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JEANNETTE FACKLER MATHEWS 'Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul." PAULA POLLARD Her willing heart makes nothing impossible." a Q BEA WORTMAN PIEHL "Tiny, tender, and sweet, a friend of everyone." i 1 is DORIS PORTER "She is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace." JANICE RATHBUN "A kind heart is a fountain of gladness making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles." ff .A -"1 i MYRNA RAU "Witty cmd talented, she will go far.' BETTY RUPP "Humor is the harmony ofthe heart RUTH WEAVER SALTZMAN 'Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhood." LOIS STEWART Energy and persistence conquer all things." ,...ad'N"""' LEONORA STEVENSON "A sound head, an honest heart, and a humble spirit are her guides." JACKIE SWICK Those eyes, affectionate and glad." DONNA WELLMAN Politeness fo do and say The kindesf thing in the kindesf way." X A uf MARILYN WALTER Grace was in all her steps heaven in her eye." MRS. NORMAN Class Advisor Senior History On September 7, 1954, thirty excited, confused girls moved into the apartments of Simms Hall to begin a career in nursing. We began to experience many frustrating moments, and also some of the happiest, most memorable moments of our lives. For the next seven months we were "probies." During that time we attended Toledo University and had our nursing arts classes here at Flower, with the ever-patient Miss Rehklau as instructor. Soon we were properly initiated by our "big sisters." We still remember scrubbing the sidewalk with toothbrushes in our ridiculous attire. It was a most unforgettable evening, but we sought our revenge on our "little sisters" a year later. Then came our first days on the floor. These were both frightening and rewarding but now, as we think back-Oh, those poor patients!! We began with simple procedures and, as we became more experienced, we took more responsibility in the care of our patients. Q ln April, we traded our collars for fischus, and with pin curls in place, were "capped" by Miss Rehklau. We wore our caps so proudly and began to feel more and more like nurses. As we gained experience in the hospital, we also attended many doctors' lectures. Each doctor lectured in his own particular field, such as hematology, neurology, obstetrics, and so forth. These were very interesting as well as educational. When we became Juniors, we began our experience in the various departments of the hospital-surgery, obstetrics, diet kitchen, and central supply. Those "first" days we'll never forget-that first "scrub" in surgery and then, a little later, that first delivery. The bath demonstrations and formula making classes were excellent teaching experiences-For whom? The experience gained in these departments will benefit us later in better understanding the functions of these departments. There was much hard work and studying during this time, but this was quickly forgotten when it was time for a party, which inevitably occurred on the night before an exam. ln the summer of l956, we began our affiliations with Toledo State Hospital and Children's Hospital in Columbus. Our experience in and knowledge of nursing broad- ened immensely during these months. Most of us enioyed the work-the "kids" were darling and "psyche" was fascinating, but, did Flower look grand to us at the end of six months! With only a few months to go, we were busy making graduation plans, which included yearbook, uniforms, and pictures. At last we reached that long-awaited day on which we exchanged our student uniforms for the white uniforms of the graduate, and added black bands to our caps. Graduation brought feelings of icy and, at the same time, sorrow at leaving the wonderful friends we had made in training. Senior Class Prophecy The year is 1970 and there is a turmoil on earth as the Jet-Liner, The U.S.S. Bonita Riceta, prepares for the take-off en route to the famous Hospital of Tomorrow on Mars. This flight, and the ultramodern interplanetary iet-liner have been furnished by the Director of the lnterplanetary Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center for Geriatric Martians. There is a sudden gush and a terrific commotion as the great iet-propelled, Mars-bound rocket ship with supersonic velocity tears through the stratosphere with Barbara Holmes at the controls. "Attention please!" "No cause for alarm"-"We iust missed Jupiter by two light metres" "Roger." Yup! That's Flash Holmes-girl pilot! Among the able-bodied crew, we see June Gove as flight nurse. Off in a corner in a dim light we see Marilyn Karns avidly reading the ship's log. Among the passengers are several well-known Flower Grads: Jackie Swick Lester, who, while there, is going to do research