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Q THE CREED 1967 Flower Hofpiml School qf Nursing 'Tis the human touch in this world that counts, The touch of your hand and mine, Which means far more to the fainting heart Than shelter and bread and wineg For shelter is gone when the night is o'er And bread lasts only a day, But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice Sing on in the soul always. Spencer Michael Free -f .N The Hmmm Touch - - - -is talking with a good friend between classes. Tezble of Contents Introduction .............. Dedication ................ Administration and Faculty .... Classes .................... Student Activities ......... Departments .................... Advertising ...................... Cover Design by Ruth McLaughlin mm . Y V . i , is-egg: . L NN 1. , iii? -is having a personal conference with an instructor. ...1 ...6 .....7 ... 19 ....39 ... 49 ....57 -is expressed by music. -is expressed in prayer to God. ITI0Zl5677Z0lLb67"5 Miss Lucy Newman Mrs. Rhetta Mae Ferris 5 . 1 IP,"- -1-, -c iff Dedimtion We, the yearbook staff of 1967, wish to dedicate THE CREED to the past, present, and future students of Flower Hospital School of Nursing. To those of the past who have taken with them their knowledge and personal ambitions to b e n e fit the nursing profession. To those of the present who through long hours of work and study have upheld the traditions of our school. And to those of the future inhopes that they will maintain the stand- ing of Flower Hospital School of Nursing. These are the ones who by the sound of their voices and the touch of their hands will comfort many. , 6 Attministmtioii tim' Ftzcttlty ,iiwgg-:gil Victor D. Bjork Administrator Adminiflmtion Carl Felling Administrative Resident Dorcas Crossman Administrative Assistant Director of Nursing lie Sfdjyl Lectzzrm Ernst Sternfeld, M.D. Chief of Staff Medical-Surgical Edward L. Doerman, M. D. Castro-Intestinal Surgery james Diller, M. D. Dermatology V Robert E. Merrill, M. D. Anesthesiology l Kalman Gold, M. D. Gynecology Max T. Schnitker, M.D. Neurology Franz B. Ruwe, M.D. Respiratory Bert Seligman, M. D. Cardiovascular joseph Rosche, M. D Cardiovascular Robert Youngen, M, D, Urology Hans van Baaren, M.D. Pathology Merle B. Smith, M.D. Endocrinology and Hematology Edward Seybold, M.D Cardiovascular Daniel Tanner, M. D. Gastro-Intestinal Samuel D. Zuker, M.D. Obstetrics p. 5, Richard Kappus, M.D. Obstetrics John D. S1-cow, M.D. Ophthalmology L. Harvey C. Gunderson, M.D Ear, Nose, and Throat ' T V A. -ag L Y I1 57. 5 2' lx .ff-:,Li.i ,, , I :fe ., 1 'ian'-13" efng-ji., un' .ff F.R. Cortez, M. D. Resident Philippines 1, if-army. '- 1g'....:1f - - N- ,. ,sugafz . . 1 421- ' HJ 1 kr J-1 51 5 ,T Home Staff C. I. Area, M. D. Philippines ff- 'f I' ' Io -. 4 K 'f?:gi5E5'z', ' . , 31,53 A - A gsiggflq -1' ,N . 'i ws, '- 3' ' ' 4 ' "' rr, X-ins-, -, . h lr ' - A I 'tr' - . Y, e x- fi I. Q J I S- !!-fvw' Q ! i ' I. Prein, M.D. Germany 13 The Atamdedes A. Dede, M. D. Y. Atam, M. D. Turkey Home Smff W-1' Y. f.,.i1 -.-s Mm! , J V, . "it L ,Ula - - zwgfgqgge R. Occeno, M. D. Philippines A'-,X 3 T. Nonoy, M. D. Philippines 3 N znfsing Service L. M. Ilett, R. N., Assistant E. T. Farinas, M.D. Philippines Director of Nursingg E. Russ C' DOW' R'N' R. N. , Evening Supervisor Night Supervisor 14 Sylvia Wittman, R. N. Assistant Director of Nursing Education Trends in Nursing F lorene Allen Surgery Instructor Disaster! Time for a conference! -Z Karen Brooke, R.N. Clinical Instructor Medical-Surgical Nursing Student Government Advisor Yearbook Advisor Senior Class Advisor 15 Faculty A , f..