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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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THE CLASS OF 1979 SENIOR YEARBOOK .., .!£■ r, FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Office of the President The Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida 32306 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASSES OF SEVENTY-EIGHT AND SEVENTY-NINE i It is a rare privilege to be a part of this, your first yearbook since I ' ve been on the Florida State campus. My congratulations to all who have taken part in the restoration of this important tradition. I ' m very glad the " death of the yearbook, " announced in 1970-71, turned out to be " premature. " Yearbooks have a way of becoming more meaningful to our lives as we grow older. They are, in effect, the first pages of history in which most of us gain a printed reference to one of our personal milestones — not to mention a lasting pictorial impression to visit upon our children and grandchildren. Just for the fun of it, I ' photographs to prove that your once upon a time. Though I ' ve grown a tad more conservative s I ' d like each of you to know th their eternal youth that makes cessive generation. And so Ion the torches that symbolize Flor you have gained within our gate the lives of those you touch. ve included my own " then and now " president was young and idealistic aged physically, and typically ince my own college graduation, at ideals never grow old. It is them so attractive to each suc- g as each of you carries one of ida State University, the wisdom s will light up your lives, and My best wishes go out to you, individually and collectively, for your future successes as alumni of one of the nation ' s finest institutions. It has been my privilege and honor to be your president. Sincerely, Bernard F. Sliger President CHANGES Diffenbaugh Then The changes will never stop. We create the individual ones and are in part, responsible for the collective ones. It ' s our time now to control the changes. Dr. Bernard Sliger replaced Dr. Stanley Marshall. Bobby Bowden took over as Head Football Coach after Darrell Mudra. NOTICE Effective February 15, 1979 ■■-. ' of I(l ' » ,, ■■ Florida Turnpike Tolls will Passenger Cars increase Fixed 15 cents minimum plus avei age 2.2 cents per mile rate This is the first Florida Turnpike toll increase | since its opening in 1957. Diffenbaugh Now III iiiiijii iii§iiiiiiiii I II I I I ll I I l_ l|tei)d«|((fl| New Music Building CHANGES FROM THE OLD F.S.U. ' s Finest. TO NOW . . . Make way for progress. We are co-ed i M- ' .? »» «rf in everything! v rt , m New Breed of People Even a new capitol. THIS IS FLORIDA STATE Florida State University— the home of more than 20,000 Seminoles— has a campus that starts at the top of one of Tallahassee ' s famed seven hills, and rolls gently downv ard and westvi ard across some 340-odd acres of pines, palms and pecan trees. Founded in 1857 as the Seminary West of the Suwannee, its heritage is evidenced in the wide range of architectural struggles to preserve history and keep up with modern times and air conditioning. Yet it still ranks as one of the South ' s last, few bastions of campus greenery— the kind that combines the blossoms of camellias, azaleas and dogwoods with moss-hung oaks that are, in some cases, as old as the University itself, if not older. From the Gothic towers of Westcott at the eastern entrance to the cam- pus, to the modern glass and steel structures of its Science Complex to the west, Florida State University has moved forward in time and growth more rapidly than many of its newer counterparts in the State University System. Its enrollment has quadrupled since it became coeducational in 1947, following nearly half a century as the Florida State College for Women. Today, its 14 schools and colleges are spread through $150 million worth of building, its annual budget exceeds $100 million and it attracts more than $18 million a year in research contracts and grants. Students can pick and choose from more than 100 career options offered in arts and sciences, business, communication, criminology, dance, education, home economics, law, library science, music, nursing, social sciences, social work, theater and visual arts programs. The University is a member of the Academic Common Market and has overseas study centers in Florence, London and the Panama Canal Zone. Summer programs of study are offered in law at Oxford, in hotel and restaurant administration in Switzerland, and in comparative studies of economic and social systems in Yugoslavia. The location of FSU in the Capital City of Florida offers unusual oppor- tunities for study and research in the social and policy sciences, and an op- timum environment for internships and on-the-job learning experiences for students in many fields of study. The University operates major laboratory facilities for nuclear, marine and computer research. In addition, it has a wide-ranging spectrum of in- stitutes and research centers, each of which deals with specialized aspects of the following fields of study; government, geophysical fluid dynamics, molecular biophysics, educational research, American theater, gerontology, social research, community mental health, employee relations, economic development, analysis of resources and environment. Southern culture and religion, statistical consultation, educational technology and instructional systems, population studies, multi-campus systems, educational tax policy, urban and regional planning, criminological and correctional research, and the study of women in educational management systems. A Regional Rehabilitation Center serves citize ns in the tri-state area with diagnostic and remedial treatment of speech and hearing problems. A city within a city, Florida State has 1,200 faculty members, more than 6,000 additional employees and a construction program that will exceed $50 million between now and 1981. The construction of a new civic center and a center for continuing education— both near the State Capitol— are destined for completion by the fall of 1980. :r: - 3-4« -m , % 1 %. -; i ' w« ,_- " ' ;W [ : - tS v - i- " ( rf ' - i ■ % ' College was supposed to be a great awakening; It was. College was supposed to be fun; It wasn ' t always. College was supposed to be hard work; It was most times. College was supposed to be exciting; Well mc jybe 10 We lived together for what seemed ages . made new friends and created memories . . The People facets reflecting myriad colors .... a multitude ... a solitude ... as the old Romans said, " Out of many, one . . . " , unity in diversity . . . this is Florida State. The Place brick with a difference . . . from ivy shagged walls of old to clean direct lines of the new . . . dogwood laced with blossoms . . . azaleas in spring ... the eternal squirrels exuberant among autumn leaves. The Things We Do activities: organized . . . disorganized . . . spontaneous . . . study . . . dates . . . walks in the Tallahassee rain . . . formal dances . . . sunburned salty afternoons at the coast ... a weekend movie . . . football games. V We lived . 12 We kept busy iiislkt. [IN B U S ! « E 13 . . . and some think it messed up our minds. 14 ! " •« and to bring back these memories til is bool was created for you. 15 FSU DATELINE— an overview 1975 Sept. 23— Classes cancelled second day of school when Hurricane Eloise brushes with winds 45 mph. Sept. 24— Strozier Library closes Friday and Saturday nights to save money. Oct. 10— Members of Pike Fraternity and a group of black students scuffle— results in 13 in- dictments and 1 year probation for Pikes. Oct. 18-FSU 8 University of Florida 34. Oct. 22— Female Sandee Coulter defeated in her bid for " Homecoming Chief " . Oct. 24—200 Blacks march on the Westcott building to protest " numerous injustices " . Nov. 14-Stephen Stills starts out Homecoming Weekend. Phil Barco Homecoming Chief. 1976 Jan. 4— Darrell Mudra fired as head football coach following a 3-8 season. Jan 12— Bobby Bowden of University of West Virginia named to succeed Darrell Mudra. Jan. 28— FSU police officer of the year in 1975, Edsel Poole is arrested. March 8— President Stanley Marshall resigns after 7 years saying " It ' s time. " April 5— A 2 year old child dies of burns he received falling into a puddle of steaming water near Tully Gym. April 22— Athletic Department puts up wall around Seminole Field to stop " abusive language " from fans. April 27— Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Review with Joan Baez play in Tully. May 10— Health Center cuts back 24 hour care. June 3— Professor is shot and killed by student who then killed himself over flunking out of Graduate School. Sept. 13— Med School, growth seen in FSU ' s future. FSU still searches for new President 35 candidates facing consideration. FSU dropped its season opener 21-12 to Memphis State Saturday night. Sept. 20-Music School hosts new season with; The King and I, La Boheme, The Ballad of Baby Doe. Seminoles will just keep trying: They lost to Miami Saturday night with a score of 47-0. ARA Food Service gets renewal. Dick Shawn revue filled with satire and fun. Show runs through till Oct. 2. FSU School of Theater announces it will put on the production Cabaret. Sept. 29-Filing for SG races begins. Swine Flue innoculations will be at Health Center in Nov. Ice Cream Social set at President ' s mansion. Hartford Ballet performs at FSU. FSU English professor, Harry Morris, visits Shakespeare ' s England. Oct. 4— Seminoles gam a victory over Kansas State score was 20-10. Oct. 5-155 file for SG seats. Oct. 8— ZZ Top performs in Campbell Stadium. Oct. 11— Impeachment of Student Body President Steve Powell is sought because of his " totally illegal " mismanagement of SG monies involving computer dating. FSU wins over Boston College 21-9. Oct. 13— SG primary election held. FSU-FAMU cooperative expands student educational op- portunities. Oct. 15— World renowned harpsichordist Igor Kapnis appears in concert at Opperman. Oct. 18— Action Party sweeps primary election. Gators edge Seminoles 33-26. Run-off for Ac- tion party and Florida Student party candidates are held today. Oct. 21— Swine flue vaccinations are given out. Rosalyn Carter in town. Oct. 22-Fred Miller and Susan Bates are elected Homecoming Chief and Princess. Oct. 25— Violinist Ruggiero Ricci in concert. Oct. 28— Florida Student party senators may be disqualified. Nov. 5— Pow Wow 76 features Meisburg and Walters, National Rotagilla Band, Little River Band, Cheech and Chong. Nov. 9— Iranians protest Shah in Union. Nov. 18— School of Nursing Building dedicated. Nov. 22— Computer Dating Match ups come out. Dec. 2— George Smock preaches in Union. 1977 Jan. 4-Caroline Alexander wins Rhodes Scholarship. FSU Health Center opens for night hours. Jan. 7-Union hikes coffee prices 15C to 19C and 25C to 35C. Jan. 10-FSU gets $502,000 Kellogg Foundation grant for educational management. Jan. 31— FSU London Program will re-open in the fall. Feb. 7-Dr. Bernard Sliger picked as new FSU president. Feb. 9— Greg Girard and Doug Guetzloe are the New Student Body President and Vice Presi- dent. Feb 10— The Video Center opens. Feb. 14-Student nicknamed Jackal tries to revive streaking at FSU. Feb 19-Jimmy Buffet comes to Tully Gym. KKK march upstaged by demonstrators. Studen nabbed in streaking incident. Feb. 22— FSU offers Consumer Law course for the first time in Spring ' 77. Feb. 28-President Sliger forced to live in President Mansion by BOR. March 30— Parking lot on Call and Ivy Way closes to break ground for New Music Building. April 1— Flambeau April Fools issue. April 16— Charlie Daniels entertains in Union Court yard. April 27-Greek Council, Black Student Union, Women ' s Center are to get Student Government Agency status. May 1-FSU student abducted and beaten after returning home from a party— Brings forth cries to light the Dust Bowl. May 16— Clearing the way to the New Civic Center began today. Sept. 19— The grades problem— In fall 1976. FSU awarded more A ' s than C ' s to undergraduate students. The parking plan— After years of complaints, FSU increased the student parking by 10%. Bus service was also increased. Building still continues at FSU on Diffenbaugh. Schumann sparks win over Kansas State, 18-10. Terry Kennedy, FSU baseball star, donates $5,000 to the FSU athletic department to upgrade grandstand seating in Seminole Field. Dr. Robert Lawton, is named new Vice President for academic affairs at FSU. Miami ' s com- eback nets 23-17 victory over Seminoles. Sept. 28— Sliger asks for tougher grading. FSU dorms are packing them in, temporary rooms are set up in Rec rooms, TV rooms and study rooms. Sept. 30— Miesburg and Walters hold concert in Ruby Diamond Auditorium. Oct. 3— Full visitation part of FSU ' s dorm plan. Key, Woodham, spark FSU to 25-17 win over Oklahoma State. FSU enrollment down 1%. Oct. 10— Woodham, Overby spark Tribe to 14-0 victory over Cincinnati. Oct. 11— Fall Baseball tourney set this weekend. Oct. 12— Law students angry about parking. It is aggravated by Civic Center construction. Amazing Kreskin performs tonite at Ruby Diamond. Oct. 13— Tomorrow is National Gay Blue Jeans day as announced by Tallahassee ' s gay com- munity. Black Awareness week starts Sunday. Oct. 14— FSU buys Baptist Campus Ministry Building. Students claim late fee illegal. Woody Woodward may leave FSU to manage St. Louis Cardinals. Oct. 19— Student Government elections are held today. Oct. 20— Student files for late fee hearing. Oct. 24— Fans, Key, and defence lift FSU to 24-3 victory over Auburn. Oct. 26— Student Government runoff elections today. FSU cracks top 20 in AP poll. First time since 1972. Oct. 28— Homecoming Weekend. Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge perform at Pow Wow. Oct. 31— Simmons, defence, lift Seminoles to 35-14 win against North Texas State. Nov. 2— Mainstage presents " Scapino " a French farse. FSU ranked 15th in API. Nov. 3— Student groups call for impeachment of Girard and Guelztoe. Girard wants control oi 16 all agencies. Nov. 8-FSU escapes Virginia Tech with 23-21 victory. Students sign petition to recall Girard and Guetzloe. Nov. 9— Library Services Director Paul Donovan resigns. Iranian Students Association stages a rally to protest the Shahs visit to USA. Seminoles slip to 16th in both polls. Nov. 14— FSU Beats Memphis 30-9. Record is now 8-1. Nov. 15— By a petition of 1730 names, Girard and Guetzloe are recalled. Nov. 16— Dolly Parton performs in Tully Gym. Seminoles rank 13th in polls. Nov. 17— Goldenhagen halts all court action on recall petition. Brigadoon opens in Ruby Dia- mond. Seminoles to play in Tangerine Bowl. Nov. 18— Fund increase for women ' s athletics requested. Nov. 21— Student court asked to overrule Goldhagen. San Diego runs to 41-16 win. FSU i accepts Tangerine Bowl. Nov. 23— Globetrotters entertain at Tully Gym. Seminoles fall to 20th in Poll. Nov. 28— Eugene McCarthy speaks in Ruby Diamond. Dec. 1— Mainstage presents " Picnic " . Dec. 5-FSU kills the Gators 37-9. Dec. 7— Report shows FSU crime rate drops. Studio Theater presents " The Tempest " . 1978 Jan 4— Electronic gates built to control campus access to parking. FSU beats Texas Tech in Tangerine Bowl. FSU lands 11th in poll. Jan. 5— St. Thomas More ' s Chimes greet returning students. Jan. 6— Girard resigns. Jan. 9— FSU Psychology Department ranked 1st in state. 30th in nation. Jan. 11— Sliger, FSU consider improving Campbell Stadium. Jan. 12— Guetzloe, former Vice President, officially takes office as President. Jan. 13— Pensacola Street bridge schedules for renovation. Jan. 16— Two FSU Chi-Omega sorority sisters were killed and three others were seriously in- jured Sunday morning by an unknown assailant. Jan. 17— Memorial services held in Ruby Diamond for killed sorority sisters. FSU yearbook revival set for May. FSU extends Bowdens contract. Jan. 20— Night guards are posted in dorms. Jan. 27— FSU senate creates student patrol. Feb. 3— FSU will refund pre-registration late fees. Feb. 14— Steve Martin returns. Feb. 15— Man arrested in Pensacola for using forged credit cards and driving a stolen car. Police may connect him with Chi Omega murders. Feb. 16— Demonstrators stop talk by General Westmoreland. Feb. 21— Neil Friedman and Vivian Rivera win over Lance Day and Dave Gliken for S.G. Presi- dent. Feb. 22— Some FSU dorms to have curfew. Feb. 24— ROTC cadets clash with Iranian students in Union. Feb. 28— Dr. Robert Spivey, Dean of Arts and Science leaves FSU to accept post as President of Randolph Macon College. March 10— Residents of Magnolia hall told dorm will close. Leo Kottke plays for FSU. March 27— ARA Food Service gets very poor rating on inspection. Campbell Stadium to be enlarged to 47,000 seats by fall. March 31— New state capital building dedicated. April 9— Muddy Waters appears on Union Green. April 12— Iranian student march from FSU to capitol to protest U.S. support of the Shah. April 16— Greek Week ' 78 begins. April 20— Playboy Magazine in town to look for their Silver Anniversary Playmate. FSU ex- pands early admission program for high school students. April 21— FSU Flying High Curcus christens their new $46,000 circus tent. April 26— FSU rejects ARA Foods— won ' t renew contract May 1— Dr. Pat Hogan to replace Dr. Stephen McClellan as Vice President of University Relations. May 8-FSU Honors Program in trouble. Survey shows most students hate campus foods. Miss Lillian Carter to get honorary degree from FSU. May 10— New Education Building dedicated to Dr. M.L Stone. May 17-World ' s Pocket Billiard trick shot Champion Paul Gerni to perform tonite. May 18— SIRS forms probably won ' t be used to judge professors for tenure. SAGA to be new campus food supplier. May 30— Old Capitol Building to be restored to 1902 version. May 31-Student vote on BOR still alive Sept. 26— Dick Howser replaces Woody Woodward as baseball coach. Burt Reynolds returns to campus to conduct workshop. Oct. 19— Civic Center construction started. Oct. 27— Sliger bans booze in Campbell Stadium. Nov. 2-Beverly Sills visits FSU. Nov. 6-Action Party sweeps S.G. elections. Nov. 16— Iranian rally at FSU turns violent; nine protestors arrested. Pain forces Paul the P- nut man to retire. Nov. 20-FSU denied bowl bid. Nov. 27— Pensacola Street sags, reaching a new low. Gators fall to Seminoles 2 years in a row. Nov. 30— Doug Dickey gets dumped by Florida. 