for her history professor husband, land incidentally is expecting the arrival of the ninth football playerl. Carol Haynes Halloway, whose dentist-husband iust discovered a new tooth-growing medicine, "Sprout-A-Tooth", some of which she is taking along. Jeanette Fackler Mathews is going for a short visit-and in the cargo hold is a shipment of footstools her husband manufactured for short Martians. As the ship comes down with a swish and sudden thud, waiting for them at the Rocketport are some of their former classmates. At the head of the crowd is the Director and Founder of the new hospital, Miss Bonita Rice, waving a red flag of welcome! With her are Donna Brown who is head of the surgical department land as a side line is still coaching love affairslg Phyllis Holmes Irwin, head nurse in Obstetrics-we're really rehabilitating them! Leonora Stevenson, Martian Chaplain, tells us that she has iust come from visiting Donna Wellman Smith, who has Martian Sleeping Sickness, lthe first reported on Mars!-she left earth to get away from African Sleeping Sickness-poor girl. As we speed towards the hospital in the iet-propelled Mars-Mobile, we exchanged some of the most recent gossip. Janice Rathbun, is a Public Health nurse on the Indian Reservation. Paula Pollard is en route to Africa ron her first assignment as a missionary. Also in the mission field, is Doris Porter, as head of the Mission Board. They tell us that Ruth Weaver Saltzman is "Mrs. Mars of i97O." She has five little "salt-shakers" to keep her busy. As we alight from the Mars-Mobile, we are greeted by Marilyn Walter, in a scintillating aura from the genuine Luster-gem she is wearing indicating her engagement to a genuine Martian. lWonder how many box-tops he had to save for that?! As we walk through the hospital, we see Myrna Rau in one of the rehabilitation wards, teaching the Mars-bug ltranslation-American iitter-bug! to the music of Marvis Elsley, the new geriatric craze. As we enter the G-U ward, we see Miss Lois Stewart busily occupied, using her great intellectual capacity in keeping accurate "Intake and Output" for Doctors Jagoon and Manson's two hundred patients. We are astounded to see the tallest girl on Mars, Bea Wortman Piehl, who is 6'l l". This climate does wonders for short people. They asked us about the rest of the classmates and we told them that Peggie Maneval Armbruster is knitting her seventeenth afghan. Betty Rupp has really changed since graduation! She has gained 150 lbs., and has blond, crew-cut hair. She's a well-known torch singer in Greenwich Village. Vivian Wilson Bever has the position as Director of the Mental Hygiene and Correction Center in a Michigan State Mental Hospital. ln her spare time, she is busy raising little "Bevers." Last, but not least, is Mrs. Elma Hopper Kesling, who at the present time is busily employed as a Counselor for Student Nurses. She has a lovely family. After a tour through the hospital and a sight-seeing trip on Mars, we are earth-bound! Wait a Minute! Hold on to your seats! We are lost in the maze of the Milky Way! Will we ever return to earth? Who knows-with Flash Holmes, girl pilot, at the controls. Senior Will Will all the witnesses please rise? And raise your right hands, so high- And swear that what you witness now is iust and true- Now please sit down. Your honor, I am most delighted lNow if I stutter, it's because l'm excitedl To present the will and last words of a class of brilliant, talented girls- The class of nineteen fifty-seven, The very best this side of heaven. We, the graduating class of 1957 bequeath: 1. Our superfluous talent in all fields of living to whatever class feels that they are worthy to follow in our footsteps. 2. Our originality in all that we endeavor to undertake and our outstanding showmanship to Ed Sullivan and his "Toast of the Town." 3. Our intestinal fortitude in being able, as a body, to night after night drink endless cups of black coffee and watch whatever television program comes on the sceen-we can get only one channel- tothe Juniors. 4. I, Donna Brown, will my ability to sleep for endless stretches of time to Pat Mooneyham who, I believe, will benefit. 5. I, Vivian Bever, will my ability to be Toledo's best housekeeper to all Juniors who are so inclined. 6. I, June Gove, will my curly red hair lwhich is often most uncooperativel to Jane Snyder, if she promises never to let it grow. 7. I, Carol Haynes, will my "love of classes" to the Juniors since theirs are now nearly over. 8. I, Barb Holmes, will my ability to make myself heard' downtown while standing on the front steps of Highland House to Jean Lund, provided she exercises this ability twice a day. 9. I, Phyllis Irwin, will my Elvis Presley records to Joyce Scaife, providing she plays them only dur- ing quiet hours. 