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R: A' - j Q 8 . Z I X I dedicate myself today, g To those who need my tender care May strength be given me I pray, To lift the cross that others bear. QP-QT an -vw 6 ESTHER BENTON ILA ST JOHN Bennie Johnnie Leipsia, Ohio Bryan,Ohio Heaven Was Never Like This" "You'll Never Know" Vice President President o PEGGY KNEPPER VIRGINIA NEHRIG Pierre Maybellel Leipsic, Ohio Toledo, Ohio "Ti11 The End Of Time" "I Call Dream. Car1't I" Treasurer , -vI, ,W if JOYCE WALTER Wallie Fremont, Ohio "You'11 Never Walk Alone" Secretary CAROL SMITH Smitty Toledo, Ohio "Smile" 'iw in A QQ? PAULA FISER Polly Clyde , Ohio It Happened Once Before" " JEANETTE CHAMBERS Jeanettie VanWerr, Ohio "Sc atterbrain" ,JC .ii CHARLENE SPARKS JO ANNE MARTIN Sparky Jo Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Rhapsody in fPowderj Blue" "Sleepy Time Gal" DARLENE RUDOLPH Corky Moline, Ohio MISS MARGIE PLACE "Gone Fishin"' Class Advisor Ph . it s 2-'er -- 5- ii. I' I y- , endow . 1 i G A I It shall be said that this be the last will and testa- ment of the class of l955 of the Flower Hospital School of Nursing: I, Charlene Sparks, will the drudge of my daily home duties to my little sis, Pat Williamson. I, Peg Knepper,will the absence of one certain bad habit to Norma Capaul. I, Jo Martin, will the title of "the girl with bed- room eyes" to Lois Fey. I, Joyce Walter, gladly will 3-ll on second north to any junior who welcomes it with open arms. I, lla St. John, will the bruises I acquired on Dis- trict to Lois Warner. I, Jeanette Chambers, will my ability of fabrication to Caroline Brugger. I, Esther Benton, will by eczema and various sun- dry allergies to Marilyn Welch. I, Paula Fisher, will my DA haircut and figure to Zaiga Ozolins. I, Carol Smith, will my ability to sleep at any time to Janet Sawyer. I, Ginny Nehrig, will my great power of worrying to my little sis's, Lee, Mert, and Ramona. l, Darlene Rudolph, will my red nose to Janie Gra- ber. EURQ, mmiigi, as 'ga 10 emhfz Z9 by The Howling Highland Ghost. It has been many a year since I thought of the class of "55". Known for a long time as the dirty dozen, but ending with the exemplary eleven. Well, as I heard last, Esther Benton is now married and has about seven kids, by George! But professionally she is a leading allergy specialist, mostly practical experience. She wasn't the only one caught by the well known Cupid Caper, there was Jeanette Chambers married nowto the director of Julliard School of Music. She herself has contributed a great deal to the musical world by having music boxes installed in all the Bellevue ambulances to keep the drivers calmed down. Miss Paula Fiser is the only woman in the world to have attained the title of Admiral of the Fleet.'She has traveled through every major city in the world. Let it be said that Paula is the only sailor who can't swim, but confidently she got her position by being elected the girl most sailors would like to set up sail boating with. It seems that girls run in pairs for there was another woman of the world, Lieutenant First Class Peggy Rose Knepper. Lt. Knepper has set the record of having gone sky high, at least having gone to the moon to set up the first nursing school there. Let it be said that she is a pioneer in her field. By way of the grapevine we understand that Joyce Walter is to become the wife of a professor at Wayne University where she has been Director of Nurs- ing Education for the past few years. Joyce says that she will retire to home- making after the wedding. It has been known for many years that Darlene Rudolph's ambition in life was to become the worldliest woman in thewhole world. She has resigned her position as Obstetric charge nurse and student instructor at Providence Lying-in-hos- pital to work on breaking all the worldly woman records by doing vast research in that field. Remember Virginia Nehrig, well despite all her social activities, she is now a frustrated old maid, holding the Director of Nursing position