1979 Jan. 10— Thieves steal $11,000 worth of sound and lighting equipment from Ruby Diamond. Jan. 17-Flambeau Photographs, subpoenaed by state, of the Nov. 15, 1978 Iranian student demonstration. Jan. 22— Subpoena is withdrawn. Jan. 31— Professor Dr. Michael Kasha nominated to the advisory board for the National Science Foundation. Feb. 5-FSU Health Fee to rise. Feb. 8— Randy Drew and Lee Anne Stables win as new Student Government President and Vice President. State House of Representative Member Gwen Cherry killed in auto accident near campus. Feb. 13— D.O.T. says Pensacola St. Bridge sag may be FSU ' s fault. Feb. 14—44 year old Tony Messimo tries out as a walk on for FSU football team. Feb. 21— New Orleans Mardi Gras is cancelled. Feb. 22— Marines and Iranian students tangle in Union Court Yard. Feb. 23— Randy Drew sworn in as SG President. Feb. 26-Dick Gregory entertains FSU. Solar Eclipse. Feb. 27-Streaking returns. March 1-FSU fire detectors unsafe. March 8-Chuck Mangione Quartet comes to FSU. FSU ROTC Rapelling Tower is dedicated. Landis Hall to be air conditioned by the fall. March 9— Dr. Werner Baum is named FSU Dean of Arts and Sciences. April 12— FSU Student Doug Anderson wins Oatsun student writing contest. April 13— FSU fountains gushing after 5 year lapse. April 24— Student group files in court to halt Civic Center construction. Sol Carroll, FSU ' s 1 fan celebrates his 74th birthday. May 14— Health violations could shut down fraternity houses. May 17— Fines for FSU parking tickets jump. May 18— Commencement drawing nearer. 17 r The World Around Us «• t 1976 America demonstrated its capacity to adapt in 1976. Old faces reappeared and new faces stepped forward to provide new hopes. The Win ter Olympics, Surveyor ' s Mars photos, the national political conventions and the election of Jimmy Carter dominated the news and TV screens. The U.S. began to celebrate our 200th birthday. Marijuana was decriminalized in California, a new investi- gation of the Kennedy and King assassinations was begun, and in Congress a new scandal began a result of Elizabeth Ray ' s revelations. Mean while, old faces made one last appearance as Eldridge Cleaver returned to the U.S for trial, Mao died in China, and King Kong returned to New York in an oil tanker. ™» ' " - ' " " - " Ti MM irm tiuvsu;m5U2i:sjutu, V ViS r The World Around Us J i 1977 i« % Extremes in weather continued in ' 77. East- ern blizzards resulted in floods, natural gas shortages and blackouts. Western drought bred rampant fires and water rationing. Newly-elected President Carter faces such issues as energy con- servation, the Concorde, the B-1 bomber cruise mis- sile controversy, Panama Canal and Laetril debates, idi Amin, Roots and black independence brought Africa into the news. To many, the deaths of Elvis and Groucho signaled the end of an era. Despite mass kidnappings, the KLM Pan Am crash, Washington imprisonments and gay rights tensions, hopes for the future appear ed in movies like Star Wars, the Alaskan pipeline, the Space Shuttle and improved Cuban relations. ' f ' .-( e. A I., • joB f — i2 r ■ XJl . . The World Around Us 1978 o. The drought was over, but the storms that followed were, in many parts of the country, blizzards and floods. President Carter ' s popularity was on the downswing because of his foreign policy and the releasing of the Panama Canal. The court rules for Bakke, but condones affirmative action. The nation watched as Californians staged the " Great Tax Revolt, " better known as Proposition 13. Champions of world peace were weary with the loss of two Popes, the Russian spy trials, the People ' s Temple mass suicide and murders in Guyana, and continued tension in the Middle East. Issues still pending were the ERA, the Neutron Bomb, the " Self Rule " plan in Rhodesia, paraquat poisonings, Cuban tension and the threat of Cold War. Muhammad All was upset and all of America caught " Saturday Night Fever. " .♦•: % ' " i C oz L« ' lIU aj jaliiWwPW ' % - i-!! Pf - ' ' ' " SS- 0j wl •vy: - %J kV, m WcL i -. ZM. Homecoming ALMA MATER High-o ' er the towering pines our voices swell, Praising those Gothic spires we love so well, Here sons and daughters stand, faithful and true. Hailing our ALMA MATER, F.S.U. FIGHT SONG You ' ve got to fight, fight, fight for FSU. You ' ve got to scalp ' em Seminoles. You ' ve got to win, win, win, win this game and roll on down to make those goals. For FSU is on the warpath now and at the battle ' s end, she ' s great: HYMN TO THE GARNET AND GOLD Here ' s a hymn to the garnet and gold, ringing to the sky. Here ' s a song for our men and women bold, sing with heads held high. Striving ere to seek to know, fight for victory. Alma Mater, this song to you. Echoes, F.S.U. 22 So fight, fight, fight, fight to victory, our Semmoles from Florida State. (Yell) F-L-0-R-l-D-A S-T-A-T-E Florida State! Florida State Florida State (Repeat song) 1977 VS OTRM oil ?DOini Rio eo ball on 1 3 1978 The Game 24 FSU SWIM TEAM 1979 . . » H %. 4-%. f . " f- ' » ■c m w : § ii t:?! ' «i; ? .» FSU TRACK AND FIELD TEAM 1979 27 Basketball-Won State Season Record 19-13 Attending Regionals 1st game against Delta State Cross Country— Finished §1 Regionals Finished 1 Nationals Golf— Will qualify for Nationals Two players selected to compete internation- al commonwealth games, Columbia S.A. Softball— Last year won State §1 Regionals Swimming— 10-2 Dual Meet §2 Regionals §1 Southern Intercollegiate Champions 8 girls qualified for Nationals Tennis— Best season ever 13-4 to date Track— Freshman Tonja Brown broke 5 school records in hurdles, long jump, and sprints. Solid outdoor season. Indoor just underway. Volleyball-Won State Won Regionals 21 Nationally 28-14 season match record 28 lag Football Champions 1978 Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta (over all) Dorm: Landis Hall Independent: Over the Hill Gang 1979 Lambda Chi Alpha (over all) D I Sports Basketball Champions 1978 Independent: Untouchables (over all) Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta Dorm: Broward Hall 1979 Black Magic (over all) Sigma Alpha Epsilon Broward Hall Softball Champions 1978 Independent: Sultans of Swat Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta Dorm: Magnolia Hall Track Field Champions 1977 Fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha 1978 Pi Kappa Alpha Photos thanks to Sue Fisher, Bob O ' Lary and Sue Harper of the Flambeau. 29 4E— Sunday, December 3, 1978 glallabaBHrr Brmorrat FSU ' S MOST FAMOUS ALUMNI: BURT REYNOLDS and he ' s conning back . . 31 V ' r .-J.: ' Man of La Mancha . . . Spring 78 Oedipus . . . Winter 78 Follies of Scapino . . . Fall 77 REMEMBER Andre Hole naiaKK ■■- ••«■»«»• AN EVENING WITH CHUCK MANGIONE Johnny Cash AND THE CHUCK MANGIONE QUARTET l Chuck Mangione 34 WHO CAME Steve Martin Kris Kristofferson Rita Coolidge Waylon Jennings And . . . Harry Chapin, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Cheech Chong, B. B. Jam, Little River Band, Charlie Daniels Band, Eli, Starbuck, Mesiburg and Walters, the Amazing Kreskin . . . Dolly Parton 35 ■_j -r ' CSJtl£££X ■:VJWa ' ;i»rf »Tf!W TnT 7 .:rttf rBma:H. L ' . ' .ii ' 1 t ' ' i«g7?; JT ' Wi Very little is needed t .happxJife. It ' s all within urself, in your way of thinking. What do you want to bee when you grow up? DEFINITION 0¥ THE MONTH STUDY -APPLICATION OF THE MIND TO BOOKS, TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE, BRANCH OF LEARNING Does it really work? Band prepares for road trip. v .. iX . • I ' d like you to meet my mummy. 38 rr:i,X- , ifatf itt, Jiorti .1,, ,-; " r! . . • ■« ,-1 =,..i ' u ' r] ■J. ' ' ' ' •5 ' - «. STohJEcl. . . flMdW missed in College smarts. x-M m I don ' t know; I just work here. One out of five are on the meal plan Curiosity killed the cat . . . Satisfaction brought him back. 39 ?5 - ' or drinkin ' A LITTLE TIME . . . mH oil mo GO BALL OM 1 3 : ' for relaxin ' T»» " XHE YEARBOOK IS BACK... ...and we need your help ■S S 2 HAVE YOUR PORTRAIT TAKEN nwoi MOWS 2 " - SENIORS!! You have until Thursday to have yoor portrait ; included in FSU ' s " revived " Yearbook. Come by the informotion Lounge 2nd floor Union. Remember there ' s no sitting fee and this is the onlv chance to purchase the yearbook, so come early and avoid the rush. Men. Dm. II 11:304,5:004:00 TttM. Dec. n »:30-tr00, ?:0O-S:3fl Wed. Dec. 13 11:30-4:00, 5:004 00 Tkv. Dm. 14 (:)0-I.Oe, 2:00-S:3O s- ? ' Hi • rt,.« • liff P YEARBOOK STAFF Mary Stephenson Ellen Vikestad Andrew Chandler Marty Pope Linda Liebler Sheree Mercadante Tim Sheridan David Plendel Tallahassee 32313 197B FSU .p.«««ib..Bx IVIEI..ORIES ARE MAD ' -% r- -f-i I • - Yeorbodi Nome FSU ' s " Ne Nome for book ' suggested theme. SEHWR " (Hue ond odress. Drop yoor suggestkw in ttwlent info lo»n; ,,r I Yearbook photographer ' ,av ltravels world on wheels FINAL NOTICE! O : CP O o PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jerry Sherrod, Bob Snodgrass, Mike Maguire, David Plendel, Bob Knight, Russell Thistle, Greg Dye, and a little help from Gail and Sue. 42 We did the book. Andrew, Linda, Gail, Jerry, Mary, Ellen, Marty It ' s my fault. Bob Snodgrass I planned it. Dr. Steven Winters I helped. Steve Yeah, but we did it all for you. 43 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND Mr. Carl Bjerregaard, Director 1978 - 79 BAND STAFF Director of the Marching Chiefs Bentley Shellahamer Coordinator of Bands Carl Bjerregaard Associate Director-Arranger Charles Carter Dean of the School of Music Wiley Housewright Graduate Assistant Robert Spradling Drum Major Jim Bruce Staff Assistant-Publicity Denise Hamme Staff Assistant Steve Hearn Staff Assistant-Band Librarian Kendall Jones Staff Assistant Alan Nelson Head Majorette Lynn Holton Flag Corp Captain Kathy Quinn Drum Corp Captain Scott Smith Auxiliary Unit Coordinator Mike Raiford 44 jg r T Ji. x t5£- ' J:V ' Xi;|i.] TJinmn nrr, };- r--v):; _ ::_:] - _ ' l}ili FSU CHEERLEADERS Brenda Gratham, Gail Shank, Star McKenzie, Greg Lowder, Bubba McNeil, Valerie Vann, Patrick Kelly, Arnel Pozin, Barbara White, Warren Geisel, Horace Skip " Ragler Gail Skip Arnel Brenda 45 P RO G R 46 Billy Pope Office Secretary LPO film crew {ets wrapped up in their work. Florida State ' s Co-ed Service and Social Organization During the past few quarters Alpha Beta Chi has brought you . AlP geto cv»» ,rcse itts 3c iVt iot us u a OV stto pVvV at 9 t)a ' ddV V.OU tv9 At « lac ' Yvce at aV 11) ,V)N vH w 4; 51 M.U ' lors fc « ' ' vK ' a? nds »oO do«»« st c 50«t tot tot att toa tota ' $ .00 I tot att aW ' A tota .ds pta ' t 9 tot ptV zes i « ' bee tots pa ' oce Co« ' .test at lo c o ' ,cV Oo ' ,ot Vtv ze Gtt lU 0 VW® Vieit» ' ote (vitP. tfi vo j v: - ' LRCH LtO MO iuci ttott- eiVcr,. ' ' 8 fl-. i-fi pSSS ' " present ' ynrrr. , " " North AwS " ™ ' Don Morton ND ITS FRpp Our audiences h „, , " r hadr " »» " C Th j»t ' ' - " ' t 7V,y ' £«: ' fSORl we. j-o rj!:i n, " s " as , Pre-Exam Week Free Concert Animals for Animals - to benefit the Humane Society The March of Dimes Telethon Easter Seals Telethon March of Dimes Dunking Booth 8er4 CHl Me, " " « ' », " » ' ' »« „ 47 ' •U8 «4 f 1 , ' 4M Hr S!£S vn m " w Ku% Rotaract Service to the Student, Campus and Community Officers: President Tom Grady Vice President Greg Rehkopf Secretary Betsy Dahlberg Treasurer Ruth Patrick Publicity Jennifer MacFarlane Garnet and Gold Key Officers President Vice President of Activities Vice President of Membership Secretary Treasurer Historian Ruth Patrik Greg Rehkopf Tina Douthat Dan Singhous DougCenteno Lynn Orrik f KEY % ITITIT 1979 V. 48 I omen ' s; Club Women ' s F-Club is a Women ' s Athletic Honorary and service club. It was founded March 16, 1913, and is the oldest club at FSU. The membership is comprised of varsity and intramural athletes who work each quarter with major athletic events, Tarpon, and the High Flying Circus. LeeAnn Tabone President Annette Ruff Vice President Terri Miller Secretary Margret Stephens Treasurer Advisors: Dr. Jones JoAnne Graf The FSU Women ' s Glee Club A Tallahassee Tradition The Women ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Prof. Betty Jane Grimm, is a non-auditioned ensemble with membership open to all women students. In addition to quarterly concerts, the group is most well known for its an- nual Christmas Vespers concert held on the first Sunday of December. This meaningful service heralds the Christmas and has long been a favorite yuletide tradition for many Tallahasseans. 49 JVlpt|a ®amma elta igma appa One Heart-One Way 50 «jrT -s » TiT- . - , 7 i " . J. T .J i:ieirii:ij:jK,vit:i hm " - " Iptja Xi ©elta ASA PHI MU mi Phi Mu ' s wish their graduating seniors the best of luck in the years to come. 51 PI BETA PHI 52 Pi Phi Intramural Basketball Team and Coaches— Always No. 1 Pi Beta Phi " ' SS - v? " ' ' ' r- ■ •,-w ' Tff " ' ? J¥ ' W« Come on in . . Pi Beta Phi, a national sorority founded in 1867, was established on the FSU campus in 1921. Three of the past five years the Florida State chapter has received one of the top two awards given by the National Fraternity. The Pi Phis earned Panhelienic recognition for their outstanding academic record for the past three quarters. They were also the recipients of the Greek Week Overall Trophy in the spring of 78. For their homecoming float in which they were paired with the Sigma Nus, the duo received Best Theme Award. Pi Phis are looking forward to an in- teresting year involved in the campus and community life. Laure Muller-our Pi Phi on the courts; FSU tennis team President— Babs McLellan Vice President of IVIoral Advancement— Susan Fuller Vice President of Mental Advancement— Lorraine Lynch Vice President of Social Advancement— Fay Bamond Recording Secretary— Terri Mouro Treasurer— Sally Johnson 53 ZETA TAU ALPHA wishes its seniors to " Seek the Noblest " GRADUATING SENIORS Connie Cellon Criminology Valerie Culpepper Early Childhood Education Amanda Eden Commerical Art Caria Hulsey Counseling, Health and Rehabilitation Lynda Johnston Computer Science Linda Liebler Hotel and Restaurant Administration Louise Liebler Fashion Merchandising Gail A. Ferryman Hotel and Restaurant Administration Polly Prole Marketing Denise Sherron Fashion Merchandising Bev Shoepp Mass Communication Karen Van Der Heuval Food and Nutrition Lisa Wilson Marketing CSZiOZO 54 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA In their 17th year on campus, Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has been busy with intrasorority as well as campus-wide activities. Fall was exciting with Rush, football games, second place in Homecoming float, and first place in sorority intramural football. The fall pledges sponsored a hayride with a barndance for the activities in November. Celebrating KKG founding at Monmouth College, the Kappas held a joint dance with Pi Beta Phi at the Hilton which highlighted the fall social calendar. The Alpha Chi Omegas and the Kappas joined forces in a money raising 24 hour volleyball marathon which contributed $800 to Muscular Dystrophy. Fraternity socials are always popular and the KKG ' s had their share throughout the year. The annual winter weekend was celebrated in Orlando at the Royal Plaza Hotel with Kappas invading Disney World on Saturday. Plans for spring include a beach weekend at St. George Island. 78-79 was a fun year for the Epsilon Zeta Kappas and next year should be even better. 55 OFFICERS President Vice President Treasurer Recording Secretary Secretary Housemother KAPPA ALPHA THETA Laurie Mowbray Jill Ricke Sally Pate Jan Letender Stephanie Stratford Diane Rodeheaver Mrs. Ann Flowers 56 We use Dial; don ' t you wish everybody did? GAMMA PHI BETA Founded: November 11, 1874 Syracuse, New York Beta Mu Chapter Installed: April 29, 1950 President: Terrie Prison Vice President: Stephanie Sharpe Secretary: Barbara Boyd Treasurer: Sue Ann Smith Rush Chairman: Michelle Fenn Pledge Director: Judy Ivester Scholarship Chairman: Debbie Orthman Social Chairman: Jennifer Hill Panhellenic Representative: Cecelia DePont House Manager: Betsy Swarthout Sweetheart: George Frison Housemother: Mary Clark 58 rMM w«afcECttSaflfthQFi r j| 77+;»+- ' SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 59 KAPPA i 1 ' s ' a di y DELTA First sorority on FSU campus; annual activities include fall hayride . . . Christmas party with children of alumni . . . Winter Weekend . . . Spring White Rose Formal . . . Parents Weekend. Service projects include Christmas party for children at Sunland Hospital; party for senior citizens at LeMoyne Art Foundation; Volunteers during Talahassee Open Golf Tourna- ment, proceeds to American Cancer Society; hostesses for Ducks Unlimited Wildlife Organization. Spaghetti dinner to raise money for American Cancer Society. Special Events: Paired with Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity for Homecoming; second place All ' Round Sigma Chi Derby; Derby Queen Betsy Vickers. Paired with ATO Fraternity Greek Week 79. 60 DELTA DELTA llllilll Front to Back; Left to Right: (1) Lisa Thompson, Pam Rushi ng, Dawn Bare, Kathy Waites, Missy Miller, Mary Jane Mayworth, Debbie Scarborough, Robin Wheeler, Anne Marie Rawls, Julie Yon, Linda Hancock, Ann Parks (2) Nancy Helm, Carol Franklin, Susie Rountree, Therese Gonzalez, Becky Duer, Dawn Parker, Paula Gary, Jill Renick, Valerie High, Terri Loeffler, Jill Newsome, Patty Jackson (3) Nancie Howley, Diana LaPlaca, Elaine Haselwood, Tricia HIggins, Mandy Morrow, Clair Swing, Beth Duer, Holly Geiger, Nancy Smith, Holly Pierce, Lynn Sauls, Jeannie Parker, Sally Gilbert (4) Mary Donellon, Ann Collins, Tracy Siegel, Angle Rosacker, Jonie Mehling, Lisa Wallin, Ellen Haselwood, Jean Carver (5) Terri Lewis, Jane Robinson, Anne Marie Lewis, Becky Moore, Libby Mahan, Debbie Batson, Cindy Ashby, Mary Stokes, Leigh Coursen, Pam Shannahan, Karen Ogilby. 61 SENIORS Cliff Curry Steven Kroesch— President Eddie Lemox Evan Love— Vice President Mike Turner Kevin Mahoney Teri Davis Ken Kingston Mike Macrae OTHER MEMBERS Kenny Chapman Larry Chilson Rick Erwin Kevin Morse Kevin Landers Tim Landers Neil Camenker Doug Bryant Scott Klaising Pat Parnin— Treasurer Chip Pope Jack Macia Art Hamel George Prison Pete Gibson Felix Diaz John Brooks Kevin Moon Steve Eichenblatt Tim Jenks Kent Sherw in Tom Ellicott Tony Fink Rick Stein Nick Buchholz Burke Grant John Lush Allen Mercer Rob Combs THETA CHI 62 Christmas Party Desperado Party t Theta Chi-AII the Time Softball Team Intramurals 3rd Place Casino Party— Raising money for local charity 63 PHI DELTA THETA Florida Gamma Chapter 107 South Wildwood Drive " JpoOt) ' OVERALL INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS 64 1948 1964 1950 1965 1953 1966 1954 1967 1955 1968 1956 1970 1958 1972 1960 1976 1961 1977 1963 1978 1 PI KAPPA ALPHA nKA HKA Pi Kappa Alpha was the second fraternity established on the F.S.U. campus, organized in the early Fall of 1947. Since that time, PiKA has main- tained itself as the leader, having the largest membership of the twenty-four campus fraternities for the last nine consecutive years. Varsity teams, especially football and baseball, count many Pikes among their members. Student Government and various honoraries are also well supplied with Pikes. PiKA has men in Student Senate, Union Board, and more members of Scalphunters than any other fraternity. The chapter is especially proud of its alumni who remain very loyal and sup- portive of the fraternity. Alumni Tom Bush ( ' 68) and Don Chamberlain ( ' 56) : %.