-, ,V ., 17, .:Y ,,, Ruby Stanley, R. N. if . Margaret Hankforth, R.N. Assistant Clinical Instructor Fundamentals of Nursing Freshman Class Advisor Clinical Instructor Fundamentals of Nursing -'S gf , , L Myrna Rowland, R. N. L A 4 Work, work, work! Clinical Instructor Medical-Surg ical Nursing Sociology 17 Theodorsia Tucker Pharmacology Dr. Richard Delong Microbiology Dr. Stenson Chemistry W. . 'it 1 ' ww W 1 ' ts, , ' , W MQigwwH..1'..'.Q""1. uw ' lQ5'3f.'f. l. 'iv .V V, -1 1 veg 'Y , -0.4 H 'M -' ag 1141 rr " . ' T"'t--'W Mrs. Betsy Chapman Nutrition Diet: Therapy Affociazte Faculty Miss D. Elson Librarian Professor Harold Shaffer Anatomy and Physiology M5565 K5 - 57' 5 5 E 'K ' EE 'ij N, U5 E 11-as 5-M QV Z5 lam 0 1967 Colors Purple and Whlte Flower Chrysanthemum Nancy Bauer Holgate Ohlo V1ce Pres1dent ls ,. - "mf ' E new 'Hum v YJ F Karon Cousino Monroe, Michigan Secretary K' Pamela Stopher Toledo, Oh1o Presldent hs., it ,- Helen Davidson Bowling Green, Ohi Treasurer 'FU QW p-5... Kathleen Brownmg Genoa, Oh1o Jo Anne Giesler Elmore, Ohio Nh-w M1r1am Baer Pett1tSV1116 , Oh1o x ..' Deanna DeWitt Bellevue , Ohio DQ?"":i-T 1? wh- jane I-hleman Oregon, Oh1o Martha jackson oledo Ohm Marllyn jolly Toledo, Ohlo 22 If Goa' Be Who Cam Be Lmda Kerms Cleveland, Ohlo ...Sh For Us Agazmt 5 Carolyn Mumma. Toledo, Oh1o Patncla Trenton Lagmess M1Ch1Q3.H . f x is e . K N. fu! Sue Riegel Toledo, Ohio Cheryl Royce Toledo, Ohio 23 ' V1 1-gif ---: re- Y Tw:--Q qv-1 S e S 1 To Q . gel- 1155 2: W S T my 0 19 7 ,ggfrl wwetiw.. 4 4? QF? F K1 L 5 -1-, ,.--Q9 li if lfmiear, f Maurine Smith Toledo, Ohio me we Wife, 1' H ar,Q1i '. . fl ' 'f D1anne Schenck ' .wipl Toledo, Ohio eggs' f- f' Karen Smith "' Toledo, Ohio -' mu ,- KET "P , of 5:1535 ef UE: F N iq? . .35 "Salim mem 3, Vlfglnla Turner Toledo, Ohlo Sue Swank - H I U WL, H Jffiff- 4 Angola Indiana , 1 Sm 512: -,. 4, ,, 24 'Qs Senio nv Reminifce Christmas at Simms. , V' wa' .I L Initiation , 3,1 . -1- +.-3-F, - V N., .5 Half-way Party Capping ' Candle' Passings Graduation Janice Alexander we Beverly Boger , ufefzff- ' -' .e is 1 T 'P' ET bw . Z- V F 239' ,, ,, , ' A, , , , Class officers, left to right: Donna Brick, Secretaryg Sue Thornton, Vice Presidentg Marilyn Bucher, Presidentg and Carol Piotter, Treasurer. Claw qf 1968 Pliim Initiation, Donna Brick Barbara Browning Marilyn Bucher Christine Bourdo - Susan Christofel Barbara Croft Diane Cunningham Rebecca Freels 26 by le! Anne Gallan Sandra , Gearig --qi Dian Hess Mary Ann V I Mather The juniors enjoyed quite afeast at the Tivoli for their Half-way party. Hafwazy Party, and Prom 423' Linda McKimmy Ruth McLaughlin Carol Piotter Becky Rayle 'Ns-1 EZ 'BQFQ 1 A N9 ,LA R . I 77:4 ' '17,-rg A . , , 7:1 .7""A7 7 Cheryl Stucker f716i.Mf'l'V "P x.!' 'I Susan Thornton Catherine Wilhelm Pamela Wright 27 Top row left to right: Beverly Reinking, Jill Opfer, Heather Ruddell, Pe g gy Carter, Victoria Vaughn, Marianne Bucher, joan Heath, Judy Roberts. S e c ond row: Sandra Frantzen, Linda Crandall, Nilah Rathge, Kay Meyer, Lynn Mullholland, Mary Smith, JoAnne Dahms. Third row: Gail Schaeffer, Deborah Noble, Janice Haney, Linda -Breckel, Kathy Beck, Carolyn Ryan, Catherine Van Vorce, Glenda Oehmke. Clam gf 1969 Class off i c e rs left to right: Jo Ann Dahms, Secretary, Ly nn Mullholland, T r e a s ur e rg S andr a Frantzen, Vice President, and Cathy Van Vorce , President. 