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1 Presented by Ginny Bill Gardner SH BOSON SDOOOROAC S0A33 Dai’ici lUee£s . Sa ra i IBimmer Mrs. Meador . . Marie Canes . Susan Hammer Business Manager Co-editor Sponsor Caij-oui Sditor Co-editor 2 CAB CG 03 C0N0GN5S ACADGMOCS 11 CCASSGS 33 Am CGWCS 79 SOUDGNO C03G 205 ADUGRWSGRS 262 (jfie Story Of An Sntity: This, the story of my sixth year, is for the fingers of inquisitive individuals who will in future years refer to its pages for encourage- ment to meet the goals, avoid the mistakes, and exceed the victories contained within its covers. The disappointments of de- feats, the eagerness of those who want to learn, and the happiness of companionship— each etches indelible patterns upon its leaves. Here is my story -each incident, each student, bound together in the covers of one volume-a profile of Floyd County High School in the year 1967-68. 4 A Prologue 5o 1968 5 Mind , Body, And Soul Personify Like the human body, I, too, have component parts which contribute to my functioning. My soul is the students who occupy my classrooms. Their thoughts, expressions, and ideas make my spirit. The office, center of my framework, is also the source from which all activity flows. It provides the rhythm that makes the functioning of my structure possible. The faculty, mind of the school, snaps alert each morning, ready to stimulate and direct student learning. 6 3loyd County high School 7 Current Dads Dominate Qeenage Modern feet form a distinctive fad circle. A student s car, as well as its owner, moves through the fashion-conscious teenage world with new running lights. 8 3asftion Clique The small sling shoulder bag is typical of the mod purse styles. The mod dress ranges from wild colors to the lowered waist, and pleats. Jfcs mL - I i 1 ■ ifli m Jp f f “Slicker” and “Canoe” are words the pace-setters within my walls use. These students are today’s generation which accepts the “mod” look and “groovy” music with zest. The phrase “bold and sassy” is not foreign to me. The students who transverse my corridors use these words to describe the colors and prints they wear. Today’s “in-crowd” expresses itself through its taste for modern dress and music. “A man around town” wears the casual stripped or plaid pants usually accompanied by a London Fog jacket. 9 Main Office —Heart Of Pulsating Activity A stream of activity surges through the main office each day as the personnel perform indispensable duties. Teachers rush in before homeroom period each morning to check their mailboxes, while students wait in long lines to have excuses approved. In the office a continued flow of visitors, students, and teachers perpetuates the pulse of FCHS. It is here that the mind, body, and soul emerge to complete the framew ' ork of an entity-Floyd County High School. Academics The teachers and administrators act as the guid- ing force for the momentum of student partici- pation and education. From their instruction in academic, general, and vocational subjects, my occupants leam to interpret the work of an eighteenth century poet, to balance a chemical equation, or to apply the Pythagorean theorem. Each day they encourage students to strive toward graduation by evoking a myriad of emotions- elation, boredom, frustration, success. [ At the pinnacle of educational hierarchy in Floyd County is the school board. Comprised of community leaders, it includes the superintendent, six board members, and the clerk. With the guidance of this group, Floyd County High School has been able to meet the standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Inside F C H S, the task of administration belongs to a small dedicated group consisting of the principal, Mr. Ray L. Hollandsworth, the assistant principal, Mr. David Harman, and the school secretaries. Because of their work, the school runs smoothly on well-oiled wheels, creating an atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning. Performing numerous duties, Mr. Alonzo Monday, Superintendent of Floyd County Schools, spends many hours behind his desk. Adminisfraliott: dbe Hub Around Floyd County School Board: Mr. R. O. Slusher, Chairman; Mr. B. P. Simpson, Vice-chairman; Mr. Marvin Cole, Mr. Gerald Mrs. Mildred Thompson, Clerk of the Board; Mr. Rex Nixon, Phillips. Mr. Benton Alderman, Mr. Alonzo Monday, Superintendent; 12 The efficient office staff includes Mrs. Lorice O’Connor, receptionist and bookkeeper, and Mrs. Iris Poff, secretary to the principal. Mr. David Harman, a graduate of VPI, assumes a duel role as Assistant Principal and an industrial arts teacher. lyfiicfi All Activities 3low Principal Ray Hollandsworth is now in his sixth year at FCHS. He holds both a B.S. and M.S. from VPI. Mr. John Houston, Director of Instruction; Mrs. Dorothy Casteel, General Supervisor; Mrs. Sally Dalton, Neighborhood Youth Corps Director. Caugfit On Candid Moments 5 eacfiers Concern over a tied basketball score, a spirited conversation about international affairs, sharing the morning chuckle with a colleague— all these activities reflect the varying interests of my faculty. The teachers who occupy my rooms possess a kind of “split personality”: in the classrooms they relay knowledge and under- standing to students; out of class their personal traits separate them from the formal image students often associate with them. Wide-eyed and wet, Coach Maxson can still manage a smile over a Buffalo victory. Providing an informal recital for band members, student teachers Misses Adams and Gibson display an interest in Scottish music. Mr. Flick’s face reflects the humor which often lightens a dull classroom situation. 14 Reveal 5r ue Cfiavaetev In a moment of leisure, Coach Burkett reviews the latest sports happenings. After a hectic hour of annual staff activities, Mrs. Meador takes a moment of relaxation. Even though their classroom duties are quite different, the librarian and geography teacher find common interests in conversation. 15 Business Students Recieve Onstvuction Mrs. Rowena A. Hollandsworth B.S., Radford College Personal Typing, Typing II, Office Practice Junior Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor Mrs. Wanda Vest Radford B.S., Radford College Typing I, Record Keeping SCA Sponsor Miss Nancy Lou Slusher Miss Ruth Ann Slusher B.S., Radford B.S., Radford College Business Math, Personal Typing Shorthand I and II, Bookkeeping General Business Magazine Campaign Sponsor FBLA Sponsor General Business students examine the basic rules and procedures in their texts before completing the problems in their work books. 16 On New Recordkeeping Course A bookkeeping student refers to a typical example before inserting a business transaction in her records. With the aid of the machines in the business department, students may accelerate an otherwise lengthy process. Each day of the school week business students assemble in classrooms equipped to develop diversified skills. Newcomers to this department begin their study in general subjects by familiar- izing themselves with the basic knowledge used in typing, bookkeeping, and record keeping. The more advanced students enroll in second-year shorthand or typing, which for the first time provides an electric typewriter for each individual. Business student Jim Scott concentrates on using the transcribing machine as he types a recorded lesson. 17 Mrs. Barbara Vaughn Harris B.S., Radford College Basic Art Mr. Victor B. Waller B.S., M.A., East Carolina University Mr. Donald F. Wean Bachelor of Music Education Madison College Choral Glee Club Sponsor Sine Arts Classes Provide Vent Sor Creativity Basic Art students sketch body forms while two of their classmates serve as models for this facet of their study. Talent and ambition are two characteristics of students participating in band, choral, and basic art. Mastering musical terms and their proper use is a task both choral and band students must perfect. Before obtaining the approval of their director, students must perform with compe- tence. In basic art a student learns to recognize and appreciate art through his acquaintance with techniques in printing, drawing, using color, and sculpture. Band members step into assigned positions as they begin a final practice for a football half-time show. 18 Mrs. Thelma T. Houchins B.S., Radford College Latin I and II, English V Eighth Grade Sponsor Mrs. Margaret Peterson B.S., Radford College Spanish I and II, English IV Highland Scops Sponsor Classes Gransporf Gfiougfifs Go Spain and Rome Verb conjugations, noun declensions, and numerous trans- lations performed in the foreign language department create a Roman or South American atmosphere. Students who aspire to be bi-lingual select Latin or Spanish to complete their curriculums. Encountering many challenging activities through individual study and group research, student linguists are able to comprehend the languages, customs, geography, and history of foreign lands and peoples. Spanish I students learn that customs and activities of the Spaniards enhance a study of the language. Latin I students simulate a Forum meeting as part of their study of Ancient Roman Customs. 19 Snglisft Students AmBivalent ' oward New ext Books During their five years in high school students learn to speak and write English through a study of grammar and literature. This year Educational Television presents a new phase of teaching which introduces structural linguistics and literary forms to the students. Journalism and speech and dramatics benefit students who have specific interests in related English fields. The use of special materials and equipment aids many remedial readers in overcoming verbal difficulties. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Carpenter Mrs. Denette A. Dillon Mr. Donald L. Flick B.S., Radford College B.S., Radford College B.S., East Tenn. English 1 and Speech Remedial Reading State University Creative Writing Folder, English 1 and II One-Act Play Athletic Director Basketball, Baseball, Football Coach Varsity Club Co-Sponsor A senior English teacher, Mrs. Humphreys, gestures as she explains the etymology of words to her students. 20 ntLUIA Mrs. Carol C. Humphreys A.B., Ohio University English III and V Creative Writing Folder, One-Act Play Mrs. Elizabeth M. Meador B.A., Westhampton College English II and III Yearbook Sponsor Mrs. Mary L. Murrie B.S., Madison College Librarian Library Aides Sponsor Miss Nancy Lou Slusher B.A., Radford College M.A., University of Virginia English II and III, Journalism County Crier Adviser Quill and Scroll Sponsor Putting the proper speech techniques into action, members of the speech class present a skit at the American Education week program. Mrs. Virginia E. Altizer B.S., Radford College Plane and Solid Geometry Alg. 11. Adv. Alg. and Trig. Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Brenda R. Broadwell B.S., Radford College Math I and Geometry Mrs. Margaret W. Gearheart B.S., Radford College Alg. I, Math I Sophomore Class Sponsor Mrs. Susan S. Maxson B.S., Emory and Henry College Alg. I, Math 1 Ninth Grade Sponsor Main Classes journey fifirougfi Uasl Cmd Each FCHS student spends at least two years of his high school life wandering through mathematics, for some a mysterious world of concentration and hard work. From ratio and percentage problems in general math, the way winds upward to abstract concepts of logarithms, computation, and trigonometry. Algebra I and geometry lay the foundation for higher math; Algebra II, advanced algebra, and trigonometry offer college- bound students spiral mathematic knowledge. Unknown numbers take the form of letters as Algebra I t eacher, Mrs. Gearheart, explains the correct method for solving equations. 22 Flipping coins to test probability theories, advanced math students put an equation into action. of Numbers, 3ovmuhs, and Rules Math teacher Mrs. Maxson helps a student Chuckie Vest realize the correct placement of decimals. By using the basic geometric figures, a geometry stu- dent constructs colorful designs for a class bulletin board. 23 Mrs. Carolyn S. Beale B.A., Lynchburg College Physical Education and Health, Driver Training Mr. Ellis L. Enoch A.B., Fairmont State College Driver Training, World Geography Mrs. Ilona Lindauer B.A., Hunter College Physical Education and Health Pep Club Sponsor Vigorous Sxercises Ana Sports Competitions Mr. William L. Maxson B.A., Emory and Henry College M.S. Universit y of Tennessee Health and Physical Education Mr. Clyde A. Smith A. A., Chowan College B. A., Roanoke College Physical Education II and III Varsity Club Co-Sponsor Football, Basketball, Track Coach Driver Training instructor, Mr. Enoch, teaches Shirley Beckner the co-ordination of clutch and accelerator. 24 Distinguish Physical education Courses A steady rhythm of “one, two, three, four” resounds from the gymnasium as physical education students perform callis- thenics. Later, a noisy clamor replaces the rhythmical cadence as the class rushes into position for various sports activities. During three class periods of each week, eighth graders, fresh- men, and sophomores participate in vigorous exercises and sports. Filmstrips, demonstrations, and lectures supplement instruction in health courses, first aid administration, and driver’s education. Participating in group exercising, a class of sophomore boys warms up for a game of touch football. 25 Curious Minds Seek 5o 3i nd Mrs. Freeda H. Rorrer B.S., Radford College Biology Science Club Co-Sponsor, Science Fair Mrs. Imogene C. Rutrough B.S., Madison College General Science I Senior Class Sponsor Biology students, Dennis Harmon and Randall Austin, become familiar with fungi and its various forms. Tire stench of formaldahyde, a black, waxy dissecting pan, the bubbling fizz of a chemical reaction -these are everyday occur- ences for students who participate in the six science courses included in the curriculum. Eighth graders in a general science class gain knowledge that will enable them to enroll in a biology or anatomy course. College bound and scientifically inclined upper classmen venture into the depths of chemistry and physics, the two advanced courses offered in the science program. In a study of electricity, physics student Annette Yearout applies a coil to increase voltage. 26 Answers On A Scientific World ■ r HL.Jk ' ' J-m Science students find that being attentive and taking precise notes aids in their study. A general science student adjusts her microscope to focus on a paramecium. Mr. Max Stone Thomas B.S., Roanoke College Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy Science Club Sponsor Mrs. Alta Marshall Turman B.S., Radford College General Science, Biology FTA Sponsor 27 Social Studies Classes Manipulate Mr. George W. Burkett B.A., Emory and Henry College Va. and U.S. History Sr. Hi-Y Sponsor Football, Basketball and Track Mr. Walker E. Campbell B.S., Virginia State College World Geography and U.S. History Bus Patrol Sponsor Mrs. Roberta W. Hewett A.B., George Washington University World History, English IV Beta Club Sponsor Mrs. Mary L. Jarratt B.S., Radford College Civics, Govt., and U.S. History Senior Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor Mr. Rudolph Rollie Marshall B.A., Emory and Henry College M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Va. and U.S. History Govt., and Economics Debating Sponsor Civics students debate the importance of the Massach- usetts Bay Colony and the Virginia Colony. Hour Qhss Of Sifting Gvents History is a time machine in which students can travel to the past. Setting the dial for decisive eras, they may witness the discovery of fire, march in a crusade to the Holy Land, stroll among the majestic, marble columns in the Roman Fo rum, listen to the clash of Revolutionary War battles, or travel with a team of astronauts through atmospheric levels into space. A slight turn of the controls and the course will change. Moving on to other events, students see that history has both parallel and contrasting patterns. World Week panel interrogates fellow world history students on issues in Cambodia. Teachers are quite often spellbound by the arguments students present in lively history class discussions. Senior government class takes notes while Mr. Marshall lectures from his favorite perch. Vocational Courses Prepare Students 3 ox Mrs. Lillian B. Cockram B.S.. Radford College Home Economics FHA Co-Sponsor Mrs. Nora K. Gardner B.S., Radford College Home Economics FHA Co-Sponsor Mr. H.P. Jennings B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Agriculture KYG Co-Sponsor FFA Co-Sponsor Mr. Lonnie J. Keith B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Agriculture KYG Co-Sponsor FFA Co-Sponsor Mr. L. Calvin Rorrer B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Industrial Arts With the assistance of Mr. Jennings, a woodworking student completes one phase of an individual project. 