«4A r : t;.i . are currently serving in the Florida Legislature, and Hubert Green ( ' 65) remains one of the top pro golf money winners. A successful intramural program, awesome parties, and the initiation of over fifty-five young men made the 1978-79 school year one of the best ever. 65 66 DELTA ZETA Left to Right, Bottom Row (Kneeling): Sherrie Sinclair, Cindy Foss, Gloria Favor, Laurie James, Diane Dugger, Cynthia Briscoe, Janet Baylis, Second Row: Susie Woodruff, Susan Browning, Wendy Woolard, Mrs. Jean Sullivan, Karen Clark, Kitty Dryden, Mary Jo Keilman Peachy, Fran Ross, Baby Condor, Cheryl Lennon, Third Row: Deb Jones, Mary Hingle, Barb Davis, Mary Thoreen, Suzanne Shoemaker, Sharen Karling, Kitty Mueller, Jeanette Mojica, Martha Mitchell, Layne Salvador, Fourth Row: Shellie Sinclair, Karen O ' Brien, Karen Crispo, Terri Donhaiser, Patty Plank, Lisa Burkhalter, Susan Neth, Mary Jo Yennie, Laura Lovan, Marie Czaja, Jill Banks, Cindy Ross. It ' s not the End It ' s not the Beginning of the End But The End of the Beginning. Winston Churchill i wwfi XX ' Ji r T TyWm T-ir " ' T «- ' m ' ' ' " Wl Ji jiS JMWiK-g g ■«Ci6 - ' 31 ■mm ' m mm ! ' ;. ■ii ) . 67 Presenting the Graduates of 1979 V. NEILJ. AARONSON Miami, Fl ABDULLAH A. H. ABDULKADER Hassa, Saudi Arabia TIMOTHY A. AGREE Blountstown, Fl KATRINA A. AIKENS Madison, Fl LINTON J. AIKENS Madison, Fl SHARON K. AIRAGHI Miami, Fl AISHA K. AKIL Tallahassee, Fl ANNE MARIE ALBANO Pompano Beach, Fl LAURA L. ALFONSO Tampa, Fl RENEE C. ALLAIN Atlanta, Go PATRICIA K. ALLEN Hollywood, Fl PAULA L. ALLEN Newton, Ga 68 MARIA CHRISTINA ALVAREZ Miami, Fl JOYCE THERESA AMONS St. Petersburg, Fl MELVIN E. ANDERMAN Tampa, Fl LEONARD D. ANDERS Altamonte Springs, Fl JOHN S. ANDERSON Tallahassee, Fl JULIE L. ANDERSON Daytona Beach, Fl RENEA B. ANDERSON Lament, Fl SANDRA L ANDERSON West Palm Beach, Fl SUSAN L. ANDERSON Ft. Lauderdale, Fl SUSAN V. ARTHUR Kissimmee, Fl MOHAMMED A. ATRAM RiyadI, Saudi Arabia ALYSON B. AUSTIN Rochester, NY JANET L AUSTIN Weirton, WV JANIE S.BAILEY Tallahassee, Fl GLENN W. BAKER Hialeah, Fl JACKIE E. BAKER Lake City, Fl JOSEPH DE WITT BAKER Tallahassee, Fl VONSENITA BAKER Bristol, Fl GREGORY A. BALDWIN Ft. Walton Beach, Fl ROBIN D. BALKCUM Fayetteville, Go CHARLENE A. BANKS Florida City, Fl ALBERTINA S. BAPTISTA Fort-Myers, Fl MARTHA R. BARBER Tallahassee, Fl ORASTINE BARNES Milton, Fl 69 1 ELIZABETH A BARRS Madison, Fl BRIAN R. BARTOS Cape Coral, Fl DONNA L. BASS Tallahassee, Fl JANET A. BAYLIS Pensacola, Fl PATRICIA M. BEARDEN Lake Butler, Fl KAREN L BECKER Cape Canaveral, Fl ULRICH K. BECKER N. Lauderdale, Fl HELEN BELEFANT Melbourne Bch., Fl CHUCK E. BELL Haines City, Fl DONNA A. BELL Miami, Fl ALAN BROOKS BELLAMY Tallahassee, Fl DEBBIE M. BENEDETTO Miami, Fl JESSE JULIAN BENNETT Winter Haven, Fl VERONIQUE O. BENTLEY Richmond Hgts., Fl NANCY BERGMAN Coral Gables, Fl FRANCES J. BEYER Palm Bay, Fl PETER D. BIANCHI Jacksonville, Fl CHARLENE M. BIANCO Tampa, Fl JOLINDAM. BIFFLE Palm Beach Gardens, Fl VINNIE BILOTTO Locust Valley, NY BARBARA ANN BINDON Largo, Fl BARBARA A. BISHOP Saratoga Springs, NY KENT RANDALL BISHOP Chiefland, Fl PHYLLIS D. BISHOP Deland, Fl V. 70 LETTIE V. BLACK Birmingham, Al STEVEN W. BLAIR Panama City, Fl ANNA A. BLANCO Miami, Fl RONDA L BLUM Hollywood, Fl NANCEE L BODEN Panama City, Fl BRIAN B. BOLTON N. Miami Beach, Fl ANNA S. BOMAS Marion, Oh PATRICIA A. BONOMO Boca Raton, Fl CLEMENTINE L. BORDERS Safety Harbor, Fl ANN BORDMAN Miami, Fl RALPH BOUIE Quincy, Fl CAROLYN D. BOURNE Miami, Fl JANE NAN BOYD Tallahassee, Fl WILLIAM J. BOYD Eustis, Fl ELLEN E. BRAUNSTEIN Ft. Lauderdale, Fl CLAIRE E. BRENNAN Jacksonville, Fl PATTI J. BREWER Ft. Lauderdale, Fl BARBARA T. BRIGLIO Hollywood, Fl JENNIFER A. BRITT Jay, Fl LUCINDAJ. BROWN Thomasville, Ga RAGAN A. BROWN Dunedin, Fl SAUNDRA L. BROWN Fairfield, Fl ANDREW J. BROWNYARD Winter Haven, Fl DEBORAH J. BROXMEYER Tampa, Fl 71 BEVERLY BRUNER Marianna, Fl BARRY C.BUBB Jacksonville, Fl JOSEPH A. N. BUCHHOLZ Lantana, Fl COLLEEN G. BUCKLEY Satellite Beach, Fl KAREN L. BUCZINSKI Miami, Fl FRANK BULLOCK, IV Atl, Ga ANNEC. BUNN Tallahassee, Fl DENNIS T. BURCHILL, III Jacksonville, Fl S. LOUISE BURTON Harrodsburg, Ky BARRY BUTIN Margate, Fl PATRICIA A. BUTTERWORTH Tallahassee, Fl MARTIN I. BYER Hollyv ood, Fl JOHN F. BYLER Blountstown, Fl VICTORIA CALAMARO Ft. Lauderdale, Fl MARK A. CAMERON Ft. Lauderdale, Fl GARY CAMPBELL Defuniak Springs, Fl NICHOLAS Y. CAMPBELL Orlando, Fl DELORES Y. CAMPER Cocoa, Fl DESSIE MARIE CANELAKES West Palm Beach, Fl ROBIN E. CANNON Tallahassee, Fl SANDRA ANNE CANON Eustis, Fl SYBRENA B. CAR LEY Jacksonville, Fl JOHN " JC " CARLSON St. Petersburg, Fl THOMAS H. CARR Nashville, Tn 72 LANEDRA A. CARROLL Tallahassee, Fl CHARLESC. CARTER, JR. Tallahassee, Fl JOSEPH P. CARTER Crestview, Fl KATHLEEN A. CARTER St. Petersburg, Fl DEBRA E. CASEY Clearwater, Fl MARIA A. CASTANEDO Miami, Fl ANDREW J. CHABROL Christ., St. Croix, U.S. Virg. Isl. TAMIE LYNN CHAMBLISS Live Oak, Fl TERRSJ. CHASTEEN Tallahassee, Fl RUTHACHEEVER Panama City, Fl WALTER J. CHESNEY Miami, Fl DAVY M. CHOW Hong Kong CATHERINE M.CIMINO Tampa, Fl RENEE CLARK Miami, Fl KAREN A. CLARKE Ormond Bch., Fl ROBERT F. CLEVELAND Gulf Breeze, Fl PAMELA J. COLLINS Catlin, II JOHN A. COLONEL Jacksonville, Fl JUDITH A. COMPHER Glenview, II JON C. CONNELLY Winter Park, Fl ANN LEIGHTON CONNOR Tallahassee, Fl R. STEPHEN COOPER East Northport, NY PATRICIA D. COPELAND Fort Pierce, Fl ANDREW J. CORBIN Ft. Walton Beach, Fl 73 DAVID E. CORREIA Lighthouse Point, Fl MARTHA H. CORVEA Miami, Fl BOB COSTELLO Hioleoh, Fl JAMES N. COSTLEY Miami, Fl LINCOLN M. COX Pace, Fl JAMES S. CRANE Naples, Fl CAROL L. CROSKEY Ocala, Fl DENNIS J. CROW Stuart, Fl HELEN E. CRUM Lakeland, Fl ROBERT A. CRUZ San Antonio, Tx VALERIE C. CULPEPPER Chipley, Fl MARION D. CUNNINGHAM CUFTON C. CURRY, JR. Tampa, Fl THOMAS J. CURRIER Clearwater, Fl ARTHUR E. CUTTER EUZABETH J. DAHLBERG Lakeland, Fl JOHN GERARD DALY Maitland, Fl JAYNE A. DANIELS Watertown, NY DOUGLAS C. DARUNGTON Miami, Fl CLARENCE W. DASHER, III Mimai, Fl MACHELLE R. DAUM Panama City, Fl JANET L. DAVINROY Venice, II CHERYL D. DAVIS Tampa, Fl C. DARYL DAVIS Melbourne, Fl J 74 JOHN R. DAVIS Miami, Fl PATRICIA L. DAVIS Melbourne, Fl TERRY B. DAVIS W. Palm Beach, Fl DIANA LEE DE AGRO Cocoa Beach, Fl JAMES J. DEMAREST Bradenton, Fl BELINDA JO DEMARRA Orlando, Fl DOMINICK D. DE ROSE Ft. Myers, Fl KAREN K. DE ROSE Ft. Myers, Fl SHANNON B. DESMOND Jamestown, NY LOUIS F. DESSAU Copenhagen, Denmark Dl NEE C.DICKSON Crawfordville, Fl JUANITA DICKSON Chattahoochee, Fl CRAIG D. DIERKSHEIDE Windsor, Ct M. KATHLEEN DILLON Fort Lauderdale, Fl DEBRA F. Dl NUNNO Brockton, Ma NINAM. Dl STEFANO Lecanto, Fl GAIL A. DIXON Vero Beach, Fl LA VERNE DIXON Madison, Fl CYLENTHIA G. DORSEY Jacksonville, Fl TINAJ. DOUTHAT Brooksville, Fl JAK W. DRAISEY Green Cove Springs, Fl ALICE A. DRAKE Lakeland, Fl JACQUELINE DRANETZ Hialeah, Fl TERRY C. DREW Groveland, Fl 75 MARTIN B. DAEXLER Fort Lauderdale, Fl CLIFF S. DUNAWAY Tallahassee, Fl SUSAN T. DUNN Altamonte Springs, Fl MELVIN H. DURAN Tampa, Fl LISA A. DURHAM Atlanta, Ga MAUREEN J. DURIS Miami, Fl JAMES L. DYE Tallahassee, Fl C. DIANE EARLY Ft. Walton Bch, Fl SHELLEY W. ECKERT Pensocola, Fl GERARD J. EGAN Tallahassee, Fl GARY B. EGGEBRAATEN Key West, Fl MARLYS JEAN EICHHOEFER Dade City, Fl MARIE A. ELROD Winter Haven, Fl KENT R. ELSBRIE Sarasota, Fl ROBERT M. ERVIN, JR. Tallahassee, Fl SHIRLEY ANN ERVIN Miami, Fl MARVIN D. EVANS Daytona Beach, Fl ROSLYN D. EVANS Miami, Fl GOSHTASB E. EZATI Tehran, Iran DANIEL F. FABRIZIO Lehigh, Fl RHETT M. FARBER Jacksonville, Fl LORING-MIKHAL-FEDIK Coral Gables, Fl CURLEAN M. FERNANDER Nassau, N.P., Bahamas KEITH A. FERNANDEZ Miami, Fl 76 VIVIAN T. FERRANDIZ Miami, Fl JANET L. FESTA Hollywood, Fl MICHAEL B. FINKELSTEIN Miami, Fl KAREN A. FLEMING Miami, Fl GEORGE K. FLOYD Tallahassee, Fl GREGORY W. FLOYD Winter Haven, Fl PATRICIA E. FLYNN St. Petersburg, Fl DAWN M. FORTUNE Port Richey, Fl GREGORY S. FOSTER Miami, Fl MARTIN G. FOSTER Jacksonville, Fl ARTHUR FOX Boston, Ma JAMES E. FOX, JR. Naples, Fl KATHLEEN A. FRENCHETTE Miami Shores, Fl PAULA FREEMAN Deland, Fl MARY ANNE FRENCH Pittsford, NY MARILYN E. FRISON Jacksonville, Fl TERRIE A. FRISON DeBary, Fl ROBIN L. FRYDENBORG Miami, Fl ALAN P. GAGGINI Inverness, Fl ROBERT GAGNON Ft. Collins, Co ROBERT M. GAMER Staten Island, NY NELSON A. GARCIA Miami, Fl TIMOTHY J. GAREY Flushing, Mi REBECCA L. GARGAN Tampa, Fl 77 s At DIANNEGASKINS Sanderson, Fl JOHN G. GAST Jacksonville, Fl Dl ANNE L GATTS Sheffield Lake, Oh JAMES H. GAUNT Panama City, Fl BOMI M. GAZDAR Tallahassee, Fl CAROLA. GEDRAITIS Naugatuck, Ct KATHARINE B. GEDRIS Tampa, Fl THOMAS E. GEDRIS Aliquippa, Pa MERYL S. GELDBART Atlanta, Ga STEVEN A. GELLER Miami, Fl NANCY S. GEORGE Tallahassee, Fl SHERYL A. GEORGE Hollywood, Fl GWYNNE GILBERT Tallahassee, Fl KATHY Z. GILLIS Tampa, Fl SUSIE K. GLICKMAN Tampa, Fl NANCY J. GMEUCH Marshall, II FRANCES W. GODBOLD Mobile, Al GWENN D. GODFREY Inverness, Fl LISA J. GODFREY Okinawa, Japan LAURIE B. GOLDSTEIN Syosset, NY DEBRA I. GOLUB Forest Hills, NY PATTI L. GOMER Orlando, Fl PEDRO M. GONZALEZ Key Biscayne, Fl TIMOTHY S. GOODNOW Princeton, Mo V. 78 JEFFERY D. GOODRICH Winter Haven, Fl JOHN L. GOODRICH Winter Haven, Fl PHILIP B. GORMAN Osmond Beach, Fl KATHLEEN GRANT Coral Gables, Fl SAMUEL B. GRANT Miami, Fl GLEN E. GRAY Tampa, Fl BRUCE G. GRAYBEAL Jacksonville, Fl TERESA A. GREATHOUSE Boca Raton, Fl JOY L GREEN Greensboro, NC RODNEY GREEN Jacksonville, Fl JEAN A. GRIFFEY Fort Myers, Fl DEBRA F. GRIFFIN Eustis, Fl NANCY J. GRIFFIN Grand Ridge, Fl DEBRA S. GRIM Fayetteville, NC FRANKIES.GRUBER Bainbridge, Go MOREY GRUNDMAN North Miami Beach, Fl MARK J. GUNZELMAN Baltimore, Md DEBORAH H. GOTTLIEB Miami Beach, Fl MYRNA HAFT Margate, Fl MATTHEW S. HAGLER Vienna, Va NANCY N. HAHN Winter Park, Fl CYNTHIA A. HALE St. Pete, Fl KAREN P. HALENAR Kissimmee, Fl DARIA HALEY Osteen, Fl 79 ROBIN T. HAMILTON Singer Island, Fl DAVID H. HARBACH Melbourne, Fl FREDRIC W.HARBIN Montgomery, Al SUSAN M. HARDING : Hollywood, Fl MARION HARMON Chipley, Fl VALDEE HARMON Chipley, Fl CATHY J. HARRIS Homestead, Fl DEANA K.HARRIS Lehigh, Fl TACY A. HARRISON Melbourne Beach, Fl MARGARET C. HASTINGS Fort Pierce, Fl ALAN D. HAWKINS Orlando, Fl MARY L. HAYNIE Pensacola, Fl BRUCE R. HAYWOOR, SR. Fort Myers, Fl CLAIRE E. HEATH Fort Myers, Fl PATRICIA A. HENDERSON Quincy, Fl RILEY J. HENDERSON Cottondale, Fl GREGORY D. HERBERT Rockford, Mi JOHN R. HESS Sarasota, Fl PAMELA D. HESS Sarasota, Fl BARBARA A. HESTER Ft. Pierce, Fl LESLIE JANE HICE Miami, Fl MARY BERNADETTE HINGLE Ormond Beach, Fl HELEN G. HINSON Tallahassee, Fl CARY CHINTZ Bay Village, Oh 80 STEVEN P. HLAVAC Mount Dora, Fl EDITH M. HODGE Lake Wales, Fl ROBERT W. HODGES Melbourne, Fl WILLIAM J. HODGES Euclid, Oh MARTHAS. HOLDEN Marianna, Fl PAULA B. HOLMES Titusville, Fl WILLIAM E. HORNE Jacksonville, Fl KENNETH HOSFORD Hosford, Fl PETER T. HOULE Laconia, NH JOSEPH A. HOWELL Tallahassee, Fl DEBORAH A. HUETER Naples, Fl JOHN W. HULL Coral Gables, Fl SUSAN V. HUSTED Daytona Beach, Fl LISA A. HUTCHISON Washington, DC YOUNG O. HWANG Daegu, Korea JAMES B. HYER Sarasota, Fl MARY ELLEN IHLEFELD Jacksonville, Fl JAMES D. INGLIS West Palm Beach, Fl DONNA M.IRVINE Brooklyn, NY DESIREE A. JACKSON Tampa, Fl MICHAEL A. JACKSON Miami, Fl BETTY F. JAMES Deerfield Beach, Fl JOYCE Y. JARRETT Maysville, Go KIRK A. JASLOW Miami, Fl 81 TIMOTHY C. JEFFERSON Tallahassee, Fl ADRIENNE C.JENKINS Tallahassee, Fl JANICE JENKINS Haines City, Fl MICHAEL A. JENNINGS Miami, Fl BRIAN J. JENSEN Traverse City, Mi ANTHONY O.JOHNSON Tampa, Fl LARS R. JOHNSON Tallahassee, Fl SALLIE R. JOHNSON Tallahassee, Fl SHIRLEY A. JOHNSON Pensacola, Fl SUSIE P. JOHNSON Madison, Fl LYNDA M. JOHNSTON Charlotte, NC HAROLD E. JONES, II Philadelphia, Pa JONI L. JONES Miami, Fl KAREN A. JONES Miami, Fl MARY L. JONES Mcintosh, Fl MARY S. JONES Miami, Fl J. JEROME JORDAN Jacksonville, Fl SUSAN L. JORDAN Jacksonville, Fl WALTER E. JORDAN, III Hollywood, Fl BRENDA J. JOSEPH Madison, Fl JULIA B. JOYCE Jacksonville, Fl DEBORAH L JUSTICE Jacksonville, Fl GIBRILT. KANU Makeni-Sierra Leone, West Africa RICK ALVIN KARP Altoona, Pa 82 LEANNE M. KARSTEDT Perry, Fl BETH KATZ Hialeah, Fl JOHN M. KEARNS Columbus, Go REX L. KESLER Quinter, Ks MARYBETH KETCHUM Winter Park, Fl MOHAMMED R. A. KHAN Karachi KAREN M. KILDEA Plantation, Fl JACQUELYN V. KING Jacksonville, Fl LINDA W.KINGERLEY Wilmington, De JOHN H. KIRBY, II Vero Beach, Fl ROBERT I. KIRSCH Miami, Fl LYN E. KOESTNER Satellite Beach, Fl CHAIK KOO Korea KIMBERLY D. KORN Daytona Beach, Fl AMY KORNBLATT Kendall PK, N.G. FELICIA G. KRAFT Boca Raton, Fl MARIE T. KRASOWSKI CYNTHIA LEE KROPP Bradenton, Fl ROBERT W. KRUSE Wayne, Pa SHARON I. KUNITZ Huntsville, Al ROBERT A. KURTZ St. Petersburg, Fl JACKY K. KWON Hong Kong NANCY JO LAIR Miami, Fl CODY W. LAMAR Jacksonville, Fl 83 KEVIN A. LAMARCA Kinnelow, NJ DEBRAJ. LANDAUER St. Petersburg, Fl DOUGLAS E. LANDO Treasure Island, Fl KENNETH E. LANGLEY, JR. Tallahassee, Fl JEFFREY T. LARIMORE Miami, Fl JAN LASSETER Panama City, Fl BRUCE C. LAUDIG, JR. Oakland, Ca PAMELA J. LAWHON Sopchoppy, Fl MARYELLEN J. LAWRENCE Fairfax, Va RUFUS C. LAWRENCE Hollywood, Fl DAVID M. LAZARUS Miami, Fl ANTONIETTA LAZO-GUERRA San Salvador, El Salvador SARA J. LEE Panama City, Fl BRUCE E. LEINAAR Jacksonville, Fl VALARIE J. LENNON Miami, Fl EDITH P. LEON Tallahassee, Fl STEVE C. LEONARD Ft. Lauderdale, Fl ANN S. LESSER Miami, Fl JOI M. LESTER Morristown, Tn REGINA LEE LETTIN Tallahassee, Fl ROBERT I. LEVITT Ft. Lauderdale, Fl JOHN L. LEWIS Plant City, Fl VERNON W. LEWIS Philadelphia, Pa LINDAJ. LIEBLER Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 84 LOUISE F. LIEBLER Ft. Lauderdale, Fl JOHN H. LIGGONS Sonford, Fl RICHARD L LINNELL Lake Park, Fl BARBARA J. LISELLA Mt. Vernon, NY JOHN M. LIVERGOOD Miami, Fl DORIANN M. LLOYD Ft. Myers, Fl JOHN P. LOGAN KAREN A. LONG Lighthouse Point, Fl RODNEY D. LONG Sanford, Fl YIM CHUN LOO ' 4 Daytona Bch., Fl CINDY LEE LOUDERMILK Hialeah, Fl LAURA L. LOVAN Venice, Fl LINDA L. LOVATT Jacksonville, Fl CHARLES R. LOVELL V inter Haven, Fl CHERYL T. LOWNDES St. Augustine, Fl KERRY A. LUCAS Palm Beach Gardens, Fl DAVID R. LUGINBUHL Satellite Beach, Fl H. SCOTT LUNSFORD Ft. Lauderdale, Fl NANCY F. LYON Camp Hill, Pa REGINA W. LYONS Sarasota, Fi REGINA LYTLE Naples, Fl SIR CHARLES E. MACK, I Jacksonville, Fl MICHAEL F. MACRAE Vero Beach, Fl BRIAN R. MAGRUDER Jackson, Ms 85 ANN D. MALONE Tallahassee, Fl KRISHNA L MANFREDI New York City MARSHA L. MANN Avondale Estates, Ga IDA RUTH MARKIND Mt. Laurel, NJ STEVEN J. MARSALONA Ft. Lauderdale, Fl JOHN C. MARSCHER Clearwater, Fl HERBERT A. MARSHALL Tallahassee, Fl KEVIN A. MARSHBURN Winter Haven, Fl DONALD C.MARTIN Panama City, Fl HORACE L MARTIN, JR. Apopka, Fl MICHAEL R. MARTIN Jacksonville, Fl LILLIAN A. MASCH Melbourne, Fl R. BRYAN MASON Tallahassee, Fl VERNELLMASSALINE Chipley, Fl ELIZABETH O. MASTEN Tallahassee, Fl LENORA R. MATHEWS Panama City, Fl EVELYN M. MATTHEWS Chiefland, Fl DARLENE MAYS Miami, Fl MELANIE JANE MC CALL Quincy, Fl STEPHEN J. MC CARTHY Miami Beach, Fl THERESA ANN MC CAULEY Fort Lauderdale, Fl MICHAEL H. MC CLELLAN Hauana, Fl NANCY M. MC CLURE Jacksonville, Fl MAUDE E. MC DONALD St. Petersburg, Fl J 86 MICHAEL J. MCDONALD West Palm Beach, Fl SHARON MC ENTEE Cocoa, Fl JACQUELINE L. MC GILL Miami, Fl MARYANN E. MC GUIRE Pompono Beach, Fl SHEILA R. MC KEITHEN Ft. Lauderdale, Fl STAR K. MC KENZIE Miami, Fl LISA S. MC LENDON Ft. Walton Beach, Fl STANLEY G. MC LEOD Jacksonville, Fl THOMAS M. MC NAMARA Orlando, Fl WANDAS. MEADOWS Tallahassee, Fl SHEREE ANN MERCADANTE Tampa, Fl MICHAEL G. MEREDITH, JR. Fort Lauderdale, Fl CHERYL I. MESH Winter Park, Fl THEODORE V. MICKENS Perry, Fl BENJAMIN J. MICKLER Jasper, Fl KEVIN S. MILLER Naples, Fl MELISSA M.MILLER Miami, Fl PATRICIA C.MILLER Pensacola, Fl PETER W. MINFORD Temple Terrace, Fl ELIN K. MITCHELL Orlando, Fl MARTHA J. MITCHELL Fort Myers, Fl KERTIOUS MONDY Miami, Fl THERESA L. MONSOUR Jay, Fl DAVIDJ. MONTROIS Watertown, NY 87 " N BETSY MOORE Miami, Fl FELISHA M. MOORE Miami, Fl HOWARD M. MOORE Brooklyn, NY SCOTT M. MORAN St. Petersburg Beach, Fl JAMES R. MORGAN Havana, Fl RANDALL E. MORRISON Lakeland, Fl VICKI L. MORRISON Cape Coral, Fl BRENDA C. MORROW Orlando, Fl BARBARA A. MORTELL Green Bay, Wi ELINOR S. MOUNT Panama City, Fl GARY L MOUNTAIN Brooksville, Fl MATTHEW S. MUDANO Tampa, Fl SUPOMO MUKDJIZAT Jakarta, Indonesia KAY SEYMER MUNDAY Gulf Breeze, Fl MARK S. MUNDAY Gulf Breeze, Fl RAY B. MUNROE Tallahassee, Fl JOAN P. MURPHY Tall., Fl JEROLD E. MURRY Columbia, SC SUSANN NABERHAUS Indialantic, Fl DIANNAM. NEAL Milton, Fl LORIANN NELSON Fort Walton Beach, Fl RICHARD ALAN NELSON Los Angeles, Ca VALOIE C. NELSON San Francisco, Co PAMELA D. NEWELL Panama City, Fl 88 V. JACQUELINE NEWSOME Bradenton, Fl LEIM T. NGUYEN Saigon, Vietnam MARK A. NICKERSON Hialeah, Fl DAVIDS. NIX Waynesboro, Va VELDA L. NORTH Miami, Fl JAVIER NUNEZ Miami, Fl AMBROSE C. OFUANI Nigeria MARK Y. OKASAKO Hialeah, Fl MACK X. OLIVERIO Fort Lauderdale, Fl J. SCOTT OLSON Tallahassee, Fl ADEL-MARIE O ' REGEN Clearwater, Fl ADEOYE OROFIN Ipepe, Ondo SUSANJ.ORR Milton, Fl LYNNE. ORRIK Alexandria, Va KELLY L OVERSTREET Tallahassee, Fl WILLIAM R. OWEN Palmetto, Fl FUSUN M. OZSEZEN Palm Beach, Fl MINDY PAIGHT Weston, Ct ANNELLA E. PALMER W. Palm Beach, Fl CHRISTINA T.PAT ALA Melbourne, Fl JULIE D. PATCH Jacksonville, Fl RUTH A. PATRICK St. Petersburg, Fl JOAN R. PATTEN Pensacola, Fl DARLEAN PATTERSON Chattahoochee, Fl 89 -«■ ' ? ' ' ; ' • ' ?