Sylvia Jean 11 133,123,144 Boothe, William Henry 8 82,158 Bower, Luther Wayne 11 159,151 Bowers, Brenda Cheryl 9 137,136 Boyd, Alton Ray 8 Boyd, Brenda Lois 11 133,146 Boyd, Clifford Earl 10 67 Boyd, Danny Washington Boyd, Hazel Renay 11 11 159 Boyd, Jackie Lynn 12 133,36,148 Boyd, Ronald Harold 8 82 Brammer, Jo Anne 8 82,139 Brammer, Sharon Kay 9 136,128 Brown, Merita Aldine 9 Brown, Patricia Ann 9 130 Burke, Danny Lee 9 Burke, Wanda Diane 9 Burnet, Henriette Shelor 10 67 Burnette, Elsie Ruth 12 36,144,139 Burnette, Percy Fay 12 36,37 -C- Cannaday, Calvin Grover 9 136 Cannaday, Frank Alien 12 123,36,37 Cannaday, Lloyd Russell 12 36,137,134,128 Carroll, James Dale 8 82,143 Carroll, Teresa Marie 10 67 Carroll, Terry Joseph 8 82,143 Carter, Deborah Evonne 8 Chapman, Roy 8 Chesson, Sylvia Francis 8 82,139 Childress, Stewart Lee 11 Christie, Gary Frederick 10 144,107,154,67 Clay, Gary Wendell 10 158,67 Clay, Wesley Craig 9 Clay tor, Barbara Ruth 9 Claytor, Earl Eugene 10 67 Claytor, Jennifer Enid 9 130,151,154 Claytor, Ophus Allen 9 Cockram, Beverly Carol 11 123,144,139 Cockram, Darrell Michael 9 143,114 Cockram, Margie Mae 8 82 Cockram, Marie Loretta 10 139,67 Cockram, Steven Arthur 10 136,107,67 Coe, Robert Bernard 9 Collins, Barry Sheirdon 8 82,110 Collins, Gary Madison 9 107 Collins, Gladys Mae 8 82 Compton, Danny Wayne 10 136,154,67 Compton, Peggy Lee 9 Conner, Andy Roland 11 Conner, Billy Lee 9 Conner, Calvin Ray 11 143,159 Conner, Carolyn Sue 9 139 Conner, Cecil Willie 8 143 Conner, Clyde Marvin 8 82 Conner, Connie Ann 8 82,139,130 Conner, Deborah Kaye 11 133 Conner, Edwin Wayne 9 Conner, Harless Wade 8 82 Conner, Jabe Harmon, Jr. 9 143,158 Conner, Joyce Faye 9 154 Conner, Katherine Linnia 12 36 Conner, Kenneth Dale 9 129,128,113 Conner, Mary Ann 9 Conner, Mary Lou 11 139 Conner, Michael Allen 11 Conner, Modjorie Lou 11 Conner, Myra Lou 9 136,151 Conner, Peggy Sue 9 Conner, Rebecca Ann 8 82 Conner, Sandra Elaine 10 139,67 Conner, Susan Ann 8 82 Conner, Thomas Jasper 9 Conner, William Michael 10 67 Cox, Aldene Gail 8 82 Cox, Benny Thomton 10 143,67 Cox, Betty Ann 8 82 Cox, Carylon June 9 139,130 Cox, Cecil Wayne 8 82,143 Cox, Donnie Ray 10 67 Cox, Joseph Lee 9 158 Cox, Katherine Elizabeth 9 Cox, Kathy Marie 9 Cox, Lynwood Kent 8 82 Cox, Samuel Landon 9 Cox, Sherman Waitman 10 67 Cox, Tommy Dale 12 Cox, Thurman Udell 11 Cromer, Vickie Lynn 12 36,37,123,146,148 Custer, Mark Wayne 8 82 -D- Dalton, Brenda Christine 9 136,130,154 Dalton, James Heath, Jr. 11 135,123,132,101, 103,112 Dalton, Linda Marlene 10 133,67 Dalton, Lois Elaine 10 151,67 Dalton, Loy Maurice 8 Dalton, Mary Hannah 9 154 Davis, Jeanette Gail 10 67 Davis, Mason Tommy 12 36,37,159 Davis, Robert Lane 9 143 DeHart, Connie Lynn 11 133,123,144,154 DeHart, Moyer Turner, Jr. 11 143,159 DeWeese, Charles Gary 12 143 DeWeese, Gerald Dean 8 82 DeWeese, Guy Clayton 8 82 Dickerson, Julius Ames 9 136 Dickerson, Lona Faye 8 82 Dickerson, Nana Gale 10 151,67 Dickerson, Roger Lee 8 82 Dickerson, William Grant 