at a Coast Guard base hospital. She hasn't given up yet though. Good luck, Ginny! The last we've heard from Jo Anne Martin she's doing very well teaching fine Southern women home economics, a sideline after her retirement as a commissioned Naval officer. Since she was such animmaculate housekeeper in training no doubt she'll do a fine job. Prohibition is in full force again with lla St. John behind it all. She's selling tea. I-Ier own: a regime to put Lipton plus the malt and yeast chemists out of business. Charlene Sparks has replaced Molly Mayfair's column in the Blade by popu- lar demand with a column on advice to the Lovelorn. Charlene attributes her knowledge in this field to practical experience. Did you ever see the T.V. program "Emy Sisbasin, R.N."? Well they tell me Carol Smith plays the major role, besides caring for her seven daughters of which she and her husband are quite proud. Here endeth the reading of the Howling Highland Ghost. fs' 1 . 4-N ... ' f'i"l9 " "4 'L' V J " + L L ' 1 " 4-r l l I C It all started in the fall of 1952 when 30 young girls, just out of high school, decided to make nursing their career, by enrolling in Flower Hospital School of Nursing. Of course, we all had our dreams of the "women in white", but we soon found that it wasn't all glory, Our 4 basic nursing subjects were taken at Toledo University together with getting a slight preview of nursing procedures at the hospital in the evenings. Believe me we were a busy group cramming for exams and all of the time trying to adjust to the profession in general. This all passed soon though and then came the big event we had been striving for, "Capping." Through the efforts of Miss Rees and Miss Rehklau this was an occasion we will remember forever. By this time we were having several classes at the hospital and working 4 hours on the floor very proudly displaying our newly earned caps. Little by little we began to assume much more responsibility as freshmen, than as "probies," gradually slipping into our junior year. Then the second year rolled around, the "green" edge had dulled a little and we were well on the road. One by one our class dwindled to an even dozen. It was an anxious time proving ourselves worthy of the trust placed in us by our instructors, doctors, and our parents. It was a year of study but not without a little fun, Charlene Sparks was elected Queen of our "Rhapsody in Blue" dance and Peggy Knepper was Miss Student Nurse of Toledo, 19 54. So with our working and playing we reached the third year. At long last we are on the home stretch. 1955 secured anillusion to usthat first year in training. We've had lots of fun and work on this long journey and now it's about to end for some or open a new door for others. This year has been the rounding out of our careers with affiliations at both Childrens Hospital and Toledo State Hospital. These are days we'll never forget nor want to. Now in these final days we are looking toward graduation, the Junior Senior Prom and finally a white uniform topped with a black banded cap. With diplomas in our hands, this poem might well be remembered: You to the left and I to the right, For the ways of men must sever-- And it well may be for a day and a night, And it well may be forever. But whether we meet or whether we part flior our ways are past our knowingj A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart HERE'S LUCK! For we know not where we are going. Whether we win or whether we lose With the hands that life is dealing, It is not we nor the ways we choose But the fall of the cards that's sealing. There 's a fate in Life and a fate in fight, And the best of us all go under-- And whether we're wrong or whether we're right, We win, sometimes to our wonder. . .5 , V- 'i - ,l Q V :L . A w iXig'g'f,f ...I With a steady swing and an open brow We have tramped the ways together, But we're clasping hands at the crossroads now In the Fiend's own night for weather, And whether we bleed or whether we smile ln the leagues that lie before us, The ways of life are many a mile And the dark of fate is o'er us. A And a cheer for the dark before us! You to the left and I to the right, For the ways of men must sever, And it well may be for a day and a night And it well may beforever! But whether we live or whether we die fFor the end is past our knowingj, Here's two frank hearts and an open sky, Be a fair or ill wind blowing! HERE'S LUCK! hr S' gif? 