■ ANGELISA E. PATTI Jacksonville, Fl DAVID R. PATTY Cape Coral, Fl VERNON E. PAUL Tallahassee, Fl ROSS E. PAYNE Miami, Fl JUDITH R. PEARL Miami, Fl ROSE M. PEARSON Miami, Fl VIRGINIA D. PENISTON St. Petersburg, Fl ALINA M.PEREZ-STABLE Miami, Fl GAIL E. PERRYMAN Hialeah, Fl CISSY PETTY Winter Haven, Fl ROBERT L PHILLIPS Kansas City, Mo MARIA C.PINON Melbourne, Fl KRISTEN C. PLATI Hollyv ood, Fl MARY C. PONT Indialantic, Fl VIRGINIA L PORTER Inverness, Fl ELIZABETH N. POWER Tampa, Fl ELAINE A. POWERS Peoria, II LYNDA A. POZAR Cooper City, Fl ARNEL J. POZIN Orange Park, Fl CHARLENE F. PRATT Lexington Park, Md GLENWOOD C. PRATT New Port Richey, Fl TINA M. PREVETTE Glen St. Mary, Fl DENISE A. PRITCHETT Miami, Fl JONATHAN HALL PROBY Miami, Fl 90 CHARLES W. PROCTOR Tallahassee, Fl J. AMANDA PURDOM Winter Park, Fl KIMQUINN Boca Raton, Fl JILL MARIE QUISLER Miami, Fl BARBARA A. RABE Miami, Fl TRISHA A. RADULOVICH Tallahassee, Fl WILLIAM L. RAFFERTY Miami, Fl HORACE RAGLER, JR. Pensacola, Fl FREDRICC. RAINE Valley Stream, NY SHARON L. RAMOS Hicksville, NY DONNA F. RAND Pensacola, Fl THOMAS J. RANDLE Coral Gables, Fl LAUREL KAY RANDOLPH North Palm Beach, Fl MARGARET A. RANDOLPH Shadeville, Fl VICKI L. RASCONA Somerset, Pa ANTHONY RAY Jacksonville, Fl KAY ELIZABETH REDMOND Sanford, NC MICHAEL LEE REESE Albany, Ga GREGORY S. REHKOPF Largo, Fl PATRICIA A. REID Pensacola, Fl RICHARD D.REINERT Tallahassee, Fl MALDRICK E. RICH Milton, Fl HARLAN RICHARD HOPCHIK Norristown, Pa LEE A. RICHARDS Hannibal, Mo 91 PATRICIA W.RICHARDS Pensacola, Fl WILLIAM F. RICHARDSON College Park, Ga JAMES P. RILEY, JR Decatur, Ga PATRICK J. RILEY Venice, Fl ROBERT W. RILEY Tallahassee, Fl MARTA L. RIQUELME Astoria, LLC, NY EDWIN C. ROBERTS Tallahassee, Fl JACQUELINE ROBERTS Macclenny, Fl JANET L ROBERTS Tehran, Iran LUCY M. ROBERTS Monticello, Fl SUSAN E. ROBERTS Mary Esther, Fl EULA R. ROBINSON Belleglade, Fl JANE K. ROBINSON Spartanburg, SC STEVE M. ROBINSON Tall., Fl RICHARD C. RODGERS Vero Beach, Fl WILLIAM H. ROGERS, IV West Palm Beach, Fl ROSALIND A. ROLAND Fort Lauderdale, Fl SUSAN L. ROOS Miami, Fl BARBARA ANN ROOT Largo, Fl LINDA Z. ROSS West Palm Beach, Fl ROBIN I. ROSS Miami, Fl WANDA D. ROWELL J Williston, Fl HURLEYW. RUDD, JR. Tallahasse, Fl A. DENISE SAGERHOLM 92 CARLOS SALTZ Miami, Fl JOANNE SAMERGEDES Miami, Fl LAURA M.SANDERS Miami, Fl KENNETH SAPP Doytona Beach, Fl STEPHEN C. SATERBO Winter Haven, Fl HOWARD M.SAUL North Miami Beach, Fl WILLIE C. SAVAGE Pensacola, Fl MARY S. SAVARINO Miami, Fl WILLIAM M. SCARPINO Ft. Myers, Fl LINDA L. SCHERER Jacksonville, Fl THERESE ANNE SCHLICHTE Hollywood, Fl DAVID P. SCHMIDT Miami, Fl RENE A. SCHREIBER Lake City, Fl TRACY W. SCHULIS Tallahassee, Fl CAROL R. SCHWARZ Tampa, Fl CINDY SCIANDRA St. Pete., Fl AGNES D. SCIPIO Hilliard, Fl BEVERLY S. SCOTT Havana, Fl WALTER CHARLES SCOTT Chiefland, Fl ROBIN L. SEABRANDT High Springs, Fl PAMELA M. SEARS Arlington, Va MITCH E. SEGERMEISTER Miami, Fl MARK F. SEIDL Hollywood, Fl SHELUE S. SEMAN Arlington, Va 93 ■«ilip ' PAMELA L. SHANAHAN Orlando, Fl DEBRA L. SHARP Lakeland, Fl DEMISE D. SHERRON Hialeah Gardens, Fl GARYS. SHIMMINGER SUZANNE SHOEMAKER Tallahassee, Fl CAROLYN ANN SHOOK Ft. Myers, Fl CAROL S. SHORE Miami Beach, Fl BEVERLY L. SHOUPP McAllen, Tx ANGELA D. SHUMAN Jacksonville, Fl RICK SIDDONS Winter Park, Fl PAMELA A. SIMMS Miami Beach, Fl DANIEL E.SINGHAUS Orlando, Fl JAMES F. SIWEK Miami, Fl GREGORY D. SLAGLE Fort Lauderdale, Fl RHONDA C. SLATER Cocoa, Fl NATALENE SLEDGE Panama, Fl DEBRA Y. SLONEKER Jacksonville, Fl ANNE D. SMITH Tallahassee, Fl ANTOINETTE E. SMITH Tampa, Fl ELIZABETH SMITH St. Petersburg, Fl ELIZABETH L. SMITH Miami, Fl KENDEL R. SMITH Mary Esther, Fl KENT A. SMITH South Miami, Fl MARK A. SMITH Port Charlotte, Fl 94 MARTHA J. SMITH Bristol, Fl SERGIO O. SMITH Coral Gables, Fl VICKIE S. SMITH Bonifay, Fl WAYNE G.SMITH Tallahassee, Fl WHARTON P. SMITH, III Tallahassee, Fl SANDRA M.SMOUSE Ft. Laud., Fl ROBERT A. SNODGRASS Deerfield Beach, Fl CYNTHIA C. SNOW Lakeland, Fl BARRY J. SOLOMON North Miami Beach, Fl CAROL K. SOLOMON Bristol, Fl STEPHANIE SOMERSET Fort Walton Beach, Fl DAVID C. SPALDING Middleburg Hts., Oh STACY A. SPENCER Pensacola, Fl BEVERLY T. SPENGLER St. Augustine, Fl DELMAR SCOTT SPIVEY Tarpon Springs, Fl EVE G. SPRATT Charlotte, NC DEBBIE L. STANLEY Hosford, Fl GARY S. STEIN N.Y., NY WILLIAM B. STETSON Glenview, II REATHER M. STEWART Macclenny, Fl A. LOUIS STILES, JR. Fort Walton Beach, Fl DARLENE G. STILES Ft. Walton Bch., Fl STEPHEN C. STOKES St. Petersburg, Fl PAULA ST. PIERRE Birmingham, Al 95 J Aid CARL E. STRIDFELDT Miami, Fl LINDA M. SUBLETT Sarasota, Fl SUSAN L. SUNKA Zephyrhills, Fl JAYG. SURLES Tallahassee, Fl J. JEFFREY SWEENEY North Redington Beach, Fl SEYED H. TABATABAIE Tehran, Iran ROY L. TALLEY, JR. Tallahassee, Fl FRANK " DALLAS " TAYLOR Tallahassee, Fl JAMES B. TAYLOR Gotha, Fl JULIANNE TAYLOR Tyndall AFB, Fl NANCY A. TAYLOR Cocoa Beach, Fl WILLIAM F. TAYLOR Flemington, NJ ANTHONY C. TERRY Tampa, Fl JANET LEE THEWMAN Rockaway Park, NY BARBARA J. THOMPSON Tallahassee, Fl LAURA A. THOMPSON Washington, DC RACHAEL H. THOMPSON Tallahassee, Fl SCOTT J. THOMSON Murrysville, Pa PIA S.THORNTON Jacksonville, Fl PATRICIA M. TIMMER Daytona Beach, Fl JAY TINKOFF Rego Park, NY CARL A. TOSTON Jacksonville, Fl LINDA S. TOZER Merritt Island, Fl PAUL A. TRAVAGLIONE Central Valley, NY 96 DEBORAH A. TREESH Gulf Breeze, Fl SUSAN M. TROUT Lonsdale, Pa HEIDI TUCKER Tallahassee, Fl DAVID M. TUNE Tampa, Fl SHIGEO D. TUOHEY Ft. Walton Bch., Fl JOHN P. TUTTELL Orlando, Fl HELEN M. TYLER St. Petersburg, Fl PHYLLIS M. TYNES Key West, Fl KAREN VAN DEN HEUVEL Boynton Beach, Fl LISA A. VANDERGRIFF Pensocolo, Fl ELLEN E. VAUGHAN Winter Haven, Fl ANANIAS C.VEIZAGA Cochobambo, Bolivia TARA ANNE VICK Orlando, Fl ELIZABETH C. VICKERS Fort Pierce, Fl SAYNAM VIRAKONE Laungprobong, Laos CHRISTINE K. VOGEL Jacksonville, Fl CHRISTOPHER K. VOGEL Miami, Fl JOANNA O.VOSBURGH Jacksonville, Fl PATTI L. VOSS Lady Lake, Fl BRENDA G.WALKER Oviedo, Fl CARLETTE I. WALKER Brooksville, Fl DINAH H. WALKER Tallahassee, Fl JACQUELINE L. WALKER Winter Park, Fl JORETTA WALLACE Hollywood, Fl 97 t 1 ■jy -If . MIRIAM S. WALLACE Tallahassee, Fl SHERRY M. WALLS Pensacola, Fl ROBERT L. WALTERS Lakeland, Fl RUSSELL J. WAMBLE Columbus, Ms ALICIA R. WANZA Tallahassee, Fl SUSAN M. WATERS Lakeland, Fl FREDERIQUE WAYNE Miami Bch., Fl DIANA WEARS Tallahassee, Fl DIANE C. WEAVER Melbourne, Fl JOHN F. WEBB Jacksonville, Fl JODY L. WEBSTER Lake Worth, Fl LEAH R. WEINSTOCK Hollywood, Fl STUART C. WEINSTOCK Tallahassee, Fl ANDREW P. WELLER Kingston, Jamaica CHERLYNN WELLS Hollywood, Fl LEO D. WELLS Bushnell, Fl JANIS A. WENDT Lake Geneva, Wi DON WEST Warwick, Rl JOHN WESTMORELAND Miami, Fl KATHY M. WEVILL Delran, NJ CYNTHIA M. WEYGANT New Haven, Ct CYNTHIA LEE WHIDDON Tallahassee, Fl THOMAS W. WHIDDEN Tallahassee, Fl BARBARA JEANNE WHITE Winter Haven, Fl 98 GINGER WHITE Jacksonville, Fl PAMELA J. WHITE Vero Beach, Fl PATRICIA A. WHITE Pensacola, Fl RICHARD A. WHITE Panama City SALLY E. WHITE Attica, In GRETA C. WHITEHEAD Tallahassee, Fl ELAINE N. WHORTON Jacksonville, Fl KATHRYN A. WILDER North Miami Beach, Fl MARK A. WILKINSON Bradenton, Fl MARY ELLEN WILKINSON Greenville, SC ARLENNA WILLIAMS Miami, Fl BERTHA M. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Fl CAROLYN P. WILLIAMS Havana, Fl CAROLYN P. WILLIAMS West Palm Beach, Fl DOVIE J. WILLIAMS Bartovv, Fl GREGORY P. WILLIAMS Panama City, Fl HOLLY WILLIAMS Ft. Walton Beach, Fl JIMMY J. WILLIAMS Tallahassee, Fl JOE EDWIN WILLIAMS Miami, Fl JONI C. WILLIAMS Sanford, Fl PETER F. WILLIAMS New Providence, NJ RACHEL R. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Fl SHAVON L. WILLIAMS Miami Beach, Fl WOLINA WILLIAMS Tampa, Fl 99 I 1 ANTOINETTE T. WILLIS Tallahassee, Fl EBBA V. WILSON Tampa, Fl LISA K. WILSON Perry, Fl MARY L. WILSON Miami, Fl RONALD L. WIMBERLY Miami, Fl RANDALL E. WISE Hialeah, Fl MARY J. WISSICK Eustis, Fl LETHA F. WITHROW Tallahassee, Fl STANTON R. WITHROW, JR. Tallahassee, Fl MARICA W. WOOD Tampa, Fl SHANNON G. WOOD Panama City, Fl WENDY LEE WOOD Satellite Beach, Fl ANNA L. WOODALL Ft. Pierce, Fl PHYLLIS C. WOOLAVER Springfield, Va VELMA G.WRIGHT Riviera Beach, Fl GLENN E. YEARY St. Petersburg, Fl DAWN A. YOUNG West Palm Beach, Fl REBECCA E. YOUNG Panama City, Republic of Panama THERESA J. YOUNG Delray Beach, Fl DENISE A. ZABINSKI Pensacola, Fl SHARON K. ZABITOSKY Bunnell, Fl RICHARD ZACCHIA Merrick, L.I., NY JEFFREY A. ZAWADA Tallahassee, Fl SCOTT ZEPFLER Fanwood, NJ 100 " ■= »™»«wo»K»ao«s(irrL " ti. ' »nr i af n ni ti i. DANEZIMRING St. Petersburg, Fl C. SCOTT ZINN Naples, Fl J 101 I VW ' GOLDEN CHIEFS SILVER CHIEFS TOMAHAWK WARRIOR RENEGADE 1 1 0% CLUB SAVAGE CLUB SPIRIT CLUB SEMINOLE CLUB FSU LETTERMEN CLUB AREA CHAIRMEN COMMITTEE OF 100 LADY SEMINOLE BOOSTERS SCALP HUNTERS 102 P.O. Box 5644 • Tallahassee, FL 32301 • Phone (904) 575-8621 Serving the Florida State Community Since 1973 Mickey Mouse Bob Knight (Mlcl(ey Mouse, left) Our highly skilled and eager staff ready to serve you — 1979 Good Luok Graduates Just as you are ready to grow and expand your interests in a wider world, we ' ve embarked on new horizons by planning our 18th store - in Tallahassee ' s Governor ' s Square. Good luck to each ot you - may you make full use of your potential. Mon Brothers pF A , ' ,iA,,.r ■ " Jts Florida 103 Compliments of SHOES Northwood Mall, Tallahassee Selling Tallahassee ' s Finest Men ' s, Women ' s and Children ' s Shoes SIGNS OF LIFE. Compliments of Tallahassee Coca Cola Bottling Co. 1302 South Monroe Tallahassee, Florida 32301 104 IN FLORIDA Publlx THE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING IS PUBLIX The place for produce Fruit and vegetable lovers love our produce " for its quality, variety and freshness. .MW y The place for variety If you can ' t find it anyplace else, x - you ' ll find it at Publlx. We know variety makes shopping a pleasure The Danish Bakery We bake everything fresh every day in every Danish Bakery You ' ll taste the difference. The Deli From cheese and cold cuts to a complete dinner for ten, the Deli means good times for everybody - including the hostess. Conveniences lil e photo processing Just drop off your film when you do your shopping. You ' ll get quick service, Publix quality and TsiOonus Erints two sets of prints. PUBLIX WHERE SHOPRNC IS A PLEASURE 105 FOLLOW DETAILED REPORTS SCOREBOARD RESULTS SPORTS ACTION IN YOUR MORNING TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES i 106 107 Compliments of . . . __ ]_y _ m COMMUNICATIONS AND — INFOFMVIATK N HANDUNG HARRIS CORPORATION in Florida 108 ... in Florida . . . corporate HEADQUARTERS and TEN DIVISIONS of HARRIS CORPORATION designing and producing high technology communication and information processing equipment and systems. oyL il COMIVIUNICATIONS AND INFORIVIATION HANDUNG 109 I 1 Lisa, good luck in the future, I ' m sure ABX will benefit from your leadership. Phi Mu, congratulates our graduating seniors. Best wishes and remember the days you ' ve spent here. With pride in the history of our land and a forthright view of the future, we look forward to our bicentennial year. AAK: Go out in the world and leave a trail— I ' ll be thinking ' bout you. ILY— YLS Wa-Wa Who? Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do. This is so Confusciousing. These classified ads are not drug induced. Make what you do today important because you ' re exchanging a day of your life for it. Jack; How does it feel to be in the real world? I wonder if David Rigby ever bought a yearbook? Congratulations Dr. Abdul— ACC300 was a pain! To fight the unreachable star; to reach the im- possible dream; to dream the unfightable foe . . . (sung to the tune, " If you think I ' m sex- y. " ). Mike, May your knees never hurt. Thanx for all your help. CLASSIFIEDS P.B., Was that you in the Wescott Fountain? RAS " I don ' t know what got into me ... I went to the U.S. ... I ate hamburgers coca-cola . . . I wore a ten-gallon hat, and then I invaded Viet- nam. " — Teng Hsiao-ping Florida State University is THE University of Florida. Chris; Dr. Richie misses you! Alan Hawkins; Best wishes in the coming years, I ' m sure we ' ll meet again, you working at GM me at ISI, or something along those lines . . . Congratulations Delta Delta Delta Seniors, we ' ll miss you. L W. and Friends Bumpermania Bev; Who would have thought you could have made a face like that. Best Wishes. Kappa Delta wishes all our seniors the best of luck ... get out of life everything you want. What? No Elmo and Elmodine? Congratulations Theta Chi Graduates! The Little Sisters. To the girl in the cut-offs at the Chuck Mangione concert . . . Meet me at Homeplate October 1. An Admirer Wanted: Tourguide, must have knowledge of such famous FSU landmarks as the Tex Ivester Tunnel, Kellum Zoo, and the Landis Fountain. Apply in Person. Gift; Is it true you are growing a beard? Remember B.J. Allen ' s Human Relations class Is there life after college? We all live under the same sky, but we don ' t all have the same horizon. -Konrad Adnauer What ever happened to those clowns on the 4th floor? Beats me. Mira, Mira, El gato es mucho gordo, pero que lindo, y es unpoco stupido tambien! UL, How much is that giraffe in the window? Thanks for being a good friend, Good luck in HRA and everything else. GEP GS, Remember Dr. Winter ' s geology class, he is the only person that could keep you awake. Good luck, Luv, B.G. Jan, Be good and keep in touch. Luv, CJ Remember Kellum Zoo! So much for 4 a.m. fire drills Sake— Luck and Love Always ISI— Do you believe we got this done! F.S.U.-Good-Bye! no AARONSON, N. Physics, B.S.; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honorary ABDULKADER, A. Accounting, D.B.A.; Arab Club, President 1975-77, International Student Association, Muslim Student Association AGREE, T. Real Estate, Risk Mangment Ins., BS AIKENS, K. Child Development Early Childhood Ed., B.A.; Block Home Economics Club Officer, Dorm Government Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, American Home Economics Club Member, S.G.A. Volunteer Worker for Child Development AIKENS, L. Psychology, B.A.; TCS, BSU, Little Sister Club, Reading, Sewing, Baking, Dancing, B.A. Psy., Minor Rehab, Sociology AIRAGHI, S. Elementary Education, B.S. AKIL, A. Elementary Education, B.S.; Honor Student, Ambition — Elementary Education Teacher, Hobbies — Dancing, Listening to Music and Cooking, Motto: Love, Life, and Happiness ALBANO, A. Psychology, B.A.; FSU Orientation Com- mittee, Psi Chi. ALFONSO, L. Visual Arts, BA; AE4 Dean ' s List ALLAIN, R. Accounting, B.S.; Minority Business Students Assn., Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, National Achievement Scholar ALLEN, P. Art Education, B.S. ALLEN, P. Early Childhood Edu., B.S.; Phi Theta Kap- pa, Kappa Delta Pi ALVGREZ, M. Elementary Education Early Childhood, B.S.; Newman Club, Flog Football, Dan- cing, Dean ' s List, Bike-Riding AMONS, J. Fashion Merchandising, BS, Minor: Marketing: Phi Chi Theta Sorority, Fashion Incor- porated, BHEC, American Home Economics Research Team, AHEA, Black Student Union, Black Student Af- fairs ANDERMAN, M. Finance; Skydiving, Airline Transport Pilot, Gliders. ANDERS, L. Physical Education, B.S.; Member of Phi Epsilon Kappa ANDERSON, J. Physics, BA; Joy, Enrichment, Smiles, Laughs, Sympathy, Love ANDERSON, J. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Fashion Inc., Model Board, 1978 BSU Spring Fashion Show, CHEK, Block Players Guild, 8 — Days of Dance, Spr- ing 1978, Phi Chi Theta ANDERSON, R. Fash. Mdse., Bachelor of Science; Dean ' s List, Clothing and Textiles, Secretary Treasurer of Black Home Economics Club. ANDERSON, S. Marketing, B.A.; Speech Minor, Marketing Club, Intramural Softball ANDERSON, S. Accounting, Bachelor; Kappa Delta Sorority, Beta Alpha Psi, Campus Crusade for Christ ARTHUR, S. Co-Major — Library Science, Art History, BA; Newspaper — Dorman Hall Fall 1977, Fellowship Club 1977-1978, Soltos — Undergraduate Executive Board Member 1977-1978 ATRAM, M. Library Science, MS AUSTIN, A. Speech Communication, B.S. AUSTIN, J. Government, B.S.; Government Students Association — Secretary, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu BAILEY, J. Social Science, B.A.; Minor — Business Ad- ministration, Interested in the Spanish Language, Ac- complished Degree While Working in State Govern- ment Full-Time. BAKER, G. Risk Management and Insurance and Real Estate, Bachelor of Science; Gamma Iota Sigma (Treasurer 2 Yrs.), Intramural Sports, Rho Epsilon Member BAKER, J. Sociology, BA BAKER, J. Management, Business Admin.; Flying, Fishing, Hunting, Deans List Highlights Of the Graduates Of 1979 A. BAKER, V. Mental Retardation, B.A. BALDWIN, G. Accounting, BS; Water Skiing, Flying, Church BALKCUM, R. Marketing, BS BANKS, C. Criminology, B.S. BAPTIST A, A. International Affairs, B; FSU Equestrian Club, Dean ' s List, Southern Scholarship Foundation, Wentworth Scholarship, Selby Scholarship, Foreign Languages BARBER, M. Finance, BS; Phi Theta Kappa in Freshman and Sophmore Year BARNES, O. Management, B.A.; Interestes — Sports and Securing a Job As a Manager or Asst. Manager Upon Graduation. BARRS, E. Home Economics Education, B.S.; Baptist Campus Ministry, Omicron Nu, Frances Champion Scholarship, Selby Foundation Scholarship, Dean ' s List. BARTOS, B. Criminology, B.S.; Intramural Softball, Criminology Club BASS, D. Fashion Merchandising, BS; Fashion Inc. BAYUS, J. English, B.A.; Delta Zeta Sorority, FSU Dean ' s List BEARDEN, P. Accounting, B.S.; Member of Beta Alpha Psi National Accounting Fraternity, Vice- President of Phi Chi Theta National Business Fraternity for Women, Member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honorary Fraternity BECKER, K. Psychology, BA; Pilot Scholarship House Resident, Enjoys Dancing, Racketball the Beach BECKER, U. RMI, B.S.; Gamma Iota Sigma, Derelicts BELEFANT, H. Biology, BS; Biology Club — Vice President, Delta Zeta Sorority, Fencing Club, Debate Club, Student Advisory Committee BELL, C. Elem. Education, B.S.; Thanks to My Wonder- ful Wife Margaret and My Son Micheal Who Gave Me Their Love, Time and Encouragement, Thanks to My Mother and Father for Their Love and Support BELL, D. Criminology, BS; Member of Block Criminology Association, Member of LAE (Criminal Justice Association) BELLAMY, A. Biology, BS; 4 Years on Seminole Tennis Team BENEDETTO, D. English Business, B.A.; My Hobbies Are Ballet, Modern Dance, Tennis and Intramural Sports BENNETT, J. Criminology, B.S.; Accomplishments — Dean ' s List Spring 78, Interests — the Pursuit of Fun Frolic BENTLEY, V. FDN Dietetics, Bachelor of Science BERGMAN, N. German, BA; Activities — Swimming, Running, Dance, Interests — Foreign Languages, Music, Cinema, AccompI — Dean ' s List BEYER, F. Botany, Bachelors (BA); Special Interest in Foreign Languages. BIANCHI, P. Elem. Ed., Elem. Education (B.A.); Chess, Bowling BIANCO, C. Education, B.S. B.A.; Criminology .; Sports, Active in JK, BIFFLE, J. Marketing, B.S.; Champagne and Peanuts, Bonsi Bombers, Rocquetball, Marketing Club BILOTTO, V. Real Estate Marketing, BA; Varsity Track Field 4 Yrs., Treasure of Marketing Club, Burger Chef Eating Champ, Pie Eating Champ — Freds, Big Dadd ' s, Stonehenge. BINDON, B. Home Economics Ed., B.S.; AHEA BISHOP, B. Geography, BS BISHOP, K. Finance, B.S.; Member of Baptist Campus Ministry, Member of 1978 Dorm Football Champions, Hobbies: Football, Tennis, Swimming, and Hunting BISHOP, P. Housing, BS BLACK, L. Fashion Merchandising, BS; President of Textile Colorists Chemists, Fashion Incorporated, Thanks FSU, I Enjoyed It. BLAIR, S. Fashion Merch., BS; Florida State Fashion Board Member, Fashion Incorporated Member, Chair- man for Upcoming Events for Fashion Inc. BLANCO, A. Sph. Comm., B.A.; Student Gov ' t Elec- tions Commission, Voter Awareness, Young Democrats BLUM, R. Special Education, MA; Enjoy Dancing, The Outdoors, and Working with Children BODEN, N. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Fashion Inc., Model Board, Water Skiing BOLTON, B. Speech — Communications, B.A.; F.S.U. Debate Team 1976-1978, Backgammon, Golf, Tennis, Diving Semi-Finalist State of Fl. Debate 1976-77, Semi-Finalist Stetson DeBate Tourny 77 BOMAS, A. Criminology, BS; XA ' P American Criminal Justice Association, Eastern Orthodox Organization BONOMO, P. Nursing, BSN BORDERS, C. Management, BS BORDMAN, A. Criminology, Honor Society BOUIE, R. Political Sciences, B.A Politics, Dradutes School BOURNE, C. Chemistry, B.S.; Swimming, Camping, Cycling, Reading, Dean ' s List BOYD, J. Hotel and Restaurant Adm., B.S. BOYD, W. Criminology, B.S.; U.S. Marine Corps P.L.C., Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, June 1979 BRAUNSTEIN, E. Social Work, BS in Social Work; Member of ASSW, NASW, Participated in Intramural Football, Hobbies include Jogging, Roquet Boll, Swim- ming and Partying, Member of AHII Fraternity, Future Will be Devoted to Assisting Others. BRENNAN, C. Real Estate, B.S.; Rho Epsilon Member Two Years BREWER, P. Marketing, BS; FSU Marketing Club Member, Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, Activities — Rocquetball, Golf BRIGLIO, B. Accounting, B.S.; Member of Gamma Iota Sigma, Also Secretary for 2 Years, Member of Beta Alpha Psi, Recipient of 2 Merit Scholarships, Becker CPA Review Campus Representative, Accoun- ting Tutor BRITT, J. Interior Design, BS; Kappa Delta Sorority, American Society of Interior Design, Met My Future Husband at Florida State University, Love You, David BROWN, L. Criminology, B.S. BROWN, R. Fashion Illustration, B.A.; Member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and Social Chairman, Little Sister of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Interests: Fly- ing, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding and Dancing. BROWN, S. Crimonology, B.S.; Sports — Tennis, Softball, Reading, Meeting New People BROWNYARD, A. Hotel Restaurant, Business, Society of Hosts BROXMEYER, D. Psychology, Bachelor of Arts; Cam- pus Crusade for Christ, Who ' s Who Among American College Students, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Notional Merit Scholar, Dean ' s List ni 1 V BRUNER, B. Elem. Ed., B.S. ' BUBB, B. Finance, B.S.; Finance Society, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Active in Independent Intermurals, National Honor Society — Phi Theta Kappa — at Miami Dade Junior College, Junior College Deans List 4 Times BUCHHOLZ, J. Hotel Restaurant, B.S.; Theta Chi Fraternity, Society of Hosts BUCKLEY, C. Criminology, B.S.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who, Varsity Softball Team, Women ' s F-Club, Presi- dent, President ' s Medal for Academic Achievement BUDZINSKI, K. Bus. Management, BULLOCK, F. Bio., B.A.; All Sports, IIKA BUNN, A. Accounting, B.S.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Sailing Club BURCHILL, III, D. Criminology, BS; Honors Graduate BURTON, S. Marketing, BS BUTIN, B. Government, Bachelor of Science BUTTERWORTH, P. Fashion Merchandising, BS; Fashion Inc., FSU Model Board BYER, M. Psy, B.A. BYLER, J. Finance, BA; Member Delta Sigma Pi, Member Finance Society CALAMARO, V. Nutrition, BS; Enjoying Myself, En- joying Myself, Enjoying Myself, But Making It CAMERON, M. Geography, B.S.; Bicycle Touring, Learning New Things, Active Sports, Photography, History and Architecture, Meeting People CAMPBELL, G. Accounting, BS; Minority Business Students Association, Intramural Sports CAMPBELL, N. Management, BS; Degree is in Man- power Planning and Human Resources or Personnel Management, Studying Weather As an Amateur Is My Favorite Hobby, Others Include Baseball, Football, Fishing and Working Hard for FSU. CAMPER, D. Criminology, BA; Dorm Government, In- tramural Sports CANELAKES, D. Social Work, BSW CANNON, R. Early Childhood Education, B.S.; Presi- dent, Delta Zeta Sorority, Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Rho Lambda, Dean ' s List CANON, S. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Member Fashion Inc. 2 Yrs., Member F.S.U. Model Board 2 Yrs. CARLEY, S. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Fashion In- corporated, Block Home Economics Club — Vice- President CARLSON, J. Hotel Restaurant Admin., Bachelor of Science; Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraterni- ty, Society of Hosts, Florida Restaurant Education Foundation — Scholarship Recipient, Thanks F.S.U., Greatest Thanks to You Mom and Dad, Chow! CARR, T. Criminology, B.S.; Phi Gamma Delta, Vice- Pres. I.F.C., Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Mortar Board, Garnet Gold Key, Army ROTC CARROLL, L. Speech Communication (Public Relations), Bachelor ' s; Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority CARTER, JR., C. Management (Business), B.S.; Com- missioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army In- fantry on March 16, 1979 CARTER, J. Art, BA; Water Sports, Photography, Graphic Arts CARTER, K. Art, BFA CASEY, D. Criminology, B.S. CASTANEDO, M. Early Childhood Edu., Bachelor of Science; " Get Involved with Children " , Thanks for Everything Mom and Dad CHABROL, A. English (CW), Bachelor of Arts; Vice- President of Broward Hall, President of IRHC, Captain of (IM) Bowling Team 1978 ' 79, Officer in Naval ROTC CHAMBLISS, T. Accounting, Bachelors of Science CHASTEEN, T. Chemistry, B.S.; Horseback Riding, Tennis, Drawing, Painting, History, Philosophy, Animal Rights and Conservation, Science in General. CHEEVER, R. Music Composition Computer Science, Bachelors; National Merit Scholarship, Rotoroct Club, Secretary of Dean of Music ' s Advisory Committee, Treasurer of Tallahassee Classical Guitar Society, Dean ' s List for 12 Quarters CHESNEY, W. Marketing, BS; Sigma Alfa Epsilon Fraternity Pledge Master, FSU Rugby Club, All Cam- pus Soccer Champs, Intermurals CHOW, D. Accounting, B.S.; Sports, Photograph, Music CIMINO, C. Social Work, Bachelor of Science CLARK, R. Vocational Rehabilitation, B.S.; Dancing, Sewing, Listening to Music. CLARKE, K. Housing, B.S. CLEVELAND, R. Hotel — Restaurant Admin., B.S.; Member Society of Hosts COLLINS, P. Leisure Services Studies, B.S.; Member of Recreation Club, Danc e Club COLONEL, J. Business Management, Bachelors; Foot- ball 76, NAACP COMPHER, J. Leisure Services Studies, B.S.; Chi Omega Sorority, N R.P.A., F.R.P.A. Rec Club, In- tromurals, Timer, M.A.L.E. Club CONNELLY, J. Accounting, BS CONNOR, A. Finance, BS; Pi Beta Phi Sor, V. Presi- dent of Mental Advancement, Kappa Alpha Little Sisters; Treasurer, Finance Society COOPER, R. Medical Technology, Bachelor of Arts Sciences; Original Member of First F.S.U. Lacrosse Team, Member of Fall 78 Dorm Flag Fllotball Cham- pionship Team!, Witness of 2 F.S.U. Victories Over the U.F. Gators (37-9), (38-21)! COPELAND, P. School Soc. Work; Bachlor of Science; Secretary of the Black Students Social Workers Association — Psychology — Minor CORBIN, A. Management, B.S.; President — Pi Kap- pa Phi — 1978 CORREIA, D. Accounting, B.S.; Member Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; Treasurer, Vice-President, President, LaCrosse Club CORVEA, M. Psychology Social Work, Bachelor of Arts; Honors Student, Phi Theta Kappa Member, Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society — Secretary, Member of Board of Directors SCI, Member of Social Work Organization, Latino Club Member. COSTELLO, B. Multinational Business, B.S.; Captain of Dorm Football and Softball Teams, Member of AIESEC, Ran for Student Government President COSTLEY, J. Hotel Restaurant Administration; Member of Flying High Circus, Gamma Iota Sigma, Society of Hosts. COX, L. Govt., B.A. CRANE, J. Nuclear Physics, BA; Likes to Wash Railroad Tracks, Paints Telephone Booths, Jock, Com- munist Hater, Valedictorian, Expert on Floride Toothpastes CROSKEY, C. Government, B.S.; Florida State Chapter NAACP, Seminole Youth Program — Tutor. CROW, D. Marketing, BA; Commissioned from Air Force ROTC, President and Director Tallahassee Flying Club Inc. CRUM, H. Humanities, B.A.; Phi Beta Kappa, Art History, Lit. CRUZ, R. Computer — Science, BS; AFROTC, Arnold Air Society Member, TKO Karate Instructor CULPEPPER, V. Early Childhood Ed., B.S.; Member Zeta Tau Alpha, A. C.E.I. V A. CUNNINGHAM, M. Elementary Edu., B.S.; Ambition: Elementary Education Teacher, 1977-78 Miss Gold, 1975 Miss Northwest Fort Lauderdale Scholarship, Hobbies: Dancing, Listening to Music and Cooking CURRY, JR., C. Marketing, B.S.; Interfroternity Coun- cil President, F.S.U. Student Senator, Homecoming Court, Theta Chi Fraternity, Garnet Gold Key, Homecoming Steering Committee, Parking Violation Appeals Board CURRIER, T. Speech Communications, BA; Plans a Carreer in Public Relations, Interested in Developing Musical Talents. COTTER, A. Brain Surgen, M D; MVP Swim Team (Puerto Rico), 3.74 Grade Avrg., Did 4 Lines in a Row DAHLBERG, E. Fashion Merchandising, B.A. Degree; Member of Phi Mu Sorority, Secretary of Rotoroct, Member of Alliance Froncaise, Member of Fashion Inc., Dean ' s List, I Mode It! DALY, J. Management, Bachelor of Arts DANIELS, J. Fashion Design, B.S.; Tarpon Club, A.H.E.A., Interests: Sewing, Swimming, Painting DARLINGTON, D. Mass Communications, BS DASHER, III, C. Communications, B.A.; Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.; Theta Eta Chapter — Historian-Reporter 77-79, Member of the World Hunger Project, Tallahassee, C.W.D. Ill — S.S.S., Stu- dent — 75-79 DAUM, M. Spec. Ed. — MR, BA; AS — Mental Health Tech., AA — General Ed. DAVINROY, J. Home Economics ED, BS; Sailing Club, American Home Economics Assoc — President, Omicron Nu, Big Sister DAVIS, C. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; President of the Block Home Economics Club, Kay Kihen, A Member of AHER, Interests; Sewing, Dancing, Tennis, Singing DAVIS, C. Marketing, BS; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Dean ' s List, Honor Society, Intramurols DAVIS, J. Biology, B.A.; Intramural Sports, Boxing Club DAVIS, P. Accounting, B S; Accounting Club, Alpha Beta Chi DAVIS, T. HRA, BA; Assistant Treasurer Theta Chi Fraternity, Member Society of Hosts DE AGRO, D. Math with Computer Science, B.S. DEMAREST, J. Management, Bachelor DE MARRA, B. Music Therapy, Bachelor of Music Therapy; Member of Music Therapy Club, Alpha Mu, Assistant Student Representative to Student ' s National Music Therapy Organization. DE ROSE, D. Criminology, B.S.; Criminology Club, Tennis, Bowling DE ROSE, K. Accounting, B.S.; Deans List, Enjoy Ten- nis, Bowling, and Water Skiing. DESMOND, S. Criminology, B.S.; Itm. Softball, LEA — Criminology F. DESSAU, L. Hotel Restaurant Administration, B.S. Business; A.I.E.S.E.C. 77, Society of Hosts 77-78, Scuba Diving, Photography, 73 MGBGT, Thanks to: My Parents, Marisa, Hotel School DICKSON, D. Marketing, B.A.; Marketing Club DICKSON, J. Social Work, BSW DIERKSHEIDE, C. Management, Bachelor of Science; Vice President Pi Kappa Phi, House Manager, Outstanding Athlete, Church Council, Charter Member FSU Flying Club, Participated Intramural Sports, Enjoy Traveling and People. DILLON, M. Math Education, BS Di NUNNO, D. Applied Moth., Bachelor of Science; Phi Eta Sigma, Math National Honary Fraternity, Italian National Honary Fraternity, Florence Program 1977, FSU Flog Corp, Intramurols. DI STEFANO, N. Early Childhood Education, BS 112 r V DIXON, G. Leisure Services Studies, B.S.; Rec Club, NRPA, FRPA, Treasurer of Rec Club, Co-Rec Racquet- ball Champion, Official Intermurols DIXON, L. Sociology, B.S. DORSEY, C. Criminology, Bachelor of Science; Black Criminology Association DOUTHAT, T. Food Nutrition, B.S.; Pi Beta Phi President, Garnet Gold Key V.P., Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda V.P., Rotaroct, Who ' s Who, Mor- tar Board, Sec. DRAISEY, J. Public Relations, B.A.; Southern Scholarship Foundation, Photography, Public Speak- ing, CPE Instructor, Food Service Director DRAKE, A. Elem. Ed., B.S.,- Phi Mu Sorority, Pianist, Enjoy Dancing, I ' m Crazy About GROC DRANETZ, J. Math, BS DREW, T. Accounting, B.S. DAEZLER, M. Criminology, B.S.; Tennis, Skiing, Photography DUNAWAY, C. Biology, Bachelor of Science; Reciev- ed A. A. degree from Tallahassee Community College, Member Phi Theta Kappa Scholastic Honorary T.C.C., Member Pre-Dental Club, FSU, Member Eta Sigma Gamma, National Health Honorary, FSU, Goal is Dental School, Like Fishing, Sailing and Other Water Sports. DUNN, S. Health Education, B.S.; ETA Sigma Gamma Health Science Honorary DURAN, M. Social Work, BS; President Magnolia Hall 1978-79, Vice President Inter Residence Housing Council 1978-79, Thanks to My Family Who Made It All Possible. DURHAM, L. Marketing, BS; FSU Marketing Club Member, FSU Modeling Board, Dean ' s List, Racquet- ball DURIS, M. Visual Art (Painting), BFA; Student Ad- visory Council, Vice President Student Art Assoc. DYE, J. History, BA EARLY, C. Social Work, Bach; Vice-President Spiritual Growth Baptist Campus Ministry 76, Tarpon Club 77, 78, Interests: Swimming, Music, Sports ECKERT, S. Management, BS; Summa Cum Laude, Association for Computing Machinery, Signa Iota Ep- silon. Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Southern Scholarship Foundation EGAN, G. Social Work, BSW; Interest in Psychology, Philosophy Member of Outstanding Young Americans. EGGEBRAATEN, G. Mathematics, BS; President, Mathematics Teaching Club, Student Advisory Com- mittee (Mathematics Education) EICHHOEFER, M. Accounting, BA.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Garnet and Gold Key, Beta Alpha Psi, Mortar Board, Pilot Scholarship House, Southern Scholarship Foundation, Rotoract ELROD, M. Political Science, B.S.; I Plan to Go on to Law School in the Fall of 1979, I Want to go Into Politics and Eventually Become a Judge or Justice. ELSBREE, K. Marketing, B.A.; F.S.U. Ski Club, F.S.U. Marketing Club, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Sigma Chi, A Great Guy ERVIN, JR., R. English, B.A.; L.P.O. Advertising and Public Relations Committee, L.P.O. Film Committee, Chairman Campus Film Series Sub-Committee, 1st Place Recipient Lambda Iota Tau Annual Essay Contest Award ERVIN, S. Criminology, BS; Member — Black Criminology Association, Member — Black Student Union, Member Nat ' l. Association for Criminal Justice Majors. EVANS, M. American Studies German, BA EVANS, R. Accounting, B.S.; Treasurer Minority Business Student Association (1978-79), Member Phi -As. Chi Theto, Treasurer of N.A.A.C.P. (1977-78) EZATI, G. Economics, Ph.D.; FSU Shotokan Karate Club FABRIZIO, D. Moss Communications, B.S.; Southern Scholarship Foundation, Dean ' s List, Sports Reporting FARBER, R. Asian Studies Business, BA or BS FEDIK, L. Psychology Computer Science, BS; Was Responsible for the Famous Doctored Flambeau Photo of the Meir Kahane Incident FERNANDER, C. Elementary Education, Library Science, B.A.; Certified Teacher in Nassau Bahamas Since 1968, Was Vice Principal at Columbus Primary School, Nassau, Secretary of Caribbean Club, FSU, Member, Watson Temple Collegiate Choir, Enjoys Sewing and Teaching. FERNANDEZ, K. International Affairs, B.A.; Eminent Recorder — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Spring 78, Member: Pi Gamma Nu; Social Science Honorary, Member: Roteract, Mortar Board, Dean ' s List Spring 78, Intramural Sports FERRANDIZ, V. Food and Nutrition, Dietetics; Delta Gamma Sorority, Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister and Sweetheart, Member of Today ' s Nutrition FESTA, J. Food and Nutrition, B.S.; Delta Gamma Sorority, i AH Little Sister President, Todays Nutrition Club, Associate Member of the American Dietetics Association, Intramurals, Deans List FINKELSTEIN, M. Criminology, Bachelor of Science; Certificate of Law Enforcement FLEMING, K. Art. Education, BS; Art Education Club, Art History — Minor FLOYD, G. Accounting, BS; Hunting, Fishing, Girl Chaseing, Etc. FLOYD, G. Criminology, B.S.; Alpha Phi Alpha, Frat., Inc., Student Senate, Dorm Government, Senate Ser- vices Activities Committee, NAACP, B.S.U. FLYNN, P. Physical Education, B.S.; Member of the Southern Scholarship Foundation, Intramural Football and Softball, Member of Delta Psi Kappa FORTUNE, D. Food and Nutrition, BS; Food and Nutrition, Today ' s Nutrition Club FOSTER, G. Government, B.S.; Pres. — Pi Sigma Alpha, Member — Alpha Kappa Delta, Vice-Pres. — Broward Dorm, Member — Gov ' t. Students Assoc, Representative — Inter-Residence Hall Council FOSTER, M. Business, BS; Gamma Iota Sigma (Member), Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball FOX, A. Humanities, BA; Student Member of Faculty Committee Re-evaluating the Humanities Program (1977). FOX, JR., J. Accounting, Bach, of Arts; Vice Com- modore — Florida State University Sailing Associa- tion, Rec Council Representative, Commodore — Buena Vista Yacht Club FRECHETTE, K. Visual Disabilities, B.A. FREEMAN, P. Marketing, BA FRENCH, M. Food Nutrition, Home Economics PRISON, M. Child Development, B.S.; Interested in Working with Small Children in Any Situation. PRISON, T. Elem. Educ, B.S.; Gamma Phi Beta Sorori- ty — President, Vice Pres., Panhellenic Delegate, Panhellenic Treasurer, Rho Lambda, Pres., Garnet Gold Key, Sec. Vice Pres., Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, Theta Chi Frat. Little Sister PRYDENBORG, R. Music Education, B.M.E.; " R and R Frydenborg " , Singing, Piano, Guitar, Composing, Union Pool Lifeguard, Running " Be Here Now " , LCFC GAGGINI, A. Sociology, BS; Member LAE, Magna Cum Lauda, Thanks Mom and Dad. GAGNON, R. HRA, B.A. GAMER, R. Speech Communications, B.S.; Survived Freshman Year at Kellum, Leisure Program Office, Par- ties at the White House, Freds, Poor Pauls, Football A Games. GARCIA, N. English Business Co Moj., B.A. GAREY, T. Social Science International Affairs, B.S.; Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society GARGAN, R. Home Ec. Education, B.S.; Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Omicron Nu, National Deans List — 4.0 GPA, American Home Economics Association — Treasurer, Secretary GASKINS, D. Elem. Edu., BS GAST, J. Management, B.S. GATTS, D. Fashion Merch., B.S.; Fashion Inc. American Home Economics Ass ' n. American Ass ' n. of Textile Chemists and Colorists, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority GAUNT, J. Mathematics, B.S.; Chi Phi Fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society GAZDAR, B. Bus. Adm., B.S.; Western India Boxing Champion (Lightweight Div.), Jr. Maharashtra State Swimming Champion GEDRAITIS, C. Early Childhood Edu., B.S. GEDRIS, K. Anthropology, M.A.; Thesis in Archaeology, Member of Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Secretary — Treasurer of F.S.U. Anthropological Society, Anthropology Graduate Class President and Representative to the Faculty 1976-77. GEDRIS, T. Chemistry, Ph.D.; Pocket Billiards (Repeat A. C.U.I. Regional Representative From F.S.U. 1979 and U.S.F. 1971), Bonsai Society Member, Inorganic Chemistry Division Seminor Committee 1976 GELDBART, M. Creative Art, BA; Member of the F.S.U. Water Ski Club, Deans List, Painting and Draw- ing Specializing in Fashion llustration GELLER, S. History, B.A.; Young Democrat President, Student Senate Committee Chairman, Rush Chairman, AEIl Fraternity, Inter-Fraternity Council Represen- tative, Secretary of the Interior, Big Brother, AOil Sorority GEORGE, N. Management, BS; It ' s Never Too Late! GEORGE, S. Library Science Eng., BA; Interested in Creative Writing and Childrens Literature GILBERT, G. Medical Technology, BS; Alpha Gamma Delta GILLIS, K. Art History, BA; Art History Student Organization GLICKMAN, S. Ctov, Gto; Sec. of Iranian Student Ass., Liturgy Club, Knitting, Sky Diving GMELICH, N. Education, B.S.; Sky-Diving, " I Jumped " Award ' 78 GODBOLD, P. Real Estate Finance, BS — Undergraduate; Member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Societies, Member of Chi Omega Social Fraternity, Dean ' s List Student GODFREY, G. Finance Management Multi-National; B.S. Business Admin.; Phi Beta Lambda, Finance Socie- ty, President of McCollion Hall, Florida Bankers Scholarship GODFREY, L. Meteorology, B.S.; Alpha Xi Delta Treasurer, Vice Pres, President, Alpha Beta Chi, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, Intramural Chairman ABX GOLDSTEIN, L. Finance, BS; Finance Society GOLUB, D. Social Work, BSW GOMER, P. Fashion Merchandising, B.A.; Marketing