1O. I, Marylyn Karns, will my ability to become completely engrossed in old books to Betty Osmon, only if she'll spend at least 6 hours every evening reading them. 11. I, Emmy Kesling, will my ability in needlework to all the Juniors to help pass the evenings in front of the television set. 12. I, Peg Maneval, will my patient ''needle-pointing-scarred" fingers to Mary Lou Samsey, so that she may be able to needle point for three years without ceasing. 13. I, Jeannette Mathews, will my height to Eleanor Andersen, so she can make beds more easily in my District. 14. I, Bea Piehl, will the wonderful feat of receiving 2 air mail letters a day from "my honey" to Judy Abele-providing she doesn't receive them from my "honey." 15. I, Paula Pollard, will my ever patient and calm acceptance of last minute requests to play for chapel services to Barb Duffey with the provision that she practice, practice, practice! 16. I, Doris Porter, will my ability to hide my age to all the Juniors so they won't "age" too much this next year. 17. I, Jan Rathbun, will my acceptance to make posters for any and all occasions to anyone who has trouble saying "no"! 18. I, Myrna Rau, will my extraordinary voice to Lynn Eschenburg, provided she can sing for each and every school program. 19. I, Betty Rupp, will my long dark tresses to Norma Robbins, if she. promises to set them faithfully every night. 20. I, Leonora Stevenson, will my ability to keep calm and cool in all situations to Nancy Shiley, if she promises "to fly off the handle at least once every five years." 21. I, Lois Stewart, will my executive position in SNAO, to Nanette Slotterbeck, providing she plans to attend every convention. 22. l, Jackie Swick, will my ability to laugh at everything to Nancy Slotterbeck. "Keep smiling, Nan!" 23. I, Marilyn Walter, will my diet to Georgia Green, if she'll promise to gain fifteen pounds. 24. I, Ruth Saltzman, will my wardrobe to Sue Welling-of course, a few alterations will be necessary. Lastly- 25. I, Donna Wellman, will my ability to be in a constant state of chaos to Lois Schroeder-Stay as you are, Lois! Most Likely To . . . Jeannette Mathews . . . to be chief peanut grower of Wyandot County. Beatrice Piehl . . . to be E.S.T. supervisor at Toledo State Hospital. Ruth Saltzman . . . to be "Mother of the Year" in 1960. Vivian Bever . . . to win the Nobel Prize in literature for her paper entitled "Why Student Nurses Should Be Married." Donna Wellman . . .to be in charge of E.R. at "Kiddies." Leanora Stevenson . . . to be a missionary's wife in the Kentucky hills. Myrna Rau . . . to organize Singling Sisters Circus. Betty Rupp . . . to be a farmer's wife and raise dew worms. Barbara Holmes . . . to replace "Jeanie" on T.V. Donna Brown . . . to raise grasshoppers for chlorophyll research. Paula Pollard . . . to play for the Toledo Symphony and be director of F.H.S.N. choir. Doris Porter . . . to be a missionary on the Gold Coast and train native Christian nurses. Janice Rathbun . . . to replace Kate Smith. Phyllis Irwin . . . to be a mother of "little sailors." June Gove . . . to raise red-headed, freckled boys. Carol Haynes . . . to raise chickens and girls. Marylyn Karns . . . to be night supervisor in Women's Dept. Lois Stewart . . . to be head of the Department of Health, Dublin, Ireland. Marilyn Walter . . . to be head nurse of the District Nurses' Association of Toledo. Elma Kesling . . . to write a book on "What To Know About Homemaking Before Marriage." - Peggy Maneval . . . to be supervisor in pediatrics at Montpelier Hospital. Jackie Swick . . . to be a college nurse and take care of football players. ,aw Senior Awards For Highest Scholastic Achievement LOIS STEWART For Outstanding Ability in Surgery JACKIE SWICK Jo Martin Memorial Award For Outstanding Achievement in the Art of Nursing A MARILYN WALTER X i - i I ' 4 ,hs E 7 Qs ,gin - , , 'HQ-a-w.71.Q w-mm. W.-,. 9 4- , X , I if ip , M4-., A-, ,YVCN . g X, N ,f'T""? 1 ,.,.. .vw Ns 5 X in QMT fx . 4. ,. .. u kkvyds J ev:- X X x 5 ' .. '9 -. ' 'V..4- - W, 3 ' , 'viii' V- ,:'- 'N- ' ,4 Q- Q 2"T5i",?151i 'Qs 'O NX -.5 .I w ' Y lg . , ,,,., QM . F. if 'L A v vnu n mnu RTT' Affiliations Our affiliation with Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, was both interesting, enioyable, and educational. As we worked with students from other nursing schools, we all made many won- derful friendships. Babies, diap- ers, diapers, babies! Three months at Toledo State Hospital was a part of our train- ing always to be remembered. We were given a new insight on many nursing problems. Our affiliation with this institution helped move us to our goal-graduation! 1. rxnrsxg, ' 1 hy A, Jv- 4 ,Lfww V uw - l I I s I e 1 1 s 3 t 2 . f- A... 