'agvoem Here We spent the first 6 months of our training getting a good founda- tion for the rest of our work to come. We took Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and Psychology. It wasn't all work, however, since We each received an Activities Card which gave us free admission to the football games, dances, etc. 47644643 N 741640 Suze ifupazae To each received3 months practical experience in psychiatric nursing at Toledo State Hospital. The beautiful campus and the many acquaintances made the stay a pleasant one for all. At Ch11dren's Hospital in Columbus, We spent another happy 3 months, this time in the field of pediatrics. When it was time to leave, we were so attached to not only the children who were our patients, but also our friends from other hospitals, that hated to say "good-by." 13 l h A M.. f if . N 'Q 1 +R, 'WW ' N. I x QA -ef A fs fax f X X css, x ' Wugzt, ww-,,,,. ,- 0 - r 'r ll i. ,pn --ii.. .,x. 1. ,O o W If I X, 7 v O When eyes grow dim and night appears My faith in Him will calm their fearsg With smiles I'll dry a-way their tears, Keep me worthy to serve today. 4. i d ' 'h..lEL.xQ:'Z.L4.!zsa'E!Idellze """""""'Y'W"Y Y' Obdpzefw 14564302 ' fl "' 5 I 1 i x e Q 'HST-J : ' 'S 'ii' " y ' m ,J ge "',, , I. W 5 ' I E af' ij .1 R- ' ,. 15" 'f ' J ' 1 S- iv if :E ' " 1' ' J - "'A J N .,,A . 1- f: zv 'J ,ig Y ' ' ir. gif Q ,EW J X ' 'J ' . S X. X 1 f ' ,..,, , R S YK V 7' ' s u it., , X it X-F x ' si , t ak, ,gf 1 5 'SQ X ., F 1- K .. as 1 1,1 . -A , W A fr ' 54 S' 4 E' A ee 'L 8 Q A-Q. - ' f J, F , i, , ' ' ' s S ,,N, , . , . P -if A"" K V ' ' . - .ae ,. ' - .-.. Left to right: Mercedes Rutherford, Treasurer, Miss BeCk Lois Fey, President, Janet Sawyer, Secretary, Kathleen McCoy, Vice President. FIRST ROW,Left to right: Jane Graber, Lois Warner, Mercedes Rutherford, Lois Fey, Kathleen McCoy, Janet Sawyer, Caroline Brugger, Kathryn Milliron. SECOND ROW: Norma Andersen, Mary Ann Matheney, Zaiga Ozolins, Ramona Stoddard,Patty Williamson, Lelia Biddle, Mary Louise Appleman, Norma Capaul, Marilyn Welch, Elinore Kay Daugh- erty, Betty Hartman. NOT PICTURED: Jo Ann Platt, Opal Tharp, Esther Hurley. A w-sg Q., X xi J ,r J X X X MK Q' 'L wt -K ',.1,g.-s. . fa -. ffffi FE. 5 EQ v Risk ta X . Xi S XX H X N X X S . . A ,, . E: ' -.: ' . 'I' . ass X . f x S xx s X Nw tl 541 lxQp X va-itgtfvt-'v:':Yv:q sr uri IP 0'L6Z40fZ'56 All hail to the class of "5.6". We're the twenty-two Juniors of Flower Hospital School of Nursing, trying to do our best to p re se r ve the honor and dignity of our Alma Mater. Deter- minedly we worked toward this goal, ' ln the sales department we sold Christmas cards and All- Occasion cards and gained a few pennies in this manner. A candy and cookie sale was given in November of 1954 which took everyone off their diets to make it a successful project. Needless to say, our sale of wax was a prolonged one. Anyone want a can? In December of 1954, we had a joint rummage sale with the seniors , Such lovely clothes we had. Why, we almost drove people out of Simms recreation room with our boxes and cart ons galore, Thanks to all who helped, it was a success with allpersons left intact. The Goodwill, Inc. was kind enough to accept our leftover goods. Party wise: As 'big sisters" we had the privilege and fun of initiating the probies. Such fun? Our Christmas party was a great success. It was held at Highland House in combination with the seniors. We played charades and then joined in on ,the all-school party for fun, exchanges of gifts with Santa, and refreshments. Memories, memories: we will never forget our junior year at Flower. i