Minor, Member of Fashion Inc., National Member of AATCC, Student Advisory Committee Member for Clothing and Textiles GONZALEZ, P. Accounting, B.S.; Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Delta Pi, Dean ' s List, Frisbee Club, Cum Laude, Shaolin Kung Fu, and a Lot of Party. GOODNOW, T. Leisure Services Admin. B.A.; Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1978 Derby Chairman, Lil Sister — Evel Knevel Award, Moving Auto Handstands, " A. P. " , Loon, " Smoked Mullet " , When in Doubt, I Did — When Not I Did Even More A 113 1 1 r. GOODRICH, J. Accounting, Bachelors; Beta Alpha Psi — Accounting Fraternity, Intramural Softball GOODRICH, J. Real Estate Pre Law, B.S. Business; Member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Intermural Softball GORMAN, P. English Lit., B.A. GRANT, K. Mass. Communications, Bachelor of Science GRANT, S. Visual Communications, Bachelor of Arts; Member of Fashions Menagerie, Member of Shells, Member of New Dimensions, Intramural Broward Hall Participant, Dorrio ' s Favorite GRAY, G. Mathematics, Masters; F.S.U. Sailing Club (Officer), Russian Club, IIB.M Mathematical Society GRAYBEAL, B. Industrial Arts Ed., B.S.; Elections Commissioner, Industrial Arts Club, Musician, Traveler, Love of Vintage Autos and Fine Woodwork GREATHOUSE, T. Interior Design, BS; ASID Member GREEN, J. Psychology, BA GREEN, R. Hotel Restaurant Admin., Business; In- tramurols. Resident Assitant GRIFFEY, J. Marketing, B.S.; Marching Chiefs, Southern Scholarship Foundation GRIFFIN, D. Marketing, BBA; AAFI Sorority, i;AE Lit- tle Sister GRIFFIN, N. Early Childhood Education, BA; Inter- mural Football (Shabuckets), ACEI GRIM, D. Economics, B.S.; Christopher Newport College, Newport News, Virginia 1975-1977, Florida State LIniversity, Tallahassee, Florida 1977-1978 GRUBER, F. Leisure Services Studies, BS; FSU Recreation Club, Florida Recreation and Parks Association, National Recreation and Porks Associa- tion, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Girl Scout Leader, Thanks Ray, Roy III and Suzanne for Helping Me Through! GRUNDMAN, M. Accounting, BS. GUNZELMAN, M. Meteorology, B.S.; F.S.U. Inter- murals, Florida State Student Chapter, A. M.S., Stu- dent Representative, Met. Dept., NCAA Weather Ser- vice, Future: Hurricane Reconnaissance Pilot Meteorologist GOTTLIEB, D. Social Work, B.S. HAFT, M. Spec. Ed. Vis. Dis., B.S.; Jogging, Hooking Rugs, Hillel, Swimming, Bike Riding HAGLER, M. Hotel — Restaurant Administro., Bachelor of Science in Business HAHN, N. German, Bach, of Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, F.S.U. German Club, Junior Year Abroad, Munich, W. Germany HALE, C. Italian, BA; Minors In French and Business, Phi Mu, Italian Club HALENAR, K. Early Childhood Educ, B.S.; Dorman Hall Newsletter — Fall 1977, Newman Club 1977- 1978, A. C.E.I. 1978-1979, President 1979 HALEY, D. Physical Education, B.S. (A. A.); Phys. Educ. Major, Member of National Honor Sorority Delta PsI Kappa, Active in Gymnastics and Horsemanship. HAMILTON, R. Marketing, BS; I Made It! HARBACH, D. Sociology, Bachelor; Swimming, Coaching, Juvenile Rehabilitation, Athletics, Interest in Humanity HARBIN, F. BS College of Communications; FSU Water Ski Club, Air Personality WFSU-FM, Cameraman — WECA-TV HARDING, S. Biology, BS; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, FSU Biology Club, FSU Sailing Club, Magna Cum Loude, Program in Medical Sciences HARMON, M. Math Education, BS; Weight Training HARMON, V. Biology, Pre. Med; Alpha Chi Sigma, Dean ' s List, Sewing, Sports, Photography, Reading, Traveling. HARRIS, C. Marketing, B.S. V " HARRIS, D. Visual Disabilities, Spec. Educ, B.S.; Dean ' s List HARRISON, T. Finance, BA HASTINGS, M. Elementary Education, B.A.; Dean ' s List, Letter of Merit From Leon County Public School System HAWKINS, A. Business, BA; FSU Marketing Club, AMA, Shell Oil Procurement Grant, Alpha Beta Chi, Thanks Mom Dad!! HAYNIE, M. Dietetics, BS HAYWOOR, SR., B. Criminology, BS HEATH, C. Special Educ, Mental Retardation, B.S.; Dean ' s List HENDERSON, P. Crm Soc, BS HENDERSON, R. Social Work, B.S. HERBERT, G. Mathematics, B.S.; Member of Air Force ROTC and Arnold Air Society HESS, J. Social Work, B.A. HESS, P. Music Therapy, B.A.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Womens Glee Club, Dean ' s List HESTER, B. Communication, B.S.; Army ROTC, Black Student Union, FSU Gospel Choir, 2nd Lt. United States Army HICE, L. Speech Communication, B.S.; Kappa Delta Sorority, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, Florida State Batglrl, Florida Public Relations Association Member, Thanks Mom Dad. HINGLE, M. Home Economics Education, B.S.; Delta Zeta Sorority, Mortar Board, National Deans List, FSU Deans List, American Home Economics Association HINSON, H. Sociology, Bachelor of Science HINTZ, C. Finance, B.S.; Alpha Xi Delta — Treasurer, Panhellenic Representative, Kappa Sigma Little Sister, Finance Society HLAVAC, S. Creative Art, BA; Air Personality — WFSU-FM, Photography, Graduation Show, Universi- ty Fine Arts Gallery, March 1979 HODGE, E. Criminology, BS; Music, Sports — Soft- ball — Tennis HODGES, R. Industrial Arts, BS Education; Music Elec- tronics HODGES, W. Criminology, B.S. HOLDEN, M. Criminology, B.S.; Activities Includes: Cooking, Sewing, Dancing, and Most of All Meeting New and Interesting Peoples. My Primary Interest Lies in the Humanitarian Capacity. HOLMES, P. Foreign Language Ed., B.A.; F.S.U. Fly- ing High Circus HORNE, W. Biology, Bachelor of Science; FSU Soccer Club, Campus Crusade for Christ, Baptist Campus Ministries HOSFORD, K. Accounting, BS in Business; Interest — Playing the Piano, Singing, and Running and Horseback Riding, Goals — Pass the CPA Exam and Then Attend Law School. HOULE, P. Real Estate, Bachelor of Arts; Rho Epsilon Real Estate Fraternity, Kellum Hall Dorm Government, FSU Photography Laboratory Assistant HOWELL, J. Finance, BS; Sailing HUETER, D. English, B.A.; Tennis, Swimming, Good Neighbor — Cawthon Hall HLiLL, J. Marketing — Spanish, B.S.; Publicity Direc- tor A.I.E.S.E.C. FSU Karate Club HUSTED, S. Housing, B.S.; Member: Housing Awareness, Member: American Home Economics Assn. HUTCHISON, L. Hotel Rest. Management, Bachelor of Science; Society of Hosts, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Little Sister Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity HWANG, Y. Accounting, B.A.; Beta Alpha Psi HYER, J. Marketing, B.S.; F.S.U. Marketing Club, AMA, F.S.U. Rugby Club V.P. IHLEFELD, M. Math, BA A. Jk INGLIS, J. Finance, Business Admin.; Finance Society, Classic Car Club of America. IRVINE, D. Criminology, B.S.; Deans List, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, American Criminal Justice Association, Dance JACKSON, D. Speech Communications, Bachelor of Science; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Roteroct Service Organization, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Black Student Union, NAACP, Public Relations — Ma- jor, Journalism — Minor JACKSON, M. Hotel Restaurant, Business; Minority Business Student Association, Society of Host, Scholarship Black American Fund JAMES, B. Criminology, Bachelors; Black Criminology Association, Delta Sigma Theto Sorority, Black Stu- dent Union JARRETT, J. Accounting, Business Adm.; Member of Phi Chi Theto, Beta Alpha Psi, BCM JASLOW, K. Accounting, BS; Member Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Member Beta Alpha Psi, Active in Intramural Sports JEFFERSON, T. Crm., BS JENKINS, A. Criminology, B.S.; Black Criminology Association, Interests — Music, Bowling JENKINS, J. General Home Economics; B.S.; Ac- tivities: BHEC — 1977-79 — Communications Chair- man, AHEA — 1979, Interests — Sewing, Modern Dance, Art, I Would Like to Thank My Parents Friends for the Inspiration Encouragement JENNINGS, M. Accounting, BS; Outdoor — Indoor Sports Activist, Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraterni- ty, Member of Minority Business Ass., Member of the Tallahassee Urban League, Specia Services Tutor — Counselor (75-78), Fraternity Treasurer (76), Dean of Pledgees (78), Goal — Tax Specialist JENSEN, B. Marketing, B.S.; Thank You Mom and Dad, Marketing Club, Contemporary Jazz, Dance, Women, Captain F.S.U. LaCrosse Team, Money JOHNSON, A. Meteorology, B.S.; Basic Studies Honor Program, PI Mu Epsilon — National Mathematics Honor Fraternity, Local and Nation American Meteorloglcal Society, National Meteorological Forecasting Contest, WFSU Radio Weather JOHNSEN, L. International Affairs, BA; Dean ' s List — Winter 1978, Spring 1978 JOHNSON, S. Community Health, B.S.; Eta Sigma Gamma (1) (2) President, Rotoract, Student Advisory Comm (COE), TMRMC Auxiliary, Dean ' s List. JOHNSON, S. Social Work, BSW; The Daughter of Mr. Mrs. Freddie L. Johnson, A Graduate of Washington High School In Pensacola, Graduated with an AA Degree from Pensacola Jr. College and Attended Last Two Years at FSU. JOHNSON, S. Elem. Edu., B.S.; Tennis, Sewing, Reading — Interests JOHNSTON, L. Mathematlcs Cpmputer Science, BS; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, IBM Summer Technical Program JONES, II, H. Biological Sciences, Bachelor of Science; Chess Club, President of PI Mu Sigma Biology Club JONES, J. Criminology Government, Bachelor of Science; A20 LAE, Black Criminology Association, GSA, Gospel Choir, NAACP, Public Administration Graduate Association — Secretary, Dean ' s List 5 Quarters JONES, K. Special Education Mental Retardation, B.S. JONES, M. Dietetics, B.S.; Interest — Cooking, Bowl- ing, Listening to Music. Future Goal — Would Like to Become a Nutritionist. 114 JONES, M. Social Work — Child Therapy, BS; Peer Counselor, Public Relation, Modeling, AA Degree, Big Sister, Child Development Center JORDAN, J. Finance, BS Business JORDAN, S. Government, B.S.; Union Board Can- didate — Fall 1978, Government Student Association Member JORDAN, III, W. Criminology, BS; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity JOSEPH, B. Fashion Design, B.S.; Black Home Ec. Club, Sewing, Tennis and Singing JOYCE, J. Speech Patholo gy, BA; Tarpon Club, Garnet Gold Key, Alpha Lambda De Ho, Wilderness Club, Women ' s Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Dorm Government, Who ' s Who JUSTICE, D. Microbiology, Bachelor of Arts; Dean ' s List in College of Arts and Sciences for 2 Years, Biology Club KANU, G. Meteorology, B.S.; Member of F.S.U. Soccer Team, Likes Playing Tennis, Volley Ball, Ping- Pong, Hobbies: Fishing, Gardening KARP, R. Accounting, B.S.; Beta Alpha Psi, Hillel, F.S.U. Intramurals KARSTEDT, L. Elementary Educ, B.S.; Swimming, Painting, Arts Crafts, Sewing, Reading, Cooking, Working with Young Children KATZ, B. Education, B.S.; Kappa Delta Pi, A. E.C.I. KEARNS, J. Marketing, BS KESLER, R. Biology, B.S. KETCHUM, M. Accounting, B.S.; Phi Eta Sigma National Freshman Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Ballroom Dance Club, Fen- cing KHAN, M. Marketing, B.S. (Business Admin); Tennis Team. KILDEA, K. Criminology, B.S. KING, J. Rehabilitation Services, Bachelors KINGERLEY, L. Finance, BS KIRBY, II, J. Biology, BS; Intramural Sports, IRCC S.G. Pres. 1976-77, Flo. Blue Key Award, Thonks Mom, Dad, Kim and Kevin. You ' re Always in My Heart. KIRSCH, R. Accounting, Bachelor ' s; Vice-President Alpha Beta Chi — 3 Yrs., Beta Alpha Psi, Miami News Carrier of the Week KOESTNER, L. Physical Education, Bachelor of Science; A K Honorary Physical Education Fraternity, Intramural Softball Championship Team, Past Presi- dent of TKE Little Sisters KOO, C. Chemistry, BS KORN, K. Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts; Specialty: Archeology, Minor: Government, Honors: Dean ' s List KORNBLATT, A. Leisure Services Studies, B.S.; F.S.U. Womans 14.1 Pocket Billiards Champion, Marching Chiefs, L.P.O., Intramurals, Recreation Club, N.R.PA., F.R.P.A. KRAFT, F. Social Work Psychology, B.S.; Vice- President, President, Floor Rep. Smith Hall, Secretary Association of Students in Social Work, National Association of Social Workers, Dean ' s List, Garnet Gold Key, Inter-Residence Hall Council, CPE, LARC KRASOWSKI, M. Interior Design, BS KROPP, C. Biology, B.A.; Intramural Racquetball, Football, Softball, Little Sister t O0 , Dean ' s List, Italian Honor Society KRUSE, R. Hotel — Restaurant Administration, Bachelor of Science; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Society of Hosts, Gulf Winds Runners Association KUNITZ, S. Music Therapy, Bachelor of Music; Vice President — Alpha Mu, Music Therapy Club, Sgt.-ot- Arms — SAI Yearbook Chairman — SAI University k Singers, Opera Chorus — La Boheme, Dean ' s List, r Madrigal Singers KURTZ, R. Management, BS; Alpha Kappa Psi, Member of F.S.U. Marketing Club. KWON, J. Accounting, B.S. in Business; Recreational Director — Chinese Student Associations, Members of the National Accounting Fraternity — Beta Alpha Psi LAIR, N. Accounting, Bachelor of Science; Sigma Kop- po Sorority, Marching Chiefs Flog Corps, Rotorocf, Sailing LAMAR, C. Biology, BS; Sports, Any Type, Medical Journals, and Biology of Any Type Dealing with Human Body Function. Thank You Family. LAMARCA, K. Finance, Multinational Business, Bach. Bus. Admin.; Finance Society, Intramurals Softball, Music, Sports, Football Games, " Fred ' s " , " Poor Paul ' s " , " White House " , Saturday Night Live LANDAUER, D. Music Education, B.A.; Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Tou Beta Sigma, Student Music Educators Association LANDO, D. Marketing Real Estate, B.S. LANGLEY, JR., K. Biology, B.S.; Sigma Nu Fraternity, Rotoroct, Mortar Board, IFC Rep., Phi Eta Sigma. LARIMORE, J. Accounting, BS; Accounting — Major, Comp. Sci. — Minor, Kung Fu — Block Sash LASSETER, J. Psychology, B.A. LAUDIG, JR., B. Leisure Services Recreation, BS; U.S. Naval Reserve, Viet Nam Veteran, Young Life Council, Recreation Club, Outdoor Pursuits Co- ordinator — Leisure Programming Office, Cum-Loude LAWHON, P. Home Ec. Ed., BS; Baptist Campus Ministry, American Home Economics Assoc. LAWRENCE, M. Fashion Merch., BS; AATCC, AHEA, Dean ' s Student Advisory Council, Jogging, Tennis LAWRENCE, R. Marketing, B.A.; Member of the FSU Chapter o f the American Marketing Association, Member — Beta Theto Pi Fraternity LAZARUS, D. Inter-American Studies, BA; Student Senator, Vice President of Political Affairs in Young Democrats, Interests: Playing Saxophone and Writing Jazz Music, Modern Languages, and Sports LAZO-GUERRA, A. Finance Marketing, B.S.; Jogging! Racquetball LEE, S. Fashion Merchadising, BS LEINAAR, B. Music History Theory, BM LENNON, V. Accounting, Bachelors of Arts; The Tallahassee Christian Transdenominational Spiritual, Growth, and Enlightenment Prayer Group. LEON, E. Early Childhood Educ, B.S.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Block Student Union LEONARD, S. Marketing, B.S.; Member of Phi Delta Theto Fraternity, Order of Omega, Marketing Club LESSER, A. Elementary Education, Bachelors in Science; Alpha Epsilon Phi LESTER, J. Art Education, B.S.; Chi Omega, National Art Education Association, Alpha Beta Chi LETTIN, R. Management — Bus. Admin., B.S.; Member of Phi Chi Theta, Business Fraternity, Member of Sigma Iota Epsilon (Honrory Management) LE VITT, R. Marketing, B.S.; Member of the Marketing Club. LEWIS, J. Accounting, B.S.; Member of Minority Business Student Association, President of Minority Business Student Association LEWIS, V. Music Education, Bachelor of Music Ed.; Fl. St. Univ. Orchestra, Jazz Lab Band I, Wind Ensemble, Kappa Kappa Psi, M.E.N.C., Professional Musician UEBLER, L. Hotel Restaurant Adm., BS; Zeta Tau Alpha, Panhellenic Representative, Panhellenic — Publicity and Community Affairs, Society of Hosts, Yearbook Staff LIEBLER, L. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Zeta Tou Alpha, Panhellenic Representative, First Vice President, Service Chairman, Fashion Incorporated V " LIGGENS, J. Music Therapy, Music; Advisory FSU Board Gospel Choir, Member Mens Glee Club, Reading, Fashion Design, Traveling, Drum Major Emeritus High School, Soloist with Voices Inc. New York, American J. Cueld of Organization LINNELL, R. Biology, B.A.; Marching Chiefs; Southern Scholarship Foundation, Intro Murals, Scuba Diving LISELLA, B. Child Development, BS; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Theto Chi Little Sister, Rho Lambda LIVERGOOD, J. Mar., B.S.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bright Personality, Thanks Mom Daddy. LLOYD, D. Fashion Design, Bachelor LOGAN, J. Religion, Bachelor in Arts; Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, Student Advisory Committee for Religion Department, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Theology LONG, K. Library Science, BS; Intramurals, Dorm Government LONG, R. Management, B.S.; Thank to You All, For Uncle Lonnie, Grandmother, Mrs. Gertrude Jenkins Mrs. Effie Long, Grandpa Jenkins and Aunt Lulo, Moetto, Nealie and Mae Reather LOO, Y. Biology, BS; Pilot Scholarship House; Biology Club, FSU Ballroom Donee Club LOUDERMILK, C. Visual Disabilities, BA LOVAN, L. Elem. Education, B.S.; Delta Zeta Sorority LOVATT, L. Spanish, Bachelor of Arts LOVELL, C. Biology, BS LOWNDES, C. Accounting, B.S.; Phi Kappa Phi Notional Honor Society, Minority Business Students Association, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity LUCAS, K. Business Management, Bochlor of Science; Member of IIKA Fraternity, FSU, Varsity Football, FCA Music Minor, Marketing Club LUGINBUHL, D. Computer Science, B.A.; President, Phi Eta Sigma (1977-1978), Army ROTC (1976-1978), Air Force ROTC (1978- ), Marching Chiefs (1976- ), Basic Studies Honors Program LUNSFORD, H. Criminology, Bachelor of Science; Independent, Non-Fraternity, Portier. LYON, N. Marine Biology; Ballet Dancer, Consumer Activist for Better 208 (water quality in Tallahassee), Bigedon Dancer, Young Democrats, Helper-Aide to Rep. Hugo Block, Seminole 5000 Runner, Mimi, Disco Dancer, Mordi Gros Enthusiest LYONS, R. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Fashion Inc., Block Home Economics Club LYTLE, R. Child Dev Elem. Ed., B.S.; Phi Mu Sorority, Dean ' s List, Intermurol Football and Softball, Enjoy Showing and Training Horses, Acquired Nickname " Dimples " MACK, I, C. Chemical Science, B.S.; Kappa Alpha Psi — Keeper of Records — Provincial Delegate 76, 77, 78, WFSU " Block Expressions " , WAMF-FM " Radio Free America " , WFSU-TV " Vibrations " MACRAE, M. Finance, B.S.; Theta Chi Fraternity, Alumni Relations Chairman, Finance Society MAGRUDER, B. Marketing, Bachelors; Varsity Letter- man — Freshman Yr. — Swimming, F.S.U. Water Polo Club Member — 4 Yrs., F.S.U. Water Polo Club Coach — 3 Yrs., Assistant Women ' s Varsity Swim Team Coach — 1 Yr., Member Recreation Council — 3 Yrs. MALONE, A. Criminology, Bachelor of Science; Black Criminology Association, LEA — Criminology Club MANFREDI, K. Speech Communication, BA.; F.S.U. Women ' s Rugby Club MANN, M. Accounting, BS; Beta Alpha Psi MARKIND, I. International Affairs, BA; Hillel — V.P. 76-77, Pi Gamma Mu, Technical Assistant for Dance Concerts — Feb. 77, Feb. 78, May — June 78, Feb. 79, May — June 79 A. 115 MARSALONA, S. Finance, B.S.; Finance Society, Water end Snow Skiing MARSCHER, J. Business Management, Bachelor of Science; Well, I Finally Made If — Great!, Thanks to Everyone Who Helped. MARSHALL, H. Geography, Bachelor of Science MARSHBURN, K. Finance, BS; F.S.U. Varsity Swim- ming Team 1974-1978, Captain Varsity Swimming Team — 1977-1978 MARTIN, D. Biology, B.S.; Magna Cum Lauda MARTIN, JR., H. Management, BS; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity MARTIN, M. Music History, B.A.; Member of Tallahassee Clasical Guitar Society, I Play Classical Guitar and Piano, Weight-Lifting, Tennis, Billiards, Dancing MASCA, L. Theatre Arts, BA; Drama, Speech, Costume Crew " Dracula " and " BIythe Spirit " , Painting Crew " Tempest " , Member International Thespian Society MASON, R. Chemistry, B.S. MASSALINE, V. Business Management, B.S.; Swim- ming, Sewing, Cooking, Business MASTEN, E. Social Work, B.S. MATHEWS, L. Finance, B.S. MATTHEWS, E. Criminology, BS MAYS, D. Criminology, B.S.; Soft-Ball and Dancing, Counseling Adult Criminal Offenders and the Senc- sotively Approach of Counseling, BS. Degree MC CALL, M. Sociology, BS MCCARTHY, S. Government, B.S.; Smith Hall Dorm Government 1976-78, Government Students Associa- tion 1978-79 MC CAULEY, T. Early Childhood Ed., BA; ACEI, CEC, Sailing Club MC CLELLAN, M. Criminology, B.S.; Deans List, Out- doorsman. Hobbies (Weightlifting, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball Tennis). Interests (Psychology, Sociology, P.E.) MC CLURE, N. Housing, B.S. Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta President, Rho Lambda, Mortar Board, Garnet and Gold Key, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1979 MC DONALD, M. Child Development, B.S.; After Graduation to Work with Youth Services and Later Go For My Masters. MC DONALD, M. Geography, B.S.; Bycycling, Swim- ming, Photography MC ENTEE, S. Art, BA; Vice President of Art Club MC GILL, J. Marketing, B.S.; Chi Omega President 78 ' ; Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister President 77 ' ; Phi Kap- pa Tau Dreamgirl 78-79; Garnet Gold Key, Rho Lambda, Marketing Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges MCGUIRE, M. Nursing, B.S.N.; Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honorary, Student Nurse Association, 1st Vice President, Sigma Theto Tau Nursing Honorary, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister MC KEITHEN, S. Criminology, Bachelor ' s of Science; Vice President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Member of BSLI, Black Criminology Assoc, Dorm Gov ' t., CCIS Volunteer Program MC KENZIE, S. Criminology, BA; Gospel Choir 1975, BSU, Criminology Association, — F.S.U. Cheerleader 1 977-78, Captain of 1 978-79 Cheerleading Squad — Kappa Alpha Psi 1976 Linequeen Etc. MC LENDON, L. Visual Disabilities Sp. Ed., BA; Member of .Xl ' Vli Dean ' s List MC LEOD, S. Criminology, BS; AFROTC Corps Com- mander, Winter Quarter 1979, Dean ' s List, Winter 78, Spring 78, Fall 78, Honor Graduate, Tallahassee Community College May 1977 V MC NAMARA, T. Government, BS; Union Board, Sigma Kappa Big Brother, Delta Chi Fraternity, Government Students Association MEADOWS, W. Accounting, BA; Member of Beta Alpha Psi MERCADANTE, S. Art Ed. Visual Art, BA MEREDITH, JR., M. Biology, B.A.; Campus Crusade, Painting MESH, C. Comm., B.S. MICKENS, T. Art Education, B.S.; Painting, Photography, People, Life, and Teaching. MICKLER, B. Leisure Services Studies, B.S.; Member FRPA, Intramural Sports, Foreign Language Club, En- joy Travel Leisure, Drummer of Mad As Hell, Member of Rex Trailor MILLER, K. Social Studies Education, B.S. MILLER, M. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Tri-Delta Sorority MILLER, P. Finance, B.S.; Finance Society MINFORD, P. Finance, B.S.; Member Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Finance Society Member MITCHELL, E. Food Nutrition, B.S.; Today ' s Nutri- tion Club, American Home Economics Association (Stu- dent) MITCHELL, M. Accounting, B.S.; Delta Zeta Sorority MONDY, K. Social Studies — Ed., BA; Thanks to Everyone Who Made Getting This Degree Possible For Me. MONSOUR, T. Psyc Crm., BA, BS; Samba Alpha Ep- silon 1978 79, Dr. Blombergs Associate 1978, Dr. Weavers Associate 1979 MONTROIS, D. Management, MBA; Vice-President Graduate Business Association, Water Ski Club, Finance Society MOORE, B. Accounting Finance, Bachelor ' s; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority — Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Alpha Lamda Delta, Rho Lambda, Mortarboard, Basic Studies Honors Program MOORE, F. Rehabilitation, BS; National Rehabilita- tion Association, Rehabilitation Club MOORE, H. Criminology, B.S.; Tutor, Counselor Special Services Program, Public Relations Chairman Black Crm. Assoc, Model — Fahions Menagerie, Member of Nat ' l. Assoc, of Blacks In Crim. Justice. MORAN, S. Criminology, Bachelors of Science; An- tique Auto Restoration, Fire Fighting, To My Future Bride Susan — I Mode It Because of You — Love, Scott MORGAN, J. Business Administration, B.S. MORRISON, R. Special Education, MA. MORRISON, V. Social Studies, BS MORROW, B. Insurance, Risk Management; Member Gamma Iota Sigma MORTELL, B. Mass Communications, B.S.; In- tramurals, Florida Public Relations Association MOUNT, E. English Business, BA; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Black Student Union Member, My Interests and Loves Are Writing, Tutoring English Students, Sewing, Softball, Gossiping, Going Home on Weekends, My Little Sister, Joyce, My Parents and Family. MOUNTAIN, G. Finance, Bachelors; Finance Society, Interhouse Council, FSU Marching Chiefs MUDANO, M. Finance, B.S. in Business; Member Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Dean ' s List MUKDJIZAT, S. Hotel Restaurant Administration, B.S.; The Society of Host, Member International Stu- dent Association, Would Like to Be a Most Successful Businessman MUNDAY, K. Social Science, B.S. MUNDAY, M. Accounting, B.S. MUNROE, R. Physics, B.S. -A- MURPHY, J. Communications, B.S.; I Want to Soy Thank You For Four Memorable Years at F.S.U. and to All the People Who Made It Possible; My Friends, Parents, and Profs. MURRY, J. Fine Arts, B.A.; J.V. Basketball 75, R.A. Magnolia Hall, Black Art Society NABERHAUS, S. Fashion Merchandizing, B.S.; Fashion Inc., Marketing Club " Rock " NEAL, D. Fashion Merchandising, B.A.; Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in College Students, Fashion Inc., Nat ' l Member of AATCC NELSON, L. Marketing, B.S.; Banking Scholarship (FBA), Marketing Club NELSON, R. Mass Communication, Ph.D.; FSU Univer- sity Fellow, 1977-78, Graduate Instructor, Information Coordinator — Fine Arts Council of Florida, Florida Public Relations Association, Dictionary of Inter- national Biography, B.P.O.E., Numerous Publications NELSON, V. Accounting, Bachelor of Science; Deans List, Tallahassee Garden Club NEWELL, P. Computer Science, B.S.; Arnold Air Socie- ty, Air Force ROTC Mathematics Grade Appeals Com- mittee NEWSOME, J. Elem. Education, B.S.; I Enjoy Sewing, Dancing, Football, Softball and Just Being Around People. I Would Like to Say " Thanks " to My Family for All the Help They ' ve Given Me. NGUYEN, L. Mathematics, B.A. NICKERSON, M. Economics, BS; Plan on Attending Grad School in the Fall, Work for Fl State Gov ' t, and Continue Playing Basketball Until I Become on Economist, I Love Karen! NIX, D. Biology, B.S.; Scuba Diving Club, Leisure Programs Office NORTH, V. Speech Communication, Bachelor of Arts; Jogging, Dancing, Resident Assistant at Reynolds Hall 2 Yrs., Slide Tape Presentation for Resident Student Development (Housing), Wish to Become a Staff An- nouncer for T.V. Station Using My Spanish NUNEZ, J. Accounting, B.S.; Beta Alpha Psi, In- tramural Sports OFUANI, A. Risk Management Insurance, Bachelors; Member of the International Students Association. Also Member of the Gamma Iota Sigma. OKASAKO, M. Physics Math, B.S. OUVERIO, M. Marketing, B S; Member of i AQ Fraternity OLSON, J. Risk Insurance and Real Estate; BS — Business; Gama Iota Sigma, Rho Episilon O ' REGAN, A. Social Work, B.S.W.; Member of Circle K Service Club, Volunteer Coordinator for Deviney Hall, Member of Newman Club OROFIN, A. Marine Biology, BSC; Listening to Music, Interested in Internation Intellectual Discussions, Like PHK Time Teaching ORR, S. Social Work, Bachlor of Science,- Member of National Association of Social Workers ORRiK, L. Food and Nutrition, B.S. in Dietetics; Kappo Delta Sorority, Campus Crusade for Christ, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Garnet and Gold Key, Rho Lambda, Omicron Nu, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 78-79 OVERSTREET, K. Real Estate Pre-Low, B.S.; Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Rho Epsilon Real Estate Fraternity OWEN, W. Finance, B.S.; Member Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Intramural Chairman, Treasurer OZSEZEN, F. Psychology, B.S.; KA Little Sister, In- tramural Archery Champion, Cum Laude, Dean ' s List, Tennis PAIGHT, M. Commercial Art, B.A.; Tarpon Club, Rotaract, Dean ' s List, Special Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Paight for Making This Experience at College V Possible. 116 PALMER, A. Music Therapy, BA; Alpha Mu Professional Music Therapy Organization, Kappa Sigma Little Sister PATALA, C. Social Work, B.S.; Diver on the FSU Swim Team PATCH, J. Social Studies Educa., BS PATRICK, R. Business — Management, B.S.; Phi Mu Sorority, Garnet and Gold Key — President, Rotaract, Rho Lambda, FSU Yearbook Staff, FSU Sailing Club PATTEN, J. Child Development, B.S.; Council on Ex- ception Children, My Interest are Sewing, Bowling, Reading, and Helping Others Who Are Less Fortunate. Accomplishments: Deans List PATTERSON, D. Psychology, B.S.; Member of Black Home Economic Club, Member of Black Gospel Choir Also on Officer, Worked on the Staff of the Black Voice, Paroprofessionol Counselor with Telephone Counseling PATTI, A. Hotel and Restaurant Admin., BS; Member Society of Hosts PATTY, D. Marketing, BS PAUL, V. Speech Communication, B.S. PAYNE, R. Marketing, Bach, of Science; Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity, Office Held: Secretary, Intramural Softball. PEARL, J. Criminology, B.S. PEARSON, R. BS; Zeta Tau Alpha, Marching Chiefs, Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Society PENISTON, V. Government, Bachelor of Science; Secretary of Florida Public Interest Research Group (FPIRG) PEREZ-STABLE, A. Social Work, BSW PERRYMAN, G. H.R.A., B.S.; Editor of This, Editor Freshman Record, Zetotauacpha Sorority, Union Board, Society of Host, Alpha Beta Chi, Mom and Dad — I Mode It!!! PETTY, C. Criminology, B.S.; Alpha Xi Delta, Membership Chrmn, Panhellenic Rep. Rotaract, Rho Lambda, Sigma Nu Little Sister, Intromurels, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Univ., Proverbs 3:5,6 PHILLIPS, R. Marriage Family Therapy, Ph.D.; Member Psy Chi — National Psychology Honor Socie- ty, Copyright Owner Publisher of the DIRECTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY RELATED STATE CIVIL SERVICE Positions A.A. Degree 1973, B.S. Degree (Psy.) 1974, M.S. Degree 1977 PINON, M. Library Science, BA; Basketball, Reading PLATI, K. Psychology, B.A. PONT, M. Fashion Design, BS PORTER, V. Elementary Ed., B.S. POWER, E. Finance, Bachelors; Kappa Delta Sorority, FSU Finance Society POWERS, E. Marine Biology Music, B.A. Biology Music; Women ' s Glee Club, King I, Scuba Diving, Dorm Government POZAR, L. Visual Disabilities, B.S.; Sailing, Billiards, President of the Association for the Education of the Visually Handicapped POZIN, A. Physical Education, BA; Florida State University Flying High Circus 2 Yrs. Varsity Cheerleader 2 Yrs., Int. Football, Disco Dancing PRATT, C. Medical Technology, B. of Science; Marching Chiefs, Phi Kappa Phi, Garnet and Gold Key, Mortor Board, Southern Scholarship Foundation PRATT, G. Biology, Bachelors of Science; Racquet- ball, Tennis, Studying Wildlife, Living for the Lord, Thanks Dad and Mom, I Finally Made It. PREVETTE, T. Physical Education, B.S.; Flag Corp — Freshman Year, Majorette for Three Years, Resident Assistant 2 Years at Reynolds Hall, Gymnastics Instruc- tor During Summer, Teaching, Sponsoring a Majorette Corp V PRITCHETT, D. Crimonology, BS; Minor: Psychology Certificate of Low Enforcement in Crimonology, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Grammatus Ass ' t Dean of Pledgees) PROBY, J. Poly Sci., BS PROCTOR, C. Math, BS PURDOM, J. Anthropology, B.A. QUINN, K. Marketing, B.S. QUISLER, J. Psychology, BS; Deans List, Dance Art RABE, B. Food Nutrition, B.S. RADULOVICH, T. Leisure Services Studies; B.S. (Education); NRPA — (Recreation Society), YMCA — (Certified Scuba Diver), Red Cross — (Certified CPR — Lifesaving) RAFFERTY, W. Accounting, Bachelor of Science; Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Vice President, Treasurer, Member of Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary, Member of Rotoract, Intramural Sports — Fraternity Managers Committee RAGLER, JR., H. Mathematics Eeucation, BA; F.S.U. Cheerleader, Distinguish Military Science Cadet, Lifeguard E.S.U. RAINE, F. Hotel Restaurant, BA; FSU Soccer Club, Society of Hosts RAMOS, S. Music, BME; Music Educators National Conference — Vice President, F.S.U. Equestrian Club, Hillel Foundation — Officer RAND, D. Early Childhood Educ, BA; Intermural Football, ACEI, (Shodouckets) RANDLE, T. Government, B.S.; History Club, Govern- ment Club RANDOLPH, L. Advertising, B.S.; Ad Club Jr. Sr. Year, KA Little Sister Sr. Year RANDOLPH, M. Marketing, B.S. Business Admin.; Member of FSU Marketing Club, Member of Amer. Marketing Assoc. RASCONA, V. Criminology, B.A. RAY, A. Management, B.S.; Member: Minority Business Student Association REDMOND, K. Speech Communication, BS; Member of Chi Omega Sorority REESE, M. Accounting, Business REHKOPF, G. French, Russian, Multinational Business, Bachelor of Arts; Who ' s Who, President of Mortar Board, Vice President of Garnet Gold Key, and Rotaract, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa REID, P. Social Work, B.S.W.; Dean ' s List, Phi Theto Kappa Honor Fraternity, Pensacolo Jr. College REINERT, R. Industrial Arts, Bachelor; Die Hard Seim- ninole Fan RICH, M. Government, B.S.; Pres. of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Want to Attend Law School and Become a Congresswoman HOPCHIK, H. Hotel Restaurant Admin., Business RICHARDS, L. Early Childhood Ed., BA RICHARDS, P. Spanish Finance, B.A.; Kappa Alpha Theto Sorority, F.S.U. Circus, AIESEC, Mortar Board, Rotaract, Garnet Gold Key, Who ' s Who Nominee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List RICHARDSON, W. Marketing, B.S. Business; FSU Swim Team, 4 Year Letterman, Co-Captain 77-78 RILEY, JR., J. Physical Education, B.S.; Varsity Baseball RILEY, P. Communications, Bachelors; Member Rotaract, Member Southern Scholarship MD Research Foundation, Selby Scholar RILEY, R. Accounting, Bachelor Science; Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma RIQUELME, M. Double: French Russian, BA (in Languages); Russian Club, French Honor, Russian Honor (DS) ROBERTS, E. International Affairs, BA V A ROBERTS, J. Physical Education, BS.; Basketball, Softball, Track, Sewing ROBERTS, J. Art Education, BS; Swimming, Bowling, Fencing, Travel, Frisbee! ROBERTS, L. Social Work, B.S.W.; I Am Involved with Speaking Engagements to Classes Concerning Volunteer Work, I Am Currently a Member of The Black Social Work Club, I Have Been Involved in Volunteer Work and the Social Agencies in Tallahassee. I Worked at Criswell Induse, Someplace Else. ROBERTS, S. Mass Communications Sociology, BS; AERHO Member ROBINSON, E. Geography Sociology, BA; Tennis, Reading, Classical, Music, President ' s The Caribbean Club, Secty. — Block Student Union, Resident Assis- tant Gilchrist Hall, FSU Marshall Hamilton Scholar ROBINSON, J. Fashion Mdse., BS Home Economics ROBINSON, S. Management, Business; S.A.E. Frater- nity RODGERS, R. Government, International Relations and Government; Member of Young Democrats, Wilderness Club and Caveing Club. Active Participant in the Students for Bob Graham Organization. ROGERS, IV, W. Marketing, B.S. Business Admin.; Marketing Club, Research Assistant Mar. Project, Sigma Nu, Student Govn. ROLAND, R. Criminology, B.S. ROOS, S. Business English, B.S.; Flambeau Board of Directors, Marching Chief 1975, Debate Team 1976, Vice President Young Democrats 1978, S.G. Elections Commission 1977 ROOT, B. Early Childhood Education, B.S.; Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Theto Chi Daughter of the Crossed Swords ROSS, L. Criminology, BA; Hobbies — Basketball Fiction Writing, Interested in Counseling Juveniles or Adult Offenders. ROSS, R. Music, BS Degree; Member of Phi Mu Sorori- ty, Member of SAI Music Fraternity, Member of the Dean ' s Student Advisory Board, Dean ' s List, Symphonic Band, " I Made It! " ROWELL, W. History, Social Studies Ed., Concert Band, Enjoy Horse Bockriding and Just Plain Living. RUDO, JR., H. Political Science, B.S.; Member of Phi Delta Theta SAGERHOLM, A. Political Science, B.A.; Much Thanks for Your Financial and Spiritual Support. I Couldn ' t Have Done It Without You, Momocita Y Pop pi SALTZ, C. Accounting, BA; Beta Alpha Psi, Intramural Sports SAMERGEDES, J. History, B.A.; Hellenic — American Club SANDERS, L. Elementary Educa., B.S. Degree SAPP, K. Accounting, B.S.; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraterni- ty SATERBO, S. BS — FIN.; Member of F.S.U. Golf Team, 77-78, 78-79 SAUL, H. Biology, B.S.; Intermural Swimming, Skydiv- ing, Scuba Diving, Expert Pole Vaulter and in General Just a Wild and Crazy Guy!!! SAVAGE, W. Business Finance, Bochlor Science; Member of Minority Business Association, Intrural Sports: Football and Basketball SAVARINO, M. Medical Technology, B.S. SCARPING, W. Finance, BA; Member of: Finance Society, Gulf Winds Track Club, Roadrunners Club of America, Interests: Running, Tennis, Biking, Other Out- door Activities SCHERER, L. Home Economics Ed., B.S. SCHLICHTE, T. Art Education, BA Visual Arts; Little Sister Pi Kappa Phi, Member of Notional Art Educa- tion Association 117 r. SCHMIDT, D. Business Management, Bcchlor of Science; Phi Mu Big Brother SCHREIBER, R. Accounting, B.S. SCHUIIS, T. Finance, 4 Year B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha Frot., Anchorman for Delta Gamma Sorority SCHWARZ, C. Vocational Rehabilitation, B.S. SCIANBRA, C. Moss Comm., B.S.; Ad Club, AERHO, VicJeo Center, WFSU TV, NSSHA, Intramurals SCIPIO, A. Vocational Rehabilitation, B.S. SCOTT, B. Elementary EcJucation, B.S.; Assisting in the Program of Parent Workshops, Elementary School ChilcJren, Deans List, Letter of Merit from the School Board of Leon County SCOTT, W. Finance, bachelor. Minority Business Stu- dent Assoc, Finance Society, Omego Psi Phi Fraternity SEABRANDT, R. Religion, Bachelor Arts,- Dorm Govt. Repre., Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Green Stripe in Karate, Receiving a B.A. Degree SEARS, P. Finance, BS; Sailing Club, Dorm Govern- ment, Dean ' s List SEGERMEISTER, M. Communication, B.S.; Chi Phi Fraternity, V restling Club, Rugby Club, Palace Saloon Regular. SEIDL, M. Criminology, A. A.; Member of F.S.U. Judo Club, Member of Notional Criminology Honor Society (Phi Delta Sigma), Hobbies Long Distance Running and Bike Touring SEMAN, S. Finance, B.S.,- Delta Sigma Pi SHANAHAN, P. Early Childhood Ed., B.S.; Member of Delta Delta Delta,- Phi Delta Theto Little Sister; A. C.E.I. SHARP, D. Criminology, B.S. SHERRON, D. Fashion Merch., B.S.; Zeta Tou Alpha — Pres., Sec ' y., Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Gold Garnet Key, ABX SHIMMINGER, G. Criminology, B.S.; Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Sports Chairman SHOEMAKER, S. Child Development, B.S.; Delta Zeta, Leon Association for Children Under Six, Florida Association for Children Under Six, Southern Associa- tion for Children Under Six SHOOK, C. Nursing, B.S.N.; Vice President NSG Class of December, 1979. Member Student Nurses ' s Association SHORE, C. Physical Education Sociology, B.S.; Bowl- ing Team, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority SHOUPP, B. Mass Communication, B.S.; Zeta Tou Alpha, 2nd Vice President — Pledge Trainer, Membership Chairman, Rho Lambda SHUMAN, A. Criminology, B.S.