9 Donahue, Chester Edwin 11 135,124,127 Dulaney, Haden Alton 10 143,67 Dulaney, Judy Gail 8 82 Dulaney, Mary Alice 11 123,146 Dulaney, Roger Lee 12 158 Duncan, Author Wayne 10 67 Duncan, Brenda Mae 12 37,149 Duncan, Buster Lee 9 178 Duncan, Cathy Sue 8 Harris, Elmon Fredward 12 38,158 Duncan, Dale Junior 9 143,158 Harris, Gary Martin 9 143 Duncan, General Ancel 12 124,37,151 Harris, James Roger 10 68 Duncan, James Marvin 9 Harris, Linda Gayle 9 139 Duncan, Jerry Jonathan 8 82 Harris, Linda Sue 11 123 Duncan, Linda Sue 10 67 Harris, Patricia Ann 9 130 Duncan, Nadean Kaye 12 37,117,116,123, Harris, Posey Kirby 10 68 35,139 Harris, Robert Murken 12 38,158 Duncan, Shirley Jean 9 Harris, William Sherman 8 82 Duncan, Verna June 9 Hatcher, Larry Nelson 12 38,116,124,132, Dunn, Anne 12 37,36,133,123,134 144 129,128 Hatcher, Michael John 8 135,82,136,120, Dunn, Ellen 9 136,130,155,154 110,154 Hatcher, Rheba Ellen 8 82,130 -E- Hatcher, Neal Bruce 10 135,120,68 Eanes, Carl Michael 9 136 Hatcher, Robert Eugene 10 143,159,68 Eanes, Ersel Garland 9 151 Hawley, Melba Jean 12 38,39,139 Eanes, Gerald Gordon 12 37,36 Hayden, Marsha Ann 12 38,39,50,144 Eanes, Linda Susan 9 136,139 Hayden, Melinda Joe 9 130 Eanes, Susan 9 128,120 Helm, Jerry Allen 8 130,82,143 Epperly, Donald Ray 10 67 Helms, Ralph Norman 9 107 Epperly, Maurice Garney 11 151 Hicks, Michael Edward 8 82,143 Epperly, Sandra Lee 11 133,151 Higgs, Diane Pearl 10 116,146,68 Epperly, Wayne James 9 Higgs, Jerry E stole 9 Ester, James Lee 9 143 Higgs, Vickie Lynn 9 130,151 Ester, Rex Lee 8 82 Higgs, Joyce Gail 9 High, Debra Leigh 11 133 -F- Hill, Brenda Joyce 9 Farmer, Karlene Lynn 8 82 Hill, Carol Ann 8 82 Farmer, Eunice Elaine 10 67 Hill, Cinton Lee 10 68 Farmer, Joseph Collins 8 82,154 Hill, Grady Lawrence 10 68 Ferris, Bently Gerald 10 67 Hill, Henry Allen 11 143,158 Forrow. Dorothy Allen 12 37 Hill, Kathy Jean 10 133,144,68 Hill, Rebecca Sue 8 82 -G- Hixon, Carolyn Ann 8 83 Gallimore, Alan Trent 9 Holden, Nathan Elwood 12 39 Gallimore, Alvin Cline 8 82,110 Hollandsworth, Ralph Edward 9 Gallimore, Anthony Vaughn 11 154 Hollandsworth, Richard Daley 12 39 Gallimore, Cathy Marie 12 37,116,122,144, Hollandsworth, Roger Wayne 12 135,39 120,122,98 Hollandsworth, Sandra Sue 11 124,120 Gallimore, Judy Elaine 9 133 Holt, John Wayne 10 159,68 Gallimore, Michael Lane 11 158 Hopper, Dwight Lee 12 39,136 Gardner, Vicki Sharon 9 136,130,128,113, Hopper, Robert Lewis 9 99 Hombarger, Kyle Edward 9 Gear he art, Jo Ann 11 146,139,149 Horton, Larry David 11 132,144,154 Gearheart, Kathryn Sue 11 133 Houchins, Roger Dale 11 143,159 George, Angela Gail 9 Houchins, Sandra Kay 9 130,151 Gibson, Frances Estelle 8 82,139 Howard, Marie Ellen 8 83 Gibson, Sandra Mae 11 123,144,154 Howell, Allan Wayne 8 83 Gillespie, Gary Eugene 9 151 Howell, William Hamilton 8 Goad, Brenda Faye 9 Howery, Joseph Morris 11 132,120 Goad, Carolyn Jewell 10 67 Hubbard, Barbara Dale 9 130 Goad, Curtis Win ford 8 82 Hubbard, Dan Clayton 11 143,159 Goad, David Ray 