i 5,5 Fill . fi z -X xx x 5 5 X .QQ I f l' Tilt your pelvis, Jo! f N And the ulna, class fl? Bathing beauties U3 Ready for sleep S1tt1ng pretty! Mascots sm S- Anchors Awelghl Sleepy ume Home from work! Hong Kong Fev Gab Sess1on , A: wa: . J J Dear Russ ' Smile Sweetly! affftffw 14dac2aafz 1 E5 S . N al ' ,hi Q , f , rf R ' , Wi I r x .J - : .... , . X 2, NQ',gx.e Left to right: Paula Pollard, Secretary, Peggy Maneval, Vice Miss Rice Presidentg Lois Stewart, President, Myrna Rau, Treasurer, FIRST ROW, Left to right: Beatrice Wortman, Jeanette Fackler, Myrna Rau, Lois Stewart, Peggy Maneval, Paula Pollard, Nadia Audritsh, Dorothy Kreps. SECOND ROW: Ruth Weaver, Vivian Wilson, Sarah June Gove, Phyllis Holmes, Marylyn Karns, Janice Rathbun, Elma Hopper, Leonora Stevenson, THIRD ROW: Donna Brown, Doris Por- ter, Carol Haynes, Jacquelyn Swick, Jeannine Croninger, Marilyn Walter, Donna Wellman, Betty Rupp, Barbara Holmes, 'Nr S J. ,4 I . x T. , We are the future graduating class of 1957, So far the most thrilling and memorable event has been--but let us tell you from the be ginning. On Tuesday, April 12, we awoke with feelings of excitement and anticipation. This was the day! We could hardly be lie ve it had finally arrived, the big day of the Freshman year! Through work and classes you could feel the air of expectancy. Finally classes were over and we all rushed to board the bus which was to take us to our destination. The remainder of the aftemoon was spent working out details for the evening. Everything had to be perfect! The day passed quickly and soon our big sisses, knowing how we felt, came to our aid. They fa stene d fichus furiously, arranged aprons appropriately and gave gifts gladly! We only hope they know how much we appreciated their thoughtfulness. Be fo re we knew it, everything was in readiness and we were at St. Paul's Lutheran church. There was a hushed silence and a feeling of awe as we quickly and proudly took our places with the upper- classmen. One by one we were called forward to receive our honor, a white cap, the symbol of the profession of which we are now a part. Many te ars of happiness and pride shone in the eyes of parents, friends, and most of all, the Freshman class, The big day has arrived and passed but we will always have a memory with us. This memory we proudly wear--the CAP, i as Z A 1 Q ' J ,' Saunas ' 4 vu Q 4- 1..- Immwon' ,-rg... I . hw,- X 1......... -we ' . ,www .AY 'US-fs. Q, r 1 "J-.'.". li IS QD . 4 , 1931- Q V' l .. A - www! ' " PMA... ., . .un-u NWN LMQWLJ A a-T-21Jvi1:M.aN ?'? M-2Lg'!sz1N1"a'.-211112MiditdnzfibWmtF.f1fgfiifceifamii-arxivywzsffsaz,2x'f.Q QV :rr XX 1: Q - 1, s W, GEEK ' .E- . i, ,A .r s- r - 'GW 66444 The official beginning of the class of '57 was Tuesday, September 7, 1954, but long before this the day was antic- ipated with eagerness by the 30 entering "Probies". Our first day was filled with seeing new things, meeting many people and a wonderful welcoming party that night. We soon were able to find our way around and before we knew it, we were in full swing-of-things at Toledo University. Every Monday night, gym classes at Turners Club were offered for those interested fand everybody waslj Our first class meeting was held September 27, with the purpose ofelecting class officers, The results were as follows: Preside nt, Lois Stewartg Vice President, Peggy Manevalg Secretary, Paula Pollardg Treasurer, Myrna Rau. Miss Bonnie Rice was elec te d to be our advisor for our three years in training. Towards the latter part of October, on a very rainy night, you might have seen 30 oddly dressed girls scrubbing the side- walk in front of the nurse's home. This was a small part of the initiation the Juniors had prepared for us. Among other things we had mock operations and were practically covered with Metaphen. The days flew on, and before we knew it, Christmas was upon us. Our class decided to have a Christmas party on December 16, before we left on our 2-week vacations. In- stead of exchanging presents, we all brought