'wk Y .4-"' fx Q s J' , J' ' " ff . 0 f E ' N.,x W F- Y .. .,., , .E Q 1 . ' If-fi.-:gym ' sw, V ' - it-il . Mx N Q .af ,E 'i Q 1 Fw, X ,un -av f-A. 5 '27 fr? 1:17 JE l K F J 5 wll Fran? Row: Jean Lund, Lynn Eschenburg, Barbara Duffey, Norma Robbins, Nancy Slollerbeck, Nanelte Slotlerbeck, Nancy Shiley. Fronf fo Bock, Left Side: Belly Osman, Joyce Scaife, Mary Lu Samsey, Lois Schroeder, Jane Snyder. Right Side: Palricia Mooneyham, Judith Abele, Georgia Green, Eleanor Andersen, Sue Welling. Juniors T Q .. - if -iw' .V - . 2 e f , ,, , ' ' ' S N. X? W , xi 'E 43 V J 3 sz-If ' id' I-4 X r A Q 4, 3,35 N :- I' V 1 1312111 L13-:sr ,,,, , 9 w W . , ., 455. ' cf ' ' L ss: gg, A ,I , use - ' Q 5 ' -f N I I I i P? ,fi Junior Page It was a happy occasion when the seventeen members of the class of '58 were able to wear the second stripe on their sleeves. Our Junior year was very busy as we each gained clinical experience in surgery, obstetrics, diet kitchen, and general duty. Also, various classes and field trips helped to fill our days. The high spots of the year included welcoming our "little sisters" in September. Also, there were swimming, horseback riding, and bowling lessons sponsored by the Flower Hospital 'Junior Guild. We certainly enioyed every moment of these activities. March sixth found the class in the "rec" room celebrating its "Half-Way" party. Yes, we were finally over the hump and ready for the last lap toward our goal-that black band. By April plans for the Junior-Senior banquet were well under way. The event was a real success, and we were very proud to hold the dance in our new service building. Our money- making proiects for this occasion included card, candy, and bake sales as well as collecting sales tax stamps. Now we are eagerly awaiting our "big sis' " graduation in September. We will miss them very much, but we are very happy that each one has attained her goal! l Congratulations "big sisters' '! fyf Y M " o A A J. 5, , ,V V Q , al ,gn f 1 if, o , 'J vu - 1 W, 1 4 4 Kuf- ww 5 -sis. :Alu 1 img-Q .cc ...sc- wz. - fa x M2 1, fr-'is ' S '1 X gg, ...,. . if i " "i-xf3,,?- ,V-. 1 X-. iffzggg, fj.?I"' if All , As rfafiw Night watch. All tuckered out. Man in the crowd. 'ya-.1-, ---- vvvf- - ' V ..,.,, -, ...- 3. 1. P.. 'K- ' .Q ' ,.,:.1'- I ':Tf--.f'? -4 "f'1- " 1:52-gf, , ffm'-.4 , . . . . fifg , J ,,, A W- 3 ,cg -I l L - Something's cookin'. K-xx JZA .N V X aw. 1 . ., J came. ,Y 1. Under construction. Coffee break. .',,.-ff .. V ..1f"-sf " SE ' a . I Q 'T rn 'V sv 1-K 4 "'-SX X B . N I 5 .f X me 5 IS 5 . yr, I 1 L .,,-. Q. ...c Q ,g,,:,,.Q'-. ,M 2 .L 31, my-N: .if 'J if A-"' I-ff . , . 4 34 .S We be is sl X T 4 in l be X . .4 Y ,E .,,,,,.:.. i una:-5 ' 'Elia ..- ' W.. k " N' 1. 1. -:el Q-W... 4 , irq., gg. . ,.. . M, Hackett Street . ,, tw' A 12 Who's been sleeping in my bed? ff' 'Egg z1"'ili I gl x Test tomorrow. ' Mom didn't tell me it was like this. !,,,W-j 51- "H-ewww,,M,,MM Q 1 may . - we pq 5 , 5. ,.,, -V ,Mgt 1 1 'Q 2 .tl A 'X N- ' iff' .. if lfiihwn K K' " , . 'f 1-L -5 ' f1.,zQ.,:,..1:'-if-zzfrrve-wa, -, 5 '-'WH'--'Q ' - -' ---- ' Q 4, 15 wig ? .Z 5-15 , - .ag ' ,Q -. 1:. , . ' , -. g'g'?fgi inf N i t I . . . , , ,. ""ff'-it .....,. - V. , ' "'-- ff,ffsm.,z,:,.. M , V , :ww-.,.. if 3- ' ' 'te aww f-ff-wil.-'-.' Mil , ,4 KW? U I. .,. , .X - . .5 g., '::,,w.. t A cb , L-Q -,I N, , M . .elwv if.. am . I -max.. 1,:fff1.rtf-:ew mm? . Dream come true. , . :iff I X l,'.4 Jiminy and Linda. X X .-0 sr' N 'mfr Q, -3 N1 4- NN -- 1.1 .Q .Q :Vg kt X W.:-:2 Q Q:-,,:,.:..:,Qi sfw- Pi' N Qxgggwgy ,x , X Y E N 't' 1. rl iffy. . gr 1 vga' I f 1 - Front Row: Helen Pappas, Marilyn Bost, .ludith Brown, Carol Horvath, Marilyn Hamlin, Daphne Derick. Left Row, Front to Back: Charlotte Miller, Donna Connell, Louise Rule, Geraldine Bernard, Carol Harding Right Row, Front to Back: Judith McCoy, Barbara Smith, Kathryn Smith, Marilyn Mcrlatt, Lois Eddy. Freshmen Class 22 'ff ,J ,St 5 , Q i X, . wif. lj ' . ,..' l V .fl-A ww vnu Freshman Page September 4, 1956, was the day on which eighteen bewildered girls entered nurses' train- ing at Flower Hospital. ln a period of three short months these same frightened girls-after expe- riencing initiation by the upperclossmen-adiusb ing to hospital life, and entering the University of Toledo for the college part of their training- had changed into young women. Time passed quickly and soon the trials of the first semester had faded away to become a part of the memories that everyone seems to cherish. Semester number two found the young women working harder than ever. Capping, which they thought would never arrive, was no longer far in the future. They were certain that after this event and many adiustments which must be made by freshmen students, their most