30 Prosperous Careers And Domestie Abilities The glare of sparks from a cutting torch, the roar of a tractor, and the clatter of pots and pans surge through the west wing. These sights and sounds exemplify the courses taught in this end of the building. Here students who plan to go directly into a job after gradu- ation are prepared to challenge the world. They are equipped with vocational skills received from home economics courses, agricultural training, and industrial arts. As one home economist demonstrates, Mrs. Gardner explains the function of machine attachments to other girls who learn sewing skills. Students in first year agriculture note which soil minerals are necessary to grow successful crops. An industrial arts student receives constructive criticism and helpful advice. Counselors Advise Uncertain Students The student who enters my halls brings with him the every day perplexities of the teenage world: Who am I? Where am I going? The guidance personal arrive every morning with thoughts of unraveling the tangles of bewildered students who wait their turn in an almost continuous stream flowing through this department. Seniors come to discuss college board scores while underclassmen seek advice in the selections of classes; everyone finds that here awaits the patient listener - a counselor who specializes in confronting the problems that develop among my occupants. Mrs. Nola S. Albert B.S., Radford College M.S., VPI Guidance Director Annie Catherine Dobyns B.A., Emory and Henry Guidance Counselor SCA Co-Sponsor Mrs. Albert and Larry Jewell discuss his original poem which was published in the first edition of the Upward Bound Miss Dobyns, the guidance counselor for the freshmen class, discusses a preliminary class newsletter. schedule with Teresa Carroll. Classes The questioning eyes of an eighth grader, the enthusiastic smile of a math student who has just conquered a problem, the wrinkled nose of a biology student dissecting a frog-all indicate the expressive faces of the 815 inhabitants who meet here to acquire a physical and mental education. These students arrive each weekday, each pos- sessing creative ideas which originate in them- selves and which develop in my classrooms. Senior Officers: Arthur Porter, President; Ronnie Phipps, Vice-President; Doris Williams, Secretary; John Conner, Treasurer. Senior Sponsors: Miss Ruth Slusher, Mr. Max Thomas, Mrs. Imogene Rutrough, Head Sponsor; Missing: Kathryn Sutphin, Reporter; and Mrs. Roberta Hewett. Class Of 1968 Count Ofie Days 34 One day in September 1963, 193 members of the class of ‘68 scrambled through the doors of Floyd County High School. Filled with the hope of one day obtaining their high school diploma, they began their high school life. The Class of ‘68 became acquainted with me and my faculty members during their freshman year. Becoming aware of school activities, they began to assume their role as an intricate part of the student body. With half of their high school education behind them, the sophomores of ‘66 selected courses which would provide specific instruction in the academic or vocational fields. In September of their junior year, thirty-three students were recognized for their outstanding character and ability by being tapped for Beta Club membership. The remaining part of the year found the class busily planning prom night ‘67. Finally, the 119 members of the class of ‘68 reached the concluding year of their high school education— a goal reached through determination and hard work. A hippie senior takes-a moment during the magazine assembly to present flowers to Mr. Harmon and Mr. Hollandsworth. Until (5fie ir C raduafion Vaughnia Winifred Agee Linda Susan Aldridge Carl Frederick Bannick Ricky Dale Beaver Betty Lynn Belcher Carlis Gene Bishop Joyce Ann Boyd Martha Mae Boyd Samuel Mark Burton Brenda Gail Cockram VAUGHNIA: FHA 2,4,5; FBLA 4. LINDA: FHA 1-3; FTA 2,3; SCA 1,5; Debate Team 2; Bison Staff 3; FBLA 4,5, Treas. 5; Quill Scroll 5; Highland Scops 5. FRED: Football 1-5; Basketball 1,3; FFA 1,2; Track 2-5; Varsity Club 3-5; Pep Club 4; Baseb all 4. RICKY: FFA 4,5; KVG 4,5. BETTY: FHA 2-5, Treas. 4, Sec. 5; Tri-Hi-Y 2; SCA 3; Library Club 4, Treas. 5, Dist. Rep. 5. GENE: FFA 1-3; FTA 2; KVG 2,3,5; Pep Club 4,5; DE 4. JOYCE: FHA 1-5, Vice Pres. 5; SCA 5; Tri-Hi-Y 1, Historian 2; FTA 3; Pep Club 4. MaRTHA: Tri-Hi-Y 1; Library Club 4; DE 4; FHA 5. SAMMY: FFA 1-4; Football 2,5; Baseball 3-5; KVG 3,4; Varsity Club 4,5; Hi-Y 5; Pep Club 4. BRENDA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 4, 5; Glee Club 3-5; Beta Club 4,5. I 35 ELAINE: FHA 4,5. GARY: Basketball 1. SAMMY: FFA 1-4. BRENDA: FHA 1,2; SCA 2; FTA 2; FBLA 3, Historian 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Crier Staff 5. SHIRLEY: FBLA 4; FHA 5; Library Club 4,5. JOHN: Hi-Y 4,5; Photographer 4,5; Pep Club 5; Class Treas. 5; Boys State 5. JUNE: FHA 2-5; Crier Staff 5. BILL: FFA 1,2; Basketball 1-4; Football 2,3; FTA 2,3; Class Treas. 2,3; Pep Club 4,5; Crier Staff 4,5, Business Manager 5. BLANCHE: Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2-5, Pianist 3,4; FTA 2,3; NYC 4,5, Rep. 4; FBLA 5. LEON: FFA 1-5; FTA 2,3; Pep Club 5; KVG 5. Snglisfi a nd government Classes Sandra Gail DeHart Patsy Phillips Dickerson Gary Odell Dillion Paula Gae Dulaney Joseph Lee Duncan Vona Rae Duncan John Dunn Cabell Edward Eanes Marie Eanes Martha Sue Epperly 36 Elaine Lucinda Cockram Gary Alton Cockram Sammy Kaye Cockram Brenda Mae Collins Shirley Olene Compton John Larry Conner June Priscilla Conner William Lane Cook Blanche Marie Cox Roger Leon Dalton Oake Up Carge Part Of Seniors’ Oime SANDRA: Tri-Hi-Y 2; FTA 2: Bison Staff 2; FBLA 3-5, Rep. 4, Pres. 5, Regional Sec. 3; Library Club 3; SCA 4; Cheerleader 3,4; Pep Club 4; Beta Club 4,5. PATSY: FTA 2; Class Pres. 1;SCA 1-3, Vice Pres. 4; Science Club 2,3, Sec. 3; Library Club 3-5, Pres. 5; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Crier Staff 3,5; Highland Scops 4; SIPA 4; Debate Team 3. GARY: Basketball 1; FFA 2; Pep Club 4,5; FTA 5. PAULA: FHA 2,3; Library Club 3-5; Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 5. JOE: FFA 1-3; KVG 3; Baseball 3; DE 4. VONA: Tri-Hi-Y 1; Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 4, Sec. 5; NYC 4,5, Pres. 5. JOHN: Track 2; FTA 2; Varsity Club 3-5. EDDIE: Football 1,2,5; Basketball 1,3-5; Track 3; Varsity Club 4,5; Hi-Y 4,5; Tennis 4; FTA 5. MARIE: FHA 1-3; FTA 1,2; FBLA 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; SCA 3; Bison Staff 3-5, Layout Editor 5; SIPA 4; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Highland Scops 4; Class Treas. 4; Pep Club 5; Usher for Graduation 4; Homecoming Queen 5. SUE: Band 1-4; FHA 1,2; FTA 2,4; SCA 2; Library Club 3; Pep Club 4,5. 37 On the first day of school, Seniors assembled in the store to buy the text books that would complete their high school education. JIM: Football 1-5, Co-captian 3; Track 2,3; Varsity Club 3-5; Pep Club 4; Crier Staff 4,5. HILDA: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Treas. 2; FHA 1-5, Historian 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 5; Pep Club 4; FBLA 5. MARVIN: FFA 2-5; KVG 3-5, JIMMY: Hi-Y 3; Science Club 5. DALE: FFA 1-5; FTA 2. JUDY: FT A 2-5, Treas. 5. Hamlet Replaces traditional MacBdrc William Kyle Freeman Benny Leon Gallimore Anna Mae Goad Glen Edward Goad Donna Sharon Griffith Louise Annette Hale 38 James Lee Hall Hilda Maxine Hancock Marvin Dale Hancock James Turner Harman Dale Martin Harmon Judy Carolyn Harmon On Senior Gnglisft Classes BILL: FFA 1-5; KVG 2-5; FT A 2; Track 2; SCA 3; Varsity Club 3-5; Football 3; Library Club 5. BENNY: FFA 2; KVG 3-5; Library Club 5. ANNA: Pep Club 1-3; Library Club 3, Sec. 4; FBLA 5; NYC 5, Sec. Treas. 5. GLEN: FFA 1-5, Pres. 4, State Vice Pres. 5; Beta Club 4,5; NYC 5; KVG 5. DONNA: Tri-Hi-Y 1-5, Treas. 4, Pres. 5; Debate 1-4; FTA 2,3; Spelling Forensics 3rd 2; Science Fair 3rd 2; Bison Staff 3; SIPA 3; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 4,5; Crier Staff 4; Highland Scops 4; VFW Speech Contest 3rd 4. LOUISE: Tri-Hi-Y 2 A Library Club prospect finds Mr. Flick’s room a stage for performing initiation stunts. 39 Linda Jean Harmon Brenda Faye Harris Melvin Edward Harris Paula Jean Harris Betty Joyce Harter Deborah Laverne Hayden Brenda Helm Dale Russel Higgs Jerry Lynn Hollandsworth Carl Davis Howell 1968 Seniors Ran t Smallest PRISCILLA: Library Club 5. GUS: Band 14, Drum Major 3,4; Football 1; Hi-Y 2-5, Treas. 3, Sec. 4, Pres. 5; Track 24; FTA 2; Varsity Club 2-5, Pres. 4; Beta Club 4,5; Highland Scops 5. SYLVIA: FHA 2; FBLA 4,5; Pep Club 4. DIANNE: FHA 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3-5; Library Club 3,5; Glee Club 3, All State Chorus 3; Bison Staff 4; Pep Club 4. BUEL: FFA 1-5; KVG 3-5. LARRY: FFA 1-5, State Degree 4; FTA 2. WANDA: Tri-Hi-Y 3; NYC 4,5; FBLA 4,5; FHA 5. NANCY: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; FTA 2,5; FHA 1; FBLA 3,4; Cheerleader 24; Pep Club 4; Crier Staff 5; Debate Team 1. ROGER: FFA 1,2; NYC 4,5. MALINDA: Tri-Hi- Y 1,2, Rep. 2; Science Club 4,5, Science Fair 3rd Place 1,3,4, 1st 2, VJAS 3, Regional Fair 3,4; Beta Club 4,5; Bison Staff 3-5. 40 LINDA: SCA 1-3; FHA 2,3; Pep Club 4,5. BRENDA FAYE: Tri- Hi-Y 2; FBLA 3-5; Beta Club 4,5. EDDIE: FFA 1-5, State Degree 4; KVG 2-5; Track 2-5; Varsity Club 3-5. PAULA: Tri-Hi- Y 2,3; FTA 3-5; Beta Club 4,5; Pep Club 4; Graduation Usher 4. BETTY: Tri-Hi-Y 2; FHA 2-5. DEBORAH: FTA 3; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 4. BRENDA: FTA 1,5; Beta Club 4,5. DALE: FTA 1,2; FFA 1-5. JERRY: Track 1; FTA 2; SCA 2; FBLA 3-5. CARL: FFA 1,5; DE 4; Pep Club 5; NYC 5. On NumSe r 5o Qraduate 3rom 3CHS Priscilla Ann Howell Ross Augustus Howell Sylvia Jane Hubbard Louise Dianne Huff Buel Dwight Hylton Larry Ray Jewell Wanda Louise Jones Nancy Jane King Roger Dale Lampey Mary Malinda Lane 41 Karen Suzann Lawson Roger Howard Mannon Elrica Kate Martin Joyce Marie Martin Janet McAlexander Wanda Carol Mills Seniors Decide On 3utuve Plans On College Day Seniors and their parents received the opportunity to become acquainted with various educational institutions. KAREN: FHA 1,2; FTA 2; ,Pep Club 4; Band 1-4. ROGER: Basketball 3-5; Track 4; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5, Rep. 5; Varsity Club 5; SIPA 4. ELRICA: FHA 2,3. JOYCE: FHA 4; NYC 5. JANET: Tri-Hi-Y 2. WANDA: .Tri-Hi-Y 2-5; Crier Staff 5; FBLA 3; Pep Club 5. 42 CINDY: FTA 4; Science Club 4,5; Pep Club 5; Crier Staff 4. ANNE: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Vice Pres. 2; Band 1-5, Head Majorette 3-5; FTA 3-5, Vice Pres. 4; SCA 3; Beta Club 4,5, Beta Conv. 2nd Place Talent Award. GARY: Basketball 1-4. JIM: FFA 2; Pep Club 4, 5. DIANNE: FHA 3; FBLA 4,5, Rep. 5. MARILYN: FHA 2,3,5; FBLA 4,5, Reporter 5. Members of the class of ' 68 prove spirited in a pep rally competition yell. lUilfi Sfteir Cjoals On Mind Cynthia Ouida Moore Florence Anne Moore Gary Wayne Nolen James Robert Perdue Dianna Lynn Phillips Marilyn Lois Phillips 43 Mary Elizabeth Phillips Ronnie Scott Phipps Judith Darlene Poff Arthur Clinton Porter David Ray Pratt Michael Lynn Pugh Donnie Mitchell Quesenberry Richard Lee Quesenberry Laura Faye Radford Lily Dove Ratfiff Qv dmting Class Apply Go Carious MARY: Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 24; Library Club 3-5; FBLA 5. RONNIE: Basketball 1,2; Football 14; FTA 2,3,5, Vice Pres. 3; Class Pres. 4; Class Vice Pres. 5; Hi-Y 3-5, Vice Pres. 5; Varsity Club 4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Beta Club 4,5, Pres. 5; Pep Club 4, Sec. 4. JUDY: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Historian 2; FHA 2,4,5; Library Club 5. ARTHUR: FFA 1,2; Class Treas. 1; Class Rep. 3,4; Class Pres. 5; FTA 2,3; Pep Club 4.5, Treas. 4,5; Beta Club 4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Basketball 1. DAVID: FFA 2,3; Pep Club 4. MICHAEL: FFA 1-5, State Degree 4, Vice Pres. 4; FTA 2,3; Beta Club 4,5; Glee Club 1,4; KVG 4. DONNIE; FFA 14; Track 2-5, Co-captian 4; KVG 3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Sec. 5; Football 3-5: Hi-Y 5; SCA 4, Pres. 5; FTA 5; Class Sec. 4, Class Vice Pres. 3; Pep Club 4. RICHARD: FFA 2,3; Beta Club 4,5. LAURA: NYC 3-5. DOVE: FHA 1-5, Sec. 5; FBLA 5; Tri-Hi-Y 2. 44 Colleges lUiffi Hi gfi Hop es Of Acceptance Carolyn Sue Rumburg James Walter Scott, Jr. Nancy Carol Shaver Warren Lynn Shelor Roger Ward Short, Jr. Jimmy Elwood Simpkins SUE: Tri-Hi-Y 3; Library Club 4,5. JIM: FBLA 2-5; Glee Club 3-5, All State Choir 4; Band 1,2. NANCY: FHA 1-5; FBLA 3. WARREN: FFA 1-5, State Degree 4; Varsity Club 3-5; KVG 4,5. WARD: FTA 2,5; Track 2; Science Club 3,4; Quill Scroll 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Crier Staff 4,5. JIMMY: FFA 1,2; FBLA 4,5. 45 DOROTHY: NYC 4,5. MARK: FFA 2; Pep Club 4,5; DE 4; Graduation Marshall 4. CLYDE: Band 1-4: FTA 2; Varsity Club 3,4: Hi-Y 3,4,5, Sec. 5; Beta Club 4,5: Quill Scroll 5: Football 3: Basketball 3,4,5: Baseball 3,4,5; Forensics 2. BARBARA: FHA 1-3,5; FBLA 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2. CARMEN: FHA 2,3; Glee Club 4; Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 5. KATHRYN: FHA 2-5; Graduation Marshall 4; SC A 5. Seniors anxiously await their turn to purchase class rings-a symbol of educational achievement. Seniors Proudly Display Dorothy Alma Smith Mark Douglas Smith Clyde Harlan Smythers, Jr Barbara Jean Sowers Carmen Ercell Sowers Kathryn Clide Sutphin 46 ROBERT: Football 3; FFA 3-5; Track 3. JANET: Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Pres. 2; SCA 1; FTA 2; Science Club 3-5, Rep. 4, Vice Pres. 5; Science Fair 1-3, Regional Fair 1st place 3; Beta Club 4,5, Con- vention 4; Quill Scroll 4,5; Highland Scops 5, Editor 5; SIPA 4; Forensics 2; VJAS 3. JUDY: Beta Club 4,5; Class Rep. 1. RANDY: SCA 2,4; Basketball 2-4; Hi-Y 5; Tennis 4; Library Club 4; Highland Scops Artist 3; Varsity Club 5. JOE: FFA 1-4; NYC 5. CHERYL: FBLA 4,5; Beta Club 5. New Design 9n Rings Robert Hugh Taylor Janet Lynne Thomas Judy Florence Thomas Curtis Randolph Thompson, Jr. Joe Davis Turman Cheryl Lois Vass 47 RALPH: FFA 1,2; Varsity Club 2-5; Football 3,4, Mgr. 2,3. TERRY: FFA 1-5; Football 14; Varsity Club 4,5. CAMELLIA: Tri-Hi-Y 1; FTA 2; Pep Club 4; Crier Staff 4; FHA 5. ALTON: FFA 1,2; Basketball 1; Varsity Club 3,4; Track 3. ALLEN: FFA 1-4; Basketball 1,3; Football 2-5, Captian 5; Track 2; Class Pres. 3; Varsity Club 3-5, Chaplin 4, Pres. 5; Hi-Y 5. DAVID: Debate 1-5, District 1,3-5; Band 1; FTA 2,3; Football 2; Upward Bound 24; SCA 1; Hi-Y 3-5, Chaplin 4,5; Beta Club 4,5; Quill Scroll 4,5; Highland Scops 4,5; Crier Staff 4,5; Bison 5, Business Manager 5. JANE: Tri-Hi-Y 1-5, Chaplin 2, Sec. 4, Vice Pres. 5; Band 1-3; FTA 2,3; SIPA 4; Quill Scroll 4,5, Pres. 5; Beta Club 4,5, Treas. 5; Crier Staff 5; SCA 5. EUGENE: FFA 1-5, State Farmers Degree 4. MELVIN: FFA 1-5, State Farmers Degree 4; Pep Club 4. PERRY: FFA 1-5; KVG 2-5. Senior Students Qo On 5o Profitable Careers A senior concocts a challenging mixture on club initiation day. Doris Jean Williams Richard Mullins Williams, III Sarah Pauline Wimmer Susan Lynn Wimmer Clonnie Herman Yearout Ruth Annette Yearout 48 Ralph Milton Vest Terry Steven Vest Camellia Anne Wade Alton Hannon Weddle, Jr. Allen Lane Weeks David Pierce Weeks Jane Pauline Weeks Tyler Eugene West Melvin Wayne Whitlock Perry Lee Whitlock Not Pictured: Alton Wayne Showalter A ft ex Completing Vocational Courses DORIS: SCA 1,4; Homecoming Attendant 1; FHA 2-5, Sec. 4 Beta Club 4,5; FBLA 5; Class Sec. 5. RICKY: Basketball Mgr. 1 Foreniscs Prose 2nd Place 1; Golf Team 2,3; Debate Team 2-4 FTA 3-5, Rep. 4, Pres. 5; One Act Play Cast 4; Varsity Club 4,5 Beta Club 4,5; National Merit Letter of Commendation 5 SARAH: Bison Staff 1-5, Editor 5; FTA 2; S1PA 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-5 Chaplin 5, Historian 4; Beta Club 4,5; Pep Club 4,5. SUSAN Band 1-3; Bison Staff 1-5, Editor 5; FTA 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 24 Historian 3, Vice Pres. 4; Class Vice Pres. 4; Beta Club 4,5 Sec. 5; Pep Club 4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Girls State 4; SIPA 4 CLONNIE: Science Club 2-4, Vice Pres. 4; Library Club 3 Beta Club 4,5, Convention 4; FTA 4,5; Pep Club 4; Class Sec. 3 Class Pres. 2; SCA Rep. 5. ANNETTE: Tri-Hi-Y 1-5, Sec. 5 Bison Staff 3; Forensics 3,4; Science Club 4; Beta Club 4,5 NYC 4,5. 