a small toy and gave it to the Lutheran 0rphan's Home, The committee did a wonderful job of decorating and planning refreshments and a good tim e was had by all. Following our party, we went down to Highland and exchanged presents with our "big sisters." With the new year came a change for us--the end of T.,U. and the beginning of every day work in the hospital, as well as new classes. We had to get on the wagon of money-making projects too, so we sponsored a candy sale and started saving tax stamps. All in all we feel we've had a happy and successful year in studying to become good nurses. pn -wav? 'T as T. Q, sw E 2 !-......., 'F' My sacred trust I'll keep for aye, My hands will always willing beg When duty calls I will obey, My pledge is as a pray'r to me. 'H'.5,:??7'y - ' Q.f1.gfwY4-" , , '- A wg: ,.:,fvf, ' K-A :gg 'Zfewaw an Qfafzmanq ,,, V The annual dance given by the stu- dent body of Flower Hospital was held on February ll, in the Tumer's Club ballroom. Rhythm for dancing was fur- nished by Tommy Todiac's band. The theme of " Hearts in Harmony" was car- ried out with the decorations of red and white heartsg c a n d le ligh t aided in providing a "romantic atmosphere Each class had a candidate for Queen ofHeartsg Miss Ruth Weaver represented the freshman class with Miss Jane Gra- ber and Miss Jeanette Chambers as candidates from the Junior and Senior c Ia s s e s respectively, Votes were ob- tained by soliciting pennies preceding E, and during the dance. The climax of the affair was the crowning of Miss We a ve r , Freshman candidate, as Queen of Hearts by Mr. Richard Shedd, who is assistant admin- istrator of the hospital. Miss Graber and Miss Chambers were attendants, Ruth Weaver, Queen of Hearts Jeanette Chambers, Ruth Weaver, Jane Graber Iacquie Swick, Richard Shedd, Ruth Weaver, Io Ann Platt, Jane Graber, Jeanette Chambers xi , I J .aww Annual Dance .MS Sponsored by the Junior Guild Swimming I i l I 1 A I Gym Class I I as ,4 1:-v f'-'-mf-'f-f ' - , .fl 'li-"',L'E' ' i ' '- 'fffi' " YH "Sk-J 3, L -'::T':'5r'L " vffE.,.1,-QUE! j,-H1 --1'-fy: ': ,---.y:.N,w-- -, -,- ff ,',,v.,f,, ... , . -.. . .,. 4 .ns-Sw m - ZZ.. 6 . If it is Tuesday evening and you see stu- dents rushing toward the recreation room with their Bibles, you can be quite sure it's time for 1-K Nurses' Christian Fellowship. Each week we gathe r for Bible studies, quizzes, and dis- cussions on various topics. ' Nurses' Christian Fellowship is a branch of I v t 5 Q , Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, an Inter- ! - L . fi ' , A national Organization whose aim is to deepen A -AJ i ,, and strengthen the spiritual life of its mem- , ' 1 , bers by the study of the Bible,by prayer, and . 'Nj 5 by Christian fellowship. International staff I m e m b e rs , Mary Beaton and Virginia Sery, R,N., have both visited us bringing inspiring "pep talks" and Christian Life sermonettes. Throughout the first semester at Toledo University the Freshmen joined with the T.U, Inter-Varsity for weekly meetings, During the last week they planned a special pro- motion proj ec t for the group. We hope it proved to be a success. In Ia n ua ry we elected our first official officers. They are: Chairman, Paula Pol- Mary Louise Appleman, Paula Po11ard,Iune Gove, Peggy Mane- lard, Co-chairman, Mary Louise Applemang val, Doris Porter, Dorothy Kreps. Secretary, Peggy Manevalg Treasurer, June Gove, and Trustees, Doris Porter and Dorothy Kreps. We appreciate the fine work they have done thus far, Also, we wish to thank Miss Hazel Smith, R.N., our advisor, for her guidance and faithful sup- port, ,Tit STANDING, Left to right! Mercedes Rutherford, Ramona Stoddard, Marilyn Welcn, Peggy Maneval, Lelia Biddle, Marilyn Walter, Jane Graber, SEATED: Dorothy Kreps, Doris Porter, Paula Pollard, Leonora Stevenson, June Gove, Nadia Audritsh, Beatrice Wortman, Barbara Holmes, Elma Hopper. SEATED ON FLOOR: Norma Capaul,Elinore Kay Daugherty, Caroline Brugger, Zaiga Ozolins, Marylyn Karns, Mary Louise Appleman. , V Vik w K ' .... L