difficult part of nurses' training would be a thing of the past. i 717 YYY,--.,.1n,,i7 15- , ,Ml Capping "l solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly: To pass my life in purity . . ." With these words fifteen student nurses began in unison to repeat the Florence Nightingale pledge, by which every professional nurse is expected to live. The symbolic lamps in their hands shone as brightly as the solemn happiness on their faces. In the assembly of relatives and friends a few tears were shed at this momentous time in the young women's lives. The event was the ceremony during which the freshmen students receive their nurse's caps. This long-awaited moment means more to the student than any other single episode in their three year course. After having been on probation for approxi- mately seven months, the women feel a certain sense of achievement when they are capped. As the fifteen student nurses walked back down the aisle of the church, their hearts were uplifted in a prayer to God that they would always endeavor to fulfill the ideals of their pledge. ". . . With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care." X x NX N X X X XX xx XXX Xx V N GMX R K I' A - N.. - - 3 - 54 F' 2' 25 V1 0 w . r F 4 I 1 F M I 1 I. ,I 1 I i."Q"' '. 'X 'fhdn-:'.:-111:-.w..-.,,5 -- - .N -, -. , 4- , J- . -' .V , .--a.L-g,.mJ.mUm" fr,-Q., "ggi -- z-u:,.' 'L..,-....,1,,4.:.1.JN-.....g..4....1,.. QE Y"'Tw Rfwm. L , ii 4D J 2 R 1. .ss mug 4. sg x p 4 .1 - N , ' , " :fi SQ55:51:fi.f:,.i-1'f:i'123," .,3?.,.f".l.:flfQ ff: .f1'f',.f,, g,.i.:5:.l1E- .. -.... ,.... .. .. . . .A jfjt null! -s 15- .Q . .ff . ' - --M " ' Q ffl' x YN 3, .6 . A X K s:Sf.,...f....-we -. :.:-..:.,.55:':gj:.:5 in L is 'f ,ggQig s.,m':..3g xcn ,Q was in Q lu X gag. Q , A f 4 In ' .ea xx ' Q ,uf 1. N, K 9 1 Q Q2- r K hx -If E K4 QTY I Q , 2 ' , , 3 X 1 K w X 1 -' , .,..L - - ss . , X 1 f , s NF J . 'I' , . ' QA WG! , , . v V ' V ,,A,,,, L , " Grandma, tell me a story. Cinderella and her mice. s 2 -ss, -QP: - - H ,M 1.1 'ffifi , 1, ' . ,Q ,Q AISS. r SN. 'lf' 332.3 . 4 Q -2 H We .5 57 5. rt, M." 6g:"4g ' S1225 '9' .I .Gi ,f y V, . Q.. . if gs. 3 in V, f -' . ,r A xg- ' N 5' f- 1 if XR, , 4 V? fsgqf 3X This'll bowl you over! iff, V A NL i 1 - in 'K ' 3 1 ZH: 'Y 1 ,5 vw , Q Legs By Seligman Which way did he go, George? ff' 45 ' Q. mm V 1.9 .5 W- ' "ku .f 1 i ,- iw ' 5 F' 5 DQ xl ' rv v 1 5 I 6 . Xi XFX Y 1 r' EH Mix su., .... , kill. u Don't applaud-Just send money. - Music, music, music. ff, .,.,, . ' 'fuss gi, ' ig? Y il nl Chicago or Bust, Love at first sight. Almost too pretty to eat! Ten cents a shine. E"" ail- I I I , ADMINISTRATION !l .E-ILT' VICTOR D. BJORK Administrator ,Q RICHARD SHEDD Assistant Administrator GEORGE STEVENS Comptroller Administration Ca DR W MORTON Chief of Medicine DR WILLIAM MEFFLEY Chief of Surgery DR MYRON MEANS Chief of Staff DORCAS CROSSMAN, R.N., 8.5. Director of ,M , mmwm NN.. Nursing Education Q Q and Service giiif A MILDRED LERCHE, R.N. r Evening Supervisor ,,. 'iii 7 MARY ILETT, R.N. AQ Assistant Director V. 'ix of Nursing Service Nursing Administration ,,,, ESTHER VAUGHAN, R.N. Night Supervisor LOIS WEEBER, R.N. Practical Nurse Co-ordinator LIBERTY KAMBAS Administrative Secretary, Nursing Office 54 v ef! B , Qc ,. 'A , Eh I 'O it , ' H t if '-sf' A IQ AA A Faculty ALICE STALLINGS, R.N., B.S. Nursing Arts Instructor JOYCE HELYER, R.N. Clinical Instructor VIRGINIA HANSLIP, R.N. Clinical Instructor JEANETTE STUHL, R.N., B.S. Clinicol Instructor EUNICE HENDRICKS, R.N. Obstetrics Supervisor CAROL NEHRIG, R.N. Surgery Instructor and f .. si I. - g. L st Il l Staff Lecturers 2 5 ., 7 so D "AA s - DR. H. VANBAAREN DR. H. ALLEN Pathology Medical Diseases DR. MORTON DR. E. DOERMANN DR. C. JONES Medical Diseases Surgical Diseases Anesthesiology DR. H. WEBB DR. G. SIDO Neurology Communicable Diseases l I .c: l l f -:M Staff Lecturers H-H-11-3' i T r 5 fr """"k f 'XJ - -- .QM -,:,, 51 g11 :,, - 2. QA - A1.,V1- '23 -:.11-. 2 is-.5 11 : fi' 'K '52 A 5 .... 1 T ,, ., .gk Y -hrlt . D DR. WM. TANNER DR. E. SEYBOLD Medical Diseases Medical Diseases 3 4 ' 4l f:'if'i':l'l K 'L--J l ' z' :gl Q "ff 1 Q l if . l ' T, j . T-. vilr l, :-.f .la T ii' gg: Nj k y, . . 'lst l l l . s l I i i W .N L3 .,V,l V . ir, . V I, ws A a I . ...A DR. W. EYSTER DR. K. SCHOENROCK DR. J. SKOW Dermatology Ear, Nose, and Throat Ophthalmology DR. M. SMITH DR. R. HAWKINS Medical Diseases Orthopedics OTHER LECTURERS INCLUDED DR. B. SMITH Gynecology DR. A. VOGELSANG Urology DR. H. LARZALERE Chest Surgery DR. WM. MEFFLEY Cancer 1.7, DR. F. RUWE Tuberculosis . 4 as Immun.-xmunx,vr.-.1.