10 158,67 Hubbard, David Edward 8 143,110 Goad, David Neal 9 Hubbard, Francis Alice 9 116,139 Goad, Donna Carol 9 Hubbard, Judy Ethel 12 123,39,134 Goad, Gloria Gail 12 37,123,139 Hubbard, Larry Rufus 9 143,158 Goad, Kermit Lee 8 82 Huff, Alfred Jimmy 8 Goad, Larry Evan 11 135,143,120,121, Huff, Catherine Dyann 10 146,68 101,103,158 Huff, Charles Erbie 12 39 Goad, Wanda Kaye 10 67 Huff, David Ellen 9 Goad, Linda Dianne 12 119,123,38,144, Huff, Edward Ray 10 143,69 139 Huff, Glen Dean 8 83 Gobble, Harry Randal 12 38,132 Huff, James Kerbie 8 Gordon, Connie Sue 8 Huff, Jimmy Zebedee 12 40 Gordon, Ruby Jane 10 67 Huff, Hohn David 10 136,68 Grace, Thomas Anthony 11 Huff, Juanita Faye 8 83 Graham, Kathy Laronne 9 130,151 Huff, Kenny Ray 10 143,68 Graham, Ronnie Neal 8 82,143 Huff, Lawrence Gilbert 8 83 Grant, Westly Rayford 11 Huff, Margaret Ann 9 Griffth, Anita Dianne 11 133,154 Huff, Mary Sue 10 139,68 Griffth, Calvin Homer 8 82 Huff, Maybelle Ann 12 123,40 Grim, Mark Lewis 8 110 Huff, Violet Yvonne 9 151 Guilliams, Brenda Faye 9 Huff, Wanda Jean 11 139 -H- Huff, Wendell Dale 8 83,143 Hale, Gary Lynwood 10 67 Hylton, Annie Geraldine 10 68 Hale, Jerry Joseph 8 82 Hylton, Audrey Lamyra 10 68 Hale, Sandra Kay 11 129,128 Hylton, Brenda Gail 11 123,151 Hale, Virginia Lee 12 133,123,38,144, Hylton, Brenda Gay 9 128,151 118 Hylton, Carloyn Sue 11 133,154 Hale, Wayne Edward 9 Hylton, Carolyn Ruth 8 83,139 Hancock, Joyce Elaine 10 67 Hylton, Darlene Jeanette 8 83,139 Harman, Dennis Wayne 12 38,39 Hylton, Johnny Joyce 10 68 Harman, Joseph Martin 10 68 Hylton, Gary Clifton 8 83,143,158 Harman, Larry Mark 10 116,68 Hylton, Joyce Marid 8 Harmon, Dlifford Howard 8 82,143 Hylton, Rebecca Ann 10 68 Harmon, James Simpson 10 116,68 Hylton, Norman Dale 12 40,158 Harmon, Rufus Mark 8 82 Hylton, Rctta Gail 10 139,68 Harmon, Senorah Bea 12 123,124,38,39, Hylton, Rena Marie 8 139 139,134 Hylton, Richard Lynn 9 Harmon, Tommy Ray 8 82,143 Hylton, Rosanna Gail 11 123,144 Harris, Barbara Jean 10 116,68 Hylton, Vicki Lynn 12 123,125,40,134 Harris, Brenda Gail 8 139 -I- Harris, Carl Edward 9 Ingram, Cynthia Marie 11 179 -J- Janney, Alfadean Lucille Janney, Larry Alan Janney, Pauline Virginia Janney, Steven Leon Jewell, Douglas Wayne Johnson, Albert Clyde Johnson, Donna Lee Johnson, Linda Marie Johnson, Raymond Donald Jones, Betty Sue Jones, Brenda Gale Jones, Steven Douglas -K- Keith, Allie Bell Keith, Brenda Carol Keith, Carol Jean Keith, Howard Dennis Keith, Jerry Glenn Keith, Larry Dean Keith, Larry Douglas Keith, McCoy Reginald, Jr. Kemp, Patrica Mae Kennley, Claude Carman Kennley, Teresa Jane Kesler, Larry Michael Kesler, Rodney Lynn King, David Earl King, Linda Gale King, Martha Jane King, Pamela Diann King, Rosalie King, Sarah Genevieve King, William Douglas -L- Laing David Lynn Laing Walter Lee Lampey, James Robert Lampey, Lowell Thomas Lampey, Sylvia Dean Lane, Carolyn Sue Lawrence, Deborah Ann Lawrence, Dennia Lee Lawrence, Kerry Clay Lawson, Donna Marie Lee, Michael Charles