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority SIDDONS, R. Marketing, B.S.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity (1975-1979), Corresponding Secretary of Sig Ep (1977), Member of Marketing Club (1978-79) SIMMS, P. Art (Commerical), B.A.; Commercial Art Major, Fashion Illustration Teqniques Also Acquired SINGHAUS, D. Management, BS; Garnet and Gold Key Secretary, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Secretary .A. A and ' W . Honorary Scholastic Fraternities, Rotoroct, Swimming and Water-Skiing, Hope to At- tend Law School SIWEK, J. Marketing, B.A.; Marketing Club, In- tramural Sports, Big Brother Gamma Phi Beta SLAGLE, G. Criminology, BS; Good Neighbor Cawthon Hall, Active in Dorm Government, Floor Banquet Organizer, Involved with Numerous Special Interest Committees SLATER, R. Child Development, B.S.; Interesting — In Working with Children in a Hospital Setting. And Ow- ning a Chain of Nursery Schools SLEDGE, N. Comm. Health Ed., BS; FSU Student, Black Essence V SLONEKER, D. Biology, Bachelor Science; Scuba Div- ing, Botany, Animals (Dogs) SMITH, A. Accounting, B.S.; Beta Alpha Psi SMITH, A. Social Work, BS; NHBSW, BSU, Poetry, Dancing, Meeting People SMITH, E. Early Childhood Educ, Bacholas of Educ; Member of the Wilderness Club, FSU Ballroom Dance Club, NEA, I Love Animals, Helping People, Enjoy Outdoors as Well as Indoors, and Especially Love to Cook and Thanks Mom Dad For Everything. SMITH, E. Soc. Work, Bachlor of Arts SMITH, K. Criminology, BS; Participated in In- tramural Football, Softball, and Basketball, Member of NSSA Surfing Association SMITH, K. Pre-Low, Finance, BA Business College SMITH, M. Marketing, B.S.; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraterni- ty, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Marketing Club, FSU Dean List, Bethel College Football 2 Yrs., Bethel College Honor Roll SMITH, M. Criminology, M.S.; Education Activities, Interests, Law Enforcement, Juveniles, Corrections, Counseling. SMITH, S. Business Administration, BS; Marketing Club, Intramurals — Softball SMITH, V. Fashion Merchandising, BS; Fashion Incor- porated: Model Board Director, Omicron Nu Honor Society, American Home Economics Association SMITH, W. Accounting, B.S. SMITH, III, W. Finance, BS; Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Seminole Scouts — Interests Outdoor Sports SMOUSE, S. Social Work, Bach. Social Work SNODGRASS, R. Business Management, B.S.; Presi- dent Alpha Beta Chi, Co-Ordinotor FSU Yearbook, Rotaract, ZTA Big Brother, MDA Award of Dedication, March of Dimes Foundation Award, Tres. ABX, Orien- tation Group Leader SNOW, C. Counseling Rehabilitation Services, B.S.; Member Southern Scholarship Foundation, Intramural Football Softball, Member Student Chapter NRA, FSU Circus SOLOMON, B. Advertising, BS; President of the Professional Advertising Organization, Recipient of the Stanley Marshall Scholarship SOLOMON, C. Rehabilitation, B.S.; I Enjoy During Volunteer Work in Rehabilitation. SOMERSET, S. Mathematics Computer Science, Bachelor of Science; Honors Student, Member, Association of Computing Machinery SPALDING, D. Geology, BA; Member of Florida State Water Polo Team, Geologic Society, President of Dick Verga Fan Club SPENCER, S. Fashion Design, B.S.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, President Fall Pledge Class 1975, Assistant First Vice President ( KKP), Scholarship Chairman (KKI ), President KKF Sorority 1978-79, Chairman of Nominating Committee (1979), Panhellenic Rush Counselor, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister, Fashion Inc. (75-7) SPENGLER, B. Rehabilitation, B.S.; Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Theta Chi Little Sister SPIVEY, D. Physics, B.S.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Rugby, Naval ROTC SPRATT, E. Music Therapy, BA; University Symphony Orchestra, Alpha Mu Professional Music Therapy Organization, Student Chapter of MENC. STANLEY, D. Physical Education, B.S. STEIN, G. Leisure Services Studies; B.A.; Intramurals 4 Yrs., Leisure Program Office, Student Government Productions, Coaching, Recreation Club, Physical Fitness, Winter Banquet, Leisure Activities STETSON, W. Business Management, BS; Varsity Swimming Team, Co-Captain 1978-1979, NCAA -Av. A Qualifier, School Record Holder: 1000 Free, 1650 Free STEWART, R. Physical Education, B.S.; Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Softball STILES, JR., A. Finance, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; Baptist Campus Ministry, Southwestern Fraternity STILES, D. Housing, BS; Member: AHEA, Housing Aworensss, Interests; Tennis, Church STOKES, S. Criminology, B.S.; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, Outdtanding Young Men of America, International Black Belt Karate Association, Second Degree Black Belt Shin-Jimasu Karate Instructor, Mason, Scorpio ST. PIERRE, P. Anthropology, B.A.; Wilderness Club, Fellowship Club, Astronomy Club, Hiking, Canoeing, Dancing, Jogging, Racquetball, Reading STRIDFELDT, C. Visual Design, B.A. SUBLETT, L. Elementary Education, BS SUNKA, S. Interior Degree, BA; Member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Past House President Corresponding Secretary, Marching Chiefs, Interests Include Dancing, Sewing Drawing SLJRLES, J. Advertising, B.A.; Music, Racketball SWEENEY, J. Accounting, Finance, BS; Treasurer of Cawthon Hall 1976-77, Good Neighbor in Cawthon Hall 1977-78, Member of FSU Accounting Club, Hob- bles: Music, Swimming, Running TABATABAIE, S. Physics, B.S.; Tennis, Soccer, A Member of F.S.U. Soccer Club. TALLEY, JR., R. Chemical Science, B.S.; 78-79 Presi- dent Campus Ministry Call St. Church of Christ, 77-78 V.P. Campus Ministry, Member Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary, Member Rotaract International Honorary, F.S.U. Wind Ensemble, Will Attend Univ. of Miami Med. School 9 79 TAYLOR, F. Criminology, B.A.; President — American Criminal Justice Association — FSU Chapter, Presi- dent — Alpha Phi Sigma — Nat ' l. Criminal Justice Honorary, Member — Omicron Delta Kappa, Nat ' l Collegiate Leadership Honorary, Intramural Football Swimming, National Masters Swimming — A.A.U. Plan on Law School TAYLOR, J. Government, B.S.; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu TAYLOR, J. Computer Science, BS; Tarpon Club, Phi Eta Sigma, AFROTC, Garnet Gold Key, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who. TAYLOR, N. Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, BS; Photography, Fashion Illustration, Designing, Sur- fing, Tennis, Skateboarding. TAYLOR, W. Criminology, BS; Lamda — Alpha — Epsilon, Intramural Football, Snow Skiing, Racquet- ball TERRY, A. Finance, BS; Member of Minority Business Students Association ' s Executive Board, Finance Socie- ty, Block Student Union, NAACP THEWMAN, J. FON, B.S. THOMPSON, B. Mass Communications, B.S.; Video Center, Public Relations, Graduating from the Mass Communications Department. THOMPSON, L. Marketing, BS; Wilderness Club 77, Marketing Club 77, V.P. of Projects — Marketing Club 78, American Marketing Association 78, Florida Public Relations Association 78, Dean ' s List 76, 77, 78 THOMPSON, R. Business — Marketing, Bachelor of Science THOMSON, S. Crimonology, B.S. THORNTON, P. Biology, BA TIMMER, P. Anthropology, Bachelor of Science; Finally! TINKOFF, J. Management, BA TOSTON, C. Bus. Management, B.A.; Member of Minority Business Association, All Sports, Chess 118 r. TOZER, L. Nutrition, BS TRAVAGUONE, P. Marketing Management, B.S.; Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, A I. II, Southwestern, Snow Skiing, Swimming. TREESH, D. Elementary Education, BS TROUT, S. Child Development, Bachelor of Science; Member of LACUS (Leon Association on Children Under Six), FCOA (Florida Council on Aging, and NTEP (National Teacher Education Projects), Enjoy Sports, Dancing, Writing Poetry and Baking Bread. Plan to Work with the Aged. TUCKER, H. Biology, BS; Heidi ' s Interests are Diver- sified and She May End Up with More Than One Degree. TUNE, D. Criminology, B.S.; LAE, Intermural Basket- ball TUOHEY, S. Finance, Bachelors; Member of Baptist Campus Ministry, First Baptist Church, Tallahassee, Southwestern Bookman, Sports, Swimming, Skiing, Flying TUTTEIL, J. Biology — Philosophy, B.A.; Consumer Union, Sigma Epsilon Chi TYLER, H. Nursing, BS; Delegate to Student Nurses Association of Fla. Convention, Nursing School Year- book — Level II Co-Editor TYNES, P. Special Education, BS; Student Council for Exceptional Children — Newsletter Editor, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi — Educational Honor Society HEUVEL, K. Dietetics, Bachelor of Science; Zeta Tou Alpha, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Omicron Nu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gold Key Garnet Key, Delta Tau Delta Little Sister VANDERGRIFF, L. English, BA VAUGHAN, E. Speech Pathology, BS VEIZAGA, A. Meteorology, B.Sc; I Like Music and Sports. VICK, T. Fashion Merchandising Marketing, B.S.; Fashion, Inc. Corresponding Secretary, AHEA, Dean ' s Student Advisory Committee, Dorm Government, Young Life Leader, Chapel of Upper Room Member, Fun Lover! VICKERS, E. Accounting, B.S.; Kappa Delta Sorority, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Dean ' s List VIRAKONE, S. Meteorology, Bachelor VOGEL, C. Psychology, B. Arts VOGEL, C. Government, BA VOSBURGH, J. History, Bachelor of Arts; Young Democrats, Senate Secretary 1977 VOSS, P. Elem. Math Specialist, BA; FSU Marching Chiefs, FSU Tarpon Club, Elementary School Teaching Is My Major Accomplishment from Attending Florida State University. WALKER, B. Rehabilitation Counseling, BA; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Volunteer Services, Black Stu- dent Union WALKER, C. Interior Design, Bachelor of Science; Stu- dent Chapter of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Alpha Phi Alpha Pageant, B.S.U. Fashion Show. WALKER, D. Anthropology Art, BA; TCC-AA, Phi Theta Kappa WALKER, J. Microbiology, BS; Women ' s Swim Team — 3 Years, Enjoy Bicycling and Running, Secretary- Treasurer of F.S.U. Biology Club 1978-1979. WALLACE, J. English Business, B. A.; Minority Business Students Association, Phi Chi Theta, Intramural Sports, Bowling League WALLACE, M. Visual Arts, B.A.; Member Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Little Sister Sweetheart of Sigma Nu Fraternity ' 78. WALLS, S. Risk and Insurance, BS; Gamma loto Sigma V " A. WALTERS, R. Government, Bachelors; All Sports — Indoor Outdoor, Law, Business Politics WAMBLE, R. Marketing, BS; Sigma Chi Fraternity, FSU Swim Team, President FSU Hunting and Fishing Club. WANZA, A. Speech Pathology, B.S.; Member of NSSHA — National Student Speech and Hearing Association, Alpha Sigma Phi Little Sisters, Served As Member on Women ' s Tennis Team Cheerleading Squad for 2 Years at Concord College, Reigning Miss Joke Gaither of Tallahassee WATERS, S. Leisure Services Studies, BS; Chi Omega Sorority, NRPA, FRPA, Rec Club, Intramurals, Timer, M.A.L.E. Club WAYNE, F. Marketing, B.S.; Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, J. A.M., Marketing Club WEAKS, D. Marketing, BS; Marketing Club Member, London Program Student, Realtor — Associate, Equestrianne, Scuba Diver, Pilot, Sports Enthusiest WEAVER, D. Math Computer Science, BS; Pi Mu Ep- silon — Secretary Treasurer; Southern Scholarship Foundation — Gadsden House, President WEBB, J. Physical Education, B.S. WEBSTER, J. Music Therapy, Bach. Music Therapy, Alpha Mu — President, Sigma Alpha Iota — Recor- ding Secretary, Phi Gamma Delta Little Sister, Dean ' s List, Southern Scholarship Foundation — Polk House WEINSTOCK, L. Biology, B.S.; Reading, Horsebackriding WEINSTOCK, S. Psychology, BS. in June 79 ' ; Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta WELLER, A. Housing, BS; Tennice, Soccer, Swimming, Historic Homes, Ristoring Houses WELLS, C. Nursing, B.S.; Marching Chiefs 1975, Resi- dent Assistant 1976-1978, Student Assistant Alcohol Prevention Program, Student Advisor to the Dean WELLS, L. Criminology, B.S. WENDT, J. Visual Comm., BA; Ad Club WEST, D. HRA, BS Business; Society of Hosts, Baking, Cooking, Art, Weighttraining, Running, Hard Work and Having a Great Time. WESTMORELAND, J. Criminology, B.S.; Member of Black Criminology Club, Vice-President Broward — Gilchrist Dorm Govt., Member of Famous Broward 2 Intramural Squad, " Knowing Irene " WEVILL, K. International Affairs Spanish, B.S.; Flying High Circus, TKH Little Sister, Pi Gamma Mu — National Social Science Honorary WEYGANT, C. Anthropology, BA; Anthropological Linguistics, Anthropology Society, Music, Languages WHIDDON, C. Elementary Education, B.S.; Kappa Delta Pi, Student Advisory Council Winter 79 WHIDDON, T. Marketing, BA WHITE, B. Physical Education Spanish, B.A.; Recepient of Selby Scholarship — 2 Year Member of Polk County Scholarship House; Member of Flying High Circus; Varsity Cheerleader WHITE, G. Home Economics Education, Bachelor of Science; Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Florida State University ' s 1977-78 Homecoming Queen, Who ' s Who Among American Universities Colleges, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister WHITE, P. Leisure Services, BS WHITE, P. Accounting, B.S.; Member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Member Minority Business Students Assoc, Member Campus Gold Girl Scouts. WHITE, R. Finance, Business Adm.; Finance Society, Biking, Swimming, Dean ' s List ' 78- ' 79 WHITE, S. Hotel Res ' t., BS WHITEHEAD, G. Pre-Law, BS WHORTON, E. Gen. Home Economics, BS; Cooking, Sewing, 4-Wheel Driving V WILDER, K. Criminology Psychology, Bachelor; FSU Fencing Club, Lambda Alpha Epsilon WILKINSON, M. Accounting, BS in Business; Lambda Chi Alpha WILKINSON, M. Public Relations Advertising, B.S.; Entered 1974, Varsity Tennis Team 1974-1978, First Female to Receive Tennis Scholarship from South Carolina, First President Lady Seminole Student Athletic Council 1976-1978, Member Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Member Pi Kappa Phi Little Sisters, Rose Queen Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1976 WILLIAMS, A. Social Work, Bachelor of Social Work; Daughter of Mr. Mrs. Hormer Williams, Honor Stu- dent of Social Work, Secretary of Assoc, of Black Social Workers, Member of Not. Assoc, of Social Workers. WILLIAMS, B. History, BA. WILLIAMS, C. CRM, BS; Active in City League Soft- ball, My Interests Include Working with the Youth in My Community. WILLIAMS, C. Accounting, Bachelor of Science; Minority Business Students Assoc. Phi Chi Theta Alpha Angels, Dean ' s List WILUAMS, D. Sociology, B.S.; My Goal Is to Become a Sociologist and to Study More on the Black Family; My Interests Are Drawing, Writing and Having Fun. WILLIAMS, G. Social Work, B.S.; BCM, Guitar, B.S. in Social Work, Shannon Wood, Banana Splits and Cheeseburgers. WILLIAMS, H. Accounting, BS; Dean ' s List, Music, Literature, Dance, Accounting Intern WILLIAMS, J. Criminology, BS WILUAMS, J. Criminology, B.S.; I Am a Member of the Omega Psi Phi Frat., Also a Member of the Black Criminology Ass. F.S.U., and National Block Criminology Ass. WILLIAMS, J. Special Education, LO Ed, BA MA; Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) WILLIAMS, P. Psychology, BA; R.A. Landis Hall, Soft- ball Intramural Champs, T.T. WILLIAMS, R. Interior, BA. WILUAMS, S. Psychology, B.A.; Vice-President of Phi Eta Sigma Freshmen Honorary Society, Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Freshmen Honorary Society, President of Psi Chi Psychology National Honorary Society WILUAMS, W. Social Work, B.S.; Treasurer of Association of Black Social Workers, Chess, Backgam- mon, Dean List WILUS, A. Rehabilitation Services, B.S. WILSON, E. Finance Computer Sci., BA; Majored in Finance and Computer Science, Member of Phi Chi Theta Business Frat., Worked with Many Organization on Campus WILSON, L. Interior Design, BS; Zeta Tau Alpha, 1st Vice President, Ritual Chairman, Standards Chairman, Circus, American Society of Interior Designers WILSON, M. Business Mgt., Business WIMBERLY, R. Speech Communication, Bachelors of Arts; The Tallahassee Christian Tronsdenominationol Spiritual, Growth, and Englightment Prayer Group WISE, R. Mgt Mkt, BA; Delta Sigma Pi, FSU Marketing Club WISSICK, M. Housing, B.S.; Housing Awareness Club WITHROW, L. Psychology, BS; Swimming, Piano WITHROW, JR., S. Social Studies Ed., B.S.; Reading, Music, Games WOOD, M. Music Education, BME WOOD, S. Psychology, Religion, BA; Baptist Campus Ministry, Campus Crusade, Interested in Marriage Family Life Counseling WOOD, W. Business Adm., B.S. A. 119 1 i V " ' WOODALL, A. Fashion Merchandising, B.S.; Minor in Marketing WOOLAVER, P. Med. Tech., B.S.; Alpha Xi Delta WRIGHT, V. Physical Education, BS; Volleyball YEARY, G. Visual Disabilities Teacher Prep, B.S.; Wrestling, Track, Swimming, Bowling, Public Speak- ing YOUNG, D. Psychology, B.S.; D D Ranch Officer, Gary — Des — Mayo YOUNG, R. Management, BBA YOUNG, T. Elementary Education. Bachelor of Science; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman and Reference Chairman, Sigma Alpha Epislon Little Sister. ZABINSKI, D. Chemistry, B.S.; Student Assistant Chem. Dept., Research in Synthesis of Morphine Alkaloids, St. Thomas Moore Choir ZABITOSKY, S. Rehabilitative Services, Education,- Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister ZACCHIA, R. Hotel Restaurant Administration, Business ZAWADA, J. Hotel Restaurant Admin., B.S. Degree; Member of Society of Hosts, Dean ' s Honor List 2 Quarters ZEPFLER, S. Marketing, B.S.; Weightlifting, Marketing Club ZIMRING, D. Finance, Business Adm. ZINN, C. Marketing, B.S.; Beta Theto Pi Frat, FSU Marketing Club " -A y 120 I 1 ft ■A.,- . «fii -f ' ; " : ' • ••; ,« ■ t» ).■.. ' ■■ if-k,r ' : ' -. :■ v?. ' ' s T ;- .•f 3 ' :.. ' ' A ■ 1 w t • . l .f; . -: % ,.« ■■ ■v-.a-fl-.i, •• A5 Ou ■ii-i ' ' ' ' ,;- . «-■■. .. r .i - n- it ■ «. v -, • %. . i fS ' -f f - :i •■ ■ • " " ifjM: " i

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