gr A 'Q c gf N V f A I , 3 1 ef no 1 A e " ' fit mer .a ee :A I . -1 sl N' -H A mm lluv Q V Qt, Q ,xxx K A ' i 'K , A 5 5 I wif' 'Qu t 1 If h 1-All t, " X f Fr 1 N 'ENV J I 'I f it A Q . Q, -C rs Q4 is ix Mrs. Mary Anderson Faculty House is the scene of chorus re- hearsals every Thursday, The group. con- sisting of the junior and freshman classes, sings at capping exercises, for graduation, and other outside groups. We are honored to have Mrs. Mary Anderson to lead us on our way. On May 17, Epworth Methodist Church played hostessto the chorus for a spring con- cert. The program featured several groups of choral numbers intermingled with some in d i v i d u al and ensemble numbers. The benefits from this program were presented to the yearbook. ' , s A- .N f .ei fin L--f 4-.......f Rev Dale R Beittel 'N lu. .J Each Wednesday night, the student body meets in the Faculty House for Chapel. Each student, in turn, leads the devotionals held at the beginning of each chapel. Special music, preludes, and hymn accom- paniments are provided by the students, Rev. Beittel, the hospital chaplain, selects the speakers or, on oc- casion, speaks to the stude nts . The speakers are representative ofdifferent denominations who tell us about their belief and give us information on how we give patients of their particular faith better care. Chapel is a very important part of a student nurse's life. It provides the spiritual .uplift needed in the midst of the week's activities. X! 'fi-nm, 'indent ' Virginia Nehrig and Jo Anne Martin, Alternate Government Presidents. This is the organization of the student body , which, with the help of the school administration, take s care of the business concerning the school as a whole. It is also the means by which each student can express herself in maintaining conditions providing a more ple asant life for the group. The government sponsors bake sales, contests, and dances to finance school representation at American Nurses Association Conventions. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Stewart, Norma Capaul, Vivian Wilson, Lois Fey, Jacquelyn Swick, Jane Graber, Lois War- ner, Elma Hopper. at-f V, .,,.,,.. ,I ,, Q .. 2 'LLSV3-4 , ,Si . .ti :img 3, i s ses- ,A ............, ..,. , , .,.., ,..... , W ,ixa Z kv' 5 " s Q ,js if 'O Y' ' G .,-'E P! . X C w X -:- I X 3-if Q? 1 , , , f .. Q ' 'Z '- .J Y , A gg E' -- , V 1 Mk- . X- M ix? N Q YQ Q , 1 'Q - C- " d h l 'V ' aw Ny x 1 ,,,. SQ: 'Q' , wif" -. " .a f' .- . .v V 4 at A Navi f Y ' 1 Q 1 19 X 'C SRL Q A ,ilk .,. il 1 STANDING, Left to right: Vivian Wilson, Marilyn Walter, Paula Pollard, Nadia Audritsh, Janice Rathbun, Doris Porter, Barbara Holmes, Patty Williamson, SEATED: Janet Sawyer, Peggy Maneval, Kathleen McCoy, Betty Hartman, Mary Ann Matheney, Marilyn Welch, Lelia Biddle, Donna Brown, Carol Haynes, lane Graber, Jeanette Fackler, f' Q A r V 1-1 .,., 1-.,,.. . lj If K Z Z 6 ff , X ' X' A t 1 X And when with tired feet I come, For rough are roads that must be trodg Then may He say thy work's well doneg You have walked hand in hand with God. t ' . .V .l'7".:w:If'17'1"V'V.-".'.6i1UgEYef:Lux'VEYv.L'g'Q?L:TYgwi5'X-363555-E14-'X Lj'H-rrixvi V ' ,' -:Sf-'fi-Uk , i f .J-'fi' "' "E . . lux -. e-vs. rw-we X SAX -'Www fit. 116 DR. I. SKOW DR. M. JOHNSON DR. E. SEYBOLD Eye Urology Medical Diseases 5145! DR. K. SCI-IOENROCK Ear, Nose, 8: Throat To those who took time out of their busy schedules to teach our classes - - we thank you. DR, W. MEFFLEY DR. M. SMITH DR. C. JONES Cancer SL Radium Medical Diseases Anesthesia ,,,.,-V .rm 1 . .1 , 1, .. 13. 5 1. - .gf-i-.925-Eff xv -g:.3,!"?X v 1 'Lf-Q 2ff:fgJf52 Biff 1 , '-53:52 53 R.-ff.-5,1'.n, .A ' Q -f-' 1 v' . ?: ff 'fF'2:Z'7f -, -wx .g- 'f,-, 1 xg fnrfrgg' ft:-:din zg :-- :-r ..,-1. ,lg :JH .xftfr -1115: A-. ' ,+.'. 1 . - -4 1 ag. . .5-.I-, yu . .534-f:,, 791. M' x Ill A' ' A'4' TQXIF S' 120f80??'? 'The final has been cancelled." 'X l , xv? 'Will Wednesday be all right?" Sf Tl' S Z" ' ii Q' x. Q- el. l ef 4- -V v- e -A-.. s,.xfS,,.e .QV ix .