49 Junior Class Officers: Charles Slusher, Vice President: Lyle John Pugh, Reporter. Junior Class Sponsors: Mrs. Peterson, Wimmer, President; Foster Bond, Treasurer; Paul Stuart, Secretary; Mr. Flick, Mrs. Rorrer, Mrs. Altizer, Head Sponsor; Miss Slusher. An All-Male Oeam of Officers Melvin Glenn Angle Faye Elaine Austin Robert Dale Belcher Charles Fredrick Bishop Foster Alan Bond Harold Ray Bond Heads (5fie Class Of 1969 Jackie Lynn Boyd Elsie Ruth Burnette Frank Allen Cannaday Lloyd Russel Cannaday Roger Lynn Carr Betty Jane Conner Katherine Linnia Conner Roger Wade Conner 51 Tommy Dale Cox Carol Lynn Criner Vickie Lynn Cromer Mason Tommy Davis Charles Gary DeWeese Brenda Mae Duncan General Ancel Duncan Nadean Kaye Duncan juniors Anticipate Ordering Class Anne Dunn Gerald Gordon Eanes Dan David Flora Cathy Marie Gallimorc Carolyn Sue George Gloria Gail Goad 52 Linda Diane Goad Harry Randal Gobble Virginia Lee Hale Senorah Bea Harmon Elmon Fredward Harris Robert Murken Harris Rings And Working On oke Spring Prom Melba Jean Hawley Marsha Ann Hayden Nathan Elwood Holden Roger Wayne Hollandsworth Dwight Lee Hopper Judy Ethel Hubbard Lois Gail Hubbard Charles Erbie Huff 53 grades And Mrs. Roberta Hewett, Beta Club sponsor, presents handbooks to newly tapped Juniors. Sarah Genevieve King Samuel Lewis Mallory, Jr. Jean Carol Manning Walter Macleatus Mills Larry Allen Moran Dorma Lillian Morgan 54 Jimmy Zebedee Huff Maybelle Ann Huff Norman Dale Hylton Vicki Lynn Hylton Alfadean Lucille Janney Curtis Edward Janney Brenda Carol Keith Patricia Mae Kemp Larry Michael Kesler David Earl King Character Of Odirty-Oive $ uniors Honored At Beta tapping Manard Melon Martin Joyce Ann McGrady Carol Ann Meador Barbara Jane Midkiff Arba Jean Muncy Larry James Nolen Mary Alice Ousley Richard Anthony Palmer 55 Kenneth Ray Pauley Alva Jeanne Peters David William Peters Lana Christine Phillips Mildred Irene Poff John Maurice Pugh juniors Boost School Spirit through Curtis Alvin Quesenberry Ireta Anne Quesenberry Maurice Dale Quesenberry Roy Stevens Quesenberry James Robert Radford Nancy Mary Radford Richard Lewis Reece Carlos Carter Reed 56 Douglas Wayne Reed Harvie Harrison Reed Audrey Lynn Rierson Joe Allen Robertson Judy Ann Rutrough Howard Vincient Saunders Sharon Lynn Shaver Barbara Jean Shelor Cfieerleading And By Participating On Sports Jennifer Leigh Shelor Martha Ellen Shelor Riehard Miehael Shortt Sarah James Simmons Bethina Anne Simpson Judy Cora Slaughter 57 Tackling the Magazine Campaign with determination. Juniors outsell other classes. College Day Betty Ann Sloane Charles Richard Slusher Kathy Erlene Smith Martha Gail Sowers Thomas Neil Sowers Wanda Jean Sowers Katie Joette Spence Linda Mae Spence Constance Sue Stuart Paul Aldon Stuart Walter Richard Sumpter Vera Mae Sutphin Shirley Gail Townley Frances Gail Turman Bascil Maurice Turner Juanita Elaine Turpin Charlotte Inez Vest Connie Elaine Vest Margaret Anne Via Susan Elizabeth Voight And S6GP, PSAS, SCAS Zdests Prepare juniors 3or ne 3uture Bobby Ray Wade Carolyn Ruth Weddle Robert Madison Weddle Class of ’69 Oriumpfts On Mag Wanda Lynn Weddle Larry Cline Weeks Rebecca Ann West ajine Campaign Janice Lynn Whitlock Curtis Edward Williams, Jr. Larry Edmon Williams Wanda Belle Willis J oan Katherine Wimmer Lyle Stanley Wimmer Not Pictured Percy Eay Burnette Larry Nelson Hatcher Barry Johnson Neighbors Howard Thurman Whitaker 60 Sophomore Class Officers and Sponsors: ROW ONE: Mrs. Margaret Gearheart, Head Sponsor, Mr. Rudolph Marshall, Mrs. Rowena Hollandsworth, and Mrs. Wanda Radford. ROW TWO: Mrs. Elizabeth Meador, Ruby Pratt, Secretary; Stanley Moran, Vice President; Edward Marshall, President; Joe Porter, Reporter; Not Pictured, Steve Sowers, Treasurer. industrious Officers Ce d 159 Sopdomores Phyllis Jean Akers Elizabeth Ann Alderman Judy Elaine Alderman Wanda Sue Alderman Earl Wayne Aldridge James Lowell Aldridge 61 Dorothy Amanda Allen Brenda Gail Alley Sue Ellen Austin Winfred Michel Beale Kenneth Houston Beckner Shirley Susanne Beckner Wanda Carolyn Beckner Glenda Paulette Belcher Lester Dale Belcher Michael Wayne Belcher Carolyn Gayle Blackwell Jewell Marie Bolt Lois Gail Bolt Roger Dale Bond Josiah Thomas Boothe Af er Owo Ijcars Of Hi gfi School, Ode Mary Linda Boothe Sylvia Jean Boothe Luther Wayne Bow r Brenda Lois Boyd Danny Washington Boyd Hazel Renay Boyd Brenda Louise Claytor Beverley Carol Cockram Andy Roland Conner Calvin Ray Conner Deborah Kaye Conner Linda Faye Conner Mary Ann Conner Michael Allen Conner Modjorie Ann Conner 62 Alice Marie Cox Thurman Udell Cox James Heath Dalton Jr. Connie Lynn DeHart Moyer Turner DeHart Jr. Chester Edwin Donahue Mary Alice Dulaney Eileen Ellen Duncan Maurice Carney Epperly Sandra Lee Epperly Michael Lane Gallimore JoAnn Gearheart Kathryn Sue Gearheart Sandra Mae Gibson Larry Evan Goad Of ' 70 See (jfieir Academic Dreams Become Reality Thomas Anthony Grace Allen Leon Graham Westley Rayford Grant Anita Dianne Griffith Sandra Kay Hale Dennis Wayne Harmon Carlene Roberson signals that she and other Sophomores are ready for their part in the American Education Week Program. 63 Linda Sue Harris Debra Leigh High Clinton Lee Hill Henry Allen Hill Sandra Sue Hollandsworth Larry David Horton Roger Dale Houchins Joseph Morris Howery Dan Clayton Hubbard Wanda Jean Huff Brenda Gail Hylton Carolyn Sue Hylton Rosanna Gail Hylton Cynthia Marie Ingram Larry Alan Janney ( jentd Qraders Prove (5de ir Ce dersdip Abilities Larry Dean Keith Rodney Lynn Kesler Larry Dale King James Robert Lampey Carolyn Sue Lane Kerry Clay Lawrence Michael Charles Lee Michael Lynn Linkous Shirley Mae Mabery William Garland Manning Lester Elgin Mannon Carlie Lawrence Marshall Charles Edward Marshall Kenneth Ray Marshall Larry Walter Marshall 64 Lonnie Wayne McDaniel Linda Fay McGuire Alice Faye Meador Nancy Diane Moles Linda Faye Moran Stanley Wayne Moran Larry Elton Myers Joyce Marie Nester Judy Lynn Nixon Bobby Alton Ousley Christine Odessa Pannel Roger Dale Pauley Danny Lee Phillips Mary Elizabeth Phillips Alta Lovanne Poage On SCA, Sports And Club Membership Cathy Lynn Poff Joseph Iray Porter Donnie Leon Pratt Ruby Inez Pratt Anthony Ray Quesenberry Carolyn Kaye Quesenberry Carolyn Sue Quesenberry James Dale Quesenberry James Harold Quesenberry, Jr. Joe Dylie Quesenberry Joseph Wayne Quesenberry Juanita Faye Quesenberry Theron Russel Quesenberry Toney Boyd Quesenberry 3ennett Wayne Reed 65 Carolyn Joan Reed Patricia Ann Reed Wanda Carlene Roberson Deborah White Rumburg Sperry Jones Russ Deborah Ann Scott Roger Meyer Shelor Gene Dale Shortt Peggy Lou Showalter Tommy Lowman Slaughter Freeman Maurice Slusher, Jr. Michael Dean Slusher Richard Lynn Slusher Allen Dwight Smith Russel Wayne Sowers Sophomores Accept fide Challenges Of Sophomores find time for last minute studying and a brief moment of socializing during a lunch break. Steve Moore Sowers George Curtis Spangler, Wesley Eugene Starkey Ralph Wayne Stump Rebecca Lou Stump Ronnie Lee Sutphin Paul Martin Talley Fredric Joseph Taylor Rhonda Leigh Thomas Larry Wayne Thompson Gerald Thomas Trail Brenda Sue Underwood Alice Diann Vest Larry Dale Vest Carolyn Sue Wade Academic Or Vocational Curriculums Robert Lee Wood, Jr. Janice Elaine Yearout Sarah Louise Yopp Not Pictured: Edsil Poff Larry Spangler Cecil Vest 67 Officers: Steve Cockram. President; Charles Bond, Vice President; Head Sponsor; Mrs. Alta Turman, Mrs. Brenda Broadwell, Mrs. Diane Higgs, Secretary; Ellen Muncy, Treasurer; Susan Sowers, Carol Humphreys, Mrs. Nora Gardner. Reporter. Sponsors: Mr. Walker Campbell, Mrs. Susan Maxson, Margaret Ethel Agee Ronald Frederick Agnew William Wilbert Agnew Frances Marie Akers Mae Belle Akers Henry Eldridge Alderman, Jr. Patty Sue Alderman Randall Nugent Austin Frances Anne Ballinger Kenneth Elwood Beaver Judy Marlene Belcher Ronald David Belcher Rondel Fee Belcher Wanda Faye Blackwell Debra Kay Bolt Charles Leonard Bond Gary Wayne Boothe Calvin Lewis Bower Lonnie Ray Bower Clifford Earl Boyd Teresa Marie Carroll Roy Chapman Earl Eugene Claytor Ophus Allen Claytor Qualified Officers And Sp onsets 68 Merle Loretta Cockram Steven Arthur Cockram Danny Wayne Compton Jabe Harmon Conner, Jr. Peggy Jane Conner Sandra Elaine Conner William Michael Conner Benny Thorton Cox Donnie Ray Cox Sherman Waitman Cox Linda Marlene Dalton Lois Elaine Dalton Jeanette Gail Davis Nana Gail Dickerson Haden Alton Dulaney Roger Lee Dulaney Author Wayne Duncan Buster Lee Duncan Quide Class Of ’71 Dale Junior Duncan James Marvin Duncan Linda Sue Duncan Donald Ray Epperly Eunice Elaine Farmer Bentley Gerald Ferris Carolyn Jewell Goad David Ray Goad Wanda Kaye Goad Ruby Jane Gordon Gary Lynwood Hale Wayne Edward Hale Joyce Elaine Hancock James Simpson Harm on Joseph Martin Harmon Larry Mark Harmon Barbara Jean Harris Carl Edward Harris James Roger Harris Posey Kirby Harris Neal Bruce Hatcher Robert Eugene Hatcher Dian Pearl Higgs Grady Lawrence Hill 3orw rd 3o Higfiev Cjoals 69 Kathy Jean Hill Catherine Diann Huff Edward Ray Huff John David Huff Mary Sue Huff Annie Geraldine Hylton Audrey Lamyra Hylton Johnny Joyce Hylton Rebecca Ann Hylton Reeta Gail Hylton Douglas Wayne Jewell Albert Clyde Johnson Jem- Glenn Keith McCoy Reginald Keith, Jr. William Douglas King Deborah Ann Lawrence Donna Marie Lawson Ersel Adam Manning, Jr. 3reshmen Swing Up So Second Noted William Dennis Manning Phillip Arthur Mannon Darrell Andrew Marshall Judith Ann Martin Helen Sue McAlexander Ruth McDaniel Gerald David McPeak Patricia Lee Moran Ellen Marie Muncy Robert Charles Muncy Amanda Irene Myers Jerry Wayne Myers William Arthur Naff Charlotte Ann Nester Thomas Aldine Nichols Timothy Andrew Nichols Randall Eugene Nolen Ruth Ann Ober Laurel Elizabeth O’Connor Deborah Jean Page Phyllis Elaine Poff Vicky Mae Poff Michael Lee Pratt Robert Leslie Pugh 70 Barbara Jane Quesenberry Dale Ray Quesenberry Donnie Lee Quesenberry Larry Dean Quesenberry Russel Edon Quesenberry Timmy Allen Quesenberry Elaine Louise Quesinberry Marie Howard Salmons Norma Jo Shankle George Dudley Shelor Robert Neal Shelor, Jr. Gary Edward Showalter Bonnie Lou Smith Brenda Sue Smith Bruce Wayne Smith Patricia Lynn Smith Richard Ervin Smith Barbara Ann Sowder 3outard 5neir graduation in 2971 Alice Marie Sowers Harold Lewis Sowers Rebecca Ruth Sowers Susan Lynn Sowers Michael Grey Spence Velva Marie Spence Vanessa Irene Spencer Barbara Ann Stuart Chester Roy Stuart Janice Elaine Stuart Jill Renee Stuart Kenneth Raye Stuart Uycless Selwyn Stuart Wanda Marie Stuart Jerry Lee Sumpter Charles Wynn Surber Steve Allen Thomas Mary Kathryn Thompson Harry Edward Troutt Tiamon Turner, Jr. Clifford Guy Turpin Mary Ann Turpin Allen David Vest Samuel Eugene Wade 71 Freshmen cheerleaders kick off their magazine campaign skit with a lively cheer. 106 Sreskmen Boys Outnumber Qirls 2 to 1 Zettie Joyce Wood Kenneth Douglas Wurzburger Harry Kenneth Yates Roger Eugene Yeatts Dale Terry Weddle Posy Weddle Rachel Linda Weeks Robert Wayne Weeks Lonnie Ray White Deborah Ann W ' hitlock George Penn Williams Margaret Elaine Williams Jack Bura Willis Cline Lawson Wimmer Ronald Dink Wimmer Frank Ray Woollums Not Pictured: Kenny Ray Huff Rocky Lane Manning Randy Jay McPeak Charles Faye Quesenberry Kenneth Ray Sowers James Thomas Russell Willis Webb 72 Eighth Grade Sponsors and Officers: ROW ONE; Mrs. Cockram, Mrs. Beale, Mrs. Lindauer, Mrs. Jarratt, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Houchins, Head Sponsor, and Mr. Maxson. ROW TWO; Wanda Pratt, Reporter; Gary Gillespie, Treasurer; Emma Jean Huff, Secretary; Wayne Hogan, Vice President; Theresa Moran, President. 2 2 4 Gigfitfi Cjraders Boast Largest Class Lewis Edward Albott Susan Faye Agee Rebecca Sue Akers Brian Lon Anderson Glendell Lynn Belcher Mary Ann Bell Alton Wayne Bolt Gloria Jean Bolt Lessie Pauline Bolt Richard Steven Bond William Henry Boothe Kenneth Randall Bower Brenda Cheryl Bower Sharon Kay Brammer Merita Aldine Brown Patricia Ann Brown Danny Lee Burke Wanda Diane Burke Calvin Grover Cannaday James Dale Carroll Barbara Ruth Claytor Jennifer Enid Claytor Darrell Michael Cockram Robert Bernard Coe Garry Madison Collins Linda Faye Compton Peggy Lee Compton Billy Lee Conner 73 Carolyn Sue Conner Edwin Wayne Conner Joyce Faye Conner Kenneth Dale Conner Mary Lou Conner Myra Lou Conner Peggy Sue Conner Thomas Jasper Conner Sharon Marie Cook Carolyn June Cox Cecil Wayne Cox Joseph Lee Cox Katherine Elizabeth Cox Kathy Marie Cox Samuel Landon Cox Aubrey Windell Dalton Brenda Christine Dalton Mary Hannah Dalton Robert Lane Davis Julius Ames Dickerson William Grant Dickerson Shirley Jean Duncan Verna June Duncan Ellen Dunn Carl Michael Eanes Earsel Garland Eanes Linda Susan Eanes Susan Eanes Gigntn graders Sftow Onterest On 3CHS Wayne James Epperly Alan Trent Gallimore Judy Elaine Gallimore Vicki Sharon Gardner Angela Gail George Gary Eugene Gillespie Brenda Faye Goad David Neal Goad Donna Carol Goad Kathy Lavonne Graham Brenda Faye Guilliams Rufus Mark Harmon Garry Martin Harris Linda Gayle Harris Patricia Ann Harris Melinda Jo Hayden Ralph Norman Helms Jerry Estole Higgs Joyce Gail Higgs Vicki Lynn Higgs Brenda Joyce Hill Earl Wayne Hogan Ralph Edward Hollandsw-orth Robert Lewis Hopper Kyle Edward Hombarger Sandra Kay Houchins William Hamilton Howell Barbara Dale Hubbard 74 Frances Alice Hubbard Larry Rufus Hubbard David Allen Huff Emma Jean Huff Margaret Ann Huff Violet Yvonne Huff Brenda Gay Hylton Richard Lynn Hylton Pauline Virginia Janney Brenda Gale Jones Allie Bell Keith Carol Jean Keith Howard Dennis Keith Claude Cameton Kenley Pamela Diann King Glen Allen Link Paul Stephen Link Barbara Jean Marshall Robert Cleve Marshall Bruce John Me Alexander Jerry McAlexander As Cheerleaders, Sportsmen And Majorettes During a football half-time show, two eighth grade girls perform in a majorette routine. Eighth graders linger outside their English class, wondering what literary character and grammatical functions await them. 75 Mary Elizabeth McAlexander Wander Dean McDaniel Ralph Gilmer Mills Donald Steven Mitchell Ricky Lane Moles Ronnie Lee Moles Frank Lee Moran Loretta Gayle Moran Theresa Lea Moran Pamela Ann Morris Lena Kay Mullins Frances Evelyn Murrie Debora Faye Nester James Neil Nichols Judy Diane Nolen Marvin Darrell Nolen Donald Ray Ober John Dennis O’Connor, Jr. Becky Gayle Phillips Deborah Shirley Phillips Edwin Dale Phillips Of ’72 Surpasses 3resfimen Signing into the library, students in the eighth grade prepare to work on class assignments. Peggy Jo Phillips Reta Kay Phillips Richard Standeth Phillips Helen Sue Poff Rodger Clinton Poff William Earl Poff Barbara Joan Pratt Ralph Steven Pratt Wanda Faye Pratt Berry Jean Proffit Darel Hubert Quesenberry Dianne Quesenberry Donna Gail Quesenberry Dorothy Marie Quesenberry Gary Gene Quesenberry Holland Kent Quesenberry Janet Ethel Quesenberry Linda Sue Quesenberry Lois Ann Quesenberry Steve Leon Quesenberry 76 Vicky Lynn Quesenberry Lyndall Anna Rakes Roger Gale Rakes Ruth Jeanette Ratliffe Calvin Lee Reed Donna Ray Reed Gary Lee Reed Jerry Clayton Reed Jerry Nicholas Reed Calvin Lane Roberson Kathy Jo Roberson Cherrie Elaine Roop Susan Rebecca Royal Lotte Leigh Russ Benjamin David Saunders Evelyn Gale Saunders John Ruffus Saunders Gary Harman Scott Ronald Dale Scott Blaine Oliver Shank Doris Lea Shankle And Sophomores 9n Magajinc Campaign Calvin Coolidge Shortt Hazel Diane Simpkins Joel Boyd Simpkins Denise Lynette Slusher Peter Lee Smith Donald Edward Snavely Bruce Lane Sowers Mary Elizabeth Spiva Mary Gwendolyn Strickland Dennis O’Gary Stuart Granver Lee Stuart Joanne Stuart John William Sutherland Barbara Gale Sutphin Ervin Lawrence Sweeney William Wayne Stuart Brenda Gale Thompson Donnie Dale Thompson Roger Lee Thompson Roy Jeffrey Thompson Brenda Mae Trail Dorsey Dewayne Troutt Kathy Christine Turpin Junior Alfred Vance Joanne Vass Dean Howard Vaughan Gilbert Wayne Vest Janice Marie Vest Samuel Dean Vest Stephen Curtiss Vest Gerald Ward Via Alisa Dawn Wade Jimmy Lee Wade Martha Suzanne Wade Johnny Cameron Walker 77 Not Pictured: Homer Paul Allen Carlton Leroy Dillard Patricia Ann Mannon Jimmy Leon Turpin John Terry Whitaker During the five minute break between class periods, a novelty to the eighth graders, students dash to their lockers for books and homework assignments. High School Appeals Oo New Members of 3CHS Diana Gail Weddle Joyce Irene Weddle Steven Wayne Weddle Paul Lee Weeks Ray Lonzo Weeks Roger Dale Weeks Steven Posey Weeks Linda Gails Wells Rebekah Leah Whitlock Mariam Margaret Williams Mary Jo Williams Janice Louise Willis Ashley Brent Wimmer John Cline Wimmer, Jr. Anne Hillsman Wood Dwight Arthur Wood David Horace Yates 78 Athletics Entering competition in a new district this year, the students behind the doors of my athletic de- partment combine ability with hours of energetic practice. Sports activities begin in late summer with arduous football practices and continue through May with battles over a tennis net. Endeavoring to bring honor and victory to their alma mater, stu- dents work as team members or as Buffalo cheering sections to establish strong athletic squads. Varsity Cheerleaders: ROW ONE: Beth Simpson, Captain. ROW TWO: Cathy GaUimore, Isabel Rutrough, Sue Austin, Rebecca West. Agnew, Co-captain; Judy Slaughter, Judy Varsity And $V Cdeerleaders Activate A basketball player swishes the roundball through the basket to snap a tied score, and a cheerleader breaks into a spirited yell to proclaim “victory”. The quarterback fumbles the ball at the five-yard line, and a “touchdown” cry pierces the nippy air of an autumn night. The seven girls on the Varsity Cheerleading squad met for two i practices each week to plan songs and routines for instigating spirit at pep rallies and games. Floyd and Independence cheerleaders join hands in a friendship circle preceding the varsity game. Varsity cheerleaders, performing sideline yells, encourage crowd participation. Pigskin and hardwood action beckoned Buffalo fans to the Junior Varsity sports events this year. Leading the crowds in cries for victory, the J.V. cheerleaders gained the experience and skills needed to broaden their chances as future Varsity cheerleaders. Alterations in uniforms contributed to the appearance and morale of the squad of seven eighth and ninth grade girls who led the J.V. and Eighth Grade team to 24 victories. In leading sideline yells, the J.V. cheerleaders boost team spirit. J.V. cheerleader, Mary Thompson, does an individual cheer before a foul shot. Scfiool Spirit At Sports Svents J.V. Cheerleaders: ROW ONE: D. Page, Captain, ROW TWO: ter, M. Thompson. ROW FOUR: E. Huff, V. Gardner. V. Quesenberry, J. Wood, Co-captain. ROW THREE: C. Nes- 81 New Coach 8mp lays “Monster Man " Early practice and strenuous exercise helped to get the Varsity football team in the groove for passing, kicking, and punting the pigskin. After three weeks of pre-season practice, the players, clad in new uniforms, entered the 6th District. This year’s competition brought new stumbling blocks for the Buffaloes; however, the football team charged on with zeal and determination, overcoming obstacles to bring home two victories for FCHS. Neil Sowers barely gets the punt off against a heavy rush of Fieldale-Collinsville linemen. Captain Allen Weeks represents the Buffaloes in a meeting with officials to determine the toss. ROW ONE: K. Marshall, J. Quesenberry, S. Burton, F. Bond, W. Beale, N. Hatcher, A. Smith, T. Bond. ROW TWO: D. Boyd, T. Quesenberry, E. Eanes, D. Reed, A. Graham, D. Palmer, N. Sowers, D. Quesenberry, L. Mannon. ROW THREE: G. Vest, manager; Coach Burkett. ROW FOL ' R: Coach Maxson, J. Robert- son, manager; L. Harmon, D. Harmon, H. Alderman, E. Marshall, J. Hall, J. Quesenberry, T. Trail, D. King, A. Weeks, F. Bannick. 