Lemons, Donna Marie Lemons, James Edward Lester, Jackie Lynn Lester, Ronnie Lee Link, Glenn Allen Link, Paul Stephen Linkous, Michael Lynn Lovell, Ray Allen Lovitt, Louie Scott Lovitt, Stephen Dale Lucas, Daniel Wayne Lucas, Donald Stuart -M- Mayberry, Larry Ray Mayberry, Sherie Rose Maybery, Shirley Mae Manning, Ersel Adams Jr. Manning, Jean Carol Manning, Katherine Anne Manning William Dennis Manning William Garland Mannon, Larry Ward Mannon, Patricia Ann Mannon, Lester Elgin Mannon, Phillip Arthur Marshall, Barbara Jean Marshall, Carlie Lawrence Marshall, Charles Edward Marshall, Darrell Andrew Marshall, James Clinton Marshall, Kenneth Ray Marshall, Larry Walter Marshall, Robert Cleve Martin, Judith Ann Martin, Manard Melon Me Alexander, Bruce John McAlexander, Helen Sue McAlexanaer, Jerry McAlexander, Mary Elizabeth Mcalexander, Roger Lee McDaniel, Ruth McDaniel, Wonder Deon McGrady, Joyce Ann McPeak, Gerald David Meador, Alice Faye 11 151 12 40,133,139 Meador, Carol Ann 12 123,41,139,120, 11 148 8 83,139 Midkiff, Barbara Jane 12 123,41,144,148 8 83 Midkiff, Ricky Auan 8 143 10 143,159,68 Mills, Walter Macleatus 12 124,41,136 10 68 Mills, Ralph Gilmer 9 143,151 8 83 Mills, Randall Lloyd 8 84,110 10 68 Mills, Marvin Steve 8 8 83 Mitchell, Donald Steven 8 84 8 83 Moles, Debra Elaine 8 84,81 9 130 Moles, Janie Lynn 11 8 83,136 Moles, Joyce Ann 8 84,81,130 Moles, Nancy Diane 11 Moles, Ricky Lane 9 9 Moles, Ronnie Lee 8 84,136,158 12 40,149 Moles, Steven Ray 8 84 9 130 Monday, David Lee 8 84,110,154 9 140,158 Moore, Larry Stephen 12 41,158 10 68 Moran, Carlos Steve 8 84,110 11 143,159 Moran, Frank Lee 9 8 83 Moran, Larry Allen 12 42,151 10 68 Moran, Linda Faye 10 139,151,69 12 40,123,146 Moran, Loretta Gayle 9 9 Moran, Patricia Lee 10 139,69 8 83 Moran, Stanley Wayne 11 135,132 12 40,127,144,136 Moran, Theresa Lee 9 136,120,154,155 11 Morgan, Dorma Lillian 12 42,144,128,129, 12 35,40,135,124,46, 151 132,112 Morris, Pamela Ann 9 8 83 Moye, John Frederick 8 8 83 Moye, Margaret Lpuise 9 9 154 Mullens, Lena Kay 9 8 83 Muncy, Arba Jean 12 42,149 12 40,133,122,144 Murrie, Deborah Lynn 8 84,154 10 68 Murrie, Frances Evelyn 9 136,151,154 Myers, Amanda Irene 10 69 g 83 Myers, Jerry Wayne 10 149,69 8 83 Myers, Larry Elton 11 135,159,107 11 123 8 84 -N- 3 84 Naff, William Arthur 10 144,107,69 11 123,127,134 Neighbors, Barry Johnson 12 42 10 144,136,68 Nester, Allen Robert 8 84 g 84 136 Nester, Charlotte Ann 10 69 11 133,146,128,113 Nester, Deborah Faye 9 139,151 10 69 Nester, Joyce Marie 11 149,151 1 1 132 Nester, Robert Lee, Jr. 8 154 g 84 Nichols, James Neil 9 g 84 Nichols, Thomas Aldine 10 143,159,69 g 139 Nichols, Timothy Andrew 10 143,69 g 84 Nixon, Judy Lynn 11 119,123,146 Q Nolen, Judy Diane 9 136,130,151 7 9 149 Nolen, Larry James 12 42 1 1 Nolen, Marvin Darrell 9 1 1 8 84,136 Nolen, Randall Eugene 10 69 12 40 10 69 -O- 10 143,159,69 Ober, Ruth Ann 10 133,69 10 143 Ober, Donald Ray 9 O’Connor, John Dennis, Jr. 9 O’Connor, Laurel Elizabeth 10 151,113,69 8 84,143 