-um.w.bw.,. g -,lL.xMg,- ,.,,-,k- -- 1-, R , , -F - w i 1 5 S E Q ff . I 1 f ff si Q i "Rx Q :lac ,N-ns Standing: Jane Snyder, Judith Abele, Louise Rule. Buck Row: Leonora Stevenson, Peggy Maneval, Carole Harding, Paula Pollard. Front Row: Joyce Scaife, Daphne Derick, Betty Osmon. Student Government and Executive Council Student Government, the governing organization of our school, is composed of the entire student body. Under the guidance of the Executive Council, consisting of the officers of and the advisor to Student Government and representatives from each class, this self-governing body attempts to solve individual and group problems and under- takes various proiects throughout the course of the year. Among this year's proiects have been the writing of new By-Laws for Student Government, caroling in the hospital at Christmas time, a Christmas dance, "The Snow Ball", "Fantasy Land", our spring concert, and the sending of representatives to the S.N.A.O. and the N.S.N.A. conventions. The officers of this organization include: President .............. ,.,,..,,,..,.,.,,.,............. J udith Abele Vice Presidents ....... ....., D onna Wellman, Peggy Maneval Secretary .......,.., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ..,, L o uise Rule- Treasurer ...... .,,,, J one Snyder The student nurse chorus holds weekly re- hearsals under the direction of Mr. Phillip Zaugg. Through the year we hold various pro- grams such as caroling in the hospital at Christmas and the annual spring concert. It is a time of relaxation as well as hard work. Chorus Mr. Zaugg -ff-.Q x T --YW V ----....--,:: ,,,-- rt 5--.1 .,Ahf4.Lw,,,-,,.A W , , . .,,, ,. ,,,, 4 wx Hr: -. 1,-.1,.'.-,-f.','.'.,..-Q..3 .f Reverend Beittel Chapel Once ca week chapel services are held in the hospital dining room. Our chapel com- mittee, which is composed of Lois Schroeder, chairman, Joyce Scaife, secretary, Reverend Beittel, our hospital chaplain, Miss Smith, faculty advisor, Donna Connell, Lois Eddy, Janice Rathbun, and Leonora Stevenson, ar- ranges vieekly programs with sermons by visiting ministers. These weekly services fulfill a spiritual need, thus helping to see us through many busy days. Nurses' Christian Fellowship Every Tuesday evening the familiar ring of the buzzers at nine o'clock reminds us that it is time for Nurses' Christian Fellowship. This is a volunteer group of girls who gather for Bible study and prayer. N. C. F. is a branch of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship which is so prominent in many universities. Norma Robbins, chairman of the group, selects a leiader for group discussion each Wveek. A CHRISTIAN IS A Mind through which Christ thinks, A Heart through which Christ loves, A Voice through which Christ speaks, A Hand through which Christ helps, A Lite through which Christ lives. "Sl 4' Y: 1 W Annual Staff This year, under the direction of our co-editors, Nancy Shiley and Marilyn Bost, the obiective of the Annual Staff has been to make our 1957 yearbook the finest possible. At' times problems have seemed insurmountable and deadlines, impossible to meet, but such difficulties are now a part of "the past". Today-which is briefly "the present"-we are proud to present the T957 edition of THE CREED. Co-Editors: Nancy Shiley Marilyn Bost Features: Louise Rule Carol Horvath Joyce Scaife Eleanor Andersen Typing: Judy Abele Carole Harding Lois Schroeder Business Management: Sue Welling Jane Snyder Charlotte Miller Nancy Slotterbeck Publicity: Betty Osmon Marilyn Hamlin Pat Mooneyham Photography: Norma Robbins Kate Smith Barbara Smith Georgia Green Advisors: Miss Rice Mrs. Helyer Lay Out: Daphne Derick Judy McCoy Lynn Eschenburg Jean Lund Lois Eddy Faculty and Staff: Nanette Slotterbeck Donna Connell Judy Brown Mary Lu Samsey BEST CANDID PICTURE Barbara Holmes BEST PROFESSIONAL PICTURE Louise Rule mwah? Snap Contest BEST STILL-LIFE PICTURE Louise Rule BEST ORIGINAL PICTURE Nancy Shiley For me? ,lf fl What's the joke? Glove, anyone? lf 5' N xx 'PQ .N Q .9 v 'Q XSQSREQN K --1:-5,a --- , I 6 X lx X X W X 9' N 1' A x v Q x X x x W . A , M ,wx 5 X i' SJ! Probie pals. 'L 5 Mg Q A 3 Organized confusion. Busy girls. Proper Alignment!! . .,., ,. A.. ...Ms ...-........., ...----wry , , 1 5 . Smile pretty! I I ,JL n.,...,..' 1 Q' I, , ,, .wp .. :f5i...a:2! 15:-..:i1L- 41 ' 1 A Love that man! H, lm .. 'fl . Q fs- X V fit Y - E Zq. N? ' . k ' VV R 2 X . - VQV- X 9' 515 . g QV ,-..- X. - SMX By the sea. ' . X.. Attention please! Troubles? Sleep tight! Supper at Simms. Keep it clean! .. I who.. . I' -:QA x x Y 'A , , asf? ' 335 ' 'ix L f S 5 s :ti S-. - 6 3' 3 Looking into the future. IS if W0ffh if? All this and rcxin too? uf nf'.v! Come as you ore! A stitch in time. 3 All Smiles. I Qi K Q f 4. ex, X In spore moments. Ah, vocation. P? X E I 1. .. .,x-,..,,,,,s...,. , ,, s, - f x. E' .f Oh, what ca mess. Chicago or bust. Hmmm - - - x 'Fl TI ii , 'C Time out for lunch. What is it? lffkf gui N EVERYONE ready? Playing mother. Civil Defense with.fhe Red Cross xx, ,wk ,ZX .x.. ' .n15ufT"' "W """+ 1 M iw g' f 1 ll , gg nl 1 "" I " u l Emergency Room Pharmacy Miss Appleman Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Meyers '2..Xw-ff 'x , V , , iw! Laundry Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Johnson Storeroom Mr. Speiker is ','T',,..""'