82 Defense Go Break Cosing Sireal The Buffaloes lead North Cross by 38 points near the end of third quarter and end the game with a 44-0 victory over the Raiders. Floyd Co. 6 Floyd Co. 0 Floyd Co. 0 Floyd Co. 19 Floyd Co. 0 Floyd Co. 44 Floyd Co. 7 Floyd Co. 12 SCORES William Campbell 25 FortChiswell 21 Rural Retreat 6 Independence 6 Lord Botetourt 19 North Cross 0 Fries 32 Fieldale-Collinsville 15 83 Buffaloes listen for last minute instructions from Coach Burkett before tackling the gridiron. 3loyd County Gncountevs Stiff Competition Allen Graham boots the ball as the team stampedes down the field for tackling advantages. 84 The Buffaloes rush the Northcross quarterback, hoping to deflect or intercept his pass. On New District FCHS quarterback Neal Sowers (1 1) completes a pass as teammates block. Crushing Defeat Over IVorfh Cross, 44-0, Sets Donnie Quesenberry (22) gains yardage by outrunning a would-be Rural Retreat tackier. Even during a tense game, Coach Burkett is the epitome of composure. After spotting a weakness in the defense, Coach Burkett and quarterback Neil Sowers discuss alterations in offensive strategy. 86 A New School Scoring Record J.V. football players rally to positions with opposing team. Athletic Prowess Caqes Seven lUins for SIV ' s J.V. Football Team. ROW ONE: L. Hannan, manager: W. Beale, R. Slaughter, W. Duncan, R. Harris, H. Yates, G. Vest, A. Graham, W. Starkey, R. Webb. ROW TWO: J. Thomas, A. Smith, R. W : eeks, N. Hatcher, J. Myers, E. Manning, D. Horton, C. Bond, D. Boyd, W ' ith Don Flick as coach, the Junior Varsity football team met each afternoon to plan strategy. Assembling in the locker- room before practices, the boys received sheets of mimeographed plays, then surged onto the athletic field to put illustrations into action. Two-hour practices of warm-up exercises, game scrimmages, and position drills readied the team members for twelve games. Battling their way through competition, the J.V. players brought home seven wins. SCORES Floyd Co. 7 Shawsville 25 Floyd Co. 48 Stuart 0 Floyd Co. 20 Rural Retreat 0 Floyd Co. 21 Fries 0 Floyd Co. 21 Independence 0 Floyd Co. 7 Woodlawn 0 Floyd Co. 21 Stuart 0 Floyd Co. 6 Christiansburg 19 Floyd Co. 0 Salem Int. 27 Floyd Co. 0 Rural Retreat 20 Floyd Co. 0 Fries 7 Floyd Co. 7 Independence 0 D. Quesenberry, D. Harman, E. Marshall. ROW THREE: H. Aider- man, S. Stuart, D. Turman, J. Harman, C. Conner, P. Talley, M. Spence, J. Quesenberry, Coach Don Flick. NOT PICTURED: R. Yeatts, S. Sowers, K. Marshall, J. Quesenberry. During the half-time break, J. V. teammates concentrate on Coach Flick’s instructions. 88 With the clash of helmets and shoulder pads reverberating from the athletic field, the eighth grade football season began. Under the management of Coach Del Smith, many of the team members received their first instruction in the fundamentals of FCHS’s major fall sport. Meeting district and area teams in hotly-contested games, the Baby Buffaloes ended their season with a 3-4 record, bettering last year’s record by two wins. SCORES Floyd County 6 William Campbell 25 Floyd County 0 Fort Chiswell 21 Floyd County 0 Rural Retreat 6 Floyd County 19 Independence 6 Floyd County 7 Fries 32 Floyd County 0 Lord Botetourt 19 Floyd County 44 North Cross 0 Floyd County 12 Fieldale Collinsville 12 After two quarters of a hard-fought contest, the eighth grade team retires to the north end of the field. BaSy Buffaloes Post 3-4 Qridhon Record ROW ONE: J. Simpkins, S. Weeks, D. Yates. S. Vest, S. Cox, G. Collins, D. Thompson, J. Walker. ROW TWO: D. Weeks, D. Stuart, G. Gillespie, C.Cannaday, K. Harnbarger, B. McAlexander, J. O’Connor. ROW THREE: R. Bond, J. Cox, R. Helms, B. Shank, H. Keith, Coach Smith. 89 Varsity Players Brea£ IPinless Streak to Briny Horne Varsity Basketball Team: ROW ONE: R. Mannon, L. Williams, TWO: P. Stuart, R. Palmer, D. Harmon, E. Marshall, G. Howell, J. Pugh, R. Thompson, L. Wimmer, M. Agee, C. Smythers. ROW Coach Don Flick. Practicing free shots at the goal or working with the newly- purchased rebounder, the Varsity basketball team stampeded through winter competition, determined to break last year’s winless streak. Roundball season ended with the Buffaloes posting their best record in four years. Meeting district teams for eight games, the Varsity players proved victorious in five. With a total of eight wins, the Buffaloes entered the District Six tournament. Floyd Co. 36 Wool wine 39 Floyd Co. 49 Shawsville 44 Floyd Co. 52 Fries 54 Floyd Co. 63 Auburn 60 Floyd Co. 53 Glenvar 54 Floyd Co. 58 Fries 59 Floyd Co. 55 Rural Retreat 58 Floyd Co. 53 Auburn 58 Floyd Co. 50 Meadows of Dan 75 Floyd Co. 52 Shawsville 34 Floyd Co. 43 Glenvar 58 Floyd Co. 59 Sugar Grove 40 Floyd Co. 55 Independence 50 Floyd Co. 48 Woolwinc 49 Floyd Co. 38 Meadows of Dan 41 Floyd Co. 47 Independence 42 Floyd Co. 47 Sugar Grove 38 90 Nine Victories As the only Senior starting player, Gus Howell crowns Basketball Queen, Wanda Pratt, who is the eighth grade representative. Varsity players take advantage of a time-out to change defensive strategy. Roger Mannon (30) shoots a charity shot from the line for a point against Shawsville. Iligh-scorcr Paul Stuart controls the tap in a jump ball with a Rural Retreat player. In an overtime play the Buffaloes and the Highlanders stand in anticipation of the decisive shot. ( jeammen Qrample Maple While Gus Howell Looks on, Randy Thompson takes aim and shoots the ball. 92 A hush falls over the gym as John Pugh, alter being fouled by a Rural Retreat player, prepares to shoot. Cezves On Distriet tournament eliminations Mr. Maxson, score keeper, Ronnie Phipps, announcer, and David Weeks, statistics keeper, remain alert in order to keep accurate records. 93 Buffaloes Stampede 1967 State Champions 63 to 60 Absorbed players on the bench follow the action of teammates. Buffaloes Paul Stuart (52) and Edward Marshall (54) tense up for the rebound. Coach Flick assumes an accustomed pose as he gives his team directions. 94 J.V. Basketball Team: ROW ONE: E. Manning, A. Smith, W. Naff, TWO: Coach Smith, E. Aldridge, J. Dalton, S. Cockram, H. Alder- C. Bond, T. Quesenberry, R. Slusher, R. Pugh, D. Shortt. ROW man, L. Mannon. Basketball Players Constant practice under the supervision of Coach Smith, high team spirit, and clock work maneuvers made it possible for the Junior Varsity to accomplish a 1 5-3 record, the best showing of a J.V. team during the history of basketball at FCHS. Four players became Varsity members at the end of the season, an indication of their leadership. J.V. players realize the im- portance of functioning as a team and not as individuals. The J.V.’s surge forward for a rebound. Set All-New Reeovd SCORES Floyd Co. 57 Woolwine 20 Floyd Co. 70 Shawsville 22 Floyd Co. 36 Fries 22 Floyd Co. 46 Auburn 71 Floyd Co. 36 Glenvar 35 Floyd Co. 39 Fries 23 Floyd Co. 60 Rural Retreat 48 Floyd Co. 44 Glenvar 50 Floyd Co. 72 Sugar Grove 9 Floyd Co. 52 Independence 40 Floyd Co. 42 Auburn 47 Floyd Co. 62 Meadows of Dan 29 Floyd Co. 60 Shawsville 28 Floyd Co. 75 Rural Retreat 28 Floyd Co. 78 Sugar Grove 28 Floyd Co. 32 Independence 23 Floyd Co. 70 Woolwine 23 Floyd Co. 62 Meadows of Dan 31 95 Allen Smith, looking upward to the goal, prepares to execute the precise form that will score for the Buffaloes. Rigid Curfews And Cengtfiy Practices toughen $ V Leaping high into the air, Buffalo player Robert Pugh tries to gain the advantage that will land the ball into the hands of a fellow teammate. 96 Lester Mannon stretches and releases his hold on the ball, watching anxiously as it sails toward the basket. Play ex s 3or Varsity Positions Time Out! Coach Smith shows that he feels it is time for further instructions and changes in strategy. Tension mounts as Toney Quesenberry steps up to the foul line and aims carefully, in hope of scoring the much needed point. 97 Each afternoon, along with J.V. and Varsity teams, eighth- graders gather to prepare for their initial encounters in inter- school basketball. With encouragement and directions from their coach, they learn the basics of shooting, passing and teamwork. The team strives to lollow the examples of the older boys, know- ing that someday they will take their places. Though the 8th Grade team played only three games, the team won two and gained invaluable experience. SCORES Floyd Co. 55 Shawsville 30 Floyd Co. 18 Woolwine 19 Floyd Co. 33 Shawsville 23 Fighting desperately against Shawsville’s " Shaw nees’ D. Thomp- son jumps for a possible tw o points. Gighth (grade IWns Opposition With Cnro Victories Eighth-grade Basketball Team: ROW ONE: D. Thompson. G. Collins. D. Stuart. ROW TWO: Coach Burkett, J. Cox, R. Thompson, G. Via. K. Hombarger. C. Eanes, G. Link. J. Walker. R. Thompson. R. Helm, J. O ' Connor, G. Gillespie, W. Epperly, M. Cockram. SIPA delegates S. Hannon, I. Agnew, B. Simpson, S. Shaver, B. West, S. Simmons, and J. Hubbard give final touches to 1967 entries. Deserving Students IVin Various Honors Senior Ricky Williams receives a national recognition certificate for his outstanding achievement on National Merit Tests. 115 The DAR award, an annual presentation, went to Susan Wimmer for her excellence in character and citizenship. J. Conner, S. Wimmer, D. Williams, and G. Howell represented Floyd County High School as delegates to Boys’ and Girls’ States Convention. V “Kwiz Kids” Gus Howell, Ricky Williams, and Janet Thomas confer with Norma Shankle, Elaine Quesenberry, Vandy Poage, Mrs. Perry, Beta Club sponsor, after their first win. Brenda Hylton, Charles Surber, and James Quesenberry prepare to face competition at All-State Chorus. 3CHS Awards Students 3or Hi gfi Achievements One-Act play cast members, B. Simpson, C. Agee, A. Rierson, A. Dunn, and director Mrs. Humphreys meet to practice for Overtones. Winnersof the VFW Speaking Contest, L. Yopp, third-place; J. Dalton, second-place; and B. Simpson, first-place; discuss the contest’s topic, “Freedom’s Challenge”. 116 juniors (5op All Otfie r Classes On Magazine Sales Lyle Wimmer, president of the Junior Class, proudly displays the trophy for top salesmanship which his class won for the second year. The Magazine Campaign, an annual project for the student body, begins with competitive class skits that demonstrate sales ability. For the two weeks that follow, students work to earn money needed to purchase school equipment. Daily collections and tallies inform students of the individual high salesmen. Although the $4,000 goal was not reached, many students were rewarded with small prizes acknowledging the contributions they had made. Toney Quesenberry receives a $25 bond for his participation in selling magazines. SCA President, Donnie Quesenberry, has the honor of drawing the names for the five dollar prizes. 117 Senior Marie Canes Reiejns Oner Homecoming Attendants: C. Shortt, E. Huff, K. Harris, K. Hill, J. Harmon, L. McGuire, K. Pauley, V. Cromer, C. Yearout, Sutphin, M. Agee, I. Agnew, S. Moran, R. Pratt, J. Wimmer, F. Hubbard. Not pictured: Dian Higgs. Kicking off to the Rural Retreat Indians, the Buffalo football players brought the 1967 homecoming festivities underway. After two quarters of vigorous activity on the field, the Homecoming events culminated on the crowning of the 1967 Queen. With the conclusion of the battle over the pigskin, the students and alumni moved to the dance in the school cafeteria, a scene of autumn silhouettes and chattering graduates. Attention focuses on Homecoming Queen Marie Panes as Mayor Vernon Harris crowns her and Mr. Hollandsworth awaits to present her with a bouquet. 118 1967 Homecoming 3estivities H. Hancock, G. Howell, M. Eanes, J. Harman, K. Happy queen and escort, Gus Howell, return to their seats in the stands after the coronation is completed. During the floor show Beth Simpson honors the queen with a song, “Words of Love”. A local band, “The Crude Projection,” provides music for dancers. 119 Madonna Scene Creates Air 0) Reverence On the day that FCHS closes for the holidays, students and faculty gather for the last SCA assembly in 1967; for a moment the daily bustle ceases. In the silent auditorium the Christmas story is recreated through readings and traditional carols. The lights dim and the Madonna and the angel slip into place. The faculty and the class of 1968 have chosen these two senior girls on the merit of their high Christian standards and citizenship. Madonna Contestants: Annette Yearout, Joyce Boyd, Jane Weeks, Malinda Lane, Dorothy Smith, Blanche Cox. Brenda Hylton, soprano; Sharon Brammer, alto; Charles Surber, tenor; and James Quesenberry, bass; tell the story of the Nativity in song. Jane Weeks was chosen Angel and Joyce Boyd Madonna at the Annual Christmas Assembly. Narrating the Christmas Assembly, Gus Howell and Beth Simpson correlate their script with the Cantata, “The Song of Christmas”. 120 The Junior and Senior Attendants for the Snow Queen’s Court were Hilda Hancock, Kathryn Sutphin, and Alva Peters. Not pictured: Vickie Cromer. Snow Queen Reigns Despite Parade Confusion Grasping a fistful of that white fluffiness she represents, Snow Queen Doris Williams takes careful aim. At Floyd County’s annual Christmas parade, Snow Queen Doris Williams and her Junior and Senior attendants helped to usher in the Christmas season. Reigning over this community event, the Snow Queen and her court passed through the parade route sharing Christmas cheer with all on-lookers who came despite drizzling rains. The Floyd County Woman’s Club sponsored the float and FCHS’s Beta Club assembled it. The Snow Queen rides high, towering above the rest of the entries and adding a touch of grace to the parade. 121 Student Cooperative Association Urges The Student Cooperative Association is an organization to which all students belong. The elected officers and representatives strive to establish and carry out rules that will benefit the entire student body. This year the SCA chose as its theme “Sail the Action Ship”. Citizenship, scholarship, and leadership are three qualities that guide students through a year of smooth sailing. The SCA sponsors sock hops, locker in- spection, and the leading events at FCHS. SCA members: ROW ONE: Miss Dobyns, Sponsor; J. Boyd, C. Yearout, G. Howell, I. Agnew, Mrs. Radford, Sponsor. ROW TWO: J. Weeks, L. Aldridge, A. Peters, S. Agee, E. Dunn, T. Moran. ROW THREE: S. Moran, R. Slusher, T. Bond, T. Quesenberry, C. Eanes. ROW FOUR: D. Goad, R. Harris, N. Hatcher, K. Spence, L. Harris, D. Slusher. ROW FIVE: K. Hill, P. King, J. Nolen, S. King,D. Quesen- berry ' . ROW SIX: L. Phillips, C. Slusher, B. Simpson, M. Slusher. 122 Students So Sail Sfio Action Sfiip With assistance from a faculty member, SCA representatives conduct a locker inspection. SCA OFFICERS: Clonnie Yearout, Reporter; Toney Quesenberry, Treasurer; Isabel Agnew, Vice President; Donnie Quesenberry, President; Sarah King, Secretary. Working with President Donnie Quesenberry, the sponsors, Miss Dobyns and Mrs. Radford, serve as faculty advisors to the SCA. Bdas Bring Recognition 5o 3CHS With ROW ONE: W. Weddle, A. Peters, N. Duncan, C. Meador, B. Midkiff, B. West, A. Dunn, J. Hubbard, F. Austin, V. Hale, S. Shaver, L. Spence, V. Cromer. ROW TWO: C. Gallimore, E. Shelor, J. Shelor, C. Vass, W. Willis, 1. Agnew, J. Whitlock, V. Hylton, P. Kemp, C. Agee, M. Huff, M. Ousley, J. Slaughter. ROW THREE: S. Simmons, S. King, G. Goad, F. Cannaday, C. Slusher, J. Pugh, B. Simpson, D. Goad, S. Harmon, C. Vest. ROW FOUR: V. Duncan, D. Griffith, With a tap on the shoulder from Clyde Smythers, Alva Peters becomes a member of the Beta Club. J. Weeks, J. Thomas, P. Harris, B. Harris, P. Dulaney, D. Williams, R. Quesenberry, G. Goad, G. Howell, R. Phipps. ROW FIVE: M. Pugh, S. Wimmer, C. Sowers, S. DeHart, P. Dickerson, M. Eanes, A. Moore, A. Porter, W. Shortt, D. Weeks, R. Mannon, C. Smythers. ROW SIX: S. Wimmer, C. Yearout, R. Williams, B. Cockram, M. Lane, A. Yearout, J. Thomas, B. Helm, D. Hayden. Cathy Gallimore, newly-tapped member, receives her certificate of membership during the Beta pinning ceremony. 124 Cm o Consecutive Appearances On K assroom Kiuij [CharaCTEKJ Beta Club Officers: Arthur Porter, Vice-President; Jane Weeks, Treasurer; Ronnie Phipps, President; Susan Wimmer, Secretary; Roger Mannon, Reporter. Outstanding character, academic achievement, and leadership ability are goals that students attain before becoming Beta Club members. After voting on candidates for membership last fall, a faculty committee and old Betas selected thirty-five Juniors and Seniors as initiates. New Betas joined old members in carrying out the activities which include a dance, a trip to Klassroom Kwiz, a club picnic, and the state convention. The following Beta members served as ushers for American Education week: ROW ONE: S. DeHart, S. Wimmer, M. Eanes, P. Harris. ROW TWO: R. Quesenberry, A. Porter, C. Yearout, G. Howell. 