28 Tell me, how long is that sidewalk? Initiation Weren't we cute? .Ar- Boy, just wait 'til Half-way! What shall we do to her? Invasion of the Probies. Finally! THE END. 29 , -' 'Bea . sf 4, Ckqytng Ckmwnopy 1967 Capping is the most important event in the life of afFreshman. During aninspiring cere- mony, she receives her school cap and the Nightingale lamp and then recites the Nightingale Pledge, dedicating herself to her profession. Along with her cap comes the feeling of achievement - she has now suc- cessfully completed her courses at the Uni- versity of Toledo and is re ady to begin an area of more advanced study. 30 I Vid' A ,,i' '- .-.,:.:i gy wh' idx 3 . 1 "rel H' 'T A proud moment for Freshman Marianne Bucher as she re c eive s the school cap from Miss Crossman. .1 N '. s A it ' fs w , ' ri? gas, x 255 Capping is also an exciting event for the juniors as they help prepare their Little Sisses for the ceremony and congratulate them for a. job well done. 31 Busy Students Remember, be pertinent! Whew! Classes are finally over for the day. What do you mean smile? Well, you see, it's this way Boy, all we ever do is work, work, work. 32 There's nothing more enjoyable than terminal disinfection I get all the important jobsa l My, my, don't I look efficient. W . ' a 5 6 More classes. Let's see now, where would Aspirin be? 33 Smdenz LW - The juniors will do anything to make classes more enjoyable. This ought to really scare those poor probies. t A f Alix? 'C Charades? Would you believe neurology class? All nght now class 5142- i?:.2' A hh-.-. gb just wait until my big sis sees this! Come on, at least look like you're enjoying yourse 34 'Q ,ff ' A little bit of sleep never hurt anyone. Let me show you this new step I learned last night. Just another crazy junior skit. .4 No, no, tha.t's all right Iwasn't doing anything. . . much. just think, our first Christmas here. Who could this be, Phoebe and Fabiola? ,fp-vs,-.,,.,i-.1 -u'4'j L A meeting of the minds. I could have danced all night. Q , :fm - me L uszggszg 'ee -M LA L55 ta now pronounce you, Gilbert, student nurse 'V 'I ,-.Mi 5-J., The lively ones. 2' ' M ' 'KJ l What an enthusiastic group. 37 Weil an jlw, 1, ,, ..f-efegf, Mwuwv an +V' ,ww M... ,Hs- The nightly gab session on fourth floor. Welcome home, Juniors. 1'-i A ' - in ,, Y Boy, wait until I see my Little Sis. And then you know what she said? ? Wi muh w ff' f Seniors' tribute to a student nurse. If it weren't for affiliations, I'd ne ver get my closet cleaned. 38 Vg, ' I -"- 5 f , F y l ffgfig Q 5 f 1 '--S . 0 -' by lf . 552 e L, . -iii Q' Simian! Aciivifief fr 2 AA ,,, .gh .,' ,V- TJ? 1-if ee? , - 41.552 ' E- M ,2 Vg, Student Government officers, left to right, Miss Karen Brooke, Advisor, Diane Cunningham, President, Cheryl Corresponding Secretary, Debbie Noble, Recording Secretary, Becky Rayle, Treasurer, Susan Christofel, Second President. -aa. .