....".'J...L.L...1.l l Diet Kitchen Miss Wasylyk G3 Q9 s 'B L ., fx ' . 5 1'-5 f if x-, X X l , l YS If i 2 I ' ' dt 6 .AX X 'z.. i. it ffi -ME M A Housekeeping Mrs. Dimmock Second North R ,f 4 2 6 X, f " 1 N W - X 'sv' 2. Xl-s 3 Z' Recovery ROOIT1 Perggnnel Therapy Mrs. Seeger 1-. First sv' X' ' - X X5 Q' Miss Bond Admitting Office Mrs. Byrd X-Ray Mrs. Parish, Mr. Crary JJ U15 Krew! XSQQ H0545 -' f Q AE Q A Lf.. Q 9 L F xc X X i T . g , 1 If Surgical Nurses i I 1 ui' Pathology .,a Laboratory Mr. Yoder and Mrs. Wildman Dr. Van Baaren ii ""+-xc. wx Obstetrics I , , ,Wt A Librarian f . , " ' - 7 Mrs. Stocker c i ' Irs -A I 1 ' "ii,:.Us,.f c . Y' -Q is , X 'g , ' i '6- , X l F4 I e , L' . ,rr r- "' s T ,K l 1 f c' , . W- . -. -fe--' V ,i ye ,-f' X X, Q . N " ,W ' Y - 'Nw , 1 ' ,. - r , ' . . TV? r - 5-:1veu,,,.,-. ., V x V Second South ---4 E 1 2 . i E . 5 -ek Q 7 X 'Q IQ x gf X ,A Q f S xi Ns N X -1 X B 5 ' , iv - . f , ' i MRS SEED MISS SMITH D'efUfY Central Supply -st" v b' M 14 FQ' ik q v' , -4.6-eg Q., ,xg ii,-,.. aw! .- - ,Vx 1'-' :. " S . xg, an Z .., X ,Q 5- ,,, x A-, N 1 . . ir ' . ' :.: -A-: Q -. ar, f- , W " 5J'1i . - . 'QI Y ,lf 3 4 v s. if CI-'fb 'M 8 J x.1,,.1 as f if x ...--:Ali TNF' 0 ig. S f bi i .w . ,wks 5 .rf .1 .1.. X,-H was K -X, -. n 531.3 X, x .gmwzgj X Y Xx D 4 X fi? 4 .4-A .X Left fo righf: Doctors A. Leon, U. Ruwe, F. Ruwe, and G. Caballero. 5 5. r. N, -qc L 1 io. , 2 . xg ix 'QF' f . P' , 5 R X Left fo right: Doctors H. O'Connor, A. MacGregor, D. O'Connor, L. Eulberg, and S. Tosolis. il: if" ill 5 , - vfg, 5 ',,"r In-14'if-'T'I-FT'7TfIWfTT:7?"'TT77177f""TT K "F Yi ,z-125-pq? V' " "',iid1-'13,3-,.vL1,gg-11:-1-1-33-uta-2-1-"L-Q:-1-1':-:nvtvla-'Nt3 53:-'.-w"'W'1:-'1j.',:- .- ,. . 1 S V '- tw N N tm RR N X 2 X X x xx X X x Q x X x .uyxk ,X XQRNXK S x XX N x xx X X X 0 h x X .,.., Q ,.... X X X69 xx , X wk K ks A s Mx - Nl xxx X XX x X, X 'X xk N X -I tx c x X x 2 as SX 5 N X 3 X z Q! P. ,. K, N:-Xml It . 'K fwsti of .' , 35.32 :X 34, i ,.., .c , ......... X ne World One world the world becomes that hears one cry of pain. ' Then-then, indeed- do man-made lines on maps and man-made barriers fall. No mother-tongue, nor fatherlcmd nor racial strain, nor color-line can stay the hands stretched 'forth to soothe, to nurse, to heal at one small cry of pain. -Evelyn Oppenheimer -9 2.1. ' 'wg 4 'sf' ' , . ' 3 N .Gi ,QQ t . :ps li 539 eel 4- am Y '1 A- ,weigh , X f . .' ' X Y 115 -x-s1s1.:f:::r . I. i ' 'li X " x A Q X Q- 1 t t s 4 . gr.: 5 rig ' . A -- ,X i Q ,i t . -, cc ' , .. N --' 1 '- we 1. m e x - Nec., X si, A c :Y t f V 'Z ' ' "N 'W S -e 4 , ,Q as r 1 3 , :wx N fri , i Dressed fit to kill. Oh! Right in the eye. V .. vc-A Howdy dere! Merry Christmas! A SM Good morning, Ladies. Guess who! X 1 w Qui 1 ve . A , Q3 Q-my , -at Rock-a-bye, baby. Wake up, Sleepyhead! -.,,.,.. , . fx Do I know you?? What a doll! mwqswn -.- 1' " s1U5 i2N. ' H N pf' Make-up artist. 1 -v z ! F7 Nl 1, lr sl P? 1 Who dat?? All together, now. Aw, come on! Loads of fun! Q Q YJ f :Q X, , ,-5. l Q. - t V . , ' 1 , " -abr ' . We 'rl is -Qt 1 , . ,1mgtg::" .A f , . . -nv N ., X ,X . .. , V , : ,,,f. -A mf, l W 'Q Q" A 'rl',.,,,.fI: TA I e 9 There went Peter Cottontail. Happy Birthday Que Probre slept here Bottoms up! MMM goo 'QQ The latest R in ' Bw E8 ,wma 9' QQCZBA., Does this come wrth the apartment? Christmas mormn ..-A fx? Lets bow our heads and pray Relax" K A-iJ9"7C-l You like? :rs- Over and out' Chromlc O Nursel' Coke time 5 Do l lrve here9'9 X, l l r Q x .57 l ' A ' K - ... , .- . ' v " ' ,, 5 Q.. 's Q X '- ' . - - dl . Q . K lx' L ' Q 4 ' si, .s 5- pf , J B . - ' X Q K V an sr, Q H- :SNS ' se. . . - , - : - e S ' ' or . . , .. 1-'iigf lk" s l.. 'in C 1, 5 F ' I 5: ' ' 4 -.4 f n - . - , 2 p K. is -f M R -N' -MIL' . l QR -gb, as ,X EL-wr . .l ,, Ear: :',, a5:M Hr xx . ,T . 'I A f 'f1'ft,2s h "W: 1 ' V ,,,s ' - f S 1g-fl4i3'sls,."5g ' A " sf' i . . l -51+ paw Q s. ' f . 5 g ' " A I f- .n- - ,Lv 3 ' ' 'Z S. ,. "' ff? .,f 4i "1 -1' : ss- 5 U ,' was ' .