125 Betas borrow the shop to construct the Snow Queen’s float of tissue stuffing. Quill and Scroll Members. ROW ONE: D. Hayden, B. Simpson, J. Thomas, P. Dickerson, S. Simmons, S. Shaver. ROW THREE: J. Hubbard, B. West, L. Aldridge. ROW TWO: E. Shelor, D. Griffith, D. Weeks, M. Agee, W. Shortt, R. Mannon, C. Slusher, J. Shelor. Quill and Scroll Gncourages Creative lUriters Officers: Clyde Smythers, Reporter: Jane Weeks, President; Miss Nancy Slusher, Sponsor; Marie Eanes, Vice-President; Sunny Harmon, Treasurer; Anne Dunn, Secretary. 126 The honorary journalistic society at FCHS, the W. T. Ham Chapter of Quill and Scroll, is a nationally affiliated organization. The junior and senior members must be in the upper third of their class and must have participated on the newspaper, annual, or magazine staffs. This year the club judged the Creative Writing Contests, prepared bulletin boards, compiled a student directory, and produced the February Assembly. Transferring information from the Guidance Office files, Sharon Shaver and Marie Eanes prepare the Quill and Scroll student directory. County Crier Receives 1966 trophy 3rom VH SC C. Smythers, L. Jewell, P. Dickerson, and S. Simmons proofread copy before submitting it to their publisher. C. Smythers, R. Thompson, G. Howell, and R. Mannon combine their individual knowledge of sports to complete a synopsis of football season. The Editoral Staff of the County Crier congregates to edit and refurbish stories that section editors present. A change from six to eight pages, smaller sheets, and the first six-weeks edition printed in off-set type characterize the newspaper this year. For the twenty-member journalism class, the County Crier represents frantic hours of solving problems and meeting deadlines. Having received the Vriginia High School League Trophy last year, the staff works hard to defend the paper’s position in the 1968 high school competition. Feature Editors R. Shortt, H. Gobble, W. Mills, J. Conner, and I. Agnew add finishing touches before submitting their articles to the Editoral Staff. 1 r -r ¥•- lA Highland Scops, the literary magazine at FCHS, is a bi-annual effort of 17 aspiring critics who meet each morning to illustrate and edit the various entries for publication. This year an assigned study hall was the meeting place for staff members to gather prose and poetry from the monthly Quill Scroll Contest entries. Students subscribe to the Highland Scops for seventy-five cents. Janet Thomas, Highland Scops editor, purchases the first copy of the winter edition from Mrs. Peterson, faculty advisor. Various Scops staff members aid each other in or- ganizing specific sections of the magazine. Creative Writers Compile 68 Highland Scops Magazine Staff: R. Shelor, Assistant Manager: G. Howell, Poetry Art Staff; L. Wimmer, Art Staff; J. Hubbard, Short-story Editor; Editor; C. Slusher, Lay-out; W. Mills, Business Manager; C. Donahue S. Simmons, Poetry Editor; J. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief; E. Eanes, Exchange Manager; A. Moore, Circulation Manager; P. Conner, Art Staff; J. Weeks, Associate Editor. Officers: BACK ROW: Anne Dunn, Historian; Jane Weeks, Vice- President; Vandy Poage, Reporter; Mrs. Jarratt, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Isabel Agnew, Treasurer; Sarah Wimmer, Chaplain; Donna Griffith, President; Annette Yearout, Secretary. “Clean speech, sportsmanship, scholarship, and clean living.” Each Senior Tri-Hi-Y member pledges to uphold and maintain these Christian ideals. The Senior Tri-Hi-Y is affiliated with the Young Men’s Christian Association. Introducing new students to the school is a year-round project of the club; other activities include discussing religion and prepar- ing gifts for Marion State Institution patients. Sponsor Mrs. Jarratt and club president Donna Griffith leave for the Tri-Hi-Y convention in Radford. Senior Sri-Hi-t ers Sfi are Christmas $ oy ROW ONE: B. Boyd, E. Duncan, I. Agnew, J. Rutrough, K. Lawrence, S. Hollands worth. ROW TWO: B. Cockram, B. Cockram, L. Hale, B. White, C. Roberson, R. Pratt. ROW THREE: C. Quesenberry, A. Dunn, D. Griffith, S. Boothe, B. Alley, C. Hylton. ROW FOUR: J. Manning, D. Griffith, D. Conner, F. Austin, A. Janney, D. High. ROW FIVE: A. Yearout, S. Wimmer, J. Weeks, K. Gear- heart, V. Poage, C. DeHart. ROW SIX: Mrs. Jarratt, Sponsor. The fifth period bell rings, and members of the Bison staff assemble in room 107. With instructions from the sponsor and chief editors, the students begin to work toward section deadlines. As the business staff rushes out the door to sell ads, the copy and class editors write paragraphs or alphabetize lists. Through the cooperation of the staffs 26 members, the Bison emerges from a brain storm into the definite shape of the ‘68 edition. Copy Staff: C. Agee, B. Simpson, and K. Spence Bison Staff: S. Wimmer, Co-editor; M. Eanes, Lay-out Editor; Mrs. Meador, spend many hours with thesauruses and dictionaries Staff members. L. Cannaday , Photographer, in order to create meaningful copy. Sacfi Member Of Ode 68 BOSON St aff Contributes While drawing layouts with Mr. Ellis, the company representative, staff members pause to snack and relax. 130 Sponsor; S.Wimmer, Co-editor; J. Conner, Photographer; S. Shaver, Organization Editor; K. Lawrence, B. West, J. Shelor, E. Shelor, General Zalents Oo 3inisH Hi gft CaliSer JJear6oolz Class Editors: C. Blackwell, S. Hale, E. Muncy, D. Page, J. Wood, M. Lane, C. Vest, A. Dunn, R. Weeks, F. Austin. Mike Agee, David Weeks, and John Pugh, the Business Staff of the Bison, keep written records of sales and manage financial affairs. Casf Of unior-Ori-Hi-JJ Members Presents Junior Tri-Hi-Y Officers: Susan Sowers, President; Elaine Quesin- surer; Helen McAlexander, Reporter; Barbara Harris, Chaplain; berry, Vice-President; Kathy Hill, Secretary; Rachel Weeks, Trea- Donna Lawson, Historian. The Junior Tri-Hi-Y, a division of the Young Men’s Christian Association, is composed of eighth and ninth grade girls who execute the club’s purpose-to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. Some of the club’s projects for the year were the selling of corsages for the Homecoming Dance, supplying Christmas gifts for Joy Ranch in Hillsville, and presenting a Thanksgiving Assembly. In December, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y girls gather gifts to make Christmas brighter for the children at Joy Ranch in Hillsville. Mrs. Hollandsworth, club sponsor, meets with Susan Sowers, President, and Elaine Quesinberry, Vice-President, to discuss upcoming club events. 132 Tn Successful P ay On 5ftan£sgiring Assembly ROW ONE: L. Quesenberry, J. Higgs, J. Belcher, B. Guilliam, D. Lawson, M. McAlexander, C. Nester, B. Jones, P. Morris, P. Janney, P. Compton, L. Dalton, H. McAlexander. ROW TWO: D. Simpkins, S. Duncan, T. Carroll, E. Quesinberry, B. Marshall, D. Nester, D. Weddle, J. Willis, W. Goad, S. Sowers, K. Roberson, S. Houchins, S. Wade. ROW THREE: B. Quesenberry, C. Huff, B. Proffit, R. Phillips, R. Hylton, A. Wood, M. Williams, L. Rakes, In preparation for assembly, Debbie Nester, Janice Willis, Susan Sowers, Charlotte Nester, Elaine Quesenberry, Lyndall Rakes, and Ann Wood practice parts for Mrs. Hollandsworth. R. Ratliff, B. Trail, P. Harris, A. Wade, J. Gallimore. ROW FOUR: L. Harris, C. Cox, L. Russ, E. Williams, D. Higgs, D. Slusher, D. Shankle, K. Hill, R. Weeks, B. Harris, B. Hubbard, P. Phillips. ROW FIVE: M. Huff, Y. Huff, D. Quesenberry, E. Saunders, J. Claytor, J. Stuart, R. Whitlock, M. Bell, L. Duncan, V. Higgs, and J. Quesenberry. Finding the conference room temporarily vacant, the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Program Committee gathers to coin ideas for a monthly meeting. Hi-y Membership Ranhs Highest On Ois History The Hi-Y membership this year is the largest in its history. Composed of 37 sophomore, junior, and senior boys, the club’s chief goal is to demonstrate Christian responsibility and leadership. Sharing activities with the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, the boys attended a joint district meeting at Radford High School. At Christmas the two clubs met for a group fellowship. The final event on the club agenda was the presentation of the Easter Assembly in April. After a long day of meetings at the Hi-Y Convention in Radford, Mr. Burkett and delegates from Floyd County High return to the school. Hi-Y Officers: Mr. Burkett, Sponsor; Mike Agee, Reporter; Ronnie Phipps, Vice-Pres.; Richard Slusher, Treas.; Gus Howell, President: David Weeks, Chaplain; Clyde Smythers, Sec.. ROW ONE: Sponsor Mr. Burkett, C. Smythers, W. McDaniel, D. King, D. Quesenberry, A. Weeks, R. Phipps. ROW TWO: R. Thompson, L. Williams, R. Pauley, P. Talley, R. Williams, E. Eanes, D. Weeks. ROW THREE: R. Hollandsworth, M. Quesenberry, L. Hatcher, S. Moran, M. Lee, M. Slusher, T. Slaughter. ROW FOUR: D. Reed, H. Gobble, L. Wimmer, E. Aldridge, T. Quesenberry, L. Mannon, R. Slusher. ROW FIVE: J. Pugh, K. Pauley, M. Agee, D. Turner, W. Beale, G. Howell. 134 ROW ONE: S. Eanes, L. Rakes, M. Conner, D. Page, J. Wood, D. Lawrence, C. Moore, R. Thompson, J. Sutherland, M. Eanes. ROW TWO: L.Cannady, D. Palmer, D. Scott, J. Harmon, J. Shelor, M. Agee, R. Moles. ROW THREE: M. Dulaney, B. Hylton, S. Agee, T. Slaughter, T. Moran, R. Shelor, A. Vest, M. Lane. J. Thomas. ROW FOUR: G. Strickland, T. Williams, E. Dunn, R. Hollandsworth, L. Williams, N. Hatcher, D. Hopper, R. Bond, J. Roberson. ROW FIVE: M. Turpin, F. Murrie, M. Quesenberry, R. Shortt, L. Wimmer, W. Mills. Science Club Welcomes New Sponsor Students at FCHS who find exciting the pursuit of scientific knowledge in the world around them and in themselves band together to form the Science Club. Discussions, demonstrations, and experiments punctuate their meetings. This year members decided to forego a club project in order to spend more time on individual ones. All members are required to participate in the annual Science Fair which the club sponsors in March. Mrs. Rorror, Sponsor; Jennifer Shelor, Secretary; Lloyd Cannaday, Riding on the Science Club Float in the Christmas Parade, Mike President; Mr. Thomas, Sponsor; Robert Shelor, Treasurer; Margaret Eanes happily becomes a portion of scientific apparatus. Agee, Reporter; and Janet Thomas, Vice-President. ROW ONE: S. Burton, A. Weeks, T. Vest, R. Phipps, E. Harris, K. Wurzburger, C. Donohue. ROW TWO: J. Robertson, R. Thomp- son, J. Pugh, C. Smythers, T. Quesenberry, C. Williams, S. Moran, J. Hall, Mr. Flick, Sponsor. ROW THREE: G. Howell, R. Williams, R. Mannon, W. McDaniel, E. Aldridge, F. Bond, A. Smith, W. She- lor, R. Vest, W. Freeman. ROW FOUR: P. Stuart, M. Agee, D. Reed, D. Palmer, D. King, C. Reed, N. Sowers, D. Harmon, E. Marshall, M. Quesenberry, J. Dunn, E. Eanes. Varsity Club Sponsors 3irs Bas£d6a 11 Queen Composed of 42 high school athletes, the Varsity Club strives each year to promote sports activities in the school. Members fulfill this goal by supporting the Buffaloes during fall, winter, and spring athletics. Selecting a Basketball Queen was this year’s new club project. The candidate whose class sold the most tickets was winner of the title. At the annual Varsity Club Banquet sportsmen and cheerleaders receive awards and letters. Varsity Club Officers: Terry Vest, Chaplain; David King, Treasurer; Allen Weeks, President; Eddie Harris, Vice-President; Don Flick, Sponsor. Not pictured: Donnie Quesenberry, Secretary. The FHA and FFA are among the organizations that carry out joint activities. By combining ideas, club members complete recreational and purposeful projects. In December the FFA boys select a girl from the FHA to be- come their Chapter Sweetheart. She is announced during a Christ- mas party. Each year the Future Homemakers serve at the Father-Son Banquet. The situation reverses at the Mother-Daughter Banquet when the boys become hosts. 1 Crop judging team members D. Pratt, N. Hylton, T. Altizer, and D. Belcher evaluate samples of fall crops. FFA members selected Kathryn Sutphin their 1968 Chapter Sweetheart. 3HA a nd 33 A P an ‘joint Cfiristnus Activities Prior to their Christmas meeting, the FHA and FFA officers plan party activities. 137 ROW ONE: Mrs. Cockram, Sponsor; R. Hylton, Parliamentarian; D. Ratliff, Corresponding Secretary; J. Boyd, First Vice-President; H. Hancock, President; W. Willis, Second Vice-President; J. Harman, Treasurer; M. Thompson, Recreation Leader; Mrs. Gardner, Spon- sor. ROW TWO: C. Quesenberry, Pianist, V. Poff, Recreation Leader; D. Bolt, C. Blackwell, Historians; B. Belcher, Recording Secretary; C. Wade, Reporter; A. Rierson, S. Austin, Song Leaders. 3uture Homemakers Learn Being a responsible and active citizen is the goal of each mem- ber of the Future Homemakers of America. FHA members present programs on citizenship and recognize outstanding projects that members complete. The club presents an assembly program for the student body and serves at school and civic banquets. With the acquisition of knowledge and basic skills, the FHA girls are striving for individual, family, and community improve- ment. The FHA Program Committee pools ideas to provide stimulating demonstrations during club meetings. 138 ROW ONE: M. Ousley, V. Sutphin, B. Keith, S. Epperly, J. Man- ning, J. Wimmer, D. High, J. Conner, J. Poff. ROW TWO: L. Phil- lips, J. Whitlock, J. Turpin, P. Kemp, L. Bolt, A. Janney, D. Vest, J. Yearout, V. Agee, K. Smith. ROW THREE: C. Criner, K. Sutphin, M. Phillips, B. Cox, G. Goad, B. Harter, P. Akers, S. Beckner, B. Sloan, E. Cockram, B. Sowers. Gssentials Of Miking A (good Home ROW ONE: R. Ratliff, A. Sowers, J. Hylton, L. Moran, M. McAl- exander, H. McAlexander, S. Conner, S. Eanes, J. Gearheart, H. Boyd, P. Reed, F. Ballinger, S. Eanes, B. Cockram. ROW TWO: D. Quesenberry, G. Hylton, J. Gallimore, L. Dalton, J. Higgs, C. Cox, L. Wells, C. Goad, J. Nester, L. Cockram, J. Boyd, J. Bel- cher. ROW THREE: B. Smith, L. Russ, B. Profitt, R. Ober, P. Moran B. Trail, V. Quesenberry, J. Nolen, R. Phillips, N. Duncan, C. Wade, ROW FOUR: L. Quesenberry, M. Turpin, M. Sowers, M. Salmons, K. Gearheart, J. Vest, R. Whitlock, L. Duncan, B. Underwood. ROW FIVE: W. Jones, C. Huff, R. Hylton, P. Belcher, N. Radford, P. Simpkins, B. Quesenberry, M. Huff. 139 “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Learning to Live, Living to Serve”-this motto of the Future Farmers of America permeates the activities that 156 vocational agriculture students perform. Each school year these FFA members fulfill the club motto by serving on five different judging teams and participating in local and district contests. The FFA also offers social opportunities for its future farmers through banquets, camps, and meetings. ROW ONE: Dale Belcher, Treasurer; Mike Gallimore, Reporter; Tommy Altizer, President; Larry Thompson, Secretary; Donnie Pratt, Vice-President. ROW TWO: Norman Hylton, Sentinel; Mr. Keith and Mr. Jennings. Sponsors; Glen Goad, State Vice-President. 33A Members Sfiow Skill ROW ONE: E. Harris, M. Martin. N. Hylton, G. Goad, M. Pugh, N. Sowers, H. Reed, D. Harmon. ROW TWO: R. Reece, D. Harman, W. Shelor, M. Hancock, L. Moran, H. Bond, M. Davis, F. Harris, Mr. Keith. ROW THREE; R. Harris, G. Bishop, B. Hylton, R. Beaver, T. Altizer, L. Bower. ROW FOUR: B. Freeman, E. West, B. Neighbors, R. Taylor, R. Hollandsworth, R. Sumpter, B. Galli- more, L. Dalton. 140 ROW ONE: D. Pratt, M. Gallimore, D. Belcher, C. Allen, L. Bower, R. Belcher, D. Boyd, F. Wollums, G. Boothe. ROW TWO: Mr. Jennings, Advisor, R. Hatcher, D. Hubbard, C. Quesenberry, G. C. Spangler, M. Belcher, J. Porter, G. Manning, A. Johnson, J. Quesenberry, Mr. Keith, Advisor. ROW THREE: H. Keith, D. Goad, J. Conner, Jr., L. Hubbard, G. Weddle, L. Thompson, J. Boothe, D. Turner, K. Beckner. ROW FOUR: H. Troutt, W. Agnew, J. Sumpter, L. Keith, W. Stump, C. Reed, J. Radford, L. Goad. ROW FIVE: J. Huff, B. Cox, R. Quesenberry, L. Vest, F. Taylor, A. Smith, F. M. Slusher, L. Marshall. 9n 5racfor Driving Contest ROW ONE: R. Belcher, L. Abbott, R. Pratt, G. Harris, S. Cox, J. Vance, R. Hylton, D. Goad, G. Belcher, E. Huff. ROW TWO: R. Phillips, G. Stuart, J. Duncan, R. Belcher, W. Hogan, R. Weeks, D. Thompson, R. Moles, K. Bowers, Mr. Jennings, Advisor. ROW THREE: R. Weeks, K. Quesenberry, R. Marshall, C. Kenley, D. Cox, H. Yates, D. Yates, S. Vest, D. Quesenberry, L. White. ROW FOUR: D. Mitchell, D. Weddle, G. Williams, J. Wade, R. Hollandsworth, J. Cox, R. Thompson, G. Showalter. ROW FIVE: E. Eanes, C. Reed, W. Cox, S. Vest, G. Vest, D. Troutt. 141 3BCA Sponsors Marcfi of Dimes Officers: Sandra DeHart, President; Judy Hubbard, Vice-President; Phillips, Reporter; Barbara Shelor, Historian; Jerry Hollandsworth, Vona Duncan, Secretary; Linda Aldridge, Treasurer; Marilyn Parliamentarian. The Future Business Leaders of America club aids its members in developing individual business interests and working effectively in the world of commerce. FBLA members enjoy guest speakers at club meetings, field trips to large businesses, and working with the main activity, the March of Dimes Campaign. Through their endeavors, physically and mentally handicapped children may lead a normal, happy life. The March of Dimes Campaign, an annual highlight of FBLA, begins as members prepare to distribute pamphlets and posters. 