- S ef W r , MTS- Bafglifl Mrs. Stocker Blood Bank Librarian Beverly Bond Personnel Director Ns, 3' - -. .Q Nh? 53' ' we A v- I A, :J ,-'fa " 3 . f-ve Q N Dr, Van Baaren Harold Dunbar lee Speiker Pathologist Maintanence Store Room 'N .xx Si Livingston, Mrs. Caster Ann Dimock First Floor Housekeeping .-1" X Q' -6' cf Q 'rv VW! Miss Inglis, Mrs, Foltz Second South :Jin -,fr .." Y ,l . 1 . Ii 'ri We . N -V 1 ' 'rw - 1 f -A - - 'i' ' ..-'::ef.W,'.5.ni. - --. . M , ev , If!-f.-':.Ji'-In ighwql :If-1 xi il' 1912! 5'A'fl-37' Afrs x'Jr,':'.-li' IIIIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll--I-ll---------W Receptionist Diet Kitchen Mrs, Trowbridge Miss Fey, Mrs. Lemmox Central Supply Miss Martin, Miss Hazel Smith KW- -1- we -xc - ,T 1 Second North I 4 pp-. Dr. Wahl, Dr, Kessler, Mrs. Dominique, Miss Walters x.r"" I N I X Q yi .W --aft ., M ' ' -'Nail-.L-.1 I Health Service Mrs , Weeber S Q u ' "D'mc M, ff Wm , s , of J, S ' M' A ,gr 1 .a Li' "'4 '12 'T S 'Y' 4 Women's Department Mrs, Schlotz, Mrs, Iastremski L X . ,-'- . rr u Sa- livg 6' , ui, - ,'W.6 l-.j ' is-Q " M M s-- AQ Xe If i wxk .2 Nw K f f 1, m" t, ' ' I A FMR! , Obstetrics Operation Room Mrs, Vogel, Miss Stewart, Mrs, Hendricks Miss Banks sf , --fvw fi A 1 , A .-A F06 's.. , ex: 'a ,, 1-.Y I e Q ! ww 70: :4o1!c2wz 5 I Physio-therapy X-ray '-3 Diet Kitchen Pharmacy ..ww f ' W Vw ' , l I 3 'lr W e 5 . i mummwn V ? 5 eo, Labora ggfy Opera tion Room ,2 V7.3 Q ga .el - .. . -Jr y.: L 1 5 ,ff . i Nufggry Delivery Room W 9319 37" 4 le A X w Vi? F9 R Kin! X 'Nu-ww --Y 'W-, ' Dr. Ruwe, House physician I-I M Left to right: Dr, Manhart, extemeg Dr. Iehanyar, imerneg Dr. Demi Yurdakul, in- terneg Dr. Belma Yurdakul, intemeg Dr. Cinta, interne. Not pictured: Dr. Cano and Dr. Puente. 38 um 5 77.776 to 7 ,-4.776 'Nh Mrs. Whitaker, First floor and Mrs. Lerche, 3-11 Center, Mrs. Vaughn, 11-7 Supervisor Supervisor, Mrs. Tippenhauer, First floor Mrs. Russ, Relief supervisor for 3-11 and 11-'7 39 ".f'.1'f.-v. N. Y' r. . is .1-Ju I J, fr rvfkllircfii-xfbiciri xx V. ,ffl x-X X 'Y , 'S U "w 'R i .'..r, 'XX 0 , 'jig' ' r fl I ws? ,A5 4' 5 X 7 amy. . BACK ROW, left to right: Mrs. Warren Heath, first vice presidentg Mrs. Howard Torrence, Nurse's recreationg Mrs. G. Kenneth Keller Jr., treasurer, Mrs, Donald Engler, recording secre- tary. FRONT ROW: Mrs, Warren Reaser, second vice president, Mrs, Maurice Williams, president. NOT PICTURED: Miss Ilean Myles, correspond- ing secretary. ,4 V - at .5 3 .t is . 'f VU , 2 UW ' , , 1 MEG' , ' . if -fri, Sascha Offcktow LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. I. C. Vail, first vice P1'2Sid6DI: MIS. R. G. Thayer, president: Mrs, Keith Hoover,treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. A. I. Lutz, second vice president, Mrs. Harry Thomas, recording secretaryg Mrs. Paul William- son, corresponding secretary. ,sing X.. S x s.. N , . ......... 'r 3 as as STANDING: Mrs. Richmond, trustee: Mrs, Stow, trustee, Mrs. Calcamuggio, trustee. SEATED: Mrs. Jones, president, Miss Banks, treasurer: Mrs. Ellenberger, recording secretary: Mrs. Falk, corresponding secretary, Mrs, Payment, vice president, NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Kolasinski, trustee. Our heartiest "Thank You" for the many things these organizations have done for us during the past year to make our training period at Flower Hospital a happy one. 41 T ,, ., . .- ' .-:"7'1j.17'i3.-', 3 . .,. 5 . ,. ,.,,,,, , ,,., , ,. r . -A -r -- ., -A... M - 11' -.-f-.. K-,mir r,H,:'-R-rzuw fre rc-A fvf-'.-1 J r l .. " N NX: lsfjfli '5 . 4 '19 ,Ic'X.!415Lff', il , , ,... XX X 3 SFX pswgx Xxi X Kg? In '77 if X 4 ...- T' 5 253 5' fx: ,SY -Q. , . , fx? x ,,,,.,.,.- 1 V 4,1 S M ...af ra ,. ,H-,Q ? k , y, Uv, . ,Mt N PN Z if .s-'am N A 5 A V :""'1, 91 R X' fv"'vw-' .3 ' Q. - . hm .xv mx- .k Q , 4' . Y ,, r , , . iQ 43541.