Ousley, Bobby Alton 11 123 8 84,130 Ousley, Mary Alice 12 123,42,144,139, 11 139 149 10 144,107,154,69 12 41,133 -P- 8 84 Page, Connie Marie 8 85,136,130,148, 10 159,69 154 12 41,143 Page, Deborah Jean 10 144,136,69 8 84,110 Palmer, Richard Anthony 12 43,46,135,35,113 9 Pannell, Christina Odessa 11 146 11 103 Pauley, Kenneth Ray 12 43,116,35,132, 10 107,69 114 9 99 Pauley, Roger Dale 11 116,132 11 158 Perkins, Frankie Lee 10 143,159,69 12 41,135,124,132, Peters, Alva Jeanne 12 123,43,127,134,118, 101,103 120,121 10 69 Peters, David William 12 43,146,120 8 84,158 Peters, Karen Sue 8 86,154 11 135,132 Phillips, Becky Gaye 9 11 143 Phillips, Danny Lee 11 135 9 Phillips, Deborah Shirley 9 9 Phillips, Granville Elwood 8 12 41 Phillips, Edwin Dale 8 9 Phillips, Lana Christine 12 43,139 10 146,139,69 Phillips, Nona Mae 8 130 9 Phillips, Peggy Jo 9 130 9 139 Phillips, Richard Standeth 9 135,151 8 84 Phillips, Rita Kaye 9 139 10 69 Poage, Alta Lovanne 11 133,123,153,112 9 Poff, Cathy Lynn 11 127,134,98,113 12 41 Poff, Edsil McCoy 11 10 69 Poff, Helen Sue 9 180 Poff, Michael Ray Poff, Mildred Irene Poff, Phyllis Elaine Poff, Roger Clinton Poff, Vicky Mae Poff, William Earl Porter, Joseph Troy Pratt, Barbara Joan Pratt, Donnie Leon Pratt, Ralph Steven Pratt, Ruby Inez Pratt, Wanda Faye Proffit, Betty Jean Pugh, Freddie Douglas Pugh, John Maurice Pugh, Lois Hubbard Pugh, Robert Leslie -Q- Quesenberry, Alda Faye Quesenberry, Anthony Ray Quesenberry, Barbara Jane Quesenberry, Carolyn Kaye Quesenberry, Carolyn Sue Quesenberry, Charles Fay Quesenberry, Curtis Alvin Quesenberry, Dale Ray Quesenberry, Darel Hubert Quesenberry, Dianne Quesenberry, Donna Gail Quesenberry, Dorothy Marie Quesenberry, Donnie Lee Quesenberry, Garrett Edward Quesenberry, Gary Gene Quesenberry, Gujinda Gail Quesenberry, Holland Kent Quesenberry, Timmy Allen Quesenberry, Ida Sue Quesenberry, Janet Ethel Quesenberry, Joe Dylie Quesenberry, James Dale Quesenberry, James Harold, Jr. Quesenberry, Joseph Wayne Quesenberry, Jaunita Faye Quesenberry, Larry Dean Quesenberry, Linda Sue Quesenberry, Lois Ann Quesenberry, Lois Jean Quesenberry, Maurice Dale Quesenberry, Melvin Earl Quesenberry, Roy Stevens Quesenberry, Russell Edon Quesenberry, Steve Leon Quesenberry, Theron Russell Quesenberry, Tony Boyd Quesenberry, Vicky Lynn Quesenberry, Elaine Louise -R- Radford, Betty Ann Radford, James Robert Radford, Judy Ann Radford, Nancy Mary Rakes, Lyndall Anna Rakes, Roger Gale Ratliff, Ruth Jeanett Reece, Richard Lewis Reed, Bennett Wayne Reed, Calvin Lee Reed, Carlos Carter Reed, Carolyn Joan Reed, Donna Kay Reed, Donald Roger Reed, Douglas Wayne Reed, Gary Lee Reed, Harvie Harrison Reed, Jerry Nicholas Reed, Jerry Clayton Reed, Patricia Ann Richardson, Kanie Delbert Richardson, Kathy Jane Rierson, Audrey Lynn Roberson, Calvin Lane Roberson, Kathy Jo Roberson, Sheila Gail Roberson, Wanda Carlene Roberson, Joe Allen Roop, Cherrie Elaine Royal, Susan Rebecca Rumburg, Deborah White Rutrough, Judy Ann 8 84,136 12 43 , 