- . ' 'K " 5 K H . f 1 Y-5 l - . C A.: or Y ini . ' K ' ,s V 3 M. ' 1 u Q Dr. R. Swindamen Dr. M. Means Dr. G. Sido Sponsors Dr. H. Murphy Dr. B. Seligman Dr. R. Scherbarth Dr. J. Skow Dr. Dr. W. Neill Dr. L. Palmer B. Carroll Dr. L. Lauter Dr. W. Meffley Dr. E. Doermann Dr. R. Hawkins Dr. W. Sloan Dr. A. Weilbauer Dr. F. Price Dr. J, Lukens Dr. J. Erkert Dr. H. Howe Dr. A. Vogelsang Dr. C. Bayha Dr. G. Mafhieson Dr. E. Hire Dr. R. Wahl Dr. R. Sfrothers Dr. L. Siberd Dr. W. McAlpine Dr. E. Sfernfeld Dr. M. Smith Dr. D. Peters Emi llftiafaea fo flee Czua of ,157 Lam The Flower Hospital Alumnae Association Eat-A-White-Hut 'GSUPER KING" It's the thing!! K EM M5425 nom .A jzriencl F ,el Three Drive-In Locations 3472 Collingwood- at Detroit 1205 Sylvania- at Lockwood Central at Monroe- in the Colony Compliments of McKee Drugstore 3301 Detroit Avenue 0 Ch 8-1552 0 Toledo 10, Ohio DRIGGS DAIRY FARMS, INC. 54 Q 32 Iv 1149-1155 Grand Avenue Toledo, 1, Ohio "The Children's Dairy for over 40 years." Congratulations to the Class of 1957 Kathryn M. Northup New York life Insurance Company Compliments of The Home Packing Company Creekside Avenue Toledo 12, Ohio Q ,fe " "PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST" SCHOOLS WEDDINGS BABIES H. A. Powell Studios Largest in the Midwest Toledo - Dayton - Detroit' Q in Gn9raf144zLLi0rL5 C4155 of 57 THE ROMANOFF EIECTRIC COMPANY Toledo 2, Ohio I Q -,fail 'n-..-.-gf"""'.,...'9"" , l pl, I 5 Geo. W. Lathrop 8. Sons INCORPORATED Toledo l, Ohio Building Contractors 55 N1 .,,1,N.:, Dedication With appreciation we dedicate this book to you, Miss Rice. Your friendship and guidance as our adviser and instructor will always be remembered. God bless you. Class of '57 ' mi f-x"'l T fh- i k Q l if s H--i s .X fT"""f"'NT4' STEGER-SHOWEL COMPANY Commercial Cooking Equipment and Utensils CHINA, GLASS AND SILVERWARE 206-208 Summit St. Toledo, Ohio Phone CH. 3-2112, 3-2113 Compliments of THE GALLANT LUMBER 8. COAL COMPANY LA. 1142 RETAIL MERCHANTS OF QUALITY LUMBER, MILLWORK, BUILDERS' HARDWARE and COAL D. .I. MARLEAU COMPANY 3516 Detroit Avenue Toledo 12, Ohio Northwest Ohio's Most Complete Hardware Congratulations Class of '57 L. DIVINE 8. SON GRAIN 0 FEED 0 SEEDS 1661-1663 Dorr Street Toledo 7, Ohio Best Wishes From CORTLAND PRODUCE COMPANY Poultry - Eggs - Frozen Foods 4107 Lagrange Street Toledo 12, Ohio ',. ..Ll.I ,t. . .ant ! " sun: ' ' ' ' . tuaucunage-.-. get 4,64 f Kfcm of 7 9 7 The Rupp 81 Bowman Company To 0ur Parents Dear Parents, Tonight I graduate, Mom and Dad, and a dream will come true. The culmination of a iourney through this land of endeavor is about to take place . . . and my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the guidance you have both offered along the way. Your encouragement kept me from following my own impulses when the road appeared too difficult. Your interest helped me to keep my "Wagon hitched to that star." You sympathized when l needed it, but you never let me fall into the throes of self pity. l realize tonight, as l never have before, how much I've needed you through these years . . . and how great your role was in the achievement of this success. I hope you'll be proud of me tonight . . . and proud of yourselves, too. You both deserve it. So dear to my heart, Mom and Dad, for so many reasons . . . but mostly, for iust being wonderful you. Your loving daughter The Nurse The world grows better year by year, Because. some nurse in her little sphere, Puts on her apron and grins and sings, And keeps on doing the same old things. Taking the temperatures, giving the pills To remedy mankind's numberless ills, Feeding the baby, answering the bells Being polite with a heart that rebels. Longing for home and all the while Wearing the same old professional smile, Blessing the newborn babe's first breath Closing the eyes that are still in death. Taking the blame for the doctor's mistakes, Oh Dear, what a lot of patience it takes, Going off duty at seven o'clock Tired, discouraged, and ready to drop. But called back on special at seven fifteen With woe in her heart, but it must not be seen, Morning and evening, and noon and night, Just doing it over and hoping it's right. When we lay down our caps and cross the bar Oh Lord, will you give us just one little star, To wear in our crowns with our uniforms new, In that city above, where the Head Nurse is you A. wwnwasw 3 , 2 5321-4: -"' " ' - ' ' .. , -4-M....,., f' ffm: J Qi' 53- A 822, , si, .W ,Q A A v- 'Sv' 1 I 1 IIIIZIMI QUIZ!! hll Zll'llUll 'lIIiINali2lllTQ'Ll5!hlL1lw!I.lLIEEEDEIHIHHBIIIIUUZHKISII' W... A S'f"ff.nQ 3 '::r::i K 5: i2f..'......,""" T. :IUZH ggugqyqqgqi H212 SHOW 1 wtllmmvfttw' X S Q .4 - Q in ,!fjs, .' Sw: i 3 5 Q If f 1: " Q h Q 1 . fi 3 , Q x ..b- .- at vf-wg X ,, .- 31 s , E 'YQ Q ' ii 5. 3 21 Q 4 - 2 " ws, ' -5 Q S 4? -Q if g 5 ,lg v 5 1 5 g, 3 M 'Q E E 5? H 5 if ? I DONNA sRowN Happy am I, from cure l'm free." i VIVIAN WILSON BEVER There is friendliness in her smile, and wit in her speech." JUNE GOVE "A sweet and innocent compliance is the cement of love." KP' 77 ,ip-. , I

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