-Q 7, . .pf - fwigf, .59 H" ff '-airs, :. gp .J ,J .,V,g-u--fm S five: ' f! +2 ask if Q51-gf ,- 1 L 1 W Dr. B. J. Carroll Dr. J. M. Kenyon Dr. J. W. Erkert Dr. Bert Seligman Dr. K. F. Schoenrock Dr. D. C. Mebane Dr. J. D. Skow Dr. Leo Lauter Dr. C. W. Watson Dr. L. L. Palmer Dr. W. A. Neill Dr. C. F. Jones Dr. R E. Scherbarth Dr. R. E. Fox Dr. M. G. Means Dr. L. W. Siberd Dr. J. A. Lukens Dr. F. F. Price Dr. W. H. Meffley Dr. J. D. Sullivan Dr. L. C. Jackson Dr. R. C. Hawkins Dr. F. B. Hawkins Dr. E. L. Doermann Dr. H. C. Gunderson Dr. P. F. Grr Dr. E. M. Hite Dr. Ernst Sternfeld Dr. W. B. Sloan Dr. H. F. Howe Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul W. Fiser Dr. J. M. Hertzberg Dr. B. G. Shaffer Dr. J. D. Huss Dr. J. C. Kelleher Dr. G. F.. Wright Dr. W. W. Alderdyce Dr. W. C. Meyers Dr. R. R. Wahl Dr. Theodore Zbinden Dr. A. M. Weilbauer Dr. E. Gottschalk Dr. G. H. Start Dr. L. G. Hill Dr. H. A. Martin Dr. H. B. McLean Dr. T. A. Simons . . 43 -, "573"fz ,. 1 .- .. x X God's Promise To the Medical Profession I'll place my skill in the Doctor's hand- I could do it Myself, you understand. But Man will feel more near to Me- I'll give him the feeling of intimacy. To the Surgeon's hand I'll give a brain, He will free my people of all their pain And through My skill, he too will grow, Iwill loan to him the things I know. I'll give the Nurse a tender touch, A loving heart she will use as such. I'll place in her mind that God above Will guide her in His infinite Love. She will grow and grow in every deed, Through Me alone she will succeed. I will teach her well of My great Plan, That Love of God is Love of Man. I'll give them joy they never knew, In doing the work I would have them do I'll mold them well in My Great Hand, For I Am God, and they are Man. Opal Tharp. kia... X I it u -A 44 1:-v f'-'-mf-'f-f ' - , .fl 'li-"',L'E' ' i ' '- 'fffi' " YH "Sk-J 3, L -'::T':'5r'L " vffE.,.1,-QUE! j,-H1 --1'-fy: ': ,---.y:.N,w-- -, -,- ff ,',,v.,f,, ... , . -.. . .,. 4 .ns-Sw m if'-I ,gg p,fv.A,,, V i .I ' ' Z .x 'xv N. 1 H , . F ii 53fi:,l r A XL L 1, - -' ' wp A , x - - 41 af 1 , - ' ' -N - N:N-N., Q 'W 4 rn- X-N: ' v I 7 Rx N . Y . -. V X, " -xx,-Q. x Q f Z KN-5? x VU' lix 112-13 .4 - Wf4' if"'K 'W xx M , X i U f . 4 g? Y f A , v 'v lk Uwtr s 'QE -5- ' ' ' -- 1 i Q . M Q f ' ' 5 1 "'1: "tk, Vzbs M ',"' V x' " I 7 gwgxgumum. if A E .ki Yum .f' , , Q .Q ggi' . 'ily-- -WL flfrstfditionljuvblis -ggt'l'1eF l ' Hospital 'School of Nulfing, 195 A ,iz-JL Q """""! 1 I I . . 1 1 , I N- 1 ,K . . 'our 'V' .4 ,. 4 , X sn sum-.'N'x' l 1,' , s x 1 V, 1 . Ar . mr ui 1 H , , wH,,, ,gk V 4 . ,ffl A: lx. 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L t . f..' ,1 'M Y:'."TA MN"-ww-As A A wf4amwwamw +s1awev.wfsmaswwwnwf:a.,f-Q ew, -ff W --------sur-wifi.: QFVH-'-NAR.- Q 4 . l' Victor D. Bjork, Administrator I U O xxx ,. u WA, X, ta i Richard Shedd, Assistant Administrator Mr, Gegrge Stevens, Comptroller Dr. Neill, Chief of Surgery Dr. Means, Chief of Staff Dr. Seybold, Chief of Medicine ROOMS 100 IIS -in-Q I 6 I 1 I x P A R s F s H 1 E r P L z if if 4 Z M v E N O I x A MISS RUTH REES RN, MA D ir ec IOI, School of Nursing and Nursing Service. Flower HospitalSchoolof Nursing, BS, Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York, MS , Teach- er's College, Columbia Univer- sity, New York, Denison Univer- sity, Granville, Ohio, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. MRS. MARY ILETT RN Coordinator, Practical N u r se Pro- gram. Flower Hospital Schoolof Nursing, if""f?' 1515? tx L 'N ' 'fi-VL " MISS F. EVELYN BECK, RN MA Assoicate Director, Nursing Educa- tion. University of Michigan School of Nursing, Ann Arbor , Michigan, BA, Adrian College, Adrian, Michi- gang MA,Teacher's College, Co- lumbia U ni versity, NewYorkg Western Reser ve University, Cleveland, Ohio. ff? 'Q:1'.2T I MISS LIBERTY KAMBAS Secretary, Nursing Office MRS. MARY MARR RN Associate Director,Nursing Service. Bloomington S c h oo I of Nursing, Bloomington, I n d i an ag Indiana University,Bloomington, Indianag MRS. NAOMI LAYMAN RN Flower I-lospitalSchoolof Nursing, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. ig, , j xi -NN U

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