146,149 10 151 , 154,69 9 10 133 , 144,69 9 11 135 9 130 11 159 9 11 116,146 9 9 139 8 12 135 , 124 , 44 , 132 , 101 , 103,104 12 44 10 135 , 122 , 107 , 108 , 69 8 85 11 158 10 139,69 11 119 , 144,120 11 133 10 69 12 44 10 69 9 9 151 9 9 10 158,69 8 85 9 143,158 8 85 8 10 70 8 85 9 130 11 135,123 11 116 , 132 , 120,113 11 143 11 124,158 11 10 159,70 9 9 8 130 12 44,132 8 85 12 44,158 10 143 , 151,70 9 143,154 11 11 135 , 124 , 102,103 9 116 , 130 , 151,99 10 70 8 85 12 44 8 85,130 12 44,149 9 136 , 130,154 9 9 139 12 44 11 158 9 12 44 11 9 139,130 8 12 135,44 8 12 45,158 8 85 9 158 11 150 9 9 99 12 45 , 139,149 9 9 8 85 , 130,120 11 133 12 45 , 135,137 9 139 9 136 , 130,154 11 149,151 12 133 , 45,98 -S- Salmons, Marie Howard Saunders, Benjamin David Saunders, Darlene Saunders, Evelyn Gale Saunders, Howard Viecent Saunders, John Fuffus Scott, Deborah Ann Scott, Gary Harmon Scott, Glenn Alden Scott, Ronald Dale Shank, Blaine Oliver Shank, Ouipa Gail Shankle, Doris Lea Shankle, Norma Jo Shaver, Sharon Lynn Shelor, Barbara Jean Shelor, George Dudley Shelor, Jennifer Leigh Shelor, Martha Ellen Shelor, Robert Neal Shelor, Roger Mayer Shelor, Steven Dean Shelton, Grover Alfred Shortt, Calvin Coolidge Shortt, Gene Dale Shortt, Richard Michael Shortt, Vera Alta Showalter, Gary Edward Simmons, Sarah James Simpkins, Emarue Clark Simpkins, Hazel Diane Simpkins, Joel Boyd Simpkins, Tommy Wayne Simpson, Basil Poff, Jr. Simpson, Bethina Anne Slaughter, Judy Cora Slaughter, Tommy Low man Sloan, Betty Ann Slusher, Charles Richard Slusher, Denise Lynette Slusher, Freeman Maurice, Jr. Slusher, Imogene Gelda Slusher, Michael Dean Slusher, Richard Lynn Smith, Allen Dwight Smith, Bonnie Lou Smith, Brenda Sue Smith, Bruce Wayne Smith, David Earl Smith, Judy Marie Smith, Karen Duvahl Smith, Kathy Erlene Smith, Patricia Lynn Smith, Peter Lee Smith, Richard Ervin Snavely, Donald Edmond Sowder, Barbara Ann Sowers, Alice Marie Sowers, Brenda Sue Sowers, Bruce Lane Sowers, Ellen Muncy Sowers, Harold Lewis Sowers, Joseph Chester Sowers, Kenneth Ray Sowers, Martha Gail Sowers, Rebecca Ruth Sowers, Russell Wayne Sowers, Sandra Gail Sowers, Susan Lynn Sowers, Steve Moore Sowers, Thomas Neil Sowers, Tony Lee Sowers, Walter Lee Sowers, Wesley Ray Spangler, Bonnie Victoria Spangler, George Carlin, Jr. Spangler, Gregory Lynn Spangler, Larry Dale Spangler, Sara Catherine Spence, Katie Joettc Spence, Linda Mac Spence, Michael Grey Spence, Shirley Ann Spence, Stephen Carlic Spence, Sue Adclc 10 70 9 8 85 9 151 12 45 9 11 137 9 8 85 9 9 8 85 9 130 , 115,154 10 154,70 12 122 , 45 , 144 , 134 , 129,128 12 45 , 50,151 10 70 12 123 , 137 , 46 , 47 , 50 , 127,134 12 123 , 46 , 127 , 134 , 157 , 155,154 10 136,70 11 127,113 8 85,143 8 85 9 11 12 46 , 136,151 8 10 70 12 133 , 123 , 46 , 50 , 127 , 134 , 118 , 113,112 8 85 9 139,151 9 120 , 151,154 10 70 8 85,136 12 122 , 123 , 46 , 136 , 129 , 128 , 98,112 12 123 , 47 , 50 , 98,150 11 132 , 143 , 136 , 158,150 12 47,149 12 122 , 47,134 9 130 , 155,154 11 