- - g f , W were A ,Y rfssifisi " 1 ' 1 ., it - 1 1 . lim--, 1 -, , 1 :g,1,: , 1 11 11-:-11:11 1 K , ..,,. f,,s11e 1 1 11 1, - V ::f:.f2,sf1 I -1 11 iw, 1 1 111 11 fm, F , 1 11 Student ovemmen Working together as an organized unit, Stu- dent Government is a means of communica- tion between students, faculty, and admin- istration. Through a co-operative effort the students formulate their rules of group living. Not only does Student Government serve as a governing body, but also provides social activities. This year's social events included the annual Big-Sis-Little-Sis Christmas party, the Christmas Dance, a mixer, and a picnic in the spring. Students e nj o y e d the a n n u a l Big-Sis-Little-Sis Christmas party, especially receiving their gifts from Santa Seybold. Heather Ruddell was announced queen of the Christ- mas dance held at Holiday Inn. -r yr- f fi--my ft .. , - - The rewards of weeks of planning, a good home-cooked meal. To help with the annual fish fry, the Seniors volunteered to become the cheif cooks and bottle washers for a night. Mary Ann Mather, Chairman of the fish fry, gives final instructions to serving committee members. N A A l Beverly Boger represented Flower in the annual Miss Toledo Student Nurse contest. X g ,l ul , Students honored Mrs. Gigax with a farewell party on her retirement as housemother. 41 T. S.N.A. officers from Flower were Sue Thornton, No min atio ns Committee Chairman, Bev Boger, Vice President, and Barbara Brown- ing, Treasurer. T.S. .A.-S. .A.O. The Toledo Student Nurses' Association, our district branch of S.N.A.O., is a professional organization with an aim of preparing student nurses for membership in a graduate professional organization. The six schools of nursing in Toledo all b e lon g to T. S.N.A. , participating in such activities as basketball, an autumn roast, a bridal show, the annual Nightin- gale Sing, and listening to le c t ur e s on different a spe cts of nursing. This year Flower students b e c a m e very active in T. S. N.A. , beginning the year with a rep- resentation of six students at the state con- vention in Cleveland. During this week- end, the girls gained many ideas which were beneficial in their various local and district offices. Janice Haney presented herself as a candidate Week in Apnl' for office at the T.S.N.A. mock convention. 42 President of T. S.N.A. , Mary ,Io Morwessel, accepted the membership award for District Nine at State Convention. S.N.A. O.officers lead the members in the S.N.A. O. chant at state convention held in Cleveland last September. Schools fro m all over Ohio w e r e represented when Miss Ohio Student Nurse was announced at the S. N.A. O. ban- ' quet in Dayton, which helped to conclude Student N urs e L. Front row left to right: B. Reinking, M.A. Bucher, C. Ryan, C. Royce, D. DeWitt. Back row A. Gallan, S. Thornton, C. Stucker. S. Frantzen, L. Mullholland. Coach Don Stewart advised the girls concerning strategy. Don inspired the team to give its maximum performance each game. Bpzfkelball Our fighting team in action Top row left to right: Virginia Turner, Sue Swank, Maurine Smith, Lynne Mullholland, Patricia Laginess, JoAnne Dahms, Sue Thornton, Nilah Rathge, Carolyn Mumma, Diane Cunningham, Donna Brick, Mary Smith, Ann Gallan, Pamela Stopher. Second row: Janice Alexander, Kay Meyer, Norma Wiese, Marianne Bucher, Glenda Oehmke, Kathy Beck, Carolyn Ryan, 'Ruth McLaughlin, Cathy Van Vorce, Cathy Wilhelm, Linda Breckel, Linda McKimmy, Sandra Gearig, Dian I-Iess. Third row: Pamela Wright, Sharon Ward, Sue Riegel, Jill Opfer, Peggy Carter, Vickie'Vaughn, Judy Roberts, Janice Haney, Becky Rayle, Gail Schaefer, Debbie Noble, Joan Heath, Heather Ruddell, Karen Smith, Fourth row: Cheryl Stucker, Sandra Frantzen, Carol Piotter, Mary Ann Mather, Barbara Croft, Becky Freels, Barbara Browning, Marilyn Bucher, Beverly Reinking, Susan Chi-istofel. Flower Hoypital Glee Club 3 1 w ' .Ie- Mr. Da ve Parker, accompanied by pianist jo Anne Dahms, capably directs o ur student choir. 