142 Campaign and 3ixst Spelling Contest ROW ONE: S. DeHart, J. Hubbard, L. Aldridge, D. Huff, B. Shelor. ROW TWO: C. Hylton, R. Stump, A. Goad, C. Meador, R. Hylton, L. Phillips, A. Peters, E. Duncan, B. White, V. Duncan, P. Kemp. ROW THREE: M. Phillips, M. Dulaney, B. Harris, B. Duncan, D. Phillips, D. Conner, J. Simpkins, D. Ratliff, C. Vass, W. Jones, L. McGuire, J. Reed, F. Weeks, M. Phillips. ROW FOUR: D. Morgan, C. Vest, C. Sowers, G. Goad, B. Cox, M. Phillips, S. Hubba rd, C. Wade, J. Scott, W. Huff, J. Quesenberry, V. Hylton, P. Dulaney, J. Hollandsworth. In the FBLA Spelling Contest the following students received perfect scores: J. Quesenberry, B. Harris, N. Duncan, and J. Hubbard. Cheryl Vass and Diane Huff present a skit on the proper techniques to use during a job interview. The Future Teachers of America is a club of thirty-nine sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The purpose of the FTA is to create a greater interest in teaching and to encourage young people to select this occupation. Club programs include a visit from student teachers who inform the members of experiences and activities they might anticipate while at college. A special club project is the $25 book scholarship awarded to a deserving senior member. ROW ONE: Katie Spence, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Turman, Sponsor; Cathy Gallimore, Reporter. ROW TWO: John Pugh, Vice-President; Richard Williams, President. 3 ' oA Members C earn Of Student Oeacfters’ The duties of the FTA program committee are to discuss, plan, and arrange club meetings of special interest and importance. 144 Delegates Elsie Burnette, Arthur Porter, and Ricky Williams leave FCHS for the State FTA Convention in Richmond. FTA committee members sketch profiles for a Thanksgiving bulletin board. Gxperiences And Of Available Scholarship Help FTA Members: ROW ONE: C. Gallimore, L. Spence, K. Spence, V. Hale, E. Shelor, F. Austin, S. Epperly, L. Aldridge, P. Harris, J. Pugh, R. Williams, L. Hatcher. ROW TWO: K. Quesenberry, S. Hollandsworth, B. Alley, K. Lawrence, C. Vest, D. Vest, C. Stuart, M. Hayden, C. Ingram, B. Helm, D. Hayden, L. Kesler, S. Shaver. ROW THREE: V. Poage, C. Blac kwell, D. Goad, A. Porter, S. Harmon, M. Agee, S. Gibson, A. Moore, C. Yearout, S. King, D. Quesenberry, C. Slusher, P . Stuart. 145 The Neighborhood Youth Corps provides jobs for its members who wish to work while receiving a high school education. Under the sponsorships of the Federal Government and the Floyd County School Board, the NYC establishes work hours during the students’ study halls or after school. At these times they assist the custodians and teachers, or carry out duties in the lunchroom, the clinic, the guidance department, and the main office. m mU NYC worker, Dianne Huff, performs secretarial duties while work- ing in the main office during her free period. Nyc GmSi es AmSitious Students So Work Officers: Anna Mae Goad. Secretary-treasurer; Judy Harman, T reasurcr; Vona Duncan, President: Brenda Duncan, Vice-President; Mrs. Sally Dalton and Mrs. Nola Albert, sponsors. 146 ROW ONE: A. Goad, C. Meador, B. Sloan, M. Ousiey, C. Vass, W. Jones, K. Smith, B. Keith, M. Poff, J. Conner, D. Smith, M. Booth, P. Howell, 1. Myers, J. Harman, B. Duncan, V. Duncan. ROW TWO: B. Midkiff, C. George, L. Hubbard, W. Stuart, M. Via, F. Turman, J. Martin, B. Conner, H. Boyd, J. Turpin, C. Criner, M. Boyd, D. Allen, V. Agee, J. Boyd, D. Huff, A. Rierson. ROW THREE: L. Weeks, R. Lampey, T. Cox, B. Claytor, D. Moles, B. Cox, N. Radford, L. Bolt, A. Yearout, D. Morgan, C. Vest, H. Whitaker, A. Dalton, R. Vest, J. Thomas. ROW FOUR: L. Jewell, A. Weddle, J. Duncan, J. Turman, G. Manning, M. Pugh, C. Howell, H. Whitaker, C. Allen, H. Saunders, B. Neighbors, A. Duncan, L. Moran. 3or 3CHS 3acu1ty And Administration Receiving the necessary information, a NYC worker admits a student to the clinic. Completing minor jobs in the Guidance Department, NYC girls enable Miss Dobyns to perform other tasks. 147 In its second year of existence, the Pep Club remains one of the largest clubs in school with 157 members. The purpose of this club is to promote school spirit and to support FCHS teams in competition. Each member is required to attend every home game and to sit as a group. At each game the members follow cheerleaders in yells for the Buffaloes. For the first time, members wear badges to distinguish them from other fans. Pep Club Officers: K. Spence, Secretary; V. Hale, Vice-President; A. Porter, Treasurer; K. Gallimore, Reporter; S. Wimmer, President. Pep CluS Maintains Largest MemSersfiip ROW ONE: V. Cromer, C. Gallimore, B. West, B. Simpson, S. Simmons, S. King, C. Vest, J. Vest, D. Shortt, J. Davis, J. Conner V. Hale. ROW TWO: D. Lawson, A. Meador, M. Conner, S. Beckner, W. Beckner, J. Wimmer, E. Quesenberry, F. Hubbard, J. Que- senberry, C. Hill, T. Carroll, S. Wimmer, M. Smith. ROW ' THREE: A. Dunn, J. Rutrough, S. Austin, V. Poff, R. Ober, L. Harris, A. Wade, B. Hylton, L. Myers, B- Cook, B. Collins, K. Spence. ROW FOUR: C. Stuart, J. Stuart, M. Hayden, C. Ingram, B. Clay- tor, C. Pannell, P. Harris, A. Duncan, D. Weddle, F. Murrie. ROW ' FIVE: K. Stuart, J. Walker, S. Stuart, R. Helms, C. Stuart, James Thomas, S. Cockram, G. Via, G. Spangler, D. Compton. ROW SIX: M. Eanes, N. King, H. Hancock, J. Boyd, M. Via, B. Turner, W. Hogan, T. Grace, B. Neighbors. ROW SEVEN: P. Brown, L. Compton, M. Williams, B. Thompson, V. Quesenberry, G. Gil- lespie, D. Boyd, L. Goad, G. Weddle. ROW EIGHT: S. Houchins, K. Roberson, K. Goad, M. Conner, E. Conner, J. O’Connor, L. Bower, S. Hale, J. Quesenberry- 148 Pep Men Wayne Hogan and Ancel Duncan show off their shouting abilities to Pep Club Sponsors, Mrs. Beale and Mrs. Lindauer. And Promotes Sports Program Sy Attending (games ROW ONE: G. Scott, B. McAlexander, B. Collins, J. Simpkins, S. Vest, D. Y ates, D. Whitlock, N. Shankle, C. Surber, C. Poff, S. Gibson. ROW TWO: R. Carr, L. Dalton, J. Slaughter, E. Burnett, A. Porter, D. Goad, C. Moore, C. Wade, C. Goad, D. Nester, E. Williams, C. Agee. ROW THREE: R. Wood, D. Peters, C.Cannaday.C. Keith, D. Reed, J. Wood,D. Hopper, W. Mills, C. Nester, 1. Agnew, L. Spence. ROW FOUR: R. Pratt, K. Quesenberry, J. Nixon, D. Page, M. Spence, M. Thompson, D. Scott, L. Yopp, B. Boyd, R. Reece, B. Wade, R. Slusher. ROW FIVE: E. Manning, G. Vest, C. Roberson, J. Myers, N. Hatcher, S. Sowers, R. Weeks, E. Huff, V. Gard- ner, M. Slusher, J. Dalton. ROW SIX: R. Weeks, D. Ober, A. Smith, B. Marshall, L. Harmon, R. Shortt, W. Naff, J. Harman, W. Pratt, G. Bishop, B. Dalton. 149 As students of FCHS check out books, obtain overdue forms, do research from back issues of magazines, or return volumes, few of them consider how much work it takes to keep the library shelves at their disposal. The Library Aides perform many of the daily duties concerned with this task. During their study halls, these club members stamp check-out cards, reshelve books, and help fellow students locate material for research papers. Wanda Weddle adds pleasure to Mrs. Murrie’s librarian work by doing small jobs as a Library Aide. Members Of Library Club Aid Librarian And Library Club Officers: Betty Belcher, Treasurer; Diane Huff, Vice-President; Alva Peters, Secretary; Wanda Weddle, Reporter; Janice Whitlock, Historian; Randy Thompson, President; Mrs. Murrie, Sponsor. 150 Working side by side, Mrs. Murrie and Louise Yopp return cards to overdue books. Students During 3 vee Periods ROW ONE: D. Huff, L. Dalton, A. Peters, S. Townley, P. Reed, R. Thomas, D. Nester. ROW TWO: B. Belcher, J. Slaughter, L. Yopp, N. Dickerson, P. Howell, D. Laurence, P. Smith, L. Hylton. ROW THREE: J. Whitlock, S. Rumburg, W. Willis, P. Poff, B. Midkiff, A. Meador, A. Rierson, S. Compton, J. Poff, M. Poff, D. Whitlock. ROW FOUR: L. O’Connor, W. Weddle, D. Morgan, P. Belcher, M. Phillips. ROW FIVE: T. Altizer, R. Thompson, T. Slaughter, L. Bower, W. Hogan, W. Conner, D. Rumburg, P. Dulaney, Mrs. Murrie, Sponsor. ROW SIX: M. Epperly, L. Moran. 151 3 ive Students Compete 9n Regional Cfiorus The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Donald Wean, annually provides music for the Christmas Assembly, the Gradua- tion ceremonies, and public concerts. Chorals I and II, which are part of the school curriculum, rather than extra curricula activities, offer instruction in the basic fundamentals needed to develop voices with good tone and quality. The most talented from these two classes are selected for the Glee Club. Eight boys of Choral II hold a pre-class warm-up session as they sing their favorite songs and test their musical abilities. ROW ONE: N. Shankle, B. Cockram, B. Marshall, C. Nester, S. Brammer, W. Goad, K. Conner, K. Stuart, K. Sowers, P. Phillips, E. Huff, J. Conner, W. Beckner, P. Conner, Mr. Wean. ROW TWO: J. Wood, E. Quesenberry, A. Wade, C. Surbur, D. Weddle, B. Hylton, D. Whitlock, K. Lawrence, J. Davis, L. Hylton, B. Hylton. ROW THREE: D. Page, S. Hale, J. Quesenberry, D. Hopper, D. Shelor, R. Hylton, V. Poage, D. Scott, P. Smith, B. Smith, P. Harris, M. Phillips. 152 Music Students Perform together 9n Concert The FCHS band, conducted by Mr. Waller, presents festive Christ- mas selections to the student body. At any time of the year, infinite varieties of music echo from the depths of the auditorium. During the school months, the band and choir combine forces for the presentation of civic programs. Endeavoring t o bring enjoyment to the interested public, these musicians and vocalists perform at graduation, during assemblies, and at Christmas and spring concerts. As musical performers, band and choral students discover that music can serve as an outlet for relieving frustration. At the annual Christmas Concert, band members of FCHS combine the tones of their instruments to produce a pleasing harmony. Each member of the Glee Club gives his undivided attention to Mr. Wean, conductor. ft T - K k V A ' ® | Mm T ' “ WjM After Six years 3CHS Ba nd Operates Seventy energetic musicians make up FCHS’s band. Under the direction of Mr. Victor Waller, the band performs during half-time at football games, presents a Christmas and Spring Concert for the public, and attends Band Day at VP1 during the year. In hopes of arousing interest the band performed at three elementary schools. Band students find that 6th period is a time for expressing themselves and for displaying their musical talents. Ellen Shelor, drum majorette, listens intently as Mr. Waller reviews a band routine. ROW ONE: J. Shelor, W. Alderman, E. Shelor, L. Winimer, D. High, E. Williams, L. Spence, K. Spence. ROW TWO: S. Gibson, B. Dalton, R. Thomas, F. Murrie, D. Shankle, J. Dalton, L. O’Connor, C. Quesenberry, M. Lee, D. Lawson, S. Agee, T. Moran, C. Agee, A. Moore. ROW THREE: M. Bell, J. Claytor, M. Agee, R. Weeks, C. Hylton, P. Talley, M. Linkous, C. DeHart, J. Conner, K. Griffith, D. Compton, P. Weeks, A. Vest. ROW FOUR: L. Rakes, S. Royal, C. Boyd, E. Dunn, D. Slusher, D. Weddle, P. Poff, T. Williams, K. Wurzburger, R. Thompson, M. Slusher, D. Horton, E. Manning, W. Naff, H. Gobble, M. Quesenberry, G. Strickland, R. Bond, D. Stuart, S. Quesenberry, R. Bond, S. Sowers. 154 Und ex New Dixeetox Majorettes: Kneeling: A. Moore, head majorette; L. Spence, assistant head majorette. Standing: D. Weddle, S. Agee, G. Strickland, C. Agee, E. Dunn, T. Moran, D. Slusher. After long parade routes, band members become weary, but still step brightly to the tunes of Christmas Marches. 155 With the main objective to “Keep Virginia Green”, the FFA boys composing the KVG crews preserve the forests of Virginia. During one schoolday of each year, these boys participate in a field trip. At this time they receive training in preventing and fighting forest fires and conserving forests and wildlife. The 90 members are divided into area crews, which are on call to fight forest fires under supervision of a state Forest Warden. Area crew leaders of KVG demonstrate the use of rakes, pulaskis, axes, and other fire fighting equipment. Crew Members Of Ofie K VQ On Constant ROW ONE: A. Smith, C. Howell, G. Weddle, C. Allen, H. Bond, G. Boothe, D. Belcher, R. Belcher, N. Hylton, Mr. Jennings, R. Harris. ROW TWO: L. Keith, J. Vance, B. Hylton, W. Shelor, Advisor. D. Harmon, M. Hancock. ROW THREE: D. Pratt, R. Belcher, 156 Check Area Crew, ROW ONE: L. Moran, J. Boothe, B. Neighbors, G. Manning, R. Hatcher, M. Whitlock, J. Radford, W. Stump, L. Thompson, L. Bower, L. Vest, R. Beaver. ROW TWO: R. Taylor, K. Beckner, Mr. Keith, Sponsor. T. Vest, P. Whitlock, G. Vest, D. Boyd, D. Turner. ROW THREE: Alert 5o Preserve Natural Resources Willis Area Crew, ROW ONE: B. Gallimore, E. Harris, L. Dalton, B. Freeman, L. Marshall, R. Hollandsworth. ROW TWO: J. Cox, R. Reece, H. Keith, M. Gallimore, N. Sowers, G. Bishop, F. Harris. ROW THREE: Mr. Keith, L. Goad, G. Goad, R. Sumpter, M. Martin, H. Reed, T. Altizer, Mr. Jennings, Sponsor. 157 ADULT BUS DRIVERS: Mr. Denton Whitlock, Mr. Harry Hungate, Mr. Austin Bolt, Mr. Russell Quesenberry, Mr. Sherman Thompson, Mr. George Pratt, Mr. Don Reed, Mr. Les Sowers, Mrs. Harman Williams, Mr. Harman Williams. Transporting students to and from FCHS is the responsibility of adult and student bus drivers. Bus drivers select safety patrol- men who give assistance to students and help to maintain order. The maintenance crew has an equally important job in keeping the buses in excellent condition, and making reparis in and around the school. Directing cars at ballgames, programs, and other night activities is a duty of the parking crew. Twice a day bus driver Jim Perdue warms up Bus 5 for his 25-mile route. Bus Driving involves Many l Vho Work ROW ONE: M. Smith, T. Vest, D. King, C. Reed, J. Radford, P. Whitlock. ROW TWO: E. Marshall, L. Williams, A. W ' eeks, B. Freeman, R. Quesenberry, G. Bishop. ROW THREE: L. Dalton, F. Bishop, D. Harman, H. Bond, E. West. ROW FOUR: T. Altizer, J. Scott. 158 Safety Patrol: ROW ONE: Mr. David Harman. ROW TWO: Mr. Campbell, Sponsor; B. Shelor, A. Muncy, B. Hylton, J. Nester, F. Turman, L. Hylton, R. Quesenberry, Sheriff Sutphin. ROW THREE: K. Sutphin, J. Boyd, J. Martin, B. Underwood, C. Vest, K. Beckner, P. Conner, J. Wimmer. ROW FOUR: S. Sowers, R. Manning, G. Keith, S. Wimmer, H. Dulaney, D. Wood, D. Belcher. ROW FIVE: C. Reed, J. Radford, S. Russ, R. Hatcher, R. Reece, M. Davis. Go Keep 3CHS On Schedule ml Cafeteria workers: Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Howery, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Hylton, Mrs. Sowers, Mrs. Weddle, and Mrs. Keith. £oya! Staff Members 3ulfill Gridless 5a sbs As pleasant aromas float through the FCHS corridors, it is evident that the dedicated cafeteria staff is preparing a hot, well- balanced meal for 800 hungry students who will charge into the cafeteria promptly at 1 1 o’clock. The custodians are equally involved in school activity. Fireing the boilers daily, keeping the building clean, and setting up con- cessions at athletic events are only a few of their infinite tasks. A housekeeper’s work is never done; nevertheless, Mr. Royal, Mrs. Via, and Mr. Thomas take time out to talk. Four hungry teenagers manage to beg a few grains of popcorn as janitress Mable Via prepares for the upcoming basketball game. 160 Teenagers play a key role in the world of business. Each afternoon students rush into town to discuss their endless activities over a bag of potato chips or to buy note cards for completion of a term project. Business leaders interested in the high school generation realize that students are an important part of the consumer market. The BISON staff wishes to thank these businessmen for advertising in the 1 or advertising 3 D Advertisers Herff Jones Floyd Pharmacy, Inc. Floyd, Virginia Phone 745-2177 Buddy Moses, Representative Pearisburg, Virginia Class Rings, Graduations Announcements Awards, Caps and Gowns, Diplomas, Yearbooks HARRIS CLEANERS SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY For Cleaning Elegance Phone 745-5521 Floyd, Virginia 162 Compliments of MONTGOMERY MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY CLOWER ' S STORE Nat S. Shiftlette, Owner - Manager All Types Insurance Coverage Fl °y d Virginia Dividend Savings Christiansburg, Va. SHELTON WALTERS Mens Shop Home of Curlee Clothes Christiansburg Virginia SIMPSONS of CHECK B. P. Simpson Owner and Operator JACK W. KITTS GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY FLOYD BEAUTY SHOP " In Service With People " Floyd, Virginia Owned Operated by Ollie Epperly Open Everyday Except Wednesday Floyd, Virginia BENT MOUNTAIN DRIVE-IN SYDNEY PALMER ' S Bent Mountain Vi rginia Main Street Christiansburg 163 i • •t v Uivi r Roanoke Coca Cola Bottling Works, Inc. Stone’s Restaurant One Mile East of Christiansburg Private Parties, Banquets Phone 382-9873 The Bank of Floyd Floyd, Virginia Floyd Motor Dial 745-4545 Company, Inc. CHEVROLET J Sal es- Servi ces- Wrecker- Se rvi ce Parts Accessories Floyd, Virginia 164 FARMER ' S SUPPLY CORPORATION of FLOYD WESTERN AUTO Hardware, Furniture Paints, and Oils Davi s Ti res Wizzard Batteries True-Tone Radios Phone 745-5665 Floyd, Virginia Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN WEST END GULF STATION Floyd, Virginia Nationally Known Locally Owned Floyd M. Filmore Faw Branch Manager COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS Virginia 165 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 68 WOOD’S FUNERAL HOME Floyd, Virginia General Electric Appliances, T.V., and Stereos HARRIS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. Floyd, Virginia Complete Department of Flome Furnishings 166 BOWLES SALES COMPANY TOWN COUNTRY DRIVE-IN Tom ' s Toasted Peanut ' s Tom ' s Peanut Butter Sandwiches Tom ' s Candies Short Orders Hotdogs - Barbecue Roanoke 1715 Williamson Rd. Virginia Floyd, Virginia Compliments of TEX DRIVE IN and SOUTHSIDE TEXACO Floyd Vi rginia ROBERSON ' S JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds Jewelry Authorized Dealer for Gibson Musical Instruments Floyd, Virginia Tri City Printing Company 302 West Main Street Christiansburg, Virginia Phone 382-2957 and The Montgomery News Messenger Christiansburg, Virginia " The County ' s Newspaper Since 1869 " Reed Lumber Company Christiansburg Virginia Phone 382-4981 COMMUNITY BUILDERS 167 Compliments of SIMMONS SERVICE STATION WILLIS SHELL STATION Alum Ridge Virginia Farm Bureau Tires and Supplies Farm Machinery Mechanical Repairs Floyd Virginia STONE ' S HAMBURGER HOUSE HARMON ' S STORE Route 221 Between Floyd and Hillsville Groceries, Hardware Country Ham Willis Virginia VAUGHAN -GUYNN-McGRADY CHAPEL INC. HAROLD ' S GULF and GARAGE Directors of Funeral Services Ambulances Phone 728-371 1 Hillsville, Virginia Front End Alignment Phone 789-4627 HALL BROTHER ' S FURNITURE " Everything For the Home " 382-3381 Phone " Shoes For All The Family " at FAMILY SHOE STORE Christiansburg, Virginia Hillsville, Virginia 168 Floyd Automotive Supply Wholesale Distributors Phone 745-2515 Floyd, Virginia Rutrough Sundries Sundries, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Old Dominion Candies, Stationery, and Pens Floyd, Virginia J. E. WILLARD MONUMENTS Christiansburg, Virginia 169 Thomas Motor Corp Ford Car and Truck Sales and Service Also, Ford Tractor Sales and Service Day and Night Wrecker Service Floyd, Virginia 745-5300 « °c P V Shop and Save At Floyd Food Market Large Selection of Meats Groceries- Produce Cut and Ground Meat Satisfaction Guaranteed W. L. Slaughter, Proprietor 745-2630 A Three-Minute Drive West From Floyd on Hwy . 