123 , 143 , 144,159 8 85 11 132 , 144,154 11 134 , 132 , 101 , 103 , 100 , 154 11 134 , 102,103 10 70 10 146 , 151,70 10 70 8 85,110 8 8 85,139 12 123 , 47 , 148,112 10 151,70 9 10 70 8 10 70 10 70 8 85 9 136 8 10 70 8 85 10 143 , 159,70 12 47 10 70 11 159 8 85 10 133 , 144 , 120 , 122 , 154,70 11 143,158 12 135,47 8 85 8 85 8 85 8 154 11 159 8 85,143 11 151 8 130,154 12 48 , 116 , 119 , 35,127 144,134 12 119 , 123 , 48 , 50 , 127 , 134 , 155,154 10 144,70 8 85 8 85 8 85 , 139 , 130,154 181 Spence, Velva Marie 10 70 Spencer, Vanessa Irene 10 144,70 Spencer, Rene Octavia 8 85,130 Spiva, Mary Elizabeth 9 Spiva, Richard Wayne 8 85 Starkey, Wesley Eugene 11 135,123,136,118 Strickland, Mary Gwendolyn 9 136,130,155,154 Strickland, David Arnold 8 85 Stuart, Barbara Luevella 10 144,70 Stuart, Constance Sue 12 48,50,144,149 Stuart, Chester Ray 10 70 Stuart, Dennis O’Garey 9 107,106,154 Stuart, Granver Lee 9 Stuart, Janice Elaine 10 70 Stuart, Jill Renee 10 144,70 Stuart, Joanne 9 Stuart, Kenneth Raye 10 70 Stuart, Milton Ray 8 85 Stuart, Paul Aldon 12 135,124,49,120, 103,105,100 Stuart, Thomas Wilford 8 85 Stuart, Uysless Selwyn 10 103,70 Stuart, Wanda Marie 9 Stuart, Wendeline 8 85 Stump, Ralph Wayne 11 143,159 Stump, Rebecca Lou 11 146,149 Stump, W. Michael 8 85 Sullivan, Martha Sue 8 Sumpter, Gerry Lee 10 143,159,71 Sumpter, Walter Richard 12 49 Surber, Charles Winn 10 144,72 Surber, Steven Wayne 8 85,154 Sutherland, John William 9 136 Sutphin, Barbara Gale 9 Sutphin, E. Ellen 8 Sutphin, Reva Carol 8 86 Sutphin, Ronnie Lee 11 Sutphin, Venessa Gail 8 86,99 Sutphin, Vera Joyce 8 86,136 Sutphin, Vera Mae 12 119,49,138,139 Sutphin, William Wayne 8 Sweeney, Donna Lee 8 86,136,130 Sweeney, Frank Ward 8 143,154 Sweeney, Linda Gail 8 86 -T- Tackett, Margaret Marie 8 Talley, Paul Martin 11 132 Tankensley, Mickey Wayne 9 Taylor, Joseph Frederick 11 143,158 Thomas, Carolyn Jane 8 Thomas, James Clark 10 71 Thomas, Robert Wayne 8 86 Thomas, Rhonda Leigh 11 127,134,151,154 Thomas, Steve Allen 9 Thompson, Brenda Gale 9 151 Thompson, David Wayne 8 86,120,110 Thompson, Donnie Dale 9 Thompson, Larry Wayne 11 143,159 Thompson, Mary Kathryn 10 133,144,120,98,99,71 Thompson, Paul Wesley 8 86,136,110 Thompson, Roger Lee 9 136 Thompson, Ray Jeffery 9 159 Thompson, Steven Ren 8 86,110,154 Tolbert, Margaret Jane 8 86,130,154 Townley, Shirley Gail 12 49,151 Trail, Barry Kevin 8 Trail, Brenda Mae 9 139,130 Troutt, Dorsey Dwayne 9 Troutt, Harry Edward 10 71 Turman, Frances Gail 12 49,149 Turman, Vickie Lynn 8 86 Turner, Bascil Maurice 12 49 Turner, Donnie Oncil 11 132 Turner, Tiamon J., Jr. 10 71 Turpin, Guy Clifford 10 71 Turpin, Jimmy Leon 8 143 Turpin, Juanita Elaine 12 50,151 Turpin, Kathy Christine 9 Turpin, Mary Ann 10 151,71 -U- Underwood, Brenda Sue 11 149,151 -V- Vance, Junior Alfred 9 86 Vass, Joanne 9 % Vaughn, Dean Howard 9 Vest, Alice Diann 11 123,144,139,149 Vest, Allen David III 10 136,71 f Vest, Carolyn Jane 8 159 Vest, Cecil Eugene 11 Vest, Charlotte Inez 12 50,146,149 