'The choir participatedin such activities ,as Capping, Graduation, and the annual Night- ingale Sing. 45 Becky Freels an d Dian Hess worked together to plan the weekly Chapel services. N.C.F. The N urs e s ' Christian Fellowship is an organization which meets informally once a week to further the Christian ideals so that student nurse s may serve to fulfill the spiritual and physical needs of their patients. p , One of the guest speakers who attended the N. C.F. meetings was Dr. Diller. halve! Each Wednesday evening students participate in a non-denomina: tional service of praise and devo- tion through which all are brought closer to God. The guest speakers include clergy from local churches of all faiths. The topics presented benefit the nur s e not only in her professional duties, but aid in her personal life also. This year the students have adopted a boy from Southern India. His name is Kuriokose a.nd our weekly offerings provide him needed food, clothing, and education. ."' ' 5. ." -, Part of the weekly N. C. F. meetings in c l ud e group discussions. " Executive Committee: from left to right, Miss K. Brooke, Advisorg S. Thornton, photo- graphyg J. Opfer, freshman editor, S. Ward, sales. Back row: C. Stucker and B. Rayle, co-editorsg L. Riegel, senior editor, B. Croft, secretary-treasurerg M. Bucher, adver- tising. Yearbook Sfdff Yearbook staff from left to right: G. Shaefer, M. Smith, S. Frantzen, D. Cunningham, K. Meyer, B. Reinking. Back row: J. Roberts, G. Oehmke, D. Noble, C. Ryan, L. McKimmy, V. Vaughn, N. Rathge. 47 Auxiliary member, Mrs. Montferrante works in the education office to help with the typing. Guild and Auxiliary Student life at Flower is made somewhat more enjoyable by two hospital organizations, the Guild and Auxillary. Students are enter- tained throughout the year by such social activities as a swim party, a hayride, and other activities spon- sored by the Auxiliary. The Guild not only operates the Gift Shop, but also assists students who need finan- cial aid. Articles from the gift shop are used in the display windows throughout the hospital. Members of the Guild operate the Gift Shop and visit patient's rooms with the gift cart period- ically with many useful articles. 48 610617 f77Z677lL5 - Y., W mf ,H , , EW ww J H H A K ' umm I W4 , N , ,- ag N zmin ..4 Nursery D. Abel, R.N. ,,..- 'ff QEB li . 2 -U ' 'gnjzf - I - - T11 , f . 1211? i F , I .fa 11, 1 ar 511.21 N V fi-. . - - 1 i . 1 A K A ., -if l' j-1' ,- Q f EM 2' ,H 51- ' I Eg' -:xg ' ' ' W 1 H 5 1 :-V " I ' , ,gg-zxmafil 1 '- M i5gwQ??QQ'H Mw1.' HH. lm' . W 'H X- I' 'HV , ii .MW -""1l,: 'i F ' ' ' fi , ii -'17 - l fuk ' i Y :H M, ' ' " ' 4" ' -4' F , 'W' H ,, v VT TT I min ' r 11. -fi. 1 '-"' -mfr' P ef T J ' ' J L71 JJ" 1 4 Fl ...,.,,, i. ,1.5T.f Y 'fl H175 M Wwxx ww Maternity M. Luetke, R.N x .,,. f. 3 1: ffl' Recovery Room G. Lockery, R. N. U. Doniere, L. P.N. Surgery-F. Allen. R.N. H. Schueler, R.N. Intensive Care Unit D. Senchez, R.N. Obstetrical Supervisor E. Hendricks, R. N. Delivery Head Nurse-H. Hibbard, R.N. 50 Naming Smjjf 3 South A Frobel, R N J Creeger, R N """"'m?!' .4.4,, 1 West M Norman, R N I Gerdeman, R N 2 West L Eddy, R N B Dommlque, R N EE 2 North D Downs, R N D M2ChC1DSk1, R N WH 1 North G Green, R N M Lwmgston, R N M Purchasing Agent f Mr. R. Campbell L .