221 Corner Beauty Shop Ethel Weddle, Owner Open Thursday Friday night by appointment Christiansburg Virginia Compliments of Christiansburg Garment Company Christiansburg, Virginia 170 THOMPSON-HAGAN DRUG CO. Compliments of Your Rexall Store in Christiansburg, Virginia Free Parking in Rear of Store " Russell Stover Candies " For Complete Electronic Sales and Service visit ROBERT ' S ELECTRIC SERVICE in Christiansburg KANODE MOTOR COMPANY Plymouth Sales - Service Valiant KENROSE MANUFACTURING COMPANY CHRISTIANSBURG ESSO Complete Car Servicing Christiansburg NEW RADFORD HARDWARE Household items Paints Cookery Oils Blacksburg Vi rginia Radford, Virginia WALLACE ' S SMARTWEAR SCOH ' S 5 10 Where Smart Women Shop David Siglin Radford Proprietor Virginia Gables Shopping Center South Main St. Blacksburg, Va. 24060 171 Bane Coal Oil Company Highest Quality Coal Esso Heating and Diesel Fuel Prompt and Dependable Service Call 382-2412 Christiansburg Virginia CITIZENS TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE Floyd Virginia MAR DEL LADIES WEAR In Hillsvil le, Virginia Joseph’s Hairstylists Open daiiy Monday thru Saturday Floyd, Virginia BOYD ' S Complete Line of Sweaters Skirts Pants and Shirts Groceries Floyd, Virginia MICK-OR-MACK Fresh meats, Fancy groceries and frozen foods We give S H Green Stamps Hi I Isvi I le 172 Rl DINGER TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE Auto Accessories - Tires Wheel Goods Christiansburg, Virginia Compliments of ROANOKE TIMES ROANOKE WORLD-NEWS Roanoke Virginia CRESCENT ICECREAM CO., INC. P.O . Box 146 Christiansburg, Virginia Phone 382-3711 DUNCAN ' S TEXACO SERVICE John W. Sumner President and Manager 307 West Main Street Christiansburg, Va. WRIGHT ' S DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 23 E. Main Street Christiansburg, Va . RAMSEY AUTO GLASS Complete Line of Mirrors for Homes-Plate Glass Sold and Instal led-Seat Covers for Car Trucks- Store Fronts Christiansburg Virginia LESTER ' S F0T0 SHOP U-TOLL-EM-INN " Anything Photographic " 195 West Main Street Christiansburg, Va. 382-3312 Restaurant-Motel Floyd, Virginia 173 Isaiah W. Quesenberry Hicks Ford Sales, Inc. Ford, Falcon, Fairlane, Mustang T. Bird- All Size Trucks Sales and Service Hi I Isvi I le Vi rg i n i a Firestone Tires Delco Batteries General Automobile Repair Lubri cation -Washing -Waxing Phone 789-4718 Indian Valley Virginia BANK OF CHRISTIANSBURG Member Federal Member Federal Reserve System Deposits Ins. Corp. Complete Banking Service " On the Square Since 1888 " 174 HIGH’S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Furniture For Every Need Hotpoint Appliances Phone 745-2424 Floyd, Virginia CAMBRIA BANK Main office and Belmont Branch to Serve You Christiansburg Virginia CXsL ' Cl l JloulshjuI Jhy yn d-to- f ' Auf £o (X- ) sL _j_ S ' l- plcy. s CJ ydL ‘ az. Cg sta j£j u a J f ' TtlO-M-J AA? t7 _j Jf‘- uJuYrjLJ Avi A csr Tl £££ C ( jYj co£i ' tJ ' jf LAr o M . t -uLnr 2 ' A p ,-tA jd.p Jjjf j As c , k% Or s $4N SPORTSWEAR - — - :nt company c Cl » „ K, r 4 ,0 ' s Turman-Yeatts Motor Co., Inc. Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Conner’s Store Groceries Small Hardware Floyd, Virginia MABERRY FUNERAL HOME, INC. A Service that is Distinctive But Not Expensive 24 Hour Ambulance Service Experienced Personnel 177 SIDNEY PALMER ' S Shop at FARMER ' S SUPPLY CORPORATION OF FLOYD Hardware, Furniture Paints and Oils Men ' s Clothing and Ladies Sportswear Main Street Christiansburg, Virginia Compliments of WADE ' S SUPERMARKET i. 4 " Christiansburg Shopping Center " Christiansburg, Virginia LEGGETT ' S of CHRISTIANSBURG fc b ft H f f F { $ , hr y ft 1 1 r 1 5 -F4 t Graham Picture Studios Specializing in School Photography Represented in this area yearly Virginia Bristol Virginia PIGGLY WIGGLY SELF-SERVICE Floyd Vi rginia BOOSTERS A. J . Weeks Angle ' s Florist Carroll Drug Company Christiansburg Printing Company M. Conner, Jr. General Merchandise Ctndis Motor Sales and Service, Inc. B. Kanard Jurisson, D.D.S. Vy V Goad ' s Garage j . Greasy Creek Grocery Henry Stewart, O.D. A ' y W Pine Tavern Restaurant vP R. B. Phillips _ V iV ,v XvI Village Fabric Shop % t ' A V! 15 X 179 V ' lg . -Advertisements- -AaverHsemenis- Simpson, B. 7 12 ' Bank of Christiansburg j ' t - Weeks, Mis. Virgie 12 A u y 172 iiuuaiiaawuiui, « a; w ' " X SXXXiEiX -T Con 1 ‘- t V Qower’s Store Ben Franklin JtanrMoufitain Restaurant SwlWsa Boyd’s Store Cambria Bank y 163 165 ?cy ryl asO f H3 Poff, Mrs. Iris AllWt, Mrs. Nola _D oyns Duncan’s Texaco ' — 168 Royal, Mr. To rtrnV family hortias, M iitfnk J - farmer’s Supply Corporation of Floyd 165 ; Via, Mrs. Mabel V — r 13 10, 13 32 a- y 7 X X«U= Floyd Automotive Supply Floyd BguUy Shop ] Maikot t- 2 — y loyd Garment Company Floyd Motor Company Floyd Pharmacy, Inc. l ly£__ s f G ar m eirf tfatriapmyJB FGhri s t Graham Picture Studios Hall Brother’s Fyimiture Harold’s Gulf and Garage 169 176 i M - " -Cooksy eifdter -Teachers- a» MfsTvh Hylton, MrSj. Howery, MxST Margaret Spence Us-s Vjri; Weeks, Mrs. Catherine la " Sales, li id Api Isaiah W. Quesenberry Jack W. Kitts E. W ilUrd V Joscp OiaiKty lists Kanode Motor Co mpa iy Kenrose Manufacturing Company Leggett’s of Christiapsbu Lester’ - 7 22 lrginia Beale, Mrs. Carolyn BroadwolL-Mis -Brenda O 68, 22 yULy °- " node Motor ompa y Mar Del Ladies Vear X S 11 A r7 ’ y, ' Montgomery News Messenger 167 adford Hardware -Wiggly Self Service ass Ridinger Tirj Roanoke Roanok Ro . mpany d Recapping Cola Battling Words Wofld-JS w 171 179 167 173 Qampbell, Walker E. Carpenter, Mrs. Elizabeth Cockram, Mrs. Lillian , lxC OX Enoch, Ellis Flick Donald L. __G dner, Mrs. Nora 5earheart Hollandswort Mrs. Rc Houchins Mrs. Thelma Hump j s, MrsXTarol s t Xarratt, Mrs. Mary Keith, Lonnie Lindauer, Mrs. Ilona 68, 28 - — 2-Wrshalf, Rudolph J Ska fGtox . Suj Maxson, William - . - _ Meador, Mrs. ElKtfbeth 164 . A — - ' X Murrie, Mr . Mary - . — Xj!£ify, Nfr XnO l Robert’s Electric Service 171 Riri bugh Sundries 169 J IXtSi Simmons Servjcg Station T X 168 Siolpson’s o Zheck n X x 163 S iaf urger Hofe — — j68 Stone Restaurant 164 Sti t FJastic Company 178 Palmer’s 163 _ 167 Thomas Motor Corporation Thompson-Hagan Drug Comedy Town CouTrtnrT nve-In Peterson, Mrs. Margaret Radford, Mrs. Wanda Rorrer, Calvin Mrs xFTee RutrougHTMrs. Slusher, Nancy Lou Slusher, Nancy Lou $ PnrrXigtmpany t Turman Yeatts Motor Co., U-Toll-Em-Inn . Vaughan-Guynn-McGudvCh p l ft J arkel ' WpFfprn Autn g - B qn ' C- ' CX Alderman Renfon Western Auto West End Gulf Station Willis S ell Static Woo Wright’s Drug Store Turman, B ' vtiiHpn 1 x ,!s r ' 95, 97, 24 a 35, 27 68, 144, 123, 27 xx; . - ’Aft . 11 SO, 124, 149, 154, 1S5, 130 Agee, Margaret Ethel 1 9 68,135,154 ftg ee rflS,ev _ » Agee, Susan Faye 8 73, 135, 154, 155 Agee, Vaughnia Winifred 1? w 1 Alderman, Benton Hptiytfon. Jqh6 _ - Ion day, Alonzo Nixon, R. L. fffj2j2y — - Agnew, Agnew, William Wilbert Akers, Frances Marie Akers, Mae Belle Albott, Lewis Edward Alderman, Elizabeth Ann 68 68 68 73 61 Affidtsab p «y fii feiX A io 1-X Alderman, Judy Elaine 10 " Alderman, PatW up 9 a 80 Aldridge, Earl Wayne 10 61, 95 Aldridge, James Lowell 10 61 Aldridge, Linda Susan 12 35, 126, 142, 143, 145 Allen, Charlie Lee 11 50, 147, 156 Allen, Dorothy Amanda 10 62, 147 Allen, Homer Paul 8 Alley, Brenda Gail 10 62, 129, 145 Anderson, Brian Lon 8 73 Altizer, Thomas Jacob 11 50, 137, 140, 150, 157, 158 Angel, Nobledean Marie 8 Angle, Melvin Glenn 11 51 Austin, Faye Elaine 11 51, 124, 129, 145, 131 Austin, Randell Nugent 9 68 Austin, Sue Ellen 10 62, 138, 148 -B- Ballinger, Frances Anne 9 68, 139 Bannick, Carl Frederick, Jr. 12 35, 127, 82 Beale, Winfred Michel 10 62, 82 Beaver, Kenneth Elwood 9 62, 68 Beaver, Ricky Dale 12 35, 140, 157 Beckner, Kenneth Houston 10 62, 157 Beckner, Shirley Susanne 10 62, 139, 148 Beckner, Wanda Carolyn 10 62, 148, 152 Belcher, Betty Lynn 12 35, 138, 150, 151 Belcher, Glendell Lynn 8 73 Belcher, Glenda Paulette 10 62, 150 Belcher, Judy Marlene 9 68 Belcher, Lester Dale 10 62, 156 Belcher, Michael Wayne 10 62, 140 Belcher, Robert Dale 11 51, 137, 156 Belcher, Ronald David 9 68 Belcher, Rondel Lee 9 68, 156 Bell, Mary Ann 8 73, 154 Bishop, Carlis Gene 12 35; 140, 149, 157, 158 Bishop, Charles Fredrick 11 51, 158 Blackwell, Carolyn Gayle 10 62, 138, 145, 131 Blackwell, Wanda Faye Blankenship, Brenda Kaye 9 68 Bolt, Alton Wayne 8 73 Bolt, Debra Kay 9 68, 138 Bolt, Gloria Jean 10 62 Bolt, Jewell Marie 10 62 Bolt, Lessie Pauline 8 73 Bolt, Lois Gail 10 62, 139, 147 Bond, Charles Leonard 9 68, 95, 82 Bond, Foster Alan 11 51, 82 Bond, Harold Ray 11 140, 158, 156, 51 Bond, Richard Steven 8 73 Bond, Roger Dale 10 62, 135, 154 Boothe, Gary Wayne 9 68, 156 Boothe, Josiah Thomas 10 62, 157 Boothe, Mary Linda 10 62, 147 Boothe, Sylvia Jean 10 62, 147 Boothe, William Henry 10 62, 129 Bower, Calvin Lewis 8 73 Bower, Kenneth Randall 8 73 Bower, Lonnie Ray 9 68, 157 Bower, Luther Wayne 10 62, 140, 148, 150 Bowers, Brenda Cheryl 10 73 Boyd, Brenda Lois 10 62, 129, 149 Boyd, Clifford Earl 9 68 Boyd, Danny Washington 10 62, 148, 154, 157, 82 Boyd, Hazel Renay 10 62, 139, 147 Boyd, Jackie Lynn 11 51, 147,6 Boyd, Joyce Anne 12 35, 138, 148 Boyd, Martha Mae 12 35, 147 Brammer, Sharon Kay 8 73, 152 Brown, Merita Aldine 8 73 Brown, Patricia Ann 8 73, 148 Burke, Danny Lee 8 73 Burke, Wanda Diane 8 » 73 Burnette, Elsie Ruth 11 51, 145, 149 Burnette, Percy Fay 11 51 Burton, Samuel Mark 12 35, 82 -C- Cannaday, Calvin Grover 8 73, 159 Cannaday, Frank Allen 11 51 Cannaday, Lloyd Russel 11 51, 135, 130 Carr, Roger Lynn 11 51, 149 Carroll, James Dale 8 73, 149 Car roll, Teresa Marie 9 68, 148 Chapman, Ray 9 68, 148 Claytor, Barbara Ruth 8 73 Claytor, Brenda Louis 10 62, 147 Claytor, Earl Eugene 9 68 Claytor, Jennifer Enich 8 73, 154 Claytor, Ophus Allen 9 68 Cockram, Beverly Carol 10 62, 129, 139 Cockram, Brenda Gail 10 35, 129, 152 Cockram, Darrell Michael 8 73, 98 Cockram, Elaine Lucinda 12 37, 139 Cockram, Gary Alton 12 37 Cockram, Merle Loretta 9 68 Cockram, Sammy Kaye 12 37, 148 Cockram, Steven Arthur 9 68, 69, 95 Coe, Robert Bernard 8 73 Collins, Brenda Mae 12 37, 148, 6 Collins, Garry Madison 8 73, 149, 98 Compton, Danny Wayne 9 69, 148, 154 Compton, Peggy Lee 8 73 Compton, Linda Faye 8 73 Compton, Shirley Olene 12 37, 150 Conner, Andy Roland 10 62 Conner, Betty Jane 11 51, 147 Conner, Billy Lee 8 73 Conner, Calvin Ray 10 62 Conner, Carolyn Sue 8 74 Conner, Deborah Kaye 10 62, 129, 143 Conner, Edwin Wayne 8 74 Conner, Jabe Harman, Jr. 9 69 Con ner, John Larry 12 37, 148, 130, 115 Conner, Joyce Faye 8 74, 152, 154 Conner, June Priscilla 12 31, 139, 147, 127 Conner, Katherine Linnia 11 51 Conner, Kenneth Dale 8 74, 152 Conner, Modjorie Lou 8 62 Conner, Linda Fay 10 62 Conner, Mary Ann 10 62, 148 Conner, Michael Allen 10 62 Conner, Mary Lou 8 74 Conner, Myra Lou 8 74, 135 Conner, Peggy Jane 9 69 Conner, Peggy Sue 8 73, 152 Conner, Roger Wade 11 51 Conner, Sandra Elaine 9 69, 139 Conner, Thomas Jasper 8 74 Conner, William Michael 9 69, 150 Cook, Sharon Marie 8 74 Cook, William Lane 12 37, 148 Cox, Alice Marie 10 62 Cox, Benny Thorton 9 69 Cox, Blanche Marie 12 37, 139, 143, 147 Cox, Carolyn June 8 74 Cox, Cecil Wayne 8 74 Cox, Donnie Ray 9 69 Cox, Jospehy Lee 8 74, 98 Cox, Katherine Elizabeth 8 74 Cox, Kathy Marie 8 74 Cox, Samuel Landon 8 74 Cox, Sherman Wait man 8 74 Cox, Thurman Udell 10 63 Cox, Tommy Dale 11 52 Criner, Carol Lynn 11 52, 139, 147 Cromer, Vickie Lynn 11 52, 121, 124, 148 -D- Dalton, Aubrey Windell 8 74, 147 Calton, Brenda Christine 8 74, 149, 154 Dalton, James Heath, Jr. 10 63, 149, 95 Dalton, Linda Marlene 9 69 Dalton, Lois Elaine 9 69, 150, 151 Dalton, Mary Hannah 8 74 Dalton, Roger Leon 12 37, 140, 149, 157, 158 Davis, Jeanette Gail 9 69, 148, 152 Davis, Mason Tommy 11 52, 148 Davis, Robert Lane 8 74 DeHart, Connie Lynn 10 63, 129, 154 DeHart, Moyer Turner, Jr. 10 63 DeHart, Sandra Gail 12 36, 125, 142, 143 DeWeese, Charles Gary 11 52 Dickerson, Julius Ames 8 74 Dickerson, Nana Gail 9 69, 150, 151 Dickerson, Patsy Phillips 12 36, 126, 127 Dickerson, William Grant 8 74 Dillard, Carlton Leroy 8 74 Dillon, Gary Odell 12 36 Donahue, Chester Edwin 10 63 Dulaney, Haden Alton 9 69 181 Dulaney, Mary Alice Dulaney, Paula Gae Dulaney, Roger Lee Duncan, Author Wayne Duncan, Brenda Mae Duncan, Buster Lee Duncan, Dale Junior Duncan, Eileene Ellen Duncan, General Ancel Duncan, James Marvin Duncan, Joseph Lee Duncan, Linda Sue Duncan, Nadean Kaye Duncan, Shirley Jean Duncan, Verna June Duncan, Vona Rae Dunn, Anne Dunn, Ellen Dunn, John -E- Eanes, Cabel Edward Eanes, Carl Michael Eanes, Ersel Gailand Eanes, Gerald Gordon Eanes, Linda Susan Eanes, Marie Eanes, Susan Epperly, Maurice Gamey Epperly, Sandra Lee Epperly, Martha Sue Epperly, Wayne James -F- Farmer, Eunice Elaine Ferris, Bentley Gerald Flora, Dan David Freeman, William Kyle -G- Gallimore, Alan Trent Gallimore, Benny Leon Gallimore, Cathy Marie Gallimore, Judy Elaine Gallimore, Michael Lane Gardner, Vicki Sharon Gearheart, Jo Ann Gearheart, Kathryn Sue George, Angela Gail George, Carolyn Sue Gibson, Sandra Mae Gillespie, Gary Eugene Goad, Anna Mae Goad, Brenda Faye G oad, Car olyn Jewe ll oad, David Kay Goad, David Neal Goad, Donna Carol Goad, Glen Edward Goad, Gloria Gail Goad, Larry Evan Goad, Linda Diane Goad, Wanda Kaye Gobble, Harry Randal Gordan, Ruby Jane Grace, Thomas Anthony Graham, Allen Leon Graham, Kathy Laronne Grant, Westley Rayford Griffith, Anita Dianne Griffith, Donna Sharon Guilliams, Brenda Faye -H- Hale, Gary Lynwood Hale, Louise Annette Hale, Sandra Kay Hale, Virginia Lee Hale, Wayne Edward Hall, James Lee Hancock, Hilda Maxine Hancock, Joyce Elaine 10 63, 143, 150 12 36, 143, 150 9 69 9 69, 147 11 52, 147 9 69 9 69, 147 10 63, 129, 143 11 52, 148 9 69 12 36 9 69 11 52, 143, 157 8 74 8 74 12 36, 142, 143 11 52, 124, 126, 129, 148, 130 8 74, 155 12 36 12 36, 134, 82 8 74, 135,98 8 74 11 52 8 74, 139 12 36, 118, 125, 126, 148, 2, 130, 160 8 74, 135, 139 10 63, 150 10 63 12 36 8 72,98 9 70 9 70 9 70 12 37, 140, 150, 157, 158 8 74 12 140, 150, 157 11 52, 80, 124, 144, 145, 148 10 63, 140, 157 8 63, 140, 157 8 74, 149 10 63, 129 8 74 8 74 11 52, 147 10 63, 145, 149, 152, 154 8 74, 148,98 12 143, 147 8 74 9 70, 149 8 74 8 74 J 8 74 U 12 140, 157 ( 11 52,139,143 u 10 63, 148, 157 ( 11 53, 145, 149 « 9 152 11 53, 134, 154, 127 9 70 10 63, 148 10 63, 82 8 74 10 63 10 63, 129, 154 12 126, 129 8 74 9 70 12 129 10 63, 148, 152, 130 11 53, 124, 145, 148 9 70 12 39, 82 12 39, 121, 138, 148 9 70, 150 e b 0 v-V % . to Um _ -TW-w Y _2. U JUu to AS—’ jj-cr l Jt tVu CLkect U sQ+st) CLo«-J Xit Ol ‘■ ' yrv , ■ Hancock, Marvin Dale 12 39, 140, 156 Harman, Joseph Martin 9 70, 149 Harman, Linda Jean 12 40 Harman, Dale Martin 12 39, 140, 158 Harmon, Dennis Wayne 10 63, 140, 156, 82 Harmon, James Simpson 9 135 Harmon, James Turner 12 39,4 Harmon, Judy Carolyn 12 39 Harmon, Rufus Mark 8 74, 159 Harmon, Senorah Bea 11 53, 126, 145, 127 Harris, Barbara Jean 9 70 Harris, Brenda Faye 12 40, 143 Harris, Carl Edward 9 70 Harris, Elmon Fred ward 11 53, 140, 157 Harris, Gary Martin 8 74 Harris, James Roger 9 74 Harris, Linda Gayle 8 74, 148 Harris, Linda Sue 10 64 Harris, Melvin Edward 12 40, 140, 157 ' Harris, Partricia Ann 8 74, 148, 152 Harris, Paula Jean 12 40, 125, 145 Harris, Posey Kirby 9 70 Harris, Robert Murken 11 53, 140, 156 Harter, Betty Joyce 12 40, 139 Hatcher, Larry Nelson 11 53, 134, 145 Hatcher, Neal Bruce 9 70, 135, 149, 82 Hatcher, Robert Eugene 9 70, 157 Hawley, Melba Jean 11 53 Hayden, Deborah Laveme 12 40, 126, 145 Hayden, Marsha Ann 11 53, 145, 148 Hayden, Melinda Joe 8 74 Helm, Brenda Mae 12 40, 145 Helms, Ralph Norman 8 74,98 Higgs, Dale Russell 12 40 Higgs, Dian Pearl 9 68. 