Vest, Connie Elaine 12 133,122,123,50,134, 128,118,112 — ’ Vest, Kathy Sue 8 Vest, Gilbert Wayne 9 132 Vest, Helen Christine 8 86 Vest, Janice Marie 9 139 Vest, Marvin Darrell 8 86,110 Vest, Larry Dale 10 143,159,151,71 Vest, Samuel Dean 9 Vest, Sandra Renie 8 86 Vest, Steven Curtis 9 Via, Gerald Ward 9 136 Via, Margaret Anne 12 50,149 Voigt, Susan Elizabeth 12 51,50,127,144,146 -W- Wade, Alisa Dawn 9 130 Wade, Bobby Ray 12 51 Wade, Carolyn Sue 11 123,146,139 Wade, Jimmie Lee 9 Wade, Martha Suzanne 9 Wade, SamuelEugene 10 143,71 Walker, Donnie Ray 8 86,110,154 Walker, Johnny Cameron 9 Webb, Richard Daryle 8 86 Weddle, Carolyn Ruth 12 133,51,149 Weddle, Dale Terry 10 71 Weddle, Diana Gail 9 155,154 Weddle, Gene Harmon 11 143,158 Weddle, Joyce Irene 9 Weddle, Patricia Lea 11 136,155,154 Weddle, Posey 10 159,71 Weddle, Robert Madison 12 51 Weddle, Steve Wayne 9 143 Weddle, Wanda Lynn 12 123,51,150 Weeks, Goldie Fern 11 123 Weeks, Larry Cline 12 51 Weeks, Paul Lee 9 154 Weeks, Rachel Linda 10 144,120,71 Weeks, Ray Lonza 8 Weeks, Raymond Carl 8 Weeks, Richard Dale 8 86,154 Weeks, Robert Wayne 10 135,71 Weeks, Roger Dale 9 Weeks, Steven Posey 9 Webb, Russell Willis 10 72 Wells, Linda Gale 9 139,151 West, Rebecca Ann 12 133,122,52,134, 128,129,118 Whitaker, Beatrice Joye 8 86 Whitaker, John Jerry 9 White, Bonnie Gae 11 White, Lonnie Ray 10 72 Whitlock, Cheryl Eugenia 8 86,130 Whitlock, Deborah Anne 10 151 Whitlock, Janice Lynn 12 123,52,127,134, 150 Whitlock, Melvin Wayne 12 52 Whitlock, Rebeckah Leah 9 139,130 Willard, James Calvin, Jr. 10 159 Williams, Curtis Edward, Jr. 12 135,52,103 Williams, Margaret Elaine 10 133,151 Williams, George Penn 10 72 Williams, Larry Edmon 12 135,52,132,146, 103 Williams, Mary Lou Josephine 9 130,151 Williams, Mariam Margaret 9 Williams, Terry Lee 11 136,154 Willis, Jack Bura 10 72 Willis, Janice Louise 9 130,151,99 Willis, Wanda Belle 12 52,50,138,151 Wilson, Joseph Baxter 8 Wilson, Michael Woodrow 8 86 Wimmer, Ashley Brent 9 Wimmer, Cline Lawson 9 Wimmer, Janet Raye 8 86,139 Wimmer, Joan Katherine 12 133,53,146,139 Wimmer, John Cline, Jr. 9 136,154 Wimmer, Judy Kaye 8 86 Wimmer, Lyle Stanley 12 53,132,154 Wimmer, Rene Wesley 8 86 Wimmer, Richard Lane 8 Wimmer, Rita Faye 8 136,139,128 Wimmer, Ronald Dink 10 72 Wood, Anne Hillsman 9 131,130 Wood, Dwight Arthur 9 116 Wood, Robert Lee, Jr. 11 Wood, Zettie Joyce 10 144,136,73 Woollums, Frank Ray 10 143,73 Wurzburger, Kenneth Douglas 10 73 -Y- Yates, David Horace 9 Yates, Harry Kenneth 10 135,73 Yearout, Janice Elaine 11 123 Yeatts, Roger Eugene 10 73 Yopp, Linda Sue 8 130,154 Yopp, Sarah Louise 11 182 183 O Jjjy " L JJt yu ip rip l Jt J juxj- juuJlll P tJu , xl a foc£ JU 9 hXLO-H ■e ypt aC _j eA a Qzyjy z T? . .0 S ' P t O »T " W V «0 WP k ' _ A V ? j }, V 9 tj 5 c ' . ! 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' aA,j .dU 5 0722 01324379 3

Suggestions in the Floyd County High School - Bison Yearbook (Floyd, VA) collection:

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