-7... sizifi-i.".a'.g1 - ' F.. H. .qw u Q , X - . Ng, i 1 ..,... .. -, W , - N.. Ili , , f s L ii ar' Switchboard Operator Mrs. S. Murphy Dcjmffimemif Administrative Secretary Miss L. Kambas Physical Therapy Mr. V. King, A. Stippich E. Burr N. X-ray Mr. C. Osborn Secretaries Miss M. Kolodziejczak Miss J. Rogowski Mrs. C. Lallky Chaplain Rev. M. Garrison NF!! School of Nursing Secretary Personnel-Mrs. G. Schroder Secretary-Miss C. Ceglio Mrs. G. Holmes Secretary-Miss S. Padgett Laundry-Mr. J. Bayer Receiving Clerk Mr. O. Wingert Maintenance Mr. H. Malinowski Housekeeping A . Bohm L-.4-,f-. . Comptroller-G. Stevens Central Supply N. Morningstar, R. N. 1 1 .. i I 1 Guard-A. Natal Emergency Room D. Hiraoka, R. N. EKG Technicians Out Patient J. Guyg B. Lehmann E. Richmond, R.N. 54 A 4? 'I f' Q 11' TF-L '-T Y - J- '4 A - ' -.. Pharmicists T. Tuckerg C. Foley .X 5-'Q' I fs S Q' -my Dietary E. Corron Admitting Clerk G White D k 1 J. Pentz, J. White ,VLA UA, 1 ' Chief Medical Technologist MJ. Louis Practical Nurse Co-ordinator C. Lang, R.N. and Student Oxygen Therapist D. Jarvis, R.N. ,4 :', - ! . Medical Records Secretaries YQ! sw, '1'f"'5-2 RTN ifM3QFQ'ii'f1"f- igsgif? L-NX' 56 Q!" Advertiying V 14.9 X ,, .1 , ,M T LX 'I N 'ii , J' .- S 2555 ' Lf , "T'5:,: . may -V -15523 ' . my WH , 48, ,Q - gif . . 7 L, gui:-i . . X R Q... HQ? SRS 03731 V f Mi X, if "1 x 'WT -N ., , , 11 3:-fit' ix 9-2? - . x . , - I 57 D.J. NIARLEAU Congratulations Graduates! WI'1oIesaIe 81 Retail Hardware Roofing, Plumbing Supplies, Paints Glass, Power 8. Hand Tools Free Parking 3516 Detroit Avenue 244-4961 BRADWELL INCORPORATED First Name In Nurses Apparel Heating I S Refrigeration INCORPORATED Air Conditioning 40 West 225th Street Bronx' New York 10463 42 N. Westwood Toledo, Ohio 531-4436 Compliments of B 84 F OXYGEN 8 EQUIPMENT COMPANY 3912 Funston, Toledo, Chia 475-6071 58 Congratulations "Grads" On Your Academic Achievement X " . . .Thy Work's Well Done. . ." Alexander FLOWER HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING STUDENT GOVERNMENT YOUR CHRISTIAN THE AUBURN PRESS SUPPLY CENTER Your Headquarters For Bibles-Pictures-Placques Fine Printing. . . Childrens Bible Story Books From Idea To Finished Product Open Mon. and Fri. till Nine O'clo I4 2901 Detroit Avenue Toledo IOO4 Sylvania Avenue Tol d 244-355 I 475 -8637 1 Q Our Best Wishes J X 'www To The Class Of I967 7 IID THE FLOWER HOSPITAL GUILD 59 PATRON'S LIST COCA-BOTTLING COMPANY OF OHIO 3970 Catawba Street Toledo, Ohio GR 4-5481 WEST TOLEDO STATIONERS, INC. 1126 Sylvania Avenue Toledo, Ohio 472-9884 THE OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF TOLEDO, INC. 1940 West Central Ave. Toledo, Ohio 479-7811 THE SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. OF TOLEDO 2735 Dorr Street Toledo, Ohio JE 6-3797 ECONOMIC LABORATORY, INC. 36 Vance Street Toledo, Ohio CH 3-3188 ERIKSEN'S TYPEWRITERS 323-327 Erie Street Toledo, Ohio 241-1193 KATY STEEL COMPANY 4075 N . Detroit Avenue Toledo, Ohio 474-5454 STEGER SHOWEL COMPANY 421 Main Street Toledo, Ohio 693-0571 LOUIS WASSERSTROM 8. CO., INC 402-412 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 241-3288 KELEKET X-RAY CORPORATION A Division of LFE. Inc. 4144172 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio HAROLD J. MAGERS ADVERTISING 8. PRINTING 1018 W. Bancroft Street Toledo, Ohio 248-3721 BABCOCK DAIRY COMPANY 945 Berdon Avenue Toledo, Ohio 472-2114 