70 Higgs, Jerry Estole 8 74 Higgs, Vickie Lynn 8 74 Higgs, Joyce Gail 8 74 High, Debra Leigh 10 13,9, 64, 129, 154 154 Hill, Brenda Joyce 8 74 Hill, Clinton Lee 10 64 kJiill, Grady Lawrence 9 70 Hill, Henry Allen 10 64 Hill, Kathy Jean 9 70, 148 “Hogan, Earl Wayne 8 74, 148, 150 Holden, Nathan Elwood 11 53 ' Hollandsworth, Jerry Lynn 12 40, 142, 143 Hollandsworth, Ralph Edward 8 74 Hollandsworth, Richard Daley 11 53, 140, 157 Hollandsworth, Roger Wayne 11 53, 134, 135 Hollandsworth, Sandra Sue 10 64, 129, 145 Hopper, Dwight Lee 11 53, 135, 149, 152 Hopper, Robert Lewis 8 74 Hombarger, Kyle Edward 8 74,98 Horton, Larry David 10 64, 154 Houchins, Roger Dale 10 64 Houchins, Sandra Kay 8 74, 148 Howell, Carl Davis 12 40, 147, 158 Howell, Priscilla Ann 12 41, 91, 147, 152 Howell, Ross Augustus 12 41,92, 125, 134, 127, 115 Howell, William Hamilton 8 74 Howery, Joseph Morris 10 64, 154 Hubbard, Barbara Dale 8 74 Hubbard, Dan Clayton 10 64 Hubbard, Frances Alcie 8 75, 148 Hubbard, Judy Ethel 11 53, 124, 126, 142, 143 Hubbard, Larry Rufus 8 75 Hubbard, Lois Gail 11 53, 147 Hubbard, Sylvia Jane 12 41, 143 Huff, Catherine Dyann 9 70 Huff, Charles Erbie 11 53 Huff, David Allen 8 75 Huff, Edward Ray 9 70 Huff, Emnra Jean 8 75, 149, 152 Huff, Jimmy Zebedee 11 55 Huff, John David 9 70 Huff, Kenny Ray 9 70 Huff, Louise Dianne 12 41, 143, 150, 151 Huff, Margaret Ann 8 75 Huff, Mary Sue 9 70 Huff, May belle Ann 11 55, 124 Huff, Violet Yvonne 8 75 Huff, Wanda Jean 10 64, 143 Hylton, Annie Geraldine 9 70 Hylton, Audrey Lamyra 9 70, 150, 152 182 Hylton, Brenda Gail Hylton, Brenda Gay Hylton, Buel Dwight Hylton, Carolyn Sue Hylton, Johnny Joyce Hylton, Norman Dale Hylton, Rebecca Ann Hylton, Reeta Gail Hylton, Richard Lynn Hylton, Roseanna Gail Hylton, Vicki Lynn -I- Ingram, Cynthia Marie -J- Janney, Alfadean Lucille Janney, Curtis Edward Janney, Larry Alan Janney, Pauline Virginia Jewell, Larry Ray Jewell, Douglas Wayne Johnson, Albert Clyde Jones, Brenda Gale Jones, Wanda Louise -K- Keith, Alice Bell Keith, Brenda Carol Keith, Carol Jean Keith, Howard Dennis Keith, Jerry Glenn Keith, Larry Dean Keith, McCoy Reginald, Jr. Kemp, Patricia Mae Kenley, Claude Camron Kesler, Larry Michael Kesler, Rodney Lynn King, David Earl King, Larry Dale King, Nancy Jane King, Pamela Diann King, Sarah Genevieve King, William Douglas -L- Lampey, James Robert Lampey, Roger Dale Lane, Carolyn Sue Lane, Mary Melinda Lawrence, Deborah Ann Lawrence, Kerry Clay Lawson, Donna Marie Lawson, Karen Susann Lee, Michael Charles Link, Glenn Allen Link, Paul Steven Linkous, Michael Lynn -M- Maberry, Shirley Mae • Manning, Ersel Adam, Jr. Manning, Jean Carol Manning, Rocky Lane Manning, William Dennis Manning, William Garland Mannon, Patricia Ann Mannon, Lester Elgin Mannon, Philip Arthur Mannon, Roger Howard Mallory, Samuel Lewis, Jr. Marshall, Barbara Jean Marshall, Carlie Lawrence Marshall, Charles Edward Marshall, Darrell Andrew Marshall, Kenneth Ray Marshall, Larry Walter Marshall, Robert Cleve Martin, Elrica Kate Martin, Joyce Marie Martin, Judith Ann Martin, Manard Melon McAlexander, Bruce John McAlexander, Helen Sue McAlexander, Janet McAlexander, Jerry 10 64, 135, 148, 152 8 75, 152 12 41, 140, 156 10 64, 129, 154, 143 9 70, 139 11 55, 137, 140, 156 9 70, 152 9 70, 139 8 75 10 64, 138, 143 11 55, 143, 124 10 64, 145, 148 11 55, 129, 139 11 55 10 64 8 75 12 41, 147, 127 9 70 9 70 8 75 12 143, 147 8 75 11 55, 139, 147 8 75, 149 8 75, 157 9 70 10 64, 156 9 70 11 55, 124, 139, 143 8 75 11 55, 145 10 64 11 55, 134, 158, 82 10 64 12 41, 148, 6 8 75, 154 11 54, 145, 148, 123 9 70 10 12 10 12 9 10 9 12 10 8 8 10 10 9 11 9 9 10 8 10 9 12 11 8 10 10 9 10 10 8 12 12 9 11 8 9 12 8 ,95 , 157 64 70, 149, 154, 54, 129, 139 70 70 64, 147, 150, 75 64, 95, 82 70 42, 125, 126, 191, 127 54 75, 149, 152 64 64,93,158,82 70 64, 82 64, 157 75 42 42, 147 70 55, 140, 157 75, 148 70 42 75 McAlexander, Mary Elizabeth 8 76, 139 McDaniel, Lonnie Wayne 10 65, 134 McDaniel, Ruth 9 70 McDaniel, Wanda Dean 8 76 McGrady, Joyce Ann 11 55 McGuire, Linda Fay 10 65, 143, 118 McPeak, Gerald David 9 70 McPeak, Randy Jay 9 70 Meador, Alice Fay 10 65, 148, 150 Meador, Carol Ann 11 55, 153, 124, 147, 143 Midkiff, Barbara Jane 11 55, 124, 147, 150 Mills, Walter Macleatus 11 55, 135, 149 Mills, Ralph Gilmer 8 76 Mills, Wanda Carol 12 42, 127 Mitchell, Donald Steven 8 76 Moles, Nancy Diane 10 65, 147 Moles, Ricky Lane 8 76, 135 Moles, Ronnie Lee 8 76 Moore, Cynthia Ouida 12 43, 149, 135 Moore, Florence Anne 12 43, 145, 154, 155 Moran, Frank Lee 8 76 Moran, Larry Allen 11 54, 140, 147, 150, 157 Moran, Linda Faye 10 65 Moran, Loretta Gayle 8 76, 139 Moran, Patricia Lee 9 70 Moran, Stanley Wayne 10 76, 135, 154, 155 Moran, Theresa Lee 8 76, 135, 154, 155, 73 Morgon, Dorma Lillian 11 54, 143, 147, 150 Morris, Pamela Ann 8 76 Mullins, Lena Kay 8 76 Muncy, Arba Jean 11 55 Muncy, Ellen Marie 9 68, 70, 131 Murrie, Frances, Evelyn 8 76, 135, 148, 154 Myers, Amanda Irene 9 70, 147 Myers, Jerry Wayne 9 70, 149 Myers, Larry Elton 10 65, 148 -N- Naff, William Arthur 9 70, 149, 154, 95 Neighbors, Barry Johnson 11 55, 147, 140, 148, 157 Nester, Charlotte Ann 9 70, 149, 154 Nester, Deborah Faye 8 76, 140, 151 Nester, Joyce Marie 10 65 Nichols, Janes Neil 8 76 Nichols, Thomas Aldine 9 70 , Nichols, Timothy Andrew 9 70 Nixon, Judy Lynn 10 65, 149 olen, Gary Wayne 12 43 Nolen, Judy Diane 8 76 Nolen, Larry James 11 55 Nolen, Marvin Darrell 8 76 Nolen, Randall Eugene 9 70 -O- Ober, Ruth Ann 9 70, 148 Ober, Donald Ray 8 76, 149 O’Connor, John Dennis Jr. 8 76, 148,98 O’Connor, Laurel Elizabeth 9 70, 150, 154 Ousley, Bobby Alton 10 65 Ousley, Mary Alice 11 55, 124, 139, 147 -P- Page, Deborah Jean 9 70, 135, 149, 152, 130 Palmer, Richard Anthony 11 55, 135, 82 Pannell, Christine Odessa 10 65, 148 ‘ Pauley, Kenneth Ray 11 55, 118, 134 Pauley, Roger Dale 10 65, 134, 118, 119 Perdue, James Robert 12 43, 158 Peters, Alva Jeanne 11 55, 121, 124, 143, 150, 151 Peters, David William 11 149 Phillips, Becky Gale 8 76 Phillips, Danny Lee 10 65 Phillips, Deborah Shirley 8 76 Phillips, Diana Lynn 12 43, 143 Phillips, Edwin Dale 8 76 Phillips, Lana Christine 11 143, 139 Phillips, Marilyn Lois 12 43, 139, 142, 143 Phillips, Mary Edith 10 143, 152 Phillips, Mary Elizabeth 12 44, 150 Phillips, Peggy Jo 8 76, 143, 152 Phillips, Richard Standeth 8 76 Phillips, Reta Kaye 8 76 183 Phipps, Ronnie Scott 12 Poage, Alta Lovanne 10 Poff, Cathy Lynn 10 Poff, Edsil McCoy 10 Poff, Helen Sue 8 Poff, Judith Darlene 12 Poff, Mildred Irene 11 Poff, Phyllis Elaine 9 Poff, Rodger Ginton 8 Poff, Vicky Mae 9 Poff, William Earl 8 Porter, Arthur Clinton 12 Porter, Joseph I ray 10 Pratt, Barbara Joan 8 Pratt, David Ray 12 Pratt, Donnie Leon 10 Pratt, Michael Lee 9 Prart, Ralph Steven 8 Pratt, Ruby Inez 10 Pratt, Wanda Faye 8 Proffit, Betty Jean 8 Pugh, John Maurice 11 Pugh, Michael Lynn 12 Pugh, Robert Leslie 9 -Q- Quesenberry, Anthony Ray 10 Quesenberry, Barbara Jane 9 Quesenberry, Carolyn Kaye 10 Quesenberry, Carolyn Sue 10 Quesenberry, Charles Fay 9 Quesenberry, Curtis Alvin 1 1 Quesenberry, Dale Ray 9 Quesenberry, Darel Hubert 8 Quesenberry, Dianne 8 Quesenberry, Donna Gail 8 Quesenberry, Donnie Lee 9 Quesenberry, Donnie Mitchell 12 Quesenberry, Dorothy Marie 8 Quesenberry, Gary Gene 8 Quesenberry, Holland Kent 8 Quesenberry, Ireta Anne 1 1 Quesenberry, Janet Ethel 8 Quesenberry, Joe Dy lie 10 Quesenberry, J mes Dale 10 Quesenberry, James Harold, Jr. 10 Quesenberry, Joseph Wayne 10 Quesenberry, Juanita Faye 10 Quesenberry, Larry Dean 9 Quesenberry, Linda Sue 8 Quesenberry, Maurice Dale 11 Quesenberry, Richard Lee 12 Quesenberry, Roy Stevens 11 Quesenberry, Russell Edon 9 Quesenberry, Steve Leon g Quesenberry, Theron Russel 10 Quesenberry, Timmy Allen 9 Quesenberry, Toney Boyd 10 Quesenberry, Vicky Lynn 8 Quesinberry, Elaine Louise 9 -R- Radford, James Robert 1 1 Radford, Laura Faye 12 Radford, Nancy Mary 11 Rakes, Lyndall Anna 8 Rakes, Roger Gale 8 Ratliff, Lily Dove 1 2 Ratliff, Ruth Jeanette 8 Reece, Richard Lewis 11 Reed, Bennett Wayne 10 Reed, Calvin Lee 8 Reed, Carlos Carter 11 Reed, Carolyn Joan 10 Reed, Donna Kay 8 Reed, Douglas Wayne 1 1 Reed, Gary Lee 8 Reed, Harvic Harrison 1 1 Reed, Jerry Clayton 8 Reed, Jerry Nichols 8 Reed, Patricia Ann 10 Rierson, Audrey Lynn 11 Roberson, Calvin Lane 8 Roberson, Kathy Jo 8 14 44,93, 125, 134 65, 129, 145, 152 65. 149 67 76 44, 139, 150 147, 150 70, 154 76 70, 138, 148 76 44, 145, 125. 149 65 76 44 65, 137, 140, 156 70 76 65. 129. 149 76,91, 149 76 93, 144, 145, 131 44, 140, 147 70, 95,98 65 71 65, 145, 149 65, 129, 138 71 154 71 76 76 76 71 44, 117, 134, 145 123,86,82 76 76 LL ' eA l- ( ' ' Oudnuj ii (Pf tv a 76 65 65 65, 65, ' -ML n , L 16 € 135, 134, 157, 158 44 147 77, 135, 154 77 44, 138, 143 77, 139 140, 149, 157 65 77 158 66, 143 77, 149 57, 134, 82 77 140, 157, 57 77 77 151, 66, 139, 150 57, 138, 147, 150 77 77, 148 Roberson, Wanda Carlene 10 66, 129, 149 Robertson, Joe Allen 11 57, 135, 82 Roop, Cherrie Elaine 8 77 Royal, Susan Rebecca 8 77, 154 Rumburg, Carolyn Sue 12 150,45 Rumburg, Deborah White 10 66, 150 Russ, Lotte Leigh 8 77 Russ, Sperry Jones 10 66 Rutrough, Judy Ann 11 57, 129, 148 -S- Salmons, Marie Howard 9 77 Saunders, Benjamin David 8 77 Saunders, Evelyn Gale 8 77 Saunders, Howard Vincent 11 57, 147 Saunders, John Ruffus 8 77 Scott, Deborah Ann 10 65, 135, 149, 152 Scott, Gary Harmon 8 77, 149 Scott, James Walter, Jr. 12 45, 143, 158 Scott, Ronald L. 8 77 Shank, Elaine Olivia 8 77 Shankle, Doris Lea 8 77, 154 Shankle, Norma Jo 9 71, 149, 152 Shaver, Nancy Carol 12 45 Shaver, Sharon Lynn 11 57, 124, 126, 145, 130, 116, 160 Shelor, Barbara Jean 11 57, 142, 143 Shelor, George Dudley 9 71, 152 Shelor, Jennifer Leigh 11 57, 124, 126, 135, 154, 130 Shelor, Martha Ellen 11 57, 124, 126, 145, 154, 130 Shelor, Robert Neal, Jr. 9 71, 135 Shelor, Roger Moyer 10 65, 154 Shelor, Warren Lynn 12 45, 140, 156 Shortt, Calvin Coolidge Shortt, Gene Dale 10 66, 148, 95 Shortt, Richard Michael 11 57, 135, 149, 127 Shortt, Roger Ward, Jr. 12 45, 126, 127 Showalter, Alton Wayne 12 49 Showalter, Gary Edward 9 71 Showalter, Peggy Lou 10 66 Simmons, Sarah James 11 57, 124, 126, 148, 127,9 Simpkins, Jimmy Elwood 12 45, 143,4 Simpkins, Joel Boyd 8 77 Simpkins, Tommy Wayne 9 Simpson, Bethina Anne 11 57, 80, 126, 148, 6, 5, 130, 116, 115 Slaughter, Judy Cora 1 1 57,80, 124, 149, aughter, Tommy Lowman 10 151, 152 66, 134, 135, 149, 150 Sloan, Betty Ann 11 58, 139, 147 Slusher, Charles Richard 11 58, 126, 148 Slupher, Denise Lynette l Josher, Freeman Maurice, Jr. Slusher, Michael Dean 8 77, 154, 155 10 66 10 66, 134, 149,9 Slusher, Richard Lynn 10 66, 134, 149, 154, 95 Smith, Allen Dwight 10 66, 129, 154, 156, 95, 82 Smith, Bonnie Lou 9 71 Smith, Brenda Sue 8 71 Smith, Bruce Wayne 9 71, 152 Smith, Dorothy Alma 12 46, 147 Amith, Kathy Erlene 11 53, 139, 147 Smith, Mark Douglas 12 46, 148, 158 Smith, Patricia Lynn 9 71, 150, 152 Smith, Peter Lee 8 77 Smith, Richard Ervin 9 71 Smythers, Clyde Harlan, Jr. 12 46, 126, 134, 127 Snavely, Donald Edward 8 77 Sowder, Barbara Ann 9 71 Sowers, Alice Marie 9 71, 139 Sowers, Barbara Jean 12 46, 139 Sowers, Bruce Lane 8 77 Sowers, Carmen Ercell 12 46, 143 Sowers, Harold Lewis 9 71 Sowers, Kenneth Ray 9 152 Sowers, Martha Gail 11 58 Sowers, Rebecca Ruth 9 71 Sowers, Russell Wayne 10 66 Sowers, Susan Lynn 9 68, 71, 149, 154 Sowers, Steve Moore 10 67 Sowers, Thomas Neil 11 58, 140, 157, 5, 86, 82 Spangler, George Curtis, Jr. 10 67, 148 Spangler, Larry Dale 10 67 184 Spence, Katie Joette 11 58, 144, 145, 148, Voigt, Susan Elizabeth u 59 130 Spence, Linda Mae 11 58, 124, 145, 149, -W- 154, 155 Wade, Alisa Dawan 8 77, 148, 152 Spence, Michael Grey 9 71, 149, 154 Wade, Bobby Ray 11 60, 149 Spence, Velva Maria 9 71 Wade, Camellia Anne 12 49, 143, 149 Spencer, Vanessa Irene 9 71 Wade, Carolyn Sue 10 68, 137 Spiva, Mary Elizabeth 8 76 Wade, Jimmie Lee 8 77 Starkey, Wesley Eugene 10 67 Wade, Martha Suzanne 8 77 Strickland, Mary Gwendolyn 8 76, 135, 154, 155 Wade, Samuel Eugene 9 71 Stuart, Barbara Luela 9 71 Walker, Johnny Cameron 8 77, 148,98 Stuart, Constance Sue 11 58, 145, 148 Webb, Russell Willis 9 6 Stuart, Chester Roy 9 71, 148 Weddle, Alton Harmon, Jr. 12 48,49, 147 Stuart, Dennis O’Gary 8 76, 154,98 Weddle, Carolyn Ruth 11 60 Stuart, Granver Lee 8 76 Weddle, Dale Terry 9 72, 152 Stuart, Janice Elaine 9 71, 148 Weddle, Diana Gail 8 78, 154, 155 Stuart, Jill Renee 9 71 Weddle, Gene Harmon 10 67, 148, 158 Stuart, Joanne 8 76 Weddle, Joyce Irene 8 78 Stuart, Kenneth Raye 9 71, 148, 152 Weddle, Posey 9 72 Stuart, Paul Aldon 11 58, 92, 145 Weddle, Robert Madison 11 60 Stuart, Uysless Selwyn 9 148, 71 Weddle, Steven Wayne 8 78 Stuart, Wanda Marie 9 71, 147 Weddle, Wanda Lynn 11 60, 124, 150 Stump, Ralph Wayne 10 67, 157 Weeks, Allen Lane 12 48,49, 134, 158, Stump, Rebecca Lou 10 67, 143 82 Sumpter, Jerry Lee 9 71 Weeks, David Pierce 12 48,49,93, 126, Sumpter, Walter Richard 11 67, 157 134, 2, 131 Surber, Charles Winn 9 71, 149, 152 Weeks, Goldie Fem 10 67, 143 Sutherland, John William 8 76, 135 Weeks, Jane Pauline 12 48,49, 126, 129, Sutphin, Barbara Gail 8 76 123 Sutphin, Kathryn Clide 12 46, 121, 137, 139, Weeks, Larry Cline 11 60, 147 118 Weeks, Paul Lee 8 78, 154, 159 Sutphin, Ronnie Lee 10 66 Weeks, Rachel Linda 9 72, 149, 154, 131 Sutphin, Vera Mae 11 59, 139 Weeks, Ray Lanza 8 78 Sweeney, Ervin Lawrence 8 76 Weeks, Robert Wayne 9 78 Sweeney, William Wayne 8 76 Weeks, Roger Dale 8 78 -T- Weeks, Steven Posey 8 78 Talley, Paul Martin 10 67, 134, 154 Wells, Linda Gail 11 60, 124, 126, 148 Taylor, Joseph Frederic 10 66 West, Rebecca Ann 11 60, 124, 126, 148, Taylor, Robert Hugh 12 47, 140, 157 130 Thomas, James Clark 9 147, 148 West, Tyler Eugene 12 48,49, 140, 158 Thomas, Janet Lynne 12 47, 126, 135, 115 Whitaker, Howard Thurman 11 147 Thomas, Judy Florence 12 47 Whitaker, John Jerry 8 Thomas, Rhonda Leigh 10 67, 150, 151, 154 White, Bonnie Gae 10 67, 129, 143 Thomas, Steve Allen 9 71 White, Lonnie Ray 9 72 Thompson, Brenda Gayle 8 76, 148 Whitlock, Deborah Anne 9 72, 149, 150, 152 Thompson, Curtis Randolph, Jr. 12 47,92, 134, 150, Whitlock, Janice Lynn 11 124, 139 127,4 Whitlock, Melvin Wayne 12 48,49, 157 Thompson, Donnie Dale 8 76, 98 Whitlock, Perry Lee 12 48,49, 157, 158 Thompson, Larry Wayne 10 66, 140, 157 Whitlock, Rebeckah Leah 8 78 Thompson, Mary Kathryn 9 71, 138, 149 Willard, James Calvin, Jr. 9 Thompson, Roger Lee 8 76, 134, 154, 98 Williams, Curtis Edward, Jr. 11 60 Thompson, Ray Jeffery 8 76, 98 Williams, Doris Jean 12 48,49, 121, 115 Townley, Shirley Gail 11 59, 150, 151 Williams, Larry Edmon 11 60, 134, 135, 158 Trail, Brenda Mae 8 76 Williams, Margaret Elaine 9 72, 149, 154 Trail, Gerald Thomas 10 67, 82 Williams, George Penn 9 72 Troutt, Dorsey Dewayne 8 76 Williams, Mary Lous Josephine 8 78, 148 Troutt, Harry Edward 9 71 Williams, Mariam Margaret 8 78 Turman, Frances Gail 11 59, 147 Williams, Richard Mullins III 12 48,49, 134, 144, Turman, Joe Davis 12 47, 147 145, 115 Turner, Bascil Maurice 11 59, 134, 148, 6 Williams, Terry Lee 10 67, 135, 154 Turner, Donnie Oneil 9 134, 157 Willis, Jack Bura 9 72 Turner, Tiamon, Jr. 9 71 Willis, Janice Louise 8 78 Turpin, Clifford Guy 9 71 Willis, Wanda BeUe 11 60, 138, 150 Turpin, Jimmy Leon 8 76 Wimmer, Ashley Brent 8 78 Turpin, Juanita Elaine 11 59, 137, 147 Wimmer, Cline Lawson 9 72 Turpin, Kathy Christine 8 76 Wimmer, Joan Katherine 11 60, 139, 148, 9 Turpin, Mary Ann 9 71, 135 Wimmer, Lyle Stanley 11 60, 117, 134, 135 -U- Wimmer, Ronaold Dink 9 72 Underwood, Brenda Sue 10 67 Wimmer, Sarah Pauline 12 48,49, 125, 129, 148, 2, 130, 160 -V- Vance, Junior Alfred 8 76, 156 Wimmer, Susan Lynn 12 48,49, 125, 148, Vass, Cheryl Lois 12 47, 124, 143, 147 2, 130, 160, 115 Vass, Joanne 8 77 Wood, Anne Hillsman 8 78 Vaughan, Dean Howard 8 77 Wood, Dwight Arthur 8 78 Vest, Alice Diann 10 67, 139, 145 Wood, Robert Lee, Jr. 10 67, 149, 9 Vest, Allen David 9 71, 134, 154 Wood, Zettie Joyce 9 72, 135, 149, 152, Vest, Bohnie Albert 11 131 Vest, Cecil Eugene 10 67 Woollums, Frank Ray 9 72 Vest, Charlotte Inez 11 59, 143, 147 Wurzburger, Kenneth Douglas 9 72, 154 Vest, Connie Elaine 11 59, 145, 148, 131 -Y- Vest, Gilbert Wayne 8 77, 149, 158, 82 Yates, David Horace 8 78, 149 Vest, Janice Marie 8 77, 148 Yates, Harry Kenneth 9 72 Vest, Ralph Milton 12 48, 147 Yearout, Clonnie Herman 12 48, 49, 125, 145, Vest, Samuel Dean 8 77, 148 123 Vest, Stephne Curtis 8 77 Yearout, Janice Elaine 10 67, 139 Vest, Terry Steven 12 49, 157, 158 Yearout, Ruth Annette 12 48,49, 129, 147 Via, Gerald Ward 8 77, 148, 98 Yeatts, Roger Eugene 9 72 Via, Margaret Anne 11 59, 147, 148 Yopp, Sarah Louise 10 67, 149, 150, 151 185 An Spilogue (5o 2968 The covers are closed, the pages filled with the story of another school year. For my occupants 1968 will be remembered as a time of accomplishment and failure, comprehension and confusion, warm spring days and a two foot snow. Many students will re-enter my doors in the fall to begin another year of classwork and extra curricular activities. Others, who will return only for a momentary visit, leave behind a part of themselves. 186 Autograpds p ) ' 4 ' ' r - ' a ■ V x o 7 L j n j y ' UAj. lu ” Wi7 u LCLAaJ i 0y v Mm) ojNdoWu, . ' Kw MO lu VMiWfcd W ' MJi w v, jl o4sXl xJ J3t) a- 7 a ss I Jf? r.t- i J?-cj Uu (YOwCA. (Xyv a. C A-VA , 7 7 a cho d " WW (f ' y(. lUJa-nJt rv mW 4 . A ikjAOI 4 o -? L WX i-vi jiUH-i. O frCW J£uU Jvl Ocl •?% - ' j ( JjZU ' OJuC yt yy J J 4 cm«- IjumAicSI; su-f ur } V , IV M ' v AVS ,», , VV • ' ■ ' V ' l.v l AIV Aj vxkj ivUmt T dLa 5 1 Koa W ( 0 u rvi- -_ MMUPVU W) Y H 3 ' — i J|0lXy 0J K 3JUV0 (jv. C lOd “Hip iW V? _ a, £r? 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