AMERICAN-LI NCO LN CORPORATION 518 S. St. Clair Street Toledo, Ohio 241-2121 UNIQUE DRY CLEANERS, INC. 3139 Cherry Street Toledo, Ohio CH 4-8101 THE BARTLEY COMPANY Box 3247 Station 'c' Toledo, Ohio 244-3011 GATTO ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC 52 Duane Street New York 7, New York D 8. H MACHINERY CONSULTANTS INC WALBRIDGE 8. BELLG PHOTOGRAPHERS 5340 Enterprise Blvd. 441 Melrose Avenue Toledo, Ohio 241-1164 P.O. Box 5096 Toledo, Ohio 726-2675 Congratulations Graduates Welcome To The Alumnae Association Mrs. A. Quimby, V-Pres.g Mrs. E. Hendricks, Rec. Sec.g Mrs. V. Trotter, Program Chairmang Mrs. K. Romlou, Pres.g Mrs. M. Attinger, Treas.g Mrs. S. Eberhardt, Newsletter Chairman. THE FLOWER HOSPITAL ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION 61 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs cmd Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs PARENTS AND FRIENDS J R Aarthun David C Alexander Byron Bauer Jonathan Beck Jr Don C Betts Robert Boger Adam Brick Charles Brownung Chester Bucher Norman Bucher Donald Chrlstofel James Cunningham Robert Dahms R V Davidson Earl Eulltt Veryl Gearng Mnss Jean Gerdeman and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Garnet Gross Eersel Heath Roy Hess Charles Kaledo Don Lowery Karl McLaughlin and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wnlluam G Meyer Donald Newell Elmer Noble Delmer Oemke Clarence Rathge Robert Racer Paul Rnegel Donald Roberts l J Ru dell Richard Ryan Warren Schaefer Langley Smlth Wulluam Smith Dwught Stopher Gerald Stucker Robert Thornton Vlctor Van Vorce Rlchard Vaughn Donald Ward N F Wrese Dennle Wlttman and Mrs J M Wrlght Mr. . . . Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . ' . Mr. . Mr. 4 . Mr. . Mr. . , . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . . d Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. h . ' Mr- . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crandall Mr. and Mrs- Harold Smith Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr, . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr- ' ' Mr. . Dr. . . . ' Mr. . ' 62 PATRONS FROM THE MEDICAL STAFF B.H. Carroll, M.D. R.E. Sclwerbarfh, M.D. A. cqsfallo, M.D. K.F. sflhoemock, M.D. E.L. Doermann, M.D. B'X" Sell9mCmf M'D' J.vv. Efkerf, M.D. E-G. Seyboldf M-D- C.H. Frie, M.D. l..W. Siberd, M.D.. J.M. Herrzberg, M.D. G' Sldo' M'D' J.D. Skow, M.D. F.W. Hiss, M.D. H.F. Howe, M.D. V R.F. Slorrerbeck, M.D. -LM. Kenyon, M.D. N.G. Spencer, M.D. NLG. Means, MODE G.H. Starr, M.D., W.H. Meffley' M.D. D.G. Tanner, M.D. l.D. Murphy, M.D. S.D. Zuker, M.D. 5-W- N0l"fl1UPf M-D- Drs. Shaffer, Collins, P F O M D and Welborn c 0 rr, o o Drs. Kelleher, Sullivan, O' Podlns' M'D' Baibelc, and Dean J. Roshe, M.D. Drs. Hawkins, F.B., R.C F.B. Ruwe, M.D. R.F. Cooke 63 i r

Suggestions in the Flower Hospital School of Nursing - Creed Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Flower Hospital School of Nursing - Creed Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Flower Hospital School of Nursing - Creed Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Flower Hospital School of Nursing - Creed Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Flower Hospital School of Nursing - Creed Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Flower Hospital School of Nursing - Creed Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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